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V N 0 THE CAVALIER Edited by the Annual Staff of Gloucester High School Gloucester, Virginia Editor-Margaret Hogge Advisors-Mrs. T. B. Treakle Mrs. Joseph Pointer You are now entering a new consolidated high school for Gloucester County The Tour is We would like to introduce to you our sponsors, Mrs. Joseph Pointer and Mrs. Thornton B. Treakle, to whom we, the Senior Class of 1954, proudly dedicate The Cavalier. We wish to express our sincerest gratitude to them for their patient help and friendly guidance which have enriched our year at Gloucester High School. 3 ADMINISTRATION MR. DENNIS D. FORREST, B.A., M.A. College of William and Mary Superintendent of Schools MR. E. E. TRENT, B.A. and M.A. Randolph-Macon College and University of Virginia Principal NOT PICTURED MRS. A. H. O’NEIL Secretary of School MRS. CARLTON SHACKELFORD Secretary to the Principal 4 MRS. I. M. ANDERTON Blackstone College Mathematics MISS MARY A. CATLETT, B.S. Longwood College Mathematics MRS. WILLIAM FARY, B.S. Longwood College Physical Education and English MRS. M. T. HARRIS, B.A. Washington College Librarian F A C « l T y MR. GEORGE HEATH, JR. B.S. , V.M.I. Physics, Chemistry, and Physical Education 5 MR. JOHN A. CAMM, B.S. V.P.I. Shop and Agriculture MRS. BOBBIE CLEMENTS, B. A. Mary Washington College English MR. CARLTON M. HALL, B.S. V.P.I. Shop and Agriculture MRS. SUE HAWKINS, B. M. Ed. Madison College Music MRS. HAYES HOGG, B.A. Longwood and William and Mary College History, Civics and Geogra¬ phy MR. WILLIAM H. LESTER, B. A. University of Virginia Science, Government, English, and Physical Education MR. ROBERT MILLER, B. A. Fairmont College Physical Education, Coach, and Mathematics MRS. JANE B. LONGEST, B. A. Westhampton College Geography and Biology MRS. JOSEPH POINTER, B. A. Mary Washington College History, Government, and Spanish 4 FACULTY MRS. JAMES ROWE William and Mary College English MISS LILLIAN E. SHELTON, B.S. Longwood College Home Economics MRS. T. B. TREAKLE, B. A. R. M. W. C. English and Latin 6 MRS. CHARLES SULLIVAN, B.S. Florida State University Commercial MRS. CARLTON SHACKELFORD Longwood and William and Mary College Commercial and Physical Education SENIOR CLASS HISTORY As we, the class of ’54 face graduation, fond memories of the past mingle with eager hopes for the future. During the last four years of our high school life we were divided into separate schools. In our respective schools, Botetourt and Achilles, we enjoyed various activities; such as parties, dances, ball games, and others. At the beginning of our Junior year in September 1952, the follow¬ ing class officers were elected: Achilles; President, Robert Hoff¬ man: Vice-President, Peggy Travis; Secretary, Elsie Mae Hall, Treasurer, William Robins; Reporter, Johnny Belvin; SCA Represen tatives, Katherine Hall and Barbara Haynes. Botetourt: President, Sylvia Moore; Vice-President, Boyd Gwyn; Secretary, Barbara Sue Hall; Treasurer, Margaret Hogge; Representatives, David Bristow, and Elizabeth Sheppard. In our Junior year we were fortunate to have Mrs. T. B. Treakle and Mrs. W. J. Pointer as our class sponsors. At Botetourt we had a Junior-Senior Prom, and our Botetourt- Achilles Ring Dance was held at Achilles High School Gymnasium on May 9, 1953. Although we had only one year together in our new high school, those days will never be forgotten. Barbara Dutton and Louise Smith CLASS SONG Our schooldays are over, our classes are done, Old Gloucester will see us no more; We’ll remember our joys and our sorrow and fun In fond memory’s place in our heart. We’ve fought and we’ve won and the ending is nigh When we leave our dear teachers and friends; So this parting will give us a tear and a sigh When we look back on all that endears. Come seniors and sing of days gone by And days that are yet to come, Of parties and dances and game victories cry And forget not your classmates so dear; And if we may wander, where e’er we may go Whether fortunes we make or we loose When we think of our school days, there’s one thing we know To old Gloucester we’ll ever be true. Harriet Klohr 7 MARION LEE " Pappy " MABLE ANNE WILSON " Anne " f KA THERINE MARIE WILLIAMS " Cin " c CARL RAYE WEST " Coon " GERALD RAYE WEST " Jerry " JACQUELINE ANN WHITE " Jackie " SENIORS DONALD GWYN STERLING " Duck " 9 LUTHER CLEMENTS RILEY " Red " BARBARA ANN SEARS " Barbara " JOAN EVANGELINE SHACKELFORD " Joey " MYRTLE JEANETTE ROWE " Mert " LOIS MARIE ROWE " Rhee-Rhee " BARBARA DIANNE PRENTICE " Prent " FRANCES MARGUERITE OLIVER " Baby " CHARLES EDWARD KING, JR. " Charles " CURTIS CLEMENTS LEIGH " Curtis " CHARLOTTE KATHLEEN NUTTALL SYLVIA LOUISE MOORE " Sally " 11 " Kathleen " KATHERINE FORREST HALL " Forrest " BOYD WHITE GWYN " Mr. President” JEAN ISABELLE DUTTON " Jeanie " ANDREW LEE EWELL " Andy " HAROLD JAMES DUVAL " Moto " BARBARA ANN DUTTON " Barbara " JQHN DAVID BRIGGS " J. D. " JOHN STANLEY BELVIN, JR. " Johnnie " SENIOR ACTIVITIES CHARLES KING - Football 3; Basketball 3; Dramatics Club I; 4-H Club 3; Monogram Club 2. MARION LEE WEST - Student Council I; 4-H Club 3; Basketball I. BARBARA SEARS - F. H. A. 4; Paper Staff 2; Library Club 2; Commercial Club 2; Annual Staff I; Basketball I; Dra¬ matics I. HELEN STREAGLE - F. H. A. 3; Library Club 2; Commercial Club 2; Paper Staff 2; Basketball 2; Annual Staff 2; Dra¬ matics Club 2 ; Choral Club 4; Class Officer 1. ROBERT HOFFMAN - Basketball 3; Football I; Baseball I; K. V. G. I; Class Officer 2; S. C. A. 2; Dramatics 1. JOHNNIE BELVIN - Class Officer 2; S. C. A. 2; Paper Staff I; Dramatics Club 1. BOYD GWYN - Class Officer 2; Baseball 3; Student Council i; Paper Staff 2 ; Patrol 2; F. F. A. I; Football 3; Basket¬ ball 1. BESSIE WILLIAMS - F. H. A. 3; Commercial Club 2; Dramatics Club 1. KATHERINE WILLIAMS - Basketball I; Library Club 2; Softball 2; 4-H Club 2. BARBARA SUE HALL - F. H. A. 3; Choral Club 2; Paper Staff 3; Library Club 2; Dramatics Club 2 ; Annual Staff 2; Basketball I; Softball 2; Commercial Club 2. KATHERINE FORREST HALL - 4-H Club 3; F. H. A. 2; Choral Club 3; Paper Staff I; Student Council I; Cheerleader 2; Annual Staff I; Library Club 3; Dramatics Club i; American Red Cross I; Office Assistant i; Class Officer 2. PEGGY TRAVIS - Chorus 4; Hi I Q Club 2; Cheerleader 2; Basketball I; Class Officer 3; Band Sponsor i; T. N. T. Club I; Library Club I; Forensic I. CHARLES BELVIN - Boys Glee Club I; Baseball 4; Basketball 3. EDNA BOHANNON - F. H. A. 4; Commercial Club 2; 4-H I; Patrol 1. LOIS ROWE - Paper Staff 2; Library Club 4; 4-H I; Class Officer I; Basketball I; Patrol i;. Dramatics Club 1. JEAN DUTTON - F. H. A. 4; 4-H 3; Commercial Club I; Patrol 1. ESTELLE DUNNIGAN - 4-H 3; Library Club 3; Softball 2; Dramatics Club I; Paper Staff 1. SYLVIA MOORE - Paper Staff 3; S. C. A. 3; Class Officer I; F. H. A. 3; Cheerleader 4; Basketball 3; Softball 3; Dra¬ matics Club 2; Commercial Club 2. BOBBY SHACKELFORD - Football 2; Basketball 3; Baseball 4; Track I; F. F. A. I; Camera Club I; Annual Staff I. IRVIN HILL - F. F. A. 3; Athletic Club 2; Annual Staff I; Patrol 2. J. D. BRIGGS - Monogram Club i; Football 4; Baseball 4; Basketball 3; Annual Staff 1. BARBARA DUTTON - Softball I; Safety Patrol I; Dramatics 2; F. H. A. 3; Annual Staff I; Forensic 2. ELIZABETH SHEPPARD - Paper Staff 2; F. H. A. 4; Commercial Club 2; Choral Club 3; Student Council i; Dramatic Club I; Annual Staff I; Library Club I; Patrol I; Class Officer I; Basketball I. FRANCES OLIVER - Band 4; F. H. A. 4; Commercial Club 2; 4-H I; Choral Club 2; Library Club 2 ; Dramatics Club 2; Paper Staff I; Class Officer 2 ; S. C. A. 2; Patrol 3; Forensic 1. BETSY THOMPSON - Band I; Basketball 4; Softball 2; Choral Club 4; Library Club I; Commercial Club 1. MARVIN HARRIS - 4-H 2; Basketball 4; F. H. A. I; Baseball 2. DAVID BRISTOW - Baseball Manager i; S.C. A. 2; F. F. A. 3; Annual Staff I; Camera Club 3. ELLA HARRIETT KLOHR - Library Club 3; Paper Staff 2; S.C. A. I; Forensic3; Dramatics Club I; Glee Club I; Red Cross 1. ELSIE MAE HALL - Library Club 4; S. C. A. 2; Softball 3; Glee Club 3; Class Officer 4. LUTHER RILEY - 4-H Club 2; Baseball 3; Basketball 2 ; Dramatics I. WAYNE CLEMENTS - Athletic Club I. HELEN SMITH - American Red Cross 2; Glee Club 3; Annual Staff I; Library Club 3; Softball 3; Paper Staff I; Office Assistant I; 4-H Club I. EVA SNEAD - Dramatics Club I; Office Assistant I; Library Assistant 2; Chips Chatter Club I; Red Cross 3; Cafe¬ teria Committee 1. WILLIAM ROBINS - Baseball 4; S.C.A. 3; Dramatics Club I; Football 4; Band 4; Basketball 4. BARBARA HAYNES - Class Officer I; S.C.A. 2; 4-H Club 3; F.H.A. 2; Paper Staff I; Annual Staff I. JACKIE WHITE - Glee Club 2; Library Club 3; Annual Staff I; Commercial Club I; F.H.A. 2; Paper Staff I; Physi¬ cal Ed. Club I. JEAN BURNETT - Glee Club 3; F.H.A. I; Class Officer I; Library Club 3. IVA LOUISE SMITH - Commercial Club 2; F.H.A. 2; Paper Staff I; Library Club 2; Dramatics Club 3; Office Assist¬ ant I; Annual Staff I. ANDREW EWELL - Football 4; Baseball 3; Basketball 3; 4-H Club I; Monogram Club 3; Class Officer I; Track 2. FLORA RUST - Library Club I; F.H.A. 2; Commercial Club I; Craft Club 2; Volleyball 1. HAROLD DUVAL - Football 4; Basketball 3; Baseball 3; Monogram Club 3; Class Officer I; F.F.A. 2; Commercial Club I. HERBERT LEIGH - Athletic Club 2. JANE BAPTIST - Paper Staff 2; 4-H Club 4; Library Club 3; Annual Staff I; Forensic I; Glee Club 2; Office Assistant I; S.C.A. I; Class Officer I. BILLY HARRIS - S.C.A. 3; Basketball 4; 4-H Club 2; Football 2; Baseball 4; K. V.G. 2. JAMES OWENS - Baseball 3; Basketball 3; 4-H Club 2; Glee Club 2; Annual Staff 1. ANNE WILSON - F.H.A. I. TURNER GRAY - Glee Club 3; S.C.A. 2; Class Officer I; Basketball 2; Baseball 2; Dramatics Club 2; Camera Club 2 . CARL WEST - Baseball 2; Football I. CURTIS LEIGH - Patrolman 3; Athletic Club 3. LIONEL HOGGE - 4-H Club I; K.V.G. 2 ; Baseball 4; Basketball 2; Football 2. MYRTLE ROWE - F.H.A. 2; 4-H Club 2; Softball 3; Basketball 3. KATHLEEN NUTTALL - Glee Club 4; 4-H Club 4; Library Club 2. CATHERINE HICKS - Choral Club 4; Camera Club 2; F.H.A. 3; 4-H Club 4; Dramatics Club 2; Basketball 4; Soft- ball 2; Commercial Club I. DIANNE PRENTICE - Glee Club 3; Band 3; Paper Staff 2; Forensic 3; Cheerleader 4; Library CJub I; Class Officer I; 4-H Club 2; Dramatics Club I; Safety Patrol 2 ; Annual Staff I. MARGARET HOGGE - Glee Club I; F.H.A. I; 4-H Club 2; Patrol 4; Forensic 4; Dramatics Club I; Camera Club I; Band 4; Commercial Club 2 ; Annual Staff 2; Class Officer 2; Paper Staff I; Editor-in-Chief of Annual I. WILLIAM HARWOOD - 4-H Club 3; Football 4; Athletic Club 3; Baseball 3; Basketball I; F.F.A. 4; S.C.A. 2 ; Class Officer 2. JOAN SHACKELFORD - 4-H Club 2; Choral Club 4; F.H.A. 2; Class Officer 2; Paper Staff 4. WALTER OLIVER - Athletic Club 2; F.F.A. 2; Monogram 2 ; Baseball Mgr. I; Football Mgr. I. DONALD STERLING - S.C.A. 3; Commercial Club I; Dramatics Club 2; Baseball 2; Annual Staff I; Athletic Club I. SUZANNE JARVIS - Cheerleader 4; Monogram Club 2; S.C.A. I; Dramatics Club 2; Commercial Club I; Class Offi¬ cer I; Paper Staff 2; 4-H Club 3; Choral Club 3; Band 3; F.H.A. 3; Annual Staff I; Gershwin Club I; International Relations Club I; Canterbury Club I; Hall Council I; YWCA I; Camera Club I. RICHARD CARMINE - K.V.G. 2. LLOYD CATLIN - Athletic Club 2; Football 2. GERALD RAY THOMAS - K.V.G. 3; 4-H Club 3; F.H.A. I; Baseball 4; Basketball 2; Football 2. 17 Shelby Jean Owens Charles Robins Nancy Wilburn John Hogge Joyce Hogg Bobby Leigh Elizabeth Thomas Walter Ewell Norma DeHart George Walker Patty Gaddy Thomas Bunting Sally Gantt Royce Newton Audrey Broaddus Graham Blake Annie Ruth Rowe Robert Bockrath Nancy Clements Clyde Casey Nancy Speakman Robert Watkins Jane Deal Milton German Catherine Jenkins Malcolm South Susan Wiatt Louis McClung Mary Va. Ambrose John Earl Deal Ella Gray Roland Rilee Dorothy Bradley Gene Meek Clarice Hail Not Pictured Barbara Clements 18 Billy Robins Betty Johnson Gilbert Birdsali Melissa Lewis Wilton Hall Loretta Green Curtis Hogge Clyde Lollis Mary Ann Brown Willie Seawell Weyman Smith Dorothy Mershon Earl Quillian Nell McCoy Billy Mason Christine Sears Edry Jenkins Rodgers Brown Joyce Shackelford Ashton Leigh William Gray Ross Kilpatrick Nancy Wiatt Raymond Davis Herbert McCoy J U N Helen Crowder Donald Ambroses Nicholas Whitecotton Gloria Sterling Herbert Brown, Jr. Clyde Carlton Lionel Jordan Christine Hogge Marvin Robins Arthur Eastwood 0 R $ Not Pictured Bernard Blake 19 Mary Fern Alexander Harold Smith Julia Hudgins Edward Shackelford Shelby Jean Marshall Russell Blake Susie Northstein Jimmie West Delores Robbins Bernard Gwyn Barbara Hall Billy German Ann Hall Stuart Conner Pat Burke Franklin West Jeff West Audrey Newton Tom Hogge Joan Ambrose Raymond Burrus Earlene Chapman Marie Be Ivin Wrayfield Oliver Nan Harris Jerry Croswell Dorothy Carlton Ellis Hogge G eorge Harwood Clarence Smith Joan Blake Lorraine Robins Aubrey Bohannon Randolph Jenkins Elizabeth Lollis Marion Hogge Norma Hogge Irvin Dixon Phyllis Clements Eugene Brown Not Pictured Bill Hill Linwood Catlin Cecil Haywood Dorothy Woodall 20 SOPHOMORES Weldon Lewis Ann Jane West Raymond Farris Elizabeth Walker Sven Berg Bell Jo Mershon Billy Hogge Susie Smith Pete Hale Barbara Robins Clifford Robins Annette Booker Sam Jenkins Lena Mae Brown Billy Robins Kathleen Pointer Daniel Oliver Nina Ruth Clements Dickie Barter Margaret Thompson Buddy Burnett Bruce Williams Carolyn Williams Herman Horsley Margaret Wiatt Kenneth Deal Joan Snead Alice Lee Kemp Granville Tillage Cecilia Goode Charles Ronk Mary Smith Herman Hogg Mary Cushman Bernice Hall Archie Ford Joyce Hudgins Sandra Hogge Mary Rust SOPHOMORES 21 Sylvia Davis Herman Sears Leola Anderson Bobby Hall Ruth Jenkins Jefferson Quinn Mary Thompson Roamie West Peggy Sterling Thomas Speakman Audrey Belvin Hershel Smith Charlotte Coates Lawrence Hoffman Goldie Hill F R F 8 H Harvey Harris Bernice Belvin William West Sylvia Rowe Bobby Fletcher Shirley Bonniville Nelda Sterling James Lewis Mary Hyde Chism Wilton Walker Barbara Belvin Charles Sears John Gray Betsy Hogge James Teagle Nettie Oliver William Pierce Betty Ann Bridges Trula Meek Dennis Emerson Betty Mae Jenkins Russell Oliver Joan Lawson Freddie Blake Willie Robins Nora Ellen Miller Mitchell Dunston Mildred South Howard Robbins, Jr. Nancy Hall NOT PICTURED Jeanette Blake Ray Dame Stanley Be Ivin Audrey Jenkins Dan Winters Jane Callis Richard Hunt Charlotte Jenkins John Newcomb Judy Barter Bill Mershon Betty Hogge Daisy Proctor Frank Seeley Barbara Green David Hale Ann Waddell Schylor Clay Jack Chapman Frances Moore Clarence Owens Peggy Carr Elmo Sterling James Groome Lavinia Brown Edward Hall June Rust Joe Casey Alice Phelps Ruby Crump Carter Borden Shelby Jenkins Vernon Bridges Margaret Jarvis Chris Tomlinson Alton Brown Melissa Rowe Linwood Hogge Elaine West James Brown Gladys Smith V. C. Sutton Irving Rilee Alice Sterling Victor Belvin Ann Gantt Bobby Hogge Lewis Brothers Rebecca West Hansford Hall Frances Jenkins Eugene Brown Charlotte Goode Freddie Lee Ambrose Gloria Walton Bernard West Patsy Rilee 8th GRADE William Travis Gwendolyn Wharton Ward Ford Fay Rouse Charles Miller Rachel Jenkins Sandra Sellers Ernest Carmine Percy Hicks Robert Rowe Lois Smith Tommie Keys Arnold Johnston Barbara Coates Steve Robbins Joyce West Joseph King Rosalyn Quinn Carrie Fields Arthur Streagle Jean Hogge Rudie Brown Virginia Green David Birdsall Ronald Clements Ann Be Ivin John Farinholt Betsy Bonniville Mitchell Croswell Irma Belvin Martha Brown Clinton Hogge Anne Carmine Marion West Dolores Ewell Bobby Hudgins James Rilee Janet Haynes Boyd Bunting Connie Walker James Milby Barbara Smith Elwood Hall Sadie Brooks Edward Hudgins Mary Smith 8th GRADE Judson Hogge Martha Darnell James Riley Angilee Horsley Bobby Bunting Martha Thompson Mary Bonniville Melvin Walker Barbara Jenkins Carolyn Hogg Bill Chalifoux Camille Phillips Daniel Marshall Shirley Owens Mavis Heywood Edward Conner Jane Lewis Grace Belvin Judy Jordan David Streagle Claudia Brown Betty Mae Booker Buddy Harris Edna Blake Bernard Ambrose Jean Gantt Lynn Gantt Herbert Ronk Leona West Doris Emerson Billy Weaver Delores Kemp Betty Jean White Wayne Leigh Nannie Belvin Irinthia Brown V 4 Now, we would like to show you some of the c meet during the day. Each day is divided into an activity pe periods. The courses offered this year tion of subject matter which should give to choose a class which especially intere la c ses which class ide selec- opportunity SENIOR ENGLISH Here we see a senior English class taught by Mrs. Treakle. This year the seniors have studied English literature, which is the background to our American literature. Here we see Mrs. Bobbie Clements conducting an eighth grade class in the rights and wrongs of grammar. We think it must be a very amusing class from the smiles that we can see. ♦ ENGLISH Here we look in on Mrs. Rowe’s sophomore English class. They are studying the fundamentals of English grammar and learning how to improve their speaking and writing. GOVERNMENT Senior Government - Pointer Now we will visit a senior government class which is studying the Constitution of the United States, and the various powers which are given co the government by that document. This class is taught by Mrs. Pointer. natkxs m « ■ 4 m COUTf OfXOTCI MCMCflorr comma VK!W numism ■. comma nvtwivmai } w ■ fa—;, i Mmtf f 1 k 1 y V Y- f r . ' jmfiJ .» if World History - Hogg Here we see the World History class taught by Mrs. Hogg. They are planning to study the history of the world from the earliest man down to modern times. Do you think they can do it? WORLD HISTORY GEOGRAPHY These eighth graders are studying geography under the leader¬ ship of Mrs. Hogg. They will learn something about the life, habits, and customs of people in different parts of the world. Here we step into a class in Algebra 1. These freshmen are learning the fundamentals of algebra, as they solve equa¬ tions for the value of x. They are taught by Mrs. Anderton. ALGEBRA SOLID GLOOlfTfiy This is the leadership of geometry the ter. Solid Geometry and Trigonometry class under the Miss Mary A. Catlett. The class will study solid first semester and trigonometry the second semes- These freshmen are studing general science under Mr. Lester. They are learning some of the basic science principles and how science affects their daily lives. GEIM science BIOLOGy As we look in on another class, we see Mrs. Longest instructing some tenth graders in biology. They are ex¬ ploring the insect world by studying the different insects and their habits. This is a chemistry class taught by Mr. Heath. We hope everyone is mastering these chemical formulas. They seem to be studying very hard; we hope they have balanced the next equation correctly. CHEmisTfiy ■TT 1 1 I A T I N Here we see Mrs. Treakle ' s Latin I class hard at work translating a story from Latin into English. This is not easy, we know; but we feel sure that they will succeed, don ' t you? Here we see Mrs. Pointer ' s Spanish classes learning how to speak and read Spanish. We have a feeling that under the direction of Mrs. Pointer they will be able to speak Spanish like an expert. i h0M $ p A I I $ H OFFICE PRACTICE These office practice students are busily typing letters under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Shackelford. They will learn filing, and many other practices which will be help¬ ful to them in an office job. Here we look in on Mrs. Sullivan’s Bookeeping 1. They are learning about capital assets, net income, and such things. From the studious expressions on their faces, it must be an absorbing subject. BOOHKEfPIflG IM£9MN8X i Mrs. Charles Sullivan is conducting a class in first year typing. Their aim is to make 40 words with no errors on this speed test. $ H 0 II I H H I 0 These girls are practicing to improve their skill in shorthand. They take dictation and write letters which introduce new words. We hope that these girls, who are taught by Mrs. Shackel¬ ford, will make efficient secretaries. k c R I C « l I « R [ Here we see Mr. Hall teaching a class in agriculture. We hope that these boys will pay strict attention to the important fundamentals of agriculture which Mr. Hall is presenting to them. $ Now we shall look in on Mrs. Treakle ' s study hall. All of these boys and girls look very studious; we are sure that they will be well prepared for tomorrow ' s classes. « D y H A l l HOME ECOIOMICS The girls of Home Eco¬ nomics are learning to cook in a modern kitchen with all the newest con¬ veniences. They study food values and the plan¬ ning of nutritious meals. These girls are ready to eat a tasty meal prepared in the kitchen of the home economics de¬ partment. They have learned the proper way to set a table under the guid¬ ance of their teacher, Miss Shelton. 4 i This is a demonstration of the proper way to ad¬ just a hemline. These girls are learning the fundamentals of sewing while they make attrac¬ tive clothes for them¬ selves. Here we look in on a girls ' Physical Education Class. These girls are taking exercises before they be¬ gin playing basketball. When warmer weather arrives, they will move outdoors for a game of softball. PHYSICAL EDUCATION This is a boys ' Physical Education Class which is meeting in the gymnasium for the winter months. After they finish these exercises, they will be engaged in a game of basketball. A STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council under the able leadership of Boyd Gwyn has taken an active part in school activities. With their sponsors, Mrs. I. M. Anderton, and Mrs. James Rowe, they have worked to make the Student Council, an efficient, functioning body. FIRST ROW: Sponsor, Mrs. I. M. Anderton; William Robins, Treasurer; Christine Hogge, Secretary; Boyd Gwyn, President; John Hogge, Vice-President; Ella Gray, Reporter; Mrs. James Rowe, Sponsor; SECOND ROW: Repre¬ sentatives: Claudia Brown, Mary Cushman, Bobby Hall, J. D. Briggs, Nancy Hall, Lawrence Hoffman, Edry Jenkins, Ella Harriet Klohr, Joan Shackelford, Pat Burke, Delores Kemp, Percy Hicks, Bell Jo Mershon, and Jean Burnett. This page is Sponsored By JAMES L. DECK, RICHMOND, VA. 40 ANIMAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief.Margaret Faye Hogge Assistant Editor.Sylvia Moore Business Manager.Helen Streagle Sales Manager.Turner Gray Assistant Salesmen.Helen Smith, Luther Riley, Irvin Hill, Bobby Hoffman, Bobby Shackelford Advertising Editor.Katherine Hall Assistant Advertisers.Francis Oliver, Donald Sterling, David Bristow, James Owens, Charles King, Elizabeth Sheppard, Barbara Sears Sports Editor.William Robins Assistant Sports Editor.Boyd Gwyn, Catherine Hicks Picture Editor.Jane Baptist Assistants to Picture Ed.Barbara Sue Hall, J. D. Briggs, Jackie White Art Editor.Dianne Prentice Assistants to Art Editor.Lionel Hogge, Richard Carmine Feature Editor.Harriett Klohr Assistants to Feature Ed.Barbara Dutton, Louise Smith, Suzanne Jarvis, Peggy Travis, Joan Shackelford Betsy Thompson Secretary of Annual.Barbara Haynes Sponsors.Mrs. T. B. Treakle, Mrs. W.J. Pointer 41 iWi : This is the Gloucester High School Band which has had a very successful year. A number of Glou¬ cester civic groups organized a campaign in order to raise money to buy new instruments for the band. The band is very proud of its new instruments and the progress that it has made. jf ' j U !t! d- mi V AME RICA TfflV SpffiS . Mu j V »• HI tea ? I t I j V _ 1 L| ‘fByy- Qj The purpose of the F.H.A. toward which these future homemakers strive is to prepare them¬ selves to take their places in their homes and in the community. In the words of their creed they face the future with warm courage and high hope. These boys are members of the Future Farmers of America, a national organization of boys who will become the farmers of tomorrow. In their club the boys are learning important facts about farming which will help them to become successful and prosperous. The Library Club with its sponsor, Mrs. M. T. Harris, has worked hard this year to make our new library attractive with the addition of pictures and decorative bulletin boards. LIBRARY CLUB These 4-H Club members, who are enrolled in projects ranging from raising corn to home beauti¬ fication, will strive this year to fulfill the words of the 4-H pledge concerning head, hands, heart, and health. I FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW-Billy Robins, Manager; Charles King; William Harwood; William Robins; Edry Jenkins; Earl Quillian; J. D. Briggs, Captain; Weldon Lewis. SECOND ROW-R. L. Miller, Coach; Nick Whitecotton; Herman Sears; Buddy Burnett; Frank West; Royce Newton; Charles Sears; Raymond Davis; Lionel Jordan, Pete Hale, Manager. THIRD ROW-Walter Ewell; John Newcomb; Andrew Ewell; Boyd Gwyn; Wrayfield Oliver; Sam Jenkins; Billy Har¬ ris; Herbert McCoy; Harold DuVal; Archie Ford; Bill Mershon. ' V • » Pi-• » S:.! . » • Gloucester 26 Christ Church Gloucester 30 Pleasant Hill Gloucester 12 Matthew Whaley Gloucester 19 Norfolk Academy Gloucester 19 Mathews Gloucester 6 Varina Gloucester 32 King William Gloucester 13 New Kent Gloucester 3i Poquoson 12 0 • v- • • eft • • 12 • •• • • Kt . • ' . £ 12 . v 1 • • . cd 6 , ' . - •Vr»v5 : . .. • ;... . ■ v •. .. ,.. . • •.. ' r ' y .-w • ' i _I i_ . 47 BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Mr. Robert Miller, Coach; Harold Smith, Charles King, Luther Riley, Billy Harris, William Robins, William Harwood, Pete Hale, George Walker, Royce Newton, Manager. SECOND ROW: Buddy Burnett, Manager; Harold DuVal, Herbert McCoy, Marvin Harris, Sam Jenkins, John Hogge, Charles Bel- vin, Lionel Jordan, Billy Robins, Manager. THIRD ROW: Raymond Davis, Randolph Jenkins, Gilbert Bird- sail, John Newcomb, Russell Oliver, Mitchell Dunston. FOURTH ROW: William Pierce, Clark Elroy, Cur¬ tis Hogge, Graham Blake. Gloucester 43 Alumni 32 Gloucester 32 Mathew Whaley 53 Gloucester 38 St. Vincent 51 Gloucester 43 New Kent 33 Gloucester 39 Middlesex 31 Gloucester 60 Pleasant Hill 53 Gloucester 66 Marriott 34 Gloucester 45 King William 61 Gloucester 46 Mathews 36 Gloucester 62 Mathews 34 Gloucester 66 Charles City 34 Gloucester 35 West Point 40 Gloucester 52 Toano 49 Gloucester 23 West Point 50 Gloucester 42 Middlesex 36 This Page is Sponsored By J. E. HUNT-YOUR FORD DEALER Gloucester, Virginia 48 filRlS’ BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Susie Northstein, Catherine Jenkins, Elizabeth Ann Thomas, Elizabeth Lollis, Kathleen Pointer, Nancy Wiatt, Margaret Wiatt, Bell Jo Mershon, Audrey Belvin, Patty Hicks. SECOND ROW: Annette Booker, Manager; Annie Ruth Rowe, Myrthe Rowe, Audrey Broaddus, Susan Wiatt, Sylvia Moore, Barbara Robins, Betsy Thompson, Manager. THIRD ROW: Elsie Mae Hall, Charlotte Jenkins, Mary Thompson, Mary Ellen Smith, Mary Fern Alexander, Ruth Jenkins, Nancy Hall. FOURTH ROW: Betty Mae Jenkins, Sylvia Davis, Dorothy Mershon, Shelby Jean Owens, Joyce Hogg, Nancy Speakman. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. William Fary, Coach. Gloucester 28 St. Vincent 35 Gloucester 29 New Kent 27 Gloucester 36 Middlesex 19 Gloucester 30 Pleasant Hill 38 Gloucester 61 Marriott 5i Gloucester 59 King William 39 Gloucester 34 Mathews 27 Gloucester 4i Mathews 36 Gloucester 34 Toano 21 Gloucester 46 Marriott 35 This Page Is Sponsored By GRAY’S PHARMACY Gloucester, Virginia 49 SOFTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Sylvia Moore, Susan Wiatt; SECOND ROW: Catherine Jenkins, Peggy Travis, Kathleen Pointer, Margaret Wiatt, Nancy Wiatt, Barbara Hall; THIRD ROW: Joyce Hudgins, Barbara Robins, Elizabeth Walker, Elsie Mae Hall, Ruth Jenkins; FOURTH ROW: Nannie Mae Be Ivin, Mary Smith, Myrtle Rowe, Nell McCoy, Joyce Mae West; FIFTH ROW: Mary Thompson, Audrey Belvin, Connie Walker; STANDING: Mrs. William Fary - Mr. George Heath, Coaches Here we see the girls on our softball team. It is just the beginning of spring training, and we feel sure that the girls are looking forward to a successful year. This Page Is Sponsored By The “EMMA JANE SHOPPE ’ 1 50 BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Coach Miller, Carl Raye West, Marvin Harris, Bobby Shackelford, Gerald Raye Thomas, Charles Belvin, Walter Ewell, Billy Harris, Harold DuVal, Wm. Harwood, Wm. Robins. SECOND ROW: Herman Hogg, Tom Hogge, Andrew Ewell, Ellis Hogge, Rodgers Brown, Curtis Hogge, Randolph Jenkins, Boyd Gwyn, Luther Riley, Donald Sterling. THIRD ROW: Herbert McCoy, Willie Robins, Clyde Casey, John Deal, Marvin Robins, Herman Sears, Joe Casey, Wrayfield Oliver, Harold Smith. FOURTH ROW: Billy Robins, Willie Seawell, Billy Mason, John Hogge, James Owens and Edry Jenkins. These are the boys who are planning to play baseball this year. It is just the beginning of spring training, and the uniforms have not been issued yet. We wish these boys a successful season. This Page is Sponsored by BELL MOTORS Your Buick, Chevrolet Dealer Gloucester, Virginia 51 CLASS PROPHECY A few days ago I received an invitation to the wedding of one of my classmates in Gloucester, my hometown. Speeding on my way to Louisville, I picked up Helen Streagle who is now married. We had two hours before plane time, and we walked over to the ticket office and looked into the familiar face of Johnny Belvin. Still sur¬ prised, we stumbled onto a place to eat. Who should the owner be but Jackie White! Talking to her we found that Ella Harriet Klohr was entering a horse in the Derby. Arriving back at the airport we boarded the plane and met our classmates Ann Wilson and Helen Smith who were stewardesses. They told us there was nothing to worry about because J. D. Briggs was pilot, and was ably assisted by Lloyd Catlin, co-pilot. After the plan e was in the air, we noticed Irvin Hill sitting across the aisle. He was touring the country giving lectures on soil conser¬ vation. He told us that Robert Hoffman was forest ranger for a big national park. Arriving in Richmond, we caught a bus and sat down behind three familiar people who were Boyd Gwyn, Harold DuVal, and William Robins, now coaches. They had come from a football game where they saw Luther Riley, sports editor of the associ¬ ated press, and Charles King, president of Hampden-Sydney. As the country side became familiar, we passed a store just opened by Lionel Hogge and Richard Carmine who were success¬ ful plumbers. Two tractors were stalled in the road ahead and the two men were Gerald Ray Thomas and Andrew Ewell, now farmers. When we arrived in Gloucester we heard the wail of David Bristow’s ambulance. David is now a successful mortician. The patient was Sylvia Moore, we found out later, who was suf¬ fering from an attack of appendicitis. In the ambulance with her was Turner Gray, now a chemical engineer. Sylvia had little to worry about when her nurses were Jean Burnett and Betsy Thompson. Observing a new brick building, we learned that Bobby Shackel¬ ford and Wayne Clements were in the used car business. Also we learned that Herbert Leigh and Carl Raye West were in the trucking business competing with the B. E. Bordon Trucking Co. for which Frances Oliver was secretary. 54 CLASS PROPHECY We saw William Harwood, a captain in the Air Force, talking to Marion Lee West, Marvin Harris, and Charles Belvin who are three brilliant mechanical engineers in the Army. We saw Billy Harris and Walter Oliver coming out of their electrical shop where they are partners. They joined Donald Sterling and Curtis Leigh, captain and mate home from a trip on an oil tanker. Catching a taxi, we passed a bus station where James Leslie Owens was the owner of a chartered bus line. The next day I arrived at church early tp see if I could find the rest of my classmates. Barbara Dutton and Estelle Dun- nigan nearly filled two pews with their children and husbands. Elizabeth Sheppard, the organist was accompanying Dianne Prentice, soloist from the Common Glory Choir. Bessie Wil¬ liams and Barbara Haynes were the stenographers for the famous dress designer, Suzanne Jarvis, who had just arrived from Paris. Catherine Hicks sat down in front; she was a member of the administration at Drexel Institute. She spoke to Iva Smith and Katherine Hall, officers in the Women’s Air F orce. Across from us sat Lois Rowe, Myrtle Rowe, and Elsie Hall who had opened a business school. They were speaking to Jane Baptist, President of Longwood College, and her secre¬ tary, Flora Rust, who is married now to that sailor. Margaret Hogge entered with her husband, John. They sat down be¬ side Edna Bohannon and Barbara Sears who now run the local beauty shoppe, noted for its hair styles. The music started and the bridesmaids came down the aisle- Katherine Williams, Jean Dutton, Eva Snead, and Kathleen Nut- tall, all of whom are married now and settled here in Gloucester. Then the maid of honor, Joan Shackelford who is married and has twins, came in. Then the bride entered--Barbara Sue Hall--who was marrying that boy named Fred. As I sat there watching the ceremony I realized that the Class of 1954 had come a long way since that night when we re¬ ceived our diplomas with stars in our eyes and hope in our hearts for the uncertain future. 55 by Peggy Travis and Helen Streagle SENIOR FAREWELL LAST Will —By Suzanne TESTAMENT Jarvis We, the members of the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty four, realizing the necessity of disposing of our most cherished possessions do bequeath the following: 1. Elizabeth Sheppard, who is sweet, slender, and tall, wills her friendly smile to Mr. Hall. 2. That nice, tall girl named Barbara Dutton, leaves her height to V.C. Sutton. 3. Little Jean Dutton, who likes to flirt, leaves Betty Booker the right to continue her work. 4. Harriet Klohr with a drawl soft and sweet, leaves Judy Barter her study-h all seat. 5. James Owens, who just couldn ' t be forgotten, wills his crew cut to Nick Whitecotton. 6. Myrtle Rowe, a basketball player on the beam, wills Daisy Procter her position on the Gloucester Team. 7. Frances Oliver, the chick with curls, leaves her locks to the straight-haired girls. 8. Katherine Williams, whom you all see around, leaves her pretty gray eyes to Lena Mae Brown. 9. Estelle Dunnigan, who is jolly and carefree, leaves Helen Crowder to carry on the laughing jamboree. 10. Patty Hicks, who can’t spell " cat " , leaves Mary Hyde the right to do better than that. 11. That girl named Forrest Hall, a friendly soul, leaves Hebert Brown her typing eraser, it is still usable though old. 12. Friendly Suzanne Jarvis, who went to boarding school last year, leaves her sister, Margaret, her new car, hoping she ' ll drive in the right gear. 13. Petite Jane Baptist, wills Schylor Clay a good conduct grade, because she knows he needs it. 14. Eva Snead, who is quick at learning, leaves Mary Fern Alexander a match to keep the Gloucester night life burning. 15. Well liked Charles King, the team’s guard, leaves his pal, Buddy Burnett a new pair of eyes. 16. Sharp Louise Smith, who is never in a fog, leaves her love for yellow to Dottie Hogge. 17. Joan Shackelford, who is nice and sweet, leaves the Gantt sisters the right to love Gene Meek. 18. William Robins, who is quiet, tall, and handsome, leaves his position on the football team to John Newcomb. 19. Donald Sterling, who likes no special girl, wills them all to his friend, John Earl. 20. Likable William Harwood, that fast guy, leaves his speed for Pee Wee Quillian to try. 21. Betsy Thompson, whose giggle is anything but quiet, leaves her favorite government book to Margaret Wiatt. 22. Carl Raye West, who " takes off " through the village, leaves his driving ability to Chrissy Tillage. 23. Kathleen Nutall, who ' ll never get bigger, leaves Nancy Wilburn her " stringbean " figure. 24. Barbara Haynes leaves her desk in the senior room to Patty Gaddy to seal her doom. 25. Charles Belvin who tries with all his might, leaves Lionel Jordan his great height. 26. Peggy Travis leaves the right to love tall, dark and handsome boys to Joyce Hogg, the girl known for making noise. 27. Herbert Leigh, who always caught heck, leaves you all his bus which is quite a wreck. 28. Richard Carmine, whom everyone knows, leaves the right to make good grades to Freddie Lee Ambrose. 29. Robert Hoffman, the Government class favorite because he’s such a talker, leaves his hairpin-plucking ability to John Gray and Wilton Walker. 57 30 . Jackie White, who is anything but quiet, leaves her sense of humor to Nancy Wiatt. 31. Bobby Shackelford, the flirt with the suave style, leaves to his younger brother, the girls for a while. 32. Harold DuVal, who played right tackle this year, leaves his football suit to Herman Sears. 33. Billy Harris, who is blond and tall, wills Jerry Croswell his ability to play basketball. 34. Marvin Harris, who played football, leaves the left field to Edward Hall. 35. Luther Riley, who ' s often seen in the village, leaves his basketball ability to Crissy Tillage ' 36. Ann Wilson, the girl with the friendly look, leaves Joyce Shackelford her shorthand book. 37. Curtis Leigh, who is very small, leaves his brain to Wilton Hall. 38. Flora Rust, who likes to flirt and make noise, leaves Nancy Clements the right to trick the boys. 39. Barbara Sue Hall, who’ll soon be learning to cook, leaves Audrey Newton her second year shorthand book. 40. Margaret Hogge, the senior blond who never makes a fuss, leaves all her quietness to Audrey Fay Broaddus. 41. Jean Burnett, the nice girl who isn’t very tall, leaves the right to someone else to be liked by all. 42. Andrew Ewell, who is leaving Chemistry class with joy, wills his beloved text book to Herbert McCoy. 43. Nice Elsie Mae Hall declared that she has said, she’d leave Betsy Hogge,her fingernails, painted red. 44. J. D. Briggs leaves his girl, Susan, to all the young wolves for their approval. 45. Irvin Hill, who always gives the teachers heck, leaves Mr. Camm permission to be a nervous wreck. 46. Little Barbara Sears leaves her weight to Betty Gordon Hogge to seal her fate. 47. Lois Rowe is trying to do her part by leaving her love for government to Norma Dehart. 48. Edna Bohannon, who is extremely shy, leaves you all the right to tell her good-by. 49. Lionel Hogge, who is really a big flirt, wills Lynwood Hogge the privilege to continue the work. 50. Gerald Raye Thomas, who is really on the beam, wills Billy Robins his ability to play on the baseball team. 51. Marion Lee West, the guy we call Pappy, leaves Bill Robins the right to look happy. 52. Lloyd Catlin, who is quiet and gentle, leaves Elizabeth Ann Thomas the right to act temperamental. 53. Boyd Gwyn, who loves a girl named Jane, leaves the junior boys the right to do the same. 54. Helen Streagle, who can talk up a riot, leaves Gloucester High School for some peace and quiet. 55. Sylvia Moore wills her ability to play basketball to Katherine Jenkins, the girl who isn’t very tall. 56. Johnnie Belvin, whose giggles are known far and wide, leaves the junior boys the girl-catching tricks he has tried. 57. Dianne Prentice, who is one of the most talkative girls, leaves Elizabeth Lollis the right to grow long curls. 58. Wayne Clements, who rode the Cheerleaders to the games in his convertible Ford, leaves to the girls who rode in it, the right to recall how it roared. 59. Bessie Williams, known for her quiet ways, leaves her friends at G. H. S. many happy days. 60. David Bristow, that guy with the curls, leaves John Hogge his way with the girls. 61. Helen Smith, who is always neat, leaves Loretta Green her senior room seat. 62. Turner Gray, who is a whizz at learning, leaves Bernard Ambrose the midnight oil to keep burning. 63. Walter Oliver, known for his red hair, leaves Mr. Trent his wig to wear. 58 Name Joan Shackelford Barbara Haynes Harriet Klohr Charles King William Robins Andrew Ewell Forrest Hall •Robert Hoffman Myrtle Rowe Boyd Gwyn J. D. Briggs Suzanne Jarvis Dianne Prentice Margaret Hogge Sylvia Moore Turner Gray Helen Streagle Frances Oliver Eva Snead Helen Smith Donald Sterling Curtis Leigh Herbert Leigh Walter Oliver Jane Baptist Estelle Dunnigan Jean Dutton James Owens Johnnie Be Ivin Louise Smith Falls for Gene Meek cute boys athletic type Pat Burke anyone sports Dave red heads all boys Jane Deal Susan Wiatt V. M. I. Cadets Bert Cox John Cottee, Jr. Turner Sylvia David Ben Elwood Purnell girls Richmond girls old cars brunettes Curtis Wilburn Paul Cade Clarence Owens Marilyn Monroe Dorothy Woodall Chick Famous for talking flirting southern accent Pres, of C. A. R. his laugh blushing Cheering teacher’s pet eating his sports personality touring Europe cheering annual work Turner’s girl teacher’s pet watching T. V. flirting typing ability Whaley accent criticizing girls flirting quietness red hair good grades smart remarks laughing new Studebaker his giggles What’s up Doc Continued Elsie Hall Kathleen Nuttall Lois Rowe Peggy Travis Betsy Thompson Charles Be Ivin Richard Carmine Luther Riley Marvin Harris Carl Raye West Gerald Raye Thomas Wayne Clements Billy Harris Bobby Shackelford David Bristow Jean Burnett Bessie Williams Edna Bohannon Catherine Hicks Barbara Sue Hall Jackie White Flora Rust Elizabeth Sheppard Barbara Sears Barbar Dutton Irving Hill Kathyrn Williams Harold DuVal Ann Wilson Lionel Hogge Lloyd Catlin William Harwood Marion Lee West a good time having fun guess who Frankie Phillips Jack Richmond blondes Betty Mae Booker Joan Ambrose Barbara Hall Mary Ellen Smith wild gals Richmond gals Mary Fern Alexander wine, women, song Joyce Hogge Clarence Dutton Lionel Hogge who knows Billy Field F red Lenny Elton blue uniforms good looking boys John Holte Shirley Bonniville Joseph Smith wine, women, song Hoffman Bessie Williams Middle sex girls Nancy Wiatt Quiet girls office work being quiet talking her charm drawing McGoo jokes teasing chewing gum his mule racing jokes gambling being quiet talking doing nothing laughter doing nothing laughing poor spelling being with Fred having fun flirting joking laughing talking F. F. A. work worrying Walter being a pest being quiet shorts good looks football skating ADS To Gloucester High School Class of 1954 We extend our good wishes toward a happy, healthy and prosperous future BANK OF GLOUCESTER Gloucester Virginia AOS Wilbert T. Foster Richard M. Bridges Compliments of Foster ■ Bridges FUNERAL HOME Telephone 3-2366 Ambulance Service Flowers Monuments Gloucester, Virginia Phone Hayes 2-3144 Phone Hayes 2-3316 OT IS HOGGE General Merchandise Esso Products-DuPont Paint Eclipse Lawn Mowers Achilles, Va. J. M. SHACKELFORD New Perfection Products General Merchandise Severn, Va. GLOUCESTER POINT MOTOR CO. Nash Sales and Service Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone Hayes 2-2655 Repairing Painting Storage KING-ROBINS MARINA Sarah’s Creek Gloucester Point, Virginia W. C. King, Jr. Jeff L. Robins Phone Hayes 2-3651 ADS YORK RIVER SEAFOOD CO. Clams, Oysters, Fish, Crabs : Crabmeat Shackelford M.C. L.K. L.K., Jr. Perrin, Va. EVANS LAND CLEARING CORPORATION Land Clearing Grading Phone-3-3100 Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of KEMP’S COFFEE SHOP Compliments of J. C. MILLER Mathews, Virginia EDWARDS MOTOR COMPANY Dodge--Plymouth Plymouth and Dodge Trucks Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of J. H. MARTIN CO. Gloucester Shopping Center SUNNY PINE GARDENS FLORIST Elizabeth Kemp Gloucester, Virginia Phone--2-2181 Compliments of DR. H. A. TABB Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of GRINELS FLORIST NURSERY Phone 3-1622 Gloucester, Va. Compliments of W. C. TUCKER’S 5£ 10£ STORE Phone 3-1291 Gloucester, Va. J. B. POLAND SONS Self Service Market Drug Sundries Soda Fountain Hallmark Cards Gifts Toys “We serve to sell again’’ Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone 2-3555 TIDEWATER GRAVELY CO. DISTRIBUTORS DEALERS White Marsh, Va. Titan Chain Saws Gravely Tractors Power Lawn Mowers Mercury Outboards Clinton Engines Palmer Marine Engines Briggs Stratton Engines Parts I.R. Blake, Sr. I.R. Blake, Jr. TIDEWATER SEAFOOD CO Gloucester County Bena, Va. Phone Hayes--Day 2-2325 Night 2-2170 C. B. ROWE SON General Merchandise Esso Products--Birdseye Frosted Foods Phone:Hayes 2-2373 MIS broibbvs bms. amoco service center American Oil Products Goodyear Tires and Accessories Pick up and Delivery Gloucester, Virginia Watson T. Brown, Prop. Dial 3-1081 MATHEWS DAIRIES INC. Ice Cream Butter Phone Mathews 5-2100 HUDGINS DRUG STORE Prescription Druggists Phone 5-3111 Mathews, Virginia • Compliments of TWIGG MOTOR CO. Mathews, Virginia Compliments of HOTEL CALVIN “Gloucester’s Best in Eats and Sleep Well’’ SUTTON AND KLINE F eeds-Seeds-Fertilizer Farm Supply Headquarters for Southern States Phone 5-2900 Mathews, Virginia Compliments of TATTERSON BROS. Mathews, Virginia HARRIS GARAGE Packard Sales : Services Phone Hayes Store 2-3700 Herman Harris, Prop. 65 ADS J. C. BROWN Distributor Texaco Products Gloucester And Mathews Counties Schley, Virginia Phone-Residence 3-2635 Bulk Plant 3-2630 TRAVIS SEAFOOD Wicomico, Virginia Phone 2-3840 Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOC. STORES W. B. Clements, Owner Gloucester, Virginia CHAPMAN INSURANCE AGENCY W. R. Chapman, Mgr. Phones 3-2011 - 3-2016 Gloucester, Virginia HUDGINS MEAT MARKET “Jimmy” Hudgins, Mgr. Phone 3-1711 Gloucester, Virginia “Best Meat in Town” TALLEY FURNITURE STORE Home Furnishings Duo-Therm Stoves Radio And Electrical Appliances West Point, Virginia Compliments Of W. B. TRAVIS BROWN FARINHOLT Gloucester, Virginia Insurance For Every Need F. C. Hogg C. W. Hogg HOGG ' S OYSTER COMPANY Whole sale-Retail Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone: Hayes Store, Va. 2-3400 MRS. E.S. HEALY General Merchandise Nuttall,V irginia VILLAGE JEWELRY CO. Watches--Clocks Diamonds--Silverware Guaranteed Watch and Jewelry Repairs Phone 3-3470 Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of A FRIEND FLETCHER’S HATCHERY Virginia Approved Pullorum Clean New Hampshire Reds and Barred Rocks Gloucester County--Pampa, Virginia GLOUCESTER SEAFOOD PACKING CO. Choice York River Oysters Clams - Fish - Crabs Phone Hayes 2-2300 M. J. Owens O. M. Blake Bena, Virginia THOMAS E. HOGGE COMPANY General Merchandise Ordinary, Virginia HENRY O. WHITE Registered Plumber Plumbing and Heating Contractors Repair Work Warwick, Virginia J. CARLYLE BROWN Studebaker Sales and Service Bena, Va. Phone Day Phone Night Hayes 2-2360 2-2365 ADS Compliments of J. Roland Hogg Mortician Wicomico, Va. Phone Hayes 2-3800 PINE GROVE INN Gloucester Point, Va. ADS On the job 24 hours a day—keeping you well- informed of local and national events. READ THE NtwraiT ntwwu, uiwicB EVERY DAY Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 54 MORGAN’S DRUG STORE The Rexall Store Gloucester, Virginia Ph. 3-3400 W. T. FARY BROTHERS CO. S. E. WILLIAMS Gas Oil Meats Groceries Gloucester Point, Va. LUMBER THE HODGE PODGE Ph. 3-2730 Ark, Va. Bulbs-Flowers-Gifts and Antiques Gloucester, Virginia P. ROBINS General Merchandise 2-3172 Achilles, Va. MURRAY’S RADIO SHOP Philco Television Radios Duo-Therm Oil Heaters G. D. ASHE SON Mathews, Va. Ph. 5-2350 General Merchandise Perrin, Va. 2-3344 ADS Compliments of LOUIS GROH SON “Serving the Farms of Tidewater” Buyer of Field Seeds-Soy Beans-Grain Clay Bank, Virginia ADS POLLARD ' S FLORIST Walter Pollard Flowers for all Occasions 45,000 square ft. under glass Harpersville Rd. Dial Warwick, Va. Warwick 8-Z721 WOODS CROSS ROADS Service Station Tires Tubes Auto Accessories C. W. Norman Compliments of HAYES SHOPPING CENTER Hayes, Va. W. L. SHEPHERD General Merchandise Phone 2-1167 GORDON D. CARR White Marsh, Va. Crosley Appliances Phone 3-2809 W. F. Drudge General Merchandise Wicomico, Virginia C. H. GERMAN General Merchandise Pure Oil Products James Store, Virginia FRANK P. ASH General Merchandise Achilles, Virginia Compliments of W. H. TREVILIAN Ark, Virginia ARK MOBILE SERVICENTER Landon B. Sears Ark, Virginia Phone 3-3180 m Compliments of NORTON FOOD COMPANY Urbanna, Va. W. L. HORSLEY SON THOMAS ESSO SERVICENTER Groceries--Dry Goods John M. Thomas, Jr. Gloucester C. H., Virginia Phone 3-2381 Phone 3-3116 Bellamy, Va. Compliments of Compliments of LESLIE R. WILLIAMS DR.TABB Compliments of C. L. WILLIAMS Compliments of GLOUCESTER MEN’S SHOP Cleaning Pressing Gloucester C. H., Va. Compliments of JANNEY’S INSURANCE AGENCY Gloucester, Va. R. H. Newton, Prop. R. L. Newton, Manager NEWTON MOTOR COMPANY G. M. C. Trucks Chrysler - Plymouth Phone Hayes 2-33 00 m Compliments of COCA-COLA Coca-Cola Bottling Co • Gloucester, Virginia GLOUCESTER BARGAIN HOUSE Full Lines of Miles Shoes and other Merchandise Gloucester, Virginia BROADDUS BROTHERS General Electric Appliances Kresky Heating Equip. Domestic and Commercial Phone 31991 Gloucester, Va . Compliments of VILLAGE BEAUTY SHOP Gloucester, Va. Compliments of A. H. FARRIS S. C. LAMBERTH BROS. Lumber Building Materials Phone 3-2790 White Marsh, Va. Compliments of J. L. OLIVER Compliments of HODGES-BRYANT OIL BURNER SERVICE Phone 3-1340 Gloucester, Virginia Compliments of YORK BRIDGE MOTEL Gloucester Point, Va. Compliments of PERRIN BOAT YARD Perrin, Virginia GLOUCESTER CLEANERS DRY CLEANING Hat Blocking and Dyeing Pick Up and Delivery Service “It pays to Look Your Best” White Marsh, Virginia Gloucester-3-281 7 Compliments of Best wishes always to THE UNION LIFE INSURANCE students and staff of CO., INC. F. L. Hall-A. Henneth Hogge GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL! J. Graham - GREENTREE’S Wallace W. Williams Jr. Representatives Broad at 7th Richmond, Va. Compliments of Compliments of J. E. CALLIS ROY NUTTALL White Marsh, Virginia Your Home Beneficial Agent Compliments of CLEMENTS ESSO SERVICE STATION White Marsh, Va. Compliments of WHITE AND HOGGE to the Senior Class of 1954 Compliments of L. F. PHILLIPS Serving Gloucester - Mathews - Middlesex Gloucester Point, Virginia Phone Hayes Store 2-3456 Residence - Dial Gl. 3-1631 AUTOGRAPHS ' .

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