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. r r- " ? I ■■ ( I r - ' ' ' ' H- f, . V ' ' 5; c? •= .■ ' r, ' i2L i - :4. 7. Ai m ♦• • ' : ' -;:,.: ' rv , - t. ' i.X .. H-.V ,i, Viidot, Honolulu V Y « 1- I j ,? jUm- H -_: »y .; ., cf fi " ' .;- ' T 4 " , ' ' r f y - ' - b ■ s: ■? V " ffnUi ' H It ' ll » t.i ' p9 gUj lUfi J 1 iR ( j flH 8 s BL. • ' i T - |R i s Co-Editors Linda Powell Sue Bacon Business Manager: Allen Pedersen Circulation Manager: Jim Angle Advisors: Romayne Godwin W. C. Jeffreys 11-. r . " DecUc XioK In your four years as Bible insrructor, you have shown interest and sincerity in the welfare of your students; and by your endless hours of devoted service, you have endeared yourself to the hearts of all Glendale Union Academy students, both past and present. It is with heartfelt gratitude and sincere prayers for continued success that we dedicate this 1961 Stepping Stone to you, Mr. R. Dale McCune. I (icmc " rcuffy ' 1 f J 1. TTyear Wp fiave chosen thficnfi- which we thought best fesents the aim of the studen ' of Glendole Union Academy I and their families in " Striving for Perfection. " A The g oal of the Hawaiian Islands in becoming P-tyift l this United States, was finally reached in i 9567--vfhen they became our 50th state. Every year tfTatJsaids of Howaiians turn out on June 11, to honor King Comeftaitieha the Great who united all the islands under one government, while working toward this goal. The theme Hawaii " has been chosen as an example of a group of people who hove reached their goal in " Striving for Perfection. " Kiimukula fMnMA G¥ Ikaika FACULTY page 5 SENIORS page 1 1 JUNIORS page 21 SOPHOMORES page 31 FRESHMEN page 37 ACTIVITIES page 45 SENIOR ACTIVITIES page 65 SPORTS page 75 ELEMENTARY page 85 mnrmst Paani Anr t:, ADVERTISEMENTS page 99 f AGi lTV " -cS. ' " J? ,i:f» ' ; i Mi M y ffi9i X Kumukula ' •JC j v- ' S-v; : PnMtcCfud The school year of 1960-1961 has by this date become either a " stepping stone " or a stumbling stone which has brought frustration, a feeling of accom- plishment, and new vistas of pleasure and happiness. Life ' s footsteps are that way. The individual determines not only his progress, but the rate of his prog- ress. One does not have to climb the highest mountain to succeed in life, but each one must make the right choice in determining the direction in which he is to travel. Now what of today? Do the stepping stones appearing before you indicate the way or does each step of the way become a stone to stumble over? As was once said, " Yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is the only cash you have — spend it wisely. " Eternity lies before us, today ' s stepping stones determine the time and place for tomorrow. C. E. Watkins I ATTENDANCE OFFICE Mrs. Haglund has the big job of keeping track of everybody at once. BUSINESS OFFICE Mrs. Schwandt, Mr. McCulloch and Miss Cleveland all strive to balance accounts and keep perfect the school records. REGISTRARS OFFICE The huge job of compNmg grades is given to Mrs. Barron. FLORAMAE E. BLOOD, B.S. Home Economics LOLA CLEVELAND, B.A. Geometry ANN ELLIOT, B.S. Typing JOE ENGELKEMIER, B.A. Bible, English HELEN L. GATES, B.S. Physical Education R. G. GEIER, B.A. Industrial Arts J iiLt -. i d.- " N ROMAYNE GODWIN, B.A. English CLfFFORD L. JAQUA, M.S.Ed. Physics, Mathematics ■h4 W. C. JEFFREYS, M.A. Bible, History, Driver Education EARL C. JENKINS, B.S. Physical Education GLEN COULSON Printing JOHN LEWIS, B.A. Science, History, Speech, Journalism R. DALE McCUNE, M.S.Ed. Bible RALPH W. SANDBERG, M.Mus.Ed. Band HAZEL E. SHAFER, M.Ed. Librarian KATHRYNE SPEH, M.A. German WAYNE SUDDUTH Chemistry JOHN THURBER, B.Mus.Ed. Choir, Voice TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT Our busses are skillfully driven and maintoined by these competent men. FOOD SERVICE DEPARTMENT Our Food Service Director, Mrs. Geier, and her associates are constantly striving TA ia to perfect and prepare our noon meals. MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT The vi ' ork of Mr. Foil and Mr. Barron in keeping our school in tip-top condition, is one of constant effort and know-how. " Hi £A 0 CLIFFORD JAQUA Sponsor ALLEN PEDERSEN President U.C.L.A. Medicine KATHRYN SPEH Sponsor Scac(n !Y ELLA KLINGBEIL CAROLYN PAMPU Vice-President DAN DIRKSEN Secretary P.U.C. Nursing Treasurer L.S.C. Undecided L.S.C. Nursing 12 ED KARLOW Porliamentarian U.C.I. A ? Electronic Engineering WILLIE LEE Pastor Oakwood Theology BILL ARAGON Occidental Medicine C ioM ' SUE BACON L.S.C. Lego! Secretary ASTRID IRENE BOHN P.U.C. Education MALCOLM BROWN P.U.C. Medicine 13 MARJORIE BURNHAM L.S.C. Foreign Languages JOLENE CALDERONE L.S.C. Physical Therapy LYLE CHERRY L.S.C. Undecided Oi LYNN CHERRY L.A. Morticians School Mortician MARVIN COOK L.S.C. X-ray Lab. Tech. SANDRA CRAIG L.S.C. History DIANNE DICKSON P.U.C. Nursing GENE DUNHAM Pasadena City Salesman HEIDI EGGARTER P.U.C. Secretary mt ROLAND ETCHEVERRY Undecided Physics LINDA FEWELL L.S.C. Nursing MARILYN FIELD P.U.C. Home Economics BOB HAGLUND P.U.C. Medicine JOSEPHINE GIACONA L.S.C. Interior Decorating ARTIS HENDERSON Oakwood Undecided JLotfoi JEAN HOXIE P.U.C. Law RUTH JORDAN P.U.C. Sociology DELORIS KINSEY P.U.C. Sociology MADELYN KLINGBEIL P.U.C. Medicine GILBERT LARSEN Walla Walla Engineering MICHELE LATTA L.S.C. Home Economics ;4(ict %ue ROBIN LINEBERGER Business College Business SUSAN Mcculloch L.S.C. Nursing MARY ANN McDONALD L.S.C. Nursing 17 LOUIE MASON Pierce Jr. College Landscaping MIKE MUNSON U.C.L.A. Law JANE OLSEN L.S.C. English la kte TOM OLSON L.S.C. Undecided RENEE PROUT L.S.C. Secretary GINNY RODRIGUEZ P.U.C. Education 18 ■ ■ — BOBETTA SHEARER MARVIN SELTZER L.S.C. Education LINDA SMITH Undecided i 4tui " BC e L.S.C. Interior Decorating DYONE SPECHT VICTORIA VALE L.5.C. Physical Education DICK TAYLOR L.S.C. Home Economics U.C.L.A. Medicine 19 SHIRLEY VANCE P.U.C. Religion HARALD VOGL U.C.LA. Medicine SUSAN WEATHERLY L.S.C. Secretary 20 pvl l? r« ' J( MO lS BOB TORREY President LUCERNE FRENCH Secretary GORDON BIET? Pastor HELEN GATES Sponsor JUDY HILL Vice-President BOB HERR Treasurer DEANIE REISWIG Public Relations Secretary 22 JOHN LEWIS Sponsor James Angle Judith Brown Judy Chadd Rondi Cummlngs Nancy Anderson Martha Anguino Donald Bulpitt Dorothy Counts 23 Sharon Dunham Kathy Faanes Fernando Gutierrez Donald Hanson 24 Karen Dean Sylvia Evans J, De Witt Fox David Hanson Charles Harrison Bill Herndan Bernice Hunter Henrietta Jones Clifford Hastings Tom Hudson Melanie Jacobs Gary Knipschild 25 Robert Lashier Ricky Martin Bruce Miller Dennis Morgan Jean Lutz Jim Matheson Judy Montrose 26 Marilyn Nelson Don Oswald Pat Pearson Lorry Prunty Pauline Olsen Thelma Rhone Elizabeth Parker Don Perkins Paula Rodley 27 Pom Sellers Tom Stiles Juanna Tisi Charles Wagner 28 Carol Rossi Kothy Skeoch David Thompson Caylene Wagner Kenny Webber Nicole Wood m4 j ki lames Wical David Wong 29 mff Hazel Shafer, Sponsor Kothy Abernathy Sharon Aldridge Rick Buckland Jon Buller Louise Charland Richard Davidson W. C. Jeffreys, Sponsor Ronald Dean Ronald Fritz Shirley Holuska Roberta Gloss Jerre Iverson Ernie Jordan Raymond Lonser Terry Pedersen Thomas Peterson NO PHOTO AVAILABLE 24 Gary Predmore Bob Prunly Sylvia Rodela Roy Rossi Carol Running j ii Glen Schwandf 35 ▼ -w J ' W- m m Donald Shearer Shirley Shiemon Sharon Stebner Joyce Witte Wallace Wolffe 36 . H p -ri ft . Xf t, V li ! , J. ■ » ' •■- V ' -♦ • " Xij }f;Ai ' ?! -loramae Blood Geraldene Ankrom Sandra Anunsen Sharon Ayres Fred Bolictar Martha Brown Deborah Butler Lydia Charlton Richard Chubb Lucia Diaz ■i 38 ki Gary Figg Evelyn Fox Joe Engelkemier Dennis Foy John Garner Charles Hall Bonnie Herr Joan Hoatson Wayne Hurley Vickie Husen 39 John Josperson Lewis LangworThy Donald Lashier Brenda Lee John Lew Ben Loomis Mike McCuIloch Tony Martin 40 Cheryl Minifie Wendall Nelson Lewis Nigro :»3 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 10 Barbara Opee WW Jackie Oswald Roland Perez David Perry Leonard Ramey Cheryl Retzer Eriqueta Rodriguez 41 Joe Rodriguez Bernie Sondberg Charles Sandefur Daniel Schwartz Karen Seamount Buddy Seitz Patricia beltzer Charlene Seitz Valerie Smith NonCY Thoren 42 Mary Vogel Anne VogI Jonni Wagner Robert White Stephanie Wolpert Larry Yee 43 .% L i Im A6rmr £ ( la e m Sc i m ' i A typical class learning the proper use of English from Miss Godwin. , ORNITHOLOGY STUDT or f. ' IP tl G.U.A. ' s top speakers emerge from Mr. Lewis ' Speech and Journalism class. Seniors learn to more fully appreciate the American way of life in American History and Government class, tought by Elder Jeffreys. Safe and skillful drivers are produced by instructors Engelkemier and Jeffreys in Driver Education classes. Complimenls of A.C.T. OFFICE EQUIPMENT, 119 Soiilh Brand Glcndale, Calijoniia Citrus 3-li:il INC. Miss Elliot has done a tremendous job in teaching her students to be fast and accurate typists. Under the direction of Mr. Geier, boy: learn the useful art -of woodworking. Compliments of GLESDALE MEDICAL CENTER 1520 E. Chevy Chase Glendale, Calijornia A7 SiUc Ici c The Bible classes, an important part of the student curriculum, are in the capable hands of Mr. McCune, Elder Jones, Elder Jeffreys, and Mr. Engelkemier. ' 48 Sdnman OHfrmcu ce R. DALE AAcCUNE Seminar sponsor Seminar officers: left to right; Gary Predmore, Ed Karlow, Rondi Cummings, Bill Aragon, Kothy Skeoch, Judy Hill, Martha Brown, Deloris Kinsey. A group of students prepares to go ingathering, one of the Seminar activities. Sally Brown and Gordon Bietz place bumper strips on Glendale police cars. JOE ENGELKEMIER Temperance sponsor Temperonce officers: left to nght; Jon Builer, secretory; Richard Davidson, treasurer; : aiiy brown. vice-president, Gordon Bietz, oresident. Physics class learns the whys and hows of things from their instructor, Mr Jaquo. Chemistry lab in session being conducted by Mr. Wayne Sudduth. The Geometry ctoss makes use of the club room in the cofeteria. Teaching it is Miss Cleveland. Biology students dissect grasshoppers under t r. Lewis ' competent instruc- tion. 3512 Mr. Joquo $ doss tries to grosp the principles of trig- onometry and calculus. This class gains o Spanish vocobulory and o knowl- edge of Sponish culture from Mr. Maxson. Students recite to Miss Speh during Germon class. ( ' .( nii Unu-nls « (.OI K ELI. KF.I.TY IIARini ARK Sl 0 iTI G GOODS, IIS S. Iharul nil,!.. i ' ._. _! _ r i:i- 51 ■ %w -f • ' ' i -71 The Glendale Union Academy choir. MR. JOHN THURBER Director ' Vtcucc cpAntment The " Glenaires ' , Glendale Academy ' s choral group. 52 Mrs. Tupper gives a piano lesson to one of her students. Freshmen girls ' trio: Bonme Herr, Mortha Brown, Valerie Smith. Senior girls sextette: Mary Ella Klingbeil, Renee Prout, Mary Ann McDonald, Linda Fewell, Modelyn Klingbeil, Dyone Specht. Mrs. Shepherd instructs one of her elementary classes. MRS. BESSIE SHEPHERD IT a r.a v ■ ' ' - ' « aa ' aa ' a %• •••.• ••«•• a a ' V a a f t « a f t fV a a fV a a a a A A« A« a a c ' « (V a a f • •A aA« A A • • A • • A • • • • A • • A • • A Math Club officers; Harold Vogi, treasurer; Ed Kg r low, president; Kathy Skeoch, secre- tary; D(ck Taylor, vice-president. Kappa Sigma Phi officers: Jane Olson, parliamentarian; Dan Dirksen, president; Caylene Wagner, vice-president; Judy Hill, secretary -treasurer. Spanish II officers: Bill Aragon, president; Dyone Specht, vice-president; Jeannette Fakehany, secretary; Mike Munson, treasurer. Spanish I ott.cers J. DeWitt Fox, president; Kathy Skeoch, vice-president; Judy Hill, secretary; Tom Hudson, treasurer. Choir officers: WiMie Lee, president; Mary Ella Klingbeil, vice- president; Renee Prout, secretary; Eddie Karlow, robe master. Bond officers: Jerre Iverson, parliamentarian, Tom Stiles, stage manager; Ken Webber, president; Jeanie Purdy, secre- tary; Louise Charlond, treasurer; Roberta Gloss, vice president. i i Seme ten ;4 S S. BOBETTA SHEARER, President LUCERNE FRENCH, Pianist DEANIE REISWIG, Social Vice-President BOBETTA SHEARER, President JUDY HILL, Religious Vice-President MADELYN KLINGBEIL, Secretary BOB HERR, Organist WILLIE LEE, Chorister GORDON BEITZ, Treasurer lK MMMMMMMMMMM MMiMMMM fS , ,, ,9, ,t?, ,, , , , , t , ,, j?j? ; f 56 . .a ' fl ' ssiiiisi iiiiiMsiiiMiiMiM im Elder Malcolm Maxwell, Fall Week of Js .; Prayer speaker. ■•, ::t -• M ft 6; ,5,v;»,5 U - PMMM- Deanie Reiswig, Social Vice-President Judy Hill, Relrgious Vice-President MiMKii liMMMiKiiKMi ■= .v .V v .V V .V .V .V .V ,v ,v ;V .V ,v ,v .V .V V V V V V ,v v,,v v ,v V ,v _v V V y V V V ,V V v ? ■» 6 1 fr -, - fA W : •» « ¥ » • - 1 f t «r •p r •w - - ' • The A.5.B. Christmas Banquet was o huge success. 57 Sec McC SemeMcfi r.-S. ' 58 59 60 1. Senior giils sextette smgs at finale Key Campaign rally. 2. Mr. Lewis welcomes students at Get Acquainted picnic. 3. Sophomore officers: I. to r,; Gary Predmore, pari.; Don Shearer, treas.; Delons Williams, sec.; Bob Bua, president; Jeannette Fakehony, vice-pres.; Richard Davidson, pastor. 4 A.S.B. cabinet visits Lynwood for joint meeting. 5. Jane Olson — G.U.A. ' s Homemaker of Tomorrow. 6. Speaker ' s table at Christmas bonquet. 1. Hello Walk dedicoted by A SB pr.j-:,, j.jf.r Bcbetto Shearer. 2. Gordon Bieiz caught eating popcorn during Junior trip to Arrowhead. 3. Juniors present sweaters fronn a Lyon Van and Storage truck. 4. Temperance oratorical winner, Roland Perez. 5. Junior basketball team: I. to r.; top, Gordon Bietz. Ricky Martin, Tom Hudson, Jim Matheson, Bob Herr, Jim Wical. 6. Freshmen officers: I. to r , Don Cashier, pari.; Charles Sondefur, pastor; Joan Hoatson, vice-pres.; Wayne Hurley, pres.; Charlene Seitz, sec.; Leonard Romey, trees.; Tony Martin, sergeantat-arms. 61 e Sta Mary Ella Klingbeil, Associate Editor; Sandra Craig, Editor. Mr. John Lewis, Sponsor Key Staff: Jon Builer, Bob Torrey, Sandra Croig, Ed Karlow, J. D, Fox, Larry Prunfy, Bobetto Shearer, Dyone Specht, Mr. Lewis, Lucerne French, Miss Gates, Mary Ella Klmgbeil, Bob Herr. t Muai St z 0 Mi5i oodwin and Elder Jeffreys, Advisors Annual Staff: Allen Pedersen, Advertising Manager,; Tom Hudson, Adv.; Renee Prout, Typist; Bob Herr, Adv.; Gordon Biefz, Adv.; Carolyn Pampu, Adv.; Sue Bacon, Ed.; Linda Fewell, Ed.; Kathy Foanos, Adv., and Jean Hoxie, Typist. % n. emonc i On Sunday afternoon, Febru- ary 12, Clinton Gay, a freshman student at Glendale Union Acad- emy, was killed when he col- lided with a car while riding his bicycle out of a parking lot on Verdugo Road in Glendale. Clinton was born on October 15, 1946 in Alhambra, Califor- nia. His parents. Dr. and Mrs. George Gay, moved to Glendale shortly after Clinton ' s birth. Ex- cept for a brief period, Clinton attended Glendale Academy dur- ing his entire school life. Clinton was a sincere, dedi- cated boy and he will long be remembered in the hearts and minds of those with whom he came in contact. 64 ' M ' i f-i «,f ' 4 7 cs r i ex - " I ;■. li - T ' 7 6icm 0 ' 61 t y s Senior class officers: Willie Lee, pastor; Carolyn Pampu, secretory; Allen Pedersen, president; Mary Ello Klingbeil, vice-president; Ed Korlow, parliamentarian; Dan Dirksen, treasurer. 66 JLINIUl After — Juniors honor Senior victory with ice cream bars. Before — Seniors eat together after winning Key compoign the night before. Bill Arogon and Bobetta Shearer at the Senior class hobo party. The Seniors have breakfast at Van de Kamps. The Infernationol House of Pancakes. Senior class celebrates Key campaign victory with breakfast at the Pancake House. The Senior Class |Oins the seniors from the other academies in the conference for a weekend at Cedar Falls sponsored by the Southern C:.ilifornia Conference • _c m .- - ifccfA Scttan f ' GLENDALE U.t rr. p " » ION ACADEMY Hi 4 » c: ' 4 _Lu . The Senior baskeiboll team: (. to r., Tom Olsen, Willie Lee, Harold VogI, Dick Toylor, Allen Pedersen. Senior girls caught in action during final seconds of thrilling game. The Senior " Pep Club " ; President, Dyone Specht; Vice-President, Linda Fewell; Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Ann McDonald. Undefeated Seniors in action. Seniors prepare for tour of La Sierra College campus. Class is welcomed by alumni upon arriving at La Sierra College for College Day. Scaan ;4t au cKa Ihe beauties of Yosemite are enjoyed by the Seniors during their annuol trip to Wawona. T-Bar tronsports Seniors to the top, Modelyn and Mary Ella Klingbeil are hon- ored on their birthdoy with a party. Taking a breather between runs. Some enjoy a hilarious game of Pit. I I r i ,V ►f xV ' J, « 1- " -- ' - I lji«- » ijM. . 4 « H GRADUATION .... cherished dreams and fulfilled hopes are completed by this cere- mony. The seniors have practiced many long hours on sitting, standing, and walking. They hove learned to have perfect control of their outvi ' ard appearance. But for their emotions at this moment no one has -prepared them. No one has told them that in this final hour they must leave behind them high school cares and bring to a close every precious, happy, fun-filled hour. No one has told them that they must struggle to control their feelings, thoughts, and memories. That they must force back tears while singing the class song for the last time with their classmates. The diplomas for which they have worked for twelve years are now theirs. They are no longer a firm, united class, but separate, alone individuals. As they march off the stage they close a door, the door of adolescence, and open the door of maturity. 73 ItMete 0( 7 ' em To obtain the honor of Ath- lete of the Year " a boy must be a well-rounded athlete. He must possess good sportsmanship, have a satisfactory scholastic record, and display concentrated effort. Because he meets each of these qualifications and because of his many outstanding accom- plishments in the field of sports, we have chosen DICK TAYLOR as our Athlete of the Year 1961. Records 100 yd. dash IC.l sec. 220 yd. dash 24.3 sec. 440 yd. dnsh 55.4 sec. Pole Vault n ft. 6in. High Jump 5 ft. 6 ' A in. Brood Jump 20 ft. 6 7, in. iii :l- ' r-r. mi Paani Lcaba ; j.f ---.- . -«-!?- )i ? .-■ I : i?i?iSlt 1. ?-■ • i ' . S? ' - f Sp ' A r - dii m tn ' i ' ' :r-; •|f .■■ y i3 r: -i .Vj. » . ■ ■ .. ' :l ' i J: ;:-- ?: " ,-r r ,-: ? ' ' i ' " i ' i poMrs S ' X 4 ' y M J i. Earl Jenkins Instructor of Physical Education , Set. Helen Gates Instructor of Physical Education Compliments oj BIST ACNE BROS. AUTO SHOP 1414 E. Chevy Chase at Verdugo Road Glendale f , California Citrus 2-6876, Chapman 5-5775 .7 .;4 JLetten nea G.U.A. ' s first! Thirteen outstanding athletes received beautiful green wool and white leather jackets in chapel on December 14 for their unique exhibitions in sports. These jackets represent all phases of our physical educa- tion department, including baseball, basketball, football, track, and gymnastics. From left to right: Harold VogI, Larry Prunty, Allen Pedersen, Bill Aragon, Tom Olson, Dick Taylor, Jim Matheson, Gary Knipschild, Lyie Cherry, James Wical, Ricky Martin, Willie Lee, and Bob Herr. 78 Girls in 8th period P.B. find the bulldozer a good place to rest. Compliments of: GLEWAKS BAKERY Pies-Cakes-Rolls-Bread All Vi-getable Shortening Used In Our Products Chevy Chase at Glenoaks The boys m 9ih period PE . find something interesting to look at on the gym woM. 79 Junior girls take time out from their 9th period P.E. Class. ( ' ,orii[ilimrnls (if: noil II ARTIG 211 S. Central Clfnildle I. ( ' .nlijoniia a :i-(lH77 CI :i-l:Vll 3rd period boys P.E. class is caught trying to climb the gym wall. 80 Freshmen girls mob earfhmover during 3rd period P.E. class. Weight-lifting is the specialty in 8th period boys ' P.E. 81 4th period girls P.E. practice on their difficult exercises ComiiUmrnls of: UTTER MC KIN LEY MORTUARIES Mcrrel E. Clark, Vice-President 624 5. Central, Glcndale CI 1-3191 The boys of 4th period P.E. try their bonds at pyramids. 82 , ; -««?.: m; m ftfM£A rA y 2i ffi - m . x. ' %1 w. ' jk : -if- it " S5C Ll ;i ' ' ii:i :yi? Xi r|r3 ,- ;m? ' -.V " m:?:; -. i- s 4 i mi i u K ' -i K? 1 ' £i m m ifr :- Slt ' fe ' ■rS,, ' " To obtain an education worthy of the name, we must receive a knowledge of God ... " In every youth, every child, lies the power, by the help of God, to form o character of integrity and to live a life of usefulness. The will should be guided and moulded, but not ignored or crushed. Save the strength of the will, in the battle of life it will be needed. Acne H. Muderspach Supervising Principal 7 Sdia tc MRS. PEARL WOERTZ Our efficient Secretary 86 T e on( 7 7utune " He who co-operates with the divine purpose in imparting to the youth a knowledge of God, and moulding the character into harmony with His, does a high and noble work. As he awakens a desire to reach God ' s ideal, he pre- sents an education that is as high as heaven and as broad as the universe; an education that ca n not be completed in this life, but that will be continued in the life to come. " Mrs. June Hartmon Mrs. June Gorman Mrs. Erma ReTzer Mrs. Martha Hegstad Mrs. Ruth Sutton Mr. Roy Lorsen Mrs. Marilyn Strange Miss Goii Knight Miss Pat Keck Mrs. Carolyn Seeley Mrs. Mildred Hilderbrondt Mr. Ben Maxson Mrs. Janet Koehler Mr Jack Orr MIKE HANSON President CHARM OPIE Vice President v " %cuU % xducite4. " . . . . Before the student there is opened a path of continual progress. He has an object to achieve, a standard to attain, that includes everything good, and pure, and noble . . . . " RUTH CATOLICO Secretary GORDON ADAMS. Treasurer Class Sponsors: Mr. B. Maxson and Mr. J. Orr 89 Danny Anderson Alien Brandstater George Bailey Kathy Brockett Ann Baldwin Dorcn Calderone Ruth Barros Paul Caslavko Sfeven Boileou Gary Cupp Gregory Bostwick Dorothy Edwards Hie ;4Ua n icAcL H Vat James Edwards Lahoma Hartmon Elsita Emery Lorry Giocona Edwin Hayden Cindy Ermshor William Gosse Suzon Hershey Kenneth Fnesen Donald Grothe Tim Johnson Morisol Galliano Tom Hoglund Eugene Jones Bill Gettys Russell Jones fS- mmi. mM Anita Kruger Daniel Marona Sharon Lewis Kenneth Martin Brit Lokna Gary Moore Mary Loomis Jerry Neufeld Richard Mandroian Dennis Prout David Markson Martie Reichstein 4af Jic xcU Sv cn. ftxiA iftct Ronald Riechel Donald Stewart Edward Russell Jerry Stiles Bill Scharffenberg Alice Shirvanian Ronald Verrett James Schuize Barbara Stafford Jock Wells David Schwartz Donald Steinert Shirley Williams Michael Segesman Bernie Willis lil iJ Not Shown Bill Brondstater Robert Cooper Richard Eberhord Julie Shrum 4 1 ; G. KNIGHT GRADE SEVEN, top to bottom, left to right; First Row: Tommy Forr, Myron Counts, Ruben Nestores, Terry Pontel, James Dyche, Walter Nelson, Ronnie Jacobson, Glenn Parks. Second Row: Ruth Craig, Linda Benson, Sylvia Shaw, Leona Bedel, Koren Ford, Joy Brunt, Roger Nelson. Third Row: Julie John, Lisa Rossi, Eileen Wong, Kathy Yost, Hazel Neufeld, Lillian Brown, Diane Mills. Fourth Row: Rodney Herrick, Perry Moore, Tom Johnson, Stanley Reid, Michael Pinkney, Steve Munson. Absent: Gwendolyn Stone. C. SEELEY GRADE SEVEN, top to oottom, left to right; First Row: Verlyn Retzer, David Barros, Thomas Running, Douglas Pedersen, Charles Haluska, Kenneth Denny. Second Row: Gitta Hartmann, Margaret Cooper, Cathy Hall, Julia Aitken, Anita Bailey, Pamela Brown. Third Row: Darwin Remboldt, Judy Davis, Lynda Olson, Toni Nigro, Linda Taylor, Judy Chapman. Fourth Row; Richard Lew, James Hill, Elizabeth Randall, Denise Speer, Janice Reid, Collette Bailey. Absent: Jeri Hadley, Tommy May. 92 GRADE SIX, top to bottom, left to right; First Row: Reagan Bellinghausen, Calvin Knipschild, Todd Cummings, Patricio Stewart, Gail Larson, Janice Maddox, Judyann Merkel. Second Row: Richard Kunkel, Kathy Jones, Jim Abbott, Gary Howe, Julie Abbott, David Shasky, Connie Bietz. Third Row: Tonya Gorman, Janet Post, Carolyn Caslavka, Terry Jaqua, Bonnie Iversen, Kothy Dirksen, Robert Stafford. Fourth Row: Anthony Smith, Janet Sloyback, Tom Madsen, Janice John, Sherrill Gettys, Coleen Seitz, David Shasky, Stephen Pelt. Absent: Richard P lham, Ted Schwartz, La Wana Spillers, Dean Hodley, Margaret Russell, Janice Gay, Janeth Horsley. R. LARSEN GRADE FIVE, top to bottom, left to right; First Row: Suzy Jensen, Regina Jeffreys, Mary Bilderain, Diane Jones, Eddie Oliver, Bob Folscm. Second Row: Gary Rowland, John Reynolds, Ronnie Grant, Rudie Wallosch, Ivan Conway. Third Row: Karyn Aitken, Emmy Taylor, Linda Reile, " . — e Reynolds, Candy Baker. Absent: Karen Bush, Denise Neufeld, La Rife Shearer, Gene Allred. J. KOEHLER 93 M. HILDERBRANDT GRADE FIVE, top to bottom, left to right; First Row: Douglas Hoy, Lynne Aab, Sonio Rodriquez, Carol Ann Smith, Llona Knipschjid. Second Row: Kothy Shorffenberg, David Lutkehous, Susan Kunkel, Julie May, Douglas Minifie, Robert Frftz. Third Row: Jan Predmore, Becky Segesman, Linda Jeffreys, Robert Burman, Ronald Cafferky. Fourth Row: Delvin McGuffin, Glenda Arherton, Benjamin Maxson, Dennis Calderone, Cheryl Lind. Absent: Dennis Neufeld. P. KECK GRADE FOUR, top to bottom, left to right; First Row: Martin Woreham, Pot Scott, Preston Jaqua, Gary Brown, John Brewer, Vivian Rodriquez, Louise Torrey, Victoria Marsh, Yvonne Cooper. Second Row: Rolph Mackintosh, Jay Jensen, Carol Maddox, Carol Spaulding, Roy Peterson, Donna Caspar, Linda Specht, Carol Jasperson, Carolyn Woesner. Third Row: Carmen Cafferky, Susan Whitoker, Charles Bailey, Karl Sandberg, Vaughn Gepford, Deborah Olson, Martha Diaz, Jere Fox, Carol Bloomquist. Fourth Row: Leiand Butzer, Chorles Ethenngton, Kay Cochran, Susan Brown, David Hartman, Curtis Woolley, Darrell Woertz, Joy Langworthy . 94 GRADE THREE and FOUR, fop to bottom, left to right; First Row: Richard Gepford, Cynthia Merkel, Michael Shasky, Gloria Nelson, John Armenta, Mark Homilton. Second Row: Larry Folsom, David Cotton, Teresa Prehoda, Janet Bower, Dawn Johnson, Daniel Gepford, Sandra Brown. Third Row: Gory Evans, Jennifer Harder, Linda Leggitf, Lue Ann Tikker, Glenn Reid, Teresa Mill. Fourth Row: Nancy Hawkins, Gregory Herrick, Martha Loomis, Jerry Dill, Barbara DeBock, Vicki Gepford. Absent: Joan Gosse, Richard Shearer, Paul Ybarra. M. STRANGE GRADE THREE, top to bottom, left to right,- First Row: Mike Hamilton, Ingrid Arden, Patty Aitken, Doreen Minifie, Donald Hay, Arlene Brewer, Erik Nielsen. Second Row: Jeonette Hickman, Matthew Allan, Connie Nies, Lourel Pantel, David Cotton, Donna Gritz, Charles Watkins. Third Row: Jonet Bush, Debbie Bowen, Donold Neufeld, Keith Taylor, Jon Ladner, Gayle Aab, Susan Remboldt, Cathy Crookston. Fourth Row: John Dunkin, Luis Garcia, Elisabeth Specht, Freddy Kmsey, Robert Cafferky, Charles Eason, Stephen Johnson. Absent; Donald Jones, Bobby Taylor. R. SUTTON 95 ! IS; M. HEGSTAO GRADE TWO, top to bottom, left to right; First Row: Derek Aab, Iris Kloss, Bob Hardesty, Glenms Jeffreys, Alex Aymerich, Ruth Hortman, Kimberlee Breen, Eddie Neufeld, Pot Shosky, Kathy Lew, Joetta Engelkemier, Kim Atherton, Lucas Vos, Patti Sutes. Third Row: Armen Shirvanian, Cherie Pyror, Timothy Oliver, Joan Larsen, Jon Sondberg, Gorm Helm. Absent: Pamela Tikker, Ricky Voss, Kathelyn Massey, Dianne Bush. J. GORMAN GRADE TWO, top to bottom, left to right; First Row: Cheryl AAcCune, Clifford White, Steve Peterson, Michal Hellman, Bobby Wareham, Richard Brcwn. Second Row: Sharon Shearer, Sherry urtz, Jaylene Miquel, Dennis Watkins, Randy Woesner, Jere Sandefur. Third Row: Janet Moore, Debbie Neufeld, Bechy Butler, Teresa Shampo, Cindy Reile. Fourth Row: Terry Julion, Karen Bower, Linda Pillor, David Gepford, Philip Reichard. Absent: Mike Woodard, Marble Jones, Melanie Almskag, Kevin Brown, Andrew Bilderain. © ' © S ' fl 96 ©, A . 5, . GRADE ONE, top to bottom, left to right; Firt. Row; David Pillor, David Moore, Rodney Jabolo, Douglas McCune, Ricky GoulmaSsian. Second Rov : Harold Richards, Bryan Lewis, Steve McClenon, Jerry Caspar. Third Row: Coleen Hamilton, Janet Felice, Cheryl Rowland, Joanne Arnold, Laureen Graham. E. RETZER GRADE ONE, top to bottom, left to right; First Row: Johannes Vos, Brenda Mayes, Deborah Whitoker, Douglos Nies, Patrice Christensen, Kenneth Spaulding, Kathy Segesman, Billy Morgan. Second Row: Shelly Cochran, Mary Dunkin, Christopher Marsh, Paul Cornig, Charles Gepford, Jomes Kurtz, Robert Aitken. Third Row: John Shield, Allan Aab, Linda Woertz, Shirley Fritz, Condace Harsley, Sheilo Smith, Dean Pelt. Fourth Row: Bonnie Leggitt, Laura Gepford, Paul Crone, Roger Bloomquist, Merrilee Hadley, Gregory Evans, Richard Lind. Absent: Patti Smith, David Tikker. J. HARTMAN 97 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Aragon Dr. and Mrs. Otto J. Neufeld Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Hanson Dr. and Mrs. J. Kirk Pearson Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Klingbeil Dr. and Mrs. Harry Prout Mr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Lotto Dr. and Mrs. Robert Torrey Mr. and Mrs. Hubert McDonald Dr. and Mrs. Philip Vogel KAAAUKULA — Teacher PAANI — Play NAAVAO — Wisdom HOOMANASS — Memories PONO — Virtue OIAIO — Truth IKAIKA — Strength PAANI LEALEA — Sports OPIO — Youth OIHANAS — Business 98 . ' i ' • ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ; ;■-; ' ; ' ' 0 i ' - " SJ: »vf ■Vt; M S- " ; ' ■ ' - . ' f - ' - 4 -» . Verdugo Oaks 1010 N. Glendale Ave. in Glendale Ci. 4-8463 Ch. 5-5352 Reservations taken A DRAMATICALLY FINE RESTAURANT Finest Cuisine in Exquisite Surroundings DINNERS, BUFFET LUNCHEONS, LATE SUPPERS, BANQUET FACILITIES JUNIORS, INC Featuring LANZ Originals 351 No. Brand, Glendale 3, California CI 3-8414 100 WVMfHOOMUTs DONUT HOUSE OPEN 24 HOURS • Donuts • Coffee • Ice Cream • Malts • Cold Drinks Call us for Advance orders. a 7.2464 Special Discounts fo Churches 2853 COLORADO BLVD. EAGLE ROCK PLAN FOR THE FUTURE The Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital is a symbol of achievement. The light of learning is ever bright in these halls where the gradual change is made from student to nurse, from girlhood to womanhood. dlcKclalc S X(ictanum ;4 ct a oi Glendale, California 101 821 E. Broadway Glendale 6, California CI 4-8601 • CH 5-2230 YOULL LIVE BETTER YOU ' LL FEEL BETTER IF YOU EAT BETTER • Market — Offers the Best Organically Grown Foods • Bread — Better Bread for Better Health • Lunch Counter — Bring your friends and relax with tasty salads and vegetarian entrees CONOR ATU LATIONS SENIORS! ;4 ci€ited Student So dtf of Bobetta Shearer, President ' 60 Willie Lee, President ' 6) John Thurber, Sponsor 102 Congratulations to the Class of 1961 From: TiJalten lo 4 i€fU kc.. 514 N. Glendale Ave. Glendale CI 6-1706 Beautifu Corsages Wedding Flowers And The Finest Flowers For All Occasions ( ntla uC ' Clothing for fhe Entire Family 5719 N. 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There have been times when all wasn ' t blue skies and smooth surfing, but in the end it all seems to have been worth it. We would like to express our deepest appre- ciation and thanks to: Taylor Publishing Company for being so patient and lenient at deadline time; Mr. Wat- kins for being so understanding; Elder Jeffreys for his competent advice; Mr. Muderspach and Mr. Maxson for a fine job on the elementary section; Mr. Bacon for our beautiful cover and artwork throughout; Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Lewis for your fine pictures and quick deliveries, re- spectively; and the rest of the staff for your helpfulness and encouragement. We truly hope that this book will continue to bring the cherished memories of this year to mind throughout all the years to come. Hopelessly yours. Sue Linda 112 tS i. Ct m m 7y - ,bSi i u ' iW» : v X Ai ■- c., 1 - ■•■ ' -,-.;!■, ' Jl- - : ' ' ■ ■%■, ' ' J f

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