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The Nushka 1954 Glenwood, NC vsmv ■- a m jMU lo ' ' M? f%- ■■■■■■■ • a . . iw ’’ ■ " . ' 3 3 Presenting THE NUSHKA FOR 1954 GLENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL Glenwood, North Carolina FOREWORD With happy memories near the close of our final year at Glenwood School, we, the staff, with the other seniors, the faculty, and the stu¬ dent body, preseat Volume VI of the NUSKA. One of our greatest wishes is that this annual will aid and will be an inspiration to our underclass¬ men. We are sincerely hoping in years to come that you may turn through its pages and recall with fond memory your school days here at Glenwood. v ANNUAL STAFF ! LOREE DUVAL Co-Editor MRS. WILMA B. GREENE Sponsor LEE ROY SUTTLE Co-Editor l Jackie Mashburn, Sports Editor; Eugene Marlowe, Poet; Frances Stone, Snapshot Editor; Jimmy Thomas, Adver- Ruby Frady, Testator; Frances Bruner, Prophetress; tising Manager; Dorothy England, Business Manager and Margaret Hawkins, Historian. Art Editor; Kermit Cable, Assistant. First Row: Ruby Frady, Jimmy Thomas, Loree Duval, Lee Roy Suttle, Dorothy England, Frances Stone, Dorcas WiIkerson, Margaret Hawkins. Second Row: Ann Ireland, Frances Bruner, Jackie Mashburn, Mrs. Wilma B. Greene, Haskell Poteat, Glenn Whetstine, Kermit Cable, Eugene Marlowe, Mary Lillie Swann, Helen Jones. DEDICATION To the two people dear to our hearts, MRS. WILMA B. GREENE and MR. FRANK W. HOWELL, we, the seniors of Glen wood dedicate our annual. They have been co-operative and sincere in all their work for us. By their own words and actions, they have inspired us to higher ideals. We cannot find words to express our appreciation for everything they have done for us. With gladness from the bottoms of our hearts we, the class of 1954, dedicate to them this volume of 1 the Nushka. FACULTY V L sn d r ADMINISTRATION MR. MELVIN H. TAYLOR SUPERINTENDENT SCHOOL BOARD Standing: Mr. Ernest Ross, Mr. W. G. Marlowe. Seated: Mr. A. A. Wiseman, Mrs. Mary Thompson, Mr. Morris Nanney. •« MR. FRANK W HOWELL Principal HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY I I ' - ' I Mrs. Margaret B. Norris Mr. Warren Ellis Mrs. Mabel T. Bradsher Mr. W. C. Lynch Mrs. Dora Howell Mrs. Wilma Byrd Greene Miss Rachel Hunt Mr. G. C . Wigley elementary faculty First Row: Miss Emma McGalliard, Mrs. Edna Hemphill, Miss Barbara Griffin, Mrs. Ruth Hawkins. Second Row: Mrs. Clara Rayburn, Mrs. Jessie Snead, M s. Laura Brown, Mrs. Dessie Lowing. Third Row: Mrs. Charline Teague, Mrs. Pearl Austine, Miss Charline Hemphill, Mrs. William Elmore. Fourth Row: Mr. William Elmore, Mr. Vernon Melton. GLENW SENIORS SENIORS ' % OFFICERS Lee Roy Suttle (Seated) .President Jimmy Thomas. Vice-President Eugene Marlowe. Secretary-Treasurer SHIRLEY BAKER Home Economics 1,2; 4-H Club I; Hobby Club 3; Art Club 3; Glee Club 3,4; Safe¬ ty Patrol 4; F o I k Dancing 3,4; Future Teachers 3,4; Superlative 4. DOROTHY HOPE BOWMAN Home Economics 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 4; Square Dance Club 4; Superlative 4. FRANCES BRUNER Home Economics 1,2; Hobby Club 3; Glee Club 4; Class President 1,2; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Superlative 4; Annual Staff 4; Beta Club 4; Librarian 4. KERMIT CABLE F. F. A. 3, 4; Bus Driver 4; Annual Staff 4; Superlative 4; Science Club 1; String Band 3; Hobby Club 2. t SENIORS LOREE DUVAL Home Economics 1; May Court Attendant 1; 4-H Club 2, 3; Dramatics Club 2, 3; Hobby Club 3; Junior Play 3; Annual Staff 4; Beta Club 4; S u pe r I a t i v e 4. DOROTHY ENGLAND Science Club 1,2; Secretary 1; Student Council 1, 4; Delegate to WDNCSCC 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Hobby Club 3; Art Club 3; Public Speaking 2; Annual Staff 4; Superlative 4; Chief Marshal 3; Good Citizenship Award 3; Home Eco¬ nomics 1,2; D. A. R., " Good Citizen " for G. H. S. 4. BETTY LOU EPLEE Home Economics 1,2; Public Speaking 2; Junior Marshal 3; Dramatics Club 3; Hobby Club 3; Beta Club 3,4; Glee Club 4; Su- perlative 4; Folk Dancing 4; Future Teachers Club 4. RUBY FRADY 4-H Club 1; Dramatics 3; Hobby Club 3; Safety Patrol 4; Glee Club 1; Junior Play 3; Science Club 1; Home Economics 1,2; Superlative 4; Softball 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Beta Club 4. MARGARET HAWKINS Dramatics Club 3; Student Council 2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Home Economics 1,2; An¬ nual Staff 4; Superlative 4. . FRANCES HENSLEY Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Vice- President Dramatics Club 2; Science Club 2; Safety Patrol 4, Secretary; Cheer¬ leader 4; Superlative 4. SENIORS ANN IRELAND Home Economics 1, 2; School Store 1,2; Dramatics 3; Hobby Club 3; Folk Dancing 3, 4; Science Club 3; Annua I Staff 4. HELEN LORENE JONES Home Economics l,2;4-HCIub 1; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Hobby Club 3; Future Tea¬ chers Club 4; Beta Club 4; Girls Club 3; Public Speaking 2; S u p e r I a t i v e 4. WILLIE FAYE KAYLOR Basketball 1,2,3; Home Economics 1, 2; Science Club 2; Safety Patrol 3; Junior Play 3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Folk Dancing 3,4; Softball 2,3; Dramatics Club 2. JOANN LAWING Home Economics 1, 2; Science Club 2; Hobby Club 2,3; Softball 3,4; 4-H Club 1; Glee Club 3; Beta Club 4; Superla¬ tive 4. EUGENE MARLOWE Science Club 1; Safety Patrol 2; Bus Dri¬ ver 3, 4; F. F. A. 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Class Treasurer 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play; Junior Mar¬ shal 3; Superlative 4; Hobby Club 2; Dramatics Club 3; String Band 3. JACK MARLOWE F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bus Driver 1,2; 4-H Club 1; Aeronautics Club 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Basebal 11,2,3,4; Superlative 4. 1 f ) ! ! I SENIORS PATSY MARLOWE Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Home Economics 1,2; Student Council Secretary Treasurer 4; Class President 3; Dramatics 2; Science Club 2; Future Teachers Club 4; Junior Play; Beta Club 3,4, Secretary Treas¬ urer 4; Cheerleader 4; Librarian 4; Toast- mistress Junior and Senior Banquet 3; Superlative 4. HARVEY MASHBURN F.F.A. 1,2,3; Aeronautics 2; Bus Driver 3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Superlative 4. JACKIE MASHBURN F. F. A. Club 4; Glee Club 2, 4; Folk Dancing 2, 3; Basketball 3, 4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Aeronautics 2; Superlative 4. HAZEL MORGAN Home Economics 1, 2, Award 2; Hobby Club 3; 4-H Club 1,2,3; Glee Club4; Beta Club 4; Superlative 4. HOMER MORGAN Basketball 1,2,3,4; F. F. A. 2,3; Science Club 2; Superlative 4; Safety Patrol 3; Baseball 2,3,4; Aeronautics 2; Substitute Bus Driver 3,4. LEE PENDLEY Glee Club 4; Folk Dancing 4; F. F. A. 3, 4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Aeronautics Club 2; Science Club 2; Basketball 3; Superla¬ tive 4. SENIORS HASKELL POTEAT Glee Club 2,3,4, Dramatics 2,3; Science Club 2; Aeronautics Club 2, President; Basketball 1,2,3,4, co-captain 4; Junior Play; Folk Dancing 3, 4; Class Secretary and Treasurer 2; Athletics 3; Superlative 4. LOYD RAY Safety Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2; F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Hobby Club 2; String Band 2; Superlative 4. WAYNE RUMFELT F. F, A. 1,2; Aeronautics 3; Science Club 2; Bus Driver 3; Superlative 4. BETTY SMITH Home Economics 1, 2; 4-H Club 1,2,3; Public Speaking 2, Treasurer 2; Dramatics 2; Hobby Club 3, Secretary; Glee Club 3,4; Safety Patrol 3,4; Lieutenant 4; Librarian 4; Girls Club 3; Future Teachers Club 4; Superlative 4. MAVIS SPROUSE Home Economics 1,2; 4-H Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Safety Patrol 4; Dramatics 2, 3; Folk Dancing 3, 4; Science Club 3; Superlative 4. FRANCES STONE Glee Club ' 1; Future Teacher 3,4; Hobby Club 3,4; Dramatics 3; Folk Dancing 3,4; Safety Patrol 3; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Superlative 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Home Economics 1,2; 4-H Club 1; School Store 1,3; May Court Attendant 1; Beta Club 4. M S E N i O R S LEE ROY SUTTLE Science Club 2; Dramatics Club 2, 3; Aeronautics 2, Secretary and Treasurer; Glee Club 4; Class Vice-President 3; Senior Class President; Delegate to Boys State 3; Beta Club3,4, President 4;Safety Patrol 2, 4, Lieutenant 4; Nushka Staff Co-Editor 4; Superlative 4; Junior Mar¬ shal 3. MARY LILLIE SWANN 4-H Club 3; Home Economics 1,2; Public Speaking 3; Safety Patrol 3; Hobby Club 3; Folk Dancing Club 4; Superlative4. JACK TAYLOR Glee Club 3,4; BasketbalI l,2,3,4,Cap- tain 4; F. F . A. 1,2,3; Folk Dancing 3,4; Superlative 4; Sub Bus Driver 3,4. JIMMIE THOMAS Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3, President 4; Science Club 1,2; Dramatics Club 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3, 4, Manager 2; Safety Patrol 2; Glee Club 2,3; Delegate to WDNCSCC 2; Aeronautics 2; Junior Marshal 3; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; President of Student Body 4; Folk Danc¬ ing 3,4; Superlative 4; Ba seball 2,3,4. SHIRLEY WESTMORELAND Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Home Economics 1,2; Cheerleader 2,4; Dramatics Club 2; Safe¬ ty Patrol 2; Basketball 3; Junior Play 3; Superlative 4. GARVON WHETSTINE Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. Club 1,2; 3, 4; Dramatics 3; Folk Dancing 3, 4; Athletic Club 3; Basketball Manager 4; Junior Play 3; Superlative 4. GLENN WHETSTINE JOYCE WILLIAMS DORCAS WILKERSON F. F. A. 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Dra- Glee Club 4; Home Economics 1,2; Dra¬ matics Club 3; Folk Dancing 3,4; Athlet— matics Club 3; Science Club 2; Future ics Club 3; Bus Driver 3, 4; String Band Teachers Club 4, Secretary and Treasurer 3, 4; Basketball Manager 4; Sophomore 4; Hobby Club 3; Librarian Club 4, Presi- Play 2; Superlative 4. dent; Superlative 4. Glee Ciub 3, 4; Junior Play 3; Cheer¬ leader 2; 4-H Club 1,2; Annual Staff 4; Superlative 4; Home Economics 1,2; Safe¬ ty Patrol, Lieutenant 4. CLASS COLORS CLASS MOTTO CLASS FLOWER Green and White " Not to the top but still climbing. Dogwood CLASS POF.M It seems only yesterday When we were freshmen green Carefree, happy, and gay, With laughter so serene. Then our Sophomore year, That followed closely by. Gave us wisdom clear The pride of Glenwood Hi. Juniors we were very soon. Our goal not far away; Every passing moment Brought us close to the day. Now we ' re the Class of ' 54; Time is flying by; Minutes swiftly soar; And parting days come nigh. Friends and classmates good-bye; Dear teachers our thanks true; As we leave Glenwood Hi, Our gratitude ' s to you. As we leave Glenwood halls. Our tender hearts are sore; But the world now calls For this Class of ' 54. MASCOTS RAY GRINDSTAFF Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Grindstaff SUSAN ELAINE HOFFMAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hoffman SENIOR SNAPS J. Ain ' t " she " cute? nupe me ous aon 1. High as they ' ll ever get. 2. Comfortable spot to rest .ho, look in you,.y«? 6. Baby If, cold. 7. On ,h. a ' .lmlU a,‘,h.’ BW?. 9. On ,he buck.,. 10. H. II. DwMdfar OCCOXM. 12. All grins. 13. H. ' s a big boy now. 14. Young chick,. 15. Young ; ’ d - Anything can happen. 18. Rah I Rah! 19. What say? 20. No peeping Haw, he haw. and Innocent. 16. Don ' t get exci in the background. 21. What ii . i . i s 0 nnui juy ; 4.V. I NU pCCUIMC , , n! . 9her and higher. 23. Rear view of the lining. 24. Boy, what a pose ' What tickled you? 26. Here she is. 27. Let ' s go, girls. SUPERLATIVES MOST VALUABLE TO SCHOOL Loyd Ray - Betty Lou Eplee BEST PERSONALITY Mavis Sprouse - Eugene Marlowe MOST LIKELY TO MARRY Hazel Morgan - Glenn Whetstine MOST POPULAR Frances Stone - Harvey Mashburn MOST TALENTED Dorcas Wilkerson - jack Taylor MOST STUDIOUS Margaret Hawkins - Lee Roy Suttle MOST DEPENDABLE Loyd Ray - Betty Smith WITTIEST Joyce Williams - Jack Marlowe Jackie Mashburn BIGGEST FLIRT Ann Ireland - Glen Whetstine FRIENDLIEST Shirley Westmoreland - Jack Marlowe SUPERLATIVES MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Dorothy England - Jimmy Thomas MOST MISCHIEVOUS Joan Lowing - Jackie Mashburn NEATEST Frances Bruner - Lee Pendley QUIETEST Mary Lillie Swann - Kermit Cable MOST ATHLETIC Homer Morgan - Willie Fay Kaylor MOST TALKATIVE Shirley Baker - Garvon Whetstine CUTEST Loree Duval - Wayne Rumfelt CLASS CHUMS Patsy Marlowe - Frances Hensley MOST COURTEOUS Helen Jones - Loyd Ray BEST LOOKING Ruby Frady - Haskell Poteat BEST ALL ROUND Dorothy Hope Bowman - Lee Roy Suttle CLASS H ISTORY e school year of 1942-43 saw a new group of eager, expectant first graders entering school. We were such frightened and shy " little ones " . Now that we are Seniors it is hard for us to realize that it has een twelve years since we began our " schooling " . We are glad that it was Miss Estelle Washburn who wel¬ comed us into our school career. She guided us expertly through our f irst year, which ended all too soon. So I imagine we looked forward to year number two with more enthusiasm than did our teachers. Miss Genell Butt and Miss Ellen Crawford, who helped us along on the " humpy road of learning " . In our third year with Mrs. Mary Cothron we grew in the knowledge of spelling and were introduced to a subject called " arithmetic " . Mrs. Delia Rutherford was our guide and helper in our fourth year of school. She did her best to teach us that new subject - geography. Our interest in this subject did not need much encouraging, since it opened new horizons to our young minds. We spent a pleasant year in the fifth grade with Miss Mary Beam, who prepared us for Miss Mamie Whitesides ' sixth grade. Thissixth grade marked a turn in our school spirit. School can really be wonderful 1 We will never forget our seventh yearl Mrs. Dessie Lowing and Mrs. Charlene Teague were patient with us and sent us on our way with a better understanding of mathematics, United States History,and Eng¬ lish. Oh, yes, we were beginning to be better sports and to appreciate art and music. Physical education and music periods were the highlights of our eighth year. Mr. and Mrs. William Elmore encouraged us in these phases of our growth, along with our less enjoyable subjects. This eighth year saw our class grow in number when the students came from Dysartsville and Sugar Hill to join us. Loree Duval, Mavis Sprouse, Betty Smith, Shirley Baker, and Harvey Mashburn came to Glen wood from Dysartsville. Dorcas Wilkerson, Eugene Marlowe, Kermit Cable, and Ruby Frady migrated from Sugar Hill. At long last high school days were begun in 1950 - that goal we had kept before us through those ele¬ mentary years. Miss Bertha Martin and Mr. Luther Thomasson were our ninth gr ade homeroom teachers. Our first grown-up parties that year brightened the ordinary routine of school. Frances Bruner was our class president, James Womach; vice-president;and Jimmy Thomas, secretary and treasurer. In our sophomore year we felt superior to the new freshman class. Our homeroom teachers were Mr. W. C. Lynch and Mr. Dean Pike. We again elected Frances Bruner president; Mary Lee Morgan, vice- president; and Haskell Poteat, secretary and treasurer. Our junior year was one to remember. The Junior-Senior Banquet and the Junior play were the high lights of this year. Miss Wilma Byrd was our sponsor and worked with us in all of our activities. The mem¬ ory of the day we ordered our class rings will long linger, because it was that day we first began to realize our school days were almost over. Our class officers this year were: Mary Lee Morgan, president; Patsy Marlowe, vice-president; and Eugene Marlowe, secretary and treasurer. At last our senior year! We have the same sponsor that we had last year, but she is now Mrs. James Greene. Lee Roy Suttle is class president, Jimmy Thomas is vice-president, and our secretary and treasurer is again Eugene Marlowe. There are so many pleasant things to remember about our senior year. The pleasant memories of the first day of school as seniors, the excitement over class rings, and the thrill of being measured for caps and gowns will last many years. As the 1954 NUSKA, a major class project, goes to press, there are many things yet to happen. The Senior play, the Junior-Senior Banquet, graduation, and the long-awaited trip to our nation ' s capital are still in the future. After twelve years, thirty-seven of us have nearly reached one of our goals in the ladder of learning, the goal of a high school education. Many of us plan to continue our climb as we enter various schools and professions to learn to be of service to others. May we ever live up to ourmotto, " Not to the top but still climbing. " CLASS PROPHECY It was another beautiful October day in Hollywood, Florida, where I had my " own " beauty shop and had my dream home. As I awoke that morning and looked out at the lovely, colorful scenery, I remembered my dream of last night. 1 had dreamed pleasantly of former classmates and happy school days at Glenwood. Being so superstitious, it had been floating around in my mind all morning. When suddenly something happened which convinced me that often times dreams really come true. You cannot know how surprised I was when someone came into my shop around eleven o ' clock, whom I recognized as Hazel Morgan, an old classmate of mine. She told me she had married Glenn Whetstine and that he owned a fleet of trucks in Cheyenne, Wyoming. During the course of our conversation Hazel reminded me that our senior class had planned to return to Glenwood to help with the Harvest Festival on October 31, and that she hoped we could return together. Anticipation of again seeing the " little red school house " caused me immediately to make plans to be at Glen¬ wood and help with the Festival. The flurry of preparing for business to go on as usual and packing kept me quite busy; so that the next afternoon when we stepped aboard the bus, I was too tired to notice the people around or the driver. However, Hazel soon informed me that Jack Marlowe was driving the bus. He told us that he and his wife, the former Helen Jones, were planning to help with the Harvest Festival, too. Jack told us that Betty Lou Eplee was secretary for Rumfelt and Morgan ' s Motor Company in Asheville. I was very restless until we reached Marion and finally Glenwood. How good it seemed to be back again. I could hardly believe my eyes! It had grown to be so much bigger and nicer in ten years. We walked up the steps and whom should we see first but Loyd Ray, the building and ground superintendent for the school, and still unmarried. Loyd, we found, lived near Harvey Mashburn, manager of the A P Market in Marion, N. C. We overcame the old fear of the " House of Horrors " and found Garvon Whetstine assisting the " spooks " . Willie Fay Kaylor, Coach for the N. Y. tigers, and Joann Lowing, one of the high school teachers, who were helping with the country store, told us that Garvon lived in San Diego, California, and owned the Pacific Lumber Company. As we chatted with them, we learned that Frances Stone and Ann Ireland were with the F. B. I. in Washington, D. C. Both of them were still searching for wealthy husbands. As we walked down the hall, I was thrilled to see so many of my classmates taking part in everything so cheer¬ fully. Loree Duval and Mavis Sprouse, both nurses at Duke, were helping in the cafeteria. After helping with the fortune-telling booth, we enjoyed eating with Joyce Williams, who told us about her lovely twin girls. Joyce also told us that Patsy Marlowe, Frances Hensley, and Ruby Frady were living in Texas and were stars on their own T. V. show in Dallas. We three made our way to the school auditorium and found Dorcas Wilkerson and Jack Taylor, who had been married only a short while, leading the group in the popular school song " O Glenwood High. " It seemed like old school days when we found Jackie Mashburn and Lee Roy Suttle selling drinks and popcorn. Jackie, superintendent of Carolina Mountain Telephone Company in Virginia, was planning to be married soon. Lee Roy was serving in the United States Air Force and planning to marry Betty Smith, secretary for Morton Salt Company in New Orleans. Those great musicians, Kermit Cable and Eugene Marlowe, were there. They told us about managing their furni¬ ture factory in Memphis and being regularly on Grand ' ole Opery every Saturday night. After the program we were bidding everyone good-bye when Shirley Baker walked up and asked us if we would like to go with her to Marion. We talked as we rode along about Shirley ' s work as ticket agent in Asheville. After telling Shirley good-bye at the bus station, we went in for our tickets. While waiting for our buses, two nurses came in. We recognized them as Margaret Hawkins and Mary Lillie Swann. Both were nursing at Marion General Hospital. They told us they just forgot to marry. My bus came before the one which was to take Hazel back to her home in Wyoming. Of course, we were sadat the thoughts of parting again as we had done at graduation. However, I was so glad that she had found me in Florida while on her vacation and had insisted I go with her back to Glenwood. I climbed aboard the crowded bus and started on my long journey back home. As the bus rolled along, I happened to glance around and see someone I was sure I knew. Sure enough, it was Jimmy Thomas, who was a television an- h0C ! always to be. Of course, we started talking and the subject of Haskell Poteat, t at i a e oy who was in our senior class, found its way into our conversation. Jimmy told me that Haskell was a lawyer in Philadelphia and that Shirley Westmoreland assisted him with the office work. He also told me that Lee Pendley was the manager of the Paramount Theater in Newport News, Virginia. Before too long I arrived home. I took my newspaper from its box and made my way inside to a comfortable chair to rest and glance over it. My eye caught the names of Dorothy England and Dorothy Bowman. I was thrilled to learn about their work in Italy as Missionaries. eC L ° V , e . r ° n my P ' ow ar d thought of my wonderful trip and my classmates, I said these words to yse . s a never e a e, and no one else shall ever be able, to convince me not to be superstitious of dreams. " Frances Bruner CLASS PROPHETESS LAST will and testament State of North Carolina County of McDowell Glenwood High School To Whom It May Concern: We, the senior class of 1954, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave to those who follow us our knowledge, wisdom, and courage, along with our last will and testament. ARTICLE I To the faculty we leave our deepest appreciation for their help and guidance throughout the past years. ARTICLE II To our parents, who for twelve long years have given us their unselfish love and sacrificial help, we leave our gratitude. ( ARTICLE III To the Juniors we leave our questionable ability to complete the final year. ARTICLE IV To our beloved home room teacher, Mrs. James Paul Greene (Miss Wilma Byrd), who has struggled with us for the past two years, we leave our profound admiration and undying friendship. ARTICLE V We, Frances Stone and Anne Ireland, leave our ability to have fun anywhere, anytime, and with anyone to Jean WiI liams. I, Patsy Marlowe, leave my ability to wreck cars to Wilma Poteat. I, Frances Hensley, leave my " Party Pitching " ability to Mimi Cranford. I, Garvon Whetstine, leave my talkative ways to Anne Craig. I, Joann Lowing, leave my love for Ford cars to Junior Greer. I, Ruby Frady, leave my title as " Best Looking Girl " to Marcelle Martin. I, Kermit Cable, leave my skill to skip class to Everette Sumlin. I, Lee Pendley, leave my love for the Freshman girls to Billy Greer. I, Mavis Sprouse, leave my love for " blonde " boys to Lois Smalley. I, Betty Lou Eplee, leave my title as " Most Valuable to School " to Betty Lou Pyatt. I, Harvey Mashburn, leave Bus 25 toRoy Lonon. I, Willie Faye Kaylor, leave my love for basketball to Revonda Brookshire. I, Jack Taylor, leave my love for alI the girls to Ray Willis. I, Dorothy Hope Bowman, leave my " Jolly Ways " to Evelyn Jordon. I, Jimmy Thomas, leave my high regard for the language of the French people and my love for geometry tests to Freddie Jackson. I, Mary Lillie Swann, leave my quiet ways to Kathleen Woody. I, Loree Duval, leave my English book and the ability to pass it to Shirley Wellborn. I, Dorothy England, leave to Eugene Woodby and Jewell McCraw all the French idioms that I ' ve had trouble with the last two years, those I learned and those I did not learn. Bonjour I I, Homer Morgan, leave my love for athletics to Stanley Vess. I, Frances Bruner, leave my ability to keep a steady boy friend to Jewell McCraw. I, Glenn Whetstine, leave my ability to have a car full of girls to Glenn Bowman. I, Hazel Morgan, leave my love for typing to Billie Cable. I, Eugene Marlowe, leave my ability to drive slow to Eugene Holland and Hugh Ledbetter. I, Dorcas Wilkerson, leave my love for the back seat of old 17 to Eloise Berry. I, Joyce Anderson-Wil liams, will my ability to get a man to anyone who ' ll dare try. I, Shirley Westmoreland, leave my love for cheerleading to Darlene McNeely. I, Helen Jones, leave my title as " Most Courteous " to Kathleen Woodby and Billy Sparks. I, Margaret Hawkins, leave my love for convertibles to Lila Lee Hollifield. I, Shirley Baker, leave my love for the East Marion boys to Dora Pendley. I, Haskell Poteat, leave my ability to get a smile from any of the good looking girls of McDowell to onyone of the oncoming senior boys. I, Wayne Rumfelt, leave my title as " Cutest Boy " to Jimmy Ledbetter. I, Betty Smith, leave my shortness to Lynn Christy. I, Lee Roy Suttle, leave my procrastination about getting my drivers ' license until I ' m a senior to Hoyle Blan¬ kenship. I, Loyd Ray, leave my ability to stay in the office and answer the telephone to Jack Lusk. I, Jack Marlowe, leave my ability to be late for homeroom to anyone who thinks he is lucky enough to get by with it. Ruby Frady TESTATOR J I Sf ' HOO? UNDERCLASSMEN I Eloise Berry Hoyle Blankenship Glenn Bowman Revonda Brookshire Billie Cable Lynn Christy Anne Craig Mimi Cranford Billy Greer Junior Greer Thurston Haynes Eugene Holland JUNIORS Lila Hollifield Freddy Jackson Evelyn Jordon Hugh Ledbetter Jimmy Ledbetter Roy Lonon Jack Lusk Marcelle Martin Jewe 11 McC raw Darlene McNelly Dora Pend ley Wil ma Gene Poteat Betty Lou Pyatt Lois Smalley Everette Sumlin Stand ley Vess Shirley Wei Iborn Jean Williams Ray Willis Eugene Woodby Kathleen Woody SOPHOMORES Troy Lee Baker Betty Jean Bledsoe Marie Bowman Faye Bright Ferman Buckner Josephine Cable Donald Cannon Rosalie Cox Maxine Cunningham Peggy Eplee Nora Estes , Zora Estes Mildred Goforth Mildred Hall Eunice Hayness Margie Hemphill Franklin Holland Daisy Hensley Millard Kiser Irene Kaylor Daniel Lancaster Alma Lowing Hazel Mashburn Eugene Ramsey Anna Moore Lula Mae Morgan Lorene Morgan Wi I lie Morgan Aileen Mostilie Margaret Pace Grady Parham Eloise Parker Darryl Petty Arrena Poteat Olen Poteat Wayne Poteat Wilma Ray Billy Gene Reel Charlene Reel Margaret Reel Janie Lou Stone Jack Silver Jerry Silver Joseph Taylor Shirley Taylor Paul Toney Billie Thomas Dorothy Vaughn Mary Jo Walker Donald Westmoreland Maxine Westmoreland Gail Williams Shirley Wi I liams Robert Wil lis Pat Wei Iborn FRESHMEN Edward Arrowwood Jack Arrowwood Bill Barber Carl Aldridge Hugh Anderson Pat Bartlett Ellen Buckner Beulah Cable Bobby Cable George Cable Marlene Calbhoun Horace Crawley Joyce Crawley Ronald Deck Glen Elmore Edith Ferguson Charles Grant Larry Gordon Barbara Harris Charlotte Harris Harold Hawkins Irene Hawkins Irma Hensley Jearlene Hensley Alvin Holland Maxine Hollifield Joyce Huffman Doris Hunter George Hunter Hazel Huskins Cecil Kaylor Claude Kiser Jerry Lowing Patsy Lowing Bennie Ledbetter Dan Ledbetter Linda Ledford Mildred Man is Jane Marlowe Kathrene Marlowe Sam Marlowe Peggy Mashburn Barbara Melton Evelyn Mitchell Lee Roy Mitchell Betty Morgan Elizabeth Morgan Betty Newton Donald Pot eat Floy Pyatt Carl Pend ley Wilma Pendley Russel Ratford Betty Reel Kayrie Reel Hugh Robins Bud Reynolds Barbara Ross Mary Rumfelt Olen Smalley Bobby Simmons Dorothy Smith Jennings Smith Judy Sparks Shirley Sumlin Donald Swann Vergie Mae Tyo Peggy Vess Genell Whitson Martha Wigley Romelda Westmoreland Herman Wilson Earl Woody 1. All crossed up. 2. Sisters 3. Male or Female 4. Between Periods 5. A time to remember 6. Hold your breath 7. Don ' t slip 8. Posing 9. The good old summertime 10. Brotherly love 11. Thanks for the heat 12. Good eats 13. Glenn sure can get them 14. Faces change fast 15. Ahead of herself 16. Don ' t fa 11 17. Look what Dorothy did I 18. Lost without him 19. This is the way it used to be. 20. Reckon the bells rung? 21. Hi Red 22. A day at the beach. J 23. There ya go 24. New I New! n r - m ■ -m „ mm mt i J ¥. i M» v. «mm mm k ) 1 ‘t .41 f H : mmm m A FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First Row: Jack Silver, Garvon Whetstine, Jackie Mashburn, Grady Paraham, Billie Greer, Billie Reel, Ferman Buckner, Mr. Wigley, Sponsor. Second Row: Sammy Marlowe, Troy Lee Baker, Hugh Anderson, Dan Ledbetter, Jerry Lowing, Hugh Ledbetter, Joy Taylor, Earl Woody, Hugh Robbins, Charles Grant. Third Row: Junior Hunter, Lee Pendley, Kermit Cable, Benny Ledbetter, Billy Thomas, Daniel Lancaster, Robert Willis, Jerry Silver, Olen Poteat, Donald Westmoreland. Fourth Row: Ray Willis, Loyd Ray, Junior Greer, Thurston Haynes, Jimmy Ledbetter, Eugene Loftis, Millard Kiser, Everette Sumlin. Fifth Row: Bud Reynolds, Russell Radford, Jack Marlowe, Glenn Bowman, Roy Lonon. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Sitting: Shirley Baker, Marcelle Martin, Eloise Berry, Joyce Williams. Secretary Treasurer; Dorothy England, President; Frances Stone, Vice President; Betty Smith, Patsy Marlowe, Helen Jones. Standing: Jewell McCraw, Lois Smalley, Betty Lou Eplee, Mrs. Dora Howell, Sponsor GLEE CLUB First Row: Martha Wigley, Irene Hawkins, Floy Pyatt, Betty Morgan, Frances Bruner, Hazel Morgan, Willie Faye Kaylor, Barbara Ross, Betty Lou Pyatt, Vergie Mae Tyo, Charlotte Harris, Romelda Westmoreland. Second Row: Eloise Parker, Dorothy Smith, Mary Rumfelt, Peggy Mash- bum, Shirley Westmoreland, Darlene McNelly, Mimi Cranford, Frances Hensley, Dorothy Hope Bowman, Peggy Vess, Patsy Marlowe, Wilma Poteat, Mildred Hall. Third Row: Eugene Woodby, Eugene Holland, Lee Pendley, Franklin Holland, Eugene Marlowe, Wayne Poteat, Garvon Whetstine, Jack Taylor, Haskell Poteat, Glenn Whetstine, Jackie Mashburn, Grady Parham, Sam Marlowe. Fourth Row: Lee Roy Suttle, Bobby Simmons, Helen Jones, Nora Estes, Eloise Berry, Marcelle Martin, Jewell McCraw, Shirley Wellborn, Mavis Sprouse, Betty Lou Eplee, Dorcas Wilkerson, Shirley Baker, Betty Smith, Marie Bowman. Fifth Row: Miss Hunt, Sponsor; Jimmy Ledbetter, Irene Kaylor, Zora Estes, Eunice Haynes, Margie Hemphill, Shirley Taylor, Arrena Poteat, Lula Mae Morgan, Lorene Morgan, Anna Moore. LIBRARY CLUB Sitting: Betty Lou Pyatt, Secretary; Frances Bruner, Patsy Marlowe, Frances Hensley, Vice-President; Barbara Ross. Standing: Barbara Harris, Martha Wigley, Romelda Westmoreland, Mrs. Wilma B. Greene, Sponsor; Betty Smith, Margie Hemphill, Eunice Haynes, Zora Estes. p 1 t r - MSt • ■■ Millard Kiser, Everette Sumlin, BUS DRIVERS Eugene Marlowe, Grady Paraham, Jackie Mashburn, Junior Greer, Lee Pendley, Jack Taylor, Kermit Cable, Glenn Whetstine, Harvey Mashburn, Lynn Christy, Hugh Ledbetter. SAFETY PATROL First Row: Shirley Sumlin, Peggy Mashburn, Barbara Ross, Dorcas Wilkerson, Jewell McCraw, Betty Smith, Frances Hensley, Christene Gibbs, Zora Estes, Betty Newton, Eunice Haynes, Peggy Vess. Second Row: Wilma Ratford, Ellen Buckner, Joyce Crawley, Maxine Hollifield, Dorothy Smith, Dorothy Vaughn, Joann Lowing, Ruby Frady, Willie Morgan, Loyd Ray, Hugh Robins. Third Row: Cecil Kaylor, Carl Pendley, Shirley Taylor, Louise Proctor, Betty Jean Bledsoe, Lois Smalley, Walter Poteat. Fourth Row: Eugene Woodby, Lorene Jordan, Eugene Holland, Roy Lonon, Jimmy Ledbetter, Mavis Sprouse, Joe Taylor, Lee Roy Suttle, Sammy Marlowe, Billie Reel, Mr. Howell, Sponsor; Margie Hemphill. BETA CLUB Vice-President- Haze Moraan Marlowe, Se cretary and Treasurer; Jewell McCraw, Lee Roy Suttle, President; Frances Bruner, Frances Hensle) President, Hazel Morgan, Betty Lou Eplee Frances Stone. Second Row: Eugene Holland, Eugene Woodby, Mrs. Wilma B. Greene, Span sor; Loree Duval, Helen Jones, Margaret Hawkins, Ruby Frady, Joann Lowing. SENIOR 4-H CLUB First Row: Shirley Wellborn, Eugene Holland, Eloise Berry, Wilma Poteat, Maxine Hollifield, Dan Ledbetter, Charles Grant, Hugh Anderson. Second Row: Dorthy Smith, Peggy Mashburn, Barbara Ross, Sam Marlowe, Mary Rumfelt, Hugh Ledbetter, Marcelle Martin, Billy Greer, Hugh Robins, Mrs. Bradsher, Sponsor. JUNIOR 4-H CLUB First Row: Ann Tyo, Grace Bartlett, LeRoy Steveson, James Bobby Furley, Clyde Donner, Harold Pace, Vernon Morgan, Clarence Lewis,Eula Mae Clark, Raymond Lee Roper, Billy Gardner, Ellen Duncan. Second Row: Connie Poteat, Frances Ratford, Vena Gilliam, Peggy Lane,Frances Price, Janice Rumfelt, Janet Rumfelt, Lois Arrowood, Linda Cannon, Donna Lee Aldredge, Lola Suttle, J. C. Huffman, Carroll Lewis, Jr. Warren Ramsey, Lillie Turpin, J. B. Willis, Brenda Poteat, Jeannie Mae Ward, Martha Jane Gates, Jimmy Lancaster, Donald Painter, Patsy Westmoreland, Ethel Redia Lewis, Alice Faye Anderson. Fourth Row: Charles McFalls, Eddy McFalls, Ray Greer, Pearl Duval, Mary Anderson, Carolyn Edney. Fifth Row; Richard Buchanan, Joyce Dockery, Hazel Poteat, Louise Proctor, Kathryn Morgan, Mrs. Elmore, Sponsor;Betty Westmoreland, Carl Parker, Edna Ledbetter, Hanna McIntosh. MMJ i ii I UUli ill II HI1 i M : STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: Ferman Buckner, Hazel Poteat, Patsy Marlowe, Secretary and Treasurer; Jimmy Thomas, President; Billy Greer, Vice-President; Eugene Holland, Mrs. Howell, Sponsor. Second Row: Eugene Marlowe, Peggy Eplee, Dorothy England, Betty Lou Pyatt, Eloise Berry, BillyBarber, Barbara Harris, Gay Green, Rosalie Cox, Margaret Hawkins. I LUNCHROOM PERSONNEL Mrs. Fred L. Morris, Mrs. Lewin Westmoreland, Mrs. K. M. Eplee, Mrs. Harvey Morgan, Mrs. J. C. Holland. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB I HOME ECONOMICS CLUB II gins • CARNIVAL KINGS AND QUEENS HIGH SCHOOL JIMMY LEDBETTER WILMA GENE POTEAT PR IMAR Y GRAMMAR 1 : r 1 PHIL POTEAT REBECCA SIMPSON CARL PARKER JEANNE KISER ! IN MEMOR ! AM CARL ELICK PENLEY The students and faculty of Glenwood High School place this page in the 1954 NUSHKA in memory of CARL ELICK PENLEY, whose accidental death on Dec¬ ember 26, 1953, saddened the entire student body and faculty. Though Carl had been a high school student only a short time, he had endeared himself to his fel low stu¬ dents and teachers. He had early learned that " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " (Emerson). The memory of this happy, young friend will linger long with both students and teachers. I I U ■ BOYS ' BASKETBALL 6 R SS ■I npirtrjP First Row: Standing: on Whetstine, Jack Silver, Jack Ta lor, Jimmie Thomas, Jerry Silver, Glenn Whetstine. A. Ellis Coach; Jack Marlowe, Jackie Mashburn, Haskell Poteat, Billie Reel, Grady Par¬ ham, Homer Morgan. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL f l ' R SS y ■ F lrs t Row: Pot Bartlett, Jane Marlowe, Peggy Eplee, Gail Williams, Mary Jo Walker, Barbara Melton, eona Aldridge. Standing: Mr. Melton, Coach; Revonda Brookshire, Josephine Cable, Marlene Cal¬ houn, Maxine Westmoreland, Kayree Reel, Arrena Poteat. CHEERLEADERS First Row: Mildred Hall, Darlene McNeilly, Peggy Vess, Mimi Cranford, Zora Estes. Standing: Shirley West¬ moreland, Wilma Poteat, Frances Hensley, Ann Craig, Ann Ireland, Dorothy Hope Bowman, Frances Stone, Patsy Marlowe. ELEMENTARY GRADES ADR SEVENTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE FOURTH GRADE M THIRD GRADE SECOND GRADE PROPERTY fStFNWOOD HI OH SCkK f J ' Compliments of MARION MANUFACTURING COMPANY MARION, NORTH CAROLINA G. A. THOMASSON SON, INC. PLUMBING AND HEATING Telephone 4076 1333 First Avenue, S. W. P. O. Box 591 HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 DREXEL FURNITURE COMPANY MARION, NORTH CAROLINA CROSS COTTON MILLS CO. DOUBLED CORDED AND COMBED KNITTING YARNS DYED AND BLEACHED MARION, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of MARSHALL LUMBER COMPANY MARION, NORTH CAROLINA L F. D. Glenn Son Suburban Rulane Gas GRADING AND HAULING CONTRACTORS Co. of N. C., Inc. COOKING - HEATING WATERHEATING Phone 2154 P. O. Box 648 Dial 8441 or 6155 J COWAN ' S VARIETY STORE Highway 70 Dial 8402 | MARION, N. C. For Good Buys In Schoolwear See THE BARGAIN STORE ; MARION, N. C. ___L. BALLEW MOTOR CO., INC. 439 E. Court St. Marion, N. C. “Where Friend Meets Friend " Compliments of GLENN ' S GROCERY Dial 948 1 MARION, N. C. Compliments of EAST COURT MOTOR CO. PONTIAC GMC Dial 4241 MARION, N. C. 7 t -- 1 L ; LAUGHRIDGE FURNITURE COMPANY J. L. LAUGHRIDGE, Mgr. Furniture — Ranges — Household Goods Hardware — Frigidaires and Electric Ranges MARION, N. C. WBRM Lakc Citv drqqdcastiog CowoMTion r } MARION. N.C • MUSIC • NEWS • PUBLIC SERVICE | l --—■ CITY MOTOR CO. CLEAN USED CARS j 1 11 North Garden Street MARION, N. C. B i 11 m o r e Dairy Farms MARION, NORTH CAROLINA Westmoreland and Hawkins FUNERAL SERVICE S. J. Westmoreland, Mgr. - Mrs. S. J. Westmoreland, Lady Asst. Howard T. Hawkins and T. Walton Clapp, Jr., Embalmers DAY PHONE 2161 - NIGHT PHONE 2161 20 South Main St. Marion, North Carolina -j --■-------- -J R. V. HORTON SON Compliments of Farmers Federation Co-operative FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER Phone 6245 Marion, N. C. ! MEATS - GROCERIES - GAS AND OIL .J : Dial 8461 ; West Marion, N. C. Compliments of !| C. C. BOLCH MOTOR COMPANY 1 " s 1 Old Fort Finishing Plant (Division of United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc.) DYERS AND FINISHERS OF RAYON FABRICS OLD FORT NORTH CAROLINA R. L. J a mes Son Manufacturers HOSIERY FOR MEN MARION, NORTH CAROLINA 7 Clinchfield Manufacturing Co. WIDE PRINT CLOTH MARION NORTH CAROLINA Marion Finance Company East Court Street AUTO LOANS FINANCING - REFINANCING Phone 2191 Compliments of A. Blanton Grocery Company WHOLESALE GROCERS Dial 4331 MARION, N. C. i r ss Snipes Motors Incorporated Marion, North Carolina DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS ALLIS CHALMERS FARM EQUIPMENT East Court Street ss The American Thread Co. SEVIER PLANT SEVIER, N. C. L PROPERTY GLENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL " Compliments of Allison ' s Dutch Grill Compliments of j J. R. Steppe Gulf Service N. Main Street 1 Compliments of Big Dollar Food Center N. Main St. Marion, N. C. ! P. O. Box 657 Phone 8281 Lambeth Lumber Co. Marion, N. C. j R. G. LAMBERT Owner The Marion Luncheonette SANDWICHES - PLATE LUNCHES !; MARION, N. C. Compliments of j Jimeson ' s Hardware ; S. Main St. Marion, N. C. !; Compliments of Walker ' s Florist Tom ' s Creek Service Station CARL HOLLI FI ELD, Owner Route 3 Marion, N. C. i 1 Compliments of Ross Oil Co. MARION, N. C. Compliments ot Route 1 Marion, N. C. 1 J. B. Morgan !; SERVICE STATION - GROCERIES J . MUD-CUT STATION_ 1 Dixie Home ' s Everyday Low Prices Mean ; You Can Shop Anyday And Save Anyway ! ALWAYS PLENTY FREE PARKING SPACE ' 1 South Main Street Marion, N. C. : We clothe the Entire Fami ' y COLLINS-EVANS DEPT. STORE COLLINS-EVANS COMPANY c . , , ■ Spindale, N. C. Forest City, N. C. Dial 3970 Dial 3757 i i t j ■ • - ) Compliments of t Yelton Milling Company ' | Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE FLOUR, MEAL FEEDS } RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. j 1 Compliments of Lutz-Yelton Oil Co., Inc. distributor CROWN PRODUCTS CALL 3170 BELK-BROOME CO. " The Home of Better Value " MARION, N. C. Compliments of GORDON F. MORRIS Dealer in Wholesale Candy " Sweetly Yours " MARION, N. C. 4 : Cut-Rate Furniture Store New and Used Furniture Old Fort, N. C. Marion, N. C. No. 73 No. 3044 Compliments of Rose ' s 5-10-25c Store HOLLAND ' S Independent Service Station GAS AND OIL - FEED AND FLOUR Rou te 1 Marion, N. C. CLYDE W. RAYBURN General Merchandise GLENWOOD, N. C. Compliments of Mary-Lyn Shoppe Dixie Cleaners 31 W. Court St. MARION, N. C. Pick-Up and Delivery Compliments of ETTA PAPER BOX CO. MARION, N. C. Compliments of GORDON FURNITURE COMPANY MARION, N. C. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MARION, N. C. ---- SKYLAND MOTOR CO. ALL MAKES OF CARS NEW AND USED 1 Mile West of Marion, N. C. Dial 6824 Highway 70 MARION MACHINE COMPANY Compliments of WORKMAN ' S MARION, N. C. r——-— -—■------ YOUNG ' S SHOE STORE Good Shoes at Reasonable Prices MARION, N. C. MARION, N. C. PROCTOR ' S FEED STORE " CHESTERFIELD FEEDS " Dial 3421 " Better Feeders Feed Chesterfield " -7 1 1 1 McCALL ' S FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Day Phone 2120 — Night Phone 3671 MARION, N. C. Compliments of BECKER COUNTY SAND GRAVEL CO., INC. Box 134 Marion, N. C. --——-- — — -■--j Compliments of BOST TOASTMASTER BREAD If It ' s Bost, It ' s Better BOST ' S DELICIOUS CAKES Asheville, N. C. Shelby, N. C. Dial 6851 Dial 81 1 1 and 6325 MARION DRY CLEANERS If Your Clothes Are Not Becoming To You They Should Be Coming To Us Opposite Post Office — Dial 4471 S. Garden St. Phone 4391 BUILDER ' S SUPPLY, INC. " Everything To Build Anything " MARION, N. C. Congratulations To The Class of 1954 McCraw ' s Grocery Compliments of SMITH FURNITURE CO. Route 2 Marion, N. C. — MARION, N. C. Compliments of J. D. Wilkerson ' s Grocery •• i Route 2 Marion, N. C. f Mode Service Station MODE BROS., Props. GROCERIES - FRESH MEATS GAS AND OIL Phone No. 3170 GLENWOOD, N. C. McDowell grocery co. WHOLESALE Your Local Wholesaler MARION, N. C. " Say It With Flowers " HUNTER FLORIST 128 South Main Street Dial 4291 MARION, N. C. L. C. COOK CHEVROLET, INC. Telephone 3281 127-133 Main St., West FOREST CITY, N. C. Compliments of DELUXE CLEANERS 114 West Main St. Phone 3255 Forest City, N. C. M. H. VESS, Solicitor PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. MERCURY SALES SERVICE PHILCO HOME APPLIANCES 414 E. Court St. Marion, N. C. Compliments of 3-POINT SERVICE STATION J. R. NANNEY, Owner MARION, N. C. Dial 6151 Dial 6151 Roseland Florist Day Phone 7371 - Nigh Phene 7421 MARION, N. C. Congratulations To The Class of 1954 Mt. Mitchell Tourist Court OLD FORT, N. C. Compliments of Rowe ' s Market MARION, N. C. ! ■ ' Modern Cleaners QUALITY AND SERVICE , Dial 9471 Marion, N. C. | - - - --- Norton Furniture Company Complete Home Furnishings OLD FORT, N. C. -----— -■ Compliments of Wall ' s Grocery MARION, N. C. • 1 Compliments of Smith Barber Shop FLOYD E. SMITH, Prop. MARION, N. C. i i Compliments of Beaman Lumber Company MARION, N. C. Compliments of V. R. Wilkersori ' s Grocery Route 2 Marion, N. C. Compliments of Marion Barber Shop W. Henderson St. Marion, N. C. Gouge Paint Glass Co. HIGHEST QUALITY PAINTS - GLASS Compliments of Hall ' s Barber Shop " For The Men Who Care " W. Court St. Marion, N. C. Compliments of Mill ' s Cafe - Service Station MARION, n. c. Morrow ' s Diamonds - Watches - Retail Jewelry Watch Repairing Dial 6211 26V4 S. Main St. MARION, N. C. Hitchcock ' s Men ' s Wear Hotel James Building Name Brands In Men ' s Wear MARION, N. C. Western Auto Associate Store MARION, N. C. Compliments of Catawba Grill MARION, NORTH CAROLINA s We, the Senior Class of GLENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL wish to express our deepest gratitude to each of the firms who have by their advertisements made it possible for us to publish this 1954 NUSHKA. Thank you for your patronage. i 4product of YEARBOOK PUBLISHERS SCHOOL ’HOTOGRAPHERS liun+ers (j£4sJ)(PV f SERVICE 1318 SOUTH HAWTHORNE ROAD WINS T ON-SAlfM. NORTH CAROLINA ;i 1 H I to rm ' Z • -5 • .? " ' n " , • SSMt iTO HKiH SfcWSffJ McDowell County Public Library 90 West Court Street Marion, NC 28752

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