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lipig " • ' psy, j w£m » « l gasn-ffif vr. . v 4 (Gloucester High School Library OftcMceAt i School iouce ten.fl Oic A U 0 ?onecwtcl Through this yearbook the annual staff has attempted to depict life at Glouces¬ ter High School as the students know it. As you leaf through these pages, you will see the classes, the clubs, the sports, and other extracurricular activities, which are an indispensable part of school life. Our purpose in publishing this annual is to provide for you a treasure chest of mem¬ ories of the activities, the gaiety, the spirit of Gloucester High School, the year 1955. THIS is THE LAST TIME THAT | ft |vi GOING TO CALL, next | AM COMING WITH A BUCKET OF ICET WATER YOU ' RE NOT GOING TO Ul PLAY HOOKEY TODAY j I NEED $ V.0O FOR PICTURES, $3.00 FOR CAROS, MONEY TO BUY ft NEW DRESS, AND... For their unwavering faith, even though we little deserved it, for their steadfast love which comforted and consoled when we were disheartened, ' for their abundant patience and unerring guidance, we, the members of the Senior Class, dedicate this 1955 Cavalier to our beloved parents. MR. DENNIS D. FORREST, B. A., M. A. College of William and Mary Superintendent of Schools MISS FRANCES M. OLIVER Secretary to the Principal MR. E. E. TRENT, B. A., M. A. Randolph-Macon College and University of Virginia Principal 4 I MRS. I. M. ANDERTON Blackstone College Mathematics MR. J. P. BEDNARIK B. S. , College W M Phy. Ed., Coach MRS. J. C. BROWN B. S. Longwood College Mathematics MR. R. S. BURTON Drexel Inst, of Tech. Commercial Assistant Coach MISS M. A. CATLETT, B. S. Longwood College Commercial MRS. B. T. CLEMENTS, B. A. Mary Washington College English MRS. J. B. COX, B. S. Longwood College Home Economics MRS. W. D. FARY B. S. Longwood College English, Geography Phy. Ed. MRS. E, W. FRANKLIN B. S. Madison College General Science Geography MRS. M. T. HARRIS, B. A Washington College Librarian faculty MR. G. W. HEATH, JR. B. S. , V. M. I. Physics, Chemistry MRS. HAYES HOGG, B. A. William and Mary Mathematics, Civics, History MR. R. M. JEWELL B. S. , V. P. I. Shop, Agriculture MRS H. T. LONGEST B. A., Westhampton Biology, Spanish MRS JAMES ROWE William and Mary English MR. H. C. SEXTON A. B., Concord College History, Government MRS. T. B. TREAKLE B. A. Randolph-Macon Woman’s College English, Latin MR. JAMES VIA B. S., M. Ed. , V. P. I. Agriculture Ed. MR. R. W. WELLS MISS A. R. WIATT, B. S. B. S., R. P. I. Longwood College Physical Education Swion(2la O£$CcxnA. Gloria Sterling . Joyce Shackelford Christine Hogge Lionel Jordan . Dorothy Mershon . Reporter . Secretary . Vice-President . President . Treasurer 8 WILLIAM DONALD AMBROSE " Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday living. -Overbeck MARY VIRGINIA AMBROSE " There is nothing noble in being superior to some other man. True nobility is in being superior to your previous self. " - Hindu Sayings ALTON GILBERT BIRDS A a, JR. " Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain character¬ istics of a vigorous mind. " Samuel Johnson BERNARD SAUNDERS BLAKE " Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. " Philip Dormer Stanhope GRAHAM CORDELL BLAKE " It is the prime duty of a man of this terrestrial world to look well. " -Sir William Osier ROBERT GERALD BOCKRATH " Who brings sunshine into the life of another has sunshine in his own. " -David Starr Jordan (ZCom, 1955 DOROTHY JANETTE BRADLEY Jfle Seatons, " Her fancy lost in pleasant dreams. " -Addison AUDREY FAYE BROADDUS " Remember this--that very little is needed to make a happy life. " -Aurelius CHARLES HERBERT BROWN, JR. " In the life of a young man the most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friendship. " -Sir William Osier MARY ANNE BROWN " A good laugh is sunshine in the house. " -Thackeray WILLIAM RODGERS BROWN " Make the most of yourself; for that is all there is of you. " -Emerson THOMAS JOSEPH BUNTING " It is the tranquil who accomplish much. " -Thoreau CLYDE ALLEN CARLTON (tyem 0$ 955 " Honest good humor is the oil and wine of a merry meeting, and there is no jovial companionship equal to that where the jokes are rather small and the laughter is abundant. " -Irving CLYDE HENELY CASEY, JR. " Ask me no questions and I ' ll tell you no fibs. " -Goldsmith LAURA BARBARA CLEMENTS " Give thanks for what is instead of dwelling on what might have been. " -Soulshy MARY NANCY CLEMENTS " Her deep blue eyes smile con¬ stantly as if they had by fitness won the secret of a happy dream--she cares not to speak. " -Browning HELEN PATRICIA CROWDER " A poor life this if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare. " -Davies ELEANOR JANE DEAL " As merry as the day is long. " -Shakespeare JOHN EARL DEAL " He is a wise man who does not grieve for the thing which he has not, but rejoices for that which he has. " -Epictetus NORMA JANE DeHART " I am sure, care is an enemy of life. " -Shakespeare ARTHUR GENE EASTWOOD " A word or nod from the good has more might than the eloquent speeches of others. " -Plutarch WALTER VINCENT EWELL " True politeness is perfect ease and freedom. It simply consists of treating others just as you love to be treated yourself. " -Lord Chesterfield PATTY LEE GADDY " Nothing is impossible if the ambition to do is great enough. " -Unkown SALLY LEE GANTT " Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. " -Arnold MILTON FRANKLIN GERMAN (Plate ty 1955 " It is not enough to do good; one must do it the right way. " -Morley ELLA LOUISE GRAY " It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends. " -Thackeray WILLIAM NELSON GRAY, JR. " Those that think must govern those that toil. " Goldsmith LORETTA GREENE " It’s wiser being good than bad, it’s safer being meek than fierce . ' 1 -Browning CLARICE IRENE HALL " Good things come in little packages. " -Longfellow AUDREY CHRISTINE HOGGE " Good taste is the flower of good sense. " -Poincelit CURTIS CLEMENTS HOGGE % Sealant " Happiness is the supreme ob¬ ject of existence. " -Lawson JOHN ELLIS HOGGE " For there’s a heart for every¬ one, if everyone could find itl " -Swain JOYCE ANNETTE HOGG " There is no more mistaken path to happiness than worldliness, revelry, high life. " -Schopenhauer CATHRYN MARIE JENKINS " She must be seen to be ap¬ preciated. " -Ainsworth IRVING EDRY JENKINS " Born for success he seemed, with grace to win, with heart to hold, With shining gifts that took all eyes. " -Emerson SAMUEL JENKINS " By the work one knows the workman. " -Fontaine JOSEPH LIONEL JORDAN, JR. 1955 like. it " I never met a man I didn ' t -Will Rogers ROSS DONOVAN KILPATRICK " Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are; and doing things as they ought to be done. " -Stone ALVIN ASHTON LEIGH, JR. " ’Tis better to think and not speak, than to speak and not think. " Unknown ROBERT EDWARD LEIGH " The most completely lost of all days is that on which one has not laughed. -Chamfort MELISSA JANE LEWIS " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " -Heywood CLYDE WILBURN LOLUS " We attract hearts by the qualities we display; we retain them by the qualities we possess. " -Suard Jfte Seatons SUE SYDNEY MARSHALL " Happiness consists in activity. It is a running stream and not a stag¬ nant pool. " -Good WILLIAM BLAND MASON " He hath a heart as sound as a bell. " -Shakespeare HERBERT BELA McCOY " I do not hunger for a well- stored mind. " -Unknown WILLIE NELL McCOY " A kind heart is a fountain of gladness making everything in its vi¬ cinity to freshen and to smile. " -Irving HAROLD EUGENE MEEK " Absence makes the heart grow fonder. " -Bayly DOROTHY ANN MERSHON " A good word is as soon said as an ill one. " -George Eliot ROYCE ELLSWORTH NEWTON 0$ 1955 " Too busied with the crowded hour to fear to live or die. " -Emerson SHELBY JEAN OWENS " Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is the best ending for one. " -Wilde ROBERT SAMUEL PLENTOVICH " Variety is the spice of life that gives it all its ' flavor. " -Cowper EARL FRANKLIN QUILLIAN tion. " Wit is the salt of conversa- -Haclitt WILLIAM THOMAS ROBBINS " A certain amount of opposi¬ tion is a great help to a man; kites rise against and not with the wind. " -Carlyle CHARLES FRANKLIN ROBINS " A friend may well be reck¬ oned the masterpiece of nature. " -Emerson 7%e Seacard ANNIE RUTH ROWE " Whose life is a bubble, and in length a span. " -Browne MYRTLE CHRISTINE SEARS " It is a little stream that flows softly, but freshens everything along its course. " -Longfellow WILLIE JAMES SEAWELL, JR. " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " -Emerson JOYCE ONEDA SHACKELFORD " She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant, too, to think on. " -Suckling NANCY VIRGINIA SPEAKMAN " She speaketh not; and yet there lies a conversation in her eyes. " -Longfellow JAMES WEYMAN SMITH " Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech. " -Martin Farquhar Lupper MALCOLM HUDSON SOUTH 0l 1 jcm 1955 " The true way to render our¬ selves happy is to love our duty and find it in our pleasure. " -Mottsville GLORIA JEANETTE STERLING " Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt, crept in; forget them as soon as you can. -Emerson JOAN GAIL STRATTON " I have no mockings or argu¬ ments; I witness and wait. " -Walt Whitman GRANVILLE CHRISTIAN TILLAGE " We have no time to sport away the hours; all must be earnest in a world like ours. " -Bonor ELIZABETH ANN THOMAS " The flower of meekness on a stem of grace. " -Montgomery GEORGE MARTIN WALKER, JR. " I do not know of any way so sure of making others happy as of being so one’s self. " -Sir Arther Nelphs Jfce Settand NANCY GRAHAM WIATT " I hate a thing done by halves; if it be right, do it boldly; if it be wrong leave it undone. " -Gilpin SUSAN GATEWOOD WIATT " The laughter of girls is, and ever was, among the delightful sounds of earth. " -De Quincey 20 SENIOR CLASS i sr Tr ziggest 1 ' f 1 ROUN0 SI?§$P Qesr i THl £t, c likely Tn 0 V6 % « . ZUIks MOST STUDIOUS 22 23 BEST LOOKING Christine Hogge Bobby Leigh Annie Rowe Sam Jenkins MOST ATHLETIC 24 BEST ALL AROUND Gloria Sterling Lionel Jordan BIGGEST TEASE Audrey Broaddus Billy Robins mm} d 25 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sally Gantt Donald Ambrose MOST POPULAR Susan Wiatt John Hogge 26 28 Mary Fern Alexander Joan Ambrose Dickie Barter Marie Belvin ✓ Sven Dan Berg Joan Blake Russell Blake Aubrey Bohannon Annette Booker Eugene Brown Lena Mae Brown Pat Burke Buddy Burnett Raymond Burris Dorothy Carlton Linwood Catlin Earlene Chapman Nina Clements Phyllis Clements Stuart Conner Jerry Croswell Mary Cushman Raymond Davis Kenneth Deal Irving Dixon Raymond Farris Archie Ford William German Bernard Gwyn Ann Hall Barbara Ann Hall Bernice Hall Nan Harris George Harwood Billy Hogge Ellis Hogge (56 Herman Hogg Marion Dennis Hogge Norma Hogge Sandra Hogge Thomas Hogge Margaret Jones Alice Lee Kemp Elizabeth Lollis Shelby Marshall Bell Jo Mershon Audrey Newton Rayfield Oliver Shirley Oliver Alice Phelps Kathleen Pointer Barbara Robins Billy Robins Clifford Robbins Dolores Robbins Lorraine Robins Edward Shackelford Clarence Smith Harold Smith Mary Louise Smith Joan Snead Margaret Thompson Elizabeth Walker Ann West Franklin West Margaret Wiatt Bruce Williams Carolyn Williams Dorothy Woodall i Jane Callis . Lawrence Hoffman. Sylvia Rowe. . Alice Sterling . . Trula Meek . Vice-Pres. . . Pres. . . Sec. . . Rep. . Treas. Sofo tamonex, Judy Barter Audrey Belvin Barbara Belvin Stanley Belvin Freddie B lake Jeanette Blake Shirley Bonniville Carter Borden Betty Bridges Alton Brown James Alton Brown Lavinia Brown Jane Callis Peggy Carr Joe Casey Jack Chapman Mary Hyde Chism Schylor Clay Charlotte Coates Ray Dame 57 Sylvia Davis Mitchell Dunston Dennis Emerson Ann Gantt Barbara Green James Groome David Hale Bobby Hall Edward Hall Nancy Hail Harvey Harris Bill Hill Lawrence Hoffman Betty Hogge Betsy Hogge Robert Hogge Herman Horsley F ichard Hunt Margaret Jarvis Audrey Jenkins Betty Mae Jenkins Charlotte Jenkins Ruth Jenkins Joan Lawson Penny Mason Trula Meek Bill Mershon Nora Miller Frances Moore John Newcomb Sofa omonex, Nettie Oliver Russell Oliver William Pierce Daisy Procter Howard Robbins Charles Ronk Melissa Rowe Sylvia Rowe Charles Sears Frank Seely Gladys Smith Herschel Smith Thomas Speakman Alice Sterling Elmo Sterling Nelda Sterling Peggy Sterling V. C. Sutton Tom Talley Mary Thompson Ann Wadde 11 Elaine West Jimmy West William West Dan Winters Not Pictured A John Gray James Lewis Willie Robbins Herman Sears James Teagle (ZlaALO iteriX, David Birdsall . Claudia Brown . Camille Phillips Bernard Ambrose Dolores Kemp . . . . Rep. . . .Pres. . Vice-Pres. . . Treas. . . . Sec. Bernard Ambrose Anne Belvin Grace Belvin Irma Belvin Nanny Belvin David Birdsall Betty Mae Booker Betsy Bonniville Mary Bonniville Lewis Brothers Claudia Brown Martha Brown B oyd Bunting Robert Bunting Ann Carmine Ernest Carmine William Chalifaux Ronald Clements Barbara Coates Edward Conner Mitchell Croswell Delores Ewell John Farinholt Carrie Fields Bobby Fletcher Ward Ford Jean Gantt Lynn Gantt Charlotte Goode Elwood Hall Hansford Hall Linwood Harris Janet Haynes Mavis Heywood Percy Hicks Carolyn Hogg Clinton Hogge Jean Hogge Judson Hogge Angilee Horsley Barbara Jenkins Frances Jenkins Arnold Johnston Meredith Jones Judy Jordan Delores Kemp Joesph King Wayne Leigh Frances Mahone Daniel Marshall 0 p te 6me t Charles Miller Camille Phillips Rosalyn Quinn Patricia Rilee James David Rilee Patricia Rowe Sandra Sellars Lois Smith Mary Elizabeth Smith Fred Stratton Arthur Streagle David Streagle Martha Thompson William Travis Constance Walker Melvin Walker Gloria Walton Billy Weaver Joyce Mae West Leona West Marion West Rebecca West Roamie West Gwyndolyn Wharton Betty Jean White Morris Williams Eugene West (Not Pictured) Mildred South (Not Pictured) Peggy Chapman . . . Sec. Carolyn Blake . . . .Pres. Faye Robins . . . Vice-Pres. Billy Andersen , . . Treas. Nancy Alexander Billy Andersen William Anderson Mary Ashe Joe Harvey Bailey Shirley Bailey Nancy Beamguard Elliot Belvin Romania Belvin Sue Belvin Carolyn Blake Richard Bradley Ada Bridges Garland Bristow Barbara Brown Goldie B rown Mildred Brown Rosia Lee Brown Robert Brown Margarette Bunting Daniel Carmine Jimmy Chapman Peggy Chapman Barbara Clements 38 (Zbuio 59 Rachel Clements Barbara Coates Mary Coates Nina Crowder Margaret Cushman William Davis Jerry Edwards Brenda Emerson Jean Ewell Billy Friend Jimmy Gray Bertha Green Eugene Green Robert Green Virginia Lee Green Lemuel Gunn Bobby Hall Carolyn Hall Carolyn Hall David Hall Phyllis Hall Jimmy Harris Woody Haynes Barbara Heywood Gloria A. Hibble Jean Marie Hill Claiborne Hogge Maryus Hogge David Hoffman James Horsley Bobby Hudgins Barbara J. Jenkins Betty M. Jenkins Cecelia Jenkins Harry Jenkins Hilda Jenkins James Jenkins Jimmy Jenkins Lois Jenkins Percy Jenkins Rachel Jenkins Billy Jenkins William Jenkins Patricia Johnston Rebecca Kellum William Kemp Aubrey King William King Frances Leigh Reuben Lemon Jane Lewis Betty Mason Margaret McCoy Kay Mershon Lois Moore Sylvia Oliver Carol Oulahan Shirley Owens Dalton Phillips Virginia Quillian Jimmy Rilee Charles Robins Faye Robins Steve Robbins Herbert Ronk Evelyn Rowe Linwood Rowe Robert Rowe Rodgers Rowe Virginia Lee Rowe Frances Seawell Alice Smith Hilda Mae Smith John Smith June Smith Norma Smith Ronald Smith Sylvia Smith Viola Smith William Smith Richard South Allen Sutton Vaughan Sutton Charles Stubblefield Lola M. Swindeck Susan Swindell Murray Talley Mona Thomas Robert Tillage Brook Treakle Stephanie Wagner Betty Ward Susan Weaver Ann West Bernard West Ellis West Leroy West Lota West Lawrence West Martha West Annette Wilburn Alice Faye Williams Ranny Williams NOT PICTURED Lionel Jenkins John Leggett Phillip Mabry Jerry Rose Bruce Smith Ella Gray, Nancy Speakman, Lionel Jordan, Nancy Wiatt, Mrs. Treakle, Sally Gantt, Mary Ambrose. Jtte rfwtual Nancy Wiatt - Editor -in-Chief Susan Wiatt - Business Manager Edry Jenkins - Co-Advertising Ed. Sue Marshall - Co-Advertising Ed. Christine Hogge - Sales Manager Clarice Hall - Secretary of Annual Miss Catlett - Sponsor Gene Meek - Assistant Editor Lionel Jordan - Boys’ Sports Editor Mary Ambrose - Girls’ Sports Editor Nancy Speakman - Art Editor Sally Gantt - Picture Editor Ella Gray - Feature Editor Mrs. Treakle - Sponsor Sue Marshall, Miss Catlett, Susan Wiatt, Clarice Hall, Edry Jenkins, Christine Hogge. 43 StucUaC @oc ftenatiw rfteaciatiwt Nancy Wiatt-State Rep. , Pat Burke-Sec. John Hogge- Pres. , Ella Gray-Treas. , Bernard Gwyn-Vice-Pres. At the beginning of this year the Student Cooperative Association was honored by being selected as hostess to the sub-district S. C. A. meeting. From this meeting the council acquired many valuable ideas about making our S. C. A. more effective. The most important project of the S. C. A. has been the writing of the school constitution and the establish¬ ment of the powers of the Student Coun¬ cil. Its principal objectives are to pro¬ mote school spirit and citizenship and to support the Athletic Association. Throughout the year the S. C. A. has promoted dances, presented excellent assembly programs, and joined the state and national Student Cooperative Asso¬ ciation as a means of meeting these ob¬ jectives. SEATED: Susan Wiatt, Nancy Hall, V. C. Sutton, Kay Mershon, Bernard Gwyn, John Hogge, Pat Burke, Ella Gray, Carolyn Hall, Mary Cushman, Sandra Hogge, Rachael Clements. STANDING: Sally Gantt, Judy Jordan, Susan Weaver, Bobby Hall, Earl Quillian, Betty White, Betty Booker, Sue Marshall, Mrs. Anderton. F ! mk , . t ■ MQR OS: , FIRST ROW: Mr. Hall, Sterling, Jenkins, Jenkins, Rowe, West, Oliver, Jenkins, Ashe, Seawell, Hudgins, Lewis, Gray, Speakman, Mershon, SECOND ROW: Mershon, Emerson, Wilburn, Robins, Swindell, Ward, Smith, Walker, Moore, Belvin, Smith, Horsley, Rilee, Thompson. THIRD ROW: Birdsall, Lewis, Smith, West, Smith, Fields, Belvin, Swindeck, Coates, Osemond, Bridges, West. FOURTH ROW: Blake, Belvin, Gray, Blake, Seawell, Hogge, Brown, Quillian, Alex¬ ander, Hogge, McCoy, Stratton, Hicks, FIFTH ROW: Hudgins, Hall, Brothers, Stubblefield, King, King, Hall, Pierce, Weaver, Streagle, Birdsall, Tillage, Rowe. SIXTH ROW; Speakmen, Robins, Rowe, Farinholt, Ronk, Ronk, Miller, Jenkins Gray, Conner, Rilee, Smith. SEVENTH ROW: Smith, Harris, Mershon, Borden, Stratton, Jenkins, Talley, Bailey, South, Bristow, Chapman. EIGHTH ROW: Blake, Dame, Blake, Gray, Sealy, Chapman, Hall, Groome, Kemp, Hogge, Bradley, Phillips, and Jenkins. The 4-H Club of Gloucester High has attained a record of out¬ standing achievement on both the state and national level. Two of the four state judges for the National Dairy Show at Waterloo, Iowa, were from Gloucester. Two members were awarded watches for first place in the district at the 4-H Farm and Electric Congress. A representative to Boston on the Second State Poultry Judging team was also sent. The “All-Stars”, which are the outstanding members of the 4-H Club, are Ella Gray, Ber¬ nard Blake, Edry Jenkins, Nancy Speakman, and Gilbert Birdsall. 45 Mershon, Lewis, Speakman, Mershon, Birdsall, Rowe, Bridges, Gray. SECOND ROW: Bailey, Weaver, Mr. Hall, Hogg, Swindeck. ?cctone ' %omevn z e ' i4 Olrfmeniaz Norma Hogge-Rep., Shelby Marshall-V. Pres. Susan Wiatt-Pres. , Kathleen Pointer-Sec. and Nancy Hall-Treas. One of the most important activities of the F. H. A. during this year was its participation in the World Christmas Festival through giving presents to be sent to teen¬ agers overseas. The Club observed F. H. A. Week the first part of November, during which the members enjoyed a Skating Party and buffet supper with movies afterward, and as a body attended Union Baptist Church. The chapter sponsored two very successful dances, a jukebox dance and a Christmas Holly Hop. Joyce Shackelford was crowned Holly Queen, and had as her attendants Susan Wiatt and Christine Hogge. FIRST ROW: A. Rowe, S. Wiatt, C. Hogg, B. Jenkins, D. Hogge, C. Jenkins, K. Pointer, S. Marshall, SECOND ROW: A. Kemp, S. Davis, B. Belvin, J. Shackelford, D. Ewell, D. Bradley, M. Lewis, C. Hogge, A. Broaddus, M. Wiatt. THIRD ROW: P. Mason, M. Alexander, A. Hall, C. Brown, C. Phillips, J. Jordan, G. Wharton, R. West, P. Rilee. FOURTH ROW: P. Clements, N. Clements, A. Belvin, C. Jenkins, S. Oliver, M. Thompson, N. Miller, E. Chapman, A. Newton. FIFTH ROW: S. Hogge, N. Harris, N. Hall, B. Hogge, C. Williams, M. Thompson, A. West, D. Carlton, E. Lollis, B. Hall. FIRST ROW: Clyde Lollis, Russell Blake, Walter Ewell, Archie Ford, George Walker, Clyde Carlton, Milton German, Aubrey Bohannon, Earl Quillian. SECOND ROW: Fred Stratton, Bobby Leigh, Bobby Bunting, Hansford Hall, Charles Miller, William Gray, Ward Ford, Carter Borden. THIRD ROW: Edward Shackelford, Charles Robins, Irving Dixon, Joe Casey, Herman Sears, Edward Hall, John Gray, Bill Mershon. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Jewell and Mr. Via. The F. F. A. has had a very- busy and prosperous year. Some of the first projects of the year were the sponsoring of an F. F. A. calen¬ dar, selling magazines and F. F. A. pencils as a chapter. The boys en¬ tered 23 exhibits at the Tidewater Fair, winning 18 ribbons. The Club was host to the Tidewater Federation of F. F. A. for their all-day meeting. In accordance with National F. F. A. Week, the members put a display in Gloucester Courthouse, presented a radio program and an assembly for- the high school students. The mem¬ bers have entered many of the com¬ petitive fields, including such teams as forestry, rifle, public speaking, and degree teams. Mr. Jewell-Sponsor, Russell Blake-Secretary Walter Ewell-Sentinel, Archie Ford-V. Pres. George Walker-Pres. , Clyde Carlton-Treas. Jlte (? ionaC (?tu6. Under the direction of Mr. Wells, the Choral Club has become a definite part of the school’s activities. Although it is still a fairly new organization and has not yet given many performances, it has done much to vary the school curric¬ ulum and to broaden the interests of the students. FIRST ROW: B. Mershon, J. Callis, M. Jarvis, B. Jenkins, C. Hogg, N. Wilburn, J. Barter, N. Wiatt, J. Ambrose, E. Gray, I. Belvin. SECOND ROW: J. Gantt, C. Walker, J. Lawson, N. Hall, L. Smith, B. Bonniville, J. Hogge, A. Hall, B. Clements, M. Cushman, N. Clements. THIRD ROW: C. Hogge, L. Gantt, B. Booker, M. Ambrose, D. Robbins, M. Rowe , C. Coates, A. Gantt, D. Mershon, A. Broaddus, J. Jordan. FOURTH ROW: P. Sterling, A. Sterling, A. Waddell, P. Carr, A. Booker, M. Brown, S. Wiatt, C. Fields, B. White, S. Sellars. FIFTH ROW: T. Speakman, B. Hall, G. Birdsall, B. Burnett, H. Brown, H. Sears, D. Ambrose, H. Shackelford, D. Birdsall. ' “ST S ' 9 ' , ° 1 jHe utd The band, in its second year, is under the direction of Mr. Raleigh Wells. This year for the first time, Band is being taught as a subject to develop a larger and better trained group. With continued support from the Band Booster Club and the stu¬ dents, we hope to have in time, a marching and concert band. I i Mr - W —Director 49 Ann Waddell, Daisy Proctor, Cathryn Jenkins, Betty White, Mrs. Harris, Clarice Hall, Jeanette Blake, Betty Hogge, Irma Belvin. SEATED: Melissa Rowe, Norma D. Hogge, Angilee Horsley, Carrie Fields, Ruth Jenkins, Sylvia Rowe, Carolyn Williams, and Martha Thompson. @lc Our library is improving daily under the direction of Mrs. Harris, our librarian, and her staff of six¬ teen assistants. We now have approx¬ imately three thousand two hundred and fifteen volumes of books and re¬ ceive regularly thirty-two magazines. During the year the library has had on display several art exhibits from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Also, we have a letter in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Walter Reed, sent to us by his daugh¬ ter, Mrs. Blossom Reed. Carolyn Williams-Treasurer, Betty Hogge- President, Norma Hogge-Secretary, Martha Thompson-Vice-President, and Cathryn Jenkins-Reporter. O touA WS hxoa wrcfjutcu jCiJt rvLor ' 0 V te 0 f 55 We, the graduating class of 1955 of Gloucester High School, being of sound, weary minds but of great ambitions, do hereby es¬ tablish this Last Will and Testament. ITEM I To the Faculty, we leave the most sincere appreciation for all the help they have given in guiding us throughout high school and for tolerating us for so many years. ITEM II To the Junior Class, we leave our " dignity " as Seniors and our front seats in assembly. ITEM III To the Sophomores, we leave the courage to live through the next two years of hard workl ITEM IV To the Freshmen, we bequeath the right to finish high school in three more years--not fourl ITEM V To the Eighth Grade, we leave the privilege to stand up for their rights as underclassmen. ITEM VI We, MARY AMBROSE and MARY BROWN, leave our smiles and not a frown. I, WEYMAN SMITH, do bequeath my wavy hair to Mr. Heath. I, EDRY JENKINS, leave crutches two, to Herman Hogge to walk him through. I, ARTHUR EASTWOOD, will my quiet way to the far from quiet Schylor Clay. We, the CLYDES of class ’55, leave the Juniors the right to survive. We, the NANCY’S, of which our class has 4, leave our grades to Frances Moore. We, CHRISTINE HOGGE and CHRISTINE SEARS, leave our laughter and none of our tears. We, BARBARA CLEMENTS and JANE DEAL, leave Mrs. Treakle an eight course meal. I, SAM JENKINS, who like to play ball, leave next year ' s team towin ' em all. I, BILLY MASON, leave my old school bus to Buddy Burnette although it makes quite a fuss. We, HERBERT BROWN and DONALD AMBROSE, leave our dizzy fingers and take our woes. We, SUE and GENE, leave our flirting skill, to Mary Hyde Chism and Bill Hill. We, HERBERT and NELL McCOY, leave our drawls to Mr. Kilroy. 52 ITEM VI (cont. ) I, GLORIA STERLING, will freckles many to Jerry Croswell who doesn ' t have any. I, WALTER EWELL, with greatest love will to Carter Borden my baseball glove. We, the JOYCES of this Senior class, leave the Freshmen the right to pass. I, WILLIE SEAWELL, who talk way down, leave my voice to James Alton Brown. We, DOROTHY MERSHON and DOROTHY BRADLEY, leave our homework-but not sadly. We, ROSS and ROYCE, who are oft’ times confused, leave the brains that we haven’t used. I, MELISSA LEWIS, loving fun, leave my good humor to everyone. We, BOBBY and ASHTON LEIGH leave our speed to Vaughn and V. C. We, JOAN STRATTON and HELEN CROWDER, leave Archie Ford the right to talk louder. We, RODGERS BROWN and GRAHAM BLAKE, leave Clarence Smith the straight A’s to make. We, ELIZABETH ANN THOMAS and SALLY GANTT, would leave our talent, but we can ' t. We, ROBERT B. and ROBERT P. leave our smiles to Miss Mary C. We, JOHN HOGGE and JOHN DEAL leave the Junior boys our sex appeal. We, CATHRYN JENKINS and LORETTA GREEN, leave our skates to Barbara Jean. We, GEORGE and LIONEL, leave our height to the best basketball player that comes in sight. I, PATTY GADDY, will Julius LaRosa to Sylvia Rowe, who loves him the mos ' a. We, MALCOLM SOUTH and WILLIAM GRAY, leave our talents to study and play. We, SHELBY JEAN and AUDREY FAYE, bequeath our ability to talk all day. We, BILLY ROBBINS and CURTIS HOGGE, leave John Farinholt still in a fog. I, CLARICE HALL, will my neat little " figger " to Betty Hogge with the hope she won ' t get bigger. We, CHARLES and MILTON, being of sound mind, leave our school days far behind. I, NORMA DeHART, will my big brown eyes to Herman Sears to use when he cries. I, PEE WEE QUILLIAN, will my football suit to Reuben Lemon. Won ' t he look cute? I, ANNIE ROWE, who find it hard to keep quiet, leave my talent to M argaret Wiatt. We, CRISSY TILLAGE and TOMMY BUNTING, leave the Junior boys our skill in hunting. (GIRLS) I, SUSAN WIATT, will my big mouth to quiet and shy Mildred South. We, GILBERT BIRDSALL and BERNARD BLAKE, leave the Gray boys our judging place to take. I, ELLA GRAY, who drew up this will, leave my good wishes instead of a bill. Witnessed: Witnessed: Signed: (tJjUu f- Flirt Hotrod Devinci Sleepy Laura Egg and I Nell Gray Eyes Tommy Mr. Music Untamed Audrey Mr. Bones Droopy Shorty J. James Spitfire Loafer Tipsy Dimples Java Jumper Sonnyboy Puppy Crazylegs J Darkeyes Shack Rachel Smiles Air Ace Touchdown Big Deal Giggles Three Pigs Whispers Doc Speedy rs M ' Lasses Mary Anne Farmer So Big Jane Eyre Jenks If a Proudway Cutie @laM. In the year 1968 I decided to tour the U. S. and then return to Gloucester, my old home town, and locate some of my classmates. Great things had happened since that night in June 1955 when we all solemnly walked down the aisle to receive our diplomas. For instance, there is Sally Gantt, a con¬ cert pianist in Rome, Italy; Nancy Speakman, a famous artist in Madrid, Spain; and Barbara Clements, a dress designer in Paris, France. The rest of my old classmates had all made names for themselves here in the U. S. Before I left New York City, where I now live, I attended a double concert given at Carnegie Hall by Donald Ambrose and Herbert Brown. Also living in New York are Melissa Lewis, stenographer, and Patty Gaddy, typist, employed by Julius LaRosa; and living on Long Island, Mary Anne Brown is now married to a handsome Admiral in the Navy. After leaving New York, I next stopped at Atlantic City, New Jersey, where the annual Miss America Pageant was being held. The Master of Ceremonies was none other than Curtis Hogge; and the Judges were Christine Sears, Jane Deal, and Christine Hogge, noted Fashion and Beauty Experts. The next day I left Atlantic City and travelled to Washington, D. C. Many of my classmates seemed to have found their way to the nation ' s capital. Clyde Casey is now connected with the F. B.I. and under him are Graham Blake, Charles Robins and Rodgers Brown. While talking to them, I learned that Malcolm South and Nancy Wiatt were in Tennessee doing research for the Atomic Energy Com¬ mission. From Washington I flew directly to Detroit, Michigan. Upon my arrival at the hotel I was greeted by an attractive and efficient receptionist who was none other than Sue Marshall. From Sue I learned that Weyman Smith and Billy Mason were the sole owners of this elaborate hotel. Sue arranged a celebration dinner with more of my old classmates who had found success here in Detroit. They were Earl Quillian, Robert Bockrath, Bobby Leigh and Ashton Leigh who were top executives in the automobile industry. After a most enjoyable stay in Detroit, I said good-by to my old friends and continued my jour¬ ney to San Francisco, California. In San Francisco I visited Loretta Greene and Cathryn Jenkins who were employed as secretaries there. While visiting with them, I learned that Clarice Hall was also here in California teaching school, and Edry Jenkins was a famous architect. Having little ti me to spend in California, I hurriedly said good-by to Cathryn and Loretta and went to Las Vegas, Nevada. There I found Nancy Wilburn singing in a fashionable resort. I spent a few days with her, and then flew to Houston, Texas where I located three more of my old friends, Bernard Blake, Robert Plentovich and George Walker. Bernard and George were doing marvelous work in agri¬ culture, and Robert was an engineer. My last stop before going to Gloucester was Miami, Florida. I arrived there just in time to see Billy T. Robins and Willie Seawell, the former in the Navy and the latter in the Marines. From them I learned that Mary Virginia Ambrose and Elizabeth Ann Thomas were in Bermuda attending a music convention. From Miami I flew directly to Gloucester. I had not been home long before Audrey Broaddus breezed in. She was Director of Nurses at Johns Hopkins Hospital where Lionel Jordan was head surgeon. Audrey told me that Dorothy Bradley was also a nurse and that Nell McCoy was happily married to John Earl Deal. I also learned that Joyce Shackelford and Helen Crowder were married and rearing a family. As Audrey sat chatting away, she told me that Nancy Clements, Shelby Owens and Joyce Hogg were private secretaries in Richmond, Virginia. The phone rang; when I answered, the pleasant voice of Joan Stratton came across the wire. It was a long-distance call from Ella Gray, now a top figure in Journalism. She told me that Susan Wiatt was President of Mary Washington College and Gloria Sterling was teaching Business Education. After telling Ella good-by, I returned to Audrey who was still talking a mile-a-minute. She said that William Gray, Clyde Carlton, and Arthur Eastwood were very successful farmers here in Gloucester. They had employed as their foremen, Clyde Lollis, Royce Newton, and Milton German. Later on I found out that Sam Jenkins was playing football for the Cleveland Browns, John Hogge for the Detroit Lions, and Herbert McCoy for the Washington Redskins. It seemed that William and Mary College had become home for Tommy Bunting, head coach; Gilbert Birdsall, agriculture instructor; and Dorothy Mershon, English professor. Later on that day, I was driving up the road when the wail of a siren caused me to pull to the side. When the Trooper came to my car, I found it was Gene Meek now with the State Police. While he was writing my ticket, he told me that Walter Ewell and Ross Kilpatrick were in the used-car business, and that Annie Ruth Rowe was coaching basketball in West Virginia. When I returned to my home, I settled back in my easy chair with a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. Seeing and hearing from my old classmates had been a wonderful experience. Norma Jane DeHart Utacf, 2uem Miss Christine Hogge Vice (Zotett Nina Ruth Clements Mary Fern Alexander Marie Belvin Alice Lee Kemp Alice Sterling Joyce Shackelford Betty White Tftaid r?Wn Miss Nancy Wiatt ’THewflenA, Off 7%e 0Mrtt Cathryn Jenkins Claudia Brown Jane Callis Nancy Hall Audrey Broaddus Bettie Booker Susan Wiatt 1 Smell good, Bobby? By the sea What ' s the joke? Where’s Santa Claus? Taking a break Riding high Steady Twosome Diet ' s offl Spring Fever Sitting Pretty Long, long ago KML r i ' fY K, fWCE$f f FIRST ROW: Coach John Bednarik, Royce Newton, Lionel Jordan, Sam Jenkins, Earl Quillian, Edry Jenkins, Walter Ewell, Herbert McCoy, John Hogge, Robert Burton, Asst. Coach. SECOND ROW: James Lewis, Manager; Arthur Streagle, Buddy Harris, Buddy Burnett, Herman Hogg, Eugene Brown, Rayfield Oliver, Stuart Conner, Archie Ford, Frank West, Ray Farris. THIRD ROW: Fred Stratton, Carter Borden, Bill Mershon, Bobby Hall, James Riley, John Newcomb, Charles Sears, Edward Conner. NOT SHOWN; Clyde Lollis, Herman Sears. Gloucester 0 Churchland 33 Gloucester 21 Matthew Whaley 12 Gloucester 36 Christ Church 0 Gloucester 6 Virginia Beach 32 Gloucester 14 Poquoson 0 Gloucester 53 Norfolk Academy 0 Gloucester 43 Y ork 0 Gloucester 7 Varina 7 Gloucester 32 F ranklin 0 62 Compliments of HAYES PHARMACY “Your Community Drug Store’ " Hey, Sami Don’t let him m uss my hair. " " Hold it. Mister! This is where we get off. " Coaches Bednarik and Burton planning strategy for Saturday’s game with Co-Captains Jenkins and Quillian. FIRST TEAM IN ACTION: R. E. Herbert McCoy, R. T. Earl Quillian, R. G. Buddy Burnett, C. Edry Jenkins, L. G. Archie Ford, L. T. Herman Hogg, L. E. Walter Ewell, QB. John Hogge, R. H. Lionel Jordan, FB. Sam Jenkins, L. H. Rayfield Oliver. " Brahma Bull on the rampage »» (tyeenlUadeM. MISS WIATT-Sponsor Delores Robbins, Mary Ambrose, Mary Cushman, Sue Marshall, Joan Lawson, Margaret Jarvis, Norma Hogge, Audrey Broaddus, Barbara Clements. George Walker, La wrence Hoffman, Richard Hunt, David Hale, Bobby Hall, Frank West, Billy Hogge, John Hogge, Gilbert Birdsall, Mitchell Dunston, Herbert McCoy, Sam Jenkins, Robert Plentovich, and Lionel Jordan. GHS 29 Norfolk Cath. 48 GHS 34 New Kent 3 0 GHS 39 Matthew Whaley 41 GHS 44 York 3 5 GHS 38 Suffolk 59 GHS 64 Deep Creek 40 GHS 5 0 Mathews 29 GHS 62 Matthew Whaley 3 7 GHS 77 Prince George 30 GHS 44 Smithfield 55 GHS 37 Va. Beach 56 GHS 41 Churchland 78 GHS 48 Franklin 3 5 GHS 55 Great Bridge 37 GHS 38 Princess Anne 60 GHS 50 Poquoson 3 5 Compliments of J.E. HUNT-Your Ford Dealer Coach Bednarik with Co- Captains Jenkins and Hogge FIRST ROW: Nancy Hall, Elizabeth Lollis, Barbara Robbins, Annie Rowe, Sylvia Rowe, Joan Stratton. SECOND ROW: Nancy Wiatt, Nancy Speakman, Margaret Wiatt, Kathleen Pointer, Gloria Sterling, Susan Wiatt. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Mershon, Manager, Ruth Jenkins, Bell Mershon, Cathryn Jenkins, and Clarice Hall, Scorekeeper. GHS 41 New Kent 23 GHS 49 York 39 GHS 47 Suffolk 31 GHS 41 Deep Creek 18 GHS 42 Mathews 26 GHS 35 Prince George 30 Miss Wiatt with Captain Nancy Wiatt and Co- Captain Susan Wiatt GHS 40 Smithfield 45 GHS 54 Va. Beach 20 GHS 31 Church- land 37 GHS 32 F ranklin 41 GHS 47 Great B ridge 31 GHS 34 Poquoson 15 Compliments of H.C. SHACKELFORD- Your Amoco Distributor did vtl ,tn ieavi S ' vm ' Beautiful Charmi " 8’ Potent, The Heavenly Seven hi s b , as ketb, ' all Of C p • «,. .1 o ' sivou .oV) de 6 ’ ,x ” 69 FIRST ROW: Billy Robbins, Walter Ewell, Tom Hogge, John Hogge, Franklin West. SECOND ROW: Harold Smith, Pete Hale, Sam Jenkins, Herman Hogge, Mitchell Dunstan. SCHEDULE March 26 Hampton April 29 Poquoson April 12 York May 3 Mathew Whaley April 15 Poquoson May 6 York April 19 Mathew Whaley May 13 Norfolk Academy April 26 Norfolk Academy May 17 Mathews 10. IsthatRoyce? 11. Melissa? 12. Old Pals 13. What’s up Doc? 14. Wanna dance? 15. Dancing in the dark 16. Young Mamas 17. Cheesecake! 18. Sun hot? 19. " Pretty Boy " 1. " Ye Old Skating Rink " 2. Shotgun Wedding 1 3. Holly Queen 4. Let’s Gol 5. What trashl 6. That’s for the birds 1 7. The Wiatt sisters 8. Smile Pretty! 9. " Three Big Men " Compliments of of J. Roland Hogg Mortician Wicomico, Va. Phone: Hayes 2-3800 Compliments of I Haul Fill Dirt, Mason Sand, Oyster Shells, Gravel TopSoil E. W. MOTLEY JOHN HUDGINS Hayes, Va. Phone Hayes 2-2766 Compliments of Compliments of GRAY’S PHARMACY HOPEWELL CLEANERS Live Dressed Poultry -Fresh Eggs- All Poultry Dressed To-Day Phone Newport News-2-2747 Hayes Store-2-3573 Compliments of CHESAPEAKE CORPORATION of Virginia West Point, Virginia Best Wishes to the Senior Class of ’55 MORGAN’S DRUG STORE The Rexall Store Gloucester, Virginia Phone 3-3400 Compliments of CLEMENTS ESSO SERVICE Compliments of STATION White Marsh, Va. TASTEE FREEZE R. H. Newton, Prop. R. L. Newton, Manager NEWTON MOTOR COMPANY G. M. C. Trucks Hayes, Va. Chrys ler - Plymouth Phone Hayes 2-3300 - JOHN’S DEPT. STORE Dry goods - Boots and Shoes Compliments of Tires and Tubes Retreading a Specialty BROWN ' S TEXACO SERVICE Telephone 3-2800 White Marsh, Va. Greasing, Washing Firestone Tires Compliments of Hayes, Va. HUDGINS MEAT MARKET C. B. ROWE SON General Merchandise Esso Products - Birdseye Frosted Foods Phone: Hayes 2-2373 Bena, Virginia If It’s Fashion It’s At. . . u hjrnnd Compliments of HOTEL CALVIN 33rd and Washington Newport News, Virginia “Two Places to Eat Here and Home” YORK WHOLESALE CO. GLOUCESTER BARGAIN HOUSE Groceries Full lines of Miles Shoes and West Point, Va. other Merchandise Phone 86 Gloucester, Virginia THOMAS ESSO SERVICENTER John M. Thomas Jr. OTIS HOGGE General Merchandise Esso Products DuPont Paints Achilles, Va. Phone 2-3144 Gloucester C. H., Virginia GRINELS FLORIST b NURSERY Phone 3-2381 Phone 3-1622 Gloucester, Va. Congratulations to the Class of 1955 Gloucester High School Best Wishes for a happy and successful future. BANK OF GLOUCESTER Established 1906 Gloucester, Virginia York Branch Gloucester Point, Virginia Definite Feeds for Definite Needs Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Custom Grinding Mixing TIDEWATER MILLS, INC. White Marsh, Va. CHARLIE THE BARBER Established 1879 Charles H. Clarke Jr. Open 8 A. M. Close 8 P. M. Main at 7th West Point, Va. Compliments Of ROLAND F. SMITH Compliments Of Compliments Of WESTERN AUTO ASSOC. STORE W. B. Clements, Owner Gloucester, Virginia W. C. TUCKER’S 5£ STORE Phone 3-1 Z91 Gloucester, Va. Compliments of COCA-COLA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO . Gloucester, Virginia JOHN DEERE Tractor Sales-Service West Point, Virginia Phone 3-3616 J. DOSWELL DUTTON BROWN FARINHOLT Feeds, Hardware Gloucester, Virginia Paints Wallpaper Admiral Appliances Gloucester, Virginia Insurance For Every Need GLOUCESTER AUTO SALES Mercury Sales Service Gloucester, Va. Phone 3-3000 HOTEL BOTETOURT VILLAGE JEWELRY CO W. W. AMBROSE Seafood Watches- -C locks Diamonds --Silverware Guaranteed Watch and Jewelry Repairs Phone 3-3470 Gloucester, Virginia Phone 2-3854 BELL MOTORS , INC. Buick-Che vr olet Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of OLD MILL SKATING RINK Compliments of Compliments of YORK SUPPLY, INC. West Point, Va. N. H. TILLAGE De Soto Plymouth Compliments of GLOUCESTER MEN’S SHOP Cleaning Pressing PAMUNKEY MOTOR SALES Fourteenth Street - Phone 310 West Point, Virginia Our Shop is open Every Day From 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Gloucester, Va. WEST POINT SANITARY BARBER SHOP R.B. Baner J. W. Haynes Compliments of YORKTOWN ICE AND STORAGE F. C. Hogg C. W. Hogg HOGG ' S OYSTER COMPANY Wholesale - Retail Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone: Hayes Store, Va c 2-3400 Compliments of J. H. MARTIN CO. Gloucester Shopping Center THE VALUE SHOP, INC. West Point’s Leading Store Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear Shoes Men’s Furnishings Dry Goods and Notions West Point, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of HAYES SHOPPING CENTER YORK BRIDGE DRIVE-IN Hayes, Virginia " Fine Foods " Phone 2-2882 Gloucester Point, Va. Repairing Painting Storage Compliments of KING-ROBINS MARINA Sarah’s Creek Gloucester Point, Va. JACK JENKINS W. C. King, Jr. Jeff L. Robins Phone 2-3651 Compliments of J. B POLAND SONS CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! Yes, you’ll always find your old friend REDDY KILOWATT at the head of the line to congratulate you, and wish you every success! VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY Compliments of Compliments of F. A. Clements Son DAISY DAVIS OLDSMOBILE SALES SERVICE Your Daily Press News Carrier Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of GLOUCESTER SEAFOOD PACKING CO. Bena, Va. FISH OYSTERS CLAMS Phone 2-2300 M. J. Owens O. M. Blake Compliments of GLOUCESTER CLEANERS DRY CLEANING J. E. HOLT Hat Blocking and Dyeing Fruit Stand Pick Up and Delivery Service “It pays to Look Your Best” Compliments of White Marsh, Virginia KEMP’S COFFEE SHOP Compliments Compliments of of a CROSS ROADS SERVICE STATION F riend Compliments of WILLIAM S. THOMAS Compliments of Gloucester, Va. GLOUCESTER G. D. ASHE SON EQUIPMENT CO.,INC. General Merchandise Ford Tractors Perrin Virginia Compliments of EVANS LAND CLEARING CORPORATION Land Clearing Grading WHITE MARSH SERVICE STATION EDWARDS MOTOR COMPANY Phone-3-3100 j Gloucester, Virginia Dodge --Plymouth Plymouth and Dodge Trucks Gloucester, Virginia YORK RIVER SEAFOOD CO., INC. Wholesale Seafood Dealers Crabmeat Perrin, Va. Crabs Phone Hayes 2-3333 or 2-3353 Compliments of THOMAS E. HOGGE CO. General Merchandise S. C. LAMBERTH BROS. Ordinary, Va. MATHEWS MARBLE Compliments of CONCRETE CO. GLO-MA BEAUTY SHOP Phone: 5-2800 Mathews, Va. James Store, Va. Compliments of GLENNS SERVICE CENTER L. C. Palmer THE CLOTHES RACK General Merchandise Dial Saluda 8-4103 S. E. WILLIAMS Compliments of Amoco Gas-Oil Phone: Hayes 2-2901 Gloucester Point, Va. SUTTON KLINE Shop in the atmosphere of Colonial times at CASEY ' S INC. The Store of Nationally Advertised Brands Duke of Gloucester Street Williamsburg, Va. Phone: Williamsburg 400 Gloucester High School Standard Class Rings Manufactured by HERFF-JONES COMPANY Indianapolis 7, Indiana Virginia Representative James L. Deck 3 00 East Main Street Richmond 19, Virginia Compliments of FRANK P. ASH R. B. SEARS Glenns, Va. Yellow-Pine Hardwood Phone: Saluda 8-4109 C. L. WILLIAMS H. S. CHAPMAN General Merchandise Woods Cross Roads, Va. Trade Here : Save Bulldozer Work Phone: 2-3377 Land Clearing-Road Building Maryus, Virginia Fish Ponds Phone 3-2724 J. M. SHACKELFORD New Perfection Products General Merchandise Severn, Va. Compliments of LOUIS GROH SON “Serving the Farms of Tidewater” Buyer of Field Seeds-Soy Beans-Grain Clay Bank, Virginia Wilbert T. Foster Compliments of Richard M. Bridges FOSTER-BRIDGES FUNERAL HOME Telephone 3-Z366 Ambulance Service Flowers Monuments Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of ABINGDON THEATER T. J. THOMAS General Contractor Phone Hayes 2-Z51Z Compliments of W. H. TREVILLIAN MASON’S ESSO STATION U S Route 17 Ark, Va. Phone 3-3173 LANDON B. SEARS Gas, Oil Accessories Phone Gloucester 3-3170 JANNEY’S INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 3-1841 Gloucester, Va. POLLARD’S FLORIST Walter Pollard Flowers for all Occasions 45,000 square ft. under glass Harpersville Rd. Dial Warwick, Va. Warwick 8-Z7Z1 On the job 24 hours a day—keeping you well- informed of local and national events. READ THE Ntwmi’ miwici EVERY DAY Compliments of HARRIS GARAGE Hayes, Virginia GLOUCESTER CLEANERS DRY CLEANING Pick Up and Delivery Service Hat Blocking and Dyeing “It Pays to Look Your Best’’ White Marsh, Va. Glou. 32817 Compliments of GLOUCESTER POINT BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of J. MORGAN SHACKELFORD EMMA JANE GIFT SHOPPE Fashions Ready to Wear Clothing For Men and Women Gifts for All Occasions Phone 3-3800 Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of VILLAGE BEAUTY SHOP Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of GAZETTE-JOURNAL 3 ? P‘ r: « •••;. - - • •• HH S’®

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