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' f ■ ' • t ' : ' ■} ■r «; K .£■ •£ • { ' ' fc» . v ’ V •? ' S . - - ■■•e m ' V.—• ££ ■ " « ' ■■ Vv’-Vx-’ ;«i ‘ ‘ , • ' ••• ' .• ’7. ' " _. .v ' -» ’ • ' ' _ - ' • • • - - r - n : V ' • •;;-• -v-:--■- ; - .. s: §SKkM ; . ,« .|- v ' ■■ ' . ' •;■•. ' •••■■ ; ., „ ... • w ■ ; i J tor ” jkx ■ i { iitiJm 4i , ' W f: ? ) if ■ wrr T r JL V " ' 3 I y. .■ ' i jp ' n ' S ' q ||Ii|iB « 1 W jE||ffi li i ■■ " .■ w » J XI Edition Edited by the Senior Class of 1964 Gloucester High School Library Dedication Because of the love and respect we feel for one who has done so much for our class, the senior class pauses in tribute. For your helpfulness, understand¬ ing, and genuine interest in our class, we, the SEN¬ IOR CLASS, proudly dedicate the 1964 CAVALIER to you, MRS. LOLA CLEMENTS. 2 Foreword Oioucester High School Library This is Gloucester High School. It is a familiar sight to the students who walk through its doors every¬ day. We will remember our experiences at Gloucester High, whether they be happy or sad. As we leave these doors for the last time as students, we leave part of ourselves at Gloucester High. We carry with us memories that we will never forget -- memories of friends we knew, teachers who were interested in us, and of the many, many good times we had. It is the hope of the Cavalier Staff to capture some of these memories so that, in years to come, you might come across this annual and say proudly, " This is Gloucester High School -- the best. " The Cavalier Staff of 1964 proudly presents to you, " SCENES FROM THE SCHOOL YEAR 1963-1964. " 3 Gloucester High School ALMA MATER We sing our Alma Mater And praise thy glorious name. We join in mighty chorus To laud thy halls of fame. Sing hail to Thee, Sing hail to Thee Loud let your voices cry With loyal adoration For dear old Gloucester High. We ' ll fill our hearts with gladness And never shall it die. FIGHT SONG Oh, we will fight, fight, fight for Gloucester, Oh, we will fight on to the end. Oh, we will fight, fight, fight for Gloucester, Never to give in. And when the Dukes march on in triumph, Victory in their sight; Stand and hear our loyal cheer for the Red and White. 4 School Board MR. C. B. ROWE, JR. MR. J. K. SINCLAIR Chairman MR. WALLACE FLETCHER 6 MR. PHILIP ARGABRIGHT Agriculture V.P. I. MISS ANN BYRD ATKINS Social Studies Baptist Seminary, R. P. I. MRS. GLADYS BELCHER Chemistry Biology Physics University of Kentucky MRS. LOUISE BOYD Art English Northwestern, Columbia, Miami Universities Albion College MRS. LOLA CLEMENTS English Mary Washington College MR. JAMES A. COLEY, JR. Physical Education Driver ' s Training College of William Mary MR. J. STUART CONNER Band Choral Shenandoah Conservatory of Music MRS. MARY LOU FARY Librarian Mary Washington College MR. ROBERT FRASER, III History Physical Education Shepherd College MRS. RUTH FRASER Business Education Shepherd College MR. MAX HARRIS Science University of Philippines MR. LINWOOD JOHNSON Math Malone College MRS. BARTA HOGG World History College of William Mary MRS. MARY KIMBERLY English College of William Mary MR. W. E. MOORMAN Spanish Mathematics V.M. I. MR. JOHN NORTHSTEIN Science Lynchburg College MRS. RACHEL PAULSON Mathematics Longwood College MRS. NAN POINTER Social Studies Mary Washington College MR. ROBERT RIGGAN Typing Math Morehead State College Tennessee Tech MR. WILLIAM RIGGAN Industrial Arts Electrical Department Drafting Morehead State College MRS. SHIRLEY ROBINSON English Indiana University MRS. MARY ROWE Home Economics V.P. I. MRS. NETTIE ROWE English College of William Mary MRS. ELIZABETH TREAKLE Latin R.M. W. C. MISS ROBERTA WIATT Physical Educa¬ tion Longwood College MR. DAN WINTERS English French World Geography Emory Henry Senior Class Officers Woody James.PRESIDENT Keith Brown.VICE-PRESIDENT Della Owens.SECRETARY Richard Haynes.TREASURER Russell Cottingham .... REPORTER PAULA CONWAY SMITH " Paula " Spanish Club II; Choral Club IV; Beta Club II, III, IV; Annual Staff IV; Lab. Assistant IV; S.C.A. IV. RUTH ELAINE TRIBBY " Toots " Beta Club II, III, IV; Pep Club IV; Basket¬ ball IV; Annual Staff IV; Office Assistant IV; Choral Club IV; Library Club II; Girls ' VALEDICTORIAN State III. 10 CAROLYN FOSTER BAILEY " Carolyn " J.V. Cheerleader I; Varsity Cheerleader III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club II, III; S.C.A. II. WILLIAM ANDERTON BALDWIN " Bill " J.V. Basketball I, II; Band I, II; Varsity Baseball I, II, IV; 4-H Club I, II, III, IV; Pep Club III; Varsity Football III, IV; Track IV; Varsity Basketball IV; Spanish Club III, IV. NANCY LORRAINE BLAKE " Nancy " 4-H Club I, II; Pep Club I, II, Treasurer, III, President IV; F.H.A. I,II,III,IV; Spanish Club III; Basketball I, II, III, Co¬ captain IV. JUDY CAROL BOOKER " Judy " Pep Club I, IV; F . H . A . I, II, III, IV; Choral Club II; Science Club II; Library Club III, IV. THOMAS MARSHALL BOYD " Tommy " J.V. Football I; S.C.A. I, II, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Varsity Football II, III, IV; Varsity Baseball II; J.V. Basketball I; Spanish Club II, III, IV; Beta Club III, President, IV; Varsity Track III, IV; News¬ paper Staff III, IV. ELWANDA DIANNE BRADY " Elwanda " Pep Club I, IV; Beta Club II, III, IV; Annual Staff IV. MARY JOANNE BRISTOW " Jo " 4-H Club I; F.H.A. I, II, III, IV; Beta Club II, III, IV. KATHRYN MARIE BROWN " Kathryn " Pep Club II, Beta Club III, IV; Office Assistant IV. WILLIAM KEITH BROWN " Keith " J.V. Basketball I; Beta Club II, III, IV; Varsity Basketball II, III, Co-captain IV; Class Secretary II; Class Vice-President III, IV. JOHN EDWIN BRYANT, JR. " Jack " J.V. Basketball I, II; Pep Club II, III, IV; Varsity Baseball III; Varsity Basketball III, IV; Spanish Club III. AUDREY MARIE BUNTING " Audrey " 4-H Club I, II, III, IV; F.H.A. II, III, IV; Pep Club II; Library Club IV. RAYMOND ARNOLD BUNTING " Raymond " SAMUEL CARY BUNTING " Sam " 4-H Club IV; Pep Club IV. MORRIS MASON CAMERON " Mitty " J.V. Football 1; Varsity Football II, III, IV; Track II, III; 4-H Club I, II, III, IV; S.C.A. IV; Band II. CAREY FRANCIS CARMINE " Francis " J.V. Baseball I; Basketball II; Varsity Base¬ ball II. MARY ELIZABETH CHAPMAN " Betty " J.V. Cheerleader I; Varsity Cheerleader II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Class President I; Spanish Club II, III; Library Club III; S.C.A. IV. WESLEY ARTHUR CLEMENTS " Pecker, Jr. " Band I, II, III, IV; 4-H Club IV. GEORGE RUSSELL COTTINGHAM, III " Russell " Spanish Club III; Band II, III, IV; Beta Club III, IV. SUSAN LINN DENBY " Susan " Spanish Club I, II, III; 4-H Club I; F .H . A . II, III, IV; Pep Club II; Beta Club II, III, IV; Annual Staff IV. HELEN VIRGINIA DUNNIGAN " Virginia " Office Assistant IV; F.H.A. I, II, III. EDWARD SAMUEL DUTTON " Sammy " HERBERT PAUL EDWARDS " Herkey " Basketball Manager II; Pep Club IV; Foot¬ ball, Baseball IV. ROGER CRIGHTON FIELD " Roger " 4-H Club I, II; Track I, II, III, IV; Football II, III, IV. ALICE MAE GOODE " Bunky " Pep Club II, III; F.H.A. I, II, III, IV; Library Club III; Office Assistant IV. RICHARD LINWOOD GREEN " Richard " DAVID ARTHUR GROW " David " Pep Club IV; Varsity Football IV; Chess Club III. ANNA CHRISTINE HALL " Christy " 4-H Club I, II, III, IV; S.C.A. I, II; Choral Club I, II; Pep Club III, IV; F.H.A. II, III, IV; Library Club IV; Majorette IV. KENNETH WILLIAM HALL " Kenny " Beta Club II, III, IV. WILLIAM THOMAS HARRIS, III " W. T. " Basketball I; Track I, II, III; 4-H Club I, II, III, IV; Band I, II, III, IV; F.F.A. II; S.C.A. IV. RICHARD FRANCIS HAYNES " Yogi " Basketball I, II, III, IV; Band I; 4-H Club I, II, III; Track I, II, IV; Football I, II, III, IV; Beta Club II, III . CAROL ANNE HENDLEY " Carol " F.H.A. I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Library Club IV. HAROLD COLEMAN HESS, JR. " Harold " 4-H Club I, II; Pep Club II. CHARLES FRANCIS HOGG " Tick Tock " J.V. Football I; Chess Club III; Spanish Club IV; Pep Club IV. CARLTON NOBLE HOGGE " Corky " J.V. Baseball I; J.V. Basketball I; Varsity Football, Baseball IV; Track III, IV. DAVID JAMES HUBBARD " Dav id " JOHN FRENCH HUGHES, JR. " John " J.V. Baseball I. REBECCA ANN HUGHES " Becky " Library Club III, IV; Pep Club IV. EMILY BROWNIE JAMES " Brownie " J.V. Cheerleader I; Varsity Cheerleader II, III, IV; Class President III; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; S.C.A. I, II, III, IV; Paper Staff III; Annual Staff IV. WOODROW WILSON JAMES, JR. " Woody " J.V. Football I; Varsity Football II, III, Co-captain IV; 4-H Club I, II, III; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; S.C.A. II, III, IV; Class President IV. EDWIN HOSKINS JOHNSTON, JR. " Ed " JEAN ELIZABETH KING " Jean " 4-H Club IV; Pep Club IV. MARIE ANNETTE KING " Annette " 4-H Club I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Library Club I, III, IV; Science Club I; Lab. Assistant IV. MICHAEL GILBERT KIRSCHBAUM " Mike " Varsity Football III. DANIEL SCOTT LEIGH " Danny " Band I, II, III; Quartermaster IV. HENRY PAUL LEIGH " Henry " MICHAEL JAMES LINA " Mike " SAMUEL RAGAN MELLAR " Sam " Class Treasurer I; Basketball I, II, III, IV; Track II; Football I, II, IV; Beta Club III, IV; 4-H Club I. GEORGINA MILLIKEN " Gina " 4-H Club I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Newspaper Staff I, IV; Band III; F . H . A . IV; S . C . A . Council IV; Basketball Manager IV. CHARLES RODMAN MONTFORT " Charles " Football II, III, IV; Basketball I, II, III, IV; 4-H Club I, II, III, IV; Pep Club IV; Spanish Club IV, II; Track I, II- ANNA DUTILH MOORMAN " Nancy " Choral Club I, II, III, IV; Pep Club III, IV; F.H.A. Ill,IV. DELLA ANN OWENS " Della " Gym Assistant III, IV; Paper Staff I; Basket- ball I; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; F.H.A. I, II, III, IV; S.C.A. Ill; Library Club III, IV; Class Secretary IV. MARIAN MINOR POINTER " Marian " 4-H Club I, II, III, IV; Class Secretary I; Class President II; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; S.C.A. I, II, Vice-President, III; Secre¬ tary IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Annual Staff IV; Basketball Scorekeeper IV. FRANCES CATHERINE POST " Frances " F.H.A. I; Choral I, II, III; Science Club I; Beta Club III, IV. EILEEN ANN QUAIL " Eileen " 4-H Club I; Choral III. JAMES EDWIN QUAIL " Partridge " J.V. Football I, II; 4-H Club III, IV; Spanish Club I. WOODROW WILSON REGENSBURG, JR. " Woody " Pep Club I, II, III, IV; 4-H Club I, II, III, IV. CHRISTIAN DUDLEY RILEE " Buddy " Pep Club II, III; Varsity Football IV; Varsity Baseball III, IV. BERNARD EDWARD ROBINS " Bernie " Beta Club II, III, IV. DIANE MARGUARETTE ROBINS " Diane " F.H.A. I, II, III, IV; Library Club II, III; Basketball II; Pep Club I, II, III, IV. BROWNIE ELIZABETH ROWE " Brownie " Basketball II, III, IV; Pep Club IV; Gym Assistant IV; Annual Staff IV. JUNE CAROLYN SEARS " June " F.H.A. I, II, III, IV; Pep Club II, III, IV; Library Club III, Secretary, IV. DORIS VENETTA SMITH " Doris " 4-H Club II. JAMES KEITH SMITH " James " ROBERT ALAN STAHL " Alan " Spanish Club I. DAVID FOSTER STERLING " David " J.V. Baseball I; Band I, II, III, IV; Varsity Baseball IV. PATRICIA ANNE STERLING " Patsy " Band I, II, III, IV. t ANN CAROLYN TOWNSEND " Ann " S.C.A. I, II, IV; Pep Club II, III, IV; Var¬ sity Cheerleader III, IV; Beta Club III; Majorette I; S panish Club II, III. WILLIAM CLIFFORD WADDELL, JR. " W. C. " J.V. Football I, II; 4-H Club I, II; Spanish Club II, III; J.V. Baseball II; Beta Club III, IV; Class Reporter III; Pep Club III; S.C.A. President IV; Varsity Football, Baseball, Basketball III, IV. BONNIE APRIL WARD " Bonnie " Library Club I; Science Club I; 4-H Club II, III; Pep Club III, IV; Beta Club III, IV; Spanish Club III. JOAN LUCILLE WEST " Joan " 4-H Club I; F.H.A. I,II, III, IV. JOHNNIE LINWOOD WEST, JR. " Linwood " KATHERINE DALE WEST " Dale " 4-H Club I, II, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Sicence Club II; Beta Club II, III, IV; Library Club IV; Newspaper Staff IV. ELSIE RAY WILLIAMS " Elsie " Choral III, IV. NORMA JEAN WYCUFF " Jean " Library Club II; 4-H Club I, II, III; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Band I; Basketball II; Choral Club IV; Annual Staff IV; F.H.A. Ill, IV. Senior Memories 20 Senior Memories Delegates to Boys ' and Girls ' State W. C. Waddell, Brownie James, Keith Brown, Ruth Tribby, Sam Mellar PERSONALITY PLUS Vivian Brown Russell Cottingham MOST COURTEOUS Marian Pointer W. T. Harris Senior Who’s Who MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Paula Smith Keith Brown MOST TALENTED Brownie Rowe Sam Bunting 22 FRIENDLIEST June Sears Roger Field CUTEST Della Owens Jackie Bryant WITTIEST Gina Milliken Herbert Edwards Senior Who’s Who MOST INTELLECTUAL Elwanda Brady Bernard Robins QUIETEST Kathryn Brown Raymond Bunting 23 - ----3 | 1 311 ■ t Eft.:. ' mM.:,-. _ iM MOST ATHLETIC Nancy Blake Richard Haynes MHbpjK ' fe %■ n PH i 1 1 1 i 1 V : f % Junior Class Officers George Newbill Carol Buck . . .PRESIDENT .... SECRETARY Anna Jean Ashe . . . A1 Shepherd. . . Terry Sutton . . . . .REPORTER VICE-PRESIDENT . . . TREASURER Jerry Altemus John Anders Anna J. Ashe Donna Baldwin Walton Blake Joan Brooks Anna M. Brown Betty Brown Kay Brown Larry Brown Carol Buck Joanne Carr Peter Carver Deta Chapman Joyce Childress Bobby Clayton John Clements Vivian Clopton Elaine Coates Derinda Cummings Patsy Cox Richard Darnell Betty J. Deal Ralph Denton Terry Dirle Charles Dunn Cherie Elias Randy Fary Billy Fenstermacher Wendell Fletcher G. B. Frazier Donna Green Sheila Greene Nina Gregg Douglas Hall Linda Hamilton Patricia Harris Richard Haywood Celeste Hogge Carlton Hogge Rheba Hogge Gene Horsley Ronald Howard Pat Hudgins Linda Huff Luther Jenkins Harold Jones Donald Kemp Betty King Sheran Lanciano Wellford Marshall James Marshall Jo Anne McDermott Thomas Milby Michael Monahan Delores Motley _ Robbie Newton John Norcross Barbara Nuttall Wayne Nuttall v George Newbill John Olmsted Richard Parkes Jewell Plentovich J. P. Reardon Felix Rigau Linda Rilee Jackie Robbins Betty Rowe Bobby Rowe Donald Rowe Gary Rowe Virginia Ruddock Sharon Sabo Irene Shackelford Almeda Shepherd Sidney Simmons Harold Smith John Smith Joyce Smith Donald West Robert Wi lliams Marion Wilson Ginger Smoot Nell Stansell Clara J. Sterling J. E. Sterling Carolyn Strigle Terry Sutton Barbara Thomas Donald Thomas John Thomas David Tilson Kenneth Walker Wayne Walthall Bernard Walton Alvin W ard Janis Ward Audrey West i NOT PICTURED Ernest Faircloth Leon Green Jack Wheless Robert Milby 30 Sophomore Class Officers Gordon Williams Alfred Kirk . . . . . . .PRESIDENT . . . SECRETARY Michael Klebitz. . Robert Montfort . . Eugene Motley . . . .... REPORTER . VICE-PRESIDENT . . . . TREASURER Douglas Adams Edward Allmond Scotty Belvin Robert Berry Mary Booker Connie Brown John Brown Patsy Brown B. M. Bunting James Coates Virginia Conway Joyce Cox Mary Cox Carl Donner Walter haircloth Susan Friend Ann Galloway Jerry German Pe ggy Givler Helen Green Dinah Gregg Cindy Harris Eugene Haywood Lucille Haywood Barbara Haywood Margaret Heywood Robert Hicks Roberta Hogg Elizabeth Hogge Jimmy Hogge Louise Hogge David Hoover Linda Horsley Norman Horsley Perry Elorsley Richard Horsley Diane Howlett Mary L. Jenkins Victor Jenkins Mary Jobe George Keener Roy King Alfred Kirk Michael Klebitz James Leiffer i Benny Leigh Margaret Leigh Mary Lemons Patsy Marshall Jimmy McFarland Robert Montfort Sheila Moore Ronald Midgett Mary Newton Eugene Motley Gene Nuttall William Nuttall Lee Oliver Ronald Oliver Paul Ottarson Ralph Parkes James Pointer Tommy Quillian Sandra Rhea George Rhodes Shirley Rice Felipe Rigau Kay Rilee LaVerne Robins Patricia Rogers Frances Rowe Diane Sears Dorothy Seawell Michael Shifflett Roger Simmons Barbara Smith Kay Smith Nancy Smith Bobby Smith Bruce South SOPHOMORE HOMECOMING FLOAT (Third Place) Harry Speakman Ray Stanford Wayne Sterling Richard Stover Trudy Tappan Mary Turner Jimmy Thomas Gloria Ward James Ward Floyd West Thomas West Toni Wheless Cheryl Williams Gordon Williams Nancy Williams 34 Freshman Class Officers Freddy Hall.PRESIDENT Dottie Dame.VICE-PRESIDENT Deborah Williams.SECRETARY Jane Leigh.TREASURER Johnny Belch Edward Be Ivin Angela Bond Carolyn Bonniville Kathy Bonniville Deborah Brown Joyce Brown Ricky Bryant Dixie Bunting Jimmy Bunting Carolyn Sue Hogge.REPORTER Earl Carmine Pat Carmine John Cassily Connie Chamblis Eva Clements Robert Cottingham Roger Cox Paul Craven Dottie Dame Sterling Deal Tina Denton Mic key Dirle Joyce Dutton Kathleen Eastwood Gary Elias Bonnie Faircloth Jimmy Faircloth Linda Fary Tommy Field Shirley Fletcher Martha Flipse M.B. Foster Roselee Fracassee Benjamin Galloway Annette Gamache Larry Grant Donald Green Sandra Green Alton Hall Freddy Hall Michael Hall Leonard Hall Sandra Hall Bobby Harris Ellen Harris Montague Haskell Ben Haynes Linda Haywood Stephanie Healy Ronald Hendley Linda Heywood Mary Hill Bruce Hogge Barry Hogge Carolyn Hogge Elliott Hogge James Hogge Laura Hogge Leo Hogge Rachel Hogge Billy Hogge Wilson Hogge Clem Horsley Lewis Horsley Jimmy Huff Carol Hughes Frances Jenkins Linda Jenkins Molly Jenkins Van Johnston Ray Jordon Betty Keeton Fran Lawrence Rachel Leigh Richard Leigh Jane Leigh Lydia Lemons Billy Livingston Gary Loveland Allen Marshall Nancy Miller Bill Milliken Richard Montfort Edward Newbill Patsy Newton Thomas Parker Diane Plentovich Martha Post Mary Prince Dianne Rainier Charles Rich Edward Rilee Malvina Rowe Welsey Rowe Henry Shackelford Tommy Shepherd Wanda Shifflett Alice Smith Sharon Smith W. C. Smith, Jr. Julia Stow ell Robert Stowell Joan Strigle Charles Tillage Jim Townsend Nellie Walton Diane West Becky Wheless Charles White Mary L. Wilburn Wanda Wilcox Deborah Williams Nancy Williams Dale Williams Bruce W oodson Eighth Grade Officers Joe Davis..VICE-PRESIDENT Marlene Smoot . Linda Hudgins.PRESIDENT Teresa Ambrose SECRETARY TREASURER Beth Abbott Donald Abernathy John Allfree William Altemus Teresa Ambrose Sherline Beale David Belch Donald Belch Charlotte Bledsoe Karen Bond Sandra Bonniville Alvin Brooks Rose Marie Brown Ada Belvin Pat Berg Walden Carmine Edward Childress Elma Childress Irma Childress Frankie Clements Elaine Coates Wayne Coates Chester Crewe Faye Crowder George Davis Joe Davis Greg Donner Donna Dowling Ellen Dunn Betty C. Dutton Brenda Dutton Billy Dutton Franklin Emerson Robert Fitchett Harry Gray Eighth Grade Saint Gwyn Wilbur Hall Merriel Hamilton Dale Handley Gale Handley James Harris Bill Harris Craig Hawkins David Hayden Don Haynes Ethel Haynes John Haywood Sammy Hilliard Barnes Hogge Cynthia Hogge Jimmy Hogge Sharon Hogge Ann Howard Linda Hudgins David Hussey Michael Hutcheson Bobby Hutcheson Virginia Hypes Diane Hall Randy Jenkins Ralph Jenkins James Jenkins Donald Jenkins Sally Jenkins Wilma Jenkins Ray Johnson Esther Jones Bobby Jordan Robert Kimsey Linwood King Warren King William King Cecelia Kirschbaum Shirley Kopp John Leigh Eighth Grade Betty Lewis Thomas Lollis Byron Luoma Diane Lyell Warren Lyell Craig Loveland Harry McFarland Paul McFarland Nan McMullen Davis Marshall Francil Mellar Dennis Milby Linda Mann Ellen Mott Claudius Noel Alec Nuttall Carl Owens Betsy Owens Morris Owens Owen Peters Nancy Plessinger Linda Proctor Patsy Rapp Phyllis Reed Wayne Riley Mary Jane Robins RaNaye Robins Dianne Rowe Mary A. Rowe Mary H. Rowe Sylvia Rowe Donald Sears Mary Sexton Nancy Shelton Brenda Shinn Ann Sibley John Slavnik Ricky Smith William Smith Marlene Smoot Eighth Grade Jack Sterling Janice Sterling Ronald Thomas Virginia Thornton Nettie Tillage James Towell James Walpole Cheryl Ward Bobby West Dennis West Donald West J. C. West Archie Williams Betty Williams George Williams Cavalier Staff Paula Smith -- EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Brownie James -- BUSINESS MANAGER, Marian Pointer -- AD¬ VERTISING MANAGER, Roger Field -- ADVERTISING MANAGER, Jean Wycuff -- ADVERTISING MANAGER, Vivian Brown -- SALES MANAGER, Richard Haynes SPORTS EDITOR, Susan Denby -- PICTURE EDITOR, Elwanda Brady -- PICTURE EDITOR, Brownie Rowe -- ART EDITOR, Ruth Tribby -- SECRETARY, Patsy Sterling -- TYPIST, Bill Baldwin -- PHOTOGRAPHER, Mrs. Elizabeth Treakle -- SPONSOR. Compliments of W. C. TUCKER ' S STORE CAVALIER EDITORS Paula Smith EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BETA OFFICERS PRESIDENT -- Tommy Boyd VICE-PRESIDENT -- Keith Brown SECRETARY -- Susan Denby TREASURER -- Russell Cottingham REPORTER -- Jewell Plentovich HISTORIAN -- A1 Shepherd PARLIAMENTARIAN -- George Newbill SPONSOR -- Mrs. Rachel Paulson Beta Club FIRST ROW -- Jewell Plentovich, Russell Cottingham, Mrs. Paulson, Tommy Boyd, Keith Brown, Almeda Shepherd, Susan Denby, George Newbill. SECOND ROW -- W. C. Waddell, Paula Smith, Donna Green, Barbara S. Thomas, Dale West, Bonnie Ward, Kay Brown, Nina Gregg, Joanne Carr, Trudy Tappan, Nancy Smith, Lucille Haywood, Gloria Ward, Donna Baldwin, Sam Mellar. THIRD ROW -- Walter Faircloth, Jimmy Pointer, Kathryn Brown, Joanne Bristow, Sheila Greene, Mary Newton, Pat Hudgins, Barbara Nuttall, Mary Turner, Diane Sears, Frances Rowe, Douglas Hall. FOURTH ROW -- Elwanda Brady, Ruth Tribby, Frances Post, Richard Stover, Carl Donner, Arthur Wood, Thomas West, Donnie Thomas, Bernard Robins, Welford Marshall, Donald Kemp, John Thomas, Michael Klebitz, Robert Montfort, Terry Sutton, Jimmy Marshall, Eugene Motley. 45 S. C. A OFFICERS -- PRESIDENT -- W. C. Waddell, VICE-PRESIDENT -- George Newbill, SECRETARY -- Marian Pointer, TREASURER -- Anna Jean Ashe, REPORTER -- Richard Haynes, PARLIAMENTARIAN -- Mitty Cameron. S. C. A. Council -jBTi- m S. C. A Richard Haynes, Sam Mellar, W. C. Waddell, S. C. A. Council Members FRONT ROW -- Richard Haynes, Marian Pointer, George Newbill, W. C. Waddell, Anna J. Ashe, Morris Cameron. SECOND ROW -- Paula Smith, Judy Booker, Janice Sterling, Rachel Leigh, Lucille Haywood, Donna Dowling, Peggy Givler, Dottie Dame, Diane Sears, Gina Milliken, Almeda Shepherd, Virginia Ruddock, Clara Sterling, Betty Chapman, Ann Townsend, Nancy Blake. THIRD ROW -- Woody James, Sam Mellar, Charles Rich, Richard Darnell, Lreddy Hall, Sterling Deal, Douglas Hall, Tommy Boyd, Joe Davis, Gordon Williams, Craig Loveland, Morris Owens, W. T. Harris, Jimmy Pointer. 47 F. H. A. Virginia Smoot -- SECRETARY (CORRES.) Judy Booker -- VICE-PRESIDENT Vivian Brown -- PRESIDENT Diane Robins -- SECRETARY Trudy Tappan -- HISTORIAN Nancy Blake -- TREASURER Dolores Motley -- PARLIAMENTARIAN Linda Rilee -- REPORTER FRONT ROW -- N. Blake, D. Robins, J. Booker, G. Smoot, V. Brown, T. Tappan, D. Motley, L. Rilee SECOND ROW --J. Sears, C. Hendley, A. Goode, J. Bristow, M. Wilson, A. Bunting, C. Callis, D Owens, J. Robins, C. Strigle, G. Milliken, C. Hall, S. Denby, N. Moorman. THIRD ROW --P. Rapp, S Rice, N. Walton, G. Ward, W. Shifflett, S. Hall, J. Dutton, N. Miller, N. Shelton, S. Wroten, L. Hogge, S Green FOURTH ROW -- L. Haywood, M. Jenkins, N. Smith, M. Leigh, L. Hogge, B. Faircloth, D. Rainier, M. Prince, J. Strigle, F. Crowder, D. Seawell, J. Wheless. FIFTH ROW -- N. Stansell, C. Elias, C. Sterling, P. Harris, B. Williams, A. Brown, L. Huff, P. Marshall, S. Green, M. Booker, P. Givler, R Rilee, M Wilson SIXTH ROW -- F. Rowe, B. Smith, C. Brown, R. Williams, D. Williams, A. Howard, D. Rowe, B. Dutton, R. Eastwood, M. Jobe. 48 BACK ROW -- Left -- Michael Shifflett, Sentinel, Instructor -- P. M. Argabright, Reporter -- Ralph Parkes. FRONT ROW -- Left, Gerald German, Vice President -- George Keener, Treasurer. Not Pictured -- Eddie Allmond, President, Perry Horsley, Secretary. F. F. A. FRONT ROW -- David Hayden, Perry Horsley, Eddie Almond, Warren King, Donald Jenkins, Dennis Milby, Ben Galloway. SECOND ROW -- Byron Luoma, Richard Montfort, Clem Horsley, Linwood King, Billy Dutton, Robert Hutcheson. THIRD ROW -- Thomas Lollis, Jimmy McFarland, Elliott Hogge, Bert Rowe. 49 Spanish Club 1 1 Bpll , ' V «j I — iil5f ' HSJf ; ' J ■JkT J fM -j? ' V, 1 HK ‘v ' TSv-j. ' P; ' ' If A y 5cv . ytr.- jjp ' v • • S ' t - rjSi Vy FRONT ROW -- W. James, W. Marshall, J. Carr, A. Shepherd, V. Brown, M. Pointer, W. E. Moorman, Sponsor. SECOND ROW -- T. Boyd, B. Hogge, B. Milliken, M. Haskell, G. Milliken, C. Buck, N. Gregg, P. Harris, W. Fletcher. THIRD ROW -- J. Armstead, W. Waddell, C. Hogg, A. Stahl, B. Keeton, S. Hogge, J. Strigle, N. Miller, B. Baldwin, B. James. Cavalette Staff Bill Milliken -- Sports Editor Trudy Tappan -- Feature Editor Dale West -- Typist Gina Milliken -- Co-Editor Russell Cottingham -- Art Tommy Boyd -- Editor 50 4-H Club Senior 4-H Junior 4-H HHI Eighth Grade 4-H _ ' ■■■ :■ ■■■■ _ Concert Band ■ H ill • 3Rt ViJ Sh m . ,m| ’ - Hi jtfS MbA Hftjjt J5 jjfjF- ■ ' : j§ flgpULffi.-Y ? t| Marching Band B’-nkMU: IL .; ' ••• r-, .. j ; JU ||z ' BB| fts2 P S»1 W» jp} ™ g| y ?|g | Iwj 1 " L,| a - • ' t v ' aEakJr . ; ., I tesa " - ' 3S PRESIDENT -- W ' . T. Harris, SECRETARY -- Brownie James, TREASURER -- Patsy Sterling, LIBRARIAN -- Terry Dirle, QUARTERMASTER -- Danny Leigh, UNIFORM MANAGER -- Mickey Dirle, DRUM MAJOR -- Keith Brown. Majorettes Joyce Smith, Linda Huff, Christy Hall -- HEAD MAJORETTE -- Anna Jean Ashe, Jewell Plentovich, Diane Plentovich. 55 Library Club . 3 4 ■§ 1 Pi M?i JSpH -I b j liim it $S§gB i , B 5 ? j mmm p r-wm jtL M . a j . bfl» £ ... aM FRONT ROW -- June Sears, Della Owens, Judy Booker, Dale West. SECOND ROW -- Robbie Newton, Carol Hendley, Becky Hughes, Sharon Sabo, Sandra Rhea, Marian Wilson, Kay Brown, Linda Hamilton. THIRD ROW -- Carolyn Strigle, Rheba Hogge, Diane Sears, Audrey Bunting, Annette King. Office Assistants K 1 ■ ' I SECRETARY --Mrs. Rogers 56 ASSISTANT -- Ruth Tribby Varsity Cheerleader : FIRST ROW -- Betty Jean Deal, Betty Chapman, Brownie James, Capt. , Carolyn Bailey, Ann Townsend; SECOND ROW -- Joanne Carr, Cheryl Williams, Sheran Lanciano, LaVeme Robins, Terry Dirle. Compliments of EDGE HILL SERVICE STATION SENIOR CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW -- S. Mellar, B. Baldwin, W. C. Waddell, Corky Hogge, J. Deal, B. Rilee, CO¬ CAPTAIN Woody James, CO-CAPTAIN Morris Cameron, R. Field, R. Haynes, C. Montfort, T. Boyd, H. Edwards, D. Grow. SECOND ROW — COACH Coley, G. Rhodes, Carlton Hogge, R. Denton, R. Haywood, D. West, G. B. Frazier, W. Marshall, T. Sutton, S. Simmons, D. Hall, H. Jones. THIRD ROW -- B. Clayton, W. Nuttall, J. Norcross, J. Thomas, J. Marshall, J. Clements, J. Smith, G. Newbill, W. Blake, L. Jenkins, B. Fenstermacher. Varsity Football Team Compliments of SHEPHERD ' S PFIARMACY " The place to meet - To eat " Gloucester Point, Va. Senior Football Players CO-CAPTAIN -- Woody James Johnny Deal CO-CAPTAIN -- Mitty Cameron Corky Hogge Charles Montfort Senior Football Players FOOTBALL SCORES We 0 SOUTHAMPTON They 18 0 JAMES BLAIR 28 25 CHUCKATUCK 13 13 NORTHAMPTON 25 12 WHALEYVILLE 2 0 YORK 35 0 POQUOSON 13 27 MATHEWS 0 7 SMITHFIELD 13 Richard Haynes Roger Field Compliments of CENTRIDENT MEN ' S CLOTHING Buddy Rilee David Grow Herbert Edwards Tommy Boyd 61 FIRST ROW -- M. Pointer, Scorekeeper; R. Tribby, Nancy Blake, Co-captain; Brownie Rowe, Co-captain; G. Milliken, Manager; SECOND ROW --B. Thomas, J. Ward, L. Huff, A. Shepherd, J. McDermott, V. Ruddock, B. King, D. Chapman, S. Greene, D. Baldwin;THIRD ROW -- R. Hogge, B. Haywood, E. Clements, Miss Wiatt Coach, P. Marshall, K. Eastwood. Girls’ Basketball Team SCORES DUKETTES OPPONE 26 James Blair 18 25 Churchland 32 49 Poquoson 16 26 Churchland 30 34 Smithfield 25 23 Norfolk Catholic 31 34 Poquoson 7 27 Churchland 40 28 James Blair 23 27 Norfolk Catholic 41 Brownie Rowe, CO-CAPTAIN; Miss Wiatt, COACH; Nancy Blake, CO-CAPTAIN. 62 FIRST ROW --W. C. Waddell, J. Smith, J. Bryant, K. Brown, Co-captain; R. Haynes, C. Montfort, S. Mellar, B. Baldwin. SECOND ROW -- J. Marshall, H. Jones, W. Walthall, J. Clements, T. Burruss, G. New- bill, J. Thomas, B. Fenstermacher, Manager. Varsity Basketball Team SCORES DUKES OPPONENT 47 Kellam 36 49 York 51 45 Northampton 40 32 James Blair 64 44 Cox 47 42 Poquoson. 30 28 Virginia Beach 45 40 Smithfield 47 33 Northampton 44 47 Cox 79 32 Kellam 49 25 James Blair 58 38 Virginia Beach 65 42 Poquoson 61 54-51 H. R. Academy 3 -33 Coach Coley; Keith Brown, Co-captain Keith Brown W. C. Waddell Bill Baldwin Charles Montfort Richard Haynes Sam Mellar Senior Basketball Players Compliments of GLOUCESTER REALTY CO. John Smith Jackie Bryant J. V. Football Team BACK ROW -- B. Altemus, P. Ottarson, J. Slavnik, D. Marshall, B. Jordan, B. Harris, O. Peters, B. Rowe, R. King, F. Hall, M. Hamilton, T. Field, S. Hilliard. CENTER ROW -- R. Berry, J. Hogge, T. Shepherd, B. Milliken, R. Oliver, S. Deal, M. Owens, E. Newbill, R. Jordan, C. Owens, E. Belvin, MANAGER FRONT ROW -- Gene Nuttall, F. Emerson, G. Williams, M. Haskel, TRI-CAPTAINS -- R. Parkes, A Kirk, W. Sterling, J. Smith, V. Johnston, R. Montfort, D. Rowe J. V. Basketball Team BACK ROW -- T. Field, MANAGER, F. Hall, E. Motley, B. Lina, R. Montfort, F. West, R. Cottingham, D Hoover. FRONT ROW -- B. South, J. Leiffer, D. Rowe, R. Bryant, C. Horsely, J. Smith, R. Jordan, COACH -- Mr. Fraser. 65 Diane Ashe; RaNaye Robins; Dottie Dame; Angela Bond, Captain; Cheryl Ward; Marlene Smoot; Karen Bond; Stephanie Healey; Mickey Dirle; Deborah Williams. J- v. Cheerleaders 7 . V. Scores Football Basketball DUKES OPPONENT DUKES OPPONENT 7 Hampton Roads 13 24 York 56 13 James Blair 6 58 Northampton 27 7 Smithfield 26 33 Cox 31 13 York 19 32 Virginia Beach 44 14 James Blair 7 19 James Blair 38 13 Christchurch 22 41 Kellam 31 35 Virginia Beach 28 22 Poquoson 40 35 Northampton 38 30 Cox 38 12 James Blair 42 39 Kellam 34 31 Poquoson 49 67 Hampton Roads 20 45 Hampton Roads 29 66 " Don ' t you dare ! " " Whee — " " Huh? " " Are you kidding? " " Pat - a - cake " 67 S.C.A. Elections for 1964-65 W. C. Waddell congratulates George Newbill, President and James Pointer Vice-President of the S.C.A. of 1964 - 1965. Holly Ball Court QUEEN -- Nancy Blake, escorted by Wayne Walthall Vivian Brown, escorted by John Deal Judy Booker, escorted by Billy Teagle Jean Wycuff, escorted by W. C. Waddell Della Owens, escorted by Jimmy Belvin MR. MAXTON CROWNS THE QUEEN Homecoming Court QUEEN -- Betty Chapman MAID OF HONOR -- Jean Wycuff 11th Grade Princess 10th Grade Princess Pat Harris Sandra Rhea 9th Grade Princess Mickey Dirle 8th Grade Princess Janice Sterling 71 : . i - «■ ' S35SS Behind the Scenes MRS. BOYD ' S ARTISTS AT WORK. CAVALIER BUSINESS STAFF 74 The Cavalier Staff The Staff Wishes To Thank Everyone Who Has Helped To Make The 1964 Cavalier A Success. Congratulations to the Class of ' 64 W. C. TUCKER’S STORE Gloucester, Virginia Dial 693-2681 Shepherd’s Pharmacy " Your Community Drug Store " The place to meet - to eat. Dial 642-2131, Gloucester Point, Virginia X .IV Q- A fEf) you MAy ATTAIN NEW HElO-tiTS COMPLIMENTS OF Mutual Underwriters JOHN T. DEAL OX 3-5676 D RUGS ■ ' M k mm. AMERICAN) HEATING OIL • Healthier Heat • Personalized Service American Brand Heating Oil Thrifty Operation Robert W. Tillage Gloucester Representative PHONE 642-4540 HEATING OIL CO. Gloucester - Yorktown Williamsburg - Newport News COMPLIMENTS OF Los Picaros VIVIAN BROWN PRESIDENT WOODY JAMES VICE-PRES AL SHEPARD SECRETARY MARIAN POINTER TREASURE JOANNE CARR REPORTER BEST WISHES Tidewater Telephone Company GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA S. C. LAMBERTH BROTHERS COUNTY-CITY SUPPLY CORP. Ice Coal Lumber and Building Materials Builders Supplies Seed and Fertilizers White Marsh, Virginia Hayes, Virginia Phone Ox 3-5100 Phone 642-2700 Compliments of J. B. POLAND SONS CAROLYN ' S DRESS SHOP Super Market and Hayes, Virginia Licensed Westinghouse Phone 642-2722 Laundromat Office 642-2170 Area Code 703 Home 642-4532 Route 17 ABINGDON CLEANERS W. E. BELVIN REALTY Gloucester Point, Virginia All Types of Real Estate 642-2880 Hayes Plaza Gloucester Point, Va. QUICK SERVICE Drapes, Rugs, Evening Wear W. E. Belvin, Broker Pick-up and Delivery Service Compliments of Compliments of ABINGDON FEED COMPANY BI-LO SUPER MARKET Wholesale Dealers in Hayes, Virginia Hay, Grain, Flour, and Poultry Supplies Phone 642-4671 Phone 642-2900 Route 2, Hayes, Virginia The Captain’s Choice for Fair Weather, Food and Fun! The newest boat haven on ycur course offers the utimate in sLps, (open and covered) store and re¬ pairs. Restaurant and club privileges offering savory sea food and re¬ fresh amid relaxed surroundings. Chart your next cruise to include a new experience in yachting pleasure. Write for brochure. ¥0§SC I im YACHT H VHN OlOSICSSTfg ?Om, Vi8 m§A YACHT HAVEN JORDAN REALTY THE FIRESIDE SHOP Realtors, Builders, Gloucester Point, Va. Insurers Phone 642-3160 Gloucester Point, Va. Phone 642-4160 SMITH ' S NURSERY Fruit Trees, Shade Trees Shrubs, Plants, Landscaping FRANK P. ASHE General Merchandise Gloucester Point Virginia Achilles, Virginia Phone . 642-4496 GUNN ' S BODY FENDER SHOP COOK ' S OYSTER COMPANY, INC. E. N. Cook, Mgr. Glass Cutting Installing Growers and Packers of High Quality York River Chesapeake Gloucester, Virginia Bay Oysters Phone OX 3-4500 Bena, Virginia Phone 642-4600 Compl iments of JOY LYNN SHOPPE Clothing Boys Girls BROWN ROWE CLEANERS Gloucester Point, Virginia Gloucester, Virginia Phone 642-4220 T. J. THOMAS SON Marine Sales Service Grady White Boats Fleet Capt ' n Trailers Evinrude Motors Phone 642-4320 J. M. SHA CKELFORD Dealer in GENERAL MERCHANDISE TORK RIVER SEAFOOD CO., INC. Wholesale Dealers In Clams, Oysters, Fish, Crabs and Crab Meat Perrin, Virginia Phone 642-2151 Hey, Kids! Please ask for SILVER PAPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES when you shop W. C. TUCKER’S STORE COMPLIMENTS OF RICH’S SUPERMARKETS H. C. SHA CKELFORD SON, INC. Distributor ATLANTIC PETROLEUM PRODUCTS GLOUCESTER POINT, VIRGINIA Day Phones Night Phones 642-2161 642-4324 642-4324 642-2574 SIOUX TRIBE, NO. 9 I. O. R. Sachem Howard A. King Senior Sagamore Clarence Cox Junior Sagamore George Deal Chief of Records Calvin F. Rowe Collector of Wampum Joe W. Rowe Assistant Collector of Wampum Marion Keeper of Wampum Morris R. Hogge Prophet Charles E. Hogge M. Achilles, Virginia Trustee Ryland F. Rowe Trustee Charles E. Hogge Trustee James W. Hogge First Sannap L. Smith Raymond Owens Second Sannap John W. Deal Jr, COMPLIMENTS OF BEACH CLUB RESTAURANT Gloucester Point, Virginia Steak Seafood Phone 642-2460 COMPLIMENTS OF ARK DAIRY FREEZE M. K. JORDAN MASTER BODY SHOP General Contractors Custom Builders " Prices born here raised elsewhere " Commercial - Residential Alterations Walker and Hendley Hayes, Virginia Phone 642-2432 Route 17 Hayes, Virginia Phone 642-2950 Compliments of HARRIS’S GARAGE Hayes, Virginia 24 Hr. Wrecking Service Phone: Day 642-2440 Night 642-2571 L. F. PHILLIPS SONS, INC. DISTRIBUTORS OF MOBIL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Phone: Residence OX 3-1631 Office 642-2166 HA TWOOD’S SEAFOODS Wholesale Fish Oysters Selected Seafoods Phones: 642-4300 642-4305 Best Wishes to the Class of " 64 " Glo-Co Real Estate Arlene Lanciano — Broker Route 1 Hayes, Virginia U.S. 17 642-2300 Our Congratulations to VILLAGE JEWELRY COMPANY the class of ' 64 Jewelers - Goldsmiths WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Gloucester, Virginia Gloucester, Va. OX 3-3470 " Your family store " W. B. Clements, Owner Compl iments GLOUCESTER HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. Gloucester, Va. of Storm Windows Doors CALVIN HOTEL Aluminum Awnings Gloucester, Virginia B. F. Seawell, Jr. Ox 3-5133 Owner Compliments of DIXIE DING-A-LINGS Compl iments Sam Bunting Wesley Clements of GLOUCESTER MEN ' S SHOP Compliments of ARK BEAUTY SHOP Phone OX 3-1521 Elsie M. Brewer Gloucester, Virginia OX 3-5116 Compliments of FORD TRACTOR SALES AND MAC ' S RADIO AND T.V. SERVICE SERVICE Compliments of Gloucester, Virginia GAZETTE JOURNAL Phone OX 3-1931 " Your Home Town Newspaper " COMPLIMENTS OF VILLA GE ESSO SER VICENTER I. C. CLEMENTS SONS " YOUR ESSO DEALER " GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA BELL MOTORS, INC. BUICK CHEVROLET CORVAIR CHEVELLE GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COLA COMPANY BY J. DOSWELL DUTTON F. A. CLEMENTS SONS INC. Olds Pontiac G.M.C. Hardware, paints, wallpaper Admiral Appliances Sales Service Gloucester, Virginia Gloucester, Virginia Phone OX 3-3616 Phone OX 3-1531 Compliments of Congratulations Grads! You May Be Through With Books, But You Can Keep BROWN ' S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Up With Current Events If You Keep Tuned To Hayes, Virginia WOODY RADIO Phone 642-2953 W. D. D. Y. Radio WOODY 1420 On Your Dial Feed - Seed - Farm Supplies And Building Materials VILLAGE BEAUTY SHOP Gloucester, Virginia SOUTHERN STATES COOPERATIVE GLOUCESTER BRANCH Compliments of Gloucester, Virginia OX 3-3411 NUTTALL COMPANY Ware Neck, Virginia Compliments of WOODFORD R. CHAPMAN Insurance Real Estate A Gloucester, Virginia " Let us build you a New Home " FRIEND Compliments of DOROTHY JOHNSTON ' S BEAUTY SHOP Gloucester, Virginia Phone OX 3-2094 Compl iments of JOHN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Gloucester, Virginia Phone OX 3-3666 DON’T WORRY ..CET HER GIFT HE A TH’S JE WELERS " YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR THE GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL CLASSMATE JEWELRY: " Ring Charms Pendants Tie Tacks Class Pins Vashti Horsley, Owner GLOUCESTER LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS, INC. Qylfifycleaning Complete Laundry Dry Cleaning Service Dyeing Repairing Rug Cleaning Storage Coin-Operated Cleaning Pick-up Delivery FART-THOMAS FORD, INC. A FULL LINE OF FORDS EXPERT SERVICE QUALITY USED CARS " BUY AT HOME WHERE YOUR DOLLAR COUNTS MOST " Gloucester, Virginia Phone OX 3-6300 HOGG FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Air Conditioned Oxygen Equipped " Serving Gloucester County " David V. Bristow Stella R. Hogg Phone 642-2136 Compliments of GLOUCESTER POINT ESSO ESSO SERVICE CENTER Fred H. Stratton U. S. Route 17 Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone 642-2171 Compliments of TASTEE-FREEZE AND SNACK BAR Phone 642-2231 RT. 17 Hayes, Virginia GLOUCESTER AUTO SUPPLY WHOLESALE AUTO SUPPLIES Phone 642-2177 Gloucester Point, Virginia J. F. Slavnik, Proprietor BROAD DUS HALL GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES AND FURNITURE Phone OX 3-1991 COURTESY OF BRIDGES FUNERAL HOME Gloucester, Virginia FOR TOPS IN YEAR AROUND FASHIONS EMMA JANE SHOPPE Clothing For Men And Women Phone OX 3-3800 Gloucester, Virginia Plumbing and Heating Hotpoint Appliances Myers Pumps - Oil Burners HODGES BRYANT, INC. Gloucester, Virginia 0X3-1340 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 64 GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL BANK OP LOUCE5TE MEMBER FEDERRl DEPOSIT .. A SOBBVCE CORPORRT O V iGLOUCtSTtP, POINT 1906 OUR FIFTY-SEVENTH YEAR 1964 MIKE ' S TIRE RECAPPING SERVICE ELLIS APPLIANCE CO. Atlantic Gas Mohawk Tires One-Day Service Ordinary, Virginia M. J. Rowe, Jr. Phone: 642-2980 Sales Service Phone: 642-4114 HOGG ' S OYSTER COMPANY Compl iments of Planters and Packers FANNIE F. WADDELL F. C. Hogg C. W. Hogg Tidemill, Virginia ELMER C. GREENE General Merchandise TIDEWATER GRAVELY CO. Route 2, Hayes, Virginia Gravely Garden Tractors Sales and Service Specialize in Esskay Meats White Marsh, Virginia Phone: 642-4439 Phone OX 3-1861 Compliments of YORK BEACH MOTEL at York River Toll House Cleanliness and Friendliness V. A. HAYWOOD our motto Perrin, Virginia Television - Luxurious Furniture Air Conditioned Dial 642-2212 Gloucester Point SHOP ON THE CORNER C. B. ROWE SON GENERAL MERCHANDISE COMPLETE LINE OF MARINE HARDWARE CRISFIELD, MARYLAND OYSTER TONGS OYSTERMEN ' S SUPPLIES Anvil Brand Work Clothes Atlantic Oil Products Birds Eye Frozen Foods Free Delivery Service Phone 642-2373 Bena, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 64 PEOPLE’S NA TIONAL BANK COMPLIMENTS OF Tidewater Motel and Restaurant The Best In Home Cooked Meals Specializing in Virginia pitted Bar B Que Homemade sauce Steak, Spaghetti, Pizzas, Lobster Tails, Hot Rolls Biscuits Mr. Mrs. R. Lamar Smith Alvin L. Newton, Owner Phone: Day 642-4413 Coach Buses Night: Oxford 3-4821 Air-Conditioned NEWTON’S BUS SERVICE Chartered Trips " Specializes in School Game Trips " Employee Hauling: Naval Weapons Station Newport News Shipyard Bellamy, Virginia PROUDLY SERVING GLOUCESTER SENIORS Jos ten’s ENGRAVERS AND STATIONERS OWATONNA, MINNESOTA RAYMOND E. PAGE SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE PAULA. WILLSIE COMPANY VINTON, VIRGINIA ACADEMIC Compliments of CHARLES BE A UTT SHOP " The House of Beauty " 124-30th Street Newport News, Virginia ROWE ROWE, INC. TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP Machine Shop Service Hayes, Virginia Gloucester Point THOMAS E. HOGGE General Merchandise Ordinary, Virginia Phone 642-4201 Compliments of JOHN HUDGINS Hayes, Virginia M. C. HOGGE General Merchandise Phone 642-4519 Perrin, Virginia Compliments of LUCILLE ' S BEAUTY SALON Gloucester Point 642-2052 Compliments of OTIS HOGGE Esso Products Dupont Dutch Boy Paints Phone 642-4234 Compliments of LANDON B. SEARS Mobil Service Center Gas -Oil- Ice Phone: OX 3-6030 Ark, Virginia Compliments of CLEMENTS ESSO SERVICENTER U. S. Route 17 White Marsh, Virginia Compliments of AMERICAN HARDWARE T. V. Sales Service Gloucester, Va. " Most Complete Hardware Store " Compl iments of BROWN ' S AMERICAN SERVICE CENTER CROSS ROADS SERVICE STATION American Oil Products Pick up and Delivery White Marsh, Virginia Watson T. Brown, Prop., OX 3-2641 Compl iments of Compliments of BUNTING ' S BARBER SHOP SEAWELLS ORDINARY Ark, Virginia SEVERN INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Real Estate Waterfront Property Tax Work A Specialty Hayes, Virginia Compliments of JOHN RUSSELL CHAPMAN Best Wishes To The Class of 1964 Compliments of Drive Carefully for a Happy Graduation A FRIEND JANNEY INSURANCE AGENCY Gloucester, Virginia Phone: Office: OX 3-1841 Compliments of SOUTHSIDE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. GRAY ' S PHARMACY Fred Brown Agent Phone: OX 3-1271 Gloucester, Virginia Gloucester, Virginia Phone OX 3-3151 Compliments of J. C. EDWARDS VARIETY GLOUCESTER BARGAIN HOUSE 5 : to $5.00 Gloucester, Virginia Gloucester, Virginia ROBBINS FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions Gloucester Pt., Va. Day Phone: 642-2101 - Night 642-2974 WEST ' S BARBER SHOP Gloucester, Virginia ROBINS AUTO PARTS INC. Route 17 Gloucester, Virginia OX 3-6200 BROWN FARINHOLT INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE Gloucester, Va. OX 3-1331 Compl iments of C. L. WILLIAMS Maryus, Virginia Compl iments of SPENCER CLOPTON Gloucester Point, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF Tri-County Furniture Store and Tri Co. L.P. Gas Service, Inc. GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA PHONE OX 3-3900 Today, we reach for worlds we hardly dreamed of. . . yesterday. And wherever we reach — below the seas, beyond the stars —there is electricity. A vital force—meet¬ ing challenges, creating careers, translating dreams into reality. VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY School Days are “Learning Days’ Join you can increase your knowledge after school with daily reading of your 1 Hampton Roads ' Morning Newspaper »sa - JR W. T. FARY BROTHERS, CO. Lumber Building Materials Compl iments of Ark, Virginia J. E. HUNT Phone OX 3-4875 Rambler DEHARDIT PRESS HEALY ' S CURIO SHOP Advertising - Printing Antiques Mrs. E. S. Healy Gloucester, Virginia Gloucester, Virginia Phone OX 3-1246 EDWARDS MOTOR COMPANY Dodge Cars - Job-Rated Trucks Sales and Service Gloucester, Virginia OX 3-1311 Compliments of " The Hunters " BALDWIN BRYANT, INC. (Specializing in 2 legged dear) F.H.A. Officers PRESIDENT CORRESPONDING SECRETARY VIVIAN BROWN GINGER SMOOT VICE PRESIDENT JUDY BOOKER SECRETARY DIANE ROBINS REPORTER LINDA RILEE HISTORIAN TRUDY TAPPAN TREASURER PARLIAMENTARIAN NANCY BLAKE DELORES MOTLEY We are the Future Homemakers of America. We face the future with warm courage and high hopes. For we have the clear consciousness of seeking old and precious values. For we are the builders of homes, Homes for America ' s future, Homes where living will be the expression of everything that is good and fair. Homes where truth and love and security and faith will be realities not dreams. We are the Future Homemakers of America We face the future with warm courage and high hope. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF ' 64 J. C. BROWN OIL CO., INC. DISTRIBUTOR OF TEXACO PRODUCTS GLOUCESTER AND MATHEWS COUNTIES Schley, Virginia We Have Served This Area For Forty-Eight Years!! Phone OX 3-2635 OX 3-2630 COMPLIMENTS OF The Tidewater Drive-In Theatre HAYES, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF Horne Brothers Inc. Steel Fabrication Welding of all Kinds General Machine Shop Work Boiler Repairs Newport News, Virginia Phone Chestnut 7-6313 Herff-Jones Company MANUFACTURERS OF GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL STANDARD CLASS RINGS VIRGINIA REPRESENTATIVE JAMES L. DECK P.O. Box 4735 RICHMOND 29, VIRGINIA Autograph Gloucester High Library School ' 1 rem ISiS MW " ® ME. jam i In aST - - ■• —» - - - ' -y X, --f Z -■;y ' SNUB L - ■ j | ft lf " ' J 41 - J ' - ij., x 4ri®ii 0 HA u| • w f y eM ii i— Hf - ’ { 1 Hjl v 4h3ji T f j 2 it i fn • £ ' ' SlX - 4 : ■ r » « 1!’ S ' ' ■ i f » r - ; ■ ? n- ; 2 r MT f ftrfH c. S ' V V F- - • ■; r . " • " v •-• , ’ . ' • « : ? . i . ' ■ Jt f ' y • n . , - - • : ‘‘ ■ r ' • • ' ■ ■ ••• : | .■• ' •• i i • r , . . . . .i V; »• • «• •r : ' r ,y--V • ? ’ - tv ' ■ ■ ft • r‘‘ ■ « ; , ■ J . , ‘ ». f ' «

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