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ii.. . igS f:f;Sj%? prv_ V- - 4 ' - ' it,. ¥fi - j M m . Mi ili • et i- --.jiiL. smsm ' ss- ' W: .: . -s.- ■ - t : ' --Trr- -v -V T hf ' :Tr7: V; " Ml «at iiKMKSlttiH » ' fci»?c: AMQ aatHMJL 19 Tr - . . ' ' - ' " ' " ' ' ' ■ ' ■ -- v • ' ' - ' -- «« .t;; .. ,,4 ; - ' ' • . v =« ;; e ; i : - . ' ■- ■. L nnMWrt iMKh.- It Glendora High School 1600 E. Foothill Blvd. Glendora, California Volume 19 Editors — Toni Kelley, Linda Zappe Advisor — Mr. N. Lusk Wipw.-.; ? 4- ■1- , " v " " ?, " I 9MiJ:l-AaXSH :t . ' u ■ ' . 1 ' " l ft■ mWi . ' i ' A ' J ■ ' ■; " Pi 3 long and winding road . . . as the class of 78. the twentieth graduating class of Glendora. gh School, we have traveled it together an(|p; reached many milestones on our way. Mow we pause at the crossroads and reflect on the faces and experiences that made this a _ time to remember, in the 1 978 Bellendaine we attempt to capture his year ' s highlights of the journey on the long i_ and winding roadj Experiences ... .16 Action 34 nvo vement . .80 Expressions .104 Faces of 78 . . .124 Peop e . . . .162 Leadership .170 Faces of 79 .178 Faces of ' 80 .195 nstructors , ... 206 ijou can qo bu but in tn£. Lonq lun, tncxd ' i. lULl tinid to cnancje. tnt: Toua ijOU il on. !S!f: :5;.:!j:-5 ' Sv ' " .SL , ■ " V,gxr?i; asfc:.S ■««l5f 0 " A ■(i iJj -• " ■■ " »w ..;i on a liiijliivuii ana ihaitr mc a iiyn, nci tuL it to tfia Limit on£ mcn iim£ mi V . i5.: «f5«SBP j 1 SV| C I e N D n A ! 12 DO i?r Bs Vs, Us, Hs f-K t maasMiniiSKa ■; a MRi B fci B r 3l ;ffSB ?K«i!! .J o not foLLou urke.X£ the. fiath w J. o, in.i.Uxxd, twhe-xe. ifizxe. ii. no fiath and Uaue. a txaii. ■», •■-.-•.■[ -.i ' ' - - u tmrnummmmfmim C4 .t«%ifc» fH« m f0s -H . r s - Vli H 11 i i It ■ I j-i tt- M p jia mm ■IrH _ ' vyanLf tinttii i ' i ' £ ' £i:« alund una many tim i £ i n cxLcii, ci ny ivay LjOu ' LL ndt ' ex know tlie. manij Lnuvm £J ' C t-iUd, and itiLL thuLj Lead me back to tliat iuiu) winding loud . . ■ I mk :-: ' . - j»— maopax f mi ' xsfvmam lM ■ IF wmm f 1 1 flS ■rr yfti . E - ' ' B. B B V 1 1 . Primo sets up and tests their equipment for the concert at lunch. 2. As they race towards sure victory, seniors Adrian Vasquez and Alan Toffoli exhibit their winning driving techniques in the ' Great Race. ' 3. Bruce Reigner, senior, downs a banana split as a hungry crowd cheers him on. 4. An enthusiastic Howdy assembly group is led in Coach Shaw ' s traditional ' Go Big Red ' yell. 5. Friendly Howdy Court members include Front row, left to right: Sandy Westlake — Howdy Queen, Linda Kemby, Carolyn Beck, Leslie Hummel, Chun Mae Wang and Chrystal Samosa. Back row, left to right: Pete Watkins — Howdy King, Brad Sago, Jeff Janes, Dan Debin, Marc Bevilaqua and Jaime Tamayo. 6. Juniors, with their secret weapons at the back, get ready to pull their way to victory with sheer brute strength in the Tug-of-War. iV£w ? •• ■ ' %m M . 1 8 — Howdy Week ' U ' lJu. ' . ' V.:t , ' . ' Mi: .. ' ■,W1!TJ Cs v ftsTs T fcvTfii l) ' ' ' s «a!! Endless hours of summer cruising and beach going came to an end Monday, September 1 2, as Tartans began the journey into another school year HOWCly Week traditionally, worked to bring new and returning students together through a variety of activites. Activities were judged with the winning class getting a plaque on the Spirit Chart. Juniors proved victorious in the Tug-of-War. Then the seniors peddled their way to a win in the ' Great Race ' with the assistance of Adrian Vasquez and Alan Toffoli. The seniors came through again as they ate their way to triumph in the Banana Split Eating Contest. Voting took place in third period classes for the Howdy Court to reign over the Howdy Hop Friday night. Primo provided the music for the Pep Club sponsored dance. Friday ended a successful week with the Howdy assembly, where groups were introduced and everyone was officially welcomed back to school. Howdy Week — 1 9 i. ' 1 . Two clowns ride the elephants in the parade 2 Judy Johnson performs several difficult stunts to the amazement of the crowd. 3. The Holy Triumvirate receive an ovation for their magnificent acrobatic routine during the assembly. 4. It takes three Pep Club members to peddle their way down Glendora Avenue in true circus spirit. 5. The Tams float ' Come and See the Show ' glides down the parade route proudly proclaiming the Sweepstakes award. 6. It ' s a pachyderm ' s delight to participate in the homecoming festivities with clowns and football players alike. 20 ' — Homecoming Week , . . : ' ffit«tsStSsaaEB ' SEBail Begin ' ' ' It was one of the most successful weeks we ' ve had in years. Everyone came to the activities and enjoyed dressing up, " remarked Mr. Richard Farland about the 1 977 Homecoming Week. With a theme of ' Let the Sideshow the week ' s activities were circus oriented. World famous trampolinist Judy Johnson performed Monday at lunch to an enthusiastic crowd. Seniors, Mike Daly and Jim Walker, provided sportsmanlike entertainment during the Pillow Fight at lunch, Tuesday. Creativity was the name of the game for Wednesday as the lunchtime activity was doing clown-face make-up on a friend ' s face. Thursday was the highlight of the week. The Homecoming assembly was a great success, with the best yet to come. Around lunchtime three precocious pachyderms pounded the pavement around the campus, as newspaper and television reporters abounded. The afternoon brought the annual parade downtown with Mr. Stan SIdaris and Mr. Richard Farland as Grand Marshalls, and several floats and many clowns invading Glendora Avenue. Homecoming Week — 21 wamoiiMMaamt ' Vt K ' " ' ' ' 1 Future Tartans relax after they helped present the roses and crown during halftime. 2. The Homecoming Court, Dawn HerrJck, Kendra Mastain, Kim SchlessJnger, Linda Kemby, and Sheryl Hawblitzel, anxiously awaits the crowning of the queen during the halftime ceremony. 3. Sheryl and her escort, Kevin Sampson, enjoy the Saturday night dance sponsored by Girls ' Athletic League. 4, Sheryl Hawblitzel sheds tears of joy as she is crowned 1 977 Homecoming Queen by past Queen, Kathie Peters. 5, Escorted by her proud father. Queen Sheryl leads the princesses through the archway, 6, Couples enjoy four hours of dancing to the music of Balboa. 22 — Homecoming Dance ' V. ,ST.l ' ' • V u ' -tivftlS- iMifc ' MKS-: ' maaoiMiii " I felt honored. It was so special, the most special thing that had ever happened to me, " exclaimed Sheryl Hawblitzel after being crowned Home- coming Queen on October 27 at Citrus Stadium. Red roses were presented to the crowned Sheryl followed by the traditional sword dance performed by the Drill Team. Sheryl and her princesses. Dawn Herrick, Kendra Mastain, Kim Schlessinger and Linda Kemby, proceeded through the archway escorted by their proud fathers. The Homecoming Court reigned over the Saturday night dance in the GHS gym. " Let the Side Show Begin " was the theme of the Girls ' Athletic League sponsored dance. Couples enjoyed the music of Balboa during the evening. Homecoming Dance — 23 Mm mm TT lK HBTTWaif- ' f WJ§ • PI ' . ' Jt ' j WLT-7 1 . New food lines provide a different lunch menu 2, 3. Jog-A-Thon spectators relax as they watch the many Tartans " sweat it out. " 4. Socialist speaker. Neil Chertcoff, presents his views on a better society. 5. During the Howdy Assembly, teachers display their better side in a " Hello Cheer. " 24 — Fall .-hit. vi winuiiaiEsi ;p " 2FS ' - ' SS Fall brought many changes and events involving students in both school activities and national political aftairs. " On your mark, get set, go. " Runners who participated in GHS ' s first Jog-A- Thon were able to earn money for their club. After an hour of running, jogging or walking, the participants were tired, but wealthy. Even the spectators walked away with smiles on their faces, agreeing that the Jog-A-Thon was a successful event. Teachers and students showed an increased amount of spirit and involvement in activities. During the Howdy Assembly, five teachers represented the faculty in their " Hello Cheer. " Screeching firetrucks, paramedics and an ambulance attracted students to a very successful pep rally for the South Hills confrontation. The student body became involved in school politics by voicing unhappiness with the shortened lunch and absence of passing music. A hot food line was installed which offered students a wider variety for lunch. Some remarked, " that Commie " after a socialist speaker exposed government students to his ideas of socialism. Fall — 25 wtuv ' ■, ' M xxf mm ,w (• ' ■Viti jm ' ,- winter Kept i artans busy with activities. An overcrowded gym of students and parents cheered as the Dodgers set down their baseball gear and picked up the basketballs in the Dodgers vs. Faculty basketball game. Welfare Week was a as Girls ' League and their helpers earned $800 for City of Hope. Week long activities added to the holiday spirit. Mr. Griffith provided his winning profile during the Santa Claus face contest. The traditional Christmas assembly revealed the Senior class as having collected the most money, while the choir provided a Christmas atmosphere. Art Pasimio, Robert Marick, Steve Jennings and Jeff Murphy were honored as Mr. Mistletoe for their loyalty to GHS. Paula Staschke, Sue Teeple, and Cathie Cox received Girl of the Month awards for October, November and December. January brought hypnotists George and Joyce Sharp. Acts ranging from belly dancing to ear wiggling were demonstrated in " The Gong Show " hosted by Tom Ross, senior, impersonating Chuck Barris. One of the show ' s highlights was when several of the hypnotized males participated in a Homecoming Queen contest and told of their qualifications as to why they should be selected. 26 — Winter Welfare «i; ir ' ' irT ;w? T ' " P MUUJMUAUMU -AW. 1 . Steve Garvey, Dodger, and basketball coach, Mike King, battle over two points in the Dodger vs. Faculty basketball game. 2 Mr. Griffith is all smiles as he is announced victor of the Santa Glaus face contest. 3. Mr. Morgan, alias Santa Glaus, throws good cheer to a captive audience at the Ghristmas assembly. 4. Greg Glapper is mesmerized into posing as Burt Reynolds in the Sharp Show. 5. Tartans give Rich Hamilton a standing ovation after he sings a Christmas song he wrote himself. Winter Welfare — 27 " rv. ii-iw « ' ' ' . ' •■•;. ' ««;; - • ' - ' A " ' 1 Students socialize during one ot the band ' s breaks. 2, Queen Julie and her escort. Larry O ' Bryant rock out. 3. Mike Hammond, alumnus of GHS, plays keyboard for the Whizz Kids. 4. The Whizz Kids lead singer enjoys the view. 5. Matt Thompson and Chu Mae Wang enjoy refreshments. 6. CHRISTMAS COURT: Princesses Joanne Arsenault, Lori Martyns. Queen Julie Pyscher, Connie Brown, and Linda Kemby. 28 — Christmas Dance ' -J, ' : " 4 ;--. ii4i i « s: ;: -- t 5XV " You Light Up My Life " lent a sentimental theme, while San Dimas Civic Auditorium provided the setting for the annual Christmas dance sponsored by Key Club. Couples danced and enjoyed the music of the Whizz Kids, but the highlight of the evening came with the crowning of Queen Julie Pyscher. Julie was chosen by Key Club from a court including Princesses Joanne Arsenault, Connie Brown, Lori Martyns, Sandy Westlake, and Key Club Sweetheart Linda Kemby. Christmas Dance — 29 - " T jfiw; - ■•)■- ?s ' . t ;:f- ' ' ■■rM- ' ,„i 1 . One Tartan coed is surprised to find a large build up of fiailstones on her car. 2. Stunt men fighit to the finishi during a lunchtime performance. 3. ROP students help to dig up the ground during re-landscaping. 4. Ham sings tunes from the Beatles at their concert. 5. Sophomores Jim Brown and Richard Sandell get ready for the ice-push event in Almost Anything Goes. r ' , |U«w ■■■ ' 1! %. irv te g ' -y i o - , .«« ' K V A " ' JMEf rBfT. , " :V S!C» ssV " . ' iiSsH!Bpr-i-«; ' ,i!fc.» ,S«Mi» -. 30 — Spring S !. ' . ' ' " 4. ' :; ' ' ■ ,,v . !■ ,i. ,■ J. , v. .•Jii;. " te- frSs!itei4iSBSfSsaB3iKf As Tartans turned away from the old 1 977, they looked toward the new — as did the weather. The worst drought in recent California history ended with torrential rain, and lots of it. Although the weather " kept everyone wet, it didn ' t dampen the schedule of activities. Aggressions Week brought back the almost-lost tradition of the student-teacher pie throw. Students were outraged by the talk of the Soviet Speaker at an educational assembly. Amazement met students at lunch one Friday when the shots of a professional stunt group could be heard throughout the campus. A special GIF assembly was in order to introduce the Soccer team, with a soccer-crazed student body cheering the Sierra League champs to victory later that day. Under the direction of Robert Marick and the ASB cabinet, a very successful Almost Anything Goes competition was held in the gym, March 4. Teams from Damien St. Lucy ' s, Royal Oak, Charter Oak, and GHS vied for the title. March 1 brought back the Beatle group. Rain, to the pleasure of their fans. Spring — 31 R:- 32 — Valentine ' s Dance iHuatii 1 4 1 The crowning of Jim Spriggs and Tracy Steiner highlighted the 1 978 Valentine ' s Dance, " You ' re in My Heart. " The dance was held at Mount San Antonio College on February 1 8 from 8 p.m. until midnight. The band, Mainstreet, provided the music for this special occasion. Other couples chosen for the Valentine ' s Court were: Jim Walker and Debi Brumfield, Jay Bogert and Jill Farr, and Mike Jean and Mary Spengler. Jeff Merrick and Terri Glaze were also on the court but were unable to attend the dance. 1 , 6. Jim Spriggs and Tracy Steiner reign as 1 978 King and Queen. 2. Brad Sago and Kim King enjoy the music provided by Mainstreet. 3. Students enjoy refreshments served at dance. 4. Jeff Salter and Kim Schlessinger romantically sway to the music. 5. Art Pasimio and Charlene Underhill practice a little bit of the twenties. X r ' - --€ wHs smnm m ' Valentine ' s Dance — 33 i ' BBHKS»3CaffiS!»« ' nr!r ' " 3l - ' life ' s - ■ " ■ 1. Kevin Sampson completes one of 86 passes. 2. Kevin Prestesater is a top receiver for Glendora. 3. Jeff Mowdy gains 696 yards this year. 4. Bryan Shaw, in his second year as head coach at GHS, gives team a pep talk. 5. Tartans score touchdown at Citrus home sta- dium. 6. Glendora back runs back a kick. 36 — Sports . .iisfcx ; The varsity football team finished fourth this year with a league record of 3-3-1 and an overall record of 4-4-1 " We had a very good season, " stated coach Bryan Shaw. Kevin Sampson, senior, threw 86 passes for 1 ,274 yards to Tar- tan receivers Kevin Prestesater, senior, caught 22 of those passes for 304 yards, and John Heaton, senior, caught 19 passes for 348. On the ground, Jeff Mowdy, sen- ior, rushed for 696 yards and 1 1 touchdowns. Sampson ran for nine Tartan touchdowns. Mike Bublin stopped oppo- nents with 160 tackles and three sacks to lead the Tartans defen- sively. Al MacLean, senior, had 84 tackles and 8 sacks, and Jeff Angarola, senior, collected 58 tackles and 4 sacks for the Tartan defense. Seven offensive and four defen- sive players from GHS were named as " All Sierra League " players. Bublin and Angarola were appointed to the first team defen- sive squad, and Mowdy on the offensive first team. Prestesater, Mike Nicosia, senior, and Mike Sapp, junior, were named to the second team offense, and Mac- Lean was named to the second team defense. Heaton, Sampson, and Jerry Code, junior, were des- ignated to the third team offense, and Jim Walker, senior, to the third team defense. Sports — 37 1 Jeff Angarola concentrates on game from sideline, 2, The Tartan offensive line surges forward- 3. Frank Israel does the kicking for Glendora. 4. John Esposito plays defensive back for GHS, 5. Kevin Prestesater catches one of 22 passes this year. 6. Kevin Sampson, named to the third team All Sierra league offense, dodges rusher to gam yardage . . i j-, - ' - ■ ■— • I Gr.iffiji Bf uc .Oggrfece(t.Haynes; ett yahes Jorih Spaurl ' fourth 1-ow: Steve WieiafiA, Car l nus, Steve Riccardo, John Bonet, John McCadden, Tom Ross, Mike Nicosia, Dav Hensel, Joe Schaffer, Brian Whistler, John Duran, Frank Blazauskas, Fifth row: Mark Ramirez, Jim Walker, Ray Almagudr, Mark Simonds, Bob York, Phil Tolliver, Jerry Code, Mike Jean, Dave Jaynes, Craig Carty, Bruce Magnuspn. Sixth row: Ken Hestich, Jeff Angarola, Eric Benson, Ray " Horn, Kevin Prestesater, Jim Bakin, Mitch Klasna, Chris Roberts, Kevin WilcQX. Gary Haering, Steve DeSalva, Seventh row: Gary UriBe, Coach Bob Storey, Coach Ed Shaw, Coach Bob Greene, Coacfflj Bob Morgan, Head Coach Bryan Shaw, Coach Rich Woods, Trainer Chuck Davis, Coach Bill Storey, Goach TomReok ' . . J 38 — Sports S «:? ' ' vs, n- ' .ii;M " J S, fSM BSP " ' ' ■ " s S . . The Tartans began the season on a disappointing note by losing to Bishop Amat, 14-6. The team fought back for two straight victories before a 27 27 deadlock with Edgewood. After battling to a first half tie score with Los Altos, the Tartans fell to the esteemed Conquerors, 31-14. The Tartans bounced back with two decisive victories over La Puente and Wilson. On a muddy home field the Tartan ' s GIF hopes were ended by South Hills, 21-6. Glendora went on to lose their final contest of the season to West Covina. Sports — 39 1 . The Tartan JV Offense is set 2, A Tar- tan IS tackled at a Glendora home game. 3, Coach Rich Woods gives signals from sidelines. 4. Trainer Chuck Davis helps all athletes at GHS. 5. Ed Nance calls a play in the Tartan huddle. 40 — Sports .V .a. ' . «l ' Wl1?5SSIlB!!UHl.Ktii ' third this year with a record The JV tootball team pl3CGCI of 5-2-1 in Sierra league competition. Quarterback Mike Bevilaqua suffered a knee injury during a game against Wilson, and was out the remainder of the season. According to head coach Bryan Shaw, outstanding offensive and defensive players were receivers Ray Kozak and Jim Green, juniors, Elliot Baker, Jim Eakin, juniors, and Ed Nance, junior, quarterback. Nance took over the quarterback position when Bevilaqua was injured. Defensive backs Scott Haynes, Jeff Janes, Jeff Ingram, tackles David Jaynes and Mark Simmonds, and linebacker Mark Ramirez, all juniors, were also outstanding players. This years ' JV football program was made up of the varsity reserve players, who were on the varsity squad. This is the second year of this type of JV program at GHS. " We were undefeated until the Wilson varsity game, " commented coach Shaw. Sports — 41 " We were in every game, " stated Coach Bob Gates, " and wewereOwllwl than our record showed, " he continued. The sophomore and reserve team finished the season with an overall record of 2-7-0. Injuries plagued the team this year and the scores were close in almost every game. After losing their first game to Bishop Amat, the Tartans were victorious in their next two games. The first win was against Claremont, and the sec- ond was a forfeited game by Covina. These were the only wins of the sophomore and reserve team this year. Marc BevJIaqua was awarded as the most valuable player and most valuable offensive back. Joe Acevedo and Milt Cooper were given the most inspirational and most improved player trophies respectively. Most valuable offen- sive and defensive linemen were Richard Sandel, offense, and Grahm Haney, defense Greg Vrabel was given the " pride " award for the year. -= V 42 — Sports : -iL iKiil)i.£.iKJi;j ii: «!PaidBWi " 1 :m ' Mi. . i ' il I 1 . Graham Haney is injured at sopho- more home game, 2. Sophomore quar- terback attempts pass to Tartan receiver. 3. Paul Donner rounds the bend with two Tartans in pursuit, 4, Tom Williams leads the way as Tony Fox and Dave Hogshead follow, 5. Rob Regan contributes to this year ' s success. ' Injuries and illness hurt us all year, " said Coach Dave Beddell as the varsity cross country team took third place in the Sierra League with a record of six wins and one loss. Tony Fox, senior captain of the team, was awarded the most valu- able player trophy and also the most reliable trophy. Glenn Child- ers and David Hogshead, jun- iors, were also captains this year. Glendora captured third place in the Sierra League Finals and were tied in winning the most dual meets. Runners from the varsity squad represented GHS at the Azusa, Yucaipa, and MSAC invitational cross country meets. Tony Fox set a new school record at the MSAC Invitational with a time of 15:58 in the three mile cross country run. f Sports — 43 The J.V cross country team swept the Sera League, the Sierra League Finals, and dual meets with a spotless record of seven wms and no losses. David Teater, senior, was awarded the " Tyke " award this year. Teater finished second in Sierra League Finals with juniors Robert Dorsher and Jim John- son taking third and fourth place respectively in Sierra League Finals. " We had outstanding depth, " commented Coach Bedell. " We had nine runners who were better than the best J.V. of any other team outside of South Hills. " 44 — Sports b -S{ x " " - ' ): f:i V ' ; Mi Dhris Socha. Dave Teater, and Jim nson contribute to the JV. success vlarlin Jones and Brian Lent outrace V son runner 3, David Lindamood was 4arded as the most valuable sopho- re. 4, David White runs a close race h Arcadia runner 5- Ron Russell ints to the finish line. we improved tremendously from the beginning of the season to the end, " said Coach Dave Bedell about the sophomore cross country team as they seized fourth place in the Sierra League. The team lost their first three league m eets and then won their last three out of four. They finished the season with a league record of 3 wins and 4 losses. David Lindamood was awarded the most valuable sopho- more. Lindamood and Ron Rus- sel also were letter winners this year as sophomores. Sports — 45 1 . Coach Storey gives a pre-game pep talk to the Tartans. 2. Kent Norville is the captain this year, 3. Dan Scarry is a top scorer this season. 4 Tartans line up tor a corner kick. 5. Rob Milliard comes otf the injured list to give the Tartans oftensive support. 6. Al Maclean is one of the many seniors on the team. 46 — Sports ; %M««t d£ inai Wr " " IEkL ■ !{j ■ NV S - y " This varsity team had more than character any other team I ' ve coached, " stated varsity soccer coach, Bob Storey, " they refused to give up. " This was evident as the Tartans finished the regular season as Sierra League Champions with a 14-2-1 record going into GIF 3A play-offs. Dan Scarry, senior, led in scoring and in assists this year. Scarry was named to All-Sierra- League first team. Also on the first team were Captain Kent Norville, senior, and John Bonet, senior. Rob Hiliiard, senior, after recovering from an injury midway through the season, went on to be selected to the All-Sierra-League second team Graham Irvine, senior, scored the winning goal in sudden victory overtime to clinch a play-off berth. Irvine, Mike Scarry, junior, and Jim Johnson were also appointed to the second team. Frank Isreal, senior, and Bruce Donner, sophomore, were Honorable Mentions in the Sierra League. In CIF play-offs the Tartans won their first match over Corona Del Mar, 2-1 . Then, the Tartans lost in the second round to Riverside Poly, 2-0. ille, Frank ' Tsreal, Kieth -ig ji Sports — 47 , ' «_■- iva- ' .-asr Svwr ' - -; : ' :■■ I ' -rr-- ' • i te »p s«p !W i»s- ? , -•• ' ,-i;:!?r v«. The junior varsity team was undefeated as they captured first place in the Sierra League for the third straight year. The J.V. squad had a league record of 7-0-1 , and an overall 1 4- 0-1 record. Jim Marston, junior, led the team in goals and assists this year. Ron Navarro, sophomore, scored four goals in one game against La Puente. Chris Moncayo, junior, and Bob Drummond, junior, were the captains for the J.V. team. Goalie Sergio Rasenti, senior, was strong Tor the J.V. team, as the team shut-out seven of their eight league opponents. Fullback Jim Blackburn, junior, was strong on defense also, " We had a very fine collection of young athletes, " stated Coach Larry Doto, " who set goals and accomplished those goals throughout the year. " 1 . Ron Navarro passes the ball. 2. Jim Blackburn prevents an opponent trom advancing with the ball. 3. Jim Walder IS an asset to this year ' s wrestling team. 4. Steve Patino competes in Sierra League Finals. 5. Pete Kelly places tirst in the Azusa Meet. rr.ymrov. ijnii iiiiiniii ' " ' I II ' " irffiF fffr Ti " ' Wiliyj l " I ' lifiLlMF ' ' F ' at Wort ' ' rhri ' 5 Mnncayo, Bohnnrmmripn ' . " tan pArR5E!5PPIIwarstbn!voaS MH ' ' y ' SrjtJii v Blackbui rgio Rasenti, Coach JohaRiciiQ. cond ro ivKs fHestich, " row: Ccja arry Doto 48 — Sports ' ' ( : ■■ :is-3i;: ' ' : s5r « ' ( " • ::i:!i.i:- . st ,-::. ■■asea ft ' iL ' ' ;: A- ;j:i ia:3E i tri our " We ' re still building program, " stated Varsity Wrestling Coach, Rich Woods. The Varsity team was the Mt. Sac Summer League champ and had high hopes tor the Sierra League. In a winning pre-season, the Tartans were 6-4, but atter a tough Sierra League season, they ended with an overall 6-1 1 record. " We will be a better team all the way around in the coming years, " Coach Woods commented. Many Varsity wrestlers placed in tourneys and tive-way meets this year. In the Azusa tive-way match, Pete Kelly, junior, took a tirst place medal. Jim Walker, senior, Kelly Algeo, senior, and Tad Rickel, senior, took fifth place medals in the Cypress Tourney. In the Temple City five-way meet, four Tartans came home with second place medals and five others with third place medals. In the Sierra League finals. Rich Frates, junior, won a third place medal as Steve Patino, senior, won a fourth place medal. Sports — 49 50 — Sports 1 . The varsity team tinishes with an over all record of 6-1 1 this year. 2. Phil Toiiver i is a strong wrestler tor the J.V. ' s. 3, Frank Blazauskas nnakes many contributions to the J.V, team. I ivs; ■t ;, xj v. v ' gy - ' -v ' " We had an inexperien- wwU junior varsity team, " commented Coach Rich Woods. The J.V. squad were 2-0 in pre- season matches and had an overall 3-6 record. John Womack, and Frank Blazauskas, both juniors, were strong wrestlers this year. Other outstanding wrestlers were Phil Toliver, junior, and Mitch Saudh, junior, ' ' The sophomore team was very aggresive and had a good attitude toward competition, " stated Coach Woods. The sophomores had a winning 7-4 record this year as three wrestlers took first places and two wrestlers took second places in the Arroyo five-way meet. Sports — 51 ■ " -iTUu- Wf " , ' ' ■ " Vj:- A 1 . Chris Roberts is a top defensive player for Glendora- 2, The Tartans had their best record in nine years. 3. John Tamburello is an asset to the team. 4. John Black is a top scorer for the Tartans. 5. Jeff Salter is co-captain of the team. 6. John Black jumps against a Los Altos player. 52 — Sports J i fc « STiS " JOZS « " We have I wdrri wU that dedication, loyalty, pride, and togetherness are not Bt meaningless words, " stated Coach Mike King at the end of the 1 977-78 season. Coach ng, in his first year of coaching at GHS, led the Tartans to their first winning season in nine ars with a 1 2-1 record over all. The Tartans were a young team with only one senior on the squad. In an impressive pre- ason, the varsity team captured a tournament championship at Bell Gardens, took a third ace finish at the Garden Grove Tournament, and finished with a 7-1 record. in league play, five games were decided by two points; Giendora won only one of these ose contests. " We had an exciting brand of never-say-die basketball, " commented Coach Ing. John Black, sophomore, led the team in points, rebounds and blocked shots. Black was e team ' s Most Valuable Player and was named to the All-Sierra League Second Team. ( aptain Jeff Salter, senior, led the Tartans in assists and made 81 %, team high, of his Free irows. John Vanover, junior, was the Most Improved Player and Don Farrand, junior, was i arded the Coach ' s Award. The Tyck ' s Scholar Athlete Award went to Bruce Birt, junior, id Ed Hupp, junior. Chris Abrahamson, junior, was Rookie of the Year for GHS for the ason. Center: Coach Mike King. Left to right: Jeff Salter, Bruce Birt, Kelly Bruce, Ctiris Roberts, John Tamburello, To " rfrBTjIler, ■ John Black, Don Farrand, Chris Abrahamson, John Vanover, Ed Hupp, Steve Lee, Manager. Sports — 53 The junior varsity basketball team had a league record of 7-7 and an overall 11-10 record as they took third place in the final junior varsity Sierra League standings. Scott Bruce, junior, had three offensive and three defensive rebounds in one game. Bruce was awarded the Junior Varsity Most Valuable Player. Jeff Lund, junior, pulled down eight Tartan rebounds in one game and John lOlcCadden, junior, had three assists in one game. McCadden was also the number one defensive player. Russ Pollman, junior, had the highest Tartan field goal percentage hitting 65% of his shots. Coach Joe Keeney stated, " These young men have always conducted themselves with class and have exhibited the pride it takes to make GHS Basketball a winner. ' ' 54 — Sports . ' THiMt iiJi ' slttlBBm iMike Edwards drives in for a lay-up. 2. ( lach Keeney gives directions during a t ie-out. ' 3. Tom Van Voy takes a Tartan t 4. Jeff Murphy is a higin scorer for the phomore team. With only SGVGIl players, the Tartan Sophomore team placed second in the Sierra League final standings with a 1 0-4 record. Captain Steve O ' Day was the Sophomore Most Valuable Player. O ' Day had the highest point average scoring 12.9 points a game. Greg Babykin and Jeff Murphy were also high scoring Tartans scoring 1 1 .6 points a game a piece. Babykin led the Tartans in Free Throws hitting 75% from the line. " I have high hopes of seeing each player advance to the Varsity level, " stated Coach Curt Elwood. : 1 t- Sports — 55 The varsity team was a small team, but had many strong swimmers. Rich Frank, senior, swam the backstroke and Brian Merrigan, senior, did very well in the buttertly and treestyle for GHS. Juniors Brian Hampton and Paul Schaper were also outstanding swimmers. For the frosh soph team, Dave Fitzgerald, sophomore, swam the backstroke and Mark Bolstad, sophomore, swam the 200 meter individual medley. Both added strength to the frosh soph team. 56 — Sports ■. gi- y y- . 1 . Swimmers get ready tor the next race. 2. Diving oft tor a good start. 3. Glendora does very well in ttie back stroke. Sports — 57 W ! 1 . Mark Bolstad and John Clarke dive for a good start. 2. Pete Johnson adds strength to this years ' team. 3. Doubles partners, Dave Johnston and Mike Surface. 4. Jaimie Barrigan shows his backhand form, 58 — Sports i. ' K ' i M»anH na • ' " - The 78 varsity team was a young team with only one returning varsity player. Bob McKeand, senior and returning varsity player, was number three singles player at GHS Jamie Barragan, sophomore, was number one and Captain Pete Johnson, senior, was number two in tennis singles. Jeff Clow, junior, and Gary Baston, senior, were the number one doubles team at Glendora High. fs r Sports — 59 i ' i ir r ' ' ' y ' tJbrnt - - ' 60 — Sports ii 1 . J. F. Bonavich is a strong singles player for GHS. 2. Jeff Clow plays tfie net as his doubles partner, Gary Baston, serves. 3. Eugene Pocock is a strong part of this year ' s JV squad. 4. Jim Fairbanks advances to the net as Matt Farrenbach looks on. 5. Greg Vancil returns a serve. V S8 j;;gK;- Sports — 61 m i rrttT.-vj: ' . rjBtKm ' rif- ■ .T ■■ ' ■- With four rained- 62 — Sports i ' Siii -- wLll matches and a loss, the varsity team hoped to take at least secornd place in the Sierra League. The team was led by four seniors. Jeff Salter, number one ' " " " " - " golfer at GHS, shot the lowest score in the qualifying round with ....::::i:: a 35 at the Marshall Canyon golf ' " ' " ' " course. MikeGaughen, number two at GHS, shot a 39 in the qualifying round. Tim Patterson was number three and Bob Hiel was number four at Glendora High. ._._ i " Sv - t 1 . Sue Croce, junior, tries out tor ttiis year ' s team 2 Pat Crandall, junior, stiows his golting form. 3, Ctiip Copeland IS a sophomore on thiis year ' s team 4 Bob Hiel played tor GHS last year also 5, Tim Patterson is a senior and returning Glendora player, 6 Jett Salter adds strength to this year ' s team. Sports — 63 1- FrbnfCbadh Bob Gates and Coach Clint Harwick. Left to ngtit: Jeff Janes, Kevinff? ter Chris At rahamson EdSalas, Jeff Cleveland, Brad Sago, Dan Reedy, Tony Lopez .Heaton -Phil Guelletle, Mike Bevilacqua, Curt Riggers, John Vanover, Bnan Giles Herrrngshafw, ' 1fchip KozaK, Ron-Vieth. ,John Mark 64 — Sports fff-. t l-::Ml«K«iMBM ift-ctiiMSIBaa " iH .. 1: -; 1 . Jeff Janes is a junior on fhis year ' s team. 2. The Tartans have a good hitting team, 3, Mike Bevilacqua warms up before a pre-season game, 4, Mark Herringshaw is one of the four returning lettermen this year, 5, Coach Harwick gives a pep talk to the varsity team. With four returning lettermen and a couple of promising newcomers to the 78 team, the season looked good for the Tartans. Ed Salas, senior, pitched for 1 1 strike outs in 8% innings in pre- season play. Salas was one of the returning lettermen. Dan Reedy, senior, stole 6 bases in the first three games and hoped to break the present school record of 1 8 stolen bases. Along with Reedy, Mark Herringshaw, senior, and Kevin Prestesater, senior, were also returning lettermen to the varsity team. Pitcher Jeff Cleveland, junior, and Chip Kozak, junior, were varsity hopefuls. I Sports - 65 With lots of l3l6nl and potential, the JV team hoped to take first place this year. The JV team looked to Mike Cambell, sophomore, as a starting pitcher and to Duke Smith, junior, as a reliever. Mike Sapp, junior, was a strong hitter and Chris Abrahamson was a strong fielder for the JV squad. Slm Front: STATS.: First row: Mike Reedy, Tom FletcW r, Mike Sapn,,E fNance, Duke Smith, John Eckert, Kelly Bruce, Marc Bevilacqua, John McCadden. Second row: Coach Greene; l|(6 Cambell, Ed Hupp, David Rowe, Mitch Klasna, Russell Pollmam, Chris Roberts, John Tamborillo, Mark Barret, Ken fia| ' . Coach Ed Shaw. 66 — Sports r--! After a 2-0 pre-season, one win was a 23-1 victory over Bonita, and winning their first two league games, tfie sophiomore team looks forward to a winning season. The sophomore team has strong support from pitchers Chris Yabarra and Bruce Molina. Yabarra pitched against Bonita and in a 8-4 win over West Covina. Molina pitched for a 4-3 victory over Wilson. Jeff Kelly and Bob Heaton are consistent hitters this year. The sophomore team hopes to take first place this year. 1 . Kelly Bruce and Tom Fletcher discuss a game. 2. Hitting is a strong part of this year ' s team. I ' ' ' w T ' Gary Mooney, Buddy Lons, Reb Kring, Jamie Tomayo, Rick Yount, Richard Sandal, Jim Brown, Chris Yabarra, Jruce Molina. Second row: STATS.. Margie Deane and Tracy Montesanti, Vince Schweiter, Jeff Kelly, Bob Heaton, Mike Jandzei, Jeff Smith, Rick Joes, Russell Anderson, Mark Parker, Phil Olivas, Coach Bill Graves. Sports — 67 Varsity WRESTLING GHS Opponent 48 Azusa K 46 6 57 Arroyo JV Arroyo Gladstone :SJ|g|g 54 Arcadia 24 30 59 TtnnpieCity Mark Kepple (JIaireniont 68 3: 9 72 Duarte C 16 Troy 3f Sierra League 21 West Co Vina , ., 5. 1 1 South Hills ■ BSS " ' 4; 9 Govina «M « 5; 6 6 21 tS» 6C 39 17 Junior Varsity 5C 51 57 Troy Clairemont Sierra League 6 West Covina 4e 42 Covina 5 ' - 41 14 South Hills ' " 4: 12 30 Edgewood Los Altos 6: 4i 37 La Puente 44 21 Wilson ygfKSiH FOOTBALL be Varsity GHS 6 Opponent Bishop Amat 14 14 Claremont 27 Covina 27 14 Edgewood Los Altos 42 La Puente , 33 Wilson 1, 6 South Hills ■ 1 20 West Covina .1 ' Junior Varsity 19 Edgewood La Puente 28 Wilson 7 South Hills 14 20 West Covina C Sophomore 18 Bishop Amat Claremont 3: Sierra League 6 Edgewood Los Altos ,T,;._ . 24 6 La Puente J lral. ' 12 Wilson 6 South Hills 14 14 West Covina 26 mm BASKETBALL Oppoiietit [ I Monte Dana Hills Garden Grove l osemead Norwalk Brettiren Marshall Nociales eagup I OS Altos I i Puente C " ,ovina Wilson West Covina t.dgewood I a Puente Covina I OS Altos Soutti Hills Wilson F.dgewood West Covina SOCCER jHS Opponent 1 Azusa 3 Gladstone 3 Northview ? Workman i Azusa 3 Gladstone Sierra League ) Wilson 1 Ontario 2 Edgewood ' West Covina I Webb ' West Covina 3 Wilson 3 Edgewood La Puente ' La Puente ) Webb :iFPIay-ofts ? Corona Del Mar • i»«w Riverside WBXBR lunior Varsity I Azusa - Gladstone 3ierra League i Wilson ■ ., „.. Edgewood •-■ ' HEiiR West Covina ■■■■ ' ' ■■■ Webb 5 West Covina ) ' Wilson i Edgewood 1 La Puente CROSS-COUNTRY Varsity 2 2 n GHS Opponent 23 La Puente 18 Edgewood 32 West Covina ■1 20 Los Altos 1 1 18 Covina 27 South Hills 1 2 1 26 Junior Varsity Wil son 1 2 15 15 La Puente Edgewood 20 West Covina 15 Los Altos 15 Covina 23 South Hills 15 Wilson 2 Sophomore 31 La Puente 31- Edgewood 27 West Covina 50 Los Altos 16 Covina 21 South Hills 39 Wilson K ' ' .. Sports — 6; " ) Coached by Mrs. Dorothy Hilliard, the girls ' varsity tennis team 1 1 WI wU fourth place this year in the Sierra League, with a record of 4-9-1 . At the annual awards banquet, sophomore Catherine Beck, the number one singles player for Glendora High, received the most valua- ble player award. Juniors, Kim King and Marie Wassel, the number one doubles team, were awarded the most improved trophies. Mary Ann Adams, senior captain of the team, received the coaches award. Six girls went to All-Sierra League Finals this year. Catherine Beck and sophomore Chris Paulus both lost in quarter final singles. Kim King and Marie Wassel were defeated in the quarter final doubles. Mary Ann Adams and sophomore Lori Moore also participated in the All- League play. Coach Hilliard stated, " Our season was better than our record indi- cated. We had a young team and I was really pleased. " 70 — Sports t : {ku c rA ' .Jinanaanjotv CA, ■ t; ; N 1 , Lori Menard strikes a forehand in a match against West Covina. 2. Megan Roberts is one of the many sophomores on this year ' s team. 3. Mary Ann Adams, captain of the team, returns a volley as Megan Roberts looks on. 4. Stephanie Underhill practices her forehand, 5. Terri Glaze contributes to the team ' s success. " Being able to provide the motivation for the wide range of players and to assist them in overcoming their weakness ' of the game was chal- lenging, " stated Coach Richard Farland of the girls ' junior varsity tennis team. With a 10-4 record, which was good for second place, Coach Farland is looking forward to next year. The top doubles team at GHS consisted of Sherry Brooks, jun- ior, and Terri Glaze, senior, who lost only one match out of the twenty-four matches they played. Sherry Brooks was voted most improved player while Joni Lopez, senior captain of the team, was awarded the most inspira- tional player. Sports — 71 " We had continual improvements of individ- ual skills but also inconsistent team play, " stated Coach Pat Hardin of the girls ' varsity volleyball team. The Tartans finished with a league record of 3-1 3 and placed eighth in the Sierra League. Sue Teeple, senior, made All Sierra League Second Team and was voted most outstanding on the GHS team. Denise Perry, junior, was awarded the most valuable player. Yvonne Aguirre, senior, was given the most improved trophy, and the most inspirational trophy went to Paula Staschke, senior Sue Teeple and Cheryl Stephens, seniors, were co-captains this year. The varsity team consisted of six seniors and three juniors. " Our strong setters were Karen Hans and Sue Teeple; our best ser- vers were Stacy Wilhite and Paula Staschke, seniors, while Denise Perry and Yvonne Aguirre were both good on defense. It was frustrating that we could not have a good offense and a good defense in the same game, " commented Coach Hardin. 72 — Sports « M ' " " , , " ?if: i ? ;f ;vi3i ' .3s = 1 Stacy Wilhite is a strong server for Glendora, 2, Sue Teeple blocks the ball in a game against La Puente. 3 Sheryl Ste- vens goes up for a spike. 4 In a game against St. Lucy ' s, Sue Teeple anticipates a serve. 5. Sandy Caballero concentrates on tier serve. 6. Roxy Johnson is set to receive a serve from a St. Lucys ' server " The team worked hard on all aspects ot the ganne. We were Skilled more r iii ' Wi overall than any other team, " stated Coach Doreen Ramsey about the girls ' junior varsity volleyball team. The team ' s record was 10-6 and took third place in the Sierra League. " We had many outstanding players this year. Jackie Ouel- lette and Josephine Pasimio, uniors, were excellent setters. kathi Jennings, senior and Sue Hoffman, )unior, spearheaded our spiking attack. Roxy Johnson and Terri Jones, juniors, were excel- ent, consistent servers, " com- mented Coach Ramsey. At the awards banquet Kathi Jennings received the Most Valua- ble trophy while Jackie Ouellette was voted Most Improved. o, JfjGl ie Ouellette, Roxy John ncdtta. Sports — 73 «-,5 »,-7T ' W«- ' «Ml»BT K ' iVr H Jllness and bad weather during the season which forced cancellations, played important factors in the out- come of the season for the varsity field hockey team. They finished the season with a disappointing record of 3-9-2. " The large number of kids out ill forcing us to play short was really difficult. The continual delays because of the rain did not help either, " commented Coach Pat Hardin. The team scored only 1 2 goals in 14 games, with 8 of those in pre-season competition. According to Coach Hardin the outstanding players were senior co-captains Mary Spengler and Kim Schlessinger, and juniors Josephine Pasimio, Sandy Caballero and Lynn Ferguson. fi y 74 — Sports i i mim ii aa tmss aak i i: •Jtit l ; 1 . Sandy Caballero battles a San Marino player. 2. Wendy Blackburn is a top scorer for Glendora. 3. Josephine Pasi- mio is one of the many juniors on the var- sity team. 4. Catherine Beck is captain of the J.V. team. 5. LeeAnn Farino does her best against two opponents while Clare Hertel watches. 6. Lisa Welch goes against a San Marino player while Cath- erine Beck looks on. The junior varsity field hockey team, coached by Miss Doreen Ramsey, experienced a disappointing season, having to dissolve the team midway through the season because of lack of interest and players. " We played every game with only ten players while the other teams had 15 or more, " com- mented Coach Ramsey, There were many outstanding players on the team according to Coach Ramsey. They are Cather- ine Beck, sophomore captain of the team, Ann Hanna and Lisa Welch, sophomores, and Jackie Ouellette and Jo Ann Mahoney, juniors. " Each individual on the J.V. team was an extremely good hockey player. I certainly hope they all return for next year, " com- mented Coach Ramsey. Sports — 75 " The team has made steady improve- ITlGniS throughout the tirst half of the season, " commented the girls ' varsity basketball coach, Miss Billie Oglesby. Midway through the season, Glendora had a league record of 3 wins and 5 losses. The team had 5 returning seniors, with 3 juniors and 2 sophomores completing the roster. Midway through the season Sue Teeple, senior, was high scorer averaging 1 points a game, with Ka thi Raley, junior, right behind with 9 points a game. Yvonne Aguirre, senior, led in steals with 1 8, while Raley collected 1 1 , Leading rebounders for the first half of the season were Teeple, averaging 1 4 a game and Joni Lopez, senior, with 1 per game. In assists, Aguirre led all others with a total of 1 3, while Terri Jones, junior, collected 1 0. Going into league play, the Tartans lost the first three to La Puente, Covina, and Edgewood respectively. Led by co-captains Sue Teeple and Paula Staschke, seniors, the Tartans had a high scoring first half averaging 41 points a game. |[SI ' ,iurl Center: Coach Billie Oglesby Left to ri t Sue Sarkin, Tern Jones, Jonf LoDpz, Kathi R,aley. Low Ke«er-r%e T eajgrYvoBr auirr , Denise Perry, ' ' .£ StasetTlfe, " ' ' Sheryl Egerer. ■.V«C%S ' . . . •W ni»-- V i V 76 — Sports A ' S sX ■ " ■ " ■i i • V jftii ' ! - i. ' Mmi ' iM MBB - ;a_3S 1 Yvonne Aguirre leads the team in s als, 2 Sue Teeple is Co-Captain of the " sity team. 3 Jon: Lopez drives down curt. 4. Sheryl Egerer shoots a jump SDt. 5. Lo team Altos rebou ri Menard is Captain of the J V 6. Sue Parish jumps against a Los player. 7. Susan Noonan is the top nder for the J V team. ' The J. v. team this season was young and a very inexperienced group of girls, " commented Miss Doreen Ramsey, girls ' junior varsity basketball coach. " Their effort and improvements enabled them to complete a successful first round of league play. " Led by captain Lori Menard, sophomore, the team compiled a 5-3 league record midway through the season. High scorer for the team was Susan Noonan, sophomore, averaging 8 points a game with fvlenard averaging 7 points a game. Leading rebounder was Noonan with 1 per contest. Jeannie Eaton, sophomore, compiled 1 6 steals through half the season. The team of 4 juniors and 8 sophomores all contributed their efforts for an average of 33 points a game. t t Sports — 77 " The year has been very successful, " stated Paula Staschke, President ot Girls Athletic League. The Homecoming Dance was the big activity of the year for GAL. " The dance was very successful. We raised about $750, " com- mented Miss Staschke. The theme of the dance was " Let the Side Show Begin. " The band, Balboa, provided the music for the dance. GAL sponsored many activities this year. The candy apple sale in October was the first of many. Several girls represented GAL in the Jog-a-thon, which was held in November. The club had four banquets dur- ing the year to honor girls for their abilities in the separate sports. The final activity of the year was giving two $50 scholarships to outstanding female athletes of Glendora High School. The schol- arships were awarded at the Sen- ior Awards Banquet in June. 1 Miss Pat Hardm was GAL advisor for her first ime. 2. Jackie Ouellette receives most improved player trophy at the vol- leyball banquet. 3 Students dance to the music of Balboa at GAL sponsored Homecoming dance. j — -AdiiL r V M r : MIHV . mmt 78 — Sports J MP «l Scores BASKETBALL Varsity GHS Opponent 47 South Hills 29 Los Altos 42 La Puente 39 Edgewood 25 Covina 43 Wilson 49 West Covina 50 St, Lucys Junior Varsity 43 South Hills 13 Los Altos 34 La Puente 31 Edgewood 32 Covina 33 Wilson 37 West Covina 37 St. Lucy ' s VOLLEYBALL TENNIS irsity HS 1 Opponent South Hills Los Altos La Puente 2.2 2.2 1.2 Varsity GHS 4,7 5,2 Opponent South Hills Los Altos 13, 16 14, 11 1 Edgewood 2.2 10 La Puente 8 1 Covina 2.2 12,6 Edgewood 6, 12 Wilson 2.2 9,6 Covina 9, 12 1 West Covina 2 2 9,6 Wilson 9, 12 St. Lucys 0.2 6.9 West Covina 2,9 niorVarsit 2 1 2 2 y South Hills Los Altos La Puente Edgewood Covina 0. 1 0.2 0.0 2.2 2. 1 Junior Varsity 10. 13 13.4 13 8. 10 South Hills Los Altos La Puente Edgewood 8,4 5, 14 5 10,8 1 Wilson 0.2 17.7 Covina 1.11 2 West Covina 0.0 12, 12 Wilson 6,6 2 St. Lucys 1.0 14, 14 West Covina 4,4 FIELD HOCKEY Varsity GHS Opponent 0,0 Baldwin Park 3.3 2 Upland 2 4 Gladstone 3 0,0 Azusa 2.3 2 San Dimas 0,0 Charier Oak 10,5 0. 1 San Marino 1, 1 Sonora 4 Colton 2 3 Pasadena Poly 1 Junior Varsity Baldwin Park 1 1 Azusa 0, 1 Charter Oak 1. 1 1 San Marino Sports- T.)g-a.«v a ?jig ' :CT :. ' ' The purpose of the American Field Service Club is to bring people of different CUltUrGS and lifestyles together to learn more about one another. This year GHS had as its guest GerlJnde Peter from Germany and Sergio Rasenti from Uraguay. Last summer, Charlene Underhill and Brian Regele also had the opportunity to travel abroad. Charlene, who traveled to Sri Lanka, attended school and trained a drill team. Brian visited medieval castles and beautiful green forests during his stay in Germany. AFS students had an unexpected surprise when Lupe Lemus, AFS student at GHS two years ago, returned to visit in the fall. Another highlight of the year was AFS International Weekend where several GHS students hosted foreign exchange students from all around the world. Other activities included a beach party, AFS Day at the L.A. County Fair, a hiking day at Mt. Baldy, and an AFS Chnstmas party. 1 . Gerlinde Peter, from Germany, served as AFS student at GHS this year. 2. Visiting from Uraguay, Sergio Rasenti came to GHS with the AFS program. Xi 3. Brian Regele and Charlene Underhill were our AFS students abroad last summer. 82 — AFS : R Ti if. iTiiJKjsnK - J student senate is the legislative branch of Student government. Members were elected by their third period class. Their goals for this year were to amend the constitution and create better communication channels. Getting lunch lengthened was one of the accomplishments of the senate. Dawn Herrick was the leader of the Senate, Brian Brooks was the vice president who presided over the meetings, and Mark Moreno was the Secretary. The Inter-Organizations Council (IOC) is a method of which to get information to clubs. Members of IOC were the vice presidents of all the clubs on campus. The jogathon was organized by IOC. The chairperson in charge of the meetings was Laurie Soderwall, Commissioner of activities. 1 . Miss Billie Oglesby is the advisor of the Senate and IOC. 2. Laurie Soderwall, Commissioner of activities, is in charge of IOC meetings. tt ' rooks, vice president; Dawn Herrickr presiGw »flaria| »no, econd row: Lor i Hunt, DiarieDann, Lisa Licai Steve Jennings, Laura Futerman, Rick WilliaH rin Kt, Tr Tammy Orban, Claire Hertel. Third row: Jepnnie Jardines, Dawn Jackson, Cheryl Caty, Cathy olby, S mm Mu ufnafo. Matt Criswell, Karen Parke, Jaime Barrigan. Foarth row: Christie Vance, Kendra Mastain, Chu Mae War =?aley, Mike Smith, PaulDonner, Kevin Griffin, Ken Hestich, Ron Vieth, Tom Williams, Bruce Myer, Curt Welshon. Senate, IOC — 83 Tarns, an honorary girls ' service club, is composed of active girls who are willing to give free time to working on school and community service projects. A traditional service project is the Tams Winter Fashion Show, which was held in the GHS library on December 7, Lori Martyns, president of Tams, and Laura Futerman served as chairpersons. Tams ' members modeled some of the latest fashions provided by Bullock ' s Dept. Store and were escorted by Senior classmen. During Homecoming Week, Tams entered an award winning float in the annual Homecoming Parade on October 27. In November, the girls decorated Oakview Convalescent Home for Thanksgiving and in February several girls volunteered their time during Heart Sunday Weekend to collect donations. Tams also sold bagged candy dunng the month of February. The annual spring Luau was held April 1 5 in the gym. Cindy Smith and Charmaine Fiumos were chairpersons. 1 . DeBbie Pittlus models falTOns by Bullock ' s. 2. " Come see TheiBide Show " IS the theme for thif:i|%ms award winning float during Holliecom- ing Week. 3. Stephanie Deans models skirt andblazer in Tams Winter Fash- ion Show. 84 — Tams : . ' . :i w: KrswrtUiWo ' b. v:n ■ -1-: ' : " To This year ' s l wy IUI3 theme was Fulfill Man ' s Hope For Tomorrow. " Even though Key Club was smaller this year than in the past, the active members undertook several school and community projects which provided many rewarding experiences. Their main goals were to be actively involved in projects with the Glendora Kiwanis Club and to be financially self-sufficient. The fund raising activities for the year included the Fourth of July Food Booth at the Recreation Park, a Halloween Spook House, and the annual fruit cake sale. Key Club members assisted the Kiwanis Club in their annual Prayer Breakfast, Easter Sunrise Service, and the Easter Egg Hunt. They also worked with the Glendora Coordinating Council on the annual Holiday-Food-Basket program. The highlight of the year was sponsoring and organizing the annual Christmas Dance with the theme of " You Light Up My Life. " 1 . Tom Joos, senior, is vice- president of Key Club. 2. Mr. David Griffith is ttie advisor for Key Club again this year. 3. Larry O ' Bryant, escort, and Julie Pyscher, queen, reign over this year ' s Christmas Dance sponsored by Key Club. 4. Phil Cook, president and treasurer, organizes most Key Club activities. 5 fVlike Doto and Sophia Brands take a break at the 1 977 Christmas Dance. Key Club — 85 Enthusiasm and exciting activities were the keys to a successful year tor Girls ' League. The year ' s activities started with the annual Big and Little Sister Welcoming Party on September 8 organized by Leslie Bergstrom. During Homecoming Week girls dressed as clowns to promote enthusiasm for school activities. In November Girls ' League sold See ' s Candy to the community. This new fund raiser proved to be a great success as over $300 was raised. During Welfare Week, December 1 2-1 6, girls dressed in winter attire sold homemade cookies, candy, singing grams, and stocking and mistletoe grams. " Christmas Is A Jingle In Your Heart " was the theme for this year ' s special event and Cathie Cox was chairperson. Donations taken during Welfare Week, totaling nearly $800, went to the City of Hope. The Valentine ' s Dance was held on February 1 8 at Mt. Sac. " You ' re In My Heart " was the theme and Mary Ellen Russell and Julie Murphy served as co- chairpersons. V 1 ' U I 1 . Julie Pyscher is president and Kim l-lebgrt is vice-presi- dent of G fW League. 2. Karen Parl and Connie Brown dres. as Christmas presents d ' Di ' ing Welfare Week, 3. Cathie Cbx serves as , Bhairperson 61 Welfare Week, 86 — Girls ' League r ! «KS £i£. 1 f . ,• a. - 4 1 , Diane speaker at Dwyer has nearly thr from Calv£ club. Gould listens to one of the meetings served as club adv 3e years 3. Howe jry Chapel, speaks guest 2. Mr sor for Brown to the k •.i vifet Now in its third year of existence, wllOlwITI club is beconning more widely known. Shalom has no denomination and is open to anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus Christ. Meetings were held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at lunch. On Mondays there was usually a guest speaker present. On Wednesdays, Howe Brown, from Calvary Chapel, provided music and discussion. Fridays were open for a time of sharing and discussion among members of the club. During the year the club sponsored a band called " Promise " to play at lunch. The club also held candy and bake sales throughout the year. Officers of the club included: Rick Andrade, president; Dave Bianchi, vice-president; Donna Morris, secretary; Sandi Brown, treasurer; Dawn Jackson, public relations; Jeff Lynn and Diane Gould, social committee. The advisors were Mr. Jim Clark, Mr. Arlan Dwyer, and Mr. Harry Smith. Shalom — 87 Forensics at GHS was quite active this year. Both a club (National Forensics League) and a class (Advanced Ora l Comnnunications), students in the speech program competed both at home and at tournaments everywhere from Las Vegas to Sacramento and beyond. The team had numerous successes at these competitions and qualified several people to go to the State Tournament in Fresno. One of the most successful of the Forensic students was Dave Hill who won several first place trophies. His most profitable triumph was when he won $200 for himself and $200 for the speech program at the Bill of Rights Tournament. He also qualified for the State Tournament with his speech on being left-handed. At that tournament, the whole team showed its expertise by winning the Sweepstakes trophy. John Duran also brought home several awards as a result of his skill shown in the Humorous Interpretation. 88 — NFL The " 11-lQ " theater season at GHS was one of the most successful ever. The Thespian club brought in record breal ing attendance at several performances. Productions of " The Matchmaker " and " Flowers for Algernon " sold out for all performance dates. The final show of the year was the musical " South Pacific " performed with the assistance of the music department. As one of the most active clubs on campus, recognition comes from constant work and improvement. This year, Thespians painted their theatre and dressing rooms and purchased new lighting along with extensive audio equipment. They traveled as a club to see several professional plays. They also held several potluck dinners. Thespians is an International Society. All Thespians must earn points performing and working on productions in order to become a Thespian and remain one. LW5 lb ' Thespians — 89 In the beginning, Brad Sago, Peter Watkins and Mark Herringshaw were sitting in the park eating peanut butter sandwiches. Suddenly a dove with a piece of paper in its mouth flew down onto Peter ' s shoulder. A movie projector wheeled in just as a marching band came by. As the movie started up, a choir began cowing in the background. The misty presentation which was shown on a screen suspended in mid air gave the three instructions concerning the organization T.H.E.M. THEM sa very unusual club whose main goals are to make people smile, serve the school and community and to bring others the divine knowledge to worry less about what others think and more about having fun. This is a good practice and will bring great happiness. The advisor of the club was Mr. John Saunders, the Pedagogical Pundit. 1 . This IS Beauregard, the club ' s mascot. 2. Mark Herringshaw was the Chivavous Padishaw and Pete Watkins was the Omnipotent Potentate ot T.H.E.M. 3. T.H.E.M. enters a float in the Homecoming parade. ft Salter, Tim Patterson, Brad nd, Ron Schlinder, Third row: 90 — Them The Spanish wlUI had a new advisor this year, Mrs. Roseann Martilla. The club started out the year with a potluck dinner. Meetings were held once a week at lunch to learn about Spanish culture and language. This year ' s otticers were, Bruce Myer, president; Mark Hyer, vice president; Brett Brofman, secretary; Ron Schlindler, treasurer; Larry O ' Bryant, press secretary; Toni Kelly, senior class representative; John Duran, junior class representative; and Kelly Boyer, sophomore representative. The German uiDm VON wlUI raised money this year in order t o go to Germany in March. Members spent a month in Germany participating in an exchange program. Otticers ot the club were; Meredith Muns, president; Kelly Coffey, vice president; Sue Wilmarth, secretary; Debbie Holland, publicity. 1 . Bruce Myer is president of the Spanish club. 2. Ludwig Von Klown is the name of the German club float entered in the Homecoming parade. 3. Mrs. Juliane Hodjera is the advisor of the German club. German, Spanish Club — 91 The French club was a new club on campus which met on Wednesdays to learn the French language and culture. Members of the club had up to five years of knowledge of the French language. Trips were planned to Los Angeles to visit a French high school and to see French films. The advisor of the club was Miss Marguerite Lyeth. The California Scholarship Federation was for students with a 3.5 grade average. The officers of the club were Mark Henderson, president; Laura Fuchs, vice president; Janet Gibson, secretary; Leslie Bergstrom, treasurer. The club provided a tutoring service to students who needed help in classes. CSF also had a day off school in which they went to Disneyland. 1 . Mark Henderson is the president of CSF. SXX ' i •? ;:r ' ' A FRENflm CL right: JeU aWer. Tim Patterson, Ron Schindler, Mark Hyer, Miss Lyethriina Barkley.XRn BoltorT 92 — French, CSF ■ ' j! iMk ' .K! «ff !»S4 The Regional Occupational Program was a program which students participated in to gain experience and knowledge of the vocation of their choice. Students attended classes at such places as Montgomery Wards, Sears, Travel agencies and banks. Dental assisting was also available. Some 1 40 students participated in ROP this year and Mrs. Sami Lau commented " It ' s the largest we ' ve ever been. " ROP began in 1 972 and has been a popular class at Glendora High. Senior Cindy Evers commented, " I got myself a job and I learned a lot from it. " t The radio club this year met on Thursdays to work on plans of having a radio station on campus in which students could communicate as far as Japan. The club was advised by Mr. Harry Smith. 1 . Robert Wilson and Mr. Smith work on a light dimmer. 2. Russ Phillips works on building a scope. 3. ROP student Steve Michelson works in maintenance at Glendora Community Hospital. 4. Terri Ashdown works in admitting at Glendora Community Hospital. ROP, Radio — 93 The Tartan Pre- OwMwwl this year was under the direction ot Mrs. Anita Hauger. Students could participate and observe in teaching pre-school children. The class was held third and fourth periods every day. The pre-school children attended the class Tuesday through Thursday. On the days the children were not present, Glendora High students planned various games and activities for the children. A Halloween party was held and the children " Trick-or-Treated " to various counselor offices and classrooms. During Christmas, the students taught the children carols and the children went caroling around campus. Senior Donna Brisco commented, " It ' s a fun class, and I learned a lot about understanding children. " 1 . The pre-school children enjoy snacks prepared by the GHS students. 2. Nine of the children on Valentine ' s Day display their creations, 3 Students read stories to the children at storytime 4 Donna Brisco sings a song with the children. 5 The children learn various finger plays. 94 — Pre-School -•O ' VTf rViMT A UltLS: «2l.V._i KM Skiing in Utah opened up the season for sixteen members of Ski Club. The skiers spent December 1 7 through the 23rd skiing at the resorts of Alfa, Park City, and Snow Bird. Poor snow conditions disrupted the Ski Club ' s trips to the local resorts at the start of the season, but the skiers had the opportunity to attend trips to more distant resorts. These trips were to Mammoth, Utah, and Tahoe. am very happy that the club has increased its membership, and we have had many more trips this year, ' ' commented Dennis Cavanaugh, assistant advisor. 1 . Mr. Larry Johnson, advisor, prepares for a ski trip. 2. Sheryl Shirley, Ski Club president, spends time on the slopes. 3. Laura Futerman is Secretary-Treasurer. 4. Monk Smith, chaperone, and Tom Ross contemplate their next run. 5. Dawn Mower, Joanne Mahoney, and Terri Durston relax in their Utah hotel room. Ski Club — 95 With the start of a new year and the assistance of a new advisor, this year ' s Bellendaine staff started out with anticipation and determination to mai e an interesting and nnennorable yearbook. Staff members worked hard in order to meet their deadlines. Many hours were spent outside the classroorn taking pictures, drawing layouts, and wnting copy. Toni Kelley and Linda Zappe served as editors and assisted staff members when problems arose. This year the yearbook sales were held October 18-21. The price was $1 2 which included a supplement. Make-up sales were held March 1 -2. On Halloween, the staff was treated to a specially decorated layer cake homemade by Mr. Lusk, yearbook advisor. In January, the staff enjoyed a delicious breakfast which was also a special treat prepared by Mr. Lusk. At the end of the year a banquet was held for the entire staff. 1 . As co-editor, Linda Zaippe, provides manyflew ahd creative i 2. Co-editor, Tom Kelley, also works for the staff Bt- ■ r - f-ir.r, ' - ' ' ' ' " 9 ' ' ' ' ni row: ti[ucB F Qne( . StacBy -i uaQri av ' miy ' Back TOW Advisof-. FStacey.Chamley, Donna -PattefSQaStephanleOppenheim ' , Catheriae Beck, Linda ' Jones, Denise Kodk, DeonnaEckert She- ■pyl Shirley, Katfii-Raley, Wlarie Keiler, Giria Badran, Li ■ - - - Osato, Barbara-Rittgers. inda- aope, ' Mafy Eirei=f-Russell,.Torii Ke ey, Alys ' on McL«roore, Sf eryP- NGfp cfur-ed.-Criarlene Underhtfl.-. - " ■■.■ - l •• ' -•-■.,—■- - • ■ 96 — Bellendaine The Tartan Shield underwent nnany changes this past year. The format was altered, the issues bigger and more graphic and the stories were better than ever. The Tartan Shield was published once each month, with eight pages of important, topical stories and information. Each issue was the culmination of four weeks of diligent work by the staff members. The advanced journalism class met fourth period each day and began the machinations of each issue. The constant deadlines were always pressuring the staff members to work fast. Several staff members spent an average of four hours each issue at the Courier Graphics in Claremont, where the paper is printed, making last minute changes and finishing the paste-up. Those days were usually filled with frenzied rushing and hurried work to meet that final deadline. Brian Brooks, editor, and his staff, along with Mrs. Pat Rasmussen, advisor, made the Tartan Shield more interesting and more topical than it had ever been before. _iiTAN SHIELD STAFF, Left to fight. tr£ nt row: Leize_Cre2jflf D Sue Croce, Wayne Reit3oWrLeslieBergstTDr ley, Peter Watkins, Carol Qeruon. Not picturedy. m Fisher Tartan Shield — 97 " The flow of unique ideas from fhe g Is n Pep Club never ceases fo amaze me. If ' s a parf of high school I ' ll always remember! " commented Songleader Karen Hoy. The Pep Club attended a summer cheerleading camp in Santa Barbara where they received the " Spirit Stick " three times. Receiving the stick on the last day of camp won them the honor of taking it home. 98 — Pep Club : ' ' A certain and special type of friendship develops with other people when you ' re thrown together and you must all work toward the same goal, " stated Songleader, Carolyn Beck. Promoting school unity and spirit, along with giving equal support to both boys and girls, were the goals which tne Songleaders worked to achieve. Performing at summer cheerleading camp in Santa Barbara, the squad placed second out of 35 squads. The individual routines placed first. " When you are working closely with a large number of people, it is important to realize that what you want has very little significance in deciding what is best for the group. You must listen with an open mind and accept and support any decisions as if they were your own, " commented Kendra Mastin. sTrrgerTJRaren Hoy. Pep Club — 99 ureaiing a new image was me goal of the 77-78 V 3rSliy Cheerleaders. " We wanted to do crazy, more exciting things, and to represent our student body with more spirit, " remarked Sandy Westlake, Head Varsity Cheerleader. Unusual routines were a part of creating this new image. The Varsity squad portrayed the Homecoming theme, " Let the Side Show Begin, " when they dressed as clowns to perform their routine at the assembly. One excellent ribbon and three superior ribbons were received by the Varsity squad for their home routines and new chants at cheerleading camp. " Cheerleading helped me to growas a person as I experienced the meaning of responsibility and the value of true friends, " commented Sandy. Sheryl Hawblitzel VARSITY CH Joanne Arsenault. Row 2.. SI man. Row 3: Leslie Humm 100 — Pep Club mm Performing at the San Diego Chargers ' halftime show highlighted the year for the rIaQIWiriGrS. Taking first place in their home routine competition at cheerleading camp during the summer won the group the honor of performing at the game. Improving their style and promoting enthusiasm were the main goals of the Flagtwirlers. " Flagtwirling has taught me that it can be fun being involved with the school and helped me to better understand people, " commented Michelle Duncan. Supporting the members of athletics occupied the Flagtwirler ' s spare time. " It ' s fun to do something that makes people happy, and I loved working with such a great group of girls, " remarked Cindy Smith, Head Flagtwirler. Pep Club— 101 Junior Varsity athletics gained more support than in past years from the newly formed O vl 1 1 1 wl Varsity Cheerleaders. The Pep Club started this new squad to promote spirit at the Junior Varsity level. The J.V. Cheerleaders made posters and attended Junior Varsity sports. " Cheerleading, full of work and excitement, has been quite a challenge and something I ' ll long remember, " commented Lori Hunt. Two superior and two excellent ribbons were received by the J.V. Cheerleaders at summer camp. " Cheerleading has helped me become more spirited, loyal, and it has built up my pride for Glendora, " remarked Margaret Turner, " Cheerleading has also emptied my pocketbook! " f JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Front row: Lisa Sahdstrum. Lori Hunter, Judy Kohler, Row 2. Gina Nor- man, Margaret Turner. Row 3, Dawn Taylor. 102 — Pep Club .V.;£X ' . :W ■nW. ' »?». i i d£.Jm 3Bk BaA. oBKo fHA- aifSKSPm One superior and three excellent ribbons were received by the See Cheerleading squad at summer cheerleading camp. Representing the class of 1 980, the Bee Cheerlea ders ' main goal was to help the sophomore class gain more recognition. " It gives me a good feeling to know that I ' m representing Glendora High School, " stated Chun-Mae Wang, Head Bee Cheerleader. To support sophomore athletics the Bee Cheerleaders attended games and inspired the players with posters and cheers. " It makes me feel good to be able to support our teams as much as I can, " commented Jolee Pippert. " Cheerleading keeps me involved and out of trouble, " remarked Wendy Butterfield. BEE €HEERLEADERS: Fraf7f ro Butertield, Dinar-S fgi. Rpw " 2: ' j Wang. Row 3.- Gay Fuller- y y Mejia, Wendy p ert, Chun-Mae Pep Club — 103 " yf « M «r ivri ' ' M:v ' j 5t ,..» . tfJ: mm gnmm 1 . Merrilu Murray — 78. 2, Susan Clark — 79. 3. Shen Papenfuhs — 78. 4. Debbie Holland — 78. 5. Bob Weber — 78. 6. Shen Papenfuhs — 78 7 The Picture of Happiness, Lorre Larson — 79 8. Susan Clark — 79. 9. Left to right: Steve Lawless — 79, Patti Robison — 78, Patti Robison — 78. 1 0. Rick Olmsted — 78. 1 1 . Joan Van Kempen — 78. c ft W le iif ill Strangers in this life, touch briefly in their passing, then go separate ways. M ■B " n il tV v- V I mm ■■h le id ] 106 — Fine Arts »— ».lt lt.y.-r«..f -«».:,..x. v ce took a pencil and drew a picture of a man; stepped out of the paper and asked who I am. )t identity-wise, " he clarified to me, jt belief-wise and life-wise. " He paused. " Do you see? ' Dughtof an answer and said, " I want to be . . . " en he waved his hands and shouted at me, 3t what you hope to be in future-sense, at you are doing with your life present-tense? " I answer was easy: " Just the usual; ening to music and going to school. " )u cannot be sehous ' " he grimly said. )u must be delirious! " and he shook his head. ly are you wasting your time down here? is too short, believe me, my dear. ik of the things that come from above: ibows and sunsets and, most of all, love. " ; not the fact that your life is routine. the way that you live it, to see what it means, ik of love, before you move I put it into all that you do. n you will find what I ' m trying to explain I you ' ll then understand what there is to a name. " I with that, back into the picture he stepped, I I walked around thinking of the man I had met. ipiness crept over me when I thought of him. lemed as though a new life had begun. ;n ran to my friends to share the news I tell them I no longer was singing the blues. urned to the picture after a while, something was different; his face was a smile. M[ 1 P r ' Vs H : j H WmL %, 1 Pt li - 1 10 ii Fine Arts — 107 ■:-:i36 f( .- jMm. M- mm w li Two roads diverged in yellow wood. I could not choose; 1 only stood. For both ot them looked just as good, And if I could take both, I would. Barefeet or birds? Oh, to decide Was much too hard, I must confide. For choosing one, I would have cried. And wished I ' d walked the other side. I looked down to the end of one To where a tiny brook did run, I could lie down in heat of sun And wiggle toes in mud. What fun! But down the other, in the shade, A masterpiece that nature made; The flowers and the bird parade Made dreams of barefeet nearly fade I flipped a coin, heads left, tails right. And tossed it up with all my might. But, though the com was shiny bright. It rolled in weeds and out of sight. I hoped a voice would whisper sweet. And tell me which was greater treat. It came; much louder, less discreet: " Oh son, come home, it ' s time to eat. ' 08 — Fine Arts L« jl 1 . Teri Garcia — 79. 2. Left to right: Glenn Calfee — 78, Scott Jonassen — 78. 3. " Two Roads Not Taken, " Pete Watkins — 78. 4 Joan VanKempen — 78. 5. Rick Olmsted — 78 6. Glenn Calfee — 78. 7. Rick Olmsted — 78. 8. Sheri Papenfuhs — 78. 9. Teri Garcia — 79. 1 0. Todd Menard — 79. 1 1 . Sheri Papenfuhs — 78. 1 2. Debbie Holland — 78. " iv, ' . . ' ■mw ' ' Paused on the threshold, you are at your turning point, seniors growing up. You ' ve come to an end, hold tightly to memories, but continue on. Goon — continue, a new world lies just beyond, yours to discover. 12 Fine Arts — 1C uwmmMi«c ' m -r m ' Each day we are together we have grown closer and closer to each other. ' Each hour is well spent! Each minute is made up ot many happy moments. Each one of these moments has its own special meaning. The sun showing its face through the clouds. The birds singing around us. The waves breaking against the rugged shore. All these things remind me of you. The stars above us show us each stepping stone in life. As we walk along the road of life there will be many rocks to stumble over and holes to fall into. Even so we know that the rough road could end just around the next bend. When we reach the valley of peace and love we will stay there awhile before moving to bigger and better things. If we should come to a " Y " in the road and go our separate ways, Let us say goodbye and leave each other as friends. If we can indeed say goodbye without bitterness we have made a great stride towards understanding what genuine love is all about. Ss: .-r----V 1 . " A Touch of Love, " Heidi Salgren — 79. 2. Shen Papenfuhs — 78. 3. Jim Shafer — 78. 4. Art Morales — 78. 110 — Fine Arts J-, ' ■ ; fifi The Matchmaker " began the theatrical year at G.H.S. The play was a produc- tion of the Glendora Adult Edu- cation Community Theatre Workshop and the high school ' s Thespian troupe. It premiered December 1 , 2, and 3 in the high school ' s Little Theatre. " The Matchmaker, " written by Thornton Wilder, was the non-musical version of " Hello, Dolly. " It starred Mrs. Dolly Levi who was trying to arrange matches between Cornelius and Mrs. Molloy, and Ambrose and Ermengarde. At the same time, she was scheming to marry Hor- ace. She succeeded in all three of her goals. The play itself was very humorous and drew good audi- ences to its last two showings. 1 . Mike Fisher, Mike Klaus, Mike Vest, Bill Gelmer, Robin Eaton, Chris Hand, and Alane Daugherty perform in the final dress rehearsal. 2. Steve King plays the violin-playing gypsy. 3. Mike Klaus as Cornelius Hackl. 4. Robin Eaton, Chris Hand, and Alane Daugh- erty drink a toast. 5. Mike Fisher as August serves Mrs. Molloy, played by Robin Eaton. 6. CAST AND CREW, Front row: Greg Naylor, Liz Smith, Tony Dyl, Sheryl Clayton, Gale Papish, Jim Rector, Mike Klaus, Robin Eaton, and Steve King. Second row: Mike Vest, Judy Yacos, Bruce Myer, Scott Kelly. Bill Geimer, Georgia Hawthorne, Chris Hand, Alane Daugherty, Jody Miller, Mike Fisher, Frank Peck, and Gloriann OIkien. STARRING Horace Vandergelder — Jim Rector Ambrose Kemper — Tony Dyl Cornelius Hackl — Mike Klaus Ermengarde — Sheryl Clayton Mrs. Levi — Gale Papish Mrs. Molloy — Robin Eaton wa Fine Arts — 111 u- «■!■■■ 7 ? ?t7,x r ' : " Flowers for Alger- riwrij the second play ot the season for GHS, ran in the Little Theatre January 13, 14, 20, and 21. The play was presented by the Glendora High School Fine Arts Department. " Flowers " was a very intense dranna, centered around the retarded Charlie Gordon and the results of the operation designed to increase his intelli- gence The operation suc- ceeded, but Charlie, raised to genius level, soon found himself fighting an inner battle over pos- session of his mind. Then, Char- lie discovered his newly obtained intelligence would decrease even faster than it increased. The play closed with Charlie placing flowers on the grave of Algernon, the experimental mouse who kept Charlie com- pany all through his metamor- phosis. 1 . Charlie recalls an emotional scene from his childhood. 2. Miss Kinnian keeps a record of Charlie ' s progress. 3. David Gray as Charlie Gordon. 4. CAST AND CREW, Front row: Margie Simpson, Julie Michelli, Kathy Gray, John Duran, Cathy Colby, Liz Smith, Tracy Clavin, Bruce Myer, Jody Miller, Christy Colby, Mary Szczuka, Celia Hall. Second row: Cheryl Clayton, Lorie Mason, Linda Smith, Mike Klaus, Carrie Bjorklund, David Gray, Robin Eaton, Scott Kelly, David Hill, Edanna Nitti. STARRING Dr. Strauss — Robin Eaton Alice Kinnian — Carrie Bjorklund Charlie Gordon — David Gray Professor Nemur — David Hill 112 — Fine Arts The third performance for the GHS Little Theatre was intended to be " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream, " but due to the illness of one of the principal cast members, the show was quickly switched to the British play, 6i 93 Black Comedy Only two and a half weeks went into this play ' s production; yet the play was as well done as any of the GHS performances. An amusing play, " Black Comedy " is the story of an engaged couple who steal furniture from a neighbor to impress the girl ' s father and a famous art collector. But then a fuse blows, and the couple is left to deal with mistaken identities, the neighbors, total darkness, and an " ex " - girlfriend. " Black Comedy " ran March 2, 3, and 4, and was a joint production of the high school and the Adult Community Workshop. 1 . Brindsley, Miss Furnival, Harold, Col. Melkett, and Carol gather in the dark. 2. Clea listens to comments intended tor Carol. 3. Miss Furnival discovers some of the pleasant etfects of liquor. 4. Col. Melkett expected a tour-legged chair instead ot a rocker. 5. CAST AND CREW: Front row: Cheryl Clayton, Steve King, Gale Papish. Second row: Tim Tedrow, William Geimer, Liz Smith, Linda Smith, Margi Simpson, Mike Fisher, Robert Geimer, Mike Vest. Third row: David King, Robin Eaton, Carrie B]orklund. Starring Brindsley Miller — Tim Tedrow Carol Melkett — Linda Smith Colonel Melkett — Mike Vest Miss Furnival — Liz Smith Harold Gorringe — Mike Fisher Georg Bamberger — Robert Geimer Clea — Margi Simpson Schuppanzigh — William Geimer Fine Arts — 113 Ki riilMiHiMlMflil The Glendora High School Plaid Piper had Drill Team a successful year in their 18th competition season. Receiving a high score of 92.2, the drill team took first place at the Southland Field Tournament, their first competition of the sea- son. The drill team concluded the year at the Chaffey College Tournament of Champions, obtaining a combined field and street score of 178.85 and a second place overall. The Plaid Pipers also participated in a combined halftime show with Armijo High School at the Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco Forty-Niners football game. The drill team exhibited their many talents in field show fea- tures such as " Bugsy Malone " and " Rocky. " This was the first year the drill team has incorpo- rated a jazz style in their rou- tines, adding a pleasant con- trast to their traditional precision drills. 1 Drill Team marches in the ram at the Santa Monica El Primero Band Review. 2. Mrs. Jean Bradley com- pletes her last year as advisor of the Drill Team. 3. Drill Team waits on the sidelines tor a field show to begin. 4. DRILL TEAM BOARD, left to nglit. first row: Sally Packard, Theresa Wiese, Cheryl Curtis, Lynne Wilson, Diana Wilson. Second row.Janice Mulligan, Head Leader, Linda Zappe, Sr, Asst. Leader, Amy Hutchinson, Eileen Kel- ley, Joanne Cafe, Meg Lorenz, Kellee Hamel, Annajean O ' Connell, Char- maine Fiumos, Jr. Asst. Leader, Ingrid VanVonderen, Jr. Asst. Leader. 10th: Lori Canter, Nancy Davidson, Michelle Draughon, Sara Estey, Lisa Finkbiner, Lori Grieve, Marlis Hirschi, Cheryl Joy, Kim Mastin. Julie Matea, Colleen Mendez. Sharon Morris, Sally Packard, Donna Patterson, Lisa San- derson, Sheri Schober, Susan Smith, Lisa Wellik, Connie Yaeger, Donna Zirkelbach 11th: Carrie Conley, Mic- helle Dominguez, Lisa Farmer, Char- maine Fiumos, Linda Inglis, Kathy Lent, Carolyn Lundstrom, Michelle Nicosia, Annajean O ' Connell, Dana Reid, Stephanie Shaw, Ingrid van Von- deren, Theresa Weise, Diana Wilson Lynne Wilson. 12th: Joanne Cate, Cheryl Curtis, Karen Dubois. Kellee Hamel, Amy Hutchinson, Eileen Kel- ley, Margaret Lorenz, Crystal McGinty, Janice Mulligan, Linda Zappe. 4 ' 114 — Drill Team 1 . Mace Drum Major Brad Schneider receives outstand- ing honors in 1977-78 connpetition season. 2. Plaid Fiper Drill Team marches at the Glendora Christmas Parade. 3. Tartan Band pertorms at the Azusa Golden Days Parade. 4. Drill Team leaders, left to right, Charmaine Fiumos, Mrs. Bradley, advisor, Janice Mulligan, head, Linda Zappe, and Ingrid VonVonderen. 5. Director John Bris- coe conducts the band during a halftime performance. 6. Tartan Band performs a combined halftime show with the Armijo Superband at the Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco Forty-Niners football game. -= ' - xSh ...mM " -— " ' " 1 i ■ ■ ' ■ ' :n« kfJ: ««!se r- vz " " ■ 1 ■ ' ■• W ¥M ■ . ' 1 -. ifPMrvn; - »t ■ •TW ' X m 1:: f ' w Si L ,m.. .-.-...w ...-.. %5 ■»« iS»- . ' ' - ' « g- -y Fold Out »».» «! « m a ' ' V ' 4 k -««r .«»« ' BihiMimffiwmi !■ iirii— aaa—iii a ■1- - lif Vi HI Si r B! » m 1 fcv. 4 The Glendora Tartan Band concluded their marching season with the annual Bando- lOlllOii a concert that combines field music with concert pieces. The Auxiliaries and Drill Team also took part in this event, which was held at Citrus Auditorium. This year ' s highlights included a concert piece called " Alia Barocco " and field show pieces from the Forty-Niner ' s halftime show, such as Bellavia and " La Virgin de la Macarena. " The Drill Team was featured on stage in field pieces performed this year. These features included " Quejada " and " Send In the Clowns. " 1 . One of the traditional Bandorama favorites is the Pipe Band. 2. The Drill Teann kills the bull in " Quejada. " 3. The Majorettes open their feature number, " Viva Max. " 4. The Drill Teann heads dance to " Scotland the Brave. " 5. The auxiliaries all perform in the finale. 6. The Flags give their parting performance. ; Fine Arts — 115 ---- ■yr ,, •■ »■ ' 1L% . ■Mi f -:. u ' hhmLi. 1 AwS, J i ' . ' ■ v 1 ' ' .-? ' ' iSlk i ■?■■ - «xy v itv J ' -l-i r WA U --. I! . - ..If The Glendora Tartan Band concluded their marching season with the annual Bando- rSlTIOii a concert that combines tield music with concert pieces. The Auxiliaries and Drill Team also took part in this event, which was held at Citrus Auditorium. This year ' s highlights included a concert piece called " Alia Barocco " and tield show pieces trom the Forty-Niner ' s halftime show, such as Bellavia and " La Virgin de la Macarena. " The Drill Team was featured on stage in field pieces performed this year. These features included " Quejada " and " Send In the Clowns. " 1 . One of the traditional Bandorama favorites is the Pipe Band. 2. The Drill Team kills the bull in " Quejada. " 3. The Majorettes open their feature number, " Viva Max. " 4. The Drill Team heads dance to " Scotland the Brave. " 5. The auxiliaries all perform in the finale. 6. The Flags give their parting performance. Fine Arts — 115 ■- m-.mimw -.i: ..■.. wy- - 116 — Band ■ ■MMMIUM JMMIg WWIWaMMlMmH. V .VK- ■ ■ ' 0 theGlendora Tartan Marching - Band was peforming a combined halftime show with the Armijo Superband. The show was televised during the San Francisco Forty-Niners — Dallas Cowboys football game on December 12. The band marched in five street competitions, two field competitions, and concluded with the Chaffey College Tournament of Champions, in which they took first on the street and third overall. These performances were in addition to the football halftime shows, the Homecoming parade, and several pep rallies. The Tartan Band Drum Section competed in the West Arcadia and Santa Monica Drum Competitions. The Brass Fanfare group, in their second year, took third at the Chine Brass Fanfare Competition. To conclude the year, the GHS Tartan Band hosted the Glendora Christmas parade, and gave their final flourish at the annual Band-o-rama at Citrus College. 1 . The Tartan Band performs at the Santa Monica El Primero Band Review under the direction of John Briscoe. Band — 1 1 7 - -■ ■• - ' ' — - ' - ' ■ » A ' » t t y n % ' ' ti.- 1 , J - A BANWP f D; Trisa Pitre PIPjLJ tlur-. .David Wells 118 — Band Auxilaries ■JtMBMjaWSBMWaTOR-WWIWWWaiOTiiT A ■. ■ ., 1 1 m mi i« ww PIPERS KenBi ' Auxiliaries of the Tartan band added a special flair and a dash of color to the band performances. The banners pronnoted spirit at all performances, proudly displaying the letters which represent the " Pride of the Foothills. " Glendora ' s tall flags enhanced the band ' s field performances as an accent group, using newly purchased flags. This was the first year flags were featured in a competition show. The pipers, symbols of Glendora High School ' s Scottish theme, represented the school and the community at Disneyland and other locations throughout the Southland. The majorettes, all three new to the band, began a successful season by taking first place at the Azusa Golden Days parade which was their first competition. 1 . Tall Flags perform in their feature number, " Sting of the Serpent. " 2. Banner Carrier Jennifer Graham displays her award-winning smile 3. Many hours of grooming are spent in preparation for each performance. Band Auxiliaries — 119 ii »;-»S ' .V ... , , ., . This year the Glendora Tartan Concert Band pertormed a wde variety of music representing ditterent musical eras, trom Francois Gossec ' s " Classic Overture in C " to a contemporary piece called " Shivaree " by Francis McBeth. The Pep Band pertormed at all the football games and participated at the basketball games played at home. This was the first year the Pep Band marched a halftime show in the gym during one of the basketball games. The Stage Band showed marked improvement this year and arranged a jazz clinic with well- known trumpeter Don Ellis. The Pipe Band continued their outstanding work, being in large demand for many community affairs. 1 . PEP BAND, Left to hgtit. front row: C. Ferguson, G. Nunn, J. Petmecky, C. Courduff, W. Andrues, L. Moore, T. Anchando, T. Whang, G. Trowbridge, H. Wilberg. Second row.- Y. Morrow, P. Mason, R. Fisher, M. O ' Sullivan, S. Beery, J. Murray, L. Hart, K. Trow- bridge, L. Taylor, M. Pitchford, C. Nor- man, T. Vine, D. Phillips, S. Osato. Tfiird row: G. Potter, J. Elshere, L. Tierney, R. Wilson, L. Glenn, G. Cald- well, D. Jokkel, K. Rosenberger, I. Eth- erington, M. Robbins, A. DeVries, J. Lake. Fourtti row: A. McLamore, G. Kaplow, C. Stoerman, J. Klein, T. Tor- res, K. Rice, G. Poe, T. TeVault, Mr. Briscoe (director). Fiftfi row: P. Clapp, B. Buckley, B. Files, M. Wasinger, R. Young, D. Reinberger, 0. Clapp, D. Schneider, L. McGloughlin, K. Jeffries, D. Reilley. Sixtfi row: G. Kreft, B. Douglas, T. Jerabek, R, Lundine, B. McClure, D. Guillaume, D. Smith, G. McClure, E. Steinert, P. Crandall, J. Desens, S. McDonnell, C. Welshon, D. Koelsch. 2. Mr. Briscoe conducts the band early in the marching season. 3. The trombones are one of the more active sections in the band. 120 — Band ,-.,— »»»■... .■.V.«.TV »M ,_«. CONCERT BAND, Seniors: D. Barnhart, S. Beery, P. Clapp, B. Dduglas, J. f isher; ' CrSernc)n, SH rraTtCtaw GufTISUme Little, E, McKellar, A. McLamore, K. Nordhoff, S. Osato, 8. Reigner, K. Sigona, K. Sinclair, R. Stevens, J. Van Kempen C Welshon, Juniors: G. Caldwell, J. Desens, I. Etherington, C. Ferguson, D. Jokkel, G. Kreft, G. McClure, S. McDonnell, K. Mensing, J. Murray, M. O ' Sullivan, D Phillips, C. Pippert, D. Reilley, D. Reinberger, M, Robbins, J. Rodewald, K. Rosenloer- ger, D. Schneider, K. Smith, E. Steinert, A. Torres, T. Torres, K. Trowbndge, M. Turner, H. Wilberg, R. Wilson. Sophomores: T. Anchando, W. Andrues, M. Barrett, B. Buckley. C. Clapp, C. Courduff, P. Crandall, A, DeVries, J. Etehere, K. Fagerberg, B. Files, T. Godhart, D. Herring, K. Jeffnes, T. Jerabek, G. Kaplow, P. Keegan, J. Klein, J. Lake, R. Lundine, B. McClure, L. McGloughlin, L. Minton, L. Moore, Y. Morrow, C. Norman, J. Petmecky, M. Pitchford, G. Poe, G. Potter, D. Smith, S. Smith; C. Stoerman, L. Taylor, T. TeVault, L. Tierney, G. Trowbridge, T. Vine, M. Wasinger, R. Young. PIPE BAND, Left to nglif front row: Gary . ._ ._ Wells, Dawn Boesch, Ken Birt, Kathy Trowbridge elly Thompson, Bryan Giles, David Band — 121 1: - - ' ■ ■Jt ' f- .jr.iV ' , ..,.;;. w!! P ii r»iff.iRT=« M5WiM5fniFllBS iiI«I»l«IHy.1llll igmra»j 5Trowir7 «ra.-iaaEig=gir I 122 — Choir ■f miHlirTWrMM VITIW Tf fll»WnT ■ Ta,aiMMIi»aa MM hB SfSSSS5 SSIS! ' 55;SW-; Glendora High School ' s three choral ensembles this year were the Concert Choir, the A Cappella Choir, and the Royal Stewart Singers. The Concert Choir was comprised of juniors and seniors and studied folk, pop, rock, and classical music. A Cappella choir was open only to sophomores, and emphasized current American music. The elite Royal Stewarts were especially in demand, performing at varied locations such as Disneyland, Bandorama, and the American Revolution luncheon. All three choirs participated in the Christmas Assembly and Concert, the Christmas Sing Along, and helped deliver " Singing Grams " to students and faculty. To conclude the year, the combined choirs planned a two-week tour of the Hawaiian Islands in the summer of 1978. 1 . Senior Brian Douglas performs his solo, " Silent Night, " at the Chhstmas Assembly. 2. All three of Glendora High School ' s choral groups are under the direction of Mr. Don Clarke. Choir— 123 yr ■■ ' ■:■ %mrr ' ' ' A- :;.MM ■5t t:Jf ' 5W.tii ' ' Each year the California Scholastic Federation (CSF), a nationwide academic honor society, I wVvOl d w qualifying seniors with a life membership. To receive this membership seniors must have been in the CSF Club four semesters including one semester during their senior year. Club membership was determined on a point system according to grades. Students must have retained a " B " average during the school term to become a life member. CSF Life Members were recognized for their achievements by many colleges offering scholarships. Life members were also recognized at graduation with a gold seal on their diploma and an honorary gold sash. At the Senior Awards Banquet, CSF Life Members received a gold pin for their scholastic efforts. Seniors who achieved life membership during second semester were recognized in the Bellendaine Supplement. Missing Faces: Stacey Chamley. Merrily Comstock, John Confair, Cathie Cox, Mike Daly, Ten Glaze, Tom Joos, Linda Kemby, Julie Pyscher, Diane Tabacopoulos. CSF LIFE MEMBERS; Front row. left to right: Charlene Underhill, Marie Keller, Pat Spafford, Brete Kunkle. Second row: Tim Patterson, Brian Regale, Kevin Ledbetter, Wayne Reibold, Linda Katsaros, Ruth Howard, Liz Sane, Janet Gibson. 1 26 — CSF Lite Members KHHU ' » »« M,ll. ' CT.««»««.H«»X. -. ■■■ . ■ ... s-.- ., -WV e ■ v PBpw R ltW l MlU. i llJi«llg aBa!»i. m ' - ' !??S«S! «!»fSS - ' CSF LIFE MEMBERS: Front row. left to right: Julie Murphy, Leslie Bergstrom, Mary Ellen Russell, Tina Barcley, Sheryl Osato. Second row: Pete Watkins, Mark Henderson, Laura Fuchs, Janice Mulligan, Alyson McLamore. CSF Life Members — 127 ' ' ■MMLEifL Your friends say they ' ll keep in touch, but you know they won ' t. Strangers say they wanted to know you, but they never tried. Teachers say come back and see them, and you know you won ' t. Maybe someday it won ' t matter. But right now, it hurts a little. 128 — Seniors AsseniorsVthe IdlSw V l I wf O stood on a long promised road. The prom- ise provides hope and opportunity on tlie road to success and good fortune. For over 7G0 sen- iors, graduation climaxed tlK ' ee. years of. ability, involvement, and achievement at Glendora High School. ' , . ' I ' ' -,«j- - As sophomores, the class ' was leti-Cy class officers D n Reedy, Brian Regele, Kim Schies- linger, and Lori Martyns. The sophomore class experienced the spirit of 76, including the Homecoming, game televised on KNBC and the last of the senior privileges. Bee Cheerleaders Linda Kemby, Cheryl Smith, Stephanie Deans, Joanne Arsenault, and Sandy Westlake were all initiated at the Howdy Assembly. Many sophomores participated in the painting of the murals on the gym. It was a year of new people and the adjustment of a new lifestyle. In 1977 the juniors felt a year of change. There was a new administration, new counselors, and new teachers. The Band and Drill Team visited Scotland during the summer, marching in the World renowned Edinburgh Festival and Scottish Highland games. With the help of Pete Wat- kins, Brad Sago, Mark Herringshaw, and Art Pasimio, the junior class raised $260 during Wel- fare Week for the City of Hope. Under the organization of class officers Carlene Clay, Kim Schlessinger, Sandy Westlake, and Connie Brown, the Prom was held at the Disneyland HoteL Many juniors received honors in special areas of achievement. Charlene Underhill and Brian Regele were selected as American Foreign Exchange students, visiting Sri Lanka and Germany respectively. Linda Kemby and Tom Joos represented GHS in Girls ' and Boys ' State. Rob Milli- ard achieved all-league honors at the left wing position in varsity soccer, while Ed Salas achieved all-league honors as a varsity baseball pitcher. As seniors, the Class of ' 78 represented a " new spirit. " The senior class achieved this with the help of a new " spirit chart " and a scotty dog mascot. Homecoming was highlighted by live ele- phants which emphasized the theme " Let the Side Show Begin. " Sheryl Hawblitzet was crowned Homecoming Queen during the festivities. .■- ' The Class of ' 78 was unique, imaginative, and at tinies even eccentric. Who but Alan Toffoli would ride a horse into the senior class elections while wearing a wet suit, and then be voted Sen- ior Class President? Other off iders- included Brian Regele, Julie Murphy and Mary Ellen Rus- sell. .To most seniors, their .three; y,ears-at Glendora High School brought them to another fork in the road. They were faced with a hew way of life. They changed . . . full circle back to the roots of a new begiiVifWlRGIendora High was a source of life ' s experience without interruption since the first day oVschOTl. The seniorsof 1 978 expressed a great deal of living with fond remembrances that wiU- resurface again and again, because a Tartan lives forever. Senior History — 1 29 S iiL y iT ayj i J( l:[y 4, i: X« ::: Ltna0U£X C etti : Lma0UEZ Jeena cz maio t£i £ :: ncf2onao otn c:P7xi7oqa5.i cz ptasHinq IHzenaa cyrrnoLa atifUtiT xnoU y ff n axoLa — £X£ia inrfihdot aolin tiCn auxU uit J mU !Saeh£Ui£ 130 — Seniors IM £ii.a JSalannt -fCnti I du-icIjlo Lfyxiitl Ut £X iu za !l: ainhuxt M ' - - z icK J3a%xowi aiy !Sailon a,iJy ' ButlL UlCin Jl?iL£Z i uuia £fii H UL ' ui !SianckL i,eja« ' jir ' : i?i ;sa»« U)5S .- " -A ' •;■ r. - " v, Seniors — 131 ,. . .:.-.ww.■ : aa. «tt L.-i . .• TJ« A . CJaxiU oxklunJ tl £.ndtf l lucKLHtxn UicILl ' ' -Bluir ' j t,im !Boiscli (Jo : nn lhiikc % hn IBon l ' Btsnt wiz ' IL-Hfl !Sonn£i Ific ia l cmUm jo -Aiayu !BiuM ' Hcl L ' BzeceJa U(ady ' Br d ' Cn .sy nnu ll ioLtfii liu i J i(.»twj 1 32 — Seniors ufuxl CiUHiXon indu C-iixaon CxiTitcn claxUon l££ dar enUi anU. C.azttvi.L€fnt C lilUf L Ultlf J an Caiciato LuitoL Cai£ t :1k. .-.-.u. :,i::w...K.. - • ' - — — ■ ' - - ' ' •■ ' ■■■■■ jy(at £ti z£ {lUaxy ' 2 a. ' e (2lioU J( . ' in 2Lrt £y ClhantLstf iPam ( fufrfr (Jarl ne C:lat i£ Ut. ' €LanJ .uti (2[oncli Liron (]u ni:h aniniata CkufiliAU n (2Cazi dlic-iy[ 2[ayton iL fuCJ ( X£ 2oLm t on CloLon lin onfait JCxiii£n CA nklCn (2uxlCi. dook 1 34 — Seniors y fld ' i 2 oa£ ' J ai£ azn£L Cathu Cox CIlXLl CxLclti. L.n£Xi L C-uxtii j: n lSaC u ' 2 dk ' J aflon m ' J ul ' u lia.l ' ' J a us[b an .2 an lln !l om Seniors — 1 35 jA ' fciiib iiiitt fcifl h i afciMM iMafa ■ ' ■ ' ' -■ ■■ ' - ■- ■ ■ ■ i la M. ' ' ' T ' ' ' • -Z J( ' £- J UfZf2£7 i££ iZ T M£« — T£ Z J uJ oii J eonnti cK£zi C a ral ciiva ixii U ciie £CLtvoxtfi LLEn £m£Ti£fn iPuuf£ri llien vai£.u„. d Siizaaa -:= £7 2 £±tuuia J ieirn tEt ans 1 36 — Seniors £OX £ - -tancexcon . z Ccna -uz JxanK ' Hic if ' DxaurLif .J aannci - ' !££ m DzicL -£auta ' Duchl ytiUTU JuUzntun Seniors — 137 — i, V £M iiiiMirin v- - -- ■■■ - .. .M. .... . ,- ,..■„., £ ii£ 0au vi Tie ke eUrM 2a i: anct Cbian Cu.ancu ljxz£ C iTTl CcLZ CMdzt l fienn :: l!an £o 7£i -ryaint n£ y iPaUy ol ' J n ' j ian£ ouu uizifl za ioui 1 38 — Seniors viiissjronwfssssg C-onnU zant au ' lJ iciy 1 , ' e -.iffin S (k.ri„ griffin c:: ntf£ c am £.i£.n i::: fa cisn Seniors — 1 39 !Bo£ azTsff Tttt .-j t Siixyl! tJ ai»Uitx£L Qeoxgia ,::: aiuthoTn£ !Bob , aZEiki c axta .:: £alon iPat a uTunn zrfaian c= t « «; f 2 az y mLt n UfiA n in C (VaC xU xLxt ' WuO ' y Ex£sxi ' j uti 2 .- exxick £:yvlaxk j:rt£xxinq±naw o dClnxJ 140 — Seniors c nn =f illman c: £.C£n. i Uiaki His eCe oUancl 3( n ofl l cnn£tn :zrfotn IJ(£a cz u h i ay =¥otn d izrfowa ' ul i:: ul c= oura xJ :Si£.u£ zrfuyki 3Sxu uai«gct iitiF c: unt£X !3rua£ u££azJ f on MunUcif aiicz if- anau JJxvin. U iuTn ackion Seniors — 141 .,... .... .. ... . __ iana acku n nay ani Jeanne axJinei. iis an J(axin c ffuy - ynn £ur£U i iic z± J(al iy Usn —Jina e zntm U aiJtd hnson iP U Hnion inaa onsx ffj(aiia..y ituia U(aiiaxoi axU SfC ' ff.r J atnL Enntnc A Jom Jooi. £if££n L (£lU 142 — Seniors T it I ITonilK ffcy IKaiHy IK CCy - ax£.n J X£ud£X tdcey J uncn BrsU I (un6U JJsi.LK tl (elley Ha an Seniors — 1 43 uaMiUldilMMHISIiMaMaaM o£ J am £xt Camt7£xt % £.Loau a iaowski oxaan a Jtank a i tf lL J!ayto IK Lrin J!eSetUt JBzian £ni Jinott Z ' lUU 2aU J!otz . —f am.£ onzoxisllo .:z £n£ aof ni ofi£2 4ohn lluck AA — Seniors [LiMy aCina - En Ue . Afaloncy o tt arLc£ U iuuie. =A {arte.t £Zifio i aiiock rucE A lartinEX _Zt T£ ,::=Aiaziifni iPam aion l inaxa : i {aiiain U(JL ' y c(2JiE yl lc 2u£E l (£Uli cCurr. o zla c aur LKdTy HclK i, X lULK ' ci,iJ Seniors — 1 45 B " ' ? HM9 ■■■niMH d Hj l " B H «J!E- v ' v H Hrl 1 mm ' i B 1 MI ' m, 1 ■ Hf ; ' ' ' ' ' i Uyyr -MclKdl l Cai y iUr o ' a J f H rra e IHxian : £Ttiqaf2 t£l-£ . El iffy e -3 £tt- :: Lch£LiXJn lf(al y ' HuLr c onlma ufuet £[Cin ooii c: l£ur o-iaLi 146 — Seniors yll zzdu £ u anixsE s4iuuCgan utu yl {uxf if itali y£ .J En AiaLravu ami£M£s- - UUE ::AlELion 2 u Euf U orxninE , V£UTLrEzt Un t: Vguy£h. Seniors — 1 47 Wk%i ■ ' iiiiiiiriiiiirt " —iM mmmmm •. uilioL , : l licka£L £ CcOiul ail tU yVix - inJa ix SK JVaxdAoff 2IUxL otxii a.i£t unn -.£arri (D ' !Bxi ani £ de. (Da:6iaia £Mc£ (DaJiiato Sa u£ u 1 48 — Seniors BraJiPari cPT i LHai-imio ' A aru o iJ aizkonjiKL ' Jim y atUx±on 2:iMu aufus J anieil iJ-eanon i ax i Lp£aL £i Sa£CPs£. n iaHi Ps ScU Pex-LsU Seniors — 149 iaiM MiUJiailkMMMMIiMaitfiU VaLxU iPff ' y-iiia iPihe ' j iane iPoxcdCa ims i eiUi .—flm =:J al7lran U at ' iJ l citon J ufu iPyscL-x oa 2n£ ualet tii axyann a n oldi catt anasl £zgio •:C ai£ iii Quarto l £t in .j:: aiirion 150 Seniors Joe ai le Hian f eeJy SxCan . sqeU nVauns Ei£oU £V£ : ELa J i a :z £iltuiff£l c Ciion izf Lsha-uli caU ichatdion 17cJ z ?CcU i E :J?iaq[E auxa iznftku cMmcu ,c inalUL BaxSaxa Cttg£-ii -yC-. r.v - ' ■ ■= ' omj c odjirini. Seniors — 151 B I. ' k. ■.«.-- ;w 2.„.iMji,. ■liUMMiUC !So£ : o £zii lI(£frLn =J ot£xUon .XxxuxU •:::: o ±on BzaUins z x O£ tf iz ■ zr (ohx£x -7om ::: oi± . aty £i:U r J-SeMue -s Aftfan ■:: £u l : ?ybor IHraa aqc £l ' L2a££i - Sct afu . « ., n olf alier UfeuCn . Samfiion 152 — Seniors Su£ cSe im Skaf£r h£xxu hnxh£ ££HU n£i — ammu huck —f Lm i ofzn lOaar i Simliion D(cn incCaix Ll ,.-. Ld-.4 ' J £[[cn Ca i i£z ci h itcn Luino 2 ry[ Smid {lituLf :Smilh Seniors — 153 t;M. ■,....: .. v.. ■,. . Cn Xi n u£. i£%da.y ' • ' : taduu J team tomoz ' i ' ai y- £Tua £t i J mit i LK a ' i JimCif, xin mCth Hi £ mit ' i auxU OiUxu all Ifaxi 2£nt £iiT C-hxii huciiiE Cks-xyl t£fin£n ; 0,2 J fi: LPaii a Jilciicfiliii ■: cuf£i Ui eni m jiiiciLr axolCne ioxiraKK£ i • ULn£Z Lf ax£n toxU£ 34— -Seniors ' AfautLC£ iarm {Jkiii txEutksz uUe ttobU :: Lk£ umni£xnay± U eAa u6i£t lHtuc£ t m.ffo ' ui J Ccuie. — abacoftauLo —Tyazcn -JayLox Iha. ' ui ' DeeC ' liina ' Uitu Can ' Jo fafi Jiue ' UourUHoUe Seniors T v tiliiiiMaiiiiH Miuiiiiu :S a ' ik Ljtonaas " Jzu ff !hc££ie Oui er ( iLen Juxnex d rLn lOu zAiff !2: a,ru Q aff D(xU n an a uUf oCanJ Va,2 t - - i an ' liin LK mfi n CHxiUy Qy ' an clxC Q aru sx iool : amon etdugo iPaUy ' Vexunifc Ibai-Cj U- ' iX ' Malt iin ' ' Von !zX x ! Ty ' ' iiutou x 1 56 — Seniors - Jiruui Q t££lana lo[yn n l a n£% J a. ' Uin l a££y im ' WuK x I C ffy ' WaflS ac sf ' War a ynU ' WaCCcu .: nnM£ ' lUaad ' ' Btioji ' mM ' y Huran 7 f 2url W LL JianJu ' Wsillakc LK ,-Oi ' U ' i u Jilcu: ' Wd ' HiU Seniors — 1 57 H tai ifiMiiitai ilh ■JOiii MayiMib u.6 ' Wdtuim. m ' Wifmazl oCCy Wd ' n -MicL E Wu f« m ooUon unn Ijaxach JJinJa iLififie panics a.mix?xn Ui ± azzn Aucn a Lonq time . . . Lf tkink ±nouUi t7E qoinq Jims. ao£±n ' t uraU foz ms, it keein on going — ne.X£ ' s a Long toaa 1 l £ got io iny tn Uns. aritn iJ (JE got to kecfi on cnaitng nit aztLa n ttll IJ mau nsuex fina it WaffU ' m taking mg titns £ ' 11 fuit Af nothing aloncf £ ou 11 foiLf£t avoui m£ S fiex Lf i ' £ Afivj Lfon£ ... ■Seniors ::: l {L6.6.Cnq Tac£ C%xUtU ad ' eif jBtucE jSaksx oJi IBaxiv Lckl y ff !BscLtxom Jim ! dUno oLxt iBi-ui tou iJDofiax l :2 xaa xatncixa ' -7nom£ix xCcke i £f2 Cnatni:r£x± .tic Cinapjfzan t-fi- CLonti PUzxilu Cxymiiock nJxeur CoxL dti l xian L.xui7ti££ Matt Utv C Uw£lT iJ-uiil c!uxxa.n !jann J a±cnian iBxaJ H atHS £yu ££xfy lPauf!Z £ iPasUm U nmi HTioit 7t£ " y nQ£l Ijxi.iat JannLn ' j3dTDau.ffk • - Dxatt LbuLru Dx£Jxici Uommif ' }x£Jx£(fU • rrntkonif a nl ul£ tll - axcia .jpTci toud X£y ul £n uexx Lfuia fu£tta Lcfia xa .s:¥afn iLton .J un .jzrfan n i£ . ' £ . :: axxLn4jton anatj ..:::¥axxLion c. a ia£LL •,=¥£na£Xion Z£y . Lnt2 SLxdC oif Claxxi£ .j:rfunt£x Z ' Xfcnt: Jxank Lf xasi ::: iiLcka£L Jackscyn Q £Xonica j£n £n J{Lau± onnson iSacva. xa na±i. £n ixln J an2Lniki ' Hitc:lil. ' iileli I (£LHn {ult £ -J cum i ' V uu£fi UXan iJ-£V£f2{?Ui£ Chxii-to hEX iJ atkr±£. •j n£xx{j ::::A im£X ' Jssui :z £Lnoxo _ :oxzain£ :z xoarLqu£2 !Haxva%a =: Tt?y LLzann£ ; noy A r„.„ f„ U anny ch£fi i£ ■ £iia. aho£nai . ' I ' Viffiam sman if d£t !B£fia j:iu. WiL " niors — 1 59 S ' g .g tiimiiiiuiBiwinijipiiini,, iiiriMa MiMiiim TARTAN FIGHT SONG Sons of the Tartans answer our call Fight on to victory never to fall RAH RAH RAH Onward and forward this is our cry So fight on to victory Glendora High warn w ' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ARE: Alan Toffoli. psesidery phy. secretary: and Brian Regele. vice presid — ' - lary Ellen Russell, treast 3asurer:- ' Ju1i Wlur- % i ii in Ji € t k M ihk Miilib iiitaB M — " ■ -- " - ' People made 1977-78 the uni- que year that it was. Everyone par- ticipated in a different way. Some had only the year and each other in common. All were at different points in life ' s winding road. The students were experiencing every- thing from dressing up for welfare week to learning in the classroom, from getting out of the confines of junior high to discovenng the free- dom that senior graduation brings. The instructors were getting a last shot in at teaching something to the future leaders of the nation. The administrators were trying to tie everything together; to control some of the future leaders and encourage, others. Unique and dif- ferent experiences were lived everyday by every element of iGlendora High School. People- K. -U:t :t. U t - . ,... m ' (m-rKi - Fads bonded unique individuals together Mopeds. fro-gurt cones, new purses, pants tucked into boots — these were a few things that many otherwise opposite individu- als had in common. Maybe the fads lasted only a year, and then were thrown away forever into a bag full of memories Leaving an old fad is si milar to the end of a year. As time passes, they both seem silly, but they both are a step on the long and winding road of life that wouldn ' t be traded for anything. ■♦•, Sidewalk i around tw _ pipeline Skateboar. vJfc-. vv --;.:.w:i .. . ait. .. .. . nm IK ' " ' tOSe €NGOUNTGR OF THG THIRD KIND Bins Crosby: l jsjhere Is Aii gy CrisiF %J s ? NATION W .P yA ' y ol ( 68 _- The Nation I? r 1 1 ' -• ' iiilliifhlMii J rS?,V: ;;:V}.- i?. i - ' t.PY, -4 ' JuauimiHikmii mii 11 i New Spirit was the Student Council ' s main goal- Many changes were made to help fight apathy and start a real " spirit surge. " A scotty dog costume was purchased. Tryouts were held to see who would get to wear it and be called " Spirit " at games and school activities. A spirit chart was started. This kept a running count of every activity and which class won each competition. Building a brick " G " on one of Glendora ' s " prided foothills " was a special activity, a gift from the class of 78. The officers spared no expense to try and unite the student body. One way was to make available three elephants for the students to ride and race. Glendora High ' s " new spirit " even attracted the T.V. cameras. Before the first semester was over, they were on the news twice. 172 — Elected Officers ' S Elected Officers — 1 73 Enthusiasm was felt by all during the school year. " It was fun to be able to work with such dedicated, interested kids, " replied Miss Billie Oglesby, Student Council Advisor. She added, " Both the elected and appointed officers worked harder and spent more time during the summer than previously had been spent. " She noticed a real sense of school pride. " They made an effort to remove themselves from the limelight and get the student body involved, " was another comment. Marie Keller, Commissioner of Public Relations remarked, " I was surprised at the enthusiasm the students and community showed toward the improved coverage. " There were articles in the newspaper almost every week. " Apathy is on the way out " was a feeling shared by the officers, as well as the feeling that " New Spirit " was abundant. I Mane Kelle Commissioner of Public Relations 1 74 — Appointed Officers I afherine Beck dm Haney Jeff Kelly Sophrimofe Juslices Parking Tickets, fraud, littering — these were common cases with which Student Court dealt. The role ot Student Court at our high school has been misunderstood. As a branch of student government, it is not a club. The judicial system is basically the same whether in the Supreme Court, a county court, or Glendora High ' s Student Court. " I wanted to get Student Court to be something people respected, " commented Chief Justice, Mary Ann Adams. Miss Oglesby, advisor, felt that Mary Ann really tried to get it to be a useful part of the student government. Getting cases on trial as soon as possible was a new goal. Student Court — 175 ■, it amtm m m Dear Friends, By the time you read ttiis letter, I will have left Glendora to go back to Uruguay, I will have finished one of the most beautiful years of my life and the only thing I can say to you is " thank you, because you made this year possible. " Actually, my first days in Glendora, I felt a little unhappy because I didn ' t meet very many people and I found Glen- dora to be much quieter than my city. I thought, though, that when I began school, it would be different, and I was right ' Your high school is wonderful and I am sure I will miss it when I go back to Uruguay. Your high school is for study and study. I have met a lot of very good friends here at Glendora High. You have given me this opportunity, whereas in Uru- guay we have no clubs or assemblies, and we cannot have meetings within the school. Also we only have the five min- utes between classes to talk to a friend, because we have no nutrition or lunch breaks. You can only meet with the stu- dents of your own class and the students don ' t change classes, the teachers do. Also we cannot elect the subject we would like to take, everyone has to take the same sub- jects. So now you can see why I feel your school is so much better. I hope that you will write a lot of letters to me and I am going to try to write a lot to you. If you ever decide to come and visit my country, I want you to know you will always be welcome in my home. Well, my friends, I must stop now. I could go on writing for- ever, but I know that this space in the yearbook is small. I don ' t want to say good-bye, but that I will see you again very soon. More than anything else in the world, I want to see you all again. Jose L. Terra 31 35 Apt. 503 Montevido Uruguay See you soon, 0 176 — AFS Hi Tartans, Gerlinde Peter I want to thank each and everyone of you who gave even just a little of yourself to make this past year a very special one for me. Sometimes it was just a smile you gave me, a word you said, or a letter you wrote me. Other times, it was an activity or a class we shared, or a dinner you invited me to in your home. I also want to thank all my teachers and especially my counselor for your great help. You are wonderful people and you have taught me so many things. I hope that many of you will take the opportunity, like I did, to go to other countries with AFS. You learn so much, not only about the people and the way they live, but about yourself and your feelings inside. You learn about your own country from another point of view and notice things about your family and friends back home that you never noticed before. It is a won- derful opportunity and I hope many of you will take advantage of it. If any of you ever come to Germany, please don ' t forget to visit me, even if we didn ' t get a chance to get acquainted while I was here in Glendora. All of you Tartans are welcome in our home. Lots of love. Gerlinde Peter Paulsdorf 23 8451 Freudenberg Germany AFS — 177 ii L - ■ ' - m ' y- ' 7 :ii ' A F?P ' SS,S ' . Junior Class Officers n ifj I 1 , Steve Jennings — President 2, Clare Hertel — Vice President 3. Susan Clark — Secretary 4. Kim King — Treasurer 180 — Faces of 79 Class of 79 At the middle of ttie road, so much to look back on, so much to look forward to, this is the class of 79 Juniors were very active dur- ing Howdy Week, and almost undefeated in Tug-0-War. All class pins were sold by the Junior class as a money making campaign to support this year ' s prom. Chris Abrahamson Louise Abuhamad Judy Acevedo David Adamson Vicki Adrianos Olivia Airhart Lisa Alder Deeann Alex Felix Alfonso Debra Allardyce Jon Allred Tom Almaguer David Ambrose Sally Andersen Jane Andert Mary Angell Joe Angelo Charles Arita Lori Askew Stan Bacher Scott Bailey Eric Baker lone Baker John Baratta Jim Barcena Warren Barjas Elliot Barker Tim Barlow Kathy Bartel Ron Baum Keith Bauman Kevin Bauman Tom Baumgartner Jeff Bearman Carolyn Beck Kelly Began Jim Belleville Brooke Bellington Mark Bellini Diana Benson Eric Benson Diana Bernhardt Mike Bevilacqua David Binkowski Carlene Birkett Bruce Birt Traci Bittner Jim Blackburn Lance Blackmon Warren Blagrave Facesof 79 — 181 c-Xfi ' yi- J ■-.itiif . ' jit iy ' y ' ii i- ' ' Vr-A Wi :- Kevin Blaine Glenn Blair Frank Blazauskas Vicky Blazauskas Steve Bliss Mike Bogert John Bolton J. F Bonavich Jackie Bonds Adrlenn Boulton Brenda Bouris Margaret Brady Tim Brainard Kelly Brandon Sophia Brands Robert Brann Ray Brannam Brett Brofman Sherry Brooks Caroll Brown Jay Brown Jeft Brown Scott Bruce George Brucker Frank Bruno Loring Buchwald Binh Bui Audrey Burgess James Burian Kelly Burson Bradley Butcher Tom Butler Sandy Calballero Brian Cairns Gene Caldwell Beth Cannon Angela Cardella Bob Carpenter Patti Carr Don Cartwright Paula Cartwright Gail Carty Dolores Casclato Eric Cassell 182 — Faces of 79 Jeff Cathel Cheryl Caty Janet Chamlee Brenda Chaney Tonya Chastine Glenn Childers Ruthie Chlvas Greg Clapper Annette Clark Jeff Clark Lynn Clark Susan Clark Ladawn Clayton Jeff Cleveland Jeff Clonts Dave Close Allen Cloud Jeff Clow Mark Clowdus Jerry Code Kelley Coffey Cfiristi Colby Marthia Coleman Carrie Conley Glenn Connally Keith Cope Cindy Coppotelli Lisa Cornwall DaneilleCortner Brooke Coseboom Monty Courture Guy Cox Mark Craft Andy Creamer Leiza Crezee Karen Cristler Susan Croce Patty Damron Clark Danielson Diane Dann Scott Darling Alane Daughtery Mick Davey Bill Davis Faces of 79— 183 ■ iil ' . ' i( Ay!! iM WV- ' mwiA ' i Rene Davis Dan Debin Vince Decrescensi Terri DeJong Stacey DeSalvo Steven DeSalvo John Desens Robert Diaz Michelle Dominguez Mike Donnell Paul Donner Bob Dorsher Mike Dote Chuck Dow Vicki Dowling Tern Dressier Bob Drummond Sharri Duffy Michelle Duncan Steve Duncan Nanette Dunkley John Duran Tern Durston Tim Dutton Jim Eakin Jim Eagon Marc Edwards Mike Edwards Jeff Elliot Linda Ellis Susan Ellis Diane Engle Karen Enyeart Kim Erickson Lily Esgana Tom Espinasa John Esposito Don Estrada Ingrid Etherington | Shelley Eyre • ' ■ Lisa Farmer 184 — Faces Of 79 Mark Farmer Corey Farnsworth Kelly Farr Don Farrand Enck Fascia Steve Faughf Cathy Ferguson Lynn Ferguson Christi Ferro Jodie Fessler Brian Files Cita Fisher Charmaine Fiumos Steve Flanders Mark Francescon Luvia Freshido Kevin Freymeyer Lynn Frick Kemp Fuller Kim Fulerman Ron Galceron Toni Gallo Tern Garcia Jim Garcia Jana Gillespie Jim Glaze Les Glenn Lisa Godfrey Jennifer Graham Donna Grant Kathy Gray Jim Green Michelle Gregoli NadineGrider Andy Gruchy Joann Gruoner Sandy Haeussler Carole Hagen Celia Hall David Halpin Facesof ' 79 — 185 " " --■ ' " f i - ' i: Bryan Hampton Mark Hanna Karin Hans Mike Hanson Paul Harrigan Kim Hatch Scott Haynes Susan Hays Darren Heald John Heaton Kim Hebert Dave Hensel Linda Hentsch Wayne Herrman Clare Hertel Ken Hestich Lisa Heverly Keith Hickman Darryl Hicks Greg Higgenbotham Carol Higley David Hill Steve Hill Susan Hill Sally Hillman Dean Hoag Mary Hobbs Larry Hodge Sue Hoffman David Hogshead Carol Horiuchi Ann Hudson Leslie Hummel Lori Hunt DeWayne Hupman Ed Hupp Steve Hutchinson Joanie Isreal Chuck Jacobson Alex James Teresa Jamieson Carl James Jeff Janes David Jaynes Gerry Jean Steve Jennings Scott Jensen Ben Johnson David Johnson Jim Johnson Roxy Johnson Monika Johs Dave Jokkel Chns Joles Kathy Jones Liz Jones 186 — Faces of 79 .. ... .,. .-...-, p. m W5 Steve Kaplow Tern Jones Vicki Karam Larry Keiser Pete Kelly Jeff Kelley Scott Kelly Monte Kerr Steve Kidd Keittn KIndrick Kim King Mitch Klasna Paula Knott Mike Kobul David Koelschi Judi Kohler Mike Kohler Kim Koning Ray Kozak Greg Kreft Bob Krombs John Kruze __ Kelley Kruze • Paul LaBounty YvetteLaFave Tina Lament Mike Lang Cindy Lanphere Lorn Larson Joanne Lautenschlager Sharl Lawless Steve Lawless Chris Lee Tern Lee Julie Leetch Robyn Lefler Jams Lehman Randy Lemmon Kafhy Lent Bonnie Lester David Lewis Faces of 79 — 187 f ' i ' . ' -.a Jeff Lindamood Cece Lindsey Terry Livingsfone Becky Lizaswain Kafhy Lloyd Sally Lohfs Esfella Lopez Tony Lopez Debbie Lovas Denise Lovell Steve Lower Don Lauther Jeff Lund Carolyn Lundstrom Lamont Luxton Jeff Lynn Melany Machado Michael Machiado Lisa Maggio Bruce Magnuson Joanne Mahoney Kathy Malletf Garald Manwill Mark Marino Andrea Marshiall Terri Marsfiall Chuch Martin Cindy Martin Jennifer Martin Kevin Marlin Jamie Martinez Kim Mason Lorie Mason Donna McAdam Colleen McCabe Jofin McCadden Mike McCafterty Dan McCarttiy Greg McClure Lisa McConnell Brian McDonald Steve McDonnell Tammy McGinty Kent McKee Chris McKenna Pat McKernan Cyndi McLaughlin Laura IVIcLaughlin Ellis McMellon Kim Mecca Sheryl Mee Scott Meeker Todd Menard Kurt Mensing Neila Menzaco Jeff Merrick Dianne Merritt Annette Mesa Ken Meshriy Marshall Meyer Bill Meyers Lisa Meyers Julie Michelli Deanna Miller Jody Miller Ken Miller Michael Miller Suzanne Miller Cindy Misenhimer Lori-Ann Mitchel Carlos Molina Olga Molina Donna Montano Brad Moore Carol Morales Tim Morones Robert Morris Barbara Morrison Leigh Morrison Mark Mosley Dawn Mower Brian Mulligan Meridyth Munns Jenny Murray Richard Myers Ed Nance Mike Nash Mike Nelson Brian Nemeth Tu Nguyen Craig Nichols Andrina Nicolosi Michelle Nicosia Sid Niles Pete Nitti Tom Nordhoff Jim Norkin Gina Norman Todd Nutter Pat O ' Brien Faces Of 79 — 189 v ' m.w Fi Annajean O ' Connell Bruce Ogg Chiemi Okamura Jill Olaver Ed Oldham Camille Oley Brenda Olson Kyle Openshaw Maureen O ' Sullivan Jackie Ouellette Debra Page Sue Parish Josephine Pasimio Steve Patino Debbie Patrick Dave Pavlovich Robin Peavey Frank Peck Terri Perez Denise Perry Cindy Peters Charleen Peterson Cheryl Peterson Mark Peterson Roger Peterson Suzanne Petridis David Phifer Alison Phillips Daw n Phillips Russell Phillips Scott Phillips Cynthia Phipps Danny Pickard Chris Pippert Ed Plemons Gene Pocock Tracey Pohorely Charlotte Poling Russ Pollman Brian Pope Mike Porchia Carole Pursglove Kris Pyscher Kathi Raley Dan Ray Terri Rayle Marshall Rea Mike Reedy Shari Reedy Rob Regan Dana Reid Denise Reilley David Reigberger Laura Reynolds Roger Reynolds Steve Riccardo 190 — Faces of 79 Cathy Riccio Erica Richardson Ron Richmond Curt Riggens Marcia Robbins Chris Roberts Lynn Roberts Amber Robinson Lydia Rodriguez Jeff Rohrer Michelle Rose Karen Rosenberger J. B. Ross Kim Roth Jane Rowecliffe Dave Rowe Tracy Rowles Mike Ryan Leonore Sachs Cynthia Saheban Tom Salce Heidi Salgren Aileen Sanders Lisa Sandstrom Mike Sapp Michelle Saylors Paul Schaper Chris Schelffele Maureen Schellack Kurt Schindler Dennis Schneider Linda Schutz Mark Scott Mark Scott Marty Scott MarkScroggins Eric Seibert Jan Seibert Cathy Seivert Wes Service Faces Of 79 — 191 Kurt Seubert Greg Seymour Larry Seymour JoeShufter Rory Shaw Charmaine Shepherd Sheryl Shirley MarkSimonds Gordon Simpkins Margi Simpson Neil Six David Slack Craig Smartis Darren Smith Dolly Smith Jeft Smith Kevin Smith Linda Smith Lisa Smith Mike Smith Robert Smith Steve Smith Chris Socha James Somers JohnSpaun Rod Spears Jennie Sperling Vince Sporel Diane Sprague Mike Staggs Robert Stalnaker Richard Starfield Ed Steinert Gene Stepp Craig Stewart Allen Stinson Mary Storm Signe Stroner Susan Sugar Dan Sullivan Cindy Surface Sheila Sutton Glenn Swanson 192 — Faces Of 79 " ;: i? ifcii jtwoeaMMMrsae. ;nfs£smi Bob Swartzlander JohnTamburello Dawn Taylor Robin Teel Ronny Teissedre Karen Tellenbach Michael Tidd Don Todd Joann Tolosa Wayne Tolosa Shawn Tombleson Anna Torres Ron Torres Alora Tronnas Kathy Trowbridge Karen Tucker Margaret Turner Cindy Ugartecaea Judith Ulmer Denise Urbanek Joe Uribe Greg Vancil Annabel Vandenakker John Vanover Ingrid Van Vonderen Linda Varnado Tony Vela Laiani Venesas Ron Veith Scott Walker Chris Wanamaker Mary Ware Marie Wassel Ken Watkins Rory Watkins Rudy Weaver Steve Wheeler Dave Wells Lori Whetzel Brad White Julie White Karen White Laura White Randy White Facesof ' 79 — 193 Todd White Theresa WIese Holly Wilberg Bill Wiley James Williams Joe Williams Mike Williams Diana Wilson Edwin Wilson Lynne Wilson Bob Wilson Tracy Winn Claudia Wise Randy Woiken Joe Womack Chuck Wooton Stephanie Wyman Judi Yacos Nancy Yanker Liza Ybarra Bob York Missing Faces Lynda Anderson Rodney Andrade Valarie Avedissian Sharon Baldwin Lori Bartolini Bill Bickerdike Ken Birt Gail Boucher Perry Bowman David Bratt Scott Chapman Denise Commentz Steve Copenhaver Bill Cortez Jim Couch KenCrissinger Richard Daniel Kevin Day Bruce Delgado Charlie Dennis Becky Dinisi Rhoda Duncan Melanie Edmonds Cheryl Felby Maria Ferrarini Mike Finn Debbie Forgie Stan Fountain Dean Fox Gary Fredy TomGalbraith Wendell Glunt Marsha Goodlin John Goodlin Dan Guerrero John Gurney Kevin Hargis Bruce Harrie Bob Hewitt Erik Heydman Gary Hofman Tayna Hong Karen Hoy Ed Hunter Steve Hutchinson Linda Inglis Jeff Ingram Mark Jessup Marlin Jones Michael Jones Steve Kaplow Pat Kellogg Lex Larrabee Pam Licausi Victori Lopez Nancy Maclean Jim Marston Jim McGee Melvin Patterson Khiem Pham Tan Pham Barbara Pratt Raymond Raffooly Mark Ramirez Jon Rodewald Mana Rodriguez Keith Roederer Tim Romanek Gasper Ronda Mitchel Savolt Mike Scarry Chris Schnoebelen Rene Shattuck Linda Spooner Lisa Sterry Don Talley Calyn Taylor Ronny Teissedre Phillip Tolliver Troy Torres Frank Vasquez Alan Wasinger Pat Walters Mark Wedesweiler Brian Whistler JimWillert Stephanie Willert Monica Wittenaver David York Donna Lindhahl 194 — Faces of 79 Sophomore Class ' ' • . Officers Sophomore Class Officers — 1 95 r ? ,WWI ' r. - W - Maury Abbott Joe Acevedo Tina Albert Demise AlleJuia Mark Almaguer Richard Almond Teri Achondo Bob Anderson Kathy Anderson Wesley And rues Charles Argelander Darleen Arguijo Sheri Armstrong Patty Arsenalt Sharon Auletti Stacie Aust Cheryl Ayers Brad Baker Cory Baker Craig Baker Gary Balch Karole Ballesteros Mike Bandzei Robin Banks Linda Barber Ted Bardley Diane Barlow Jaime Barragan Mark Barnett John Bartley Tina Bateman John Battler Catherine Beck Jenna Bell Gregg Benge James Bennett Rusty Bendt Lars Bergman Joanne Bergstrom Debra Berhardt Debbie Bertoldo Sylvia Berumen Marc Bevilacqua Susan Bianchi Lora Billingham Laura Binkowski Jim Bishop Barbi Bittner John Black Reno Blomquist Donna Bohanon Mark Bolstad Carole Bonds Yolanda Bonilla Jeft Boom Jacque Bostwick Class of ' 80 " I think the Class of ' 80 has a lot of enthusiasm and spint, " said Anne Hanna, treasurer of the sophomore class- The sophomores held a dance after a football game in October They also entered their float in the Homecoming Parade. The Class of 80 is just beginning the long and winding road of Glendora High School. 196 — Faces of ' 80 I-.U ' I ' i !!U-: mae iBicykt M .isE Todd Bowers Judy Bowman Kelli Boyer Caron Bradley Joe Bray Jon Breilein Richard Brisco Dawn Britt Chris Brooks Beth Brown Debbie Brown Jim Brown Kim Brown Sharon Brow Kelly Bruce Susan Bruggman Dan Brumfield Breton Buckley Jerry Bullorrie John Burger Barbie Burhams Brian Butler Wendy Butterfield Charles Calhoun Eileen Cambell Mike Campbell Lori Canter Tom Carney Jeannette Carpenter Karen Carr Frankie Chaidez Bret Charleston Glenn Chastain Valerie Chavez Scott Chittenten Kimberly Christensen Charlene Cincotta Cindy Clapp Craig Clark Chris Clarke Tracy Clavin Pam Clawson Chris Cloud Cathy Colby Michelle Cole Peggy Coleman Christine Compton Vernon Connolly Darrell Conner Deneen Cooper Milton Cooper Chip Copeland Diane Corrado Nancy Conwin Chris Courduff Janet Cox Jeff Cox Jim Cox Faces of ' 80 — 1 97 W.}fW ' ' i r F5ir Steve Dennison eWayne Dennett Barbara Dennis Don Denstadt Carol Devlin Alan DeVries udith Dickenson Pat Crandall Mary Creech Eileen Criswell Pat Crone Nancy Cronin Jim Cruse Mike Cullen hael Cunningham Linda Curl Becky Curran John Curran Joe Curtis Lori Dade Dave Daly Debbie Daly Nancy Davidson _ Pete DeJager Ktf Margie Deane j V Karl DeBraal J Bfl Jos Delaney ' ■IMHIflV Dave Denewith jy • Steve Dodson t Nadine Dofflemyer LitaDommey Pabl Donaldson Nick Donnelly Bruce Donner Renee Dorothy Sonny Downard Ken Doyle iMichelle Draughon Christina Dresen Ql rinda Drovandi " Robert Dubois Dave Duner Kole Dunn Jeannie Eaton David Eckels Eugene Eckert John Eckert Drew Edwards Keith Edwards Sheryl Egerer Kellie Elwood Jeff Elser Jon Elshere Ron Ely Sherri Enyeart Sara Estey Tom Everson Gina Fabbro Jim Fairbanks Randy Fannin Lee Ann Farino Hugh Faulkner Colleen Fields Beverly Files Lisa Finkbiner David Fitzgerald Marjorie Flaherty Tom Fletcher Stephanie Foley Brian Foss %f 1 98 — Faces of ' 80 rE?EFt»sa ' in ErickaGoodlIng Barbara Gorden Brian Gore Donna Grady Debbie Grafious Kim Gray PamGray Paula Gray Lori Grieve David Grimm Diane Haering Larry Haenng Steve Foster Mike Fraigo Beverly Foutts Roy Fowler Richard Frates Frank Fredegill Clark French Ed Fuchs Gay Fuller Debbie Fyke Wanda Galbraiden Glenn Garduno Nancy Gaughen Dana Gee Kevin Giles Brenda Glenn Lynda Goble Tod Godhardt Teresa Gonzales 1 I Terry Haeussler Alison Haggard Ron Haile John Hall Susan Hallidy Diane Hamilton Lann Hamilton Steve Hamilton Sheryl Hamlow Gina Hampton Chris Hand Graham Haney Kelly Haney Anne Hanna Brian Harding David Hards Patly Harney Jody Harngan Tony Harrington Jeanine Hartley Ten Hasbrouck Dennis Haws Glenn Hays Chris Healy Bob Heaton Faces of ' 80 — 199 ? f|M: J Lame Hedwali Tambra Heir Kevin Heisey Curtis Helgeson Kent Henderson Louis Henry Ingrid Herman ■ ' a Hernadez rnadez Herring r.hberg :vdman ? Hicks a Hicks r-red Hicks Hm Rod Hill I His Hirschi regg Hite Karen Hoegee Tim Hoey huck Hogg lolcomb lolland looten Hoover Horton Ion Hritz Tarhmi Huerta Renee ' Hugties Tracy Hunt Julie Hunter William Hupe Jim Inglis FranPwnman James Jack Karen Sckson Mark Jackson Gre akog Chiuck James Brian Jeffrey Kirk Jeffries Kelly Jennings Lisa Jennings Tom Jerabek Mark Jessup Doug Jett Diana Johinson Jack Johnson Linda Johnson Mike Johnson Stephanie Johnson Teresa Jonason Dave Jones Laurie Jones Julie Jones Rick Joos Cheryl Joy Gary Kaplow Debbie Karotic Patti Keegan Debbie Keliog Jeffy .Kelly Paula Kelly Sue Kelly Pat Kennon Lynne Kertamus Kathie King Tom King Don Kitchen 200 — Faces Of ' 80 ' rs xrwvizx ja : v ' ! ' mKpmamitKmTnt?:tm 9m9 Joe Klein Chris Koop Dave Koroneos Mike Koroneos Keith Kostman Rob Kring Dina Krosh Pieter Kruger Heidi Kunkle (Mike Kupke Robert Kyander Tommy Laban Suzette La Broud David Ladd Greg La Fave Mike Lagos John Lake Keith Lamborn Marthe Lamoureux Mary Landowski Mike Laratonda Scott LaRoche Alice Larson Winnette Laundreaux Greg Layton Jackie Lee Steve Lee Tina Lee Laura Lees Glen Lehman Charles Leupp Lisa Levine Daray Lewis Dave Lindamood Kim Liberty Lorrie Little Lisa Livelsberger Jim Livingston Sydney Lloyd Judy Lohrs Tina Lombard! Buddy Long Casey Lopez Joe Lovas Dennis Lowell Chris Lubbock Rick Lundine Debbie. Lewis Michelle Lynch Kim Li Causi Megan MacDougall Gordon MacAndrew Loretta Mack Mike Madden David Madlock Pete Magill Dan Malnic Greer Mann Tyler Manus Karen Marceron Frank Marino Dusty Markovich Carol Marriner Sam Marronne Kim Manilla Cindy Martin Laurie Martin Mark Mason Chuck Massie Faces of ' 80 — 201 ,...: immmmm -1 Kim Mastin Julie Matea Craig Matthew Ken May Jaohn Maynard Bob McClure Kristi McCormick Vicki McCurry Kim McDorell Gary McElligatt Keith McKee Jeff McLean Tom McMillian Nancy McNorgan Curt McPherson Donna McGowan Pat McGrath Pete Mechalas Angel Medina Dara Meehan Mike Mehrbrodt Jenny Mejia Valerie Mellgren Lori Menard Colleen Mendez Paul Mercier Joe Meshrey Mark Messang Sherry Meyer Eric Nichaelson Sue Mickelson Kathy Middleton Bill Miller Kim Miller Marc Miller Mark Miller Mike Miller Russell Miller Lauretta Millhollin Kym Mills Kim Mitchell Bruce Molina Patty Molina Dale Mole May Moncayo Chris Monte Tracy Montesonti Clifford Montgomery Raymond Montgomery Richard Montmarguet Gary Mooney Norman Mooradian Darnell Moore Laurie Moore Jim Morales Todd Moreland Marty Morones Sharon Morris Sheri Morrison Yvonne Morrow John Mounts Marianne Mulder Susan Mulder Shanon Mullican Sharon Mullin Carol Munato Andrea Munns Richard Munoz Jeff Murphy Pattie Murray Beth Mushiko Nan Navarro 1 m 202 — Faces of ' 80 •isS " T ,- . ■ " ' : ;A- ' A t f c; p - -S,p Greg Naylor Jeff Neufield Vicki Neye Mai Nguyen Jeff NIelson EdannaNitti Susan Noonan Cfiuck Norman Pat Norton John Nyberg BillO ' Bryant Judy O ' Connell Steve O ' Day Patty Oldham Phil Olivas Stephanie Oppenheim Dawn Overby Janice Overlease Guy Overstreet Jeff Owens Sally Packard Brenda Page Regina Pardus Mike Parker Mark Parkman Mike Parra Donna Patterson Tracy Patterson Chris Paulus Brenda Penkal Rob Perrett Larry Peters Cherie Peterson Jean Petnecky Cam Pham Mary Pieroth Jolee Pippert Mark Pitchford Greg Poe Elliot Polehonku Lori Pond Danny Pope Jon Porchia Greg Potter Marvin Potter Kim Powell Doug Prestholt Joyce Qualey Hank Ramirez Bill Ratchford Jeff Razook Debi Reha Russ Reinoehl Scott Reese Gail Reynolds Larry Riot Michelle Ricard Chris Riccio Kevin Rice Lori Rice Greg Robbins Greg Roberts Megan Roberts Nancy Roberts Paula Roberts Leslie Roninson Jan Robinson Linda Rodriguez Tom Romanello Barbara Romero Julie Rose Jerry Ross Jim Ross Christine Rowland Bruce Rowly Renee Roy Ron Russell Denise Russo Jackie Russo Bob Ryan Facesof ' 80 — 203 Mark Ryan Scott Salter Chrystal Samosa Gary Samrick Richard Sondeil Lisa Sanderson Pat Saran Sue Sarkin Kathy Scane Deidre Schack Lisa Schirmer David Schleeter Oliver Sctnimied Sheri Schober Ray Scheutte Jessica Sciiutte Vince Scweiter MariusSctiwitters Dawn Scott Sherrie Scott Mark Seibert Dina Sergi Becky Shatto Terry Sherwood Mercene Shogren Dee Anne Shutt Angela Siegfried Dave Sills Chad Simpson Joe Singleton Nancy Skatvold Wally Skelton Dale Smith Jeff Smith Jim Smith Jim Smith Susan Smith Pat Spafford David Spaulding Merrile Spungin Miriam Spungin Caria Stalnaker Andy Stapenhill Susan Steiner Robbie Stephens Sheereen Sterling Roger Stevens Deanna Stewart Carol Storeman Sierra Strauss Curran Stromberg Sharon Stuart Gail Stute Amy Sullivan Mike Surface Susie Surstad Gary Swenson Mary Szcuka Jaime Tamayo Julie Tapia Deanna Taylor Lisa Taylor Todd TeVault LouAnn Teel Donn Thomas Matt Thompson Tammy Thornton Sandy Tidwell Lori Tierney Steve Tomory Mike Tramontane Greg Trowbridge Phil Tucker Richard Turner Sheryl Turner Debbie Umbaugh Stephanie Underbill Matt Orbarek Leonard Urgeleit John Vanderbrink 204 — Faces of ' 80 n i wrnim ii L ' vux. ' m i i Hans Vanderbend Jim Vance Laurie Vanderpool Sherry Vann Chet Vanscyoc Tom Van Voy Karen VanZant Karen Varder Renee Vasquez Christina Venegas Tony Vine Craig Vrabel Debbie Waddell Eddie Wage Adam Walker Laura Walker Scolt Walker Kevin Wallace Chun Mae Wang Jeff Warner Kurt Warner Marlys Warren Mike Wasinger Kris Watring Rhonda Weatherwax Steve Weaver Roger Weeks Robert Weir Lisa Welch LisaWellik Tina Wells Kirk Wells Frank Welton Tom Whang David White Karen White Mike White Tammy White Robert Whyte Jane Williamson Jeff Wilson Robert Wilson Shauna Wilson Brenda Wingate Diane Woods Maylene Woods Gary Woodward Laura Wynn Connie Yaeger Chris Ybarra Joel Yochem Mike Young Roby Young Ric Young Tina Zamoro Donna Zirkelbach I Missing Faces Steve Adams Tom Azuline Greg Babykin Terry Bannon Tim Barra Zockery Barrell Nadine Bencome Kathy Bender Marg Bortle Kim Cleary Cun Chong Kathy Densi Jack Dixon Gen Dore Lori Ellis Brian Farmer Jennette Floras Larry Fowler Ken Friecich Russell Fron Edward Galvez John Garner John Gilkinson David Gutierrez Marc Gutierrez Anne Hinkley Robert Hodgson Susan Horner Gary Jacobs Daria Keith Steve Lucas Tracy Madrid Robert Mandall Janet Marshall Mark Martinez John Morales Tracy Mosley Harold Maurer Laura McLaughlin Lisa Minton Darold Mims David Moreland Anthony Palombizia Kelly Persinger Deora Preste George Prinette Chris Randall Mike Rogers Mary Ryborz Mike Skores Randall Smith Diane Stewart Mark Sullivan Gary Swenson Julie Swift Tammy Tibbets Maureen Tressel David Viers Mike Wagner Mike Williams Faces of ' 80 — 205 " — - — . . . . — .-I , , I Mmi ■taaMlxiiaiiitli 4 DMIF ISTRA TIOJS PRIDE returned to the Glendora High School campus dunny the 7 - 78 school year. Students, staff and members of the com- munity were successful in finding solutions to long-standing problems. Standardized test scores in basic skill areas continued to show significant improvement. Our seniors graduated one or more vears above grade level in reading, language and mathematics. Student leaders took a more active role in all aspects of campus lite The Bellendaine and Tartan Shield achieved unusual stand- ards of excellence, A new spirit of cooperation and achievement was established by our athletic department. For the first time the ' Royal Stewart Singers joined the Tartan Band and Plaid Piper Drill Team in the Band-0-Rama Jog-A-Thon was a successful fund raising project which brought our activity groups and teams together for a common purpose. Television exposure gave our school widespread rec- ' ognition, _ This was a year of success and pride ' f c ' -dxt ' ' B ' w-i-«- Dr. Robert Bruce Mr. Walter Altman Mr. Ernest Moe Mr. Bruce Morse Mr. Patrick Bushman ! )islM(,i SLipf;nnlend( ' nl ' nltfiSBi«£Bi M»S .!HE« ' . . As££JI£ ' ,i(,AiiON ion VIr Kennelh ,S ■■« . ' i ' " il3L: Ts ' ' • ' ■ ' ' ! ' • ' ' ADMINISTRATION SUPPORT SERVICES Mr. Tom KJdwell Assistant Superintendent Mr. Jack Schumaker Assistant Superintendent Mr. Phil Wollam Assistant Superintendent :ii()l Scliendel s Mr larrv Johnson Miss Junior Counselor Ryan Sandra Deit . Mr L Senioi C.ouns Ailene Gilison Mrs. Delores Kelley brarian Media Specialist Mr. Ron Pettie Psyctiologisl Mr. Gil Roesch ( " oorciinatdr AdmirTistration Niiiiii INSTRUCTORS Mr. John Baldridge English Mr. David Bedell English — Cross Country Mr. Tom Birmingham P nnlish Mrs. Lucy Bleisnick English 210 — Instructors (W? Mr. Richard Bolton Encilish Mr. Paul Booth M.llh — llt ' cl Chiinn j ' oarrT m INSTRUCTORS Mr. Dennis Cavanaugh Mr. Ralph Chalifoux istructors INSTRUCTORS Mr. Frank Chong WiC.inl StlIf|l ;S Mr. James Clark ■; Arts — O-pt Chri Mr. Donald Clark Fine Arts Mr. Richard Cobb English Mr. David Crabb Math Mr. Arlan Dwyer English Mr. Roberl Estu Drivers Ed — Social Studies 212 — Instructors INSTRUCTORS Mr. Richard Farland Mrs. Lois Gotch English Mr. William Graves Math Mrs. Caria Foster English Mr. Allen Glldard Fine Arts — Social Studies Mr. Robert Greebe Physical Ed, — Dept Chrmn, instructors- mtiiMsm w INSTRUCTORS Mrs. Beverly Griffith Math Mr. David Griffith Social Studies — Dept C Mrs. Deborah Haigh English Mr. James Hall Business Miss Pat Hardin Physical Fducatirjf Mr. Clint Harwick Physical Friucation Mrs. Anita Hauger Home Economics INSTRUCTORS Mr. Gene Haynes Foreign Language — Dept Chrmn Mr. Robert Hoskin Social Studies Mrs. Geraldine Henderson Home Economics Mrs. Linda Huetinck Math — Science — Dept. Chrmn Mrs. Jullane Hodjera Foreign Language Mr. Charles Johnson Math Mr. Tom Jones Social Studies Instructors- ' - ' -.-. ■v ' - ' - - INSTRUCTORS Mr. Mike King Business — Basketball Coach Mr. John Lincoln Social Studies Mrs. Sami Lau ROP Counselor Mr. Donald Longstreth Industrial Arts Farfgnffvptjatswith a stude Mrs. Deobrah Leiewer Math Mr. Norman Lusk Business — Dept, Chrmn, Miss Marguerite Lyeth Foreign Language 216 — Instructors INSTRUCTORS Mr. Stephen Marsden Science Mr. Richard Martin Industrial Arts Mr. Murray Mickelson Industrial Arts Mrs. Roseann Marttila Foreign Language Mr. Dennis Minder Preface Mr. Robert Meyer Business Mrs. Dorothy Morgan Science Instructors — 217 liitMi ■,-■,, .-rr;. ■■.■■. ' ..■:-■ .■?.■) ■ ... r. ■ m r - - INSTRUCTORS Mr. Robert Morgan Physical Ed. — Preface Mr. William Moye Fine Arts Miss Billie Oglesby Activities Direc. — Physical Ed. Mrs. Jane Morrison English Mr. Robert Murray Industrial Arts Mrs. Judy Post Business h ' .Mm - Mrs. Pat Rasmussen English 218 — Instructors INSTRUCTORS Mr. Gary Riley Miss Judy Rowcliffe English — Business Mr. John Saunders Social Studies — Tennis Coach Mrs. Jacqueline Sheppert English Mr. Stan Sidaris Social Studies Instructors — jit iumm INSTRUCTORS Mr. Leiand Sloan Science Mrs. Mary Takach Mr. Kane Waggoner SUj(Ii(;s — Swiinininti ( Mr. Harry Smith Industrial Arts — Math Mrs. Judith Tefft F nqlisti — Pep Advisor Mrs. Dorothy Walla Mr. Robert Storey Physical Education Mr. Alan Thompson Mnttn — Science Mr. James Welch Math Instructors INSTRUCTORS ■A Long and Winding Road " has been traveled by many of the teachers who teach here at G.H.S. Our Administrators, Counselors, and faculty members have all traveled some roads in life to help them accomplish their goals, and now they are teaching us to fulfill a goal they may have set and to help us. as students, reach our goals. The new school year at Glendora High brought not only new stu- dents, but some new administrators and faculty members. Many new programs were introduced by some of the different departments to help improve the academic part of our school life. The teachers and adminis- trators worked hard to satisfy the needs of each individual student. In addition to participating in the academic areas of education, many teachers took active part in assemblies, lunch time activities, sports, and various club activities. As students of Glendora High School, we feel that our teachers and administrators played a very important part of our school year. Their guidance and friendship was very much appreciated, and because of their influence our travels will probably be a little easier when we come to " A Long and Winding Road. " Mr. Lindy Zichichi ,ln,il Arls - Dcpl Chii Instructors — 2: ' )• . .,v-.;. A .? .ja. . . CLASSIFIED PERSONNEL MULTI-MEDIA STAFF, left to right. Mary Baffa. Mary Christopher, Lois Morrill. Merilyn bt£ Cartwriqhl ,es Poledna. Maunne Rivera Mfssing: Pail m A ATTENDANCE C CLERKS, left lo rigtit Helen Klasna. Barbara Packard. Joyce Coffey 222 — Classified CLASSIFIED PERSONNEL FERIA STAFF, left to right Coral Elliott. Can Matthyssens. Edith Patterson. Bertie Parks. Jackie Hartley Missing: Virginia Costello ( ' H :aREER CENTER, left to right Dorothy Gray. IVlarlanne Egerer. Jean Soyland. Betty Murphy. Secretary Dufly Hall. ASB Clerk W IVIAINTENANCE STAFF, tett to right Roland Moore. Bill Messer. Kelly Sovine. Mike Gomez. Carl Mel- OPERATIONS OFFICER. Tim Moriarty ton. Arlie Turner. Tony Rodriguez. Frank Murphy Classified — 223 .ifc -idaiKihMiiibMMMKi W m Wws WWm y ' . Senior Directory Mary Ann Adams: 70. 84, 130, 175 G.A.L.; Tennis 3, 4. Girls ' League 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Tarns 4, Junior Justice; Senior Justice Yvonne Aguirre: 72 78 130 GAL Vice-President, Softball, Basketball. Field Hockey. Volley- ball Tim Ahern Juley Alexander: 130 KeilyAlgeo:130 Track4, Wrestling 2, 3.4. Larry Allen: 1 30 Thespians 4; Musical Drama 4 Ray Almaguer: 1 30. 87 Football 4 Teri Almaguer: 1 30 Spanish Club Teena Amato: 1 30 Steve Anchondo: 1 30 Football 4 Rick Andrade: 87 President of Shalom Club 4 Jeff Angarola:38. 130 Football Tom Arbogast: 1 30 Karen Argetsinger: 1 30 Brenda Arnold: 130 Matthew Arnold: 1 30 Donna Arsenault Jo Anne Arsenault: 29 98. 100, 130 Pep Club 2. 4: Bee Cheerleader 2: Varsity Cheerlader 4; Thespians 3; Shalom Club 4: Christmas Court Princess 4 Teresa Ashdown: 93 . 1 30 John Atkins: 130 Lauren Aust: 1 30 Andrew Azzolina Brian Baber Gina Badran: 86. 96. 130 Bellendaine 4. Drill Team 2. 3: Girls ' League 2. 3, 4; Tartan Clan 4: Drill Team Sergeant at Arms 3; ZaboClub4 Chris Bailey Bruce Baker Greg Baldwin: 131 Leisa Baldwin: 131 Tina Barcley: 84, 86, 90, 92, 1 31 Band, C S F 2, 3, 4 Life-Member 4, German Club, GAL, Girls ' League 2, 3, 4. Swim Team Tams 3, 4, THEM 4; Math Team: Stu- dent Court Prosecutor 4 Kristy Barker: 86 Drill Team; Girls ' League; Tartan Clan Diane Barnhart: 131 Banner Carrier 4. Band 2. 3; Tams 3,4, Jeff Barr: 131 Radio Club 3, 4 Rick Barrows: 131 Football; Track Johanna Barwicki GaryBaston: 131 SkiClub4,Tennis2. 3, 4 Randy Battles: 131 Basketball 2, 3 Jeff Beckstrom Susan Berry: 131 Band 2. 3. 4 — Treasurer 3. 4; G A L , Tams; Track Debbie Bellini: 131 Girls ' League2. 3. 4 Jim Bellino EricBencini: 131 Jeff Bennett: 131 Anne Bergendahl: 131 Darren Bergman: 131 Leslie Bergstrom: 86 97. 131. 174 AF.S. 2. 3, 4;C.S.F,2, 3. 4;Girls ' League 2, 3. 4 Publicity 3; Friend- ship Chairman 4; Literary Club 3. 4; Literary Magazine Editor 3. 4. N.F L 2: Tams 3. 4; Tarlan Shield 4 Feature Editor. Varsity Tennis Statistician 4; AS B Secretary 4. September Girl of the Month 4 Suzanne Berubes: 131 Paula Bevis: 131 GAL. Track, DaveBian chi:87. 131 Shalom Club Vice-President, Social Committee Robert Bird Carra Bjorklund: 89, 132 Choir. Musical Drama. Literary; Thespians; Treasurer of Thespi- ans, Jennifer Black: 91. 118, 132 Band 2, 3; C S.F. 2 3. Musical Drama 3; German Club 4, Girls ' League 4; Tams 4; Banner Carrier 4. Wendy Blackburn: 84, 86 132 G A.L. 2. 3. 4: Girls ' League; Tams; Track Michele Blair: 132 DawnBoesch: 119. 132 Band 2. 3,4 Jay Bogert: 1 32 Valentine ' s Court 4. Troy Bonar John Bonet: 1 32 Football. Track, Varsity Soccer Cheryl Bonner: 132 CSF .Choir, NHL Michael Bontempo: 1 32 Margaret Booth: 1 32 Choir, Musical Drama Joanne Bourke: 1 32 Brent Bowers: 1 32 Maya Bradley: 132 Girls ' League, Tennis Brad Brainard Soccer 2, 3 Vicki Breceda: 132 KathyBreilien: 132 TomBricke:44,91 Diane Bridenback: 132 Donna Brisco: 94, 132 Anna Brooks: 132 Brian Brooks: 83, 97, 132 C.S F 2, 3, 4; Swim Team 3; Tar- tan Shield 2, 3, Editor 4, A SB. Vice-President Rahn Brooks Debbie Broughton Barbara Brower: 1 33 Connie Brown: 29, 84, 86, 133 173 CSF 2. Commissioner of Pep 4; Drill Team 2. 3 Sergeant at Arms 3; Girls ' League. Tams 3. 4. Junior Class Treasurer; THE M 4; Tar- tan Clan 4 Sandra Brown: 87. 133 Shalom Club 2, 3,4. Reg Browne: 1 33 Debi Brumfeild: 1 33 Girls League, Ski Club 2, 3. 4; Valentine ' s Court MikeBublin Football 2, 3, 4 Brian Buckner Denise Bullock: 133 Choir Swim Team, German Club. Anthony Burt: 1 33 Elizabeth Butler: 133 Glenn Calfee Ralph Camero: 133 Bob Cameron: 133 Carl Cardella Linda Cardona: 133 Carren Carlson: 133 Mike Carpenter: 1 33 Football 4; Wrestling 2. Track 4. Janie Cartwrighi: 1 33 Craig Carty: 133 Football Daniel Casciato: 1 33 Baseball 2 Roberta Casey: 1 33 Joan Catalano: 1 33 Joanne Cate: 114. 134 N.F L 2. Choir 2. 4. Drill Team 2. 3, 4; Sergeant at Arms 3. 4. Musi- cal Drama 3. 4 Jesus Chaidaz Steve Chambers Stacey Chamley: 96. 1 34. 1 74 Bellendaine 4. C S F 2, 3. 4; Girls ' League 2, 3, 4, Tams 4; Tartan Shield 2. 3; Varsity Baseball Statis- tician 3. 4; AS B Clerk 4. Leader- ship 4. ZaboClub4 Eric Chapman Tammy Chappelle: 1 34 Barbara Chase Cau Chor g David Chott: 1 34 PamClapp:84. 134 Tartan Clan Senior Representa- tive; Band; Tams; T.H.EM. Brian Clark Jon Clark: 1 34 Swim Team. Kevin Clark Carlene Clay: 1 34 Cheryl Clayton: 88. 89. 1 1 1 . 134 Musical Drama; N.F.L ; Tartan Clan; Thespians, Kathy Cleary: 1 34 Greg Cleveland: 1 34 Basketball Mark Clonch: 134 Mike Cofield: 134 RonColan: 134 Greg Colmer: 1 34 Merrily Comstock John Confair: 1 34 CS.F.;THE M Kristen Conklin: 1 34 Curtis Cook: 134 Nancy Cook: 1 35 Drill Team. Philip Cook: 55. 135 Key Club President. Andrew Corbett MarcComey: 135 Ski Club. Soccer, Cathie Cox: 135, 84.86 C.S F ; Drill Team 2; Girls ' League 2. 3. 4. Welfare Week Chairman 4; Tams 3. 4 Vice-President; Tennis; T H EM 4; US. 4; December Girl of the Month. Colleen Cox Brian Crabtree Chris Cricks: 135 Matt Criswell: 83, 95 Paul Curran Cheryl Curtis: 114, 135 Drill Team 2, 3, 4 Head Sergeant at Arms. Len Daley: 1 35 Debbie Dalton: 1 35 Mike Daly: 1 35 C S F , Ski Club; Football. Basket- ball, John Daschian Brad Davis Michelle Davis: 135 Mike Davis Jeff Dean: 1 35 CSF 2; Baseball 2. 3; Wrestling 3 Stephanie Deans: 98. 100. 135, 84 Girls ' League 2. 3, 4; Pep Club 2. 3. 4; Bee Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4; Tam ' s Secretary 3.4 Jonel Decrescensi: 1 35 Edward Deerly Helen Dejager: 86. 135 Girls ' League 2. 3. 4; Ski Club Susan Dennis: 135 Paul Depaslene Patricia Derosa: 1 35 Ann Devries: 1 35 Band; German Club. Shalom Club John Dom: 1 35 Swim Team Dave Donner: 1 36 Varsity Soccer Brian Douglas: 1 36 Band 2, 3. 4; Choir 2. 3. 4. Royal Stewart 4 MikeDresen: 136 Football. Baseball Karen Dubois: 1 36 Drill Team 2. 3.4 John Duenas: 1 36 Tami Dyer: 1 36 Mary Eakin: 136 Robin Eaton: 1 1 1 , 1 36 Choir 4; Musical Drama 4; Thespi- ans 2.3.4 — Treasurer 4. Deonna Eckert: 96. 1 36 Bellendaine 3. 4, Girls ' League 3; Cross Country Statistician 3 Carol Edwards: 1 36 Anthony Elie Donna Elliott Dale Ellsworth: 136 Ellen Emerson: 136 Greg Engel Paul Eriksen: 1 36 Ski Club 4. Swim Team 3 Vicki Eshelman: 1 36 Edward Estrada: 1 36 Ronald Estrada: 136 Dawn Evans: 1 36 Cindy Evers: 93. 136 Kris Eyre: 1 36 Traci Fannin Paula Farmer: 137 JillFarr: 137 Banner Carrier, Valentine ' s Court James Farrell: 137 Karen Farrer: 1 37 Drill Team 2; Girls ' League 2, 3. 4; Tams 4; Spanish Club 3; Tartan Clan 4, Bill Faught Football; Swim Team, Matt Fehrenbach: 1 37 Joe Finkbiner: 1 37 Band, Shalom Club Jim Fisher: 137 Band — Historian, Shalom Club. Tarlan Shield. Richel Fisher: 1 37 AF.S ; CSF ; Shalom Club, Susan Floyd: 1 37 Kim Ford: 137 Timi Fortney: 137 AF.S; CSF, Girls ' League, Tony Fox: 43. " 137 Track 2. 3. 4; Cross Country 2. 3. 4 George Francescon: 1 37 Rich Frank: 137 Swim Team Laura Frates Mike Fratt Football, Baseball. Mickey Frawley: 1 37 David Ft-edrick Tommy Fredregill Deanna Freeman: 137 Mike Fricke: 137 Laura Fuchs: 118. 137 CSF. 2. 3. 4 Vice-President 4 Banner Carrier 3, 4; Ski Club Girls ' League 2. 3,4. Laura Futerman: 83, 84. 95. 137 186 Ski Club 3, 4; Girls ' League 2. 3. 4; Tams 4. 224 — Senior Directory ■2: ' ?»■ aFTTJty. - !;y. tt «:,TKaBa ' 3Me.- aitii« Cindy Fyke: 138 GAL 2, 3; Swim Team 2, 3, Darlene Gaddin: 1 38 Anthony Gambale Diana Garcia: 1 38 Elli Garcia Sam Garner Rick Garcia: 1 38 Bellendaine Jayme Caspar: 1 38 Laura Gaspar: 1 38 Mike Gaughen: 1 38 Golf 2, 3. 4 Debbie Geivett: 1 38 Choir, Shalom Club Carol Gernon: 97, 138 Band Cho ir 4, Tartan Shield 2, 3, 4, Circulation, Business, and Ad Manager Janet Gibson: 1 38 Bryan Giles: 138 Band, Football, Baseball Clancy Glaze: 1 38 Teri Glaze: 138 C S F,, Spanish Club, G A L , Girls ' League; Swim Team, Ten- nis Cheryl Glenn: 133 Alan Glover: 1 38 Cathy Gnegy: 1 38 Choir 2 3,4 Publicity Chairman of Concert Choir 2, cretary 3. Sec- retary of Royal Stewart Singers 4 Pattie Golden: 138 Diane Gould: 87 138 Sharyl Grafious: 138 Band 2, 3, 4, C S.F. 3 4, German Club; Girls ' League; Tarns 4, Tony Graham: 1 39 Connie Grant: 1 39 David Gray: 89 139 Thespians Harold Grey David Griflin Kevin Gritfin Football 2, 3, man ' s Club Rut en Guerra Linda Guerrero Track WaltyGuill: 13 Darrell Guillaui Band Beverly Gutier Gary Haering: 139 Cheryl Haeussler: 1 39 Tom Haile: 1 39 Tartan Shield, Basketball. Kellee Hamel: 114 139 DnII Team 2, 3,i| Head Choreog rapher Jan Hamilton rais : 139 :83, 139 4 Ski Club, Letter 139 j4;p0n|nton, 1,39 , ' Swim Team Club; Tartan Choir 4, GAL Girls ' League Rich Hamilto Shalom Club jj™ Darrell Hamlaifl3j|f| Basketball Michael Hand: 139 Band Doug Handy: 139 Antje Hans: 7teg7 GAL, Volle ell Shalom Clul ki . Shield Assist Editor, THEM Gary Hanseri 39 Kim Hansen Helen Harden: 139 Robert Harrell: 1 40 PatHarrigan: 140 Steve Harrington Baseball 2, 3. 4; C S P A Randy Harrison Spanish Club, Baseball Lori Hart: 140 A F S 2 3, 4, Band 4, Drill Team 3, 4, Stialom Club 3, 4, Girls ' League 2, 3, 4 Gwynn Hatch: 140 Sheryl Havi blitzel: 22, 23, 84, 98, 100, 140 Choir 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir Accompanist 2, 4, Royal Stewart Accompanist 3, GAL 2, JV Bas- ketball, Varsity Field Hockey; Pep Club 3, 4; Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4 Pep Club Historian; Shalom Ciub 2, 4, Tams 3, 4, THEM, 4; 1977 Homecoming Queen Georgia Hawthorne: 1 1 1 , 1 40 NFL 2,Thespians2, 3, 4 Robert Hazeski: 1 40 MartaHeaton: 140 Robert Heil: 140 Leigh Helm: 140 Mark Henderson: 92, 140 C S F 2, 3, 4 President 4, Spanish Club, Sophomore Justice, Senior Justice Randy Henderson Steve Hensel: 1 40 Spanish Club, Swim Team, Valerie Herbert: 1 40 Wallace Herbert: 140 Dawn Herrick: 23 83. 98, 101, 140 , , Girls ' League 2, 3. 4, Flag Twirler 3 4 Spanish Club; Student Sen- ate President 4; Tams 3, 4, Pep Club Historian 3 Mark Herhngshaw: 21 , 90 1 40 Baseball 2, 3, 4; T H EM Chival- rous Padiesah Morgan Hertel: 140 Doug Herzog: 1 40 Diego Higginbofham RobHilliard: 140 Football, Soccer AnnHillman: 141 Choir 2 Royal Stewart 3, 4. C S F 2,3,4;G AL 2,T H EM, 4, Greg Hintz Helen Hirschi: 141 Debbie Holland: 84, 90, 91 97 141 , , C S.F 4; German Club 2, 3, 4; President and Publicity, G A L 2, 3 4 Swim Team 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3 ' Varsity Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; JV Basketball, Girls ' Leagu 2, 3, 4; Shalom Club 4; Tams Service Chairman 3, 4, Tartan Clan 4, Ski Club4,TH EM 4 Glenn Hollett: 141 .. Football 2,.4 f HShaunaHollinghurst Ken Holt: 141 ' Tennis, Journalism Ken Horn: 141 Video Lab. t t r Ray Horn: 141 ViC Football 3, 4 Ed Howard: 141 Football Ruth Howard: 141 Band2,3;CSF 2, 3, 4, T,H,E M, 4 Sherill Hoy Bruce Hubbard; 141 John Huggins KenHughes:14l I pV Pl Steve Hughs: 141 V- ¥ v Chris Hullinger 141 Girls ' League 2, 3,4 Carrie Hunter Laurie Hunter: 141 ? | H i Ron Huntley: 141 . f I . .3 Amy Hutchinson: 114, 141 Drill Team 2, 3, 4 Mark Hyer: 86, 90, 91, 92, 95, 141 German Club, Key Club, Math Science, Spanish Club Vice-Presi- dent 4; Ski Club; Tartan Clan; Track, THEM Commander in Chief Foyal Army Sandra Irvin: 141 Graham Irvin Soccer 2,3,4 Frank Israel: 39 Football, Soccer Dawn Jackson: 83, 87, 141 Shalom Club, Tartan Shield, Ten- bl nis Michael Jackson Stana Jackson: 1 42 A F S German Club 2; Secretary of Shalom Club 2. 3, 4, Thespians 4, Jenny Jans: 1 42 Jeanette Jardines: 83, 1 42 Student Senate Mike Jean Football Karen Jeffries: 1 42 Choir Thespians Board Member Denise Jeffries: 89, 142 Kathy Jelden: 1 42 GAL, Girls ' League; Swim Team; Track, Cross Country, Tina Jenkins: 82, 142 AFS. 2,3, 4;CS,F, 2,3,4;Girls League 2, 3; Shalom Club 3; Spanish Club 2, 3. Kathi Jennings: 1 42 G A.L. Historian, Field Hockey, Volleyball; Softball; Basketball. Veronica Jensen Choir, Musical Drama, Drill Team Jo Lynn Jewett: 1 42 Flag Carrier; Band 2 David Johnson: 1 42 CSF 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3 Earl Johnson Klaus Johnson Edward Jonassen Jim Jones Linda Jones: 1 42 Bellendaine 4, Girls ' League 2, 3, 4; Flag Carrier 2. 3, Tom Joos: 1 42 CS.F ; Key Club Vice-President. Mike Jors: 142 Jeff Kakassy: 1 42 Camerin Kaminski Linda Katsaros: 1 42 AFS C.S F , German Club, Girls League 2. 3, 4; T.H.EM. ManeKeller:e6,96, 142, 174 Bellendaine 3, 4, C S F 2, 3, 4, CSF Life Member, Drill Team 2, 3 Choreographer 3, Girls ' League i 3 4 Publicity Chairman 4, Tams 3! 4, A S B. Commissioner of Pub- he Relations; Tartan Clan 4; THEM Knight 4, Baseball Bat Girl; Zabo Club Officer.B Lori Keller ' G.A L- Eileen Kelley: 114, 142 Band 2, Drill Team 3, 4. Toni Kelley: 9 1,96, 143 A F S 2, Band Flag Garner 3; Bel : lendaine 3, 4 Assistant Editor 4, Choir 2 Musical Drama 2, Girls League 4; Spanish Club 3, 4 Sen- ior Representative; Thespians 2, Kathy Kelly: 1 43 Girls ' League 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 2, Scott Kelly: 89, 1 1 1 , 1 43 Thespians; Football, Greenroom Officer; Literary Club Linda Kemby: 18, 29, 99, 143, ' 175 C S F 2, 3, 4, Girls ' League 2, 3, 4 Ke «.Club Sweetheart 4, N F,L,, Pep Crab 2, 3, 4, Bee Cheerleader 2 Songleader 3, 4 Head 4, Span- ish Club, T.H EM. 4, Senior Jus- tice- Son Kennedy Layne Kertamus: 1 43 Jim King: 111 143 Alan Kinum: 143 Mike Klaus: 111 143 Musical Drama, Football, Thespi- ans; Math Science; Thespian Appointed Officer Cheryl Kliewer: 143 Girls ' League 2, 3, 4, Shalom Club 2, 3, 4 Officer 2 Donna Kohorst: 86, 1 43 C S F 2; Girls ' League 2, 3, 4 Denise Kozik: 96, 143 Bellendaine 3, 4, Girls ' League 2; Campus Life 2 John Krake: 1 43 CSF 2, Choir 3, 3, 4 Tom Kramer: 1 43 Todd Krause: 1 43 Karen Kreuder: 1 43 John Kruze StaceyKunch:95,96, 143 Brete Kinkle: 1 43 Les Kuntz: 1 43 Kelley Laban: 1 43 Joe Lambert: 1 44 Julia Lamt ert: 144 Janice Lamborn: 1 58 Melody Landowski: 1 44 German Club, Gordon Larson: 1 44 Frankli Lasley: 1 44 Kathleen Lawless: 1 44 Mike Layton: 1 44 THEM 4 Kevin Ledbetter: 1 44 CSF; Basketball; NFL; Track Brian Lent: 44, 144 CS.F, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country; Wrestling, Baseball Mitchell Lieding Scott Little: 1 44 Band 2, 3, 4 Shawn Lockhard Tom Logan: 1 44 Carol Lohrs: 1 44 Kame Lomoriello: 144 Rene Loot: 1 44 Joni Lopez: 1 44 G,A L, Senior Representative Basketball, Softball; Tennis Robert Lopez Ronald Lopez Margaret Lorenz: 1 1 4, 1 44 CSF 2, 3, 4, DnII Team 2 Sergeant at Arms 4 Brenda Lovell: 1 44 Eva Ludescher Matt Ludescher Frances Lukesh L GinaLund ... UCT Mike Lupe: 1 44 John Mack: 144 Allan Maclean: 144 Football 4; Soccer 2, 3,4. Ann Maechtlen Debra Malina: 1 45 Lenette Maloney: 1 45 Jarry Mandell Cart Mangine: 145 Cary Manus: 1 45 Robert Marick: 145, 174 AFS 4; CSF, 2, 3, 4, Key Clu 2 3 Treasurer 2, Secretary 3 Swim Team 4; Tartan Clan 4| THEM, 4; A SB. Treasurer 4! Letterman ' sClub4, Duane Marker: 1 45 Mark Martin: 1 45 Bruce Martinez: 145 Tennis 2, 3, 4, LoriMartyns:29,84,95, 145 CSF 2 3 4, Sophomore Clas Treasurer, A SB Treasurer; Tam; 3 4 President 4; GAL 2, 3; Girls League 2, 3,4, t F L 2,3, 4; S Club 4; G.H.S Bullock ' s Tee Board Representative 4, Christ mas Court 4 David Mason Pam Mason: 84, 145,174,175 Band 2, 3, 4, CSF 4; Spams Club 3. Tams 4; Student Cour Public Defender 4, AS B Histo- rian 4 Student Council 4. Kendra Mastain: 23, 83, 98, 99, 145 CSF 2 3, Pep Club 2 3, 4, Be Cheerleader 2; Song Leader a, THEM4. Sergio Matlock: 145 Kelly McCabe: 145 SuzanMcCabe: 145 Keith McCarron: 145 Roberta McLaw: 1 45 Rhonda McCool Ernest McGee Crystal McGinty: 11 4, 145 Drill Team 3, 4 Sandra McGowan: 1 45 a Senior Directory — 225 i Ron McGrath Tom Noonan Kelly McKay: 145 Ken Nordoff : 1 48 Robert McKeand: 145 CheriNorris: 148 Eric McKellar: 146 CSF Alyson McLamore: 84, 96 KentNorville Band2, 3. 4.CSF 2,3. 4;GAL Soccer: Cross Country, 2; Girls ' Leauge 4: Tarns 4. Gail Nunn: 148 T.H.E.M. 4: Band Secretary Sen- Band 3, 4; Girls ' League 2, 3. 4; ior Justice. ♦« W,F.L.; Tarns: Tartan Clan: Katheen Mercola: 86 146 ' " T.H EM.: A S B Publicity Com- Band, C S F.; Girls Lei ifiue. missioner NF.L. Shalom Club, TH.Ej 1 Larry O ' Bryant: 148. 86. 95. 28. Jeff Merrick: 146 h 91.96;- - Football M Football: C.S.F , Key Club. Ski Brian Merrigan: 1 i H ■I ' Club. Spanish Club. T H E IVI . Swim Team 2, 3,JUj M K Track Steven Merrigan; 46 ' Mike Occhiato: 1 48 Milly Mesa: 146 Shalom Club. Steve Michelsen: 146 Victori Ochoa: 1 48 KathiMider: 146 Tom O ' Connell Julie Mieger: 146 Radio Club Carol Miller: 146- Gloria Ann Oikein: 148 89 G-Al. ' hClub Choir: Musical Drama: Thespians Mictielle Miller Rich Olmsted: 148 Victor Miller: 1 Track Louis Mills: 146 Cynthia Olaon Julie Misenhimer: 14§ ThadOlsg 148. 9 Michael Molsbeery ;| Ski Club. fBySJ? ' Chris Moncayo j Keith OpfJiS(ri48 ; Susan Montmarquet: DnilTeam2, 3 Ellen Moon: 1 46 Arthur Morales: 8 44 146 Susan Morgan Oonna Morris: 147 G A L , Varsity Badminton Radio Club 3, Shalom Club 2, 3, 4 Secre- tary 3, 4, Public Relations 3: I O C Richard Morrison: 147 Track. Basketball 3. Cross Coun- try, Rot ert Morrow: 147 Mindy Moulton: 147 Karen Mounts: 147 C S F Lite member. Girls League. Spanish Club JeffMowdy:147.36 Football Karin Moyer: 147 Janice Mulligan: 147. 114 . C S,F, Life Member, DnII Team 2, ' % 4: Jr and Sr Lass Head. Girls ' League Ski Club: Spanish Club, Kevin Mulvey Julie Mferphy: 147, 86, 90. 161 Senior glass Secretary, Band 2, Flag C ier, CSF 2, 3, 4, Choir, Girls ' Llague 2. 3. 4. Valentine ' s Dance Chairman 4. T H E M , Spanish Club MerrJIu Murray: 147. 118 Banner Carrier 4, C S F . GAL 2: Girls ' League; Swim Team 2. 4; Tarns. Bruce Myer: 147, 82, 83, 89. Ill AFS .?, 3, 4: President CSF , Choir J 3,4, Musical Drama 2,3, 4. Royal Stewart: Tartan Clan 2, 3, 4: Spanish President, Swim Team, Thespians Mitch Myers: 147 Julie Ann Nash Ken Navarro: 147 Ann Nelson Choif 3 Shalom3 Jam! Nelson: 147 Julie Nelson: 147 Tracy Nelson: 147 Chris Neufeld: 147 Lorraine Newbert: 147 Dung Ngo: 161 Lien Nguyen Su s% li chols: 148 [tqiglllllipolson Clan 4: Harold Noll rSofc ' -- ' " - ' Ba Tammy Orban: 148. 83 SherylOsilo: 148,84,96 Band 2, 3 , Sophomore Repre- sentative, Measurer 3, President 4; BellenSaine, CS.F , Girls ' League; Tarns, THEM Philip Oulette Scott Owen: 148 Nanci Owens: 148,86 Suzanne Padilla: 149 Debbi Page Oave Palmqulst: 149 Sheri Papenluhs: 1 49 Ski Club GalePapish: 149,89, 111 A F S , Sophomore Represe tive and President. Royal Stewart 2, 3: Musical Drama 2, 3, 4: Girls ' League 2: Thespians 2, 3. 4: Clerk and President Karen Parke: 149.83,86 Drill Team 2. 3. Girls ' League 3, 4, Tams 3, 4: Pep Club 4. Flag Twir- ler. Tartan Clan 4. Student Senate. Brad Parker: 1 49 ArtPasimio: 149 98 NFL: Pep Club Mascot, Spanish Club: Tennis: THEM. Track Mary Jo Paszkowski: 1 49 Tim Patterson: 1 49, 86, 92, 95 C,S F 2. 3, 4. Life Member 4: Key Club 3; Ski Club 4: T.H.E.M 4, Royal Knight. Basketball 2-Gaptain 2, Varsity Golf 2. 3. 4; Frendti Club: Student Senate 4. Karen Paulson: 82 149 CSF,, Choir 4 Royal Stewart President, Musical Drama. Math Science: T H E M , Spanish Club; Tennis Vernon Payne: 149 Football Danielle Pearson: 149 Mark Peavey: 1 49 BobPelz: 149 Vicky Perez; 149 Bill Perrett: 1 49 Eric Perry: 1 49 Tawnya Perry: 149 Gerlinde Peter: 82, 1 50. 1 77 A,F S Exchange Student, Choir, German Clufr. Karen PeterS: 1 50 Choir 4, Stewart Senate 2. 3 Sec- retary 3: SQCcer Statistician 2; Peer Counseling 2, Representa- tive, Michael Peters Dam Peterson: 1 50 Susan Pevehouse Choir; Girls League: Math Sci- ence Valerie Pfleger: 1 50 Jell Pilon: 89 De Anna Pierce: 1 50 TrisaPitre: 118, 150 Head Banner Carrier 3, 4; Drill Team 2, GAL : Girls ' League: Ski Club, Swim Team: Tams Seth Pollman: 1 50 Soccer. Swim Team; Track Diana Porcella: 150 Kevin Prestesater: 36, 39, 1 50 Varsity Football 3. 4. Baseball 3. 4 4. David Preston: 1 50 Vice President of Shalom Club: Track, Chris Prowse Elizabeth Pulido Julie Pyscher: 28 29, 86, 90 150 AF S 2, 3, 4 President 4, Tams 3, Jk THEM., Scribe Designate; ■ ophomore Representative. Trea- surer Junior: AFS Junior Repre- sentative: Baseball Statistician 2 3. JoAnneQualey: 150 Bruce Quarto: 1 50 Tim Rabban: 1 50 Mary Rampoldi: 150 Scott Randel: 150 CSF Sergio Rasenti: 82. 1 50. 1 76 AFS Student From Argentina Kevin Rawson: 1 50 Jose Rayle: 1 51 Dan Reedy: 151, 173 Lettermans Club; Football 2, 3, 4. Key Club, NFL,, Tartan Clan; Basketball: THEM : Baseball; ■Sophomore President Commis- .1 ' ' Iter of Boys ' Athletics, Scott Reedy: 151 Tr-nniS. BnanS g i5 ,161 A,F S HPI 977, Key Club, N F L , Ski Club; Tennis, THEM, Sophomore Vice President, Junior Justice Student Court, Senior Vice-President SherylReha: 151 CSF 2, 3, 4; DnII Team 2, 3, Girls ' League. Tartan Clan 4 Wayne Reibold: 1 51 CSF 2.3. 4:TartanShield Q,4 Steve Reid: 151 _•■ Bruce Reigner: 1 9, 1 51 Band 2, 3, 4, Bellendaine 3 ' 4; Shalom Club 4. ,».- Sherry Reimer Jesus Reinso Lisa Relstroffer: 151 Christy Riat x Girls ' League , Stephanie Ricard: 151. V Alison Richards: 88 1 S 1 CSF, German Club, NFL Sec- retary, Ski Club: Spanish Club, Student Court Prosecutor. Scott Richardson: 1 51 Football TadRickel: 151 Track 3. 4; Wrestling 3. 4. Letter- man ' s Club 4 Audrey Rietema: 151 CSF Mike Higgle: 151 Baseball; Ski Club Laura Rikley: 151 Nancy Rinaldi: 151 Barbara Rittgers: 84. 86. 96, 1 51 A F S. 3, 4; Bellendaine 4; CSF 2. 3. 4, Drill Team 3; Girls ' League 3, 4: Tams 4 Historian. TonyRobbins: 151, 172 CSF.; NF.L.; Spanish Club; Tar- Ian Clan; Tartan Shield; A, SB President; Public Defender Stu- dent Court. Bob Roberts: 1 52 Kevin Robertson: 1 52 Lori Robertson: 1 52 Patty Robinson: 1 52 William Robitaille Laurie Robsen: 1 52 Choir Lorraine Rodriguez Geraldine Roeby: 1 52 Bellendaine, Girls ' League, Sk Club: Spanish Club, LizRohrer:86, 152 CSF, Drill Team; Girls ' League Tartan Clan Steve Ross Tom Ross: 95, 152 Barbara Roy Suzanne Roy Clarke Rubel Mary Ellen Russell: 86. 96, 152 161 ? AF.S ; Flag Carrier; Bellendaine C.S F ; Girls ' League Co-Chair man of Valentine ' s Dance; Span ish Club, T.H EM.; Senior Classj Treasurer. Debbie Ryan: 1 52 HeddaRybarz:152 Brad Sago: 18, 21,90, 152 TH EM ; Baseball. Elizabeth Sain: 118 152 Tall Flag Leader 4, C.S F 2 3, 4: Choir 2, Eddie Salas: 1 52 Heidi Salgren N,FL,; Shalom Club. Jeff Salter: 90 92 152 Basketball 2. 3, 4, Kevin Sampson: 23 36, 39, 1 52 Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, Lettermans Club 4 Track 2, 3. 4. GonzaloSanchez - ■ ■ 9 Mary Sansom: 1 5L Renie.9 Saylors: 1 52 Geoirgia Scalf Dan Scarry Danny Scheppe William Scherneck Ron Schindler: 90. 91, 92, 95 153 Key Club Ski Club, Spanish Club, TH,E.M., Track Kim Sch lessinger: 23, 95, 98 99, 153 G A,L. 3, 4; JV Tennis 3: Girls League ' 2, 4; Girls ' Varsity Track 2 3, Vaiste Field Hockey 2, 3. 4, Pep OllffliVice-President 4, Son- gleadd l ki Club 4; T.H E M. 4 IOC 3, 4; Sophomore Secretary 2, Junior Vice-President 3: 1977 Homecoming Princess Brad Schneider . Band, Drum Major 3. ■ fSpanlsR Club Lance Schweitter: 1 53 John Scott Lorrie Scott: 153 Sue Searcy: 73, 153 JimShafer: 153 German Club, Shalom Club, Sherry Sharpe Becky Sherer: 153 Tammy Shuck: 153 Kim Sigona: 153 Band Dawn Simpson: 1 53 Ken Sinclair: 153 Band, CSF. Karen Sizoo Dave Skatvold: 1 53 Ski Club; Spanish Club, Basketball 2 Matt Skora: 1 53 Ellen Slapper: 1 53 Sharon Slingo: 1 53 Cheryl Smith: 1 53 Girls League 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 2 Head Bee Cheerleader 2, Son- gleader3, 4;T,H.E.M.4. Cindy Smith: 84. 98, 101,153 Pep Club 3, 4; Flag Twirler 3, 4 Elizabeth Smith: 86, 89, 1 11 117, 154 Band 2, 3; Chair 2, 3, 4; Musical Drama 2, 3, 4; Thespians 2. 3 4 Publicity 4; President of Tartan ' Director . iMya Clan 4, Tennis Statistician 2; A. SB, Commissioner of Publicity Erin Smith: 83, 154 Jeff Smith: 1 54 Keiti Smith: 1 54 Choir Mike Smith: 83, 1 54 William Smith Julie Snyder Laurie Soderwall: 83, 154, 173 Commissioner of Activities Michelle Spaun: 1 54 Band: C S.F.; Choir; Royal Stewart 3, 4. Musical Drama, Thespians, Mary Spengler: 1 54 G.A,L,; Tennis: Track; Girls ' League; 1978 Valentine ' s Court Melissa Sperling: 1 54 Ranelle Spoerl Chris Sprague: 1 54 " ' Jim Spriggs: 1 54 C S,F,: Basketball 2, 3, 1978 Valentine ' s King • § Paula Staschke: 72, 154 October Girl of the Month; G,A,L TracySteele:83, 86, 154 G,AL Cheryl Stephen: 72, 154 G A,L Sophomore and Junior Representative; Tennis; Secretary, Roger Steivens: 9.0, 1 54 Band 2, 3, 4; German Club 3, 4. Shalom Club 2. 3 Vice President, T H,E,M, 4; Holy Order of Knights — Sir Three Dogs, Michael Stickler: 1 54 Caroline Stort akken: 1 54 Karen Stortie: 1 54 Maurice Storm: 1 55 Kris Streutker: 155 Susie Strotiel: 155 ion Stroika Aichael Summerhays: 1 55 Debra Sutter: 1 55 Bruce Swafford: 155 Diana Tabacopoulos: 1 55 Karin Taylor: 1 55 David Teater: 43, 155 David Teel: 1 55 SueTeeple:,72, 78, 84, 1 55, 1 73 G A,L. 2, 3, 4: Girls ' League 4, Tams 4; Volleyball 2. 3, 4; Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3. 4; G.AL, Histo- rian, Commissioner of Girl ' s Ath- letics 4; November Girl of the Month. Marly Thompson Becky Thompson: 1 55 Shelly Thompson: 1 55 Band 2, 3, 4, Girls ' League 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3. Tamy Thornhill: 1 55 Musical Drama 2, Spanish Club 2 Thespians 2, 3, 4. Ken Tillie: 1 55 Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3 TomTinsley: 155 Dina Titus: 155 Spanish Club, AllanToffoli:18 155, 162 Senior Class President. Sue Tourtellotte: 1 55 AFS Mark Tronaas; 1 56 Math Science, Radio Club, Janice Trudell: 1 56 Debbie Turner; 1 56 Ellen Turner: 156 118 Girls ' League; Head Flag Carrier Charlene Underhill: 84, 82, 86, 88,90,96, 156, 173 AFS 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4 Exchange Student Sri Lanka, Bel lendaine .F, Life Member Drill Teanffl ; Girls ' League 4 N,F L, 2, 3, 4: Shalom Club 4 Tams 3, 4; Treas 4, T,H.E,M 4, Knight in Royal Army; N,F L Sec , Social C hairman, A,S B Commisshinor of Assemblies Zabo ( lul ' utficer A; January Girl of the Month 4; i ouih of the Month 4 James Vail David Valleau: 1 56 NFL 2, 3, Ski Club, I HEM 4, Basketball 2, 3. Kris Vanarsdet: 1 56 Christy Vance; 1 56. 83 Alie Vanderbend Roland Vandermeer: 1 56 Sherri Vanderpool: 1 56 Girls ' League 2 Joan Vankempen: 1 56 Band Vicki Vanmeter ' Perry Vann; 1 56 Adrian Vasquez: 18,1! Terri Vasquez: 1 56 Ramon Verdugo: 1 56 Baseball 2, 3. Palficia Verlingo: 1 56 David Verrico; 1 56 Wrestling Team; Junior and Senior Letter man Shiela Vick Peter Vieira Matt Vondoran: 1 56 Band. Cheryl Voutour: 1 56 Linda Vreeland: 157 Carolyn Wagner: 1 57 David Walby: 157 German Club 4 Jim Walker: 1 57 Valentine ' s Court Kelly Walker: 1 57 GAL 2; Volleyball; Basketball. Field Hockey; Softball G " ' ■ " Volleyball, Basketball Rachel Walker: 1 57 Drill Team 2, Jaynie Wallace: 157 Annette Wassel: 157 CS,F.; G.AL.; Swim Team C tain; C IF FeterWatkins:18 21, C.SF,, Math Science, tan Shield: Tenms, Track, T H E.M Omnipotent F ' otentate; Basketball. Mary Watters: 1 57 Robert Weber Brian Weekly: 97, 1 57 Tartan Shield Photographer LynnWier:86, 157 Girls ' League, Ski Club; Volleyball 2, 3; Field Hockey 2; BasketbatI 2; Spanish Club Jim Wellman: German Club Sharon Welsh: 1 57 ,86,90,9 N,F L , Tar- Curt Welshon: 83, 157 Band 2, 3,4, Sandy Westlake: 18, 84, 157 Girls ' League 2, 3, 4. Tams 3. 4 T.H.E.M.; Junior ' ' ■i=--= Qo,- r,-,...-,,, Student Senate Pep Club; Bee 2 Scott White Joan Whitmer: 157 Girls ' League 2, 3. 4; Bowline Club 2: Tartan Clan 4. Steve Wielandt: 157 Football 2. 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4, Jackie Wiggins: 1 57 Kevin Wilcox: 1 57 Stacy Willhite; 72 157 Choir 2, 3; GAL. 2, 3 4, Rick Williams: 83, 158 CSF,; Football; Ski Club, Spanish Club; Tartan Shield, THEM; Soccer, Letterman Lisa Williams Tom Williams: 43, 83, 158 Track; Cross Country Myrna Willison: 1 58 Susan Wilmarth: 91 , 158 A.F.S.; C S F,; German Club; Girls ague. Ski Club; Swim Team, Innis Statistician. f Gary Wilson: 1 58 Holly Wilson: 1 58 Michelle Wise:. Dale Woiken, John Wootti Neil Worthy: Key Club Lynn Yarach: AFS ■ " NHS Linda Zappi; : 96. 114, 158 Bellendaine«, 3, 4, Editor 4; Activ- ities Editor f; Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Senior Assistant Leader 4; Junior Assistant Leader 3; Girls ' League 2, 3, 4 Historian 4; Leadership 4; Tams 3, 4, Honor Guard 3; Zabo Club Officer Z, 4 German Glendora Medical Pharmacy 118 W. Alosla Glendora, Calif. 335-0288 2 28 — Ads k jL 963-3318 ALBERT ' S TOWI NG WE ' RE NUMBER ONE 1027 E. Alosla Glendora, Calif. Owner Joe Albert " The Hook " Ads — 229 SL. ■HiiiiMiiiflaHaii j w m m ' Mi , 230 — Ads I N iaa Ads — 231 " ivrnm:. Bocks Sporting Goods Toy Store Variety — Dept. Store Bank Amerieard — Master Charge Free Gift Wrapping and Layaway 142-148 No. Glendora Ave. Glendora, 963-9365 Store Hours: Daily 9-6 Closed Sunday Friday 9-9 S ' m=ii 232 — Ads ' - ' ■ ■- ' ■: ' .sa v . t.- Ads — 233 .. mkM W V xm - -■ ' M Family Clothing 111 N. Glendora Ave. Congratulations! 234 — Ads R-Tv ' -r: : T ( Vif.» ' ■■ i • f nH ' ivT l f tY - •mtr ' lJTMl ni Ads — 235 xMl i dl ada I TOW Sasv S Mv V • _ . oirM jOOlN ID TO GO BALLOlMM i : j. ' -% im iiMMikl 1 ■ Tf " " r. -. • r ' ' . T I don ' t believe I finally made it ' In a few mmule they ' ll call my name, and I ' ll go up to receive r1 diploma You know, tfiis is the moment all my friends and I have talked about for the past three years Now well finally be free to create our own futures Futures built on our own dreams When I think about GHS, it seems like only yesterday when I was )ust a scared sophomore I can remember those first grueling days of sophomore football I thought Id never make the team It seemed so important at the time but now it doesn t really matter And the first time Dad gave me the keys to the car. and we cruised Alosta all night long And working three months straight to save enough money to get my tux for the Prom Then blowing my savings on my first car Now I m a graduating sen- ior I even passed government No more Friday night football games and parties — no more sock hops in the gym All that is left behind me in good memories As I leave GHS. I want my parents to be proud of me I want them to know that I have my own purpose and I ' m looking forward to my future The lime has come for me to make a life for myself Jonight IS not the end. but only the beginning e long and winding road •l W ' r ■ Graduation . . I ' ve dreamed about this dav tor so long, and now its finally tiere Well. I guess the reality of it all is just a little overwhelming. I can ' t stop thinking about the past — the Friday night games we cheered at, the Homecoming floats we struggled to build, the rap sessions at the torch, asking that cute guy to dance at the first Howdy Hop — and just laughing and talking with friends — now its all over. As I look around at the faces of my classmates, some that I ' ve known all my life, I can ' t help but wonder if the friendships that mean so much to me tonight will last We ' re all going to dif- ferent colleges — some so far away from Glendora. Will we still have the same things in common? Will we still be able to talk and laugh like we have these past years ' ? I guess with each new phase of life you have to give up a part of the past, but you can never give away the memories. You know, I had always looked at Graduation as being the end of an experi- ence, but tonight I realize it ' s really a new begin- ning I ' m excited about the future — I want to live each day of it to its fullest ' I may never pass this way again, so with one last glance behind me, I must move on and follow my own road. •itUiiiMiiiii Looking toward an u what lies ahead . , , Lea The last game, the last d 78. . . Young adults — rl: of a fast-moving, changil High school is a time of realization and emotions ... a time to esta the belief in ourselves. Parents us in different ways, but from noW; Years from now, perhaps an old tucked away class ring or maybe ttie discovery of a- ticket assumed lost, will momentarily bring back forgottel hopes, and we will wonder if all our decisions were the rl . remember the crazy things ... the creation of T.H.E.f I ies vs Tories with ftlr. Saunders, Mr. Booth ' s boots " , Mrs. Tefft ' s hats, DrVi Bolton ' s. open boof — open neighbor finals, the many car rallies, the fads of ' 78, Steve Martin, Bee Gees, Beatlemania, and, of course, the ever popular hangouts of Fosters, Taco Bell and GMR But most of all, we ' ll ' never forget, the thcili.Qf. achievement and s we all experieticed in ' our own w|iy . . . soccer going att ttie vi y ;Lie Bandand DriH Tearg .going to Scotland and participating ir thfe Parade, ' playing or cheefirig tor the:,crovvd.i.n a ' p|ict ed ' • -• " ■ ' ■- " ' ■ ' " " D ydur first i ' m paper, passing one of Mrs, ' =i|a . ,g;a bggt iuen0j.yoii pap always Irust., , . . .g ' ach one ■Qm these accomplishments and many hers. Th Sop ' two more years to collect memories, the Jurnurs o XCiis. our collection is full and we must move on to face a always living for today, but never forgetting yesterday at tong; wfh9|skt5£ a Tt1St " teads us to our even- As editors of the 1978 Bellendaine, we wish to thank the following for their help in the production of this yearbook; Mr. Norman LuSk, advi- sor; Ms. Nelda Townsend, Taylor Publishing representative; Mr. James Polk and Mr. Allari Jackson, prpfessional phptographers from PJ Studios; Brian Weekly, Tartan Shield. photographer; Miss ' Billie Oglesby, Director of Activities; Ms. Duffy Hall, ASB finance clerk; Art Morales, artist and designer of the Bellendaine cover and endsheets; and all faculty and administration members for their cooperation and tol- erance of all staff riembers during deadline times. jur 1977-78 Bellendaine ■ !« ■ " P .,- ' ' M4K.1ID£r MiiHiriMMMaM IMlBiaBIMMMHHaHMMBiaMI f Mil - :?- v.:- - j:yrgiMiMg r iiw— .« 1 ' A ' I ' .V ' s I I I- %cu " iUHHilii f ' fmwm mmmmmmii M 3.4. - " ■ " L. i V--.- .

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