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LINDA D, Patty Hearst, originally thought kid¬ napped by Symbionese Liberation Or¬ ganization, now purported to have joined the group. Streaking is the name of the new craze among the young and young-at heart. Streakers from Columbia University are shown crossing Broadway in New York. Nancy Magennes Kissinger Auto sales hit worst slump ever. Photo My Lai incident behind, former Army Lt. shows surplus cars at Chrysler plant in William Calley is free and seeking Newark, Delaware. anonymity. Banished Soviety writer, Alexander Sol¬ zhenitsyn, welcomed by western world. His tales of Russian concentration camps had previously won Nobel prize. Long-time Arkansas Representative, Wilbur Mills, gains notoriety after inci¬ dent with exotic dancer Fanne Fox. Nelson Rockefeller okayed by legislators for 41st Vice Presidency. ABOVE: Kissinger greeted by Israel For¬ eign Minister Abban Eban at airport in Tel Aviv. BELOW: Kissinger talks with Syrian President, Hafez Assad in Damascus. Muhammed Ali slugs his way back to heavyweight ring royalty with k.o. of George Foreman. Bob Dylan, 60 s folk singer-poet-prophet, returns to stage after 9-year self imposed exile. dL£XdND€R SOLZHENITSYN MILLS MNN€ SP£€D LIMIT 55 M.P.H KISSINGER III MIDG4ST AU GdINS TITLE DOB DYL M CAVALIER 1975 GIOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL GIOUCESTER, VA. 23061 VOLUME XXII Cover Art By: Thomas A. Powell TABLE OF CONTENTS SENIORS 8 SPORTS 110 JUNIORS 38 ORGANIZATIONS 132 SOPHOMORES 50 ADS 176 FRESHMEN 64 SPRING SPORTS 194 ADMINISTRA TION 76 GRADUATION 202 STUDENT LIFE 94 INDEX 212 2 Table of Contents LOOKING UP AND FL YING HIGH 74-75 Introduction 3 Carmen Olivis and Brad Sindle State Forensics Champions In the fall of 1974 the annual staff chose LOOKING UP AND FLYING HIGH as the theme for this annual. We had no way of knowing whether this theme would reflect the events of this year, but we felt spirit was higher than before and were looking forward to a successful year. Despite the losing streak of our most glamorous sport, football, spirits still seemed to be high. However, with a similar season recorded by the basketball squad, spirit seemed to freeze along with the weather. En¬ thusiasm became less apparent. Some of the student body seemed to feel that we were looking up and for¬ ward only to the passing of each day and the end of the year. Even looking up to authority, we thought, wasn ' t desirable. As Mr. Cox knew, some of our looking up and flying high was an effort to disappear beyond the reach of discipline. But there were others of us who looked up to higher aspirations. Many worked hard on homecoming floats and served on stage crews; we memorized hundreds of lines for one-Act plays and musical comedies. We practiced for band concerts and choral concerts; we gave up Saturdays and Sundays to walk for March of Dimes, and we worked nights, to meet deadlines for production. Often, we wished we had been given four arms to help us get the jobs done. Last year ' s annual made the prophecy that we would probably be running this year. Basically, the pro¬ phecy has been realized. Some of us have run from everything and everybody; we have tried to avoid the issues at hand, and we have not stopped to wonder where we were going. Others of us have rim, too. We have worked hard to mold ourselves into scholars, hoping college board scores would reach above 800 to insure our getting into top colleges and universities. And, for most of us, the work was worth it. We know it will prepare us for the future. We have quietly taken responsibility for planning and executing in¬ tramural sports before school, we have planned and worked with communities to make money for dances, band uniforms, concert apparel, and to defray costs of producing an annual. We ' ve won state honors and drawn recognition from the State Department of Education for excellence in drama production. In retrospect, perhaps LOOKING UP AND FLYING HIGH was an appropriate theme either way one wishes to observe his school life. We have been looking up and flying high in search of something that we feel is better. 4 Introduction At times school spirit seemed to be as wilted as these flowers. Marianne Kuster Foreign Exchange Student 0 1 1 1 | • ». 4 fi I i ! f 8 .A II Underclassmen stand as Seniors march in the last time. Introduction 5 One day I might actually finish these jobs. Audrey counts the minutes till the three o ' clock bell rings. 6 Introduction I wish that coach would stop explaining and let us play! A party always helps the day go faster, HENRY LANE WILSON III January 20, 1956—January 21, 1975 Twinkling blue eyes, a yard wide smile, the heart¬ iest hand shake in town. That was Lane Wilson, fun loving, life loving, happy. His friendliness encompas¬ sed the whole world. Lane was a wonderful person. In spite of health problems that plagued him from birth, he had courage and a strong will to live just for his friends. Because he was a likeable guy with a terrific sense of humor and no self pity, he was one of us. He was unselfish and he was always worried about somebody else. The young man preferred not to mention his ill health and with the help of his friends he was able to work, play, laugh, and live a good life. His strong will to live showed all of us just how precious life is. Lane accepted us all as we were and met us, and life straight on. He steered a gallant course all the way to home port. He taugnt us not to take life for granted. He will not be forgotten; we loved him. “Brave tempus aetatis satis tempus longun non est ad bene honesteque vivedum. ” Henry Lane Wilson III 7 Ruth tries to decide the best way to get past Mr. Cox. OFFICERS Leann Deal—President, Keith Belvin—Vice-Pres., David Morgan--Trea., Sally Fary—Sec., Earl Reid—Hisotiran. SENIORS Only 4 more weeks till graduation. With thoughts already turned toward that long awaited day of graduation, the senior class showed their spirit early in the year. Taking nearly all first places during home¬ coming week, they worked hard for the spirit stick, and their efforts were rewarded at the end of the week. Throughout the year, the class retained their spirits, but occasionally sagged under the pressure of college boards and achieve¬ ment tests. But finally the long waiting period ended as more and more seniors received their acceptance letter in the mail. Tensions lifted, and having made that first decisive step about which college to attend, the seniors seemed quite capable of conquering the world. They only awaited their final day of glory, complete with caps, gowns, and diplomas. You never know what seniors will be up to. I wonder if I could get by with skipping? EXIT—Class of ' 75 Seniors 9 1 l h JrM. -J J hZ : «• « " o y .Ml . ' ,X m w Seniors Smile! Gayle models the latest thing from gay Brad’s poor VW is sabotaged again! Australia. I wonder if Perri is after my milk or my body? I wonder if Brad would mind sharing his milk with me? Physics is so exciting! Smile Carmen, this picture ' s goin in! Wendell Keith Belvin " Bo " SCA 9,10,11 V-Pres. 12; Baseball 9,10; 4-H 9,10; Pres; Pep Club 9,10,11; Interact 10,11,12; Drama 10; A.F.S. 12; CLASS 12, Pres. Maurice Alonzo Berry 4-H 9,10; Pep Club 9, 10, 11,12; Choir 9,10,12; J. V. Basketball 9; V. Basketball 10,11,12; FFA 9,11,12. Kathy Suzanne Bonniville 4-H 9; FHA 10; Hero 11; Bible Club 11; Hero-plan committee 12; Pep Club 1 2; Bible Club 12. Avis Berry Donald Berry FFA 11; Vica 12; Deborah Diane Blevins " Blebby Devins " Marching Band 9,10.11,12; Concert Band 9, 10, 11; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Newspaper 9,10,11; Drama 9,10; Creative Writing 9,10,11; Annual Staff 9,; Chorale, sec.- treas. assistant 12. Clyde Keith Bohannon " Keith " 4-H 9; Baseball 10; FFA 12 . 12 Seniors Let me at him! Shirlee Ann Bonniville 4-H 9,10,11,12; FHA 9; Hero 10,11,12 vice pres., plan committee; Pep Club 10,11,12; Bible 9,10, 11 , 12 . Debra Anne Boulier Drama 9; Bible Club 10 Charles William Bridges III " Chuck " March Band 9,10,11, 12; Concert Band 9,10,11,12; Jazz Rock Ensemble 9,10, 11,12; Regional Band 11, 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; Wind Ensemble 12. Patricia Spence Brown " Patti " 4-H 9,10; Newspaper 11; Creative Writing ii, 12; Power Puff 11,12. Velda Brown " Vel " David Burnette " Dave " Soccer 9; Pep Club 9,10, 11,12; V. Club 10,11; 4-H 9,10; Football 10, 11,12, co-cap; Track 10; SCA 10; Baseball 11,12; AFS 12; Gym Ass ' t 11, 12. Eddie Leo Burse Jr. " Junior " JV Football 9; SCA 9; FFA 9,10; Track 10,11, 12; ICT 12; V-Football 10 , 11 , 12 . Me? Drunk? Ridiculous! Seniors 13 Wanda Yvonne Carmine FHA 9, 10; Pep Club 9; Baseball scorekeeper 10. Randall Ash Carr " Randy " Band 9,10,11,12; Dance Band 9,10, 11,12; Brass Ensemble 10; Wind En¬ semble 12. Wayne Powell Chapman " Tank " J.V. Football 9; FFA 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 12; V. Football 10,11,12. Robin Clay 4-H 9 pres. 11,12; March Band 9; Concert Band 9; TAR 9,11,12; Gymnastics 9; Forensics 9,11; SCA 11,12; Girls State 11; Sci¬ ence Club 11; Who ' s Who 11; Beta 11,12. Robert Claybome " Chip " FFA 9,10,11, 12; Choir 12 . Verona Alease Clayborne " SIS " Basketball 9,10, 11; Soft- ball 9, 10, 11; 4-H 9,10, 11; Pep Club 10; Varsity- Club 10; Choir 10; Hero ' s 12; Gym Ass ' t 12; Drama 10 . Sandra Kay Coates FHA 9,10,11, vice pres, 12 pres. James Cox " Jimmy " Larry Wardell Combs Football 9; J. V. Basket¬ ball 9; 4-H 9; Pep Club 9; FFA 10,11,12. Perrien Fowler Cox " Perri " SCA 9; Spanish Club 10; Science Club 11; Con¬ cert Band 10; Wind En¬ semble 12. Nancy Donnalynn Cooke " The Black Goddess " 4-H 9,10,11; Drama 9, 10; Hockey 9; Varsity Club 9,10; Pep Club 9, 10,11,12; Basketball 10, 11,12, Co-capt; Softball 11; Hero ' s 12. Leann Ruth Deal Marching Band 9,10,11, 12; Concert Band 9,10,11, 12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Class V. Pres. 9; Bible Club 9,10 sec., 11,12; SCA 11,12; Beta 11, 12; Interact 10,11,12; York All-County Band 9; Re¬ gional Band 10; Who ' s Who 11; Girl ' s State 11; Class Pres. 11, 12; AFS 12. Brian Dennis Dunnigan Bible Club 9,10,11,12; Indoor Track 10. Bobby Floyd investigates the art of sleeping Seniors 15 Paulette Charlene Durham FHA 9; 4-H 9 , 10; Drama Club 10; Drama Dance Group 10. Alice Sindle and Olivia Farinholt Faye Edwards Pep 9-10; J. V. Cheer. V. Cheer. 11; AFS 11; FPIA 10; Drama 9-11; Creative Writ. 11; 4-H 9-11; Bible 10; Choir 11, 11; Chorale 12. Gina Ellis 4-H 9,10,12; Pep Club 9, 10; Track 9. I Ivan Lynn Etheridge Drama Club 10; Pep Club 10 , 11 . Betsy Marie Fanning Bible Club 9, 10; Libarary Asst ' s 11,12. Oran Herbert Farinholt II " O.H. " Marching Band 9,10,11, 12; Concert Band 9,10,11, 12; Pep Club 9,10,11; Dance Band 9,10,11,12; Pep Band 10, 12; 4-H 9, 10,11,12; Brass Emsemble 9,10,11,12; Wind Em¬ semble 12; Senior Cheer. 12; Drama Club 11,12. Sally Virginia Fary J. V. Cheer. 9,10; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; V. Cheer. 11,12 Co-capt; Girls Track 10; Mixed Choir 10; Class Rep. 10; FTA 10; Interact 11, 12; Sec.; Beta 11,12 sec; Sci¬ ence Club 11; Class Treas. 11; Class Seer. 12. 16 Seniors Sakina Yvonne Foster " Tina " 4-H 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; FHA 9, 10; Drill Team 10,12. Tyra Denise Foster " Ty " FHA 9,10,12; 4-H 9,10, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; Drill Team 10,12. Evelyn Sue Gilley " Sue " Drama 9,11, 12; Thespian 12; Creative Writing 12. Cathelyn Gant Grant " Cathe " 4-H 9,10,; J.V. Cheer. 9,10; Pep Club 9,10;SCA 9,10; FBLA pres. 12; Ms. FBLA 12; Homecoming Attendant 10; FTA 10; Class pres. 10; Office Ass ' t 10; Guid. Ass ' t 12. Joan Marie Greene 4-H 9, 10; Office Ass ' t. 11; Bussiness Office Ass ' t. 12 . Barbara destine Grimes " Barb " 4-H 9; Class Pres. 9; Bible Club 9; Pep Club 9,10, 11 , 12 . Mary Lynne Hall FHA 9,10; Tres.; Pep Club 9,10; Gym Assistant 10, 11; Girls Field Hockey 11; Office Asststant 12; Drama 12; AFS 12; HERO 11,12. Michael Emory Haynes " Haynes " March. Band 9, 10,11, 12; Concert Band 9,10,11,12; Dance Band 9,10,11,12; Pep Band 9,12. Cheryl Ann Hogge Office Ass ' t. 9,10; Bible Club 9,10,12; Drama 9, 10, 12; Library Club 9; Choir 9; Pep Club 9,10, 12; Chess 10; Chorale 12; FHA 12; Annual Staff 12; Newspaper 9. Louise Faye Hogge " Louise " March. Band 9; Concert Band 9; Bible Club 9,10; 11, sec. 12; Pep Club 9, 10; AFS 10 V. Pres. 11, 12; FTA 10; Beta 11, 12 Treas; Interact 11,12; Class Secretary 11; Mor¬ gan Citizenship Award 11; Jr. Science and Hum. Sym. 11. Will June ever get here? Anthony Lynn Higgins " Bubba " Golf Team 9,10,11; In¬ door Track 9,12; SC A 10,11; FCA 11,12. Linda Darnell Holmes " Shorty " FHA 9,10; Pep Club 9, 10,12; 4-H 9,10,12; SCA 12 . Alvin Howard 4-H 9; V. Basketball 10, 11; V. Football 11; V. Baseball 10; SCA 11. Cynthia Gail Jenkins " Cindy " Cheer. 9,10,12; 4-H 9, 10,11,12; Pep Club 9, 10,11,12; HERO ' S Parli- mentarian 12; FBLA 12. Karen Conner: " The girl with the hair! " Melody Hope Hudgins " Mel " Bible Club 10; Art Club 12 . Vicky says, " this French is to hard to swallow " Kathy Jenkins Seniors 19 Linda Lee Johnson " Lin " Chess Club 10,11,12. Sarah LeeAnn Jones " S S.T3L H 4-H 9,10, 11; Pep Club 9, 10,11; FHA 9,10,11; Sci¬ ence Club 9; Drama 9,10, 12; Drill Team 10, 12; co- capt. Concert Choir 12. Alvin ' s always picking on someone. Sandra Jill Jordan Cheer. 9,11; Powder Puff 9,12; 4-H 10, 11, 12; Chor¬ us 9; Drama 10, 11, 12; AFS 11; Pep Club 10,11; Guid. Ass ' t. 10; Home¬ coming Attendant 11; Homecoming Maid-of- Honor 12; Office Ass ' t. 10 . Lillian Reid Kirkland Pep Club 9,10, 11; 4-H 9; Drama 9,10; FTA 10; AFS 10, 12; Annual Staff 11, 12 Layout Ed; SCA Court of Appeals 12. Susan Blair Kirtley " Percy " 4-H Sec. Tres. 9, V. Pres. 10,11,12; Hockey Team 9; FTA 10; FBLA 11,12; Powerd Puff Foot¬ ball 11,12; Pep Club 9. 10, 11; Drama 9,10, 11,12. 20 Seniors Clarice Lacy Knight " Lacy " Drama 9,10, 11; Pep Club 11,12; V. Cheerl. 12; FBLA Reporter 12. David B. Kurtz FFA 9,10,11,12; 4-H 9, 10,11,12 All Star. Marianne Kuster AFS 12; Drama 12; News¬ paper 12; Beta 12. Gayle gloats over the secret knowledge found in a banned English book. Paul Lamb don David Leigh Marching Band 9,10; Con¬ cert Band 9; FFA 11; V. Football 12. Ruth Loveland Rose Ann Machie Pep Club 9,12; Bible Club 9,11; French Club 10; Beta Club 11, V.Pres. 12; Cheer. 12; Homecoming Queen 12. Judith Temple McConnell " Temple " Workshop Chorus 9; Hoc¬ key 10,11 co-capt., 12; Choir 10; Cavalier Staff— Copy Editor 11,12 Editor- in-Chief; Pep Club 11, 12; Choral 12; Powder Puff 11, 12. Stanley Brown McMullen Jr- " Jr. " Marching Band 9,10, 11, 12; Concert Band 9,10, 11,12; SCA 9,10,11,12 president; Pep Band 11, 12; Literary Club 9; Pep Club 10,11; Jazz Rock 10,11, 12; Interact Club Treas¬ urer 11, 12; Science Club 11 vice pres; Debate Team 12; Debate Club 12; Who ' s Who 12. Hardy Lewis Miller " Miller " FFA 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; 4-H 9, 10, 11,12; SCA 9; ICT 12 . David Russell Morgan Pep Club 9; Football 11, 12; Class Treasurer 12. 22 Seniors Stephen Dale Motley " Steve " Vic a 12; French Club 10; V. Football 9,10; Track 9,10. William Morgan " Bill " Newspaper 9, 10; Pep Club 9,10; Chess 9; Beta 11, 12 Pres; Baseball 11; Sci¬ ence Club 11; Annual 11, 12; Debate 11, 12; ICC 12; Interact 12; SCA 12; NP 12; AFS 12. Linda M. Nalley Drama 9, 10,12; AFS 9, 10; Art Club 12. Barbara Gayle Morgan " Gayle " Newspaper 9; Creative Writing 9,10,11,12; March. Band 9; Concert Band 9,10,11,12; J.V. Cheer. 9,10; AFS 11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Class Tres. 10; Varsity Club 11; Drama 11,12; Beta 11,12; V. Cheer. 11,12 co-captain. Kim have you turned in Notehand lessons 10-92? Charles Folkes Oliver " Trot " Drama 11; 4-H 11; Vica Club 12. Carmen Regina Olivis ' ' Bunny " SCA 9; Creative Writing 9,10,11, 12; SCA 10; FTA 9,10, 11; Morgan Citizen¬ ship Award 9; Forensics 10,11,12; Art 12; Class Reporter 12. Benjamin Franklin Perrin " Benny " JV. Basketball 10; Pep Club 12. Seniors 23 Barbara Alice Peters Drama 10,11; FBLA 11; Beta 11,12; Pep Club 11; F.H.A. 12. Thomas Ambrose Powell Jr. " Tommy " Outdoor Track 10, 11,12; Indoor Track 11, 12; Pep Club 11; Cross-Country Track 12; Annual Staff 12; A.F.S. 12; Art 12, Tres. Roland Brown Rainier Jr. " R.B. " Vic a 12, Secretary. Earl Thomas Reid " Tommy " 4-H 9,10,11; FFA 10,11; Drama 11; Art 12; Pep Club 12; SCA 12; Class Historian 12. Clifford Lee Riddett " Cliff " 4-H 9,10,11; Chess 9; Float Comm. 10,11,12, Co-Chairman; Prom Comm 11; Vica 12, re¬ porter; ICT 12. Margaret Ann Robins Office Assistant 10,11. William Thomas Riley " Bill " Concert Band 9; Track 9, 10,11,12; Interact 9,10, 11 VP, 12 Pres; V. Foot¬ ball 10,11,12 cap.; J. V. Basketball 10; Basketball 11,12; Bible Club 10,11, 12; Drama 10; Varsity Club 10, 11; Forensics 11, 12; Chorale 12, Pres; SCA Tres. 12; Boy State 12; Who ' s Who 12, Regional Choir 12; All Va. Choir 12 . Don ' t you dare! Diane Lyons Robinson Joanie Rowe SCA 9; Pep Club 9, 10; FHA 10; Annual Staff 11, 12; Ass ' t Editor; RCSC 11; SCA 12; Court of Ap¬ peals Judge 12; AFS 12. Karen Elaine Roy J.V. Cheer. 9; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; 4-H 9,10; Drama 9,10,11,12; Drill Team 11,12; Powder Puff 11 , 12 . Harry Saulman Marlyn Savage Pamela Lee Schuster " Pam " Drama 10,11,12; A.F.S. 12 . Michael D. Sears me, my Poly-Grip Isn ' t working. Seniors 25 Theresa Shook Nelson Beta Club 11,12. Alvin Mathew Spencer " Al " Pep Club 9,10,11 V.P. 12 Pres; Marching Band 9, 10,11, 12; Concert Band 9,10, 11,12; Float Com. 9,10,11,12, Co-Chair; 4-H 10,11.12 Pres, All Star; Drama 10,11, 12; Thespian 11, 12; Office Ass ' t 11, 12; Annual Staff 11,12 Typing Editor; AFS 11, 12 Sec; 11; FBLA 11, 12 Pari; 11; Powder Puff Cheerleader 11,12; Authur Streagle Memorial Award 12; ICC 12. Brad Thomas Sindie Concert Band 9,10,11,12; March. Band 9,10,11; Drama 11; Dance Band 10, ll,12;PepBandll, 12; Citizenship Award 9; Sci¬ ence Club 11; Boys State 11; Who ' s Who 11; News¬ paper Bus. Man. 12. Jo Anne Smith " Jo " FHA 9; Pep Club 9,10; Hero ' s 10, 12, Reporter; 4-H 9,10; SCA 12. Michael Hayes Stokes " Mickle " 4-H 9,10, 12; Pep Club 9,10,12; Drama 9,10; Soul Generation 9,10; Office Ass ' t 9. Maxwell Brown Strigle " Brown " Marching Band 9,10, 11, 12; Concert Band 9, 10,11, 12; Jazz Rock Ensemble 9,10,11,12; SCA 9,10, 11 , 12 . 26 Seniors Marie smiles at the thought of dissecting dear Mr. Brown. Lany Teagle Seniors conqured all during Spirit Week. Robin Lynn Trevilian Pep Club 9,10; Hero Vice President 10. Marie Bernadette Tyson Dand 9; Bible 9, 10, 11, 12 Sec, ; Chorale, Acc; FTA 9; AFS 10, 11; Pep Club 11; Regional Chor¬ us 12. Gretchen Leona Underkofler 4-H 10; Drama 10; Hero 12 . Brenda Walker " Bren " 4-H 9; FHA 10; Drama 11; Pep Club 12; Hero 12. Richard Clark Walker " Chet " FFA 9,10,11; Soccer 9; J.V. Basketball 9; J.V. Football 9; Football 10; Pep Club 9,10, 11; SCA 9; 4-H 9,10,11; Vica V. Pres. 12. irouna mis piaue, yuutdu L our ear without somebody taking a 27 Karen Lawson Ward Class Sec. 9; AFS 10,12; 4-H 9,10, 12; Science 12; Beta 12; Bible 12. Carolyn Ann West Bible Club 12; Powder Puff 12. Teresa Ilene Wass Annual Staff 12; AFS 12; Pep Club 12; Powder Fuff 12 . Elizabeth Anne West " Lizzie " Bible 9,10,12; FPIA 9; Pep Club 9,10; 4-H 9; Hero 10,12; Choral 10, 12 . Kimberly Jo Walthall ;, Kiin " Girls Basketball 9, 10 co¬ cap, 11 co-cap, 12 co¬ cap; Pep Club 9,10,11, 12; Valuable Player 10; All District 12; SCA 9; AFS 9; Softball 10; Var¬ sity Club 11. Gale Russell West Choir 11; Chorale 12; Hero 12. ■ Richard West " Ricky” Baseball 9; V. Football Man. 10; V. Basketball 11,12; F.C.A. 11,12 V. Pres; Bible 11,12. Who dat, dat say, who dat, When I say who dat? Patricia Ward " Pat " FHA 10; Hero 11,12; Sec. Teresa West FHA 9; 4-H 9,10; Pep Club 9, 10; Softball 10; Bible 10,12 Sec; Hero 10, 12 Sec. Pamela Lynn Warthen " Pam " Choir 9,10; Creative Writing 12; Drama 12; Art 12. Jonathan Tenothy Whitcomb " J. T " Interact 9,10,11,12; SCA 9,12; Varsity Club 10; Pep Club 9,10, 11; J. V. Basketball 10; V. Base¬ ball 10, 11,12; V. Bas¬ ketball 11,12; Science 11; AFS 12; Who ' s Who 12 . Patricia Diane West " Diane " Powder Puff 11,12; Hero 12 . William Clayton White " Billy " Chess Club 9,10; 4-H 9, 10 , 11 . Ronny Wilson Elsie Jane Dunston FHA 9,12; Hero 12; Pep 9; Libary Ass ' t 12. Donald Berry FFA 11; Vica 12. Donald Mark Taylor " Donnie " 4-H 9,10,11; FFA 9,10,11; Football 12. Alfred Lewis Harris Football 9; V. Football 10,11,12. Herbert Hamilton Thrift, Jr. " Penguin " Bible 9; FCA 11; Indoor Track 11,12; Outdoor Track 11,12; Soccer 12; Cross Country 12; Art Club 12; FTA 12 . I wonder if he ' ll turn his back long enough for me to sneak out? Wilma Roxann Hall " Roxie " FHA 9,10; Bible 9,10,11,12; Pep 9,10,11,12; Crea¬ tive Writing 10,11; FTA 10; Hero ' s 12. John Harris " Allen " J.V. Football 9; FFA 9; V. Football 10, 11,12; Pep 10; Drama 12. 30 Seniors These new English classes are terrific! Alvin Spencer, Class trouble maker. Calvin Lenwood Evans 4-H 9; Indoor Track 10; Pep Club 10; Basketball 12. Scott Bruce Allen Football 11. Jerry Dean Gilley " Rabbit " Scott Ambrose Edmonds Drama 10,11,12; V. Football 11,12. co-cap. FCA 11,12; SCA 11,12; Thespian 11,12. Dorothy Hughes Coyle " Dotty " Drama 9,10, 12; Thespian 10,12; AFS 10,12; Creative Writing 12. Karen Conner Creative Writing 9,10,12; Newspaper 9,10,12, Editor; AFS 12. Vernon McDaniel " Buzzy " 4-H 9; Football 9; FFA 9,10,11,12. William Hoyt Carr, Jr. " Rebby " Spanish Club 10; Drama 10,11; Creative Writing 11. Actually, I firmly believe . . . Seniors 31 Fannie Monette Holmes " Nett " 4-H 9, 10, 11; Drama 10, 11; Flag Team 10, 11; Hockey 9. Drama 9, 10. George Edward Mowry Jr. " Ed " Alan Dale Harvey " Dale " Chess Club 9; 4-H 10; Baseball 10. Warren Keith Healy " Keith " Pep Club 9, 10; Baseball 9, 12; V. Football 11, 12; Drama 11. I hope I didn ' t leave any fingerprints on the door knob. Brian King Hutchinson Football 9; Spainish Club 10; Drama 12. Ruth Lee Hunt Tennis Team 11; Newpaper 12. Mary Ann Hudgins Pep 9, 10, 12; 4-H 9; Drama 9; FBLA 11, 12, Sec; AFS 12. STOP, STOP, STOP 32 Seniors If he doesn ' t get out of here with that camera, I ' ll kill him. Pam dreams of last weekend and remembers it ' s only four more days till Friday. Seniors 33 CLASS OF 1975 L 0 UISE HOGGE VALEDIC TO RIAN LEANNE DEAL SAL UTA TO RIAN GA YLE MORGAN BILL MORGAN SALLY FA RY KAREN WARD ROSE MACHIE ROBIN CLAY BRO WN STRIGLE THERESA S. NELSON SUE GILLEY BRAD SINDLE BARBARA PETERS TERESA WASS TOP TEN PERCENT 34 Top 10% Hubba Hubba Wow, I ' ve never seen a substitute like that before! CLASS OF 75 Biology class is so much fun! Do what? Seniors 35 GRADUATION The Class of 1975. Mr. Briggs talks to the Seniors prior to giving them their diplomas. Leanne Deal, Salutatorian recieves her diploma. 36 Graduation The combined choirs look on as their friends graduate. Graduation 37 At Last! We made it! 74- 75 RAISES THE SPIRIT OF 76 _ THE JUNIORS (SHOULD HAVE) WON! TEE-HEE! Mr. Flowe didn ' t realize what he was getting into when he agreed to be Junior Class Sponsor. With the Ring Dance and the Junior-Senior Prom to sponsor, monetary problems seemed insurmountable. However, in the fall of the year, money began to arrive by the case--in the form of lightbulbs. Sales went well, but even in early March, a few strag¬ glers could be seen trying to bring " light to the world " . November arrived and with it the rings. On November 7th, juniors gathered for the annual Ring Dance. Anticapation increased as,the time grew near for the rings to be dis¬ tributed. In a few moments it was all over--the applause, the smiles, and the congratu¬ lations--but the rings remained. With February nearly over, junior thoughts turned to the Prom. Excitement grew and volunteers came in numbers to assist. It was the hope of every junior that their Prom would prove to be the most memorable in the history of GHS. 38 Juniors YOU CAN ' T HAVE ANY! JUNIORS STOP MUNCH OUT! THE RUSSIANS ARE Ricky Allen Saundra Adams Barbara Asbury Robert Bartly Cindy Baumgardner Brian Belvin Carlette Belvin Denise Berry Victor Berry Wayne Berry Robert Blanks Audrey Booker Tabb Bridges Vicki Bristow Carol Brooks Andy Brown Genia Brown Gerald Brown Debbie Brumfield Clyde Burdick Nancy Burrell Juanita Burse Toby Calloway Charles Carter Patrick Carter Vanessa Carter Kathy Castellow Liz Clark Barbara Claybone Debra Claybone Diane Clements David Cooper Jackie Cottingham Nan Cox Kathy Crigger Liegh Ann Crossley Carol Brooks, Majorette preforms during half-time. Donald Dais Betty Ann Daniel Nancy Danner Debra Diggs David Dixon James Dudley Charles Dunston Billy Dutton Anthony Ellis Susan Fary Denise Fields Mike Floyd Lionel Foster Paul Gam ache Wise Gardner Edgar Gregg Don Grice Alma Griffin Richard Hall Wayne Hall Bobby Hamilton David Hamn Lou Ann Harrell Brian Harris Steve Hogge David Holleran Cheryl Hudgins Dean Hudgins Marcella Hudgins Sammy Hudgins David Hungate Audrey Jackson Barbara Jackson Karen Jarvis Debra Jenkins Julie Jessie Phyllis Jobe Norma Kems Michael Keys Kenn Lang Beverly Laws Len Lawson Barry Leigh Tim Leigh David Lewis Nancy Lewis Carol Lilly Tammy Little Blair Soles adds the last minute touches to the float. Blake Longest Connie Hogge urges her brother, Bently on to victory. Gerald Livingston Joseph Marshall Tim Martin Buster Mattox Jannet Mezger Sharon Millen Audrey Miller Dinah Miller Linda Millwood Kevin Minis Tommy Moreland Terri Morey Linda Moore Thersa Moore Phil Murphee Robert Myers Scott Nelms Carolyn Norman Kevin Oliver Hazelle Olivis Sandra Owens Robert Panchision Caroline Parlett Nancy Peters Stewart Picardat Steve Pittman Timmy Poland Susan Powell Tommy Pultz Joyce Reckrey Keith Rhea Connie Rhodes Holly Richards Dawn Riggan Betsy Robins Williams Robins Susan Robins Tracy Royals Vanessa Robins Betty Rowe Who knows watt Mr. Flowe is hiding behind all these boxes. Nan Rowe Terry Royals Kim Scott Tom Scott Janet Shackelford Ronnie Shackelford Sharon Shook Dianne Simmon Robbie Sindie Thomas Slaughter Alice Smith Dennis Smith Pam Smith Blair Soles Bruce Soles Linda Soles Fred Sparks Phillip Stafford Cindy Stahl Janice Steams Deborah Stefan Garland Stevens Robert Stubbefield Sharon Thompkins Ann Tillage David Tillage Tony Tillage Kathy VanGieson Kenny Walker Virginia Walker Dot Walton Malvin Washington Bernard West James West Donna White Patricia White Hosier Whitfield Mary Whitfield Cheryl Wiggens Roberta Wilkins Betsy Williams Cynthia Williams Roddy Williams Susan Williams Kenny Wilson Teresa Wright Mary Wyatt John Yu Peter Zahn Bemadete Chapman Patrica Dixon Candy Clark Juniors show their spirit. Kathy Kellum Tom Scott Robert Stphens Chris Strong Tony Johnson 4 - Angeline Howard Ronnie Jessen James Dudley looks at things from all angles. Juniors just love to show off their new rings. Bennet Wood Greg Wyatt That Mrs. Isner thinks we understand this stuff! CLASS OFFICERS: Jackie Cottingham, Vice- President; Anne Tillage, Secretary; Genia Brown, President; Teresa Moore, Treasurer. Ypur ' e asking me? Yeas, Dawling. What can I do for ya? Now if I connect this to that Blair should go up in smoke. What the . . ? Juniors 49 Hey, Sheila! With one year of high school under their belts, the sophomore class ar¬ rived the first day of school quite sure of themselves. Hopes and class spirits ran high the beginning of the year. A valiant effort was made to win the hall competition during Homecoming Week. The class suffered a few disappointments this year, among them being a Holly Ball dance which failed to materialize. However, with most emphasis placed on earning money and still facing the question of a Prom and a Ring Dance, the class members felt they had many decisions to make, much work ahead of them, and no time to feel sorry about plans that fell through. 50 Sophomores I have the right to remain silent It didn’t take Michelle Hogge long to realize study halls are for sleeping. What am I doing here? CLASS OF 77 I ' d better get rid of this stuff before the dogs get down here. Oh, Lord have mercy, what did I just eat? Sophomores 51 Tammy Almond David Andrews Scott Bartley Wally Williams puts HIS Brain Together Karen Beckelic Darel Beckwith Adrian Berry Darrel Berry Jackie Blackman Kevin Bohannon Janet Bonniville Roberta Bonniville Cynthia Bright Hortense Brooks Tabitha Booker Tony Brookins Jackie Brooks Cheryl Brown Jackie Brown Kathy Brown William Brown Celesta Bruton David Bunting Clarence Burrell Michael Burrell Betsy Carmine Gina Carmine Lynn Carmine Wendy Carr Teresa Carter William Carter Lee Chattin Jean Clay Steve Claybrook David Clements Ricky Clifton Brenda Coates Richard Coates Peggy Coberley Stanley Cook Scott Cumow Ronald Davis Lucia Deel Ron Demarais 1 Can Carmine comprehend? John Donner Susan Doudy Kathleen Driver Edward Dunklee Eddy Dunnigan Hattie Dunston Dorothea Dutton Warren Newton Melvin Nolan Mike Eley Donald Emerson Robert Emerson Robert Epp Micheal Evans Wray Evans Kenny Ewell Teri Fanning Timmy Fary Jane Field Marcia Field Howard Fletcher Kent Forrest John Foster Rosevelt Foster Shirley Foster Ann Foyle Allen German Paul Goff Donnie Goode Royal Gordon Carey Green Vernon Green LuAnn Hall Sandra Hall Tim Hall Charles Hardy Arthur Harles James Harrell Butch Harris Ernest Harris Cheryl Harvey Chris Hassell Robin Hasty Kenneth Hazard Robert Healy Darwin Heerott Jerry Helbiy Ronald Hicks Bentley Hogge Donna Hogge Mark Hogge Michele Hogge Norman Hogge Carolyn Holland Sheri Van Gieson wonders: Would my own mother turn me in for skipping? Sophomores 55 His eyes how they twinkled so gay! Leroy J ackson Shryl Jackson Judy Jarvis Breta Jenkins C arolyn J enkins Eddie Jenkins Gregory Jenkins Judy Jenkins Tommy Jessie Melva Johnson Thomasine Johnson Valerie Jones Harriet Jordon Bill Kirkland Robbie Kerns James Kellum Connie Keener Vickie Lawler Jonathan Ladd Mike Long Bret Lawson Pricilla Lemon Ricky Lemons Billy Lett Brian Lewis Shelia Lolis Marguerite Marsh Linda Marshall Rhonda McCoy Randy McDaniel Elton McLamb Veda McMullen Arthur Miller Lauria Moore Linda Moore Teresa Moore Vickie Morgan David Morris Wade Moses Angela Motley Gene Murphree Verne Musante Dale Myers Gale Myers Allan O ' Neil Robert Otterson Donna Owens Mike Parker Olin Phillips David Poffenberger One never knows what one will find on Sophomore hall Shelia Poland Bruce Pollard Melanie Powell Vanessa Pryor Kenney Ramsey Michealene Randall Shelia Randall Joey Ranier Danny Ray Micheal Reid Dale Rhode Julie Richards Kenny Richardson Stuart Richardson Diana Ridout Judy Rush Timmy Rowe Michael Rowe Daisy Robinson Martin Robins Gale Rilee Jackie Rigler Dale Schaper Debbie Schlichnmayer Theresa Setterholm Linda Sheperd Samuel Shin Yu Julie Shreves Ellen Simmons Alma Smith Carla Smith Donnie Smith Nelson Smith George Sweeney Patricia Strickland Robin Stokes Cecilia Stokes Dawn Stein Mile Sterling Candy Sterling Taylor Smith Marlin Smoker Mary B. Soles Pamela Sparks William Steele Beth Sterling Cynthia Taylor Dianne Taylor George Thomas Larry Thomas Robert Thompkins Sandy Towell Love Is ... . Cindy Trainham Marty Turner Denise Walker Loretta Ward Sophomore Hall. Oletha Washington Bill Watson Barbara Arm West Darlene West Linda West Lorraine West Ricky West Virginia West William West William West Heather Whann Daryl Wiggins Glen Wilkins David Williams Martha Williams Mary Katherine Williams Mary Kay Williams Roger Williams Tina Williams Wally Williams Darlene Wilson Denise Wilson Cynthia Bright Debbie Hobbs Wesley Jones Gisle Keels Karen Laurier Sidney Phelps Danita Riggan Johnny Tillage Tony Woodward Sheri VanGieson George Zahn John Berry Oletha Washington Darlene Wilson Emma Wilson Ernest Wilson Mose Wilson Robert Wilson Sharon Wilson Sharon Wood Oh for a joint! CLASS OFFICERS: Jane Feild, Secretary; Angela Motley, President; Mary Katherine Williams, Treasuer and Mary B. Soles, Vice-President. Yuck! 62 Sophomores Mary B. Soles accepts her Morgan citizenship award. Want a Bite? Sophomores 63 Freshman Class September came, and with it arrived that strange new creature, the freshman. On the first day of school, one could easily spot each of them as they peeked around corners, asked directions to the bathrooms, and in general tried to look as inconspicuous as possible. Busy with getting orientated to a new school, freshmen spirit lagged a little be¬ hind the other classes, but by the end of Homecoming Week, spirit had picked up con¬ siderably. Everywhere the cry of " next year! " was heard, and the freshmen promised to be in strong contention for the spirit stick next year. What ' s so bad about that? Your Kiddin ' Ick! I don ' t want that on my nose. Anybody want to play leap frog? FRESHMEN ’78 This is my body, like it or leave it. I ' m beautiful! and it crawled like this Freshmen 65 William Adams Gregory Aldridge Debbie Ambergy Charry Allen Sharon Ballard Reginald Barnes Tom Barrett Alice Bartlett Gwen Basta Vince Battisto Susan Belvin Wayne Belvin Renee Berry Robert Berry Roger Berry Angelia Billups Rita Bishop J.C. Booker Leslie Bradshaw Denise Brandt Cheryl Bright Donnie Brigman Marvin Brooks Sandra Brooks Alice Brown Barbara Brown Diane Brown John Brown Richard Brown Robin Brown Steve Brown Tina Brown Sheila Brumfield Lisa Buchanan Donna Bunting Earl Burse Anita Burrell Karen Burrell Veronica Burris Timmy Cannon W. T. Carmine CLASS OF 78 James Revere Donnie Rhea Debbie Rilee Sylvia Rilee Rosalyn Roane Cindy Robbins Brenda Robins Connie Robins Kim Robins Pam Robins Regina Robins Jimmy Robinson Robert Robinson Dean Roby Cathy Rowe David Rowe Jimmy Rowe Tommy Rowe Tess Royals Deborah Rush Dale Saulman Karol Schweikr Robin Scully Mike Shackleford Tammy Shackelford Todd Sharper Anita Shiflette Rita Shiflette Inez Shinn Faye Smith Freida Smith Gerald Smith Richard Smith That ' s got to be a Freshman! Freshmen 67 Danette Bright Vickie Caracoff Byron Carter Bobby Carter Renee Cason Mike Cat ell ow Cindy Cesil Archie Chipps Lorretta Chipps Tony Clare David Clark Debbie Clay Kathy Claybrook Cathy Coates Ronnie Coates Daniel Cook Wayne Cook Randy Cooke Mike Cooper Rita Combs Steve Corey Andrew Corr Denise Clements Bill Crittenden Kenneth Crockett Allen Crossley Joan Crumpton Mark Curtis Kevin Dame Darlene Davenport Jerry Davis Tracy Davis Blake Delk Renee Damarais Garland Driver Anne Dunklee Mike Dunston Terry Dunston Amy Dutton Tish Edmonds Glen Edwards Audrey Ellis Regina Ellis Steve Emory Bobby Fletcher 68 Freshmen Robin Fletcher Carol Floyd Jody Ford Josh Foyles Debbie German Cindy Glossen Janet Goalder Lisa Goens Charles Gorden Denise Green Melvin Green Michael Green Patricia Green Cindy Greene Gill Gregg Roderick Gregory Gwen Hall Johnny Hall Lisa Hall Mike Hall Barbara Halvin Jim Harris Keith Harris Tim Harris Vince Harris Shirley Hardee Chris Hardy Vickie Harwood Linda Haupt Paul Hayes Mary Healy Mark Hobbs Tracey Hochheim Deborah Hogge JoAnn Hogge Lisa Hogge Mike Hogge Tammy Hogge Shirley Holmes Barbara Holleran Linda Hollomon John Hopkins Darryl Horsley Joyce Horsley Gwen Hunt I Jannie Hunt Barbara Jackson Darrah Jackson Darren Jackson Joyce Jackson Dennis Jamerson Nelson Jarvis Charles Jenkins Deborah Jenkins Preston Jenkins Tina Jenkins Steve Jordan Bert Joran Sherman Jones Lois Jones Nancy Jessie Louise Jergensen Rose Mary Keats Kris Kenner Martha Kellum Gayle King Craig Knuteson Marva Larrimore Micheal Larrimore Nancy Lau Christian Lawson Linda Lazarow Gerene Lee Vincent Lee Debbie Leigh Brenda Lemon Michael Lemon Debbie Lett Christi Lewis Matthew Loesch Patricia Manning Rhonda Marble Donna Martin Debbie Mason 70 Freshme Mary Mayer Gloria McFerrin Susan McFerrin Donna McYer Keith Harris Crunches. Theresa Milby Darlene Miller Ricky Millen Charles Milroy Lesa Minis Ozella Montague Paula Moore Joe Morgan Stephanie Mosca Kevin Nelma Nora Newton Brenda Morman Hayes Olivis Debra Owens Debra Owens Keith Owens Charles Paige Kathy Panchinson Alex Parlett Sherry Peters Bernard Phillips Carol Sue Phillips Karen Pierce Elton Pryor Patricia Pryor Tammy Pultz Calvin Pandall Sharon Randall Carolyn Reed Help! My ice cream is dripping. Freshmen 71 Warren Smith Debbie Snow Cari Spence Louise Spencer Stacy Spencer Stanley Spencer Julie Spiers Andy Spurell Susan Stalvey Mary Healy discuses the contents of her sandwich. Blair Stanbrooks Denise Steele Becky Stevens Tony Stike Harold Stokes Lavina Stokes Yosiko Stokes David Strickland Pam Stubblefield Bill Swindeck Kent Taylor Mark Thomas Timmy Thompson Brenda Thornton Renee Thornton Marion Tillage Howard Toley Michael Tomlinson Sheri Townsend Debbie Turner Vera Vann Looks like the begining of a rumble! Katherine Voss Chris Vaughn Brenda Walker Kim Walker Dorthea Ward Beatrice Ward Evette Ward Marilyn Ward Minnie Ward Susie Ward Linda Washington Frankie Washington Beverly West Brian West Mike West Ricky West Susan West Tony West Jeff Whann Cindy White Sandy White Robert Whitt Donna Williams Indie Williams Harold Willis Francis Wilson Lindsay Wilson Vera Wilson Joseph Whitcomb Vickie Zitzmann He thinks he ' s hot stuff! Lunch of champions? 74 Freshmen Coordination Test 13: Peeling an orange Class of 78 Anyone for a game of Ping-Pong? Freshmen Class Officers: Paula Moore, Kris Keener, Vice-President. Mi President and Freshmen 75 ADMINISTRATION Spano serenades anyone who can stand to listen. I give up! 76 Administration At times Mr. Flowe can be a pain in the neck. The Rag Time Piano Man Bull ' s Eye! A Familiar sight—Mrs. Paulson and her overhead projector. Mrs. Howard tries to decipher a teachers note. Administration 77 A dm inis tra t ion Mr. J.B. Briggs Principal Mr. William B. Blanks Superintendent SCHOOL BOARD 1st ROW: Mr. Edward S. Jones, Mrs. C.O. Lanciano. 2nd ROW: Mr. Geo rge R. Hayes, Mr. Graham C. Blake and Dr. W.W. Crittenden, Jr. Mr. Herbert Cox Assistant Principal 78 Administration Mrs. Kay O ' Dell Mrs. Sandy Seawell SECRETARIES Mrs. Stanley Howard 0 F F I C E 1st ROW: Denise Berry, Breta Jenkins, Janet Metzger, Martha Williams, Gwen Hall, Donna Hogge, Mary Lynn Hall and Susan Robins. 2nd ROW: Cynthia Marble, Alvin Spencer, Marcella Hudgins, Victor Berry, Teresa Setterholm, Julie Jessie, Susan Powell and Linda Shepherd. „ . __ Secretaries 79 G UIDANCE Mrs. Bernice Thomas Guidance Mrs. Elizabeth Treakle Guidance, Latin Mrs. Nan Pointer Guidance, Gov ' t 80 Guidance Mr, Eddie Holstrom Guidance A S S I s T A N T S STANDING: Cheryl Brown, Carmon Olivis, Gale Riley. SITTING: Tammy Almond, James Coates, Qwendalyn Lewis. Miss Jeris Folk Ass ' t. Librarian A S S I s T A N T S T jW ' i HI is Rp.. -M r v " " III J tv1 vi a r 1st ROW: Betsy Fanning, Tanet Millen, Barbara Jackson, Harold Stokes, Steve Carter, Vern Musante, Tracy Hockhiem, Marcy Jenkins, Debra Hogge and Diana Simmons. 2nd ROW: Ricky Clifton, Kenny Richardson, Terry Hockhiem, Carolyn Jenkins, Marcia Jenkins, Shelia Brum¬ field, Dot Walton, Rita Coates, Karen Lauier, Jackie Rigler, Carlette Belvin and Tammy Little Library 81 English Mr. John Raynes Mrs. Glenith Whitaker Mrs. Regina Foor Mrs. Patricia A. Tice Mrs. Georgia Skyles Sorry about that bald spot! Department Mrs. Anne B. Hutghinson Miss Patricia Francis And furthermore you forgot to take out the garbage last night! Mrs. Karen Flowe ■ Mr. Ronald Flowe Miss Paula Revere Social Stidies Miss Lucretia Fullwood Mrs. Dorothy Home Mrs. Joy Long Mr. Roger T. Reeves Miss Rosalind Hammond Mr. Olen Lewis Languages Miss Pat Carneal Mr. Tom Johnson Social Studies Languages 85 MATH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Clark 86 Math Dept. Mrs. Gregory Mr. David Evans Mr. Ernest Morton SCIENCE Miss Margaret Gaines Math Physics LAB ASSISTANTS Mr. David Adams Mr. Robert Brown Brad sindle, Holly Richards, Sandra Hall, Mary Hudgins, Theresa Nelson and Tommy Pultz. Mrs. Harrison Mrs. Sue Isner DEPARTMENT Science Dept. 87 VOCATIONAL jUy %. m ' • ' ' ..» ' » « ' » ;: ' - ' r ‘. ' ■ ‘“ ' ' IK ‘ i, t ' .. ) l ' i,‘ l, ' ' »«;.t ' r ' ■ - • . „» «, v ' wm » »• ’ « ■♦ ,.• , ' » ♦ . -.». . -a. ' , . .. - a.- . ’ . Mrs. Alwayne Claybrook HERO ' S Miss Pat Cassidy Home Ec Mrs. Mary Rowe HERO ' S Miss Barbara Walker Art W! -f ' - 88 Vocational Dept Mr. Mike Hogan doing his usual thing—nothing Mr. William Clements Auto Mechanics Mr. Manley Blevins Metals DEPARTMENT Mr. Stanley McMullen, Sr. Wood Shop Mr. Elvin Adams ICT Mr. Roy Chips General Shop Vocational Dept. 89 P.E. DEPARTMENT Miss Yvonne Brickhouse A S s I s T A N T S Mr. Jerry Morgan Eddie Jenkins, Robert Healy, David Tillage, Paul Gamache, David Morgan, Ricky Allen, Ricky West, and Donnalyn Cook. k m § msgr 4 Jm 90 P.E. Department Mr. Don Mullins Mr. Claude Shell jsm BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Mr. Robert Riggan Typing I Accounting Mrs. JoAnne VanGieson Steno, General Business, Typing I Mr. Michael Fratkin Special Education MUSIC Mr. Lew Morrison Band Mrs. Judith Conner Typing Related I G II, General Business Mr. Donald Sandridge Choral Chorale DEPARTMENT 91 Mr. Mrs. Walker Mr. Black Mrs Stubbs Mr. Warren Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Washington, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs Montaque, Mrs, Setter- holm and Mrs. Johnson. 92 Custodians I think I goofed. Adminstration 93 STUDENT 94 Student Life LIFE Student Life 95 HOMECOMING 74 Seniors are 1. The J.V. mascot joins in the homecoming festivities. Homecoming spirits ran high throughout the week as each class competed fur- ously for the spirit stick. Homework was neglected as students headed for work each night on their floats. Tensions reached a peak on Thursday as classes frantically put up streamers, ban¬ ners and brightly colored posters on their designated halls. Everyone knew the halls were to be judged the next day and yet there were those last minute touches to be put on the floats . . . But by ten o ' clock that night, all was ready for the com¬ ing day and all gave a sigh of relief. When Friday dawned the seniors were shown to be first in spirit with juniors second, sophomores third, and freshemen fourth. Friday night spirits were dampened by the loss of the game to the Forest Glen Rangers by a score of 19-0. However, the half-time parade caught everyone ' s eye with it dazzling array of floats and the crowning of the homecoming queen, Rose Machie. The seniors won the float competition by a narrow margin over the juniors. The homecoming court consisted of Rose Machie--queen, Sandra Jordan and LeAnn Deal--Senior attendants, Leigh Ann Crossley--Junior attendent, Shryl Jack- son--Sophomore Attendent, and Brenda Thorton--Freshman Attendent. Second place float. Throw it here, baby! Look out for the bull! White lighting strikes again as Bill Riley intercepts a pass. Catch the ball with your hands and not your knee, Scott. FADS A new Fad? No, the winners of the Mon- The latest in styles, ster Mash Contest. 98 Fads Fashions 1974-5 FADS FASHIONS AT GHS FASHIONS Get down! T-Shirts are popular as ever. Students seem to be dressing up a little more. Kung Flowe to the rescue! 100 Faculty Follies 0 e s l l i Super Spano goes after the giant Roach. Hey Man, That ' s a pig! Faculty Follies Raising money for the Maury C. Da¬ vis scholarship fund took on a new twist this year with the first annual Faculty Follies. The comedy show was written and directed entirely by students. The actors were all teachers with a few students in bit parts. As the show approached, anticipation increased, and a fairly large crowd showed up for the performance. The audience thrilled to such skits as " Bat¬ man and Boo-Boo " , starring Mr. Briggs and Mr. Cox and " kung-Flowe " starring Mr. Flowe. The highlight of the evening came dur¬ ing " Brad ' s Beanery " , when an unsuspect¬ ing (?) Mr. Cox received a pie in the face. Brad Sindle Master of Ceremonies Batman and Boo Boo fight crime at dear old GHS. Faculty Follies 101 Oliver Alex Parlette as Oliver Sings " Its a Fine Life " That ' s Your Funeral 102 Oliver The cast in " Finale " You ' ve got to pick a pocket or two! Opening scene-- " Food, Glorious Food " It ' s a Fine Life! Oh! Mr. Bumble. Nancy, Bill Sikes and Bet join the choms infinale. Oliver sings " Where is Love? " Choreographer, Holly Richards leads the Troops in " It ' s a Fine Life " Oliver 10S THOREAU The death of John Thoreau. Thoreau leads his cell mate, Bailey in a Quick Prayer. The climax of the dre m sequence. In Henry Thoreau ' s dream, soldiers of the Mexican War become robot-like monsters. 104 Thoreau Chuck Bridges as a dream world world General in the Mexican War. One-Act Plays The of and Diary Adam Eve Kathy (Trigger, Anthony Ellis and Bill Riley. One-Act Plays Gloucester High School hosted the district one-act play festival again this year. GHS ' s entry " Adam and Eve,” with Bill Riley, Cathy Crigger, and Anthony Ellis, won district and regional competition and went on to compete at State. At the one-act play festival, the plays " Fog, " " To Burn a Witch, " " Adam and Eve, " " I ' m Herbert, " " Legend, " and " Sky Fodder” were presented The following awards were presented at the annual banquet: Best Actress Best Actor Most Entertaining Best Play Paula Moore Bill Riley " I ' m Herbert " " To Burn a Witch " One-Act Plays 105 Wait a minute, Hogan, my contact fell out! TEAM FACULTY HOCKEY Mr. Hogan, star inner. Kill, Spano, Kill . ■ " : f f l ypf •. Ai ‘ ' IfpS - Crab Socker on a hockey field, Miss Brickhouse? Hit the ball, not my knee! 106 SENIOR-FACULTY BASKETBALL Morgan shoots for two! I don ' t believe it ' s only half-time. Capturing the ball early in the game, the seniors scored the first point in the annual Senior Faculty Basketball Game. They held on to their lead until a faculty rally ended the first period with a five- point lead. Spurred on by teammates, Coaches Mullins and Holstrom, the faculty continued their rally through¬ out the second period. Led by Alvin Howard and Larry Combs, senior efforts were to no avail as the faculty gained an eight-point lead at the end of the second period. During the third period the seniors joined to¬ gether in a last minute effort, and as the clock ran out the faculty held only a three-point lead, ending the game with a final score of 42 to 39. Hold still while I scratch my back. I I hope I didn ' t see that! Where ' s the ball? Senior-Faculty Basketball 107 PO WDER PUFF FOOTBALL Norma Kearns runs again! ! ! 108 Powder Puff OH, NO! ! Oh, my gosh, another touchdown! Aided by their coaches David Tillage and Paul Gamache, and by a strong de¬ sire to win, the junior girls won a 13-0 victory over the senior girls in the an¬ nual Powder Puff football game. Junior scorers were Norma Jean Kerns, who ran for two touchdowns, and Carol brooks, who ran for the extra point. The senior girls made a valiant ef¬ fort prodded by their coaches David Morgan, Dave Burnette and Keith Healy. However, their efforts were in vain and their hopes were somewhat dim¬ inished by a touchdown by the juniors early in the first half. Plagued by a lack of organization and players, the seniors who participated played both offense and defense before the game was over. The newly elected junior and senior cheerleaders kept spirits high during the game. Hey, stop her! Keith Belvin cheers the Seniors on. The Juniors plot there plan for victory. Powder Puff 109 SPORTS if Despite low ranking in team records, the qualities of real athlete were brought to light this year at C.H.S. In sports such as basketball and track, these qualities were especially evident. Consider the case ol the basketball team, whicn lost 20 games this season. They worked hard and in the face of obstacles (namely, no outside shooters or tall people), kept their morale high and kept up a winning spirit. Desperately lacking in people power, the track team also faced a losing season. With only one experienced pole vaulter, the team stretched to make ends meet, as the other members of the team, doubling as shot-putters and long jumpers, competed with veteran teams. However, individual pertormances excelled, and in this re¬ spect the team had a winning season. This yeai the girls ' teams nad excellent seasons. The girls ' hockey team only lost one game, and the basket¬ ball squad went to the district play off. This year ' s athletes all deserve recognition for their fine attitude and performances. These individuals and their coaches displayed the true qualities of sports-dedication, devotion and respect. For this they should be commended. One hopes that in theyears to come more of the student body will support their teams in actual participation as well as in spirit. ’mmm. FOOTBALL 74 SITTING: Coach Shell, David Leigh, David Morgan, Dave Burnette, Bill Riley, Scott Edmonds, John Harris, Wayne Chapman, Keith Healy and Alfred Harris. 2nd ROW: William Brown, Roger Berry, Robert Healy, John Brown, Norman Hogge, David Tillage, Bryan Belvin, Kieth Owens, Kev¬ in Dame, Tommy Pultz, and Darren Jackson. 3rd ROW: Coach Mullins, Micheal German, Blake Longest, Paul Gamache, William Adams, Bently Hogge, Tim Hall, David Rowe, Robert TompKins, Bernard West, Scotty Jackson, Keith Rhea and Donnie Taylor. 4th ROW: Coach Morgan, Stanly Spencer, Jim Harris, Kennith Crocket, Donald Dias, Robert Epp, Donnie Brigman, Scott Hogge, Steve Claybrook and John Donner. As a reflection of the spirit of the School, only 45 students appeared on August 10, 1974, to play varsity football; however, this was not a reflection of the spirit and enthusiasm of those 35 who remained to play South¬ ampton on September 6, 1974. Gloucester came into the game with one of the best coaching teams in the district. These coaches made ready to watch the results of a young, inexperienced, but gutsy football team employ the slot I offense and th e famous Gloucester 44 defense against the defending champions for the state Group II Football league. The Offense ' s game plan was to pass, but the game plan never materialized. The defense played a good game, especially when it is considered that the defence play- ed4 5 of the game. Nevertheless, six crucial mistakes by by the team gave Southampton six touchdowns and the game by the score of 40 to 0. During the game against Suffolk, the guts and spirit of Gloucester came through clearly. On the first play from scrimmage, Suffolk scored, but the Gloucester defense did ' nt give up and Suffolk could manage to score only one more time. This game was controlled almost completely by the defense of Gloucester. Al¬ though giving up 14 points, they played an almost flaw¬ less defense and scored the first touchdown for Glou¬ cester with a pitchout that was intercepted by the de¬ fensive end. The final score was 14 to 7. LET ' S GO! 112 Football Punt return team downs ball. Gloucester Defense stops a play up the middle. Wayne Chapman, injured in action. Gloucester was now 0-2 and playing another 0-2 team, Windsor. Gloucester ' s defense seemed com¬ pletely different. Against a slow, bably executing Windsor offense, the defense of Gloucester still gave Windsor 6 points. This time the offense saved the day by scoring and adding a 2-point conversion which forced Windsor, when they scored, to go for the 2-point con¬ version, which failed. Gloucester barely won its first game by the score of 8 to 6. With one game under Gloucester ' s belt, the next opponent was the tough Central team. Gloucester played great football the first half, leading Central 7 to 6 at half time. The lack of depth on th Gloucester team led them to their next defeat. The physically beaten players could not keep up with their first half perfor¬ mance and lost by the score of 18 to 7. On October 4th, Gloucester met Forest Glen for the Homecoming game. The defense again did most of the work and Gloucester found itself early in the fourth quarter behind by the score of 18 to 0. Although the spirit of the fans was starting to dissipate, the team re¬ mained strong in spirit and when Forest Glen had the ball on the two yard line with four downs for a touch¬ down, Gloucester ' s defense came through with a goal linestand that held Forest Glen for a final score of 18 to 0. Gloucester traveled to Franklin with a 1 and 4 rec¬ ord. Franklin was at its best and Gloucester was at its worst. The final score was 26 to 0. Bryan Belvin in man to man combat. Football 113 SENIOR PL A YERS Because of an open week, Gloucester had two weeks to prepare for Kennedy. These 2 weeks were spent try¬ ing to strengthen the weak offense. Using motions and shifts, the Gloucester offense utterly confused the Ken¬ nedy defense and scored 12 points. The Gloucester de¬ fense played well again and stopped Kenndy with only 7 point for a final score of 21 to 7. The psychological build up of their second win gave Gloucester the edge on their next opponents. John Ye at- es. The defense of both teams was strong, holding the game scoreless except for a phenomenon that had hap¬ pened against Kennedy the week before. The second half kick off was returned by Gloucester for a touch¬ down, the only score in a 6 to 0 game. Gloucester held 3 and 5 record when they met Northampton. The second half kickoff phenomenon vanished, and Gloucester lost to Northampton by a score of 21 to 6. The last game of the season became a revenge game when a person who called himself the head coach of Smithfield twice put in the papers that he was going to run up the score on Gloucester. Gloucester went on the field ready to win because they felt any coach who would boast like that couldn ' t have much of a football 114 Football David Morgan John Donner succeeds in quarterback sneek. Gloucester scores! team, at least not enough to make the game a run¬ away one for Smithfield. As it was the team could not run the score up but could only fight to show that they were tougher than their 21-8 win over Gloucester showed. This year, the team played as a unit and no one player really excelled as a star however, John Harris should be mentioned for having been selected for the District team. The 3 and 7 record in no way reflects the spirit and enthusiasm of this year ' s team. Many members of the football team (all but nine) will be back to scor more than 63 points, will have fewer than 171 points scored against them, and will lead Gloucester to a winning season next year. The famous Gloucester busted play. Defense set to hold Rangers back. Football 115 John Donner tries to Quarterback sneak. 116 Football David Rowe punts. J. V. FOOTBALL DEFENSE: 1 ROW: Mike Rowe, William Carter, Steve Jordan, Jackie Brown, KevinBohannon. 2nd ROW: Vincent Battisto, WayneBelvin, Steve Jordan, Scotty Jackson, Norman Hogge, Donnie Rhea. 3rd ROW: Kenny Ramsey, Kevin Dame, Robert Thompkins, Jim Harris, Stanley Spencer, William Carter, Kieth Owens. GHS Smithfield 0 18 Exsse 0 36 JFK 0 12 Mathews 12 26 Franklin 8 7 Middlesex 0 30 OFFENSE: Scotty Jackson, Kieth Harris, William Adams, Kevin Dame, Rod¬ ger Berry, Stanley Spencer, Donnie Brigman, Dean Roby, Andy Spurrell, Jim Harris, John Brown, Eddy Jenkins. FIELD HOCKEY KNEELING: Jean Clay; Nora Newton, Betsy Carmine, Pam Thrift, Kathy Van Geison, Norma Jean Kerns, STANDING L TO R: Julie Richards, Temple McConnell, Pam Stub¬ blefield, Mary B. Soles, Tracy Royals, Mary Catherine Williams, Miss Brickhouse--Coach. Stop, you ' re taking the ball the wrong way! Little Clay take a half time break. 118 Throughout the 1974 season the Girls ' Field Hockey team remained in the lime light. Because of the dedication of the coach and the determination of the team, only one game out of nine was lost. The highly skilled players struggled through strenuous training, self-discipline, uncut fields, poor school support, and an uneven trench called a hockey field. How¬ ever, they were never discouraged because they were the makings of champions, regard¬ less of the pitfalls. The team was led by the fearless foward line, Cynthia Williams, Nora Newton, Nor¬ ma Kerns, Paula Moore, and Pam Thrift. The slamming halfbacks were Kathy Van- Gieson, Julie Richards, Debbie Clay, Betsy Carmine, Laetitia Edmonds. The Aggressive fulbacks were Tracy Royals, Mary Kathryn Williams, Mary B. Soles, and Pam Stubble¬ field. The defensive goalkeeper was Temple McConnell. Under the supervision and direc¬ tion of Miss Brickhouse they did meet, did greet, and did defeat their opponents. The challenge was great, but the rewards were even greater. Congratulations to Miss Brickhouse and her Field Hockey Team. Temple McConnell Ra! Rah! Hockey! GHS West Point 0 2 HRA 2 2 Menchville 0 4 West Point 0 3 York 1 0 Wilson 0 1 Wilson 0 2 HRA 0 3 Walsingham 0 2 Pam Thrift Captain Kim Walthall, all district player shoots for one more. GIRLS ’ BASKETBALL Debbie Riley leads the team downcourt. Astonished opponents look as Cynthia Taylor shoots a basket. Led by top scorer Kim Walthall and rebounder Don- nalynn Cook, the girls’ basketball team ended the sea¬ son with 6 wins and 6 losses tbis year. Kim scored 189 points this season and rates No. 7 on a list of top scorers from G. H. S. for the past 22 years. She was also named to the all District Team for this year. Donnalynn Cook is the No. 1 rebounder from G. H. S. on records going back 14 years. The team traveled to the tournaments with high hopes which were dashed when they were defeated by Franklin with a score of 39 to 55. The team did set 2 rebound records this year: 50 rebounds in one game, and 497 rebounds in one year. 120 Girls ' Basketball Opps! gotta keep those feet out of the way! KNEELING: Co-Captains-Donnalynn Cooke, Kim Wakthall. 2nd ROW: Annette Stubbs, Mgr., Karen Burrell, Lynn Carmine, Brenda Thornton, Indie Williams, Vera Miles. 3rd ROW: Deb¬ bie Amburgey, Debbie Riley, Stephanie Saunders, Vanessa Carter, Linda Haupt, Cynthia Tay¬ lor, Pam Sparks, Miss Wiatt, Coach. SENIORS Kim Walthall and Donnalynn Cocke, Co-captians. GHS 37 JFK 23 23 Northampton 40 35 HRA 38 48 SUFFOLK 33 33 Central 38 22 Southampton 32 34 John Yeates 42 45 Smithfield 32 37 HRA 34 23 Windsor 33 49 Franklin 27 40 Forrest Glen 36 121 VA RSITY BASKETBALL Mike Evans, Bill Riley, Maurice Berry, John Donner, Mike Cooper, Johnathen Whitcomb. KNEELING: Calvin Evans, Ricky West, Michael Ried, Blake Longest, Donald Daiz. Bill Riley and his jump shot. Donald Daiz goes up for a shot. 122 Varsity Basketball To the outsider viewer, the Gloucester Basketball Team definitely had a losing season, with a record of no wins and 20 losses. In spite of this, the team kept a winning attitude and high morale throughout the sea¬ son. Considering that the team boasted a 6 ' 3 " forward and a 6’1 " center playing against 6 ' 5 " forwards and a 6 ' 7 " center, keeping a winning attitude can be said truly to be an accomplishment. Gloucester may have had a losing season, but they definitely had a winning team. To those guys who put up with long practices, disciplined off-court training rules, who studied to stay on the team, and above all, kept their chins up, and also to those people who sup¬ ported them throughout the season, we offer our thanks and praise. Although this season may go down on the record books as a losing one, we here at Gloucester will re¬ member it as a season of winners. BLAST OFF! Where is everybody? Donald shoots over the crowd and into the basket. Varsity Basketball 123 Bill Riley tries to out jump JFK. 124 Basketball Two more points towards a possible win. All together now . . . Mike Evans in action. " What do you mean he didn ' t foul me—he killed me! " Varsity Basketball 125 You mean I got to go out again? Kenny can jump higher than you can! J. V. BASKETBALL STANDING: Steve Claybrook, Scotty Jackson, Eddie Jenkins, Donny Brigman, Earl Burse, Davis Morse, Darren Jackson, Roger Berry, William Brown, Adrian Berry, and John Brown. 126 J.V. Basketball Team ' s Season Northampton 64 GHS 51 J. F.K. 75 31 Franklin 65 28 Forest Glen 69 28 Central 56 37 Mathews 42 47 West Point 40 71 Middlesex 68 64 Windsor 54 53 Suffork 54 22 Northampton 46 61 South Hampton 49 48 Smithfield 75 62 J.F.K. 64 39 Franklin 51 32 Forest Glen 82 41 Central 55 35 Windsor 44 36 Mathews 62 52 Junior Varsity Basketball Gloucester puts the ball into play. Talent showing, the junior varsity basketball team met their first opponets, NorthHampton, with much enthusiasm. Though defeated, the team could hardly be discouraged with the spirited support they received at their home games. Michael Cooper was the team ' s top scorer with 117 total points this season. He, along with Adrian Berry, David Morris, Eddie Jenkins, Blake Delk, William Brown, and Kenny Hazzard also played with the varsity team when needed. Junior varsity coach for this year was Coach Jerry Morgan, as sisted by Coach Tom Payne. OOPS! iMH 7 . No Way, are you gonna swipe this Ball from me. CROSS COUNTRY Carol Brooks always has her mouth open. Phillip Murphree tries out the new course. Herbert Thrift experiences pre-meet jitters. After many delays the cross country team finally began practice early in September. Two team captains were elected this year, Tommy Powell and Carol Brooks. The team began the season with a new coach, Mr. Michael Hogan, and a new course. With the co-operation of Mr. Deal, a new three mile course was set up at Gallopond Campgrounds. Mr. Deal also officiated at the meets along with the help of Mrs. Frances Hogge and Mr. Buckly Caner. Although they suffered a losing sea¬ son, the team established a precedent at the William and Mary Championship; Connie Hogge was the only girl running. Tommy Powell runs through the bushes and the brambles. 128 Cross Country INDOOR TRACK In preparation for the outdoor season, fourteen young men and women gathered late in November for the beginning of the indoor track season. As was soon found out, the name was misleading, for most of the running was done outside. No mat¬ ter what, be it freezing wind or rain, the fearless members of the team donned their long-johns and faithfully ran every day after school. The team was coached by Mr. Fratkin assisted by Mr. Hogan. Although the team lost the three meets in which they partic¬ ipated, they showed great potential in the running events, especially the mile and two mile. Coach Hogan adds moral support as Kieth Rhea pole vaults. 1st ROW: Chris Hardy, Rodger Williams, Tommy Powell and Herbert Thrift. 2nd ROW: Phillip Mur- phree, Betsy Williams and Julie Richards. 3rd ROW: Sandra Brooks, Melanie Powell, Bentley Hogge, Con¬ nie Hogge, Lynn Higgins, Carol Brooks, Mike Floyd, Donnie Rhea, and Kieth Rhea. Donnie Rhea clears the high jump. Phillip Murphree in action. Indoor Track 129 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Lacy Knight, Sheri VanGieson, Cynthia Jenkins, Cindy Trainham, Gayle Morgan, Sally Fary, Cheryl Harvey, Susan Healy, Janet Shackleford, Rose Machie. Cynthia Jenkins Gayle Morgan Rose Machie Lacy Knight 130 Cheerleaders The Cheerleaders bring in the coffin for the annual burial. Hey, watch it kid! CHEERLEADERS J-V CHEERLEADERS: 1st Mary Healy, Lisa Hogge, Dava Jackson, Regina Ellis. 2nd: Debbie Lett, Jane Field, Yusi Stokes. 3rd: Lisa Hall, Tammy Pultz. We ' re backing you up, Dukes! J.V. cheerleaders ' spirits ride high in the Homecoming parade. ' - m Cindy Trainham keeps the spirit hopping. Cheerleaders 131 ORGANIZATIONS Organizations 133 CA VALIER PHOTOGRAPHY Diane Robinson, Assis ' t Editor; Susan Fary, Busi¬ ness Manager; Temple McConnell, Editor; and Mary B. Soles, Index Editor. Chris Vaughan, Phillip Murphree, and Bill Morgan, Photo Editor. NOT PICTURED: Robin Hasty. Tommy Powell—Staff Artist ; 134 Cavalier Staff Betsy Williams Copy Editor Staff LAYOUT TYPISTS Linda Shepherd, Alvin Spencer, Typing Editor; Gi and Cindy Greene. Teresa Wass, Anne Dunklee, Carla Smith, Peter Zahn, Veda McMullen and George Zahn. THE CAVALIER STAFF Problems have been a significant part of the lives of the Cavalier staff members for 1974-1975. Ad sales were down; we had to change photography editors prior to the first deadline, causing us to miss the first, and hence, all subsequent deadlines. We lost two very liberal sponsors and had to adjust to a new, conservative sponsor; and all the while, we were involved in many extra-cur¬ ricular activities, many of which kept us from devoting as much time as we needed to meet the deadlines. March 10 grew near, and the number of people who were willing to work dwindled faster than the days. The deadline was changed, and a supplement, originally intended to be published after the book was printed, was incorporated in the book to be issued in August. As editor of the annual, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Nick Spano, who gave his time generously to meet at nights so that some of the staff members could work. Mr. Neill Watson, plant representative, deserves special thanks for his willingness to come from Richmond for advice and instruction. I would like to express my thanks to the loyal members of the staff who stood by me and helped to produce this annual. And, finally, a special note of thanks to given to those who worked quietly behind the lines and who bore responsibility which is often unrecognized. Without their help, the annual would never have gone to press. The darkroom does strange things to some people. Chris Vaughan, Brad Sindle and Bill Morgan Aerial Photography tq co 0 tq 1st ROW: Carol Brooks, Cheryl Brown, Debby Blevins, Peter Zahn, Diane Clements and Sharon Bal¬ lard. 2nd ROW: Lisa Goens, Gwen Basta, Stpehen Hunt, Ruth Hunt, Danny Ray, Marianne Kuster. 3rd ROW: Audrey Ellis, Bill Morgan, Debbie Mason, Vicki Mains, Virginia Walker. 4th ROW: Edgar Greg, Phillip Murphree and Brad Sindie. 136 Karen Conner Editor Gloucester High School lacked news media because of apathy, lack of funds and leadership. There were some industrious members of the newspaper staff whose efforts were welcomed and are here by commended. It can only be hoped that the energy ex¬ pended this year toward some basic journalistic training will pay off in the future. - ' • CREA TIVE WRITING 1st ROW: Audrey Miller, Patty Hicks, Anna Foils, Vicki Lawler, Patti Brown, Dean Hudgins, Nan Cox, Liz Clark, Dottie Coyle, Vicki Mains. 2nd ROW: James Dudley, Diane Clements, Peter Zahn, Julie Richards, Alma Grif¬ fin, Carmen Olivis, Sandra Millen, Susan Fary, Kim Scott, Vickie Bristow, Theresa Moore, Kathy Brown, Cheryl Brown and Mr. Flowe, Sponsor. VISION EDITORAL STAFF JOHN HASSELL DIANE CLEMENTS TERESA MOORE SUE GILLEY CARMEN OLIVIS Creative Writing 137 MARCHING BAND Peter Zahn—Drum Major Taylor, get your music. 138 Marching Band Hey guys, let ' s hear some music! And lurking in the background, holding a metal pipe, it ' s George Zahn. Step It! Say a prayer for me, O.H. THE GHS MARCHING BAND AT IT ' S BEST! Audrey you ' re out of tune. Ride It! The flute section takes a time out. Marching Band 139 KNEELING: Sakina Foster, Dale Myers, Ann Tillage, Leann Cros- ley (Cap), Connie Hogge, Tyra Foster, Gale Myers. STANDING: Denise Berry, Harriet Jorden, Holly Richards, Terry Hockheim, Shelia Randall, Shirley Foster. DRILL TEAM They went that a way. It ' s now or never! 140 Drill Team Now Simon says lift tne other leg! FLAG TEAM Susan Fary, Beth Sterling—Cap, Sandra Brooks, Linda Moore, Barbara Jackson, Patricia Dixon, Cheryl Hudgins, Theresa Wright. MAJORETTES Hit it! Majorettes leading the fireworks. Rhonda McCoy, Judy Rush--Cap., Carol Brooks. Flag Team 141 CONCERT BAND 1st ROW: Kathy Panchesion, Karen Jarvis, Sharron Randall, Nancy Chamberlin, George Zahn, LeAnn Deal, Gayle Morgan, Genia Brown, Melanie Powell, Renee Demaras. 2nd ROW: Peter Zahn, Kenny Richardson, Joseph Whitcomb, Ron De- marais, Vernon Green, Brown Streigle, Patrick Northstein, Vincent Lee, Cynthia Taylor, Karel Schweikert, Charry Allen, Inie Williams. 3rd ROW: Debbie Rilee, Brian Lewis, Becky Stephens, Debbie Amburgy, Timmy Fary, Robbie Panchision, Danny Ray, Robbie Sindle, Kathy Coats, Tammy Hogge, Randall Carr. 4th ROW Wymond Gardner, Richard Lemons, Mike Haynes, Brad Sindle, Chuck Bridges, Robin Hasty, Jannet Mezger, Mr. Morrison, Reggie Bamesk, Larry Thomas. 142 Concert Band Wymond Gardner actually paying attention? Impossible! Awful Kanaful rides again. Drum Major Peter Zahn revues the band. JAZZ-ROCK ENSEMBLE 1st ROW: Brown Striegle, Peter Zahn, Kenny Richard¬ son, Vernon Green and Vinnie Lee. 2nd ROW: Dale Schaper, Randall Carr, Tim Fary, Robbie Panchision, Reggie Barnes and Donald Dais. 3rd ROW: Richard Lemmons, Mike Haynes, Chuck Bridges and Brad Sindle. PEP BAND Vernon Green, Kenny Richardson, Timmy Fary, O.H. Farinholt, Chuck Bridges, Mike Haynes, Brad Sindle, Stanley McMullen, and Richard Lemmons. WIND ENSEMBLE 1st ROW: Debbie Riley, Brian Lewis, Nancy Chamberlin, George Zahn, Le- ann Deal, Gayle Morgan, Genia Brown, Melanie Powell and Renee Demarais. 2nd ROW: Debbie Amburgy, Becky Stephens, Peter Zahn, Kenny Richard¬ son, Ron Demarais, Vernon Green, Brown Streigle, Vincent Lee, Cynthia Tay¬ lor and Indie Williams. 3rd ROW: Wymond Gardner, Richard Lemons, Mike Hayes, Chuck Brid¬ ges, Timmy Fary, Robbie Panchesion, Danny Ray, Randall Carr. STANDING: Mr. Morrison, Robin Hasty and Reggie Barnes. NOT PICTURED: O.H. Farinholt, Mike Eley, Stanley McMullen and Don¬ ald Dais. mm Peter Zahn shows his intelligence. How exciting! Wind Ensemble 145 Chorale ’75 1st ROW: Faye Edwards, Kathy Crigger, Betsy Williams, Sam Hogge, Bentley Hogge, Thomas Pultz, Carol Brooks, Lucia Deel and Elizabeth West. 2nd ROW: Martha Willaims, Gale West, Cynthia Marble, Kevin Manning, Ricky West, Keith Rhea, Tony Johnson, George Zahn, Temple McConnell, Debby Blevins, and Rhonda McCoy. 3rd ROW: Karen Becklic, Mary Wyatt, Anthony Ellis, Bill Riley, Maurice Berry, Michael Evans, Thomas Moreland, Marie Tyson, Nan Rowe, and Cheryl Hogge. 146 Chorale It ' s such a sad, lonely life for Nan. The Chorale just loves to show off! Kathy Crigger catches up on some sleep after a very busy Thursday. Anthony dreams of the days when he has no more concerts. The Chorale is Gloucester High ' s first totally selected choral group. Members are selected through auditions based on musician- ship, ability, and attitude. They appear in concerts before county, school, civic, and cultural organizations. In addition to the annual Christmas and spring concerts, the Chorale presented several scared concerts at various local churches. Eight members of the Choral were chosen through audi¬ tions to be in Regional Chorus and through further auditions one member. Bill Riley, was chosen for All-Virginia State Chorus as on of the top 200 voices in Virginia for 1975. The Chorale ' s repertoire includes music of all periods, from early Madrigal to the present and contemporary styles. Carol and Bill preform at the Christmas Concert. Chorale 147 o C»H o te; CO REGIONAL CHOIR ALL STATE 1st ROW: Carol Brooks, Tommy Pultz, and Betsy Williams. 2nd ROW: Bill Riley, Debby Blevins, Marie Tyson, Nan Rowe Rowe and George Zahn. Bill Riley All-Virginia Bass Ricky West--Stage Manager, Cynthia Marble--Miss Chorale, Carol Brooks--Student Director, Anthony Ellis--Historian, Bill Riley--President, Debby Blevins --Sec.-Treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Saundra Adams— Vice President, Ricky Allen--Stage Manager. M I X E D 1st ROW: Danette Bright, Kim Scott, Mike Tomlinson, Jory Ranier, Kev¬ in Oliver, Linda Holloman, Rose Mary Keats. 2nd ROW: Sue Gilley, Mary Ward, Linda Washington, Sherman Jones, Melvin Nolan, Mike Lemon, Deborah Blake, Shelia Lollis. 3rd ROW: Renee Thorton, Minnie Ward, Cheryl Bright, Bud Adams, Marilyn Ward. NOT PICTURED: Robin Bon- niville, and Darlene Davenport. The GHS Choral Department has experienced a change of pace during the 74-75 school year. Not only has the number of students in the progam dou¬ bled in size, but the classes have been divided according to ability for the first time. A11 ninth graders are members of the mixed chorus which serves as a begining choral and general music class. The Concert Choir is GHS ' s intermediate choral group which is used as a training group for grades 10 through 12. Both choirs performed admirable in the annual Christmas con¬ cert and planned several other concerts. c 1st ROW: Emma Wilson, Sarah Jones, Pat Strickland, Dale Myers, Dale Myers, Shryl Jackson, Alma Griffin. 2nd ROW: Debra Henry, Virginia Holmes, Vanessa Carter, Althea Cooke, Denise Fields, Deb¬ bie Hobbs. 3rd ROW: Juanita Burse, Kevin Oliver, Malvin Washing¬ ton, Stever Foster, Calvin Evans, Ronnie Davis, Deborah Luckett. 4th ROW: Bevery Laws, Terri Morey, Robert Claybome, Ben Perrin, Ken¬ neth Hazard, Earl Reid, Barbara Claybome, Cheryl Combs. NOT PIC¬ TURED: Elmore Jackson, Audrey Jackson, Thomas Slaughter, Melva Johnson. Mixed G Concert Choirs 149 oott bo co Cq ttj DRAMA CL UB Celebrating its eleventh birth¬ day, the Drama Club began this year with the three-act play THE NIGHT THOR E AU SPENT IN JAIL. As host of the District One Act Play Festival, the club won a superior rating with the play " The Diary of Adam and Eve. " The play won ALSO a superior rating at the regional level and went on to compete at the state level. The Easter Assembly was also sponsored by the Drama Club which presented the play, " Look Back to the Cross. " Andy Brown, Theresa Moore, Howard Fletcher, James Dudley, John Hassel, Vicki Bristow, Cathy Crigger and Aivin Spencer. 150 Drama B Thesbians Charles Oliver, Carmen Olivis, Betty Sue Rowe, Sponsor: Karen Flowe, Regina Ellis, Susan Fary, Robin Clay, Nan Cox, Sandra Millen, Victor Berry, John Hassell and Peter Zahn. NOT PICTURED: Brad Sindle and Linda Lazarow. REGIONAL STATE John Hassell, Charles Oliver Regina Ellis, and Carmen Olivis. NOT PICTURED: Linda Lazarow and Brad Sindle. Regina Ellis and Carmen Olivis. NOT PICTURED: Brad Sindle. Forensics 151 S.C.A. mi fSBF IS GHS Cares. The results of the annual can drive plus an unidentified body. Bill Riley--Treas., James Dudley--Vice-Pres., Peter Zahn Pari., Stanley McMullen--Pres., Linda Soles--Sec., Betsy Williams--Hist. 1st ROW: Ricky Millen, Debbie Boulier, Wesley Jones, Tom Barrett, Andy Corr, Paul Hayes, Kim Robins. 2nd ROW: Linda Holmes, Marcella Hudgins, Oletha Washington, Brenda Thorton, Linda Soles, Phillip Murphree, Bill Morgan. 3rd ROW: Regina Ellis, Pam Thrift, Hazelle Olivis, Betsy Williams, Mary B. Soles, Diane Robinson, LeAnn Deal. 4th ROW: David Tillage, James Dudley, David Clements, Bill Rilee, Stanley McMullen, Stanley Spencer, Alice Bartlet. 5th ROW: Angela Morley, Betsy Carmine, Jane Field, Jean Clay, Gay Helterbran, Robbie Kems, Peter Zahn, Steve Claybrook. 152 SCA O o Cej cc; co INTERACT Bill Kirkland, Jonathan Whitcomb, Vernon Green, Leann Deal, Sally Fary, Stanley McMullen, Carol Brooks, Virginia Walker, Betsy Williams, Karen Ward, Cheryl Brown, Bill Morgan, Ann Tillage, Brian Lewis and Keith Belvin. Under the advice of President, Bill Riley, this year ' s Interact Club induct¬ ed as new members ONLY students whom they felt to be truly interested in the club. Those who sought club mem¬ bership were welcomed. This approach seemed to work, for at the Interact Conference in Richmond, Brian Lewis of Gloucester ' s Club was elected as Governor of all of the Interact Clubs in Virginia. The club also painted the press box on the football bleachers. Their main goal this year was to raise money for a flag pole at the new school. Keith Blevin--Vice-Pres., Stanley McMullen—Treas., Sally Fary--Sec., NOT PICTURED Bill Riley—Pres. Interact 153 BETA CL UB Mrs. Tice--Sponsor, Timmy Leigh, Marianne Kuster, Namcy Chamberlain, Barbara Peters, Dinah Miller, LeAnn Deal, Betsy Willaims, Robbie Sindle, Ann Tillage, Phyllis Jobe, Connie Hogge, Julie Jessie, Patti Hicks, Carolyn Norman, Audrey Miller, Holly Richards, Virginia Walker, Nancy Lewis, Debbie Hasty, Robin Clay, Nan Cox, Theresa Nelson, Cynthia Wil¬ liams, Rose Machie, James Dudley, Sally Fary, Jackie Cottingham, Terry Royals, Karen Ward, Ricky Hall, Peter Zahn, Bill Morgan and Mary Whitfield. After an intiation of nearly 20 cir¬ cus animals ranging from lions and elephants to show poodles and penguins (alias Junior Class members), the Beta Club settled down to improving its image in the school. Most efforts were devoted to ser¬ vice projects such as a free tutoring service for any student who desired it. The club also sold pencils and worked at bake sales to raise money for a bicycle rack for the new school. They also plan to give their annual scholar¬ ship to some deserving student this year. 154 Beta Bill Morgan--Pres., Robin Clay, --Reporter, Rose Machie--Vice- Pres., Sally Fary--Sec., NOT PICTURED: Louise Hogge--Treas. Homecoming Court Shryl Jackson, Sophomore Attendant; Leigh Anne Crosley, Junior Attendant; Leanne Deal, Senior Attendant; Sandra Jordan, Maid of Honor and Rose Machie, Homecoming Queen. Right foot first! Bill Riley crowns Rose. Homecoming court 155 A.F.S Or ■■ f , -» rwi . g . a f TpBBBP? A 1 I B ' jMrn gm.- 1L E 1 I , 1 1 1 1 I : 1 B " f IBS ' ! BE ' -4 r ' ‘W’“ iriU ' ' nSt- 156 AFS Around Gloucester With Marianne AFS 157 Chess James Dudley, Peter Zahn, Regina Ellis, Linda Johnson, Darell Beckwith, Skeeta Burris, Stephen Hunt, Olin Phil¬ lips, Sandy Towell, George Sweeny, Buth Harris, Robbie Sindle, Nelson Jarvis, Edgar Gregg, David Andrews. CHESS CLUB CHESS TEAM Darell Beckwith, Robbie Sindle, George Sweeny, Edgar Gregg, Stephen Hunt, David Andrens Mr. Lewis, Sponsor. 158 Chess Debate Club 1st ROW: Anthony Ellis, Susan Stalvey, Denis Steele, Stanley McMullen and David Andrews. 2nd ROW: David Hamm, Judy Rush, Karen Beckelic, Bill Morgan and Peter Zahn. 1st ROW: Mary Lynn Hall, Brenda Walker, Betsy Carmine, Carolyn Jenkins, Elizabeth West, Gale West and Dot Walton. 2nd ROW: Rox- ann Hall, Patricia Ward, Kathy Bonniville, Shirley, Bonniville, Teresa West, Jo Anne Smith, Donnelynn Cooke and Cindy Jenkins. 3rd ROW: Diane Taylor, Rita Coates, Candy Sterling, Kathy Kellum, Angeline Howard and Linda Milwood. Hero Dot Walton, V. Pres.; JoAnn Smith, Reporter; Patricia Ward, Treas.; Shirley Bonniville, V. P.; Cynthia Jenkins, Parlimentarian; Teresa West, Secretary; Marsha Cox, Historian; and Mary Lynn Hall, Pres. Debate Hero 159 BIBLE CL UB OFFICERS Marie Tyson--Sec ., Wesley Jones--Pres., Bar¬ bara Ashbury--V. Pres. 160 Bible G FCA F.C.A 1st ROW: Keith Rhea, David Morse, Robbie Sindle, David Hun- gate, Donnie Rhea, Blake Longest and Norman Hogge. 2nd ROW Bill Riley, Eddie Jenkins, Donnie Brigman, Keith Healy, Ricky West, Jim Harris and Keith Harris. 3rd ROW: Jonathan Whitcomb and Steve Claybrook. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA ill " ■ i M 1 ; 1. _ m . t i S . h J 1 K 1 JL JL , ,.i2 Tammy Little, Barbara Peters, Nancy Peters, Cheryl Wiggins, Denise Wilson, Cheryl Hogge, Sandra Coates, Barbara Jackson, Juanita Burse and Patricia Dixon. FHA OFFICERS K r jP fW ■ v M Jj Juanita Burse--Rep.-Hist. Patricia Dixon --SEC. Cheryl Hogge--V.P. Denise Wil- son--Treas. Sandra Coates--Pres. SAE SITTING: Joyace Horsely, Debbie Snow, Betty Daniels and Debbie Mason. STANDING: Gwen Basta, Sharron Ballard and Debbie Amburgy. FHA SAE 161 Spring Concert The GHS Chorale in concert. 162 Spring Concerts Concert Choir I. C. T. 1st ROW: Cindy Stall, Ruth Loveland, Jane Dunston, Charles Oliver, Mr. Adams, Eddie Burse, Barry Leigh, Steve Hogg, Dale Harvey, Robert Bartley. 2nd ROW: Curtis Hall, Hardy Miller, Paul Lambdin, Greg Wyatt, Tabb Bridges, A1 Cottee, Sammy Hudgins, Jerry Horsely, Donnie Berry, R.B. Ranier, Don Grice. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA ICTGFFA 163 1st ROW: Alma Griffin, James Dudley, Alvin Spencer. 2nd ROW: Leann Deal, Sally Fary, David Andrews, John Hassel, GwenBasta, Bill Morgan, Wesley Jones, Mary Lynn Hall and Kim Scott. 3rd ROW: Peter Zahn, Stanley McMullen, Marcella Hud¬ gins, Teresa Moore, Genia Brown, Linda Soles and Brad Sindle. Science Club Wymond Gardner, George Sweeny, Robin Clay, Holly Richards, Robbie Sindle, Ricky Allen, Genia Brown and Miss Gaines, Sponsor. 164 ICC G Science Club FBLA SITTING: Mary Hudgins, Carol Lilly, Phyllis Jobe, Kaye Green, Linda West, Debbie Brunfield. STANDING: Mr. Riggan, Dinah Miller, Kathy Van Gieson, Susan Robins, Carlette Belvin, Blair Kirtley, Alma Smith, Denise Berry, President: Annette Stubbs, David Hamm, Mrs. Conner. PEP CL UB FBLA PEP 165 Mrs. Skyles Dedication has been a way of Life for Mrs. Georgie Skyles, who is retiring after ten years here at Gloucester High. She began her teaching career in 1933 after attending Madison College and majoring in history and English and minoring in math. Her first ten years of teaching were spent at Mathews High School. Even during her early teaching years, Mrs. Skyles showed a deep interest in the students and their extra cur¬ ricular activities. At Mathews, she sponsored the drama club, 4-H, tap danc¬ ing, and the school newspaper, which won an achievement under her direction. She was co-sponsor of the student government association. After her marriage in 1944, Mrs. Skyles remained at home for ten years, returning to her educational career after that time. She taught drama and crea¬ tive writing in an elementary school in Maryland. After four years in a Tampa, Florida, high school, Mrs. Skyles returned here in 1965 and has taught, since that time, English, drama, and forensics at G. H. S. Mrs. Skyles says she will miss drama and the rewards that she has found in her association with students. She feels that they have shaped her outlook on life, made her a better person, and have kept her young at heart. The students and faculty will miss Mrs. Skyles ' loving smile and cheerful face. 166 Mrs. Skyles Mrs. Treakle One of Gloucester High ' s most devoted teachers, Mrs. Elizabeth G. Trea¬ kle, is retiring this year after thirty-one years of teaching. Mrs. Treakle be¬ gan her teaching experience at Achilles High School where she taught for three years. She then taught for six years at Botetourt High School. For the past twenty-two years she has been teaching at Gloucester High School. Mrs. Treakle has taught English in grades 8 through 12, and Latin I, II, III, and IV. She has also been a guidance counselor for the past twenty years. Aside from teaching, Mrs. Treakle has been involved in many student activities and functions. For the past twenty-four years she has been senior class advisor, and has also coached the senior class plays. In spite of her busy schedule, she has found time to coach the one-act plays, reading, and public speaking in forensics competition. We, the students of G. H. S., would like to thank Mrs. Treakle for her many contributions to the school during her thirty-one years of teaching. We will miss her warmth and sense of humor, as well as her wisdom and leadership. Mrs. Treakle 167 SENIOR Louise Hogge Wood person of the World Donnie Taylor receives the shop award. Mary Hudgins accepts the Business Depart- Stanley receives the Thrift Club award, ment award. DAY Leanne presents a gift to Mr. Cox from the senior class. Mr. Flowe jokes with Vicki as he presents the Vision short story award. Brown accepts the drafting award. Robin Clay Best All Round Girl Intellectual: Louise Hogge, Bill Morgan Talented: Gayle Morgan, Marie Tyson, Earl Ried Wittiest: Carmen Olivis, Hardy Miller Nicest: Roxann Hall, David Morgan Most Atheltic: Kim Walthall, Bill Riley Cutest: Rose Machie, Lynn Higgins Quietest: Ruth Hunt, Brown Strigle Who’s Who Curteous: Sandra Jordan, Ricky West Most Likely to Suceed: LeAnn Deal, Stanley McMullen AWARDS Mary Whitfield receives the Junior Morgan Cit¬ izenship Award. They will never get anything accomplished with their hands in their pockets. Mrs. Pointer and Mr. Briggs go over last minute details before the Seniors arrive. 172 Awards ASSEMBLY Charles Oliver receives a Vision award for Poetry. Rita Coates receives the Home Ec award. Stanley swears in a new SCA officer, Prom Would ya look at that? 174 Prom Lacy Knight accepts a bouquet from Mrs. Flowe. L ’ame du Printemps The Spirit of Spring Bonhomme Richard Williamsburg Music by Spanky Everyone seemed to have a good time. mm 1 WW Mr. Briggs plays MC ADS 74-75 YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW IS YOUR RIGHT TO LEARN And Your Right To Learn Demands A FREE PRESS! For Complete Coverage of LOCAL- NATIONAL- INTERNATIONAL- News as it happens Read Hampton Roads ' Morning and Evening NEWSpapers JHaUg |Jms MORNINGS-SUNDAYS Times-Herald AFTERNOONS WHITE OPTICAL CO. 310 Main Street Newport News, Va. 3413 Victoria Blvd. Hampton, Va. 324 Monticello Ave. Willamsburg, Va. Ads 177 Pizza — Spaghetti — Lasagna Submarine, etc. GAZETTE JOURNAL ANNA’S ITALIAN PIZZA Compliments of 4 Gloucester-Mathews ! Grant City Shopping Center Gazette-Journal Gloucester Court House — Phone 693-4171 — Orders to Go — i W.J. STOKES SMITH’S WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICE Prayer Is the Force That Moves the Arm That Moves the World. J.B. Smith — Owner and Operator Telephone: 642-6006 642-4551 W.J. 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HEERLEADERS 1974-75 VARSITY nior Cheerleaders: Gayle Morgan Co-Captain Sally Fary Co-r-- ' Rose Machie 11 Lacy Knight Cynthia Jenkins Juniors: Susan Healy Janet Shackelford H M Cindy Trainham Cheryl Harvey Sheri VanGeison JUNIOR VARSITY Debbie Lett “Captain”, Mary Healy, Lisa Hogge, Dara Jackson, a Ellis, Jane Field, Yosiko Stokes, Gay Helterbrand, Lisa Hall, Tammy Pultz , . i B.T. CLEMENTS SONS Main Street Phone: 693-4360 Compliments of TIDE MILL RESTAURANT Specialying in Seafood and Charcoaled Steaks Good Year Gloucester, VA. 23061 George Belrin Telephone: 642-2073 Hayes, Va. FIDDLER’S GREEN ANTIQUES Main Street Gloucester, Va. Phone: 693-2666 " 74-75 DRILL TEAM , , Tyra Foster Sheila Randall Leigh Ann Crosley Captain Sarah Jones Co-Captain Ann Tillage Co-Captain h m i Sakina Foster Connie Hogge Linda Moore Holly Richards Dale Myers Gale Myers Shirley Foster Harriet Jordan Karen Roy Denise Berry Terry Hochine Daisy Robinson Alternate Jaunita Burse Alternate ORDINARY APPLIANCE CO. 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Radio Woody 1420 On Your Dial HARDIE’S CYCLE SHOP White Marsh, Virginia 23183 m 193 1st Danny Ray, Andy Corr, and Paul Hayes. 2nd ROW: Robbie Sindle, Joe Morgan, and Bill Morgan and Coach Johnson. G. H.S. OPPONENT Northampton 5 4 Mathews 8 1 Franklin 2 5 Forest Glen 6 0 Mathews 7 2 Poquoson 3 6 Suffolk 0 9 Tabb 7 2 Bill Morgan practices psyching out the opponent. Coming back even stronger in its second year, the tennis team won five matches and lost only three. Coached by Mr. Larry Johnson, the team captured the district title a big accomplish¬ ment for a second year team. With such a strong showing this year, it is hoped mat next year, the veteran team will go even further. 1st ROW: Steve Emory, Christi Lewis and Mike Hogge. 2nd ROW: Mr. Adams, Vicki Mains and Tom Barret. Golf Steve Pittman, Blake Longest, Lynn Higgins, Timmy Poland and Coach Morgan. Finishing the season with a six wins, one tie, and one loss record, it may be said that Gloucester ' s four man golf team did remarkably well this year. Spurred on by Coach Morgan, the team shot an overall average oi 371. 5 strokes, while their opponents’ average was 460 strokes. The team topped off the season by winning the district competition with 342 strokes, 25 strokes better than their nearest opponent. Timmy Poland set a school record of 75 strokes during this match. TEAM MEMBERS AVERAGE STROKES Timmy Poland 87.6 Lynn Higgins 88.3 Steve Pittman 97.3 Blake Longest 98.1 Golf 195 Softball 1st ROW: Jean Clay, Mary Whitfield, Donnalynn Cooke, Joanne Smith, Verona Claybome, G Connie Hogge. 2nd ROW: Diane Hoffman, Indie Williams, Brenda Thornton, Debbie Riley, Virginia Holmes, Stephanie Saunders, Carla Smith, Julie Spiers, Norma Jean Keams. 3rd ROW: Miss Wiatt, Coach; Denise Berry, Scorekeeper. Donnalynn sluggs one into left field. After a depressing first game loss, the girl ' s Softball team buckled down and was coached on to victory by Miss Robetta Wiatt, winding up with a 5 win and 3 loss season this year. The winning pitchers were Mary Whitfield, Norma Jean Kerns, and Brenda Thornton. Their performances were backed up by the team ' s overall willingness to work and desire to win. Their cooperation and hard work made this a successful season. GHS 13 Northampton 30 30 Mathews 13 15 J.F.K. 11 3 Forest Glen 7 13 Central 12 30 Windsor 11 30 Southampton 19 8 Poquoson 17 196 Softball Let her rip! Carla Smith warms up before a big game. SENIOR PLAYERS Verona Claybome Joanne Smith Donnalynn Cooke Baseball 1st ROW: Jonathan Whitcomb, David Burnette, Brian Belvin, Ricky West and David Rowe. 2nd ROW: Mike Harris, Charles Carter, David Clements, Norman Hogge, Bruce Soles, Kevin Dame, Eddie Jenkins, Keith Owens, Timmy Leigh, Robert Healy, Wally Williams, Blair Soles and Coach Palmer. Hit her high, hit her low. Let ' s go Gloucester, let ' s go! BASEBALL Along with spring came baseball tryouts. After several days of practice and cuts, the team was picked and prepared to face its first opponents, Mathews. Heartened by their first victory, the team went on to complete a 9 win and 5 loss season. Coaches for this year were Palmer Shell. GHS Opponent J I ' 0 7 2 Mathews 3 2 0 Poquoson 8 15 -v 1 " " Smitnfield 4 Northampton 12 John Yeates • 7 4 Poquoson 5 0 JFK 2 1 Franklin 18 11 Forest Glen 10 6 Central 10 4 Windsor 0 T i Southampton 3 5 Mathews 6 3 Suffolk Now Jonathan, do you need two bats? OUTDOOR TRACK I The funky four. Donnie Rhea starts the relay team off. GHS 48 Poquoson 93 53 Northampton 82 63 Walsingham 72 48 Tabb 88 55 Franklin 64 1 2 55 John Yeates 48 1 2 Coach Hogan confers with Franklin while j udging the jumping events. 200 Track Bill Riley hauls as he nears the finish line. Despite a record of no wins and five losses, individual performances this year on the track team were superior. Nearly all GHS district contestants advanced toReg- ionals and performed well. Freshmen Donnie Rhea especially shone in the field events, trotting back and forth from pole vault, to long jump, to triple jump, to high jump. This year ' s team was coached by Mr. Michael Fratkin assisted by Mr. Michael Hogan. The girls who ran this year attended the Hampton Institute Invitational meet and Carol Brooks, Julie Richards, Norma Jean Kearns and Betsy Williams all performed well. Carol Brooks and Betsy Williams attended the girls ' district meet finishing third in the mile run and fourth in the 220, respectively. Donnie Rhea long jumps. Track 201 s ts st s ,, r IS! 1 i . r. 7 2?i S Cis a ' The Class of 75 marches in. Pep Rallies make the day go faster. The annual can drive was a success, as usual. It ' s Blooperman! 202 Closing 1974-1975 is the end of an era for Gloucester County residents, and the move to the new high school begins a period of high aspirations and new goals for many. With a brand new school facility equipped with the latest education¬ al materials, the student body will, hopefully, revive much of its pride and take a renewed interest in excellence. Gloucester is no longer a small town; it is now a suburb of the Peninsula. The fact that within the next few years Gloucester High School will become AAA makes one realize that new things are in store for the entire school com¬ munity. Gloucester is growing steadily more competitive with the surround¬ ing cities, thus bringing to a close a quiet and slow era in all our lives. Closing 203 Phillip practices his kissing on a milk carton. DA! DAH! 204 Closing Now watch me fold up and get back in! Stanley McMullen, star drummer, How ' s your love life? Closing 205 IfUR. Louis ponders the mysteries of Chemistry. 206 Closing Clifford marches in as a Senior for the last time. I sware, I ' m innocent! ’ -V . r Cramming for exams is always so much fun. ; W ■: Hi Adams, Mr. David 87,94, 100, 194 Adams, Mr. Elvin 89, 163 Adams, Saundra 40 Adams, William 66, 112, 117 ADMINISTRATION 76-93 ADS 176-193 AFS 156-157 Aldridge, Gregory 66 Allen, Charry66,142 Allen, Ricky 40,90,164 Allen, Scott 31 Almond, Tammy 52, 80 Amburgey, Debbie 66, 121, 142, 145, 161 American Hardware 179 Andrews, David 52,158-9,164 Anna ' s Pizza 178 Asbury, Barbara 40,160 Ash, Frank 182 Ballard, Sharon 66,136, 161 Bank of Gloucester 192 Barnes, Reggie 66,142,144-5 Barrett, Tom 66,152, 194 Bartlett, Alice 66, 152 Bartley, Robert 40, 163 Bartley, Scott 52 BASEBALL 198-199 BASKETBALL, GIRL ' S 120-121 BASKETBALL, J.V. 122 BAS KETBALL, VARSITY 123-125 Basta, Gwen 66,103,136,161,164 Battisto, Vincent 66,117 Baumgardner, Cindy 40 Becklic, Karen 52, 146,159 Beckwith, Darel52,158 Bell Motors 184 Belvin, Bryan 40, 112,113,198 , 204 Belvin, Carlette 40,81,165 Belvin, Kieth 8,12, 13,97, 109, 153,155 Belvin, Susan 66 Belvin, Wayne 66,117 Berry, Adrian 52, 122 Berry, Avis 12 Berry, Mrs. Bessie 81 Berry, Darrel 52 Berry, Denise 40,79, 140,165,196 Berry, Donnie 12,30,163 Berry, John 61 Berry, Maurice 12,99,126,146 Berry, Renee 66 Berry, Robert 66 Berry, Roger 66,112,117,122 Berry, Victor 40,79,151 Berry, Wayne 40 BETA CLUB 154 BIBLE CLUB 160 Billups, Angela 66 Bishop, Rita 66 Black, Mr. 92 Blackman, Jackie 52 Blake, Deborah 149 Blake, Mrs. Elizabeth 86 Blake, Mr. Graham C . 78 Blanks, Bob 40 Blanks, Mr. W. B. 78 Blevins, Debby 12,18,136,146,148 Be Ivins, Mr. Manley 89 Bohannon, Keith 12 Bohannon, Kevin 52,117 Bonniville, Janet 52 Bonniville, Kathy 12,159 Bonniville, Roberta 52 Bonniville, Shirlee 13,159 Booker, Audrey 40 Booker, J.C. 66 Booker, Tabitha 52 Boulier, Debbie 13,152 Bradshaw, Leslie 66 Brandt, Denise 66 Brickhouse, Miss Yvonne 90, 106, 118 Bridges, Chuck 10,13,37,104, 142,144-5 Bridges, Tabb 40, 163 Briggs, Mr.J.D. 3,36,63,78,101, 168-9,175 Bright, Cheryl 66,149 Bright, Cynthia 52,61 Bright, Danette 68,149 Brigman, Donnie 66,112,117, 122, 160 Bristow, Vicki 40,98,137,150 Broaddus Hall 188 Brookins, Tony 52 Brooks, Carol 40,41,108,128-9, 136,141,146-8,153,202 Brooks, Hortense 52 Brooks, Jackie 52 Brooks, Marvin 66 Brooks, Sandra 65-6,129,141, 147 Brown, Alice 66 Brown, Andy 40, 150 Brown, Barbara 66 Brown, Cheryl 52,80, 136-7,153 Brown, Diane 66 Brown, Genia 6,40,142, 145,164 Brown, Gerald 40 Brown, Jackie 52,117 Brown Oil Co. 188 Brown, John 66,112, 117, 122 Brown, Kathy 52,137 Brown, PattiS. 13,137 Brown, Richard 66 Brown, Robin 66 Brown, Steve 66 Brown, Tina 66 Brown, Vel 13 Brown, William 52, 112, 116, 122 Brumfield, Debbie 40,165 Brumfield, Sheila 66,81 Bmton, Celesta 52 Buchanan, Lisa 66 Bunting, David 52 Bunting, Donna 66 Burdick, Clyde 40 Burnette, David 13,112,114,198 Burrell, Anita 66 Burrell, Clarence 52 Burrell, Karen 66, 121 Burrell, Michael 53 Bure 11, Nancy 40 Burris, Veronica 66,158 Burse, Earl 66, 122 Burse, Eddie 13,163 Burse, Juanita 40, 149,161 BUSINESS DEP ' T. 91 Calloway, Toby 40 Cannon, Timmy 66 Caracoff, Vicki 68 Carmine, Betsy 53,63,118,152, 159 Carmine, Gina 53 Carmine, Lynn 53,121 Carmine, Wanda 14 Carmine, W. T. 66 Cameal, Ms. Pat 85, 93 Carr, Randall 14, 142,144-5 Carr, Rebby 10, 12,28,31,35 Carr, Wendy 53 Carter, Bobby 68 Carter, Byron 68 Carter, Charles 40,93,198 Carter, Patrick 41 Carter, Steve 81 Carter, Teresa 53 Carter, Vanessa 41,121,149 Carter, William 53,117 Cason, Renee 68 Cassidy, Ms. Pat 88 Castellow, Cathy 41 Castellow, Mike 68 CAVALIER STAFF 134-135 Cesil, Cindy 68 Chamberlain, Nancy 142,145, 154 Chapman, Bernadette 47,98 Chapman, Wayne 14,35,18-9, 112-4 Chattin, Lee 53 CHEERLEADERS, J.V. 131,180 CHEERLEADERS, VARSITY 130, 180 Chipps, Archie 68 Chipps, Loretta 68 Chipps, Mr. Roy 89 CHORALE 146-148 Clare, Tony 68 Clark, Mrs. A. 86 Clark, Candy 47 Clark, David 68 Clark, George 138 Clark, Liz 41,137 Clay, Debbie 68,188 Clay, Jean 53,152,196 Clay, Robin 14, 34-5, 151, 154, 164,169,206 Claybome, Barbara 41,149 Claybome, Debra 41 Clayborne, Robert 14,149 Claybome, Verona 14,196-7 Claybrook, Mrs. Alwayne 88 Claybrook, Kathy 68 Claybrook, Steve 53, 112, 122, 152 160 Clements, B.T. and Sons 180 Clements, David 53,110,152,198 Clements, Denise 68 Clements, Diane 41, 136-7 Clements, Mr. Wiliam 89 Clifton, Ricky 53,81 Coates, Brenda 53 Coates, Cathy 68, 142 Coates, James 80 Coates, Richard 53 Coates, Rita 14,81,159,173 Coates, Ronnie 68 Coates, Sandra 15,161 Coberly, Peggy 53 Combs, Cheryl 149 Combs, Larry 15 Combs, Rita 68 CONCERT BAND 142 CONCERT CHOIR 149 Conner, Mrs. Judith 91, 165 Conner, Karen 19,31,136 Cook, Daniel 68 Cook, Kenneth 53 Cook ' s Oyster Co. 187 Cook, Stanley 53 Cook, Wayne 68 Cooke, Althea 149 Cooke, DonnaLynn 15,90,121, 159,196-7 Cooke, Randy 68 Coons, Bonnie 53 Cooper, David 41 Cooper, Michael 68,126 Cooper, Mike 53 Cooper, Sharon 53 Corey, Steve 68 Corr, Andy 68, 152,194 Cottee, A1 163 Cottee, Randy 53 Cottingham, Jackie 41-2,154 Cox, Mr. Herbert 37,77, 101,169 Cox, Jimmy 15 Cox, Jonathan 53 Cox, Marsha 159 Cox, Nan 41,137, 151,154 Cox, Perri 11, 15 Coyle, Dottie 31,137 Crigger, Kathy 41,105,146-7, 150 Crittenden, Bill 68 Crittenden, Dr. W.W., Jr. 78 Crockett, Kenneth 65,68,112 CROSS COUNTRY TRACK 128 Crossley, Allen 68 Crossley, Leigh Ann 41,44, 140, 155 Croswell, Douglas 53 Crumpton, Joan 68 Cushman Realty 183 Curnow, Scott 53,62,138 Curtis, Mark 68 Curtis, Paul 53 CUSTODIANS 92 Daily Press 117 Dais, Donald 41,112,123-4,126, 144-5 Dame, Kevin 68,75,112,117,198 Daniel, Betty 41,161 Danner, Nancy 41 Davenport, Darlene 68 Davis, Jerry 68 Davis, Ronald 53,149 Davis, Tracy 68 Deal, LeAnn 8,15,34,36,142, 145,152-5,164,169,171 Debate Club 159 Debolt, David 155 Deel, Lucia 53,146 Delk, Blake 68 Demarsis, Renee 68,142,145 Demarsis, Ronald 53,142,145 Diggs, Debra 41 Dixon, David 41 Dixon, Patricia 47,141,161 Donner, John 54,111-2,115-6,123-6 Dowdy, Susan 54 Drama Club 150 DRILL TEAM 140, 180 Driver, Garland 68 Driver, Kathy 54 Dudley, James 41,48,104,137, 150,152,154,158,164,172,202 Dunklee, Anne 68, 135 Dunklee, Edward 51,54 Dunningan, Brian 15,21,95 Dunningan, Eddie 54 Dunston, Charles 41 Dunston, Hattie 54 Dunston, Jane 30,163 Dunston, Mike 68 Dunston, Teery 68 Durham, Paulette 16 Dutton, Anty 68 Dutton, Billy 41 Dutton, Dorothea 54 Edmonds, Scott 31,97,112, 114 Edmonds, Tish 68 Edwards, Glen 68 Edwards, F aye 16,146 Eley, Michael 54, 145 Ellis, Anthony 41,105,146-8,159 Ellis, Audrey 68,136 Ellis, Gina 16 Ellis, Regina 68,131,151-2,158 Emerson, Donald 54 Emerson, Robert 54 Emory, Steve 68,194 Emory, Tommy 155 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 82-83 Epp, Robert 54,112 Ethridge, Ivan 16 Evans, Calvin 31,126,149 Evans, Mr. David 86 Evans, Michael 54,123,125-6,146 .vans, Wray 54 well, Kenny 54 ACULTY FOLLIES 110-101 anning Betsy 16,81 Fanning. Teri 54 arme " ? Bank of Mathews 185 mholt, O.H. 16,21,95,97, .144_5 ' ins. Mary Lou 81 v. Sally 8,16,31,34,130,153- .164,175 Fary, Susan 41,134, 137, 141,151 Fary, Timmy 54,63,142,144-5 FBLA 165 Feild, Jane 54,62,94,102,131, 152 FFA 163 FHA 161 Fiberglass Systems 190 Fiddler ' s Green Antiques 180 FIELD HOCKEY 118-119 Field, Marcia 54 FHA 101 Fields, Denise 17,41,149 FLAG TEAM 141 Fletcher, Bobby 68 Fletcher, Howard 54, 150 Fletcher, Robin 69 Flowe, Ms. Karen 151 Flowe, Mr. Ronald 76,83,93, 100,137,169,173 Floyd, Bobby 9, 15 Floyd, Carol 69 Floyd, Michael 41,129 Folk, Ms. Jeris 81 Foor, Mrs. Regina 82 FOOTBALL 117 FOOTBALL, VARSITY 112-116 Ford, Jody 69 FORENSICS 151 Forrest, Gwen 17,24,30,35 Forrest, Kent 54,62,98 Fosters Department Store 184 Foster, John 54,64 Foster, Lionel 42 Foster, Roosevelt 54 Foster, Sakina 17, 140 Foster, Shirley 54,140 Foster, Steven 149 Foster, Tyra 17,140 Foyles, Anna 54,137 Foyles, Josh 69 Francis, Miss Patricia 83 Fratkin, Mr. Michael 91 FRESHMEN CLASS 64-75 FTA 161 Fullwood, Miss Lucretia 84,93 Gaines, Miss Margaret 87,164 Gamache, Paul 42,90, 112,204 Gardner, Wise 42 Gardner, Wymond 142,145,164 Gazette Journal 178 Georgi Ann ' s Shoppe 189 German, Allen 54,112 German, Debbie 69 Gilley, Jerry 31 Gilley, Sue 17,34,137,149 Golssen, Cindy 69 Gloucester, Florist 189 Gloucester Truck King 187 Goalder, Janet 69 Goens, Lisa 69, 136 Goff, Paul 54 Golf 195 Goode, Donnie 55 Gordon, Charles 69 Gordon, Royal 55 GRADUATION 36-37 Grant, Cathe 17 Grant City 183 Gray ' s Grocery 182 Green, Carey 55 Green, Cindy 69 Green, Denise 69 Green, Donna 17 Green, Melvin 69 Green, Michael 69 Green, Patricia 69 Green, Vernon 55,142,144,145, 153 Greene, Joan 18 Greene, Kay 165 Gregg, Edgar 42,136,158 Gregg, Gill 69 Gregory, Mrs. Anna 86 Gregory, Roderick 69 Grice, Don 42, 163 Griffin, Alma 42,137,149, 164 Grimes, Barbara 4,18,98-9 Grizzard Auto Parts, Inc. 179 GUIDANCE 80 Gunn ' s Body Shop, Inc. 188,190 Hall, Curtis 163 Hall, Gwen 69,79 Hall, Jonny 69 Hall, Lisa 69,131 Hall, Luann 55 Hall, Mary Lynne 18,79,159, 164 Hall, Mike 69 Hall, Ricky 42, 154 Hall, Roxanne 30,159,170 Hall, Sandra 55,87 Hall, Tim 55,112 Hall, Wayne 42 Halvin, Barbara 69 Hamm, David 42, 159,165 Hammond, Miss Rosalind 85,93 Hamilton, Bobby 42, 104 Handy, Charles 55 Hardee, Shirley 69 Hardie ' s Cycle Shop 193 Hardy, Chris 69,129 Harless, Arthur 55 Harrell, James 55 Harrell, LuAnne 42 Harrism, Alfred 30, 112, 114 Harris, Brian 42 Harris, Butch 55,158 Harris, Ernest 55 Harris, Jim 69, 112,117, 160 Harris, John Allen 30,112,114,116 Harris, Kieth 69,71,117, 160 Harris, Mike 198 Harris, Tim 69 Harris, Vince 69 Harrison, Mrs. 87 Harvey, Cheryl 55,130 Harvey, Dale 32, 163 Harwood, Vickie 69 Hassell, Chris 55 Hassell, John 42,48,102,137, 150- 1,164,202 Hasty, Debbie 42,95,154 Hasty, Robin 50,55, 102, 134,142, 145 Hatput, Linda 69, 121 Hawthorne, Jon 42 Hayes, Mr. George R. 78 Hayes, Paul 69,74,152, 194 Haynes, Mike 18,142,144-5 Hazard, Kenneth 55, 149 Healy, Keith 32, 112, 114,160 Healy, Mary 65,69,72, 131 Healy, Robert 55,90,198-9 Healy, Susan 42,130 Heerdt, Darwin 55 Helbig, Gerald 55 Helterbran, Gay 152 Henry, Deborah 42,149 Hero, 159 Hicks, Patti 40,42,137, 154 Hicks, Ronald 55 Higgins, Lynn 18-9,129,171 Hobbs, Debbie 61,149 Hobbs, Mark 69 Hochheim, Terry 42,81,140 Hochhiem, Tracy 69, 81 Hoffman, Diane 59,98, 111, 196 Hogan, Mr. Mike 88,94,106,129, 200 Hogge, Bentley 55,112,129,146 Hogge, Cheryl 18,146,161 Hogge, Connie 40,42,44,129,140, 154,196 Hogge, Deborah 69,81 Hogge, Donna 55,79 Hogge, Jimmy 42 Hogge, Jo Ann 69 Hogge, Lisa 65,69,131 Hogge, Louise 18,34,37, 154,168, 170 Hogge, Mark 55 Hogge, Micheal42 Hogge, Mike 69, 194 Hogge, Michele 51,55 Hogge, Norman 55,112,117,160, 198 Hogge, Otis Gen. Merchandise 182 Hogge, Sam 42,146 Hogge, Scott 42,112 Hogge, Steve 43,163 Hogge, Tammy 69, 163 Hogge, Wanda 19 Holland, Carolyn 55 Holleran, Barbara 69 Holleran, David 43 Holloman, Linda Holmes, Linda 19,152 Holmes, Monette 32 Holmes, Shirley 69 Holmes, Virginia 149, 169 Holstrom, Mr. Ed 80 HOMECOMING 96-7 HOMECOMING COURT 155 Hopkins, John 69 Home, Mrs. Dorthy 84 Horsley, Cheryl 56 Horsley, Darryl 69 Horsley, Gerry 29,163 Horsley, Joyce 69, 161 Howard, Alvin 19 Howard, Angeline 48,159 Howard, Mrs. Stanley 77,79 Howard ' s Funeral Home 189 Hudgins, Cheryl 43, 141 Hudgins, Dean 43,137 Hudgins, Marcella 43,79,98,152, 164 Hudgins, Mary 32,87,165,168 Hudgins, Melody 19 Hudgins, Sammy 43, 163 Hangate, David 43,160 Hunt, Gwen 69 Hunt, Jannie 70 Hunt, Ruth 8,32,136,171 Hunt, Stephen 56, 136, 158 Hutchinson, Mrs.Anne 83 Hutchinson, Brian 32 Hutton, Keith 56 Hutton, Kenneth 56 ICC 164 ICT 163 INTERACT CLUB 153 Isner, Mrs. Sue 87 Jackson, Audrey 43 Jackson, Barbara 70 Jackson, Barbara Jean 43,81,141, 161 Jackson, Darrah70,131 Jackson, Darren 70,112,122 Jackson, Joyce 70 Jacksom, Leroy 56 Jackson, Scotty 112,117,122 Jackson, Shryl 56,149,155 Jamerson, Dennis 70 Jarvis, Judy 56 Jarvis, Karen 43,142 Jarvis, Nelson 70,158 JAZZ ROCK ENSEMBLE 144 Jenkins, Breta 56,79 Jenkins, Carolyn 56,81,159 Jenkins, Charles 70 Jenkins, Cindy 19,130,159 Jenkins, Debby 43 Jenkins, Deborah 70 Jenkins, Eddie 56,90, 117,122 160,198 Jenkins, Gregory 56 Jenkins, Judy 56 Jenkins, Kathy 19 Jenkins, Marcia 81 Jenkins, Tina 70 Jergenson, Louise 70 Jessen, Ronnie 48 Jessie, Julie 43,79,154 Jessie, Nancy 79 Jessie, Tommy 56 Jobe, Phyllis 43,154,165 Johnson, Mr. Larry 90 Johnson, Linda 20, 158 Johnson, Melva 56 Johnson, Mrs. 92 Johnson, Thomasene 56 Johnson, Mr. Tom 85 Johnson, Tony 48, 146 Jones, Mr. Edward 78 Jones, Lois 70 Jones, Sarah 20, 149 Jones, Sherman 70, 149 Jones, Valorie 56 Jones, Wesley 61, 152, 160, 164 Jordan, Bert 70 Jordan, Harriet 51, 56, 140 Jordan, Sandra 20, 155, 171 Jordan, Steve 70,117 Julia ' s Flower shop 188 JUNIORS 38-49 Keates, Rose Mary 70,149 Keels, Gisle 61 Keener, Connie 56 Keener, Kris 70,73,75 Kellum, James 56 Kellum, Kathy 48,159 Kellum, Martha 70 Kerns, Norma 43,95, 106,108, 110,118,196 Kerns, Robbie 56,152 Keys, Michael 43 King, Gayle 70 Kirkland, Bill 56,153 Kirkland, Lillian 20 Kirtley, Blair 20, 165 Knight, Lacy 20,130,174 Knox, Mrs. Ester 84 Knuteson, Craig 70 Kurtz, David 20 Kuster, Marianne 5,21,136,154 156-7 Ladd, Jonathan 56 Lambdin, Paul 21, 163 Lanciano, Mrs. C.O. 78 Lang, Kenn 43 Lang, Mike 56 LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT 85 Larrimore, Marva 70 Larrimore, Micheal 70 Lau, Nancy 70 Laurier, Karen 61,81 Lawler, Vickie 56,137 Laws, Beverley 43,149 Lawson, Bret 56 Lawson, Christine 70 Lawson, Len 43 Lazarow, Linda 70 Lee, Gerene 70 Lee, Vincent 70,142,144-5 Leigh, Barry 43,163 Leigh, David 21,112,114 Leigh, Debbie 70 Leigh, Timmy 43, 154, 198 Lenon, Brenda 70 Lemon, Michael 70,149 Lemon, Priscilla 56 Lemons, Richard 56,142,144-5 Lett, Billy 56 Lett, Debbie 70,131 Lewis, Brian 57,142,145,153 Lewis, Christi 70,194 Lewis, David 43 Lewis, Gwendolyn 80 Lewis, Nancy 43,154 Lewis, Mr. 01en 85,158, LIBRARY 81 Lilly, Carol 43,165 Lipscombs Equiptment 183 Little, Tammy 43,81,161 Livingston, Jere 144 Loesch, Matthew 70 Lollis, Sheila 57,149 Long, Mrs. Joy 76,84 Longest, Blake 19,44,112,126, 160 Lou Smith ' s Supermarket 191 Loveland, Ruth 21,163 Lowney, Alvin 44 Lucille ' s Beauty Salon 189 Luckette, Deborah 149 Machie, Rose 21,34,97,130,154- 5,171,174 Mains, Vicki 19,21, 33,136-7,169, 194 Manning, Kevin 146 Manning, Patricia 70 Marble, Cynthia 79,146,148 Marble, Rhonda 70 MARCHING BAND 138-9 Marsh, Marguerite 57 Marshall, Joe 44 Marshall, Linda 57 Martin, Debra 21 Martin, Donna 70 Martin, Jim 44 Martin, Thomas Walker 190 Mason, Debbie 70, 136,161 Mason ' s Exxon 187 MATH DEPARTMENT 87 Mathews Insurance 193 Mattox, Buster 44 Mayer, Mary 64,71 McConnell, Temple 10,22,118- 119,134,146 McCoy, Rhonda 56-7, 103,141, 146 McDaniel, Vernon 31 McDaniel, Randy 57 McFerrin, Gloria 71 McFerrin, Susan 71 McLanb, Elton 57 McMullen, Stanley 17,21,33,35, 138,144-5,152-3,159,164,168, 171-3,205 McMullen, Mr. Stanley 89,93,168 McMullen, Veda 57,135 McYer, Donna 71 Meyer, Cindy 8,22 Mezger, Janet 44,79,138,142 Middle Peninsula—Northern Neck Savings Loan 182 Milby, Theresa 71 Millen, Janet 81 Millen, Ricky 71,152 Millen, Sandra 22,137,151 Millen, Sharon 44 Miller, Authur 57 Miller, Audrey 6,40,44,137,139,154. Miller, Darlene 71 Miller, Dinah 44, 154, 165 Miller, Hardy 22,163,170 Millwood, Linda 44,159 Milroy, Charles 71 Minis, Lesa 71 Minis, Kevin 44 MIXED CHORUS 149 Mobile Home Sales 189 Montaque, John 22 Montaque, Mrs. 92 Montaque, Ozelle 71 Moore, Laurie 57 Moore, Linda 57 Moore, Lind a 44, 141 " Moore, Paula 71,75, 102, 110 Moore, Theresa 44,103, 137 164 Moore, Theresa 57 Moreland, Tom 44,146 Morey, Terri 44,149 Morgan, Bill 9, 14,23,34,93,134- 6,152-4, 159,164,170,194,202 Morgan, David 8,22,25,33,90, Morgan, Gayle 11,21,23,34,103, Morgan, Mr. Jerry 19,90,112, 116,194 Morgan, Joe 71,194 Morgan, Vickie 57 Morris, David 57,122,160 Morrison, Mr. Lew 76,91,142, 144-5 Morton, Mr. Ernest 87 Mosa, Stephanie 71 Moses, Wade 57 Mosley, Angela 57,62,152 Motley, Steve 23 Mowry, Ed 32 Mullins, Mr. Don 90,112,116 Murphree, Gene 50,57 Murphree, Phillip 44,128-9,134, 136,152,200,205 Musante, Vem 57,81 MUSIC DEPARTMENT 91 Myers, Dale 57,140, 149 Myers, Gale 57, 140, 149 Myers, Robert 44 Nalley, Linda 23 Nelms, Kevin 71 Nelms, Scott 44 Nelson, Theresa S. 26, 34, 87, 154 NEWSPAPER 136 Newton, Nora 71,118 Newton, Warren 54 Nolan, Melvin 54,149 Norman, Brenda 71 Norman, Carolyn 44,154 Northstein, Patrick 142 Nutall 8 Co. 182 O ' Dell, Mrs. Kay 79 OFFICE ASSISTANTS 79 OLIVER 102-3 Oliver, Charles 23,103,151,163, 173 Oliver, Kevin 44,149 Olivis, Carmen 4,11,23,80,137, 151.170 Olivis, Hayes 71 Olivis, Hazelle 44, 152 ONE ACT PLAYS 105 O ' Neil, Allan 57 Ordinary Appliance 181 ORGANIZATIONS 132-165 Ottarson, Robert 57 Owens 8 Blake Seafood 187 Owens, Debra 71 Owens, Donna 57 Owens, Keith 71,112,117,198 Owens, Sandra 45 Palmer, Leon 198 Panchision, Kathy 71, 74, 142 Panchision, Robbie 45,142,144-5, 162.174 Parlett, Alex 64,71,94-5,102-3 Parlett, Caroline 45 Parker, Michael 57 Paulson, Mrs. Rachel 77,86 P. E. DEPARTMENT 90 Peebles Supply 179 PEP CLUB 165 Tei in, Benjamen 23,149 Peters, Barbara 24,34,154,161 eters, Nancy 45,161 ■ Sherry 71 t Sidney 61 t s, Bernard 71 alps, Carol Sue 71 L. F. 8 Sons 190 Olin 57-8,158 " , Stewart 45 v ren 71 Pittman, Steve 19,45 Plaza Pharmacy 179 Poffenberger, David 57 Pointer, Mrs. Nan 80, 172 Poland, Shelia 58 Poland, Timmy 19,45 Pollard, Bruce 58 POWDER PUFF 108-9 Powell, Melanie 58, 61, 129, 142, 145 Powell, Susan 45,79 Powell, Tommy 24, 128-9, 134 PROM 174-5 Pryor, Elton 71 Pryor, Patricia 71 Pryor, Vanessa 58 Pultz, Tammy 71,131 Pultz, Tommy 45,87, 112,146, 148,205 Ramsey, Kenny 58,117 Randall, Calvin 71 Randall, Michaelene 58 Randall, Sharon 71,142 Randall, Shelia 50,58,140 Ranier, Joey 58,149 Ranier, R.B. 24,163 Rappahannock Concrete 189 Ray, Danny 58, 136, 142, 145, 194 Raynes, Mr. John 77,82 Reckney, Joyce 45 Reed, Carolyn 71 Reeves, Mr. Roger 84 Reid, Earl 8,24,32,149,170 Reid, Mike 58,126 Revere, James 67 Revere, Miss Paula 83 Rhea Bookkeeping 188 Rhea, Donnie 67,117,129,160, 200-1 Rhea, Keith 45,112,129,146,160, 200 Rhoades, Connie 45 Rhoades, Dale 58 Rich ' s Supermarket 186 Richards, Holly 45-6,87,103,140, 154,164 Richards, Julie 58,118,129,137 Richardson, Kenny 54,58,81,142, 144-5 Richardson, Stuart 58 Riddet, Clifford 24,206 Ridout, Diana 58 Riggan, Danita 61 Riggan, Dawn 45 Riggan, Mr. Robert 91,165 Rigler, Jackie 58,81 Rilee, Gale 58,80 Rilee, Silvia 67 Riley, Bill 2, 8, 22, 24, 97, 105, 112, 114,124,126,146-8,152,160, 170,201 Riley, Debbie 67, 120-1, 142, 145,196 Roane, Rosalyn 67 Robbins, Cindy 67 Robins, Betsy 45 Robins, Brenda 67 Robins, Connie 67 Robins, Kim 67,152 Robins, Margaret 24 Robins, Martin 58 Robins, Pam 67 Robins, Regina 67 Robins, Susan 45,79,165 Robins, Vanessa 45 Robins, William 45 Robinson, Daisy 58 Robinson, Diane 25,134,152 Robinson, Jimmy 67 Robinson, Robert 67 Roby, Dean 67,117 Rowe, Betty Sue 45,151 Rowe, Cathy 67 Rowe, David 67,96,112,116,198 Rowe, Jimmy 67 Rowe, Joanie 25 Rowe, Mrs Mary 88 Rowe, Mike 58,117 Rowe, Nan 45,103,146,148 Rowe, Timmy 58 Rowe, Tommy 67 Roy, Karen 25 Royals, Terry 45, 154 Royals, Tess 67 Royals, Tracy 45, 118 Rush, Debbie 67 Rush, Judy 58,141,159 Sandrige, Mr. Donald 91 Saulman, Dale 67 Saulman, Harry 25 Saunders, Stephanie 121,196 Savage, Marilyn 25 S.C.A. 152 Schaper, Dale 58,144 Schlicenmayer, Debbie 58 Schuster, Pam 25,33 Schweikert, Karol 67,142 SCIENCE CLUB 164 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT 81 Scott, Kim 45, 137, 149, 164 Scott, Tom 45,48,63 Scully, Robin 67 Sears, Mike D. 25 Seawell, Mrs. Sandy 79 SECRETARIES 79 SENIOR CLASS 8-37 SENIOR-FACULTY BASKETBALL 107 Setterholm, Mrs. 92 Setterholm, Teresa 58,79 Sexton, Paul 26 Shackleford, Janet 46,108,130 Shackelford 65,67 Shackelford, Ronnie 46 Shackelford-Schlifer Seafood 184 Shackelford, Tammy 67 Sharper, Todd 67 Shell, Mr .Claude 90,112 Sheperd, Linda 58,79,135 Shiflette, Anita 67 Shiflette, Rita 67 Shinn, Inez 67 Shook, Sharon 46 Shreves, Julie 59 Simmons, Diane 46,81 Simmons, Ellen 59 Sindle, Brad 4,11, 16,26,34,87, 101,103,135-6,142,144,164 Sindle, Robbie 46,108,110, 142, 154,158,160,164,194,202 Skyles, Mrs. Georgia 82,166 Slaughter, Thomas 46 Slavin, Matt 104 Smith ' s Arco 187 Smith, Alice 46 Smith, Alma 59,165 Smith, Carla 59,62,99,196-7 Smith, Dennis 46 Smith, Donnie 59 Smith, Faye 67 Smith, Freida 67 Smith, Gerald 67 Smith, JoAnne 26,159,196-7 Smith, Nelson 59 Smith, Pam 46 Smith, Richard 67 Smith, Taylor 59, 138 Smith, Warren 72 Smith ' s Wheel Alignment 178 Smoker, Marlin 59 Snow, Debbie 72, 161 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT 84 SOFTBALL 196-7 Soles, Blair 43,46,198 Soles, Bruce 46,198 Soles, Linda 46,152, 164,173 Soles, MaryB. 59,62-3,118,134, 152,172 SOPHOMORE CLASS 50-63 Southern States 193 Spano, Mr. Nick 76, 86, 101, 106 Sparks, Fred 46 Sparks, Pam 59,121 Spence, Cari 72 Spencer, Alvin 20,26,31,79,98, 135,138,150,164 Spencer, Louise 72 Spencer, Stacey 72 Spencer, Stanley 72,112,117,152 Spiers, Julie 72,196 SPORTS 110-131 SPRING CONCERT 162 Spurrell, Andy 72,117 Stafford, Phillip 6,46,204 Stahl, Cindy 46,163 Stalvey, Susan 72,159 Stanbrooks, Blair 72 Steele, Denise 72, 159 Steele, William 59 Stefan, Debbie 6,46,102,104 Stien, Dawn 59 Stephens, Becky 142,145 Stephens, Robert 48 Sterling, Beth 59,97,141 Sterling, Candy 59,159 Sterling, Mike 59 Stems, Janice 46 Stevens, Becky 72,102 Stevens, Garland 46,59,98 Stike, Tony 72 Stokes, Cecila 59 Stokes, Harold 72,81 Stokes, Lavinia 72 Stokes, Michael 4,26 Stokes, Robin 59 Stokes, W.J. 178 Stokes, Yosiko 64,72,131 Strickland, David 72 Strickland, Patricia 59,149 Stringle, Brown 26,34,142,144-5, 168,171 Strong, Chris 48 Stubbs, Mrs. 92 Stubblefield, Pam 72,94,106,118 Stubblefield, Robert 46 Stubbs, Annette 121,165 STUDENT UFE 94-109 Sweeney, George 59, 158,164 Swindeck, Bill 72 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Tallifero, Gardner 27 Taylor, Cynthia 59,120-1,142, 145 Taylor, Dianne 59,159 Taylor, Donnie 30,112,168 Taylor, Kent 72 Taylor, Mrs. 92 Teagle, Larry 27 Teagle Realty 178 TEAM --FACULTY HOCKEY 106 TENNIS 194 Thomas, Mrs. Bernice 80 Thomas, George 59 Thomas, Larry 59, 142 Thomas, Mark 72 Thompkins, Robert 59,112,117 Thompkins, Sharon 46 Thompson, Timmy 72 THOREAU 104 Thornton, Brenda 72, 121,152,196 Thornton, Renee 72,149 Thrift, Herbert 30, 111,128-9, 200-1 Thrift, Pam 32, 118-9, 152 Tice, Mrs. Pat 82,154 Tidewater Equipment 190 Tidewater Restaurant 180 Tillage, Anne 46,140,153-4 Tillage, David 46,90, 112,152 Tillage, Johnny 61 Tillage, Marion 72 Tillage, Tony 46 Tolley, Howard 72 Tomlinson, Michael 72, 149 Townsend, Sheri 72 Towell, Sandy 59,158 TRACK, INDOOR 129 TRACK, OUTDOOR 200-1 Trainham, Cindy 60, 1 30-1 Treakle, Mrs. Elizabeth 80, 167 Trevilian, Robin 27 Turner, Debbie 72 Turner, Marty 60 Tyson, Marie 26-7, 35,146-8,160, 170 Underkofler, Gale 9 Underkofler, Gretchen 27 VanGieson, Mrs. Joanne 91 VanGieson, Kathy 46,118,165 VanGieson, Sheri 55, 61, 63, 130 Vann, Vera 72 Vaughan, Chris 73,134-5 VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT 88-89 Voss, Katherine 73 Walker, Mr. 8 Mrs. 92 Walker, Miss Barbara 88 Walker, Brenda 73,159 Walker, Brenda 27,98 Walker, Denise 60 Walker, Kenny 47 Walker, Kim 73 Walker, Richard 27 Walker, Virginia 47, 136,153-4 Walpole, Cindy 28 Walthall, Kim 23,28,95,111, 120-1,170 Walton, Dot 47,81,159 Ward, Beatrice 73 Ward, Dorthea 73 Ward, Evette 73 Ward, Karen 11,28,34,40,153-4 Ward, Loretta 60 Ward, Marilyn 73, 149 Ward, Mary 149 Ward, Mknnie 73, 149 Ward, Patricia 29,159 Ward, Susie 73 Waring, J.W. 179 Warthan, Pam 29 Washington, Frankie 73 Washington, Linda 73,149 Washington, Malvin 47, 149 Washington, Mrs. 92 Washington, Oletha 60-1, 152 Wass, Teresa 28,34, 1 35 Watson, Bill 60 WDDY 193 West, Barbara 60 West, Bernard 47,112 West, Beverly 73 West, Brian 73 West, Carolyn 28 West, Darlene 60 West, Diane 29 West, Elizabeth 28,146,159 West, James 47 West, Gale 28,146,159 West, Linda 160, 165 West, Lorriane 60 West, Mike 73 West, Ricky 73 West, Ricky 60 West, Ricky 29,90, 125-6, 146, 148,160,171,175,198 West, Susan 73 West, Teresa 29,159 West, Tony 73 West, Virginia 60 West, William 60 West, William 60 Western Auto 187 Whann, Heather 60 Whann, Jeff 73 Whitcomb, Jonathan 29,126,153, 160,198-9 Whitcomb, Joseph 73,142 White, Cindy 73 White, Donna 47 White Optical 177 White, Patricia 47 White, Sandy 73 White, William 29 Whitfield, Hosier 47 Whitfield, Mary 47,154,172,196 Whitaker, Mrs. Glenith 82 Whitt, Robert 73 WHO ' S WHO ' S 170-1 Whatt, Mary 146 Wiatt, Miss Roberta 90, 121,196 Wiggins, Cheryl 47,161 Wiggins, Daryl 60 Wilkes, Suzi 103 Wilkins, Glen 60 Wilkins, Roberta 47 Williams, Betsy 47,129, 134,146, 148,152-4 Williams, Cynthia 42,47,94,102, 154 Williams, David 60 Williams, Donna 73 Williams, Indie 73, 121, 142, 145, 196 Williams, Martha 60,79, 146 Williams, Mary Kathryn 60, 62, 102, 118 Williams, Mary Kay 60 Williams, Roddy 47 Williams, Roger 60, 129 Williams, Susan 47 Williams, Tina 60 Williams, Wally 51-2, 60, 198 Williamsburg Textiles 190 Willis, Harold 73 Wilson, Darlene 60 Wilson, Denise 60, 161 Wilsom, Emma Jane 61, 149 Wilson, Ernest 61 Wilson, Frances 73 Wilson, Henry Lane III 7 Wilson, Kenny 47 Wilson, Lindsay 73 Wilson, Moses T. 61 Wilson, Mr. 92 Wilson, Ronny 30 Wilson, Robert 61 Wilson, Sharon 61 Wilson, Vera 73 WIND ENSEMBLE 145 Wood, Bennet 48 Wood Motor Sales 188 Wood, Sharon 61 Woodward, Tony 61 Wright, Theresa 47,141 Wyatt, Greg 48,163 Wyatt, Mary 47 Yu, John 4 Yu, Samuel 59 Zahn, George 61,103,135,142, 145-6,148 Zahn, Peter 47,63,102,135-8, 142-5,151-2,154,158-9,164, 202 Zitzman, Vickie 73 AUTOGRAPHS A UTO GRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS 215 AUTOGRAPHS 216 Energy-conscious nation shaken as more than 120,000 U.S. coal miners walk out in November. Photo shows 3 pickets out¬ side a mine in Smithers, West Virginia. South Boston is torn by anti-busing violence. Nine Arab nations parley in Libya; de¬ cide to lift oil embargo against U.S. Evel Knievel, king of cycledom, prema¬ turely parachuted into gorge during at¬ tempt to span Snake River canyon in his Skycycle. Ford’s amnesty plan — public service The Babe’s record shattered by Hank employment for draft evaders. Aaron in Atlanta — Home Run No. 715. Sugar becomes sour issue for shoppers as price soars. Sign in this supermarket reads: “Do not buy sugar. It is much too expensive. The only way to get the price down is to stop using sugar or to use less”. Construction proceeds on the Alaskan Pipeline with aim to eventually ease fuel crises. Photo of storage yard in Valdez, Alaska, shows a part of pipe to be used. Beloved comedian, Jack Benny, dead at 80. World leaders, Ford and Brezhnev, hold historic summit meeting in Russia. Brezhnev tries on Ford’s fur jacket. ‘Big Three” Watergate defendants, Ehrlichman, Haldeman, Mitchell, found g mlffi 974-1975 NEWS EVENTS EMGL KMI€V1€L

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