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(B 4 -vc . TSwi ■ ' . !«31 jit; JBBgFg AHA i T 1 sitemBTii i Ti ' T 1 l i f % ' CAVALIER 1975-1976 GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL GLOUCESTER VA. 23061 VOLUME XXIII TABLE OFCONTENTS THEME 4 STUDENT LIFE 6 SENIORS 14 JUNIORS 58 SOPHMORES 70 FRESHMEN 84 ADMINISTRATION 96 ORGANIZATIONS 118 SPORTS 154 ADS 174 PROM 190 GRADUATION 192 CLOSING 194 AUTOGRAPHS 196 SOJOURN (so ' jOrn) ' tmi i i i ■ i ' To Stay or dwell temporarily; abide for a time 2. visit 3. a short stay A Patience is a virtue. Another Michelangelo? For all of us, high school is perhaps one of the most important times in our lives. It is here that we gain the knowledge which forces us out upon the world. It is here that we discuss the answers to the world ' s pro¬ blems, that we talk instead of fight, and that we get our first taste of the red tape which surrounds the world. Opinions and morals as well as alge¬ bra and English are acquired. As freshmen, we enter and are overwhelmed as term papers, civic projects, and all types of try-outs plague us. We continue through, and with each year comes a new set of goals and a new set of activities. But, by the end of our senior year, we have grown older and wiser, and we realize that this SOJOURN is about to end, only to be followed by another. When they do this for you, then you know something has happened. 4 Who, us? we ' re just meditating. Ayse Kellecioglu, our foreign exchange student. Not too lively, are they? Oh! did I do that? . This is show 31, right? 5 Do you think that she will notice us? Who put the tacks in my chair? A mechanic in the making If it says Libby ' s Libby ' s Libby ' s on the label, lab¬ el, label, you will like it, like it, like it on your tray. NOTE: In the fol¬ lowing SENIOR SECTION, the COPY for the RIGHT and LEFT column pictures is BELOW the picture. The COPY for the CENTER pictures is ABOVE the picture. I dare ya! STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! 4 What cha say? I wonder if that was a worm I just ate? 9 Peter Zahn ' s about to blow up Mrs. Isner. What calculator? 10 Quick before the food gets here! Another Wayne Berry original Did you hear the one about the photographer . . . 11 Boy, some classes really pack them in! 12 I hope my Nutty Buddy has nuts on it today. 4 Smile Holly, your on goofy camera! CLASS OFFICERS President Donald Dais Vice President Linda Soles Secretary Ann Tillage Treasurer Andy Brown Triumphant during Homecoming week, the Seniors began their year on a spirited note. They won the float competition, and went on to win the entire Spirit Week competition. With this reputation the Seniors soon got over their newness to the school, and began to assert themselves as upperclassmen. College applications were mailed, job interviews were held, and almost be¬ fore the Seniors realized it, graduation was near. The final days slipped by as the Seniors were given early exams and the Senior Banquet was held. Finally as caps and gowns were adjusted, the Seniors marched to their diplomas and to the world. DINAH J. MILLER Valedictorian CAROLYN M.NORMAN Salutatorian MARY M. WHITFIELD SUSAN A. TILLAGE PETER B. ZAHN PHYLLIS D. JOBE HOLLY L. RICHARDS CONNIE C. HOGGE ELIZABETH J. WILLIAMS STEVE H. PITTMAN PATRICIA D. HICKS LINDA L. SOLES AUDREY I. MILLER ROBERT V.SINDLE JACKIES. COTTINGHAM NAN E. COX JUDY A. BOHANNON GEORGE W. SWEENEY CYNTHIA M. WILLIAMS RICKY 0. HALL TIMOTHY A. LEIGH CHARLES R. ALLEN JR. Bible Club 10; AFS 10,11,12; Chorale 11, Tres. 12; Annie Get Your Gun 11; Regional Chorus Dist. VIII 12. CARLETTE BELVIN FBLA Hist. 11; Library Assist. 11; Library Club 11; Chess Club 9; 4-H 9,10; Business Assist. 12, Gymnas¬ tics 9. LOUIS BRYAN BELVIN CYNTHIA BAUMGARDNER Powder Puff DENISE BERRY FBLA 11, Pres. 12; Pep Club 11,12; Drill Team 11. 16 WAYNE BERRY Art; Drama; 4-H, FFA; Football; Soccer; Chess Team. VICTOR BERRY FFA 9,10, Sentinel 11,12; 4-H 9, Pres. 12; Pep Club 9,12; Basketball Team Mgr. TABB BRIDGES J.V. Football 9,10; Varsity Football 11; Pep Club 9,10; V.I.C.A. 11,12; I.C.T 11,12. CYNTH IA BRIGHT Pep Club 9,10; FBLA 12; 4-H 9,10. AUDREY BOOKER FHA 9, Sec. 12; HERO 10; FBLA 12; Powd. Puff; Pep 12. 17 VICKI BRISTOW Marching Band 9,10,11; Con¬ cert Band 9,10,11; Drama 9,10, 11,12; Thespian 10,11, Sec. 12; Creative Writing 11,12; Gym¬ nastics 9; A.F.S. 10,11,12; All Country Band 9. EUGENIA LYNN BROWN Marching Band 9,10,11,12; Concert Band 9,10,11,12; York All-Country Band 9; Regional Workshop Band 10; Regional Choir 12; Wind Ensemble 11,12; SCA 9,10,11, assist. Sec. 12; AFS 10, Vice Pres. 11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Beta Club 11,12; Chorale 12; SEA 12; Science Club 11; Powder Puff 11; Class Pres. 11. GERALD BROWN Auto Mech. 9,10; Agri. 9,10,11,12. CAROL BROOKS Chess Club 9; Debate 9; FHA 9, Pep Club 9,10,11 12; Bible Club 10,11; Field Hockey 9; Chorale 10,11,12, Accomp. 10,11,12, Student Direct. 11,12; Concert Choir Accomp. 11; District Chorus 10, Alternate 11,12; Regional Chorus 11,12; Pep Band; Dance Band; Majorette 11,12, Capt. 12; Fencing 11; Powder Puff 11,12; Drill team 10; Indoor track 11; Outdoor track 10,11,12; Cross Coun¬ try track 11, Co.-Capt.; Basketball Statistician 12; Interact Club 11,12, officer 12; AFS 11; Drama 11; News¬ paper staff 10; Guidance assistant 12. JUANITA BURSE Pep Club 10,11,12; Drill Team 10,11,12; FHA 9,10,11 Hist. Reporter 12; Hist. Concert Choir 11; Chorale 12; Drama 9,10; Gym Assist. 12; Powder Puff 12; SCA 10,11,12; 4-H 9,10, Sect.-Tres. 11, Tres. 12. CLYDE BURDICK DEBBIE BRUMFIELD WILLIAM ANDREW BROWN SCA 9, Reporter 10,12; Baseball 9, 10, Captain 12; Thespians 10,11 Pres. 12; Track 12; Drama 9,10,11, Vice President 12. MICHAEL RICHARDO BURRELL NANCY BURRELL 19 TOBY CALLOWAY Drama Club; Thespian; Godspell; Baseball 12. CHARLES PATRICK CARTER Varsity Baseball 11,12; FFA 10, 11; Pep Club 9,10,11 Turkish typist tickles the keys. PATRICK WILLIAM CARTER FFA 9,10,11; 4-H 9,10,11. Football Mgr. 9; Basketball Mgr. 12. STEVE CARTER 20 VANESSA CARTER THOMAS CARTER LIZ CLARK BERNADETTE CHAPMAN GEORGE R. CLARK Marching Band 9,10,11; Concert Band 9,10,11; 4-H 9,10; Pep Club 10; Auto Mechanics 11,12 PATRICIA DIANE CLEMENTS Drama Club 9,10,11,12; AFS 10,11,12; SCA 9; Creative Writing ll--Editor, 12; News¬ paper 11; Thespian 10,11,12; Forensics 10,11 21 ALTHEA COOKE NAN COX AFS 10,11,12; Beta 11,12; Chorale 12; SAE 11, Art 11,12; Regional Choir 12; Creative Writing 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Governor ' s School 11 CHERYL COMBS FLOYD COTTEE FFA 9,10; Football 9,10; 4-H 9,10,11,12; ICT 11,12; Metals 9,10; Woods 9,10; JACQUELINE S. COTTINGHAM SCA 9,10,12; AFS 11,12—Sec.; Class Pres. 10; Vice Pres. 11; March¬ ing Band 9,10,11,12; Concert Band 9,10,11,12; Wind Ens. 11,12; Annie Get Your Gun Orch. 10; " Oliver " 11 ' " Godspell " 12; Chorale 12; Regional Choir 12; Pep Club 9,10; Beta 11,12; Drama 12; Homecoming Att. 10; Snowqueen Att. 9 DONALD CORBIN 22 GLENNA MARIE CRUMPLER LEIGH ANNE CROSSLEY Drill Team 10,11—Capt., 12--Capt.; Drama Club 9; SCA 9,10,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; 4-H 9,10,11; Home¬ coming Attendant 11 BETTY ANNE DANIEL FT A 11; Library Asst. 9,10,11,12; Art Club 11 BRUCE L. DANNER DONALD DAIS SCA 9,10,11,12; Interact 11, 12; Marching Band 9,10; Jazz Rock Ens. 9,10,11,12; Concert Band 9,10,11,12; 4-H 9,10; JV Football 9,10; Varsity Football 11,12; JV Basketball 9; Varsity Basketball 10,11,12; SCA Treas. —12; Vice Pres. Interact—12; Senior Class Pres.; Mr. Football; Defensive Basket Trophey 10,11; ELMORE DICKEY 23 DEBRA DIGGS PATRICIA DIXOW FHA 10,ll--Sec., 12--Parl iamen- tarian; Pep Club ll,12--Sec.; Flag Team 11,12 — Capt.; 4-H 9,10; Gui¬ dance Asst. 11,12 SUSAN DIXON CHARLES DUNSTON JAMES R. DUDLEY AFS 9,10,11--Treas., 12; Beta 11,12; Drama 10,11,12; Thes¬ pian 11,12; SCA 9,10,11- Vice Pres., 12--Pres.; BILLY DUTTON 24 GINA LYNETTE ELLIS ANTHONY ELLIS Drama Club 9,10,11; Pep Club 9,10; 4-H 9,10,11,12; Chorale 11,12; Regional Chorus 12; Who ' s in Music 12; SCA; Class Representive. SUSAN HOPE FARY Pep Club 9,10,12; Hockey 9,10; Drama Club 10,11, Corresp. Sec. 12; Softball 10; Creative Writing 11,12; Thespian 12; AFS 10; Gym Assist. 10; Bible Club 10; Annual Staff, Business Mgr. 11; Flag Team, Co-Cap¬ tain 11; Murray C. Davis Scholarship Script Committee 11; Forensics 11, alternate, Girls Poetry; Drama Assistant 12. 25 s MIKE FLOYD PAUL GAMACHE HOWARD FLETCHER LIONEL FOSTER WILLIAM FIELD ROOSEVELT FOSTER 27 JERRY GILLEY EDGAR GREGG WISE GARDNER WYMOND GARDNER DON L. GRICE WAYNE HALL Baseball 10; 4-H 9,12 ALMA YVONNE GRIFFIN Creative Writing 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Concert Choir 11; Chorale 12; Guidance Asst. 12; FHA 9,10; 4-H 9,10,11--Pres.; ICC 11-- Sec.; Drama 9,10; RICHARD HALL BOBBY HAMILTON DAVID HAMM Debate Club 11; FBLA 11,12; Office Asst. 12; FFA 9; Drama 9,10; Campus Life 12; Bible Club 9,10 29 BRIAN HARRIS VICA 12 CHERYL LYNN HARVEY JV Cheerleader 9; Varsity Cheer¬ leader 11,12; FBLA 12 Accounting Asst. 12 Pep Club 9,11,12 JOHN D. HASSELL AFS 10,ll--Pres., 12—Pres.; Drama 10,11,12; Thespian 11,12; Forensics Team 11,12; New Dealers 11 — Pres., 12--Pres.; SCA Parliamen¬ tarian 12; Vision Staff Editor 11; Creative Writing 11,12; Boys State 11 SUSAN LYNN HEALY Pep Club 9,10,11,12; JV Cheerleader 9,10—Capt.; Varsity Cheerleader 11,12; FBLA 12 — Sect.; Guidance Asst. 12; Drama Club 9 JOHN HAWTHORNE DEBBIE HASTY SCA 9,10,11; Pep Club 9,10; Drill Team 10; AFS 10,11,12; Beta 11, 12; HERO 12; Art Club 11 30 DEBRA ANN HENRY 4-H 9,10,11,12; Drama 9,10; Hockey 9,10 TERRY HOCHHEIM Drill Team 11,12; Library Asst. 11 DEBBIE HOBBS GLENDA HELTERBRAN PATTI HICKS AFS 10,11,12; Beta 11,12; Creative Writing 11; Pep Club 11; Drill Team 12; Young Democrats 11 CONNIE HOGGE Pep Club 9,10,11,12; AFS 10, 11,12; Science Club 10; Ex¬ plorer Post 10,12; Drill Team 10,11,12; Chorale 12; SCA 10; Beta Club 11,12—Sec.- Representative; Who ' s Who 11; Gymnastics 9; Tennis 12; Powder Puff 11; 12; Cross Country 11,12; Indoor Track 12; Outdoor Track 9; Girls State 11; Softball 10,11 31 LEWIS S. HOGGE JR. Chess Club 9; Auto Mech. 11,12; Chorale 11,12; Industrial Arts 12 JAMES GRAHAM HOGGE 4-H 9; Chess Club 9,10,11; Auto Mech. 10,11,12 SCOTT TALMAGE HOGGE Football 9,11; Chess Club 10; 4-H 9 ARTHUR HOWARD DAVID LEE HOLLERAN Indoor Track 10; Soccer 11 ANGELINE D. HOWARD HERO 11,12 32 AUBREY DEAN HUDGINS JR. Art Club 11; Pep Club 9,10, Vision Staff 11,12; VIC A 12. CHERYL HUDGINS Pep Club 9,10; Bible Club 9,10; Flag Team 10,11; FFA 10. Do we really have to turn them ALL in Mrs. Fanning? SAMUEL E. HUDGINS JR. Agr. I,II, III; Metal I; ICT I, II. MARCELLA HUDGINS Pep Club 9,10, Vice-Pres. 11, Pres. 12; FHA 9,10; 4-H 9,10, 11,12; Office Asst. 11; Guid¬ ance Asst. 12; SC A 9,10,11,12; Debate Team; Drama Club 9,10,11; Jr. Homeroom Rep.; Soph. Homeroom Rep. 33 MRS. JUDITH BOHANNON 4-H 9,10,12; FBLA 12; FHA 12; Beta Club 12 BARBARA JACKSON FHA 9,10,11,12 — Vice Pres.; 4-H 9,10,11,12—Sec.; SCA 12; Track 10; Office Asst. 9; Guidance Asst. 10; Pep Club 9,10,11 ,12; Library Asst. 11; Flag Team 11,12; Softball 12 SHRYL JACKSON Pep Club 9,10,11,12; SCA 9; JV Cheerleader 9; Varsity Cheer¬ leader 12; Homecoming At¬ tendant 10 AUDREY JACKSON 34 CLYDE JESSIE FFA 9,10,11; Auto Mech. 11 KAREN JARVIS AFS 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 9; Concert Band 11,12; Marching Band 9,10, 11,12; Drama Club 11,12; Guidance Asst. 12 MARVIN JOHNSON Chorale 11,12 SARAH LEEANN JONES Pep Club 9,10,11,12; SCA 12; 4-H 9,10; FHA 9,10; Science Club 9; Drama 9,10; Drill Team 10,11,12—Co-Capt.; Concert Choir 11; Chorale 12 JULIE JESSIE PHYLLIS JOBE Pep Club 10; Tennis 10; FBLA 11; Beta 11,12; 35 AYSE KELLECIOGLU AFS 12; FHA 12; Beta 12; Pep Club 12; Exchange Student from Turkey. KATHY KELLUM 36 MORMA JEAN KERNS Girls Track 9; Softball 10,11,12; Pep Club 9,10,12; Drama Club 9; Hockey 9; Co-captain 10, Captain 11, Co¬ captain 12; Powder Puff 11,12; Gym Asst. 12; 4-H 9,10; SCA 9,10; Court of Appeals; Homecoming Queen 12; Presidential Physical Fitness Award. MICHAEL KEYS SCA 10; 4-H 9. k A TIMMY LEIGH Concert Band 9,10,11; Marching Band 9.10,11; Pep Band 10; Beta Club 11,12; Baseball 10,11,12; Who ' s Who 11. BEVERLY LAWS Choir; Chorale 12; 4-H. RONALD DAVID LEWIS Chess Club 9; VICA 12. CAROL LILLY FBLA 11,12; Pep Club 11,12; Lab Asst. 12 NANCY LEWIS TAMMY LISA LITTLE Pep Club 9; FHA 11,12—Treas.; HERO 12; Campus Life 11,12 BLAKE LONGEST RUTH LOVELAND JEREL LIVINGSTON Auto Mechanics 11,12 38 WARD RONALD MADSEN ICT 12; Library Asst. 10,11 MIKE McADAMS JAMES RAYMOND MARTIN Ski Club 9; Tennis Team 10— Manager, 11; Chess Club 12; Lab Asst. 12 JOSEPH MARSHALL FFA 9,10,11,12; 4-H 9,10,11, 12; Auto Mechanics 11,12 MARSHALL MATTOX VICA 12 JOSEPH E. MAYER Soccer,9; FFA 11 39 SHARON KAY MILLEN Bible Club 9,10,11,12; Campus Life 11,12; FBLA 9. JANNET BARBARA MEZGER Marching Band 10,11,12; Con¬ cert Band 9,10,11; 4-H 9; Explorer Post 000 10 Sec.; AFS 10; Drama 9,10,11. AUDREY MILLER Beta Club 11,12; SCA 9,12; AFS 10, 11,12; Marching Band 9,10,11,12; Concert Band 9,10,11,12; Wind Ensemble. DINAH MILLER Pep Club 9,10,11; FBL A 11,12; Beta Club 11,12; Business Assistant 12; FBLA Tres. 11, Vice Pres. 12. LINDA DIANE MILLWOOD HERO I,II KEVIN MINIS Art Club 12; Drama Club 12; Thes¬ pian 12. THERESA MOORE PHILLIP MURPHREE Outdoor Track 9,10,11,12; Indoor Track 10,11,12; Cross Country 10, 11,12; SCA 11,12; Annual 11,12; Interact 10. THOMAS JOHN MORELAND JR. FFA 10,11,12; Chorale 11,12; Who ' s Who in Music 12. GALE DENISE MYERS 4-H 9; SCA 9; Pep Club 10,12; Drill Team 10; Homecoming Maid of Honor 12; Varsity Cheering Squad Captain 12. 41 ROBERT ANTHONY MYERS JR. KEVIN SCOTT OLIVER Drama; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Choir 10 , 11 , 12 CAROLYN MARIE NORMAN Beta Club 11, 12; Business Asst. 12; Girls State 11 SANDRA GALE OWENS HERO 12 ROBERT PANCHISON Annual Staff 11, 12; Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Jazz Rock Ens. 9, 10, 11, 12; Wind Ens. 11 42 CAROLINE SANDROCK PARLETT Pep Club 10; AFS 10,11,12; Drama 12; Powder Puff 11,12 LOWELL PRYOR DENISE WALKER NANCY RAE PETERS FHA 11,12 —Pres.; Pep Club 10,12; Powder Puff 12 STEVE H. PITTMAN Drama Club 12—Pres.; Golf 9,10,11; Soccer 11; Chess Club 10,11,12; Thespian 12 SUSAN GAIL POWELL Flag Team 9; Pep Club 9,12; AFS 9,10,11,12; 4-H 9—Tres., 10— Tres., 11 — Vice Pres. Outstanding 4-H Girl, 12—Junior Leader; 4-H All-Star 11; Who ' s Who 11; I Dare You Award 12; Beta 12; HERO 12- Reporter TIMOTHY GLENN FOLAND Golf 9,10,11,12; Chess Club 9; Varsity Football 10; JV Foot¬ ball 9; Soph. Citizenship Award 43 MICHAEL C. REID J.V. Basketball 9,10; Varsity Bas¬ ketball 11,12; Pep Club 10; 4-H 12; FFA 10,11,12; ICT 12. SHELIA RANDALL Pep Club 11; 4-H 10; Drill Team 9. EUGENE KEITH RHEA J.V. Football 10; Varsity Foot¬ ball 11,12; FCA 10,11; FFA 9,10,11; Indoor Track 10,11, 12; Outdoor Track 10,11,12; Soccer 11; Chorale 11,12; Chess Club 10. i i i i ! I 44 THOMAS L. PULTZ Marching Band 9,10; Dance Band 10,11,12; J.V. Football 10; Varsity 11,12; Interact Club 12; Concert Band 9,10,12; Powder Puff Coach and Cheerleader 11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Pep Band 10,11,12; Lab. Asst. 11; Va. Regional Chorus 11; Chorale 11,12; Who ' s Who in Music 12. DALE B. RIGLER Concert Band 9,10; Football 9; Vicor Club 12; Chess Club 9; SCA 11 , 12 . HOLLY RICHARDS Gymnastics 9; Beta 11,12; Drama 12; Choreographer Assistant Director " Oliver " , " Godspell " ; Girls State; Lab. Assistant 11. BETSY JOAN ROBINS Eible Club 10,11,12. WILLIAM ROBINS 4-H 9,10; FFA 10,11; Lab. Asst. 12. DOMINICK DAISEE ROBINSON Drill Team 10, Annua! 12; 4-H Sec. 10. 45 SUSAN ROBINS BETTY SUE ROWE Drama 9, 10, 11, 12; Thespian 12; Vision 10, 11, 12; SCA 9, 12; Cheerleader 9, 10, 12; Powder Puff 12; Forensics 11, 12; FHA 9; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; FB LA 10, 12 DEBBIE ROY MURIEL NANETTE ROWE 4-H 9, 10, 11; Bible Club 9, 10, 11; Girls Choir 9, 10; Regional Choir 10, 11, 12; 4-H Sec. 10; AFS 11, 12; Chorale 11, 12; Powder Puff 11; " Oliver " 11; Chorus Accomp. 11; SCA 12 TRACEY ROYALS Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12; track 9; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; 4-H 9; FBLA 11; Newspaper 12; Powder Puff 12 TERRIEL H. ROYALS JR. Beta 11, 12-Pres.; Boys State; Chor¬ ale 12; FTA 9, 10; Regional Choir 12; AFS 11, 12; J.V. Football 9, 10; Drama 12; Who ' s Who 11; Powder- puff Cheerleader 11, 12; Annual Staff 12; Golf 9; Office Asst. 12 JUDY RUSH 4-H 9, 10, 12; AFS 9, 10, 12; Debate Club 9, 10; Bible Club 9, 10, 12; FHA 9; Majorette 10-Capt.; 4-H Pres.-12. 46 RONNIE SHACKLEFORD Football 9; 4-H 9 STEPHANIE MARIE SAUNDERS FT A; 4-H 10; Pep Club 10,11,12; Softball 10,11,12; Who ' s Who; Drama Club 11; Basketball 11 KIM SCOTT JANET SHACKLEFORD Pep Club 10,11,12; FBLA 11, 12—Sec.; Cheerleader 11; Powder Puff 11,12; Drill Team 12; Guidance Asst. 11; Home¬ coming Attendant 9,12 SHERRY DIANE SIMMONS 4-H 9,10; Drama 9,10 SHARON FAYE SHOOK 4-H 9,10 — Pres.; Pep Club 9,10; SCA 9,10; Bible Club 11; HERO 12 47 ELLEN SIMMONS Majorette 9,10; 4-H 9; Track 10; Drama 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11; Art Club 12. ROBERT B. SINDLE Concert Band 9,10,11; Marching Band 10,11; Beta Club 11,12; Chess Club 11,12; Chess Team 11,12; Baseball 10, Tennis 11,12; Who ' s Who 11; AFS 11,12; ICC 12; Class Rep. 10,11; President Chess Club 12; V. Pres. AFS 12; Boy ' s State. HARRY BLAIR SOLES FFA 11; Baseball 10,11,12; Pep Club 9,10. PAMELA SMITH FHA 9; ICT 12; 4-H 9,10; Pep Club 9,10. BRUCE SOLES Baseball 10,11,12. ALICE SMITH 48 They wnet that-a- way. LINDA SOLES FFA 9; 4-H 9,10; Pep Club 10,11,12; AFS 10,11,12; Beta Club 11, Tres. 12; New Dealers 11,12; Interact Club 11,12; SCA 9, Sec. 11,12; ICC 11,12; Library Assis. 12; Who ' s Who 11; Vice Pres. Senior Class. CYNTHIA STAHL Pep Club 9,10,11,12; ICT 11,12; VICA 11,12; 4-H 9,10. FREDERICK SPARKS J.V; Varsity. PHILLIP STAFFORD JANICE STEARNS Pep Club 10,11; ICT 12; VICA 12; 4-H 9. DEBORAH S. STEFAN } ROBIN STOKES 4-H 9,10; Pep Club 12; FHA 9 MICHAEL STOKES 4-H 9,10,11; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Art Club 12—Pres.; Dance Group 9, 10,11,12—Pres.; Newspaper 10; Office Asst. 9; Drama 9,10 ROBERT STUBBLEFIELD BETH STERLING ANNETTE STUBBS Basketball Scorekeeper 10; Pep Club 10,11; FBLA 9,10,11,12; Cheer¬ leader 11,12 50 GEORGE SWEENEY Chess Club 9, 10, 12; Chess Team 10, 12; Debate Club 12; Science Club 9, 10; Bible Club 12; Beta Club 12 DAVID TILLAGE Football 11, 12; Baseball 12; SC A 9, 10, 11; Young Democrats 12 CHARLES TILLAGE ANN TILLAGE SCA 9, 10, 12; AFS 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; FTA 9; Young Demo¬ crats 11, 12—Sec. Class Pres. 9; Class Sec. 10, 11, 12; Interact 11, 12; Drill Team 10, 11—Co-Capt., 12; Beta 11, 12 — Corr. Sec. Lions ' Club Youth Exchange 11; Morgan Citz. Award 9 LAVERNE E. TAYLOR Drama 9, 10; 4-H 9, 10, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; FHA 9; Dance Group 9, 10, 12; Annual Staff 12 5l KENNY WALKER ;! DOT WALTON 52 VIRGINIA WALKER Young Dem. 11,12; Beta Club 11, 12; Interact Club 11,12; Vision Staff 11; AFS 10,11,12; Drill Team 12; Bible Club 9; Newspaper Staff 10,11; 4-H 9. DONNA SUZETTE WALKER HERO 11; FBLA 12; AFS 12; Pep Club 12; Chorale 12. OLITA WARE Pep Club 9,10,11,12; 4-H 9,10; Soul Generation 9; Drama Club; Art Club 12, Treas.; Cheerleading 9,10. WILLIAM EDWARD WEST FFA 9,10,11; Chess Club 9; Auto Mech. 11,12. MALVIIM WASHINGTON BARBARA WEST 53 DONNA WHITE Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Drama 9,10; Powder Puff 11,12 JAMES CARROLL WEST FFA 9,10,11; Chess Club 9; Auto Mech. 11,12; Art 9; VICA 12 HOSIER WHITFIELD JR. FFA 8,9,10,11, MARY DIANE WHITFIELD Softball 11; SCA 12, FHA 12; Beta Club 11,12 PATRICIA WHITE Pep Club 9,10,11; Bible Club 9,11,12; SCA 10; AFS 9,10 CHERYL LYNN WIGGINS FHA 10,11,12; Powderpuff 11,12; Drama 11 54 ROBERTA WILKINS CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Track 9; Pep Club 9,10; Drama 9, 10,11; Hockey 9,10,11 Co-Captain, 12 Captain; AFS 11,12; Beta 11,12 ELIZABETH J. WILLIAMS Chorale 11,12—Pres. — " Miss Chorale " ; Regional Choir 11; Beta Club 11,12; AFS 11,12; Interact Club 11,12; Cross Country 11; Indoor Track 11, 12; Outdoor Track 11,12. SUSAN BERT WILLIAMS Powder Puff 11; 4-H 12; Office Asst. 12. RODDY WILLIAMS VICA 12; Golf 9,10. DARLENE WILSON Drama 9,10; Thespian 9; Pep Club 9,10; Powder Puff; HERO 12; 4-H 9,10,11,12. 55 THERESA WRIGHT Tennis Team 10; 4-H; Flag Team 11,12; Pep Club 10,11, 12; P.E. Asst. 12; Chemistry Asst. 12; AFS 10; Drama Club 9,10; Treas. Pep Club 12. MARY LOUISE WYATT Drama Club 10,11; 4-H 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11; Choir 9,10; Chorale 11, Bible Club 9; FHA 9,10; HER012. 56 BENNETT WOOD PETER BARNES ZAHN AFS 10,11,12; Concert Band 9,10,11,12; Marching Band 9,10, Drum Major 11,12; Beta Club 11,12; Chess 9,11,12; Annual Staff 10,11, Co-Editor 12; Creative Writing 10,11,12; Debate 9,10, State Champion, 11, Captain 12; Drama Club 10,11,12; ICC 11,12; Jazz Rock Ensemble 10,11,12; Newspaper 9,10; SCA 9,10, Pariimentarian 11,12; Thespian 11,12; Wind Ensemble 10,11, 12; Forensics 9,10,11,12; Governor ' s Schoo. For The Gifted 11; NMS Commendation; Regional Math Winner 11; Who ' s Who 11,12. NOT PICTURED DENISE COOKE DAVID DEBOLT DAVID DIXON Football 10,11,12; Baseball 10; Pep Club 9,10,11,12 JONATHAN HALL MICHAEL HARVEY DAVID JACKSON ALLEN DALE JENKINS HAZELLE OLIVIS STEWART PICARDAT MARSHA SAUNDERS THOMAS SCOTT KENNETH TRAINHAM BERNARD LEE WEST FFA 9,10,11; VICA 12; Football 10,11,12; Football Captain 12. WINIFRED RIGGAN Teachers Aid 11,12. JAMES WEST 57 CLASS OFFICERS President Mary Soles Vice President Carla Smith Secretary Breta Jenkins Treasurer John Donner The Prom and Ring Dance--a junior ' s world revolves around them. It seems that just as soon as a junior steps through the door on the first day of school, the ring man grabs him. From this moment it ' s a long, uphi 11 c limb. The Ring Dance is the first big event on a junior ' s agenda. The big night arrives and just as quickly passes; however, be¬ fore juniors can even take a breath, they are selling candy to raise money for the prom. It ' s only after refreshment, decora¬ tion, and band committees have completed their tasks that the final starlit evening comes. Ah--a sigh of relief and another successful prom ends. Tammy Almond David Andrews Barbara Avgolaus Scott Bartley Kevin Bohannon Darrell Berry Adrian Berry Darel Beckwith Roberta Bonniville Tabitha Booker Tony Brookins Jackie Brown David Bunting Clarence Burrell Bruce Carlton Theresa Carter Betsy Carmine Regina Carmine Lynn Carmine Gina Carmine William Carter Wendy Carr Lee Chattin Jean Clay Steve Claybrook David Clements Brenda Coats Bonnie Coons Douglas Croswell Sharon Cooper Kimberly Copeland Jonathan Cox 60 Juniors Robin Crotly Scott Curnow Ronald Damarais Ronald Davis Lucia Deal John Donner Susan Dowdy Kathleen Driver Edward Dunk lee Eddie Dunnigan Dorthea Dutton Michael Eley Donald Emerson Robert Epp Michael Evans Timmy Fary Marcia Field John Foster Kent Forrest Shirley Foster Anna Foyles Jeanette French Paul Goff Donnie Goode Vernon Green LuAnne Hal I Sandy Hall Robin Hasty James Harrell Butch Harris Charles Handy Ernest Harris Juniors 61 62 Juniors Karen Harris Tim Harris Kenneth Hazard Robert Healy Darwin Heerdt Jerry Helbig Ronald Hicks Dianne Hoffman Michele Hogg Bently Hogge Donna Hogge Mark Hogge Norman Hogge Carolyn Holland Virginia Hoi mes Cheryl Horsley Cindy Hungate Stephen Hunt Keith Hutton Kenneth Hutton Breta Jenkins Carolyn Jenkins Eddie Jenkins Judy Jenkins Earl Jessie Thomasene Johnson Valerie Jones Wesley Jones Connie Keener Robbie Kerns Preston Larus Teresa Larkin Harriet Jordan Karen Laurier Vicki Lawler Bret Lawson Douglas Lemon Priscillia Lemon Rickey Lemons Brian Lewis Shelia Lollis Elton McLamb Marqurite Marsh Rhonda McCoy Veda McMullen Arthur Miller Laurie Moore Linda Moore Teresa Moore Vicki Morgan David Morris Angela Motley Gene Murphree Dale Myers Warren Newton Allan O ' Neill Robert Otterson Donna Owens 01 in Phillips Baker Picardat Gene watches as a small insect crawl over his nose. Juniors 63 David Poffenberger Shelia Poland Melanie Powell Vanessa Pryor Joey Ranier Kenny Ramsey Michaelene Randall Danny Ray Connie Rhoads Julie Richards Diana Ridout Renada Ridout Danita Riggan Jackie Rigler Gale Rilee Martin Robins Mike Rowe Theresa Setterholm Debbie Schlichemayer Linda Shepard Julie Shreves Alma Smith Carla Smith Donnie Smith Nelson Smith Taylor Smith 64 Juniors Marlin Smoker Mary B. Soles Pamela Sparks Dawn Stein Robert Stephens Mike Sterling Cynthia Taylor George Thomas Larry Thomas Robert Thompkins Sandy Towel I Cindy Trainham Marty Turner Loretta Ward Minnie Ward Myra Waters Bi 11 Watson Darlene West Linda West Alice White Daryl Wiggins Glen Wilkins Lorraine West Mary Kathryn Williams Mary Kay Williams David WiIliams Martha Williams Roger Williams Ernest Wilson Tina Williams Wally Wi lliams Cheryl Wilson Junior 65 BeTTer La+e Than... TUNIOR MAKEUPS Cheryl Brown Kenny Ewel I Beth Sterling Johnny Tillage Frances Wilson Robert Wilson Tony Woodward Mark Young George Zahn i w Eagle eyes are watching! Maybe its a letter bomb! Uh—Eddie, three ' s a crowd. This is how to fall asleep while sitting up. GLOUCESTER H. S. LIBRARY 67 Do we know them? Yes, I do have my book open. 68 Wasn ' t four eyes enough? What did you say about my glasses? But It IS an emergency!!! You think you ' re tired?! 69 ' MB CLASS OFFICERS President Andy Corr Vice President Susan Jordan Secretary Kathy Claybrook Treasurer Joe Morgan Reporter Paul Hayes Peanuts, popcorn! Get your popcorn! Beginning with only a hundred dollars this year, the obvious goal for the soph¬ omore was to earn more money, and so he set about this task by working in the concession stand during home football games. Having one year of high school on his side, the sophomore dug into spirit week with high hopes. It seemed that if the floats were to be judged by effort then the sophomores would surely win, - William Adams Greg Aldridge Charry Allen Glen Allen Diane Ashby Sharon Ballard Reggie Barnes Tommy Barrett Alice Bartlett Gwen Basta Vincent Battisto Susan Belvin Wayne Belvin Renee Berry J.C. Booker Sharon Booth Leslie Bradshaw Bill Briggs Cheryl Bright Danette Bright Donnie Brigman Marvin Brooks Sandra Brooks Alice Brown Barbara Brown Dianne Brown John Brown Robin Brown Anita Burrell Donna Bunting Steve Brown Tina Brown Shelia Brumfield 72 Karen Burrell Veronica Burris Earl Burse Bruce Carlton W.T. Carmine Renee Cason Byron Carter Farrell Carter Mike Castello Cindy Cesil Tony Clare B.J. Clark David Clark Debbie Clay Kathy Claybrook Denise Clements Ricky Clifton Richard Coates Rita Combs Micheal Cooper Steve Corem Andy Corr Billy Crittenden Kenneth Crockett Allen Crossley Kevin Dame Darlene Davenport Thomas Davis Mary Dawson David Deaton Blake Delk Renee Demaris Anne Dunklee 73 Terry Dunston Tish Edmonds Regina Ellis Steve Emory Wray Evans Charlene Fann Jody Ford Josh Foyles Debbie German Cindy Greene Gill Gregg Janet Goalden Gwen Hall Johnny Hall Lisa Hall Mike Hall Shirley Hardee Chris Hardy Keith Harris Timmy Harris Vickie Harwood Paul Hayes Tracey Hochheim JoAnn Hogge Lisa Hogge Mike Hogge Barbara Holleran Linda Hollomon Shirley Holmes Joyce Horsley Mary Healy Lavinia loves lunchtime! Debbie Huhn Gwen Hunt Barbara Jackson Darah Jackson Darlene Miller 74 Sophomores Mike Dunston Joyce Jackson Dennis Jamerson Nelson Jarvis Deborah Jenkins Marcia Jenkins Ricky Jenkins Joann Johnson Lois Jones Sherman Jones Bert Jordan Louise Jurgenson Rosemary Keats Kristeen Keener Gayle King Stan Krentkowski Marva Larrimore Nancy Lau Linda Lazarow Gerene Lee Vincent Lee Debbie Leigh Brenda Lemon Micheal Lemon Debbie Lett Christi Lewis Matthew Loesch Alvin Lowney Pat Manning Rhonda Marble Mary Mayer Randy McDaniel Gloria McFerrin Susan McFerrin Donna Meyer Theresa Mil by Sophomores 75 Anne Moore Charles Milroy Joe Morgan Tim Morgan Stephanie Mosca Kevin Nelms Nora Newton Debra Owens Brenda Norman Keith Owens Patricia Owens Kathy Panchision Alex Parlett Chris Pendleton Sherry Peters Sidney Phelps Patricia Phillips Tammy Pultz Calvin Randall Sharon Randall Carolyn Reed David Reed James Revere Donnie Rhea Dale Rhodes Stu Richardson Sylvia Rilee Debbie Riley Cindy Robbins Brenda Robins Gina Robins Kim Robins Jimmy Robinson Dean Roby Tess Royals Debbie Rush Tommy Sandman Dale Saulman Mike Shackelford Tammy Shackelford Todd Sharpe Anita Shiflette Inez Shinn Betty Smith Brian Smith 76 Faye Smith Fredia Smith Gerald Smith Richard Smith Warren Smith Debbie Snow Cari Spence Louise Spencer Stacey Spencer Stanley Spencer Susan Stalvey Brian Stanbrook Denise Steele Becky Stevens Inez Stewart Lavinia Stokes David Strickland Pam Stubblefield Bill Swindeck Kent Taylor Dean Tillage Marion Tillage Brenda Thornton Renee Thornton Michael Tomlinson Sheri Townsend Debbie Turner Chris Vaughan Katherine Voss Brenda Walker Kim Walker Janet Walton Beatrice Ward Debbie Ward Marilyn Ward Susie Ward Frankie Washington Michael West Tracey West William West Joseph Whitcomb Sally White Sandy White Robert Whitt Indie Williams 77 Roger Berry Angela Billups Donnie Brigman Richard Brown Robin Brown Shel ia Brown Kathy Coates Peggy Coberly Amy Dalton Russell DeBolt La Verne Dickey Viola Epps Lisa Goens C.M. Harris Deborah Hogge Damon Hogge Tammy Hogge John Hopkins Randy Howard Preston Jenkins Jimmy Leftwich Wanda Luckett Vickie Majaro Donna Martin Paula Moore John Phillips 78 Sophomore David Pierce Karen Pierce Connie Robins Pam Robins Cathy Rowe Alton Sutherland Yosiko Stokes Ronald Stokes Tony Slavnik Rita Shiflett Howard Tolley Deborah Ward Marilyn Ward Mary Ward Susie Ward Spanky West Susan West Cindy White Joseph Wilson Lindsey Wilson Vera Wilson Charles Young Vickie Zitzman Enraptured students sit attentively as Mrs. Paulson presents yet another theor¬ em on the ubiguitous overhead projector. Sophomore 79 They must be voting for George. Radioactivity from the food? 80 Oh no, not another one of those! Ta Dah! 81 82 Aha ! I see you with that gum ! Let ' s not all jump up at once now. Stop smiling at the camera, and take my money. 83 CLASS OFFICERS President Jannis Davis Vice President Bernetta Jackson Secretary Beth Foor Treasurer Lawrence Brown Recorder Lisa Leigh Normally, it is the freshman who finds himself constantly lost on the first day of school. However, this year, he soon felt at ease because everyone seemed to be lost. If anything, the freshman felt he had an advantage over everyone else because he would have a longer stay at the new high school. The freshman became very proud of the fact that he would be in the first class to attend high school entirely in the new school, and was not about to let anyone forget it. A member of the largest class, the freshman proved his strength during spirit week by winning " jean ' s day. " Scott Ambrose Bruce Banks Carolyn Barden Johnny Barden Pat Baugardner Alan Beavers Tonie Beckwith Steven Banner Torie Bell George Berry Beverly Berryman Kelly Bell Cheryl Billups Mary Blake Dana Blanks Lee Boerner Derek Bolden Nancy Bolten James Bonniville Vernon Booker Loretta Booth Benjie Borden Andy Bradshaw Linda Bradford Deanne Bristow Kenneth Brooks Robert Brooks Russell Booker Brenda Brown Jeff Brown Kenny Brown Lawrence Brown Nathan Brown Sharon Brown Shelia Brown 86 Freshmen I Ann Burbank Denny Burrell Harold Burrell Wayne Burrell Eunice Burse Ricky Butler Sandra Byrd Ray Carneal Trent Carlton Johnny Carmine Ricky Carmine Bobby Carter Gail Carter Joe Carter Pauletta Carter Keith Cerney Terri VanCleave Murray Clements Brian Clevinger Joseph Cluveruis Virginia Coates William Coates Carol Corbin Jannis Davis Renee Davis Beth Dehardit Lavern Dicky Karen Dixon Richard Drew Larry Edwards Frances Elias Dorothy Emerson Viola Epp Lloyd Evans Lowell Evans Pam Fanning 87 Jim Garrett Linda Glossen Terry Greene Timmy Greene Tommy Greene Peggy Greene Kim Greene Charlene Hall Stephanie Fary Wanda Fary Beth Foor Abby French Joe Hamilton Patrick Hamilton Laura Hardee Jonathan Hargis Byard Harris Stuart Harwood Mary Hassell Pam Hatchel Raymond Haynes Donald Heerdt Ronald Heerdt Rosemary Helbig Randy Hicks Susan Higgins Sharon Hodges Daune Hogge Jackie Hogge Jenifer Hogge Janet Holland Jill Holland Keith Hogge Robin Hogge Roger Hornsby There ' s nothing like rest and relaxation. 88 I wonder why he ' s looking at me? Theresa Horsley Elaine Howard Janie Hunt Alfreda Jackson Bernetta Jackson Mary Jackson Veronica Jackson Debbie Jamerson Barbara Jenkins Carol Jenkins Danny Jenkins David Jenkins Lisa Jenkins Phyllis Jones Randy Jones Lewis Kellum Martha Kellum Tony Kellum Carol King Bert Kirkland Delores Klebitz Craig Kneutson Arthur Lang Michael Larrimore Janie Larus Beth Lawler Christine Lawson Charlene Lee Maureen Lee Sharon Leggett Lisa Leigh Alan Lemon Johanne Lewis Robert Lilly David Long Freshmen 89 John Loul Jesse Machen Margaret Marble James Marshall Janet Matous Isabella Mattas Jim McConnell Timmy McCoy Teresa McKinny Keith Me Lamb Gloria Miller Joe Miller Micheal Miller Murray Miller Randy Miller Ricky Millen Steve Milwood Alan Madison Cindy Moore Melvin Moore Micheal Moore Tina Moore Sylvia Myers Craig Mewman Douglas IMorthstein Janice Olivis Kim Owens Carrie Paige Terriena Pagie Billy Parham Marcia Payne Debra Perrin Troy Petry Tony Pittman Regina Pollard Barbara Pritt Tyrone Pryor Brian Pryor 90 Freshmen James Randall Kathryn Ray Gardner Redcross Nile Regensburg Stephanie Reid Phil Rilee Robert Rilee Stanley Rhodes Ethel Schoenburg Karel Schweickert Lawrence Scott Geraldine Scotts Karen Sears Betsy Setterholm Penny Simmons Shari Simmons Stephen Simpson Trotman Simpson Connie Shackelford Renee Sharpe Debbie Shoemaker J.T. Shepherd Eddie Shook Chris Smeland Jeff Smith Joseph Smith Linda Smith Sue E. Smith Tami Smith Wayne Smith John Spencer Tracy Spencer Anne Stafford Alden Starnes Vicki Stefan George Stein Julie Steinmetz Tony Strike Barbara Strickland Angela Stroud Ken Summers Hey, what am I suppose to do with all this stuff ? Freshmen 91 MAKE FRESHMEN UPS Robin DeBolt Dennis Dedmond Ann Hamilton Steve Hawkins Raymond Haynes Ron Henry Eddie Hogge Paul Hudgins Alfonzo Jackson Tony Jackson Michael Lay Shel ia Lockl ey Alan Madsen Todd l lye Karen Sears Anna Smith Anne, an artist in the making. Shel ia Sparks Kevin Swartz Cindy Thomas Mark Thomas 92 Freshmen Leonard Thompson Timmy Thompson Tammy Thrift William Thornton Cathy Tyree John Tyson Ty Vaughan JoAnne Walker Roy Walker Robert Ward Jerry Washington Ramona Washington Edison Watson Jeri Webb Cathy West Eva West Jeffrey West Judy West Kim West Margaret West Ra ymond West Robert West Ruby West Shirley West Stanley West Wayne Whiting Alan Whitt Daryl Wiggins John Winslow Bennie William David Williams Donna Williams Douglas Will iams Gregory Will iams Kenneth Williams Lisa Williams Velvet Williams Marvin Willis Jerry Wilson Robin Wilson Mary F. Wojchik Steve Wood Ellen Wright Florence Wyatt Wanda Wyatt Ann Zahn Freshmen 93 Sorry I said that! Here ' s the mouse food in the bag, now we can get it running! Pneumatic women? Now I ' ve seen everything! Driver ' s Ed books look interesting upside down. Where ' d the ball go this time? Why did I take this course? K seems we ' ve seen him G.H.S. study hall special, before . . . 95 3 s mm Mr. Flowe comes to the aid of a student who is at¬ tempting to tie his shoe. Brown vs Biology Mr. Spano notices a student who is studying. Miss Walker admires the art of her students. ■ Mr. William B. Blanks Superintendent GLOUCESTER H I © H SCHOOL t GLOUCESTER SCHOOL BOARD P A RO:S. .JONES .CHAIRMAN MICE CHAIRMAN W r C«ljrpEt OEH. .JR. i?RL |iS:.iLANGIANO itifion ‘.id ' 4WARD, JR. , ; k . • ' WfLl lA ' M fB. (BLANKS tSWERJN T.E NDE N T fRC TT E ' CT -VE ' P ft V. ' CIU’CCl, J R. Contractor W W . JORDAN CO M ' P -AN Y. INC. N C V R b R T M E W V. V 1 R O I N I A This year, the Gloucester County School Board underwent a change in personnel. When Mrs. Arline Lanci- ano left her school board post, her empty seat was filled by Mrs. Eliza¬ beth Zahn. After serving the remaining year in Mrs. Lanciano ' s term, Mrs. Zahn has just been chosen to serve the next four year term until 1980. Now that we all have the new high school, let ' s hope the school board can continue to improve the quality of education in Gloucester. 98 Mr. J. D. Briggs, Principal Mr. Herbert 0. Cox, Asst. Principal SECRETARIES Left To Right: Mrs. Joyce Fanning, Mrs. Sandy Seawell, Mrs. Stanley Howard. 99 GUIDANCE Mrs. Nan Pointer College: Mary Washington of U. of Va.; Wm . Mary BA; MEd. — Mrs. Bernice Thomas College: Va. State; Wm . Mary; Hamp¬ ton Institute. AB; MA. Mr. Edward Holstrom College: Virginia Commonwealth University; William Mary. BS: MEd. OUR NURSE Mrs. Blevins 100 Mrs. Mary Lou Fary College: Mary Washington; Wm. Mary. BA in English, History, French. MA in Guidance, Library Science. She enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, gardening and music. S She ' s active in the Methodist Church, Eastern Star and Middle Peninsula Community Concert Association. Ms. Jeris Folk College: Longwood BA English; Library Science She is the secretary for the Glou¬ cester Education Association and enjoys fencing and music. LIBRARIANS Mrs. Bessie Berry 101 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Regina Foor College: Asbury, Wm. Mary. AB; M. Ed; certified in English and Spanish. Her hobbies include needlepoint, swimming, square dancing, reading and sewing. This sum¬ mer she plans to spend as many weekends at Nags Head as possible. Mrs. Patricia Tice College: Wm. Mary AB in English; Coll. Prof. She has moved into a new house this year where she is busy gard¬ ening and looking after her two children, Wayne and Jocelyn. Her hobb¬ ies are cooking and sewing. Ms. Nancy Parrish College: Wm. Mary BA in English She coaches the girls ' tennis team, plays the guitar, and enjoys art. Mr. Ronald Flowe College: ODU BA; MA He enjoys reading southern novels and watching the Olym¬ pic games. His favorite things are Marzipan, libraries, and liver and jelly sandwiches. Mrs. Karen Flowe College: ODU BA in English, Public Speaking. She will be receiving her MS from ODU soon and enjoys good conversation, lute music, fresh fruit and flowers, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and cats. 102 Mrs. Glenith Whitaker College: Wm. Mary BA English; Coll. Prof. Her hobbies include collect¬ ing antiques, refinishing furn¬ iture, gardening, swimming and water skiing. She is a member of the Junior Women ' s Club, and is active in the Methodist Church. Mrs. Ann Hutchinson College: Madison BS Edu¬ cation; Major-Music, Minor- English and History. Her hobbies are knitting and needlepoint. She loves to sing and direct music. The highlight of her career was teaching high school chorus. Mr. John Raynes College: Madison BA Drama, English, and Speech; Coll. Prof. He is the director of the GHS drama depart¬ ment. His hobby is playing the piano. Ms. Paula Revere College: Madison, Wm. Mary, ODU. BS Eng¬ lish, Secondary Edu¬ cation; Elem. Cert.- Readingand Language Arts. Her hobbies include sewing, reading, and gardening. She plans to teach summer school this year. Ms. Patricia Francis College: Madison BS; Coll. Prof. In her spare time she enjoys Chiness cooking, reading, and playing with her dog, Scamp. NOT PICTURED Ms. I.M. Simmons College: Longwood, VCU, Appalachain State University. BS English; Cert, in Journalism and Economics; MA Edu¬ cational Media. She enjoys sailing, motorcycle riding, cook¬ ing, drawing, writing, photography, and crafts. This summer she plans to travel. 103 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mr. Thomas Johnson College: Wm. Mary, Randolph- Macon. BA; M.ED. He Is soon to receive a Master ' s Degree from William and Mary. He likes to cook and enjoys listening to music. Ms. Patricia Carneal College: Wm. Mary BA in French; Coll. Cert. This is her last year at Gloucester High School. She will spend her next years in Paris, earning her Master ' s in French. She likes to paint, read, and loves to travel the open roads all over the world. Mrs. Elizabeth Treakle College: Randolph-Macon Women ' s BA; Coll. Prof. Mrs. Treakle leaves with us this message: Pete scientiam, Amahominem, Vive honeste, Auge sapientiam, Fruere vita. 104 Mrs. Elizabeth Blake College: MCV; VCU AD in Nursing; BS in Math. Ed.; Secondary School Mathemat ics. She enjoys working outside, reading and sewing. Mr. Charles Spano College: Pembroke State University BS in Math. Mr. Spano, child of the universe . . . Mrs. Rachel Paulson College: Longwood A B; MEd.; Certs, in Mathematics, English, French, Social Studies. She is in her 29th year as a teacher. The highlight of her ca¬ reer was the year she was principal of Prosepct Elementary School. Her hobbies are square dancing, garden¬ ing, painting and reading. MATH DEPARTMENT NOT PICTURED Mrs. Margaret Green College: Madison BS She enjoys doing craft work, particu¬ larly knitting, crocheting and embroidering. She also plays the organ and the piano. Mr. David Evans College: California College: California State BS in Education He enjoys playing tennis. Mrs. Agnes Clark College: Radford BS; Coll. Prof. Cert.; Major in Math.; MA in Business Administration. She is a twelve months teacher who enjoys working in her garden. Mrs. Ann Gregory College: Virginia State BS in Mathematics. She enjoys watching televi¬ sion, and looks forward to rest¬ ing and gardening at the end of each day. 105 Above Right: Esther Knox College: Univ. of Puget Sound, William and Mary, O.D.U., C.N.C. B.A. Her hobbies are raising Siamese cats, doing needlepoint, sandpaint¬ ing, oil painting, playing the piano, cooking, and gardening. She is a National League Baseball fan as well as a Hampton Gulls fan. She is the G.E.A. President for ' 75- ' 76, V.E.A. District B. Treasurer for ' 76- ' 77, and a member of the Virginia Council of Scoial Studies. Above Left: Rosalind Hammond College: Longwood, U.V.A. B.S. in Sociology, History, and Govern¬ ment M.E.D. Social Studies Education Miss Hammond gained the honor of being our Africa expert this year after spending her summer roaming the country. She ' s partial to animals and spends her spare time working in a greenhouse. Center Right: Roger Reeves College: Tenn. Tech. Univ. B.S. Sec. Ed. History Mr. Reeves ' hobby is photography. He is the S.C.A. sponsor this year. Lower Left: Olen Lewis College: Univ. of Richmond B.A. in Pol. Science, Master of Humanties Mr. Lewis collects stamps, books, coins, and bottles. His interests range from archeology to chess, and from music to hunting. Lucretia Fullwood College: Virginia State B.S. in Social Studies Ed. Collegiate Professional A teacher of U.S. Government and World History, Ms. Fullwood has become very involved in student activities during her second year here. She is the sponsor for the Varsity cheerleaders, and is also the coach for girl ' s out¬ door track. With all these activities, she little time to devote to much else, but she does enjoy cooking when she has the ti me. Joy Long College: V.C.U. B.S. Collegiate Professional Mrs. Long ' s interests include cooking Chinese food, arts and crafts, and reading. MM| SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Mrs. Dorothy Horne Colloge: Norfolk State BS in Social Studies She enjoys knitting, reading, and crocheting. 107 Mrs. Susan Isner College: University of Maryland; Univ. of South Carolina BS Chemistry, Biology, Gen. Science. She has been teaching in Gloucester for four years. She has two children and she is undoubtedly a horseelover. NOT PICTURED Mrs. Christine Harrison College: Trenton State BS Health and Physical Education; General Science Mr. Robert Brown College: Elon; William Mary; ODU. BS in Biology Mr. Ernest Morton College: Pembroke State BS in Biology; BA in History He is an opera buff who can answer almost any question you might have about the history of opera. Mr. David Adams College: VPI BS Geology; Certified in Earth Science Campus Life is one of the highlights of his year. In keeping with this, he is available to listen to student problems, and he particularly enjoys playing basket¬ ball with the guys during lunch. He also likes to grow plants and to camp. NOT PICTURED Mr. Don Higdon College: William Mary; ODU BA Philosophy; MS Science Education Post-Graduate Certificate He enjoys sailing, motorcycles, and metal sculpture. 108 Mr. Donald Mullins College: East Tennessee State University BS in Phy. Ed, Health and Dr. Ed. He is building a new home and will be busy this summer moving. He enjoys fishing, gardening, and playing tennis and golf. Mr. Larry Johnson College: Mi lligan BS Health Phy. Ed. Being a twelve months teacher, he teaches Driver ' s Education during the summer. He enjoys all sports, raising dogs, and travel. ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Ms. Yvonne Brickhouse College: Norfolk State BS in Health, Physical Ed, Driver Ed. and Safety. Says Miss Brickhouse, " Being the coach of the first undefeated team in the history of this school is enough to say about me! 11 Ms. Roberta Wiatt College: Longwood; Wm. Mary Ext. SS; BS Cer¬ tified in Physical Ed. and Health Education. She is a member of the Gloucester Bicentennial Chorus and the First Pres¬ byterian Church. She likes to read, play bridge, and enjoys all sports, especial¬ ly tennis and water sports. l.- llw 4 . Mr. Claude Shell College: Bridgewater BA Health Phy. Ed. Coach Shell enjoys all types of sports. He plays tennis and golf Mr. Jerry Morgan and coaches the wrestling team. College: Salem BS Health Phy. Ed., Driver Education He is the assisant football coach and the golf coach. MUSIC Mr. Donald Sandridge College: Madison BME; Graduate work at VCU arid Westminster Choir College. He sang in the Lion ' s Club Show this year and sings regularly with the Peninsula Choral Society and the Gloucester Bicenten¬ nial Chorus. He teaches music privately and likes to cook. SPECIAL DEPARTMENT Mr. W. Lewis Morrison College: Shenandoah Conservatory BME His hobbies include building and driv ing racing cars. EDUCATION Mr. Michael Fratkin College: Wm. Mary, ODU, Norfolk State AB in Psychology; MED in Special Edu¬ cation; Certification: Psychology, Spe¬ cial Education, Secondary School Administration. His hobbies include photography and track. no CAFETERIA STAFF MRS. WILSON MRS. MONTAGU MRS. WILLIS MRSfHOGGE MRS. WASHINGTON MRS. JOHNSON MRS. MARSHALL MRS. HUNTER CUSTODIANS JjLSTEWART WALKER IRS. ' KATHLEEN 9k WALKER MR.JfMfip MRS. RUTH STUBBS LACK MRS. BE JONES THANK-YOU Mr. Helterbran College: Princess Ann; Virginia Tech. He says that his most memorable experience is beating Alan German 10-love at tennis. He says we have a winning basketball team lined up for next year. Mr. Jack Hutchins College: Virginia State BS Ind Arts Ed.; Certs, in World of Manufacturing, World of Construction, Drafting, Ind. Arts. Mr. Hutchins wants to say " thank you " to the people of Gloucester County for making his first year of teaching memorable and enjoyable. VOCATIONAL Mr. Homer Mullinix College: ODU Vocational Ind. Education Cert. He spends his leisure hours camping and fishing. This summer he plans to camp in the mountains. Mr. Stanley McMullen College: Tuskegee Inst., Virginia State. BS Agri Ed.; MED Agri Ed. Being one of the teachers on the twelve months program, he spends his summer at school and at agricultural conferences. He enjoys working in his garden. Mr. Manley Blevins College: Wm. Mary, Norfolk State Trade Industrial Cert. " Some people try to turn back their odometers, " says Mr. Blevins. " Not me. I want people to know why I look like this. I have traveled a long way, and some of the roads were not paved. " Mr. William Clements College: Va. State; ODU Voca¬ tional Ind. Ed. Cert. Mr. Clements is also a twelve months teacher. His hobbies are sailing and flying. 112 DEPARTMENT Mr. Joseph Wilson College: Elizabeth City State Uni¬ versity BS in Business Education He enjoys teaching and is in¬ terested in seeing students perform with perfection. He likes concerts, reading, music, playing cards and sports. Mrs. Linda Lemasters College: West Liberty State; West Virginia University; Marshall Univer¬ sity; George Washington University AB She is in her twelfth hour of gradu¬ ate studies at George Washington Uni¬ versity. She says it ' s good to be back in teaching after a six year absence. Mr. Robert Riggan College: Tenn. Tech; Air Force Tech School; Morehead State Old Dominion; Wm. Mary Administra¬ tion Certificate; BS Bus. Administr.; Coll. Prof. He moonlights as a security guard on weekends and enjoys making keys and installing locks in his spare time. 3(53 Mrs. Judith Conner College: Shenandoah, Madison; Radford ODU AA Sec. Science; BS Bus. Ed.; Coll. Prof.; She enjoys taking care of her three daughters ages 14,8, and 7, swimming and gardening. Mr. L. Lawrence College: N.C. State Univ. BS Civil Engineering; Coll. Prof. Cert. He is a snow skier, fisherman and softball player. He has two children and will be caring for them this summer. Mr. Reginald Brown College: Virginia State BS Voc. and Ind. Ed.; Electronics and Mech. Drawing Active in the Parks and Recreation program, he enjoys living in the county. He also likes fishing and drawing and is interested in electronics 113 Mrs. Mary Rowe College: VPI; BS in Biological Sciences; Master of Sciences in Ed. She collects Rose Medallion china and makes her own wardrobe. Her work in the community in¬ cludes serving as vice-president of the Middle Community Concert Asso., as hospital chairman of Virginia Museum, and as advisor to the Young Homemakers. Mrs. Alwayne Claybrook College: Berea BS Vocational H. Ec.; Coll. Prof. She and Lynn Carmine will attend the national FHA Heros ' Convention held in St. Louis this summer. She has had a very successful year in the Copper Kettle. LEFT Mrs. Ronnie Magoon College: ODU Assoc. Of Arts; BS. She sponsors the FBLA, has been teach¬ ing for eight years. She recently completed a Master ' s Degree at ODU in Business Education. Ms. Patricia Cassidy College: Madison BS Home Ec. Ed. She has traveled extensively in Canada and New England; this is one of her favorite hobbies. She also enjoys needlework, em¬ broidery and swimming. 114 COSMOTOLOGY Offered for the first time, the field of cosmetol¬ ogy proved to be a personal challenge to each stu¬ dent who took the course. Judging by the comments of students, the course was very successful. Re¬ marks such as, " I would like to teach cosmetology as a proffession, 11 and " A very active class for anyone for today and for the future, " were to be heard. These students have spent many hours studing and practicing techniques because as Mrs. Simmons says, " Hairdressers are not born—they are made. " Mrs. Vivian Simmons College: Virginia State Trade Industrial Ed. Cert.; Teaching Certificate—Va. State of Registered Professional Hairdressers. Her hobbies include painting, ceramics, singing, dancing, swimming, bowling, sewing and interior decorating. Ms. Barbara Walker College: VPI; SU BA in Art; Coll. Profession —Ed. She is active in various night classes; she enjoys drawing, cooking, camping, and music. Her home is in Drake ' s Branch, Virginia. I.C.T. Mr. Elvin Adams Jr. College: Norfolk State; ODU BS in Vocational Industrial Ed.; MS in Ed. Educational Administration. He has a wide variety of interest ranging from fishing and cooking to square dancing. 115 Hurry up Mrs. Wilson, before I throw some peas at you. Tell him how to do it Terry. As your future superintendent, I plan to . . . 116 J V 117 cures CMIMlifl Stacey Spencer and Kathy Panchinson at the yearbook conference . . . Veda McMullen Co-Editor. Not Pictured: Peter Zahn The Staff and a few extras. 120 starr Once again, the Cavalier staff has been plagued with the traditional problems that come with putting a book together. We got off to a good start, but that was all. Ad sales were low, and so were our hopes for much money to work with. As the deadlines approached and passed, things began to fall behind for various reasons. The most popular reason is the same every year. In the beginning, there are as many as thirty people on the staff. By the spring though, only four or five are left to complete the job. Special appreciation goes to Mrs. Tice, and to the group of people who met in June to finish the book. Long hours and tired bodies are what finished this year ' s Cavalier. I hope people realize that some of us stayed up long hours to give the school a book. As next year ' s editor, I kown it will happen all over again, but it is almost a normal part of life at this point. Ved a dish trig it out Mrs. Tice and Kathy Panchinson pay attention. 121 NEWSPAPER Numerous meetings and photo sessions at the beginning of the year were a sure sign that something was happening. Gloucester, under the leadership of Miss Folk, was trying to again get a newspaper going for the high school. Things looked good at the start, but soon the group began to become disorganized, and the hopes of a newspaper for the school disappeared for another year. CREATIVE WRITING Once again under the happy sponsorship of Mr. Flowe, the creative writing club had a rather quiet year. This year ' s group was rather dormant com¬ pared to previous years. There was no book of writings. However, even with no book, and a small¬ er group, the inspired men and women still exist in today ' s world. f V s A ... 122 FORENSICS Left To Right: John Hassel, Mrs. Flowe, Steve Pittman, Regina Ellis, Veda McMullen, Betty Sue Rowe, James Dudley, and Susan Fary. SCIENCE Left To Right: John Tyson, James Martin, GeorgeStein, George Sweeney, and Steve Simpson. 123 DRAMA President Steve Pittman conducts a meeting. Mr. John Raynes once again led the drama and Thes¬ pian clubs to good year. Al¬ though money was lost on both " Godspell, " and " Ten Nights in a Barroom, " the acting ex¬ perience gained was invaluable. Trouble started right at the beginning of the year, when the department was told no evening rehearsals were pos¬ sible without exit lights. With that, the production, " The Crucible, " went down the drain. " Godspell " also almost fell because of lack of the needed scripts. Even with all these troubles, a good spirit was maintained, and a dozen new Thespians were initiated. 124 TEN NIGHTS IN A BARROOM O ne of the most famous temperance melodramas ever written, TEN NIGHTS IN A BARROOM, was adapted for the musical stage by Fred Carmichael. Using popular folk songs, he created a package that was entertaining yet moralizing. The high school ' s production cul¬ minated four years of work by predominantly senior cast and crew; yet, those they leave behind are a bright star for future years. 125 LOVE After setting high goals for themselves with the new auditor¬ ium, the drama department ma¬ terialized a long planned dream to do the musical " Godspell. " Sixteen of the school ' s most talented students worked for ten weeks to make the production a success. Eighteen hours a week took their toll on the actors and director alike, and sometimes it seemed the show would never make it to opening night. How¬ ever, on December eighteenth, the show opened on schedule with a top-rate performance. When it was all over on the twenty-second, the best show ever to come to Gloucester County closed. Those who missed the show, missed a truly unique experience. ij YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD BACK, BACK!!! Everybody had a great workout! Dramatic effects like this made the show a great technical success. GLOUCESTER H. S. LIBRARY " He ' s got to be kidding; " says Holly, " five numbers in one rehearsal!? " 127 AFS Talent shows, banquets, bake sales, and walk-a-thons--its all part of an AFS ' ers plan to make money. Everyone seemed to be interested in mak¬ ing money, and this year ' s club was no exception. Almost before our AFS student from Turkey, Ayse, had set foot on American soil, plans were un¬ derway to provide the money for next year ' s hosting of an exchange student. The AFS will also send its second student abroad next year. Audrey Miller, after many tests and reviews, will go to France next year on the AFS win¬ ter program. She is the first student to go from Gloucester High School in four years. AYSE 128 BETA CLUB What ' s this??? Who ever heard of Popeye attending school without Sailor Bob? Who is this masked maurader--an undercover agent for the CIA? Nope, its only a new Beta Club member being ini¬ tiated into the club. After being initiated, this new mem¬ ber could then attend the convention in Roanoke, Va. from January 10 and 11, where next year ' s state officers were elected. Then there was the film to be shown at the elementary schools in order to raise money, and already thoughts turned to next year ' s tapping ceremony, and next year ' s initaition 129 SCA The secure ships. When the school body can ' t seem to run itself, the S.C.A. is always there to secure the ship. The S.C.A. consists of one representative from every homeroom, so they can ' t help but hear the suggestions and gripes from everyone. The S.C.A. supplied trash cans for the smok¬ ing area, which were desperately needed. They helped the Special Ed. Class by loaning them money for the school supply store. The club also added a place of relaxation and sunshine when they opened the courtyard to students. All in all, the S.C.A. made G. H. S. a pretty nice place to spend eight hours a day. OFFICERS President: James Dudley Vice President: Mary B. Soles Secretary: Linda Soles Assistant Secretary Genia Brown Treasurer: Donald Dais Parlimentarian: John Hassel Reporter: Andy Brown 130 INTERACT CLUB INTER-CLUB COUNCIL 131 CAMPUS LIFE Campus Life had a very active calendar this school year. The club was organized to help students have a well-rounded life spiritually, physically, and socially. Campus life members worked with all these objectives around concerts, skating parties, bowling parties, and trips. The officers this year were as follows: President; Wesley Jones, Vice-President; Timmy Harris, and Reporter; David Andrews. The club was very large this year, and good partici¬ pation, and the officers are hoping that next year ' s group will be as large and active. 132 THE MOST INTELLECTUAL COURTEOUS NICEST QUIET TALENTED LIKELY TO SUCCEED WITTIEST DEPENDABLE ATHLETIC CUTEST MARY WHITFIELD BETSY WILLIAMS CYTHINIA WILLIAMS CAROLYN NORMAN CAROL BROOKS AUDREY MILLER AUDREY BOOKER LINDA SOLES NORMA KERNS SARAH JONES PETERZAHN ANDY BROWN SCOTT NELMS TIMMY LEIGH WAYNE BERRY JAMES DUDLEY KEVIN MINIS JOHN HASSELL BRIAN BELVIN ROBBIE SINDLE OF 76 133 W ' f f r 5 ft T W fmM BIBLE CLUB FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES Left To Right Mike Hogge Tom Barrett Keith Harris Jim Harris Dean Roby David Morris Andy Corr Norman Hogge Wayne Belvin Bentley Hogge ASSISTANTS P.E Teaching P.E. has been made a little easier with the help of assistants, who are members of the junior or senior classes. These people have volunteered to help in every phase of the physical education pro¬ gram. They may lead one team in games, while the teacher leads the opposing team; they may keep scores, or run errands, but perhaps their bigegst asset is that they give the teacher some free time. Mrs. Fary presents a Library Award to Diane Simmons. 135 CHESS Left To Right, Row 1: George Sweeney, Steve Hunt, Robbie Sindle, Sandy Towell, Nathan Brown, Jim Mar¬ tin. Row 2: Steve Cluvarius, Darel Beckwith, David Andrews, Andy Corr, Edward Dunklee, Mr. Lewis, Mike Hogge, Joe Morgan. Led by Mr. Lewis, this year ' s chess team was one of the best ever. The club itself was large, and this caused a competitive spirit to the eventual improvement of the team itself, which was good. At the end of the season, Gloucester had compiled an im¬ pressive record and had taken the district trophy with ease. Congratulations to the team, and let ' s keep on winning! Paj 1 M ' 1 1 pi B . EW$t. ft ’ft: r f t i Jf$ Left To Right: Row 1: Steve Cluvarias, George Sweeney, Nathan Brown, Gregory Jenkins. Row 2: Robbie Sindle, David Andrews, Mr. Lewis. 136 FHA Both the FHA and the HERO clubs were large this year. The clubs advanced technically because of the new facilities in the school. Miss Cassidy sponsors the FHA, and Mrs. Claybrook sponsors the HEROs. This year also, the two clubs had a banquet to honor outstanding mem¬ bers, and just to get together. HERO 137 F.B.L.A. 4-H Seniors VICA This year, the Gloucester Vocational Industrial Ciub of America did many things for the benefit of the community. The club this year collected toys and clothes for the needy, gave a " gift of beauty, " to Sanders Nursing Home, and had a bake sale to make money for the c lub. FFA 140 ART The art club has had a busy year. Sketching trips, vis¬ iting museums, pot¬ teries, and picnics have all been part of their learning. They have visited com- merical artists, and have tried to be com- merical themselves with an art sale at Christmas. The spon¬ sor is Miss Walker. DANCE GROUP The Soul City Strutters have really kept themselves busy this year. They practice 2 or 3 times a week perfecting their dances. They provided enter¬ tainment for half-time at basketball games, danced for the black history week assembly, and for the cosmetology ' s fashion show. To raise money for the outfits the group wears, the students sponsored a dance. Choreographer Micheal Stokes and his assistant, Denise Berry, plan to keep the Soul City Strutters busy practicing this summer for the Bicentennial Celebration. 141 PEP CLUB Regina doesn ' t look too cheery to me. Raising money seemed to be the only thing that the cheerleaders worried about this year. They sponsored dances, almost anything goes, and the Mr. GHS Pageant to raise money for new uniforms. The cheerleaders were using new moves and cheers this year as they changed to a newer style of cheering. 142 CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: Gale Myers, Angela Motley, Shryl Jackson. Standing: Dale Myers, Betty Sue Rowe, Cheryl Harvey, Gay Heltebran. On Floor: Regina Ellis, Jennifer Hogge, Mary Healy, Yosiko Stokes, Beth Foor, Tammy Pultz, Regina Pollard, Second Row: Debbie Lett, Sandra Byrd, Darrah Jackson. 143 HOMECOMING ..i-- ■,. ' V ' mmiW P| 1 .■ ' V ® | L | pi — 1 Homecoming was, as it always is, a spirited week at Gloucester High. As halls were decorated and floats were built, the excitment of the occasion could not help but spread to the faces of every student. Float and the entire Spirit Week competition were both won by the Seniors. Norma Jean Kerns Gale Myers Janet Shackleford Mary K. Williams Brenda Lemon Bernetta Jackson Homecoming Queen Maid Of Honor Senior Attendant Junior Attendant Sophomore Attendant Freshman Attendant 144 r tpsit The band looking good in their new uniforms. Bicentennial marchers Vernon Green and Vinnie Lee After getting off to a slow start because of rain and quitters, the bnad finally got off the ground and got going. With the introduction of the Michigan State University style of marching, the band was weak since the moves were hard to mas¬ ter. Almost every practice during the first 4 weeks of school was rained on. Some people caught colds, and even more quit. Then, in the middle of September, the band was reorganized. The number of practices were cut down, and so were the extra-long practices. Still plagued with the rain, the band improved to the point where everything looked and sounded good. In November, with a band of only 42 people, the group went to Urbana Oyster Festival and placed second in the tight competition there. This was a sure sign that the band was back to normal, and had finally broken into the new style of marching. ) ) ) ) .) .) J .) ) 1 .) J .) .) .) J .) J 145 Drum Major Peter Zahn W. Lewis Morrison Jr., the man behind it all. BAND First Row: N. Jarvis, K. Richardson, V. Green. Second Row: M. Eley, R. Lemons, R. Demarais, T. Pultz, D. Ray, T. Fary, R. Panchision 146 DRILL TEAM Lfnda Moore, Ann Tillage, Sara Jones, Patti Hicks, Leigh Ann Crossley — Captain, Terry Hockheim, Holly Rich¬ ards, Virginia Walker, Juanita Burse, Janet Shackleford. FLAG TEAM Catherine Voss, Beth DeHardit, Sandra Brooks, Patricia Dixon, Barbara Jackson, Vicke Stefan, Lisa Hall 147 Local Widespread flu . . . Louise Fletcher, Danny Ray ' s aunt, reaches success. School growth . . . Failure rate heads upwards. Tolls removed from bridges. Audrey Miller chosen as ex¬ change student. Forensics Team make First. Student opinion polls cause upsets. Bland Music Contest Betsy Carmine to attend FHA HEROS ' Convention this Summer in St. Louis. Two people finish 75-76 Annual. Indictments take more than their toll. Hockey Team is undefeated. GHS students to perform in Bicentennial Band and Chorus. Girls and Boys State Veda McMullen Danny Ray Kathy Brown Steve Claybrook Cheryl Brown Bentley Hogge One of Baseball ' s Many Money Madnesses—Vida Blue. Charles Manson Patty Hearst found; and found guilty. Karen Ann Quinlan The Hof fa Case CANCER Taxpayers protest about taxes. Gasoline prices . . . Barbara Walters—T.V. ' s million dollar anchor woman. Mary B. Soles, Julie Richards and Brian Lewis chosen for the Governor ' s School For The Gifted. National " Love Will Keep Us Together " , a tune that seemed to stay on the charts . . . Ford ' s Defense Budget The Bicentennium Find World New York—close to defaulting. Nixon ' s Final Days Lockheed Bribes Martha Mitchell dies. Construction of the Drive-In Church. Politics and Peanuts— Jimmy Carter. ERA Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Ford ' s Veto Watergate . . . Movies— " Jaws " , " Barry Lyndon " , " All The Presidents Men " , " One Flew Over The Cuckoo ' s Nest... " Jimmy Carter for President. Gerald Ford " Morris Udal 11 " Ronald Reagan " " Jerry Brown " " Concorde under testing. Herbert Cox " " • • • Indira Gandhi Squeaky From me Malpra ctice Winter Olympics Detente? The End of the Franco Era. Agatha Christie dies. Mood Rings, pet rocks . . . Get your CB radios! " Beethoven Fifth " revised to the " Fifth of Beethoven Spacecraft to explore Mars. Prostitutes hold Conventions. Howard Hughes dies—writes his will. Swine-flue shots? Angola Scandal, not the CIA too? Hays Scandal Return of the TWO DOLLAR BILL. MIXED CHORUS The MIXED CHORUS consists of ninth grade students interested in choir. It serves as both a beginning choral and a general music class. The CONCERT CHOIR consists of tenth grade and above students. The two groups, together, performed in the Spring and Christmas Concerts. Accompanists for the Mixed Chorus are Daryl Wiggins and Shirley West, and Steve Corey for the Concert Choir. Mr. Sandridge is the director for both groups. CONCERT CHOIR 150 AWARDS ASSEMBLY Patti Hicks and George Sweeney receive the Rappahan¬ nock Math Award. Robbie Sindle and Peter Zahn receive awards for their high scores in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Mr. Briggs announces the top ten of 76. Judy Bohannon receives her top ten award. 151 CHORALE’76 The Gloucester High School Chorale reached a new height of fifty members this year. Plagued by toboggans and peanutnut butter cups, they obtained enough money to travel to Fort Defiance, to be visited by the chorale group from Waynesboro, and to hold a banquet honoring the graduating Seniors. MADRIGALS 1st. Row: Veda McMullen, Kathy Claybrook, Carol Brooks, Betsy Williams, Sandra Brooks, Becky Stevens. 2nd. Row: Regina Ellis, Sheri Townshend, Andy Corr, Eddie Dunn- igan. Tommy Pultz, Beverly Laws, Rhonda McCoy. 3rd. Row: Steve Corey, Malvin Washington, Ricky Allen, Anthony Ellis, Thomas Morelond, Kieth Rhea, Bentley Hogge. Sandra, Nan and Connie rehearse with Mr. Sandridge for regionals. REGIONAL First Row Linda Hollomon, Sandra Brooks, Jackie Cottingham, Nan Rowe. Second Row Carol Brooks, Genia Brown, Cindy Trainham, Regina Ellis. Third Row Brian Lewis, Terry Royal, Andy Corr, Ricky Allen, Anthony El I is. WHO’S WHO First Row Genia Brown, Carol Brooks, Jackie Cottingham, Betsy Williams. Second Row Terry Royals, Tommy Pultz, Ricky Allen, Tommy Moreland, Anthony Ellis. 153 WHAT A GAME! Almost Anything Goes At Boy, do I feel dizzy! This is a test of coordination. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL fCDIEMl 1 m £ 4 f ’ f W % ' JflBSF ? | £s The 1975 Gloucester Duke ' s football team. 156 Football was not a hot sport at Gloucester High this year. With a record of nine losses and one win, the Dukes had one of their worst seasons ever. Yet, despite all the disappointments team spirit was high, and some players were out¬ standing. The team had a sharp blow when Tim Hall, the team ' s leading player, was knocked out for the season in an early game. Their only win being against Wind¬ sor, the team had a hard time get¬ ting everything together. Plays were fumbled, kicks blocked, and many other times, the team just could not hold up to the opponents. Gloucester ' s defense works on an opponent. Two players at one of the many cold games. David Tillage punts . . . J At the end of the season, Coach Don Mullins quit his job as head coach after ten years. Next year, there will be a new football coach in Gloucester to bring the team back into contention. And none too soon, because next year Gloucester will be playing in the new York League against tougher teams. Good luck to the team and the new coach, and let ' s hope they work well together. 157 GIRL’S BASKETBALL This year, under the leadership of Ms. Roberta Wiatt, the girl ' s basketball team had a very good season. Some new records were set by the team ' s star senior player, Donnalyn Cooke. Don- nalyn not only set school records, but also set records in the dis¬ trict. She was an all-district selection, and the root of the team for Gloucester. The team itself did very well during the season, only to lose at the end of the season in the tournament. 158 SPORTS FUN! You look like you could use some Gatorade. Ms. Full wood and her horse 159 VARSITY BASKETBALL Left To Right: Micheal Reid, David Morris, Blake Longest, Steve Claybrook, Donnie Brig- man, Kenneth Hazard, Coach Holstrom, Coach Brown, John Donner, Mike Evans, Donald Dais, Bryan Belvin, and William Brown. This year ' s basketball team was a far cry from the team that won no games the previous year. With the takeover by Mr. Holstrom, head coach, the team came alive to post one of its best seasons in years. This year ' s team has no new paragraph definetly come along way, and let ' s hope that in the future, our teams keep progressing. Gloucester hustles against Northampton 160 JV BASKETBALL The year started off right for the J.V. basketball team when they won the first game played in the new gymnasium. This year ' s team didn ' t have a great season, but it was a season which showed the young talent in this group. With basketball teams improving in Gloucester, it looks very good in the future for our school. 161 ★★★ ★★★ Gloucester hustles at the basket. One of the many close jumps. Kenny Hazard shoots . . . 162 GOLF Left To Right: Coach Morgan, Jeff West, Tommy Zwerner, Bob Blanks, Tim Poland, Blake Longest, Gerald Amith, Duane Hogge. Long a source of pride at Glou¬ cester, the golf team finished the season with seven wins and two losses. Several records were set this year including a team record of 326-the lowest score ever shot at GHS. Timmy Poland set the lowest 18-hole score of 68, and the low¬ est 9-hole score of 33. He also has the lowest stroke average of 77. Tommy Zwerner set the low 18- hole record for freshmen at 78. Also this year, Timmy Poland went to both the District and Regional Tournaments. A new sport appeared at Glou¬ cester this year in the form ofwrest- ling. Coached by Mr. Shell, the team began their season in the win¬ ter months. The team finished with a 5 and 9 record and much enthus¬ iasm. WRESTLING 163 INDOOR TRACK First Row: Starnes, Jones, Floyd, Murphree, Rhea, Beckwith, IMorthstein, Second Row: Coach Fratkin, Pryor Rich¬ ards, Brooks, Williams, Hogge, Brown, Robinson, A. Brown Betsy and Julie discuss the condition of their toes. Mr. Fratkin tries his hand at anew indoor sport, in¬ door ping-pong. CROSSCOUNTRY Kneeling Left To Right: Andy Brown, Connie Hogge, David Clements, Standing Left To Right: Phil Murphree, Nathan Brown, Doug Northstein. Pitting themselves against all weather condi¬ tions, the Duke ' s cross country team treked over hill dnd dale. They wrapped up their season at the State cross country meet, running against two hun¬ dred competitors from all over Virginia. The three mile run over the William and Mary course was an unmatchable experience of running against the fin¬ est teams in the state. The record for the team, coached by Mr. Fratkin, was 2 wins and 3 losses. OUTDOOR TRACK First Row: Alden Stearns, Phil Rilee, Mike West, Greg Williams, Betsy Williams, Carol Brooks, Mike Floyd, Keith Rhea, William Brown, Darel Beckwith, and Doug Northstein. Second Row: Franklin Washington, Andy Spurell, Nathan Brown, Janet Matous, Peter Zahn, Julie Richards, Mike Cooper, Adrian Berry, Doug Williams, Phil Murph- ree, and Coach Fratkin. Aided by a new track and new high jump and pole vault pits, the Dukes maintained their superiority in the district in many events. Although the season was not a winning one, in many instances, a few points either way made the diff erence. Two team mem¬ bers, Keith and Donnie Rhea, qualified for the state meet in the pole vault. The team was coached by Mr. Fratkin and Mr. Holstrom. For the first time in several years, the track women at GHS were able to have their own team. Ms. Lucretia Fullwood was coach, and the team traveled with, and competed against the same schools as the boys ' team. Janet Matous, a discus thrower, qualified for the state meet in that event. Getting to Northampton takes quite a while. 166 Keith getting ready to jump. We like our new shoes! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ No, Pm never ready to run. Connie seems to have trouble with a hurdle. 167 THE UNDEFEATED HOCKEY TEAM Standing: T. Edmonds, J. Richards, C. Spence, K. Ray, T. Royals, K. Robins, Y. Brickhouse Senior Players Undefeated this season, the field hockey team was also victorious in spirit. They finished the season with a total of 36 goals. The highest score against them was 2 goals, and they were scored against by only 4 teams. Congratulations Coach Brickhouse and team! 168 Cynthia Williams Kneeling: N C. Williams, Newton, M. Williams, T. Thrift, R. Bonniville N.J. Kerns, D. Clay, C. Lewis | GO TEAM! v - " ' - f M % r w Norma Jean Kerns Tracey Royals 169 First Row: Beth Foor, Pam Fanning, Renee Demarais, Shirley Hardee Lindsay Wilson, Second Row: Kim Walker, Christie Lewis, Connie Hogge, Terri Fanning, Liz Clark, Patti Hicks, Ms. Parrish. Separate from the boy ' s team this year, the girl ' s tennis team was coached by Ms. Parrish. In¬ terested and enthusiastic, the team began building this year. They played against veteran teams and acquired knowledge which only ex¬ perience can teach. The team went on to place second in the district tournament. 170 BOY’S TENNIS First Row: Jim Garrett, Danny Ray, Joe Morgan, Andy Corr, Paul Hayes, Robbie Sindle, Second Row: Coach Johnson, Bert Jordan, Mike Hogge, Steve Bonner, Craig Newman. Backed by a winning season, the boy ' s tennis team attended the district tournament with high hopes. Just narrowly missing first place, the team knew that they had main¬ tained their strong standings in both singles and doubles competition. Also, with only one senior leaving the team, next year ' s team should place very high in the district and even regional competition. Fastest serve in the East? 171 SOFTBALL Ably coached by Ms. Roberta Wiatt, the softball team smashed in runs and upset fly balls. In several of the team ' s games, the girls came from behind to win the game in the last few exciting innings. Alt hough the team ' s record was not outstanding, it was very good, and shows that even in what looks like a hopeless game, a comeback can be made. 172 BASEBALL Finishing with a season of 11 wins and 3 losses, the baseball team lost the district championship to Northampton in the crucial last game. The team played exciting ball, and found that it had a large following crowd. Enthusias¬ tic about next year, the team plans to retain their good form and high image. 173 Wishing each member of the CLASS of 76 great success. GLO-CO REAL ESTATE ARLINES. LANCIA ND Waterfront Lots Farms Homes U.S. Route 17 Hayes, Va. 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Belvin Building Gloucester Point, Va. 23062 Mrs. Emma Walthall Phone: 642-4555 CAROLYN’S SHOP CONVERSE WRANGLER LEVI ' S FRANK P. ASH General Merchandise Achilles, Va. Hayes Plaza Shopping Center 642-2722 FITCHETT’S AMERICAN HARDWARE GLOUCESTER AUTO SUPPLY, INC. Compliments Of POLAND’S SUPERMARKET Gloucester Point, Va. Wholesale—Jobber Exhaust Systems CB Radios Automotive Replacement Parts And Accessories WESTERN AUTO P.O. Box 146 Hayes, Va. 642-5770 DEWEY M. RAGANS Phone:642-2177 Gloucester Pt., Va. Compliments Of RIVER’S INN RESTURANT MIKES TIRE RECAPPING, INC HARRIS GARAGE 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE MR. JAMES HARRIS Hayes, Virginia Arco Gasoline Delta Tires Phone: 642-2980 Ordinary. Va. 23131 TIDEWATER EQUIPMENT COMPANY Telephone: 642-2440 Gravely Tractors Snapper Mowers Power Chain Saws And Tillers Sales And Service Phone:(804) 693-3557 P.O. Box 192 Gloucester, Va. PLAZA PHARMACY INC. Hayes, Virginia 23072 JOHN W. HASTY Pharmacist CHARLES R. DAVIS Pharmacist COMPLIMENTS OF ANDREW-FAULKNER FUNERAL HOME COOK’S OYSTER Formally Bridges Funeral Flome COMPANY Growers And Packers Of High Quality % York River E.N. Cook, Manager Gloucester, Virginia 184 Compliments Of Of Gloucester Inc. Rt. 17 At The Airport 693-4700 m REALTOR SOUTHERN STATES COOPERATIVE, INC. Gloucester Service Gloucester Virginia 23061 C SOUTHERN EEPAEIMENI STORES I THE DONUT CAKESHOP Donuts Of All Kinds And Cakes For All Occasions Phone: 693-4336 White Marsh Shopping Center INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS help you make it in a tough business BROTHERS’ MOTORS, INC. U.S. Rt. 17 Ordinary, Virginia 23131 (804) 642-4413 4357 HEALY‘S CURISOITY SHOP Route 17 Gloucester, Virginia Open Daily 10 A.M. To 5 P.M. Closed Sundays Buy And Sell Phone 693-4333 Ellen Healy—Proprietor CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’76 DUNKLE AND SHEPHERD , INC. GENTLEMEN’S CLOTHIERS TUXEDO RENTALS Gloucester, Va Phone:693-2320 Congratulations Phone: 693-3600 Gloucester, Va. Seniors LAMBERTH BROADDUS AND HALL, INC. ? BUILDING MATERIALS General Electric White Marsh, Va. Appliances And Furniture Zenith TV And Stereo Meet Your Friends At MORGANS DRUG STORE, INC. Compliments Of T. J. THOMAS SONS Rexall Marine And Hardware Sales 1 Edgehill Shopping Hayes, Virginia ' Center Gloucester, Va | PEEBLES SUPPLY CORPORATION OF GLOUCESTER : Wholesale Plumbing [: Heating And Electrical 5 Phone:693-4880 Rt. 17 Gloucester, Virginia AMES Antiques, Old New Glass, Lamps Bric-A-Brac, Used Furniture Appliances INTERIORS GEORGE’S ANTIQUE THRIFTSHOP Buy And Sell George Margaret Black Phone: Day 693-4991 Night 792-5214 Rt. 17 Across From Grant City Gloucester, Va. OWEN AND BLAKESEAFOOD INC. FARINHOLT INSURANCE AGENCY Wholesale Dealers In Oysters Fish And Crabs Gloucester Va 93-C Va. 432 Phone: 693-2131 Route 2, Hayes, Virginia 23072 Compliments Of WILSON’S DISPOSAL SERVICE, INC. GUNNS BODY SHOP, INC. Phone: 693-3350 Gloucester, Virginia Commercial, Industrial Residential Solid Waste Removal Phone:642-4244 Hayes, Virginia WALLACE AND GIRLIE FOODS Edgehill Shopping Center Gloucester, Va. HODGES BRYANT SEABOARD BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC. Plumbing Heating RCA Whirlpool Appliances Charles R. Schroeder, Pres. Oil Burners Service Wayne’s Pumps Edgehill Shopping Center Gloucester, Va. 23061 Gloucester Court House Gloucester, Va. ROBERT W. JORDAN Compliments Of THOMAS CUSHMAN REALTY, INC. REALTOR JORDAN REALTY, INC. Claiborne Hogge P.O. Box 95 Gloucester Point Va Phone: 642-4160 L. F. PHILLIPS SONS INC. Gloucester Point, Virginia 23062 Phone: Office 642-2168 Residence 693-2908 Residence 642-4375 DIXIE AUTO SUPPLY Parts—Supplies—Accessories At Wholesale Prices Rt. 17 Across From The Airport J.B. Smith—Owner And Operator JORDAN’S MARINE SERVICE, INC. SMITH’S WHEEL ALIGNMENT 642-4360 SERVICE A Complete Line Of Marine Telephone: 642-6006 642-4551 Hardware Supplies And Paints Bena, Virginia 23018 12 Ton Marine Lift And 100 Ton RR “YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR GOAL” Gloucester Point, Virginia DEEP SEA VENTURES, INC. Gloucester Point SALUTES THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL PRELUDE TO DAWN Music by Straight Flush One of many Senior couples Queen Laverne Taylor with her bouquet After weeks of waiting, planning, and laboring, the night of May eighth finally ar¬ rived. The commons area was transformed into a " Prelude to Dawn, " and the Junior-Senior Prom began. Beneath glowing blue lights, couples danced to music provide by " Straight Flush. " The Seniors promen¬ aded in, and Laverne Taylor was crowned Prom Queen. The night wore on, the lights grew dimmer, and hair¬ dos fell. Finally, at 12:00, the last song was played, and only the clean-up committee remained. GRADUATION The Class of 76. Mr. Briggs, for their last time, offers needed advice. The president of Madison College, Dr. Ronald E. Carrier, was a guest speaker. fffffffffffwffffff ' l As Denise receives her diploma, she ex¬ periences the feelings of being a Senior. The Band, under the direction of Mr. L. Morrison, provided the music. Looking back at the year that has so quickly passes, Sen¬ iors may tend to get sentimental about their last few days to¬ gether. But their sojourn at Gloucester High was peppered i with growth experiences that became major issues in this election year. Student apathy was the war cry of one enthusi¬ astic Senior who tried anf failed to bring political representa¬ tives into the school. An undfeated hockey team contributed a widly lexciting demonstartion os spirit and esprit de corps when they celebrated their victory in our Commons area with a victory dance. " Jaws " frigehtned us; " Cuckoo ' s Nest " horri¬ fied us, but we celebrated Danny Ray ' s aunt ' s success in that motion pictured. We found that living in Gloucester, even for a short sojourn, can be an exciting experience. We, the student body, say thank you to the taxpayers of Gloucester for our school. ■r 4 , i : Every sojourn has its memories, AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS 198 AUTOGRAPHS I 1 i I ft 3 I I

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