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if 'f" 's jg iwjh- is Tx! fx wr., ,v"x,if:.ndyN, f :Q Mwq M Q , ut- I !fp,Ql,1'3:r K A in ,' 'Q W' . 'J f3wL"1y-LMHL X WU' , H- , 5, Q, 7 f,,w11!3 ,img JS 'W XS Z , ,W ga ylyj. Q, sb , ?f.,, if fn 1 if '? 'fl '.ll"" Q A xv ' in fp ' siqfxff ,N I 1- , W- Y y Y N-L i nxrfalijg W-faq V , I-"1 1 5 f ,'p5'v' J ,avian E Q'H,L"4Ll.- 1 :Tm Y rx I ffl: ix 'Q' X W 4312, 'f'5f3LL,l1-'i7".Qi2 M ., 'Q a I gf 1 1,315 fx 4 ' ' 7 Y'lVWlfM2s1'f.1ef5 ' ' :Wi 'f-2 'f SX sg M 4, ' 'vw .wf.'v4 n- 3? , , if ,I A, ,- , ,l ful 1211493 I QQ? .ini X 4 ff ,N 1 'Q fmf,, f g --'aff MW f I if '- MSP? Luv 'fn ,Ai ' '39 'T' DEDICATION To you, the students of Glidden High School, with the hope that it will con tain many fond memories, we dedicate the 1957 WILDCAT. Sponsored by GLIDDEN FEED k FARM SUPPLY E T I0 K Superlntendent, Science HAnd you people 1n the front row had better move back W FRANK MILLER Principal, American Problems NA word to the wise should be suffic1ent.' BOSABELLE HOWARD English UIt's my turn to talk now, folks ' li h S cg H smoking Hi 52 Eng s pee om s ry 'I can get it from the 'I have a friend show- ' Carroll library ' Sponsored by HOU R PRICE, INSURANCE 8 REAL ES A!! J GC Dol Q 1 4 .2 M xi 1 O . 0. GEOPGW FIIZEI Dusiress Plucat on H 've said this before bu JIM ROBINSON Science, History Aren't you supposed to be in the study hal1?N qv' And what happens is 'L 4lF"' JOSEPH WEED IRENE WHELAN RAY BYRNES Vocational Ag Guidance Biology, Math Physical Education HTha is one way nO.K. we'l1 take to do it.H DON BURGESS Assistant Coach nDo you know what you forgot to do?H HUGH EICKE Band NFor cryin' out in the night, peop1e.H Sponsored by GRAVE'S HARDWARE ten laps. ear- 4 SECRETARY LILLIAN THE JANITORS THE MECHANIC THE COOKS BUD DRIVERS PATROL BOYD Spon ored by CLAUSEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE -- , T 7 , Q ,,.,-,.... ,...? ... . , " 1 n V ' ' 'y 1 . V, ,'L' ...,, A w 1 .- o MARVEL NESS HI TAKE LIFE AS IT COMES.n F.H.A. l,2,3,Lg Pep Club l ,2,3g Girl's Clee l,2, 3,qg Mived Chorus 3,Lg Class Play 3,Lg Swing Show l,2,Lg Banquet wait ress. MARLENL BRANT NSILBLCE IS GOLDEN Girl's Chorus A 1 Pep Club 3 Mixed C1orus l Swing Show l 2 Class Play 3,L W, RlCn nu nnhVFR 'WHAT9 HAVEN'T YCU HEARD OF MEVN F otodl1l,2 3 A F F A 3 Q, Basker ball l,2, A aseball l 2 3 L Pep Club l,2,3, Class Officer G Club l,2,3,L, Swlng ohow 3 L Student btaffb, Mlxed Chorus 3 A Boy's Chorus 3 A F F A O fl cer 3 A G l MARY ROLLER MAN IHHOCLLT FACE BUT YLU CAR NEVER TBLL.W irl's Glee 2,3,i+3 F-H-A ,2,3,Lg Homecoming L. BRUCE RIEDESEL IT o NOT WHAT A AAN STAPDS FOR lT'Q hHaT Hn FALLS FOR ' Basketball 1 2 3 Pep Club 1,2 3, Football A lub A F F A l L F F A Offlcer A LANICL TOrr 'SECH T A'D SEIF CONTAINED U Nlceo Chorus 2 3 Glrl' P 2 , Swinv Show 1 2 X ' ' I1 Y L4 x 20 ,"- , , g ... .3 1 , ,, is 1 1 1 5 y 24 ' J . 1 5 ' .,Y , : . ' , 3 . . . f - , . ,, ,,, , 2, ,l K. -1 , '.Q 1 , , 5 G C 5 . 3 . ,2,3, 5 . . . . .gn ,. X "' " X v - YN ' 5' f.. ,- FH 21+ l'2'3'h3 . M V' . n - 0 , , , II . S 5 . ,ug I Gl-e l,2,3,Lg F.H.A. 1, 'S 13 -V 41 x3 LP? -1 1 131 . xx I L. JOAN BUNDT 'QLIETV YOU SHOULD KNOW HER BETTER W Student Counc1l 1, Small Groups l,2,3,b, GiFl'S Chorus 1,2,3,L All State Chorus L, Class Offlcer 1 3 L, M1xed Chorus 1 2,3 L, Class Plays 3 L gf ROBERT BRLMBACK nDON'T ARGUE WITH ME I'M ALWAYS RITE W Boy's Chorus 1 2 3 M1X6d orus l 2 3 L F F A 2,3 L Basketball Manager PAT HOBBS nI'M HERE WE CAN START NOW W Band 2 3 M, Mixed Chorus 2 3 A Girl's Glee Club l 2, Pep Club l 2 3 Student Staff l,2,3,L Banquet waitress, Annual Staff A Class Off1C8F l, Swing Show l,2,3 L F H A f ficer l, Small Groups l, L, Class Plays 3 A ROGER PLATT ' ST GREAT WEN ARE DEAD OR DYING, AND I'M NOT FEELING SO wELL WY SELF Basketball 1 2 3 L, Mixed C orus l,2,3 L 2,3,L Class Plays 3 L Baseball 3 L Boy's lee Club l,2,3 L Small Group 1 Annual Staff L SALNDRA GEBHARDT NlT'S BETTER TC BE rHAT YOU ARE, AAD DPDAK WHAT YCU THlhK H Band 1,2 3 A P1X9d Chuus 1 2, G1r 's Glee 1 2, 3,L, Annual Staff L Pep Bard l,2,3 L, Sma1lGroups 2 3,L Swlng Show 1 2,3,L Contest Solo 2 3 A Paper Staff 2, Pep Club l,2,3 A U A Award 3 All State Chorus WIILIAM s1ElCERaALl 'l'V GCINC TG T LL EINST IN A THING OR TWO N Football l,2,3,u, Band 1 2 L ulxed Chorus 1 2 Boy's Chorus 1 2 Basket ball Aanager 2, Class Of flC9F 3 Solo 2 3 A 1 v - Y' . a 3 1' , .. -. - , Bm A 3, U n rx 3 I . I A N n, . . A ' l V i 3 1 7 S T Q i S . f - 5 , - ' , , F.H. . 1,2,z,, . .R. ' , Q 3 ' x : L' v 1 ' V 1 9 5 1, l,2,3,Lg F.H.A. , kg A f 1 , 5 v 5 y ' Q . . 0 , '73 ' , , O O C ' , , , , ' eff: 5 l' Q 'MO 1' i f' .vv h - I 2 P.F.A. 1, I 6 S K' ' 5 A C' r v S ' Q . X . V 'si 1 FOFSE 3 - ' 4 ' N1 4' 0 1 1 5 ' r 3' . Ch Q , , S o o o 1., H. - ! , S A, . 131 3 V t j r 3 1 9 ' ' s 1 ,,, - SHARON BRINKER IF YIL, bHHTTE1L A LCH AS I DID, YOU' HAVE A HLADACHL TOO V Band 1 2 3 A Glr ' Glee l 2 3,L V1xed Chorus l, l 2,L Club I 2 3 Paper Staff L AHDUGI Staff L, SW1Fg Show 1 3 A Pep Band 3 A Banquet wa1tress, Class Plays 3 L Vocal Small Groups, Band small Groups 1,2 3,u ALLAN N AGRLE OPINION I Basketball 3,b, Mixed VAUGHAN WITH NO MAN'S HAVE NY OWN W 3,h, Baseball Chorush. Boys Glee Club A Small Groups A Class Plays 3 L ...,,..4f JOYCE JOHNSTON 'I LIVE AITHOUT ENVY.n G1rl's Glee l,2,h3 Mixed Chorus L, F.H.A. 3,h, Band l,2,3,ug Swing Show 3, Class Play Lg Vocal Small Groups 3,L. NORMAN BUSHNAN 'I'N CERTAIN OF NOTHING' Football I A Mixed Chorus 1 2 3 L, Baseball Manager 3 Basketball Manager A, Bou's Chorus 1,2 3 L G Club 3 L Small roups 3 Solo 3 L PHYLLIS FIFDLER 'I NLV R THIAA BUT WHAT I MUST SPEAK N u1X6d Chorus I 2,3,A Pep Club l,2,3, G1rl's Chorus l 2,3 A Student Staff L, Sw1ng Show l,2,3 L Class Plays 3 L L1brar1an l,2, F H A 1 2,3 A Banquet WBIUTGSS DARLENE BERNS 'I LOVE MY SCHCOL DAYS, BUT OH THOSE NITES.C Girl's Glee 2,3,L, F.H.A 2,3,Lg Librarlan L,Class Plays 3 L3 P.H.A. Offi- cer L, Sanquet waitress. H of' r'L's F17 K ' D L.. , . F., . , ,P E , s's 1 S 1 S ' , ,, SLA' .V-. , 3 2l3pl4Q F-H-PM 1 Spep A ' ' ' ' . f- , 4' . 1 1 2 , , - ' f- . ' I. ,vs . f 9 ' - 2. , . . 'mf , V' ' 7 'H . 1 1 . 7 3 . . . , , Q . . - ,. I 7 A I 0 . I 1 ' ,' .V 'A Q34 . K I 0 - X A W o . x. . . Y . Q ,, , , , ,, , , . ,X fu' F Y A .ff , . 1 i . 1 9 1 . . a , ' . . ., K, 6' ' s 9 1 f L, , . Q . A FRANK KRAUSE UNO MATTER WHAT THE SUBJECT, HE ALWAYS FINDS ROOM TO DISAGREE.' Football L' G Club L' Pep ub 1 2,3 A 1 L F F A Basketball 1 BETTY WEVER WI NENT HERE TO GET THE GENERAL IMPRESSION OF THINGS N Girl's Glee Club 1 2 Pe Club 1,2,3, Swlng Dhow 1, 2, Class Play 3 A RAY SABUS UHIS EYES SPELL MISCHIEF HIS SYILE SPELLS HI' wE ALL LIKE HIA HE'S ONE bwELL GUY G Club L, Football 1,h nd 1 2 3 L , Student Councll 1,2 Class Officer 2 L, D010 1 2 3 A Small Groups 1 3 L ARLLEN PRATT NEFFORT ALWAYS CREATES ABILITY ' Band 1 2 3 L Conte-staalo 1 2 3 A Small Groups 2 All tate Band 3 L Pep Band 1 2 3 L Swlng Show 1 2,3,L Mbmd Chorus 1rl's Glee 1 2 L, tudent Counc11 2 L Student Staff 2 3 L Band L, ass Play 3 A Annual Staff A Natlonal ionor Soclety 3 L F H A OmeCOmlDg A Banquet WHIVF ss 'I iw ELMER WIEDERIN NJUST LIKE A BROKEN MIRROR IN THE SUN, I'M FULL OF BRIGHT CRACKS.U 1 2,3 Lg Pep C F F A Off1C6P Class Play 3 A dll' B T11 nn TE noHb MAY NOT BE FORD BUT SHE SURE CAN RATTLE ON U A 1 2,3 L Pep C b Gi 1' 1 1 A, Class Play 3 A JUDY FREASE HIF THERE'S TROUBLE BREWING, SHE'S DOING THE STIRRING.' Band 1,2,3,Lg Pep Band 1, 2,3,Lg Swing Show l,2,3,u Girl's Glee Club l,2,3 A, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,g3 Pep Club l,2,3g Contest Solo l,2,3,l,, Small Groups 1,2, 3,Ag F.H.A.1,2gClass Play 3,Lg Annual Staff Lg All- State Band 35 Speech work 3,hg Twirlers L, Student Director. CHARLES GERDES 'I LIKE THE GIRLS, REALLY I DO F F A Basketball 1,2,3,L F A 1,2 3 L Pep Cl b 1,2 DEANNA HEUTON 'SHE MAY BE SMALL, BUT WE ALL LOOK UP TO HER W Class Officer 2,3, F H A 1 2,3 A F H A Offlcer 2 3,L, Student Councll 3 L, Girl's Glee Club 1,2 3,L, Mixed Chorus 2,3 L, aper Staff2,b,, Annual Staff L, Class Play 3,L, All State Chorus A, Cheerleader 3 Q, Small Groups 2 3 L, Solo 2 3,u, Pep Club 1,2, 3, Speech work 3, Swing Show l,2,3,h, Librarian 2 Banquet Waltress, Home coming Queen A DONNA JORDAN NBEWARE OF HER GIGGLE, ITS CONTAGIOUS W Girl's Glee Club 2 L Pep Club 1,2,3, Class Play 3 A, Speech work 3 A DEANNA PETERSON WFLIRTING IS MY SPECIALTY!' Band l,2,3,Lg Twirler 1,2 3,L, Girl's Glee l,2,3,Lg Mixed Chorus 3,h3 Swing Show l,2,3,A, F.H.A. 1,2, 3,Ag Pep Club l,2,3gPaper Staff Lg Class Play 3, Q Cheerleader 3,L: Annual Staff 4, Banquet Wait- ress, Homecoming A. gf GLEN DILLAVOU 'LIFE' WHAT A STRUCGLE"' Football L F F A Basket Ba l 2 3,4 F F A 2, Mixed Chorus l,2,3, Boy's Chorus 3 L Pep Club 3 1 :NS "' .. ' . , . L ,-fu ' 5 . 9 . , , . , . . 3 . I 1' I 'A' fi, A , :Plf. A - 3 is LMP, 3 Q ' g,f :fe .n O Q... OO 1,s---3,l+: F. . . , , g u - ' Q30 Y ,B e SHERRY SPRIMONT WI CHATTER AS I GO, AND I GO ON FOREVER W A 1 2,3 A Pep C 2 3 G1rl's Glee l 2, , ibrarlan L PAT GENTER WI'M NOT SHOWING OFF, I JUST WANT EVERYOBDY TO KNOW I'M HERE.' Band l,2,3,Lg MixaiChorus 1,2,3,Ag Girl's Glee Club l,2,3,Ag Small Groups 1,2 3,LgPep Band 1,2,3 LgPep Club l,2,35 Paper Staff L Annual Staff Lg Swirg show 1,2,3,Lg F.H.A. l,2,3,Lg Banquet Waitress. ROGER PHILO 'HE CAME TO HIGH SCHOOL TO GET AN EDUCATION W Band l,2,3,L, Boy's Chorus l,2,3,u, M1xed Chorus 1,2, 3,L All State Chorus 3 A Small Groups 1 2 3 L Pep Band l,2,b Swlng Show l, , Solo l 2 A Pep Club 1,2 3 Football 1,3 A, Baseball l,3, Class Of f1C r L, Basketball 1,3 Class Plays 3,L Speech WOPK 2,3 L, Paper Staff 2 h D A R Award 3, Annual Staff 3,A, National Honor Society 3,A, Student Coun C11 A Student Conductor LARRY NHITAKER WLEAN, LANKY AND LIKEABLE ' F F A 3 L Football 2 L G Club 3,A Class Officer J Pep Club 3, Class Play A Footoall Manager l DORIS HUNT 'SHE NOPKQ SHE PLAYS DOES THIS DOES THAT BUT IOST OF ALL, SHE LIKFS TO CHAT ' Girl's Gle Club l 2 3 A A 1 2 3 L Pep u 1 2,3 Class Plays 3 A Swlng blow l L1brar1an 3 Banquet Wa1tress BEVERLY REMSBURG nI'M NOT JEALOUS, I JUST ENVY YOU.n F.H.A. l,2,3,Lg Student Staff 2,3,Lg Girl's Ulee Club 2,3,Lg Annual Staff Lg Class Play 3,L, Swing Show 3,Lg Hawkeye Girl's State 3. IUNIOR CLASS ROW l Subbert, L Heuton, J Johnston, Storesund, Everts, Peterson, Gregory, Slocum, Jenkins ROW 2 Mrs Oxenford Smlth, Danner, Shriver, Thelen, F1Ck, Gross, Klass, Nolin, Trinkle, Remsburg ROW 3 Sprague, K E Johnston, Ralph Johnston, Nlelsen, Roblnson, K R Johnston, Heck, Dave Moorhouse, ROW L Mr Eicke, J Heuton, Bender, Rlese Smlth, Nalr, Bushman, Mr Weed The Junlors furn1shed a great variety of talent to G H S th1s year Our class is made up of thirty four 1DdUStF10US students, nlneteen boys and fifteen g1rls We contributed eighteen people to vocal groups and thirteen musicians to band Seven boys 3o1ned FFA and fourteen girls were members of FHA A number of boys were active 1n sports, and three girls participated in cheerleadlng We started the year off right by winn1ng first prize on our Homecoming float for the th1rd consecutlve tlme Other hlghlights of the year were the class plays, Homecoming dance, class r1ngs, and of course the Jr Sr banquet ur capable sponsors were Mrs Oxenford, Mr Weed, and Mr Eicke CLASS OFFICERS Standlng Jane Danner Treas K E Johnston President Seated J1m Heuton...V. Presldent Ann Smith...Secretary Frankie Nolin..S. Council Sponsored by Swede'S Cafe is 1AL lllilp ,ivigb i wlxv , 1. 'Vr '5-4 ' Q9 5 Yllf WAITERS Terry Peters John Hall Larry Tryon John Sylvester Ronald Burdine Roberts Boes XX 'xsoxxi ,NXNN High School Aud1torium May ll, 1957 Music by ROGER LOOTS Sponsored by FARMERS COOP CO WAITRESSES Elalne Lovell Arlette Heck Diane Frease Marilyn Stric ker Shirley McDonald Deanna Fisher 17 9 2 VI I 'I 7 V f f Q3 a W 9 JUNIOR-sEN1oa BANQUET-PRoM xx QX I Q SOPHOMORE CLASS HOW l Sporleder, White, Johnston, Beyerlrk, Ste1gerwalt Dorman Janssen, Brumbaugh Calder ROW 2 M1ss Whelen, Soyer, Sabus, Wenck Brant Danner Bl1nn, Heuton, Archer, Bundt, Mr Bvrres ROW 3 alder, Loudenuack W1ederin, Moore, Johnson Kidney, Rledesel, Weller, Remsburg ROW A Gute, Hofstad, Kurth, Wllliams, Trent, Peters, Sherwin, Homan The thirty f1Ve members of the Sophomore class were well represented 1n vocal groups wlth th1rty one part1c1pat1ng Many of these students also part1c1pated 1n All State Chorus small groups, and solo work The football squad had w1th1n 1CS realm seven boys, and the basketball team har six Other actlvlties we tcok part in were FHA with n1neteen girls, FFA with s1x boys and s1x band members Our HOmeCOm1ng float won third orive. CLASV OFFICERS L- to R- JOYCG Riedesel...S. Councll Nancy Hemsburg...Sec. Treas. Leslie Heuton .... V. President Duane Bundt ...... President Sponsored by Swede's Market Q fb' J ' A 'L z ,3kQi - ' , , if ' ' , M .s V', , ,j,,w i' : . , a r , ' , Q . 6 H . h . . ' , . F. I Q I A . - . . P . - ' Q . ' FR ESI-IMAN CLASS RON l Bushman, Smlth, Storesund, bylvester, Roller, Fleshner, Clausen, TUHIC Burdlne, Hartwlgsen ROW 2 McDonald, Gregory, Frease Flsher, Hall, Ra1HS, Dobson, btuhr, Bundt, Str1cker Mrs Honard ROW 3 Mr ROb1HSOH, Fagan, Hlke, we1ble, Charla Verm1ll1or, Lovell, Tr1nkle, Heck, w1lley, Hobbs, wllley ROW L Boes, Owens, Turner, Tryon Peters, Fagan, Peters qUPlCk6P, Ennls, Kerwood TnOo TAL NVbD PHLSHMLN Although the forty one students who represented the Fresh man class were consldered 'Greenhorns , they contrlbuted much t G H S In the l1n of music, we weren't Greenhorns by far The thlrte n marchlnv band members, onetwirler, flfteen co cert ba d partlclpants, twenty s1x vocal people, and one All Stater show our mUS1Cd1 ab1l1t1es They were elvhteen PlP1S 1h FHA and ten boys 1n FFA In the sports fleld we had two courageous boys who were Wllllng to take the beat 1ng to plav football Ne had seventeen nCarl Ca1n'sn, four of whom played varslty basketball There was one G Club member CLASS OFFICLRS L to Marilyn Bundt V President D1ane Frease bec Treas Glorla Hobbs S Councll Terry Peters Presldent b onsored by Glldden Farm bquloment . f , nf , - 5 L F . 1 . 'Q ' , 'ax ' ,1 A 0 "r , 'I 5 5 v H. q ,nfl ' 0 -X K 7 - V .' -'Q -A , W . I " 4.0-' . , .' y I ." , Y . x , I . - w . 2 , 9 . . . . C ' I I . . - 1- - A ' . . - . , 7 5 O 11 -'WE 'lv v-'Q 1 'S 'E"N - , - ' U H ' O . . . 9 . . A . . ., G . X1 Q - . I ... . . 1 A I 3 3 ' .l 1 ' 1 . . A - - 1 - 3 'J ' ' . -.- O , f . - . . R. .. . . . ann 0' o . . one Q OID W . f if . 1 - . . L 1 ff' we .J eff an iff ANNUAL STAFF 1 1 .4 ANNUAL STAFF CO DITORS Roger Philo and Pat Hobbs NUSIC Judy Frease and Arleen Pratt SPORTS Ray Sabus GRADES Pat Genter and Bev Remsburg BUSINESS NANAFER Hog Platt Sharon Brinker PICTURE PLACEVENT Deanna Peterson Saundra Gebhardt Deanna Heuton Pat, obsevving the work JUNIOR EDITOR Jane Danner Business Nanager at work Sponsored by pat, baron and Deanna 9 Dr Robert D Warmer, Vet preparing 3 mat NEWSPAPER STAFF wi 'THB C0 LDITOBS' STUDENT STAFF CO TDITORS Pat Hobbs, Arleen Praft and Bev Wemsburz EDITORIAL STAFF Hobbs, B Remsburg, P G++ S Shriver, hellsen mXCHANGh EDITORS Ann Smith and Dancy Remsburg TYPISTS REPORTERS Sharon B inker, Paf Genter, Deanna Peterson, and Deanna Heufon Danner, F Nolin, J Rieieqel Y4dnev, 5 Jenkins, J Klass, Fiedler D Voofe V Bundt, Hobbs, + P fe s, L Trxon, 10 Q V p, D oq , Fisher J G eggrv, J Hel on and D Smith nTHE EXCdnLGE nDI OBS' cvcnso ed bv 'GOING T0 PRESS' A Voovhouse 5 Co STUDENT COUNCIL f'- Roger Philo, Arleen Pratt, Duane Bundt, Joyce Riedesel, Deanna Heuton, Mr Miller, Ken Johnston, Frankie Nolln, Glorla Hobbs, and Terry Peters HONOR SOCIETY I X A4 V5 A This year was the nineteenth year of Glidden High Schoo1's member ship in the National Honor Society Six new members were initiated into the chapter on March lb, 1957, four seniors Deanna Heuton, Joan Bu dt, Pat Hobbs and Bill Steigerwalt, the two juniors were Frankie No11n and Susan Shriver The initiating of these six members brings the total membership 1n our chapter to ninety five These six students received the highest ceive in hlgh school The faculty selects third of the class scholastically, grading vice, Leadership, and Character They are tion of a certificate and a symbolic pin Sponsored by honor a student can re the members from the upper them for Scholarship, Ser rewarded with the presenta McNAUGHT'S IGA STORE . 'VH . 5 1 IT' X ' 4 s L n K-JI I . : ' b ' . 'N . 1 l . Q id I 5 . , A 3, V , D . I 2 5 3 3 T XXI! t M y A , , .1 1 f T' , T ,T 1: li 'A- ' n , X , ff' - Q 4 'n,,,l y 591, ' P , V e U Q . O "' 0 I O I FHA Seated Advi or 'ir-5 Oxenford, Secretary Ann Sm1th Vice President D-anna Heuton, Presndent Frankie Nolin, reasurer Darlene Berns, and Reporter Marllvn Bundt QQMAKFRS Y Q9 'Q O xo? .A-5-,,1' 0NfW B Initiatlon DBVOUIODS Sk' t Sponsor d by NATT'a CORNER . . Q K Q 4, L g - "' -'- S -A' -'. ., ' - O T 'N ,xxx 3 A-xx E by 'on' '22 : U '.4 ,311 n U- R, A- f , 'j 5 A 4 .- , -X7 40 'X ' OQX if S vs F F A R, r SRX r ,p,i.Q"5g,0fj 9 c4,. ,Q - XY 5. . L Us 0 ' fa.P9.'3 Seated Robinson, Treasurer, Sabus, Reporter, Riedesel, Sec retary, Reever, President, Bundt, Vice President, Johnston Sertlnel, Mr Weed, Adv1sor Boa RAI ES DPJVI U Q- con' FRESHMHI4 INITIATICI1 Sponsored by JQE FHEDII G THE Sow: PLATT'S "66" SERVICE NHIT ALD HIS PIG' r"' ical' MARILYN ARMS NEW SPARKLE ALLED OUR STUDENT BODY W Transferred from Santlago Chlle I5 sal" ROBERT GRGSS 'THINKING IS THE MUST DIFFICULT TASK IN TPB WORLD ' Football 1,2 3,L, G Club f Dobson Johnston Klass Smlth Remsburg Peterson MIXED QUARTET B Nalr Cute Weller Bushman KQJNX A I f Q35 W 0 Y 4? C3 F-I FU l"' U3 D C1 BP FU '-3 F1 F 'SCJ CO Flsher Bundt GIRLS TRIO-M. Hlke Frease Sponsored by A. Heck Hobbs TRAcY's SERVICE M- Strlcker CI-A55 ACTIVITIES L 5 SP1 P Home c Sen or Hg Wlth Nr Weed HIL Drfver 5 Ed VOTE' I VOTE' VOTE' VOTE' Sponsored by WILCOX LOCKERS Bookkeeping with Mr. Ffnzen -'Saundra's Campaign Speech G1r1's Physlcal Education Mr Weed's Shop Engllsh w1th Mrs Howard Freshnf 1n Home B1010gy wlth Miss Whelen Amerlcan History Test A Chemistry Experlment Typlng I Working99 Sponsored by S 5 B BARBER SHOP BAND CLARIIBTS Judy Frease Pat Genter Susan Shriver Joyce Johnston Charlotte Loudenback Shlrley McDonald Larry Tryon Jo Ann Gregory Bob Ralnes Iary Peterson Dlck Johnston Ron Loelfler BASS oLABI T E Ho55s Glorla Hobbs OBO Jane Danrer Saldra Jenklns Gle yce verts bartha Shoemaler T C SXXOPHCT Deanna Flsher Lola fldney FRE CH HORITS Sharon Brinker Susan Remsburg Sharon Gute 'harla Vermilllon BNRITOTlS ank SHerw1n B111 Stelgerwalt Nayne Sabus cEBT mUBA Roger Phllo TROTBOI S Dave loorhouse Ron Burdine Terry Peters Beverly Wllley Barbara Nllley Roger Adamson ALTO SAXOPHONE Ray Sabus Lucllle Peterson Kel E Johnston barllyn Strlccer B LL Tfis Joyce Klass Spons red by TIUT PLUIB 'G 8 HT lIIG TYIPANI Deanna Peterson TRUIPETS Seen Pratt Frankle nolin LaVonne Kidney John Archer Varllyn Bundt Ralph Johnston Llnda Dobson Lols Kurth 'oel Kidney BARITCTP SAXOPHCT unara Gebha at Larry Bushman Bios Byron Ialr Suzanne Sabus DHUIS Harry lelsen De n1s Best Karmen Hobbs ba SCC1 Diane Frease I7 U . 4 -T-i .--i -il --1.1 1 v AI' ' YY ' . ' P A 4 lx... Fr I 4 - ' v , . 'A . ,,., . COL L I' ' 1 n 'v VF' rf r 1-vw -V v - 1.41 0 U .21 L - ..4 Pa 1 Sa r 'S 7 1' ' 9 0 -... .1 . -l i 1 v A .1 T, V- JLUTBS In . . V -' - . . vw TP T" -. .4 ,, I . K ' Q ' i A C A nw' -T 1 1:-u I ' ' 3 .s.. LL . f .L ,UL 1 1 , ' 17 1 rw -1 15 ,Q UQ HL- V' 4 U 77' - L O fn ja - I 7' ' H fm ' 41 n .J 'A..J.LAl . 4.1 v REED ENSEMBLES H 6 0 0 SAX QUARTET R Sabus, terson, D Fisher, LARINET TRIO P Louienback, P Genter, S Shriver CLARINET QUARTET B Raines, L Tryon, J Gregory, S VcDonald FLUT TRIO S Jenkins, C' Everts, M Shoemaker WOODWIND QUINTET D Frease, S Prinker, J Rrease, J Danner, S Jenkins BRASS fNSEMBl.fS fin TRUNPRT TRIO R Johnston, J DRJV FNSWNRLL H Nielsen, P Hobbs, D DRA 5 SEQTET II Puriine, w Sahus Nair, S Gute, M Pun t, Kidney PRA S SEXTRT I Ph Io, F Sherwin, D Noorh use, S Rewsbur N011 , A Praft Pest, K Hobbs, D Trinkle P Soo oreA hy FIID EN BVAIIY SHOP -L - H - w -. hy .. mi Q 4 5 I. .1 -' - 3 J f .v .. g ' - r 'Y w 1- , ' I --L. s . . Ti fs' 11 f J -II X 4 l I ' " o 0 - , a -- Q A. ,Q Z1 -- 1 A Jo . -C O - C O A V 4 I U 4 ci - C3 ' " I c- no I ' . -'J . r 4, Q, P fQ , ' , ' .I . - A rn x Q . . .Y Q I F I- ' ' .. . .if- . . Q e 1 - 4 a . A I . , 4. 1 ., , -, ..-A , ,. , , . . ' V.. 1. ... .X H-1. 0 -f 0 '- ' ' ' ' S -R, A , . , 1 o -0 d L. A fs -J --R. 4 . A . .1 x , , 1 , F. n . . TTS V ., 1. W If 7. , MARCHING BAND TWIRLERS MAJORETTE Q Remsburg TWIRLERS S Shriver, J Danner, D Frease, J Frease D Peterson o onsored by GLIDDEN OIL CO 0:61. .:':- -qA... I ' ,A A . I j . --. , " 1 x. n 0 Q r -- a MIXED CHORUS This year's Mixed Chorus consists of 36 girls and 22 toys under the direction of Mrs Howard Accompanists are Frankie Nolin, Joan Bundt, Ann Smith, and Diane Frease Our schedule includes the Christmas program, Swing Show, Music Festival, numerous concerts, and contests S Gebhardt -T Freases R Philo and S Jenllins MADRIGAL H Nielsen D Moorhouse BOYQDQQEQIETEE ircfglvejggr' Vaughan, F sher-Gin, R Pune ' -T U ,C ' ' Gebhardt, J Bands, P Genter, J Hen on L Kidney, J Frease, D Heuton Soonsored by FIRST NATIONAI BANK 1 SENIOR NIXED QUARTET-'M Vaughan' G1RL's TRIO-S. Shriver J. oenner Q 9 ' ' . o N ' -- . Ao Q 0 , - ' s. . . GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Thls ns the largest G1rl's Lhorus G1 dden Hlgh School has h d for mary years It lS composed o '73 girls Sopraro SOlOlStS are Saundra Gebh rdt ard Jo h Lu.dt, Alto SO1OlStS are Judy pre se ard Deanna Pcubon, and the accompanists are XDR Smlth, Dlahe Pre se, Fra kle Iolln and Joan Bundt BOYS' GLEE CLUB no Hoxard Qober Ph lo is the Bass Sololst So e of the u.der classme 111 also do solo IOP? 1 e cor y 1S D are Frease Spo scred by ELIFR FDCSS, L 1 11 . 1 T , J i A . A . , . Cl. - A 5 . 11. Q A ' , a . a J Q ' ' "' "1 2' f .. 'L 0 G. 1 , ,. A 1 1. . .1 1' E1 H . T I 0 The Boy's Chorus cohsistihg of 31 members is led by Mrs. Q . Q f i ' . .5 ,- H 1 - '- V n v' l w ,. mh a -lm,a:' t is i 1 O n , - 7-m,-A L 24.4 JLA .4 Y.,uL-A v .. 1 SWING SHOW THE JONES BOY Rog Ph11O PAJAMA GALS Pat, Sharon and Chorus Deanna, and Judy TWO JU-LS AND A JACK SENATOR SNORT THE IVY LEAGUERS Flve Al Vaughan foot Two THE SIXTH ANNUAL SWING SHOW 'GREAT DAY' The Vocal and Instrumental MUS1C Depart ment again this year, the sixth, produced a muslcal extravaganza GREAT DAY The show featured many Broadway H1ts includlng, Five Foot Two Great Day, Jones Boy and Dream The productlon had numerous humorous numbers to add variety. CHORUS LINE-Sue, Pat, Sharon, Deanna, Susan, and Judy. Mllk Bottle Serenade GREAT DAY Sponsored by YUU BELONG TO ME-RiCh and W8Yne Dr. J. M. Shriver, Dentlst 1 ly 31 ,,' 4 Q r 4 'H'.'Q1 'N' ' . LQ xi lj, +A . I X' e A I .Alf - ' A Q A A O Q O ROYALTY QUEEN DEANNA AND DEARNA AND HowAED ATTENDANTS ATTENDANTS ARLEEN PRATT QUEEN PARADING IN REVIEW DEANNA PETERSON WDEANNA MARY ROLTER HEUTUNN 'HS if DEANNA'S REIGN THE CORONATION THE HONORED COUPLES Sponsored by GEORGE STEIGERWALT . lhxg--525 , , AJ' lf: . .K ff-E.-1-'M ,'!-- ,gf--' 22.52-:I.-5.55: F- ...M . :Q.:l:.:?:,i E-, Y -:A 1551. agf- iz? x " '17f 1 1 xnxx EV!!!fWT5F5f. +L' 1 - E ' 4 AJ n , 1 fl , Us FIRST PRIZE JUNIOR CLASS HOMECOMING HONORABLE MENTION FRESHMEN HOMECOMING DANCE Sponsored by THIRD PRIZE--SOPHOMORE CLASS LARSH'S SERVICE FOOTBALL TEAM ROW l Kurth, Nielsen Hall, Soyer, Subbert, Sabus, Sabus,Moorhouse, ROW 2 Mr Burgess, halr, R1edesel, Peters, Sherxln, Homan, W1ll13mS Wh1taker, Reever, Mr Byrnes, ROW 3 Steigerwalt, Heuton, Archer Ph1lo, Gross, Bushman Krause, Johnston and J Heuton The Wildcats of 1956 were for the most part a very 1nex perlenced team Consequently, mlstakes and lack of a sound offense hurt them 1n the1r early games After dropping 3 very closely played games 1n a row, the experlence galned began to show and the team battled to a 500 season' record improved together They featured a wide open type of play w1th many of the thr1lls com1ng from the passlng of Roger Ph1lo to Nell Willlams, WSpongoH Reever, and others The Season's h1ghl1ghts were SpO1l1Hg of Coon Rapids' Homecoming, winnlng of our homecomlng game w1th Bayard, the one polnt victory over a good Audubon team, and the flnale ln Coon Valley play w1th an upset victory over the rated Manrlng Bulldogs Individual honors for their outstand1ng play and leader ship went to the followlng boys Rich Reever, Roger Philo, ard Bruce Riedesel were elected Tr1 Captains Rich Reever and Neil Williams were awarded positions on the All Confer ence First Team, Ray Sabus made the Second Team, and Roger Philo, Byron Nair, and Larry Whitaker received Honorable Mention Rich Reever was voted the most valuable player by his team mates Phllo, Sabus, Reever and Will1ams were on the All State Honor Roll SEASON'S SUMMARY Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden Gl1dden Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden Audubon Bayard Manning Guthrie Center 1 TOTALS Manilla Scranton Ogden Lake City Coon Rapids 28 Sponsored by GLIDDEN HATCHERY Z , L., A ' . 4. 2, 1 , v x 0 I 1 n ' r S , , . ' Q 'W - , , , O D The team displayed a fine attitude, willingness to work and . 12 ' 6 6 7 lb 0 13 30 20 20 7 22 I-+0 7 7 152' ll? X l run GLITTERQIKE vmmonns on me Gammon GUS 'SPONGE L H Fullback eft alfback 'SPEEDYN TRI PAPTAINS TRI CAPTAINS Quarterback TRI CAPTAIN wH1 Tackle End Guard nBOLBnB' Back Guard Sponsored bv PQILL'o CLOVEW FARF STORE I H u n I I c - , 1 I --GARLEYH " T" I , .1 " I BASKETBALL TEAM ROW 1 Bushman, Sabus, Nlelsen, Kurth, Moorhouse, Archer, Platt, and Sprague ROW 2-Mr Burgess, Reever, Williams, Sherwln, Homan, Vaughan, Nalr, and Mr Byrnes The 1956 57 Glidden W1ldcats' Basketball Team was a very lnexperienced one Only two lettermen returned to the squad, consequently, most of the respons1 b1l1ties fell on a group of young, aggresslve Junlors and Sophomores Collectlng only f1ve V1CtOPl8S 1n elghteen starts does not display the caliber of ball the boys played The Wildcats went against some of the out standlng teams in the area Several of these teams have the potentlal of going to the State Tournament In conference play the team placed Lth, w1th a record of 3 wlns against L defeats A senlor, a Junior, and two sophomores paced the 57' WILDCATS Al Vaughan the only senior on the squad finished the season wlth 150 POIDUS and an aver age of 8 8 points per game, Dave Moorhouse, a junlor, was the teams leadlng scorer w1th 202 points for a per ame average of ll 3, John Archer and Bill Kurth, both sophomores, scored 19 and 174 points respect1vely aged 10 8 polnts per game and Bill averaged 9 7 polnts per game Allan Vaughan and Dave Moorhouse were elected Co Captalns by Glidden Gl1dden Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden Jefferson 6b Grand Junct1on Manilla Sac C1ty Lake View Ar We Va Coon Rapids Bayard A M A R Y Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Glidden 38 Kuemper Sponsored by Dr E T Lindsay Irw1n Manning Denlson Grand Junction Guthrie Center Scranton Audubon L6 John aver the team S E S O N ' S S U M ----b0 --- ---76 ' ------------------5b ' ---- L2 ' -1,6 ---36 --------------- -67 ----50 --------52 ---L5 ' ----------------8b Glidden ---- 36 Manning -------- 58 Glidden---5h Lake City ------------- -70 ----L8 ' -------56 ---57 ---------59 ----SL ------86 ---57 ---------68 ----L3 - - -------30 ---56 ---------------Ll ----60 ----1.8 ---51, ----------------67 ----68 ---------LO GOT OFF TO A SLOW START BU A1 Vaughan Team Co Captaln ze Dave Moorhouse Team Co Captain All Conference 9 Qom Bill Kurth John Archer Wayne Sabus Buddy Homan CHEERLEADERS-S. Remsburg F. Nolin, D. Heuton, and D. Peterson. K. Finzen was the mascot. 'ff Byron Nair Sponsored by r .ggi 1 HUFFMAN'S FUNERAL HOME QW LETTERMEWS CLUB Gro s, Joh.sto , llddle WO! Ir Bu ge s, Phllo, kurth, oushnar, Nl61SGH, Ioorhouse, Heuton, Krause, J Heuton, Coach Byrres, nk I RO! Johnston, Peters, Vaughan, homan, Rledesel, Ialr, Sabus and Platt BAS EBALL TEAM FROIT DOW Bushman, Pl ro, el, Iiolsen, oorhou e, Pctel StPlCPGT, Heuton, Johnston, Ofens, Sprague, B WO: oacn Burbess, Sylvester, Tryon, Reever, J1lW1ams, Poman, V ubn 1, Kurth, Kerwood ard Kelth Smlth nd Ir Byrnes Sponsored by A FRIEND ' 7 A ' 1 ' ,',' f FRUIT RCU: Sprague, Archer, Ylltaker, Williams, Reevcr, Steigerwalt, G 'N rv "' '-1 ' vw c ' ' 'D 1 w J - JL . - 1 o 'L 0 4. .J A l .. 0 - ' -'NQ Y. n ' ' Y ' O I I L. .': . af" arch 1 , Il o s 's, ' w o .'K"'T' , '.'o f' L A I' ' ..v-L A , Q NJ ' A H 1' - 1 a a"'a1 Y 1 E1 0 0 ONE ACT PLAYS WHV I AM A BACHELOR Lecturer HARRY NIELSEL Algernon JAMES HEUTOI Henrietta SUSAN SdRIVER Henrietta s Mother JOYCE KLASS Aunt Emma Ida May Georve Dude Burt Wilbur Mildred Lucy Elinor Robert Sam Elbert Ginger SUSAN REMSBURG RUTH GREGORY I'M A FOOL Dave Moorhouse Joe Johnston Russell Heck Ken E Johnston Lucille Peterson Sandy Jenkins LaVonne Slocum ANTIO SPRING Byron Nair David Smith Larry Heuton Jane Danner Blossom Glenyce Everts Gwen Frankie Nolin The plays were dlrected by MRS BURTON USHERS Betty Thelen, Margorie lrlnkle, Lloyd Robinson, Ph l Bushman, Shirley Gross and LaVonne Fick Sponsored by Dr John Morrison,V D 11g1113g1gggg11t1,1111i Y Y -- .... --- .... -- .... ---- , A ----- ------..----,, ,---, v I Mother ------------ -- --------------- Ann Smith 7' .1 ' i Q I J . . SENIOR CLASS PLAY THE UUESPS Florence Hannlbal Fairy May Jeffrey Mrs Paddy THE FAMILY Samuel L1ly Belle Ethel THE STAFF THE CAST Arleen Pratt Roger Philo Donna Jordan B1ll Stelgerwalt Pat Genter Roger Platt Pat Hobbs Beverly Remsburg Miss Wllhelmina Joan Bundt Dr Emmett Ray Sabus Student Dlrector Deanna Peterson Prompters Sharon Brlnker Marvel Nees House Commlttee Stage Hands Frank Krause Bruce Rledesel Norman Bushman Charles Gerdes Bob Brumback Betty White Betty Wever Lanlce Topp Elmer Wiederln Glen Dlllavou Joyce Johnston T H E S A V A A PLAY BY JOHN PATRICK wAs PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ON APRIL 26, 1957 UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MRS HELEN BURTON THE CURIOUS SAVAGE, an enterta1n1ng and fanclful comedy, was the story of Mrs.Savage a millionnaire via her husbands death, and her stepchildren, who have a yearnlng for money The stepchildren knowing that the widow's wealth was negotiable securltles, and seelng they could not get hold of 1t, commlt her to a Wsanatorlumn hoping to Wbrlng her to her senses W But Mrs Savage was determlned to establlsh a fund to help others realize their varlous social m1Sf1tS, men and women who Just could not adgust themselves to life, people who need the help Mrs Savage can pro v1de In gettlng to know them, she realized that she could flnd happlness w1th them, and plans to spend the rest of her l1fe as one of them But when the doctor told her there was no reason why she should rema1n,she hes ltates to go out 1nto a hard world wherepeo ple seem ready to do anythlng for money Throughout the quick actlon of the comedy the self seeklng step chlldren wenadrlven to d1StPaCt1OH by the1r valn effort to browbeat Mrs Savage They got mlxed up ln all sorts of rldlculous mlshaps, which end ln complete frustratlon At last her fr1endsconsp1red to get r1d of the inlaws, and through thelr slm ple bellef in the JUSt1C6 of her cause, they enabled Mrs Savage to carry out her plans Business Committee Mary Roller Judy Frease Phyllls Fiedler Doris Hunt Larry Whltaker Music Committee Saundra Gebhardt Make-up Committee: Allan Vaughan Darlene Berns Jud? Frease Marlene Brant Deanna Henton Sherry Sprlmont Marilyn Arms Sponsored by ANDY BUSS, INSURANCE AGENCY 2 --- QEELQEE ----Q.E Titus ..... I ....... ---Rich Reever hopes and dreams, In thesanatorium she meets DRAMATI S Front Row-Sabus, Heuton, Shriver, Bundt, Arms, Jordan. Back Row-- Nielsen, Philo, Riedesel, Nolin, Reever, Peters, Klass, Sylvester. Archer, Hobbs, and Remsburg are not plctured C The following received 'I' ratings: H. Nielsen, P. Hobbs, J. Riedesel, and S Shriver Rog Philo also recelved a 'I' rat1ng 'SPEECH CCNTESTS' Seventeen students entered ccmpetltlon ln the Pre Dlstrlct Speech Contest this year 'I' ratings were received by Harry Nlelsen and Joyce Riedesel ln Oratorlcal, Sue Shr1ver and Pat Hobbs in Dramatic, Roger Philo 1n Extemporan eous, and Sue Shrlver 1n Interpretive Readlng The above named students carrled the banner of GHS 1nto DISUFICCUCOMPGUI tion at Rockwell C1ty Susan Shrlver, the rec1p1ent of two 'I' ratlngs in the Pre D1strict, recelved a 'I' ratlng 1n Interpret1ve, thus perm1tt1ng her to advance to the State Contest to be held ln Denlson Congratulations and the best of luck to Susan Several of our other contestants barely mlssed 'I' ratlngs HUMOROUS DECLAMATIUN DRAMATIC DECLAMATION INTERPRETATIVE READING Marilyn Bundt Bev Remsburg Susan Shriver Donna Jordan Susan Shrlver Terry Peters Wayne Sabus Pat Hobbs Joyce Klass RADIO SPEAKING ORATURICAL DECLAMATIUN ORIGINAL ORATIRY John Sylvester Joyce Rledesel Marilyn Arms J1m Heuton Harry Nlelsen R1ch Reever John Archer Frankie Nolln EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING Roger Phllo CONTEST PLAY The contest play put on by the Speech Depart ment recelved a '2' ratlng 1n the Dlstrict Con test The cast of the play, 'The First Mrs Par1s,' is g1ven below Mr Paris Mrs Parls Jup1ter Mercury Juno M1nerva Court Jester Frank Sherw1n -Glenyce Everets Jlm Heuton Norman Bushman Jane Danner Sandra Jenkms Larry Heuton Student Director Ann Smith A Faculty D1P6CtOTH -Mrs Burton Sponsored by GLIDDEN CLEANERS Venus --------------------------------- Pat Hobbs ELVIS PRESLEY Larry Jensen A real drawlng card for the school dance sponsored e Annual Staff CFUST, WHS MR SHEEP, PHoTocRAPHEa KING JOHN PETERSON and of Chl QUE N-MARY Lou BRUNS jawn at P6P Rallv P CHEERLEADERS DEANNA PETERSON FRANKIE NULIN SUSAN REMSBURG DEANNA HEUTUN Th1S page is sponsored by GLIDDEN GRAPHIC fn' 8.4 Q an S ,5 x J i 1. A A T- . 'XXL Q r th . H A I ' 4 A E s 1 X . of J v -, Y-'rw N. ,, :Vx Mx A 5, N in X H X 1 X 1 BUNDT STORESUND IMPLEMENT CO. A li. V? GILBERT HOWARD Junlor High Principal LOIS WUNCHELL Seventh Grade x D 0 if GRACL HZSTED DON SLILLS CAROL EICKE Seventh Grade Eighth Grade Grade Music Sponsored by STANDARD SERVICE TH 00" Q5 HR K mhflfi fr, U E57 9 hr G05 Q00 no 6 fix 06 8TH F Jr Hi?h Acbivi 3gig?OgegAEg Jr H1Ph Student Coun 11 - S , u - ' '65 L ' v 'V ' sv' L 41' ,Q ag. I . r i'A F fgue f A hz Ma I ' - ' M' 4 K 5 fmiffff- 'X ,Pj . 54- . .f ' X A' Auf! nf 5 LU ' xr ,,. ,V bW fg'rg r-L WV- Tu, V.l,,' Q xl t 5 f"'. ' ' tv f"g , - '. ' ' C' lumon HIGH BASKUBALL TEAM SEATED Reever Shr1vPr, Douglas, Teague, Binkleman Pet rson, Hunt, STANDING Mr Howard, Kruse, Adamson, Tryon, erwood Nagner, MacDonald, and Loefler FOOTBALL TEAM SVATED Reever, Janssen, Johnston, Douglas, Janssen, Teague, Ncdeon, KNEEL Nu Hunt, Eaton, Peterson MacDonald, Blnklenan Shrlver, Loefler, Sporleier, STANDIxG Mr Howard, MacDonald, Wagner, Tryon, Boughton, Kerwood, Adamson, Slssel, and Kruse Glldden Gl1dden Glidden Glldden Glldden THE CHEERLEADERS SEASON'S SUMMARY The Junlor Hlrh Football bquad ex perlenced another successful season, wlnnlng 3 whlle loslng 2 Audubon Coon Raplds 18 Mannlng bcranton 6 Manilla Hobbs, Heuton, Sabus, Sponsored by Kldney and Stuhr MATT ROTHMEYER, TANKWAGON . , , , , L , e ' ' : . ' H , A ' I-q: , ' gf ' 26 6 o 6 u 13 ' 7 ' 20 ' ' lb ' 35 FX 6TH hw Carmine TH Sponsored by HLRMAN MEYER, TANKWAGON ND '19000 00 m H mnmmf'7f'1fW 3Ro R 4111 Sp nsored by GLIDDEN COOP CREAMERY Q - , - .A 5714 .. - . 'A l -V-1 ' ' L , .'.,. vu L4 'A A M 0 QL f . Q, 6 4 I I r Q . I 5 A B, x, o D l 1 ' V. L, t . 'jf' . I fp f , if 4 , 1- 5 ,I .Jw -q 4 ' -LE., ' o Sponsored by GUY GREGORY 8c SONS T xy R GTEP Kunsus C ty -gouf IA . ik auf' A, K 22, EV. 5- 1 ' "-V' x , - 7 W ' fi Q' -S33 - 'wg L haf .5 A fy r Q. -s 0 '- '61-1r 'Y tx if .fr s ' J .pgs f X v K H 4K4 01,15 Xe wi-Vwla C 'Q S .4 , p . 5.1 X X F Q , VM X y h X -.A W ' 3 Fi: . fi ,Q A, -X A i

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