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, - N- : rfty.VtK; , 8 » : W y • lo CO much 4hc + X would l»to 4© say ShqS X hardly Ka«V Wwj -l© lo cAr .X quess X Will jus+ +ry as besS X can.X will auuov s r«merv toer Shat s.c. 4, dance. 0 a£4ar ©ur -GrsS homa qa.rv%e, when you Soofe me home.. (Th SJrst SI X rod 1 She creep. orf cr uoalSInq almas+ a. year inihe Shene was she. picnfc as fioddLM GoSSaae — Rern« bSr we were. she only ones She re c»S -fi r ( £{.f r tberrboll a cmieJa-Pier sha+ was She. on . shaS was rained ©uSj 5° worn pack So your KouSe and waSehttd TV. and you Shod s© seacb me how So play pool. X hnuSr have reaiki been awfol because. dhaS was She tasS lees© - you ever aave rn !i (j n x‘ k ne -t much bcs-ler a+ h Vouey Ball ,X ' urt Pieman P®s4 LOlll Qqree coi+h ShaS . " September 2.CT is 0 very special caiaSe ShaS X will altocuA fferfomber. Anal X assure. ye u Shc S yJQarinq your rina meQr s as much so rha noco as i+ ciid ShaS very special nlgn+ wh6h you asked me. So wear H U Then Starts was she. SlraS -Hme. you Sook me. ou4 So dinner - ‘Re.mamber Shed- l©rg lIn oS slick‘stf X reQliu dldn ' S mind -sSarsdlnq in line, because H was w I4h you. 1 Homecemjno was vJfc dersP i k s©o, (Js. ' K.n S+ouqK " you foH auoFw.1 because our class wen l$f place in She. CioaS aompfc-V.Sion — sVna4»s° atcus. everyone e -c«fh She. judges .ShouQhrt She. Seniors deserved c ad place m©«ie. Skan She. Sophomoresi!) Oh - x can ' t J fonqe+ So merSlon ' f rU rfijft 725 e ,Sfte !hf e ® 3 " • 6 course you were n?©re IrvSeresSed »n Sh«.S Volkswaaons f«r-fcmancft Shan Ste. bu+ Shctks ofcas X‘v«. learned So live wish she focS ShaS XII alu)a H s naSe. second So Oa rcT_ 1 T x can honcssiy sou shc S She CLhri Snnas Day X spcrW u)lSn you was Sh hesS Q.hri +mas X have aver had I CKns4r as vacaSJ n wcls a icS s o. X 4id S acsf See much eSv duincj clone v buS Sher X would much raSher be wlSh -on. . n r ll Bra Shcnshere £b.u u hen sens me eorvle roses! Do you tnooo Sha+ vajos She. very -CirsS SI me anyone ever sens X had a qdaaS 4lm« when we wens So indbrJolqe — Ffememb . U. ,7 rh«.«h • walKIm o naShe beach... Bnd oP course Qpth ' ng our rings aS She £lnq Da e + vvos S bashing — X Shinte X was hopper 4wif shie DaBce was oiter Sban Stewed shjrt ujs. received cur rinqs! X realiu dans hr-vxo heuo uou pos op uSsh me curira ail S-hatf — H: mues have, been very di-waulSiX r allu cniosed 1 cwolnq Sc your ohurSh in Nor+blk Sbr She fiaster service. ' iba Diamond Haoncerf out sW. GolWaeu.m wa % SarSasSio C r 7 ' tj? C Mpu didpS -kncuo «juKo “CcteSla “ was tusS | use act uL, ShvcMQb toaujUr of. my beher aporS.IS nsculu has bc§n p: she Sinner ve ' ve Aone. Bnd ma=rf ‘mperiant-anTai! V 44nose • 4cdhs M w2 ' i Kck X 00 35 X couW . 0 3 6 on pa 9 s I.a4lnc. a.,1 of she wonder-ft.1 +; ,r W have had Sogcsher — buS Si me ddssnU s+cp ao a.ll we have are memnri So leexd us Irrfo She, pressnS’. he. prom arvd Shan qroduaSion Tram 4h rx coe. icoh »rno She Su.Surti„ Far you- iS uolll be she oedinni na ' of uour rfr 1 hc p Jpnoud Sbr cu - X JcnouPyou uoil be cazs£i ’ X T 111 Cne OT high o! 1? •.? rT d rnutah 05 Would like so hop x Fhou) ShuS iS ui dcS be. a hcxppuj ound Q-onnple i as 4his seqr oT rnu ' 5 fr h00 hQS been X‘m esure is (Obvious. f Ser is P G orc ’ homcroorrh beSubcen Q.lasses. X knouj " L Z rr Sor ' me. Sh)5 year hai- been She. b? a r r fj Qlncl ° r ls .x: Shank you.. , ShaS seems so Sr icul and £nadeg.,c.Se So depress Shis Sfeelina so jbrviona who hew Co T ' c L ,Sc pautClh h 1 " 4 c f m 4 . t e- a- -for usomeane. whn ha become, my ll-Celj you are. jso much mbre Shan iuaS cx. porS- (P JTtS .Tni hT -Hts. pass rhemortffs xWe Solked abouS are j arSs crT my |JF € . nCLO ShaS you are much mortShcin Shese VVheh Shtrgs juss seem as Shcuah ShGu ubill never Work ©uS ... X usS Shfnk of you curnd Some he cO 3 ? Knoco Shev will wor ' k ouS. XS% ln e whan my mind is a ygsaw P u 53 l L uMSh ne ne. of She .pieces SySSlnq SncqeSher — sorrehexo you make Shem+n- SoqaSher ' i X knouo mar- y SSmes you ' are. no4 awciflE. of She- holp, auldance., ■fe. -to a noe. I teStf iBSS. a o ed ; 4hc+. Vou Kove Influenced mu life, -to suo-h Ctn et4en ' H- ci+ X Vn Su,e not e«M you. reaiixa IS. Bnd for Shi : ansa4 influence X sau. antVQu! nave.r wriSc nouah words ' So express aomp|e.folu hou) rnuch you nai ' a acme. So mean So Sail onlu hope ShaS Shrouqh med Jpve for uou — scrn«hcu) you uolil Knou; my sincere Xec.UnqS. X love you -for txxrc you — Sbe sincere. and undersSandi no person shah yoa are,. X admire yocvJ-for ypeer Comcassioo ' SnouS you-. v Sh©u!) oSherx a-rvd X admire. V c t S Hd -SO Qonsidera.Se.. X T respcc=t v ou fo r your hloh sfanobnafS and 7000 SroShfosineSs. X orcafca in a poem Sha4- cbe oul are, -fQilinq 7 and yeS C verto TflESi-” unSil Jeland ... Houo-Srue. nocS is! Setose x was foUina in love. uoiSH you .and H WpshS MnSil x iQncbd ,4+ arS X trt 2 ub SVsa -9 X was in love wH-h v oul OuS X did SVcrns e very b in nina ShaS x ' ann 4hs lucklesf Curl in She. 1 v fe, w ° irlci X niiiS S svMSeSe V boyfriend n She ' 3 hote world ' •! nou; every- ung u-Ul depend on She. -PuSuns. and X hop« H-haS iS uoi 11 be CkLT Sufons. 4° smna and eniouj sooeShar because, a 10 e. as deep as ouTS .should neier be epcircdQj ' info 4wo di-fforenS pasns. fVicuj G cd. be- uo you, Evan, al vill acd less V c !! a 11 wi+h oj, , OWi CAVALIER 1971 Gloucester High School Gloucester, Virginia Volume XVII 1971 ushers in a new age for GHS, and with this age come s a new free¬ dom . This freedom is like no other one we have ever known. This free¬ dom is not the freedom to act as you please. It is nothing but a chance to do better. We, the Senior Class, would like to mark the beginning of this freedom in this, the 1971 Cavalier. Seniors 17 Underclassmen 43 Academics 69 Sports 79 Organizations 89 Advertising 109 t it Ifoks likfc w rmAolfr iT thftouAh Prunes $ £r»ejl»sh c-lflss! Whew J Xt seems as Its© tK» s yepwa cjone. bty ft.ATineit lotuly , iouT tuhtn v -e. look. b«c£ All iwe bAv er is m eroo , ft ' S ! feeUM yeofcscl w« T ye A A. AT The, U Vtw. cn RvcJKrr ©y A , v w Ayfc«, C ' K See. y , SomeTrr ' e . T viCe fc .fcelO Vo© ! 3 WORKING TOGETHER -- The ability to work together is one of the most vivid expressions of our new freedom. If everyone combines their efforts to achieve a common goal then each person is improved. Working to¬ gether is freedom. Anticipation 4 5 Earthworms, Shoelaces or Spaghetti??? Detention Hall??? TY E 6 HAPPINESS -- Happiness is expressed in many forms . It is a feeling which can spread and make changes in people. The enjoyment produced by this feeling helps each of us to do better. Happiness is the freedom to do better in anything that we undertake. Happiness is helping others Happiness is striving to do our best 7 Views of classroom life. mmem ... A REFLECTIONS -- Reflecting on our past experiences is one of the best ways of expres¬ sing our new found freedom. It gives us a chance to look back over our past accomplishments and really see what we have done. Most of all it gives us a chance to better ourselves through the correction of our mis¬ takes by new thoughts that reflect from those of old. 9 Time is a freedom used by all. It can be used for anything from learning to relaxing. It is what we make it. A Time To Learn 10 Fellowship 11 As our high school careers come to an end we would like to pause and thank you. Your efforts as a teacher and coach have not only influenced each of us, but also the entire school. You have contributed greatly both of your time and energy to make our school a better place. For this, we, the Senior Class, dedicate this 1971 Cavalier to you -- J. STUART CONNER 12 BEING BETTER -- The instinct of trying to be better is one of our most cherished possessions. It leads us to heights that we never be¬ lieved we could achieve. It promotes that little effort we need to do our best. Being just that little bit better is our freedom for self improvement. 13 The Freshman plot to capture the mobile units 15 (V SENIORS Senior Class PRESIDENT.. Martha Dischinger VICE-PRESIDENT ..Carolyn Sibley SECRETARY...Yvonne King TREASURER ..... Harold Jackson ! i VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN _ it M r nur “■ lf|| Jii % i 1 1 M Diane Dunn 3.96 Lynn Mowry 3.88 18 J - 1 • [ p 1 ill I l 1 ijJ LARRY JAMES ARRINGTON " Larry " Pep III, IV, V; Varsity Football III, IV, V; Drama V; SCA V; J.V. Bas¬ ketball III. JAMES AD LAI BALDWIN " James " Science Club III, IV. ROBERT LEE BANKS " Robert " Pep III; FFA III. BETTY HICKS BELCH " Betty " SCA III, IV; Pep III, IV; Choral IV, V; Bible III; Beta IV, V. LINDA LORRAINE BELVIN " Linda " Bible III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Beta IV, V; Office Assistant V. DEBORAH ANN BERRY " Deborah " Drama III, IV, V; Pep III, IV; FHA III, IV; Science III, IV, V; SCA III; Choral III; Great Americans Club IV, V; 4-H III, V, IV -- Pres. WILLIAM THOMAS BERRY JR. " William " Varsity Football III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V; Track III; Junior Varsity Basketball III. ROSLYN MARCELL BILLUPS " Roslyn " 4-H III, IV, V; Drama III, V; FHA III, IV; Bible III, IV; Pep IV. 19 JERRY LANE BOHANNON " Jerry " GARY EDGAR BOND " Gary " J.V. Basketball III; 4-H III, IV Bible III; Pep V. JOHN RAYMOND BOND " John " 4-H III, IV; Bible III; Pep III, IV V; J.V. Basketball III; Varsity Basketball IV, V. DEBRA ELAINE BOOKER " Debra " Pep III, IV, V; Science III. HELEN MAE BOOKER " Helen " Pep IV, V; Library Club V -- Re porter; FHA III, IV, V -- Parlia¬ mentarian. ELLEN DIANE BRADFORD " Diane " Drill Team III, IV; FHA V; Pep III, IV; Drama III, V; Bible III. ■m EBECCA LOUISE BRAD ' i ) Beck TM ' aa III, IV, V; Pep IV, V; ' ebaM IV; Bible IV; Be xal Staff V. ORIA FAYE BRO ft JGloria " Tama V: LOVIE LEE BROWN " Lovie " Choral III, IV, V; FHA III, IV, V; Drama IV, V; Pep III, IV; 4-H III, IV, V; Softball III; Hockey III. PATRICIA RUTH BROWN " Patty " Choral III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III, IV; Cheerleader III, IV, V; Track scorekeeper III, IV; Class Secretary III; FHA V; Holy Ball Queen V; Annual Staff V. RICHARD ALVA BRUMFIELD " Richard " Pep III, IV; Bible III, IV; 4-H III. SUSAN FOSTER BUCK " Susan " Bible III, IV; Pep III, IV; FHA V; Drama III, IV; Track III; Science V; Field Hockey. GLORIA JEAN BUCK LAND " Gloria " CYNTHIA DIANE BYRD " Cynthia " Drama III, IV, V; Bible III, IV; Pep III, IV, V; Annual Staff V; Drill Team V; Choral V; Debate Club V; Great Americans Comm. IV; 4-H III, IV, V -- Vice-President. WAYNE EDWARD BURNS " Wayne " FFA III, IV, V; 4-H V; Varsity Football IV, V; Varsitv Basketball V. VELVA MOON BUNTING " Velva " 21 JAMES EDWARD CALLIS " Jimmy " PENNY RENEE CARMINE Pep III, IV, V; Sailing III, IV; 4-H III, IV; Bible IV; Cheerleader III; Lab Assistant IV. MAURY EUGENE CARR " Maury " Varsity Football III, IV; Pep III, IV, V; Science III, IV; FFA III. MARILYN SUE CARTER " Marilyn " Bible III, IV; Drama III, IV, V. TYRONE ANTHONY CARTER " Tyrone " Football III; Track III; FFA V. JOAN DARLENE CLARK " Jody " Drama III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Thespian III, IV, V; Bible III; FHA IV. ARLEAN BRENDA CLAYBORNE " Arlean " 4-H III, IV; FHA III; Drama III, V; Pep V. WILLIAM PRIEST CLAYBORNE " William " FFA III; J.V. Football IV. 22 ROBERT FRANKLIN CLEMENTS, JR. " Bob " Beta IV, V; Band III, IV; Track IV; Football III; Pep III, V. CALVIN EUGENE COATES " Calvin " Pep III, IV, V; Choir III; FFA III. JOANNE COMBS " JoAnne " 4-H III, IV, V; Pep III, IV; FHA III; Drill Team III; Bible V; Great American Club IV; Drama V. ROBERT HERBERT COOKE, JR. " Robert " Science III, IV, V; Band III, IV, V; Pep III; Cavalier Staff V. DAVID BRYAN CROCKETT " David " Varsity Football; J.V. Basketball III; Track III, V; 4-H III, IV; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III, IV; Choral III, IV, V. MICHAEL HUGHES DALTON " Michael " Pep III, IV; Band III, IV; Drama III; J.V. Basketball III. KEVIN RONALD DAMIAN " Kevin " Band III; Science III; Drama IV, V. JEAN CAROLYN DARNELL " Jean " Pep III, IV; Bible III; Drama V. 23 LESLIE FAITH DEBOLT " Leslie " Drama III, IV; Pep III, IV, V; SCA III; Bible Club V. LINDA DIANE DEBOLT " Linda " Pep III,rV,V; Beta IV, V; FHA III; Drama III; Library Club IV; Librggr Assistant IV; Varsity Cheerle? Ill, IV, V; Annual Staff paper V; SCA - JAMES DAVID DENTON " Jimmy " Drama IligP , V; Pep III, IV, V Science Club III, IV; Bible II 4-H III, IV, V; Track III, IV, , v J.V. Basketball FELECIA DIANAQIGGS " Felicia 1 ' ST Bible III, IV; 4-H III, IV, VJ SCA III, IV, V; Debate V; BasketbalTJttf k Great Americans IV; Drama III,IV - J7 V — Vice-Pres. £ A3 MARTHA BOYNTON DISCHINGER " Martha " Pep III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Field Hockey III, IV, V; SCA III, IV, V; Bible IV, V; Debate IV; Girls State; Beta IV, V -- reporter; Senior class -- Pres.; Annual Staff V; Dukes Dispatch V. ISSAC MICHEAL DOVEL " Mike " Drama III, IV, V; Choral. DIANE MORRIS DUNN " Diane " Bible III, IV; Pep III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Beta IV, V; Girls State; Basketball IV, V; Dukes Dispatch IV, V; Annual Staff V. .5 EDMUND PAYNE DUNN " Edmund " Pep III, IV. — - - ■ - . ----- ALICE ADELAIDE DUTTON " Adelaide " Pep III, IV; Office Assistant V; FHA III -- Parliamentarian, IV -- Treasurer. JAMES RICHARD DUTTON " Ricky " FFA III, IV. JC. DANIEL VICTOR FARY " Danny " Pep III, IV, V; Track III, IV, V; Band III, IV, V -- President; 4-H III; Interact IV, V; Dukes Dispatch IV, V; Cavalier Staff V. . W - JOSEPH FRANKLIN FARY " Joe " 4-H III, IV, V -- President All- star; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III, IV; Sripnrp TTT- Drama TTT TV- Ranrl 4C© a — Science III; Drama III, IV; Band III, IV, V -- Drum Major; Dukes Dispatch V. Kt LINDA JOYCE FIELDS " Linda " Bible III, IV, V; Pep III, IV; Drama IV; Library Club IV, V. ANITA BYRD FLETCHER i f in 4-H III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Sail¬ ing III, IV; Beta IV, V; Bible III; Drama III; Biology Lab Assistant IV; Field Hockey V. JANICE YVONNE ERMAN " Janice " Pep III, IV, V; Band III, IV, V; III; FHA III; Drama III, IV; Sc V. ( BILLYE FRANCES FARY " Billye " Drama III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III; Library V; Biology Lab Assistant IV; Annual Staff V. 25 WILLIAM CARROLL FLETCHER " William " Band III; 4-H III, IV NANCY SUE FORREST " Nancy " Drill Team III, IV; Pep III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV; Bible Club III; Choral V; Library III -- President IV, V. JOHN BERNARD FOSTER " Bernard " Pep III, rV, V; Drama V; Varsity Football IV; J-V. Basketball III. BRONWYN WAUGH FOSTER " Bronwyn " Drama III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III, IV; Choral III, IV, V; Band III, IV; Varsity Football III. TYRONE LERZONE FOSTER " Tyrone " Varsity Football III, IV, V; J. V. Basketball III; Varsity Basketball IV, V; Track III, IV, V; Pep III, IV; Drama V; Chess Team V. REX LAYNE GADDY " Rex " Bible III, IV; 4-H III, IV; FFA IV. HAROLD CAREY GANT " Carey " Varsity Football III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Varsity Baseball III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V; Science III, V; J. V. Basketball III. LINDA AVON GAYLE " Linda " 26 SHELLY ANN GRANT " Shelly " Drama III, TV, V; Pep III, IV; Sci¬ ence V. IRVING SYLVESTER GRAVES " Irving " Varsity Football III, IV, V; Pep III, IV; Drama III. AUDREY LEE GRAY " Audrey " MARGARET HESTER GREEN " Margaret " Softball III, IV, V; Basketball III, IV, V; Pep IV, V. RITA LANOR GREEN " Rita " Pep III, IV; Softball III; Drama V. ROSEMARY GREEN " Rosemary " Pep III, IV, V; Drama III; SCA IV, V; Science V; Beta IV, V -- Vice- President. SAMUEL JAMES GREENE " Sam " Pep V; Choral IV; VICA IV; Var¬ sity Football V; FFA III -- Senti¬ nel IV President. JOYCE OLIVIA GREGORY " Joyce " Pep III; 4-H III; Drama V. 27 DARK OF THE MOON CAST 4 - tsJlMQw 7 _. IfthvT JuOOj v - ' " ■ l ( ki. -A [HI 9 «. S. Ww -; ik ’ Adroit group? HlpC , Betty pins Martin. 28 Designers of the future??? C one entrat ion ? ? Lancers tune up. 29 CHARLOTTE ANN HARLESS " Charlotte " Library Club V; Library Assistant V. SAMUEL STEWART HARRIS, JR. " Stewart " Interact III, IV, V; Varsity Football III, IV, V -- Co-Captain; Pep III, IV, V; Class President III, IV; SCA III, IV, V; Baseball IV, V; AFS Chapter Representative. DEBORAH PRISCILLA HAYWOOD " Debbie " Pep III, IV, V; Drama III, rV; Drill Team III, IV; Choral III, V; Bible III; Office Assistant IV, V; Annual Staff V; Varsity Cheerleader V; Homecoming Attendant IV -- Queen V; Holly Ball Atendant V. FRANK CLEARANCE HAYWOOD, JR. " Frank " Varsity Football III, IV, V; Track III, IV, V; Choral III, IV, V; Drama V; J.V. Basketball III; Varsity Basketball IV. WILLIAM OTIS HEALY " Billy " Pep III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Science III; Sail¬ ing Club IV. IRVING DEWAYNE HAYWOOD " Dewayne " Bible Club III. CAROL JOY HOGGE " Carol Joy " RONALD DARRYL HOGGE " Ronald " Varsity Football III, IV, V; Track III, IV, V; Interact III, IV; Drama III, IV; Pep III, IV; 4-H III, IV, V; Sailing III, IV; Band III, IV; SCA III; Class Treasurer III. 30 WILLIAM FRANKLIN HOGGE " Billy " Varsity Football III, IV, V; Pep III, IV; Gym Assistant V- BRADLEY ALPHONSO HOLMES " Bradley " Band III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; 4-H IV, V; Drama IV, V; J.V. Basket¬ ball III; Varsity Basketball V. MYRA MOZZELL HOLMES " Myra " 4-H III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III, IV; Drama IV, V; Lab. Assistant IV, V; Choral V. JANICE FAY HORSLEY " Janice " Choral III, IV, V; Pep V. HAROLD SYLVESTER JACKSON " Harold " Science III, IV; Bible III, IV; Drama III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Thespian IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V; Debate Club IV. FREDDIE LEE JENKINS " Freddie " Varsity Football III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Track III; Baseball III, IV; Science Club III. NINA KAY JENKINS " Nina " Drama III, IV; Pep III, IV; Choral IV; Bible IV; Varsity Basketball V. RAYMOND HOWARD JENKINS " Raymond " FFA III -- Secretary IV; Varsity Football IV; Pep Club V; Choral IV; VIC A IV. 31 WILLIAM EUGENE JESSIE " Eugene " FFA III, V; 4-H III. LAURA VALERIE JESSEN " Valerie " Pep III, IV, V -- President; Drill team III, IV, V; Basketball III, IV, V -- Co-Captain; Softball III, IV; SC A V- PARKER SEYMOUR JONES " P arker " Choral III, IV, V; Track III, IV; Science IV, V; Drama V. WYONNIA MAE JONES " Bunny " Band III, IV, V; Science III, IV, V; Bible III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Sailing III; Lab Assistant III, IV; Girls Bas¬ ketball -- Scorekeeper; Cavalier Staff V; Gym Assistant V. ALICE JEAN KELLUM " Jean " YVONNE VARETTA KING " Yvonne " Drama III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V; Beta IV, V; Great Americans Comm. IV; Homecom- CLIFTON MAURICE LEMON " Clifton " Pep III, IV; Bible IV, V; VICA IV; FFA — Secretary III. ROBERT FREDERICK LEMON " Robert " Drama III, IV, V; Pep III, IV; Intra¬ mural Basketball III, IV. GWNDOLYN ELOISE LEWIS " Gwyn " CARLTON EVERT LOCKLEY " Carlton " Varsity Football III, IV; Track III, IV, V. ZACHARY LOESCH " Zachary " Drama IV, V; Thespian V; Dukes Dispatch V; Debate III; Forensics IV, V; Chemistry Lab Assistant. KATHRYN ANN LUOMA " Kathy " Sailing III, IV -- Secretary; Pep III, IV, V; Beta IV, V; Bible III, IV, V -- Secretary; Drill Team III, IV, V -- Captain; Drama III; 4-H III -- Vice-President; IV -- Class Treasurer; Annual Staff V. KENNETH EDWARD MAPLES " Eddie " Pep III, IV, V; Track III; Bible III IV; 4-H IV, V; Varsity Football III- JOHN DANIEL MARSH, JR. c T " Daniel " Track III, IV, V; Science III, IV, V; Band III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; SCA V. PHLIP TALIAFERRO MARSHALL " Philip " Track III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Drama III; Bible IV; Football IV; Basketball IV; Dukes Dispatch V; Science V; Chess V; Biology Assis¬ tant IV. JOANN MARSHALL " JoAnn " FHA IV, V; Drama IV; Choral V; Bible V. EARL AUGUSTA MEEKINS " Earl " Pep III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V. NANCY CAROL MOORE " Nancy " Pep III, IV, V; Sailing Club III, IV; Drill Team IV; Drama III, TV, V; SCA III; Beta V; Library Club V — Secretary; Library Assistant V; An¬ nual Staff V. ELIZABETH LYNN MOWRY " Lynn " SCA IV; Drama IV, V; Beta IV, V; Library Assistant V. LINDA KAY MULL " Linda " Choral IV; Drama Club V. DEBORAH ANN MYERS " Debbie " 4-H III, rV, V; Choral III, IV, V; Pep Club III; Drama IV, V; Bible V; Gym Assistant. MYRTIE ELIZABETH NELMS " Myrtie " Drama III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III, IV; Choral V; Gym Assis¬ tant IV; Library Assistant V. 34 JOHN LOUIS NORCROSS " Johnny " Varsity Football III, IV, V; Beta IV, V; SCA IV; Track III. JANICE LEE O ' NEIL " Janice " Drama V; Pep V; 4-H V. DOUGLAS FRANKLIN OLIVER " Douglas " FFA III, IV -- Vice-President. ESTHER MARIE OTTARSON " Esther " Choral III, IV, V. CAROLYN ANNETTE OWENS " Carolyn " Pep III, IV, V; Drama III, IV; FHA V; Bible III; Beta IV, V; Library Assistant V; Library Club V. CLAUDE MITCHELL OWENS " Mitchell " Library Assistant V; Library Club V. RICKY WAYNE OWENS " Ricky " WALLACE RICHARD PAIGE " Wallace " LEON SAMUEL PERRIN " Leon " MICHAEL LEON PERRIN " Michael " Pep III, IV, V ; Beta IV, V. MARSHA GLENN POLAND " Marsha " Drama III, IV; Pep III, IV, V; SCA President -- V; Bible III; Beta IV, V; Varsity Cheerleader III, IV, V; Annual Staff V. CATHERINE ANN POWELL " Ann " FHA IV, V; Drama IV, V; Bible IV, V; Pep IV; Office Assistant V. MELVIN THOMAS RAINIER, JR. " Tommy " Pep III, IV, V; Science III, IV, V; Choral III; Chess V. MARIA FATIMA RIGAU " Maria " FHA III -- Treasurer; Bible III; SCA III, IV; Homecoming Atten¬ dant III; Pep III -- Treasurer IV -- Treasurer JOSEPHINE MARIE ROBINS " Marie " Band III, IV; Beta IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III, IV. BRENDA CAROL ROWE " Brenda " Pep III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Choral III, V; FHA III; 4-H III; Library Assistant IV. 36 JUDITH RILEY ROWE " Judy " Pep III, IV; Drama III; Bible III, V-President; Field Hockey III; Newspaper Staff V; Guidance As¬ sistant V. BETTY JEAN RUST " Betty " ' A ' ' DEBORAH JEAN SEA WELL " Debbie " Bible III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; FHA III, IV; Drill Team III, IV, V; Office Assistant V. RICHARD WAYNE SETTERHOLM " Richard " Pep III, IV, V; Choral HI; FFA III, IV -- Treasurer, V -- Reporter. LUTHER ANDREW SEXTON V " Andrew " JOHN STANLEY SHACKLEFORD " Stan " CAROLYN LEE SIBLEY " Carolyn " Drama III, IV, V; Beta IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III; FHA III, IV — Secretary, V -- President; 4-H III -- Secretary, IV -- President, V -- Reporter; Debate IV; SC A V; Annual Staff V; Class Vice- President V; Gloucester Advisory Committee V. NORMAN LEWIS SIBLEY " Norman " FFA III, IV; Pep V; 4-H III, IV, V. 37 ’iesi(£e ?t; v; Pep III, M; Cavalier A ' « w o ' " n Ul WJf -VPsesi Ktt; V ' Twje 03 V -) WTO ' s “ S idenJs, °.Q Boys State 0 ’IvTvI O 4 taff Vp ' LabJ sistl V; _ _ __ ri r t.. . al ?ketball W wrtoag AmejatfaurH. S. 4 ° _ DIANE ROBERTA SMITH Q) " Diane " Pep III, IV, V; Drama IV, V; FHA III, IV: Choral III. IRENE GLYDE SMITH " Glyde " FHA III. RONNIE LEE SMITH " Ronnie " Pep III, IV, V. JAMES WAYNE SMITH " Wayne " Pep III, IV, V. PEGGY LOUISE STANSELL " Peggy " Bible III; Pep III; Drama III; 4-H III; Choral V; Beta V. ROY ANTHONY TABB " Roy " Varsity Football III, IV, V -- Co- Captain; Varsity Basketball III, IV, V -- Co-Captain; Pep III, IV, V; Baseball III, IV; Drama IV, V; Track V; SC A HI; Boy ' s State IV. ALICE YVONNE TALIAFERRO " Yvonne " 4-H III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III, IV; Drama V; Band III, IV, V. 38 PAMELA JEAN TOWNSEND " Pam " Cheerleader III, IV, V -- Captain; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III, IV, V; Drama III, IV; Homecoming Atten¬ dant V; Annual Staff V; SCA V; III -- Reporter, IV -- Vice¬ resident, V -- Vice-Pres.; 4-H or III, IV, V; 4-H County ouncil III, IV, V. EVAN BALFOUR VAN LEEUWEEN " Evan " Pep III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Science III, IV, V; Bible III, IV. MARIAN GRACE VIA " Grace " Drama III, IV; Pep IV, V; Bible III — Secretary, V -- President; Field Hockey III, IV, V -- Co- Captain; Dukes Dispatch IV, V; Interact V; SCA V; Choral IV; Li¬ brary Club G Library Assistant IV; Guidance Assistant V. DENNIS NOBLE WALTON " Dennis " Pep III, IV, V; Drama III, IV; Bible III, IV; FFA III; 4-H IV. ELIZABETH ANN WARD " Betty " Pep IV, V; Bible III; Drama III, IV; Field Hockey III; Debate III, IV; Vice-Pres. IV; Dukes Dispatch IV, V; Guidance Asst. Ill, IV; Beta IV, V, Pres.; Library Asst. Ill; Girls State alternate IV; 4-H County Council -- Reporter V; S.C.A. V; Interact V; Annual Staff -- V; 4-PI Honor Club V. RICHARD DENNIS WARD " Ricky " Pep III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Band III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V -- Pres.; Bible IV; Track IV, V. WAYNE TERENCE WARD " Wayne " MICHEAL LYNN WEST " Mickey " Pep III, IV, V; Bible III; 4-H III, IV. 39 NATALIE..JO WHITCOMB.. " Natalie " Drama-HI, - ““RepofteryTep ' III, IV; Sailing III, IV; Beta V; Science V; Field Hockey III, IV; Thespians IV, V; Lab Assistant V; Library Assistant V. CLIFTON WALLACE WILLIAMS, JR. " Cliff " Pep III, IV, V; Varsity Football III, IV, V; Band III, V; Intramural Bas¬ ketball IV, V. JOHN DOUGLAS WILLIAMS " Dougie " Pep III, IV, V; VICA III; SCA IV, V; Bible IV -- Reporter. LACONTISS CAROLEASE WILSON " Connie " 4-H III, IV, V; Pep III, IV; FHA III; Bible III, IV; Choral IV; Drama V; Hockey V. JANNIS BELINDA WILSON " Jannis " Bible III; 4-H IV, V; Choral III, IV; Pep IV, V; FHA III, IV; Drama V. PHYLLIS MARIA WILSON • " Phyllis " Pep III, IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V; FHA IV, V; Field Hockey III, IV; Sci¬ ence III, IV. RONNIE WOODFORD WILSON " Ronnie " Band III, IV; Pep III, IV; 4-H III, IV; SCA III, IV, V; Track III; Dukes Dispatch IV, V; Interact IV, V -- Vice President. SELMA DELORES WILSON " Selma " 40 fnnim—iwri WALTER ERVIN WILSON " Walter " NANCY DEL WOOD " Nancy " Basketball III, V; Beta V; Pep V. WANDA LEE WORLEY " W anda " Bible III; Drama V. PAUL DAVID WRIGHT " Paul " Pep III. X yTC VA. QitA HERBERT LEWIS WYATT " Herbert " 41 Seniors aren ' t that bad, are they Miss Wiatt? One for Roy. A Happy Senior. Blue-Eyed Soul UNDERCLASSMEN Junior Class Officers: PRESIDENT . . . VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY . . TREASURER . . REPORTER . . . . Lyle Foster . Kenneth Brown . Andrea Ayers . Donnie Poland . Rosette Tabb 1 m ' mt: 1 myjw I ; V ' -i oHf «rr- ■ Johnny Altemus Chucky Ashe Andrea Ayers Debbie Battisto Terri Bell Howard Berry Susan Berry Dorothy Blake Buster Blystone Douglas Bond Karen Bradley David Brown Herman Brown Joey Brown Kenneth Brown Kenneth W. Brown Larry Burrell Carroll Carter Gilbert Carter Dana Carver Lehman Catlett Judy Chenault Merle Claybome Donald Clements J. D. Clements Brenda Coates Andy Cockrand Gene Conner Dora Cooke Howard Cooke Pam Cooke Wanda Cooper William Cox Ronald Craft Bobby Crewe Lois Crews Herbe rt Driver Terri Eagle Karen Farinholt Kenneth Fary 45 Douglas Fitchett Vanessa Foster Rosemary Gant Bethany Gettings Freddie Goode Gail Green Marsha Green Sherwin Greene Sam Gregory Lorenzo Grimes Patricia Grimes Ruth Grimes J immy Hall Patty Hall We ' re Pinned ! ! Rodney Hall Diana Hamm Robert Harris Carolyn Haynes Paula Heywood Wendy Heywood George Hodges Debbie Hogge Edward Hogge Janet Hogge 46 | ' , W ' 1 " • . y “ HT ' v ' R cm " ' 3rm H fa § f t JT Sm m % W ; Kathy Leigh David Livingstone Sylvia Lomax Danny Machie Leonard Marble John Matous Joanne Mazzarese Franklin Miller Barbara J enkins Linda Johnson Brenda Jones Nancy Kellum Enolia Kerley Bruce Leigh 47 Jimmy Miller Esther Oliver Larry Oliver Toni Olivis Wayne Owens Rich ' s or Tastee Freeze??? Robin Minor Theresa Myers Janet Nalley Diane Newton Sherrie Miller David Milroy Liz Petty John Perrin Brenda Perruzzato 48 Patty, The food can ' t be that bad ! ! ! Donnie Poland Belinda Powell Linda Powell Debbie Pryor Denise Ranier Jimmy Redmond Debbie Reed Larry Reid Danny Rigau Janet Rilee Martha Riley Barbara Roane William Robinson Danny R ogers Woody Rowe Mitchell Saunders Wayne Savage Gilbert Sealy 49 Elaine Sears Marcia Sears M. B. Shephard Debbie Sibley Cynthia Smith Dinah Smith Sue Smith Dennis Sterling Marvin Stubbs Rosette Tabb Mike Teagle Dickie Tillage For that I need a " B " average??? George Washington Sharon Washington Bob Williams Fred Willis Peggy Woods Jerry Woodson Mark Wright Linda Wyatt Barbara Wilson Mary Wilson Robert Wilson Nancy Woods 51 Wake up it ' s 3 o ' clock! ! ! Sophomore Class Officers: President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Reporter . . . Debbie Dowling Danny Slavnick Nita Rigau Nancy Mowry Barry Fletcher Mike Andrews Harvey Barker Pam Barnette Kirk Bell Carl Belvin Linda Belvin O. H. Belvin June Berry Larry Berry Michele Berry Roland Billups Edward Bolton Janice Bonniville John Bowman Stuart Brooks Bill Brown James M. Brown Phyllis Bryant Kathy Burke Steven Burnette Donna Bums Shirley Busch David Byrd Joe Calloway Bruce Carter Mark Carter Robert Carter Betty Clements Roger Clements June Combs Delma Cooke Arlene Crewe Peggy Crockett 53 Will June ever get here? Norma Fitzgerald Barry Fletcher Amelia Davis Brenda DeBolt Sandra Diggs Debbie Dowling John Dudley A1 Dunston William Dunston Vernonda Ellis Tommy Emory Douglas Ewell Gail Fanning John Fitchett Michael Foster Patricia Foster Sophomores stuff ! ! ! Calvin French Benton Gardner Betsy Gill Richard Goode Sherman Graves Sandra Greene Robert Gregory Michele Griffin Connie Gunn Sandra Hamm 54 Laura Hargis Arthur Harris Larry Harris Allen Haselwood Neva Hatch Roy Haynes Brenda Haywood Gail Healy Bob Hicks Happy Sophomores! William Higgins Beth Hodges Delores Hogge JcAnn Hogge Robin Hogge Jane Holloman Henry Holmes Michael Howlett Brenda Jackson Hazel Jackson Carolyn Jenkins Danny Jenkins Eg J ' Uii ... • Gloria Jenkins Theresa J enkins 55 Sad Sophomores ! John Jessie Anna Johnson Barbara Joseph Cynthia Kelley Barbara Kellum Debbie K ems Michael Kings Barbara Leigh Jimmy Leigh Teresa Leigh Sara Lewis Jessica Loesch Nancy Marsh James Marshall Diane Mathews Ray McElligott Lillie McKelvin David Melvin Howard Moffitt Jerry Moore Susan Morgan Margaret Morris Michael Mosca Preston Motley Nancy Mowry Faye Myers Emory Nadeau Keith Nuttall Mary Claire Nuttall Nancy Nuttall Betty Oliver Michael Olivis Theron Osborn Wanda Ottarson Sandra Owens 56 Virginia Owens Joyce Payne Barri Ann Perkins Joe Peruzzato Glen Pointer Allen Pollard John W. Pryor John Pryor Nannie Pryor Brenda Pyler Cindy Regensburg Nita Rigau Jo Ellen Robins Russ Robins Carolyn Robinson Sallie Robinson George Schultze Joe Searls Tommy Seawell Patsy Sellers 57 Cynthia Smith Firth Smith Howard Smith Mary Smith Ruth Smith Sandra Smith Larry Spencer Kathy Sterling Mike Sterling Ronnie Teagle Alfred Tho mas Barry Trefsgar Cheryle Shackleford Cindy Shackleford Delores Shackleford Kaye Shackleford Danny Slavnik Roy Walker Roy Walton Brad Ward How does Martin do this??? Teresa Washington Clifford Webb Keith Webb Dennis West Edgar West 58 “Trap Wolverines” Places Janice West Jesse West William West Melanie Whitcomb Gloria Whiting Anna Wilkins Gaynor Williams Johnny Williams Portia Williams Charles Wilson Kevin Wilson Virginia Wilson Lawrence Witt Kathy Worley Helen Wyatt Second At Homecoming 59 Freshman Class X I PRESIDENT. . . , VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY . . , TREASURER . . s John Hall Mildred Byrd Debbie DeBolt Peggy Poland Robert Bame Veronica Banks Vernon Barnette Deborah Berry Frissell Berry Shelia Berry Ronnie Bluford Patti Boulton Mark Booker Donna Bradshaw Arlean Brooks Desere Brooks Mildred Byrd Deborah Carracoff Gail Brooks Dale Brown Effie Brown Donna Brumfield Gwen Burrell i Patricia Catlett Barry Chapman Denise Chipps Carl Coates John Coates Patricia Coates Paul Coles Jackie Cooper Areta Corbitt Cathie Cottie Cynthia Cox 61 Gym class surely has its ups and downs!!!!!!!! Mary Temple Donner Ricky Elias Wilhemenia Evans Randy Ewell John Fayhee Gene Flipse Raymond Forrest Larry Foster 62 Billy Haynes Randy Healy Debbie Hendrix Freda Hess William Hicks Sharon Higgans Jana Hogge Brian Hogge Shelva Hogge Tommy Holland Deborah Horsley Dennis Horsley Joey Horsley Alice Howard Mickey Howlett Dana Hudgins 63 EA A Darwin Lanciano Kathy Leigh Claudia Lemon David Lemon Terrie Lett LaVeme Lomax Debbie Longs Lu Ann Lowm aster Matt Luoma Yvonne Jackson Bonnie Jenkins Brenda Jenkins Cynthia Jenkins Carolyn Jones Harold Jones Ricky Jordan Ricky Joyce Ricky Knuteson Ricky Kurtz Carl Mabry Kathy Martin Lynda McCoy Vernon McDaniel Linda McIntyre Timmy Milby Janice Miller Richard Miller Cathy Millwood Deborah Montague 64 Judy Oliver Marie Oliver Martha Oliver Deborah Olivis Gary O ' Neil Craig Owens Warren Owens Ronald Paige Robert Paulette Jennie Plessinger Owen Pointer Peggy Poland Moses Pollard Alex Post Donnie Pyle MUM Joe Rowe Robert Rowe James Roy Terry Saulman Joni Saunders Anita Setterholm Teresa Shackleford Joseph Shannon I Keith Sheppard Karen Sibley Brenda Smith Cheryl Smith Peggy Smith Teresa Smith Wayne Spencer Julia Steel Danny Sterling Ruth Sterling Making Ends Meet 66 Brenda Strickland Mattie Stokes Joan Stubbs Jimmy Templeman Edward Thornton Gardner Taliaferro Ernie Taylor Linda Tazwell Connie Trevillian Sam Tyler Pierre Walker Danny West Robery Ware Hope Via Dorothy Walker Gerald Wass Cheryl Washington David West 67 Debbie West Debra West Debra West Eddie West Ronnie West Sharon West Betsy White Battle of the bulge?? Cheryl Wilburn Sharon Williams Byron Williams Terry Williams Mary Witt Marcia Wood Jayne Woodard Jo Ann Wright David Wilson Ernesta Wilson Patricia Wilson Well, How ya doin ' ! ! 68 ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL BOARD Dr. William Crittenden, Mrs. Cornelia Mowry, Mr. A. B. Ward, Mr. Wallace Fletcher, Mrs. Sharon Lanciano. t ■ ' ! Superintendent — Mr. William Blanks PRINCIPAL Director of Instruction Mr. Tom Emory Mr. William D. Bowling 70 I I Mrs. Zachary English Mr. Mullins Physical Education Homeroom activities. Col. William Fuller Guidance Miss Sharon Bray Business Mr. John Hennessee Agriculture Mr. Ken Able Science Miss Molly Freeman Business Mrs. Pat Francis English Mr. Olen Lewis Social Studies Education In this controversial age of ours it is time for us to stop and reflect on our privilege of educa¬ tion. This privilege has been taken for granted too long. We should be thankful that someone is taking the time to strain us for the future. We, the Class of 1971 would like to take the time to thank our teachers and every¬ one that has given us this most valued privilege. Hard work applies to everyone, even our exchange student. Mrs. Nan Pointer Social Studies 73 1 nTTe r I i ' u t+fvr Com aptER 3 ? Mr. Don Miner Social Studies Mr. Calvin Thomas English Mr. Robert Brown Biology Macho? ?? T i i j I Miss Roberta Wiatt Physical Education Mrs. Mary Lou Fary Librarian Mrs. Prudence Huddleston Art Mrs. Esther Knox Social Studies Mr. Blevins Industrial Arts Miss Patricia Cassidy Home Economics 76 Mrs. Gomto Special Education Mrs. Tice English Togetherness Mr. Kelley Spanish 77 78 SPORTS FIRST ROW: C. Carter, J. Perrin, J. Norcross, W. Burns, S. Harris, C. Williams, K. Brown. SECOND ROW: R. Hogge, R. Tabb, C. Gant, D. Crockett, T. Foster. Suffolk Windsor 8-20L Northampton 6-12L 21-12W Mathews 43-8W Varsity Football Southhampton Sussex John Yeates 6-7L 53 -OW 6-40L J. F. K. 0-18L Forest Glen 13-14L Smithfield 8-12L FIRST ROW: B. Newbill, B. Hogge, L. Arington, W. Berry, I. Graves, D. Jackson, L. Marble. SECOND ROW: R. Gregory, D. Fitchett, K. Webb, B. Crewe, C. Ashe, H. Cooke, F. Willis. HKSipl Roy Tabb -- Halfback Stewart Harris -- Guard Wayne Burns -- Center Ronald Hogge — Halfback Carey Gant — Quarterback John Nor cross -- Guard Billy Hogge -- End Tyrone Foster — Halfback Larry Arrington — Halfback Cliff Williams -- Tackle David Crockett --Fullback Irving Graves — Linebacker Senior Players 81 KNEELING: Co-captains: R. Tabb, Sherwin Green; H. Cooke, H. Brown, T. Foster, L. Marble, C. Carter, L. Catlett, J. Perrin, J. Bond, F. Willis, K. Brown, F. Miller, H. Holmes, L. Reid, T. Miller, Manager. Varsity Basketball Suffolk 52-48 W Smithfield 45-85 L John Yeates 70-58 W Franklin 49-101 L Windsor 56-77 L Southhampton 51-48 W Northhampton 38-40 L Central(Sussex) 72-55 W Forest Glen 48-51 L Suffolk 52-56 L Smithfield 75-68 W John Yeats 69-50 W Franklin 60-62 L Windsor 63-49 W Southampton 62-60 W Northampton 53-35 W Central 58-52 W Forest Glen 57-56 W 82 i Roy Tabb Guard John Bond Center Senior Players SITTING: N. Jenkins; Co-captains: M. Green, V. Jessen; STANDING: G. Green, P. Wilson, S. Berry. P. Barnette. L, Jackson, N. Mowry, S. Miller, D. Rhea, T. Bell, M. Wood,, V. Foster, C. Lemon, B. Jones., BACK ROW: G. Lewis. W. Jones, Managers; Coach Wiatt. Girls ' Basketball John Yeates 31-49 L Windsor 41-38 W James Blair 24-35 L John Yeates 39-72 L Smithfield 32-36 L Youk High 31-22 W James Blair 29-48 L Forrest Glen 48-33 W York High 34-20 W 84 I Diane Dunn Guard Guard Valerie Jessen Rover Margaret Green Forward Nina Jenkins Forward Ring-Around-the Rosies Senior Players 85 Heads Up Field Hockey Walshingham 5-0 Lost Hampton Roads 9-0 Lost Y ork 2-1 Won West Point 6-0 Won Hampton Roads 2-0 Lost West Point 4-0 Won John Yeates 4-2 Won Y ork 1-0 Won Woodrow Wilson 3-0 Won Woodrow Wilson 1-1 Tied Warwick 0-0 Tied 11 — Games Won -- 6 Lost -- 3 Tied — 2 86 J.V. Football J.V. Basketball ,Wduke ; 1 PtUKEsl fBURES! r.UKES KCJKEsW H 34j?| 1 sol 1 I4J I 40 1 ■ 51 1 LEFT SIDE: Pam Cooke, Debbie Hogge, Linda DeBolt, Marsha Poland. TOP Pam [[ownsend , Captain :. RIGHT SIDE: Patty Brown, Debbie Haywood, Rosemary Gant, Andrea Ayres. MIDDLE: Rosette Tabb, Alice Cottingham. Seniors STANDING: Patty Brown, Pam T own - send, Marsha Poland. SITTING: Linda DeBolt, Debbie Haywood. ORGANIZATIONS S.C.A. Council i The S.C.A. has strived for one main goal this year; better communication between the student body and the administration. A more lenient dress code, a juke box in the cafeteria, and a foreign exchange student are projects that the S.C.A. has backed in order to promote school spirit, interest, leadership, honor, and understanding. The officers are: Marsha Poland, president; Karen Bradley, vice-president; Linda DeBolt, secretary; Diane Newton, treasurer; and Rosette Tabb, reporter. Beta Club The Beta Club symbolizes achievement, character, and leadership. It presented the first assemble of the year, when Martin Langer, the foreign exchange student from Austria, was tapped as an honorary member. This year, for the first time, the Beta Club had an initiation for its new members. Again, as 1 last year, G.H.S. had two officers in the Federation. The new co-sponsors are Mrs. Van Gieson and Miss Freeman. The officers are Betty Ward, Pres.; Rosenmr Greer Pres; Marie Robins, Se nnnWowr Tresr; and Martha Dischinger, Reporter. OFFICERS Interact Club The Interact Club is a club dedicated to service to the school and community. The Club ' s projects include care of the school sign and the publishing of the Dukes Dis¬ patch. The club also does special projects throughout the year. The officers are: c Keith Si nclair, p resident: Ronnie Wilson, vice-president; Kenneth Fary, sec. and Lyle Fos¬ ter, treasurer. The Dukes Dispatch staff is headed by Danny Fary. Dukes Dispatch Staff Library Club The Library Club at Gloucester High School is a service organization whose mem¬ bers spend at least a period a day assisting the librarian. Their many activities in¬ clude preparing new materials for circulation, filing, assembling materials requested by teachers, aiding students in research, planning and preparing displays and circu¬ lating materials. The club also provides an opportunity to explore librarianship as a career. Guidance Assistants I I BOS 7 »0Rn MKT i wwMors , nmum i I ' umsm MMiUTB mi nsnmrs. - Office Assistants Lab Assistants Science Club F.H.A. The Gloucester High School Chapter Future Homemakers of America theme this year is Stable Home -- Stable Life. We chose this theme for the new members as well as the old members to work together and learn how to make their home and com¬ munity life more stable. Projects to carry out this emphasis included chapter meetings on the subjects of good family life, a covered dish dinner for members and their families, and a picnic for the FHA ' ers and youngsters in the community. 1 s 1970-1971 Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Reporter-Historian -- Carolyn Sibley -- Martha Riley -- Belinda Powell -- Judy Chenault -- Helen Booker -- Karen Farinholt 96 F.F.A. The Gloucester Chapter of the Future Farmers of America is dedicated to the goal of better rural living through better training and communication in the school and in the community. Students participate in many federation and state contests to sharpen their skills, and carry on projects like a Christmas basket and Spring banquet to help the community and the parents that make our program possible. Officers for this year are: Larry Oliver -- Pres., Joe Peruzzato -- V. Pres., A1 Dunston -- Sect., Mike Dame -- Treas., Wayne Burns -- Sentinel, Richard Setterholm -- Reporter, John Hen- nessee Advisor 97 J.V. Cheerleaders FIRST ROW: Faye Meyers, Jana Hogge. SECOND ROW: Gaynor Williams, Peggy Poland, Deb¬ bie Dowling, Peggy Crockett. THIRD ROW: Mildred Byrd, Cindy Jenkins, Veronda Ellis, Patsy Marble and Laura Flargis. Pep Club The Gloucester High School Pep Club is among the largest clubs at G.H.S. this year. The Pep Club members follow the Dukes on to victory with their unlimited pep and spirit. The Pep Club will always be a vital, growing part of our school ' s spirit. The officers for this year are as follows: President -- Valerie Jessen Vice-President -- Andrea Ayers Secretary -- Brenda De Bolt Treasurer -- Maria Rigau Cdaii 4 AA Aytsy vIese don m F MArU oute o ' harf. wm. 6 ouVtt Gloucester High ' s Davtona 500 entry. ? aw t- r fb H-fc llS W8 6ta }BTTB SHWUUlfttSE S - Clubs In Action Where ' s the Table of Contents? 100 GHS holds 2nd Annual Science Exposition. Three in the Cafeteria. 1971 Cavalier Staff PHOTOGRAPHERS s _kf anJ c Marching Band Dance Band Concert Band Drill Team Captain: Kathy Luoma FIRST ROW: D. Shackleford, V. Jessen, C. Byrd. SEC¬ OND ROW: N. Woods, N. Rigau, R. Darnell, N. Hatch THIRD ROW: K. Bradley, B. Geddings, D. Burns, P. Foster, S. Robinson FOURTH ROW: J. Rilee, D. Seawell, N. Marsh, K. Burke w l A 1 1 i L—l w j . i i : ' ? ? i Choral Drama Club |||p 1 ' mu§W Thespians The G.H.S. 4-H Club consists of about seventy members this year. This is one of the largest groups that has ever participated in 4-H at G.H.S. The 4-H activities are many and varied, with a large range of subjects and projects for both boys and girls. There are great opportunities to travel and in¬ crease your knowledge through 4-H Club work. The 4-H Club motto is " To Make The Best Better, " and 4-H members all over the county are doing just that. 4-H Club Chess Club Ipppi ' ’WNWrtl. FEATURES ' Homecoming QUEEN 9th GRADE ATTENDANT Terri Lett iijji M, C inprvmj mu Xh i 1 A, ' ' ; .XMaSi ® ' Jj • 2 ’5 ypf M BS . ' 1 . V uRl ImMWw Ai. %kwsla ' " AeB 3|;V r. Hj Top Ten Percent FIRST ROW: Kathy Luoma, Lynn Mowry, Yvonne King. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Green. Bettv Belch. Linda Belvin. Diane Dunn, Martha Dischinger, Marsha Poland. THIRD ROW: Keith SinTffl? o Oements, and Michael Perrin. RoyTabb, Martha Dischinger, Diane Dunn, Keith Sinclair, Valerie Jessen, Stewart Harris. Boys’ and Girls’ State A. • RIEND OJOURNS VIRGINIA GETS NEW CONSTITUTION HOLTON INAUGURATED AS FIRST REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR SINCE RECONSTRUCTION GLOUCESTER REAPPORTIONED INTO FIVE DISTRICTS Ninth Grade returns to G.H.S. BOTETOURT HOTEL REACTIVATED SQUIRES FIRST PRO BASKETBALL TEAM IN VIRGINIA EARTHQUAKE STRIKES CALIFORNIA COLTS WIN ' ll SUPER BOWL APOLLO 14 REPEATS MOON LANDING Events ’70-’71 G. H. S. Gets new Press Box ORIOLES WIN WORLD SERIES SILENT MAJORITY REMAINS SILENT MILITARY WITHDRAWAL CONTINUES IN VIETNAM ANTI-POLLUTION MOVEMENT BEGINS IN U.S. INFLATION INCREASES, EMPLOYMENT DECREASES BYRD RE-ELECTED AS INDEPENDENT, SECOND IN HISTORY OF U.S. G.H.S. GETS FOUR COLOR TELEVISION MOBLIE UNITS ADDED TO GHS Humanities class added to curriculum ADVERTISING , For Tops in Fashion Shop EMMA JANE SHOPPE Clothing for Men Women Phone: 693-3800 Gloucester, Compliments of Gloucester — Mathews GAZETTE-JOURNAL ■ : " Your Hometown Newspaper " Phones: 693-3101 725-2191 lipi ©si ' Complete Sewing Needlework Center S imp I ic i t Pa tterns— Yarns—Fabrics YE OLDE SPINNING WHEEL Louise Bond, Owner GLOUCESTER ' S MEN SHOP Gloucester, Va. 693-2666 JORDAN REALTY INC 1 Realtors, Builders Insurers Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone: 642-4160 GUNN ' S BODY SHOP Gloucester, Va. 693-3350 W. To FARY BROSo C0 0 Lumber and Building Materials Ark, Virginia 23003 Phone: 693-2544 BROTHER’S MOTORS INC. Compliments of GLOUCESTER BUNTING ' S International MEN’S SHOP Detroit Diesel Engines Gloucester, Va. BARBER SHOP Sales — Service — Parts 693-2666 Ark, Virginia Phone: 642-4413 Phone: 693-3256 Ordinary, Va. Meet Your Friends At: Morgan ' s Drug Store Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Gloucester, Va. Owners: W. B. Clements R . L . Clements ROBINS AUTO PARTS New Used Auto Parts New Marine Conversions G.M.Co Trucks Rt. 17, G iou . Virginia ■ ttgg$ Compliments Of FASS BROTH E RS FISH HOUSE Sinclair Circle Hampton Va o EDGEHILL SHOPPING CENTER Vashti ' s Jewelry Gift Shoppe Silver — Watches — Crystal China — Diamonds — Rings Special Gifts Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 693-3434 " Gifts For Graduation. " Compliments of GLOUCESTER POINT ESSO . Servicecenter Official State Inspections Fred H. Stratton U.S. Route 17 Gloucester Point Phone: 642-2171 J. C. EDWARDS Compliments of Compliments of VARIETY 5p to $5.00 W. C. TUCKER ' S OTIS HOGGE Distributor For STORE Mary Carter Arco Products Paints Gloucester, Dupont and Dutch Boy Paints Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 642-4439 Virginia ■ ifll M 1 ARK BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. Carol Eubank Ark, Virginia Phone: 693-3188 Compliments of SPENCER CLOPTON Gloucester Point, Virginia Come on In It Makes You Feel Like New. fmM i L.F. PHILLIPS SON’S, INC. Phone: 693-2908 Office: 642-2166 642-4375 Congratulations Grads! You May Be Through With Books, But You Can Keep Up With Current Events If You Keep Tuned To WOODY RADIO W.D.D.Y. Radio Woody 1420 On Your Dial YORK BEACH MOTEL At York River Toll House Television -- Luxurious Furniture Cleanliness Friendliness Our Motto Air Conditioned Dial 642-2212 Gloucester Point, Va . HOGGE ' S OYSTER COMPANY Gloucester Point Virginia Phone: 642-2106 COX BROTHERS General Merchandise Arco Gas and Oil Spred Satin and Glidden House Paint Phone: 642-4439 R. F. 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Westinghouse — Motorola — Gibson Furniture Appliances Hayes, Virginia Phone: 642-4114 Bank Americard Central Charge • 0 The Symbol Of Freedom In America. Freedom Of The Press Is One Of The Principles Of Our Democracy! a I Jplffts mmm mrnrnm M Iplfr Sb S ' iSigBSSi 4- IfcJIHfi ' ■ SL «as ps isrti;fe‘: wiH in ■ . tKM% At Your Doorstep With All The News ★ LOCAL ★ NATIONAL ★ INTERNATIONAL To Help Complete Your Education — By Keeping You Informed Hampton Roads’ Morning and Evening NEWSpapers Plaza Pharmacy Inc. Hayes Plaza See us for: English Leather British Sterling Jade East Fountain Service Max Factor Revlon Helena Rubinstein FORMALS FOR RENT Carolyn’s Shop Hayes Plaza Shopping Center Phone: 642-2722 LEVIS SHIP SHORE v ' • . E X ' Ifjil ■■ C HELPS O PEOPLE H. T . Dunlap Gloucester, Va. $( ' « - Ca Hwul tfnc. Waterfront - Farms - Homes - Lots Route One, Hayes, Va. 23072 Office - 642-2300 Cecil C. Fary Home ■ 693-3885 Agent Ark. Virginia 2300; sfill But wait ' til you see our encore. When we started out in 1886, we were just a small ship repair yard. We named the company Newport News. Because we were proud to be doing business here Today we : re the largest shipyard in the world. And we re still proud to call a. »| ourselves Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company. Because a lot of the people who helped put us where we are today come from j ( | •right here on the Virginia Peninsula. . J I With their help, Newport News has become an 7 7 IHTOtn state and y t 4y JjAA important asset to our community ournation. Sure, launching over 500 ships little-more than 80 years is a pretty achievement. But impressive we ' re not standing still for that. We ' re constantly looking to the future. And since our acquisition by Tenneco Inc. we ' ve got an even 1 greater encore lined up for our employees and the community. NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING AND DRY DOCK COMPANY i NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 23607 Q a major COMPONENT or r TfNNICO 1 TENNECO INC Projects A.F.S. Contributions Dukes Dispatch President: Keith Sinclair Secretary: Kenneth Fary Vice-President: Ronnie Wilson Treasurer: Lyle Foster Board of D i rectors Danny Fary Ronald Hogge Steward Harris Congratulations Seniors! from the Drama Club Thespian Society Drama Club Officers President: Harold Jackson Vice-President: Felica Diggs Secretary: Lynn Mowry Assistant Secretary: Liz Petty Treasurer: Lyle Foster Thespian Society President: Bronwyn Foster Vice-President: Kathy Bridge Secretary: Diane Newton Assistant Secretar y: Liz Petty 141 Treasurer: Donna West Rosette Tabb Debbie Hogge Al ice Cottingham Pam Cooke j ■ i: .. .. ■ GLOUCESTER BARGAIN HOUSE WM. W. JONES CO. Restorations, New Constructions, Repairs Owner: Merdith Jones THE 71 ANNUAL STAFF Hopes You Enjoy Your Cavalier lift S. C. LAMBETH BROS. INC. Lumber and Building Materials White Marsh, Virginia 28183 Phone: 693-3233 STAFF: D. Fary M. Poland P. Brown M. Dischinger R 0 Cooke Editor-in-Chief — Keith Sinclair B. Ward K. Fary N . Moore Jc Leigh C. Byrd C. Sibley P. Townsend J. Fary B. Bradley K. Luoma D. Haywood W. Jones L. Debolt D. Dunn G. Lewis VARSITY Pam Townsend Marsha Poland Patty Brown Debbie Clayton Linda DeBolt Rosemary Gant Andrea Ayers Cheerleaders Captain Pam Townsend J.V.s Debbie Dowling Gaynor WilIiams Vernonda Ellis Faye Myers Patsy Marble Cindy Jenkins Mildred Byrd Peggy Poland Jana Hogge Peggy Crockett Laura Hargis President: Marsha Poland Reporter: Secretary: Treasurer: Rosette Tabb Linda DeBolt Diane Newton , k c H Advisor: Mr. Olen Lewis President: Valerie Jessen Sponsor: Roberta Wiatt Vice-President: Brenda Debolt Secretary: Rosette Tabb Glo-Co Real Estate Waterfront Lots Arline Lanciano Farms U.S. 17 Ordinary, Virginia Homes Phone: 642-2300 ■4 •;

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