Glens Falls High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Glens Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1933

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Glens Falls High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Glens Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Cover

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A js in efmf-Qifs-he-is The Red and Black Edited and Published by the Senior Class N Mmm 'lf H593 IQ 73 ' ' s7's1r?Q1'v ' wr'i'fy.ljl I 14'-5 .H Jr- iii, PM' QP 171. Hilf- H8354 H lil Glens Falls High School Glens Falls, New York 1 9 3 3 Volume XV i Dedication To Miss Sarah A Adriance an understanding and encouraging director of our production we the cast of 1933 , , 'gi' '33 gratefully dedicate this Red and Black. ' , Y' ' . fini 1 H 'gui A -f , ' ' wmv ' .wc .-mm .-ff, ,. 'J H.,,mA-,. X , , 1- ,fx iw-.-kb, . f,f"F":'Q.4+m"1 -7.21iiEiW5a'iihgX',iA.-,lgivpwff-, u.4.,4.,..,..5,A. ,. -,K 1 Q-. ff Y .. --yu, . , ' A-.'-S", ' sk ,-Q-M: sm.. till.-12371,-g.,rL'. Q.-,gyf.1',,f35, vL5wfkfrJ,x 1 . X, , A . ,- - , ,.1-x-:gi--,.L,m''w.Qcf,'q,'- V15'gLQj, . ' ,- Y- wa-ff' N ' W ww, 539 'sw ,ww K, , Vifrfqg V " ,Kung -A ,4 ' ' v ew, ' :J-g. 1 . ,L Q 1 N X 5 :' 1 Q, I, iv 1, ,Q N V WT." 4 T ' 1 v JF x 1 -X , W.. A. 1 , ,, ,, s 1 L- ,. 1 I, X: x I . g X .H H+ 1, ax X. -, Av' v w. V , 1 Q . 2 f i 3 Q T' y k. 2: 2: . . ,. V: n , 1 i 1 ' V v 1 . 9 Miss Sarah A. Adriance 1 aff zz , --41. vb H- L4 ff xs"w,:y,::. N:-fsw.4b.f,w.-,Ky-1.we,-..g,--:wtf-4-wmzwz-5'-fv-,nf Fifa dag, .- v. - '4,-,,. X 1 V V - -,-1.11:-.-, - -, - - Y -- -ffffv x s- :-ffwrsywz fL?1:"Mt1f'+frir 7 "1 a . ,Q ' The Prologue rqg U11 The play is done---the curtain drops, Q Slow falling to the prompter's bell, ' A moment yet the actor stops, T Andlooks around, to say farewell. It is an irksome word and task, f And, when he's laugh'd and said his say, He shows, as he removes the mask, A I A face that' s anything but gay. ,r 4,5 "The End ofthe Play"---Thackeray A rl ,fn -.f L-ik' v 'mm- 1. fa A su fl or -Q uwialfas ,K r., Ar,a.,sf..1 T ' MERRY All Ihc zuorlr1's a stage. And all the men and women mcrvly pluyvrs. They have their cxils and llnfir enlranfcs: And one man in his time plays many parts, As You LIKE IT Slnlkvspvarc, Ilffl RED AND BLACK STAFF Page Szx 1' 1 F 6 i A I Red and Black Staff Editor-in-Chief LOUIS WITHALI Assistant Editors VICLET LANFEAR ROBERT MEDLAE LILLIAN PIERCE GERTRUDE BAKST LILLIAN BISHOP ELIZABETH DEAN WILLIAM HENDERSON J OY RAHE ' ESTHER SHAW ELIZABETH 'STRONG HELEN WINCHIP RICHARD4 GAEEETT ELSIE LAVINE Photograph and Art Editors W SPENCER BELLINCEE Doaorrui' ALICE BELMEE , LILLIAN S1-IAPIBO RHODA BENTLEY MARION THOMSON I-IAEEY Tnourson H Business Manager ROBERT ADAMSCN H A Tygnlsts AGNES HCLMQUIST A KENNETH VIELE MAYNAED RYTHEB GLADYS Woon MARY VALLEY I Circulation Manager RICHARD THEOBALD Assistant Circwlution Manager STEPHEN GCCDELL Assistant Business Managers HCRACE BARBER A f MORRISON HAVILANII NIARJORIE BECNNE WILLIAM MCCUNE CLENDON CEANNELL HARRY O,CONNELL AANNIS DELONG AELENE RICE EEWIN FLETCHER ERNEST Rrvmzs LAWRENCE DCYLE JOHN WESCOTT Page Seven Mrk L' I FACULTY 1 I Page Eight fx f ,fi Jer DRRORTI5 PER f5ONHE Life's but a walking shadow. a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no mote. MACBETH -Y Shakespeare 1551 i--f SL., mi ELIZABETH STRONG Y . 4..Betty,,, Usisnj - . "Whose llllle body loflgcfl a mzghty mind." Repertoire-Junior Prom Commlttee3 Science Club, 43 H1-Y, 3, 43 Hiking Club, 23 Interclass Basket- ball3 Baseball: Volleyballg Iroquols, 3, 43 Red and Black Staff: French Club, 3, 43 Senior Play Produc- tlon Staff. Next Season-New York State College for Teachers. WALTER HERBERT MONROE f..Wa1t,.7 ullappy am I, from 1-rmls I'm jroc. Why fll'UILll.llLC1l all rvontonlwl lzlcc mo?" Repertoire-President Senior Class: Interclass Basketbal1,3,43 Redand Black Staffg Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y, 23 Pres1dent,43 Swimming, 43 Cheer Leader. 3. 43 Student Council, 3. DOROTHY LOUISE PULVER i..DOt,,, Hnottynj Bcwuliful as sweat nnrl young as beau- lifulf' .1 Repertoire - Red and Black Staff: Secretary of Junior Classg Vice- Presldent Senior Class3 Girls' Hi-Y, 3, 43 Dra- matics Club, 43 French Club, 3,43 Public Speak- ing: Tennis, 3.4, Cham- HORACE ELDRIDGE BARBER f"Horry," "Barb"J "Look how I go, Swiftcr than an arrow from tho Tarlrzfs bow." Repertoire -Football, 1, 2, 3, 43 Track, 1, 33 Baseball, 4: Basketball, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y, 2, 3, 43 Sec- retary, 23 Class Treas- urer, 2, 3, 43 Senior Ball Committee: A.A., 1.2, 3, 43 Red and Black Staff. VIOLET SYLVIA LANFEAR gown, "Doop U1olcts,yo'u, lzkcn-to The kmrlost wyvs lhat look on yo1l3 lVllhout a thought rlzsloyrzlf' Repertoire - French Club, 3, 43 Hi-Y, 43 Secretary Senior Class: Red and Black Staff3 A. A., 1, 2, 33 Iroquois, 33 Senior Play Commit- tee: Senior Ball Com- plon.43 Orcl'xestra,2,3,4, mittee. Next Season-North- Next Season - Post Next season - Duke Next Season - post eastern Unlverslty. Graduate Course. University, Graduate. Page Ten x ' - ---' . 'L-...-..- +14 WILLIAM ROBERT ADAMSON 1"Bob"J llv is rmnplvlz' in fl'lIflll'l'N mul in minfl, with :III youu' !ll'lII't' In gzrrwc' 11 g11'11II1'1rlr1n." Repertoire-Debating Club, 2: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Commit- tee: Chairman First and Second Hl-Y Dances: Manager of Swimming Team. 4: Business Man- ager of Red and Black, 4: A. A.. 1, 2, 3. 4. Next Season-Phllllps Andover Alladelily. EDNA MARTHA ANDERSON l..Eddy,., "1 um vonxlrznt rm ilu' llUl'HIt'I'Il .wl111'." Repertoire - Treble Clef, 2, 3: Interclass Basketball, 2: A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4. Next Season-Stenog- rapher. MALCOLM JAMES ASHTON l..Mac,., "All nzunlfimf laws ll IUI'I'l'.H R.Cpel't0il'E - SWIITI- ming, 2, 3. 4: Hanclcraft Club, 2, 3: A. A.: Soc- CST, 4. Next Season-Work. Q GERTRUDE BAKST C"Gert"l "SM is num' pru'1m1.w llmn. f'ub1:'x." Repertoire - Hi-Y, 2. 3, 4: French Club, 3. 41 Dramatlcs Club. 3: Sec- retary, 4: Debate Club, 2: President, 3: Vice- Presldent of Sophomore Class: Junior Prom Committee: Business Manager Senior Play: Red and Black Staff: Senior Class Colors Committee: Interclass Basketball, 2: A. A., 2, 3. 4. Next Season - Jour- nallsm. CARMELLO JOHN BASTA i"Bus"l ROBERT PETER BEAUDIN cnpetenj --Th., u.m.1lNUfa ma,,'N HfllIt'l'lllIIlUf f1I1l'11y.wb1' ll 1 an 1111111111 urr' ns rlwp 11'utw'." 11" . lin! mu' run rrlwuys bf: ll man." ReP91't0h'e-A- A-' 1- Repertoire-A. A., 1, 2 3 4 2 4 v.. .3.. CARL IKSTRON BECK f"D. D."J ".'ll11.sirf has FILIIVIIIN In Nilllflll' Hu' NIIIVIUI' Invrlslf' Repertoire - Orches- tra, 3, 4: Band. 3, 4: Soccer, 2: A. A., 2, 3. 4. Next Season - Busi- Next Season - Office Next Season - Unde- ness. Work. clded. SPENCER LAWRENCE BELLINGER Clspendyn, "Uh llmu 111111 sillvlll in Hu' lIl'fll'I'llN.u Repertoire - Band, 2, 3: Orchestra.2,3: Science Club, 3: President. 4: Senior Play Lighting Committee: A. A.. 2, 3: French Club, 3. 4: Jun- ior Prom Committee: Red and Black Staff: Iroquois Staff. Next Season-Cornell. Ixllfjl' El1'1'1'n. P t ,X ....f'K-.... xx. ALICE LAKE BELMER l..A1,.J 4- Guorl' NVIISC' zplzivh only 18 fha gzft. of 1I0a'm'r1." Repertoire - I-Il-Y, 3, 4, Hiking Club, 2, A. A., Student Council, 2, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Red and Black Staff, Glee Club, 3, 4. Next Season - Post Graduate Course. ELINOR MAE BENNETT "S1'If'11w' nmrf' IILIISI-CUZ fll!Ill!17l1lNUIIf1.' Repertoire - A. A. Next Season - Unde- clded. EARL VINCENT BENTLEY C"E1I1'leI"'l UVUIU at llzz' flow' of Ilzfs snjl mf m nz 1' rl: flag, Imflinvri 1111011 thr' Viz:- 1'r's fIou'1fry sirlv, I pause: to we HIC sportzrc fishvs play, Azul md. ll'I-UL finny aww Hu' Nparlflirzg l1'1l4'." Repertoire-Handcraft Club, A. A., Library Club, 3. Next Season - Wana- kena Forestry School. RHODA MARGUERITE BENTLEY f"Freck1es"l "My Iifv ix lzvzrning lmu' to lI'l7C.', Repertoire - French Club, Iroquois Starr, 4, Red and Black Staff: A. A., Senior Play Produc- tion Staff, Library Club 3. Next Season - Hospi- tal Training School. GERALDINE ROBERTA BIGELOW i"Jerry"J Hrllrznyr1'1r1'i11r' arllvfaw ,' only llzr' 'zvixv profit by it." Repertoire - Drama- tlcs Club, A. A., Treble LILLIAN AGNES SENDER ANNE CHRISTENE BISHOP BORLOWSKY BREEN i..Pete,,, calggyn, f..Mickey,., . kiEIll1'I'Itl'7l!'f' jnirffl HSII1.0ll!lI, runs ilu' uvzlw' uflzrn' Ihr' IPPYHII1' ix rlz'z'p." Repertoire - French 'll'f.wc: In rr'snIz'fi', mm' 11uz'i1'nL lu 1?l'I'f0I'III..H Repertoire - A. A., 1, with zvnnmon Nl'I1N!', In lIlUI'iUlN IN II prn1'1.- 1l1'm'1'." . Club, A. A., Iroquois 2, 3, 4. Repertoire - Senior gggfmfgtegvflaigglcrgglng Staff, 3, 4, Senior Invl- Play Committee. 2. ' tations Committee. Next Season - Office Next Season - post Next Season -- Nurs- Next Season - Post Work. Graduate Hospital, New ing. Graduate. York City. Page Twelve MARJORIE LOUISE BRONNE l"Marge"J ullllll' fm' limi. lllllr' 1-11 Ililll' H1 rnuw Its hrnnzsf' Repertoire - Hl-Y, 2: Vlce-President. 3: Pres- ldent, 4: Dramatics Club, 3: President, 4: French Club,4: Iroquols Staff, 2, 3: Student Council Vice-President 3. 4: Senior Play Cast: PubllcSpeaklng:Sclence Club. 3: A. A,, 1, 2: Sec- retary, 3, 4: Treble Clef, 2, 3: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee, Red and Black Staff: Senior Ring Committee. Next Season-Goucher. I -,,j'i..,- JEANNE IRENE BRUNO l..Jin.-y "I lmzw' Il 1H'11l'f zrilh ronnz fm'11'1ff'g1juy." Repertoire 4 Drama- tlcs Club. 4: French Club, 4: Library Club. 3: Treble Clef, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheer Leader. 3, 4: Vol- ley Ball, 1, 2, 3. 4: Base- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Hockey, 1, 2: House Manager of Senior Play: A. A.: Music Club. 1, 2. Next Season-College. MARIE PHILOMENA CANALE L"Min"l "rl IlIl'i'l'y lzrnrl rlovlll gmail lflrw 11 llII'llfI'fll4'u Repertoire - Treble Clef: A. A.: Usher Sen- ior Play: Honor Stud- ent. Next Season - Ryder Business College. ll ANNETTE JEWEL CHESLER "rl xlill. .small 1'uiwr'." Repertoire - French Club, 2, 3. 4: Tennis, 2: Glee Club, 2, 31 Hiking Club, 2: A. A,: Inter- class Basketball: Base- ball: Volley Ball. Next Season-College. EDITH MAE MARION VIOLA CLENDON ELWOOD CLYDE CHAPMAN CORLEW CRANNELL DAVIS' Jr- -'qEa1e"y . f"C1en"l "ln law' Imfquf' IN lin "0rnum1'nI uf u lIIl't'Il' Inu' of l.'imlm'x.v." mul quivl .Ql?1'I'H.n Repertoire - None. Next Season - Nurses Training School. Repertoire - A. A. Next Seas0n-Oneon- lift NOFUIRI. "rl :nun nf slrffr :xml II num nfr'nnl1'11Il1m. Repertoire - Junior Debating: Dramatlcs Club, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3: Red and Black Staff. Next Season - Post Graduate Course. "YoungfrlIu11'x11'fllIn' jltlilllfl frHuu's." Repertoire - Hi-Y. 2. 3, 4: A. A.: Interclass Basketball, 2, 3, 4. Next Season - Work. Puyjr 7vlII'l'f1'l'II ,ess I I J l I -Q.. si.. S. Q g i-. ELIZABETH MARY DEAN 1"L1Z"j "Sr':1siInlr' llfllfllf' 'Emi :milling IlN1'Il'NN.H Repertoire - Hi-Y, 43 Dramatics Club, 43 French Club, 43 Senior Play C0mmittee3 Inter- class Basketball, 2, 33 A. A. Next Season-College. MYRA DUFFIE "ls sin' not lJUNNl.lIfl flIl.I'OH Repertoire - None. Next Season - Stuart Hall. ANNIS MARGARET DE LONG "Thr nfl' armmrl fills will: 1u'f11lly." Repertoire - A. A.3 Treble Clef, 1, 23 Hi-Y, 3, 43 Student Council, 33 Senior Playg Junior Prom Committee. Next Season - Junior College. ISABEL ALLAINE EATON Cflzzynj "fmt lllruw' IIf'Sl'I'lAIN' ilu' 11r1rl1'sf'r1'lJr1lrIr'." Repertoire - Basket- ball, 43 Baseball, 43 Hi-Y 43 French Club, 43 A. A., 43 Committee on Invi- tations. Next Season-College. PHILIP SILVIO DE SANCTIS taphunm "Thr mir' nf 71111 Iffr' fx In Illfllfl' IJl4Nln4ws fl j1I1'l1NIll'f', and plum- 'urc a Im.w1r'ss." Repertoire-Football, 1. 23 Baseball, l, 23 Track, 33 Interclass Basketball, 33 Interclass Baseball, 33 A. A.3 Stu- dent Councll. 3. Next Season - Busi- ness. LAWRENCE MICHAEL DOYLE f..Lm,ry.., 'Ntllfliznzm of frm' ami fn n. rl of h ll rn. In I 1' llzmgs. Repertoire - Basket- ball, 2, 3, 43 Baseball, 33 Soccer, 43 Red and Black Stark A. A. Next Season - Post Graduate Course. ERWIN RICHARDSON FLETCHER 1"1ke"J 'AlJ1'f'rfs, nu! IIvlll'llN.H Repertoire-President of Junior Class: Hi-Y, 1,21 Track, 2,31 Student Council, 2, 33 Glee Club, 2, 3. Next Season-College. JOHN FRANK FLOWER 1"Johnny"J "Tn Inf' ,wlrmlg Lv In be 1I!llJ12jl.H Repertoire - Swim- ming, 1, 23 Hockey, 3, 43 Football, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball, 23 A. A. Next Season-Univer- sity of Alabama. Puyr l"uuVl1'rf1'L -- ,.1 ,.- MARGARET IRMA FOLEY 1"Margle"1 H1,111f11'1Il'1' ix 11117 1111111111 of 11111111 1111'- 111111'." Repertoire - Hi-Y, 3. 4: Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Senior Play Committee, Treble Clef, BEATRICE SUSAN FULLER 1"Bee"1 191111111111 11111'1111.w ll'111I 111 1'1'1' 1114111111 .w1'1'1'111111 of 1'11111111'1111111'1', 111111 f111111'i.w1111111 I'll 1111 1111- 111111'1111 111I1l111.u Repertoire - Treble 1' 2, 3: A. Au 1' 2' 3' 4' fglef, 1, 2, 3, 41 A. A.. 3. Next Season - Pratt Institute. Next Season - Nurses Training School. BERNARD PETER FULLER 1"Peter"1 HS111'1Il'l' is 111111'1' 1111- 11111111 1111111 I1'111'11N.n Repertoire-A. A., 1, 2. 3, 4. Next Season-College. RICHARD DEMPSTER GARRETT 1"D1ck," "Garrie," "Prof"1 H11 fx 1'11x1111 111141111111 111111 is 11111111111 1111 1'.r- 111'1'11'111'1'." Repertoire - A. A.. 1. 2, 3, 4: Science Club: French Club, 3, 4: Iro- quois Staff. 3: Red and Black Staff: Junior Prom Committee. Next Season-College. FREDERIC ALEX- ANDER GILCHRIST l"G1l," "G1111e"1 HSl'1l'lll'l' is 111'1111111'Z1'11 1c111111'11'11111'. Repertoire - Science Club. Next Season - Radio Engineering. STEPHEN BARTLETT GOODELL 1"Steve"1 "1'1111fi111'111'1' is 111111 f1'1'11'1111 1111 11'11i1L11 11111 11111111 11111 1P1Il'1x'N 111 1111111 111111 11111111111'111111' 1'11111'x1's 117.111 fl x111'1' 11111111 111111 t1'11.wI 111 11s1'1f." Repertoire - Swim- mind, 1. 2, 3. 4: Swimming Captain, 3: Soccer, 2. 3.1 Uramatlcs Club, 4: Student Coun- cll, 35 Debate Club, 4: Hi-Y, 2. 3, 4 1Treasurer, 311 Basketball and Track, 41 Public Speak- ing, 43 Production Staff of the Senior Play. Next S63.SOIl--C0119gB . x ESTHER ADELIA GOODSPEED 1"Essle"1 "G1'11111' of x111'1'1'11, 111'111'191'11f111 11,1 1111'1111," Repertoire - Hi-Y. 3. 41 French Club, 3, 43 Iroquois Staff, 33 Assist- ant Manager of Girls Varsity Basketball, 2: Manager Girls' Varsity Basketball, 31 Interclass Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club.4g Jun- ior Prom Committee: Sen1orRlngComm1ttee1 A. A., 1, 2, 3, 41 Baseball 3: Volley Ball, 3. Next Season-College. EDITH RAE GRENIER 1..Efae'.. ..Edc.,, 67111111 1111111 11111111'111111'11 1111111 1l11'i1' HI11111'f' 1l'1Il'Il 111111 IITI' 11111 lfllllllrl Repertoire -- A. A., 2. Next Season - Work. P11111' FIAf1!'f'7I P Ea fi 24 .0 ls. 0 11 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 5. -if ... M CHARLES WILLIAM EDITH SEVERN MORRISON CHAND- WILLIAM HUGH HALL 1"Ha11ie," "ChuCk"l Repertoire - Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: Music Club. 2. 33 Baseball, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 2. 3: Manager, 3: Soccer 3, 4, Football, 23 A. A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Interclass Basketball. 3, 45 Glee Club, 2, 3, 43 Band, 3, 4, Senior Ring Commit- tee. Next Season e- Post- Graduate Course. HARVEY t.lEdeu, "Full nanny ll flUll'l'?' fx lmrn In lJllINll zarzsrmz, rlnrl IIVINH' :lx s11'f'r'l- nwss on lllr' rlwwrl Ulf." Repertoire - A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Club, 3: Science Club, 3, 4. Next Season-College. LER HAVILAND "lx'nou'lwrig1r' in irufll is lllr' gfrvuf mm in flu' fir'nmn1r'n!. J Lzfw mul IIIIIWI' uri' .wr-flllwrwrl wllh all its ll1'1I1'1'nx. Repertoire-Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club, 2, 3, 45 Dramatlcs Club. 3: Iroquois Staff, 3: Ll- brary Club, 3, 4: Red and Black Staff, 4, Stu- dent Councllg Swim- ming, 23 Soccer, 25 T e n n 1 s, 2, Business Manager of Senior Play: A, A., 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee.. Next Season-College. HENDERSON 1"Bi1l," "Hendy"J 'Alla' zrrrx Il num, lulsf' IHAIII fm' all in ull, l xlmll :ml lrmlc upon l11'.v lilcf' again." Repertoire - French Club iTreasurer, 35, 43 Track, 43 Red and Black Staff, A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4. Next Season - Post Graduate Course. ROGER HENRY ETSON FRANK AGNES ELIZABETH WILLIAM HILTON HITCHCOCK HOLMQUIST HOLMQUIST H.Vl'I'l'I' in flu' IlYI!l. f"Ed' uwesty 5 fuAgienl QHBHI3' ucurlynl nz lwrmllnfil:r11v1y." Myvlll' lmrul of Iffllw "ll1fr ways llI'I' ways of Hfvlllllll rluzrn his lmfr. Repertoire Hockey f'n1plnyn14rlf Iroulxlfnw plmsrlllllzms, uurl ull Luuls, luulrf fl .wtnmls 2: Track' 3: H1-Y' 3' 4: llll lllllllfllhl sr nm. llfr pnllzm Ill! prrur. Illlllfllll. , . I Repertoire - A. A., 1, Repertoire - A. A., 1, Repertoire - A. A., 2. Yi? zfiriiiient' ZIAIOAQ' 2. 3, 43 Iroquois Stall, 3, 2, 3, 4: Red and Black 3, 4: Banking Agent, 23 ' ' ' Cence U ' ' 45 Red and Black Staff. Staff, Baseball, 2. Senior Play Staff, 4: N t S C ui , Tennis, 4. HX eason' 0 ers Next Season - Busi- Next Season-Stenog- School of Embalmlng. UBSS. raphy. Next Season-Navy. I'ag11' Si.1'fwn --...- GRACE HARRY ELLIS DOROTHY MAE ELSIE JOHNSON KOPELOWITZ LANSING LAVINE l"Mug3S"J 1"Cap"l I luD0ttle l H "lI'i.wlm11 ls flu' prin- ,, H , . "S 'f' IN I"'f'U!l lf' UV' -' viml llllIll1fllll'l'lfUl'l A l0l'1'll1 ltllll1Ufl0l" lzlwrynru' 1.4 flu' fun ,,,,'t1, V will U,mlmn' Um, MH' lnvnlwl In llfllll. nf 111.4 own u'm'lrs. Anrl willy In lull: will ,,l1 11,,, ,,,f1,',,,, ,,,,1 , .elml plvusnnl lun, In ,,,,,l, ,-.,'g,,,f,1,',,,,.': I Repertoire -' A' A" 1' Repertoire - A' A" 1' Hll"l' "H", Repertoire French 2' 4: Treble Clef' 1' 2' 3. 2, 3, 41 SGIHOI' Play Staff Next Season - Busi- ness. Next Season - Busi- HESS. Repertoire - Treble Clef, 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis, 2, 3, 4: Muslc Club, 3, 41 French Club, 3, 4: A. A.. 1, 2, 3, 4: Banking Agent 2: Volley Ball, 2. Next Season-Library Work. Club, 3, 4: A. A.: Red and Black Staff: Motto Committee, Sr. Class: Production Staff Senior Slay: Treble Clef. l, 2. Next Season-College. HELEN MARIE LOCKWOOD ".Yn!l11'ng is ln1pfms'1'l1lv In ll ll'1'llI.Nf1 lu'nrI." Repertoire-Baseball: Volleyball: Handcraft Club: H. E. Club: Sr. Play Committee: Inter- class Basketball, 1, 2, 3: Interclass Hockey, 3: A. A. Next Season - Course ln Beauty Culture. A'! FAWN GRAY DAVE IAN MACY MARLOW l"Sh0lk"J Alirll lm' gum' .vo fun' .WWII-ly nf mM.Il.IV uv 1 zwwrwrnz . . .. , all IN 1'r:111l11. Ax msv-l1'111'rs ll'll1l ' f1,,r f,,',-4" Repertoire - G l e e Club, 4: Band, 4: Or- Repertoire - Chair- chestm' 4' mfm' Color Committee' Next season-Umvep 4: H1-Y, 3, 4: Treasurer 4: French Club, 4: A. A Next Season--College. sity of Vermont. WILLIAM JAMES MCCUNE. Jr. l"Bill," "Mnc"J ".Nnllnng1 IN !lll'1'II .wr 1n'nff1.w'ly lm urlzw-r." Repertoire - Orches- tra, 1, 2, 3: H1-Y, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Committee: Production Staff: Sen- ior Ball Committee: Invitation Committee Senior Class: Dramatlcs Club, 4: Student Coun- cil, 4: President: Swim- ming Team: Soccer: A. A.: Iroquois Staff, 3: Red and Black Staff. Next Season-M, I. T, l'ug1a Huw nl: fn 'VI EMMA HOPE MCKINNEY c..M1cky.,, lr Trulll is llzr' lll.f1lIf'Nl thing 111111 man may kr'r'p." Repertoire Clefg Swimmlngg A. A. - Treble Next Season Graduate Course. - Post ROBERT EDGAR MEDLAR 1"Bob"J "Hur lnrlf nj' joy sur- IlIlHIHlN of g1'1'r'f ll span, Ilwvnfzsv In lmlgh is praprr In llzr' 'IIIfl7I.U Repertoire -- Glee Club: Orchestra, 43 Band, 4: Stamp Club: Red and Black Staff: Public Speaking: Iro- quois Staifg French Club, 3. Next Season--College. HARRISON JOHN MERRITT fnskidnj WILLIAM FREDERICK MORSE r..Bm.,, "llr' smr'llr'll1 Ihr' lull- H77101ll'I'jlI!lI1L'Uf1lf'l'- ' llz' afar ojflf' Repertoire - None. Next Season - Work. fl'l'll.UIl Repertoire - Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Track, 1 2, 43 Football, 1, 25 A A.: Dramatics. Next Season - Michi- gan University. DOROTHY VIRGINIA NEWBERRY t..DOt.,, "Tim frvlil rlr'r1'1'12fl from lulmr IN ilu' N1l'l'l'll'Nl nf plum- lll't'N.N Repertoire - Student Council, 1, 33 French Club, 3, 4: A. A.: Iro- JULIA MARY NILES c..Judy.,J "Tn ln' xlnu' in ll'Ul'llN ix ll ll'UllHIIl,'S only 1'n'll11'. Repertoire - H1-Y, 43 quois, 25 Treble Clef, French Club, 3, 43 A. A. 2. 3. Next Season - Busi- Next Season-Samar- ness College. itan Hospital. HARRY EDWARD O'CONNELL UD. Fr., nl1Ull!'lL lfvlrnfny rlallz mrrkr' lbw' mmf." Repertoire - Hi-Y, 43 Interclass Track: Inter- class Basketball: A. A., Red and Black Staffg Student Council, 33 greek, 43 Varsity Track, Next SGRSOH 1 College ll CHARLES ALOYSIUS O'CONN OR 1"Ch1.lCk"j svn t." Repertoire-Football. 1, 2, 3: Orchestra, 1, 2 35 Basketball, 1, 23 A. A, 2, 3, 4. of Chemical Engineer- Next seu50n"'Opt0m ing. etry. Page Ellgll fern Sllvnrr' yfllws 0011- - si. MARTIN EDWARD OUDEKERK l"Celery." "Dutch"J "Bw HUIPII' ill 1' 1'1' 1' fl 111111111111 .elnrl fll f'l'1'l'jl rf1'1'1l."' Repertoire - A. A.. 2. 3, 4: Senlor Play Corn- mittee. Next Season-General Electric School. RICHARD ANTHONY PATTERSON f"Dlck," "Pat"l "7'l11'1'1' 111'1' 111'1'11.sf1111x 111111 r'1111s1,.w why 111111 11'l11'rz'f111'r' 1.11 1111 fl11'11g1s." Repertoire - A. A.: Soccer. 4: Basketball, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 2. 3 fPres1dent. 47. Next Season - Duke University. Q. g FRANK YATES PECK f"Peck"J UIV1' H1111 llI11'lf ynmf 11'i1s lmzw' 1n111'l1 in 1111s11'1'1' fur." Repertoire - A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4: Football, 3, 41 Hockey, 3: French Club, 45 Senior Play Commit- tee. Next Season - Union College. LILLIAN HAZ EL PIERCE f"Lllli"l "A IlIl'I'7'1l ,lI'1Il'f 111111:- 1'!l1 ll r'11r'1'1'f11l V111111- !1'1111111'r'." Repertoire - Red and Black Stalfg Dramatics Club, 4: A. A., 2, 3, 41 Senior Play Committee, Hiking Club: Treble Clef. 1, 2, 3: Library Club: Interclass Hockey 2. 3, Interclass Baseball, 2, 3. Next Season - Busi- ness College. JOY AGNES RAI-IR 1"Red," "Jlmm1e"D "To SfI'I1'l', In sfwls, In fi111l,b11l'1111t I11yi1'l1l" 1. Repertoire - A. A.. 2. 3, 4: Dramatics Club. 3. 4: French Club, 3, 43 Public Speaking: Senior Play Cast: Treble Clef. 1, 2. 3: Iroquois Staff, 2. 33 Red and Black Staff: Junior Prom Commit- tee. Honor Student. Next Season-Midd1e- bury. ARLENE THOMPSON RICE 1"Snooks"l "rl 111111191111 1'n1111!1'- 11r1m'v IN nn sllglzt 111l1'f111tn11c'."' Repertoire - Music Club, 33 Red and Black Staff: Senior Play Cast. Next Season - Syra- cuse Hospltal Training Course. ERNEST JULIUS RIVERS i"Ernie"J Hyvllflllfjll. lm ba bI11r1.!, I l.'nnz11 111111. ININNIIHU 11'1'srf, Tlmuglz. ho lm merry, ywt z1'fH1nI 1112's 11011.- wtf' Repertoire - Senior Play Cast: Red and Black Staff: A. A. Next Season - Busi- ness. LUCILLE ALIXE ROBERTS f..Lu'.. ..RObby.., "IIN ll'fIyS 11111 ways nj' jJIl'llSIIllfIlCSS.N Repertoire - Treble Clef, 21 A. A.. 2, 3. Next SEHSOII -' BUSI- USSS. P11011 .Vi111'l1'1'n Q X. GEORGE VVILLIAM MAYNARD DENTON ROBERT DAVID ROTHMYER RYTHER SEGERSON 1"Georg1e"y 1 Mayme 1 f"Seg", "Bob"J KALl'llI't' 1111' 1111 l'11l1vN fl'lIlH1' in Nl'1'I'l'1 11'1'1's, 11111111'11111111I 111111 11 x111111 n1111'1' ll l1l'lll'l1 1lll'l1Il'.H Repertoire - Orches- tra.: Glee Club, 1, 2, 33 Music Club. Next Season - Music. "lI'1'1'1111r11rt1111 111' 111114- 11'1'.v, nm' 1111 l11f1N1f'1'N 1'1111111w1 121' 1l'l1111 j'111- 11111'1'11." Repertoire 4 G le e Club, 2, 33 Hockey, 2, 3, 43 Soccer, 2, 3, 43 Inter- class Basketball 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2. 3, 43 Music Club 2, 3, 43 A, A.3 Red and Black Staffl Junior Prom Committee. Next Season - Busi- ness. H.Y4'I'l'I' 1111111111111 ll'lH'l' 111 1'1'1'1111111, 11111 snnlr' 111'111't I1l-11 1z1'1'1111." Repertoire-Track, 43 Interclass Basketball 43 H1-Y 43 Interclass Water Polo 43 Iuterclass Baseball 43 A. A. Senior Play Cast3 Football 4, Next Season - Holy Cross College. LILLIAN LOUISE SHAPIRO 1"Ll1"J ll'1'r 1111 11'11s IIIOTI' 1111111 lllflll, 1I1'l' 111111111111-1' ll l'1lI1Il.u Repertoire - Honor Student3 Red and Black Staff3 Iroquois Stanf Debate Club 2, 3, 43 French Club 4, Sec- retary 43 Student Council 43 Interclass Basketball 2, 33 Base- ball 2, 3, 43 Properties Committee of Senior Play3 Stamp Club 43 A. A. Next Season-College. ESTHER MUNGER NELSON EDWARD WILLIAM FRANK SHAW 1 ZMITLIH SMITH "E .i " H mit YH' .1 .. .. .1 l sge 1 "Bone C1'usher"1 1 B111 1 'Tigger 1 "A l,,-3,U,f,,,-N ,, 1,,,,-,,- "A 1111111 111111 flll'11lI1t'N H ' ,',,H." I 17Ilf'1f'1N 111111 1'1'11'r11'11s HK' 11111 fl!! 'WUI' UI" Repertoire -- Red and Black Stafl'3 Iroquois Stafi3 Business Contest- ant 3, 4. Next Season - Busi- ness. ll11.wt 1111'11 11'1111 1'1111111 11111111fs. Repertoire - Inter- class Basketball 43 In- terclass Water Polo 43 Captain 43 Swimming, 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice-Presb dent 43 Music Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 43 Band 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Colors Commit- tee3 A. A. Next Season - Post Graduate Course. 11'1'11y1s of 1111' 1l'1l1Il.u Repertoire - Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 43 Swimming 2, 3, 43 H1-Y 2, 33 Student Council 2, 33 Dramatic Club 43 Senior Play Comm1ttee3 Cheerlead1ng3 A. A. Next Season - Unde- cided. VJALTER ROBERT SOUTHARD l"Bud"J "A 11'is1' 1111111111 111111111 to !lf'1'I'1lf his l1l.1'lJIl'N 111111 .v1'r1'1' 1111'n1, not 1Jf'll'HI'l 111s l111'1f." Repertoire - Football 1., 3, 43 Hockey 2, 3. 43 Interclass Basketball 43 Interclass Water Polo 43 Interclass Baseball 4. Captain 43 Junior Prom Committee: H1-Y 2, 3, 41 A. A. Next Season - Union College. l'11111' 7vIl'1'll1jl +- + -.-4 ii- LOUIS PETER EVA MARY SPECTOR SWIRSKY SWIRSKY 1"Loule"1 01111111111 1111' 111'111111' 11'1111.w1' 111111111x lIl'l' IJIKIIII1' 1.11 11 is 1 11 1' 11 b11111fs." Repertoire-President Freshman Class: Glee Club 45 Dramatics Club 4. Next Season-Work. ".-111 11'1111 11111 1l'Ul11l1 HlfIlf1ll'1l'111l1' is 1l1Ul'1' 11'111 11111x1 s11111'1' 11, 1111111 1'11111'1'111111L 111 1I1l11j1l.1l1'NN ll'11N 1111111 II 111'i11." f111'1'1'." Repertoire - A. A,g Repertoire- A. A- Honor Stlldellt. Next Season - Busl- NSXIL SeaSOIl - BUSI- ness. ness' HARRY FRANCIS MARION ALICE DANIEL THOMPSON. Jr. THOMSON TORCHETTI g"Mary"j l.-Dan-1, I "HY 111'11111. 11111111111111 1111 1111s 11111011 11111, 111' ll'1IN 1'1'1'11 x11 11 111 11s11111 M... Repertoire - French Club 3, 41 A, A.g Science Club 3, 4. Next Season-Phot0g- "II1'1' 1111', 111'1' 111111111111's, 1111 111111 S1111' lIl11III'1'1'll, l'11111'1111111s. 11111111111 1'1111, 111111 111111111 11111111111 1'1f- 111'1'11,1111' j111111f 111111111 111111 1111111111 111'1' 1'111's 111.v11111111111, .l1111 1'11x1' 111' 1111111 111'1' 1111111 1'11111'1'111'11." Repertoire - A. A.Q Senior Play Committee: "F111'.w1-11'111'1' 1'.v1111'1' 1'11'- 111I', i1s1111'11 l'.1'l'f'l'l1l'Ilfl 111'1'111 1'1 I1'1ll'11.H Repertoire - A. A.: Science Club 43 Inter- class Polo, 41 Senior Play Committee. Next Season-General THOMAS RICHARD THEOBALD 1"Dlck"1 "rl 1111.wx11111 '1111' llflllllll- 111' 111'1 1.4 Il11l1'l'l 111 111 1111 11111111'1'11f111111111." Repertoire - A. A., 2. 3, 43 Public Speaking, Senior Play: Dramatic Club 3, 4, Vice-Presb dent 45 Debating Club 25 H1-Y 4, Secretary 4g Red and Black Staff: Junior Prom Commit- tee. Ring and Pin Com- mltteeg Iroquois Staff 33 Glee Club 3, 4. Next Season - Post Graduate Course. MARY ADALINE VALLEY "l"111' 1l',Il'1'l' fx 111111 llll11l1Il' 1ll 1111' 111111111 1l'!I1',ll'N s111'11 1111111111 11N ll ll'1lIlI1llI'N 1'11l'.,u Repertoire - Treble Clef 1, 3: Red and Black Stafig A. A.: In- terclass Volleyball 3: Baseball 23 Invitations Committee: Interclass raphyp Red and Black Stan: Iroquois Staffg Stud- Electric. Basketball 3. ent Council 3. , Q Next Season - Post Next 5932011 " BUS1' Graduate Course. ness. P11111' T11'1'11111-11111' -Q... L. KENNETH ALBERT VIELE 1..Ken,., "Of ntl those urls in 1vh1'c'lL tht' wise excel, Nnlurv's rwlzfvf muster- pivcc is writing well." Repertoire-Publicity Staff, Junior Prom: Red and Black Staff: Iroquois Staff 3. Next Season - Busi- ness. 1 et-5 VIRGINIA MARIE WASHBURN l"Gin"J "Spc'f'c'lL is great, lmt x1'lr'm'1' is g11'z'atw'." Repertoire - Treble Clef: Hi-Y: French Club. Next Season-College. L g JAMES HENRY RUSSEL WATT "Lena" AAGl!llllIf'N.S of lzvarl is the lllfc of num, mul the joyfulnvss of fl man prolmzgalh hm days." Repertoire - Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball. Manager 3, 4: Baseball 2, 42 Track 31 H1-YZ Vice-President Junior Class: Senior Ball Com- mittee. Next Season - Tilton AC8.deU1Y. ii.- CARLTON OSCAR WELCH HBOSS1, "Is in the urrry May- morn. of his ymttlz., Ripe for exploits mul miylzty l'lltCI'1JI'lNUS.U Repertoire-Interclass Basketball: Interclass Baseball: A. A. Next Season - Busi- ness. JOHN RICHARD VIRGINIA MARGARET JOHN CLIFFORD HELEN MARYETTE WESCOTT WETHEREL WILLIAMS WINCHIP 1"Johnny", "Jack"J "Amt when ft lady's in Ihr? msc you lfnow all u I he r lhinyx give plm'z'." Repertoire - A. A.: French Club: Student Council: Swimming 3, 4: Red and Black Staff : Student Council. Next Season-College. C"Glnnle"7 "He llmt is slow to !IIIf1l'I' is holler llzan lhc mzfglztyfl Repertoire - Treble Clef 2: Volleyball 1, 2, 3: Dramatlcs Club: Senior Play Commit- tee: Tennis 3: Hockey 1, 2: A. A. Next Season - Nurs- ing School. t..Jack,,, "Alo0f as agcfl kings, lrmrlng them like the purple." Repertoire - Varsity Track 3: Swimming 4: Football 4: Interclass Basketball 4: Interclass Track 3, 4: A. A. 3, 4. Next Season - Post Graduate Course. "JI y crown is in my imart, not on my l11'f1rl,not zlvrzlvcfll with ftllfllllrflllll-Y mul Iizrlials stones: not lo be sent: my crown, -is mllwl content: fl 1'l'uz1'n il is that srl- dom kings: enjoy." Repertoire - H1-Y, 4: French Club 4: Public Speaking: A. A. 2, 3, 4. Next Season - Busi- ness School. Pagc Twenty-two .lv A i, LOUIS CHARLES GLADYS JUANITA ELIZABETH NATHAN YANNIE WITHAM WOOD ' YANKLOWITZ ZIMMERMAN l"W00dle"J i"Liz"7 f"Na.te", "Yannle"J "The worrls of l 75 month were smoother than butter." Repertoire - Debate Club 4: Science Club 2. 3, 4: Banking 3: Senior Play Castg Edltor-ln- chief Red and Black: A. A.: Iroquois Staff. Ll rr A merry heart mak- eth a cheerful coun- Lenancef' Repertoire - Treble Clet 2: Class Hockey 23 Volleyball 2, A. A.: Banking Agent 49 Red and Black Staff. Next Season - Busl- "My endeavors have even eome too short of my desires, yet full with my abilities." Repertoire - French Club 43 Orchestra 1, 2: Senior Play Commit- tee: A. A. 2, 3, 4. Next Season-Russell Next Season-College. ness. Sage College. ROBERT 'I HENRIEITA LYDIA JOHNSON KEECH CLASS MOTTO Post Proelium Praemium CLASS COLORS Blue and Silver ELIZABETH STRONG ESTHER MUNGER SHAW VIOLET SYLVIA LANFEAR LILLIAN AGNES BISHOP LILLIAN LOUISE SHAPIRO ELSIE LAVINE "And let him be sure to leave other men their turns to speak." Repertoire - Varsity Basketball 3, '45 Foot- ball, 3, 4: Baseball, 3, 45 Junior Prom Commit- tee: A. A. Next Season - Post Graduate Course. WHILHILMINA WARNER CAMFIELD . HONOR LIST ROBERT EDGAR MEDLAR MARY SWIRSKY J OI' AGNES RAHR MORRISON CHANDLER HAVILAND MARION ALICE THOMSON MARIE PHILOMENA CANALE Page Twenty-three . www-s-Wm-v"1"'1"'m"V"i?'!f'11'az:1'sPf?"i12vf'1rvfWrfa "if E' of Class Prophecy Joy Rahr, Elizabeth Strong, Robert M edlar V For three eventful and memorable years, the drama of school activities has gone on at the red brick building on Glen Street. A human and pleasant experience it has been, but now, as the Senior year with all its anfractuosities draws to a close, we look forward with the traditional mixed feelings toward commencement, the date which will ring down the curtain on this successful production of our troupe, "From Sophomore to Senior." ' Now let us take a trip to New York, losing about fifteen years on the passage. How about going to Der and Kcalb, Broadway's latest and most fashionable theater? "Taxi" "Why John Flower! Say, it's too bad they didn't take you in Holly- wood 3 and you've had your nose fixed !" Skillfully, as from long practice, Johnnie guides us through the busy streets of the Metropolis. A sharp whistle brings us to a sudden stop. ' "Hey there, what's the idea? This is your thirty-second offense! Once more, and I'll run you in." - Startled, we recognized Kenneth Viele-a cop! The car moves on. At last we arrive at the Der and Kcalb and bid goodbye to John. Just as we enter, a fire engine rushes past. Who is that driving? Bob Beaudin-and beside 'him sits Dick Patterson ringing the bell for dear life and gaily singing, "In the Bushes at the Bottom of the Garden." Interesting, but no surprise. At the door, we recognize Carlton Welch and Nelson Smith standing stiff and unbending. "Quite a let down," I remark. Neither blinks an eye. Fine training -eh? "Check your hat, mister?" The voice sounded familiar as did the snapping of gum. Glancing around, we recognize Geraldine Bigelow looking flowery as ever. However, Jerry does not us, and we pass on. Erwin Fletcher and Clyde Davis take our tickets and nod a faint and puzzled greeting. We step into the back corridor and notice the ushers prettily arrayed in-well, I'll be darned! If they aren't the old white organdie dresses of graduation! That must. have been excel- lent goods after alll There are Edith Harvey, Henrietta Keech, Edna Anderson, Beatrice Fuller, Lillian Bishop, Marion Corlew, Edith Grenier, Elizabeth Dean and Elinor Bennett. Virginia Washburn leads us to a seat in the back row where we survey the crowd. Boy, oh boy! Didn't the celebrities turn out for the opening Page Twenty-jour '-' i mp: -r":g'fl:f- . - V fx Af' w-gg., night. That severe looking lady so icily staring at Wilhelmina Warner, the Presi- dent of the W.C.T.U., is Alice Belmer, successor to Mrs. Willebrandt, counsel of the California Fruit Growers' Association. There is Marie Canale, recently re- turned frorn abroad with the latest ideas in coiffures. Yes, it's Sender Borlowsky sitting with her. They were married in '41, Whom is Gladys Wood clinging to so fondly? Why, it's Ernest Riversl! To think . . . There's Harry O'Connell, the prominent teacher of English at Vassar. He gets along with the students very well, I hear. Step aside there! Here comes the famous doctor, Professor Louis Witham, who not only has discovered cures for infantile paralysis, cancer, tuberculosis, headache, athlete's foot, as Well as fifteen others, but has invented several marvellous com- binations of magnets, aqua, terra, and aera gadgets, which have put him in a permanent place in "Who's Who" and "Believe It or Not." After him, come Elizabeth Strong and Helen Winchip, vying with each other for the mostintimate story of this well known physician-inventor. Again we survey the audience. There is Steve Goodell, still broken-hearted over the dirty trick Segerson pulled on him. Oh, well, I suppose Dorothy loved him. Anyway, Steve turned sailor and now has a girl in every port - on every wharf, instead of every street as of old. Malcolm Ashton's girl threw him over, too, so he is collaborating with Bob Johnson and Lawrence Doyle, who are in the same straits. They spend all their leisure' time now in reading "True Stories." Over there in the box we see Gertrude Bakst and Lillian Shapiro all ready to make scathing and constructive criticisms of this revival of elderdays for the New York Times, which is now owned by our old friend Clendon Crannell. Suddenly the orchestra-George Rothmeyer's Five Little Peppers--strikes up Annette Chesler's latest composition, "Highlaria." It's a peppy orchestra, and so we take a look at the players. There are Carl Beck with the clarinet, Dave Marlow with the saxaphone, Charlie Hall with his drums, Dorothy Lansing with the trom- bone QI wonder where she learned to playlj and Elsie Lavine at the piano on which Jeanne Bruno coyly sits and croons, while Phil De Sanctis does contortions which he calls the "Back Blottem" dance. ' A sign comes into view announcing the first act of vaudeville-the Swirsky Sisters in a song and dance. They "strut their stuff" and then are followed by Russell Watt and his company in an interpretative spring dance. As the company comes gracefully out, imagine our surprise to see Bob Medlar, Bernard Fuller, and Charles O'Connor, with the robust, healthy Lena at the head. Page Twenty-five J 'W I The next act is announced by Harrison Merritt, the celebrated showman. He introduces Walter Monroe, the worthy successor to Flo -Zeigfeld. Walter in turn introduces his retinue of pulchritudinous femininity. As he names them, they step to the stage. There are Esther Goodspeed, Grace Johnson, Lillian Pierce, Arlene Rice, Lucille Roberts, Virginia Wetherel, Mary Valley, Agnes Holmquist, Fawn Macy and Dorothy Pulver. After a brilliant display of grace and rhythm, the Walt Monroe Scandals give way to an exhibition. Bill Smith displays his act of juggling by skillfully balancing Rose Goldman on one hand and Elizabeth Yank- lowitz on the other. The climatic performance is in the form of a comic sketch, featuring John Williams, Frank Peck, and Marjorie Bronne. 1 As the applause dies down, the curtain again lifts, and we hear the unforgetable voice of Nathan Zimmerman broadcasting-still in his element! He introduces the dedication of the Lake George hospital by telling of his past basketball vic- tories. Soon we see on the screen a group of crippled children crowding around their benefactor whom we recognize as our old friend and classmate,iWilliam Henderson. Attending the children we see Julia Niles, Helen Lockwood, Emma McKinney, Edith Chapman, and Rhoda Bentley, all dressed in white nurses' uniforms. The funeral of George Bernard Shaw flashes before our eyes as the hearse comes down a crowded street. At the sight of Roger Hilton, the undertaker, and Harry Kopelowitz, his assistant, we forget about the sad fate of G.B.S. The an- nouncer tells us that Morrison Haviland delivered a splendid eulogy before the funeral. As the scene fades out, the familiar voice begins to ramble on about scotch plaids and macaroni, but we don't know what it is all about until there is shown on the screen the conference between the Scotch consul, Alexander Gilchrist, and the Italian ambassador, Garmello Basta. Next, Nate - still talking - tells about the latest and marvelous diving apparatus invented by Professor Richard Garrett, of scientific fame, and, when the picture comes on, there is Dick Wearing a goatee, and beside him looking very serious is Harry Thompson. Nate's voice stops. Something must be wrong with the machine! But, nol ,The sports reel, "Champions of the Week", comes on, announced by Horace Barber, the popular sport writer and speaker. He tells of Robert Adamson's winning the Albany-New York outboard motor races, classes A-Z, of Johnny Wescott's attaining first place in the hundred yard breast stroke, of Bill Holmquist's winning the Davis Tennis Cup for the United States, of "Bub" Southard's success captaining the victorious N. Y. Giants, and last, but not least, of Daniel Torchetti's winning of the National wrestling matches. Page Twenty-six V J N ,r ,,,.gy7Mjf7gvfqLvrg:yf:f': W f ff-'N ig -h ig,-yn-L-? fy-.5 .vm-st. t.,,?.?5':,?m,n,,?.Q,m,?.H,uPg ' T 1 .4- Now amid a bedlam of acclaiming shouts, the feature picture is started. What T " J an ovation the people giye the revival of that popular drama of yesteryear- "Grand Hotel." The general preliminaries are given. Producer .......... Maynard Ryther Photography ........ Spencer Bellinger Settings .... Anne Breen and Marion Thomson Costumes . . . Margaret Foley and Violet Lanfear , ' Technical Adviser ........ Esther Shaw , Director .......... Robert Segerson Then comes the list of characters. Everyone gapes at the number of stars now famous in Hollywood that are cast in the production. cnamcrmns 1933 1948 Kringelin ...... Lionel Barrymore Joe Burp Baron Von Gaigern . John Barrymore William McCune Grusinsksia ..... Greta Garbo Annis DeLong Flaemmchen . . . . J oan Crawford Joy Rahr n Preysing ....... Wallace Berry Richard Theobald ll Dr. Otternsklag . . . Lewis Stone William Morse I. Chauffeur ...... Mr. X Martin Oudekerk The picture is a ig.-eat success. For many it awakens old memories, and, as we sit there thinking of the old days, we notice several prominent people. There are Myra Duliie and her tenth husband. QShe is running a hubby race with the aforementioned Esther Goodspeed.J Behind her comes the Secretary of the Inter- ior, Eafl Bentley. We also see Isabel Eaton, who is now President of Skidmore College, and beside her walks Dorothy Newberry, her private secretary. l s Gradually the crowd thins, and the theatre empties. We step outside into the cool night air. Simultaneously two ragged creatures step up to us and say, AM' "Brother, can you spare a dime?" " The voices are slightly familiar. We look again "Upon my word! Louis Spector and Etson Hitchcock! The finishing tou h is given The day is over, . g ,, . n '. . , T and so to bed. l it 1 I Page Twenty-seven L i. g ILE A LAYERS J, . 26' ,ww .. 2 ga f ik ss' ,S Q nm W W., ..., , M ' 5 b f I? 475: My ss' I :L+ J 1 4 3? V' .R ' ' 'K vw nga Tzlwlzty-ciglzl ,...., Class Will We, the klas of 1933, beeing in a sumwatt. kweshunubble state of mind, and of infirm perpus, and impoverished perse after konsulting with Pydia Linkham, Emily Post, Featrice Bairfax, and Elmer Zilch, have decided becuz of the depreshun and inflashun that we have nothin wattever of importunce to leave to the futchur grajuwaiting klasses. Theirfour bee it knone, set. down and krossed out, that wee leeve, first and last, hour verrie best wishes and greetings and salutashuns to just everybuddy, every- wear ummmmmmm--. ' V , A We theirfour set hour seal and hand to this hour last will and testamint. THERESA Cnown DAISY CHAIN HENRI ETTA .Qrrm IvA Com: DINAH MIGHT PORTER Housn A MAJOR B Huoo Hom: FRANK Fomrs I IMA BUM BEA N. Pnmxmns MEL N. COLLY l MAX NODIFFERENCE H1'r'rA Homin Conronu. PUNISHMEN1' LOTTA Hoomf ISADORE OPEN GENERAL BnEAxnowN 5 I Page Twenty-nine fx A ff 'N fi.3'Li.. Q9 X 5f mRs AND TILIL X 1 , i i It I I PIEST ST CHARMING ERSONALITY gf CLASS CGSS I' COQUEITE1 TINIEST -gi wo x js 2x PA ffl RTS THEY PLAY DIQNIFIED ' sz i g ." 4. l':- 5, BEST LINE ATHLETE S Ious H i i I Q L I I 5 i i SSED 1 f i f? f I 1 , ST X-:C 0 QQQNTVQANA 1 X ,Q 129 .,,,. I I 1 I DAN GULLIT, GABRIEL avffe 5 :ff wwf ABROAD me .9140-Housftf' N if ...ff AND sax Q' ,ii 12, MY FRIENDS' ' X lil L 0014 AT THE BlRDlE.Sf Q 41 it if g, tigy .X Mig I ' f XM 3 - SPEAXKS Fon 'M' HIMSELF 49111 4. 'BONYFACEBXZQ SOMEBQDY STOLE MY GAL! 6 E D - Lowe g 34 DRINK, A1 PLEASE I R i ' f ,J gagq 2 1 .. 'Q-ix! X - . gi CASEY AT 'ff t I .', P A ' 'f ggryi' BAT ig BRINGING' HOME THE BACON Tl11'rly-Mm L l MR., Thru In H10 well-trod Mage anon, If Jonsonfw learned sofk be nn. Or sxu-ales! Shakespeare, Fancy's Child: Warblvs his naiive wood-notes wild, I.'Al.I,VGRO k1iHOl7 IWW: Yfff llf fluff SENIOR PLAY ly-fum' WH nm. ln- . f -.,,,,,,-,-.,5ww.,...1.. v,f,,....,. ... m.,.,,,....W,. qw Senior Play Time-March 10, 1933. 8:00 P. M. Scene-Junior High Auditorium Place-Glens Falls An audience is assembled in the gym for the performance of the Senior Play of the Class of 1933, a. comedy in three acts by Booth Tarkington, under the able direction of Miss Sara S. Gabriel. Silence falls on the audience as the lights are dimming for the play. - The soft velvet curtains slowly part to reveal a tiny railway station in Amity, New York. A girl of yesterday and a lawyer of uncertain age are virtually stranded in an out-of-the-way railroad station with no means of returning to civilization until the lines are cleared of snow. Romance grows out of their mutual suffering, only to be somewhat upset by the advances of an alluring young girl. After much confusion, "youth finds youth, and age comes into its own." The cast includes Annis.DeLong, as Isabel, the girl of yesterday, Richard Theobald, as William Ames, the lawyer, Joy Rahr, as Florence, the modern girl, and Robert Segerson, as Johnny White,.her enamored suitor. Character parts are portrayed by Arlene Rice, as elderly Aunt Ellen, Louis Witham, as the country station-master, Marjorie Bronne, as loquacious Mattie, and Ernest Rivers, as obedient but befuddled Henry. ' It is generally agreed that much of the success of the play was due to the effi- cient work of the producing staff. The attractive settings, the effective lighting, and the character portrayals made this production one unsurpassed by any of the previous Senior Class plays. Morrison Haviland, as business manager, deserves a great deal of praise for filling the house in spite of the bank holiday and the illness of his co-manager, Gertrude Bakst. Other committees included House Manager, 'Jeanne Bruno, Stage Manager, William Smith, Properties, Lillian Pierce, Elizabeth Yanklowitz, Lillian Shapiro, Virginia Wetherel, Frank Peck, Costumes, Violet Lanfear, Helen Lockwood, Margaret Foley, Rhoda Bentley, Scenery, William -Holmquist, John Flower, Harry Kopelovitz, Martin Oudekerk, Daniel Torchetti, Alexander Gilchrist, Lighting Committee, William McCune, Spencer Bellinger, Posters, Anne Breen, Publicity, Stephen Goodell, Ushers, Marion Thompson, Marie Canale, Elsie Lavine, Esther Goodspeed. Between' the acts, the Senior Orchestra furnished music under the direction of Paul E. Bergan, director of music in the public schools. An excerpt from The Post-Star confirming our favorable opinion read: "Enthu- siastic response from the audience showed appreciation of the fact that the play was an unusually difiicult one to present, depending on the ability of a clever cast, rather than the plot, to maintain interest." Page Thirty-five Senior Expression Recital Friday, Deeeniber 2, 1932 Reading-INluke-Up QB. H. Mf'Ni'clb . . . Riehzird Tlieobalml Reading-Bill 1hZ0na Galei .... . Dorothy Pulver Violin Solo-Souvenir fFrrmz Drfllai ....... . Louis Goldstein Rezuiing-Affairs of the Morgrans lE'wlyn G. Klahri . . . . Helen NVinehip Poems-The Anthropoifiul Ape H'hm'lotIe P. Gilmnnj . . The Neolithic' Man U'harl0tt0 P. Gil7lLIl71,i . . . Stephen Goociell The Yarn of the Nziney Bell iwyiullfllill Gilbert! . . Bass Solo-Hedge-Roses fSchubcrH .......... Brfiyton Lewis Reading-A Sunny Morning fSm'ajin and Joaquin Quinferoi ..... Toy Ruhr Trumpet Solo-Arbutus CH. A. Vonrlcwroolri ...... Rosmore Seliwziger Reading-The Cop and the Anthem 10. Ifenryi ...... Robert Medlnr Reading-Get the Story Cfionsfanee Skinner!! ...... Marjorie Bronne Expression in charge of SARA S. GABRIEL Music' in eliurge of PAUL E. BERGAN Pngfr' 7'lr1'1'ly-s1'.1' -Q... L si... .S- l 'i I l IQ l w ll Dramatic Club lim-czliism' ul' llll' l'Illllll1lllUll vslalulisliwl in lil'l'YiUllS yvars, ilu- anmlal llramatim- l'l11lv play lPl'l'5K'Illllil last l,t'l'l'IlllN'l' was vagzvrly aiiticipalvml lwy Ilia' sliuls-ut lrmly. .-X limi 1lt'l'l'Ul'IllMI1l'l' nf "'l'l1v Nim- Wim Wvrv lNloll1vl'." lvy a wvll-Imiliml vasl, livml up lu, anel 1-vvii vxw-mlfwl. m'4-l'y- 3 unv's llIllll'lli2lll0l1S. l,lll'll1LI tliv yn-ar. sm-x'm':ul mic'-act plays wr-rv piw-si-iitm-el. Illllllllll wliivli wvrm- I "'l'lu- Last Straw," "Gas, Air, aml l'l2ll'l.ll "Wlial l'lx'vi'y Woman liiimvsf' "l"mn'Iw'li." and part il of ".-Xliotlwi' l,ang:uag:v." l 'l'liv vlulm has lu-xwlilml, not mily lay its juuim' aml svnim' quota lllPllllN'l'S, lull also lu' tlw l lwlpflil lllllllPIll'1' :xml :wlivily of a low post-gLi':ul1iaIv llH'llllN'l'S. l As has lx-vu ilu' l'llSl0IIll1l pin-wlilig yvarf, ilu- llramalim' Clulm will p1' i'fm1l1u-l1w- K mvnl..a prize' 0f.iix'vilQll:1i's Qavli lo ilu' sviiiur lmy :mil ills' girl wlm llIlYl' SllUWll ills' inns! mit- I slamliug: ilramatic alnlily lllll'lIl'!I tlu- high sm-lmol 1'0lll'Sl', ll Ul4'l"IC'liRS lv l'rf .mimiI-lNI.xu.loi:iic linux Nic N1 1'1'rI1l1'y--1ll-1n'l'lil'Ulc l4.xKs'r V l'f'4-4'-l'1'mi1lwr1lflllvilxlilm 'l' Tn nsun r-W.u.'1'i1:i: lXl0Nli0l'l I' .llf'n1l1r'rs of Ihr? It'.1'4 r'l1Ii1'f Iimzrrl-C'I.lcNlmN C'n,xxx1-:1.i,, Joi' Ruin. lima-pm' .'XllAMSllN .'lIll'lNt'l'-A1155 Suu S. flximiici, MlCMI4IC1lS Q .-Xliw llaluir lilsa lil'lIIlllll A lgIll'lill'YllXY1'll .lulm llllllgll' ik M:u'jm'i1- llalvs .losvpli fl0l4lSIllllll Cliarlm-s Pattmi .lulm Rulminsmi 1, il .l1-annv lirmm Slvvv Gooflm-ll Lillian lri..N.l, William Smith lilizalwlli llvan lisllim' Uomlspvwl Dmmlw lmlwlr lmuis 5I,N.1m. ' 1 .lulm llvlmnpg Harry fi1'illlIl 4 ', , Virginia XYvllu-11-l Y Hail llrmiulil. William lxllfllllll' l""lW' lfmmlflll C'lai'v Wmul W Marion Fulvy Holm:-rt :Xl0I'l'lSO1l Doris liivlwlls llmwvtlly Mac-oililu-1' I ii il Illlgll' Tfllirfy-sf l'1 Il 1 65 ...- . v 9- vw. .. G i r l s ' I-I i -Y PTGS'tdCVlt-lX'IAR.7ORIE BRONNE Vif'e-Presidenf-MARION FOLI-IY Serratary--DonoTHY PLILVER Trea.s1n'm'AlVixxvN Bliley Advisers: Miss Suxluii Alamixxoic Miss YIOLA Rm'NoLns MEMBERS Emily Aclzunson Alice Baker Gertrude Bzikst Mztrion Bauer Alice Belrner .loam Davis Elizzlbetli Dean Annis DeLong Isabel Eaton I 'nyc T1i1'rly-aight MzL1'g:u'et Foley Elsa Gelrnzin Esther Gooflspeed lXIzu'garet Grosbeck Dorothy Jensen Muriel Kelly Violet Lanfeur .lame Mead Julia Niles Caroline Robinson Eunivo Robinson Ruth Segerson Peggy SlI11II10IlflS .losepliine Stoyunowski Elizabeth Strong Virginia lv21SlllJll1'Il Helen Winellip 'W .gs -4 TW -c X . V 4 L.. l 1 I , B o y s H 1 -Y Aftm' ai Sll1'l'l'SSflll your tho Boys' Hi-Y fccls flint il glQl'l'1Ll rlcul has lwcn :wc 1111 lwd lllNl0l'lllCllll'0l'llU11 0l'3,l1'.S2lXOl1iII1Kl 1XIl'.1i0llll1SOIl. Tliv vlub llZlS llml Cllzlrgo of the snlu of cskinio pins :xl :ill llw svllool lmslic ilu ill l ff ni-s and also :it the Eastern Stutvs Bzlslcctlmll rrUlll'll2lllll'Ill. lllllllll' thu- Ill!!-11111 of tliv club, voiliplctv lJ1'0QQ1'2llllS of tlw winter sports in liiggli sc-liool wvrc givin ll1lllllJ0l'S of tho stumlvnt body. Among tllc vlulfs other zwtivitics ' X 'K ' 1 xnml tlw :innnzil Hi-Y Baill,wl1im-11 took plzwo in May. . , . , num ilu Lntcil 11lllll0lll l0l'll1l' Girls H1 X OFFICERS Pl'CSI.Ilt'llf-RIUIIARD PA'1'TEliSON Vif'c-l'1'1'.w1'rIr'nf-N1-:Lsox Sxivrll Sl'!'I'l'fl1Vlf-'RKTIIARD 'l'n1ioBixi.n Tl'Cfl.S1U'CI'-RIFIIARIJ W11,1,1im1soN MEMBERS Rolwrl Aclaunson .lulizin Bvzuulct C'l1:n'lm-s Bclnici' .lac-lc Brziyton Williann Cunnion Flyclo Davis Willaml Donn Ilurolml Dickinson .lzwk Evzms l'l1'2llN'lS l'lvc1'ts Stvplicn Gooclcll C'l1:11'lcs Hull William Hull Wzilfci' Ingalls Willinni Mc'Cunc Cliurlvs M4-Gnlliii Wullvl' Monroe Rolx'1't lXl0l'l'lS0l1 Hurry O'i'onnvll clll2ll'l0S Rowe Rolivrt Svglorson Tl10lll1lS Slmnnon Wultci' Soiitlmnl llonnlcl '.ll1'UllllJlCy 'ago '11 fri: n Qs?- Q ss.. S ii, . . In v- -1 - . X. 5 Debating Club ,lk-lmtiiiig in the liiglx scliool this yvan' luis boon 1-mifliicrl tn ll1ll'2l-11lll1'2ll activity. ln tliv lull, tlic local Kiwanis Club offcrccl 11 silvci' loving cup to bc ziwniwlccl to tlic Claws wliusc toznn won flick sn-lnwnl vliziiiipiniisliip in clclmfing. f'n1np0titinn lmcgzni clnring tlio sovnml Sl'l1li'Sll'l' on tllc qucstioiiz Rcsulwrl, tlint tllc l'nit0cl fltzitvs slnoulfl zu-vvpti full :incl zwtivc lll01lllJl'l'Sl1lp in tlic .lil'2lQllC of Nations. Tlic Scnim' Toznnvmiiposoflol'Stopl1o11 Cloomlvll, Lillian Sll2lIlll'0,ill1ll Louis Witliznn, mlvfcncling fllc ilvggzitivv sirlc, won tlic elvcisicm lrmnn tllc Snpliuiiiniw- Tvnni voiiipnsc-ml of lXlllll'l'VIl. Koi-riain, Rulwrt linzinot unal Hc-lvn G:n'l0n. lintvr, tlw Svnim' 'l'vznn, mlcfonilingr tllu 2ll'l'll'lllIlllVl' sirlc, flolbutcwl tlii- Junior 'l'o:nn, Clzirv Wnml, Hnrnlml Hnrrl 21ll1l Nlzn'tl1:l S111-cliy, lllllS winning tlic- sc-linol l'll2lIl11ll0llSllll1. iXlo111lw1's nl' tlic winning tn-:nn c:n'nm-fl inflivimlnzll uwznwls frmmi llic Kiwanis Flnlm. flllllllllllillllill for tliv cup will lim-oixw :in zinnnzil cvm-nt, zinfl tlic nznnos nf' tlw winnc-rs will lw c1igx1':1x'0cl 0Ilf'll yo:n'ontl1c cup. .llllllif Forly M, in Sous ln mlirec-lion cle Mzulaune Nash et Mzlclzunoiselle Renner le Cerele Fram- enis vient, cle finir une nutre :inn6e pleinc clc sur-cies. Aux reunions nous nous sonunes bien aunuses. On 21 pr6sent6 l7C2lllC0lll3 cle pieees et nous nvons appris xle uouvelles ehunsons. Les ofheiers qui ont servi sont: I,l:0SiflP71fl'-lXIl'RlEL IQELLI-JY Vice-PrisirlenIf-W11,1,,x1m Die.-xx SCC'l'6lll1I'l'P-LILLIAN SHAP1Ro rFl:PSOf'1'I'f'-RICIIARD fiARRI'I'l"I' LES MEMBRES: Ciertrumle Bnlist .l'll'2lI1k Peek Spencer Bellinger Rieliarml Garrett Dorothy Pulvcr Rhoda Bentley Joseph Ci0lllS1l1llQll Joy Ruhr l.illinn Bishop Esther Gooclspeecl Lillian Shapiro Marjorie Bronnci lVilli:un Henderson 1Xl2ll'lllIl Sheehy .Iennne Bruno Muriel Kelly Riehzml Sheehy Franc-es Czihill Violet Lunfezu' Hurry Thompson Annette Chesler Dorothy Lansing Gordon Ward Iclzl Day Elsie Lzwine Virginia xY2lSlllJllI'll Elizuhetli Dean Dorothy lXl21l'0111bC1' John Weseott NYill:u'cl Deon Fawn Huey Helen NYinehip Isabel lflailon Robert Rlorrison Flare NYoo1l Gail llrougxhl Dorothy NiCWlJCl'l'j' lilizzihelli Ynnklowitz Gloria Duperziult Julia Niles Elizabeth Strong I'r1g1r' 1"m'!y-om -L. Science Club The Science Club, which was first organized in 1929, has beconie one of the principal clubs of the high school. The group has held regular meetings in the school laboratory, where inany interesting demonstrations were performed by the members themselves. Several manufacturing processes were explained, as well as experiments of a purely scien- tific nature. Moving pictures have been shown on inany occasions, and various trips have been taken by the club, among thein being a hike to the Lake Nebo Iron Mines and a visit to the General Electric Research Laboratories in Schenec- tady. A trip to the Barton Garnet Mines was also taken by tl1e club inenibers shortly before vacation. An entertaining program was presented in asseinbly, sponsored by the club, featuring Richard Garrett and Spencer Bellinger as Professor Vacuuni and Herr E Tonic. 5 The officers ofthe first terin were President, Spencer Bcllingerg Vice-President, I Sterling Nesbitt, Secretary, Carroll Swang and Treasurer, Harry Thompson. The f officers for tl1e second terxn were President, Richard Garrett, Vice-President, I Caroline Robinson, Secretary, Harold Dean, and Treasurer, Harry Thompson. LLC c,,,, ,- C. C, , l W., A me H, C Page Forty-t wo M - Commercial Teams On Saturday, April 29, twenty pupils from the commercial rlepartment went to the Mechanicville High School to colnpete in the New York State Connnercial Contest for this clistriet. They succceflecl in winning the Shortlancl II and the Typing II cups. They also won four first places and one second place in the following subjects: Sllllftllllllll II--Esther Shaw, Hrstg Mary Swirsky, seconrl. Typing II-Marion Tl1QJI1IEt3Il, first. Sliortlland I-Lillian Day, first. Connncrcial Aritlnneties-William Smith, first. The other teams took second place in Shorthand I, Connnercial Aritlnnetic, Bookkeeping I, ancl third place in Bookkeeping II. The contestants were as follows: Lillian Day Ida Day Jane Everts Esther Shaw Mary Swirsky Marjorie Wilcox Mildred Beaton Gordon lVard Irina Fisk Marion Thoinson Ellen Larmore William Smith Martin Ouclekerk Francis LaRose Henry Halnelin Frerl Doyle Charles Corlner William Tapper Mary liverts Pauline Doyle Page Forty-tluct ' L... Si 1 I 1 1 1 P1 si... ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 E 1 5 1 1 1 - 1' L1brary Club 1 1 1 1 T111- I,1111':11'y 111111111115 first 111'gz1111z011 111't01JC1'9, 1931,w111111111'1y-11111111111111 1 N 1 M111'1'1s1n1 H21X'1121Il41 was 11111' 111's1 IJl'1'S111CI11. ' 1111111111111 1 11,1t111. 11 . H111 :1'111 11' 01' 1- IJ 'S 11 '111' '1':1s1r 11111' i1111w 111 1111 11' 111 1 J1':11'v 21114 11 ill! i II12l1i1I1glQ 1110 11111':11'y 215 11s1-1'111 us p11ss11111- 111 1,111r s1,1111c111. 111111y 111111 111 11111 1,C2l1'1ll'1N 111 1 1 11111' S1-1111111. Olll' 1'111-1111111111111 111-11v1111-s 1110111110 1111-1111-s, 111111-s, 111111 p:11'111vs. - 1 1 1 1 Ml'lM15ERS1932-1933 1 Pr1'.w1'111i111'-.l1111N 1111111113 1 I 1'I.f'f'-IjI't'Nl.l1t'llf-31,-XR'I'11.X 81111319111 1 Sl'f'I'0ffll'1jiA was 13.1111111311 Tr1111s111'1'1'--19111111 Hl'I.1Xl,IiH' I 1 f F111111-is A111'111g1v1' 1,11111s 1"111g1-11111111111 M1n'1'1s1111 Hz1V11:11111 5, I.111'1':11111- 151111111 1':11'1 C1:11'11111'1' 1111111111 M111111111 Vl'1'2LC1l1lSC 1111111 111111111 Daisy N11'11111s A 1 1111011111 1C11sw111'111 1'1l'2111K'CS 111111211 R111J01'1 S1'z11cs 1 .1:1111f S1:1v111 ISQSH11: W1111 1 1 , 1 . ,. . , . ' 13 S1111-3111111111-rs--IN1111111111 111111111s1111 :11111 11111121111 11 1115111 11 '4 9 K111111111'1's111p is 11111111 111 1111- two 1111111-1' g1':1111's 111' .111111111' High 801111111 111111 111 S1 ll 5 1111111S1'1111111s111111'111s 111111 p11s1--gzg1':11111z110s. 1- ---- ,,.-.--,1.1, 1 ,,-,-1.,11-,.11,-....-,--1.W1-1,...- .1 1'11y1' l"1n'ly-fuzzv' ,fi - , . X Q, , ' 9 'x K O rch e stra KIICMBICRS FIRST XYIULIN-lvllllfll' Im::iIls,m1m-rt iiiuslviw fiI'0l'2l' R0lllIllI'j'I'l'. .lolm llvlimigr. Nz-lsmi Smith Louis flulmlslviii, lsmloi' fll'0K'll, Hu-ls-11 AINll'l'S0ll, Yvrai Cliam-, livlwvm-an Swimmf-i'. Sizvoxii Ymmx - l'w:1li'i1'a- Sllylll'l', ,ll'2l1l Williams. l'lI'1lllf'lS Aiirimrz-i', .lzmv Wvliiimw-, livntriu i l,vwis.lYilli:1m Sloiikus, Philip llolilstvin. lN'I0i'i'is Clolrlluwgx. llnisy XYI'lllI'l't'l, 'l'lic-lm:i liiclwllx Viom-.lvssiv Lovu-lalnml. i'l':l.x.0-Kai!hvrim- lN1o1'1-lmilsv. lV1m'rism1 llaivilniul l"i.l"rl4:-IJoi'is li:u'lwi'. lir:ull'm'4l Wright, llnviml lJvVol. C'i..uuxi:'1'-i'l:n'k lC1lmly,C':n'l live-lc. C'li:u'lvs lX'Ic-liinnvy, Rolwrt l,m'm-luml. I ALTO-SAXOPIIUNlifl,:lY4' lN'I:1rlmv, .Iulm Morrill. Mriiiol-iioxic--Isnlwl l":n'lm-y. O1s0i4:kRolwi't Mr-cllzlr. f'0R0Xl41'l'-ROSOIIIOTU Svliivrxgviy lialynioml liloml, Allwrl Hull. llorolliy Fi':nir. lliilmis lilliotl 'l'iumnoxiz-Willis I". Watson. STRINIS llASS--AlILCllSl:l I'rigvi'. l5.xssnoN-Williuin llnll 'l'Ym'.xNI AND lJul'Ms-'l'livomloi'v limlrly, .luvli Norris, l"i':mk Monro, C':u'ltrm Klurlvy, l'l,-xN1s'1's-lhiiily Aml:m1smi,l'lls:x llvlinaui, llurolliy l'1ilx'vi', lN'I:ii'gr:xi'vl Siiprmianit, lloru flulmlslr-in Su-rwlfwy-IDmuvrnY P1'i.v1cu Librarinnflinun-'num XVIUHII1' Sfllfll' .llfinugfw-llxvii lXl.KlCl.1bXY flllll1lNl'flIl'1l,.Xl'l, li. lilCllti.KN Prign' l"m'Iy-fir 1 X I ig-ffQQ'1:'fggwfw.,-,,.,,W., , , ,,,.An-,amy Eye Y vqkxmfg.--x-rq-f,,,-,z,,,,, .x- 4' 1'-J: ,.,f1'f-',g '- V li lll ixilf:-i',"' ,V . 4, ,, Q .,,,.,, M-. .fri - 4.,,, tI,."tfqfx,',1.-1' .,.,,, ..,.-.,1 :, Q of-,si " 'Qibgv yu'3i ' rl". in 1 Girls' Glee Club lYith the eoming of Mr. Bergan last September, an A Capella Choir was formed, consisting of about sixty members in the boys' and girls' glee elubs. In this group, choral music is sung entirely without accompaniment. The elub has made numerous publie appearanees since its debut at Patrons, Evening last, fall and has at all times been enthusiastieally reeeivecl. Through the interest, of the State Supervisor of Music, who heard the organization, the ehoir has been invited to sing for the two-days' Convocation of the Board of Regents at Albany next fall. The ehoir has made several publie appearances in assemblies, at the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, in the Hrst Student Coneert, and at the banquet of the Six-County Sehool Boards. For the first, time, it enterecl the Sehool Musie Festival at Skidmore College, May 20. N N-Q-rw. ,tu 'j."'w' faqwwf,-5:ffv::-1' ' . ls?-:iwsQs??MEQxwf'imf59: 4-122:21 X Page Furl 11-six i JXJX liniily Adamson Mary Ann Allen Doris llarlwr Aliee B0lI1lUl' Jeanne Bruno Marie Canale Carnien Capezutti Marion Chainpaign Vera Chase .lane Conklin Arthur Allen Charles Beliner .lark Brayton Harold Dickinson Theodore liddy DuBois Elliott Louis Feigenliaiun Robert, George Boys' Glee Club Members Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs GIRLS Muriel Cone Constanee Crannell Rita Del Signore Marion Eldridge lleatriee Fuller Elsa Gellnan Josephine Harris .lane Hilton Dorothy Lansing Ann Lloyd Liddell Helene Meron Winifred Neale Eleanor Newkirk Helen Phelps Mariel Porter Louise Pozzuoli Doris Ricketts Carolyn Schwager Ruth Segerson Beatrice Snyder BOYS Louis Goldstein Stephen Goodell lsadore Green Albert, Hall Charles Hall William Hall Morrison Haviland lirayton Lewis Dave Marlow Mauriee Marlow Robert Medlar Charles MeGufiin Charles Riee Cawood Roach George Rothmyer Charles Rowe Graee Snyder Iva Stewart Winifred Stranahan Margaret, Surprenant Augusta Unger Jane Wfashburn Jean Williams Clara Wood Marjorie Woodbury liernice Yaffe John Rugge Nelson Smith Louis Spector lVilliain Stoukas Riehard Theoliald Robert, Troinliley Roger Wells Gordon Streeter 9vr'rr'Inry-Doais Ihiiisizic I7ll't't'flll'-PAUL E. Bsiusax Srrrvtary-Moinusox IfAVII.ANlJ Page I'w0l'f1l-Slt1ll'Il s qsssssug i r i i I .1,'s.-M. A... lflzi,QSvS'?'W"'21-4'g':5"'v-if 4' A ' M .381E'g,W1'2g4:,, Wg. gig, L mai' ,L f X.. L 5, "'ilf'4:,.if!: '-t " nm e-xilfvlii. 1 i J.. ' if-l J asf. Football 193 2 fl0fII'lI-VTIIOMAS F.Ai,1.i:N Assisfurzl !'or1r'l1-W1x,l.1s xYA'l'SON ,lI!I7IIIgjl'I'-l'lRWlN l'lI.IC'l'i'IIICR gl-NSI.-Nfflllf I'0r1r'h-HENRY Hoxmx flflllflllilli Elf'l'li'gclAllI. S'l'REl-I'l'l'IR fllljlffllill-lvlLLI.-XXI SMITH ,1lIII7Il!f1I'7' Elffrf-Cxni. l5.x'1'1':s SQFAD William Smilh flarl SlI'I'OlOl' Russ:-ll Vl'all William Ryan Burton Fri-nvh llaviml Varnvy Isaac Alkvs .lanivs Davison fllvns Falls Glvns Falls fllvns Falls Cllvns Falls Cllz-ns Falls Glvns Falls Cllvns Falls illvns Falls Puyr I"m'Igf-rfgflzl Vl'alfm' Solllharcl Rolwrl Harris Riolwrt Svgxvrson Uharlvs B0llIll'I' .lack Murray Haynionml liloofl John Williams Harry Griffin Waltm' Ingalls Rolwrt, C'oon Horavv liarlwr lVallm' Coon Thomas Shannon Franvis Ponlro John Flower Philip DvSanc-lis SCHEDULE ,, 28 Cainlmriclgrr- fi lVhil1'hall , 7 I.ak0Pla0ifl ,,,, 0 Granville- , ,, 0 Hudson Falls 21 Porl Hnnry , , 0 Clrnf-nwim-li ,,,,,,,,, 6 Fort l'l4lwarcl , lVon 3 - liosl 5 John Morrill Iiilylllilllll Hythr llanivl llvvlm Franvis live-rts .losvph Langdon .lohn Ilvlwnu Harold Himi florflon Sliwwlrvi' 0 ,, 7 ,, 6 31 , 18 , 0 6 7 .I- 1 la!-rv ll l 4 -. f Qi wmv:-is -Q2-II.l:5ff32'::hJ?,E:Q21fia1A in B Qlllllnilll' fy X.. fs X' ' -W--V Y S. a.,- I I Boys Basketball Team fwfr-I1--'l'i1ox1,xs F. Aim-:N Jfmiuggw'-Rl'ssicl,l. W.x'i"r !'upfr1in-laco Wai. l,l'l'l"l'l'lll ll FN ll0i'am'u liarlwi' llulwrl Tomi Walla-r Ingalls llivliaril l':itlvi'smi ll.ar1'y Fwrlmwilz llarolfl llivkiiisoii lioluwt lNlm'g:in llarulml Svaiiian lhmalml Carlislv liawiviiw lluylc- William lX'1Ul'Sl' lmo Wall Rilylllilllll Young Nathan Ziimm-riaaii SC'Hl'llJl'l,l'l film-ns Falls 30 l'm'l Hviiry 21 Cllr-ns Falls 23 flraiivillv 20 lllvns Falls 28 Fort liilwarrl I5 Ulf-ns Falls 2-1 Sl. lXIIll'y.H I9 Glvns Falls 20 llmlsun Falls 20 fllvns Falls 20 lliulsmi Falls ll ills-ns Falls 26 Aliiimii 29 illviis Falls 45 lioltuii I6 fllviis Falls 28 St. lXIai'y's 27 Cllviis Falls 18 ril'2IllYlllI' 23 Glvns Falls L16 Furl! lll'Ill'Y 22 film-ns Falls 30 Wliilf-liall I0 fill-ns Falls 30 Gwc-iiwivli 23 Glmis Falls 41 Ch'f-1-nwivli ,, I2 lllmis Falls 36 Holton 10 Illviis Falls 28 ih'am'illw- 30 Glmis Falls 2-1 Furl lCmlwai'1l 0 fllviis Falls 46 Vlansliiiigzloii .-Maul. I3 Cllvns Falls 20 Wliitvliall 15 lilviis Falls 23 Watf-rfm'1l 35 Wim 16 -s Lost 4 1 Pity f'liampimis. C'u-1-li:iiii1mimis N. F. N. Y. l'. ll, S. .-X, .-X. Prrgfw l"m'Ig1-:ffm s... A Soccer Team fforzvlz-R,xLP1i HoMAN C'apz'uz'n-CII.xm,ics Rowic M 071CIVQPI'-FRICDIAIRIFK ISAACS flssisfant M anagcr--WALTif:1z STOYANOWSKI l TEAM Artilmi' Allan Malcolm Ashton .lac-k Braylon Cliarlvs fl0tll1l'I' Lauvrs-nc-0 Doylv Louis Dmlloy Hoosic' Falls , Glens Falls liansinglmiirgg Glens Falls ,lll10U4l0l'O Eddy LORoy Foslmrook Str-rling: Frasioi' Uliarlm-s Hall Rolmort Goorgo Franc-is LaRoSc lVilliain BJCCIIHO Tlioocloro Moyer lValf01' Monroe Starling: Nesbitt Ricliard Patterson Maynard Rythor C'orinih , Glvns Falls SCHEDULE Corinth , Glens Falls 1 , . U lllonf Ploasant ,, ,H 3 Mont Plnagant ,, Glons Falls , 1 Glens Falls Nelson Smith Rollin Slvvcns Robert 'l'1'on1lmlc-y lvllllillll Tuppor Richard lVllll2lI1lSOI1 l5l'2llll'01'd lV1'ight Lilllilllgllllfg A ,, fllvns Falls ,, ,, , S2ll'2llOQI5L , , , Glens Falls , 7 Przyri Fifly l X 'la i ,fi Swimming Team C oach-RALPH HOMAN ' 4 , Captain-RICHARD WVILLIAMSON Captain Elect-CHARLES BELMER M anager-,ROBERT ADAMSON LETTER MEN Robert Adamson Edward Clune William McCune Robert Trombley Malcolm Ashton Carl Ellsworth Francis Poutre Rockwell Webb Charles Belmer Stephen Goodell Nelson Smith John Williams John Wescott CHigh Point Mani Richard Williamson SCHEDULE Glens Falls ,,,,77.. 777,7. 4 4 Alumni ..w...........,.w,V,.,,.V.V.,,,7,,v.7,,,,7,,,,,7 21 Glens Falls ........ .,..., 5 5 Mont Pleasant, Schenectady .,..,,.. 10 Glens Falls . ,....,. ,,.,7,. 2 9 Albany High School .,7,...7,,i,,,,,,,,,,,., 36 Glens Falls ,,.,,... ..,,,, 2 3 Nott Terrace, Schenectady ii.i.,,,..,, 42 Glens Falls .,v...., i,,.,i 3 2 Albany High School ..,...,.,.,....,..,,.i,, 33 Glens Falls ,..,..,. ..,,,,. 53 Mont Pleasant, Schenectady .,,.,,,, 12 Glens Falls ......................,,.................. 40 R. P. I. Freshmen ,,,,...i.,,,,,,Y..Y,,,,,,,,. 35 Glens Falls i,i,,,i,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 24 Nott Terrace, Schenectady ...i.....,., 41 Glens Falls High took second place for the second season in the sectionals, losing to Nott Terrace 45-26. Page Fifty-one X L... jx. .Iosvpli liarnvs .Iann-s Hale-s l l .lainvs C'oc'lanis Rolwrt Coon .losvpli lioylv 'I4lw:ml Clnnc- Tr a C k T e am l'0f1r'h-5-Tirrmfxs F. ALLEN !'r1pfr11'n-DoN,xLn 'llliUMI3Llf1Y TEAM Philip Dm-Sanvlis I,:1w1'c-licc' Doyle' Rolscwl Harris Walls-1' Ingalls Danivl Iivnnr-lly cif'0l'2I' Mam- Jllllllflflfl'-11011ICI! Wi-1L1.s Rnsvov NIilI'Sll2! ll 'I'hvml0l'v Mvvvl' Danivl Mourciv VVall01' lVI0l1l'UI' Harry U'f'onn4-ll Francis Poutrn- Clorrlon , lY:xllvi'f'nol1 Mailrir-v Marlow Frank Sl'lllllIll2lll .lavk Davis SCHl'llJl'l,l'l Mill' 6 R. l'. l. lI1lIll'Si'll0l2lSlll' 'l'i'ar'k Mont ,, , , May 10 Ulm-ns Falls , ,, , ,,,, 79 Fort Iiclwarml May 13 lllvns Falls S0 113 Hnmlsun Falls lVIay 18 Cllvns Falls 72 lf2 lYhifvhall May 22 Glu-ns Falls , ,, 51 Johnstown ,,,, ,, hfay 24 fllvns Falls ,, , 57 Clranvillv Tlionias Shannon Rcmlurwt SK'g'l'l'SOI1 Nc-lson Smilh Xvlllllllll Smith Rollin Sic-vm-iis Ralph Sf. Fivrrv C'ai'l Sfl'l'l'l4'l' Ward Troy 7 Hlllllll 23 2,33 Hunn- 32 112 Honw 46 Johnstown 49 flranvillv May 27 G-lvns Falls niacin svcond placv in thc- liakv Plac-id Rvlays June 1 Glens Falls won the Triangle Meet at Hudson Falls. .lnnv 3 G-lvns Falls won tho Slain Svvlionals al Allmany. Pngz' Fifiy-I 1l'0 iii + . - I Glrls Play Day Groups GROUPS IN PIC'l'l'RlC School liaskctlnall Yolloy Ball Class Baskotball Swiiiiiuing anal Lift- Saying Tennis Touriiamoiit Iixliibitions and Play Groups A Play Day is tlw assomlmling ot' two oi' morc QQFOIIIDS ol' sc-liools avtiyity, wliivli is tlio outgrowtli of tlu- physical c-mluvatioli I7l'0gIl'21lll. Um for atlilotim this YUAII' arm- built. aroimcl this itloa aml arc sclcctvcl so that all may participatv. Iilnpliasis is lll21t'0Kl0l1HPl2lY for Play's Salina" rcsultinggg in SI30llt2lllQ'llllS fun an l'0llllN'tlti0ll witll a l.l'l0Il1lly. gvmlilio play spirit. l Tliv Play Day proyiclvs opportuiiity for wliolvsomc aml satisfying sovial 1- lull ol tact, lX't'tlllSC it stresses tl1l'UllQlI its play az-tivitics c-ortain mlm-sirablv stam 4 ' s social l'0Iltlllt't.Q llllllllllyy initiativc, SCll'-t'UIltl'0l, lC2ltl0l'Slllll, loyalty, and got S1l0l'tSl1l2ll1Sllip. P11 gr? Fifty-Ill 'avtivitlt s on fi rf 'P 'vcmffe WWWWW A 1 School Calendar sg Pit? W x Q s limi, ii 5 1932 September 9 . if .J September 28 . . 5 October 7 . . +1 October 20, 21 . . 5 , 1 October 24 . . October 28. . . s November 2 . . . November 22. . . . 3 iv November 24 to 27 . . ,ls December 1 . . . lf? December 2 . December 8 ..... December 28 ..... fy, December 24 to January 2 , '41 1933 January 3 . . . January 23 to 29 . . J anua1'y 30 .... February 8 .... February 11 to 13 . . February 17 . . . February 23 . . March 3 . . March 10 . . April 4 . . April 6 . 1 April 7 . . . April 10 . . . . lg April 14 to 23 . . eu, April 17. . . if May 1 . . . P, May5.. . May 8 . . . , it May 26 . . . ,, , May 29 to 31 . f June 19 to 23 . . W. June 26 .... June 27. . . School Opened Senior Tea Dance Assembly, James Whitcomb Riley Recital by Mayme English Lillotte Recess, Teachers' Convention Sophomore Tea Dance Commercial Party Professor Gerald Craig Junior Tea Dance Thanksgiving Recess Rufus Rose Marionettes Senior Expression Recital Patrons' Evening Senior Dance Christmas Holidays Lecture, Frank Carideo School and Regents Examinations Second Term Opened Professor William Beebe Lincoln's Birthday Week-end Orchestra Concert Lecture, Dr. Jack Hart Lecture, Prof. Paul Saunders Senior Play, "Intimate Strangers" Professor Dexter Perkins Lecture, Dr. Rommert - Physical Education Demonstration Lecture, Professor Schlagenhaul Easter Holidays Junior Prom Girls' Hi-Y Tea Dance Spring Choral Concert Lecture, Mr. Arthur North Boys' Hi-Y Dance Memorial Day Week-end School and Regents Examinations Alumni Reunion Commencement Page Fiftyifour lil. '1 a , , 'S ' f Q A Commencement if GQQIYWQS "The New Era," a pageant of Patriotism and Reconstruction, was chosen for the Commencement program this year. This pageant depicts our modern age and deals with the question of the use of leisure time in this new era. Orchestral and vocal music, tableaux, dancing, and speaking, all play an important part in the presentation. Each member of the graduating class has had some part in the production .... 9 1 Page Fifty-five 0 Q9 TS, 9, KA, El-M ... --. s-. n r 4 I Q A , X vo ' X ll L 'lr I x L f fill M I l 5 I 5 l l l Jl l I it f 1 4 1 1 1 5 i E 1 tj 4 1 , 5 3 ' l ' l T 'J l'l 4, gl 2:5 l 'l I it f I Hou: many ages hence I A Shall this our lofty .scene be acted over, i ln states unborn and accents ye! unknown. 1 JULIUS CAESAR --W Shakespeare. H na- L ,,.,,,-, , ,f,...,, ,. ,... " , , l'11g1r Fl-fl!!-81.17 fi?-Qs Since 1869 B. B. FOWLEB COMPANY Glens Falls, New York Z all "Elizabeth Arden" Beauty Preparations "Nelly Don" Dresses Page Fifty- F f.. s A 1 A4 yn 4 Lx. 'N . 95. V. ff 5 '1 .,, gf fi: ,,, lf tk: fi, ,xx u r y, n 1- 4 5 1 9 1 1' if 3 ,f 1 54 v 3 1 ga x , H m Q, 'FUN ., ,e-151. iw ",, fs ,X ' ' f , X :vs-f l m y 3 a ,K M lf , P 11 M sf 4 1 nf' 1 w A X 'E V. QQ? l,l'1i5 A-iq 1 E? fi ' tiff! 1. -in - 1, r. Hamre 8. Cyprlan Photographers 126 Glen Street ' Glens Falls, New York offlcnal photographers for classes of 1932 1933 Page Busty .5 , 1 if il , ,gg +1 1 -w , ti ,gi 4 N W 1 1. nu A 9 14 nh ' L! .V 4 f if a rf 1 will 1' f.- 'lst ' ' "PQ lit EF, -2 reg 1 ww. -, was ws- ki' - .. 3 1 ,jfs 5 Q M ff 4, za L " ive, 1 :vw ., . N 15,5 f X QQ, 17 . Fi- if ,X ,M rr 1 ' L gf - - rl U . ,l 5 A1 - J E' Y-' Sm 5 J F va fo, 5 v , ' ' 4' ,' Q, X :T 1 f 5'5- .w www f ' 1? f I A" QW 1 jx IL '15 1 L -tllllg H' Vis., 1 ts , "1 1 Jigga A -' fd l N1 1 - 1:12, ,go , :L 119 . S fi ffar Vw f' 0 U , : -x' . J ,. ,n . -. : 33' A , gs :flu 7 ' L .4 M, A 1? VE "1 "'-1 -Q., 1 Q . R 'frf ffl . l V lg ll - A l ' E3 - . ,M E , ' ' 1 1 1 2,7 F L 4. Q THE QUEENSBURY N COFFEE SHOIP g 0 I 0 WONDERFUL FOOD , , Well Served N Q THE FINEST ICE CREAM IN TOWN PRICES IN KEEPING WITH THE TIMES LSCAPQJC,-E LFOIUBPS uaflllays fovefyu H. SCHRADE 8. SUNS, In f Queensbury Hetel I Ridge and Maple Ii' Phone 2-3l48 m ylorisfs and fandscape Ackilecls H ,EE,EEE,E I Page Sixty-one 1 wvwgw-rg-g -gp--fg.-Ju-,fm-.. ,,- H, 3 q ,w,. ., ,.,,,,,..m,,,,F?,,W,:,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,V..,q. . 535 mpire Automobile U, 'COIUPAHY . 5 E uf P J I Cfomac Sales,EInc. F CHEVRCDLET f H SALES- SERVICE 1? 1 - Q' 'Q Q .. F 45 WARREN STREET T EPHONE 2-2197 E il P S mW 41-11.4 F JOHN WILEYS VVCJIIQ-Qver Boot Shop Now located at 13 WARREN STREET fRia.lto Buildingj , CATERING T0 THE NEEDS OF FUSSY FEET OF ALL AGES Compliments of 4 QA Ames Chemical Works . Page Szxtu three is-a Compliments of Johnnie's 0 ' B R I E N RESTAURANT ICE CO. 99-101 Glen Street PHONE 2-4522 GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK UA inch thick--16 MESH 2 feet 0 inches X 3 feet 10 inches Curtis Window Screens FULL LENGTH CLEAR WHITE PINE GALVANIZED WIRE 351.07 each 2 feet 4 inches x 4 feet 6 inches . . . 1.27 each 2 feet 6 inches X 4 feet 10 inches . . . 1.39 each 2 feet 7 inches x 4 feet 10 inches . . . . 1.40 each 2 feet 8 inches X 5 feet 2 inches ....... 1.49 each Complete stock of the more common sizes at equally low prices. N 0 waits-Prompt deliveries-Phone, write or call Finch, Pruyn Ei Company , Screen Doors - Window Screens 27 GLEN STREET DIAL 2-2161 GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Page Sixty-four A is 751,946 61726172 PSS' School Days with Good Snap Shots DEVELOPING - PRINTING - ENLARGING Twenty-jour Hour Servzce Shangraw's Pharmacy H GLEN STREET fat. Grant Avenuel GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Protect Yourself and Your Car See us for All Automobile Insurance I Z" fs 'ae 'ae Carson Insurance Agency ROOMS 421 - 422 INSURANCE BUILDING - PHONE 2-1077 Page Sixty-ive J' f 4 I - .V wi "je w 'sa' 'Ps'- L.- A- rpw W-vsfggv lgsaqy-xi,-an 1: - f ' an Nlclvlullcnf-l.eavcns Company A GREAT MANY MEN ARE DISAPPOINTED WITH CHEAP SHIRTS . . . AND ARE ASKING FOR SOMETHING BETTER McMullen-Leavens Company of Glens Falls, N. Y., have made fine shirts for many years, and the Peters Clothing Company have sold them since the factory made the first delivery. At 81.65 and 51.95 we give you beautifully tailored shirts in those trickey new Spring stripes and checks at these amazing prices ..... Collar attached, tab collar attached, and two matched starched collar models. Every shirt entirely lock-stitched, finest ocean pearl buttons, combed yarns, pre-shrunk fabric. Each shirt is hand laundered throughout: many little refinements found only in custom made shirts. And don't forget this: You can buy quality merchandise at the C. V. Peters Clothing Company at no extra cost. Come in and compare. ' lr . Peters ompany OPERATING AS WILSON CLOTHING COMPANY in RUTLAND, VT. FAIR HAVEN, VT. GRANVILLE N Y BALLSTON SPA, N. Y. SARANAC LAKE N Y Page- Sirty-six vpn W., S' J , Wu., 4- l THE TIRE SHUP, Inc. 27 RIDGE STREET DIAL 2-0924 I U . T , 2 ' S 'Q x 5 ' T e I ' 6548635 Willard Batteries Firestone Tires ' Truck Tire Service E. L. Spain BERKSHIRE LIFE INS. CO. r Reade 32 Warren Street, Glens Falls ABOUT YOUR LIFE INSURANCE Pqge Sixty-seven ADIRONDACK BUSINESS SCHOOL ROGERS BUILDING, GLENS FALLS, N. Y. offers an intensive six months' course which adequately prepares High School graduates for business positions. Much practical oflice experience during the course. Q5 Q5 ca Ask for Booklet or Call in Person W. B. CURTIS, Principal Give More Thought to Music PIANOS - RADIOS -- MUSIC EVERYTHING IN THE MUSIC LINE ' 'asfaefa-2 BRAYDON 8. CHAPMAN Page Sixty mght W A . 1- Compliments of UP-To- Date Shoe Repairing WE w1sH TO ANNOUNCE that our prices are lower, but that t.he material and the workmanship are the same high grade as formerly. . Remember, we have been using the "New Process" since 1924. G4 GB Franli Serge, Proprietor ,- 4 2015 RIDGE STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Compliments of c o n o m y t o 1' 2 89-91 GLEN STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. WARREN PHARMACY LEONARD G. LABARGE, PH.G. Telephone 2-1021 4 WARREN STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Page Sixty-nine r UTP-'E Froternlty, College ond Class Jewelry A COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS INVITATIONS AND DIPLOMAS Jeweler to the Senior Class of Glens Falls High School Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers YQ? . L. o.BALFouR coMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASS. Albany Business College Schools of Business Administration and Secretarial Science THE NEW scnoon FOUNDED 1857 . r M- , ,Y Business Administration and Secretarial Courses of Senior College Grade '33 Special Preparation for Civil Service Positions , '22 130 WASHINGTON AVENUE Call or Write for Career Consultation Page Seventy' 24 fe . 1 ,.... The Best Laundry zn the Best Community 0 M G :SV Laundry "' "SERVICE THAT SATISFIESH Q '93 b DIAL: 2-1161 90W SOUTH STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. GLENS FALLS POST COMPANY Printers of the "Red:and Black" .Master Crapsmen zh the .Art of 7Jf1.f1l1t1g ' 2 . E ARD SINGLETON Cl on an zulu 0 1 4 ARTHUR P. I . B. O LFARTH So 0 A lingo: I one 1 n 0 artmon! f P08 ty- ne The Answer to Nude Bathing NEW JANTZEN MOLDED-FIT SWIMMING SUITS-So incredibly light, so luxuriously soft, so amazingly elastic that they bring the thrilling sensation of swimming with no suit on at all .... The new fashion fabrics knitted from J antzen Miracle Yarn gently mold and hold the figure in beautiful lines, retain their molded fit permanently. Q9 02? EAGLE cron-uwc COMPANY Hudson Transportation Co., Inc. GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Through Bus Service Between GLENS FALLS AND ALBANY Leave Glens Falls 6:40 A.M. 10:00 A.M. 1:00 P.M. 4:00 P.M. 7:00 P.M Leave Albany .......... 8:50 A.M. 12:20 P.M. 3:35 P.M. 6: 15 P.M. 9:50 P.M Running Time - Two Hours 'ew-fe Chartered and Special Busses at All imes 2-5113 - PHONES - 2-5331 Page Seventy-two -Ai fi.- We bpeczalzze m Printing That Fultills Its Purpose Recently several new customers have come to us solely on t.he recommendation of old patrons who appreciate the superior service we offer - help in preparing and laying out copy, planning for the greatest economy coupled with the fine printed results that come from the application of good judgment and taste, expert workmanship, modern typography and the selection of paper and inks suited to the work. PRICE - Why, of course, prices must be low in line with the current trend, but with us quality and service must not be sacrificed. ..... . '25 '23 '93 c The Bullard Press " The Printery on the Park" 20 MAPLE STREET Hart, Schaffner fs? Marx Clothes for Young Men '23 Q 'ii ENGLA DER BRDTHERS MP' 5- 'aria 61 'Kass' 5939 K 4 we Fqtsasw HX Qlggkf' 5,3 5 Sl sz we what asses' ww ww FEERHBEB ug 1 7 it get SQPWBEJQ Ewa as lisigig V if loc -: A S -:5ia:z2?5e ' " . effizifi W .- ,, aj 4 -5 'fa 5 -f-raw "rf"-9-H-'gkwt 5 5 remix?-4f"'4'-e.. ' as 'W Z uw- .' ' -- X894 fi., Nr. ' L Zfgli? wits tw .f iv 4,2 Q .S y A 1-Qx-as iff' C- '32-, Qjify' X ' m.'1g,,x':f.'v'v49J'v' is .W 'i " ii--'.l": 3 fx! asm Vyrzgwufq i- 1: Fit! f, W I ,P .1 -, if :E P' if 1.3139 Em ,J iiw 3 Q! H as-2 was-if Page Seventy-three m.. y D KEY TO , l B A BABY PICTURES 1 llll A XQXVM 1 N I l XX 7 Q 4 X 4 5 , ,ie L , 4' ZW 1 U 459 ,fff,ll,Nilljfl1wl? all l ' I hances On This Bab ! Shimmy in your steering is a danger signal! It means our axle and wheels are out oiy line --and a few hundred miles will burn the tread oil' of your tires. It is liable to cause collisions or land you in the ditch. We straighten bent and twisted axles in the car-COLD BEAR ' SYSTEM It costs nothing to find out-we give a complete check-up FREE. It takes onlya moment to check u -and onl a short P . 3' . time if you need service. DRIVE YOUR CAR IN TODAY L. M. Warcl's Garage 25 Saratoga Avenue So. Glens Falls, N. Y. Dial 2-2470 Marie Canale Gertrude Bakst John Flower Dorothy Lansing Dorothy Newberry Harry Thompson Marion Thomson Guess Who Stephen Goodell Virginia VVetherel Jeanne Bruno Helen Winchip Joy Rahr Lillian Bishop Alice Belmer Elizabeth Strong Rhoda Bentley William Smith William McCune Frank Peck Walter Monroe Dorothy Pulver Ernest Rivers Kenneth Viele Richard Theobald Beatrice Fuller Geraldine Bigelow Page Seventy-four A DODGE MOTOR BOATS ROBERT EDWIN ADAMSON Ed ALLEN USED BOATS - OUTBOARD MOTORS' Telephone Kattskill Bay 213 R.F.D. NO. 1 QDUNHAMS BAYJ LAKE GEORGE, N. Y. A REAL JEWELRY STORE 19.5. Arhvnharh 42 GLEN STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Exclusive Agents for B u R N s Hosiery ffD0r0thy-GI-ay" WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN Beauty Products MAGAZINES, STATIONERY, "E0k0m00f" TOBACCO, CIGARS Sportswear AND "PfiHtZeSS" CONFECTIONERY Coats - 'gg .- ....Q... -529 Corner Glen and Ridge Streets Phones 2-9866 and 2-9856 GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK Page Seventy-five J. E. SAWYER Ea' CO. Lawn Mowers Garden Hose Garden Tools Pamts, Varmshes HARDWARE AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES GLENS FALLS, N. Y. PH. A4 STEVENS 81 SON STOVES ana FURNITURE Private Locked Rooms for Storing Household Goods Packing - Moving - Crating 136-138 WARREN STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. For CLEAN COAL - PROMPT DELIVERIES DeLong Fuel Company 29 RIDGE STREET A GLENwoon AVENUE DETROIT SUPPLY COMPANY YQ? 39-41 RIDGE STREET PHONE: 2-3104 and 2-3105 GLENS FALLS, N. Y. 1 Page Seventy sm: 'HW' - - ,. M . . . - - -ff-, -...n f-fmrfxz wvfwfi A- -H 'Tv-1112 THQ.. .-If WWFEJ-1' T'o77"' ' . . , . A - T A LOOMIS 66 ROBERTSON Established 1852 . INS UR A NCB PHONE2-4418 John R. Loomis - A. P. Robertson - J. A. Kellogg DONCDHUE BROTHERS Dealers in GROCERIES AND MEATS A P f 155 MAPLE STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. A I Compliments of THE COMMODORE '23 '23 '23 AVARREN STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. 1 I P' , Q Women? and Mzsses If : xl lr 'I pf Apparel GUBNS MLB. NEW YOU NOW IN THEIR NEW LOCATION AT 184 GLEN STREET fOpposite Insurance Companyb Visit Our Complete New Shoe Department 1 Page Smrenty-sm en Best Wzshes f0m VIC LIDDLE and HIS ORCHESTRA I K Vic LIDDLE, '24 DoN HAMM BUs'rEn RAINVILLE MAC LANCE, '25 DON CURTIS, '27 HAROLD LANGDON RAY LAFARR FRED HULL, '27 I r 5 HOFFMANS SMART SHOP, INC. I Smart Apparel for H 4r fUNIORS and MISSES wr I A f 144 GLEN STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. CLASS RINGS MEDALS PRIZE CUPS Hayes Brothers jewelers and Oplzkzkzns GLENS FALLS, N. Y. D f GRADUATION GIFTS PEN AND PENCIL SETS A ' H' , 1: DIAL: 2-1053 A I D 2 T. E. MCGAVISH 1 Cptician 211 ROGERS BUILDING GLENS FALLS, N. Y. ' in QQ Page Seventy-eight A A A- 71?-'f'A? M. LAPI-IAM S SONS SPORTING Goons TRACK, BASEBALL AND TENNIS EQUIPMENT Q n E11 a 25 BAY STREET GLLNS FALLS, N. Y. . P LEGGETT DRUG CG., Inc. DRUGS - PAINTS - SEED b LOFT'S CANDY 137 GLEN STREE1' Phone: 2-1596 GLENS FALLS, N. Y. SCHRAFFT'S CHOCOLATES ARE GOOD LIPE dz DORING Distributors LIPE 8g DORING WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERY GLENS FALLS, N. Y. 'K , fy Comphments of H CYCONNOR CCJAL CCDMPANY 1' Q M ca 1 GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Z Fw ,n-q4Vq wil Page Se venty-nine W1 1 mmf' 'mf -MTNHJ Q Vkkq, 9 M- , Tie., N, W, ,-fm-q,F,k?QnA,:,,,,.,,,,:,,,? W . , , ii COOL INSURING AGENCY, Inc. H. C. BROWN, President I N S U R A N C E 11 RIDGE STREET DIAL: 2-0035 , s I ' In Glens Falls it's the n RIALTO THEATRE 7" fasfssfae J SUITS, COATS, DRESSES, DRY CLEANED AND PRESSED -31.00 Eight-hour Service 38 SOUTH STREET DIAL: 2-1272 LAMPS GIFTS SHADES The Electrical Art Shop Rialto Theatre Building, Glens Falls, N. Y. Telephone: 2-5512 UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC RANGES PROVED APPLIANCES Page Fmhty SS., INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE ADAMSON Sr BAYLE COMPANY G9 G1 6 LAPHAM PLACE PHONE: 2-4214 " ER ERI I I I I I I I I Good Vlollilis Always THE Y. M. C. A. BARBER SHOP 151 Glen Street, Glens Falls, N. Y. LADIES' AND CHILDRENIS WORK A SPECIALTY SANITARY AND EXPERT SERVIEE Your Patronage is Solicited F. 0. FRANKLYN, Proprietor TELEPHONE 2-9753 SHOES THA T ARE DISTINCTIVELY DIFFERENT ' MODERA TELY PRICED KUHN BRUTHERS 119-121 GLEN STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Pngf Eighty-one f ,ATA-AAi74r?f,,T-,xyqvf-,w.,.fL.7I L Comphments of QUEEIXISBURY BARBER, SHOP '33 '33 '33 MATT CARUso Gus CARPENTER JIM LOUGHLIN H-ALL ICE CREAM 4' 'ii '32 '33 PURCHASING DEPARTMENT u GLENS FALLS, N. Y. COMMERCIAL AND SOCIETY PRINTING Glencrcff Printing Company Stationery Embossed or Printed ROGERS BUILDING GLENS FALLS, N. Y l 9 KENDRICK 86 BRCDWN CO. BUILDERS' SUPPLIES '32 '93 '23 GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Page Eighty-two PRINTING THAT SPEARS FOR ITSELI' THE COMMERCIAL PRESS PRINTING 30 SOUTH STREET PHONE 2-5523 GLENS FALLS, N. Y. GEORGE M. ALEXANDER CONTRACTOR and BUILDER A DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF ROOFING SLATE 42 GROVE AVENUE TELEPHONE 2-2227 GLENS FALLS, N. Y. QUALITY FOOTWEAR FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR WEAR ' me Fitted the X-Ray Way LONG'S SHOE STORE 15 SOUTH STREET EMPIRE THEATRE BUILDING Capone's Shoe Rebuilders We Call for and Deliver '23 'ii' '23 16 EXCHANGE STREET DIAL 2-1716 GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Page Ezghty three IF YOU GET IT AT UTMOSTOCEAIISEIVICE KATHAN alt GROESBECICS Iocalagcni IT'S RIGHT TOURS AND CRUISES K I-I A IXI 84 XVIIEREVER you want to go, our experienced saves you money and time through experi- G R 0 B E C K enced planning. We are authorized agents for ALL Steamship Lines and Tourist Com- panies. The Corner Drug Store -EUROPE --NATION.AL PARKS -BERMUDA --GREAT LAKES -WVEST INDIES --NOVA SCOTIA -SOUTH AMERICA -SAGUENAY ... '25 1 -CALIFORNIA --WEEK-END CRUISE Phone, or write for illustrated booklets. Wallace N. Neilson ' TRAVEL AGENCY ULENS FALLS, N. Y. DIAL 2-3385 South Street and Elm Street Glens Falls, N. Y. REPAIRING WHILE YOU WAIT-PHONE 2-4646 SHOE SERVICE SHOP FRANK COLOTTI, Proprietor Ladies' and Gents' Shoe Shining A 17 SOUTH STREET tEmpire Theatre Bldgj GLENS FALLS, N. Y HYMIE, THE TAILOR Ladies' and Men's Clothing Dry Cleaned, Pressed, Repaired and Dyed Ladies' Fur Coats Repaired and Remodeled SUITS MADE TO ORDER - WE CALL AND DELIVER '33 '33 '33 10 NVARREN STREET fUpstairSl PHONE 2-2869 GLENS FALLS, N. Y Page Eighty-four is "h mW M '1 W ,, ma ,- .hu 'QA We Carry a Full Line of 5 FOSS, CYNTHIA SWEETS and VVHITMAN'S CANDIES 5 Meet your frvkznds at our New Soda Fountain 'as 'ae . 'se ' A 65 j T16 GLEN STREET PHONE 1127 my SHEEHAN SILK sHoP, unc. A Specialists in A SILKS, WOOL DRESS GOODS AND WASH GOODS A f 16 RIDGE STREET 1 GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Established 1893 G. A. PATTERSON 84 SON A GROCERS AND BAKERS Roasters of High Grade Coffees 30 WARREN STREET GLENS FALLS, NQY. fljrie Siore of C?Aeef'fufoSefvicen MERKEL8:C3ELMAN,olnC. . 1, . D Q C9 - 136-138 GLEN STREET Gm-:Ns FALLS, N. Y. Page Evbhty-five THE NEW MOHICAN MARKET 29 31 WARREN STREET Glens Falls, N. Y. NORTHERN NEW YORK'S LARGEST AND FINEST MARKET Compliments of the Glens Falls Rubber Stamp Works Established 1889 - Phone 2-2735 10 WARREN STREET GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Vogue Beouty Solon G5 GE? 106 GLEN STREET TELEPHONE 2-1460 H.B.E6H.M. Parks EUREKA CIGARS Dealers in The only comeback is for more. FLOUR, FEEDS, GRAIN, SEEDS, FERTILIZER, ETC. - 'ii' - -, :gg 1 MANUFACTURED BY T. J. KENNEDY TOBACCO CO. 220-224 Maple Street QINCORPORATEDJ Page Eighty-six BUICK-PONTIAC -M 5 G Cornpliments of ' Miller Bros. Garage Co. s s X 1 Q Dealers in S rffifx-W7 :li A O lg' 22 ' : 1 1 . GENERAL MOTORS TRUCKS CORSETS OF ALL KINDS .7642 .guide - -Xffoyne Siolo ... '33 - 15 Ridge Street Glens Falls, N. Y. l C l' t f omplmenso W. B. VanDeusen Z' FLINT- M ADDEN MERCHANT TAILOR E ' Our Cleaning and Repairing Depart- ! - Y I- ment is Absolutely Dependable. Crandall Block Glens Falls, N. Y. Phone 2-1376 188 CUpstairsJ Katz 8: Bierman TAILORS 148 Glen Street Glens Falls, N. Y. Joseph Shapera Ea" Sons GOOD CLOTHES ' FOR EVERY MAN Crandall Block Glens Falls, N. Y. l l REILLYS MARKET 44 South Street . -'21 MEATS - GROCERIES POULTRY Quality Flowers, Moderately Priced TRY US The Crandell Flower Shop - 'gg .. 2 Harrison Avenue Dial: 2-1184 Glens Falls, N. Y. Page Eighty-seven 37 alia.. -gn'-,,,.,,, . J Fax 4 . 5 , a+ 1 5, f , Vi Va:-, 1. ' ie.. -Jn- .Y 7 -cf v 's- 4, A' Q iii. .if .nv ' I f, 1 :Li-A ,Gtr .Cy ... . Q "fa, - . 4' . dxferw-.-V' .,..... . .. .., 'W R21'f1'fPQw 'gig 3.1: j.:,m,3:'xe7'x 3 -il-1-Gum: ,gf -as ,Y y, ., W ll' tv. .:QS.,...gWi.. f.t,5F.,.-15,5 . .g 431 ff.. .: .. ' - ., -..lg dpi, ' - ' 4 .Q ., , . -- lt, 'a V, , . , ' . l.-lg., ' i Compliments of E F. A. Richardson ' GROCER ro :- 'f A : 5 it West Glens Falls -w 7 lb. Q' NU W 1 in K l . THOMAS RECCIQ if TAILOR I F 4 - Q - Nf- M L. J . R I V E R S 192 Glen Street, Glens Falls, N. Y. ef. HOME FURNISHINGS .1 Q 1 We Specialize in Interior Decorating Clayton Crannell A good place to buy Wall Paper, Paint, Muresco, Size, etc., also everything in thetWindow Shade line. H I rg, Kresge Building, Room 3 33 RIDGE STREET ,L 127 Glen St. Glens Falls, N. Y. CSecond Floorl Dial: 2-1029 l-l. B. Lambertson The 5Pifmif19 Wheel VEGETABLES - GRoCER1Es LAKE GEORGE ROAD I SADDLE HORSES SLEIGH RIDES ,- Q - - CURB SERVICE - L U N C H E S 26 Sanford Street U Stone Toasted Franks - Bar B-Q Sandwiches Dlall 29852 Glens Falls, N' Y' TELEI-HoNE 2-9738 C. G. WILKIE, Prop. , iii 1' J. M. Vcirney 81 Co. Gasoline, Kerosene, Motor Oil Building Supplies Feed, Stoneware, Salt TQ... Glens Falls, N. Y. Phone 2-1182 but' Page Eighty-eight Let us help you in making your Graduation selection of CARDS and GIFTS .. Q .-. Russell Ee Wait 122 Glen Street A Ridge Boolc Slmop 5 RIDGE STREET Graduation Cards and Gifts Rental Library VISIT OUR GIFT ROOM Compliments of Ellie fllnffee Shop, Jun. -Q- 108 GLEN STREET Glens Falls, New York Compliments of Mr. ond IVlrs.J.Bc1ks'r Doroy Lunch 168K-3 GLEN STREET THE HOME OF HOME COOKING Twenty-four Hour Service N. E. DAVIS, L. P. MUNSON, Props. PACKARD CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH I-IUPMOEILE AND STEWART TRUCKS TELEPHONE 2-4114 Mott - Frasier Corp. AUTOMOBILES SALES- SERVICE 56-58 WARREN STREET, GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Compliments of Goodson's Dress Shop ...Qi ROGERS BUILDING fOn Maple Streetj Compliments of Soloff's Drug Store iQ , CORNER OF RIDGE AND SANFORD STREETS Bates 6? Carmody ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Wiring, Supplies Fixtures and Appliances T Q 1 Plaza Block, South Street, Tel. 2-4217 Page Eighty-nine - We fi We wonder if they've taught you, In this institute of learning, That you need Glens Falls protection Before your house starts burning. l'lll'l X... Wiiimlstorm . . . Pluto Glass .... A ll'l'1'2llil Property llzmmgc . . . Sprinkler Imzmliugo . . . P:L1'c'cl Post . . . Safe Bu1'glau'y . . lfllovntoi' Liability . . Automobile lifollisiou, Propcily llzuuzlgc, Lizibility, NKJII-ilXN'lllll'Slll1l Liability, Fire, Tlncft, Wimlstoim, Pluto Glnssl, U, I,. It T. Public Liability '... l's0 :mil Of'l'llllZ'tIlK,'f '... Rental Value . . . llcgggistowml Mail . . . Riot and Civil Cominotiou . . . Holcl lip . . . lY0l'li1l1QIllS Cloiiiponszitiou . . . Fidelity Bonds . . . 1 Trip Transit. i E E da. OMMERCE, da- if INSURANCE comnnv msuuuce comunv GlnuF5Ih,Nu1 vm mowmrv COMPANY on f.u..N.-1 mu on mu., Ni- nn. Puyr' Ninvly 4 K w 1 L .1 iwi: , , ,ga Q, W , Q5 h: 1. 5 -15' i f- : xxx 5 M5 612, :-- 1 if ' A W f f ' ,- w 3 ' - J ,- L X -j 'A C, ' ' 5:3 EN Q ,O . M . . , .Q nl-phnl W . . L CS G ents gf . -5 Q14 4 5" 13 L ' H - . f if . , ,Q wg 1 X Lf. Ms ' - 1 af. fa fx - AND N A eff gl- ,MQ 4 U . 1 ,, u X I 1 wif, ST AL Q1 sv .yi EQJIZS C0 B , P A PL f 312 NK , :HL Lf? , A Z, it .-. ' Q Vw 3 A 2' 4 ' if A V Y . f 'fl A ,' 1 W. " 'A fl 'P' .W If I if -. ,Q Q 'M ' - 'L 1 4, - L , J ,. , f 1 it ' T' 'ra ' t J J '51 C5 ' f" 1 .f 2' ' V A i :L 'Au ' V f I ry' ' s . 1 f 1 ,E ' .rl ,V . Y if . , ,Mg ' 1' I 5,1 3 4 f 53, 's 3 H Q . - ., 44 'X V, , in M if ,H 'vw 4 ', 1 n , '. - ' 1 l L, ,gh '-Y--M eg if . ef L , . -alibi T-2 we ' P "'4 ' '. qgg N. 154 M , ' tflme ' 4 ,-mg ., TT' W, if ,YL ik" gs Autographs P g N inety-tw

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