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' d, AiM Mffe , sClttl t ' sOl - iJ yfrUs a sPw- xkJiJ-il aklxjuJ JlYU ' Jj . U, ‘ ' ddbj£ Kj dl ' Ci ydn ' C CJu J jO m L Od dJ pu ' ud Jit Ztdt PiO 4y s?ul fl U yr L r)td ■y i ' J 0 J _y 3 ° P .°j£ d J d ( ey° y I iXj Vr V sp; V ■ w " . v vy, 1 v - 9 10 C OTL- 0 ySofvft Zdr°d TXxOlij N i o a ojclu “Siam =v ccgcu u_I Hbcxi °o heat lQcd u ' to hncto St ' j to LfOCti I i o )oc it had oitST ' good bcxb C (both) ltd fcctdiv-j hoot. been root-1 o o p . hi bctpi Cua C_cvtc Pa | _ A llg nob H - (lit ). d Ocp be (jOd Co-o Oju? Q.acH CHI ' ) CIO $ -f- ucAo Cane heDpe CoCU 1 .. , v __ .. Tto 4 li 4 s 4 bepo n UJ oi cnee ccO tkj C a YTti " tl vcD • hood Aach U IA, UoOh yac nocu id n Coho, doe! hXBjhUuccT uoio , LofUlCb echolP Xd area J tbD me.. LooJLP tiO dee no d $ A r h . ( .a ,. r d c c nclo Cbcucup OCcux )a_ 3 ' 3 b (ff° • JLOrsfrxQy ' l ' ( ■ v ' ' GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA 23061 Volume 27 i . v •... ;; w- -ws CONTENTS Moving into the Eighties p. 2 Sports in Motion p.12 Seniors Moving Up p. 32 Moving into People p. 50 « Underclassmen Moving Along p. 80 Following the Action p. 128 Moving into the Community p. 160 Index p. 177 ■aiiiimiiiffrfa From Walls to Halls GHS is always in Motion Listening, looking Prowling, growling 3 Moving Moving Moving The theme of our yearbook is moving... moving into the eighties with a hope that the inflation recession depression talk is mostly talk. Moving means moving up—catching up to the goals just ahead... becoming 15 and 8 months and getting that coveted " learners. " It means becoming a junior and flashing that investment in status and sentimentality, a weighty token of solvency, the class ring. And in Gloucester moving means moving in. New names and faces are proof that Gloucester is moving from rural to suburban. But moving also means the restlessness that has become almost an epidemic among us. It is so hard to sit still, hard to put up with the humming lights, the hot classrooms, the distracting echoes off the mustard metal walls, the long days in the hard seats. Perhaps it means we are ready to move on to the disciplining world of work, to the challenge of college. Above: joy Morris reaches loward the shouts in leading cheers at a Pep Rally. Right: The seniors put on a noisy show of strength to keep underclassmen in line. 4 Students Share Spirit With County Community Kim Myles has pride to keep her warm on a cold and windy October 26. Homecoming spirit warms the hearts at any rate! Patriotic and enthusiastic band members add a | touch of class to the pre-election candidates night j well attended by students greatly interested in the race for county sheriff. r . : ' ■ ' • v Donald Talbert finds time during Homecoming parade when his efforts are more show than blow. 5 ?r EAUTY and the Beasts 6 KARIN PITTMAN Being crowned Miss Gloucester at the Gloucester County Fair Pageant by last year ' s winner, Kim Smith. Both talented girls are seniors at GHS. 7 Students Move From School to Community as D ' Otisingers Entertain Mr. George Hayes is amused by one of the gifts marking his departure from the school board. The crowd pleasing D ' Otisingers, directed by Chorale director Don Sandridge, are always in demand. Top: Dr. Allen Davis, Assistant Superintendent of personnel, greets the guests at dinner honoring Mr. George Hayes. 8 Community Honors Mr. George Hayes at Gloucester High School Dinner Longtime member and chairman of the Gloucester County School Board, Mr. Hayes served the young people through his efforts to better the educational opportunities offered in our school district. Far left: Mr. and Mrs. William B. Blanks Left: Board Member Mr. Blake School Board Member Edward S. lones Mr. Hayes explains the space program to fellow board member Mrs. Elizabeth Zahn. Superintendent of Schools Mr. Blanks with Mr. Hayes Gloucester Chapter of FFA Wins Ribbons. Three first place ribbons and two second place were won by FFA members at the Virginia State Fair. The projects pictured, nail boxes, bird houses, porch swing and cedar chest were exhibited in Richmond and at the local county fair. Shown with their work are Kenneth Redcross, James O ' Reilly, Anthony Berry, Mitchell Heywood, Scott Fanning, Donald Whiting, Daniel Nye, Keith Trammell, Curtis Lett. Cheerleader sponsor, Mrs. Richie Lou Carmine holds the youngest Cheerleader and school mascot. October Light Stops the Motion on Days That Mark the Memory Right: Barbara Becker became Mrs. Michael Fratkin on October 7. The Fratkins join the Flowes and Johnstons as faculty families. Below left: Jackie Carter was Senior Class choice as Homecoming Queen. Below right: Miss Pep Club Nancy Foster and Mr. Pep Club, Vernon Larrimore shared a coveted convertible in the Homecoming Parade. 10 Left: Sophomore attendant Stephanie Rouse Center left: Cindi Coor, Senior attendant. Below: The heap of happy hockey players includes Eileen Edmonds, Beth Miller, Ann Garrett and Alice Clark. Senior Ann Garrett holds her lucky hockey stick. Far Left: Eileen Edmorvds was junior Homecoming attendant. Left: Helen Griffin and Kevin Murray arrive early at the bus loading zone. ■ . ■ S ' -.i -id® Something for everyone is the spirit of the popular GHS sports program. Fencing follows girls ' gymnastics and coed soccer as an addition to a more diversified opportunity. Football remains the favorite spectator sport but each year sees enthusiasm grow in new directions. •» r R‘ , wm ■ ? . ■ : - ' .v ' • ... - VC- ' v;,• -:.K ■? - - - wt tnw. . • . - - . ' .v f ■ ■ : , , ,K‘ ' . vs:v ; ,.c - .. ' • V • " ‘ • ’ • Facing page: s : v ■ ‘ ' ... Top left: Duane Hansford runs off the field S during a junior varsity game. Top right: The cross country team begins a race at Gallopond. Lower left: Kelli Brewer dribbles the ball r’r ' Ill down the field. Lower right: Caroline Sterling cheers the Below: Senior spirit is a moving thing. ; SPORTS 13 • • • Color Us Spirited Each Pep Rally is better, brighter and noisier than the before! The cheerleaders perform, the classes outshout one another, the faculty lines the wall laughing and covering their rapidly aging eardrums. The band gives zest and direction to the rollicking racket and the whole lot explodes into partisan pride which carries over to the game, making victory an imperative! Below: Juniors manage to cheer without losing their dignity completely. Bottom: With the cheerleaders, energy rates a lot higher than precision. In a pose that may be symbolic, the girls basketball cheers their team effort and cohesion. Above: One line-up that everyone loves, the varsity football team. Below: A formal view of the team minus the bandages, bruises, and mud. 14 Above left: Coach Todd handles the master-of-ceremonies chores at a Friday afternoon Pep Rally. Above right: Sophomores raise the rafters with a willing shout. Left: the pom-pom squad relaxes in front of the band stand in the gym, waiting their turn to contribute sparkle to the ; C proceed ir (v w ; proceedings. : ' T 3 " dsn cxxr Cyou) - qjlhZ ' v ' , ' —Q Regional Champs at Last! " We are Like a Family " The 1979 season proved to a great one for the girls ' field hockey team. The girls played excellently under the leadership of Mrs. Yvonne Smith, the coach. Mrs. Smith was quoted as saying, " This year ' s hockey team is the best all-around team I ' ve coached and this is my seventh season. We are like a family. " With the determination of winning, the girls played their best and with this determination the girls ended up as district and regionals champions. Above: Karen Catlett prevents an opposition goal. Hockey team: Back: Melissa Sterling (co-captain), Kelli Brewer, Anita Claybrook, Kati Zahn, Annette Newton, Terri Pultz, Alice Kane, Alice Clark, Susan Sindle, Mrs. Smith, coach. Front: Karen Catlett (co-captain), Carolyn Clark, Ann Carett, Beth Miller, Eileen Edmonds, Delia Ray, Carol Williams, Beth Lamos, Valerie Sidney. 16 Carol Williams, a sophomore set a school record on October 5 in a game against Tabb High School by scoring 7 points. Team members listen as coach Yvonne Smith gives them last minute instructions. Beth Miller dresses for the game with York High School Senior Co-captain Melissa Sterling concentrates on moving the ball upheld. SPORTS 17 Football Moves into High Gear! The Football team went into the 1979 season looking for the York River District title two years in a row. Although they were co-champions last year they hoped to be on top by themselves this year. The team knew that York High School would probably be the worthiest district opponent and when these two teams met it would be a game not to be forgotten. The team got off to a slow start by losing their first two games to John Yeates and James Monroe. After losing the opening two games the Dukes turned it around by winning six straight. The first three victories came from District opponents Pembroke, Bruton and Tabb. The second half of the Dukes ' winning streak came from Group A schools Northumberland, Mathews and West Point. After these six victories the team met York in an intra-District game that would probably decide the District Championship. At the end of the first half there was no score for either team. This half was a strong defensive battle, neither team could generate any offense. When the second half started, York was kicking off. York kicked an on- sides kick and they recovered it with good field position. Then they drove the ball down to score, making it 7-0 York. The Dukes finally scored with 27 seconds left to go in the game. We decided to go for two points, and the victory instead of one point and a tie. An incomplete pass made the game end 7-6 York. In the final game of the season the Dukes lost to Poqouson and dropped to third place in the York River District. On the way to a fumble as half-time approaches. Harry Belvin listens as Coach Johnson explains the next defensive play The Name of the Game... Another of Guy ' s catches!?! West Point finds out how tough Kevin Banks really is . Football! 19 Bounce, Dribble, Shoot — Girls ' Basketball Led by senior captains Cary Zehmer, Marcel Taliaferro, and Pat Stub¬ blefield the girls ' Varsity basketball team ended the season with a 6-4 record. The team took third place in the district and fourth place in the " Tip-Off " tournament. This was Coach Brown ' s first year coaching the varsity squad. The girls received little support from the student body, but the effort of the girls was tremendous. The Gloucester girls wait as the ball is brought in bounds by Matthews. Angela Johnson passes to a teammate. Coach Brown talks it over with his team. Pat Stubblefield prepares to shoot. 20 Angela Johnson and Valerie Ellis watch the game from the sideline. Marcel Taliaferro passes the ball to Crystal Jackson during a game against Matthews. Kneeling: Nancy Foster, Manager, Carey Zehmer, Marcel Taliaferro, Pat Stubblefield, Coach Reggie Brown, Standing: Debbie Cook, Tanya Slade, Rhonda Cobbs, Angela Johnson, Valerie Ellis, Barbara Drew, Ronnie Foster, Crystal Jackson, Janice Burse. 21 Cl I AM 1 S„ .... All the fans are standing in the bleachers, while others are looking for seats. We all wait for the Dukes to enter... The Pep Band begins to play and here they are! The Gloucester High School Dukes. Everyone goes wild as the team begins to warmup. Now, it ' s time for the game. Vernon Larrimore, center, wins the tip and knocks it to a teammate. They take it down court and wait for Keith Stokes, guard, to set up a scoring play. All our players are well blocked, so Stokes passes it to Jimmy Spencer, forward, who makes one of his incredible jump shots. The other team receives the ball and before they move it down to their goal, Henry Bond, guard, makes another tremendous steal, and passes it to Guy Crittenden, forward, who scores another pair with one of his many layups. The pace is now set for the remainder of the game. But, this isn ' t it. Now, Head Coach Ed Holstrom, sees his chance to send in the bomb squad. Kevin Banks, Jerry Hudgins, Kelvin Larrimore, Kevin Meyers, Russell Robinson, Randy Stokes, and Ricky Williams, now plan their strategy. Without these replacements Gloucester wouldn ' t have been able to make their achievements a team effort. This was Ed Holstrom ' s best season leading his team to the Regular Season York River District Championship. The Dukes won ten straight district games, undoubtedly, receiving nothing less than praise from all. Here, Jerry and Kevin make a threatening duo as they guard a West Point player. Team members: Front row — Guy Crittenden, Keith Stokes, and Henry Bond, Tri-Captains. Tommy Cooper, manager. Back row — Ricky Williams, Kelvin Larrimore, Randy Stokes, Russell Robinson, Kevin Meyers, Vernon (Spike) Larrimore, Jerry Hudgins, James Spencer, and Kevin Banks. 22 Coaches, Brown and Holstrom watch intently for the beginning of the game. Spike Larrimore prepares himself and his fans for one of his famous dunks. I bet you never thought Henry (Boom) Bond could dunk!?! Everyone in the stands waits for Guy Crittenden to attempt to raise the score. 23 More Varsity Shots 24 J.V s take 3rd in District Head Coach Roger Loring plans his teams ' performance. BELOW: Team Members: Front row — Carlton Lockley, manager, Glen Robins, Steve Banks, Timmy Steele, A. D. Berry, manager. Back row — |immy Newman, Marvin Spencer, Marvin Washington, )oe ' Scott, )im Todd, George Schaef¬ fer, Derek Bond, Tommy Haskins, Long Nguyen. 25 " Look, Ma! No Hands! " The GHS team, coached by Olen Lewis, holds second place in the Tidewater Soccer League. Soccer has become a live and kicking thing. Fast and fun to watch, the game is gathering interest throughout the country. Here, too, soccer is growing. The team three years ago had eighteen players. In 1980 there are forty-four. Helping the team grow the first years were Mr. Charles Shannon and Mr. Al Thompson. Lamar Barlett kicks the soccer ball down the field. Mr. Lewis talks it over with the team. CHS moves the ball down the field to make a scoring point. They really do use their HEADS! 27 Gymnasts 3rd in Region The 1979-80 gymnastics team proved to be tough in regional competition this year. The team finished third out of ten teams just one point behind Tabb. Going into the District Regional meet, their record was 5-5 having come in second in all of their tri-meets. When the pain and worry ended two of Gloucester ' s gymnasts had placed. Dawn DeBolt placed fifth on the balance beam and Melora Sidney was aw arded second on the beam and fourth on uneven bars. The girls showed trememdous effort by practicing four days a week, three hours a day and their hard work paid off. The team has high hopes for next year with the loss of only two seniors. Kelli Brewer watches her team perform on Melora Sidney exhibits the form that took her all the way to State, the floor. From left to right: Melora Sidney, Virginia Birdsall, Patty Jenkins, DeDe Boggess, Margaret Denton, Gaylan McGinnis, Delia Ray, Kim Bonneville, Lisa Williams, Susie Sindle, Frances Thomas, Krista Stein, Valeri Sidney, Vicki Lett, Katie Zahn, Dennie Fyfe, and Lynne Whitt. Not pictured — Dawn DeBolt. 28 Delia Ray sets the bars before a meet. Frances Thomas holds a pose on the floor. Dawn DeBolt in action on the balance beam. 29 Hopes Pinned on Varsity Wrestling! ■rviM pn .. 1f 1 f f 1 Above: The 79-80 Varsity Wrestling Team are as follows . .. (left to right) Harry Atwell, Todd Kaylor, Bobby Brannon, Burke King, Ronnie Sterling, Andy Dayton, Mark Gwyn, Kenny Spencer 2nd row Tucker Witt, Harry Belvin, Brian Clements, Mike West, Mark Fowler, Tony Blow 3rd row Ron Zediker, Linda Bostic, Tina Rowe, Cheryle Bostic Above left: It ' s not all wrestling, scrubbing the mat comes first. Above right: Bobby Brannon goes for the take-down. 30 The Wrestling team welcomed their new coach, Ron Zed- iker, a former wrestler at William and Mary, by demonstrat¬ ing hard work. Through long practices they managed to place fifth in the region, which put them well into the top half. Four wrestlers traveled to Bassett High near Martinsville to compete at the state meet. They were Harry Belvin, Tony Blow, Bobby Brannon, and Tucker Witt. Tony Blow placed sixth in the state and Harry Belvin placed second. The Dukes ended their season with a district record of 3-2. Upper Left: Jimmy Guy dumps Jesse Brown as he bites the dust. Left: Tucker Witt pins the Tabb tiger to the mat. in Jr- “TPML 1 m ' j? - M v w . i m ? M r7+ 2 A Junior Varsity: Sammy Mills, Stuart Teagle, Jimmy Guy, Paul White, Bard Morgan, Thomas Walker, 2nd row Mark Rowe, Kenny Spencer, Alan Bryd, Doug Evans, John Hunt, William Howard 3rd row Ron Zediker, Linda Bos¬ tic, Tina Rowe, Cheryle Bos¬ tic, Robin Hughes 31 SENIORS E A C THE TOP and the view from the top IS different! Just as places remembered from childhood seem to shrink as you revisit them, becoming a senior seems to shrink the privileges, the power, the pres¬ tige. To underclassmen, seniors are remote, polite, cohesive, fun. To seniors, seniors are unappreciated and over¬ worked! For some seniors, the center of their lives begins to shift from school to outside-of- school as jobs and paychecks become more important. For others, senior year means the struggle to find the financial and academic fit which will measure the next four years. Senior Lincoln Strickland is the interested party in the conversation between his mother, left, and Nan Pointer. Mrs. Pointer is academic and career counselor for the seniors. ft ... | t| ___ . Wheels among wheels as the senior class officers pose with the toppled sculpture in the senior court. Neal Hogge is President, Lamar Bartlett secretary, Cindi Corr vice-president and Mark Gorey treasurer. Martha Zahn manages a tune on her piccolo in spite of a cold night and gloves. Homecoming Queen Jackie Carter greets the fans at the climax of the parade. : ' » • m mrMm. , i •• Hfe m 33 William W. Adams Clifford B. Arnold Vivian Lee Arnold Stephen )ames Ashberry Michael Anthony Ashby Kevin Alfonso Banks Harry Lee Belvin Sherry Benton On top, so where do we go from here? George N. Berry, )r. Gerald Delano Berry Glenn A. Berry Sherry Denise Berry Stanley Lawrence Berry David Ernest Birdsll, Jr. James Jay Blackman John Goodwin Bland 34 ■U A mix of excitement and disappointment Vernie Lee Blevins Tammy Sue Boggess Henry Arthur Bond Jr. Ricky C. Boothe Amanda Bowman Kit M. Bradley )r. Michael W. Brewer Juanita Brown James T. Brown John W. Brown A. Lorraine Brown Consuela Burrell Brian E. Campbell Mary Phillips Cannon Jeffery A. Carino Kimberly I. Carleton Cynthia Marie Carr Jaquelyn D. Carter Thomas L. Carter James B. Cerny Karen L. Chapman James T. Clark Jennifer Ware Clayborne Brian Keith Clements Teresa D. Clements Deborah Lynne Clifton Ronald Coates Patton Wynne Conner Packed with graduation preparations! Daniel Maurice Cook Debbie Ann Cook Dorothy Cook John Wayne Cooke 36 I Freida Annette Cooper Julie Ann Corey Cynthia R. Corr Guy Smith Crittenden Clarence Leslie Culley Troy Dalton Dennis Wayne Dameron Michael Victor D ' Amico Maryanne Arlene Davis Gary Andrew Dayton Denise Elizabeth Dea Patricia Gail Deel A vigorous schedule with no let up! Catherine Denise Dickey Lori Ann Dover Thermon Stephen Driver Robert James Dunlap 37 Bryan S. Dunn Nelson L. Dutton Steve B. Dutton Nancy L. Ewell )ohn Firth Donald Fish Angela Y. Foster Catherine A. Fox Michael). Freeman Susan M. Gardner Ann M. Garrett Deborah A. Gerhardt Donaliece M. Gillentine Mark T. Gorey Connie D. Green Stanley R. Green Off to the world of work and worry! 18 Barbara Shema Gregory Troy E. Gross Michelle A. Gumaer Mark D. Gwyn Filling out forms: a real nightmare! Debra Hall Susan Hargis Tamera Harwood Anne Mallory Haskins Sharon K. Hassell Terry H. Hassell James William Haselwood John Flippo Hicks Alycia G. Hogge Cecelia Hogge Donna Jean Hogge Donald Ray Hogge 39 Douglas Hogge Neal Frederick Hogge Stephen Hogge Andrew Honaker Daniel Harold Holloway D. Damon Horsely William Herman Horsley Jr. Yvonne Howard Mike Hudgins Ronald Hudgins Mary T. Jackson Terri L. Jackson Charles Jenkins III Howard Jenkins Frances L. Jones William Stephen Kane We send off the forms . .. and ... wait.. • 40 I George Todd Kaylor Cynthia Keeton Sheila ). Kendrick Thomas Morano Kerns Drene Keyes James D. Kirkland Thomas B. Kirtley Phahaphan Kumthong Big fat envelopes mean YOU MADE IT! Julie Kurtz Vernon N. Larrimore Amy Jean Lee Burnetta D. Lee Patricia A. Lehman Delia Lemon Alice V. Lett James C. Lewis 41 Robin E. Lewis Glenn W. Lovell Christie M. Marshall Coleman H. Marshall Jennifer Mattocks Sharon D. McKendree Monica Ann McKinney Cassius Renee McKoy Mark B. Merriner Michael Miller Elizabeth Lee Minnick Stephen Duane Mitchem Selling Senior Souvenirs — a big deal!! Deborah L. Montague Ronald Brent Moore Timothy Scott Motley Kevin Myers 42 - Books, rings and ' good cause ' things Susan Nelms Robert Malcomb Nichols Ella Norman Eldridge Harold Northstein Daniel Brian Nye Delores Marie Oliver Kathleen Ann Olson Terry Ann O ' Neil Norman Dilts Ottarson Myrtle Virginia Owens Susan Kay Owens Beitia Alonzo Page Patricia Ann Phill Karen Marie Pittman Keith Poffenberger Patricia Anne Porch 43 William Eric Price Denise Pryor Reese F. Pultz Traci Pultz Games and " The Crucible " and S-A-T ' s Tammy Revere Robert Riggan Patricia Rigler Theresa Rilee Tamera Ann Robbins Charlene loanne Robins Karin Lynn Robins Pamela Susan Robins Tina L. Rowe Roger Rush George Salley Tracie Ann Scott 44 Karin Marie Scully Marion Antoinette Shaw Melora Sidney George Carlton Simpson and wasn ' t the float splendiferous? Nathan Simpson Beverly L. Smith Kimberly Ann Smith Ulysses Smith Sharon Spencer John Stafford Samuel Paul Stafford Patricia Fields Stanbrook Kathy Sterling Melissa Wakefield Sterling Keith R. Stokes Randy Stokes 45 Lincoln Strickland Patricia Ann Stubblefield Peggy Carnet Stubblefield Barbara Ann Sutherland Marcel Renee Taliaferro Christopher Allen Thomas Suzanne Nadine Thomas Tammy Lee Thomas Christopher Troy Thompson Karen Sue Tillage Joseph Toward Kent Trammell Alicia Beth Turner Jon H. VanCleave George Martin Walker, III Harry Walker Cars and jobs can cancel the books... 46 Some who study, only think they do! Mary A. Ward Calisse Bonita Washington Dorothy J. Waters Donna C. Wells Michael West Laura A. West Patricia Lynn West David J. Wheeler David L. Whitehurst Donald Vaughn Whiting Phyllis Ann Whiting Deborah Kay Whitley Mikki Michelle Wikle Cynthia Alice Wilson Mark Edward Wilson Troy Leslie Wilson 47 Tucker Brooke Witt Shawn Lee Wyke Martha Zahn Cary Zehmer Senior spirit sweeps Homecoming Week The Gloucester Duke rides his float amid medieval instruments of torture. Drum Major Nelson Dutton leads the band at the half-time performance at the Homecoming game October 27. It was s heer stubbornness that put these faces in the Senior pages. Those who managed to elude the photographer really had a head start! Fred Bartlett Rodney Larrimore Leonard Smith Seniors Found in Other Places ... National Merit Commended Scholar, Debra Cochran, graduated in August 79 and is now attending DeVry Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. Talented Tanya Hoover is attending Christopher Newport College and will " graduate " with the class of ' 80 at the end of her freshman college year. Lamar Bartlett Elizabeth Grace Morton Students Teachers Administration The people who make up the small world of school have a critical balance to maintain. The administration strives to keep this world of over 1300 students and teachers on an even keel so that teachers can teach and students can learn. The teachers try to navigate between the shoals of essential administrative directives and the whirlpools of student apathy. The students alternate between wanting to pilot the boat and wanting to sink it at the pier. Yet, how well the school moves along with patience, progress and prestige. Senior Jerry Mullis skins along toward class after rescuing his notebook. English teacher Ron Flowe works on the school ' s self-study which has meant months and hours of preparation for the visit of the Southern Association Accreditation team in March. Principal Don Hirschberg is flanked by his assistants, Lee Bush and Robert Mitchell. Their posture shows symbolically how far they go to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. 51 Top: Trilvia Wyatt overhears the secret Traci Guyton is telling john Willis. Right: Messrs. Mitchell, Hirschberg, and Bush enjoy relaxing at the Ring Dance. Below left: Stuart Elliott is prepared to sing at a Pep Rally backed up by Mr. Loyd. Below right: A pair of rare rail birds, Denise Hamilton shivers at the Tabb game with Kara Haas. School Is the Total of Many Different Views. Far Left: Brian Campbell stops for a little mending before the VICA fashion show. Left: Terry Bright and Vernon Larrimore wait for their bus on an October afternoon. Far left: Erika Anderson is ready to hang her portrait of Jeff for the Homecoming dance. Left: Mrs. Elsie Scott checks on A Hall during her rounds. Below: Julie Kurtz, Angel Cooper, and Debbie Clifton share a joke waiting for the end-of-lunch-bell. 53 Right: The one-hundred-and-first Dalmatian reports to the Choral room. Beta initiate Billy Fletcher is a doggone good actor! Right: Lee Aldrich and Robin Bogue find the antics between coaches Reginald Brown and Roberta Wiatt pleasantly puzzling. 54 55 Rene Bass Rick Bass Scott Basta Frances Batchelor Lisa Beck Kenneth Blake Susan Blake Jimmy Blevins Lyn Blevins Tony Blow Linda Bostic Becky Bowman Debbie Brake Kevin Bristow Rona Brooks Betty Brown Dayna Brown Douglas Brown Howard Brown Jess Brown We are not sure exactly why Ronnie Sterling is mas¬ querading as Robin FHood and lurking around corners but he was a new Beta member! gSrapU § Charles Adams Pam Alcorn Lee Aldrich Steve Barefoot SH Scott Brown Suzanne Busic Eric Byrd Bobbie Cal I is Brenda Carmine Bill Carmine Steven Carmine Nina Carter Christine Caviness Gilmer Chamberlain Carolyn Clark Wade Clarkson Ann Clements Mark Clements David Clifton Marlena Colon Sherri Constranstitch Howard Cook Raymond Cook Tim Coulson Marty Cox Denise Dame Brad Dame Kathy Daniels Howard Cook is so engrossed in his prep¬ aration for the Forensics Team he is una¬ ware of the crowd nearby. (- () Allen Darnell Deon Davis Steven Davis Thelma Dease Doug Deforge Frankie Drew John Dunlap Cheryl Dunston Sherri Eason Evie Easter Eileen Edmonds Valerie Ellis Becky Evans Diane Ewell Beverly Fary Tarek Fayek Stephen Field Mack Fite Billy Fletcher Cindy Foor Ronnie Foster checks her shoe fastener before the fashion show begins. 1 Billy Garrison Margaret Gaskins Vickie Gerhardt Delores Gilley Julia Handy checks Deloris Gilley ' s earring and hair in preparation for the showing of dress and hair styles. | ! " Mike Gooding )oe Grabenstetter Angela Green lean Grimes Carolyn Gumear Traci Guyton Karen Haley Lynn Hall Rita Hall julia Handy Angie Hardy Emily Hargis Joyce Harris Teresa Harris Randall Hart Robert Harwood R. B. Haynes Stephen Haywood James Helbig John Hendrix M Los Howell directs Susan Morgan during the yearbook workshop held at William and Mary during the glorious fourth week. Kristi Hirv Toni Hodges Luella Hogge Paula Hogge Rene Hogge Terri Hogge Wendy Hogge Mike Holland Wes Holland John Honeycutt Chuck Hoover Micheal Hopkins Natalie Horsley Rusty Horsley Cindy Hudgins Judy Hungate )ohn Hunt Sherry Hypes Emily Ippolito Richard Isner l olita lackson Vincent lackson Andy jenkins Bonnie Jenkins Cindy Jessie Brenda Jessen Sally Jones Sylvia Jones Angela Johnson Doug Kennedy Burke King William Kirtley Doaty Knapp Jim Kopsch Scott Kozak Kelvin Larrimore Stacy Laws Jimmy Leigh Peggy Lemons Jaylin Leonard Curt Lett Brenda Lewis Gale Lilly Kevin Lipscomb Barbara Loll is Jeffery Lopez Angela Musante takes a long look at new- to-her Gloucester and finds she likes the climate just fine! M Dwayne Manning Jeff Margason Ronnie Martin Elizabeth Mason David Mazzarese Danny McCloud Todd Meade Mark Micklos Barbara Millen June Millen Beth Miller Michelle Mite belle Robin Moon Scott Moore Dito Morales Susan Morgan Janet Mu 11 is Mike Myers Kirn Myles Annette Newton Richard Isner has a fast rest stop during the science club trip to the Smithsonian Institution. Crystal Oliver Langston Olivis Jill Owens Patricia Parham Tim Parsons David Pouchot Julie Pratt Guy Price jimmy Blevins, Mark Micklos, and Heather Arnold hold a conference in the commons. Terri Pultz Toni Randall Delia Ray Kenneth Redcross Terri Redcross Eddie Riggan Jim Rilee Linda Rilee Russell Robinson Carolyn Rowe Mark Rowe Tina Rowe Kenny Sabin Tia Sessions Betty Setterholm Glenn Shearouse Keith Shelton Valerie Sidney Amy Simpson Richard Sindh 1 Jean Grimes checks on the progress made on the win¬ dow of the area which is now the nursery in the new homemaking program. Ronnie Skinner Gray Smith Linda Smith Timmy Smith lames Spencer Kevin Spencer Timmy Spencer Keith Spruill Wayne Steele Ronnie Sterling Jerry Stokes Rene Summers Ronald Tappan Mark Thrift Jeff Tolefson Dana Trio Sonya Tucker Melanie Walthall Gail Walton Kathy Ward Michael Ward Sherry Ward Leroy Washington Linda Washington Mi Barry Wass Chuck Watson Charles Wesley Bernadette West David West Nancy West Patricia West Patty A. West Sharon Hoe’ll Wc ' st Pam White Nancy Whitehead Joyce Whiting Lisa Williams Phillip Williams Phyllis Williams Eric Wilson David Woe me r Wanda Wolfe Alan Wood David Wood Cary Woodson Trilvia Wyatt Ronald Tappan blows a mean horn in the marching band. Yes, that is a trumpet? Laura Allen )anis Blevins Marcine Brown Nathaniel Cook Ellen Cooper Danny Croswell Cheryl Dutton Kenny Howlett Laura Peebles Gordon Rife Stacie Rohrbach Joyce Smith Arlene Sparks Mark Toward Carolyn West Debra Whiting 68 The make-ups make iL to the junior pages! Jeff Lopez caught in an uncharacteristic pose before the bell rings. Scotty Brown adds what may be the finishing touches to a wall design. Junior is just another name for generous! Juniors tend to be generous with their time and talents ... even pets and parents! jean Grimes wears a " sign " to remind students to bring their yearbook money on a cold and windy day. Fine horsewoman, Laura Peebles, will realize this picture was flopped, but it shows Laura ' s horse beautifully decked for the homecoming parade. Ellen ' s mother, Mrs. Cooper, takes a seat on the tractor while waiting, and waiting for that freezing cold parade to start. They also serve! ■ 0 Pictures of Emily Hargis and Mark Fowler are separated by the picture which shows Bard Morgan separating Susan Morgan and Burke King. Juniors in their places ... 70 joe Wiggins finds the window sill a Johnny Hogan arrives at a Pep pretty place for his less than pretty Rally!! feet. 1 " m Cindy Foot initiates Tammy Seawell into the sisterhood cheerleader chores, making paper chains for the dance after the game. Johnny Hogan watches. Rita Hall watches Danny McCloud and Darlene Haywood study the laws of proba¬ bility. with bright shining faces Somehow Stacie Rohrbach manages to keep warm on a cold October night. Kim Myles shivers into view. 71 I lSfillSi;S8P® After a year in high school they do simmer down ... however not much! Class advisor, Dorothy Horne, is seen psyching out class problems. The officers and representatives are at left while Lisa Dixon prepares for the fashion show below, Officers: (front) Stephanie Rouse, Steve Banks, Timmy Steele, Kelli Brewer. 2nd: Doug Ambrose, Brian Hiser, Tricia Brown, Mary Rigler. Back: Mic¬ helle Hogge, Nancy King, Kevin Kaylor, Bob Harris, Dawn DeBolt, Dennie Fife. -kV ' v. : " W Brenda Hogge and David Lawson get down to basics in English class with a good “read,” assigned of course. Doug Ambrose Cheryl Arnold Harry Atwell loan Baines Terri Baldwin Doris Bartlett lenette Bartoszwiez Ruth Beauchemin Sherry Belvin A. D. Berry Ernest Billups Virginia Birdsall Steve Bland Michael Brooke Robin Bogue Connie Bohannon Derek Bond Anne Bonniville Regina Bonniville Ric hard Baumgardner Blaine Bradford George Bradshaw Kelli Brewer Terri Bright " 4 Karen Bristow Mike Brock Jeff Brown Stacy Brown Tricia Brown Althea Burrell Janice Burse Gay Butler Alan Byrd Angela Carmine Stacy Carmine Rachael Carr Ed Chapman Mike Clark Anita Clayl)rook Steve Clements Dale Clift Barbara Coates Rhonda CobJ)s DavicJ Cochran Catherine Cook Charles Cook Randall Coons Lewis Corbin Shown at the left is sophomore Roberta Grow, first runner-up in the Miss Glou¬ cester contest. Steve Bland ponders the possibilities in balancing books, sports, and a busy social life. Yvonne Corbin Tony Coulson Marlon Davis Brian Dawes Ricky Davis David Dea Dawn DeBolt Cindi Dickerson Lisa Dixion Barbara Drew jill Drews loan Driver Sylvia Dutton Mark Eley Jeff Elkins Shirley Ellis Cindy Emory Douglas Evans Rosemary Evans Mike Everington Scott Fanning Debbie Ford Charlene Foster Shell French 7b Dennie Fyfe Brett Barnett Billy Caster Heidi German Chris Green Denise Green Connie Greene Eddie Greene Michelle Gregory Tammy Griffith Alice Grigsby Roberta Grow Sue Gumaer John Guy Robin Hall Denise Hamilton Duane Hansford Raymond Harper Donald Harrell Bob Harris Kim Harris Tammy Harris Virginia Harris Timmy Harvey Wendy Paige explains herselt! Tripp Shannon clutches his bottle in fear and conster¬ nation as he watches his junior varsity teammates strug¬ gle for the ball. 4 p car Wl 1 Av M • Becky Haywood Dar ene Haywood ColYVo O evcpP ( ' Tv-pS- toA ' ' toe Mitchell Haywood Ofcy0_ C U(pSr Wllllam Ha V wood AP y)0 S r? £ LUfC Va. ( _ 44 Richard Hendrix Teresa Hill Brian Hiser Brian Hodges Beth Hogge Brenda Hogge Dana Hogge left Hogge Michelle Hogge Tony Holmes Flip Honaker Robert Hornsby Anita Horsley Vincent Horsley Dana Hudgins Janice Hunt Tommy Hunter Sherry Jackson Wayne Jackson Willie Jackson 78 Marsha Jenkins Paula Jenkins Wanda Jenkins Carol Johnson Charles Johnson Michelle Jones Thomas Jergensen Kevin Kaylor Hilda Keats Charlotte Kemp Mary King Nancy King Beth Lamas Ricky Lane Peter Lang Mike Lankin Timmy Lawerence David Lawson Darnell Lee Kim Lee Towanda Lee Terry Leigh Cindy Leidig Kristi Leonard Stephanie Rouse listens intently during a darkroom workshop. Sprightly Karen West eyes the photographer with a maximum of distrust, not knowing she is about to lose her drink to a friend. Terri Lewis Tommy Lewis Carlton Lockley Saunders Lockley Theresa Lyeth Duane Mabri Carolyn Mayo Alanna MacIntyre Christine Maggard Kathy Martin Ken Manning Lisa Martin Timmy Manning Gary McFerrin Sharon McFerrin Lisa McKinney Mona McKinney Bessie McKoy Estella McKoy John Meyer David Miller Dorothy Miller Sammy Mills David Moclair 80 Cathy Moore Bard Morgan Roger Morgan Karen Morgero Joy Morris Barbara Morton Angela Musante John Myers Long Nguyen Kathy Nuttall Calvin Oliver Mary Oliver Lynette Page Wendy Paige David Panchision Carol Parsons Dale Payne Selena Phelps Lina Pimentel Denise Pollard Donna Pratt Denise Randall Lisa Randall John Redmon Sophomore Will Sharp caught by the camera in the pre-game excitement and confusion. Dawn DeBolt is about to move the tables in the commons to prepare for the almost daily practice sessions in dance-gymnastics. Cathy Reid Mary Rigler John Rilee Larry Rilee Melinda Rilee Sheila Rilee Glenn Robins Tommy Robins Hamm ie Rowe Stephanie Rouse jean Rowe Coleen Sabin Bryan Salley t isa Scarborough George Schaeffer Jay Schaumleffel Stanley Scott Bill Shackelford Pam Shackelford Tripp Shannon Brian Sharp Will Sharp Shannon Shaw Theresa Simpson Hi V Marianne Smith Linda Smith Lee Smith Kevin Smith Cindy Smith Patrica Stokes Melissa Sutton Mark Swihart Frances Thomas Carla Smith Jennifer Sloan Tanya Slade Susie SincJle Linda Smith Marsha Smith Mary Smith Iom Smith Timmy Snow Gary Springle Timmy Steele Krista Stein Michelle Stewart Rachel Stewart Hal Stokes Marvin Cook marches in the Homecom¬ ing Parade in the Courthouse. Laurie Williams and Kristi Leonard keep every hair in place before modeling at the Cosmetol¬ ogy Fashion Show. Sharon Taliaferro Angelina Taylor Kathy Thomas Barry Thomasson Kenny Thomas Archie Thompkins Cheryl Thompson Shelly Thornton Karen Toward Pam Trainham Keith Trammell Bobby Tucker Sandy Tucker Wes Walker John Walters lames Ward Marvin Washington Marvin Washington Michelle Washington Bernard West Eugene West Karen Lynn West Kim West Marie West 84 Richard Wheeler Leslie Whitacre Margie White Vivian White Wendall White lean Whiting Diane Whitley Robin Wiggins Carol Williams )udy Williams Laurie Williams Lisa Williams Mike Williams Paula Williams Ronnie Williams jimmy Wilson Robert Wilson Sandra Wolfe Mary Wood Trey Young Steven Banks Suzanna Cerny Dale Craig Helen Griffin Kenneth Harris Laura Hogge Steve Hogge Margaret Jones Margaret Kirkland Caroline Lyerly Gene Millen Lisa Oliver Tony Perkins Keith Randall )oe Scott Kenny Spencer Never too late! They made it to the Sophomore pages. 86 It- ii Tiwrri How ' bout Moving Into GHS? ' ' calmer... less rowdy " " Administration has no problems here! " " Students work here? They ease through ife! " Insert: Aziza Xhema eases into GHS. Above: John Guy, Joe Stuart and Tim Coulson discuss differences in academic atmosphere between ' there and here. ' Left: Dayna Brown, " new girl " from California was seen in " The Crucible " in December and on the tennis court in chilly drizzly February. Below: Rosemary Evans interviews Glenn Gootee to find how we look to other people. g em ' at Gloucester is the place that many people are moving into. This year we have new stu¬ dents from all over. Aziza Xhema came from Williams¬ burg where she attended Bru¬ ton; Glenn Gootee from York; Michael Gooding from Urbanna; John Guy from Car¬ ver in Newport News. Joe Stuart comes from several places, lastly Maine and Tim Coulson from ' over the river. ' Aziza is a senior this year. She said that besides Virginia she has lived in New York and North Carolina, but she likes Gloucester. Glenn Gootee is a sopho¬ more, a baseball enthusiast who plays on the Gloucester team. He hopes to play football next year. Junior Michael Gooding has many talents and interests. This year he is involved in the music department ' s Madrigals. John Guy, a sophomore, enjoys sports, especially wres¬ tling. Richard Isner interviews Madame Feild " La creme de la creme! " This was the description given by Mrs. Bobbie Feild when asked to describe her French students in a recent interview. Mrs. Feild has taught French for fourteen years at Gloucester High and in her words, " Each year is better than the last. " Because she is a foreign language teacher, she naturally holds to the opinion that all students should have some exposure to a foreign language. However, when asked if French is the best choice for a student, she quickly replied, " Not necessarily. " " In the United States the most useful for¬ eign language is Spanish. However, French is still widely used in many countries. Travelers would find French to be quite useful, " explained Mrs. Feild. Mrs. Feild does feel that English is rapidly overtaking French as the " language of diplo¬ macy and trade. " Mrs. Feild also mentioned the recent deci¬ sion to begin registration for the draft. She said that men and women with language experience might be able to land a " plushy " job behind a desk if they are drafted. Finally, when Mrs. Feild was questioned about the possibility of languages becoming a lost skill, she stated that the study of a for¬ eign language is indeed losing importance in the schools of today. " We think we ' re great. We feel that because we are a Super Power, we don ' t need to bother with learning other lan¬ guages. This attitude has reduced the num¬ ber of students studying languages, " she said. " However, Gloucester has a growing number of language students, and the skill is not being lost in this school system. This reflects the values of the parents in the com¬ munity and shows that we are moving in the right direction. " A. Martin Cox talks to Mark Micklos Even though he is a hypoglycemiac, and was nearly killed in a bicycle crash two years ago, Mark Micklos is still an interesting and lively person. Mark is a victim of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, which means that he cannot eat anything with sugar in it. On top of this, two years ago he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. Mark laid in a coma for six days, and nearly died. After a long stay in the hospi¬ tal he finally recovered. He plans to major in dentistry when he grad¬ uates from High School, unless he has to join the Armed Forces. He favors the draft, and said, " I wouldn ' t wait to be drafted. I would volunteer for the branch I wanted to serve in. That way I could also pick what I want to do. " When asked about Iran and the fifty Ameri¬ ca hostages, he answered, " I ' m not sure what we should do. I ' ll leave that to President Car¬ ter. " He is definite on women being drafted. " If they want equal rights, let them get shot also, " he says. Lastly, Mark has strong views on the 1980 Summer Olympics. He said that they should be moved to a neutral location, but that if they can ' t, then the United States should go any¬ way. 88 9th and 10th Graders Take over the School? $ ■¥ r ’ 1 4 1 V L m. . v 89 Is Gary Turner, a typical frisky Freshman?!? Freshman float " Pen the Pointers " made a great hit with everyone but the judges. 8 % g : ' tV ■ ■ Freshman Attendant, Charlene Thompson was escorted by Steve Banks and driven by Ann Garrett. Freshman Class Officers — Caroline Sterling, Alice Kane and jay Hogge. • - - - ' , . , ■- , ..■... Erika Anderson William Arnold Ronnie Asby Billy Austin Becky Baldwin Teresa Ballard Duane Basta Karen Bauer jerry Bell Kelly Bender Amy Benson Kristi Benton Susan Berggren Eric Berghuis Crystal Berry Terrell Berry Torrance Berry Dede Boggess Toni Bolden Kim Bonniville Terry Bonniville Judith Boone Sally Booth Tamie Boothe Cheryl Bostic Yasmine Branden Jamie Bristow Bob Brown James Brown Melanie Brown Mr. Loring decides what he wants from the science club bake sale as Miss Russell explains that cookies are two for ten cents. 92 Keenan Bryant Rhonda Bryant Mario Buffa Sandy Bugg Steve Burrell Timothy Burrell Kathy Burton Cheryl Bush Sandy Busic Kim Butler Wendy Caldwell Pam Carmine Mary Carter Mary Cary Cindy Cason Pam Caviness Kim Char Scott Char Herbert Chriscoe Alice Clark Russell Clements Regina Coates Rhonda Conkling Doug Conner Brenda Cook Tiny Cook Valerie Cook Robin Cooper Thomas Cooper Renee Corbett Margaret Denton eyes her classmates apprehensively as she enters Spanish class. 93 Benita Corbin Darlene Cox Ann Crittenden Gary Cutter Paul Danforth Kenneth Davis Michelle Dawson Ronnie Dement Margaret Denton Madison Dickson Chris Diggs David Diggs Warren Dixon Randy Driver Peter Dunklee Sherry Dunn Jeffrey Edwards Tracy Ellis David Emerson John Emerson Pam Emerson Allen Evans Hugh Evans Betty Ewell Frank Farmer William Fields David Flippo Jackie Folkes Christy Ford Tracy Fletcher Charlene Thompson was elected Freshman Homecoming attendant for the year 1979-1980. Charlene was born in New York, but has lived in Gloucester since. She likes to cheer and sings in the mixed chorus. Eric Funk Wanda Gardner Bill Gary Harry Gary Laura Gayle Teresa Gilly Tim Gorde Anna Green Annette Green james Greene Ronnie Greene Phillis Grey Susan Grizzard Timmy Guy Susan Haley Mary Hall Sandra Hall Susan Hall MaryEllen Hardee Stephanie Hardy Danny Harris Debbie Harris Randy Harris Regina Haras Holland Hart Tommy Haskins Frank Hedspeth Doug Hendrix Tara Hochheim Claudia Hogge f Carla Thomas congratulates Suzanne Thomas on the winning senior float while Mallory Haskins zips her coat against the cold. 95 Jay Hogge Timmy Hogge Larry Holden Jenny Holland Randy Holland Angela Horsley Sam Horton William Howard Pam Howlett Reese Hudgins Robin Hughes Amy Ippolito Catherine Isner Gwendolyn Jackson Jeanette Jackson Lisa Jackson Tracy Jackson Victoria Jackson Coach Brown introduces the girls ' basketball team at one of the pep rallies. Maxine Jefferson Betty Jenkins Eric Jenkins Kelvin Jenkins Patty Jenkins Rita Jenkins Scott Jenkins Tina Jenkins William Jessie Adrian Johnson Daisy Johnson June Johnson % Maribel Johnson Tammy Johnson Toni Johnson Olive Jones Eddie Kahlbaum Alice Kane Buster Keener Karen Kellum Theresa Kellum Timmy Kellum Lewis Kerns Greg Kladler Beth Knight Hahn Kumthong Kris Lamos Gwen Larrimore Jimmy Lehman Gina Leigh Craig Lemons Maurice Leone Annette Lenon Leppin Scott Lewis Tammy Lewis Connie Lindsay Alicia Lockley Tom Lyerly Mary Machie Sheila Mahoney Jeff Mann Danny Marshall Travis Thompson, Holland Hart, and Allen Evans march off the field after a half time show. 97 Linda Martin Chris Margason Penny Marshall Anthony Maug Adrin McFerrin Caylan McGinnis Charles McKeller Vance Miller Kim Mitchell Melanie Mitchell Marie Morales Roger Morgan James Mountford Roberta Myers Kelly Myles Ruth Napier Tommy Newman Kelly Nichols Donna Norville Francine Nye Eddie Oliver Pam Oliver Mike Patrick Mary Pettitt Angela Phillips Donna Phillips Robert Phillips Efi Pimentel Bobby Polk John Pouchot Ron Zediker is the new wrestling coach at Gloucester. He wrestled for Menchville in high school and then went on to William and Mary College where he wrestled for four years. He also teaches freshman English. 98 Amy Prillaman Steven Pritchard Lester Proffitt Scott Pultz Allen Redman Brent Reid Paulette Roane Michael Robbins Ricky Robbins Lenora Robins Sonya Rouse Pauline Rowe Sandra Shackelford Mia Shaw Pete Shaw Tammy Seawell Bruce Skinner Allen Smith Dinah Smith Drew Smith Henry Smith Karen Smith Larry Smith Scott Smith Verna Smith Brian Smoot Randy Snow Dawn Starks Connie South Marvin Spencer Left: Susan Berggren and Susan Haley chat with friends in lunch. Right: Jay Hogge watches the game intently from the sideline. 99 Left: Maxine Jefferson poses for a picture between classes. Right: Joy Morris, Cindi Foor, and Kelli Miles watch the band perform during the half time show at the FHomecoming game. Sheila Spencer Susan Spencer Beth Spitler Missy Spruill Caroline Sterling Carrie Sterling Mike Stewart Fannie Stokes Lisa Stokes Renee Stokes Beth Strickland Sandy Strong Vaughan Sutton John Saunders Jerry Soesbee Dana Teets Greg Thayer Pam Thomas Regina Thompkins Charlene Thompson Dale Thornton Mary Thornton Jeff Tomlinson Robert Trevilian Lisa Trueblood Carl Turner Gary Turner Mark Turner Barbara Tyler Stu Teagle 100 Thomas Walker and Mrs. Keenan discuss career choices. Lisa Tabb Donald Talbott DeDe Taliaferro Mark Vann Leon Walker Theresa Walker Thomas Walker Marvin Washington Martin Weber Helena Wells Leroy West Rodney West Scott West Scott West Geraldine Wheatley Leslie Whitaker Paul White Vicky White Blondell Whiting Lynne Whitt Tina Williams Anthony Willis Robert Wilson Angela Winguard Laurie Wood Pam Woods Sheila Wyke Kathryn Young Rita Young Katie Zahn 101 Missing Persons File Carolyn Carter Douglas Dear Lisa Dunston Patty Jenkins Daphne Lay David Mullinix Stephanie Rohrbach Deloris Taliaferro Carla Thomas Jenelle Valentine John West Willena West Above: Carla Thomas explains the situation to her English class. Right: Julius Caesar enthralls Stephanie Rohrbach but leaves Kathryn Young and Teresa Gilley less than amused. 102 Missing Persons File i Erika Anderson discovered outside of her locker. Was she hiding IN it? Continued . .. A quartet of freshmen found in the bus load¬ ing zone. The new this faces belong to Vickie White, Helene Wells, Maxine Jeffer¬ son, and Valerie Cook. Lost in a world of her own (peopled with horses?) is Freshman Catherine Isner. 103 George Berry Gloucester ' s own Incredible Hulk! Good Sports Every One Ring day always finds a crowd among juniors. The littlest sport of all — Master Car¬ mine! No game loss could depress Vernon as much as losing his glasses ... The smiles on Henry Bond and Richard Sindle make us wonder what they ' re up to . .. Keith Stokes is thinking about a.) homework, b.) bas¬ ketball, or c.) a foreign exchange student. Julie Pratt demonstrates just one of Lucille Marshall ' s dancing ability helps get her on the honor roll. Gloucester ' s smiling f aces! 104 ■ | Yvonne Howard and Denise Dickey are two good reasons to go to Gloucester! Mark Toward and David Fletcher put on their innocent looks for Mr. Bush. Vernon Larrimore is 7 ' tall, with a little help from Mark and Troy Wilson! Cheryl Dunston and Jay Jones in the smoking area. , w : Timmy Manning smiling at our photog- Suzy Cartright and Gilmer Chamberlain find math challenging with rapher. a game. Troy Gross and Sharon McKendree, Mr. and Mrs. Greenjeans! Patty West diligently takes notes? Or is she writing a note? Debbie Hogge eats her lunch unaware of Bernard West ' s flirting abilities. 105 Standing: David Clifton, Sandra Tucker, David Honaker, John Pouchot, Dennis Fyfe, and Coach John Karatsiskis. Kneeling: Co-Captain Andy Honaker, Nina Carter, Co-Captain Eldridge Northstein. RUNNING Coach Karatsiskis, john Pouchot, and David Clifton study the score sheet after the race. 106 John Pouchot and Andy Honaker cool down after a tiring race against the York Falcons. Gloucester ' s CROSS COUNTRY team consisted of eight team members, five guys and three girls. This is the first time in four years Gloucester High has had girls on the team. Because of lack of membership they have lost all their dual meets, but faired well in district. They sent one team member to state; freshman John Pouchot. The captains were Seniors Eldridge Northstein and Andrew Honaker. The three girls were Nina Carter, Dennie Fyfe, and Sandra Tucker. The rest of the members were David Clifton, Flip Honaker, and John Pouchot. This year ' s new coach is john Karatsiskis, he is also a new teacher in the school. Coach John Karatsiskis looks on with concern as the race begins. 107 Track — A Sport For All Seasons 2 Firsts in District Charlene Robins and Nina Car¬ ter both took first places in the District Regional meet held Feb. 14 at Clover FHill High School. Charlene Robins earned a first in the 1000 yd. run as well as a third in the Region. Nina Carter finished first in the Dis¬ trict and third in the Region in the 600 yd. dash. The girls pic¬ tured here make up the mile relay team and are from left to right: Cindi Wilson, Charlene Robins, Nina Carter, and Den- nie Fyfe. The team broke the record for the mile relay at the William and Mary Holiday Invi¬ tational Meet held at the Col¬ lege of William and Mary. Right: Dennie Fyfe, Blondell Whiting, and Sandra Tucker run side by side as Kelli Brewer hurries to catcFi up. Below: Dennie Fyfe looks to see if her competition is any good while Kelli Brewer and Carol Williams could care less. 108 People — faces for all seasons! Mr. Bunn and Mr. Karatsikis listen intently during the . SCA meeting. Ronnie Foster and Vernon Larrimore are waiting for the lunch bell to ring Mitchell on the fine points of Lucille Marshall attempts to instruct Mr. diplomacy. George Berry keeps the weights limber. Harry Belvin and his opponent strain for the point during a wrestling session. Karin Pittman dresses tor fun on a dull Monday. 109 innovating... SPIRIT Makers Right kneeling: Stephanie Hardy, Kristie Benton Bending over: Susan Berggren, Tracy Ellis, Tricia Brown, Sandra Tucker, Sharon McFerrin, Cay But¬ ler Sitting: Terri Baldwin and Kelli Myles Standing: Sonya Rouse, Charlene Thompson. Below kneeling: Tammy Seawell, Stephanie Rouse Bending over: Wendy Hogge, Ellen Cooper, Shelly Thornton Sitting: Susan Haley Standing: )oy Mor¬ ris. 110 Above: Natalie Horsely, Ellen Cooper, Vicki Lett, Cindy Foor, Donna Wells, Marlene Colon, Sherfi Ward Bending over: Maryanne Davis, Wendy Hogge Splits: Dawn DeBolt. When considering the most loyal and spirited members of the school, the Gloucester High Cheerleaders could be given top rank. These girls were at every Pep Rally, football game, basketball game, and wrestling match, as well as several soccer games. The squads worked hard to raise money by sponsoring dances and selling spirit ribbons and buttons throughout football season. The same cheerleading squads were not kept all year. New squads were picked before basketball season. Each girl was a bundle of pep. Left front: Susan Haley, Caroline Sterling, Char¬ lene Thompson Back: )oy Morris, Carla Thomas, Nancy King, Susan Berggren, Tammy Seawell, Erika Anderson. Ill Academics — another name for what school is all about — And George Did It! Graduating Seniors George Simpson (far left) and George Salley have brought distinction to GHS by becoming Finalists in the National Merit Scholarship testing. Left: Vivian Arnold is a National Merit Commended Scholar. What should a teacher be? Professional? — of course, degreed to a fare-thee-well. Friendly? — always, even to the unfriendliest. Patient, car¬ ing, perceptive, entertaining? — the list is endless and ulti¬ mately adds up to perfection. This role which no mortal could play becomes a burden, a collector of guilt, a continual reminder of failure. But there is a collective comfort in the brotherhood, in the mutual striving. It is worth it. Faculty Scramble Eva Mullins Harry Loyd Mary Swihart, Bonnie Mangus, and Sue Isner Brian Berg Esther Knox Jean King and son, Tut 116 Nick Spano Mr. Black and the Honeywell man nith Whitaker, Ann Hutchinson, Regina Foor, Don Burrell Gloria Howard Claude Shell 117 Nancy Burrell Ed Holstrom Larry Johnson Alwayne Claybrook Frank Haywood Stewart Elliot Judy Johnston ' sters and Ronnie Magoon I Gail Richards Don Hirschberg and Archie Felton . Claude Shell and Turnley Todd Roger Reeves and children jerry Morgan Vivian Simmons Ron Flowe and Pat Colosi Raymond Bunn 119 x SEbuti Donald Sandridge fltl L Mary Kaylor and Mary Windley Bill Anderson Paula Revere 120 Stanley McMullen and Walt Smith Patricia Cottee Lora Dennis Manley Bevins Jane Rilee Ann Fary Homer Mullinix 121 Top: The polished sound of brass gives tradition to a church program. Below: Mike Freeman, senior, on the drums. Band Pres. — Lamar Bartlett Vice-Pres. — Martha Zahn Sec ' y. — Debbie Hogge Public Relations — Chris Thomas Student Conductors — Sherri Benton, Leo¬ nard Smith Drum Major— Nelson Dutton Property Mgr. — Leonard Smith Instrumental Director of Music: Mr. Harry Loyd The band includes the Marching Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band, Concert Band, and Brass Ensemble. The Jazz Ensemble of fif¬ teen members and the 40-member Wind Ensemble are select groups. On the other hand, the Pep Band sparks rallies and games. The Marching Band with Majorettes, Color Guard, Drill Team and Flag Team. 122 The Pep Band is managed entirely by the students. Although the Marching Band went through many long hours practicing on the field or in the class¬ room, the trophies eluded them. How¬ ever, two Gloucester students, Nathan Simpson and Kristi Benton, were chosen from among several hundred students to play in the 1980 Virginia High School Band — Region Eight, a great honor. The Band is a source of pride to the school and community. 123 There ' s An Art In Sharing Art students take their skills to elementary schools ... ■ v -av - i Top: Chairman of the Art Department, Brian Bergh, has contrib¬ uted color and nerve to school atmosphere through student dis¬ plays of sculpture and painting. Mr. Berg and Charlotte Kemp watch the temperature rise as they fire their clay in the kiln. Rona Brooks supervises an eager young artist at the Mid¬ dle School. v . h Cl Gayle Middlebrook, artist and teacher, sparks student endeavors Mrs. Middlebrook ' s advanced art students posed for this get-well card. The cards, from front to back: Randy Stokes, Dito Morales (in vice), Enos Jones, Robbie Nichols, Martin Mayer, Pam Freeman, (back) Lesa Brown, Eileen Edmunds, Lynn Hall, Melissa Sterling. Lynn Hall helps the petite picassoes at the Middle School. Melissa Sterling works on one of the many murals which have lifted CHS from the " large institution " class. Science Project Survey Reveals Student Attitudes f)l I grades Cu ' C t o s c4Kev- ' fttraarff, Q I 1 A ' to So (a C, 70 Isa 3jl erSoisa ft+y c 5 a. Vv i cm v M4rex Vi Cc m P Ky $ i a x a p ertusc e S ipncCiw arHi-o-cVcovi Uc.v s Hifn you c-v-P I . . li 5o.«i«. mV s-vs ' CJ-ue. Mwi jpur+anl- Gjr adeS c o ma444t r. tdoaii help Tm frooe prudes -fteacP T 5 “o.fc,. T ' -. J6€vr c Sornec- ' nu beKlnd your bcu.6 PS main p€ x.Sc in -Vo b o-K oo rox.tiy htnejdy Cares txbovd -Vritu yin toWn 5 91, Pc»cn ii " ic-Kt ' i .yA 4 9( ' i ■ ■ r -k- udw. recnJeA ttwafcrtiAt. . 3-3 P cmf u o cb CUSS ' 3 U C ' enij m hjW»?e. 5 ? ' CCC-V 1 «, v 0 wfcolA UK , +b -W - -T-TC t© j?5C M 7 ' ' - 2 } 3 Si 93 PU St X nud£, iv K ome. ft rn 3dB,9M 19 a i a a 3 . 5 H 193 aaaiSM F d 33 93 students not reluctant to Discuss Life as - Percent ■ektd lee-H Aev a n .ee i -W PWuS C u5S m 3cW. “ 34. Percent 4bad u oc| i be lnt€r«3fei ' m -VaK ' +Ks-s class b» 51. " p rceM -tbcvV t c ulA be fc.mWvTCs.ssa %r a. clovSS cA 4VfiS d f e co ' vA rv. g m b0 9 ( j£ 9- ' 7 5S 3k 97 £fj 9toSH ,9 J G " %7 95 ’m ■! $ $£90 9 7 PhP P-1 9 5 60 7 55- jW ]6 m 4k bc C. discussed -?re en4ly -tV.e Jy oA- -vj ,5a ne sevi, btyL lS ciiSOjSSf «i Ad PCrrfJy uji+k ArSesds oA dk 4g S ' Ot 6 , DO 53cSs « msSSH 33M3S. s, 3S1 . 38, 33 ? SR ob .53 3 ' 1 gth Cj. «s of- C ,h if ' If ' isf 126 PEE.R P R ESSURE: ' l! _i;__ Pc-.rCfrft loav£ h lheA Scrueont: o 4+ cA Ac ' mo 5o w£Vb.n» " VPsfey .WtieoeA mJo. ' s voronoj, if. Pgrceri+ uiko hcwe We ' wAtae.nced Co cU Joi ieArKt " X ' . Vh ty diAn ' + ojarrA -fc, do 7 " 7 .P’Ci ctirt whose Tr e AsVi f ujoob be re- 4tcb j A Wlend be cxn ( 0 ' hS -Vki OjS -vhey cSicAvi 1 -) ' t ppro je o- i lie a ft ■ ib a ii fy n ft ifo n is 1 nit lb n ® lb 17 is tk n i to n is h 11 13 0+M Of JAt hoys In 4- iTOheiUT- T tActiER R ELUrjroMshliP: 47 Could cfescoSS person! problems ,oWk 4e oChpr5 ' ’ f f%, ]hC£5fL UjKo I rf.S b£ yfc ' 50c.ry -for- 4tc d»3rS fe W. bvott 4ix ■f GX-h rs o.r. I {£,-+■ yo j (Cvioeu yc o cc«.k ton 4-TeC ■-VKe . 231 of Gloucester teenagers determined their social attitudes on numerous subjects through an eye-opening survey. Those sur¬ veyed were split approximately 50-50 between above average and average stu¬ dents with only a small number of below average students. After analyzing all the questionnaires many conclusions were drawn. An interesting one was the fact that peer pressure played a significant role in influencing both boys ' and girls ' actions. The incidents of drinking beer and alco¬ holic beverages r ises with grade levels, reaching an average of approximately 75% for girls and 85% for boys. Approximately 75% of the students feel Gloucester County is a good place to grow up and spend their teenage years. The graphs demonstrated the opinions of the students in this community, as well as prospects for the future. m Sk£$ w$m At ' JP aW»9 ' %rf,W0 r y; a ■ Sr, nt- ■ 10 a Euiry body 6hC does c irKe. 47 e cl fXe +Ae •fas4e J Those coho hoove 5ncoKe 1 cc ' Hre. . 5 MQKX V G AAiO " Those uJ ho have Smoked lfnav-A uo-v x. 127 VICA — Vocational Industrial Clubs of America First runner-up Angel Cooper and escort Mike Shackelford wait for the parade to begin. Last year ' s VICA queen Terry Greene, congratulates this year ' s VICA queen, Rene Hogge. A-C-T-l-O-N at GHS is spelled VICA! Filling Thanksgiving baskets for the needy and decorating a Christmas tree at Saunders Nursing Home are but two of VICA ' s community activities. Every year VICA sponsors a Miss Vica and Mr. Vica contest for funds. Each participant collects money (a penny is one vote). The winners this year were Brian Campbell, Rene Hogge, Angel Cooper and Caroline Rowe. At a VICA meeting, Michelle Bonnie jenkins attentively watches at VICA meeting Mitchell displays the VICA while Pat West observes. emblem. 130 Left: Shown in the Homecoming Parade are Rene Hogge, Vica Queen and first and second runners-up, Angel Cooper and Carolyn Rowe. VICA sponsor Vivian Simmons addresses a meeting while Sally Jones and Danny Croswell await their turn. Brian Campbell and Laurie Williams, VICA officers preside over a meeting in the commons. At the fashion show sponsored by the Cosmetology class, R B Haynes and Terri Hogge model the bridal fashions. (They are NOT married!) The Whole Club Every One a Worker VICA is run by very devoted officers and sponsors. They help each other in getting things done and inspire motivation in the members. Left to right: Mrs. Gloria Howard, Brian Camp¬ bell, Laurie Williams, Sally Jones, Danny Croswell, Delores Gilley, Michelle Mitchell, Steve Cle¬ ments, and Mrs. Vivian Simmons. 131 Vica — Twice the vim, interest, cooperation, action! Front: Joyce Whiting, Arsan Starks, Bonnie Jenkins, Brenda Marshall, Wanda Jenkins, 2nd: Virginia Harris, Yvonne Howard, Cathy Reid, Lisa Dixon, Denise Pollard, Loretta Young, Cathy Cook, Doug Evans, David Miller, 3rd: Reese Pultz, Scott Moore, Jeff Tolefson, Cheryl Dunston, Debra Whiting, Marcel Taliaferro, Joanne Belvin, Pam Alcorn, Danny Croswell, Cindy Dicker- son, Alice Grigsby, 4th: Damon Horsley, Glenn Berry, Kent Tramell, Norman French, Kenny Howlett, Stanley Berry, Gordon Rife, Lynn Cottee, Delores Oliver, Pat West, Karin Pittman, Laura Allen, Wayne Steele, Mike Owens, Carlton Lockley, Mark Wilson, Kevin Myers. Below, front row: Nancy Foster, Sherri Constranstich, Rene Hogge, Tammy Harris, Tammy Griffith, Theresa Harris, Michelle Mitchell, Deloris Gilley, Carolyn Rowe, Julia Handy, Sally Jones, Laurie Williams, Sharon Spencer, Mrs. Howard, 2nd: Mrs. Simmons, Pam Alcorn, Lisa Scarborough, Betty Brown, Chris Caviness, 3rd: Pat West, Lynn Cottee, Pam Shackelford, Cynthia Crump, Angie Musante, Kristie Leonard, Linda Rilee, Delores Oliver, Debbie Clifton, Suzanne Busic, Paula Jenkins, Brian Campbell, 4th: Laura Allen, Steve Clements, Beverly Fary, Karen Lynn West, Becky Smith, Cathy Moore, Teresa Rilee, Christie Marshall, Delores Milby, Karin Pittman, Angel Cooper, Susan Gumaer, Cheryl Haynes, Amanda Bowman, Jeanette Helbig. 132 Rona Brooks shows the marvelous eyes seen on the first Vision. Renewed ... Mrs. Hobbs brings Vision back to life! A dedicated advisor and staff managed to overcome inertia and high printing costs and publish the GHS magazine of creative writing. Seated below: Linda Smith, Rona Brooks, Mrs. Beth Hobbs; Standing: Steven Pritchard, Mallory Haskins, Tracy Scott, judith Williams, Bernard West And a new teacher, James Newton Sponsors a new club I ASA The Industrial Arts Students ' Association, pronounced eye- a-suh, is both a state and national organization and makes its appearance here this year. Front row: Bessie McCoy, David Honaker, Thomas Walker; Next: Tim othy Kellum, Linda Smith, Doug Hendricks, Steve Zwerner Back: Jon Meyer, Jeff Elkins, Timothy Lawrence, Harry Gary. 133 Leadership, citizenship, and personal development are the aims of the 4-H Club sponsored by Bonnie Mangus. Club meetings have been sparked by vis¬ its from AFS student Tarek Fayek and a drug division detective. Other meetings featured CPR demonstra¬ tion, vegetable judging, and German Christmas Traditions. Front row: Miss Mangus, Delores Oliver, Karin Pittman, Patty Phill, Amanda Bowman, Next row: Shirley Thomas, Yvonne Howard, Lee Aldrich, Cindi Wilson, secre¬ tary, and Robin Bogue, president. Back row: Douglas Dear, Ricky Davis, Vincent Pryor, Terry Bright and Stanley Berry. 4-H FBLA The GHS Chapter of the management. Two fund raising projects enabled the chapter to participate fully in ' the State programs. Robert Riggan is club sponsor. Front row: Sharon Hassell, Thelma Dease, Debbie Montague treasurer, Judy Hun- gate, Joyce Harris, Linda Bostic reporter, Cindy Jessie, Toni Ran¬ dall parliamentarian, Arlene Sparks Next row: Lori Dover, Jill Owens, Sherry Hypes, Phyllis Whiting, Cynthia Carr, Nancy West, Yvonne Howard, Denise Dickey, Amy Simpson, Rene Summers, Patti Porch, Middle row: Hammie Rowe, Susan Gard¬ ner secretary, Cecilia Hogge pres¬ ident, Calisse Washington vice-president, Sherri Eason, Lisa Beck, Charlene Robbins, Jennifer Clayborne, Tina Rowe, Betty Setterholm, Carolyn West, Annette Lee, Sylvia Jones, Next row: Angela Foster, Sherry Berry, Kathy Daniel, Nancy Whitehead, Patty West, Tina Rowe, Gail Walton, Barbara Loll is, Pat Deel, Laura Allen, Patricia Parham, Julie Corey, Back row: Myrtle Owens treasurer, Kathy Sterling, Shema Gregory, Phyllis Wil¬ liams, Vicki Gerhardt. Future Business Leaders of America promotes aware¬ ness of the career possibil¬ ities in business and office 134 Bible Club The purpose of the Bible Club, sponsored by Mrs. Harrison, is to bring peo¬ ple together to enhance their spiritual life. This year ' s group has become both closer and more active. They have a sched¬ ule of nursing home visits, and are collecting news¬ papers as a fund raiser to support their projects. Front row: Tammy Griffith, Janet Mull is. Pres., Linda Bostic, Sec.- Treas., Next row: Barbara Morton, Melissa Sutton, Margaret Jones, Drene Keys, Mrs. Harrison, Ange¬ lina Taylor, Back row: Debbie Deaton, Cassius McKoy, Sheryl Arnold, Ernest Billups, Rona Brooks, Carol Parsons. Science Club The purpose of the Sci¬ ence Club, s ponsored by Miss Russell and Miss Mangus, is to promote an interest in the sciences. They have bakesales and raffles to raise money for field trips. They went on the VIMS Oceanography Vessels and to the Smith¬ sonian Institute. Front row: Richard Isner, Pres., Sherry Hypes, Vice Pres., Valerie Cook, Sec., Next row: Mrs. Rus¬ sell, Nancy West, Doug Conner, Helena Wells, Blondell Whiting, Gina Leigh, Daphne Lay, Cather¬ ine Isner, Miss Mangus, Back row: Valerie Cook, Marty Cox, Howard Cook, Gilmer Chamber- lain, Beth Strickland, Tina Rowe, Kim West. 135 A New Club With Class Fencing is a growing sport, just beginning to grow as a high school sport in Virginia. Fencing is the art of defense with the sword. For the more modern fencer there are three different weapons, sabre, eppe, and foil. The fencing team had two meets against Hampton Roads Academy. The team won but the coach said they needed competitive experience. " This was our first year. We ' re looking for¬ ward to next year when we have had more experience. " Right: Form is an essential part of the team and practice always makes perfect. Below: Coach Reeder shows the ropes. Bottom: April Lomax, Mike Myers, George Berg, Coach Reeder, and Bryan Salley Performance... Charisma... Execution... 136 Our neophyte fencing club is lucky to have a seasoned expert as coach — Cathy Reeder! Mrs. Reeder attended William Mary College from where she graduated in 1976. She was on the fencing team from 1972 to 1976 and was State Under-19 Champion in 1973. In 1975 Mrs. Reeder was qualified for Sectional and National Championship. She has been active as Sec¬ retary of the Treasure of Mid-Atlantic Sec¬ tion in 1978-1979. We are glad to have Mrs. Reeder as fencing club sponser! Mike Myers STATE UNDER-19 1980 CHAMP! Top Right: When Mrs. Reeder isn ' t fencing she is teaching Spanish. Center Left: TOUCHE! Center.Right: Attention builds before game. Bottom Right: Team listens carefully to instructions before match. Office Assistants The Office Assistants are kept busy with many jobs that help to keep the schools organized. Kneeling: Pam Trainham, Mary Wood, Barbara Coates, Betty Set- terholm, Karen Tillage, Lisa Wil¬ liams. Standing: Terri Baldwin, Lisa Martin, Carolyn Rowe, Linda Rilee, Sherry Hypes, Jill Owens, Christine Caviness, Teresa Phelps, Angie Hardee, Bonnie Jenkins, Joan Baines. it • r Jfe ' 4 t JjjiW M m |k: ISme Sr, WmUjZ | 1 I If S mm m f m I ! 0 s Fj| ■r? % t 1 v H ■ Debate This year ' s Debate Club worked hard to hone their skills for the VHSL tournament season which started in March. The club members worked hard to learn formal debate styles a challenge! The debate co-cap- tains are Sandra Tucker and Jeff Lopez and the coach and sponsor is Esther Knox. Back: Jeffery Lopez, Mark Cwyn, David Panchison, Mary Rigler. Cen¬ ter: Sandra Tucker, George Simpson, Doug Dear. Front: Marsha Smith, Patty Phil, Angie Musante. For Spirit It ' s The Pep Club enth row — Carlton Lockley, lett, Kevin Spencer, Maxine Jef- Larrimore, Gwendolyn Jackson, DeDe Taliaferro, Thermon ferson, Eric Byrd, Valeri Ellis. Back Stanley Berry, Rhonda Cobbs, Driver, Beitia Page, Lamar Bart- row — Steve Banks, Gwendolyn Charles Adams. HERO Members: Front row — Guy Crittenden, Tracy Ellis, Sheila Spencer, Calisse Washington, Nancy Foster, Cheryl Thompson, loan Driver. Second row — Ste¬ phanie Hardy, Sandra Tucker, Carla Thomas, Amy Ippolito, Joy Morris, Susan Berggren, Stepha¬ nie Rouse, Linda Bostic, Tina Rowe, Vernon Larrimore, Jean Grimes, Rene Summers, Randy Stokes. Third row — Shelly Thornton, Gay Butler, Kelly Myles, Susan Haley, Sonya Rouse, Lynn Hall, Sharon McFerrin, Kathy Martin, Natalie Horsley, Nancy King, Valerie Cook, Terri Redcross. Fourth row — Hal Stokes, Willie Jackson, Lisa Ran¬ dall, Sherri Ward, Dawn DeBolt, Ellen Cooper, Maranne Davis, Donna Wells, Alice Myers, Blon- dell Whiting, Tiny Cook, Helene Wells, Althea Burrell. Fifth row — Henry Bond, Marvin Spencer, Joe Scott, Emily Ippolito, Kit Bradley, Angela Greene, Marcine Brown, Conseual Burrell, Sherry Berry, Shema Gregory, Sharon Spencer, Mary Jackson. Sixth row — Vin¬ cent Jackson, Marvin Washing¬ ton, Wendy Page, Denise Greene, Lisa Dixon, Denise Pol¬ lard, Denise Dickey, Marselle Taliaferro, Ronnie Foster, Crystal Jackson, Sharon Taliferro. Sev- The members of Home Economics Related Occu¬ pations, advised by Mrs. Claybrook, operate the Copper Kettle. They par¬ ticipate in community service projects. The group places its major emphasis on preparation for jobs and careers with the recognition that work¬ ers also fill an additional role as homemaker. Sitting: Connie Cook. Kneeling: Crystal Jackson, Consuela Burrell, Debbie Cook, Linda Washington, Mary Jackson, Drene Keys (Pres.), Alycia Hogge, Tina Norman, Jean Keats. Standing: Beitia Page, Rep., Sharon Payne, Debbie Ger- hardt, Sec., Patty Lehman, Monica McKinney, Donna Hogge, Hilda Keats, Terry O ' Neil, Dorothy Miller, Nancy Ewell, Treas., Sharon Taliaferro, Angie Greene, Althea Burrell, Becky Evans, Mona McKinney, Ethel Clayborne, Amy Lee, Ella Nor¬ man. 139 FHA The purpose of the Future FHomemakers of America is to study areas in home economics, strengthen family life, and to develop leadership in individuals. They are involved in com¬ munity service and social activities, working on both craft and individual study projects. Front row: Heidi German, Teresa Lyeth, Kelly Nichols, Pres., Debra Deaton. Back row: Regina Harris, Phyllis Williams, Vice Pres., Kathy Burton, Mrs. King. FFA The Future Farmers of America, advised by Mr. McMullen participate in competitive contests, crop and mechanics judging, tractor driving, and bas¬ ketball. They have sent delegates to National Con¬ ventions, and participated in many district events. The members of the FFA are: Front row: Mr. McMullen, Mitc¬ hell Heywood, Treas. Daniel Nye, Wayne Steele, James Washing¬ ton, Sec. Timmy Harvey, Tom Smith, Timmy Steele, Dale Craig, Next row: Dana Hogge, Terry Leigh, Harry Atwell, Jeff Morgan- son, Jimmy O ' Reilly, Leslie Whi- tacre, David Miller, Tommy Lewis, Robert Trevillian, Next row: Steve Field, Donald Whit¬ ing, A. D. Berry, David Dea, Brian Campbell, Pres. Keith Shelton, Vice Pres. Donny Harrell, Calvin Oliver, Edgar Jenkins, Back row: Steve Wilson, Kevin Bristow, Archie Thompkins, Ernest Billups, Charles Stokes, Scott Fanning, David Lawson, Kenny Redcross, Chris Greene, Lee Smith, Kevin Coates, Harry Gary. Guidance Assistants 1 ghjl iH 1 The guidance assist¬ ants are an essential mix of effort and responsibility. Front row: Mark Rowe, Brenda lessen, Michelle Hogge, John Stafford, Next row: Kathy Daniel, Cynt¬ hia Crump, Mary Oliver, Melanie Walthall, Laura Hogge, Next row: Shawn Wyke, Kenny Thompson, Sandra McFerrin, Tammy Revere, Shema Gregory, Hammie Rowe, Back row: Linda Yavorsky, Amy Lee, Patricia Lehman, Donna Wells, Vicki Lett, Terri Pultz. Library Assistants READ A BOOK LATELY, PEOPLE? The library assistants help make our library what it is. They check¬ out books and do other jobs. Front row: Jean Whiting, Angela Winguard, Wanda Wolfe, Sylvia Dutton, Next row: Charles Johnson, Cal¬ vin Oliver, Patty Lehman, Beth Spitler, Caroline Lyerly, Gilmer Chamber- lain, Back row: Glenn Goatee, Tim Parsons, Lyn Blevins, Steve Hogge, Jimmy Blevins, Doug Ken¬ nedy, Laurie Peebles, Heather Arnold, Janice Blevins, Stephanie Hall, Angela Green, Kathy Thomas. 141 After months of planning, meetings and running around getting supplies, the junior Class sponsored their Ring Dance on December 8. Dancing to the beat of Wolftrap filled the Commons Area where there wasn ' t room for another wiggling soul. At 10:00 the long-awaited time finally came! Everything came to a halt as the class officers gave the rings to their respec¬ tive owners. With the rings in place, the commons was once again filled with dancing, but not as much, since it was now time for the rings to be admired, exclaimed over and turned 81 times! Deciding on a class ring is a tough deci¬ sion for Lisa Beck, Valerie Ellis and Eddie Riggan. Eddie Riggan is still not sure about which ring he should order. 142 Billy Fletcher was seen most of the time on the ladder putting up decorations for the dance. Angie Johnson and Brenda lessen tried their best to keep the tablecloths down, but it was almost impossible! DANCE ... a special thing ... Tom Carter and the back of his date, Stacie Rohrb- ach nibble away at the refreshment table. Did they really go out to eat before the dance?!? 143 And the Band Played on ... Upper left — Wolftrap is ready for another song. Lower left — The slow songs were enjoyed by many. Upper right — Get Down! Lower right — The band played a slow song for everyone to get close and cozy. The band for the Ring Dance was Wolftrap. They kept the couples moving by playing many fast songs and some romantic slow songs. It was the first time Wolftrap had played here, so everyone was anxious to hear them and see how fast they could get everyone out of their seats and onto the floor. 144 It ' s a Trip! warm, wonderful, and wildly EDUCATIONAL! Ole — the group of students with Miss Dennis and Ms. Reeder is off for Spain. Mr. Bush recounts the group which he and Ms. Feild took to Europe. Karen Toward and Tanya Slade figure out the foreign exchange rate. for a foreign language, a foreign field trip! A Continental Touch — American Field Service This was the AFS tenth year at G.H.S. The club sponsored ten foreign exchange stu¬ dents. Our present exchange student Tarek Fayek is from Cairo, Egypt. The AFS had an annual banquet which was spon¬ sored by both the adults and students in the area. During this time, all of the exchange students in the area came to Gloucester. They talked to various classes during school hours, as well as meeting the public during the banquet. This year, the AFS again sponsored the Mr. G.H.S. pageant to raise funds. The audience enjoyed the " ladies " greatly. The AFS also arranged a week-long exchange with students from Alcoa, Tennessee. In this exchange, 24 students from Alcoa were hosted by Gloucester families and 24 of our students traveled to Alcoa. In the past, Gloucester AFS ' ers have gone to Gloucester, Massachusetts and Somer, New York. Through these short exchanges students have been able to see how peo¬ ple and places differ within the U.S. bor¬ ders. Kneeling: Sonya Rouse, Melora Sidney, Cynthia Smith, Jean Rowe, Alanna McIntyre Sitting: Calisse Washington, Martha Zahn, Traci Pultz, Donna Wells, Melanie Wathall, Racheal Stewart, Katie Zahn, Patty West, Standing: Susan Spencer, Cathy Martin, Tammy Seawell, Shelley Thorton, Kim Myles, Frances Thomas, Jon Vancleave, Sandy Tucker, Carol Williams, Marianne Smith, Dianne Ewell, Nathan Simpson, Mellisa Sutton Kneeling: Billy Fletcher, Mike D ' Amico, Cynthia Carr, Mike Brewer, Nelson Dutton, Jay Bland. Sitting: Kim Butler, Sherri Benton, Racheal Carr, Cay Butler, Jill Drews, Nancy Ewell, Sherry Berry. Standing: Dennie Fyfe, Kelli Brewer, Stacy Brown, Anita Claybrook, Guy Crittenden, Kathy Fox, Beverly Fary, Tom Carter 146 Kneeling: Susan Blake, Tammy Harwood, Mallory Haskins, Robin Lewis, Dona Cillentine; Seated: Frances Batchelor, Linda Bostic, Carolyn Clark, Ellen Cooper, Cindi Corr, Patton Conner- Standing: Susan Hargis, Emily Hargis, Anne Garret, Rosemary Evans, Mark Gywn, Harry Belvin, Nancy King, Eric Prince; Top Row: Alice Kane, Todd Kaylor, Tarek Fayek. Kneeling: Marjorie White, Sherri Ward, Susan Owens, Suzanne Thomas; Seated: Susan Morgan, Kim Myles, Annette Newton, Roberta Grow, Doaty Knapp, Margaret Denton, Margaret Kirkland; Standing: Peggy Lemons, Karen Haley, Eric Price, Jill Owens, Wendy Hogge. Seated: Beth Turner, Teresa Clements, Pat Stubblefield, Vicki Lett, Peggy Stubblefield, Marianne Davis; Standing: Debbie Whitley, Dana Trio, Allen Smith, Christene Maggard, Tina Rowe, Valerie Sidney. 147 ... Becomes a Part of Gloucester As AFS exchange student, Tarek Fayek, becomes a part of the Myles family and a part of Gloucester, we realize that borders can be crossed. 148 Above: Tarek is enjoying the chemistry lab. Right: AFS sponsors Nan Pointer and )oy Long introduce Tarek to a library full of new words. Never a sour note! Top Left: Stephanie Rhorbach, Melanie Mitchell, Frances Top Right: (Front) Cindy Keeton (capt.) (Middle) Haun Batchelor (capt.), Susan Morgan, Susan Blake Kumthong, Mia Shaw, Catherine Ewell (Back) Rhonda Bryant, Sheryl Arnold, Joan Baines, Dana Trio Jean Rowe, Mary Rigler, Cindy Emory, Cindy Hudgins, Tina Rowe, Barbara Sutherland, Karen Tillage (capt.), Dede Lemon, Linda Bostic, Maria Morales 149 Forensics Crown . " ' Win Won By Gloucester Gloucester . district match. GLOUCESTER — Amid shouts, cheers and applause worthy of the most popular sport, Gloucester High School captured the York River District foren¬ sics championship Thursday. Scoring 16 out of a possible 27 points, Gloucester students out¬ distanced their competitors from six other schools in the afternoon compj tion in nine events. About 100 studej participated. The district competition pitte ( dents from Gloucester again - from Tabb, Bruton, Pembr, quoson and York tellectually-orienj from original f spellm ' ' " ' ® M Thursday’s district match. ae area students will be up rom 23 other high schools|“ Kver, Southside and Pear No. 1 in District ebiteJhy 22, 19 Forensics Team Front: Rachel Stewart, Mel¬ issa Sutton, Cindy Foor, Vivian Arnold, Maria Morales, Center: Mrs. Karen Flowe, sponsor, Christine Maggard, Rosemary Evans, Cindy Coor, Kim Myles, Back: Mike D ' Amicio, Andy Honaker, FHoward Cook, John Hicks, Jeff Lopez, Sammy Stafford ISO □ Every one a winner! Rosemary Evans and Andy Honaker bagged 2nd place in the VA. Catholic League, Gloucester ' s first meet of the year. Below: The team smiles at their win in the Va. High School League. Front Row; George Simpson, Cindy Coor, Howard Cook, Mrs. Karen Flowe, Rosemary Evans, Back Row: Danny McCloud, Vivian Arnold, Cindy Foor, Jeff Lopez, Andy Honaker. —ai presented by the Drama Department THE CRUCIBLE a stunning achievement Once in a while the stars collide and something happens which makes adjectives unnecessary. This year ' s play was such an event. To describe the fusion of effort, talent, timing, mood in the cliches common to such descriptions would be to soften its impact. Suffice it to say — this was theatre. John Raynes and Jay Bland before the curtain rose on opening night. Front row: Tina Rowe, Vice President, )ulie Kurtz, Secretary, Second row: Michelle Hogge, Linda Bostic, Angie Musante, Lisa Oliver, DeDe Lemons, Tammy Harwood, Hugh Evans, Judith Williams, Jeanette Bartoszewiez, Third row: Cindy Caldwell, Kelly Bender, Kim Char, Cindy Hudgins, Mary Rigler, Rachael Carr, Rosemary Evans, Leonard Smith, Cheryl Arnold, Tina Rowe, Cindi Corr, Fourth row: Joan Baines, Jill Drews, George Simpson, Jay Bland, David Panchison, Mike D ' Amico, Bill Adams. Meanwhile Backstage: Clockwise from the top: Mr. Raynes sits in his office. Thomas Hayman hears a call for " Lights! " Jill Drews paints a face on Robert Leppin. Rose¬ mary Evans tries to keep Christine Maggard ' s hair together. Thespians: the honor society for high school drama students The Drama Club provides not only actors but set builders, designers, light technicians — all the necessary components of a successful produc¬ tion. Jean Rowe is president, Tina Rowe, vice-president, Julie Kurtz, secretary, and Melody Cosby, ass ' t secretary. 153 Seated: Sonya Tucker, Cary Zehmer, Mark Micklos, Editor Traci Pultz, Sharon Hodges, Darnell Lee, Standing: Rhonda Cobbs, Dito Morales, David Mullinix, Charles Wesley, Wes Walker, Rachael Carr, Marty Cox, Suzy Cartwright, Doug Evans, Virginia Harris, Greg Kladler, Robin Bogue, Lynn Hall, Sponsor Gayle Middlebrook. Dukes Dispatch Jr Sports vs Leamin What A Topic Mrs Midd DUKES STAFF Wf SO A. ’ ,,, ' v ( lauue V t: seated at EDITORIAL BOARD December Theater Fes MANAGING EDITOR FEATURE EDITOR . . . NEWS EDITOR. SPORTS EDITOR. COPY EDITOR. PHOTOGRAPHERS Dito Morales David Mullinix Greg Kladler Pete Shaw Marty Cox Wesley Walker .Traci Pultz ... Sonya Tucker .. Cary Zehmer .Charles Wesley .Suzy Cartwright WRITERS Rachael Carr Kim Butler Mark Micklos Robin Bogue Kay Robins Toni Hodges Rona Brooks east include Troy Dal tor Stud | Copy, graphics, pictures, active students, and a II great sponsor are the keys to a successful newspa¬ per. Our newspaper staff has all the basic problems of any other club; late articles, deadlines to meet, apathy and all. Even though they have these prob¬ lems, they deliver a paper each month. Mrs. Gayle Middlebrook, Staff sponsor, inherited a deficit, but the staff went to work and sold enough ads to erase it. This year ' s paper was more interesting and factual than the former papers. It included sports and student features. The controversy of teachers supplements and letters to the editors lost favor with the administration, but gained points with students and some of the teachers. The enlightened eighties brought about a change to the G.H.S. newspaper. The staff of few organ¬ ized a tremendous change because as we know Gloucester is, " behind the times, " at times. The new format won second prize in state compe¬ tition and, as a result, the sponsor was asked to teach a Virginia High School League Publications workshop. Mike Porter, publications manager, said f our paper is one of the best in the state of Virginia. » Our staff now exchanges papers with other schools. A nnotlo I Cavalier: the work and the worry must be for love! From the Editor ' s Notebook: For the first time we had a yearbook class, which was composed of 19 students. With these 19 students one would think it would be impossible to miss deadlines. But one is wrong! As a matter of fact we shortchanged all except for the first and the final. That ' s because we had very little cooperation and very little dedication, which every Yearbook Staff needs a lot of. However, things changed the morning our yearbook representative told us that it would be impossible to have the yearbook distributed by the time school closed. Not only were we frantic — the faculty fused. But the number “90 " that bounced in our little brains is what scared the majority of us. Gradually we started to work harder, staying after school long, hard and dreary hours to beat the deadline. We went through a lot of turmoil, such as waiting for the senior pictures, that were promised within three weeks but received a month or so later. Then there was that worry of not knowing if the pictures sent would be faded by the time they reached Dallas, Texas. Although the staff had many upsets their performance was surprisingly successful. This is considering the fact that no one had ever worked on a yearbook before aside from three of the present staff mem¬ bers who attended a journalism Workshop at William and Mary College. The Editor thanks all who tried to make this yearbook a success! VU Rene Summers and Lisa Martin look over pictures to be used for a layout. Front: Terri Redcross. Second Row: Melora Sidney, Dawn DeBolt, Ellen Copper, Susan Morgan, Lisa Martin, Rona Brooks, Third Row: Sandra Tucker, Frances Thomas, Stepha¬ nie Rouse, Robin Hall, Lisa Oliver, Bard Morgan, Back: Beverly Fary, Burke King, Shawn Syke, Susan Owens, and Rene Summers. Cosmetology where students interact with the real world and prepare for a career 4 md 156 1. Carolyn Rowe gets a new face. 2. Mrs. Simmons looks up in surprise as the camera flashes. 3. Nancy Foster and Steve Clements stand arm in arm. 4. Suzanne Busic gets shot in the head? 5. Kim Smith shows off a new hairdo. 6. Mrs. Howard and Carolyn Rowe take time out from the state convention to get their picture taken. 7. Crystal Simmons graduates from Kindergarten to Cosmetology I. 8. " Aw shucks, Mrs. Howard, you don ' t have to do that but ft sure feels good! " 9. julia Handy says she can set hair better when the head is off the body. 10. Teresa Harris just sits and smiles as an expert works wonders with her hair. 11. Nancy Foster and friends " hanging around. " 12. Michelle Mitchell stands lost and all alone. 13. Cheryl Dunston gets a new set of lashes. 157 MUSIC builds a bridge from school to community The chorale music department under the chairmanship of Don Sandridge is a continuing source of training for the young people in the classes, as well as a source of pleasure for those who hear them sing. One of many guest appearances made by our musicians was their visit to the nutrition site for senior citizens. CHORALE: loan Baines Ruth Beauchemin Karen Bristow Gay Butler Rhonda Cobbs Julie Corey Thelma Dease Evie Easter Cindy Foor lean Grimes Roberta Grow Lynn Hall Luella Hogge Beth MacIntyre Laurie Peebles lean Rowe Tia Session Amy Simpson Theresa Simpson Cindy Smith Marsha Smith Michele Stewart Melissa Sutton Shelly Thornton Kim West Robin Deese Cathy Fox Dennie Fyfe Helen Griffin Wendy Hog ge Natalie Horsley Cindv Hudgins Ma ' -garet |one$ 9 Mane King DoiaL, Knapp Jill O ' . ' ‘VS Kathy Ku! .if Mary Rig: r Karen Tillage Sherri Ward William Adams Scott Beckwith Nathaniel Cooke John Hogan Donnie Hogge Kevin Kaylor Jim Rilee Troy Tompson 9th GRADE MIXED CHORUS: Herbert Chriscoe 1 Dav ■id Diggs y ■ John Hogge lames Newman Dale. Thornton Karen Bauer Rhonda Bryant Kim Butler ' Mar Carter Pam Caviness Tiny Cooke Sherry Dunn Saundra Hall Catherine Isner Mari be I Johnson Tammy Johnson Shiela Mahoney Tammy Milby Ellen Padgett Charlene Thompson Lisa Trueblood I Helena Wells 4 Verna Smith JH MADRIGAL SWING CHOIR: D ' OTISINGERS Rosemary Evans Margaret Gaskins Susan Hargis Tammy Harwood Julie Kurtz Robin Lewis Annette Newtpn Marianne Smith Heather Arnold Ann Garrett Karen Haley . Beth Miller cK Wendy Paige Karen Tillage Melanie Walthall Nancy Whitehead Steven Clements Mark Fowler Micheal Gooding Robert Harris Beth Turner Margaret Gaskins Susan Hargis Tammy Harwood Cindi Corr Peggy Stubble!ield Nancy Whitehead Brian (dements Mark FoWl. H 0 s simpson TimfBrbwn f Nelson Dutton Nathan Simpson d f Jp iSr VUv,., Mm Donald Efogge mm Mill y n : George Simpson ' Sammy Stafford PuOuh9k9RHh Derek Bond Brvan Dunn Mike Larkin Danny McCloud Tpdd Meade Eric Price Mike West Brett Garnett ml A typical S.C.A. meeting! r« i ■ ■ i iLJw - 1st row: Lisa Williams, Kelli Brewer, Kelly Miles, Jaylin Leonard, Susan Morgan, Scott Pultz, Rhonda Con- kling, Melora Sidney, Frances Thomas, Valerie Sidney. 2nd row: Marsha Smith, Karen Tillage, Susan Blake, Susan Haley, Katie Zahn, Paul White, Penny Marshall, Kim Mitchell, Dawn DeBolt, Nancy King, Natalie Horsely. Trd row: Kristi Benton, Caroline Sterling, Dennie Fyfe, Tammy Seawall, Terri Redcross, Melanie Walthall, Alice Kane, Harry Belvin, Scott Basta, Timmy Steele, Jay Hogge. 4th row: Alice Clark, Doug Ambrose, Robert Dunlap, Kevin Kaylor. 5th row: Henry Bond, Kit Bradley, |oe Scott, Jeff Carino, Tripp Shannon, Sammy Stafford, Bob Harris. 1st row: Sherry Benton, Cynthia Carr, Caltsse Washington, (ill Drews, Shelia Kendrick, Brenda Jesson, 2nd row: Patty Phill, Tricia Brown, Angela Musante. Peggy Stubblefield Tina Rowe, Dona Wells, Neil Hogge, Mary Rigler, Michelle Hogge 3rd row: Guy Critten- don, Billy Fletcher, Traci Pultz, Ellen Cooper, Vicki Lett, Tammy Harwood, Sharon Mc- Ferrin, Beth Miller, 4th row: Valerie Cook, Susan Hargis, Cindi Coor, Traci Ellis, 5th row: Catherine Cook, Beverly Fary, Patty West, Mike Brewer, Lisa Williams, Sheila Spencer, Lisa Trueblood, Julie Kurtz, Harry Belvin. — potential — promise — performance Our President: Nathan Simpson, 2nd row: Asst, secretary, Susie Smdle, reasurer, Margie White, 3rd row Bernie West, secretary, Reporter Howard Cook, and Virp-nrp«i (? irharH SinHIp Nathan Simpson, our president, at a meeting. 159 rt-« Id c i ll j w jjr v, , 95 |j No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;.. . | any man ' s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; s from Devotionfxvii by John Donne V I v ■ mm Ju-b-h OUv JW f du a jXi M nopp y 4—Dcr j_ (4 inc j Mou . OOc m V U ( p T) V U 5en6e buV " ibr JTO. S-T UV-£ CD SHOES .. . FOR THE FAMILY ' S FEET ... Edgehill Shopping Center Main Street Gloucester, Virginia 23061 Phone — 804-693-4375 Jkw 0: ments of Ames Interiors Compliments of Village Amoco CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1980 RAPPAHANNOCK CONCRETE VILLAGE AMOCO MAIN STREET P.O. BOX 549 GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA 23061 PHONE 693-5325 UK 163 Carolyn’s Shop 164 OFF.: (804)693-5410 RES.: (804)693-3493 Farms, Flomes Waterfront, and Commercial E. CLAIBORNE HOGGE REAL ESTATE AGENCY REALTOR Post Office Box 781 Gloucester, Virginia 23061 Best of luck to the class of 1980 Village Lanes Come by to see me sometimes Chuck Jennings BROADDUS AND HALL, INC. General Electric Appliances and Furniture J. E. Hall Phone: 693-3600 W. F. Broaddus Gloucester, Va. Hogg Funeral Home Serving Gloucester County WESTERN AUTO siHi Compliments Noah ' s at Ark Ark, VA 23003 Finest submarines on the Peninsula. Associate Store Home Owned MILTON RAGANS, Owner RT. 17 Hayes Plaza Shopping Center Phone: 642-5770 Hayes, Virginia 23072 VISA, MASTER CHARGE, CONVENIENT CENTRAL AND CITGO CREDIT AVAILABLE 8ar ■ ' Hours n to 9 pm Mon., Tues., Th., Fr., Sat. 8 am to 6 pm Wed. Casuod Sfiegaflcc DESIGNER CLOTHES fadlrte J orrpals Ella Gray Watkins Gloucester, Virginia 23061 Phone (804)693-2515 Robert E. Watkins Dickey ' s Auto Body Used Parts — Car Sales Beyond the Best Gunn ' s Body Shop The Best in Body Repair 693-3350 Box 461 Gloucester, Va. MOBIL L.F PHILLIPS SONS, INC MOBIL OIL GASOLINE DISTRIBUTORS L. F. PHILLIPS JR. OFF. 642-2166 GLOUCESTER POINT, VA HOME 642-4375 Auto Parts ' QUALITY PARTS at DISCOUNT PRICES " W.T. Fary BrosCa Lumber GAF SHINGLES, ROOFING, SHEETROCK WINDOWS, DOORS, HARDWARE, PLYWOOD AND BUILDERS HARDWARE Phone: 693-2544 Ark, Va. 23003 Complete Line of Brand Name Parts HOURS Mon.-Sat. — 8 to 8 Sun —9 to 3 CALL 642-2172 Old Rt. 17 — Hayes, Va. Next Door to Post Office Ibo Best Wishes to the Class of ' 80 from the Plaza Pharmacy HOME PHONE: (804) 642-5954 PARKES ' HOME IMPROVEMENTS AND REPAIRS BLUE GRAY PEST CONTROL Owned and Operated by JAMES ROBERT WILLIAMS Box 128 Gloucester Point Virginia 23062 General Contractor •FREE INSPECTION •FULL INSURANCE COVERAGE •MOISTURE CONTROL ‘MEMBER: VA STATE AND TIDEWATER PEST CONTROL OFFICE PHONE: (804) 642-2680 PHONE: 642-4225 GLOUCESTER POINT HUDGINS OLDS-PONTIAC, INC Route 17 At The Airport Gloucester, VA 23061 VIRGINIA BILLFARY FORD, INC Phone 693-3541 Sales — Service FORD MERCURY ROUTE17 —AIRPORT GLOUCESTER, VA. 23061 167 " Trying harder to serve you. " Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal Main Street Gloucester, Va. 23061 JEANNIE MONROE 693-3569 Jeans Needlework J)hop Specializing in Bibles and Commentaries • Church Furnishings Ecclesiastical Apparel • Sunday School Literature Hymnals • V B and School Supplies Bible Book Store Colonial Point Shopping and Office Plaza Gloucester Pt. ( Va. 23062 • Phone 642-4111 Dame ' s Electrical Co. Carrier Owner: Tommy Dame •Plumbing •Heating •Air Conditioning •Electrical Work Phone: 693-3356 MORRIS BROS. LUBRICATING - GENERAL REPAIRS GULF GAS AND OIL mi iCourteou;, EFFICIENT Phone 693-2067 ARK, VA. 23003 168 NEWTONS CHARTER BUS SERVICES Throughout the US Canada Atlantic CHARTER BUS SERVICE ICC-MC-142497 — Rest Room Equipped — PA System — 38-47 Passenger Capacity Travel Anywhere in Virginia Newton Bus Service Inc. Modern — Air Condition — Fully Insured — Conventions RFD Box 8-D — Sales Meetings — CFiurch Functions — Sports 693-2284 Events — Club and School Outings Gloucester, Va. 169 Dodge CHRYSLER Vlymoutfi GLOUCESTER POMOCO, INC. DODGE CARS —TRUCKS AND VANS CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH COLTS, OMNI, AND HORIZON PHONES: 804-693-2408 HOME: 804-877-5108 804-851-3134 BROTHERS ' MOTORS, INC. U.S. Rt. 17 Ordinary, Virginia 23131 (804)642-4413 4357 Lillian L. Rau Marietta T. East, Owners Phone: 693-2666 GIFTS —COLLECTIBLES —CURIOS FIDDLERS GREEN ANTIQUES Main Street Gloucester, Virginia Mailing Address: Box 658 Gloucester, Va. 23061 MIKE ' S USED CAR SALES Phone: 693-5252 Located in White Marsh Shopping Center Ordinary, Virginia 23131 Dee Dee Lemon, Rona Brooks, Cassius McKoy, Lynn Hall, Margaret Jones, Betsy McKoy, Francine Nye wait in front of the school for their afternoon ride home. 170 P.O.Box 487 Gloucester Point, Virginia 23062 642-2385 Newport News, Virginia 877-0641 Compliments of Lou Smiths Supermarkets we are so sorry! last year ' s Cavalier omitted ads purchased by our friends: Morgan ' s Drug Store Carolyn ' s Shop 172 Senior Accomplishments " O wad some Pow ' r the giftie gie us To see oursels as others see us! " Robert Burn ' s To a Louse William W. Adams — Wrestling 9; Tennis 9; Football 10; Drama Club 12 Clifford B. Arnold — P.L.S.D. 9-12 Vivian Arnold — Beta 11, 12; Who ' s Who 12; Thespians 10-12; " Broad¬ way Melody " ; Majorettes 9-11; For¬ ensics 10-12; CFL 11-12 Stephen J. Ashberry — Metals Michael A. Ashby — Auto Mech. IQ- 12; 4-H 9 Kevin A. Banks — f ootball 9 12; Base¬ ball 10-12; Basketball 12; 4-H 9-12;j Pep Club 9,10 Frederick Bartlett — Soccer 9-12; Yearbook 11; AFS 12; French Club 9- 11; Lab Ass ' t 9-12 f Lamar Bartlett — Band 9 12; Soccer 10- 12; MVP 10; Baseball 10, 11; 4-H 9- 12; Band Pres. 12; Senior Class Secretary Harry Lee Belvin — Football 9-12; Wrestling 9-12; Track 9-12; All- regional Football Player; 2nd in State Wrestling; AFS 10-12; SCA12 Sherri Jane Benton — Marching Con¬ cert Band 9-12; Wind Ensemble 9, 11, 12; |azz and Pep Band 11-12; Student Conductor 11, 12; Vice Pres. 11; John Phillip Sousa Band Award 11 George N. Berry — 4-H 9; Wrestling 10- 12; Football 9-11; Weightlifting 9-11 Gerald D. Berry — Football 10-12; Pep Club 12 Glenn A. Berry — FFA 9; VICA 11-12 Sherry D. Berry — Pep Club 10-12; FBLA 11,12; Beta 11,12; AFS 12 Stanley L. Berry — Art 9, 10; Chorale 10, 11; Pep Club 12; VICA 11,12; 4- H 11,12 David E. Birdsall — Football 9, 10;i SCA 9-11; AFS 12; Basketball Score- r keeper 9,10; 4-H 9,10 James Jay Blackmon — FFA 9; Auto Mech 10,12; Football 10 John Goodwin Bland — Thespian IQ- 12; (Vice Pres. 12) Drama Club IQ- 12; (Vice Pres.) " Broadway Mel¬ ody " ; M A S H; Crucible; Dis¬ trict and Regional Winner One-Act Play Tammy Sue Boggess — FHA 10-12; HERO 11-12 Henry A. Bond — J.V. Basketball 9; Varsity 10-12; Baseball 11; Track 12; Pep Club 12; SCA 9, 10; Concert Band 9-11 Ricky Gene Boothe — Football 9, 11, 12; AFS 12 Kit Medford Bradley Jr. — Football 9, 11,12; AFS 11-12; Wrestling 11; Pep Band 12; FFA 12 Michael Brewer — Wrestling 9-11; Baseball 11; Band 9-12; Beta 11,12; AFS 11,12; Who ' s Who 12 James Brown — Regional Chorus 12; D ' Otis Singers 12; Madrigals 11; Chorale 10; Outstanding Chorale Member Award 11; Tennis 12 Juanita Brown — HERO 11, 12; FHA 10,12 Consuela Burrell — Office Assistant 10-12; Pep Club 10-12; HERO 9-12; Basketball 10 Brian E. Campbell — FFA 9 12; VICA 12; Football 10 Jeffery A. Carino — Football 11-12; Soccer 10-12; AFS 11,12 Kimberly Carlton — Gymnastics 9; Newspaper 9; Art 11 Greg Carmine — Debate 11; Beta 11 - 12 Cynthia Marie Carr — Beta 12; AFS 10- 12; SCA 12; FBLA 12; Yearbook 9; Science Club 9 Jaquelyn C. Carter — Office Asst. 11, 12 Thomas L. Carter — Golf 9-12; Beta 11- 12; Football 9-10; Basketball Statistician and Announcer 10-12; American Legion Boy ' s State Rep¬ resent at iv§ 11 Karen Catlett — Field Hockey 9-12; Yearbook 11; Pep Club 9-10 Karen L. Chapman — VICA 10; FHA 11,12; Lab Asst. 10; Nurses Aid James Thomas Clark — Band 9-10, Wrestling 9-10; Yearbook 9-10; Key Club 9-10 Brian Keith Clements — Baseball 9- 112; Wrestling 9-12 Deborah Lynne Clifton — Vica 10 12; Bible Club 9-12; 4-H 9-11 Patton Wynn Conner — Beta 11-12; J.V. Cheerleader 9; Varsity 10; Jun¬ ior Attendant; Senior Maid of Honor; AFS 9-12; Sophomore Class Treasurer Debbie Ann Cook — Pep Club 9-12; Cheerleading 10, 12; Gymnastics 11; HERO 10-12; Basketball 12; Soft- ball 12 Frieda Annette Cooper — 4-H 9, 10; VICA 10-12; VICA Queen 1st Run¬ ner up; Pep Club 9 Julie Ann Corey — Art 9,10; FBLA 12; Chorale 10-12; Science Club 9-10 Cynthia Rosalie Corr — SCA 9-12; AFS 10-12; BETA 11-12; Forensics 12; Drama 12; Girl ' s State 11; Tennis 10-12; Regional Chorus 12; Chorale 10; Madrigals 11; D ' Otis Singers 12; Senior Flomecoming Attendant; Fall Production 1980; District For¬ ensics 12; Class President Fresh¬ man, Sophomore; Junior; Vice- Pres. Senior Guy Smith Crittenden — SCA 9-12; AFS 11,12; Basketball 9-12; Football 9- 12; Baseball 11; Track and Field 12; Defensive Player of the Year 1979 Maryanne Arlene Davis — J.V. Cheer¬ leader 9; Varsity 10-12; AFS 9-12; Girl ' s State; Pep Club 9-12; Chorale 10; Madrigals 11 Kathryn Denise Dickey — Varsity Cheerleader 9-10; Beta 12; Pep Club 9-12; FBLA 12 Bryan Dunn — Chorus 9; Madrigals 10- 12; Football 10; Soccer 10; Regional Chorus 9,11 Nelson Lee Dutton — Band 9-12; Win Ensemble 9-12; Pep Band 12; Soc¬ cer 9-11; AFS 9-11 Nancy L. Ewell — AFS 10-12; FHA IQ- 12; Beta 12; Who ' s Who Angela Foster — FBLA 10-12; Office Asst. 10,12; COE 12 Nancy Ann Foster — Cheerleader 9, 11,12; Miss Pep Club 12; Basketball 11; Manager 12; Pep Club 9-11; Vice Pres. 12; VICA12; SCA 10 Catherine Alane Fox — AFS 10-12; Yearbook 10; Track 12; Chorale 12; Drama 9-11 Michael Freeman — Marching Band 10-12; jazz Ensemble 10-12; Pep Band 11-12; Concert Band 10-12 Susan Gardner — Chorus 9; FBLA 11, 12 il ' ; Ann Garrett — Field Flockey 11-12; Soccer 10-12; AFS 9-12; SCA 9-11; Madrigals 12 Deborah Gerhardt — F1ERO 10-12, Library Asst. 10-11; Track 11 Donaliece Marie Gillentine — Gym¬ nastics 11; Track 11, 12; AFS 9-12; Drama 9-11; Yearbook 9-10 Mark Gorey — Beta 11-12; Senior Class Treas.; Tennis 11,12; Cavalier Sports Writing Award 11; Glou. County Fair Essay Contest 1st 12; League of America Photography Contest 1st Place 11 Barbara Gregory — Beta 11,12; FBLA 11; AFS 12; Pep Club 10-12 Michael Griffin — J.V. Football 9, 10; Varsity 9-12; Track 9-12; Basketball 9,10; SCA Rep. Troy Earl Gross — AFS 12; Track 11; Basketball 10; The Crucible 12 Tony Louis Guylitto — Baseball 9-12; Football 9-12; J.V. Football 9,10 Mark Gywn — Wrestling 9-12; AFS 10,12 Debra Hall — VICA 10-12; Guid. Asst. 11 Susan Combs Hargis —- Beta 12; AFS 10-12; SCA 9-12; Who ' s Who 12; Madrigals 11,12; D ' Otis Singers 12; Bicentennial Marching Band 12 Tamera Harwood — Madrigals 11-12; D ' Otis Singers 11-12; Thespians IQ- 12; (Pres. 12); AFS 10-12; (Secretary 12); Beta 11-12; SCA 12; Regional Chorus 10-11 Sharon Hassell — Office Asst. 11; FBLA 11,12; COE 12 Terri Hassell — FHA 9-12; VICA 10; HERO 12; OCCI 12 Kelly Hasty — Basketball 9-11; Soft- ball 9-12; AFS 11-12; Chorus 9; Madrigals 10-11; Girl Scouts 9-12 John Flippo Hicks — AFS 11-12; Who ' s Who 12; Soccer 10-12; Sailor of the Year; Falling in Love with Carolyn Clark Cecelia Hogge — FBLA 11-12; Pep Club 10,11 Donald Ray Hogge — Band 9-12; Concert Band 9-11; Madrigals IQ- 12; D ' Otis Singers 11; Pep Club 10- 11; Track 10; Regional Chorus 10-12 Donna Jean Hogge — HERO; SCA; FFA Frederick Neal Hogge — Senior Class Pres.; Beta 11, 12; Pres. 12; SCA 9- 12; AFS 11,12 Andrew Brian Honaker — Cross Country 9-12; Outdoor Track 9-12; Forensics 12; Indoor Track 12; Drama 9,10 Damon Horsley — Football 9; VICA 11,12; FFA 9-11 Herman Horsley — Auto Mech. IQ- 12; FFA 9-11 Yvonne Howard — SCA 9; Pep Club 9-12; VICA 11,12; FBLA 12 Gerald William Hudgins — J.V. Bas¬ ketball 9-10; Varsity 11, 12; J.V. Football 9; AFS 12 Mary Jackson — HERO 11-12; Pep Club 12 Terri Jackson — HERO 10-12; Library Asst. 11; Pep Club 10,11 Howard Jenkins — FFA 9-11; VICA 11, 12 William Kane Jr. — Tennis 10-12; Soc¬ cer 10-12 George Todd Kaylor — Tennis 9-11, Wrestling 11,12; Beta 11,12; AFS 9- 12; Chorale 11 Cynthia Keeton — Marching Band 9- 10; Flag Team 11; Captain 12 Sheila Jean Kendrick — SCA 9-12; AFS 12; Flag Team 10; Drill Team 11; Beta 11, 12; Morgan Citizenship Award 10 Thomas Morano Kerns — Wrestling 11; Field Hockey 10 Drene Keys — Bible Club 11,12; FHA 10; HERO Pres. 12; Pep Club 11,12 James Decater Kirkland — Soccer 11, 12; FFA 9-12; AES 9-11; SCA 9-11 Thomas Kirtley — Soccer 10-12; FFA 9-10; AFS 10-11 Julie Kurtz — J.V. Cheerleader 9; Var¬ sity 10-11; Drama 9-12; Thespian 11-12; Sec. Drama 12; Pep Club 9- 11; FBLA11 Rodney Larrimore — Pep Club 9-12; Basketball 10-11; VICA Amy Lee — FHA 10-11; HERO 12; Guid. Asst. 174 Burnetta Lee — HERO 10; Library Asst. 11,12 Patricia Lehman — HERO 11, 12; Bible Club 10 Delia Lemon — Flag Team 11; Drill Team 12; M- A S- H 11; Drama IQ- 12; Thespian 12 . Alice Victoria Lett — Cheerleader 9- 12; Captain 9, 12; Pep Club 9-12; Track 10; Gymnastics 11,12; SCA 9- 12; Sophomore Attendant James C. Lewis Jr. — FFA 9-11; Base- ball 10; Auto Mech. 10-12 Robin E. Lewis — AFS 9-12; Band 9- 12; Tennis 9-12; Madrigals 10-12; Who ' s Who 11; Interact 10-12; Bicentennial Marching Band and Chorus 10 V Raymond Lollis — FFA 11; J.V. Foot¬ ball 10; VICA 12; Auto Mech 10-12 April Lomax — Fencing Club;]Drama Club Christie Marshall —-VICA 10-12; Soft- ball 11-12 |gf| Coleman Marshall — VICA 11, 12; Guid. Asst. 11 Jennifer Mattocks — FHA 9-10; HERO 11, 12; Pep Club 9-12; VICA 12; Bible Club 10-12 Sharon McKendree — AFS 9-12; SCA 10-12; Basketball 9; Chorus 9; Bicentennial Marching Chorus 10; Senior Rep. Monica McKinney — HERO 10 12 Mark Merriner — AFS 9-12; Beta 11, 12; Drama 9, 10; Science Club 9; Tennis 9-12; Yearbook 9-11 Elizabeth Minnick — Drama 10-11; Chorale 11 Stephen Mitchem — Soccer 10-11; Chess Club 10-12; Chess Team 10- 12 W jP’ " Deborah Montague — Newspaper 10; Beta IT, 12; FBLA 12 Kevin Myers — Soccer; Varsity Bas¬ ketball; Vica; Track Robert Nichols — Art Club 10-12 Eldridge Harold Northstein — Band 9; Cross Country 9-12; Outdoor Track 9- 12; Indoor Track 9-12 Daniel Brian Nye — FFA 9-12; FFA Officer 11; Drama Club 9 Terry O ' Neil — HERO 11,12 Delores M. Oliver — Cheerleader 9; Homecoming Attendant 9; VICA 10- 12; 4-H9-12 Kathleen Olson — HERO 12; Pep Club 11 Susan K. Owens — AFS 12; VICA 10- 11; Track 12; Pep Club 9-10; Year¬ book 12 Sharon Payne — H E RO 12 Patricia Phill — BETA 12 Karin M. Pittman — Miss Gloucester County Fair 12; 4-H Share the Fun 9-12; Drill Team 9-11; VICA 9-12; Snow Queen 12 Keith Poffenberger — AFS 10-12; Soc cer 10-12PMarching Band 9-11, Concert Band 9-11 Eric Price — Boys ' State; Who ' s Who; Beta 12; Varsity Football 10-12; Soc¬ cer 10-12; Madrigals 12; SCA 10; AFS 10-12 Reese Pultz — Wrestling 9-12; VICA 11-12; J.V. Football 9 Traci Lynn Pultz — Tennis 10-12; Newspaper 10-12; SCA 9, 10; Girls ' State; AFS 9-12; Who ' s Who Tammy Revere — FHA 10 Robert Riggan — BETA 11-12 Charlene Robins — Outdoor Track 9- 12; Indoor Track 12; Who ' s Who 11; AFS 11-12; FBLA 12; Newspaper Karin Lynn Robins — " Kay " " Roo " " Strawberry Fairy " " Shmoo ' C M A S -H 11; Stage Manager Cru¬ cible 12; One Acts; Oliver; Year¬ book 9-11, Editor 11; Newspaper 11-12; Thespian 12 George Salley — National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist; 4th in level 7AA Competition in VCTM Math Contest Statewide; Debate 11,12; Scouts; Who ' s Who Tracie Scott — Vision Staff 12; Art Club 12; Track 11-12; Honor Roll 12; Who ' s Who 11 Melora Lynne Sidney — Gymnastics 10-12; Field Hockey 9-10; Beta 11, 12; AFS 12; Senior Class Rep.; Who ' s Who 12 Nathan Simpson — Varsity Football 9- 12; Varsity Baseball 9-12; Chorus 10- 12; SCA President 12; Beta ' ll, 12; AFS 10-12; Society of Distin¬ guished American High School Students George Simpson Jr. — Regional Cho¬ rus 11,12; Forensics 11,12; Chess 9- 12; Debate 12; National Merit Semi-Finalist; MTA Math Contest; Who ' s Who | x B Beverly Lynn Smith — FBLA 10-11; Vice-Pres. 11; FHA 10; Art 9-11; VICA 11,12; SCA 9 , y Kimberly Smith — Cheerleading 9-10; Captain 10; VICA 10-12; Miss Glou¬ cester County Fair 11; Snow Queen 11; Newspaper 9; Pep Club 9-10 Leonard Ellis Smith — Concert Band 9-12; Wind Ensemble 9,11,12; Jazz Ensemble 9-12; Student Conductor 12; Brass Choir 11, 12; Chorale 11; Concert Choir 10-11; Chess Club 10, 12; Drama Club 11, 12; Pep Band 11,12 § F John Stafford — Soccer 12; Parking Lot Duty 10 Samuel Paul Stafford — Art Club 10-, 11; Forensics 12; Madrigals 12 Patricia Stanbrook — Art 9-11 Kathy Sterling—- FBLA 11,12; COE 12; HERO 10 s Melissa Sterling — Tennis 9-12; Field Hockey 10-12; Art Club 10-12; Sci¬ ence Club 9-10; AFS 9, 10; Needle¬ point 11,12 Keith Stokes — JV Basketball 9, 10; Varsity Basketball 11,12 Stewart Randolph Stokes — Art Club 9-12; V. Basketball 11-12; Pep Club 9-12; Marching Band 10-12 Patricia Stubblefield — Basketball 9- 12; Beta 11, 12; Softball 10, 12; AFS 9-12; Chorale 10; Honor Roll 9-12 Peggy Stubblefield — Class Sec, 9; Vice-Pres. 10, 11; Beta 11, 12; AFS 10-12; SCA 12; Madrigals 10; D ' Otis Singers 12; Regional Chorus 12 Barbara Sutherland — Pom-Pom 11, 12; HERO 9-12; Office Asst. 11 Marcel Taliaferro — Basketball 9-12; Softball 9, 10, 12; VICA 11-12; Pep Club 9-12 Christopher Thomas — Marching Band 10-12; Concert Band 9-12; Jazz Band 10-12; Soccer 10-12; Football 9 Suzanne Nadine Thomas — AFS 11- 12; Art Club 10; Cheerleader 9; SCA 9,10; Pep Club 9-10 Christopher Troy Thompson — JV Football 9, 10; Soccer 10-12; Jazz Ensemble 9-12; Chorale 12 Karen Sue Tillage — Basketball 9; Pom-Pom 10-12; Captain 12; Madrigal si 2; FBI A10; Yea rboo k 11 Joseph Michael Toward — Auto Mech. 10-12; VICA 12 Earl Kent Trammell — FFA 9; VICA rl, 12 Alicia Beth Turner — Beta 11,12; AFS 11, 12; Who ' s Who 12; Honor Roll 9-12; American Society of Distin¬ guished High School Students Jon VanCleave — AFS 12; Beta 11,12; Who ' s Who 12 George Martin Walker — AFS 11; SCA 10-11; Soccer 10-12; Who ' s Who Mary Ward — Art Club 12; Beta 12; Who ' s Who Deborah Whitley — Marching Band 10, 11; Concert Band 10-12; FBLA 12; AFS 12 Mikki Wikle — FHA 10,11; Pep Club; HERO 12 Richard Lee Williams — Basketball 9- 12 Calisse Washington — SCA 10-11; Hero 11; AFS 9,12; FBLA 11-12; Pep Club 9-12; Sports Scorekeeper IQ- 12 Donna Carole Wells — Cheerleader 9-12; Beta 11, 12; AFS 12; Who ' s WHo James West — FFA 10,11; Football 10 Laura West — Science Club 9-11; Beta 11,12; Who ' s Who 11; SCA 9, 12 Michael Lee West —Wrestling 11,12; FFA 10-12; Madrigals 12; Who ' s Who Patricia West — VICA; Pep Club David Wheeler — Beta 12 David Lee Whitehurst — Madrigals 12; Regional Chorus 12 Phyllis Whiting — FHA; FBLA Cynthia Wilson — Track 9-12; Basket¬ ball 9-11; Soccer 9-11 Troy Wilson — Basketball 9; Pep Club 10,11 Tucker Brooke Witt 12; FFA 9,10 Wrestling 9- Shawn Lee Wyke — Yearbook 12; Eagle Scout 12; Science Club 9, 11; Guid. Asst. 12 Aziza Xhema — SCA Officer 9-12; Drama Club 9-12; Madrigals 12; Bruton Homecoming Queen 12; Miss Bruton High 9; Yearbook 12 || t Martha Zahn — AFS 10-12; Beta 11, 12; Marching and Concert Band 9- 12; Wind Ensemble 11, 12;-Junior Class Secretary; Newspaper and yearbook 9,10; Pep Band 10-12 Zehmer — Basketball 9, 12; aper 11, 12; FBLA 9; Spanish 10 Other Accomplishments: Like many other organizations the yearbook was a beehive of activity — too many queens and an abundance of drones. In spite of shots dissolved, negatives vanished, photographers passed on to greater glory. Editor Terri Redcross and the staff of workers who supported her made up in effort what they may have lacked in numbers. They were helped by a newstaff member Aziza Xhema and non-staff members Hugh Evans and Martin Cox who developed and printed pictures that saved many a page. THANK YOU. V The Index Adams, Charles — 58,139 Adams, William — 34,152 Alcorn, Pam — 58,132,134 Aldrich, Lee — 54, 58 Allen, Laura — 132,134 Ambrose, William (Doug) — 73, 74,159 Anderson, Erika — 53,92,103, 111 Arnold, Heather — 65,141 Arnold, Sheryl — 74,135,149,152 Arnold, Vivian — 34,113,150,151 Arnold, William —34,92 Asby, Ronald — 92 Ashberry, Stephen — 34 Ashby, Michael —34 Atwell, Harry — 30, 74,140 Austin, William —92 Baines, loan — 74,138,149,152 Baldwin, Rebecca — 92 Baldwin, Terri — 74,110,138 Ballard, Teresa —92 Banks, Kevin — 19, 22, 34 Banks, Steven — 25, 73,86, 91 Barefoot, Steve — 58,139 Bartlett, Doris — 74 Bartlett, Fred — 49 Bartlett, Lamar — 26, 33,49,139 Bartoszewicz, Jenette — 74,152 Bass, Richard — 58 Bass, Sylvia — 58 Basta, Duane — 92 Basta, Scott — 58,159 Batchelor, Frances — 58,147,149 Bauer, Karen — 92 Baumgardner, Richard — 74 Beauchemin, Ruth — 74 Beck, Lisa — 58, 134,142 Bell, Jerry Jr. — 92 Belvin, Harry — 18, 30, 34,109,129,147,159 Belvin, Joanne —132 Belvin, Sherry — 74 Bender, Kelly —92,152 Benson, Amy — 92 Benton, Kristi —92,110,159 Benton, Sherri — 34,155 Berg, George — 136 Berggren, Susan —92, 99, 110, 111, 139 Berghuis, Eric — 92 Berry, Anthony D. — 25,74,140 Berry, Anthony G. — 9, 34 Berry, Crystal — 92 Berry, George — 34,104,109 Berry, Gerald — 34 Berry, Glenn — 132,134, T39J46 Berry, Sherry — 34 ; Berry, Terrell — 92 Berry, Torrance — 92f Berry, Stanley )r. — 34,132,139 Bullups, Ernest — 74,135,140 Birdsall, David — 34 Birdsall, Virginia —28,74 Blackmon, James — 34 Blake, Kenneth — 58 Blake, Susan — 58,147,149,159 Bland, Jay — 34,146,152 Bland, Steven — 74, 76 Blevins, Eddie — 58 Blevins, James — 58,65,141 Blevins, Jan is — 141 Blevins, Verme —35 Blow, Anthony — 30,58 Boggess, Tammy — 35 Bogue, Robin — 54,74,134,154 Bohannon, Connie — 74 Bond, Derek — 25,74 Bond, Henry — 22,23,35,104,139,159 Bonniville, Gloria — 74 Bonniville, Kimberly — 28,92 Bonniville, Terry —92 Boothe, Ricky — 35 Bostic, Cheryle — 30, 31,92 Bostic, Linda — 30, 31,58,134,135,139,147, 149,152 Bowman, Amanda — 35,132,134 Bowman, Rebecca — 58 Bradley, Kit — 35,139,159 Bradshaw, George — 74 Brake, Debbie — 58 Branden, Yasmine — 92 Brandford, Blaine — 74 Brannon, Bobby — 30 Brewer, Kelli — 12,16, 28, 73, 74,108,146,159 Brewer, Micheal — 35,146,159 Bright, Terrence — 53, 74,134 Bristow, Douglas — 58,140 Bristow, Jamie — 92 Bristow, Kathleen — 75 Brock, Dereck — 75 Brooks, Rona — 58,124,133,135,155,170 Brown, Ann — 35 Brown, Betty — 58,132 Brown, Dayna — 58,87 Brown, Douglas — 58 Brown, James — 35 Brown, Howard — 58 Brown, Jeffery — 75 Brown, Jesse — 58 Brown, John — 35 Brown, Juanita — 35 Brown, Lisa —108 Brown, Marcine —139 Brown, Melanie — 92 Brown, Robert — 92 Brown, Scott — 59 Brown, Stacy —146 Brown, Tricia — 73, 75, 89,110,159 Bryant, Rhonda — 93,149 Bryant, Robert — 93 Buffa, Mario — 93 Bugg, Sandra — 93 Burrell, Althea — 75,139 Burrell, Consuela — 35,139 Burrell, Steven — 93 Burrell, Timothy — 93 Burse, janice — 21,75 Burton, Kathleen — 92,140 Bush, Cheryl — 92 Bush, Lee —145 Busic, Sandra — 93 Busic, Suzanne — 59,132,157 Bu t ler. Gay — 75,89,110,139,146 Butler, Kimberly —93 Byrd, Alan —31,75 Byrd, Eric — 59,139 Caldwell, Wendy — 93,152 Callis, Robert — 59 Campbell, Brian — 35, 53,129,130,131,132,140 Cannon, Mary — 35 Carino, Jeff —35,159 Carleton, Kimberly — 35 Carmine, Angela — 75 Carmine, Pamela — 93 Carmine, Stacy — 75 Carmine, Steven — 59 Carmine, William — 59 Carr, Cynthia — 36,146,159 Carr, Rachael — 75,152,154 Carter, Carolyn —102 Carter, Jacquelyn —10, 33, 36 Carter, Mary — 93 Carter, Nina —59,106,107,108 Carter, Thomas — 36,113,143,146 Cartwright, Suzanna — 105,154 Cason, Cynthia — 93 Catlett, Karen —16 Caviness, Christina — 59,132,138 Caviness, Pamela — 93 Cerny, James — 36 Cerny, Suzanna — 86 Chamberlain, Gilmer — 59,105,135,141 Chapman, John — 75 Chapman, Karen — 36 Char, Kenneth — 93,152 Char, Kimberly — 93 Chriscoe, Herbert —93 Clark, Alice — 11,16, 93 Clark, Carolyn —16, 57, 59,147,159 Clark, James — 36 Clark, Michael — 75 Clarkson, Frank — 59 Clayborne, Ethel —149 Clay borne, Jennifer — 36,134 Claybrook, Anita —16 Clements, Brian — 30, 36,129 Clements, Elizabeth — 59 Clements, Mark — 59 Clements, Russel — 93 Clements, Steven — 75,131,132,157 Clements, Teresa — 36,147 Clift, Robert — 75 Clifton, Deborah — 36, 53,132 Clifton, Noah —59,106,107 Coates, Barbara — 75,138 Coates, Kevin —140 Coates, Regina — 93 Coates, Ronald — 36 Cobbs, Rhonda —21,75,139,154 Cochran, David — 75 Caolon, Carla — 59, 111 Conkling, Rhonda — 93,159 Conner, David — 93,135 Conner, Patton — 36,147 Constransitch, Sherri — 59,132 Cook, Brenda — 93 Cook, Catherine — 75,132,139,159 Cook, Daniel — 36 Cook, Debbie —21,36,139 Cook, Dorthy — 36 Cook, Howard —59,135,150,151,159 Cook, John — 36 Cook, Mervin —83 Cook, Raymond — 59 Cook, Valerie — 93,103,135,139,159 Cooke, Charles Jr. — 75 Cooke, Tiny — 93,139 Coons, Randall — 75 Cooper, Ellen — 110,111,139,147,155,159 Cooper, Freida — 37, 53,130,131,132 Cooper, Robin — 93 Cooper, Thomas — 93 Corbett, Renee — 93 Corbin, Benita —94 Corbin, Madison — 75 Corbin, Yvonne — 76 Corey, Julie — 37,134 Corr, Cynthia — 11,33, 37,147,150,151,152, 159 Cottee, Patricia —132 Coulson, Timothy — 59, 76, 87 Cox, Martin — 59, 88,135,154 Cox, Wanda — 93 Craig, Dale — 86,140 Crittenden, Guy — 19, 22, 23, 37,1 39,146,159 Crittenden, Mildred — 93 Croswell, Danny — 131,132 Cosby, Melody —153 Crump, Cynthia —132,141 Culley, Clarence — 37 Cutter, Gary — 94,146 D ' Amico, Michael — 37 Dalton, Troy — 37 Dame, Bradford — 59 Dame, Denise — 59 Dameron, Dennis— 37 Dandorth, Paul — 93 Daniel, Katherine — 59,134,141 Darnell, Alan — 60 S3 177 FosterjyNlnfc® Foster, Fowler,WlarlP Fo ? vCatr rinc Free map, Mjcl Freemam-.PaTki t chjwrta French, Sh£l? Funk, Eric — 9 Fyfe, Dennie - 149 Gambifl, Jofcin Gardner, Sute Qa«lher ( ' %l!l tjarnaWSGgSr armeUplfftett IbrfmJArin -i ssell, Iprry 39 ssp IwoWl, lanes 4m an, mumps - 11,1 ' 38,9 Gaskins H Gaster, I Xaile, Laur rLzzard, Susar t$ ssGfroy —. row, Roberta Davis, Carlos — 60 Davis, Marlon — 76 Davis, Maryanne — 37,11,139,147 Davis, Ricky — 76,134 Davis, Steven—60 Dacis, Kenneth )r.—94 Dawes, Brian —76 Dawson, Michelle — 93 Dayton, Gary — 30,37 « Dea, David— 76,140 -V Dea, Denise — 37 Deal, Patricia — 37,134 Dear Douglas — 102,134,138 Dea , Thelma — 60,113,134 Deaton, De ra — 1 35,J fO « DeBolt, BawivS , 76 82, 111,129,139,155 } 159 Deforge, Douglas ■ Dement, Ronnie — 94 Dennis, Lora —145 Denton, Margaret — 93,94 Dickerson, Cynthia — 76,132 Dickerson, Madison — 94 Dickey, Catherine — 37,105,134,139 Diggs, Hollis — 89,94 Diggs, lames — 94 Dixion, Lisa — 73, 76,132,134 Dover, Lori — 37,134 Drew, Barbara — 21,76 Drew, Franklim — 60 Drews, (ill — 76,146,152,153,159 Driver, Joam — 76,139 Driver, Randolph — 94 Driver, Thermon — 37,139 Dunlapjohn -?- 60 Dunlap, Robert — 37,159 Dunkiee, Peter — 94 Dunn, Sherry —W - PP! ™ Dunston, Chen I — 60,105,132,157 Dunston, Lisa —102 Dutton, Nelson — 38, 48,146 Dutton, Steve — 38 Dutton, Sylvia — 76,141 Eason, Sherri —60,134 Easier, Evie —60 iff ley —7E Ellis, Tracy — 94,110,139, 15 , 9 l X Ellis, Valerie — 21,60,139,142 , Emerson, David—94 Emerson, Pamela — 94 V Emory, Cynthia — 76,149 Evans, Allen —94,97 Evans, Douglas — 30,132,154 Evans, Hugh —94,152 Evans, Rebecca — 60,139 Evans, Rosemary — 76,87, 89,147,150,151,152, 153 Everington, Michael — 76 Ewell, Bette —94 Ewell, Diane —60,146,139 Fanning, Scott — 76 Fanning, Timothy — 9 Farmer, Franklin —94 Fary, Beverly — 57,60,132,146, 155,159 Fayek, Tarek —60,147,148 Field, Stephen — 60,140 Fields, Willwam — 94 Firth, John — 38 Fish, Donald — 38 Fite, Mack — 60 Fletcher, David —105 Fletcher, Tracy — 94 Fletcher, William — 54, 60,143,146,159 Flippo, David —94 Flowe, Karen —150,151 Flowe, Ronald — Folkes, lackie — 94 Foor,Cynthia — 60,100, 111, 150,151 Ford, Christy — 94 Ford, Deborah — 76 r i; .ter, Angela — 18,113, 114 Foster, Charlene 76 ... German, Heidi — 77 Gillentine, Donaliecl Gilley, Deloris — 61,13T7 Gilley, Teresa — 95,102 Gooding, Michael — 61 Gootee, Glenn — 87,141 Gorde, Timothy — 95 Gorey, Mark — 33, 38 Grabenstette, )oe — 61 Green, Anna — 95 Green, Annette — 95 Greene, Chris — 77,140 Green, Connie — 18 Gre en Ja mes $05 Cree’Pwtaql Crehne rfi ' la Greene, Cormie ■ Greene, Denise Greene, Eddie — 77 Greene, Ronald — 95 Gregory, Barbara — 39,141 Gregory, Michelle — 77 Guyton, Tracy Gwyn, Mark — 30, 39,d 58,1 L Haley, Karen — 61,14 Haley, Susan — 95, 99,1 ’ Hall, Debra —39 Hall, Mary — 95 Hall, Rita — Hall ' , Ral3in9rXl55 Hall, Sanara —95 Hall, Stephanie —141 Hall, Susan — 95 Hall, Valerie —61,125,139,154,170 Hamilton, Denise — 52, 77 Handy, Laura — 61,132,157 Hansford, Clifton — 12, 77 Hardee, Mary — 95 Hardy, Angela — 61,138 Hardy, Stephanie — 89, 95,110,139 Hargis, Emily — 61,147 Hargis, Susan — 39,147,159 Harper, Raymond — 77 Harrell, Donald — 77,140 Harris, Daniel — 95 Harris, |oyce — 61,134 Harris, Kenneth — 86 Harris, Kimberly — 77 Harris, Randy — 95 Harris, Regina — 95,140 Harris, Robert —73,77,159 Tolland, ]er Holland, Michael Holland, Hollap Robert — 62 loway, Daniel —40 Holmes, Anthony — 78 Honaker, Andrew — 40,106,107,150,151 Honaker, David — 78,106,107,133 Honeycutt, John — 62 Hoover, Charles — 62 Hopkins, Michael — 62 Hornsby, Angela — 96 Horsley, Anita — 78 Horsley, Damon —40,132 Horsley, Natalie — 62,11,139,159 Horsley, Vincent — 78 Horsley, Wilmer — 62 Horsley, William Jr. — 40 Horton, Sam — 96 Howard, Gloria —157 Howard, William — 31,96 Howard, Yvonne — 40,105,132,134 Howlett, Pam — 96 Hudgins, Cynthia —62,149,152 Hudgins, Dana - 78 Hudgins, Gerald — 22 HurJgins, Reese — % , » fl ’’ ' A ' Hudgins, Ronnie — 40 Hughes, Robin — 40 Hungate, Judith —62 Hunt, Janice — 78 Hunt, John — 31,62 Hunter, Carol —78 Hypes, Sherry — 62, 134,138, 135 Ippolito, Amy — %, 139 Ippolito, Emily — 62,139 Isner, Catherine — 96,103,135 Isner, Richard — 62, 64,88,135 Jackson, Crystal — 21,139 Jackson, Gwendolyn — 96,139 Jackson, Jeanette — 96 Jackson, Lisa — 96 Jackson, Lolita —62 Jackson, Mary — 40,139 Jackson, Sherry —78,139 Jackson, Terri — 40 Jackson, Tracy — % Jackson, Victoria —96 Jackson, Vincent —62,139 Jackson, Wayne — 78 Jackson, Willie —78 Jefferson, Maxine —96,99,103,139 Jenkins, Andrew — 63 Jenkins, Betty — 96 Jenkins, Bonnie —63,130,132,138 Jenkins, Charles — 40 Jenkins, Edgar —140 Jenkins, Eric — 96 Jenkins, Howard — 40 Jenkins, Kelvin —96 Jenkins, Marsha — 79 Jenkins, Patricia —96,102 Jenkins, Paula — 79,132 Jenkins, Rita — 96 Jenkins, Scott — 96 Jenkins, Tina — 96 Jenkins, Wanda — 79,132 Jessen, Brenda —63,141,142,159 Jessie, Cynthia — 63,134 Jessie, William—96 i Johnson, Adrian —96,142 Johnson, Angela — 20,21,63,143 Johnson, Carol — 79 Johnson, Charles — 79,141 Johnson, Daisy — 96 Johnson, June — 96 Johnson, Maribel — 97 Johnson, Tammy — 97 Johnson, Toni — 97 Jones, Enos —125 Jones, Frances — 40 Jones, James —105 Jones, Margaret —86,135,170 Jones, Michelle — 79 Jones, Olive — 97 Jones, Sally — 131,132 Jones, Sylvia — 63,89,134 jurgensen, Thomas — 79 Kahlbaum, Eddie — 97 Kane, Alice —16,91,147,159 Kane, William Jr. — 40 Kaylor, George —30, 41,147 Kaylor, Kevin — 73, 79,159 Keats, Helda — 79 Keats, Jean —139 Kenner, Dwight —97 Keeton, Cindy — 41,149 Kellum, Karen — 97 Kellum, Maria — 97 Kellum, Timothy — 97,133 Kemp, Charlotte — 79,89,124 Kendrick, Shiela — 41,159 Kennedy, Douglas — 63,141 Kerns, Lewis — 97 Kerns, Thomas — 41 Keys, Drene — 41 King, Burke — 30,155 King, Jean —182 King, Mary — 79 King, Nancy —73, 79, 111, 139,147,159 Kirkland, James — 41 Kirkland, Margaret — 86,147 Kirtley, Thomas — 41 Kirtley, William —63 Kladler, Paul —97,154 Knapp, Doaty — 63,147 Knight, Beth — 97 Kopsch, James — 63 Kumthong, Sharon — 97,149 Kumthong, Phakapha — 41 Kurtz, Julie — 41,53,152,159 Lamos, Beth —16 Lamos, Christine — 97 Lane, Richard — 79 Lang, Peter — 79 Larkin, Michael — 79 Larrimore, Gwendolyn —97,139 Larrimore, Kelvin — 22, 63 Larrimore, Rodney — 49 Larrimore, Vernon —10, 22, 23, 41,53,104,105, 109,139 Lawrence, Robert — 79 Laws, Stacy — 63 Lawson, David Jr. — 79,140 Lay, Daphne — 102,135 Lee, Amy — 41,141 Lee, Burnetta — 41 Lee, Darnell — 79,154 Lee, Kimberely — 79 Lee, Towanda — 79 Lehman, James — 97 Lehman, Patricia — 41,141 Leidig, Cynthia — 79 Leigh, Gina — 97,135 Leigh, James — 63 Leigh, Terry — 79,140 Lemon, Delia — 41,149,152,170 Lemons, Peggy — 63,147 Lemons, Stephen — 97 Leonard, Jaylin — 63,159 Leonard, Kristie — 79, 84,132 Leone, Maurizio — 97 Leppin, Annette — 97 Leppin, Robert —153 Lett, Vicki — 28, 41,111,141,147,159 Lett, Curt —9,63 Lewis, Anthony — 97 Lewis, Brenda — 63 Lewis, James — 41 ' % Lewis, Robin — 42,147 Lewis, Tammy — 97 Lewis, Terry — 80 Lewis, Tommy — 80,140 Lilly, Gale — 63 Lindsay, Connie — 97 Lipscomb, Kevin — 63 Lockley, Alicia — 97 Lockley, Carlton — 25, 80,1.32,139 Lockly, Saunders — 80 Lollis, Barbara — 63,134 Lomax, April —136 Long, Joy —148 Lopez, Jeffery — 63,138,150,151 Lovell, Glen — 42 Lyerly, Caroline — 86,141 Lyerly, Thomas — 97 Lyeth, Teresa — 80,140 Mabry, Duane — 80 Machie, Mary — 97 MacIntyre, Elizabeth — 80 Maggard, Mary — 80,147,150,153 Mahoney, Sheila — 97 Mann, Jeffrey — 97 Manning, Bryan —80 Manning, Dwayne — 64 Manning, Timmy — 80,105 Margason, Christia — 98 Margason, Jeff — 64 Marshall, Brenda —132 Marshall, Christine — 42 Marshall, Coleman — 42 Marshall, Danny — 97 Marshall, Lucille —104,109 Marshall, Penny — 98, 159 Martin, Kathleen — 80, 139,146 Martin, Linda — 98 Martin, Lisa — 80,138,155 Mason, Elizabeth — 64 Mattocks, Jennifer — 42 Maug, Anthony — 98 Mayer, Martin —125 Mayo, Carolyn — 80 Mazzarese, David — 64 McCloud, Danny — 64,151 McFerrin, Adrin — 98 McFerrin, Gary — 80 McFerrin, Sandra —141 McFerrin, Sharon — 80,110,139,159 McGinnis, Gaylin —146 McKeller, Charles — 98 McKendree, Sharon — 42,105 McKinney, Mona — 80,139 McKinney, Monica — 42 McKoy, Bessie — 80,170 McKoy, Cassius — 42,135,170 McKoy, Estella — 80 Meade, Steven — 64 Merriner, Mark — 42 Meyer, Jonathan — 80,133 Micklos, Mark — 64, 45,125,154 Middlebrook, Gayle —154 Milby, Delores —132 Millen, Barbara — 64 Millen, June — 64 Millen, Thomas — 86 Miller, Beth —11,16,17,64,159 Miller, David—80,132,140 Miller, Dorothy — 80,139 Miller, Michael — 42 Miller, Vance — 98 Mills, Sammy — 31,80 Minnick, Elizabeth — 42 Mitchell, Kim — 98,159 Mitchell, Melanie — 98 Mitchell, Michelle — 64,130,132,149,155 Mitchem, Stephen — 42 Moclair, David — 42 Montague, Deborah — 42,134 Moon, Robin —64 Moore, Catherine — 81,132 Moore, Ronald — 42 Moore, Scott —130 Morales, Maria — 98,149,150 Morales, Reinaldo — 64,125,151 Morgan, Eugene — 31,81,155 Morgan, Roger — 81,98 Morgan, Susan — 62,64,147,149,155,159 Morgero, Karen — 81 Morris, Joy —4,81,100,110,111,139 Morton, Barbara — 81,135 Morton, Elizabeth — 49 Motley, Timothy — 42 Mountford, James — 98 Mullinix, David —102,154 Mullis, Janet —64,135 Mu 11 is, Jerry — 51 Murray, Kevin —11 Mustante, Angela — 63,81,132,138,159 Myers, Alice —139 Myers, John — 81 Myers, Kevin — 24, 42,132 Myers, Mike— 64,136 Myers, Roberta — 98 Myles, Kelly —89, 98,100,110,146,159 Myles, Kimberly — 5,64,147,150 Napier, Ruth —98 Nelms, Susan —43 Newman, Jimmy — 25, 98 Newton, Cheryl — 16,64, 147 Nguyen, Long — 25, 81 Nichols, Kelly — 98 Nichols, Robert — 43 Norman, Celestine —139 Norman, Ella — 43,139 Northstein, Eldridge — 43,106,107 Norville, Donna — 98 Nut tall, Katherine — 81 Nye, Daniel — 9,43,170 Nye, Francine — 98,170 O ' Neil, Terry — 43,139 Oliver, Calvin — 81,141 Oliver, Crystal — 64,140 Oliver, Delores — 43,132,134 Oliver, Eddie — 98 Oliver, Lisa —86,152,155 Oliver, Mary — 81,141 Oliver, Pamela — 98 Olivis, Langston — 64 Olson, Kathleen — 43 Ottarson, Norman — 43, 55 Owens, |ill—64,134,138,147 Owens, Michael —132 Owens, Myrtle — 43,134 Owens, Susan — 43,147,155 Page, Beitia —43,139 Page, Lynette — 81 Paige, Wendolyne — 77, 81,139 Panchision, Dacid — 81,138,152 Parham, Patricia — 64,134 Parsons, Carol — 81,135, 141 Parsons, Timmy — 65 Patrick, Michael —98 Payne, Dale — 81 Payne,Sharon —139 Peebles, Laura —141 Perkins, Charles — 86 Pettitt, Mary — 98 Phelps, Selena —81 Phelps, Teresa —138 Phi 11, Patricia — 43,134, 138,159 Phillips, Angela — 98 Phillips, Donna — 98 Phillips, Robert — 98 Pimentel, Efi —98 Pimentel, Lina — 81 Pittman, Karin —7,43,109,132,134 Poffenberger, Keith — 43 Pointer, Nan —148 Polk, Robert —98 Pollard, Denise — 81,132,139 Porch, Patricia — 43,134 Pouchot, )ohn — 98,106,107 Pouchot, David )r. — 65 Pratt, Danna —81 Pratt, Julie — 65,104 Price, Edward — 65 Price, William — 44,147 Prillaman, Amy — 99 Pritchard, Steven —99,133 Proffitt, Lester — 99 Pryor, Denise — 44 Pryor, Vincent —134 Pultz, Edward — 99 Pultz, Reese — 44,132 Pultz, Scott —159 Pultz, Terri — 16, 65,141 Pultz, Traci—44,146,154,159 Randall, Denise — 81 Randall, Keith — 86 Randall, Lisa —81,139 Randall, Toni —65,134 Ray, Delia —16, 28, 29,65,142 Raynes, |ohn —153 Redcross, Kenneth —9, 65,140 Redcross, Terri — 65,139,155,159 Redmon, Allen — 99 Redmon, John — 81 Jgf Redder, Cathy —145 Reid, Brent —99 Reid, Cathy — 82,132 Revere, Tammy — 44,141 Rife, Cordon —132 Riggan, Robert — 44 Riggan, William — 65,142 Rigler, Mary — 73, 82,138,149, 152,159 Rigler, Patricia — 44 Rilee, lames — 9,65 Rilee, |ohn —82 R 1 1 lee, Larry — 82 Rilee, Linda—65,132,138 Rilee, Melinda —82 Rilee, Shelia — 82 Rilee, Theresa — 44,132 Roane, Paulette —99 Robbins, Michael —99 Robbins, Ricky — 99 Robbins, Tamara — 44 Robins, Charlene — 44, 108,134 Robins, Glenn — 25,82 Robins, Karin —44 Robins, Lenora — 99 Robins, Pam —44 Robins, Thomas — 82 Robinson, Russell —65 Rohrbac h, Staci — 142 Rohrbach, Stephanie —102,149 Rouse, Sonja — 99,110,139,146 Rouse, Stephanie — 11,73, 82,110,139,155 Rowe, Carolyn — 65,130,131,132,138,157 Rowe, Hammie — 82,134,144 Rowe, lean — 82,146,149 Rowe, Mark — 65,141 Rowe, Pauline -— 99 Rowe, Tina — 30, 31,65,134,135,139,147,149, 152,159 Rowe, Tina — 44,134,152 Rush, Roger — 44 Sabin, Collen — 82 Sabin, Kenneth — 65 Salley, William — 82,136 Salley, George )r. — 44,113 Sandridge, Don — 158 Saunders, )ohn —100 Scarborough, Lisa — 82,132 Schaeffer, George — 25,82 Schaumleffel, lay — 82 Scott, lames —159 Scott, Lloyd —25,139 Scott, Tracie — 44,132 Scully, Karin — 45 Seawell, Tammy — 89,99,110,111,146,159 Sessions, Tia — 65 Setterholm, Betty — 65,138,134 Shackelford, Bill — 82 Shackelford, Pamela —82,132 Shackelford, Sandra — 99 Shannon, Charles— 78, 82,159 Sharp, Brain — 82 Sharp, William —81,82 Shaw, Marion — 45 Shaw, Peter — 99 Shaw, Mia — 99,149 Shaw, Shannon — 82 Shearouse, Glenn — 65 Shelton, Allen — 65,129,140 Sidney, Melora — 28, 45,146,155,159 Sidney, Valerie —16, 28, 29,65,147,159 Simmons, Vivan —155 Simpson, Amy — 65,134 Simpson, Nathan — 45,146,159 Simpson, Theresa — 82 Simpson, George )r. —45,113,151,152 Sindle, Richard — 65,104,159 Sindle, Susan —16, 28,83,159 Skinner, Bruce — 99 Skinner, Ronnie — 66 Slade, Tanya — 21, 83,145 Sloan, Jennifer — 83 Smith, Anthony — 99 Smith, Beverly — 45,132 Smith, Carla — 83 Smith, Cynthia — 83,146 Smith, Dinah — 99 Smith, Drew— 99 ts 4 Smith, Gray — 65 Smith, Henry — 99 Smith, Joyce —182 Smith, Karen — 99 Smith, Kevin — 83 Smith, Kimberly — 45,155 Smith, Larry — 99 S mith, Lee — 83,140 Smith, Leonard — 49,129,152 Smith, Linda — 65,132 Smith, Linda — 83,132 Smith, Marianne — 83,146 Smith, Marsha — 83,155 Smith, Mary — 83 Smith, Scott — 99 Smith, Thomas — 83,140 Smith, Timothy — 65 Smith, Ulysses — 45 Smith, Verna — 99 Smoot, Brain — 99 Snow, Randy — 99 Snow, Timothy — 83 Soesbee, Jerry —100 South, Constance — 99 Sparks, Arlene —134 Spencer, James — 22, 24,66,139 Spencer, Kenneth — 30,31 Spencer, Kevin — 66,139 Spencer, Marvin — 25,99 Spencer, Sharon — 45,132,139 % Spencer, Sheila —100,138,159 Spencer, Susan — 89,100,146 Spencer, Timmy — 66 Spitler, Mary — 100,141 Springier, Gary — 83 Spruill, Melissa —100 Spruill, Robert — 66 Stafford, John — 45,141 Stafford, Sammy —45,129,150,159 Stanbrook, Patricia — 45 Starks, Arsan —132 Starks, Dawn — 99 Steele, Wayne — 66,132,140 Steele, Timothy — 25, 73, 83,140,159 Stein, Krista — 28, 83 Sterling, Caroline — 12, 91,100,113,159 Sterling, Carrie —100 Sterling, Kathy — 45,134 Sterling, Melissa —16,17, 45,125 Sterling, Ronnie — 30,58,66,113 Stewart, Michael —100 Stewart, Michelle — 83 Stewart, Rachel —83,146,150 Stokes, Charles — 66,140 Stokes, Fannie —100 Stokes, Hal —83,139 Stokes, Keith — 22, 24, 45,104 Stokes, Lisa —100 Stokes, Patricia — 83 Stokes, Randy —22,45,125,139 Stokes, Renee —100 Strickland, Elizabeth — 100,135 Strickland, Lincoln — 32, 46 Strong, Sandra —100 Stuart, Joe — 87 Stubblefield, Patricia — 20,21, 46,147 Stubblefield, Peggy — 46,147, 159 Summers, Rene — 66,134,139,155 Sutherland, Barbara — 46,149 Sutton, Donald —100 Sutton, Melissa — 83,146,150 Swihart, Mark — 83 Tabb, Lisa —101 Talbott, Donald — 5,101 Taliaferro, Delois —101,102,139 Taliaferro, Marcel — 21,46,132,139 Taliaferro, Sharon — 84,139 Tappan, Ronald —66,67 Taylor, Angelina — 84,135 Teagle, William —31,100 Teets, Dana —100 Thayer, Greg —100 Thomas, Carla—95,102, 111, 139 Thomas, Christopher — 46 Thomas, Frances — 28, 29,83,146,155,159 Thomas, Kathy — 84,141 Thomas, Kenny — 84 Thomas, Pam —100 Thomas, Shirley —134 Thomas, Suzanne — 46, 95,147 Thomas, Tammy — 46 Thomasson, Barry — 84 Thompkins, Archie — 84,140 Thompkins, Regina —100 Thompson, Charlene — 91,94,100,110, 111 Thompson, Cheryl — 84,138 Thompson, Christopher — 46 Thompson, Kenneth —141 Thompson, Travis — 97 Thornton, Dale —100 Thornton, Mary — 100 Thornton, Shelly — 84,110,139,146 Tillage, Karen — 46,138,149,159 Todd, James — 25 Tolefson, (effrey — 66,132 Tomlinson, Jeffrey —100 Toward, Joseph — 46 Toward, Karen — 84,145 Toward, Mark — 105 Trainham, Pamela — 84,138 Trammell, Keith — 9,84 Trammell, Kent — 46,132 Trevilian, RoLiert —100,140 Trio, Dana —66,147,149 Trueblood, Lisa —100,159 Tucker, Robert —84 Tucker, Sandra —84,89,106,107,108,110,138 139,146,155 T ucker, Sonya — 66, 154 Turner, Alicia — 46,147 Turner, Carl —100 Turner, Mark — 100 Tyler, Barbara —100 Valentine, jenelle— 102 Van Cleave, Ion — 46,146 Vann, Mark —.101 Walker, Cynthia —86 Walker, Harry — 46 Walker, Leon — 101 Walker, Teresa —101 Walker, Thomas — 31,101,132 Walker, Wesley — 154 Walker, William —84 Walker, George — 46 Walters, |ohn — 84 Walthall, Melanie — 66,141,159,146 Walton, Sharon —66,134 fiWard, Kathy — 66 Wajd Mary —47 Ward, Michael —66 Ward, Sherri — 66,111,139,147 Ward, Phillip —84 Ware, Antoine —89 Washington, Calisse - 47, 134,146,159 Washington, james —140 Washington, LeRoy — 66 Washington, Linda — 66,139 Washington, Marvin —101 Washington, Marvin E. — 25, Washington, Marvin R. — 84,139 Washington, Michelle — 84 Wass, Barry —67 Waters, Dorothy — 47 Watson, Charles — 67 Weber, Martin — 101 Wells, Donna — 47,111,139,141,14b, 1j 9 Wells, Helena —101,103,135,139 Wesley, Charles — 67,154 West, Bernadette —67,143,159 West, Bernard — 85,133 West, Carolyn —134 West, David — 67 West, Eugene — 84,101 West, lames — 47 West, john —102 West, Karen L —85,85,132 West, Karen — 80 West, Kim —85,135 West, Laura — 47 West, Leroy —101 West, Marie — 85 West, Michael — 30, 55 West, Nancy —67,134,135 West, Patricia A. — 67 West, Patricia G. —132 West, Patricia L. — 47, 67,132,134,105,146,159 West, Rodney —101 West, Scott —101 West, Sharon Hoell — 67 West, Willena —102 Wheatley, Geraldine —101 Wheeler, David — 47,85 Whitacre, Leslie — 85,101,140 White, Marjorie — 85,147,159 White, Pamela — 67 White, Paul —31,101,159 White, Victoria — 101,103 White, Vivian — 85 White, Wendell — 85 Whitehead, Nancy — 67,134 Whitehurst, David — 47 Whiting, Blondell —101,108,135,139 Whiting, Donald — 9, 47,140 Whiting, lean — 85,141 Whiting, |oyce — 67,132 Whiting, Phyllis — 47,134 Whitley, Deborah — 47,132,147 Whitley, Diana — 85 Whitt, Lynne — 28,101 Wiggins, Robin — 85 Wikle, Mikki —47 Williams, Carol — 16,17, 85,146 Williams, Celestine —101 Williams, Judith —85,133,152 Williams, Laurie —84,85, 131,132 Williams, Lisa A. — 159 Williams, Lisa D. — 85, 28,138, 159 Williams, Michael — 85 Williams, Paula — 85 Williams, Phillip —67 Williams, Phyllis —67,134,140 Williams, Richard — 22 Williams, Ronald — 85 Willis, Anthony —101 Willis, )ohn — 52 Wilson, Cynthia —47,108,134 Wilson, Erick — 67 Wilson, lames — 85 Wilson, janet —182 Wilson, Mark —47, 105,132 Wilson, Robert — 85,101 Wilson, Stephen —140 Wilson, Troy — 47,105 Wingard, Angela — 101,141 Witt, Tucker —30, 31,48 Woerner, David — 67 Wolfe, Sandra — 85 Wolfe, Wanda — 67,141 Wood, Alan —67 Wood, David — 67 Wood, Laurie —101 Wood, Mary — 85,138 Woods, Pamela —101 Woodson, Gary — 67 Wyatt, Trilvia — 52, 67 Wyke, Shawn —48,141,155 Wyke, Sheila — 101,139 Xhema, Aziza — 87 Yavorsky, Linda — 86,141 Young, Kathryn —101 Young, Melody — 67,132 Young, Rita —101 Young, Warren — 85 Zahn, Catherine — 16, 28,101,102,146,159 Zahn, Martha — 33, 48, 146 Zehmer, Cary — 21,48,154 Zwerner, |ohn — 85 Zwerner, Stephen — 85,133 ■MW ;,. k it ' s Peek a Boo for Home Ec Child Care Something new and exciting has been added to the home economics department. As part of a program of learning about child care and development, a nursery school has been opened, ' student-owned — and operated! ' The Occupational Child Care I Class of on the nursery school wall. Top: Mrs. Jean King prepares for an " official " party with the help of student Angela Greene. Below: Clown Janet Wilson and Angela welcome their little charges. 182 Where everyone would rather be! Shop Classes the place where skills build through hard work Moving between Past and Futu To wind up — or down or whatever, " 80 " has a round ring to it. It will be an easy date to remem¬ ber. What will we remember — gas prices or proms, Iran or being York River District champs? To tell the complete story of a school year would take several hundred pages. We tried to include everyone; we apologize to those we may have missed. Cl Jr pj (v rP J tcf P yi- 1 P p J. : Sir . . r T) " P a j V ' v J %Vn 7 TUX ’ ' Z J ' ' 1 M, • cv, ' ' eMJU d Ju co , S ) " to (Yiftfy •tc cu 1 W UOO q.i i wapA -- _ tkzu { tiii, JXjisnQ -4-e -Xt =t isiju x j}L ztt 1 — ' a ° W urka Kl( CUXXJ r Ci (KJ) ) " W C -i- A Va 7 -ryio vu , 5ju_ X G ' ' a Psps lv £ olA alxj uJcxxJcxj. 3oJU_ (L xM- C| TV a fi O lood fy x t x (LOtm 3 _ gJLg -q • °P ' UL - v|gx - cX. a v P ihijiK ) , a.o v2-l- S I J ooool. 4Ju8AiL_ tj o ■ ifl2- (X -cyS Qutl£) qL o ' Ot SxtLo-C Ol X M rM_£ Uc JlruOilU ' kflUL. ua_ y jjj rM-x Le UlxxuJ xa OGX pk. .

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