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y - su 1970 CAVALIER Gloucester High School Gloucester, Virginia XVII Edition ' MW ' G.H.S. . . . ... is not a building of bricks and mortar, but a student body. It is a college of the sentiments, ideas, and personalities of 555 students . As we the Seniors pause to reflect upon the life that we, as a class and as individuals, have given this school, we recall that Gloucester High School is . . . |-fy f wftl ‘ . vVv’‘A 5 ’ i . ? aL i-. ifrllrrai M ; 2 3 Spirit comes in all forms and sizes. Spirit is student support for a team regardless of the score. It is that last ounce of energy that a player gives for his team. Spirit is pride in Glouces¬ ter High School and the drive to excel in body, mind, and soul. 6 — Cooperation Cooperation at G.H.S. is a combination of effort among stu¬ dents, and more importantly, be¬ tween students and teachers. Without cooperation, many difficult tasks would not have been accom¬ plished . 7 Seniors 17 Underclassmen 43 Academics 61 Sports 71 Organizations 81 Features 101 Advertising 111 9 As reflections of the past flood our minds, w-e pause to pay tribute to you. You have shown sincere interest in our success, both as a class’and as individuals. For your help and understanding as a teacher, friend, and adviser, we, the SENIOR CLASS, dedicate the 1970 Cavalier to you. RANDALL BEAVER 11 — Hard Work Hard work is not limited to scholastic pursuits. It is.dis¬ tributed among various extra¬ curricular activities, be they on the practice field, behind a podium, or on the stage. 12 F riendship Friendship is an experience in the lifelong drama of human rela¬ tions. Into our minds pass recol¬ lections of past acquaintances, both short and lasting. Many end here at G.H.S., but others will — Reaching Out For the first time, G.H.S. has extended its friendship to a foreign exchange student. Mohammad Ihsan has contributed to Gloucester High with his personality and instilled a sense of pride in our school. He has presented us with the opportunity to express ourselves in a constructive exchange of ideas. — Preparation Gloucester High is but a step¬ ping stone, paving the way to higher and better things. Stu¬ dents are prepared to venture forth into the world upon their own. 15 16 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Norma Jordan Jonathan Stubbs TREASURER SECRETARY Wade Lewis Debbie Healy VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN MONA LYNN BREWER " Mona " SCA III, IV; Citizenship Award III; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III, Sec V; Beta III, IV, Sec V. Cav¬ alier Staff V; NMSQT Semifinalist V; Who ' s Who Among H. S. Students V; Choir III, IV, V. NORMA SHARON JORDAN " Norma " Class Pres. Ill, IV, V; SCA III, IV, Sec. V; Drama V.P. Ill, Sec. IV, V; Track III; Pep III, IV, V; Cheerleader III, IV, V; Beta III, IV, V; Thespian IV, V; Cavalier. PAMELA SUEAREHART " Pam " Beta III, V. P. IV, Feder. Pres v, Drama III; Pep III,IV; Track III Girls ' State IV; Citizen¬ ship Award IV; Cavalier V; Great Americans Committee V. JAMES DWIGHT ASHE " Jimmy " Football III; Pep III,IV, V; Band III,IV,V; Drama III; SCA IV. GARY EUGENE BECKNELL " Gary " Pep III,IV,V; Track III,V; SCA III; Drama III, IV, V; Interact V; Thesbian V; Cavalier V; Science III, V; Indoor Track V. DOUNIA SUE BECKWITH " Dounia " Library III, V; Pep V. MILTON REDDING BELVIN " Milton " Baseball III, V. SUZANNE JORDAN BERG " Suzanne " Pep III, V; Drama III, V; Field Hockey III; FHA V; Bible V; Choral V. JARNICE MARIE BOLDEN " Jarnice " FHA III; Pep III, IV, V; 4-H IV, V; Band V; Drama V. DAVID ALAN BOND ' David " Football III, IV, V; Pep III,IV, V; Basketball III; FFAIII; Track III, IV,V. 19 ZANETTE REGINA BORUM " Zanette " SCA III; FHA III,IV,V; 4-H III; Pep III, IV; Beta IV,V; Basketball IV; Drama V. GARY DEAN BOWMAN " Gary " Band III,IV, V; Beta III,IV, V; Debate IV, V; Science IV; Interact V; Cavalier V; Great Americans Committee. CLAUDIA JANE BROWN " Claudia " Pep III,IV,V; Band III,IV; Drama III, IV,V; SCA IV; Bible, President IV; Drill Team IV, V; FHA V. IRVIN CLIFTON BROWN " Irvin " Track III, IV; Pep III, IV; Sailing IV; Football IV, Manager V. JESSIE LEE BROWN " Jesse " REGINALD E. BROWN " Reggie " Track III, IV, V; Basketball III, IV, V; Pep III; Football V. DAVID LAWRENCE BUNTING ' Tarry " Bible III, IV; Pep IV,V. PAULA O ' NEIL BURCHER " Paula " Pep III,IV; Drama III, IV; Drill Team IV; Homecoming Maid of Honor V, Homecoming Attendant IV; SCA V; Holly Ball Court V; Great American ' s Committee, Choral IV; Bible IV, Vice-President. 20 DONALD ROBERT BURNS JR. " Don " Pep III; Debate III; J. V. Football III; Varsity Football V. WILLIAM EDWARD BURRELL ' William " Pep III,IV,V; Drama III,IV,V; 4-H IV,V; Bible III, IV, V. ARTHUR RAY CARR " Arthur " Drama III,IV; Varsity Football V; Pep III,IV, V; Bible III, IV. SYLVIA ROSETTA CARTER " Sylvia " FHA V; Hockey Team V; Drama V; Bible V. LAVERN DENISE CATLETT " Kitty " FHA III, IV, V; Pep III,IV; Hockey III,IV; Basketball III; Softball III, IV; Band V; Volley¬ ball III. NANCY VENITA CATLETT " Nancy " FHA III,IV; Pep III,IV; 4-H III,IV,V; " Eagle " Staff III; Gymnastics III, IV; Cheerleader III; Field Hockey IV,V; Softball IV; Drama IV. ALICE GRACE CLARK " Alice " Art III; Gymnastics III; Spanish III; Pep IV, V; Drama V; Choral V. DEANNA LOU CLARK " Dea " Choral III,IV,V; Track III; Pep IV; Tennis III; FNA III -- Pres. ; Field Hockey III,IV,V; Drama III, IV, V; Volleyball III; SC A III; FHA V. 21 IRGINI. ma MARGARET jf) ' Margar LOYD qUSTIS Ba ni,III,IVj VaFcfc tbajLI II Interact n ,III,IV 0rama IV; BiWeTI, sehaftTTrTff DispMjph V;G • v . Basketball Li; VJ ball IU, IV. ( £7 RAUL WARREN DEAL " Warren " Pep III,IV,V; SCA III, Treas. IV; Interact IV Pres. V; Beta IV,V; Boys ' State IV; Football IV, V -- 2nd Team All District; NMSQT Commendation; Cavalier V; Great Americans Comm.; Who ' s Who Among American H. S. FRANCIS MARK DONNER " Mark " Band II,III,IV; J.V. Basketball II; Pep II,III IV; Drama II; Football V. KAREN LYNNE DOVEL " Karen " Softball III,IV; Pep IV; Sailing Club IV, V; Drama V; Homecoming Queen V. JONATHAN DRIVER " J onathan " CLYDE WELLBORN DUBOSE " Clyde " Pep III,IV,V; Football III; Science III,IV,V; Drama V. JEANNE CONSTANCE EAGLE Class Secretary III; Drama III -- Sec. , IV, V; Bible III, IV, V; Pep III,IV,V; Varsity Cheer¬ leader III, IV,V; Choral IV, V; Thespian IV, V; SCA -- V. P. IV; Pres. V. CHARLES MATHEWS EMORY " Charles. " Baseball III, IV, V; Pep IV, V; Football IV; Bible IV, V. CAROL RENE FANNING " Carol " Bible III, V; Drama III,IV,V; Pep III, IV; FHA III, IV, V. MARY FRANCES FARY " Mary " Pep III,IV,V; Lab Assistant V; Cavalier V. CAROLE LYNNE FIELD " Carole " Band III,IV,V; Drama III,IV,V; Pep III,IV,V; Beta III,IV,V; Girls ' State IV; Bible IV. 23 LAWRENCE MELVIN FOSTER ' Tawrence " Choral III,V; Pep III, IV, V; 4-H III,IV, V; SCA V; J. V. Basketball III. DAVID WILLIAM GALLOWAY " David " SYLVIA GRACE GALLOWAY " Sylvia " FHA III,V; Bible V. ANGELLA MISSOURI GREGORY " Angella " Pep III, V; Bible V; Choral V. DIANE DELORES HALL ' Diane " Drama III,IV,V; Bible III,IV,V; Pep III, IV, V; Choral IV,V; Beta IV, V. ROSE MARIE HALL " Rose " Basketball III,IV; Pep V; Drama IV; Bible IV. FRANCES ELOISE HARWOOD " Eloise " CYNTHIA LEE HASKELL 4-H III,IV,V; Pep III, IV; Drama IV, V; Bible III, IV. 24 DANNY RAY HATCH " Danny " Basketball III,IV; Interact III,IV,V; Band III; Bible III, IV, V; Pep IV, V. CAREY ANN HAUS " Carey " Drama III,IV,V; Pep IV,V; Basketball IV,V. I GEORGE RODNEY HAYES " Rod " Drama III,IV,V; Debate IV; Sailing Club V. FRANCES ANN HAYNES " Frances " Drama III,IV,V; Thespian IV,V; Choral III,IV; Forensics III. DEBRA KAREN HAYWOOD " Debra " WAYNE EMERSON HAZARD " Wayne " SCA III; Science III; FFA III; Drama V. DEBORAH ANNE HEALY " Debbie " Cheerleader III, IV , V — Capt. ; Pep III, IV, V; 4-H III -- Pres. , IV,V; Drama III,IV; Cavalier V; SCA V; Choral V; Class Sec. V; Home- comine Att. V; Holly Ball Queen V; DAR Award V. DAVID BOULDIN HESS " David " Debate III,IV,V; Beta III,IV, V; Sailing IV, V -- V. P. ; Interact V; Cavalier V; Great Ameri¬ can Comm. V. JOYCE ANNETTE HICKS " Annette " Beta III,IV,V; Bible IV. WILLIAM CHISM HICKS " Bill " Drama III, IV, V; FFA III, IV. LEONARD PRESTON HIGGINS " Pre ston " Beta III,IV,V -- Treasurer; Interact V; Dukes Dispatch V; Cavalier V. SCARLET ANNE HILLIARD " Scarlet " Science III,IV; Band III, IV, V; 4-H III,IV,V; Basketball III, IV, V; Track III Drama III,IV, V; Pep III,IV,V; Choral III: Gymnastics IV; Volleyball III. DEBRA JEAN HOGGE " Debra " Choral III,V; Drama III, IV, V; Golf III; Bible III, IV, V; Pep IV; Field Hockey IV, V. Choral III. JO ANN HOGGE " Jo Ann " JOYCE ANNETTE HOGGE " Joyce " MARTHA ROSA LEE HOGGE " Martha " Pep III,IV,V; Bible III,IV; Drama III,IV; Choral III; SCA IV,V; Office Assistant V. 26 LOUISE ANN HORSLEY " Louise " Band III,IV; FHA III,IV -- Hist. , V; Pep III, IV, V; Beta IV, V; Office Asst. V. MARSHA GAIL HORSLEY " Marsha " FHA III,V -- Vice Pres.; Drama III,IV, V; 4-H III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Bible III; Library IV, V; Drill Team IV, V -- Co-Capt. ; Chcral IV, V; Office AsstV. MYRA DALE HORSLEY " Myra " Drama III, IV; Thespian III,IV, V; Hockey III; Pep IV; Bible IV; Art Asst. V. ELIJAH HOWARD " Elijah " J.V. Basketball III; Pep III, IV, V; SC A III; Varsity Football IV; Track IV; Baseball IV, V; FFA V. JERRY WAYNE HOWLETT " Jerry " Varsity Football III,IV; Baseball III,IV; Pep III, IV. MOHAMMAD IH SAN " Ihsan " Soccer III,IV; Beta -- Honorary member; American Field Service V. NATHANIEL INGLES " Nat " J.V. Football III; Track III; Sailing IV - - Vice Pres, V-Pres. WILLIAM RONALD JAMES " Ronald " Class Rept. Ill; Interact III, IV, V — Treasurer; Science III; Pep III, IV; Beta III,IV, V; Varsity Football IV; SCA IV; Lab Asst. IV,V. 27 BRUCE WELLINGTON JENKINS " Bruce " Pep III,IV,V; Football III,IV,V; Baseball III, IV, V; Basketball III,IV,V; Interact IV, V; SCA V. FREDERICK RANDOLPH JENKINS " Randolph " FFA III -- Rept. , IV -- Pres. ; VICA IV. JAMES EDWARD JENKINS " James " VICA IV; Pep V. RICHARD ALAN JENKINS " Dickie " Basketball III,IV, V; Drama III, IV; 4-H III, IV, V; Pep III, V; Bible III, IV. SHEILA JANE JENKINS " Sheila " SCA III,IV,V; Beta III,IV,V -- Pres. ; Bible III,IV -- V. P. ; Pep IV,V; Cavalier V. AVA WINDELL JOHNSON " Ava " FHA III,V; SCA III; Pep III, IV; Drama V; Lab Asst. III. ;; DALE BLYTHE JOHNSON " Dale " Cheerleader III; 4-H III; Pep III,IV,V; FHA III: Basketball IV,V; Drama V. JENNY AGNES JOHNSTON " Je nny " Beta III,IV,V; Drama III; Debate III,IV, V; FHA III; Bible III; Pep III,IV, V; Field Hocke V; Choral V. 28 EMILY SUE JONES " Emily " Office Asst. Ill; Lab Asst. Ill; FHA III,IV,V; Pep III,IV,V; 4-H IV; Drama V; Bible IV,V; Choral IV, V. GWENDOLYN ANN JONES " Gwen " Bible III; Pep III, IV; Office Asst. V. ROSE MARIE JONES " Rosie " FHA III; Lab Asst. Ill; Pep IV,V; Drama V; 4-H IV. RICKEY DALLAS KEENER " Rickey " Varsity Football III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Track IV, V; Drama IV, V. DALE CREWE KELLUM " Dale " French III,IV; Library Club V. CHARLES JOSHUA KERNS JR. " Charlie " Pep III,IV; Drama III; Science III; Interact III, IV, V -- Pres.; Dukes Dispatch Staff IV, V; Track III, IV, V; SC A V; Cavalier V; Indoor Track IV, V. ROBERT WAYNE KING " Robert " Drama III,IV; Pep III. VIRGINIA KEETON KING " Virginia Sue " Pep III; Bible III; Library IV. 29 1 GRAY BALDWIN KIRTLEY " Gray " Field Hockey III; Drama III, IV,V; Basketball III, IV; Pep III,IV, Treasurer, V; 4-H III, V- Pres. ; Bible III, IV; Varsity Cheerleader V; Choral V. SCOTT LANCIANO " Scott " Track III, IV, V; Science III. EMILY SUE LARRIMORE " Emily " FHA III,IV; Pep III,IV,V; Cheerleader III; Basketball IV; Softball IV; Field Hockey V. JOHN ANTHONY LAWS " John " SCA III; Varsity Football III,IV,V; Track IV,V. RONALD XAVIER LAWS " Ron " WONZA VIRGINIA LEIGH " Wonnie " Bible I IT; Choral IV. LAUNA MARIE LEMON " Launa " Pep III,IV; Library III ,IV,V; FHA IV, V; Drama IV, V. BERNARD HUGH LEIFFER " Buzz " 30 MARTHA SUSAN LEWIS " Marti " Band III; Pep III,IV,V; Drama III; Beta III, IV, V; Science III; Bible III, IV, V; Cheerleader IV. V; Cavalier V HARRY WADE LEWIS ' Wade " Basketball III,IV,V; Baseball III; Football IV, V; Track IV, V; Pep III,IV, V; Class treasurer III, IV, V. RITA JEAN LONG " Rita " Choral III,IV,V; Drama V. JOSEPH SHERMAN MARBLE " Sherman " Pep III,IV,V; 4-H III,IV,V; Choral IV,V; Bas¬ ketball III,IV,V. DEBRA JEAN MAZZARESE " Debbie " Pep V; Drama V. WILLIAM RUDY McDANIEL " Rudy " Drama III,IV,V; Thespian IV,V. FREDRICK WALTER MEZGER " Fred " Drama IV,V. 31 BRUCE ROBERT MILROY JR. " Bruce " FRANCES ANN STERLING MINOR " Frances " CYNTHIA MAY MOFFITT " Cindy " Pep III,IV,V; Bible III,IV,V; Choral IV, V; Beta IV,V; Office Asst. ELD RIDGE WILSON MOTLEY JR. " E. W. " Pep III, IV, V; Varsity Football III, IV, V; 4-H Club III,IV, V; Bible III, IV, V; Drama III,IV, V. VICKIE GLENN MOTLEY " Vickie " Bible III; Pep III,IV; Drill Team III,IV; Library Club IV. HUGH FRANKLIN MUR PH REE ’Hugh " HELEN LOUISE NUTTALL " Louise " FHA III,IV,V; Pep III,IV,V; Band III,IV; SCA III; Beta IV, V -- Rept. WALTER LUSK NUTTALL " W. L. " MARY DALE OLIVER " Dale " Pep III ,IV,V; Bible III; Beta IV,V; Choral V; Office Asst. V. GLORIA BENITA OLIVIS " Gloria " Pep III; FHA III; Lab Asst. Ill; Eagle III. t BRENDA ELAINE PAYNE " Brenda " SCA III, Drama V; FHA III, IV, V. CARL MICHEAL PEACHER " Mike " Basketball III,IV, V; Pep III, IV,V. LUCILLE ELIZABETH PERSINGER " Mickey " Pep III,V; Bible III,V. DELLA KAY POINTER " Della " Pep III,IV,V; Drama III,IV,V; Band III,IV,V -- Drum Major; FHA III, IV -- Pres.; Beta IV, V; Thespians IV,V; SCA IV; Forensics III; Bible III. 33 STELLA MAE REID " Stella " FHA III -- Treas. , IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Beta IV. JERRY CLOUGH RICH " Jerry " Choral III,IV,V; Drama III; Bible III; FFA IV, V; Pep V. VIOLA GEORGIANETT RICHAR DSON " Viola " Pep IV, V; FHA IV, V. DAVID MICHAEL RIGAU " David " Pep III,IV, V; Drama III, IV; Bible III,IV, V; Library V. NANCY CARMEN RIGAU " Nancy " FHA III,IV -- V. P. , V-Pres. ; Pep III ,IV,V; Bible III, IV, V; Drama III,IV, V; Track III; Field Hockey IV, V; Beta IV, V; SC A V. ROBERT ROBINSON JR. " Robert " SHI fK H BARBARA LYNN ROWE " Barbara " Choral III, IV, V; Beta III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Bible III; Thespian IV,V -- Sec. CYNTHIA SALE ROWE " Cindy " Pep III,IV,V. 34 St JAMES MORTIE ROWE " Mortie " Pep III, IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Bible III, IV, V; Sailing V; Football Mgr. Ill,IV; Science V. KENNETH WADE ROY " Kenny " Band III,IV, V; Beta III,IV, V; Class V. P. Ill, IV; Science III; Bible III; Boys State IV; Inter¬ act IV,V; Dukes Dispatch editor -- V. RUTH DIANE SEARS " Diane " 4-H III,IV,V; Pep III, IV,V; Drama III,IV, V; Choral III,IV,V; FHA III,IV,V; Bible III,IV; SCA V; Office Asst. V. JAMES NATHAN SHACKELFORD " Jimmy " Choral III, IV; Art IV, V. SHARON ANNE SHACKELFORD " Sharon " Bible IV; Office Asst. V. BRENDA SUE SHEPHERD " Brenda " FHA III,IV, V --Rept., Historian; Pep III, IV; Guidance Asst. V. .• DEBORA LEE SMITH " Debbie " 4-H III -- Treasurer, IV; Pep III,IV, V; Drama III, IV, V; Band III; Bible III, IV; Choral IV, V. GARY PAUL SMITH " Gary " Choral III,IV,V; Pep III,IV; Drama III,IV; Bible III. GEORGE WHALEN SMITH " George " KAREN ANNETTE SMITH " Karen " FHA III,IV, V; Pep III,IV, V; Choral III, IV, V; Bible III, IV; Office Assistant. BONNIE KATE SOLES " Bonnie " FHA III,IV --Secretary, V; Pep III,IV, V; Beta III,IV,V -- Federation Secretary; Bible IV, V; SCA IV. JOYCE ANN SPENCER " Joyce " FHA III; Pep IV,V; Pep IV,V; Class Treasurer III; Drama V; Basketball IV. 36 MARY SUZANNE SMOOT " Suzanne " Pep III,IV, V; FHA III, Vice-Pres. , IV, V; Girls ' State IV; Library III; Hockey III,IV; Beta IV,V; Varsity Cheerleader IV,V; Cavalier V. WILLIAM DOUGLAS SMITH " Bill " VICA IV, V; Metal Shop Assistant V. LYDIA BELLE STERLI NG " Le Le " FHA III; Pep III, IV, V; 4-H III. JONATHAN KENNETH STUBBS " Jonathan " Class Pres. Ill; Vice-Pres. V;J.V. Basketball III; Baseball III, IV; 4-H III, IV, V; Indoor Track IV; Beta IV, V — Vice Pres. LARRY E. TAYLOR ' Tarry " Pep III,IV,V; Gymnastics III. LINDA FLORENCE TEMPLEMAN ' Tinda " Pep III,IV,V; Bible III,IV; Choral III,IV,V; Beta IV,V; Library V; Guidance Asst. V. RICHARD COLES TREVILLIAN " Richard " Pep III,IV,V; FCA III,IV; Varsity Football III, V; Drama IV,V; Bible IV, V; Varsity Baseball IV, V. WILLIE LEE WALKER " Willie " Varsity Football III,IV; Pep III, IV, V; Baseball III, V. MICHAEL DUANE WARD " Michael " 4-H III,IV, Rept. , V; Drama III, IV, V; Pep III, IV, V; Thespian III,IV,V — Pres. ; Science III, IV, V -- Vice-Pres.; Choral III, IV, V; Lab Asst. V. DIANE WHITE " Diane " FHA III; Drama III; 4-H III, IV; Science III, IV, V; Bible IV, V; Choral V. 37 THOMAS IRVING WHITE " Irving " MYRON LESLIE WILLIAMS " Myron " PAMELA CHRISTINE WILLIS " Pam " Pep HI,IV; Cheerleader III; Drill III; FHAIII, IV; Choral IV,V; Eaglette III. DONNA JEAN WILSON ' Donna " FHA III,IV,V -- Sec. ; Library V. 38 NOT PICTURED SENIORS LINDA REGENSBURG BONNIVILLE " Linda " DAVID ELLIS BERRY " David " RANDOLPH TAYLOR BROWN " Randy " HARRY WINGFIELD SHEPHERD " Pete " THOMAS EUGENE WASHER " Eugene " JAMES THOMAS PERRIN " James " NATHAN LE CLERC HOGGE " Nathan " DONALD RAY MILBY " Donald " LEVISON FRIZZELL HOLMES " Levison " POST-GRADUATES MARVIN LEVINE HOWARD " Marvin " RICHARD EDWARD MONTFORT " Richard 1 WILLIAM CARLTON SMITH " Bill " GORDON LEE TOWNSEND, JR. " Gordon " 39 Simon says . . . It ' s what ' s up front that counts ! The leader. A fugitive from Boot Hill. 40 Jaywalkers. mm fee 1 3 ACADEMIC STANDING: Mona Brewer, Norma Jordan, Bonnie Soles, Warren Deal, Jenny Johnston, Barbara Rowe, Kenneth Roy, Sheila Jenkins, Ronald James, Pam Arehart, Preston Higgins, Carole Feild, Louise Hors¬ ley, Gary Bowman, David Hess, Susan Lewis. Top Ten Per Cent Boys’-Girls’ State GIRLS ' STATE: Connie Eagle, alternate, Pam Arehart, Carole Feild, Suzanne Smoot. BOYS ' STATE: Charles Kerns, alternate, Jonathan Stubbs, Kenneth Roy, Warren Deal. IM - Classroom Chatter. You ' re beautiful, Charles! I use Gleem! ! I say the Easter bunny! Well, howdey! White Christmas. 42 HHHI UNDERCLASSMEN WMk Junior Class PRESIDENT . . . VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY . . TREASURER . . Stewart Harris Betty Ward Betty Hicks Kathy Luoma Charles Armstrong Larry Arrington Alta Ashe Linda Belvin Deborah Berry William Berry Jerry Bohannon Debbie Booker Jody Clark Bob Clements Calvin Coates JoAnn Combs Helen Booker Gary Bond John Bond Diane Bradford Becky Bradley Lovie Brown Patty Brown Susan Buck Gloria Buckland Wayne Burns Cynthia Byrd Jimmy Callis Penny Carmine Teresa Carmine Maury Carr Marilyn Carter Better luck next time! 45 Gene Conner Arlene Clayborne David Crockett Lora Dabney Micheal Dalton Jean Darnell Leslie DeBolt Linda DeBolt Jimmy Denton Flecia Diggs Martha Dischinger Diane Dunn Edmund Dunn Adelaide Dutton James Dutton Janice Erman Billye Fary Danny Fary Joe Fary Linda Fields Anita Fletcher William Fletcher Nancy Forrest Bronwyn Foster 46 Sam Green Margaret Green Tyrone Foster Rex Gaddy Carey Gant Shelly Grant Wayne Grant Irving Graves Rita Green Rosemary Green Coolin ' it. Joyce Gregory Donna Grigelis Charlotte Harless Stewart Harris Debbie Haywood Dewayne Haywood 47 Billy Healy Betty Hicks Billy Hogge Carol Hogge Ronald Hogge Wilson Hogge Nina Jenkins Valerie Jessen William Jesse Patricia Jackson Donna Jenkins Freddie Jenkins Bradley Holmes Myra Holmes Anita Horsley Harold Jackson 48 My girdle is just killing me ! m Oh, no ! It can ' t be ! 49 Pyramid of pulchritude? Lynn Mowry Janet Moyer Debbie Myers Gwendolyn Lewis Zachary Loesch Kathy Luoma Eddie Maples Danny Marsh Jo Ann Marshall Parker Jones Wyvonia Jones Rose Keeton Jean Kellum Yvonne King Joy Leigh Robert Lemon Phillip Marshall Earl Meekins Norma Melvin Nancy Moore 50 Myrtie Nelms Johnny Norcross Doug Oliver Janice O ' Neil Esther Ottarson Mitchell Owens Maria Rigau Marie Robins Judy Rowe Betty Rust Debbie Seawell Richard Setterholm 51 Stan Shackelford Dennis Shea Brenda Shiflett Carolyn Sibley Norman Sibley Keith Sinclair Diane Smith Ronnie Smith Wayne Smith Yvonne Taliaferro Pam Townsend Evan Van Leeuwen Grace Via Dennis Walton Betty Ward Ricky Ward Martha West Mickey West 52 Mirror, mirror . . . Me ? The Green Phantom ? This sure beats bologna and cheese. 53 Betty Wilkinson Cliff Williams Doug Williams David Williams Janice Wilson Phyllis Wilson Ronnie Wilson Selma Wilson Paul Wright Marta Wroten Herbert Wyatt Linda Gayle 54 Sophomore Class PRESIDENT . . . VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY . . TREASURER . . Diane Newton Lyle Foster Karen Bradley Alice Cottingham Johnny Altemus Chucky Ashe Andrea Ayres Charles Bailey Debbie Batisto Howard Berry Susan Berry William Blystone Douglas Bond Karen Bradley Cathy Bridges Herbert Brown Joey Brown Kenneth Brown Brenda Brumfield Larry Bur ell Gilbert Carter Lehman Catlett Judy Chenault Esther Clayborne Merle Clayborne William Clayborne J. D. Clements Brenda Coates Andy Cochran Howard Cooke Pam Cooke Billy Cox Wanda Cooper Ronald Craft Bobby Crewe Lois Crews Thomas Davenport Mike Dovel Herbert Driver Terry Eagle 56 Barbara Erickson Karen Farinholt Kenneth Fary Doug Fitchett Lyle Foster Rosemary Gant Bethany Geddings Freddie Goode Gayle Green Marsha Green Rogers Green Sherman Green Samuel Gregory Collins Griffin Patricia Grimes Ruth Grimes Jimmy Hall Patty Hall Rodney Hall Diane Hamm Bobby FI arris Caroline Haynes Paula Heywood Wendy Heywood George Hodges Debbie Hogge Edward Hogge Janet Hogge 57 Keith Hogge David Hudgins Jean Hudgins Susan Hussey Betty Hypes Lorraine Jackson Barbara Jenkins Ricky Jenkins Linda Johnson Brenda Jones Bruce Leigh Cathy Leigh Angela Lett Ricky Lewis Nancy Kellum Danny Machee Pat Maples Lennie Marble John Matouse Joanne Mazzarese Warren Milby Franklian Miller Jimmy Miller Sherry Miller David Milroy Janice Myers Janet Nally Diane Newton 58 Esther Oliver Larry Oliver Toni Olivis John Perrin Brenda Peruzzatc Liz Petty Donnie Poland Chris Post Linda Powell Deborah Pryor Denise Rainier James Redmond Debbie Reed Larry Reid Danny Rigau Clyde Rilee Janet Rilee_ % • Martha Riley Barbara Roane James Robertson Danny Rogers Walter Rowe Woody Rowe Wayne Savages Gilbert Sealey Elaine Sears Marcia Sears Anthony Skalak 59 M. B. Sheppard Debbie Sibley Cynthia Smith Dennis Sterling Marvin Stubbs Rosette Tabb Mike Teagle Dickie Tilliage Keith Trainham Janet Vaught Madeline Ward Reginal Ward George Washington Sharon Washington Donna West Janet West Fred Willis Barbara Wilson Mike Wilson Robert Wilson Nancy Wood Nancy Woods Peggy Woods Jerry Woodson 60 Administration SCHOOL BOARD Mr. William Blanks, Superintendent, Mrs. Margaret Cushman, Mrs. Cornelia Mowry, Dr. William Crittenden, Mr. Wallace Fletcher. PRINCIPAL Mr. William D. Bowling 62 Mr. James Coley Athletic Director Faculty Mrs. Nan Pointer Government Mrs. Rachel Paulson Math Mr. Stuart Conner Band, Choral Mr. William Lockwood English 63 Mrs. Charlsie Morris English Mrs. Elizabeth Treakle Guidance, Latin Mrs. Mary Lou Fary Librarian Mrs. Georgia Skyles English, Drama Miss Roberta Wiatt Athletics Mrs. Pointer helps out. Six periods a day, 180 days a year, the process of getting a high school edu¬ cation goes on at Gloucester High School. The field of education at G.H.S. ranges from vocational studies to physical edu¬ cation. In between, there are foreign languages, advanced math, government, and many more subjects. Contrary to the belief of some, education is not limited to the " three R ' s " but encompasses many areas which no teacher can cover. Physical and spiritual endurance is ac¬ complished through long hours of team practice. Association with other people gives us a first step towards under¬ standing ourselves and others. We acquire the first taste of the give and take necessary in life. No matter what we learn in the classroom or out, there is one thing no man can give us. This is wisdom. When we attain wisdom, our education is as complete as it will ever be. Wisdom. 65 Mr. Ralph Gentry Business Math Mr. Arthur Zachary Biology Mrs. Mary Rowe Occupational Food Mr. John Kelly Spanish Mrs. Barbara Feild F rench Mr. Edward Hall Art Miss Sharon Bray Typing 66 Mr. Elvin Adams Metal Cluster Miss Dallas deKrafft Business Mrs. Regina Foor English Mr. Michael Brown Industrial Arts Mr. Jonathan Gibson Drafting Mr. Robert Riggan Business Miss Patricia Cassidy Home Economics Mrs. Dorothy Cooke Math Play practice lasts long hours. Homeroom. Art class. 68 Mr. Zachary demonstrates a principle in physics? Mr. John Hennessee Agriculture Mr. Randall Beaver Biology CAFETERIA STAFF Mr. I. L. West, Manager Mr. Murray Davis History CUSTODIAN Mr. Christian 69 Happenings ’69- 70 Governor Godwin ABM INFLATION INCREASES Apollo 11 DEEPSEA VENTURES COMES TO GLOUCESTER WORLD EVANGELISM NIXON INAUGURATED AS 37th PRESIDENT MAN SETS FOOT ON THE MOON COMMUNITY COLLEGE TO BE IN GLOUCESTER CHIEFS WIN 70 SUPER BOWL BYRD HALL DEDICATED AT. V.I.M.S. TROOP PULLOUTS BEGIN IN VIETNAM POLLUTION HURRICANE BRINGS FLOODS Dawbarn unsuccessful in his bid for It. governor. " SILENT MAJORITY " EXCHANGE STUDENT COMES TO G.H.S. G.H.S. GETS NEW ATHLETIC FIELD METS WIN WORLD SERIES APOLLO 12 REPEATS MOON LANDING HAMPTON COLISEUM ARMED SERVICES CUTBACK LOCALLY UNREST Byrd Hall dedication 70 FIRST ROW: W. Deal, C. DuBose, R. Trevilian, C. Williams, R. Hogge, F. Willis. SECOND ROW: C. Carter, R. Keener, D. Crockett, L. Arrington, C. Gant, P. Marshall. THIRD ROW: S. Harris, J. Norcross, B. Jenkins, R. Tabb, P. Custis, B. Foster. Varsity Football Team Mathews 44-12 W Windsor 14-29 L Southampton 18-30 L James Blair 6-33 L John Yeates 22-20 W Northampton 16-14 W Powhatan 26-22 W Poquoson 20-12 W Smithfield 14-15 L Suffolk 6-30 L FIRST ROW: T. Foster, D. Bond, W. Lewis, E. W. Motley, R. Laws, M. Donner. SECOND ROW: C. Lockley, E. Washer, F. Jenkins, B. Hogge, F. Haywood, W. Berry. THIRD ROW: W. Bums, J. Laws, I. Graves, D. Bums. Senior Players Warren Deal, center. Eugene Washer, tackle. Richard Trevilian, center. Mark Donner, end. Don Burns, end John Laws, guard. Ronald Laws, tackle. Paul Custis, full back. Ricky Keener, tackle. David Bond, cornerback. E. W. Motley, cornerback. Bruce Jenkins, half back. Wade Lewis, safety. COACHES: Mr. Ken Brown Mr. Don Mullins Mr. Ralph Gentry 73 1 y jvHtr j i MtL -rcrc 1 1 A 2 2 w KNEELING: R. Trevilian, M. Peacher, B. Jenkins, R. Tabb, Coach Coley. STANDING: T. Foster, W. Lewis, S. Marble, L. Catlett, F. Willis, J. Bond, S. Green, R. Brown, L. Foster, P. Custis, B. Foster. Varsity Basketball Team Mathews 63-87 L Suffolk 31-60 L Windsor 55-67 L Southampton 52-65 L Northampton 52-50 W Central 64-65 L John Yeates 61-56 W Hayden 65-103 L Mathews 63-69 L Poquoson 68-55 W Southwestern 86-91 L Poquoson 37-36 W Waverly 54-52 W Stoney Creek 50-52 L Poquoson 49-46 W West Point 61-77 L Christmas Tournaments Walsingham 45-53 L James Blair 49-92 L 74 Senior Players Wade Lewis Guard Paul Custis Guard Lawrence Foster Forward Reggie Brown Center Bruce Jenkins Guard Mike Peacher Forward Sherman Marble Forward Dickie Jenkins Forward FIRST ROW: S. Hilliard, Coach Wiatt, L. Catlett SECOND ROW: S. Lewis, J. Spencer, E. Larrimore, N. Rigau, Z. Borum, D. Johnson, R. Hall, N. Catlett, V. Richardson THIRD ROW: B. Jones, V. Jessen, L. Jack- son, D. Dunn, N. Wood, L. Rowe, M. Green, S. Berry, G. Green Girls’ Basketball Team Mathews 32-28 James Blair 38-50 John Yeates 31-35 Poquoson 37-30 Poquoson 27-30 York 58-32 Waverly 30-36 Stoney Creek 38-19 W L L W L W L W 76 Senior Players Scarlet Hilliard Co-Captain LaVern Catlett Co-Captain Nancy Rigau Guard Dale Johnson Forward Nancy Catlett Guard Zanette Borum Guard Rose Hall Forward Joyce Spencer Rover Emily Larrimore Rover J.V. Football Coaches: Mike Brown and Elvin Adams Coach: Stuart Conner J.V. Basketball h 4jf 3 ij pmiit [ A2 m IfDUKES ■ 12 1 | jukes ' 1.30 foUKEsKffffES l 1 34 jsi 1 lljUKESj 50 | IjUKEsY ' JK ' P55 Kg ij (w| ' gv % A ' m - -Hi KNEELING: Pam Cooke, Marta Wroten, Grace Via, Laura Dabney, Martha Dischinger, Natalie Whitcomb, Debora Pryor. STANDING: Phyllis Wilson, Sylvia Carter, Nancy Catlett, Jenny Johnston, Dee Clark, Deborah Hogge, Madeline Ward, Nancy Rigau. Field Hockey Team Gloucester 0 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 1 Gloucester 0 Hampton Roads 0 York 1 Walshingham 2 Princess Anne 7 Wilson 0 York 6 Practice, Practice KNEELING: T. Carter, S. Lanciano, J. Denton, Coach Tutt, C. Kerns, R. Hogge, R. Wilson, R. Brown, STANDING: J. Driver, Mgr. G. Cooke, D. Crockett, D. Marsh, R. Brown, T. Foster, N. Robinson, R. Laws, W. Berry, C. Dishcinger, E. Maples, W. Lewis, F. Jenkins, J. Laws, D. Far , P. Marshall, B. Catlett, W. Dirle, I. Brown, Mgr. 1969 District Track Champs Gloucester. 65 Poquoson . . . . 62 Gloucester. 85 1 2 Forest Glen . . . 41 1 2 Gloucester. 76 Southampton. . . 50 Gloucester. 70 Mathews . . . . 57 Gloucester. 66 Suffolk . . . . . 64 Triangular Meet Gloucester 1st Northampton 2nd Onomcock 3rd 4 Way Meet Gloucester 1st Forest Glen 2nd Franklin 3rd Smithfield 4th I ' ll walk a mile for a ride! Eastern Shore Invitational (Gloucester 2nd) SCHOOL RECORDS 1969 Javcees Invitational (Gloucester 1st) DISTRICT 1 GROUP 2 Gloucester .... 66 1st Southampton .... 47 2nd STATE GROUP 2 Nelson Co.43 1st Gloucester. 22 2nd Mile . . . David Bond. 4:42 2 Mile . . Charles Kerns Jr 10:22 Discus . . Richard Brown 162 ' 4 " 80 S.C.A. Council The Student Cooperative Association of Gloucester High School has come closest this year to fulfilling its role of leading the students than in any previous year. Among its many activities, the S.C.A. spearheaded the drive to bring a foreign exchange student to the school. The honor code, student -- faculty relations, and school co¬ operation are all aspects in the Student Cooperative Association ' s continuing pursuit of interest, leadership, understanding, and honor throughout the student body. The officers are: Connie Eagle, president; Stewart Harris, vice-president; Norma Jordan, secretary; Betty Hicks, treasurer; and Charles Kerns, reporter. S.C.A. Officers W W II — Beta Club With the ideals of honesty, leadership, and service as a guide, the Beta Club pro¬ motes scholastic achievement and encourages students to continue their education after high school. The club has tried to carry out the motto, " Let us lead by serving others. " This year the club tapped its first honorary member, Mohammad Ihsan, G.H.S. ' s foreign exchange student from Afghanistan. The club also had an active part in the local federation by having two members as officers. In March, a majority of the members attended the Beta convention in Roanoke. The officers of the club are: Sheila Jenkins, president; Jonathan Stubbs, vice-president; Mona Brewer, secretary; Preston Higgins, treasurer; and Louise Nuttall, reporter. Miss Dallas deKrafft is sponsor. i fggrt | . I mm I •- . jf J •iT}„ {¥ : fir® m LI J f b gpfigl B IM. M P jL_ m L-v? jr i 1 V - ' : r. |La 1 1 jifii 1970 Cheerleaders Alice Cottingham, Rosette Tabb, Rosemary Gant, Andrea Ayres, Cathy Bridges, Debbie Hogge, Pam Townsend, Marsha Poland, Linda DeBolt, Patty Brown, Debbie Healy; captain, Gray Kirtley, Marti Lewis, Suzanne Smoot, Norma Jordan, Connie Eagle. Seniors Connie Eagle Norma Jordan Debbie Healy Marti Lewis Suzanne Smoot Gray Kirtley Pep Club The spirit at G.H.S., which has helped the mighty Dukes on to victory, has been boosted by the 231 strong Pep Club. The Pep Club, led by President Charles Kerns, Vice-President Penny Carmine, Secretary Paula Burcher, and Treasurer Maria Rigau, has helped to provide the necessary enthusiasm for success. Interact Club i The G.H.S. Interact Club is a service organization consisting of 19 members. The activities for this year include publishing the DUKES DISPATCH and posting the school sign. The club ' s foreign project was a donation to the A.F.S. to help bring an ex¬ change student to the school. The ' 69- ' 70 officers are: Warren Deal, president; Charles Kerns, vice-president; Keith Sinclair, secretary; and Ronald James, trea¬ surer. Kenneth Roy is editor of the paper, and Col. W.H.G. Fuller acts as adviser. Dukes Dispatch Staff Cavalier Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Warren Deal ADVERTISING EDITOR Pam Arehart PICTURE EDITORS BUSINESS MANAGER SPORTS EDITOR SALES MANAGER Suzanne Smoot Debbie Healy David Hess Charles Kerns Mona Brewer PHOTOGRAPHERS SALES ADVERTISING ADVISER Gary Becknell Gary Bowman Mary Fary Sheila Jenkins Norma Jordan Marti Lewis Mr. Don Miner MrawSi Future Homemakers Of America The G .H . S. Chapter of the F .H . A . had chosen the theme " To Dare is to Care " for its 1969-70 program of work. Two projects now engaged in include sending care pack¬ ages to the men in Vietnam and making stuffed animals for small children in orphan¬ ages. The officers of the chapter for 1969-70 are: Nancy Rigau, President; Marsha Horsley, Vice-President; Carolyn Sibley, Secretary; Donna Wilson, Corresponding Secretary; Adelaide Dutton, Treasurer; Della Pointer, Parliamentarian; Brenda Shep¬ ard, Reporter; and Miss Patricia Cassidy, Advisor. | ' I:F ’ fl Bjy™ -gyj J IHEIiCaHk Js wrn - " ' jWMn I | F.H.A. Officers Future Farmers Of America The Future Farmers of America devotes its time and effort to the promotion of vo¬ cational agriculture in Gloucester. These members are expressing an avid interest in a traditional occupation of rural America. This year ' s F.F.A. is led by the following officers: President, Sam Green; Vice-President, Doug Oliver; Secretary, Clyde Rilee; Reporter, Richard Dutton; and Sentinel, Norman Sibley. Mr. Hennessee is the sponsor of the chapter. | F.F.A. Officers ! 1 Y % " fib ' jiff f Ik i; l r Or ifl L vj K ■ " sr y lbJj ml ' JH H v 4 i m i ■ rm , ■L T - JjH ( V " ’ Am w mi Debate Club The Debate Club is intended to promote concern and involvement in the contem¬ porary world. All debaters learn to develop logical arguments as well as to speak in public. Each year a new topic is selected by a national referendum of coaches of high school teams. The team this year debated what should be the extent of the United States ' military commitments to foreign countries. The Library Club at G.H.S. is intended to help students prepare for careers in library work. A secondary, and a most important, feature of the club is to aid not only the Librarian but other students in their learning activities. These students should be commended for their unselfishness. [ Library Club Sailing Club The Gloucester High School Sailing Club represents one of the novel ideas to come from G.H.S. The Sailing Club, sponsored by Mr. Randall Beaver, is affiliated with the Sea Explorers of the Boy Scouts of America. The club is one of the few coed Sea Explorer units in the United States. Through the generous contributions of time and effort from interested community members, the club did extensive work on its 18 ' 6 " Holiday sailboat and trailer. The excitement of sailing is very rewarding as all club members who participated in the 1969 Governor ' s Cup can testify. Amu __Mj» tipfll u 91 Drama Club The Gloucester High School Drama Club again placed its emphasis on one act plays. The first production of the year was " Bad Seed " . The club also provided per sonnel for the production of skits on special occasions this year. PRESIDENT: Rudy McDaniel SECRETARY: Carey Haus VICE-PRESIDENT: Michael Ward TREASURER: Gary Becknell PUBLICITY CHAIRMEN: Fred Mezger and Myra Horsley SPONSOR: Mrs, William Skyles ' ijjgBBPSfr I i V | V if tr K M. Thespian Troop 3099 Thespian Troop 3099 of G.H.S. last year added seventeen new members, bringing its total to forty-four members. G.H.S. is the only Group II school in the district to belong to the international Thespian organization. The biggest thrill of the year came when the club was invited to be one of the four schools in Virginia to present a one act play at the statewide convention. No other Group II school in the nation has ever had this honor. 93 4-H Club ‘1 1 i 1 ! The 4-H Clubs were established by the United States Department of Agriculture to instruct young people concerning modern agricultural developments and practices and the fundamentals of good citizenship. The Gloucester High School 4-H Club is an organization of young people working both as individuals and as an energetic group in order to better fulfill their four-fold aim of improving the head, heart, hands, and health. This year ' s choir consists of 73 members under the direction of Stuart Conner. The choir was heard in concert for the first time when they performed during the Thanksgiving assembly. In December, they gave several Christmas concerts; one for the student body, one for the general public, and one for Bethany Methodist Church. In the spring, the choir participated in the annual Spring Music Festival and held a special Easter program. The tradi tional Senior Concert was also given in the late spring. Several outstanding members of the choir had the opportunity to attend the Regional Choir in Richmond. 95 Drill Team This year the G.H.S. Marching Band played on occasion, attending football games and pep rallies in support of the football team and student body. The band won first place in its division at the annual Columbus Day Parade in Newport News, and at¬ tended the annual band day of the College of William and Mary. Wherever the band goes, the drill team goes, and likewise the spirit of G.H.S. Marching Band Concert Band The Concert Band played on various occasions including the Christmas concert, the assemblies, and at the annual Senior concert. The Concert Band is directed by Mr. Conner. The Dance Band played music of a more popular style at various events including football games. Its director is Mr. Conner. Dance Band Bible Club Under the direction of Mr. Lockwood, the Bible Club has worked for the good of the student body. Among its activities the club distributed literature to the stu¬ dents and faculty at Christmas. The officers are: Grace Via, president; Karen Bradley, vice-president; Dennis Walton, treasurer; and Doug Williams, reporter. Guidance Assistants Science Club The Science Club was organized for those students interested in science. Its pur¬ pose is to challenge the minds of these students through numerous service projects. The Science Club ' s aim this year was to present the problem of pollution to the people of Gloucester County and ways in which it can be eliminated. The club attempted to provide a science fair for those students who wished to participate. The club ' s officers are: Michael Ward, president; Joey Brown, vice-president; Betty Wilkinson, secretary; Evan Van Leeuwen, treasurer; Gary Becknell, reporter. 99 f i ? • T a ' ji m. M ■£- dm,m f JHflr • 4 ’a jiagi j " f f® fOT||v T ;i 1 P5r. AW Wk l§ ji |T A | Av, h 3 v jjjl £ A1 Jra 1 Tr r t§§| »- i j4 f • vjJV if m J - 1 I £jh| L fl»| Kk f Hr i y HU, ify™ 1 Iffil Pi 1 irrc A B ' | ' npl 1 Jmjdjmgk tr j gr ' 1 yBgL |y, i m m b. j|jF M O v J RchI , S ji fel ' ? 1 Ea Office Assistants The office assistants are important to the efficiency of the school. Through their efforts, time and steps are saved each day. The assistants spend their time collect¬ ing absentee slips, delivering messages, operating office machines, and delivering the bulletin. jTah assistants lend to the versatility of the teacher, freeing him to concentr ate on helping more students in a cfass period. _ , Lab Assistants Homecoming 102 11th GRADE ATTENDANT Debbie Haywood 10th GRADE ATTENDANT Andrea Ayers c zcQ ‘ZiCjO Uxd ti C OoZ cdJ q Qfif c - jZClCJl cUwzn ' i. cocacnj dial o 6jtl) Oau h yGa c Zv y ao zd aohQCcOiq GLO dz ad ' O AQJULcj dJQ Zj d AjlCldcy L lCiaAa lOImQ tpicd §0-CLancf c CU_f LmG[ajJ Ci icO d Ac C c Oj O-lcL ' Q OJlQ cdcC u C 3U. J a cddl OL tDOiJlZAd d Qsi-t ilaOhA 0SU t W COcZ A dad CtClc O. hdCj dO_L ' QZ a dcygo z ijLoz) du ujct b c Cl 6 c. c ChCd hcd C€J dZOA cd ahead £% dad? S Agpzay od ' MJ — - — ' ' 0 J Co-captains crown Queen Karen. ClC cC CCL £®t (S CkVC Z- 2ld „dl a l sJ ulda. Vxid OJA d hyx 103 Senior float earns second place. Powder Puff Football Gr-r-r-r! Sexy, Clyde, sexy. w.T’ • ' ’ Seniors Crush Faculty 52-25 In Basketball 104 Miss G.H.S Norma Jordan Runners up: Barbara Rowe Carole Feild Former drug addicts speak to the student body. Ihsan on the slopes. Ziegfeld Follies of 1970. 105 Dukes ' linemen warm up. The Dukes score two. Set! . . . Hit! A gathering ol the minds. Sports 106 Down that court! ffi My gosh! Everybody came to the staff meeting!.! ! Wrong restroom, Ronnie ! Everyday This is Santa Claus? At G.H.S. Do what to my right ear! ? 107 I ' ll show ' em. PERSONALITY PLUS Connie Eagle Mohammad Ihsan MOST ATHLETIC Scarlet Hilliard Bruce Jenkins 108 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Norma Jordan Not Pictured: Kenneth Roy CUTEST Harvey Slavnik Paula Burcher 109 Around School What ' s this?! Wait! I hear Mr. Bowling coming. Get away! ! ! A scene from " Bad Seed. " Hey!, I ' m the bogy man! 110 GLOUCESTER V V‘ i . ' • ;.• ‘.i tf ' Vi • ; c. ' 3£ 4 rtst Congratulations to the Class of 70 " From the Friendly Bank " with an ey e to your future Gloucester ' s only locally owned and managed bank Serving the people of Gloucester County for sixty-three years . 1906 BANK OP T LOUCESTEr MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT m INSURANCE CORPORATION HTI rTGlOUCESTtP. POINT f Compliments of Ordinary Appliance Co., Inc. Westinghouse — Motorola — Gibson Furniture Appliances Hayes, Virginia Phone:642-4114 Bank Americard Central Charge Buick Chevrolet Corvair Chevelle ■SU54 1 UlC l unJLCl Gloucester, Virginic BETA CLUB President: Shelia Jenkins Vice President: Jonathan Stubbs Secretary: Mona Brewer Treasurer: Preston Higgins Reporter: Louise Nuttall Advisor: Dallas De Krafft Federation Officers President: Pam Arehart Secretary: Bonnie Soles Compliments of C. L. WILLIAMS General Merchandise Maryus, Virginia ROBINS AUTO PARTS New and Used Auto Parts New Marine Conversions G.M.C. Trucks Route 17, Gloucester, Virginia r V. .3 i ' . Congratulations to the Seniors Compliments of MOORE AND RAMSEY WELDING SHOP i -t-? •, r.T r j, •,. •• Shop On The Corner C. B. ROWE AND SON General Merchandise Complete Line Of Marine Hardware Crisfield, Maryland Oyster Tongs Oystermen ' s Supplies Anvil Brand Work Clothes Atlantic Oil Products Birds Eye Frozen Foods Free Delivery Service Phone: 642-2373 Bena, Virginia YORK RIVER SEAFOOD CO. INC. Wholesale Dealers in Crabmeat Clams Crabs Fish Phone: 642-2151 Route 2, Hayes, Va. First Virginia Bank Norfolk,Virginia Beach, Gloucester FOIL SERVICE BANKING • CASH - A - MAT1C • ALL PURPOSE LOANS • GIANT BANKBOOK • SPECIAL HOMEOWNERS FINANCING • ALL DAY BANK HOURS • DRIVE IN FACILITIES • NIGHT DEPOSITORY • SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES • TRUST SERVICES MEMBER FIRST VIRGINIA.® MEMBER FDIG. Compl iments of HARRIS’S GARAGE Hayes, Virginia 24 Hr. Wrecking Service Phone: Day 642-2440 Night 642-2571 Automotive and Marine Repair R1GAU CONCRETE WORKS Septic Tanks Well Curving — Drain Tile Bridge Pipe Septic Tanks Cleaned Complete Sewage Installation Jaime L. Rigau Phone: 693-3036 ■■VV.. ■ ' . ; . Compliments of GRAY ' S PHARMACY Phone 693-2400 Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of SEAR ' S MOBIL SERVICE STATION Gas — Oil — Ice Phone: 693-2310 Ark, Virginia Water Treatment Chlori nator Acid Neutralization Iron Filters Sediment FiIters I MIKfiCLRllwRTER Swimming Pool Supplies Sales, Service and Rentals Lan-o-soft soap products Salt Delivery Service--Free Water Analysis Residential Commercial Hayes, Virginia Phone: 642-2697 wfflm Supermarket and Variety Store BROADDUS AND HALL, INC. General Electric Appliances and Furniture J. E. HALL W. F. BROADDUS ARK BEAUTY SHOP - Mrs. Carol Eubank Ark, Virginia Phone: 693-3188 Compliments of co 0 ? ' ,me nfs 0f W. E. BELVIN REALTY OTIS HOGGE Real Estate, LUCILLE ' S Esso Products Dupont and Dutch Boy Paints Phone 642-4439 BEAUTY SALON Developing, and Contracting Box 277, Gloucester Point 642-2052 Gloucester Point, Va. ... Congratulations Gradsi You May Be Through With Books, But You Can Keep Up With Current Events If You Keep Tuned To WOODY RADIO W.D.D.Y. Radio Woody 1420 On Your DaiJ Compliments of POLAND ' S SUPER MARKET Gloucester Point, Virginia Courtesy WHITE MARSH SUTTON ' S RESTAURANT Specialize in Home Cooked Food Hours: 8:00 to 7:30 Phone: 693-2642 TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP Hayes, Virginia ■ ; BARBER SHOP AMERICAN. Brand HEATING OIL Regular Service Actually Saves You Money I AMERICAN Use Your Budget Payment Plan YOUR BILL DIVIDED INTO LOW MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS NO INTEREST or CARRYING CHARGE ROBERT W. TILLAGE SALES REPRESENTATIVE imm ou COUP. YOUR GLOUCESTER HEATING OIL DISTRIBUTOR NIGHTS CALL 642-2313 GLOUCESTER POINT VA 642-4540 FARINHOLT INSURANCE AGENCY Gloucester, Virginia 693-2550 MORRIS BROTHERS Make It a Memorable Occasion Send Flowers from ROBBINS FLORIST Gulf Gas Oil Lubrication General Repairs Rf. 17, Ark, Va. Phone: 693-2067 . . . — . — . .. . . ■ — Complete Sewing Needlework Center Simplicity Patterns Yarns YE OLDE SPINNING WHEEL Louise Bond, Owner Flowers by Wire Day: 642-2101 Gloucester Point Night: 642-2974 LIZ ' S ANTIQUE FURNITURE Antiques — Early American Furniture — Glassware —- China ■— Rugs -- Appliances Gloucester, Virginia 693-2274 Elizabeth Crews, Owner ’;:V;;!; . ' ;V Compliments of EE ' S BARBER SHOP " Serving G loucester Edgehill Shopping Center Gloucester, Virginia Congratulations { JORDAN MARINE SERVICE, INC. Marine Hardware and Supplies Gloucester Point, Va. . ; ■ .. ■ ■; • ■ Telephone 642-4360 Compliments of Esso Servicenter J. E. Sears and Sons " Home of the Tigers " Gloucester, Virginia Village L. F. PHILLIPS Phone: 693-2908 Office: 642-2166 Compliments of TEMPLEMAN’S BARBER SHOP Bena, Va. Your Patronage Is Greatly Appreciated harry ward Esso Gas Oil Sandwiches Box 4-C, Route 1 Hayes, Virginia 642-2052 Walker NATIONAL RUG CLEANING CO. INC. BUS ' .—642-5123 HOME—826-0827 “If We Can’t Clean It, It Can’t Be Cleaned” f JANIS CAROL BEAUTY SALON Professional Up-to-Date Hair Stylists Hayes Plaza Shopping Center Phone: 642-4200 Seniors 70 " Vaya Con Dios " " Ma Smith " TIDEWATER MOTEL Hayes, Va. 642-2155 Owner: Mrs.. Theresa Smith Compliments of COLONIAL PRODUCTS COMPANY Gas and Electric Welding Structural Steel Ceci I C . Fary Ark., Va. 693-3175 BELVIN DIAMOND MERCHANTS VILLAGE JEWELRY CO. 693-3470 Gloucester, Virginia Congratulations to the Graduating Class TURLINGTON JEWELERS White Marsh Shopping Center White Marsh, Virginia Phone: 693-3450 DIAMOND RINGS Three in the Attic ! We brush regularly with Crest! GLOUCESTER AUTO SUPPLY Highway 17 Gloucester Point, Va Campers — Travel Trailers Phone: 64277 Equipment — Supplies They Work! Guess Who ' s Coming to Dinner! Formals For Rent CAROLYN’S SHOP Hayes Plaza Shopping Center Phone: 642-2722 Levis . Ship and Shore Notice Now is the time for action. If you have been waiting for a set of genuine pearls, wait no longer! Come on down to HOGG S OYSTER COMPANY at Gloucester Pt. Best oysters and pearls. SOUTHERN STATES COOPERATIVE, INC. Gloucester Service Edgehill Shopping Center 693-3411 Feed Seed Fertilizer Farm Building Supplies Call 642-2106 NEWTON BUS SERVICE, INC. Rt. 1 Box 8D Gloucester Employee Hauling Charter Service Phones: 693-2284 693-2521 NEWPORT NEWS. WE’VE LAUNCHED MORE THAN 500 SHIPS. But wait ' til you see our encore. When we started out in 1886, we were just a small ship repair yard. We named the company Newport News. Because we were proud to be doing business here. ---------—— r ■■■ Jjgfc: ' Today we ' re the largest shipyard in the world. And we ' re still proud to call ourselves Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company. Becat a lot of the people who helped put us where we are today come from right here on the Virginia Peninsula. . With their help, Newport News has become an important asset to our community, our state and our nation. Sure, launching over 500 ships in a little more than 80 years is a pretty impressive achievement. But we ' re not standing still for that. We ' re constantly looking to the future. And since our acquisition by Tenneco Inc. we ' ve got an even greater encore lined up for our employees and the community. NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING AND DRY DOCK COMPANY NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 23607 A MAJOR COMPONENT OF tHNNECO}) TENNECO INC. ITERNAT ION AL HARVESTER BROTHERS’ MOTORS INC. International Detroit Diesel Engines Sales — Service — Parts Phone: 642-4413 Ordinary, Va . BRIDGES OFFICE SUPPLY CORP. Edgehi 11 Shopping Center Phone 693-2363 Hallmark Cards and Papers Art Supplies Stationery and Office Supplies Office Furniture GLOUCESTER POINT RESTAURANT Happiness is Shopping at BRIDGES OFFICE SUPPLY. Compl iments of PAT ' S BEAUTY SALON Yorktown, Va . GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL P.T.A. PTA Action Benfits and youth LOU SMITH ' S SUPERMARKET Dairy and Snack Bar Hayes Plaza COUNTY SUPPLY CO. T. J. W. S. Thomas Hardware Coal Building Supplies Seed and Fertilizers Hayes, Virginia Phone: 642-2700 S. C. LAMBERTH BROTHERS, INC. Lumber and Building Materials White Marsh, Virginia 23183 Phone: 693-3233 J. C. EDWARDS VARIETY 5 : to $5.00 Distributor for Mary Carter Paints Gloucester, Virginia JORDAN REALTY, INC. Realtors, Builders, Insurers Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone: 642-4160 PHONE 642-5051 HAYES MARINE SALES SERVICE SALES - REPAIRS - SERVICE FLOWERS UrMlmitim GLOUCESTER FLORIST For the Finest in Flowers Try Ours " Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone: 642-4555 HIGHWAY 216 AT 17 HAYES, VIRGINIA HERBERT D. CLEMENTS PLUMBING AND HEATING " Good Plumbing is not cheap, and cheap plumbing is not good. " Phone 693-3617 t, , » ’ ' „ HUDGINS FLORIST AND NURSERY You can tip-toe through the tulips at Hudgins Florist and Nursery. Flowers for Prom, Ring Dance, and all occasions. Call: 642-2802 Compliments of SPENCER CLOPTON Gloucester Point, Virginia Come on in. It makes you FEEL LIKE NEW! EDGEHILL SHOPPING CENTER Vashti ' s Jewelry Gift Shoppe China Rings Compliments of Watches Silver Crystal W. C. TUCKER ' S STORE Special Gifts Gloucester, Virginia Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 693-3434 " Gifts for Graduation. " H. C. SHACKELFORD SON, INC. Distributor Atlantic Petroleum Products Gloucester Point, Virginia Day Phones 642-2161 SOW, IMC. Night Phones 642-2574 642-2604 The Symbol Of Freedom In America. .. Freedom Of The Press Is One Of The Principles of Our Democracy! . • : : ' .-.v auKStt ■ vyi ,r " w , . I Hfackfm . Sifrftiftm ■ " « »» K :v Jo . % x v x . »hit H rmu — Wt„«r n % ty f: ,, em mU y kmlIi ? t I fei s ■ £ . fiM $S r n - ' XSxmasr kmsmim At Your Doorstep With All The News LOCAL if NATIONAL if INTERNATIONAL To Help Complete Your Education—By Keeping You Informed Hampton Roads’ Morning and Evening NEWSpapers 132 J. DOSWELL DUTTON Hardware, Paints Wallpaper Carrier Heat and Air Condition Gloucester, Va. 693-3616 Compliments of Gloucester — Mathews GAZETTE JOURNAL " Your Hometown Newspaper " Phones: 693-3101 725-2191 For Tops in Fashion shop SOUTHSIDE INSURANCE EMMA JANE SHOPPE AGENCY, INC. Clothing for Men Women Phone:693-3800 Gloucester, Va. 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(lmile north 642-4656 of bridge) O LIO 3 IM10 B 1 LE Sales and Service Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 693-2828 POX T!AC " Tommy " Shackelford SHACKELFORD-SCHILFER SEAFOOD CORP. Severn, Virginia Phone: 642-2022 Carl Schlifer Edgehill Shopping Center Gloucester, Virginia Clothing For The Entire Family Open Friday Til 9:00 and Wednesday Afternoon Phone: 693-2970 TOWN COUNTRY DECORATORS, INC. Formerly Wells Tile Company Wall-to-Wall Carpet Custom Made Draperies Vinyl Floor Coverings Area and Room Size Rugs Ceramic Tile and Marble Interior Decorating Service Installations By Our Certified Mechanics Edward Norris Jr. Kilmarnock 435-1820 L. T. Wells Jr. Gloucester Pt. 642-4641 ■ i : V ' Meet Your Friends At n DRUG STORE wc OLOUCMTi , VA MORGANS Morgan ' s Drug Store Gloucester, Virginia Congratulations to the class of 1970 W MARS MACHINE WORKS, INC. THE PEOPLE OF GLOUCESTER COUNTY would like to thank the Abingdon and Gloucester Rescue Squads for their help. You can relax and enjoy yourself knowing that the Rescue Squad is always ready! Gloucester Phone: 693-3890 693-2600 Abingdon Phone: 693-3890 693-2600 Gray Kirtley Connie Eagle Marti Lewis Patty Brown Marsha Poland Norma Jordan DEBBIE HEALY Suzanne Smoot Linda Debolt Pam Townsend Captain Rosemary Gant Debbie Hogge Alice Cottingham Andrea Ayers Kathy Bridges Rosette Tabb SEARS HBH STORE Martha Brown, Manager Phone: 693-2296 Gloucester, Va. Shop Catalog and Save Compliments of SEA WELLS ORDINARY Phone: 642-2910 at »p KINGSBERRY HOMES BOISE CASCADE CORPORATION CROWNING ACHIEVEMENTS IN HOME BUILDING Over 50,000 proud Kingsberry homeowners have crowned Kingsberry the growth leader of the manufac¬ tured homes industry. Ask your Kingsberry dealer to show you the wide range of everything Kingsberry has in choice for you! From over one hundred home plans to the last word in a wealth of options . You ' ll move into your Kingsberry home satisfied that a crowning achievement in home building is yours. And through Kingsberry ' s individuality in depth . . . you helped make it so. Baumgardner Hogge, Inc. HAYES, VIRGINIA PHONE: OFFICE 642-4410 RESIDENCE 642-2824 642-2469 138 Sportswear By: Bobbie Brooks, Shapely Classic, Kay Windsor Gay Gibson Dresses Georgi-Ann’s Shoppe Hayes Plaza Shopping Center Phone: 642-2984 Compliments of GLOUCESTER POINT ESSO Official State Inspections U. S. Route 17 Servicecenter Phone 642-2)71 FRED H. STRATTON Gloucester Point Mi !v gap Compliments of MASON ' S ESSO G. M. Bonniville Rt. 2 Gloucester, Va. Complimenfs of BUNTING ' S BARBER SHOP Ark, Virginia Phone:693-3256 tjfc. Congratulations Seniors! from the Drama Club Officers President: Rudy McDaniel Vice-President: Mike Ward Secretary: Carey Haus Treasurer: Gary Becknell DRAMA CLUB THESPIAN SOCIETY Thespian Society President: Mike Ward Vice-President: Diane Newton Secretary: Barbara Rowe Treasurer: Rudy McDaniel Reporter: Gary Becknell Projects A.F.S. Contributions Dukes Dispatch President: Warren Deal Vice-President: Charles Kerns Secretary: Keith Sinclair Treasurer: Ronald James Board of Directors Kenneth Roy Danny Hatch Stewart Harris Advisor: Col Fuller }j ! ; r,.ijv’jfcU- m Mi ’ ' ' s ' MvwWP) itil w ' 1 ' ■ 1 ' ' ‘ ‘ ' ; • ■ ' V ' v cV : ill F HjJlj.V j ...the family store Seniors Best Wishes For The Future " SUSIE " land HI catalog IT ORDER I III I , RENTER Compliments of HUB CLEANERS Motto: Satisfied Customers Phone: 642-4678 CHARLES J. KERNS Real Estate Broker Phone: 693-3425 . ' . ! M$: t W8 M President: Charles Kerns WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE T. J. Thomas and Son " The Family Store " Phone: 642-4320 Congratulations to the class of 1970 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Gloucester, Virginia " Your family store " Owners: W. B. Clements R. L. Clemens PiSptl ■5 ' ■ ■ ■ PEP CLUB DUKES 1969-1970 j Y ' ; i Vice-President: Penny Carmine Secretary: Paula Burcher ' ISMl Sponsor: Roberta Wiatt Mm MIKE’S TIRE AND RECAPPING SERVICE Atlantic Gasoline Delta Tires Phone: 642-2980 Compliments of ifmh WEST’S TASTEE FREEZE SNACK BAR ?IZZA Phone: 642-2251 Rt. 17 Hayes, Virginia Box 8 HAYWOOD’S SEAFOOD Phone: 642-4300 Becknell Pamray Sue Monique THE ANNUAL STAFF HOPES YOU ENJOY YOUR ' 70 CAVALIER Nornie Deborah Summer Supplement Salutorian Speaks 1970 has been a year of firsts for GHS. These began with the addition of our first foreign exchange student to our student body. Then, football and baseball seasons were begun by playing their first games on the new GHS Athletic Field. The Drama Club presented its first musical, Bye-Bye Birdie. The Seniors presented the first Stunt Night, which was a huge success. The Science Club made its contribution by presenting GHS with its first Science Fair. We, the Cavalier Staff, would like to make our own first -- summer supplement to the 1970 Cavalier. I use new Dry Ban, how about you? But, all I said was . . . KNEELING: S. Lanciano, R. Brown, J. Laws, C. Kerns, D. Fary; STANDING: M. Riley, D. Bond, B. Clements, T. Foster, R. Hogge, L. Catlett, R. Ward, C. Carter, I. Graves, A. Cochran, F. Haywood, F. Willis, Coach Brown. 1970 District Track Champs Dual Meets Christ Church Southampton Smithfield Poquoson 75-63L 144-22W 101-17W 78-58W School Records 1970 880 .Scott Lanciano 2:01 Mile . . Phil Marshall -- 4:38 Pole Vault . limmy Denton -- 11 3 ' ' Invitational Meets Tri-angular Meets Franklin Suffolk 2nd-58 2nd-54 West Point 15 Poquoson 48 1 2 Mathews 55 Mathews 49 Gloucester 79W Gloucester 72W ii 1970 Baseball James Blair 1-0 L Suffolk 9-3 W Christ Church 15-9 L Windsor 7-3 W West Point 2-1 W Southampton 4-1 W Christ Church 4-1 L North Hampton 3-2 L Mathews 5-0 W Centeral 5-0 W John Yeates 2-0 W Hayden 4-3 L Poquoson 4-3 W Southwestern 4-0 W Mathews 4-3 W KNEELING: C. Gant, W. Rowe, P. Custis, B. Jenkins, R. Trevillian, K. Webb; STANDING: S. Harris, G. Sealey, B. Harris, R. Tabb, J. Howlett, J. Bohannon. I 4 lUiafl I jMw 1 i j .yi 31 jj i-i C %:C InJwp ' • ' Sit tl AC t ft ' SCA Elects IV Student Activities 2001: A Space Oddity (Make your own caption) The Devil made me do it! First GHS Science Fair V Queen Debbie, King Paul Isle Of Golden Dreams Peek-a-boo VI Senior Day My class has 50% fewer cavities! Senior Day has be¬ come a long established and respected tradition at GHS. It is a time for reflections of the past and future. We, the Cavalier Staff of 1971 would like to pay tri¬ bute to the Senior Class of 1970 and wish them all the happiness possible in the future. We congratulate you for your effort and endeavors. 4X2 is what? Naw! Fourscore and . . . I am your teacher And now boys and girls . . . Left, left, left-right-left. Graduation 1970 The long and winding road. You ' ve come a long way baby. VIII

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