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Glens Falls High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Glens Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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N b,49.P' f cfpbbvogg w w.- XJ N. ' ' ' 4 Q53 y , .R up My wifi 1,4 by A X ,V fin , if ' X 'digging ya y ?g fikg fgj X 4 KL I N, f f. V ,cf , 4, Q31 K xEbb J 'Em LQ Lag "'h' a LV' Q ' 'J cHOfcffew6f2L A A"-- t X x ' - k fx! V3 V XX :M fi .3 XX, NV fi Cfpx f H ef if Qi, ' ,NN J dig Q. T. x. GLENS FALLS .N Y l 46 'Me 7767 of fl- v ii S g'T 7,1 ,E 5 ehfffi: 2. ' H, " M Y ' ' f I .Z V I ,V A if ,, Y-QM: 4 - 2 59, I xr Ii, K?Z,,, Q. V! ! I f ' If --'ily F" , I ff? in QA!! 1. ,VL Q If I .I ff y X , A E, , fl, -,gf Q fi Z f ,L I 'dig f J ,ff ' Effie? 'ff 'of f-ff L -O ff , -:fe f f, ,ff I ff ff ff 1-ff' ,f . '-L1 . I ef' QV.,i,:gs ,qzfiir-. Y' ' I V!!! 251, Q' -I ,f.:111'5:'T,Lg,' It 9:5 ,fa ,, so ' ?TffV! Wav w 'Si-2:59-I 1- :f U"-iiZ'Q42?LL , , 4 no ,ff it .54 LJ.-ggsx ie? , ,qs ., 3L:fL51n2gf.ff. -1 , ,nf f U ln,- X .-or '.V:Et,mglQiZhY!,igf , ff ,gl If: f-fAf4,'Q"' 'TLIIQH Wise . ""'z. ' 'ns ,rr 'wi r-.I--uc, i - u -. I I Zfifnh u.'ma fx .' 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AN -f-G f Fe 'H if S A 12 YW "Q XX fs?-wKEf"4Zo'::-F3 V 6' 'K L A ,TL,,,,.W.,- -1 A 'E , ,NN QYNTNSRXQ-Elf-'1,:'iQlx ' ff- Y ...Y-ktrrf " lv 1 fw, 4uQu"' -:Un-'Y N I ' ' xx J- gg xg fl' - if f , lblw' lAlll'sll5f A -N 121:22-in Y 1,-i' ,E A ,ll ,JN-,Q I -Y Y ,Y - , , 1, -- Z V " ' ,IW ' fzisP"'fFfgE, if" -14 - 1 new f If-7i5vgg,l e ---'11f,Ei,?2'5Eqr2e L F F' I ' f ff ' K if -'Z' 11 K Y-ff, 7,44 6 f,'w-XQ JV'-i-- 'Tf if ' 5 A 4 f, f Isis!--A f 'A f- -' "jf Lua-, ,- e en - A '11 : fe 2: ' e A -1-f if A A' - f o 7,4 fe ff? ff? ff 21 , ,J ' , 557 573 ' , f f' :L -,- F - ,f - ,ar -?f if 22 ,.- - L, .7 J'- 'MMYIIWII WW! ,.lf3"AHM J, 4 LQLA, -Y-f! -,, ,Q-Q f" "" ' J,...7,.11,,-. ... L - f ,, ,Lf f 37 , ' " ii.--?I'O'7Z-ff" if ,f 'ff -' V w fvj -' , f R pf ' f' I f 4 17 499 L. ff ' 555222 355152 :ffffmslziiszxiffwfigg wise, Q11ffMYLf2gil4i2J!S1' ,iifisigw W:sM2f2 'fr"A I :Se -1i5l?:S?5,EILYffgifilgiiiii-:Tnf.:fekguzfi'fs-f?l2i'fg5fVfsi'kiisiflzfllf eifefii, :iii 159753255 7 if l5'ls':l1'55?'5:7 qibge3g335gf,: gfggglkgm-vlgifz, 5-535,ygggsqfgyzg55g:,1Szisslsi 25:22,gfef:'1.53i liS1Qfs2iiwiS? K, .,.,. 7 , ,.,,.., I , , Q., A.,,,..., 3 .,,..,. , ,..,,,.. ,A ,.,,.., S., A.,, V ADVERTISING MANAGERS Susan Collin Katie Colson ADVISERS Fred A. Arcoraci John Gallucci Robert Reid OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Cervera's Studio Volume 43 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS GLENS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL Glens Falls, New York 3 7 The years spent at Glens Falls High School have been of great value to us, the Class of 1961. We have not only expanded our academic knowledge, but we have learned lessons that will help us throughout the rest of our lives. When we entered high school as sophomores, little did we realize that school has a twofold purpose: to teach academic subjects and to prepare students to face the future as mature adults. The faculty members of Glens Falls High have done just this. In addition to academic growth, they have molded our characters through athletics, music, dramatics, and clubs. Each school organization we have belonged to has taught us that we must work together to achieve anything that is worthwhile. Whether working together in decorating for a dance, practicing with a team, or rehearsing for a play, 'we have experienced teamwork and gained sportsmanship. When we enter the adult world, we will take with us these three good years of academic and social experience. We, the Class of 1961, are confident that the training we have received in Glens Falls High has successfully prepared us to assume the responsibilities of citizen- ship in a troubled age. Qi1Q2,a.Qz, EDITORS-IN-CHIEF 4 Z .Z 4. 72,544 THE FACULTY . SCHOOL LIFE . ATHLETICS . . ORGANIZATIONS . . MUSIC AND DRAMATICS . SPECIAL EVENTS STUDENT LIFE . Seniors . Juniors . . Sophomores . THE COMMUNITY . , 5 6-17 18-27 28-47 48-79 80-95 96-113 114-161 116-145 146-153 154-161 162-206 N .Q 6 7f""'f" Without a captain, an experienced crew, and a route mapped by navigators, a sailing schooner would never reach its destination. So it is with students. Unless they have the guidance of well-trained, understanding counselors and instructors, they may flounder in the turbulent sea of life. We have been guided by wise and competent teachersg they steered us through our uncertain sophomore yearg they counseled us as we came to face the more mature problems of our choice of college and future occupationsg they shared in our extracurricular activities by giving us advice. Let us not look blindly at our own successes without considering those who too often go unrewarded for the many hours they have spent with us. The guidance and understanding that the faculty and administration have given us has surely contributed to the betterment of our characters and to the enrichment of our minds. Their wisdom will guide us in the future and we shall strive to acknowledge our appreciation to our teachers by making them proud of our future accomplishments. 7 ' af Sana DOUGLASS B. ROBERTS, B.S., A.M., Ed.D. -Tufts University 3 Harvard University. Zamwlaf To the Class of 1961: As you approach graduation you have my sincere congratulations. Achieving this land- mark has been hard Work and has had, I know, its moments of despair and uncertainties as Well as pride and happiness. I trust that the efforts of your teachers, the friendships you have shared, and above all the satisfaction that comes from successfully facing a real challenge with your eyes open and your head up, have combined to make your years in the Glens Falls Schools a richly rewarding foundation for what lies ahead. 99 4 Z . its ,ai Effffiliiii , I1 irrreis if The Board of Education, a group of our community's leading civic-minded citizens, give generously of their time for planning the future course of education in the Glens Falls Schools. Members are, left to right: Fabian O. Ducharme, A. William Cohn, Francis W. McGinley, Douglass Crockwell, Mrs. Grace M. VanWirt, Presi- dcntg John W. Glass, Robert A. Churchill, Clerk of the Board, Douglass B. Roberts, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. John W. Canaday. Absent: Merritt E. Scoville, Donald E. Reutershan. 8 yn Russell M. L. Carson, at the time of his death, had been a member of the Glens Falls Board of Education for 36 years and had served as its president from 1937-1941. His influence on the members of the Class of 1961 Was great. Those of us who knew him personally benefited from his Warm friendliness and his genuine interest in young people. In addition, all of us have profited from his progressive outlook, un- derstanding guidance, and dedicated service that did so much to mold the schools that have played so large a part in making us what we are. MISS ANN J. McCREA + . 211131712110 RUSSELL M. L. CARSON Ann J. McCrea taught business subjects in the Glens Falls High School from 1918 until her retirement in 1958. From 1920, she served as head of the department. Vi- tally interested in each pupil and always Willing to give individual help, she trained her students Well to serve the myriad needs of local businessmen Who depended on her recommendations. Although her first loyalty Was to the business department, her interest in other aspects of education was profound. She at- tended athletic contests With regularity, frequently as a chaperone. Before her death, she was active in transcribing children's stories into braille. Certainly, her devotion to young people has established a tradition Worthy of preservation. WILLIAM H. BROWN, A.B., A.M. -- Dartmouth Collegeg Teachers College, Columbia University. To the Class of 1961: As you approach graduation, you may have a feeling of relief that assign- ments and tests are nearly over. Although I. Wish you success in meeting the tests that are immediately before you, I would not be limited to them, for I know that you are not through with being tested. Whether you are taking further education or are on a job or are making a home, you will be -learning, and you will be tested in one way or another all through your life. I can wish no better thing for you than this: that in whatever situation you find yourselves in the years to come, you will continue to learn and you will meet the tests as responsible citizens. Cordially yours, lp iylglnldauvh I0 A. ADRIANCE, B.A.. - SUNY, College of Edu- at Albany: University of , History: Senior Class fun' MICHAEL J. ANTHONY, JR., FRED A. ARCORACI, B.S., RICHARD E. BACKER, B.S., BB. in Vocational-Industrial Ed- M.S. - SUNY, College of Edu- M.S. in Ed. - Ithaca College: ucation - SUNY, College of cation at Albany: Business Alfred University: Physical Edu- Education at Oswego: Industrial Subjects and Driver Training: cation: Baseball, Wrestling, and Arts. Red and Black Adviser. Assistant Football Coach. Mr. BroWn's 5th period American History class does research on the Presidential election. X -f .. L., life 43 xn- nf I 1 1, I f k,4. i W. fy J ff' K g 14 ll IENEVIEVE E, HAZINET, 3.A., M.A. Y Cornell University: SUNY, College of Education at Llbany: Latin and History: Sophomore Class Adviser. CLIFFORD K. BOSWORTH, ROBERT BOYER, B.S. - Le- RAYMOND E. BROWN, B.A., B.S., M.A. - Rhode Island State Moyne College: Mathematics: M.A. - Harvard University: College: Teachers College, Co- Co-Sponsor, Bowling. History: Sponsor, World Affairs lumbia University: Chemistry. Forum: Track and Cross Country Coach. BERNICE C. BUSH, A.B., B.S. in Library Science - Syracuse Univer- sity: SUNY, College of Education at Albany: Librarian: Sponsor, Library Squad, 54- 11- wfea, Ja 53" ,G .X -.5 f ' 1-9,'f.5-e5Zf:.Qifg3,'g'f me - -M4 f 1-11 mr-.G-fs J nf -.f.:ai""'EF' . 19 . f RUTH M. BUSSEY, B.S., M.A.- SIINY, College of Education at Albany: Teachers College, Columbia University: Homemaking. JAMES J. CAFARO, B.S., M.S.4 SUNY, College of Education at Albany: Business Subjects: Co- Sponsor, Bowling: Auditor of Student Treasury Funds. ALAN D. CEDERSTROM, B.S. Ed., Ed.M.-University of Mainf Mathematics and Biology: Sponst Outing Club: Tennis and Assists, Wrestling Coach. Sharon Joubert and Sara Cutshall go over schedule changes with Mrs. Lamb, our guidance counselor. BETTY L. CORNELL, B.S., M.A.- Ithaca College: New York Univer- sity: Physical Education: Sponsor, Girls' Athletic Club and Cheerleaders. ANN G. CROMIE, B.A., M.A.- ROBERT F. CUBBINS, B.A., M.Ed. College of St. Rose: French: Spon- -St. Lawrence University: English: sor, French Club. Assistant Football Coach. I2 ELIZABETH ANN DODDS, BJ M.A.-Wooster College: Cornell Ur versity: History: Sponsor, Stude Council and American Field Servii NELL P. DUELL - BASIL S. DWYER, B.A., M.A.- EUGENE H. FELLERS, B.A., MARK W. FREEMAN, A.B., Ed.M. Assistant Librarian. Bowdoin College: Bates College: Ed.M.- Baldwin-Wallace College: --Tufts University: English: Spon- History: Assistant Football Coach. University of Virginia: University of sor, Ski Club. Wisconsin: History and German: Sponsor, German Club: Assistant Football Coach. "It's the rule!" This is a familiar saying to the 6th period advanced algebra students. HELEN S. GAHIMER, B.S., Ed.M. JOHN GALLUCCI, B.F.A., M.A.H STANLEY GERICKE, B.S., M.A.- EDGAR J. GRANT, B.S.-SUNY, 4Skidmore College: Harvard Uni- Syracuse University: New York Uni- New York University: Concert and College of Education at Oswego and versity: Business Subjects: Junior versity: Art: Sponsor, Art Club: Marching Bands: Sponsor, Dance Buffalo: Driver Training and Wood- Class Adviser: Co-Sponsor, Future Red and Black Art Adviser. Band and Drum Majorettes. shop. Teachers of America. I3 HOVVARD E. GROUT, B.S., M.A., MARJORIE H. GROUT, B.S.-Uni- NORMAN A. HARVEY, A.B., M.D. HILDA ENNIS HAYES, A.B.- M.Ed.-University of Massachusetts, versity of Massachusetts, Homemak- -Vyesleyan University, Long Island SUNY, College of Education at Al Amherst College, Harvard Univer- ing. Medical School, Health Supervisor. bany: English, Sponsor, Georgi sity: Biology, Co-Sponsor, Future Teachers of America. Adams Hi-Y. As her 5th period homcmaking girls look through pattern books, Mrs. Grout stands by ready to give advice on fabrics and designs. THOMAS A. LACOMBE, R.A.-St. Edwards University, History and Guidance. BERNARD LaMAY, B.S., M.S.- Ithaca College, SUNY, College of Education at Albany, Director of Physical Education, Coach, Football, Basketball, Golf, Sponsor, Varsity "G" Club. I4 HELEN M. LAMB, B.A., M.A.- HAROLD M. LONG, B.A., Skidmore College: SUNY, College of Colgate University, Teachers Education at Albanyg Guidance. Columbia University, rector, ITWA Program, Guides. 5 BEATRICE MABLE, B,A.-SUNY, JOHN J. MORGENSTERN, B.S., GEORGE Y. MUSE, B.S., M.A.'-- LAWRENCE F, NEWCOMB, B.A., College of Education at Albany, Ph.D.--Columbia Universityp Uni- Emory University: Columbia Uni- 1VI.A. in Erl. SUNY, College of Erl- Mathematies. versity of Toulouse: University of versity, Physicsg Assistant Track uczxtion at Allurnyg Cornell Univer- Erlinlwurgh, Psychologist. Coach, Sponsor, Science Club. sity, English. So this is what is taught in biology! Contrary to what it seems, this class is learning something - the difference between simple reflex and learned response. mf 'A f .f ..'fJZ.Q1g,I' .'.' 1 ,if is 4. fl " VQrZ?k21fr:' - mm, F31 will if 1 . 1- Lg, r 5? 1 ll '5 FLORENCE T,RANDERSON, B.A., LOUISE H. REED, R.N.-Albany ROBERT H. REID, B.B.A., M.S.- WALTER H. ROBINSON, RS,- M.A.fSUNY, College of Education Hospital Training School for Nurses, YVestminster College, SUNY, College SUNY, College of Education at Al- at Albanyg English, Health and Attendance. of Education at Albanyg Business banyg Teachers College, Columbia Subjects and D.E.g Red and Black Universityg Mechanical Drawing ancl Ad Adviser. Driver Training. I5 WALTER T. ROBINSON, B.S., M.S.-SUNY, College of Education at Oswego and Albany, Machine Shop and Guidance. 1 JOHN L. VAN DER VOORT, B.A., NOLA L. WENTWORTH, B.S. in MAURICE C. WHITNEY, B.S M.A. - Colgate University, Clark Ed., M.A.--Boston University, Eng- M.A.+Ithaca College, New York University, English, Sponsor, Soph- lisli, Sponsor, National Honor So- University, Orchestra and Choir ornore Drainatics Club, Adviser, ciety. Sponsor, Octet. Senior Pageant Writing Committee. ALICE S. SAND, B.A.-Syracuse REGINALD F. SHULTZ, B.S., M.A. , University, University of Michigan, -Central Normal College, Teachers ' University of Grenoble, France, College, Columbia University, Busi- French. ness Subjects, Assistant Baseball Supervisor. The 7th period typing class seems to enjoy Working on speed and accuracy sentences ., HAROLD A. WILLIAMS, BS 1 Ed., M.Ed.-Syracuse University S , Lawrence University, Physical Edu cation, Director of Adult Education JV Basketball Coach. MURIEL R.. STARK, B.S.-Syracu University, Speech and Drama Sponsor, Junior-Senior Dramati Club, Speaker's Corps, Assemb Left to Tight: Frances Garrow, Ger- trude Bigelow, Geraldine Chandler, Bernice Carlisle. Absent: Gladys Chapman, Director. demdema Seated, left to right: Crannell Pot- ter, Leonard Baker, Director. Standing: Joseph DuFour, John Smith, William Quinn, Roscoe Rowell. Absent: Charles Robertson. faded :fn PHYLLIS ANDERSON LOIS G. CLEMENTS- - Guidance Secretary, Principa1's Secretary Central Treasurer. """ 1 Ici on parle francais. These third year French students listen intently to a recording before answering some oral comprehension questions One group of boys in Mr. Anthony's 7th period Auto Mechanics class work ona 6 cylinder Ford Umock-up" en- gine while another group of boys work on the brake drum of a car. "Did I ever tell you about the time that Ben Franklin spent the night at Win QU Tavern H! Mr. Dwyer's 4th period American History class works on their weekly Scmof Scholastic assignment. EIB ii Mr. Robinson prepares to out a driving class. In the control training car, these correctly. Coe-ducational gym classes are a familiar sight on Fridays. During the late fall and winter months, students enjoy volleyball, square dancing, and tumbling. learn how to drive safely take dual girls and Moments of leisure! La Joie de Vivre. "We're roughing it. How about you?" "Okay, who's hiding?" Le Penseur- our version of Rodinls "All right you guys. Fm boss here "Just a little more hair. It'll be famous statue. . . . see!" perfect." Q if ,qv 3 VM,-I right now. Just one shot!" "Okay boys . . . you got me!" "A penny for your thoughts?" MA- . "Anything you can do, I can do better!,'- "All my grades are on. The die is 7 77 "The pause that refreshes!" "Go West young man! Go West!' cast. 5 2 5 s A ' i"1"s L . ,. ' a K . is pr, b' , , ai. -X . ,fr fe .1-.. rf' , ,Q . 'L f i , A 1 1 "So this is what it's like out front!" ag "Yes . . . 'P' "On with the show, Mary. Denis is waiting!" 3 3 3 5 is is f , 3 5131. si ,,W- W'i' 121' f 'f'1 "':W i . 5 L 3 5 it . I "Better think it over, Anne." F' '41 53? 'F it E 1'1- Hey Boss, she can't speak English!" ' izzfw. "C-r-r-runch 1" M . Wfomaetd "Ah theater! theater! VVh:1t I suffer for thee." . ,AA Andy with a forearm smash. Our "Pep Band" takes a break. Q26 of 546 g122 1112 'r:,e,, f -"Q-: ' 111 - L, . e,',--, N1eeee,,.: M That's using your head! Oh! the pena1ty's on us. Good form, John "Dig coaches dig - It's a long way to China!" "What a time to be caught flat footedf' "Best foot forward girls!" "Roll him Over, J0hI1iH "If at first you don't succeed, try again!" O ff' - A :1 t . , , -vi.. .. Smiles, frowns, and sighs of relief "It's 8:15 a.m. and time for your morning notices." tell us it's report card day. "This means another 8:05 for you." Members of the Red and Black staff, get yearbook ideas at "YOU W0U1dI1't be Crying to Cut 11110 the 11111011 11119 the Annual Conference at Union College. W0111d YOU, Walteffw I have drawn seven 'T' ac- counts on the blackboard," says Mr Reid. When the black- board is used, the teacher re- peats what is written so that Mary Lou can follow along. F What's going on here? Oh, it's Mary Lou - or L should we say the Executone. A few of her friends are catching up on the news. Left Lo right: Cindy Mary Lou hears everything that goes on in the Kingsley, Jana Fahey, Norma Shimas, Shirl classroom - even the whispers. Oudekerk. I I I Six years ago the Glens Falls Board of Education accepted the proposal that the Executone be used as a means of providing an education beyond eighth grade for handicapped children in the school district. The Executone, which is an intercommunication system consisting of a private telephone line from the school to the home, is an innovation in the education of handicapped people. The first Executone in the Glens Falls area was installed by the New York Bell Telephone Company in the home of Mary Louise St. John. Mary Lou, who is a member of the graduating class, says, "This means of securing an education is a miracle - one that would not be possible without the constant co-operation of the administration and faculty of the school." xg -. .www X51 ELI NSYWXWQ 3 W 'M X H HQ I Lqgx I '1 X Q '5 ll ,Inf ii SQ? X X K! mxx v1 N 7' 'I gen ua ,sis Xf ' . .3 A f M ' 1 I A .. T Lg. k. N fa 1 H X 1 A xy nf-4.,k ' -- - 'wx f -x M.. , x . . X 1 t X R-A Wg X . wi nu 1 xt xx Y' fx 'ive Q, - -xl . .n ,xl Xg XX., mv u fxxgj flliw V IW Z 311 .f 1, Xa, ,I-' f 'A - X 'FV' ff f,j , Nffvfff . ' fi. I ,flax 2 K ,I 'xi ,vi ,S!l?i f ,--f, V. ff if . ' f K nf, ,, f , SX 4, V, V, f V 7 A f TR X xv ' -7 Z ' . hx 'E H 'f '5 I , X 3? ' L. 5521. - Lai IX X - K :if 'gltfxx' l .rr ,, Mg 'Q 55' ', - , A' N D 312: ' f fx 175 f 5 eff" if X A " FNXNT' ig i -f A '4" SJ' f U 'MT ,X 4.1 fl, rr. 3 ,X I 1 I' V' SW i 1 A N 'X , - 1, ' Ny X h Nix? .V K A W -R' xl- , ' 5g,1f',1' Q., . fr , 4' Y f ,J 4 28 The diversified athletic program our school offers gives every student an opportunity to participate in intramural or interschool sports. In football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, track, tennis, golf, and bowling, a spirit of cooperation is developed. By partici- pating in such activities we learn how to play fairly, how to accept victory proudly, but not arrogantly, and how to accept defeat humbly. Together, both the players and spectators bear the pride of victory and the burden of defeat. It is the good sportsmanship by both groups that helps to lay the foundation for successful teams. Our coaches, in helping to build better bodies, are always working to build better people, too, for they are mindful of the moral and mental, as Well as the physical development of every individual. Many of us owe much to the athletic training given at good old Glens Falls High. 29 Q' -,2 g IM 'Q ,. N0 First row. left to right: Mr. Fellers and Mr. Dwyer, assistant coaches, Coach Putt LaMay, Chris Hallenbeck and Brian Wilsey, co-captainsg Mr. Backer and Mr. Cubbins, assistant coachesg Ronnie Burdo, manager. Second row: Jon Hurwitz, David Eastwood, Nelson Gause, Neild Waterman, Bruce Coon, Michael Lebowitz, Gerald Chandler, Calvin Tucker, Skip Potter, Ken Seeber. Third row: Pat Wright, Mike Smith, Todd Zenger, Andy Garand, Neil Davis, Brian Nichols, Walter Harrison, Pat Mudgette, Dave Usher, Jim Whitney, Tom Marchewka. Fourth row: Gene Cimini, Dave Clark, Bill Bemis, John Weber, Dale Comar, Joe Carusone, Neil Goodrich, Steve Kelly, Joe Monsour, Chuck Westfall. Fifth row: Dean Howland, Gary Davignon, Don Maynard, Tom Charlebois, David Brower, Pete Lemery, Dave Chagnon. Richard Collin, Bill Garrow, Lawrence Barker. Sixth row: Jim Barber, Jim May, David Reynolds, Mike Chandler, Bruce McElmon, Dave Usher, David Duell, Peter Partridge, Ricky Nathan, Randy Glenn. Seventh row: Steve Craig, Larry Morrow, Bob Vosburgh, Barry Suckman, Fred Ramsey, Brian Clements, Wayne Chagnon, Daryl Blake, Ray McCoy, Tommy Noonan. 7 Off to a fast start, winning their first five games, the Indian gridiron eleven suffered heartbreaking set- backs in their last two games to finish the Northern Conference race in the runner-up spot. The highlight of the season came when the Indians knocked Northern Conference Co-champion White- hall from the ranks of the undefeated. Defeat at the hands of Hudson Falls came only after a 60 yard pass play with minutes remaining to be played in the game, while the loss to the Kerries resulted from the extra point conversions and a last quarter goal-line stand. Field general Chris Hallenbeck was supported in the backfield by such staunch TD marchers as Mike Smith, Cal Tucker, Todd Zenger, and Neild Waterman. Up front on the offensive and defensive lines were such standouts as Bruce Coon, Skip Potter, Brian Wilsey, Mike Lebowitz, Dave Eastwood, and Tom Marchewka. The work of the Junior Varsity, who compiled a record of three wins, one tie, and two losses, indicates future promise to the varsity ranks. 30 ':- N--vf.wv-WN -.fy-f-w , , . -.H ,may Blshop G1bbons ............ ranville .......................... , outh High ..................... ormth ............... ............ hltehall ........................... udson Falls .................. t Marys ................. M.. Tota, s ................... -... They 0 6 6 7 0 7 14 40 4 fn Hudson Falls .................. South High ..................... St. Mary's "B" St. Ma.ry's "B" St. Mary's "A" Cormth ........... - .......... H ........ Totals ........................ They 14 6 13 6 14 7 i ., ,. . -.,.-.--pUm.A ,,,,.1, nga- M, ,4., .WA f - - f ,,-- --V-M hu J ra as f i Co-captains Chris Hallenbeck and Brian Wilsey lead the Indians on to the gridiron for the second half as our peppy cheerleaders and marching band pave the way. Members of the J.V. eleven block the dummies in preparation for their next opponent. Assistant Coach Cubbins goes over some defensive plays with members of the J.V. squad. It takes more than one Hudson Falls man to haul 32 Neild Waterman plunges through the line for a size- down Cal Tucker, one of our ace players. able gain as the Indians trounce Whitehall 12-0. JRE 1 :V 1. sa "Tempus fugit" as Mr. Gillan and Mr. Shultz devote another Satur- day afternoon to the Indians. H I khk, ' Q m A wwggffffx M'?Z?mMQ5Qg,fi The new Indian scoreboard foreshadows an- other Glens Falls victory. Two St. Mary's students display their tickets to our faculty gatemen. x, is f ly t ' K if i , - ,f 1 ' f, 4 fy A ij: .t , , . . . . .Q A ' - 'HQ 4 ,1 1 S -45 lil tie' . 1 ,Q V ah -, 4. . iv f .f in . --,,t... .4 f 4.: l3ffQi43t.'i-if f i-gut' - e -gilggii q w e if . 3-:S , V 4-2. f ' ' 3 T 'ax - - ..- , . 4 A tl 'iz,. ,' 1k""W. 1 .Qty Gwen doesn't appear to be able to keep her eyes off our ballplayers. x' My him, n ' .,f ,si ,vi 14, ttyy 'af as if J V .04 - 1- A A W A I " Y' f qf ' ' :X A , s ,N JA gkrhwwh NF , ., Q V1 r v 'Uv . .tem gi ' ll'-.ft ppi- ,t:-,p,:p ' f , .,,, ., . , M H 'ii ,PQ 5 y Di L Qi .T as :vw-K The Indians apprehensively await the outcome of a Critical play in 33 the final quarter of the Whitehall game. 7 'U Left to right: Cal Tucker, Jon Hurwitz, Pat Wright, Chris Hallenbeck, Kit Roberts, Mike Smith, Coach Putt LaMay, Manager Dave Usher, Ken Seeber, Dave Clark, Mike Demas, Danny Beale, Gerald Chandler, Joe Waudtq 'gaaketlafl Coach - Putt LaMay Carusone. Manager - Dave Usher NORTHERN CONFERENCE - Third Place RECORD They They 'Saratoga ..,,........,............ ........ 7 0 Corinth .,.............. 45 'Mont Pleasant 58 TSt. Ma,ry's .......,,.. 44 Granville ..............,.... ........ 3 5 Granville ...,.,....i... 30 South High ..........,., ............. 7 6 South High ............. ......,. 6 1 Hudson Falls ...,,....., ..........,,. 5 2 Hudson Falls ....... ........ 5 4 Whitehall .............. ........ 5 3 Whitehall .........,..., 65 'Saratoga .........i....... ............. 5 9 Fort Edward .......... .i...... 5 7 Fort Edward ................ ........,..,. 3 8 Corinth ............,.... 28 'Mont Pleasant 72 'l'St. Mary's ........... 51 'Non League 'l'City Series Although not the champs, the Indian cagers offered many fine performances and thrilling moments for their followers. Captain Cal Tucker, the Indians only veteran, led the Indian attack with an average of 18.5 points per game in league play. His top performance was a 33 point night against Whitehall. Supporting Cal in point production were Hallenbeck, Smith, and Demas, with Seeber, Roberts, and Clark taking care of the board work. Jon Hurwitz, Danny Beale, and Joe Carusone completed the Indian attack. 34 1 5 ' E N , S al. N , XQ445-,. K 594' , .1 . .,'. 'Q A -4'-' ,L . f 4 ' s v S 4 7, f klhl .fW, A 51. Q 11" A. f' 'NS ,W 92 Xu 1 n w ' 525 qw L: , Q 4' A 'W iv X ' s Q 1 -'AA-' P' 1: L,f - Nu K 1 ,-,,:4.L. Q gy' W Q- 1' A 1 X Q05 1 . P QQ'-K ' gif' A i ,,, 1 if Q- ,, if W X , N awfyj gg? , A X A L 5 A ri' A 1 f : J 7' jfhx . ' 'S 4 N 1 A f 2 ,J N li ia, ox Q 8 J, The little Indians display their vaunted defense. Coach Williams gives instructions during a time out .WZ Coach - Harold A. Williams NORTHERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS The Glens Falls Junior Varsity Basketball Team copped the Northern Conference Championship with a 12-2 conference slate. Overall, the little Indians were 13-5, losing only to VVhitehall and Hudson Falls in the conference, and Saratoga fsplit two gamesj and Mont Pleasant in non-league tilts. Members of the Junior Varsity basketball team are, first row, left to right: Coach Harold VVilliams, Tom Charlebois, Tommy Ives, Don Maynard, Ken Kenney, Bob Tupper, manager. Second row: Pete Cornwell, Fred Ramsey, Phil St. Clair, John Weber, Leonard Fosbrook, Richard Streeter. Third row: Daryl Blake, Kirk Cornwell, Dean Howland, Ralph Aurelia, Steve Craig, Dale Comar. -Ml - -- WW Our pert and energetic varsity cheerleaders who rallied school spirit at every game include, kneelmg: Mary Lee Moynihan, Anne Hallenbeck. Standing: Gwen Warner, Lee Binley, Jane Greenberg, and captain Pam Trimbey. Absent: Katie Colson. I Z I Our lively junior varsity cheerleading squad was made up of Pris VanWirt, Carollee Viger, Sharon DeGraff, captain Gretchen Herschleb, Peggy Halladay, Jane McNairy, and Barbara Slayton. 38 Taking time out from their wrestling drills are matmen, First row, left to right: Lee Comeau, John Williams, Howard Brown, Bruce Coon, Skip Potter. Second row: John Bingham, Bill Bemis, Dick Collin, Ike Chatter- ton, James Whitney, Bob Vosburgh. Third row: Joe Viger, Joe Skellie, Jim Johnson, Ray McCoy, manager, Mike Chandler, Bruce McElmon, Bill Garrow, Brian Clements. Absent: Doug Gardner, Neil Goodrich, Doug Hallett, Roger VanOrman. I Our third season of interscholastic wrestling found Coach Backer with a record turnout of willing participants. Despite a losing season, the Indian grapplers proved far from helpless as they copped second place in the Northern Conference Wrestling Tournament at South High. Emerging as winners in their respective Weight divisions were Bruce Coon, Doug Gardner, and Bob Vosburgh. Both Gardner and Vosburgh were first-year men. The regular season Was completed with Bruce Coon extending his winning streak to 18 matches over a two-year period. Coach - Richard Backer RECORD We They Niskayuna .,.,,.... 3 42 Corinth ................,. 21 22 Whitehall ............ 16 23 Warrensburg ....., 21 17 South High ......... 9 27 Warrensburg ...... 20 20 Corinth i......rr,,,.,.... 20 20 South High ......... 6 32 fx Whitehall .,.......... 9 29 Coach Rich Backer directs riding drills as the grapplers prepare for the week's match. 39 Q. N- First row, left to right: Neil Goodrich, John Williams, Mike Demas, Kip Moore, Kit Roberts, Bill Ernst. Second row: Scorer, Dorothy Johng Bill Rogers, Gary Prevost, Jim Streeter, Lonnie Nassivera, Tom Kirk- patrick, Coach Richard Backer. ' gawk!! '60 Coach - Richard Backer NORTHERN CONFERENCE - Second Place CITY SERIES CHAMPIONS HOME AWAY We They Hudson Falls ........... ......... 7 3 Amsterdam ..... 'South High ....,...,... ...,,.... 1 3 0 'Whitehall .........,....... 'l'St. Mary's ............... ......... 3 2 'Hudson Falls ..........,,...... Mont Pleasant ..,..... .,..,.,,. 2 5 Fort Edward ............,...,,..... ........ 'Corinth .....,............... ......... 1 1 9 Ballston Spa I9 inn.D 'Fort Edward ......................... .......,. 8 5 TSt. Mary's ,...................,,....... ........ "l'St. Mary's ........................................,.... 0 3 'Granville ........... .i... Amsterdam K8 inn.J ..................... 2 5 'Conference Games 'l'City Series We They 2 9 1 3 7 1 7 2 4 5 4 3 7 2 A veteran mound staff headed by Kit Roberts, Gary Prevost, and Jim Streeter paced the Glens Falls Indians to a City Series Championship and second place in the Northern Con- ference with a 5-2 record. Bill Ernst and Tom Kirkpatrick led the Indian attack getting numerous timely base hits and hitting the long ball. Kirkpatrick was the club's most potent hitter as he finished the season batting over the .400 mark. 40 Kit Roberts blasts a single to centerfield in the Mike Dem-as stretches for a wide throw first City Series victory over St. Mary's. in one of the many ,exciting moments of Northern Conference baseball. .W 2? '60 Coach - Reginald F. Shultz The Junior Varsity Baseball Team of 1960 completed their season by dividing the six games they played. Two of the club's three victories were at the expense of Hudson Falls and the other at the expense of Fort Edward. Losses were suffered at the hands of Saratoga, Fort Ann, and Warrensburg. First row, left to right: Ronald Newell, Jeff Liddle, Ken Kenney, Paul Dickinson, Roger VanOrman, Ron Burdo. Second row: Manager' Wilfred Smith, Mike Simpkins, Dale Comar, Lionel Lemery, Bob Breuder, Coach Shultz. 1 lm X 'r Zaye' '7 mal dana "Cafaro's Fighting Five" Win again! Room 210 went undefeated for the second consecutive year to win the Boys' Intramural Cham- pionship. Members are, kneeling: Ron Burdo, Jim Bulman. Stand- ing: Coach Cafaro, Ed Capezzuti, Bill Doyle, Gary Charlebois. Ab- sent: Gary Benway, Baeder Barton. Jackie Beale drops in two points for Room 101 Bob Breuder wins the tap in this jump ball. in the championship game. "7 Jana C2 "Hilda's Hornets" go undefeated! The girls' homeroom basketball champs are, seated: Mable' Spaulding, Pam Trimbey. Standing: Donna Gates, Judy Warner, Elaine Hillman, Coach Hayes, Gwen Warner, Linda Stewart. ' . ' :aa The Bowling Teams had their share of strikes and spares. First row, left to right: Sharon Hamell, Diana Deeb Sherry Hall, Linda Smith, Caroline Bullard. Second row: Steve Rohrwasser, Jack Beale, Howard Brown Gary Benway. Third row: Mr. Cafaro, sponsorg Pak Maurer, Mike Simpkins, Sharon Akins, Ronald Newell Judy Howard, Phil Reynolds, Mr. Boyer, sponsor. 43 First row, left lo right: George Sammons, Lucas Hart, Dave McDowell, captaing Bob McMillan, Monroe Newell, Irwm Kantrowitz. Second row: Gary Mock, Ken Seeber, Fred Oberst, Baeder Barton, Dave East- wood, John Rousseau. Third row: Coach George Muse, Bob Smith, James Bulman, Todd Zenger, Bruce Coon, Frank McCoy, John Dowd, Barry Cronkhite, managerg Coach Seymour Hall. 7-ma6muc' ' ' DUAL MEETS TRIANGULAR MEET L. We They Glens Falls 55V2 - St. Mary's 27 - Corinth 65V2 Vigizgtian if NORTHERN CONFERENCE MEET - Second Place Hudson Falls 47 71 GLENS FALLS INVITATIONAL - second Place Granvllle 64 54 I Sguth High 59 59 SECTION II MEET - Third Place SECTION II WINNERS: Irwin Kantrowitz - Broad Jump Bob McMillan - Pole Vault COACH 5, , ASSIS PANT COACH George Y. Muse Seymour Hall Todd Zenger and Bruce Coon place first . b Four Indians conserve their strength for and second in the 100. UP and OVGFI BFUC9 WIDS. 383111 home stretch. to lead the Indians to victory. 44 Kneeling, left to right: Chuck Westfall, Phil Mclntire. Standing: John Chambers, Coach Alan Cederstrom, Scott Alexander. Absent: Andy Lundgren. ' 6 A relatively inexperienced tennis squad completed a rather suc- cessful season by placing second in the Northern Conference race. The Indian netmen were led by Chuck Westfall, who was run- ner-up in the Northern Confer- ence singles tournament. During the season, sparkling play was displayed by Phil Mclntire, Scott Alexander, Andy Lund- gren, and John Chambers. Coach - Alan Cederstrom NORTHERN CONFERENCE Second Place RECORD We They South High 0 5 Queensbury 5 0 Hudson Falls 2 3 Corinth 5 0 Queensbury 5 0 Hudson Falls 3 2 South High 0 5 Corinth 4 1 Warrensburg 5 0 'f f. ini H l "'f""4ff-v'f1'i'V1- .c:.:fj:f:'wf. V-Az'-mfr f N 231211112 gzggiziiygbf .5 1 1, t. - ,B , ffj, , or T I L 2 If ' 'T' ' ' 4- if 1 .4 ta:-1. 5: 'I i." ' ' iff , fi f'-7,4 K V ,t i :5i:sG:.i'f.J155' Weisfiw f1iQ'.ZififL1Eief51,,,ig.5,ggl-. ,. A 1 K' 'M 11'Y--i.Hi..i1:tff:'mw..:,r,:..Q1A'will isiiw , Three of our tennis stars display the form which carried them to a winning season. Left. to right: Andy Lundgren, covering the netg Chuck Westfall, delivering a serve, Phil Mclntire, returning a hard Smash. 45 Left to right: Charles Pryce, M'k W db . B'll D h , C h P tt L M D' k Derby, Phil McDowell, Roger Hesivlitt. OO my' 1 im am Dae u a ay' lc 5 Coach - Putt LaMay RECORD We They St. Mary's 15 0 South High 15 0 Greenwich 12 3 South High 15 0 St. Mary's 13 2 St. Mary's 12 3 SECTION II TOURNAMENT - Fifth Place TRI-COUNTY TOURNAMENT MEDALIST RUNNER-UP 'Chris Hallenbeck The Glens Falls undefeated string in golf Was extended to 26 matches by the 1960 golf team. Instrumental in the clean slate against tough competition was Phil McDowel-1, who Went through the season unscathed, averaging 77 strokes. The Varsity "5" was rounded out by Bill Dunham, Charles Pryce, Roger Hewlett, and Chris Hallenbeck. 46 ex . , m ' ii Spam 7' Miss Phyllis Anderson, Central Treasurer, checks a routine en- try made by Athletic Associa- tion Treasurer, Tim Shea. Dur- ing the l year, Tim handled thousands of dollars of Associa- tion funds and was responsible for keeping records of all receipts and expenditures connected with high school athletics. 7' Our faithful ticket sellers'who serve at every game are, first row, left to righl: Sharon Dobert, Sharon Joubert, Faith Brand. Second row: Jane Bowen. Third row: Sharon Hickey, Pat Harding, Suzanne LaMoy, Kay Duers, Mable Spaulding, Sharon Spaulding, Caroline Bullard. 47 . .J I V 48 I I Belonging to and participating in various organizations helps to build conscientious and interested citizens. Teamwork is vital for we soon learn in such clubs and organizations as Student Council, French, Varsity "G", Outing, Hi-Y, World Affairs, and Science that not everyone can be a leader - that there must be followers as well. It is good followers who are the backbone of any organization. Only through participation does a person realize that to be successful he must have help from others and at the same time give help. The fun and fellowship gained from these organizations are an important part of growing up, and help to promote a sense of responsi- bility and service. Each activity blended into our high school years gives us a richer, fuller outlook on life and helps to prepare us for the problems we will face in life after graduation. 49 FWS!-T0w, left to right: Gary Hook, Dick Edmonds, Bob Barry, Ray Norton, Bruce Lyman, Bill Lyford, Dean Howland, Bill GZUTOW, Phil St. Clellf: Second row: Terry Tucker, Tim Shea, Sue Day, John Dowd, Bob Smith, Bacder Barton, Lee Binley, Carolyn Romer, Priscilla VanWirt, Mary Ringwood. Third Row: 'Judy Dudley, Tom Clark, Ronald Ives, Sara Cutshall, Lee Comeau, Andy Eundgren, Bruce Martin, Stewart Stern, Walter Murphy, Shirley Oudekerk, Rosemary Aurclia, Penny Peck, Vlendy Glass, Richard Collin, Hope Hallenbeck, Joan Swan, Fourth row: Wayne Chagnon, Wilbur Wright, Yvonne Monsour, Maxlne Long, 'June Barnes, Roberta Carroll, Glenna Sweet, Nancy Clark, Nancy Slawsby, Sue Finnan, Marianne LaHaise, Joan Rosenberg, Kristine Kenney, Helen Cowles, Janice Romer, Carolyn Caswell. I Sponsor - Miss Elizabeth Ann Dodds FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Plnesldenth -------------4----------- -..-,. P hil McDowell President .,.....,......,,................................ Pam Trimbey V106 Pfesldent -v-------- ---------.A J 3116 McNairy Vice President ....,......,...... Gretchen Herschleb Secretary -------------------- ---.-.---- J 0SGph Carusone Secretary ............i.. . ..............,..,,...,.. Neil Akins Treasurer ---'-- '--4- -,-,----------............. J 0 n Hurwitz Treasurer ...................................,......,........ Jon Hurwitz Seated, Left to right: Pam Trimbey, Miss Dodds, Phil McDowell. Standing: Jon Hurwitz, Gretchen Herschleb, Joseph Carusone Nicky F1tzGerald, Jane McNairy, Neil Akins. 5 -, ' SJ 3 ij' 3 t D, f? H As chairman of the activity ticket committee, Sue Robin Searle managed the sale of magazines con- Collin directed the sale of tickets which finance ducted jointly by the A.F.S. and the Senior Class school sports and student assemblies. for the benefit of the foreign student program and the Red and Black. The Student Council is a forum for the discussion of school problems. One boy and one girl from each homeroom represent the student body in the council. Among the many obliga- tions and responsibilities of the council are the sale of activity tickets, management of con- cessions at football games, supervision of the halls during lunch period, and providing trans- portation to away games. This year, in addition to its routine business, the council questioned its powers, purposes, and responsibilities to the students. After examining the old constitution, the council felt that it needed revision to provide for changes in school life over the past thirty years. A special committee was formed to draft a new constitution. In the ensuing meetings, many stimu- lating discussions led to the adoption of the new constitution. The officers and members of the Council sincerely hope this new document will be a guide to students in future years in working for the good of the school. Pam Trimbey, Student Council president, gives a report to the Council. Honor Society membership is based on high scholarship. Members are, first row, left, to right: Lee Hastings Pennie Hart, Dottie Murray, Nancy Sakayan, Marsha Fagan. Second row: Jon Hurwitz, Carole Barron Kay Duers John Scioli. Third row: John Glaspey, Joan Rosenberg, Mike Clarke, Kathy Carter, Ann Mmick Barbara Bulova, Marilyn Crannell, Helen Cowles, John Williams. ' 'WMMS' Membership in National Honor Society is one of the greatest honors that a student can earn while in Glens Falls High School. To be inducted into Honor Society, a student must excel not only in scholarship, but also in character, leadership, and service. During his high school career, a student has three opportunities to qualify for Honor Society. He may be tapped in February of his Junior year with an average of 3.7 and in October of his Senior year with an average of 3.4. In February of his Senior year, he may also become eligible for membership with an average of 3.2. Points are distributed as follows: H - 5, A - 4, B - 3, C - 2, D - 1. As part of the induction ceremony, both new and old members must pledge to uphold the ideals of the National Honor Society and to seek knowledge through truth, light, and understanding. Following, this pledge, each member lights his candle from a central candle symbolizing these ideals and then files down the aisles of the darkened auditorium. 52 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 3 5, S I I.. S 'f S Z i ,V 2' 7 , S W S Officers of Honor Society are, left to right: 'Elaine Hillman, treasurer, 'Edde Achenbach, secretary 5 Miss Nola Wentworth, sponsor, 1tCarolyn Jones, vice president 5 "Phil Mclntire, president. Rewarded for their leadership, character, and service are the following members of Honor Society. An asterisk denotes those who were inducted in their Junior year with an average of 3.7. First row, left to right: 'Jackie Dwyer, 'Katie Colson, 'Judy Warner, 'Wanda Emer- son, 'Pam Trimbey. Second row: 'Anne Hallenbeck, 'Walt Harrison, Louise Wagner, Susan Ridley. Third row: Mike Woodbury, Phil McDowell, Bob Smith, Chris Hallenbeck, 'John Rousseau, Paul Nason. 53 2edcwd?Z4a6S We, the editors of the 1961 Red and Black Wish to extend our thanks to those who worked so hard to make this yearbook a success. We especially would like to thank our publisher, Bullard-Glencraft Printing, Inc., and our photographer, Joseph Cervera, for their assistance and understanding in recording the year's events. An amusing picture in the "planning dummy" of the 1961 Red and Black catches the attention of Mr. Fred Arcoraci, adviserg Sara Cutshall, art editor, Wanda Emerson and Bob Smith, co-editors. WWWSMM Members of the writing staff pause a moment after a long day doing senior write-ups. Seated, left to Tight: Joan Rosenberg, Judy Warner, Mary Ringwood, Marsha Fagan. Standing: Dottie Murray, Jackie Dwyer Marcia Oudekerk, Pennie Hart, Dianne Haviland, John Howe, John Williams, Mary Beth Bayle, Nicola Fitz- Gerald, Sharon Joubert. Absent: Carolyn Jones, Phil Mclntire. 54 77 'B ' .kb ' 'gf-, eg . t 'A 'fp ,, . f ,-fwesqgg'--, g - . I " l ' ' 3 . 57- ' J ' " -VV 4: 2 M 'ii V Q I X ARB . kqnpf Agp- 'J - f- -A . vi , fail, A J' ,pu-1 af? vi, .5 ff 5. K, 'if , " Heading the business section of the Red and Black are Walter Harrison, Seated: Dick Edmonds. Standing: John co-business managerg Mr. Robert Reid, adviserg Kay Duers, co-business Pictured are our student photographers. Glaspey, Stewart Stern, Bob King. manager. .. a D Q 'RPI' W 5 Finally able to relax after months of hard work securing ads are members of the Advertising Staff. First Tow, left to right: Wendy Glass, Gretchen Bobst, Lee Binley. Marcia Oudekerk, Judy Dursik. Judy Dudley. Second row: Joan Rosenberg, Sue Collin and Katie Colson, advertising eo-managersg Linda Smith. Third row: Steve Rohrwasser, Lee Hastings, Kay Duers, Frank McCoy, Mike Simpkins, Paul Dickinson, Ronald VVinter, Caro- line Bullard, Bob Rozell. 55 0 SW! Beginning the task of typing copy for the senior section of the Red and Black are our typists. First row, left to. right: Diana Deeb, Marcia Oudekerk, Sharon Joubert, typing editor, Donna Gates, Carole Barron. Second row: Suzanne LaMoy, Shirley Oudekerk, Yvonne Monsour, Clara Graves, Lois Puricelli, Susan Varney, Carole Collins. ,-41:5 Discussingthe merits of a division page drawing are, left to right: Judy Dursik, Elaine Hillman, Howie Potter, Terry Baker, Bonnie Abbott, Clara Graves, Tim Shea. Kneeling: Carolyn Jones, Sara Cutshall, art editor. 56 . . Homeroom circulation managers who worked hard in the selling and distribution of the 1961 Red and Black are, seated: John Rousseau and Susan Ridley, circulation co-managers. Standmg, fzrst row: Jane Bowen, Pennie Hart, Melody Wood, Yvonne Monsour, Wendy Glass, Pam Trimbey. Second row: John SC1Oll, Paul Dickinson, Fred Oberst, Bill Ernst. Deciding which picture should go in the Red and Black are members of the photography staff. Seated, left to right: Jana Fahey, Betty Viehmann and Louise Wagner, photography co-editors, Gail DiManno. Standing: Cindy Kingsley, Nancy Sakayan, Marsha Fagan, Carole Collins, Shirley Oudekerk, Lee Binley, Gwen Warner, Sherry Wells, Robin Searle. 57 Student members of A.F.S. devoted much of their free time and money to get our foreign exchange student over here. Members are, first Tow, left to right: Joan Swan, Wanda Emerson, Helen Cowles, Sara McGee, Dorothy John, Lynn Parker, Elaine Goldstein, Pam Bowen, Prudy Adams, Holly Harrison. Second row: Janet Greenawalt, Kathy Carter, Barbara Bulova, Sue Day, Mary Graves, Marilyn Crannell, Pam Huested, Carolyn Romer. Third row: Scott Alexander. Joan Rosenberg, Debbie Silverstein, Ann Minick, Elaine Hillman, Lee Hastings, Mary Lee! Moynihan, Gretchen Herschleb, Ann McDonough, Jane McNairy, Nancy Minnick. Fourth row: Mike Woodbury, Miss Dodds and Mary Ringwood, co-presidents, Robin Searle, Bob Smith, John Glaspey, Stewart Stern. Fifth row: Denis Favier, Nicola FitzGerald. Absent: Dianne Havi- land, Mindy Saidel, treasurer. The Foreign Student Committee, which was organized in 1960, has achieved much during its short existence in our school. As an official chapter of the American Field Service, its efforts culminated in bringing Nicola FitzGerald from Australia to spend a school year in Glens Falls, and it plans to sponsor students going from our high school to countries abroad for the summer. The committee was also influential in the arrival of Denis Favier, the French representative to the Herald Tribune Forum, in Glens Falls Where he spent several weeks. Both students were given formal receptions by the Committee, and were guided by it in becoming better acquainted with our community. 'Vicky receives a cheerful Welcome on her arrival in Glens Falls. Is Nicky telling Janet how to mix the punch? Mike explains an American custom to Denis and Nicky at an A.F.S. tea. Last year thc Student Council initiated a project to bring a foreign student to Glens Falls. The funds for this project were raised entirely within the school by the student body. Arrangements were then made through the American Field Service International Scholarship organization to bring a foreign student to your school. I consider myself very lucky to be your first foreign student under this program. America's legendary friendliness and hospitality have made this year a rewarding experience for me, and I know that foreign students coming here in future years will be shown the same enthusiasm and interest which I have found in all of you. Jocsigflgsstelcl Nicky at home with her American family: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Searle and their daughters, Robin and Sandy. 'sv' X Nicky sets out to conquer the typewriter. Nicky takes up skiing with pep and enthusiasm. S its ati 1? K. 5, 7 ' ' E 4 V! 1 . v- '...- V .. Q.. ' f f' I 7 if . . I' i ' R h , rs - " s .,.. . 'xi ' - ' . -y Scif - lf X 1' " r-0 v -a..l"lT'i ' 5' t"'?t5f 'i EI.E5f3'?'?f'1?'f75Zq ' Q' J F' . f R 1 .1 ef ' f ra ' , f . 5 . ' ' if 1 gg' . - , fp f ,. W .sq ' A 'la s J'-Vi, xx 1- K ez 'Lg ,G ,. gz ' ff :yn ., b, .V e .. f . l' - .1 ' ' ' sf. ' f 1 -f.. " "' L, 2' ' 9' ' ' f, ' " .ggi ,, . . K , , . E, Q, . , 1 . 6 59 ' ' J if ' 0 i 5 . . Q "N, .. Q. Mr. Harold M. Long, Di- rector of ITWA, discusses the headlines with Denis Favier, Herald Tribumz Rh..-l Forum student, while Mrs. Creal helps Australian stu- dent, Nicola FitzGerald, find some data on Ameri- can Foreign Policy. 777014 Since this year's class entered the ninth grade, the program known as I-T-W-A, or 'tItwa" - Improving the Teaching of.World Affairs - has been a part of daily school life in Glens Falls. Its aim has been to help us see-the world as a community, to relate our learning in every classroom to a world point of View. Unusual exhibits, new maps, and tape recordings, as well as numerous visitors from overseas, have helped us to know what other people think, feel, and do. This year the school has enjoyed the friendship of Nicky FitzGerald, of Australia, an American Field Service student, and Denis Favier, of France, a delegate to the Herald Tribune High School Forum. Nicky lived with Robin Searle, and Denis with Philip McDowell. Besides these visitors, many educators from overseas - more than 100 from over 50 countries since ITWA began - have come to observe this program in Glens Falls Schools. Several of them served as guest teachers in various classes. Too, many American teachers have come here to learn about ITWA. His EXCGHSHCY, DMG S- Chelvasingham MHCIHWFB, of Business Education is an integral part of the ITWA Malaya, Ambassador to the U-N-, 9XPlaif1S to MF- Long program, Mr. Cafaro explains our method of teaching his views on the relationship of his country to South- typewriting to Ambassador and Madame Maclntyre, east Asia. Mr. Long, and Mrs. Creal. , t UQJG00000000 00000000606 Science Club members from the 4th and 5th grades of Mr. Brown, Phil. and W00dY act as guides f91' OUT Big Cross Street School visit the high school Biology guests from Alma College. Left to right: Phil Mc- Laboratory. Ellen Sexton, F.T.A. Club member, ex- Dowell, Mr. Brown, Hirnan Morin of Costa Rica, plains how Wgrld health is taught in Biology Class, Harold Kirkpatrick, Gl6I1S Falls alllIIlI1llSQ Mike Wood- bury. Through this approach to world understanding We have learned to associate differences with friendli- ness rather than hostility. As Dr. Chu, of Skidmore, told us in an assembly program, "World affairs are human affairs." 'ev' This year's graduating class is the second to share in the World Affairs Awards, which are cash grants given by Mr. E. J. Trimbey in the name of the Glens Falls Rotary Club, for outstanding achievement in the study of World affairs. X Climaxing the visit of Latin American educators from After a welcoming assembly, students from Glens Falls eight countries was a picnic given by the Glens Falls High School hold a question and answer session with Teachers Association at Wiawaka. Nicky and Denis. N I cgue J Vp' The Varsity "G" Club is symbolic of the sportsmanship at Glens Falls High School. As one of this year's projects, the Club presented the school with an auto- matic washer and dryer to launder towels and uniforms. Among other services, these lettermen sponsor dances after basketball games, check hats and coats, usher, and Pictured around the newly acquired dryer are, left to sell programs. right: Putt LaMay, sponsor, Phil McDowell, vice president, Dave Eastwood, treasurer, Skip Potter, president. Absent: Mike Demas, secretary. ,E ff If Glens Falls High School salutes its lettermen. Members of the Varsity "G" Club are, first row, left to right: Bill Ernst, Phil Mclntire, Fred Oberst, Mike Smith, Jon Hurwitz, Chris Hallenbeck. Second row: Brian Wilsey, John VVeher, Scott Alexander, John VVilliams, Arnold Alkes, John Dowd, Kurt Steenburgh. Third row: Dave Clark, Neil Goodrich, Ken Seeber, Todd Zenger, Gerald Chandler, John Rousseau. Baeder Barton, Bob Smith. Fourth row: Pat VVright, Charles Westfall, Bruce Coon, Garry Hamlin, John Van Derwarker, James VVhitney, Nile Rogers, Andy Lundgren. 62 To become a member of GAC, a girl must earn 40 points in after school sports. The members are, First row, left to right: Mable Spaulding, Sue Collin, Joan Rosenburg, Penny Peck, treasurer, Gwen Warner, secretary, Sharon Hamell, president, Miss Cornell, sponsor, Sandy Pettit, Marsha Fagan, Robin Searle. Second row: Pris Van Wirt, Susan LaMoy, Sharon Spaulding, Sherryn McLaughlin, Yvonne Monsour, Clara Graves, Jane Sondrini, Nancy Sakayan, Carole VVood, Pat Maurer, Dotti Murray. Third row: Ellen Sexton, Carolyn Edmunds, Maria Scarpellino, Lee Binley, Mary Beth Bayle, Gretchen Bobst, Wendy Glass. Peggy Halliday, Ginny Dean, Sharon Hickey, Gretchen Herschleb, Pam Trimbey. Fourth row: Nancy Minnick, Carole Collins, Mary Ringwood, Judy Warner, Sherry Wells, Pat Mock, Diane Abraham, Sharon Joubert, Wanda Emerson, Lynn Parker, Bonnie Abbott, Rita Rozell, Carolyn Jones. I ' O The Girls' Athletic Club is composed of girls who have taken part in the after school intra- mural program. The program includes: Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball and Tennis. Those earning up to S0 points may earn a GAC letter and 120 points a large UG." This year on January 28, an Area Play Day was held by the club with some 50 girls partici- pating. Schools in the area included: South Glens Falls, Hudson Falls, Granville, Whitehall, and Corinth. 63 Our GAC girls are proud of their 17-12 victory gained at the Area Play Day. . 65145 "It's your move, Paul!" Chess experts include, seated, left to right: Arnold Alkes, Gary Dobert, Mike Chandler, Paul Saville, Paul Nason, Standing: Mike Vitagliano, Bruce McElmon, Kurt Steenburgh, James Conners, Peter Lcmery, Mike Linehan, Mike Woodbury, Mr. Boyer, sponsor. Zcunpelaf This distinguished group of philatelists enjoys buying and trading stamps at its regular meet- ings. Seated, left to right: Richard Pabst, Bob King, Stewart Stern. Standing: Bob Breuder, Bob LaR0se, Pat Maurer, Sandy Pettit, Monty Kirschenbaum, Bruce Martin. 64 Dm D Wada , XKA' Q m lf, :m.,,,,k:, was tb-ug J I1 .Wh . Xf,f""z ' K , , "Sf-i,, ,ff The German Club is enjoying an illustrated talk by its sponsor, Mr. Fellers. Members include, Front row, left to right: Dick Edmonds, Bob King, Stewart Stern, Dick Pabst. Second row: Kay Duers, Nancy Sakayan, Judy Dursik, Dave Adams, Jon Hurwitz, Mike Smith. Third row: Sue Day, Louise Wagner, Bruce Martin, Mr. Fellers, Bill Lyford, Roberta Breuder, Arnold Alkes. WMM ' mum 9 if l - I!! Q Lively discussions of current topics are carried on by the World Affairs Forum. Members include, seated, left to rtght: Denis Favier, Herald Tribune Forum student, John Scioli, Nicky F1tzGerald, Wanda Emerson. Standing: Janet Greenawalt, Pam Huested, Kcn Johnson, Louise Wagner, Stewart Stern, Maureen Fitzgerald. 65 These girls gladly devote many hours of service to our school. Members of Hi-Y are, First row, left to right: Pat Bannin, Pris Van Wirt, Louise Wagner. Second row: Ellen Sexton, Gretchen Herschleh, Jane MeNairy, Sherry Wells, Diane Abraham, Ginny Dean. Third row: Ann Minick, Nancy Minnick, Barbara Bulova, Lee Hastings, Nancy Sakayan, Sara McGee. ' Mama Wd- Adrlitional members of Hi-Y are, First row, left to right: Jane Greenberg, Katie Colson, Pam Trimbey. Second row: Dotti Murray, Marsha Fagan, Lee Binley, Gwen VVarner, Anne Hallenbeek, Robin Searle. Third row: Susan Day, Grefchen Bobst, Elaine Hillman, Wanda Emerson, Kathy Garter, Carolyn Jones. FIFTEEN SCHOLARSHIPS TOTALING 31,500 is the goal of the Georgia Adams Hi-Y. As one of the most active service clubs in the school, the Hi-Y's purpose is "to create, to maintain, and to extend throughout the home, school, and commun- ity higher standards of Christian char- acter." The Hi-Y officers are, first row: Judy Warner, vice president, Wendy Glass, president, Mary Beth Bayle, ser- geant - at - arms. Second row: Marilyn Crannell, treasurer, Miss Hilda Hayes, sponsor, Penny Peck, secretary. 017643 's,..,.. f, ' Throughout the school year, the Hi-Y has taken on various projects to build up its scholarship fund. The red-aproned girls started off the year by serving coffee and doughnuts at the September Zone Teachers' Conference. Their annual student mixer, entitled the 'tKick-off Kaper," highlighted the beginning of the school year and was soon to be followed by the lively 1960 Sock Hop with its appropriate prizes for the most original socks and novelty dances. The ever-successful Spinster Swing, "Valentasia," brought out over six hundred people to make it the most successful dance of the year. The Hi-Y members with their red aprons and smiling faces were also seen at the basketball games tending coke machines and selling ice cream and candy in the gym, or seen at presentations of the Operetta Club checking hats and coats and selling refreshments as a profitable public service. As its last project in the 1960- 61 fund-raising campaign, the Hi-Y held its annual car-wash to achieve its goal of 31,500 ff Jw 'A These busy Hi-Y girls work hard to augment scholarship funds. Wendy, Ann, and Leslie serving doughnuts and coffee at the Zone Teachers' Conference. 67 The Pageant Writing Committee does research on the Civil War in preparation for a commencement pageant to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War. Members of this year's committee are, seated, left to right: Klt Roberts, John Williams, Phil Mclntire, Mr, John Van Der Voort, adviser, Jackie Dwyer, Joan Rosenberg, Louise Wagner. Standing: Paul Nason, VVanda Emerson, Marcia Oudekerk, Kurt Steenburgh, Fred Oberst, Pennie Hart, Walter Harrison, John Rousseau, Robin Searle, Elaine Hillman, Betty Tupper, Mike Linehan. First mir, left to right: Robert Rosoff, John Howe, Steve Rohrwasser, Paul Ringwood, Paul Dickinson, Baeder Barton, Jane Greenberg, Roger Davis. Second row: Margaret Crockwell, Caroline Bullard, Sara Cutshall, Linda Smith, Carol DuFour, Lois Puricelli, Linda Obcrst, Marcia Oudekerk, Ronald Newell, Walter Harrison, Michael VVinn, Caroline Edmunds. Third Tow: -Mr. Freeman, sponsorg Joan Swan, Holly Harrison, Kay Duers, Susan Jensen, David Chagnon, Neil Davis, Mary Lee Moymhan, Penny Peck, Pris VanWirt, Diana Winn, Prudy Adams. Fourth row: Dan Grant, Dan McGowan, Bruce McElmon, Hope Hallenbeck, John Cross, Steve Kelly, Marv Lemery, Lee Binley, Leslie Davis, Gretchen Herschleb, Bill Garrow, Scott Alexander, Andy Lundgren, Gwen Warner, Sue Day, Mary Ringwood, Judy Warner. 68 i 'ii' iid. a if 'ff Q, jg Q ,Y , ,, fat 15 if ' fi "Allons-y mes amis!" French Club 4 ' h a enthused this year over visiting French i student, Denis Favier, lively French songs, picturesque slides, and "piquant" conversations. 4 an First row, left to right: Joan Scioli. Nicki Fitz- Gerald. Second ww: Phil Mclntire, Pam Huested, Sue Collin, Nancy Minnick, treasurer, John Scioli, program chairman. Third row: Leslie Davis, Miss Cromie, Sponsorg Edna Achenbach, secretaryg Joan Rosenberg. 6 I Seated: Pam Trimbey, president. First row, left to right: Chris Hallenbeck. Pat Bannin. Dorothy John, Katie Colson. Ellen Sexton, Dotti Murray, Connie Cowart, Diane Abraham, Mike Clarke, vice president. Srirrmrl raw: Marianne Pike. Rosemary Aurelia, Lynn Parker, Maxine Long, Sherry Wells, Pat Mock, Sara McGee. Third row: Marcia Cleghorn, Joan Swan, Marilyn Patton, Cynthia Perkett, Gwen Warner, Lee Binley, Carolyn Jones, Anne Hallenbeck. Q - l H11 AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK LITERATURE ON HWHY BE'A TEACHER" is studied by the Board of Directors. Left to right: Peggy Halladay, Lee Comeau, Jacqueline Dwyer, President of the Boardg Helen Cowles. alma 764d4Md0ff4 ' zoaazseaaaew Chartered four years ago, the Robert S. Buddy Chapter of the Future Teachers of America is one of 295 chapters in New York State. The first F.T.A. Club was chartered in 1937. The programs this year have been diverse and interesting. In October, Kenneth Burdo, elementary science helping teacher, gave an informative talk on modern methods of teaching science in the elementary grades, how to use a science film, and what a science "helping teachern does. Robert N. King, Director of Research and Curriculum, spoke in November on the advantages of and the requisites for teaching on each of three levels - elementary, secondary, and college. Mr. King has taught on all three levels and in 1936 was one of the first male teachers in the Glens Falls school system. Further discussion of his topic was con- ducted in December by a panel of club members with cadet teaching experience. In February Miss Anne Cromie discussed the teaching of French in the elementary grades and on the seizlonilary level, and explained the advantages of the Language Laboratory in both junior and senior high sc oo s. F.T.A. OFFICERS AND ADVISERS ADMIRE THE FOUR SEALS ON THEIR CI-IARTER. Seated, left to right: Sara Cutshall, secretary, Mary Beth Bayle, president, Bonnie Abbott, vice-president and program chairmang Miss Helen S. Gahimer, adviser. Stand- ing: Neil Akins, treasurer, Howard S. Grout, adviser. -if-M fe.. .... FUTURE TEACHERS GROUP STRIVES TO ACHIEVE HIGH SCHOLASTIC STANDING. First row, left to right: Georgia Hoffis, Ann Minick, Constance Cowart, Linda Zalutsky. Second row: Ellen Sexton, Sara McGee, Mary Graves, Lynn Parker, Sherry Wells. Third row: Wendy Glass, Kurt Steenburgh, John Beale, Wanda Emerson, Gretchen Bobst, Lee Hastings, Diana Deeb. Programs scheduled for the remainder of the year include talks by Mrs. Helen Lamb, guidance coun- selor, Miss Elizabeth Dodds on 'Education in Japan", and Miss Sandra Steele, a graduate of Glens Falls High School five years ago, who is now teaching first grade at Sanford Street School. On Monday, April 24, the club is anticipating the trip to State College of Education at Oneonta for the "college-for-a-day" program. Under its cadet teaching program, members of the club have an opportunity to be helping teachers in the elementary grades one period a week. Several of the senior members of the club have been cadet teachers for two years. Last year, the Glens Falls Teachers Association awarded its first teaching scholarship to Miss Billie Blackman, and F.T.A. member, who is this year studying at the College of Education at Albany. Michael, a third grader in Wanda Emerson's conversational Mrs. Lamb Shows the club members French class at Jackson Heights points out the River Seine. one of the many college guide books. -r. r 1, -1 J cel f 1 , s . , ,,..,. 14" - f -fu Qmmllllee g g "Tickets, please!" Lunchroom efficiency experts oversee the school "gourmets." They include, seated: Wanda Emerson, chairman, Peter Comar, cafeteria manager. Standing, left to right: Daphne Shaw, Sharon Joubert, Ellen Green, Sharon Kestner, Kay Denton, Nancy Sakayan, Miss Bussey, Sherryn McLaughlin, Lois Puricelli, Patty Mock, Lee Hastings, Sara McGee. ffm,-ff Bells, buzzers, and always a pleasant greeting! Our hard-Working office assistants include, first row, left to right: Wanda Emerson, Sharon Joubert, Karen Gregorio, Krit Kenny, Alma VanDerWarker, Marcia Bowen, Cindy Kingsley, Faith Brand. Second row: Anita Blocksidge, Mrs. Clements, Linda Oberst, Marcia Oudekerk, Shirley Oudekerk, Jana Fahey, Diane Ramsdell, Arlene Hodgson, Patricia Bulman, Roberta Carroll. First row, left to right: Daphne Shaw, Nancy Dziamba, Nancy Slawsby. Second row: Con- nie Cowart, Diane Abraham, Pam Huested, Gretchen Herschleb, Sharon DeGraff. Third row: Mr. Long, sponsorg Sherryn McLaughlin, Jane Greenberg, Dianne Haviland, Carolyn Romer. melee! ' Always a Welcome sight to visitors at Glens Falls Senior High are the student guides. These girls give up their study halls to assist visitors in our school, collect absentee reports, distribute notices, and aid in monitoring the halls. First row, left to right: Sharon Hickey, Sue Finnan, Sherry Hall. Second row: Louise Wagner, Jeanette Williams, Bernadine Tucker, Lynn Parker, Mary Lee McCrea. Third row: Mary Lou Caprood, Charlene MacDonald, Marcia Cleghorn, Marsha Fagan, Lois Puricelli, Nancy Sakayan, Mrs. Creal, sponsor. 'E' i S-2' in S17 First row, left to right: John Dowd, Bill Ernst, Maxine Long, Kathy Carter, Bob Rosoff, Kurt Steenburgh. Second mir: Fred Oherst, John Howe, Sue Collin, Joni Rosenburg, Gwen Warner, Pam Bowen, Holly Harrison. Third row: VValter Harrison, Chris Hallenbeck, Jon Hurwitz, Carolyn Jones, John Williams, David Eastwood, VVanda Emerson, Barbara Bulova, Robert Smith. gzaadcaelefw "Good Morning! Here are your morning notices!" The 'tmagicn voice of Mike Clarke sets the pace as the creative broadcasters interpret the 'tscoopn for the day. Using all forms of dramatic presentations, skits, straight announcements, sound effects, and music, these broadcasters rated an A + this year! mt, . Left to right: Phil Mclntire, Mrs. Stark, sponsor, Mary Ringwood, Sharon Joubert, Ray Norton, Michael Clarke, Anne Hallenbeck. "Pioneer a new horizon with a chal- lenging friend - a book." Left to right: Sara McGee, Debbie Starbuck, Mary Lou Parsons, Debbie Silverstein, Judy Oudekerk, Mrs. Bush, Sponsor, Barbara Slay- ton, Judy Atwood, Tom O'Keefe, Wilfred Smith. Penny Hart, Louise Wagner, Clara Graves, Kristine Nelson, Donna Haviland, Sally Nesbitt, Marylou Graves, Patricia Bulman. A peaceful moment before some of the library staff ask that familiar question, "Is your book stamped?" Jacqueline Dwyer, Nancy Sakayan, Roberta Carroll, Betty Clarke, Sharon Carroll, Marie Potter, Rosemary Aurelia.. Www Smiles are contagious in the congenial atmosphere of the library! The members of the library squad give valuable serv- ice to the school in aiding in the efficient operation of the library. At the same time, they gain insight into some of the many phases of library Work from proc- essing new books and filing cards to the routines of the circulation desk. W , , I l l s 1 1 September 1960 . . . Looking forward to a year of scientific achievement are Allen Ledford,,Robert King, David Lang- don, John Howe, Ronald Newell, Richard Edmunds, Mr. Muse, sponsor, Stewart Stern, Bill Lyford, Janet Greenawalt Sara McGee, Pamela Huested, Helen Cowles. The 1960-61 Science Club, sponsored by Mr. Muse, presented many interest- ing and scientific activities. Programs this year included talks covering astronomy, time measurement, and photography. Among the field trips taken were visits to the Glens Falls Hospital and Dudley Observatory in Albany, Officers of the club are Dick Edmunds, president, John Glaspey, vice president, Bill Lyford, treas- urer, Stewart Stern, secretary. June 1961 . . . In that last radioactivity experiment, you boys went too far! Mike Simpkins exhibits the skeleton of a once beloved Science Club sponsor. Associates looking on are David Covey, Bill Neschem, Connie Cowart, Douglas Gardner, Anthony Reynolds, Mike Simpkins, Marcia Cleghorn, Sue Dickinson, Lynn Parker, Steve Rohrwasser, Pat Mock, Steve Stillman, Gerald Fair. Our future Rembrandts are: First row, left tri right: Terry Tucker, Barbara Hyde, Frances D'Angelo, Nancy Clark. Second row: Clara Graves, Carole Barron, Veronica Fuller, Fay LeGault. 'Third row: Marianne LaHaise, Mr. Gallucci, sponsorg Cynthia Perkett, June Barnes Gail Hamilton Marie Potter Fay LeGault is posing Clara Graves for a figure drawing to be completed by members of the Art Club. GS 'LL' i Fins! row, left to right: Jane Bowen, Carole Collins, Debbie Starbuck, Pennie Hart, Fred Oberst Denny Shaw Arnold Alkes Krit Kenney, Alma Van Derwarker, Barbara Wein. Second row: Christine Adams, Susan Wiswall, YvonneiMonso1ir, Clara Graves: Sue Varney, Lois Puricelli, Jane Sondrini, Arla Fontaine. Third roir: Mr. Cederstrom, sponsor, Polly Sondrini, Pat Maurer, Susanne LaMoy, Judy Howard, Anne Caldwell, Carol Powers, Roberta Carroll, Donna Haviland, Mary Lou Graves. Fourth row' Sh. l '- ' 'A ' ' A ' ' aron Carrol, Michele D1Manno, Geneuexe Capone, Libby Braydon, Pat Harding, Carolyn Cantz, Sherryn McLaughlin., Daphne Shaw, Nancy Dziamba. Fifth row: 'Nelson Gause, Lou McArthur, Carollee Viger, Gene Cimini, Tom Marchewka Ronald Bannon, Dave Clark, Pat Wright. Szxth row: Skip Potter, Ralph Aurelia, Carolyn Edmunds, Bill Winchell, Frank McCoy, Chip Collin, David Gagne, Donald Harney. WW? In preparation for the annual overnight Mount Marcy hike in May, the Outing Club plans monthly outings. This year, they consisted of ' October - Prospect Mountain November -- Fort George State Park December - Buck Mountain January and February - Winter Slides K March - Black Mountain April - Crane Mountain May - Work project at Girl Scout Camp During these outings, the members of the club try to develop a deeper appreciation for the out-of-doors while extending their knowledge of conservation and safety laws. 78 -l 4 Q, l First row: Nancy Clark, Sharon Akins, Wayne Chagnon, Pris VanWirt, Butch VVright, Joe Langdon, Marcia Oudekerk, Judy Dursik, Linda Oberst. Second row: Mary Lou Parsons, Judy Oudekerk, Janice Romer, Lynn Parker, Joy Streeter, Fran DlAngelo, Jill Gelb, Judy Dudley, Kay Duers, Linda Smith. Third row: Prudy Adams, Carolyn Caswell, Marianne LaHa1se, Linda Couture, Joan Geroux, Marilyn Crannell, Kathy Carter, Mable Spaulding, Charlotte Schoenberger, Sharon Spaulding. Fourth row: Pam Charlebois, Diana Winn, Sharon DeGraff, Sue Finnan, Charlene MacDonald, Carolyn Romer, Maureen Fitzgerald, Caroline Bullard, Mike Winn. Fifth row: Nancy Fedeli, Chuck Westfall, Scott Alexander, Penny Peck, Mary Lee Moynihan, Neil Davis, Andy Lundgren. Wilfred Smithg Sixth row: Mary Lee McCrea, Tom Clark, Jon Potter, Gary Hook, Sharon Hickey, Faith Brand, Sharon Dobert. Seventh row: Tom Marchewka, Gene Cimini. Mount Marcy, here we come! What could be disturbing Mr. MY- Cedcrsfrom directs WHYH9- Denny, "C" In this Outing Club assembly skit? and Krit in decorating the school Christ- 79 mas tree in the cafeteria. V Q2 Our musical and dramatic organizations help us to appreciate the finer arts of life. We experience satisfying fellowship in working together with a common purpose, whether it be to perform a great symphony by Beethoven, to present a drama by Shakespeare, or to play a rousing march and spur school spirit. We find that public performance requires perseverance, develops confidence, and fosters other qualities which lead to success. We learn that it is necessary to rely upon our own powers and talents, not upon those of others. By our active participation in these organizations, we experience a keen personal pleasure which helps us to attain a richer, more meaningful life. 8l I 0 First row, left to right: Helen Cowles, Mary Graves, Sue Day, Pris VanWirt, Maxine Long. Second row: Stuart Lazarus Roberta Carroll, Sara McGee, Ann Minick, Patricia Bulman, Roger Davis, Paul Ringwood, Wilfred Smith, John Glaspey, Thzrd row: Wilbur Wright, Sharon Akins, Donna Haviland, Arla Fontaine, Pat Harding, Lynn Parker, Peggy Halladay, Ann McDonough, Karen Gregorio, Dick Edmonds. Top row: Mike Winn, Leonard DuFour, Tom Clark, Neil Davis, Kathy Carter Barbara Bulova, Judy Howard, Patty Mock, Mary Lee Moynihan, Officers of the club take a few minutes off from their hard- working schedule to "churn and be merry." Clockwisez Phil Mclntire, presidentg Mrs. Stark, sponsor, Jane McNairy, vice president, Gretchen Herschleb, secretary, Phil McDowell, treasurer. A 82 Mindy Saidel, Caroline Edmunds, Peter Dudley. "All the world's a stagel' . . . and the stage at our senior high school vibrated with activity this year, as the 70 members of the Junior-Senior Dramatics Club focused their energies, talents, and enthusiasm in their annual Drama Night Program. Student directors, backstage crews, make-up committees, business managers, ticket sellers, ushers, and publicity Writers delved into all phases of the theater with spirit and "spirit gum." As usual, the Junior-Senior Dramatics Club presented two of the three plays produced plus all of the song and dance specialities. , frglzyw . "vi 4 Energetic, talented, and enthusiastic are the key words for this happy group of actors. First row, left to right: Jon Hurwitz, Sharon Joubert, Dottie Murray, Lee Hastings, Katie Colson, Linda Smith. Second row: Barbara King, Jane LaMoy, Ruth LaPointe, Dave Eastwood, Carolyn Jones, Pat Trimbey, Sherry Wells, Wendy Glass, Mary Beth Bayle, Nicky FitzGerald. Third row: Mike Clarke, Louis McArthur, Bill Ernst, John Williams, John Howe, Gwen Warner, Caroline Bullard, Marcia Oudekerk, Lois Puricelli, Doug Gardner. Top row: Paul Nason, Anne Hallenbeck, Walter Harrison. Additional onstage experiences Were pro- vided for members during club meetings which featured impromptu skits, panto- mimes, and play readings. Mr. Bob Vorreyer, choreographer for Operetta Club, gave an interesting talk on body movement. "The curtain closed" for the year at the annual Dramatics Club Banquet at which time president Phil Mclntire and his com- mittee presented miniature "Oscars" to deserving club members. Loyal, hard-working supporters of the club include: Chris Hallenbeck, Wanda Emerson, Lee Binley, Jackie Dwyer, Bob Smith, Joan Rosenberg, Sue Collin, Sara Cutshall. 83 Lucky Mike Clarke surveys the bevy of beauties co-starring with him in "Four Little Words," a comedy satirizing the theater. Left to right: Mindy Saidel, Leslie Davis, Helen Cowles, Pamela Trim- bey, Mary Lou Graves, Barbara Bulova, Jane McNairy. Mindy Saidel the unpredictable Mrs Crank floors Mike Clarke and Dick "Signore Figittio, my tidings you must hear!" sings Spanish dancer, Pam Trimbey, to Hollywood pro- ducer, Michael Clarke. Other cast members include: Sue Day, mother 5 Sara McGee, child prodigy, David Eastwood, fatherg Dick Edmonds, producer's assistant. Edmonds while Ann McDonough tear fully watches. Judy Howard performs her tap dance routine in a Drama Night specialty. -JW L, 'ld ng ' my ' 1 'ae-,I A ,523 XXI: QQ. ' . Lf ', N. A -1-,ffwiig 7357? A ex, .- .14 .QQ-I mA? E Q' V 23 n ! I ' Y "' .Ruff .I .. .A ., Mfg., A + 1wl 'Y '3"i.A-kv' 5. f A xx, , I ' '+ ,.g K ' 5 Nb L. LL,,,,L1 H V 5 I - I if ....... ' ii A ' F 7+ ' 1 ' 'I U 8 , Q lj, K ff i .599 ,,.,,-'- .L 3 q.. , 11 it - .. - Q A ggi? H 3 k iz, ' , 'f-V, " nv QD I Q 'X i, , 2 14 I Si - ,vu - Left to right: Mr. John Van Der Voort, sponsor, Bruce Lyman, secretary-treasurer, Holly Harrison, vice presidentig Larry Barker, president. First row, left to right: Laurie Sherman, Kathy Denton, Sue Finnan, Barbara Wein, Elaine Goldstein, Pam Bowen, Sharon DeGraff, Carollee Viger, Mary- lee McCrea, Sherry Hall, Susan Beckler, Prudy Adams, Marilyn Patton. Second row: Hope Hallenbeck, Patricia Davis. Third row: Jerry Singer, Judy Atwood. Fourth row: Davte Brower, Donna Ward, Phyllis Cohen. Fifth rnw: Dave Mon- roe, Androa Holmquist. Sixth row: Dave Chagnon, Bob Rosoff, Carol Cleland, Debbie Silverstein. Seventh row: Marv Lemery, Pam Charlebois, Chris Adams, Margaret Crockwell, Carolyn Caswell. Sopiamofze Dfzczmalicd The Sophomore Dramatics Club in 1960- 61 was unique for the fact that all members who tried out were selected for membership. The abundance of talenttmade it possible for the club to present for Drama Night a multi-scened drama with a tragic ending. ,f . f' J -,,N,4' . 5 uf 13+ 4 1 ' 'VYFSQ3 ' "i"i'l- h K asfwffr ll Slew! ANT 2, f .93 Future ambassadors of peace share their thoughts on how to promote world understanding with members of Rotary, Kiwanis, B.P.W., and other civic organizations. These "speech experts" earn hearty applause for their scholastic endeavors. Left to right: Sue Day, Stewart Stern, Jane McNairy, Roger Davis, Sharon Akins, Mrs. Stark, sponsor, Gretchen Herschleb, Nancy Minnick, Stuart Lazarus, Helen Cowles, Sara McGee. "Speak the speech, I pray you, trippingly on the tongue . . ." Left to right: Dick Pabst, Pris Van Wirt, Paul Ringwood, Maxine Long, Andy Lundgren, Caroline Edmunds, Robert Breu- der, Leonard Webster. 'VW Nigga? , In lil? svfnrffzs com "Now if I were President . . ." Left to right: Roberta Breuder, David Langdon, Maureen Fitzgerald, Jon Potter, Mary Lou Graves, Ann McDonough, Janet Greenawalt, Barbara Leibman, Diane Rams- dell, Karen Gregorio, Donna Haviland, Jack Beale. "'Best foot forward, girls!" Dum Left to right: Marianne LaHaise, Judy Oude- kerk, Susan Dickinson, Rosemary Aurelia, Sue Finnan. The Glens Falls Marching Band each year lends color and excitement to the home football games. Besides putting on half-time shows, the band plays for the opening ceremony before each game, and then during the play coordinates with the cheering squad to spur the team on to victory. This year's 60-piece marching unit was under the direction of Stanley Gericke. ' 'Fwd Members of our faithful marching band who lend their support to that winning touchdown are: Kay Alexander, Neil Akins, Rhoda Alkes, Raymond Aurelia, Don Bartholomew, Jack Bingham, Carla Blake, Gretchen Bobst, Jean Brown, William Capone, Judy Clarke, Michael Clarke, Mary Closson, Marilyn Crannell, Carolyn Cymbalak, Virginia Dean, Carol DuFour, Adrien Dubee, Dean Flemming, Veronica Fuller, Douglas Gardner, William Gardner, Carol Gericke. Wendy Glass, Dan Grant, Jon Hadley, L-ee Hastings, JoAnn Hermance, John Howe, Susan Jensen, Barb Leibman, Marv Lemery, Maxine Long, Bruce Lyman, Gary Martin, Phil Mc-Dowell, Bill McMillan, David Monroe, Bill Neshem, Wayne Pattison, Marilyn Patton, Penny Peck, Tom Rauscher. Martha Robinson, Mindy Saidel, Maryrita Shearer, John Sheridan, Jerry Singer, Mable Spaulding, Sharon Spaulding, Kurt Steenburgh, George Streeter, Barry Suckman, Glenna Sweet, Ellen Taylor, Susann Traver, William Winchell, Ira Yaffee. 89 , f if If ,I X? .1 , w , alll", was Semin FLUTES - Marilyn Crannell, Maxine Long, Mindy Saidel. CLARINETS - Neil Akins, Virginia Dean, Douglas Gardner, Wendy Glass, Joann Hermance, Gary Martin, Evelyn Otto, Maryrita Shearer, Steven Stillman, Glenna Sweet. ALTO CLARINET - Penny Peck. BASS CLARINET - Carol DuFour. OBOE -- Gretchen Bobst. BASSOON - Sally Nesbitt. ALTO SAXOPHONE - Jack Bingham. TENOR SAXOPHONE - Douglas Heide. SPRING CONCERT PROGRAM February 15, 1961 Conducted by Stanley Gericke Valley Forge March .....................i..i..... Maurice C. Whitney Death and Transfiguration fFinaleJ Richard Strauss Barbarossa ....,................,,,.......A...............................,........ E. L. Buchtel Bass Solo by Kurt Steenburgh Accompanist, Maurice Whitney A Guys and Dolls Overture ...i........................,.... Frank Loesser Polka Dots fCornet Triol ......,.,..............,......... E. L. Buchtel Played by John Howe, Michael Clarke, and Bruce Lyman Matador ........r.....,,.................. John Cacavas Italian In Algiers .....,.........................r..... ,.................,.,.....,,. G . Rossini arranged by Lucien Cailliet Stanley Gericke, conductor of the Junior and Senior Bands, Glens Falls Public Schools. 90 game! t i f lf" ' "Q i . . -. -M J ,, ..,: . BARITONE SAXOPHONE - Allen Suckman. CORNETS - Raymond Aurelia., Michael Clarke, John Howe, Bruce Lyman, David Monroe, VVilliam Neshem, Mable Spaulding, Barry Suckman. BARITONES - Philip McDowell, Philip Mclntire. TROMBONES - Danny Grant, Susan Jensen, Marvin Lemery. SOUSAPHONES - Jerry Singer, Terry Tucker. RE- CORDING BASS - Kurt Steenburgh. PERCUSSION - Donald Bartholomew, William Bemis, Marilyn Patton, Lois Puricelli, Veronica Fuller. The Senior Band received an "A" rating in Grade VI last year in the New York State Music Festival at Corinth. in ... Highlights of this year's activities were the annual or band concert, programs given at Sanford Street and UMM Jackson Heights Schools, and an afternoon concert r'lL' given at the Queensbury Hotel for the Glens Falls Rotary Club. The season concluded with participa- tion in the Memorial Day parade. XY' ,ir The band is under the direction of Stanley Gericke. Looking over the Annual Concert Program are: Mable Spaulding, librarian, Marilyn Cram- nell and Kurt Steenburgh, managers, Michael Clarke, quartermaster. 9l adm: V., The melodious octet members are, first row, left to right: Donna Granger, Sue Ridley, Linda, Smith, Robin Searle, Pam Trimbey, Elaine Hillman. Second row: Bruce Hunter, John Rousseau, James Deyette, Gary Martin, Ken Seeber. Absent: Dave Eastwood. macegmwi The Danve Band, under the direction of Stanley Gericke, performed for Drama Night and at dances after sev- eral haskethall games. Members are: SAXOPHONES - Jack Bingham, Doug Heide, Gary Martin, Maryrita Shearer, Allen Suckman. TRUMPETS - Mike Clarke, managerg Bruce Lyman, David Monroe, Barry Suckman, Ray Aurelia. TROMBONES - Dan Grant, Marv Lemery, Susan Jensen. PIANO - Marilyn Patton. BASS - Sara Cutshall. TUBA - Jerry Singer. GUITAR - Kurt Steenburgh. DRUMS- Donald Bartholomew. 92 . 'S . .1 E f . The Junior-Senior Choir, under the direction of Mr. Maurice Whitney, delights the eye as well as the ear. Members are, first row, left to right: Nancy Cummings, Linda Smith, Elizabeth Braydon, Carolyn Edmunds, Pennie Hart, Barbara King, Patricia Bannin, Joan Wells. Second row: Rita Rozell, Roberta Breuder, Sara Cutshall, Fred Oberst, Lana Nassivera, Clara Graves, Patricia Bulman, Pam Trimbey, Barbara Leibman, Lee Hastings. Third row: Linda Oberst, Lynn Parker, Mary Graves, William Winchell. Fourth row: Marcia Oudeloerk, Susan Ridley, Nicola FitzGerald, Kurt Steenburgh, John Cross, Michael Winn. David Langdon, Robin Searle, Peggy Halladay, Mary Lee Moynihan, Mable Spaulding. Sofbdamafze ' ' ' 5.5. : 3 l 1 . ,'N I l ie, 1 "I hear sweet music!" The Sophomore Girls' Choir in- ' ' cludes, first row, left to right: 'Q' Q Q i Y ff ' Margaret Crockwell. Gail Ham- ilton, Shirley Baker, Pauline Sondrini. Second row: Chris- tine Adams, Andrea Holmquist, Carol Cleland, Diana Winn, Katharine Denton. Third row: Kristine Darcy, Roseann Pow- ers, Merilyn Carey, Joy Street- er, Carol Sharland, Cynthia Perkett, Mary Lee McCrea. V 93 endow f I FIRST VIOLINS - Barbara Bulova, Concertmasterg Elaine Hillman, Susan Beckler, Pamela Trimbey, Elizabeth Viehmann. SECOND VIOLINS - Ann Minick, Principalg Elaine Goldstein, Priscilla VanWirt, Zoltan Gaal, Kristine Kenney. VIOLAS - Cynthia Perkett, Principal 5 Jill Gelb, Prudence Adams. CELLOS - Gretchen Herschleb, Principalg Marsha Fagan, Robert Rosoff, Marcia Cleghorn, Phyllis Cohen. BASSES - Sara Cutshall, Principal g Susan Finnan, Barbara Slayton. Maurice C. Whitney, Director of Music in the Glens Falls Public Schools. SPRING CONCERT PROGRAM March 15, 1961 Conducted by Maurice C. Whitney Overture to "Lucie" .......................................... A. E. M. Gretry Kal Nidrei ...,.........,......................,............................................ Max Bruch Gretchen Herschleb, 'Cellist Symphony No. 8 in B Miner CUnfinishedD - Franz Schubert Eine Kleine Nachtmusik ............... Wolfgang A. MOZBU The Typewriter ..,..,.,.. ..,,....,..................................... L el'0y AI1d6l'SOIl Prelude and Fugue in D M inor ........................ G. F. Handel Transcribed by Hans Kindler 0 nv? Ss FLUTES - Marilyn Crannell, Katherine Carter, Maxine Long. OBOE - Gretchen Bobst. BASSOON - Sally Nesbitt. CLARINETS - Gary Martin, Virginia Dean, Evelyn Otto, John Bingham. FRENCH HORNS - Carolyn Jones, Sharon Spaulding, William Winchell. TRUMPETS - John Howe, Michael Clarke, David Monroe. TROMBONE - Daniel Grant. TUBA - Kurt Steenburgh. PERCUSSION - Donald Bartholomew, Marilyn Patton, Lois Puricelli. The Senior Orchestra, under the direction of Maurice C. Whitney, received an "A" rating in Grade VI Music at the New York State Competition Festival at Corinth last year. Grade VI Music is the most difficult Grade listed for high school groups. In December, 1960, Elaine Hillman, Barbara Bulova, and Gretchen Herschleb participated in the All-State Orchestra at Rochester. Barbara Bulova and Elaine Hillman were also accepted for the MENC Conference in Washington, D.C. This is a convention of music teachers from thirteen states for which students are chosen by application to take part in a highly selec- tive orchestra, band, and chorus. Officers of the Senior Orchestra are: Barbara Bulova, librarian: Kurt Steenburgh, quarter- masterg Elaine Hillman, manager. 4x fi ff! 96 ,eeecu62awt4 The school year was highlighted by several outstanding events which were the culmination of hard work and cooperation on the part of the student body. Through the efforts of our three classes and the Hi-Y, the Sophomore Hop, Senior Ball, Spinster Swing, and Junior Prom provided the social highlights of the year. In addition, the dramatic performances given on Patrons' Evening and the Senior Play put on in April represented the final outcome of many hours of rehearsals on the part of the Senior Dramatics Class. The problems of producing a play or decorating for a dance and the satisfaction in the successful outcome of each event have done much to make us realize the necessity for cooperation in achiev- ing a common goal. We found that each of us possesses a unique talent which filled a special need in making these undertakings successful. 97 One of the highlights of the Junior Prom is The Grand March, led this year by Mr. Van Der Voort. '7c!e ab! a ai A huge octopus, giant sea shells, seaside cafes, flower baskets, and pastel streamers greeted our eyes on this night of enchantment as we entered the tropical paradise, Isle of Capri. Carolyn Jones and Robert Smith, Junior Prom General Co-Chairmen Junior Prom Committee Chairmen: Seated, left to right: Pam Trimbey, Anne Hallenbeck, Linda Smith, Mary Beth Bayle, Katie Colson, VVendy Glass. Standing: Ken Seeber, John Rousseau, Dick Akins, Kip Moore, Jon Hurwitz, Dave East- wood, John Howe. Kneeling: Crown bearer Mike LaMay, flower girl Susie Backer. 2 3 "Mr my if, W 'F , p .gy , . Qia' ' " Y ' Yi ' af 3 . QL--V 1.32, at l 2' V . ff.ji'C 2,25 my r ' M. 1 in Eg 5.1! ' ?zam2aeencwal Queen Gwen Warner and her lovely court reign over the enchanted Isle of Capri. Seated: Wendy Glass, Gwen Warner, Prom Queeng Lee Binley. Slandingz Sue Ridley, Carolyn Jones, Debbie Liddle, last yearls Queeng Jane Greenberg, Sue Collin, Crown bearer Mike LaMay, flower girl Susie Backer. ,,q lg. --. PT A YC 1 1 X is fn, it ks - wx r, , 1 1' ip, kAxV ..A, , ,N , Junior Prom Committee Chairmen, sented: Wendy Glass, Sue Collin, Gwen Warner, Sherry Ryther. Standing: Phil Mclntire, John Howe, Jon Hurwitz, Jeff Coombs, John Williams, Kit Roberts. Some happy revelers take time out to rest at the Time out for refreshments in the cleverly decoraf Blue Grotto. cafeteria. .rf vi X fx ' gf ,, J ' P7"'l a A we if A grind, i , A j f f llll I wr: any hands make light Work as these juniors add "It's beginning to shape up! Just a few more stream 'ings of flowers to the ceiling center piece. "Oh, David! Please put her arm back ers and welll be through," Gwen says hopefully. Helping out or just clowning around? At any rate, Phil and Walt add to our pleasure while we decorate the gym. t gt mi y ,,,t M 1 tu A 4,45 aiitwi i ilfigi W Vell, Wanda, don't just sit there! Get busy on the "Come on, girls! It won't take much longer to cover nter piece." the wire." if 4 J.. .MQ 'ing 1 1 1 . '- LU -1. 'f ' if 5 , ff fZ55f,jQ,Z'f4fW V l M,5,, ff 2f5f,fG,fff'Wf,f 3 f , fi i,j74f ' 1 fQ'ffyfffy, 4 if yV,A kia, WAI H kv,A ,fo I fffffim .1 fi il ,il MW 2' ' ,W ff! lid f!. Z1 Q f Ji ' ii Eg 2 Clif' 1477 ffl! A ff fl i,,'s"S f 'TC flfyffffff f i Qsfzg f"2..a-2"" M--' M ,ff 1' 1 . , asp f '- sig" ,'rs. 151 , 4 . -- is . 1 ,T , ri X , affi- y, n - 1 , i 3 Mlm X, LN' eg Q li 2 ff X 3 4 NXKUXX A .Q :Q Z N R 5 'H YTNYRX5-:X .. ' ' W j Q ' git W' X NN NN 5 Q - A x '32 IN n ' wx NNN 5. G' W I 4 A R 5 ,Q ,,.,..,,,g-pf, , jf .N XX . .qflf ,S X -wk' " ' X X -1 X .I A .A-f'f,r ,- . ,.. .JK K ffi-iqvhfitifsffw S. s.,,ikN '5w5in.Mt..w+s-M ,svmk "5"-q... "--4."9"'r- V 'fH"X,.,A M .gg an M 6591 was-M ,W -44... J-ga.. , , ww, igggri, 'TEV i Na.. A J A f , ff' J, , 1 If if Qi N y , I If 0 5 x ""f -, 'i " ' Q s x 'X Y 5, ni! S g 3 ' H K' ' .df f duffffjjj ,,,-,. - 'L --'94, ,age Q, 44 LL A- ,. ., 0-.f .1 ww W , . ,,,.u.,.,,,,.. , W., Y Q E 0 .fm 1 v UF THE Bruce, Margaret, and Hope pose before one of the many Intermission refreshments added gaiety and enjoyment colorful posters that announced the Sophomore Hop. to upperclassmen as well as sophomores who attended the Hop. S one W-w .. aa, lie San" Hard-working committee chairmen are: Kneeling: Ray Aurelia, Larry Becker, Neil Akins. Standing: Susan Beckler, Margaret Crockwell, Hope Hallenbeck, June Barnes, Christine Adams. Lots of fun. and hard work went into painting the dragon. First row: June Barnes, Margaret Crockwell, Nancy Clark. Second row: Christine Committee chairmen and helpers pose before the dragon. Adams, Carolyn Caswell, Marilyn Patton. s e 3 Y - 1, ' A NS.: AW? gmmr 'L 43 4 HW I I Something other than decorations catches the eyes Sherry and Wendy are very happy that the work of Pat and Marilyn. is going along smoothly. nf ,K y I :oe t g , , ,Qi f, ,fisl aa 3 --.. v ff ' f'f5 i L U JP A vamnmi sw . W 1 LQ 'H M ' . , . M A w q ,1mlfj f::, ,, ME 5 I ,Q - 95 2 3 J, 95, V' ' 53. 'lf' v hz. , A L ., v,i1 ,,,' .5 f . W ' AL., ,.,, MV. v 2 f " ' ' 5 'y.,fp1 , A Q iff, fg.E'm,fm ,., L54 wg X i , , I My J A X M ,.,, AA Q W Q N 1 Q ' , ,V nr ,,fM" 3 Q9 f s I I if 5,5411- lg ww- Q "' " .,1?'vn K ', 11,,,, f as ky' X x H.. K ' f K g:.,5i5:i:. 1 ,Aw " H33 W la.-n 'ia 'NMA Wise: . you hear of a new one dying every day 'YOU 11 never marry my niece, Kemper!" m Xlwll C l. of 7767 THE POST-STAR - April 8, 1961 By Florence Mcllvaine A delightful production of Thornton VVilder's period comedy, HThe Matchmaker," was un- veiled by the Glens Falls High School senior class before a large opening night audience last night in the school auditorium. Under the direction of Mrs. Muriel Roscbrook Stark, the cast of 17 players demonstrated a flair for farce in deliciously stylized interpretations throughout the four acts of adventures and misadventures bringing a half dozen of them to the verge of matrimony. Philip Mclntire was the epitome of an auto- cratic uncle and employer in the part of Horace Vandergclder, determined to prevent his lovely niece, Ermengarde, played tremulously by Wendy Glass, from marrying the artist Am- brose Kemper, enacted with shy determination by Walter Harrison. It is clear to everyone but Horace that he has met his match in Mrs. Levi, a role extreme- ly well performed hy Pamela Trimbey. Before his final surrender, however, a satisfactory at- tachment has developed between his underpaid and overworked clerk, Cornelius Hackl, and Mrs. Malloy, the hat shop proprietor who has been the object of Horacels tentative designs. Fred Oberst, as Cornelius, and John Dowd as the junior clerk, Barnaby Tucker, were respon- sible for some wonderfully funny scenes, and Anne Hallenbeck played the part of Mrs. Malloy with bounce and zest. Pzeaeatc I' 5 ll Michael Clarke's performance as the unclas- sifiable Malachi Stack, Horace's new employe, had a wonderfully pixie quality and Carolyn Jones was fine as the wacky Miss Van Huysen, ever ready to abet the course of young lovers. Others in the cast contributed with distinc- tion, Lee Hastings as Minnie Fay, the hat shop assistantg Jacqueline Dwyer, as Gertrude, of the ladylike exit, Philip McDowell as a cab- man, Louis McArthur and Ronald Newell as Rudolf and August, waiters at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurantg Nicola FitzGerald as Miss Van Huysen's cook and companion, Walter Murphy as Joe Scanlon, the barber, and Zoltan Gaal as the gypsy musician. In the course of the play, a number of the characters are called upon to step to the foot- lights and explain things to the audience. These monologues were in good hands. Miss Trim- bey's final act dissertation on the importance of a little money was especially well done. The pace of the play was well sustained and scene changes, from the Vandergelder's house in Yonkers, to the hat store, to the restaurant, and to the denouement in Miss Van Huysen's house, were handled with dispatch. The set- tings, designed by Darold Perkins, were charm- ing reminders of the elegant eighties, and the costumes added a gay touch. The High School Orchestra conducted by Maurice C. Whitney set the mood for the production with a sprightly overture and ap- propriate entr'acte selections, Sharing in credit for the professional finish of the production were the backstage staff of students and teachers. Sound effects and light- ing were skillfully handled, and the exploding tomato cans were as realistic as anyone could desire. "Why,- Cornelius, you can't kiss Mrs. Malloy - "Who was it that dropped an oyster right down but it's too wicked to tell you." Mrs .... "You'd like to choose a hat for a friend? she'll scream!" "Yes, there is a man in the 1 . .N X -'Q J SAS I' X IO9 ,. ',.., H re!!! ll Q Ei. 'ri' 44 ri T' C .V " f " -5 i -'si' . mf h ..hi'.1 K Xhkh 'i'-' W b Q' , Y V1-V k f-, 3' 1 il 1, Z - 3 , g ,Q Wi. E '7 6 -el ' . 'W 4' "f "' if rf' ' 32 'gf' .M ' wr W 6 is it Q 35 4 dyff 1 4 if L . f h' X ' "' X A , IF ,f,. f 1' aw FL f 32 321' W-O W, ,J , H VW v ' ' is nasal wi It ,.V ,,,.,,-- hmm' I MN.. M57 X gif .,- my It's time for fun and laughter during the X fd' "pause that refreshes." ., -....,..,..--- .. - One of the "smashing" posters announcing the dance. Your socks are showing, Miss Hayes, and you're our nominee for honorable mention! S006 Wap Visitors from Mars? No, just the winners at the Sock Hop. A ?aL'fzaa4 -1 w fi .Y ' .Q-Q., , x 3 gw K ' Q . y Q '-F e , If ' , s 3 W 1 , i " ' ', 3 x -X, ' 1, gi. , . ' W ' ,. 'x . 5 I psf f - 5 A ' Q I k 1 3 5 Q .ai q. - 0 ,,,,, Jwlii ,I.k ,,:,, V Lkyy E Vvzlk i r - .wzezw -, 3- Hedda? ...X X L5 wx i J, II4 W l Our association with the hundreds of students with whom we attend high school is one of the most important factors in making us what we are. We have shared our successes as Well as our failures, our laughter as well as our tears. We have learned to be tolerant of the ideas and opinions of our classmates and to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. In working with other students, we have learned to cooperate and to share both responsibility and reward. We have learned that honesty and integrity are virtues to be highly regarded, and that slothfulness and indifference bring only lack of respect. On the way to maturity, our character grows and strengthens through these high school years. Each student we pass in the hall, each person we sit next to in class influences us in some way. Our cognizance of these facts affects our behavior toward the goal of making us better citizens of our school and community. lI5 4 7767 President .A,.............. .......... J onathan Hurwitz Vice President ......... ..A.......... P hilip Mclntire Secretary ....,.........,. ............ E laine Hillman Treasurer .......... .....................,....,.... C arolyn Jones Adviser ...,....... ......,... M iss Sarah A. Adrianne II6 eniwzdaao Wfdfdfty There we were, uncertain and nervous, sitting in the auditorium, hearing Mr. Brown's welcome, a new school year had begun. As the first weeks passed swiftly by, we became more at home in these wonderful, new surroundings. Then we were planning our first class dance, "Hawaiian Sunset." We were so proud of our grass hut and palm trees, it was an enchanted night. Down to earth again, we labored over mid-years. Soon the basketball season, the Spinster Swing, and classes were over for another year. Yes, looking back over '58-'59, we realized that we had done and learned a great deal - and had even more to do in the next two years. With our junior year came added responsibility and more enjoyment in working together. Remember the horrible indecision we faced in picking out our class rings? Finally we made our choice, and in November we were the proud owners of rectangular rings with the traditional Indian head in the center. Toiling over "tons" of homework, rushing to the guidance office for college manuals, writing termpapers, shaking about Regents, we just lived for the Week ends. The Merit Scholarship Exam, College Boards, Honor Society inductions - the Junior Prom! What could we do for decorations? What about a theme? After many frustrating hours, we finally decided on the "Isle of Capri" - a wise choice. It was like a dream with our sandy beach, our pastel streamers, our seaside dock, the myriad flowers, and the coronation. But the evening went too quickly, and soon we were back at the old grind. Are you applying for early admission to college? What courses are you taking next year? Our heads swirled with important questions as we looked forward to our busiest and best year. Finally we were Seniorsg it seemed impossible! We were the leaders of the school and soon understood the burden of responsibility. In September of 1960, we welcomed a foreign student from Australia - Nicky Fitz- Gerald. Nicky was a welcome addition to our schoolg we shall remember her fondly in the years to come. Nicky, as well as all of the members of the Senior Class, had much to look forward to in the coming year. The Senior year was truly our busiest year by far . . . class pictures . . . yearbook sales . . . graduation announcements . . . caps and gowns . . . name cards . . . the Red and Black! Would We ever finish it? Then the Senior Ball, our last class dance, thoughtfully named "Winterland by Night." It was as beautiful as its name indicates: shining stars, a wood- land chapel, our skating rink, the sleigh. Although the dance was not a financial success, we were well satisfied with our efforts. College Boards, college and vocational applications, Drama Night and the Orchestra and Band Concerts came too soon. We soon began to savor our last days as Seniors. Finals loomed ahead, and with them graduation. It seemed impossible, but it came. The last few days rushed by with Class Day, exams, pageant rehearsals, and autographing. Together for the last time, we marched down the aisle in our red and black robes, thinking of the past and of the future. They were over, those three happy, busy, rich years. May we never forget them. II7 BONNIE LOUISE ABBOTT "Rabbit" - Vivacious . . . sparkling personality . . . perky little miss . . . cheerful . . . a constant chatter- box . . . plans to be a teacher. Dramatics Club 45 FTA Secretary 3, Vice President 45 GAC 45 French Club 25 Science Club 25 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 25 Marching Band 25 Red and Black Art Staff5 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg Announcements Committee. EDNA ESTELLE ACHENBACH "Edde,' - An intelligent, lively gal with a sense of humor . . . loves to dance and have a good time . . . always ready with a witty word. Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4g Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 GAC 3, 45 German Club 35 French Club Secretary 45 Science Club 25 Outing Club 2, 35 Knitting Club 35 Broadcasters 35 Red and Black Ad Staff, Circulation Staff5 Sophomore Hop Committee Chairman5 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee Chairman. TERRY EDWARD BAKER "Moon" - Always has a story to tell . . . his superb ability has made him invaluable to the art staff . . . keen on hunting . . . would like to go to art school. Came to us this year from St. Mary's5 Red and Black Art Staff. CAROLE ANN BARRON Cheerful with a twinkle in her eyes . . . interested in drawing and astrology . . . a future secretary . . . has worked as cashier in the school cafeteria. Art Club 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Art Squad 35 Red and Black Typing Staff 5 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee. CHARLES BAEDER BARTON II "Baeder" - Quiet but not silent . . . a magnificent skier seen on the most difficult slopes . . . our future lawyer . . . staunch hall monitor for student council. Transferred from Darrow, New Lebanon, New York, after his sophomore yearg Track 35 Intramural Basket- ball 3, 45 Ski Club 3, Chairman 45 Outing Club 35 Varsity "G" Club 45 Broadcasters 35 Student Council 45 Senior Ball Committee. MARY ELIZABETH ANN BAYLE Most Unpredictable 'tBaylsie" - Always in the midst of fun . . . known for her uninhibited laughter . . . plans to major in teaching or sociology . . . enjoys eating pizza and decorating for dances. Dramatics Club 3, 45 FTA Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, President 45 GAC 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, Secretary 3, Sergeant- at-Arms 45 Ski Club 45 Outing Club 2, 35 World Affairs Forum 2, 3 5 Knitting Club 3 5 Library Squad 25 Student Council 25 Red and Black Writing Staffg Junior Prom Committee Chairmang Senior Ball Committee Chair- man. GARY JACK BENWAY Radiant smile . . . always a neat dresser . , . can be relied upon . . . enjoys water-skiing, swimming and skating . . . will go away to school. Bowling 43 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Outing Club 2, 3, Senior Ball Committee. LEE HATHAWAY BINLEY Best Dressed "Bin" - An active cheerleader . . . always around where there's fun to be had . . . enjoys swimming, tennis and skiing . . . will attend college. Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 GAC 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 45 Science Club 25 Outing Club 2, 35 Knitting Club 3, Choir 2, 35 Library Squad 25 Student Council 2, 4, Varsity Cheerleader 45 JV Cheer- leader 2, 35 Red and Black Photography Staff, Ad Staffg Junior Prom Court. . rgsl . CLIFTON ANTHONY BLISS "Cliff" - Strives on good times and having fun . . . enjoys guns, hunting, fishing and drag racing . . . will enter the Navy upon graduation. Outing Club 2, 3. GRETCHEN LEONARD BOBST "G'retch" - Bubbling with mirth and frivolity . . . enjoys giving parties . . . will study to be executive secretary or teacher . . . sure to be successful. Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 FTA 3, 4, GAC 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Knitting Club 3 5 Library Squad 2 5 Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Red and Black Ad Staff 3 Sophomore Hop Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee. ,Q ,. . . Q ' Y JANE MARIE BOWEN A 'tBunny" - Eyes that are rhapsodies of blue . . . active in school affairs . . . soft voiced . . . desires to excel . . . loves to swim . . . many an eye turns her way. Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Knitting Club 3, Broadcasters 3: Office Assistant 2, Red and Black Circulation Staff, Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee, Sports Ticket Seller 4. GARRY DWIGHT BRIGGS "Briggsy" - Enjoys swimming . . . driving enthusi- ast . . . diligent worker . . . loves fun, makes fun . . . looks forward to a career in the Navy after gradu- ation. Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Outing Club 2, Lunchroom Committee 2, 35 Student Council 3. II9 HOWARD ARTHUR BROWN "Howie" - A quiet lad with a friendly personality . . . excellent in math . . . has a way with the girls . . . anxious to get his hands on an IBM machine. Bowling 45 Wrestling 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Outing Club 2, 35 Student Council 2, 35 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee5 Caps and Gowns Committee. - wi fi" f ,sf , ,. GAIL ANN BRUNNELLE Always ready to lend a helping hand . . . hard work- ing, responsible, and determined to succeed. Completed her Senior year by attending night classes at Mont Pleasant High School, Schenectady5 Junior Prom Committee. T H if' ' I 1 W gms H 1' , 2' ggifigggfefr fs .fs ,f' W :aw :siiiinslifi-W 'fiiizzwfiff'ffggms , f 1' .S fs 4 essxse 2 , sflit sfii MARY MICHAELA BUCKLEY t'Mickey" - A refreshing addition to our class . . . all around student . . . likes skating, pizza, and boys . . . plans to go to Russell Sage. Came to us this year from Dighton High School, Digh- ton, Massachusetts. CAROLINE ANN BULLARD 'fCarolyn" - That infectious giggle . . . those outing club hikes . . . always willing to support her team . . . fun to be with . . . is fond of skating, skiing, and bowling. Bowling 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Dramatics Club 45 Ski Club 45 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Ad Staff 5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Com- migtee5 Caps and Gowns Committee5 Sports Ticket Sel er 4. JAMES FRANCIS BULMAN "Bow" - Active in athletics. . . look for him on the baseball diamond or the dance floor . . . enjoys football and swimming . . . plans to join the Navy. JV Football 2, 35 Track 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Broadcasters 35 Drama Night 35 Sophomore Hop Committee. RONALD KENNETH BURDO "Ron" - Likes sports, natural history, and math . . . enthusiastic in school activities, especially baseball . . . always ready to help . . . desires a higher educa- tion. JV Baseball 2, 35 Bowling 3, 4 5 Varsity Football Manager 45 JV Football Manager 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 45 Science Club 25 Outing Club 25 Varsity "G" Club 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Typing Staff5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee Chairman. I2 1 'il XE.. VW' I , ' PHILIP LEROY CAIVIP "Campy" - Our red-headed mechanic . . . willing to lend a helping hand . . . can be seen at the M dz Ill . . . always ready for fun. Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Student Council 2, 3. MARY LOU CAPROOD f'Cappie" - Mischievous grin . . . loves to dance, especially rock 'n roll . . . would like to study IBM machines at Albany Business College. Knitting Club 35 Guides 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Ad Staff5 Junior Prom Committee5 Intramural Sports 2, 3. GERALD ALFRED CHANDLER Most Athletic "Short" - Enjoys football, basketball, dancing, hot dogs and girls . . . dislikes homework and snobs . . . a practical joker . . . ambition is to attend college. Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 JV Basketball 2, 35 Varsity Basketball 45 Varsity "G" Club 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL TILTON CLARKE Most Talented "Miken - Often seen performing on the stage and TV . . . can be heard every day on the PA system . . . wherever there is magic there is "Clarke, the M agicianf' Honor Society 45 Dramatics Club 3, 4, Vice President 25 FTA 35 French Club 2, Vice President 45 Speaker's Corps 35 Broadcasters 2, 3, Chairman 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 2, 3, 45 Comedy Night 25 Drama Night 3, 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Photography Staff 5 Senior Ball Committee 5 Area All State Band 4. RUSSELL MELVIN COBB "C'0bby" - Always laughing and joking . . . has a great interest in all kinds of engines . . . will he ever forget the runaway motorcycle? Outing Club 2. SUSAN ALICE COLLIN "Susie'l - Madden's gourmet . . . hard work and responsibility don't affect her sense of humor . . . our capable advertising staff editor . . . will we ever forget that catchy laugh? Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 GAC 3, 45 French Club 45 Science Club 25 Outing Club 2, 35 Broadcasters 3, 45 Activity Ticket Chairman 45 Speaker's Corps 35 Student Council 35 Drama Night 35 Comedy Night 25 Red and Black Ad Staff Co-Manager5 Junior Prom Committee Co-Chairman5 Junior Prom Court5 Senior Ball Com- mittee5 Announcements Committee Co-Chairman. 2I CAROLE ANN COLLINS Quiet and serious . . . likes skating, knitting and dancing . . . an athletic miss . . . industrious . . . always busy doing something worthwhile for her friends. GAC 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 3, Executive Board 45 Guides 3, 45 Red and Black Typing Staff, Photography Staff5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee. KATHARINE ELIZABETH COLSON "Katiel' -- Our vivacious cheerleader . . . a fun- loving miss who loves all sports, especially skiing and tennis . . . the adventurous type. Honor Society 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Ski Club 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Broadcasters 35 Choir 25 Drama Night 35 Varsity Cheerleader 45 JV Cheerleader 25 Red and Black Ad Staff Co-managerg Sophomore Hop Committee5 Junior Prom Committee Co-chairmang Senior Ball Committee5 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. 4 ,114 PETER WAYNE COMAR "Pete" - An amateur radio ham . . . enthusiastic swimmer . . . enjoys sports of all kinds . . . ambition is to enter the field of conservation . . . friendly and sincere. JV Football 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 German Club 35 Outing Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee5 Sports Ticket Seller 35 Lunch- room Committee 4. LEE FRANCIS COMEAU "Leo" - Quiet hard working student . . . enjoys wrestling and outdoor activities . . . still finds time for a part-time job . . . dash of wit . . . future teacher. Wrestling 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 2, 35 Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 35 FTA 45 Varsity "G" Club 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee. JEFFREY JOSEPH COOMBS "Jeff" - Great at speaking and acting . . . very unpredictable . . . a wonderful sense of humor . . . fun to be with . . . missed greatly by our class. Golf 2, 35 Cross Country 2, 35 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Broadcasters 35 Speakers Corps 35 Red and Black Ad Staff5 Junior Prom Committee. i. , - A - .if 2 . BRUCE WILLIAM cooN ' "C'oonie'l - Sports are his forte . . . sincere, likeable, and determined . . . outstanding on both the wrest- ling and football teams . . . enjoys hunting . . . a welcome addition to any group. Varsity Football 3. 45 JV Football 25 Track 35 Wrestling Captain 2, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 35 Outing Club 25 Varsity "G" Club 3, 45 Senior Ball Committee 45 Honorable Mention J. P. Donnelly Award 35 Junior Prom Committee. l22 f LESLIE JANE DAVIS "Les" - A talkative and vivacious miss . . . loves to dance and ski . . . avid reader . . . well dressed... ambition is to bc a history teacher . . . friendly and dauntless. Dramatics Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 French Club 45 Ski Club 3, 45 Outing Club 35 Knitting Club 35 Broad- casters 45 Guides 3, 45 Speakerls Corps 35 Concert Band 35 Marching Band 35 Comedy Night 35 Red and Black Writing Staff5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee. DIANA VERONICA DEEB '1Diane" - Sweetness with sincerity . . . loves meet- ing people . . . a skillful bowler . . . loves to have a good time . , . dislikes spring boards . . . a future teacher. Bowling 3, 45 FTA 3, 45 Outing Club 35 Lunchroom Committee 45 Red and Black Typing Staffg Senior Ball Committee. MICHAEL GEORGE DEMAS "G'reekf' - Plans to go to teachers collage and eventually teach math . . . stars in basketball and baseball . . . quiet till you know him. Varsity Basketball 3, 45 JV Basketball Captain 25 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 25 Varsity "G" Club 3, Secretary 45 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee. JAMES ERVIN DEYETTE 'fJim" - Great alibi ability . . . friend to all . . . loves cars and football . . . part-time job occupies much of his time . . . always ready with a joke. JV Football 2, 35 Wrestling 25 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 3, 45 Choir 2, 3, 45 Octet 45 Red and Black Ad Staff5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee. l23 BARRY WILLIAM CRONKHITE Always ready to help . . . likes swimming, track, and cross country . , . interested in current events and short-wave radios. Track 2, Manager 35 Cross Country 25 Art Club 25 Dramatics Club 35 Science Club 35 Outing Club 25 Varsity "Cv" Club 45 Broadcasters 25 Junior Prom Com- mittee5 Senior Ball Committee. SARA ADA CUTSHALL Class Clown "Catch" - Individualism galore . . . loads of art ability . . . a flash of red hair . . . a devilish laugh . . . always a joke . . . going to New Paltz. Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 FTA 3, Secretary 45 Ski Club 25 Outing Club 2, 35 Knitting Club 35 Art Squad 35 Broadcasters 35 Spe-aker's Corps 35 Student Council 45 Choir 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 3, 45 Com- edy Night 25 Drama Night 3, 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Art Edit0r5 Committee Chairman of Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Ball, and Caps and Gowns5 Area All State Choir 3, 4. I THOMAS FRENCH DEYO "Tornmy', - A jun-loving senior who likes tinker- ing with cars . . . enjoys hunting and fishing . . . deceptively quiet . . . plans to join the Air Force. Cross Country 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3 5 Science Club 3. PAUL WARREN DICKINSON Easy going Paul . . . quiet with a subtle humor . . . loves to ski . . . enthusiastic about baseball . . . plans to attend college. JV Baseball 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Red and Black Ad Staff, Circulation Staff 5 Senior Ball Committeeg Caps and Gowns Committee. , . t,.., .. gs5,g3:,gf1g,5gf,313s - ig ggjgggjgei Y Q if .agen 4 E ti .w,, ... faslr.-P fftf'1:miifezsiiifii GAIL ANN DiMANNO A pert little gal who never stops talking . . . diligent in "mailing early for Christmas" . . . loves dancing . . . plans to go to college. Outing Club 25 Knitting Club 35 Guides 35 Lunchroom Committee 25 Red and Black Photography Staff5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee. 1 Tr is if f 2 1 JAMES JOHN DORSEY 'fDorse" . . . Likes to work with cars . . . enjoys basketball . . . excels in school spirit . . . always ready ,with a joke . . . spends much of his time working. Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Art Club 25 Outing Club 35 Guides 25 Sophomore Hop Committee5 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee. JOHN TERRY DOWD "Dowdy" - Always will be remembered for his hearty laugh . . . a track star . . . always ready to lend a hand . . . plans a career in the paper industry. JV Football 35 Track 2, 35 Cross Country 2, 35 Intra- mural Basketball 3, 45 Dramatics Club 45 Varsity "G" Club 3, 45 Broadcasters 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee Co- Chairman5 Hall Monitor. JUDITH ANN DUDLEY "Duder" - A lot of fun to be with . . . keen sense of humor . . . little noise, lots of poise . . . simply adores chemistry . . . plans to be an X-ray tech- nician. Science Club 25 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Ad Staff5 Senior Ball Committee5 Caps and Gowns Com- mittee5 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. 124 263 RICHARD EDWARD DUDLEY "Dick" - Our shy guy . . . easy going . . . never hurried, seldom worried . . . a hunter and fisherman . . . plans further technical training. Track 45 Cross Country 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Science Club 3. KAY ELAINE DUERS Always there to show school spirit . . . likes music, painting, and roller skating . . . excels in math . . . intends to go to college. Bowling 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 German Club 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Science Club 2, 35 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 2, 35 Marching Band 2, 35 Red and Black Co-Business Manager5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee5 Sports Ticket Seller 4. J i JUDY ANN DURSIK "Durs" - Always ready with a cheerful smile . . . keeps the phone busy . . . skilled artist . . . rollicking good humor . . . easy to like and fun to be with. German Club Secretary 3, 45 Science Club 35 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Knitting Club 35 Guides 2, 35 Red and Black Ad Staff, Art Sta'ff5 Sophomore Hop Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee5 Intra- mural Sports. JACQUELINE JUDE DWYER Most Intellectual "Jackie" - Always ready to take responsibilities . . . enjoys reading and -working with children . . . desires to be an elementary school teacher . . . sincere in all she endeavors. Honor Society 3, 45 Dramatics Club 45 FTA 2, Publicity Chairman 3, Board Chairman 45 Library Sciuad 3, 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Writing Staff5 Senior Ball Committee5 Announcements Committee5 French Club 25 Science Club 3. DAVID PETER EASTWOOD Most Unpredictable NMoose" - Always seen in sports and with girls . . . always wore a smile wherever he went, until he broke his jaw . . . ambition is to attain military distinction. Varsity Football 4, JV Football Captain 35 JV Baseball 2, 35 Track 35 Wrestling 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 45 Dramatics Club 45 Outing Club 2, 4, Vice President 35 Varsity "G" Club 3, Treasurer 45 Broadcasters 45 Octet 45 Junior Prom Committee Chairman5 Student Council Committee Chairman 2, 35 Senior Ball Com- mittee Chairman5 Stage Lighting 2, 3. WANDA ANNE EMERSON I A -' "Wamba" - Always active in school affairs . . . enjoys world affairs and life in general . . . looking forward to a career in teaching and youth work . . . our industrious co-editor. Honor Society 3, 45 Art Club 25 Dramatics Club 45 FTA 3, 45 GAC 45 Hi-Y 45 Outing Club 2, 35 World Affairs Forum 3, President 45 AFS 3, 45 Guides 35 Lunchroom Committee 2, Chairman 3, 45 Office Assist- ant 2, 3, 45 Speaker's Corps 35 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Co-Editorg Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee5 UN Examination Award 3. I25 We WILLIAM EARL ERNST 4'Bill" - Sports-minded . . . ardent party goer . . . personality plus . . . our very own Mickey Mantle . . . sheds humorous light on many situations . . . terrific golfer. Varsity Baseball 3, 45 JV Baseball 25 Bowling 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 45 Science Club 35 Outing Club 2, 35 Varsity "G" Club 45 Broad- casters 3, 45 Red and Black Circulation Staff5 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee. MARSHA ELIZABETH FAGAN Our diligent cello player . . . good student and careful worker . . . excels in sports such as golf, swimming, tennis . . . has college plans. Honor Society 45 Art Club 2, 35 GAC 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Guides 3, 45 Lunchroom Committee 2, 35 Concert Band 2, Marching Band 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Writing Staff, Photography Staff5 Announcements Committee5 Area All State Orchestra 2, 3, 4. ,ee JANA LOUISE FAI-IEYK "Jan" - A friendly Irish lass possessing a warm smile . . . an avid sports fan . . . loves to dance . . . fun to be with . . . a future nurse . . . enjoys caring for the sick. Outing Club 2, 35 Knitting Club 35 Guides 2, 35 Lunch- room Committee 25 Office Assistant 2, 45 Red and Black Photography Staff 5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committef-:5 Announcements Committee. NICOLA SARA FITZGERALD "Nicky" - Pleasing personality . . . acting ability . . . congenull to all . . . able seamstress . . . will study in Paris and Melbourne . . . our exchange student from Australia. Dramatics Club 45 World Affairs Forum, Vice President 45 AFS 45 Choir 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Writing Staff 5 Senior Ball Committee. VERONICA RUTH FULLER "Ronnie" - A lover of animals . . . a whiz in math . . . a friendly and sincere miss . . . can be seen playing the drums or cymbals in band . . . our future vet.- Art Club 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 2, 3, 4. DOUGLAS HAROLD GARDNER "Spider" - A practical joker . . . likes boating . . keen on girls, physics, and chemistry experiments . . . is apt to make a big bang in the world. Wrestling 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Science Club 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 45 Concert Band 2, 45 Marching Band 2, 3, 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee. l26 DONNA LEEJGATES 'fGalesie" - Pleasing personality . . . a sparkle in her eyes . . . excels in all sports . . . a bundle of pep and energy . . . an asset to our class. GAC 43 Outing Club 2, 33 Knitting Club 33 Guides 23 33 Red and Black Typing Staff. JANE KATHERINE GEROUX Best All-Around Our pert athlete . . . fun-loving bowler . . . easy to get along with . . .joyful attitude toward life . . . a heart-lifting smile . . . interested in secretarikzl work. Knitting Club 33 Guides 2, 33 Announcements Com- mittee. we Z! 5, al? 'W y' JOAN MARIE GEROUX A gracious gal with innate common sense . . . enjoys peppy people . . . a winning smile and a warm friendly nod . . . tender hearted twin . . . loves sports. Outing Club 2, 43 Knitting Club 33 Caps and Gowns Committee. MONA JANE GIFFORD "Mo" - Always willing to do what she can to help or console a friend . . . enjoys working with children . . . wants to travel . . , plans to find a high salaried job. A Junior Prom Committee. WENDY MARIAN GLASS Our Hi-Y President . . . one of the most popular members of our class . . . a miss who has insured the success of many of our class's largest under- takings. Honor Society 3, 43 Dramatics Club 43 FTA 43 GAC 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, President 43 Ski Club 43 Science Club 23 Outing Club 23 Guides 33 Student Council 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 33 Patrons' Evening Play 43 Red and Black Ad Staffg Sophomore Hop Committeeg Junior Prom Com- mittee Co-Chairman3 Junior Prom Courtg Senior Ball Committeeg Track Scorer 3. JOHN HOWARD GOODWIN "Goodie" - Keeps his friends in stitches . . . pleasing personality which is topped by a bright smile . . . interested in sports . . . plans to join the Air Force after graduation. Spent his Junior year at New Market, New Hampshire. High School3 Intramural Basketball 2, 43 Outing Club 23 Sophomore Hop Committee. l27 ' CLARA ANN MARIE GRAVES I Talented in art . . . Oh! that soprano voice . . . will be someone's secretary . . . a very well-mannered miss . . . good natured. Art, Club 2, 45 GAC 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Woi'ld Affairs Forum 35 Knitting Club 35 Library Souad 2. 3, 45 Speaker's Corps 35 Choir 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Art Staff, Typing Staff5 Sophomore Hop and Junior Prom Committees5 Senior Ball Committee Co-Chair- man5 Area All State Choir 3, 45 Spring Festival Soloist 2, 3, 4. JANE ANN GREENBERG Most Attractive "Janie" - Our loyal cheerleader . . . passion for history and skiing . . . poised and pert . . . our pretty Prom attendant . . . lucky UVM . . . sports enthusiast. Dramaties Club 2, 3, 45 GAC 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 45 Ski Club 2, 45 Science Club 25 Outing Club 2, 3: Knitting Club 35 Broadcasters 45 Guides 3, 45 Speaker's Corps 35 Concert and Marching Band 25 Comedy Night 25 Varsity Cheerleader 3, 45 JV Cheer- leader 25 Red and Black Photography Staff5 Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, and Senior Ball Committees5 Junior Prom Court5 Track, Basketball Scorer 2, 3, 4, DAVID JOSEPH HALLADAY "Tiger,' - Mischievous in a devilish way , . . a witty senior who craves excitement . . . as unpredictable as the weather . . . a fixture on the golf course. JV Football 25 Track 25 Golf 2, 3: Cross Country 25 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 45 Outing Club 2, 3, 4 Lunchroom Committee 3. ANNE HALLENBECK Best Actress Our leading lady on the stage . . . excellent in her studies and in athletics . . . always completes every- thing she begins . . . an unforgettable personality. Honor Society 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 GAC 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 French Club 45 Ski Club 2, 35 Outing Clut 2, 35 Broadcasters 45 Concert and Marching Band 25 Orchestra 25 Comedy Night 25 Drama Night 35 Patrons Evening Play 45 Varsity Cheerleader 45 JV Cheerleader 35 Sophomore Hop General Chairman5 Junior Prorr Committee Co-Chairmang Senior Ball General Chair- man5 Area All State Band 25 Track Scorer 2, 3. CHRISTOPHER HALLENBECK "Chris" - An outstanding athlete who will be re- membered for his skills on the gridiron, basketball court, and the golf course . . . a jovial person who livens up any gathering. Honor Society 45 Varsity Football Captain 45 JV Foot- ball 2, 35 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 JV Basketball 25 Golf 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 45 French Club 45 Ski Club 25 Outing Club 2, 35 Varsity "G" Club 2, 3, 45 World Affairs Forum 45 Broadcasters 45 Speaker's Corps 3' Patrons' Evening Play 45 Sophomore I-Iop Committee Junior Prom Committeeg Caps and Gowns Committee E GARRY LEE HAMLIN "Boner" - Our Don Juan . . . likes wine, women and song . . . a veteran football hero . . . unpredict- able and popular . . . the life of any party. Varsity Football 2, 35 JV Football 15 Varsity "G" Clut 2, 3, 45 Class President 25 Sophomore Hop Committee Junior Ring Committee5 Intramural Basketball 4, X I. WALTER FLOYD HARRISON III "Walt" - A clever retort . . . an avid skier - often seen. flying over the ski slopes . . . watch out Wall Street . . . plans to write his own math book. Honor Society 3, 45 Varsity Football 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 45 Basketball Scorer 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 3, President 45 Science Club 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Broadcasters 3, 45 Speaker's Corps 35 Comedy Night 25 Drama Night 35 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Co-Business Manager 5 Senior Ball Committee5 National Merit Finalist 5 Honor So- ciety Semi-Finalist5 Finalist in Teluride Association Summer Scholarship 3. JON RUSSELL HART ,,. H 'K fi "Little Jon" - Everyone's pal . . . likes cars and girls . . . can be found at the Canteen . . . an easy going guy with a big heart. Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 4. to t ,t f 1 . ' ' if ' 1 , A I. A if fs If 'f ' .J 'Af PENELOPE ANNE HART "Pennie" - Football and track stars are her favor- ites . . . will try almost anything once . . . friendly and talkative . . . life of a party . . . fun to be with . . . whiz at shorthand. Honor Society 45 Dramatics Club 2, 35 Outing Club 25 Executive Board 3, 45 Knitting Club 35 Guides 35 Library Squad 2, 3, 45 Speaker's Corps 35 Choir 45 Red and Black Writing Staff, Circulation Staff 5 Soph- omore Hop Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Caps and Gowns Committee. SARA LEONORE HASTINGS Most Congenial "Lee" - Personality plus friendliness . . . rollicking sense of humor . . . carefree and understanding . . . as changeable as the seasons . . . wants to be a lst grade teacher, Honor Society 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 FTA 2, 3, 45 GAC 45 Hi-Y 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Knitting Club 35 AFS 45 Lunchroom Committee 3, 45 Choir 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 2, 3, 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Ad Staff 5 Sophomore Hop Committee Chairman5 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee. DIANNE SANDS HAVILAND "Di" -Big heart, little car . . . carefree . . . loves all types of people and pets . . . always looks on the best side of things . . . seemingly quiet, but watch out! , Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Art Club 25 FTA 45 Outing Club 2. 35 Knitting Club 35 AFS 3, 45 Guides 3, 45 Red and Black Writing Staff 5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee. WILLIAM JOSEPH HERMANCE "Bill" - Easy to get along with . . . a real fun lover . . . ambitious and willing to carry out any task . . . a credit to any gathering. l29 ELAINE RUBY HILLMAN Most Likely to Succeed Talented violinist . . . hard-working honor student . . . enjoys reading, science and art . . . friendly and ladylike . . . rare combination of industry and fun. Honor Society 3, Secretary 45 Art Club 2, 35 Hi-Y 45 Science Club 35 Outing Club 2, 35 AFS 3, 45 Art Squad 35 Student Council Treasurer 35 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Octet 45 Red and Black Art Staffg Class Vice President 2, Secretary 45 Junior Prom Committee Chairman5 Senior Ball Committee5 Junior Ring Committee5 Area All State Orchestra 2, 45 Conference All State Orchestra 45 All Eastern Orchestra 4. ARLEEN MAY HODGSON "Leenie" - A vivacious strawberry blonde . . . wherever there is a happy gathering, there is Leenie . . . has an avid interest in white Fords, dancing, and swimming. Outing Club 2, 35 Knitting Club 35 Guides 35 Library Squad 2, 35 Office Assistant 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Typing Staffg Junior Prom Committee5 Junior Ring Committee5 Caps and Gowns Committee5 Intramural Sports 3, 4. E Q JOHN JEWELL HOWE Gets a kick out of life . . . cornet is his forte, but 1 typing isn't . . . choir boy . . . always laughing and playing practical jokes. Dramatics Club 45 Ski Club 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Broadcasters 45 Concert and Marching Bands 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Writing Staff, Photography Staff5 Committee Chairman of Sophomore I-Iop, Junior Prom, and Senior Ball 5 Caps and Gowns Committee5 Area All State Band and Orchestra 2, 3, 4. s 5 sk - PATRICIA LOUISE HUBERT "Pat" - Quick on the draw with a witty remark . . . unforgettable red hair . . . eyes that say a lot . . marriage in her crystal ball. Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. JONATHAN JAY HURWITZ Most Popular "Jon" - Mature and responsible class president who gets around . . . smile for everyone . . . natural leadership qualities . . . adds a special glow to our class. Varsity Football 45 Varsity Basketball 4, JV Basketball '35 Varsity Baseball 3, 45 JV Baseball Captain 25. Wrestling 25 Intramural Basketball 25 Dramatics Club 2, 4, Vice President 35 German Club Treasurer 3. President 45 Science Club 25 Outing Club 25 Varsity "G" Club 45 AFS 35 Broadcasters 3, 45 Speaker's Corps President 35 Student Council Secretary 2, Vice Presi- dent 3, Treasurer 45 Choir 25 Comedy Night 25 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Class Vice President 3, President 45 Sophomore Hop and Junior Ring Committees: Junior Prom Committee Chairmang Boys' State 35 Optimist Citizenship Award 45 Elks Youth Leadership Contest Winner, Honorable Mention in N. Y. State. KENDALL CHARLES JOHNSON "Kenny" - Has a great sense of humor and a keen linterest in world affairs . . . an airplane fan . . . our future pilot. Track 25 Cross Country 2, 3, 45 Varsity "G" Club 3, 45 World Affairs Forum 3, 45 Patrons' Evening Play 2. 5 :so CAROLYN EDITH JONES "Jonesie" - Our Madame Rembrandt . . . enjoys books, music and skiing . . . a popular leader. Honor Society 3, Vice President 45 Art Club 2, 35 Dramatics Club 45 GAC 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Ski Club 25 Outing Club 2, 35 Art Squad 25 Broadcasters 45 Speaker's Corps 35 Student Council 25 Choir 35 Concert and Marching Bands 25 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Art and Writing Staffs5 Class Treasurer 45 Committee Chair- man of Sophomore Hop and Senior Ball5 Junior Prom Co-Chairmang Prom Court5 Girls' State 35 Optimist Citizenship Award 45 National Merit Commendation. i , X " SHARON ANN JOUBERT .sg 3 'fJoubie" - A flirtatious smile and sparkling eyes . . . a sincere friend to all . . . our future secretary. Bowling 35 Dramatics Club 3, 45 GAC 3, 45 Science Club 2, 35 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Knitting Club 3: Broadcasters 45 Guides 2, 35 Lunchroom Committee 2, 3, 45 Office Assistant 2, 3, 45 Drama Night 35 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Typing Editor, Writing Staff5 Sophomore Hop and Caps and Gowns Commit- teesg Junior Prom and Senior Ball Committee Co- Chairman 5 Basketball Scorer 25 Sports Ticket Seller 4. , ..,, . . . r.., .,,s,..,.. .. ..,,.,,,..t,,,,,,,5,, ff W + my if if'ft-we-2r,:sr-ft-Q,:Qirsiisziffffizn-fs-frs,.v,,.e,,1s, 0 is -M-fr-ww f frfevr - vf--f' . --f Q .,,s,,u,,, BARBARA ANN KING "Bobbie,' - Pert and petite . . . loyalty is one of her strong qualities . . . proficient in roller skating and dancing . . . Insurance Company is her goal. Dramatics Club 45 Choir 45 Senior Ball Committee. CYNTHIA JANE KINGSLEY "Cinders" - Flirtatious little miss with the knack for confusing people . . . friend to all . . . full of fun . . . enjoys music and conversation . . . desires to be a school secretary. Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Knitting Club 35 Office Assistant 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Photography Staff5 Junior Prom Committee Co-Chairmang Junior Ring Committee5 Senior Ball Committee5 Caps and Gowns Committee. CAROL ANN LALOR "Loll' -- Loves dancing and swimming . . . fond of reading . . . belle of the roller rink . . . fun loving . . . vivacious, and extremely talkative . . . desires to become a beautician. Came to us from Catholic Central High School in Troy during her Junior Year5 Outing Club 45 Senior Ball Committee. JANE MILDRED LaMOY "Janie" - Always willing to assist in school activi- ties . . . loves dancing and sewing . . . fun loving, hard working, understanding, and sincere . . . ambition to be a nurse. ' Art Club 25 Dramatics Club 45 Guides 2, 35 Library Squad 25 Patrons' Evening Play' 45 Senior Ball Com- mittee. , 5 . l3l SUZANNE FRANCES LaMOY HSllZiCy'l - Active in school activities . . . a sparkling personality . . . excels in all kinds of sports . . . fun loving and friendly . . . nursing is in her future plans. GAC 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Knitting Club 35 Guides 35 Junior Prom Committee5 Red and Black Typing Staffg Sports Ticket Seller 4. RUTH MARIE LaPOINTE Best Dancer "Rucklel' - Loves to read bubble-gum fortunes . . . enjoys dancing . . . a carefree blonde with an infectious laugh . . . endless supply of pep and energy. Dramatics Club 45 Drama Night 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Knitting Club President 35 Guides 2, 35 Library Squad 2, 35 Office Assistant 2, 35 Student Council 25 Sopho- more Hop Committee5 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee. JOSEPH CLIFFORD LANGDON f'Joe" - Lover of outdoors . . . original . . . great sense of humor . . . enjoys hiking, skiing, and good food . . . talent for barbershop quartet singing . . . wants to become a chemical engineer. Wrestlin 3' Outin Club 2 Historian 3 President 4' g 7 g 3 5 5 Red and Black Photography Staffg Junior Prom Com- mittee5 Senior Ball Committee. , JOSEPH KIRKPATRICK LASHWAY, Jr. Lots of common sense . . . likes to hunt . . . ambi- tious . . . enjoys working on the farm . . . can be seen at Sunnyside . . . an outdoor man. JV Football 25 Outing Club 25 Student Council 25 Intramural Basketball 4. MICHAEL ERIC LEBOWITZ "Lebo" - Inquisitive . . . that cheerful grin . . . unequaled teamwork . . . a gridiron stalwart . . . whiz on the golf greens. Varsity Football 45 JV Football 2, 35 Golf 2, 3, 45 Bowling 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Ski Club 3, 45 Science Club 2, 35 Stamp Club 35 Outing Club 35 Varsity "G" Club 45 World Affairs Forum '25 Speaker's Corps 35 Senior Ball Committee. DONNA JEANNE LEWIS "Leu'ie' - An occasional chatterbox . . . likes collecting records and eating good food . . . always on the go . . . fun-loving and friendly . . . plans to be a retail buyer or a receptionist. Outing Club 25 Knitting Club 35 Guides 2, 35 Lunch- room Committee 25 Junior Prom Committee. 32 ,MW 'ffl'-lV!5'lif,rff'V7, 65,1 Q7Mw'1r"r" K rt VL! ,- My Jjlfffedk Jokes galore . . . hard working but always has time for fun . . . radiates friendliness . . . enjoys making movies . . . a future receptionist. MICHAEL ROBERT LINEI-IAN 'tMike" - Enjoys reading, writing, and playing chess . . . brightens the advanced algebra class . . . desires to travel . . . friendly and sincere . . . plans to join the Air Force after graduation. Chess Club 45 Red and Black Writing Staffg Intramural Basketball 4. . 2 74114 494' if ' PATRICIA ANN MAURER 'tPat" - Excels in dancing and acrobatics . . . enjoys collecting records, pantomiming, and swim- ming . . . thinks only about today, not yesterday ' or tomorrow. AC 5 Stamp Club 45 Outing Club 3, 45 Guides 2. LOUIS ROBERT MeARTHUR, Jr. ou, - Boisterons sense of humor . . . a girl's delight . . . tall, blond, and handsome . . . known for his horsemanship . . . a promising thespian. Bowling 35 Dramaties Club 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 SD0llli0I'lS Corps 35 Choir 2, 35 Comedy Night 25 Drama Night 35 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Junior Prom COHIHIIIIGQQ Senior Ball Com- mittee5 Conference All State Choir 3. FRANK EDWIN MCCOY, Jr. Likes all kinds of sports especially track and field . . . interested in scouting and forestry . . . plans to attend college and major in forestry. in Track 35 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Ad Staffg Senior Ball Committee5 Caps and Gowns Committee. PHILIP ESTABROOKS McDOWELL Best All-Around "Mac" - A likeable, good natured guy . . . a leader and erzthnsikzstic member of many organizations . . . can be seen on the nearest golf course. Honor Society 45 Golf 2, 3. 45 JV Basketball Manager 25 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Basketball Seorer 45 Dramatic-s Club 2, 3, Treasurer 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Varsity HG" Club 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 45 Broadcasters 3, 45 Speakers Corps Treasurer 35 Student Council 3, President 45 Concert Band 2, 45 Marching Band 2, 45 Dance Band 25 Drama Night 35 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Class Secretary 25 Sophomore Hop Committeeg Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Com- miteee Chairman. l33 PHILIP COBB MCINTIRE Most Likely to Succeed, Best Actor uPhil" - Versatile is the word for him . . . an unbeatable combination of scholarship, leadership, and .service . . . an outstanding member of our class. Honor Society 3, President 45 JV Football 2, 35 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, President 45 French Club 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Varsity "G" Club 3, 45 Broadcasters 43 Speaker's Corps 35 Concert Band 2, 3, 45 March- ing Band 2, 3, 45 Drama Night 35 Comedy Night 25 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Writing Staff5 Class President 3, Vice President 45 Sophomore Hop Committee Chairman5 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg Junior Ring Committee: Dartmouth Books Award 35 National Merit Commendation. THOMAS JAMES MCINTOSH "Tom" - Loves to work on cars . . . can be seen at The Canteen . . . fond of outdoor sports . . . looks forward to a naval career. Track 3 5 Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Outing Club 3, 5 ii rlriir itsrr I .,.f,.-,- -,r-f' .,,.. . Q ,,:-fA O 5 THEODORE GEORGE MONSOUR "Ted" - Quiet, sincere, known for his common sense . . . a good dancer . . . has fun bowling . . . wants to attend business college . . . a special talent for cooking. JV Football 1, 25 Outing Club 2, 35 Intramural Bas- ketball 4. YVONNE SOFIA MONSOUR "Sofiel' - Quiet, intelligent and sweet . . . avid participator in sports . . . interested in shorthand and typing . . . will make a good secretary? . . . always hardworking. ' FTA 2, 35 GAC 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Red and Black Typing Staff, Circulation Staff5 Junior Prom Committee. WALTER JAMES MURPHY 'fMurph" - Likes to talk . . . can be found at Dobert's . . . a future chemical engineer . . . friendly and fun-loving . . . can often be seen behind the wheel. Dramatics Club 45 Outing Club 25 World Affairs Forum 25 Broadcasters 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Ad Staff5 Senior Ball Committee Co-Chairman5 National Merit Letter of Commendation. DOROTHEA ANNE MURRAY "DottieU - Little lass with a lot to say . . . lively and excitable . . . unpredictable as the weather . . . can often be seen water skiing at Lake George. Honor Society 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 GAC 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Knitting Club 35 AFS 35 Library Squad 25 Speakerls Corps 35 Concert Band 25 Marching Band 25 Comedy Night 25 Drama Night 35 Red and Black VVriting Staff5 Junior Prom Committec5 Senior Ball Committee5 National Merit Letter of Commendation. 34 PAUL HARRIS NASON Most Intellectual 'tNace" - Our answer to Einstein . . . superlative in math anrl science . . . thrives on science fiction . . . welcome addition to any group . . . an explosive character. Honor Society 3, 4, Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, French Club 2, 3, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Library Squad 2, Patrons' Evening Play 4, Senior Ball Committee, Caps and Gowns Committee, National Merit Scholar- ship Winner, Honor Society Scholarship Finalist. RONALD LEWIS NEWELL "Ronl' - Enjoys skiing . . . always has a wise crack . . . radiates friendliness and fun . . . alurays has an unexpected remark . . . plans to go to college. JV Baseball 3, Bowling 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Science Club 4, Outing Club 2, Broadcasters 3, Speaker's Corps 2, Drama Night 3, 4, Comedy Night 2, Patrons' Evening Play 4. wee: ,jf est I MALCOLM BRIAN NICHOLS "Nick" - Likes all sports, girls, and playing practical jokes . . . what iroulrl u'e rlo zrithout his subtle sense of humor? . . . interested in a career in the Air Force. Varsity Football 4, .IV Football 2, 3, Track 2, 4, Wrest- ling 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 4, Outing Club 2, 3. PHYLLIS NORTON A quiet, vivacious, and sincere miss . . . helpful to all . . . loves to cook and paint . . . future ambition to be a nurse. Outing Club 2. x I . . 7 AX x ,, . r l , . S ,Q FREDERICK RONALD OBERST "Fred" - A snou' blowing machine. a home-made boat, and an ingenious minfl make Frecl one of our most unique seniors . . . unexpected humor . . . plans to be a mortician. Track 2, 3, Cross Country 2. 3: JV Basketball Manager 2, Dramatics Club 2. 3, Science Club 2, 3: Outing Club 2. 3, Historian 4: Varsity "G" Club 4, Broadcasters 3. 4, Student Council 2, Choir 2. 3, 4, Patrons' Evening Plav 4, Senior Ball Committee: Red and Black Circula- umi Staff. LINDA ELLEN OBERST "Obie" - In the midst of any jolly group . . . lrnoun by everyone . . . a very unprcrlictablc and friendly gal continually bubbling with encrgy and fun. Bowling 3, Art Club 2, Ski Club 4, Science Club 3, Outing Club 2. 3. 4: Knitting Club 3: Library Squad 2, Office Assistant 3. 4: Choir 2. 3, 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Ball Committee. I EVELYN WINIFRED .OTTO "Eve" - Loves to meet people . . . speaks German with a flair . . . writing poetry and painting are her favorite pastimes . . . an intelligent miss with a smile for all. Transferred from Bolton Landing this year5 Band 45 Orchestra 45 Red and Black Art Staff. MARCIA ANNE OUDEKERK 'fOude" - Talkative, with magic talent for getting into and out of predicaments . . . forever looking for something new, different, and exciting . . . hard worker behind the scenes. Dramatics Club 45 Ski Club 45 Science Club 2, 35 Outing Club 2, Executive Board 3, 45 Knitting Club 35 Library Squad 2, 35 Office Assistant 2, 3, 45 Speaker's Corps 35 Choir 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Writing, Typing, and Ad Staffs5 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee5 Announcements Committee5 Track Scorer 3. SHIRLEY ANN OUDEKERK 'fShirl" - Bubbling with laughter . . . a good listener . . . sticks to her convictions. . . . succeeds at all she endeavors . . . loves working with people . . . sincere Art Club 25 Outing Club 2, 35 Knitting Club 35 Office Assistant 2, 3, 45 Library Squad 25 Choir 2, 35 Red and Black Typing Staff, Photography Staff5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee5 Announcements Committee. , WENDY ELIZABETH PALMER An athletic miss . . . always ready for fun . . . likes music and dancing . . . friendly personality . . . art lover . . . interested in interior decorating and fashion designing. Art Club 3, 45 Outing Club 4. EDMUND EVERETT PARROW "Ed" -- Manager of a Little League Team . . . enjoys hunting, bowling, and skiing . . . interested in business management . . . friendly and sincere. JV Football 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Stamp Club 35 Outing Club 2, 35 Library Squad 2, 35 Senior Ball Committee. SANDRA MA RIE PETTIT "Sandy" - Always full of laughs . . . ambitions and willing tn help at any task . . . energetic in all school sports . . . plans to go to IBM school. GAC 3, 45 Stzunp Club 45 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Knitting Club 35 Guides 2, 3, 45 Speakers Corps 35 Choir 25 Caps and Gowns Committee. I3 LOUIS JAMES PICHEO "Gino" - Formerly a resident of Italy . . . adds to all groups . . . willing to be friends . . . a good looking jocular guy . . . forever helpful and co- operative. Chess Club 43 Stamp Club 33 Outing Club 2, 3 3 Library Squad 33 Senior Ball Committee. 12 iii, fri fl. li r GERALD CHARLES POTTER, Jr. 'fSkip" - Our future "Dobie'Gillis" . . . a great ability to get along with people . . . the outdoor type . . . indispensable on the gridiron or in a wrestling match. Varsity Football 3, 43 Wrestling 2, 3, 43 Outing Club 2, 43 Varsity "G" Club 3, President 43 Student Council 3, 4. HOWARD GOODRICH POTTER Best Dancer "Howie" - At home in the great outdoors . . . spends his summers working or swimming. . . . hockey and Y.M.CA. take up his spare time in the cold weather . . .amuzble to all. Art Squad 23 Art Club 2, 33 Chess Club 23 Outing Club 2, 3, 43 Speaker's Corps 33 Red and Black Art Staff? Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, and Senior Ball Committees. LOIS ANN PURICELLI "Lo" - A sunny smile and a friendly disposition . . . a drum player in the band . . . an avid skier and tennis player . . . Hard worker in every endeavor. Art Club 2, 33 Ski Club 2, 3, 43 Outing Club 2, 3, 43 Art Squad 23 Guides 2, 3, 43 Lunchroom Committee 2, 4, Chairman 33 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 43 Patrons' Evening Play 43 Red and Black Typing Staff 3 Junior Prom Committee3 Senior Ball Committee. SUSAN ELIZABETH RIDLEY Most Ladylike "Susie" - Sincerity plus . . . loves to talk and sing . . . a friend to all . . . pretty member of our Prom court . . . plans to be a teacher. Honor Society 43 FTA 23 Outing Club 2, 33 Choir 2, 3, 43 Octet 43 Red and Black Circulation Co-Manager3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Junior Prom Court 3 Senior Ball Committee. MARY RINGWOOD "Ring" - Lively miss . . . always found chattering . . . loves a good argument . , . interested in history and foreign affairs . . . enthusiastrb student , . . always busy. Dramatics Club 3, 43 FTA 2, 33 GAC 3, 43 French Club 43 Ski Club 43 Outing Club 2, 33 World Affairs Forum 33 Knitting Club 33 AFS 3, President 43 Broad- casters 3, 43 Library Squad 23 Spe-aker's Corps 33 Student Council 23 Choir 2, 33 Drama Night 33 Patrons' Evening Play 43 Sophomore Hop Committceg Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee Co-Chair- man3 Red and Black Writing Staff. I37 CHRISTOPHER ARNOLD ROBERTS "Kiln - Tops on the basketball court . . . usually quiet, but active in many school affairs . . . lively interest in sports, especially baseball and golf. Varsity Football 35 Varsity Basketball 45 JV Basket- ball 2, 35 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Outing Club Treasurer 25 Broadcasters 45 Red and Black Circulation Staff5 Class Treasurer 35 Junior Prom Committee Co-Chairmang Senior Ball Committee Co- Chairman5 Junior Ring Committee5 National Merit Letter of Commendation. PATRICK EDWARD ROBINSON "Pat" - Pleasing smile and manly physique . . . school comes between working and dating . . . animated walk . . . enjoys hot dogs . . . sincerely interested in his friends. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 2, 35 Outing Club 2, 3. hd W6 STEVEN CHARLES ROHRWASSER "Steve" - Will be remembered for quick wittiness . . . enjoys skiing and swimming . . . interested in science . . . plans to attend college and major in civil engineering or architecture. Bowling 45 Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Ski Club 3, 43 Science Club 45 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Ad Staff5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Com- mittee5 Announcements Committee. ALBERT WILLIAM RONAN, Jr. "Albie" - Tall, lanky, and easy going . . . at home on the basketball court . . . friendly and fun loving. Transferred from St. Mary's this yearg Senior Ball Committee5 Intramural Basketball 4. JOAN MARSHA ROSENBERG 'fJoni" - Enjoys hunting - for dears! . . . petite and 'uivacious . . . carefree and easy going . . . bubbling over with school spirit . . . future plans include college. Dramatics Club 45 GAC 45 French Club 45 Science Club 35 Outing Club 35 Knitting Club 35 AFS 3, 45 Broadcasters 45 Lunchroom Committee 35 Speaker's Corps 45 Student Council 3, 45 Red and Black Writing and Ad Staffs5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee5 Track and Basketball Scorer 3, 4. JOHN FREDERICK ROUSSEAU, Jr. Best Dressed Our Own Mr. America . . . all around scholastically and socuilly '. . . lucky Amherst . . . a born comedum . . . plans a career in law . . . an expert on the ski slopes. Varsity Football 3, JV Football 25 Track 35 VVrestling 25 Intrmaural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 25 Varsity "G" Club 3, 45 Broadcasters 35 Speaker's Corps 3: Octet 45 Red and Black Circulation Co-Manager! Sophomore Hop Committee5 Junior Prom Committee Co-Chairman5 Senior Ball Committee Co-Chairman5 Honor Society 3, 45 National Merit Letter of Com- mendation. l3E RUJ!endy Cfllzzabelh Ualmer RITA IRENE ROZELL Q 'fRcte" - A small bunrlle of joy anal laughter . . . petite young miss with a radiant smile . . . goorl naturefl anal cheery . . . craves excitement anal fun . . . enjoys singing. mi, FTA 33 GAC 43 Ski Club 43 Science Club 23 Outing Club 2, 33 Knitting Club 33 Choir 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Hop Committee3 Junior Prom Comniittccw Senior Ball Committeeg Announcements Committee. ROBERT JAMES ROZELL "Bohn - Our salesman from lllontgornery lVarfl . , . cheerful, harrl working, anrl friendly . . . just aflorcs Physics . . . likes hunting and fishing . . . wants to become an electrical engineer. Stamp Club 33 Outing Club 2, 33 Library Squad 2, 33 Red and Black Ad Stziffg Senior Bull COIHmlft98Q Announcements Committee CO-Cll21ll'IHtlHQ Patrons' Eve- ning 3. cvze ala! . MARY LOUISE ST. JOHN 'fLou" -- Always has something nice to say about everyone . . . remarkably talented in writing both poetry and prose . . . friendly and fun loving . . . will always be remembered. Red and Black Writing Staff. NANCY JEAN SAKAYAN f'AfanCw - A cheerful smile ancl a friendly rlisposi- ,Lanai tion . . . gracious and sincere . . . a hard and con- if M ' scientious worker . . . an excellent student. Honor Society 43 Art Club 2, 33 GAC 43 Hi-Y 43 German Club 3, 43 Outing Club 2, 33 Guides 3, 43 Lunchroom 3, 43 Library Squad 2, 3, 43 Choir 23 Red and Black Photography Staffg Junior Prom Committee3 Senior Ball Committee. JOHN CHARLES SCIOLI Most Gentlemanlfy "Qui aime beaucoup le francais" . . . strives to do his best . . . often seen in his little car . . . depend- able, sturlious, anrl friendly. French Club 3, Program Chairman 43 Science Club 33 Outing Club 33 World Affairs Forum Secretary-Treas- urer 43 AFS 33 Orchestra 23 Junior Prom Committee Co-Chairm:1n3 Senior Ball Committee Co-Chairman3 Caps and Gowns Committce3 Red and Black Circulation 'A E Staff, Sports 'Ticket Seller 3. Q f JN JOAN ANNE SCIOLI A future grarle school teacher . . . always ready to help a frienrl . . . a conscientious worker . . . sincere and harrl working in all her enflcavors. French Club 3, 43 Outing Club 23 Patrons' Evening Play 43 Junior 'Prom Committecg Cups and Gowns Committee. I39 ROBIN ANN SEARLE 'tR0b" - Our answer to the lark . . , combination of laughter, intelligence, and sincerity . . . always ready for fun . . . a remarkable sense of humor. Dramatics Club 45 CAC 43 Hi-Y 45 French Club 2, 35 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 35 AFS 3, 45 Speaker's Corp 35 Student Council Committee Chairman 2, 35 Choir 2, 3, 45 Octet 3, 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black Photography Staff5 Junior Prom Com1nittee5 Senior Ball Co1nmittee5 Announcements C0mmittee5 Area All State Choir5 All Eastern Choir. KENNETH PAUL SEEBER Class Flirt HKennyl' - A jovial individual who is a welcome aflrlition to our class . . . will do anything for laughs . . . often thoughtful and serious . . . desires to be a veterinarian. . Varsity Football 45 .IV Football 2, 35 Varsity Basket- ball 45 JV Basketball 2. 35 Track 35 Golf 25 Ski Club 25 Outing Club 25 Varsity 'AGM Club 45 Concert, Band 2, 35 Marching Band 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 35 Octet 45 Sophomore Hop Committee5 Junior Prom Committee Chairma.n5 Senior Ball Committee. WM P. M. DENNIS SHAW "Den", - Full of vim, vigor, and vitality . . . enjoys Outing Club hikes . . . diligent in all his efforts . . . staunch and dependable. JV Football 25 Track 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Ski Club 35 Science Club 35 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 World Affairs Forum 35 Lunch- room Committee 35 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee5 .Announcements Committee. ' GERALD TIMOTHY SHEA Best Looking Q H7'im" i Give him a paint brush and away he goes with a remarkable result . . . always has a joke and a smile . . . plans a military career. JV Football 35 Intramural Basketball 45 Athletic Asso- ciation Treasurer 45 Red and Black Art Staffg Junior Prom Committee Co-Cbairman5 Senior Ball Committee Co-Chairman. NORMA ANN SHIMAS t'Norm" - A devoted and understanding friend . . . gentle thoughts about everyone . . . meets life with a smile . . . a quiet, thoughtful miss. Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Knitting Club 35 Guides 2, 35 Library Squad 2, 35 Office Assistant 2, 3, 45 Choir 25 Red and Black Typing Staff5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee5 Junior Ring Committee5 An- nouncements Committee. MICHAEL RALPH SIMPKINS 'tMike" - Bowling is his favorite sport . . . un- harried, unflurrieal, unworrierl . . . enjoys life to the utmost . . . can be seen at all the athletic events. JV Football 35 JV Baseball 35 Bowling 45 Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Chess Club 2, 35 Science Club 45 Outing Club 3, 45 Red and Black Atl Staff5 Junior Prom Com- mittecg Senior Ball Coininittce5 Caps and Gowns Committee. l40 I L LINDA JANE SMITH "Smitty" - A smile lights her entire face . . . enjoys being around people and going places . . . active member of our choir . . . a future florist. Bowling 2, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 43 Ski Club 3, 43 Science Club 23 Outing Club 2, 3, 43 Knitting Club 33 Guides 33 Library Squad 23 Office Assistant 33 Speaker's Corps 33 Choir 2, 43 Concert Band 2, 33 Marching Band 2, 33 Octet 43 Patrons' Evening Play 43 Red and Black Ad Staffg Junior Prom Committee Chairman3 Senior Ball Chairman3 Area All State Choir 4. ROBERT TREMAN SMITH, Jr. "Bob" - An active sportsman . . . our devoted yearbook co-editor . . . going to University of Rochester to major in economics . . . contributes much to school activities. Honor Society 4g Track 2, 3, Captain 43 Wrestling 33 Cross Country 2, 33 Outing Club 2, 3, 43 Varsity "GH Club 2, 3, 43 World Affairs Forum 33 AFS 3, 43 Broad- casters 43 Student Council 2, 3, 43 Patron's Evening Play 43 Red and Black Co-Editor3 Sophomore Hop Committeeg Junior Prom Co-Chairman3 Senior Ball Committee Co-Chairman. , 'L 7 . ' yay". JANEFSON RIANIJ fijanien - ,?:jjfQndly,s5nQile andxhello for -every e . , . keen't terestgin sports mountain Ql - ing arribitia1Qi:Ls"to worlcilh a laboratprxygj C 4' 'Outing' ub 3 'ill' Choip 9"'WJun1br Prom iggmmittem S orts Ticket, iller 43lSei1ior,lBaijpm- is r if mitteeg' Ann cements..-Committee. X , ' fin L 3 1 .iff I ' I jj X MABEE LUCINA SPAULDINE 553, I . 5 Q Q 5 V 3 3 ' 'Ui' Most Athfdtic 'f 3 - f' " -liinjoygs listeninfjto g rn liar danci r ex: d parinitipatingtigt lkinds of sp . . ,I e in coqyi g ,ffrie angioffu' ny ng. 'fi ' .Came to us f' Quidisiiny afte er Soph e ?fear3 GAQ 43 Oufing Clu ,4,' ibr ry Squad ' oir, A g:QmC9ft,BQI1d 3j'I'Iead' Iiibr an 4g Mar ing Ba ' , Sperpeg A331111-1. f 3 9 . ,H IVUM' ll. h ' fl: ff X' fs' iv" if A A .,' rl All KURT ROBERT STEENBURGH Spirited member of our pep and marching bands . . . enthusiastic "Crooner" in choir . . . willing and conscientious worker . . . always available when needed. h Track 23 Wrestling Manager 37 Intramural Basketball 3, 43 Chess Club 2, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 43 FTA 43 Science Club 43 Outing Club 2, 3, 43 Varsity "G" Club 43 Broadcasters 3, 43 Choir 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 3, Manager 43 Pep Band 2, 3, 43 Dance Band 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Com- mittee3 Senior Ball Committee3 Area All State Band 4. iq LINDA LEE STEWART f'Lin" - An abundance of artistic ability . . . a fluent conversationalist . . . what a sense of humor! . . . plans to pursue a career in commercial art. Art Club 2, 33 Outing Club 2, 33 Knitting Club 33 Art Squad 2, 33 Lunchroom Committee 23 Library Squad 23 Sophomore Hop Committee Co-Chairman3 Junior Prom Committee3 Intramural Sports. l4I PAMELA JOYCE TRIMBEY Most Talented "Pam" - Fine athlete and student . . . a popular cheerleader with plenty of school spirit . . . friendly . . . especially talented in French and music. Honor Society 3, 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 GAC 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 3, 45 Science Club 25 Outing Club 2, Broadcasters 45 Speaker's Corps 35 Student Council 2, 3, President 4-25 Choir 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Octet 45 Drama Night 35 Varsity Cheerleaders 3, Captain 45 JV Cheerleader 25 Red and Black Circula- tion Staff 5 Sophomore Hop Committee 5 Junior Prom Committee Chairmang Senior Ball Committee. GLORIA ANN TRIPP Sincere . . . willing to help . . . interested in art, especially fashion designing . . . plenty of common sense . . . pert, pretty, and polite. Art Club 2, 35 Outing Club 25 Art Squad 2, 35 Guides 2, 35 Lunchroom Committee 25 Red and Black Art Staff5 Sophomore Hop Committee5 Junior Prom Com- mittee. MILDRED ELIZABETH TUPPER "Betty" - Quiet but secretly mischievous . . . an avid reader and history student . . . dislikes chem- istry and rainy days . . . awaiting an exciting future. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 FTA 4, Outing Club 25 Guides 2, 35 Junior Prom Cornmitteeg Senior Ball Committee5 National Merit Letter of Commendation. JOHN BRETT VAN DERWARKER "Chin" - Practical joker who thrives on fun . . . happy-go-lucky individual . . . loves to work on his red 1940 automobile . . . likes building models. JV Football 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 35 Varsity "G" Club 3, 45 March- ing Band 25 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee. gg' SUSAN ANN VARNEY " iii' T A A "Cookie" - Quiet and sincere . . . a good addition to any group . . . enjoys reading and cooking . . . loves to have a good time . . . a future secretary. Dramatics Club 45 Outing Club 2, 3, 45 Library Squad 25 Red and Black Typing Staff5 Junior Prom Com- mittee5 Senior Ball Committee. ELIZABETH FLORENCE VIEHMANN f'Bet" - Ambitious and good-natured . . . fun loving with a sunny smile . . . sincerity plus . . . plays violin in the orchestra . . . plans to be a social worker. Outing Club 25 Guides 25 Student Council 35 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Red and Black Photography Co-Editor5 Senior Ball Committee. l42 5 P LOUISE MARY WAGNER "Lou" - Enjoys flying, world affairs, reading and swimming . . . friendly, sincere, and hard-working . . . will attend college. Honor Society 45 FTA 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 German Club 3, 45 World Affairs Forum 3, 45 Guides 3, 45 Library Squad 2, 3, 45 Speaker's Corps 35 Red and Black Photography Co-Editorg Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Com- mittee Co-Chairman. ANGELA BILLIE WARNER "Kitten" - Born during an air raid in London, England . . . plans to become an airline hostess . . . loves dancing, swimming, boating, and travelling. Transferred from Queensbury after her Sophomore year5 Junior Prom Committee. law ,, ..,.,., gg, I GWEN SUTHERLAND WARNER Most Popular Enthusiastic cheerleader . . . our lovely Prom queen . . . bright and gay personality . . . likes swimming, skiing, and diving . . . hopes to enter a Liberal Arts School. Dramatics Club 45 FTA 25 GAC 3, Treasurer 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 French Club 3. 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club 25 Outing Club 25 Knitting Club 35 Broadcasters 45 Student Council 2, Homeroom Chairman 45 Concert and Marching Bands 2, If Varsity Cheerleader 45 JV Cheer- leader 2, 35 Red and Black Photography Staff 5 Class Secretary 35 Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Ball, and Junior Ring Committees5 Junior Prom Queen. JUDITH ANN WARNER 'fJucc" . . . Asset to our class . . . outstanding student . . . hardworking Hi-Y vice president . . . sports enthusiast, especullly skiing and swimming . . . next year will include college. GAC 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, Vice-President 45 French Club 3, 45 Ski Club 4f Science Club 25 Outing Club 2, 35 Knitting Club 35 Concert Band 2, 35 March- ing Band 2, 35 Orchestra 25 Red and Black Writing Staff5 Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Ball, and Caps and Gowns Committees. SUSAN ELIZABETH WELLS Class Flirt- "Shcrry" - Vivacious blonde, excels in blushing . . . always looks on the bright side of life . . . will further her education after graduation. Dramatic-s Club 2, 3, 45 FTA 45 GAC 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 French Club 3, 45 Science Club 35 Outing Club 2, 35 Knitting Club 35 Concert Band 25 Marching Band 2, 35 Drama Night 35 Patrons, Evening Play 45 Red and Black Photography Staff5 Junior Prom and Senior Ball Committees. WAYNE MICHAEL WELLS "Butchl' - Enjoys cars and girls . . . keen on study halls, wrestling, bowling and other sports . . . intends to join the Air Force. Bowling 4. I43 Om CHARLES GILBERT WESTFALL Class Clown "Chunky" - Quiet in class, but a demon on the. tennis court . . . full of enthusiasm . . . would make a good coach , . . likes ice hockey and football. Varsity Football 45 JV Football 2, 35 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball Manager 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 45 Varsity "G" Club 45 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg Timer for Basket- ball Games. JOHN CLOSS WILLLIAMS, Jr. NWill" - Our Walter Winchell . . . wants to be a medical doctor . . . excels in wrestling and base- ball . . . alert and diligent. Honor Society 45 Varsity Baseball 3, 45 JV Baseball 1, 25 Wrestling 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 25 Dra- matics Club 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club 25 Outing' Club 2, 35 Varsity "G" Club 2, 3, 45 Broadcasters 3, 45 Speakers Corps 35 Concert and Marching Bands 25 Comedy Night 25 Drama Night 35 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Red and Black VVriting Staff5 Caps and Gowns Committee5 Committee Chairman of Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, and Senior Ball5 Post-Star Correspondent 3, 4. NATHANIEL THOMAS WILLIAMS f'Merc" - Talented artist . . . an easy going guy with a big heart . . . his favorite hobbies are girls, cars, and dancing . . . would like to be an architect. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 2, 35 Senior Ball Committee. BRIAN KENT WILSEY Most Congenial 'fC'urly" - Quiet and likeable . . . recognized for his spirit on the gridiron . . . loves to ride around on his motorcycle . . . will join the Army after graduation. Varsity Football 3, Captain 45 JV Football 1, 25 Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Varsity "G" Club 3, 4. RONALD PAUL WINTER "Ronnie" - Looks efficient with a pencil behind his ear . . . ready to crack a joke . . . hunting and sailing enthusiast . . . would like to take a course in hotel management. Q Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Red and Black Ad Staff5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee. MELODY MARGARET WOOD Gay and friendly . . . plenty to say . . . ri charming smile . . . noted for her shiny black hair . . . loves music and dancing . . . plans to become a secretary. Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 25 Guides 25 Drama Night 35 Comedy Night 25 Red and Black Circulation Staffg Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committee. I44 Sly Seniou ANDREW OLIVER GARAND "Ollie" - Formidable football opponent . . . likes cars . . . strong, silent type . . . always available when you need a friend . . . has mechanical ability. Varsity Football 3, 45 Track 2, 35 Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee. MICHAEL STEPHEN MUDGETTE "Pic" - Never worried, seldom hurried . . . personality pleasing to all . . . a real joker at heart . . . a truly happy- go-lucky individual. MICHAEL GEORGE WOODBURY "Woody" - Talkative with a sense of humor . . . plays golf, skis, and likes to tease . . . heading for college and then the seventh vice-presidency of Wood- bury Lumber Company. Honor Society 45 Golf 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Chess Club President 45 Ski Club 2, 35 Science Club 25 Outing Club 25 Speaker's Corps 35 Concert and March- ing Bands 23 Orchestra 25 Red and Black Ad Staff5 Sophomore Hop and Junior Prom Committees5 Committee Co-Chairman of Senior Ball and Caps and Gowns5 National Merit Letter of Commendation 5 UN EX- amination Award 3. ew 74664 ' 700: gimme The Class of 1961 distinguished itself as many of its members were recognized for their outstanding achievements in citizenship and scholarship. Wanda Emerson was awarded a trip to the United Nations Youth Seminar in New York City last year for receiving the highest mark in a special examination on the U. N. Mike Woodbury received a monetary award for second place. Jon Hurwitz and Carolyn Jones were our representatives to Empire Boys' and Girls' State, and recipients of the Optimist Youth Appreciation Week Good Citizen Award. Elaine Hillman received the D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award. Philip Mclntire was the recipient of the Dartmouth Books Award and the winner of both the Elk's Club Leadership Award and an English award from the National Council of Teachers in English. Jacqueline Dwyer was our school's nominee for the Jenkins Memorial P.T.A. Award. Twelve seniors received letters of commendation in the National Merit Scholarship Program. VValter Harrison received the Bausch and Lomb Science Award and was a Finalist in both the National Merit and National Honor -Society Scholarship Programs. Paul Nason was awarded a National Merit Scholarship. This was particularly outstand- ing since National Merit Scholarships were awarded to less than 1,000 of the nation's secondary school seniors. Paul was also a Finalist in the National Honor Society Scholarship Program. Winners of New York State Regents Scholarships were Edna Achenbach, Katharine Colson, Wanda Emerson, Walter Harrison, Carolyn Jones, Philip McIntire, Paul Nason, Robert Smith, John Rousseau, and Pamela Trimbey. Walter Harrison, Paul Nason, and Robert Smith were also winners of New York State Science and Engineering Scholarships. l45 , 4 4,4 me Preszdent .A..AA....... Vice President Secretary .........,... Treasurer .......... Adviser ............ DBrV1d Clark Jane McNa1ry Penny Peck Arnold Alkes Miss Helen S. Gahimer I46 mm Wfdldftq Entering Glens Falls Senior High School two years ago was a thrilling experience for the Class of '62, but we had many difficulties to overcome in the beginning of our high school career. We entered our junior year, however, with self-confidence and enthusiasm for meeting new challenges. To guide us we re-elected David Clark as our president, and elected Jane Mc- Nairy, vice-president, Penny Peck, secretary, and Arnold Alkes, treasurer. Our first big event this year was ordering and receiving our class rings. From the time the ring committee, consisting of David Clark, Jane McNairy, Scott Alexander, Gretchen Herschleb, and Penny Peck, displayed the samples, we could scarcely wait to receive our rings. The ring mounting was round, and the rings were very special and different from other class rings. We had our choice of ruby, gold, or black onyx with the Glens Falls crest. Although everyone had a hard time deciding on the background, when the rings arrived, we unanimously agreed that they were the most beautiful we had ever seen. In the field of sports, the Junior Class has been active and outstanding. In football we starred Dave Clark, Mike Smith, Cal Tucker, Todd Zenger, Dave Usher and Neild Waterman. In our beautiful gym we shouted and yelled when Mike Smith, Dave Clark, Pat Wright, and Cal Tucker sank baskets for the varsity team. Mary Lee Moynihan, Gretchen Herschleb, Jane McNairy, Priscilla Van Wirt, and Peggy Halladay have led us in cheering both the jayvee and varsity teams to victory. Jane McNairy was elected vice-president of Student Council the first term, Gretchen Herschleb, the second term. In March, Gretchen Herschleb was chosen to represent our school this summer at Girls' State, and Zoltan Gaal was chosen to attend Boys' State. Being tapped for Honor Society while a. junior is a great accomplishment. Six of our members were so honored at the impressive National Honor Society assembly in the spring: Barbara Bulova, Katherine Carter, Marilyn Crannell, Helen Cowles, John Glaspey, and Ann Minnick. As with all Junior classes, however, our Junior Prom was the high point of our year. Under the co-chairmanship of Gretchen Herschleb and Arnold Alkes, we took a magic carpet to "Far Away Places," and we will always remember the soft lights, soft colors, haunting music, and beautiful gowns. Then came the climax of the evening - the entrance of our own beauti- ful Prom Queen, Mary Lee Moynihan, and her lovely attendants: Gretchen Herschleb, Sharon Hickey, Kristine Kenney, Jane McNairy, Penny Peck and Priscilla Van Wirt. After the Inter- mission Party and the After-the-Ball Party, we gathered next morning, weary and exhausted but full of "wasn't it beautiful" memories, for the Clean-up Party! We are specially grateful to our Junior class adviser, Miss Gahimer, and to all of our teachers who have helped us to complete successfully our second year in Glens Falls High. Having had a year full of fun, knowledge, exciting experiences, and success, the Class of '62 is looking forward to its Senior Year. Not pictured with the class: Steven Craig, Frederick DuMont, Marlene Fish, Nelson Gause, Richard Gillingham, Howard Gray, Georgia Gritzbach, Garry LaMora, William Mangine, Dale Mellon, Jonathan Potter, Marie Potter, Philip Reynolds, Herman Rumrill, Janice Slhavg Wilfred Smith, Henry Suckman, Calvin Tucker, David Usher, Paul Usher, Roger an rman. I47 4 Diane Abraham David Adams Nancy Adams Sharon Akins Scott Alexander Arnold Alkes Mary Ashley Rosemary Aurel William Ayres Patricia Bannin Donald Bannon Robert Barry Morton Batchelder John Beale Virginia Bean William Bemis Anita Blocksidge Marcia Bowen Faith Brand Libby Braydon Robert Brennan Robert Breuder Roberta Breuder Phyllis Brothers Jean Brown Ellen Buckley Patricia Bulman Barbara Bulova Carolyn Cantz Genevieve Capone J oann Carlton Joan Carpenter ia I48 Laura Carpenter Roberta Carroll Sharon Carroll Katherine Carter VVayne Chagnon John Cifone Eugene Cimini David Clark Thomas Clark Elizabeth Clarke Marcia Clcghorn Clarence Collins Frances Colton Darlene Combs Daniel Corcntto Linda Couture Constance Cowart Helen Cowles Marilyn Crannell James Croker John Cross Stella Cross Nancy Cummings Neil Davis Roger Davis Susan Day Virginia Dean Susan Dickinson Michele DiManno Sharon Dohert Nancy Drummond Peter Dudley Q. 1 :sl if l l tsil lt! fl David Duell Carol DuFour Leonard DuFour Nancy Dziarnba Richard Edmonds Caroline Edmunds Gary Ellsworth Gerald Fair Maureen Fitzgerald Arla Fontaine Constance Freeman Roger Fuss Zoltan Gaal John Glaspey Donna Granger Daniel Grant Mary Graves Janet Greenawalt Karen Gregorio Ronald Hall William Hall Margaret Halladay Douglas Hallett Karen Hamell Sharon Hamell Patricia Harding Alfred Hartwell Donna Haviland Douglas Heide Margo Hernandez ,ra if Kristine Kenney Robert King Teri King Paul Kohn Charlene LaMere Ovid LaMere David Langdon Jane Lattimore Stuart Lazarus Allen Ledford Barbara Leibman Lionel Lemery Martin Lennox Maxine Long Andrew Lundgren William Lyford Helen Manell Thomas Marchewka Bruce Martin Gary Martin f-.J ...ap O Gretchen Herschleb Sharon Hickey Fay Hill Gary Hook Judith Howard Pamela Huested Sherill Hunter Yvonne Hunter Dorothy John Edward Kenney if lk .h' 3,--f ,gk ss. QK 1 'KZ' 195 351 11? til' 411' y-43' rx A so 9 5. ,,... 4-7 Ann McDonough Sara McGee Daniel McGowan Sherryn McLaughlin Jane McNairy Ann Minick Nancy Minnick Patricia Mock Mary Lee Moynihar Hilma Murray Lana Nassivera Kristin Nelson Sally Nesbitt Patricia Newton Roger Nichols Thomas O'Keefe Richard Pabst Lynn PEER., I P i Z . 4 Ffffy DJ Willlljfll fmw' 'i 4 Lefbnor illiyis I ' f nr W or ff Q fm., if li! Us rt 'Y , gb !l,i'N 7 arroniPic rg ,. .R .,,. yAnu e ,il Qu: .olynP erik, Aj gf!! if ' itane Qmscljy ju arg Rams: H ,A aryl' :X . YI L M f '1,r 19 . 1 l .IV j N, f f 3 W, il'i ' V iii 1 Gl, elyeaf af ' ingwoodil' f Robinson? file Rogers 4 Carolyn Romer I5 J Carrie Rouse Martha Saidel Maria Scarpellino C. Schoenberger Ellen Sexton Daphne Shaw Michael Smith Sharon Spaulding Stewart Stern Margaret Stiles Florence Stone Tim Sullivan Jonathan Thomas John Tremblay Alma VanDerwarker George VanGarderen Priscilla VanWirt Joseph Viger Barbara Wall Neild Waterman Leonard Webster Joan Wells James Whitney Jeanette VVilliams Michael Winn Cynthia Winter Carole Wood Patrick Wright Wilbur Wright Morton Yanklowitz Brenda Yates I 53 Todd Zenger fb' A 305 Ll .R E f 1 3 f 1' .ll js Y' g.',,X 1 'OX ev X 1, M ff pc., it X 2. 'ff l X ,pus :vm 6'9- r"'wl r ,q , ,D T 3 , X ' Q it ' af was President ......,.... Vice President Secretary,... Treasurer .....,..... Adviser ............ sie Bruce Lyman Ronald Ives Hope Hallenbeck Neil Akins Miss Genevieve E. Bazinet l54 S qfdatofzy Our sophomore class, a little wet behind the ears, entered Senior High School in September 1960. For a short time we were bewildered by the many different activities and procedures, but it didn't take us long to develop a feeling that we were part of Senior High. Our first important class activity, under the supervision of Miss Bazinet, was the Sophomore Hop. We decorated the gym to the theme of "East of the Sun." The artistic and social success of our dance was attributed to the hard working committee heads and their helpers - financially, it was another story! Many members of our class were active in sports. Joseph Carusone, Neil Goodrich, John Weber, Dale Comar, Joe Monsour, and Stephen Kelly made the varsity football squad. During the basketball season, Joseph Carusone played on the varsity team while many other sophomores played on the jayvee team. Neil Goodrich, Richard Collin, Bruce McElmon, Mike Chandler, and William Garrow added some needed strength to the wrestling team. Cheering the Indians on to victory were the jayvee cheerleaders: Barbara Slayton, Carollee Viger, and Sharon DeGraff. Many sophomores have also participated in extracurricular activities such as music and dramatics. The Sophomore Dramatics Club presented "Perchance to Dream" with great enthusiasm and brought much enjoyment to a large audience. Most important of all, however, was our high scholastic standing and good representation on honor rolls. VVe have had a wonderful year and will be looking forward to bigger things next year. Not pictured with the class: Linda Atwell, Daniel Bacon, Linda Corlew, Tom Hack, Richard Harding, Donald Harney, Robert Havens, Bruce Hunter, James Johnson, Thomas McCarthy, gahMuclge1tte, James Richardson, Gordon Saville, Susan Service, James Skellie, Joseph Skellie, o een s er. I55 4-v Christine Adams Prudence Adams Neil Akins Harold Allen Judith Atwood Ralph Aurelia Shirley Baker Ronald Bannon Betty Barker -- - Lawrence Barker 'f" June Barnes Donald Bartholomew Jeffrey Bartholomew Fred Bazinet Elizabeth Bean Susan Beckler David Beecher Elizabeth Bentley Jeffrey Bentley Theresa Bergeron John Bingham Ronald Borst Pamela Bowen Sandra Boynton David Brower Peter Butler Anne Caldwell Patricia Cane Patsy Cappello Merilyn Carey Vadia. Carlisle Raymond Aurelia Joseph Carusone Stephen Cashion Carolyn Caswell David Chagnon Michael Chandler Pamela Charlebois Thomas Charlebois Ike Chatterton Nancy Clark Carol Cleland Jack Close Jill Close Harvey Collins Dale Comar Barbara Comeau James Conners John Coon Philip Corbett Kirkham Cornwell David Covey Mary Crissey Margaret Crockwell Frances D'Angelo Kristine Darcy Gary Davignon James Davis Patricia Davis Sharon DeGraff Katharine Denton Gary Dobert Gary Ellsworth Nancy Fedeli David Fenton Susan Finnan Leonard Fosbrook Pamela French David Gagne William Garrow Jill Ge-lb Nancy Girard Elaine Goldstein Neil Goodrich Lelia Goodwin Benjamin Graves Ellen Green Robert Green Yvonne Greenwood David Griffith Sherry Hall Hope Hallenbeek Gail Hamilton Holly Harrison Sharon Hart JoAnn Hermance Christina Hickey Georgia Hoffis Maurice Holcomb Andrea Holmquist Freida Howard Judy Howard Alan LaPointe Robert LaRose Fay LeGault Marvin Lemery Peter Lemery Mary Anne Lewellin Jeffrey Liddle Michael Lyford Bruce Lyman Charlene MacDonald James MacPherson Jeffrey MacPherson Mary Lee McCrea Bruce McE1mon Barbara McIntosh Thomas McKinney Margaret McMaster Ralph Metzger David Monroe Joe Monsour Byron Howe Dean Howland Barbara Hyde Ronald Ives Marjorie Johnson Bette Joiner Stephen Kelly Sharon Kestner Monty Kirschenbaum Marianne LaHaise 1 ,mo-, 02 Gi' H1 '67 Y? 'id' 'il "' l MON env f 'QP' J ,, , , r I ifzli fi IQ? ef If ig? A , 'BM' all IT fsrfli. 3' 3,,gy,y,i.:f,y,,,,,eagk:.M:,5:aDaba ,lg 4 - 4 .ff ,.1,.f 5 - - . 5 -r Raymond Morris Richard Nathan Craig Nelson William Neshem Raymond Norton James Oudekerk Judith Oudekerk Mary Lou Parsons Marilyn Patton Carl Paul Cynthia Perkett Arthur Pfizenmaye if 1 i' y W xx. ,, 5, f W. mi Marjorie Porter Roseann Powers Anthony Reynolds William Ringer Knox Rogers Janice Romer Robert Rosoff Gary Rozell Philip St. Clair Louise Scarpellino Carol Sharland Maryrita Shearer Laurie Sherman Deborah Silverstein Joseph Simpson Jerry Singer Nancy Slawsby Barbara Slayton Wanda Smith Pauline Sondrini Richard Spector Deborah Starbuck Stephen Stillman Joy Streeter Ray Streeter Richard Streeter Barry Suckman Joan Swan Glenna Sweet John Sweet J onaleen Tessino Clayton Tripp Bernadine Tucker Terrance Tucker Michael Vitagliano Robert Vosburgh Richard Waite Donald Walker Martin Wall Jerry Wallace Donna Ward John Weber Barbara Wein Dawn Wells William Winchell Diana Winn Susan Wiswall Bonita VVood Martha Woodbury Linda Zalutsky elm Q l W ilfLf,ff7 ,:,, Q ','.: 'xyihiel N-I E R To the people of Glens Falls goes our sincere thanks for the helping hand extended to us during our three years at Glens Falls High School. Without their devoted assistance and patronage, many of our school functions would not have been successful. They not only furnished us with props for stage productions and decorations for our dances, but provided many of us with part-time and summer employment. We are especially grateful to our advertisers, for without their cooperation and support the publication of this yearbook would not have been possible. Our contact with the members of our community has made us more conscious of the numerous benefits Glens Falls has to offer. The various examples of community service frequently demonstrated by local businessmen has shown us the path we should follow when we take our place in the community as adults. I63 ADVERTISERS' INDEX ABC Equip. 81 Relrigeralion Co., Inc. ,.,.M I Abalene Pesi' Conlrol Service, Inc. .v..,w,.,vE,E I Abboll s Resiauranl ............,..v............ Acl1enbach's .A..,E...,........E................................. Adirondacl: Trailways Bus Terminal .,....,....... Air-Land Mofor Parls, lno. ........,,..,,.,, I Albany Business College .A,...,..w. Allen's Men's Shop .,..vVYwA..... II .I Allslale Insurance Company I II,I I Alverson, J. M., Oplomelrisl I Ames Chemical Worlrs I II ooooo I Apex lnduslrial Conslrucfion Corp. o,YII II Arlcell8zSmifl1sI ..,.,...o I II I I. Aronson's Drug S'I'ore, Inc. I,IIIo I Ashlon Fuels ,..uu....,,u..,, Ball, George 8: Company, CPA's I Barber's Marlcel .,,,.,,, Bassoclc's Furriers ..,... I I Bay Sfreel' Allanlic Service Bezzie's Reslaurani' V4,iI I I II Bingham, lvl., Radio 8: Television Binley Florisl, Inc. ..r,. I I I Boulevard Bowling Cenler Boulevard Diner a.,,a..,a Boxer's Drug Sfore ..... Braydon 8: Chapman, Inc. I aa,a II Bullard-Glencrall' Prinling, Inc. I II Burns News Agency, Inc. ,a,a I Burns News Room I. I Bush's Super Marlcel' I Canleen, The I ........... I I Capone's Shoe Rebuilders II Carson-Duffy Agency, Inc. Carswell Molors, Inc. Cervera S'l'udio ,.,, II II Children's S'l'ore, The ,,a,, Clarlc Brofhers, Inc. I II Clarlc's Discounl' Deparlmenl' Slore II I Collins' Grocery Siore I I Collins, J. Burlce 8: Son-Reallors I II Colonial Resfauranln ,,,, Combs, Richard M., Elecl. Conlraclor Congdon Agency I I II II Cool lnsuring Agency, Inc. I Coroner Beauly Salon II I Crannell's Dairy Bar I I I I Cronin-Mangine Laundry .rrr Cu'l'shall's Dry Cleaners ..,,eY David's Shoes .a,.. e..,..,...,,,.a,.., Davignon, Elhan, Grocery Slore a,,,ev Dean's Dislinclive Pholography .e,,uI DeLong's Dairy e,,,,,,e.,,.,,,,,. I. ...., .I Del Signore's Reslauranl' ,I II ,,., Dempsey Bloclc anal Sleel, lnc. e,,,.,, I Diegesy 8: Clusf .,.... Doberfsfbairy ........, ....,.,., I Dom'sfiTi?anspor+a+ion ,,,., II Double Resfauranl' .................,.... Duers Oil Company ...,........,............... Duplex Conslruc-lion Company, lac. Durlcee's Grocery ,,,...,, ...............,,......... Eagle Clolhing Company ........., Economy Deparlmenl Slore .I ,y,, Eddie's Greenhouse 8: Ehrlich Supply Company ..,,.... .e.. I Erlanger Slores, The I ,,..,. . Evelyn's Flowers 8: Gills ,,...,. Fashion Shop, The I I Feigenbaum Cleaners ,.,,,,.,.,........ Finch, Pruyn 8: Company, Inc. I ,,e,, II I Firsl' Nalional Banlc of Glens Falls I Flair Shop, The IIIIII IIII.IIIIIIIIIIII Food Marlcel, The II II Fowler's, lnc. II II Frasier Painl' Corporalion I Friend, A I II II G. 8: V. Laundry .........II..I...........II. GI S l I Co , I . ,....I.I.I.. II eu2f.4e1ifg?lna+..2P52lnp.n.fy. me IIIII I Glendalefhllarlrel .....................,. C5-lm A I . eliee Business Glens Falls Coca Cola Co. I Glens Falls Insulalion Company .I...III.I. Glens Falls Insurance Company ...II..I.. Glens Falls Jewelry Shop .II.II,.IIIIII..III Glens Falls Nalional Banl: 8: Trusl Co. I Glens Falls Porfland Cemenl' Company Glens Falls Posl' Company I...I.I.I.....I..II Glens Falls Savings 8: Loan Aim. I.I... I Globe Taxi Service II III.II,. ,.I,,.I, . .III V I Goldsfoclc's Spor-ling Goods ...IIII I gi Gourmel' Reslauranl' ....I..I Grlflins I IIIII IIII I II Gubifz, W. F. 8: Sons IIII Harder Silo Company, Inc. IIIIIII I Herlz, Slephen, Jeweler IIIIIIIII Hug-gay, Inc. IIIIII .....I...I..III l-Ii eeirio Sup y ompany Hilching Posl, The IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Honigsbaumk, Inc. I..I.I.,I...,I..II I I-lyde's Luncheonefle IIII.I...II,I.,.I. lnlemalional Brofherhood o-I Pulp, Sulphile, and Paper Mill Workers I I 5 saw K Ii :sig nin-sh L EIU ,, ---- -- .. sulyfaghmeg ,AYY - , A.. ". IIa'i"E me .- if I 'X I I 5, 1 I 9-I' I' 4 M: -.. is . , F , 4 1 'FI 5 se ! L,.. an 1 ' .. I I W 'H' S i s .... ,... - -- . , .. ' 11 W' 1 , J , 3, , mEi..f.2F , .. , .,,A ., I .,,y,..,w. ,,,, ,.,,, ,5g,,,, , B me . , M, 5 ,,,, W, , JW.. ..,,,,,. f.,,,.W.. ,,,.. W a.,,I..,.,,.w. --"'- WH.---I 9 A. Er If f E Y K Y L hiv a x 4 " II' be at W' ff I y, I IQ' if ' 'I in I , Ii I . , wg A-.4 if is ,B L 1 X I ,I 'GI' ,, V .,,,-- V ,, ,,, .'--..,rg, 1. ,fi I ,IVL l' 119ff..7- F .V .,,,,.s?.-a,f.,,mf '-I mx We as W H f-In .:f1 "K-kf' vsp - H - L ., . ffff,Yw'f- W '--, ,yy we -f"1-"2" sf:-eff'-fs :f:-WfLg I -:-1 s -wff:'-:- Hans 11':- '2iff1'f , 1 i:-:f1 V . , . , 1 ,A , , i7 1 i 1 , , 4 AA' iffY'I'1fEi 'K:'f' ,tix fm? i --mil!! v'ff'l2, ,:i'fTrcLfY1iiSH:5 xwv,X xM'E2 f"i ,i'i1f.ifY!5W?En!ifS62.,,x..::L:i!2i"feeEE'fE:?if-iii: wfi Zi iiiffxii 1fT 21iIs,23.i2ii239 f'ff ELQSEEWS - 1' V V ffgf ii: 5331" '?E:'?5:1if- liifil 52222111if1'2"'E:.-'in'--'EE--'H'V-'if' .,.,,, . ' . : W -. I wylw' I' m'!A1 l'-fi ,.:.. .V'.. A'12 , I 1 '"' """"""""' ii '82 Rogers. Tom. Agency . C' S S I 84 I 90 I 94 I 79 I -:--- Sandy Hill Iron 8: Brass Works V,,, Sawyer, J. E. 8: Company, Inc. ......., . Schine Queensbury HoI'eI 81 Mofor Inn ScoviIIe, M. C., Jewelers ..,.7.,..w..,,,A..A Shangraw's Pharmacy ....,,r, Ska+eIancI of Glens Falls .7,r Skyline Bowling AIIey, Inc. .,,A A w,I,, ,I,. 2 05 SIim's Suburban-e'He Markei' :': .. eeee '82 Sm Se eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee C eeee :"' ,.,,,.,,,.,. .... I 72 S 1, - A 1, B d Sh Inc 200 Pee UFS U 0 9 Y OP i,.-f2i4',,eii-3a.'.':iZ,-Hzclsf iw, . ..,. ..,. Sfrauch Lea+hercraf+ ......... ..........,, -A I88 '77 Sugar Bowl The 1 ---: 'f,.- ,,,,....,,. - ..V,, , , ,. .I y,III Iryy . .,Ir.I 1 'S s i i f gtompany The I74 U. S. Cafhefer 81 Insfrumeni' Corp. r:en+ Company .o., ............... .... I 92 VaIIee's Pharmacy Inc. .... .... I 9l 1 ... """"""'raaaca I I 's A arel aaa.. .... I 7I . . pp Wagoner Business Equipmeni' ,e,e I 1 'I llzi ili' 45' , ,.,.. . ...I I-, .... ....,. , , eaaa '96 eccceecceea 202 ccccc cccc I 93 cccc 194 works ...... .... I 89 yy, ........,.......... 192 The I97 ..,,.,.,.... as I 87 I 97 I74 Walbridge, N., Grocery SI'ore ...., I Warehouse OuI'IeI' ....,.....,.,....,. Warner, A. C., Company Warren SheII Service ,,,e,.,... Warren Tires, Inc. ,.........,.,,,,.,,.. Wiley, John, Shoe Company ,e.,. WiImar'I'h's .,......e,,,.....,...,........... Wilson, John L., Pharmacisf ,... . Woodbury Lumber Company .,,,, WooIwor'Ih, F. W., Company Yank Paper Siock Company ..,.. Young's Markei .................... I65 Bes'r Wishes To The Class of COnQF6'l'Ul6'H0Y1S from '96' sus:-rs super: MARKET J. BURKE COLLINS 81 SON, REALTORS '67 Scum Sfreeff 206 Glen S+. Telephone Glens Falls. New York Glens Falls, N.Y. RX 2-I 628 Congrafulafions To The Class of l96l SMART SET lnlanl' 'ro Teen Fashions. 57 Warren Sfreel' Bes'r Wishes Of G. 81 V. LAUNDRY 88-90 Soufh Sfreef Glens Falls, New York Phone RX 2-I l6l ADIRONDACK TRAILWAYS 2 I Soulh S+ree'r Phone RX 3-342I Glens Falls. N. Joan Rosenberg, John Rousseau. Edde Achenbach and Phil Mclnfire wave a cheery goocl-by while boarding an Adirondack Trailways bus. Commencemeni' lnvi+a+ions Ancl Cards desig ned a nd made by Garfield Thomas Dislricl Manager Carbondale. Penna. M E R R E L L ' S Clarksburg, W. Va. I66 Y yZdZg00A4 A QX6lfL0'Cdgt -n-1.-,, TQZWUZOOLJ - prinfed by Norfhern New York's Finesf Prinfing House are sure 'ro please. Have your 1962 book prinfed fhe GLENCRAFT WAY BULLARD - GLENCRAFT prinfing, inc. THIRTEEN EAST WASHINGTON ST.. GLENS FALLS Telephone RX 2-2050 "1 ,N. Y. I67 CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1961! M. Ames Chemical Works, Inc. Congrafulafions From WARREN SHELL SERVICE Corner Warren Xa Oak Sfreel' Success To The Class of I96I Colonial Restaurant G'e"S Fans- NY' 38 Elm Slreel' Besl Wishes From Gm Fans New Y""c cRoNlN-MANelNE LAUNDRY Phone RX 2-9604 6l Walnul Slreel' Glens Falls Congralulalions and Besl' Wishes To The Class of I96l DE LONG'S DAIRY I68 REGAN 6' DENNY FUNERAL SERVICE, INC. GIens FaIIs, New York C. K. Denny 34I GIen Sireei J. F. Regan, Jr. Tel. RX 2-I I I4 Phone RX 2-l48I Upper Bay Si. ' DEMPSEY BLOCK AND STEEL, INC. COn9'aIu'aI'Ons fo me "Since 1900" Class of 'bl Glens Falls. New York SIlm's Suburban-ette Besi' Wishes of Market CORONET BEAUTY SALON I42 GIen SI' ee'I' ,. . ,. RX 2-5098 MarshaIIrS. Levine, Prop. Your Nmghborhood Siore CERVERA STUDIO Official Phoiographer for 'rhe l96I Red and Black 7 Warren S'rree'I' Phone RX 2-8I33 Our phoiography edifors, BeH'y Viehmann and Louise Wagner discuss acfiviiy shois wiih Joe Cervera I69 LYN BEAUTY SALON l6lf2 Exchange Sfreef Glens Falls, N.Y. Carolyn Lemmon Phone Owner RX 2-4894 Your Friendly Drug Sfore Our Besl' Wishes Beg? Wishes To The l96I Senior Class from Feigenbaum BoxER's DRUG STORE Cleaners Service ls Our Business Besi' Wishes Of TOM ROGERS AGENCY Phone RX 2-3323 SUCCESS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS ARKELL 8m SMITHS Specialty and Multiwall Bags Fenimore, Hudson Falls. New York Phone Rl-l 7-3335 'Wo GLENS FALLS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 95 Main Srreel' Soufh Glens Falls Phone RX 2-4058 Affer a hard day in school, Grefchen and Louis enjoy an ice cold Coke. lil Ill 9 I 'fa' Q' 0 CQU- G U Q COLOR SERVICE Candid Weddings xwflqt .., I Philo Ave C gq GLENS FALLS 1 U 4.9 U O ii' .C.l Q. 'Q f.l C Q I Q O I If RX 2-1884 Congratulations To The Class of '61 Please feel free fo sfop in ai our convenien+ new siudio . . . iusi off Glen S+., opposiie Horicon Ave. for cheerful service any Hme. Evereif Bowie, Class of '55, now our Sfudio Manager. UQOCOOUHIIIIJ .DID Good Luck 'bl NUGENT'S I 70 Glen Sfreef Glens Falls Wagoner Business Equipment 29 Warren S+. Exclusive Telephones: RX 3-I4-O8 RX 3-0975 Glens Falls, N.Y. Royal Typewriier Agency L E. Wagoner Besf Of Luck Class of l96I ROBERT'S JEWELRY SHOP 6 Warren S+. Glens Falls, N.Y. l7I --- --Y Ambridge Modular School GLENS FALLS INSULATION COMPANY 9 Marion Avenue Phone RX 2-l652 Glens Falls. New York J. H. Minniclc, Pres. APEX INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION CORP. Zl Walnul Slreel' Phone RX 2-58I9 Glens Falls. N. Y. Lee and Sue pause +o admire This modern building recenlly conslrucled by 'rhe Apex Consfruclion Corp. Guidance-Balance Training Aclivilies HERTZ Placemenr ln Key Posilions JEWELER ln Business Professional and Governmenl' Offices GIJJSI Fiminrjlfirork Albany Business College eood Luck 'si I26-I34 Washinglon Ave. MACK DRUGIS Albany lo' N'Y' I75 Glen Slreel' 1 Glens Falls l72 GLENDALE MARKET 672 glen Sffeel BEST WISHES FROM Superior Produce S. S. P ' d P ' . egffclfie, 'em' GoIdstock's Sporting Goods CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Corner Glen and Parlc S1'ree'l's CLASS OF Glens Falls Telephone New Yorlc RX 2-l034 cool. msunma AGENCY, INC. 24 Maple S+ree+ ' Glens Falls. New York Wi'rh 'rhe aid of Mrs. Doherfy and +he moral supporf of Mike Clarke, Kafie Colson signs on fhe doH'ed line for an insurance policy. l The Most Unique Log Cabin Restaurant In The Adirondacks THE H ITCHING POST Rouie 9N Excellenl' Food Lalce Luzerne. N. Y. Open All Year DANCING NIGHTLY Telephone Luzerne 696 - 94I4 I73 Congralulallons To The Success To The Graduafes mass of 6' GLOBE TAXI JOHN L- VWLSON RX 2-I234 RX 2-1234 Pharmaclsi Besl Wishes From NORMAN'S A B C SERVICE STATION 28 - 30 Elm S1'ree+ Gulf Producis Glens Falls, New York ll8 Broad S+. RX 2-5777 THE FASH ICN SHOP I7 Ridge Slreel Glens Falls, N. Y. T N 7,. Cur Junior Prom Queen. Gwen Warner. models one of 'rhe many beaufiful gowns available a+ lhe Fashion Shop. Bed Wishes Hom QUEENSBURY BARBER sHoP DUERS OIL CO l-lo+el Basemenf ' 82 Ridge Slreel' 84 Bay Slreel Glens Falls, New York Congraiulafions To The Class of I96I Success To The Graduaiing Class The Na'I'ional Cash Regis+er Company HYDES LUNCHEONE-I-TE 70l Glen Sl. Tel. RX 2-2lO8 li 74 Judy Warner is opening a Thrif+iCheck Accounf wifh Paul E. Lavine, Vice Presidenf and Cashier of our bank while Kafie Colson looks on. Good Luck - and more! Managing your money properly is more fhan a maffer of good luck, as you probably disqvered some fime ago. You're iusf af fhe righf age 'l'o sfarf using fhe money managemenf "secref" of financially successful people every- where - a checking accounf. Here af Firsf Nafional Bank, many young people find a Thrif'I'iCheck accounf ideal for keeping fabs on fheir allowance, and ofher funds fhey earn. We'll be glad fo explain how useful a ThriffiCheck accounf can be fo you, foo! Why noi' sfop in soon? You'll be glad you did. M Tl0L Bank of Glens Falls :gf Granville . 'QE ::Eg X Bolton Landlng 53 5 my-Elgggyg, -. y South Glens Falls i ,U Member Federal Deposit fj . .-., 1. r.:::-1-:ff Insurance Corporation " '- U75 THE FLAIR SHOP 208 Glen S+ree'r Glens Falls "YOUR STORE FOR YOUNG FASHlONS" Besl' Wishes From Sullivan JAxToN MANUFACTURING CORP. Wood Producfs and 4l Cooper S+. Glens Falls. N.Y Minahan, Inc. NIAGARA ELECTRIC COMPANY Funeral Home Radio - Television Hi Fi and Sferiosound Glens Falls New York Kifchens EVELYN'S FLOWERS 6' GIFTS I Davis Slreef Glens Falls. N. Y. Phone RX 2-6506 Linda 'fakes John Howe's order for Senior Ball 'flowers affer receiving helpful suggesrions from Mrs. Smifh. 1776 DOBERT'S DAIRY 68 Third Slreel Glens Falls, N. Y. Phone RX 2-34l5 Wall' Murphy provides "service wifh a smile." as Judy Warner and Sue Collins enjoy a l'asl'y ice cream cone. GLENS FALLS BUSINESS MACHINES Office Equipmeni' and Supplies Abalene Pest Control HUNDERVVOODH - Phone RX 2-I804 Se"V'Ce1 lnc- 4 Washinglon S+. Glens Falls, N.Y. EXTERMINATING - FOGGING Remember Seleeel DeYe Will' FUMIGATING - TERMHE CONTROL Good Snapshols 220 Glen Slreel' Phone RX 2-4900 Developing, Prinling, Enlargemenfs Glens Falls,.New York Glen Slreei' al Granl' Avenue MASSIE'S GRILL AND RESTAURANT 69 Main S+ree+ Soulh Glens Falls RX 2-9865 BRING THE FAMILY ff-F77 FOWI.ER'S INC. I'-70 Glen Sfreef Glens Falls. N. Y. Mrs. Gazzillo shows Sue a beauliful whife blazer in 'Hwe aH'rac- five second-floor sporlswear deparfmeni' of Fowler's. Inc. RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES excellent design skilled craftsmanship superb quality YOUR CLASS JEWELER DIEGES 8: CLIIST 17 JOHN STREET. NEW YORK 8, N. Y. PHILADELPHIA - PROVIDENCE MANUFACTURING JEWELERS Abbott's Restaurant 4l Main S'I'reeI' Soufh Glens Falls. New Yorlc BARBER'S MARKET Qualify Mea'I's and Groceries FROSTED FOODS - WE DELIVER Tel. RX 2-88l5 or RX 2-88I6 I Shappey Sfreei' Glens Falls MILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 227-229 Quail S+.. Albany, New York SEND FOR CATALOG Besl' Wishes To The Class Of l96l CONGDON AGENCY General Insurance and Real Esfafe 28 Sarafoga Ave.. Soufh Glens Falls Phone RX 3-250I Besf Wishes From W BAY STREET ATLANTIC SERVICE Bay and Sanford S'rree1's Glens Falls, New York The Home Of BeH'er Music Braydon and Chapman Everylhing ln The Music Line I44 Glen S+. Glens Falls LELAN D PAPER CO. Inc. Paper and Paper Products 76 Lawrence Sl'ree'r Glens Falls, N.Y. Tel. RX 2-0949 GLENS FALLS NATIONAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY 250 Glen Sfreel' Glens Falls, New York Nancy Wright Class of '59, shows Marcia Oudelcerlc The inlricacies of 'rhe inside of The vaull door. I79 Besl Wishes From Congralulalion To The N. WALBRIDGE GROCERY Class Of wb' 239 Ridge Sfreel ASHTON FUELS Economy 5l Walnul' Slreel' Mofor Sfolcers, Coal, Fuel Oil Department Store Fluid Heal. Oil Burners FINCH, PRUYN fr COMPANY, INC. 22-35 Glen S+ree'r Glens Falls. New York llelii 1110 be Lee Haslings and Howie Po'Her look over home plans in lhe Idea Cenler al Finch, Pruyn 84 Company, Inc. J. E. SAWYER 6' COMPANY, INC. Disfribulors Hardware. Sleel, Mill Supplies Plumbing and Healing Malerials Kohler Fixlures Goulds Pumps Burnham Boilers, lnlernalional Furnaces Palronize your local hardware dealer and plumber 64-78 Glen Slreel Glens Falls. N. Y. 'l80 5 l I l AIR-LAND MOTOR PARTS, INC. Automotive Equipment and Supplies Machine Shop Service . BRANCHES Hudson Falls RH 7-3329 Granville 778 23-25 Bay Street Greenwich, N.Y. 2-2254 Glens Falls. New York North Creek. N.Y. 428I Phone RX 2-O92l Ave atque Vale! "Hail and farewell". Farewell to caretree high school days: hail to a new lite ot responsibilities as an educated citizen . . . responsibilities which can best be met by being always alert to the changing world around you . . . the changing world which includes your own town, your state, your country. To help you, you can rely on your daily newspapers. which record the pulsebeat ot that fascinating place . . . the world which will be yours. Congratulations and best wishes tor success to the Class of I96 I. TH E POST-STAR and Gilre Glens gliulls Qinues Congratulations From SPECTOR'S AUTO BODY Richard M. Combs And PAINT SHOP Electrical Contractor Lower Warren Residential - Commercial - lndustrial Wiring Besf Wishes From 9 Wing Street Glens Falls MEAD NURSERY RX 2-7073 360 Ridge Street Glens Falls. New Yorlc l8l M fr M FLYING "A" SERVICE ROUTE 9 AVIATION ROAD TELEPHONE RX 2-969i OPEN 8:00 AM. TO 9:00 P.M. George Mouncl. Prop. BURNS NEWS AGENCY. INC. Besl Wishes From 80-84 Glen Shed, COLLINS' GROCERY STORE Glens Falls. New York II7 Bay Slreel' Phone RX 2-98l0 ERS MEN'SwBOYS' sions mc. BEST WMS To The CLASS OF I96l 9 usa-non :ron S. S. KRESGE COMPANY HILL ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. I93 Glen Slreel' Glens Falls Largesl' Display of Glens Falls. N.Y. Lighling Fixfures Phone RX 2-445I I74 Broad Slreel RX 3-3436 vuszr ouR WALLPAPER sHowRooM FRASIER PAINT CORP. Dislrilaulor Benjamin Moore and Co. Paint, Wallpaper, Glass WE DELIVER 39 Parlc Slreel' Glens Falls. New Yorlc RX 2-6549 I82 Ready For an Exciting Career? EIDE: i' q..."'l"'.-T-f fw- INSURANCE COMPANY Glens Falls, N. Y. The National Life Assurance Company of Canada The Glenway Corporation Members of the GLENS FALLS Insurance Group i83 Nw: N Candid Weddings - Porlraifs .b Q Copying Courl Exhibifs A Aerial Pholos Congralulalions from Karl R. Rissland Porfrail' and Commercial Phofographer 89 John Slreel' Telephone Hudson Falls, N.Y. RH 7-3370 AGENCY, INC. EDDIE'S GREENHOUSE A 63 Year Old Agency and FLQWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions Dial RX 2-OQI3 Phone RX 2-9222 37 Bay Smal LALOR a PAsco Glens Falls Glen and Pine Sis. Glens Falls A Complefe Line Of Mobil Producis Complimenls Of THE GLENS FALLS PORTLAND CEMENT CCJMPANY lA Division of the Flintkote Companyl I84 HONIGSBAUM'S 7 Lapham Place Glens Falls, New York Alfhough i+'s like bringing sweefs lo +he swee+, Joanie is learning new make- up 'rechniques in Honigsbaum's Cosmelic Deparfmenf. Besl' Wishes To The Class of '6I JOHN WILEY SHOE CO. Rialfo Block l9 Warren Sfreel' Congralulafions To The Class of 'bl SUNNYLAND FARM MARKET Phone RX 2-7627 70 Orville Sl. Glens Falls BALL, GEORGE C1 CO. GLEN SUPPLY CO., INC. 52-54 Park Slreel Glens Falls, N. Y. Tel. RX 2-3l37 l85 7l B y Sfree YANK PAPER STOCK CO. RH 7-3323 Greefings From The INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD of PULP, SULPHITE AND PAPER MILL WORKERS Forf Edward. New York Besi' Wishes From J. M. ALVERSON KIRKHAM'S 1, GI F H Opfomefrisf W. M. Bingham RADIO AND TELEVISION - APPLIANCES 74-76 Warren S+ree'r T Iephone RX 2 4-3IO I86 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l96I Warren Tires, Inc. Complimenfs I'o 'rhe Class of I96I VALLEE'S PHARMACY QUEEN CITY BAKERY 47 Main S+reeI' Glens Falls 40 Phone RX 2-7995 New York Congrafulalions From KOHN BROS. SHOE STORE I79 Glen Sfreel' Glens Falls. N. Y. Beaufiful shoes from famous malcers are a specially ai' Kohn Brofhers. Mr. Gorman shows Sue Ridley some of The new sfyles. ETHAN DAVIGNON Groceries and Provisions PHONE RX 2-2184 5 DAVIS STREET GLENS FALLS, N.Y. l87 LOOMIS AGENCY, INC. Insurance Since I852 Glens FaIIs. New York Ph ne RX 3-2222 THE MART I Records - Jewelry - Gif'fS Ph I CJ phv I6-I8 Warren Street GI F II N Y Featuring BO N D UR W Sw Nos IMIPORTANT sxm CLOTHES Q ls. g : r Q T 7. 5 en Z :Q E42 r c: cn I"l'1 :U cn FOR TWICE THE WEAR 262 GIS!! Sffeef HALF THE CARE TEL. RX 2-4076 CUTSHALL'S DRY CLEANING and STORAGE FOR PIZZA AND FINE ITALIAN FOOD DEL SIGNORE'S RESTAURANT IOpposiIe RiaI'ro Thea'rerI JOl'lNNlE'S SHOE STORE Congrawlahons Shoes For All The Family R I3 Ridge S+. Glens Falls And John Bellephine, Prop. Besf Wishes To The Class Of 196: Donohue's Market "Qualify Meals and Groceries" ROBERT PI NKERTON 207 Maple S+fee'f Glens Falls New YOf'li BCILER WORKS Telephone RX 2-O9II and RX 2-09I2 Green Island, N. Y. BURNS NEWS ROOM P.O. Box 422 Glens Falls MERKEL Cr GELMAN 200 Glen S'rree'r Glens Pak N.Y. In fhe second floor dress deparfment Mrs. Helen Mclnlire shows Edde Achenbach and Doflie Murray a semi-formal dress. ,"l89 Congralulafions To The Class Of I 96I RAY SUPPLY, INC. Upper Glen S+. Glens Falls Audio-Visual, l-li-Fi Equipmenl' and Language Laboralories 1 JUNE CLEANERS 89 Warren Slreel' Glens Falls. New York Phone RX 2-6 l OI Kalie examines her beau'Hfully cleaned coal s'rill on +he rack af June Cleaners. Besl Wishes From Besl' Wishes To The Class Of l96l MONSOUR'S DINER R- G- l-ANDRY 6 Elm S+. Glens Fans Business Machines Specializing In Sfeaks. Chops, Robefl l-a"'Cl'Y l3 Park Slfeel And The Besf Qf Service Phone RX 3-0284 Glens Falls. N.Y. Good Luck From F. 205-2I7 Glen Sfreef W. WOOLWORTH CO. DURKEE'S GROCERY 37 Knighi' Slreef Groceries-Meals-Fruil'-Soda-Ice Cream George Durlcee, Prop. A Glens Falls New York Phone RX 2-3362 Glens Falls I90 HARDER SILO COMPANY, INC. Harrison Avenue Sou'rI1 Glens Falls, New York Two pre'H'y seniors, Grefchen Bobsi' and Elaine Hillman adorn a load of Harder Silo proclucls on a Norflmern Mofor Carrier's Iruclc. HILLMAN BROTHERS NORTHERN MOTOR CARRIERS, INC. Sarafoga Road Soulh Glens Falls, New York .nI9I LaCrosse In lhe dra ng oom of Norlhe Homes Allen O e s and Roy Polloc arch feds show Danne Hav la cl so e bu ld ng pla s PROLLER AGENCY INC INSURANCE Reardon and LaPonn 24 Elm S'rree'r Glens Falls Tel. RX2 588l c:APoNE's sl-:oe REBUILDERS REAL ESTATE BRUKERS Esfabllshed Over 50 Years Wm Capone Prop I6 Exchange Slzphone RX 2 5O7flens Falls N Y Phone RX 2 5894 BOULEVARD BOWLING CENTER Phone RX 2-I525 I7 Brunswick Aufomalics RESTAURANT -l- LUNCH EON ETTE FREE MEETING ROOM OPEN BOWLING ALWAYS On Ihe Boulevard Glens Falls, New York Besl' of Luck Io The Class of I96I O I O Triad s Music Center H. G. TAYLOR MARKET I9 Exchange SI'ree+ Glens Falls. N.Y. Phone RX 3-2848 "Your Music Headquar'I'ers" "Lowery Organs" Conn Band Insfrucfions II Columbia Ave. Free Delivery Tel. RX 2-3075 Complimenis of MUSLER'S 7 Ridge Sfreel' Glens Falls, New York PATRICK TOBACCO CO. 7 Broad Slreel Glens Falls, N.Y. Phone RX 2-9l I9 Ray Bean, Class of '59, and Bob Rozell prepare an order of candy 'For a soon +o be safisfied cuslomer. el. Air Condifioned KONG CHOW RESTAURANT Chinese and American Food RX 2-42l5 22 Warren S+. Glens Falls, N.Y. Congrafulafions To The Class of I96I LAWRENCE STREET PHARMACY GLEN DALE FURNITURE CO. "A Furnishing for Every Room" Northway Floors I05 Glen S+ree'r Glens Falls, New York Upper Glen S'rree'r Glens Falls New York Phone RX 3-0300 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l96I 52,11-yn.,5g,,simian.:-fa7.'i,,H 7FN1f" I2 fr.rnQl.,:n J-.qdgjjbriillyugin fri Jia lf. M lvffnlf-W-,, 9 ,YT F 'T 1 vnx-w'xxn'wNM.N3 --:znmlmsvlmmv r1.rm...f, :.'ir,AmL -N 1-Q..Q.i.l.'1yw..m.M..' .,r.R3f' x,.Qr3Fs.l....x.".-L1 , W, iz' T Y Y Y LL' T' 1 Y' ' FF" E C V P E T E R S - 6:NTLEM.EN'S rununsunuss ll! !'!"55'55 gs I 'Ml sqm Zum, lll T-T -l I !!llll'l . r u sm! lllllliia 'll fl Pi !! all s m: . -fn . -- ark 'x - ' qxx- ,frd I ! gigylllllwl El an , ll g n I: !-' l ,,,f,, ll fff -so 'T lflwfnfffl A "s' Asfl 2 Whisfsfyf 7 ,ff --L R " ,Q iff j V' f f 2 I0 Glen S+ree'r Glens Falls, New York SANDY HILL IRON 6' BRASS WORKS 27 Allen Slreel Hudson Falls. New York Examining a boring mill al' fhe Sandy Hill Iron 84 Brass Works are Lee Haslings, Jolm Rousseau, and Phil Mclnlire. W. L. MYERS RX 2-6527 BEST WISHES Glens Falls TO THE CLASS OF I96I Jewelry KEEPSAKE DIAMOND RINGS 20 Soulh Slreel' Glens Falls. N.Y. SAVINGS 6' LOAN ASSOCIATION w. F. eusnz s. soNs PRINTING OFFICE FURNITURE - OFFICE SUPPLIES IO6 Ridge Slreel Glens Falls. N.Y. 37 Bay Slfeel 16' Glens Falls. N.Y. EAGLE CLOTHING COMPANY eLENs FALLS, NEW YoRK THE SCHINE QUEENSBURY HoTEl. AND MOTOR INN GLENS FALLS. NEW YORK Phone RX 2-I l2l Lee Haslings and Sue Collin add Iurfher aclornmenl' 'ro flue beaufifully decorafed fireplace in Ihe Schine Queensbury Ho'IeI lobby. CARSWELL MOTORS, INC. InI'erna'IionaI - Jeeps - Trucks H Inc , . GLENS FALLS. NEW YORK Phone RX 20934 FACTORY OUTLET STORE BLOUSES SKIRTS THE OUTLET FABRICS MEN'S SHIRTS Men's and Boys' Wear On Glen Sffeef Hill 92 Main S'rree'r, Sou'rI1 Glens Falls, N.Y Besf Wishes From The QUEEN SHOP Known For Sporiswear Prudentml Insurance Co' Opposile Insurance Building, Glens Falls Second Floor Queensbury Branch Nafional Bank 84 Trus'r Company YOUNG'S MARKET 675' Upper Glen Slreel II3 Bay SI'ree+ Glens Falls, New York Te.e,,.m RX 3348. MEAgHO'ff Pkglggggim M. C. SCOVILLE, JEWELERS 280 Glen Slreef Glens Falls, New York WH'h l'he experl' assislance of Mrs. Scoville. Eclde chooses her silver pa'r+ern. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF l96I SULLIVAN'S DAIRY "From Collage +0 Cas+le" Remember WOODBURY LUMBER Glens Falls. New York W- O' Besl Wishes From WAREHOUSE OUTLET Maple Sfreel' al' Culverl' Glens Falls MICO'S FORMAL RENTAL SERVICE New Garmenls ln Sfoclc 30 SOUTH STREET JUST PHONE US GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK RX 2-6922 Tel. RX 2-I334 Fur Slorage STRAUCH LEATHERCRAFT R 8K M CLEANERS 28 Sanford Sfreel' Glens Falls 60 34 62 Lawrence Sfreef AR4:2m::aiLS -:s1:ii,.S - - Owned and Operaled by L. Ross ancl H. Mead BEST WISH ES FROM S KY L I N E BOWLING ALLEY, INC. In fhe pleasanf surroundings of 'rhe newly redecorafed Kansas Res1'auran+, John Rousseau, Joan Rosenberg, Sue Collin. and Phil Mclnfire scan +he dinner menu. JAMES KANSAS RESTAURANT "FAMOUS FOR FINE FooDs" WARREN STREET GLENS FALLS PHONE NEW YORK RX 2-9875 , , TROY SHIRT MAKERS GUILD, INC. SH I RT MAN U FACTU RERS 7I LAWRENCE STREET GLENS FALLS. NEW YORK Congrafulafions And Besf Wishes To The Class of I96I AIIs'rate Insurance I2 MAPLE STREET GLENS FALLS. N.Y. THE FOOD MARKET Besf Wishes From . . K NTROWITZ AND SONS J S A THE CHILDREN'S srone gT3l3saIiroSiv?I1Z?l 9-I I Ridge S+ree+ Glens Falls MADDEN DRUG CO., INC. "The Prescription Store" R. P. MADDEN Ph.G. Dial RX 2-5I22 254 Glen S+., Glens Falls, N. Y. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I96l DUPLEX CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. 360 GLEN STREET GLENS FALLS. NEW YORK PHONE RX 2-3 I 64 Good Luck From Congrafulafions GOURMET RESTAURANT FFOFH Lake GGOFQG R0-HCI DORN'S TRANSPORTATION SUCCESS TO THE GRADUATIN6 CLASS M. E. Murray 8m Son 3 IDA STREET RX 2-7784 "IT'S FUN TO SKATE" Members of fhe class of I96I enioying Skafeland. S KAT E LAN D of GLENS FALLS Roufe 9 - 2 Miles NorI'I'm of 'Ihe Cify - Tel. RX 2-8989 If You Don'l' Know Furs Know Your Furrier BASSOCICS Furriers Since I 9 I 2 PALLETS INCORPORATED Class of 'bl The Double "M" Congralulalions To The Restaurant lvlickie and Helen McDonald, Props. 68 Pearl Slreel 6 Maple Slreel Glens Falls Hudson Falls, New York F. A. RICHARDSON'S SONS Groceries and Provisions Gas and Oil Phone RX 2-205l Wesl' Glens Falls A. C. WARNER LUMBER COMPANY Glenwood Avenue Glens Falls. New York ..,.. V Gwen and Mike pay a visif lo A. C. Warner's. as Allen Bishop and David Cook are ready 'ro operale a lumbering machine. UNITED STATES CATHETER 6' INSTRUMENT CORPORATION 334 Bay Road Glens Falls, New York Roda Lazarou, Class of '60, explains Ilwe operalion of a spinning callweler machine fo Sue Collin. ARONSON'S DRUG STORE, INC. Barney Aronson - James Burnham I I6 Broad Sl. Tel. RX 2-lO35 Glens Falls N Y Weekdays 8-IO I .I Sunday 8-9 J. R. INC. ACHENBACH'S JEWELERS SINCE 1890 Dress and Blouse DIAMOND IMPORTERS Manufacturers 208 Glen S+. GLENS FALLS NEW YORK THE SUGAR BOWL 7I Lawrence S+. "Delicious Homemade GI-ENS FALLS. N-Y- Candy and Ice Cream" Good Luck From Binley Florist, lnc Besl' Wishes From ' BEZZIE'S RESTAURANT Corsages For AII Your Dances Bouquels For All Your Banquels Cul' Fresh Each Day From Our Congra'I'ula'I'ions From 6'ee""OUSe JoY DISCOUNT DEPARTMENT STORE I GranT Avenue I7I Glen S+. I ll Main S+ree+ RX2'35"' RX25733 Sou+h Glens Falls SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 19611 A F R I E N D lull Kalie Colson and Sue Collin, our Adverlising Managers, find Thai' a Salurday Session is in order as The adverlising deadline draws near. GIFTS - GREETING CARDS - STATIONERY - TOYS THE RIDGE BOOK SHOP "AI The Clock" 228 Glen Slreel Dial RX 2-3242 A GRlFFIN'S "Everything for the Home But the GirI" WlLMARTH'S 2I-23 Ridge s+ree+ Glens Falls. New York Y Ann Hallenbeclc and Lee Binley relax on one of Wilmar'rh's modern H sofas. as Mr. Hall explains +he imporfance of high qualify furnifure. M 8: M CLEANERS 2 Lincoln Avenue Glens Falls. N.Y. Phone RX 2-24l3 CRANNELL'S DAIRY BAR Homemade lce Cream and Lunch Ernesf and Helene Day RX 2-5lO3 5l Main Sl. Wesl' Glens Falls Gordon T. Moynihan, Inc INVESTMENTS 290 GLEN STREET GLENS FALLS. NEW YORK BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF was CLARK'S DISCOUNT DEPARTMENT STCRE 223 WARREN STREET GLENS FALLS. NEW YORK . 4 -5 .ry .. u ' ' ' , Q , , - . ,k U l ,S f . y 'I rv' -is - PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Bes'r of Luck Gracluafes EHRLICH SUPPLY COMPANY 5l-57 Soufh Sfreel' BOULEVARD DINER Glens Falls. New Yorlc "Qn fha Boulevard" Besf Wishes To The Class of l96l 70454: Advertisements ...... 166-206 Advertisers' Index ..... 164-165 Alma Mater - "Glens Falls High" . American Field Service . . Art Club ..... Athletic Association Treasurer Athletics Division Pages . Band, Concert . . ' Band, Dance . Band, Marching Baseball . .S V Basketball . A .' Board of Education . Bowling Teams . . Broadcasters- . ' Cafeteria Staff . Cheerleaders . Chess Club . . . Choir, Junior-Senior Choir, Sophomore Classroom Scenes Community Division Pages . Custodians ..... Der Deutsche Verein . Drama Night .... Dramatic Moments . . . Dramatics Club, Junior-Senior Dramatics Club, Sophomore Drum Majorettes . . . Education via Executone . Faculty . . ., . . Faculty Division Pages . Faculty off Guard . . Football . . . Foreword .... French Club .... Future Teachers of America Georgia Adams Hi-Y . . German Club .... Girls' Athletic Club . . Glimpses of the Sports World Golf ...... ITWA ...... In Memoriam .... Index ...... Intramural Basketball Champions . Junior Class History . . Junior Class Officers . . Junior Prom - "Isle of Capri" Juniors. . . '. . 208 58-59 77 47 28-29 90-91 86, 92 89 40-41 34-37 8 43 74 17 38 64 93 93 18-19 162-163 17 65 84-86 23 82-83 87 89 27 1 1-16 6-7 20-21 30-33 4 69 70-71 66-67 65 63 24-25 46 60-61 9 207 42-43 147 146 98-101 148-153 Le Cercle Francais . . Library Squad . . . Lunchroom Committee , . Music and Dramatics Division Pages National Honor Society . . . Octet ..... Office Assistants . . . Orchestra ....... Organizations Division Pages . . Outing Club ...... Pageant Writing Committee . . Patrons' Evening . . . . Principal ..... . Red and Black Staffs . . School Life . . . . Science Club ...... Secretaries ....... Senior Ball -- "Winterland by Night" Senior Class History .... Senior Class Officers .... Senior Play - "The Matchmaker" . Senior Ring Crest ..... Seniors ........ Seniors Win Honors . . . Ski Club .... Sock Hop ....... Sophomore Class History . . . Sophomore Class Officers . . . Sophomore Hop - "East of the Sun" Sophomores ..... Speaker's Corps .... Special Events Division Pages 7 Spinster Swing - "Valentasia' Sports Ticket Sellers . . Stamp Club ..... Student Council . . . Student Guides .... Student Life Division Pages Students off Guard . . . Superintendent of Schools . Table of Contents . Tennis . . . Title Pages . . Track and Field . Varsity "G" Club . World Affairs Forum . Wrestling .... 207 69 75 72 80-81 52-53 92 72 94-95 48-49 78-79 68 112-113 10 54-57 18-27 76 17 102- 104 117 116 108-110 1 118-145 145 68 111 155 154 105 156-161 88 96-97 106-107 47 64 50-51 73 1 14- 1 15 22 8 5 45 2-3 44 62 65 39 glam 74664 Words and Music by LEROY G. PHELPS, '11 Near the Adirondack foothills, Where roars the Hudson grand, Where battlefields lie buried, 'Neath advancement's spreading hand, There's a place we'll ever cherish, And exalt unto the sky, E - May her honor never waver, Our dear old Glens Falls High! All our hopes and expectations, All we shall ever claim, Be our names still in the background Or viewed in halls of fame, Our success and all our fortunes, We know not the reason why, But we feel we'll ever owe them, To dear old Glens Falls High. May the friendships ne'er be broken, We've made while working here, Tho' the problems be forgotten, Which to us are made so clear, And when we are old and weary, Looking backward with a sigh, We still shall love most dearly, Our grand old Glens Falls High. 208 W Y b ,- 4 1-- xm :S 5 .AV , . .',,g,r4:A b I I , 5, f . ff I-I ' H 125' gm' -if f i.,ii,w, ' " N 'f . , Kf'11f"r , w WP. v. , Q 2 ' A , .1!.3?'TL7 Lf ' m 4 C 1 m - 1z?f'? 1 -f W 1 " Q qw. 'W 4 , w .A ' V .W , 1 Y. 3- sn 1' ' ' K'Y"'s fi .J 5-H 'if .Wai , r I mf haf. N - ft '53 is '2 H , ,M 7 ., , X I N-X1 ., ' A .' A ' ' " 4 Q if?2f.ilL3s:'?L-fx ' N. M 1 . 1. - i f'7i",7mQfiL,"' mW " Q L fe' ' Ag 11, gifkifgl 5 1 ,L A 3 1' if1, iwf, ' 211 v',,.,-W "ii,4iM -N .1fLv'..f F' U . 1 A -N ,ye 5 A L . ."" ' M ig -J' 'f W A B if 33 ?i25?ff, f " ,xl f' 2 X A: 'r wwww '- Qi x. qt ,. I SWK - Y,'Xk.u,X 5, . V qv. . ,451 L, M . it ' ,.,,v- Y 1 J'f?"'k ' 'A -1.0" ' I5 'lei'-5 R45-KAL, .W-" ' ,, ., . it , 15 3 Ar- '-4-1. AY... 4-nsax , 1 ' Qjufsffy mr,ggfar,,-. .,, , L, ,M ,,,,- . '.Ms3,.V4'fS"h-T5.- - .vu.5fy: , ,. . O My

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