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0 OU ceste AOOi Libustv ... JL irv « — • % A -A https: details cavalierthe00glou_7 tX edition Junior ri . o£ 1%1 i loutmter idibb §db0fl DEDICATION Because of the respect, appreciation, and love we feel for one who has been more than a teacher and friend to us as individuals, and has done so much for our class, we, the Senior Class, dedicate the 1962 CAVALIER to you, MRS. GLADYS BELCHER. 2 FOREWORD These doors are the gateway to our high school life. They have welcomed those students new to Gloucester High School and have bid farewell to those who pass through them for the last time as students. The hours we have spent at Gloucester High after enter¬ ing these doors for the first time have been sometimes joyous and sometimes sad, but always worth remembering. The CAVALIER staff hopes that this annual will help you to remem¬ ber these hours--the friends you made, the school activities, and the things you learned. So turn the pages of this annual with a re¬ ceptive heart for " A CLOSER LOOK " at the school year 1961-1962. 3 H £ £ J u o -C o CO cd o S 50 - eg m 5 6 f § bp CO c TJ Ch • " “ •H n o co -- as • c«o ? S H cO x: % , Jh Mu 75 8 o • o u p o ■ ' - » co X! p .B o CO J p o • r—( 4 — CO u o Tj cO Sh (D 4 - CO D O P JO O X cO !_, O d X3 £ H X o lx • . » ji fi A PEEK ofGMS. ACADEMICALLY MR. D. D. FORREST Superintendent MR. SUMNER R. PUGH, JR. Principal MR. THOMAS H. HAMILTON Assistant Principal MRS. EDITH NORFOLK Secretary ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL BOARD MR. J. K. SINCLAIR Chairman MR. C. B. ROWE, JR. MR. WALLACE FLETCHER 6 MR. DONALD AMBROSE Band Choral R.P.I. MRS. GLADYS BELCHER Chemistry Physics Biology University of Kentucky MISS ANN BYRD ATKINS World Geography U.S. History Baptist Seminary R.P.I. MR. JAMES BLEVINS Typing Business Math Concord College MRS. LOLA CLEMENTS English Mary Washington College MR. JAMES A. COLEY, JR. Physical Education College of William and Mary FACULTY MRS. MARY LOU FARY English Mary Washington College MR. ROBERT FRASER, III History World Geography Shephard College MRS. SARA M. GABLER Science Spanish Mary Washington College MRS. MARGHUE RITA D. HARRIS Librarian Washington College MRS. BART A HOGG World History Math College of William and Mary MR. R. LIN WOOD JOHNSON Math Business Math Malone College MRS. JUANITA KENNERLY Economics Typing Shorthand Bookkeeping W.C.U.N.C. MR. JOHN NORTHSTEIN Science Biology Lynchburg College MR. MILTON MAXTON Agriculture V.P.I. MRS. RACHEL PAULSON Trigonometry Solid-Geometry Plane Geometry Algebra Longwood College MRS. SHIRLEY ROBINSON English Indiana University MRS. NAN POINTER U.S. History Government Mary Washington College FACULTY MRS. NETTIE ROWE English College of William and Mary MRS. MARY ROWE Home Economics Art V.P.I. COMMANDER WILLIAM THOMPSON Algebra Math U.S. Naval Academy MRS. ELIZABETH TREAKLE Latin English Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College MR. JAMES VIA Shop Science V.P.I. MISS ROBERTA WIATT Physical Education Longwood College A VIEW of H.S. PERSONALLY OFFICERS JOYCE FLIPSE--President RICHARD SPEAKMAN--Reporter DIXIE HOGGE--Vice-President GEORGE STERLING--Treasurer PAT WILSON--Secretary VALEDICTORIAN CAROL LOMBARD ROGERS " Carol " Choral--I,II; Beta--III,IV; F.H.A. —II,III; Newspaper Staff—II.III; Annual--IV; Spanish--III; Science Club--IV; S.C.A.—IV. SALUTATORIAN JOYCE ELLEN FLIPSE " Flip " Beta Club--III,IV; Science Club — III,IV; Basketball--III,IV; S.C.A. --IV; Annual Staff--IV; Virginia Girls ' State--III; President--IV. THIRD HONOR STUDENT RUDOLPH OWENS SHACKELFORD " Rudy " Beta--III,IV; Choral--IV; Science Club--I,II,III,IV. FOURTH HONOR STUDENT CYNTHIA RAWLINS BUNTING " Cindy " Office Assistant--IV; Beta Club — III,IV; F.H.A.—II,III,IV; Annual Staff-IV; S.C.A.--I,IV; Paper Staff—II,III; Library Club—III; President--!. SARAH JEAN ALTEMUS " Jeanie F.H.A.--1,11,111,1V; S.C.A.--IV; Annual Staff--IV; Pep Club--III, IV; B asketball Scorekeeper--IV. SANDRA MARY ANDERSON " Sandie ' Pep Club--III; 4-H Club--1,11,111, IV; Choral Club--IV; F.lhA.--II, III,IV; Paper Staff--III. GEORGE PIERCE ASHE, JR. " Monk " TRUDY ANN BARTLEY " Trudy " Office Assistant--IV. OSCAR WILLIAN BELCHER " Bill " 4-H Club--I,II,III,IV. Science Club --I, II, III, IV. JOHN CARROLL BOHANNON " Peter " ROY RANDOLPH BROWN " Roy " Football--I,II,III,IV; Manager, Baseball--II; Basketball Manager-- III; Basketball--Timekeeper--IV. BETTY ANN CARVER " Betts " Office Assistant--IV; Cheerleader — II,III,IV; Pep Club--II,III,IV; F.H.A.--11,111,1V; 4-H Club—I,II; Class Vice President--I; S.C.A.-- II,IV; Choral Club--II; Annual Staff--IV. JOYCE ANNETTE CLEMENTS " Jo " F.H.A. —1,11,111; Beta--III,IV; Spanish--II,III; 4-H—I,II; Paper Staff—III. ROBBIE JANE COATES " Robbie " F.H.A.--1,11,111; S.C.A.--I.IV; Office Assistant--III,IV; Girls ' Basketball--II, 111,1V; Beta Club-- III, IV; 4-H—1,11,111; Spanish--II, III; Choral--I,II,IV; Annual Staff-- IV. BETTY JEAN COX " Bet " Choral Club--IV. RONALD CARLTON DEAL " Ronnie " NANCY MAE DIGGS " Nancy " F. H. A.--I.II. RICHARD STEVAN ERDT " Erdt " Football--II, III.IV; Track--I,II, III,IV; Choral--IV. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH FARY " Kathy " 4-H--I,II,III,IV; F.H.A.--II,III,IV; Library Club--IV; Beta Club--III, IV; Spanish Club--III,IV; Science Club--II; Majorette--II. DARYL WORTHAM FORD " Dariel " Track--I,II,III,IV. ANTHONY BROWN GERMAN DAVID BEVERLY GRAY " David” Band--I,II,IV;; 4-H --1.11,111,1V. JAMES RODGERS GREENE " Jim " FAYE ESTELLE GUNN " Faye " Library Club—I,II,III,IV; Beta Club --III,IV; 4-H--I; S.C.A.--II,111,1V. ANNETTE STUBBLEFIELD HALL " Annette " Choral Club--IV; Pep Club--IV; Newspaper--III; 4-H--IV. EDWIN BERNARD HALL " Tennie " MARY ALICE HALL " Mary " Office A$sistant--lV. JOSEPH CARLTON HARPER " Carlton " JAMES KENNETH HATCH, JR. " Jimmie " Basketball--II,III,IV; Baseball—IV. STEPHEN HOLMES HENDLEY " Steve " Basketball - - II,IV. DELLA SUZETTE HOGGE " Della " F.H.A.—I,II,III,IV; Choral Club — I; Spanish Club--IV. DIXIE JEAN HOGGE " Die " Beta Club--III,IV; Spanish Club-- II,III; S.C.A.—III,IV; 4-H Club-- I,II,III,IV; Science Club—II,III; Band—I,II; Annual Staff--IV; Vice President--III,IV; Basketball Man¬ ager--IV; Library Club--IV. MARTHA ELIZABETH HOGGE " Marty " Beta Club—III,IV; Secretary--II; 4-H Club--I; Choral Club--I. MARY ELAINE HOGGE " Shortie " Choral Club--IV. JOAN CAROLYN HORSLEY " Horse " F.H.A.--I,II,III,IV; Library Club-- I,II,III; Basketball--II,III,IV. ASTOR GENE HURLEY " Gene- Football--I,II,III,IV; Basketball— II,III,IV; Baseball—II,III,IV. CHARLOTTE ANN JENKINS " Speedy " JAMES FRANKLIN JENKINS, JR. " Jimmy " 4-H—I,II,III,IV. WENDALL LEWIS JOHNSTON, JR. " Wendall " Football—I,II, III, IV; Basketball - - I,II,III,IV; Track—I.II.III. BARBARA HODGES JORDAN " Barbara ' Spanish--II; F.H.A.--I,II,III,IV. CLAUDE OLWEN LANCIANO " Trecy Science Club--I,II,III,IV; 4-H Club—I, II, III, IV; Football - - III, IV; Track—II.III; Band--I,II. FRANCES LOUISE LEIGH " Fran " F. H. A. - -I,II,III,IV; Choral—IV. PATRICIA ELIZABETH LEWIS " Pat- Beta Club — III,IV; F.H.A. — II.III; Spanish Club—II,III; 4-H—I; Newspaper Staff--III; Pep Club — II. ROBERT GUY LEWIS " Bobby " 4-H Club—I,II,III,IV; Science Club—11,111. CLIFTON WELLS LOVELAND " Butch " 4-H Club—1,11,111,1V; Science Club—I,II,III. JAMES LEE MERSHON " Lee " 4-H Club —I,II,III,IV; F.F.A.--I, II. PETE BENTLEY MILLER " Pete " 4-H Club—1,11,111,1V; F.F.A.— I,II; Pep Club —III,IV; Track—II,III,IV. WILLIAM EDGAR MOORE " Billy " Spanish--III,IV; Football—IV; Boys ' State—IIL HARRY MARCERON NUT TALL " Marceron " Football--I,II,III,IV; Track—I,II, III,IV. JERRY WAYNE OLIVER " Jerry " Science--I,II,III,IV; 4-H Club—I, II,III,IV. JAMES ELWOOD OWENS " James Basketball--IV; Reporter--!. CATHERINE BOOKER ROBINS " Cat " F.H.A.--I, II, III, IV; Library Club --III, IV. HATTIE MAY ROBINS " Hattie " Beta Club--111,1V. EDWIN EUGENE ROWE " Eugene " Baseball--II,III; Basketball II,III. JUDITH CHRISTIAN ROWE " Judy " S.C.A.--I,II,III,IV; Spanish Club-- II,III,IV; 4-H Club--I; Cheerleader ”11,111,1V; Pep Club--1,11,111, IV; Choral Club--II,IV; Class Reporter --I; Class Secretary--II. LUCINDA BOYD ROWE " Cindy " Pep Club--III,IV; F.H.A.--I,II,III, IV; 4-H Club--I,II,III,IV; Spanish Club--III,IV; Choral Club--I; Newspaper Staff--II,III. MARY LEE ROWE " Rowe " S.C.A.--IV; 4-H Club--I,II,III,IV; Science Club --I, II.III.I V; Choral Club—IV; Pep Club--III,IV; Band —I,IV; Paper Staff--II; Beta Club --III,IV. GARY HAMILTON SCOTT " Scott " 4-H Club—11,111,1 V; J.V. Football Manager--III; J.V. Scorekeeper-- IV. ROBERT EDWARD SEARS " Robert " F.F.A. — II,III,IV; Track--IV. NANCY RUTH SHACKELFORD " Shack " S.C.A.--I,II,III,IV; 4-H Club--I, II, 111,1V; Choral Club--II; Beta Club--III,IV; Spanish Club--III; Cheerleader--I,II,III,IV; Annual Staff--IV; Science Club--I,II, III, IV; Girls State--III. WILEY CLARK SHACKELFORD " Wiley " 4-H Club—I,II,III,IV; Science Club--III,IV. LUCY FAYE SHERON " Luce " Beta Club--III,IV. HARTWELL PAGE SIMMONS " Dusty " Science—II.III.IV. WILLAIM AVALON SIMMONS, JR. " Billy " RICHARD EDWARD SPEAKMAN " Dick " 4-H Club--I,II; Class Reporter-- IV; Class Treasurer--III; Boys ' State—III. GEORGE CARROLL STERLING " George " Football—III,IV; Baseball--III,IV; Class President--III; Class Treasurer--IV; Boys ' State—III. JOHN KENNETH STERLING " Big Bad John " Football--II,III,IV; Track—III,IV; Basketball--IV. PATRICIA ELLEN STOVER " Patti " Pep Club--IV; Beta Club--III, IV; S.C.A.--III, IV; Band--III, IV; Choral--IV. KATHERINE CELESTE TAPPAN " Kay " Beta Club--III, IV; F.H.A.--II, III, IV. MILTON LOWELL THOMAS " Lowell " 4-H--I; Beta Club--III; Science Club--III. MARTHA RAYE TILLAGE " Martha " F.H.A.--IV; Choral Club--IV. DONALD ROBERT WALDORF Baseball--III. " Don " HARRY MONTAGUE WARD " Tight 4-H Club--I, Baseball--III,IV; Football--1,11,III,IV. CAROLYN JEANETTE WEEKLEY " Stuffy” 4-H Club--I, II, III, IV; Beta Club --III, IV; Science Club--I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club--III, IV; Band-- I, II, III, IV; Choral Club--II; Pep Club--III, IV; Basketball--II, III, IV; Newspaper Staff--I, II; S.C-A. --II, III, IV. ROY EDWARD WEST " Roy " Spanish Club--IV. SHELBY JEAN WEST " Shelby " Beta Club--III.IV; F.H.A.--1,11, III,IV. CALVIN LENNIE WILLIAMS " Calvin " PATRICIA ANN WILSON " Pat " F.H.A.”1,11,111,IV; Beta Club-- III,IV; Library Club--II,IV; Class Secretary--IV; Spanish Club--II. TIMOTHY WAYNE WINTERS " Tim " 4-H Club--I; Class Reporter--III. BABY PICTUBES 1. Billy Simmons 2. Marceron Nuttall 3. Jean Altemus 4. Trecy Lanciano 5. Hattie Robins 6. Lowell Thomas 7. Carolyn Weekley 8. Martha Hogge 9. Joyce Flipse 10. David Gray 11. Anthony German 12. Carol Rogers 13. George Ashe 14. Dixie Hogge 15. Faye Gunn 16. Bobby Lewis 17. Nancy Shackelford 18. Pete Miller 19. Pat Lewis 20. Betty Jean Cox 21. Jimmy Hatch 22. Kay Tappan 23. Mary Alice Hall 24. Annette Hall 25. Trudy Bartley 26. Cindy Rowe 27. Jimmy Greene 28. Patti Stover 29. Cynthia Bunting 30. Butch Loveland 31. Mary Lee Rowe 32. Joyce Clements 33. Sandra Andersen 34. Pat Wilson 35. Wiley Shackelford 36. Stephen Hendley 37. Shelby West 38. Betty Ann Carver 39. Robert Sears 40. Elva Heywood 41. Billy Moore 42. Frances Leigh 20 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Joyce Flipse and Page Simmons PERSONALITY PLUS Nancy Shackelford and Billy Moore SENIOR MOST DEPENDABLE SUPER¬ LATIVES Dixie Hogge and Anthony German MOST INTELLECTUAL MOST TALENTED Carol Rogers and Rudy Shackelford Robbie Coates and Richard Erdt CUTEST WITTIEST Betty Carver and Pete Miller Carolyn Weekley and Gary Scott SENIOR MOST ATHLETIC SUPER¬ LATIVES Joan Horsley and Wendall Johnston FRIENDLIEST QUIETEST Jean Altemus and Wiley Shackelford Lowell Thomas and Shelby West 23 Ini ■ A A Ip sffiSU 1 | r i spi Junior-Senior Prom. Receiving of Rings. SENIOR MEMORIES Senior Homecoming Float. BOYS ' --GIRLS ' STATE DELEGATES Seniors in Play. J. Flipse, B. Moore, G. Sterling, N. Shackelford, R. Speakman. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM 1961 “ORIENTAL SPRINGTIME” 25 OFFICERS PHYLLIS FORREST - President VIRGINIA FITCHETT - Treasurer GEORGETTE NEWBILL - Reporter ANNETTE FOSQUE - Secretary CAROLYN STERLING - Vice-President JUNIORS Mosby Allmond, Jr. Nancy Allmond Russell Berry Jimmy Blake Odell Blake Kenneth Bristow Linda Brown Victor Camechis Cleveland Cameron John Clements Carolyn Cox Carolyn Crowder Ruth Crowder Priscilla Cushman Diana Davis George Deal Tina Erdt Virginia Fitchett Phyllis Forrest Annette Fosque JUNIORS Margaret Greene Mary Ann Gregg Brenda Hall Earl Haury Carolyn Haywood James Haywood Dale Hogge Nancy Hogge Tim Holden Tom Hoover Kenneth Horsley Peggy Howlett Jane Hudgins Tommy Hutcheson Billy Jenkins Janet Jenkins J. C. Jenkins Judy Jenkins Jimmy Jones Nathaniel Kellum Carol Kelley Fred Kimsey Lucy Jane King Becky Knapp JUNIORS Ronnie May Wayne McDermott Pat Monahan Joe Montfort Eileen Motley Georgette Newbill Jean Oliver Betsy Oliver Beverly Oliver Bert Parkes Ernie Paulson Joy Plentovich Cy Rilee Martha Rilee Mary Ann Roane Doris Robins Arlene Rowe Patricia Rowe Ellen Shackelford Nancy Stanford Carolyn Sterling Sandra Sterling Rita Stubblefield Virginia Stubblefield JUNIORS Gene Thomas Rupert Thomas Barbara Jean Thorpe Robert Trevilian Judy Thrift Judy Walthall Alvin West Betsy West Pamela White Aaron Wilburn Connie Williams Mary Alice Williams OFFICERS MARIAN POINTER - President JANE KEMP - Treasurer BILLY BALDWIN - Reporter BONNIE HOGGE - Vice-President KEITH BROWN - Secretary SOPHOMORES 30 Carolyn Bailey Billy Baldwin Bill Belch Carolyn Belch Beverly Belvin Nancy Blake Judy Booker Tommy Boyd Elwanda Brady Jo Anne Bristow Kathryn Brown Keith Brown Vivian Brown Jackie Bryant Audrey Bunting SOPHOMORES Raymond Bunting Sammy Bunting Morris Cameron Betty Chapman Johnny Chapman Wesley Clements Linda Croswell Johnny Deal Susan Denbigh Virginia Dunnigan Samuel Dutton Herbert Edwards Billy Farinholt Roger Field Alice Goode Leon Greene Richard Greene David Grow Carlton Hall Kenneth Hall W. T. Harris Richard Haynes Carol Hen die y Harold Hess Charles Hogg Bonnie Hogge Corky Hogge India Hogge David Hubbard John Hughes SOPHOMORES Rebecca Hughes Brownie James Woodrow James Mary F. Kellum Jane Kemp Annette King Jean King Daniel Leigh Henry Leigh Marshall Lewis Peggy Massmann Peter Massmann Sam Mellar Gina Milliken Charles Montfort Janice Oliver Nancy Oliver Della Owens Marion Pointer Eileen Quail Jimmy Quail Woodrow Regens¬ burg Christian Rilee Bernard Robins Diane Robins Annette Rowe Brownie Rowe June Sears Irving Shackel¬ ford Kenneth Shackel¬ ford SOPHOMORES Doris Smith James Smith Paula Smith Alan Stahl David Sterling Patsy Sterling Ann Townsend Ruth Tribby W. C. Waddell Dale West OFFICERS JOANNE CARR - President TERRY DIRLE - Vice President GEORGE W. FRANKLIN - Reporter JERRY ALTEMUS - Secretary LINDA HUFF - Treasurer FRESHMEN Jerry Altemus John Anders Anna Jean Ashe Donna Baldwin Vernetta Belvin Walton Blake Joan Brooks Anna Mae Brown Betty Brown Kay Brown Larry Brown Carol Buck Jo Ann Carr Peter Carver Deta Chapman FRESHMEN Joyce Childress Robert Clayton John Clements Vivian Clopton Elaine Coates Patsy Cox Richard Darnell Nancy Davis Betty Jean Deal Ralph Denton Terry Dirle Charles Dunn Cherie Elias Edward Ewell Ted Fairbanks Randy Fary Billy Fenstermacher Wendell Fletcher George Franklin G. B. Frazier Donna Greene Sheila Greene Nina Gregg Douglas Hall Linda Hamilton Richard Harper Richard Haywood Carlton Hogge Jimmy Hogge Rheba Hogge FRESHMEN David Hoover Robert Houk Ronald Howard Ronald Howlett Patsy Hudgins Linda Huff Luther Jenkins Victor Jenkins Harold Jones Donald Kemp Betty King Sheran Lanciano Mary Lemons Jimmy Marshall Samantha Martin Jo Ann McDermott Kenneth McGowan Ronnie Midgett Robert Milby Tommy Milby Mike Monahan Judy Moorman Delores Motley George Newbill Robbie Newton Barbara Nuttall Wayne Nuttall John Olmsted Richard Parkes Jewel Plentovich FRESHMEN Tommy Quillian J. P. Reardon Felix Rigau Linda Rilee Jackie Robins V V ' 1 11 i i f Annette Rowe Betty Rowe Bobby Rowe Virginia Ruddock Irene Shackelford Almeda Shepherd Billy Shinn Harold Smith John Smith Joyce Smith Virginia Smoot Nell Stansell Clara Jean Sterling J. E. Sterling Carolyn Strigle Terry Sutton Barbara Sue Thomas Donnie Thomas Jimmy Thomas David Tilson Kenneth Walker Bernard Walton Alvin Ward Wayne Walthall Audrey West FRESHMEN Donald West Franklin West John West Linda West Gloria Wilburn Gary Williams Robert Williams Marion Wilson 38 m OFFICERS FRANCES ROWE - President MARY LOU JENKINS - Treasurer ROGER ROBINS - Reporter TRUDY TAPPAN - Vice President KAY RILEE - Secretary EIGHTH GRADE Scotty Belvin Robert Berry Lois Bohannon Carolyn Bonneville Kenneth Bonniville Mary Lou Booker Douglas Adams Eddie Allmond William Bates Ester Brooks Connie Brown Joan Brown Johnny Brown Patsy Brown B. M. Bunting Thurman Burgess Trent Chewning James E. Coates Richard Coates Ross Coates O ' dell Collard Virginia Conway Joyce Cox Mary Cox Roger Cox Barbara Davis Ella Davis Carl Donner George Edwards Gary Elias Lee Fairbanks Walter Faircloth Susan Friend f Cindy Harris Eugene Haywood Lucille Haywood Mary Frances Hay¬ wood Ronald Hendley Barbara Heywood Linda Heywood Linda Lee Heywood Margaret Lee Hey¬ wood Robert Hicks Billy Hogge Elizabeth Hogge Elliott Hogge Herman Hogge Jimmie Hogge Leo Hogge Louise Hogge Roberta Hogge Jerry German Harry Gillis Peggy Givler Helene Greene Dinah Gregg Fay Gunn Wilson Hogge Linda Horsley Norman Horsley Perry Horsley Richard Horsley Diane Howlett Lloyd Jenkins Mary Lou Jenkins Priscilla Jenkins Margaret Johnston Audrey Kellum Barbara Kellum Lucille Kellum George Keener Devon Kennedy Roy King, Jr. Alfred Kirk Michael Klebitz Sandra Largen Bennie Leigh Margaret Ann Leigh Jimmy Lieffer Billy Livingston Mary Jo Marnix Alan Marshall Patsy Marshall Sheila Moore Philip Morgan Eugene Motley Robert Newbill Mary Lee Newton Gene Nuttall William Nuttall Lee Oliver Ronald Oliver Paul Otterson Ralph Parkes Linda Perry Jimmie Pointer George Rhodes Shirley Rice Felipe Rigau Franklin Rilee Kay Rilee Richard Rilee Elmer Robins Laverne Robins Roger Robins Patricia Rogers Bobby Ronk Bert Rowe Donald Rowe Frances Rowe Herman Rowe Diane Sears Dorothy Seawell Nancy Setterholm Billy Shackelford Michael Shifflett Violet Shiflette Roger Simmons Barbara Smith Bobby Smith Hansford Smith Kay Smith Nancy Smith Sharon Smith Harry Speakman Ray Stanford Wayne Sterling Richard Stover Robert Stowell Gloria Ward James Ward Diane West Floyd West Johnny Linwood West Rosa West Roy West Thomas West Charlotte Wilburn Betty Ann Williams Carlton Williams Cheryl Williams Gordon Williams Nancy Williams Carroll Wilson Arthur Wood Terry Wiser Ronnie Wisner Trudy Tappan Margaret Tillage Nettie Tillage Mary Turner Gene Walton Nellie Walton A GLIMPSE of CHS ORGANIZATIONALLY (Gloucester High School Library I OFFICERS NANCY SHACKELFORD--President CAROLYN WEEKLEY--Reporter JUDY ROWE--Secretary CY RILEE--Vice-President WAYNE McDERMOTT--Treasurer S. C. A. Left to right, FIRST ROW: J. Rowe, W. McDermott, N. Shackelford, C. Rilee, C. Weekley. SECOND ROW; S. Martin, V. Brown, B. Hogge, M. Rowe, S. Friend, C. Williams, D. Baldwin. THIRD ROW: P. Stover R Coates J Altemus, B. Knapp, F. Rowe, V. Ruddock, J. Walthall, R. Parks. I I Delegates to District Meeting. Car Wash. ACTIVITIES Homecoming Float. Sale of Paperback Books. Faculty Tea. Sale of Pennants. —i. - v—- -- " ... jPWWWPii. _j—a—KTI — I W I 1 1 1 ■ ■W ill I w FRONT ROW: Nancy Shackelford, Co-Adv. Manager; Joyce Flipse, Business Manager; Carol Rogers, Editor; Pete Miller, Co-Adv. Manager. BACK ROW: Richard Erdt, Art Editor; Cynthia Bunting, Secretary; Robbie Coates, Sports Editor; Dixie Hogge, Co-Picture Editor; Jean Altemus, Co-Picture Editor; Faye Gunn, Typist. I CAVALIER STAFF Carol Rogers, Editor The staff at work? 46 Dixie Jean Hogge, President The National Beta Club is a non- secret, achievement-service or¬ ganization for students of senior high schools. Its purpose is the promotion of honesty, service, and leadership. BETA CLUB FRONT ROW: C. Weekley, Treasurer; F. Gunn, Vice-President; D. Hogge, President; R. Shackelford, Secretary; P. Stover, Reporter. SECOND ROW: S. Sterling, C. Cox, L. King, M. Hogge, N. Kellum, R. Coates, M. Rowe, P. Wilson, K. Tappan, S. West. THIRD ROW: A. Fosque, N. Allmond, P. Forrest, C. Rilee, J. Montfort, D. Davis, P. Lewis, N. Shackelford, A. West, H. Robins. FOURTH ROW: J. Plentovich, C. Sterling, R. Stubblefield, C. Rogers, W. McDermott, J. Clements, C. Bunting, K. Fary, L. Sheron, J. Flipse, J. Clements. OFFICERS Cynthia Bunting, President Jean Altemus, Historian Pat Wilson, Vice-President Virginia Fitchett, Treasurer Bonnie Hogge, Parliamentarian Betty Ann Carver, Reporter Phyllis Forrest, Secretary F. H. A. CREED We are the Future Homemakers of America We face the future with warm courage and high hope. For we have the clear consciousness of seeking Old and precious values. For we are the builders of homes, Homes for America ' s future. Homes where living will be the expression of everything That is good and fair. Homes where truth and love and security and faith Will be realiti es, not dreams. We are the Future Homemakers of America We face the future with warm courage and high hope. g, W if K ‘4. f yjli ' j y . T- mam ' 1 ? J m M —■ aa -- i I ! ■ M d a I ! t - ' F. F. A. MOTTO Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve. OFFICERS SEATED: Mr. Maxton, Sponsor; Robert Trevillian, Reporter; Jimmy Blake, Vice-President; Robert Sears, President; Jimmy Jones, Secretary; Billy Jenkins, Treasurer; Kenneth Bristow, Sentinel. CULL ft 4-H CLUB v$n L T ' . ■ v„ i WF - " III 1 1 ' S ' ■ ;( rn } i 3|P Ife i 1 §m ° ' ?ym %h Jfl IgtjL dll J Iff Aj Sk §1 % SENIOR JUNIOR EIGHTH GRADE CLUB M ' 1 ® 1 mf ' ' f r M ’ ■ -h k + jjPlfPI 2 Ci ' t OFFICERS SEATED, left to right: Mrs. Gabler, Sponsor; Carolyn Bailey, Treasurer; Priscilla Cushman, Secretary; Carolyn Weekley, President; Brownie James, Vice-President, Joanne Carr, Reporter; Billy Moore, Sergeant-at-Arms. SPANISH CLIIB LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS SEATED, left to right: Kathleen Fary, Reporter; Pat Wilson, Vice-President; Faye Gunn, President; Catherine Robins, Treasurer; Dixie Hogge, Secretary. Trudy Bartley, Betty Ann Carver, Mary Alice Hall, Robbie Jane Coates, Cynthia Bunting, Joyce Cox. OFFICE ASSISTANTS SCIENCE CLUB R. Shackelford, C. Rogers, Mrs. Belcher, Sponsor; J. Flipse, C. Weekley, C. Loveland, P. Simmons, B. Moore, P. Stover, M. Rowe, R. Speakman, N. Shackelford. M. Monahan, C. Donner, J. Pointer, T. Hutcheson, A. A. Wood, B. Bates, R. Montfort, G. Milliken, J. Booker, Wilburn, P. Forrest, W. McDermott. M. Booker. - — . ' fJTJj HI ., j a pajjit» w(fl BAND MARCHING BAND ' wv ‘Kf ' k I % 9VW BAND OFFICERS MAJORETTES FRONT ROW: Georgette Newbill, Sgt.; Billy Jenkins, Quartermaster; Billy Baldwin, Librarian; Brownie James, Reporter. BACK ROW: David Gray, Assistant Librarian; Wayne McDermott, Lt.; Clifton Loveland, Capt. Pat Rowe, Head Majorette Julie Plentovich Tina Erdt Joy Plentovich Anna Jean Ashe CHORAL CLUB 1t 1 —. _ • - H ■ s , j " f i • i ■ 5:® l 1. 1 ■ . • Pi 1 , , m ji ' QmIM ha t -. 1 rr ■ mm Miss Betty Ann Carver reigned as Queen of the Home¬ coming festivities. HOMECOMING QUEEN, Betty Ann Carver EIGHTH GRADE ATTENDANT, Roberta Hogge; ELEVENTH GRADE ATTENDANT, Judy Walthall; MAID OF HONOR, Kay Tappan; NINTH GRADE ATTENDANT, Carolyn Strigle; TENTH GRADE ATTENDANT, Della Owens. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE S. C. A. leads the way. Joyce Clements, Robbie Coates, Chairman; Cynthia Bunting. HOMECOMING QUEEN and COURT on field. The Junior float won first place. SCENES The Sophomore’s second place float. Third place winner was the F. H. A. 57 QUEEN, ATTENDANTS, AND ESCORTS QUEEN -- Jean Altemus ATTENDANT -- Kay Tappan ATTENDANT-- Pat Wilson ESCORT-- Anthony German ESCORT-- Marceron Nuttall ESCORT -- Harry Ward HOLLY BALL Crowning of the Queen Queen and Escort in Grand March 58 A GAZE of G.H athletically V •• Left to right, FIRST ROW: R. Trevillian, K. Sterling, G. Sterling, H. Ward, G. Hurley, W. Johnston, M. Nuttall, T. Lanciano, R. Brown, R. Erdt, B. Moore, M. Lewis. SECOND ROW: G. Franklin, P. Massmann, R. Berry, R. Haynes, T. Boyd, C. Cameron, O. Blake, W. James, R. May, M. Cameron, S. Mellar, F. Kimsey. THIRD ROW: G. Newbill, Manager; W. Marshall, B. Belch, T. Hoover, R. Fary, R. Field, D. West, D. Hall, J. Blake, J. Montfort, Manager. VARSITY FOOTBALL Compliments of HAYES PHARMACY, Inc. T-A SHEPHERD ' S PHARMACY Gloucester Point, Va. Offense in action. Now really, Boys! 60 Coach explaining play to co-captains. I Gene Hurley Quarterback Harry Ward Quarterback Richard Erdt Fullback Billy Moore Fullback CO-CAPTAIN Wendall Johnston Halfback CO-CAPTAIN Marceron Nuttall Halfback Trecy Lanciano End George Sterling Right End Roy Brown Tackle Kenneth Sterling Tackle SENIOR PLAYERS VARSITY SCORES OPPONENT WE THEY Southampton 19 21 James Blair 13 20 Chuckatuck 7 6 Northampton 6 33 Whaleyville 41 0 York 0 7 Poquoson 0 6 Mathews 41 20 Smithfield 19 24 Compliments of CENTRIDENT MEN’S CLOTHING 61 Left to right, FIRST ROW: G, Frazier, W. Waddell, B. Clayton, B, Belch, T. Burgess, R. Field, C. Hogge, B. West, T. Boyd, J. Blake, D. Kennedy, C. Montfort, D. West, W. Marshall, J. Clements, J, Marshall. SECOND ROW: G. Newbill, Manager; B. Rowe, R. Horsley, L. Hogge, G. Williams, D. Hall, R. Fary, R. Oliver, W. Nuttall, R. Fraser, Coach; P. Carver, R. Stanford, T. Fairbanks, T. Quillian, M. Monahan, F. West, G. Nuttall, J. Montfort, Manager. J. V. FOOTBALL SCORES OPPONENT WE THEY Mathews 13 14 James Blair 13 r Poquoson 12 6 James Blair 34 13 Hampton Roads Academy 7 33 Mathews 6 7 62 Left to right, FRONT ROW: J. Coley, Coach; E. Rowe, Manager; H. Ward, G. Hurley, B. Jenkins, S. Hendley, J. Montfort, M. Lewis, J. Owens. BACK ROW: W. Johnston, W. Walthall, K. Brown, J. Hatch, K. Sterling, W. McDermott. I VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES OPPONENT Virginia Beach Mathews Northampton Middlesex York Deep Creek West Point Virginia Beach York Northampton James Blair Mathews Deep Creek Poquoson James Blair Poquoson WE THEY 35 55 37 31 28 39 43 56 21 43 40 47 35 58 37 26 36 32 21 30 26 46 34 43 23 26 45 42 34 46 43 56 63 Co-Captains and Coach f i i t i ' im ml h 4 m ' jB t Tp C” ' jf • iSKv’CiT T i if m WjSjj ■Jpcw V fv4| Ymm iBWm n Left to right, FIRST ROW: J. Bryant, W. Walthall. SECOND ROW: G. Scott, Scorekeeper; P. Carver, J. Thomas, B. Baldwin, J. Smith, B. Farinholt, H. Edwards, Manager; J. Northstein, Coach. THIRD ROW: J. Marshall, E. Robins, J. Olmsted, R. Haynes, C. Montfort, J. Clements. J. V. BASKETBALL SCORES OPPONENT WE THEY Virginia Beach Middlesex York Deep Creek West Point Virginia Beach York Northampton Mathews James Blair Deep Creek Hampton Roads Poquoson James Blair Poquoson 31 39 40 35 41 24 35 34 34 22 33 48 36 38 31 39 34 26 36 64 43 39 41 15 23 27 52 65 35 30 J. Wycuff, N. Blake, D, Hogge, Manager; J. Altemus, Scorekeeper; J. McDermott, C. Sterling, T. Erdt, G. New- bill, D. Davis, C. Cox, B. Rowe, B. King, B. Knapp, E. Motley, B. Thomas, D. Robins, R. Coates, J. Horsley, R. Wiatt, Coach; J. Flipse, C. Weekley. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Co-Captains and Coach OPPONENT WE THEY Mathews 37 31 York 33 23 St. Vincent 23 22 York 33 34 James Blair 29 24 Alumnae 27 33 Poquoson 42 23 James Blair 26 41 Poquoson 40 25 65 And he’s over! Just a little farther. They ' re off! DISTRICT MEET 1st place broad jump Andrew Hogge 2nd place 220 Marceron Nuttall 2nd place 880 Richard Erdt STATE MEET 1st place (tied) broad jump Andrew Hogge 4th place 220 Marceron Nuttall TRACK 1961 SCORES OPPONENT WE THEY Mathews 60 26 N. News 32 56 Middlesex 70 5 6 24 1 6 4-Way Meet (Glou, Jas. B, York, Smfld.) 2nd place Chist. Church 63 32 5-Way Meet 1st place (Glou, York, Jas. B, Norf. Cath. Va. Beach) 66 Bonnie Hogge Betty Chapman Brownie James Nancy Shackelford Priscilla Cushman VARSITY This page is sponsored by EDGE HILL SERVICE STATION Betty Carver, Captain Judy Rowe CHEERLEADERS Brenda Hall Pamela White li ' " gL m w j f 5 , jSr jj p J WmBb OF E r,? 1 Roberta Hogge, Cheryl Williams, Terry Dirle, A1 Shepherd, Sheila Greene, Captain; Joanne Carr, Laverne Robins, Dinah Gregg, Jerry Altemus. J. V. CHEERLEADERS The team is ready. Catch that football! 68 SPOTLIGHT SPORTS 69 70 71 A LOOK ATG.H.S. COMMERCIALLY Proudly Serving Gloucester Seniors JOSTEN’S Engravers and Stationers Owatonna, Minnesota RAYMOND E. PAGE Special Representative PAUL A. WILLSIE COMPANY Vinton, Virginia Academic CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF ' 62 J. C. BROWN OIL CO., INC. DISTRIBUTOR OF TEXACO PRODUCTS Gloucester and Mathews Counties Schley, Virginia We Have Served This Area for Forty-six Years! Phone OX 3-2635 OX 3-2630 THE COVE FARM ROWE ROWE GULF SERVICE, INC. HORSES-PONIES Specializing in Gloucester, Virginia Battery-Ignition Brake Service Gloucester Point, Virginia SOUTHLAND LIFE INSURANCE CO. J. DOSWELL DUTTON Gloucester Agents: T. A. Walthall R. L. Shackelford E. S. Milby Staff Manager: H.K. Stover, Jr. Hardware, Paints, and Wallpaper Admiral Appliances Phone OX 3-3616 Gloucester, Virginia WEST BARBER SHOP Compl iments of SUTTON FARM EQUIP. Hayes, Virginia and J.O. KEMPS GARAGE Compl iments of J.B. POLAND SONS RICHARDSON ' S SUPER MARKET West Point, Virginia Phone 42 and LICENSED WESTINGHOUSE LAUNDROMAT LATER DEADLINES Mean That You Get LATER NEWS In The Sometimes Hours Later Than Newspapers Shipped Into Area Complete Coverage of Middle Peninsula Yews By Teletype from This Office in Gloucester H. C. SHACKELFORD SON, INC. AMERICAN PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone: Day-Mi 2-3444 Night-Mi 2-4324 Refresh.!!. addze f -_ in lun to the hour • OTTLED UNDE AUTHORITY OR THE COCA-COLA COMPANY (Y COCA-COLA COMPANY Gloucester, Virginia ELECTRICITY THE MOVING FORCE... that brightens our lives, creates ca¬ reers and lights the way to tomorrow’s better world. VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY McLEAN APPLIANCE CO., INC. Gloucester, Virginia Phone OX 3-2600 " Appliances are Our Business " Frigidaire Westinghouse Maytag Philco RCA Whirlpool Speed Queen BELL MOTORS, INC. Buick-Chevrolet-Corvair Gloucester, Virginia SHOP ON THE CORNER C. B. ROWE SON GENERAL MERCHANDISE Complete Line of Marine Hardware Crisfield Maryland Oyster Tongs Oysterman ' s Supplies Anvil Brand Work Clothes American Products Birds Eye Frozen Foods Free Delivery Service Phone: Ml 2-2373 Bena, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL 1906 OUR FIFTY-FIFTH YEAR 1962 Compl iments of Compl iments of V. A. HAYWOOD Perrin, Virginia GRAY ' S PHARMACY Phone: OX 3-1271 Gloucester, Virginia EMMA JANE SHOPPE Compl iments Gifts for All Occasions of Clothing for Men and CALVIN HOTEL Women Gloucester, Virginia Phone OX 3-3800 Compl iments of B.M. BUNTING ' S Compl iments OYSTER HOUSE of Cappahosic, Virginia TUCKER ' S STORE VILLAGE JEWELRY COMPANY YORK TIRE RECAPPING CO., INC. OSCAR H. BELVIN, JR., Owner Gloucester, Virginia Dial: OX 3-3470 West Point, Virginia Phone: 390 Firestone Tires-Delco Batteries Recapping One Day Service BROADDUS HALL Furniture For All Rooms GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES COMPLETE KITCHENS-WOOD OR METAL FLOOR COVERING Phone OX 3-1991 Gloucester, Virginia BEACH CLUB of GLOUCESTER POINT, VIRGINIA Under George P. Coleman Bridge Phone: Ml 2-5922 Boat Harbor, Gas Oil Beach, Fishing Supplies Bait, Ice, and Eats Party Boat-Lorraine Phone: Ml 2-2786 COMPLIMENTS of SOPHOMORE CLASS 1961-1962 WATKINS FLORIST " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS " Funeral Designs, Weddings, and Corsages Phone: OX 3-1946 OX 3-1941 TIDEWATER SEAFOOD COMPANY Ml 2-4075 Bena, Virginia I. R. Blake, Sr. I. R. Blake, Jr. Ml 2-2170 Ml 2-2175 L. F. PHILLIPS SONS, INC. Distributors of Mobil Petroleum Products Phone: Residence OX 3-1631 Office Ml 2-3456 Compliments of TASTEE-FREEZE AND SNACK BAR Homemade Bar-B-Q Phone Hayes, Va. Ml 2-4824 Route 17 J. W. ROBINS GENERAL MERCHANDISE PAINT-MARINE HARDWARE Phone Ml 2-3366 Route 2, Hayes, Virginia Compl iments of HARRY WARD SON Esso Gas and Oil Wicomico, Virginia Phone Ml 2-3693 Compl iments of SEAWELL ' S ORDINARY Phone Ml 2-3301 Ordinary, Virginia HAYES SHOPPING CENTER, INC. " A one stop shopping center " Featuring Finest of meats, hardware, paints, shoes and clothing Phone Ml 2-4671 Compl iments of THOS. E. HOGGE " Forty-six years in business " at Ordinary, Virginia General Merchandise Phone Ml 2-3740 MARNIX ELECTRICAL CO. Heating Airconditioning Heat Pump Phone OX 3-5800 Ark, Virginia FRANK P. ASH GENERAL MERCHANDISE Achilles, Virginia Compl iments of SPENCER CLOPTON Gloucester Point, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF ARK DAIRY FREEZE HOGG’S OYSTER COMPANY Planters and Packers F. C. HOGG C. W. HOGG Feed — Seed — Farm Supplies and Building Materials SOUTHERN STATES COOPERATIVE GLOUCESTER BRANCH Gloucester, Virginia Phone: OX 3-3411 ALVIN L. NEWTON ELTON NEWTON MALVIN NEWTON President and Treas. Vice-President Secretary BROTHERS MOTORS, INC. General Auto Repairs and Wrecking Service International Harvester Dealer DAY PHONE: Ml 2-4413 Ordinary, Va. NIGHT PHONE: Ox 3-4821 Compl iments of American Hardware T.V. Sales Service Gloucester, Virginia " Most Complete Hardware Store " Compl iments of Woodford R. Chapman Insurance Real Estate Gloucester, Virginia Compl iments of Mr. Mrs. G. W. Wilson Compl iments of Mr. Mrs. Everett W. Rich Compl iments of John Hudgins Hayes, Virginia Village Beauty Shop Gloucester, Virginia Otis Hogge General Merchandise Achilles, Virginia With Extra Special Good Wishes to the 1962 Grads! Harry T. Tappan Home Beneficial Life Ins. Co. Gloucester, Virginia C. L. Williams General Merchandise TRADE HERE SAVE Phone 2-3377 Maryus, Virginia Compl iments of Mon ta Ido ' s Richmond, Virginia Compl iments of Brown Farinholt ' s Ins. Agency Gloucester, Virginia Compl iments of F.A. Clements Sons Inc. Compl iments of Gloucester Bargain House Gloucester, Virginia BROWN ' S AMOCO SERVICE CENTER American Oil Products Goodyear Tires and Accessories Pick Up and Delivery Watson T. Brown, Dial Prop. 0 X 3-2641 Compl iments of Hudson South Sinclair Gas Oil Gloucester Service Station Masons Esso Station John H. Hogge General Auto Repairs Rt. 2, Gloucester, Virginia Phone OX 3-3173 J. M. SHACKELFORD GENERAL MERCHANDISE Athey ' s 100% Pure Paint Severn, Virginia Compliments of GLOUCESTER POINT ESSO SERVICE CENTER U. S. Route 17 Phone Gloucester Point, Va. Ml 2-4791 Compliments of JONES FRANK OIL EQUIPMENT CORP. 121 Aberdeen Road Hampton, Virginia R. P. HART SON Wirthmore Feeds Baugh ' s Fertilizer Custom Grinding Mixing Cologne, Va. Phone St. 5-3331 COMPLIMENTS OF E. W. MOTLEY GENERAL CONTRACTOR Building Sea Walls and Roads Clearing Fill Dirt Water Pump Rental Crane Excavation Masonry Sand Road Surfacing Hayes, Virginia Phone: Ml 2-2766 Compliments of LOUIS GROH SON, INC. Complete Grain Marketing Service Custom Grinding and Mixing Purina Chows The Most Modern Bulk Feed Handling and Grain Elevating Facilities in Tidewater " Forty-six Years Experience " Clay Bank, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS VINCENT FUNERAL HOME WEST POINT, VIRGINIA YORK RIVER SEAFOOD CO., INC. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Clams, Oysters, Fish, Crabs, and Crab Meat Phones: Ml 2-3333 Ml 2-3359 Perrin, Virginia A PROVEN COMMUNITY SERVICE RICHARD M. BRIDGES FUNERAL HOME Formerly Ware Funeral Home Gloucester, Virginia _ Dial: OX 3-2366 _ HAYWOOD’S SEAFOOD Wholesale Fish Oysters Selected Seafoods Phone: Ml 2-4300 Ml 2-4305 Perrin, Virginia PLUMBING AND HEATING Hotpoint Appliances Air Conditioners - Oil Burners HODGES BRYANT, INC. Gloucester, Virginia Phone: OX 3-1340 VILLAGE ESSO SERVICENTER (jxioWSx ) QJwtyf COMPLIMENTS OF GLOUCESTER SEAFOOD PACKING CO., INC. M. J. Owens Bena, Virginia Fish -- Oysters -- Clams Phone: Ml 2-2300 and 2-2324 0. M. Blake ROBINS MARINE SALES SERVICE OWENS YACHTS Glasspar Boats Johnson Motors Cox Trailers Owens Boats Gloucester, Virginia Phone OX 3-5500 J. Roland Hogg David V. Bristow HOGG FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE AIR CONDITIONED-OXYGEN EQUIPPED " Serving Gloucester County " Phone: Midway 2-3800 EDWARDS MOTOR COMPANY Dodge and Dodge Trucks Sales and Service Phone: 3-131 1 HEALY ' S CURIO SHOP Antiques Mrs . E . S . Heal y Gloucester, Virginia Phone: OX-3-1246 J. C. EDWARDS VARIETY 5c to $5.00 Gloucester, Virginia Compl iments of LUCILLE ' S BEAUTY SHOP Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone: Mi-2-4813 Compl imerits of GAZETTE-JOURNAL " Your Home Town Newspaper " Compl iments of H. B. HEATH JEWELERS 1 W OX-3-4488 Mrs. Vashti Horsley „ Gloucester, Virginia Your Friend and Mine Compl iments of LANDON B. SEARS Mobil Service Center Pe te B . Miller Gas-Oil -Ice Phone: OX-3-4340 Ark, Va . MIKE ' S TIRE RECAPPING SERVICE American Gas Gates Tires One-Day Service M. J. ROWE, JR. Phone: MI-2-3303 JORDAN INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Waterfront and Country Listings Fire, Casualty, and Marine Insurance Gloucester Point, Virginia R. W. Jordan, Realtor Compl iments of ABINGDON CLEANERS Gloucester Point, Virginia ELMER GREENE GENERAL MERCHANDISE MI-2-5000 QUICK SERVICE Maryus, Virginia Drapes, Rugs, Evening Wear Compl iments of GLOUCESTER MEN ' S SHOP Phone: OX 3—1521 Gloucester, Virginia Compl iments of J. E. HUNT Best Wishes to the Class of 1962 Drive Carefully for a Happy Graduation JANNEY INSURANCE AGENCY Gloucester, Virginia Phones: Off. 3-1841 Home 3-1261 Compl iments of BROWN ROWE CLEANERS YORK BRIDGE RESTAURANT STEAKS-CHOPS-SEAFOOD Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone: Midway 2-4787 M. C. HOGGE General Merchandise Phone: Ml 2-3349 Perrin, Virginia Compl iments of S. C. LAMBERTH BROS. Compl iments of P. ROBINS Water Front Lots on Severn River Ponies for Sale Achilles, Virginia Phone: Midway 2-4342 Compliments of ABINGDON FEED COMPANY Wholesale Dealers in Hay, Grain, Flour, and Poul try Suppl ies Phone: Ml 2-2900 Route 2, Hayes, Virginia Jr - FORGET YOUR LEADER . . . TAKE ME TO THE AMERICAN-GAS PUMP And that moonman isn ' t just spoofin ' . Nowhere else on this planet is there a fuel like crystal - clear Amoco Super-Premium! Powerful Amoco-Gas is the ONLY premium gas that ' s UNLEADED. Result-there ' s no lead in Amoco- Gas to foul pistons, plugs and valves. Mighty important, if you consider that up to 8 out of 10 spark plug failures are caused by lead foul ing. So whether you ' re driving a saucer or an ordinary car, better start using premium, unleaded Amoco- Gas-for more power and smoother performance PLUS savings on spark plugs, tune-ups and repairs. Hornsby OIL CO. Economy starts here Williamsburg-Yorktown and Newport News, Virginia Compliments of TRI-COUNTY FURNITURE STORE AND TRICO L. P. GAS SERVICE, INC. Gloucester, Virginia Phone: OX 3-3900 HERFF-JONES COMPANY Manufacturers of Gloucester High School Standard Class Rings Virginia Representative JAMES L. DECK P. 0. Box 4735 Richmond 29, Virginia FROM AU OF US " y LXMirRE.ftDEW ■“ A FOND FAREWELL pJUOxJx fll £ 0aA •M 9 c- o ( oyyn ' V 0 (] 0 ytcfct o CL, 0 . e o 0 5 ' " £° . ' a 2 ' A vJl « v i: 1 lx _ {.• " ' - r $ ' SENIOR CLASS OF U ' ■ " pop? " 11 ffiobbu " $y$Alt o t ?

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