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306660 fl0ll M g. Ii, Wx fP'A,! "' f Y We, the Senior Class of 1955, wishing to show our 'appreciation and thanks for a job well done, hereby dedicate this annual to Miss Templeton. She has been our loyal friend and Class Advisor for two years and has worked with us in our many undertakings. with her help our prom was a success. We Thank You! 0 0 rig- T is 8 ' a, ' ' I Y W fd yearbook Staff Bay, Eder, Olson, Sch idt, Neibauer, Hauschild, Renzelmann, Mindel, Lenzen Hill, Rein, Orcutt, Bucheger, Mataiya, Weis, Kunsch, Tomaier, Wbrren, Zi merman Eder, Miss Brennan, Schmidt The Senior Class is grateful to Miss Brennan for her time and work spent on advising us with our annual we thank you from the bottom of our hearts Editor in chief Co editor Business Manager Co-business Manager Treasurer Advisor Art Editors Subscription Manager Cover Artist Copy Editors Seniors Sports Miscellaneous Photo Chiefs Photographs Class Prophecy Class History Dedication Memorial This page is donated by: Alyce Schmidt Rosalie Werren Jeanne Eder B111 Bay Joyce Orcutt Miss Brennan Jerry Renzelmann, Ed Neibauer Mary Bucheger Mae Ann Schraufnagel Edna Hill, B111 Bay, Cloyce Mindel Barbara Weis, Joyce Kunsch, Mary Tomaier Reuben Olson, Fred Lenzen, Melvin Schmidt Janice Zim enmun Madlyn Rein Margaret Mataiya, Jeanne Eder Ernest Hauschild Mr. Niemi Barbara Weis Mary Bucheger, Joyce Orcutt Jeanne Eder, Margaret Mataiya , Bob Eder, Margaret Mataiya, Jeanne Eder hland THE NORTHERN STATE BANK, AS , Wis. M' Wg li I ,v . 45 A gf i f fi 3 N' !!'Q,!Y !4! 2 f:YWi5k'Ssx+. Xi - wx sk ssl x -as ,.wnu- 5 A.-uv, . , ' 'A ff- wr ug-4,2-w " 1 f 306' 215 LL'-f' . Mr. G. M. Chappa Mr. David Metz Principal Band, Choir v ' Xw ,' 1 . Lx , F 4,1 f 7,,?,f1nw7 T J+f'v'ff"'L,ju1'ff f 15 W v 's YW' ,L - i. 12? Mr. Ole Lundin Miss Mary K. Brennan Industrial Arts, Physics Business Education Mary Bucheger Jean Eder Robert Eder Ernest Hauschild Edna Hill Joyce Kunsch CLASS ROLL Frederick Lenzen Margaret Mataiya Cloyce Mindel Edward Neibauer Joyce Orcutt Reuben Olson Jerome Renzelmann f7E 7?f Madlyn Rein Alyce Schmidt Melvin Schmidt Mary Tomaier Barbara Weis Janlce Zimmerman fmnzfh Hema Bfalmrvcfk Class Motto l H755 FZDWER I, rum wwe BLUE AND WHITE 1 e HAR! BUCH GER 'HLRI' ROBERT EDER WBOBW Periods should be ten minutes long Five to come, and five to go Drama Club 2 h Science Club 2 Baseball 2 Prom Royalty 3 Library Club l Prom Committee 3 8he'e a flower, She'e a pearl, An' ehe'e a Jolly, all around girl PepClub 123k Drama Club 1 2 3 h German Club 3 h Science Club 1 2 3 h Choir 1 2 Baseball 2 Volleyball 2 3 Library Club 1 2 3 Clase Officer 1 Annual Staff h Prom Committee 3 Square Dance Club h MF JOYCE KUNSCH JOY' She's a gal with friendly ways She'll be a friend through all our days Pep Club 2 Drama Club h Volleyball 2 3 Library Club l Class Officer h Annual staff 2 h Prom Committee 3 Scholastic Award 3 D. A. R. e W k .. Class Officer 1, ,l ff V52 I , ,.-3f'a, C ll l 3 D ERN ST HLUSCHILD 'ERNIE' I pretend to hate girls, But Oh how I love them! Drama Club 2 German Club 3 h Science Club 1 Choir 1 2 3 Prom Royalty 3 Annual Staff h Prom Co mittee 3 EDIL HILL 'GUBTIB' Quiet, reserved, and rether shy, She will get there by and UI. Vblldyball 2 3 Library Club 3 Annual staff 2 h Scholastic Arard 3 JEAN EDER 'JEANNEW I never worry, I never fret, What I can't remember I just forget PepClub 12314 Drama Club 1 2 h Science Club l 2 3 h Cheerleading l 2 Library Club l 2 3 h Annual Staff 3'h Prom Committee 3 Forensics l 2 h Allin-EL G , MARGARET HATAIIA 'MARGE' If school is liberty, Give me death! Pep club 1 2 3 h Drama Club 1 2 h German Club 3 h choir 1 2 Baseball 2 Volleyball 2 3 u Library Club 1 2 Class Officer 2 3 Annual starr h Prom Committee 3 Forensics 2 JOYCE ORCUT1' 'PAT' Lead me not into temptation, But show me where it is J2ib'iL! Pep Club 2 3 h h 0'4 lqgi rn-ma Club 1 3 choir 2 WW ffufhjgffij Prom Queen 3 JLk,pAjMQJ Library Club 2 3 abbi 0 Annual Staff ll sg:1:,:0:,-izzeana W ,J f President Forensics h A-L It REUBEN OLSON 'CUBA' Women just don't seen to appreciate me Drala Club 1 Science Club 1 2 Band l 2 3 lg Baseball 1 2 3 h Annual Staff h Trackl PepBand 12311 fihhp Lf EIHARD NEIBAUER 'EDDP' He tackles amrthing from Basketball to love. Drama Club 1 3 Science Club 1 2 3 h Basketball 1 2 3 D Volleyball 1 2 3 M Prom King 3 Class Officer 3 Annual Staff h Prom Conmittee 3 Track 1 3 h Prom co-'asus 3 ef X .- jf , . Q I 4 .Y filly J ' L JL! L 3 A - V ' 3 LV h I - ' 2 ff JEROM RENZELHANN 'JERRY' Tell me who is the greatest, And tell me Why I ll Pep Club 1 2 3 h Drama Club h Science Club 1 2 3 h Choir 3 D Basketball 1 2 3 h Volleyball 1 2 3 h Prom Royalty 3 Class Officer 2 Annual Staff h Prom Committee 3 Track 2 3 HAU IN REIN 'MLDLIKW Quiet? Yea, in school! Pep Club 1 3 eernnn Club 3 L Band 1 Annual Staff h Prom Co mittee 3 ALYCE SCHHIDT 'ALICEW The girl with the heart, the girl with the smile She makes our bubble of life worthwhile Pep Club 1 2 3 h Drama Club 1 2 German Club 3 h Science Club 1 2 h Choir 2 Volleyball 2 3 h Library Club 1 2 Class Officer l 2 3 Annual staff 3 h Prom Committee 3 Forensics 2 3 h Square Dance Club 3 , . V I ,4 A ' 5 Lge HAR! TOHAIER 'MARX' Her life is a series of adventures With a different hero in each one. Pep Club 1 2 3 h Science 1 2 Volleyball 2 Prom Royalty 3 Library Club 3 h Class Officer 3 Annual staff h Prom Com ittee 3 A 3 ' - K i SQSEFYQJ? ' fiisfimz- H LVIN SCHH DT nH L' The more you know him, The better you like him Drama Club 2 German Club 3 L Science Club 2 D Choir 2 h Baseball 2 Annual staff h Prom Committee 3 JANICE ZIMM RMAN 'JAN' Alwayl jolly, never furious, Often funn , seldom serious Pep Club 1 2 Science Club 2 Band 1 2 3 h Volleyball 2 Class Officer Annual Staff h Prom COmm1tt6B 3 igw g PSP Band 1 2 3 h ' 1 D ik, I 3 xxx 4 3 , . ?f9 ,' BARBARA WEIS 'HUB' Clap your hands and jump for joy! Here I am you lucky boy! llni 1 2 3 lt Drum Major la lhjorette 1 2 3 Cheerleader 1 2 3 lg CQDQID 3 ll Pep Band ll Pep Club 1 2 3 h Drillltlc Club 1 3 lx President 3 h Annual staff L Choir I 2 Science Club 1 2 h Prom Royalty Prom Chairman 3 Square Dance Club ls library Club 1 Volleyball 2 3 ll Speech 2 3 h Class Officer 2 lg Preceding pages donated by the following Glidden business people HERMAN PATITZ LAAB'S WILDWOOD INN WOLF'S BAR SCHMIDT'S BAR TONY'S BAR E M BURNS TAVERN SCHRAUFNAGEL LUMBER CO PAT TWOMEY ALEXANDER'S CHERRPS SERVICE RED OWL STORE HILLSIDE CAFE FISCHBACH BROS WITT'S WHISPERING PINES HORNING'S DRUSCI-lKE'S REXALL STORE GORDON LAKE STORE HILLTOP SERVICE STATION The Staff of THE CHIPPEWA Wishes To Thank The Following Clam Lake Business People THOMPSON'S BIRCH TAVERN BEIMEIS CLAM LAKE STORE CLAM LAHS ELECTRIC SERVICE CLAM LAKE TEXACO FRED DASDORF RASTS STANDARD STATION HC CORRISON'S CLAM LAKE LODGE CHIPPEWA TAVERN ,D J '- wfb N E ff Q L fy fs ff En g 3 '-'1 2 'rf V ' X' gli! , . f ' 0' f 52, Q ref' K. ,wlfu 0? I.- .0 H ex N f 1 ' We 4 ij ref' . f 'J' X ,- 1 ff f , ' !gg2Li1 'az' , i A . ,":0 Q , ,'0Q,rr,,-Ury! fgicff-YCPFE:lfL':ff:2?7:L7-'ii' ' X .fiffi3?f?fii M I X z. EFQQ-CfV9f4'rf"F.'s, 'af' 'Q' 1 .W Wx J w , 5-Q? ' gf- 'Y' Shirley Thorp Eva Kempf 'Q , Carolyn Aikins f Gerald Killinger i Q M: .QW Daniel Rein 3' Joan Lepkowicz J U Darlene Zimmerman Evelyn Hatfield 1 f mga Patricia Burns Vernon Ernest William Bay S Q Q 0' K A 1 ik 'J 5. , Donald Lorge Qi' A-'Q D . HY, Mark Schmidt James Kenyon 5 ra: gauze 4:5 2 y and-J T 'ff Ira Hill 57. 5 3 -1 K A ? Agnes Bucheger y qi, W Rosalie Warren Shirley Judyfxg Gear White . 4 Ardyth WOOCIPOW Eder Missing Clifford Butler Donald Eineichner IN MEMORIAM To Ronald Keilhofer, we, the senior class of nineteen hundred l Ronnie passed away on February 6, 1955 He was an active member of the sophomore class and is sadly missed by all and fifty-five,do wish to dedicate this page of our annua . iff! WWMMQZV7 1 FW MZjL dpjy,+f nf E532 fan MM WM -OZJ if cf WL GLM? jwfgny, J fy RSV M ff! A Q5 Gyn? 4W,,ff fy! J W, W E ggixwff M MMV' Wwjjfff wffgiw wwf s Of f M31 MPX! jgjfp M fxfif Xi? 1 I 1 I ' N - f' -fm? , Sy Lk ,1,, I If IL, A., ,iw k I, - v I A ' :f""0- V dfwyil' . he V ff Q W' P 7 VJ 0 -f ' Z X C 422 ' f JZAQMAA ' '74 rpfj, 5M,Q ,X bf . f M I . 16 vp? 1 w wr? ' , . . 'uf ' X ' A c ' xl I 't X16 . lp F J 1 vi X X 34 -5' Y h Yr Xh g LM if' 'f f ug . 'Q' . wwf QQ M K' X I ,V 'T - M X Au NX' . V Sy- 'lv -KM I v. V N. J 'VI V XLT QA- ' -..' ,v X ENN Vvs . W- M' fix 1,,,f H Q, 4 kk. ' x. TJ .1 1' l 'L V' l 1 ' XVII NJ ju ' ' WfQ5b P9i Q, Q if ff if 'X ffdpfw I ' QV My 2 5 4 fx M N J :Q-' qrftg? V f 3' NN 'X 4-Ny fb Patricia ueger Clara Ernest xt I I Michael Orcutt Roy Kubley 8 Shir Hennes dnt' , ai' Margie Rapolz 4 Carol Borwan Dabney Kehrlng I 'Q Andrew Olson John Z1elke Mggine Bonney I Beatrice Cleon Schmidt Carol Schock Ronald Kellhofer John Turney Judy Lucas W' -WA 2 A' N af . " lf! 7 ' Wiz, Gear Lenzen Kenneth a Joan Klefer :ml Gordon H111 Mae Ann Schraufnagel f -0 P Rein Bucheg Wav Cleta Eder Kenneth Pellett lik Wayne Rosentreter ,iv Weis -5 3 iw - Margaret Fitch o f Eve yn Bucheger Bernlce D'Amato william Fleurg v-MR Gerald Kaleskl 1 Jul e Mathey 'J ' L56 -rf' W xx g,,,,""""?k'3A f gt,f-M' .. Q Marc'lla Nelson r J n K. if Y RW aa? if .,:iaY. ntl .9 at A ' canfiijx Zrff' , if .,,q I r. ', gps, '., , ,wg V X3 5. K. .. K K K ,.V,k . V. , , 3 WL. 3 Lt K V Q fx ,,,i ' . V- i , H : "9" L X ,L R.-ff ,Lo w V, A r :,, r X ., 5 ,, ..,. A -I' v ,N I . A r - e f a t 5 :2- -t fr .1 wr x. , ft 3 ivfzf' x W ' , w' n N f H iid 1' 1 Kay K fl? ' gd? Lotbvvri W '09 - ix Wgti V52 f faery' 4 53 5' 1 a 4 n FPNQ, Q ,tag dtip, t 9 ii' 5 " RQ5 , . ff . x ti Q A if f . LFS' Z :jim I f.k I 2:3 ": ' Q . ak I .Q ' .v-' 3 . f X, is e- k7-, A t i ' Q 'ww' d ye . 24 7 NA' ik' - ' 3 ipgdw aka Fw e 13, Q ?fW2 5 .af 1 4 Q ffm' . . r t i I. y . Lx J I Q, ft El? ',,. 33" E - v ,a a , d 1 fe M a aa I -9' X Q-M ig at gi ji. i f. S 5 , 1 Q XR 1 ' f ' 'f A 9 v , pf, + y wr Qnlfm zf U! My M' .Af ' W 'MV' wma? fy MjJ5L h? hgJ u:Licc My M Qvxlivflf 'Nj Wpjyfofiyff ,ffif ff! Wi Wpjjlwjjwwiz, JVM Jf M W' 0 jjf ,j,f"!5 idk, SAV V: W dw ig? .fpiwxp Zf5M,!Egg,,cf?, Aff-1-Uacyfufwwlt, a gwww QW o f f Q Lb -l,e,' - V ' .1-KI , I 5 572-'C , -uf: If SLM' , V :pk A . WY! ' If I 0 M K , V ,W NLg'j7, ' ,MJ . W My f A 0' I W A . if 1,542 6 A , I If X pf, Q ,- I M ff ' 9 i W, . Z J A, ' 1 ' ' ' ,u I fy' 70V I Pj i . ' ' ' ' A+ ' ' J f 7 WL gvp- if II Wi' I af Q M1 , gf , fgVAp,s,',l . , 1"-', . B3 .livf I I , ' H 1 I ' A 31 ' tj in I . i . I N-6, 1 C I , H., Q! t fag Q 4 vfgu K 1 jf ' 1. f' U I I I , I 'J - ,J ' 'N gf - P' J J -E Y X 11 , l 1 I xxx KJ t . , and J Albert Bucheger Nancy Joseph Dorothy Clifford Turney Steir Lutz EPDSS5 :S 4,9 , Charlene Weis , E, Xboarf A A .0143 V 'S ' ' C - ,Z Q' x it 'tii , ' 2' . A ik en 1. W t Q- :vm Ii -, L I. I , , . , H - 1 .Q .7 I , ,. V Rosemarie Leon ' Daniel Thomas Donald Christine Rein 0' D0nne1 Pohl Eineichnar Tgmgier Kraus , 9 7 C R I 1 . v W 0 K x 'C . otb :rm ,,':k, E -45 t X o r Shirley N Delas Norbert Dennis William Nancy Kichm-er Kempf Schmidt York Killinger Chappa , zr. kzhuq E lf ' . L we Q K L- -,'2 Q "-' W L ,t:' tlt r i C, C Raymond Marlene David Andrea M91ViY1 Sheik Scholz Kempf Mertig Carlson Patitz K fhzlens fk 5' ' E' m 0 A Y A f ti J C A J fi 'f 5:2 5 o A Q .vxxy 'X 9.xfiJ xi x f?'e?nY:w, vg'f,, K, ' A ff5Kg'v' 'I A " L Richard Ronald Lon-eine Donald mm ,, H 1 f ' Schroeder L9Pk0WiCZ Kicherer Fd6I' Eder 5' t ,f 9 ' 1 ,pl Q-4 41 M Ws+"iffmf j,fV M V4'jW QWpbfIjQMLy!fvfi?ffJl,i'iiJQDffY Wb NW W WV W M W Hfyojpfjw Vjfjgfjfff W MQ, f U ff NZM W Xii3?Jf!3JfJQ1wQj,j'f W , ,gf ffwwg A ff mf! Q 5 JJ' WJMDWV6 fwfr X, MA M4 wwf? WM X5 fd! sf bcjigyiy M I ., L M W Mi M if ' We af! My n gf My w b 5. JJ w W H . , ff A X, 0 H of fag 'M . I bi, .HPV pf U99 . av G b .0 ivyffbv, wx ' fy ,W ,M . P fm wi W M M , J ,X f ' W'2?fff1f'f' ,N MbBAN gC,vQP' Wiwwffbjf ff: ., A f X Q, mg HQ A L'flVIfI6'5 Qs X522 QW Vx Q wx ,,.-AJ' a WeiS Ea yf' Barbar x X I, Y Q , I 'o rum I This page sponsored by: CHIPPEWA LUMBER INDUSTRIES ZACH'S IGA Rafe 4 RCE Rein, Hathey, Turney, Orcutt, Neibauer, Whalen, Eder, Thorp 'mrney, Olson, Kenyon, Schmidt, Mindel, Carlson, Lenzen, Rosentreter, Eder, K0if91' Eder, Orcutt, Berman, Mathey, Schraufnagel, Weis, Bucheger, Bucheger, Schoch Chappa, Whalen, Eder, Weis, Rein, Kehring This is the first year we have had a square dance club. Miss Brennan was our advisor and instructor. At the beginning of the year we elected our officers for the first semester. Joyce Orcutt was elected president, Dan Rein, vice-president, and Julene Hathey, secretary. At the beginning of the seco d semester we elected officers to serve for the remainder of the year. Ed Neibauer was elected president, Cloyee Mindel, vice-president, and Carol Schoch, secretary. During the year we had meetings of the square dance club in the gym, at noon hours and in the evenings. Everycne PPGSGYW had 8 wonderful time. It is hoped the square dance club will be as active in the future as it has been this year. Thi 1 nsored by: s page SKZSSAS CITY STAR CO., Flambeau Paper Division, Park Falls, Wis. If JW ND VJ gf O' ,V W ak X My A JI V' X WV X5 Y wJ J ., . ,. 1 N- xv w .V wh Vg e,-mm CA! , FN 1 Miss Templeton, Sch idt, Hataiya, Lenzen, Rein, Bucheger Schmidt, Schmidt, Mindel, Hauschild orend ICJ QQ Schraufnagel, Kenyon, Mindel, Bay, Bucheger, Miss Templeton Lepkowicz, Gear, Orcutt, Chappa, Weis, Warren, Thorp Eder, Lucas, Weis, D'Alato, Eder, Schmidt O , 1 H V -1 -f M 4' I A ,- - 0 . ' f . ' J L ,E I A , f a X' i P 3. This page is donated by: THE NORTHERN STATE BANK, Glidden, Wis My ,ff Jffffjff Mjlfjfyiy L A mp in fl NV Liga? J ru NV' my A V3 L ZLLVU ff? D fy, A ,I , ff, M, L L5 MV NV -- 'WV .f by y ,ff M' V I A t f f M' gf c 4 K uf P V T , , Q li X N NkL v Rn ' ' - ' ,I X Axx , V 'X 5 xt N ' OJXAYY 1 Q .491 X, H . Dramatzcs 61116 0 Q66 95 Hiller, Mathey, Eder, Mataiya, Cheppa, Lucas, Rein, D'U'8f'0 Schmidt, Werren, Thorp, Weis, Schraufnagel, Borman, BucheS91': Orcutt: will-'U Hauschild, Renzelmann, Weis, Miss Templeton, Eder, Neibauer, Eder 56161166 61116 FI Lepkowicz, Kiefer, Stier, Whalen, Eder, Bucheger, Bucheger, Borman, Kehring, Bucheger Mathey, Burns, Lutz, Weis, Chappa, Schraufnagel, Lucas, Kehring, D'Amato Schmidt Olson, Lenzen, Eder, Neibauer, Renzelmann, Hauschild, Schmidt, Mr. Niemi Eder, Weis, Schmidt, Eder, Mataiya, Bucheger, Rein This page is donated by: THE ASHLAND AUTO DEALERS, Ashland, Wis. Q r ' , " ' Q ' fs' swag 1 .Q 1. 2 sf ' - ff an A . 4 ,G " LA ti , v 'I .3 5 9 C A 4 ' s , : in Q .v ,, i 4 MQ, M ,ij Inf XMJQUWIQ J MW W Q DLL U M f 2 +L ,cv P W M11 W WW' 1 Wwww My M Jyfjyjiafty WD,UfUV?NUJw M M jfo of y W Q Wk 'MZQQ my W AM " 0' 0 !0Mn,ff 'I AJ? X. 1 fi W '7C,f,4 W ' , j iff, ,vvf4' xl QNXQQW 1, 'x fi vi-YVW' V ltvvfyxflf -Y . ,WUI fa SL 51 ficvyqifjsj' fy W D J W. Q X -V ' . nk awww 'Y' .f QAM fm, X Q if A KJ A M QL l A My Wm: 1 f' ff J WV' 'L , ' Q! Y , rf if A. q AQVAQQ ' CN: .QQ xl' Off fl xi Lnmfgqgl H! U y M Y ' ,Wfv 1'm ww .U l 4,61 MW V , J ' ww -G vu .a W P Ly Back Row Eder,Thorp,Kehring,Werren,Olson,O'Donne1,Ernest,Zimmerman, Engeldinger,Krans,M1nde1,Mi11er,Bucheger,We1s,D'Amato Second Row M MumSmmdmyLMmqJumJaMMwJwMmLmwqJumLmmm Chappa,Jurgatis,Bogyo,Kunsch,Ueis Seated Eder,Bonney,Bay,Gear,Schrauf nage1,Whe1an,Eder,Schock,Lutz,Borman,Krans,Eder,Rein,HcC1aire,O1son,Gear f' f' Back Row Lepkowicz,Car1son,Thorp,Lenzen,Schmidt,Hausch11d,Renzelmanm, Kampf,Whe1an Thlrd Row Krueger,Lucas,Werren,A Buoheger,W Bucheger, Kempf,E Bucheger,Zim erman Second Row Lutz,Hennes,Turney,D'Amato, Kehring,Kiefer Front Row Mi11er,Weis,Chappa,Schraufnage1,Rein,Weis, Eder, an Director Mr Metz This page is sponsored by ART BESSE, Ashland, wis. BILL TEETERIS PONTIAC, Park Falls, wie !.SL,.J f"" 4 S a g ' ' . : r. QA Gail' ' 1 V V A L V it g , V .' S ' ' -Q., Y' A ,N , '1,,,- +,, nv, Q It K I C ti ,X lzlffl 'ff 14 tw X f' C xc' Pep Hand Olson, Eder, Mindel Bogyo, Kunsch, Weis, D'Ansto Eder, Bon ey, Schock, Eder, Schraufnagel, Zimmerman, Ernest, Weis, Chsppa, Lucas A D'Amato, Thorp, Weis, Weis, Eder Schraufnagel, Turney, Kunsch, Bogyo Wlrlers This page is donated by: THE QUALITY SUPER MARKET, Glidden, Wis. ' ' T m g. A Je... 1 Lx is H-,M If F N ov! V A A, 'I L Oily bbw F: M A x 5 5 N Lk N NX 3 f' WV sl ' ' 9 PJ? ! K! nav? E X! k I ww V' Qt X F A ly V Al I .H 3,1 X I N IL? I Lf A Nl 4 AL N x, I A i WFP! ix fp f X YW K V! F my ly MLK 1 ' J . X gf J! I X 3 xijgnx-yy X L RY FA! J ,Ryu X. I KN y fu 1 A WV' M' 'n X' 'VN' X -L ,L I' - , X lf, f J X. , . 3, v f X W V r ,Afllfdflf Stag H fx. A 1 Tom Edward Coach Jerry Kenny i X Reln Nelbauer Hebert Renzelmann Pellett Gbeerleaders Why qw am :NH Nancy Turney, Julene Nathey, Andrea Carlson SPONSORED BY PARK FALIS BUSINESS PEOPLE FLAMBEAU BEVERAGE CO NORTHERN IMPLEMENTS NENZEL'S VILLA DOTEL SCULLY'S ELFCTRIC BAKERY DR WECKWERTH TAX A ACCOUNTING SERVICE FLYGT'S DRUG STORE PARK FALLS CLEANERS BEN FRANKLIN COAST TO COAST HOUSE OB MUSIC PARK FALLS LOCKER PLANT ACE HARDWARE STORE GODFREY HAEGSTROM ART SCHMIDT REAL ESTATE MORGAN'S STORE DR E C MILLER MOCKLERS CLOVERFARM STORE GUSTArSON'S I G A RESEAR BROS MICEKS NPFP RADIO STATION STEIGER MOTOR SALES Z .O QQ 8401 Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden Glidden Rein, Kubley, Patitz, Mr. Hebert Missing: Olson, Bay, Renzelmann, Neibauer, Killinger filing-ltler HOME ROAD 68 Prentice S7 Glidden 53 Tripoli 58 55 Fifield Glidden Winter L18 76 Tripoli Glidden Hawkins 60 67 Winter Glidden Butternut hl 77 Butternut Glidden Prentice S1 56 Hawking Glidden Fifield L5 GLIDDEN VERSUS BUTTERNUT Won both games: Here 77-6h There 55-F41 ' , . , 'nur 1 If ,4 , , X 5 gen N EDHLRD REIBAUER CENTER Ed will long be remembered for his cat like ability to Jump Ind COUUPO1 the backboards on rebounds Through constant work and patience, Ed made of himself a scoring threat 121118 season, finishing game after S8119 in the double figures As co captain of the Vikings he served as an inspiration to the remainder of the team JEROME RENZELHANN GUARD This was Jerry's last season, and as co captain he made a wonderful season of it for himself as well as the and defensive hawk, he made his finest contribution to any Viking Squad upon which he has played will be hard to replace next season ANDY OLSON FORWARD This was Andy's second year on the team His achievements in scoring and rebounding ability have proven him a very reliable and all around player We all will look forward to his services again next season This page is sponsored by PIONEER CREAMERY ASHLAND INSURANCE AGENTS team. As a ball handler, playmaker . He CLIFFURD BUTLER GUARD Cliff has proven to be a very good player His ability to score on long shots has given him a key position on the starting five Being a junior, he will be back nsrxt year fighting for G H 8 BILL BA! FORWARD In spite of his many bouts with illness, Bill has made a fine contri bution to the team this year, filling in as forward whenever needed We're sure that next year, as a senior, Bil1's contributions will be even greater. This page sponsored by: SCHROEDENS HARUIIARE 8: GARAGE THE HART PRINTING OFFICE BILL FLEURY FOIUARD Bill's rebounding ability and accuracy in shooting has proven him a vital asset to the team His services will be looked forward to next season JERRY KILLIKBR FOUND run aewnmuen to be use manga? narked Je 'e Pfblllll 'fini v his juniornyzar. Used spar'-1-D311 40158 the early stages of the season, Jeff! developed into a very dependable sub at the forward position during the closing gales of the ca!!-il!! H should be outstanding next season DAN REI! GUARD This was Dan's junior year and the first tile that he had gone out for basketball, so this was pretty such a learning season for him He should be ready to Hake his lark with ne t year'e Vikings ROY KUBLEY As a s homore, this was Ro 's first UP I year of actual c mpetition height and determination made him a constant threat on the 'BW squad where he saw most of his action responded well to his limited assign ments with the 'AN team, and with continued improvement will prove a tr mendous asset to the Vikings in the next two seasons MELVIN PLTITZ CENTER Although this was Melvinfs fresh man season, he gave indications of things to come from him during his remaining three years in a Viking uniform A versatile player, Hel should make a fine forward or center in the future QQ we 99 Cdl!! Schroeder, O'Donnell, Kenyon, Rosentrater, Tomaier, Killinger, Eder Mertig, Keilhofer, Kubley, Patitz, Orcutt, Mr Hebert We wish to express our sincere thanks to Mr Hebert who has been our coach for the past year His long devoted hours and patience have spurred our boys on to. victory We are grateful! Men, and Other Friends Who Have Made This Book Possible Ashland Business People ASHLAND DAILY PRESS WESTHAN PAINT STORE SMITH FLORAL C0 WALTER H NELSON, SHERIFF MORAN MODE METROPOLITAN STORE ALEX 8: WALT D-X SERVICE COLUMBIA FURNITURE STORE ELECTRONIC SALES 81 SERVICE MCKINNEY'S DRUG STORE TILLIE'S TINY TOTS BROWZER BOOK 8: ART SHOP HOME ELECTPJC COMPANY AN ASHLAND FRIEND QUALITY BAKERY CAFE SCHILLER'S SHOE STORE SLAVICK PAINT STORE VOGUE WOODHEAD'S DRUG STORE CLARENCE A DAY J 8: L SHELL SERVICE Fifield Business Peoples NORTHWOODS INN MIKE BEAUDIN, REALTOR BODYSHOP Butternut Business People: WARTGOW MOTOR SALES KRIZ'S SPORTHAN'S CLUB North York Business People NORTH YORK STORE C M STEPHENSON GROCERY M SCHRAUFNAGEL 8: SONS, HABLENGO HOPPIES BAR, CAYUGA JOSTEN' S , OWATONNA, MINN The Staff of THE CHIPPEWA Wishes To Thank The Following Business, Professioml Baseball - ng Hill, Bay, Kenyon, Rein, Engeldinger, Keilhofer, Turney, Olson, Eder, Hebert Bay, Olson, Renzelmann, Patitz, Mertig, Orcutt The Glidden High School baseball team ended the 19511 season with a pretty good record. The G. H. S. team this fall ended in a three-way tie for third position with a 3-3 record. G. H. S. team beat Fifield, Hawkins, and Prentice High Schools, but lost to Tripoli, Winter, and Butternut Schools. That's the way, Glidden. G. H. S. baseball team loses only two players this coming season. So here's wishing the Glidden High School team lots of luck and let's see them go out and bring back the trophy in the 'SS season. SCORES Glidden 7 - Fifield 5 Glidden 5 - Hawkins o x., A Glidden 7 - Tripoli 9 Glidden 7 - Prentice l Glidden L1 - Butternut lO Glidden 2 - Winter 3 The Staff of THE CHIPPEWA Wishes To Thank The Following Business, Professional Men, and Other Friends Who Have Made This Book Possible X Mellen Business People SPA BOWLING LANES THE GRILL DR L MILAVETZ, OPTOM TRIST COAST TO COAST TURNEY BROS BAR HARRIS CAFE STEVE'S HOTEL AND BAR MEREDITH'S ARMY NAVY STORE SCHROEDER DAIRY MELLEN WEBB SERVICE CLYDE AND ANN'S BEAUTY SALON MELLEN MACHINE k REPAIR STORE THREE STAR TAVERN Judy an MSP? Marge and Mary This page sponsored by LAKE SUPERIOR D P CO , Ashland, Wie THE UNION NATIONAL BANK, Ashland, Wia Ardith an ' Jo Qu P 'M . - I -f ' . . , ,. . 8 , iff 'wk Evelyn , f A f ... A . s E l 'Nev,,. V MVZWX, Z? 9 O O C O I O .S2A..J 4 6 E T? was 'M mm! 1' Qgyimiwbg wah? Q8!Q!!B1mwM Qi l--A Typlng C1355 Advanced Shorthand 3 study Hall q..-S Cholr Home Economics S F ""'-ci :flu H Christmas Seal Drive Milk Break f , H 5" " ' 3 4 F ' ,QV 2' ' , TQ 7 K- V .xr -W f 'K ' 1 W, ' n 'ls K W ' ' 4 , ,gg A. ww .ff r i 5 P '- JM Q-3 s r-2 rE r r r I 1v5iflw1,mg- rm Y -',: . M 5? 4 I LAAL if V ..,.- , Qiqwig irfwwt gvbv w Qm r gww w If V 6 zz., I J Qvngggfw , Eg gg' .. A g nigga Q A wr M X, Q " tg if ,ff B. ' ,giw "' fi ff? f 27. ' M f r,' rr,r V, 7 , , , r qu, ' "K if f n F' 7 'I ' La- ff- ? v L, M A .. ., .wx 2 , LJ f - 1 A bww ' ' , ,lug Q 44 V . ,pf ' s 1 R' fm' 5 h n1.z .1.:-... A.-nv-sn D11 +. +. 'rvnutl Home made product If w Putsy Atta bo3 Jerry Pals! And the band played on 'UQ Cute! Drugstore Cowboys Bus1ness Danager and Edltor Superlntendent and Prlnclpal A happy moment 0 1 i W igiwgggf g o if Q . ligg A7 ?' . V or 'W V ffzugjgni fo, q' fi, 4 f sf W-. - - -r .1 3-r in r of ' r 'J Q A r Q 3 ' ' 4 o ,L 46 , ri I 4 Q ' .Q of 4, L- r ' Q-Q 1 f' Lwnfi 21-4 ' ' 1 M K . . 1 1 n ' 55 'Qi' :Q '1 ' W f'QA d ' " 5 351 1 ? Y 'Sl -Q 'Q 1ll'--5 WEE Alyce Schmidt, 'ff-we-N3 Melvin Schmidt Barbara Weis W8 JJ "w"'Gnf Q' w 'Myflw g "J'iiiiis Jean Eder Reuben Olson .-.4 Mary Tomaier Madlyn Rein pr aLw4 ell' f ihqg-Q K-N mm Q---J' Wi? Mui' i X n 5 ...Quai Mary Bucheger Joyce Kunsoh Edna. Hill J OYCB OPCIIUS This page donated by the following Glidden business people RAY SCHOLZ I GO B! ROBERT KEILHDFER PETE'S CAFE I I ' . ' Lf' ' , q . Q y L , 1-I pn-nn-' K "7" f 1 ' " - 4 - . le g ' 1' ng 4 l K V Q. - 7 S -.5 -- ' ,gi " jk Q 'fy j. ' ' 4 - A,-fe., f I rw R M997 ' 5 Y L E I f Le. if ' ' x T' L jliw . r , 1 ' ' fi ff f as lin, J. .. - 7 I O LL : X V agp f -Ei: R 5 It H 'sg , , ' ' ' K 1 . e ,JP , 3' . 1, .obj "Mft 5 .dv M' A '. , lufgjz, ' , 7 7 ,. . .Lf 1 ' -A-fl' Q , ,e.. A, ,Aaah 1 K: , ' V Mn, v ' ' I ,4 ,K W gi' , WH . F ,. W , ' j ,gfi ',475?'T5, 5 in Q , A . , ' T 2 , ff n ,j3,"f ASW fa . . A L A 'xi Zi" .lil-V3 gn JF ' ' f re or , 2 fmm:n,f'r1 Q I Q RQ ilxg XL. V ,L V ., ,4 of I e ,Rf , 4 I K- ,af , . A 15 : . , Ay g' ,W F " A "A- l dv' 'QQ f - LJ n - -or - , A+,-. ,fa ' fnmtw x JJ' F1 i1mHfgf,FHnyn A ,A o I hookey Ji? our glad rags el' 'of Ww- gf Just a snack Great mUS1CiaDS eh? 07195 King and Queen 45" A happy day A! s2...ff" B111 Kllllnber Judy'Wh1+e Vary B Dorothy Lutz Ffa X Jerry Kllllnger ATI ki Julene Mathey Ardlth Eder Tom Rein Q G r Y-19'-Q bl-new-gn-uqlx2'4FP'Q Jim P1ck1er,Mr Kenyon Shir1ey5Caro1,Rosa1ie,Mar1ene f x A-5 Earlene hempf Q' amide Jerry Judv Lucas QEEZS Renzelmafm Karen and Andy QI1 l ! Love Is Grand x ff-fv-an -rolyn A.,Caro1 F.,Ar1ene T.,Rosa1ie N. Mae Ann S.,Nary T.,Joan K.,Don T. if N...-A Miss Gersich 5 Edna H., Ruth H., Mary B Putsy R. K Y an h mm ' our New Addition You can buff' Anything Good Ol' G.H.S. ler Skating! :K P-1 eq! Vg .Ka 'X Q u 1 . ' '-.5 5,131 I . 1 . fern if o ', - - 'H e The Main Drag our doughg M own Where 4 Jorshlp ,A nh 'a 1145 .,.f'a. K ' X :lil fx ill! g iii I ., . 1 fm. CY 4 1 l X , Si ,,1, V, I 1 W .l.5.,m.f,g-4s1,.. -,U Q he e in 'K Wedding Dances here are fun! A E ,lf v f . pil 1 1 My iiv Augm-hunk' W i5.e-,,k ,, '1' f'6'ur Favorite Hangoutx ' ' ' EE Q 1. 5131313 3.42 in or , a Ea Q, 5 A1 Swim 1 - Tuff .. is ,, . ,.eef .Q 'L ,fhgfif , e f Hartfs Pub slung Company. we buy A ul A ws? vs, ali. 4 Q in ,4 f il P Where we 5, ff-yd' V get out love letters. if I L H 3' , R - 1 ' I: , L," ' ' 1 241 ig, 2' ' z . 1-1 --'W ' .A manvune- 4 1 41 --e--U...1-.. f f vi ,-1 .. . ., l f I . ...W f ' ' . L L W , . I I , E Y K A ,k,,,.., .... A . ' ug gim,,124t EEWN f 5 Buy your new car here! 1 'F '.f Q 3 g L fg laik QA 133 E Q E Q 7 Q me 25.3if4Lnee? g5gg?gs swqgif e' JZW KQ wA'3gfiw he 2 ' li f 4 Inlgfgffa A371 3 2 5? . X 'ff 1+ renn 1 S ' .. "Wu ' B swf? 'K 29,34 K .T -N 3' . 5 5 b - -1- .1 . K 7 : k 'V' A b Afgf' Q W iffifff 1 ii vii- 'Z .6 2 K. i ' 1r"" ' , A ,eL, ' S-A--7':vf ' gun .eye r - " .fiilfw f Z . . Om' " ' The Mill 45 1' 'J F ,gf r NNN tae s. vi., , .-, , ,, my ia . 2. , , .4 w IN -1 .df i 'x 1 1 The, :IW 42 V3 V Huw -IMI' ,.W,91r-ns i L:AV gg l 5 QP! 'A 3 f 5 ' Q now have Cinemascopel Let,'s have a coke! n- i v ,E J sa' J' E l Red Owl Agency- P.o. , M s Hill

Suggestions in the Glidden High School - Chippewa Yearbook (Glidden, WI) collection:

Glidden High School - Chippewa Yearbook (Glidden, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 82

1955, pg 82

Glidden High School - Chippewa Yearbook (Glidden, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 6

1955, pg 6

Glidden High School - Chippewa Yearbook (Glidden, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 8

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Glidden High School - Chippewa Yearbook (Glidden, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 75

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Glidden High School - Chippewa Yearbook (Glidden, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 6

1955, pg 6

Glidden High School - Chippewa Yearbook (Glidden, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 79

1955, pg 79

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