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m THE SENIOR FLICKER 1 COMPLIMENTS OF The MATSON PROPERTY OF SHYER FREE LIBRARY I!!!!!!:!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!: 2 THE SENIOR FLICKER Thr tBostnu § tnrr 1SB5 103G The Big Store of the North Shore Covering a City Block Pleasant and Main Streets 33 SPECIALIZED DEPARTMENTS In Gloucester, on the North Shore, you will find this store a well-appointed, pleasant store in which to do your shopping summer. A store where you receive courteous treatment, whether or not you buy, and where you will receive the Best of Service. Trade in Gloucester at the Big Store of the North Shore William . Ikoum (Unmjratty AND brpljrriTs lHarhrt 3nr. Operated by ®he lUtlltam ohm Ctmtpantj THE SENIOR FLICKER 3 1936 Editor -in-Chic f JUDITH WON SON Class Roll Chairman, WILLIAM A. PUBLICOVER, Jr. Business Managers — NATALIE HOOPER and JAMES KNOWLTON PHYLLIS BLACK ROBERT LUNDBERG ILNNIEL RUNKLE JAMES DROLIAN WILLIAM McLAUGHLIN SIMON SANDLER ARTHUR FEDERMAN HELEN O’MALLEY MADELYN SELIG ISABE L HASELGARI) VIRGINIA PARSONS WINIFRED SILVEIRA BARBARA HOWELL RENA PEDRONI EVELYN STONE Class History Chairman, PHYLLIS BLACK JAMES DROHAN JAMES MORROW ISABEL IIASELGARD DANIEL RUNKLE Class Prophecy Chairman, HELEN O’MALLEY ARTHUR FEDERMAN RENA PEDRONI EMMA GILL FANNIE VRACHOS PRISCILLA WONSON Class Calendar Chairman. RALPH CAMPBELL JAMES DROHAN MARY JOHNSON SYLVIA SLAFSIvY EMMA GILL ROBERT MOORING FANNIE VRACHOS Class Ballot Chairman, WINIFRED SILVEIRA BARBARA HOWELL JUDITH WONSON Grinds Chairman, ROBERT HOLLORAN BETTY KINSELLA HELEN NOBLE WILLIAM McLAUGHLIN ROBERT PERKINS Art WILLIAM FLYGARE EMMA GILL FANNIE VRACHOS Business Advertising Manager, BETTY JOHNSON Assistants. FAY CHICK, WILLIAM FLYGARE and WILSON McCUISH OTice Manager, EDNA LIANDRAN Sales Manager. ROBERT TOBEY Assistant, JOHN HARTFORD Class Motto " Non contectus sed initus” " Not the end but the beginning.” Class Officers PRESIDENT ALBERT LARSEN VICE-PRESIDENT ROBERT TOBEY TREASURER PHILIP TART AS SECRETARY PRISCILLA WONSON 4 THE SENIOR FLICKER Graduation Suits AT STACY ' S CLOTHING STORE Blue Serge Suits with Extra White Flannels Dobbs Hats Compliments of Gloucester Jlatli} Times For That Well-dressed Look .... Send Your Cleaning and Pressing to the Cape Ann Laundry Dry Cleaning Co. SPECIAL SERVICE FOR STUDENTS Phone 524 Today for Your Valet COMPLIMENTS OF Maclnnis and Wonson LAWYERS THE SENIOR FLICKER 6 THE SENIOR FLICKER Graduates receive Place- ment Service without charge, both at the time of graduation and when- ever needed thereafter. Lynn Burdett College 74 MT. VERNON STREET, LYNN, MASS. Telephone Jackson 234 One and Two-Year Programs . Previous com- mercial training not required for entrance. Leading colleges represented in attendance. 41st year begins in September Write or Telephone for Day or Evening Catalog Business Administration Executive Secretarial Shorthand and Typewriting Business, and Finishing Courses liiiiiiiiliiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiii: HIS FIRST POLICY WHEN a Young Man takes out his first Life Insurance Policy, he escapes the bur- den of High Costs by investing in Saving Bank Life Insurance. CAPE ANN SAVINGS BANK Gloucester, Mass. THE SENIOR FLICKER TABLE of CONTENTS Flicker Staff and Senior Class Officers 3 Picture of Miss Frances H. McGrew 8 Dedication 9 Flicker Staff Photograph 10 Prologue 11 Class Roll 12 In Memoriam 59 R. O. T. C. Photograph 60 Roster of R. O. T. C. Officers 61 Class I listory 1939 62 1938 63 1937 66 1936 71 Leitmotif 75 Stevens Book Reviewers Photograph 76 Stevens Book Reviewers Record 77 Glee Club 78 Athletic Association Council Photograph 79 Flash Staff Photograph 80 Flash Staff Record 81 Class Ballot 82 Gleanings from the Class Ballot 83 Class Prophecy 88 Class Calendar 104 Grinds 122 Cartoons 123 Farewell 134 Autographs 135 THE SENIOR FLICKER 8 Photo by Bachrdch MISS FRANCES H. TTcGREW THE SENIOR FLICKER DEDICATION TO Miss Frances H. McGrew who has endeared herself to all of us with her charming personality and cheery smile, and who has been an inspira- tion to so many of us in cultivating a love of literature, we, the Class of 1936, gratefully dedicate our Flicker THE SENIOR FLICKER THE FLICKER STAFF, 1936 Courtesy of Kupsinel THE SENIOR FLIGKER ll PROLOGUE Someday, with all the dance cards, A. A. tickets, and other souvenirs of our high school days, this Flicker may be relegated to the attic. Those who once smiled sentimen- tally over the " Prophecy,” the " Ballot,” and the auto- graphs, will laugh cynically, or snort in derision when some years later they view the tattered remnants. This outcome is inevitable, even though the Flicker is our very own, in fact, almost a part of us. However, if it gives pleasure for a little while, it will have served its purpose. May its ashes rest as honorably and peacefully as those of any Trojan hero. 12 THE SENIOR FLIGKER CLASS ROLL Name— ALBERT LARSEN Address — 127 Prospect Street Course — General Nickname — “Al,” “Swede” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Ears, freckles and hair comb Ambition — To play Basketball right Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3, 4 ; Class President ’35, ’36; Second Lieutenant: Captain Company A. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Baseball 4; Roose- velt Club 4: Chairman of R. O. T. C. Advertis- ing Committee 4: Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 4. “Purpose clean, light from every Taint.” AUTOGRAPH Name — ROBERT D. TOBEY Address — 64 Centennial Avenue Course — Commercial Nickname — “Bob,” “Beanie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Eating Ambition — To get that fifth A Honors — Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice President 3. 4: Distributing Manager of Beacon and Flick- er 4; Prize Squad, Co. E 3: Second Lieutenant Co. E 4: ( ' lass Representative A. A. Council 2: Sawyer Medal 8tli grade: Service Club 1. 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Junior Business Club Play 3; Class Play 4 ; Perfect Attendance 1. “He that hath knowledge spareth his words.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 13 Name — PRISCILLA B. WONSON Address — 81 Prospect Street Course — College Preparatory Nickname — “Prilly” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing- — can anybody beat me? Ambition- — To Skipper an American Cup Defender Honors — Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Class Secre- tary 3, 4; Class Prophecy 4; Class History 1; Basketball 1 ; Sawyer Medal 8th grade : French Club 2, 3, 4; Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 4; Junior Play 3: Chairman Girls’ Club Cabinet 4; Chairman, Senior Class Play 4; Chairman Entertainment, Latin Club 4 “A modern Diana of raven looks To travel, untroubled, the paths of glory.” AUTOGRAPH Name— PHILIP TART AS Address — 243 Main Street Course — College Preparatory Nickname — “Phil” Most Distinctive Characte ristic — Coming close Ambition — I haven’t any Honors — Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Treas- urer 3. 4: Roosevelt Trophy 1: Honorable Men- tion 2 : Sawyer Medal 1 : French Club 3, 4 ; Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; “Loose Chance” 3; French Club Plav 4; Girls’ Club Tableau. 4. “Philosophy becomes poetry, and science imagina- tion. in the enthusiasm of genius.” AUTOGRAPH 14 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— JAMES ACKERT Address — 22 Harbor Terrace Course — General Nickname — “Jimmy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Comb Ambition — To grow as tall as O’Brien Honors — Winning Prize Platoon 3: Winning Company Drill 3; German Club 3, 4; Service Club 1, 2, 3 ; Junior Business Club 2; German Club Play 1. “I shall escape the uphill by never turning back.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LAURA KATHERINE AHO Address — 1054 ' Washington Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Mike.” “Mickey” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Sulking Ambition — To answer a question in history Honors — Complete Theory Certificate 3; Inter-school Contest for 00 word Transcription 3 ; Secretary 4. “Firm of word, speaking in deeds.” AUTOGRAPH Name— IRJA IRENE ALA Address — 6 Emerald Street Course — General Nickname — Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Dot” Ambition — Ask “Dot” Honors — Basketball Award 2; French Club 3: Service Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Perfect Attendance 1. 2, 3, 4. “The music in my heart I bore Long after it was heard no more.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LYMAN ALLEN Address — 877 Washington Street Course — General Nickname — “Molly McGuire,” “Red” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That height, coupled with hair Ambition — To write a poem Honors- — Perfect Attendance 3, 4; French Club 3, 4: Ger- man Club 4: Roosevelt Club 4. “Everv man honors his own merits.” AUTOGRAPH Name— WINFRED G. ALLEN Address- 559 Essex Avenue Course — General Nickname — “Wini” Most Distinctive Characteristic — The Chevy Ambition— Dieselizing air yachts Honors — -Lieutenant 4; Prize Squad 2, 3; Individual Drill 3: Football 1. “Young man. your spirits are too bold for your years.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 15 Name— FRANCES ALPER Address — 335 Main Street Course — General Nickname — “Fram, ” “Lay’’ Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair and Wittiness Ambition — To Become a Nurse Honors — Certificate 3: Assistant Secretary 3; Secretary 4; Deutsche Verein 2, 3; Treasurer 4; Service Club 1, 2. 3, 4 : Junior Business 2, 3: Roosevelt Club 4; Ger- man Dramatic Club 3: Secretary 4: Junior Business Club Play 3: German Dramatic Club Play 3: Program Chairman Deutsche Verein 4 : Program Chairman Ger- man Dramatic Club 4 ; Program Chairman Bazaar 3 (for Deutsche Verein) “Ambition is the father of success.” AUTOGRAPH Name— .TAMES W. AMBROSE Address- — 9 Amero Court Course — General Nickname — “Jimmy,” “Jim” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Sense of Humor Ambition — Drive car 80 miles an hour — Ford V8 Honors — Beacon Typist 4; Typewriting Award 3 “Amongst a grove, the verv straightest plant.” AUTOGRAPH N a m e — .T OHN AMERO Address — 4 Babson Court Course — Commercial Nickname — “Pickles,” “Johnny,” “Slugger” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair and being witty Ambition — To become a Major League Ball Player or a stage comedian Honors — Corporal 3; Baseball 2. 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2, 3 “As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. " AUTOGRAPH Name— JENNIE ANDERSON Address — 6 Williams Court Course — General Nickname — “Jen” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — To learn to like something Honors — O. G. A. Certificate 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Junior Business Club 2, 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. 4 “She possesses locks like a Viking maid.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MARIAN ASHLINE Address — 6 Baker Street Course — Commercial Nickname — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Civi and Shirley Ambition— To be able to play the piano like Eddy Duehin Honors— Flash Typist 4; O. G. A. Certificate 4: 40 word Award, type. 3; Secretary 4; Inter-class Tvpe Contest 3: Junior Business Club 2; French Club 2; Bank Collector 2 “Those eyes, affectionate and glad. That seemed to love whate ' er they looked upon.” AUTOGRAPH 16 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— ROBERT BEEMAN Address — 4 Myrtle Square Course — General Nickname — “Bob” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Anything Ambition — To live on Grove Street ? Honors — Baseball 1 : Football 1 : Basketball 1 “A little nonsense now and then Is relished bv the best of men.” AUTOGRAPH X a m e— M A R G A R E T B E L O N G Address — 27 Laurel Street Course — General Nicknames — “Marg.” " Peggy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dimples Ambition — Move out of W. G. Honors — “For nature made her what she is — And never made another.” AUTOGRAPH Name— GERALD SYLVESTER P.ENHAM Address — 279 Washington Street Course — General Nicknames — “Jerry.” “Jed.” “Captain,” “Cap.” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Height and Blushing Ambition — To be Captain of an ocean liner Honors — Prize Squad Drill 3, 4 ; Winning Company 2 ; Art Club 3: Perfect Attendance 1, 2. 4 “Few people have the courage to appear as they really are.” AUTOGRAPH Name — LYDIA GALE BEVILACQUA Address — 18 Sumner Street Course — College Preparatory Nickname — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Chasing Judy Ambition — To catch her Honors — Glee Club 1. 2, 3. 4: French Club 4: Service Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Music Festival 2, 3. 4 “All quiet persons are welcome every where.” AUTOGRAPH Name PHYLLIS GILES BLACK Address — 17 Madison Avenue Course — College Preparatory Nickname — “Phyl” Most Distinctive Characteristic — (Infectious laugh) Ambition — To fulfill another’s wish Honors — Highest honors 1, 2, 3: Class History 2. 3: As- sociate Editor Beacon 4 : Chairman Class History Flicker 4: Sawyer Medal 1: College Women’s Club Prize 3: French Book Prize 3: L’Amicale Franqais 3. 4; Latin Club 4; Stevens Book Reviewers 3. 4: Or- chestra 1. 2. 3, 4: Girl’s Club Orchestra 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 1 : Class Oration 4 “Genius. Thou gift of Heaven! Thou light divine.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLIGKER 17 Name— WILLIAM THOMAS BOLGER Address — 250 Washington Street Co u r se — College Nickname — “Tom” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That chip on my shoulder Ambition — To make H. Harris admit I won an argument with her Honors — Honor Student 1, 2, 3. 4 ; Beacon Staff 2. 4 ; Winning Company B 2; Winning Platoon Drill 3; Winning Company Drill 3; Winning Company A 3: Corps Area Rifle Team 4; Hearst Rifle Team 4: Pla- toon Sergeant 3; Lieutenant Colonel 4; Football (Let- ter) 2, 3, 4; Honorable Mention, Towle Football Trophy; Roosevelt Club 4; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3; Valedictorian 4 “Wisdom sits alone, Topmost in heaven ; — she is its light — its God And in the heart of man she sits as high.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT A. BOSSELMANN Address — 11 Russell Avenue Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Bob,” “Bossie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Fickle Ambition — To make Miss McGrew laugh ! Honors — Beacon Staff Typist 4 ; Platoon Sergeant 3 : First Lieutenant 4; German Club Book Prize 1, 2; Sawyer Medal 3: German Club 1, 2, 3. 4 “His are the joys of nature, his the smile. The cherubic smile of innocence and health.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MARY ELLEN BOTELHO Address — 26 Bass Avenue Course — Commercial N icknames — “Chickie,” “Mamie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Merry but serious Ambition — To travel in Europe Honors — Honor Student 1; O. G. A. Certificate 4: Type Certificates 3, 4: 40 Word Type Award: Roosevelt Club 4 ; Service Club 1, 2, 4 ; Sophomore French Play 2; Winner Inter-Class, Accuracy and Speed Type Con- test 4; Winner Poetry Contest, 545 lines. 4 “What her heart thinks, her tongue speaks.” AUTOGRAPH Name — JEAN H. BOUGHTON Address — 6 Blynman Avenue Course — Commercial Nickname — “Willie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being quiet at the wrong time Ambition — To own a Scottie Honors — O. G. A. Test 4; Secretary 4: Typing Award 2; 40 Word Typing Award 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Bank Clerk 2 ; Assistant Secretary 3 : Vice President 4 “Silence in a woman is like speech in a man.” AUTOGRAPH Name— CHESTER W. BRAY Address — 388 Essex Avenue Course — General Nickname — “Chet” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Bashfulness Ambition — To talk Honors — Perfect Attendance 1. 2, 4 “True it is that avarice is rich, modesty starves ” AUTOGRAPH 18 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name — NETHER LINE VIRGINIA BRAY Address — 11 Elliott Street. Beverly Course — General Nicknames — " Gin. " “Ginny " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Skin, eyes Ambition — Dental Hvgienist Honors — Poetry Contest 4 : Secretary of English Forum Club 4: Glee Club 1: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: German Club 3. 4: German Dramatic Club 3. 4: Bank Clerk 3: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4 " A foot more light. a sten more true. Ne ' er from the hearts-flower dashed the dew.” AUTOGRAPH Name — JOSEPH BRENHA Address — 70 Friend Street ( ’ourse — General Nickname — “Joe” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Ralph O ' Maley Ambition — To e ' et homework done on time Honors — Perfect Attendance 1 " Mv davs pass pleasantly away.” AUTOGRAPH Name — NOR R IE ISABEL BRUCE Address — 126 Prospect Street Course — Commercial Nickname — " Brucie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Good natured — Hair Amibition — Doctor’s Secretary Honors — Secretary 4: O. G. A. Award 4: Type Award 2. :: : Basketball 1. 2: Junior Business Club 2: Roose- velt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Perfect Attend- ance 4 " The laughter of girls is. and ever was. among the de - lightful sounds of earth. " AUTOGRAPH Name — BETTY BURNHAM Address — 37 Beacon Street Course — General Nickname — “Bee " Most Distinctive Characteristic — 32.743 Ambition — To own a beach wagon Honors — Basketball 1. 2: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Roose- velt Club 4: Committee Senior Mother-Daughter Ban- quet 4 “Joys are bubble-like — what makes them bursts them, too.” AUTOGRAPH Name— HERBERT BURNS Address — 3 Colonial Street Course — General Nickname — “Burns " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Room 30 Ambition — Science Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: Senior Plav 4 " Seek ins to find, finding to know, knowing in order to do.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLIGKER 19 Name — RUSSELL CAMERON, JR. Address — 5 Seeall Street Course — General Nicknames— “Russ,” “Rut” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Shyness Ambition — To manage a traveling, professional, basket- ball team Honors — Winning Prize, Platoon Company A 2; Foot- ball 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; English Forum Debating Club 4 “A blush is the color of virtue.” AUTOGRAPH Name— RALPH W. CAMPBELL Address — 15 Washington Square Course — College Nicknames — “Soupy,” “Doc” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Playing Monopoly with Smith and Goodwin : and the canoe Ambition — To run a ferry boat between town landing and Wheeler’s Point Honors — Flash Reporter 3: Editorial Staff 3: Chairman. Class Calendar 4; Prize Platoon Drill 2. 3: WTnmnr. Platoon Drill 2, 3: Winning Prize Squad Co. A 3: Best Drilled Company A Field Day 3 : Individual Haskell Medal Drill 3; Guidon Bearer Companv A 3: Second Lieutenant 4; First Lieutenant 4; Captain 4: Football 3: Assistant Manager 2; Assistant Business Manag r Baseball 3: Manager 4: Service Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Roose- velt Club 4; French Club 3: President 4: Chairman Class Play 3: Roosevelt Club Play 4: French Club Play 4: Chairman 4: General Stage Manager “Pattie” 4 : Chairman Class Gift Committee 4 : Chairman Re- freshment and Invitation R. O. T. C. Parties 4 “A man that has friends must show himself friendly : and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” AUTOGRAPH Name— DOROTHY CANTO Address — €2 Blynman Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Dot.” “Dottie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — To be what I’m not Honors — “Hail to thee, blithe spirit.” AUTOGRAPH Name — FAY TERESA CHICK Address — 353 Main Street Course — College Nck ame — “Chickie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Good sportsmanship Ambition — To be ambitious Honors — Advertising Assistant 4: Flash Staff Reporter 4; Assistant Advertising Manager 4: Cantain Basket- ball 1, 4 : French 2, 3, 4 : Roosevelt Club 4 ; Service Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Chairman Decorations Senior Tea Dance. “Style is the dress of thoughts.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ANTHONY CHRISTO Address — 34 Friend Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Chris” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That red jacket Ambition — To get an “A” in English Honors — Second Lieutenant 4 : Baseball 4 : Spanish Club. 1. 2, 3, 4: Service Club 1, 2. 3. 4: “Loose Change” 3: “Pattie” 4. “Youth laughed contentedly, and cried : — ‘The future leave to me’.” AUTOGRAPH mm 20 THE SENIOR FLIGKER Name— IRMA CIVIDAL Address — 14 Whittemore Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Civie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Marian Shirley Ambition — To live the life of Richard Halliburton Honors — 0. G. A. 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Head Librarian 4: Cheerleader 2. 3; Head Cheerleader 4: Spanish Club 2, 3 - Roosevelt Club 4: Junior Business Club 2, 3; Spanish Club Play 2: Operetta 2, 3, 4 “A-foot and light-hearted I take the open road. Healthy, free, the world before me.’’ AUTOGRAPH Name — BERT E. CODINHA Address — 13 Spring Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Tim” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Marie Ambition — To write in Shorthand at 250 words a minute Honors — Beacon Staff Reporter 2: Flash Staff Reporter 2: Band 3. 4: Individual Prize Drill 2, 3: Winnie o- Platoon Field Day 2: Competent Typist Award O. G. A. Certificate 4; 100 Words Transcription; Football 1: Spanish Club 1. 2. 3, 4 : Chairman Spanish Club Bazaar Committee 3, 4: President 3, 4; Junior Business Club 2; Roosevelt Club 4: “Loose Change” 3: Glee Club Operetta 2: New England Festival 3: Senior Play, Property Manager 4 “A friend received with thumps upon the back.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ELLIOTT COLLINS Address — 525 Essex Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Tiger,” “Tige " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Beard, Personality Ambition — To earn mv own money out of town Honors — Corporal 3: Individual Drill 3, 4; Prize Squad 3; Football 2. 3 “For nature made him what he is And never made another.” AUTOGRAPH Name — EVELYN CONANT Address — 541 Washington Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Ev,” “Evie.” “Frenchie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair comb Ambition — To see the world Honors — Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4; Sawyer Medal 2 Beacon Staff Typist 3; Chairman Flash Typists 4 French Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Junior Business Club 2. 3 Roosevelt Club 4; Service Club 1. 2: Secretary 3, 4 “The many fail; the one succeeds.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JANET CRITCHETT Address — 34 School Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Tiny.” “Jan” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Vivacity Ambition — To become a competent secretary Honors — Secretary 4: O. G. A. Award 4: Roosevelt Club 4; Junior Business Club 3; Junior Play 3; Junior Business Club Play 3: Roosevelt Club Play 4; Senior Play 4 ; “ Pattie” 4 : “Loose Change” 3 “No perfect thing is too small for eternal recollection.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 21 Name— BYRCLB LUCILLE CRITTENDEN Address — 43 Bass Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Bee,” “Byrt” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Always ahead of time Ambition — To find a man like my father Honors — Poetry 4; Latin Club 4; Roosevelt Club 4: Junior Women’s Club 4: Service Club 2, 3, 4; Perfect Attendance 3. “To speak one’s mind freely is to be without fear of ridicule.” AUTOGRAPH Name— EVELYN K. CROWELL Address — 19 Prospect Street Course — College Nickname — “Ebby” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Nonchalance Ambition — Travel Honors — Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Beacon Reporter 1. 2 Flicker Staff Class History 1; Service Club 2. 3, 4 Latin Club 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: Roosevelt Club 4 Steven’s Book Reviewers 2; Treasurer 3, 4. “Slivness is always becoming !” AUTOGRAPH Nam e — A R T E L L B. CROWLEY Address — 12 Chapel Street Course — General Nicknames — “Art,” “Pop,” “Archie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Smiling Ambition — Impossible Honors — Baseball 1 : Football 1. “All glory comes from daring to begin.” AUTOGRAPH Name— CHARLES CURRIER Address — 248 Western Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Chuck,” “Charlie,” “Miggs” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Smile Ambition — To do nothing Honors — Forum Debating Club 4. “Oh, he sits high in all the people’s hearts.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LLOYD DENNIS Address — 8 Staten Street Course — General Nickname — “Dinah” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Chewing Gum Ambition — Same as Pimental Honors — Football 4; Spanish Club 1; Forum Club 4; Perfect Attendance 2. 3. “A strong body makes the mind strong.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLI6KER 99 Name— WILLIAM B. DIXON Address — 4 Harmony Court Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Bill,” “Bud” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Modesty Ambition — To get that Ford running “A comely face is a silent recommendation. AUTOGRAPH Name— DONALD .T. DROHAN Address — 27 Hartz Street Co u r se — Genera 1 Nicknames — “Nickie,” “Nick” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Laugh Ambition — To make more and better laughs Honors — Assistant Manager Basketball 3: Manager 4: A. A. Collector 2, 3, 4: Cheer Leader 4; Service Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Junior Business Club 2. 3. “To teach vain wits a science little known, T’ admire superior sense, and doubt their own.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JAMES E DROHAN Address — 9 Madison Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Jim.” “Jimmy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That hair Ambition — Not to offend certain individuals Honors — Flash Reporter 3: Class Roll Committee 4: Class Calendar Committee 4 ; Class History Commit- tee 4 : Committee Chairman of Police at Sergeant’s Party 3: Platoon Sergeant 3: Second Lieutenant 4: First Lieutenant 4; Captain Company I) 4: Best Drilled Company, Field Dav. 2: Secretary 4: Stevens’ Book Reviewers 3: Secretary 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4 : Forum Debating Club 4: Chair- man Police and Refreshment Committees, R. O. T. C. Parties 4 “A merry heart goes twice the way of a sad one.” AUTOGRAPH Name— EARLE ROBERT EDSON Address — 25 Gloucester Avenue Course — General Nickname — “Bob” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Borrowing money from mv brother Ambition— To understand one of Mr Colman’s explana- tions Honors — Corporal 3: Prize Souad Company I) 3: Ex- hibition Platoon 3: Second Lieutenant 4: Football 4: Perfect Attendance 2. “Let me be deft and debonnaire, I am content. I do not care ” AUTOGRAPH Name — ALBERT H. ENOS Address— 54 Perkins Street Course — General Nicknames — " Urn,” “Umgie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — All A’s Honors — Corporal 3. “The first edge is made with a blunt whetstone.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLIGKER 23 Name — DORIS ENOS Address — 52 Perkins Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Dot,” “Dottie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hoping Ambition — To be well liked by everyone Honors — Secretary 4: Flash Typist 4: . G. A. Award 4: Junior Business Club 2; Vice President 3: German Club 2: Service Club 1, 2, 3: Treasurer of German Dramatic Club 4. “The playful smiles about the dimpled mouth That liappv air of majesty and truth.” AUTOGRAPH Name— EVERETT ERCOLANI Address — 47V2 Prospect Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Eck” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Watching the girls from Room 27 Ambition — To get an A in English Honors — Corporal 3; Lieutenant 4: Basketball 3. 4: Service Club 1. “I would help others out of fellow feeling.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ARTHUR I). FEDERMAN Address — 28 Summer Street Course — College Preparatory Nickname — “Art” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Intellectual curiosity Ambition — Gratification Honors— Beacon Staff. Hall of Fame 2: Exchange Edi- tor 3; Flash Staff 2; Editorial Board 3. 4: Class Roll 4: Class Prophecy 4: Platoon Sergeant 3: Exhibition Platoon 3 : Roosevelt Club 4 ; French Club 3. 4 : Service Club 2. 3. 4: Stage Manager French Play 3 : Stage Manager Junior Play 3: Stage Manager Senior Plays 4: Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: (’lass Motto Committee 4. “Self love, my liege, is not so rite a sin as self neglect- ing.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT MARTIN FINE Jddress — 154 East Main Street Course — General Nicknames — “Bob.” “Boob.” “Rubinoff” Mo«t Distinctive Characteristic — Bashfulness Ambition — To learn some German and pass the final examination Honors — Beacon Staff Typist 4: Prize Squad 3. 4: Base- ball 3. 4 : German Club 3. 4. “Tis with our judgments as our watches, none Go iust alike, vet each believes his own.” AUTOGRAPH Name — GERTRUDE FRANCIS Address — 23 Mt. Vernon Street Course — General Nicknames — “Trudie.” “Dot” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Worrying Ambition — To be a Florence Nightingaler Honors — French Club 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4. “Quietness is a virtue of the Gods.” AUTOGRAPH 24 THE SENIOR FLIGKER Name— LAURENCE A. FREDRICKSON Address — 26 Church Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Fred.” " Larry” Most Distinctive Characteristic— Clarinet Ambition — To be a good musician Honors — Lieutenant Band 4 ; Captain 4 ; Service Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Bank Collector 1: Band 1. 2, 3. 4 : Orchestra 2. 3. 4 : Music Festival at Springfield 4 ; Glee Club Operetta 2; Perfect Attendance 1. 2. “He that is slow to argue is better than the mighty.” AUTOGRAPH Name— VIOLET E. FRIGARD Address — 121 Leonard Street Course — General Nickname — “Vi” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Personality Ambition — To fulfill my ambition Honors — “To those who know Thee not. no words can paint! And those who know thee, know all words are faint !” AUTOGRAPH Name— ELIZABETH A. GIBSON Address — 17 School Street Course — College Preparatory N ickname — ‘ ‘Betty " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dependability Ambition — To visit Paris in the spring Honors — Basketball 1: Service Club 1, 2. 3. 4: French Club 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 3. 4: Latin Club 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Operetta 3: Special Chorus 3. 4; Perfect At- tendance 2, 3. 4 ; Honor student 1. 2, 3. 4. “A maiden modest, and self-possessed.” AUTOGRAPH Name — EMMA R. GILL Address — 3 Poplar Court Course — General Nicknames — “Emmy Lou.” “Gillie,” “Irene” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Talking with my hands Ambition — To go to Art School sometime, somewhere, and somehow ! Honors — Class Prophecy 4; Class Calendar 4: Cartoons 4: Art Club 3: President 4: French Club 3. 4: Glee Club 4: Special Chorus 4: Girls’ Club Tableau 4: Costumes French Club Plav 4: Chairman Mother- Daughter Banquet 4: Flicker Cover Design 4. “Mv thoughts are best expressed in action.” AUTOGRAPH Name — HAZEL GILLIE Address — 16 Exchange Street Course — Com mercial Nicknames — “Haze.” “Hay ho” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Walking Ambition — A million Honors Assistant Secretary 3: Secretary 4: O. G. A Award 4: Inter-class Shorthand Contest 3: Competent Typist Award 3: Basketball 1. 2: Perfect Attendance 1. “And then my heart wPh pleasure fills And dances with the daffodils.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLIGKER 25 Name— MARGARET MAY GOODWIN Address — 13 Wall Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Peggy,” “Margie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Bob” Honors — 120 Word Transcription Pin, O. G. A. Gold Pin 4; 40, 50 Type Award 3, 4; Secretary 3, 4; Inter-class Contest 3, 4 ; Essex County Contest 3 ; Poetry Contest 3; Sawyer Medal, Eighth Grade, Spanish Club 1; Flash Typist 4. “The secret of success is constancy of purpose.” AUTOGRAPH Name— WILLIAM GOODWIN Address — 17 Elm Street Course — General Nicknames — “Brud,” “Bill” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That red nose Ambition — To beat Mr. Rosen bowling Honors — Assistant Football Manager 2, 3: Field Manager 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 4. “He that walketh uprightly walketli surely.” AUTOGRAPH Name— WALTER GOYETCHE % Address — 9 Burnham Street Course — General Nicknames — “Moose,” “Gushie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Stuttering Ambition — To chew gum in school all day and not get caught Honors — “Be not rash with thy mouth ; Let thy words be few.” AUTOGRAPH Name— FLORENCE GRAY Address — 23 Revere Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Flo” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Making people wait Ambition — To be a reporter — e.g. Ann Marsters Honors— O. G. A. Award 4: Basketball 1. 2; Field Hock- ey 2: Spanish Club 4. “The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business.” AUTOGRAPH Name— REBECCA GRAY Address — 47 Wheeler Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Reba,” “Beckie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Enthusiasm for sports Ambition — To be a second Ann Marsters and interview the members of the G. H. S. football team Honors — Honor Student 1. 2, 3, 4; Flash Typist 4: O. G. A. Award 4; 40 Word Award 4; Secretary 3. 4: 120 Word Shorthand Certificate 4; Basketball i: Captain 2; Sawyer Medal 2; Junior Business Club 2; Roose- velt Club 4; French Club 2, 3; Service Club 3, 4: Per- fect Attendance 3, 4. “Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society.” AUTOGRAPH air iLaa 26 THE SENIOR FLIGKER X a me — ELEA X 0 R GROXBLAD Address — 54 High Street Course — General Xickname — “Ellu " Most Distinctive Characteristic — That Ford Ambition — To travel Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: First Year Type Inter-Class Contest (pin) 4: Sawyer Medal, Eighth Grade: French Club 2. “Whatever is worth doing at all. is worth doing well.” AUTOGRAPH Xame— FRAXIvLYX EDWARD HAMILTOX Address — 7 Orchard Street Course — Commercial Xicknames — “Unk.” “Ungo” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Empty pockets Ambition — To get to first base with Xancy Honors — Staff Artist 2: O. G. A. Test 4; Complete Theory 4. “In framing an artist, art both thus decreed. To make some good for others to exceed.” AUTOGRAPH Xame— EDXA M. HAXDRAX Address — 15 Sayward Street Course — Commercial Xicknames — ••Handy.” “Eddie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Enthusiasm Ambition — To be famous in the Sports World Honors — Office Manager Beacon and Flicker 4: O. G. A. Award 4: Secretarv 4: Basketball 2: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4 : 4-H Club 3: Junior Woman’s Club 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2, 3: Junior Business Club 2, 3. “The sparkle of her eves The sunshine of her face Make a little glow of cheer When she is passing here.” AUTOGRAPH Xame— JOHX HARTFORD Address — 33 Myrtle Square Course — General Xickname — “Johnnie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Auto horn Ambition — To replace Henrv Ford Honors — Assistant Advertising Manager. Assistant Sales Manager. Flicker Staff. 4: Prize Squad 3: Winning Prize Squad 3: Winning Comnanv 2. 3: Winning Platoon 3: Individual Drill 3: Exhibition Platoon 4: Football 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Perfect Attend- ance 3. 4. “I am master of mv fate. I am captain of my soul.” AUTOGRAPH Xame — ISABEL WHEELER HASELGARD Address — 87 Wheeler Street Course — College Xicknames — “Izzy.” “Diz " Most Distinctive Characteristic — That walk! Ambition — Private secretarv Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: Class Roll 4: Class History 4: D. A. R. Historv Medal. Eighth Grade: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: U ' Amicale Franqais 3. 4: Latin 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Girls’ Club 1. 2. 3: Cabinet 4: Junior Women’s Club 4: Class Plav 3: Orchestra 1 . 2. 3. 4: Girls’ Club Orchestra 3. 4 :Xew England Music Festival Orchestra 4: Chairman Senior Class Booth. Bazaar. 4: Sawyer Medal. Eighth Grade: Class Song 4. “All things will be accomplished. " AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLI6KER 27 Name— ESTHER M. HEINONEN Address — 52 High Street Course — General Nickname — “Estie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Smile Ambition — To have one Honors — Honor Student 1. 2, 3. 4 : Type Award 3. 4 ; Sawyer Medal 3 ; Spanish Club 4 ; Attendance 1. “She who smiles goes miles.” AUTOGRAPH Name— UNO HENDRICKSON Address — 1185 Washington Street Course — General Nickname — “Roon” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being so “Noisy” Ambition — To get rid of my glasses Honors — “Silence is one of the virtues of the wise.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ELEANOR HERSEY Address — 45 Beacon Street Course — General Nickname — “El” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Talking and eating Ambition — To maintain the happiness that I have had the past four years Honors — Basketball 1; Captain of Winning Basketball Team 2; Field Hockey 1. 2, 3: Hit Pin Baseball 2. 3: 4-H Club 3; President 4: Second Prize at 4-H Club County Contest; Glee Club 4: Service Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Junior Class Play 3; Special Chorus 4; “Pattie” 4; Chairman of 4-H Club Booth at Bazaar 4 : Perfect Attendance 2; Class Motto Committee 4: Costume Committee Senior Play 4: Entertainment Committee at Bazaar 4. “Possession of that indefinable something called charm. " AUTOGRAPH Name— PAULINE A. HILL Address — 1097A Washington Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Shrimp,” “Polly” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Athletics Ambition — To act my age Honors — O. G. A. Certificate 4 : Secretary 4 : 120 Word Shorthand Pin 4; Basketball 1, 2; Winning Team 3. 4: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 4: Attend- ance 1. “Though pleased to see the dolphins play I mind my compass and my way.” AUTOGRAPH Name— RUTH HILL Address — Eastern Point Lighthouse Course — General Nickname — “Rutliie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Smallness Ambition — To be a nurse and to travel Honors — Basketball 2: Glee Club 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 4. “T’ enjoy is to obey.” AUTOGRAPH 28 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— LESTER C. HILTON Address — 15 Chestnut Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Let” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — To cross the ocean Honors — Winning Company 2: Winning Platoon 2: Type Award 2, 3 : Commercial Committee for Bazaar 4 : Spanish Club 1. 2: Junior Business Club 3: Roosevel Club 4: Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club Play 2; Operetta 3. “There is a great deal in the first impressions.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT TIMOTHY HOLLORAN Address — 10 Baker Street Course — General Nicknames — “Tim,” “Bob” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — To bring “Pattie” with the original cast to Broadway Honors — Athletic Reporter 3; Board of Editors 4; Chair- man of Grinds 4: First Lieutenant 4; Corps Area Rifle Team 4 : Football 3 : Business Manager Basketball 4 : Service Club 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Roosevelt Club 4: French Club 4; Beacon Plays 3, 4; French Club Play 4; Senior Play 4; Girls’ Club Play 4; Roosevelt Club Play 4; Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Music Committee R. O. T. C. Party 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 4. “Actions speak louder than words.” AUTOGRAPH Name— GARDNER W. HOLMES Address — 3(5 Washington Square Course — General Nicknames — “Tucky,” “Ducky” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Beard Ambition — To participate in the Olympics Honors — Football 1. 2. 3: Captain 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. “His eyes were like the lightning’s wing.” AUTOGRAPH Name— NATALIE ELIZABETH HOOPER Address — 139 Main Street. Roekport Course — College Nickname — “Nat” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Smile Ambition — Ask any girl Honors — Beacon Collector 4: Business Manager of Class Roll 4: A. A. Collector 3: Service Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Junior Women’s Club 4: Girls’ Club 1, 2, 3. 4 : L’Ami- cale Francaise 4: Junior Class Play 3; Girls’ Club Assembly 4: Chairman Commercial Department Booth at Class Bazaar 4: Girls’ Club Toastmistress at Mother- Daughter Banquet 4. “Life wanders up and down through all her face, and lights up everv charm.” AUTOGRAPH Name— BARBARA LOUISE HOWELL Address — 7 Morgan Avenue Course — Commercial Nickname “Barb " Most Distinctive Characteristic — The English Office Ambition — To try to speak Spanish in Spain Honors — Honor Student 1. 2, 3. 4: Flicker Staff — Class Roll 4: Class Ballot 4: 40 Word Tyne Certificate 4: Silver O. G. A. Pin 4: Secretary 4; 120 Word Short- hand Pin 4: 52 Word Type Pin 4: Inter-class Tyne and Shorthand Contests 4; Basketball 1: Captain 2: Field Hockey 1: Spanish Book Prize 3: Roosevelt Spelling Contest Medal 4; Spanish Club 2: Secretary 3. 4: Glee Club Operetta 1: Perfect Attendance 1. 4: Chairman Spanish Club Committee at Bazaar 4: Chair- man Girls ' Graduation Dress Committee 4: Roosevelt Speech Contest 3 “I have no taste of the noisy praise of giddy crowds as changeable as minds.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLI6KER 29 Name — HAROLD HUDSON Address — 8 Harold Court Course — General Nickname — “Hudson” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Those muscles Ambition — To get more muscles Honors — " Nature in vou stands on the very verge of her confines.” AUTOGRAPH Name— C. ROBERT HUNT Address — 98 Maplewood Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Bob,” “Bobo” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Trying to navigate on time Ambition — To become a navigator Honors — Baseball 2, 3. 4 : Basketball 3, 4. “Better late than never.” AUTOGRAPH Name — STEPHEN THOMAS IRVING Address — 27 Harrison Avenue Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Steve,” “Steppe” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Trying to graduate “With a smile that was childlike and bland.” Honors — AUTOGRAPH I Name — ALBERT E. JOHNSON Address — 29 Langsford Street Course — General Nickname — “Al” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Leaving homework for a study period Ambition — To win a game of Ping-Pong I Honors — Corporal 3; Perfect Attendance 3. " He is the corporate Silence: dread him not! No power hath he of evil in himself.” AUTOGRAPH Name— BARBARA THERESA JOHNSON Address — 211 Washington Street Course — General Nicknames — “Barb.” “Barbs,” “Barbie” Most Distinctive Characteristic— Counting my calories Ambition — To dance Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4 : Basketball 1. 4 : Roosevelt Club 4; Service Club 2. 3. 4; Junior and Senior Class Plays 3. 4: Roosevelt Club Play 4: “Looso Change” and “Patty” 3. 4: Co-Chairman Roosevelt Social Committee 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 4: Bank Collector 4. “Those move easiest who have learned to dance.” AUTOGRAPH 30 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— ELSPETH BURNETT JOHNSON Address — 5 Crowell Avenue Co u r s e — C o liege Nicknames — ‘Bettie,” “Pat " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Haven’t you found out? Ambition — To be able to repay a certain some one! Honors — Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4: Advertising Manager Beacon 4; Advertising Manager Flicker 4: Hockey Team 1: A. A. Collector 1, 2; Sawyer Medal 3: Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4. “G " : French Club 3. 4: Girls ' Club 1, 2: Cabinet 3, 4: " Pattie” 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; “Loose ■‘Change’’ 3; Co-Chairman Freshman Party, Junior Tea Dance Committee 3: Attendance 1, 2; Class Gift Com- mittee 4 : Class Dues Committee 3. “She possessed an imp or two. What she’d do next nobody knew.” AUTOGRAPH Name — LOUIS F. JOHNSON, JR. Address — 7 Hillside Court Course — College Nickname — “Louigi” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing Ambition — To lead an orchestra Honors — First Lieutenant 4; French Club 3. 4: Roose- velt Club 4: Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Perfect Attendance 4. “Happy were he could he finish forth his fate In some enchanted desert, where, obscure From all society, from love and hate Of worldly folk, there should he sleep secure.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON Address — 56 Granite t treet Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Liz ( !).” “Betty.” “Mrs.” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Getting HIM home on time Ambition — To go to Czechoslovakia with Warren as Captain and Bob Holloran as stoker on my boat. Honors — Spotlight Editor 4: (’lass Calendar 4: 42 Word Competent Typist Award 3: Assistant Secretary 3: Secretary 4: Junior Business Club 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Class Ring Committee 3: Perfect Attendance 2 “Experience is bv industry achieved.” AUTOGRAPH Name -ROBERT E. KARCHER Address — 10 Knowlton Square ( ' ourse — General Nickname — “Bob " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Pen. vim. and vigor Ambition — To be an Olympic Swimmer Honors — Corporal 3: Second Lieutenant 4: Football 2, 3. 4: Track 3. 4: Baseball 4. “Men. like bullets, go farthest, when smoothest.” AUTOGRAPH N a me — E LLEN K AUP PI NE N Address — 132 Maplewood Avenue Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Kope.” “Ellie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Trying to do two things at once Ambition — To be the world’s best cook Honors — Meat Story Contest 3: Third Prize in 4-H Club Contest 3: 4-H Club 3: Service Club 1. 2. “Happiness counts thee in her best array.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 31 Name— ELLEN MARY KEATING Address — 30 Exchange Street Course — General Nickname — “El” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hat Ambition — Nurse Honors — Type Award 1 : Basketball 1, 2 ; Service Club 2, 3: Art Club 4; English Forum Club Debating 4: Chairman Committee Girls’ Club 4: Perfect Attend- ance 1, 2, 3, 4. “She is well paid that is well satisfied.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JOHN ARTHUR KING Address — 12 Andrew Street Course — General Nicknames — “Johnnie,” “Hooker” Most Distinctive Characteristic — To argue Ambition — To fill Sylvester Ahola ' s shoes Honors — Football 2, 3, 4. “Let not ambition mock his useful toil.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ELIZABETH KINSELLA Address — 28 Haskell Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Betty.” “Bet,” “Honey” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Indifference Ambition — To be as popular as Shirley Temple Honors — Honor Student 1, 2. 3. 4 ; Flash Typist 4: Class Grinds 4; 00 Word and 80 Word Shorthand Pins 4: O. G. A. Award 4: Secretary 4: Junior Business Club 2. 3: Roosevelt Club 4; Senior Plav Properties 4. “Whatever is popular deserves attention.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ELSIE KLEIMOLA Address — 21 Leverett Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Slim,” “Else” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Walk Ambition — To ski in the Swiss Alps Honors — Secretary 4: O. G. A. Certificate 4: Basketball 1. 2; Junior Business Club 2: Service Club 2. 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. “Good sense which onlv is the Gift of Heaven.” AUTOGRAPH Name— CAROLYN L. KNOWLES Address — 315 Washington Street Course — College Preparatory Nickname — “Cal” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Those extra pencils Ambition — To X-Ray Miss Harris and see where her heart is Honors — Roosevelt Club 4; French Club 4: Perfect At- tendance 2. 3. “Eyes too expressive to be blue. Too lovelv to be gray.” AUTOGRAPH 32 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— SHELDON OSBORNE KNOWLES Address — 3 Babson Court Course — General Nickname — “Shel” Most Distinctive Characteristic — The “Baton” Ambition — To marry that certain junior Honors — Football 1, 2; Secretary Athletic Association 4: New England Drum Major Award. 1935 at Newport, Rhode Island; Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Orchestra 1. 2, 3, 4. “Confident that what the future yields Will be the right, unless myself be wrong.” AUTOGRAPH Name — BARTON KNOWLTON Address — 5 Grove Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Bart” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Bookkeeping Ambition — To get better acquainted with that certain girl ? Honors — Class Roll Business Manager 4: Bookkeeping Competition at Danvers 3 ; Service Club 2, 3 : Perfect Attendance 2. “Ambition is the growth of everv clime.” AUTOGRAPH Name— THEODORE ROBERT KORKATTI Address — 979 Washington Street Course — General Nickname — “Ted.” “Teddy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — To be serious Ambition — To be on my way Honors — Corporal 3: Second Lieutenant 4: Gregg Type- writing Certificate 4; Band 1, 2, 3: Perfect Attend- ance 3. “The happiest men. like the happiest nations, have no historv.” AUTOGRAPH Name— RUTH R. KRAMER Address — 21 Summer Street ( ' ourse — College Preparatory Nickname — “Rutliie,” “Rufus” Most Distinctive Character istic — Eyes Ambition — To do what I want, when I want to, with no questions asked Honors — Honor Student 1, 2. 3. 4: French Club 2. 3: Secretary of 4; Service Club 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 4; Roosevelt Club 4. “There is a charm A certain something in the air That all men feel and no man can decide.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ETHEL ROOD LACEY Address— 9 Pierce Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Et " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — Hairdresser, and to travel Honors — Tvpewriting Award 2: Secretary 4: Basketball 1. 2, 4: Field Hockey 1. 2: Hit-Pin Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4: Hit -Pin Baseball Prize 3: English Forum Debating Club 4: Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Business Club 2: “Pattie - ’ 4; Perfect Attendance 1. “Welcome hither as spring is to the earth.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 33 Name— WOITTO TAISTO LAINE Address — 1 Wesley Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Woit,” “Smack” Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Swede” Ambition — Aeronautics Honors — Corps Area Rifle Team 2, 3. 4; Company Rifle Team 2; Hearst Trophy Rifle Team 4; Second Lieu- tenant 4: Captain of Hearst Rifle Team 4; Perfect Attendance 1. “A youth, light hearted and content, I wander through the world.” AUTOGRAPH Name— HELEN F. LANDRY Address — 93 Prospect Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Laundry” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dependability Ambition — To be a successful secretary Honors — O. G. A. Certificate 4: Secretary 4: Perfect At- tendance 1, 2. 3. “Existence is a merry treat.” AUTOGRAPH Name— BARBARA H. LANE Address — 34 Hartz Street Course — General Nicknames — “Barbs.” “Blondie.” “Toots. " “Laney” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Personality and swim- ming Ambition — To own Good Harbor Beach Honors— Flash Staff 2: Basketball 2. 3: Art Club 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Junior Busi- ness Club 2: Perfect Attendance 4. “A mischievous imp resides within her.” AUTOGRAPH Name— GEORGE E. LANE. JR. Address — 7 Marsh Street Course — General N i ok name — ‘ ‘Sandy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Madeline Curtis Ambition — Fly the II. S. M. Honors — “What sweet delight a quiet life affords.” AUTOGRAPH Name— SUMNER LANE Address — 549 Washington Street Course — Scientific Preparatory Nicknames — “Lanie,” “Sum” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Enioyment in working Ambition — To learn to be a good bowler Honors — French Club 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 3. 4. “Bashfulness indicates hidden charm.” AUTOGRAPH 34 THE SENIOR FLIGKER Name— ROBERT DUSTIN LARSSON Address — 1111 Washington Street Course — Scientific Preparatory Nickname — “Gugga” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Mathematics Ambition — More Mathematics Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3, 4: Member Winning Company D 2: French Club 2. 3: Vice-President 4; French Play 2. 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 4. “He ' d undertake to prove by force Of argument, a man’s a horse.” AUTOGRAPH Name— EDWARD LAWSON Address — 10 Smith Street Course — General Nicknames — " Ed.” “Eddie” Most Distinctive Characteristic- — Size Ambition — To travel Honors — Type Award 3. 4. “Some angel guide my pencil, while I draw, what nothing less than an angel can exceed.” AUTOGRAPH Name — GEORGE ANTHONY DEMOS Address — 5 Perkins Street Course— General Nicknames — " Bucky. " " Buster. " " Butt” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hands Ambition — To have a certain Senior girl ' s attention Honors — Corporal 3: Football 1. 2. 3. 4 : Basketball L 2, 3. 4: Junior Representative of A. A. Council: Perfect Attendance 1 2. " He who keeps moving will always get somewhere.” AUTOGRAPH Name— FRANK CLAYTON LEWIS Address — 1 Harvard Street Course— General N ic-k names — " Franky “ Clay t ” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That horn Ambition — To understand Miss Burnham I or-- — Ba nl 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 3. 4: Forum Debating Club 4- Senior Class Pl°y 4: New England Music Festival 4: Gl- e Club Operetta 3: Girls’ Club Tableau; Orchestra 3. 4. " Sav it with music.” AUTOGRAPH Name— HENRY A. LIMA . ddress — 15 Sadler Street Course — General Nicknames — " Cassey,” " Crispy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — The Gang Ambition — To sail in the International Yacht Races Honors — Corporal 3: Football 4: Track 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Forum Debating Club 4: Orchestra 1, 2. 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 2. “Let me have music, dying, and I seek no more delight.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 35 Name— FRANKLIN W. LOCKWOOD Address — 30 Washington Street Course — General Nicknames — “Frank,” “Locky” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Military bearing Ambition — To get an A in English from Miss Ford Honors — Corporal 2, 3; Sergeant Major 3; Basketball 2, 3: President of the Forum Debating Club 4; “Loose Change” 3; “Pattie” 4; “China Shop” 2; Bank Clerk 2 ; Assistant Cashier 3 ; Chief Clerk 4 ; Glee Club 4. “Happy am I, from care I’m free; Why aren’t they all contented like me.” AUTOGRAPH Name— RAYMOND LOWE Address — 608 Western Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Chummie,” “Farmer,” “Zeke,” “Capt. Ding- bat” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Gift of gab, women and more women Ambition — To understand women Honors — -Second Lieutenant 4; Corporal 3: Prize Squad 3; Prize Drill 3; Haskell Drill 3; Individual Drill 3. 4: A. A. Senior Representative 4 : Roosevelt Club 4 ; " Pattie” 4; Chairman Senior Banquet Committee 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 3 ; A Cappella Choir 4 : Special Chorus 4. “He that is of a merry heart hath a continued feast.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT NELSON LUNDBERG Address — 1037 Washington Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Bob,” “Lum” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Ability to distinguish pulchritude in the feminine form. Ambition — To be a general Hon ors — Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4 : Salutitorian 4; Sawyer Medal Eighth Grade; Beacon Reporter 3; Class Roll Committee 4; Platoon Sergeant 3; Commander Win- ning Prize Squad, Co. A, 3; Winner Senior Haskell Medal 3; Exhibition Platoon Drill 3: Winning Co. A, 3: Major. Second Battalion 4; Commander of Individual Drill 4: Corps Area Rifle Team 4; Hearst Rifle Team 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Roosevelt Club 4; “Pattie” 4; Senior Class Play 4; Stage Manager, French Club Play 4 ; Chairman Music Committee. Sergeants’ Party 3: Attendance 1, 3. “Of two heroes he is the greatest who esteems his rivals most.” AUTOGRAPH Name — DONALD ROBERT MACAULEY Address — 79 Maplewood Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Don ” “Mac” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Height Ambition — To fly around the world in 3 days. 1 miniU‘ Honors — Second Lieutenant, Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4 : Roosevelt Club 4 : Glee Club 4 ; Chairman of Advertising of R. O. T. C. Partv 4 : Chairman of Decorating of R. O. T. C. Party 4; Attendance 2. “Deep rivers move with silent majestv.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ANNE ELIZABETH MACDONALD Address — 37 Sargent Street Course — General Nicknames — “Betty.” “Bet” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Doing things that are characteristic of the ’teens A mbition — Nurse Honors — “Was there ever a young and pretty girl who did not like to flirt — just a little?” AUTOGRAPH 36 THE SENIOR FLIGKER X a in e— D O R O THY MARSHALL Address — 58 Langsford Street Course — Commercial Nickname — " Lot” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Irja and Jr. Ambition — (Ask Iria) Honors — Type Awards 2. 3: Secretary 4: Junior Busi- ness Club 3: Service Club 1. 2, 3: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. " It is tranquil people who accomplish much.” AUTOGRAPH Name — ALFRED MARTIN Address — 9 Sadler Street Course — General Nickname — " Clicky” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Teeth Ambition — To crash parties Honors — Football 1, 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3: Base- ball 1. “A smile is the whisper of a laugh.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LUCILLE AGATHA MARTIN Address — 17 Gloucester Avenue Course — Commercial Nicknames- — “Fid,” “Aggie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Winnie Ambition — To get an “A " in Shorthand Honors — O. G. A. Certilicace; Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4. “She earns the respect of everyone.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JOHN J. MATHESON Address — 282 Washington Street Course — Scientific Preparaiory Xicknames — " Johnny.” " Jack” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Talking radio with Runkle and Parsons Ambition — To play beano with Mexican jumping beans Honors — Reporter of Flash Staff 3: Beacon Editorial Board 4: Individual Party Drill 3: Party Prize Pla- toon Drill 3: Prize Squad 3; Winner Junior Haskell Medal Drill 3: Second Lieutenant 4: Corps Area Rifle Team 4: Sawyer Medal 3: German Department Book Prize 1. 2. 3: German Denartment Vocabulary Book Prize 3: German Club 2. 3. 4 : German Dramatic Club 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Class Play 3: First Lieutenant 4. “The man of life upright Whose guiltless heart is free From all dishonest deeds. Or thought r e vanity.” AUTOGRAPH Name— DONALD McCUISH Address — 5 Lookout Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Me.” “Don” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being a twin, wlio’d guess it ? Ambition — To travel through United States Honors — Assistant Collection Manager “Pattie” ; Perfect Attendance 2. 3. 4. “He lives to build, not boost.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLI6KER 37 Name— WILSON McCUISH Address 5 Lookout Street Course — Scientific Preparatory Nickname — “Mac,” “Whiskers” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Moustache Ambition — To stop the Normandie on Georges Bank and ask for a drink of water Honors — Assistant Advertising Manager. Flicker Staff. 4 : Prize Squad 3. 4: Prize Platoon Drill 3. 4: Haskell Medal Drill 3; Individual Drill 4: Corporal 3; Second Lieutenant 4; German Club 2, 3: German Dramatic Club 2. 3: Treasurer 2, 3: Service Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: “Loose Change” 3: “Pattie” 4: Home Room A. A. Collector 3- Special Chorus 4: Chairman Invitations German Club 3: Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4: Bazaar Committee, German Club. 3: Roosevelt Club 4. “Where rolled the ocean, thereon was his home.” AUTOGRAPH Name — KENNETH NORMAN McCURDY Address — 11 Clarendon Street Course — General Nicknames — “Mac.” “Bunky” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Always on time Ambition — To sail around the world in a sloop Honors — Beacon Home Room Collector 4 : Home Room Collector Flicker 4: Forum Debating Club 4; Attend- ance 1. 4. “How happy is he born and taught That servetii not another’s will.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JOHN McKINNON Address — 56 Grove Street Course — General Nicknames — “Mack,” “Johnnie,” “Kinny” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Tryiiw to get to Beverly Ambition — Sell rubber ice picks to Eskimos Honors — Second Lieutenant Companv D 4: Winning Prize Souad : Winning Platoon r Winning Company : French Club: Spanish Club: French Play 3. 4: Per- fect Attendance 3 : First Lieutenant 4 “Of all the crafts, to be an honest man is the master craft.” AUTOGRAPH Name— WILLIAM S. McLAUGHLIN Address — 7 Harmony Square Course — General Nicknames — “Bill.” “Mack” Most Distinctive Characteristic — My Irish Ambition — To remember communications to be made on: March 1. 1946: March 1. 1956 : February 29, 1962 Honors — Ring Committee 3: Flash Reporter 4: Grinds and Class Roll, Flicker Staff. 4 : Major First Battalion 4: Rifle Team 3: New England Champion Rifle Team 3: Commander Individual and Pb non Dr ; Ps 4- Se - -q Drills 2, 3: Exhibition Platoon 2, 3: Football 1. 2. 3 4- Freshman Renresentative A A. Council 1: President Roosevelt Club 4: Roosevelt Club Play 4. “A frame of adamant, a soul of fire. No dangers fright him and no labours ti™.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LAWRENCE ME LANS ON I Address — 10 Adams Place Course — General Nicknames — “Lol.” “I. J.” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Writing Ambition — To become a recognized Canadian author Honors- — Winning Prize Companv 2. “Gentility is nothing else but ancient riches.” AUTOGRAPH 38 THE SENIOR FLIGKER Name— INEZ MITCHELL Address — 71 Friend Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Iggy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — Secretary to Class President Honors — O. G. A. 4; Type Award 2, 3: 40 Word Type- writing Award 4; Basketball 1, 2; Service Club 1. “She is thy friend indeed. She will help thee in thv need.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JOHN ,T. MITCHELL Address — 66 Friend Street Course — General Nicknames — “Johnny,” “Jackie”. Most Distinctive Characteristic — Dancing Ambition — To be successful Honors — Spanish Club 4; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Beacon Play 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Band 3; Perfect Attend- ance 1. 2. “When the will is ready the feet are light.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT MOORING Address — 10 Pleasant Street Course — Scientific Nickname — “Bob” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Writing Ambition — To teach Miss Harris how to write Honors — Flash Staff 3; Class Calendar 4: Prize Squad 2. 3; Corps Area Rifle Team 4; Best-drilled Platoon 2; Second Lieutenant 4; Captain. Regimental Adjutant -i : Basketball 2, 3: Football 3: French Club 3. 4: Treas- urer Roosevelt Club 4: Perfect Attendance 2, 3. “He is a gentleman upon whom I built a complete trust.” AUTOGRAPH Name— .TAMES T. MORROW. JR. Address — 001 Washington Street Course — College Nicknames — “Jimmy,” “Hector,” “Squash” Most Distinctive Characteristic — I wouldn’t know Ambition — Make the world safe from mathematics Honors — Flash Staff. Reporter, 3: Editorial Board 4: Flicker Staff, Class History 4: Second Lieutenant 4: Sawyer Medal, Eighth Grade; French Club 4; Roose- velt Club 4: Stevens ' Book Reviewers 3: Treasurer 4- Service Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3. 4; Perfect Attendance 1. 2, 3. “This man is freed from servile bonds Of hope to rise, or fear to fall.” AUTOGRAPH Name— PAUL EDWIN MORTON Address — 433 Washington Street ( ’ o u rse — Com m ere i a 1 Nickname — “Mort” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Aggressiveness Ambition — Honors Prize Squad 3; 40 Word Type Award 4. “Thus I steer my bark and sail on Even keel and gentle gale.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 39 Name— RALPH MUNROE Address— 10 Decatur Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Muscles” Most Distinctive Characteristic— Height Ambition — To travel Honors — Type Award 3 : Bank Home Room Collector 2 ; Perfect Attendance 2. “Strange is the heart of man with its quick mysterious instincts.” AUTOGRAPH Name— WILLIAM NEWELL Address — 19 Sargent Street Course — General Nickname — “Billy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — The Razzmatazers Ambition — To bum my way around the world with Comeau and Cohen Honors — Prize Platoon 2; Winning Company 3; Base- ball 4. “Slow to argue, but quick to act.” AUTOGRAPH Name— CALLIE NICKAS Address — 1 Friend Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Carlie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Smile and hair Ambition — To become an orchestra leader Honors — Tyne Awards; Junior Business Club 2; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1 : Attendance 1. 2, 3. “Truly a worthy friend.” AUTOGRAPH N a m e— M A R J O R I E NICKERSON Address — 29 Colburn Street Course — Commercial Nick name — “Marge” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — To visit China some time Honors — O. G. A. Certificate 4: Assistant Secretary 3; Secretary 4: Basketball 1. 2: First Prize Century of Progress Art Collection 2; Art Club 3. 4; Junior Busi- ness Club 2, 3: Glee Club 4: Girls’ Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Special Chorus 4; Perfect Attendance 3. “Her sunny locks hang on her temples like golden fleece.” AUTOGRAPH Name— CHARLES NICOLOSI Address — 60 Washington Street Course — General Nicknames — “Nick.” “Charlie,” “Mussy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hamilton Ambition — To grow as big as Dan Harris Honors — Spanish Club 2; Beacon Plav 3. “To be strong is to be happy.” AUTOGRAPH so I can- — ! 40 THE SENIOR FLICKER Xame— KAIXO XIEMI Address — 21 Brierwood Street Course — General Xickname — “Kay ' Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — To be called Kay Honors — Bank Positions: Clerk 2: Assistant Bookkeeper 3 : President 4. “For she was just the quiet kind Whose nature never varies.” AUTOGRAPH Xame — ER XEST W. XOBLE Address — 1 Beckford Street Course — General Xicknames — “Ernie.” “Ern.” “Al“ Most Distinctive Characteristic — Complexion Ambition — To be the big’ shot I pretend to be Honors — Beacon Staff Cartoonist 4: Football 3. 4: Art Club 3 : Service Club 1. 2, 3 : Bazaar Committee 3. “I may not be Methuselah, but I am not a child in arms. ' AUTOGRAPH Xame— HELEX E. XOBLE Address — 4 Beckford Street Course — General Xicknames — " Hel. " " Red " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Trying: to have my own way Ambition — To be a champion Fencer Honors — Flicker Staff. Grinds. 4: O. G. A. Award 4: Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4- Art Club 3: Treasurer 4; Junior Business Club 3: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Operetta 1, 2. 3: “Loose Change " 3: " Patty " 4. “You have a gentle, noble temper. " AUTOGRAPH Xame — ROLAXD O BRIEX Address — 276 H Main Street Course — General Xicknames — OBe. " “Pop " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing Ambition — To be a teacher Hpnors — Winning Company 2. 3: Prize Squad 3. 4: Prize Platoon 3. 4: Individual Drill 4: Prize Squad Medal 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2: Junior Class Play: " Pattie " 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 3. 4: Music Festivals 3. 4. “Faster than his tongue did make offense, his eye did heal it up. " AUTOGRAPH Xame— ALEXAXDER ROLAXD O ' HAXLEY Address — 8 Vincent Street Course — General Xickname — “Alec " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Laugh Ambition — To break record in high jump — 6 ' 9 H Honors — Track 1. 2. 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3. 4. “And the muscles of his brawny arms Are strong as iron bands.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 41 Name— EVARETTA M. OLIVER Address — 102 Friend Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Eva,” “Droop” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Brownie Ambition — To be fulfilled in 3 years Honors — Secretary 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Glee Club 2, 3 ; Junior Business Club 2: Spanish Club Play 2; “Pattie” 4; “Loose Change” 3; Glee Club Operetta 2, 3; Special Chorus 2, 3, 4 ; A Cappella Choir 4 ; Assistant Secretary of Glee Club 4. “Your heart’s desires be with you!” AUTOGRAPH Name— HELEN O’MALLEY Address — 31 Haskell Street Course — Commercial Most Distinctive Characteristic — Alibis and ice cream cones Ambition — To develop savoir faire Honors — Beacon Staff Reporter 2 ; Flash Staff Typist 4 : Class Roll, Chairman Class Prophecy 4: Interclass Contest 3; Order of Gregg Artists 4; Secretary 4; Sawyer Medal, Eighth Grade; Roosevelt Club 4; Jun- ior Business Club 2, 3; Service Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Junior Women’s Club; Stevens’ Book Reviewers 2, 3. 4: Librarian 3; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Student 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Gift Committee 4. “Good qualities are the substantial riches of the inind. but it is good breeding that sets them off to advantage.” AUTOGRAPH Name— FRANK E. OSIER Address — 11 Oak Street Course — General Nickname — “Unk” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Blushing Ambition — To drive my “Ford” 100 miles an hour Honors — Forum Club 4. “All who joy would win Must share it — happiness was born a twin.” AUTOGRAPH Name — ESTHER PAJARI Address — 1 Norseman Avenue Course — Commercial Most Distinctive Characteristic — Lanesville Ambition — To type as fast as S. W. Honors — Flash Typist 4; 40 Word Type Award; Type Contest 3; O. G. A. Certificate 4; Assistant Secretary 3; Secretary 4; Service Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3: Junior Business Club 2, 3; Perfect Attendance 1, 2. 4. “She’s witty to talk with And pretty to walk with A nd pleasant, too, to think of.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LOUIS PALELLI Address — 6 Andrews Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Pickles,” “Palal, " “Looey,” “Picky” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Woman hater? Ambition — To drive my own car Honors — Track 4. “Youth with swift feet; walks onward in the way The land of joy lies all before his eyes.” AUTOGRAPH 42 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— PEARCE PARKHURST Address — 160 Prospect Street Course — General Nicknames — “Park,” “Pierce” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Arguing Ambition — To become manager of a high class theatre Honors — Junior Business Club 2, 3: Service Club 1; Bank Clerk 3: Typist 4. “As he is slow, he is sure.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LILLIAN JANE PARKS Address — 10 Bellevue Avenue ( ' ourse — Commercial Nickname — “Lil” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — To marry a millionaire and go to the Hawaiian Islands Honors — Secretary 4: Interclass Shorthand Contest 3: Type AAvard 2: French Club 2. 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 2, 3. 4: Honor Student 2: Bank Clerk 2: Assistant Secretarv 3: Head Bookkeeper 4: “Pattie” Chorus 4: Perfect Attendance 2; 40 Word Typing Certificate 4. “The hair is the richest ornament of woman.” AUTOGRAPH Name — ROBERT G. PARNELL Address — 22 Blynman Avenue ( ' ourse — General Nicknames — “Bob. " “Parnie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Indisposition to study Ambition — To go to Washington. D. C.. after graduation Honors — Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4 : Band 3: Orchestra 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 1. “Keep me small, make others great.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT OWEN PARSONS Address — 148 East Main Street ( ' ourse — Scientific Preparatory N ickname — “Bob” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Height Ambition — To be able to say what I’d like to at the right time Honors — Prize Squad 2. 3: Commander 3: Platoon Ser- geant 3: First Lieutenant 4: Exhibition Platoon 2. 3: German Club 1. 2. 3 : Perfect Attendance 1, 2. 3. 4. “A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market.” AUTOGRAPH Name — ROY L. PARSONS. JR. Address — 6 Myrtle Square Course— General Nickname — “R. L. J.” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Poole and Green Ambition — Chief Engineer at Radio City Honors— Winning Company 2; Platoon Sergeant 3: Captain 4: Prize Platoon 3: Commander Prize Squad 3: Haskell Medal 3: Basketball 3: Assistant Football Business Manager 3: Manager 4; Roosevelt Club 4; Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 4. “Our feelings and our thoughts tend ever on and rest not in the present.” AUTOGRAPH 43 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— VIRGINIA HUBBARD PARSONS Address — 7 Summit Street Course— College Preparatory Nicknames — “Ginny,” “Janey,” “Binny” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Even disposition Ambition — To make other people sit and take it as I have for twelve years Honors — Class Roll 4: Service Clnb 2, 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: L ' Amicale Francais 3. 4: Girls’ Club 1, 2. 3: Secretary 4: Glee Club 1. 2 : Treasurer 3: Secretary 4: “Loose Change” 3: “Pattie " 4: Special Chorus 2. 3. 4: Operetta 1, 2. 3; Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4: Honor Student 4 : Class Motto Committee 4. “She ' s beautiful: and therefore to be wooed: She is a woman : therefore to be won.” AUTOGRAPH Name— SHIRLEY PEABODY Address — 111 Essex Avenue I Course — Commercial Nickname — “Shirl " ' Most Distinctive Characteristic — Quietness Ambition — To do what I want to do Honors — O. G. A. Certificate 4 : Secretary 4 : Bank Col- lector 1. 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4. “A modest maiden and yet self-possessed. I Youthful and beautiful and simply dressed.” Name— RENA CATHERINE PEDRONI Adress — 16 Quarry Street Course — General Nickname — Most Distinctive Characteristic — Tears Ambition — To make an attempt at success Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4 : Class Roll 4 : Class Prophecy 4: Class Banquet Committee 4: Order Gn g_ Artists 4: County Bookkeeping Contest 2: Competent Typist 46 Word 3: Secretary 4: 120 Word Pin 4: Glee Club 2. 3. 4: Junior Business Club 2 . 3: L ' Amicale Francais 2. 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Vice President Gle»- Club 4: Junior Business Club Play 3: " Loose Change " 3: " Pattie " 4: I: velt Club Play 4: Bank Clerk 2: Assistant Cashier 3: Cashier 4: Special Chorus 2. 3. 4: Operetta 2. 3: Acappella Choir 4: diairman Junior Business Club Social Committee 3: Chairman Roose- velt Club Social Committee 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2 . 3: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4. “If eyes were made for seeing. Then beauty is its own excuse for being. " AUTOGRAPH Name — ROBERT F. PERKINS Address — 55 Concord Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Bob " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Misspelling Ambition — To learn to spell correctly Honors — Grinds 4: Art Club 3. 4: dairman of Planning Board 3: Secretary 4: Roosevelt dub 4: Secretary 4: " Pattie " Chorus 4: Chairman Beacon Tvnists 4. “Love the sea? I dote upon it — from the beach ' AUTOGRAPH Name— GERTRUDE PERRY Address — 7 Staten Street Course — General Nickname — " Gen " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Agreeability Ambition — Dare nr occipere eonsilian bonum Honors — Highest Honors 1. 2. 3 .4: Basketball 1. 2: Sawyer Medal. Eighth Grade; 4-H dub 3: Chainm Planning Board 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Serial Commit- tee 4: Art Club 3: Girls ' Club Tableau 4. Girls " Club Orchestra 3. 4: Class Banquet 4: Class Dues Commit- tee 3: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3 “Be natural — you ' re naturallv nice. " AUTOGRAPH MM| 44 THE SENIOR FLIGKER Name— MANUEL R. PERRY. JR. Address — 68 Friend Street Course — General N ic k n a mes — ' ‘Manny,” ‘ ‘ Per r y ’ ' Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being a blond Portu- guese Ambition — To succeed in a musical career Honors — Spanish Club 4; Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1, 2, 3. 4 ; Beacon Play 4 : Orchestra 3. 4 ; Band 1. 2, 3. 4: Music Festival 1. 2, 3. 4 : Perfect Attendance 1. 2. Second Lieutenant 4 . " He taketli most delight In music, instruments, and she.” AUTOGRAPH Name — GORDON PEW Address — 507 Washington Street Course — College Preparatory Nickname — “Pewie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Cheerfulness Ambition — To be an adventurer Honors — French Club 4: Perfect Attendance 2. “We have much to enioy in the quiet and retirement of our own thoughts.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MANUEL PIMENTEL Address — 39 Webster Street Course — General Nicknames — " Manny.” “Pang” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Height Ambition — To beat Frigard in an argument sometime and somehow Honors — Captain Company E 4 : Platoon Sergeant 3 : Prize Squad 3: Corporal 2: Football 3. 4; Baseball 2. 3: Captain 4; Forum Debating Club 4; Spanish Club 1. 2. 3. 4. “Small of stature, but large of heart.” AUTOGRAPH Name— FRANCIS B. POWERS Address — 7 Libertv Street Nickname — “Mugs” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair and nose Ambition — To make my riches and to remain a bachelor Honors — Exhibition Drill 4: Winning Prize Squad 4: “Pattie” 4. “A merrv heart doeth good like a medicine.” AUTOGRAPH Name— HENRY J. I ' R.ADERIO. JR. Address — 15-A East Main Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Hennie,” “Hen” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Talking and singing Ambition — To see the world Honors — Secretary 4: Tvne Award 3: 40 Word Tv™ Award 4: Service Club 4: Junior Business Club 2. 3: Operetta 3: “Pattie” 4: Junior Business Club Play 2: Stage Committee of Senior Plav 4 : Perfect Attend- ance 1. 2. 3. 4. “Young in limbs — in judgment old.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 45 Name— WILLIAM H. PUBLICOVER, JR. Address — 10 Fremont Street Course — College Nickname — “Bill” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Not quite on time Ambition — Wait and read my biography Honors — Reporter Flash Staff 3; Chairman Class Roll Committee 4 ; Prize Drill Company B 2 ; Platoon Ser- geant 3: Haskell Medal Drill 3; Individual Drill 3: Special Platoon 3; Colonel 4; Corps Area Rifle Team 4; Hearst Rifle Team 4; Stevens’ Book Reviewers 3: Vice President 4 ; Roosevelt Club 4 : Service Club 1. 2. 8 ; Chairman Class Dues Committee 3 : General Chair- man R. O. T. C. Parties 4; Perfect Attendance 2. “He had that grace, so rare in every clime, Of being a finished gentleman, from top to toe” AUTOGRAPH Name— MARGARET FRANCES ROGERS Address — 19 Exchange Street Course — Commercial Nicknames- — “Peg,” “Peggy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Teresa Tarr Ambition — To do as I please Honors — O. G. A. Certificate 4; Complete Theory A war 1 4 ; Competent Typist Award 3 : Type Award 2 ; Secre- tary 4; Basketball 2: Hit-pin Baseball 1, 2. 3 : Junior Business Club 2 ; Roosevelt Club 4 ; Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4. “I think all for the best.” AUTOGRAPH Name — GERALDINE ROSE Address — 17 Mount Vernon Street Course — Commercial N ick na m e — ‘ ‘Gerry” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Shyness Ambition — To travel Honors — Perfect Attendance 1, 2. “In character, in manners, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LILLIAN ROSE Address — 15 Summit Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Lill,” “Crooner” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Smile Ambition — To find “the” one Honors — Cheerleader 1, 2: Head Cheerleader 4: Basket- ball Captain 1. 2, 4: Winning Team 3: Winning Hit- pin Baseball Team 3; Glee Club 3: President 4: Junior Business Club 2 ; Service Club 3, 4 : Vice-President Girls ' Club 3; Representative 4: Girls’ Club Play 3: i’attie” 4: Operetta 3; “Loose Change” 3: Committee Chairman of Sophomore Party 2; Junior Bazaar Booth 3; Perfect Attendance 2. “So didst thou travel on life’s common way in cheerful godliness.” AUTOGRAPH Name— THELMA ROSE Address — 8 Alpine Court Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Thel.” “Sally” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair and eyes Ambition — To travel around the world Honors — O. G. A. 4: Complete Theory 3: Type Award 3: Service Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Perfect Attendance 3. “Daughters of the rose, whose cheeks unite The diff ' ring titles of the red and white.” AUTOGRAPH 46 THE SENIOR FLIGKER Name— L. DANIEL RUNKLE Address — 144 Mr. Pleasant Avenue Course- — Scientific Nicknames — " Dan. " " Danny " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Talking radio with Matheson and Parsons Ambition — To make a truly witty remark Honors — Flash Staff 3. 4: Who ' s Who Editor 3: Flicker Staff. Class Roll 4: Class History 4: First Lieutenant 4: Sawyer Medal. Eighth Grade: German Club 2: Sec- retary 3: Honorary Member 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1. 2. 4 : Class Play 3 : Electrician Class Play 4: Honor St udent 1. 2. 3. 4: Home Room Col- lector 4: Band 2. 3. 4: Melrose Music Festival 2: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. " Go. wonderous creature! mount where Science snides: Go. measure earth, weigh air. and state the tides. " AUTOGRAPH Name — ALAN RUSSELL Address — IT Summer Street Course — General Nickname — " Al " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Laziness Ambition — Nothing: Honors — " As innocent as a new-laid egg.” AUTOGRAPH Name — AR VILLA GERTRUDE SADLER Address — 923 Washinston Street Course — General Nicknames — " Arvie. " " Yee " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Versatility Ambition — To write somethins worth while Honors — Roosevelt Club 4: Art Club 4: Spanish Club 4 : Girls ' Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 1. 4: Glee Club Oper- etta 1 : Special Chorus to Haverhill 4. " Hcrbernie ' s harp, device of her command. And parent of her mirth, shall there be seen. " AUTOGRAPH Name — SIMON SANDLER Address — 17 Exchanse Street Course — Collese Preparatorv Nicknames — " Zum. " " Zuminv " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Boosting Sandler’s Gift and Music Shop: (Ed no ' e, Commercial Instinct ' Ambition — To repay Adolf for his many kindnesses Honors — Flash Staff 3: Class Roll 4: Sawyer Medal 2: German Book Prize 2 : Honorable Mention French Prize Competitive Examination 3 : Second Prize World ' s Fair Art Contest 2: French Club 3. 4: Ger- man Club: Vice-President 3. 4: German Dramatic Club 3: President 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Stevens ' Book Reviewers 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Beacon Musical Comedv 4: Senior Class Plav 4: German Club Plav 3- Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4: Rand 2. 3 4: Onere a OreP-. 3- Beacon Musical Comedv Orchestra 3: Attending Music Festivals 2. 3. 4: General Chairman German Club Booth 4: Highest Honors 1. 2. 3. 4: Class Motto 4 : Second Lieutenant 4 " Our restless tongues — their lust For action never dies. " AUTOGRAPH Name — EVELYN PEARL SARGENT A d dress — 29 Orchard Street Course — Commercial Nickname — " Sarnie. " " Pearlie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Meekness (?) Ambition — To sew as well as Miss Gaffney Honors — Secretary 4 : O. G A. Certificate 4: Glee Club 1. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Basketball 2: Junior Rusin -s Club 2: Service Club 1. 2: Music Festival 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4 " Lot me live in mv house by the side of the road. An i hp a friend to man.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 47 Name— HATTIE BURNHAM SAUNDERS Address — 8 Morton Place Course — General Nickname — “Hat” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Eyes Ambition — Eating peanuts with that certain someone Honors — 4-H Club 3: Secretary of 4-H Club 4; Glee Club 4: Perfect Attendance 2, 3. 4. “Her merits far outdo her woes.” AUTOGRAPH Name — OLA MAY SAWDER Address — 9 Exchange Street Course — College Nickname — “Chiekles” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Natalie Ambition — To graduate Honors — Basketball 4: Hockey 4. “Unthinking, idle. wild, and young. I laughed and talked and danced and sung.” AUTOGRAPH Name— DONALD SAWYER Address — 41 Chapel Street Course — Scientific Preparatory Nickname — “Don” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That yellow Ford Ambition — West Point of the Air Honors — Prize Platoon 3: Winning Company 2: German Club 2, 3: Honorary Member 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4 : Roosevelt Club 4; German Dramatic Club 3: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. “A little learning is a dangerous thing: Drink deep, or taste not the Persian Spring.” AUTOGRAPH Name— MADELYN LETITIA SELIG Address — 14 East Main Street Course — General Nicknames — “Maddy.” “Lynne.” “Blondie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Concealing my real self Ambition — To show my true colors Honors — Flash Reporter 3. 4: Flicker Class Roll 4: County Award 4-H Club 3: Roosevelt Club 4: Secre- tary 4-H Club 3: Art Club 3: Vice-President 4: Service Club 1. 2, 3. 4: May Day Festival 3: Girls’ Club Tableau 4: Glee Club 4: Special Chorus 4: “Pattie " 4: Special Chorus Mother-Daughter Banquet 4: Chairman Class Motto 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 3: Senior Tea Dance Committee 4: Entertainment Committee Mother - Daughter Banquet 4: Costume Committee Senior Plays. “So calm, the waters scarcely seem to stray And vet they glide like happiness awav. " AUTOGRAPH Name— WINIFRED MARY SILVEIRA Address — 12 Summit Street Course — General Nicknames — “Win. " “Wini,” “Freddie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Temperament Ambition — To study French sometime, somewhere, and somehow Honors — Highest Honors 1. 2. 3. 4: Fla«li Tvnixt 4: Chairman Class Ballot 4: Class Roll 4: Interclass Shorthand and Type Contest 4: O. G A Award 4: Winner County Contest Shorthand I Award 3: Winner Intercla«s Contest Shorthand I Award 3: Winner In- terclass Contest. Typewriting Awards: Speed and Accuracy Awards 3: 45 Word Tyne Award 3: I°0 Word Shorthand Pin 4 : French Department Book Prize 2: Sawyer Medal. Eierhth Grade: Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4: French Club 2. 3. 4: Roosevelt Club: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Junior Women’s Club Secretary 4: Junior Business Club 2. 3: Junior Business Club Plav 3: French Club Plays 2. 3: May Day Pageant 3: Roosevelt Club Plav 4: Senior Plav 4: Operetta 2. 3 Special Chorus 2, 3. 4: Acanpella Choir 4: Chairman Senior Tea Dance 4: Glee Club Social Committee 4- Chairman Costume Committee French Play 4 : Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3. 4; Assistant Secretary 2. 3: Sec- retary 4. “To follow Knowledge like a rising star. Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLI6KER 48 Name— IRENE SIMMONS Address — S3 Gloucester Avenue Course — Home Economics Nicknames — " I. " " Babe. " " Simm " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Low voice Ambition — To sin? soprano Honors — Home Nursing Certificate; Girls” Club: Junior Woman ' s Club " If laughter were a crime. She a master criminal would be. - ’ AUTOGRAPH Name— SYLVIA SLAFSKY Address — 23 Summer Mreet Course — College Preparatory Nicknames— " Shiffy. " " Syl " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Taking ways Ambition — Who cares r Honors — Honor Group 4: Calendar 4: Sawyer Medal 2: Service Club 2. 3. 4 : French Club 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Latin Club 4: Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4: Girls ' Club Or- chestra 3. 4: " Pattie " Orchestra 4: Punctualitv 1. 2. 3. 4. " Laughter and common sense, A rare combination.” AUTOGRAPH Name — LEROY B. SMITH. .TR. Address — Ferncliff Course — Scientific Nicknames — " Lee. " " Smitty” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Those eyes Ambition — To pass my entrance examination to the Coast Guard Academy Honors — Prize Squad 3. 4: Prize Platoon Drill 3: Win- ning Company I 2: Secretary 3. 4: Type Award 3: Track Team 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Bank Positions 2. 3: Second Lieutenant 4 Perfect Attendance 1. 2 " Youth comes but once in a life time.’” AUTOGRAPH Name — PRISCILLA ALDEN SMITH Address — 1 Warner Street Course — College Nickname — " Pris " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Trying to drive my car Ambition — Music Supervisor Honors — President Girls ' Club 4: Secretary of French Club 3: Vice-President of Glee Club 2. 3: Assistant Secretary Glee Club 4 : Sawyer Medal. Eighth Grade : Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Music Festi- vals 2. 3. 4: Springfield Music Conference 4: Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4: Operetta 1. 2, 3: Co-chairman Junior Tea Dance: Chairman Class Ring Committee. " As sweet and musical. As bright Apollo’s lute strung with a hair.” AUTOGRAPH Name— DORIS FRANCES SOUZA Address — 8 Sadler Street Course — General Nickname — " Dot " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Personality Ambition — To equal Grace Moore Honors — Typewriting Award 3 : Spanish Club 1. 2. 3. 4 : Glee Club 2. 3. 4: Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4: " Pattie " 4: Glee Club Operettas 2. 3: Spanish Club Play 2: State Music Festivals at Melrose. Quincy, and Haverhill: Special Chorus 2. 3: Perfect Attendance 1. “She seemed as happy as a wave That dances on the sea. " AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLIGKER 49 Name— RALPH MELVIN SPIDELL Address — 16 Harrison Avenue Course — General Nicknames — “Mel ” “Sport” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Laugh Ambition — To correct that laugh honors — German Club 3: Spanish Club 4; Roosevelt Trophy Contest Chairman 1. “Thou art a fellow of a good respect.” ACTOGRAPH Name— ETHEL STANLEY Address — 26 Riverside Avenue Co u r se — General Nicknames — “Tommie,” “Stan.” " Popcorn” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That temper Ambition — To make a eornball large enough to satisfy my friends Honors — Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Service Club 3, 4; Roose- velt Club 4; 4-H Club 3; Music Festival 3, 4; “Pattie” 4; “Loose Change” 3; Assembly, Trial by Jury, 3; China Shop 1. “She, perfect dancer, climbs the rope. And balances your fear and hope.” AUTOGRAPH Name — BERNICE E. STANWOOD Address — Union Court, Annisquam Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Bernie,” “Bee” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Frankness Ambition — To be a Kindergarten teacher Honors — Service Club 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Junior Women’s Club 4 Art Club 3: French Club 3. 4; French Play Chorus 2 Co-chairman Costume Committee French Club Play 4 Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 4. “Her air, her manner, all who saw admired. Courteous though coy, and gentle though retired.” AUTOGRAPH Name— NYYRIKKI K. STENBERG Address — High Street Course — Scientific Preparatory Nicknames — “Nyrik. " “Gus” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Big feet Ambition — To build an Empire State Building in Lanes- ville Honors — Beacon 3: Winning Companv 3: Prize Platoon 3: Prize Squad 3: Corporal 3: Individual Drill 4: Second Lieutenant 4; Track 4: Sawyer Medal 1: Serv- ice Club 3, 4: French Club 2. 4: Vice-President 3: French Club Play 2, 3 : Honor Student 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Per- fect Attendance i. “He keeps his tempered mind, serene and pure, .And every passion aptly harmonized. .Amid a waning world.” AUTOGRAPH Name — JEANNETTE STEVENS Address — 45B Warner Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Netty.” “Net” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Poise Ambition — To prove to a certain boy that I can prepare a meal in a minimum time Honors — Glee Club 1. 2, 3. 4: French Club 3. 4: Service Club 1 . 2. 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: “Loose Change” 3: Christmas Pageant 1, 2. 3. 4: Senior Girls ' Club As- semblv 4; Building of the Panama Canal 3: Mi Festival 1, 2, 3. 4: Operetta 1. 2. 3: Springfield Music Conference 4: Perfect Attendance 1. “So Hip poured out the liouid music of her voice to the thirst of his spirit.” AUTOGRAPH 50 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— BETTY LOU STICKNEY Address — 98 Prospect Street Course — General Nickname — “Bing’’ Most Distinctive Characteristic — Star gazing Ambition — To find my lucky star Honors — Flash Staff 3. 4: Gregg Typist First Year Award: Basketball 2, 3. 4 : Captain 2, 4: Field Roekey 3, 4: Captain 3. 4: Winning Basketball Team 3: Roose- velt Club 4: Junior Business Club 2. 3: Club Reporter 3 : Girls’ Club Treasurer 4 : Service Club 1, 2, 3 : Glee Club 4: Athletic Assistant: Vice-President 4: Home Room Collector 4; Junior Business Club Play 3: Com- mittee Chairman Sophomore Party : Class Gift Com- mittee: Perfect Attendance 1. “It’s nice to be natural When you’re naturally nice.” AUTOGRAPH Name— EVELYN STONE Address — 18 Addison Street Course — College Preparatory Nicknames — “Lynne.” “Evie.” “Ev” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Shirley Temple curls and innocence? Ambition — To make some man a good wife ! Honors — Honor Group 4: Flash Reporter 4: Class Roll 4: Sawyer Medal 2 : Service Club 1. 2. 3. 4 : L’Amicale Frangais 3. 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Stevens’ Book Review- ers 3, 4: “Pattie” 4: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. 4. “Raven haired Diana ! Thy chatter is as ceaseless as a running brook.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT STORY Address — Magnolia Course — General Nickname — “Bob” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Quietness Ambition — To wake up Honors — “What greater crime than loss of time?” AUTOGRAPH Name— JOHN TALIADOROS Address — 80 Essex Avenue Course — General Nicknme — “Taly” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Quietness Ambition — To be around in the 21st century Honors — Corporal 3: Winning Company 2; Service Club 1. 2: Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3. “He is a gentleman, because his nature Is kind and affable to every creature.” AUTOGRAPH Name— NORMA TETTONI Address — 60 Granite Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Toni.” “Nonnie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — A retired First Lieu- tenant Ambition — To be a successful secretarv and “A.L W.C ” Honors — O. G. A. Certificate 4: Complete Theory 4: 100 Word Transcription Award 4: Secretary 4: Junior Business Club 2. “In listening mood she seemed to stand The guardian Maid of the Strand.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLIGKER 51 Name— MATILDA FRANCES THOME Address- — 8 Williams Court Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Tillie,” “Tilda,” “Til” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Complexion Ambition — To travel around the world Honors — A. A. Collection 4 : Beacon Collector 4 ; Home Nursing Certificate 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 4; Glee Club 4: Service Club 3. 4; “Pattie” 4; Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 4. “Prudence is always in season.” AUTOGRAPH Name— EVELYN M. THOMPSON Address — 23 Lookout Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Ev,” " Evie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Ronnie” Ambition — To make my dreams come true Honors — Type Award 3, 4; Junior Business Club 2; Service Club 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Attendance. “All things come ’round to her who will but wait.” AUTOGRAPH Name — GERALDY ' NE T. TORRIE Address — 22 Mason Street Course — General Nickname — “Gerrie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Can you define it? Ambition — To be successful Honors — Basketball 1. 2; Captain 1: Junior Business Club 2, 3 ; Service Club 3, 4 ; Roosevelt Club 4 ; Perfect Attendance 1; Glee Club 1. 2, 3: Special Chorus 2, 3. “At last fair Hesperus in his highest sky. Had spent his lamp, and brought forth dawning light.” AUTOGRAPH Name— HILDA IRENE TRAVERS Address — 27 Magnolia Avenue, Magnolia Course — Commercial Nickname — “Hillie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Tickling the ivories and blushing Ambition — Conservatory of Music Honors — Interclass Typing Contests 2, 3: 40 Word Typing Certificate 2, 3; O. G. A. Progress Certificate 4: Complete Theory Certificate 4; Glee Club 3, 4: Service Club 3; Operetta 3; Special Chorus 3, 4: May Festival 3; Perfect Attendance 2, 3, 4. “How her fingers went — they moved by note Through measure fine, as she marched them o’er The yielding plank of the ivory floor.” AUTOGRAPH Name— WILLIAM HENRY VIATOR Address — 6 Colonial Street Course — General Nicknames — “Bill,” “Red” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Sleeping in the English class Ambition — To be able to sneak Spanish Honors — Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3, 4. “Still waters run deep.” AUTOGRAPH 52 THE SENIOR FLIGKER Name — VIVIAN V. VIEIRA Address — 11% Chestnut Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Viv, " “Buttons” Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Charlie,” curly hair Ambition — To inherit Walter’s millions??? Honors — Honor Student 2. 3. 4: O. G. A. 4: Greffs Type Award 3; G. H. S. Award 2: Assistant Secretary 3: Secretary 4 : Roosevelt Club 4 : Service Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Perfect Attendance 2. " Full of vim ! Full of pep ! Good at athletics? You bet!” AUTOGRAPH Name — WALTER VIEIRA Address — 11% Chestnut Street Course — General Nickname — “Walt” Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Dinah” Ambition — To travel Honors — Perfect Attendance 1, 3. “The man of understanding holdeth his peace.” AUTOGRAPH Name— FANNIE VRACHOS Address — 10 Mansfield Street Course — College Nickname — Most Distinctive Characteristic — It ' s the Bohemian in me Ambition — Paris in the spring Honors — Flicker Staff Calendar: Prophecy - Staff Artist: French Club 3, 4: Roosevelt Club 4: Service Club 1, 2, 3: President 4: Girls’ Club 1, 2, 3. 4. “High flight she had and not at will.” AUTOGRAPH Name — WALLACE CHESTER WALKER. ,TR. Address — 157 Western Avenue N iclt na mes — ‘ ‘Wally ,” “Walt” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Tallness Ambition — To look for a job — and not get it Honors — Basketball 3: Football 3. 4. “AVell begun is half done.” AUTOGRAPH Name— SHIRLEY W ' F NER Address — 24 Grove Street Con rse — Co m mercial Nickname — “Shirl " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Marion and Civi Ambition — To be able to play an accordion Honors — Order of Gregg Artists 4: 40 Word Type Award 3: Secretary 4: Interclass Type Contest 3: Accuracy Typewriting Pin 3: Speed Typewriting Pin 3: Spanish Club 1, 2: Junior Business Club 2: Spanish Club Play 2. “Her voice is ever soft, gentle, and low. An excellent thing in woman.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLIGKER Name— THELMA RUTH WESTON Address — 2 Haskell Court Course — General Nicknames — “Iggv,” “Brownie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Acrobatics and devil- ishness Ambition — To be a nurse, and prove to that certain “one” I am sincere Honors— “The hare-brained chatter of irresnonsible frivolity.” AUTOGRAPH Name— HELEN MAY WHITE Address — 12 Acacia Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Pinkie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Donald” Ambition — To be able to press a button and give some- one else a chance, when Hilda starts talking Honors — “A little woman, though a very little thing, Is sweeter far than sugar and flowers That bloom in spring.” AUTOGRAPH Name— THEODORE PATRICK WILLIAMS Address — 33% Friend Street Course — General Nicknames — “Ted. " “Teddy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Eating Ambition — To find what I lost Honors — Football 1, 2, 3. 4: Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4: Basket- ball 1. 2, 3, and Captain 4; Stage Manager “Loose Change " 3 : Class Gift Committee 4 “A uound of pluck is worth a ton of luck. " AUTOGRAPH Name— HENRY LOUIS WITHAM Address — 23 Parker Street Course — General Nicknames — “Red. " “Hank,” “Sparky " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Red hair, freckles Ambition — To teach Astronomy to young girls Honors — “Nothing ventured, nothing saved. " AUTOGRAPH Name— JUDITH WONSON Address — 24 Wonson Street Course — College Nickname — “Judy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being late Ambition — Trip to Bermuda Honors — Beacon .Reporter 2: Associate Editor 4: Flicker Staff. Editor-in-Chief, 4: Stevens ' Book Reviewers Prize 3: French Club 3. 4; Vice-President of Roo«evel1 Club 4: Stevens’ Book Reviewers 2: Secretary 3: President 4. “The reason firm. The temperate will. Endurance, foresight, strength and skill” AUTOGRAPH 54 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— HAROLD WOODRUFF Address — 6 Granite Street Course — General Nicknames — “Woodie,” “Chummie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — That laugh Ambition — To own the West Gloucester bus line Honors — Prize Platoon 2: Prize Company 2, 3: Corporal 3: Service Club 1: Second Lieutenant 4. “The rays of happiness, like those of light. Are colorless when unbroken.” AUTOGRAPH Name — WILLIAM FLYGARE A ddress — Bradford Building Course — General Nicknames — “Bill. " “Flig,” “Feet. " " Andrew " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Holin’ dog guitar Ambition — To understand women Honors — Beacon Staff Cartoonist : Flicker Staff Car- toonist : Prize Squad 3; Right Guide Prize Platoon 4; German Club 1. 2. 3. 4 : German Dramatics 4 ; Art Club 3: Secretary 4: Junior Play 3. " Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” AUTOGRAPH Name— TERESA TAPR Address — 4 Parker Court Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Pat. " " Tree " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Always eating Ambition — Not to be so energetic Honors — 40 Word Typewriting Award 4: Typewriting Award 2. 3: 120 Word Shorthand Transcription 4: Secretary 4: Basketball 1. 2: Service ( ' lull 1. 2. 3. 4: Junior Business Club 2, 3; Roosevelt Club 4; Junior Business Club Play 3. “I fe is a ;‘est and all things show it. I thought so once, and now I know it.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JOHN A VEDISIAN Address — 10 Columbia Street Course — General Nickname — “John ny” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Size Ambition — Walking Honors — “Adversity makes a man wise though not rb h ” AUTOGRAPH Name— RUTH BIRDSEYE Address- Eastern Point Course— College Preparatory Nickname — “Ruthie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — A certain ambition Ambition — I have too many Honors — Honor Student 1. 2. 3. 4: Class History: French Club 3. 4: Latin Club 4; Stevens’ Book Reviewers 3. 4. “.Anvthing for a quiet life.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 55 Name— PRISCILLA BRENNAN Address — 33 Mt. Vernon Street Course — General Nicknames — “Mickey,” “Pris” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Eyes Ambition — Nurse Honors — Typist on Beacon Staff 4; Typing Awards 4: Secretary 4; Forum Debating Club 4. “The world is good and the people are good, and we’re all good fellows together.” AUTOGRAPH Name — GERTRUDE JEAN COFFIN Address — 87 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Course — General Nickname — “Gert” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Freckles Ambition — To travel round the world Honors— 40 Word Type Award 3. “Patience is a necessary ingredient to suc- cess.” AUTOGRAPH Name— FORBES FEENER Address — 38 Washington Square Course — General Nickname — “Fooggy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — The Ser- geant Ambition — To replace Sergeant Daley Honors — Sergeant 4: Second Lieutenant; First Lieutenant 4; Reg. Supply Office. “From a little spark may burst a mighty flame ” AUTOGRAPH Name— HAZEL A. FRASER Address — 652 Essex Avenue Course — Commercial Nickname — “Hazy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Always laughing Ambition — To be a telephone operator Honors — Girls’ Club 1. 2. 3. 4. “Happiness is a rare cosmetic.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ANTHONY FRONTIERRO Address — 47 Commercial Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Small Man” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Empty Pockets Ambition — To be rich Honors — “Exuberance is beauty.” AUTOGRAPH Name— LAURENCE GILLIS Address — 16 Haskell Street Course — General Nickname — “Larry " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Not being seen Ambition — I can ' t decide Honors — “A pilgrim on the path of least resistance.” AUTOGRAPH Name— STILLMAN GROSE Address — 28 Taylor Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Goose” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Reddish complexion Ambition — To be a millionaire and to make the honor roll Honors — Beacon Collector 4: Flicker Col- lector 4: German Club 1. 2. 3; Junior Business Club 2: Bank Collector 1. 2, 3, 4 : Perfect Attendance 1. 2. 3, 4. “The secret in life is in Art.” AUTOGRAPH Name — ROBERT E. HECKMAN Address- — 76 Parker Street Course — General Nickname— “Bob” Most Distinctive Characteristic- — Peggy Ambition — To always have that character- istic Honors — R. O. T. C. Individual Drill 4; Prize Squad Drill 3 ; Special Platoon Drill 4. “Until I trulv loved, I was alone.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ROBERT HERRICK Address — 39 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Course — Commercial Nickname — “Bob” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being busy Ambition — To be busy next year, profitably Honors — “Silence is the mother of truth.” Name — WOODROW HUDDER Address — 118 Eastern Avenue Course — General Nickname — “Woody” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Laziness Ambition — Druggist Honors — German Club 2, 3, 4. “Boast not thyself of tomorrow.” AUTOGRAPH 56 THE SENIOR FLIGKER Name— ANNA JOHNSON Address — 113 Prospect Street Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Johnny.” “Ann” Ambition — To travel Honors — " I am young and I’ve had my troubles, but most of them never happened” AUTOGRAPH Name — SAMUEL JOHNSON Address — 35 Sumner Street Course — General Nicknames — “Sam.” “Lefty " Most Distinctive Characteristic- — Curly hair Ambition — Mayor of West Gloucester Honors — Athletics Baseball 1. 2: Football 4. “Bashfulness is more frequently connected with good sense than with over-assur- ance.” AUTOGRAPH Name— EINO FRANK KANGAS Address — 13 Shepherd Street Course — General Nickname — “Rabbit” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Quietness Ambition — To say more at a certain corner Honors — Prize Platoon 2. 3: Prize Com- pany 3 : Baseball 2. 3 : English Forum Debating Club. “Happiness is a habit — cultivate it.” AUTOGRAPH Name — AI)RA I ARKIN Address — 33 Derby Street ( ’ourse — General Nickname — “Addie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Mystery stories Ambition — C. P. A. Honors— “Conversation is a game of circles.” AUTOGRAPH Name— RICHARD W. LUFKIN Address — 12 Marchant Street Course — General Nicknames — “Dick.” “Skip " Most Distinctive Characteristic — That nick- name Ambition — To be a Western Union operator Honors— " I am as able and as fit as thou.” AUTOGRAPH Name— DOLOR J. MARTIN Address — 17 Fair Street Course — General Nicknames — “D. " “Dollar” Most Distinctive Characteristic— Haircut Ambition — To fly one of Uncle Sam ' s big bombers Honors — C. M. T. C. 3: Prize Platoon. Com- pany A 2: Football 3: Perfect Attend- ance 1. 2. 3. 4. “Time ripens all things. No man is born wise ” AUTOGRAPH Name — AMANDA McGRATH Address — 7 Burnham Street Course — General N lekname — “Goose” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Hair Ambition — stewardess Honors— Fit-Pin Baseball 1. 2; Basketball 3; 4-H Club. “A friend that makes the least noise is the most useful. " AUTOGRAPH Name — HELEN MILLER Address — S Traverse Street Course — Commercial Nickname — “Hel” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Freckles Ambitio.. — To travel Honors — Perfect Attendance 3. 4. “We cut our cable, launch into the world. And fondly dream each wind and star our friend. " AUTOGRAPH Name— WILLIAM MOULTON Address — 2 Perkins Street Course — General Nicknames — “Will. " " Willie " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Love of sports Ambition — To make valentines like Johnny Hill Honors — Forum Debating Club 4. “Fellows who have no tongue are often all eves and ears.” AUTOGRAPH Name — GRACE LILLIAN NICHOLS Address — 39 Leonard Street Course — General Nickname — “Gracie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Walter Ambition — To get along in the world Honors — “Silence often of pure innocence persuades, when speaking fails.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLICKER 57 Name— BERNARD LOUIS OLSEN Address — 1058 Washington Street Course — General Nicknames — “Bernie,” “Olie,” “Swede” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Being ab- sent Ambition — To have perfect attendance for one month Honors — “Few love to hear the sins they love to boast.” AUTOGRAPH Name— RALPH O’MALEY Address — 5 Gould Court Course — General Nicknames — “Tack.” “Irish” Most Distinctive Characteristic — .Toe Brenlia Ambition — An adorable young blonde Honors — Football 3, 4 : Track 3. “God loves the Irish !” AUTOGRAPH Name — CHRISTINE LOUISE OSIER Address — 30 Rocky Neck Avenue Course — General Nickname — “Chris” Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Elsie” Ambition — To move Exchange Street to Rocky Neck “Oh. if it wasn’t for some other thing, What monotonous memories school life would bring.” AUTOGRAPH Name— ALFRED W. PARADY. .Tr. Address — 122 Maplewood Avenue Course — Commercial Nicknames — “Al,” “Slugger” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Quietness Ambition — To be as good a guitar player as Pinky Tomlin Honors — Bank Secretary 3; Type Award 1. 2 ; Perfect Attendance 1. " He lives in that poetic dreamland of his thoughts.” AUTOGRAPH Xanie— DANIEL EVERETT PARKS Address — 8 Fair Street Course — General Nicknames — “Dan. " “Park.” " Dannie” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Always in a hurry Ambition — School Teacher Honors — Poetry Contest Prize: English Forum Debating Club ; Perfect Attend- ance 3. “Kindness, like grain, increases by sowing.” AUTOGRAPH Name— PATSY PASCUCCI Address — 32 High Street, Rockport Course — Commercial Nickname — “Pat” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Haircut Ambition — To graduate Honors — “Deeds are fruits, words are but leaves.” AUTOGRAPH N ame — MARIAN ALICE POOL Address — 28 Laurel Street Course — General Nicknames — “Do-do.” “Mem " Most Distinctive Characteristic— Chewing gum Ambition — To have plenty of gum Honors — “A gracious ladv ; like unto a queen.” AUTOGRAPH Name— CHARLES M. QUIMBY Address — 1 Highland Street Course — General Nicknames — “Doc.” “Mike” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Glasses Ambition — To be office-boy for Artell Craw- ley. (First Mayor of West Gloucester) Honors — " It is not growing like a tree. It ' s bulk, doth make man better be.” AUTOGRAPH Name — FRANK RE Address — 42 Perkins Street Course — General Nickname — " Pi " Most Distinctive Characteristic — Small and dark Ambition — To stay in the rear rank Honors— Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4. “Sometime I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit.” AUTOGRAPH Name— HILDA A. SILVA Address — 202 Magnolia Avenue Course — Commercial Nickname — “Hobby” Most Distinctive Characteristic — “Art” Ambition — To be a private secretary to Bing Crosby Honors — ' Spanish Club 3. “Her EYE is liken’d to the SUN, From it such Beams of Beauty fall ; And this can be denied by none. For like the SUN, it shines on ALL.” AUTOGRAPH 58 THE SENIOR FLICKER Name— BRADI.EE W. SOLOMON Address — 17 Washington Square Course — General Nicknames — “Sully,” “Sol.” “Hitler” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Those army clothes Ambition— To be an accountant Honors- Prize Platoon Winning Platoon Field Day 2: Prize Squad 3: Haskell Drill 3: Honor Company C. M. T. C 3: Marksman C. M. T. C. 3: Assistant Foot- ball Manager 2 : Basketball 3. “Laugh and the world laughs with you (But you stav after school alone).” AUTOGRAPH Name — DONALD STROPLE Address — 42 Leighton Court Course — General Nickname — “Don” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Red hair Ambition — To do something when I am supposed to Honors — “Conduct is three-fourths of our life, And its largest concern.” AUTOGRAPH Name — BENJAMIN EDWARD TERRY, Jr. Address — 61 Parker Street Course — General Nicknames — “Hap.” “Happy” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Those blue eyes Ambition — To be a major league ball player Honors — “His praise is lost, who stays till all com- mon d.” AUTOGRAPH Name— JOHN YEEDER Address — 101 Western Avenue Course — Scientific Nickname — “Bud” Most Distinctive Characteristic — Freckles Ambition — To remember some future dates Honors — Prize Platoon 2: Platoon Rifle Team 2: Individual Drill 4; Legion Es- say 3: German Club 3: President 4: Roosevelt Club 4; Junior Class Play 3: German Dramatic Club 3 ; Bank Collector 1: Band 3. “Each man has his gift, and the tools go to him that can use them.” AUTOGRAPH Name — ELEANOR WILSON Address — 150 Prospect Street Course — General Nickname — Most Distinctive Characteristic — That laugh Ambition — To be a good tynist Honors — Gregg 41 Word Type Award 4; Orchestra 2: Perfect Attendance 1. “Of manner gentle, of affections sincere.” AUTOGRAPH THE SENIOR FLIGKER 59 Jtt ifflmortam Pehtra (Ernttu Born July 28, 1917 Died December 16, 193 5 Although we shall never see Velma again, still we have memories of a quiet, friendly girl, always dependable and in every way an honor to our school. What a fitting tribute to follow in her foot- steps, a tribute greater than any written on paper, for it would be a sincere and heartfelt acknowledgement of our friendship and love for her, and of her sterling qualities and incomparable worth. 60 THE SENIOR FLICKER TR O. T. C. OFFICERS 1935 - 1936 Courtesy of Kupsinel THE SENIOR FLICKER 61 .T. 1935-36 C. Officers " REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS " William A. " Publicov?er, Jr., Colonel " Regimental Commander " William T. Bolger, Lieutenant Colonel Executive Officer " Robert E. Mooring Captain, S-l " Roy L. Parsons, Jr. Captain, S - 2 " Raymond Lowe Second Lieutenant, S-3 Forbes " W. Feener First Lieutenant, S-4 " BAND Laurence A. Fredrickson, Captain " Robert T. Holloran, First Lieutenant James T. Morrow, Jr., Sec. Lieutenant Louis F. Joknson, First Lieutenant Manuel R. Perry, Second Lieutenant Daniel L. Runkle, First Lieutenant Simon Sandler, Second Lieutenant FIRST " BATTALION Headquarters William S. McLaugklin, TTajor Commanding Tkeodore " R. Korkatti Second Lieutenant, S-l COMPANY A Albert C. Larsen, Captain Winfred G. Allen, First Lieutenant Antkony Ckristo, Second Lieutenant Wilson A. McCuisk, Secokd Lieutenant COMPANY " B Ralpk W. Campbell, Captain Robert A. " Bosselmann, First Lieutenant Robert E. Edson, Second Lieutenant Woitto Laine, Second Lieutenant Leroy B. Smitk, Jr., Second Lieutenant SECOND " BATTALION H e adq uarte rs Robert N. Lundberg, Major Commanding Harold F. Woodruff Second Lieutenant, S-l COMPANY C " Donald R. Macauley, Captain Everett Ercolani, First Lieutenant Robert 0. Parsons, First Lieutenant COMPANY " D James E. " Drokan, Captain Jokn E. " Me Kinnon, First Lieutenant Robert E. Karcker, Second Lieutenant Tfyyrikki K. Stenberg, Second Lieutenant COMPANY E " Manuel Pimentel, Captain Jokn J. Matkeson, First Lieutenant " Robert D. Tobey, Second Lieutenant 62 THE SENIOR FLICKER Crash! Bang! The sickening thud of metal crashing against wood split the stillness of a quiet country road. A limp body hurtled into space and landed on the stump of a nearby tree. Reckless driving had claimed another victim! A cloudy haze arose as the soul of the unfortunate creature journeyed upward into Eternity. As it neared the keeper of the Golden Gates of Heaven, St. Peter, the mist compressed and gradually took the form of a high-school student. He stopped before St. Peter and questioned him as to his admission to the Eternal Land. To the student’s great surprise, the admission which he had to pay was to relate the highlights of his freshman year. Hence, he began: " When we entered in the September of 193 5 , we were hilariously laughed at by the upperclassmen because of the haze in which we drifted, but soon these haughty students calmed down as we made ourselves conspicuous. " Many of the class answered to the call for football applicants. A capable group including Anthony Albert, Walter Murphy, Albert Silveira, Melbourne Mountain, Chester McNeil, Bernard Lawson, William Greenberg, Walter Mc- Farland, Ralph Pino, Joseph Curcuru, Lloyd Rose, and Robert Roper raised havoc over opponents’ gridirons. " The Freshman Party was, as usual, one of the outstanding highlights of the year. Mary Cronin was chairman with Lois Newhouse and Jean McPhee serving on her committee. Gay autumn colors added the artistic touch of Indian Summer. Refreshments and dancing dominated the gay affair. " The Glee Club, Class of ’39, had its own officers who were Dorothy Flygare as president, Jean McPhee as vice-president, Jean Fitzpatrick as sec- retary, and Janet McLaughlin as treasurer. The operetta which had been planned could not be carried out because of Miss Curry’s illness. A Hallowe’en Party, in charge of Lila Johnson, was given by the club. " Lois Newhouse delighted the throngs at Vattie with her melodious singing, and Eva Hepper did a snappy tap-dance. " Harriet Karcher was champ speller in our class, and reached the finals. She gave the upperclassmen a fight with her keen opposition. Other spellers that gave the Freshmen a name were Olga Smith, Melbourne Mountain, Alvin Williams, Albert Scriven, Richard Kain, and Constance Rich. " The Bazaar with Jean McPhee as Chairman and Lois Newhouse, Mary Cronin, and Shirley Crowell on the Freshman Booth committee deserved high honors. Baby pink and blue were the well selected colors for our class. The girls sold baskets and dishes with overwhelming results and made the affair a huge success. THE SENIOR FLICKER 63 " Amazing results were shown when Coach Norman C. Ross issued a call for basketball candidates. Edward Middleton, William Beaman, Franklin Nelson, John Larson, Anthony Albert, Richard Perry, Ral ph Pino, Joseph Curcuru, Joseph Favazza, Robert Porper, and Raymond Freitas won positions on the freshman team for displaying their able talent of the game. " The band claimed such prominent members of our class as Robert Mclnnis, Roland Collins, Everett Oakes, Charles Robinson, and Edward Hienon. " The Flash, our weekly newspaper, had its power added to it by the con- tributions of Joanne Hartford, Mary Cronin, Lois Newhouse, Ernest Leavitt, and Melvin Kramer. " The Latin Club, under the personal direction of Miss Josephine R. Ray, elected to admit freshmen who had an ' A’ grade for the first four terms. Priscilla Cole, Jean Fitzpatrick, Dorothy Flygare, Eleanore Mattos, Priscilla Zager, Irvin Anderson, Harold Cohen, Melvin Kramer, Ralph Tarr, William Thanos, and Merle Williamson were admitted. " As soon as spring arrived, the freshmen baseball candidates, headed by Anthony Albert, Sherman Ruth, and Melbourne Mountain won recognition by their brilliant play on the field.” As the student slowly finished, the gates opened and his soul floated into the Eternal Paradise. JEAN McPHEE ERNEST LEAVITT MELVIN KRAMER As is always the case with incoming first year men, we were as green in September 1934 as the new mown grass. The seniors, with their aloofness, frightened us; the juniors, imitating the seniors in a lighter manner, bored us; while the sophomores, elated over their sudden elevation into the limelight, vented their disgust upon our uncouth manners, pathetic greenness and our efforts to emulate their jaunty swagger. We took it that year as have all freshmen since Columbus espied the distant shore-line of America and " Jawn” Harvard established his educational institution, but we also learned. Football with its thrill of bodily contact and the opportunity to match brain against brawn failed to stampede the then " grun freshman horde.” Frank Chandler, Thomas Hill, Toivo Maki, Arthur O’Hanley, Bucky Riley, Leo Scolo and Ed Visnick did respond to the " do or die spirit” for Gloucester High on the gridiron and acquitted themselves nobly, but as a class we refrained from any wholesale participation in the sport. Rather than athletic stars, we 64 THE SENIOR FLICKER were potential mental giants revelling in the lore of languages, history and math. Basketball put in an appearance and here the freshman boys reached the heights. Frank Chandler, Danny Hill, Michael Iovanne, John Langley, Henry Levasseur, Jock Lewis, Jimmy Parsons, Bucky Tischoff comprised Coach Vernon C. Hooper’s group of promising court men who swept through all opposition. The freshman party, the event of the year, was a big success. The com- mittee: Virginia Vibert, Madeleine Nugent and Marjorie Bradley planned and made the occasion all that it was. As usual, the " Astaires” of the class shamed the underclassmen who tried to surpass our light-fantastic efforts. The girls chorus, replete with frosh girls, contributed much toward the success of " Loose Change,” a musical comedy. Conspicuous promenaders in the snappy R. O. T. C. band were Charles Beeman, Vincent Frederickson, Newt Hubbard, Chester Roberts, Bryan Russ, Charles Tischoff and Harold Wolozin. Their melodic renditions surpassed anything ever produced by an untried group before. The orchestra, also numbered many frosh adherents. Newman Hubbard, Henry Levasseur, Bryan Russ, Albert Silveria, Charles Tischoff and last, but not least, Harold Wolozin, who blew and tooted away amidst the plaudits of the student body. Harold Wolozin scooped the student body weekly with his sparkling journalistic work on the Flash. Our grandest triumph was the winning of the annual Roosevelt Trophy Contest by Weymouth Marshall who waxed eloquent on his discourse " Prison Improvements.” The intelligence of his argument combined with a superb delivery unanimously earned him the award and to our freshman class came the coveted trophy. James Parsons completed the picture by receiving second place with his " Review of 1934.” These two occurences elevated us to a new high in the eyes of the upper classmen, who had heretofore regarded us as mere " pests.” The bazaar supported an attractive freshman booth which Priscilla Gor- man, Mary Alice Cameron, and Virginia Vibert so capably managed. Presentation Day, found Mary Alice Cameron and Phillip Poirer the recipients of Sawyer Medals. As a mental group, we had not anything to concede to our school brethren. Whether it was highest honors, honors, or honorable mention, the class of ’3 8 had an amazing list of names. The school year terminated with the entire class justly enthusiastic over our success as a first year group. September 8, 193 5 found us back into harness raring to go. Still a bit awkward in our meanderings, we sought balm in ridiculing the freshman, every one of them as green and pathetic as we were in ’ 34 Football rolled around and lo and behold, out of nowhere, sprang a sur- prising group of future grid greats, Russ Howard, Bryan Russ, Porter Bradley, THE SENIOR FLICKER 65 and Bucky Riley performed regularly on Coach Ross’ frontier and backfield. The Flash shone all the brighter through the literary contributions of Virginia Vibert, Edward Peterson and Harold Wolozin, still the sensational news scooper of the staff. The Handbook Committee, all sophomores, presented weekly enlightening articles on school citizenship, customs and clubs. Phillip Poirer, chairman; James Parsons, librarian; and Warren Tucker, Virginia Vibert, Katherine Arges, Hubert Fiander, Elarold Wolozin, and Nancy Murphy comprised this group. Nancy Murphy and Beatrice Souza managed to wade through the primeval forest erected by Edward Peterson, Russell Moody, and Porter Bradley, the soph property committee, and as a result the French play scored a smashing hit. Once again we modest sophs attained the heights as dramatic artists. Madeleine Nugent proved a capable chairman of the French Club bazaar booth while Viola Ray was elected secretary of the Latin Club. Chester Roberts, the stolid man of the class, carried his masculine frame to the city hall stage where he valiantly spelled and resisted spelling down until the issue rested between three. Chet, ever the gentleman, not wishing to outstrip the lady, failed and the lady, Barbara Howell, went on to win. Basketball found Russ O’Maley holding down an important first team berth while Bucky Riley continued as the spearhead of the reserve attack. The lettermen aware of Russ’ athletic greatness, elected him captain but he grace- fully declined the honor so that the juniors might retain the coveted captaincy. Company B, paced by three military-inclined sophs in the rear row, cap- tured the individual prize drill Presentation night. Jimmy Parsons, Porter Bradley and Hubert Fiander marched to the judges with inflated chests to receive the medals. Russ O’Maley, our versatile athletic luminary, and Bucky Riley were mainstays on Nate Ross’ baseball team. Track, a new school sport, lured Henry Levasseur into showing his wares. Last year we were shipwrecked on a deserted isle reminiscing over past memorable incidents; today we stand on a mountain peak retaining past pleas- ant memories, and, eyeing the future — one of a decidedly roseate hue — with confidence. To attain the heights in the next two years, we need only emulate the deeds accomplished by our group in ’3 5 and ’36. EDWARD PETERSON 66 THE SENIOR FLICKER BEN PARSONS WINS PRESIDENCY The class of 1937 has elected its class officers who are as follows: Benjamin Witham Parsons, president; John C. Finegan, vice-president; Grace Clark, secretary; Everett Martin, treasurer. The president entered high school from the Sawyer grammar school and is taking the general course in which he has gained many honors. The vice-president on being graduated from the Collins school, received a Sawyer Medal. He is taking the college preparatory course, is captain-elect of the 1936-37 basketball team, plays football and baseball, is a popular platoon sergeant and is prominent scholastically. The Lane School is represented by the secretary and treasurer, both Sawyer Medal winners who are members of the Commercial course in which they have walked away with many honors. THE FORCE BEHIND G. H. S.— THE FLASH One of the most enduring of the school’s publications is the Flash , which makes a weekly appearance in the pages of the Gloucester Daily Times. Though there has been no official editorial board this year, the junior class was repre- sented by John C. Finegan, Sophia Vrachos, and Norman Green, who have acted in an editorial capacity several times. Evidently the junior class has a nose for news, as reporters are many. They include the following: Elizabeth Collins, Margaret Compton, Anne Davis, Margaret Fosberry, Julie Holloran, Geraldine Maclnnis, and Phyllis Rowley. STEVENS’ BOOK REVIEWERS ELECTED After a long series of debates over eliminations, ten juniors were elected to represent the Stevens’ Book Reviewers for the school year 1936-37. The new members are Anne Davis, Julie Holloran, Margaret Fosberry, Wilma Curtis, Phyllis Rowley, John C. Finegan, Charles Goodwin, Donald Cunning- ham, Bertram Kupsinel, and Norman Green. The qualifications for which these reviewers were recommended were vocabulary, style, interest in reading, and correctness. THREE JUNIORS TO CAPTAIN ’36 ’37 BALL TEAMS John C. Finegan, Charles Grillo, and Albert Robinson who have captured grammar school championships, inter-class titles of freshmen, sophomore and junior years, varsity, and all-county league positions have been chosen co- captains of the varsity basketball teams for 1936, 1937. THE SENIOR FLICKER 67 The three old faithfuls who have stuck through three years of football practice and who will undoubtedly be regulars next fall are Joseph McNeil, 1 Alfred Bruni, and Loring Alves. Paul Clark will be captain and other probable members of the team are Pratt, Gaspar, Finegan, L. Williams and Watters. |i Gloucester High’s immature track team is strengthened by two juniors: James Lufkin and Alfred Bruni. Finegan, Watters, MacNeil, Grillo and Robinson are doing their part towards giving the high school a good basketball team. " COMEDY” THEME OF SCHOOL PLAYS A surprising number of Greta Garbo’s and Clark Gable’s turned out at the " Pattie” tryouts, the first major play of the year, a comedy — and a musical at that. Lois Greene, Jean Rooke, Sophia Vrachos, and Jack Brown our junior stage personalities gave animated and very professional performances. In addition to being an all-american musical comedy, it offered an attrac- tive story, a splendid singing score, and a number of modern and extremely original dances. Then appeared the French club play, " Le Medecin Malgre Lui” a farcical melodrama, certainly, the best of its kind. The junior ability was displayed by Jack Brown as the charming young lover, and Sophia Vrachos, as the impetuous, quibbling wife of " le medecin.” General humors combined with the keen wit of " le medecin” made this comedy the " tops.” OFFICERS OF TOMORROW-SERGEANTS OF TODAY On Presentation Day 193 5, Captain Raymond Schum announced the following boys as platoon sergeants for the year 193 5-36, James Lufkin, Donald Cunningham, Russell Lucas, Norman Green, William Smith, Harrison Poole, Frank Fierra, John C. Finegan, John Wood, and Andrew Lane. At the annual competitive individual drill held at the high school party in November, William Smith was awarded the medal for excellence in the manual of arms. The winner of the competitive prize squad drill, the squad representing Company B, was commanded by Sergeant Norman Green, and included the following juniors: Robert Burns, Robert Barner, Paul McPherson, and Ralph Budrow. CLUBS AND MORE CLUBS German Club Those progressive German linguists have two clubs. Sarah Feldman is secretary of the original German club and Mildred Silveria is vice-president of the new German Dramatic Club. 68 THE SENIOR FLICKER Girls’ Club Anne W. Davis was elected vice-president of the Girls’ club at the end of her sophomore year and will automatically ascend to the presidency next year. Elizabeth Kuivanen is assistant-secretary. Junior members of the newly- formed cabinet are: Ruth Ellis, Anne Banks, Julie Holloran, Margaret Mar- chant, and Barbara McEwen. Latin Club Due mainly to the enthusiasm among junior students of the classics, the thriving Latin club was organized this year. Three of the officers are juniors: James Lufkin, president; Julie Holloran, vice-president; and Leo Grimes, secretary. Service Club Anne W. Davis is secretary of this most important organization. French Club Margaret Compton is treasurer of one of the clubs devoted to a Romance language. THE GIRLS SHOW THEM Phyllis Rowley, Ruth Ellis, Elissa Kuivanen and Anne Banks won their second silver basketball for inter-mural championships at the end of their sophomore year. All these girls were on the winning team their freshman year and either Phyllis Rowley or Ruth Ellis will be with the winner this year and will receive gold basketballs. BEACON STAGES COMEBACK After a year of hibernation, the Beacon , the school monthly magazine, was revived by the earnest efforts of the editorial board, of which Phyllis Rowley and Charles Goodwin were active members. There were two editions — a football number in November, and Valentine issue in February. A large number of juniors were included on the business staff: Harriette Merchant, Elissa Kuivanen, Olga Rogers, Margaret Marchant, Anne Davis, Harry Anderson, and James Lufkin. JUNIOR TEA GALA EVENT In the brilliantly decorated and gayly colored atmosphere of the " gym” the junior lads and lassies floated ecstatically to the soothing strains of " The Six Musical Clippers.” Entertainment was supplied by Jean Rooke, singing and Florence Mann, dancing. Tea, cake, and ice cream were served. The general committee included: Mary Moody, chairman; Ann Banks, Nathalie Cooke, Anne Davis, Julie Holloran, Phyllis Rowley, and Mildred Silveria. THE SENIOR FLICKER 69 The success of the Sophomore Party was due to the following: Geraldine Mclnnis, Barbara McEwen, and Margaret Fosberry, while that of the Freshman Party was due to, Elissa Kuivanen, chairman; Virginia Broder, Sadie Alves, Anne Banks, Phyllis Rowley and Sophia Vrachos. MUSIC MAKES THE SCHOOL GO ROUND Band Glouceser High may well be proud of the splendid appearance of their R. O. T. C. band, which has proved its prowess in previous years by exciting considerable notice at music festivals and competitions. The following juniors are included in the personnel of the band: John Langly, Leo Grimes, Russell Williams, William Natti, Robert Powers, and Daniel Bloomfield. Orchestra The orchestra, which is prominent in school activities — playing at assem- blies, graduation exercises, and in various school productions, got off to a good start this year with an enrollment of thirty-seven students, which includes the following juniors: Leo Grimes, Elizabeth Collins, Olga Rogers, Mary Cortina, Bertram Kupsinel, Harry Anderson, John Langly, Bryce McClellan, and Russell Williams. Girls’ Club Orchestra The Girls’ Club is fortunate in having an orchestra composed of members with musical talents. The junior musicians are as follows: Elizabeth Collins, Alberta Richardson, Mary Cortina, and Olga Rogers. BAZAAR DRAWS HUGE CROWD Partly because of the colorful green and white decorations but mostly because of the smiling eyes of the Irish colleens, the junior class booth was outstanding. Edith Bruce, Anne Davis, Ruth Ellis, Julie Holloran, and Mar- garet Marchant worked with unlimited enthusiasm and they deserve much credit. The Mathematics Booth, very English indeed, with its poster of John Bull, and red and blue decorations was under the direction of Sophia Vrachos, Phyllis Rowley, and Priscilla Kippen. In several of the other booths the following juniors took charge, Harriette Marchant, Helen Wonson, Wilma Curtis, James Lufkin, and John Wood. ROOSEVELT TROPHY CONTESTS The importance of Byrd’s Flight to the South Foie was discussed by Elizabeth Collins in her Roosevelt Trophy speech our first year. Helena Marchant, our sophomore representative, created a great deal of amusement by her eloquent discourse on The Gossipers. Our third year, a spelling contest replaced the customary speeches. The junior representatives were Julie Holloran, Virginia Naves, Grace Clark, Hilia Johnson, Elsie Hudder, Bertha Wagner, William Smith, Manuel Souza, James 70 THE SENIOR FLICKER Sallah, Robert Herrick, Richard Bulduc, Matthew Lamonico, and Bertram Kupsinel. William Smith brought honors to our class by being the runner-up. HISTORIETTE JR. Flash! Interclass first year typewriting contest won by Elissa Kuivanen, popular member of the junior class. Flash! William Smith wins second place in the annual Roosevelt Trophy Contest. Flash! Priscilla Kippen, brilliant junior mathematician, substitutes for Winslow Parkhurst and Miss Annie P. Marr. Here’s one girl who knows the binomial theorem! The Sophomore year was terminated for Grace Clark and James Lufkin by capturing the coveted Sawyer Medals. The freshman honors were evenly dis- tributed among Sarah Feldman, Julie Holloran, Gilman Harvey, and George Martin. For the first year a junior, Phyllis Rowley, was head librarian of the English Office Library, assisted by Wilma Curtis and Anne Davis. The Junior girls not only displayed their ability in selecting fashionable wear for the Sergeant’s party but also men. ANNE DAVIS PHYLLIS ROWLE Y SOPHIE VRACHOS JULIE HOLLORAN THE SENIOR FLICKER 71 " Oh, for the good old days when we were freshmen,” sighed Bill, leaning over the back of a chair in the home of Barbara Johnson, where several friends were talking and drinking tea. While Bill was lost in reverie, the ever industrious Simon Sandler, who had been delving into the contents of Barbara’s " Memory Book,” suddenly cackled triumphantly. " Look at this page from our first issue of the Beacon. It gives the names of all the staff members. Remember how Evelyn Crowell and John McEwen upheld the class honor as reporters? " Efere is the repertoire of the high school orchestra at their assembly that winter. In the list of members it gives as freshmen the names of Isabel Elasel- gard, Bettie Johnson, Sylvia Slafsky, Phyllis Black, James Morrow and Simon Sandler.” " Yes, our freshmen class was very musical,” interrupted Bill, " and re- member that the next year Priscilla Smith joined the orchestra as pianist.” " Here’s a clipping about the prize winning oration in the annual Roose- velt Trophy speaking contest. Phil Tartas was certainly quite a modern Demosthenes in his speech on Technocracy .” " And wasn’t that a clever talk he gave on the Mad Genius , the address winning honorable mention a year later,” added Jim. " Look at this Flash clipping of the Glee Club operetta. It gives a long list of those who took part. The major roles were played by Priscilla Smith and Jeannette Stevens. Remember Jeannette in the character of the Japanese maiden, Lotus Blossom?” " What’s this article on the next page. Oh, it was cut out of the Times on Presentation Day that June. ‘Sawyer Medals for superiority of scholar- ship were awarded to Velma Canto, Phyllis Black, Nyyrikki Stenberg, and Philip Tartas.’ " Our sophomore year was probably even more successful than the one before. Right at the start, Judith Wonson, Helen O’Malley, John Dustin, Tom Bolger, and Arthur Federman made a good beginning for the class in their appointment to Beacon staff positions.” " And that wasn’t the only literary organization represented by sopho- mores,” interposed Barbara, " for here’s an account of one of the Stevens’ Book Reviewers’ Teas held monthly. Judith Wonson, Evelyn Crowell, and Helen O’Malley are in the list of guests as well as juniors and seniors. " Here’s an attractive folder designed by the decoration committee of the sophomore tea. Remember the fun we had that afternoon? After all, it was our first real social event, and added a great deal to our prestige. Betty Stick- ney certainly made a very efficient chairman.” 72 THE SENIOR FLICKER " Did you see that play at the theatre last night?” asked Barbara. " It had an excellent cast and reminded me of the French club play given that year. By the way, here’s a picture of the French play cast. Look at Robert Larsson as the English doughboy, Winifred Silveira as the waitress, and Nyyrikki Stenberg in the cook’s outfit.” " Oh, here’s a photograph of the Flash staff from the ’3 5 Flicker. Say, there’s Arthur Federman, assistant editor, and Betty Stickney, Daniel Runkle, Mary Johnson, and Simon Sandler, reporters.” " Here’s a favor Jimmy gave me at the Junior Tea,” exclaimed Barbara. Look inside, there is a list of the different committees — it says that Bettie Johnson, and Priscilla Smith were co-chairmen.” Simon burst forth, " Don’t tell me you saved that false mustache I wore at the Junior Class Play? Will you ever forget Bill Flygare and Janet Critchett trying to play the parts of the new minister and his wife?” " In this program of the annual Teachers’ Association play, there’s a list of the players in the Girls’ Club Orchestra, which furnished the musical enter- tainment. Here are the names of Isabel Haselgard, Priscilla Smith, Sylvia Slafsky, Alberta Richardson, and Phyllis Black.” Jim mused reminiscently, " I had a good time writing for the Flash staff. Here’s a summary I wrote of the French Club play. The chief roles were enacted by Simon Sandler, (the irate father), Robert Larsson, Nyyrikki Sten- berg, and Winifred Silveira.” " Look at this Field Day program. It gives a list of the R. O. T. C. Officers and the roster of the band. Most of the fellows joined in their freshman year and continued straight through until graduation. Our class was represented by Sheldon Knowles, Bob Holloran, Lawrence Fredrickson, Louis Johnson, James Morrow, Simon Sandler, Hugo Ja cobson, Manuel Perry — remember that wiffle haircut? — Theodore Korkatti, and Babe McRae. Remember Bob Lundberg’s winning of the Haskell Medal? " Read this write-up in the Sports section of the Traveler. ' The basket- ball victors who helped to win the glory for Gloucester in the final quarter of last night’s game were Theodore " Teddy” Williams, " Al” Larson, Donald Macauley, Frank Re, and Robert Hunt.’ " Here are the results of the class election. ' Albert Larson, president; Robert Tobey, vice-president; Priscilla Wonson, secretary; Philip Tartas, Treasurer.’ " This Gloucester Times item mentions those who received Sawyer Medals at that year’s Presentation Day assembly. The junior winners were Esther Heinonen, Bettie Johnson, and Robert Bosselman. " Look, this is a picture of the football players in the 193 5 Thanksgiving game at Peabody, cut out of the rotogravure section of the Sunday Herald. There are Tucky Holmes, Tom Bolger, Bill McLaughlin, Teddy Williams, Ralph O’Maley, Lloyd Dennis, Bob Karcher, and George Lemos. Bob Edson, Henry Lima, and William Dixon were substitutes. THE SENIOR FLICKER 73 " I’ve given these next pages over entirely to clubs and their activities,” said Barbara. " This program reminds me of the French Club play. Remem- ber Phil Tartas, Le Medecin Malgre Lui, Bob Holloran, and Ralph Campbell, president of the club? And next here is a snapshot of Bert Codinha, president of the Spanish Club, and John Matheson, president of the German Club, the Deutsche Verein. This photo from the Post is of Teddy Williams, president of the Athletic Association. Fannie Vrachos was in charge of the Service Club that year. She autographed my G’ for me. " The vice-president of the Roosevelt Club gave me this snap of Bill McLaughlin, who was elected president. Wasn’t the club successful under Bill as leader? This is a musical composition the Glee Club sang at the annual festival under the leadership of Lillian Rose. This is a list of the Girls’ Club cabinet officials. The outstanding were Priscilla Smith, president; Virginia Parsons, secretary, and Betty Stickney, treasurer. " Do you remember the Roosevelt Trophy Spelling Contest? Barbara Howell spelled down about sixty competitors and won the prize with the word ' Vicissitude’.” " What’s this, Barb?” " Why, it’s a postcard Priscilla Smith sent me from Springfield, at the time that she, Isabel Haselgard, Jeannette Stevens, and Lawrence Fredrickson represented Gloucester High School there in the New England Music Festival. " Here’s a bunch of favors and trinkets from our social activities during our last year in High School. A piece of jewelry from the Girls’ Club Bazaar — that was a great carnival — a favor from the Senior teas — Winifred Silveira was chairman, remember? and a bouquet from the annual Mother-Daughter banquet. That was the beginning of the social round. Emma Gill was in charge. Without Miss Wolfe, we couldn’t have done much! " I’m glad I saved this program of the Senior Class Plays. Great sailors — Bod Lundberg, He.bert Burns, Simon Sandler, and Bob Holloran, would make!” " What’s this, a modern version of the Frankenstein monster?” demanded Jim quizzically, a cloud of amazement darkening his face. " Of course not. Don’t you recognize Robert Parsons as the idol return- ing to the inn for his eye? The play performed by the boys was the melo- drama, a Night At An Inn. But try and beat the girls’ interpretation of Paris Sets the Styles , said Barbara, Ruth Kramer played the lead and Mary Johnson, Ellen Kauppinen, Janet Critchett, Winifred Silveira, and I were also in it.” " Oh, here’s my old 1936 Flicker. Look at the editorial staff on the first page. There’s Judith Wonson’s name as editor, and Bettie Johnson’s as adver- tising manager. They were the two who were largely responsible for making the Flicker a success.” ' Oh, here’s a picture of me,” beamed Jim, his face restored to its normal expression at last. " Can you tell me what it is doing in this deserted spot at the end of your album?” 74 THE SENIOR FLICKER " Can’t you see that it is a photograph of the 1936 Stevens ’ Book Re- viewers? Here are Ruth Birdseye, Phyllis Black, Evelyn Stone, Simon Sandler, James Morrow, and you and Bill, besides the members of the 193 5 club.” " Here is one more item. It is about the baseball nine. The outstanding players were Al Larsen, Manuel Pimental, Ted Williams, and John Amero. " Here is our commencement program. Didn’t Tom Bolger and Bob Lundberg do us honor with their speeches? It was a glorious four years, and we were all sorry that night to realize that it was over.” PHYLLIS BLACK ISABEL HASELGARD RUTH BIRDSEYE JAMES E. DROHAN DANIEL RUNKLE JAMES MORROW THE SENIOR FLIGKER 75 One lonely star still glimmers in the heavy sky Far below, a faintly whispered, trembling sigh Speaks of harp-strings torn and tortured as they wind About hope’s weary fingers bravely set to find A single string untouched among those broken strands. At last the blindfold harpist strikes a living chord That rings in all the empty silence like a sword Announcing life and freedom to a conquered race. The starlight glows upon the blinded face. And life’s despairing heart, crushed by pain and wrong, Rouses once more to hope’s triumphant song. JUDITH WONSON. 76 THE SENIOR FLICKER Tke STEVENS TJOOK REVIEWERS 1935 - 1936 ‘Pkoto by Kupsmel THE SENIOR FLICKER 77 The Stevens Book Reviewers Membership in the Stevens’ Book Reviewers is one of the honors most sought after by ambitious students of Gloucester High School. Under the patronage of Mr. George B. Stevens, upon whose co-operation the entire unit is dependent, the Reviewers have, for six years, reviewed for the Sawyer Free Library the latest books. The rules for eligibility are simple but iron-clad. The method of gaining admission is to ask one’s English teacher for the junior year for a recommenda- tion. This recommendation is based upon the applicant’s vocabulary, creative composition, and literary background. The members of the club then elect from the group of applicants, the ten students who have been most highly recommended. Miss Frances H. McGrew of the English department, faculty advisor of the club, manages the borrowing and returning of books. The reviews are printed in the Flash every Saturday night. Members for 193 5-193 6 are: President, Judith Wonson; Vice President, William Publicover; Secretary, James Drohan; Treasurer, James Morrow; Libra- rian, Ruth Birdseye; Phyllis Black; Evelyn Crowell; Helen O’Malley; Evelyn Stone; and Simon Sandler. 78 THE SENIOR FLICKER The Qlee Club The Glee Club, which has been in existence since 1925, is now under the supervision of Miss Helen Curry. The club this year has had a very large mem- bership including girls from the three upper classes. The activities of the club are singing at school assemblies, presenting operettas, and attending music festivals. This year the fest ival will be held at Haverhill, Massachusetts. The club intended to have an operetta, but lack of time prevented its production. The officers of the club are as follows: President — Lillian R se Vice President — Rena Pedroni Secretary — Virginia Parsons Treasurer — Barbara McEwen Librarian — Irma Cividal THE SENIOR FLIGKER 0 ° c ° m e U) «■ H S as. T W I m r 0 m □ ■ So m I $ 2 r h C 0 » ; OD " H 31 m (D z 80 THE SENIOR FLICKER Tkoto bv C Veatoc FLASH STAFF 1935 - 1936 Courtesy of tke Times THE SENIOR FLICKER 81 THEY’VE KEPT THE FLASH BRIGHT IN ITS SIXTH YEAR Front row, left to right — Winifred Silveira, Betty Kinsella, Elizabeth Collins, Virginia Vibert, Anne Davis, Sophia Vrachos, Margaret Fosberry, Margaret Compton, Mary Cronin, Rebecca Gray and Evelyn Conant. Middle row — Arthur N. Smith, faculty supervisor; Mary Johnson, Helen O’Malley, Joanne Hartford, Geraldine Maclnnis, Julie Holloran, Evelyn Stone, Madeleine Selig, Phyllis Rowley, Doris Enos, Esther Pajari and Miss Marguerite Lovering, faculty supervisor. Back row — Ernest Leavitt, Daniel Runkle, Harold Wolozin, William McLaughlin, Norman Green, Arthur Federman, James Morrow, Robert Holloran, Christopher Finegan, Edward Peterson and Melvin Kramer. At the end of this term the seniors who have so ably kept the Flash " ship- shape” will be retired for the year, as their responsibilities and activities are increasing. Undergraduates, next year’s Flash staff, will be trained in prepara- tion for ’36 and ’37. This year, the Gloucester High School Flash completes its sixth year of publication. Founded in 1930 with its aim to deliver clearly and concisely " that which is timely and interesting” to the students of G. H. S., the Flash has developed into the student’s most reliable informant on the diverse activities in both curricular and extra curricular affairs. It has been the custom annually to elect an editor for the year. Last year’s Flash enlarged upon the idea by electing an editorial board of three who divided the weekly responsibility for the issue. This year individual members of the staff have been selected weekly, as they have showed ability to edit the sheet. Two new entertaining columns made their appearance in the Flash this year, " Flashes” and " The Spotlight.” The Flashes are examples of brevity and interesting news, while The Spotlight brings an important personage of the student body into the limelight weekly. This column succeeded " Who’s Who in Gloucester High,” a column devoted to the faculty. Students who enjoy sports may peruse Sportlights, military devotees, Affairs in the R. O. T. C., those seeking latest news in fashion circles, M’Lady Dictates. Those who enjoy good book reviews need only turn to the Stevens’ Book Reviewers’ column. The student derives benefit through reportorial duties on the Flash. Those who have journalistic aspirations receive valuable training and experience in newspaper work, while others learn to shoulder responsibility, write clearly and correctly, and understand the working of a newspaper. 82 THE SENIOR FLICKER Teacher’s Pet Most Musical Most Literary Most Artistic Ideal Senior Boy Ideal Senior Girl Class Chesterfield (your idea of a gentleman) Greatest Warning to Under Classmen Most Dependable Boy Most Dependable Girl Senior Cradle Snatcher Girl who has done most for the school Boy who has done most for the school Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Best Looking Girl Best Looking Boy Most Popular Officer Cutest Boy Cutest Girl Most Bashful Most Popular Subject Most Popular Teacher Class Genius Most Successful in Future (Boy) Most Successful in Future (Girl) Class Baby Class Bluffer Class Flirt Class Clown Class Gourmand Best Dressed Best Natured Best Athlete Best Looking Officer Most Versatile Girl Most Versatile Boy Most Original Laziest Senior Class Wit Betty Johnson Priscilla Smith Judith Wonson Emma Gill Teddy Williams Priscilla Wonson William Publicover Forbes Feener Robert Tobey Barbara Howell Alfred Martin Priscilla Smith Teddy Williams Betty Stickney, Lillian Rose Albert Larsen Geraldine Torrie Robert Parsons Albert Larsen Louis Johnson Betty Kinsella Louis Johnson English Miss Harris Phyllis Black, Philip Tartas Thomas Bolger Judith Wonson Lawrence Fredrickson Bert Codinha, Mr. Colman Robert Lundberg Philip Tartas Frank Gomes Faye Chick Raymond Lowe Teddy Williams Robert Lundberg Winifred Silveira Ralph Campbell Emma Gill Daniel Hall Philip Tartas THE SENIOR FLICKER 83 " Now that you’ve finished the Histories, And you start to read the ballot; Don’t say that you’ve heard it before — ’Cause we’ve tried so hard not to tell it!” You might know Jimmie Drohan would pile up the votes to come in second for teacher’s pet; very close at that. Tom Bolger rates third. Never mind, Tommy! Room 20 gets a total of three votes. Simon Sandler’s versatility in the musical line wins him second place. Our capable drum major gets thb ' d place. Good for you, Sandler, and Shel. Mr. Hazel rates votes too, according to the class of ’36. The Stevens’ Book Reviewers furnished the literary talent as James Morrow, Phyllis Black and Helen O’Malley stacked up votes. Campbell stuffs the ballot box making himself answer for votes on this one. Evidently Emma Gill’s artistic creations put her across as the most artistic. Franklyn Hamilton and Fannie Vrachos piled up the votes to come in second and third. Teddy beats ’em all as the ideal senior boy. A knowing individual confides that there is no such animal. The new sensation, Herbert Burns, polled a surprising number of votes. We certainly agree that Priscilla is the ideal senior girl. The same know- ing individual (see above) confides " It’s the one I had a date with last night.” Frederickson, Bolger, Burns, and Larsen are the runners up for class Chesterfield. We note that many girls declared emphatically that there is none! Lufkin, Mitchell, and Lockwood get a few votes for the greatest warning. What is the warning against, we wonder, — knowing too much or too little? Al Larsen and Ray Lowe prove their dependability by stacking votes to come in second and third. Barbara Howell certainly deserves the rating as most dependable. Priscilla Smith, Wini Silveira and Judy Wonson get some votes for rushing around, too. So! Clicky does rob the cradle. Bcb Holloran stacked up the votes too, we observe. Tsk. Tsk. Priscilla Smith, as president of the Girls’ Club seems to have done most for the school. That seems to be an undisputed fact. Wini Silveira and Judy Wonson seem to have done a lot too, according to the Ballot. There was a vote for a member of the world at large, but we won’t print it here. It’s too good! At least, we have many helpful boys in our class — Tobey, Larsen, and Bolger respectively. 84 THE SENIOR PLISKER As both Betty and Lill deserved the title as most popular, the result was a tie vote. Proven — there is justice! As it certainly should be, our class president is the most popular boy. Next in line is Ted. The remaining votes were so scattered that no one else had a show at all. The comeliness of Betty Stickney and Madelyn Selig secured them votes as 2nd and 3rd. " Florence” Fredericksen, an unknown senior, gets five votes. We wonder how such a knockout could have escaped our notice. The next handsomest is Bcb Lundberg. Lewis Palelli’s contagious grin rates him third. As there are two brunette s to one blonde, does this prove that ladies prefer brunettes? Our president’s personality rates him as most popular officer, too. The Colonel is next, closely followed by Ray Lowe, our class good-fellow. Hazel Gillie and Lill Parks are the choice of many as cutest girls. The rest of the vote is scattered — proving — ? A practically unanimous vote gives Louis the honor of being the cutest boy. May we say, " For once, we agree!” Our other Louis is second. As was to be expected, Luigi Johnson’s becoming blush tags him as most bashful. Is it high blcod pressure — or just that he wants to be alone? That woman-killer, Don McCauley, comes in second. In regard to the most popular subject, History came so close that we wonder if it is Miss Burke’s geniality that wins that one, or does that senior class of ours like to dwell in the past? P. S. Someone votes for Hit-pin base- ball. P. S. 2 Someone else votes for recess. The Misses Burke, McGrew, Smith, and McGinley rate next in line as most popular teacher. — And then it is said that women teachers aren’t popular — ! It seems that ties are predominant in our class. There was a tie for 2nd too — Barb Howell and Simon Sandler. Priscilla Smith, Wini Silveira and Barb Howell were tied with 19 votes each for the honor of being the most successful in the future. One of our juvenile-minded Popeye Fans voted for Olive Oyle. Could it possibly be McCuish? Our dashing Colonel came second as the boy most successful in the future. Feener received two votes, but Wimpy and Mr. Colman must be satisfied with one. Nicky Drohan comes in second as class baby. It must have been his squawking in the bleachers! Is it possible that our supposedly nonchalant Frankie Hamilton is voted as 3rd? Hurray! — two of our well-known seniors have at last received recogni- tion — and rightful recognition at that. We simply mean that Federman and McLaughlin are 2nd and 3rd as class bluffer! It seems that a male has captured the honor of being the class flirt for once, but Barb Lane, Gerry Torrie and Edna Handran uphold the feminine THE SENIOR FLI6KER 85 More Power to you with JENNEY AERO GASOLINE |j ALFRED M. ANDERSON, Jr. || Railroad Avenue RALPH HAZEL Piano Tuner Compliments of ‘Pie R. J. Ederer Net Twine Co. GRADUATION SUITS at EARL O. PHILLIPS SMART SHOP FOR MEN AND BOYS 159 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. Compliments of STANLEY WOOD 86 THE SENIOR FLICKER side of the argument by coming in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Hartford gets one whole vote as a reward for his efforts. — If you want to know who gave him the vote, consult the Ballot committee. The clever antics of Eddie McKinnon, Ray Lowe, and Nyrrikki Stenberg were the reasons for their ranking as next in line as class clown. Our only girl clown, Thelma Weston, cuts capers, too, the Ballot shows. No wonder the lunch counter profits so! Why shouldn’t it, when Gomesie, the class gourmand, and the other leaders, Priscilla Wonson and Teddy Williams eat so much? Fay Chick also mounts up as class gourmand. Must have been the night of the play Cyrano — " Paris sets the Styles” but so do Faye Chick, Eddie McKinnon and Irene Simmons according to our r eport. P. S. One vote for Forbes Feener (in uniform) . Ray Lowe’s exuberance wins him this one. Al Larsen’s happy grin rates him second as the best natured. Teddy scores the winning touchdown as best athlete. Tucky Holmes kicks the extra point to come in second. It might be Lundberg’s blondness, it might be most anything, but it sure piled the votes high for him in the rank of the best looking officer. (Maybe all the girls voted for was the uniform). Bob Parsons, MacKinnon, and Publicover were the runners-up for this honor. Tom Bolger and Al Larsen come second and third respectively as most versatile boy. Someone voted for Jimmy Drohan — it must be the way he handles the tea-cups! Priscilla Wonson’s varied accomplishments net her second place as the most versatile girl. The rest of the votes we came across makes us wonder if perhaps we should h ave supplied free dictionaries — DEFINE VERSATILITY! The unquestionable originality of Fannie Vrachos and Jeannette Stevens wins them second and third places. After thought — Miss Wolfe received three votes. Bernard Olsen and Federman appear in the dust cloud kicked up by Dan Hall’s triumphant ride to the goal of laziest senior. Violet Frigard receives the doubtful honor of being the only girl voted for. Wilson McCuish and Becky Gray are tied for 2nd as class wit. We won- der if it is necessary to tell you that Tartas, McCuish and Lufkin received several votes for Class Nit-wit! " Now you’ve finished the Ballot And you’ll rush on to the Grinds, We hope that our desperate efforts To please you, will stay in your minds.” Copyrighted by W. SILVEIRA, Chairman B. HOWELL J. WONSON THE SENIOR FLIGKER NORTHEASTERN UN IVERSITY Day Division COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Offers a broad program of college subjects serving as a foun- dation for the understanding of modern culture, social relations, and technical achievement. The purpose of this program is to give the student a liberal and cultural education and a voca- tional competence which fits him to enter some specific type of useful employment. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Offers a college program with broad and thorough training in the principles of business with specialization in ACCOUNT- ING, BANKING AND FINANCE, or BUSINESS MANAGE- MENT. Instructon is through modern methods including lectures, solution of business problems, class discussions, pro- fessional talks by business executives, and motion pictures of manufacturing processes. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Provides complete college programs in Engineering with pro- fessional courses in the fields of CIVIL, MECHANICAL, ELEC- TRICAL, CHEMICAL, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, and ENGINEERING ADMINISTRATION. General engineering courses are pursued during the Freshman year; thus the student need not make a final decision as to the branch of Engineering in which he wishes to specialize until the beginning of the Sophomore year. Co operative Plan The Co-operative Plan, which is available to the students in all courses, provides for a combination of practical industral experience with classroom instruction. Under this plan the stu- dent is able to earn a portion of his school expenses as well as to form business contacts which prove valuable in later years. Degrees Awarded Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science For catalog or further information write to: MILTON J. SCHLAGENHAUF, Director of Admissions BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 88 THE SENIOR FLICKER Scene: Mayor BOLGER’S mansion. Date: April 1, 1956. Event: Reunion of the Class of 1936. The mayor is entertaining his former classmates. The Mayor’s literary wife, the former JUDITH WONSON, whose latest novel, The Mystery of a Misshapen Fish, is a best seller, awaits her company. (By the way, Tom himself, not to be outdone by any woman, has gained certain renown for his own best cellar.) LUNDBERG, the butler, comes in, as usual resplendent in uniform, and in his languid Lanesville drawl announces the guests, who arrive in a gala procession. The Count ’Emout UNO HENDRIKSON enters with his wife, the former chic FAY CHICK who, wears the latest creation of blown-glass, pro- duction of Mile. MADELEINE SELIGE, noted Parisian modiste. The always original FANNIE VRACHOS, famous marine artist of Rock- port drags in by a golden chain the favorites of her harem. The lucky harem- scarems are: RALPH CAMPBELL, HAROLD WOODRUFF, ROBERT HOLLORAN, ROBERT KARCHER, ROBERT EDSON, and JAMES DROHAN. They loll about the room, showing off their unique costumes of purple and orange moire, Fannie’s clan colors. Rumor has it that the Mayor’s indispensable butler will soon become an addition to this harem. Other haremites left at home because of unbecoming behavior are JOHN MITCHELL, who was punished for licking the cream off everyone’s dessert, and LESTER HILTON, who refused to do the supper dishes. Following Fannie and her tribe come Mr. and Mrs. FRANK GOMES, nee JANET CRITCHETT. They are the proud parents of the 195 5 sixtuplets. Mrs. Gomes has on a lovely and indeedie, a very fetchy gown of tearose walnut, studded with chromium knobs. Next comes Senor BERTOLINO CODINHA, internationally famous dis- coverer, who has found that by tipping a soup plate, one may obtain another whole spoonful of soup. On the arm of the Senor is Miss ETHEL STANLEY, renowned mouse surgeon. Miss Stanley is especially lovely in a gown of grated steel asbestos. " Mr. and Mrs. LLOYD DENNIS,” drawls Lundberg. Then enter Lloyd, noted costume designer for the Pigfield Pollies, and his wife, the former BETTY BURNHAM, who is the founder of that wonderful institution, " The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Invalid Pigeons.” Mrs. Dennis is dressed in a gown of vari-colored pigeon feathers which form a billowing sheath-like garment, — very up-to-date and very snappy! THE SENIOR FLICKER 89 Compliments of I. MILLER HOSIERY HOP Beautiful Hosiery and Underwear We repair, free of charge, all stockings bought here. Er rge fiL Perron lEypBtgljt yrrialtst 120 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER. MASS Compliments of RIVERSIDE CLUB Compliments of abortte (Corset J tjop 1 1 c Waskington Street Gloucester Goon Toy HAND LAUNDRY 70 WASHINGTON STREET TELEPHONE 2763-W Compliments of FAULK BROTHERS Mason Contractors JACK PICKERING SERVICE STATION SHELL GAS and OIL Corner Western Avenue and Bond Street Compliments of The Cunningham Paint Co. 90 THE SENIOR FLICKER The next personage announced is Mr. FRANK RE, professor of foods in dear old Gloucester High School. With him is Miss EVELYN CROWELL, secretary of the S. P. C. I. P. She is dressed in the latest gown of woven silver and cheesecloth. Upon the suggestion of His Honor the Mayor, a grand march is formed. The following couples are noted: Miss BETTY JOHNSON, Principal of Gloucester High School, a dutiful daughter who has followed in the footsteps of her father. She is escorted by NYRRIKKI STENBERG, proprietor of that famous night club " Chez Nyrrikki.” VIRGINIA PARSONS, a super Dorothy Dix, who gives sage and valuable counsel to the nation’s lovelorn. She is escorted by FRANCIS POWERS, Heavyweight Boxing Champion of Pigeon Cove. BOB PARSONS, high-pressure salesman of ladies’ hosiery, (and how he sells ’em!), escorting Miss BETTY STICKNEY, coach of the football team at Gloucester High School. HERBERT BURNS, noted bug exterminator, with Miss EDNA HANDRAN, renowned manufacturer of koko-nut kisses. WILLTAM PUBL T COVF.R, proprietor of the Yetteb-ho T Shoppe, es- corting Miss PHYLLIS BLACK, Missionary to the Harlem-ites. AL LARSEN, President of the Class of 1936, and now master of the terpischcrean art, with Miss BETTY KINSELLA, of Kinsella’s chewing gum in the six delicious flavors of orange, cherry, raspberry, lemon, strawberry, and lime. Betty is gowned in a ravishing cellophane creation of Mile. Madeleine Selige, in six colors to advertise her products. JEAN BOUGHTON, famous stage and movie ciueen, wearing a really outstanding gown of purple mousseline de burlappe, with her husband LOUIS JOHNSON, noted reformer and orator of the Senate. (We are glad to find that Mr. Johnson still retains that schoolgirl complexion.) BERNICE STANWOOD, stunt flyer, with hubby LAWRENCE FREDRICKSON, noted coiffeuse. LYMAN ALLEN, local gigolo, with fiancee REBECCA GRAY, captain of the Riverdale Red-skirts Baseball Team. Sir ROBERT TOBEY with Lady BYRCLE CRITTENDEN Tobey. WINFRED ALLEN, local dog catcher, with Miss MARIAN ASHLINE, Ph.D., D.C.L., D.D. FRANCES ALPER, model mannequin, with JAMES AMBROSE, pro- prietor of the Yip-yip Pool Room. HELEN O’MALLEY and RENA PEDRONI, famous humanitarians and founders of that notable institution, " The Fireside Delight for Forlorn Bachelors and Rejected Husbands,” escorted by several of their proteges, SAMUEL THE SENIOR FLICKER 91 F. J. Babson Company Cunningham Kerr Margaret G. Fanning J. A. Johnson, Inc. Eliot W. Lovett G. Everett Mahony Inc. Richard L. Morey Alfred E. Presson George Steele’s Sons Vierra Oliver CAPE ANN BOARD of INSURANCE UNDERWRITERS Gloucester, Massachusetts GROCERIES 64 Gloucester Avenue The WONDER SHOPPE 264 MAIN STREET Specializing in Ladies’ and (gentlemen’s q Weacing Apparel C. A. Rose, Proprietor Compliments of THUCSTCN’S TAXI Telephone 3500 92 THE SENIOR FLICKER JOHNSON, STILLMAN GROSE, WALTER GOYATCHE, GARDNER HOLMES, DONALD MACAULEY, HENRY LIMA, and LAWRENCE MELANSON. GERALDINE TORRIE and SHIRLEY PEABODY, the Grapenut Piano Mover Twins, with BRADLEY SOLOMON and RUSSELL CAMERON, joint proprietors of the Goo-goo Baby Shoppe. ROBERT MOORING, ticket attendant on a local merry-go-round, in his riding habit. The grand march leads the guests to the dining hall, where Lundberg and his able assistants, ROBERT FINE and HENRY WITHAM, serve a delightful meal prepared by none other than that universally-known chef, JOHN MATHESON. After Reverend JOHN McKINNON has delivered a long and heartfelt prayer, ROBERT PERKINS, master of ceremonies, gives a flourishing welcome to all, and introduces the after dinner speakers, among whom are Miss LILLIAN PARKS, well-known club woman, who gives an enlightening discussion on home management and domesticity. The reunionists next hear HENRY PRADERIO’S humorous presentation of Thanathis. The delightful selection was written and directed by CHARLES CURRIER, gifted New York play- wright. Before adjourning to the reception hall for entertainment, the ’36ers enjoy a brief interlude to renew old acquaintances. During this interval the spotlight encounters JAMES ACKERT and HAZEL FRAZIER holding hands in the corner. Ah! can this be romance! Next is a glimpse of EMMA GILL and her newly-acquired artistic hus- band, ALEXANDER O’HANLEY, whose painting The Fish Without Gills was recently hung in the Louvre. The prying spotlight reveals ROBERT BOSSELMAN and LAURA AHO, interpretive dancers, doing a rhumba on the balcony. Another couple enjoying soft lights and music is CHESTER BRAY and DOROTHY CANTO. Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH BRENHA (CAROLYN KNOWLES) sit spell- bound, listening to the daring adventures of ANTHONY CHRISTO, cele- brated for his recent daring feat of crossing Mt. Ann on a zebra. The evening’s entertainment opens with a delightful vocal duet, " Snow- Shoes,” sung by PRISCILLA BRENNAN and JOHN ADVEDISIAN. Two popular hoofers, ALBERT ENOS and IRMA CIVIDAL, contribute an intri- cate tap dance. One of the outstanding bits of the evening is an adagio dance by ELLIOT COLLINS, who shows off his manly prowess by throwing around three fair damsels, IRJA ALA, ELLEN KAUPPINEN, and FLORENCE GRAY. Just at the height of this spectacular performance, a terrific crash is heard as BOB HUNT leaps from his seat into Elliot’s arms. Many are amazed at the jealousy on Bob’s part. The crash, however, causes GERALD BENHAM, THE SENIOR FLICKER 93 TWIN LIGHT LAUNDRY Co. 58 Washington Street Phone 971 Thomas R. Foley, Proprietor Compliments of NDTTCN’S DADIC SHCP 271 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. Telephone 1934 Smith’s Clothing Store “We give a 10% Discount to G.H.S. Graduates” Compliments of DA VI TAVI SEDVICE PHONE 101 Continue your education through wide reading THE GLOUCESTER BOOKSHOP AND LENDING LIBRARY 65A Middle Street Telephone 769-M Compliments of DD. CALLADAN Compliments of Nichols ' Candy Kitchen IF you want to do the Sporting Thing, wear the new Sport Jewelry at $1.00. DLANCDADD, JEWELED 125 Main Street 94 THE SENIOR FLICKER manufacturer of six-inch salutes and dynamite, to swoon. His wife, the calm, cool, and collected WINIFRED SILVEIRA, rushes to his side and revives him with her never-failing duckweed drops before Dr. BERNARD OLSON at- tempts to move. To quell the disturbance, the Honorable Mr. Wahoo (FRANKLYN) HAMILTON, owner of the Washington Street Laundry, " We Deal in Dirt,” plays a lullaby on his lute, while his partner, CHARLEE NICOLOSI, croons most soothingly. As a special treat, the Pigfield Pollies give a novelty number. The peppy chorus, led by WILLIAM NEWELL, consists of JOHN AMERO, RALPH MUNROE, LAWRENCE GILLIS, ALBERT JOHNSON, and KENNETH McCURDY. THEODORE WILIAMS’ expressive piano solo, " Dance of the Moon- beams,” is unintentionally (we hope) interrupted by that celebrated foursome of big game hunters, the RICHARD LUFKINS, nee BETTY ANN MCDONALD, and the BARTON KNOWLTONS, nee BARBARA LANE, who have just returned from safari in the West Gloucester jungles. HELEN LANDRY, alert reporter for The Gloucester Gossip, turns on the radio for the news flashes. " Flash! PRISCILLA WONSON, state representative in the National Pie Eating Contest in Virginia, just captured the prize by outeating her nearest opponent seven pies to one! " ROBERT LARRSON, capable janitor at the Empire State Building, eloped today with BETTY GIBSON, divorced wife of notorious Public Enemy No. 1, FORBES FEENER. " MANUEL PTMENTAL, the musical missionary, is putting rhythm in the nursery rhymes of little Ethiopian kiddies. " JENNIE ANDERSON, Thatcher’s Island society debutante, will soon ' middle-aisle it’ with ROBERT BEEMAN, World Champion Flag-pole Sitter. " It is rumored that WILLIAM DIXON, Hollywood’s most dashing screen lover has been going places with VIRGINIA BRAY, wife of the big butter and egg man, DONALD DROHAN. " Miss RUTH BIRDSEYE, jockey at Rockingham Park, and her horse, ' Softsoap,’ proved a sure-bet to horse-betting fiends in today’s race. " LYDIA BEVILAQUA and partner ANTHONY FRONTIERO recently won the National Roller-skating Endurance Contest. " WALTER VIERRA, the phantom of the ' Creepy Crime Club,’ and his wife the former NORMA TETTONI, who screams on the same program, are planning to spend the summer on the Sahara Desert. " Miss NATALIE HOOPER, poet laureate of Ten Pound Island, has just completed a new volume of her stimulating poems. " Mr. and Mrs. ROBERT HECKMAN, nee MARGARET GOODWIN THE SENIOR FLICKER 95 Compliments of 9 r . Sar e. 0. ijij;;;; Compliments of Dr. C. PERCY McLEAN iiliiii! 132 Main Street Gloucester POWLER’S MARKET East Gloucester Square Meat, Fruit, and Groceries TELEPHONE 1560 FREE DELIVERY Compliments of OSBORNE J. TARR ijjjiiii Compliments of The Empire Clothing Company Compliments of Phillips and Holloran Architects CHARLES WISE Automobile and Marine Engines Repaired 50 PARKER STREET G-M-l LAUNDRY COMPANY The Soft Water Laundry — Dry Cleansers — Rug Cleansers Linen Supply Telephone 1062 12-14-16 Burnham Street, Gloucester, Mass. 96 THE SENIOR FLICKER sailed on the Oo-de-F ranee for a desert island. When asked the motive they replied, " We want to be alone.” " That’s all the news for tonight, folks. This is DAN RUNKLE, telling you it’s ten forty-five, courtesy of the EVELYN CONANT Cuckoo-clock Company.” (Dan, by the way, broadcasts at four-thirty each day as " Uncle Dannie Runkle, the Kiddie’s Delight,” sponsored by the EVERETT ERCOLANI Cleenum Toothpaste Company.) At eleven o’clock, everyone listens to RAY LOWE’S CRA-ZY Hour, sponsored by (ROLAND) " O’BRIEN’S Beef,” and starring SIMON SANDLER and his orchestra. Maestro Sandler is the composer of that original song hit that is taking the country by storm, " The Song Goes Up and Down.” Vocalists on the program are BARBARA HOWELL, blue ribbon jelly maker, and crooner JAMES MORROW, who is the champion hog-caller of Annis- quam. He is so adept at his calling that little pork chops have been known to jump off their plates. Other stars are Mrs. JEANNETTE STEVENS Feather- penny, who tells horrible ghost stories to the children. (She maintains that only naughty children are up at this hour) ; LIL ROSE, that red-hot blues singer; and NORRIE BRUCE, ELEANOR GRONBLAD, and DORIS ENOS, Harmony Sisters who also sing weekly on the " Melody a Minute Hour,” spon- sored by the HELEN and ERNIE NOBLE Kindling Wood Company. Another program of particular interest to the class of ’36 is the amateur hour sponsored by FLYG ARE’S Shoe Polish and Cream Cheese, featuring Big BILL McLAUGHLIN as master of ceremonies. The prize-winning amateurs are WILSON McCUISH, our own Tarzan, doing a 1956 version of Popeye, and Miss IRENE SIMMONS, lyric coloratura soprano. Miss Simmons’ voice rose to great heights after the depression. Other worthy contestants are THERESA TARR, bird warbler, Harmonica HATTIE SAUNDERS, Mono- loguist RUTH KRAMER and WOODROW HUDDER’S one-man band, con- sisting of a wash board, a wash tub, an old alarm clock — and Hudder, (’nuff sed!) At the conclusion of the radio program, Mayor Bolger announces some coming events of importance to the perfect thirty-sixers. " FEDERMAN’S Circus is coming to town, bringing with it the spectacular and charming BARBARA JOHNSON, sword swallower; HAZEL GILLIE, vivacious snake charmer; MARY JOHNSON, bare-back rider; DOROTHY MARSHALL, toe dancer; KAINO NEIMI, the little lady shot through a cannon; GEORGE NUGENT and WILLIAM MOULTON, clowns par excellence, the great PHIL TARTAS, intrepid animal trainer, who argues with defenceless elephants, orates to little rhinoceroses, and plays the harp as a sideline; the celebrated VIOLET FRIGARD, the original woman of the flying trapeze; and EVIE STONE, fair young tightrope walker who has run off with the heart of the dashing animal trainer. " Also scheduled for next month is Hartford’s Stock Company, which will open at the Union Hill Theatre, presenting an historical drama of the De- pression of 1932, When the Kent is Due, written by Kibitzer Prize Winner LEROY SMITH, JR. The cast includes Mrs. Stella Phane— SYLVIA SLAFSKY; Mr. Aaron Phane— DONALD SAWYER; Villainous Landlord— SUMNER THE SENIOR FLICKER 97 O ' HEARN and REED “The House of Quality ” QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES 2 Andrews Street, Lanesville, Mass. Telephone 129-14 Compliments of D. F. HARRIS SON Canvas Manufacturers Awnings Compliments of Ti CUA I . REED, INC. NORTH SHORE BEVERAGES Made with Electrically Sterilized Water Manufactured by CLATCHfCCD EECS. COMPLIMENTS OF Cape Ann Lodge No. 1471 Loyal Order of Moose Compliments of tiENCy the EATTEE 93 Main Street Compliments of J. Fletcher Burnham, D.M.D. Compliments of The Old Riding Light Carleton Crittenden 43 Bass Avenue 98 THE SENIOR FLICKER LANE; Furniture Collector — ROY PARSONS; the inevitable Fuller Brush Man — DONALD McCUISH; Insurance Man (now extinct) MANUEL PERRY; Lotta Bunk — the Other Woman, ELEANOR HERSEY; Tax Collector — JOHN VEEDER; and Old Man Deppie (Depression) — JOHN HARTFORD himself” A pleasant surprise to the assembled classmates is the use of a special visuascope appliance invented by that great gift to science, Professor CLICKY MARTIN, who was recently joined in wedlock to Miss HELEN MILLER. Through his wonderful invention Professor Martin hopes to show in a discreet manner the doings of classmates who were unable to attend the reunion. He first gives a glimpse of the Honeymoon Hotel. We spot LOUIS PALELLI, known as LOUTS XIV, with his fourteenth bride, THELMA WESTON. We note PRISCILLA SMITH, who has given up her brilliant polo playing career to become the fond wife of ROBERT PARNELL, playing a snappy game of tiddledee-winks with hubby. On the porch two other love-birds, FRANK OSIER and ARYILLA SADLER, sit starry-eyed. Who should be coming up the path but PIERCE PARKHURST and VIVIAN VIERRA! Bv their beaming countenances we know they have eloped. The visuascope next takes us to the Reno Relief Bureau, where we see broken-hearted PEARL SARGENT appealing to Judge BUCKY LEMOS for a divorce from hubby PATSY PASCUCCI, who has been seen in the company of HILDA TRAVERS, night club entertainer. The next case is a plea from the much-bandaged ARTELLE CRAWLEY for a divorce from GERTRUDE FRANCIS, charging assault and battery. MELVIN SPIDELL is granted a divorce from his fourth wife, INEZ MITCHELL, because he objects to the dog’s monopoly of his wife’s affections. Many times the wise judge has succeeded in restoring peace. Mr. and Mrs. RALPH O’MALEY, nee LUCILLE MARTIN, were so deeply touched by Judge Lemos’ talk that they immediately became reinstated in love. In- cidentally, Judge Lemos’ wife, the former AMANDA McGRATH, was re- cently given a divorce from her wise hubby because he paid too much attention to the gay divorcees, especially to the very alluring SHIRLEY WARNER. The next scene takes us to the wild and wooly West, to cowboy SHEL- DON KNOWLES’ dude ranch. Such changes we find in our old classmates! Amidst a cloud of dust is WILLIAM VIATOR, riding a buckin’ broncho, while ELLEN KEATING urges him on by using him as target for her shooting practice. From the bunkhouses we hear the Bill Hillies, RUTH HILL, PAULINE HILL, and MURIEL HILSHEY, yodeling for the cattle. Going further west, we come to the Pacific Coast where we find several of Uncle Sam’s sailor boys, JOSEPH SUTHERLAND, GORDON PEW, JOHN TALIADOROS, and DONALD STROPLE, being entertained at the Dime-a-dance by ’Frisco GERT PERRY. THE SENIOR FLICKER 99 J. A. NINE i ART and giFT SHOP 6 Center Street Gloucester, Mass. Compliments of Dr. G. TAYLOR Henderson and Johnson All Kinds of Paint NAUSS LUMBER CO. Telephone 195 Compliments of . Alhjtte Urmun? TUTORING Small groups, if desired ADELINE W PROCTOR 84 Prospect Street Telephone 224 Compliments of W. T. CCANT LUNCH AND RELAX AT Ransellear Towle’S 118 MAIN STREET Home Made Candies and Ice Cream Nut-meats Salted Daily No Liquors 100 THE SENIOR FLICKER At last the visuascope reaches New York. We first look into the palatial Park Avenue estate of CHARLES QUIMBY, well-known cod-liver oil magnate. Mr. and Mrs. Quimby (CHRISTINE OSIER), are enjoying a quiet evening playing bridge with Mr. and Mrs. ALAN HARTWELL RUSSEL, nee OLA SAWLER, peanut vendors of Riverside Drive and Newport. We stop for a few minutes on Fifth Avenue to inspect the Swanky Sleuth Society, an elite detective agency formed by GERTRUDE COFFIN, MARIAN POOL, and MARY BOTELHO. At last we reach a party in Greenwich Village, in the garret-studio of ALFRED PARADY, landscape painter. Among the notables in this bizarre gathering are MARGARET ROGERS, opera singer; DOLOR MARTIN, animated cartoonist, with his fiancee, ISABEL HASELGARD, talented leader of the Rocky Neck Symphony Orchestra; WALLACE WALKER, children’s novelist; ELSIE KLEIMOLA, prima ballerina of the Folly Cove Ballet Russe; THEODORE KORKATTI, prominent Broadway actor, and HAROLD HUDSON, a third Rubinoff. As we leave them all in high spirits, we meet EVELYN THOMPSON, renowned animal sculptress, and FRANK LEWIS, back street singer. Our visuascope gives a jolt and we view the romantic isle of Tahiti at sunset. On the white glimmering sand we catch unawares EDWARD TERRY, clad in a grass skirt, teaching the hula-hula to his favorite pupils, GERALDINE and THELMA ROSE, whom he calls his " little rosebuds.” The Niki-Tahiti Stringed Trio, MARJORIE NICKERSON, GRACE NICHOLS, and CALLIE NICKAS, render a haunting accompaniment to the gyrations. Silhouetted against the moon is glimpsed the nymph-life figure of WOITTO LAINE, battling the foam on a surf board. He is following that agile surf-rider, HELEN WHITE. We leave the tranquillity of the tropics and arrive in the Swiss Alps just in time to see ESTHER PAJARI perform a breath-seizing ski-jump. Miss Pajari, with DORIS SOUZA and PAUL MORTON, is competing for the ski championship in the 195 6 Olympics. In the valley we gaze at the amazing spectacle presented by ETHEL LACEY and STEPHEN IRVING doing a unique version of the Dying Swan. Other prominent figures are EVARETTA OLIVER and ROBERT STORY, dancing the piccolino, and ESTHER HEINONEN and EDWARD LAWSON cutting ice capers. Professor Martin next takes us back to our U. S. A., and carries us to Hollywood where a scene from Romeo and Juliet is being directed by GEORGE LANE. The handsome Romeo (EINO KANGAS) takes a step towards the charming Juliet (MATILDA THOME) and they — bang! We are abruptly brought back to our reunion because the visuascope motor has run dead. We feel chagrined and crestfallen to think we have missed one of the most dramatic scenes in history. Rushing to fix the device are many super-mechanics, among whom are WILLIAM GOODWIN, outstanding piano tuner, ELEANOR BLATCHFORD and GERALDINE McMAHON, plumber and electrician respectively, and ANNA JOHNSON, scissors grinder. All efforts prove fruit- less, so the reunionists transfer their attentions to a strenuous game of Monopoly, a relic of bygone 1936. The intent and violent players are THE SENIOR FLICKER 101 Compliments of ARMSTRONG SHOE COMPANY Save Systematically and prepare for your Education by opening an account in our Savings Department. GLOUCESTER NATIONAL BANK of Gloucester JOSEPHINE CORSET SHOPPE Silk Lingerie — Hosiery — Junior Misses Frocks Elizabeth Arden ' s Toilet Preparations — Maiden-form Brassieres 12 Pleasant Street Gloucester Telephone 418 TELEPHONE 2147-R A. F. SILVA CUSTOM TAILOR CLEANSING, PRESSING. DYEING. REPAIRING FUR WORK 89 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER, MASS. Puritan Fruit Store and Luncheonette THEODORE Q. J3ARKA8, Proprietor 4 Main Street Gloucester, Mass. Compliments of EEREE’f EXEEEJJ The S. R. HARVEY Co. WOOD - COAL - OIL CARMOTE Paints Varnishes GEORGE K. ROGERS REGISTERED OPTOMETRIST 150 Main Street Gloucester, Massachusetts 102 THE SENIOR FLICKER ELEANOR WILSON, ADRA LARKIN, HILDA SILVA, and MARGARET BELONG. The whole affair comes to a most unfortunate end when DANIEL PARKS, prominent banker, absconds with the entire supply of cash on hand. After the excitement of the robbery has calmed, there is another vehement commotion as Fannie shouts to her troup to " Venez chez moi.” This, she thinks, is a subtle hint that it is time to go home. The curtain falls with a resounding crash and the reunionists disband. HELEN O’MALLEY, Chairman EMMA GILL RENA PEDRONI FANNIE VRACHOS PRISCILLA WONSON ARTHUR FEDERMAN THE SENIOR FLICKER 103 Compliments of EPSTEIN’S Quality Taints and c Wallpaper Rockport Dye House Ladies’ and Gentlemen s Custom Tailoring CLEANSING, PRESSING. ALTERING. AND REPAIRING 65 Main Street Rockport. Mass. Telephone 2214 Compliments of GEORGE C. NUGENT Dealer in Qvade A TVlilk 137 Eastern Avenue Telephone 1765-M Compliments of ROY REED ' S GARAGE COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. EVERETT A. FLYE REGISTER UI OPTOMETR 1ST 156 Main Street Over the Cape Ann National Bank Gloucester, Mass. Compliments of PRODUCER ' S OIL CO. Success Manufacturing Company Cold is Not Enough Tvlary Tickford WEEI, Tuesday, 10 p.m. Compliments of C APE ANN FRUIT COMPANY 2? Washington Street Telephone 1033 104 THE SENIOR FLICKER SEPTEMBER 9. Not worth mentioning, but to be sociable the freshmen have entered the newly painted portals of Gloucester High School. 10. This is worth mentioning .... the Seniors arrive. 11. Innocent freshmen found on third floor looking for office. Page Bob Parsons. 12. Who was the embarrassed female who fell into — beg pardon — over the waste basket in room 9. 13. Are we superstitious. Ten of the Commercial and twelve of the College group students buying rabbit’s paws, tails, arms and what have you. 16. Found — Betty Johnson snoring in French. Claims she was practicing the nasal O. 17. Drill already — Drill becomes most popular subject with football men because they get one day off. 18. Mr. Parsons’ first joke: Class in hysterics — just to be different Federman frowns — or didn’t you get it Art? 19. Bolger found with fork hidden under his Sam Browne belt. Now owes school 13 c. 20. On the office report: " Each teacher to bring a nut cracker to the annual picnic.” Where are the nuts? 23. Mr. Colman illustrates the law of gravity by falling over the waste basket. 24. Sandler calls strike against the lunch counter because they have nothing but cold hot dogs and ham sandwiches for specialties. 2 5. Assembly today. After listening with unusual interest, Eddie McKinnon aspires to be a G man. 26. Bolger pays back 10c of his debt to the lunch counter by bringing back five forks with one plate. 27. Sawyer made Mr. Colman’s illustration clear by falling over backward in his chair. What school spirit we seniors have! 28. First football clash with Classical subduing Gloucester 13-0. 30. Rah! Rah! Rah! Lunch counter girls for collecting 15 stacked milk bottles and not smashing them. OCTOBER 1. Only eight more months to go. 2. Bouquets to Priscilla Smith for her grace and ease in the ceremony of the flaming torches. 3. Flash-Flash-Flash-Miss Harris behind the times. Found reading yester- THE SENIOR FLICKER 105 Compliments of rcEocicrscN decs. ‘Beauty Tar lor Barber Slaop Compliments of Parkhurst Marine Railway Co. Compliments oE CHARLES GRAY SONS, INC. Compliments of WILBUR HINKLEV Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of Dr. A. H. PURDY Registered Chiropodist Cape Pond Ice Company PROMPT and COURTEOUS SERVICE Come in and see our new ice refrigerators Phone 180 Compliments of NORTH SHORE FRUIT STORE J. SILVA. Proprietor QUALITY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 226 MAIN STREET DELIVERY SERVICE TELEPHONE 1898 106 THE SENIOR FLICKER day’s office report. 4. Priscilla Wonson climbs over the desks while the vice-principal reminds her that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. 7. Banking Day — " a penny saved.” 8. The seniors decide that freshman chorus is their favorite subject. 9. " Teddy Williams” comes to school in a truck at 10:28 a. m. Reception committee waiting at portals. 10. Freshman at lunch counter asking for WHEATIES. What no muscles? 11. Evelyn felt the echo that the rest of Room 8 heard. 12. Saturday — Columbus day — holiday — Where is the justice in this here world? 14. The vice-principal tells us that they still remember him way down yonder in Riverdale. Such is fame! 15. Miss Marr stops class to discuss a 192 5 car parked outside of post-office. 16. Flash aspirants have dwindled considerably — most considerably. 17. The fatal fascination of the lunch counter is the cause of Bob Holloran’s failure to appear in English today. 18. The senior tea is a huge success — thanks to the country excursions of certain damsels. 21. Miss McAllester insists that fresh air is essential. We certainly don’t agree. 22. Only about two more months and then the Christmas vacation. " Soupy” figures out the exact number of minutes to go, and astounds the freshies. 23. Miss Wolfe issues her annual proclamation concerning the wearing of ankle socks. 24. Several girls missing from first period class. Could it be that they didn’t hear yesterday’s office report? 2 5. Vice-principal tries the fresh air plan but meets with strenuous opposition. 2 8. Cards!! General depression. School has atmosphere of city morgue. Teachers happy. 29. Betty causes mild stir in lunch counter circles as she buys her own lunch. Ginny rejoices. 30. Campbell tells us he can think only when alone. Can he then?? 31. Flalloween! ! ! Lundberg scares little kids and goes to bed happy. 1. Fredrickson says in Physics he has six senses, the sixth being common sense. 2. Jimmie Morrow breaks some lantern slides and is called a menace to science. 3. Everybody buys apples for the teachers today — reason — parents night tonight. 6. Only seven more months until field day. 7. Senior boys have drastic results while trying to build a model of the Woolworth building with milk bottles. 8. Once again chests swell as Captain Schum announces more commissions. THE SENIOR FLICKER 107 Compliments of Dr. Walter J. Powers Chard and Wilkinson ANNISQUAM MARKET Telephone 3070 Free Delivery " " Compliments of TWIN LIGHT GARAGE East Gloucester :::: Compliments of TARR and WONSON 1 Compliments of d. m. McPherson Cream Dealer COMPLIMENTS OF DAVE’S LDNCD DAVID SPITTLE 1341 MAIN STREI GIFTS — MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS — MUSIC Free Lessons with every Ins trument purchased here. Consult us on our easy payment plan. AGENTS FOR CONN AND VEGA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS l est c Wishes From. THE TAVEDN 108 THE SENIOR FLICKER 11. Armistice Day — " Lest We Forget.” 12. Office Report warns against throwing waste paper on school grounds. We suggest a school dump truck with Phil Tartas at the helm. 13. Phil buys a " Tootsie Toy” truck to practise for the position. 14. Danny Hall applies for tardy slip at 10:15. 15. Mr. Colman sells three custard pies. Theme song for the week " I’m putting all my custard pies in one basket.” 18. McCuish recites " Auld Lang Syne” in English proving his Scotch ancestry. 19. Ralph Campbell elected President of French Club. It pays to advertise. 20. Bill McLaughlin elected President of Roosevelt Club. Mooring is treasurer. Everybody’s in cahoots. 21. Beacon Staff meeting. What for?? 22. Bob Parnell deposits one hundred and twenty dollars. If we had only known that before he banked it!! 2 5. McLaughlin’s car refuses to start. Results: Everybody goes to sleep in Mr. Johnson’s car. 26. Mr. Johnson walks to school. 27. Promotions at assembly in R. O. T. C. Several new Sam Browne belts appear. 2 8. Gloucester High defeat Peabody 20 to 14 as Teddy Williams steals the show. 29. Annual individual dual prize drill and R. O. T. C. Party. Our congratu- lations to Bill Smith for perfect drilling. DECEMBER 2. Rain — but no relief from drudgery — Education at any price. 3. Teddy Williams announced Captain of all scholastic football team. Re- sults: 1 — Sprained wrist. 2 — Wrenched arms. 3 — Blisters. 4. Mooring informed bv Miss Harris that he has a reputation for being a woman-hater, but Priscilla seems to be educating him. 5. The password for today is PATTIE. 6. " It’s a Knockout!” and it was! 9. Marks today. Who brought the bright apple to Miss Harris? 10. Federman charges Miss Harris five cents for the apple. She doesn’t pay. 11. Perry can’t wait for recess so he devours a piece of cake in history. 12. Colonel Publicover goes radical. He told his officers to prevent the drillers from wearing their pants to school. 13. Since Macbeth has started his college English course, Miss Harris marks him absent in place of Fay Chick. 16. Lundberg decides to buy a cow after consulting Miss Harris. Trying to THE SENIOR FLICKER 109 Compliments of The Hesperus Diner Corner Tlatn and Claestnut Streets WILLIAMS’ HOME BAKERY Foods Pastry 81 Washington Street Compliments of JOSEPH H. DUSTIN Teacher of Piano PERKINS and DEXTER Building Contractors Telephone 911-J Telephone 2753-R Willard S. Pike and Son FUNERAL “DIRECTORS 75 Washington Street Gloucester Compliments of Dr R N LOURIE BUY YOUR SPORT CLOTHES AT THE ARMY - NAVY STORE ACROSS FROM THE HOTEL SAVOY, GLOUCESTER “Buy Here and Save” Compliments of DAL MITCHELL and his Orchestra 110 THE SENIOR FLICKER save tax on milk bottles. Hen? 17. MacLaughlin seen sporting a beard. 18. We can see the beard, but where is Mac? 19. Here’s the day we’ve been waiting for. MacLaughlin shaves. Results painful. Five cuts, two bruises, and one bottle of mercurochrome. 20. Mr. Colman sends Holloran to play with his (Mr. Colman’s we suspect) toys. Cheer up, Holloran, only five more days ’til Christmas. Vacation — Two weeks — thanks to the School Board. 6. Fannie says she needs another week to recuperate from the last two. Don’t we all?? 7. Heckman seen talking to a strange girl in the corridor — a breach of promise suit has been filed by Peggy. 8. Great variety of birds shown at assembly, but the variety we have in school is missing. 9. Bob Mooring finally gets mad at Miss Harris for her perpetual razzing. We think it serves her right! 13. Publicover said if " Alderman Campbell” built a new high school he could fill it with students. We recommend Sterne’s Technique in Tristrain Shandy . 14. Teachers think up ways of being nasty and decide the best way is to give a spelling match. 15. Boys are treated to a lecture by the creator of their favorite artist — Edwin Payne, creator of " Billy the Boy Artist.” 16. Roosevelt Club Dance. It was useless to try and keep " Ray” Lowe out. 17. Members of the band appear with lunch boxes. What we want to know is, Does the FOOD go with them?? 20. Tryouts for Flicker Staff. Johnny Matheson decides to try for CLASS BALLET. 21. Faculty and senior class vote three cheers to Miss Marr for properly squelching Art Federman. We didn’t think it possible. 22. Betty and Nat decide to get together with Nat’s sweater. 23. Mr. Parsons explains that the officer left on the hill won’t get cold for the incident happened in July. 24. Emma warns the girls against rosy cheeks. She says they are not a sign of good health. 27. Fay comes to school with rubber boots on! ! We wonder why. 2 8. The Latin teacher blushes when Priscilla asks if Virgil had any experience with women. 29. College English classes journey to Boston to see Walter Hampden in Cyrano de Bergerac. Miss Harris threatens to blackmail the entire fourth period class, especially the Colonel. 30. Teachers tell seniors they have nothing to worry about for half year exams. THE SENIOR FLICKER 111 Compliments of Perkins and Corliss COMPLIMENTS OF Tognazzi Bros. Co. MONUMENTS 40 POPLAR STREET TELEPHONE 1661-W O’NEIL and NEWMAN Fresh Local Milk 367 Essex Avenue West Gloucester Telephone 104 Compliments of li. C. Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco 230 Main Street HABERDASHERY 245 Main Street Robert Kramer, Prop. By presenting this advertisement, Graduating class will be entitled to a 10% Discount on Graduating clothes. PRINCESS BEAUTY SHOPPE Complete Beauty Service Permanent Waves of Distinction 148 Main Street Telephone 375 Stationery Greeting Cards Office Supplies WILLIAM T. MORTON 6 Pleasant Street Telephone 1100 Compliments of BENHAM’S RADIO SHOP 46 Washington Street 112 THE SENIOR FLICKER 31. Seniors took teachers too literally. FEBRUARY 3. Publicover persuades officers to take off Fredrickson’s spats. Why don’t you buy your own, Bill? 4. " Tiger” Collins goes native by wearing bobby pins in his ears. 5. Heckman claims the reason he knows so much about the moon is that he studies astronomy. How about it Peg? 6. Our English teacher tells us " petting” came before " necking.” Well! Well! 10. Bob Mooring is broke so Mr. Colman can’t sell him a custard pie. 11. The political pot is boiling again as Miss Harris’ classes begin to file nomination papers. 12. Miss Harris tells us we are smelly when we are freshmen, but it wears off by the time we are seniors. Does it take four years to discover LIFEBUOY? 13. Mother and Daughter banquet — huge success for senior class. 14. No school! No Halliburton! No Beacon! No Valentines! (But plenty of sleep.) 17. (No school.) Were we disappointed! ! 18. Mr. Colman sells an apple pie to Mooring — score two. 19. A brilliant senior asks for a " Cold Cat” at the lunch counter; Mary hands over a hot dog. What service! 20. Mr. Colman said today was today and not tomorrow. Marvelous deduc- tion, Mr. Colman. 21. Captain Schum claimed that a hill can’t run up stream. Lieutenant Feener agreed with the Captain. 2 5. Miss Harris said that a calendar is a series of dates. Did we hear Lund- berg laugh? 26. The seniors really are modest, claims the Spotlight editor after inter- viewing Al Larsen. 27. Everybody enjoys Richard Halliburton. Dan Runkle wants to know how long and where the Ethiopian War has been going on. 28. Mr. Colman passes a rigid examination in the study of Physics .... We don’t! MARCH 9. Madelyn Selig falls down the stairs and at MacLaughlin’s feet . . . Bill asked Madelyn if this was a proposal. 10. " Phil” Tartas is seen walking along Main Street trying to keep an adoring hound from jumping into his arms — . What price fame! 11. Roosevelt Trophy elimination at City Hall — Barb Howell wins — proving that there is plenty of life left in the old senior class yet! Tartas goes into seclusion. 12. No school. We all get much needed rest. Federman takes day off to THE SENIOR F LICKER 113 Compliments of Sri Sinitsrijp Snritt rmpfirljlt Birlj Compliments of The Roosevelt Club Compliments oE L’AMICALE FEANCAISE Compliments of Qirls ? Qlee Club Best Wishes to the Class of 36! 51 (Utmtlo iaspmtol 114 THE SENIOR FLICKER learn how to spell gardenia. Theme song suggested " Oh I bring a little white gardenia.” Very fitting, Art. 13. We all knew we should have school, its Friday the Thirteenth. 16. Mr. Colman says everybody is queer but me and thee but thee are queerer. Such modesty! 17. Helen O’Malley seen wearing a yellow dress — and with that name! 18. " It’s a boy, It’s a boy.” This is only Betty Stickney telling us about her new French correspondent! 19. " Phil” Tartas asks Miss Harris to get him a wife. Can it be Phil is losing his self-confidence? ? 20. " Phil” isn’t losing his self-confidence. He wrote down " Intelligence” for his most distinctive characteristic! ! 23. Lundberg asks for more juice at lunch counter — page Sherlock. 24. Found on LeRoy’s test paper: ' ' The Man with the Hoe’ depicts life on a farm.” Miss Harris’ prodigy! ! ! 2 5. " Dinah” Dennis drops his hankie and becomes indignant because there is no grand rush of femmes to pick it up. ’Tis Leap Year too ! ! ! 26. Signs of Spring — tra la " Wini” is observed sewing a button on Morrow’s coat during English. 27. Louis Johnson gives the right answer in English, and his face almost burns to a cinder. 30. Mr. Lane explains the importance of gills to a fish. Isn’t it funny ? ? Emma says she can get along without fish. 31. Edna Handran gets her nose caught in the swinging doors — What a funny place to be eavesdropping ! ! Tsk Tsk. APRIL 1. Junior Tea Party — all platoon sergeants invited. We didn’t realize how brilliant the Junior girls were. 2. Lecture on solitaire from Miss Harris. Fannie buys a pack of cards to learn how to play. 3. Flash picture taken after much delay. Federman combs his hair. What! No cameras broken? 6. A pun was due here, but it was banished by Miss Harris. 7. Miss Hammons stops Woodruff from telling jokes to Solomon. Jealous eh? 8. Miss Harris needs a body guard. Fourth period class overwhelms her with volunteers. 9. Tiger Collins displays his physical strength by pulling down a curtain in Room 2. 10. Lundberg asks Captain Schum if cavalry horses keep in step. 13. Lundberg demoted. 14. Mr. Colman still trying to se ll apple pies to his fourth period class. 15. Mooring buys one. 16. Another sign of spring: Al Larsen seen buying a bunch of violets. Flowers THE SENIOR FLICKER 115 — BOATS — Sail the Sea - Off Gloucester - Around Cape Ann Sailing and Power Boats to Let Safe, Dependable Craft Competent Skippers Pleasure and Picnic Parties Deep Sea Fishing Night Boating Sailing Lessons Moorings for Summer Winter Storage Plan a trip on the water for your club outing or class reunion. BICKFORD’S BOAT LIVERY Reginald Jackson, Manager Phone 1020 Rocky Neck East Gloucester Compliments of 116 THE SENIOR FLICKER for Madame. 17. Gala Event: Presentation Party. Officers once again display their master- ful chests. The girls also looked nice. Congrats to Norman Green Company B’s squad. 20. One of the faculty tells us the ancient joke of the fox not using an um- brella in the rain. To be sociable, we laugh. We still remember those last marks. 21. Have you heard of " The March of the Wooden Soldiers?” Well, the " Battle of Plates” was staged in the lunch room. 22. Annual Senior Play. Herbert Burn’s English accent amazed us. We cer- tainly have future stars in our midst. 23. Skippy Lufkin challenges Lieutenant Feener to a duel. 24. Mr. Colman teaches us the benefit of " love a little, love a lot.” 27. Richard Halliburton’s Flying Carpet lost — at least the office report says so. 2 8. Spring is here. " No girl is to appear without socks.” 29. Are the days getting longer, or is it because graduation is only a month and a half away. 30. House Parties being planned. Drohan buys a pair of bright orange shorts. 1. Vacation Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 11. Hudder tells Mr. Colman the moth-balls disappear because the moths eat them. 12. Fredrickson seen buying some moth balls (we thought moth balls were for moths). Well, maybe! 13. " Brite and Fair” (Refer to English office) Fannie’s devotion causes em- barrassment. 14. Miss Harris says, " Women are as old as they look, but men aren’t old until they stop looking.” 15. Since vacation Codinha has been looking over real-estate. Funny what these vacations do. 18. What a day! Mary tells Bob the elopement is off because she doesn’t like to travel on cattle boats. 19. Mr. Frigard, teaching astronomy, asks Charlie Currier what his idea of a heavenly body is. 20. This was meant for a custard pie but Mooring was absent. 21. Annual R. O. T. C. inspection. What a regiment! What a regiment! 22. Miss Marr says, " When in Rome do as the Romans do.” Bob Parsons said Goody Goody for you Go.idy Goody for me Goody Goody for the School Board THE SENIOR FLICKER 117 WARREN A. ELWELL F. J. Babson Co. Insurance Safe Deposit and Trust Co. Building Gloucester, Mass. Telephone 1561 THE SENIOR FLICKER 118 he hadn’t intended to visit Rome. 26. Senior chorus. Who was the soprano in the bass section? (We won’t tell, Holloran.) 27. Sylvia Slafsky asks her history teacher if the underground railway was a subway! 2 8. Cheer up, boys, only three more days of drill. 29. Tiger Collins does a somersault in Room 20. Tiger is now residing in a freshman home-room. 2. Success! Success! Miss Harris compliments us on having such a good looking class. 3. FLICKER out. Unusually gocd FLICKER this year according to Miss Harris. 4. What! Drill two days in succession? ? 5. Field Day. Commissions galore. Sergeant’s party. The officers begin to pay respects to the sergeants. (After all, it’s their party). 6. We need the day off. 8. P. W. A. (Preparing with Anxiety) for exams. 9. C. C. C. (Commence Collecting Courage). We need it. 10. W. P. A. (We Produce Answers) but the wrong ones. 11. E. R. A. (Excellent Results Absent). 12. A. A. A. (That’s what we didn’t get). 15. Class Banquet. Fay and Eddie McKinnon eat all the food. " Soupy” says he will be back tomorrow after the crumbs. 19. Graduation — Not the end, but the beginning. (P. S. We hope.) THE SENIOR FLICKER 119 from the Qloucester High School Lunch Counter 120 THE SENIOR FLIGKER (fUW-tmOfffPOMIT ' J TARTAS — NUFF 5A 1 D ! OH, DELL, SHE. gets THE ATnOSPHERE IN.AN ' iUAVl THE SENIOR FLICKER 121 WALK-OVER SHOES FOR GRADUATION Sandals Pumps Ties $6.85 to $8.50 10% Discount to Graduates Brown’s Shoe Shop 127 MAIN STREET Gardner Mattress Corp. Manufacturers and Renovators of Better Bedding Specializing in Inner Coil Mattresses Beds, Springs, Studio Couches and Upholstery Work 91 MAIN STREET GLOUCESTER, MASS. BUSY BEE RESTAURANT The SLEEP SHOP LINE CC LUNCH Where You Can Get the Best at the 84 - 88 MAIN STREET Chamber of Commerce 122 THE SENIOR FLICKER Why take life so seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive. Holmes: Which do you prefer in a car, leather or fabric upholstery? D. Drohan: I like fabric; leather is too hard to wipe your hands on. Williams: Who swiped that sand- wich I had filed here, under " Un- finished Business?” The school will be well off when the class of ’36 graduates. With trip- ping over Bill Flygare’s feet, and dodging Tartas’ hot air, the under- classmen are worn out. Hat Clerk: Wonderful fit, Mr. Drohan. J. Drohan: Yeh, but suppose my ears get tired. There are a group of buds in the class of ’36. P. S. We hope they don’t blossom. OUR IDEA OF A WARNING TO UNDER CLASSMEN HAS: Tartas’ beard. Federman’s questions. Drohan’s curls. Heckman’s devotion to cne. Bob Parsons’ height. Holloran’s baggy pants. Publicover’s willingness to surren- der to servitude. Bolger’s stateliness. Lundberg’s school-girl complexion. Lowe’s vivacity. Miss Mac Allester: Who laughed aloud just then? Federman: I did, ma’am, but I didn’t mean to. Miss Mac Allester: You didn’t mean to do so! Federman: No ma’am, I laughed up my sleeve and there was a hole in the elbow. " TRUCKIN’ ’’—Carrying a rifle. " PUTTING ALL MY EGGS IN ONE BASKET”— Farmer Lowe. " DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP”— Bob Holloran and Jean Tarr. " I’VE GOT AN INVITATION TO A DANCE” — Stag line at Senior Tea. " MUSIC GOES ’ROUND AND AROUND”— G. H. S. Band. " PLEASE BELIEVE ME”— Excuses for not doing homework. " GOODY-GOODY” — Teachers’ pets. " WHA-HOO” — First Recess Glee Club. " YOU HIT THE SPOT”— Rifle team. " I’D RATHER BE A LEADER OF A BAND” — Louis Johnson. " LET’S FACE THE MUSIC”— Cards. " BUT WHERE ARE YOU?”— That A in math. " DINNER FOR 1300, PLEASE JAMES”— Recess. " I’M SHOOTING HIGH”— Thir- ty seconds to get from basement to 3rd floor. " AFTER SUNDOWN” — Home- work. THE SENIOR FLIGKER 123 124 THE SENIOR FLI6KER THE SENIOR FLIGKER 125 U) £. VJDO UM 4 £K) r lh a ' : r : ( i x V r Q v o .»_. J „ - 6 r.VT£ r v!k£j L « i P ? ‘ t OH 0J 5 t0S0Cv3 v ' i s. ivJ D ■U V ) j I. A- D w f EVViS V- tfi. ! r ou£ " -y uj iIw - « CD CD Dcie f y ; h ac r VAN}w t . Cjv vr " O u t- r 7 — 1 | ( n ' X - 55 L j v • 4 wV ' o rr 1 U ) A " 5 C-O ' ? vs v ' - { i -» 1 if fpy , ' V- Y V 52 = -. r . ,r VA ot; i » ‘ r » bfcrzr- l () - y 3 D. ' ' -A I -t ' W -k : : - • I ■ 1 . . i i ' -•■ 1 : a h ' •••- irr- 3 „ c “ V 3 G RT PERRV h T i 0 SL L j fJ 3 y V % S C- El G — ( ■ G — IN £D- MIL EH oViaUEV ?a MJfvA Sp r {W oY vj u c 0 v 1 C L A (J 6 H L 1 Kl THE SENIOR FLICKER 126 THE SENIOR FLIGKER — — I Best Wishes TO THE Class of 1936 iiiiiii! I Harts Garage ill II Compliments III of GLOUCESTER ELECTRIC CO. GLOUCESTER GAS CO. 128 THE SENIOR FLICKER Heard in a class room: After you receive your cards, pass out quietly. Miss McGinley, checking on type- writers: Is there anything the mat- ter with yours, Hamilton? Hamilton: It doesn’t spell correctly. Miss Harris: I beg your pardon, but what is your name? Mooring: Isn’t my name there on my paper? Miss Harris: Yes, that’s what aroused my curiosity. Teacher: As we step out of doors on a cold winter morning, what do we see on every hand? Flygare: Gloves! P. Tartas: The last time I made a speech, the people could be heard ap- plauding ten blocks away! Betty: Is that so? What was going on there? Lady (to electrician) : I told you to send a man to repair my door bell, but you didn’t. Electrician: I did ma’am, but when he rang three times, and received no answer, he decided nobody was home. Betty K.: I wouldn’t think of going home so early. Helen O.: Neither would I. It was my mother’s idea. President of Automobile Club: Haven’t I run across your face some- time or other? Sandler: No, sir, it’s always been like this. He who laughed last was trying to think of a mean answer. Bob Heckman is becoming round shouldered looking down to Peggy, and she is getting her tonsils sun- burned in the bargain. The feeling must be mutual. Miss Harris is in doubt whether she can talk politics or not, so she looks up her oath. Miss Hammonds: What was the re- sult of Garfield’s assassination? Walker: He died. Are the walls supposed to be sound- proof? Applause for Miss Harris’ stories is heard from the next room. Miss Hammond’s idea of honesty is to have Gomes, Martin, and Drohan sit together and get different marks on their tests. Even though Federman doesn’t al- ways have an intelligent question, he gets a chance to use a new word oc- casionally. Seniors: There’s a bright side to everything. But it’s just an agitation To see the shine upon the suit We’ve worn since graduation. Mr. Fredrickson: Look here, son, you’re going away for a week, and not leaving any wood cut for the house? Lawrence: What are you worrying for? I’m not taking the axe with me. THE SENIOR FLICKER INDEPENDENT MACHINE COMPANY INSURE WITH JOHNSON GLOUCESTER NATIONAL BANK BLOG. TELEPHONES 16 AND 67 LOLLY’S RIDING ACADEMY On tke Bridle Patk (Birdseye Property) SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN BEGINNERS Lawrence " Lolly " Fraga , Proprietor and Instructor 80 Concord Street Telephone Gloucester 3600 129 130 THE SENIOR FLICKER Miss Harris: When were you born? Sandler: April 2. Miss Harris: Being a little late must be a habit with you. Bill: I hear you girls of the Tri-Hi are having beef for dinner. Wini: Yes, we’ve invited the foot- ball team. Mother: I certainly hope they make an example out of that silly aviator who looped the loop 15 00 times in three hours. McLaughlin, doing Physics: They will, mother, they will. Allen was shaving himself in the open air when the Sergeant came along. Sergeant Dailey: Do you always shave outside? Allen: Of course. Did you think I was fur-lined? Host (appearing on darkened ver- anda) : Are you young folks all en- joying yourselves? ( " Absolute Silence from Betty and Billy). Host (returning indoors) : That’s fine! Captain Shum to Campbell: Your name? Ralph: Campbell, sir. Captain: Your age? Ralph: Eighteen, sir. Captain: Your rank? Ralph: I know it. What you need is an electric bath. Nothing doing, Doctor — I had an uncle drown that way up in Sing Sing. He: Do you know your dog just bit me? She: What of it? He: Well, they say that when a dog bites you, you have everything that the dog has. She: Well then, you’d better start worrying, she just had nine puppies. Soupy: What a cold I’ve got. History Teacher: What are you taking for it? Soupy: Oh, about five or six hand- kerchiefs a day. Feener: Say, do gooseberries have legs? She: No, why? Feener: Then I must have swallowed a caterpillar. " That’s me all over,” said Lund- berg as he dropped a stick of dynamite. Mr. Parkhurst (to Parnel who was a half hour late) : You should have been in here at eight o’clock. Parnel: Why, what happened? Seniors BEWARE! ! Take out an- nuity insurance as soon as possible, because if you don’t, Miss Smith will haunt you. Mr. Harris (in B. O. Class) : How did you get in here Olsen? The last time I saw you, you were absent. Surgeon (to Forbes Feener) : Go and get the name of the accident victim so we can inform his mother. Feener (3 minutes later): He says his mother knows his name. THE SENIOR FLIGKER 131 Compliments of The North Shore Theatre Richard C. Tarr Richard W. Tarr Cape Ann Ticket and Label Co. COMMERCIAL PRINTING 222 Eastern Avenue Telephone 2686-W ou may satisfy your Graduation clothing needs at GLCOMEEES’S GLOUCESTER’S MODERN CLOTHING STORE UPLAND LAPM Quality Milk Ipswich, Mass. 132 THE SENIOR FLICKER A question copied from one of our brilliant senior’s history notebook: In detail tell reasons for and results of 1873. Captain Schum : Can you operate a typewriter? Sergeant Dailey: Yes, sir, I use the Biblical system. Captain Schum:! never heard of it. Sergeant Dailey: Seek and ye shall find. Emma: What do you think of mud as a beautifier? Jack: Well, it hasn’t done much for the turtle. Teacher: Jimmie, are you eating candy or chewing gum? Morrow: Neither one. I’m soaking a prune to eat at recess. Lady (alighting from car at R. O. T. C. party and tipping boy at door) : Here you are my boy. Bolger: I beg your pardon, Madam, but I am an officer of the R. O. T. C. Lady: I can’t help it, that’s all the change I have. Lost, a fountain pen by a boy half filled with ink. THE SENIOR FLICKER 133 Compliments of Gloucester Coal and Lumber Co. Best W ishes to tlic Class ol 1936 Compliments of EMERSON S. BOUGHTON JEWELER 9 Center Street Compliments of Consolidated Lobster Co., Inc. WORLD’S LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR OF LOBSTERS 134 THE SENIOR FLICKER " Not the end, but the beginning,” is a fine motto, and yet it is not al- together true. Surely, as we close the covers of this book, we also close a door, gently but firmly, upon a certain phase of our life. The closing of this door means the definite end of childhood, of light-heartedness, and of the friendships that we fondly expect to cherish forever. It is this end that we think of now, although we should remember that the beginning has yet to come. If the thought of the beginning cannot console us, we shall comfort ourselves with the hope that some warmth and light may creep through the crack of the door, and prevent our old friends from forgetting us entirely. " Dum spiro spero.” THE SENIOR FLICKER 135 AUTOGRAPHS 136 THE SENIOR FLICKER AUTOGRAPHS THE SENIOR FLIGKER 137 AUTOGRAPHS 138 THE SENIOR FLIGKER AUTOGRAPHS THE SENIOR FLIGKER AUTOGRAPHS CD cr o 140 SAWYER F REE LIBRARY 655 00129 4663 -ACT4V£-5 YORAG E THE SENIOR FLISKER jyr : SAWYER FREE library GLOUCESTER, MASS. 0l93fl| COMPLIMENTS OF THOMPSON’S JEWELRY STORE 164 Main Street Gloucester Chanticleer Ice Cream “S0 0a U 0cur 0aLk ” Telephone 485 Gloucester, Mass. :::::::: :::::::: The Cooper-Bessemer Corp. ||| Diesel Engines :::::::: Furniture Draperies Carpets Upholstery C. F. TOMPKINS CO. Quality Furniture for Every Room :::::::: 67 Middle Street Gloucester, Mass,

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