Gloucester High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Gloucester, VA)

 - Class of 1958

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Gloucester High School - Cavalier Yearbook (Gloucester, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Ill nwl vn tZAJUVhUf ' f I " L iM . 1 4 - -W .JETJu ' VI t ...Ak -c $M”sru " i» ' fovft -fcv II r, ' , - . " Q 41 iW !«V OWW ; ' wJji n ; 3 ,_C, WjuA - C a tw ' “ o -tvv -M t t f ... f , d W »«» »3 jtt wySSA. 7 ■ - ' “ ,VJ ‘ " , ; . p v . JUwAt iUufi- JLtpW a CvtV ikt-JxxrJ -W " " ’ ,. r w 4 6 j -r " :Tl e YXl AV jdl j y ; oM5vx n rvr oj j, itV ' o- yav -4 ■ Xh 3- W JuAr i K a_v °Y ° yucC ..X . ? " Atf U-O Ut - Jr o Y jLXA . -aX ' C y A — ill waiwwwivif-:. 2 ■.? •v.u wL U.V U :lkttFK i.lfri.VCftUUUbKttfiHjKlL!vu. ' .-.. ■ • -aw;.» • 1 ’ • : y| i 1 £ 1 ( M II 4 m w ' d li. 7 ‘ JJ z 1 f 0 A AfpW ySu y J, v . •■ “” ftEiWSW 11 - Xli- « » yLM4r+- % ir f i% rAX ' -p fW su vS f 4 l jb vA »y 1 U ,S £ v ■ V OL S i A ilU " r , _ _ T j - v jTj ) n Y ' f VjLasU k : T{ ,, J r v YAc a- - no. p EDITED BY SEKIIOR CLflS GlOUCF STFR HIGH SCHOa GLOUCESTER VIRG1M Ifl Your Treasure Chest Make for yourself a treasure chest, But not for gems and gold - Fill it with things more rare and fine, As full as it will hold. Into it place your kindly thoughts, Of friends whom you hold dear. The classes, the teachers, the happy hours, That fill your life with cheer. And then if dark days come along, And your bright prospects mar, Open your treasure chest and see How very rich you are. In appreciation for his helpfulness, cheer¬ fulness, and friendly interest, the staff af¬ fectionately dedicates to Mr. John H. Stevens the 1958 edition of the Gloucester High School CAVALIER. MR. STEVENS Principal A d m • l n • i s t r a t • i o n MR. FORREST Superintendent of Schools MR. JEWELL Assistant Principal MRS. NORFOLK Secretary to the Principal Typical Office Scene! MRS. ANDERTON Blackstone College Mathematics MRS. BELCHER University of Kentucky Science MR. BURTON Drexel Institute of Technology Commercial Faculty " English MRS. FARY Mary Washington English MRS. FRANKLIN Madison Social Studies Government MRS. CARR Mary Washington Social Studies Wilson College William and Mary Washington College William and Mary Mathematics Physical Education Librarian Civics - History ll 1 i. C i As!yi OJJL MRS. E. ROWE V. P. I. Home Economics ( MRS. J. ROWE William and Mary English MRS. TREAKLE Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College English Latin MR. WELLS R. P. I. Music MISS WIATT Longwood College Physical Education MRS. COX Longwood College Home Economics MR. VIA V. P. I. Agriculture MARTHA THOMPSON.Secretary BILLY WEAVER.President IRMA LEE BELVIN BERNARD AMBROSE BOYD BUNTING — - — Reporter Vice President Treasurer MRS. TREAKLE Sponsor $ MRS. KENNERLY Sponsor CLAUDIA ROSEMARY BROWN (UL J ' d JucJb s 2, QMzJIgJ 2 MARTHA ELIZABETH BROWN f CLYm BOY ROBERT JAMES BUNTING ANN ELIZABETH CARMINE ERNEST LEON CARMINE J DANIEL WEBSTER MARSHALL ROSALYN NOVADER QUINN u it . j pkfRICM ANN RILEE 1 W ; v IfiJ ' C V ? SANDRA ANN SELLARS WILLIAM EDWARD PIERCE JAMES DAVID RILEY ■ oOe L; ' I MELVIN STAFFORD WALKER fijuO- a Co njooxc, C: cs W . A ° PATRICIA ANN ROWE , i STS C5 - Acro GLORIA RHEA WALTON WILLIAM DANIEL WEAVER, JR. MARION EARL WEST V i . Who’s Who Most Likely to Succeed PERCY HICKS BILLY WEAVER Intellectual ARTHA B OW MTNB LEIGH l Who’s Who GRACE BELVIN BOYD BUNTING Who ' s Who Most Talented JUDY JORDAN EDWARD CONNER Friendliest CLAUDIA BROWN RAY DAME Who ' s Who Most Athletic MARTHA THOMPSON BERNARD AMBROSE Wittiest Jf IRMA LEE BELVIN BUTCH STREAGLE Who ' s Who Mary L. Coates, Reporter; Susan Weaver, Vice President; Vaughan Sutton, President; Qj Barbara Jenkins, Secretary; Peggy Chapman, Treasurer. A j y , Jy CnX z NANCY ALEXANDER BILLY ANDERSEN MARY E. ASHE JOE HARVEY BAILEY SHIRLEY NANCY ELLIOTT SUE CAROLYN ADA BAILEY BEAMGUARD BELVIN BELVIN BLAKE BRIDGES BARBARA BROWN MILDRED S. BROWN BUCKY BURRUSS DANIEL CARMINE PEGGY CHAPMAN BARBARA CLEMENTS MARY LENA COATES NINA CROWDER MARGARET CUSHMAN JEAN EWELL JIMMY EUGENE GRAY GREEN VIRGINIA L. BOBBY CAROLYN B. CAROLYN V. DAVID PHYLLIS GREENE HALL HALL HALL HALL HALL CLAIBORNE HOGGE MARYUS HOGGE WAYNE HOGGE BARBARA J. JENKINS JIMMY HARRIS WOODY HAYNES MAVIS HAYWOOD c. c. HEYWOOD GLORIA HIBBLE DAVID HOFFMAN BETTY M. BILLY CECILIA LOIS JAMES JIMMY JENKINS JENKINS JENKINS JENKINS JENKINS JENKINS BETTY MARGARET KAY MASON McCOY MERSHON SYLVIA SHIRLEY JOHN PETTIT OLIVER M. OWENS VIRGINIA JIMMIE QUILLLAN RILEE FAYE ROBINS EVELYN CHARLES VIRGINIA L. ROWE RONK ROWE EUGENE BILLY SIMMONS SMITH NORMA SMITH RONALD SMITH ALLEN SUTTON VAUGHAN SUTTON LOLA MAE SWINDECK SUSAN SWINDELL MONA THOMAS BROOK TREAKLE PATRICIA TURNER WAYNE STEPHANIE SUSAN TURNER WAGNER WEAVER LOLA MAE WEST ANNETTE ALICE FAY RANNY WILLIAMS JERRY EDWARDS RACHEL CLEMENTS LOIS MOORE Amelita Jenkins, Reporter; Mary A. Jones, Secretary; J. C. Phillips, President; Emily Deal, Vice President. Betty Ann Baumgardner Ray Bohannon Horace Bonniville Herbert Bridges Clarice Brown Gaynelle Brown Goldie Ray Brown Jimmy Mabel Murray Walton Nancy Cora Jimmy Brown Brown Brown Brown Burke Mae Chapman Carmine Johnnie Coates Joan Fosque Wayne Hogge u Frances Leigh Melinda Lloyd Emily Conway Cox Deal Charles Duncan Durwood Dyer Peggy Fletcher Nelson Fletcher Beverly Amelita Holcombe Jenkins Boyd D. Jenkins Jane Jenkins Patricia Johnston Mary Ann Jones Delores Leigh Reuben Lucy Pat Betty Leroy Ida J. C. Lemons Ann Morey Jean Oliver Mae Phillips Marshall Motley Owens Joanne Carolyn Douglas Roane Robins Robbins Eugene Charlotte Antoinette Robins Robins Rowe Betty Rowe Edward Jordan Rowe Rodgers Virginia Gary Tommy Hilda Robert Paul William Rowe Mae Scott Shackelford Mae South Tilson Templeman Rowe Smith John Jane Thomas Thrift Nancy Ward Edith West Ellis West Patsy John Betty West Wiatt Williams FRESHMEN Mary Kathryn Burton, Secretary; Carolyn Brown, President; Richie Lou White, Rep. ; Lester Sterling, Vice President; A1 Booker, Treasurer. Don Adams George Billy Gerry Ashe Ambrose Anders Frankie Ruth Belvin Birdsall Pat Blake Charles Dick Clements Clements Lloyd Carlton Kay Clopton Harry Chapman Monroe vt David Clary Clayton Carolyn Clements Darlene Coates Nancy Coates Margaret Conner Billy Clements -Charles . fields x 5 ■ X i Gabriel Elias Sandra Givler Gloria Dalton Charles qamelL Frances Deal Larry Faye Field Fletcher Donald German 1 Robert Eubank Cwell Ewe IIP. Lemuel Jimmy Billy Gunn Green Hall Jimmy Ben Patricia Jean Hammer Harris Harris Harwood Earl Sharon Andrew Haury Heywood Hogge Diane G. Dianne Mary Sylvia Wayne Wayne Billy Andy Hogge Hogge Hogge Hogge Hogge Hogge Ingles James Brenda Jackie Lois Marcella Nancy Rudy Tommy Beulah Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins Kellum Milton Pointer Davis Rhodes Raymond Rilee John Ripchick Allen Robins Dick Rowe Eugene Rowe l,jjl jJ Alice • L w Smith Joanne Smith Martha Rowe Pat Rowe Sue Rowe Lucille Shackelford Bobby Seawell Joesphine Sylvia Smith Smith Lester Sterling Linda Ronnie William Sterling Stubblefield Teagle M. E. Mildred Thomas Thomas Nell Thrift Frances l Tillagb Tommy Tillage Billy Peggy Tolbut Wagner Charles Walker 1 A. T. Walthall R b Elizabeth West Marie West Leroy Ray West West Roy Richie Calvin Hamilton West White Williams Williams . w.v, ' v, ' . , ' ■ ' • » ; Gene Hurley, Treasurer; Beverly Purcell, Vice President; Carolyn Lewis, President; Pat Wilson, Secretary; Judy Rowe, Representative. Douglas Boughton Kenneth Bristow Betsy Brown Brenda Brown Corrine Brown Ella Ruth Brown Mary Lee Brown Roy Brown Cynthia Bunting Betty Ann Carver Carter Clements Joyce Clements Betty Ann Coates Nancy Diggs Harry DeAlba Kenneth Eastwood Phyllis Emerson Richard Erdt Kathleen Fary Dariel Ford Anthony German Charlotte Jenkins Colie Green Ellis Green Lois Green David Gray Cheryl Grimes Sammy Grinels Faye Gun Peter Healey Edwin Hall Mary Alice Hall Leonard Hampton Jimmy Hatch Elva Heywood Steven Henley Vernon Heywood Della Hogge Dixie Hogge Elaine Hogge India Hogge Kenneth Hogge Tommy Hogge vS ( ) Joanne Horsley CSLyv l Gene Hunley j _ a Clayton Jenkins J. C. Jenkins Jimmy Jenkins Johnny Jenkins Leonard Jenkins Madeline Jenkins Nettie Jenkins )Oi Patricia Jenkins Wendell Johnston Barbara Jordan Ronald Kauffman Alice Kellum Shirley Kellum Stillman Kellum Leon King David Kirschbaum Carolyn Lewis Johnny Lewis Patricia Lewis Butch Loveland , Tracy Lanciana Lee Mackubin Frances Marshall Lee Mershon Pete Miller Billy Moore Marian Motley Fleta Oliver Franklin Oliver Jean Oliver Jerry Oliver John Oliver James Owens Bev erly Jo Purcell Ellis Rilee Catherine Robins Charles Robins ’ Francis Smith Gordon Smith Wilbur Smith Richard Speakman Hattie Robins Carol Rogers Arlene Rowe Cinda Rowe Ernest Rowe Judy Rowe Mary Lee Rowe Judy Scott Donald Seely Donald Sellars 1 A Freddie Setterholm Kenneth Shackelford Nancy Shackelford Rudy Shackelford Wally Shackelford Lucy Faye Sheron Gus Shelton Billy Simmons Page Simmons Bruce Smith Doris Smith George Sterling Kenneth Sterling Bobby Stubblefield Delores Stubblefield Francis Stubblefield Kay Tappan James Herbert Thomas Lloyd Thomas Emma Thompson Robert Trevillian Freddie Lee Walker Jeannie Walker Carolyn Weekley Charles West Darlene West Dorothy Mae West Franklin West Harold West Harry Ward Judy West Mildred Ann West Shelby Jean West John Paul Wilburn Mable Williams Dennis Wilson Patricia Wilson Timmy Winters Richard Yeatts Edward Kellum Bobby Lewis Robert Sears « » ? ? ■ ' ' n S’ ’’,J DELORES KEMP - - MRS. TREAKLE - - SUSAN WEAVER - BILLY WEAVER - - CAMILLE PHILLIPS IRMA BELVIN- DELORES EWELL - JUDY JORDAN - - •-Editor — - - - Sponsor - - Assistant Editor Boys ' Sports Editor Co-Picture Editor ■ Co-Picture Editor Feature Editor Girls ' Sports Editor PERCY HICKS EDWARD CONNER - - GRACE BELVIN CLAUDIA BROWN - - MARTHA THOMPSON ROSALYN QUINN - - ■ CAROLYN BLAKE - - • MARTHA BROWN - - • -Co-Art Editor --Co-Art Editor — - Business Manager - - Co-Sales Manager - - - Co-Sales Manager - Secretary Assistant Adv. Manager -Adv. Manager » JmL a f B si il Si i ' i i. 151 li i i H Student Cooperative Association President.DAVID BIRDSALL Vice President-RACHEL CLEMENTS Secretary.MARGARET CUSHMAN Treasurer.JOHN THOMAS Reporter-DELORES KEMP Sponsor.MRS. ANDERTON REPRESENTATIVES: Grace Belvin, Dianne Gail Hogge, Dianne Mae Hogge, Nancy Shackelford, Judy Scott, Betty Carver, Faye Gunn, Martha Brown, Arnold Boyd, Billy Anderson, Andy James, David Hoffman, Billy Jenkins, Shelby West, Percy Hicks, Judy Jordan, Peggy Fletcher, Nancy Burke, Lois Moore, Susan Weaver, Faye Robins, Carolyn B. Hall. S.C.A. Activities DAVID BIRDSALL WAYNE LEIGH MARTHA BROWN JUDY JORDAN Boys’ and Girls’ State Poetry and Prose Spelling I Band President- Vice President Secretary - - ■ • - JERRY EDWARDS - - JOHN THOMAS MARGARET CONNER Treasurer Reporter ■ Sponsor - - NANCY BURKE CAROLYN BROWN -MR. WELLS I OP. t ftp £ -tv MR. WELLS, Director MRS. HARRIS, Our Librarian Library Club First row: Carolyn B. Hall, Treasurer; Martha Thompson, President; Mrs. Harris, Sponsor; Amelita Jenkins, Vice President; Carolyn Blake, Secretary. Second row: Kay Mershon, Mildred Brown, Ida Mae Owens, Patricia Hogge, Brenda Brown, Clarice Brown, Patricia Harris, Dianne Gail Hogge, Mary Ewell. Third row: Jane Jenkins, Lola Swindeck, Carol Martin, Gaynelle Brown. lilFm ■ flSIlilP iff tit Tfe i w .ii. -»ii 1 I f 4! ,: I I " f 1 ‘ « ' . 1 jj III r% ¥ ,-L: V- V, m 5| SENIOR 4-H OFFICERS President, Freddie Stratton; Vice President, Woody Haynes; Secretary, Barbara Jenkins; Tr easurer, Tommy Jenkins; Reporter, Kay Mershon; Song Leader, Sue Belvin; Sponsors, Mr. Birdsall, Mr. Burton. 1. ' - ' ‘ a ° C s Q %- JUNIOR 4-H OFFICERS President - - ---- — - Peggy Fletcher Vice President — - --— - - Tommy Jenkins Secretary-Charlotte Robbins Treasurer-Nancy Burke Reporter —-— — —-Lucy Marshall Song Leader-Jane Thrift 8TH GRADE 4-H OFFICERS President-Nancy Shackelford Vice President..Carolyn Weekly Secretary - -- -- -- -- -- -- - Robbie Coates Treasurer-Ronald Kauffman Reporter. Elaine Hogge Song Leader — - - --— Carolyn Lems Sponsor---Mrs. Belcher Spanish Club President — - Vice President Secretary - - • Treasurer — ■ Reporter- Sponsor - - - ■ • - ARNOLD BOYD - - PERCY HICKS - - GRACE BELVIN MARGI CUSHMAN DAVID HOFFMAN - -MRS. LONGEST Beta Club Lynn Gantt Wayne Leigh Martha Brown Gloria Walton Jean Gantt Martha Thompson David Birdsall Percy Hicks Ann Carmine Judy Jordan Delores Kemp MRS. FRANKLIN, Sponsor Press Club Amelita Jenkins Irma Lee Belvin MRS. KENNERLY, Sponsor Mary Coates Faye Robins Jean Hogge Patsy Rilee David Hoffman Claudia Brown John Winters Kay Mershon Nelson Fletcher Lynn Gantt Walter Klohr Delores Kemp _Li Future Farmers of America OFFICERS President- Vice President Secretary — - Treasurer — - Reporter- Sentinel — - Advisors- - - CHARLES MILLER - - RONALD SMITH - DANIEL CARMINE FREDDIE STRATTON NELSON FLETCHER -BOBBY SOUTH -MR. JEWELL MR. VIA Future Homemakers of America OFFICERS ■ President- Vice President Secretary — • Treasurer - - ■ Reporter- Historian- Sponsor-- MARTHA THOMPSON - CAROLYN B. HALL ■ - PEGGY FLETCHER ■ - - - DOLLY HOGGE - - - - FAYE ROBINS - - DOLORES EWELL MRS. EDWARD ROWE I I Editor.JUDY JORDAN Assistant Editor-CAROLYN B. HALL Business Manager - - - - MARTHA BROWN Assistant Manager-KAY MERSHON Sports Editors-LOIS MOORE DAVID HOFFMAN c a v a l e t t e a f Advertising Manager-PERCY HICKS Assistant Manager - - - - AMELITA JENKINS Feature Editor-MARGARET CUSHMAN Assistant Feature Editor — CAROLYN HOGG Art Editor. EDWARD CONNER Assistant Art Editor - BETTY MAE BOOKER A THLETICS First row: B. Weaver, L. Brothers, J. Riley, R. Dame, B. Ambrose, W. Streagle, D. Birdsall, A. Boyd, W. Leigh, B. Carver. Second row: V. Sutton, W. Haynes, B. Hogge, J. Edwards, D. Hall, W. Hogge, J. Brown, J. Thomas, S. Hogge. Third row: M. Clary, B. Ambrose, L. Fields, A. Walthall, A. James, L. Carlton, W. Brown, R. Rowe, L. Cox. Fourth row: Coach Hamilton, L. Sterling, W. Johnston, J. Hammer, L. Mershon, B. Harris, A. Sutton, J. Hogge, H. Chapman, D. Clayton, T. Shackford, B. Burruss. Not pictured - E. Conner. Gloucester 14 York 21 Gloucester 12 James Blair 14 Gloucester 0 Franklin 19 Gloucester 7 Great Bridge 26 Gloucester 27 King George 6 Gloucester 12 Norfolk Academy 0 Gloucester 0 Northampton 21 Gloucester 6 Poquoson 7 Gloucester 34 Christchurch 0 Football Team HAYES PHARMACY " Your Community Drug Store " Phone 22980 Hayes, Virginia i Carolyn Blake, Peggy Chapman, Margi Cushman, Carolyn B. Hall, Dianne G. Hogge, Amelita Jenkins, Judy Jordan, Delores Kemp, Jane Thrift, Richie Lou White. AA 7 •6 ,J AM Cheerleader JSZ U 71 ' w ' “1 First row: Brook Treakle, Sammy Hale, Morris Williams, Daniel Carmine, A. T. Wathall. Second row: Elwood Hall, Cecil Heywood, Jimmy M. Jenkins, Maryus Hogge. Third row: Coach Hamilton, David Hoffman, Frankie Belvin, Ronald Smith; Manager, Ray Dame. Boys ’ Basketball and J. V. First row: Steve Hogge, Eugene Robins, Earl Haury, Donald Sellars, Andy James, Tommy Jenkins. Second row: Jimmy Brown, Eugene Rowe, Lester Sterling, Wendell Johnston, Lemuel Gunn. Third row: Billy Tolbut, Robert Grace, Rogers Rowe, Billy Hall, Douglas Boughton, M. E. Thomas. Fourth row: Mr. Burton, Coach; Billy Ingles, Vernon Heywood, Jimmy Hall, Billy Belcher. Compliments of WALTHALL PONTIAC Percy Hicks, Martha Thompson, Patsy Rilee, Carolyn V. Hall, Phyllis Hall, Kay Mer- shon, Susan Weaver, Mary Lena Coates, Mary Ann Jones, Peggy Fletcher, Nancy Burke, Sue Lollis, Mary Kathryn Burton, Sharon Haywood, Brenda Jenkins, Peggy Wagner, Pat Rowe, Manager; and Carolyn Hogg, Scorekeeper. Girls’ Basketball Team MISS WIATT and Co-Captains MARTHA THOMPSON And PERCY HICKS TRACK Baseball and Track Bernard Ambrose Fred Stratton Buddy Carver Wayne Leigh Butch Streagle Arnold Boyd Butch Hogge Steve Hogge Woody Haynes David Hoffman Daniel Carmine Billy Ambrose Larry Fields Bucky Burruss Ad OoJ to C Aik Auamasl .j) kiu k. D BASEBALL Ernest Carmine David Hall Morris Williams Mr. Hamilton Ellis West Jerry Edwards Vaughan Sutton Ray Dame Boyd Bunting Rueben Lemons Compliments of HOTEL CALVIN and RESTAURANT ACTIVITIES Junior-Senior Prom - 57 Sea Fantasy May Court DIANNE GAIL HOGGE BETTY ANN CARVER CAROLYN WEEKLY EMILY DEAL JUDY JORDAN MARGARET CUSHMAN MARY ANN JONES BETTY MOTLEY MARY BURTON BETSY BONNIVILLE IRMA LEE BELVIN KAY CLOPTON Queen May Festival PAT ROWE Maid of Honor CLAUDIA BROWN Attendant MARY K. BURTON Attendant BETTY A. CARVER Homecoming Floats JUDY JORDAN MARTHA THOMPSON CAMILLE PHILLIPS Holly Q ueen and Attendants ,1111 psp Tfllwaww. I M fv v :: X ' -.- , -’ V ' ‘ 1 yjj . . ' £ ' i ' :i- : l ' .A 9 The End SEAFOOD CO. , INC. Perrin, Virginia Choice Seafoods Clams, Oysters, Fish, Crabs, and Crabmeat Maywood, Liston, and Liston Jr. SHACKELFORD Phone: Hayes Store 2-333 or 2-3359 EMMA JANE SHOPPE Gifts and Fashions Clothing for Men and Women Gifts for All Occasions Phone 3-3800 Congratulations to the Seniors Compliments of MR. W BE BELVIN BPOADDUS Phone 3-3 616 AND MALL. U DOSWELL General Electric Appliances OUT TONI and Furniture Feeds, Hardware, Paints and Wallpaper Admiral Appliances Phone Gloucester 3-1991 Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of COCA-COLA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Gloucester, Virginia CARS Sales TRUCKS Service U. MU KIT Telephone 3-1600 Gloucester, Virginia Factory Distributor Dial 6-1351 C W HOT2 fslSBY INC. RECAPPING 31st and Jefferson Ave. R. E. “BOB” HORNSBY Newport News, Va. OYSTER COMPANY Planters and Packers F. C. HOGG C. W. HOGG Gloucester, Virginia W. B. CLEMENTS, Owner A CAREER With A Future! If you like science and mathematics, consider engineering for your career! Engineering is the field of today and tomor¬ row. Progress is fast. New jobs are opening up every day. Plan for a job with a future—plan to be an engineer! VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY H. C. SH AC ICS LFORD AMOCO DISTRIBUTOR AMERICAN PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Day Phones 2-3444 2-2544 Gloucester Point, Va. Night Phones 2-2544 2-2574 JAMES OWENS CLARENCE OWENS OWE M3 BROS. GENERAL MERCHANDISE Hayes 2-2292 Compliments of GLOUCESTER SEAFOOD PACKING CO. Bena, Va. Fish - Oysters - Clams Phone 2-2300 and 2-2324 M. J. OWENS O. M. BLAKE It’s " WOODY " 142 0 on Your Dial 1000 Watts Gloucester, Va. DUNSTON CLEANERS CITIES SERVICE “It Pays to Look Your Best” 5-D Gasoline and Oil Rug Cleaning and Dyeing Greasing, Washing, Polishing Telephone: 3-2652 Phone 3-2892 HODGE S Compliments of Zr BRYANT l_I . PLUMBING HEATING PH IL-LIPS Distributor of Hotpoint Appliances MOBIL PRODUCTS Gloucester, Virginia Phone: Residence 3-1631 Office 2-3456 Compliments of THOMAS ESSO SERVICENTER HAYES JOHN M. THOMAS, JR. SHOPPING CENTER Gloucester C. H., Virginia R. D. WILLIAMS Phone 3-23 81 Repairing - Painting - Storage Compliments of KING- ' ROBINS MARINA W O , Sarahs Creek Gloucester Point, Va. STORE W. C. KING, JR. Phone: JEFF L. ROBINS 2-3991 Comp liments of Compliments of vJ. H. MAI2T1N TIOSWATSIS DRIVE-IN THEATRE Best in Motion Pictures Gloucester, Virginia R. D. WILLIAMS W. F. BURKE =$% COMPANY Manufacturers of Gloucester High School Standard Class Rings Virginia Representative JAMES L. DECK 3110 West Marshall Street Richmond 21, Virginia Compliments of U. M. ELMER SHACKELFORD GREEN GENERAL MERCHANDISE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Maryus, Virginia Severn, Va. Compliments of Compliments of V. A. HAYWOOD l V. 1_ Dealer in Select Seafoods SHEPHERD Perrin, Virginia Phone 2-3341 GENERAL MERCHANDISE C. L. WILLIAMS General Merchandise 3-4727 Maryus, Va. Compliments of YORK BRIDGE DRIVE-IN R. J. BROWN Gloucester Point, Va. Agent for HOME BENEFICIAL LIFE INS. CO., INC. Gloucester, Virginia Fine Foods Owner, M. W. RIGNEY Compliments of Compliments of F. A. CLEMENTS SONS J. L. OLIVER Compliments of Compliments of VILLAGE BARBER SHOP W. W. AMBROSE Compliments of Compliments of CLIEF WEIL, INC. ROBIN’S AUTO PARTS Salesman, J. A. BAILEY B. L. WALTON, SR. Dealer in Rough and Dressed Lumber Phone Gloucester Point 2-3561 Va. Compliments of DARIUS F. HOGGE Severn, Virginia Compliments of I. N. WEST LLOYD W. WILLIAMS Groceries WILLIAM’S ESSO SERVICENTER Perrin, Va. Gloucester Point, Virginia VILLAGE PERCY JEWELRY COMPANY ROBINS Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Fresh Meats Engraved Announcements and General Merchandise Invitations Achilles, Virginia Dial 3-3470 3-3475 Gloucester, Virginia Phone 2-4342 Compliments of DAFFODIL FARM Bena, Virginia MIKE ' S ompliments of TIRE AND RECAPPING SERVICE Amoco Service YORK BEACH Goodyear Tires M. J. ROWE, JR. MOTEL Phone 2-2 73 5 Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE C. W. BLANCHARD Owner Mathews, Virginia Post Office A. H. FARRIS Store Phone 3-3740 FUNERAL HOME A secure future, free from fears and doubts, can be yours only by constantly keeping pace with world happenings. Only by reading your Local Newspapers can you obtain all of the news . . . Local, National and International. Read Your Daily Newspapers lUWrWT TU T44 W The Times-Herald MBWrOHT M|W|.HAMrV«M-VABWI« Shop on the Corner o. e.. qowe som GENERAL MERCHANDISE Esso Products, Birdseye Frosted Foods and Marine Hardware Bena, Virginia Phone: 2-2373 BELL MOTORS, I MO. Buick - Chevrolet Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of BROWNS TEXACO SERVICE STATION Phone Hayes 2-2953 ABINGDON FEED COMPANY Wholesale Dealers in Hay, Grain, Flour and Poultry Supplies Phone: Hayes 2-2900 P. O. Gloucester Point, Va. G. O Congratulations to the ASH SON Seniors From General Merchandise Dupont Paints Sundial Shoes MR. AND MRS. B. R. Anvil Brand Clothes BLAKE Ready-to-W ear AND Perrin, Va. Hayes 2-3344 SONS Compliments of Compliments of MR. AND MRS. I_. U. BLAKE MEN’S SHOP --REAL ESTATE-- Waterfront Property Compliments of Farms - Residences Timber land CECIL M. BOOKER U. B. Woods Cross Roads, Virginia ROLAND Associated With: JAMES E. TIMBERLAKE SON SONS Richmond, Virginia Phone Gloucester 3-4425 Compliments of GRAY’S PHARMACY Compliments of GLOUCESTER BARGAIN HOUSE Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of SPENCER CLOPTON Compliments of W. C. DUTTON General Merchandise Woods X Roads J. C. EDWARDS VARIETY 5£ to $5.00 Gloucester, Virginia Best Wishes to the Class of ’58 GM M TV, RADIO SERVICE Dumont TV Sales Phone 3-3733 Compliments of GLOUCESTER CHICK HATCHERY GAZETTE-JOURNAL Gloucester and Mathews, Va. Fine Commercial Printing Stationery and Office Supplies OTIS HOGGE General Merchandise Eclipse Lawn Mowers DuPont Paints Achilles, Va. Telephone Z-43Z4 Open Nights by Appointments LUCILLE’S BEAUTY SHOP Gloucester Point Phone: Z-4813 Compliments of MINOR’S LUNCH Bena, Virginia Compliments of NEWTON MOTOR CO. Chrysler, Plymouth GMC Truck Dealer Compliments of H. M. SMITH COUNTRY STORE Ordinary, Virginia Phone Hayes Z-3 710 Compliments of N. H. TILLAGE Compliments of TEMPLEMAN’S BARBER SHOP TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP MRS. GLADYS WINTERS Hayes, Va. Compliments of l VEAVERfe HATCHERY WOODBERRY POULTRY FARM Va.--U. S. Approved Pullorum and Typhoid Clean Baby Chicks S. C. White Leghorns Our 3 8th Year in Hatching Chicks That Live and Grow to Lay and Pay Clay Bank, Va. Phone 3-4692 Bena, Virginia Day Phone 2-2325 Night Phone 2-2170 Compliments of THE VALUE SHOP, INC. West Point ' s Leading Store WHITMORE Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Shoes CHEVEO LETT Men’s Furnishings Dry Goods and Notions West Point, Va. West Point, Virginia MATHEWS INSURANCE AGENCY , General Electric INC. Appliances O ' CONNELL ELECTRIC CO. Authorized Dealer Mathews, Va. " It ' s a Bad Policy Not to Have a Good One " Electrical Contracting Compliments of TALLEY ' S FURNITURE STORE West Point, Virginia Phone: 345 West Point, Virginia Compliments of THE CHESAPEAKE CORP. OF VIRGINIA West Point, Va. J. M. HAYWOOD Compliments of: General Merchandise Severn, Virginia ARK SERVICE STATION Phone: Hayes 2-4430 Ark, Virginia SEVERN INSURANCE AGENCY Box 656 SHOP COLONIAL Hayes, Virginia 5£ to $5 Store Real Estate and Insurance Tax Consultant Mathews, Virginia General Merchandise Marine Hardware and Paints Gas and Oil Phone: 2-3366 Perrin, Virginia WA12DS RESTAURANT RR ANK TP Quick Lunches ASMP Home Cooked Food General Merchandise Esso Gas and Oil j Wicomico, Virginia Achilles, Virginia Best Wishes to the Graduates Your Yearbook Photographer i 3005 West Avenue Newport News, Virginia GUARANTEED FLOOR SANDING • REFINISHING Our fast, careful methods restore the original beauty to your floors. Call for Free Estimate W. A. CONNER Gloucester Point, Va. Phone: 22621 HAT212IS- Compliments of ■B12ENAMAN INCORPORATED WEST Athletic Supplies - Sporting BARBER SHOP Goods 717 East Grace St. Hayes, Virginia Richmond 19, Virginia Dial MI 8-47 96 RAYMOND WEST Compliments of Gloucester, Va. 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