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.. ' -. •• •Kiw .; r V,,V THE CAVALIER Gloucester High School Gloucester, Virginia XVI Edition 1969 Gloucester High . ... ? . - 2 School influences the life of each person who enters through its doors. It strives through its faculty and administration to prepare each student for his adult role in life. This preparation is gained by hard work, deter¬ mination, practice, and cooperation and is enriched through many friendships. It is with a feeling of pride and preparedness that the 1969 Cavalier staff presents to you Gloucester High School. Faculty 17 Seniors 23 Underclassmen 45 Sports 61 Features 71 Organizations 77 Advertising 97 4 Another Year Begins with the usual amount of enthusiasm and confusion over classes and schedules. Adjustments proceeded quickly--all things considered--and soon the work began in earnest: Old friendships were renewed and new ones started as the high school came to life again. 5 Dedication With reflection of the past two years, many thoughts go racing through our minds . There are thoughts of beautiful rings, a yellow brick road, concession stands, and chairs lingering after hours of dancing have past. But, indeed, only one moment more brings thoughts of someone who praised us when we reached success, encouraged us when we fell into misfortune, and often reminded us of our forgotten shortcomings . Both as a teacher and as an adviser you have accepted every member of the Senior Class as your friend. And now, by dedicat¬ ing the 1969 Cavalier to you, we would like to thank you for your patience, your time, and your efforts, and recognize you as our friend, DONALD EDWARD MINER, JR. 6 There’s Always Time For Fun 7 Unlimited Spirit is provided at G . H. S. by the cheerleaders, band, drill team, pep club, and the entire student body. Our school spirit has always been a source of pride, and it seems to increase each year. Whether ahead or behind, our team, knowing we ' re behind it, does its best. 8 10 Spirit Comes In All Forms 11 Cooperation And 12 Effort, integral parts of all func¬ tions at Gloucester, are cumulated in Homecoming and the Prom. These ac¬ tivities require long hours of thought and hard work, but result in immeasurable enjoyment and never to be forgotten moments. An Expanded Curriculum helps to increase the students ' interest and desire to learn. The vocational courses give students a chance to de¬ velop skill and gain practical knowledge in the field in which he has particular interest. The increase in lab equipment and the offering of a third year in French and Latin raised our academic standards. 14 l r Final Preparation is completed and each Senior is faced with the momentous decision of his fu¬ ture career. Regardless of his selection, he will leave Gloucester High School well prepared, holding the full encour¬ agement of all who know him. 16 FACULTY Administration PRINCIPAL Mr. William D. Bowling SECRETARIES Mrs. Gaynelle McNichols Miss Diane Holmes SCHOOL BOARD Mrs. Margaret Cushman, Mr. Edgar Pointer, Jr., Mr. Wallace Fletcher, Mrs. Cornelia Mow- ry, Dennis D. Forrest, Superintendent, Dr. William Crittenden, Mr. Milton Maxton. 18 Faculty VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT Mrs. Barbara Conner, Mrs. Mary Rowe, Mr. Elvin Adams, Mr. Sam Chaffin, Mr. Carlyle Brown not pictured FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. Stuart Conner, Mr. Ed Hall ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Miss Roberta Wiatt, Mr. James Coley, Mr. Louis Tutt 19 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Elizabeth Treakle Mrs. Mary Lou Fary, Librarian Col. W. H. G. Fuller FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Elizabeth Treakle Mr. John B. Kelley Mrs. Barbara Feild ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Mary Kimberly, Mrs. Regina Foor, Mrs. Georgia Skyles, Mrs. Charlsie Morris, Mrs. Nettie Rowe, not pictured 20 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Marjorie Wroten Mr. Douglas Baldwin Mr. Randall Beaver ❖AA 1 SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Walter Henderson Mrs. Nan Pointer Mr. Don Miner Mr. Ken Brown MATH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Rachel Paulson Mr. Gordon Dixon Mr. Walter Henderson BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Mr. Jonathan Gibson, Miss Dallas deKrafft, Mr. Robert Riggan, Miss Sharon Bray, Mr. Ralph Gentry CAFETERIA STAFF Manager Mr. I. L. West CUSTODIANS Mr. Mrs. Spencer Shankle 22 SENIORS PRESIDENT Rannie Boyd VICE-PRESIDENT Chris Roebuck SECRETARY Norma Hatot TREASURER James DuBose VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN PORTIA GAYE BARTLEY " Portia " Beta II, III, IV; Science III; Pep Club IV; Drama Club III, IV; Choral Club II: Bible Club III; Feild Hockey--team Mgr.; Girl ' s State III; Cavalier Staff--Layout Ed.; 11th Grade Citizenship Award; DAR Award IV; Lab Asst. IV. KAREN ANNE FLffSE " Karen " Beta Club II, III, IV; Pep Club II, III; Science Club II, III; Basketball I, II, III; Cavalier Staff-- Editor- in- Chief. 24 WILLIAM HOLLOWELL ALTEMUS, JR. " Buddy " Band I, II; J.V. Football I; Varsity Football IV; Pep Club I, III, IV. CHARLES RUSSELL BARKER " Charlie " Varsity Football I, II, III, IV. GARRY MEEK BARNETTE " Garry " Pep Club III, IV; 4-H II; Track Mgr. II; Interact Club IV; DUKES DISPATCH IV; Science Club III; Cavalier Staff--Advertising Mgr. -Photographer. PATRICIA ARLENE BILLUPS " Pat " Cheering Squad I, II; 4-H I; FHA II; FTA I, III; Booster Club I, II; Safety Patrol I, II; Majorette I, II, III; Choir I, II. DIANE PATRICIA BLAKE " Dee Dee " Choir I, II, III, IV; Science Club I, II; Booster Club II; FHA I, II, IV; 4-H I, II, III, IV; VICA IV; Gym Asst. IV. WILLIAM RANDOLPH BOYD " Rannie " Pep I, II, III, IV; Beta II, III, IV; Clas Pres. II, IV; Interact Club I, II, III--Board of Director, IV—Pres.; DUKE ' S DISPATCH II,--III, IV Assoc. Ed.; SCA II, III—V.P., IV; Library II; Science II; Citizenship Award I; Debate I; Boy ' s State III; Cavalier Staff-Sales Mgr. LYLE KEITH BRADLEY " Keith " Football I, II; Track I, II; SCA I, IV; Pep Club I, III, IV. CHARLES FRANKLIN BRISTOW III " Franklin " 25 f CHARLENE MOSER BROOKS " Charlene " Drama I, III; Band I, II, III; Majorette I, II, III; SCA II; Debate II--Sec.; Y-Teens II; Pep Club III. ROBERT WAYNE BROOKS " Wayne " AUDREY LEE BROWN " Lee " FHA I, II, III, IV. DANIEL ARNOLD BROWN " Danny " Band II; Boy ' s Chorus; 4-H I, II, III. RICHARD THURMAN BROWN " Butterball " Varsity Basketball I, II, III, IV; Track I, II, III, IV; Choir I, II, IV; Football II, III, IV; Baseball III. PATRICIA ANNE BUCKLAND " Pat " Pep Club IV. MARUDE CECELIA BURNETT " Maude " FHA II, III, IV; Booster Club I, II, III; VICA IV; Choral III, IV. GERALD LINWOOD BURRELL " Linwood " Science Club II; Choir I, II; FHA I, II, III, IV; Pep II, IV; VICA IV; Safety Patrol I, II; Foot¬ ball IV--Mgr.; J.V. Basketball IV--Mgr.; SCA I, II, III, IV. 26 LARRY DUANE CAMECHIS " Larry " Choral III, IV; Pep Club I; J.V. Football I; Varsity Baseball II, III, IV. JEROME PIERCE CARMINE " Jerry " Pep Club III; Interact Club I, II, III, IV. MARY ELIZABETH CARTER " Sister " Band III; Safety Patrol III; VIC A IV; FHA I, II. VERNON LaVERN CARTER " Vern " Industrial Arts I, II; SC A I, II, III; FFA III. BENJAMIN GEORGE CATLETT " Ben " Track I, II, III, IV; Choir II, III, IV; 4-H II, III, IV; Football II; Pep Club III, IV. DENNIS MAXZINE. CLAYBORNE " Denny " 4-H I; Choir I, II, III; Pep Club II; Baseball III. JOYCE OLIVIA CLAYBORNE " Joy " FHA I, II; Safety Patrol III; Booster ' s Club III. LUCILLE EVETT CLAYBORNE " Cille " FHA I, II; Booster Club II; Safety Patrol II, III. 27 ELIZABETH JANSEN CONNER " Jan " SCA I, III--Sec., IV--Sec.; Class Officer I-- Sec., II--Sec.; Homecoming Court I; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Drama Club II; Thespian Society IV; Cheerleader I, IV; Band I, II; Choral III, IV; Miss Gloucester —1st Runner-up; Gloucester Platter Princess. GENE EDWARD COOKE " Gene " Football III, IV; Basketball II, III, IV; Track II, III, IV; Chorus III, IV; Baseball III; Pep IV. EVELYN CHRISTINE COOKE " Ebbie " Cheerleader I, II; Booster Club I, II; Majorette I, II, III; Choir I, II; FHA II; Safety Patrol II; Eaglettes II. CHESTER CREW " Chester " J.V. Football I; Pep Club IV. DENIS CHRISTOPHER DAMIAN " Denis " 4-H I; Football II--scorekeeper--III; Pep Club III, IV; Interact Club III, IV; DUKE ' S DISPATCH --Advertising Mgr.; Fed. of Christian Athletes III. SYLVIA VIRGINIA DAVIS " Sibbie " Cheerleader I, II; Booster Club I; FHA II; FTA I, II; Safety Patrol II; Library Club IV; Choir I, II. BEVERLEY VERN DEAL " Vern " Beta Club II, III, IV. Office Assistant MICHAEL WAYNE DIRLE " Wayne " J.V. Basketball I, II; Band I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; J.V. Football I; Class Treas. I; Varsity Basketball III, IV; Track III, TV; Varsity Football IV. 28 HUGH CHARLES DISCHINGER, JR. " Charlie” Science II, III; Debate I, II, III; Drama II, III; Interact II, III, IV--Board of Directors; Beta III, IV; Pep I, II, III, IV; J.V. Scorekeeper IV; DUKE ' S DISPATCH III, IV—Editor; Band IV; Track IV; Varsity Football III, IV; Boy ' s State III. MELINDA ELIZABETH DIXON " Hannah " Cheerleader II, III; FHA I, II, III, IV; SCA I, III; FTA I, II; Science II, III; Choir I, II; Safety Patrol I, III; Booster I, II, III; Majorette II, III. JAMES WEBB DuBOSE " James " J.V. Football I; Science II, III; Drama II, III; Bible III; Track III; Interact III, IV—Treas. Class Treas. Ill, Tf; DUKE ' S DISPATCH III, IV; Pep II, III, IV--V. Pres.; SCA IV--Reporter. DEBORAH LEE DUNN " Debbie " Pep I, II, III, IV; Science II, III; Drama II, III; FHA I, II, III; SCA III; Beta II, III, IV; Chem. Lab Asst. IV; Cavalier Staff--Advert. Mgr. THOMAS CARY DUTTON " Tommy " Football I, II, III, IV; Baseball I, II, III, IV; SCA I, II, III, IV--Pres. Science II, III--Treas.; Pep I, II, III, IV; Band I, II, III, IV; Drama III, IV; Class V. Pres.--Ill; Interact II. SHIRLEY MAE EVANS " Shirl " FHA I, II, III, IV; Safety Patrol II, III; Drama I; SCA I; Pep II, III, IV; Science II. ROBERT WAYNE FLETCHER " Wayne " Band I; Pep IV; Drama IV; Chem. Lab Asst. IV; 4-H I, II--Rept. Ill, IV--Pres. JEAN ELIZABETH FRANKLIN " Beth " Drama I, II--Pres. Ill, IV; SCA I, II, III; J.V. Cheerleader I--Capt.; Var. Cheerleader II, III, IV; Cavalier Staff--Advert. Mgr.; Phys. Ed. Asst. IV; Forensics I, II; 4-H I--Sec., II, III, IV--Pres.; 4-H All Star; 4-H Honor I, II--Sec., III, IV--Pres.; 4-H County Council I, II--Sec., III, IV. RICHARD LOUIS GAMACHE " Richard " Pep Club I, III, IV; Library Club I; Drama II, III, IV--Pres.; Interact II, III, IV; Debate II; Dukes Dispatch III; Thespian III, IV--Vice Pres.; Science Club III; Powderpuff cheerleader III, IV. NANCY CAROL GIVANS " Nancy " PORTIA DENISE GOODE Dramatics I; Cheering Squad I; Majorettes I; Choral I, II; Pep Club I, II, III, IV--Secretary; Science I—Parliamentarian; Modern Dance Group I, II, III; FTA I, Lab Asst. IV; Jr. Leaders 4-H Club I, II, III, IV--Treasurer. JOHN MILTON GREEN " John " SCA Representative I, IV; FHA I; Class Pres. II; Pep Club II, III, IV--Pres.; Football Mgr. Ill, IV; Basketball Mgr. IV; Interact III, --Sec¬ retary; DUKES DISPATCH Staff IV; Beta Club IV. JOHN RUSSELL GREEN " Ruchey " Choral I, II; Industrial Arts Club I, II; Baseball II, III. LINDA LORRAINE GREEN " ■Linda " FHA I; Science Club I, II; Booster Club I, II, III; Safety Patrol II; Choral II. EDWARD OSGOOD GREGORY " Ozzie " Football II, III; Basketball II; Track III; Choral I, II; Industrial Arts Club I, II; Pep Club I, II. JOSEPHINE LEE GRIFFIN " Josie " Science Club I, II; Choral I, II; 4-H Club I; FHA II; Safety Patrol II; SCA Council II; Booster Club III--Treasurer; Honor Society III; Beta Club IV. 30 MARTHA MARIE GRIFFIN " Martha " FHA I; Safety Patrol I; FTA I, II; Science Club I, II; SCA Representative I, II; Drama Club II, IV; National Honor Club II; Beta Club III, IV. EDITH FRANCES HALL " Edith " Beta Club II, III, IV; Office Asst. IV; VIC A Club IV. BERNARD ROYAL HARRIS " Ber-nard " JV Football I; Pep Club I, II, III; Band I, II,,III, IV; JV Basketball III; Dance Band II, III; V Bas¬ ketball III. GERALD WAYNE HARRIS " Jerry " FFA I, II--Treasurer-. NORMA JEAN HA TOT " Norma " Choral I, II, III; FHA I, II, III; Science Club I, II, III; Drama I, II, III; Class Secretary I, II, IV; Cheerleader I, II; SCA Council I, II—Parliamen¬ tarian, III—Vice-Pres.; 4-H Club I, II, III, IV; Honor Society II, III; Class Treasurer III; Beta Club IV; Pep Club IV; Boosters ' Club II, III; Safety Patrol II, III; Gxfice Asst. IV. DON KEITH HAYNES " Don " RONALD STEVE HEALY " Steve " JV Football I, II; 4-H Club I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Track II; Choral II, III, IV; Bible Club III; Regional Chorus II. SAMUEL THOMAS HILLIARD, JR. " Sammy " Football I, II, III, IV; FFA I; 4-H I; Basketball III, IV; Track II. ' 31 JESSE RAYMOND HODGES, III " Jay " FFA II; 4-H II; Office Asst. IV. BRENDA ELIZABETH HOGGE " Brenda " Pep Club I, III, IV; 4-H I; Drama Club II, III, IV; Library Club III, IV--Secretary Treasurer; Bible Club III, IV. EDWIN LEE HOGGE " Pee Wee " Interact Club II, III, IV; Baseball III, IV; Fellow¬ ship of Christian Athletes III, IV; Pep Club IV. LUTHER DANIEL HOLLOMAN, JR. " Danny " JV Football I--Capt.; JV Basketball I; Class Pres. I; Choral I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III; V. Football III, IV; Var. Basketball III; Baseball IV; V. Football Capt. IV; Fellowship of Chris¬ tian Athletes IV--Pres. LEVISON FRIZZELL HOLMES " Frizzell " J.V. Football I; Pep Club III, IV. CALVIN EDWARD HORSLEY " Calvin " Interact I, II, III, IV; Beta II, III, IV; SCA III, IV; Library Club III, IV; Bible Club III, IV; Pep Club III, IV. DENNIS ARNOLD HOWARD " Dennis " Drama I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, IV; Science Club III; Bible Club III, IV; Phys. Ed. Asst. Ill, IV. MARY FRANCES HOWARD " Mary " Pep Club I, II, III; Choral I, IV; Drill Team II, III; FHA I; Library Asst. Ill, IV; Office Asst. IV. 32 CHERYL JUNE JACKSON " Cheryl " Safety Patrol I, II; Science Club II; Booster Club II--Sec., III--Asst. Sec.; Track II. FLORA ANN JACKSON " Flo " Choir I, II, IV; Booster Club II, III; Drill Team III; Pep IV; FHA I, II. GLORIA ESTELLE JONES " Glo " FHA I, II, III; Pep Club IV; Booster Club I. THOMAS CHALMER EDMON JONES " Tom " Newspaper II; Yearbook II, III; Basketball II; Track II, III. MARY ARLENE KELLUM 11 2 0110 4-H I; Pep Club II, III, IV; VICA IV; Phys. Ed. Asst. Ill, IV. VELINDA SHACELFORD KEMP " Velinda " FHA I; 4-H I; 4-H Honor Club II, III, IV; Pep Club I; Choral I. DENNIS MARVEL KNUTESON " Knuteson " Drama I, II, III, IV; Bible Club III; Thespians III, rv. BRENDA WALKER LEIGH " Brenda " Band I, II, III, IV; 4-H I, II; Pep Club II, III, IV. 33 CARL THOMAS LEMON " Carl " FFA I, II, III, IV; Pep Club III, IV. PATRICK FRANCIS LEMON " Pat " Drama I, II, III; Forensics I, II; Track II, III; Football III; Bible Club III, IV; Interact Club II, III, IV; Duke ' s Dispatch Staff II, III, IV; Pep Club II, III, IV; VICA Club IV; SCA II, III. MARGARET DIANNE LEIFFER " Dianne " Pep Club I; 4-H I; Library Club II, III—V.P.; Gym Asst. IV. FFA II. ROBERT BRUCE LIVINGSTON " Bruce " RUTH MARIA LUOMA " Ruth " 4-H I, II, III; Drama Club I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Bible Club II, III; Beta Club II, III, IV--Sec.; Science Club III--Sec.; Choral III, IV. CARLTON ANDREW MATHEWS " Shorty " FFA I, II; Choir III; Booster Club III. GLENDA FORREST McFARLAND " Glenda " Pep Club I, II, III; Choral I; Drama Club III; Library Club III; Bible Club III. DENNIS WAYNE MILBY " Dennis " Bible Club III. 34 CONSTANCE LYNN MOFFITT " Connie " Pep Club I, II, IV; Bible Club IV. ROBERT ELLIOT MORRIS " Bobby " J.V. Basketball III; SCA III; Safety Patrol I, II; Choir I; FFA I; Booster Club I, II; Football I; Baseball Mgr. RALPH WILLIAM MOTLEY " Ralph " Library Asst. Ill, IV; Bible Club III; Band II. CAROL ELAINE NEWTON " Elaine " Choral I, II, III, IV; Special Chorus III, IV; Regional Choir I, IV; All-State Choir IV; Pep Club I, II, 111,1V; Bible Club III; Forensics III; 4-H Club I, II, III--Pres., IV; 4-H Honor Club II, III--Rep. , IV; Beta II, III, IV; Drama II, III --Treas., IV--V.P.; Thespian Society II, III— Pres.; FHA I; Citizenship Award II; Cavalier Staff-- Typist. ROBERT HUELETT NEWTON, JR. " Huey " Beta II, III, IV; Interact I, II, III--Sec., IV— V.P.; DUKE ' S DISPATCH Staff III, IV— Sports Ed.; J.V. Scorekeeper II, III; Varsity Score- keeper IV; J.V. Football I; 4-H I, II; Pep Club I, II, IV; Gym Asst. IV; Cavalier Staff—Sports Ed. JUDITH CARRYL NUTTALL " Judy " Band I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; 4-H I, II, III, IV; Beta Club II, III, IV; Bible Club III; Track III; Drama Club IV; FPIA IV. LINDA JEAN NUTTALL " Linda " Choral I, IV; Pep Club I, II, III; Drill Team I, II, III; 4-H I, II; Biology Lab Asst. IV. PATSY VIRGINIA OLIVER " Patsy " Band I, II, III--D. Major, IV—D. Major; 4-H I; Basketball I, II, III, IV—Capt.; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Drama I; Library Club III—Rep.; Softball III; Gym Asst. IV. 35 RANDOLPH AUTHER OSBORNE JR. " Bone " Football II, III; Basketball III; Track II; Pep Club IV. LINDA DIANE OWENS " Diane " Pep Club III, IV. CATHERINE ALICE PARKER " Cathy " Band I, II, III, IV; German Club I, II, III. SHIRLEY BINNETTA PAYNE " Shirley " Beta Club I, II, III, IV; Drama Club I, II, IV; Pep Club IV; 4-H III, IV; Debate Club I, III, IV; SC A IV; Spanish Camp at Kansas U. Ill; Library Club IV; Cavalier Staff--Picture Ed. RICHARD LYLE PETTITT " Richard " Drama I, II, III; Track I; Pep Club I, II; Debate III, IV; FFA I, II, III. STEVEN DAVID POINTER " Steve " Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Science Club II, III, IV; J.V. Basketball II; SCA IV; Drama Club III, IV; Bible Club III, IV; Choral III, IV; Gym Asst. IV. CYNTHIA ANN RHODEN " Cindy " FHA I; Pep Club II, III, IV; Drama Club III, IV; Library Club II, III; Office Asst. IV; Bible Club III, IV. AGNES NEILE RHODES " Neile " 36 PHYLLIS ANN RILEE " Phyllis " Choral Club I; FHA I, II; Library Club III, IV— Pres.; Pep Club II, III. RITA DALE RILEY " Rita " Drama Club II, III, IV; Bible Club III: Pep Club I, II, III, IV; FHA III, IV. AL COLUMBUS ROBINSON " Al " Industrial Art Club II, III; FFA IV. JAMES NICKLOUS ROBINSON " Nick " Choir I, II, III, IV; Industrial Arts Club I, II, III; Track IV; Varsity Football III, IV. CHRISTINE ANNE ROEBUCK " Chris " Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Science Club II; Bible Club III; SCA IV; Beta IV; Drama Club I, II, III, IV; Drill Team I, II; Varsity Cheerleader III, IV; Choral I, III; Class Officer IV--V.P.; Home¬ coming Court IV--Maid of Honor; Biology Asst. IV; Office Asst. IV. LINDA DIANE SEA LEY " Linda " Library Club III, IV; Pep Club III, IV. BERNARD FRANKLIN SETTERHOLM, JR. " Bernard " FFA I, II. ALICE JOAN SHACKELFORD " Shack " Class Officer II--V.P.; Homecoming Court II, IV; J.V. Cheerleader I; Varsity Cheerleader II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Drama Club II— Sec. Ill, IV; Forensics Club II; Science Club II — Sec. , III; Bible Club II, III, IV; Choral I, IV; 4-H Club II--Pres.; Gym Asst. IV. 37 ANNA SHACKELFORD " Anna " MARY JO SHACKELFORD " Jo " Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Drama Club I, II, III; FHA I--Pres., II, III, IV; Science Club I, II; Bible Club I; Class Officer II--Rep., III--Pres.; Hockey Team III, IV--Co-Capt.; Girl ' s State III; Beta II, III, IV; Choral II; SCA I, II. ROSEMARY SHACKELFORD " Rose " SCA I, II, II, IV; Drama II, III; 4-H II, III, IV; Hockey Team III; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; FHA I; J.V. Cheerleader I; Varsity Cheerleader III, IV --V. P.; Homecoming Court III, IV--Queen; Drill Team I; Track Scorekeeper III; Bible Club III; Regional Chorus I; Cavalier Staff--Business Mgr. WILLIAM DOUGLAS SHACKELFORD, III " Doug " Choral I, II, IV; Bible Club III; Pep Club TV- Special Chorus IV; Regional Chorus IV. LINDA SUE SHIFLETTE " Linda " Choral III, IV. CAROLYN ANN SMITH " Carolyn " Pep Club III, IV; Library Club IV; Library Asst. IV; Bible Club III, IV. DEBORAH JOAN SMITH " Debbie " Pep Club I, II, III; Band I, III, TV; Marching Band I, II, III, IV; Band Rep.--Ill; Concert Band I, II, III, IV. FRANCES TABB SMITH " Frances " Beta II, III, IV--Rep-Hist.; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Science Club II, III; Drama I, II, III; Lab Asst. Ill, IV; Gym Asst. IV; Hockey Team III, IV-- Co-Capt.; Track III; Band PV--Co-Mgr.; Bas¬ ketball Team Mgr. IV. 38 GEORGE WHALEN SMITH " Tippy Toes " Choir I; Industrial Arts Club I; Football I, II, III; Baseball I, II; Track I, II; US School of Music IV; FFA I, II; Pep Club IV. WILLIAM CARLTON SMITH " Bill " Bible Club II I, IV; Drama Club III, IV; Pep Club IV. MARIAN ELSIE SPENCER " Marian " FHA I, II, III—Treas.; FTA I—V.P.; Science Club I. ELIZABETH ANNE SPRINGER " Beth " French Club I; Pep Club I; SCA I, II, III, IV; Office Asst. IV. THOMAS ALLEN STERLING " Allen " J.V. Football I; Varsity Baseball I, II, III, IV; J.V. Basketball II; Varsity Football III, IV; Var¬ sity Basketball III, IV; Pep Club III, IV. EVELYN LORETTA STOKES " Evelyn " Safety Patrol I, II, III; Booster Club I, II, III; FHA I, II, III; Choir I, II, III. PAMELA JEAN STRICKLAND " Pam " Pep Club I, II, III, IV; 4-H II, III; Band IV—Co- Mgr.; Hockey Team IV; Track III; Office Asst. IV; Library Asst. Ill; Drama Club III, IV; Gym Asst. IV; Choral II. BRENDA JOYCE STUBBS " Bren " Science Club I, III; FHA II; Safety Patrol II; 4-H Club II; Choir I, Pep Club IV; Booster Club III, IV. 39 SANDRA CORINE TAYLOR " Sandra " FHA I; Booster Club I. JOHN LEWIS TEAGLE, JR. " Johnny " FFA I, II, III--V.P.; Choral I, II; Pep Club II. FAYE DIANE THOMAS " Shorty " SC A I, II, III--President; Majorette I, II--C apt.; Honor Society II--Treas. Ill; Cheerleader I, II, III, IV; Science Club I, III; Beta Club IV; Drama I, II, III--V.P. , IV; Safety Patrol I, II; FHA II, IV; 4-H I, IV--V .P.; Choral I, II, III, IV. EVA MAE TILLAGE " Eva " Pep Club III, IV; Choral II, fV. CHERYLE ELIZABETH TILSON " Cheryle " Cheerleader I, IV; Drill Team II, III, IV; Drama Club II, III, IV; Thespian Society III, IV--Sec.; Beta Club III, IV--Treas.; Forensics II, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; 4-H I, II, III, IV—Rep. ; Choral I; Science Club II, III; Bible Club III; Track Team III. BARBARA JEAN TOWLES " Bat " Majorette I, II; Cheerleader I, II; SCA I, II, III, IV; FHA I, II; Honor Society II--Rep., III; Safety Patrol I, II; Science Club I, II, III; Beta IV, Choir I, II; VICA IV--Rep.; Booster Club I, II, III. ROGER STANLEY TOWLES " Stanley " Safety Patrol I, II, III, IV; SCA II, III; Football II; Choir I, II; Pep Club III, IV; VICA IV. GORDON LEE TOWNSEND, JR. " Gordon " Debate I; Science II, III; Chem. lab Asst. Ill, IV; Interact Club IV; Bible Club III, IV; 4-H I, II, III, IV; Pep Club III, IV. 40 THOMAS MITCHELL WEST " Mitchell " J.V. Football I; J.V. Basketball I, II; Varsity Basketball III. DEBORAH FLORENCE WILCOX " Debbie " Pep Club I, II, III, IV; SCA I, II, III, IV; Bible Club III; Beta Club II, III, IV--Pres.; Class Of¬ ficer III--Rep.; Choral I, III: Drill Team I, II, III, IV--Capt.; Track III. PATSY MARIE WILLIAMS " Patsy " Band I, II, III, IV— Student Director; 4-H I, II; Pep Club II, III, IV; Bible Club III, IV; Drama Club IV; Class Officer III--Sec. BARBARA LOUISE WILSON " Dimples " FHA I, II, III; Choral I, II; Pep Club I, II, III; Track Team I, II, III. DORIS ELIZABETH WILSON " Doris " 4-H Jr. Leaders Club I, II, III, IV; FHA II; Sci¬ ence Club I, II; Safety Patrol II; Choir I, II, III; Pep Club II, III, IV; Basketball IV; Track II; SCA I, II; Gym Asst. IV. JAMES EVERETTE WILSON " James " Varsity Basketball I, II, III, TV; Choir II, III; Safety Patrol II, III; Booster Club II, III; Baseball II, III. Hi STARMANDER ANN WILSON " Star " FHA I, II—Hist., Ill—Pres.; Safety Patrol I— Treas., II, III; Choir I--Treas., II, III— Lib.; Cheerleader II, III; Pep II; SCA II, III—Treas.; Track I; 4-H I. MILDRED ELIZABETH WOLL " Toni Sue " FHA I, II; 4-H I; Pep Club III, IV; Bible Club III, IV; Drama Club III, IV; Choral Club I, II, III, IV; Cheerleader IV; SCA II. 41 MICHAEL DEITRICK WOODSON " Mike " Class Officer I--V.P.; J.V. Football I--Tri- Capt.; J.V. Basketball I, II; Varsity Baseball II; Bible Club III, IV; Choral I, II, III, IV; Special Chorus III, IV; Regional Chorus IV; Varsity Foot¬ ball II; Pep Club IV. THOMAS HENRY DIXON, JR. " Bubbie " Choral I, II; Industrial Arts Club I, II; Football II; VIC A Club IV. KURT EDWIN WEBB " Kurt " Choir I, II; Industrial Art Club I, II; J.V. Bas¬ ketball II. BELENDA GRACE GRIFFIN " Belinda " FHA I, II, III; Drama I, II; FTA I, II, III; Safety Patrol I; SCA III, IV; Cheerleader III; VICA TV. Not Pictured: RONALD FRANKLIN GWYN " Ronnie " JASON WESLEY HUGHES " Jason " ANN MARIE KELLER " Ann " FTA I; French Club I, II, III; German Club III; Library Club III, IV. KENNETH CHARLES TURLINGTON " Kenny " 42 Boys’ And Girls’ State Delegates Portia Bartley, Charles Dischinger, Rannie Boyd, and Thomas Dutton. Not pictured: Mary Jo Shackelford. Top Ten Of ’69 SEATED: Portia Bartley (98.91), Karen Flipse (98.12), Calvin Horsley (97.20), Rannie Boyd (96.32); STAND¬ ING: Shirley Payne (95. 84), Elaine Newton (95.59), Debbie Dunn (95.52 ), Frances Smith (94.75), Norma Hatot (94.75), Martha Griffin (94.66 ). The Seniors The class of ' 69 represented G.H.S. on Disco 10. Daydream believer . . . Senior class members vote for Mr. Football. Is that a lampshade?? ! ! This is a hand! Future leaders-- Elaine directs the chorus. 44 UNDER CLA SSMEN Junior Class Norma Jordan, president; Kenneth Roy, vice-president Danny Hatch, secretary; Wade Lewis, treasurer; Bruce Jenkins, reporter. Pam Arehart Alta Ash Jimmy Ashe Gary Becknell Dounia Beckwith Milton Belvin Mona Brewer Gary Bowman Zamette Borum David Bond Jarnice Bolden Edmund Bledsoe Planning Is Keynote Grace Brooks Claudia Brown Irvin Brown Jesse Brown Reginald Brown Lawrence Bunting Paula Burcher William Burrell Carolyn Carter Ralph Cooke Virginia Corbin Margret Cox Mr. Football Dance Is Paul Custis Warren Deal Dianne De Mille Mark Donner Karen Dovel Jonathan Driver Alice Green Beatrice Green Angella Gregory Clyde DuBose Connie Eagle Charles Emory Carol Fanning Mary Fary Carole Feild Lawrence Foster David Galloway Diane Hall Rose Hall Bill Hamlin Junior-Senior Effort Gloria Harris Ronnie Harris Cindy Haskell Danny Hatch Carey Haus Frances Haynes Rod Hayes Wayne Hazard Debbie Healy Vernon Hendley David Hess Debra Haywood Annette Hicks Bill Hicks Preston Higgins Sharon Hoell Debra Hogge Jo Ann Hogge Joyce Hogge Martha Hogge c Ban The Bulls” Places Louise Horsley Marsha Horsley Elijah Howard Jerry Howlett Nathaniel Ingles Ronald Janies Bruce Jenkins Dickie Jenkins Randolph Jenkins Sheila Jenkins Ava Johnson Dale Johnson Jenny Johnston Gwen Jones Rose Jones Norma Jordan William Jordan Ricky Keener Virginia Keeton Charles Kerns Third At Homecoming Gray Kirtley Scott Lanciano Emily Larrimore John Laws Ronald Laws Bernard Leiffer Launa Lemon Marti Lewis Susan Lewis Wade Lewis Gayle Linthicum Rudy McDaniels Mike Matthews Allen May Fred Mezger Donald Milby Bruce Milroy Cindy Moffitt Anticipation Of Rings, E. W. Motley Vicki Motley Hugh Murphree Rita Newbill Louise Nuttall W. L. Nuttall Dale Oliver Gloria Olivis Brenda Payne Mike Peacher Della Pointer Stella Reid Debbie Rhea Jerry Rich Viola Richardson David Rigau Nancy Rigau Cindy Rowe Mortie Rowe Kenneth Roy Prom, And SATS Lydia Sterling Jonathan Stubbs Larry Taylor Linda Templeman Richard Trevilian Willie Walker Looking To 1970 Eugene Washer Wayne West Diane White Pamela Willis Juniors acquire skill. 54 Sophomore Class Maria Rigau, treasurer; Stewart Harris, president; Ronald Hogge, reporter; Betty Hicks, vice-president; Patty Brown, secretary. Charles Armstrong Larry Arrington James Baldwin Robert Banks Linda Belvin Deborah Berry Frendessa Berry William Berry Roslyn Billups Jerry Bohannon Helen Booker Gary Bond John Bond Diane Bradford Becky Bradley Harris Heads Largest Class At G.H.S. De Bolt wonders, " Who ' s Spiro Agnew? " Patty Brown Richard Brumfield Susan Buck Gloria Buckland Cynthia Byrd Jimmy Callis Marilyn Carter Joan Clark William Clayborne Bob Clements Calvin Coates Jo Anne Combs Robert Cooke David Crockett Laura Dabney Mike Dalton Kevin Damian Jean Darnell Linda DeBolt Jimmy Denton Felecia Diggs Martha Dischinger Diane Dunn B-T Goes Undefeated Edmund Dunn Adelaide Dutton Richard Dutton Janice Erman Billye Fary Danny Fary Joe Fary Linda Fields Anita Fletcher William Fletcher Nancy Forrest Bernard Foster Bronwyn Foster Tyrone Foster Sylvia Galloway Carey Gant Linda Gayle Rex Gaddy Billy Goode Shelly Grant Wayne Grant Irvin Graves Audrey Gray Rita Green Rosemary Green Samuel Green Joyce Gregory Stewart FI arris Debbie Flaywood Dewayne Flaywood Billy Healy Sophomores Try Harder Brenda. Heywood Betty Hicks Billy Hogge Carol Hogge Ronald Hogge Bradley Holmes Myra Holmes Anita Horsley Debbie Horsley Harold Jackson Nina Jenkins Raymond Jenkins Rita Jenkins Valerie Jessen Gene Jessie Wyvonnia Jones Suzanne Jordan Rose Keeton Yvonne King Joy Leigh Edward Maples Larry Maples Daniel Marsh Jo Ann Marshall Phillip Marshall Earl Meekins Clifton Lemon Robert Lemon Cynthia Lewis Gwyndolyn Lewis Kathy Luoma From one great class to another. As Lowest Class Again Norma Melvin Nancy Moore Lynn Mowry Janet Moyer Deborah Myers Myrtie Nelms Show us your Lark! Johnny Norcross Douglas Oliver Esther Ottarson Carolyn Owens Mitchell Owens mm James Perrin Leon Perrin Michael Perrin Marsha Poland Ann Powell Tommy Ranier Maria Rigau Earl Robins Marie Robins Brenda Rowe Eddie Rowe Judy Rowe Debbie Seawell It ' s still empty, Chuck. Richard Setterholm James Shackelford Brenda Shiflette Carolyn Sibley Sophomore Float “Wipe Out” Norman Sibley Keith Sinclair Glyde Smith Wayne Smith Roy Tabb Yvonne Taliaferro Pam Townsend Evan Van Leeuwen Grace Via Dennis Walton Betty Ward Ricky Ward Wayne Ward Martha West Micky West Natalie Whitcomb Ronnie Whiting Betty Wilkinson Cliff Williams David Williams Doug Williams Jannis Wilson LaContiss Wilson Phyllis Wilson SPOR TS FIRST ROW: W. Dirle, E. Bledsoe, T. Dutton, Co-Captain, D. Hollman, Co-Captain, A. Sterling, D. Bond. SECOND ROW: R. Hogge, P. Custis, B. Jenkins, J. Howlett, B. Foster, R. Tabb THIRD ROW: C. Lockley, R. Laws, R. Brown, F. Haywood, G. Cooke, W. Walker. Varsity Football Team A-Team B-Team Windsor 0-2 L Powhatan T 20-20 West Point W 7-0 Southampton T 20-20 Poquoson W 27-13 Christchurch W 25-0 James Blair 7-32 L Smithfield W 28-27 West Point W 12-6 John Yeates W 7-0 Suffolk 2-19 L Christchurch w 20-6 Northampton 7-13 L Mathews w 26-12 James Blair T 6-6 FIRST ROW: W. Berry, R. Janies, E. Maples, R. Keener, C. Gant, J. Norcross SECOND ROW: B. Hogge, C. Dischinger, D. Crockett, W. Lewis, W. Altemus, F. Jenkins, S. Harris THIRD ROW: L. Arrington, T. Carter, E. Howard, T. Foster, J. Robinson, D. Hatch FOURTH ROW: B. Foster, C. Williams, M. Carr, I. Graves, J. Law. Senior Players Tommy Dutton, offensive and defensive tackle, was a 4-year letterman. A member of the Head Hunters, he made 18 out of 22 extra points this season. Wayne Dirle, offensive center, averaged 40 yards per punt for the Dukes. Allen Sterling, offensive tackle, earned his second-year letter. Danny Holloman, a second-year let¬ terman and Head Hunter, played of¬ fensive guard and defensive linebacker. Gene Cooke, a Head Hunter, played split end and defensive safety. He scored twice on defense, twice on of¬ fense. Buddy Altemus, a member of the kick-off team, played tackle. James Robinson played guard. Richard Brown, offensive end, was a Head Hunter. He scored 3 offensive TD ' s and one defensive TD. Charlie Dischinger was a member of the kick¬ off team and played guard. Coaching Staff This year the Dukes were under the coaching of R. Gentry, asst, coach; K. Brown, head coach; L. Tutt, asst, coach; and D. Mullins, asst, coach. 63 From left: S. Marble, B. Jenkins, W. Lewis, M. Peacher, G. Cooke, W. Dirle, Rich. Brown, Coach Coley, A. Sterling, J. Wilson, P. Shepherd, R. Morris, Reg. Brown, R. Tabb, D. Jenkins, P. Custis KNEELING: J. Green, manager, H. Newton, scorekeeper. Varsity Basketball Team SEASON’S RECORD 14-4 Middlesex W 83-63 Suffolk 56-65 Southampton W 70-36 Franklin w 55-38 Poquoson w 75-63 Suffolk 52-54 West Point w 49-47 Smithfield 55-57 Stony Creek w 63-49 Waverly w 77-51 Middlesex w 67-43 John Yeates w 52-48 Windsor 50-54 West Point w 82-67 Northampton w 62-51 Forest Glen w 55-54 Mathews w 59-46 Smithfield w 56-50 64 Senior Players Robert Morris—one year-- Forward; Janies Wilson-- one year--Forward--sea¬ son ' s average 10.0 pts.— game high 21 pts.; Wayne Dirle--two years—Center. Richard Brown--one year-- Center--season 1 s average 17.9 pts.--game high 27 pts.--leading rebounder; Gene Cooke--one year Guard--season ' s average 13.5 pts.--game high 19 pts.; Allen Sterling--two years--Center. Richard shoots one from the line. Gene leaps high to shoot. 65 KNEELING: L. Catlett, co-captain; P. Oliver, co-captain; D. Wilson; FIRST ROW: J. Spenser, C. Haus, R. Hall, Z. Borum, F. Sterling, G. Kirtley, C. Burrell, S. Hilliard, D. Johnson. SECOND ROW: F. Smith, manager; V. Jessen, M. Green, Coach Wiatt, F. Diggs, D. Blake, scorekeeper; Not pictured: E. Larrimore. Girls’ Basketball Team SEASON ' S RECORD 5-8 Middlesex W 37-31 Suffolk 18-20 L Western Branch 21-51 L Poquoson W 26-22 Smithfield 29-46 L Stony Creek 33-40 L Poquoson w 29-28 Waverly 25-29 L John Yeates 17-42 L Windsor 26-50 L York 32-40 L York w 29-20 James Blair w 32-26 66 Senior Players Doris Wilson--1 yr.—Rover Patsy Oliver--4 yrs.--Forward Coach Wiatt with Co-Captains Patsy Oliver and LaVern Catlett. Dukettes on defense. 67 Dukettes working their press Gloucester ' s hockey team on the move! Bruce scores two! Jump Richard! G-E-T that ball, JV ' s! Sports’ Action At G.H.S. Practice leads to perfection. 68 From left: B. Holmes, M. Dalton, W. Berry, E. Robins, J. Bond, F. Haywood, L. Arrington, B. Foster, T. Foster, C. Gant, R. Lemon; KNEELING: G. Burrell, manager, Coach Mullins; Not pictured: G. Bond, C. Dischinger, scorekeeper. jv. Basketball Indoor Track COACH--Don Mullins COACH--Louis Tutt RECORD 7-5 I pi ... ll Grace Via, Marta Wroten, Laura Dabney, Suzanne Jordan, Frances Smith, Martha Dischinger, Natalie Whitcomb, Phyllis Wilson, Diance DeMille, Suzanne Smoot, Deborah Hogge, Betty Ward, Frances Sterling, Nancy Rigau, Judy Rowe, Mary Jo Shackelford, LaVerne Catlett, Pam Strickland, Dee Clark, Miss Wiatt--coach, Portia Bart¬ ley- -scorekee per Field Hockey Team P " w. ifjte mr Gloucester 0 Gloucester 1 Gloucester 1 Gloucester 2 Gloucester 0 Gloucester 1 COACH CO-CAPTAINS A 5 i» U Hampton Rfods- 1 5 Hampton Roads 4 York York Denbigh Bayside Miss Wiatt Frances Smith Mary Jo Shackelford FEATURES Homecoming Court Mr. Bowling crowning Queen Rose 12th GRADE ATTENDANT Joan Shackelford MAID OF HONOR--Christi Roebuck QUEEN--Rosemary Shackelford 72 11th GRADE ATTENDANT Paula Burcher 10th GRADE ATTENDANT Maria Rigau Peanut Bowl Princesses Karen Flipse Deborah Wilcox 73 Election Day At G.H.S. Not only was Richard M. Nixon elected Presi¬ dent by the voters of the United States, but he was also elected by the voters of Gloucester High. A campaign assembly was held in which speeches were given for each candidate. George Wallace was represented by Garry Barnette and Keith Bradley; while Hubert Hum¬ phrey ' s qualifications were affirmed by Steve Pointer and Kenneth Roy. In their speeches, Huey Newton and Rannie Boyd assured us that we should give our solid support to Richard Nixon. Everything was kept in hand by Charlie Dischinger, moderator. 74 Senior Vs. Faculty Basketball Game Ends in another victory for faculty Powder-Puff Football “Over The Rainbow” Junior-Senior Prom 1968 Goof! ! ! The Tin-man and the Lion welcomed the Town Criers. ORGANIZA tions ! S.C.A. Officers PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER REPORTER ADVISER Tommy Dutton Connie Eagle Jan Conner Warren Deal James DuBose Mr. Baldwin S.C.A. Council id- V A 1 M ,? Ill ■JR i i f . • • • - Beta Club Twenty new members were inducted into the Beta Club this year, giving it a total enrollment of fifty-six. The purpose of the Beta Club is to promote ideals of honesty, service, and leadership among high school students, to award meritorious achieve¬ ment, and to help students continue their education after high school. Their motto is " Let us lead by serving others. " With this in mind, the club has posted Beta Citizen Calendars every month, held an assembly on flag etiquette, and distributed national flags to each homeroom. Betas also added much to G.H.S. Christmas spirit by sponsoring a door decorating contest. With the help of their advisers, Mrs. Paulson and Miss deKrafft, the Beta Club has done a fine job in cultivating ideals of service and leadership in our citizens of tomorrow. 1 Beta Officers 1 I k, ■sk PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER REPORTER Debbie Wilcox Pam Arehart Ruth Luoma Cheryle Tilson Frances Smith if The Library Club furthers the knowledge of its members, serves as a recruiting agency for librarianship, and promotes a more effective use of the library. The officers for this year were: Phyllis Rilee, president; Mary Howard, vice-president; Brenda Hogge, Secretary; and Nancy Forrest, Reporter. Mrs. Mary Lou Fary acts as adviser. Library Club 1969 Cavalier Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF LAY-OUT EDITOR ADVERTISING MANAGER ADVERTISING MANAGER ADVERTISING MANAGER PICTURE EDITOR PICTURE EDITOR Karen Flipse Portia Bartley Beth Franklin Debbie Dunn Patsy Williams Shirley Payne Debbie Wilcox BUSINESS MANAGER SALES MANAGER PHOTOGRAPHER SPORTS EDITOR TYPIST ADVISER Rose Shackelford Rannie Boyd Garry Barnette Huey Newton Elaine Newton Mrs. Treakle Staff members visit work shop at Randolph-Macon. Interact Club The Gloucester High School Interact Club is sponsored by the Rotary International. It is a service club and has two main projects. It sponsors a foreign orphan and publishes the school newspaper, the DUKE ' S DISPATCH. Its members act as " Keepers of the Sign " of G.H.S. and this year are: Rannie Boyd, president; Huey Newton, vice-president; and James DuBose, treasurer. Members of the Board of Directors include Charlie Dischinger, Ronald James, and Charles Kerns. Col. W. H. G. Fuller acts as adviser. Dukes Dispatch Staff Office Assistants Charlene Brooks, Beth Springer, Jay Hod¬ ges, Bernard Pere, Mary Howard, Pam Strickland; not pictured: Glenda McFarland, Vern Deal, Cynthia Rhoden. Ronald James, Gary Smith, Wayne Fletcher, Debbie Dunn, Gordon Townsend, Portia Goode, Mary Jo Shackelford, Ger- ' aid Burrell, Suzanne Smoot, Chris Roebuck, Frances Smith, Portia Bartley. Lab Assistants : — 1 . . fflk K. Ft -s tM . 1 , - 4 C «§ • ' . sell ?m - : f Drama Officers PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Richard Gamache Elaine Newton Norma Jordan Frances Haynes ADVISER Mrs. Skyles Drama Club The emphasis in the Drama Club this year has been on one-act plays. The goal for this year was to present a play every six-weeks. At present two fine one-acts, " Afraid of the Dark " and " The Big Black Box " , have been presented. The first three-act of the season, " Abie ' s Irish Rose " , was produced on Jan¬ uary 9th and 11th. The newest addition to Dramatics at G.H.S. has been a drama class. The selection, direction, casting, and some of the acting for the one-acts are all a part of this class ' work assignment. The class has already written, cast, and produced a play which was presented at the Thanksgiving Assembly. A baby contest was held and proceeds went toward improving the stage. A large, movable, spot light has already been purchased. At least three more one-acts and another three-act have been planned for the spring. The purpose of the National Thespian Society is to help further the dramatic arts in secondary schools. Troupe 3099 began last year with 25 charter mem¬ bers and elected the following officers for this year: Elaine Newton, president; Richard Gamache, vice-president; Cheryle Tilson, secretary; Myra Horsley, treasurer; and Bill Hicks, scribe. The all-thespian cast of " Afraid of the Dark " traveled to G.I.S. to present their play in addition to their performance here. An induction of new members will be held in February at which time all Drama Club members who have earned the required quality points will be admitted. The Thespians, throughout this year and years to come, will continue to devote their time, talents, and sincere interest to drama at G.H.S. Thespian Society Thanksgiving Day Play The Drama Club Baby Contest " The Big Black Box " " Afraid of the Dark " " Abie ' s Irish Rose " 86 V.I.C.A. Officers PRESIDENT VICE- PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER REPORTER PARLIAMEN¬ TARIAN ADVISERS Franklin Bristow Roger Towles Belenda Griffin Marian Spencer Barbara Towles Edith Hall Miss deKrafft Mr. Adams ! -Nj The Vocational Industrial Club of America, V.I.C.A., is a newly organized club serving thousands of students in trade and industrial education. The purpose of this club is to prepare students for future employment, leadership, and active participa¬ tion in the world of work. The club has an enrollment of 23 members for its first year at Gloucester High School. Vocational Industrial Club Of America BhMT - f I ■ K F.F.A. Officers ADVISER Mr. Chafin PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER REPORTER SENTINEL Randolph Jenkins Douglas Oliver Clifton Lemon Richard Setterholm Raymond Jenkins Sam Green Future Farmers Of America m j TBfJi 1 r r- (Jr W ft l -- PRESIDENT Della Pointer VICE-PRESIDENT Nancy Rigau SECRETARY Bonnie Soles TREASURER Maria Rigau CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Rita Jenkins REPORTER Linda DeBolt HISTORIAN Louise Horsley L 3 F.H.A. Officers ADVISER Mrs. Conner Future Homemakers Of America « , . A , a r M .%! ; . Senior 4-H Gloucester has always been active in 4-H work. This year has been no exception. Four Gloucester County youths attended National 4-H Club Congress: Rachel Leigh, Linda Booth, Gale Handley, and Beth Franklin. The Virginia Poultry Judging team placed 1st, with Gale Handley placing 2nd in the nation. There are three 4-H All Stars at G.H.S. Gordon Townsend presides over the 4-H County Council to assist the County Extension Service with 4-H work. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Ronald Hogge Kathy Luoma Debbie Haywood Beth Brown Sophomore 4-H Choral Club Under the direction of Mr. Conner, the Choral Club has provided the school and the community with a wide variety of music ranging from pop tunes such as " Up, Up, and Away " to classical selections from Handel ' s " Messiah " . A special chorus com¬ posed of select voices from the Choral Club has also given concerts throughout the county. Nine Choral members will represent G.H.S. at regional chorus in Richmond this year. Marching Band DIRECTOR Mr. Conner DRUM MAJOR Patsy Oliver Many long hours of practice went into developing the drill precision of the Glou¬ cester High School Marching Band. Throughout the entire football season, they have provided the school with some of the finest half-time shows in G.H.S. history. They have also represented Gloucester in parades at Bristol, Urbanna, Williamsburg, and at the Peanut Bowl. The band has added much to the spirit of G.H.S. this year. The Gloucester High School Pep Club is the largest club in the school with 276 members. The officers for this year were: John Green, president; Jamed DuBose, vice-president; Portia Goode, secretary; and Gray Kirtley, treasurer. Loyal Pep Club members travel many miles to cheer the Dukes on to victory. This screaming mass of enthusiasts lets everyone know that the Pep Club does not start one year to stop the next, but that it is a continous part of the indomitable spirit of G.H.S. Pep Club Concert Band DIRECTOR Mr. Conner STUDENT DIRECTOR Patsy Williams The Concert Band is composed of band members who present concerts of popular, semi-classical, and classical music for ttm community at various times during the year. This group has well represented G.H.S. with its performances. Diane Bradford, Paula Burcher, Debbie Seawell, Ruth Luoma, Kathy Luoma, Debbie Wilcox (captain) , Debbie Hayward, Nancy Forrest, Vickie Motley, Cheryle Tilson, Claudia Brown, and Marsha Horsley. Drill Team . Rosemary Shackelford, Captain, Cheryl Tilson, Faye Thomas, Jan Conner, Beth Franklin, Toni Woll, Joan Shackelford, Debbie Healy, Marti Lewis, Christi Roebuck, Connie Eagle, Suzanne Smoot, Norma Jordan, Jind a DeBolt, Pam Townsend, Ritajenking, Marsh ). Poland, Patti Brown a erl@$ders (V tost 1 Faye , -Cheryle ( ristiiO r Tom Joan ;gsaSi-S» , ftp Compliments of YORK RIVER SEAFOOD COMPANY Debate Club SEATED are Mr. Miner, adviser; Kenneth Roy, Jenny John¬ ston, Betty Ward, Richard Pettitt, Martha Griffin, Shirley Payne, and Rodney Hayes. NOT PICTURED: David Hess, Gary Bowman, Warren Deal. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY- TREASURER REPORTER Claudia Brown Paula Burcher Grace Via ADVISERS Marta Wroten Mr. Henderson Mrs. Skyles Bible Club w in. 1 [ If ' ukjL ■ « ft 0 JOtv GO ' G£ Mope oo ' oe, hod IRS R UpbornoR€,. ( )t t bR u l ou ' 11 r - ' p ' 5i? ' " b.Md toe 1 1J GiOo tbo e, Se u o es ■the- b sr I Rom thee, haos- eot r j s .e«u . -lope, fo Kf oa §ono mOR t, qI a$ st,d uj%h l ool neyiz. u hk . ©is+ oT Lx i(t tQ gg V yG)G i 1 Congratulations to the Class of ' 69 ' From the Friendly Bank " with an eye to your future BANK OF LOUCEJTE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOS T A SVAA VCE COP POP Art OM n LOUCESTtP. POINT Gloucester ' s only locally owned and managed bank 1906 Serving the people of Gloucester County for sixty-three years. 1969 98 99 Always Tops On The List Of Good Reading Press Teen Pages The Teen World Daily Cover Hampton Roads’ Daily and Sunday Morning NEWSpaper 100 COMPLIMENTS OF PLAZA PHARMACY, INC. HAYES PLAZA HAYES, VIRGINIA SEE US FOR: ENGLISH LEATHER TOILETRIES MAX FACTOR BRITISH STERLING FOUNTAIN SERVICE JADE EAST REVLON HELENA RUBINSTEIN 101 K I NGSBERRY HOMES CROWNING ACHIEVEMENTS IN HOME BUILDING Over 50,000 proud Kingsberry homeowners have crowned Kingsberry the growth leader of the manufac¬ tured homes industry. Ask your Kingsberry dealer to show you the wide range of everything Kingsberry has in choice for you! From over one hundred home plans to the last word in a wealth of options . You ' ll move into your Kingsberry home satisfied that a crowning achievement in home building is yours. And through Kingsberry ' s individuality in depth . . . you helped make it so. Baumgardner Hogge, Inc. HAYES, VIRGINIA PHONE: OFFICE 642-4410 RESIDENCE 642-2824 642-2469 102 Fine ships don’t roll off a production line. They’re built efficiently and well only by men whose skills and knowledge are broad. That’s why Newport News begins at the beginning with its own selective Apprentice School. High School graduates enter on the basis of academic record. But selectivity doesn’t stop there. In classroom and shop, in the drafting room and out in the yard, each man’s Newport special abilities are watched and developed. Some become skilled and versatile ma¬ chinists. Others become expert electricians or precision tool makers. Many becomesuper- visors. Some earn scholarships for advanced training at colleges and technical schools. We think the School’s a pretty inspiring place, because its end results are good men and good ships. News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Newport News, Virginia An Equal Opportunity Employer A Major Component of Tenneco Inc. 103 " No wonder our meat prices are so low. " Bi-Lo Supermarket Hodges Bryant, Inc. Plumbing and Heating R.C.A. Whirlpool Appliance Oil Burner Service Wayne Pumps Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 693-2102 Compliments of Village Esso Servicenter J . E. Sears and Sons " Ho me of the Tigers " Gloucester, Virginia 105 GHS DRAMA CLUB Officers: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairman RICHARD GAMACHE ELAINE NEWTON NORMA JORDAN FRANCES HAYNES CHRIS ROEBUCK CH EERLEADERS Jan Beth Chris Joan Connie Debbie Norma Patty Penny Linda R Cheryle Paye Toni Marti S UZAtfrtE ita Marsha Pam 106 NEWTON BUS SERVICE, INC. Gloucester, Virginia Modern - Air Conditioned - Air Ride Coaches Employee Hauling Charter Service Phones: 693-2284 693-2521 H. C. SHACKELFORD SON, INC. Distributor Atlantic Petroleum Products Gloucester Point, Virginia Day Phones 642-2161 H. C. SHACt SON. INC. Night Phones 642-2574 642-2604 107 Shop On The Corner C. B. ROWE AND SON General Merchandise Complete Line Of Marine Hardware Crisfield, Maryland Oyster Tongs Oystermen ' s Supplies Anvil Brand Work Clothes Atlantic Oil Products Birds Eye Frozen Foods Free Delivery Service Phone: 642-2373 Bena, Virginia Photographs In Yearbook Taken By REX-GIBSON, INC. Specializes In: Bridal Pictures and Wedding Parties Senior and Faculty Portraits 5528 Hull Street Road Underclassmen Pictures Richmond, Virginia Group Pictures Phone:232-5919 108 M E Seafood, Inc. FRESH FISH Hayes, Virginia Phones: 642-4560 Willie L. Jenkins, President 642-4569 BELL MOTORS, INC. Buick Chevrolet Corvair Chevelle Gloucester, Virginia 109 Compl iments of FARY-THOMAS FORD, INC. A FULL LINE OF FORDS EXPERT SERVICE QUALITY USED CARS " Buy At Home Where Your Dollar Counts Most " Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 693-3541 Congratulations JORDAN S MARINE SERVICE Marine Hardware and Supplies Gloucester Point, Va. Telphone 642-4360 no Board of Directors CHARLIE DISCHINGER RONALD JAMES CHARLES KERNS Officers President - RANNIE BOYD Vice-President - HUEY NEWTON Secretary - JOHN GREEN Treasurer - JAMES DuBOSE Club Projects: GREEK ORPHAN GIRL DUKES DISPATCH Advisor: Faculty Advisor: Rotary Advisor: COL. W. H. G. FULLER Compliments of J. EDGAR JENKINS D-6-CatterpiI ler Bulldozer Land Clearing Yard Grading Driveway Fill Dirt Sand Phone 642-2235 Seeding Bena Virginia ill Compl iments of Buoy “22” Marina Bring The Crew To Buoy " 22 " Phone: 642-2670 Perrin, Virginia Haywood’s Seafoods Dealer in Selected Seafoods Fresh and Frozen Fish Fresh Oysters Ocean Breeze Brand Oysters Phones: Business 642-4300 Home 642-4305 BOX 8, HAYES, VIRGINIA 23032 112 Compliments of Ordinary Appliance Co., Inc. Westinghouse - Motorola - Gibson Furniture Appliances Hayes, Virginia Phone: 642-4114 Bank Americard Central Charge Best Wishes Tidewater Telephone Company Gloucester, Virginia 113 L. F. Phillips £ Sons, Inc. DISTRIBUTORS OF MOBIL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS PHONE: 693-2908 OFFICE: 642-2166 642-4375 GLOUCESTER AUTO SUPPLY Phone 642-2177 Wholesale Auto Suppl ies Gloucester Point, Virginia J. F. SLAVNIK, PROPRIETOR Student Cooperative Association " Sail the Action Ship " Serve with scholarship Communicate for citizenship Achieve through leadership President.Tommy Dutton Vice-President .... Connie Eagle Secretary.Jan Conner Treasurer.Warren Deal Reporter.James DuBose Compliments of GLOUCESTER ' S MEN ' S SHOP GRAY ' S PHARMACY Phone 693-2400 Phone 693-2666 Gloucester, Virginia Gloucester, Virginia 114 DON DEBOLT, INC. Genera! Contractors Burleigh DeBolt P . O . Box 163 Gloucester Point, Virginia 23062 Business Phone: 642-4878 OLDSMOBILE F. A. CLEMENTS SONS, INC. TURN TOWARD TOMORROW TODAY PONTIAC Sales and Service PHONE Gloucester, Virginia 693-2828 PHONE: Compl iments of HARRIS’S GARAGE HAYES, VIRGINIA 24 HR. WRECKING SERVICE DAY 642-2440 NIGHT 642-2571 Automotive and Marine Repair Sportswear By: Bobbie Brooks, Shapely Classic, Kay Windsor Gay Gibson Dresses Georgi-Ann’s Shoppe Hayes Plaza Shopping Center Phone: 642-2984 115 Wells Tile Company Tile Confracfors Phone: 642-4621 Gloucester Point, Virginia Box 117 Armstrong Carpet Magee Carpet Viking Carpet Armstrong Floor Covering Luran Floor Covering Indoor-Outdoor Carpet Draperies by Norman Carolyn’s Shop Hayes Plaza Shopping Center 642-2722 Forma Is For Rent Compl iments of ARK DAIRY FREEZE Box Dinners Our Specialty Phone 693-3506 Mike’s Tire and Recapping Service Atlantic Gasol ine--Delta Tires Phone 642-2980 116 JOYCE’S BEAUTY SALON Hayes, Virginia Joyce Hogge, Owner Phone: 642-4200 GLOUCESTER LAUNDRY CLEANERS, INC. Complete Laundry Dry Cleaning Service Dyeing Repairing Rug Cleaning Storage Coin-Operated Laundry Phone: 693-2710 Pick-Up Delivery TRI-COUNTY FURNITURE STORE Gloucester, Virginia, 23061 Telephone: 693-3900 Edgehill Shopping Center Gloucester, Virginia Clothing For The Entire Fami ly Open Friday Til 9:00 and Wednesday Afternoon Phone: 693-2970 117 If you ' re interested in science and mathematics, you may well have a bright future in engineering. Few fields offer such varied and promising careers. The faster we prog¬ ress, the more engineers are needed. So consider making America ' s prog¬ ress your own. Plan for a career in engineering! Seniors ' 69 " Vaya Con Dios " " Ma Smith " TIDEWATER MOTEL Hayes, Virginia Phone 642-2155 Owners: Mr. Mrs. R. L. Smith Member: Virginia Travel Council Peninsula Rest Association Headquarters for: Tidewater Fox Hunt Association VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY Meet Your Friends At . . . Jf exalt OlOUCISTI , V Morgan ' s Drug Store Gloucester, Virginia FARINHOLT INSURANCE AGENCY GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA 693-2550 118 BROOKS SHOE REPAIR " Orthopedic Work " Hours: 8 A . M.-5 P. M. Monday - Friday 8 A.M.-4 P.M. Saturday Willie L. Brooks, Owner Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone: 642-4251 (Next To Post Office) E. J. JENKINS SEAFOOD Box 382 Ordinary, Virginia Phone: 642-4795 Fresh Fish Oysters Compl iments of GLOUCESTER POINT ESSO Servicecenter Official State Inspections U. S. Route 17 Phone 642-2171 FRED H. STRATTON Gloucester Point Water Treatment Chlori nator Acid Neutralization Iron Filters Sediment Filters Swimming Pool Supplies Sales, Service and Rentals Lan-o-soft soap products Salt Delivery Service--Free Water Analysis Residential Commercial Hayes, Virginia Phone: 642-2697 119 Congratulations To The Graduating Class TURLINGTON’S JEWELERS White Marsh Shopping Center White Marsh, Virginia Phone: 693-3450 Make It A Memorable Occasion Send Flowers From ROBBINS FLORIST Flowers By Wire Day: 642-2101 Gloucester Point Night: 642-2974 HOGG FUNERAL HOME " Serving Gloucester County " 120 For Tops in Year Around Fashions EMMA JANE SHOPPE Clothing for Men and Women Phone: 693-3800 Gloucester, Va . TIDEWATER GRAVELY COMPANY Phone 693-3557 Gloucester, Va . Mercury Outboards Gravely Tractors Power Chain Saws Toro Huffy Mowers Wheelhorse Garden Tractor Sales Service SOUTHSIDE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Congratulations Grads! You May Be Through With Books, But You Can Keep Up With Current Events Fred Brown, Agent " Insurance of all kinds " If You Keep Tuned To WOODY RADIO Gloucester, Virginia Phone 693-3151 W.D.D.Y. Radio WOODY 1420 On Your Dial Best Wishes To The Class of 1968 Drive Carefully for a Happy Graduation J. DOSWELL DUTTON JANNEY INSURANCE AGENCY Hardware, Paints Wallpaper Admiral Appliances Gloucester, Virginia 693-3616 Gloucester, Virginia Phone: Office: 693-3502 BRIDGES OFFICE SUPPLY CORP. Compliments of Gloucester—Mathews Edgehlll Shopping Center Phone 693-2363 Hallmark Cards and Papers Art Supplies Stationery and Office Supplies Office Furniture I GAZETTE JOURNAL " Your Hometown Newspaper " Phones: 693-3101 725-2191 121 GLOUCESTER FLORIST " For the Finest in Flowers Try Ours " Gloucester Point, Virginia phone: 642-4555 POWER SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT Marine Sales Service and Rental Center Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of DIAMOND ' S 5p to $1.00 STORE Hayes Plaza Shopping Center Feed Farm Seed Building Fertilizer Supplies SOUTHERN STATES COOPERATIVE, INC. GLOUCESTER SERVICE Edgehill Shopping Center Gloucester, Virginia 693-3411 S. C. LAMBERTH BROTHERS, INC. WEST ' S BARBER SHOP Lumber and Building Materials Hayes Plaza White Marsh, Virginia 23183 Hayes, Virginia Phone 693-3233 Compliments of BROADDUS AND HALL POLAND ' S SUPER MARKET FURNITURE Gloucester Point, Virginia AND GE APPLIANCES 122 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE T. J. Thomas and Son " The Family Store " Phone: 642-4320 TIDEMILL RESTAURANT Owner: George D. Belvin, Jr. Specialize in: Seafood Steaks Phone: 642-2073 HUDGINS NURSERY AND FLORIST SMITH ' S ATLANTIC " Flowers For All Occasions " SERVICE CENTER Hayes, Virginia Pick-up and Delivery Phone 642-2074 W. M. Hudgins-Owner Phone: 642-2802 Gloucester Point, Virginia COUNTY SUPPLY CO. Hardware Coal Builders Supplies Seed and Fertilizers Hayes, Virginia Phone: 642-2700 JORDAN REALTY, INC. Realtors, Builders, Insurers Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone 642-4160 Compliments of Compliments of TASTEE-FREEZE AND SNACK BAR SPENCER CLOPTON Phone 642-2251 Rt. 17 Hayes, Virginia Gloucester Point, Virginia 123 ROBINS AUTO PARTS New and Used Auto Parts New Marine Conversions G .M .C . Trucks Route 17, Gloucester, Virginia y J. C. EDWARDS VARIETY 5 to $5.00 Distributor for Mary Carter Paints Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of AMERICAN HARDWARE Specializing In Quality Lucas Paints " Over 1500 Colors Available " " Most Complete Hardware Store " COLONIAL REALTY CO. Rt. 17, Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 642-2750 NEWTON MOTOR CO. Operating Wicomico Atlantic Gas - Oil - Merchandise Phone: 642-2093 R. H. Newton and Son Names Synonymous With Perfection GARRY BARNETTE CHARLIE DISCHINGER Courtesy WHITE MARSH BARBER SHOP Courtesy White Marsh Hardware HOWARD FUNERAL HOME Stanley G. Howard, Funeral Director Ark, Virginia 23003 693-3200 Compliments of THE GLOUCESTER RESTAURANT, DAIRY AND SNACK BAR Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone: 642-2330 Compliments of MASON ' S ESSO C. M. Bonniville Rt. 2 Gloucester, Virginia FRANK P. ASH General Merchandise Achilles, Virginia Our Congratulations to the Class of ' 69 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Gloucester, Virginia " Your fami ly store " Owners-W. B. Clements R. L. Clements Compliments of HUB CLEANERS Motto: Satisfied Customers Phone: 642-4678 Compliments of JOE ' S BARBER SHOP Edgehill Shopping Center Gloucester, Virqinia _ W. E. BELVIN REALTY Real Estate, Developing, and Contracting Box 277, Gloucester Point, Virginia 124 TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP Compl iments of LUCILLE ' S BEAUTY SALON Hayes, Virginia Gloucester Point 642-2052 Compl iments of Compl iments of BUNTING ' S BARBER SHOP OTIS HOGGE Esso Produ cts Ark, Virginia Phone 693-3256 Dupont Dutch Boy Paints Phone 642-4234 Compl iments of John Hudgins JOHN CE Hayes, Virginia VILLAGE JEWELRY COMPANY Jewelers—Goldsmiths Gloucester, Virginia OX 3-3470 HARRY WARD Esso Gas Oil Sandwiches Wicomico, Virginia 642-2052 COX BROTHERS General Merchandise Atlantic Gas and Oil Spred Satin and Glidden House Paint Phone 642-4439 LIZ ' S ANTIQUE FURNITURE Antiques-Early American Furniture- Gifts-G lasswa re-China-Rugs-Appl ianc es Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 693-2274 Elizabeth Crews, Owner Compliments of SEAR ' S MOBIL SERVICE STATION Gas - Oi 1 - Ice Phone: 693-2310 Ark, Virginia LEIGH ' S MARKET Esskay Products Gloucester, Virginia Complete Sewing Needlework Center Simplicity Patterns Yarns YE OLDE SPINNING WHEEL Louise Bond, Owner BENJAMIN E. BORDEN, JR. Associate Agent Compliments of SEAWELLS ORDINARY Phone: 642-2910 Compliments of C. L. WILLIAMS General Merchandise Maryus, Virginia MORRIS BROTHERS Gas Qil Lubrication general Repairs Route 17, Ark, Virginia Phone: 693-2067 125 Southern Bank Congratulations to the Class of ' 69 Gloucester, Virginia Peoples Offices Gloucester and Hayes Member FIRST VIRGINIA Sorting graduating class mmmm ' imm 126 GUNN ' S BODY FENDER SHOP GLOUCESTER EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. Gloucester, Virginia Ford Tractor Sales and Service Phone 693-3350 Gloucester, Virginia 693-3637 Compl iments of EdgeHil 1 693-3434 Shopping Center VASHTI ' S JEWELRY GIFT SHOPPE W. C. TUCKER’S STORE China Rings Watches Gloucester, Virginia Silver Crystal Special Gifts Mrs. Vashti Horsley, Gloucester Proprietor Virginia 23061 ABINGDON CLEANERS AND Compl iments of SHIRT LAUNDRY COLONIAL PRODUCTS COMPANY Gloucester Point, Virginia 642-2880 Gas and Electric Welding Ornamental and Structural Steel Quick Service Drapes, Rugs, and Evening Wear Pick-up and Delivery Service Ceci 1 C . Fary Ark, Virginia 693-3175 Continue Your Education Deepsea Ventures, Inc. A Tenneco Company 127 Congratulations CJccss oS to tke o c _ 2 o deal [state Ulaterfront Farms Homes Lots Broker A rime Lanaiano t U.S. 17, OrdiriarU , Va. io Z-2300 J 128 ) 4 yVf

Suggestions in the Gloucester High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Gloucester, VA) collection:

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