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The NUSHKA For 1953 GLENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL GLENWOOD, NORTH CAROLINA MCDOWELL COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 90 WEST COURT STREET MARION, NC 28752 Because of her personal interest in the individual student, we, the Class of 1953, affectionately dedicate this year ' s NUSHKA to Mrs. Margaret B. Norris. She has given freely of her time and energy in helping us solve our many problems. Her pleasant smile, her loving kindness, and her enthusiasm have been a true inspiration to us. So it is with pleasure that we gratefully pay this tribute to her our beloved teacher and friend . MISS WILMA BYRD, SPONSOR LORENE DONNAHUE CARROLL EVANS BETTY LOU GARDNER DAN GILLIAM BETTY HALL TOM HALL ANNE HANEY NORMA HARRIS ROSE ANNE HENSLEY HELEN HILL I ESTELLE HOLLAND KATY HOLLAND 1 GLENN MARLOWE DORRIS REEL EDNA SEAMAN REBECCA SHELL WAYNE SPROUSE 1 f SENIORS ZULA MAE SPROUSE MARY SUMLIN LOU ANN VEIRS LEWIS WALKER LARRY WIGGINS DORIS WILKERSON MARVIN WILLIAMS SENIOR STATISTICS MILDRED ALDREDGE Home Economics 1 , 2; Sophomore Play; May Court Attend- ant 2; School Store 1,2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3; Cheer- leader 3,4; Echoes Staff 3.4;Glee Club 3,4; Superlative. Senior Play. ARNOLD BAKER Safety Patrol 1; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; President 4; Bus Driver 3,4; 4-H Club 1,2,3; Superlative. CHARLES BURGIN F.F.A. 1,2; 4-H C I ub 1,2,3,4, President 1,2, Vice- President 4, Secretary 3, County Winner 4-H Farm and Home Electricity 3; Dramatics Club 3; Beta Club 3; Bus Driver 3, 4; BusinessClub 3; NUSHKA Staff 4; Class Treas- urer 3; Sophomore Play; Junior Play; Senior Play. BARBARA COOPER Home Economics 1,2; Award 2; May Court Attendant 2; Beta Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; President 4; Safety Patrol 4, Officer 4; Student Council 4; Junior Play, Echoes Staff 4; Superlative; Senior Play. LORENE DONNAHUE Home Economics 1,2; Business Club 3; Junior Play; Beta Club 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; NUSHKA Staff 4; Super- lative. CARROLL EVANS F.F.A. 1,2,3; Aeronautics Club 3; 4-H Club 1,2; Super- lative . BETTY LOU GARDNER Home Economics 1,2; Glee Club 4; Superlative. DAN GILLIAM F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Basketball 3,4; Captain 4; Sub. Bus Driver 4; Junior Play, Glee Club 3; Dramatics Club; Su- perlative. BETTY HALL Home Economics 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 2, Captain 4, All Star Award 1,2; NUSHKA Staff 4; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Glee Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 3; Science Club 3; Sub. Bus Driver 4; Superlative. TOM HALL F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Bus Driver 1,2,3,4; Superlative. ANNE HANEY Home Ec. 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3,4, Sec. 2, Vice- President3, President 4; Delegate to W. D. N.C. S.C.C. 1,3; Beto Club 3, 4; DramaticsClub 3,4; Vice-President 4; N U S H K A Staff 4; Editor of Echoes 4; Junior Play; Sophomore Play; F.T.A. 4; President 4; Glee Club 1,2, 3; May Court Attendant 2; Marshal 3; Superlative. Senior Play, Salutatorian . NORMA HARRIS Home Economics 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Vice-Presi- dent 3, President 4; Class President 1,2,3; Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 4; Safety Patrol 1,3; Chief Marshal 3; Junior Play; Toastmistress, Jr. -Sr. Banquet 3; NUSHKA Staff 4; Associate Editor; Echoes Staff 4;F.T.A. 4, Vice President 4; Sophomore Play; Dramatics Club 3; Super- lative; Senior Play; Valedictorian ROSE ANNE HENSLEY Home Economics 1,2; Sophomore Play; Glee Club 3,4; 4-H Club 1; Dramatics Club 3; Cheerleader 3; Harvest Queen 4; Echoes Staff 4; Superlative; Senior Play. HELEN HILL Home Economics 1 ,2; Glee Club 4; Echoes Staff 4; Hob- by Club 4; President 4; F.T.A. 4; Marshal 3; Safety Patrol 3,4; Superlative. ESTELLE HOLLAND Home Economics 1,2; Dramatics Club 3,4; Hobby Club 4; Science Club 3; Superlative. KATY HOLLAND Home Economics 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3; Hobby Club 4; F.T.A. 4; 4-H Club 3,4; Echoes Staff 4; Superlative. HENRY HUMPHRIES F.F.A. 1 2,4; Vice-President 4; Bus Driver 4; Business Club 3; Basketball 4; Superlative. RAY LAMB F.F.A. 1,2,3; Superlative. GUY LANE F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Bus Driver 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Glee Club 3; Dramofics Club 3; Superlative. WAYNE LAUGHRIDGE F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Sec. 4; Bus Driver 3,4; Sophomore Play; Junior Play; Dramatics Club 3,4; Glee Club 1,2, 3; 4-H Club 1,2; Cheerleader 2,4; Chief 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Superlative; Senior Play. DORIS LEDBETTER Home Economics 1,2; Cheerleader 1,3,4; May Court Attendant 2; Dramatics Club 2; 4-H Club 4; Class Officer 4; Superlative. ERNEST LEDBETTER F.F.A. 1,4; Bu Driver 4; Safety Patrol 1,2,3; Business Club 3; Dramatics Club 3,4; Basketball 3,4; Glee Club 3; Superlative ; Senior Play. SENIOR STATISTICS RAYMOND LEDBETTER F.F.A. 1,2; Glee Club 2,4; 4-H Club 4; Sophomore Play; Safety Patrol 1,2,3; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Chief 4; Bus Driver 4; Junior Play; Class President 4; Drama- tics Club3.4: Vice-President 3; Business Club 3; F.T. A. 4; Echoes Staff 4; NUSHKA Staff 4; Superlative; Senior Play. GLENN MARLOWE F.F.A. 1,4; 4-H Club 1,2; Basketball 3,4; Superlative. NANCY MARLOWE Home Economics 1,2; Business Club 3; Sophomore Play; Glee Club 2,3; Echoes Staff 4 ; 4-H Club 1 ,4; Basketball 4; Dramatics Club 3; Beta Club 4; F.T. A. 4, Secretary 4; NUSHKA Staff 4; Superlative; Senior Play. RUTH MARLOWE Home Economics 1,2; GleeClub 1; 4-H Club 1; Basket- ball 1,2; Safety Patrol 2,3; Dramatics Club 3,4; Hobby Club 4; Echoes Staff 4; Superlative. HUGHCELLE MARTIN F.F.A. 1,4; Secretary 4; Science Club 3; Safety Patrol 2; Superlative. MARY ANNE MOSS Home Economics 1,2; Glee Club 2; Beta Club 4; Busi- ness Club 3; Safety Patrol 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Hobby Club 4; Superlative. ANNA LAURA MORGAN Home Economics 1,2; Glee Club 3,4; Secretary 4; May Court Attendant 2; Sophomore Play; Echoes Staff 3,4; Beta Club 4; Junior Play 3; Dramatics Club 3; Superlative Senior Play. DORIS MORGAN Home Economics 1,2; Glee Club4; Echoes Staff 4; Hobby Club 4; Safety Patrol 4; 4-H Club 1; Superlative. EFFIE PRICE Home Ec. 1,2; Glee Club 2; Business Club 3; Echoes Staff 4; Safety Patrol 3,4; Lieutenant 4; Beta Club 4; 4-H Club 4; Superlative. DORRIS REEL Home Economics 1,2; Glee Club 1,3,4, Vice-President 4; Class Officer ' ,2,3; 4-H Club 1, Secretary; May Court Attendant 2; Sophomore Play; Beta Club 3, 4; Vice- President 4; 4-H Club 1; Dramatics Club 3; NUSHKA Staff 4; Superlative; Senior Play. EDNA SEAMAN Home Economics 1,2; 4-H Club 1,4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Business Club 3; NUSHKA Staff 4; Beta Club 4; Super- lative . REBECCA SHELL Home Economics 1,2; Glee Club 1; Dramatics3,4; Hob- by Club 4; Sophomore Play; Superlative. WAYNE SPROUSE F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Bus Driver 2,3,4; Superlative. ZULAMAE SPROUSE Home Economics 1,2; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Secretary 3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Safety Patrol 2,4; Dramatics Club 3; Superlative. MARY SUMLIN Home Economics 1,2; 4-H Club 1,4; Secretary 4; Glee Club 2; Business Club 3; Safety Patrol 1,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Delegate to W. D. N.C. S.C.C. 3; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 3; Class Secretary 4; Superlative. JACKIE VEIRS Home Economics 1,2; Basketball 2,3,4; Business Club 3; Science 3. LEWIS WALKER F.F.A. 1,2,3; Basketball 2,3,4; Student Council 2,3, 4; Glee Club 3; Dramatics Club 3; Junior Play; Echoes Staff 4; NUSHKA Staff 4; Superlative; Senior Play. LARRY WIGGINS F.F.A. 1,4; Business Club 3; Safety Patrol 3; Superlative. DORIS WILKERSON Home Economics 1,2; Business Club 3; Sophomore Play; Beta Club 3,4; President 4; Safety Patrol Captain 3,4; Editor-in-chief, NUSHKA4; Echoes Staff 4; Glee Club 4; Marshal 3; Class Treasurer 4; Superlative. MARVIN WILLIAMS F.F.A. 1,2,3; Bus Driver 2,3,4; Junior Play; Basket- ball 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3; Superlative; Senior Play. MASCOTS GINGER LOU HARRIS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Harris. JOHNNIE CRAIG Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Craig. CLASS POEM Within Glenwood walls we sit In deepest reverie, Recalling the da s here spent By the class of ' 53. Through these dear halls we strode, When life was carefree; Yes, happy days were these For the class of ' 53. Now the time has come, The moments swiftly flee, When we must depart. This class of ' 53. To our teachers, we would say Many thanks to thee For you loving guidance Of the class of ' 53. To those we leave behind, Juniors, Sophs, Freshmen, three, Many blessings to you From the class of ' 53. When in future days we dream, Happy we will be, If we hallow memories Of the class of ' 53. Raymond Ledbetter POET CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Blue and Gold Blue Violets CLASS MOTTO " The higher we climb the better the view. " HISTORY OF CLASS OF 53 History was indeed begun when, twelve years ago last September, a crowd of hurrying mothers led, followed, or dragged their hopefuls to the seat of learning. Here they were received by Miss Barbara Wagner and Mrs. Earl Woody, and the first round of the ladder of knowledge was mounted. Eight years we slaved, learning what we possibly could, forgetting the rest. Long remembered will be the multiplication table because of its difficulty. In May 1950, eighty-one of us bade Mr. and Mrs. William Elmore good-bye, thinking that we were ready for high school and that all worries were over. In September the same year, we entered high school. At last we were experiencing that grand feeling of being a " high school student. " To get to the right class on time and not to starve before lunch became our chief ambitions. We regret to say that these goals are as yet unattained. Were our heads held high when we became " Sophomores. " Some of the " freshmen greenness " had worn off and we were on the way to becoming Seniors, but algebra and biology came along to put our minds back to work again. The Junior Year! Will we ever forget the play " Faith, Hope, and Flarity? " The scuttle for raising money to give the Seniors a banquet or the joy of actually going to the banquet? But rings, rings, class ringsl stand out in our memory as being the most important. Shall we ever forget the feeling of choosing the ring that we were to wear? The ring which was to remind us of our Alma Mater and our carefree classmates. A dignified number, left at the gates of learning eleven long years ago, were Seniors on the home stretch. We started our last year with much zeal and enthusiasm knowing there were many things that were yet to be completed. Imagine ordering our invitation, announcing our gradauation exercises the printing of our annual, " The Nushka " anticipating a banquet given for us. Through all these incidentsand many otherswe haveat last ascended the top round of the ladder of a high school educa- tion. As we continue the endless task of learning, our thoughts are drawn to these lines written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime. A nd, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time. Anne Haney CLASS HISTORIAN CLASS PROPHECY This is another hot sultry day in July 1965. I am secretary for the Cairo Hotel in Washington, D.C., and am beginning my two weeks ' vacation. For quite awhile, I had been wondering where my classmates were and what positions they hold. When I stepped off the bus in Marion, whom should I see first? None other than Anne Haney! She told me that she is teaching at the University of N.C. , and plans to be married soon. Anne says that Doris Ledbetter is an actress in Hollywood and still unmarried. Helen Hill is manager of Belk Broome ' s Company in Sugar Hill. Anna Laura Morgan is now the wife of Henry Humphries and is nursing at Marion General Hospital. Rose Ann Hensley and Doris Morgan are famous hill-billy singers. As it was lunc h time, we departed . I went into Walker ' s Cafe and to my surprise I saw Lewis Walker. He joked, " I am the owner of this grub house. " Then I recognized one of the waitresses, who was Betty Lou Gardner. Lewis told me that Raymond Ledbetter is a professor at Lenior Rhyne College. Nancy Marlowe is owner of Marlowe ' s Beauty Shoppe in Glenwood. Barbara Cooper writes stories about the personal affairs of movie stars. After I ate lunch, I journeyed on down Main Street. Whiledoing some window shopping, a familiar name caught my eye which read " Katy Holland ' s Record Shop. " While talking to Katy, I learned that Zula Mae Sprouse is a nurse at Winston-Salem Hospital and is married to a photographer. She also told me of Wayne Laughridge, who is owner of the Lover ' s Theater in Asheville. As I strolled on down the street, I decided to go into Workman ' s and, to my surprise,! ran into Betty Jo Hall, whosaid that she is still happily married and has acute little girl. Betty told me that Marvin Williams is married and is a Basketball Coach at Wake Forest. Tom Hall is a salesman for Ford cars. I was very tired and thirsty; so I stopped at the drug store. The attractive little " soda jerk " was Effie Price. She exclaimed that she was going to get married next month and move to Atlanta. She informed me that Mary Ann Moss is married to an X-ray technician and living in Flordia. Edna Seaman is married to a doctor and is residing in New York. Larry Wiggins and Carroll Evans are living lives of bachelorhood in Tennessee. Our conversation came to an end, and I was on my way again. As I was leisurely walking down the street, I noticed a policeman that looked familiar. Then in a second, I knew it was Dan Gilliam I He told me that Charles Burgin is a colonel in the army and is engaged to a girl in Hawaii. He said that Glenn Marlowe iso lawyer in Charlotte and his secretary is Dorris Reel . I also learned from Dan that Estelle Holland and Ray Lamb have been married two years. Then who do youthink came up the street? It was Wayne Sprousel He exclaimed that Arnold Baker and he drive Queen City Buses and like their jobs fine. Wayne also gave the astounding news that Mary Sumlinis teaching school in Chicago! And that Norma Harri u a famous short story writer, now living in Texas, and her business manager is Guy Lane! One day while marketing at the grocery store in Glenwood, I saw Ruth Marlowe, who said that she was work- ing In the bank at Marion and that Rebecca She! I had married a wealthy man and islivingin Paris. She also told me that Ernest Ledbetter is manager of the Dixie Home Store in Morganton; and Mildred Aldridge is the wife of a famous baseball player who plays with the Yankees. My vacation came to an end and I slowly climbed aboard the bus. Already seated in the bus was Hughcelle Martin. We started talking about our old school pals and he related that he had recently read in the paper that Doris Wilkersonis a missionary in South Africa. Hughcelle informed me that he was on hisway to Raleigh to open his new department store, where Lou Ann Veirs will be his assistant manager. All too soon, we arrived at Hugh- celle ' s destination, and I bid him good-bye. As I soared along the road, I thought of my classmates and how scattered we had become in twelve years. While thinking back to my school days at Glenwood High, I was quite surprised that my classmates were now doing so well in life; and with a feeling of satisfaction, I closed my eyes and fell asleep. Lorene Donnahue CLASS PROPHETESS LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the members of the class of 1953 of Glenwood High School, having come to our last hours as a class and being of a sound mind, wish to will and bequeath the following items: Article I To Glenwood School we bequeath our love, loyalty, and deep appreciation for many opportunities we have had during our stay. Article II To the Principal and Faculty we leave our undying love and will our gratitude for all the efforts they have made in our behalf during our school career. Article III To the Junior Class we bequeath the dearest possession we have, the pleasure and many memories of being a Sen- ior. Article IV To the Sophomores we will our love and all our foolishness to you. Article V To the Freshmen we will our ability in thinking. Article VI We, the Seniors, want to bequeath our individual request: t Rebecca Shell, leave my title " Cutest Girl " , to Mary Lee Morgan. Helen Hill, leave my ability to be quiet to Mary Lillie Swann. Glenn Marlowe, leave my athletic ability to Jackie Mashburn. Norma Harris, leave all I never learned from all the books I never read to Dorothy England. Doris Wilkerson, leave my love for Ford cars to Dorcas Wilkerson. Henry Humphries, leave my bus No. 33 to Harvey Mashburn. Effie Price, leave to Shirley Baker the title of " Most Likely to Marry. " Mildred Aldredge, will my love to run the candy store to Shirley Westmoreland. Wayne Sprouse, leave my dislike for bookkeeping to Kermit Cable. Rose Ann Hensley, leave my title, " Most Popular " , to Frances Stone. We, Tom Hall and W ayne Laughridge, leave our ability to go to town anytime to Wayne Rumfelt and Homer Morgan. Doris Morgan, leave my title, " Most Courteous " , to Hazel Morgan. Arnold Baker, leave my mischievous ways to Eugene Marlowe. Dan Gilliam, leave my friendly ways to Harvey Romine. Ruth Marlow, leave my title, " Most Optimistic " , to Thelma Morgan. Lorene Donnahue, leave my love for driving to Ruby Frady. Dorris Reel, will my ability to keep a steady boyfriend all through high school to Joyce Anderson. Charles Burgin, leave to Loyd Ray my love for staying in the school office. Betty Lou Gardner, leave my ability to be quiet and listen in class to Betty Lou Eplee. Raymond Ledbetter, leave my high office as President of the Senior Class to Haskel Poteat. We, Mary Sumlin and Mary Ann Moss, leave our love for each other to Patsy Marlowe and Frances Hensley. Barbara Cooper, leave the typewriter that never spells right on a speed test to Dorothy Hope Bowman. Ray Lamb, leave my love for agriculture under Mr. Wigley to Garvon Whetstine. We, Lewis Walker and Marvin Williams, leave our love for geometry to Lee Roy Suttle. , Larry Wiggins, leave my even disposition to Jack Marlowe. , Anne Haney, leave my art of collecting various and sundry interesting things to do-and then procrastinating ibout doing them, to Helen Jones. , Anna Laura Morgan, leave the famous tales of my old cow to Joan Jaynes. , Guy Lane, leave my courtesy to Jimmy Thomas. , Ernest Ledbetter, will my ability to dodge the girls to Frank Guffey. We, Betty Hall and Lou Ann Veirs, leave our ability in athletics to Willie Faye Kaylor. Zula Mae Sprouse, leave my love for the boys to Loree Duval and Mavis Sprouse. Nancy Marlowe, will my ability to plan a party anytime, anywhere, to Anne Ireland. Katy Holland, leave all the books in the library that I have bought by overdue fees to Margaret Hawkins. Estelle Holland, will my love for having fun all the time to Joan Lowing. Edna Seaman, leave my ability and responsibility for writing this Last Will and Testament to Betty Smith, t-arroll Evans, leave my babyish ways to James Bledsoe. Hughcelle Martin, leave my school spirit to Glenn Whetstine. Doris Ledbetter, leave to Frances Bruner, my title of the " Neatest Senior Girl. " We have hereto subscribed our names and affixed ourseols this fifteenth day of January in the yeor of our Lord, one-thousand, nine-hundred and fifty-three. ' Signed: Edna Seaman SENIOR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Wayne Sprouse Mary Sumlin MOST POPULAR Rose Ann Hensley Dan Gilliam MOST PESSIMISTIC Mildred Aldredge BEST PERSONALITY Zula Mae Sprouse Lewis Walker MOST MISCHIEVOUS Anna Laura Morgan Arnold Baker NEATEST Glenn Marlowe Doris Ledbetter QUIETEST Larry Wiggins Betty Lou Gardner MOST ATHLETIC Marvin Williams Betty Hall MOST TALKATIVE Estelle Holland CUTEST Rebecca Shell CLASS CHUMS Edna Seaman Mary Ann Moss MOST CONCEITED Helen Hill SUPERLATIVES MOST DIGNIFIED Tom Hall Barbara Cooper JULIET AND ROMEO Nancy Marlowe Dan Gilliam CLASS POLITICIANS Raymond Ledbetter Anne Haney MOST VALUABLE TO SCHOOL Hughcelle Martin Norma Harris BEST LOOKING Dorris Reel Guy Lane not present when pictures were made. MOST TALENTED Carroll Evans Lorene Donnahue MOST LIKELY TO MARRY Effie Price Wayne Laughridge MOST COURTEOUS Henry Humphries Doris Morgan MOST STUDIOUS Charles Burgin Doris Wilkerson MOST OPTIMISTIC Ruth Marlow BEST-ALL ROUND Ernest Ledbetter Katy Holland CLASS OF 1954 Joyce Anderson James Bledsoe Dorothy Hope Bowman Frances Bruner Kermit Cable Betty Lou Eplee Dorothy England Ruby Frady Frances Hensley Ann Ireland Joanne Jaynes Helen Jones Willie Faye Kaylor Joan Lowing Eugene Marlowe Patsy Marlowe Harvey Mashburn Jackie Mashburn Hazel Morgan Homer Morgan JUNIOR OFFICERS Mary Lee Morgan, Patsy Marlowe, and Eugene Marlowe. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Everette Sumlin, Wilma Poteat, Jewell McCraw, Doris Ann Buchanan, and Mimi Cranford. FRESHMEN OFFICERS Gail Elliot, Pat Welborn, and Billy Thomas. CLASS OF 1954 Mary Lee Morgan Lee Pendley Haskell Poteat Lloyd Ray Harvey Romine Wayne Rumfelr Betty Smith Mavis Sprouse Frances Stone Leroy Suttles Mary Lily Swann Jimmie Thomas Shirley Westmoreland Garvon Whetstine Glenn Whetstine Dorcas Wilkerson OH J i 1 it j i - It H hi " Ik ■ y mBm ■ A 4 4 gj) CLASS OF 1955 Martha Anderson Callie Arrowoodv Eloise Berry Hoyle Blankenship Glenn Bowman Revonda Brookshire Doris Ann.Buckanan Billy Cable Shirley Cable Kenneth Chapman Dean Cole Jason Cox Ann Craig Mimi Cranford Billy Greer Junior Greer Thurston Haynes James Hill Eugene Holland Freddie Jackson Evelyn Jorden Margaret Kaylor Jimmy Ledbetter Hugh Ledbetter Roy Lonon Jack Lusk Marcel le Martin Jewell McCraw Darline McNeeley Lee Parker Dora Pendley Wilma Pot eat Edward Propst Betty Lou Pyatt Lois Smalley Billy Sparks Everette Sum I in Stanley Vess Shirley Wellborn Jean Williams Jerala Womack Eugene Woodby Kathleen Woody CLASS OF 1956 Troy Lee Baker Berry Jean Bledsoe Marie Bowman Helen Bradley Faye Bright Furman Buckner Josephine Cable Donald Cannon Rosalie Cox Gail Elliot Peggy Eplee Nora Estes Zora Estes Roy Ferguson Mildred Goforth Mildred Hall Eunice Haynes Margie Hemphill Daisy Hensley Franklin Holland Irene Kaylor Alma Lowing Eugene Loftis Hazel Mashburn Anna Moore Lula Mae Morgan Willie Morgan Lorene Morgan Margaret Pace Arrena Ann Poteat Olen Poteat Wayne Poteat Jack Parker Wilma Ray Orpha Rector Billy Gene Reel Charline Reel Margaret Reel Jack Silver Dickey Shaw Janie Lou Stone Billie Thomas Dorothy Vaughn Mary Jo Walker Pat Wellborn Donald Westmoreland Maxine Westmoreland Gail Williams Shirley Williams Robert Willis First Row: Mrs. Dora Howell, English, History; Mrs. Margaret Norris, Business Ed- ucation; Mr. W.C. Lynch, Mathematics; Mrs. Mabel Bradsher, Home Economics, French. Second Row: Miss Wilma Byrd, English, History; Mr. G.D. Wigley, Ag- riculture; Miss Noleta Wil liams, Science, Biology; Miss Rachel Hunt, Public Music. ELEMENTARY FACULTY First Row: Edward Beeson, Mrs. Edward Beeson, Mrs. William Elmore, Mr. William Elmore. Second Row: Mrs. Charline Teague, Miss Charline Hemphill, Mrs. Lois Shaw, Mrs. Dessie Lowing. Third Row: Mrs. Jessie Snead, Mrs. Laura Brown, Mrs. Clara Rayburn, Mrs. Ruth Hawkins. Fourth Row: Miss Emma McGalliard, Mrs. Edna Hemphill . To Mr. N.F. Steppe, Superintendent of McDowell County Public Schools, we, the students of Glenwood, wish to express our appreciation for years of faithful and untiring service to the youth of the county. During these years of his striving for improved public schools, there have been steady growth and improvement in school plants and educational opportunities throughout McDowell county. We of this generation are aware of this diligent and sincere service and are grateful for these contributions to the youth of the past, the present, and the future. Truly a far-seeing educator has helped to mold our lives. We are grateful . BETA CLUB First Row: Miss Wilma Byrd, Sponsor; Norma Harris, Secretary; Doris Wilkerson, President; Dorris Reel, Vice-President; Barbara Cooper, Program Chairman. Second Row: Helen Hill, Mary Ann Moss, Nancy Marlowe, Effie Price, Betty Lou Eplee, Mary Sumlin, Frances Hensley, Patsy Marlowe, Jimmy Thomas, Lorene Donnahue. Third Row: Edna Seaman, Anna Laura Morgan, Lee Roy Suttle, Anne Haney, Char- les Burgin . First Row: Mrs. Dora Howell, Sponsor; Anne Haney, President. Second Row: Barbara Jean Harris, Eloise Berry, Mary Sumlin, Jimmy Thomas, Eugene Marlowe, Lewis Walker, Barbara Cooper, Billy Greer. First Row: Thelma Morgan, Lorene Donnahue, Dorothy England, Raymond Ledbetter, Anne Haney, Helen Hill, Mrs. Dora Howell, Sponsor. Second Row: Norma Harris, Katy Holland, Nancy Marlowe. First Row: Norma Harris, Mrs. Dora Howell, Sponsor; Anne Haney, Editor; Helen Hill, Mrs. Margaret Norris, Sponsor; Doris Wilkerson . Second Row: Mildred Aldredge, Jewell McCraw, Ruth Marlowe, s, Barbara Cooper, Frances Hensley, Effie Price, Rose Ann Hensley, Doris Morgan. Third Row: Billy ly Thomas, Wayne Poteat, Anna Laura Morgan, Raymond Ledbetter, Lewis Walker, Wilma Ray, Nancy Marlowe, Betty Hall, Katy Holland. First Row: Helen Hill, Mary Lillie Swann, Evelyn Cable, Lois Smalley, Mildred Hall, Lula Mae Morgan, Jerald Womack, Willie Faye Kaylor, Zula Mae Sprouse, Mary Ann Moss, Margie Hemphill, Doris Wi Ikerson, Frances Stone, Rosalie Cox. Second Row: Betty Lou Pyatt, Jewell McCraw, Dorothy Smith, Margaret Pace, Barbara Cooper, Roy Ferguson, Effie Price, Betty Smith, Hugh Robbins, Mary Sumlin, Helen Bradley, Mildred Goforrh. Third Row: Mrs. E.I. Yelton, Doris Morgan, Billy Greer, Loyd Ray, Eugene Holland, Dan Gilliam, Junior Greer; Billy Gene Reel, Dean Cole, Eugene Wooby, Hugh Ledbetter, Lee Parker, Dorothy Vaughn. First Row, left to right: Helen Hill, Doris Morgan. Second Row: Katheline Woody, Glen Whetstine, Doris Ann Buckanan, Eunice Haynes, Mildred Aldridge, Margie Hemphill, Frances Hensley, Rose Ann Hensley, Miss Hunt, Director. Third Row: Norma Harris, Katy Holland, Shirley Cable, Lorene Donnahue, Patsy Marlowe, Dorris Reel, Betty Lou Pyatt. Fourth Row: Eugene Marlowe, Doris Wi Ikerson, Mimi Cranford, Darline McNeely, Thelma Mor- gan. Fifth Row: Eloise Berry, Anna Laura Morgan, Dorothy England, Dorothy Hope Bowman. GLEE CLUB DRAMATICS CLUB First Row: Miss Wilma Byrd, Sponsor; Lois Smalley, Barbara Cooper, Anne Haney, Raymond Ledbetter. Second Row: Loree Duval, Estelle Holland, Dorcas Wi I kerson, Betty Lou Eplee, Mary Belle Arrowood, Margaret Haw- kins, Rebecca Shell. Third Row: Joyce Anderson, Anne Ireland, Callie Arrowood, Frances Stone, James Bledsoe, Mary Ann Moss, Eugene Marlowe, Ruth Marlowe, Wayne Loughridge. First Row: Mrs. Dora Howell, Sponsor; Betty Smith, Helen Jones, Frances Bruner, Hazel Morgan, Darlme Mc- Neeley, Mimi Cranford. Second Row: Ruby Frady, Joan Lowing, Estelle Holland, Katy Holland, Dora Pen ley, Callie Arrowood, Lois Smalley, Anne Craig, Betty Pyatt, Anne Ireland, Rebecca Shell Third Row: Frances Stone, Evelyn Jordan, Mary Lillie Swann, Jean Williams, Katheline Woody, Ruth Marlowe, Dons Morgan, Dorothy England, Joyce Anderson. SENIOR 4-H CLUB First Row: Betty Hall, Vice-President; Charles Burgin, President; Mary Sumlin, Secretary. Second Row: Hazel Mashburn, Eunice Haynes, Faye Bright, Doris Ann Buchanan, Rose Ann Hensley, Effie Price, Mildred Hall, Zula Mae Sprouse, Charline Reel, Roasalie Cox, Frances Bruner, Betty Smith. Third Row: Zora Estes, Katy Holland, Eloise Berry, Shirley Wellborn, Dorothy Vaughn, Mary Ann Moss, Edna Seaman, Anna Moore, Billy Greer, Margie Hemphill, Helen Bradley. Fourth Row: Wilma Ray, Marie Bowman, Margaret Kaylor, Jerry Silver, Darline McNeely, Nancy Marlowe, Hazel Mor- gan, Doris Ledbetter, Mimi Cranford, Marcelle Martin, Donald Westmoreland. Fifth Row: Nora Estes, Donald Cannon, Jack Lusk, Eugene Holland, Raymond Ledbetter, Tom Hall, Eugene Ramsey, James Hill, Hugh Ledbetter, Jack Silver. MRS. ELMORE, SPONSOR JUNIOR 4-H CLUB First Row, left to right: Arnold Baker, Henry Humphries, Charles Burgin, Wayne Laughridge. Second Row: Richard Rose, Eugene Marlowe, Ernest Ledbetter, Wayne Sprouse, Marvin Wil liams, Harvey Romine. Third Row: Substitutes: Jack Marlowe, Dan Gilliam, Tom Hall, Raymond Ledbetter, Wayne Rumfelt. BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Mrs. K.M. Eplee, Mrs. Lewin Westmoreland, Mrs. J.C. Holland, Mrs. Fred L. Morris, Mrs. Harvey Morgan not present when pictures were made. LUNCH ROOM PERSONNEL GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: Peggy tplee, Willie Faye Kaylor, Betty Hall, Margaret Kaylor, Manager; Mary Lee Mor- gan, Mary Jo Walker, Jewell McCraw. Second Row: Gail Williams, Ruth Lamb, Pat Wellborn, Max- ine W e s t m o r e I a n d, Miss Williams, Coach; Nancy Marlowe, Revonda Brookshire, Willie Morgan, Shirley Westmoreland. First Row: Henry Humphries, Charles Burgin, Homer Morgan, Dan Gilliam, Lewis Walker, Marvin Williams. Second Row: Everette Sumlin, Haskel Poteat, Mr. Beason, Coach; Jack Marlowe, Jimmy Thomas. BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM MARION CHRISTMAS PARADE - THIRD PRIZE - 1952 Rose Ann Hensley, High School Harvest Queen. Anna Laura Morgan and Mary Ann Moss, Attendants. HARVEST KINGS AND QUEENS PRIMARY GRADES ELEMENTARY GRADES a Cannon - Jimmy Rayburn Joyce Dockery - Leroy Mitchell ELEMENTARY CLASS OFFICERS First Row: Eddie Cranford, 1st grade; Ann Parker, 1st grade; Nancy Ross, 2nd grade; Barbara Barber, 2nd grade; Bobby Cook, 3rd grade; Betty Hall, 3rd grade. Second Row: Louise Cunningham, 4th grade; Patsy Cothran, 5th grade; Barbara Bowman, 5th grade; Gaye Green, 6th grade; Betty Jo Bruner, 6th grade; Wade Nanney, 7th grade. Third Row: Barbara Jean Harris, Kayree Reel, and Jennings Smith, 8th grade. EIGHTH GRADE FIRST GRADE COMPLIMENTS OF T - c MARSHALL LUMBER COMPANY MARION, NORTH CAROLINA CROSS COTTON MILLS CO. DOUBLED CORDED AND COMBED KNITTING YARNS DYED AND BLEACHED MARION, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of MARION H 4 1 S MANUFACTURING N COMPANY MARION, NORTH CAROLINA sS Mikji a3 si J i BILTMORE DAIRY FARMS MARION, NORTH CAROLINA CLINCHFIELD MANUFACTURING CO. Wide Print Cloth Marion North Carolina WESTMORELAND AND HAWKINS FUNERAL SERVICE S. J. Westmoreland, Mgr. — Mrs. S. J. Westmoreland, Lady Asst. Howard T. Hawkins and T. Walton Clapp, Jr., Embalmers Day Phone 2161 - Night Phone 2161 20 SOUTH MAIN ST. MARION, NORTH CAROLINA OLD FORT FINISHING PLANT (Division of United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc.) DYERS AND FINISHERS OF RAYON FABRICS OLD FORT NORTH CAROLINA ' M fad? k ' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 DREXEL FURNITURE COMPANY MARION, NORTH CAROLINA F. D. Glenn Son Grading and Hauling Contractors DIAL 8441 or 6155 Mode Service Station Mode Bros., Props. GROCERIES - FRESH MEATS GAS AND OIL Phone No. 3170 Glenwood, N. C. Western Auto Associate Store Marion, N. C. — VI Complmnents ofs vj Beaman Lumber Com ar y The Marion Luncheonette SANDWICHES - PLATE LUNCHES Marion, North Carolina Rotaqson ' s Oothincprfow . Clotrfjjsfor the Ej e. Family Dial 2178 r 1 T Vest Coutf St Wpripn, N. C. Compliments of Jimeson ' s Hardware South Main Street Marion, N. C. Gifts foAAII Occasions Clear Creek Gift Shoo On U. S. Highway 70 — 6 Miles West of Marion Marion, N. C. Hitchcock ' s Men ' s Wear Hotel James Building Name Brands in Men ' s Wear Marion, North Carolina Compliments of Christy Grocery Dysartville, North Carolina H. L. Lance Esso Service E- Court St. (CSSO) Dial 3061 (CSSO) mm V V Marion, N. C. Gouge Paint Glass Co. Highest Quality PAINTS - GLASS Field Ene ' r., Const. SURVEYING Tel. 6865-7571 Roseland Florist Day Phone 7371 Night Phone 5723 Marion, North Carolina Sales and Service Dial 5743 W C Burain VW • mm W 1 A III Plumbing and Heating Company IIS. Garden Marion, North Carolina Brown Motor Company Hudson Sales and Service Dial 2170 855 E. Court St. Marion, N. C. Compliments of Terminal Grill Marion, North Carolina Morrow ' s Diamonds — Watches — Retail Jewelry Watch Repairing Dial 6211 26 ' 2 S. Main St. Marion, North Carolina BELK-BROOME CO. " The Home of Better Values ' Marion, N. C. FIRESTONE HOME AUTO SUPPLY Marion, North Carolina " We Use Genuine Material " H. E. KELLY Watchmaker and Jeweler Expert Repairing — Engraving Diamonds and Costume Jewelry Phone 5845 107 S. Main St. Marion, N. C. Compliments of GORDON FURNITURE COMPANY Marion, North Carolina -J i HOLLAND ' S Independent Service Station Gas and Oil — Feed and Flour Route 1 Marion, N. C. MARION. N-C • MUSIC • NEWS • PUBLIC SERVICE CLYDE W. RAYBURN GENERAL MERCHANDISE Glenwood, N. C. CITY MOTOR CO. Clean Used Cars 1 1 1 North Garden Street Marion, North Carolina COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Marion, N. C. For Good Buys in SCHOOLWEAR See THE BARGAIN STORE Marion, N. C. LOVEN FURNITURE CO. Complete Line of Home Furnishings Dial 8211 Marion, N. C. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Marion, N. C. " Say It With Flowers " HUNTER FLORIST 128 South Main Street DIAL 4291 Marion, N. C. Compliments of SMITH FURNITURE CO. Marion, N. C. LAUGHRIDGE FURNITURE COMPANY J. L. Laughridge, Mgr. Furniture — Ranges Household Goods — Hardware Frigidaires and Electric Ranges Marion, N. C. YOUNG ' S SHOE STORE Good Shoes at Reasonable Prices Marion, North Carolina For More Than 40 Years We Have Leen Trying To Render Satisfactory Service McCALL ' S FUNERAL HOME C. R. McCall, Owner - Mrs. C. R. McCall, Asst. - Chas. G. McCall, Asst. AMBULANCE SERVICE Day Phone 2120— Night Phone 3671 MARION, NORTH CAROLINA MARION MACHINE COMPANY Marion, N. C. R. V. HORTON SON MEATS - GROCERIES GAS AND OIL Dial 8461 West Marion, North Carolina Compliments of Mary-Lyn Shoppe Compliments of GLENN ' S GROCERY DIAL 9481 Marion, N. C. SALES SERVICE PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Studebaker Cars and Trucks 414 E. Court St. Dial 7321 Marion, N. C. Compliments of Farmers Federation Co-operative Feed — Seed — Fertilizer Phone 6245 Marion, N. C. Incorporated ipes Motors Marion, North Carolina DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS ALUS CHALMERS FARM EQUIPMENT East Court Stre SS Compliments of A. Blanton Groce ry Company WHOLESALE GROCERS Dial 8421 or 4331 Marion, N. C. Compliments of Otis L Broyhill Furniture Company MANUFACTURERS Marion, North Carolina City Tire Appliance Co. Marion, N. C. Seagle Lawing Sinclair Service 970 East Court Street Marion, N. C. Compliments of Allison ' s Dutch Grill Royal Tire Service Recapping Specialists Distributors for U. S. Royal Tires Ma rion, North Carolina Phone-6754 119 E. Court Street a? 3 COWAN ' S VARIETY STORE Highway 70 DIAL 8402 Marion, North Carolina BALLEW MOTOR CO., INC. 439 E. Court St. Marion, N. C. Dial 2157 " WHERE FRIEND MEETS FRIEND " Compliments of EAST COURT MOTOR CO. PONTIAC GMC Dial 4241 Marion, N. C. ELIZABETH JAMES MILLS Manufacturers: Lady Elizabeth and Minerva Hosiery C. Jack James, Mgr. Marion, North Carolina MT. IDA SERVICE STATION Washing and Greasing Tires and Accessories Dial 3491 Marion, North Carolina Compliments of WORKMAN ' S Marion, N. C. Compliments of BOST TOAST MASTER BREAD If It ' s BOST ' S It ' s Better BOST ' S DELICIOUS CAKES Asheville, N. C. Dial 6851 Shelby, N. C. Dial 8111 and 6325 MORGAN BROTHERS, INC. Wholesalers— Distributors Candy • Cigars • Drugs • Sundries Paper Products and School Supplies Asheville, N. C. MARION DRY CLEANERS " If Your Clothes Are Not Becoming to You They Should Be Coming to Us. " Opposite Post Office Dial 4471 W. C. Lynch, Owner-Mgr. Tel. 6444 LYNCH ' S TOURIST COURT Star Route Rutherfordton, N. C. 6 Miles West on U. S. 64 and 74 Sanitation Grade A Open All Year Compliments of GLENWOOD STEP CO. Glenwood, N. C. Compliments of J. D. Wilkerson ' s Grocery Route 2 Marion, N. C. Walkers Florist " Flowers for All Occasions " Phone 2-2954 Marion, N. C. etta mt bxcoT - t tit liTTrl fi -9 Compliments AUTO ECONOMY STORE Marion, N. C. MARION KNITTING MILL, INC. Marion, N. C. Compliments of Gibbs Super Market Congratulations to the Class of 1953 McCraw ' s Grocery Route 2 Marion, N. C. J. L. Haney Licensed North Carolina Land Surveyor Glenwood, N. C. Suburban Rulane Gas Co. of N. C, Inc. HEATING Phone 2154 P. O. Box 648 Compliments of ROSE ' S 5-10-25c STORE KOZY DINER LAUGHRIDGE DRESS SHOP MARION CASH STORE TIPTON ' S SHOE STORE McDowell Farm Supply Feed — Seed — Fertilizer Compliments of Carolina Cafe Mrs. C. E. Sebastian, Owner and Manager Dixie Cleaners 31 W. Court St. Marion, N. C. Pick-Up and Delivery BURNSVILLE SCHOOL of FINE ARTS of WOMAN ' S COLLEGE University of North Carolina and THE PARKWAY PLAYHOUSE We, the Senior Class of Glenwood High School, wish to express our deepest gratitude to each of the firms who have by their advertisements made it possible for us to publish this 1953 NUSHKA. Thank you for your patronage.

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