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Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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ll.. lxf- M 'U B in 0 Ilnii i B A ' B q.bT:-q p I 4. G lf' .f 0- ' K , x Y A v ws "Q, x I S' ,sg O I L 'sry : A We 4 3 . if t ' W X 'lb A 1 l . '. ,IMI -"Mil I 'ni , A , ff" if U HHZHH4 if mv! luv., - f airly, i A I .M .,.....,,,,,Hhnml"m!".:"'-T11-I? "W'Jf.- I 1 I 5 i A ' I "" " , ff - ffgy Q 4 Q f wg, 3,7 "' 'V ' li I fEqgif"" i fi N f If EISS W ff lv A A IW!! . , f f .rx fi ' W' ' 1 Anthony J. Sanfilippo Community Superintendent, District 24 Bernadette F. Boyle Principal Leon B. Cohen Assistant Principal GLENDALE JUNIOR HIGH cHooL 119 74 ST. AND 78 AVE. GLENDALE,N.Y. work out your future. To the Seniors, This is your year! Congratulations to the Class of '85. The Glendalieris Theme, class continues, is intriguing. Many thoughts come to mind. There is a rhythm and continuity to our lives. There are traditions, customs, ceremonies and other events that influence our decisions. Senior Classes will contunue. You are members of our twenty fourth Senior Class. Each class in its time has been special. We can say of each class, the class continues. Our hope is that this "class" will be maintained throughout the years after Glendale. You will be leaving us with your dreams and expectations, not knowing as yet how or if they will be realized. Style, grace under pressure, an ability to assume responsibilities and an understanding of the importance of honesty, personal integrity and hard work are qualities which must be nurtured if success is to be realized and class continued. Graduation means leaving childhood friends and familiar places. It means coming to grips with challenges, victories, defeats, joys and sorrows, as you Hopefully, you will find fulfillment. This will take a lifetime. Perhaps you will look back occasionally, to 1985 and say, the Glendalier was right, the class continues. Best wishes, 2 Sin cere ly, tcliefwwfzfr 27.245, Dear Graduates, Your years at Glendale have finally ended. l hope that these years were pleasant ones for you. The knowledge acquired here should be used as a foundation for further education as well as for the preparation needed for your life careers. I wish all of you my personal warm regards for a happy and successful future. Sincerely, Martin J. Kronenberg Assistant Principal The dictionary defines class as excellence especially of style and appearance. Of course, Glendale Junior High School is made up of nothing but class. And it is true, it does continue. As students in our school, you have shown 4'class" and I know you will continue to do so in High School and during your entire lifetime. Best wishes and good luck! Leon B. Cohen For the Class of '85, From the many local areas of our community, your paths converged at Glendale Junior High School for a few very important years. You came as a child. You leave as a young adult. The years between gave you an opportunity to learn, not only your subjects, but, more importantly, about yourself. Growing up involved evaluating your interests, skills and values, and making choices and decisions. Now that your paths will again diverge, we hope that your years at Glendale Junior High School have helped move you toward a path which will bring happiness and success. Amelia M. Schiller fat' V ,,,,4 David Geffner, James Flannery Delores Benton 2 ' W-'ff--m,,,..,,M ff V ,, , f l o Nat Cirulnick Priscilla Kraus, Marie Virga Roseanne Keogh Shirley Meyer Jeff Feig Steven Hauser Joan Evans Cecilia Stanton Frank Asta Joel Diamond Gerard Haggerty Ardis Albergo David Rosen William Starnatis Joy Schwartz Anny Dietz Thomas Guadagno Phyllis Zucker Deborah Kronengold Martin SHTUSY Katherine Locasto, Arlene White William Vesely William Rienecker Helga Rupnick Carmela Ciarcia-Forte Eleanor Kolin ei l Michael Hoch, Joan Kriegel Michael DesGaines Felicia Serrette -V ,,5 V ff .Q 'I' ,, Zola Hogans Ruth Dastin Kathy Izzo Grace Feeney Robert Dytell 1, 4 " Z I , if 2 , W jr "' MM' ' . ' "if-Zaman E W,,nwwW'57'H" K' , Alfred Welch Susan Picicci Louise Asperas Roberta Miller Terence Higginson Andrea Miller Adeline Arist-Neequaye Mildred Munroe Student Government - 9th Grade 1984 - Arista 9th Grade Chorus Creative Writing Elective FIRE POSTER WINNER: Brett Freese is congratulated by Miss Boyle and Mrs. Munroe. Library Monitors Choraleers Office Monitors Volleyball Champs - 9th Grade Participants in NYC's tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. Cafeteria Committee Deanls Monitors Program Monitors Scenery Crew As the graduates of 1985, we look back at the experiences of previous classes at 119. Last year's graduates had their t'Touch ot' Class". The Seniors of 1985 continue with the spirit., the excitement, the joy and the memories. The S'class" truly continues. As the year comes to a close, all is not over. Looking ahead to our future we will capture these experiences and move forward with courage and dignity. The Yearbook Staff The Yearbook Staff AdViS0rS Debbie Bundrick Chris Topf Joe Sreckovich Patti Miller Evelyn Schukat Bhavna Bhayani Harsha Patel Christine Porti Lorraine Ding Renee Feddern Teresa Friscioni Mojgan Chavoshi James Flannery David Geffner Kathleen Izzo 4 4 44 44 W4 , 444, 4 I , ,af W ' "f X x 1:1 I. 4 144441451 If 2' , , W - f" !1f'Q7F" 45 4 4Qg4 ' L5 X 4 - 41:- MX f e5 : f 4 3' 224'-4 4 4 ff kg ' 2' 1,-4,447 4 4 "F: 44 4 4 r .4124 .--1-rare: f G. 44. 4,4444 , N4 4 , 555:64-f2.4-1 -, W.. f'-V 95" , 4 -4 fn.. .-.--Qaffzz. 44 11 4 44 ,,,, X,-,,,,. N4 , 1,4.:,4:g,es:4wh,,4e.444414, 4:54 ff SFR Q ,,4: . -,N . 'f,- Lkff Q4 , , ' 4 1 -- ' --4--X - 'Q - 2' .'-in :gr -4, -:45:?::,-4:.i54- 44 'L" 3 ' ,4 , f-x , m1,,i, ,,L,, ,K -4 .,5x W .4 'W '- ,g -4 'N'-W'i4 L- B., N4 ,446egai4if?:1n7fXqg gjf. Qi, 'WW ' 4444 R., 51493.44 x , f X' 11:7 6'.4Z',M 44154214 .44f4l'X44 .'Z'1'J . - - 4 ' 4. X -s.1 'f 75':1:'4" df' ' '- X X ' FZETL7 . ,f 4 ,. A , :K-VL 3 4 . 4 1: , ., .X, XSS - .5 44.4 4.-4 , , . --.wg xr, ,4,:f.f..4f4', - W E-Y 'fi 4 W' 4:4 4' -.4 My ,. N - " ni: 'I-"'Vf4 '. 4: . X "fi ff!! X Y . Xig.-?K'X49'4-?:'pz'25519j5gg.'a4',eA ,4444444:q4f,4'41,w,4ff1,4 1,1 -4 my 4 - 3 I, ,,- V. - 1-4 f X , N, ..-, ,-4'-4 5,5444 4 4 .WV , X ,f -,Q X- 4 .. Q 4 4, ay '4x'24'.4o'3f1-ggpsgfa, 9,f,3f,'44gg 'X -',kh ' 1 is '9?2Zfj'1' af f 4 '1z'?,lq' X X 4 ' XIG?.fQiffigvg3tfzj4!. 'Qf1ff'24'-i'44.wcX 4 AW "4 '44, f A 4 .g,'lf4 4 3 . Fifi44:-54".'a-32.-3X'1,e5'41a'44',44,Q E5 '55 '+A ' - Lf' .," 4' f X42 ,""fa' f4'4"'4X'f'4144'!,'!'X"i!'-"4' X X' ' 'I.4lJ.XX4X f ' X XX' ,diff3'MQ454555241il42?S"4f4f542'2aXX ' X5 X ' "?1244- ' 4 4viff1?3 . Kiffwfff? X 'X' 6-M44-'"X9L'f4H'2i7.fii-4:"?i44'1i ' 'X 44 x 444' 4 lf5??X'5,"-N455'3:zg?if45,33,'?2fi?44'5'1'4'4 XQ X X X , 'TQ' SX-'4'4!9jj?f5WiXf2?f?J'2'."":?,QSXl4 'X 4 A"' wif-a1e411:1L,4 J f qf xx gm' , ,,4::f,,41'fg 'f 44 ,Q-541' ',g4+j'G.,,g- .'g'4,m A4 ff 4 4 P ' J 4 4' X 4' f -ff, f 4 ff ' 1 X 44 F V1.4 44 JA- rfb M-'nwjf .347 A L - :Lf ff, Y 5 4,g,f,-3344,-',q3.',4,9,73 437, , 1411, 4 4 44' , 4I'4'5'5'?J"4IX5"G' 4 4 Q X 44 44 ' ,l:1',"?'Q7r,,?QZ2i'.43?zf0i , X . , ,4-4 4 4' 4 V 44 4 X 4. 'wif' -"'4.4,n4'2'44y'4' 4 - iii 1" ,vt 4 XX. XX X M I '4.g41tH,p.21p'74G'y?v0"f - , - - 4 44 4 4 .4 of l"'1"V4 f '4 3 Z, X 4 4 44 S X f 44WX:'4f,sf0'zz?.f?njjV4 M4 4 ff 4 4 j f-'4fffv'44y'.-'-4:4 Wy. 4 4 Q4. i5jf2Lf:'4f!3, 4 K - 4 4 4 44'5,4ffi4,L44f1A,-'fitifzyf 4' I4 J X, 44 4 X4 - .M mmm 4 , ' 7 : 1' ,'5 J -.,g,42::y'4' f mf ! I4 ' 4 X X46 4' 1 4 - EQ.,-5 w'je..g414,' 4 A 4, 'v'494"444'.',4"44.g, 4 4. 4 4 by gf-1-1i:5s4:ff'XI4E12414' X X 4X X441 .X X, 4-XXXXPWW "4a',"! ' X X 4,41 , .W 7 .4--A --,414 1 4 4 4 4 4 .H-1 11f44,,I I -'qfagqltx -T - 4 .h'."-2319, if-if f X Z ' mx f 1441 45,50 44g1Q'9-,M . ':'4.42442m4'. 54234444 ' 4 f f ff if f J454'4X4'e4f2,ii'l'4W 4 4 X 4122213 4 f 4 4 4740 5L442.a2?5gv4Zf4"f 4 4 44 4 Aiuglt-:- 131145, 4' X X W 4XX f Wv'Q4Xa MQ v'4-"fav-i X 4 4 4 f!f.w9'464'fLf f 4 1 X '4 , 4?l1 EEF? M ?f4W?'XE4K . 4 4X gf "4X9X,ff'f11' X 44' X X X 4' 4 I -- :Qi 5-V a9Q5Uf5g'XX X 1 X f X fQXg'4'fX' 4 ' 4 -' X X ,wfgr ii' v 4,-jf ' 4 V I 43 Q24 44 'f I ' 1 4 ' ,, , -- Y, , 94.4-4z,w4!4 4 . ff v- 44 fl " -'M f4'115g"-5344 I ' ' ,f752'1Q'4GX 4 , ,4 X4 I 4 XX47r'f - , f X , X "4 4 V' W 14 -,rf 4444" 4 X 4s4r'4'4?i"v' 'X ' 4 ' 4 4 ' X" flfll ' ,, ?'4?'2If4g4fW!., X , iw' ffiifffpff - X ' ' HX 44:2a2!554?44'2'2f:4rff49fL 4 7 744444 . 4' 'wfffifif 4 4 4' 4 '2'3f,g54ggi2s',.414g4ny:I7-I M! 4 555224 XX- X 4 4 ' 1 4yf,4y4g4'f X4 ' 41 I 1 ' ' , ' 4 f 5Q4S44?4',54g4eP4g2641195 'f IZGZYEQ 4 X 4 4 Xlgfffaegff ff 4 4 ' X' 4 4 4 4 4 ff"'v'-'swf-ffa"v4:MW X' 7 41fU45', . 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' www Q -4 44,-44 4.44341-.44'4-' 44 'ir Y Scott Adamo Dominick Affatato Joe Agate William Althausen Antonella Ancona Roxanne Antonucci Vincent Armano Jose Arteaga The last three years have prepared us well to face the challenges ahead. We'll miss our teachers and friends that made our years at 119 a success. Christi Bahnken Violet Balan John Barbes Michael Bay 14 Eddie Becker Karen Becker Bridgett Bell Andres Bernazal William Bernitt Bhavna Bhayani Marcus Bianchi Jimmy Biondo LeDetra Bishop Jodi Blasberg Erik Blum Renee Blunt Camille Bono Debbie Bundrick 'Q' we-fiyg We finally made it Joseph Caldera Cynthia Callahan Liz Cammarata Michelle Camoia John Camus Carrie Caputo Marie Carsioni Joe Caruso We wish all our fellow graduates success and happiness in high school. Steven Cermak Mojgan Chavoshi Ann Chen Carmello Cintron ci'-,F M ,..w 16 1 Joanne Clausen Lashone Clay 'D vow ' is I A I Frank Conte Chris Corr Angel Cruz Frances Cruz Peter Daempfle Connie D'Amore Tony D'Ateno Tirzaha Davis Tonya Decker Lorraine Ding Nick Dontas Joe Doria We're on our way Tara Doyle Robert Duncan Walter Eberlein Frank Elia John Ewald Joe Farese Renee Feddern Angela Fernandez The years have passed quickly but the memories will last forever. Joe Filippone Sergio Fontes John Forcina Barrington Foster 18 Anlssa Frasier Teresa Friscioni 4 .541 48 . . 1 V' . , .W Abbey Furman Eric Gambale Joseph Gamble Sal Gattuso John Giglia Anthony Giglio Peter Gillespie Cathy Giordano Diana Gonzalez Natalie Gonzalez Laura Gracia Kim Gulotta Looking forward to high school 19 Stephen Hagan Laurie Hamrah Sadiyya Hakam John Hargrove Cherice Harris Walter Hartmann Arben Haziri Heindrick Heinsen We will never forget the Wonderful moments we shared dur three years 20 r y no N-1-51,--:ar .. - ing the last Charles Hinz Bobby Holloway Fareda Hosein Rubayet Hossain in ii N X Q, X sw as X is X -, - 1 x . .xx X ,,,, or rx 6 5 Q , as Q , so I 1 ,, MS, 5 4 Q 1 1 Richie Hussong Matthew Iuculano Irene J anowitz John J anowitz James J aros 'Wawn Kammer Donna Kanceler Vanessa Kerr Jimmy Korotki The years at 119 have been great Matthew Kruzynski Michael Lazzari Vito Leggio Timothy Lenihan Connie Licata 21 Debbie Limpert Gina Lipani Lauren Llewellyn Marie Loiacono Denise Loyal Clarise Luces John Maichin Chris Mack ! I A bit of sunshine feels gf good after a long day in 2 school. Francis Maggi Matthew Mahoney Danny Makhmaltchi Doreen Maloney 5 .f fi. 22 l Agatha Mangano Paul Manicone Friendships are very precious Jackie Mansueto Antonella Marino Joseph Martucci Jennifer McGinnis Dawn McGrath Raymond Mehling Peter Militello Joyce Mills Sal Minichello Margaret Montanez Anthony Monteleone Jessie Montoya 23 Michael Mooney Michael Moore Michelle Moorehead Hata Muratovic Johnny Nelson Virginia Ng Nicole Nicoletti Sal Nicosia We will always remember the friends we made and the good times we en- joyed at 119. Danoo Noor Alex Noskov Svetlana Noskov Deirdra Oliver 24 Keith Owen Glen Palmer Joseph Pandolfo Tarshella Parker Harsha Patel Cathleen Pelkington LaBretta Penny Jose Perez Julissa Pinedo Christine Porti Chris Potavin Marcello Pozo Lori Randolph Gabriel Reyes Award winning athletes Deborah Riehl Vanessa Risi Fay Rivers Louis Rizzo Lisa Lee Rodriguez Stephen Rohrer Joe Romano Tony Sahansra New York had a number 1 team ln 1985. Pablo Sanchez Danny Sansone Annmarie Santomaggio Lori Scherer Evelyn Schukat Sal Sciarratta 9E-1 Celebrates another winning effort! Micheal Siefken Janet Silverman Patricia Skoglund Stephanie Smith Lorraine Sorrentino John Spence Brad Spivey Denise Spoto Carolann Steele Felicia Stevens Suzanna Voross Chris Wagner 27 Thomas Walter Gary Walters Octavia Walters Andrew Warrick Troy Washington Charles Westerblade Mark Whitehurst Douglas Widdows QS Y 5 YA X. X Q fi we S? '5 mo !X 3 X X X s is P s f A sf Maureen Mooney, Jack Wolf, Jimmy Gengo, Evelyn Melendez, Adam Fedechko, Yvette Ferekee Lisa Williams Vaschele Williams Arthur Wittmer Chris Wolowski 28 I? i lk .QV 3-f in XJ- si' i Margaret Zarzana Robert Zustovich Robert Stevens Vincent Streffacio Henry Stucky Eddie Tamburello Myriam Toussiant Micheal Truberg 62 V MH? We'1I miss you 119 Sandra Vanegas Mario Vario Vinny Varvaro Alvaro Vasquez Thomas Velez John Vella Dora Vertzinis Brigitte Voelker "UW 1 L., .A m if-., ,vw my , Biff' J E kk al- m iraq Q-,z A ',,' '4-f' v : x Q 4 4? I .L Y 5 f 'V . .7,,,,4'I,: ..... ,if ,, v6m,:i2L.'j HX ,I 4 4,2 5 7 "'i'f 1 J? 2 , f ff A 4 W E, 1 Q a 'w T jr- M we W v G 'Half' -2 my wit 2' ga PX Q l 32? ,f uk., J, fw Ji 3' 4 u- A 1 ws, I' 1 4 if - . . ff? il .JY 5222 'Ks uw an fr 1 1 V 1.: if V4 LLII -5w,::,aQQ, 55? an mf K E I2 XZ Science Fair Winners, Peter Trautman - and Alex Augsburg, being congratulated Save the Children- Ethiopia by Miss Boyle and Mr. Kronenberg. Ms. Serrette and Ms. Miller, members of the Sci. Dept., are proud of their students, fine work. an 1' ww lfllp A,lul'!,,l lli'l',l ll""' Z-'fir I I Valentinels Day- Carnation Sale Celebrating J.S. Bach's 300th birthday School Play- "Thespians" of 119 All-Stars H 9th Grade Basketball 9th Grade Basketball Champs All-Stars - 9th Grade Volleyball Do You See the Children? Do you see the children? j Where are they going? 3 Save the children, they are perishing. '5 it Suffer, they do. WL Love, they want. Sustenance, they need. Let them despair no longer. Let the anguish leave. """"f Let them starve no more. ,fwf- Save the children, they deserve better. QS Suffer, they shall not. Love, they will feel. Sustenance, they shall enjoy. Do you see the children? It is essential that we do! Diane Hodurski Z ,J fx? lx X ,A 1 .A 'w ,Hi M ,, ,W.,,,, W , ..:Wfmw,,,p -Q . u 1 ' M iv, -iw' Q vw x 5,1 ff- .,, . ,QS .Q Michelle Addonisio James Albert Michele Allocca Anthony Andujar Phil Ansaldi Lenny Arias David Arroyo Rita Attanasio Joanne Baglio Anthony Battaglia Andrea Bernitt Elijah Braddy Sherry Brooks Amanda Brower Warren Bubak Brigida Burriesci Annamarie Buttacavoli Claudia Cajiao Joann Callaci Joe Caputo Toni Lynn Carucci Yolanda Catapano Shawn Chandler Pat Chang William Chawner Tommy Churchill Charlie Cocuzza Diana Colalella le , - ,- gf AREEEPQ. ' ,J EEREEIEE EE EEE I 2:55514 aww Nas , llrlilz I EW? ta we X xx E .M Q rib' 1, C 4:9 it 3 ai" ' ' ' , r -1- lk- nm at Q ,W I I at it al' S X Q 3 A , ,S at , , i ii X r v! 4 , 'L , M W 4 " .fig 1 J Q ff? f f 4 . N ia , 42391 'J ff R+ 1 7 M far I we 5 Q, KM? M WW f 7 f . ., bb.. . X Q- Winter visits Glendale. 1 This math problem is dif- ficult. Agi gn l f l l e ' s Len DiStefano 4M Vinny DiTommaso David Dixon Enzo Colombo Michelle Cook Anthony Cracchiolo Michelle Cuzzo John Czwartachi Salvatore Danna Debbie Davies Paul Davis Angie Delgado Mario De Maria Kenny DeMeloitz Connie-Ann DePaola Angela DePergola Dennis Desmond Jason Dineen 37 Debbie Eberlien Douglas Eck Al Erdmann Scott Ewald Raffaele Familio Vinny Familio Debbie Farrell Joseph Felice Tim Foley Laura Francisco James Franzo Sandra Fritz Dennis Fritzsche Pattie-Ann Gagliardi Maria Gagnon Dina Gargagliano Igor Gavlin Chris George Selwyn Gilbert Brian Gill Lisa Giunta Michael Goldstein Richard Gonzalez Kevin Gooss Robert Gorman Irina Grafman Raymond Gratkowski George Graymez Qu We love you 119! 1 A pair of serious readers. vs I W i Sally Ignjatovic Mario Inguaggiato Steven Jablonowski ,Jr fig ,ans-L' Sandy Grom Damiano Guardino Cynthia Habe Sahera Hakam Kim Hasselberger Duane Hatchette Matthew Hayri James Heck Tricia Herman Mary Ho Karin Hock Diane Hodurski Siba Hodzic Janet Huhn Cindy Humphries ff' , Paul Jannicola Shannon Judge Angelique Kalatzis Tony Kanceler Jamilla Karimova Jeanie Karnay Joseph Kenrick Michael Kerr Ling Chi Kim Matthew Kobel Eric Koester Kenny Kramer Cindy Lahm Ronald Linkert Alberto Livecchi Frank Lobue Jimmy Lombardo William Lucas David Madison Cherise Maiforth Dawn Makaroh Frankling Marin Nancy Marinello Robert Marinovic Jenine Marrone Rosemarle Marrone Steve MHtlSl Jonathan Mc Dermott . Z., , .,tn,:,: , L tt if i.,J JJ e X as X X s - -Q A 'Q Vw Q' Xwf rv f ff id X 5 S 5 N if . ,er ' we i i ,, 5 I k 'Q Q 'I 4 qu Hello there! 1 Good luck Graduates. We - Mass M' if' ' ii' i H K o Q ee., . ' i 3 ,f A , , fi S' A: X ,Q Q S 12 Te ! S fx a N SA S-S .... Ng.. of E ,--,, 1 XX . W 'XJ' an . I 'f :us , -zz,--,,, ei., X Y in Q 5 li R X ..e, H .L .A gtg.. ..:. . Mig if 435' 5 T ig 'M ei + FY: diem si .. ,M X ff. L? 1' Eddie Okum Marcelo Olascoaga Wallace Oliver 'K '25 Laura McGillicuddy Sonja Mechler Lisa Miele Dawn Lee Mikedes John Militello Patricia Miller Michael Mirabile Antoinette Monk Steven Montes Jambe Moore Anthony Morice Diffy Murataj Marcello Navarra Danita Nolan Brian Nyland Noel Oppedisano Linda Or James Orellano Brian Paduano Steve Pappas Soo Park Keith Passehl Craig Patella Louis Perrotta Michelle Pittari Joseph Platania John Porcaro Brian Potten Kirina Primak Angela Rabayeva Tarsha Randolph Christine Rebele Vinny Recca Pamela Rescigno Carmelina Riggio William Riker Billy Roach Christine Roessler Max Rollo Russell Romano Robert Roseburg Jeanette Ruggieri Jennifer Sala . a fr 2 , 1 .SSH . me -.W is Q53 'X e e . X F S X me X t X i i s sf A... T55 ,X . 3 x X is i ' 2 'x , . S Q , in - -.' ' 'P .'.1J":Q Z J 2 ,,21 3 'X 5 . Qs, :es ,, .5 ' 5 f X ' V lx Vk. .K l , trnn,tt C is 1' Liz Salomon Josephine Sanfilippo John Santoro Kerry Sarasy Mike Schmidt Carolyn Schueler Elizabeth Schwab Selinda Scott Nancy Seip Kim Seltzer Annemarie Siegmund Lydia Small Danny Smith Yvette Soto Jennifer Speary Anthony Stessi Theresa Stumpf Michael Suarez Dan Sullivan Stan Tecza Richard Thompson Tracy Titolo Chris Topf Allan Trason Peter Trautman Gary Umland Maria Vallone Ann Vaughn Kathy Velez Christina Wagner Alyssa Warsinger Laura Wegener Chrisone White Dorian White Eddie Whitmore Desiree Williams Marco Winkler Jeannie Young Annemarie Zioba Lillian Zuber J onel Zungu is so X X 'jx 5 N xg f if s Q NR, '- x ,Q N as New QRS , 1 x as s in ' is X X W- K Y' 4,5 515 N g i f x a 5 W X sk ,,., Wi 5 ..L,, Hifi Q is f .1 f 7mym!e Z, 6 K f X, 1 M l MOi3v-rw CHQVQSMQ ? f,,. i fx Glen Aber Leonard Acolla Charlene Adamo Sabir Adzemovic Danielle Alger Jason Amato Beth Anderson Lenny Anderson Mike Antonucci Vinny Aprea Alex Augsburg Tommy Avezzano Joe Badalamenti Elizabeth Balan Tyrone Baptist Joe Barretta Caterina Bartoli Paul Baumaun Jennifer Becker Michael Becker Joseph Bellone Allen Berscak Lisa Bertorelli Claudia Bob Richard Brandl Flavia Braun Jack Breglia Erik Brown -1:15 -stun new 2-sw Q- asdfjklg informative. :wax K s f M., x to . , 'Oo . sl X u 5 QQ' rm 1 .. .... V its ' ' . 1: 'fi ,M he Q, ,W Y Q Jennifer Costa Kevin Cox Anthony Crish it 1 A visit to the library is always Kenneth Brown Terri Browne Charles Burzynski John Cangialosi Chris Capo Tammy Carney Teresa Caruana Kim Chancellor Norman Chen Vanesia Cherry Rachel Cohen Maurizo Concordia Connie Cord Joe Corda Anthony Cospito Pierre Cum Concetta Cunsolo Frances Cusumano Laura Czerwinski Tamara Davis Noelene de Montagnac Eddie Diaz Robert DiPiazza Joseph DiSa1vo James Doyle Gilbert Englert Elizabeth Eppich Claude Esperson Joey Faivus Chen Kua Fan John Feddern Craig Feltz Tomas Fernandez Sal Ferraro Elvin Flores Marcello Fontes Vance Forste Carolyn Forster Jermaine Frasier Brett Freese Cindy Fuller Hecter Garcia Cesar Geribon ira - f si X --:::. 1 .. X A 1 ww O sg-3 . in Q , 5 lb ,gf J if 1 Q or ES, tsl? its H is. ug ,yi if X? v .W - y 1994-Q 0 Q s 9 dir 1 Concerts always hfted our Tom Giambalvo Peter Giannone Brian Gillespie Frank Giordano Laura Guyer Jeff Gulotta Anne Marie Giudice Philip Gjidoda Violet Gjidoda Gary Gordon Christopher Haggerty Jennifer Hahn Tina Hassellberger Steven Hayes Joseph Hernandez Jose Infante Robert Ingersoll Vincent Innamorata John Ippolito Michelle Irwin Mariuel Izquierdo Robert Jablonowski Karen James Jason Kaas Alex Kaplan Irina Kellerman Sharon Kemnah Harald Kiel Christine Klein Jonathon Klein Jason Konaz Vera Konstantin Meropi Kontogiannis Stacey Koetkamp Jacqueline Kotschenreuther Linda Krische Michael LaForte Daniel LaMalfa Kyle Laverty Steven Lazzari Hyunji Lee Gaetana Leone David Leonforti 4: I make terrific cakes! 1 Volleyball is always intense! Ls? 55 4. Y" 1 B ij ja 5 Y' Sam Mangano Jennifer Manning Lorraine Marchisott Fi . six ,,, ....... .-xx 8. Chris Lilkendey Robert Lindney Marcus Linkert Lily Lee Nicole Lettiere Maria LoGrande Dorel Lotrean Marinel Lotrean Donna Luisi James Lynch Jason Lyver Tony Macaluso Vincent Maffeton John Maggi Antonina Manfre 6 Stephanie Marino Dean Markov Janet Martin Jairo Martinez Maria Martinez Venessa Mazzorano Eileen McClafferty Kevin McKenzie Merridith McNally Peter Mechler Jovan Mijanovia Adrianna Miksa Vinny Milazzo Mary Miliauskas Kyraun Miller Michael Miller Suzana Milosevic Enza Montes Maria Montes Jonathon Moser Debbie Muller Tracey Muller Gerold Mueller Maurice Munnerlyn Selveta Murataj Haslan Muratovic Safet Muratovic Philip Navarra i.: . a X L 1 ' ' ,.,.,., . ' ki . X ., . f X Q4 ' M ' of .gif fa 'K .,::. Q. ff tx . .K ' 5 f A, , J sw -..f i lli I r -- II: ILRSEE " 5 3 rss X Q s X I so 5 s is 'Q F as is QQ. D XIQJ5 .1 2 - -. :za -1 f" project. ,Q 9' qu A Friday afternoon smile. 1 We Worked hard on this ef 01..- -1.5, .l David Rapp Elizabeth Reed Christine Rescigno elven K ,,- 'Mr Maurice Nicholson Joe O'Connor Brett Olm Ann Marie Olofsson Windy Olweck Nicole Palmer Michael Palmeri Sal Pasquetti Jayshree Patel Kavin Patel Ann Mary Pesut Dawn Pendola Rocco Perrotta Melanie Petrone Joseph Pullano Garry Reuter Denise Riehl Michelle Riehl Anthony Rienecker Rosemary Risi Janice Rivera Joanne Rizzo Lisa Romeo Michael Runnells Tim Russ Philip Russert Gabriel Santacreu Steven Santaguida Jason Schaefer Edward Schmania Michael Schmidt Henry Schroeder Birgitt Schuldt Ernest Sclafani Lori Sebastordi Chris Sekosan Maureen Smith Roseanne Smith Tanique Solomon Boris Sosa Kim Spatafora Leon Stepensky Chris Stessi l 'sig a UW- fi .ai si.: - .w llt J 4- 7th Grade Color Guard 1 There's always time for a smile. Q 4 E L I ii Eamon Twomey Marco Valde John Vargas X Arvin Stevens Fabian Stevens Shawn Stewart Jennifer Stierle Susan Stopanjak Vicki Tafuro Edward Tang Mario Tang Desiree Taylor Ramon Then-Medrano Kiarke Thomas Jerome Tomaselli Lisa Torres Timmy Trainer Chris Twachtman Margie Varvaro Josephine Varvaro Ana Vera Michael Verni Nicky Verterano Paul Viana Elsy Villamizar Christine Vodicka Thomas Wagner Christie Wahmann Kristine Walters Tora Warrick Jennifer Wegener John Weissmier Paul Welk Monique Williams Karen Wojtowicz Ryan Wolf Steven Wolf Jason Wulf Michael Zilberg Frank Zustovich Jeannie Zwerenz Faq, UCAN '.fXf. 5 WP: X vxfx.f'Nf'wfT . . K . . . . z . ' 3 1 . 2 L 5 a : A . . . . A . , . 5 : ' 3 4 K 5, a i L Q i i gt: A5 -gpg 55 gni'-5 -5 xg!KE,A5M5,,5,,5,-7,-Q,,Q,-7,,Q,..E,.Q,,Q,-f--Q,.5.-?,-3,A- -7 A - ,L 'T"7"?'?'w"v"v' v' "" " ' jOj,.,jc,fTD,,.:,,C,.,,.,,.6-f,-q-f-,-m.f,.f--6-Q-f,Jm.fA-f-A.n-rs. . . fS3l , ,' 4 '1 58 K ' fxfxl .A ,.X,xf-Xfxfxf-Xfx,-X, X, -xf-xf'w.fX,--x,fxAf-xf1ff-Xfxf-' XV' X: -xf'--J 'X if -X, 'xf '--.f ,Xfxf-X A, - V , ........., . . ,,,3,,,,,,,o-f,-f-,-n-f3-f-5-0.0-1-v , 0 "I .J 0" 8E2 - 8E2f1l WISH YOU il Us THE BEST OF LUCK 152355 77'iCa,l'.gL ' Lqgfafrea. MM? 9-056b6 D mglj, A :fi as ASLQAB Q fx S ,Aon Ppftk S55 ' I 5.06. 1 . v CZJD CMCZ JQMMZNQQ 6 I, 1 I A I I I I , 52't', !1O!cL75,Q 1 I . . 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Abbe and Valerie Geffner Adrianie Serinter Alexandra Scotti Amenities Limoscenes Angela Navarra Angie Cospito Angie Del ado Ann and Bob Salomon Ann Cox Ann Ricci Anna Bono Anna Crisci Anne McGinnis Anthony Giglio Anthony Seriri Antonella, Good Luck! Antonella you finally made it! Antonette Liebald Ardis Albergo Argentina Manfre Augustus Mastrocco Barbara Elia Barbara Veterano Bauman D. Best of Luck and wishes, Dolores, Danny. Best wishes Best wishes for success John. Best wishes from your library. Birgitt Schuldt Bhavna Bhayani Bob and Lorraine Miller Brian Howard Buddy and Moonshine Camilla Ciauatta Carmella Calise Carmen Melendez Caruana Family Catherine Viana Cecilia Amato Ray and Charles Loves Christa Charlie Hinz Chris Hag erty Chrisone White Christa Voelker Christine and Michelle Christine Churchill Family Claudia Bob Commodore Kid Congratulations Congratulations Antonella. Congratulations Arlien! Congratulations Cherice You are a daughter with man talents. e know ou'll do Well in our future. Love, Dad, om John and Michael Congratulations to the 1985 graduating class. From Class 7E1 Debbie McGinnis De Paola Family Diane Haneseth Diane Mills Good Luck Joyce. D.J.S. Dolores Hasselberger Dolores Perez Dom Affatato Dorothy Affatato Doreen, Christi, Lauren, Dorothy Anderson Dotty McKenna Eamon Twomey Carol, we did it! Congratulations class of '85! Con atulations from Mrs. Asperas. gf . Congratulations Granddau hter "De De". E Congratulations John Barbes. Congratulations John Hargrove. Congratulations, Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Family. Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations "Congrats" from Karen love Nana. Mr. Kronenberg. 9th Graders. 9th Graders de Mantagnac Renee! Roxanne and Joseph! Susan. to all graduates from 9El! to all graduates. to Russell Romano. Mrs. L. Corazon S. Cocuzza Daisy loves Dennis Very Much. Daniel J. Ricci Danita Scatti David Leonfort David Ng Dawn Makarok D. Bob Debbie Davies Debbie and Diana Best friends forever. Eddie Whitmore Edward McGinnis Eileen Carey Elizabeth Schwab Ellen Rapacevick Ellen Warrick Emily Chin Emma Rafic Eppick Family Eric Howard Esterhams - The Legend Lives. Eugene Crisci Florence Wojciechowski "For a wild and crazy guy" J.F. For Nadalie Foyio Sum Ng Fracesca and Anthony Frances Hinz Francis Ip olito Frank D. gutak Frankie says - "Re1ax!" From the Srodias - Good Luck! Full Life For All. G.L.Y.U.K. God Bless you Deidra. Good D and C friend forever. Good Luck from A.M Good Luck Antonella Good Luck Birgitt, Marie, Liz and Carrie. Good Luck Blue Eyes! Good Luck Brigitte Love Mom and Dad. Good Luck Christa, Dareen, and Lauren. Good Luck Danny Good Luck Debbie Good Luck Denise. Good Luck 8E2. Good Luck Manuel and Aurelia. Good Luck Gabriel S. Good Luck in High School - Audrey Diaeen. Good Luck in High School Mark. Love Brother Jason. Good Luck Marco. Good Luck Mark, cousins Justine and Karen. Good Luck Marie 9E1. Good Luck Mark. Good Luck 9th Graders, The Pendola Family. Good Luck Renee Good Luck Sal Gattuso - Mom and Dad. Good Luck Selinda, Dawn M. Good Luck to all the graduates. Good Luck to my girl Deidra Maurice N. Good Luck to our Graduating Class. Good Luck, You'll need it! Grandma Kakis Grandma McGinnis Happy Birthday Justine! Helga and Frank Marangullo Henry Stucky Hi! Ho! Silver! Away! Hi! Mrs. Millie loves C.G. and C.P. Hi Knicke Hodurski Family I knew you could do it! Ilana Voross I love Chris! I love Michael Jackson! I love Ricky! Iris Green Iron Maiden Tour '85 It's about time. Love Jo Lorraine Tryonas Lots of luck! Lydia J. Kramer Marcello Navara Marco - lil Mardelize Bralm Margie Hargrove Jr. Mar , we wish you the best of everything. We know you will make us proud of you. Love, Mommy and Daddy. Maria Callica Maria, Cathy, Gagnon Maria Villamizar Maria Marinaro Margie Hargrove Marilyn loves Michael! Mariana Rivera Marie Guiolice Marie Jannicola Mario Tang Mary Ann Calise Mary Lord Mary Pesut Maura Twomey Maureen Topf May your future be bright! May your life be filled with happiness Meredith McNally Mike Howard Jackie Jackie Mansueto Scotti Janine Scotti Jennie McGinnis Joan O'Connor Joanne Joanne Siegmund Joe Sreckavich Joseph Gamble Joey Platania John John John John John John John John DeLeo good luck in H.S. , B. Varass Harris Liebald P. Vaross Sreckavich Wojciechaivshi M-n-M . .. forever. Mr . Caraccio Mr. Flannery We leave a Nikon! Mr. Hasselberger Mr. Ingersole Mr. N. Cirulnick Mr. Parrelil 8E2 - Keith Mr. Thomas Guadagno Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Stewart Mr. 8: Mrs. Gratkowski Mr. 8: Mrs. James J. Jaros Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph A. Doria Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Riehl Mr. 8: Mrs. John Zito 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Kortkamp Mr. 8: Mrs. Man Yui Tang Joseph R. Gram Josephine Varass Joy F. Schwartz Joyce Sorentino Judith Limpert Katherine Locasto Kevin Patel Keep Smiling Jen Keep up the good work Antonella Kenneth J. Kramer Kenny Hinz Kim and Tracy love Mario Kim Chancellor King Arthur Lives! K. Izzo Konaz Family Kristina Scatti Larac Ilemagus Laretta De Vita Laura Myers Laurie Carnaia Lenore Lettiere Let your life shine. Lillian Wang Lillie 8: Myer Barbes Lil' Puff 8: Buch. Linda Becker Lisa-8:-Cheryl Little T. loves Artie! Lilyanne LaForte Liz loves Steve Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Freese Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Mirabile Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Jerenicz Mr. 8: Mrs. Murray Schwartzman Mr. 8: Mrs. N. Leibowitz Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Judge Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Forste Mr. 8: Mrs. Schmutzler Mr. 8: Mrs. Winkler Mrs. Carney Mrs. Connie Martuco Mrs. Dastin Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Dietz - Dynasty's loss! Dietz - from your secret admirer. Evans Harriet Chapnik H. Fagan Hogans Kenrich Mrs. Kriegel Mrs. Moore Mrs. Mrs. Willie A. Robinson Yee Ngan Ding Ms. Albergo Ms. Albergo Ms. Albergo Myra Acker Nancy DiFarca Nat Amore 9E1- Le mejor class de J 119! 9E1- Basketball Champs - 119! 9E1- Best that carried all the rest! 9E1- Class to be followed! 9E1- Most successful fund raisers! 9E1- Most versatile class! 9E1- Candy Sale Winner! 9E1- We're just great! Only the best for this class! Patricia Faivus Patricia Hum hries Patricia Mc Gillicuddy Patricia Westerblade Patty Ann Ga liardi Patty Westerblade Perrotta "Pete 8: Pal" Peter Ng Philip Crisci Ranger Rule Redmen Rule - 41 Richard Westerblade R.M.- Black is definitely your color! R.M.- Even in plaid you'd be a 10! Robert Duncan Ron Simonetti Ronald 8: Marcus Linkert Ronnie Mattali Rosaria Mansueto Rose Gericke Roseanne Smith Run, run, DMC! Ruth Becker Sally Mansueto Sal Minichiello Sal Palmeri, Pres. School Based Support Team Selma Gortler Simon Mansueto Sonia Howard Special S. 8: Reyaz, perfect lovers. Stanley 8: Mary Ann Gratkowski Stephanie Camoia Stephan Santaguida Susan 8: Vicki, friends forever. Suzana Miloserri Tammy Warner Tanique 8: Chrisone Teresa 8: Roseanne Teresa Caruana Teresa Feddern The Cuzzo Family The Eck Family The Giannone Family "The Happy Hunter" The Hock Family The Hogan Family The LaFleur Family The Malane Family The Marino Family The Miller Family The perfect guy The Riehl Family The Wagner Family The WHO Thomasivo Duncan Tim Warner Tirzaha Davis To Chris 8: Pam, Joyce To Chris, love sis. To Dawn: Remember Sal To Roxanne, love Mom 8: Dad Valerie A. Reed Van Halen til! Vera Konstantin Vicki Williams Victoria Friscioni 111 Vincenza Guardino - Good luck! Vincent Innamorata Vinny 8: Jennifer 9-21-84 Vinny-N-Lori Virginia Farrell Waan Wo Chi Walter Eberlein Walter Wojciechaivski Way Family Way to go Imp, 9E1. Vllgay to go Lorraine, Debbie, Renee 8: Teresa 9 1. We're proud of you! We finally made it! We knew you would make it. We love you. We will return! '83 Well hello there. What's up Maureen? When in doubt, wear plaid - J.F. William Fagan William 8: Janice Martin William Riker You are my fantasy! You can do it James! You finally made it. - Mom 8: Dad. WALSWORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MARVHLINE MIHHOURI ll H A .11 s nw :frm f X lx' Q,-rfgffla Q- ,-.--,wg--4,..:..,,..,,.. Y.,.1,,.,m ,. , ., ,. . . ' s.sLg.sfu.,.,, 'ef-,1,-xezgfw: .--w- .-'A rf- sg- f?"f.i-Y ,K-fvff :ww was-fxtfd -fwwwfw.-a vw- 1-g?n.4 - ., . ..4, ,li 1 - V, Y -f , . .5 ,, 1 Q , ,. . ,- -J , V, ,-.W,, ,K gwa., if-pin A MIS, ,L - --Af-M f.4-,.f.,- -, A g..1.,...Q .W -,N - , , , V, if A "' W' 'fvm 5-Y' Div-7.'w-s'ffvwfff:-f31ifff.Qzv-.,.':'5-1Zf V X' - .- N-' f' , ,iv -W, ,,1A,4:.,,, WV L, -,L , ,

Suggestions in the Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) collection:

Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 55

1985, pg 55

Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 15

1985, pg 15

Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 9

1985, pg 9

Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 9

1985, pg 9

Glendale Junior High School - Glendalier Yearbook (Queens, NY) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 42

1985, pg 42

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