Glens Falls High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Glens Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1948

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Glens Falls High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Glens Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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10 Uma! Zgfvwg if P Veje ,LQ X OZVL ,Hamm of 8IfIfLOVi8f5 MMM 30 5 lQ,0CzWz 4, 4 Q we ,ggnior 670455 O! gina .gglmof Q QAM im, my W 1 ' ww , J .xdn ,fdaum 0 emoried A A A THREE years ago our album was just an empty book. Now it is filled with the pictures and memories of friends, dances, plays, club activities, football, basketball, and baseball games, track and tennis events, our teachers, classes, music programs, Winter Carnival and Class Day. It holds, too, all the memories of our high school days that cannot be put into pictures, days spent with friends we shall never forget, no matter where we all shall go or what We shall do in the long years ahead. There are only a few pages left in our album, just enough for memories of graduation night-the pageant, our long march down the aisle in caps and gowns, our diplomas. Then all that will be left to us will be our Album of Memories .... "The queen is crowned Memory Lame" lalae Junior mm Snow Time Se1fc'1uzrZe,' amor Sf1'llI1g6', you should have so lifllc respeet for a genius whom the 'whole world honors . . .U The jaming of Sue H A Comedy in One Act By MATILDA CLEMENT CHARACTERS JACK, who plays the part of Petruchio . . James Martindale SUE, who plays the part of Katharine . BILL, who plays the part of Hortensio . . . Richard Nash JANE, who plays the part of Bianca . Mas. MALLONEY, the swecper . . . . Jacquelyn Task Miss MASON, the coach . . . . Jon, who plays the part of Grumio . . James Bazinet RUTH, in charge of costumes . IJELEN, the prompter ........ Frances Crooks Jiassni, the ticket agent . . SAM, who plays the part of Baptista .... Herbert Klein TOM, the electrician . . SCENE: The stage of any high school - TIME: The Present Production Staj P1'operfics-Janet Kirkpatrick, June Jensen, Walter Robillard Coxtuwcx--Betty Ellsworth, Roselyn Zweibelson Lighlx-Elinor Johnson, Nancy Mcliandress, Ronald Ellenwood, Stanley Vfells Malte-up-Carol Blakeslee, Patricia Prevost, Janice Beswick, Charlotte Silver Program-Aletlia Cone, Auclrcy Kirschenbaum Pzzblieify-Gertrude Sumner, Vivian Kaplan Direelor-SARA GABRIEL Asxixhmf Director-JOHN VAN DER VooRT Now lefs rehvume fha ezzrtnifz call . . ." I9 WW Marilyn Murray Janice Waggamaim Nancy Churchill . Sally Sweeney A Mary Shreve Thomas Gorman cdrom ' amor X rewion Hella? Reading-Hero in Shining Feathers . . . . Ella A. Duncan JACQUIELYN TASK Reading-The Cop and the Anthem . . . . O. Henry RICHARD NASH Cello Solo-Gavotte .... . Lee ADELINE BLMIS Reading-Freedom on Trial QThe Zenger Casej . . Donald Peattic' GEORGE TIDMAN Reading-The Potion Scene from Romeo and Juliet . . Willia11'z Sloakespeara BETTY Lou Boycn Vocal Solo-Danny Boy QThe Londonderry Airy . . . Traditional ELLEN KILPATRICR Monologue-A Three Minute Speech ...... Ryerson E5 Cl87l1fU71fS Scene: Banquet room of the Midland Hotel - Character: Mr. Peter K. Dumbrody RONALD ELLENWOOD Reading-The Hand on the Latch ..... Rezfola' by Anthony Abbott An Old Tale by Mary Cholmondeley NANCY CHURCHILL Violin Solo-Liebesfreud ..... . Frifz K1'c'islz'r FRED HAWRINS Reading-Pigs is Pigs . ..... . Ellis Parker Butler THOMAS GORMAN Monologue-Button, Button . . . Rycrsorz E5 Clefmenfx Scene: A large department store Character: Mrs. Wilhemina Van Resslaer who enters with her friend, Harriet Jamison JANICE WAGGAMAN Avvompanisf: NIARILYN ABBOTT Expression is in tbargu of SARA GABIKIIZI rljtt eggrttor PAL? CAST Josephina . . Madge Stevens . Laura Jessup . Ben Stevens . . Mr. Taylor . . Kate Hereford . Aunt Emily . Senator Phil Ford lst Legionnaire . 2nd Legionnaire 66 77 sara A Comedy in Three Acts By Louis SOLOMON AND HAROLD BUCHMAN Sara S. Gabriel, Director John L. Van Der Voort, Assistant Director OF CHARACTERS fin the order of their appearancej . . Jacquelyn Task . Marilyn Murray . . Mary Shreve . . Herbert Klein . Thomas Gorman . . Aletha Cone Nancy Churchill . . . James Bazinet . . Robert Clear . Harold Nourse 3rd Legionnaire 4th Legionnaire Sth Legionnaire . Ronald Stevens Pfc. Danny Baker Mrs. Garrett . . . Detective . Martha . . Col. West . . Gardener's Voice F10771 Ronald He was thinking of me. It is just what I neectf' Nathan Suckman . . James Knapp . . . Jerome Kass James Martindale Walter Robillard Janice Waggaman . . . Richard Nash . . Elinor Johnson Ronald Ellenwood . Ralph Gonzalez How are yu, you punk, you goldbrick, ya S071-Of-ll-g2t1Z.l,, SCENES The entire action of the play takes place in the living-room of the Stevens home in Southern California. ACT I. Scene 1: About noon of an inevitably sunny day in spring. Scene 2: The next morning about 5:30. ACT H. The following day - late morning. ACT III. Several hours later. ENTR, ACTE MUSIC Friday evening the Glens Falls High School Orchestra will play under the direction of Maurice C. Wliitiicy Saturday evening the Glens Falls High School Band will play under thc direction of Williani N. Reeves. ALS? 77 lfLOL!!lf By LOUIS SOLOMON AND HAROLD BUCHMAN RONALD STEVENS, a Sergeant in the South Pacific, has been called to headquarters by his military superior and informed that "his mama wants him.', Ronald had lied about his age, and is sent home. Arriving home Ronald is angered and humiliated. For a little he tries to continue an army routine at home. When a pal from the front, on furlough, is accused of having broken into a girls' school, Ronald is mistaken for the real culprit and has some difficulty proving his innocence. Adjustments are gradually achieved and Ronald, belatedly decorated with the Silver Star for valor at the front, accepts his fate. as W Y' ' fgfoafvwing BUSINESS MANAGERS Gloria Canale Carlene Dyke Richard Eddy Madeline O'Connor Richard Mead SCENERY Under the direction of Roy Orendorf STAGE MANAGER: Alan Dean STAGE COIVIMITTEE David Baker Roger Baker Powel South Clarence Cashion Robert Clear Rudolph Gonzalez Jerome Kass Nathan Suckman H ART DECORATION OF SET Under the direction of Mrs. Frieda McLelland Carolyn Chase Ruth Elmore Lois Hay Janet Kirkpatrick' Frances Crooks Barbara Fenelon Mary Hecht Patricia LaPoint Althea Cushman Dolores Fischang June Jensen Nancy Light Ruth DeVol Ann Gratton Ruth King Teresa Picheo Margaret Dufour ' Lillian Stilwell PROPERTIES Carol Blakeslee, Audrey Kirschenbaum and Roselyn Zweibelson, Chairmen Gertrude Ball Anita Crete Pauline Guernsey Beverly Mulcahy Mary Hecht COSTUMES Barbara Frasier Margaret Dufour Marguerite St. John LIGHTS Under the direction of Clifford Bosworth James Hutchinson George Tidman Jerry Uttal James Wriglit PUBLICITY Under the direction of Miss Patricia McCormack Elaine Bemis Charlotte Silver Betty Ellsworth Nancy McLandress Charles Blake Barbara Des Jardins Augustino Forcucci Harold Tanner Jeanne Blanchard Ruth Elmore Alice Loeb SOUND EFFECTS Betty Ellsworth and Powel South QC! CLVLL! KKQCL SW Miss HELEN S. GAHIMER, Faculty Sponsor HAROLD TANNER, E!1il0l'-i17-Cbi6f if Assistant Editors James Wriglit Marguerite Stl John Byron Lapham Jacqueline Morrison Dick Eddy Sam Somerville Bernard LaLone George Tidman Sally Sweeney Aletha Cone Carol Blakeslee Dan McGilliCuddy Jane Eckler Walter Robillard Rudy Gonzalez Robert Wfestcott Carolyn Chase Jacquelyn Task, Feature Editor Photography Editor Gloria Canale Photography Staff Allan Dean Ralph Gonzalez Robert XVhite Jack Sullivan Ruth King Mary Shreve Alice Loeb Art Editor ir Patricia Nevens Clarence Cashion Brfsinesx Manager Bob Clear Circulation Managers Nancy Churchill Madeline O'Connor Elinor Johnson Typing Editor Jeanne Blanchard Nancy McLandress Typing SMH Art Staff? James Martindale Marilyn Murray Charles Blake Anita Crete Pauline Guernsey Marietta Smith Barbara Stanley 1k Adm-1'tisiag Manager Dick Mead Arluwtisivzg Stay? Ruth DeVol Peggy Sears Augustino Forcucci Dick Baker Richard Dolan Mark Cassidy Mary Hecht Barbara DesJardins Jim Knapp Herbert Klein Emory Towson Barbara Fenelon Lillian Stilwell June Jensen Betty Ellsworth Francis Crooks Audrey Kirschenbaum Janet Kirkpatrick Torn Gorman Special Acknowledgment to Lindy's Flower Shop for the corsage used in the theme picture nr orzior CAL56 ora, GORDON GEORGE HUBEELL H ord y Class President 2, 3, 45 Student Council Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, 45 Tri-County Student Council Representative 3, 45 Senior Ball Cornmitteeg Junior Prom Commit- tee5 Varsity Track 2, 3, 45 Junior Varsity Basketball 25 Varsity Basket- ball 3, 45 Varsity Football 25 Cross Country Captain 3, 45 Activity Ticket Agent 2, 35 French Club 45 Junior Ring Committee5 Winter Carnival Attendant. Track GLORIA SELICE CANALE G lo Class Treasurer 3, 45 Bowling 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 G.A.C. 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 35 Softball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 45 .layvee Cheerleader 35 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Hockey 25 Girls' Hi-Y 3, 45 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Northern Star 3, Business Manager 45 Choir 35 Student Activity Agent 25 Student Council 2, 45 Spinster Swing Com- mittee 3, 45 Red and Black Photog- raphy Editor5 Senior Ball Committee Sub-Chairmang Senior Ring Corn- mitteeg Senior Play Production Com- mittee Business Managerg Pageant Committee5 Junior Ring Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Defense Stamp Agent 25 Swimming Leader 35 Student Mixer Committee 4. J. B. and fun BYRON JEROME LAPHAM Hooge Class Secretary 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Jayvee Basketball 25 Football 2, 3, 45 Senior Prom Coni- mitteeg Assistant Editor Red and Black Staff5 Junior Prom Commit- tee5 Bowling 2, 3, 4. Sports and sleep ' ROBERT JOSEPH CLEAR Pistol Class Vice-President 45 Bowling 3, 45 Varsity Track 2, 3, Co-captain 45 jayvee Football Z, Varsity 3, 45 Student Council 2, Treasurer 3, 45 Dramatics Club 3, Treasurer 45 Business Manager Red and Blaekg Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Play Cast5 Senior Play Production Com- mittee5 Junior Prom Committee. Shot-putting and working on cars GERTRUDE ELLA BALL Trudy Senior Play Production Committeeg Gym Exhibition 2. Football and mysteries ADELINE SARAH BEMIS Gym Exhibition 45 Choir 2, 45 Band 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Movies and French fries CARoL ANN BLAKESLEE Carol Bowling 35 Basketball 35 G.A.C. 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 45 Softball 3, 45 Hockey 45 Band 35 Orchestra 3, 45 Red and Black Assistant Editor5 Senior Ball Committeeg Senior An- nouncement Committeeg Senior Play Production Committeeg Junior Prom Committee. Friend's Lake and onions JEANNE MARIE BLANCHARD Speedy Bowling 3, Manager 45 Basketball 45 G.A.C. 3, 45 Softball 3, 45 Typing Editor Red and Blackg Senior Ball Committeeg Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Play Production Committeeg Archery 35 Swimming Leader. T. H. T., cheese and pickles BARBARA JANE BOWERS Barb Gym Exhibition 2, 45 Choir 3, 4. Dancing and Joe BETTY LOUISE BOYCE B e tt Girls' Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 French Club 35 Dramatics Club 2, 35 Student Coun- cil 2, 45 Fashion Show 35 Winter Carnival Attendant5 Red and Black Adstaff, Senior Expression Recital5 Pageant Committee5 Senior Ball Committeeg Cap and Gown Commit- tee5 Junior Prom Attendantg Ski Club 45 G.A.C. 35 Bowling 2, 35 Basketball 2, 35 Gym Exhibition 2, 35 Softball 3. Fats Waller's "Your Feels Too Big" CARULYN CURTIS CHASE Carol Assistant Editor Red and Black5 Senior Ball Committeeg Senior Play Production Committeeg Cap and Gown Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Basketball 2, 3, 45 G.A.C. 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Tennis 25 Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Ar- chery 3. Stardust and Red Roses NANCY CHURCHILL "Just Plain Nancy" Student Council 25 Girls' Hi-Y 2, 3. Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, Vice President 45 Senior EX- prcssion Recitalg Patrons' Evening Play Cast5 Senior Ball Committeeg Senior Announcement Committeeg Senior Play Cast5 Junior Prom Com- mittee5 Spinster Swing Committee 35 Circulation Manager Red and Black5 Bowling 3, 45 G.A.C. 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Hockey 3, 4. "Shantytown" and winter EARL EDWARD ANDERSON A nd y Basketball, the firehouse RICHARD VERNON BAKER, JR. Dick Gym Exhibition 2, 33 French Club 4g Stamp Club 3, 43 Red and Black Adstaifg Senior Ball Committee. Eddie Howard, swimming JAMES HENRX' BAZINET Bazi Track 33 Jayvee Football 3g Dramat- ics Club Secretary 3. 43 Patrons' Evening Play Castg Senior Play Cast. Music and Notre Dame GERALD PAUL BEAUDIN, JR. Jerry Jayvce Football 35 Varsity Football 49 Choir 1, 2, 3. Money and more money CHARLES MERRILL BLAKE, JR. Charles Gym Exhibition 2, 3g Jayvee Foot- ball Zg Choir 3, 4g Red and Black Artstaffg Senior Ball Committeeg Senior Play Production Committee. Sports, music, dancing with "smooth" girls EARL STANLEY BROWN FRANCIS HAROLD BYRNE CLARENCE RICHARD CASHION Tinker Cross Country 43 Track 49 Senior Play Production Committeeg Red and Black Artstaffg junior Prom Committeeg Bowling 49 Gym Exhi- bition 2, 3. Stinger: and modern art ALETHA HARRIETT CONE Lee Bowling 35 Basketball 25 Gym Exhi- bition 25 Softball 25 Swimming 25 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Patrons' Evening Committeeg Orchestra 2, 35 Assistant Editor Red and Blackg Senior Ball C0mmittee5 Senior Play Cast. Frank and bowling ANITA YVETTE CRETE Nita Gym Exhibition 35 Fashion Show 25 Red and Black Typstaffg Senior Ball Committeeg Senior Play Production Committeeg Senior Cap and Gown Committee. Spaghetti and movies FRANCES CHELSE Cnooics Fran Bowling 3, 45 Basketball 45 G.A.C. 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 2, 35 Softball 2, 3, 45 Tennis 25 Student Activity Agent 25 Patrons' Evening Play Cast 45 Smoke Signals 25 Red and Black Adstaff5 Senior Play Production Committeeg Pageant Committee5 Forum Club 45 Senior Ball Commit- tee5 Jam Inn Representative 2, Treasurer 4. Gardenias and spaghetti ALTHEA JANE CUSHMAN Ally Bowling 45 Basketball 3, 45 G.A.C. 45 Gym Exhibition 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Ball Committee, Senior Play Produc- tion Committee. Skiing and A. D. BARBARA ELIZABETH DESJARDINS Baba Bowling 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 G.A. C. 45 Softball 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Red and Black Adstaffg Senior Ball Committee5 Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Senior Play Production Committee. Skiing and hot fudge .vundaes RUTH ELLEN DEVOL Ruth G.A.C. 2, 3, 45 Bowling 25 Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Swimming 45 Library Club 25 Band 2, 3, 45 Choir 35 Red and Black Adstaff5 Senior Ball Commit- tee5 Senior Play Production Com- mittee5 Junior Prom Committee. Lake George and fireplaces MARGARET HEl.0lSE DUPOUR Margie G.A.C. 2, 35 Northern Star 3, 45 Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Play Production Committee. Dancing and steak CARLENE LILLIAN DYKE Carlene Basketball 2, 3, 45 G.A.C. 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Tennis 2, 45 Hockey 2, 35 Swimming 45 Girls' Hi-Y 3, 45 Biology Club 35 Choir 25 Student Activity Agent 35 Senior Ball Com- mittee5 Senior Announcement Com- mitteeg Senior Pageant Committec5 Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Play Business Manager5 Ski Club 45 Jam Inn Committee 45 Spinster Swing Committee 4. Shostakovitch and white cats MARK ANDRE CASSIDY Bo Varsity Football 3, 43 Varsity Track 2, 3, 43 jayvee Basketball 33 French Club 3, President 43 Dramatics Club 3, 43 Drama Night 3, 43 Student Council 43 Class Colors Committeeg Junior Prom Committee3 Bowling 43 Red and Black Adstaff. Brunettes and King Cole Trio Joi-iN Louis CHARLEBOIS John School and sports LAWRENCE HAROLD COHEN Larry Traveling, and Bob Hope ALLAN EDWARD DEAN Al Gym Exhibition 23 Tennis 3, 43 Jayvee Football 2, 3g Varsity Football 4: Jayvee Baseball 2g French Club 33 Red and Black Photography Staffg Senior Play Production Committeeg Student Council 3. Skiing and Lake George ERNEST J OHN DECRESCENZO De Jayvee Track 3g Rifle Club 2. Talking on the telephone and driving WARREN EDWIN DELONG Herbie Jayvee Basketball 23 Varsity Basket- ball 43 Gym Exhibition 2g Jayvee Baseball 23 Jayvee Football 23 Var- sity Football 4. Sleeping in study hall RICHARD ANDREW DOLAN Dick Bowling captain 43 Varsity Track Team 2, 3, 4g Cross Country Run- ning 3, 4g Rifle Club 23 Red and Black Adstaff. Mathematics and competition RICHARD Mosl-IER EDDY Deac Jayvee Basketball 3, 44 .Iayvee Track 23 Cross Country Track 33 Intra' mural Bowling 33 French Club 33 Band 23 Orchestra 23 Red and Black Assistant Editor3 Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Junior Ring Committeeg Senior Play Production Committee. Sleeping and basketball JANE RUTH ECKLER Orchestra 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Choir 2, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 G.A. C. 45 Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 45 Soft- ball 2, 35 Forum Club 45 Red and Black, Assistant Editor5 Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Announcement Committeeg Junior Prom Commit- tee. Oscar Levant and Brownie BETTY JOYCE ELLswoRTH Bet French Club 45 Girls' Hi-Y 3, 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Student Coun- cil 2, 45 Patrons' Evening Commit- teeg Spinster Swing Committee 3, 45 Adstaff Red and Blackg Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Play Production Committee5 Pageant Committee5 Junior Prom Committeeg Inter Class Basketball 2, 45 Jam Inn Committee5 G.A.C. 45 Gym Exhibition 2, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Hockey 3, 45 Swimming Leader 4. People and Vaughn lllonroe RUTH ALDA ELMORE Rulhie Bowling 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 G.A. C. 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Archery 2, 3, 45 French Club 35 Library Club 2, 45 Senior Announcement Committee5 Senior Play Production Committee5 Forum Club 45 Junior Prom Com- mittee5 Senior Ball Committee5 Refreshment Chairman Jam Inn 45 Choir 25 Swimming Leader 45 Intra- mural Basketball 4. Ink Spots and basketball HELEN BEATRICE FARNSWORTH Farnsie Bowling 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 G.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 25 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Ball Committee5 Junior Prom Committeeg Archery 2. Vacations and Mike we Q BARBARA JEAN MARY FENELON Bobby Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Ball Committeeg Senior Play Production Committee5 Red and Black Adstal'f5 French Club 45 G.A.C. 45 Bowling 35 Softball 35 Swimming 45 Gym Exhibition 3, 4. Red convertibles and Argyle socks DOLORES Enrm FISCHANG Dorlie Basketball 2, 3, 45 G.A.C. 2, 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Tennis 25 Archery 35 Senior Ball Committeeg Junior Prom Committee5 Senior Play Pro- duction Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 Interclass Basketball 3. Fireplaces and french fries NIILDRED ANNA FLOYD Millie Bowling 45 Basketball 45 G.A.C. 45 Softball 45 Library Club 45 Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Play Produc- tion Committee5 Pageant Commit- tee. Good times and many laughs BARBARA JANET FRASIER Bobbie Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 45 Softball 35 French Club 3, 45 Student Activity Agent 45 Senior Announcement Committee5 Junior Prom Commit- tee5 Junior Prom Attendant5 Senior Play Production Committee. Dancing and skiing DONALD MYRON ELDRIDGE Don Northern Star Staff 4g Senior Ball Committeeg Bowling 45 Tennis 43 Jayvee Football 25 Rifle Club 2. Pounding the ivories and skiing RONALD BURT ELLENWOOD Ronnie Winter Carnival Attendant 45 Senior Expression Recitalg Senior Play Castg junior Prom Committeeg Jayvee Basketball 35 Bowling 4. Henry Morgan and lemonade FRED JOSEPH ESMOND Fred Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4. Baseball and billiards RICHARD ELLWOOD FAKE Dick Bowling 3, 4. Golfing, hunting and chocolate ice cream ROBERT JAMES FLINT Bob Photography and skiing AUGUSTINO THOMAS FORCUCCI Gus French Club 3, 43 junior Prom Committeeg Senior Play Production Committeeg Red and Black Adstaffg Forum Club 4. Swimming, and Debussy RALPH ANTHONY GONZALEZ French Club 43 Dramatics Club 3. 45 Stamp Club Presidentg Senior Ball Committeeg Red and Black Photog- raphy Staffg Senior Play Castg Drama Night. Beethoven and stamp collecting RUDOLPH GONZALEZ Rudy Assistant Editor Red and Blackg Senior Ball Committeeg Senior Play Production Committee. Beethoven and yachting ANN PATRICIA GRATTON Annie Bowling 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, G.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Senfor Ball Committee, Senior Play Production Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Archery 2, Intramural Basketball 2. Eating, music and dancing PAULINE FRANCES GUERNSEY Punlzie Senior Ball Committee, Senior Play Production Committee, Typstaff of Red and Black. French fries and Bob ALICE MAY HAY A I Patrons' Evening Committee 3, Gym Exhibition 2. Banana splits and a certain person Lois WILMA HAY Loie Bowling 4, Basketball 4, G.A.C. 4, Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 4, Hockey 4, Intramural Basketball 4, Northern Star 3, Business Manager 4, Business Law Prize 3, Senior Ball Committee, Senior Announcement Committee, Senior Play Production Committee. French-fries and The Gang MARY OLIVE HECHT Mary French Club 3, 4, Biology Club 3, President 4, Northern Star Adstaff 2, 3, 4, Student Defense Stamp Agent 2, Red and Black Adstaff, Senior Ball Committee, Senior Play Production Committee, Forum Club 2, 3, 4, Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 4, Archery 2, 3, Patrons' Evening Committee 3, Swimming 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee. Flying JUNE ELAINE JENSEN Fe Bowling 2, 3, 4, Adstaff Red and Black, Junior Prom Committee, G.A.C. 3, 4, Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 4, Softball 3, 4, Library Club 4, Senior Ball Committee, Patrons' Evening Committee, Senior Play Production Committee, Cap and Gown Committee. Dreaming and moonlight rides SHIRLEY RUTH JENSEN Gym Exhibition 3. Day dreaming and having a good time ELINOR POTTER JOHNSON Elly Basketball 2, 3, G.A.C. 3, Gym Exhibition 2, Softball 2, 3, Tennis 3, Swimming 2, Intramural Basket- ball 3, Circulation Manager Red and Black, Senior Play Cast, Junior Prom Committee, Junior Prom Attendant, Jam Inn Representative 3, Produc- tion Stalf of Patrons' Evening Play 4. Ronney and "a lot o' fun" THOMAS LEROY GORENIAN Tee Gabby French Club 45 Stamp Club 3, 45 Biology Club 3, 45 Forum Club 2, 45 War Stamp Agent 25 Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Expression Reci- talg Senior Play Castg Patrons' Evening Play Castq Junior Ring Committeeg Adstaif Red and Black. Flashy socks and food DAVID ALLAN GURLEY Dave Firearms and old cars DONALD BRADFORD HARVEY Don Jayvec Track 25 Varsity Track 3. Skiing and camping JAMES KING HUTCHINSON Hutch Bowling 3, 45 Track 2, 35 Swimming 45 Varsity Football 3, 45 Senior Ball Committeeg Senior Play Production Committeeg Junior Prom Committccg Ski Clubg Forum Club. Lake George CIIESTER JOHN JARvIs John Illotorcycle racing and skiing JEROME EVANS Kass Casey Tennis 3, 45 Northern Star 35 Student Activity Agent 25 Senior Ball Committeeg Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Senior Play Cast5 Senior Play Production Committeeg Senior Ring Committeeg Forum Club 45 Cap and Gown Committee. Good music and beautiful women HERBERT KLEIN Herbie Bowling 3, 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Patrons' Evening Play Castg Drama Night Castg Red and Black Adstaifg Senior Ball Committee Publicity Chairmang Pageant Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Tennis 3' Senior Play Cast. r I Jazz and Louie Armstrong JAMES PHILIP KNAPP Jim French Club 3, 45 Varsity Football 3, 45 Jayvee Football 25 Senior Play Castg Varsity Baseball 3, 45 jayvee Basketball 35 Pageant Committee5 Senior Ball Committeeg junior Prom Committee5 Advertising Staff Red and Blackg Bowling 3g Gym Exhibi- tion 3. Vacation EILEEN VIVIAN KAPLAN Viv Basketball 23 French Club 33 Student Activity Agent 23 Choir 3, 43 Or- chestra 2, 33 Patrons' Evening Play Committeeg Senior Ball Committee3 junior Prom Committee. Red roses and dancing RUTH ANN KING Ruth French Club 3, 43 Red and Black Photography Staffg Senior Announce- ment Committee3 Senior Ball Com- mittecg Senior Play Production Committeeg Forum Clubg Junior Prom Committee3 G.A.C. 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Bowling 33 Soft- ball 2, 3, 43 Archery 3, 43 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Swimming 43 Ski Club 43 Gym Exhibition 2. Swimming and graham crackers J ANET ELURA KIRKPATRICK Fe G.A.C. 2, 3, 43 Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 43 Tennis 23 Basketball 23 Choir 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Softball 23 Senior Play Production Committeeg Red and Black Adstaffg Senior Ball Committee3 Junior Prom Committeeq Patrons' Evening Play Committee. Sorry, the line is busy AUDREY KIRSCHENBAUM Kirt Choir 2, 33 Band 2, 33 Archery 23 Basketball 2, 43 Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Patrons' Evening Committee 43 Senior Ball Committeeg Senior Play Production Committeeg Red and Black Adstaff3 Gym Exhibition 2, 33 Bowling 33 Softball 23 Band Librar- ian 3. Dancing and week-ends out-of-town ww-4 PATRICIA ANN LAPOINT Pat Band 2, 33 Orchestra 2, 43 French Club 43 Senior Play Production Committee3 Bowling. Chicken Chow Mein RHEBA LEVBNSON Lev French Club 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 43 Bowling 43 Senior Ball Committee3 Junior Prom Committee3 Swimming Leader 3, 43 Archery 43 G.A.C. 4. Sugar, spice, and every- thing nice NANCY MAY LIGHT Nance G.A.C. 2, 3, President 43 Tennis 2, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Softball 2, 3, 43 Gym Exhibition 3, 4g Hockey 2, 3, 43 Swimming 2, 3, 4g Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 43 French Club, Girls' Hi-Y3 Biology Club, Vice- President 3, 43 Student Council 3, 43 Senior Ball Committeeg Pageant Committeeg Forum Club 43 Ski Club 4. Sports and ham and pineapple ALICE RUTH LOEB Allie Northern Star, Associate Editor 43 Orchestra 43 G.A.C. 43 Bowling 43 Basketball 43 Gym Exhibition 43 Forum Club 43 Senior Play Publicity Committee, Stardust, Artie Shaw, and sports ROBERT J ACOE KYSER V Red BERNARD HENNINC LALONE, JR. Buster Assistant Editor, Red and Blackg Pageant Committeeg Student Council 23 Football 3, 45 Jayvee Basketball 3g Senior Ball Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Bowling 43 Ski Club 4g Forum Club 4g Student Activity Agent 29 Band 2. Sports and food DANIEL JOSEPH LAWLER WALLACE HENRY' LAYIIEE Wally Bowling 3, 4. Bowling and slick chicks THOMAS LEO MCDERMOTT Tommy Moloi'cycling and traveling DANIEL FRANCIS MCGIl,LICUDDX', JR. Bones Baseball 25 Jayvee Football 35 Var- sity Football 4g French Club 3, 4g Assistant Editor Red and Blaclig Senior Ball Committee. Sleeping and relaxation MEIIVIN FRANCIS MARTEI,l. JAMES HENRY MARTINDALE Jim Senior Play Cast, Patrons' Evening Play Castg Red and Black Art Stattg Varsity Track 3, 43 Intramural Swimming 45 Dramatics Club 3, President 4g Junior Ring Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Class Vice- President 2g Drama Night 3, 4' Senior Ball Decoration Committee. 1 Brooklyn, swimming and food NANCY MCLANIJRESS N o nni e Girls' Hi-Y 2, 4, Vice President 35 Junior Prom Attendantg Junior Prom Committee5 Student Council 25 Red and Black Art Editor5 Student Activity Agent 35 Spinster Swing Committee 2, 35 Senior Ball Commit- tee5 Ring Committee 3, 45 Senior Play Production Committee5 Patrons' Evening Committee 45 French Club 3, 45 Forum Club 45 Ski Club 45 Pageant Committee5 G.A.C. 3, 45 Bowling 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Soft- ball 35 Tennis 3, 45 Swimming 3, 45 Archery 35 Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 45 Choir 25 Student Mixer Committee 3, 4. Sailing ana' raw oysters MARGARET ELIZABETH MARTELL Margie Square dancing JACQUELINE MORRISON Jackie Student Council 25 junior Prom Committee5 Chairman Cap and Gown Committee5 Choir 25 G.A.C. 2, 35 Pageant Committee5 Assistant Editor Red and Black5 Biology Club 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibi- tion 2, 35 Softball 2, 3, 45 Tennis 35 Hockey 2, 35 Interclass Basketball 2, 3. Sports and vacation BEVERLY JEAN MULCAIIY Bev Student Council 45 Bowling 2, 45 Tennis 35 Softball 25 Basketball 3, 45 Choir 45 Gym Exhibition 45 Senior Ball Committee5 Senior An- nouncement Committee5 Senior Play Production Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Defense Stamp Agent 25 Jam Inn Representative 2. Al Peters and spaghetti and meat balls MARILYN JOAN MURRAY Lynn Forum Club 45 Girls' Hi-Y 45 French Club 45 Northern Star 45 Patrons' Evening Play 45 Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Play Cast5 Red and Black Artstaif5 Bowling 45 Basketball 45 Swimming 45 Gym Exhibition 45 Hockey 4. Greig and strawberry shortca ke PATRICIA CLAIRE NEVENS Patsy G.A.C. 25 Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 45 Hockey 25 Swimming 2, 35 Fashion Show 35 Choir 3, 45 Art Staff Red and Black5 Senior Ball Committee5 Junior Ring Committee. Lloyd ana' swimming MADELINE JEAN O,CONNOR Junior Prom Queen5 Class Secretary 35 Circulation Manager Red and Black5 Winter Carnival Queen5 Basketball 3, 45 French Club Secre- tary 45 Girls' Hi-Y 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3, 45 Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Play Production Committee5 Junior Ring Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Drama Nightg Spinster Swing 45 Swimming Leader 4. Week-ends and Dick TERESA MARY PICHEO Little Teresa Basketball 25 Gym Exhibition 25 Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Play Production Committee5 Senior An- nouncement Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee. Stardust and C. M. M RICHARD ORLIN MEAD Dick Student Council 2, 3, President 45 Class Vice-President 3 5Varsity Track 2, 3, Co-Captain 45 Winter Carnival Kingg French Club Treasurer 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Ski Club Presi- dent 45 Jayvee Football 25 Jayvee Basketball 35 Gym Exhibition 25 Singles Champion-Tennis 35 Junior Ring Committee5 Junior Prom Com- mittee5 Senior Ball Committeeg Advertising Manager Red and Black5 Intramural Swimming 45 Senior Play Production Staff5 Drama Night 3. Madeline, hunting and fishing RICHARD JOSEPII NASII Peanut Student Council 2, 35 Bowling 35 Swimming 45 Patrons' Evening Play Cast5 Senior Expression Recitalg Senior Play Castg Junior Prom Committee. Dances at the Queensbury HAROLD GARDNER NOURSE, JR. N oursie Band 2, 3, 45 Choir 3, 45 Senior Play Cast. Hudson Falls and money DONALD HARRISON OSTRANDER Don Hunting. fishing and Peggy Lee's singing JAMES HENRY PLOOF, JR. Jim Hunting and getting lost PETER FREDERICK PRUYN Pete Tennis 35 Track 2, 35 Swimming 35 jayvee Football 2, Varsity Football 35 French Club 35 Junior Prom Committee5 Student Activity Agent 2. Classical music and football RICHARD LAWRENCE PURNER Dick Biology Club 45 War Stamp Agent 25 Adstaff of Northern Star 3, 4. Music and short stories WILLIAM ROBERT PUTNAM Putt French Club 25 Dramatics Club 25 Choir 3, 45 Senior Ball Committee Steaks with onions, and , sweaters PATRICIA EMMA PREVOST Pal Student Council 23 Choir 2, 3, 43 Student Activity Agent 43 Patrons' Evening Play Committee3 Junior Prom Committeeg Forum Club 33 Basketball 2, 3, 43 G.A.C. 4g Gym Exhibition 2, 33 Softball 2, 33 Hockey 2, 33 Swimming 23 Swim- ming Leader 3, 43 Jayvee Cheerleader 2, 3. Dancing, Little White Lies MARGUERITE ANN ST. JOHN Margie Basketball 2, 3, 43 G.A.C. 3, 43 Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 43 Softball 2, 3, 43 Tennis 23 French Club Treasurer 33 Girls' Hi-Y Sergeant-at-Arms 3, President 43 Dramatics Club 23 Spinster Swing Committee 33 Winter Carnival Attendant 43 Assistant Editor Red and Black3 Senior Ball Committee3 Senior Play Production Committeeg Junior Prom Commit- T663 Junior Prom Attendant3 Ski Club 4. Dancing and skiing MARGARET JEAN SEARS Peggy Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Red and Black Adstaff3 Senior Ball Committee3 Senior Announcement Committee. Writing music and .lack PAULINE WINsI.ow SEBERT Blondie Fashion Show 2, 33 Choir 2, 4. Music and ice-cream MARY BRENTON SIIREVE Ma1'y Girls' Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 French Club 31 43 Biology Club, Treasurer 43 Choir 2, 33 Patrons' Evening Play Casts Spinster Swing Committee 33 Red and Black Photography Staffg Senior Ball Committee3 Senior Play Cast3 Senior Announcement Committee3 Pageant Committeeg Student Mixer Committee 3g junior Prom Commit- tee3 Forum Club 43 Ski Club 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 G.A.C. 2, 3, 43 Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 43 Softball 2, 3, 43 Tennis 3, 4g Junior Varsity Cheerleading 23 Varsity Cheerleading 3, 43 Archery 23 Intramural Basket- ball 4. Kacheturian and English movies CHARLOTTE BARTLEY SILVER C' har Student Council Secretary 2, 3, 43 Girls' State Representative 33 Girls' Hi-Y 2, 3, Secretary 4g French Club 3, Vice President 43 G.A.C. 3, 43 Forum Club 43 Ski Club 43 Spinster Swing Committee 2, 33 Patrons' Evening Committee 4g Senior Ball Committeeg Senior Announcement Committee3 Senior Play Production Committee3 Pageant Committeeg Junior Prom Attenclantg Junior Ring Committee3 Junior Prom Commit- tee3 Orchestra 23 Choir 23 Basket- ball 2, 3, 43 Softball 2, 3, 43 Bowling 2, 33 Tennis 3, 43 Hockey 2, 33 Swimming 43 Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 43 Archery 3, 4. Rye bread and summer MARIETTA SMITH Smitty Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 43 Red and Black TypstaE3 Senior Ball Coni- mittee. Dancing and sleeping MARJORIE RUTII SMITH Marge Gym Exhibition 23 Fashion Show 23 Choir 3, 4, Telephone operator and Ladde WALTER GEORGE ROBILLARD Robie Varsity Football 3, 45 Jayvee Foot- ball 25 Manager, Varsity Basketball 25 Track 3, 45 Bowling 45 Drarnatics Club 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 25 Choir 25 Red and Black Staff, Assistant Editorg Senior Ball Com- mitteeg Senior Play Cast5 Pageant Committeeg Patrons' Evening Play Committeeg Junior Prom Commit- tee5 Gym Exhibition 25 Biology Club 45 Drama Night 3. A 32 Chevrolet and books HAROLD NOEL SILVERMAN Sil Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 35 Choir 2, 35 Marching Band 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Committeeg Baseball 2, 35 Junior Ring Committee. Drumming and food SAMUEL WILBUR SOMERVILLE Smartz Bowling 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 25 jayvee Track 25 Varsity Baseball 3, 45 Varsity Football 45 Jayvee 35 Rifle Club 25 Student Council 25 Ski Club 45 Red and Black Assistant Editor, Senior Ball Committec5 Junior Prom Committee. Sports, weekends with the boys CHESTER POWEL SOUTH Chet Gym Exhibition 25 Senior Play Production Committee. NATHAN LEWIS SUCKMAN Sooky Bowling 45 Student Activity Agent 25 Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Play Cast5 Senior Play Production Committeeg junior Ring Commit- tee5 Junior Prom Committee. Wine, women, and song JOHN ROBERT SULLIVAN Schville Varsity Football 45 Jayvee Football 35 French Club 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 45 Red and Black Photography Statfg Senior Ball Com- mitteeg Junior Prom Decorations Committee. Sports and good music ALFRED JATHUREN SWEET, JR. HAROLD TAN NER Tinny Editor-in-Chief Red and Blackg Forum Club 3, President 45 French Club 35 Student Council 35 Bowling 25 Smoke Signals 25 Student Activ- ity Agent 35 Junior Prom Publicity Committee Chairmang Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Play Production Committeeg Pageant Committee. Sleep and dancing BARBARA ANNA STANLEY Barb Gym Exhibition 3, 4, Typstaff Red and Black, Senior Ball Committee. Red roses and Italian spaghetti ALBERTA STERNBERG ' A bb y Bowling 4, Basketball 4, Swimming 4, Field Hockey 4. Men and Brooklyn LILLIAN RUTH STILWELL Lil Library Club 2, 3, 4, Smoke Signals 2, Forum Club 2, Senior Ball Com- mittee, Senior Announcement Com- mittee, Senior Play Production Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, G.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, Hockey 2, 3. Thafs My Desire and sports GERTRUDE MARY SUMNER G ertie Dramatics Club 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, Senior Play Production Staff, Jayvee Cheerleader, G.A.C. 3, 4, Patrons' Evening Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Ball Committee, Senior Ring Committee, Bowling 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Gym Exhibi- tion 2, 3, Softball 2, 3, Hockey 3, Archery 2, 3, Drama Night 3. Gum and a good time SALLY ANN SWEENEY Sarah Bowling 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, G.A. C. 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Swimming 4, Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Girls' Hi-Y 3, 4, Biology Club 4, Patrons' Evening Play Cast 4, Spinster Swing Committee 3, Assist- ant Editor Red and Black, Senior Ball Committee, Senior Announce- 1 ment Committee, Senior Play Pro- duction Committee, Pageant Com- mittee, Junior Prom Committee, Junior Ring Committee. Telephones and gossip JACQUELYN ADRIENNE TASK Jacqui e Bowling 2, 3, Bicycling 2, Tennis 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Swimming-Inter- Class, Archery 3, Softball 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Forum Club 2, 4, French Club, Girls' Hi-Y 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Northern Star, Business Staff 4, Girls Sports' Editor 3, Managing Editor 4, Feature Editor Red and Black, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Ball Committee, Senior Play Cast, Patrons' Evening Play, Drama Night 3, 4, Senior Expression Recital, Student Mixer Dance Committee 4, Gym Exhibi- tion 2, 4, G.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Swimming Leader 2, 4, Spinster Swing Commit- tee. New Places and faces J AN1cE BARBARA WAGGAMAN J an Forum Club 4, Girls' I-Ii-Y 4, French Club 3, 4, Patrons' Evening Play 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, Drama Night 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Cast, Senior Ball Committee, Junior Prom Committee, chairman of tickets, Bowling 3, Basketball 3, 4, Swim- ming 4, Archery 2, 3, Swimming 4, Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 4, Softball 3, Hockey 3, G.A.C. 3, 4, Senior Ex- pression Recital, War Stamp Agent 2, Pageant Committee. Driving and Bing Crosby LENA SUSAN WAIDRON Lena A good laugh and summer vacation GEORGE HEDDEN TIDMAN Punch Bowling 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 2, 35 Tennis 3, 45 Track 25 French Club 3, 45 Student Activity Agent 25 Band 25 Orchestra Z5 Assistant Editor Red and Blackg Senior Ball COmmittee5 Senior Expression Reci- talg Senior Play Production Com- mitteeg Pageant Committeeg Junior Prom Committee. Skiing EMORY ERDMAN TOWSON Tem Cross Country 35 French Club 3, 45 Northern Star Adstaff 35 Red and Black Adstaffg Baseball Manager 25 Gym Exhibition 2. Phil Harris and sports JORDAN Louis UTTAL Jerry Student Activity Agent 25 Senior Ball Committee5 Senior Play Produc- tion Committee. South Glens Falls ORLIE GERALD WAS HBURN Washy Adstaff Red and Black. Swimming and vacations ROBERT COLEMAN WESTCOTT Hoot Bowling 3, 45 Basketball Jayvee 2, 35 Varsity Basketball 45 Baseball Jayvee 2, 35 Varsity Baseball 45 Jayvee Foot- ball 35 Varsity Football 45 Student COuncil5 Senior Ball COmmittee5 Junior Prom Committee. L ong walks, eating ROBERT KENNETH WHITE Rowll Student Council 2, 45 French Club 35 Football 3, 45 Jayvee Basketball 35 Varsity Basketball 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Boys' State Representative5 Red and Black Photography Staff5 Senior Ball Committeeg Junior Prom Commit- tee5 Rifle Club 25 Ski Club 4. Sports, Lake George, and Schenectady LEROY STANLEY WILLIAMS Willie Band 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 2. Music and Sports DON.-XLD HOWARD WINCHELL Winch Bowling 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 2, 35 Archery 2. Fireplace and ? ROSELYN LEAII ZWEIBELSON Roz G.A.C. 2, 3g Gym Exhibition 2, 33 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Production Committeeg French Club 3g Patrons' Evening Committee 4. Southern fried chicken and Bing Crosby ROBERT FREDERICK WRIGHT Bob Ice skating and long hikes JAMES HENIJON WRIGHT Jim Northern Star Sports Editor3 Red and Black Assistant Editorg Senior Play Production Committee. Western eggs and The New York Giants ADDITIONAL SENIORS JOHN FREER DUFFY WILLIAM LEE YOUNG Bill Senior Ball Committeeg Bowling 3, 43 Gym Exhibition 2, 33 Junior Prom Committeeg Varsity Basketball 43 Varsity Baseball 33 Sophomore Hop Committeeg jayvee Basketball 2, 3g Jayvee Baseball 2. Nothing to worry about and Auburn, New York CARLENE LILLIAN DYKE Valedictoriau BERNARD HENNING LALONE, JR. Salutatorian OVLOI' Carol Ann Blakeslee Gloria Selice Canale Nancy Churchill Jane Ruth Eckler Richard Mosher Eddy Betty Joyce Ellsworth Byron Jerome Lapham Nancy May Light Alice Ruth Loeb Nancy McLandress Lgifvmfenlfa Jacqueline Morrison Marilyn Joan Murray Marguerite Ann St. John Mary Brenton Shreve Charlotte Bartley Silver Sally Ann Sweeney Harold Tanner George Hedden Tidman Janice Barbara Waggaman Robert Kenneth White Miss SARAH A. ADRIANCE, Class Advisor ir 'k 0l4'Ll4'L8IfLC8lf1fL8lfLf pageanf "SCIENCE: MAN'S SERVANT OR MASTER?" Two students enter a wax museum and are conducted through a wing devoted to prominent scientists. As the guide explains the contribution of the scientists, the figures come to life and show how science has led mankind from superstition to scientific explanation, from the age of pestilence to the age of preventative and curative medicine and from the age of hand industry to the age of the machine. Finally, it is shown that science has, in the atomic field, given Man the means either to destroy himself completely or to build a new and better future. A final tableau shows the attempt our school is making to develop the international tolerance and understanding essential if the world is to continue to use the contributions of science for the betterment of mankind. PAGEANT COMMITTEE MR. JQHN L. VAN DER Vooivr, Advisor Bernard LaLone Nancy Light Frances Crooks Janice Waggaman Herbert Klein Betty Lou Boyce Jacqueline Morrison Sally Sweeney Walter Robillard Gloria Canale Carlene Dyke Mary Shreve James Knapp Betty Ellsworth ww. H W 'Ji ,sm - 'Lf 4 ew ,M ,f we JULVLJOVJ . . . MISS MARION M. E. BROADBENT, Sponsor President ------- DEAN BUCKINGHAM ' 'Wie-President - ' 2 - CARL VIELE W Secretary - - - PATRICIA IVES Treasurer - - - - WILLIAM BACAS Marilyn Abbott Myron Abramson Gerald Allen Shirley Aronson Jane Ashley William Bacas Rita Bacon Bernard Baker Nancy Bartlett Floyd Batease Robert Bedore Barbara Ann Benedict Mary Booth Walter Brennan Barbara Brilling Thomas Brown Dean Buckingham Helen Burnham - Donald Bushey Dorothy Calhoun Robert Calhoun James Campbell June Carswell John Carswell Arthur Charlebois Gilles Charlebois Elizabeth Clark Ethel Clarke Nicholas Clemens Jack Cohen Nicholas Colios Jacqueline Combs Donald Cowles Gordon Crannell Scott Craytor Jerry Dean Joe Deeb Joan Denton Robert Diskin George Dolan me jwnialfd . . Frederick Donovan Shirley Duell Mary Effland Harold Engwer Anne Erickson Virginia Falkenbury Donald Farr Janice Fisher Marie Fisher Emery Fobare Chester Fox Norma Fox Robert Fox Shirley Freeman Joan Fuller Keith Fuller Edward Fuss Stewart Gates Stanford Gilman Dora Goldstein Nancy Gowan Dorothy Hall Evelyn Hall Marlene Hall James Hamell Shirley Hance Douglas Hart Frederick Hawkins Donald Hay John Hay Conrad Hoffman Marie Hungerford Patricia Ives Jeannine Jarvis Marshall Jarvis David Kennedy Norma Kilmer Ellen Kilpatrick Jeannette King Marie King Gloria Kingsley Jane Kingsley jim Jzfufziom . . Jean Landry Benjamin Langworthy Davis Lapham Raymond LaPoint Richard LaPointe Janet Lawrence Wallace Layhee Jane Lemery Mary Linehan Patricia Loveys Mariellen McCurry EmilyfMacNaughton Clement Maynard Mary Merritt Douglas Mitchell Marjory Monahan Dorothy Montgomery Charles Moore Helen Murphy Thelma Newcomb Carolyn Nichols Richard O'Connor Grace Orcutt Shirley Palmer Walter Palmer Edward Parham Marilyn Parsons Emily Peddie Audre Lee Pemble Norris Pike June Plumley Kouhv Polimerou Alvira Polunci Patricia Potter Jeanette Pouliott John Powers John Putnam Lenox Ramsey Boyce Rawson Loyal Rawson Marlene Reichert Kenneth Rhodes we yvufziom John Robertson Walter Robinson Gail Rocken-Styre Jack Rolleston Donald Rosenbaum Natalie Russell Eric Schmidt Martha Schoman Zelda Schwartz Grace Sebert Stanley Selleck Walter Shangraw Robert Sherman Gloria Silverman Regina Skellie Byron Smith Crosby Smith Louis Smith William Snyder Robert Stein Ann Stockwell Estelle Suckman Alexander Taylor Irene VanTassel Polly VanTrump Mary VanVranken Cynthia VanWirt Paul VanWirt Betty Varnum Gloria Vaughn Ruth Vaughn Carl Viele Richard Villa William Villa Wayne Wallace Sandra Wallach James White Carol Whitman Audrey 'Wilson Teresa Wood Charlotte Ziskind jk OWLOIWZI5 . . . John Abbott George Alexander Barry Aronson Thomas Blanchard Thomas Brown Robert Campinell David Conklin Thomas Corbett William Deeb Everett DeGrush Stephen Dube Joseph Duell Harry Farnsworth Miss BEATRICE MABLE, Sponsor President ------- Louis TARANTELLI Vice-Presirlcnt - - SALLY SWEENEY Secretary - - - SUE PARKER Treasurer - - - - - - DICK YOUNG Francis Fortune Stephen Gottlieb Robert Hamilton Richard Johannes Harry Kullman John Bennett Phyllis Bullard Marcia Cohen Catherine Conlin Caryl Eckler Doris Farnsworth Phyllis Hoag Patricia Howe Robert Lackey Olin Leggett Louis Liounis Paul Martell Robert Mound John Plue Richard Reisig Ivan Reynolds Richard Robillard Philip Rolliston George Scoville Franz Sundberg Linwood Tabar Arnold Wfalkup Russell Wfright Jane L'Esperance Mary Metivier Beverly Parker Mary Putnam Elaine Robine Beverly Robichoud Rhoda Rosenstein Sally Sweeney Katherine Varney Joyce Wallace Peggy Westcott Z8 OWLOVQI5 . Leon Keith Allen Robert Aronson Douglas K. Aust James D. Barlow George E. Bennett Floyd Benway Harold Blondin Robert L. Bolster Harold Brothers Robert A. Brown Clyde Burch Bernard Charlebois Marvin Chernoff John M. Church Weston F. Cowles David Cullings Rodney L. Currier Ruth C. Antonsen Muriel F. Baker Diana Barclay Jacquelyn Barlow Joan P. Barnes Elizabeth Bates Ethel Mae Bessaw Barbara Carpenter Myrna Chapman Marjorie A. Clements Morphia Colios Joan Comesky Betty R. Connors Sara E. Crawford Abraham David Clement Davidson John Davidson David Dean John Dickinson Norman Dobert Carleton Dunn Sherrill Eggleston James Farber William Fenelon Jesse Fish Donald Gleason Roy Hamlin Donald Hatin John Hill John Hulburt John Hume Faith DeVol Barbara Doty Jacqueline Drew Geraldine Duckett Mabel Eaton Dorothy Eldridge Carol Erlanger Joyce Falkenbury Barbara Floyd I Nancy Floyd Madeleine Fontaine Gene Gill Roberta Graver Lois Ham Mary Harrington Elizabeth Hatin Beatrice Haviland Margaret Henderson Barbara Jacobs Lorraine Jenkins Janet Johnson 34,8 OWLOIWQ5 Walter Nelson Austin James Clinton Baldwin Fred M. Beckwith George Raymond Bemis Bruce Brenman Neil Brown Noel Deihl Allen Doty Charles Farrell Warren Fergerson Grover Flint Lester Flint William Forbes Richard Fuss James Gilman Robert Hay Cleon W. Hoag Dale Jarvis Norma Allen Nellie Barrett Beverly Blanchard Norma Bosworth Adele Brady Shirley Barrows Patricia Campbell Gay DeLong Constance Grant Patricia Hannan Shirley Heit Jean Hurme Marilyn Jones Richard Kilmartin Robert Liounis Edward Mabb Alphonse Mark Robert Moyer Edward O'Donnell Richard St. Clair Leonard Weeks Ellyn Well Kenneth Williams Robert Young Caroline Lemery Greta Ormstrup Sylvia Tefft jA8 OIfIfLOIf'81l Charles T. Kreiser Harold Kudan Peter W. Lance Ben Linehan John C. Little James B. Long Robert S. Marrs Preston R. Maxon Lloyd R. Meeker Gordon L. Osborne Jim C. Peck Robert F. Perkett Philip A. Potter Ernest Porter Donald Powers Robert Rabine John H. Ramsey Charles McGinnes Joan H. Kingsley Mary L. Light Kathleen A. Lowe ConstanceV. McArthur Peggy A. McBride Barbara A. Morrell Jane L. Nevens Barbara Newman Phyllis A. O'Connor Susan H. Parker Pauline F. Parsons Mary E. Perry Mary A. Polunci Diane L. Potter Ruth A. Rawleigh Barbara J. Reisig Joyce A. Romp Mario Scarselletta Francis Shoupe Paul Smith Francis Sullivan Ronald Taft Louis Tarantelli Charles Tisinger Frank Usher Donald Wadleigh Richard Weaver Samuel Whiting Richard Young Janice Sellingham Ellen Shapiro Eunice South Heather Steele Joyce Truax Joan Tupper Verena Vaughn Barbara Viele Lillian Walbridge Beverly Webster Kaye Williams mW Aww mm X My X f mf- .WQMWVKW W1 M 4.w.,,,M,m:'fY W ,. -5" A : I mfw , La W ,L jg,-W N ff jfidnfe As years go by, Glens Falls High School maintains its position as one of the finest high schools in New York State. Much of this fine record is due to the unstinted efforts and generous work of our Board of Education. With no thought of payment except the success of the school, the Board has made many splendid contributions. They have willingly cooperated with the members of our faculty to provide adequate supplies and materials for the best in education. Through their consideration and effort they have expanded our library and have made our school attractive. Wfhether the Board of Education is buying new equipment, solving administrative and financial problems, seeing that there is medical inspection and maintaining adequate health services, or otherwise assisting in the progress of the students, they give freely of their time and ability. We, the class of 1948, wish through our yearbook to make known our appreciation of the constant efforts of our Board of Education. .3 .99 -.99 OUR BOARD OF EDUCATION ROBERT S. BUDDY, President MRS. CHARLES O. JUDKINS J. XVARD RUSSELL RUSSELL M. I.. CARSON JOHN W. GLASS FRANCIS W. MCGINLEY ALPHA F. BARBER JOHN W. CANADAY, M.D. I. CARLETON LIDDLE ALEXANDER W. MILLER, Supe1'inte11rfe11t of Schools FRANK A. CONLIN, Clerk of the Boara' of En'ucufiou . ww, IL ' L ' SARAH A. ADRIANCE SHERWOOD D. ALLEN THOMAS E. ALLEN ' Slim! .XQQMWQ 0 C' 6LClflf Hzslory Marlaznv Shop ALEXANDER W. MILLER SIlI7KI'illlL'l1!lClIf GENEVIEVE E. BAZINET CLIFFORD K. BOSXVORTH Lalin Science Pbysmal Eillllfilflflll WILLIAM H. BROWN Principal MARION M. E. BROADBENT German and Latin . . L MRS. MARY M. BURKE RUTH M. BUSSEY SARA GOEFIN BETTY L. CORNELL English Home Economics Home Economics Physical Education MRS. NELLIE I. DUELL BASIL S. DVVYFR WILLARD C. FLYNT Assisfunt Librarian Hixlory and Mutbfnmtics Vocational gm! Edufgfimml Guielnncc SARA S. GABRIEL HELEN S. GAHIMER EDGAR GRANT KENNETH F. HAPPY Expression and Dramufics Business Education 4 Auto Mechanics Higigry HILDA E. HAYES DOROTHY F. HUGHES MRS. VIOLA B. KELLEY ROBERT N. KING English Assistant Secretary fo the Books and Supplies Science Superiniemlczzt , GLORIA M. LATHROP HAROLD M. LONG JAMES A. LONG Secretary io the Prinripal Social Studies Physical Education DELLA IVICALLEY BEATRICE MABIJE JOHN D. MATES PATRICIA MCCORMACK Secretary io Ibn' Szipcrintcnrlerzt Geometry History English ANN MCCREA LAWRENCE C. NEWCOMB MARGUERITE O'FARRELL ELIZABETH C. RENNER Business Educzzlion English Busincs: Erlncafion French WILLIAM N. REEVES VVALTER H. ROBINSON REGINALD SI-IULTZ Mmjg Indnslrial Aff: Business Educnlion JOHN L. VAN DER VOORT LAURA E. VROMAN NOLA L. deW. NVENTXVORTH MAURICE C. XVI-IITNEY English Librarian English Music Aw' W' W, , A U-,,4WW.w ,vw M W -.w,.Q,g1w'fWp' A X gf WV 4 u V ,wi 6 W A Vw ,Myh,4l3ag-S, , ,WW.+w.,fm, ., ,ms '..'sA.1fA I ,MM f . 1 M ff 4 awww' g Y., ' w,,,f'f W,-W, m f 42, K ,, ,,,,,,.f X Cgiwjenf gunned President . Vice -Prcsidenzf Marilyn Abbott Betty Lou Boyce Gloria canale Mark Cassidy Robert Clear Sara Crawford David Cullings Jerry Dean President . Vice-Presidcrzt Nancy Bartlett Gloria Canale Robert Clear Sara Crawford David Cullings Joseph Deeb Norman Dobert MR. BROWN, Advisor FIRST SEMESTER . RICHARD NIEAD . NANCY GOWAN -T 1947 Norman Dobert Stephen Dube Stanford Gilman Nancy Gowan Margaret Henderson Pat Howe Gordon Hubbell Secretary . . Treasurer . Olin Leggett Nancy Light Richard Mead Lloyd Meeker Beverly Mulcahy Helen Murphy Madeline O'Connor Ray LaPointe Sue Parker SECOND SEMESTER . RICHARD MEAD Secretary . NANCY BARTLETT Treasurer . l 1948 l Betty Ellsworth Norma FOX Richard Fuss Stanford Gilman Margaret Henderson Patricia Howe Gordon Hubbell Harry Kullrnan Olin Leggett Richard Mead Lloyd Meeker Helen Murphy Madeline O,Connor Richard O'Connor Sue Parker John Robertson KAYE WILLIAMS ROBERT CLEAR Walter Robinson Martha Schoman Sally Sweeny Louis Tarancelli Carl Viele Robert Westcott Carol Whitman Kaye Williams . LOUIS TARANTELLI ROBERT CLEAR Natalie Russell Charlotte Silver Louis Tarantelli Cynthia VanWirt Carl Viele Robert Vfhite Kaye Williams -wma ,aw , , f, 4 -M. .Lama MW .aIf,,sr,m:eye,,ts.R.,,cs.,,.,rmsffms..A.e,.r.w1,:.tfu.sssm.iv,ILLi..,',, ar ,V ,.sA,f:1, ,key .sal - ...s.,.I..L.e..Ms4a.m -, r 4 1, . In V L-we iw-- Worlfftern fair Faculty Advisor, MR. LAWRENCE NEWCOMB Editorial Staj Editor-in-Chief ---- ERIC SCHMIDT Managing Editor - - ELLEN SHAPIRO Associate Editor - - ALICE LOEB Boys, Sports Editor - - WILLIAM DEEB Girls' Sports Editor - - NIARY LOU LIGHT Associate Editor - - - MARILYN MURRAY Reporters Tom Blanchard Robert Fox Gene Gill Zelda Schwartz Mary Pat Booth Norma Fox Lois Ham Gloria Silverman Don Eldridge Janice Fisher Emily MacNaughton Faculty Aduisor of Business Staff, MR. KENNETH HAPPY Business Manager, GLORIA CANALE Assistant Business Manager, LOIS HAY Business Staff Mary Hecht Douglas Mitchell Marilyn Murray Dick Purner 5 e are e Ljlmncaia MISS ELIZABETH RENNER, Ma1'1'ai11e President - - - - MARK CASSIDY Vice-Prcsidcfff - - CHARLOTTE SILVER Treasurer - - RICHARD MEAD Serrehzry ---- - MADELINE O,CONNOR Marilyn Abbott Jane Ashley William Bacas Richard Baker Barbara Benedict Zoe Burnham Jane Carswell Donald Cowles Althea Cushman Allan Dean Barbara DesJardins Jane Eckler Richard Eddy Betty Ellsworth Barbara Fenelon Augustus Forcucci Norma Fox Barbara Frasier Ralph Gonzalez Thomas Gorman Nancy Gowan Mary Hecht Gordon Hubbell Patricia Ives Ellen Kilpatrick Ruth King James Knapp Byron Lapham Patricia LaPoint Nancy Light Patricia Loveys Emily MacNaughton Mariellen McCurry Nancy McLandress Dan McGillicuddy Dorothy Montgomery Marilyn Murray Thelma Newcomb Walter Palmer Patricia Potter John Putnam John Robertson Walter Robinson Donald Rosenbaum Natalie Russell Martha Schoman Mary Shreve Gloria Silverman Byron Smith Jack Sullivan Sally Sweeney Jacquelyn Task George Tidman Emery Towson Polly VanTrump Janice Waggaman Audrey XVilson .LJQ Llfif L Nancy Bartlett Betty Boyce Gloria Canale Jane Carswell Sara Crawford Carlene Dyke Betty Ellsworth -U Mrss BETTY CORNELL, Sponsor President - - Vice-President - Treasurer - - Secwfary - - Sergeant-at-Arms - Carol Erlanger Joyce Falkenbury Virginia Falkenbury Nancy Gowan Pat Ives Nancy Light Mary Lou Light - MARGUERITE ST. JOHN - - - JANE ASHLEY - IRENE VAN TASSEL - CHARLOTTE SILVER - N.ANCY CHURCHILL Mary Linehan Peggy McBride Nancy Mclsandress Marilyn Murray Madeline O'Connor Phyllis O'Connor Sue Parker Natalie Russell Martha Schoman Mary Shreve Sally Sweeney Jacquelyn Task Cynthia Van'XVirt Janice Waggaman Kaye Williams 0lf'IfLI4fL MR. KENNETH HAPPX', Sponsor Pr'r'sidc'n1' - - Vive-Prqside11i - T1'0tlX1l1'F1' - - Srcrnfary - Muriel Baker Joan Barnes Joan Comesky Frances Crooks Jane Eckler Mary Eifland Ruth Elmore Augustino Forcucci Norma Fox Gene Gill Thomas Gorman Mary Hecht James Hutchinson Jerry Kass Bernard LaLone Nancy Light Alice Loeb Peggy McBride HAROLD TANNER MARII.YN MURRAY JOHN ROBERTSON NANCY BARTLETT Nancy McLandress Richard Mead Mary Leigh Putnam Donald Rosenbaum Natalie Russell Eric Schmidt Zelda Schwartz Ellen Shapiro Mary Shreve Charlotte Silver Byron Smith Lillian Stilwell Sally Sweeney Jacquelyn Task Janice Waggaman Kaye Williams Stanley Williams Audrey Wilson 525 ffm! MR. JAMES A. LONG, Sponsor President - - - DICK MEAD Truzzszrrer - - JIM HUTCHINSON Secretary - - VIRGINIA FALKENBURY Mary Pat Booth Betty Lou Boyce Walter Breenam John Carswell John Church Nancy Churchill Donald Cowles Allan Dean Joan Denton Carlene Dyke Joyce Falkenbury Virginia Falkenbury John Hay James Hutchinson Ellen Kilpatrick Jimmy Knapp Bernard LaLone Peter Lange Nancy Light Mary Linehan Pat Loveys Nancy McLandress Robert Marrs Dick Mead Dick O'Connor Madeline O'Connor Patricia Potter Philip Potter Mary Leigh Putnam Marguerite St. John Martha Schoman Walter Shangraw Mary Shreve Charlotte Silver Sam Somerville George Tidman Cynthia VanWirt Paul VanWirt Bob White M-W....,.V .,.WM....,Wv.W., -v-- W-,Ummm -W omwMaNMWmvVa W WWW,WMW-.YAwWaw..wNM..w,Ww,a. MAWa.w,,w Vvmwgwewyammmwnii Ma. W....a,am-M-,-7,,,A...mM I I O Jane Ashley Carol Blakeslee Jean Blanchard Mary Pat Booth Gloria Canale Jane Cafswell Carolyn Chase Ethel Clark Elizabeth Clarke Morphia Colios Jacquelyn Combs Sara Crawford Frances Crooks Joan Denton Miss BETTY CORNELL, Sponsor President - - NANCY LIGHT T1'PdSZll'EY - - NANCY BARTLETT Secretary - - MARY LINEHAN Barbara DesJardins Margaret Dufour Jane Eckler Ruth Elmore Virginia Falkenbury Doris Farnsworth Barbara Fenelon Dolores Fischang Janice Fisher Mildred Floyd Norma FOX Ann Gratton Marlene Hall Lois Hay Patricia Ives Shirley Jensen Jane Kingsley Janet Kirkpatrick Rheba Levenson Mary Lou Light Patricia Loveys Peggy McBride Nancy MeLandress Dorothy Montgomery Barbara Morrell Helen Murphy Phyllis O'Connor Sue Parker Emily Peddie Patricia Potter Natalie Russell Marguerite St. John Zelda Schwartz Martha Schoman Mary Shreve Lillian Stilwell Sally Sweeny Irene VanTassel Mary VanVranken Cynthia VanWirt Betty Varnum Janice Waggaman Audrey Wilson ramalficd James Bazinet Betty Lou Boyce John Carswell Bob Cary Mark Cassidy Myrna Chapman Gilles Charlebois Marvin Chernoff Nancy Churchill Robert Clear Aletha Cone Sarah Crawford Althea Cushman Sponsors Miss SARA GABRIEL AND JOHN VAN DER VOORT President - - - JAMES MARTINDALE Vice-P1'csicle11t - - NANCY CHURCHILL Secretary - - - JAMES BAZINET Treasfzrm' - ROBERT CLEAR Betty Ellsworth Joyce Falkenbury William Fenelon Gene Gill Ralph Gonzalez Nancy Gowan Lois Ham Betty Hatin Donald Hatin Fred Hawkins Ellen Kilpatrick Herbert Klein Mary Lou Light Mary Linehan Emily MacNaughton Robert Marrs Mary Ellen McCurry Richard Mead Lloyd Meeker James Martindale Dorothy Montgomery Thelma Newcomb Madeline O'Connor Lee Pemble Walter Robillard Marlene Reichert Eric Schmidt Martha Schoman Gertrude Sumner Ronald Taft Jacquelyn Task Cynthia vanwift Paul VanWirt Betty Varnum Janice Waggaman Kaye Williams . Q I MW fm President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasurm' - James Lang Thomas Gorman George Alexander Frederick Hawkins Walter Robillard Ethyl Clarke ROBERT N. KINIG, Sponsor MARY HECHT - THOMAS BLANCHARD - - SALLY SWEENEY Jacqueline Combs Anne Erickson Zelda Schwartz Nancy Light James Hamell Morphia Colios - MARY SHREVE Richard St. Clair Neil Brown Audrey Wilson Doris Farnsworth Marcia Cohen on W, sw Sponsors Miss LAURA E. VROMAN AND Mus. NELLIE I. DUELL Elizabeth Bates Helen Farnsworth Constance McArthur Gloria Canale Ethel Clarke Ruth Elmore Anne Erickson Mildred Floyd Ann Gratton Roberta Graver Shirley Heil June Jensen Barbara Newman Joyce Romp Lillian Stilwell Roselyn Zweibelson 0-2:-' Q ,, x KN 'Y V. K W we Clair' The choir was highly honored, last fall, by an invitation to sing for the annual Convocation of the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York. Over fifty students made the trip to Albany. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the students were invited to a reception where they had the opportunity to meet Dr. Conant, President of Harvard University, Dr. Spaulding, State Commissioner of Education, and the members of the Board of Regents. A radio broadcast over station W'WSC, appearances before the Glens Falls Rotary Club and other organizations, the annual concert on April 28, and participation in state competition at Saratoga in May, have made a busy and extremely interesting year for this organization. Selections performed at the spring concert included Lo, a Voice to Heaven is Sounding - - Borzfniansky I Heard a Forest Praying - - - - DeRose Madame Jeannette - - - - - Murray Little David, Play On Your Harp - Arr. by Murray The Lord,s Prayer ---- - Malotfe Choir Personnel MAURICE C. WHITNEY, Comlurlor Sopranos Barbara Benedict Marjorie Clements Caryl Eckler Carol Erlanger Joyce Falkenbury Barbara Floyd Beatrice Haviland Grace Orcutt Lois Ham Ellen Kilpatrick Kathleen Lowe Beverly Mulcahy Patricia Nevens Pauline Parsons Lee Pemble Janet Kirkpatrick Janice Sellingham Gloria Vaughan Vareena Vaughan Patricia Campbell Altos Adeline Bemis Barbara Bowers Faith DeVol Jane Eckler Nancy Floyd Margaret Henderson Lorraine Jenkins Grace Sebert Eunice South Sylvia Tefft Katherine Varney Barbara Viele Teuorx Charles Blake Robert Bolster Scott Craytor Allen Doty Abraham David Will Parker Robert Putnam Busxes William Deeb William Fenelon Robert Grinnell Stanford Gilman John Hume Charles Moore Donald Powers Richard Robillard Philip Rolleston Donald Rosenbaum Donald Wadleigh Elwyn Wells l we Qrcned fm l During the year, the orchestra has performed at the Patrons' Evening Program, the Senior Play the State Competition Festival at Saratoga, and the Annual Orchestra Concert on April 28. Last fall, seven orchestra members were selected for the Sectional All-State Orchestra in East Greenbush. Music on the program for the concert included All Glory Be To God On High Wedding Day at Troldhaugen Procession of the Sardar - - lntermezzo from L'Arlesienne Suite - Roumanian Fantasy - - Promenade The Lord's Prayer - - - First Violins Fred Hawkins, Concertmaster Jane Eckler Beatrice Haviland Marlene Reichert Philip Potter Jack West Rutheda Whitney Helen Murphy Fluies Alfred Sweet Carol Blakeslee Clement Maynard Oboe Norma Bosworth Orchestra with Choir Orclaeslra Personnel MAURICE C. WHITNEY, Bassoon Barbara Benedict Clarinet.: Emily Peddie Kaye Williams Alphonse Mark Second Violins Irene VanTassel Faith DeVol Phyllis Bullard Katherine Varney Polly VanTrump Helen Akins Patricia King Myrtle Kirkpatrick Rheba Levenson Abbie Sternberg Comlurlor Trmnpclx Richard Robillard Philip Cowan French Horns Patricia LaPointe Custer Quick Elwyn Wells Trornbonex Robert Brown Jack Sullivan Ronald Schermerhorn Violax Kathleen Lowe Gloria Silverman Gay DeLong Phyllis Pepe - Bach - Grieg Ivanoj: - Bizezf Velska Anderson Mulotfc' Cello: Adeline Bemis Douglas Aust Caryl Eckler Alice Loeb janet Kirkpatrick Sylvia Tefft Baxses Althea Cushman Ann Deich Doris Bemis Tuba James Campbell Tympuni Natalie Witham Percussion George Robins Z8 QlfLC8If'If gan NNUAL CQNCERT WILLIAM N. REEVES, C0llfl1lFf0l' THE NATIONAL ANTHEM PERSONNEL WESTERNERU MARCH ------- I. I. Richards A contemporary American gives us a rousing march in the familiar style. SI-Iow Bo.x'r SELECTION - - - - - - - Ivronic Kern Without doubt this is the most popular musical show ever produced in America and we will be singing its tunes for THE CALII: or BAGDAD OVERTURE ---- A. Boieldieu The opera from which this overture is taken was Hrst pub- lished in 1800 while the composer was Professor of Piano at the Paris Conservatory. RIVER JORDAN -------- Maurice C. Whifiiegf This fantasy based on negro spirituals was scored and per- formed last summer at the New York State Music Camp. ATLANTIS SUITE fThe Lost Continentj - V. F. Sufrnnele I. Nocturne and Morning Hymn of Praise II. A Court Function III. 'KI Love Theel' CThe Prince and Aanaj IV. The Destruction of Atlantis NOCTURNE from "Two American Sketches" Tbomus Grisrllc This beautiful number in the modern idiom is well adapted for band. Flute Audrey Wilson Francis Horn Buss Alfred Sweet Clement Maynard Donald Gleason Marcia Lavine Clarins! Elizabeth Ackley IHCHL years to come. AULD LANG SYNE CFantasy for Bandj - - - Henry Mclnilt Don't let the title fool you. A careful listener should find at least six other very familiar tunes in this colorful arrange- THE MIDNIGHT SUN OVERTURE ------ Yoder' CYPRESS SILHOUETTES ------- Duifirl Bcnnvf CA Modern Rhapsody of the Deep Southj The inspiration for this composition came while the com- poser was making an extended tour of the swamp area in the Southern part of the United States. LADY OF SPAIN --------- Evans-Cziillirf , This brilliant arrangement has been made by one of the out- standing contemporary composers for band, Lucien Cailliet. TI-IE STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER - - Barbara Benedict - john Pbillifi Sousa Tenor Saxophone Patricia LaPoint Robert Wlhite Alphonse Mark Emily Peddie Kay Williams Charlotte Ziskind W'alter Robillard John Dickinson Allen Doty Alfo Clarinet Natalie Adkins Bass Clarinet Jack West Oboe Norma Bosworth David Perkett Bassoon Stanley Williams Cornvf Richard Robillarcl Robert Aronson Peter Lang Thomas Corbett Chester Fox Harold Kudan Philip Cowan James Duval BAND OFFICERS Custer Quick Elwyn Wells Patricia Hickey Brzrilonz' Ronald Schermerhorn Trombone Robert Brown jack Sullivan David Conklin Paul Smith Manager: Patricia I.aPoint Assislanf Manager: Alfred Sweet Qnarlcrmaslcr: Stanley Williams, Robert Brown, Custer Quick Librarians: Charlotte Ziskind, Ruth DeVol, Emily Peddie Publicity: Norma Bosworth Social Ajfairs: Natalie Witham, Audrey Wilson Ruth DeVol James Campbell Ronald Morrison Carlton Dunn Donald Hatin Slring Bass Althea Cushman Percussion Natalie Witham George Robins Douglas Aust HW, mai W ,Q 74,6 ZAQZVLQJQV6 ROBERT N. KING, Farzzlty Advisor Ruth Antonsen Mary Shreve Gloria Canale Dorothy Montgomery Patricia Ives jean Landry FORMATION CHEER Right, left, forward, center, guard, All together - hit 'em hard. Shoot 'em high, dribble low, Come on team, LET'S GO! INDIANS ARE HERE AGAIN Indians are here again, team, team, team. Indians that old refrain, team, team, team. Indians for you we sing, Indians the echoes ring, Cheering our team right on. Rah, rah, rah! Down there the men in red play and play, Are fighting like Glens Falls men - We'xfe got a Glens Falls team - hooray, Indians are here again!!! lfblf' Gerald Beaudin Dean Buckingham Robert Cary Mark Cassidy Robert Clear Nick Colios Barry Aronson Floyd Batise Robert Bedore James Campbell Robert Campinell William Canale Arthur Charlebois Joofgaf lam FOOTBALL SEASON - 1947-1948 Coavla, JAMES A. lQjIMMY,, LONG Assistant Coach, BASIL f'SoNNY" DWYER junior Varsity Coach, REGINALD llDUTCH,, SIIULTZ Capiaiu, RAY POTTER Manager, BILL DEEB Varsity Football Squad Joe Deeb Warren DeLong Steve Gottlieb Roy Hamelin James Hutchinson james Knapp Byron Lapham Richard LaPointe Olin Leggett Daniel McGillicuddy Walter Robillard Sam Somerville Junior Varsity Squad Bernard LaLone, Captain -- Tom Blanchard, Manager Allan Dean Norman Dobert Joseph Duell James Farber William Forbes Robert Fox Jack Hill John Hulburt John Hume Fred Kavanaugh Raymond LaPoint Louis Liounis VARSITY RECORD GLENS FALLS OPPONENT OPPONENT PORT HENRY - FORT EDWARD - W1-IITEI-IALL - HUDSON FALLS SARATOGA - - GRANVILLE - ST. MARY's - ,g. - - 6 - 12 - 6 - 13 - o - 6 . o 43 :5Northern Conference Games City Champions over St. Mary's Jack Sullivan Louis Tarantelli Francis Turner Robert Westcott Robert W'hite Robert Liounis John Little Richard O'Connor Richard Robillard Arnold Walkup Sam Whiting 01414 g0L5A8fAOL! jam BASKETBALL SEASON - 1947-1948 Comb, THOMAS F. ALLEN junior Varxily Courlv, JOHN MATIES Co-vajwinim, BYRON LAPHAM AND jon MhRCILR Manager, BOB Fox Arsiriarzl Malmgrr, PAUL VAN WYIRT Players are left to right: Firxi Raw-Fred Kavanaugh, Dick O,Connor, Jim W'l1ite, Dick Eddy, Bill Bacas, jack Hulbert, Rodney Currierg SUCOIIIII Row-:iDick LaPointe, Dlwarren DeLong, 7l'Gordon Hubbell, g'Byron Lapham, :ijoe Mercier, :i'Bob Westcott, :flue Deeb, :PAH Charleboisg Third Rau'-Bob Fox, Bill McCarthy, Bill Forbes, :fRoy Hamelin, :PBill Jantzen, :lBob White, Dick Weax'er, John Putnam, Paul Vanwirtg Fourth Raw-Coach Allen, jack Hill, Preston Maxson, john Hume, Dave Kennedy, Bob Marrs, Norm Dobert, and Coach Mates. 'lVarsity Players 1947-48 RECORD Glens Falls Opponent Glens Falls Opponent 39 Greenwich - 27 25 :i'Hudson Falls - - 30 33 Saratoga - - 31 44 7l'W'hitehall - - 37 25 Amsterdam - 24 24 :WSL Mary's - 25 39 'iwhitehall - - 29 43 :5Granville - - 38 23 HSL Mary's - 24 S3 Saratoga - - - 41 32 :PGranville - - 18 41 :?Fort Edward - - 37 29 :Fort Edward - 37 43 :iHudson Falls - - 35 38 z'l:iDraper - - - 41 :9Northern Conference game H'Northern Conference and City Series game :igmsectional Semi-Final Co-Champions City Series - Co-Champions Northern Conference - V'on 11, lost 4 Olftlf' Z?6L68AOL! Slam BASEBALL SEASON 1947 Vnrsify Coach, CLIFFORD K. BOSWORTH junior Vursify Coach, REGINALD SHULTZ Captain, RICHARD NOONAN Capfnirz-Elect, ROBERT STEVENS Co-Manager, JERRY UTTAI. Co-Mzzlmgfr, HAROLD SILVERMAN Axsisfanf Mnuugvr, ROBERT COTE First Row Cleft to rightj--Albert Stafford, Navio Gagliardi, Bob Stevens, Dick Noonan, Paul Linehan, Royce Boynton. Second Row-Richie LaPoint, Lou Tarantelli, Artie Charlebois, Sam Somerville. Third Row-Dick Young, Ray LaPoint, Joe Deeb, Lou Smith. Fourth Row-Coach Bosworth, By Lapham, Jug Pearsall, Assistant Coach Shultz. At Warrcnsburg - WA: Fort Edward - At South Glens Falls - +Whitehall - - - 5Hudson Falls - Warrensburg - 5At Whitehall - - WAt Fort Edward - Won 16, Lost 1947 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Glens Falls Opponent Glens Falls Opponent - 12 4 At Chestertown - - - 7 1 - 7 2 '9At Hudson Falls - S 4 - 7 S St. Mary's - - - - 3 0 3 9 South Glens Falls - 5 l - 10 2 Chestertown - - - 5 4 - 13 4 St. Mary's - - - I 0 9 2 St. Mary's - - 7 S 6 S Sr. Mary's - - 12 o .. 1 "Granville - - 6 x'League games City champions Tied with Whitehall for Conference championship 1947 Track Squad . L-lf'0LC ij86LlflfL TRACK SEASON -- 1947 Coach, THoMAs F. ALLEN Iunior Varsity Couch, JOHN MATES Co-captains, GORDON HUBBELL AND NED CAHILI. Co-captains rl:-rl, DICK MEAD AND Bon CLEAR 1947 TRACK RECORD Glens Falls f92J won triangular meet from Fort Edward 4191 and Granville C193 Glens Falls C791 won triangular meet from Hudson Falls CZSJ and Fort Edward QZOJ Glens Falls finished second in the Saratoga Invitation Meet Glens Falls f743M,j won duel meet from Saratoga Q29M,J Glens Falls won Northern Conference meet Glens Falls won Class "BU Sectional meet Gordon Hubbell broke school record three times in 880 Dick Mead broke school record in the 220 low hurdles Hubbell, Mead, and Dick Dolan set Northern Conference Records in the 880, 2 Gordon Hubbell Ned Cahill Richard Mead Richard Waldron James Hutchinson Robert Cary Robert Clear Paige O'Brien Harold Burnham Theodore Turner Richard Gale Paul Kennedy Mark Cassidy Richard Dolan Robert Karpeles Kenyon Douglas Walter Schreiner Fred Batease Louis Liounis Albert Taylor Thomas Daly Robert Seeley Charles Clute Richard Goodrow Donald Harvey Francis Turner Gilles Charlebois David Cullings Paul Cushman Frank Wilson Jerry Dean Loren Blackburn Phil Cowan Donald Eldridge Robert Rockwell Charles Farrell Robert Grinnell Edward O'Donnell Richard Johannes Robert Stein Jack Cohen John Little William Forbes Robert Rabine Richard LaFraniere Robert Fox Richard St. Clair Richard Willett Floyd Benway Robert Ladabouch Idris Roberts 20 low hurdles, and mile events Walter Robillard Walter Robinson Carl Viele Richard O'Connor Ronnie Taft Robert Daily Allan Dean Richard Baker Robert Weleyng James Farber Ivan Williamson Edward Varney David Kennedy Leonard Jarvis William Manville James Martindale Phil Rolleston Charles Webster . 5 ww MK EG' "bw w M aw, , , w ,M 'Mn ,E '35 ,ff 1,wA'f.,i I umm. 1.40 e--1 rf , 1 5? Gvfw W W 3 2 Sm'-iq G-. F5 53 vf A Q .-al' Qi Ae E45 mm . .. Looking back over days gone by, our thoughts turn to our carefree days in high school, which come back to us like an album of memories. As we open the embossed cover dated 1945-1948, scenes such as the Senior Ball, the Junior Prom, the hours spent writing themes for Miss Vfentworth, late hours with school the next day, our athletic heroes, and of course Gordon Hubbell's afternoon participation in school activities, creep into our mind. How well we remember talking together in the morning, Mr. Dwyer's daily march past 204 and 205 looking for any idlers especially at 8:29y, A. M. and 125902 P. M., Mr. Brown's 42" x ZW" invitations to the office, walking to school through rain, sleet, deep snow, and summer hail, finding excuses for not doing homework, the nurse's popularity Monday morning when the girls have swimming, Mr. Long's early September football practices in full equipment, Miss Mable's inability to reach the electric light switch, Dan McGillicuddy's lending his Weight for the betterment of discipline, and his hand-picked girls' football team .... Let us open our album. It is the fall of 1945. The confident sophomores have selected Gordon Hubbell, jim Martindale, Ken Butterfield and Dean Currier to E11 the page designated for officers. On the next page, Gordon Hubbell and Charlotte Silver represent us as Student Council officers. As the pages unfold, we find athletics taking the lead in atten- tion. There are pictures of By Lapham, Gordon Hubbell, Bo Cassidy, Dick Mead, Bob Clear, and Dick Dolan, the first of our class to gain prominence in athletics. On the cheerleading squad, Abbey Stimson becomes a varsity member with Mary Shreve giving support to the Jay-Vee. The Hrst section of our album closes with Gordon Hubbell making a new record for the mile and By Lapham pitching a perfect game. As our album opens for the second time, the juniors have elected Gordon Hubbell, Dick Mead, Madeline O'Connor and Gloria Canale to fill the page of officers. Continuing through to the page of government, we have Gordon Hubbell and Bob Clear as ofhcers. Additions to our page of athletes are such notables as Sam Somerville, Jim Knapp, Don Harvey, Walt Robillard, and Jim Hutchinson. Mary Shreve joins the varsity cheerleading squad with Gloria Canale and Pat Prevost on the Jay-Vee. Gordon Hubbell became one of the co-captains of the track team-the first of our class so honored. Continuing to produce new records, Dick Dolan presents us with a new Northern Conference mile record, Dick Mead with a record for the 220 low hurdles and Gordon Hubbell setting a new half-mile pace. Continuing to leaf through the second section, we see the Spinster Swing a prelude to the pressed corsage and program entitled "Memory Lanen reminding us of the Junior Prom. How well we remember that day! Not only was it the day of our big dance, but also it was the day we received our class rings. Made- line O'Connor reigned as queen surrounded by Nancy McLandress, Barbara Frasier, Elinor Johnson, Betty Lou Boyce, Marguerite St. John, and Charlotte Silver as attendants. Charlotte Silver and Bob White are our representatives to Girls' State and Boys' State, respectively. With these events, and pleasant memories, we close our album for the second time. The last and fullest section of our album opens September 9th, a week after most of the other schools had opened. ..,.f0..Oe... This year, the seniors have placed Gordon Hubbell, Bob Clear, By Lapham, and Gloria Canale on the page of olhccrs. Bob Clear and Dick Mead win the nod twice to represent us as Student Council officers. In the fall, we welcomed a new athletic director, Mr. Long. Under his leadership, the football team added Warren DeLong and Bob White to gain more laurels for the seniors. To top the foot- ball season, Jim Hutchinson made a touchdown, the first time a tackle had done so in three years, and for it, he won a Lee hat. Bob Clear was elected to the All-Conference football team. By Lapham and Joe Mercier co-captained the basketball team and both were elected to the All Conference basketball team. Bob Clear and Dick Mead are the co-captains of the track team, but their records have not yet been added to our album. Seniors also take over the high oflices of other clubs. Nancy Light is G. A. C. presidentg Bo Cassidy is French Club presidentg Marguerite St. john is president of the Girls' Hi-Y, Marilyn Mur- ray and Alice Loeb are assistant editors of the Northern Star, Dick Mead is president of the Ski Clubg Harold Tanner is presi- dent of the Forum Club, and last, but by no means the least, our Red and Black is produced under the leadership of Harold Tanner, Gloria Canale, Nancy McLandress, Jean Blanchard, Jacquie Task, Dick Mead and Bob Clear. Remember the day the jeep was perched on the side entrance of the school? It was a mystery how it got up there, but Mr. Brown supervised the removal. All the seniors are very busy studying for the College Board Examinations and most of them are praying for acceptance in the college of their choice. What an ordeal!!! Another ressed corsa e and a ro ram marked "Snowtime P S P g Serenade" reminds us of the Senior Ball. Miss Adriance said it was the Hrst time she had ever received an orchid. Turning to th page of the Winter Carnival, we find Madeline O'Connor, the queen, and Dick Mead, the king. The weatherman wanted to be impressive, so he sent snowstorms that beat all past records. Fifth period English class and seventh period chemistry class will remember the day Tubby, George's dog, sat so impressively on the teachers, chairs. Miss Hayes and Mr. Bosworth laughed as hard as the students. I Of course, each album has its photos of actors and actresses. The class artists combined talents to produce the Senior Recital, "Snafu," our Senior Play, and then Drama Night. The Senior Pageant in which all Seniors become actors has yet to be given. Mrs. Hush, Miss Hush, and the Walking Man created a nation- wide sensation, but we were not to be outdone. The Northern Star ran a Baby Hush contest and the proud winner turned out to be none other than Dick Mead. The Spinster Swing, sponsored by the Girls' Hi-Y, is said to have had the best decorations in years. The decoration head? Carlene Dyke, a senior, of course. The pages of our album are almost full, and the book will be closed when the caps and gowns are donned and the diplomas are received in June. Everyone is looking forward to the freedom which graduation will bring, but in the future, the album may be brought out and draw sighs from everyone that these have been "thc best years of our lives." f' - S xff2,,Ns.f S i fidwo K vi vi 1pkL D 7 Qc-st' 3 P 0 Sf! any ww 4 I Qi 1 nb v"Zf"'...ffJJ,v obey' 3- 3 -A 'iasxksf CMIVX and 5 Qgfm 394 155 Nr sf- wwf wh is ,qnatfhffvag-gf 3:51 G5 ad dchhl 51:-st. D ,ifgilfongka 'ij C 'bmw I 0 D. J 0.2 I. S!! C 31- "" cu xg mast Nu f'5 f"N g. Axb05'h7qs1 asf' 6 I 'W 2 -, ' 4 -5 fff.,,,,f',-a,' '435339 Q Q ' lkdrgafdit , fs ' wil-Q?-J -Q1 27 A -:2., r:m1 C L C7 1 Q, fc'Q'1al .. mraw' .Gf,b..1 E an txt, ti .T ' fs f5 D"Qj2"" f'Q5"'fQ5 ant! A' N-awww gi ,vga V" "C 1 vm-f 'S' 15? I' Vin...-I' Jgdwm Kgyoloingd-fQ68 Harvey wins fame as first person to pole vault over Brooklyn Bridge . . . Fenelon voted "Miss Poise of 1968". . . Esmond grows longest beard in worldg man with next longest lives at North Pole . . . Elmore voted best player on Inter-Planetary Girls, Basketball Team . . . All the world awaits news of Hecht and Williams on first round-trip flight to the moon . . . X Hutchinson opens hat factory in largest city on Mars . . . Chester Jarvis Q5 Bi and Tom McDermott first to win motorcycle race on new tandem motor- Xgiois cycle with only one wheel . . . Johnson sues Ellenwood after supporting X him for twenty years . . . Klein becomes president of Waggaman, Collyer, an in after marrying boss's daughter . . . Layhee first to bowl 305' in f v est wat ed by millions over television . . . McGillicuddy heads " ational men's Football League . . . Purner first to sell out newspaper business for Television News Company . . . St. John spends weekend on Jupiter organizing Women's Temperance . . im Wr' hr leads Giant Fan Club in riot - denounces Dodgers . . . Anderson big backe r bu cogrn m cturing new fountain pen holding a 20-year supply of ink . . . Byrn sed c ,1i ment in Argyle la est in the world . . . Fake operates 60-second cleaning system, cus er just alks in front lectr magnet and all dirt on clothing and customer dis- appears . . . Fischan eturns from visit to Po est . . Farnsworth fails in attempt to weigh more than 99 pounds . . . Cush an opens first Bachelor' owling yg notes that 1968 is leap year . . . Dean promoted to assistant surer of No Funds, n .... Dolan scores first 4-minute mile over new spring-cushioned track . . . Duffy st in woods trying to p biggest bear of season . . Dufour is class's Hrst grandmother . . Hubbell elected m r of Glens Falls for te h time . . . Canale inaugurated first woman president of United States . . . Dyke astonishes world with new atomic theoryg possible to create adhesive out of bubble gum . . . Eddy loses third fortune on pin ball machines . . . Ellsworth makes millions from growth formulag mobbed by five foot men willing to pay S1000 an inch . . . Dick Baker operates nursery school and Baby Sitter Agency . . . Kirk- patrick victim of peroxide accident . . . Bemis and Eckler join Spike Jones . . . Blanchard wends way to alter after 20-year engagement . . . Carol Blakeslee and By Lapham rescued from death plunge on Miller Hill by Hoot Westcott . . . Cashion wins world award for new spelling systemg only 10 letters in his alphabet and all look alike . . . At Olympic Games held this year in Glens Falls, Cassidy runs 100 yard dash in 9 seconds flat . . . Chase follows husband south for spring training . . . Cohen and Uttal purchase South Glens Falls Bus Line, expect to run busses every minute on the minute . . . Cone breaks world record for typing speed . . . Crooks new superintendent of R.P. I. infirmary . . . Robillard joins Spitalny's all girl orchestra as their inspiration . . . King discovers new reducing tablets, whole nation now taking tablets regularly with every meal . . . Light wins Babe Didrickson Zaharias trophy . . . South develops new embalming process . . . Beaudin receives contract as guard for the Giants . . . Marjorie Smith electrifies audience with two-minute speech on 'QI-Tow to Speak" . . . Tanner becomes editor of Hobo News . . . Silver amazes public with new plastic dress that has that "extra" look . . . Task wins world's Oscar as leading lady in "Ring Twice for the maid" . . . DesJardins just appointed Supreme Court Judge . . . Stanley declares square dancing passeg says new triangular dancing all the rage . . . Towson's discovery of archeological ruins in center of Glens Falls believed to be merely site of old city dump . . . Ostrander harpoons a minnow while fishing for whales . . . DeLong gives 20th annual comment on the 1947 Indian Football Season . . . Somerville now shaving hourly . . . Charlebois goes on U. S.- Canadian friend- ship tour . . . Churchill unanimously elected President of Churchill, Churchill, 81 Churchill . . . Mead elected president of national fraternity of "Married Men in College" . . . Shreve defeats Silverman and Suckmon in debate on the theory of Relativity . . . Knapp returns from 20-year stay in "the old countryv . . . Sweet now head of station OGPU . . . Commodore Restaurant now owned by Sternberg and Waldron . . . Kirschenbaum announces that all members of the class of 1948 now listed in the 1968 "Who's Who." "A y? Kc F9 A-,. X if 9 ,. fi YDJTKSMSQ ,GW S77f57'5w ,P .::f:EE . 7 f ue E hi Q J v i 1 In fa 5 Q1 3 35 2 sb ,ia E' SE ,A N 3? E ...W We, the Class of 1948, being of fairly sound minds and bodies, do hereby make and publish, this, our last will and testament so that we may bequeath and distribute our heart- aches and joys, pleasures and problems, in our high school days to all future seniors and do proclaim this to be the exact and original copy. In addition to our individual personal items, we bequeath to all underclassmen the anticipation of being seniors, and having reached the goal, we leave them our pride in having attained that ambition. To next year's seniors we leave the empty seats in homerooms 204 and 205, the tedious but happy preparations for the Senior Ball, and success such as we en- joyed for next year's Senior Play. Furthermore, we bequeath: Vivian Kaplan's ability to stay out of school without being missed to Bob Grinnell. Gertrude Ball's practice of minding her own business to all Junior Girls. ' Anita Creteis knowledge of shorthand to Jane Lemery. Bob Flint's shyness to Bill Bacas. Mildred Floyd's curlers to Jean Landry. Pat Prevost's hair coillures to Ellen Kilpatrick.. ' Rheba Levenson's quiet voice to Donald Rosenbaum. Bob Putnam's singing ability to Bob Campinell. James Bazinet's smile to all sad sacks of the Junior Class. ' Charles Blake's crooning talent to Charlie Moore. Bob Clear's physique to Crosby Smith. Alice Hay's romantic problems to Janice Fisher. Lois Hay's A-average in history to Steve Gottlieb. The flirtations of June Jensen, Lillian Stilwell and Marietta Smith to Dorothy Montgomery. Jerome Kass' talking prowess to Emily Peddie. Barbara Bowers' height to Gloria Silverman. ' Madeline O'Connor's ability to share a seat in study hall to Nancy Gowan. Donald Eldridge's unfinished homework for Dean Bucking- ham to complete. Ann Gratton's non-fattening hot fudge sundaes to Shirley Freeman. Dick Nash's ability to sleep in "closets', to Baby Hush. Beverly Mulcahy's gum to Miss Bazinet and Miss Hayes. Jackie Morrison's expansion of the binomial theorem per- manently to Miss Mable. Alice Loeb,s camera to John Putnam. Marilyn Murray's dramatic ability to next year's Senior Play cast. Pat Neven's choice collection of Esquire drawings to Mr. Van Der Voort. Harold Nourse's night calls to Hudson Falls to "P" Jim Martindale's "assembly" sneeze to Mr. Allen. Theresa Picheo's "Bling" equipment to Mr. Orendorf. Jim Ploof's ability to flunk "Introduction to Business" to all future business students. ' Don Winchell's typing prowess to Mr. Dwyer, the one- finger artist. Janice Waggamanls interest in Kensington Court to Lee Pemble and Mary Lee Putnam. Orlie Washburn's interest in Allen's Donut Shop to Mr. Allen. Bob White's brains to Joe Deeb. Bill Young's trips to all members of the junior Class who have never been outside Glens Falls. RoselyniZweibelson's place at the end of the alphabet to anyone who likes to sit in the back of the room. Augustino Forcucci's boisterous laugh to quiet Davis Lapham. Thomas Gorman's guinea pigs to Mr. King. David Gurley's car to Roy Hamelin. Bernard LaLone's broken Held running to anyone who runs on a broken field. Nancy McLandress' sailor suit to the Naval Reserve. Margaret Martell's quietness to Richie LaPointe. Jack Sullivan's dented fenders to Virginia Falkenbury. Gertrude Sumner's bowling ability to Ethel Bessaw. ' Sally Sweeneyls angelic expression to Abraham David.. -George Tidman's harem to Bill Snyder. Peggy Sear's dancing ability to Mr. Van Der Voort and Miss Gahimer. Pauline Sebert's singing ability to all would-be aspirants to .the choir. . Barbara Frasier's interest in the automobile business to Mr. Kaiser. Shirley jensen's new look to all girls who have not yet let down their hem lines. Pauline Guernsey's genuine platinum blonde hair to all peroxide addicts. Dick Dolanfs track record to anyone who can break it. Ernest DeCrescenzo's alphabetic name to Paul Smith. Ruth DeV0l's tuba to anyone who has the strength to carry it and wind to blow it. Pat LaPoint's share in the halls to Pat Ives and Olin Leggett. Ralph and Rudy Gonzalez' good manners to all boys in the Junior Class. , Nothing from Betty Lou Boyce, she is keeping all she has because she says she needs it. So do we bequeath to all future graduates the memories. both happy and sad, of all our many school activities, so that they, too, may relive and enjoy them. To next year's seniors. we also leave the dread fear of exams and the excitement of graduation. To them also, we leave the task of preparing the 1949 Red and Black and the pageant for commencement. But not all of our items do we leave to students. To our teachers we leave our sincere appreciation for the help and understand- ing which they have given us in all our trials and tribulations. qsignedp THE SENIOR CLASS OF 19-is WITNESSES: Gordon Hubbell Harold Tanner OFFICIAL PI-IOTOGRAPHER for 1948 RED and BLACK Zfzaeflqafnfanff Telephone 2-0094 45 RIDGE STREET fOpposite City Hall, DISTINCTIVE AND ARTISTIC CLASS RINGS by BALI-'30 will stir fond memories of G. F. H. S. Days in the hearts of the Class of 1949 junior Class Ring Committee Class Rings . . . Commencement Announcements . . . Medals Diplomas . . . Trophies . . . Club Pins . . . Fraternity Jewelry THE L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY . . . ATTLEBORO, MASS District Reprascnfative Hodgkins of BALFOUR P. O. Box Nine, Schenectady, N. Y Zmzq-me eww 74g0 Qi if W f " ' o , 4.3 .. Q' ' ' :- U I Ninety-nine years ago the business of the Glens Falls was handled by one person. Today there are sixteen hundred employees and three companies serving the buyers of insurance in the air, on the seven seas and in practically every country in the world. Insurance Comndm? 5 INSURANCE COMPANY mlm INDEMNITY OOMPANY 9!?ag3."5 QMMERCE, gkfzjl ,fsmfilwm sl many. .i.l. .farwrqllnn L 5 McMullenfLeavens Company QP Q7 192 5: Shirt and Dress Manufacturers 65 fb 65 51 71 Lawrence Street GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK The QUEENSBURY GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK fig C20 1 N 01fil9ern New Yorks Finest Hotel . E. STALEY MARTIN, Manager ix 5 E- T Iiwfjg--- .... ' - I SITTTTH x .-EZ'-'2'-f'2i"i"l-I I l..I,Q...'i....tIT.g. ,, . ' -A-A I A -.C 'QT ix I' f ,Fi . -Y CAPE AIRCRAFT, INC. GUY A. HAM, JR., President C. A. A. Approved Primary and Advanced School Licensed by the Sfaie of New York GLENS FALLS AIRPORT Student Instruction - Aircraft Sales and Service - Charter Trips - Aerial Photography Approved for Veteran Training under G. I. Bill of Rights Telephone 2-2639 - 2-9754 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1948 The Glens Falls Portland Cement Company Compliments Of CLARK BROTHERS GLOVES, Inc Hudson Transportation Co., Inc. GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK Through Bus Service Between Glens Falls, Albany, Troy, and Schenectady 2-5113 - Phones - Z-5331 I. E. SAWYER 86 COMPANY, Inc. Hardware, Steel, Paint Plumbing and Heating Supplies 64 GLEN STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. . . ' :W A in-.zf gg-L1 ?1,W'.lgf,. N., wefiw- Q ""'Q'tQ!'1x . X ' If r-343 ' asus Af"-W, a llil 5, 'J"" " , L5 Qfqfy n , ,Q . , Behlnd thls door -M ,.f'zfX.'lg.fN f: are things " 'Z 1 , ja an ' ' Mr. Gmffin sells I L if fitf, llj! an l l .3 fag t .1 yd "ang , ww f' I ' L .. 1-li 5 3 --.ii-3'5" if gv f y k. i Eiljsxiqiii . .a A jp' . 7 ' 3-T35 l Q' a 1 555: lisp l-Ve 'S Jr' -'PL'-i pw :5Materials - Lumber - Appliances E,, a ,, ,,.. , V M Paint, Wallpaper, Fuel, Pyrofax Gas Compliments Of 1-1. ec P. BINCI-1, Inc. -ll 211-237 Warren Street GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK Cool Insuring Agency, Inc. P. R. PECK - H. C. BROWN - W. C. MILLER GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 2-0947 15 RIDGE STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y C077115li771F7I1fS Of M. AMES CHEMICAL WORKS QINCORPORATEDJ CARSONTDUEFY AGENCY, Inc. WILLIAM R. JONES, Associate Congratulations to the Class of 1948 MERKEL 86 GELMAN "The Store of cheerful Service" Compliments Of WEST SIDE AUTO PARTS Established 1917 Thousands of girls are needed in business and government oihces NOW. The salaries are high and the opportunities for advancement are unlimited. The quickest Way to pre- pare for one of these good positions is to take a business course at . . . MILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS zzz-229 QUAIL STREET, ALBANY 3, N. Y. PHONE 5-4436 1 REGISTER NOW Rvgixlrred by Ibe New York Slrzlc Board of Regents Summer Session starts July 6 Fall Session starts September 7 LOOMIS AGENCY, Inc. IN S URAN CE Established 1852 Dial 2 -4418 18 Exchange Street Glens Falls, N. Y. JOHN WILEY'S l WalkfOver Boot Shop Northern New York Hearlquarters for Fine Fiftirzg Footwear CATERING TO THE SHOE NEEDS OF ALL AGES 19 Warren Street fRialto Blockj PHONE 2-3535 You'll Find Your Friends and Many Other Things You Like at SKILLS A l- For Better Grade and Style in . . . YOUNG MEN'S C THI UIDANCE - balanced train- LO NG ing - activities. Placement in key positions in business, professional If 1' jf and government offices. ALBMIY BIISIIIESSGDLLEGE C. V. Peters Comp-any 126 - 134 Washington Ave., Albany 6, N. Y. State Registered - Veteran Approved A VOCATION WITH OPPORTUNITY...FOR MEN AND WOMEN The Canale School of Beauty Culture IS LICENSED BY THE STATE OF NEW YORK AND AUTHORIZED TO TEACH THE INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS MARINELLO SYSTEM Find out about this rballe11gi11g and ffxcifing HPROFESSION NWITHOUT DEPRESSIOND 6-8 Elm Street - Dial 2-7169 Glens Falls, New York RAY'S BEVERAGE CO. Established Since 1927 Tfoe Best in Qualify and Flavor for Your Money Phone 2-2647 9 Dudley Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Tl gamwg - X -. Am .Q ' Adirondack Construction Co. GENERAL CONTRACTORS ephone 2-3647 179 Glen St t C0111 jvlimen ts WGLN T 1230 on every dial Dedicated to Comvmmity Serviee Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ,48 Radio Station WWSC MUTUAL BROADCASTING SYSTENI VC7orld's Largest Network THE BULLARD PRESS Forty-one Years of Service PRINTING and ENGRAVING Telephone 2-4424 XVILLIANI E. VAN TASSEL, Proprietor Maple Street Glens Falls, N Compliments Of DE LONG'S DAIRY TELEPHO 2 2984 Glens Falls, N. C011zplime1zts Of Allen's Donut and Sandwich Shop FINCH, PRUYN 86 COMPANY COAL, LUMBER, BUILDING MATERIAL Fuel Oil, Refrigeration, Stokers, Coke, Oil Burners, Paint, Kerosene DIAL 2-2161 27-29-31-33 Glen Str t C UTS HALL'S CLEANERS TELEPHONE - Call 2-1111 2 7959 C0mpli1ne111's THE I-IITCI-IING POST BRAYDON 86 CHAPMAN The Home of Better Music STEINWAY PIANCS Records: Victor, Columbia, Decca, Capital EVERYTHING IN THE MUSIC LINE 144-146 Glen Street Glens Falls, N. Y A fg W 'Y A 5-42 QR 4,47 , Q k . fx. , . Llvlxf X. I . ,Cf 'g f. nf J f gli? t 'E fi! CONGRATULATIONS ! On Your Dandy 4 Year Show Compliments of BULLARD, REGAN 86 STAFFORD, Inc. JOSEPH F. REGAN HAROLD C. STAFFORD C0mf1li11ze11fx of D. Prank Sullivan Class of '48 WHOLESALE MEATS and GROCERIES 14 Cameron Avenue V CA? Glens Falls, N. Y. - Phone 2-1087 S01 Yates Street J Albany, N. Y. - Phone 8-1567 Burcl'1's Confectionery Phone 2-9810 117 Bay Street QGlens Fallsj Good Things to Ea! and Drink Madden Drug Store The Prescription Store Crandall Block SEALTEST ICE CREANI 264 Glen Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Kong Chow Restaurant Comblffwffs Chinese and American Food Of Open Daily 11:00 A. M. to 12:00 P. M. Telephone 2-2192 AIR CONDITIONED Sears, Roebuck 86 Co. Glens Falls, New York 22 Warren Street Glens Falls, N. Y. 1716 Friendly Service Station E R L A N G E R Pete Brilling, Dealer Sfofff Corner Glen and Thomson l ' Mobil Gas and Oil Mobil Lubrication 25 Years in This Area Glens Falls . . . Saratoga TIRES and BATTERIES Phone 2-4857 Glens Falls Complimenn Com pli1m'v1fs of of Bromley Auto Sales, lnc. 7 Reardon s Grocery PACKARD Sales and Service Phone 2-5753 63 Warren Street Dial 2-3553 131 Bay Street Glens Falls. N. Y. C0111plime1z1fs Of Quality Meats and Groceries Commodore Restaurant Free Delivery Telephone 2-5815 4 Shippey Street C0112 plimenfs Q Of Northern Cleaners and Furriers 89M Bay Street C011zpli11ze1zls LEARN T0 SAVE of the safe 'way Vogue Beauty Salon Phone 2-4187 142 Glen Street Glens Falls, N. Buy Gzmrauzfeed Food at Saving Prices at your nearest GRAND UNIGN C 0111 pli 1126711 is Of wfhe Frankel Shop" Felician Hairdressers P1'6'fC'1'l'C'Cl in Every Circle Phone 2-4778 288 Glen Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Cadillac Oldsmobile Queensbury Motors lnc. Phone 2-1 103 28-32 Maple Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Complimelzzfs Of Binley Florist, Inc. Corsages for Every Occasion SCOTTY'S Corner Elm and Exchange Sts. Goodyear Tires York Oil Burners Fuel Oils Sheehan Silk Shop, Inc. Specialists in Silks, Wool, Dress Goods and Wash Goods 26 Ridge Street Glens Falls, N. Y Duplex Construction Co., Bohrer and Donohue B A K E R Y Inc' Wbc'rc' ilu' Qualify Is Dijffercnt GENERAL Rolls for A11 Occasions CONTRACTING Plenty of Parking Space PHONE 2-0038 Glen Street Glens Falls, N' Y' 29 Walnut Street Glens Falls, N. Y BILLFOLDS - DESK SETS Books, Latest Fiction and Reprints RENTAL LIBRARY Complimcfnfs of RUSSELL 86 WAIT 174-176 Glen Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Complivnenzfs of Detroit Supply Co. Iobbers and Distributors Automotive Equipment Replacement Parts 45 Ridge Street Glens Falls, N. Y Tom Rogers Agency Realtor ' f Complete Real Estate Service Lindy S Flower Homes, Farms, Camps. Tourist Homes, Business Properties, Rentals, Mortgage Loans, Property Management, Appraisals KNUT HEDLUND Dial 2-3323 - 2-4646 - 2-1250 726 Ridge Street Glens Falls, N. Y. A. B. C. Refrigeration Home Refrigeration and Commercial Refrigeration Units Repaired - Prompt Service 188 Glen Street Dial 2-6534 Remember School Days with Good Snapshots Shangravv's Pharmacy Developing - Printing - Enlargements Glen Street at Grant Avenue Glens Falls Fur Shop Repairing and Remodeling Cold Storage TELEPHONE 2-3424 278 Glen Street Glens Falls, N. Y. RIDGE BQOKSHQP Specializing in BOOKS - GIFTS - CARDS Dial 2-3242 9 Ridge Street Glens Falls, N. Y Queensbury Barber Shop ojfers to its patrons and their families cofweizient alul expert attention Appointments by Telephone - 2-5525 JOHN MILLS, Proprietor Compliments of Buddy "L" Wood Products Corporation America,s Finest Playthings Glens Falls, N. Y. Borden' s Ice Cream Compliments Of Susser's Sporting Goods Go. Glen and Park Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Compliments of Frasier Paint Go. Window Glass Wallpaper and Paint Radios, Gas, and Coal Ranges 39 Park Street Glens Falls, N. Y. C0111 pli1'IfL61'lIfS Of Golotti 86 Son Shoe Repair Service Invisible Half-soling SHOE SHINE PARLOR Complimeizfs of Super Markets, Inc. The Home of Nationally Advertised Brands 103 Warren Street 268 Glen Street D an Thom a s Trailer Sales LAKE GEORGE RoAD Phone 2-9797 COMPLIMENTS of Economy Store MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT Srnith's Men's Shop ROGERS BUILDING Bay and Maple Streets Glens Falls, N Y THE FOOD MARKET J J. S. Kantrowitz 85 Sons Laffy S Groceries, Provisions, Fruits, Vegetables FOR MEN WHO CARE W'I-IAI' Delicatessen - Gasoline and Oils THEY WEAR Goods Dc'liz'm'z'1l in All Paris of Hoe City Telephone 2-1257 130-132 Broad Street 262 Glen Street Glens Falls N Y Dislribnlor for YALE PADLOCKS, NIGHT LOCKS DOOR CLOSERS Call Hardware Corporation Compliments of Daisy Dairy DIAL 2-258.3 32 Dix Avenue Glens Falls, N. Y. Norman's Service Station GULF PRODUCTS REGISTERED LUBRICATION Broad and Hudson Avenue Dial 2-S777 Queen Shop KNOWN FOR SPORTSWEAR Corner Glen and South Sts. Glens Falls, N. Y. EVELYN WADE CAROLYN LEMMON Lyn Beauty Salon 21 Bay Street Glens Falls, New York Phone 2-4894 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. COMPLIMENTS of Bronne Shirt Outlet STORE YOUR FURS WITH A FURRIER Your furs will look better and last longer Bassock's Furriers TELEPHONE 2-1755 37 Ridge Street Glens Falls, N. Y Royal Shoe Shine Parlor HAT CLEANING SHOES DYED ALL COLORS 5 Ridge Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Empire Billiard Room BILLIARDS AND SUPPLIES ll South Street Glens Falls, N. Y. WE JOIN IN WISHING THE CLASS OF '48 EVERY SUCCESS The RoWley's Home of Sealtest Frozen Foods and Ice Cream 19 Union Street Glens Falls, N. Y Aronson's Drug Store Barney Aronson, Proprietor Nationally Advertised Drugs at Minimum Prices PHONE 2-1035 Bay Street Pharmacy jo:-IN L. W1LsoN, Ph. G. PHONE 2-1904 101 Bay Street Glens Falls, N. Y Niagara Electrical Equipment Co. RADIOS - RECORDS - PIANOS 51 Ridge Street Glens Falls, N. Y M. 81 M. Cleaners 2 Lincoln Avenue Glens Falls, N. Y Stafford's Store MEATS and GROCERIES 9 Davis Street Glens Falls, N. Y Boston Beauty Shoppe S. A. DE MONTBRUN, Proprietor PHONE 2-S018 175 Glen Street Glens Falls. N. Y The Sugar Bowl MIKE AND MANUEL PISSARE, Propriciors DELICIOUS HOME-MADE ICE CREAM HOME-MADE CANDY 135-l37 Glen Street Glens Falls, N. Y. The Tire Shop, Inc. 35 RIDGE STREET 347 GLEN STREET Phone 2-0924 Phone 2-9772 Glens Falls, New York Lawrence Street Pharmacy PHONE 2-4478 60 Lawrence Street Glens Falls, N. Y. L. Tasciotti's Grocery AMERICAN IMPORTED ITALIAN FOOD 55 Lawrence Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Mario Forcucci TAILOR 220 Glen Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Hymie the Tailor "K" Locksmith and Hardware Robert R. Jones Estate Co. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR ' W'iring and Fixtures PHONE 2-4911 Phone 2-l38l 62 South Street Glens Falls, N. Y. 46 Mason Street Glens Falls. N. Y. GREETINGS - CLASS OF '48 L. Scott Craytor, Optometrist Class of '23 CDLIS ers Lawrence M. Bentley Olesky'S Flower Shop OUR FLOWERS SPEAK FOR THEINISELVES INSURANCE PHONE 2-5445 45 Ridge Street Glens Falls, N. Y. 7 Warren Street Glens Falls, N. Y. HIGH GRADE Needlecrafr Shop Sf'-MPI-F5 and CANCELLATIONS READY TO WEAR HOUSE DRESSES Dress Making - Alterations - Blouses DaVid,S Shoes Bring Your Sewing Problems To Us Mrs. T. McDonnell DIAL 2-6364 Richard Reisig General Agent Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company, Chicago QUEENSBURY HOTEL, SUITE 112 Phone 2-4886 Glens Falls, N. Y. The Fashion of Glens Falls APPAREL FOR WOMEN 19 Ridge Street Phone 2-4835 , COMPLIMENTS Congratulatlons f U Class of A Friend Ashley,s Service Station Hankfs News Room PHONE 2-2398 47 South Street 19 Broad Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Glens Falls, New York Compliments Of DR. MORRIS YAPEEE DR. JOSEPH J. YAFFEE DR. GEORGE I. FIELDING Complimenfs of The Ma estic "- Beauty Salon Pat1'011ize Our Acivertisers Where the Besf Pe1f11w11e1z1f Waves in the Cify may be had lllf Thgy pgfT011iZCd 145 Budget Prices. PHONE 2-9517 .2- 222 Glen Street QOpp. Gf3HC,S S 81 10j V. W. WEEKS I .... DISTRIBUTOR .... BUS BODIES, TRUCK BODIES, and EQUIPMENT DIAL 2-0075 Glens Falls, N. Y

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