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I 1 1 ' 1 , " And there my mind aspires to higher things, Grows rich in that which never takcth rust. " - — " - - • THE NUSHKA 1949 puhlisin d by THE SENIOR CLASS of Glenwood High School McDowell County Public Library 90 West Court Street Marion, NC 28752 About a woman that makes her Lrreat. Not the speeches she makes nor the courses she teaclics But her helpfuhiess, no matter What you need — The read) ' smile. Counselor, teacher and friend in one. Her cheerlul, unflinching defiance of defeat And becau se she is a woman like this We present our I94S N ' USHKA AS A TRIBUTE TO Mrs. Lalra V. Glntrv. I 9 Sarah Jaxe Marlow Hellx Thompson BoN ML Jlan Kplll Doris Whiihm-r Dorothy Burton ? raphe t Historian Tciiator Statisficiau Poet CLASS ■ DAY OFFICERS MASCOTS Jimmy Rayuurn Laura Ni-ll Gun toy CLASS POEM Wc proudl} ' hail tht ' c, Glcnwood Hii;h; Our parting day is drawing nigh. Since wc must go and say adieu, We pledge our love to you anew. We ' ll miss our classmates and our run. The pleasures, joys that made us one. As outward into life we go, Will hll our hearts with a pleasant glow. The faculty, who did their best, Will ever in our hearts be blessed. Because the lessons they have taught Are not the ones we have always st)ught. The path before us is unknown. But full assurance is our own That we can better meet the day. Because our footsteps passed this way. So hail to thee, dear Glcnwood Migh, Our love for thee will never die; So " Backwa ' " d never, onward ever, To soar to heights above. " COLORS Bl Ul. AND Wni I F FLOWLll Swj.LT Pi: A MOTTO " Backward nci ' cr, onward ever, to soar fo je sifjf ' i above. " NUSHKA STAFF Editor-in-Chiej Associate Editor Business Manager RUBY HOLLAND DON SILVER WILLIE SWAN Activtues Editor Literary Editor Snapshots Editor FAYE MARLOWE LAURA ANN GREEN ANN SIMMONS ANN SIMMONS Social Chciiriiiaii SENIORS BETTY ANN BOWMAN " She is loyaL kind iud irne. alicnys knows the thinys to do. U ijoii come tvitliin her favor- ing, you ' ll find « friend un- wnvermg. " Oh DOKOTHY BURTON ' D( " ' i let sjiidying interfere iciih iiuur ediicntion. " Superlative, Class Poet. BONNIE JEAX EPLEE " Compel me not to toe the iiiark. Be ever firm find true. Bi!( rather let me do those things that 1 onghr not to do. " B.iskotball, " E C H O E S " Suift. Supcilalive. Testator. Aniiuiii SU ' it EDITH EVANS " Furgctting all trouble, sorrow, and rare, she ' s abinnjs happy if stormy or fair. " 1-H Club. } LAURA ANN GREEN Cy " A child of gracious nature, ever neat, and One. a flower simple sweet. " Clieerleader. Superlative. Annual Stall " . GRADY HOGAN " A smile will take a man around the world. " Bus Driver, Superlative. F.F.A. CECIL LAUGHRIDGE " What I liave beev taught I have jorgotlev. What I know 1 hace quessed. " Basketball. Superlative WILLETTE HOLLAND " Knowledge is protid thn she has learned so much wisdom is humble that she knows no more. " Cheerleader. Vice-Presi dent of Class, Beta Club. Superlative. JEANETTE LAWING " Good nati ' ve and good sense mast ever join. " Student Council. Basketball. " ECHOES " StaR " . Superlative. MAMIE LEWIS " Grace in her .steps, in ci-ery genlure dirjnity and love. " SAIIAH JANE MARLOW " Ready lo join in all the fiin. little nrinci if lessnns be done. " Basketbiill. Pi ophol. FA YE MARLOWE ' A.s ire co ' Hc (IS .siDis iific ill every Sn the h(.co)n n(j approacli uj i good- natured jace. " SuiierlativL-. Annual Stall. SENIORS DON silvf:r •■ Vf! i pleiil ' j oj wn. and a iohisoine .suiile. alwd ' js ynnkinc Hie worth while. " Bus Di-iVLT, Animal SUid. Student Council. Superlative. President F.K.A. ANN SIMMONS " Hers is the brightest of sweet faces bringing sunshine to nil places. " Cheer 1 e a d c r. Superlative. Annual StafT. Social Chair- inan. WILLIE SWAN " With a )esl on her tongue, a . ' iinile on her lips, she is bubbling unth jun. to her finger tips. " Basketball. Superlative. Business Manager of An- nual. 1 HELEN THOMPSON " A head to cunlrice. a tongue persuade, and a hand to e.vecuie (Oiy mischief. " P i ' esident oi Class. Prr-sident of Beta Club. - ECHOES " Stair. President of Student Council. Superlative. His- torian. LEROY WALKER " Give Tue music and girls, and I will seek no other delight. " Superlative. F. F. A. fl GU ' i ' WELLS " T ' ue o»iI,iy way lo have n friend is ■Q he one. ' SiipcrlativL ' . Basketball, Annual Siail. F. F. A. SENIORSx DORIS WHITENER " Qniel and thoughtful, modest and meek, knowini much more than she lets herself speak. ' Superlative. Statistician. Secretary and Treasurer of Class. FRANK WILKERSON " A wnu who is earnest, encourag- ing, and kind may be called edu- cated. " Bus Driver. Superlative. Basketball. F. F. A. JIMMY WISE ' 7ti .spririp o }joung man ' s fancy turns to love: tlierefore, 1 am strong fo)- May. " i L I Sim -rlativc. F. F. A. - " j ' H ' Mas Talented Wii.LF.TTE Holland Lero Walklk Most Studious Ruby Holland Best Looking Ann Simmons H. D. MON TEITH Most Absent Minded Bonnie Jean Eplee Cecil Laugiiridge Besf Personality Helen Thompson Grady Hogan B giiC ' sf Baby Dorothy Burton Cecil Laughridge Mas Misc j t ' i ' ons W fficsf Bonnie Jean Eplee Don Silver Laziest Dorothy Bur i on Cecil Laughridge ti STATISTICS As Statistician of the Class of ' 49. I have endeavoicd to assemble those facts, figures, and whims of my classmates which should be most pleasant and profitable. I find that the average senior is 17 years old. is 5 feet. 7 inches tall, and weighs 132 2 pounds. The " forty-niner " is a healthy, young fellow. The entire class, con- sisting of 29 seniors, weighs exactly . ' ]842 " 2 pounds. The majority of the seniois has blue eyes and brown haii-. Incidentally, I find that we have only one red-head in our class. Since the majoiity has blue eyes we take blue as our favorite color. The class as a whole believes in love at fii-st sight. Twenty-five members say they do believe in it while four members do not. Mrs. Gentry and Mrs. Brad. ' ihei- are the favorite faculty members with Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Whitesidts as runncis-up. As our favorite subjects. I find that math and geography are best liked b the majority of the class. French is the runner-up by the girls. The favorite song is " Tennessee Moon " ' with " Far Av. ' ay Places " and ' A Little Bird Told Me " being l unners-up. Most of ouj- class say thc. do not go for politics: although we do have four Democrats and one Republican in our class. Our class is composetl of Baptists and Methodists. Predominantly, it is Baptist. Some of our prefer walking, but w hen it comes to riding they prefer Fords and Chevrolets. As our favorite actors and actresses, we find June AUyson and Bing Crosby being first. When it comes to pastime we find m(jst of our class loafing and eating. And, speaking of eating, the favorite foods are irish potatoes and chicken. We take as our pet peeve teachers and the junior class. When we stop to read, we prefer books by Grnce Livingsttm Hill. When read- ing becomes tiresome, wc tune up the radio and listen to anything from Lux Radio Theatre to Inner Sanctum. The greatest ambition ot the Senior Class of ' 49 is to get married, and look at the progress most of them are making! DORIS WHITENER ASS OF 49 T n T io officers were- President. Ruby Holland: Vicc-Presi- Ovr junior sponsor was Mrs. L-ui a Gent The oRice s . y . acnt. Bclty Jo Sprinkle: f ' - J Tj M .n the school auditorium The Hrst was the junior play entitled. ' , 1 ; " .J ' f. pl,v was spent on our second proj- bv the American Legion. Gardener. Dwighl Beny. and Dorothy Mashburn. Mae Swann, Thelma Smnmons. Ethel Cab e Ruth f ' ' 2 " " " c-ul Bliesner. Lois Garck ner. Dw.ght bmn Juanita Rev.s. Marl.e BiuoerstalT. Jm. Ferguson, and Betty Jo Spuukle. BettWo Sprin Simmons. Georgia Wheeler, and Florence Ledlord. J.m Ferguson. Harold Nelson. J. C. Gibson and Franklin Gilliam are m the navy, and Fred Daye and Kenneth Arrowood arc serving in the army. Mrs Laura Gentry is our sponsor again this year. to reach this peak, ana at la t n c ai c c osmhk . individual HELEN THOMPSON PROPHECY You can ' t imagine how excited I was when the manager of the professional basketball team of which I was captain told us that we would play an exhibition game in Asheville. North Carolina. I had been playins with the Chicago " Kit- tens " for ten years and had not seen any of my classmates from Glen wood dui-ing that time. The family had written mc bits about various folks, but I was hung y for a good old gos- sip session with the gang, so when we reached Asehville I got a lew days ofT to run over to see the toiks and to catch up on things. Befoi ' c catching the bus I decided to stop for limch. I had no idea of seeing anyone quite so soon, but there, eating lunch also, were Jeanette Lawing and Bonnie Jean Eplee who were catching the bus to 20 home after a hard week in their beauty salon. The big suiprise. however. v.-as to find thai our bus di ' iver was Frank Wilkerson. When we i-eached the bus tenninal in Marion we went inside, accompanied by Fi-ank. and who should be the wait- ress but Florence Poteat We all had a cup of cofTee and then chatted a while; then I journeyed on my way. While I was going down the street whom should I meet in fiont of Woolwoi lh " s but the former Dorothy Burton, now Mrs. Guy Wells, and their two little red-headed children. Guy is now the owner of an ABC store ;n West Asheville. They told mo that Ruby and Willette Holland are teaching at the Glcnwood College. Thev also told me of Ruby Shell, who recently left foi- California to see her hu band. Admii-al James L. Ferguson. I went into Ivey ' s then. Thev had told me I would find Willie Swan thei e. She is designing clothes for Faye Mar- lowe, now a famous mc.vie star. Willie told me of her recent divorce from Don Silver and of Den ' s marriage to Ann Sim- mons. Ann IS now c ' .n opera singer foj- Kay Kyscr at WBBO. As wc went out of Ivey ' s who should slam the door in my face but Grady Hogan who told mo he is now a profes- sional boxei at Madison Square Gai ' den and is fighting for the world ' s hea ' yweight championship next week. Grady told me his old friend H. D. Monteith is now the owner of a large lumber company in Seattle, Washington. After leaving Grady, a familiar name caught my eye. On a sign hanging over a door was the name " Helen Thompson. " and below weie the words " Get thin tu music — Records for PROPHECY ;ik- inside. " While lalkiiie lo Hek ' ii. I leaincd thai Lcroy Walker and his guitar are now very famous and that Lcroy has made sev jral popular i-eccrdings. I crossed the street then, and there directing the traffic was none othci- than Roy Poteal. He told me Edith Evans is now the ownei ' of Gladdeu ' s Cafe and Betty Ann Bowman is assistant manager at Belk ' .-;. As I strolled on down the street I decided to stop at the dru! store to pass the time away. While I was sitting there, absorbed in thoughts of yes- tei ' day. I decided that the little short soda jerk must be Laura Ann Green, and. nue to my decision, she was. She told me that .Iimmy Wise and Cecil Lau£»hridt?e were lix ' mg lives of bachelorhood in the hills of Tennei scc and were very well contented. This conversation soon ciuiie to an end. and I was on my way. Since the evening was all r.nne and I had nothing to do. 1 decided to stop at the museum and browse about a bit. You can ' t miagine my astonishment to find that its owner was one of my dear classniates. Dons Whitener. She and I discussed our school days to the fullest extent: then I was on my way again. Well, my visit in Marion had to come to an end. and I had to make my way back to AsheviUe. I ci ' lled a cab to take me to the bus station, and. behold, when I sat down who should be in the cab but Mamie Lewis, who was going home after a hard day ' s work at the First National Bank, and who . ihould be the cab drivel ' but Jimmie Lawing. We talked for a while about our old school days, and the good times we had at Glenwood High. The more we talked, the more there was to talk about. Finally. Jim told me that Annie Ray is now a basketball coach at Mais Hill College. Annie was good at basketball w hile in school, but I thought graduation would be the end of her ball career: ho ' e er. she still seems to be as spry and energetic as she did almost ten years ago. After seeing and talking to all of my classm.ates I rem.einbered that ] had heard nothing about Anna Belle Ledford: so I was curious and asked Mamie about hei. She told me Anna Belle was still working at Rose 5c 10c Store. As I climbed aboard my bus and traveled toward Ashe- villc. I could not help being sobered by the reflection of how scattered we had become in ten brief years. SARAH JANE MARLOW THE WILL OF I. Bonnie Jean Eplcc. Lawyer ol the class ol ninoteen hundred and forty-nine, of Glenwood High School, Slate of North Carolina, realizing that the members of the aforesaid class arc of unstable mmd and memory, d ) hereby act in their ster.d. in disposing of the following nghts(V). privileges (?). prerogatives and properties. ARTICLE I We do will and beciueath lo our faculty, a group of students who are so zealous in the pursuit of knowledge that they will not daily seek e. cuses for staying out of classes. To Mr. Whitesides. we leave the hope for a senioi- class that will not sit on the library tables and who will not chew weeds on class. To Miss Byrd. we leave the fond hope that she will have one public speaking that will not chew cum or gel the jitters wlien speaking before a group. To Mrs. Bradsher. we a French class with a French accent. To Mrs. Anderson, wc leave the hopes of a business arithmetic class without a study hall. To Mrs. GL-ntry. we leave a homeroom that will uphold the senior tradition and give her fewer grey hairs. To M)-. Nave, wc leave .some students who are " interested " in agriculture. ARTICLE II To the worthy class of 1950. we grant our permission to keep up the search for the long lost or never to be found senior privileges. If found, handle with care. To the sophomores, wc drop a reminder as to the proper use of respect and dignity. To the freshmen, we bequeath a reminder that as yet they are still freshmen and have not attained the privilege of flirting with seniors. We. the seniors of forty-nine, deem it best not to bequeath the intellectual attainments, good-looks, and physical well-being of this senior class to any other, believing that such laurels, to be appreciated, mtist be won. Sarah Jane Marlow and Jeanctte Lawing lea c their athletic ability to Maxi ' - ' ' Viers. Grady Hogan leaves " olc Hanner " to Larry Sprousu. To Leota Robinson and Erline Reel. Dons Whitener and Betty Anne Bowman leave their quiet ways. THE CLASS OF 49 Ruby Holland wishes to inflicl upon Mary Margaret Deck her French book, in hopes that she will burn the midnight oil. Jiminie Lawing leaves his idhletic ability to Jim Hancy. Willettc Holland wishes to bequeath to Rosa Lee Baker her most talented talents. To Grace Kaylor. Helen Thompson wills her surplus (?) amount of biains. Roy Poteat bestows his conceited way.s upon James Monteith. Don Silver leaves Lee Holland his mischievous ways. To Mary Morgan, Anne Simmons leaves her title ot the " " Besl Looking Girl in the Senior Class. " To Lexic Law-s. Laura Ann Green leaves her popularity. Leroy Walker leaves his popularity with the girls (freshmen) to Donald Wright. Anna Belle Ledford leaves her baseball knowledge to Alenc Painter. Mamie Lewis and Edith Evans bequeath their e.xccllcnce in French to Mary Sue Hogan. Florence Poteat leaves her secret of success to Joyce Mirlowe. Willie Swan leaves her cuteness to Gladys Sumlin. Leroy Walker and Jimmy Wise leave their flirtatious ways to Wayne Morris. Gu - Wells leaves his " v.-ind " " to Hoyt Gragg. Annie Ray leaves to Margie Harris some of her " wini. wigger, and witality. " To Harold IMcCulloch. H. D. IVIonteith leaves his good looks. Faye Marlowe leaves her courteous ways to Helen Evans. Frank Wilkerson leaves " ole Huldy " to Walter Harris. Cecil Laughridge leaves his high grades to Floyd Hanes. Ruby Shell leaves to Nancy Blalock her hatred of men. Dorothy Burton leaves her babyish ways to Dottie Marlowe. And I. Bonnie Jean Eplee, having no one to leave my possession. to. and know- ing that no one would have them, will have to keep them and make the best of them. Signed: BONNIE JEAN EPLEE Testator JUNIORS Row one: Jim H;mey — President. Maxine Veirs - -Vice-Pi " t ' sidenl. Mary Miirgarel Deck — Secre- Uirv. , Row two: Helen E-. ans — Treasurer. Rosa Lee Baker. Nancv Blalock. Bow three: Hoyt Gragg. Mt ' rgit Harris. Walter Hii rris Few tour: Flo d Hpynes. Mary Sue Lee Holland. Tommy Huskins. Grace Kay lor, Lexie Laws. Row five: Dottie MarlowL Joyce Marlowe. Harold McCulloch. James Monteith. Mary Mor- gan. Wavne Morris. Row six: Aleiie P;un!er. Erlene Reel. Leota Robinson. Larry Sprouse. Gladvs Sumhn. Donald Wrisiht. SOPHMORES OFFICERS Pn ' shit lit Robert Parker Vicc-P reside lit DORIS RUMFELT Sccrclary a)id Trcasm cr Betty Morgan Sponsor Miss Wilma Byrd First row: Bobby Eplee, Vcrnic Mnc Atwood, Ruby Mar- lowe, Edith Jones, Betty Wilkerson, Connie Vess, Millie Lawing, Lucille Laws, Frances Laughridge. Second row: Ruby Gilliam, Eunice Reel, Doris Rumfelt, Reba Bowman, Thelma FIuiTman, Louise Killian, Maxine Hus- kins, Agnes Wilkerson. Third row: Robert Parker, Ivan Landis, Billy Guffey, Junior Harris, Robert Bowman, Doris Hemphill, . X-tty Morgan. Fourth row: Bennie Parker, Carl Rash, Neal Morgan, Dean Elliott. FRESHMEN OFlICr.RS President Sarah Margaret Morris Wicc-P reside ut Lucille Grei-r Sccre (iry-Treasnrcr Nannie Paxnell Reporters FREOiiV Bi an ion. Ji anne Glenn Sponsors Mrs. Marii B. Anderson. Mr. B. C. Nave Mrsc row: Shirley L.iwing, Jeanne Gicnii, Juann Holland, Pansy Swann, T-lsie Kaylor, Lucille Greer, Winnie Belle Hogan, Eleanor Silver, Wilma Rcvis, Nannie Panncll Gwendolyn Vcss. Second row: Love Whetstine, Catherine l aws. Myrtle Hill, Helen Lawing, Lillie Price, Freddv Blanron, Tommy Ferguson, Paulino Wood) , Hazel Bolick, Mary Ruth Co . Third row: Sarah Margaret Morris, Donald Gallion, Blanche Marlowe, Norman Melton, Hazel Kobbins, Harrill Morgan, Bett) Baker, Helen L)tle, Laura Morgan, jean Cal- houn. l ourth row: Clara Reel, Betty Anderson, Donald Wilker- son. Lawrence Duval, James Swan, Jackie Thomas, Nadine Huflman, Margaret Harris, Roger Poteat, Bernicc Ward. Fifth row: Bronson Montcith, Donald Rickctt, Donald McFalls, Geneva Rhom. EIGHTH GRADE MRS. WILLIAM KLMORH First row: Marvin Williams, Glenn Whetstine, James Bled- soe, Norma Harris, Wayne Laughridge, Cathrine Ledbetter, Estelle Holland, Rebecca Shell, Mildred Wilson. Second row: Lrnest Ledbetter, Arnold Baker, Lcroy Wise, Peggy Holland, Lillian Plemmons, Ruth Marlow, Kate Mor- gan, Doris Ledbetter, Nancy Marlowe. Third row: Wallace Rhom, Tommy Lytic, Hughcell Mar- tin, Parks Lawing, Thomas Liall, Doris Morgan, Mildred Wil- kcrson, Doris Reel, Doris Wilkerson, Betty Lou Gardner, Carl Frady. Fourth row: Charles Duckwortli, Charles Dayberry, Rose Ann Hensley, Marie Finchum. Ann Haney, Jeannic Arrowood, Betty Ruth Swann, Betty jo Brooksher, Jimmy Simmons. Fifth row: Cecil Swann, Henry Humphries, Ralph Lawing, Mrs. Elmore. EIGHTH GRADE MR. WILLIAM LLMORE First row: Mildred Aid ridge, Naomi Attwood, Barbara Cooper, Mary Sumlin. Helen Hill, hffic Price. Lucille Revis, Betty Wise. Louise Revis. Second row: Carrol I vans. Ronald McI-alK. Bill Stone, Mary Ann Moss, Louann ' eirs, Bett} ' Jo Romine, Vonscl Woody, ?vli!dred Rhom. Lorene Donna hue. Third row: Paul Lawing, Shirell Dixon, Carrol Hogan, Annie Laura Morgan, Mable Calhoun. Zula ALie Sprouse. t.dna Seaman, Katie Holland. Fourth row: Jack Re} nolds. Max Parker. Micke ' Potent, Cecil Poteat, Guy Lane, Glenn Marlow. I I ACTIVITIES 1948-1949 Girls ' Basketball Team Boys ' Basketball Team Student Council Beta Club ' ' Echoes " Staff Bus Drivers F. F. A. Chapter 4-H Club Home Economics Department GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM First row: Willie Swan. Bonnie Jean Epke, Jeanetto Law ' ing, Sarah jane Marlow, Joyce Marlowe. Annie Ra . Second row: Joann Holland, Gwendolyn ess, Blanche Marlowe, Nanc) ' Blalock, Dottie Marlowe. Eleanor Silver. Third row : Mr. Whitesidcs, Sarah Margaret Morris, Jeanne Glenn, Nadinc Muflnum, Betty Anderson. Mrs. Elmore. SGORr.S 1948-1949 Union Mills 23 s ebo I 6 Old Fort 2 Marion Eligh 1 5 Glenwootl 20 Glen wood 19 Glen wood 29 Glen wood 21 BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM First row: Donald Wright, Jimmic Lawing, W aync Morris, Frank Wilkerson, Cecil Laughridge. Second low: Roger Potent, Bennic Parker, Walter Harris, Guy Wells. Union Mills 33 Old Fort 20 Ncbo 28 Marion High 20 Old Fort 34 SCORES 1948-1949 Glen wood 36 Glen wood 39 Glen wood 2 5 Glen wood 22 Glenwood 42 i STUDENT COUNdL Sittini;: Doiiaid Wrii ht, Vice-President; Helen Tliompson, President; Rcba Bov man, Secretary. Standing: )e;?nettc Lawing, jiminie L.nving, Don Sil- ver, jirn Hnncy, Dean Elliott, Mrs. Bradsher, Pauline Woody, Ann Haney, Louise Cook, Mary ? farg,. etU)eck. i ' BETA CLUB OFFICERS Prcs ilcn Helen Thompson Vicc-P resident , Donald Wright Sccr clary Willettl Holland Treasurer Ruby Holland Reporte-r Jem Haney First row: Nancy Blalock. Willctte Holland, Helen Thompson. Second row: Rub Holland, Jim Haney, Mr. Whitesidcs (sponsor), Donald Wright, Joyce Marlowe. • r. " ECHOES " STAFF Mist row: Mary Margaret Deck. Grade News Rcporc- : - er; Reba Bowman, Grade News Reporter; Joyce Marlowe, Humor Editor; Joann Molland. SportN Editor. - rs. 7 Second row: Helen Thompson. .Vdvertising Manager; " V -. ' ' - ' Haney, Editor-in-Chief; Thomas Huskins. xVrt Ed- j itor; jeanette Lawing, Co-Business Manager; Bonnie Jean % ' ' plce, Co-Business Manager; Mrs. Gentry. Sponsor. BUS DRIVERS LARRY SPROUSE DON SILVER H. D. MONTEITH WAYNE MORRIS JIMMIE LAWING FRANK WILKERSON GRADY HOGAN_ JAMES MOXTEITH F. F. A. CHAPTER OFIICI-RS Pvcsidciil Don Silver V cc-PrcsiJi ' iif Ben N IE Parker Secretary Guv Wells Treasurer Donald Wright Kepor er Lero Walker Adviser Mr. C. B. Xave Watch Dog Donald McFalls First row: Bobby Fplcc, Tommy ] " crgustm. Freddy Blanton, Jackie Thomas, Robert Parker, Donald Wilkcr- son, James Swan, Roger Poteat, Norman Melton, Harold Morgan, Donald Gallion, Mr. B. C. Nave. Second row: Neal Morgan, Bcnnie Parker, Junior Harris, Dean Elliott, Donald Rickctt, Bill Jaynes, Floyd Flaynes, Ivan Fandis, Fawrcncc Duval, Bill Guftey. Third row: H. D. Montcith. Grady Hogan, Don Sil- ver, Guy Wells, Carl Rash, Roy Poteat, Cecil Faughridge. Fourth row: Walter Harris, Robert Bowman, Donald Wright, Bronson Monteith, Irank Wilkerson, Donald McFalls. Fifth row: Jimmy Wise, Feroy Walker. 4-H CLUB OFFICERS GRAMMAR SCHOOL Vres ' idcnt Charles Burgin Secretary Mary Profiraiii Coiuin ' itfee Doris Reix, Mickl Poteat Slyoiisor Mrs. William Ivlmore HIGH SCHOOL President Helen Evans Vice-President Bronson Monteith Secretary Edith Evans Program Chairman Bobby Eplee First row: Mildred Wilson, Billy Gioer, Erma Reel, Wayne Laughridgc, Dora Jean Cunningham, Stanley Vcss. Gwendolj-n Boone, Wilrna Jean Poteat. Thelma Morgan, Tommy Marlowe, Revonda Brookshire, Helen Mosteller, Lloyd Ray, Second row: Max Parker, Freddy Jack.scn, Tommy Lytic, Buddy Wise, Arnold Baker. Junioi- Greer. Masgarct Kaylor, Jeiald Womack, Nancy Marlowe, Kathryn Lcdbettcr, Doris Burton. Jean Williams, Belly Wilkerson, Thomas Parker. Third row: Jack Marlowe, Guy Lane. Ernest Ledbelter. Laura Ann Parker, Mary Sumlin, Mary Ann Moss, Eftie Price, Doi is Morgan, Mildred Wilkerson. Shirley Lawing, Mary Suan. Helen Jones. Floyd Haynes, Mary Morgan. Fourth low: Edith Evans, Thomas Hall. Ronald McFalls. Richard Rose. Joann Lawing. Louise Cook. Doris Reel. Rose Ann Hensley, Doris Lcdbctter. Hazel Bolick, Kate Morgan. Mary Ruth Co . Fifth row: Shirell Dixon. Glenn Marlowe. Maxine Veirs. Edna Seaman, Ann Hane . Marie Fincham, Millie Lawing. Betty Morgan, Connie Vess, Laura Morgan. Helen Evans. Sixth row: Mickey Poteat. Zula Mae Sprousc. Mildred Rhom, Mrs. Elmore. Walter Harris, Agnes Wilkerson. HOME ECONOMICS First row: Eleanor Silver, Vcrnic Mae Atwood. Edith Jones, Joann Holland, Winnie Belle Hogan. Shirley Lawing. W ' ilma Rcvis, Nannie Panncll, Gwendolyn Vess, Pansy Swann. Second row: Mary Ruth Cox, Helen Lawing. Lovc W ' hetstine. Cath- erine l aws, Betty Sue Baker, jean Calhoun, Hazel Bolick, Connie Vess, Lucille Greer, Pauline Woody, Mrs. Bradsher, Instructor. Third row: Betty Anderson, Nadine Huffman, ALi xine Viers, Helen Thompson, Eunice Reel, Lillie Price, Myrtle Hill. Gcn(. a Rhom, Betty Wilkerson, Ruby Marlowe. Fourth row: Sarah Margaret Morris, Clara Reel, Hazel Robbins, Reba Bowman, Thelma HufTman, Doris Rumfelt, Millie Lawing, Maxme Husk ins, Frances Laughridge, Laura Morgan. Fifth row: Louise Killian, Doi ' is Hemphill, Ruby Gilliam, Bernice Ward, Margaret Harris, Helen Lytle, Agnes Wilkerson, Betty Morgan. Congratulations to the Class of 1949 DREXEL FURNITURE COMPANY MARION NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of Marshall Lumber Co, MARION, N. C. Compliments of Marion Manefactiirin, Compaiiy arion North Carolina Compliments of J. R. Holland General Merchandise Gas and Oil GLENWOOD, NORTH CAROLINA lOTTLEO UN tR AUTHOR. ' f Of THE CCCA-COLA COmp ' I ' Coca-Cola Bottling Company Marion, North Carolina Ross Sieclair Service Statioe 13 North Mam Street Phone 280 MARION, NORTH CAROLINA Cross Cotton Mills Company Double Carded and Combed Knitting Yarns MARION, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of W. G, Marlowe Clmchfield Hanufactunng Company Maric.i, North Carolina Bi ' ltmore Dairy Farms Marion, North Carolina Clearwater Finishing Company old Fort Division Dyers and Finishers of Rayoiis and Silks Old Fort North Carolina Com pliincn s of Clyde W. Rayburn GENERAL MERCHANDISE FEEDS and GROCERIES Glenwood, N. C. C ))ii jiliimnts of GLENWOOD SERVICE STATION -MODE BROS.. Props. Groceries Fresh Meats Gas and Oil Phone 803 -J Glenwood GLENWOOD MOTORS Glenwood, N. C. General Repairs on Cars, Trucks. Tractors and Farm Kquipmcin Complete Radiator Rcpan- Bodies and Fenders Straiuhtened and Rchnishcd Com lAiiucnts of R. D. Wells ' Service Station GROCKRIES — FLOUR FEED GAS AND OIL ROL ' TE 1 PHONE 414-M MARION, N. C. Cooking Marion, North Carolina Water heating Co7iipliments of Otis L. Broyhill Furniture Co. Manufacturers Marion North Carolina BALLEW MOTOR CO., Inc. 439 E. CouRi SiRii I — Phom 22 5 — Marion, Norih Caroiina Wrecker Service, l.xperi Bod nd Mechanical Work Automobiles and Accessories McDoivell County ' s Leading Netvspaper John W. Sf.t f.r, P ibl s icr MARION, NORTH CAROLINA SNIPES MOTOR COMPANY Marion, N. C. Dodge and Plymouth Cars Dodge }( h-Ratcil 1 rucks Allis-Chalmcrs Farm l.quipmeni SAIN-BROOKS MOTOR COMPANY Ford Sales and Service WRECK FR SERVICE DAY PHONE 242 NIGHT 2411-3 Ford Tractors and Implements Marion, N. C. Com l)l iiici s of McPAR HOSIERY MILL, Inc. •7 1 (iiiiifact iircvs of FINE HALF HOSIERY Marion, North Carolina Colli lAiinciit s of Marion Buick Co., Inc, Telephone 469 TAINTER ' S Prescription Headquarters PHONE WW Marion, N. C. li ft Com (il iiicii s 1 of A. BLANTON GROCERY CO. wholesale Grocers PHONE 25 Marion, Nor in Carolina YOUNG ' S ESSO STATION North Main Street Phone 202 Gas Tires Batteries Wash Grease Polish CLINT SIMMONS Dealer in PULPWOOD AND MERCHANDISE Glenwood, North Carolina Complimeiits of Ernest W. Ross Your Smclair Agent P. O. Box 46 Marion, N. C. Phone 280 ELIZABETH JAMES MILLS iannfcicfiirevfi Lady Elizabeth and Minerva Hosiery C. Jack James, Manager Mario.n, North Carouna Com piniiciits of Firestone Home Auto Supply Marion, North Carolina Coin plntutns of VESS GARAGE R. L. CONLEY Distributor GULF OIL PRODUCTS Phoni 113 Marion, orih Carolina Wilkerson ' s Grocery Feeds Gulf Gas and Oil ROUTE 2 MARION, N. C. GORDON FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE STORE 1 5 South Main Street Phone 473 MARION Compliments of JOSEPHINE MILLS, Incorporated Marion, North Carolina ROSELAND FLORIST PHONE DAY 444 NIGHT 451 Marion, Xorih Carolina BROWN MOTOR COMPANY Cars, Trucks, Parts, Accessories [55 E. Court St. Phone 172 MARION, N. C. Coin pli incuts of Mcdowell wholesale xMARTON, N. C. Compliments of - MARION MACHINE COMPANY, Inc. Marion, North Carolina PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY STUDKBAKER Sales and Service 411 E. Court St. Phone 138 Marion, N. C. Compliments ot McDowell insurance agency Oc. ;. Theatre Building Phone 9 Mxrion. Norih Carolina Coin pVnnenfs of DR. R. S. McCALL Marion, N. C. Com pl iiiciifs of CAROLINA MOUNTAIN TELEPHONE COMPANY Marion, North Carolina Couipl ' -men ' s nf Wallace 5c and 10c Store MARION NORTH CAROLINA ! arion Steam Laundry !ARION NORTH CAROUNA Com l)limciiti of GLEN ' S GROCERY Marion, N. C. Com pliiiicijfs of TYLER AND WILSON Gulf Service Marion, North Carolina Com lAimcnts of W. E. Watkins PYATT OIL COMPANY Dealers in High Grade Gas, Oils, and Feed Phone 4i:i o2( F. Court St. Marion, X. C. OVERLOOK KNITTING MILL Manufacturei of Men ' s Quality Fine Line Hosiery Marion, N. C. Com ()l mcii .s of Mr. and Mrs. Lee T. Lewis SANDWICH SHOP Baldwin Ave. Phone 709-M Marion, N. C. Coiiipliiiiciifs of BLUE RIDGE EQUIPMENT SERVICE Marion, North Carolina R. V. HORTON AND SON MEATS — GROCERIES FEEDS Phone 338-X MARION, N. C. Coviplnuents of SUTTEE ' S SERVICE STATION Marion, N. C. Coin pl iiic ' i fs of R. L. JAMES AND SON Marion, Norih Carolina JEWELRY Quality Ciems Watch Repairs Lawrence D. Greene Watch Inspector for Southern Raihvtiv BOX 87 MARION, N. C. Your Jeweler for 33 Years Coin lyl iiiciifs of WORKMAN ' S Marion, North Carolina MARION ICE AND COAL COMPANY Marion. N. C. CITY DRY CLEANERS FOREST CITY, xN. C. M. H. VESS fpMn " ' T -A L O V E N FURNITURE CO. Complete Line of Home Furnishings Telephone 14!l Marion. . C. Woody Lumber Company MARION. NORTH CAROLINA Dr. C. A. Parker ?HARION NORTH CAROLINA Compli ' r-.e-. ' .i - Beaman Lumber Co. MARION. NORTH CAROLINA Raab-Hitchcock Exclusive Wear for Men MARION. NORTH CAROLINA Marion Barber Shop MARION, NORTH CAROLINA Marion Flower Shop 118 North Ciarden Street MARION. NORTH CAROLINA First National Bank Marion, North Carolina Compliments oj Home Appliance Co. RIJTHERFORDTON, N. C. Compliments oj Betty Jean Beauty Shop Phone 187 I ' lARION. NORTH CAROLINA Com f)l iii( ' ii s of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Marion, N. C. I I

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