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 - Class of 1972

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■ if■ ■ -r; " ; 1 £ B Qa c-, As we pause at this time to reflect on our high school years, we would like to pay tribute to you. You, as a teacher, coach and friend, have spent many long hours and much patience on us as individuals and a student body. Because of this, we, the Senior Class, dedicate the 1972 Cavalier to you - - Mr. James A. Coley, Jr. Cavalier 2 1972 s 0 aAa 3 4 8 HUH P rsi 13 14 IHM f 15 What You Make It 16 Senior Officers President-Rosette Tabb Vice-President-Andrea Ayers Secretary-Karen Bradley Treasurer-Nancy Woods Reporter-Kathy Bridges Valedictorian EDWARD HOGGE BARBARA ROANE 18 Salutatorian DEBRA REED ANDREWS " Debbie " ANDREA AYERS " Andrea " Cheerleader III, IV, V; Homeroom Rep III, IV, V; Home¬ coming Att. Ill; Maid of Honor V; Holly Ball Queen V; Pep Club III, IV-Vice-Pres. , V-Pres Choral III, IV, V; Jr. Class-Vice-President; Sr. Class Vice-Pres. ; Varsity- Club V- Annual Staff V; Most popular girl V. CHARLES ALLEN ASHE " Chuck " DEBORAH ANN BATTISTO " Debby " Drama III; Pep Club IV, V; Office Asst. IV, V: Bible Club IV. THERESA LYNN BELL " Terri " Pep Club III, IV: Drama Club III, IV; Bible Club III, V; Science Club IV; Basketball IV,V-Manager; A.F.S. Student Chapter V; Newspaper V; Debate V; Creative Writing V. DOROTHY ELIZABETH BLAKE " Dot " FHA IV, V; 4-H IV, V; Choral IV, V. HOWARD THOMAS BERRY " Howard " 4-H III; Drama III, IV, V; Pep ill; Science III. SUSAN GAYLE BERRY " Susan " Basketball III, IV, V-Captain; Pep Club IV; Choral III, IV; Bible III, IV; Softball IV, V; Varsity Club V; FBLA V. 19 WILLIAM BLYSTONE " Buster " KAREN RENEE BRADLEY Class Sec. Ill; Bible Club III-Vice Pres.; IV, V; Drama Club III; Pep Club III, IV; SCA IV-Vice-Pres. V; Beta Club IV, V-Pres. ; Interact IV, V-Sec. Class Sec. V; Annual Staff V; Most Likely to Succeed V. DOUGLAS BOND " Douglas " CATHERINE SUSAN BRIDGES " Cathey " Cheerleader III; Drama III, IV, V; Pep Club V; Foren¬ sics III,IV, V; Thespian III, IV-Vice Pres. V; Band III, IV, V; Class Reporter V; SCA V; Paper Staff V; Crea¬ tive Writing V-Editor; Most Talented V. FFA III, V. DAVID BROWN " David " HERMAN TYRONE BROWN " H-Rapp " JV Basketball III; JV Football III; Baseball III; Pep Club III; 4-H III, IV, V; Choral III, IV, V; Varsity Basket¬ ball IV, V; Drama Club IV; FFA IV; Track -Outdoor V; Varsity Club V. JOSEPH HAMILTON BROWN " Joey " Science Club III-Vice-Pres. IV; Drama III, IV; News¬ paper Staff IV, V; Beta IV, V; Interact V; Frisbee Squad V-Solicitor General. KENNETH LEE BROWN " Kenneth " Pep Club III,IV, V; Science III, IV; Newspaper IV; Bi¬ ble V-Pres. ; Annual Staff V; Chess Club V; AFS Club V; Most Courteous V; SCA V. 20 KENNETH WAYNE BROWN " K.B. " JV Basketball III; JV Football III; Class Reporter IV; Varsity Football IV, V; Varsity Basketball IV, V; Beta Club IV, V; SCA V; Interact Club V; Varsity Club V- Treasurer. ROSEANNE BROWN " Rosie " FHA III; Chorus III, IV. B FBLA V. LORNA GALE CAMPBELL " Gale " C GILBERT WENDELL CARTER " Gilbert " ft o FFA III,IV; Varsity Football IV, V; Varsity Club V. %V JOHN DANA CARVER John Dana Art Club III; JV Football III; Bible Club IV; Varsity Football V; Debate V. LEHMAN LORENZ A CATLETT " Cat " Pep Club III, IV, V; Choral III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; 4-h III, IV, V; Track III, IV, V; Varsity Basketball III, IV, V-Captain; SCA V; AFS V; Popular Boy V; Varsity Club V; Gym Asst- V; FFA V. 21 JUDY FAYE CHEN AULT " Judy " Pep Club III, IV; FHA III, IV-Treasurer; Beta Club IV, V; AFS V; Annual Staff V-Editor. ESTHER BEATRICE CLAYBORNE " Esther B " Choral IV, V; 4-H V. MERLE CLAYBORNE " Merle " DONALD WINFIELD CLEMENTS " Donnie " Science III,IV-Vice-Pres. ; Marching Band III, IV, V; Dance Band III, IV, V; Concert Band III, IV, V; Foren¬ sics III, IV, V; Intramuarl Basketball III; Drama Club IV, V; Thespian IV, V-Tres. Interact IV, V-Pres. ; Beta IV, V; Who ' s Who Among American High School Stu¬ dents IV, V; AFS V; Boy ' s State V; Newspaper IV, V; Co-Editor; Frisbee V. JASPER DEAN CLEMENTS " J.D. " FFA III, IV, V; Science Club III. BRENDA FAYE COATES " Brenda " Pep Club III, IV, V; Drama III, IV; Bible III, IV; FBLA V-Parlimentarian. GENE CONNER " Gene " DORA EVERLENE COOK " Dora " FHA III, IV; Pep Club III, IV; Drama III, IV, V; Choral III, IV; Office Asst. IV; Library Asst. V; Library Club V. 22 HOWARD NELSON COOKE " Howie " JV Football III; JV Basketball III; Varsity Basketball IV, V; Varsity Football IV, V; Varsity Club V; 4-H V. WANDA COOPER " Wanda " ALICE HARVEY COTTINGHAM " Alice " Cheerleader III, IV, V; Pep Club III, IV, V; Class Trea¬ surer III; Bible Club III, IV; Drama Club III; Beta III, IV, V; Library Asst. IV; AFS V; Annual Staff V. RONALD MONROE CRAFT, JR. " Ronnie " JV Football III; Pep Club III, IV, V; Bible Club III, IV; FFA III, V; Science Club III; 4-H V; VICA V-Reporter. ROBERT ADRIAN CREWE " Bobby " Pep Club III, IV, V; JV Football III; Varsity Football V; Track IV, V; Mr. Football V; Varsity Club V. LOIS ANN CREWS " Lois " FHA III; Pep Club IV, V. KATHY WARLEY DEAL " Kathy " HERBERT DRIVER " Shock Driver " 23 JOHN STEVEN EDMONDS " Steve " Intermunial Basketball IV-Scorer; Pep Club V. KAREN LYNN FARINHOLT " Karen " FHA III, IV-Reporter; V-Sec. ; Pep Club III, IV; FBLA V. KENNETH HUBERT FARY " Kenneth " Marching Band III, IV, V; Dance Band IV, III, V; Con¬ cert Band III, IV, V; Pep Club III, IV, V; Interact III, IV, V; Drama IIIMIV; Annual Staff IV, V; SCA IV, V; Brass Ensemble III; Newspaper Staff III, IV, V. DOUGLAS RANDLOPH FITCHETT " Doug " JV Football III; Varsity Football IV, V; Drama Club III; Intermural Basketball III, IV; Varsity Basketball V- Scorekeeper; Varsity Club V; Pep IV, V. LYLE QUENTIN FOSTER " Lyle " Marching Band III,IV, V; Thespian III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Interact III,IV-Tres. V; Newspaper III, IV; Bible III, IV; 4-H III, IV, V; Class Pres. Ill-Vice-Pres. Class Pres. IV; Boy ' s State V; SCA III, IV, V-Pres, ; Pep Club III, IV, V; Science Club III, IV; Choral V; Regional Choir V; Beta Club TV. V; AFS V: Newspaper V; Most Outstanding V; Who ' s Who Among American High School V: NMSQT Semi-Finalist V. Great Americans Committee III; rorensica iV. VANESSA LOUISE FOSTER " Lou " Drama Club III; Choral III, IV; Pep Club III, IV, V; Bi¬ ble Club III; Field Hockey Team III, IV-Do-Captain; Basketball Team IV; Softball IV; Varsity Club V; 4-H V. ROSEMARY GANT " Rosemary " Cheerleader III, IV, V; Pep Club III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V-Tres. ; Drama Club III, IV; Library Asst. IV, V; Library Club V-Sec. ; Varsity Club V; Annual Staff V. BET FLA NY LEIGH GEDDINGS " Bethany " Drill Team III, IV, V-Co-Captain; Pep Club III, IV, V; Drama Club III, IV, V; Choral III, V; Office Asst. IV; 4-H V-Reporter. 24 F.B.L.A. V. MARSHA LANELL GREEN " Marsha " SHERWIN GREEN " Sherwin " Varsity Basketball III, IV, V; Varsity Club V; Drama V. PATRICIA ANN GRIMES " Pat " S.C.A. IV; Drill Team V; S.C.A. V. RUTH HOLLOWAY GRIMES " Rufus " Pep Club IV; FHA IV; Choral V; Pep V; Drill Team V; 4-H V; Drama Club V. 2b JAMES HALL " Jimmy " PATRICIA AGNES HALL " Patty " FHA III, IV, V; Bible III; Drama III, V; Beta IV, V. RODNEY HALL " Rodney " DIANE MAE HAMM " Diana " Bible Club III, IV, V; Office Asst. Ill; Beta Club IV, V- Tres.; Newspaper Staff V-Sec. ; AFS V; Frisbeeg Squard V. ROBERT EUGENE HARRIS " Bobby " Baseball III; Pep Club III, IV, V; Drama III; Intramural Basketball IV. LEONA CAROLYN HAYNES " Trudy " Science Club III; Pep Club IV; Drama IV; FBLA V- Vice-Pres. BRENDA HAYWOOD " Brenda " WENDY CECEILLE HEYWOOD " Cecil " Bible Club III; Pep Club III, IV, V; 4-H III; Drama Club III; Basketball IV, V; Choral IV; Science IV; AFS V- Pres. ; SCA V; Library Asst. V. 26 PAULA HEYWOOD " Paula " GEORGE SAUNDERS HODGES " Georgie " Drama Club III, IV, V; JV Football III: JV Basketball III; 4-H III, IV, V; Pep Club III, IV, V; FFA III; Choral III,IV, V; Drama V; Varsity Basketball V; Varsity Club V; Track V. DEBRA ELAINE HOGGE " Debbie " Cheerleader III, IV, V-Captain; Pep Club III, IV, V; Softball III, IV, V; Drama III; SCA V; Annual Staff V; Varsity Club V; FBLA V. EDWARD FRANCIS HOGGE " Ed-Eddie-Peabody " Science Club III, IV; Sailing Club III; Beta III, IV, V; Pep Club IV, V; Newspaper Staff IV-Editor, V-Co- Editor; Marching Band V; Interact V; Outstanding Teenagers of America V; Frisbee Squard V. W JANET HENRIETTA HOGGE " Janet Hen House " Pep Club III, IV, V; Drama Club III, IV; Bible Club fil,v Choral IV; FBLA V- Reporter. BRENDA JOYCE HORSLEY " Brenda " Bible III, IV-Vice-Pres. ; 4-H III, IV; Drama V. God ' Ttnade4 eo Cjo [ , IV 0 Goe -yvo £Ap ■Vr oi CC iv • DONALD HOWARD " Donnie " DAVID MORRIS HUDGINS " David " FFA III, IV; Pep Club III, IV, V; Science Club III,IV; Vica V. 27 Choral V. JEAN MARIE HUDGINS " Jean " SUSAN MARIE HUSSEY " Susan " FHA III, IV; Drama Club III, IV, V; Pep Club III, IV, V; Bible Club III, V; Guidance Asst. V. BETTY CAROL HYPES " Betty " Bible Club III, IV; Pep Club III, IV; FHA III; SCA IV; Library Club IV; Choral IV; FBLA V. LORRAINE CHRISTINE JACKSON " Jack " Basketball III, IV, V; Softball III, IV, V; 4-H Club III, IV, V; Home Ec. Ill, IV; Choral IV, V; Varsity Club V. BARBARA JEAN JENKINS " Barbara " Bible Club III, IV; FHA III; FBLA V-Correspoinding Sec. THERESA JENKINS " Theresa " BRENDA JOYCE JONES " Brenda " FHA III, IV, V; Basketball III, IV; Drama III. IV, V; Choral V. GREG KELLY " Greg " 28 NANCY MARIE KELLUM " Nancy " Bible III; Drama III, IV; 4-H III; Creative Writing V; Quietestgirl V. SUZANNE DOUGLAS LAWRENCE " Suzanne " Tennis Team III, IV; SCA III, IV; Pep Club III; 12th Grade Attendant V. BRUCE SIMEON LEIGH " Bruce " Marching Band III, IV, V; Concert Band III, IV, V; Dance Band III, IV, V; Pep Club III, IV, V; Drama Club III, IV, V; Intramural Basketball III,IV. KATHRYN FAY LEIGH " Kathy " Pep Club III, IV; Choral III, IV, V; Drama IV; S.C.A. V; Guidance Assistants IV, V. RICKY DALE LEWIS " Ricky " Drama III; Pep Club III, IV; JV Basketball III: Intra- nural Basketball IV. DAVID BOYETT LIVINGSTON " David " Pep Club III, IV, V; Science IV; 4-H V; Annual Staff V. THOMAS EUGENE LIGON " Squirrel " 4-h III, IV, V; Honor Club IV, V. SYLVIA ANITA LOMAX " Sylvia " Pep Club III; FHA III, IV; Drama V; Choral V. 29 -1 LEONARD WASHINGTON MARBLE " Lenny " Bible Club III; JV Football III; JV Basketball III; 4-H III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; FFA III; Varsity Football IV, V; Choral IV, V; Varsity Basketball IV; Track IV, v ; Varsity Club V. JOHN PAUL MATOUS, JR. " John " £ V Pep Club III, IV, V; Science III, IV. FRANKLIN ARTHUR MILLER " The Kid " JV Basketball III; JV Football III; FFA III; Varsity Bas¬ ketball IV, V; 4-H IV, V; Pep Club IV, V; Varsity Club V; Track V. JAMES LEE MILLER, JR . " Jimmy " Pep Club III, IV, V; Drama III; 4-H V; Vica Club V; FFA IV, V. 30 SHERRIE JEAN MILLER " Sherrie " Softball Team III, IV, V.; Choir III, IV, V. ; Basketball Team IV, V.; Varsity Club V. DAVID ALEXANDER MILROY " David " Concert Band III; Dance Band IV; Annual Staff V- Editor. ROBIN MINOR " Robin " JANICE TERESA MYRES " Teresa " Softball Team III; Hockey Tea, IV-Manager; 4-H III, IV, V; Choral IV, V; Drama III, IV, V-Secretary. JANET LOU NALLEY " Janet " Drama III; Bible Club III; Choir IV, V. SUSAN DIANE NEWTON " Diane " Drama Club III, IV, V; Thespian Society III,IV-Vice President, V-President; Pep Club III, IV; 4-H III — Sec. -Tres. , IV-Sec. -Tres. , 4-H V-Junior Leader; SCA III, IV-Tres. , V. ESTHER SUE OLIVER " Esther " Pep Club III, IV, V; FHA III; Beta Club IV, V; Choir IV; SCA IV; AFS V; Science Club IV-Secretary. LARRY NORMAN OLIVER " Larrv " FFA III, IV: Vica V. 31 TONI LA VERNE O LI VIS " Toni " Drama Club III, IV, V; Pep Club III, IV; Library Club III; SCA III; Choir III, IV, V; 4-H V. DAVID WAYNE OWENS " Wayne " mxm JOHN LEROY PERRIN " Big John " JV Football III; JV Basketball III; Pep Club III, IV; 4-H Club III, IV, V; Choir IV, V; Track V; Varsity Football IV, V; Varsity Basketball IV, V; Varsity Club V. BRENDA LYNN PERUZZATO " Brenda " Science Club III, IV; Newspaper Staff V. ELIZABETH ANN PETTY " Liz " Drama Club III, IV, V; Pep Club III, IV, V; Choral IV, V; Thespian IV-Sec. , V-Sec. ; Office Ass. IV; AFS V- Sec. ; 4-H V; SCA V; Office Ass. V. DONALD HAYES POLAND " Donnie " Pep Club III, IV, V; Drama V; SCAIV; Library Club IV; Drama Club IV; Interact IV, V; Junior Class Tres.; Annual Staff V; VICA V- Sec. ; Newspaper Staff V; AFS V; Who ' s Who Senior Class. ESTHER BELINDA POWELL " Linda " FHA III, IV-Sec., V-Vice Pres.; Bible Club III; Girls State V; Homecoming Attendent IV; FBLA V-Historian. LINDA LEE POWELL " Linda " Pep Club III,rV,V; FHA III,IV, V. 32 DEBORAH ANN PRYOR " Debbie " Hockey Team III, IV, V; Choral IV, V; Varsity Club V. CLARA DENISE RAINIER " Denise " FHA III, IV, V; Drama Club III; Pep Club IV; Library Club IV; Office Asst. IV; Newspaper V. JAMES REDMOND " Jimmy " LARRY EUGENE REID " Larry " JV Basketball III; Varsity Basketball IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V; Drama Club IV; Varsity Club V; Choir V. DANIEL ROSS RIGAU " Danny " Science Club III, IV; Drama Club III; Pep Club III, IV, V; Chess Club IV, V. JANET ELIZABETH RILEE " Janet " Drill Team III, IV, V-Captain; Pep Club III, IV; Choir III, IV, V; Bible Club III; Drama Club IV; Library Club V; 4-H V; SCA V; AFS V; Regoinal Choir V; Choir Ensemble V; Annual Staff V. MARTHA ANNE RILEY " Martha " Pep Club III, IV, V; FHA III,IV-Vice Pres. , V-Pres; Inturamural Basketball Scorekeeper IV; Track Score- keeper III, IV, V; Office Assistant V; Newspaper Staff V. 33 BARBARA EVELYN ROANE " Barbara " Choral III, IV, V; Bible Club III, V; SCA III, V; Pep Club IV, V; Choral Ensemble V; AFS V-Pres. ; Annual Staff V; Beta Club IV, V-Federation Sec. FFA IV, V. DANNY JAMES ROGERS " Danny " HUGH WOODSON ROWE " Woody " Pep Club III, IV, V; Drama Club III. MITCHELL WAYNE SAUNDERS " Mitch " Pep Club III, IV, V; Intramural Basketball III, IV; Track IV, V; 4-H III; SCA V; Drama Club III, IV, V; Varsity Football V-Manager. WAYNE SAVAGE " Wayne " Varsity Basketball V. GILBERT JOHN SEALEY, JR . " Gilbert " JV Basketball III; Science Club III; Varsity Baseball III, IV, V; Interact Club IV, V; Beta Club IV, V; Pep Club V; Varsity Club V. MARCIA LYNN SEARS " Marcia " Bible Club III, V; FHA III; SCA III; Pep Club III, IV, V; Choral III, IV, V; Science Club IV; AFS V; Beta Club IV,V. VIVIAN ELAINE SEARS " Elaine " Pep Club III, IV, V; Drama Club III, IV, V; Bible Club V; Newspaper IV. 34 iMS M. B. SHEPPARD " M.B. " DEBORAH JEAN SIBLEY " Debbie " FHA III; Drama Club III; Pep Club III; Choral IV; Library Club IV; Office Assistant IV. DINAH LYNN SMITH " Dinah " Drama Club IV, V; Newspaper Staff V. Drama III. JOSEPH L. SPRINGER " Joe " DENNIS STERLING " Dennis " MARVIN AUGUSTUS STUBBS " Bucky " CHANPANIT SURASIN " Nit " ROSETTE TABB " Peaches " Varsity Cheerleader III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV; FHA III, IV; Choir III, IV; Science Club III, IV; Drama Club III, IV; SCA III, IV-Rep. V-Sec; Pep Club III, IV, V; Softball Scorekeeper III, IV, V; Scorekeeper -Varsity Baseball IV, V; Annual Staff V; Interact Club V; Secretary- Junior Class; Senior Class President; Varsity Club V-Pres; FBLA V-Pres.; DAR Citizenship Award; 1971 Homecoming Queen; Girl ' s State V; Who ' s Who V; Office and Guidance Assistant V; Modern Dance Group V; Sec. Advisory Committee V. 35 MICHEAL WAYNE TEAGLE " Duck " Science Club III, IV; Dance Band III, V; Marching Band III, IV, V; Pep Club III, IV; Library Club IV, Library Assistant IV, V; Newspaper Staff V; Annual Staff V. RICHARD COLEMAN TILLAGE i T )] cki 0 JV Basketball III; Drama Club III; Pep Club III; 4-H V; Varsity Baseball V. KEITH TRAINHAM " Keith " Drama Club III, IV, V; Thespian IV, V. KEVIN FRANCIS VEST " Kevin " Beta Club V; Interact Club V; Dance Band V; Newspa¬ per Staff V-Treasurer. MADELINE DALE WARD " Marlene " Field Hockey III, IV, V; Softball III; 4-H III, IV, V; Drama Club III; Choral V; Varsity Club V. GEORGE SAMUEL WASHINGTON, JR. " Bubba " Pep Club III; Drama Club IV, III; Modem Dance Group IV, V; Office and Guidance Assistant V. SHARON ELLEN WASHINGTON " Sherry " Girl Scouts III; 4-H III, IV-Sec. , V Tres.; Choir III; FHA IV, V-Federation Vice-President. JESSE WEST " Jesse " 36 SUE SMITH WEST " Sue " NELL WHITAKER " Nell " FREDERICK ALFONZA WILLIS, JR. " Fred " Drama Club III, IV, V; Pep Club III, IV, V; Varsity Foot¬ ball III, IV, V; Varsity Basketball III, IV, V; Varsity Track III, IV, V; Physical Fitness Team III, IV, V. ROBERT WILLIAMS " Robert " Drama Club III, IV; 4-H III, IV; Pep Club III, IV, V; Intramural Basketball III, IV. ROBERT WILSON " Robert " JERRY WOODSON " Jerry " Library Club V-Pres. ; Library Assistant V; Concert Band III, IV, V; Marching Band III, IV, V. 37 CARROLL DELANO CARTER " Carroll " Varsity Football III, IV, V; J. V. Basketball III; Varsity Basketball IV, V; Track III, IV, V; Pep Club III, IV, V; SCA III; 4-H V--vice-president; Varsity Club V. ANDY COCHRAN " Andy " NATHAN COOKE " Nathan " RONALD CRAFT " Ronald " NANCY RUTH WOODS " Nancy " Drama III, IV, V; Science III, IV, V; Choral III, IV, V; Bible III, IV; Choral ensemble V; 4-H III, IV, V; Class Treasurer V; Office Asst. Ill, V; Drill Team IV, V; SCA rep. Ill, IV, V; Interclub Council V; Who ' s Who V; Guidance Asst. V; AFS Chapter V. LINDA MARIE WYATT " Linda " 4-H V; Choral V. 38 GAIL GREEN " Gail " KEITH HOGGE " Keith " EILEEN JOHENNING " Jo " FBLA; Newspaper Staff; Creative Writing. CARL McGRAW " Mac " Track II, III, IV; Varsity Club; 4-H Club. CHRISTOPHER EDWARD POST " Chris " Drama Club III, IV, V; Thespian Club IV, V; Creative Writing. MIKE SLAVIN " Mike " Varsity Football V. ANTHONY SKALAK " Anthony " Drama Club III, IV, V; Thespians V. DONNA LYNN WEST " Donna " Drama Club III, IV, V; Thespians III, IV, V; Newspaper Staff. 39 Top Ten Per Cent STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT; Karen Bradley Rodney Hall Lyle Foster Joey Brown Kenneth W. Brown Donnie Clements Edward Hogge Kevin Vest Alice Cottingham Barbara Roane SEATED LIFT TO RIGHT; Ann Zeigler Marsha Sears Judy Chenault Patty Hall Teresa Jenkins Diana Hamm Diane Newton NOT PICTURED: Esther Oliver Squish! ! ! ! r: • " a L i imm 41 Mr. America?? And then my mama told me • • • Pass what? May they rest in pieces ! Junior Class President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Reporter . . . Emory Nadeau Barry Fletcher . . Gail Healy Gaynor Williams Danny Slavni«k Terry Almond Harry Barker Pam Barnette Kirk Bell Linda Belvin O.H. Belvin I 44 June Berry Larry Berry Michelle Berry Clifford Billups Edward Bolton Janice Bonniville Charlotte Bodker John Bowman Stuart Brooks Dale Brown James M. Brown Phyllis Bryant Kathy Burke Shirley Bush David Byrd Joe Calloway Bruce Carter Mark Carter Robert Carter Roger Clements Delma Cook Arlene Crewe Peggy Crocket Mike Dame Rachel Darnell Amelia Davis Terry Davis Brenda DeBolt Sandra Diggs Debbie Dowling 45 John Dudley A1 Dunston Debbie Ellinger Vernonda Ellis Tommy Emory Douglas Ewell Gail Fanning John Fitchett Greg Fitzgerald Barry Fletcher Michael Foster Patricia Foster Benton Gardner Betsy Gill Robert Gregory Connie Gunn Sandra Hamm Laura Hargis Arthur Harris Neva Hatch Billy Haynes Roy Haynes Allen Hazelwood Gail Healy Bob Hicks William Higgins Beth Hodges Delores Hogge JoAnn Hogge Kevin Hogge 46 Robin Hogge Jane Holloman Henry Holmes Malcon Irby Brenda Jackson Hazel Jackson Carolyn Jenkins Gloria Jenkins Anna Johnson Barba ra Joseph Barbara Kellum Michael Kings Ricky Kurtz Teresa Lee Barbara Leigh Jimmy Leigh Rose Lewis Sara Lewis Nancy Marsh James Marshall Beth McGraw Lillie McKelvin David Melvin Timmy Milby Howard Moffitt Jerry Moore Margaret Morris Susan Morgan Michael Mosca Preston Motley 47 Faye Myers Emory Nadeau Edith Nuttall Keith Nuttall Mary C. Nuttall Betty Oliver Michael Olivis Patricia Ottarss Wanda Ottarson Sandra Owens Abby Parks Joe Peruzzato Larissa Pittman Glen Pointer Sandra Pollard Nanny Pryor Brenda Pyles Cindy Regensburg Nita Rigau Teresa Riley JoEllen Robins Carolyn Robinson Sally Robinson Dennis Rothwell Deborah Rowe George Schultze Vinnie Searls Tommy Seawell Cheryle Shacklefc Cindy Shackleforc 48 Delores Shackleford Kaye Shackleford Danny Slavnik Larry Spencer Cynthia Smith Firth Smith Howard Smith Ruth Smith Sandra Smith Kathy Sterling Mike Sterling Ronnie Teagle Alfred Thomas Beth Tillage Roy Walker Brad Ward Elaine Ward Teresa Washington Clifford Webb Keith Webb Billy West Dennis West Ed West Janice West Melanie Whitcomb Gloria Whiting John Williams Kevin Wilson Richard Witt Helen Wyatt 49 A First For Juniors! Hargis at her best! 50 Sophomore Class CS ‘ OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Reporter . . , Suzanne Hayman • Peggy Poland . . . Terry Lett . . Kathy Leigh - Patricia Wilson Tina Ambrose Veronica Banks Deborah Berry Frissell Berry Shelia Berry I 51 Roland Billups Ronnie Bluford Mark Booker Patti Boulton Arlene Brooks Desere Brooks Gail Brooks Donna Brumfield Gwen Burrell Mildred Byrd Robert Carmine Deborah Carracoff Gregory Carter Olivia Chamberlain Barry Chapman Carl Coates John Coates Michael Combs Jackie Cooper Terry Costell Cathie Cottee Cynthia Cox Denise Craft Mary Cuffie Keith Dame Constance Davis Michael Davis Debbie DeBolt Richard DeBolt Wanda Diggs 52 Joe Dischinger Harold Diggs Mary Donner Ann Edmunds Ricky Elias Wilhemenia Evans John Fayhee Raymond Forrest Larry Graham Sherman Graves Dennis Green Faye Gregory Thomas Griffin Curtis Hall Junior Hall Martha Hall Joe Harper Robin Hardrick Claire Hayes Randy Healy Debbie Hendrix Freda Hess Sharon Higgans William Hicks Michael Harvey Anita Hogge Keith Hogge Shelva Hogge Tommy Holland Deborah Horsley 53 Joey Horsley Dennis Horsley Alice Howard Michael Howlet t CTdjcTffty Howle ttJ) Dana Hudgins Joyce Jackmon Yvonne Jackson Bonnie Jenkins Brenda Jenkins Ricky Jenkins Billy JoHenning Kippy Johnson Carolyn Jones Harold Jones Ricky Jordan Ricky Joyce Ricky Knuteson Darwin Lanciano Cathy Leigh Claudia Lemon David Lemon Ronnie Lewis Terri Lett Debbie Long LuAnn Lowmaster Matt Luoma Carl Mabry Patsy Marble Linda McCoy 54 Vernon McDaniel Linda McIntyre Janice Miller Richard Miller Cathy Millwood (In Deborah Monteque Bill Moore Sherrie Moore Trudie Moore Brad Newbill Furman Newby Bruce Newton Charles Norman Edith Nuttal Judy Oliver Marie Oliver Martha Oliver Gary O ' Neil Warren Owens Ronald Paige Kevis Panchision Robert Paulette Jennie Plessiner Peggy Poland Allen Pollard Moses Pollard Owen Pointer Alex Post Tommy Powell Regina Pryor 55 Vanessa Redmond Donald Rhodes Paul Rilee John Robins Constance Robinson Bobby Rowe Joe Rowe Jimmy Rowe Xff iry Sanlm an. Anita Setterholm Karen Sibley Sandra Shackleford Terri Shackleford Joe Shannon Keith Sheppard Brent Shifflett Matt Slavin Angelena Spencer Wayne Spencer Brenda Smith Cheryl Smith Peggy Smith Teresa Smith Julie Steel Danny Sterling Ruth Sterling Mattie Stokes Brenda Strickland Joan Stubbs Gardner Taliaferro 56 Ernie T ay lor Linda Tazewell Jimmy Timpleman Edward Thornton Patty Townsend Connie Trevillian Hope Via Pierre Walker Cheryl Washington Gerald Wass Danny West Deborah West Debra West Ronnie West Sharon West Lewis Whitaker Betsy White Kenneth Whitfield Carmen Williams Sharon Williams Terry Williams Carl Wilson Charles Wilson David Wilson Kitti Wilson Patricia Wilson Mary Witt Marcia Wood Jayne Woodard Jo Ann Wright 57 fyawcxz] O i z . s . - ' yy . c.ry9 ' z l c C ' C £OZl£ P ' f- d£ o(oucuf . 58 V sV m en OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Barbra Grimes . Leann Deal Velda Brown . Lindy West Scot Allen Jean Allmond Robin Arehart Claudia Ayers Brenda Baumgardener Keith Be Ivin Avis Berry 59 Maurice Berry- Patty Bell Debbie Blevins Keith Bohannon Kathy Bonnivilie Chuck Bridges Gene Brown Lewis Harris Oelda Brown Susan Brown Shelia Brown David Burnette Robin Calloway Wanda Carmine Randall Carr Steve Carter Wayne Chapman Robert Clayborn Vemonia Clayborne Rita Coates Sandra Coates Jessie Coberly Donna L. Cooke Larry Combs Karen Conner Jimmy Cox Frank Crottey Donna Damian Donna Daniels Lyle Dayton 60 Leann Deal David DeBolt Juanita DeMent Brian Duncan Cynthia Durn Gloria Edwards Vernon Ellis Lloyd Emory 1 ■ Iyan Etherage ' Caivin’EvanT Randy Ewell Betsy Fanning O.H. Farinholt Sally Fary Gwenith Forrest Faye Forrest Judy Foster Larry Foster Carmen Fracasse Cathe Gant Lydia Gardener Bobby Grant Donna Green Keith Green Linwood Green Barbara Grimes Mary Hall Alfred Harris Dale Harvey LeAnn Hayeslett 61 Earl Haywood Keith Healy Micky Healy Lynn Higgans Louise Hogge Rhonda Hogge Kenneth Holmes Mo nette Ho lmes ‘ ' " Jerry H orsTe fe Larry Uorsle y Alvin Howard Mary Hudgins Melodie Hudgins Maury Hutchinson Danny Hypes Michael Jackson Donald Jarvis Brenda Jenkins Helen Jenkins Kathy Jenkins Linda Johnson Carol Ann Jones Jackie Jones Thomas Joyce Betty Kellum Carolyn Kellum Vernon Kerns Lillian Kirkland Blair Kirtley David Leigh 62 Edward Lemmon Anita Lett Tyrone Lewis Rose Luckett Valeria Luoma Charles Machen Phillip Machen Joan Marshall Deborah Mortin Stanley McMullen Hardy Miller John Monteque Debbie Moore Wade Moore David Morgan Gail Morgan John Morse Sandra Mu 11 in Robert Oliver Ben Mowry Carmin Olivis Vicky O ' Neil Curtis Owens Kathy Owens Mary Jane Paige Warren Paige Rachel Payne Benjamin Perrin Michael Pittman Joe Powell 63 Ronnie Powell R.B. Rainer Rosemary Redmon Joy Rhoden Alice Rhoden Jimmy Richardson Clifford Riddett Earl Ried Bill Riley Cathy Riley Angela Roanes Clair Roanes Edwin Robbins Margaret Robins Darlene Robinson Delphane Robinson Diane Robinson Charles Rowe Joanie Rowe Karen Roy Harry Saulman Lisa Saunders Marilyn Savage Michael Sears Paul Sexton Bud Shook Teresa Shook Billy Simmons Brad Sindle School Spirit 64 Dennis Smith Scott Smith William Sparks Alvin Spencer Cathy Stansell William Steele Lille May Stokes Brown Strigle Donald Taylor Larry Teagle Marie Tice Herbert Thrift Pam Thrift Brenda Walker Dale Walker Dorothy Walker Richard Walker Cindy Walpole Steve Walpole Kim Walthall Saundra Ward Teresa Ward Pam Warthen Teresa Wass Maunica Watts Anita West Barbara West Cindy West Diane West Gail West 65 Freshmen Earn Third Place. Joyce West Mary West Sherry West Micheal Wilburn Annette Williams Gail Williams Teresa Williams Annette Willis Ronnie Wilson Sammy Wilson Jonathan Whitcomb Lou Ann White William White Lois Whitins Michael Wyatt And the work keeps rolling on! Principal MR. J. D. BRIGGS A d m i n • i s t r a Ass ' t. Principal MR. DON HIRCHBERG Mrs. Hogge 68 Mrs. Rushing n. v!s r -Creeps MR. ELVIN ADAMS SR. Auto Mechanics MR. ROBERT BROWN Biology MRS. BERNICE THOMAS Guidance 69 MR. JONATHAN GIBSON Drafting MR. QLEN LEWIS Social Studies MR. JIM COLEY Athletics Director MRS. BARBARA FIELD French G w MRS. JOANNE VAN GEISON Business MR. HARMON Math MR. DON MINER Social Studies MR. ERNEST MORTON Biology 70 MR. DON MULUNS Physical Education MRS. ELIZABETH TREAKLE Latin and Guidance COL. WILLIAM FULLER Guidance MISS ROBERTA WIATT Physical Education MR. LEWIS MORRISON Music MISS LYNN CLAY Social Studies 71 MR. JOHNSON Spanish and French MR. ODOM Science [y e ren d r o Q ut 7. MR. MANLEY BLEVINS Metals MR. BOB RIGGAN Business MR. ELVIN ADAMS Drafting - p ' y a v ' ' -AT .V • eV " •“ A ' MISS PAT CASSIDY Home Economics MRS. MOLLY HAMPKER Business MRS. SHARON DIAZ Business MR. RAYMOND HART Chemistry MRS. REGINA FOOR English MRS. ESTHER KNOX Social Studies MRS. PAT TICE English MR. RONALD FLOWE English MR. STANLEY McMULLEN Agriculture MRS. RACHEL PAULSQ Math Qfiuj ' n MRS. INGRID ZACHARY English MRS. PAT FRANCIS English MRS. MARY FARY Library MURRAY C. DAVIS February 4, 1972. A heart stopped... The silence may never be completely filled. To A Friend and Teacher; You will be remembered as one who made us aware of broader horizons. You taught us to think and face the world with an open mind. Although your laughter has ceased to echo our halls, our hearts reserve a place for the grand memories you have left us. Dt xL r ,4 U -{A c. ' tf ' r j n (.j A vj4Au- 75 Mr. Murray Davis Friendship- the key to world understanding. cos ( X 1 - ?) cos x cos x2 + sin x sin x- I did it wrong again ! A Hell ' s Angels reject? Sam Gregory Varsity Football G.H.S. 21 Suffolk 6 G.H. S. 6 Windsor 7 G.H.S. 6 Southampton 35 G.H.S. 44 Central 8 G.H.S. 6 John Yeates 27 G.H.S. 26 Northampton 12 G.H.S. 41 Mathews 6 G.H.S. 15 Forrest Glenn 26 G.H.S. 12 Smithfield 26 Caroll Carter 78 “ " (■T’ " x, 4 j a=s J KNEELING: S. Green-Co-Captain; L. Catlett-Co-Captain. STANDING: R. Miller-Traniner; H. Brown, F. Miller, C. Webb, W. Savage, H. Holmes, F. Willis, G. Hodges, J. Perrin, K. Brown, C. Carter, H. Cooke, L. Reed, and L. Marble-Manager. Coach: Jim Coley. Varsity Basketball BASKETBALL SCORES GLOUCESTER OPPONENT Windsor Smithfield Central Franklin Suffolk John Yeates Northhampton Southhampton Forest Glen Windsor Smithfield Central Franklin Suffolk John Yeates Northhampton Southhampton Forest Glen 45 63 59 45 95 59 66 60 65 75 64 44 62 47 56 50 67 49 54 43 39 36 82 59 55 77 66 49 67 58 60 79 69 66 80 55 SHERWIN GREEN Co-Captain Record 14-4 79 Senior Frankie Miller Herman Brown Howard Cooke Kenneth W. Brown Wayne Savage John Perrin Fred Willis George Hodges Carroll Carter 80 Larry Reid Players Kenneth Brown Fred Willis Chucky Ashe Dana Carver Mike Slavin Robert Crewe 81 Howard Cooke SITTING: W. Heywood, L. Jackson-Co-captain, S. Berry-Co-captain, S. Miller; STANDING: P. Cooke-Scorekeep- er, P. Wilson, B. Jackson, C. Lemon, A. Corbin, D. Ray, R. Claybome, K. Winstall, R. Wiatt-Coach, E. Ward, T. Bell-Manager. Girl’s Basketball Suffolk 27-31L Smithfield 25-67L Franklin 27-82L John Yeates 28-82L Windsor 43-24W Southampton 17-40L Northampton 33-22W Central (Sussex) 25-31L Forest Glen 26-35L 82 Senior Players Lorraine Jackson Susan Berry Sherrie Miller Wendy Hey wood FRONT ROW: T. Shackelford, V. Foster, L. Johnson, L. Belvin, M. Witt, C. Hayes. SECOND ROW: D. Cooke, D. Pryor, B. Walker, M. Ward, M. Whitcomb; THIRD ROW: M. Holmes, D. Shackelford, C. Sterling, and Miss Mary B. Hill, Coach. Field Hockey Team J. V. Football J. V. Basketball Varsity Cheerleaders 7T . ? rtBtiL 4jafef Wmi . ' mobii «aiadL IT . IMP ' -: : 1 it vi STANDING: Alice Cottingham, Debbie Hogge, CAPTAIN; Andrea Ayers. KNEELING: Brenda DeBolt, Gail Healy, Debbie Dowling, Rosette Tabb, Rosemary Gant, Vern onda Ellis, Peggy Crockett, Gaynor Williams. S)cu n x_ ) JxstcA 1 JajXuaJL £0 06 01 y LLC X z A ryJ) G Ji 1 jdc pJL ip hG hkD%L MG j r nr . . a _ V ... J—L . , L jt—j a s %,— Q_Ji OU-UChcHJiJL . TGe r cXA V LEFT TO RIGHT: Alice Cottingham, Rosemary Gant, Debbie Hogge, Rosette Tabb, Andrea Ayers. 86 1 V v f k li tfi C W M j B ffHHffE| JHb jT m mtSM Iff Xa aj K3r lynn )jhh mti f ffkflfatf vBIBw 1 J | : fla , naK UR S.C.A. Council S.C.A. Officers ' r ‘ r ' T— Beta Club Beta Officers ' m. Cavalier Staff Editors-in-Cheif-David Milroy-Judy Chenault Kenneth Fary Terri Bell Debbie Hogge Brad Ward Rosemary Gant Mike Teagle Rosette Tabb Joe Dischinger Barbara Roane Andrea Ayers Laura Hargis Eugene Flipse Kenneth Brown David Byrd Kathy Burke Don Minor John Bowman Donnie Poland Sally Robinson Why did I join the annual staff? Debate Club The G.H. S. Chess Club was formed in 1970 by Mr. Olan Lewis; to promote this pas¬ time and give its members an opportunity for real competition. The chess team partici¬ pated in the Penisula High School Chess League and had a respectable season against larger schools. Chess Club Interact Club The Interact Club is a service organization sponsored in the school by the Rotary Club of Gloucester as in schools across the nation. The members are elected into the club by the present membership on the character and leadership abilities. Some of the services preformed this year include the donating of money to the Inter-Club Council for needy families to have a joyous Christmas and the painting of the gym floor. Thespians OTm! si. m ip®flwc im} : WlkJM A - Drama Club The Creative Writing Club, a group of originals that try their best to write plays, essays, short stories, long stories, and poetry creatively. Through much koas, dis¬ organization, and laughter, we publish a magazine so-named VISION. Editors: Cathey Bridges, Eileen Johenning; Marian Buschnell, Maury Hatcheson, Lisa Saunders. Members varied with divers fools and idiots. ■ i i ! Creative Writing FUTURE IMEMAKERS m f lilPB m j 111 y« M v mm jayf wEr F.H.A. The Gloucester High School Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America works for personal development, good family relationships, and community involvement. During the 1971-72 school year, we carried out these purposes with activities and programs related to two successful themes: Make Time Work For You And Preparedness: The Key To Opportunity F.H.A. Officers Debra Carracof Belinda Powell Martha Riley Karen Farinholt Alice Howard 94 Bible Club The Future Business Leaders of America, a co-curricular activity, has been es¬ tablished at Gloucester High School this year. This Chapter is affiliated with the state and national offices of the F.B.L.A. The F.B.L.A. Chapter brings students together to participate in school and community activities, financial activities, leadership, social activities and to increase knowledge and skill in business. F.B.L.A. Library Club The " Two-Edged Sword " is the student news publication of GHS. Although many of the articles are written in a light, satirical fashion, one of the main functions of the paper is to generate serious thought by the students on issues facing them. The paper is published monthly on each third Thursday. The sponsor is Mr. M. C. Davis. Two-Edged Sword WJ w ■ fill F.F.A. Ricky Bonniville Richard Miller Harry Barker Lewis Harris 97 V.I.C.A. Vica Club activities are civic, educational, professional, and social in nature. State and local organizations are encouraged to adopt in whole or in part the goals of the Na¬ tional Program of work in planning activities. These goals are Personal Growth, Com¬ munity Understanding, Safety, Teacher Recuitment, Vocational Youth Co-operation, and Good Public Relations. Therefore, we are happy to see the return of the VICA at Glou¬ cester High School. 4-H Club jSgWSS HIGH GLOUCESTER,V4. E5 V i ig|r— I ,, 11 ’ « v-lm 1 mA mk m lAft, ; Band The Jazz Rock Ensemble meets each Wednesday afternoon from November to August. The group rehearses and performs the latest available arrangements of popular and jazz music. In addition to numerous concerts for schools and civic groups in Gloucester, and surrounding counties, the assemble plays each year at the Virginia State Jazz Festival and the Hampton Jazz Festival. Dance Band H 1 wsK . i s ; i.iiT j Ipg ByM v, ,, „ a r WMKJm L|y 1 . V Drill Team © A ncert Band starts practices after the Marching Band finishes in the late fall, e all kinds of music, ranging from rock to Bach, for the various school as- and functions. Concert Band Girls Chorus The Concert Choir and Girl ' s Chorus meets as a regular class during the school day. The choir studies, rehearses, and performs a wide variety of songs from all periods of music. Each year the choir gives two concerts open to the public; one in the fall and one in the spring, in addition to several school assemblies. Choral Choral Ensemble Regional Choir Regional Band Pep Club J.V. Cheerleaders Guidance Assistants Office Assistants Homecoming Maid of Honor Miss Andrea Ayers HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss Rosette Tabb A.F.S. STUDENT " NIT " Court 1971 llth Grade Attendant: Phyllis Bryant 10th Grade Attendant: Mary Donner Dukes prepare to win! 107 9th Grade Attendant: Anita Lett Left over right, then . . . Faculty cheerleaders put best side forward! The beginning of the end! Wrong way fellas! Faculty takes a free one. 108 AFS The American Field Service was a newly organized club this year. Its purpose was to assist the Adult Chapter in financing the stay of the student in our country, as well as, bringing the program down on a more student to student level. It was headed this year by Wendy Heywood, President; Barbara Roane, Vice-President; Liz Petty, Secretary; and Gene Conner, Treasurer. 109 Most Courteous: Kenneth L. Brown, Marcia Sears Cutest: Danny Machie, Belinda Powell Most Atheletic 110 Most Dependable: Donald Poland, Nancy Woods Most Talented: Kenneth Fary, Kathy Bridges Wittiest: Janet Hogge, Nathan Cooke Quitest: David Brown, Nancy Kellum Varsity Club Girl ' s State Boy’s State Karen Bradley Belinda Powell Rosette Tabb Diane Newton Kenneth W. Brown Lyle Foster Rodney Hall Donnie Clements Sugar Bear has hair! 18 year olds vote. NIXON GOES TO CHINA! U.S. WINS 8 MEDALS AT WINTER OLYMPICS! FBLA FORMED. . . VICA FORMED SANTA STRIKES AGAIN.. . DALLAS WINS SUPERBOWL. MARCHING BAND WINS AT URBANNA! GLOUCESTER CLEANS OUT OLD CARS. GIRLS HOCKEY TEAM HAS GREAT YEAR. Santy Poo... !! LYLE FOSTER WINS FIRST AT STATE THESPIAN TALENT SHOW. BRITIAN IN COMMON MARKET. DOONESBURY GETS CAPTURED!!! REPUBLICAN ELECTED TO COUNTY BOARD. . . PITTSBURG WINS WORLD SERIES. . . M ARC HING BAND GOES TO WINCHESTER INDIA INVADES PAKISTAN. .. Events 71-72 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT CONQUERS NEW VARSITY BASKETBALL WONS 2 IN CIRRICULUM. 1 DISTRICT.. . T IJNIORS WIN HOMECOMING A p ANNUAL GETS DONE.. . COMPETITION!!! SUPERSTAR CORRUPTS MILLIONS. DOWNING VISITS GHS SHRINE GAME.. . HOWELL KEEPS THE BIG BOYS HONEST!! JAZZ-ROCK ENSEMBLE IS IN TOP 10 AT STATE JAZZ FESTIVAL.. . GLOUCESTER 10th AND 11 TH GRADERS CORRUPT¬ ED BY PATTY PRUDE AND BLACK LYSISTRATA!!! LOUIS ARMSTRONG PASSES ON. PHASES II AND I RECENTLY ROMORED: RUPERT, THE RABID ROACH RETURNED! 113 A-SOsyUZ) (SLjV u Yl 944 6 SUl JL joolmu Hzjlj UJ L Q - (jp££- A L €U c JJi yijixxAA- jyyixxjA o KfyCA cJA %hj juns tx ASauA u.o Jc 6 C t ! Xbrr± S4.e fi on J coc ' hJ s J @ FIRST VIRGINIA BANK O F T I D E WAT E R NORFOLK • VIRGINIA BEACH • GLOUCESTER. VIRGINIA Your First FINANCIAL FRIEND Congratulations Gloucester High School Seniors MEMBER FIRST VIRGINIA BANKSHARES CORPORATION MEMBER F.D.I.C. Septic Tanks CLEAN INSTALLED REPAIRED BACKHOUSE SERVICE MACHINE DITCHING SEWER AND CULVERT PIPE WELL CURVING DRAIN TILE BRIDGE PIPE Gloucester, Va 693-3036 PHILT. RUTLAGECO GLOUCESTER AUTO SUPPLY Telephone GLOUCESTER, VI Sales Service AIRINHOLT INSURANCE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS of’72 CO. Campers — Travel Trailers Mini-Bikes Equipment — Supplies Route 17 Gloucester Point Virginia Phone: 642-2177 ORDINARY APPLIANCE CO INC. WESTINGHOUSE — MOTOROLA — GIBSON Furniture Appliances Hayes, Virginia Phone: 642-4114 Bank Americard Central Charge Bank Of Gloucester C. B. Shop on The Corner ROWE AND SON General Merchandise Complete Line of Marine Hardware Crisfield, Maryland Oyster Tongs Oystermen’s Supplies Anvil Brand Work Clothes Birds Eye Frozen Foods Phone: 642-3273 Atlantic Oil Products Free Delivery Service Bena, Virginia THE FITCHETT’S SAY: “THANKS”! “Thanks to the class of ’72 for helping to make our store something we’re proud to have you visit. JOHN, ADAIR, BOB, DOUG, and “LITTLE” JOHN AMERICAN HARDWARE Gloucester MIKE’S TIRE AND RECAPPING Atlantic Gasoline Delta Tires Phone: 642-2980 J. C. Distributors TEXACO PRODUCTS aj H ' Hkj- fe i MM GLOUCESTER BARGAIN HOUSE FEATURING Your Outstanding Department Store “FASHIONS FOR THE FAMILY” Compliments of Gloucester — Mathews GAZETTE — JOURNAL “Your Hometown Newspaper” Phone: 693-3101 725-2191 COMPLIMENTS OF Cecil Fary GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA Representative Of GLO-CO REAL ESTATE, INC. Route 1, Hayes, Virginia Compliments Of W. C. TUCKER’S STORE Gloucester, Virginia WHITES AUTO SHOE STORE M.G. DUDLEY, INC. T A Rt. 17 P. O. Box 467 GLOUCESTER POINT, VA. 23062 Phone 642-6101 • Service ping Cen COMPLIMENTS OF MATHEWS GULF SERVICE Q_rv v. A _A. • c 5Lot ' V ( A A Jy{ K J7t t vJ K -y ' v-A ' Aj? S -Jt-JZ- v_ £ V_- • - - ' — I c — - c-- - ' i» 4 i VARIETY S GLOUCESTER Congratulations to the Class of ’72 “From the Friendly Bank” with an eye to your future Gloucester’s only locally owned and managed bank. Serving the people of Gloucester County 1906 for sixty-five years. 1972 124 BANK OP T LOUCESTEK MEMBER FEDEPBC DEPOSIT • tMSUBRNCE COPPORDTIO V LOUCtSTtP. POINT LIZ’S ANTIQUES AND FURNITURE Compliments Of LUCILLE’S BEAUTY SALON Antiques — Early American Furniture Glassware — China — Rugs — Appliances Gloucester, Virginia Gloucester Point Virginia Elizabeth Crews, Owner Phone: 642-2052 BROTHER’S MOTORS INC. International Detroit Diesel Engines Sales — Service — Parts Phone: 642-4413 Ordinary, Va. H.C. SHACKELFORD AND SON, INC. Distributor Atlantic Petroleum Products Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone (Day) 642-2161 Night Phones: 642-2574 or 642-2604 Compliments Of MASON’S ESSO G. M. Bonniville Rt. 2 Gloucester, Va. Gloucester, Virginia GLOUCESTER REALTY CORPORATION Homes Farms Waterfront Acreage HUD GIN’S FOXT1AC HU DJI NS OLDSMOBILE PONTIAC Rt. 17 at the Court House w r n . • OLDS — Pontiac Sales service Phone 642-2828 Pontiac ■ ' ■ ii ' .’.i.y.V ' ' } ' • ;i •Aik ' .i HUDGIN’S NURSERY AND FLORIST V a_ TcxS -e For school flowers see: David. Dana-Mary BRIDGES OFFICE SUPPLY Typewriters — Copiers Electronic Calculators Office Furniture Supplies Sales — Service — Rent — Trade GLOUCESTER, VA. 693-2363 WE DELIVER GLOUCESTER POINT ESSO NEWTON’S BUS SERVICE • ■ •• ■ :r v. • . . .. •• ... ... : . : ■ • ■ ' l ; Vv: ■■ • ' ■ 1 • -•» ' ' • - »!»•.■. ' ! . f t. vi :. :•! ' -i ; s i ' v. • j , ••• : ;. 3 .. ■ ■ ' V ;; , • • • • ■ •• . • . ' vj Y ' » u% - ' i..; ' V - ' • v - • ■ V Modern — Air Conditioned — Air Ride Coaches Employee Hauling Charter Service Phones: 693-2284 693-2521 S. C. LAMBERTH AND BROS., INC. Lumber and Building Materials White Marsh, Virginia 23183 Phone: 693-3233 ,A ? ) ' x K r t ‘ ( •X to V ? V $ ■ (H X f x r ? N X X 4 0 V YAc 7 ' yy Gloucester Point Virginia Best Wishes To The Class Of 1972 Drive Carefully For A HAPPY GRADUATION GLOUCESTER INSURERS formerly JANNEY INSURANCE AGENCY P.O. Box 357 Gloucester, Virginia 23061 TELEPHONE: 693-3502 SERVING GLOUCESTER COUNTY HOGGE FUNERAL HOME If You Want Good Food GLOUCESTER RESTAURANT DAIRY AND SNACKBAR COME SEE US! PLUMBING HEATING WHIRLPOOL Oil Burner Service RCA Whirlpool Appliances Wayne Pumps Best Wishes . White Marsh Shopping Center TIDEWATER TELEPHONE COMPANY Gloucester, Virginia ! ' " i - ' - t i White Marsh, Virginia BAILEY AMUSEMENT CO., INC. Coin Operated Music Amusement Machines Gloucester, Virginia 693-2090 COOK’S OYSTER COMPANY E. N. Cook, Manager Growers and Packers Of High Quality York River — mmmmm SEVERN BOOKKEEPING AND TAX CONSULTANTS VASHTLS JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOPPE SYSTEMS — ACCOUNTING AUDITING —TAXES Bena, Virginia 23018 Telephone 642-2345 Edgehill Shopping Center Silver - Watches - Crystal China — Diamonds — Rings Special Gifts Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 693-3434 “Gifts For Graduation.” - » : Congratulations Grads! You May Be Through With Books, But You Can Keep Up With Current Events If You Keep Tuned To WOODY RADIO % W.D.D.Y. Radio Woody 1420 On Your Dial A ' o- e K2sSfvi,i2r ' ' w v RANSPORTAT m . ■ I - V , Slii J. DOSWELL DUTTON COX BROTHERS Hardware, Paints Wallpaper Carrier Heat and Air Condition Gloucester, Virginia 693-3616 General Merchandise Arco Gas and Oil Spred Satin and Glidden . House Paint Phone: 642-4439 Kingsberry Homes Boise Cascade Corporation Homes — Apartments — Cottages ■UUU11UUUW.U Oj 1.0 1 I j Qj ill Financing Available Over 104 Models To Choose From REMODELING — ADDITIONS OFFICE: 642-4110 If no answer call 642-2824 — or — 642-2469 BAUMGARDNER AND HOGGE, INC. General Contractors No. 8300 Located on Route 17 across from Brothers Motors Hayes, Va. For Tops in Fashion Shop EMMA JANE SHOPPE Clothing for Men Women Phone: 693-3800 Gloucester, Va. V. .V ' A ' Jt .V;., ' Y V Njv v ' .J • ' »• ii M,? i; A, -.v • ■ - i . ; v, r bf «■;£ ' •: M. F. CLEMENTS SONS • • »u v»r • Groceries — Dry Goods — Feeds Phone: OX 3-1136 — Bellamy, Va. ds ; v ; .;« • ' G t V 4 , a. vLuVi :? ■; ■ i vA«. ■$ m DeHARDIT PRESS Publisher of Glo-Quips Printing — Advertising Gloucester, Virginia 23061 TELEPHONE: 693-2795 BROWN’S DRIVE IN Sundaes Ice Cream Milkshakes Sandwiches Complete Dinners Chicken Seafood Hamburgers FOR CARRY OUT ORDERS Call 693-3632 1 Mi. West of Gloucester, Va. Rt. 3-14 COUNTY SUPPLY CO. C. F. Rilee — Manager Hardware Coal Building Supplies Seed and Fertilizers Hayes, Virginia Phone: 642-2700 BROADDUS HALL Electric Appliances Supplies Floor Covering — Siegler Space Heaters Radios — Television Sales Service Complete Household Furniture GLOUCESTER, VA. 23061 COMPLIMENTS OF CARTWRIGHT ' S FLORIST AND NURSERY INC. Congratulations to E. B. BROWN SON Ware Neck Virginia the CLASS of’72 Gloucester, Va COMPLIMENTS OF HORNE BROTHERS INC. o STEEL FABRICATION WELDING OF ALL KINDS GENERAL MACHINE SHOP WORK BOILER REPAIRS NEWPORT NEWS, VA. PHONE: 247-6313 YORK RIVER SEAFOOD CO. Wholesale Dealers In Crab Meat Clams Crabs Fish Phone: 642-2151 Route 2, Hayes, Va. 0,0 s. - 0 4 cr ' y V y. J . DO■ n r EH_fti. O ' ,o 10 if Q 5 ) 0 - S -C b o $r A? p " PROVEN COMMUNITY SERVICE BRIDGES FUNERAL HOME GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA GLOUCESTER FLORIST COMPLIMENTS OF FARY-THOMAS A FULL LINE OF FOR S AND MERCURYS EXPERT SERVICE QUALITY USED CARS “BUY AT HOME WHERE YOUR DOLLAR COUNTS MOST” GLOUCESTER, VA. PHONE: 693-3541 “FOR THE FINEST IN FLOWERS TRY OURS” GLOUCESTER POINT, VIRGINIA PHONE: 642-4555 ■ ■IP - m m TIDEMILL RESTAURANT TIDEMILL RESTAURANT OWNER: GEORGE D. BELVIN JR SPECIALIZE IN SEAFOOD AND STEAKS PHONE 642-2023 COMPLIMENTS 0F k BUNTING’S OYSTER i- GEORGIE-ANN’S SHOPPE COMPLIMENTS OF GUNN’S BODY SHOP HAYES PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER PHONE: 642-2984 TIDEWATER GRAVELY COMPANY P.O. Box 192 Gloucester, Virginia Gravely Tractors Power Mower Tillers Homelite Poulan Chain Saws Snapper Mowers Sales Service JUNIOR VARSITY 1972 DRILL TEAM JANET RILEE Captain BETHANY GEDDINGS t ■ CO-Captain Cynthia Cox Freda Hess Barbara Kellum Kathy Burke Sally Robinson Patricia Foster Ruth Grimes Donna Brumfield Terri Lett Nancy Marsh Faye Myers Nita Rigau Nancy Woods Patricia Grimes VARSITY Cheerleaders 1971-72 Andrea Ayers Alice Cottingham Rosette Tabb Rosemary Gant Peggy Crockett Gaynor Williams Gail Healy Brenda DeBolt Debbie Dowling Vernonda Ellis 7 CAPTAIN DEBBIE HOGGE Peggy Poland Carmen Williams Patsy Marble Mildred Byrd Cindy Jenkins Cathe Gant Sally Fary Valeria Luoma Gail Morgan Yvonne Jackson r £t. .C.T V- ' ’ J ‘ ■ ■ ■ ' . . r ■ . ■ DEEPSEA VENTURES, INC. GLOUCESTER POINT SALUTES THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL SHACKELFORD — SCHLIFER SEAFOOD CORP. “Tommy” Shackelford Carl Schlifer Severn, Virginia Phone: 642-2022 SOUTHERN DEPT. STORE Edgehill Shopping Center Gloucester, Virginia Clothing for the Entire Family Open Mon. — Sat. 9:30 til 6:00 Fri. til 9:00 Phone: 693-2970 THE 1972 ANNUAL STAFF Congratulations to — THE CLASS OF’72 D. Milroy R. Tabb K. Burke J. Chenault T. Bell J. Bowman B. Ronae A. Ayers J. Dischinger J. Brown J. Rilee E. Flipse B. Blystone D. Livingston B. Hicks D. Poland A. Cottingham L. Hargis K. Brown K. Fary S. Robinson D. Hogge K. Bradley B. Ward R. Gant M. Riley D. Byrd M.Teagle K. Leigh M. Luoma YORK BEACH MOTEL At York River Toll House Cleanliness Friendliness Our Motto Air Conditioned Dial 642-2212 Gloucester Point, Va. Compliments Of SPENCER CLOPTON Gloucester Point, Virginia Come on in It Makes You Feel Like New RUTH’S FABRIC SHOP Notions, Thread Zippers Simplicity Patterns Fabrics in All Styles and Colors 693-4216 Owned Operated by Ruth Johnson White Marsh, Va. W. E. BELVIN REALTY Realtor’s Real Estate, Developing Box 277 Gloucester Point, Virginia r amufly rmw iffii) Yorktown Day CercmoiiM Vlark« ' l By Godwin Spew ■May Oiitv r»‘ IW Bumli £jga£iy¥g I s r " " ' ,,,,, r -SySjSjL , Vtjtwi Stay Oilet ! f?m« ' f iw H n 7, ' - — ■» — « -♦• » . ' • — w•v r -« w ,.itii «; ! 4 rwtftf at G fwmrt Oefrrtt Fvm IV4S»A Urlmrt Tt Land in If.fferft Su Of €M»«eT -(3a Hk»f The Symbol Of Freedom In America PLAZA PHARMACY, INC i v lilt ' , v “Merchandise For Student’s Every Need” fc - RIVER’S INN DINING ROOM ROWE’S CLEANERS Rug Cleaning Storage Phone: 693-2652 Gloucester, Virginia 23061 RILEE’S BARBER SHOP Edgehill Shopping Center Gloucester, Virginia ROY’S SEAFOOD MARKET Seafood of all kinds!! Fresh Frozen If it swims we have it Phone: 642-5400 or 642-2716 Hayes, Virginia 23072 MATHEWS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. General Insurance Box 7 — Phone: 725-2113 Mathews, Virginia 23109 Frank P. Ash General Merchandise Archilies, Virginia 23001 POLAND’S SUPER MARKET NUTTALL AND COMPANY ' General Merchandise f ■. • ■ ■ _ UV ' i ' ' y • ,i Ware Neck, Virginia 23178 1 ma ' i maw avaaaa aaaakftT aoAia HT Come see the making of power Vepco’s first commercial atomic power station is now under construction in Surry County, Virginia. In the new Information Center overlooking the site, you will see an excellent slide presentation, fascinating exhibits, and a working model of the reactor. (And from the bal¬ cony, you can watch them assemble the real thing.) Open 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Saturday and 1 PM to 6 PM on Sunday. For tour information call 771-3194 in Richmond. , Vepco . i Smore power to you... at less cost f?P . A n ' yr A y A y®A ’ .Au’j ? „v v " . r v ja u f ?y a f " P A op A7 r A APaIap m oA ulationCTo The Class Of 1972 Waterfront Lots Lo-co REAL ESTATE Arline Lanciano Farms Homes U.S. 17 Ordinary, Virginia Phone: 642-2300 . s tffji M iH fc ■ • f j jm? L J r ft fly H k s Autographs Ol Autographs V r X V j j 4 v H- ' X 7 . ' ' O V a r X x XXVx pvf Ms ' y IX r o 4 • yy 147 Autographs y y vv- ' p ■ )• u y y ,( 0 - y r . p w _ dp yf K yy ' y yy y £-■ • y Gr y o ' ' X 2 , V " xy y - ty O ! h 06 )c - ' °o N ocy“ , v WNi y 2 y 4 ?W f) Q ° Vtf 3? , V v y j ;: x ' i ' 9 y V 6 -» N» v ' y ' X v o k • V° V v 2 £v v AVW ' . 0 ,- ' Wvfc. " O . r V Q y 0 ' C.c? ' v - f ' ' ■ 6T o V v® o v y!» 3 S?J -0 v O. , Q J- v C V 149 Autographs yv A£ vwuM l £ 4 . sTl o- L JAolso L ol ,--P ' v v -OUWvX n f Autographs V) 2 kTSvc r| £ VO sSiSi D _ v 3 - y1JCsJ oooXOA. OOcr V) ooo -sxxX vXxr OJOe NoJO vA Vrv Xx fN O, C SCrcO - - S Nf-y C xAJsjSwl. OO -VvSO ' vx oev. J£ 53 -— XaJo£ Xxs-W OWujA. vj vx u. O wOb A g X S ' -ex -- %P- V q,- . CW OcW. CK a cx j . v v§ V- cJL,OOcr CX S) vWW. 0 • V s LV , r] 0 a V Y IAS Autographs o ! 5 VS ' n ' ' V ' V . ' _vX N Np . -■ V ' •? aT • V c r X? A V A K J 9O ; v h Ju •k ' v° «r -X- " r 6 152 ’x, ,y- " Zp ”0 S . ■) €• C q ) • i ? c ' ' i ! c. -e, " ti sL 0. ■ - r J . tj, V . v-j ' Y : kr X ., »,V v ; o v ?S V) ‘ ' f l , : t ¥ , % x . .. ? y r ;«4 0. d -. V : .-Vy, c ’ o -. A.% s % f . . . ■:■ ' i f . r € t ' ■%% % - x y ; X % . A V. : x X ifsfi X Y V V V d x Y ? l e, XX „W “ 0, . • ' X „ V " X ■A 1 ■ ' 4 ; c, . “ " " r ' S 5 x ' l 0 yUd

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