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cJl ' wei ( reat men aii remind u5 1 iJe can maLe iiuei i uptime, . y nd. deparlin( , leave Ifeliind u6 ootpnnti on tlie and ti — Longfellow me. MCDOWELL COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 90 WEST COURT STREET MARION, NC 28752 The Nushka 1950 Fiihlhhed by THE SENIOR CLASS of GLENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL James Haney. Editor -in-Chiej Nancy Blalock. Assistant Editor Donald Wright. Business Manager Wayne Morris. Advertising Manager FOREWORD It is our desire to make this volume of THE NUSHKA a record of the trials and pleasures of our school life, rather than a work of art in pho- tography and classical literature. It is our hope that each page and picture will carry with it a host of pleasant memories. Tf when the shadows deepen and the candle of life burns low, you take this time-worn volume from its dust-covered repose, and slowly turn its pages, live again your high school days, if your dim recollections are refreshed, and the flickering candle reveals a sm.ile upon your face, then, indeed, our labors have not been in vain. The Editors DEDICATION To MISS WILMA DELIA BYRD whom wc respect as a teacher, trust as a friend, and admire as a lady, do we, the Class of 1950, affectionately dedicate this. The 1950 Nushka CONTENTS I— FACULTY II— HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES III— GRAMMAR SCHOOL CLASSES IV— ACTIVITIES V— ADVERTISEMENTS FACULTY MISS WILMA BYRD English and History MR. B. C. NAVE FAC MRS. MABEL BRADSHER French and Home Economics MRS. MARIE ANDERSON Mathemniics MISS BERTHA MARTIN Physical Education and Science AgriculytFe MR. JAMES HENSON Commercial MRS. MADELIENE TAYLOR Public Scliool Music MR. WILLIAM ELMORE Eighth Grade B MRS. EUNICE ELMORE Eighth Grade A MR. RAY SHYTLE Seventh Grade MISS CHARLINE HEMPHILL Sixth Grade ULTY MRS. CHARLINE TEAGUE Fijth-S xth Grade MRS. RUTH WILLIAMS Fi{th Grade MRS. DESSIE LAWING Fourth Grade " « MRS. HELEN PATTERSON Third-Foiirth Grade MRS. CLARA RAYBURN Third Grade MRS. MARTHA WHITESIDES Second Grade MRS. LAURA BROWN Second Grade MRS. VIRGINIA PYATT First Grade MRS. EDNA HEMPHILL First Grade (lejt to right) CLASS PRESIDENTS Joyce Marlowe Sevior Bennie Parker Junior Donald Rickett Sophomore •Norma Harris Freshvmn THE HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS EDDIE LANEY WAYNE MORRIS BETTY PAINTER Mascot Treasxirer Mascot Class Flower Class C Colors YclloH Tulip Gncn-YcUou ' Class Motto " Not Finished, jiisf Bc}iiiii " THE CLASS OF 1950 Horns Economics 1. 2,; Art Editor NUSH- Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Class President 1; KA 4. Beta Club 3. 4: Assistant Editor NUSHKA 4; Junior Play: Home Economics 1. 2: Mar- shal 3; Glee Club 1. 4: Class Reporter 1, 2. 3. 4: Superlative 4: Sports FJditor Echoes 4: Senior Honor Student: Senior Play. MARY MARGARET DECK " She always has that jriendly smjle. " Studun; Council 2. 3. 4: Junior Play: Heme Economics 1. 2: Secre- tary of Class 3: Vice-President of Class 4: Glee Club 1: Typist of NUSHKA 4; Superlative 4: Senior Honor Student. HOYT GRAGG " A real lady ' s man. " Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; F.F.A. 1. 2. 3, 4: Sports Editor of NUSHKA 4: Su- perlative 4: Senior Play. JAMES HANEY ' ■ (DH helping to hold up the ladder oj success. " F.F.A. 1. 2: Student Co incil 1. 2. 3; Beta Club 3. 4; Editor of GLEN- WOOD ECHOES 3. Echoes StafT 1, 2. 4; Toadtmastcr Junior-Senior Ban- quet 3: Class President 3: Marslia) 3: Junior Play 3: Superlative 4: Editor- in-Cliief of NUSHKA 4; Salutatorian; Senior Play. WALTER HARRIS " I ' ll be the pattern oj iiU pa- tience. " 4-H 1, 2, 3. 4: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3; Basket- ball 3, 4- Assistant Literary Editor of NUSHKA 4: Bus Driver 4; Superla- tive 4. FLOYD HAYNES " I ' ll get by somehoio. " Bus Driver 4: F.F.A. 1, 2. 3: Su- perlative 4: Assistant Business Man- ager of NUSHKA 4. LEXIE LAWS " I don t want to be dangerous, I just ' iPcnt to get married. " Homs }xonomics 1, 2; Glee Clu ' u 1; Snapshot Editor of NUSHKA 4. DOTTIE MARLOWE " Happy am 1. jrum care I ' m free. Why can ' t they all he content like me? " HomD Economics 1. 2: Marshal 3; Superlative 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Literary Editor oi NUSHKA 4; Beta Club 4 ' Student Council 4; Junior Play: Senior Honor Student. JOYCE MARLOWE ' ' Full of life, sense, and wit, lots of fun and plenty of grit. " Home Economics 1. 2: Junior Play: Beta Club 3. 4: Superlative 4: Sports Editor of NUSHKA 4: r.asketball 1. 2. 3. Cheerleader 4: Echoes Staff 3: Class President 4: Marshal 3: Senior Honor Student. HAROLD McCULLOCH ' Little hut loud. " 4-H 1. 2. 3. 4: F.F.A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 1: Assistant Advertising Man- ager of NUSTIKA 4: Superlative 4; Cheerkadei 3: Senior Play. JAMES MONTEITH " I ' m not lazy, I ' m just dream- ing. " F.F.A. i. 2. 3; Cheerleader 2: As- si.stant Snapshot Editor of NUSHKA 4; Bus Driver 2. 3: Superlative 4. MARY MORGAN " La igh and the world laughs with you. " Glee Club 1. 4; 4-H 1. 2. 3: Home K ' joiioinics 1. 2; Junior Play; Super- lative 4: Class Historian 4. WAYNE MORRIS " With her I ' m satisfied. " Glee Club 1; Class Officer 1. 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Superlative 4: Advurlising Manager ot;,NUSHKA 4; Bus Driver 3, 4: Junior Play; F.F.A. 1. 2: Senior Play. ALENE PAINTER " Being quiet is so much better. " Glee Club 1. 4; Home Economics 1. 2; Class Testator 4; Superlative 4. ERLENE REEL " The most manifest sign of lois- dora is continued cheerfulness. " Home Economics 1. 2; Superlative 4; Circulation Manager of NUSHKA 3; Marshal lor Junior Plav 3; Senior Play. LARRY SPROUSE " It ' s a friendly heart that has plenty of friends. " F.F.A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Assistant Adver- li.sing Manager of NUSHKA 4: Bus Driver 3, 4; Superlative 4. GLADYS SUMLIN " I could talk forever. " Home Economics 1. 2: Glee Club 1: Superlative 4: Assistant Circulation Manager of NUSHKA 4: Senior Play. DONALD WRIGHT " How I like my jokes. " F.F.A. 3. 4: Marshal 3: Basketball 3. 4; Business Manager oi NUSHKA: Beta Club 3. President 4; Student Coimcil 3. President 4: Valedictorian. CLASS POEM To Glenwood High our thoughts will ever stray. The place where life is always young and gay. And as our parting days are growing near; We thank you for preparing us to go through life without fear. The teachers will forever in our hearts be blessed, For the lessons they have taught, and the answers we have guessed. You who have taught and prepared us so well; To you dear teachers, we bid you farewell. To our classmates, we give you great praise, We shall always remember you in our happiest days. Although our parting days are growing nigh; We wish you luck at dear old Glenwood High. And with our motto, " Not Finished, Just Begun " , We leave our life of gaiety and fun. To our teachers and classmates of Glenwood High, We bid you all a pleasant goodbye. by Helen Evans THE HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1950 On a September day in 1938 the 1938-39 school year began at Glenwood School. For two large classes of pupils this was their first year m school. These classes, made up of scared, and perhaps tearful children, were started on their twelve years ' journey by Miss Edna Cranford and Miss Frances Miller. When the next school year came around several of the pupils had gone to the new Sugar Hill School and the remaining members of the class were under the loving hand of Miss Evelyn Tanner for the next two years. In the fourth grade, studying really began with " hateful ole " geography, and Mrs. Faye Wells had quite a time teaching it. Under the calm persuasion of Miss Lillie Pyatt the class passed through the fifth grade and on to Mrs. Lois Shaw in the sixth grade where the class first started making money by selling lemonade. The hard-earned money for the class ' s own cherished basketball was finally earned and the ball purchased. Thi.=; was the begin- ning of the long money-making campaign lasting through 1950. In the seventh grade Mrs. Dessie Lawing guided the class through the ever- deepening waters of mathematics, history, geography, and English with a firm hand. The enrollment reached its peak in the eighth grade when the students from Dysartville and Sugar Hill joined the class, making a total enrollment of 62. These students were Hoyt Gragg Nola Hill, Jean Ledford, Anne Haiiis, Claude Ledbetter, Mildred Birchfield, Lucille Reel, Leota Marlowe, Margie Harris. Roy Haynes. Walter Harris. Lee Holland, Floyd Haynes, Jean Lytle, Helen Evans, Mary Margaret Deck, Gladys Sumlin. Larry Sprouse. and Lillian Seaman. Miss Wilma Byrd and Mrs. Mary Miller taught these classes. The Class of 1950 entered high school under the sponsorship of Miss Ruth Free- man. Later in the year Miss Wilma Byrd and Miss Shirley Wells were class sponsors. In the election of class oflficers Nancy Blalock was elected president; Maxine Veirs, vice-president; and Wayne Morris, secretary and treasurer. Jim Kaney was elected representative to the Student Council. Miss Wilma Byrd was the class sponsor in the sophomore year. The class offi- cers were Lillian Seaman, president; Mary Morgan, vice-president: and Helen Evans, secretary and treasurer. Jim Haney and Mary Mai-garet Deck were the Student Council representatives. By this time the class eni-oUment had dropped to 27 and Mr , Mabel Bradsher became the sponsor of the Junior Class. Under her helpful hand two class projects were successfully completed; the Junior Play. " Miss Jimmy, " given in the school auditorium on December 10, 1948. and the Junior -Senior Banquet, which followed the " Deep South " motif, at the Methodist Recreation Hall April 28, 1949. A big event in the Junior year was the receiving of class rings, the day before Christmas vacation began. The chei ' ished class offices were hold by Jim Haney, elected president; Maxine Veirs, vice-president; Mary Margaret Deck, secretary; and Helen Evans, treasurer. The Student Council repre ' entati ves were Donald Wright. Mary Margaret Deck, and Jim Haney. The Class of 1950 began its final year under the guidance of Miss Wilma Byid. The election of class officers and the annual staff were among the important business at the beginning of the year. During the years the class enrollment rose as high as 62 in the eighth gi ' ade and dropped to 23 in the twelfth. Of the original class which began school in the fall of 1938 at Glenwood. Dottie Marlowe, Alenc Painter. Nancy Blalock. Mary Morgan, Giace Kaylor. Jim Haney. and Wayne Moriis are all that )emain. As the 1950 NUSHKA goes to press, the Senior Play, the Junior-Senior Ban- quet, and Graduation are uppermost in the minds of the Seni ' jrs. The last semester of the Senior year is the realization of every high school boy ' s and girl ' s dream Each Senior can truly say to his teachers, parents, principals and friends, " I am a part of all that I have met. " Mauy Nan Morgan Class Historian CLASS PROPHECY While I was looking through my desk drawers in the Superintendent ' s office of the Winston-Salem Baptist Hospital last week I came upon two old. and much wrinkled, sheets of paper with the title " Prophecy ol the Class of 19o0, Glenwood High School, by Grace Kaylor. " How one saves things of no importance in their old age ' To think I wrote it almost 25 years ago and here it is still. I wonder if it came true: I think I ' ll read it over again to refresh my memory. " 1, Grace Kaylor, prophesy that: Gladys Sumlin will marry a rather wealthy man who will live only a few years after their marriage and in 1965 she will be employed as ticket agent at Statesville Bus Terminal. Joyce Marlowe will become a private nurse and nurse the grandson of John D. Rocke- feller in New York, whom she will marry along with the Rockefeller millions. Mary Margaret Deck will nurse all her life at Charlotte Memorial Hospital and will never marry. Larry Sprouse will become a bus driver for Greyhound Bus Lines and will marry Mary Sue Hogan. James Monteith will complete the sowing of his " wild oats " in Berm.uda and will return to Marion to operate the Monteith Hardware Store. Walter Harris will remain the same steady boy he now is and will bDcome the foremost farmer in Montford ' s Cove. Hoyt Gragg, after spending several years playing All Star basketball is now owner of the " Glenwood Rosebud. " Lexie Laws will receive her A.B. degree from Appalachian State Teachers ' College, will become first grade teacher at the new Jacktown Elementary School. Erlene Reel will nurse at the Mission Hospital in Asheville until she meets the Rev. Father John Van Johnson, a retired Episcopal minister, whom she will marry. Rosa Lee Baker, who always did more listening than talking, will become the unmar- ried operator of the telephone exchange in Dysartvilie. Floyd Haynes will become owner of the Haynes Construction Company of Gainsville. Georgia. He will marry a " high stepping little doll, " from New York Jim Haney will become a Lutheran minister and will later become the president of Lenoir Rhyne College in Hickory. He will never marry! Donald Wright will become president of the First National Bank of Glenwood and will marry Mary Morgan. Mary Sue Hogan, because of her ability as a good housekeeper, will " catch " Larry Sprouse within the space of 2 years and months after graduation. Mary Morgan will become assistant manager of Belk-Broome Company m Marion and will get all the first hand gossip to pass on to her husband. Donald Wright, and her Glen- wood friends. Helen Evans, one of Mrs. Bradsher ' s star French pupils, will go to Paris. France, to become a dress designer in the style shoppe ol Jacques Faut. Lee Holland, after obtaining his M.D. degree from Duke University, will become one of Charlotte ' s most famous surgeons. Nancy Blalock will become the private secretary to the leader of the Democratic Party in Washington. D. C. In 1970 she will still be unmarried. Wayne Morris, after obtaining a degree in Physical Education from N. C. State College, will climb quickly in his profession and will become football coach at Notre Dame. Dottie Marlowe will become head of the staff of nurses and private secretary to the Doctors McClony, Applewhite and Kapple in Atlanta. Alene Painter will become owner and operator of the " Glenwood Style Shoppe. " Harold McCullach, after two years service in the U. S. Navy, will attend N. C. State College and become County Agent of McDowell County. " Well, in one ' s old age we like to reminisce but this is the last time I will waste my time reading this paper. I shall burn it and let fate have her way with the Seniors of 1950. Grace Kaylor Class Prophet CLASS Most Ambitious JOYCE MARLOWE JIM HANEY Most Likely to Marry NANCY BLALOCK JAMES MONTEITH Biggest Mouth JIM HANEY MARY MORGAN Best All Roitnd GLADYS SUMLIN LARRY SPROUSE Most Courteous DOTTIE MARLOWE FLOYD HAYNES iV o,s! Allilelic HOYT GRAGG DOTTIE MARLOWE Bigge. ' ii Baby NANCY BLALOCK HAROLD McCULLOCH i ' upular HELEN EVANS WAYNE MORRIS SUPERLATIVES Most Mittchievous Most Likely to Succeed FLOYD HAYNES Most Studioiis ERLENE REEL MARY MARGARET DECK JIM HANEY BfM Look.ny WUtiest Cutei=l HELEN EVANS ERLENE REEL JAMES MONTEITH DOTTIE MARLOWE HOYT GRAGG LEE HOLLAND LAST WILL and TESTAMENT We, the Class of 1950, being of sound mind and body, realizing our present position and all the fine work we have done during our brief stay here, and thinking wc should leave our profound thanks and some of our many talents, do hereby make and publish this our last will and testament. ARTICLE 1 We direct that all our just debts and graduating expenses be paid as soon after our departure as may be done conveniently. ARTICLE 2 To our parents, we bequeath our deepest appreciation for the oppor- tunity that they have made possible for us to secure our education. ARTICLE 3 To Mr. Whitesides and the faculty, we leave our sincere thanks for their efforts and patience m guiding, inspiring, and teaching us. ARTICLE 4 To our classroom teacher. Miss Wilma Byrd, we leave our thanks, our profound admiration, and ever-enduring friendship. ARTICLE 5 We, the aforesaid class, being several in number, do hereby will and bequeath our personal possessions: I, Donald Wright, leave my rough and rowdy ways to Clarence Lamb. I, Nancy Blalock, leave my string of boys and " nite life " to Doris Hemphill and Louise Killian. I, Mary Margaret Deck, leave my love for geometry to Frances Laughridge. I, Dottie Marlowe, leave my cuteness to Connie Vess. I, Gladys Sumlin, leave my quiet ways to Ruby Gilliam. I, James Montcith, leave my wit to Bennic Parker. I, Erelene Reel, leave my giggle, some laughter, and the privilege of keeping the Juniors out of the Senior classroom to Betty Morgan. I, Hoyt Gragg, leave my title of " Best Looking Boy " m the Senior Class to Ivan Landis. I, Jim Haney, leave my excess height to Bobby Eplee. OF THE CLASS OF 1950 I, Rosa Lee Baker, leave my luck of being the high school faculty ' s pet to Reba Bowman. I, Wayne Morris, leave my ability to catch tlie girls ' eve to Carl Rash. I, Harold McCulloh, leave my desire to get out of typing class to Donald Hickman. I, Helen Evaiis, as the only " blond " in the class, leave my wig to Betty Wilkerson. I, Mary Sue Hogan, leave my sparkling personality to Ruby Mar- lowe so she might brighten the rising Senior Class. I, Lexie Laws, will to Lucille Laws my place on the annual staff as snapshot editor. L Grace Kaylor, will to Doris Rum felt my position as class prophet. I, Mary Morgan, will to Agnes Wilkerson my ability to giggle the whole day through. I, Lee Holland, will my title of " Neatest Bov in the Senior Class " to Charles Walker. L Larry Sprouse, leave my collection of Dvsartville girl friends to Billy Guffey. L Walter Harris, will my ability to dodge the girls to Dean Elliott. I, Floyd Haynes, will my love for Mrs. Anderson ' s geometry classes to Junior Harris. I, Joyce Marlowe, leave my friendly manner to Millie Lawing. I, Alene Painter, will and bequeath the responsibility of writing this will and testament next year to Leroy Williams. We, the Class of 1950, do hereby nominate and appoint our principal, Mr. W. P. Whitesides, sole executor of this our last will and testament, and instruct him to carry out its provisions to the letter. In witness whereoi we have hereto subscribed our nr.mes and aliixed our seal this fifteenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thou- sand nine hundred and fifty. Signed : Alenf. Painter Latiycr, Class of 1950 SOPHOM C (left to right) BETTY ANDERSON BETTY BAKER FREDDY BLANTON ROBERT BOWMAN HAZEL BOLICK JEAN CALHOUN MARY RUTH COX LAWRENCE DUVAL TOMMY FERGUSON JEANNE GLENN LUCILLE GREER MARGARET HARRIS WINNIE BELLE HOGAN JOAN HOLLAND NADINE HUFFMAN ELSIE KAYLOR HELEN LAWING SHIRLEY LAWING CATHERINE LAWS BLANCHE MARLOWE ORE CLASS (left to right) JIMMY MASHBURN BRONSON MONTEITH HARRILL MORGAN NEAL MORGAN SARA MARGARET MORRIS NANNIE PANNELL EDWARD rOTEAT ROGER POTEAT LILLIE PRICE DONALD RICKETT HAZEL ROBBINS JOYCE RUMFELT ELEANOR SILVER DEAN SWANN PANSY SWANN JAMES SWANN JACKIE THOMAS GWENDOLYN VESS DONALD WILKERSON PAULINE WOODY FRES -FX NAOMI ATWOOD ARNOLD BAKER BILLY DEAN BOWMAN BETTY JO BROOKSHIRE • CHARLES BURGIN MABEL CALHOUN BARBARA COOPER CHARLES DAYBERRY LORENE DONNAHUE CHARLES DUCKWORTH carroll evans ruth farthing marie finchum betty lou gardner thOmas hall ANNE HANEY NORMA HARRIS HELEN HILL CARROLL HOGAN PEGGY HOLLAND ESTELLE HOLLAND KATIE HOLLAND MARIE JONES RAY LAMB GUY LANE WAYNE LAUGHRIDGE PARKS IJ WING RALPH LAWING DORIS LEDBETTER ERNEST LEDBETTER MAN CLASS (lejt to riyhl) JOHN LEWIS TOMMIE LYTLE GLENN MARLOWE NANCY MARLOWE RUTH MARLOWE RONALD McFALLS ANNA LAURA MORGAN DORIS MORGAN KATE MORGAN MARY ANNE MOSS MAX PARKER ' EFFIE MAE PRICE JO ANN PRICE DORIS REEL MICKEY POTEAT JACK REYNOLDS MILDRED RHOM EDNA SEAMAN REBECCA SHELL JAMES SISK BARBARA JO SISK ZULA MAE SPROUSE WAYNE SPROUSE BILL STONE MARY SUMLIN LOU ANN VEIRS LEWIS WALKER DORIS WILKERSON MILDRED WILKERSON MILDRED WILSON CLASS PRESIDENTS First Grade Ann Simmons Second Grade Shirley Arrowood Third Grade Karene Poteat Fourth Grade Joyce Dockery Fifth Grade Calvin Cable Sixth Grade Gail Williams Seventh Grade Billy Greer Eighth Grade Kerry Monteith THE GRAMMER SCHOOL CLASSES EIGHTH GRADE A First Row (left to nqht): Jackie Mashburn, Johnny Cook, Lloyd Ray, Frances Bruner, Mary Lou Bodford, Hazel Morgan, Betty Lou Eplee, Patsy Mar ' owe, Thelma Morgan, Ruby Frady. Second Row: Dorothy England, Joanne Jaynes, Dons Burton, Betty Ruth Arrowood, Dorcas Wilkerson, Mary Lee Morgan, Frances Hall, Lila Lee Hall. Frances Hensley, Joyce Anderson. Third Row: Homer Morgan, Jerry Bryant, Lee Roy Suttles, Edmond Laws, Kerry Monteith, Kerinil Cable, Barbara Marlowe, Nancy Bigqerstafi, Eugene Marlowe. EIGHTH GRADE B First Row (left to right): Loree Duval. Wilhe Kayloi, Dora Cunningham, Frances Stone, Betty Smith, Shirley Westmoreland, Earl Boone, Harvey Romme, Harvey Mashburn, Wayne Rumfelt. Second Row: Gwendolyn Boone, Joyce Cole, Dorothy Bowman, Mary Swunn, Betty Crawley, Helen Jones, Mavis Sprouse, Ann Ireland, Joan Lowing. Third Row: Jack Marlowe. Frank Guffey, Richard Rose, James Ellington, R. L. Laws, Jessie Bcheller. SEVENTH GRADE First Row (left to right): Gladys Boone, Anne Craiq, Freddie Jackson, Billy Greer, Lee Paricer. Glen Bowman, Betly Lou PyatI, limmie Thomas, Stanley Vess, Ray Willis, Thurston Haynes, Jason Cox. Second Row: Revnnda Brookshirp, Margirct Kaylor, Erma Reel, Jewel McCiaw, Evelyn Jordan, Betty Buchanan, Kathleen Woody, Jerald Womack, Wilma Poteat, Thomas Parker, Dean Cole. Third Row: Johnnie Marlowe. Junior Greer, Peqqy Rhom, Mimi Cranlord, Ruby Wilburn, Jean Wil- liams, Helen Mosteller, Pauline Jordan, Laura Ann Parker, Ruth Lamb, Tommie Marlowe, Millard Kiser. SIXTH GRADE First Row (left to right): Mascine Cunningham, Irene Kaylor, Gail Williams, Mary Jo Walker, Arrena Ann Poteat, Peggy Epley, Eunice Haynes. Zora Estes, Cor! Swann, Margaret Pace, Jerry Silver, Lula Mae Morgan, Johnny Atwood, Gail ELiott. Second Row: Donald Cannon, Carl Aldridge, Jack Silver, Jack Parker, Robert Willis, Olen Poteat, Roy Ferguson, Billy Thomas, Dicky Shaw, Patsy McCormick, Marie Bowman, Franklin Holland, Eugene Ramsey, Shirley Williams. Third Rov : Aileen Mostell =r, Carolyn Poteat, Rosie Lee Cox, CharUne Reel. Gertrude Crowder. Helen Bradley, Mildred Hall, EUoise Parker, Betty Jean Bledsoe, Nora Estes, June Myers, Billy Gene Reel. Fourth Row: Stanley Williams, Homer Radford, Wayne Poteat, Orville Penley, Mildred Goiorlh, Evelyn Cable, Geialdine Randoli. Sarah Seaman, Lorene Morgan, Maxine Westmoreland. FIFTH GRADE First Row (left to right): Mary Elizabeth Morgan, Blanche Bradley, Dav»d Bryant, Eari Woody, Peggy Vess, Dorcthy Smith, Betty Bowman, Mary Rumfell, Annie Mae Lumb, Barbara Jean Harris, Floy Pyatl, Betly Morgan, Barbara Ross, Leona Aldridge. Second Row: Jennings Smith, Virgie Mae Tyo, Cecil Kaylor, Donald Swann, lane Marlowe, Dons Hunier, Maxine Bartlett, Maxine HoUifield, Louise Proctor, Joyce Huffman, Peqqy Sue Mashburn, Ted Cable, Alvir Holland. Third Row: Leland Lowing, Larry Gordon, Carl Parker, Johnny Yoder, Carl Penley, Willie Paris, Norman Radford, Bobby Ray Bowman, Junior Hunter. Fourth Row: Claude Kiser, Pauline Laws, Lorene Jorda " - Mary lo Anderson, Lillian Williams, Marlyn Calhoun, Elsie Mae Brunner, Billie Barber, Glenn Elmore, Cecil Gardner, Gene Morgan, Creed Edwards. riflh Row: Sammy Marlowe, Donald Poteat, Kenneth Edwards, Dean Evans, Russell Radford, Junior Bradley, Samuel Martin, Frank Johnson. FOURTH GRADE First Row (left to right): Bill Rumfelt, Clyde Morgan, Imogene Laws, Grace Hall, J. D. Williams. Walter Poloat, Joann Poteat, Ronald Holland, Ray Greer, Barbara lean Craig, Olene Stevenson, Charles England, Julia Ann Elliott. Second Row; Katherine Morgan, Joyce Dockery, Robert Lee Little, Hav.p] Poteal, Johnny Blankenship, Billy Mosteller, Wilma Lamb. Jean Kiser, Trula Mae Roberts, Virginia Price, Marie Swann, Wade Nanney, Donald Ramsey. Third Row: Gladys Lane, Ruby Parker, Ruth Parker, Eugene Laws, Blanche Jones, Barbara Ann Clewis, Ivey Bledsoe, Betty Westmoreland, Jean Haynes, Zelda Conner, Ivis Conner, Frances Willis. Fourth Row: Jim Pyatt, Fred Wilbur, Jr., lack Marlowe, Swan Woody, Pink Lewis, Jr., Georgia Painter, Joyce Johnston, Lucille Crowder, Joan McCormick, Norma Gilliam. i THIRD GRADE First Row (left to riqhl); Leila McCraw, Catherine Pyatt. Betty lo Pyatt, Alvin Clark, Donald Aldridge, Patsy Smith. Glenn Greer, Karene Poteal. Jean Atwood, Glenda Carswell, Betty Jean Parker, Dean Morgan, lane Fortenberry, Cecil Clark, Sudie Craiq, Max Swann. Second Row: Glenna Boone, Betty Jo Bruner, Patricia Huqhes, Howard Woody, Wade McCraw, Charles McFalls, Mary Greer, Jackie Marlowe, Weldon Bowman, Jerry Gordon, Josephine Kaylor, Marie Laughridge, Bobbie Jean Conner, Linda Mashburn, Marie Atwood. Third Row: Donald Painter, Carl Rhom. Jr., Jerald Thomas, Cecil Parker, Angelene Smith, Homer Edwards, Edward Parker, M. G. Fox, Alice Faye Anderson. Fourth Row: Emerson Jackson, Walter Burton. George Duncan, Tommie Dennison, Junior Stevens. Paul Lane, Susie Robmelte, Betty Jo Reel, Tiiu Kolts, Francis Price, Dora Ann Burton. Christine Martin, Eloise Parker. SECOND GRADE First Row (left to right): Harold Pace, Elsie Mae Conner, Ruth Bartlett, Shirley Arrowood, Clillord Harris, Joe Ray Rumfelt, Lorene Radford, Joyce Rhom, Peggy Lane, Lucy Lowing, Hazel Smith, Vera Price, Max Holland, Jackie Elliott. Second Row: Earl Reel, Jerry Blankenship, Philip Gardner, WiUard Bradley, Larry Tyo, James Rum- felt, Jimmie Hughes, Gene Gibson, Jeanne Ward, Barbara Bowman, Jeannette Morgan, Tessie Westmore- land, Ann Luwing, Vena Gilliam, Glenda Rayburn, Charles McKinney. Third Row: Buddy Parker, Eugene Elmore, Wade Bolick, Gene Holland, Harvey Ferguson, Romld HoUilield. Herman Poteat, loe Poleat, luri Kolts, Lennie Condrey, Eugene Morgan, I. C. Proctor, Billy Gardner, Robert Marlowe. Fourth Row: Karene Moigan, Louise Willis. Frank Crowder, Arnold Jordan, Bobby Evans, Glenna Cable, Donaid Martin, Boyd Lane, David Proctor, Harold Dean Sullies, Grover Kiser, Doe Woody, Donald Hunter, Gladys Benge, Jean Rhom, Juanila Stevens. t FIRST GRADE First Row (left to right): Bobbie Benge, Grace Bartlette, Alene Kaylor, Bryant Jackson, Clyde Conner, Linda Haynes, Rita Painter, Terry Gregg, Leroy Stevenson. Second Row: Charlotte Spnrks, Charles Radi ' ord, Reid Morgan, Louise Cunni;ioham. Frances Ander- son, Brenda Tyo, Eula Clark, Lucille Parker, Wayne Clark. Third Row: James Bradley, Billy Anderson, Warren Ramsey, Vernon Morgan, Shirley iiarvey, Ann Simmons, Mary McCormick, James Mosieller, David Huffman. Fourth Row: Roy Lewis, Donald Atwood, Allen Duncan, Eugene Swann, Billy Westmoreland, James Laws, Phyllis Smith, Carroll Lewis, James Morgan, Donald Woody. Fifth Row; Betty Ward, Roselta Edwards, Brenda Poteat, Frances Poteat, Harold Bolick, Harold Morgan, Winefred Cable, Leonard Wiggins, Peggy Yoder. I CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Joyce Marlowe. Wayne Laughridge, Frances Laughridge, Johnny Cook, and Doris Ledbetter. ACTIVITIES 11 BASKETBALL Basketball is again the leading sport at Glenwood. The students always look forward to having a good team. Since seven of last year ' s team graduated, most people were a little doubtfid about the success of this yoar " s team, but so far it seems that the school has the best basketball teams in the county. Miss Bertha Martin, health and physical education teacher, was chosen as coach for this year ' s teams at the beginning of the season. The teams named themselves the Dragons and the Dragonettes. Shortly before Christmas the teams received warm-up jackets in the school colors, red and black, with their names on the back of each jacket. This season ' s first teams are composed of Nancy Blalock. Joan Holland. Betty Jo Brookshire, Betty Anderson. Sarah Margaret Morris, Jeanne Glenn, Wayne Morris, Hoyt Gragg. Donald Wright, Edward Poteat, and Robei t Bowman. The second team is made up of Dottie Marlowe, Elsie Kaylor, Gwendolyn Vess, Eleanor Silver, Peggy Holland, Nadine Huffman, Rogert Poteat, Bennie Parker, Max Parker, Walter Har- ris, and Marvin Williams. The first game of the season was played with Old Fort where the teams started out with a double victory. The final score for the Dragonettes was 33 to 25 and the Dragons 62 to 29. Joan Holland was high scorer for the girls and Hoyt Gragg high scorer for the boys. The team was well backed by a large group for this first game. The cheerleaders made their first appearance with their red and black uni- forms and everyone thought they looked " quite cute. " Spirits were high and the fighting Dragons and Dragonettes were ready to go when they met Pleasant Gardens on December 6. Pleasant Gardens has always been the school ' s most dreaded rival and there was much rejoicing when the teams won a double victoi-y. The girls ' score was 20 to 10 and the boys ' was 25 to 15. The teams sailed ofif to Spindale on December 12. to defeat Rutherfordton Cen- tral High by a wide margin. The girls ' final score was 33 to 8 with Betty Jo Brook- shire, freshman, high scorer for the girls. The boys won by a score of 27 to 15 and Hoyt Gragg carried of? the score banner. The Dragons and the Dragonettes shared a split victory the next night when they played Nebo at Marion High. The girls were a bit too confident and they lost the game by a score of 28 to 20. Betty Jo Brookshire was again high scorer with a total of 14 points. The boys were victorious with a score of 37 to 23. The fast-moving, never-miss corner shot of Hoyt Gragg ' s again took down 24 points. On Wednesday night, December 21, the teams played North Cove at Pleasant Gai ' dens. Glenwood brought home a double victory with the girls winning 20 to 16 and the boys 44 to 13. Under the direction of Coach Bertha Martin the teams have played good games thus far in the season. A thing more outstanding than the victories on the .score- board is the fine sportsmanship which the teams have displayed under her direction. First Rcw (lelt to tight): Waller Hams, Hoyt Gragq. Wayne Morris, Eaward Poleal. Second Row; Max Parker, Robert Bowman, Bennie Parker, Mickey Poteai, Roger Pol« it. Betty Anderson Sara Margaret Morris Dottie Marlowe Nancy Blalock Betty Jo Brookshire Hoyt Gragg o-nnit Parker Donald Wright Wayne Morris Walter Harris Gwendolyn Vess Peggy Holland Eleanor- Siiveis Jeanne Glenn Elise Kaylc- Edward Poteat Bertha Martin Nadine Huffman Joan Holland Mickey Poteat Coach Marvin Williams Bennle Parker Roger Poteat ir.r .A. First Row (left to right): Lewis Walker, Wayne Laughridge, Ronald McFalls, Clarence Lamb, Bobby Eplee, Carl Frandy, James Sisfc, Ray Lamb, Cirol Evans, Hughcelle Martin, Raymond Ledbetter, Tomm y Lytle. Second Row: Arnold Baker, Thomas Hall, Bill Stone, Parks Lowing, Charles Dayberry, Larry Wig- gins, Freddy Blanton, Charles Walker, Dean Swann, Jimmy Mashbuin, Jackie Thomas. Third Row: Carl Rash, Ivan Landis, Junior Harris, Carrol Hogan, Jimmy Simmons, Ralph Lawing, Max Parker, Marvin Jamison. Benny Parker, Marvin Williams, James Bledsoe. Fourth Row: Harold Morgan, Roger Poteat. Cecil Swann, Lawrence Duval, Glon Marlowe, Neal Morgan, Bronson Monteith, Edward Poteat, Floyd Hanes, Erntst Ledbetter. Filth Row: Harold McCuUoch, Tommy rsrguson, Donjld Ricketr, Leroy Williams, Hoyt Gragg, Donald Wilkerson, Charles Duckworth, Wayne Sprouse, Dean Elholt, Robert Bowman. Sixth Row: James Swann, Henry Humphries, Jack Reynolds, Bill Dean Bowman, John Lewis, Guy Lane, Charles Burgiar Mickey Poteat, Walter Harris, James Monteith. GLEE CLUB First Row (left to right): Eleanor Silver, Connie Vess, loan Holland, Nancy Blalcck, Dons Reel, Mrs Taylor, Director, Marie Finchum, Patsy Marlswe, Dorcas Wilkerson, Revonda Brookshire. Norma Harris. Second Row: Sarah Margaret Morris. Mary Mogan, Miss Bertha Martin, Soloist, Laura Ann Parker. Winnie Belle Hogan, Lorene Donnahue, Wilma Poteat, Gerald Womack, Katie Holland. Third Row: Alene Painter, Frances Laughridge, Edna Seaman, Zula Mae Sprouse, Gwendolyn Vess, Marie Jones. Fourth Row: Reba Bowman, Margaret Harris. Anne Haney, Helen Evans, Joyce Murlowe. HOME ECONOMICS First Row (lelt lo right): Mildred Wilson, Rebecca Shell, Barbara Cooper, Estelle Holland, Helen Lawing, Eleanor Silver, loan Holland, Winnie Belle Hoqan, Nannie Pannell. Lucille Greer, Lillie Price, Elsie Kaylor, Gwendolyn Vess. Second Row: EHie Price, Mildred Aldridge, Naomi Alwood, Norma Harris. Kate Morgan, Doris Led- betler, Jeanne Glenn, Shirley Lawing, Helen Hi!I, Joyce Rumfelt, Pauline Woody, Nancy Marlowe. Third Row: Pansy Swann, Jean Calhoun, Katie Holland, Ruth Farthing, Ruth Marlowe, Mane Jones, Bet:y Baker, Hazel Bolick, Joann Price, Mary Ruth Cox, Anne Haney. Fourth Row: Mildred Wilkerson, Betty Anderson, Nadine Hu. ' liiian, Mable Calhoun, Dons Wilkerson, , Mary Sumlin, Edna Seaman, Jenn;e Arrowood, Betty Ruth Swann, Lorene Donnahue. Fifth Row: Sarah Margaret Morris, Dons Morgan. Marie Finchum, Vonsel Woody, Dons Reel, Peggy ' Holland, Betty Lou Gardner, Mildred Rhom, Hazel Robbins, Margaret Harris. Sixth Row: Mrs. Bradsher, Instructor, Annie Laura Morgan, Zula Mae Sprouse, Mary Ann Moss, Lou Ann Veirs, Barbara Sisk, Betty Jo Brookshire, Catherine Laws. STUDENT COUNCIL First Row ilrit to right): Dcrcthy England, Rebti Bowman, Vice-Presidc-nl; Donald Wright, President; DoUie Marlowe, Secretary; and Mary Margaret Deck. Sfcond Row: P-iuli:ie Woody, Millie Lowing, Anne Haney, Lee Holland. Dean Elliott, Mrs. Mabel Bradsher, Sponsor; Jackie Thomas, and Billy Greer. BUS DRIVERS FitsI Row (left to right): Walter Harris, Ralph Lawmg, Billy Gufiey, Donald Rickelt Floyd Haynes. and Larry Sprouse. Second Row: Wayne Morns, Dean Elliott, and Leroy Williams. JUNIOR 4-H CLUB First Row: (left to right): Sammy Marlowe, Bill Rumfelt, Kathenne Morgan, Jean Haynes, Johnny Blankenship, Hazel Pcteat, Olene Stevenson, lulia Ann Elliott, Virginia Price, Virgie Mae Tyo, Donald Ramsey, Peggy Eplee, Marie Bowman, Zora Estes, Barbara Ross, Jane Marlowe. Barbara Harris. Second Row: Doris Hunter, Dorothy Smith, Willis Parris, Junior Hunter, Irene Kaylor, Robert Willis, Billy Barber, Billy Monsteller, Charline Reel, Betty Smith, Gail Elliott, Nora Estss, Eunice Haunes, Bill Greer, Harvey Mashburn, Donald Swann, Gene Ramsey. Third Row: Glen Elmore, Gladys Lane, Mary Rumfelt, Maxine HoUitield, Evaline Jordan, Peggy Mashburn, Dora Joan Cunningham, Maxine Westmoreland, Freddie Jackson, Mary Jane Walker, Rena Ann Poteat, Stanley Vess, Thurston Haynes, Tommie Marlowe. Thomas Parker, Junior Greer. Fourth Row: Margaret Kaylor, Willie Fae Kaylor, Loree Duval, Mavis Sprouse, Frances Stone, Betty Mae Crawley, Mary Lillian Swann, Rosa Lee Cox, Jerry Silver. Carolyn Poteat, Shirley Westmoreland, Blanche Bradley, Gertrude Crowder, James Ellington, Frank Guffey, Jason Cox. Fifth Row: Jack Silver, Betty Buchanan, Erma Mae Reel, Helen Mosteller, Joyce Cole, Calvin Cable, Eloise Parker, Mildred Hall. Sixth Rov : Alvin Hclland lenldene Randolph, Sara Seaman. Alene MostcUer. Lorene Morgan. SENIOR 4-H CLUB First Row (left to right): Charles Burgin, Bronson Monteith, Harold McCulloch, Frances Laughridge, James Swann, Ernest Ledbetter, Edna Seaman. Second Row: Mary Sumlin, Nancy Marlowe, Ruth Farthing, Mary Ruth Cox, Carroll Evans, Zula Mae Sprouse, Hazel Bolick, Shirley Lowing. Third Row: Dons Reel, Marie Finchum, Lillian Plemmons, Ruth Marlowe, Ronald McFall, James Swann, Lawrence Duval. 1 TWINS CLUB First Row (left to right): Eugene Laws, Imogane Laws, Mane Swann, Max Swunn, Ruby Pcrkei, Ruth P arker. Second Row: Jerry Silver, lack Silver, Zora Estss, Nora Estes, Johnny Marlowe, Tummy Marlowe. Third Row: LuciUe Laws, Lexis Laws, Reb3 Bowman, Robert Bowinui.. LUNCH ROOM LADIES Left to right: Mrs. Fred Morris, Mis. G. S. Evans, Mrs. Carlton Holland, and Mis. Harvey Moiqan. I ★ Compliments of BILTMORE DAIRY FARMS MARION. NORTH CAROLINA ★ CROSS COTTO] MILLS CO. Double Carded and Combed KNITTING YARNS Marion, North Carolina Compliments of MARIOX MAI IJFACTIJRIXG COMPA] Y Marion, North Carolina J. ROY MORROW DIAMONDS WATCHES RETAIL JEWELRY — WATCH REPAIRING 25 1-2 S. Main Street Phone 72 Marion. North Carolina Western Auto Associate Store Marion, North Carolina Compliments of JIMESON ' S HARDWARE Marion. North Carolina STYLE SHOPPE " EXCLUSIVE STYLES FOR LADIES ' S. Main St. Marion. N. C. Johnson Electric Company Phone 144 Marion, North Carolina McDowell Drug Store " BEST IN REXALL DRUGS " Marion. North Carolina GLADDEN ' S CAFE " WHERE GOOD PEOPLE EAT " Marion. N. C. Compliments of Betty-Jean Beauty Shop Phone 187 Marion. North Carolina Compliments City Tire and Appliance Co. Marion, North Carolina Laughridge Shoe Shop SHOE REPAIRS S. Main St. Marion. N. C. Compliments M ILL ' S CAFE Garden Creek Compliments of SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY Marion, North Carolina ROSELAND FLORIST Day Phone 444 Night Phone 451 Marion. North Carolina Compliments of Beaman Lumber Company Marion. North Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF Ernest W. Ross SUPPLIES SINCLAIR OIL PRODUCTS Compliments of Wells Service Station Route 1 Marion. N. C. MARION MOTORS, Inc. Sales Marion, N. C. Service Phone 242 Compliments of Otis L Broyhill Furniture Co. Manufacturers Marion North Carolina Gordon Furniture and Appliance Store 155 MAIN STREET Marion PHONE 473 North Carolina YOUNG ' S ESSO STATION NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 202 Gas Tires Batteries Wash Grease Polish i Phillips Motor Co. SALES AND SERVICE 414 E. Court St. Phone 138 MARION NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of WORKMAN ' S MARION. NORTH CAROLINA Ballew Motor Co., Inc. 439 E. Court St Marion. N. C. Phone 225 AUTOMOBILES and ACCESSORIES McDowell Finance Company and McDowell Insurance Agency 18 West Court Street Phone 9 MARION. NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of TYLER and WILSON Gulf Service MARION, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of Marion Buick Co., Inc. Telephone 469 MARION, N. C. COMPLIMENTS Marion Auto Parts, Inc. ★ MARION, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of Marion Sandwich Shop South Main Street MARION. N. C. TAINTER ' S Prescription Headquarters PHONE 33 Marion, N. C. Compliments of GLENWOOD Service Station MODE BROS.. Props. Groceries Fresh Meats Gas and Oil PHONE 803-J Glenwood R. L. CONLEY DISTRIBUTORS Gulj Oil Products PHONE 113 Marion North Carolina WE GROW by helping others grotv Quality Leaders of the South SATISFACTORY SERVICE FOR MORE THAN 38 YEARS McCalVs Funeral Home C. R. McCALL, Owner MRS. C. R. McCALL. Asst. Ambulance Service Day Phone 34 Night Phone 32 Marion, North Carolina CLINCHFIELD MANUFACTURING COMPANY Marion North Carolina Clearwater Finishing Company OLD FORT DIVISION DYERS AND FINISHERS OF Rayons and Silk Old Fort North Carolina Westmoreland and Hawkins Funeral Service Day or Night Phone 276 or 476 220 SOUTH MAIN STREET Marion, North Carolina Compliments of McPAR HOSIERY MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Half Hose Marion, North Carolina Compliments of A. Blanton Grocery Co. wholesale Grocers PHONE 25 Marion North Carolina SNIPES MOTORS INCORPORATED Marion, North Carolina Dodge and Plymouth Cars Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Allis-Chalmers Farm Equipment Congratulations to the Class of 1950 Drexel Furniture Company MARION NORTH CAROLINA »- . - ' y ,- . Compliments of Marshall Lumber Company MARION, NORTH CAROLINA Marion Industrial Bank MARION, N. C. LOANS ON ENDOWMENT REAL ESTATE LOANS AUTOMOBILE LOANS APPLIANCE LOANS OVERLOOK Knitting Mill Manufacturers of MEN ' S QUALITY FINE LINE HOSIERY MARION. NORTH CAROLINA HARRILL BROS. Wholesale Candy, Cigars and Notions Forest City, N. C. TYO ' S RADIO SERVICE Best in Radio Repairing Western Auto Marion. N. C. First National Bank MARION NORTH CAROLINA Self -Service DIXIE HOME Super Market MARION. NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF Clyde W. Rayburn General Merchandise Glenwood. N. C. GLENWOOD MOTORS General Motor Repairs Glenwood, N. C. Cooking - Waterheating MARION, NORTH CAROLINA BELK STORES " A Southern Institution REMEMBER- " Yo f Ahvays Save at Belk ' s " BELK BROOME COMPANY MARION, N. C. BROWN Motor Company Cars, Trucks. Parts, Accessories Case Tractors SALES AND SERVICE 855 E. Court St. Phone 472 MARION, N. C. Coin pliiueiits of GLENN ' S GROCERY MARION, N. C, Marion Theatre House Theatre Oasis Theatre L O V E N Furniture Company Complete Line of HOME FURNISHINGS Telephone 149 MARION, N. C. ROSS SINCLAIR STATION 24 Hour Service 13 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 280 Marion, North Carolina GLENWOOD MILLING COMPANY W. G. MARLOWE, Owner flour Corn Meal Feeds PHONE 703X Glenwood, N. C. Complimenls of CLINT SIMMONS Glenwood, North Carolina Our Business is to Improve Your Appearance Marion Barber Shop JOE W. BLALOCK. Mgr. Compliments of Smith Barber Shop Gray ' s Comer NC REF 371.8 GLE 1950 Glenwood g - Q jJ 37810435120778 MCDO A FLL COUNTY PUBUC LIBRARY 90 WEST COURT STREET MARION, NC 28752 AMMnbMlnMaxico GET ORGANIZED AT SMEAD.OOM

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