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1972-73 NATIONAL EVENTS □ After thirteen years of U.S. involvement in South Vietnam a peace agreement was signed □ The presidential election saw Nixon record a landslide victory over McGovern. □ Once again a presidential campaign was marred by an assassination attempt as George Wallace was seriously wounded while campaigning in Maryland. □ Food prices, meat in particular, zoomed to their highest level ever. □ Je¬ sus Christ-Superstar became the spiritual influence in many people ' s lives.□ LIFE magazine retired. □ The Wankel rotary engine developed as a possible answer to pollution-free auto transportation. □ Black stars became popular in the movies, including Richard Roundtree m " Shaft " .D Rains developing from Hurri- - cane Agnes wiped out thousands of homes in Wilkes-Barre. Pennsylvania. □ Author Clifford Irving was ar¬ rested for attempting to publish a falsified biography of Howard Hughes. □ The Oakland A s defeated the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series. □ The Miami Dolphins crushed the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII. □ George Foreman defeated Joe Frazier in the second round to become the world heavyweight boxing s ; Wh- CJAVALIER VOLUME XX GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA For some of us, it was an end. For others a beginning ... For all of us it is a memory. But to those of us on the Cavalier Staff, It was this book ... To us, THESE WERE THE WEEKS THAT WERE!! 5 Each minute, each hour, each day, each week of our work, tedious practice and combined effort . . . Each of us working toward a goal. . . sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing . . . All for the satisfaction of the final moment of achievement and the feeling of triumph resulting from the fruits of our own efforts. Eventually a goal is reached. If we are alive, each goal should be only a stepping stone to others beyond . . . During these weeks we have taken our first steps. We learn, not only from our textbooks and our teachers, but also from each other. We have experienced a great deal together this year; perhaps as much as we have experienced as individuals. As each new day begins, we will remem¬ ber the guidance shown to us by the teach¬ ers. We will look back, remembering our past experiences, and these experiences will help us make many of our future de¬ cisions. But when we look back we will not only remember our experiences, but these weeks. Yes, THESE WERE THE WEEKS THAT WERE ! ! ! 15 16 C Board of Supervisors o u n t y A d Mr. Dan Deal (Chairman), Mr. Carlton Heywood, Mr. Everett Rich, Mr. W. E. Belvin, Not Pictured: Mr. D. Baldwin Perrin. m 18 Business at the School Board Meetings. Superintendent of Schools: Mr. Blanks Mr. JohnD. Briggs, Principal Mr. Don Hirschberg Ass ' t. Principal Mrs. Bernice Thomas Guidance Mr. William Fuller Guidance A D M I N I S T R A T Back to Class or Run Laps?? I O N Mrs. Fanning Secretary iiliSIf j : j; “ ■ ; : ... ■■■ ■: : Mrs. Stanley Howard Accountant Mrs. Elizabeth Treakle Latin and Guidance w Z J -j - 3C Q w e- ( es; H 2 w Z H Mr. Vaughn Boatwright English 9 10 Mrs. Patricia Tice English 9 G 11 Mrs. Georgie Skyles English 9 Drama 1 2 Miss Pat Cassidy Home Ec. Mrs. Berry Ass ' t. Librarian Mrs. Barbara Fields French 1,2,3 4 Mr. Thomas Johnson French 1, Spanish 1-3. Mr. Michael Fratkin Special Education Mrs. Mary Rowe Occupational Foods, Consumer Homemaking 1. DUELING TEACHERS ! ! ! ! Math Mr. Brian Harmon Math 9, Algebra 1 Social Mr. Olen Lewis Government and Humanities Mrs. Ester Knox US World History- Miss Carolyn Clay US World History, Geography Mrs. Nan Pointer Government Mr. Joseph Tyson US World History Mr. Donald Miner, US History and Economics Mrs. Elizabeth Blake Consumer Math, Math 9, Algebra 2 Mrs.. Racheal Paulson Geometry Mr. Ernest Morton Biology, Science 9 Mrs. Susan Isner Chemistry, Biology Mr. Robert Brown Biology, Science 9 Mr. Charles Spano Physics, Business Math, Senior Math Mr. James Odom Physics, Trig. Mrs. Christine Harrison Earth Science Super Knox! ! Biology is Fun???? To Freeze or not To Freeze . . . That is the Question. Mrs. Anna Gregory Math 9 G Algebra 1 Mrs. Judith Conner General Business and Personal Typing ®oo f.JU0t s- Business Mrs. Sharon Diaz Steno 1, Typing 1, Related 1 2 Mr. Robert Riggan Accounting Typing 1 Mrs. Joanne Van Geison, Steno 2, General Business Typ¬ ing t 1 c s Mr. Donald Mullins Physical Education Mr. Purvis Edwards Health Physical Ed Mrs. Barbara Schuster Health Physical Educa¬ tion Mr. James Coley Driver Education Action at the Senior v. Faculty Basketball Game. Miss Roberta Wiatt, Health Physical Education and Drivers Education Mr. Manley Blevins Metal Cluster V o c a t i o n a 1 E d u c a Cafeteria Staff BACK TO FRONT: Bobbie Wilson, Marie Lawson, Rose Lee Corbin, Ruby Fields, Mildred Wilson, Loretta Lockland, Eliza¬ beth Willis, not pictured; Mr. Wilson. Custodians Ruth Stubbs, Charles Monroe, Mr Mrs. Townsend, not pictured; Mr. Warren, Robert Scott. VITIES mm Hi W - ■■■■■ •. .v ' « « ■ SSfeSfcj mmms --4 BH1 » ■, m ■ ' " ■ u “.— fw« Sai» 88® 8j fils ilillS WBMBf Homecoming 1972 Putting up posters on Senior hall. Juniors working hard on their 1st place float to be . . " HOMECOMING 1972 " As every year, Homecoming has been a great rivalry between classes. The competition was real¬ ly tough and everyone worked to their capacity. Homecoming week came to a climax on the afternoon of Friday, October 27. Winners of Spirit week were announced. The Seniors ran away with first place, Sophomores, second, Juniors, third and Freshmen, fourth. 28 On Friday night, the Dukes charged forward against the Pointers of West Point but their efforts were in vain. In the first few minutes, the Pointers made a 70 yard drive which set them up in perfect field position. Then, they went in for the first touchdown of the game. During half-time, another battle raged not between teams but between classes. Members of each class be¬ gan slaving on their floats on Monday, October 23. Who would have guessed that by Friday these ’’Objects of Art” would be finished? The Juniors took first place with their theme " Run ' em through the Mill”. Next were the Sophomores with " Pul¬ verize the Pointers” and third was taken by the Fresh¬ men with " Pickle the Pointers " . The Senior Class came in last place with their theme " Smoke the Pointers " . The festivities soon came to an end and it was the beginning of the third quarter. Stuffing the man . . Senior Float , Senior ' s work hard on the 1st Place Hall. Junior Hall shows the Homecoming spirit! ! ! Action at the dance. The third quarter started with a West Point touch¬ down. The Big Red Machine came back in the third quarter and got to the Pointers 27 yard line. But then, the Dukes just just couldn ' t hit. Gloucester fumbled, West Point recovered, but failed to score even with the break. In the beginning of the fourth quarter, Gloucester came to the 17 yard line but couldn ' t push any further. In the closing min¬ utes of die game West Point made an¬ other touchdown. The final score was West Point 24-Gloucester 0. Homecoming 1972 came to an end with a dance in the gymnasium with music by the Soul Explosion . . and the down on Junior Hall, the place was a mess Wild Wooly Webb Wiggling With The Wig¬ gle Wooble. 30 MICHELLE BERRY—Home¬ coming Queen GAIL HEALY—Maid of Honor JANET SHACKEL¬ FORD—Attendent. The Soul Explosion NANCY MARSH—Attendent Soul Stepping. TERRY SAULMAN--Attend. Underclassmen Swing Everyone keeps their eyes on the Ball Miss Wiatt aren ' t you supposed to use two Connie Serves . . hands Volleyball Game Such form . . Such Grace??? Senior Vs. Faculty Basketball Soon the gymnasium was full, and the game was ready to begin. On December 19th, the annual Senior - Faculty basketball game took place. The driving force of the administration was just too much for the Se¬ niors. In the past, the faculty has always come out on top, this year was no different. The final score was a close 39-38, faculty winning. 1973 Senior Class Regional Choir FRONT: Beth Hodges, Barry Chapman, Margaret Morris. SECOND ROW: Debbie Dowling, Anthony Ellis, W. Lew¬ is Morrison Jr. THIRD ROW: David Byrd, Renee Johnson. For the second year, Gloucester High School has participated in District I Re¬ gional Choir. The best vocal students were chosen to spend the weekend of February 16-18, in Richmond. After much practice, the concert was given at Thomas Jeffer¬ son High School. Try-outs were held for All-Virginia Choir on February 17, 1973. Despite tough competition, two students from Gloucester, Renee Johnson and David Byrd, made it. ALL-VIRGINIA CHOIR Renee Johnson and David Byrd District VIII All-Regional Band Students making these bands audition in Decem¬ ber in competition with other school musicians on the Peninsula. The best make the Regional while those who don ' t score high, but not high enough to make All-Regional Band comprise the Workship Band. These students went to Kecoughtan High School on Friday, Saturday, and Sun¬ day, February 2, 3, and 4 to practice with the bands. Both bands gave a concert that Sunday aftermoon. Workshop Band: John Fitchett, Bill Brown. All-Regional Band: LarryArnold, Tommy Emory, John Bowman, Leann Deal. Empire Room. Even though the band was late to start, they more than made up for it. The music was great! ! !! The punch flowed, The Sr. march was next, everybody strutted and stepped. was upheld. as everyone had a great time. The tradition of the crowning of the King Queen the heat of the crowd built up Junior Class Our visitor from Columba, S. Carolina Every year the Senior class receives their class rings. The rings symbolize the student ' s devotion and love to Glou¬ cester High School. This year ' s ring as¬ sembly showed the great enthusiasm of the Junior class as they got their rings. I hope the next one has soft hands . . . R A i s n s g e m b 1 y I use Ivory liquid! This recycling process is going too far. 38 GRADUATION 73 The class of ' 73 began graduation exercises with great expectations of re¬ ceiving their hard (or not so hard) earned diplomas. There were no signs of tears, only the joy of know¬ ing that their twelve long years were finally over. Seniors keep on truckin! ! " Where ' s Theron! He owes a lap! " Parents watch their children arrive. A traditional part of Graduation—pictures. This year ' s graduate and next year ' s hopeful! Leaving G. H. S. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Brenda DeBolt (Treasurer), Debbie Kerns (Vice President), Gail Healy(Presi¬ dent), Rachel Moffit (Secretary). Class of 1973 M Debbie West (Valedictorian), John Bowman (Salutatorian), The work has been hard and the good times fun, yet as June draws near, that hard work and those good times seem more precious. As each of us recieves our diploma, these times will be of the past. Everyone will leave and forget these times we shared together. Yet, there is something all of us will have in common--we are the CLASS OF 1973. Daisy Rueda Diaz—1972-73 AFS Foreign Exchange Student. John Altemus Kirk Bell Linda Belvin O. H. Belvin June Berry Michelle Berry Janice Bonniville JOHN VANARTSDALEN ALTEMUS, " Johnny " , J. V. Football 10, FFA 10, Pep Club 10, Golf Team 10. JAMES KIRKLAND BELL, " Kirk " , Jazz Rock Ensemble 10,11,12, Marching Band 10, 11, 12, Concert Band 10,11,12, Varsity Baseball 11.12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Var¬ sity Club 11,12, LINDA KAY BEL¬ VIN " Linda " , 4-H 10,11,12, Field Hockey 10,11 (Co-Captain), Sci¬ ence Club 10, Pep Club 10,11, 12, Drama Club 10, Powder Puff Football 11,12. OSCAR H. BEL¬ VIN, " Oh " , Varsity Football 10, 11, 12, Track 10, Golf 11,12, SCA 10, Varsity Club 10,12, Bas¬ ketball 10, 4-H 10, Pep Club 10, 11.12. JUNE CYNTHIA BERRY, " June " , 4-H 10,11, FHA 10,11, 12, Pep Club 12, Girls Softball 10,11, Powder Puff Football 11,12, HERO 12, Home Economics Assis¬ tant 12, Occ. Foods 12, Snow- queens Maid-of-Honor 12. MICH¬ ELLE ANESE BERRY, " Shelly " , Pep Club 10,11,12, SCA 10, Drama Club 10, FHA 10,11,12, (President), 4-H 10, Guidance Assistant 11,12, Interact Club 12, Homecoming Queen 12, Powder Puff Football 12. JANICE ELIZA¬ BETH BONNIVILLE, " Janice " , Drama Club 10,11,12, FHA 12, FTA 12, AFS 12, Chess Club 12, Biology Assistant 12. Powder Puff Football 12, Home Ec. Assistant 12. CHARLOTTE CYNTHIA BOOKER, " Charlotte " , 4-H 10, 11, Choir 10,11,12, FHA 12, Girls Chorus 12. Spotlights on Sara . . Charlotte Booker JOHN EDWARD BOWMAN, " The Archer " , Jazz-Rock Ensemble 10, 11,12, Concert Band 10,11,12, Marching Band 10,11,12, Brass Ensemble 10,11,12, Interact Club 10,11,12 (President), Regional Band 10,11,12, Chess Club 11, 12, SCA 11,12, Two-Edged Sword 11, Pep Club 12, Cavalier Staff 11,12, Beta Club 11,12 (Presi¬ dent), Tidewater Beta Federation 12 (Vice-President. STUART WAYNE BROOKS, " Buddy " , Choir 11. WILLIAM B. BROWN, JR., " Bill " , Jazz-Rock Ensemble 10,11, 12, Interact Club 10,11,12, Chess Club 10,11,12, SCA 12. PHYLLIS ANNE BRYANT, " Phyllis " , SCA 10.11, (Treasurer), 12, Pep Club 10,11 (V.-Pres.), 12, Marching Band 11, Majorette 12. Girls State 11, FBLA 10,12 (Parlimentarian), AFS 12, Homecoming Attendant 11, Cavalier Staff 11,12, FTA 12, Library Club Assistant 11, 12, Powder Puff Football 11,12. KATHY MUSE BURKE, " Kathy " , Drill Team 10, 11,12 (Co-Cap¬ tain), Pep Club 10,11,12 (Pres), Drama Club 10, Beta Club 10,12 (Secretary), SCA 12, AFS 11,12, FBLA 12, Girls State 11, Powder Puff Football 11,12, FTA 12 (Reporter), Cavalier Staff 11,12, Guidance Assistant 12, Library Club Assistant 11 (V-Pres.), V. SHIRLEY ANN BUSH, " Cheryl Ann " , 4-H 10,11,12, Choir 10, 11.12, FHA 10, Occupational Foods 11,12, Pep Club 12, Girls Chorus 11,12, Hero 12. DAVID WILLIAM BYRD, JR. , " Le Merle " , Concert Band 10,11,12, Marching Band 10,11,12, Jazz-Rock Ensem¬ ble 10,11,12, Brass Ensemble 10, 11.12, SCA 10,11,12 (Pres), Drama Club 10,11,12, Interact Club 10,11 (V-Pres.), 12 (Lieu¬ tenant Gov. District 706, Va.), Pep Club 11,12, Two-Edged Sword 10.11.12, Chess Club 10,11 (Pres), 12 (Pres), Intermural Basketball 10, Beta Club 11,12, Cavalier John Bowman Stuart Brooks Bill Brown Antics in Government class. Phyllis Bryant Kathy Burke Staff 11,12, Forensics 11 (District Champion), 12 (District, Region¬ al , State Champion), Regional Choir 11,12, ALL Va. Choir 12. BRUCE CARTER. MARK CARTER, " Mark " , FFA 10, J.V. Football 10, Varsity Club 12, Varsity Foot¬ ball 12 (Trainer), Varsity Basket¬ ball 12 (Manager). BARRY LEE CHAPMAN, " Barry " , 4-H 10,11, SCA 10, Pep Club 10,11,12, Choir 10,11,12, Drama Club 12. ELIZABETH VIRGINIA CLEMENTS, " Betty " , Beta Club 11,12 (Re¬ porter), AFS 12, FTA 12, FBLA 12. ROGER WAYNE CLEMENTS, " Roger " , Jazz-Rock Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 10, 11, 12, Concert Band 10,11,12, Brass Ensemble 10,11,12, Intra¬ mural Basketball 10, Chess Club 12. JOHN ROGER COATES. TERRI ALMOND COATES, " Terry " . DELMA FLOREINE COOK, " Delma " , Science Club 10, 4-H 10,11,12, FHA 10,12, FBLA 12, Pep Club 12, Girls Basketball Team 12 (Manager). AURELIA ARLENE CREWE, " Arlene " , Pep Club 10 , 11 , 12 . David Byrd Bruce Carter Terry Coates Delma Cook Ar lene Crew Naval Academy Reject? Peggy Crockett Pam Curtis Kaye Dame Mike Dame Amelia Davis Brenda DeBolt Sandra Diggs Billy Dunston Debbie Ellinger Tom Emory See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil (If only It was true! ! !) PEGGY GENISE CROCKETT, " Peggeritte " , 4-H 10,11, J.V. Cheerleader 10, Pep Club 10,11, 12. Girls Softball 10, Varsity Club 11,12, FBLA 12, SCA 12, AFS 12, Cavalier Staff 12, Varsity Cheerleader 11,12, Powder Puff Football 11,12. PAMELA MARIE CURTIS, " Pam " , Office Assistant 12. KAYE SHACKELFORD DAME, " Kaye " , Pep Club 11,12, Drama Club 10, FBLA 11,12 (Treasurer), 4-H 11, Office Assistant 12, Guidance Assistant 12. THOMAS MICHAEL DAME, " Mike " , FFA 10. AMELIA EDNA DAVIS, " Susie " , Science Club 10, Pep Club 10, 11,12, Girls Softball 10, 4-H 10, 11, 12, FHA 10, 12, Beta Club 11, 12, Girls Basketball Scorekeeper 12, Powder Puff Football 11, 12. BRENDA CAROL DEBOLT, " Brenda " , Pep Club 10,11,12, 4-H 10,11, Choir 10, SCA 11, Varsity Club 11,12, Varsity Cheerleader 11, AFS 12, Powder PuffFootball 11,12,FBLA 12, Cava¬ lier Staff 12, Senior Class Treas¬ urer. SANDRA MARION DIGGS, " Sandra " Pep Club 10,11, Bible Club 10,11,12, Beta Club 11,12, FTA 12. DEBRA DOWLING, " Debbie " , J.V. Cheerleader 10, Sophomore Class President, Inter¬ act Club 10,11 (Secretary), 12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Choir 10,11, 12, SCA 10, Varsity Cheerleader 11,12, Varsity Club 11,12, Beta Club 11,12, Regional Choir 12, Jazz-Rock Ensemble 12. ALFRED WAYNE DUNSTON, " Al " , FFA 10. WILLIAM DUNSTON, " Billy " . DEBRA GAIL ELLINGER, " Debbie " , Pep Club 10,11,12, FBLA 11,12 (President), Varsity Club 12, Var¬ sity Cheerleader 12. THOMAS MATTHEWS EMORY, JR. , " " Tommy " , Varsity Baseball 10, 11,12, Jazz-Rock Ensemble 10, 11.12, Brass Ensemble 10,11,12, Concert Band 10,11, 12, Marching Band 10,11,12, Interact Club 10.11.12, SCA 10,12, Inter¬ mural Basketball 10, Varsity Club 11.12, Pep Club 10,11 (Trea¬ surer), 12, All-Regional Band 12. JOHN DOUGLAS EWELL, " Doug¬ las " , Concert Band 10,11,12, 4-H 10, Pep Club 10, Marching Band 10,11. MELISSA GAIL FANNING, " Gail " , Bible Club 11 (Secretary), 12 (Vice Presi¬ dent), Office Assistant 12. JOHN ANDREW FITCHETT, " Percy " , Concert Band 10,11,12, Marching Band 10,11,12, Jazz-Rock En¬ semble 10,11,12, Science Club 10, Pep Club 10,11,12, Inter- mural Basketball 10, Interact Club 11,12, Beta Club 11,12 (Vice President), All Regional Work¬ shop Band 12, Boy ' s State 11, Chess Club 12, Two-Edged Sword 12, Who ' s Who Among High School Students 12. BARRY OGBURN FLETCHER. MICHAEL TYRONE FOSTER, " The Prince " , J-V Football, Drama Club 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,11, 12, Choir 10,11,12, 4-H 10,11, 12, Intramural Basketball 10, Mod¬ ern Dance Group 11, Guidance As¬ sistant 12. PATRICIA LAVERENE FOSTER, " Pat " , SCA 10, Drill Team 10, 11,12, Pep Club 10,11,12, FHA 10,11,12, 4-H 10,11,12, Choral Ensemble 11, Girls Choir 12, Heroes Club 12, OCC Foods 12, Religious Brother¬ hood Choir 12. CALVIN FRENCH. BENTON GARDNER. BETSY VIRGINIA GILL, " Betsy " , Drama Club 10,11,12, Pep Club 10, Thespian Society 12. LARRY WAYNE GRAHAM. ROBERT AN¬ THONY GREGORY, " Tweety " , Football 10,11,12, SCA 10,11,12, Pep Club 10, Baseball 10,11, Basketball 12, Forensic Team 12, Varsity Club 12--President, Drama Club 10,11, 12--President, News¬ paper Staff 12, Interact Club 12, Chairman of Court of Appeals 12, Boys State Alternate, GHS Paper Reporter 12. CONNIE RUTH GUNN, " Connie " , Pep Club 11, 12. MARTHA LOUISE HALL. SANDRA FAYE HAMM, " Sandra " , Bible Club 10,11,12, 4-H 10, FHA 11. LAURA ANNE HARGIS, " Laura " , J-V Cheerleader 10, Two-Edged Sword 10,11, Score- keeper J-V Basketball 10,11, Drama Club 10,11, SCA 10,12, Pep Club 10,11, AFS 11,12, Marching Band 11, Powder Puff Football 11, Concert Band 11, FTA 12, Annual Staff 11,12— Editor in Chief, Girls Choir 12, DAR Good Citizen 12, Interclub Council 12, Girls State Alternate 12. NEVA ANN HATCH, " Neva " , Drill Team 10, Banner Carrier 11, Flag Tearn 12, Choir 10,11, Girls Choir 12, Pep Club 10,11, 12, Guidance Assistant 12. ROY NELSON HAYNES, " Roy " , FFA 10.11. ROBERT HICKS, " Bob”, Science Club 10, Creative Writing 11, Drama Club 11, Debate Team 11, Newspaper Staff 11,12, V. A. State Legislature, Page in General Assembly 12. WILLIAM CYRENUS HIGGINS, JR., " William " , Base¬ ball Tearn 11, Indoor-Outdoor Track Team 12, The Cross Country Team 12. ELIZABETH ANN HOD¬ GES, " Beth " , Pep Club 10,11,12, Choir 10,11,12, Drama Club 10, 11.12, SCA 11,12, Court of Appeals 12, Regional Choir 11, 12, Choir Ensemble 11, Girls Choir 12, Frisbee Squad 11, AFS 12, Annual Staff 12, Newspaper Staff 12, Creative Writing 12. JO ANNE HOGGE, " Jo Anne " , 4-H 10, Choir 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,11, FHA 10. BARBARA GAIL HEALY, " Gail " , 4-H 10, Pep Club 10,11, 12, Varsity Club 11,12, Cheer¬ leader 11,12—Captain, Senior Class President, Guidance Assis¬ tant 11, Junior Class Secretary, FBLA 12, Homecoming Maid of Honor 12. Robert Gregory Connie Gunn Martha Hall Government class provides many long hours of entertainment. William Higgins Beth Hodges JoAnn Hogge Calvin French Sandra Hamm Benton Gardner Betsy Gill Laura Hargis Neva Hatch Larry Grahmn Roy Haynes Gail Healy Bob Hicks 5 months gone and 4 to go! But Mrs. Treakle, what is really wrong with Rapp, U.? 49 Robin Hogge Henry Holmes Brenda Jackson Hazel Jackson That charming Columbian smile strikes again. Carolyn Jenkins Anna Johnson Carolyn Jones Gloria Jenkins Do you hear what I hear? Ricky Knuteson 50 Barbara Lee A Youg Coon for an Old Coot! ! ! Barbara Kellum Debbie Kerns Michael King ROBIN HOGGE, " Little Pig " , J.V. Football 10, Metals I II 11,12, Track 12. HENRY DETHORA HOLMES, " Hank " , Varsity Foot¬ ball 10,11, 12—Co-Captain, Varsity Basketball 10,11, --Co- Captain, 4-H 10--Treasurer, 11, 12--President, SCA 10,11 — Vice-President, 12, Interact Club 11,12, Pep Club 11, Varsity Club 11,12, Who ' s Who Among Ameri¬ can High School Students 11,12, Boys State 11. BRENDA HAZEL JACKSON, " Brenda " , 4-H 10,11, 12, Softball Team 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Girls Basketball Team 11,12, Varsity Club 12, SCA 12, Home Ec. Asst. 12. HAZEL NANNETTE JACKSON, " Hazel " , Pep Club 10,12, Heroes 12--Recording Secretary. CARO¬ LYN LOUISEJENKINS, " Carolyn " , 4-H 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,11, 12, FBLA 11,12--Reporter, Heroes 12--Treasurer. GLORIA DALE JENKINS, " Gloria " , 4-H 10.11, Choir 10. ANNA LOUISE JOHNSON, " Anna Banana " , Drama Club 10,11,12, Thespian 11, 12--Secretary, Creative Writing 12, FTA 12, Pep Club 12. CAR¬ OLYN FAYE JONES. BARBARA ANN KELLUM, Pep Club 10,11, 12, 4-H 10,11, Drill Team 11, 12. DEBORAH KAY KERNS, " Kerns " , 4-H 10,11,12, 4-H State Congress 10, Drama Club 10, 11.12, SCA 12, AFS 12—Secre¬ tary, FTA 12—Secretary, Pep Club 12, Flag Team 12, Choir 12, Vice-President of Senior Class. MICHAEL WARREN KING, " ’57 " , 4-H 10,11,12. RICHARD KNUTE- SON. BARBARA JEAN LEE, " Bar¬ bara " , 4-H 10, FHA 12, HEROES 12—Secretary. JAMES STEVEN LEIGH, " Jim " , Marching Band 10.11.12, Concert Band 10,11, 12, Jazz-Rock Ensemble 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,12, Interact 10,11- Treasurer, 12--Treasurer, Base¬ ball Team 10,11,12, Beta Club 11,12—Treasurer, Varsity Club 11.12, SCA 11,12. THERESA GAIL LEIGH, Science Club 10, 4-H 10.11.12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Choir 10, Drama Club 10,11, 12—Reporter, Creative Writing 11.12, Marching Band 11, Con¬ cert Band 11, AFS 11,12, FTA 12, Girl ' s Choir 12. SARA ELIZA¬ BETH LEWIS, " Sara " , Pep Club 10.11.12, Band 10,11—Drum Major, 12--Drum Major, AFS 11, 12--President, SCA 11, 12-Re¬ porter, Library Club Asst. 11. Beta Club 11,12--Historian, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students 11,12, Girl ' s State Alter¬ nate 11, Interact Club 12, Cava¬ lier Staff 12--Business Manager. Jimmy Leigh Teresa Leigh Sara Lewis NANCY ELIZABETH MARSH, " Marsh " , Drill Team 10,11,12, Drama Club 10,11, Pep Club 10, 11,12, SCA 10, Choir 11,12 AFS 11.12, FTA 12, 12th Grade Home¬ coming Attendant. CATHY LYNN MAURICE, Girl ' s Choir 12. ELIZABETH JANE MCGRAW, " Beth " , Drama Club 11,12, Pep Club 11, AFS 12, Powder Puff Football 12. DAVID MARK MEL¬ VIN. RICHARD S. MILLER, " Red " , Basketball Trainer 10, 11, J.V. Football 10, FFA 10, 11- -Reporter, 12, Varsity Foot¬ ball 12, Varsity Club 12, HOWA RD MOFFITT. RACHEL DARNELL MOFFITT, " Rachel " , Pep Club 10.11.12, Drill Team 10, 4-H 10.11.12, Secretary of Senior Classy AFS 12, FBLA 12, Cava¬ lier Staff 12. JERRY WILLIAM MOORE, Jazz-Rock Ensemble 10, 11.12, Concert Band 10,11, MarchingBand 10,11,12. Science Club 10, Pep Club 10, Two Edge Sword 11—Feature Editor, 12 — Editor, Creative Writing Club 11, 12, Debate Team 11. SUSAN PAIGE MORGAN, " Susan " , Pep Club 10,11, 4-H 10,11, FBLA 11,12--Secretary, SCA 12 — Secretary, Snow Queen 12. MARGARET ADEL MORRIS, " Margo " , 4-H 10,11,12, FHA 10, 12, Pep Club 11,12, Choir 11,12. KYLE PRESTON MOTLEY, JR. , " Pete " , Pep Club 10,11,12. J.V. Football 10, J.V. Basketball 10. NANCY CORNELIA MOWRY, " Tree " , Secretary--Sophomore Class, 4-H 10--Secretary, 11,12, Girls Basketball Team 10, Drama Club 10,11, Pep Club 10, AFS 12. FAYE ELIZABETH MYERS, " Faye " , J.V. Cheerleading 10, 4-H 10,11—Vice President, 12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Drama Club 10, SCA 11,12, Drill Team 11, 12— Captain, Cavalier Staff 12, Office Asst. 12, Choir 12. EMORY LYNN NADEAU, " Emory " , In¬ teract Club 10,11,12—Director, SCA 10,11 — Reporter, 12—Parli- mentarian, Intramural Basketball 10, Pep Club 10, Morgan Citizen¬ ship Award 10, Biology Lab Asst. 10, Golf Team 11,12, Junior Class President, Marching Band 12, FTA 12, Library Asst. 12. DENNIS KEITH NUTTALL, " Mit " , 4-H 10, FFA 10,11,12. Stop CHEATING in that Government Class. Nancy Mowry Faye Myers Emory Nadeau Nancy Marsh Cathy Maurice Beth McGaw David Melvin Richard Miller Howard Moffitt Our star hockey player? Jerry Moore Susan Morgan Margaret Morris Preston Motley Is this what goes on in homeroom? Is this one of our football players turned basket¬ ball player? Mary Nuttall Nancy Nuttall Joe Peruzzato Barbara Poffenberger 54 The quiet one speaks out! A1 Capone ' s enemies? Theron Osborn Patricia Otterson Wanda Otterson Glen Pointer Cheryl Powell Nannie Pryor MARY CLAIRE NUTTALL, " Mary Claire " , Pep Club 10,12, FBLA 12. NANCY ANNE NUTTALL, " Nancy " , Library Assistant 12. JOHN THERON JACKSON OS¬ BORNE, " Thyroid " , Metal Art I 10, Auto Mech. I G II 11,12. PATRICIA MAUDE OTTARSON, " Maude " , 4-H 10,11, Pep Club 10, 11, 12, Drama Club 11. WANDA JEAN OTTARSON, " Wanda " , 4-H 10, Bible Club 10, FBLA 11, Pep Club 11, Typing Assistant 12. JOSEPH VICTOR PERUZZATTO, JR. ' Hip¬ pie " , FFA 10,11,12, Chess Club 10,11,12. BARBARA JEAN POF- FENBERGER, " Barbara " , Keyettes 10,11, Spanish Club 10, Art Club 10,11 Drama Club 10,11,12, Varsity Club 12, Softball 11,12, Pep Club 12, Hockey Team 12, Powder Puff Football, FTA 12. GLENN RILEY POINTER, " Glenn " Marching Band 10,11,12, FFA I II 10, 4-H 10, CHERYL. POWELL. NANNIE LOUENE PRYOR, " Nan " , 4-H Club 10, Heroes Club 12, FHA 12. CYN¬ THIA RAYE REGENSBURG, " Cindy " Lab Assistant 11, FTA 12, AFS 12, Pep Club 12, Annual Staff 12. NITA ANN RIGAU, " Nita " , Drill Team 10,11, Soph¬ omore Treasurer, Sophomore Homecoming Attendant, Softball Team 10, Pep Club 10,11,12, Interact Club 11, Girls Chorus 11, Majorette 12. TERESA GAIL RILEY, " Teresa " , FBLA 11,12- President, Pep Club 11, FHA 12. What thought lurks behind T. E. ' s sinister grin? Dan Schuster George Schultz Vinney Searles Tommy Seawell 56 One-hundred bottles of beer in the bleachers! JO ELLEN ROBINS, 4-H 10,11,12, 4-H Secretary Pep Club 10. CAROLYN LOUISE ROBINSON, 4-H 10,11,12, Choir 11,12, Pep Club 12. SALLIE JONES ROBIN¬ SON, " Sallie " , Drill Team 10, 11, Pep Club 10,11,12, Library Asst. 10, 11, Drama Club 10, 4-H 11, FBLA 12, Office Asst. 12. DAISY RUEDA DIAZ, AFS 12, FTA 12, Beta Club 12. DANIEL JAMES SCHUSTER, " Dan " , Two Edge Sword 12, Chess Club 12, Chess Team 12, Literary Club 12. GEORGE WILLIAM SCHULTZE, II, " George " . JOSEPH VINCENT SEARLS, JR., " Vinnie " . THOMAS EDWARD SEAWELL, " Tommy " , 4-H 10,11, Pep Club 10,11,12, Varsity Football 11, Varsity Club 11, Band 10. CHERYL ANNE SHACKELFORD, " Cheryl " , 4-H 10--President, 11,12, Drama Club 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,11, 12, Hockey Team 11. CYNTHIA JOANN SHACKELFORD, " Cindy " , Science Club 10, Bible Club 10, 11.12, Girl ' s Choir 11,12. BEU¬ LAH DELORES SHACKELFORD, " Delores " , Drill Team 10, 4-H 10.11.12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Drama Club 11, Hockey Team 11. DAVID MARK SHEA, " David " , Drama Club 10, SCA 10, Creative Writing Club 12, 4-H 12. Alfred, who is the " lucky " girl this time? Lunch hour rush for the smoking area ! BUDDY SHOOK, " Buddy " . DANIEL ASHTON SLAVNIK, " Danny " , 4-H 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,11, 12, FFA 10, CYNTHIA SMITH, " Cynthia " , SCA 10,11, Bible Club 10,11,12, Choir 10, Guid¬ ance Assistant 11,12, Library Club Assistant 12. HOWARD LESTER SMITH, " Howard " , J. V. Football 10, FFA 10,11, Varsity Baseball 10,11,12, Varsity Club 11.12. RUTH CAROLYN SMITH, " Ruth " , 4-H 10,11, FBLA 11, Choir 11, Guidance Assistant 11, Typing Assistant 12. SANDRA ANN SMITH, " Sandra " , Drama Club 10, Pep Club 10,11,12, Beta Club 11,12, Girls Chorus 12. LARRY SPENCER, " Larry " , Varsity Football 10,11,12. J.V. Basketball 10, FFA 10,11,12, Varsity Club 11,12, Pep Club 12. CATHY DEAN STERLING, " Cathy " , SCA 10,12, Drama Club 10,11, 12 (Secretary), Choir 10,11, Girls Field Hockey 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Softball 11, 10, Varsity Club 11,12 (Secre¬ tary), Forensics 12, FTA 12 (Pres¬ ident), Cavalier Staff 12. MICH¬ AEL LEE STERLING, " Mike " , Track 10,11, Pep Club 10,11,12, Varsity Club 11. BRENDA JOY STRIKLAND, " Red " , 4-H 10, 11.12, Drama Club 10,11,12, Bible Club 10, Pep Club 10,11, 12, Choir 11,12. RONALD KEITH TEAGLE, " Ronnie " , 4-H 10.11, FFA 10,11,Pep Club 10, 11.12, LIZABETH AVALON TILL¬ AGE, " Beth " , Pep Club 10,11, 12, Choir 10,11,12, Girls Chor¬ us 12, FTA 12. ALGIE BRADFORD WARD III, " Brad " , Pep Club 10, 12, Varsity Club 11,12, Track Team 10,11,12 (Captain), Indoor Track 12 (Captain), Concert Band 10,11, Cross-Country 12, Cavalier Staff 11,12. KEITH SIMON WEBB, " Keith " , Pep Club 10.11.12, Varsity Football 10, Drama Club 10,11,12, SCA 10, 11, Thesbians 11,12, Debate Team 11,12, Chess Club 11,12, Two-Edged Sword 11,12, Foren¬ sics Team 11,12, AFS 11,12, Cavalier Staff 12. DEBRA FAYE WEST, " Debbie " , Pep Club 10, Marching Band 10, Concert Band 10, Beta Club 12. WILLIAM LEE WEST, " Billy " , J.V. Football 10, Varsity Baseball 10,11,12, Bible Club 10,11, 12, . Varsity Football 11.12, Varsity Club 11,12. EDGAR WEST, " Ed " . Buddy Shook Danny Slavnik Cynthia Smith Sandra Smith Larry Spencer Cathy Sterling DRACULA REINCARNATED! Mike Sterling Brenda Strictland _ . . mme oLcuiiig Deep concentration m gov ' t class. Billy W est Ed West 3 o ' clock in the parking lot 59 JANICE FAYE WEST, " Janice " , FBLA 11,12—Historian. MELANIE WHITCOMB, " Melanie " , Sci¬ ence Club 10, Pep Club 10,11, Bible Club 10, Library Club 11, 12, Library Assistant 11,12, Var¬ sity Club 11, Varsity Field Hock¬ ey 11, Annual Staff 12, Choir 12. GLORIA MARIE WHITING, " Glory " , 4-H 10, FHA 11, Choir 11.12. GAYNOR BERNICE WIL¬ LIAMS, " Gaynor " , Pep Club 10, 11, Cheerleader 10,11, Drama Club 10,11, Varsity Club 12— Secretary, 4-H 10—Vice-Presi¬ dent 11, Dukes Dispatch 10, Junior Class Treasurer, Guidance Assistant 11,12. JONATHAN RAYE WILLIAMS. " Johnny " , Varsity Baseball 11,12. KEVIN WILSON. RICHARD LAURENCE WITT, " Richard " , 4-H 10,11, 12, Pep Club 10,11. HELEN ELAINE WYATT, " Helen " , Sci¬ ence Club 10, 4-H 10, Pep Club 11.12, FHA 12, Choir 12. LARRY DONNELL BERRY, Larry " , FFA 10.11, J-V Basketball, Varsity Club 12, Varsity Football 12, Varsity Basketball 12. JOHN LOUIS DUDLEY, " John " , Interact Club 11,12, Beta Club 11,12- chairman of Entertainment Com¬ mittee, Drama Club 11, AFS 11,12—Treasurer, Two-Edged Sword 12, American Legion Boy ' s State 1972, National Merit Commended Scholar 12, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students 1972-1973, Jan¬ itor ' s Assistant 12, Mirror Corps 12. VERNONDA OPHELIA ELLIS. " Vernonda " , Marching Band 10, J-V Cheerleader, Concert Band 10, Pep Club 10,11,12, 4-H 10, 11.12, FHA 10,12, SCA 10,11, 12, Library Club 10, Girls Soft- ball 10, Newspaper Staff 11, Varsity Cheerleader 11,12, Con¬ cert Choir 11, Choir Ensemble 11, Girls Chorus 12, Varsity Club 11,12, Interact Club 11,12— Secretary, Annual Staff 12— Sports Editor. DELORES ANNETTE HOGGE, " Delores " 4-H 10,11, Pep Club 10,11, Choir 11,12. BETTY REED OLIVER, " Betty " , Drama 11, FHA 12, Choral 12. DEBRA JO ROWE " Debbie " , Bible Club 10,11,12—Vice-Pres., President, Pep Club 10,11, Guid¬ ance Assistant 12. ANGELINE GURTRUDE SPENCER, " Angie " , 4-H 10,11,12, Drama Club 10, 11, Pep Club 10,11,12, FTA 12, Heroes Club 12—Fund Raising Chari man. Janis W est Melainie Whitcomb Gloria Whiting Gaynor Williams Johnny Williams Kevin Wilson LRFTTCn Betty Oliver Debra Rowe Angeline Spencer What a lousy picture! 61 Catching flies in class! ! How do you expect me to see that girl if you are in the way? Brad, how many times have I told you to keep your hands off my knee? John Dudley Vemonda Ellis Larry Berry Dolores Hogge SENIORS NOT PICTURED BARBARA GALE BRADSHAW, " Bobbie " , Glee Club 10,11,FNA 10.11, FHA 10,11, Pep Club 10. FREDERICK JOSEPH CALLAWAY, " Joe " , Marching Band 10,11. JUNE MARIE COMBS, " Junebug, » 4-H Club 10, Hero Club 12. WILLIAM A. CONNER, " Bill " , Pep Band 12, Basketball team statistician 12. YVONNE CAMIL¬ LE HALL, " Token Topcat " , 4-H Club 12, Drama Club 12, Li¬ brary Assistant 12, Pep Club 12, Creative Writing Club 12. ARTHUR FRANKLIN HARRIS, JR., " Arty " , Science Club 10, Pep Club 10, Creative Writing Club 11,12, Vica Club 11, Baseball 11. AL¬ LEN H. HASELWOOD 4-H 10, FFA 10. WILLIAM B. HAYNES, " Billy " . SUZANNE HAYMAN, " Suzanne " , Sophomore Class President. VICKI LYNN JORDAN, " Vicki " , Girl ' s Basketball 10, 4-H Club 11,12, FTA 12, AFS 12, Creative Writing Club 12. ROSE YVONNE LEWIS, " Rose " , 4-H Club 10, FBLA 12. LILLIE MAEMCKELVIN, " Lil " , 4-H Club 10.11, MICHAEL ALONZAOLIVIS, " Lonny " , J. V. Football 10, Pep Club 10,11,12, Interact Club, 11.12, Choir 12. SANDRA GAYLE OWENS, " Sandra " , Drama Club 10, Pep Club 10, 4-H Club 10, Office Assistant 11,12. JOYCE PAYNE, " Joyce " . JOHN WILLIAM PRYOR, " Johnny " , FFA 10,11, 4-H Club 10. RUSS DOUGLAS ROBINS, " Russ, " 4-H Club 10, 11.12, BREN F WINN SHIFFLETT, " Brent " , Pep 21ub 10,11, 4-H Club 11. TERESA BERNICE WASH¬ INGTON, " Bee " , 4-H Club 10, 11.12, Bible Club 10,11, Drama Club 10,11, Pep Club 10,11,12, Choir 10,11,12. las that bi; BhM Beth’s Bubbling! Smile Daisy Hi Sally! FRONT: Beth Hodges, Sara Lewis, Laura Hargis, Amelia Davis, Debbie Dowling. MIDDLE: Betty Clements, Kathy Burke, Debbie West, Sandra Smith, Sandra Diggs, John Dudley. BACK: John Fitchett, Bob Hicks, John Bowman, David Byrd, Jimmy Leigh. LEFT-RIGHT: Kathy Burke, Henry Holmes, John Fitchett, John Dudley, Phyllis Bryant. UNDERCLASSMEN Class of ' 74 Don Adams Tina Ambrose Larry Arnold Robert Bame Junior Class Officers Patricia Wilson--Reporter, Peggy Poland--President, Joe Dis- chinger--V.-President, Sharon Higgins—Treasurer, Judy Oliver-- Secretary. Veronica Banks Denise Chipps Vernon Barnett Debra Berry Frissell Berry Sheila Berry Roland Billups Ronnie Blueford Martin Bridges Arlene Brooks Desiree Brooks Leona Bruce Carl Bruton Gywen Burell Mildred Byrd Debra Caracoff Greg Carter T erry Caste llow Patricia Catlett Olivia Chamberlin Verona Clayborne Carl Coates Michael Combs Jackie Cooper Anetta Corbin Cathy Cottee Cynthia Cox Mary Coyle Denise Craft Keith Dame Michael Davis Susan Davis Debbie DeBolt Harold Diggs Wanda Diggs Joe Dischenger Beth Dixon Mary Donner Zack Duncan Anne Edmonds Bruce Edmonds Richard Elias Wilhemena Evans O.H. Farinholt John Fayhee Cindy Fogazzi Raymond Forest Bobbie Grant George Grant 67 Junior ' s Float Places Dennis Green Thomas Griffin John Hall Robin Hardrick Lewis Harris Claire Hayes Randy Healy Freda Hess William Hicks Anita Hogge Keith Hogge Shelva Hogge Thomas Holland Debbie Horsley Dennis Horsley Joey Horsley Alice Howard Mike Howlett Micky Howlett Robin Howlett Dana Hudgins Joyce Jackman Yvonne Jackson Mary Janes Bonnie Jenkins Patricia Jenkins Clifford Johnson Renee Johnson Harold Jones Ricky Jordan Storing nuts is like storing knowledge—when you need it, it comes in handy. m First At Homecoming Ricky Knuteson Ricky Kurtz Cathy Leigh Claudia Lemon Besty Lewis Ronnie Lewis Debbie Long LuAnne Lowmaster Matt Luoma Marcia Lyell Patsy Marble Kathy Martin Diane Matthews Virginia May Linda McCoy Janice Miller Charles Machen Deborah Montague Bill Moore There ' s Brad with that stupid camera again .... Sherry Moore Trudy Moore Faith Moss Brad Newbill Bruce Newton Edith Nutall Judy Oliver Martha Oliver Debra Olivis Gary O ' Neal 69 Vicki O ' Neil Ronald Paige Kevin Panchison Robert Parlette Owen Pointer Moses Pollard Alex Post Ronald Powell Tommy Powell Regina Pryor Denise Rhea Donald Rhodes Paul Rilee John Robins Constance Robinson Darlene Robinson Joy Rhoden Bobbie Rowe Joe Rowe Marylin Savage Anetta Setterholm Terry Shackelford Keith Sheppard Bobbie Schuster Karen Sibley Matt Slavin Brenda Smith Cheryl Smith Teresa Smith Wayne Spencer Shirley Stearns Julie Steele Danny Sterling Ruth Sterling Why do we have assemblies on Millard F ilmore ' s B irthday ? ? ? ? ? Joan Stubbs Gardner Taliferro Edward Thornton Connie Trevillian Pierre Walker T erry Ward Cheryl Washington Anita West Danny West Debbie West Ronnie West Sharon West Lewis Whitaker Byron Williams Carmen Williams Ernesta Wilson Lane Wilson Patricia Wilson Mary Witt 71 Well . appeal C ' mon, smile, it ' s not all that bad YEAH! ! REALLYY?? Class Of ' 75 Scott Allen Ricky Allen Gina Almond Robin Arehart Donna Alvis Brenda Baumgardner Sophomore Class Officers Gail Morgan—Secretary, Anita Lett--V.-President, Cathy Gant--President, Cindy West--Treasurer. Keith Belvin Alvis Berry Donnie Berry Maurice Berry Debbie Blevins Kathy Bonnivelle Chuck Bridges Elizabeth Brown Velda Brown David Burnett Randy Carmine Wanda Carmine Steve Carter Wayne Chapman Robert Clayborne Rita Coates Sandra Coates Karen Conner Donnalyn Cook Jimmy Cox Nan Cox Frank Crotty Donna Damian Donna Daniels LeAnn Deal Richard DeBolt Bryan Dunningan Christi Dunston Homecoming spirit shapes up! Paulette Durham Scott Edmunds Faye Edwards Anthony Ellis Coina Ellis Vernon Ellis Lloyd Emory Ivan Ethridge Kelvin Evans Betsy Fanning Sally Fary Bobby Floyd Gwen Forest Judy Foster Sahina Foster Debra Freeman Cathe Gant Lydia Gardner Georgie Grant Donna Green Don Gria Patricia Grimes Marry Lynn Hall Roxanne Hall Jon Hawthorne Sophomore Class Places Lynn Higgins Tootie Hillard Louise Hogge Rhonda Hogge Kenneth Holmes Monet Holmes Dennis Horsley Jerry Horsley Larry Horsley Chuck Housman Alvin Howard Maurry Hutchenson Melodie Hudgins Danny Hypes Alan Jackson Brenda Jenkins Cathy Jenkins Linda Johnson Tommy Johnston Vernon Kerns Lillian Kirkland Blair Kirtly Paul Lambdin David Leigh Edward Lemon Second In Spirit Week At least the moble units are air conditioned. Anita Lett Mary Jane Leusy Gerald Livingston Rose Luckett Joann Marshall Debra Martin Temple McConnell Stanley McMullin Hardy Miller John Monteque Debbie Moore David Morgan Gayle Morgan Wade Moore Ed Mowry Sandra Millen Robert Myers Keith OHdanney Carmen Olivis Curtis Owens Kathy Owens Caroline Parlett James Patric Benjamin Perrin Barbara Peters James Pittman Mike Pittman George Poffenberger Tommy Pultz R. B. Rainier 1 ' Debra Rainer Earl Reid Alice Rhodes Clifford Riddett Bill Riley Kathy Riley Margaret Robins William Robins Diane Robinson Charles Rowe Joanie Rowe Nan Rowe Karen Roy Harry Saulman Lisa Saunders Pam Schuster Kim Scott Michael Sears Mike Sears Paul Sexton Joseph Shannon Sharon Shook Brad Sindle Dennis Smith Fred Sparks William Sparks Pattie Spence Alvin Spencer Phillip Stafford Cathy Stanstell Sophomores are dedicated band members! You say what??? How many? Eunice Corbin William Steel This is the most exciting pep rally we ' ve ever had. Hope it ' s the last one of the year. Pam Thrift Marie Tyson Brenda Walker Dorothy Walker Richard Walker Kim Walthall Sandra Ward A nthony Ware Pam Warthen Teresa Wass Maurica Watts Barbara West Cindy W est Gale West Rickey W est Sherry West Jonathan Whitcomb LuAnne White William White Patricia Wayton Annette Williams Glae Williams Mark Williams Samuel Wilson Cindy Winger Sophomores And Freshmen Around GET IT ON WYMAN! !! ! Study time. School 309-310-311-312 Phys. Ed is Fun! ! ! Norma Jean . . Where do you want the next 375 flowers to go ? ? Swing it Alvin . . Don ' t let that kid es¬ cape our school. He ' s the top candidate for top 10%. Class Of ' 76 Freshmen Class Officers Karen Ward—Secretary Anne Tillage--President Andy Brown--Treasurer Nancy Lewis—V. President Sandra Adams Sonya Barnette Robert Bartley Debbie Baumgardner Brian Belvin Carlette Belvin Clyde Berdict Denise Berry John Berry Victor Berry Wayne Berry Debra Blake Robert Blanks Sean Bolen Judy Bonniville Shirlee Bonniville Audrey Booker Terri Booth James Borum Debbie Boulier 80 k Some people will let their dogs do anything! ! Debbie Breen Tabb Bridges Vicki Bristow Carol Broods Andy Brown Cheryl Brown Gena Brown Gerald Brown Debbie Brumfield Nancy Burrell Evangaline Burse Robin Calloway T oby C allow ay Charles Carter Thomas C arter Vanessa Carter Cathy Castellow Nancy Chamberlain Bernadette Chapman Nancy Chapman Candy Clark George Clark Robin Clay Barbara Claybome Debra Clayborne 81 Freshmen Have Diane Clements Russell Coberly Cheryl Combs Althea Cooke Donald Corbin James Corbin A1 Cottee Jackie Cottingham Marsha Cox Dottie Coyle Frankie Crewe Kathy Crigger Leigh Anne Crossley Donald Dais Betty Daniel Debra Diggs Patrici a Dixon James Dudley Buddy Dunston Charles Dunston Jane Dunston Gena Ellis Robert Emerson Susan Fary Denise Fields Howard Fletcher Lionel Foster Roosevelt Foster Steven Foster Tyra Foster Paul Gamache Wise Gardner Wymond Gardner Jerry Gilley Edgar Gregg Alma Griffin Nancy Hall Wayne Hall David Hamm Alfred Harris Brian Harris Regina Harris Karl Harshman Dale Harvey Debbie Hasty Anthony Haywood Robert Haywood Susan Healy Fud Hearn Bobby Hendrix Debra Hendricks Cheryl Hogge Connie Hogge Jimmy Hogge Michael Hogge Patricia Hogge Sam Hogge Sammy Hogge Scott Hogge Steve Hogge Linda Holmes Joe Honkonen Cheryl Horsley Andeline Howard Arthur Howard Cheryl Hudgins Dean Hudgins Marcella Hudgins Melody Hudgins Thayer Hughes provo cat ive! ! ! David Hungate Ruth Hunt Audrey Jackson Barbara Jackson Karen Jarvis Gregory Jenkins Sandra Jenkins Julie Jessie Ronnie Jessen Phyllis Jobe Jimmy Johnson Marvin Johnson Melva Johnson Sarah Jones Sandra Jordan Karen Keener Katherine Keener Kathy Keener Carolyn Kellum Kathleen Kellum Kathy Kellum Marylin Kellum Norma Jean Kerns Michael Keys Lacy Knight t All I want is a dime for a cup of coffee . . . David Kurtz Beverly Laws Len Lawson Barry Leigh Timmy Leigh Claudia Lewi s David Lewis Nancy Lewis Carol Lilly Floyd Lomax Blake Longest Ruth Loveland Shirley Lowney Debra Luckett Kelvin Manning Cynthia Marble Joe Marshall Janet Mezger Audrey Miller Donna Miller Sandra Millen Sharon Millen Linda Millwood Joy Mise Vincent Montague Linda Moore Tommy Mooreland Debbie Motley Terri Mowry Phillip Murphee Linda Nalley A member of the more intelligent animal set comes to visit GHS . . Carolyn Narmon Scott Nelms Kevin Oliver Lee Oliver Hazelle Olivis Susan Osborne Rachel Payne Carroll Perrin Nancy Peters Sidney Phelps Steward Picardat Steve Pittman Timmy Poland Susan Powell Larry Pratt Michael Pryor Keith Rhea Connie Rhodes Holly Richards Renata Rideout Dawn Riggan Dale Rigler Betsy Robbins Stephanie Robbins Susan Robins Vanessa Robins William Robins Betty Sue Rowe Walter Rowe Terry Royals Tracy Royals 86 t Keith Sealey Michael Sears Janet Shackelford Ronnie Shackelford Teresa Shook Dianne Simmons Robert Sindie Thomas Slaughter Alice Smith Jo Anne Smith Judy Smith Pamela Smith Barry Soles Bruce Soles Linda Soles Cindy Stahl Mike Sterling Janice Sterns Garland Stevens Deborah Strickrod Michael Stokes Robert Stubberfield Annette Stubbs Larry Teagle Jimmy Templeman Sharon Thompkins Anne Tillage David Till age Tony Tillage Robin Trevillian Gretchen Underkofler Kathy VanGieson Kenneth Walker Dorothy Walton Otis Walton 87 Wayne Walton Dwane Ward Karen W ard Malvin Washington Tilicia Watson Bernard West Ed West Elizabeth West James West James West Lee West Teresa West Darlene White Donna White Patricia White Valerie White Hosier Whitfield Mary Whitfield Roberta Wilkins Cynthia Williams Roddy Williams Susan Williams Edward Wilson Emma Wilson Kenny Wilson Warren Wilson Robert Winger Teresa Wright Mary Wyatt Peter Zahn And we ' re supposed to know what we are doing??? SPORTS Varsity Football KNEELING: JohnFayhee, Alfred Harris, Richard DeBolt, Frarik Crotty, Joe Dischinger, Robert Gregory, Wayne Spencer, Moses Pollard, Ed Thornton, Dave Burnett. ROW 2: Coach Edwards, Wayne Chapman, Norbert Bame, O.H. Belvin, Thomas Griffin, John Harris, Harold Diggs, Donnie Jackson, Larry Spencer, Pierre Walker, Richard Miller, Coach Mullins. ROW 3: Sherman Graves, Frissell Berry, Henry Holmes, Jackie Cooper, Mark Carter, Bill Riley, Brad Newbill, Dennis Maples, Larry Berry, Joe Rowe, Alex Post, Billy West. On August 10, 1972, forty-eight players reported for the opening practice of the 1972 football season. Key injuries the week before the opening game made it necessary to make personnel change which affected the game plan considerable. Therefore, the Dukes lost their season opener. It seemed as though Gloucester was going to have a tough season. After playing the next four games, Gloucester had brought their record to 2-3. Larry Berry Concentrating on the game. Henry Holmes In 90 Motion With the Ball in hand. ■mn You can have my jersey, Coach Ed¬ wards, but please don ' t take my pants! ! ! Moving in for the Kill. KICK-OFF! ! ! ! Spirits are high before the game . . Injuries continued to plague the Big Red Machine. By the middle of the season, the team had dwindled to a mere 26 members. Soon things began to tick and Gloucester won four out of its last five games. This brought the Dukes to 6-4 and the first winning season for Gloucester High in a long time. On the Bench . . GHS 0 Suffolk 14 L GHS 12 Windsor 6 W GHS 7 Southampton 21 L GHS 40 Central 0 W GHS 0 John Yeates 35 L GHS 28 Northampton 0 W GHS 42 Mathews 0 W GHS 0 West Point 24 L GHS 34 Forest Glen 6 W GHS 26 Smithfield 18 W OSCAR BELVTN-- Half back, Senior Player. RICHARD MILLER —Halfback, Senior Player. 92 GHS IN MOTION . . . . One of the great pleasures Gloucester had this season was handing Mathews a de¬ feat for the third straight time in the 3rd annual Shriner’s game at the end of the season. Three of the Dukes were placed on the All-District to be honored on both the offen¬ sive and defensive first team all-star squad. Ed Thornton was honored as an offensive guard and Larry Berry as a defensive end. The Pass from Center. Mullins in Motion! !?? ! ! LARRY BERRY—End, Senior. LARRY SPENCER—Full¬ back, Senior. ROBERT GREGORY—Gaurd, Senior. HENRY HOLMES—Quarter¬ back, Senior. BILLY WEST—Gaurd, Senior. Girls Field Hockey ROW 1: Olivia Chamberlain, Norma Jean Kerns, Mary Witt (Co-Captain), Cathy Sterling (Co-Captain), Barbara Poffenberger, Ann Edmonds. ROW 2: Mrs. Schuster, Vicky O ' Neil, Susan Fary, Temple O ' Connell, Cynthia Williams, Pam Thrift, Tracy Royals, Carol Brooks, Debbie DeBolt. In the Peanut District, Field Hockey does not rate very highly. But, then again, neither do any other girls sports. Participation in our district is very sparse. There¬ fore, forcing our team to play out of our district. This year was a building year for Gloucester ' s team. With only two veteran players, the season went slowly. Gloucester participated, as it does every year, in the Tidewater Field Hockey Tournaments which are held annually at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg. 94 AFTER THE BULLEY. Tracy Royals dribbles down the field. GHS FIELD HOCKEY SCORES GHS 0 HAMPTON ROADS 7 GHS 1 WALSINGHAM 2 GHS 1 WEST POINT 5 GHS 0 WOODROW WILSON 1 GHS 0 WEST POINT 2 TOURNAMENTS GHS 0 KEMPS VILLE 4 GHS 0 CHESAPEKE 0 GHS 0 FIRST COLONIAL 1 l GHS Field Hockey at the district tournaments in Williamsburg. Cathy Sterling Co-Captain Barbara Poffenberger tBmfor, ROW I: Robert Gregory (Scorekeeper), Alvin Howard, Edward Thornton, Clifford Webb, Henry Holmes LarrvBerrv Donnie Jackson. ROW II: Coach Jim Coley, Moses Pollard, Jackie Cooper, Maurice Berry, Robert Parlett Williarn Sparks, Ronnie Blueford, Thomas Griffin, Mark Carter (Manager). V a r s i t y CHS 50 Smithfield 44 W GHS 62 Suffolk 55 W CHS 47 Franklin 49 L GHS 56 W indsor 45 W GHS 54 Northampton 52 W GHS 65 Central 54 W GHS 62 John Yeates 87 L GHS 52 Forest Glen 42 W GHS J. F. Kennedy (Forfeit) GHS 49 Southampton 48 W GHS 48 Smithfield 50 L GHS 53 Suffolk 63 L GHS 63 Franklin 79 L GHS 49 Windsor 52 L GHS 38 Northampton 57 L GHS 54 Central 36 W GHS 65 John Yeates 58 L GHS 45 Forest Glen 44 W GHS 43 J. F. Kennedy 65 W i. GHS 44 Southampton 52 L Tournament Scores GHS 54 John Yeates 52 W GHS 42 Northampton ,51 L GHS 71 Suffolk 65 w Third Place District Trophy 1 1 i ■ . 96 Instructions from Coach Coley. This year Coach Jim Co- ley had a limited supply of boys, just enough to make the roster. This didn ' t stop the mighty Dukes. Gloucester High opened its regular season with a victory over Smithfield. This was a very impressive win. Yet, between the opener and Christmas break, Glouces¬ ter had lost four straight games. Therefore, leaving them with a 1-4 record. jump ball . . Waiting for the Basketball . . TTam looks good during warm-ups . . . On the Bench . . . With the Team. With a change in the Gloucester line up after Christmas break, the Dukes began to put it all together. They came out of their slump, winning two out of three games. They ended their regular season with a 10-10 record, just barely making it to the tournaments. At the start of tournament ac¬ tion, Gloucester was in seventh place, but that was soon to change. The Dukes beat John Yeates, 54- 52, to move into the semi-finals. This next game, against Northamp¬ ton, was extremely tough as they lost 51-42. Following this Glouces¬ ter was Third in the Peanut Dis¬ trict Tournaments. I Throw me the Ball. Officials Time Out . . Jump-Ball. 98 TWO! ! We wish to express our gratitude to Coach Jim Coley for his 15 years of service at G.H.S. Behind the scenes in the Locker Room . Cheering the team to victory. ! Larry Berry--Senior Player Basketball Inspite of a 7-10 record, the J. V. Basketball team could still call the 1972 - ' 73 season a successful one. With al- mo st half of the team up of ninth graders, the developing talent and desire seemed to grow with each game. In fact, during the second half of the season, the team suffered two losses by one point and an¬ other one by two points. While the breaks didn ' t always go the right way, one highlight of the seaon was the fact that by tournament time four J. V. players were on the Varsity squad. The poten¬ tial was there, and with that experience now put away for future reference, the future for Basketball in Gloucester looks very promising. Junior Varsity plays a tough game against Gloucester Inter mediate School . . . FRONT ROW: Jonathan Whitcomb, Donald Davis, Tony Johnson, Maurice Berry, Vernon Ellis, Don Mullins (Ath¬ letic Director). BACK: Fred Hearn, Tom Slaughter, William Sparks, Arthur Howard, Bill Riley, Ben Perrin, Not Pic. Coach Loring. Girls Basketball " I wonder if there ' s any new strategy ideas in here? " Brenda Jackson, Senior Player Jabbar? FRONT ROW: Brenda Jackson, Patricia Wilson, Kim Wathal, Denise Rhea, Donna lynn Cooke. STANDING: Miss Wiatt (Coach), Velda Brown, Lorretta Lockley, Connie Robinson, Peggy Poland, Eunice Corbin, Amelia Davis (Scorekeeper). Golf Team LEFT TO RIGHT: Blake Longest, Emory Nadeau, Randy Healy, Lynn Higgins, Joe Dishinger, Bill Brown, Donald Rhoades, Timmy Poland. The 1973 Gloucester High School Golf team improved substan¬ tially over last year, coming away with a 5-1 record. The year was opened with a 71 2-41 2 loss to visiting Windsor. This was followed by five consecutive victories over Suffolk, Smithfield, Forest Glen, John Yeates, and Southampton. After showing their might to district foes, in regular season play, they took first place in the district tournament. This earned the team the right to go to Mataoca High School, where they placed third. The team was lead by Senior Emory Nadeau and Freshman sensation, Timmy Poland, who was chosen most valuable by coach Roger Loring. Also staring for t he team was Donald Rhoades, Lynn Higgins, and Joe Dishinger. Nadeau is the only graduating golfer, so things look good for next year. Senior Players: Emory Nadeau and Bill Brown Preparing for the District Meet! Softball BA SE " SOFTEBALL SUFFOLK 3:55 TUE. TRACKS SOUTH AMTON 4:00 TUE AWAY t - Spelling??? Brenda Jackson Sr. The 1973 Girls Softball Team . . . Practice Makes Perfect?? 1973 GHS BASEBALL TEAM Emory at his Best ! ! ! ! This year Gloucester High School had an¬ other great Baseball Season. The season started out with a bang as Gloucester won it ' s first 3 games. Then they lost to Central of Sussex and were defeated by the Baseball team form Carmel High School from Carmel, New York. The sea¬ son continued with many exciting games as Glou¬ cester continued to win many of their games. The Team ended out the season with 5 wins and 4 loses. It was a good season for the Dukes and the players are to be Congratulated for their hard work. |l: : % | ■ ■ - ; ■ CHS 11 John Yeates 4 GHS 9 Suffolk 3 GHS 9 Walshingham 5 GHS 2 Central 10 GHS GHS 6 4 Carmel Windsor ' 16 0 GHS 14 Forost Glen 2 GHS 3 Northampton 4 GHS 1 W a 1 s h i ngh 6 GHS 9 Smithfield 3 GHS 1 Southampton 2 GHS 2 Franklin 8 Senior Players Howard Smith, Ed Bolton, and Roger Clements. Baseball Senior Players Jimmie Liegh, Tommy Emory, Billy West and Kirk Bell Coach Plamer watches. NISS G y m n a s team 1 c s LEFT TO RIGHT: Holly Richards, Connie Hogge, Robin Clay, Audrey Miller, Karen Conner. Girls Track Senior Member: Pat Foster LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Valerie Luoma, Nancy Chamberlin, Jackie Cottingham, Norma Jean Kerns, Cynthia Williams, Connie Hogge, Gene Ellis. BACK ROW: Mrs. Huddleston (Coach), Pat Foster, Carole Jones, Vicki O ' Neil, Mary Witt, Tracey Royals, Mildred Byrd, Sally Fary, Mrs. Schuster (Coach). Indoor This year is the first year which G. H. S. has had an Indoor Track team. Most school ' s in the Peanut Dis¬ trict don ' t have Indoor teams. Therefore, the team ran outside the Peanut District. The team ran in the William and Mary Invitational in Wil¬ liamsburg. Brad Ward placed 7th in the high hurdles and went on to the State Compe¬ tition where he placed 2nd. LEFT TO RIGHT: SITTING: Matt Luoma, Kevin Panchinsion, Wil¬ liam Higgins, Harold Jones. STANDING: Coach Fratkin, BrianDun- nigan, Larry Arnold, Brad Wrad. Larry Arnold at the starting line. Matt Luoma coming round the turn. Rounding the turn 107 Ward ahead of the hurdles . . Track At the finish . . The Gloucester High School Track Team hosted another great season this year. With the efforts of Jackie Cooper and Brad Ward the Team swept the Peanut District winning many of the meets. As GHS ' s season progressed the teams many standouts kept totaling many points. At boththeDistrict and Regional meets Jackie Cooper continued to amaze the crowd with his breath taking jumps. Brad Ward also showed everyone in the District his great skill as he became known as the high hurdle speedster. As the season neared an end the GHS Track Team found themselves preparing for the State Meet which was to be held at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg. At the State Meet the Team found competition extremely tough. Al¬ though Jackie Cooper Placed in several of the events. On Your Mark . GO The Agony and the ????????? 1973 OUTDOOR TRACK TEAM Putting the Shot in it ' s place. . Riley Runs . . Cooper Jumps . . . Ballet or a Track meet?? Arms out, Stomach in, Smiles on Faces. Ready Begin 1,2,3,4,5 Posing for pictures is difficult. Varsity Yvonne Jackson, Mildred Byrd, Ver- nonda Ellis, Debbie Dowling, Pat¬ ricia Catlett, Patsy Marble, Debbie IT ' S NOT Cheerleaders Ellinger, Gail Healy (Captain), Peggy Crockett. Now, girls, let ' s get organized. Too many people think the job of a cheerleader is an easy one. But any cheerleader can tell you, that when they are at an away game cheerleaders are rep¬ resentatives of the school and its student body. Our cheerleaders do a good job too. GHS cheerleaders, both ]. V. and Varsity, seem to put pep and spirit into every game and that is what makes them the best. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders KNEELING: Gayle Morgan, Cathee Gant (Captain), Sally Fary. STANDING: Karen Roy, Betty Rowe, Eunice Corbin, Vanessa Robins, Susan Healy, Faye Edwards. The J. V. Cheerleaders Stand By Their Team Through Thick And Thin. School spirit lives on through the efforts of the peppy J. V. Cheer¬ leaders. 112 The SCA strives to promote interest, leadership, understand¬ ing and honor throughout the stu¬ dent body. This year the SCA has had a big hand in gaining many priviledges for the Seniors and underclassmen. The Court of Appeals was set up to be an aide for the students in dealing with problems with the administra¬ tion. Of the many projects spon¬ sored by the SCA the concert by the York High Stage Band was the most enjoyable. David Byrd (President), Susan Morgan (Secretary), Terrie Lett (V. President), Joe Dischinger, Emory Nadeau (Sergeant at Arms), Sara Lewis, Vemonda Ellis. 114 Elections are fun! ! ! I ill l I f • " If |!| I If |f j 1 | III I IS w m t 1 ROW 1: John Bowman, Sara Lewis, Sandra Smith, Daisy Rudea, Betty Clements, Debbie West, Alice Howard, Carl Bruton. ROW 2: Jerry Wass, John Dudley, Kathy Burke, Debra Dowling, Edith Nuttall, Brenda Smith, Amelia Davis, Janice Miller, John Fitchett. ROW 3: David Byrd, Joe Dis- chinger, James Leigh, Eugene Flipse, Kevin Panchision. BETA CLUB The Beta Club symbolizes Character, achievement, and leadership. The present Beta Club project is helping Middlesex High School establish its own Beta Club. The club also participates in the State Beta convention which will be held this year on March 16 17. The club has two officers in the Mid-Tidewater Beta federation, John Bowman is Vice-Presi¬ dent and Betty Clements is the secretary. ■HM BETA CLUB OFFICERS: ROW 1: Betty Clements (Reporter), John Bowman (President), Sara Lewis (Historian). ROW 2: Kathy Burke (Secretary),James Leigh (Treasurer) John Fitchett (Vice-President). LEFT: When you are in the Beta Club it ' s con¬ stant work and study. 115 CHESS TEAM SCORES GHS 2 1 2 York 2 1 2 GHS 1 Hampton 4 GHS 1 2 Kecoughtan 4 1 2 GHS 2 Hampton Roads Acadmey GHS 5 Denbigh 0 GHS 2 Menchville 3 GHS 1 2 Bethel 4 1 2 GHS 1 1 2 Ferguson 3 1 2 GHS 2 1 2 Tabb 2 1 2 GHS 2 1 2 Warwick 2 1 2 The Chess Club con¬ sists of those " Chess” en¬ thusiasts in G.H.S. It sponsors a five man team which plays in competition with other schools in the Peninsula High School Chess League Federation. Chess Team SITTING: John Bowman, Bill Brown, Kathy Martin, Joe Peruzzato. STAND¬ ING: Janice Bonniville, Dan Schuster, Roger Clements, Keith Webb, David Byrd, Kevin Panchison, Bruce Carter, Lynda Johnson. American Field Service ROW 1: Laura Hargis, Cheryl Smith, Phyllis Bryant, Nancy Marsh, Kathy Burke, Matt Luoma, Betsy Lewis, ROW 2: Maury Hutchson, Janis Miller, John Fayhee, Cindy Regensburg, Janis Bonneville, Kim Scott, Joy Mise, Harold Jones, Susan Powell, Beth Hodges. ROW 3: Brad Newbill, Cathy Cottee, Keith Webb, Daisy Rueda, Mrs. Pointer, Sara Lewis (Pres. ) John Dudley (Tres. ). ABOVE: 72-73 AFS Student: Daisy Rueda RIGHT: Gloucester ' s first student to be sent overseas as an AFS student, Larissa Pittman It is hard to conceive that this year has passed so quickly; I had a lot to learn, a lot of people to meet every day. It was the year of joyous and exciting days. Of the many experiences I ' ve had in the USA, it is the simple, day-by-day joys that I will remember most. My hopes and desires for the future have been enriched and influenced by this past year; the good times, the happiness, the laughter, everythi ng together has special meaning for me. For all these things, I want to say Thank you to all the people in this school, and community, especially to my American family, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hogge, and my sister Louise. In Spanish we say " adios " when we say good-bye and " hasta luego " meaning I ' ll see you later; thus, I do not want to say " adios " but I ' d rather say " hasta luego” to all my friends KNEELING: John Fitchett, Keith Belvin, David Byrd, John Bowman, Henry Holmes, Jimmy Leigh. ROW 2: Michael Olivis, Leann Deal, Yvonne Jackson, Robert Gregory, Stanley McMullen, John Dudley. ROW 3: Jonathan Whit¬ comb, Mildred Byrd, Emory Nadeau, Bill Brown. ROW 4: Sara Lewis, Debbie Dowling, Vernonda Ellis, Michelle Berry. ROW 5: Kevin Patchinson, Jerry Wass, Tommy Emory, Joe Dischinger, Bill Riley, Pierre Walker, Stanley Johnson. Interact Club The Interact Club is a service organization sponsored by the Gloucester Club of the Rotary International. The members are elected into the club by the present membership on their character and leadership abilities. The club painted the gym floor this year and will sponsor the District 707 (the largest Interact District in the world) convention in the Chamberlain Hotel in Hampton on April 13 and 14. The Clubs major project this year besides a car bash, will be to sponsor a drive to purchase a Mini-Bus for the smaller clubs in the school to use on trips. This year ' s officers are: John Bowman (President), Henry Holmes (V-Pres.), Ver¬ nonda Ellis Debra Dowling (Sec.) and Jim Leigh (Treasurer). THE BIBLE CLUB The Bible Club ofGHS has participated in many different fields this year. We took a basket to Saun¬ ders Nursing Home, ob¬ served the National Week of Prayer. They also spon¬ sored a Jesus Rally which we would like to become an annual event. We also participated in the Brother¬ hood Worship service on February 25, 1973. r ; T F W l 1 1 § llsl F - gl W % f F 4! ' M ■■■ I : m pj (1 Bible Officers Library Assistants FRONT: Deborah Rowe--Pres., Mrs. Thomas --Advisor, Gail Fanning—V.-Pres., BACK: Louise Hogge Kim Scott--Activities, Leann Deal--Secretary. ROW 1: Cynthia Smith, Barbara West, Kathy Burke, Phyllis Bryant, Emory Nadeau. ROW 2: Mary Smith, Beth Miller, Betty Daniel, Cheryl Horsley, Nancy Nutta 11, Sherry West, Julie Steele. si ‘.IBM l , x,A A A,-- 4- Alvin Spencery and Cathy Sterling in Three on a Bench! A touching moment! W ebb the drunk! The emphasis in the Drama Club this year has been on one--act plays. Again, the club hosted the District One-Act Play Festival at G.H.S. At present, two plays have been pre¬ sented THREE ON A BENCH and COMING THROUGH THE RYE, which won a superior rating in the Competition. Top and Bottom: DRAMA CLUB MEMBERS. Cathy Cotte on Stage ! Plans are in the making for a festival of one-acts in the spring. Some of die plays which will be presented will be THE HILLS SEND OFF ECHOES, EARLY FROST, BOX AND COX, THE LAST TRIP OUT, and many more, Casting, direction and production for the most part will be done by members of the Drama classes, Thespian members and others. The club has also organized a modern dance group known as the Soul Genera¬ tion. This group has given several performances at both G.H.S. and in the community. The 1972-1973 Drama Club finally succeded in accomplishing one of its long time goals. This year a new public address system was put in the GHS auditorium. 121 Modern Machines Make Many Mothers Mad??? Flowe Follies . . . Creative Writing Club has had a busy year. Club Officers were elected and several meetings were held. The main source of income for the Creative Writing Club has been THE MAXWELL HOUSE, an organization headed by the Club Officers and the more interested members. Our illustrious leader, Mr. Flowe, has provided literary contest that were entered by our more industrious members. On location at the Mariner ' s Museum. Creative Writing CREATIVE WRITING CLUB . . . Officers: Renee Johnson, Editor, Lisa Saunders, Secretary, Carmen Olivis, Trea¬ surer ... Snow Oueen And Court June Berry—Maid Of Honor, Anita Lett--Sophomore Princess, Susan Morgan--Snow Queen, Gail Healy--Princess, Jackie Cottingham--Princess. DURHAM COLLEGE Two- Edged Sword The news of Gloucester High and the rumors of the world are both distorted in the school newspaper, THE TWO-EDGED SWORD. Dissolved, after two issues, due to ambivilance and loose morals, the newspaper and its frontier spirit still live in the hearts of Glou¬ cester High Schoolers everywhere. En Morti Vic Annum, Rest in Peace. Jerry Moore, Radical and part time newspaper editor. . Cavalier Staff SALES STAFF: Sara Lewis (Ad-Sales Manager), Cindy Regansburg, Mela¬ nie Whitcomb, Sallie Robinson, and Phyllis Bryant (not pictured). LAY-OUT STAFF: John Bowman (Laying out! ! ! !), Kathy Burke (Lay-out Editor), Gene Flipse, and Gerry Wass. 124 PICTURE STAFF: Rachel Moffit, Peggy Croc¬ kett (Picture Editor), Faye Myers. COPY STAFF: Vernonda Ellis (Sports Editor), Carl Coates, Cathy Sterling (Copy Editor), Joe Dischinger, Claire Hayes, and Elizabeth Hodges . . . SPONSORS: Donald Miner, Vaughn Boatwright. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Keith Webb (Photo Editor), Brad Ward, not pictured, Matt Luoma and Byron Williams. TYPISTS: Freda Hess, Brenda DeBolt. Debate Team Wass wants Watts. Inter scholastic Debate competition requires talent in re¬ search, reasoning, and speech delivery. It involves being a- gainst or in favor of many difficult and controversial topics. The topic of debate this year was the Federal Financing of Schools. The skill of the GHS Debate team was evident when they won many of the regular competitions, the District Com¬ petition and the State Competition. With the win at the Region¬ al meet the team earned the right to go to the State meet at University of Virginia. The Affirmative team placed fifth as John Fayhee earned the most speakers points. The Debate team should do even better next year as the experience they gained this year will definitely help . . . Talk and Tell . . ■ It was an element of suprise . . A new style porium . . Mr. Miner the great Joe Dischinger, Maury Hutcheson, Kim Scott, MattLuoma. BACK: Jerry Wass, Peter Debator?? Zahn, Kevin Panchison, Keith Webb, John Fayhee. Future Teachers Of America f 0 W , 1 ■ 5 I ,11 rn i i L ' T J fir i i - Jig 1 L? ROW 1: Renee Robins, Mary Coyle, Cathee Stansil, Cathe Gant, CarminOlivis, Darleen Robinson, Joyce Jackman, Patricia Wilson. ROW 2: Terry Royals, Debra Dowling, Bill Riley, Teresa Leigh, Mary Witt, Linda Nalley, LauraHar- gis, Linda Soles, Barbara Poffenburger, Sherry Moore, Ann Tillage. ROW 1: Carolyn Jones, Blair Kirtley, Tom Emory, Debbie Kerns, KathyBurke, Lillian Kirkland, Betsy Lewis, Nancy Marsh. ROW 2: Roxanne Hall, Edgar Greg, Donna Green, Vilda Brown, Cathy Sterling, Phyllis Bryant, Lisa Saunders, Sandra Owens, Alfred Thomas, Robin Clay, Emory Nadeau, Susan Osborne, Teresa Moore, Robin A rehart. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA This year was the first year which GHS has had the FTA as one of its organizations. The purpose of the FTA is to help the teachers and administration in any¬ way possible. This year students rendered their services as teachers aides, office and gui¬ dance assistants. FTA members have many responsibilities in their work with the teachers. Among those are making out tests, under the teachers su¬ pervision, and then grading the tests. This is valuable experience which aides the future teacher in the knowledge and understanding of the many aspects of the teachers job. This years officers are: Cathy Sterling (Pres¬ ident), Tom Emory (V- Pres.), Debbie Kerns (Secretary), KathyBurke (Reporter). FTA President--Cathy Sterling hard at work in class. 0 |4 E|S aMTo jFBBk ' 5KS ; will ■r IK 1 ' JLi L . A L rk. i m wmm-xrs m ■■ rf ROW 1: Sandra Millen, Daisy Redua, Renee Johnson, Beth Miller. ROW 2: Janice Bonneville, Anna Johnson, Louise Hogge, Cathy Leigh, Donna Daniels, Cheryl Horsely, Alvis Berry. ROW 3: Betty Clements, Cindy Regensburg, Valarie Luoma, Gale Morgan, Leann Deal, Sally Fary, James Leigh, Debbie Reymer, Darleen Whiting. SITTING: Robert Gre¬ gory, Carmen Olivis. SECOND ROW: Keith Webb, David Byrd, Cheryl Powell. STANDING: Mrs. Flowe, Cathy Ster¬ ling, Sandra Millen, Peter Zahn. . Not Pic¬ tured: Ron Flowe . . Forensics This year Forensics crept up on G.H.S. very fast. Windsor High School hosted the Forensics meet and most schools in the Peanut District were represented. At the Dis¬ trict meet GHS took three firsts. These were grabbed by David Byrd, Keith Webb and Robert Gregory. From the District the Team went to the State Competition. Here David Byrd was suc¬ cessful in capturing 1st place. 4-H Club Being that the 4-H Club is a service community orginization it was rather difficult for us to have meetings during the school hours. The meetings which we were able to schedule were very efficient and effective. Among several of the programs sponsored by the 4-H were the 4-H Share the Fun, a cattle judging and a Public Speaking Contest. Office Assistants ABOVE: Sandra Smith, Anita Setterholm, Deborah Caracoff, Christy Dunston, Sandra Owens, FayeMyers, Wanda Diggs, Michael Stokes, Sallie Robinson, Cathy Gant, BruceNewton, GwynBurrell, Pam Curtis, Robert Gregory, Gail Fanning. BELOW: Mrs. Treakle, Cindy Smith, Ruth Sterling, Brenda Smith, Michel Berry, Barbara Poffenberger. Mrs. Thomas. ROW 2: Patrica Wilson, Michael Fos¬ ter, Kathy Burke, Col. Fuller, Deborah Rowe. Not pictured: Neva Hatch, Gaynor Williams. Guidance Assistants Future Homemakers Of America Fixing lunch in the Copper Kettle for teachers. The Gloucester High School Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America helped to make the commun¬ ity better by involving everyone in the FHA projects and by having all its members work toward better family relationships. This school year, 1972-1973, we have had many great activities and programs that have re¬ lated to our theme: M OUR FUTURE AS HOMEMAKERS ' . Mini Restruant in action at Copper Kettle. Michelle Berry--President of FHA TRUSTING AND FAITH¬ FUL MEMBERS OF THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA. Are you sure that this is going to be the right size box for the bomb ? ? ? ? ? Future Farmers of America FFA MEMBERS . . . Future Farmers of America is a club set up for helping those who plan to go into the agricultural field. The club takes various field trips and sponsors a Bulletin board on Senior Hall. This year the FFA participated in the County Fair which took place in the Fall of 1972 . . Now look at this one! ! ! ! ! The FBLA, established last year, has become very active. The chapter brings students to¬ gether to participate in school and community activities, fi¬ nancial activities, leadership, social activities and to increase knowledge and skill in busi¬ ness. It shows the students the basics of the business world and tries to promote interest revolved around the Future Business Leaders of America. The members of the club are as pictured: (SITTING IN ROW 1): Teresa Riley (Vice-Presi¬ dent), Debbie Ellinger (Pres), Susan Morgan (Secretary), ROW 2: Carolyn Jenkins (Re¬ porter), Phyllis Bryant (Pari.), Kaye Dame (Treas.), STAND¬ ING: Rose Lewis, Delma Cooke, Gail Brooks, Kathy Burke, Mary Nuttall, Gail Healy, Rachel Moffitt, Betty Clements, Beth Tillage, Brenda DeBolt and Peggy Crockett. Every Dog has his day with FBLA. F u it ! u r e B u siness Leaders of America Thespians The old man and the boy with the bear! ! Mrs. Skyles The purpose of the International Thespian Society is to stimulate drama in the High School. The require¬ ments for membership are extremely high and to be a member is the highest honor that can be bestowed on any drama student. The students in this school having attained this goal are: Cathy Cottee (President), Bruce Newton (Vice President), Robert Parlett, Anna Johnson, Ed Bolton, Keith Webb, Ruth Sterling, John Dudley, Beth Hodges, Cheryl Smith, Alex Post, Benton Gard¬ ner, Sharon West, Betsy Gill, David Byrd, and Mickey Howlett. THREE ON A BENCH?? Keith Swings with the best of them. Worksing Hard . . Mr. Morrison and the GHS Marching Band at the Williamsburg Parade. Typical Band Practice-Disorganized! ! ! ! Marching a i n That ' s right, girls, keep those lines nice and straight. I Practice pays off for the GHS Marching Band learns the basics of MUSIC . . . . Flag Team Flag Team: FRONT: Karen Conner, Teresa Leigh. BACK: Debbie Kerns, Marylin Savage, Caroline Jones, Martha Oliver, Monette Holmes, Neva Hatch, Debra Caracoff. As with all bands, an addition is al¬ ways welcome. At G.H.S. that addition is the Drill Team, Majorettes, and Flag Team. Their smiles, choreography, and enthusiasm adds color and beauty to the band during halftime shows and parades. Nita Rigau, Freda Hess, Terrie Lett, Phyliss Bryant. Majorettes Drill Team: Faye Myers (Cap¬ tain), Donna Brumfield, Debra Martin, Anita Lett, Gina Al¬ mond, Barbara Kellum, Gail Brooks, Sheila Berry, Debbie Moore, Nancy Marsh, Kathy Burks, Wanda Diggs. Not Pic¬ tured: Cynthia Cox, Pat Foster. Drill Team Ski ' , K f i rHHBraH M i , mM W id Concert Band The Concert Band is comprised of those students who want to and can play an instrument. Besides the concerts at our school which it gives, the Concert Band goes to many elementary schools as well as other schools in order to en¬ courage music. The band also competes in the District 8 Regional Concert Band Festival. Emory hard at work, as usual. Outside the Bandroom at GHS. A typical practice session with the GHS Band. a z z o c n s e m b 1 ! ■ In deep thought. This group meets after school for 2 1 2 hours each Wednesday from November to June. The band plays for schools in neighboring counties as well as G.H.S. It also plays for meetings of Yatch Clubs, etc. upon re¬ quest. The band received an excellent rating at the State Jazz Festival and is undisputed No. 2 (and pos¬ sible No. 1) on the Pensulia. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Dowling, Kirk Bell, Stanley McMullin, Jerry Moore, John Fitchett, Larry Arnold, Brown Strigle, Alfred Thomas. BACK ROW: Benton Gardner, Bill Brwon, Jimmy Leigh, Roger Clements, O.H. Farinholt, Thomas Emory, David Byrd, John Bowman, Chuck Bridges, Brad Sindie, Thomas Holland, Michael Haynes. " IN CONCERT " 138 Instant Replay! ! FRONT ROW: Renee Johnson, Mildred Byrd, Laura Hargis, Kitti Wilson, Nan Rowe, Margaret Morris. SECOND ROW: Beth Hodges, Sandra Smith, Delores Hogge, Beth Tillage, Vernonda Ellis, Delores Shackelford, Verona Clayborne, Cathy Maurice. THIRD ROW: Teresa Leigh, Cindy Schakelford, Jo Ann Hogge, Patricia Foster, San¬ dra Adams, Shirley Bush, Carolyn Robinson. Not Pictured: Claire Hayes. Girl ' s Chorus Girls Chorus in Concert. Girl’s Chorus is composed of the first period choral class directed by Lew Morrison and ac¬ companied by Claire Hayes. The Girl ' s Chorus has participated in concerts and assemblies during the school year. The Girl ' s Chorus being in it ' s se¬ cond year, has really done a good job. 139 way ' S Mixed Choir The Mixed Chorus is composed of the fourth and sixth period classes directed by Lou Morrison and accompanied by Melanie Whitcomb and Debbie Dowling. The Mixed Chorus, having participated in many con¬ certs and assemblies, proved their ability to present a good concert. 140 ■ i ROW 1: Debbie Ellenger, O.H. Belvin, Ann Edmunds, Brad Newbill, Robert Gregory, Clifford Webb, Larry Berry. ROW 2: Peggy Crockett, Debra Dowling, Gail Healy, Brenda DeBolt, Constance Robinson, Patricia Wilson, Yvonne Jackson, Richard Miller, Jackie Cooper, William Riley. ROW 3: Donnie Jackson, Rosemary Redmond, Verona Clayborne, Donna Lynn Cook, Loretta Lockley, Patsy Marble, Vernonda Ellis, Mildred Byrd, Frissel Berry, Pat¬ ricia Wilson, Sherman Graves, Peggy Poland, Denise Rhea, Mary Witt, Eunice Corbin, Larry Spencer, Wayne Spencer, Henry Holmes, Anetta Corbin. ROW 4: Barbara Poffenberger, Brad Ward, Cathy Sterling, Emory Nadeau, Jimmy Leigh, William West, Tommy Emory. The Pep Club of GHS shows the spirit of the student body for the different athletic teams by attending the sporting events and cheering for victory. The officers are Kathy Burke (Pres.), Patsy Marble (V-Pres.), Peggy Poland (Sec.), and Patrica Wilson (Tres.). This 1 2 page was donated by the Pep Club. Varsity Club Pep Club 141 A Call To Lunch For Many Teachers . . Hero ' s 4 4v. ' t . ■H This year is the first year that a Hero Club has existed at G.H.S. Hero is the newest extension of the National Future Homemakers of America Organization. Hero members have the opportunity to combine classroom learning with simulated or on-the-job train¬ ing experiences. At G. H.S. the members of the Hero ' s gain their experience by the preparing of lunch in the Copper Kettle for the administration. The Gloucester Chapter of Hero ' s had the honor of being the first chapter to officiate in the state. They are now the only Hero chapter in the Eastern area. SITTING: June Berry, Angeline Spencer, Carolyn Jenkins (Treas.), Hazel Jackson (Corr. Sec.), Charlotte Booker (V. Pres.), Annetta Corbin (Pres.), Patricia Foster. STANDING: Joan Stubbs, Shirley Bush, Nannie Pryor, June Combs, Debbie West, Cathey Owens, Betsy White, Debra West. Not Pictured: Barbara Lee (Sec.). Mr. Riggan Buys 1st Yearbook !!! NIXON WINS ELE CTION Earthquake hits Niquargua thousands. Joe Namath plays ball Larissa Pittman Watergate bugging causes much controversy in Politics. Board of Supervisors limits Trailers in Gloucester . . uoara vores co ouna new mgu juwui. GHS BAND gets 2nd Place at Williamsburg Christmas Parade, LBJ passes away 1-29-73 . . . . VIETNAM WAR ENDED 1-29-73. Old ladies can play Bingo again ! ! Wetlands legislation is passed by General Assembly . , . SENIOR GIRLS WIN POWDER PUFF FOOTBALL GAME 24 - 16 TO REMAIN UNDEFEATED. GHS Marching Band is 1st in Kilmarnak parade . , Cavalier goes to a Fall Delivery Date. Dr. William Brown moves to Burma. Gloucester ' s historical author CLAUDE LANCIANO publishes new books on Capt. John Sinclair . . . . Liquid Natural Gas Carriers to be Developed and designed by Newport News Shipbuilding . . County Fair held at GHS. is GHS ' S 1st student to go away with AFS . . Roberto Clemente Killed In Plane crash. Frigate Virginia Keel is laid at Newport News Shipbuilding. Fischer wins Russian vs. US Chess Tournament easily .... Gloucester beats Mathews in Shriners Aircraft Carrier Nimitz is Launched at NNS DDC. : y ,»■ gnes Floods Virginia . Mark Spitz wins 7 Gold medals at 1972 Olympics. ! ! ! Hampton Builds new Tunnel. Last APOLLO moon mission is sent up Dec. 7, 1972. GHS BAND GETS FLAG TEAM AND MAJORETTS .... !!. . Tragedy at Olympic Games with the Murder of Israle ' Athletes . . , US ARMY Cleans Gloucester of rusty car bodies .... Daisy Rudea is 1972-73 AFS Student from Columbia. T3 T3 Gloucester Joins District Planning Commission JL L A . Cooper jumps high at State Track Meet at VPI. Hospital to be Built in Gloucester ...» Picasso Passes Away . . GHS Places 3rd at Peanut District Baketball Tournaments!!!!! j: . ... Mississippi Floods. Jazz-Rock Ensemble Gets many excellent ratings at Band Festival . . . . , , . Fog Rain for 10 solid days. Nita Rigau is Queen of 1973 Prom. Fleas Find Flavorful Felines . . . Olen Lewis Builds a New House ...... Air Conditioning is installed at GHS. . Indians Take Over Wounded Knee . Gloucester Wins 1 Act Play Festival with " Coming Through The Rye. " Ex-President Truman Dies , . Prom is successful Hodges and Hargis take over school on Senior Day!!!.. !!.. !!. Hampton is named All-American City . . . Buckley speaks at William Mary . . . David Byrd applies for position of GOD but gets turned down. Gloucester Appears on CBS Television as Nations Daffodil Capital .... !! GHS Seniors graduate on June 11 . . . VIMS gets new research vessel , . ! ! Secretariat Wins Races . at Churchill Downs . . I Brad Ward places in District Regional Track Meets. Sky lab goes up !! Debate Team wins . Annual Staff gets Photographic Eauioment. Fields Freaks Find France Fantastic . . ! !! L.F. PHILLIPS and SONS, INC. GLOUCESTER FLORIST Distributor of Mobil Heating Oil Products Phone: 693-2908 Office: 642-2166 Box 425, Gloucester Point, Va. 642-4375 Teleflorist Professional, personal and guaranteed flower service as near as your phone MOBIL HEATING OIL Mrs. Emma Walthall Phone: 642-4555 — t — Tn — o S - k o - ; AW Jf] m C - — 4 9 —i- — 3- 1 - 4 - ELIZABETH ANN HODGES MATHEWS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. LIPSCOMB’S EQUIPMENT General Insurance Box 7—Phone: 725-2113 Mathews, Virginia 23109 WESTERN AUTO SALES AND SERVICE Farm — Industrial — Lawn Garden Equipment Route 17 White Marsh, Virginia Carroll G. Lipscomb Bus. Phone: 693-3510 Res. Phone: 693-3195 Visit Western Auto Stores in Mathews for Revelation Sporting Equipment PLUMBING AND HEATING RCA WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES Oil burner service Wayne Pumps Gloucester Court House Gloucester, Va. Phone: 693-2102 HODGES BRYANT, INC. J.C. BROWN OIL CO. INCORPORATED Distributors TEXACO PRODUCTS Gloucester Mathews Counties SCHLEY, VA. 23154 HOGG FUNERAL HOME David Bristow Wicomico, Virginia 23184 Senior Portraits For The Cavalier By: Studios Hayes, Va. A Division of Clayton Phelps Associates j i BELL MOTOR’S BUICK CHEVROLET Parts and Services on all cars. Gloucester Court House Gloucester Virginia HOMES—APARTMENTS—COTTAGES BOISE CASCADE CORPORATION Financing Available Over 104 Models To Chose From REMODELING—ADDITIONS OFFICE: 642-4110 BAUMGARDNER AND HOGGE, INC. If no answer call 642-2824 or 642-2469 General Contractors No. 830 0 Located on Route 17 across from Brothers Motors Hayes, Va. V r O t R Y A c Gloucester Point Virginia RIVERS INN DINING ROOM NEWPORT NEWS SALVAGE AND TRADING CO., INC. COMPLIMENTS OF GLOUCESTER—MATHEWS GAZETTE—JOURNAL MURPHY PAINT WHOLESALE RETAIL Ready to Paint Cabinets Salvage Building Materials APPLIANCES TIDEWATER GRAVELY COMPANY 5010 Jefferson Ave. Newport News, Virginia 23607 P.O. Box 192 Gloucester, Virginia Gravely Tractors Power Mowers and Tillers Homelite Poulan Chain Saws Snapper Mowers SALES AND SERVICE GWYN MOTORS, INC. CHRYSLER MOTORS CORPORATION Telephone: 693-2408 Gloucester, Virginia 23061 SALES SERVICE INTERNATIONAL THESPIANS TROUPE 3099 Compliments of the International Thespians, T roupe 3099 COMPLIMENTS OF SEAWELL’S ORDINARY Gloucester High School Sponsor: Mrs. Georgie Skyles FOOD FOR EVERY OCCASION ORDINARY APPLIANCE CO., INC. WESTINGHOUSE—MOTOROLA—GIBSON Furniture Appliances Hayes, Virginia Phone 642-4114 Bank Americard Central Charge Bank of Gloucester JORDAN’S MARINE SERVICE, INC. 642-4360 A complete line of Marine HUDGIN’S NURSERY AND FLORIST hardware and supplies Paints 12 TON Marine lift 100 TON RR Gloucester Point, Virginia For school flowers see: Dana and Mary Hudgins 642-2082 MOFFITT CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Compliments of General Contractor Established 1955 We build—add on—or repair HARRIS’S GARAGE Hayes, Virginia 24 Hr. Wrecking Service 226 Salters Creek Road Phone: Day 642-2440 Night: 642-2571 Hampton, Va. Telephones: 723-8534 627-8754 722-6633 723-2078 — Automotive and Marine Repair DEEPSEA VENTURES, INC. Gloucester Point Salutes The Students and Faculty of Gloucester High School INVESTORS LOAN CORPORATION Loans-$50—$1,000 Jackie R. Bareford Main Street, Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 693-4126 For Tops in Fashion Shop EMMA JANE SHOPPE Clothing for Men Women Phone: 693-3800 Gloucester, Va. On Main Street THE FITCHETT’S SAY: “THANKS!” m Thanks to the class of ’73 for helping to make our store something we’re proud to have you visit. ’73! JOHN, ADAIR, BOB, DOUG, and JOHN A. 91 ’73! AMERICAN HARDWARE Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of ARK DAIRY FREEZE BOX DINNERS OUR SPECIALTY PHONE: 693-3506 Ark VIRGINIA 23003 VILLAGE JEWELRY CO. DIAMONDS WATCHES FINE JEWELRY SILVERWARE Belvin Building Phone: 642-6600 Gloucester Pt. Compliments of GREY’S GROCERY and Fresh Vegetables HENRY B. MYERS Pile Driving Dock Building Sea Walls and Boat Houses Compliments of Henry B. Myers Phone: 642-2674 Hayes, Gloucester, Va. WATKINS FLORIST MIKE’S TIRE AND RECAPPING Atlantic Gasoline Delta Tires Phone: 642-2980 MORGAN’S DRUG STORE Meet Your Friends At: Morgan’s Drug Store Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Compliments of CARTER FUNERAL SERVICE Hayes, Virginia CHEERLEADERS 1972-73 VARSITY Senior Cheerleaders: Juniors: Gail Healy (Capt) Peggy Crockett Debbie Ellinger Debra Dowling Jric Catlett Yvonne Jackson Mildred Byrd m I fMf Patsy Marble Carmen Williaifis f{ ' f I 1 1 Sb : Wm fW r. k II ife I 8|g JrVf Junior Varsity: Cathee Gant (Capt ), Gayle Morgan, Sally Fary, Karen Roy, Betty Rowe, Unice Corbin, Vanessa Robins, Susan Healy, Faye Edwards. 1973 DRILL TEAM COMPLIMENTS OF POLAND’S SUPERMARKET Faye Myers (Capt) Debbie Martin Donna Brumfield Barbara Kellum Debra Olivis Cynthia Cox Kathy Burke Gail Brooks Patricia Foster Nancy Marsh Anita Lett Wanda Diggs Debbie Moore Shela Berry Gina Almond TOWN COUNTRY DECORATORS, INC. Box 117 Gloucester Point, Virginia Carpet And Vinyl Floor Covering Ceramic Tile And Marble Interior Decorating Custom Draperies H.E. NORRIS PHONE: 642- L.T. WELLS 4641 SUPERMARKET AND VARIETY STORE DAILY PRESS Your Peninsula Newspaper The Symbol Of Freedom In America CAROLYN’S SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF CECIL FARY GLO-CO REAL ESTATE, INC. HAYES PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER PHONE: 642-2722 Route 1, Hayes, Virginia W.J. STOKES “DON’T HATE—COMMUNICATE” Cold Beverages Sandwiches White Marsh, Va. 693-2975 W.T. FARY BROS. CO. LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS H.C. SHACKELFORD Ark, Virginia 23003 AND SON, INC. Distributor Atlantic Petroleum Products jr Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone: 693-2544 PHONE: (Day) 642-2161 Night Phones: 642-2574 or 642-2604 Compliments of MASONS EXXON G.M. BONNIVILLE gi; . 1 »——■■■■...... Rt. 2 Gloucester, Va. pr. ' • " r ,Wv ® fel ' r Ipl m m ;w ; HP ' 4, EHK : NEWTON’S BUS SERVICE Employee Hauling Charter Service ' X i ' C’YV Modern—Air Conditioned—Air Ride Coaches Phones: 693-2284 693-2521 Iff RFD 1 Gloucester, Virginia BRIDGES OFFICE SUPPLY SEABORD BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC. Typewriters—Copiers—Office Supplies Office Furniture and Electronic Calculators Sales Service Rent Trade Electric Appliances Supplies Floor Covering Siegler Space Heaters Radios — Television Sales Service Complete Household Furniture Gloucester, Va. 693-2363 J. DOSWELL DUTTON Hardware, Paints Wallpaper Carrier Heat and Air Conditioning Gloucester, Virginia 693-3616 WOOD MOTOR SALES, INC. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DODGE Hudgins, Virginia 23076 % ° N S , U o Phone 725-3328 B.S. DIXON, JR., Mgr. Q O Hudgins, Va. m 2 YORK BEACH MOTEL At York River TollJ cmii nliness i Our Marti ir Conditioned 642-22J2 GRAY’S PHARMACY Gloucester, Virginia PLAZA PHARMACY, INC GLOUCESTER AUTO SUPPLY, INC. Fram Filters; Niehoff Ignition; Monroe Shocks; Champion Sparkplugs Autolite Sparkplugs; AC Sparkplugs Route 17 Gloucester Point Virginia Phone: 642-2177 I r i ( ERCfftL, INDUSTRIAL AN AL StyUD WASXE r RE pis Trash w .Today Help loucester Cle, Y esteraa however, KtfB.VM m A i ,i4“V-5• ' m I y. CARMINE BUILDERS, INC. Rentals Building GENERAL CONTRACTORS GLOUCESTER POINT, VA. VA. Reg. 7215 W.D. CARMINE GLOUCESTER’S TRUCK KING SPORTSWEAR BY: BROTHERS’ MOTORS, INC. BOBBIE BROOKS, SHAPLEY CLASSIC, KAY WINDSOR GAY GIBSON DRESSES PONTIAC AUTHORIZED MERCHANT TODD PONTIAC, CO. MAIN ST. Gloucester, Virginia HUDGINS, VA. 693-2296 SOUTHERN STATES COOPERATIVE, INC. Congratulations Grads! You May Be Through With Books, But You Can Keep Up With Current Events With WOODY RADIO Gloucester Service Edgehill Shopping Center 693-3411 W.D.D.Y. Radio Woody 1420 On Your Dial COLONIAL CONTRACTORS BEST WISHES TIDEWATER TELEPHONE COMPANY GLOUCESTER VIRGINIA Compliments of LOU SMITH’S SUPERMARKET Hayes Plaza Phone: 642-6300 Route 17 BOZARTH GALLERIES AUCTIONS AND ESTATE SALES WILLIAM E. BOZARTH P.O. BOX 189 Gloucester Point Virginia HUDGIN’S m FOXT1AC OLD O 151 LI ‘USED CARS” ROUTE 17 Near Airport Phone: 642- 2828 Sales and Service “Give us a try, before you buy.” Gloucester, Virginia JULIA’S FLOWER SHOP MATHEWS, VIRGINIA VASHTI’S JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOPPE Edgehill Shopping Center Silver—Watches—Crystal China—Diamonds—Rings Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 693-3434 “Gifts for Graduation” W. EBELVIN REALTY REALTOR’S REAL ESTATE, DEVELOPING BOX 277 Gloucester Point, Virginia FRANK P. ASH GENERAL MERCHANDISE ACHILLES, VIRGINIA 23001 SPENCER CLOPTON Snack Bar Fishing Supplies BAIT GLOUCESTER POINT, VIRGINIA COME ON IN IT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE NEW . . . !! JORDAN REALTY AND INSURANCE REALTORS, BUILDERS, INSURERS GLOUCESTER POINT, VIRGINIA 23062 Phone: 642-4160 COUNTY SUPPLY CO. C.F. RILEE MANAGER HARDWARE COAL Building Supplies Seed and Fertilizers HAYES, VIRGINIA PHONE: 642-2700 BRICKS OF ALL KINDS MR. RICHARD’S BEAUTY SALON COSMETOLOGY KOSMETICS by KOSCOT 3 Miles north of George P. Coleman Bridge. Route 17 642-5113 ffi DEHARDIT PRESS Publisher of Glo-Quips Printing — Advertising Gloucester, Virginia 23061 GLOUCESTER MEN’S SHOP GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA ‘COME IN AND SEE OUR NEW FASHIONS” TELEPHONE: 693-2795 We Take Handmade Items on Consignment BURNETT’S BOUTIQUE COMPLIMENTS OF FEATURING HANDMADE CREATIVE ARTS CRAFTS Candles Jewelry Ceramics Route 17 642-6091 Box 14B, Hayes, Va. 23072 ABINGDON CLEANERS YOUR OUTSTANDING DEPARTMENT STORE FASHIONS FOR THE FAMILY!!! FOSTER’S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of THE CRAFTSMAN SHOP TURLINGTON JEWELER’S WHITE MARSH SHOPPING CENTER WHITE MARSH, VIRGINIA 23183 the graduating class NEWPORT—HARDWARE—HOBIE CAT O’DAY—SWAGING—SUNFISH PENINSULA SAILING CENTER, INC. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. • OTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY »Y GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA ARTHUR EMORY PHONE: 595-7914 1279 Route 17 TABB, VIRGINIA SMITH’S ARCO SERVICE PICK-UP DELIVERY SERVICE Phone: 642-9074 Compliments of LUCILLE’S BEAUTY SALON Gloucester, Point Virginia MARS MACHINE WORKS 642-2052 Ordinary, Virginia THE 1973 CAVALIER STAFF SAY’S HI!!!!! Congratulations to the Class of 73 “From the Friendly Bank” with an eye for your future BANK OP LOUCESTi MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT HSUPAHCC COPPOPPnO V GLOUCES TER lOUCfcSTtP. POINT Gloucester’s only locally owned and managed bank ... Serving the people of Gloucester County 1906 for sixty-five years. 1973 S S MARINE SUPPLY Owner—L.R. Shackelford, Jr. McKay Chain, Rings Links—Marine Paint Rope—Netting—Twine Phone: 723-2805 38 Water Street Hampton, Va. 23363 Mailing Address: Box 38, Gloucester Point, Virginia 23062 Teagle REALTY INC. " THE PACESETTER " 4 OFFICES AND 45 AGENTS TO SERVE YOU IN ANY REAL ESTATE NEED. “REMEMBER, WHEN BUYING OR SELLING . . . CALL TEAGLE AND START PACKING.” GLOUCESTER HWY 17—NEAR AIRPORT 693-4700 Richard W. Teagle, President Boyd W. Gwyn, Sales Manager : fil Wishing each member of the class of’73 great success CO REAL ESTATE Arline Lanciano Farms U.S. 17 Ordinary, Virginia Phone: 642-2300 Homes Waterfront Lots AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS MANAGUA: ■»UAKE TARGET Wr® l ' » W, % 1972-73 INTERNATIONAL EVENTS □ President Nixon made important visits to Red China and the USSR. □ Comprehensive searches of airline passengers and baggage became standard procedure in an effort to re¬ duce skyjackings. □ With the death of Harry S. Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson the U.S. was left without a surviving ex-President for only the third time in its history. □ Henry Kissinger was the President ' s personal envoy and chief negotiator for the Paris peace talks. O Br tain was accepted into the European Common Market. Q Bobby Fischer defeated Boris Spassky to become the world chess champion. Q The moon landing by Apollo 17 was the last scheduled moon probe until the year 2000. □ The United States agreed to supply Russia with vast quantities of surplus wheat. O Terrorism continued in Northern Ireland. O " The Godfather " was the top picture of the year. □ Arab terrorists disrupted the splendor of the Summer Olympics in Munich by killing 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team. □ Mark Spitz set an Olympic record by winning seven gold medals. □ Japan hosted the Winter Olympics while Colorado yoters turned down their chance to spon- Acupuncfure Skyjackers

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