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tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tocl :k-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock ick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock c A ' CA • »- , c A • JJ " r (. rfO ' A - p z-x’ J O ' V V N c o C X Zx " T ' , , 0 o A -.O ' Y ' JUT nT " ■Six ' . o s o O ' O V s - O jT ., x vr- a O ' V as O V O o A o o x » { 0 .s ;v N O (V o— v O ' " 7 . ’W A cA - A i vP O ' 6 X w r A O co o° Q ; v £j XC r o A . L ' A ° ' V Ntf Z++ ? X) Qo jr rC O ' - V A v; - V c O S O ' O ' y L ' V o 2x XS . vrj xA CO ' TS x . ”» co v- A S? " 6 A -y -r% -Jt ; A O X O .O “ o ' A -x A " ' y O O ° f . X v -T 7 s . V jts N o 0 r y o ' J .O ' x v r w O ' a O Ax O V Or o O X x ' ' .a -o A y o _ p A P ey or . t - O ■ 1 " o -O) o O N ' U ' 82 CAVALIER Gloucester High School Gloucester, VA 23061 Volume 29 Table of Contents Opening 1 Faculty 81 Seniors. 14 Sports 95 Juniors 33 Student Life. . . 121 Sophomores . 49 Clubs .137 Freshmen 65 Community 173 The Best of Times 3 Dukes Let Their 4 Hair Down 5 Time Life at GHS runs like the hands of a clock. There is a time for everything. There is a time for us to learn and also a time for us to have fun. From lunch to English class or from a football game to a party, there are times to do different things. There are times to be serious, to be a little crazy, to be sad, and to be happy. These years are special to us and we want them to be the " best of times " here at Gloucester High. Holly Arnold, Stephanie Rouse, and Steve Bland wait for the Homecoming pep rally to begin. Miss Dennis and Bob Harris help with Homecoming preparations. Patty )enkins rides in the parade. 6 Flows Like a River Tracy Shackelford decorates for the parade. Wendy Paige and Althea Burrel enjoy free time at lunch. The senior class wins the Homecoming pep rally. Cay Butler is seen at parade as Miss D ' Otis. 8 9 Homecoming .. . Just a Game? The spirit . . . the excitement . . . the vic¬ tory Homecoming is much more than just another football game. Homecoming is seeing old friends, marching in a parade, being in the Homecoming court, working our hearts out on a float, being able to act slightly crazy during Spirit week, yelling un¬ til we have sore throats at the pep rall y, having extra long practices, but most of all, sharing the happiness together. The Dukes are face to face with the Bruton Panthers. 10 The Senior players are recognized at the pep rally. Steve Banks crowns Terry Lewis as Homecoming Queen during halftime. Lisa Dixon, Christy Blake, Lisa Brown, Annette Leppin, and Terry Lewis are members of the Homecoming Court. Sometimes you feel like a nut... J ot ' C - ■ Vic ■ r CrA— LO-C St , ,■ Mr- ®m 12 Sometimes you don ' t! 13 SnMwiiPlBWMB mmm rapj jL f Wk ■ Wf ■ " - afl ,■ . £■ VjM ftp fe d L-jj Jp»- V 4 | M- ' K J k 1 b fiSfe® .. ' W- I Js | VV jJL ' j| aT . ; Ofc»r T k - ' ' ■WK ' aflL- ' m 4 - «tai $£ W j r 4 k- ' " pjf ■ rIP fhB. ' Tt) - H Ss3SjE«fc£,. ' . fjjpPjr mm; fi • • IV , f ' A X j, . 1 sn jK .4 as:- Sfc Ms «, {4 4 iV Mi . ,„ ■ 8 ,: :. • 1 v - ; ‘ --V f .J £ • 1 f P K Mi I 3 . ■ V .-JL V •£ y CT f v - . » I • .. «NP f r .•» w” v ; i » v| % 5 ■Sr 4’ •3i Nl rs ' ; w ■ r?- 4 •”¥ v v . . 1- % )| I v a .fSb % . -. li - |»4 ST %? RkI 4! i’i £ J f . 11 1 ' • ' r %i - . ®r ’ ?r ft. V jf 4 k r V J ' K r V. V ' r ' • „ .’ • ' Don ' t Look Now, but. . . 16 SENIORS 17 Willian Ambrose Jeanette Bartozewicz Connie Bohannon mm Jeffery Brown Harry Atwell Ruth Bachner Joan Baines Terry Baldwin Anthony Berry Steven Bland Steven Boerner Robin Bogue Derek Bond George Bradshaw Kelly Brewer Kathleen Bristow Stacy Brown Tricia Brown Althea Burrell Janice Burse Gay Bui ter Alan Byrd Christopher Call Angela Carmine Rachel Carr Suzanna Cerny John Chapman Steven Clements Barbara Coates Mercia Coates Rhonda Cobbs David Cochran Catherine Cook Mervin Cook Tony Cook Charles Cook Randall Coons Yvonne Corbin Anthony Coulson Class of Eighty-Two 19 Robyn Deese Cindy Dickerson Lisa Dixon Barbara Drew Jill Drews Dale Craig Marlon Davis Ricky Davis David Dea Dawn Debolt Joan Driver Kenneth Dudley Evie Easter Mark Eley Jeff Elkins W 20 Chris Green Denise Green Helen Griffin Tammy Griffith Roberta Grow Dallas Hamrick Duane Hansford Raymond Harper Donald Harrell Kimberly Harris Dennie Fyfe Brett Garnett Kathryn Gaultney Gleen Goo tee Susan Gumear John Guy Robin Hall Denise Hamilton Pamela Hammock Heidi German Class of Eighty-Two Robert Harris Virginia Harris Kevin Harrison Darlene Haywood Rebecca Haywood Jeanette H el big William Heywood Syvette Hightower Teresa Hill Brian Hiser Brian Hodges Brenda Hogge Dana Hogge Jeff Hogge Laura Hogge Carroll Hunter Dennis Irvin Ann Jackson Crystal Jackson Janice Hunt Jeanette Jackson Wanda Jenkins Michele Jones Kevin Kay lor Hilda Keats Mark Kellum Charlotte Kemp Mary King Nancy King Margret Kirkland Class of Eighty-Two •S; MsjiVS Darnell Lee Kimberly Lee Towanda Lee Frank Lehman Terry Lenz Kristi Leonard Terry Lewis Tommy Lewis Debra Lindquist Carlton Lockley Teresa Lyeth Mary May yard Brian Manniny Timothy Manniny Jeffrey Maryason Sharon McFerrin Mona McKinney Bessie McKoy Estella McKoy Donna Meyers Gene Millen David Miller Dorothy Miller Sammy Mills Catherine Moore Joy Morris Barbara Morton Terry Neal Long Nguyen Beverly Northrop Katherine Nuttall Calvin Oliver Mary Oliver James O ' Reilly Wendolyn Paige Class of Eighty-Two Em Dale Payne Selena Phelps Teresa Phelps Lena Pimentel Bernie Quattlebaum Stephanie Rouse Mary Rigler Hammie Rowe Jr. Larry Rilee Coleen Sabin Sheila Rilee Brian Salley Jay Schaumleffel Thomas Schuster Lloyd Scott Pamela Shackelford Denise Pollard Glenn Robins Lisa Scarborough Robert Shackelford Tanya Slade Marianne Smith Michelle Stewart William Sharp Jennifer Sloan Kenneth Spencer Reggie Stokes Theresa Simpson Cynthia Smith Arson Starks Kathy Strickland Charles Shannon Brian Sharp Roger Slaughter Marsha Smith Rachel Stewart Susan Sindle Francis Smith Timmy Steele Mark Swihart Class of Eighty-Two Francis Thomas Sarah Tolley John Walters Karen West Shirley Thomas Robert Tucker Jr. Jules Ward Bernard West Sharon Taliaferro Archie Thompkins Roberta Vosburgh Marvin Washington Kim Terry Shelly Thornton Cynthia Walker Michele Washington Kathy Thomas Sandra Tucker James Ward Kimberly West Eugene West Richard Wheeler Leslie Whit acre Marjorie White Vivian White Wendell White Jean Whiting Doris Whitley Carol Williams Laurie Williams Lisa Williams Michael Williams Ronald Williams James Wilson Robert Wilson Linda Yavorsky Warren Young John Z werner Stephen Zwerner Class of Eighty-Two Steve Banks Rhonda Cobbs Shirley Ellis Cynthia Emory Debbie Ford Helen Griffin Hansford Harrison Jr. Tammy Harris Jeanette Helbig Brian Hiser Dana Hudgins Thomas Jurgensen Duane Mabry John Martin Mark Matthews Jonathan Meyer Scott Fanning Anthony Haywood Long Nguyen 30 Lisa Oliver Hamntie Rowe Jr. George Schaffer Stanley Scott Timothy Snow Melissa Sutton Darcy Terry Sarah Tolley Pam Train ham Marvin Washington Marjorie White Judith Williams Paula Williams Linda Yavorsky Chris Call, YOU have the cutest little baby face. Margie White seems to be enjoying Government Class. Class of Eighty-Two 31 Senior ' s Do " Goof " Off!! A 1 and a 2 and a . . . Larry Rilee conducts his English class. The adults of tomorrow Tom Schuster, Mike Larkin, Wendy Paige, Benton. and Kristi Kevin Kaylor is undecided in buying a yearbook from Kim Harris. Tom Schuster, Quiet? Never!! The THRILL of being a Senior! (Kevin Kaylor, Kelli Brewer, George Schaeffer, and Charlotte Kemp) Only half of Will Sharp is interested in his class. IUNIORS 33 Erika Anderson Mark Arnder Billy Austin Becky Baldwin Lisa Baney Duane Basta Karen Bauer Kelly Bender Kristi Benton Susan Berggren ) m i Eric Berghuis Crystal Berry Terrell Berry Torrance Berry Keith Blanchard Robert Blevins Denise Boggess Toni Bolden Gloria Bonniville Kim Bonniville Steven Pritchard contemplates the origin of the school lunch. Yasmine Branden surveys all the action in the court house. 34 Jamie Boothe Pam Bradshaw Yasmine Branden Frances Brewer Melanie Brown Terry Brown Rhonda Bryant Keenan Bryant Mario Buffa Jacqueli Burns Cindy Cason Pam Caviness Timothy Burrell Kathleen Burton Cheryl Bush Sandy Busic Kim Butler Wendy Caldwell Pam Carmine Carolyn Carter Dwayne Carter Mary Carter " Where do I put my feet now? " asks Jimmy Todd as Caroline Sterling giggles with glee. The Dragons with a fair lady in distress. 35 Kim Char Chris Chretien Herbert Chriscoe Russell Clements Kevin Coates Ronnie Compton Ronda Conkling Brenda Cook Tiny Cook Valerie Cook Robin Cooper Tommy Cooper Renee Corbett Benita Corbin Wanda Cox Ann Crittenden Gary Cutter Paul Danforth Michael Davis Michele Dawson Ricky Evans takes a step back in time during his Beta initiation. Ruth Watts calls a time-out from her busy schedule. 36 Madison Dickerson David Diggs Randolph Driver Renee Dudley Peter Dunklee Sherry Dunn Jeff Edwards Kim Ellis Tracy Ellis Angela Elmore John Emerson Pam Emerson Allen Evans Hugh Evans Ricky Evans Sheila Wyke finds time to study her Algebra II during lunch. Pam Oliver gives the photographer her laid back look. 37 Tracy Fulcher Bill Cary Harry Gary Laura Gayle Teresa Gilley Mary Goodhart Tim Gorde James Greene Susan Grizzard Lisa Gutermuth Jimmy Guy Susan Haley Mary Hall Mary Hardee Stephanie Hardee Danny Harris Debbie Harris Regina Harris Holland Hart Tommy Haskins David Diggs prepares a secret formula in the Chemistry lab. Theresa Walker gets to class on time, but where is the rest of the class? 38 Tara Hocheim Claudia Hogge Jay Hogge Neal Hogge Timmy Hogge jenny Holland Angela Horsley Teresa Howard William Howard Pam Howlett Cindy Hughes Robin Hughes David Irvin Catherin Isner Gwen Jackson Teresa Gilley puts her best face forward. G.H.S. has its own " Miss Glad Model. " (Susan Spencer) 39 Tammy Johnson Toni Johnson Carrie Jones Olive Jones Eddie Kahlbaum Alice Kane Karen Kellum Theresa Kellum Timmy Kellum Lewis Kerns Greg Kladler Beth Knight Hahn Kumthong Kris Lamos Gwen Larrimore A Daphne Lay Gina Leigh Stephen Lemons Maurizio Leone Annette Leppin Martha Washington (Mary Machie) and Pocahan- tas (Kim Char) seem to be lost in time. Is Alice Kane trying to be someone else? 40 Alicia Lockley Tom Lyerly Mary Machie Sheila Mahoney Jeff Mann Chris Margason Danny Marshall Penny Marshall Linda Martin Adrin McFerrin Gaylan McGinnis Charles McKeller Tiny McKinney Kim Mitchell Melanie Mitchem Susan Haley gives the details on her fascinating lunch. Tracey Fulcher seems to be interested in something besides class work. 41 jimmy Newman Kelly Nichols Donna Norville Francine Nye Eddie Oliver Pam Oliver Steven Owens Ellen Padgett Ann Parks Angela Phillips Donna Phillips Robert Phillips janet Pimentel Bobby Polk john Pouchot Amy Prillaman Steven Pritchard Lester Proffitt Scott Pultz Akram Ransom Randie Roane ■i Lester Proffitt is up to his old tricks again. Kim Butler just loves having her picture taken. Kim Rogers 42 Stephanie Rohrbach Sonya Rouse Pauline Rowe John Saunders Tammy Sea well Sandra Shackelford Vanessa Shackelford Mia Shaw Peter Shaw Shannon Shaw Kirsten Shulenburg Lisa Sikora Curtis Smith Drew Smith Henry Smith Karen Smith Verna Smith Randy Snow Jerry Soesbee Connie South Beth Strickland does her imitation of Daffy Duck. | 43 Susan Spencer Melissa Spruill Dawn Starks Caroline Sterling Carrie Sterling Michael Stewart Fannie Stokes Lisa Stokes Renee Stokes Beth Strickland Vaughan Sutton Lisa Tabb Donald Talbott Delois Taliaferro William Teagle Dana Teets Greg Thayer Carla Thomas Regina Thompkins Charlene Thompson Beth Knight and Ms Horne deciding how to get all those Seniors into one picture. SL M II IIIW l 1 ' . 11 ' m m Mary Hardee pays close attention to a discussion at lunch. 4-4 Dale Thornton Jimmy Todd Jeff Tomlinson Robert Trevilian Lisa Trueblood Drena VanHoudt Mark Vann Theresa Walker Tom Walker Ruth Watts Helene Wells Leroy West Sandra West Glenn West Paul White Pam Bradshaw tests some of that good ol ' Glou. School Property. Lynne Whitt cannot stand to watch another minute of that violent football. 45 Lynne Whitt Tina Williams Anthony Willis Rita Willis Nathan Winslow Laurie Wood Pam Woods Sheila Wyke Kathryn Young Rita Young Last But Not Least 46 Karen Bauer seems to have too much time on her hands. Mary Ellen Hardee does not seem to understand the assignment. Sonya Rouse is caught quite candidly. Ruth Napier and Stephanie Rohrbach do not believe it is term paper time again. Yasmine Branden takes a breath during the ring dance. | " Oh no, not another photographer, " says Kim Char. Melissa Spruill tries to hide from the candid camera. 47 Delois Taliaferro and Victoria White are not pleased with Greg Kladler is ready to go home, the outcome of the pep rally. Mr. Zuger is the power behind the Junior class. Douglas Dear takes break-time while Regina Harris continues to work. Scott Pultz takes lunch quite seriously. Theresa Gilley discusses the problem. A typical discussion between Susan The Junior class officers: Alice Kane, Delois Taliaferro, Spencer and Mark Turner. Tracy Ellis, and Becky Baldwin. 48 SOPHOMORES 49 Is Holly Arnold ' s hair really that crazy ? Betty Ambrose Lavonna Arnder Holly Arnold Steve Austin Christy Avgolaus Kim Baldwin Charles Banks Pam Bareford Tom Batchelor Butch Belvin Chris Belvin lackie Benoche Bonnie Berghuis Jill Berghuis Curtis Berry Denita Berry 1 Lisa Berry Trent Berry William Berry Kathy Birdsall Ann Blake 50 Karen Blake Caroline Blaylock Marston Blow Roberta Bockrath Kellie Bonner Valerie Bonniville Faith Booker Frankie Boothe Beverly Breaud Hope Breeden Dorothy Brooks Michael Brooks Yvette Brown Greg Brown Harriet Brown Lisa Brown Jerod Brown Pam Brown Scott Brown Yvonne Burrell Mark Carrington Wilbur Carter Duane Cecil Vicki Chapman Robby Burreson Charles Burruss Randall Campbell DeDe Carmine Michelle Carmine 51 Suzanne Clark Sam Clay John Clayborn Michelle Clements Kirby Clements Beth Cochran Cheryl Coleman Rhonda Conney Sherri Cooper Della Corbin Cecil Corey Lisa Cutter Scott Daily Allie Dandridge Letha Davis Rennie Davis Ronnie Davis Ceofrey Delara Sherry Driver Sterling Driver Carol-Anne Duckett Kenny Dunn Lisa Dunston Pam Eason Sherry Dunston Tom Eubank Clare Farmer Heide Farmer Stephen Finch Teresa Fishburn 52 Tracy Fletcher Brian Foster Wade Foster Lisa Foster Nancy Feiermuth Amy Garber Mary Garber Tony Gerhardt )eff German Michael Gibson Donna Goens Alyson Graves Kristi Graves Darlene Gray Anna Green Delma Green Henry Green Ricky Green Kelvin Grimes Bill Gutermuth Henry Guy 53 French students on a field trip are glad to be out of the classroom for once. Craig Cwyn Dawn Cwyn Brenda Hall Chris Hall Kathy Hall Ted Hall David Hamilton jimmy Hardee Mary Harding Carla Harper Sonya Harris Sarita Hart Mark Harvey Debbie Harwood Lisa Heins Paula Hicks Donna Hirschberg Diana Hogge Kim Hogge Lorraine Hogge 54 lames Holloway Gina Honeycutt Sharon Hood Mark Hoover Chris Hornbrook Christy Horsley Vicky Hough Harold Howard Tracy Jackson Bobby James Chuck James Lynn Jenkins Eric Jenkins Joe Jenkins Allen Jenkins Terry Jenkins Trez Johnson Brian Jones Carol Jones Amy Jordan Eric Jurgenson Kim Kearney Eric Kellum Yvone Kellum John Kearns ( Michelle Kesler Burnic Keys Lisa King Matthew Knight Nicky Krikales 55 Sammy Larrimore Serita Lee Elizabeth Leidig Debby Leigh Andy Lewis Scott Lewis Karl Lindquist Stephen Lipps Richard Lyeth Linda Machie Christian Maggard Andrew Margason Timmy Marshall lames Martin Kim Martin Randy Martin lames Matous lackie McClure Lester McKinney Evelyn McKoy Megan Merrick George Millen Rad Moncure Greg Morgan Keith Morris Russell Murphy (anine Murray Mike Myers Patty Myers Tammy Myers 56 )ana Neilson Andy Newton Pam Owens Karen Paige Lawrence Paige Randy Parker Michelle Patrick Mike Phillips Annette Pollard Marletha Ransom Verdery Ransone Donna Richards Will Richards Wade Rilee Patricia Roane Stephen Roane Carole Roberts Britton Robins Drew Robins Rhoda Robinson Earl Robinson 57 Scott Shackleford, don ' t you dare! Lisa Ronk Barbara Rowe Lisa Rowe Vernon Rudolph (anine Safka Brad Schaeffer Bill Schmitz Nancy Schuster Larry Scruggs Mary Setterholm Robert Shackelford Scott Shackelford Jeff Shaw Chuck Shelton Wayne Shelton Duane Sidney Ricky Silvis Anthony Smith Kelly Smith Keven Smith Bill Smith 1 58 Lisa Springle Berkley Stokes Benny Stokes Teri Strong Eddie Suthers Lynn Sutton Annette Teets Billy Thomas Eileen Thompkins Brent Thompson David Thornton Marie Thornton Marvin Thornton Stephanie Thornton Albert Tillage Paige Trivett Stephanie Trivett Greg Turner Shari VanCleave Doug Vonwald Michael Walker Lee Walker Sarah Waters Ken Weber Lisa Wells Alisa West Charles West )amie West Lisa West Lisa A. West 59 Richard West Stephen West Susan White Jennifer Whiting William Whiting )odie Winkle Andrew Williams Brian Williams Harry Williams )oyce Willis Kim Wilson Keith Wood Will Worley Kim Yavorsky Misplaced Sophomores Yvonne Dunn Chris Hutson Sophomore class officers Donna Hirschberg, Secretary; Lisa Cutter, Treasurer; Betty Ambrose, President; and Suzanne Clark, Vice President. 60 Ask Beth Boyd and Dawn Gwyn what ' s more fun listening to a lecture or having your picture taken? Hamlet did not make a big impression on Will Richards. David Hamilton and Kevin Smith lean back and take it easy in the morning. Celebrating back to school? Donna Hirschberg does at the Back to School Dance. Amy Garber, Harriet Brown, Linda Machie, and Rhoda Robinson meet and talk in the Commons 61 The Count of Monte Cristo is action-packed, but Brit¬ ton Robins is not excited. Karen Paige does some before school studying in the cafeteria. Mike McEnroth, Felix Sparber and Wayne Roberts relax in the cafeteria waiting for the bell. Charles Burress is always smiling and always being photographed. lackie Benoche, Pam Bareford, Rhonda Conney, and Bonnie Berghuis at the last pep rally. 62 James Matous checks on a friend before sixth period. Chris Hoylex is happy to have his picture taken. 63 k senior Mike I arkin ton nrnuH to talk to sonhomore leff Shaw? He ' ll think Hope Breeden may think it ' s funny, but Lisa Wells doesn ' t. Shari VanCleave is thoughtful despite the noise in the early morning commons. Brian Williams with his favorite cap. FRESHMEN 65 Angela Alexander Ben Ames Kim Amidon Chris Anderson Cindy Anderson j Kim Anderson )ohn Baines Debbie Bagwell Tracy Baldwin Orville Bame Marvin Barnes )ohn Batchelor Timmy Bauer Wendy Bauer Michele Belvin Kristy Bender Kristi Blake " It ' s about time! " — probably the thought of every Freshman this year. " Finally, CHS! " After a few weeks of being lost, be¬ ing late, and sometimes not being there at all, things settled down to normal — at least, that is, as normal as things get around here. Along with the rest of the classes, the class of 85 elected officers for their first year at the high school. They are pictured as follows: Front: Tracy Mullins, and Brent Walters. Back: Kristi Blake, and Wendy Myers. 66 Lloyd Blake Karen Blanchard Billy Bogue Darlene Bonniville Melissa Bonniville Rodney Bonniville Sabrina Bonniville Matt Boon Randy Boone Lauri Breeden Peter Brewer Wiatt Briggs Olivia Bright Angie Brogden Floyd Brook Chris Brown Darlene Brown Dina Brown Matt Burgess Kelly Brown Randy Brown Robert Brown Selina Brown Mattie Burrel Matt Bushnell jenny Camiolo Tony Cambell jackie Chapman Kevin Char Ed Clay 67 Fred Clements Keith Coates Melvin Coates Adrienne Collins Frank Collischain Kim Conner Kindra Cook Sharon Corbin Debbie Cottee Scott Countiss Wayne Cridlin Kipp Crone Evie Cross )amie Carrington " Come on, group, time to yell! " — Freshmen get ready for one of their first GF4S pep rallies. Chris Cutler Barbara Dansby Connie Darnell William Davis David Dear Clayton Dedmon Darren DeForge Lynn Dicky Ellen Diggs Lesley Drew 68 Lisa Dumas Bobby Dunnigan Chanda DuPaul Michael Ekdahl Sally Emerson Rose Feher Melissa Fife Joanie Fite Susie Folkes Matt Folson " Up in the sky — it ' s a bird, it ' s a plane, no it ' s a DUKE! " (Robbie Hudgins and W. L. johnston) Chris Friant Christy Gambell Wayne Gay Pam Gibbs Patricia Gillespie Wally Glock Bettina Grabbenstetter Kenneth Greene Laurie Green Sammy Green Terri Green William Green Scott Griffith )amie Gray 69 Billy Hall Terry Hall Eddie Harrell John Harris Regina Harris Carol Harrison Michelle Hayes Murray Hayes Susan Haywood Todd Hanley Daryl Hester Karen Hill Kelly Hirv Stephanie Hodges Kim Mills — Batons are not just for twirling, they are also great for defense! Toni Hodges Chris Hoell Clay Hogge Barry Hogge Jodi Hogge Lisa Hogge Melissa Holden Molly Holloway Vivian Honaker Tammy Hopkins 70 Joe Horsley Jeff Howard Brian Hogge Brenda Hudgins Eddy Hudgins Michael Hudgins Robbie Hudgins John Hugate Theresa Hugate Andrea Hughes Paul Hundly Brian Hunter Saundra Jackson Tony Jackson Julie Jeffreys Don Jenkins Greg Jenkins Kathy Jenkins Luther Jenkins Melinda Jones Donna Jackson Hunter Johnson W. L. Johnston Jackie Keats 71 Eric Thomas glares into the camera eye while J.V. teammates Billy Hall, Brent Walters, and Ben Ames are interested in other things . . . Danny Kellum Eddie Kellum Rusty Kellum Mark Kiefer Marion King Sally King Michelle Kustanovitz Todd Lafferty David Lane Michelle Lauderman Barry Lewis Ri chard Lewis Trippy Little Mary Beth Luckam Anne Lynch Sidra Mahler Linda Maiorana Elizabeth Matthews Amy Maxwell Angela Mayes Debbie McGee Erin McGinnis Kevin McKeller Kim McKeller 72 Derek McMurray Eric Meade Jay Meigner Audery Miller Kim Mills Jane Morgan Lisa Motley Pam Mullins Tracy Mullins Ronnie Myers Wendy Myers Bill Naquin Dina Neider Linda Nichols Shannon Nichols John Oldfield Scott Oliver Robbie Olivis Ben Olson Steven Owens David Paige Danny Permea Andrea Perrin Natalie Phillips School is not all hard work, there are some free times to do important things, like talking. 73 Tracy Pruden Kenny Pryor Kenny Pryor Donna Reichardt Brent Reid Alan Riggs Delores Rilee Wayne Roberts Sharyn Robins Wendy Myers - " No, that ' s o k., snakes are great as long as I do not have to hold them!! " Greg Rodgers Lisa Rodgers Paul Rodgers Doug Rouse Steve Sadovic Bonnie Sears Karen Sears Eric Schaich Angie Scott Robert Scott Mark Shackleford Tracy Shackleford Christy Sharman Kurt Shearous Sunday Shell 74 : The life of a freshman is not contained to home and school, although it may often seem that way. Between homework and the many things parents have us do, there are other activities. In the fall, the Friday football game (and the J.V. game on Wednes¬ day) provide a great place to show spirit and get together with friends. Mike Silberhorn Patrick Simpson Amy Smith Faith Smith Holly Smith Sharon Smith Tanya Smith Denise Snow Amy Spencer Gene Squires Jack Steele Mary Steele Bridgett Stokes Marie Stokes Lisa Summers Carrie Taylor Mark Teagle Mary Teagle Peter Teagle 75 Eric Thomas Holly Thomas Terry Thomas Mark Thompson Cindy Thurston Wayne Tice Craig Tolef son Monica Trueblood David Vann Pam Walker Tammy Walker Kathy Wallace Brent Walters Glen Walthall Keith Walton Earl Ward Jeff Wadkins Kelly Weirich Angela West Carline West Melanee West Melissa West Rich ard West Warren West 76 t r A 8 Craig Whitbey Grace White lames White Adam Whiting David Wilburn Kara Williams Thomas Wilson Susan Windley Mark Winslow )oe Wolff Left: David Wilburn and |oe Horsley are caught in a moment of solemn Duke loyalty. Amy Maxwell ponders over the pros and cons of a CHS pep rally. Diane Wood Leslie Wood 77 Ask any freshman: lunch is the best class! After the first day of finding who is in the same lunch is one familiar thing in the new school. Besides lunch, the time between when people get to school and when the bell rings for first period is the main social hour. Many people finish their homework, but most people just sit around and talk (or pose for pictures). 78 Anne Lynch looks warily at the camera, but no one else seems to mind. Senior, Trey Young, senses that even though he is with Sidra Mahler, he is not welcome on the Freshman stands. A common scene: doing homework before school in the Commons. Will it ever Even if the table is a little slanted, the humor isn ' t, be finished? 79 Let ' s Focus on " Class " Missing Senior. .. Jean Rowe is completing her Senior year while attending Virginia Commonwealth University as a full time Theatre major. She plans to graduate with her senior class here at GHS. Accomplishments: Newspaper Staff 9, Chorale 10, Madrigals 11, Drama Club 9-11, President 10, Thespians 9-11, Secretary 10, President 11, AFS 10-11, Pom-Pon Squad 10, Chess Club 11, Field Hockey, Band, Who ' s Who, " MASH " , " The Sandbox " , " TGIF " , " Pfieffer ' s People " , " Oliver " , " The Crucible " , " Our Town " , " Story Theatre " , State One Act Play Festival, " V.T.B.U. " — Courthouse Players. Grade 12 — Fine Art review writer for The Commonwealth Times, VCU productions of " The Ribcage " , and " Carnival " . 80 FACULTY 81 Relaxed, But Firm Principal Donald W. Hirschberg B.S., M.ED. Virginia Commonwealth Univ. College of William and Mary Assistant Principal Robert L. Mitchell B.S., M.Ed. St. Pauls College College of William and Mary 82 Principals Run School Assistant Principal Dr. Virginia Moffat PHD. University of Texas Assistant Principal W. Lee Bush, Jr. A.B., M.A. St. Marys University Dartmouth College 83 Teachers Strive for Perfection Diane Allen B.S. — Special Education Va. State University Robert H. Anderson B.S. — Mathematics Bridgewater College Ronald). Arntz Upper Iowa University NIROTC Mary L. Barnes B.S. — Special Education Norfolk State University )on P. Bittenbender B.S. — Social Studies Kutztown College Elizabeth A. Blake B.S. — Mathematics Va. Commonwealth Univ Reginald E Brown B.S. — Vocational Va. State University Robert A. Brown B.A. — Science College of William Mary Patricia A. Colosi A.B. English College of William Mary Shirley A. Askew B.S. — Special Education Henderson State Univ. Martha E. Borden B.A. — Mathematics Chairman Radford University Judith B. Conner B.S., M.S. — Business Old Dominion University 84 Clarence L. Davis B.S., M.Ed - Mathematics Hampton Institute Lora L. Dennis B.A. — Foreign Language College of Wooster Michael H. DeWitt B.S. — Social Studies James Madison Univ. Anne M. Fary B.S. — Mathematics Radford University Mary L. Fary B.A., M.Ed — Librarian Mary Washington College Barbara C. Feild B.A. — Foreign Language Mary Washington College Regina M. Foor VB., M.Ed. — English shbury College Joyce A. Francis B.S. — Business Hampton Institute Christine A. Harrison B.S. — Science Trenton State University Michael Evans B.S. - Social Studies Va. Wesleyan College Karen S. Flowe B.A., M S. — English Old Dominion University Hans R. Haugen B.S. — English State Univ. of New York 85 Teachers Take an Interest Frank C. Haywood, Jr. B.S. — Vocational N. Carolina State Univ. kl Pamela N. Hern B.A. — English James Madison Univ. Kenneth Hinton B.S. — Social Studies St. Pauls College Elizabeth R. Hobbs A.B., M.S. — Reading Old Dominion Univ. Edward E. Holstrom B.S., M E. — Guidance Va. Commonwealth Univ. Elizabeth S. Hugate B.S. - English Radford University Anne B. Hutchinson B.S. — English Madison College Susan J. Isner B.S. — Science Chairman Univ. of S. Carolina Larry W. Johnson B.S. — Athletic Director Milligan College Lisa B. Katzenstein B.A. - Foreign Language Univ. of N. Carolina Mary C. Kaylor B.S. — Mathematics College of William Mary Nancy Keenan B.A. — St. Univ. New York Guidance 86 lean M. King B.S., M.E. — Vocational Univ. of Maryland Esther H. Knox B.A. — Social Studies Col. of William Mary Linda K. Lemasters B.A., M S.A. — Business George Washington Col. Olen H. Lewis, Jr. B.A., M.H. - Social Studies University of Richmond Patricia A. Marchant B.S. — Science, Mathematics Christoper Newport Col. Stanley B. McMullen B.S., M.Ed. — Vocational Ja. State University Margaret C. Middlebrook B.A. — Fine Arts University of Va. James R. Newton B.S. - Vocational Elizabeth City State Univ. Mary B. Patten B.A., M.A. - English Duke University Nan R. Pointer B.A., M E. — Guidance Mary Washington College Paula A. Revere B.S. - English Madison College Judith H. Richardson B.A. - Librarian College of William Mary Faculty and Staff Alexander S. Ruggieru B.A. - JNROTC San Diego State College Donald O. Sandridge B.M.E. - Fine Arts James Madison Univ. Vivian S. Simmons Vocational Norfolk State Univ. Yvonne E. Smith B.S. — Physical Education Norfolk State Univ. Charles D. Spano B.S. — Mathematics Pembroke State Univ. Patricia F. Sprague B.S. - English James Madison Univ. Bernice S. Thomas B.A., M.A. — Guidance Hampton Institute Glenith P. Whitaker B.A. — English Chairman College of William Mary A. Roberta Wiatt B. S. — Physical Education Longwood College Juanita V. Smith B.S. — Business Edward Waters College Mary I. Swihart B.S. — Science Iowa State University Mary R. Windley B.A., M.A. — Mathematics University of Va. 88 Give All They Got Warren C. Zuger B.A., M.A. — Social Studies University of Va. Bessie Berry Ass ' t to Librarians Stanely Howard Secretary Joyce Foster Bookkeeper Faye Kellum School Nurse Gayle Richards Secretary Cassie Mae Silvis Guidance Joan Woodson Secretary Teaching Involves More Than Lecturing Mr. Brown and Carol Williams discuss an advanced Biology project. Mr. Blevins and Raymond Harper take a break from metals to pose for the camera. , Mrs. Richardson is not too sure if she wants a doughnut now. Would you believe these people cook our lunches? 90 Is Coach Morgan really physically fit? Larry lohnson reviews a film for Drivers Ed. Mrs. Hugate, Mrs. Revere, and Mrs. Hern debate whether Mr. Pibb or Sunkist tastes better. Mrs. Horne completes the task of typing one of her famous tests Another ' A ' , Mrs. Borden? 91 Faculty and Staff 92 Have the Best Times 93 Gloucester Teachers Go in Different Directions " Get out of here! " says Mr. Hans Haugen. Mr. Evans — Ralph Sampson in disguise? 94 SPORTS 95 Dukes Place Second All-District John Walters surges ahead for more yardage. Steve Bland displays his style. The Gloucester High football team posted a stellar 7-3 record this year. The only losses were to a pair of losses to AA State Champion Tabb Tigers and a one point loss to Bruton. The Dukes avenged the loss to Bruton by defeating them 14-6 in the Homecoming game. Another bright spot was a 22-16 victory over county rival Mathews. Front Row: Left to Right: David Haynes, Mark Kieffer, Trez Johnson, Steve Bland, Tommy Hasksins, Herbert Chriscoe, Brian Sharp, Leroy West, Duane Hansford, William Howard, and David Hamilton Second Row: Keenan Bryant, John Walters, Bobby Tucker, Glen Gootee, Jeff Edwards, Chris Hutson, Paul White, Jeff Hogge, Jimmy Guy, Doug Ambrose, Scott Jenkins, and Will Sharp Last Row: Tripp Shannon, Akram Ransome, Doug Connor, John Clayborne, Kenny Spencer, Joe Scott, Jimmy Todd, Long Nyguen, Lee Smith, Timmy Steele, Wilburt Carter and Shannon Shaw 96 The Dukes line up before the homecoming game. Paul White takes a moment to reflect on things. Tripp Shannon, 70, yells wo rds of encouragement to teammates after Doug Am¬ brose, 66, recovers fumble. David Haynes, 10, appears to be pushing John Walters, 41, forward. 97 Doug Rouse uses his head. The Dukes raise their hands in triumph. Two attentive players. 98 Soccer Trey Young throws in the ball Tom Schuster fights a Pogudson foe for the ball Bill Cutermuth looks on. 99 Crystal Jackson The Dukes pause Barbara Drew Rhonda Cobbs Renee Stokes Penny Marshall 100 for a moment in the Matthews game. Penny Marshall ' s flying act intimidates a Mathews ' foe. Michelle K. Brooks Toni Bolden Blondell Whiting 101 Time for Spirit — Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Sally King Bettina Grabbenstetter Angie Scott Shannon Nichols Kelly Hirv Holly Lanier Chanda DuPont Lisa Hogge Carrie Tyler Kelly Weirich Debbie Harwood 102 Varsity Cheerleaders — Football Christy Horsely Holly Arnold Charlene Thompson Lisa Springle Tammy Seawell Joy Morris Terri Baldwin Sherri Cooper Renee Dudley Susan Bergreh Carla Thomas 103 Lisa Foster Lisa Hogge Kelly Hirv Chanda DuPaul Kelly Weirich Amy Maxwell Holly Thomas Shannon Nichols 104 Lisa West Carrie Taylor Michele Clements Sherri Cooper Tammy Seawell Sheila Spencer Angie Scott Christy Horsely Lisa Springle Stephanie Hardy Carla Thomas Sonja Rouse Holly Arnold 105 Kneeling: John Redmon, Bobby Polk Standing: Mark Turner, John Pouchot, Randall Coons 106 Field Hockey Back: Teresa Walker, Pam Owens, Jane Morgan, Kim Canner, Tracy Shackleford, Lisa West, Nancy Schuster, Vicki Chapman Middle: Kathy Birdsall, Tracy Mullins, Deila Corbin, Suzanne Clark, Alice Kane, Susan Haley, Stephanie Rarhbach, Coach Smith Bottom: Katie Zahn, Susan Sindle, Sandra Tucker, Carol Williams, Kelli Brewer. Suzanne Clark makes her way up the field. Lisa West is concentrating on the ball. 107 Boy ' s Basketball Varsity Things get crowded on the court. Chuck Banks tries for two. Junior Varsity A. Dandridge, C. Tyler, J White, P. Teagle, H. Howard, W. Johnston. S. Larrimore, E. Robinson, S. Austin, W. Green, K. Pryor, T. Berry, F. Brooks, B. Foster Tommy Haskins passes off to a teammate. 109 FENCING Rosemary Evans Tut King Hugh Evans ■ Matt Boone Bryan Salley Will Richards 110 Varsity Basketball We Opponent They 59 Mathews 47 66 West Point 60 54 Lancaster 88 67 New Kent 64 60 Lancaster 80 50 Lafayette 45 55 Kecoughton 72 48 Phoebus 43 39 Poquoson 56 53 Mathews 55 60 York 63 33 Bruton 48 65 New Kent 66 61 Tabb 79 58 Poquoson 77 66 West Point 69 43 York 55 42 Bruton 44 60 Tabb 73 40 Bruton 38 68 York 86 Wrestling ■ I I. 2 Football We Opponent They We Opponent They 53 Southhampton 24 6 Bruton 7 12 Tabb 56 10 Denbigh 10 17 Poquoson 53 13 York 7 9 Sussex Central 60 13 Tabb 33 31 Hampton 40 17 Poquoson 7 24 Essex 42 14 Bruton 6 55 Peninsula Catholic 6 22 Mathews 16 54 Christchurch 23 31 York 0 36 Bruton 39 8 Tabb 16 31 York 37 7 Poquoson 0 111 It ' s Spring Time! Val Cook prepares for a homer. Randall Coons on his way to a 5-mile jog. 112 113 Coaches Reggie Brown - varsity basketball James Newton — cross country Roberta Wiatt - softball Coaches Larry Johnson and C. W. Shell Mike DeWitt - varsity basketball Gerald Morgan - golf 114 Wrestling Gymnastics Left to Right: Olive Jones, Billy Bogue, Jimmy Guy, Ken Spencer, Kevin Smith, Jon Bittenbender, Alan Byrd, Kevin Lewis, Mark Kiefer, Chris Hoell, Thom Walker, Wayne Roberts, Kip Crone, Dawn Starks Leu iv. ■ ' u t Lynn Whitt, Alisa West, Kelli Brewer, Marie Stokes, Bettina Crabenstetter, Susie Sindle, Gay Butler, Dede Boggess, Nancy Schuster, Karen Bauer, Francis Thomas, Deobie Haywood, Wendy Myers, Margaret Denton, Sally King, Dennie Fyfe 116 Last Time — For the Seniors Ken Spencer John Walters Bobby Tucker Long Nyguen Will Sharp Football Glen Gootee Joe Scott Duane Hansford Steve Bland Seniors Lee Smith Jeff Hogge Timmy Steele William Howard Trip Shannon Doug Ambrose Wrestling Alan Byrd Ken Spencer Field Hockey Kelly Brewer Susan Sindle Carol Williams Cross Country John Redmon, Randall Coons Basketball Crystal Jackson, Barbara Drew, Rhonda Cobbs, Janice Burse Soccer Back: Glen Gootee, Jeff Elkins, Trip Shannon, Trey Young, Tom Schuster Kneeling: Brian Sharp, Carol Williams, Tony Couison. 117 TIME Steve Banks is crowned " Mr. Football.” Akram Ransom peers off into the night. Football player, Timmy Steele, is intent on his typing. 118 OUT! 0 STfflMf V Ty I -« iw V • ' Avn j all MMMk ' SSKETB ' ’ RBW W ■ flj j A K„ JmfT mm Jt ,|M jEt mSmbk. $ I It is the crowd that shows up that makes the difference! It ' s time out for a little half time extravaganza during a tough game. Coach Johnson, cheerleaders, and football players enjoy a watermelon feast. 119 120 STUDENT LIFE Watermelon Feast: 1981 Lee Smith — Let the good times roll. 4 it i y Coach Carter appears to have acquired the delicate art of slicing watermelon I can ' t believe I ate the whole thing. Point me to the watermelon. Paul Scott White sums up the watermelon feast in one word — Awesome!! Bill Smith seems to be having the time of his life. Back-to-School Dance Caroline Sterling gets a few dance lessons from Jimmy Todd. Chris Anderson says, " Give me Punk or give me death. ' ' The " Terrible Twosome and Company. " Shelly tells Tripp to " Cut me some slack What a conspiracy! (Tommy Haskins, Ann Jackson, Erika Anderson, Paul White, Joe - Jack! " Scott) Time to enjoy the good times. " Be Cool Fool " Schaffer. Sidra Mahler and Frank Colashan sing, " Me and My Shadow. " Why dance when you can get your picture taken? 123 Time to Show That G.H.S. Spirit Sheila Spencer ' s dream come true. The Pep Band adds life to the Homecoming Pep Rally. Shannon Shaw and Brian Hiser take Shelly Thorton keeps up with the times time to show their spirit. during Spirit Week. Shannon Nichols and Debbie Harwood reflect on the best of times. Laurie Breeden thinks Homecoming is no time to get a headache. Sorry, Holly, That smile won ' t get you Another brainstorm by Theresa in the Homecoming game. Walker. 24 And Celebrate Good Times 125 And the Winner B? ' i i % % % i The competition was fierce, but the juniors captured second with their " Pierce. " The seniors ' float, " Puree, " got first on Homecoming Day. The sophomores were " Cat-a-pulted " into a tie for third. The freshman float was last in line - better luck next time The Maid of Honor was Lisa Dixon. Smile Terri Lewis, you are the 1981 Homecoming Queen. Selena Phelps was the Senior Attendant. Annette Leppin proudly represents the luniors. Lisa Brown is a happy Sophomore Attendant. Kristi Blake is no fake. She really is Freshman Attendant. left Elkins is too " pretty " for his own good. 127 When It ' s Time to Relax George Schaf fer campaigns for the GHS track team with his sign, " We log¬ gers need support too. " Could it be . . . Rick lames? No, it ' s just Ken Krazy Dudley. Who ' s the wise-guy who used glue in¬ stead of oil? GHS ' s own version of Kool the Gang: Will Sharp, Jimmy Todd, Doug Ambrose, Mary |o Setterholm doesn ' t seem to be Scott lenkins, Paul White, Wilbur Carter. bothered by the pile of work. Is the answer really banging your Sheila Wyke is the first student in history to enjoy her GHS lunch, head on the locker? Peter Shaw gloats over his genius, while Susie Folkes is awestrucken. Nancy King and Susan Grizard flash their mischievous smiles! 128 Let ' s, Face It!! Smile, T rey, you ' re on Candid Camera! Sarah Tolley has the term paper blues. Why is Margie always in the dark? Yvonne Corbin smirks because she knows the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Caught in a rare and serious moment, Racheal Stewart gives the camera her " tough guy " pose. Flip Hannaker is fascinated by the camera. lould I join the fencing team? (Ann Glenn Goottee says football players can count, tool! ackson) Stephanie Rouse demonstrates the latest, guaranteed to work, diet. This year ' s Ring Dance, held on December 12, 1981, proved to be a night to remember. One thing that made it special was, of course, the distributing of Class Rings. The band, Sandcastle, a lso helped to make the dance a success. And last, but not least, the bringing together of the junior Class added to the positive at¬ mosphere on that night. This poster says it all. The Junior Class owes special thanks to Mr. Zuger for all his work Adrin McFerrin places his ring order and is shocked by the price. Some students just sat back and laughed at the excitement. The sizing of the ring is very important in your selection. Does it really take six girls to decide on a ring? 130 — A Two students, disguised as Mr. Haugen and Mr. Hirschberg, tried to sneak into the Tom Schuster and Lisa Williams take time to celebrate. Ring Dance but were caught. Some people danced the night away . . . . . . while Kim Harris and Mark Keiffer were amazed at how some people danc¬ ed the night away. Trey Young and date take time to smile for the camera. Margie White and Jeff Margason had the time of their lives. 131 Four Drama students starred in the fine Fall production of " The Glass Menagerie " by Tennessee Williams. Those members of the cast were Chris Anderson, Gary Cutter, Charlotte Kemp, and Kel¬ ly Nichols. The play proved to be popular with the students, facul¬ ty, and general audience. Charlotte Kemp portrays Chris Ander¬ son ' s mother. Chris Anderson shows some brotherly love to Kelly Nichols. Charlotte shows great poise in this scene. Gary Cutter adds a lighter tone to the play in this scene. Charlotte says her line is just on the tip of her tongue. Charlotte takes a break in the play to make a funny face while Kelly tries to hide her laughter. A Change of Times Next to mud wrestling, twirling the After the pageant, these lovely ladies hope to get a part on the Lawrence Welk baton is Crabcake Smith ' s favorite show. activity. Mitchel Haywood won the audience with his ballet routine to Elvira. , » , WNi Iwtfvft ' V Ttttfifh ,wSjV WJ [mA- ' .SW MMIlfl and the winner was . . . Miss Lola Lola Schaffer couldn ' t decide if it was her looks or talent that won her the Mr. CHS chaffer. pageant. Jeff Elkins has the cutest little baby face. Flip Honnaker shows the stronger side of womanhood. The Junior class invited the Pointer Sisters to perform at the Mr. CHS pageant. 133 Students Being Students Mary Beth Luckam thinks the knack of balancing an egg is not letting go! Mike Silverhorn shows that the Equinox is a serious occasion. At the beginning of this year, several G.H.S. science students participated in some ' ' eggs " ercises. On the day of Equinox, which begins at 11:05 A.M. on September 22, you can balance an egg on its end for hours at a time. This phenomenom is explained by the fact that on the first day of fall, night and day are of equal lengths, and gravity pulls on all sides of the egg. Mrs. Harrison proves one of science ' s many wonders. Craig Cwyn thinks the Equinox is greasy kid ' s stuff. Steve Bland and Stephanie Rouse think that this occasion calls for a cheer Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don ' t. (Bill Schackleford and Cary Gary McFerrin says, " Put on a happy face. " Springle.) Too much time on my hands is David Panchison ' s thought. Catch that whole milk spirit, Margie. Racheal Stuart finds that meditation is best at a G.H.S. football game. Give a hoot, don ' t pollute. The D ' Otis singers always find time to sing. Looks like a Stroh Light night. (Herbert Chriscoe.) 135 Group. . Album_ Single __ T.V. Show - Movie_ Actor_ Actress_ Concert_ Friend ' _ Heartthrob — — Teacher - Class - Activity_ Sport _ Experience_ Expression _ Hang-Out _ Car_ ltA CLUBS 137 American Field Service 1st Row: Kelli Brewer, Terri Lewis, Alice Kane 2nd Row: Bryan Salley, Derek Bond, Kathy Martin, Kim Mills, Sally King, Terri Baldwin, Kim Harris, Ruth Bachner, Linda Nichols, Lori Breedon 3rd Row: Lisa Oliver, Rosemary Evans, )ill Drews, Mike Larkin, Sidra Mahler, Kim Connor, Steve Bland, Stephanie Rouse, Selena Brown, Amy Spencer, Margaret Kirkland, Becky Haywood 4th Row: Heidi German, Pam Trainham, Rachael Carr, Janice Hunt, Ann Jackson, Joe Scott, George Schaeffer, Tricia Brown, Shelly Thornton, Lisa Martin, Frances Thomas, Nancy King, Kelly Hirv, Lisa Hogge 5th Row: Darlene Haywood, Kathy Nuttall, Joy Morris, Ellen Diggs, Bet- tina Grabenstetter. A.F.S. 1st Row: Kelli Brewer, Terri Lewis, Alice Kane 2nd Row: Suzanne Clark, Pam Emer¬ son, Ruth Watts, Kristi Benton, Beth Knight, Pete Shaw, Carla Thomas, Scott Shackelford, Stephanie Thornton, Caroline Blaylock 3rd Row: Kathy Birdsall, Paige Trivett, Lisa Wells, Stephanie Trivett, Paula Hicks, Sherri Cooper, Alisa West, Hope Breedon, Kim Hogge, Shari VanCleave, Lisa West, Teresa Fishburn, Roberta Bockrath 4th Row: Amy Prillaman, Kim Char, Rhon¬ da Conkling, Erika Anderson, Tammy Seawell, Susan Spencer, Kim Butler, Pam Owens, Joe Scott, George Schaeffer, Tanya Slade, Derek Bond, Valerie Cook, Vicky Chapman, Christy Horsley, Amy Jor¬ dan, Ann Blake, Donna Hirschburg 5th Row: Catherine Ewell, Bill Gutermuth, David Mullinix, Teresa Walker, Greg Kladler, Beth Strickland, Gina Leigh, Melissa Spruill, Cheryl Coleman, Helene Wells, Daphne Lay, Kelly Myles, Curtis Smith. Sponsored by: Mrs. Pointer and Mrs. FHutchinson 138 Art Club Front Row: Lisa West, jill Drews, Debbie Harris, Second Row: Mr. Bergh, Susan Sindle, Marston Blow, Patrick Simpson, Stephani Rohrbech, Cindy Smith, Third Row: Ed Chapman, Melanie Brown, Allyson Craves, Terry Baldwin, Carolyn Carter, Sherri Cooper, Paula Hicks, Gaylon McGinnis, Fourth Row: Ruth Beauchimin, Regina Bon¬ neville, Courtney Gooding, Charolette Kemp, Hope Breeden, Stacy Brown, jenette Bartoszewicz, Rhonda Conkling, Mrs. Middlebrook, Fifth Row: Vicky Chapman, Lisa Cutter, Betty Ambrose, Nat Winslow, Alisa West, Kim Baldwin, Theresa Simpson, Tanya Slade Mr. Bergh puts the Art Club ' s talent on the walls! Stacy Brown sits down on the job! 139 Beta CLub 1st Row: Charlotte Kemp, Kelli Brewer, George Schaeffer, Rachael Stewart, Kevin Kaylor, Bryan Salley 2nd Row: Remona Godwin, Jennifer Sloan, Paul Danforth, Stephanie Rohrbach, Caroline Sterling, Margaret Denton, Katie Zahn, Sandy Shackelford, Kathy Burton, Kim Char, Gina Leigh, Teresa Gilley, Teresa Simpson, Kristi Benton 3rd Row: Hugh Evans, Jackie Folkes, Margie White, Melanie Brown, Carol Williams, Tricia Brown, Karen Bristow, Beth Lamos, Catherine Isner, Mary Machie, Maria Morlaes, Sherry Dunn, Tracy Ellis, Mike Stewart 4th Row: Mike Larkin, Darlene Haywood, Teresa Walker, Becky Haywood, Kelly Myles, Daphne Lay, Alice Kane, Travis Thompson, Kathy Nuttall, Rosemary Evans, Kathy Martin, Lisa Williams, Sheila Rilee, Beth Strickland, Melissa Spruill 5th Row: Ricky Evans, Glenn Gootee, Shelly Thornton, Jeff Elkins, Ed Chapman, Tripp Shannon, Valerie Cook, Carla Thomas, Bill Shackelford, Gary Turner, Dale Thornton, Herbert Chriscoe, David Diggs, Laurie Wood, Derek Bond. What is it that keeps those Beta members smiling? (Rosemary Evans, Rachael Beta members take a step back in time for initiation day. Stewart, Margie White) Assistance — Library First Row: Chris Call, Wanda Jenkins, Terry Neal, Second Row: Crystal Jackson, Ruth Beauchimim, Susan Gumaer, Mary Hall, Denise Hamilton, Third Row: Bill Shackelford, Henry Smith, Glen Gootee, Steve Pritchard, Donna Myers, Donna Norville, Denise Pollard, Dana Teets, Randall Coons Assistance — Office 1 r’ ' jT ' " Bg9 mm mf i ■ ® m ' WSAJ ' ft f ! i m Kfvt WWm wm m -ffMrm l W Tl Upm Tv I |j||| Pr f f;, : . » ' ■ Wm fp| ' || f JH First Row: Christ y Ford, Diana Hogge, Barbara Rowe, Karen Kellum, Teresa Foster, Hahn Kumthong, Barbara Tyler, Tony Cook, Angela Horsley 141 Cosmetology Cosmetology was designed to acquaint all career minded in¬ dividuals with opportunities to prepare them for initial employ¬ ment or allied occupation. Based upon clearly defined objections, it was divided into two units of theoretical and practical ex¬ periences. The skills, proficiencies, and related technical informa¬ tion taught were those necessary for successful entry into the field. Prerequisites might have included English, Math, Biology, Business, Bookkeeping, psychology, and some knowledge of salesmanship. Personal characteristics: Manual dexterity, interest in beauty, the ability to maintain friendly relationships with people, a sense of artistry, willingness to follow instructions, a sense of respon¬ sibility, and the physical stamina required to spend a great deal of time standing. Personal grooming and neatness is a must. Kristi Leonard and Laurie Williams prepare for a hard day ' s work. Vicky Hough practices her shampooing skills. 142 Instructors: Mrs. V. S. Simmons Mrs. G. J. Howard Mirrors and reflections are familiar sights in class like this one of Tammy Harris. Cathy Moore gives her mannequin a tough comb out. Cindy Dickerson works hard to give her manequin that special look. 143 Cavalier Staff Despite ruined club pictures, leaky roofs, delayed picture deliveries, and other problems, the year has been a successful one for the ' 82 Cavalier staff. Staff members began early this summer by attending a summer seminar in Richmond. The theme of " Time " was chosen early in the year. The Editor of the Cavalier was Lisa Oliver and the Co-Editor was Beth Knight. The staff was advised by Mrs. Hugate. This year the yearbook class was composed of students who had previously had Jour¬ nalism I. This gave the staff a definite advantage because all members had some experience. Overall, a lot of hard work was put into the Cavalier. Roof leakage in the yearbook room was only one of the many problems which delayed work. Students that attended the summer seminar in Richmond are David Mullinex, Terry Lewis, Tammy Seawell, Bryan Salley, Britton Robins, Beth Knight, Lisa Oli ver, and Hugh Evans who was taking the photography. 144 1st Row: Kelly Myles, Pam Emerson, Heidi German, Beth Knight, Britton Robins 2nd Row: Kathryn Young, Tammy Seawell, Jimmy Wilson, Chris Call, Hugh Evans, Lisa Oliver. Lisa Oliver and Beth Knight enjoy being Editors (most of the time that is). Neither rain, sleet, or snow can stop roving photographer, Hugh Evans, from get¬ ting a photo. Kim Harris lends a helping hand to Lisa Oliver and Hugh Evans while they collect money for yearbooks. Sports editor, Michelle Brooks, waits patiently for her French teacher to return. 145 Chess Club First Row: Andy Lewis, Melanie Mitchem, Kim Char, Tommy Lewis, Second Row: Paul Danforth, Mark Carrington, Billy Thomas, Michael Brooks, Yasmine Brandon, Mary Anne Smith, Third Row: David Cochran, Kenneth Dudley, Robbie Marks, Steve Pritchard, Mr. Brown Debate First Row: Derek Bond, Paula Hicks, DeDe Boggess, Sherri Copper, Katie Zahn, Amy Garber, Kristi Benton, Second Row: Stephanie Thornton, Bill Gutermuth, Trez lohnson, Kelly Myles, Erika Anderson, Susan Spencer, Susan Berggren 146 Drama Club 1st Row: Leslie Drews, Wiatt Briggs, Suzanne Clark, Charlotte Kemp, Christine Maggard, Jill Drews, Bob Harris, Kristy Benton, Kelly Brown, Sheila Spencer, Kim Lee, Chris Anderson, 2nd Row: Cary Cutter, Rachael Steward, Becky Baldwin, Lisa Williams, Caroline Sterling, Melanie Mitchem, Scott Blanchard, Greg Kladler, Susan Spencer, ]udy Williams, Rachael Steward, Rosemary Evans, 3rd Row: Chris Cutler, Kathy Wallace, Tom Schuster, loan Baines, Kelli Brewer, Kim West, Paige Burns, Brian Hunter, Maria Morales, Sandy Shackleford, Jennette Bartoszewicz, 4th Row: Peter Dunkley, Chris Brown, Ben Ames, Christian Maggard, Mary Carter, Kim Butler, Daphne Lay, Stephen Lipps Sponsored By: Mr. Raynes F.B.L.A. .- • l i riff ns?! WL fflBU ,,, flf iBy } W i rmm y i 1st Row: Mrs. Francis, Teresa Lyth, Donna Myers, Twanda Lee, Dede Boggess, Pam Carmine, Hammie Rowe, 2nd Row: Connie Bohannon, Mary Oliver, Barbara Coates, Sandra Wolf, Paula Williams, Kinky Mayp, Dedee McCoy, lean Whiting, Arsan Starks, 3rd Row: Brian Hiser, Darlene Haywood, Becky Haywood, Connie Lind¬ sey, Hahn Kumthong, Denise Green, Serita Lee, Ruth Beauchemin, 4th Row: Ruth Bachner, Melissa Sutton, Lisa West, Heidi German, Barbara Morton, Robin Hughes, Stephanie Hardee, Sally Boothe, Roberta Myers, 5th Row: Teri Howard, Tara Hocheim, Laurie Wood, Robin Cooper, Drew Smith, Sheila Wyke, Francine Nye, Trey Young, 6th Row: Kim West, Kim Bonniville, Sheila Riley, Cynthia Walker, Lisa Martin, Margie Smith, Angela Carmine, Karen Smith, Debbie Ford, Mary King Sponsored By: Mrs. Francis 147 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1st Row: Sherri Cooper, Bobby Polk, Robert Brown, Keith McFerrin, Brent Walters, Steve Bland, Steve Banks, Paul White, Herbert Criscoe, John Pouchot, Coach Johnson 2nd Row: Mark Turner, Brian Williams, Scott Brown, Trez Johnson, David Haynes, Jimmy Todd, Tommy Haskins, Chris Hutson, Eric Thomas, Sherry Dunn 3rd Row: Carolyn Carter, Debbie Harris, Dedee Boggess, Tommy Schuster, Tracy Fulcher, Jackie McClure, Glen Gottee, Alisa West, Yasmine Branden, Karen Baues, Nan¬ cy Schuster, Charles West 4th Row: Steve Finch, Michelle Brooks, Margaret Denton, Wilbur Carter, Akram Ransome, Timmy Steele, Scott Jenkins Sponsored By Larry Johnson Future Farmers of America 1st Row Michael Stanbrook, Michelle Kesler, Brent Thompson, Mark Harvey, Timmy Kellum, Charlie Burrus 2nd Row: Rodney West, Derek McMurry, Wayne Credlin, Scott Jenkins, Joe Scott, Teresa Leigh, Jay Lyeth 3rd Row: Andy Lewis, Robert Trevilian, Jimmy O ' Riley, Timmy Marshall, Steve West, Rodney Bonniville, Richard West Sponsored By Mr. McMullen 148 The Literary Art Magazine As with any literary publication, much effort and support is re¬ quired to make it a success. The GHS literary art magazine, usually known as " VISION”, has been a successful publication despite lack of both effort and support. This year much of the work was done by several individuals. Mr. Bergh ' s classes helped with draw¬ ing the illustration. Much of the work fell into the hands of Mr. Haugen himself. The magazine is not in the school ' s list of top priorities yet, but despite oppositions, it will survive. Hopefully, the publication of " VISION” will go on to become a traditional and appreciated aspect in the future of GHS. 1st Row: Erika Anderson, Alisa West, Kim Hogge, Teresa Simposn 2nd Row: Rhon¬ da Conkling. Rachael Stewart. Susan Windley 3rd Row ' : Melanie Michem, Charlotte Kemp, Terry Lewis. Susan Berggren 4th Row: Rosemary Evans, Shari VanCleave, Cvnthia Smith, Sponsored bv Mr. Haugen 5th Row: Tom Schuster, Lisa Williams, Lisa Oliver, Ruth Bachner 6th Row: David Panchision, Bryan Salley, Kelly Myles, Christene Maggard, Susan Spencer 7th Row: Tricia Brown, Shellv Thornton, Beth Lamos, Mr. Haugen, 8th Row: George Schaef¬ fer, Tripp Shannon. Hey wood . .. State V.P.! Mitchell Heywood is the first state officer ever to be elected in the 54 year history of the Gloucester FFA chapter. During his year as a state officer, he has traveled over 10,000 miles representing the Virginia Association. After being elected, Mitchell attended two weeks of leader¬ ship training. They were at the state leadership conference in Alexandria, where there were state officer teams from 7 other East Coast States. Mitchell attended the National FFA Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, and served in an official capacity as a delegate of the VA Association and as an usher. Mitchell visited all of the 40 chapters in the Eastern area. He has spoken at 15 chapter banquets, several special events, met with Governor Robb on several occasions and with the Commissioner of Agriculture, Mr. Carbough. Mitchell and his 9 fellow officers met in December at the State capitol to begin planning the entire state FFA Convention to be held in June at VA Tech. The convention will feature Judging contest, presentation of awards, reports, special guest, slide presentations, and the election and installa¬ tion of the 1982-83 state FFA officer team. Mitchell plans to continue his participation in the FFA and hopes to run for a national office. Front Row: Robbie Reeves, )ohn Shifflet, Mitchell Heywood, Keith Crowgey Second Row: Bob Quick, National Secretary, Randy Trivette, FF ' A Specialist, George Bowers, Danny Phillips, Richard (ones, Todd Sat- terwhite, Merck Co. Representative, Mark Herndon, National President. 149 Le Club Frangais The French Club Front Row: Kim Char, Stephanie Rohrbach, Britton Robins, Roberta Bockrath, Caroline Blaylock, Carol Dunkett, Linda Nichols, Anne Lynch, Angela Mayes, Mrs. Feild Second Row: Ms. Katzenstein, Melanie Mitchem, Kathryn Young, Susan Spencer, Sandy Shackelford, Rhonda Conkling, Paige Burnes, Duane Cecil, Sandra Tucker, Rhonda Robinson, Rachael Stewart, Michael Brooks, Lisa Gutermuth, Tracy Fulcher, Nancy Schuster, )ackie Benoche, Jenette Bartoszewicz, Beth Knight, Karen Whiting Back Row: Matt Boon, Peter Dunklee, Derek Bond, Steve Sadovic, Trey Young, Bill Gutermuth. The French Club was a new organization this year, with big plans for the future. The club had many plans in the works; they considered sponsoring a child in a French- speaking country, sending a senior to France, and exchanging students with a French family in the summer. The club ordered an award winning French film Le Voyage Merveilleux. (The Marvelous Journey) with English subtitles. They held a bike rally in March with a picnic at the end. One of the French Club ' s main preoc¬ cupations is food. The French dinner at club president ' s Susan Spencer ' s house was a tremendous success. Doughnuts and hot cider were a main attraction after singing French Christmas carols at the courthouse in December. In February, 14 French club members paid eight dollars to eat a real French meal at Le Ya Ca in King ' s Mill. The French Club has already proved to be active and fun in its first year and it is bound to grow. President: Susan Spencer Vice President: Steve Sadovic Secretary: Lisa Gutermuth Treasurer: Beth Knight Sponsor: Mrs. Field Ms. Katzenstein 150 Hero Chapter 1st Row: Mary King, Hilda Keats, Althea Burrell, Tina Williams, Annette Pollard, Faith Booker 2nd Row: Mrs. Spriggs, Marie Clark, Sharon Taliaferro, Crystal Jackson, Mary Hall, Blondell Whiting, Vicki Whiting 3rd Row: Kim West, Lisa Foster, Dedee Taliaferro, Michelle Jones, Cheryl Bush, Archie Thompkins Sponsor: Mrs. Spirggs Industrial Arts 1st Row: Penny Marshall, Tony Coulson, Trent Berry, Toni Bolden, Brent Walters 2nd Row: Duane Harris, Kelly Brown, Billy Bogue, Kenneth Morton, Lisa Tabb, Mr. Evans 3rd Row: Jeff Howard, Richard Lewis, Glen Walthall, Doug Rouse, Robert Brown, John Emerson, Janice Burse 4th Row: Jason Robbins, Chris Friant, Wayne Roberts, Jack Steele, Donald Talbot, David Van, David Mullinix, Jerod Brown Sponsor: Mr. Newton 151 Pep Club 1st Row: Steve Banks, Helene Criffen, Wendy Paige, Gwen Larrimore, Darlene Gray, Carol Jones, Evette Brown, Serita Lee, Valerie Cook, 2nd Row: Roberta Myers, Serita Hart, Lisa Sommers, Natalie Phillips, Gwen Jackson, Twanda Lee, Helene Wells, Cheryl Coleman, Leatha Davis, 3rd Row: Tanya Slade, Tom Shuster, Clara Thom¬ son, Ruth Watts, Sally Booth, Becky Baldwin, Betty Ewell, Robin Cooper, Penny Marshall, 4th Row: George Schaffer, Ruth Bachner, Michelle Jones, Kim Harris, Brian Hiser, Darlene Haywood, Long Nyguen, Glenn Cootee, Kevin Kaylor, 5th Row: Derek Bond, Kevin Harrison, Marvin Washington, Lisa Martin, Terry Baldwin, Tracy Ellis, Marleatha Ranson, Michael Davis Science Club 1st Row: Mrs. Marchant, Melanie Mitchem, Kim Char, Angela Mayes, Yasmine Brandon, Renee Stokes, Teresa Fishburn, Ruth Watts, Pete Danforth, Kathy Burton, 2nd Row: Mr Brown, Catherine Isner, Michelle Dawson, Wally Clock, Nat Winslow, Beth Knight, Ricky Evans, Mrs. Swihart, 3rd Row: Duane Cecil, Blondell Whiting, Peter Lang, Steve Pritchard, Mike Larkin, Hugh Evans Sponsored By: Mrs. Luhr, Mr. Brown and Mrs. Swihart National Honor Society The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to The Induction ceremony takes place in order to formally induct stimulate service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students at GHS. new members. 1st Row: Bryan Salley, Jennifer Whiting, Paula Hicks, Teresa Fishburn, Lisa Williams, Shari VanCleave, Hope Breeden, Tripp Shannon, Herbert Criscoe, David Diggs, Paul Danforth, Ricky Evans 2nd Row: Lynn Sutton, Daphne Lay, Ed Chapman, Rosemary Evans, Donna Hirschberg, Marjorie White, Tracy Fletcher, Pam Owens, An¬ drew Williams, Stephanie Thornton, James Matous, Brian Williams, Jeff Shaw, Charlotte Kemp 3rd Row: Ms. Horne, Carla Thomas, Kelli Brewer, Shelly Thornton, Rachael Stewart, Katie Zahn, Kathryn Young, Margaret Denton, Stephanie Strickland, Missy Spruill, Kelly Myles. Sponsored by: Ms. Horne 153 1st Row: Lisa Oliver, Bryan Salley, David Mullinix 2nd Row: Beth Lamos, Susan Grizzard, Nancy King, Michelle Brooks, Teresa Gilley, Pam Emerson, Heidi German, Marsha Smith 3rd Row: Terri Baldwin, Kim Harris, Mary Hardee, Steve Banks, Jeff Hogge. 154 S.C.A " USB i 1 ' I.,-- ■l fi % J Wt ft f In i ■ I ” IK 1st Row: Sammy Mills, Ed Chapman, Christine Maggard, Brent Walters, Tracy Mullins, Terri Lewis, Flip Honaker, Shannon Nichols, Bettina Grabenstetter, Vivian White, Brian Hiser, Timmy Steele, Michelle Belvin, Clay Hogge, Mike Silberhorn, Stephanie Hardy, Teresa Lyeth, Bob Harris. 2nd Row: Kristi Benton, David Miller, Jenny Holland, Bette Ewell, Tracy Carino, Christy Horsley, Debbie Harwood, Suzanne Clark, Donna Hirschberg, Lisa Hogge, Lisa West, Wendy Myers, Kristi Blake, Jenny Camiolla, Lisa Cutter, Yvonne Corbin, Mary Coodhart, Benita Corbin, Jeff Hogge, Betty Ambrose. 3rd Row: Margie White, Katie Zahn, Peter Shaw, Tracy Ellis, Kim Mills, Karen Blanchard, Paige Trivett, Stacy Brown, Nancy King, Gay Butler, Kelli Brewer, Tricia Brown, Ellen Diggs, Jill Drews, Kathy Nuttall, Becky Haywood, DeDe Boggess, Billy Thomas, Steve Banks, Valerie Cooke, Cheryl Col¬ eman, Maria Lee, Alice Kane, Susan Haley. 1981-1982 S.C.A. Officers: 1st Row: Alice Kane, Bob Harris, Susan Haley 2nd Row: Kristi Benton, Betty Ambrose, Katie Zahn. 155 Spanish Club 1st Row: Tripp Shannon, Cheryl Coleman, Lavonna Ardner, Lisa King, Paige Trivett, Paula Hicks, Jennifer Holland, Christine Maggard, Susan Haley, Shelly Thornton, Chris Lamos, Jeff Shaw, Lisa Oliver, Yvonne Corbin, Bonnie Berghuis, Amy Spencer, 2nd Row: Kelly Weirwick, Molly Hollyway, Diana Hogge, Lisa Wells, Lynn Sutton, Shari VanCleave, Teresa Fishburn, Sherri Cooper, Michelle Dawson, Beth Hogge, Tammy Myers, Jackie Benoche, Lisa Heins, Eddie Kahlbaum, Brenda Hudgins, Pauline Rowe, Carol Williams, 3rd Row: Ms. Katzenstein, Bernard West, Sherry Dunn, Jennifer Whiting, Missy Spruill, Sandy Busic, Gaylin McGinnis, Jackie Folks, Cindy Ander¬ son, Margaret Denton, Teresa Gilliy, Tracy Fletcher, James Mateos, Henry Green, Caroline Sterling, Suzanne Clark, Pam Woods, Pam Emerson, Ann Crittenden, Rosemary Evans, Vicky Chapman, Pam Owens, Ann Blake, Ruth Watts, Alice Kane, Mrs. Dennis, 4th Row: Bernard West, Andrew Willians, Akram Ransome, Laurie Wood, Ricky Evans, Thomas Bachelor, Steve L ipps, Scott Shackleford, Lisa West, Susan White, David Mullinex, David Van, Chris Hutson Thespians 1 1 ■Pillfll 156 1st Row: Charlotte Kemp, Caroline Sterling, Maria Morales, 2nd Row: Rachael Stewart, Christine Maggard, Jill Drews, Jenette Bartoszewicz, 3rd Row: Peter Dunklee, David Panchinson, Jeff Elkins Future Homemakers of America ■J IP i. 3 tiSlyw MM » ZU J 1st Row: Darlene Gray, Terry Neal, Phyllis Gray, Kathy Burton, Regina Harris, Kathy Wallace, Regina Coates, Mrs. King 2nd Row: Natalie Phillips, Gwen Larrimore, Gwen Jackson, Rene Corbett, Shirley Ellis, Helen Griffen, Wendy Paige, Heidi Fether, Bonnie Sears 3rd Row: Denise Randle, Valeri Jorden, Darlene Brown, Sherann Jackson, Bette Ewell, Joan Baines, Audrey Miller, Sally Emerson, Lisa Heins, Gina Honeycutt 4th Row: Wanda Jenkins, Lisa Rogers, Wendy Otterstedt, Kay Hogge, Don¬ na Norville, Judy Williams, Mary Steele, Brenda Hall, Jackie Benoche, Donna West, Karen Blanchard 5th Row: Wanda Jenkins, Kim Martin, Janine Murry, Dina Neider Sponsor: Mrs. King Forensics 1st Row: Thomas Eubanks, Roy Jenkins, David Dear 2nd Row: Maria Morales, Hugh Evans, Kim Char, Stephanie Rochbach, Rosemary Evans 3rd Row: Beth Strickland, Missy Spruill, Daphne Lay, Charlotte Kemp, Christine Maggard, Lisa Heins, Pam Bareford 4th Row: Kathryn Young, Brian Sally, Sherry Dunn, James Matous, Jeff Shaw, Kristy Benton, Melanie Mitchem, Stephanie Thornton Sponsors: Mrs. Flowe, Mrs. Foor, Mr. Raynes 157 NJROTC Second Platoon: Plat. Cuideon Emc Becky Baldwin, Plat. Commanding Officer LTJG Robin Bogue, P02 Rhonda Cobbs, Plat. Administering Officer Emc Debbie Lind¬ quist, LT]G Stephen Lemons, LTJG William Howard, CPO Ira Johnson, SN Randall Boone, P03 John Redmon, CPO Jerry Soesbee, P03 David Flippo, SN Berkley Stokes, SN Jeffry Delara, P03 Henry Green, Supplex Clerk P03 Russell Campbell Third Platoon: Plat. Guideon SN Matt Folson, SA Carl Lindquist, SA Paula Washington, SA Kenneth Hugh, SN Marisia Coates, P01 Regina Harris, Platoon CO Ronald Williams, P03 Russell Murphy, SA Chris Greathon, P01 Michelle Washington, SA John Baines, SA Penny Evans, P02 Chris Harrison, SA Kenneth Pryor, SA Andrea Per¬ rin, SA Clayton Dedmon, SA Kenneth Morton 158 Preparing for the Times Ahead Fourth Platoon: Plat. Cuideon P01 Robert Embark, CPO A.D. Berry, LT Kevin Harrison, LT Kathy Martin, Supply Clerk Emc Calvin Oliver, Plat. CO Coleen Sabin, Fourth Plat. Ordinance P03 Carlton Lodsly, LTJG Michelle Kesler, P03 Russel Clements, P03 Roy Jenkins, P03 Rona Stokes, Emc Dennis Irvin, P02 Tommy Walker, Comp. Assis¬ tant Ordinance P01 John Walters First Platoon: Plat. Commanding Officer Emc Dennis Irvin, Plat. Guideon — SA Jeff Watkins, SA Pam Mullins, Supply Clker — P03 Pam Gibbs, SA John Hugate, P03 Debbie McGee, P03 Angela West, SA Wendy Ottersted, SA Carline West, Chief Petty Officer — Emc Douglas Evans, SA Edwin Clay, SA David Keeler 159 Uniforms Add a Touch of Formality CPO Gary Roane Jr. CPO Ira Johnson P01 Regina Harris P01 Michelle Washington P02 Chris Harrison SUB: Russell Murphy Comp. Commander Coleen Savin; Comp. Gui- deon P01 Robert Eubank; Dep. Commander LT Kevin Harrison; Joint Chief of Staff Kathy Martin; Supply Officer LTJG Michelle Kesler; Operations Officer LTJG Robin Bogue; Admin. Officer Emc Debbie Lindquist; Drill Instructor LTJG William Howard; Assistant Supply Officer Ens Calvin Oliver; Assistant Drill Instructor Ens Becky Baldwin; Chaplain Ens Andy Newton; Comp. CPO A.D. Berry; Ordinance Recruiter Ens Douglas Evans. MM] pNgyl 160 And Class to the Group NJROTC John Hugate uses the computer for career guidance. David Flippo heads for first period with a cheerful smile. 161 V.I.C.A. 1st Row: Dana Brown, Terry Tillage, Wayne Cridlin, Kelly Brown, Adrien Collins, David Vann 2nd Row: Richard West, Terry Bright, Mark Vann, David Mullinex, Brad Schaeffer, Robin Bogue, Greg Thayer, Jeff Watkins, (Not pictured are Stuart Teagle and Kathy Wallace). 1st Row: )ohn Meyers, Towanda Lee, Dwayne Carter, George Millen 2nd Row: jill Berghuis, Teresa Simpson, April Wyatt, Charlene Foster, Virginia Harris, Olive Jones 3rd Row: Yvonne Kellum, Tracy Brown, Connie Lindsay, Chris Tumlin, Kim Kearney, Lisa Scarborough, Cathy Reid, Laurie Williams, Kristi Leonard, Pam Shackelford, Stuart Teagle, Ronnie Williams, Doug Evans, Cathy Moore, Linda Martin, Cindy Hughes, Christy Ford, Steve Boerner, Mrs. Simmons, 4th Row: Darlene Cox, Beverly Bereaud, Laura Gayle, Terry Bonniville, Tammy Harris, Lisa Dixon, Lisa Hogge, David Miller, Michelle Belvin, Shannon Nichols, Anita Horsely, Jeanette Helbig, Susan Gumaer 5th Row: Angela Horsely, Sheila Mahoney, Janine Safka, Randy Snow, Steve Clements, Jimmy O ' Reilly, Larry Rilee, Sammy Mills, Bettina Grabenstetter, Brian Hiser, Cindy Dickerson, Anne Parks, Lisa Dunston, Tommy Robins, Carl Turner, Ronnie Greene. 162 Assistants 1st Row: Adrien Johnson, Will Sharp, Steve Bland, Tommy Cooper 2nd Row: Glen Robins, Marvin Washington, David Hamilton, Ann Jackson 3rd Row: Margaret Kirkland, Brian Sharp, Diane Whitley 1st Row: Virginia Harris, Gwen Larrimore, Estella McKoy 2nd Row: Drew Smith, Susan Berggren, Karen West, Nancy King, Anna Green, Cheryl Coleman 3rd Row: Sonya Rouse, Heidi Feher, Lisa Baney, Maxine Greene, Kim Harris, Stacy Brown 4th Row: Beth Hogge, Doug Am¬ brose, Jon Meyer, Barbara Spencer, Pam Brown, Randy Coons. 163 D ' Otis Singers The talented D ' Otis Singers are a carefully selected group that performs at many different benefits throughout the county. The group consists of juniors and seniors that have some musical background and exceptional voices. The group is chosen by Mr. Sandridge according to the type of voice and how well a par¬ ticular voice blends with others in the group. This year the type of music was centered around jazz, Pop, and Religious. Brian Sharp thinks that there is enough of him to share. sometimes gets carried away ... to dreamland. 1st r ow; « a thy Nuttal, Dennie Fyfe, Wendy Paige, Cindy Smith, Marsha Smith 2nd Row: John Pouchot, John Walters, David Diggs, Bob Harris, Herbert Chriscoe, Tom Schuster, Mike Larkin 3rd Row: Brett Garnett, Tommy Hunter, Brian Sharp, Gay Butler, Mr. Sandridge, Karen Bristow, Gary Turner Not Pictured: Marianne Smith 164 D ' Otis class is always an active place to be. Band The GHS band was very successful this year. They performed at many events in the area. They per¬ formed at all home football and basketball games.Three students were accepted into the Regional band and, for the third year, all students who auditioned for the area band were accepted. Several students were also selected for Who ' s Who in Music. After being accepted by the United States Collegiate Wind Band, two students will tour Europe this sum¬ mer. The band participated in the Yorktown Bicenten¬ nial parade and ceremonies, the Greater Guinea Jubilee parade, and the Old Dominion Marching Band competition. The band was led by Mr. Lloyd who was very proud of this year ' s success. The GHS band was a very important part of this year and earned much recognition for our school. Members of the band perform at a pep rally. They help to keep up the spirit. Drum Major, Tommy Hunter, leads the band during a parade. 1f 6 Rosemary Evans stands in front of a Freedom Jam poster. The Freedom Jam concert was a memorable musical event. Band members play at a basketball game, but where is the drummer? 167 1st Row: Stephanie Hardee, Lisa Cutermuth, Mary Setterholm, Amy Garber, Susan Grizzard 2nd Row. Beth Cochran, Pam Emerson, Maxine Jeffer¬ son, Tiny Cook, Lisa Stokes, Lisa Oliver 3rd Row: Kathy Strickland, Joan Baines, Kathy Hall, Michelle Jones, Tammy Johnson, Rhonda Bryant, Cindy Dickerson Maxine Jefferson, who adds spirit to the class, thinks that she deserves a pic¬ ture of her very own. 168 Women ' s Choir Senior Accomplishments A William Douglas Ambrose - Football 9-12, Baseball 9-12, Who ' s Who, Boys ' State, $CA 10, AFS 10-11, Withstanding the Glare of Mr. Lorings Head for a Year Harry Atwell - " Woody " Wrestling 9,10, FFA 9-12, Partying!! 9-12 B Ruth M. Bachner - Varsity Cheerleader 10,12, AFS 11-12, Who ' s Who, Spring Musical 10, Pep Club 11, Literary Magazine 11-12, Art Club 11 Joan L. Baines - Drama Club, Flag Team Terri Baldwin - " K.T. " J.V. Cheerleader 10, Varsity Cheerleader 11-12, AFS 11-12, Art Club 10-12, Pep Club 10-12, Journalism 11-12 Steven Wayne Banks - Football 10-12, Basketball 9-12, Class V.P. 9-11, Class Pres. 12, Pep Club 9-12, SCA 9-12, Dislocated hip 12, Journalism 11-12, Capt. of Basketball Team 12, FCA 11-12, Passed Mrs. Hornes Class 11, Stayed Awake in Lomings Class 11 Jenette Marie Bartoszewicz - Art Club 10-12, Drama Club 10-12, " OLIVER, " Thespians 11-12, Vision 11-12 Ruth Beauchemin Library Asst., Art Club Anthony Berry - " A.D. " FFA 9-10, Basketball 9-10, Pep Club Steven James Bland - " Steve " Who ' s Who, Boys ' State, J.V. Football 9, Varsity Football 10-12, Baseball 9-12 Robin Jean Bogue - " Dribbles " NJROTC Drill Team 11-12, Track 9, 4-H 10-12, FBLA 11, Dukes Dispatch 10, Basketball 9-11 Connie Bohannon - FBLA 11-12 Derek Bradley Bond — " Bro " Beta Club 11-12, Tennis 9-12, Beta State Talent Winner 11, Madrigals 9, 10, 12, D ' Otis Singers 11, Marching Band 9, Concert Band 9, Jazz Ensemble 9, Pep Band 9, Debate 11, 12, SCA 11, Outstanding Choral Member 11, Basketball Manager 9, J.V. Basketball 10, Boys ' State 11, France Trip 10 Regina Bonniville — " Gina " Art Club 10-12, Partyin ' With the Best George Bradshaw — " Dickie " Blaine A. Bradford - Building Trades 3 yrs., Weight Lifting 9-10 Kelli Denise Brewer - " Brew " Field Hockey 9-12 (capt. 12), Gymnastics 9-10 (capt. 9), AFS 10-12 (treas. 11, pres.12), SCA 9, 12, Senior Homeroom Rep., Sophomore Class Treas., Beta Club ' ll, 12 (Sec. 12), Who ' s Who, Concert Choir 11, Madrigals 12 (V.P.), Outstanding Choral Member 11, Literary Magazine 11-12, " SOUTH PACIFIC " 11, Drama Club 12 Terrence L. Bright - " Terry " 4-H 7 yrs.. Auto Mech. Ill, NJROTC, Guidance Asst. Kathleen Karen Bristow — " Karen " Track 10-12, Art Club 10, Chorale 10, Madrigals 11, D ' Otis 12 Michael Broch - Not Much of Anything Althea Burrell - Pep Club 9, HERO TV SCA Rep. 11, Class Treas. 11, HERO Pres. 12, Class Treas. 12 p Jeff Brown — Have a Good Time! Stacy Lynn Brown - " Fish " Art Club 10-12, SCA 11-12, AFS 10, Tennis 9-12, Who ' s Who, Debate 11 Tricia Fischer Brown — Cheerleader 9-11, SCA 9, 10, 12, AFS 9, 10, 12, Literary Magazine 12, Who ' s Who, Pep Club 9-11 Janice M. Burse - Basketball 9-12, Softball 9-12, FBLA 11 Gay Nell Butler — Gymnastics 9, AFS 9-12, Pep Club 10-12, SCA 11-12, Cheerleading 10-11, Who ' s Who, Chorale 10, Madrigals 11, D ' Otis 12 Alan L. Byrd - " Byrd man " Band 9-12, Jazz Ensemble 9, 12, Marching Band 9- 12, Pep Club 11-12, Weight Lifting 10-12, Wrestling 9-12 C John E. Chapman Jr. — " Ed " Beta Club 11-12, Literary Magazine 11, SCA Rep. 12 Christopher Warner Call - " Chris " Yearbook Staff 11,12 f Angela Gail Carmine - Bible Club 9 Stacy Carmine - " Grandma " Rachael Lynne Carr — " Ray-Ray " Science Club 9, AFS 10-12, Track 11, Varsity Basketball 11 Suzanna Gale Cerny - VICA, ICT Steven Arthur Clements — " Steve " Drama Club 9, Thespians, VICA 10-12, Pep Club 9, Newspaper 9, Cosmetology 10-12, Fasionerre 11-12, 4-H 4-10 Barbara Lynn Coates - " Barbie " FBLA 11,12 Merecia Coates — " Missy " Softball, NJROTC Rhonda L. Cobbs - Basketball J.V. 9, Varsity 10-12, Softball 11-12, 4-H Club 11-12, Pep Club 9-12, ROTC Color Guard 11, Madrigals 10-11 David Lynn Cochran - " Squire " Chess Team 11-12, FFA 11-12 Catherine Elizabeth Cook - " Cathy " SCA 9, VICA 10, Pep Club 9, HERO 12 Charles W. Cook Jr. - Pep Club, Band 9-12 MervinCook - " Mervo " Band 9-10, Lab Asst. 11-12 Tony Rondell Cook - " Ronnie " Office Asst. 12 Lewis Corbin — " Poop Deck Pappy " Auto Mechanics 10-12 Yvonne Arlene Corbin - Drama Club, Senior Class Rep. Anthony Wade Coulson — " Tony " Soccer Team Dale Craig - FFA 9-10 D Marlon V. Davis — Auto Mechanics 10-12 Ricky Richardo Davis — Band 9-11, 4-H 9-10, SCA 10 Dawn Scott Debolt - Freshmen (Sec. and Treas.), Track 9, School Mascot 9, Varsity Cheerleader 10, Yearbook 10, Pep Club 9-10, SCA 9-11, AFS 9-12, Gymnastics 9-12 (capt), VA. Girls ' State 11 Robyn Deese — " Racoon " Track 9-10, Chorale 10-11 Cynthia L. Dickerson — " Cindy " Chorus 9, Choir 12, Cosmetology 10-12, VICA 10-12, Cheerleader, Belong to Ronnie Martin Hollis C. Diggs — " Chris " Watch the Ladies Lisa Michele ' Dixon — " Lis " VICA, Pep Club, Band, Cosmetology Barbara Drew - " Drew " Bible Club 9, Girls Basketball 10-12, Track 11, Who ' s Who, Powderpuff Football 11, FCA 11-12 Jill Cleveland Drews - " Jiggy " Drama Club 9-12 (Pres. 12), Marching Band 9- 10, " SOUTH PACIFIC, " " OLIVER, " Art Club, SCA 9, 10, 12, Thespians 10-12, AFS 9-12 Joan Driver — " Joni " Pep Club 9-12, Alternate Class Rep. Kenneth Lamar Dudley — 1st Place in Dozier Science Fair, 1st Place in Tidewater Science Fair, 2nd Place in VA. State Science Fair, in the Area of Chemistry Sylvia Dutton - Investment Club 10, Library Asst. 10, Guidance Asst. 11-12, Madrigals 12 E Evie K. Easter — " Evie " Track 9, Chorus 2-9, Chorale 9-12, Horseback Riding Mark Alan Eley — FFA 12, Library Asst. 9-10, Pep Club 12, Band Jeffrey Kerry Elkins — " Excalibur " J.V. Football 9-10, Industrial Arts Club 10, SCA 9, Thespian 11-12, " OUR TOWN, " " SOUTH PACIFIC, " Beta Club 11-12 Shirley Ellis - " George " FHA Club 9,12, Art Club 12 Cynthia Emory — " Cindy " Douglas Winfred Evans — " Doug " Football 9-11, Newspaper 9, Wrestling 10, Track 11, ROTC 11-12, VICA 10, Industrial Arts Club 10-12, Drafting 9-10, Metals 11-12, Choral 11-12 Randal Scott Evans — " Randy, Fish, Elvis " Lettered in Track 11, Cross Country 12, Track 12 169 Heieh Rees Evans - " Rosemary " .9th - " Feiffers People, " ”T.G.I.F.,| ' M A S H, " State One-Act Play Festival, Thespian Conference, Drama Club, Forensics, Newspaper, Madrigals, 10th — AFS, Drama Club, " THE CRUCIBLE,” " Interview, " Forensics (Lettered), District and Regional Champ, Forensics, 11th — AFS, Fencing Club, 19 and Under Fencing Champ, for VA., Forensics Team, 2nd in State for CHSFL Forensics, 2nd District, 3rd in Regional Forensics, Let¬ tered in Forensics, Pres, of Forensics Club, Summer Foreign Language at U.V.A. (Russian), Who ' s Who, 12th - AFS, Forensics, Fencing, Drama Club F Scott Fanning — " Herbert " FFA 9-11 JL ML Debbie Gail Ford — " Purple " Office Asst 10, FBLA 12, Partying 9-12 Charlene Foster - Choir (Chorale, Madrigals) 9,11, 12, Pep Club 9-12, HERO 11-12, PLSD. 9-12 Theresa Ann Foster — Chorus 10-11 Shell French — 3 yrs of Metals Tech , FFA Dennie Marie Fyfe — " Dennis, Denwoi” Cheerleader 9, AFS 9, 10,; 12, SCA Rep. 9-10, Mascot " The Duke " 11-12, Indoor Track 10, Outdoor I rack (Letter- man) 9-12, Gymnastics (Letterman) 10 12, Honor Roll 11, Senior Class Rep., Chorale 10, Madrigals 11, D ' Otis 12, Who ' s Who, French IV (I made it!) G Brett k Garnett - VICA 11, " OLIVER,” Madrigals 10-11, D ' Otis 12, Book¬ keeper Asst. 11, ICTI 11 Heidi Lynne German - Science Club 9, Office Asst, 11, AFS 11-12, Yearbook Staff 11-12, Who ' s Who 11, FBLA 12, Duke ' s Dispatch, Business Editor 12 Remona Godwin - Science Club 12, Honor Roll Glenn Joseph Cotee - " Goat " Baseball 10-12, Football 11-12, Beta Club 11- 12, Who ' s Who, Honor Roll 9-12, FCA, National Society of Distinguished High School Students Connie Greene - FBLA 12 Chris Greene - Trying to graduate!! Denise Rene Greene - " Nise ' " Pep Club 7-12, FBLA 12, Beta Club 11-12, Field Hockey 11 Helen Griffin - " Griff” Track, Pep Club, Chorale, Madrigals, Ladies Chorus, Art l-lll Tammy Griffith - " Butterball " VICA 10, Newspaper 11 Roberta Maria Grow - " Blondie” Cheerleader 9, AFS 9, Newspaper 9, Year¬ book 9-10, Drama Club 10-12, Chorale 10-12, V.P. Chorale 12 Susan Gumaer - VICA 10-12 John A. Guy Jr. - " Hoss " Wrestling 11 H Robin Denise Hall — Yearbook 10-11, AFS 9 Denise Hamilton — " Mouse " Science Club 11 Raymond A. Harper - " Bubba " Teresa 10-12, Will be married on June 4th Donald Major Harrell - " Donnie” FFA 10-12, FFA Officer 12 Kimberly Lynne Harris — " Kim” Newspaper 11-12, FBLA 12, SCA 11, AFS IQ- 12, Art Club 12, Pep Club 12 Robert Paul Harris - " Bob " Boys ' State, SCA 9-12; V.P. 11, Pres. 12, AFS 11-12, Drama Club 11-12, Treas. 12, Madrigals 10, D ' Otis Singers 11-12, Regional Chorus 1980 and 1981, " OLIVER,” " SOUTH PACIFIC, " Who ' s Who Tammy Harris - VICA 10-12 Virginia Harris - " Sloe Gin or Ginger " FHA 9-10, VICA 9-12, Office Asst. 11, Guid. Asst. 12, Cosmetology 9-12 Kevin Lyle Harrison - Football 10, Who’s Who, Honor Roll, AIM Program USCGA, Passages, Norfolk Naval Leader, Ship Academy Grad., NJROTC Depu¬ ty Commander, Class V.P. 10, Student Council, Pep Club, Finished Honolulu Marathon, Chess Club john Timothy Harvey — " Tim " FFA 3 Years Darlene Frances Haywood - SCA 9-10, AFS 11-12, Beta 11-12, Pep Club 12, FBLA 12 Rebecca Haywood - “Becky " Beta 11-12, SCA 9, 11, 12, AFS 12 leanette Elaine Helbig - " let " VICA, ICT Mitchell Heywood - " Mitch " State V.P. of FFA, Chapter FFA Pres., 1st Place in Faster Area Public Speaking Contest, 5th Place in the State, Delegate to FFA Na¬ tional ■ onvention. Who ' s Who, SCA Rep. 11 Seyvitte Hightower — " Vitte " Teresa Lynn Hill — Softball 9-11 Brian Kent Hiser — " Antonio” AFS 11-12, Jazz Band 12, " SOUTH PACIFIC,” Who ' s Who, Member of the band " WAR PRAYER, " Gloucester Gigolo 9-12 Brian lerome Hodges — Marching Band 9-10, Concert Band 9-10, Madrigals 11-12, Pep Club 9-12, Chorale 12 Dana Hogge - Metals 10-12 JjL . B Jeffrey Scott Hogge — " Jeff " Newspaper HI, Art Mil, Football 9-12, Weight Lift¬ ing 4 Years, All District Linebacker Brenda Denise Hogge — FBLA 11-12 (Sec. 12), AFS 10-11, Guid. Asst. 11, Who ' s Who 11 Laura Jeanette Hogge - Guid. Asst. 10-11, Drill Team, FHA 12, HERO, AFS 12 Mary Beth Hogge — Pep Club 9, Band Banner Carrier 11, Flag Team Capt. 12, Spanish Club, Science Club, AFS David V. Honaker — " Flip " Cross Country 9, Spring Track " M A S H, " Cross Country 10, Madrigals Treas. 12, SCA Rep. 12 Robert Hornsby — UICA Club 11, Graduated 12 Anita Dawn Horsley — VICA 11-1.2, Office Asst. 12 Dana Hudgins - HERO 10-11, FHA 10-12, Pep Club, Art, Occupational Foods 5 10-11 Janice Hunt - Spanish Club 12, Science Club 12, AFS 12, Girls Chorus 9, Year- , book 9 Carroll Thomas Hunter Jr. — " Tommy” Wind Ensemble 9-12, Marching Band 9-12, Drum Major 12, Drama Club 12, Madrigals 11, D’Otisingers 12, Who ' s Who ft ■ . • •• y..C " Dennis Irvin - Ens., NJROTC Ann Lee Jackson - Honor Roll 10-11, Madrigals 12, Who ' s WJto 11, Science Club 9, 10,12, Drama Club 10-12, Cross Country 9, Track 10, Campus Life 10- 11, Spanish Club 10, Swimming 9-10, History Club 11, Yearbook 11 Crystal Helena Jackson - Basketball 9, 10, 12, Softball 9-12, Pep Club 9-12, HERO 10-12, Miss HERO 12, Library 12 leanette E. Jackson - HERO 10.12 Sherry Jackson - “Sister " f ep Club 11, Guid. Asst. 12, Softball (Left and Right Field) 10 iC Willie A. Jackson Jr. - Pep Club 9-12, SCA Marsha Lynn Jenkins - " Marsha Lynn " HERO 9-12, FHA 9-10, Pep Club 10-12, FBLA 12 Wanda Jenkins - " Shorty” VICA 9-11, Cosmetology 9-11, Library Asst. 12 Tyrese Yuette Johnson — Pep Club, Chorale Michelle Denise Jones — " Dee-Dee " Basketball J.V. 9-10, Pep Club 11-12, SCA Rep. 12, Softball Score Keeper 11, HERO Sec 11 0 7 | i • “g ' k i iilv. r Kevin Talmage Kaylor - “BJ " Beta Club 11-12, AFS 11, Tennis 9-12, 3 yr. Let¬ terman, Boys ' State Delegate, J.V. Basketball 9, Madrigals 11, SCA 9, 10, 12, Lab Asst. 11-12, Pep Club 12, Rappahannock Summer School for the Gifted 9 Charlotte Kemp - Art Club 10-12, Drama Club 11-12, Forensics Society 10-11, Literary Art Magazine 11-12 (editor 11), Beta Club 11-12, Nat ' l Merit Semifinalist, Governor ' s School 1981, Thespians 11-12, Who ' s Who AFS 10-11, Story Theater, " OUR TOWN,” " SOUTH PACIFIC” Mary Ellen King - FHA and HERO 11-12 Nancy Buford King - SCA 9-12, AFS 9-12, J.V. Cheerleader 9-10, Chorale 10, Who ' s Who, Class Rep. 10-12, Pep Club 9-10, Newspaper 11-12, Guidance Asst. 12 Grace Margaret Kirkland - " Margaret " AFS 9-12, Track 10-12, Indoor Track 10, Who ' s Who Beth Lamos - Field Hockey 9-10, Track 9, Beta Club 11-12, AFS 12, Science Club 12, Newspaper 11-12, Debate 12, Literary Magazine 12 Peter J. Lang - " Lerch” Michael Carl Larkin - " Mike " Guitar 1012, Madrigals 11-12, D ' Otis Robert Timothy Lawrence - " Biggy " Baseball 9-12, FFA 9, SCA 9, Industrial Arts Club 10 j David Lawson - " Sonny " FFA 9-10 I Towanda Lee - " Wanda or Shorty " Pep Club 9-12, FBLA 2 yrs., SCA 1 yr., FBLA Treas. 1 year Frank L. Lehman - Office Asst. 12, Lib. Asst. 12, HERO 11 j Terry Lynn Lenz - " Sunshine " (Pep Club 10, FHA 9, TOEC 10, Newspaper Staff 10, Softball 10) at Union City High School in Tenn. Transferred to 5 Gloucester for 11 and 12. Art Club 11-12 f Kristi Raine Leonard — " Krissie " Gymnastics 9, VICA 10, Pres, of the I Cosmetology 3rd Year Class, SCA Representative V Terri Michele Lewis - " Bubba” Volleyball 9, Track 9, FHA 9, " OLIVER, " " SOUTH PACIFIC, " AFS 11-12 (Treas. 12), Vision Mag. 11-12, Yearbook 11, | Homecoming Attendant 11, Who ' s Who, Senior Class Vice Pres., Homecoming ' Queen 12 Tommy Lewis - " Crash " N)ROTC, Chess Club, FFA | Debra Hope Lindquist - " Debbie " Army ROTC 10-11, Navy ROTC 12 ! Carlton Bernard Lockley - " Lock " Pep Club 9-12, ROTC 11-12, Track 11-12, I VICA 10 i Teresa Ann Lyeth - AFS 11, Office Asst. 11, SCA 12, FBLA 12 % Christine Maggard - Drama Club 9-12 (V.P. 12), Thespians 10-12 (Sec. 11-12), I AFS 10-12, Vision 11-12, SCA 12, " M A S H, " " THE CRUCIBLE, " " THE SAND- | BOX, " " OLIVER, " " OUR TOWN, " " STORY THEATRE, " " SOUTH PACIFIC, " Who ' s Who, Marching Band 9, Jazz Ensemble 9, Wind Ensemble 9, Beta 11-12, 1 Forensics 10-12 | Bryan Ken Manning - " Ken " SCA 9, Football 9, Madrigals 12, SCA 12 j Timothy Dean Manning - " Timmy " Drafting 3 Years | Robert Marks - Tennis, Baseball, Chess, Principals Aide, Math Merit Winner, B i Average Honor Roll ’ John Martin - " Brother Martin " j 1 Kathleen Anne Martin - " Kathy " Beta Club 11-12, Forensics Club Sec. 11, AFS i 10-12, CYO Sec. 9-12, AIM Program USCGA 11, Passages 11-12, Who ' s Who, ; Norfolk Leadership Academy, NJROTC (Chief of Staff 11-12, Drill Team 11-12, | Color Guard 11-12, Distinguished Cadet Honor Cadet, Exemplary Conduct, Ex- emplary Appearance) VA. Girls ' State 1981, Pep Club 10-11, Photography Club i 9, Yorktown Bicentennial 11-12 : Lisa Ann Martin - " Peeler " Pep Club 11-12, Office Asst. 10, Yearbook 10, AFS 12, Who ' s Who, FBLA 11-12 (Reporter 11), SCA 12 ; Mark Matthews - Band, Stage Band ’ Betty Carolyn Mayo — " Kinky Mayo " 1 Gary McFerrin — School 1-12 • Sharon McFerrin - Art Club 10-12, SCA 10, Cheerleading 10 Mona Lisa McKinney - " Lisa " HERO and FHA 8-12, Guid. Asst. 11 • Bessie Laverna McKoy - " Laverna " HERO 11-12, Industrial Art Club 9 1, Estelia Michelle McKoy - " DEE DEE " FBLA 11-12, Guid. Asst. 12 | Jonathan Meyer - " Jon " Auto Mech. 10-12, Girl Watching 9-12, Drinking Team 11-12, Ind. Arts 10 i Donna Marie Meyers - FBLA 12, Library Asst. 12,12 Years of School, All of My Love With Ron Tappan ' John Meyers - " Bam Bam " Auto Mech. 10-12, Machine Shop 10, Party Thomas E. Millen - " Gene " Football 9-10, VICA 11, Graduated 12 Dorothy Elaine Miller - HERO 3 Years, Lib. Asst. 12, Softball 9-12 Sammy L. Mills - " Sam " Wrestling 9-11, SCA 12, Partying 9-12 Joy Denise Morris - J.V. Cheerleading 9-10, Varsity Cheerleading 10-12, (Capt. 11-12), Pep Club 9-12, AFS 10-12, Concert Band 9, Chorale 11, Madrigals 12 Barbara S. Morton - Drama Club, Bible Club, Guid. Asst. 11, Art Club 9, FBLA 12 N Terry Lynn Neal - " Feaber " Long Van Nguyen — Football 10-12, Basketball 10, Pep Club 11-12 Beverly Northrop - " Bev " Transferred From East Bernard, Texas 11, Pep Club 9, FHA 9-10 Katherine Natalie Nuttall — " Kathy " Beta, Regional Chorus 1981, SCA 81-82, D ' Otis 1981-82, Madrigals 1980-81, Who ' s Who O Calvin Bradford Oliver - " Beaver " FFA 10, Lib. Asst. 9, NJROTC I Adv. and II Adv. (NJROTC Asst., Mini Boot Camp, Drill Team, Color Guard, Exemplary Ap¬ pearance and Conduct, Top 10% of ROTC) Lisa Gail Oliver - Science Club 9, Drama Club 10-11, J.V. Basketball 10, Debate Team 11, Vision 12, Yearbook 10-12 (Editor 12), AFS 12, Spanish Club 12 Mary Oliver - FBLA 11-12, Guid. Asst. 10-11 Jimmy O ' Reilly - " Jimmy " FFA 4 Years, VICA 2 Years (Treas.), SCA P Wendolyn N. Paige - " Wendy " FHA 12, Pep Club 9-12, Madrigals 10, D ' Otis 11-12 (V.P.) David Mark Panchision - " OLIVER, " " SOU TH PACIFIC, " " CRUCIBLE, " " OUR TOWN, " ONE-ACTS 10-12, Thespians 10-12 (Pres. 12), Drama Club 9-12, Debate 10-11, Chess Club 11, Vision Staff 11-12, Who ' s Who, Pink Floyd 101 Joseph Patrick Parker — " Joe " FFA, Chorus, I.V., Baseball R.F. Selena Gail Phelps - FBLA 11-12, Senior Homecoming Attendant Tereasa Jane Phelps - Office Asst. 10, VICA 11-12, Clinic Asst. 11 R John Henry Redmon II - " Johnny " Track 9-12, Cross Country 12, NJROTC Drill Team 11 Cathy Reid - " Catty " USCA 3 Yrs., Pep Club 3 Years, Band 1 Year, Cosmetology 3 Years Mary Elizabeth Rigler - SCA 10, Flag Team 9, Pom Pom 10, Drama 10, AFS 10, Chorale 10 Larry Rilee - Football 10, SCA 12, Senior Class Council, VICA 11-12 Sheila Jean Rillee — Beta 11-12, FBLA 12, Science Club, Honor Roll Glenn M. Robins - " Crow " J.V. Basketball 9-10, Varsity 12, Golf 9-12, Who ' s Who Thomas L. Robins — " Tommy " VICA, Partying Stephanie Leigh Rouse - " Stevie " SCA 9-11, Class Sec. 10, Class Pres. 11, Homecoming Attendant 10, Beta 11-12, Who ' s Who Hammie Lee Rowe Jr. - SCA 11, FBLA 0-12 (Parliamentarian 11, Pres. 12), In¬ vestment Club 9 S Coleen Joyce Sabin - " Coco " NJROTC I and II, NJROTC Asst., Completion of Mini Boot Camp and Officers Candidate School Bryan Salley — Tennis, Fencing 10-12, Forensics 11-12, Governor ' s School 81, Band 9, Beta 11-12, AFS 9, 10, 12, Yearbook 12, Who ' s Who, Literary Mag. 11-12, Lab Asst. 11, 3rd Place in Math Contest at RCC Lisa Jane Scarborough — " Liza Jane " VICA 10-12, Cosmetology 10-12, AFS 10 George Emerson Schaeffer, III — Tennis 11, Basketball 9-12, Cross Country 11, Weight Lifting 9-12, Beta Club 11-12 (Pres. 12), Pep Club 11-12, AFS 11-12, Literary Mag. 11-12, 4-H 9-12, Everybody ' s Idol 9-12, Lab Asst. 12, V.P. of Led Zeppelin Fan Club, Beta King in 1980 Homecoming Tom Schuster - " Lugie " Passed English Once, Got a Girlfriend, Wrecked the Same Car Twice, Started the World ' s Greatest Food Fight, Made Honor Roll Once, Learned How to Spell Hirschberg, Learned How to Forge My Mother ' s Name, Broke My Knee Bone Lloyd Joseph Scott — " Hollywood " J.V. Football 9-10, Varsity Football 10-12, J.V. Basketball 9-10, Varsity Basketball 11-12, SCA 9-10 Stanley Scott — " Scott " Occupational Foods Pamela J. Shackelford — " Pam " Cosmetology l-lll, VICA 10-12, Art l-lll, PLSD 9-10 Robert William Shackelford — " Bill " Golf 10, Beta 11-12, Who ' s Who Charles M. Shannon III — " Tripp " Football 9-12, Soccer 9-12, Honorable Men¬ tion All District Soccer 11, Beta 11-12, AFS 11-12, " OLIVER, " Pep Club 11-12, Pres, of Led Zeppelin Fan Club, Literary Mag. 11-12, Who ' s Who, Weight Lift¬ ing 9-12, Survived Beta Convention ' 81, SCA 10, Bicentennial Committee ' 81, Tracy Brown ' 81 Brian Colyer Sharp — Football 9-12, Baseball 11-12, AFS 11-12, Who ' s Who, FCA 12, D ' Otis 12, Madrigals 11, Drama Club 11-12, " OLIVER, " Powder Puff Cheerleader 11, Coach of Powder Puff Football 11 v ■ ;n f. Sharp - " Will " Football 9-12, World Class Skier at 80 ' Olympics Teres Ann Simpson - " Shorty " Madrigals 11, Vision Mag. 12, Honor Roll 11, Graduated, Who ' s Who, Bosun of Sea Explorer Ship Co. Susan Jennifer Sindle - Field Hockey 8-12, First Team-All District 11, Gym¬ nastics 9-12, Track 10, Art Club 12, Science Club 12, SCA8-12 (Treas. 8, Rep. 9, Asst Sec. 10, Sec. 11, Alternate 12) Tanya Lettice Slade — Basketball 10-11, Art Club 10-12, AFS 11-12, Pep Club 9-12, Drama Club 11 Jennifer Sloan — Beta 11-12, Honor Roll 9-12, Science Club 12, Vision 11, Junior Homeroom Rep. Cynthia Maria Smith — " Slim " Chorus 9, Madrigals 11, Chorale 10, D ' Otis 12, AFS 10-12, Art Club 9-12, Drama 12, Regional Chorus 11, Creative Writing Club 11 Francis Leroy Smith Jr. - " Coo! Breeze " Football 11-12, Baseball 10-12, FFA 9-11 Marianne Smith - Chorus 9, Madrigals 10, D ' Otis 11-12 Who ' s Who 11, AFS 9-12, SCA 11, Chess Club 10, Class Rep. 12, Regional Workshop 9, Regional Chorus 11 1 H Marsha Smith - Track 9, Chorale 10-11, Vice Pres. 11, Outstanding Chorale Award 11, D ' Otis Singers 12 (Treas.), Debate 9-11, SCA 9-11, Newspaper 11- 12 (Feature Editor 12) Timothy W. Snow — VICA, ICT Ronald Everette Spencer - " Ronnie " Building Trades 10-12 Mary Elizabeth Spitler — " Beth " HERO 10-12, Food Occ. HI Arsan Cherri Starks - " Sankie " VICA 10-12, FBLA 12 Timothy Melvin Steele - " Tim " J.V. Football 9, Varsity 10-12, J.V. Basketball 9- 10, Varsity 11-12, (Co Capt. 12), Class Pres. 9-10, SCA Rep. 9-12, AFS 9-12, Pep Club 9-12 . Michele Stewart - Chorale 10-11, Madrigals 12 Rachel Stewart — " Raquel " Band 9-10, AFS, Forensics 10-12, " Passages " 11- 12, Drama Club 11-12, Thespians 11-12, Girls ' State, ! " OLIVER, " " OUR TOWN, " " SOUTH PACIFIC, " Beta Club 11-12, National Honor Society, Beta Club Treas.. National Merit Commended Scholar Katherine Ann Strickland - " Kathy " Honor Roll 11, Football 9, Chorus 9-12 Melissa Scott Sutton - " Little Bit or Missie " Science Club 9, AFS 9-12, Bible Club 10-11, Chorale 10-11, FBLA 11-12, Beta 11-12 T Sharon Taliaferro - Softball 9-12, Pep Club 10-12, HERO 10-12, Miss HERO At¬ tendant 1980 Darcy Terry - Band 11-12 Kim Margot Terry - FHA, DECA, Track Francis Renee Thomas - SCA 9-11, AFS 9-12, Gymnastics 9-12, Powder Puff Football 11-12, Yearbook 10 Kathy Lynne Thomas - Bible Club 9, Library Asst. 9-12, FBLA 12 Shirley A Thomas - FBLA 11-12,4-H 9-12, AFS 9, Pep Club 9 Archie Elton Thompkins - Copper Kettle, HERO, Mr. HERO 1980 Scheline Anne Thorton - " Fruit Cups " AFS 9, 10,12, Cheerleader J.V. 9, Varsi¬ ty 10, SCA 9-10, Beta 11-12, Who ' s Who, Literary Mag. 11-12, Miss Chorale 10, Woman’s Chorus 11 Sarah Elliott Tolley - Junior Honor Society 9, Band 9-11, Drill Team 10-11, Cheerleader 11, Forensics 12, Debate 12, Who ' s Who Pamela Lynn Tratnham - " Smurf " Field Hockey 10-11, Yearbook 11-12, AFS 11-12, Office Asst. 10, Partying Robert G. Tucker Jr. - " Bobby " Football 9-12, Metals 10-12, Industrial Arts 11-12, Drafting 9 Sandra Lee Tucker —• Track 9-12, Field Hockey 11-12, Cross Country 10, Debate 9-10, Cheerleader 10, AFS 9-12, Junior Class Officer, SCA Rep. 9-11 V Roberta Marie Vosburgh - " Bert " FHA Treas. 11, FBLA W Cynthia Walker - Yearbook 9, Lib. Asst. 11, FBLA 11-12, Who ' s Who !ohn Kenneth Walters - " Johnny " Football 9-12, Baseball 9-12, Senior Class s ev , Boys ' State, Citizenship 11, Football All District Half Back 11 Marvin E. Washington — VICA 3 Years, Basketball 2 Years, Pep Club 4 Years, FFA 2 Years, Band 2 Years, Madrigals 1 Year, Drafting 2 Years Marvin R. Washington - " Midnight Lover " Watching the Ladies 9-12 Michelle Lynette Washington — " Mickey " J.V. Basketball 9-10, FBLA 11, Pep Club 9,10, 12, Lib. Asst. 12, Guidance 11 Bernard West - " Birddog " AFS 9, 12, Spanish IV, Who ' s Who, NJROTC 11, Pep Club 11 Eugene C. West - " Gene " Football 10-11, Baseball 10, Senior Class Rep. Karen Lynn West - " Karen Lynn " AFS 10-12, Pep Club 9 Kimberly Anne West — " Kenworth " Science Club 9-10, Drama Club 10-12, Chorale 10, Woman ' s Choir 11, Occ. Foods HI, HERO 11-12, Office Asst. 11-12 Leslie Whitacre - " O.C ' FFA Marjorie Ellen White - " Margie or Woosh " Wind Ensemble 9-11, Marching Band 9-11, Pep Band 9-11, SCA 9-12 (Treas. 10, Parliamentarian 12), Beta 11-12, AFS 10-12, Track 10, Vision 11, Area Band 10, Who ' s Who, Beta Convention ' 81, Florida ' 81 Vivian L. White - ”Viv " FHA 10, SCA Rep. 12, FBLA 11-12 Wendell White - " Slickcum " ® Jean Whiting — FBLA 11-12, Guid. Asst. 11, Library Asst. 10 Doris Diane Whitley - Concert Band 9-10, Marching Band 9-10, FBLA 11, AFS 12 I ft Carol Ann Williams - Field Hockey 7-12, Beta 11-12, AFS 9-12, Soccer 10-12, Track 1-10, Softball 7,8,12, Science Club 12 Judith Gail Williams - " Judi " Drama Club 9-12, Sciencje Club 11-12, Vision Mag. 10-12, 4-H 11-12, FHA 12, " OLIVER " Laurie Lynn Williams - VICA Queen 1981, VICA 80-82, Cosmetology 80-82 Lisa Williams - " The Law " AFS 9-11, SCA 10, Beta 11-12, Art Club Pres., Gym¬ nastics 9-10, Who ' s Who, Getting Out of Mr. Bergh ' s Class, Riding With T.S. and Coming Back Alive! Jf Michael Williams - FFA 3 Years Paula G. Williams — FBLA 11-12, Newspaper 11, SCA Alt. 12 Ronald Eugene Williams - " Ron " NJROTC, Graduate From Military Academy James Morgan Wilson — " Stud " Band 9-10, SCA Rep. 11, Yearbook 11-12 Robert Lewis Wilson — Soccer, Auto Mech. Sandra Kay Wolfe — FBLA 11-12, Flag Team, Banner Carrier Mary Wood- FHA and HERO 11-12, Office Asst. 10, Trouble 9-11, Partying 9-12 Sherry Wyke — Pep Club 9, 11 y _ m Linda Yavorsky - " Squeeky " Getting Through High School, Getting to Know the Office Staff Warren H. Young III - " Trey " Beta 11-12, Soccer 10-12, Tennis 10-12, Who ' s Who, Nominated for the Honor Society Z John D Zwerner - Baseball, Who ' s Who Stephen E. Zwerner - Baseball, Who ' s Who COMMUNITY 173 October 16-October 19 1781-1981 Below: A protest against Secretary of the Interior James Watt. Center: A seagull settles to watch the celebration. Bottom: The Gloucester High jazz band performs at the Gloucester Point festivities. Right: A Colonial marine demonstrates how a musket is fired — and misfired. Below: A Coast Guard helicopter hovers, drawing eyes upward. A Celebration of Time 200 years. It is not a long time in Egypt with its three thousand year old pyramids, or Europe where five hundred year old castles dot the landscape, but these 200 years have been filled with more change than any other period in history. And in this Bicentennial we celebrate not only a battle Right: An exhibit in the school tent. Below: The rigging of the Maryland Dove. victory, but the changes time has wrought, and will bring. Eating seafood under the bridge, you can listen to the jazz band or sing along as War Prayer plays " Free Bird.” Soldiers recreating the Battle of Yorktown com¬ plain that the modern military is stealing the show. Students complain about papers due Tuesday when they get back. This is to be expected. We celebrate the past, but in this young country, the present and the future are all. Sailing ships maneuver for mock battle. The Maryland Dove sets sail from its pier near the York River Bridge. Colonial sailors from Massachusetts march to the beat of a different drummer. 175 I Being... Everyday we pass each other in the halls, learn together in the classrooms, we share our experiences and opinions with each other, but most of all we live and grow together. We are all only human and we do our best to get along in the world. Deci¬ sions have to be made everyday and we all want to make the right ones. Inside of each of us there is a very special person and we each want a chance to be ... Happy Someone else Able to be a little different Able to make mistakes 176 IllVn w Alone » V mmmm . ' Impossible? Able to learn With friends Determined Curious Peaceful? 177 I Bout Time It Snowed r It started, fast and furious, on Thursday, lanuary 14. Students left early. By the time snow stopped falling at 10 p.m. that night, two to four inches had fallen. School was cancelled Friday the 15th through Thurs¬ day the 21st. Friday the 22nd school was again called off. Fresh snow fall interrupted exams. Tuesday was a free day too. And everyone used the time to study, right? 178 179 Who Do We Like?. .. FAVORITE BOOK: 1. Shogun 2. Aztec 3. Joy of Sex FAVORITE TEACHER: 1. Mrs. Colosi 2. Mrs. Isner 3. Mr. Anderson FAVORITE T.V. SHOW: 1. Magnum P I. 2. Fame FAVORITE MOVIE: 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark 2. On Golden Pond 3. Endless Love FAVORITE ALBUM: 1. Escape 2. Hot Rocks 3. Foreigner 4 FAVORITE SINGLE: 1. " Centerfold " 2. " Physical” 3. " Endless Love " FAVORITE CONCERT: 1. Rush 2. Rolling Stones 3. Styx FAVORITE GROUP: 1. journey 2. Styx 3. Go Go ' s FAVORITE MOVIE STAR: 1. Tom Selleck 2. Bo Derek FAVORITE ENTERTAINER: 1. Velvet Jones 2. David Letterman 3. Dudley Moore FAVORITE MALE SINGER: 1. Dan Fogelberg 2. Billy Joel 3. Kenny Rogers FAVORITE FEMALE SINGER: 1. Pat Benetar 2. Diana Ross 3. Olivia Newton-john FAVORITE SOAP OPERA: 1. Guiding Light 2. General Hospital 3. Edge of Night FAVORITE ATHLETE: 1. Joe Montana 2. John McEnroe 3. Magic Johnson 181 The best ships built by the best people nearly a cen Four generations dedicated to uncompromising excellence. That’s the legacy and the legend of the men and women of Newport News Shipbuilding. Their efforts, ideas and energies have made “Built by Newport News” synonymous with outstanding craftsmanship throughout the world. That’s something to be proud of. And something to build on. Newport News Shipbuilding ATenneco Company 693-2408 877-5108 GLOUCESTER POMOCO, INC. Dodge Cars and Trucks Chrysler Plymouth Hwy. 17 Box 632 Gloucester C.H., Va. 23061 LUMBKR GLOUCESTER BUILDING SUPPLY ROUTE 14. 8c CORNER OF ROUTE 605 GLOUCESTER VA 23061 DONALD HORSLEY Owner 693 5980 Prescriptions — Photo Supplies — Housewares — Clothing — You can trust DRUG FAIR BRANDS! 693-2160 Business 17, Gloucester, VA 23061 Cosmetics Pet Supplies Automotive Toys and Games cAuLb ]P|EZ of Gloucesler, Inc. Call: 693-4700 or 877-2254 DAY 693-5980 NIGHT 693-4689 £ DONALD HORSLEY BUILDERS SON GENERAL CONTRACTOR CUSTOM BUILDING RE MODELING DONALD L HORSLEY Owner P. 0. BOX 127 GLOUCESTER, VA 23601 Gloucester-Mathews GAZETTE-JOURNAL Published by Tidewater Newspapers Inc. Gloucester, Va. 23061 JOHN WARREN COOKE, President and Publisher JAMES BLAND MARTIN, Vice-President £a xb aIeIIij MAIN STREET, GLOUCESTER WE MAKE PARTY TRAYS PHONE 693-6048 183 0 ?%eema t ' p£ vii4t, 9 ac. 5542 ' ZOcft te (Zieeti TRcC. 4 4 25662 X6X-7?f6 44 Utaye S fr. Sfofificay @Pi. 4 s4 236 72 X6X-7226 7 u m (? ycc itnq (Renter tyCatcce te ' i, 4 s4 693-6777 IK-4 In The Edgehill Shopping Center Gloucester. Virginia gS |FORP BILL FARY FORD, INC RT. 17 GLOUCESTER, VA 23081 W. D. (BILL) FARY President BUS. 693-3541 Hoffman Seeds Inc. The World Yield Leader! DEPENDABLE HYBRIDS FROM DEPENDABLE PEOPLE Contact C. H. German 693-2546 Aerobic Dance Classes 20.00 month $57.50 3 months $225.00 1 year Jazzercize Mon.-Wed.-Fri. 9 to 8:30 Tues.-Thurs. 9 to 5:30 Saturday 9 to 12:00 OFFICE SUPPLY OF GLOUCESTER PHONE 693-4155 LADV Rt. 17 • Town Country Center • Gloucester, Va. 23061 185 1982 Cavalier Patrons Sheriff and Mrs. Ruben Emerson Mr. and Mrs. James Hardee Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Knight Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wilson The Gift Garden Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth B. German Col. and Mrs. Robert E. Lindquist Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Emerson Mr. and Mrs. David W. Quesenberry Charles E. King, Jr. Ken Jean Smith — Owner AND GIFTS y Occasion That Calls for Flowers Call Us” Gloucester, Va. SHOP Alexander, Angela 66 Ambrose, Betty 50, 60, 139, 155 Ambrose, William 18, 96,117, 128,163 Ames, Benjamin 66, 73,147 Amidon, Kimberly 66 Anderson, Arnold 66, 123, 132, 147 Anderson, Cynthia 66 Anderson, Erika 34, 123,146, 138 Anderson, Kim 66 Arnder, Lavonna 50 Arnder, Mark 34 Arnold, Holly 6, 50, 103, 105, 124 Arthur, Ronnie Atwell, Harry 18 Austin, Steven 10,108 Austin, William 34 Avgolaus, Helen 50 Bachner, Ruth 18, 147,152,138,157 Bagwell, Deborah 66 Baines, loan 18,147,149 Baines, John 66,158,168 Baldwin, Kim 50, 139 Baldwin, Rebecca 34, 147,152,158 Baldwin, Terri 18, 103,139, 152,138 Baldwin, Tracey 66 Ballard, Teresa Bame, Orville 66 Baney, Lisa 34, 163 Banke, Charles 50,108 Banks, Steven 11, 30,148,152,155 Barefood, Pamela 50,62,149 Barnes, Marvin 66 Bartoszewicz, Jenette 18,139,147,150 Basta, Duane 34 Batchelor, John 66 Batchelor, Thomas 50 Bauer, Karen 34,148, 116 Bauer, Timothy 66 Bauer, Wendy 66 Beauchemin, Mark Beauchemin, Ruth 139,141,147 Belvin, Anthony Belvin, Butch 50 Belvin, Chris 50,66, 155, 162 Belvin, Michele Bender, Kelly 34 Bender, Kristy 34, 66 Benoche, Jacquelyn 50,62,149, 150 Benson, Amy Benton, Kristi 32, 146, 147,149, 138, 140, 155 Bereaud, Beverly 162 Berggren, Susan 34, 103,146,163 Berghuis, Bonnie 50,62 Berghuis, Eric 34 Berghuis, Jill 50,162 Berry, Anthony 18 Berry, Aundra Berry, Crystal 34 Berry, Curtis 50 Berry, Denita 50 Berry, Lisa 50 Berry, Terrell 34 Berry, Torrance 34 I Berry, Trent 50,108,151 Berry, William 50 Billups, Ernest Birdsall, Katherine 50,107,138 Blake, Anne 50,138 Blake, Karen 51 Blake, Kristi 11,66, 126, 155 , Blake, Lloyd 67 Blanchard, Karen 67,149,155 Blanchard, Keith 34 Bland, Steven 6,18, 96, 117,133,148, 138, 163 Blaylock, Caroline 51,138,150 Blevins, Robert 34 Blow, Kathleen 51,139 Bockrath, Roberta 51, 138,150 Boerner, Steve 18,162 Boggess, Denise 34,146, 147, 149,155, 116 Bogue, Robin 18,158,162 Bogue, William 67,151,116 Bohannon, Connie 18,147 Bolden, Toni 34,101,151 Bond, Derek 18,146,152,138,140,150 Bonner, Kellie 51 Bonniville, Darlene 67 Bonniville, Gloria 34 Bonniville, Kimberly 34,147 Bonniville, Melissa 67 Bonniville, Regina Bonniville, Rodney 67,148 Bonniville, Sabrina 67 Bonniville, Terry 162 Bonniville, Valerie 51 Booker, Patricia 57,151 Boon, Matthew 51, 67,150 Boone, Judith Boone, Randall 67,110,158 Booth, Jamie 35 Booth, Sally 147,152 Boothe, Frankie 51 Boothe, Cheyrle Bowers, George 157 Boyd, Beth 60 Bradshaw, George 18 Bradshaw, Pam Branden, Yasmine 34, 35, 47, 146,148,152 Brandford, Blaine Breaud, Beverly 51 Breeden, Angela 51,139, 153, 138, 64 Breeden, Lauri 67,124,138 Brewer, Francis 35 Brewer, Kelli 18, 32,117,147,153,138,140,155, 116 Brewer, Peter 67 Briggs, John 67,147 Bright, Olivia 67 Bright, Terrence 162 Brisendine, Kathy Bristow, lamie Bristow, Kathleen 18,140,164 Brock, Derek Brogden, Angela 67 Brooks, Dorothy 51 Brooks, Floyd 67, 108 Brooks, Michael 51,146, 150 Brooks, Michelle 101,148,145 Brown, Charles Brown, Christopher 67,147 Brown, Darlene 67,149 Brown, Dina 67,162 Brown, Faith Brown, Gregory 51 Brown, Harriet 51, 61 Brown, James Brown, Jeffrey 18 Brown, Kelly 147, 151, 162 Brown, Lank Brown, Lisa 11, 51,126 Brown, Louis Brown, Melanie 11, 35,139,140 Brown, Pamela 163 Brown, Robert 46, 148, 151 Brown, Selina 67, 138 Brown, Stacy 18, 139, 163, 155 Brown, Terry 35 Brown, Tracy 162 Brown, Tricia 18, 138, 140, 155, 157 Brown, Walton Bryant, Rhonda 35,168 Bryant, Robert 35,96 Buffa, Mario 35 Burgess, Matthew Burns, Jacqueline 35 Burns, Paige 147, 150 Burrell, Althea 7, 18, 151 Burrell, Mattie 67 Burrell, Stevens Burrell, Timothy 35 Burrell, Yvonne Burreson, Robert Burruss, Charles 62,148 Burse, Janice 18,101, 117,151 Burton, Kathleen 35,149, 152,140 Bush, Cheyrl 35, 151 Bushnell, Matthew 67 Busic, Sandra 35 Butler, Gay 7,19,155,164,116 Butler, Kimberly 35, 42, 147, 138 Butner, Andrea Byrd, Alan 19, 117, 116 Caldwell, Wendy 35 Call, Christopher 19, 31, 141, 145 Camiolo, Jenifer 67,155 Campbell, Randall Campbell, Russel 158 Campbell, Tony 67 Carey, Mary 46 Carey, Patricia 46 Carino, Tracy 155 Carmine, Angela 19,147 Carmime, Boyd Carmine, Deidre Carmine, Michelle Carmine, Pamela 35,147 Carmine, Stacy 19 Carr, Rachael 19,138 Carrington, James 68 Carrington, Mark 146 Carter, Carolyn 35,139,148 Carter, Dwayne 35,162 Carter, Mary 35,147 Carter, Wilburt96, 128, 148 Cason, Cynthia 35 Caviness, Pamela 35 Cecil, Duane 152,150 Cerny, Suzanna 19 Chapman, Ed 139, 152,140,155 Chapman, Jaqueline 67 Chapman, John 11,19 Chapman, Vicki 62,107,139,138 Char, Kevin 67 Char, Kimberly 36, 47, 146,149,152,138,140, 150 Chrettien, Chris 36 Chriscoe, Herbert 36,96,135,148,153,140,164 Clark, Suzanne 52,60,107, 147,138,155 Clark, Zena 151 Clay, Edwin 67 Clay, Garland 52 Clayborne, John 52,96 Clements, Dawn 52,105 Clements, Kirby 52 Clements, Russell 36 Clements, Steven 19,162 Clements Jr., Fred 68 Coates, Barbara 19,147 Coates, Bryon Coates, Crystal Coates, Keith 68 Coates, Kevin 36 Coates, Melvin 68 Coates, Mercia 19,158 Coates, Regina 46,149 Cobbs, Rhonda 19, 30,100,117,158 Coberly, Betty Cochran, Beth 52, 168 Cochran, David 19, 146 Coleman, Cheyrl 52,152,138,163,155 Coleman, Laura Collins, Scharaza 68,162 Collischan, Frank 46, 68,123 Compton, Ronnie 36 Conkling, Ronda 36, 139,138, 150 Conner, David % Conner, Rhonda 52,62 Connor, Kimberly 68,107,138 Cook, Brenda 36 Cook, Catherine 19 Cook, Kindra 68 Cook, Mervin 19 Cook, Tiny 36,168. Cook, Tony 19,141 Cook, Valerie 36,152,138,140,155 Cook Jr., Charles 19 Coons, Randall 19, 117,141, 163 C Der, Robin 36, 147,152 Cooper, Sherri 52,103,105,106,139, 146, 148, 138 Cooper, Thomas 36,163 Corbett, Renee 36,149 Corbin, Benita 36,155 Corbin, Della 52 Corbin, Madison Corbin, Sharon 68 Corbin, Yvonne 19, 129,155 Corey, William 52 Cottee, Debra 68 Coulson, Antony 19,117,151 Countiss, Kendell 68 Cox, Wanda 36,162 Craig, Dale 20 Creathon, Chris 158 Cridlin, Wayne 68,148,162 Crittenden, Mildred 36 Crone, Kipp 68,116 Croom, Marcus Cross, Evie 68 Crowgey, Keith 157 Crumpler, Becky Cutler, Christopher 68, 147 Cutter, Cary 36, 132, 147 Cutter, Lisa 52, 60, 139, 155 Daily, Scott 52 Dandridge, Allie 52, 108 Danforth, Paul 36, 146, 152, 153, 140 Dansby, Barbara 68 Darnell, Connie 68 Darnell, Sharon Davis, Lee 123 Davis, Letha 52, 152 Davis, Marlon 20 Davis, Michael 36, 152 Davis, Rennie 52 Davis, Ricky 20 Davis, Ronnie 52 Davis, William 68 Dawson, Michele 36,152 Dea, David 20 Dear, David 36, 68,149 Dear, Douglas 48 Dease, Gene DeBolt, Dawn 20 DeBolt, Paul Dedmon, Clayton 68,158 Deese, Robin 20 Deforge, Darren 68 Delara, Geoftery 52, 158 Denton, Margaret 36, 148, 153,140, 116 Dickerson, Cynthia 20, 162,168, 143 Dickerson, Madison 37 Dickey, Lynn 68 Diggs, Ellen 68,138, 155 Diggs, Hollis Diggs, James 37, 38, 153,140,164 Dixon, Lisa 11, 20, 126, 162 Drew, Barbara 20,100,117 Drews, Jill 20,139,147,138,155 Drews, Lesley 68,147 Driver, Joan 20 Driver, Randolph 37 Driver, Sherry 52 Driver, Sterling 52 Duckett, Carol Ann 52, 150 Dudly, Kenneth 20, 128, 146 Dudly, Yvonne 37,103 Dumas, Elizabeth 69 Duncan, Timmy Dunklee, Peter 37,147, 150 Dunn, Kenneth 52 Dunn, Sherry 37,148, 149, 153,140 Dunn, Yvonne 60 Dunnigan, Robert 69 Dunston, Lisa 52,162 Dunston, Sherry 52 DuPaul, Chanda 69, 71, 102,104 Dutton, Sylvia Eason, Pamela 52 Easter, Evie 20 Edmondson, Sherry Edwards, Jeffery 37,96 Ekdahl, Michael 69 Eley, Mark 20 Elkins, Jeff 20,117, 126, 133,140 Ellis, Shirley 20, 30,149 Ellis, Tracey 37, 152,140, 155 Elmore, Angela 37 Emerson, John 37,151 Emerson, Pamela 37,138,145,168 Emerson, Sally 69,149 Emory, Cynthia 30 Eubank, Robert 52,149 Evans, Allen 37 Evans, Douglas 20, 162 Evans, Hugh 37,149, 152, 145, 144, 140, 110 Evans, Penny 158 Evans, Richard 36, 37, 152, 153, 140 Evans, Rosemary 20, 123, 147, 149, 153, 138 140 110, 167 Ewell, Bette 37, 149, 152, 155 Ewe®- Catherine 138 Faison, Matt 158 Finning, Timothy 30 Farmer, Clare 30, 52 Farmer, Franklin 37 Feher, Heiderma 52,69, 149, 163 Feher, Rose Fields, William 37 Fife, Melissa 69 Finch, Steven 52, 148 Fishburn, Theresa 52, 152, 153, 138 Fite, Joan 69 Fletcher, Tracy 52, 153 Flippo, David 37, 158, 161 Folkes, Jacqueline 37,140 Folkes, Susan 69 Folsom, Matthew 69, 158 Ford, Christy 37, 141, 162 Ford, Deborah 30, 147 Foster, Brian 53,108 Foster, Carroll 53 Foster, Charlene 162 Foster, Lisa 53,104,151 Foster, Theresa 20,141 Freiermuth, Cindy 37 Freiermuth, Nancy 53 French, Shell 20 Friant, Christopher 69,151 Fulcher, Tracy 38, 41,148,150 Funk, Eric Fyfe, Dennie 21,164,116 Fyfe, Melissa Gambill, Christy 69 Garber, Amy 53, 61, 146,168 Garber, Mary 53 Garnett, Brett 21,164 Cary, Harry 38 Gary, William 38 Gaultney, Katherine 21 Cay, Gilbert 69 Gayle, Laura 37,162 Cerhardt, Anthony 53 German, Heidi 21,147,138,145 German, Jeffery 53 Gibbs, Pamela 69 Gibson, Michael 53 Giesin, Kimberly 37 Gillespie, Patricia 69 Gilley, Teresa 38, 39,140 Glock Jr., W alter 69, 152 Godwin, Remona 140 Goens, Donna 53 Goodhart, Mary 38,155 Gooding, Anne 139 Gootee, Glenn 21,96, 117,128,141, 148,152, 140 Gorde, Leslie Gorde, Timothy 38 Crabenstetter, Bettina 69,102,138,155,116,162 Graves, Judith 53,139 Graves, Kristi 53 Gray, Phyllis 149 Gray, Carolyn Gray, Darlene 53,149,152 Gray, James 69 Green, Anna 53,163 Green, Chris 21 Green, Delma 53 Green, Henry 53,158 Green, Kenneth 69 Green, Lori 69 Green, Ricky 53 Green, Terri 69 Green, William 69 Greene, Connie Greene, Denise 21, 147 Greene, James 38 Greene, Maxine 163 Greene, Ronald Greene, Sammy 69 Greene, William 69, 108 Griffin, Helen 21, 30, 149, 152 Griffith, Scott 69 Griffith, Tammy 21 Grimes, Debbie Grimes, Kelvin 53 Grizzard, Susan 38, 128,168 Grow, Clifford 7 Grow, Roberta 21 Gumaer, Richard Gumaer, Susan 21,141,162 Gutermuth, Bill 53, 146,138, 150 Gutermuth, Lisa 38, 150, 168 Guy, Henry 53 Guy, James 38,96, 116 Guy Jr., John 21 Gwyn, Craig 54, 134 Gwyn, Dawn 54, 61 Hair, Vickie Haley, Susan 38, 41,107,155 Hall, Brenda 54, 149 Hall, Carol Hall, Chistopher 54 Hall, Katherine 54, 168 Hall, Mary 38, 141,151 Hall, Robin 21 Hall, Terri 70, 112 Hall, Theodore 54 Hall, William 70, 72 Halvin, Kenneth Hamilton, Denise 21,141 Hamilton, David 54, 61, 96, 163 Hammock, Pamela 21 Hamrick, Dallas 21 Hanley, Todd 70 Hansford, Cliton 21, 96, 117 Harbert, Monte Hardee, James 54 Harding, Mary 38, 44, 54 Hardy, Stephanie 38,105, 147, 155, 168 Harper, Janet 54 Harper, Raymond 21 Harper, Timothy Harrell, Donald 21 Harrell, James 70 Harris, Daniel 38 Harris, Deborah 38,139, 148 Harris, John 70 Harris, Kimberly 21, 32, 131, 152, 138,145, 163 Harris, Patricia 70 Harris, Regina 38 Harris, Regina 149,158 Harris, Robert 6, 22,147,155, 164,165 Harris, Soyna 54 Harris, Tammy 30,162,143 Harris, Virginia 22,163,162 Harrison, Carol 70 Harrison, Chistopher 158 Harrison, Hansford 30 Harrison, Kevin 22,152 Hart, Andrea Hart, Holland 38 Hart, Sarita 54,152 Harvey, John Harvey, Mark 54,148 Harvey, Patricia Harwood, Debbie 54,102, 124,155, 116 Haskins, George 38, 96, 123,148, 109 Hayes, Michelle 70 Haynes, David 38,96,97,148 Haynes, Murray 70 Haywood, Anthony 30,157 Haywood, Carmen Haywood, Darlene 22,147,152,138,140 Haywood, Rebecca 22,147,138,140,155 Haywood, Robin Haywood, Susan 70 Hedspeth, Frank 38 Heins, Lisa 54,149 Heibig, Jeanette 22, 30,162 Hendly, Stephen Hendrix, Douglas Herndon, Mark 157 Hester, Dayrl 70 Heywood, William 22,133 Hicks, Paula 54,139,146, 153, 138 Hightower, Syvette 22 Hill, Karen 70 Hill, Teresa 22 Hirschberg, Donna 54,60, 61, 153,138, 155 Hirv, Kelly 70,102, 104,138 Hiser, Brian 22, 30, 124, 147, 152,155, 162 Hochheim, Tara 39, 147 Hodges, Brian 22 Hodges, Stephanie 70 Hodges, Toni 70 Hoell, Christopher 70, 116 Hogge, Brenda 22 Hogge, Charles 70 Hogge, Charles Hogge, Claudie 39 Hogge, Dana 22 Hogge, Dana 54 Hogge, Diana 141 Hogge, Everett Hogge, Jeff 22,96, 117, 155 Hogge, Jodi 70 Hogge, John 39 Hogge, Kimberly 53, 54,138 Hogge, Laura 22 Hogge, Lisa 70, 102, 104,138, 155, 162 Hogge, Lorraine 54 Hogge, Mary 22 Hogge, Neal 39 Hogge, Stephen 22 Hogge, Timothy 39 Hogge, Voight Hogge, William Holden, James Holden, Mellisa 70 Holland, Jennifer 39, 155 Holland, Randy Holloway, James 55 Holloway, Molly 70 Honaker, David 22,129, 133, 155 Honaker, Vivian 70 1 Honeycutt, Georgina 55, 149 Hood, Sharon 55 Hoover, Mark 55 Hopkins, Tammy 70 Hopson, Larry Hornbrook, Chris 55 Hornsby, Robert 22 Horsley, Angela 39,141,162 Horsley, Anita 22, 162 Horslev loe 71 77 Horsley ' Laura 55,62,103,105,138,155 Hough, Vicky 55, 142 Howard, Harold 55, 108 Howard, Jeffery 71,151 Howard, Teresa 39, 147 Howard, William 39,96,117, 158 Howlett, Pam 39 Hudgins, Brenda 71 Hudgins, Dana 30 Hudgins, Harold Hudgins, John Hudgins, Robert 71,98 Hugate, John 71,161 Hugate, Teresa 71 Hughes, Andrea 71 Hughes, Cindy 39, 162 Hughes, Robin 39 Huhn, Kenneth 158 Hundley, William 71 Hunt, Janice 23,138 Hunter, Brian 71, 147 Hunter, Carroll 23,164,166 Hutson, Christopher 60, 96,148 Irvin, David 39 Irvin, Dennis 23 Ismail, Craig Isner, Catherine 39,152,153,140 Jackson, Ann 23,123, 129,138,163 Jackson, Crystal 23,100,117,141,151 Jackson, Donna 71 Jackson, Edna Jackson, Gwen 39,149,152 Jackson, Jeanette 23 Jackson, James Jackson, Ricky Jackson, Saundra 71 Jackson, Sharon 149 Jackson, Sherry Jackson, Tony 71 Jackson, Tracy 55 Jackson, Victoria Jackson, Willie Jamerson, Pamela 35, 45 James, Charles 55 James, Robert 55 Jefferson, Maxine 39,168 Jeffries, Julie 71 Jenkins, Carlton 39, 96,128, 148 Jenkins, Cathy Jenkins, Clarence Jenkins, Don 71 Jenkins, Eric 55 Jenkins, Gregory 71 Jenkins, Joseph 55 Jenkins, Kathy 55, 71 Jenkins, Kelvin 39 Jenkins, Luther 71 Jenkins, Marsha Jenkins, Patricia 6 Jenkins, Rita 39 Jenkins, Roy 149 Jenkins, Terry 55 Jenkins, Tina Jenkins, Wanda 23,141,149 Jessie, William Johnson, Adrian 46, 163 sA Johnson, Angela Johnson, Charles Johnson, Cheryl Johnson, Hunter 71 Johnson, Ira 156 Johnson, June 39 Johnson, Larry Johnson, Maribel 39 Johnson, Roberta Johnson, Tammie 168 Johnson, Tammy 40 Johnson, Toni 40 Johnson, Tyrese Johnson, Maxwell 55, 96, 146,148 Johnson, Wendall 71, 98, 108 Jones, Audrey Jones, Brian 55 § Jones, Carol 55,152 f|pfl|| • ' , Jones, Carrie 40 Jones,Melinda 71 Jones, Michelle 23,151,152,168 Jones, Olive 40,116, 162 Jones, Amy Jones, Richard 157 Jordan, Amy 55,138 Jordan, Valery 149 Jurgenson, Thomas 30 Jurgenson, Eric 55 Kahlbaum, Edward 40 Kane, Alice 107,138,140,155, 165 Kaylor, Kevin 23, 32,152,140 Keats, Hilda 23,151 Keats, Jacquelyn 71 Kearny, Kim 55,162 Keener, Keith Kellum, Edward 72 Kelium, Eric 55 Kellum, Karen 40,141 Kellum, Maria Kellum, Mark 23 Kellum, Russell 72 Kellum, Susan Kellum, Teresa 40 Kellum, Timothy 40,148 Kellum, Yvonne 55,162 Kemp, Charlotte 23,32,132, 147,149, 153,140 Kerns, John 55 Kerns, Lewis 40 Kesler, Michelle 55,148 Keys, Burnice Kiefer, Mark 72,96,123, 131, 116 King, Lisa 55 King, Marion 72, 147, 151,110 King, Mary 23 King, Nancy 23, 128, 138, 163, 155 King, Sally 72, 102,138, 116 Kirkland, Margaret 23,138,163 Kladler, Paul 40, 48, 147,138 Knight, Beth 40,44, 152, 138,192, 145,144, 150 Knight, Matthew 55 Kirkales, Nicky 55 Kumthong, Phakathi 40, 141,147 Kustanovitz, Michelle 72 Lafferty, Darren 72 Lamos, Beth 23,153,140,157 Lamos, Kristin 40, 47,139 Lane, David 72 Lanien, Holly 102 Lang, Peter 23,152 Larkin, Michael 23, 32,152,138, 64,140,164 Larrimore, George 56,108 Larrimore, Gwendolyn 40,149,152, 163 Lauderman, Michelle 72 Lawrence, Robert 23 Lawson, David 23 Lay, Daphne 40, 147, 149, 153, 138, 140 Lee, Darnell 24 Lee, Kimberly 24,147 Lee, Maria 155 Lee, Serita 56,147,152 Lee, Towanda 24,147, 152,162 Lehman, Frank 24 Leidig, Beth 56 Leigh, Deborah 56 Leigh, Gina 40,138, 140 Leigh, Teresa 148 Lemons, Stephen 40,158 Lenz, Terry 24 Leonard, Kristi 24, 30, 162, 142 Leone, Maurizio 40 Leppin, Annette 11,40,126 Lewis, Andrew 56,146,148 Lewis, Anthony Lewis, Richard 72,151 Lewis, Robert Lewis, Scott 56 Lewis, Tammy 40 Lewis, Terri 11, 24, 126,138,144,155 Lewis, Thomas 24,146 Lewis, William 116 Lindquist, Debra 24 Lindquist, Karl 56 Lindsey, Connie 40,147,162 • Lipps, Stephen 56,147 Little, Latta 72 Lockley, Alicia 41 Lockley, Carlton 24 Luckam, Mary 72,134 Lyerly, Thomas 41 Lyeth, Richard 56 Lyeth, Teresa 24,147, 148,155 Lynch, Anne 72, 79,150 Mabry, Duane 30 Machie, Linda 56,61 Machie, Mary 41, 40,153,140 Mackenroth, Grover 61,147 Maggard, James 56 Maggard, Mary 24,147,149,155, 157 Mahler, Sidra 72,123,138, 79 Mahoney, Sheila 41,162 Maiorana, Linda 72 Mann, Jeffrey 41 Manning, Brian 24 Manning, Timothy 24 Margason, Andrew 56 Margason, Christian 41 Margason, Jeffrey 24,131 Marks, Robert 24, 146 Marshall, Danny 41 Marshall, Penny 41, 100,101, 151,152 Marshall, Timothy 56, 148 Martin, James 56 Martin, John 30 Martin, Kathleen 24,153,138 Martin, Kimberly 56, 149 Martin, Linda 41,162 Martin, Lisa 24,147, 152,138, 140 Martin, Randy 56 Matous, James 56,62,149,153 Matthews, Elizabeth 72 Matthews, Mark 30 Maxwell, Amy 72,104,77 Mayes, Angela 72,152, 150 Mayo, Betty 24, 147 McCoy, Dedee 147 McClure, Jackie 56,148 McFerrin, Adrian 41,130 McFarrin, Gary 24, 135 McFerrin, Keith 148 McFerrin, Sharon 25 McGee, Debbie 72 McGinnis, Erin 72 McGinnis, Gaylan 41, 139 McKeller, Kevin 72 McKeller, Kim 72 McKeller, Charles 41 McKenney, Charles 41 McKinney, Mona 25 McKinney, Lester 56 McKoy, Bessie 25 McKoy, Estella 25 Mckoy, Evelyn 56 McMurray, Derek 73,148 McNeil, Leon Meade, Eric 73 Meisner, James 73 Merrick, Megan 56 Meyer, Jonathan 30,163 Meyers, Donna 25 Meyers, John 162 Millen, George 25, 56,162 Miilen, Patrick Millen, Thomas Miller, Audrey 73, 149 Miller, David 25,155, 162 Miller, Dordthy 25 Mills, Kimberly 70, 73,138,155 Mills, Samuel 25,155,162 Mitchell, Kimberly 41 Mitchem, Melanie 41,146,147, 149,152,150 Moclair, David Moncure, Charles 56 Moore, Catherine 25,162,14? Moore, Catherine Moore, Donald 41 Moore, Terry 41 Morales, Maria 41,147,149,140 Morgan, Gregory 56 Morgan, Jane 73,107 Morris, Jacob Morris, Joy 25,103,138 Morison, Robert Morton, Babara 25, 147 Morton, Kenneth 151,159 Motley, Lisa 73 Muilinix, David 41, 151,138, 144,162 Mullins, Pamela 73 Mullins, Tracy 66, 73,107,155 Murphy, Russell 56,158 Murray, Janine 56, 149 Myers, Donna 141,147 Myers, Patricia 56 Myers, Michael 56 Myers, Roberta 41,147,151 Myers, Ronald 73 Myers, Tammy 56 Myers, Wendy 66, 73, 74,155,116 Myles, Kelly 41, 146,153,138,148, 140, 157 Napier, Ruth 41,47 Naquin, William 73 Neal, Terry 25,141, 149 Neider, Dina 73,149 Neilson, Jana 57 Newman, James 42 Newton, Elton 57 Nguyen, Long 25, 30,96, 117,152 Nichols, Kelly 42,132 Nichols, Linda 73,138,150 Nichols, Shannon 73,102,104,124, 155, 162 Northrop, Beverly 25 Nuttall, Katherine 25,138,140, 155,164,165 Norville, Donna 42,141,149 Nye, Francine 42,147 Oldfield, Jonthan 73 Oliver, Calvin 25 Oliver, Eddie 42 Oliver, Garland Oliver, Lisa 31, 138,145, 144, 157, 168 Oliver, Mary 25,147 Oliver, Pamela 37, 42 Olivis, Bobbie 73 Olson, Bennett 73 O ' Reilly, James 25,148,162 Otterstedt, Wendy 149 Owens, Derek Owens, Pamela 57,107,153,138 Owens, Steven 42 Owens, Clarence 73 Padgett, Ellen 42 Paige, David 73 Paige, Karen 57 Paige, Wendolyn 7, 25, 32, 149, 151, 164 Paige, Lawrence 57 Panchison, David 135, 137 Parker, William Parks, Vivian 42, 162 Patrick, Michelle 57 Payne, Dale 26 Permoda, Daniel 73 Perrin, Andrea 73, 158 Phelps, Selena 26, 126 Phelps, Teresa 26 Phillips, Angela 42 Phillips, Donna 42 Phillips, Michael 57, 157 Phillips, Natalie 73, 149, 152 Phillips, Robert 42 Pimentel, Lina 26, 42 Plessinger, Edward Plott, Laura Polk, Robert 42,106, 148 Pollard, Annette 57 Pollard, Denise 26,141, 151 Pouchot, John 42,106, 148,164 Prillaman, Amy 42,138 Pritchard, Steven 34, 42,141,146,152 Proffitt, Lester 42 Pruden, Tracey 74 Pryor, Kenneth 108, 74, 158 Pryor, Kenneth 74 Pultz, Edward 42, 48 Quattlebaum, Bernie 26 Quick, Robert 157 Randall, Denise 149 Ransom, Marletha 57,152 Ransom, Wendall 42,96,118,148 Ransome, Verdery 57 Redman, Allen Redman, John 106,117, 158 Reeves, Robert 157 Reichardt, Donna Reid, Brent 46, 74 Reid, Cathy 162 Revere, Robert Rhoades, Connie Rich, Annette Richards, Donna 57, 74 Richards, William 57,61,110 Riggs, Raynal 74 Rigler, Mary 26 Rigney, Tammy Rilee, Delores 74 Rilee, Larry 26, 32, 162 Rilee, Roland 57 Rilee, Sheila 26,147,140 Roane, Patricia 57 Roane, Paulette Roane, Randie 42 Roane, Cary Roberts, Carole 57 Roberts, Wayne 61,151, 74,116 Robins, Britton 57,62, 145,144, 150 Robins, Glenn 26,163,109 Robins, Herbert 57 Robins, Jason 151 Robins, Jennifer Robins, Lenora Robins, Sharon 74 Robins, Thomas 162 Robinson, Rhoda 57, 61, 150 Robinson, Sherell Robinson, Earl 57, 108 Rodgers, Gregory 74 Rodgers, Lisa 149, 74 Rodgers, Paul 74 Rogers, Kim 42 Rohrbach, Stephanie 107, 139, 149 153 140 150 Ronk, Lisa 58 ' ' Rouse, Sonya 47, 105,163 Rouse, William 98, 151, 74 Rouse, Stephanie 6, 26, 129, 134, 138 Rowe, Babarara 58,141 Rowe, Hammie 26, 31, 147 Rowe, Lisa 58 Rowe, Jean 80 Rowe, Pauline Rudolph, Vernon 58 Sabin, Coleen 26 Sadovic, Steve 74, 150 Sandride, Donald 164, 165 Safka, Janine 58,162 Salley, William 26, 149, 153, 138, 144, 140, 110, 16? Satterwhite, Todd 157 Saunders, John Scarborough, Lisa 26, 162 Schaeffer, George 31, 32, 123, 128, 133, 152 138 140, 157 Schaeffer, Bradley 58, 162 Schaich, Robert 74 Schaumleffel, Jay 26 Schmitz, William 58, 63 Schuster, Nancy 57, 58, 107, 131, 148, 116, 150 Schuster, Thomas 26, 32, 117, 147, 148, 152 164 137 Scott, Angela 102, 105, 74 Scott, Lloyd 26, 31, 96, 117, 123, 148, 138 Scott, Robert 74 Scott, Stanley 31 Sc ruggs, Larry 58 Sears, Bonnie 149, 74 Sears, Karen 74 Seawell, Tammy 103, 105, 138, 145, 144 Seely, Ronald Setterholm, Mary 58, 128, 168 Shackleford, Edward 141, 140 Shackleford, Mark 74 Shackelford, Pamela 26, 162 Shackelford, Robert 58 Shackelford, Robert 26, 135, 138 Shackelford, Sandra 147, 140, 150, 167 Shackelford, Thomas 58 Shackelford, Tracy 7,107, 74 Shackelford, Vanessa Shannon, Charles 27,96, 97, 1 17, 118 123 153 140, 157 Sharman, Mary 74 Sharp, Brian 27,96, 117,163,164 Sharp, William 27, 32,96,117,128,163 Shaw, Jeffrey 58,149,153,64 Shaw, Mia 47 Shaw, Peter 128,138,155 Shaw, Shannon 96, 124 Shearouse, Kurt 74 Shell, Sunday 74 Shelton, Charles 58 Shelton, Irving 58 Shifflet, John 157 Shulenburg, Kirsten Sidney, Duane 58 Sikora, Lisa Silberhorn, Michael 134, 75,155 Silvis, Richard 58,112 Simmons, Tracy Simpson, Patrick 139, 75 Simpson, Teresa 27,139,140,162 Sindle, Susan 27,107,117,139,116 Skinner, Bruce Slade, Tanya 27,139,152,138 Slaughter, Roger 27 Sloan, Jennifer 27,140 Smith, Amy 75 Smith, Anthony 58 Smith, Curtis 138 Smith, Cynthia 27,139, 164 Smith, Dinah Smith, Drew 147,163 Smith, Faith 75 Smith, Francis 27,96, 117, 122 Smith, Henry 141 Smith, Holly 75 Smith, Karen 147 Smith, Kelly 58 Smith, Kevin 58,61, 116 Smith, Margaret 147 Smith, Marianne 27,146 Smith, Marsha 27, 164 Smith, Sharon 75 Smith, Tanya 75 Smith, Verna Smith, William 58, 122, 123 Smoot, Brian Snow, Denise 75 Snow, Randy 162 Snow, Timothy 31 Soesbee, Jerry 158 Sommers, Lisa 152 South, Connie Sparber, Felix 61 Spencer, Amy 138, 75 Spencer, Barbara 163 Spencer, Kenneth 27, 96,117,116 Spencer, Marvin 109 Spencer, Sheila 105, 124, 147 Spencer, Susan 39, 44,146, 147, 138 137 150 Spitler, Mary Springle, Lisa 59, 103, 105 Spruill, Mary Spruill, Melissa 44, 47,149, 153,138, 140 Squires, Gene 75 Stanbrook, Michael 148 Stanton, Jeff Starks, Arsan 27,147 Starks, Dawn 44,116 Steele, Jack 151,75 Steele, Mary 149, 75 Steele, Timothy 27, 96,117,118, 148,155 Sterling, Caroline 3,5, 44, 123, 147, 140 Sterling, Carrie 44 Sterling, Christopher Stewart, Michael 27, 44, 140 Stewart, Michelle Stewart, Rachel 27,129,135,147,153, 140,150 Stokes, Berkely 59,158 Stokes, Brigitte Stokes, Fannie 44 Stokes, Kevin Stokes, Lisa 44, 168 Stokes, Maria 116 Stokes, Melvin Stokes, Reginald 27 Stokes, Renee 44,100,152 Stokes, Harry Strickland, Elizabeth 44,149,153,138, 140 Strickland, Katherine 27,168 Strong, Terri 59 Summers, Lisa 75 Suthers, Eddie 59 Sutton, Deborah 59,153 Sutton, Donald 44 Sutton, Melissa 31, 147 Swihart, Mark 27 Tabb, Lisa 44,151 Talbott, Donald 44,151 Taliaferro, Delois 44, 48,151 Taliaferro, Sharon 28,151 Taylor, Carrie 104, 75 Teagle, David 75 Teagle, Mark 75 Teagle, Mary 75 Teagle, William 44, 162 Teets, Dana 44,141 Teets, Annette 57 Terry, Darcy 31 Terry, Kim 28 Thayer, Greg 44,162 Thomas, Carla 44, 103,105,153,138,140 Thomas, Eric 72,148, 76 Thomas, Francis 28,138,116 Thomas, Holly 104,76 Thomas, Kathy 28 Thomas, Shirley 28 Thomas, Terry 76 Thomas, William 59,146,155 Thomas, Robert Thompkins, Archie 28,151 Thompkins, Eileen 59 Thompkins, Regina 44 Thompson, Brent 59,148 Thompson, Charlene 44,103 Thompson, Mark 76 Thompson, Nancy 44 Thompson, Travis 44,140 Thornton, Dale 45,140 Thornton, David 59 Thornton, Marie 59 Thornton, Marvin 59 Thornton, Mary Thornton, Shelly 28, 123, 124, 146, 153, 138,140, 157 Thornton, Stefphanie 59, 149, 153, 138 Thurston, Cindy 76 Tice, Dana Tice, Wayne 76 Tillage, James 59 Tillage, Terri 162 Tillage, Roswell Todd, James 35, 45, 96,123,128,148 Tolefson, Craig 76 Tolley, Sarah 28,31,129 Tomlinson, Jeffrey 45 Trainham, Pamela 31,138 Trevilian, Robert 45,148 Trivett, Judith 59, 138 Trivett, Stephanie 59,138, 155 Trivette, Randy 157 Trueblood, Monica 76 Trueblood, Lisa 45 Tucker, Sandra 28, 107,150 Tucker, Robert 28, 96, 117 Tumlin, Cristian 45,162 Turner, Gary 45, 140, 164 Turner, Gregory 45, 59, 162 Turner, Leonard 45 Turner, Stephen 45,106, 148 Tyler, Barbara 45,141 Tyler, Carrie 102 Tyler, Henry Tyler, Goron 108 Van Houdt, Drena 43 VanCleave, Shari 59, 153, 138,64 Vann, David 76, 162 Vann, Mark 45, 151, 162 Vonwald, Douglas 59 Vosburgh, Roberta 28 Walker, Cynthia 28,147 Walker, Michael 59 Walker, Tammy 76 Walker, Theresa 38, 45,107,124,138,140 Walker, Thomas 45,116 Walker, William Walker, Freddie 59 Wallace, Kathryn 147,149, 76 Walters, Brent 66, 73,151,76,155 Walters, John 11, 28,96,117,148,164 Walthall, Glen 151, 76 Walton, William 76 Ward, James 28 Ward, Jules 28 Ward, Roderic Ward, Earl 76 Ward, Phillip Washington, Marvin 28, 31,152 Washington, Marvin Washington, Marvin 163 Washington, Michele 28,158 Washington, Paul Washington, Paula 158 Waters, Sarah 59 Watkins, Jeffrey 76,162 Watts, Peggy Watts, Ruth 36, 45,152, 138 Weber, Kenneth 59 Weber, Martin Weirich, Dana Weirich, Kelly 102, 104, 76 Wells, Kelene 45,152,138 Wells, Lisa 59,138, 64 West, Alisa 59, 139,148, 138,116 West, Angela 76 West, Bernard 28 West, Carline 76 West, Charles 59,148 West, Glenn 45 West, Jamie 59 West, Karen 28,163 West, Kimberly 28,147, 151 West, Leroy 45, % West, Lisa 59,107 West, Lisa 59,104,139, 147,155 West, Lisa West, Melanie 76 West, Melissa 76 West, Richard 60, 148 West, Richard 76,162 West, Ronney 148 West, Sandra 45 West, Stephen 60, 148 West, Susan West, Warren 76 West, Willena 46 West, Eugene 29 Wheeler, Richard 29 Whitacre, Leslie 29 Whitby, Stephen 77 White, Grace 77 White, James 108, 77 White, Marjorie 29, 31, 131,153, 140,155 White, Paul 96, 97, 122,123, 128,148 White, Susan 60 White, Victoria 45 White, Vivian 29,155 White, Wendell 29 Whiting, Adam 77 Whiting, Blondell 45, 101, 151, 152 Whiting, Jean 29, 147 Whiting, Jennifer 60,151,153 Whiting, Karen 150 Whitley, Diane 29.163 Whitt, Lynne 45, 46, 116 Wikle, Jodie 60 Wilburn, David 77 Williams, Andrew 60,153 Williams, Brian 60, 148, 153,64 Williams, Carol 29,107,117, 112,140 Williams, Celestine Williams, Harry 60 Williams, Judith 31,147,149 Williams, Kara 77 Williams, Laura 29, 162,142 Williams, Lisa 29, 131, 147, 153,140, 137 Williams, Michael 29 Williams, Paula 31,147 Williams, Ronald 29,158,162 Williams, Tina 46,151 Willis, Anthony 46 Willis, Joanne Willis, Joyce 60 Willis, Margarite Willis, Rita 46 Wilson, James 29,145 Wilson, Robert 29 Wilson, Kimberly 60 Wilson, Tammy Wilson, Thomas 77 Windley, Susan 77 Winslow, Mark 139, 77 Winslow, Nathan 46, 152 Wolfe, Sandra 147 Wolfe, Joseph 77 Wood, Diane Wood, James Wood, Laurie 46, 147, 140 Wood, Leslie Wood, Mary Woods, Pamela 46 Worley, William 60 Wyatt, April 162 Wyke, Sheila 37,46, 147 Wyke, Sherry Yavorsky, Kim 60 Yavorsky, Linda 29, 31 Young, Kathryn 46, 153, 145, 150 Young, Rita 46 Young, Warren 29, 117, 131,147, 79, 99,150 Young, William Zahn, Catherine 46, 107,146, 153,140, 155 Zwerner, John 29 Zwerner, Stephen 29 Michelle Brooks Chris Call Pam Emerson Hugh Evans Catherine Ewell Heidi German David Keeler Beth Knight Kelly Myles Lisa Oliver Britton Robins Tammy Seawell Jimmy Wilson Kathryn Young The theme for our yearbook this year is Time. Although it seems very simple, it is actually very com¬ plex because we are all affected by the grasp of Time. I sincerely hope that this book will grow more precious to each of you as the years go. It is through our memories alone that we can overcome Time. The experience of being editor of the ' 82 Cavalier was a challenging one. I am glad that the year has been completed with a relative amount of success. Despite several setbacks, a cooperative staff and an understanding advisor made them seem smaller. Special thanks to Mrs. Hugate, who has been a friend as well as an advisor, and to Beth Knight, Co-Editor, and most of all to my loyal staff. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Danny Defalco, our Taylor representative for his help and cooperation. My last piece of business is the dedication of this book. After much careful thought, I dedicate the ' 82 Calavlier with much sincerity to the faculty and staff at Gloucester High School and I would like to thank them for their cooperation and also for four good years here at GHS. ft ' St T 7 i ya-d 192 tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock , YfaJU-j , v) ' -oq- jjyx aJ pOu ud SO hxxdi dhaot bJO nojt to do oJj. d-d. act u)z_ -LojjJd hcuM .. Ud coS “6JoXjL LnL, ‘ryLA-A- ■ C‘jth nohjQ j QJLglkaj CLn d aai-ua tb luqaJc Csost on-Q aJr 70( c © tpy aJ. dd ) • d lJjlM HjUjM d AQSt UJOJjc y y aX uu OHl y© aj. , id Z-M- pAXJjUx CJL . J UuOxb QajuXj (X X_ 1 1 tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock ti ck tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock -tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock

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