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f F REWORD This book is designed to be a reminder in the seri- ous after-years of life of the gay, carefree moments of the school years we most wish to re- MEMBER. As WE TURN PAGES WE SHALL RELIVE GLAD SCHOOL DAY EXPERI- ENCES AND BE REFRESHED FOR THE RESPONSIBILITIES FACING US. I TS OUR Si Kir c ' ■- ' D E D I This issue of GLSIWOOD GEMS is dedicated to our home room teacher, Mrs. Mabel T. Bradsher. For three of our high school years she has been our home room teacher, during which time we have learned to love and respect her very much. She has shown patience and understand- ing in €lL1 phases of our v ork. Je can never repay her for her loyalty to us. As we leav high school, her influence will remain with us throughout the future. T I N WILLIE FAYE BOWIAN HATTIK DUVAL i ' .er life is like a svonmer ros . |bill DSCK J ' ti ' ' Behold J A perfect j . pJ (gentleman. -A ■ A OJ - r ' To knew her is to love ...uUft-. ' . .- ' ' - jJ U- W V.her, anc ' r,he is V7ell i ' S floor to ceiling. a ' x J fx ...... . » w .. JOSEPH rJlYIXDR The " ery roon that he was in necmed warm from BKRinCE LA ' JING " " And f mxie your niind ' a jt,-j£L ' ° niirth and ' .ent, . e - - C v,icY. bars a thousand C ) . y -p harms. SUGENTi: LAUirSG I ' hat can be desired more y ri y c - f p 0- t than a friandly yLy ' " ' ' ' and a cheerful spirit, MAIIYLAKD LEDBETTER I have a heart with room for every joy. EDITH MARLOM A good disposition is bettor than gold. RUBY •■•ji. ' ' l,ovnj The girl that loves and laughs fiiust surely do well. CLAPENCE ? ' 0PX1AN Speech is great, but silence is greater. True to her work, her uord, and her friends. WAYira l CCALL When he thinks, he shows synptoms of a man with brains. GUY MOfiGA! His snilG, his fun goodness; I ' ll bet- here ' s one cute Guy we ' ll never forget. RUBY NANIIEY A modest violet, in a garden of nenory. EETW POTSAT One never wonders v;hei-e frank people stand. ■ - ' c I 4 ' MORHEV; POTEAT My only books v;ere women ' s looks, and folly is all they tau ' ht ne. OLA IIAE PXATT A sweet attractive kind of race, a full assurance - iven by looks . HORACE REEL Memory of him leaves us gay Youth comes but once in a life time. EDITH RICE Grace was in her steps, heaven in her eyes, and in every gesture dignity and love. BPJCE SPROUSE For hs was ' jes the quiet kind, v;hose nature never variBS , I-IARGAIGT SILVER Inhere ' ere she net a stranger; there :3he left a friend. CAPl WHITSO!! Never an idle morient, but thrifty and thoutjht- ful of others. MASCOTS Jimmy Lawing jy Nora Jane Sprouse CLASS poai Many, many days have passed, And we are leaving school at last. Mine months we ' ve been upon the throne, But now it ' s time — nust press on. Out in life we go so fast. And v;e nust say goodbye at last , Goodbye to friends so dea -, For at jlenwood this is our last year. Out into life v;e must o, And drift alon ' till v e reach our f oal, Each one has his own dream , As we float down life ' .- ::treajn. Seniors make your dreams cane tr-ue, And now, Teacherc and Friends, we say " adieu. " — lUiby Ilanney MOTTO Climb thoufjh the rocks be rugged COLOI S Piitk and White Pink Rose FI. ' CjT .0 ' .J: liattie jnvj.1, ;iorT)hew i oteat, i ' uby ilarlov fj, l. j. .-.e- ' .l, Betty . .. t,, juboh j«i;-ior, June Glenn. 33C0ND kOV : 3ulalia I ' arlowe, ' .-. ' ajnie ' .IcCall, ' .. ' illie Faye Bo ' .mar., i ' .ubv I ' anncy, ;;u 3nf! L-. ' .ving, Eernice Lawing, Carl V ' hitson, Edith ' ' ice, Z-ay Mor " :an, Ifa r arot Silvr.r, Horace I-.eel, TItti ' .D 1-:0L ' : Bill Deck, Lo]ji Mae i ' - ratt, Cla-cnce " ' ovmn, Jdith i-.rlov, ' , Let- ' , 3;- Ann Eo-. i,ian, Brice Snrouse. The year 1948 finds us a happy li wearing the end of our journey in quest reaches a destination, it is always profi to look 8a0k over the events of the journ In August 193 , we began our journe Our first grade teacher was Miss Edna Ma learned to read, SPELL SIMPLE WORDS, WRIT We were successful in that part of o teachers who helped us in PRIMARY SCHO Holland, Miss Ruby Brannon, and Miss Nell As WE continued our journey many from our classmates and entered Sugar Hi ers helping us on our journey during g Miss Margaret Wilson, Mrs, Foy Hensley, Jessie Hunt, Miss Lily Pyatt, Mrs, Richar Gotten. In 1943 WE entered the eighth grade HIGH school. We were back again from Suga TTLE band of TRAVLERS, F education. When one TABLE AND INTERESTING EY. Y AT Glenwooo School. E Cranford, Here we E AND work arithmetic. UR journey. The other OL WERE Miss Lucille CURTI s. F US WERE SEPARATED LL School. The teach- rammar grades were Mr. Richard Shaw, Miss D Shaw and Mrs. Elsie In our freshman year we were ready and foret our childish habits. Our home Miss Louise Phillips and Mrs. Mabel Brads several new ones in our room. They were Sprinkle, Morphew Poteat, and June Glenn Holland, Myrtle Frady, Emma Hensley, He Ledbetter, Hazel Ellington, Ray Arrowood H. L. Smith, Desma Poteat, Lucille Am i c That year we took the following subjec Home Economics, Mathematics, and Aqricult our freshman year WERE; PRESIDENT, BiLL DENT, EULALIA MaRLOWEj SECRETARY, RuTH Ne In our sophomore year our officers w Glenn. Vice-President, Wayne McCall; Bernice McKinney, That year we had sever Charlie Williams, Ruth Nelson, Millie Tyo Davis, Bill Simmons, Ruth Morgan, Bernice Max Hensley and Lois Randolph, Our home Ruth Freeman, The subjects we took that AND IN 1944 WE ENTERED R Hill and Dysartville; to settle down to work, room teachers were her. That year we had Bill Simmons, Juanita . We also lost Naomi LEN Willis, Frances , Dorothy Robinson, K, AND Thelma Weeks. TS: English Civic$, ure. Our officers for SiMMONS; VICE-PRESI- LSON . ERE. President, June Secretary-Treasurer , AL losses. They were , Aline Romine, James McKinney, Archie Hall, room teacher was Miss year were: english, -x. - Ss- fx-.-.- rv vv i I I 1 Mathematics, Biology, Home Economics, Driver ' s Education, History, Agr i culture, and OUR orricERs were: President, Wayne Glenn. Secretary-Treasurer, In our Junior year McCall; Vice-President, June Margaret Silver, We gained two people this year, Fred Frady, and Horace Reel, Our losses were Hazel Hall, Eula Mae Poteat AND Paul Poteat, This year we took the following subjects; English, French, History, Economics, Sociology, Algebra, and Agriculture, Mrs, Mabel Bradsher was our home room teacher. That year ve were most interested in preparing for the Junior- Senior Banquet, In our Senior year our officers were; President, June Glenn. Vice-President, Margaret Silver. Secretary-Treasurer, Ruby Nanney, This year we gained some G, I. ' s, They were Carl Whitson, Eugene Lawing,L, O, Reel and Joseph Kaylor, We LOST Juanita Sprinkle, Fred Frady and Bill Greene, This YEAR WE TOOK THE FOLLOWING SUBUEOTS. ENGLISH, FRENCH, PHYSI- CAL Education, Geography, Geometry, and Agriculture, Now, AS WE complete our journey in 19481 WE may BACK AND REVIEW OUR PRECIOUS SCHOOLDAY MEMORIES, WE FEEL JOURNEY HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN OUR QUEST FOR EDUCATION, EuLALiA Marlowe — Reporter LOOK OUR I 1 We, the class of 1948, b accomplished class in the his (In our opinion) and about to have decided in all faith and who will mourn our going, cert distinctions which we have labor shall no longer need, our oigni reputation, studious habits, and queathed in simple faith to the r We, the Nix and the trip through We, the MEU8ERS OF THE GRA FACULTY MUCH GRATI OUR FOUR YEARS OF HI ENTIRE TWELFTH GRADE ULATE THE ENTIRE STUDENT BODY BEARANCE IN OUR MANY STRUGGLES AN EING ABOUT THE MOST SANE AND TORY OF GlENWJOD H I 6H ScHOOL DEPART THESE PLEASANT HALLS GENEROSITY TO LEAVE TO THOSE AINED CHERISHED AND ENVIABLE ED TO ACQUIRE, BUT WHICH WE TY , SENIOR PRIVILEGES, CLASS IMPECCABLE MANNERS ARE SE- ISING SENIOR CLASS. DUATING CLASS, LEAVE TO MR. TUDE FOR A SAFE AND PLEASANT GH SCHOOL. , WISH TO THANK AND CONGRAT- FOR THEIR PATIENCE AND FORE- D DIFFICULTIES. The SEVERAL MEMBERS LOWING PERSONAL BEQUESTS; OF THE SENIOR CLASS MAKE THE FOL- We, Edith Rice and June To Florence Ledford and LEAVES HER INDEPENDENCE. I, Ruby Nanney, leave my Sarah Jane Marlow and Jeanette La I, Bill Deck, leave my sch with sympathy. To Jim Ferguson and Anni my courtesy. I, BRICE SpROUSE, LEAVE MY BOY TO Grady Hogan. To Roy Poteat and Ruby Hol ability to flirt. To Anna Belle Ledford and leave my quietness. Edith Marlow leave my abi Whitener and Willie Swann, HORA Glenn leave--Aren ' t we luckyI Mamie Lewis, Betty Poteat Monte I th , To H. ability. Ruby Marlowe, leave my be morphew, leave my footbal ability to learn French to WING. ooL BUS TO Cecil Laughridoe; E Ray, I, Carl Wh i tson , leave POSITION as best all-around LAND, Wayne McCall leaves his YE Marlowe, I, Bernice Lawing, LITY TO DRIVE A BUS TO Do R I S CE Reel leaves his athletic ! i I ] 1 i I 4 Morgan, leave LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT cont. To JiMMiE Lawing and Dorothy Burton, I, Guy MY CUTE WAYS. I, EuLALtA Marlowe, leave my ability to make Shell . We, Hattie Duval and Maryland Ledbetter, leave our lous WAYS to Anne Simmons and Laura Anne Green, I J W ' LLIE Faye Bowman, leave my position on the Couimcil TO Setty Jo Sprinkle, and Willette Holland. To Bonnie Jean Eplee, Margaret Silver leaves her A ' s to Ruby FL I RT- ch auf- FEUR AND " Fresh Air Taxi. " I, Joseph Kaylor, leave my popularity to Leroy ' Jalker, To Don Silver, L. D, Reel leaves his position as most handsome boy in the senior olass, I, Eugene Lawing, leave my place as most likely to marry TO Jimmy Wise. I, Clarence Morgan, leave my sportsmanship to Guy Wells. To Betty Price and Edith Evans, I, Lola Mae Pyatt, leave my dignity. We have hereto subscribed our names and affixed our seal this fourth day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand and nine hundred and forty-eight. The Senior Class Lola Mae Pyatt (Seal Lawyer Wc LL I E Faye Bowman (Witness) MoRPHEw Poteat (Witness) Several months aoo my physican decided that I needed ATioN, For fifteen long years I had worked steadily as a IN THE CITY OF ChICAOO, ThAT I NEEDED A VACATION, BTED, BUT THE QUESTION AT ISSUE WAS WHERE TO GO, This question was easily decided when once I thought over THE matter. Why not go home, back to the community where I SPENT MY SCHOOL OAYSj Th I S WAS THE VERY PLACE, FOR THERE I could see my OLD SCHOOLMATES AND LEARN TREATED THEM, HOW Dame Fortune HAD On June 8, I963, I arrived in Glenwood, Thrilled and EXCITED over BEING IN THE DEAR OLD TOWN AFTER SO LONG AN AB- sence, i wondered whom i would see first of my old friends, Scarcely had the thought passed through my mind when down the STREET came SOMEONE STRANGELY FAMILIAR, He PROVED TO BE MY OLD CLASSMATE AND PAL, GUY MORGAN, NOW Dr , G, S, MORGAN, He TOLD ME HOW WELL HE HAD PROSPERED IN LIFE AND HE TOOK ME TO LUNCH WITH HIM AT THE RaINBOW CAFETERIA, WhO SHOULD BE IN CHARGE OF THE CAFETERIA? NONE OTHER THA N CLARENCE MORGAN, AfTER LUNCH, Or, Morgan told me he could show and tell me all about my sch- ool CHUMS. This agreed upon, we went around to the hospital with which HE WAS MOST FAMILIAR, ThERE SERVING AS NURSES WERE EdITH MARLOW and Margaret Silver, After having talked with them for sometime WE again set out on our tour of the town. While we were driving, we happened to stop at a Sinclair Service Station and found that Eugene Lawing was the owner. While we were there, L, D, Reel drove up and Eugene said that he WAS THE MAIL CARRIER FOR THE POST OFFICE IN GlENWOOD, After we left. Dr. Morgan told me of Joseph Kaylor ' s play- ing PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL WITH THE CHICAGO BeaRP, duST AS WE STEPPED OUT OF THE CAR, WE ALMOST RAN INTO JUNE GLENN, Sh E WAS STILL VAMPING THE BOYS (I FELL FOR HER ONE TIMe) FOR SHE HAD A MAN STRUNG ON EACH ARM, SHE TOLD ME SOMETHING OF HERSELF AND A FAMOUS TAP DANCER IN A NEW YoRK NIGHT Bernice Lawing, CLUB, WHO I s Walking slowly down the street, we came by the Glenwood Elementary and High School just in time to see the boys and girls enjoying recess, sitting on the front steps were two la- DIES WHOSE FACES WERE FAMILIAR TO WERE EULALIA MaRLOWE, A TEACHER IN THE SCHOOL, AND Eo I TH RiCE; THE LEADER IN THE C | TY ClINIC, WhILE WE WERE TALKINS SOMEONE CAME OUT OF THE BUILDING AND I IMMEDIATELY RECOGNIZED RuBY Nanney who hadn ' t grown was a famous art teacher ANY SINCE OUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS, WHOM EVERYBODY ADMIRED. She We had a DELIGHTFUL VISIT, BUT WE KNEW WE MUST HURRY ON IF WE WERE TO GET AROUND BEFORE THE END OF THE DAY, As WE PASSED THE FiRST BAPTIST ChuRCH WE HEARD A BUNCH OF OLD MAIDS JABBERING, LOOKING IN AT THE DOOR, I FIRST CAUGHT SIGHT OF Ruby Marlowe, I wasn ' t long in finding out that she was the LEADER OF MISSIONARY WORK, BUT STILL HAD THE HABIT OF ING HER NOSE AND FIXING HER HAIR AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY. powder- As WE CAME out of THE CHURCH, WHOM SHOULD I SEE BUT BiLL Deck pushing a baby carriage and Mrs. Deck (the former Lola Mae Pyatt) leading a little one. They told me of their marriage and their happy married life. They told me of Brioe Sprouse who owns several moving vans. After leaving them, I thought our tour was over, but coun- ING UP I found ' there WERE SEVERAL MISSING. GUY TOLD ME THAT Wayne McCall is now professor of Engineering at the University OF North Carolina, As we drove past one of Glenwood ' s textile PLANTS, Guy told me that Carl Whitson is president and Horace Reel is the treasurer. We went around to Guy ' s cozy little " love nest, " Guy introduced me to his wife, the former Willie Faye Bowman, Mrs. Morgan told me that Hattie Duval and Maryland Ledbetter are famous movie stars and recently played in the picture " Madame Pompadour, " Mrs, Morgan then told me that Betty Poteat is now A MATRON AT THE FAMOUS McDowELL CoUNTY ORPHANAGE, The NIGHT WAS SPENT AT DR , MoRGAn ' s AND THE NEXT DAY I LEFT FOR MY HOME, As THE TRAIN CARRIED ME ON MY WAY BACK HOME I DECIDED THAT MY VISIT WAS WELL WORTH THE TIME FOR I HAD SEEN OR HEARD OF ALL MY CLASSMATES AND FOUND THAT EVERY ONE OF THEM HAD MADE GOOD IN LIFE, William Morphew Poteat Prophet I ilittiiliiittttiiili CLASS ACTIVITIES ENTERED HIGH SCHOOL IN 1944 Th I S WAS THE OUR FIRST Student Council, The Student that represented our class for the year 1944 Bernice McKinney and Wjllie Faye Bowman, Tor the year Wayne MoCall was elected to serve with Willie Faye Bowman ON THE Student Council, For the year 1947 Margaret Silver and Eulalja Marlowe served with the other two members as senior representatives. In the fall of 1945» Wayne McCall, an outstanding stud- ent IN our class, helped to bring Glenwooo to the attention of other schools by broadcasting school news from " W,W,N, in Asheville. Our class YEAR we started Council members WERE 1945 During our Junior year, each member ENERGETT I CALLY TO ENTERTAIN THE SENIORS, members. and school committee members April 24, 1947 at the Glenwood school. of our class worked Juniors, faculty at a banquet on We used THE THEME " The Rainbow " for AROUND the theme. our banquet. The decoration was centered A BIT OF publicity CAME TO THE CLASS 1947. L. 0, Reel was elected king for the CaRN I VAL . I N THE FALL OF HALL.OWEEN The seniors have SCHOOL years, but THE ING IN November 1947. The girls made various kinds of AND THE BOYS STRUGGLED THROUGH THE TASK OF CLEANING UP HAD MANY PARTIES DURING ODDEST GET-TO-GETHER WAS THE I R CANDY H I GH PULL- OANOY ALL I NG The Senior Christmas Party was a great success, because members of the class were present. morphew poteat, play- the part of freshments were Braosher. Santa Claus, distributed the many gifts. prepared by OUR HOME ROOM TEACHER, As THIS ANNUAL GOES TO THE PRESS, THE ENTHUSIASTICALLY PLANNING THEIR GRADUATION SENIOR PLAY. SEN I ORS EXERC I SES Re- Mr s. ARE AND Willie Faye Bowman— Reporter yt Ji p z ji c: ' - jZ . ' ' ' y c L FIRST ROl ' : Anna Belle Ledford, Doris WMtenar, Faye :larl.3 " je, ■. illetle liolland, Laura mne 3reen, Jimny Fer son, Willie Swann, Jcanette Ls- ' . in . SECOIJIi KOI- : Mamie Le ' .vis, Betty Price, Betty Jo Cprinl-Je, Anne Giranons, Bonnie Jean r ' .pise, Sarah Jane Marlow, Florence Ledford, THUD HOW: K. D. Monteith, Jr., Frank ' wilkerson. Jinny Laving, Cecil Lau h-id ' e, ' ;u r. ' Holland, Edith 3vans, Helen Thonnnon, Jimny ' .. ' ise, Leroy ' Jalker, Don Silver. POU?.TH PO " .- : Mrs. aenti-y (Sponsor), urady Hogan, Quy Uells, Poy Poteat. J CL i ju £ j . t-f oOM Our class entered high school in the fall of SPONSORSHIP of W, V, Nix. There were forty-eight rolled in the Freshman class. Most of these enrolled here the year before. 1945 UNDER THE STUDENTS EN- STUDENTS WERE I N OUR Ledbetter and Sophomore year we were HAD thirty-eight PUPILS. SPONSORED BY Ml SS TRUBY d This, our Junior year, is sponsored by the guiding hand of Mrs. Laura Gentry, We wish to pay tribute to her helpful and KINDLY interest IN EACH INDIVIDUAL. We have thirty-two students enrolled. Our main objective FOR this year is TO ENTERTAIN THE SENIOR ClASS IN THE SPRING WITH A Junior-Senior Banquet, We have seen working very hard to RAISE money for THIS, In November, we presented a Minnies. " The cast was: Helen Silver, Laura Anne Green, Betty Ferguson, Jimmy Wise, Jean.ette MoNTEiTH, Jr. and Jimmy Lawing. play entitled, " llfe at aunt Thompson, Ruby Holland, Don Jo Sprinkle, Anne Simmons, Jim Lawing, Bonnie Jean Eplee, H.OL mmwM We are proud of our contribution to the basket ball team. Starring on the girls team are Jeanette Lawing, Betty JoSprinkle, Bonnie Jean Eplee, and Willie Swann. Helen Thompson serves as MANAGER OF THE TEAM. JiMMY LawING IS ON THE BOYS TEAM. We are REPRESENTED BY THREE MEMBERS ON THE STUDENT COUNCIL. They are Jimmy Lawing, Jeanette Lawing and Helen Thompson. This year wc have had our first effective organization. The OFFICERS chosen ARE; PRESIDENT, RuBY HOLLANDj Vl OE-PRES I GENT, Betty Jo Sprinkle: Secretary-Treasurer, Doris Whitener. Our class colors are pink, blue and white. The flower is carnation, and we try very hard to live up to our motto, " Back- never, ONWARD EVER, TO SOAR TO HEIGHTS ABOVE, " WARD FlitST ' .OV;: Srlene Reel, Joyce K-irlcv-e., Nancy Blalock, Dcttle Marlowe, Alene Painter, Lillian Seajaan, Margie Harris,y.ary Sue Ho-- an, Mary Margaret DecV • S?.COtJD RCfih. Harold McCulloch, Rosa Lse Raker, Leota Marlov;e, .Irace Ka lDr, iieler. Kvans, Mary Mort-an, Gladys Sunlin. THIliD !;0W: Lee Holland, Floyd I ' .aynes, Wayne : orris, Jinss r Haney, Donald Wright, Hoyt jra? - , James Mont eith, Leroy Williams. FOURTH ROW: Roy Kaynes, V altar Harris, Kis3 B:; ' rd (Sponsor), Lar y Sprouc«, Thomas Buskins. -2 . oM y x.. « y The year I946 WOOD School. Many WHILE FROM Sugar marks the advent of the of us spent our first s Hill and Dysartville El LARGE GROUP GRADE, TO SWELL OUR NUMBER TO SIXTY In THE NINTH GRADE WE SELECTED FOR FOLLOWING: President, Nancy Blalock; V ViERS; Secretary-Treasurer, Wayne Morris, Student Council representative. It see FOR making changes IN OUR pRESHMAN YEAR, CHERS WERE OURS DURING THE YEAR, MiSS RuT Byro AND Miss Shirley Wells, Despite teachers, the end of the year found us ma Economics, Agriculture, Citizenship and Ge Having shed the greenish hue of our us NOW EMERGED AS SoPHOMORES. SEVERAL HA some to go to other schools, and some to Brenda Glenn, Maxine Viers, Hilda Peters, Early in the year Lucille Reel and Jun FERRED TO MaRION HiOH, LaTER WE LOST JeAN our number three new members joined our c Wright, Rosa Lee Baker and James Monteith. twenty-n i ne, This, our Sophomore year has been With Mi ss Byro as our home room teacher OFFICERS, They are: President, Lillian Mary Morgan Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Council representatives are Jimmy Haney a Our chief project was improving our room TIN board and painting OUR DESKS, At ChR assembly program, a one-act play entitled CLASS OF 1950 AT GlEN- EVEN YEARS AT GlENWOOD, EMENTARY SCHOOLS CAME A -THREE I N THE EI OHTH ur class officers the ice-President. Maxine Jimmy Haney was our ms we had a propensity Three home room tea- H Freeman, Miss Wilma numerous changes in our STERS OF English, Home NERAL Mathematics. Freshman year, many of ve fallen by the way, WORK, Among them were AND Alene Harris. lOR McKinney were trans- HOGAN, To INCREASE LASS, They were Donald Our enrollment is now A rather eventful one, we early selected our Seaman; Vice-President, Evans, Our Student nd Mary Margaret Deck, by putting up a 8ulle- ISTMAS WE PRESENTED AN " The Tree, " On October 9, the class enjoyed a par Miss Byro and other faculty members chaper A,L or our members have played basket ball, Nancy Blalock, Oottie Marlowe, Wayne Morris, Donald Wright HoYT Gragg, We hope by the close of this Engli SH, Biology, Algebra, Agriculture, Hom FULL FLEDGED JUNIORS, READY FOR MORE AND G TY AT THE WoODMEN HaLL, ONED THE EVENT, SeVER- They are Leota Marlowe, AND year to have mastered E Economics and to be REATER THINGS. Mary Margaret Deck— Reporter % FlICT i ' .CT.v: Betty Morgan, Connie Vess, Lucille Laws, Francos Laughridge, Betty ' . ilksrson, Thelma Hu lVAn, Doris . ' ■unfolt, dith Jones, I ' .uby I ' arlowe, SZCOIiD V.OV,: Agnss ' ., ' ilkerson, Millie I vinjj, Maxine ihiskins, Annie Fayo Ledbetter, !.arga ' -et Ctmnin jhaia, Louise Fisher, Louise Killian, Doris Hemphill. THI ' ' .D HOW: ieha Box. ' nan, Erie Chapnan, Jimi or Harris , Kai-vin Jac ' .ison. FOUi.TIl i-.O ' , ' : Meal Morgan, Carl I-ash, Dobby Spine, Beimie Parker, M-s. Painter (Sponsor), : . •7 ' ft ' Nine years ago at the beginning of a new school year, the first grade was filled with a happy and determined lot, miss Wagner was very patient and we were soon writing our names and READING, It wasn ' t VERY LONG UNTIL WE WERE DOING ALMOST AS WELL AS THOSE IN THE SECOND GRADE, Soon through Miss Wagner ' s teaching IN THE SECOND GRADE WITH M|SS LaNDIS, CAUSE WE GOT A SPELLING BOOK AND LARGER WE PLANTED FLOWERS ALONG THE DRIVE. AND UNDERSTANDING WE WERE We felt MORE IMPORTANT BE- REAOERs, During the year After completing the second grade we went to WITH Mrs. Hemphill, There we had an English and JUST LIKE FIXED THE THE BOYS AND LILY POND. GIRLS IN THE HIGHER GRADES, the third grade Arithmetic book This year we In the fourth grade we learned the states of the We ALSO MADE A SCRAP BOOK IN HAD Mrs. Steppe for our teacher. We Union and the capitols of each state; which we put our best papers. After having fifth grade taught this year, COMPLETED THE BY Miss Beam, FOURTH GRADE WE WERE READY FOR THE We BEGAN READING LIBRARY BOOKS Our WORK with Miss Beam was not in vain, SIXTH GRADE WITH MRS, ShAW, WE WERE INTERESTED and learned the countries of europe and asia, Laws from Bryson City joined us. We then went to the IN OUR Geography Th I S YEAR Luc I LLE In the seventh time on arithmetic, with colored chalk. GRADE, WITH MRS. LAWING, WE SPENT MUCH OF OUR We enjoyed drawing scenes on the black board By this time, time was EIGHTH GRADE. It SEEMED AS STAY WITH US, FINALLY MRS, JOINED THAT YEAR BY FIFTEEN Dor I s RuMFELT, Er i e SOHOOLS, passing swiftly and WE WERE IN THE though we would never get a teacher to Gentry came to our rescue. We were OTHERS FROM SuGAR HiLL AND DySARTVILLE, Chapman, and Louise Fisher joined us from other Leaving behind the ninth grade and waiting as our home TEACHERS WERE MRS, An D ER SON , MRS , AND PARTIES, WE WERE IN US OUR Easter egg hunts IN HIGH SCHOOL AT LAST, MRS, TruBY PaINTER WAS room teacher and citizenship teacher, our other Gentry, Mrs. Bradsher and Mr, Nave, Reba Bo wman--Reporter d t f a S J iZe- -c tSL 4L, fy Jj 4? V ' LI SCHOOL ACTIVITIES The Glee Club w OF Mr. Nix, We hav through the twelfth, plan to sing at seve The Student Cou THE school grounds A elected by the stude willingness to work BODY, They have m GOOD example by AB )s truly helpful and made much higher. The School Rape students as to what articles wh i ch are DAILY WORK, On E CA MONTHLY ISSUE COMES GAMES ARE FOUND IN WHICH DOES MUCH TO R AS R E F Du R AL NC I L NO S NTS FOR AOE I I N DUE E-ORGANIZED THIS YEAR UNDER ORTY-FIVE MEMBERS FROM THE RING THE REMAINDER OF THE SINGING CONVENTIONS. THE DIRECTION EIGHTH GRADE SCHOOL YEAR WE IS VERY ACTIVE IN THE PRESERVATION OF CHOOL BUILDING, Th E MEMBERS OF IT WERE THEIR ABILITY TO LEAD, THEIR OF THE SCHOOL AND THE STUDENT THE PUPILS TO FOLLOW AND SET A THEMSELVES, ThIS ORGANIZATION BECAUSE OF THE GOOD RULES FOR G BY THEM, TO IT OUR SCHOOL STANDARDS HAVE BEEN DEVE ZENS PETE L I FE I NG H j GH They I N Pres ThO M Seed Park The LOPM HIP. NT A , TO PROG CH A ARE ALL The I den AS H One JUD ER PRIMA ENT OF The ND AGR ENCOU RAMS A R ACTER EN CO WORTH FF I C T, EUG USK I N S OF TH G I N G C Floyd Mr LY F,A ON Ha B J RY AIM AGR I C PURPOS I CULTU RAGE M ND EST AND URAG ED Y UN D ERS AR ENE La J Repo E ACT I ONTEST Haynes , B, C, 1661 P . H AS W,B.B. NEY , G N Mar I R S I S I NT N A OUT. I T. OUN OF ULTU E OF RAL EMBE ABL I THE TO ERTA E AS WING RTER V I T I H EL AN Nav I NT G I V 0. AVE ON. TAFF HAS BEEN A GOING ON AROUND ERESTING AND AID GREAT INFORMER FOR THE SCHOOL, They publish the pup i ls in th e i r lways learn the " school g0ssip " when the Announcements of movies and basket-ball We must not forget the humor section out the paper. THE Future Farmers of America is the RAL leadership, COOPERATION AND CITI- TH I S ORGANIZATION IS TO DEVELOP COM- LEADERSHIP, TO CREATE A LOVE OF COUNTRY RS TO DEVELOP THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL FARM- SHMENT IN FARMING, Th E MEMBERS DEVELOP |R IDEALS AND STANDARDS ARE MADE- H I OHER, PARTICIPATE AGR I CULTURE. Si LVER; V I CE- Treasurer , PRACTICE THRIFT AND URGED TO KINGS FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF FOLLOwSi President, Don ; Secretary, Bennie Parker 5 MORPHEW PoTEAT. Es that the F,F,A. entered was the d at Rocky Mount, Walter Harris, D Thomas Huskins made the trip N THE JUDGING THE BOYS S OUT OF 2400 points. en several radio programs Forest City. In February, another about the national f.f.a. State Robert WITH THE SCORED Fli ' ST ■ O ' J: jwendolyn Vesd, ;ieanor .ii " v-jr, Jean iienn, Joar. i ' .oilnnfi , Jllsie Xaylor, Lucille Cireer, Connio Vess, Gaiiirine Laws, Theism i%rfriian, Frances Laugl:irid?Te, Lucille I ws, Jean Calho-jm, Ijiura ' . ' or.- an. SECOilD r.OVJ: Erie Chajman, Ma ; aret Cijnninfjhan, .Arnie ?aye L dbett.or, Sara ' .iargarot ' . ' .or iz, Doris Hesiphill, Louirsc Killian, " ancj Blalock, Joyce ; ' .ir]o ' -e, iottie ; ' arlo ' ..-e, ' A vy !!or;jan, June jlenn, IMith Mce. Tlil ' D ! ' 0V : y-]anche Marlcr.:e, Betty Anderron, Armies ■.lilkcrson, Betty Uilkeraon, Lillian oeaimn, Mamie Lewis, Bntty Ann Sownan, Lola I ' ae ?yatt, Bemics Ija ' ., ' in? , Florance Ledford, Willetle Holland, Laura Anne jroen, Anne Sinnonc, Betty Poteat. ' Oir TA ' OMi Helen Thonpnon, Hetty Jo Sprinkle, V.orpYiev Poteat, Louise Fisher, Mr. Uix (Sponr.or), Ce cil Poteat, ' . ' a-T.c ' ' orris. at:;L :tig a: 30ciat: STUDETIT COUNCIL FI; ' 51 ..OtJ: :ielen Thompson, illle Faye Bowmfln, Reba Bowman, Margaret Silver, Ms.:--- Margaret Dock. SECCIiD ROV. ' ; V. ' a Tie I ' cCall, Mrs. Gentry (Sponsor), Eulalia llarlo ' .ve, Jeanette Lav;in , Jirnmy Haney, Jixmy Lawing, ILEir.lOOD ECKOSS STAFF 1 , " » FIfcST ROW: Jl-rjray Haney, Associate Editor; Sulolia l- ' arlCT- ' e , _i.j.t;r-lr-Chier ; Mr.r- ant Silvr, Assistant ianager; Jeanette Lavinfj, Clrade Hews R eporter; Helen Thompson, Kunor i ilor. SiiCOID ROU: Wayne llcCall, Business Ilanager; Mrs. Painter, Typist and Co-Sponsor; Mrs. ' ientry. Miss Byrd, Co-Sponsor; Jimriy Lawing, Sports Editor, ANNUAL ST. ' J7 Left to If- ht: Mr;s. Truby PaintGr, Joseph iLaylor, .uijy i.annay, jugone Lawinf;, .. ' 2iy:ie IlcCali FUTORE F;ira lEPJ5 OF Pi. ' ::: ICk ?irot iio-w: Mr. 3. C. ::ave, Billy 3uffey, Bennie Parker, Harold llcCulloch, Exa w Mo- is, Carl Ivasj... ' Junior Har-is, Eill JavTios, Robert Parker, Bobby Eplee, Jin Fer -ison, ::ar ' -iii J-- .oi., Second low: Leroy ' .•.illianG, Hoyt " ira -, Robert Bo ' .rnan, Larry Spronse, Dean vaiiott, Lee Holland, Keal Kor nn, Floyd Ha; ne3, Roy Poteat, Ivan Landis, Third Row: R.od. er I ' .cKinnay, PauQ. Ledford, Jin Haney, Don Silver, Bu ene kwing, Guy ■.. " ells, Clarence I ' or ' an, Cecil Ia.u hrid Tc, iiorace Reel, vlcyne llorris. Foxirth ' .- alter ilarria, Brice Sprouse, Bill Deck, iiorphew Poteat, Joseph I ' ylor, L. D. .;eel, Guy Morgan, Roy Haynes, Jlmny Wise, Leroy ' .. ' alker. ATHLETICS ATHLETIC ACTIVI Girls Softbali In the spring of 1945 Glenwood Hig softball team. several games were play THEM WERE WON BUT ONE. Th E FOLLOWING Y Eo THE McDowell County Softball Tournam ESSFUL SEASON. CqmING THROUGH UNOEFEAT CUP FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE TOURNAM AGAIN HAD A HIGH RATING. AmonG THOSE ING THESE YEARS HAVE BEEN; ClYTA LEDB Queen, Blanche Ledbetter, Margaret Sil LAND LedbetteRj Jeanette Lawing, Sara EpLEE, Willie Swann, Edith Evans, Ruby Seaman, Leota Marlowe, Annie Ray, Flo Nancy Blalock, Dottie Marlowe, Eleanor Sara Margaret Morris. H School organized a girls ED that season AND ALL OF EAR, 1946 THE girls ENTER- ent to close another ed they were awarded ENT. In 1947-48 WHO HAVE PARTI ETTER, Mary Evans, VER, Eulalia Marlowe, Jane Marlowe, Bonnie L, Mamie Lewi s , Li l l i an RENCE LEDFORO, MaRY MORGAN, ■ ■ " ■■ AND SUCC- A GOLD THE TEAM cipated dur- Fern Mar Y- onnie Jean Joan Holland Girls Basketball The girls participating in basketb WERE; Jeanette Lawing, Margaret Silver Ray, Bonnie Jean Eplee, Nancy Blalo Marlowe. These girls have displayed un AND A sincere LOVE FOR BASKETBALL. EvE FOR THE SCHOOL ANY " LOVING OUPS " THEY IN County Athletics. The season I948- ONCE since all THIS PRESENT TEAM WILL THE EXCEPTION OF MaRGARET SjlVER, WH IS all for the 1947-48 , Betty Jo Sprinkle, CK, Willie Swann and USUALLY GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP N THOUGH THEY HAVE NOT WON HAVE WON H I OH RECOGNITION 49 SHOULD BE A SUCCESSFUL BE BACK FOR BASKETBALL GRADUAT ING. SEASON Ann I E Leota wi th Boys Softball In 1945 THE BOYS ALSO ORGANIZED A SOFTBALL husky looking group of boys who usuall and although they lost some games they During the years 1945-48 the players Joseph Kaylor, Mac Silver, Carroll TEAM, This was a Y DEFEATED THEIR WERE ALWAYS GOOD SPORTS. WERE; Douglas Byro, H. D. OPPONENT SPORTS. Marlowe, MoNTEiTH, Jr., Morgan, Morphew Poteat, Jimmy Lawing, Wayne Morris, Hoyt Gragg, Don Silver, Grady Hogan, Wayne McCall , Clarence Morgan AND Horace Reel, Boys Basketball This year the boys basketball team displayed as always an ATTITUDE. of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP AND AS ALWAYS THEY WERE THE PRIDE PLACE I N IN THE OF THE SCHOOL. IN THE YEAR 1945-4 THE TEAM WON FiRST THE McDowell County Tournament, They won Fourth place Western North Carolina Gold Medal Tournament in Canton. This year, 1947» they won Fourth place in the McDowell County Tournament. In the Western North Carolina Gold Medal Tournament they were awarded a certificate of merit for good sportsmanship and fairplay. THE I R TH I S Carroll Morgan , ClAR EN CE uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiniiiiiriiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMM Best Wishes to the Class of 1 948 Drexel Furniture Co. Drexel, North Carolina niimuiimKrfmrifrrmnfriirmimimiuiriiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ■7 (lAui " t -ou ..y Ol oc. ijt i V X-d: ' .. ' tlyCjPb -6 . U C L - -t Jd OK t i C2AA l!::duj . U u 6 L. . O m -pCJ ' f,... f iiiiiiimiiniiuiiiuiiiiriiiinuiiiiiiiniuiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiriinniiiMiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiii iiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiitu I EAST COURT MOTOR CO. | I Phone 39 Marion, N. C | I Pontiac Sales and Service = I Night Wrecker Service 391 - L = McDowell county ' s leading newspaper John W. Setzer, Publisher Marion, North Carolina McDowell Cut Rate Drug Store The Best For Less 12 S. Main St. Marion, N. C. RAAB . HITCHCOCK Exclusive Men ' s Wear Name Brands You Know Marion, North Carolina Compliments of MARION MACHINE CO., INC. Marion, North Carolina ROSELAND FLORIST Phone Day 444 Night 451 Marion, North Carolina n iimmniiHiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiruniiiiniiiiiininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin uiiiuiiiiiimmiiammiiiiiiinuiimintiiiuiiiiiiutuiiiiHniiniiiiMiitiitiiniMuiiinn CROSS COTTON MILLS CO. Marion, North Carolina OTIS L. BROYHILL FURNITURE COMPANY Marion, North Carolina HOLLAND SERVICE STA. J. R. Holland, Owner General Merchandise Gas-Oil Glenwood, North Carolina CLYDE W. RAYBURN General Merchandise Feeds and Groceries Glenwood, North Carolina ELIZABETH JAMES MILLS " Lady Elizabeth and Minerva Hosiery " Marion, North Carolina Compliments of JOSEPHINE MILLS, INC. Marion, North Carolina nnrfiiiiiriiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiriiifiMiniiiiiiriiniiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .. ic 4 ' ■ . ( A eiU iUjUl ACtZ y feyC SJ Co} . L-«- -j«_ .e- Si .. .4 2- G- L Ca i) y i -c. -© y io- Ja -. lJ uiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinriiiiiiiiiiiiiiMniiiiniriiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiriniiiiiiiinMiiiMiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiMiiiiiiiniiM l: = TAINTER ' S Prescription Headquarters Phone 33 Marion, N . C . MARGUERITE SHOPFE The Styles of Tomorrow Today 14 W. Court St. Marion Compliments of DIXIE CLEANERS " Quality Cleaners Phone 377 Marion, N. C ROSS SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION 13 N. Main St. Phone 280 Marion, North Carolina BOOSTERS J. D. Blanton - Marion, N. C. Compliments of WORKMAN S Marion, North Carolina WE WISH TO THANK THE MERCHANTS FOR THEIR SPLENDID COOPERATION IN MAKING THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE niiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiminiiiiiiniimiiiiiiiiimiiiniiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiii uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuniiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininiiiiiiuiiiiiniiitiininiiiiiiiiHiiiiii Protect Your Loved Ones in Our Burial Association McCALL ' S FUNERAL HOME C. R. McCall, Owner Mrs. C. R. McCall, Assistant C. Harry McCall, Bookeeper Day Phone 34 Night Phone 32 Ambulance Service Marion, North Carolina Yo u Are Cordially Invited to Visit and Inspect Our Home SAIN-BROOKS MOTOR CO. Ford Sales and Service Wrecker Service Day Ph. 242 Night Ph. 243-J Ford Tractors and Implements Marion, North Carolina McCURRY HOSIERY MILLS Marion, North Carolina Compliments of LAUGHRIDGE FURNITURE COMPANY Marion, North Carolina ROYAL CAFE 9 N. Main St. Marion We serve anything at any time LOVEN FURNITURE CO Complete Line of Home Furnishings 6-8 Main St- Marion, North Carolina nniniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiMHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin :iimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiriiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiniiiiintiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiru BALLEW MOTOR CO., Inc. 439 E. Court St. Phone 225 Marion, North Carolina 11 rCHEVROLETj Wrecker Service, Expert Body and Mechanical Work Automobiles and Accessories CLINCHFIELD MANUFACTURING COMPANY Marion, North Carolina R. L. Conley, Distributor GULF OIL PRODUCTS Phone 113 Marion, N. C PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Studebaker Sales and Service 414 E. Court St. Phone 138 Marion, North Carolina GLENWOOD SERVICE STA. W. G. Marlowe, Prop. Groceries, Fresh Meats, Gas-Oil Phone 803J Glenwood, N. C GLENWOOD MILLING CO. Manufacturers of Flour, Meal, and ' Feeds Glenwood, North CaroHna niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiifiiiifiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin iiiiiiiutiniuniiiiaiiminiuminiiiuniuiuinimiiniiiiuiiiiiiiMiinnuiiiiniMiiiMniiiiiitMiiiiiniiiiiriiini COMPLIMENTS OF A. BLANTON GROCERY CO. Wholesale Grocers Phone 25 Marion, N.C COMPLIMENTS OF MARION MANUFACTURING COMPANY Marion, North Carolina ELLIOT MOTOR COMPANY We Specialize in Radiator Repairs One Mile West of Marion Route Four Marion Compliments of MARION OASIS THEATERS Marion, North Carolina BELK - BROOME CO. ' ' The Home of Better Values " Marion, North Carolina NORRIS CLOTHING CO. Men ' s Ladle ' s Ready to Wear Next Door to Marion Theater Marion, North Carolina nuiiiiiiniimiitmiiaiKnininiiinnnnnitiiiniiininniifnnniiniEiinitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnuiiiKiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiiu aiiiininitnitunumiuiunuinuiiiiiiMinuiiiiiiuiiniiiniiiiiiiiMiinnniininiiiiiiiiiiiiiinuininniiiimiiiMi Compliments of MARION BUICK CO., INC Telephone 469 SNIPES MOTOR COMPANY Marion, North Carolina Dodge and Plymouth Cars Dodge - Job - Rated Trucks Allis-Chalmers Farm Equipment Compliments of McPAR HOSIERY MILL, INC. Manufacturers of Fine Half Hosiery Marion, North Caroima MARION HOSIERY MILLS Marion, North Carolina HARRISON ' S DRUG STORE The Prescription Store Fountain Service Marion, North Carolina FIRST NATIONAL BANK Marion, North Carolina nuiuitwumuuiammmmmiiaaiiiiuiiiiun iimiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiii iiiiiiiiiimtmimmiUMimntimuiimiiniiiiniiniiiiiiiiiiiinniMiitiiiiiiiniiniiniiiiiiuiiiiiM IDEAL CLEANERS | Phone 115 133 W. Henderson | Marion, North Carolina = BROWN MOTOR COMPANY Cars, Trucks, Parts, Accessories 855 E. Court St. Phone 472 Marion, North Carolina Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Marion, North Carolina Compliments of McDowell insurance AGENCY Oasis Theatre Building Marion, N. C. Phone 9 Diamonds Watches J. ROY MORROW Retail Jewelry - Watch Repair 26 1-2 S. Main St. Phone 72 Marion, North Carolina SIMMONS SERVICE STATION General Merchandise Gas, Oil, and Feeds Route 1 Glenwood, N. C. WELL ' S SERVICE STATION General Merchandise Gas, Oil and Feeds Phone 414-M Route 1 Marion, North Carolina tiiinuuminiimiiirifftmrmiiiftiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiMiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiMii

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