Glens Falls High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Glens Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1952

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Glens Falls High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Glens Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1952 volume:

A -1 5MmL41,17.fa.. l' RED MBL AC 0 . emhfz a 7752 ,meceela OUR ALMA IVIATER Near the Adirondack foothills There's a place we'll ever cherish Where roars the Hudson grand, A nd exalt unto the shy, Where battlefields lie buried, May her honor never waver, 'Neath advancemenfs spreading hand 5 Our dear old Glens Falls High. Ehck Staii tkfxs yeat, 'Coe Task qeat Coat eXasses Sweex bxixwknsg, 'Coe Qbtase, Our Alma Nag, ox a buhekofg, ksobxed hom Mxs voXxmxe, Aedkcated many seRooX oi Coe and GXe0 XDXXTXAT So in 0 out souxe RTK To the Red WRX 'oe ReX6 in We does not wean Xusk a ' x its suxtouodkngs. Rav e Qietxxted moo sg, ' iixes and xtathxkons, ' out xnexnoikes as a Q Mater, the couxmumtq o to osx Alma Mater, we Qexsonskkkes, otgaxfnaixoxxs, ackw views oi om eoqimxuxixvg Wat v1kRYmget m ' in GXexxs Y s.XXs Rkgkx ScXxooT. oi ou x Xxie Aw aw Owv UG SCENES ....,...................,...,...,.,..,..,,,...,,,..,, A T ARTE OE CONTENTS ,,.,,,,.,,.,.,,,, UTY and SCRGLARSRTY .,... ...., ULTS1 ,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,, OYEUT YOREW ORU an TTONS OE REA TTGN and Y BC TRBDT TSTRB BDNXTU STUDENTS ..,.....,.,... RTUG ........ ......,.,.... CLASS SEUTORS ....... SURTORS ,..........,....... SGYRONXORES ...............,....., CLURS and PLCTWTTTES ...,.. SPORTS ..........,........,...,....,.. MUSTO .....,.........,,........,.....,....., ..,..,,.,... L EVENTS ......,.....,..,.........,,...,. LL ......,.,.....................,...,, TTSENXERTS ....,.. SYECTIK OUR Y PLREVJE US and MNER CPLNDT TRDEX ......., f?: ., ,A .,5f6 'lfTA Ylf'56 A22 ,.f51f ...iwyfkfr ..,.......A19f'l6 ..,...j1fS?J ...... f59f9fX ......95fXYl XTR ...AT 5. P L - is "'. , 1 'Pawn QA g P5 E5 M 214' RJ If 15 2? um-wma. ,. L, , ..A. , MN 2 .K S l 9 fu i' 'wr an v YZ. Watdang l Wanna Sacdezfq Q 5 5 S J, my 3 , L Lx .:1:,.:, 7.2, A 3 ,E - A5 532 s ' as Q gg: 'dl T 55" 4 lQ':152'i475'E is K ,gvgb-uk. AM waving Alu.. " ' md 74w6z'q For many of us, graduation means leaving Glens Falls. And part of our memories of MAlma Matern will be the broad tree-lined streets we walked many times a day, beautiful in a dazzling mantle of snow and ice, endless in the pouring rain, or a temptation to loiter in soft breezes and sunlight as Horicon Avenue appears here. Our Board of Education and the large majority of our teachers make Glens Falls their permanent home and are our neighbors and friends as well as our administration and faculty. .,g-4,03 A . JOHN W. CANADAY President Board of Education 01 74602 A 4 I I and FRANK A. CONLIN Clerk of the Board .laying af 6 e Glens Falls, new high school, the product of more than a decade of planning, was officially dedicated Saturday afternoon, September 29, 1951, at brief but impressive ceremonies conducted at the cornerstone of the structure at Sherman Avenue and Quade Street. Dr. John W. Canaday, president of the Board of Education, officiated at the laying of the cornerstone and placed a 12 by 6 by 9 inch sealed copper box containing items of historical and educational interest in the block ijust to the left of the main entrance to the building. Dr. Canaday paid tribute to the interest and far-sightedness of Robert S. Buddy, former president of the Board of Education, who served during the time when most of the groundwork and planning for the new build- ing was taking place. The new high school will be open for instruction in September, 1952. Ground was broken for the building on May 1, 1950. RUSSELL M. L. CARSON JOHN W. GLASS MRS. ALFRED E. VAN WIRT FABIAN O. DUCHARME J. CARLETON LIDDLE FRANCIS W. McGINLEY DOUGLASS CROCKWELL C. SHERMAN WILLMOTT 'Mm Sewanee J. Ward Russell was graduated from Glens Falls High School in 1898. He served on the Board of Education from 1912 until the end of 1951, a period of 4-0 years, when he resigned to become Mayor of Glens Falls. Judge Russell was Chairman of the Building Committee for the new Senior High School. ALEXANDER W MILLER 1. WARD RUSSELL Superintendent of Schools Mayor of Glens Falls Zedlcbatckwz pwgfaam A selection played by the Glens Falls High School Band. Invocation by Rabbi Kurt L. Metzger of Temple Beth-El. Singing of the High School Alma Mater. Reading of the list of contents of the sealed copper box by Judge Russell, Chair- --....,, man of the Building Committee. Remarks and laying of the cornerstone by the President of the Board, Dr. Canaday. Singing of the "Star Spangled Banner." Benediction by the Rev. Gary E. Germann, pastor of the Lutheran Church of the y V- f Good Shepherd. if". TO THE CLASS OF 1952: Greetings and best wishes to the Class of 1952 as you approach the time of graduation. Your career, as a class and as individuals, has added to and en- riched the history and traditions of Glens Falls High School. As you take your place in the un- broken line of classes that started in 1891, you can have a sense of satisfaction and pride in being' part of an honored company. Loyalty to good traditions has long been a notable trait in this school. It is a good hing, for with it goes a sense of history which helps us to see what progress has been made and is being made. It also makes us aware of the possibilities in the future l DELLA MCALLEY Secretary to the Superintendent ,Kits DOROTHY F. HUGHES Assistant Secretary zo the Superintendent 660 A 1-fad daice WILLIAM H. BROWN Principal for ourselves and for our school. As loyalties are considered, 1 am sure you will not feel that it is a different school when we move into our new home, for the character of a school, like thatgof a home, depends on the people in the family and not on the roof which shelters them. You are members of the family of Glens Falls High School, and as such we shall want your continued interest and support for the classes which follow you. We, in turn, will welcome you in the new home and will want you to feel as much a part of the school on Sherman Avenue as you have on Glen Street. MRS. VIOLA B. KELLEY JANICE SELLINGHAM Books and Supplies Secretary to the Principal We Hee gmt fa .s-zff3goK.f :ff W 2165,itfzzflaiSnlifjfigijiiu ,,e,,.,4.a-, ww,- v--1- wt Q , te YK .mm what qffkgfz .sv 1 Qgigtgsgsk gLaf,,:i'?9xvKfgv aff?" QQ? -Q t.fs12t2gt2ff2,4t2gfQwf2awserftatartaeigf' L5 WW,tg,231:.,m-wittsttgtsvfamfgitlasi 5 ' W ,gagwstt.,,at,q,t,.,,gLs,tgmg51 Wg 9 7 fliiiilliifliffljziliif flifafffil . xgsaeasytwttif'mistg.a,t.2Ki.,,3fgf?1,,g,eaE:,,y Z SARAH A. ADRIANCE, A.B., A.M. N. Y. State College for Teachers University of Maine History Senior Class Advisor SHERWOOD D. ALLEN, BK.S. Normal Buffalo State Teachers College Machine Shop THOMAS F. ALLEN, B.S., A.M. Lafayette College Teachers College, Columbia University K W' A ,.-.:KQyi+,K'HJf,2',,ffft:te2fz:ffaLsv?v1tgfvwii"'1tS63fK?k4aK?23gf,sS',gtwasfits,-:K1faSK111sgfKf , za: as,gswss.tevg5sNw:2kih3M581555 r A azkrim,5,,f.?,.t,.tg'i3.3.ti31QegtgiisQis55?Q332222at252,tagg,ggg,1wig55sig?fQsf,t21a55gtfifg,we5tg1i,o:z,QQ5 ,. ig?M?Egg,,tfgLg5,,,,,,w,wX , 1w:n9ts42,1'tzm',Qfew wav..faf,,fmf mf:a,,gg Qgsisyzat sgsfgs: .ate-bxzfty,,wpttf2i,wmg.Qwz2. .vous-. , gp,,,.,,sgsa . ,K.ffm,.Xt,s1gQ. my 15 1swwff,..-,.-.1.1-,fafwwtfv .Q-Hof as amiga. kigvw-5:S5'sr5Ktm1?13z -twtleo at-f-rufly is--1.01.15 Aafntrfsxyfamf Q at get 1sexw,+,:f+itffsffrt5'enfu'f5w 1 M K 2:- fttg-atg,-vf,g,t,.-fft at at txtaswrttfstaa...t,,a..sw.-ms-ta.,,,g, ,M ,I-,Mit,:..,,.Mams,1w as gtffeefttea sw.7tswmtq.,4,,:s.mfsr5Qg an Q5 ,tm agreeaset'tz,.tf,sts'fsg',:fg:KtL:Qg:ayggs:fg,Ka+fg5tsf:gEi22ga?gsfm.4sgttgQgtg+ag.g5.g,e5a.fsegg2'.+.imagesg,5225.5,,tf3ggt,aaL.,szQ2g?g2e ,if ggi-aivifggvifwgwgfcftgsift.ig2 : W KWQ Q 3s tz, sefwK sssZff'v1Lf2K cfegigsen K Mmiifiigag fQwf'2'f3it5fq5tg,febvgtSll?w K Hof-Ktp,f,,,.w atfa,7'1,f,esf,Mfe,,,.a-...V,wtgfert,ttfxgweytan,.t,,mt.e,t-2WNew,ff192ge.,aqva5sagsaSgsff 12l25w,fS+m ff31s.w-if-.1.-1,,5,. 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State College for Teachers Vocational and Educational Guidance Work Experience Co-ordinator Treasurer Student Association QD Jayvee Baseball Coach MRS. NELLIE P. DUELL Assistant Librarian A rf -f 7 - .eff f " 1 ff: is ' 'nteefwvaaitf' A to - Y Q . f m,.fg,,,--Wagga-gh A Fic' ,fs ,Paras ,ay -W., Star-5--,feaaa ...Sega if -X - - - A-M f : ,awe we-'fe ffafw-fgafeaggga-Q2,e f- ugh r, 5,aef-fi .- ,er A X : : ei M5 wr, 7 r -, Ge -' as sauce, , ,41tsQLeee43ag2eie:3r1exgesyw' .- K . as : : - 1: :-. :f .:aszg:.:H. - Z .. Q 1 of st sag aa We we -- 1 KMQQQA ,wig mia Few V , .m f .a-1. : . .. -. if 1St0ry an at ematlcs Em 3 Tennis Coach be ,L .. , A .. Fsagg, f-,twigywgg 22 3,314 f SS-1. 'late--,rf'?f, Q1 viii w,,,e,eg,,f,gefffaQs5iQs Assistant Football Coach Y GAHIMER B s Ed M 55512535529 me Ml, 1,535 75' V -L , 1 ' '7 ' ' if 'W assi, ef ff ' ' -1 eg 6 e arvar nlverslt fserewgyai5a-eLga,,kae-,,WgzeEYa--v-fa - .a n i ,..Mg,,,35g,,E5g25ig , JY, , .Q . , . q. , . 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Boston University History HILDA ENNIS Co-Sponsor Forum Club, Sponsor Camera Club Co-Sponsor, Northern Star HAYES, A.B. N. Y. State College for Teachers English MRS. RITA A. HOUSMAN Plattsburg State Normal School Business Education ill Treasurer, Student Association ill ZOLA M. JONES, B.S. Syracuse University Home Economics Girls' Hi-Y Co-Sponsor, Sponsor, F. H. A., Junior Red Cross JOSEPH K. KONCZAKOWSKI, B.S., A.M. .. s ., .. Pennsvlvanla State Teach x s l i .. 1 Columbia . . . . 'A EK-tg i 2 Qflg nii Phvslcal Educ-au t? ,C E gf 3 llgg g Football and Basketba ai 5 f LONG, A-Bw AM- 1 Uf1iVCfSifY 3 , Columbia University tl 5 1 Q E E Sludles il S Club, Servlve Club si : ft xi - g, 53 j - ' 2? ' 335 f sl f 225 . int welll ws i Q w id 2:4 'Iss lg E354 5 H Sggswsesrirswn 2 52522 'l!l?.ilE2i..9l'li ..,. . ... .. 1 lr l lf vi 1 'W-ul , .2 ,... ,.. 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State College for Teachers T8 QA. an ' ' -' -fwafsz-Amieszzzemfswis,mzegwQs.AerQ,Ao .Amf:As:wAQAgAAf:s-Ae: .. .r : A -: iw- -:g ---w s . A W A -V JA V- . V 2E51EAY5zA!5SZ2QtfE2EZE119?155W'fftlsifrt-.Y is-' 53? 5 Eg W, .5 wa s mwgiiigg, fgAiE52is5395w.ggwM.5iKg53m .Eg LggpgsgmeQ,QE315.5AQingQsgeggSeEijfsmasasggkfgasgagatggagxgagg Q 3 pg H Y M , Q., 5 Args A -1.2 -A ' A it It Ye 3. 3 . 1.2 - Ao. - AA A .As ,,. , A' M Q- , -14 ' A - -. ss, 1A ,AsaAzs-Ag4AAasgAeAAfefA?ff5'15iE?1-Assgs5siAfsKK1.-safari f2ggwvf-sfwffif Qsrssimez W? H PAA MGAAAWWE K A. 'fri'-AAA assist? WWA?-fririe m'fiQ.e.:A Tgrileifisritfrielmi A-A BAA E M- ,A L9 . . M... .f1.f"e..s.rgea'f'.SA,r.,-2 .s.w.ewf my W. it me AA AMAA Am A- so . ,A A , . asf 55 -55 Q Qt M fHi"'ia. fm Ref? Qsgstxlmsfsis si' QJQEQEQQSAS' fcfffstefa 21'Ki3'S'PA'Wf2?Sf12i?wrs sggafewx WA 2' fs-AAAAAAAA 5 A AA A AK - A ' 7 AA-A.-A-Q f 7 A -- TAA AASAA' ,-:Au -1 do Ass:-AA-AsAsAsAs-As-Asifsuso-15,-Asus? 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In this aditorium with its statues of Washington and Lincoln, its acquamarine Velvet curtain with coral backdrop, its privileged front seats for 204, 205, and 110, we were both "the show" and the au- dience. In addition to our own talent, many fine speakers, singers, actors, and other artists have entertained and inspired us. A picture like this reminds us that wherever our student bod has its home is our "Alma Mater." Y Our class ring is not just another piece of jewelryg it is a symbol of our high school days. It is not the precious metal from which it is made but the sentimental quality which we value. lt symbolizes the stepping stone to our Senior year and all of its activities. To most of us it is also a symbol of the friendships made here, the visits in the hall, the dances, games, parties, plays, and assemblies. It signifies our school colors and spirit, a joke on the corner, our classes and study halls-our school life. All these are in our minds and hearts forever, and our ring will keep these memories secure. It is an enduring symbol of our Alma Mater. Seadafz Presidem' .,,,,..,.,4...4........,....,...............,,,, DAVID PERKETT Vice Presidem' .......,. ...,,... C ARL CARLTON Secreiary ..,...,..... ......,...,.,,.M......,.,........ L ILA HAY Treasurer .......,. ......4,......,..........,...,,. D AVID CQHEN Advisor ...A,.., ..,...... M ISS SARAH A. ADRIANCE FAY LORRAINE AKINS Famous for her fine clothes, Fav enjoys music, sleepil and witty people. Being late is a habit and she dislik homework. French Club 3, 4, Library Club 4, GAC 2, 3, 45 Seni Play Castg State Competition 2, 3, 4g Red and Bla1 Staffg Gym Exh. 2, 3, 43 Choir 2, 3, 4. JAMES PETER ANDERSON Pete has spent only two years with us, but he has mai a hit in that time. He loves outdoor sports and music, bl has a dislike for crowds. Why the name "red ears," Petr Jayvee Baseball 3, Varsity 4, Patrons, Night Play Cast Student Council 4, Red and Black Editor-in-Chief, Chc 4g Octet 45 Drama Night Cast 4. RITA MARILYN ARONSON Cheetalfs special interests center around pizza and l Cabana. She likes dancing, sleeping late, and collecti wishbones. Her pet peeve is Hkilljoysf' GAC 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3g Bowling 2, 3, 43 Junior R Cross 4. NANCY LIVINGSTON AXTELL Ax's ability at doing the Charleston is well-known. Rai nights and the Colgate campus attract her. Junior Prom Attendant, French Club 2, 3, 4g Dramat Club 3, 4g Sophomore Choirg Cap and Gown Committc Red and Black Staffg GAC 33 Drama Night Committee Senior Choir 3, Northern Star Ad Staff 2, Junior R Cross 2. LEONA MARGARET BALL Lee is known for her friendly smile. She enjoys eatir T.V., and a good joke but has trouble making the 8:15 bm Senior Ball Committee, Cap and Gown Committeeg Bask ball 2, 3g Bowling 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH AGNES BANNON Betty, the petite little miss with a flair for clothes, enjz having a good time with the crowd. Her naturally cu hair is admired by all. Library Club President 45 Basketball 2, Junior Pri Committee, Senior Ball Committeeg Senior Play Staff DAVID JAMES BARTLETT Professor Bart enjoys hunting and goes in for playing chess, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Bart is strictly against snobbish people and gabby women. Chess Club 2, President 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 2, Bowling 3, 4, lntra-mural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 4, Chess Club Inter-city Competition 2, 3, 4. DAVID SPEARE BENEDICT Whether you find him engaging in outdoor sports or eat- ing, the Rev. is sure to be in a good humor. Honor Society 4, Red and Black Business Manager, Var- sity-G Club Secretary 4, J. V. Football 2, Varsity 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, German Club 2, 3, Vice President 4, Dramatics Club 3, Vice President 4, Stamp Club 2, 3, President 4, Drama Night Cast 3. BEVERLY ANN BENTLEY Bubbles likes pizza, week-ends, Colgate men, Lake George, and dancing the Charleston. Her pet peeves are rocks on a ski trail and school. Forum Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2, 3, 4, J. V. Cheerleader 2, 3, GAC 2, 3, Sophomore Choir, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 4, Senior Play Cast. ALBERT Louis BESWICK Al is quick to give a good argument on any subject you can think of. Much of his spare time is devoted to driving and music. German Club 3, Secretary 4, Band 2, 3, 4, All-State Festi- val 2, 3, 4, Radio Quiz Team 2, 4, Pageant Writing Corn- mittee, Hellenic Society English Prize, Red and Black Staff, Wooclwind Trio 2, 3, Cap and Gown Committee Chairman, Science Club 3. JACQUELINE CATHERINE Boss Jackie enjoys movies, dancing, and good music. Her pet peeve is homework and she shows a keen interest in the Marine Corps. J oAN PECKHAM BOSWORTH Beauty, personality, and efficiency, plus leadership, scho- lastic, and athletic ability-that's Ioan, our Prom Queen. Hi-Y 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Honor Society 4, Junior Prom Queen, Red and Black Ass't Editor, Senior Play Cast, French Club 3, 4, Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, Dra- maties Club 2, Treasurer 3, Senior Expression Recital, .lunior Red Cross Vice President 3. HAROLD PETER BOVAIR Harold has only three loves-driving a Nash, working hard, and enjoying vacations. This red-head has been a very quiet member of our class. NANCY LEIGH BROWN Nancy, our pretty Prom attendant, likes a blonde and en- joys all water sports. Blind dates and insincere people don't rate with her. Red and Black Editor, Hi-Y 3, 4, Varsity Cheerleader, Class Secretary 2, 8, French Club 3, Secretary 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 4, Choir 3, Student Council 2, 33 Syracuse Citizenship Award 3g GAC 2, 3. l ' tiff!! can HENRY PECK BUCKLEY Pecker, oar pool enthusiast, has a special habit of slee ing late and just missing the 8:15 a.m. bell. Breakfo parties, the Post, and steak are his favorites. Senior Play Cast, Football Varsity 3, 4g Basketball Varsity 3, 4, J. V. Track 3, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 43 Frent Club 3, Varsity-G Club 3, Vice President 4, Junior Rt Cross 2, Treasurer 3. ROBERT CHARLES BURROWS Bob, a hard worker of the Senior Class, enjoys basketba football, and pool. Steaks rate high with Bob, but draws the line at pea soup. Senior Play Committeeg Service Club 45 Jayvee Footb. 35 Track 4g'Cym Exh. 2, 3, 4. GEORGE GROVER BUSHER Tink's main interests center around a black "Chevie hamburgers, and the Post. He enjoys a good laugh, b not Doane's jokes. Student Council 2, 3, Activity Ticket Chairman, Seni Play Cast, Senior Recital, Red and Black Editor, Bowlin 2, 35 Gym Exh. 2, 3g Sophomore Hop Committeeg Juni Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee. CLYDE STANTON BUTLER, JR. Driving his Pontiac and working take up most of Star spare time. He always enjoys a good joke but cold weath and snobbish people do not rate with him. Why tl preference for blondes, Stan? CARL WILLIAM CARLTON Our all-conference football representative, Herb likes a good time with the boys and driving the bullet. Varsity-G Club 3, President 4, Track 2, 3, Captain 4, J. V. Football 2, Varsity 3, Co-Captain 4, Class Vice President 2, 3, 4, Senior Ball Co-Chairman, Red and Black Editor, Student Council 2, Bowling 2, 4, Captain 3, Senior Play Cast. PATRICIA ANNE CARPENTER Patty, a cute addition to our class, came from Rouses Point, N. Y., in her Junior year. Although she is interested in chemistry and nursing, she finds time to enjoy French fries, steak, dancing, and nice clothes. Junior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Camera Club 4, Science Club 3, 4. -dad ebpealatimw, S JOAN HUNT CARSWELL Janie is our girl with the flair for beautiful clothes. She interested in a certain boy and has an aversion for blind mites. Inior Prom Attendant, French Club 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, ed and Black Staff,.1Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom Com- ittee, Senior Ball Committee, All-State Choir 4, Gym xh. 2. ANN BERENICE CASEY asey, with her sense of humor and ability in sports, is Ia rpular member of our class. She enjoys playing basket- zll and riding in nice cars, she dislikes braggers and those ho think they know everything. ed and Black Staff, Library Staff 2, GAC 2, 3, 4, Jphomore Hop Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Sen- r Ball Committee, Gym Exh. 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANN CHANDLER Ltirl is our little girl with a inning smile and a cheerful iture. Her naturally curly Exif is the envy of all. She ijoys spending her summers at Lake George. ihrary Staff 2, 3, Secretary,4, Senior Play Cast, Red Id Black Staff, Senior Pageant Committee, GAC2, 3, 4, :nior Ball Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Art lub 3, Science Club 3. RUTH ANN CLINK link, who likes weekends at Lake George and eating, has e ability to get along with people. Her special interest es in driving the, family car. rench Club 3, 4, Library Staff 2, 3, 4, GAC 3, 4, Red Id Black Ad Staff, Senior Play Cast, Dramatics Club 3, ap and Gown Committee, Science Club 3. l , ,151 2 Sig K-Poggi Z we Q Gfsiib' ea 'I J if is 31553 2:2 55v?saE ffwai Ei 64552553 Wal?'1'M3 5.iL'W1Hw V Y' f J 7 4 R v S s . 4 W Q Ri U . any V Q 'ri J DAVID FRANKLIN COHEN An outstanding member of our class because of his leader ship, friendliness and wit, Dave is well liked by everyone Class Treasurer 2, 3, 43 Student Council 2, 3, President 4 German Club, Sgt.-al-Arms 3, President 43 Red and Blacl Editorg Senior Recital3 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 33 Senior Play Cast. PATRICIA ANN COMAR Pat admits that the D. D. T. Club is her special interes but also likes bowling, swimming, pizza and hen parties She is known for teasing people and having fun. GAC 2, 3, 43 Red and Black Staffg Cap and Gown Com mittee3 Camera Club 43 Gym Exh. 2, 3g Sophomore Hoi Committeeg Junior Prom Committee. ...wi 5 CONSTANCE CRAYTOR Connie will be remembered for her ability to draw and her ready wit. She likes pizza, pajama parties and dancing3 dislikes sloppy clothes and blind dates. French Club 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Red and Black Staff3 Senior Choir 33 Librarian 43 Art Club 3, 43 Senior Play CEST: Patrons' Eve. Cast3 Gym Exh. 2, 33 Sophomore Choir. HARLAN GEDDES CUTSHALL, JR. Harnie, our victim of 204's homeroom pranks, has a special interest in skiing and good looking girls. Why the dislike for absent-minded teachers? Jayvee Track 3, Varsity 43 Varsity Cross-Country 43 Var- sity-G Club 43 Camera Club Vice President 43 Red and Black Ad Staff 3 Senior Play Cast3 Drama Night Cast. SAUNDRA ANN DE GARMO Cheerful and smiling Sandi can be found wherever there is music and fun. Unhappy people annoy her. Red and Black Staff 4g Senior Play Castg Forum Club 4g GAC 2, 3, Treasurer 43 Hi-Y 43 Camera Club 43 Play Day 3, 43 Science Club 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee3 Junior Red Cross 23 Sophomore Choir 23 Sophomore Hop Committee3 Gym Exh. 2. LEROY EUGENE DEMARSH Roy is an eager outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking as a member of the Adirondack Mountain Club. He's really keen on photography but dislikes English homework. Science Club 2, 3, 43 French Club 2, 43 Camera Club 43 Orchestra 2, 3. ROBERT GLYN DEYOE Bob enjoys all sports, dancing, singing, acting, driving and Corinth. There seems to be little he dislikes. Senior Play Castg Talent Show 2, 3, 4g Choir 2, 33 Alla State 2, 33 NYS Choir Festival 3g Student Auditor 43 Speakers Club 4g Gym Exh. 2, 3, Bicycle Safety Commit- tee 3. PATRICIA JOAN DICKINSON Pat possesses a winning smile and is liked by all. She likes cooking, reading, music, and pizza. She dislikes rainy winter days. Band 2g Camera Club 4g Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg Red and Black Staffg Senior Announce- ment Committee. can claim I WILLIAM STEWART DOANE Bill, known for his orderly hair, cuddly smile, and wit, likes women, the Hitching Post, George Shearing, and Mr. B. He dislikes conceited girls and languages. Junior Red Cross 2g Ski Club 2, Treasurer 4g German Club 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4g Forum Club 2g Stamp Club 2, 3, 4g Senior Play Castg Senior Announcement Committee. CAROLYN DUBE Carolyn has her good times with the gang at the Gold Shade. She has an understandable aversion for Monday mornings and slowpokes. Red and Black Staffg Student Council 2g GAC 3, 4g Page- ant Writing Committeeg Senior Play Committee, Gym Exh. 2, 43 Basketball Captain 4g Bowling Captain 4. CAROLE LOUIsE DUNN Besides her part-time work as a telephone operator, Carole likes food, horses, and sports. A staunch member of the DDT Club, she always has a smile for everyone. Northern Star 2, 3, Editor 4g Honor Society 43 GAC 2, 3, 4. RUBY LOUISE DUNN Quiet, but lots of fun, Ruby is a welcome addition either socially or in any sport. Her special interest is the DDT Club. Red and Black Staffg Camera Club 4g GAC 2, 3, 4g Gym Exh. 3, Art Club 3. WILMA JOAN DURKEE I We can always tell where Willie is because of her giggle. Her likes are many, but she specializes in collecting demitasse cups. French Club 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2, 3, Choir 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, All-State 4, Red and Black Staff, Music Festival 2, 3, 4. '- ROBERT CAGE EVANS g Bob's likes include hydroponics, seafood, L and beautiful women. He is a noted cross country man and horticulturist. J. V. Baseball 2, 3, Varsity 4, J. V. Cross Country 2, Varsity 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, President 4, Red and Black Editor, Bowling Captain 2, Tournament Team 3, 4, Senior Play Cast, Science Fair 2, 3, 4. A 1111:-L 1' e an amaze will WILLIAM HENRY FARRELL Bill, our future life guard, likes his old Ford and being with the boys. Small girls and good food are also to his liking. Jayvee Baseball 2, 3, Varsity 4, Jayvee Football 2, 3, Var- sity 4, Junior Prom Committee, Red Cross. 3, Bowling 4, Choir 3, 4. ' ANN MARIE FISH Ann is known for her easy-to-get-along with manner and dramatic ability. She likes dancing, the DDT Club and sleeping. French Club 3, 4, Drama Night Cast 2, 3, Senior Play Cast, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Senior Recital, Speakers Club 4, Hi-Y 4, Patrons' Night Play 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Library Club 4, Red and Black Staff, CAC. CHRISTIE BETSY FLINT Chris, who is an honorary member of the DDT Club, has a flair for nice clothes and likes sports: She has an aversion for pizza. GAC 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Staff, Senior Ball Committee, Red and Black Staff, Gym Exh. 2, 3, 4. LEVIN WILSON FOSTER Bill, a welcome addition from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, came to Glens Falls in his Senior year. His main interests are amateur radio, business finance, cars, and dancing. Student Council 4, Northern Star Sports Editor 4, Fire Squad 4, Civilian Defense 4, Cap and Gown Committee, Senior Play Staff. m wnwnnmuwaws sw arm . we e m.Ww,1 14 sa sw :.esa.w.esm Q A PATRICIA CRIMES BARBARA LOUISE GALLOW Babs has a flair for originality in clothing and horseback riding. She also likes pizza, polite people, DDT Club, and a certain D. S. Her pet peeves are bossy people and dis- loyal friends. FHA 3, 4g Library Club 2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 45 Cap and Gown Committee. GLORIA MARIE GARDNER Glo, an ambitious lass, is noted for her beautiful sewing. She has a cheerful disposition and her likes include swim- ming and a certain boy at Delhi. ,Library Staff 3, 4, FHA, Bowling 2. ca ide daeteytaaad ' VIVIAN DORA GAUTHIER Pinky spends most of her time skating, bowling, and swimming. Her big brown eyes are the envy of all. FHA 3, 4g' Sophomore Girls' Choirg Service Club 4 Bowling 4g Senior Ball Committeeg Cap and Gown Com mittee. LILA EVELYN GREGORY Greg, whose main interest is Eddy, likes steak, the 3:15 bell and talking with the girls. Bad tempers and Monday morn ings are on her black list. Bowling 2g Junior Prom Committeeg Gym Exh. 2. A great loss to England and a great gain to the United States is petite and pert Patty. Patty is famous for her winning smile and sweet voice. Dramatics Club 3, 4g Speakers Club 4g Bowling 4, Red and Black Ad Staff g Drama Night Play Castg Gym Exh. 2, 4, Senior Ball Committee. LILA NORMA HAY Lila's ready smile and super personality have made her an outstanding member of our class. Swimming and interior decorating rank high with her, conceited people don't count. Class Secretary 4g Hi-Y 3, Vice President 43 Red and Black Editor, Student Council 2, 3, 4g GAC 2, 3, 43 Art Club 3, 4g French Club 3, 4. CHARLES DUANE HERRINOTON Birdie, a high-ranking scout and a future scout executive spends a great deal of time as a theatre usher or enjoying his hobby of philately. Stamp Club 4g Outing Club 4, Camera Club 4g Senior Announcement Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg Junior Prom Committee, J. V. Football, Bowling 3, 43 Gym Exh. 2 HENRY NICHOLAS HEYM ' Hank, our future boat builder, came to us in his Juniol year from Long Island. His interests focus around roller skating and a certain girl. Camera Club 3, 4g Outing Club 4. 02 adewed UZ.. PATRICIA HARRIET HICKEY Pat, the gal with the ready jokes and inability to make the 8:15 bell, likes reading, music, and T. V. l Hi-Y 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Band 2, Ass't Mgr. 3, 4, Orch? 2, Assit Quartermaster 3, Quartermaster 4g Red and Blacl Staffg GAC 3, 4g Forum Club 2, 3g German Club 3: Science Club 35 Art Club 34 All-State 2, 4g Music Compe tition 2, 3, 4. JOHN ALFRED HULSEBOSCH An outdoor enthusiast, Hulsy enjoys football, hockey lacross and hunting. His ability to argue and his readj wit will be remembered by all. Varsity Football 3, CO-Captain 43 Track 2, 3, 4g Hockej 2g Varsity-C Club 3, 4g Junior Prom Committeeg Senio Ball Committeeg Red and Black Staff. JOAN ANNA MAY KING One of our pretty prom attendants, Joan enjoys having c good time and also hamburgers, dancing, and bowling She looks forward to long weekends but loathes Mondag mornings. Junior Prom Attendantg Band 2, 3, 4g Red Cross 2, 4 FHA 4. LESTER RAND KING Les likes good food and photography and is crazy abou auto racing-both midget and big cars. He has a largi collection of pictures which he takes at all the local aut race tracks. Camera Club President 44 Science Club 3g Home Mt chanics Club 4. ARLENE JOANNE KOZIOL Kozy, our future nurse, is known for her peppy personality and infectious giggle. A good time with Stan rates high with her. Junior Red Cross 3, French Club 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Patrons' Night Play Staff 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Red and Black Staff, GAC 2. CHARLES J UDKINS LAPHAM Chuck enjoys eating, playing chess, and asking weird questions in Chemistry class but despises English home- work. At times he seems to find certain brands of ink palatable. Stamp Club 2, 3, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Chess Club Secre- tary 4, Machinists Club Secretary 4. of BEECHER WILLIAM LAPOINT Bucky goes in for power packed cars, hunting, fishing and any type of food. He does not like snobbish people. Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Machinist Club 4, Announcement Committee, Music Festival 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH ANN LASHWAY Although Liz's main interest centers around a certain boy, she also enjoys gastronomic udelicaciesv such as French fries and spaghetti. FHA 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Red and Black Staff, Senior Ball Committee, Gym Exh. 2, 3, 4. BARBARA RUTH LAWSON Barb, our talented artist, enjoys water sports, dancing, and sleeping late. Her quiet sense of humor and her varied interests make her a popular classmate. French Club 3, 4, Art Club 3, President 4, Northern Star 3, Hi-Y 4, Red and Black Staff, Senior Play Cast, Gym Exh. 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Announcement Committee. ROBERT ALVIN MCKINNEY Boomer, the man with a ready joke and flashy ties, is known to be quite adroit at playing 'glflig Boss." An eight- ball degree from E.B.A. is another of his proud possessions. Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3, Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Gym Exh. 4, Machinist Club President 4, Outing Club 4. Ml VALERIE MARIE MCKINNEY With Val, our vivacious little red head, tall boys, bowling, and music rate high. French Club 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4g Senior Recital3 Red and Black Staffg Marching Band 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 All-State 43 Senior Play Cast3 Speak- ers Club 43 Radio Broadcast 3, 4g Orchestra 2, 3, 4g Art Club 2, 3. SHIRLEY PATRICIA MCPHERSON Shirleyis interests lie in sports, reading, record collecting, and writing short stores. Honor Society 43 Library Staff President 2, 3, Vice Presi- dent 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Radio Quiz Team 43 French Club 3, 4g GAC' 3, 43 English III AWard3 Science Club 33 Art Club 33 Gym Exh. 2, 3, 43 Senior Pageant Writing Committee. i Om weaeu ROBERT WALTER MARTIN Our hard-working theatre usher, Tex is just crazy over movies-especially Westerns. His favorite star is .lohn Ire- land. He always has a good joke and enjoys eating. MARY JANE MATTESON Mary Jane, our pretty redhead, is noted for her tact and sparkling sense of humor. Swimming, mountain climbing, and spending summers at Lake George are her special interests. Senior Play Cast3 Patrons' Evening Play Cast3 Orch. 2, 3, 43 GAC 2, 3,43 Cap and Gown Committee3 Red and Black Staffg Gym Exh. 2, 3. CYNTHIA KNAPP MATTICE Cyn's good humor and her ability to get along with people make her an outstanding person. She is an excellent swim- mer and likes a good game of tennis. French Club 3, 43 Library Staff Secretary 2, 3, Treasurer 43 Art Club President 3g GAC 3, 43 Biology Club 33 Senior Pageant Committeeg Gym Exh. 2, 3g Ski Club 3, 4. MARY LoU MAYNARD Lou has a special liking for dark haired Irishmen and a good time. Honor Society 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Ass't Mgr. Orch. 2, 3, Mgr. 43 GAC 2, 3, 43 Science Club 43 Art Club 33 Red and Black Typing Editorg Business Law Prize 33 C0- Chairman Cap and Gown Committee3 Music Festival 2, 3, 43 Pageant Writing C0mmittee3 String Trio 3. RENE REGINALD MINER Teadle always has time for a fast basketball game or mak- ing new friends. Ort Saturday nights you usually can find him having a good time roller skating. J, V. Basketball 3, Bowling 4, Choir 3, 4, All-State 3, Junior Prom Committee, Service Club 3, 4. PHYLLIS ANN MURRAY Phyl has a great sense of humor and is interested in sports and art. Teaching small children is Phyl's ambition. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, GAC 2, 3, Secretary 4, Honor Society 4, Photography Editor Red and Black, Forum Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2, Secretary 3, Drama Club 2, 3, Senior Play Cast. RUTH HILVE MYHRBERG Our likable Ruthie, who came from Vermont in her Junior year, is interested in Harold, Cadillacs, and airplanes. Honor Society 4, First Prize U. of Vt. Speech Contest, Second Place Essay Contest, Red and Black Staff, North- ern Star 4, GAC 4, FHA 4, Stamp Club Secretary 4. HELEN LoUIsE NAATZ A transfer from Corinth, Honey has a special interest in a certain sailor. In her spare time she likes to play her guitar for square dances. Camera Club 4, Red Cross 3, 4. RUSSELL EDWARD O,CONNOR Russ, our happy-go-lucky Irishman, can usually be found enjoying a good joke or on the hardwood court. Oddly, he dislikes homework! Jayvee Basketball 2, 3, Varsity 4, Forum Club 2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4, French Club 3, 4, Northern Star 4, Red and Black Ad Staff, Senior Announcement Committee. GAIL JOYCE PARKER Gail is one ofthe quieter members of our Senior Class. Her ability to get along with people makes her a welcome mem- ber of any group. Library Staff 2, 3, 4, GAC 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Orch. 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Red and Black Typing Staff, Horn Trio 3, All-State Band 3, 4, Music Competition 2, 3, 4, Gym Exh. 2, 3. ,, '?i?59'RSQ? N3 ' - ' f ' lwisitilwfwldawlam59w3i'l'3lfm'N""l2"iydii?b'9 l3Flb" SUSAN GRAVES PEET Sue is well-known for her efficiency and ability to live. up any group. Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4g Hi4Y 2, Secretary 3. Trea: urer 4g Adv. Mgr. Red and Black: Forum 2, 3, 43 Radi Quiz Team 4, Jam lnn Rep. 2, Treasurer 3, C0-Chairma 49 Ass't Mgr. Band 4g Orch. 2, 3, 45 Senior Recitalg Ge: man Club 3, 4g CAC 3, 4, Student Council 3g Choir 4. DAVID ELLIS PERKETT Perky is noted for his leadership and ability to get alon with people. Class President 3, 43 French Club 3, Vice President 4 Student Council Secretary 2, Vice President 3, 4g Hom Society 3, Vice President 4, Concert Band 2, 3, Mgr. 4 Orch. 2, 3, 4g Boys' Stateg Senior Reeitalg All-State Banc Forum Club Secretary-Treasurer 4. A We not SALLY LOUISE PLUE Sally is noted for her green eyes and friendly smile. Her greatest ambition is to be on time at a date. Her special interest is an Irishman with a red truck. FHA 2. Secretary 3, President 4g Red and Black Ad Staffg Senior Ball Committeeg GAC 2, Gym Exh. 2, 3, 4. BEVERLY JOYCE PORTER A cute girl with pretty blonde hair, Bev has a nice per- sonality. Her special interests are baseball, playing the piano, roller slrating, and staying out late. Senior Play Committee, Library Staff Reporter 2, 3, 4g Patrons' Night Committeeg' Gym Exh. 2, 3g Senior Ball Committee. THOMAS DUANE PURNER Tommy, who is very active in the Naval Reserve, enjoys skating and 4-H work. Good clothes, swimming, and model airplane building also rate high with him. Gym Exh. 2, 3, 4. CONSTANCE ANNE PUTNAM Ann., our pretty prom attendant, has a winning personality, and is noted for her sincerity. She has a special interest in baseball. Red and Black Staff, Junior Prom Attendantg Student Council 2, 3g Service Club Secretary 4, Junior Red Cross Secretary 4. X 5 FRANKLIN LEVI RALPH Frank's interest in outdoor life and his ability to handle guns make him eligible for his membership in the Moreau Rifle Club. Bossy people don't seem to click with him. Band 2, 3, 4, Orch. 3, 4g Choir 3, 4, Music Festival 2, 3, 4g Junior Prom Committee, Bowling 4. JOHN HOWARD RAMSEY Johnny loves eating and hanging out with the gang at the YMCA. He likes sports and all baseball teams except Brooklyn. flee IDRIS LEONARD ROBERTS Farmer is the man with a crew-cut, 35 Olds, and a mania for pin-ball machines. Quiet in public-just watch him with his close friends. Varsity-G Club 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4g Chess Club 43 Cross Country 3, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3g J. V. Baseball 2. THoMAs CHARLES RoBERTs 'Tom admits his special interest is Roosevelt Avenue, but he enjoys riding around in his Olds and eating hamburgers. Senior Expression Recitalg Baseball 3, Varsity 4g Student Council 4, Senior Ball Committee, Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Sophomore Hop Committee. ROBERT LOUIS ROCKWELL Our Bing Crosby, Rocky will go far with his music. He enjoys eating and sleeping. What's the attraction at U.V.M.? Choir 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 4g Octet 4, Dance Band 4g Music Festival 2, 3, 4g All-State 3, 4g Track 2, 3, 4g Senior Re- citalg Gym Exh. 2, 3, 4. MAXINE BARBARA ROSENSTEIN The girl who makes a hit with her good grooming and friendly smile is our Mack. She enjoys pizza and dancing but dislikes school. Cap and Gown Committee, Senior Ball Committeeg Service Club 4g Library Staff 25 Junior Prom Committee. Q JOYCE ANN ROVELL A talented miss, Joyce will go far with her educated feet. The Charleston, music, good grooming and nice dancers rate high with her. Service Club 4g J. V. Cheerleader 3, 45 Talent Show 3, 43 Senior Ball Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Red and Black Ad Staffg Senior Ball Program Committee. MARCIA ANNE RUSSELL South Carolina's gift to G. F. H. S., Marsh is a sweet miss who likes reading, swimming, and loafing. Her pet peeue is thati8:I5 hell. Northern Star 4, Science Club 4g Senior Pageant Com- mittee. 2 we el me 66 PETER BURNS RUSSELL Shagg is a newcomer to G. F. H. S. in his senior year, hail- ing from South Carolina. He is interested in music-and tinkering with cars. Our only regret is that he didn't come sooner. Student Council 4. GUIDO ORLANDO SASSONE Sass goes in for night life and sleeping late. He spends most of his time with the boys and eating pizza. Service Club 4. 4 ANNA ELIZABETH SCHMIDT Schmitty's main interests are sports and music. An ability to make and fix articles is Schmitty's forte. Spaghetti and pizza are her favorite foods. GAC 3, 43 Band 2, 3, Gym Exh. 3, 43 Camera Club 4g FHA 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, 4g Field Hockey 2, Bowling 2g Play Day 3, 4. ROBERT EDWARD SEELEY Bolfs ability on the stage as well as the playing field makes him well-known to all of us. His great sense of humor makes him popular with everyone. W hy the dis- like for bleachers, Bob? Jayvee Football 35 Jayvee Track 2, Varsity 3, 4g Senior Play Castg Bowling 3, 4, Varsity-G Club 4g Patrons' Evening Playg Gym Exh. 2, 3. EDWARD PALMER SHAW Our friendly, happy-go-lucky Ed enjoys camping, hunting and a good time with the boys. He strongly dislikes dun- garees on girls but has a special interest in Lila and auto- mobiles. Service Club 4g Machinist Club 4g Poster Contest Winner 4. WILLIAM J osEPH SHEPARD Bill likes all sports and good food. He is enthusiastic about fishing and camping. Service Club 4. can owe time ELIZABETH JANE SHOUPE Libby, our quiet little miss who always has a friendly hello for everyone, dislikes getting up in the morning. Her weekends seem to be well occupied! French Club 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Red and Black Staff3 Honor Society 43 Northern Star Staff 23 Senior Play Castg Senior Pgt. Writing Committee3 Choir 2, 3, 43 GAC 2. WILLIAM JOHN SKELLIE Bill, who likes hot-rod Fords and square dancing, finds little difficulty in spending his spare moments taking life easy and having a good time. BARBARA ELLEN SMITH Barb, our pretty Prom attendant, is a whiz on roller skates and is one of Brennan's loyal patrons. Her frinedly man- ner makes her a welcome addition to any class. Orch. 2, 3, 43 Student Council 83 Junior Prom Attendantg Red and Black Staffg Library Staff 43 CAC 3, 4g Gym Exh. 2, 33 Music Festival 2, 3, 4. STANLEY DUANE SMITH Smitty, our future mechanic, spends his idle time tinkering with cars and challfing up at the pool parlor. His good nature and quiet disposition make him a favorite of the class. GORDON CHURCHILL STOCKMAN If Gordie isn't sleeping, you'll probably find him enjoyin his favorite pastimes-hunting, fishing, and model airplan building. He looks forward to payday and summer vac: tion with enthusiasm. JOHN WILLIAM STREETER Bill, the Gene Autry of G. F. H. S., can either be foun at Brennan's or playing his guitar in 110. Everyone wh knows John thinks he is tops. J. V. Track 2, Varsity 3, 43 Varsity Cross Country 3g Ji Red Cross 3g Patrons, Play Cast 43 Senior Play Cast Varsity-C Club 3, 4g Service Club 43 Outing Club 4. o dem oldl KATHLEEN VIOLA SULLIVAN Kaki likes people in general, those with a good laugh 1 particular. Since she is so short, her pet peeve is tryin to use the mirror in the 110 cloakroom. Choir 2, 4g Service Club 43 Library Staff 4g Gym Exh. 2 Senior Ball Committe-e3 ,Junior Prom Committeeg Cap an Gown COmmittee3 Patrons' Evening Committeeg Senic Play Staff. ELAINE TASK Our future newspaper reporter has a liking for skiing, pizz and bananas, and listening to Nat King Cole. Drama Night CHSIQ Senior Play Castg German Club 3, 4. French Club 4g GAC 3, 43 Forum Club 2, 3g Norther Star Editor-in-Chief 4423 School Corres. 2, 3, 43 Gyx Exh. 4. ANN HAWLEY THIBODEAU Pretty Tib likes dancing and parties and is noted for h cheery smile and ability to make friends. French Club 2, 3, President 4g Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Drama Nigi 3g Junior Prom Attendantg Senior Recital3 Band 2, 3, 1 Student Council 2, Secretary 3, 43 Red and Black Staf Dramatics Club 3, 4g GAC 2, 3, 4. AUDREY CAROLE THOMAS Known for her sparkling personality, Audrey centers h attentions around a certain part of the UQ S. Army an practical experiences in child psychology. Northern Star 2, Editor-in-Chief 4-lg Art Club 23 Scient Club Secretary 43 Student Council 2, 33 Junior Pro Attendant3 Patrons' Evening Play 4. MARY Jo TIDMARSH riendliness, humor, and good marks are characteristic of ur Jody. She likes music, good times, and reading. ed and Black Staff, Honor Society 3. Secretary 4, Chair- an Junior Ring Committee, DAR Award, French Club P, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Science Fair Prize 2, Art Club Secre- tary 2, 3, 4, Library Staff 4. ' EUGENE WILLIAM VARNEY Teeny, our football hero, will always be remembered for his antics during Senior Class meetings. He appreciates a good joke and can't resist spending money. Outing Club President 4, Varsity Football 3, 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Varsity-G Club 3, 4, Bowling 4, Senior Play Cast. glen MARY LOU VAUGHN Mary Lou likes outdoor sports, especially swimming. Her favorite food is spaghetti, collecting post cards is her hobby. Library Staff 2, 3, 4, FHA 4, Northern Star Staff 4, Senior Ball Committee, Oratorical Contest. ROSEMARY MONICA WALLEN Rosemary, who is known by all for her contagious giggle, enjoys sleeping and snapping gum. Boys must reach the six-foot mark if they are to be considered on her list! GAC 2, 3, 4, Art Club 3, Science Club 4, Orch. 2, 3, 4, All-State 2, 3, 4, Red and Black Staff, Senior Play Staff, Pageant Committee, Playday 4, Junior Red Cross 3. CLARA BELLE WILBUR Clair, our little blonde lass, divides her time between the piano keyboard and the science lab. Science Club 2, 4, German Club 2, Art Club 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Drama Night Cast 4, Senior Recital Cast, Senior Choir Accompanist 4, Octect 4, All-State 2, 3, 4, Second Prize Albany Science Fair. SALLY JULIA WILLARD Sally, who likes pets, driving, and receiving mail, spends her leisure time reading. This quiet miss always has a cheery hello for everyone. Library 2, 3, 4. Harold Hildreth Jacquelyn Homan Mary Judith Housman Thomas Hulbert Robert Hungerford Willard Hunter Edna Hutchinson Robert Irish Benjamin Jenkins William Jones amkvwa V lv. X Ga Jo Ann Karpeles Janet Keech Norman Kilfoyle Barbara Kilmer John Kirkpatrick Robert Kirkpatrick Leslie Klein Lewis Kohn Martha Kreiser Patricia LaMora Gary Lance Paul Lange Paul Lauzon Raymond Lunt Peter Madison Jane Mallalieu Clifford Martindale Albert Maxon Kay Maynard Richard McCarthy Marold McGee Warren McKinney Robert Mock Elaine Monsour Elaine Murphy Richard Myott Robert Niles Barbara O'Connor Carole Palmer Betty Parker Virginia Picheo Robert Pincheon Delcour Potter Elizabeth Potts William Purner Walter Reichert Donald Robichaud Robert Robichaud George Ronkanen Harrie Rote-Rosen Archie Runnalls Lee St. Clair Janice Shappy John Shaw Ben Sheehan Wendy Sherman Dorothy Skellie Robert Sloan Donald Smith Patricia Smith The Juniors had a busy year! Their ring committee consisted of Betty Potts, John Austin, Christine Carlson, Pat Clemens, and Jane Canaday. They were all pleased with the results of the choice, 'Lucky Starf' and thrilled when their rings finally came. They are proud of their athletes, both boys and girls, and are looking forward to a top year in sports next year. Ardean Farber, Linda Clark, and Martha Kreiser were Varsity cheerleaders this year. John Trumbull was elected to represent the school in the competition with 200 other schools for the Teen-Age Summer Scholarships to Europe this summer. Glens Falls was eligible to enter a representative because Karola Schmidt of Berlin, Germany, attended our school last year. Lewis Kohn, Delcour Potter, Elizabeth Potts, and Christine Carlson were selected to attend the Syracuse University Conference and to compete as good citizens for a Syracuse Scholarship. The Junior year was closed with a beautiful Junior Prom, the last Prom to be held in the Junior High gymnasium. Not pictured: David Engwer, Carol Guimond, Mary Louise Hay, Charles Hodgson, Thomas Mahar, Philip Stephenson. emdafw S ' Eugene South Qt i, is it L -J if Alan Stephenson S ' :Ji JJ M, Qx J S' ' A Sandra Task i J up , Q... 35,1 J Mary Jane Tidman J ' J ' A J,-W, 1 Heidi Tratt T ltot eyyys Q .fi J WVAF . .. .... . JJ JJ J' NJ J. E as JJJJ .. J, J J V b - QW -at Q f A 9. I A V r X eval, J yeeee A J . ' - , ii - John Trumbull Q? Jn I ami in fi QI, J f-' J ' Marlene Van Benthuyse 1' el NJ ' '4""" Jane Van Dusen 'W' J Richard Van Dusen "" Barbara Villa ,Xl Q J in J If yi . Z . . tj ' Janet Walbridge 'Q "" it J gg , Jo Ann Wallace ka 'ff' J A ' l ' Patricia Washer Mx A My r Marlene Waters Charles Webster J, Jw t . px X, - 'J . ra .J nliiinl , , J , in li i HQJJ J X V J A if ii ii Y Robert West A J- J f J Q Q' '- in Geraldine White J LTTE: J . ! A- i f "" J M-v Clarence Whitney A 2 ' 1 ea J -'Sr' Dale Whitney w J J I ' x Jay Whitney ini' lglli - J.iJJi J Sy i . Y J 5 K J, JJJJ ' J Ms yi J , J , We AL it t H K . l K ln K - 't" t - lfiI3...I' Presiden+ ,.............................,...A....,.... RAYMOND DAVID Vice Presiden+ .A.... ,.,.... W ILLIAM BOZZONE Secrefary ,,....,,.. ....... F RANCES SPECTOR Treasurer .rr.r.. ...,r,. W ILLIAM BANNON iw Se if 2312? 5552-t.-5'1:,:-.:" : .5 -W .41- 1 1 3 A if . .,. g far M w qi 9 fi S Q 55. Y ,AS V L- k V yxumff A , it e 3 f 'im I Z ': 2 Y HNF? PQWM Sa alta' c A Fay Adgate Patricia Allen Phyllis Anderson Joyce Austin Ruth Austin Charles Baker William Bannon Martha Barlow ,, , AZ: ,Q . '.1Qr -- Q rits . Q :iii .:.. Q E5 .-:"': .X ii li S i a ara ' 1 ..:"E5: if .. ,.L,., 53 . X .,,,.',.:, 1 F' QW MW!" bfi-In-3 Qi? S few! Harold Barney Robert Bayle Martin Beck Nancy Bentley Beryl Bigelow James Blanchard Ruth Blanchard Norman Block Martha Bolster Arlene Bosley William Bozzone Irene Briggs Gloria Brown .loan Bush Charlotte Carlton Patricia Carroll Michael Carusone William Chandler Madora Clark Harold Clarke Berry Clifford Carol Clossay Barton Cohen Eileen Cohen Alice Collier '-img Janet Corkins Jane Crannell John Crosse l 77 Donna Currier Raymond David Raymond Davignon John Dehnert Lawrence Denett Donald Derway Lester Deyette Betsy Dickinson Marvin Dobert Judith Donovan Martha Dorlon Sadie Dudley Janet Duell Victoria Duell William Fitzsimmons Shirley Fuss Ernest Gates John Glass Dale Granger Kathryn Gratton zsy ' J we 1 , J, X 5' fl Jw ig -1, wgr f A J ' er ,K . , Q uk. , 4 . r sfih a i rg M ,L b.. v if A " 'Q .,,.!- I -1--V "': 5 'WN U me . ,,.., . M ,gg ., , .,.,:,:.:,.,. A-' 1 A .. sf- i j ' V f -rw.-. Q - : . E -1 1-"fu ' 1-N ::,3z:1i7'f' 3 .... . rg r ew r Q if Y- 3 2 as S 5 41' i 59 -: . -We .-5, my Sa f"l93"M 'mi . M V: ..,- K W - 1-dj M x ev. ,r . ,D .M , .7.Jc I , 6 'I William Hansen Muriel Hartman Theodore Hawkins Joan Hickey Virginia Hill Robert Hoag Carol Hughes June Hunter Ronald ,leckel Carol J ohnson . .,t,.. .. :..?,g:2, i Q .. .,.., e,.,. I X -1, -, 2 g f - J QN Sgr: . li .ag .4 N ig r.... .. X., .,h. K Z3 5 X apt.. , 1 sswsaszfszt , 'Y X? idx. mx M 5 'Q w Q , 5 Q M 1 Q N, .... . ..., ..... . are 4 S we xiiserggrg " "i:E s r is tflxlijfea :, N, WM .f2QE't,asi :fie3 -1 ear S it has M5 we iw t in X QW K gs? haw? , af . . , l.ti is r ,Ri .... N ,:.r7x?:g. ,g,5., .,r. ,wwf ee A qulzqzz lie-:ex ' .::e.: ti i r WAS fe' Ssgesfsigss .,. .,.. ,I . ..... ...,,x.,.s., ,, ,ns sg M o Kgs ' 4 an ,r QW' do 'xiii - . A rfwQ,Y,t,.. g ,fa rr. is 8 ,X ,. . ,E il f 0 Q . u m A yarn W 8 X 5 WQQQFQW E lr W 'Qi .M Ri e g A ' ":.::: I A W W i IL ' A iw R , ga N 2. J we 2 w Lavern Johnson Charles Killmer Eleanor King Stephen Kingsley Susan Kingsley Lillian LaFoy Robert LaR0se Karl Lashway Marilyn Lazarus Theresa Lemery .lean Lyke Carol Mark George Mark Barbara Marrs Edwin Mazer Claire M'cCormick David McKinney James Mellom Mary Lou Meron Sterling Miller Eva Norman Richard Nicholson Joan 0'Connor Lucille' Ott Lois Owens Thomas Perry Gail Parsons Earl Philo Mary Porter Lawrence Potter 3 a-n-9-sf. Cb W .l QF f J 7954 no Ronald Pratt William Prescott Rug:-r Remington Betty Riley David Robertson Harold Robillard Robert Robinson Mary Roccasecca Dorothy Roethke Fred Rogers Gail Rourke Nancy Rozell Judith Ruggles Lucy Sassone Betty Scarpellino Hermann Schmidt Richard Scott Leann Sellingham David Shaw Ronald Sherman f :::" A S l E:f"' . . if A if 5 tin 6 ' , "V it 'Z .s 'X ' . .: '19""i'3 Y., ...Ll ii J- , .:':- ' A 'Q wh f t S- it 32 4 E Q 5 if' l QPR at gl of 2 i S Q . ..., V . . ' ,WH vi xi U -: it iii. " '-2 ' iff -tt .,... i i. L I I A .,,. ,, "2 ' 1- -. , gow ' it . . "" ' 2 ' .-if Q -Q ' '-'-'- f .... A V 52 ,145 I t..... 1 . -1 it Several of the Sophomores have already made themselves known in the life of Senior High School. Bill Bozzone was secretary of Student Council first semester, and second semester Carol Hughes became secretary and ,Ray David, treasurer. The Sophomore boys have played a large part in the' sports of the year. John Glass, Ray David, Burnett Stillwell, Bill Chandler, and Tom Philo were on the football' squad and in basketball Ray David, John Dehnert, Ray Davignon, Steve Kingsley, Bill Bannon, Bill Bozzone, and Dave Snyder took their places on the team. Ray David was named to the Northern Conference All-Star Second Team. Joann Taft and'Patty Carroll were Varsity cheerleaders while Judy Donovan, Fay Adgate, Cele Ott, Sue Kingsley, and Judy Watson were Jayvee cheerleaders. 4'The Best There ls" which was put on Drama Night was played by Sophomoresf The biggest event of the Sophomore year was the Sophomore Hop-'4Blue lVloon.', A large moon, a blue cloth backdrop, a wishing well, and a park bench surrounded by a stone wall figured in the decorations. Don Lombardi and his Band furnished the music. , W ' ' Not pictured: David Deihl, David Fields, Charles Hughes, Jean Lozo, Gerald Morrissey, Mitchell Monsour, Grant Parks, Barbara Trackey, John Wiles. isa Carlton Smith David Snyder Frances Spector Douglas Steele Burnett Stilwell Mary Sullivan Joann Taft Bertha Tarantelli Janice Thorne William Traver Shirley Turner Monica Vincent Donald Wallace Judith Watson Eunice White Peter Whitten Alanson Wilkinson Dolores Williams iq 1' ' ' ' . 1' ,fgw f " "-A Q . :. , -. A " -,N-,ivy 1 in z., :llc A is , 6 . ,t Kala 14144 ,-ifazmzm Our HAlma Mater" is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Adirondacks with Lake George almost at our doorstep. Here we went to swim after a hot fall day at school, here was the scene of our school picnics, here many of us have second homes. In the month of June most of our club affairs and activities were ended with parties and picnics at this lake that is such an intimate part of our memories of our school days. Susan discussing the ad picture schedule with Ben Sheehan, 753, our Red and Black student photographer. Miss Gahimer and Pete trying to solve a prob- lem in layout. Pete with assistant editors David Cohen, George Busher, Carl Carlton, Robert Evans, Nancy Brown, Joan Bosworth, Shirley Mc- Pherson, and Lila Hay checking those endless senior 'cobituariesf' Sandi DeGarmo and Tom Roberts with David and Patricia Hickey looking over circulation figures and the budget. Mary Jo Tidmarsh checking the photography schedule with Phyllis. Not pictured: Robert Rockwell, Ann Thibodeau. fed and 26446 Miss Helen S. Gahimer Advisor ASSISTANT EDITORS Robert Evans ,Ioan Bosworth David Cohen Nancy Brown Lila Hay Carl Carlton Shirley McPherson George Busher EDITORIAL BOARD PICTURE CREDITS Peter Anderson Editor-in-Chief PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Phyllis Murray BUSINESS MANAGER David Benedict ADVERTISING EDITOR Susan Peet TYPING EDITOR Mary Lou Maynard ROCKWOOD STUDIO: Senior individuals, faculty, Board, club groups, choirs, queen. SMITH STUDIO: Junior and Sophomore individuals, class officers, dramatics, music, opening pages, Honor Society, and pp. 7, 50, 51, 52, 62, 63, 67, 70, 80, 81, 87, 89, 95, 118, 119. BEN SHEEHAN '53: Candids in advertising section, candids pp. 9, 54, 55, 67, 88, 114, 115. BERNIE DEGNAN: Sports. RICHARD K. DEAN: pp. 49, 77. TYPING STAFF--flefthand picturel Christie Flint, Gail Parker, Carolyn Dube, Mary Lou, Mary Jane Matteson, Ruth Myhrberg, Ruby Dunn. Not pictured: Anne Putnam, AD STAFF-trighthand picture? First row: Elizabeth Shoupe, Albert Beswick, ,Iohn Hulsebosch, Russell O,Conn0r, Harlan Cutshall, Valerie McKinney, Vivian Gauthier. Second row: Arlene Koziol, Fay Akins, Ruth Clink, Patricia Comar, Patricia Grimes, Ann Fish, Sally Plue, Elizabeth Lashway. Third row: Wilma Durkee, Patricia Dickinson, Barbara Lawson, Constance Craytor, Ann Casey, Nancy Axtell, ,Ioan Carswell. E 5606602 agecmt 70'-zdtckag ' Zee John L. Van Der Voort Advisor Left picture left to right: Mary Lou Maynard, Wilma Dur- Right PiCU1fe, left to Tighff BCVCFIY Bemlet' Elllabeth kee Barbara Lawson, Albert Beswick, Clara Wilbur, Mr. Shoupe, Cynthia MaIiiC6, Mary .lO TiClIH8rSh Mary Jane Van Der Voort. Fay Akins. Carolyn Dube, Patricia Hickey. MHUCSOIL Shirley M0Phf?1'50U- Valerie MCKHIHCY 5h1f19Y Rosemary Wallen. Ann Casey. Chandler, Sandi DeCarmo, Phyllis Murray. UMR. PRESIDENT . . ." The Commencement Pageant Two seniors, visiting a museum, are accidentally locked in the wing where historical costumes worn by wives of the Presidents are being displayed. Represented by wax figures are wives of many Presidents including George Washington, John Quincy Adams, ,lames Madison, Abraham Lincoln, U. S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Wood- row Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. When the wax figures come to life and discuss their famous husbands, tableaux depict famous incidents in the Presidents' lives. Eavesdropping, the seniors come to see how the choice of a President can influence our country for good or bad and decide to get better acquainted with the qualifications of all Presidential candidates. The final tableau shows two seniors confronted by all the candidates for the 1952 Presidential nomination. Wainurwwii X , A First row, left to right: Elaine Task, Sandra Task, Clara Wilbur, James Mellom. Second row: Grant Parks, Edward Baker, David Grant, Judy Donovan, Kathryn Cullings, Dorothy Roethke. Beverly Bentley. Third row: Howard Allen, Barbara Marrs, Peter Anderson, Joann Taft, John Austin, John Trumbull, Mr. Brown, Richard McCarthy, Jane Canaday, Paula Abel, William Doane. Not pictured: David Benedict. Ae Advisor ...., ttt,t. R aymond E. Brown President ...... ..... . John Trumbull Secretary .,.. ,,t,tt J ane Canaday Treasurer ,,Y,r ,,,, Williatn D03116 The Glens Falls Ski Club, inactive since the war, was reorganized this fall under the sponsorship of Mr. Raymond Brown. The Club took three bus trips to North Creek with a minimum of injury to its members. The skis, however, did not fare so Welle the record was three skis broken and a half-dozen poles. John Trumbull and Jane Canaday were in charge of securing the busses, which left at nine o'clock for the hour's trip to Gore Mountain. Members took their lunches and bought ice cream and soft drinks at the canteen. The return trip was made at four-o'clock. There was plenty of singing and joking and a general good time going up but coming back was always a quieter trip with everyone nursing his sore spots and resting. First row, left to right: Ann Fish, Fay Akins, Nancy Brown, David Perkett, Miss Renner, Ann Thibodeau, Christine Carlson, Ruth Clink. Second row: lane Canaday, .loan Carswell, Constance Craytor, Joan Bosworth, Nancy Axtell, Patricia Clemens, Sandra Aronson, Theresa Carusone. Third row: Kathryn Cullings, Linda Clark, Margaret Fuss, Frank Beaty, Howard Allen, Michael Bassock, Ardean Farber, Wilma Durkee. e male ' Advisor l,,l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Miss Elizabeth L. Renner Presldent ,.......... ,,-.,, A nn Thibodeau Secretary ,,,, ,,.,.v,,,,,, N ancy Brown Vice President ..,r,,,,, ,,.,,, David Perkett Treasurer .,,,,, ,..,,. ........ C hristine Carlson A varied program of activities has kept French Club members busy this year. The club presented an assembly program in February which included a Guignol LFrench puppet showj entitled NL 'Amour vainc tout" 1Love Conquers Allj. uTout va tres bien, Madame la Marquise," a duet sung in French by Dale Whitney and John Trumbull, a suitably garbed male chorus singing "The Man I Lovew in French, a solo in French, uSomeone to Watch Over Mefi sung by Fay Akinsg and a tableau depicting France's various contributions to the world. Valerie McKinney and Ann Fish were narrators of the tableau. Literature, Art, Music, Science, Peasants, Robert Schuman, Joan of Arc, Marianne, were portrayed by Frank Beaty, Robert Mock, Stephen Gubitz, Allan Stephenson, Cynthia Mattice, and Thomas Hulburt, Russell O'Connor, Christine Carl- son, and Elizabeth Potts. The tableau was concluded by members of the club singing "The Marseillaisen behind the curtain. Perkett and Mary Jo for the Guignol Puppets dressed by Mary ,lo Tidmarsh are operated by Howard Allen, David David Perkett, Lewis Kohn, John Trum- bull, Michael Bassock, and Delcour Pot- ter sing a barbershop rendition of '4Mon Prince Charmantf' Programs and entertainment for club meetings have included movies of France, French bingo, group and individual singing of French songs. Robert Hungerford played out- standing compositions of French masters on the piano. During the year the club purchased gold and silver club pins, sent a CARE package to a French orphanage, and provided for giving two prizes at the end of the year-310 to the student doing the best work during three years of French and 35 to the student maintaining the best marks during two years of French. Money was also pledged for our Teen-age Am- bassador who is going abroad this summer. Social highlight of the year is the banquet in May. First row, left to right: Elizabeth Shoupe, Arlene Koziol, Francine Cavagan, Sandra Task, ,lane Van Dusen, Barbara Lawson, Lila Hay, .loan Goetz. Second row: Dale Whitney, Harrie Rote- Rosen, Elaine Task, Cynthia Mattice, Shirley McPherson, Mary Jo Tidmarsh, Elizabeth Potts, Valerie McKinney. Third row: Stephen Gubitz, Jay Whitney, Lewis Kohn, Cary Lance, Allan Stephenson, Russell O'Connor, Robert Mock, Thomas Hulbert, Delcour Potter. Not pictured: Robert Hungerford, Norman Kilfoyle, John Trumbull. . .1 .ii fx 1, ff. ,wwiwawpmifif 4, -.v..f ,i-1,,,,s,s.m,,.,,,,.,,,,,,',,,,,,,,, W, W, i i Yi First row, left to right: Theresa Carusone, Sandra Aronson, David Robertson, John Austin, Nicholas George. Second row: William Alexander, Patricia Durant, Kathryn Cullings, Marion Goodrich, Mrs. Stark, Barbara O'Connor, William Crawshaw, Marcia Russell, Robert Niles, Lee St. Clair, Elizabeth Shoupe, Gary Lance, Barbara Falkenbury. 24464 gm ew Advisor .,... ,.,... M rs. Muriel Rosebrook Stark President ...,.....l-ws - .........,..,, Marion Goodrich Secretary .,,,. ,,,lr..,,....... J ohn Austin Vice President. .-,,.v ,...,... N icholas George Treasurer .,... ,,,r,,,, D avid Robertson Microphone technique and aspects of radio broadcasting were taught at the meetings of this newly organized club. A gay satire, uGenerations of Cherubimf' by Claire Taylor was presented as a 15-minute broadcast over WWSG in behalf of the Senior High School P. T. A. The cast included: Narrator, John Austin, The boy, Gary Lance, Doctor, William Alexanderg Mother, Theresa Carusoneg Psychiatrist, John Trurnbullg Parent, Marion Goodrichg Joan, Elizabeth Shoupeg Young girls, Kathryn Cullings and Sandra Aronsong Engineer, Nicholas George, Announcer, Lee St. Claireg Sound effects, Robert Niles and William Crawshaw. Q First row, left to right: Russell O'Connor. Mr. Happy. Mr. llrown. Albert Beswick, David Perkett. Second row: Beverly Bentley. Susan Peet. Mary juclith Housman. ,ioan Goetz. Charlotte Hali. Patricia Clemens, Patricia Falkenbury, Nlarlenc, Van Benthuysr-n. Phyllis Murray. Third rows: Barbara Falkenhury. Marian Goodrich, Belle Dolan. Sandi Dcliarnio. Jane Canaday. 0440! Advisors ...... ,,tit . .Kenneth F. Happy Raymond F.. Brown Pf6Sid6f1Z ff... ...... . Albert Beswick Vice President ................ ,, ,..... Russell O'Connor Secretary-Treasurer ..., ,..,.David Perkett Such subjects as Universal Military Training, the candidates of the coming presi- dential election, the Shuman Plan, and N. A. T. O. have been featured at the monthly meetings of the Forum Club. Members have also attended the area conferences on international Relations which were held this year at Hudson, South Glens Falls, and Hoosick Falls. Zafgy mm Coach and Advisor-Miss Marion M. E. Broadbent Our high school Quiz Team won secone place in the competition among 18 area high schools. Only Salem Central Schoo with a final score of 171 topped th Glens Falls score of 162. Glens Falls the first and last school to appear on th WWSC Thursday night radio series beat Ft. Ann 77-60 and Whitehall, 85 70. Members were chosen on the basi of a competitive examination. The tear was composed of seniors Shirley Mc Pherson, Susan Peet, and Albert Bes wick, and junior John Austin, with fou alternates. Left to right: John Austin, Miss Marion Broadbent, Advisor, David Perkett, Shirley McPherson. Patricia Hickey. Clarence Whitney. Susan Peet, Albert Beswick. Not pictured: John Trumbull. Advisor ..,.... . . ,.............. ...... ,,..... B a sil S. Dwyer President .,.. ....... P eter Whitten Secretary .1.... ...... ....... C ll arles Lapham Elimination Tourneys and Round-robin matches determine the "top ten meni' of the year. Chess Club meets with the purpose of teaching the game to beginners, as well as furthering the finesse of an accomplished player. The more accomplished players have the thrill of matching wits with the City Chess Club and with teams from nearby schools. i .. 1 1 First row, left to right: Clar- ence Whitney, Charles Lap- ham, Mr. Dwyer, David Rob- ertson, David Snyder, Nor- man Block. Second row: Dale Granger, David McKinney, David Fields, ldris Roberts, Robert Rockwell, Fred Guay, Ernest Gates, Ronald Sher- man, Thomas Mahar. Third row: David Perkett, David Bartlett. Not pictured: Peter Whitten, William Jones, Fred Rogers. i v . ,.zsg-sa ,--. eww! First row, left to right: Christine Carl- son, Sandra Task, Heidi Tratt, Linda Clark, Sandra Aronson, Kathryn Cul- lings, Dale Whitney. Second row: Joan Hickey, Lucille Ott, David Grant, Clar- ence Whitney, Mr. Whitney, Richard Cleghorn, Carol Johnson, Thomas Hul- bert, Paula Abel, Wilma Durkee. Not pictured: Robert Hungerford, Eliza- beth Potts, Jane Van Dusen. Advisor l,,,....t,,,....,,,,,t...... .,...,.,.. M aurice C. Whitney President ,,........,.... ...,,...... R ichard Cleghorn Secretary ,,,,,...,,,,.....,,....., ,,...,,, R obert Hungerford Vice President ..,..,,.,......,,,l....,....,.,,l. Sandra Aronson Treasurer ...,,,,...,,,.,....,,..l..,,,......,.,,,,,,... Dale Whitney The Record Club has had ten meetings, each in charge of two of the members and each representing a different aspect of the development of music. Typical programs included "Music for the Pianof, '4Ballet Musicfi 6'Program Music and Absolute Musicf' and "Music of the Baroque Periodf' Each program was illustrated with re- cordings and many of them also included alive" music performances. peadefw Advisor ......,...........,,.,,....,...,.,,,,,,.,... Harold M. Long President ..... ,.-g...,A........ 5 andra Aronson Vice President t,t.......t,tlt,..,. ,t.,.. M ar1on Goodrich Secretary-Treasurer ,,,.......,,,,..,...,, Christine Carlson ACTIVITIES: Radio programs for Crandall Library and the P. T. A., lnterscholastic Radio Forums, Speaking Contest sponsored by the First National Bank, and the American Legion Oratorical Contest in which Nicholas George reached the county contest. Left to right: Valerie McKinney. Linda Clark, Patricia Clemens, Mr. Long, Sandra Aronson, Marion Goodrich. Ann Fish, Nicholas George, John Austin, Patricia Grimes, Christine Carlson. Not pictured: David Barry, Leslie Klein. First row, left to right: Martha Dorlon, Lester King, Mr. Happy, Harlan Cutshall, Henry Heym, Ben Sheehan. Second row: Patricia Dickinson. Sandi DeGarmo, Mary Porter, Janice Thorne, Janice Shappy, Nancy Bentley, Eva Norman, Anna Schmidt, Sadie Dudley, Patricia Carpenter. Third row: Charles Herrington, David Engwer. Madera Clark, Patricia Comar. Not pictured: Charles Hughes. Hamm Zia! Advisor ,,,,,, .,,.,,,, K enneth F. Happy President .,,,.... Lester King Vice President ,,.,,, ,.,,.,.. H arlan Cutshall Secretary-Treasurer ,r,. .t,.,,. M artha Dorlon For the novice in photography the Camera Club offered instruction in selecting a camera, taking a picture, and developing and printing pictures-creating an absorb- ing hobby. For the more experienced photographer, the club afforded opportunity for shared experiences, new information, and increased skills-profitable fun. Ben Sheehan has been the student photographer for the '4Red and Black" for the past two years. The pictures in the advertising section, the Senior Day election pictures, and many others throughout the book this year were taken by Ben with the Red and Black camera. Occlckg 6 Advisor ,...,, ,,,, , .Howard E. Grout Iresuient W ,,,,,7, Y,,Y7,,, .,,,,,.M,,,..,,,,,,7 E u gene Varney Corresponding Secretary ,,,,, , ,,,7,7 ,Charlotte Hall Vice Ireszdent and Treasurer ,,,,.777 Patricia Durant Recording Secretary ,..w..... ....A,, H uth Forbes lndividual members of the Outing Club have a wide range of interests, including cycling, hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. A hike of six miles around Butler Reservoir was taken in the early fall. The second hike was at the Pack Forest where members were guests of the Queensbury School science class and the Syracuse School of Forestry. Murray Crannell, Game Protector, pointed out a porcupine, deer tracks, and beaver dams. The Forest Fire Protection System was explained by Fred Wheeler, Conservation Fire Warden. Clifford Foster, Superintendent of the Pack Forest, ex- plained the system of planned cutting of lumber, and forest conservation. The third hike combined with the Science Club for a geology trip, led by Elmer Rowley, local geologist, who explained many of the local geological specimens. First row. left to right: Robert Rockwell, Mr. Crout, Eugene Varney. Patricia Durant. Charlotte Hall, Ruth Forbes. Second row: Ric-liartl McCarthy, Robert McKinney. Edgar Baker, Dale Granger, Jacqueline Eckhart, Nancy Bentley, Maclora Clark, Barbara Harrington, James Melloni, Theodore Hawkins. Third row: Charles Herrington. Henry Heym, William Crawshaw. David Fields. Not pictured: Barbara Clode. First row, left to right: Mary Porter, Ronald Jeckel, John Glass, Joan Hickey, Marilyn Lazarus. Carol Clossay, Madora Clark, William Alexanderii, Walter Reichert? Lewis Kohni, John Trum- bullii, Peter Madisonii, Nancy Ernst"'. Second row: Mary Lou Meron, Theresa Lemery, Barton Cohen, June Hunter, Jean Lyke, Judy Ruggles, Dorothy Roethke, Sandra Taskii, Archie Runnallsjk, Lee St. Clairi, Barbara Harrington? Third row: William Prescott, Janice Thorne, Gail Rourke, Virginia Hill, Phyllis Anderson, Susan Kingsley, Nancy Rozell, Judy Donovan, Fay Adgate, Joan 0'C0nnor, Betsy Dickinson, Eileen Cohen. t'fiJunior-Senior Group? 43 6 MSOPH STAGERST' Advisors Mrs. Muriel Rosebrook Stark John L. Van Der Voort Presldent ,,,,,,,,, - ,.,,.., Carol Hughes Secretary ...,,, .,,,.,,, M ary Lou Meron Vzce President ,..., ..,...., R onald Jeckel Treasurer ,,,,.,,,,,,, Mary Porter Executive Board: Officers and Marilyn Lazarus, John Glass, Joan Hickey Organized for the first time into their own club, the sophomores had a lively program of dramatic activities. The highlight was the presentation of the drama HThe Best There ls" as the sophomore part of Drama Night. Sophomores also appeared in 'LFeudin' Mountain Boysv on the same occasion. Carol Hughes was the student director for "The Best There ls." Club meetings featured charades, quiz programs, musical numbers, skits, moving pictures, and the study of makeup. The year concluded with a banquet of the combined dramatics clubs. ,yi First row, left to right: Peck Buckley, Nicholas George, William Crawshaw, Robert Niles, Paul Lange, Michael Bassock, Gary Lance, Jay Whitney, Marion Goodrich, Marlene Van Benthuysen, Christine Carlson, David Benedict. Second row: Carol Hughesii, Barbara Falkenbury, Patricia Grimes, Francine Gavagan. Mrs. Stark, Mr. Van Der Voort, Mary Judith Housman, Linda Clark, Jane Van Dusen, ,Ioan Goetz, Kathryn Cullings, John Austin. Third row: Joan Wallace, Barbara O'C0nnor, Jane Mallalieu, Wendy Sherman, Beverly Bentley, Delcour Potter, Mary Jane Ticlman, Charlotte Hall, Theresa Carusone, Joan Farrell, Margaret Fuss, ,lane Canaday. Ui Soph Stagerl Dzamazcz JUNIOR-SENIOR GROUP Advisors Mrs. Muriel Rosebrook Stark John L. Van Der Voort President .,,. . ,. ......,. Marlene Van Benthuysen Secretary i ,..,. . Christine Carlson Vice President G. , ...,,...... ,, ,... David Benedict Treasurer ..... .. .... John Austin Executive Board-William Alexander, Kathryn Cullings, Joan Goetz, Marion Good- rich, Gary Lance, Paul Lange, Phyllis Murray. Dale Whitney, Jane Van Dusen. Club meetings are in charge of the officers and the executive board of director. This group presented HCommand Performance" with Mary Judith Housman as student director and MFeudin, Mountain Boys" with Jane Canaday as student director on Drama Night. The quality and variety of the HDrama Night" program offered this year drew a crowd that filled the auditorium to capacity and for the first time late comers found "Standing Room Only." The combined clubs conrtihuted S50 to the Teen-age Summer Scholarship Fund. First row, left to right: Shirley Turner, Kathleen Sullivan. Ann Putnam, Vivian Gauthier, Joyce Rovell, Martha Bols- ter. Second row: Mr. Robinson, Donna Currier, Phyllis Anderson, Carol Brilling, Alice Collier. Monica Vincent, Mr. Long. Third row: Charles Kilmer. Karl Lashway, Wil- liam Hance, Donald Wallace, William Shepard, Harold Clarke. Fourth row: Rene Miner, Barbara Kilmer, Dorothy Skellie, Lillian LaFoy, Joseph Williams. Fifth row: Ray- mond Lunt, Donald Robichaud, Robert O. Blake, Charles Webster. Sixth row: John,Streeter, Robert Burrows, Rob- ert N. Blake, Allen Blake. Seventh row: Edward Shaw, Sterling Miller, Robert West, Guido Sassone, Earl Philo. Not pictured: ,lack Arberger, Arthur Aronson, Cecil Clute, Janet Duell, Benjamin Jenkins, John Trumbull. T Sponsors Harold Long Walter H. Robinson ' FIRST SEMESTER President -,e,,, ,,...,,. E lizabethBannon Vice President ...... ...... D onna Currier secretary ,,,,,, .,... Q .Robert N. Blake SECOND 'SEMESTER President ............ ....... J oseph Williams Recording Secretary ........ ........ A nne Putnam Vice President ..... ......... W illiam Hance Attendance Secretary ....... ....... J oyce Rovell Treasurer ..... ....... D onna Currier Each member of the Service Club uses a free period in the week in which to take care of office routine, help in the bookroom, find absentees from clubs, run errands for teachers, show visitors around the school, set up the motion picture projector and recording machine, and to perform many other useful tasks around the school. This new club has made a hit. dw gazed Advisor Howard E. Grout SQUAD LEADERS David Grant William Crawshaw David Perkett Herbert Hart The Fire Squad, organized to help the school and city in event of an atomic attack, has studied types of fires and extinguishers to be used, location of school fire equipment, atomic theory and bomb destruction, use of the Geiger counter. They have been aided by Captain Elliott Eldridge of the Ridge Street Firehouse. The squad is incorporated in the Glens Falls Civil Defense organization. Several members participated as a Radiological Defense Team at the Schenectady mock atomic raid in October. First row, left to right: M. Carusone, J. Mellom, W. Pres- cott, D. Snyder. Second row: Mr. Grout, R. Kirkpatrick, D. Grant, H. Hart, W. Foster, A. Maxon. Third row: R. Bayle, R. Jeckel, L. Kohn, W. Bozzone, T. Hulbert. Fourth row: R. Niles, W. Crawshaw, D. Steele, D. Perkett. Not pictured: R. David. R. Remington. 76617066 dew 004 14 ' Advisor ....,. ,.....,, M iss Zola Jones President .....,,,.. ..........,. S ally Plue Secretary ..... ..i. . . ...... .Elaine Murphy Vice President ,,.. ......c,, I anet Keech Treasurer ..... ...,.,Elizabeth Lashway ACTIVITIES--Hostesses to the Eastern District F. H. A. meeting. Enrollment with the state and national F. H. A. Christmas caroling at the Old Ladies Home. Making scrapbooks for nursing homes. Learning skills such as knitting and crocheting. Group preparation of a Spaghetti Dinner and study of table settings and table maners. First row, left to right: Kay Grattan, Arlene Bosley, Mar- tha Bolster. Secondrow: Miss Jones, Elizabeth Lashway, Sally Plue, Elaine Murphy, Janet Keech. Third row: Ruth Myhrberg, Barbara Gallow, Muriel Hartman, Elaine Mon- sour, Edna Hutchinson, Barbara Kilmer, Dolores Williams. Not pictured: Anna Schmidt, Mary Lou Vaughn, Joan King, Mary Lou Hay, Gloria Gardner, Carol Mark, ,loyce Austin. First row, left to right: Sandra Task, Patricia Durant, Theresa Carusone, Valerie McKinney, Jane Canaday, Patricia Clemens, Joan Goetz. Second row: Ann Fish, Miss Jones, ,Ioan Bosworth, Kathryn Cullings, Patricia Hickey, Lila Hay, Susan Peet, Clara Wilbur, Elizabeth Shoupe. Third row: Phyllis Murray, Shirley McPherson, Sandi l9eGarmo, Christine Carlson, Linda Clark, Ann Thibodeau, Nancy Brown, Barbara Lawson, Paula Abel, Mary Jo Tidmarsh. Not pictured: Miss Cornell, Marion Goodrich, Heidi Tratt. qmgza Aww We - Ad'UiSOTS .ffff ,......,,. M iss Zola Jones Miss Betty Cornell P76-Sldefbl .,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,, J oan Bosworth Secretary .,... Kathryn Cullings Vice President ,.,r,,,.,ccr Lila Hay Treasurer cc,, Susan Peet Sergeant-at-Arms ,,,,,c cc.,,c, P atricia Hickey This has been an important year for Hi-Y, one of the most active service organizations in the school. They established a new 4'point" system for.filling their membership quota, sponsored the Student Mixer on September 29, made favors for the hospital at Christmas, conducted the Spinster Swing on March 21 with the theme, MGarden in the Rain," to raise money for their college scholarship fund, sold cokes and frosticks at the basketball games, gave S100 to the Teen-age Summer Scholarship Fund, donated money to the National Foundation for lnfantile Paralysis, and to the Heart Fund, Cancer Fund, and Aid to the Blind. lane Canaday was elected a representative to the Northern Council and Kathryn Cullings was made Chaplain of the Northeastern District at the Northern New York Area Assembly at Johnstown in November. Members also attended the Assembly in Albany in December and the Hi-Y Playday in Schenectady in February. Led by the officers, members form for the Grand March at the end of the candlelight ceremony February 29. and Wann Sasaki? Advisor ..7.,.,,7,,,,,,,,.,,.,, ,,.,,,,, M iss Nola Wentworth President ..,,,,,,, ........,s7 A lbert Beswick Secretary ,,,,,,,, .. ,,,,,, , . ,Mary Io Tidmarsh Vzce President ,,,,... ,.,...,.,,7,,,,,, D avid Perkett Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,, ,,.,,,,,, S usan Peet Clerk ,,,,,,,,Y,..,.....,,,,,,.7,,,,,,,,,,,,,7,. Mary Lou Maynard The five officers of the Glens Falls Chapter of the National Honor Society were ad- mitted to membership in their junior year. Ten'additional seniors and eight juniors were inducted in September and February. Using Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service as a basis, seniors are tapped for membership three times during the year -in September, February, and June. They must maintain an average of 85 or better. Juniors are tapped only in February and must maintain averages of 90 or above. The pins given to new members are a gift of the P. T. A. The charter for the Glens Falls Chapter of the National Honor Society was presented on March 3, 1950. First row, left to right: Mary Lou Maynard, David Perkett, Albert Beswick, Miss Wentworth Susan Peet, Mary ,lo Tidmarsh, Phyllis Murray. Second row: Carole Dunn, Ruth Myhrberg Kathryn Cullings, Patricia Clemens, John Austin, Dale Whitney, David Benedict, Carl Carlton .lane Canaday, Sandra Aronson. Patricia Hickey, .loan Bosworth, Shirley McPherson, Barbara Lawson, Elizabeth Shoupe. Trird row: Planning a candy sale. Front row, left to right: Arlene Koziol, Francine Gavagan, Barbara Callow, Ann Fish, .lean Lozo, Theresa Lemery. Second row: Lila Hay, Dar- lene Gray, Kay Maynard, Mary ,lo Tidmarsh. Planning the club program. First row, left to right: Donna Currier, Mrs. Duell, Shirley McPherson, Cynthia Mattice, Miss Vroman, Fay Akins. Second row: Martha Bolster, Martha Barlow, Alice Collier, Shirley Chandler, Ruth Clink. flame Advisors ,,,,, ,,t.,,lVliss Laura E. Vroman Mrs. Nell P. Duell President M ,,,tt,rr ,,,tt , ,t,,,,,,t E lizabeth Bannon Vice President ,,,,,, W ,,,, Shirley McPherson Secretary .,..V...,,,...t ,..,.,,..., S hirley Chandler Treasurer ..,.,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,.,,..,. Cynthia Mattice Each member of this service club devotes one period a week to work in the library as a student library assistant. Members learn library procedures and participate in round table discussions of books and reading. Money for CARE packages was raised by selling candy at noon and after school. A banquet and picnic in June are the social highlights of their year. Members not pictured: Elizabeth Bannon, Irene Briggs, Janet Duell, Gloria Gardner, Virginia Hill, Eunice White. Compiling a reading list. Front row, left to right: Jo Ann Wallace, Kathlef . Sullivan, Elaine Monsour, Elaine Mur- phy, Beverly Porter. Second row: Patricia Washer, Gail Parker, Barbara Smith, Sally Willard, Mary Lou Vaughn. ame77Zec4cmc2:4 af Supervisor ,,,,,,, .,.,,, E dgar Grant Chairman ,,7,,, ..,.7...,. B en Jenkins Left to right: Harold Hildrelh, William Skellie, lllr. Grant. Sterling Miller, Rene Miner. Not pictured: Charles Hodgson, Robert Hoag, Earl Philo. Ben Jenkins. The first few meetings of this new club were devoted to field trips to see homes in different stages of construction. Visits were made to the Quaker Hill development where the Allegheney prefab houses were being built, and to lVlontray Heights where the conventional type of house was being constructed. At one of the club programs, lVlr. Thomas Eastwood, a representative of the Northern prefab homes, gave an illustrated lecture on their units. The club built a scale model of a home in order to become familiar with the trade terms and sound building practices used in modern building today. gtcgaette Advisor -,,-,,., ,t..,.. lVl iss Laura E. Vroman President ,,,,eo,,,,, e,teee F rancine Gavagan Secretary .... ..,. Darlene Gray Vice President Y Y,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,r, ,,,, J o a n Goetz Treasurer ...t.,,,.,,,,,,t.. .t.... J ane Dullahan Reporter ,,t,.,,,t,tt.,,.,, ,,,,,,t.,t P atricia Durant Certain fundamentals of social usage do a great deal to ma-ke living with others pleas- ant. The Etiquette Club has planned programs to help meet every day social situations with self-assurance founded on a sincere regard for others. Program topics have in- cluded tlj Living with others-family and schoolmates. 123 Meeting people-making and acknowledging introductions. t3l Telephone manners. til Rules for dating. Q51 Good manners in public places. l6j Table manners. First row, left to right: Jane Dullahan, Francine Gavagan, Charlotte Hall. Miss Vroman, Joan Goetz. Darlene Gray. Second row: Kay Maynard, Joan Farrell, Joan Guernsey, Kathryn Cullings. Belle Dolan, Patricia Durant, Ardean Farber. Ruth Forbes. First row, left to right: Carol Hughes, Ray- mond David, Delcour Potter, David Cohen, Nicholas George, Lewis Kohn, William Boz- zone. Second row: Susan Kingsley. Martha Bolster, Dale Whitney, Frank Beaty. Wilson Foster, Ardean Farber, Christine Carlson. Mr. Brown. Third row: Ronald Sherman. David McKinney. Stephen Kingsley, Robert Bayle. Robert Mark, Peter Russellg John Glass. SZ! named! Advisor ,,..... ,,,..V, W illiam H. Brown President ,.,,.,,,.,,. ,,,,,, D avid Cohen l, 2 Secretary .r,,.,. ,....... W illiam Bozzone l Vice President .v,.. .,.,,.,, D elcour Potter l Carol Hughes 2 Nicholas George 2 Treasurer ,,,,,. ..........., L ewis Kohn l Raymond David 2 Participation of the students of Glens Falls High School in the routine running of the school and in many of the decisions which have to be made in connection with its activities is possible through the Student Council. Busses to games, sportsmanship. the activities ticket, the improvement of punctuality, the program of assemblies, the appearance of the building and grounds, bicycle and traffic safety, the arrangement of home room meetings, and the plan and policy for the new activities period all come under the responsibility of the Student Council where the motto, HFor the Good of the School,'7 rules. First row, left to right: Elizabeth Potts, Geraldine White, Frances Spector, Ann Thibodeau, Donna Currier, Mary Lou Meron, Patricia Clemens. Second row: Archie Runnalls, Martha Kreiser, Mar- garet Fuss, Joan Bosworth, Lila Hay, Patricia Allen, John Austin. Third row: William Prescott, Ronald Jeckel, David Perkett, Peter Anderson, Thomas Roberts, Peter Madison, Stephen Gubitz. M44 244 cw First row, left to right: Belle Dolan. Constance Craytor. Mary Jo Tidmarsh, Joan Bush, Barbara Lawson, Lavern Johnson, Virginia Picheo, Joan Hickey. Second row: Mr. Paoletti, Judy Wat- son, Ruth Forbes, Gail Parsons, .Ioan O'Connor, Claire McCormick, Lila Hay, Barbara Marrs. Third row: Ar- lene Bosley, Jacquelyn Homan, Dolores Williams, Natalie Chase. Not pictured: Virginia Hill. Advisor .......... - ,,,4,..... ,.,,..t..... C laude Paoletti President -.,. ,,,,,,, B arbara Lawson Secretary e.,,,,,e,,,,,MA,,,,,,, ,e,,4M,A f ,Mary JO Tidmafsh Treasurer ..,.. , ,,,,,,, I oan Bush Alpha Rho Tau provides creative experiences for students interested in experimenting with art. The club enjoyed a guided tour of the Hyde collection of paintings and sculpture. They visited the Local Artist Exhibit, a tri-county contest in which Barbara Lawson won Honorable Mention. Members also had the unusual opportunity of being the guests of Douglas Crockwell. They spent an afternoon in the studio of the noted artist and gathered first-hand knowledge of how a top-notch professional artist works. The club made posters for the polio fund drive in the school, painted self-portraits, and worked on many individual projects. Advisor ....,ts......v...c,.,. ,.....,.., M iss Zola Jones President ........., ,,,,.,t G eraldine White Secretary ......,,.,,..,....c. ,,,,ee A nne Putnam Vice President ,,,., ......., C arole Palmer Treasurer .,r.. ,,,t,tt A rdean Farber ACTIVITIES Enrollment Drive for the Red Cross Chapter Decoration of Christmas trees for wards of Glens Falls Hospital Scrapbook of cartoons for nursing home amine Zed eww First row, left to right: Lillian LaFoy, Miss Jones, Geraldine White, Ardean Farber, Carole Palmer, Anne Putnam. Second row: Dorothy Skellie, Joan King, Janet Walbridge. Barbara Villa. Not pictured: Jane Mallalieu. Rita Aronson. Beryl Bigelow, Ruth Austin. Joyce Austin, Joan Guernsey. Margaret Fuss. Barbara Harrington. First row, left to right: Miss Broadbent, William Doane, Albert Beswick, David Cohen, David Benedict, Heidi Tratt. Second row: William Prescott, Susan Peet, Claire McCormick, Martha Kreiser, Elaine Task, Mary ,ludith Housman, Wendy Sherman. Third row: Ronald Sherman, John Austin, Walter Reichert, John Shaw, Clarence Whitney, Albert Maxon, David Snyder, Edwin Mazer. Not pictured: Jo Ann Karpeles, Paul Lange, Frederick Roberts, Peter Whitten. va canada Woman Advisor ,.,.. ...... M iss Marion M. E. Broadbent President .,t.,,,,,,,. ....,.... . .,David Cohen Secretary .,,,, ,,,.,,, A lbert Beswick Vice President ...... .....i,. D avid Benedict Treasurer ,,.,. ..,........ H eidi Tratt Sergeant-at-Arms ...... ...tttt W illianl Doane HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR-Program of German Organ Music by Hugh Wilson, Original playsg Mr. Doane's slides filmed last year in Austria and Germany, German songs, records, movies and skitsg Group games in Germang Study of German history and culture. Wdfldlzy QQ " Advisor ,,,,,, . ,.,. -..Joseph K. Konczakowski Preszdenz ,,,,,,,,A. ,,.,,, C arl Carlton Secretary ...Y., ,,,,,.. D avid Benedict Vzce President ,,,..., .7,,.,.7 P eck Buckley Treasurer ,,,. ,,,,,,, J ohn Hulsebosch Varsity MCP Club is three years old. Not only have pleasant relations been maintained with other schools, but also the club has contributed to the community and the school by large donations to the March of Dimes and to the Summer Scholarship Fund. Varsity 'CG7' was co-sponsor of the Springfield University gymnastic team exhibition held in the Junior High School. First row, left to right: Delcour Potter, Walter Reichert. Robert Pincheon, John Hulsebosch. Carl Carlton, Coach HK," David Benedict, Robert Seeley, John Streeter, Joseph Williams. Second row: Idris Roberts, William Hanson, Lewis Kohn, William Hance, David McKinney, John Williams, Harlan Cutshall, Peter Madison, Archie Runnalls. Third row: William Farrell. John Dehnert. Raymond David, Fred Cuay, Willard Hunter, John Kirkpatrick, Clifford Martindale, Burnett Stilwell, Richard Nicholson. Not pictured: Arthur Aronson, Philip Brown, Joseph Varney, Donald Fobare, Paul Lange, John Trumbull, Eugene Varney. Alanson Wilkinson, Peter Whitten. ?aaz'64ZZ aww 7957 - 7752 Coach JOSEPH K. KONCZAKOWSKI Assistant Coaches BASIL S. DWYER RECINALD T. SHULTZ C0-Captains CARL CARLTON JOHN HULSEBOSCH SCHEDULE We They September 22-Saratoga --,,, --,,--,, 2 5 24. September 29-Gloversville ,,,, ,.,., 0 12 October 6-Ft. Edward ,...,,,,. ,,,,, 7 12 October 13-Whitehall ..,.., M,,,r,,, 1 2J 32 October 20-Granville ,..,....,,. ,A,,r,A- 2 6 13 October 27-Hudson Falls ...,,, ,,,,A 8 7 November 3-St. Mary's ,...,.. ,,,,,,,, 1 2 13 First row, left to right: William Jones, Carlos Bombard, Robert Christman, Carl Carltonit, John Hulseboschii, Earl Philo, Tom Putnam. Second row: Jerry Morrissey, William Chandler, William Farrellbi, Eugene Varneyif, Archie Runnallst, Thomas Mclntosh, Delcour Pottery, Philip Brownii. Third row: Coach HK," John Trumbullii, Peck Buckleyx, Burnett Stilwellit, Clifford Martindale? Charles Webster, Roger Remington, William Alexander, William Hance. Fourth row: Coach Dwyer, Alanson Wilkinsfong, Michael Carusone, John Glass, Lewis Kohnsf, Peter Madisonii, George Ronkanen, Walter Reichertii, Robert Pincheonm. Fifth row: Coach Shultz, Raymond Davidsf, Richard Nicholson? Milton Berkowitz, Willard Hunter? David Benedictit, Arthur Aronsont, John Kirkpatrick? it Varsity .IOHN HULSEBOSCH Co-Captain-Center CARL CARLTON C o-Captain-Halfback X WILLIAM FARRELL DAVID BENEDICT Halfback Tackle PECK BUCKLEY End EUGENE VARNEY Halfback ! , ' 1 First row, left to right: William Forbes, Richard Homan, Warren Ferguson, Edward O'Donnell, Captain, William Booth, Edward Donovan, Edward Mahh. Second row: Roland Deschambault, Robert Bozzone, William Bennett, Willard Hunt, Peter Madison, Delcour Potter, Charles Farrell. Third row: Coach Bosworth, Thomas Roberts, Peter Anderson, Robert Block, Roger Remington, David Benedict, Coach Cymhalak. Fourth row: Rohert West, Manager. Paul Lauzon, Edgar Baker, John Dehnert, Richard Scott, Peter Whitten, Charles Good, .layvee Manager. gaaefail .Seaman 7757 Coach ,...., i,,,,.,. C LIFFORD K. BOSWORTH Jayvee Coach ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.. ll IICHAEL CYMBALAK Captain .,..,, ,........,,,, E DWARD 0'DONNELL ,Iayvee Captain , ,,,,,....,. ROBERT BLOCK Manager ..... ,,,,...,......,,,,,,,,,, R OBERT WEST Jayvee Manager ..., .,........,, C HARLES GOOD Northern Conference Champions ClTY SERIES CHAMPIONS WON 14'-LOST 3 SCHEDULE Glens Falls ,,,.,.....,. 3 South Glens Falls ..,....... 0 Glens Falls ,s,,,....... Amsterdam ,,,.,,, Glens Falls 12 Whitehall . Glens Falls ..........,, Granville ,,..,...rr, Glens Falls ........,.,, 915 St. Maryls ,,,,. ,,.,. 1 Glens Falls, South Glens Falls Glens Falls ...,.,,,,,.. 21 Granville .,,,,t, ,,..., 4 Glens Falls Hudson Falls ,,... Glens Falls 3 Hudson Falls .r,, ...,. 2 Glens Falls ,,......,,e, Amsterdam ,V,... Glens Falls ..,,,,....., 8 Whitehall ,..,... ,,.,, O Glens Falls Ft. Edward .,....., Glens Falls ,,........,, 0 Rutland ,... ...,. 1 Glens Falls ,s,,,.,.,,,. St. Mary's Glens Falls ,,......,,,t 21+ St. Mary's ..... ,...,,.. 3 Glens Falls ,e,,,....1.. Rutland Glens Falls ,,,..,,,,,.. 8 Ft. Edward .,.,,,, ....,.. 0 l'lCity Se ries 71466 and 76eZd 7757 Coach ,,,,.....,.,,,,,,,,...., ,,,,.,.... ,,,, T H OMAS F. ALLEN Assistant Coach ....,,.........., ,A.,....., M AURICE EDWARDS Captain YY7,7,V.VV.. PHILIP COWAN Manager ,,,77,7,.... .,,,,A..,.....77.77 ,,..,.,, K A RL LASHWAY Captain-elect 1952 .,,,.,.. ,,,,,., C ARL CARLTON N othern Conference Champions 6th Straight Season 20th UNDEFEATED DUAL MEET SEASON Northern Conference Meet-Glens Falls lst with 48 1f3. Northern Conference Champions: 100 and 220 Varneyg 440 Adrianceg 880 Williams, Low Hurdle, Carlton, High Jump, Kavanaugh. Dual Meets-Glens Falls 76, Granville 28, Glens Falls 56 lf3, Saratoga 46 IX3. Plattsburgh lnterscholastic meet--K 16 teamsj Glenns Falls 2nd, Schenectady Sports Day-Mile relay 'team Zndg High Jump, Kavanaugh tied Zndg 2-mile relay team 3rd. Sectional Class "B" Championship-Glens Falls 3rd. Records broken-Low Hurdles 22 Carl Carlton, 440-53, Jack Adrianceg Mile Relay-3:41, Raymond David, Carl Carlton, Robert McLandress, Eugene Varney. First row, left to right: William Hallenbeck, Daniel Streeter, Michael Ginsburg. Second row: Charles Jensen, William Hansen, Harlan Cutshall, Donald Fobare, Ben Sheehan, Jerry Gottlieb, Karl Lashway. Third row: Vincent Canale, John Hulsebosch, Richard St- Clair, William Hance, Joseph Williams, Robert Rockwell, George Ronkanen, John Kirkpatrick, George Fish. Fourth row: Coach Allen, Carl Carlton, Eugene Varney, Jack Adriance, Philip Cowan, Fred Kavanaugh, John Williams, Jack Brookings, Coach Edwards. Fifth row: Arthur Mackey, John Streeter, Robert Martindale, Robert McLandress, Raymond David, Robert Seeley. a F it Coach Dwyer and his Varsity Lettermen. First row: Thomas Mahar, Gordon Barnum. Second row: Captain Courtney Kullman, Paul Lange, and Lewis Kohn. evmcb ecwaa 7751 Cgagh ,,,,,,... ,,,,,,,, B ASIL S. DWYER Glens Falls W on the Championship Title and Trophy of the Hudson River I nterscholastic Tennis League 8 WINS-1 LOSS RECORDS Hudson River Singles Tourney-Lewis Kohn, Runnerup Hudson River Doubles Tourney-Lewis Kohn and Courtney Kullnian, Winners Section II NYPHSAA Tourney-Lewis Kohn and Courtney Kullman, Runnersup School Tourneys-School Cup Tourney won by Lewis Kohn Intra-mural Tourney won by Michael Bassock Coach Brown with his squad. First row, left to right: Joseph Williams, Harlan Cutshall, William Hansen, Donald Fobare. Second row: Joseph Barney, David McKinney, Peter Whitten, John Dehnert, Richard Scott. ww eozmdzcy 7466 644002 7751 Coach ...... .,,...,,.,,.,....,... R aymond E. Brown SCHEDULE October 6-Cobleskill 110 schoolsj October 27-Home Meet, Gloversville October 13-Grout Memorial Q15 schoolsl November 2-Waterford October 20-Gloversville lnvitational L6 schoolsj November 10--Sectionals Karl Lashway was the only veteran on the 1951 Cross Country team, and he saw action in the first meet only due to a knee injury. The team won no meets, but with most of the squad returning next year, the 1952 season should see a stronger and better team. dem-4' Betty L. Cornell Sponsor VARSITY Patricia Carroll, Joan Bosworth, Linda Clark, Joann Taft, Nancy Brown, Martha Kreiser, Ardean Farber. .IAYVEE Lucille Ott, Fay Adgate, Judy Donovan, Susan Kingsley, Judy Watson LET'S GO, INDIANS! Left to right: Joann Taft, Judy Donovan, Linda Clark, Susan Kingsley, Patricia Carroll, Fay Adgate, Martha Kreiser, Judy Watson, Ardean Farber, Lucille Ott, Joan Bosworth, Nancy Brown. A ' A ' A President First row, left to right: Ann Fish, Paula Abel, Jacqueline Eckhart, Nancy Ernst, Joanne Wallace, Dale Whitney, Ann Casey. Second row: Sandra Task, Patricia Hickey, Virginia Picheo, Phyllis Murray, Sandi DeGarmo, Kathryn Cullings, Ruth Clink, Cynthia Mattice, Elaine Task, Geraldine White. Third row: Carolyn Dube, Carole Dunn, Ann Thibodeau, Rosemary Walien, Joan Guernsey, Mary Lou Maynard, Shirley McPherson, Margaret Fuss, Barbara Harrington, Shirley Chandler, Miss Cornell, Gail Parker. Not pictured: Rita Aronson, Nancy Axtell, Beverly Bentley, Jacqueline Boss, Joan Bosworth, Nancy Brown, Ruby Dunn, Barbara Glode, Darlene Gray, Joanne Karpeles. na' 14:40:64 Sponsor .,.....,.........,,,,,.......,.,,,,,....,..,,,,. Betty Cornell ,.---A---....--.Kail1IyH Cl1llil'1gS Secretary ,,-.--.Phyll1s Murray Treasurer .......,,,.......,....,, ,,....,.,,,..., S andi DeGarmo Letters will be distributed at the banquet in June to girls participating in hockey, swimming, bowling, basketball, archery, softball and tennis. Sports Day, February 16, included basketball, relays, and swimming competition with Warrensburg, Lake George, Whitehall, Hudson Falls, and Ft. Edward. First row, left to right: Belle Dolan, Natalie Chase, Barbara Villa, Patricia Clemens, Mary Jane Matteson, Jane Canaday, Christie Flint, Patricia Comar, Lila Hay, Elizabeth Potts. Second row: Janice Shappy, Ardean Farber, Jane Van Dusen, Phyllis Murray, Sandi DeGarmo, Kathryn Cullings, Fay Akins, Barbara Falkenbury, Marlene Waters, Harrie Rote-Rosen. Third row: Joan Goetz, Carole Palmer, Marion Goodrich, Betty Parker, Patricia Smith, Jacqueline Homan, Ruth Myhrberg, Janet Walbridge, Theresa Carusone, Patricia Falkenbury, Sandra Aronson. Not pic- tured: Arlene Koziol, Martha Kreiser, Jane Mallelieu, Kay Maynard, Susan Peet, Sally Plue, Anna Schmidt, Elizabeth Shoupe, Barbara Smith. William N Reexes, Director, David Perkett, Man- ager Assistant Managers, Patricia Hickey CRec- ordsl Susan Peet lPublicityJg Librarians, Gail Parker, Sandra Aronson, Paula Abel, Dale Whit- ney Carol Johnson, Jane Canadayg Quartermasters, Thomas Hulbert David Grant. ? . . , S 5 . tt. it A ,meant .V . at . .f . A Q g f it 1 at wise VW , 'W W ? at Q f The highlight of the year came with the appearance of Dr. Edwin Franko Goldman as guest conductor of the annual concert in February. This was by far the best played Band program in the history of the school. Dr. Goldman was an inspiration to all who came in contact with him during his brief visit and we valued his remark, 'cl like your city very much. I like what I see here in the school, but I like best what I hearf, BAND PERSONNEL FLUTE: R. Cleghorn, V. McKinney, C. Johnson, A. Farber, R. McKinney, K. Maynard. CLARI- NET: D. Grant, S. Peet, A. Beswick, T. Hulbert, G. Lance, R. Jeckel. L. Kohn, A. Stephenson, D. Cohen, G. White, C. Mark, J. King, R. McCarthy, W. McKinney. E. Gates, M. Beck. ALTO CLARINET: D. Barry. RASS CLARINET: S. Aronson, E. King. OROE: D. Perkett, C. McCormick. BASSOON: A. Fish, J. Gorman. TENOR SAXOPHONE: l. Roberts. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: R. Rockwell. CORNET: P. Lange, W. Fair, J. Whitney. N. Brown, R. Sand, B. Cohen, A. Schmidt, A. Thibodeau. FRENCH HORN: P. Hickey, L. Ott, G. Parker, P. Abel, P. Whitten, J. Canaday. TROMBONE: R. Mock, P. Madison, R. Pratt, R. Irish, D. Granger. BARITONE: D. Whitney, G. Parks. BASS: S. Gubitz, H. Schmidt, F. Ralph, B. LaPoint, W. Crawshaw. PERCUSSION: R. Van Dusen, C. Carlson, S. Lance, D. Snyder, D. Roethke. Q U..,AA,,AkW,h Q.. EU... ,, S N Awwk., ,, ..,. ,V4Q , . ., ,. .. i ,VM M ,. ,, X , as-..q.-.g. 5- m,,, ,, . A,,n , ii.- . , , , H, ff ,, hh,h ,, ...p MEVA, 2 it 5 A . , , i , F' gi is 35153, . , ii 5 Nhk, . , U 'M 'R 'WH' ref MNVA P fffiiiiiifffmi Fttfff A VY x L' W'-Q 3 in MA? its Ng M, A V A i nw 7'Vkr Mgzigiwi 5 an ni. 5, M.-Q. 5 ii.....ff A 2 .M .1 S..g..,f . .lnaiws '? gases , S bA , , ,A,A ,. ,,,, ,,N, ....,...Q. .i,,, ,.Vv,, .sling V.Nwv ,,V, . Vt... . ,. MW., .5 35. ,, t , ,P 1g.5,g,.f ,,.n , A WL" figtggygr gh'- Q' Aid if .wM, ,.,QDA . ,,,,, . ,L . .. .. .b,,, Q,A- 1 .ff 1' ...fe 1' as -3- b , A 5 o 3' stef Hsieh ,..,.,Qlffg.ff.,,. nM , A,, A 35 ,4.4 f , i wb if , b,,:hh , ,,xA, ' .AWA 9 .. A M., , FLUTE-R. Cleghorn, V. McKinney, S. Land, C. Johnson, S. Grant, G. Lavine. CLARINET: S Peet, A. Beswick, R. Jeckel, G. Lance, C. Whitney, D. Perkett, G. White, J. King, J. Dean, C Henry, A. Stephenson, H. Hildreth, E. Gates, D. Mellom, D. Barry, E. King, C. Mark, M. Beck N. Brown, W. Mock, C. Gray P. Lyman. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Robert Rockwell. CORNET: P. Lange J. Whitney, B. Cohen, R. Sand, H. Hammond, A. Schmidt, R. Parsons, B. Wells, R Hutchinson, G. Hall, J. Duers. FRENCH HORN: P. Hickey, G. Parker, P. Abel, J. Canaday, T Adriance, P. Whitten. BARTTONE: D. Whitney, G. Parks, D. Granger. TROMBONE: R. Pratt R. Irish, K. Van Wirt, M. Gersten, R. Van Nierop. BASS: S. Gubitz, B. LaPoint, W. Crawshaw PERCUSSION: R. Van Dusen, M. Cleghorn, C. Carlson, D. Snyder, D. Roethke, D. Grant, T Hulbert. Favorite Formations:GOAL POSTS, EYES AND RIVERBOAT, BANJO AND ROCKING CHAIR, STAR. William N. Reeves, Director TWIRLERS Kathryn Cullings Marlene Waters Patricia Falkenbury ,loan Wallace Claire McCormick DRUM MAJORETTES COLOR GUARD Sandra Aronson Ann Fish Charlotte Hall Jane Gorman ts. . A it - new.. m.....,A. .A J w,AiAAn . A , A , n ,A , A w.A .g A A V,, ,, , A 4 fifffffff ii M A H 'J H if ifffQQiTifQff'gQf . Q ,J fi W 5' swf, Q AA t. it ta. it si ma ifaaf Ozaaectm. ii A AL.. . , i Ag .A .A NAM. , A 3 : ..V..A S A, . N.VV 5.5. , g aw A VV,D . ...A Q, if . .W ..,. A ,, Q .sA.,.......,,, is t 3 1 A 4 ,.,., N N y p A .. .. ,. W . . A, , . .N,W..,A A . I A ,,,, ,,,, .f A A. 55,5 AAA at A. .AAA A y , ...SAA y K Q VAVA U .S A,,A,. A A AAAA A A A Maurice C. Whitney, Director Mary Lou Maynard, Manager Wilma Durkee, Librarian Theodore Hawkins, Sandra Aronson, Barbara Marrs, Dale Whitney, Assit Managers Ass7t Librarians Patricia Hickey, Quartermaster Assistant Quartermasters Kathryn Cullings Gary Lance Peter Madison Judy Watson The climax of the year's activities for the orchestra were reached on April 30 at the annual concert when the program included Schuhert's '4Unfinished Symphonyf' Mc- Kay's "Suite on Fiddler's Tunesf' the Prelude to the third act of Wagner's g'Lohen- grin," Delius' HThe Walk to the Paradise Gardenn and two pieces in combination with the Junior High Orchestra. The orchestra also participated in the Competition- Festival in Saratoga Springs in May. VIOLINS: E. Baker, D. Benedict, J. Bosworth, W. Durkee. S. Fuss, T. Hawkins, B. Kilmer, M. J. Matteson, M. L. Maynard, E. Mazer. B. Smith. R. Wallen, J. Watson. VlOLAS: S. Aronson, S. Gubitz, G. Parks. CELLOS: J. Carswell, K. Cullings, C. Heil, S. Turner, D. Whitney. BASSES: C. Craytor, P. LaMora, J. Lyke, B. Marrs. FLUTES: R. Cleghorn, C. Johnson, V. McKinney. OBOES: C. McCormick, D. Perkett. CLARINETS: D. Grant, T. Hulbert, G. Lance. S. Peet. BASSOON: A. Fish. HORNS: J. Canaday, P. Hickey, L. Ott, G. Parker. CORNETS: N. Brown, W. Fair, P. Lange, J. Whitney. TROMBONES: R. Irish, P. Madison, R. Pratt. TUBA: F. Ralph. PERCUSSION: C. Carlson, D. Roethke. Seadofz ' Maurice C. Whitney, Director The fall semester opened with a performance at Patrons Evening on December 7, a special Christmas assembly, and a trip to Schenectady where a joint concert was presented with the Nott Terrace High School Choir in Union College Chapel on December 10. The second semester included a concert for the Glens Falls Rotary Club, the presentation of a group of numbers on the annual orchestra concert program, and participation in the Competition-Festival at Saratoga Springs. Soloists for the year have included Robert Rockwell and Ruth Forbes, and the repertoire has been representative of all types of choral music from Vittoria to Fred Waring. First row, left to right: P. Durant, E. Shoupe, S. Peet, C. Wilbur, M. VanBenthuysen, W. Durkee, J. Goetz, M. J. Tidman, C. Palmer, M. Bolster, C. Hall. Second row: K. Cullings, P. Abel, K. Sullivan, M. Lazarus, B. O'Connor, M. J. Housman, J. Eckhart, J. Homan, J. Wallace, J. Keech, D. Whitney. Third row: J. Shappy, J. Dullahan, F. Gavagan, J. Williams, W. Farrell, W. Reichert, H. Allen, C. Heil, A. Runnalls, S. DeGarmo, J. Bosworth. Fourth row: G. White, M. Goodrich, L. Clark, R. Rockwell, R. David, J. Trumbull, S. Miller, P. Anderson, G. Lance, R. Cleghorn, N. Ernst, C. Craytor. Not pictured: F. Akins, A. Aronson, J. Carswell, R. Forbes, M. L. Hay, A. Koziol, M. Kreiser, R. Miner, J. Streeter, J. Watson. ,, , 9 ,,., . .,,, . g, . f.. ,..,.,... . . .nc..-.,,......?,.......?. MQW. W .,,.. .,., , . . . , , , . ...,...,,.. WWW..4g,..5:jsw.1-A-..wN.7J755y-ggggggjfff,i-at-wgafftig-gyf,-.1-1,44,fr sgggilgisff. .,p.,.......,.5 V.....,,,..,Q.....4...4a..,o rm ,,,,, 5, g ., , .735 ,,,g.4,l,,,,,,,. M.. A . Q 5- ' , ,- , 15 gg i 1513s. Z 7 'L g,: .V , ,.,. ,., . pm , ' 4 Ki if. s . we-if A .-if .: 5 f'f1ff:sg21w.w:if Tkf.-2 2"s'Cf n5i2i'l?'f' if 238' tif t 'via-Y' ieiiw G5 'sE3sE1'2'5 gggc-spas' . i'Lf,1fe,fgg ' ' f ' ' ' is I fl f '1' 1. , W ' fig' K" 1 ' zliijli W '4 W rf' i9Q1WiWfrH" W ' 'ff fl :4ei?f595S8eWl'-we uw if lf fr?arf?Li5 .Y ., ,... .,.g1..,:11g:..,,, -V m.crg1..... .,.. ,g j........-...."W 5' ,,,,,,,,,- Wy. r, .,....,.....,.......g.,., ,.,g,,.,5,,.:,,, .,,..,.t.t,....,..,...,.,L, .....L,. A J ' S, gg, 5 H A M Y ., , ...-...., ..., -.,. , . ,W .. .,.,.q..,,:--g.:., ,.,.........,..w3,, .,....,.,.....J ,,.....m4......s4.if...:.:.M-W.-+-age.-lag-gba..-, ' 'Q ' i ' f ' I 1 - 11::Q' . I lfff , , ' V- , .li ,.!'.Q:zgJ:z1.: 572655 ' I e f t A ,,-, ii. V. , -PTSYFPQV-' , , :1l,j2.P1g" -' - f'Ei1.f f . ffvziiif' . - ' 'E H v . riiihffi: ..'. I' 3211 f2ts5?2?ZsL.2w 1,,is!t'EE5?Z.Ei2. 1 K L. if gif.. K ',QQQf5i,?g ,- ,',. zisdgilfgiiaf V Q '7 Z if . . -'1-gfgfg' A' jijggfl' , xv A FQ' J' ' ' I x W , .., W ., , ..,., t..33 .y c Hifi , F g fy ...- . . . gf .f ,g,g. 5- 1, ,mgggiegzg ,1 Qgae, ' - ,vrngzzs . wsgsfciesiixzfzg F754 :QZ2Z2iwffl?tf.1i'-1s W Jesu, Dulcis Vigil ..............,................. ............,, C hristiansen Rise Up, Shepherds .,..,... .,.., a rr. Panama' Sammy AUDITORIUM PROGRAM Memoria vvs. ss,sss,ssss,A. V ictoria Song of Shadows .s......., s..,,...,,.,..,,..,, W hitney by Ringwald High School Choir directed by Mdurice C. Whitney The Senior Dramatics Class presented Oscar Wilde's Wllhe Importance of Being Earnestf' adapted and abridged by Harold G. Sliker. Only one person in the cast had had previous stage experience and although the production ran almost as long as a three-act play, the cast learned their lines in one and a half weeks. Director ,..,s,,,,,,,.,,........,.....,,...,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,,ss,,,sss Muriel Rosebrook Stark Assistant Director ,,,,,,.,,.,..,......,...,,,,,s..,,,,,,,,,,,, John L. Van Der Voort Following the play, refreshments were served to parents in the Homemaking Apart- ment. Each homeroom was gaily decorated in the Christmas spirit and teachers wel- comed the parents to interesting and varied exhibits of work done by the students. "The dogcart is at the door, sir!" HYou are displaying signs of ex- cessive trivialityll' CAST OF CHARACTERS John Worthing .,,,,,,.......,.,,,,.,...,,.,,,.,i,., .,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,7,...... R obert De-yoe Algernon Moncrieff, his friend .,,,, .,.,7,7.,,., R ohert Seeley The Rev. Canon Chasuble ,,,.,....,. ,7.. ..,,,,,i P e ter Anderson Lady Bracknell ....,,,..,,,,...,,,,...,.,,,,,,,.,,... .,.., , . ,.,,, Constance Craytor Gwendolyn Fairfax, her daughter .......,,,, .,,...ii lVl ary Jane Matteson Cecily Cardew, Mr. Worthingfs ward .,v,,,, ii,,,,,, A udrey Thomas Miss Prism, Cec-ily's governess ,,,,,.,,,...,,,, ,,,,,,i.,.....,,i,i A nn Fish Merriman, a butler ,........,,.,.,.....,,i.,,,,.w., .,,,,ii., H arlan Cutshall Lane, a manservant ,......e.,,,,......,,,.,. ,i.,,,,.,,,,.,...,,i,,,....,, I ohn Streeter Scene I: The morning room in Algernon Mon- crieffls flat, London Scene II: The garden of the Manor House, Wool- ton, Hertfordshire Time: The last decade of the 19th century Arise sir from this semi recum bent posture' lt is most inde corous ' -. ,nf -:. W- .. ..:.::. . -,J :., an ,. THE BEST THERE IS Ummm The annual DRAMA NIGHT program was presented by the SOPHOMORE STAGERS and the JUNIOR-SENIOR DRAMATICS CLUB under the direction of their advisors. Mrs. Muriel Rosebrook Stark and John L. Van Der Voort. CAST UF CHARACTERS THE BEST THERE IS Miss Hislop, graduate nurse ....,... Susan Kingsley An interne .,..,,, Miss Evans, student nurse ,S ....,,,.,s, ,Ioan Hickey An attendant .... W Tessie Brown ,,s..,,.s,,,ssss,,s...,.,.,...,,si Betsy Dickinson A student nurse f. f. Petersham, a patient ,,,,,,,,,,,,.... Barton Cohen Pop ...............r..... An operating' room nurse .,,. ,..,,.,,...V lVl ary Porter Place: The nurses? office on the surgical floor of a modern hospital Time: Scene I. 9:30 in the eveningg Scene II, the following morning FEUDIN' MOUNTAIN BOYS ,,,,,,,,,,John Class ,. ...,i. Ronald Jeckel ....,Fay Adgate Michael Carusone l i i M Muna, www., N . , , ggqgqmmmu-gl fs .,g'ifm,weww.w ?eaa66a' Wtaaataw 3444 CAST OF CHARACTERS Lewis Kohn Freddie Framp ,.....,,.....v,,....,Y,,..,..,...,,,...,,.....,,,,A.. .,,...,.,,, Effie Katzfelter .....,, Grandma Framp Paw Frump ...,,C.. Maw F rump ....,,...... Cora Mae Frump ....... Hiram Katzfelter Pappy Katzfelter -..,,,,..--,Dale Whitney ,....,,,Patricia Grimes -,,,,..,.,Delcour Potter ,,,,...,,,.,,..Madora Clark ....,-,-,Christine Carlson Michael Bassock John Austin Young 'Uns .....v,......,............,..,,. Eileen Cohen, ,loan Goetz, Norman Kilfoyle, Theresa Lemery, Grant Parks, William Prescott Place: The living room of the Frump mountain cabin Time: Afternoon in late spring 74a omnmad pm ance CAST OF CHARACTERS The Ayah, a serving girl ,,,....,,,,.,......,.....,,,.....,,,,,,.,,,,,,....,, Sandra Task The Raj poot, captain of the guard ,,,..v, ,...v,,,,, J ohn Trumbull The Maharajah, absolute sovereign Janette Lawrence, a singer ,,,....,,,,..,,. Albert Rossetti, an artist ,,..,,,.,...,,, Claudia Winters, a novelist .,,,,,.. James Van Loon, an idler .,,,.. Mabel Morrison, a mother ...,, Henry Collins, a doctor ...... ....,,. John Kirby, a scientist ,,,,.,....,,.,....,,...i., Scene: A room in the Maharajah's Time: Evening palace ..,,,,..,,,,,,,.,..,Paul Lange ..,,,,,.,.Marion Goodrich .,,,,,-.Archie Runnalls ., ,,,,,...,.,,, Linda Clark Gary Lance Marlene Van Benthuysen ,,,....,,,,,,....,Peter Madison ,,,,,..,.,,William Alexander BETWEEN ACTS Yfmzew 1-had Pantomime, An impersonation of Betty Hatton ...... .,... . ..,, I ohn Wallace Song and Dance Specialty ,,v,,.......,..,..,.7,,,,,,,,,7e . ,Y,..,..,.,7,...,, ..,.. Patricia Durant Accompanist, Richard Cleghorn Baton Twirling with a Patriotic Motif ,,,,,,,,77,,,,, Sandra Aronson, Patricia Falkenbury The Octet, featuring song specialities a la Fred Waring ,,,,,,t,,,,,, ,.t.., ..,.. P e ter Anderson ,loan Bosworth, Ruth Forbes, Martha Kreiser, David Perkett, Robert Rockwell, John Trumbull, Claire Wilbur Director and accompanist, Maurice Whitney 756 Seaton 77547 "TURN BACK THE CLOCKW A Comedy in 3 Acts By Marrijane and Joseph Hayes Director, Muriel Rosebrook Stark Assistant Director, John L. Van Der Voort SYNOPSIS "Turn Back the Clock" is built around the universal truth that all generations are more or less alike after all. In a very brief Prologue, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hill are wait- ing up for their children, Worried and concerned. Mr. Hill, a bank president and trustee of his church, is growing angry, harping on the uirresponsibilitiesw of this younger generation. He is reminded of his own youthful ambitions and foibles and the clock is turned back. We then meet Mr. and Mrs. Hill as high school seniors in the year 1928. The play proper is a gleeful glimpse into those not-so-dead days in which parents and children'behaved in almost exactly the same way that they behave today. The youngsters' problems are eternal problems-of love and ambitions, passing enthusiasms and fads. We see the funny courtship of Mr. Hill fthen plain Charlie Hillj and Mrs. Hill fin those days Evie Palmerj in the age of the Charleston, the yellow slicker raincoat, the raccoon overcoat, ukeleles and jazz and painted jalopies. The shift from the present to the past, and back again in a surprising Epilogue that ends the show, makes this a charming and unique play. 'Tll show you what l'll do to stop you!" cw!! 0 Edafmctew Evelyn fEviej Palmer ....,,,,,,,., . .,7.,,7,,, ,,,A.,.,,..,.,..,,..,, J oan Bosworth Charles Hill .,...,.......... ,,.,v,,, C arl Carlton Mrs. Anna Palmer .....,,,,,,,,7 Ruth Clink Mr. Arthur Palmer .......,, Robert Deyoe Sally Palmer t,,..,,.... ,......,,,,,,,, F ay Akins Johnnie Stone .,,..,... ,,,,.ttt. R obert Seeley Larry Palmer ,,,,.A,...,.. Maybelle Harrison Irene Isherwood ........ Hilda ....,.....,v,,,,,,,,. Phyllis McS0rley .,..... Ollie Bannister ,,,,..,.,.. Chubby Bascombe Barbara Bannister David Benedict Beverly Bentley David Cohen Shirley Chandler Harlan Cutshall ,.,.,,......Peck Buckley ,.,.Constance Craytor .,...,...Phyllis Murray Fish Mary Jane Matteson George Busher Streeter PARTY GUESTS Sandi DeGarmo William Doane Robert Evans William Farrell Arlene Koziol Clara Wilbur -.,.Valerie McKinney Beverly Porter Joyce Rovell Elizabeth Shoupe Elaine. Task Eugene Varney "Charleston, Charleston! Everybody Charlestonlw "Sometimes 1 think the modern youngster is totally irresponsible 660564 Prologtze: A late Saturday night in the present year Act I: A late Saturday night in the year 1928 Act ll: Scene 1. The following morning, Sunday Scene 2. The following Friday evening Act Ill: The following evening, Saturday again Prologue: A late Saturday night in the present year The entire action takes place in the living room of a home in this town ENTR'ACTE MUSIC The String Ensemble played Friday evening, March 14, under the direction of Maurice C. Whitneyg the Wirid lnstrument Ensernble was conducted Sat- urday evening, March 15, by Williain N. Reeves. ccfrhis . IS the Party! Come 0:1122 boring J Hflieyn I! una. .,..,.,, : Q vsfifw '21 3 QE? 3: .. v-gina Q 'u ll V? s oo' 1 wa :L mf Q sf 1 X 4 Semin pfda Pzadaodag Staff Business Managers: Susan Peet, Chairman. David Bartlett, William Doane, Peter Russell, Patricia Hickey, John Hulsebosch. Scenery: Designed and supervised by Claude Paoletti. Set construction under the supervision of Duncan Crooks. Stage Manager: John Hulsebosch. Stage Committee: Harold Bovair, Robert Burrows, William Farrell, Charles Herring- ton, Guido Sassone, Edward Shaw, William Shepard, Joseph Williams, Eugene Varney, Beecher La Point, Rene Miner, Franklin Ralph, Robert Rockwell, Peter Russell. Art Decoration of Set: Fay Akins, Beverly Bentley, Harold Bovair, Patricia Comar, Constance Craytor, Carole Dunn, Ann Fish, Christie Flint, Lila Hay, John Hulsebosch, Charles Lapham, Beecher LaPoint, Mary Jane Matteson, Valerie McKinney, ldris Roberts, Guido Sassone, Edward Shaw, Joseph Williams. Ushers: Under the supervision of Miss Sarah A. Adriance. Betty Bannon, Patricia Comar, Carole Dunn, Christie Flint, Gloria Gardner, Vivian Gauthier, Ann Thibodeau, Audrey Thomas, Rosemary Wallen. Properties: Arlene Koziol and Joan Carswell, Co-chairmen. Peck Buckley, George Busher, David Cohen, William Doane, Wilson Foster, Elizabeth Lashway, Sally Plue, Thomas Roberts. Costumes: Sandi DeGarmo, Chairman. Ann Casey, Carolyn Dube, Barbara Lawson, Mary Lou Maynard, Rosemary Wallen, Barbara Smith. Make-up Committee: Betty Bannon, Ann Casey, Shirley Chandler, Carolyn Dube, Wilma Durkee, Joan King, Barbara Lawson, Cynthia Mattice, Phyllis Murray, Gail Parker, Beverly Porter, Anne Putnam, Joyce Rovell, Barbara Smith. Prompters: Kathleen Sullivan and Beverly Bentley. Lights: Under the direction of Clifford Bosworth. Idris Roberts, Chairman. Charles Lapham, Robert McKinney, Robert Rockwell. Publicity: Under the direction of Mrs. Mary Burke. Elizabeth Shoupe and Elaine Task, Co-chairmen. Albert Beswick, Joan Carswell, David Cohen, Constance Cray- tor, Harlan Cutshall, Wilma Durkee, Patricia Hickey, Arlene Koziol, Beecher LaPoint, Valerie McKinney, Shirley McPherson, Gail Parker, Susan Peet, David Perkett, ldris Roberts, Robert Rockwell, Anna Schmidt, Audrey Thomas. for "TURN BACK THE CLOCK" Sendafz i Zxpfzewdan feudal Expression in charge of Muriel Rosebrook Stark Maurice C. Whitney. Accompanist Martha Hefflethwaite David Cohen by Frank Sullivan Dark Sixteen by Josephine Johnson by Maureen Daly David Perkett Ann Thibodeau Death of the Hired Man by Robert Frost Valerie McKinney The Treasurefs Report by Robert Benchley Ballad for Americans text by John Larllouche Thomas Roberts A Scene from Mary of Scotland by Maxwell Anderson Joan Bosworth George Busher Calories by Ryerson and Clements Ann Fish Seem Emu 770446441 74601: VOCAL SOLO CLARINET SOLO Make Believe, from Showbcial Adagio Cantabile, from Sonata Pallielique by Jerome Kern by Ludwig von Beethoven 'lf' ,sf-"" W ,N Robert Rockwell x Susan Peet ,me yi is-1 ACCOIVIPANIST X I , Ballad For Americans Clara Wllbuf VIOLIN SOLO PIANO SOLO Ave Maria by Franz Shubert Un Sospirg by Franz Liszt David Benedict Robert Hungerford '53 Ann Thilmmleau. Joan King, Nancy Axtell, Joan Carswell, Queen Joan Bosworth, 1951 Queen Jean Hurme, Crownlvearer Lynn McCarthy, Nancy Brown, Audrey Thomas, Barbara Smith, Anne Putnam. Dick Cannon and his Orchestra played for our '4Stairway to Heaven" Junior Prom. The bandstand and stage were clouds of angel hair. A silver star hung above the satin throne while smaller stars glittered on the curtain. Two gold pillars, the gateway to Heaven, framed the entrance. A summer garden and a well, '5Pennies From Heaven," decorated the Patrons, Corner and one corner of the dance floorg a blue lighted nlVloon- light and Roses" pool and a 4'Stars are the Windows of Heaven" with lighted village scene, were in the opposite corners. On one side of the dance floor was a waterfall complete with rainbow and pots of gold. Our Queen and her attendants carried colonial bouquets in the shape of stars. John Hulsebosch and Joan Bosworth were Co-Chairmen of the Prom. Miss Marion Broadbent was the Advisor. 747 MR. GLENS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL MISS GLENS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL David Perkett ,Ioan Bosworth 5444947 ?fam1fwL BEST LOOKING Nancy Brown and Peter Anderson WITTIEST David Cohen and Constance Craytor eswwk and Ma?yiUCCEED O Ish 'Sr 5444 Dew Qfaaow MOST ATHLETIC Anna Schmidt and Carl Carlton MOST TALENTED Nancy Rovell and Joseph Williams 7am 3,446 As we sit here in study hall looking at the tops of the trees thick with new green leaves. we remember the many beautiful changes in the last three years and memories of our high school days. soon to be over. crowd into our minds. A funny first year . . . happy . . . sad . . . strange . . . late in beginning due to the polio epidemic. Right back upstairs in assembly after getting to the front row downstairs in 9th grade . . . study hall . . . break- ing in Mr. Grout, christened Sam. School sports . . . the band playing on the field . . . flaming trees . . . the Sophomore Hop . . . our first high school dance . . . autumn . . . getting cornstalks and miles of streamers for the decorations. Winter . . . trees stark and black . . . good basketball team . . . pizza . . . Christmas parties . . . no snow-poor Ski club mem- bers . . . better television . . . pencil slim skirts . . . "Now is the Hour" sung in harmony in girls' gym classes . . . "I Can Dream, Can't l?H played at the bowling alley during girls' Wednesday afternoon bowling. Spring . . . those poor frantic seniors . . . Shakespeare on records . . . the thrill of having our pictures in the Red and Black for the first time . . . up all night doing biology notebooks . . . come Sep- tember, we'll be Juniors . . . Junior year . . . not so strange . . . but different. What fads we had . . . cold-fire colors in everything from beanies to shoelaces . . . the boys, plaid vests . . . boys' gold and silver "Lil Abner" shoes . . . What a football team! Those red and black championship jackets . . . the first period homeroom rush . . . not always fun though . . . the Atomic Bomb Drills . . . not knowing at first whether to dive under a desk or head for the hallway . . . school fire evacuation record of 1' 28', . . . we were prepared. First term papers . . . book cards . . . decisions on our futures . . fav- orite songs-'4Be My Love" by Mario Lanza and uSeptember Song" by Walter Huston. Symbols of the Junior year--class rings . . . red and black stripe . . . white and pink gold . . . "wear your old clothes to idecoratei' . . . Junior Prom . . . 4'Stairway to Heaven" . . . Would it turn out right? Yes. it did . . . it was the stuff that dreams are made of . . . grand march . . . coronation of the queen . . . A good year . . . full . . . friendly . . . easily remembered with a smile. Senior Year . . . no change in address yet but plenty of changes in school . . . start at 8:15 . . .I Qlj Honor Guard Q25 Harem-ites Q35 Nair a hair Q41 idding Karl Q53 Draft bait Q63 Dear Heart Q71 ere's the Sphinx? Q81 Buddies Q91 Artie Shaw and Co. QIOJ The end. 74a 66066 8 periods in a day . . . 3rd period activity period . . . dismissal at 3:15 . . . laying ofnew school's corner- stone . . . didn't mean too much to us . . . everything we had known was here . . . postponement of Glens Falls-St. lVlary's game . . . the game in the mud . . . first time we lost the City championship . . . small senior class . . . quality instead of quantity, perhaps? Almost 20 new clubs in school . . . one of the most practical was the Fire Squad . . . knew location and use of every fire extinguisher in the school . . . res- ponsibility in big doses . . . term paper after term paper . . . the Senior Ball . . . "Winter Holiday" . . . disagreements on corners-one fireplace for two cor- ners . . . in the afternoon was '6Winter Horror" . . . at night, a winter wonderland . . . new fashions . . . crinolincs . . . poodle cut vs. pony tail . . . the stu- dent-sponsored Christmas decorations all over school -poinsettias . . . Santa Claus clocks . . . stained glass window paintings . . . colored chalk pictures on blackboards . . . the fragrance of evergreens every- where . . . the new dance band . . . co-educational gym classes for the first time-Oh, those square dances! The Red and Black . . . pictures, pictures every day . . . endless senior 'fobituariesw to write . . . we turned advertising away . . . first padded leather cover . . . the red and black tassel fight for commencement . . . our record of firsts in the 'music competition . . . the senior play . . . Charleston, 'Charleston . . . everyone exhausted daily in class . . . Promotion for senior play . . . the truck . . . the .band . . . slickers . . . raccoon coats . . . derbies . . . the assembly . . . blazers, cloches, and the poetry . . . the WIC!! The result of the promotion . . . 1232 tickets ,sold . . . a record sale . . . the play . . . '6Collegiate, collegiate, oh yes, we are collegiate" , . . the beautiful Steinway piano. Never to be forgotten . . . the senior pep band . . . the two outstanding conductors . . . the Cap and Gown modeling assembly . . . the certain model with the two-piece hat . . . being hit in the back with a yo-yo . . . trying to get to school at 8:15 . . . writing the senior pageant . . . the impressive National Honor Society initiation . . . What lies ahead? . . . college or military training? War or peace? . . . what will this class do? . . , there are no answers now . . . only the tall green trees . . . the summer sky . . . the open windows . . . the bell! well, off to our next class . . . Q11 l've been around Q21 William Tell Q31 Posing for the zoo Q4-1 Put something on the bar besides your elbow Q51 Twins Q61 Destination Mars Q71 Uncle! Q81 Snow for two Q91 Turn Back the Clock. Mary Jane Ma'Heson and Russell O'Connor learn aboul' insurance X operalions in foreign lands. THROUGHOUT THE S P i X o Q Expanding like 'lhe mferesfs of modern Glens Falls group of Insurance Companies, +hrough i+s foreign clepar+men+s, 'loclay serves American business +l1rougl1ou+ Hue worlcl. 915168-' ii GLENS FALLS INSURANCE COMPANY GLENS FALLS INDEMNITY COMPANY - COMMERCE INSURANCE COMPANY ' Old and Tried g Glens Fans. New York Organized 1849 Official ,Photographer RED and BLACK FIVE YEARS Wlmwd fachaood STUDICS Telephone 2-0094 45 RIDGE STREET lOpposi+e Cify Halll Harlan Cu'IsI1all, Sandi De Garmo, Nancy Axlell and Carl Carl'l'on enjoy a Coke al a baslrelball game. Glens Falls Coca-Cola Bottling Co. .Eagle CLOTHING CC. GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK Sieehw SILK SHOP, IIIC. Specialisfs in Silks, Wool, Dress Goods and Wash Goods 26 RIDGE ST. GLENS FALLS, N.Y. BILLFOLDS - FOUNTAIN PENS BOOKS. LATEST FICTION 81 REPRINTS RENTAL LIBRARY Congralulalions +o lhe Class of l952 feud! ef 70465 I74-I76 Glen Sfreel Glens Falls, New Yorlc CCNGRATULATIONS COAL--FUEL OIL TO THE CLASS OF nvsz .RANGE QlL..CEMENT Smgazw eamnwdau R E S 'I' A U R A Il 'I' Il Walnuf Sfreel' Glens Falls Congrafulafions +o +l1e Class of l952 Wald 5 Qelnwm "THE STORE OF CHEERFUL SERVICE" Congratulations to the Class of 1952 em swam- glam, -vu. L'4 Compliments of Zuma ll EWS ROOM Dalefufo s DAIRY T PHONE 2-34l5 64 Third Slreel Glens Falls, N.Y. Complimenls df 'A is go4,q4'4 Besl Wishes +0 +l1e sullnlu. SHOES CLASS QF ,952 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 'sz Zaffee DETROIT SUPPLY CO., INC. For in Arfislic Piclure Frames zstyiel. A - Made +o Order Q l'l' d ' E Friljnillv aSnervice ' ' f F lm fryn 1 DRUG C. v. PETERS co. ,4mm', stone 206 GLENVESTREET , V KG'-ENS FALLS' NEW YORK In Na+ionaIly ,Adverlised Drugs 74a 31461414 77mm Forly-five Years of Service Printing and Engraving E TELEPHONE 2-4424 F 1' E William E. Van Tassell, Prop. 20 Maple Slreel' Glens Falls, N.Y. 74a g?4d4i00t I7-I9 RIDGE STREET GLENS FALLS. N.Y. Joan Bosworfh models an evening dress ai' 'lhe Fashion Shop. 70m Zaqffw "Here's +0 a A G E N C Y h II appy new Year "Comple+e Real Es+a+e Service ' 1' I-I E Wfltodin at 766 9 pa 7m Slap, '7na. LAKE '-UZERNE as RIDGE STREET-347 GLEN STREET 74q6m WELDING SUPPLY CO. 'fw smut umcens culua. mc. Shirt Manufacturers 7I LAWRENCE STREET GLENS FALLS. NEW YORK Phyllis Murray and David Perke'H' make a cleposil' in 'l'l1eir special inferesl' accounfs al' +l1e Glens Falls Na'l'ional Bank and Trusl Company. Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '52 24d6aSt4tc2m7070Se American Broadcasling Company .lewde I64 Glen Sfreel S 'I' 0 R E S Glens Falls and Saraloga DRY OLEANlNG 8: STORAGE 25444: 04069404 SUCCESSOR TO L. C. WHITE Groceries ond Provisions Phones: 2-2184-2-2185 5 Davis Slreei' Free Delivery CO-MMENg1EIlsSE2TAIllg!lTATlONS ya M designed and made by Op'I'ome1'risi' Wimello Quad Clarksburg, W. Va. GARFIELD THOMAS c o Disirici Manager RUSS and LlN6gl-ELQM THE Zaeawlwzy Clara Wilbur and John Hulsebosch ear and converse a+ The Queensbury. are l Everyth ing for I'he home . . . bul' I'he girl Qziffdafo GRIFFIN LUMBER COMPANY EsI'abIishecI In ll I 842ll Qlwdale FURNITURE CQ. .Ill C . Phone 2-9I98 UPPER GLEN STREET GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK Follow 'rhe Crowd fo +he 144444 Dubya 5 664441: Manufacfurers of Jewelry cone: snow: C,ajg'ogh7.,52 Complimenfs of RINGS PINS CHARMS ' MEDALS CUPS TROPHIES I7 John S+ree+ New York 8, N.Y. R E C R EAT I 0 ll Ann Pufnam chooses her silver, while David Benedici looks a'I' wafches ai' Achenbach z4a4ew!I4c4'4 Zdwmd and 'Mauna Udamm, fc. EXCAVATING BLACKTOP ROADS SHOVEL ancl BULLDOZER SERVICE es 2 Tel. 2-2229 Tel. 2-7356 Besf Wishes +o fhe Class of '52 T3OllfER3TU'5?lS?lfS 75a Eawlefa LA 52 2 fS,a"wlea'a AlR-LAND MOTOR PARTS, INC. Aulomofive Equipmenl' and Supplies gleam-ic 79444 W WWW' moron SERVICE USED CARS-SUNOCO PRODUCTS New and Rebuilt Motors . anal Equipment J. T. Barnes Phone 2-50l3 V' 81 49 PARK STREET GLENS FALLS Compliments from Compliments of few 7ZeZem'4 MUSIC CEIITER I7 Exchange Street Glens Falls, New York CQNN BAND INSTRUMENTS RENTAL PLAN - - - TEACHING Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 we gem 74664 PQRTLAIID CEMENT CO. K. Q. Addazz md COMPAIVJIC. Investments and Underwriting TELEPHONE 2-8I00 I09-I II Queensbury Hotel Glens Falls, New York V I Compliments of 4, ,Z ,hm PHARMACY V md' GIFT SHOP Lake George, N.Y. FUR SHOP efw M A 278 GLEN STREET V E- QUTLERY GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK Emma!! 7wc6 and 7mcZofa '7no. Joan Carswell and George Busher prepare an after-school snack at Carswell's. I Fay Alrins and EIIzabe'I'I1 Shoupe pick ouI' dresses af fhe Economy Depar'I'menI' Siore. Sweeney Depcvzfmemf Stowe .faomdd AGENCY IIIC. loo YEARS of INSURANCE SERVICE I852 l952 Zddge-BOOK SHOP suns MILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 227 QuaII Sfreei Albany 3, N.Y. GREETING CARDS BOOKS STATIONERY 228 Glen Sfreei Glens Falls THE SUGAR BOWL DELICIOUS HOME MADE ICE CREAM AI I'I1e Clock Q- 5. Scwqa 6 Compang,lnc. HARDWARE Eslablishecl I883 Plumbing ancl Heafing Supplies-Painfs-Iron ancl Sfeel V Oil Burners Power Tools-Hand Tools-Wa+er Sysfem TOP O-F GLEN STREET HILL GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK Congra'l'ula'rions Cornplimenfs of +o fhe Classlof i952 541666541 gww Automotive SPECIALIST Adirondack Dairy EARLE F. GRANGER, Manager 71152640 4705 Phone 2-I I44 zso GLEN sr. eLENs FALLS, N-.Y. --plom of Tomorrow-- 7mz humid BAIIK Mary Jo Tidmarsh and William Doane open 'I'l1eir Chrislmas Clubs ai' 'the Firsl Nafional Bank. Compliments to the Class of '52 Qian 74664 ffzea AUTQMUBII-E DEALERS COMPLIMENTS OF 771, ,4me4 CHEMICAL WORKS Uncorpora'l'edl Wdflldtdlta 7yde?'4, SERVICE STATION GULF PRODUCTS Nor+hern New York's Headquarfers for Fine Foofvyear Complimenfs of for Hue Famdy Wddam I I 1' E R P R I S ES RIALTO BLOCK I9 WARREN ST. A ll D ASSUCIATES 77fdya'df FORMAL RENTAL SERVICE NEW GARMENTS IN STOCK 30lf2 Sou'H1 S+ree+ Jusl' Phone Us- Glens Falls, New York 2-6922 T g' Congra+ula+ions from ALBERT Y HAIRDRESSER IIC. our JEWELERS I34 GLEN STREET GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK 86 SOUTH STREET YAfYA1 I II C . . 2l I-2I7 Warren Sfreel' Glens Falls, New York Franklin Ralph pins one of Evelyn's corsages on Joyce Rovell before one of the 'formal g.,d,,,,'., FLOW :ns dances. Dawg DAIRY,Inc. TEL. NO. 2-2583 32-34 Dix Avenue Glens Falls, New York Hale 5 Wanda Wholesale Confecfionery CD11slzrB REMEMBER SCHOOL DAYS WITH GOOD SNAPSHOTS S made PHARMACY Developing-Prinfing-Enlargemenfs Glen Sh'ee+ ai' Granf Avenue Congra'ruIaIions Io 'Ihe C L A S S O F I 9 5 2 'Me 7944: - Sm mm 746 gem 7m 7,,,,,., GLENS FALLS POST CO. - - PUBLISHERS and PRINTERS Zmqdan 5 The Home of Be'Her Music STEINWAY PIANOS Records: Vicfor, Columbia, Decca, CapiI'oI EVERYTHING IN THE MUSIC LINE I44-I46 G-Ien S+reeI G-Iens FaIIs, N.Y. CONGRATULATIONS FROM 9 Wing S'I'reeI' GIens FaIIS, N.Y. 'Queen P A I Il 'I' C 0 R P. CompIimen+s of E ELECTRICAL coNTRAcToR Commercial and ResidenI'iaI Wiring wading 8 PHONE 2-7073 FU R R I ER S A 764064, Psalm 5 eampmay COAL, LUMBER, BUILDING MATERIAL Eleclrical Appliances and Television Fuel Oil, Refrigeralion, Sfolcers, Coke, Oil Burners, Painl, Kerosene DIAL 2-Zlbl 27-29-3I-33 GLEN ST. gain gwtdaa Albany Business College NASH SALES and SERVICE Founded l857 l26-I34 WASHINGTON AVENUE qgybgvwz ALBANY 6. NEW YORK Women's Apparel Wladdea Um? eo. Rosemary Wallen ancl David Cohen sfop for a few minules a+ Maclden's Soda Founiain. P R L Ann Thibodeau and Susan Peef buy new shoes ai Kohn's. K4 441 gwtdae CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I952 Ealamial RESTAURANT Hub. and Jim Huber? ELM STREET GLENS FALLS. NEW YORK Coal-Fuel Oil y' Kagan Mo+or S+okers IN S U R A N C E Fluid Hea+ Oil Burners ' GLENS FALLS COAL 8: OIL Meef Your Friends a+ 5. iffffff swf? M E Il 'S S I-I 0 P Wuhan 7 C9.,IllC. GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK Through Bus Service Befween Glens Falls, Albany, Troy, and Schenec'rady 2-5I I3 - PHONES - 2-533 I Complimenls of Szfeawie Wallpaper-Toys-Painl- A Waodfww FOR MEN WHO CARE WHAT THEY WEAR , IN . Zdfwfd MEIYS SHOP C goal IIISURIIIG AGENCY. IIIC. P. R. PECK--H. C. BROWN-W. C. MILLER General Insurance Phone 2-0947 '24 MAPLE STREET GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK Complimenls of T H E Zadmsa Jew E Lnv Wm 74114 Dfw S ll 0 P Home of Good Food Ddawd, TELEPHONE 2-9840 30 Soufh S+. Glens Falls, N.Y BeHer Grade Cancellalion Shoes emma - AGENCY. IIIC. WILLIAM R.JONES, Associaie 44 Maple S+ree+ Phone: 2-0913 De .4'euo9'4 DAIRY, In c. Pefer Anderson and Roberl' Evans enjoy a cl1ocola+e frosf ai' DeLong's. lumen Wluclcun CU. Official Jewelers Class of l953 Glens Falls High School RINGS Dislricl' Manager MEDALS eEoReE W. HUMPHREY TROPHIES Unadilla, N.Y. YEARBOOKS .4'ap4am'4 744. 282 Glen Slreel' Glens Falls, New York Photographic Supplies Sporting Goods 56 SOUTH ST. GLENS FALLS, N.Y. l Dalia WZ 5 775 Elemww R I Q s H Q P 2 Lincoln Avenue Television and Radio Wd!! T H E Sales and Service S H C E M A H PHONE 2-7878 29 Ridge Slreel

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