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Glendale Union Academy - Stepping Stone Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1957 volume:

DD 57 ' - 1 y v - ' ) i. f ■) il ' c; ' ■) i , : f S t V " ) ' t u y ' fjy - I? ' v)- V s y c TJOAU B. lUrti ii - :- «» ' »- - y j A- ( - - " ■ ., " 5y --r- j . = ' - ' ; p -i; - e?7 ? ' 5? -7 " «■=«= r- i- ' T- P- - ' j A ts -p ( L STEPPING STONE 57 Published by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS GLENDALE UNION ACADEMY Glendale, California •A- s i»x i iili ..aitt. " Of no talent He has given will He require a more strict account than of our time. " It therefore becomes a sacred trust which ought to be used wisely. Its use determines not only the extent of true happiness here on earth but also our fitness for heaven. Since squandered time can never be redeemed, we should guard especially the precious years of school allotted to our lives. Time — has been chosen as the theme for this years annual. , - - . flSrt WS For your many years of unselfish interest and your sincere devotion to our school and for your excellent lead- ership in presenting the finest in Christian education based upon your genuine love for God and His principles; to you, Mr. Parker, we the students and faculty of G.U.A dedicate this 1957 STEPPING STONE. @ eA4 A. C. ference Nelson, Educotionol Sec Pnrific Union relary Focitil I. E. Gilhs, Board Chairman Front row, left to right; A. W. Folkenberg M. S. Bourdeau Emmet Jensen Mrs. H. D: Specht Kingsley Minifie I. E. Gillis N. L. Parker R. R. Bietz A. G. Munson A. C. Nelson Charles Bacon Mini I £ Sift LaI m im. m n ' ' nini. Q fi €t€ N. L. Parker, Principal Conference ' " " " ° " ° ' -- ' -V Sourh ern Colifornio 111111 II Back row, left to right: F. F. Bush G, J. Williams Robert N. Brown Alan Fisher Eugene Bates Bruce Benjamin Chester Friesen W. W. Gibbs C. G. Schuize O. D. Hancock George Clement LEGEND Senior High 9 4 Associated Student Body 39 Departments Junior High 45 69 - Elementary 81 Advertisements 87 m -uy CT A ( en vjj BARBARA PARKER Vice-President PUC, Nurse SUSAN HANSON Secretary PUC, Nurse JAN RICHARDS Porliamentarion UncJecided, Minister ROBERT DAVIDSON VERNON WAGNER Treasu ' ' er LSC, Medicine MARJORIE CHALKER Sponsor, B.A. CLIFFORD JAQUA Sponsor, M.S. SYLVIA ALMSTADT PUC, Psychology KEN BARTON LSC, Pharmacist JOHN BAUMGARDNER Undecided, Architect BRENT BOURDEAU LSC, Medicine ELIZABETH BOYD PUC, Nurse EARL BOYKO PUC, Medicine DONNA BRASIER PUC, Med. Secretary DAVID BROWN PUC, Medicine ROBERT BROWN LSC, Medicine DARLENE BRYANT Oak wood, Nurse AGARITA CARRENO PUC, Nurse BARBARA CHAFFEE LSC, Physical Ed. LARRY CLEMENT LSC. Engineer MARJEAN FALCONER LSC. Denrol Asst. DANNY FREDERICKSON UCLA, Medicine KATHI GIACONA LSC, Nurse BARBARA HANNAH EMC, Med. Secretary PATT JACOBSON PUC, Nurse KEN JENSEN PUC, Undecided KAY KOTT EMC, Recipe Reseorch LUCILLE LOIGNON LSC, Teacher JEANNETTE MARTIN LSC, Music CARYL LORD EDDIE Mcdonough Glendale, Engineer ALICE MORRISON LSC, Nurse DEANE NELSON LSC, Minister SUSAN NETHERY Lusaune, Int. Dec. ii MARIE PARKER EMC, Home Ec. DAVID PETERSEN -PtJC. Medicine DONALD SCHLIFF ISC, Engineer CAROLE SMITH Newbpld, Psychology SHERYN SPILMAN PUC, Sociology TOMMY TUCKER LSC, Medicine RAYMOND VAN SITTERT LSC, Medicine RICHARD WONG LSC, Medicine DICK WARD VJC, Test Pilot TIMOTHY WORK PUC. Minister Z ' irs e t y Pc: - £ - ' DICK LIND LSC. Dentist 21 ee t i ■e€ t 6 ALBERT E. MAYES, JR Sponsor, B.A. PAT BENJAMIN Secretary RICHARD HANSEN President CAROL PENCE Vice-President BOB EBERHARDT JANICE DICKSON reasurer Porliamentorian KATHRYNE SPEH Sponsor, M.A. JOHN NEUFELD Pastor 22 Gary Bailey Dennis Beosley Daniel Blackburn John Christoffersen Diane Chalmers Scotty Campbell Joel Butler Jeonnie Brown 23 H M 24 25 ee i t een Larry McGhee Darlene Rodela Diane Magrino Gloria Reyes Jill Montrose Lynda Sue Poole Terry Nicholson Douglas Pau 26 Alice Saldivar Joan Schillinger Trudi Scott Elaine Sharp Bud Shaw Sondra Sutton Thomas Studler Peggy Stadin Dennis Smith 27 ■ee i y tAary Tupper Brenda Williams Yvonne Williams Kafhy Woertz 28 ( Z? Jz ii.tuum !Sxoi. Auto ShopM ' ' Glendale 6, California Chapman 5-5775 Ml 4 East Chevy Chase at Verdugo Road Citrus 2-6876 Bert Herrick President Lorraine Crowder Sponsor, M.A. William C. Jeffreys Sponsor, M.A. Carolyn Fewell Vice-President Barbara Bradbury Secretary Raleigh Cummings Treasurer George Sellers Parliamentarian 30 Sarah Abernathy Nona Allen Joy Beams . . Jo Ann Bloylock Walter Coker " —1 Donna Chalmers Patsy Burnett, 1 t r- 31 Roland Lonser Jock MocMillan Noncy Modsen Marilyn Pinendrigh Nancy Pigott Lita Narvaez Patricia Morris Carolyn Morgon Carlos Preciado George ReBell Tommy Rhymes Eileen Rodela Earl Rodriguez Patricia Rose 34 Ann SI idlovsky Bruce Shaw Richard Seltzer John Sour .1 1 41 •4 Marvin Shultz John Smith Paul Smith David Specht Robert Wical Phyllis Vogel Tine Valdez Pat Thurston Douglas Stewart James Spilmon 35 y Lynne Wiles Darrel Wilson John Wilson Richard Winters Earl Wolff 4 ' V Preble ' s Produa f ' erdiipo at Chevy Chase For the unusual and extraordinary in fresh fruits, vegetables and flower w wfe - — « -iwww..., V vj-wooFw union -vcooemy snsfi M prvtidAflt. a mi • ' ■al v.ce-pr»iKJ«flt. • »ecr«tary traaiur»r p aniit. choriitar. organlit. f cultv ' •d ' tor-irt-ch;«f of th« Stepping Stofv . .. oc afion thsll be alectwd by ballot not la.w •vstftr and ara to la va hr ona lamattar. aicapt (of the e _ atone, who i »all » fva for one scttool year. ..Mtinq committea shall cornet of two rapr,i«nt«t.vei of each of th. thrM classes to be . " Pecnva classes. 39 A.S.B- OFFICERS First Semester: Front row left to right: Carol Pence, secretary; Marjorie Phoenix, social vice- president; Betsie Nethery, pianist; Yvonne Williams, organist. Back row, left to right: Jan Richards, religious vice-president; Deone Nelson, chorister; Gilbert Gibson, sponsor; Gary Ardizzone, president; Richard Wong, treasurer. Gary Ardizzone, President Chopsticks and chow mein; paper lanterns and jasmine tea — all helped to make the A.S.B. banquet the out- standing social event on the school calendar for the first semester. A.S.B. OFFICERS Second Semester; Front row, left to right: Kay Kott, secretary; Jeannette Martin, social vice-president; Jackie Jefferson, pianist; Barbara Parker, organist. Back row, left to right: Tod Brown, chorister; Joel Butler, treasurer; Gilbert Gibson, sponsor; Dennis Cook, president; Raymond Chorland, religious vice-president. Old plantation house and hot corn bread; soft candlelight and candied yams — all added to the Southern atmosphere at the Junior-Senior ban- quet for the second semester. 41 Bob Bergman, Junior-High Editor (S i M William C. Jeffreys, Sponsor 42 ANNUAL STAFF Front row, left to right: Syivio Almstodt, advertising secretary; Kay Kott, business manager; Carol Lord, photogropliei; Pott Jacobson, editor; Susan Hanson, artist; Sheryn Spilman, associate editor; Jean Joergenson, associate junior-high editor; Marcia Miracle; typist; William C. Jeffreys, sponsor. Back row, left to right: Bob Bergman, junior-high editor; Gary Ardizzone, associate advertising manager; Don Winters, snapshot editor; Helen Frenzel, associate snapshot editor; Phyllis Vogel, typist; Dan Frederickson, circulation manager; Richard Wong, artist; David Brown, advertising manager. Victor Ramirez, Junior-High Editor Susan Nethery, Edifor-in-Chief Karhryne Speh, Advisor 111 ' mm KEY STAFF Front row, left to right: Lucille Loignon, typist; Lisa Johnson, associate editor; Susan Nethery. editor; Kothryne Speh, literary advisor; Betsie Nethery, typist. Back row, left to right: Deane Nelson, odvertising manager; Connie Jacobson, associate junior-high editor; Victor Romirer, junior-high editor; Richard Wong, business manager; Frank Dupper, business advisor; Jon Richards, sports editor; Ken Jensen, photo editor. Student Body Cabinet Nominating Committee An unusual chapel program which the student body greatly enjoyed was the inauguration of President Eisenhower on television. f M i A Bible Doctrines class in session. Ivan Crowder, M.A. A typical prayer band which meets each Wednes- day. 46 This pa e is sponsored by: VOGUE CLEANERS 315 N . Verdu o Road Glendale, Calif. The entire student body is organized into teacher-friend groups which meet as prayer bands and also as counsel- ing units. This page is sponsored by. GLEWAKS BAKERY 1568 E. Chevy Chase Glendale. Calif. First semester prayer band leaders. Second semester prayer bond leaders. Students take an active part in the religious life of their various communities. ( e M M €€ t € Many students have volunteered for seminar work and have visited churches of the constituency taking over the eleven o ' clock service on Sabbaths. This jKiiif is .s )(ins(ir( ' (l hv: GLENDAL I-: SIMTtRIl l tM) HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF M l SI 0 1509 E. Wilson lie. Oli ' iiilale. California 49 ete iee Tad Brown leads students in a rousing song service. Raymond Charlond and a group conduct a round table discusiion. Students and teachers focus attention upon interesting chapel program. 50 Elder Calvin Osborne Fall week of prayer speaker Elder Francis Bush Spring week of prayer speoker The student body enjoyed two refreshing weeks of spiritual blessings. (Q l€u i a drni lcMti Compliments of FOODS FOR LIFE — Market- Bakery- Lunch Counter The Wests Lorgest Natural Food Center 821 E. Broadway Glendale 5, Calif. Citrus 4-8601 Chapman 5-2230 51 As ' t Albert E, AAayes, Jr., B.A. Dirertor of Vocal Music ©■ (yjaM Jj Ralph W. Sandebrg, AA.AAus.Ed. Director of Instrumental Music 52 X » ut- mj " upr ' " irti f " W w • M M .iSi!«% 54 This page is sinmsorcd by. JESSIE E. SMITH FORD CO. 7 10 E. Elk St.. Glemlale, Calif. George Chalker, B.A. Elementary closses receive experr instruction in vocol music. Piano lessons are available to students of oil grades. Bessie Shepherd 55 ' eeMt eU 56 Jerry King This page is sponsored by. CORNWELL and KELTY HARDWARE CO. 115 S. Brand Blvd., Glendale. Calif. @ : e pi i fe r u r ' ' 1 I l f C Vff fiti Bertha Palmer, R.N. 57 a f) r» f « t ((J AfitMe te V r1 V .• - • y e?f f .-_,. ; fe yj " « P f (? p_j o !I 5 W , teiMi VMien. P0 (%Cif, -i itMv c Qrtif n ' cm f M cd Lorraine Crowder, M.A. S! 1 Mb B H Ka fl V UJII H I 1 1 1 J 1 Marie Geier, Matron 59 (Met 5ifc Medical Cadets take good care of their " wounded. " C itmMe ' ( I4e t »i Training girls for the care of the sick. ®4ie€ €e a€ 60 Boys are given training that qualifies them for army service that does not conflict with their principles. Mysteftes of life are discussed in ninth grade biology classes un- der Mr. Gibson. Sophomores become expert (?) drivers in eighteen eosy lesons by Mr Honcock and Mr Jeffreys. 61 Clifford Jaqua, AA.S ' cjy rjf iA Lorraine Crowder, AA.A. ( " r-YA W. C. Jeffreys, AA.A. 64 f j i ' ysfc Richard J. Geier, B.A. V i. Eleanor Lord, M.A. I A I flh im Irilta !■ I| isunri " SSgjSSgf - . " A studious group in the new library. gp Cfi i t telee Frank Dupper, B.A. Hazel Shafer, M.Ed. This page is sponsored by: CINDY-LYNN STUDIO, t. 153 South Central Ave., Glendale, Calif. 66 1 fS i 1 I u n dl Loleta Barron, B.A. Norma Dupper Pearl Kinsey Frank Dupper 67 Wilfrid Belleau, B.A. Ninth Grade Bible Class ' ' :Ste Ruth Norwood, B.A. Eighth Grade History Class Howard Peth, B.A. Seventh Grade English Class 69 Jim Riechel President Elizabeth Nilsen Vice-President Sally Nethery Secretary Klaus Wiebe Treasurer DeVere McGuffin Pastor Bob Bergman Parliamentarian Wilfrid Belleau, Jr. Sponsor, B.A. Hazel Shafer Sponsor, M.Ed. Rives Allred Paul Aragon Glennice Armstrong Bruce Badzik Trinette Bellinghausen Toby Benjamin Kenneth Blake Sharron Bownds Nancy Brown Priscilla Brown John Brunt Gilbert Burnham David Butler Miriam Catolico Dorothy Chorland Stephen Claunch Raymond Cress Dennis Cummings Sondro Deacon Robert Dominguez Carol Ermshar Vernon Erwin Diane Folkenberg Donald Fritz Jeannine Fuller George Green Billy Griffith Ralph Hannah Floyd Hansen Eric Herbranson Bob Hill James Hooper Connie Jocobson Morjorie Jefferson Jean Joergenson Douglas Johnson Karen Johnson Claude Jones Mary Kruger Belirtda Larsen Thomas LePique Ponzy Lu DeeAnn McGuffin Michael Magee Victor Ramirez Gordon Reld Patricia Rice George Rose Susan Schulze Gory Schwandt Cheryl Skinner Donna Stebner John Stellner Rudalee Suhrie Diono Taylor Yvonne Tjorks Suzie Wagner Cheryl Woertz ilA i 73 c cy Ada Ruth Adams fC Bill Aragon Gory Atwood Beverly Sue Bacon Robert Barrett jf ' Karen Bergh Astrid Bohn Rhee Booker Harold Bovee Malcolm Brown " Geraldine Butzer )( Julie Ann Bylard Jolene Calderone " Jeanie Coleman " x Sandra Craig Dennis Daniels Dianne Dickson Joe Dominguez Nevin Downs James Eberhardt ' Roland Etcheverry Linda Fewell n Sharon Caspar " Josephine Giacona Donna Howkes Carol Ann Hedlun Artis Henderson Jean Hoxie x Suzie Jensen " Donald John X Edwin Korlow Deloris Kinsey V " Madelyn Klingbeil iC Maryella Klingbeil ' Alan Kreuzer Gary uhn Gilbert Larsen Willie Lee Ronald Lindsey Eli Lokna X Christine Lord Terry McCIenahan Mary Ann McDonald )C Carol Susan Martin Mike Munson Y Barbara Jeanne Parker Allen Markvart Penny Price Renee Prout " Ginny Rodriguez Bruce Roof Roelle Seomount Linda Smith Marian Sparling Dyone Specht X Goyle Stevens Thomas Strojin Dick Taylor % Victoria Vole Shirley Vance • ' ' , C Phillip Wilson CAMERA SHY Hal Leiond , | ' ' f , 75 t Beverly Airey Befte June Anderson Nancy Anderson Kenneth Armstrong Jean Barclay Chorlene Beck Tony Benjamin Gordon Bietz V David BoNA nds Herbert Burrows Morgelene Cholker Randy Coker Dorothy Counts Linda Joy Cruz Rondi Cummings ' Beth Davidson Sylvia Evans Alan Fisher Stephen Fisher Lucerne French David Hanson Donald Hanson Gory Hauck Billy Herndon Bobby Herr i_ Judith Hill Janice Hooper Tom Hudson Henrietta Jones Ernie Kloetzli Gary Knipschild Janice Lautzenhiser James Marheson Robert Mattrngly Judy Montrose Jim Moore Dennis Morgan Donald Oswald Elizabeth Parker Esther Perry Donnie Perkins Deanie Reiswig Thelmo Rhone Carol Ann Rossi Donna Saxby Craig Sparling Tommy Stiles Christine Studler Mellissa Tibbits Juanna Tisi Deanne Thomas Linda Thoren Bob Torrey - Caylene Wagner Herdis Woke Kenny Webber James Wicol Julie Wiles David Wong Nicole Wood CAMERA SHY Bruce Miller f5 f!TI Q ;wA T , ?- Q P _io 5% . , K ' ' j r r (:5?i siT- i m %- f?iiC g e% .1 ' ;£iL.4: Conipliniiiils ( : Hull lliirliii 21 1 South Ciiiiriil. (.Undiilv Citrus 5- 1: ' ' I (itrlnin-liirs - ( rnrriilor.s liriikr SiTticr ; . AVv Eugene Bates, M.A., principal of the ele- mentary division of the school, adminis- ters the work of ten teachers and ap- proximately 300 students. Martha Hegstad, B.A. 5ertha Lang Hazel Gregoire, B.A. Lucille McDonald Ruth Sutton Carrie Martinez Shirley Barnell, M.A. Martha Emerson, B.A Mildred Hildebrondt, M.A. 1- I f! ,. I Joe Engelkeimier, B.A Dr. and Mrs. G. Adams Dr. and Mrs. R. T. Bergman Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Bradbury Dr. and Mrs. A. F. Brown Dr. and Mrs. B. Brown Dr. and Mrs. R. N. Brown Dr. and Mrs. W. Cummings Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Emery Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Fisher 11 Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Haluska Dr. and Mrs. M. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. E. Jensen Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Joergenson Eld. and Mrs. C. C. Kott Dr. and Mrs. H. P. Loignon Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Miracle Dr. and Mrs. W. Nethery Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Nethery Mrs. Maybelle Poole Dr. and Mrs. G. ReBell Mrs. Sylvia Spilmon Dr. and Mrs. P. J. Vogel IJ O ' - ■2-ii B j; , . i« - yr rz—.-fi ♦ i MAKING PLANS FOR COLLEGE . . . ? If so, LA SIERRA COLLEGE invites you to consider what it has to offer to discerning young people who desire the opportunities offered by CHRISTIAN EDUCATION — ir Fully accredited liberal arts college Qualified, devoted faculty if Spacious, attractive campus For bulletins and information, write to — THE ADMISSIONS OFFICE LA SIERRA COLLEGE Arlington California ' 5 successful years! Four Schools: TECHNICAL . . . LIBERAL ARTS PROFESSIONAL . . . GRADUATE your one comp e e school for denominafional educafion and fraining PACIFiC UNION COLLEGE. Angwin, Caiifornia For information, write THE REGISTRAR. Congratulations, Seniors of ' 57 SCHRILLO AERO TOOL ENGINEERING COMPANY 8715 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles 46, California ONLY RIGHT TURN . . . one direction is alwa ys the right direction! CAUTION ' ?■ r V Thit aitverliifmrnl prrparrd by Today, as never before, the graduate will have the opportunity to select the direction he will travel for a lifetime. For that reason, it is vitally important that he choose wisely early in his business career. One of America ' s leading industries offers you a future where your education, talent and Christian character can bring you financial independence and success among co-workers who share the Christian way of life. The Ace Drill Bushing Co. Inc. wants to assist you in planning for a tomorrow that will be financially profitable and deeply satisfying. Write for information, or phone our Personnel Manager at Hollywood 9-825S. ACE DRILL BUSHING CO.JNC. 5407 Fountain Ave.. Los Angeles 29. Calif MARKT G. WIUIS t JkSMCIATES. INC. iilx,ru.,ni At«u 404 UK tnmtmi, «lM4al« S, Cdlterat " It has been a pleasure to have had a part in the publication of the Stepping Stone. " CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CLASS OF ' 57 CINDY-LYNN STUDIO 153 South Central Glendale 4, California " Your Photographer for All Occasions " William J. Lane i Our Complinnents to the Members of the Class of 1957 When Giving a Gift Give a Book Southern California Conference yy of Seventh -Day Adventists On Any Occasion SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BOOK and BIBLE HOUSE 1525 East Chevy Chase Drive 1535 East Chevy Chase Drive Glendale 6, California P. O. Box 969 Glendale 6, California Citrus 3-623 1 CHapman 5- 1 876 GLENDALE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Day or Evening Classes Diploma or Brush-up Courses Shorthand (Thomas or Gregg) Typing, PBX Comptometry, Bookkeeping, Medical Dictation, Et Cetera Real Estate Classes Leading to State Licenses Business Training Costs So Little and Pays So Much! 120 S. Glendale Ave. CI. 3-7203 CI. 2-0617 Ralph B. Prout, LLD., D.Sc. it) cffj ' J-Ci- y T ' - ' eJ? A- r S t - . :i -x ji J d ,..C yf : Jp Congratulations to CL_. _ _ Afi ! -$- ,2 e Wish to Thank the Sttjdents of p , Glewdale Union Aca my ' ' - - ' f- for Their Patronage ENGLISH TAILORS 129 South Brand Glendale Citrus 1-7824 GLENDALE HARDWARE CO. 730 East Broadway Citrus 4-1 172 CHapman 5-2366 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF ' 57 ' W GALBRAITH SPORTING GOODS 1380 East Colorado Glendale 5 Citrus 1-7672 CHapman 5-1786 " Headquarters for All G.U.A. Athletic Shoes and Equipment " School Prices GLENDALE PHOTO ENGRAVING COMPANY 710 East Colorado Boulevard Glendale 5, California Phone Citrus 2-4696 GLENDALE S. D. A. CREDIT UNION 1 487y2 East Chevy Chase Drive Glendale 6, California Phone Citrus 1-0836 COMPLIMENTS OF GLENDALE UNION ACADEMY PRESS 638 Kimlin Drive Glendale 6, California Phone Citrus 4-8671 " We Have the Best inl ' S ' wepteri ' ILL« r if i ,{ u ( I , Phoffe ADamB ' ' 4 -0 166 j V ' fP ' r CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF ' 57 A. S. B. GLENDALE UNION ACADEMY ' h (0, ■ - WW f ' r w ' GLENDALE SANITARIUM and HOSPITAL 1509 East Wilson Avenue Glendale 6, California Citrus 4-4684 CHapman 5-1 121 Seventh Grade Gilbert Kinsey Anthony Martin John Jasperson Brenda Lee Bemice Sandburg Buddy Seitz Joe Rodriguez Mike McCulloch Charles Hall Karen Seamount Roy Lokna Wendell Nelson Guy Maxham Louis Langworthy David Brown Martha Brown Eric Atwood Clinton Gay Mary Esther Vogel Andy Dickson r. f e S m Joan Hoatson Seventh Grade tssm f ' 7 1 f I ' j« ' fc» r - i u ' $ i i John Garner ' -fpt f pPlps, HHIimhH ■HHHk 1 % ' Vk -fk Johneen Wagner Sherry Mosier Sandra Anunsen Carolyn Olsen Debbra Butler Jackie Oswald Sharon Ayres Valerie Smith Bonnie Herr Roland Perez Nancy Thoren Frank Bay Dick Karlow David Hepworth Evelyn Fox Candy Bossert David Perry Julie Jensen Dennis Foy Jeff Oster Eighth Grade Sharon Aldridge Bob Bua Synnove Reichelt Esther Escobedo Raymond Lonzet Gerald Murphy Jim Wirt Carmen Predrose Andrew Guzman Beverly Rose Carolyn Nelson Dorothy Abernathy David Chambers Gary Predmore Richard Davidson Steve Reden John Butler Larry Hansen Bob Prunty Robert Seamount Stanley Hudson Linda Kuhn Lory Root Sharon Blackburn Sharon Stebner i - Eighth Grade Ronnie Kloetzli Lynette Prout Sally Brown Jeanine Purdy Ladonna Ringering Sylvia Rodela Roy Rossi Louise Charland Carol Running Judy Brown Renee Taylor Shirley Haluska Glen Schwandt Terry Pedersen Darrell Rich Jerre Iverson Raul Saldivar Ivan Hanson Buddy Kinsey David Fisher Fred Herzer Ricky Buckland Thomas Lovell Corey Lu Ronald Fritz prosper studios music and allied arts trumpet - drama - voice - violin - viola - cello string bass - french horn - flute - oboe - bassoon - clarinet - saxophone trombone - drums - accordion - piano - guitar - harp - all fretted instruments hammond organ - practice time available mathew d. prosper, director and instructor of brass and woodwind barbara burke prosper, teacher of voice and organ teaching in Glendale since 1918 artist teachers in every department citrus 2-1249 135 north kenwood avenue glendale 6, California BEST WISHES GLENDALE UNION ACADEMY . . . CLASS OF 1957 from Phyllis Prout-Lelond, Broker G.U.A. — Class of 1942 Your Glendale Representative for HOMES INCOME • TRADES LOTS Experienced, Efficient Staff At INVESTORS REALTY SERVICE 1489 East Chevy Chase (across from the Voice of Prophecy) CHopman 5-5001 Glendale Citrus 2-2101 Call for free photos of our listings. Notary Service free to S.D.A. ' s @ e€ €€ ny (3 4 It is all over — the time has come for me to express my appreciation to all who have made this annual possible. First of all — to you the Student Body goes a big thanks, for you have played the most im- portant part. Mr. Jeffreys, sponsor — the annual staff vk ants to thank you for your extra push which kept us at the job, your ideas, patience, encourage- ment and unselfish devotion for the good of the annual. Mr. Lane, official photographer of the 1957 STEPPING STONE — a sincere thanks for your won- derful job not only in the taking of the pictures but also for helping us to meet our dead-lines. Mr. Bacon — for giving this yearbook the artistic touch. To the staff — I want to express my deepest grati- tude to each one of you personally for doing your part so well and seeing it through to the end. Sheryn Spilman, associate editor — thanks for the tremen- dous assistance and excellent job you did. David Brown and Gary Ardizzone, advertising managers, and their capable secretary, Sylvia Almstadt — for all your hard work that it took to get the advertise- ments and sponsorships, for without your part this annuo! would not have been possible, financially. Don Winters and Helen Frenzel, snapshot editors — for your constant promotion during the snapshot campaign and for pasting them up. Dan Frederick- son, circulation manager — for contacts made for the distribution of our annual. Kay Kott, business man- ager — for seeing to the proper dispensing of the funds and keeping us out of debt. Richard Wong and Susan Hanson, artists — for the fine details, that go into making the layout. Carol Lord, photog- rapher — for your pictures which added much to the enjoyment of this annual. Marcia Miracle and Phyllis Vogel, typists — for preparing the copy for the printer. Bob Bergman and Jean Joergenson, junior high editors — for representing the Junior High division of our school. To you all I say, " many thanks. " As we send this last page to the Yearbook House it is our sincere desire that you will be happy with this year ' s STEPPING STONE and that it might help bring to memory the TIME that you spent at GUA. Os ■ r. 4 i Li ' O K « V, ' ). I A- o J ■] 3 r " , V ■I J ' 5 i H U 4 Z ' . If " !C I J K Ofnolker IJ. 3. 3i. crmlion A PU»IISHE«S OF tiAtMoCtd FoWlMt OISCIIMINATINO- fkia A P ' Mr o , ■ i; 1 «-i ' . « u i . f K % Xxd " n ;? ' ' " x " 4t - 7 - . J . 1 ' ' Y ' JT :5a. H f i? 1 mmmii iliiii M

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