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WW M ,fffwyfwfw ' W' lf M XX 'L s, W my M M Ng wgbff W X50 2 J . K?f'0f'J' L9 MP' J MPA NJ 'EW PQ' .V NM N yi v S29 Wa JXNV' ,I , N05 'gf' . x.-n Wg, i U if UW A 2? IL fi ."!f feb A 5 W WW V LA REATB f o f V' ' 51 we-ie Em A, i 4 . 1955 -57 lgll Sw s L A ' 1 A hs V I X ffl l M alle ft, looaa , , , Q gill? A l 4 W ,lg I Q' 3 Y L ...L J!! N 5 X. Q Q 1. is F 1 L rt F: X 'Z v X 5 ,. ' ' x X fx V 1 . ' ' . . ..1,:,ae...' XX I A ff E gf S Q10 , .?h'....., if .I to '- , X 5 A 4 , 1 X ,5 f H 4 o , f , ',' ' If ' l , i , E N x l 'l ll, ll A -El A , Xxx l ll J 5 ll X , .it ,VXI 17. I l .lx l l 'Q llll V ' X' , lg, rl jx 'NNYAN . l l , Z I XX 1 ' L V 'I l ' N- ' ' 4 X, V I Hifi! ,Ni l l l s Nix! ll ..-Eg'--l l . K l -l lf: I 'lf' . 'lf l Q ll Aggie f D V2.1 fbyjfi .J A ' ,ll 'ffl ' f l Publlsned Annually ' , ,,..,i,, M, 4: X 4 , by ' ,jfff lf 7 J ll .i ff f' U l The Associated Sfudenf Body f J Glendale College I f lg l T ift 1151. U LIUEFE, MZ? One hundred twenty-five eager students and nine hope- ful faculty members officiated atlthe birth of Glendale's first iunior college, September 19, 1927, in the building ofthe old Glendale Union High School. The class of 1927 was an energetic group, and it swiftly organized clubs and athletics and began building the foundation ofa mighty institution. Bill Brooke was elected president of the Associated Students, and student government began with a strong start. Under the direction of Normal C. Hayhurst, director of physical education, track, baseball, swimming and tennis teams started a tradition of applauding victory and accepting defeat with honor that has carried through to this present day. Before the first year was over the class of 1927, under the leadership of President Brooke, sponsored many social events and activities. It had a Thanksgiving simgzms .7 Pmewr 'vin-:.ssw:'4f.1' 'fii prom, which was soon followed by a successful Yuletide Dance. The dance was decorated in a Christmas motif. Soon after followed the Baldy snow party and many sport dances. ln 1929 three events of lasting importance to the college served to open the school year. Charles A. Nelson was appointed dean, a printed, four column weekly news- paper was inaugurated, and Frank Wykoff, America's foremost track man, chose Glendale Junior College as the right place to continue his education. The whole country heard of Glendale Junior College and respected it. His appearance did more for the young school than almost any other factor. Overshadowing all other athletic events, Captain Wy- koff's team of track men won the Southern California Junior College track and field championships, the all conference meet, and numerous other honors that brought a great deal of attention to the young school. mf lD1v' fi mwmwmwviwtvi . In 1929, Charles A. Nelson was ap- pointed dean of the college. 'B-L of I I 1 E The first college class met in the building of the old Glendale Union High School. ln 1930, The junior college moved into The old building on Harvard and Louise STreeTs, and vvhaT a Thrill iT was To have The school in a building by iTself. T T Hsu? '5:isM,,,,3- , .4 51 wdwlefimfigggfg Qi! :TM "' ve 'L .1 -,.. ' . V ,ef , V M A H g - MIM- gg We gg is g c T 4, T Md-L' -'flies-:M f-f4 pg :Signer ., A Mi s . tb T , , f . ,V 1m.,,.,gM ,-,, .K e beaufiful adminisTraTion building of ' campus as iT is Today. ,T is L Where The audiToriurn sTands Today was The school parking loT in 1937. JA' E G jEE.EEi'rrE The purpose of The Women's ATh!e'ric Associofion is To foster ci spirit of friend- ly sportsmanship oimong The women of The junior coilege. Here is o phofogrciph Token of The 1930 Wornen's Afhlefic Association. Members of The Women's Glee Club in 1930 spent mosT of Their Time working on The college opereTTca. Here is Q photograph of The groducwing closs of 1931. NoTice all The new sTyles. A pie-eoTing conTesTwc1s quiTe The popu- lcar evenT on compus in The 193O's. As you corn see here everyone seems To be holving Cl grcxncl Time. 'Wu xx ,. m l While old glory was being carried proudly info war, Glendale College also flew The stars and srripes. LA A is o 1 Campus dances were very popu lar among the servicemen. The college canteen was a pop- ular place for geT-Togefhers and was sponsored by The student body. These dances were sponsored by the Women's Associated Students. This soldier surely has the right idea of spending his leave while at home. Dances were often backwards dur- ing the war years, tor most of the boys were away in the service. The servicemen fill the coatrack with their hats. 'Q 5 3 af" The consirucfion of the Glenddle College Auditorium began in 1948. Construction on The auditorium went on rapidly. Dill!!!-ll ii 1948 sow the - O I 8 I ,Hx W of A - 1 AQRLYZI, 1948 5 fi NH. xf14'f'5' ' 34" uf"a?'i'a'n'fi'5f,?g- A aQfii' : agua 'Qf'wEwf..,,, in Qing fra in g?i.Q3!Q?'Q?a9g3a:a:uwuiS'QSiwyQ,4 i at H I if-1-ffumitmuecig X,-al, completion at the auditorium. Students were eager to see the completion of the auditorium. A parking lot was used as the site for the new auditorium, f' f:' an ' UU GAM U5. Qi il! f 3 'M , .- K inmate 'ff ivws-fda-5.4-1a ...- QMQL, J- - if 'gin-5-1"'af A NesTled among The green hills and Towering oaks, The AolminisTraTion Build- ing compleTes a brighT picfure in The seTTing sun. 5 gf, -w"f""" LAM US ww A panorama . T-'l' ll ,. ' ' , T' T ..,,- . T Akhw T A ,, , 'T' T' T " --" ' W' " ' ' 44" ,W ,, . - '-2 E " 1 ,QL K if 5' '.',' -'fl ' . ,wiki .-.V T'T, H llll , 5 VL I ,, H N . .h ,, lell T f T " .f:'n 'E""' FT 'Ez '-" F 3'?l5' ::' "5 'F ,. fs J f - '-. . ,, A ' . A - 'lla H i 5 A V9 I T ,L,,,,,,. .xkh 3 , r.L,,. A ,,.. .,,,A, J "'T T T ..,.. ' J ' ""' 'T - k,K:-, 1 ' + '7 -Q W5 5,5 aff of the campus i l As the tlag comes down twilight shadows tall on Ad ministration and Auditorium buildings. ALMA MATER Enshrined among Verclugo Hills. Upon the broad highway, Our Alma Mater rests secure And rules our hearts always. The towering oak and olive Encircle her with green, And from the heights of Ras Marsad The distant sea is seen. We love her trails of yellow, Her roots of brightest red, The sun shines always on her brow, The sky is blue overhead. And though our feet may wander, Our hearts will e'er return to her, Our college on the hill. --Dr. Ernest Hawkes iii J fi ijw of .IJ 11.0.1 M , li, VW W ' W T LXOLZT iiifisiegissiis 13:5 532 R i i , were dancing The biackbonom and CharIesTon To such big bands as Harry James, Duke EIIingTon, and The Dorsey broThers. A Top vocalisT , of ThaT period was Rudy Valle, From it . This Fiapper Era, Through depressions, ' wars, and a changing world, col- lege sTudenTs are sTiII dancing. Today, however . , . f fllfjf Q 1 ,ffl s is My ff -:fa 1 r 1, we V J K l ' , T , .U LLJ 4 5 , g g g , Q , ' ul' W''4J'rjl c'l g5Wii, , T ,QQ f I I I F N' K Vkk,V . I K In V. I A ,l ,l.l .J Al , J 1' ,m-' f",, i , ' i t ' , i JF'L ,s,s ,,i si,siii 1+4'i,p1fs T i'-f sfRjg?"t'jffr,s-5gVe,4' lflw5r',f! XX4 -4 isii if l T ,fi ,il,ssil, l il,s 7k il i i,iilsii rV.L,V VVLL , VKVVVV LV .V The Thunderbird replgces The Model is L,'VA 1 il' ' h 'mAd fi dm'V f ' T's, bop and rock and roll edges ddhy .','ed g , ' out the Chorleston cinol lolcickbottom, ' eh, L hheV'edd 1 . and todoy's music groups gre The TZTTA V ThV TTTT ' ' Four Freshmen, Dove Brubeck, George fl V' L T V L Sherring, with such singers Us June T T K Christy, Julie London, King Cole, ond ll ,Qi gigilg.. i,Vl' 71 V V V N is Beloltonte. One thing con eosily be , ll l ' g .N seen, ond thot is college students r l T T fl remciin locisicolly the some even T g . though times may chcinge. ' flu ' " I n nil I, 4 fwfr: fl Eng bfwl -irllflj LWT ,vi --Q ,J :D ,Uv-l T 1 cfffff' f f,1lVf" f if ,pf I 'f 'Al fn g:'P'1V" LBS B "Miss Vivian Thomas is posed aT The side of one of The new modern road- sTers, a Tour passenger iob, which is aTTracTing a loT of aT'renTion from The Throngs aT The AuTo Show."-Los An' geles Times, March 2, T927 Giving ouT musically wiTh The iive-beaf Fred Skinner enTerTains aT a i932 assembly. T6 i 5. I Wi if e--s 3 During The l94O's, College War Bond booThs were seT up on- Campus. , K E i . 3 A scene from one of The many plays presenTed on Campus in The l93O's. me hp Many sTuclenTs enioy relaxing around The audi Torium during free Time. STudenTs plan for The fuTure wiTh The help of The counseling office. - ,.-, 114, ,esfifwi g"1E-myjg-5 g 'f' i . .4J,, ,. . W '-'rf' -J Q S4 ,Y Financial maTTers are Taken care of in The sTudenT accounTing office. Elvis Presley, The rock and roll king of The year. Ino- M. I-'l'a"',,.f"' , ,-f""'M 1 ll " ' ,, 0, 1 an if -. if '.,1 ,v"'A' For thirty years, Glendale College has been steadily enlarging with its community, until today her facilities are better than ever. The students who have graduated have gone on, many ot them, to complete their educations in higher universities, others have found useful and contribu' tive careers in their communities. All have added to Glendale College's reputation ot high scholastic standing and community service. With the completion ot the new Campus Center Building, Glendale College has once again ex- panded to meet modern demands. In the future, she expects to continue to do so. For it is in the tuture that the youth ot today will expand and torvvard the march ot progress. We, the students at Glendale College, dedicate the 1957 Le Reata to that concept: the future. ff 15-'Q 'tr ' qv' ,-H E 5 2 1 "S Xa C 52 2 6 5 3 gk - NE-:Tj-5' E31 ! I FACULTY X Q X x X , Gerhard E. Ehmann Director Carl E. McConnell Regisfrar The executive officers of Glendale Col- lege are a commirfee having many func- tions. All of These funcfions sfem from one basic aim, Tha? of service To The Teachers and The sTuolenTs. John S. Kreider Dean of Instruction With such an aim ot service the functions are necessarily varied to the degree that the needs arise. Among the functions, to mention a few, are the passing on student petitions tor excep- tions to rules, approving admissions, suspension and dismissal of students, arrangement of the school schedule, and the planning of the school calendar. fe., a wr' L Harold B. Cochrane Head Counselor Gustav Albracht Chemistry, Mathematics Robert D. Belknap lnstrumental Music Florence Eggert Egbert D. Fisher English, Spanish Physics R . Aisfsjmimilqdbury Everett Fisher Lois H. Flint Electronics Psychology Arthur C. Brady English, Speech Harold L. Brewster Radio Prod., Speech X , mfs... ...iw ' 'F Gene Cahoon Aviation Mechanics Beautord Chambless Aviation, Geography Winitred E. Champlin Cofhcirmcnf Hecmhu Virginia M. Gasparotti Charles H. Gibsor and PhY5'CC'I Fduccmon English, Journalism Social Sciences 5 E B il Channing Clark Aviation a Mark C. Doyle F Social Sciences E 3 it its Qu Ercil W. Adams English l .3 E James G. Bouey 5 .5 Biological Sciences Eleanor Gobrecht James E. Gonzales Collin S. Guilmette Harley J. Haden Fletcher M. Haight Rlghord C Horohsoh iglish, Theater Arts Drafting Social Sciences Physics Engineering Psychology Philosophy Mathematics Trade Leroy T. Herndon Ralph L. Johns James L. Jonas W. Mack Jones Grace King l.OI'0n W KITCh Zounselor, Spanish Philosophy, Psychology Social Sciences Radio, Television Counselor, English Biological Sciences s. 6 4Mv ' h - 1 ,fd , Art ur Krause Z Ll f Commerce Vlarguerite F. Kitch Geography Mathematics Dorothy E. Klotz French, Spanish 55557-3a'f7 Mathematics, German XJ .WW lltl ' athemags VSV is Ellis M. Levine Social Sciences Ella L. Lillie fuer A N hester Ly h m. Purcell Mayer Fine Arts Jack E. McCreary Home Arts, Social Sciences and .lima Cy William E. McDonald Lucille S. McLane Fred R. McMahon, Jr. Counselor, Health and Physical Theater Arts, Speech Social Sciences Education Sherman C. Miller Elizabeth Neal Loyd Noble Commerce Public Health Nurse Chairman, Division of Business Training, Commerce, Law Murray Mesec Clement D. Meserve Dixie Michelgor Health and Physical Geology, Paleontology, Commerce Education Mineralogy, Mathematics k ig I Russell F. Norman Derrill Place N. Althu, Rasmus Commerce English Social, Sciences ' . V Q V ,1 .- 'Q V F .r l s'W 1 3 JJ' i tx I K F. Pamela Reeve Counselor, Fine Arts C. William Reinhard Physical Education John Shively, Jr. Machine Shop Donald V. Spagnoli Chairman, Division of Social Science, Social Science Albert I. Smith Architecture, Art Joseph F Stone Halsey P. Taylor Aviation Director ot Employment, Social Science and Work Experience Dr. Carroll W. Thompson Physics Robert E. Thomsen Chairman, Division ot Photography, Art, Fine and Applied Arts Kenneth Spivey Mabel Teed Commerce COrT1l'T1eI'Ce Helen C. Steele Health and Physical David L. Titchenal Education Co-Chairman, Division of Health and Physical Education, Athletics Thomas Toohey Librarian Craig A. Townsend, Jr. Science Edward B. Tucker Health and Physical Education Park L. Turrill Chairman, Division ot Science and Mathematics, Chemistry tif? 0z5'.4fw'21f Alhert D. Vance Aviation and Engineering Edward M. Vargo Aviation Clarence Veltman Science, Mathematics Merrie Jo Warne Biology Ella Woodrow Home Arts Joel C. Youngquist, Jr. Social Science Gerald N. Allen Egbert D. Fischer Chairman, Divison ot Languages Physics and Literature, English lOn leave ot absencel Abram A. Androtf C. Lorene Fritch Testing Service, Counseling Louis Gross Martin Mondrus Art Robert Morris Machine Shop Helen Schee Health and Physical Education Art Nursing Arts Emily M. Bloomfield Anna Frances Isle Clarence O. Wilson Chemistry Home Arts Carpentry, Woodshop W. K. Bowers Gwen M. Kennedy Milton B. Young Aviation Counselor, Commerce Choral Music Robert W. Brown Florenze K. Mane Art Commerce Fredrick Carlson Sherman C. Miller Aviation Mechanics Commerce ,7 W f l' Qiffy ,A PM W QW Wt Mft N if Without the people above Glendale College would have difficulty operating a single day. They are, left to right, Margaret Sutton Bertha Nelson Ruth Campbell, Ellamae Towers, Minta Newell, Kathryn de Graaf, Nancy Finley, Lois Bay, Judith Peterson, Margaret McElroy Carolyn Moser and Bonita Dodds. Other members of the Glendale College Staff who are absent from the picture are Margaret Anderson Judith Mlslay Alta Mae Olson, Virginia Putney, and Julia Rossall. ii . Members of Associated Women Students for 1956-57 included, Front row: Joyce Archinal, Mary Lawrence, Joanne Wulf, Sandra Miller. Elizabeth Haden, Joann Ruckman, Laila Halsteen, and Mary Macarthur. Second row: Karen Steel, Connie Whitesell, Dianne Aitken, Mary Jane Croxall, Marilyn Gulbrandson, Nancy Swan, Mariane McDavid, Jan Selby, and Mary Macaulay. Back row: Linola Ford, Janet Thomsen, Shirley Horton, Sue Dohrse, Betty Yartym, Judy Batchelor, Diana Dent, Cindy Croesen, Ellen Stinson, Rosemary Tedesco, and Mrs. Elsie Bishop, advisor to the group. Mernbers of Associated Men Students for 195667 included, Front row: David Sleter, Doug Smith, Ray Tostodo, Bill Low- ther, and Stan Ross. Second row: Keith Holden, Roger McGookin, Dave Crow, Bob Gooby, and Dick Fox. Back row: Dave Miller, Sherman Kearl, Tony Pace, Jay Albertson, Larry Auzene, Keith McCormick, and Mr. Charles Danforth, ad- visor to the group. Mary Jane Croxall Jean Ferguson Marilyn Gulbrandson Paul Kirwin T ...if if My X LX ti.. in .Jr X .-1 Joanne Wulf rr 1 I 'A:,.MxLlf Mary Lawrence Bill Lowther Sandy Ramsey Carole Rounds Francis Smith Kennie Jo Walker Gloria Walpus Mary Ann Wood Members ot the Glendale College Legislature during the first semester were: Back row: Mr. J. W. Smith, Joycelyn Reitschneider, Kennie Jo Walker, Richard Allegretti, Roger McGookin, Jerry Reamer, Bill Balingit. Middle row: Francis Smith, Mary Jo Croxall, Gloria Walpus, Joanne Ruckman, Robert Gooby, Ray Tostado, Janet Thomsen. Front row: Joanne Wulf, Sherman Kearl, Paul Kirwin, Don Carthey, Mary Ann Wood, Carole Rounds. Q JlaQJi-lid AS President ..,......... Francis Smith AS Vice-President .... Mary Jane Croxall AS Corresponding Sec. .... Lynne Kriske AS Recording Sec. .r,.... Gloria Walpus AS Directors: .., W, YH.. .,,,, 4 Q will!!! t'Q'f!h 'E " f L, .. . Social Activities ........, Jim Jewett Assemblies, ........,.. Nick Thomas Publications, ......... Carole Preninger Publicity ,............... Gloria Gage Health and Safety ....,.... Jim Crevier AS Treasurer .,..... .. .Carole Rounds AS Commissioners: Elections .....,, . . .Roger McGookin Conference .... . . .Joyce Reifscheider Planning ....... .. .Kennie Jo Walker Special Events ,....., . .Jerry Reamer Secretary Men's Athletics Richard Allegretti Secretary Women's Athletics AS Representatives at Freshman Class: Janet Thomsen Large: Sherman Kearl Paul Kirwin Mary Ann Wood Joanne Wulf Don Carthey President ..... ...... R ay Tostado Vice-President ...... S. Douglas Smith Sec.-Treasurer. . , . . .Sandy Ramsey Sophomore Class: President ...,..... George McDonald Vice-President ..,...... David Walsh Sec.-Treasurer. . , . . .Sharon Cooper Inter-Club Council: President ....... ...... B ill Balingit Vice-President ...... S. Douglas Smith Sec.-Treasurer ,... ...,.... B ev Bush AWS President .,...... Joanne Ruckman Vice-President. . . .Marilyn Gulbranson Corresponding Sec.. . .Mary Lawrence Recording Sec. ........ Jean Ferguson AMS President ..... Vice-President. . . Sec.-Treasurer. . . . . . Robert Gooby .. .Bill Lowther . . ,Tony Pace Mary Jane Croxall V " ' ' ii' Dick Fox A Laila Halsteen Keith Holden ,V se -Q- -"' 0,414 Sandra Miller Sherie Peterson Jerry Reamer Carole Rounds Joanne Ruckman AS President .....v,..... Jerry Reamer AS Vice-President ...... Joanne Ruckman AS Corresponding Secretary AS Recreational Sec.. . .Mary Ann Wood AS Di recto rs: Social Activities ........ Janet Dallas Assemblies .....,,,.... Nick Thomas Publications .....,.. Carol Shoemaker Public Relations .,.. Kennie Jo Walker Health and Safety ...,... Jerry Barry AS Treasurer ,,.......,, Carole Rounds AS Commissioners Elections ....,..... . . .Ray Tostado Conferences. ........... Bill Kreger Planning .....,.. Marianne MacDavid Special Events .,...... Sherman Kearl Secretary of Men's Athletics Secretary of Women's Athletics AS Representatives at Large: Freshman Class: President ..,.......,.. Vice-President ....... Secretary-Treasurer. , . . , . Sophomore Class President. ........ . . Vice-President ..... Elizabeth Skoglund Secretary-Treasurer, , .Sharon Shannon Associated Women Students: President .,....... Mary Jane Croxall Vice-President ....,.. Bonnie Kenmuir Associated Men Students: President ,..,...... Roger McGookin , Vice-President. . . ...... ,Dick Fox A Mary Ann Wood Members of the Glendale College legislature during the second semester were, front row, left to right: Sandy Miller, Ray Tostado, Marianne MacDavid, Laila Halsteen, Jerry Reamer, and Roger McGookin. Second semester, Dean Smith, Joanne Ruckman, Carole Rounds, Joanne Wulf, Sherman Kearl, Mary Ann Wood anol Judy Haselfield. In the third row: Keith Holden, Tony Pace, Don Carthey, Dick Allegretti, Mike Logan, Mary Jane Croxall and Bill Kreger. K .W V .8 -. ,f f , . IZ! -:iff . -V Qfiff .--' 1 v -l",, k ,..f- M J 2467- JiA"Q'f ,. .. M. ,. . , X 'I 077 2' Q- ar , .3 "Hi m:' f 'f GC If if ,f ,0- 1 F y 'lv 'fel Q, .0 I 0 J ,M 41 116 f Y f.?E'1:,,,n-I ' mx mn JE f ' ' ' f T 1E4 5 f f T f g ff i m ,4 J 1 J 1 'L sz I 3 SUPHUMURES f--X 5 MSB I lu. -H f ll R all MW? im, .1 2 'Eff :Tix ' m -'- .vy r ' xi IX ,!L. LX XXP' Q .QI gn N Z, ' ,- - 4, t X ,,,,,,,, fi in Sandra Miller Vice President William G. Reinhard Advisor GEORGE MCDONALD Sophomore Class President As Glendale College has enlightened The minds ot The people of this community for the past Thirty years, so Too, it has sharp- ened our intellectual powers and prepared us To achieve in those fields ot endeavor where by we might be ot the greatest service To ourselves, our community and to our fellowmen. lt is with this thought and attitude that we should leave Glendale College and proiect ourselves To higher achievements. May we always remember the ioys shared Together. fl rf V-il flfl gt E 30 5 V ASU LIE IA S I Q In 'Z My congraTulaTios To The Sophomore Class Tor iTs compleTion of Two years of ocademic work. I would like To Take This oppor- TuniTy, on behalf of The oTher class officers cmd myself, To Thank you for The splendid cooperaTion and school spiriT you hove given in all of The Sophomore Class acTiviTies This year: IT has been an honor To serve you as your class presidenT and I hope you will remember your years aT Glendale College wiTh much enioymenT. JOANNE WOLF Sophomore Class President Q X 'il Iiasidem .. My iii K, i Q Absent when pictures were Taken were Sharon Cooper and Sharon Shannon. These Two girls served os The secretary-Treosurers for Firsf ond Second Semesters. i lfl iil V EBSQ elif? Sophomores, pride and envy of lower classmen, participate in making the year a successful one for Glendale College. Sophomores are leaders in extracurricular activities. The offices of president and vice-president of the Associated Student Body are always filled by students of sophomore standing Fun at the annual sophomore Valentine Dance held in February, '57, will always be remembered by the students who attended. At this event Bob Gooby was named "Big Man of the Year." The heavenly music of the dance band . . . Students could have danced all night! Dianne Aitken ,lgy Albertson Fashion Design Public Relations Al Anderson Joyce Archinal General Education Art 51-1 M " ' F' Q . . 545133 'V 4 r,' oiifdgt, tit? 'rg :kat-':,,igg4 xo- of Lawrence Auzene Education Diane Brent an Business Martha Bryan Elementary Education Janet Butland Secretarial E? y Marilyn Basolo Judith Batchelor Secretarial Education l E' I F' rv' ,.. g Music prevails as members of the college choir rehearse a musical number. QUQ Thelma Carrington Pat Cassidy Serafino Ciarrocchi Joanne Clicker Vocational Nursing Secretarial Aeronautics General Education i Darlene Collins Education David Crow Engineering Mary Jane Croxall Education Nxory Sue Davis Foshkon Deskgn Robert Dkckerson Buskness fia Andrea De Pomphihs Chodes De Nlore ' Buskness Mechonkcd Engmeer NxXchoeN Dohrse Sokemg Dorxkgon Hectronkcs GerxercX Education Prepflr' - 'ng f fund their Cilrxfir subseque amy CIGSS in? goolf Geor riguing ge Gel Und exe, Ones G 'fing nd Rowan . d For d HDS Aitken assists Carol. f 'ne Hill Donald Dustin Education George Eger Political Science Roberta Elderkin Education T071 in ad lusting h dress pon ern Jean Esposito General Education .lean Ferguson Secretarial Charles Fisher Dentistry Sophomores contribute to the friendly atmosphere ap- parent at Glendale. It is they who, busy with their own activity, stop to direct or advise questioning new stu- dents on the campus. Sophomore girls were on hand to welcome "little sisters" at a get-acquainted tea held early in the semester. Howdy Day found sophomore men doing their part to make new students feel at home at Glendale. Charles Florange Business Richard Fox General Education Gloria Gage Education Eva Gallagher Business Robert Gaby Physical Education David Greenbaum Business Maxine Gross Secretarial Marilyn Gulbrandson Education 15 21. Honor Haase Home Economics Betty Haden Social Work Helping hands were extended by the sophomores who took part on Vaaueritos Day. Some, as student body officers, spoke at the assembly to inform new students of college activities. Others, as members of A.W.S. and A.M.S., served refreshments to new students and further acquainted them with the functions of the student bocly organization. one than I' bene fe dS G heo O e that TW ugre . 'ner . H" d J'm k on MG' Joe clio' ffl G res' . fo H skdh the we c0m they as M S f'lOger Ed cddw Anbn UCOff O17 Holvnle-in Ed ucof Mor 7 Educofi O17 GWGI7 Hlbks 550 mbw Nc-fo! ' Cl! IS His-ber SbQbkDHU Juhe Herron lon I yn Hayes Sbmbhhkv Paul Kirwin Education Merrill Lish Psychology William Lowther General Education Mary Lawrence Education William Lockhart Meteorology Mary Macarthur Education Florence Holland Secretarial Mary Ingle Secretarial Jane Jett Nursing Joyce Johnson Nursing Eugene Keech Law Bonnie Kenmuir Elementary Education Mary Macaulay Virginia Maguire Education Education T.. ,IN ,f t i l ? , 'A asi- , 4 Gayle Melendy Sandra Miller Education Education Carol Matheson Education Diane Maxwell Airline Hostess George McDonald Education Carol Mclnnes Education Diane Pohlman Design Sophomores, we admire you! You have organized well. Committees are busy planning for caps and gowns, decorations, gitt, baccalaureate, music, publicity, pro- grams and announcements, class will and prophecy, and other details of graduation. In spite of the social respon- sibility laid upon you as upper classmen, you are com- pleting a strenuous year ot study. Sophomore academic work, in many cases, has been more difficult than that of the preceding year, yet most of you are doing well. You are a worthy pattern tor all who will follow. Linda Morris Roy Moss General Education Law Mary Netseehart Sally Price General Education Education Carl Reinhart Lois Reynolds General Education Secretarial Jerald Reamer Education .au--r W s ,t,,. 1 'N .f-I MN Aw IS gf JEL. tx Akiva 0 kit It -5 A if rkpllk Pa certL Janice Selby J Archit t X- Physical Education Ronald Riddle General Education Felicia Rolfs Secretarial Joene Rosso Education Stanley Ross General Education Carol Rounds Secretarial Joanne Ruckman Education Nancy Shannon Sharon Shannon Education Dance Carol Shoemaker Elizabeth Skoglund Pol Samuelson Social Work Education Journalism Katherine Schneider Secretarial Jo Ann Sigmond POT Small Education Design Francis Smith Sheila Smifh Engineering Social Work 1 me wi 1 QQ can ff, F Jack Snecldon Business Don Stitzel Chemical Engineering Gary Stone Broker Nancy Swan Education Florann Terkla Therapy Gary Thompson Chemistry Gale Van Leuven Secretarial Joy Waid Education Kennie Jo Walker Gloria Walpus Physical Education Secretarial YV.A ,. . ,Af N! f yi. I'f Q Thanks to the caterer's wagon, students and teachers alike find re- freshments during the school day. John Walsh Photography Carol Warren Education Elaine Weirick Secretarial Practice makes pretty might well be the title of this group of girls in the body mechanics class, 'NI W 2 ., 'v 555 ,- Jx, , vi- Diligently studying and inspecting a get engine are these members of the Aviation Department Karl Weiskopf Education Connie Whitsell General Education Wave Wilson Elementary Education ll YM -l ?' , fa I ,X Min- J" xx ' 1 I 5-446- Dole Witte Mathematics Mory Anne Wood Secretarial Robert A. Wright Music Education Robert P. Wright Engineering f If f If K 1 4 , Mr. Gonzales explains the procedure followed when using the blueprint machine. Postal Clerk Joanne WUH Robert Yanover Education V Advertising !",b M L-.I Lending a hand To the smooth operation in the main office are these busy secretaries. i who d f 1 if - .Y H' fi - I , ..,,' . 1 I A Ronald Yates -,X FRESHMEN ,VM 19563 Sandy Romsey Secretary-Treasurer an ., Douglas Smith Vice President Absent when pictures were taken was advisor Joseph F, Stone, who rendered much service to the class. 52 W z "l'3 , , Life is in part a collection of memories and a handful of dreams. Among my memories I shall always remember with great pleasure my being selected, by my fellow students, to serve as Freshman Class President. lt has also been ci fulfillment of a dream. The matericilization of this dream to a reality I owe to you The Freshman Class. I would like to thank you for the confidence and support you have so willingly given to your class officers, May continued success and happiness be yours. Freshman Class President RAY TOSTADO Lynn Latin Secretary-Treasurer The cooperation and tine school spirit ot the Freshman throughout the year has made it possible for us to attoiii heights in all of our class activities. May l express my c ciation for your many splendid contributions. In the tuturt we often recall the wonderful activities we have sharec class. It has been an honor to serve you as Freshman Class Presi- dent, and l hope your sophomore year will be as successful. Sherie Peterson Vice President DON W. CARTHEY Freshman Class President 53 L ll r il Q ' '-pasta. 4 -fm ,W 'l"!"'1 v 1 in 1 ' xx Plov xc. WW food HUC enloxls me MOUQN' Rlipell Od for l Charles E mon fo Ol T Refi mo Elaine Alexander Audrey Allen Delma Allred Carolyn Amos Albert Aromburo Caroline Arroyo as xhfll G l ndole College e . Bee' dfh Ju iaeniche Suscrld Benort Rona cz Bingham Donglonkenburg David ,ff Trying for "thot perfect fir, " Jo Ann Gliclcner gains skill while learning in the Apparel Design closs of our Home Arfs Department. Buonocore . nf Vince 2: is 'iw 3' if miigw 7515 55 l i Elizabeth Chandler Ken Chew Mary Ann Chismor Dick Collcrt Rose Marie Copple Betty Lou Costa Donna Burton Beverley Bush POT Carr Thomcs Clark Jerry Clausen Jirel Coleglrove Patricia Courtway Sandra Cramer Diana Crawford Sue Dohrse Larry Eaton Carol Forethy .h A1LfffJ frzifvf J H 6 dr ff Mit 'ff ,fv"" Lz':L5Ggi21i" Wk ff gf We L Hctrlen Dohlen M ,fziffffffl wfyfwijpv uf ff' 'HZ James Fouch Charles French Robert French 57 "viz-zvfesfm-K' f?11fiffimi7w'1va1qww--'1w:'f'ffPE'7' "W" in WNV 'Hi' Mary Ann Gage Lani Hanuna Lois Garrison Moana Gomez D00 HUTHS Dian Grey Anna Marie Grundmann Carol Harwood Jacqueline Haag Y' 111' i 58 David Hacker, Judith Haselfeld Carol Halley A? 4-X 'C' Sylvia Heady John Heisman Brian Heming Elanne Ireland Dlcme Herren Donald Johnson BGl'bUVC1 HSVVOU Donald Johnson Pat Johnson Marne Justice Joan Higgens Kathleen Keehner Keith Holden Degn if ii Jean Kent , Carol Holley Shirley Horton Darrell Hunter gf , , f AR: tm gs Q . like " , - Q 1 af' - Clos A and ECOnoffuCS en Hicks . Home GW Those enrolled ln rxdwich95 Such O5 N19 so L temp . QA l:oYes are Plepolm Comprising the larger part of the student body, the freshman class of i956-'57 is doing much to generate activity on the cam- pus. Each member is experiencing a new phase in his education. Each is expected to have acquired a worthy portion of self-dis- cipline and the ability to adapt well to his new environment. To him is given more responsibility of self. Curriculum choices have been momentous decisions forthe individual freshman. Develop- ment ot lite's interests has earnestly begun. Freshmen are show- ing themselves equal to the task. They are making good use of the library and are cooperating with exacting professors. Nancy Lawson Katherine Lentine Jane Lloyd rri0l4e how 'O , ses ledm Mcmtyrt lf' 1 f . Runnin Q a 5, . "Gigi-Ir ed 9 e on O fofryr er fs Cho rles Bo ker. All is noT work for The freshman. Members of The class enjoy The gayeTy of college life. Glendale's beauTiful campus, wiTh sfudenf faciliTies, creaTes a pleasanT aTmosphere for The freshman. En- gaging in aThleTics, club acTiviTies, dances, and oTher college evenTs, The freshman becomes acquainTed socially wifh fellow sTuclenTs. To The freshmen who conTribuTe To exfracurricular campus ac- TiviTies of service and inferesf, we give our Thanks. You are help- ing our college To be a congenial insTiTuTion of learning. To all freshmen . . . Success in your sophomore year. You have done well. We are glad you will sTill be wiTh us. May your conTinuing good will and deTerminaTion be rewarding To you and your alma maTer. Dick MessersmiTh- Rosemary McPherson PaT McDonald Don LoffTus Virginia Mqbie Guy Marcus Earl Miller Renee Morhaime Edward Mullen Karen Nelson 62 Thomas Mills Olive Mulder Glenn Nakahara Richard Newcom Tony Pace Rose Pacino Nancy Paine Donald Peterson Sherie Peterson Rita Pefrucci Linda Morehead Janet Morgen 5 , Val Puzulis Sandra Ramsey Richrad Roodzant Gretchen Rossiter Michael Sather Christel Sawatzke Linda Schmidt Thomas Shaw James Rankin Monte Ray Mary Retzlatf Jeannette Rhoads Joyce Richards James Roark Marilyn Roellick Barbara Rohn r 63 l I ai K ' M ggi!! 'CY Paul Shelton Norman Sickler Ellen Stinson Shirlee Stuart f- David Slater Mary Streetmaker Douglas Smith Judith Staub Karen Steel Nick Thomas Larry Thompson Ray Tostaolo Marganit Vardi Joann Vollmer ' ' David Welch Ann Weller Stanley White if ,g 5 "' 'S ii ? . Marian Wilson Phyllis Zifnick Carole Zuala Joanne Wulf, left, confers with Eugene Radding and Howard Thelin, right, candidates for the offices of congressman and assemblyman, respectively, during the November, 1956 political campaign. A political rally, presenting speakers from both maior parties, was of great interest to Glendale College students. , - ---1 - t Aagard, Brooks Eurnell Abbadessa, Jayce Marie Acampora, Thomas Anthony Achterberg, Robert Adams, Ellen F. Adams, Kaye Karen Adams, Norma Jean Adkin, Warner M. Adler, Valerie A. Aguirre, Fred Ray Alden, Agatha Laura Aldrete, Amido Aldrich, Judy Ann Aldrich, Richard Kenneth Alexus, Dorothy Ann Alfson, William Howard Jr. Alicata, Donald S. Allard, Dorothy Louise Allard, Robert E. Allegretti, Richard A. Allen, Robert Charles Alley, Rodney Harry Amidan, Roland Dion Amneus, Elsa Jean Anderson, Clayton R. Anderson, Clinton Joel Anderson, Dean Franklin Anderson DeWayne Anderson Dixon Stanley Anderson, D'Ona Marene Anderson Ira Harold Jr. Anderson Quinn S. Anderson, Ralph. R. Anderson Theodore C. Andrews, Jean Fred Angus, Robert James Ansani, Carlo G. Aramburu, Ray Archer, King Charles Arena, Jim John Arias, Ernesto E. Armstrong, Robert W. Arnold, David LeRoy Arzoo, Ellen B. Asbury, Anita Amelia Atsinger, Carole Rae Atterbury, Clinton D. Au, James T. Austin, Mary Avants, Lois Irene Avoux, Maurice Paul Bachman, David Leon Bacon, Douglas Samuel Badger, Charles H. Badzik, Daniel R. Baertschiqer, Edward Bahruth, Forest Wm. Baier, Rodger Edw. Bailey, John Richard Bailey, Keith Wm. Bailey, Nigel W. Bailey, Rosalie M. Baiocco, Louis Carl Bakan, Wesley G. Baker, Charles L. Baker, Everett B. Jr Baker, Lael Lynn Baker, Terence J. ' Bakes, Carol Lou Balingit, Wilfred Jesse Bame, Ted Michael Bankey, Michael P. Barbarino, Beatrice Barber, Mary Margaret Bartow , Keith S. Barnes, Diane Barnes, Patricia J. Barnett, Julian P. Jr. Barone , Lawrence Barrett, Anthony W. Barrette, Roderick Barry, Wray Jr. Bartley, William D. Barton, John Bartow,Gordon W. Basler, Ruth Ann Bassett, Katherine Bates, Charlene A. Bauer, Eldon A. Baughn, Edward Leroy Baxter, Jerry B. Bayoun, Abdel R. H. Beal, John Delany Beans, David Ross Bear, John Thomas Bebb, Barbara L. Beck, Charles Wayne Beck, Mary Geneva Beckenhauer, Roger P. Beckham, James B. Begosh, John Christopher Beit-lshov, Benny Bell, Aldan Bryte Bell, Cynthia Ann Bell, Robert Edward Bell, Sally Beth Bellemare, Kenneth R, Bendle, Kenneth Dale Bennett, Carl V. Bennett, Mary Jane Benoit, Richard Earl Benthin, Lydia Ann Berlatsky, David Bermudez, Arthur R. Bermudez, Frances M. Berndt, David Earl Bertalot, Robert Paul Bice, David Lee Bicknell, Ernest Paul Bird, Kennard Francis Birlem, David Keith Bishop, Diana Mae Bishop, Dianne Adele Bishop, James David Bishop, Joseph Albert Bishop,Raymond Eugene Bishop, Richard A. Bitor, Hadi Arafat Bitler, Don Allan Bittner, Linus H. Jr. Blackburn, Gary Keeling Blaine, James Wilfred Blakely, Gerald J. Blakely, William L. Blanton, Prisceilla Lee Blom, Gerrit Blomrner, James H. Bock, William Edwin Boehme, Donald Eugene Boelter, Robert S. Boggs, William Edward Bohan, Sandra Sue Bolander, Bob Okie Bolen, Betty Jean Bolin, Mary Ethel Bolstad, Darryl Arden Bomar, Thomas Robert Bonett, Ana Tolin Bonett, Gabriel E. Boocher, Robert Eugene Bookman, Lowel Martin Boomsma, Kathryn Layne Borawski, John M. Borg, Alan Bruce Borghini, Boyd Lambert Borrego, John R. Bortolin, Julian John Borton, Elton Leon Borton, Robert D. Bos, Raymond R. Boskovich, Patricia J. Bost, Jack Richard Boster, Willa Mae Bottomeley, John J. Bourne, Margaret B. Bower, Sandra L. Bowes, Peter Justin Bowman, John Robert Boyce, Kenneth Edwin Bracken, James Ross Bradley, Donald W. Bradley, Patricia B. Bramble, Ronald Lee Branch, Lee Edw. Brasgalla, Dea Jean Brasher, Nancy Ardella Breckheimer, Peter J. Breeze, Rowland Royce Breiter, Joseph Wm. Brennan, Edward L. Brewer, Edward B. Brick, Myrtle C. Briggs, Waldo O. Brightwell, Helen Joan Briscoe, William T. Brockway, Mardon L. Brookins, Fay T. Broschinsky, Ronald D. Brovelli, Angelo Brown, Barbara L. Brown, Helen J. Brown, Mary Joan Brown, Nannette P. Brown, Roger H. Ct mere Brown, Sally A. Brown, Thomas M. Bruinsslot, James H. Bruinsslot, Ralph D. Bryant, Sharon L. Buchanan, Mark J. Buckels, Larry Joe Buckley, Bonnie Ann Budel, Sonia Buduan, Julia Budzak, Stephen Bumpus, James N. Bunnell, Albert Louis Bunnell, Beniamin Franklin Bunter, Sylvia A. Burger, Mary Louise Burger, Patricia Ely Burgess, Eva A. Burhenn, Ralph Jack Burhrle, Bruce Geo. Burke, Martin J. Burke, Warren C. Burnett, James Neil Burnett, Vern Hobart Burris, Patricia A. Burris, Robert C. Burson, Jimmy R. Burtness, Myron E. Butcher, Lloyd F. Butland, Janet May Cabral, Frank Edw. Jr. Cain, Ellabel l. Calame, David C. Caldwell, Betty Anne Cale, Judity Mae Calhoun,'Elsie Anamae Callahan, Rose Margaret Cameron, Diane Cathleen Cameron, Doyle Dean Campbell, Alex W. Campbell, John Burton Campbell, Judith A. Campbell, Marilyn A. Capawana, Ross J. Carlson, David D, Carlson, Jerome H. Carmack, Bernard A. Carmack, Joyce Elaine Cornell, John Fuller Carnes, Howard L. Carnes, Melvin R. Carr, John J. Carroll, Joe M. Carroll, Loretta ,J. Carson, Connie M. Carter, L. Bob Carthey, Donald Ww. Cartwright, Barbara K. Caruso, Frank J. Carvin, Joseph Geo. Case, Ronald F. Casey, John Patrick Casey, Noel M. Cashin, James A. Castelazo, Gloria B. Catalano, Robert C. Caughey, Robert A. Cecil, Kathreen F. Cervantes, Carlos G. Cessor, Jerry L, Chalfant, Patricia Chamberlain, Bundy E. Chambre, Rudy R. Chandler, John E. Chaney, Louis T. Chaney, Mayburn G. Chapman, Gordon S. Chappell, Gerald L. Chatham, Donald G. Chatham, Meade Edw. Chatten, Walter T. Cheek, Robert B. Chesley, Hal B. Christensen, Grant W. Christian, Sarah Lynne Clinite, Jeanette l. Clotfelter, Billy J, Derham, Stanley D. Dermody, Gene M. Coad, William H. Jr. Cogburn, Alvin L, Colarossi, Edward A. Colby, Barry E. Colby, Richard B. Cole, Donald L. Cole, Gerald H. Cole, Jack W. Cole, James J. Jr. Cole, Ronald T. Coleman, Robert R. Colgrove, Gary S. Colletr, Robert G. Colletti, Donna M. Collier, Harold L. Collier, Jack F. Collins, Jerome E. Collins, Michael O. Collins, Roger H. Colvin, valine J. Combs, Lester R. Commiso, Ralph J. Jr. Comport, Lionel Wm. Condon, Mary Ann Confer, John L. Conklin, George L. Connella, Kenneth R, Cook, Gerald J. Cook, Phyllis M. Coombs, Jack Edw. Coon, Rodney Cooper, Donna J. Cooper, Gary J. Copeland, Willard G. Cordrey, Richard L. Carmack, Alzora R. Corza, Adolfo C. Cassette, Daniel D. Costello, Edw. M. Cotton, Evelyn C, Couch, Jennifer Lee Counter, E, Rosamond Countryman, Gary V. Cowan, Connell O'Brien Cox, Carole D. Crabb, Robert S. Craven, Mary J. Crawley, Eileen F, Cress, Gordon P. Crevier, James V. Crispi, Philip J. Crone, Jerry Lee Crosthwait, Richard K. Cryan, John J. Cunning, James H. DeRosa, Peter H. Dery, Louis N. DeSmat, Robert N. Desmond, Robert B. Devine, Charleen A. Devine, Charles J. Jr. Dews, Gary P. Dietz, Carl H. DiGenova, Anthony M. DiLorenzo, Christine R. DiMatteo, Matthew Jr. Dixon, Lewis R. Diie, Tihiauw L. Doll, Geo. Wm. Ill Dollman, Peggy A. Dominguez, Jack M. Dominiak, Laurence R. Donan, John R. Donatelli, Paula B. Donigan, Santenig S. Donnell, Robert V. Doorly, Barbara L, Dorn, Carol A. Doty, Fredric F, Dow, Robert W. Dowell, Gerald S. Dowling, Delmar L. Doyle, Richard C. Drader, Charles E. Drake, Joseph S. Drake, Susan A. Draper, John F. Duerbeck, Charles A. Duke, Sondra A, Duncan, Russell E. Dunning, Claude Duran, Samuel Durrand, Anthony J. Duval, Claude A. Dwyer, Dianne E. Dwyer, John W. Dyas, Benny D. Earl, James M. Easton, George W. Edwards, Barbara J. Edwards Darrell D, Edwards Donald G. Edwards Edw. J. Edwards, Patricia M. Edwards, Richard A. Eichberger, William M Eichler, Patricia G. Eisele, Robert J. Elftmann, Albert H. Elia, Frank C. Cunning, Clara L. Curley, John L. Curry, Jerry W. Curtis, James F. Curtis, Jonh D'Agostin, Richard E. Dahl, Maurice K. Dahlen, Harlen M. DalCorso, Joan C. Dale, L Dallas, arry R. Janet D. Damiani, Richard E. Daniels, Rogers K. Daniels, Ronald G. Darge, Gertrude Davies, Joyce L. Davis, Carol A. Davis, Martin F. Davis, Ronnie O. Davis, Steve M. Davitian, Anne Davy, Jeraldean Deakins, John H. Decker, Carol L. Decker, George H. Decker, Paul D. Defenbaugh, Stuart W. Delaney, Charles L. Christiansen, Richard Citizen, Eugene Ciuni Anthony Clark, Bruce Maynard Clark Paul Edw. Clark Robert B. Clark Ross Spencer Clarke, Roland J. Cleary, Lawrence P. Clendenen, Melinda J. Clickner, Joanne A. Clinite, Curt F. Delaney, Dyrel P. Delaney, John M. Delaney, Kathleen T. DeLesley, Mary L. DelMedico, Edward J. DeLuca, Don George Demera, Roger Demetras, George J. Dent, Diana L. Denton, Stephen B. DePalma, Vincent B. Deperto, Frank l. Eliot, Robert P. Elliott, Claude L. Elliott, Janet A. Ellis, John G, Jr. Ellis, Michael E. Ellis, William H. Elm, Bruce H. Elmo, Richard J. Elsaas, James E. Emanuele, Joseph Embury, Robert Al Emmons, Nancy A. Enderle, Kent Holonbek Engle, Larry . Engler, Audrey M. Ennik, Franklin Enos, Richard W. Ent, William D. Eppolito, Sam T. Epstein, Michael D. Epstein, Vicki Atkins Erickson, Douglas A. Esail, Marian L, Escher, Charles D. Esselstrom, Stanley R. Evans, James T. Everett, Nancy L, Faeber, Johnny T. Fahland, Fred R. Fahning, Richard R, Falcone, Angelo J. Farrar, John Wm. Farrell, Harry J. Farrell, Maureen A. Farrell, Robert Wm. Faust, Jack V. Feldman, Margaret M. Fellows, Duane S. Fenton, John R. Ferguson, Harvey Cliffo rd Ferguson, Peter M. Fernandez, Julio Ferraro, Salvatore A. Ferris, David F. Fiedler, Adalbert A. Fielden, Herbert R. Fiellin, Sandra Lee Filsinger, Doris L. Finley, Orville D. Fischer, Bruce A. Fisher, Cordell S. Fitzgerald, Dennis D. Fitzpatrick, Loralee L. Fitzpatrick, Robert F. Fitzsimmons, Robert C Fleer, Richard P. Flegal, Helen F. Flores, Bernardo Flores, Cecelia A. Fogt, Robert J. Fontana, Charles F, Fontenot, James A. Ford, John M. Ford, Li nda R. Ford, Rollin E. Ford, Milan F, Ford, Paul R. Forrest, Gordon AQ Forrest, James Fortner, Joan C. Fortune, David A. Fosket, Edris E. Foster, Earl T. Foster, Leroy E. Foster, Mary B. Foster, Milton N. Foster, Richard Foster, Steven Fowler, Fred N. Francy, Robert C. Frank, Tihiauw L. Frank, Wayne V. Franklin, Max J. Franklin, Richard K. Franklin, Ruth C. Fraser, James C. Frazier, Charles F. Freasier, Ewell E. Freeman, Lynn Frethy, Carol D. Friedrich, William J. Fukutani, Henry Y. Fuller, James C. Fung, Leslie E. Furbeck, Ronald Gabbard, Issac W. Galanes, Evan H. Galanes, Geo. Galante, Tony Galazin, John V. Galper, Shirley S. Galvin, Jim T. Gambatese, Gerald Gangloft, Frederick P. Garant, James O. Garcia, Armand E. Gard, Gary J. Gates, Charles I. Gattl, Carole J. Gauthier, Henry W. Gavalas, Angela Gay, James G. Gee, Robert W. Geer, James E. Gegg, Donald A. Geigler, Raymond P. Geissler, Otto W. Gemberling, Ronald L. Genotsky, John J, Geoghegan, John K. Geremia, Geraldine M Gerken, Donna C. Geurtz, Douglas R. Ghiggia, Deanne M. Gibson, Linda R. Gilbert, Sharon L. Gilbert, Ted D. Gildehous, Earl A. Giliberto, Augustine D Gillis, John W. Gillman, Arthur L. Gilman, Bertram S. Gilmore, Robert T. Gilreath, Irene Glover, Andrew M. Goddard, George L, Goddard, Mary C, Millike Godfrey, Nanci K, Godoy, Edwardo R. Goff, Lindalu Goffredo, Paul S. Goldner, Jameson C. Goldsberry, Jack T. Gonzales, Joe G. Goodman, Mary A. Gordon, Jack L. Gorrell, Lyman Z. Jr. Gosselin, David J. Gotsiinas, Maris Gottschalk, Raymond Gow, Douglas W. Goyan, Michael D. Grace, Ronald P. Graham, Thomas F, Grannell, Richard A. Grant, Alvin P. Grant, Wayne T, Gray, Charles H. Gray, Dean Lewis Grayson, Harlan L. Green, Richard S. Greene, Gayle M. Greengus, Sherman H. Gregory, John R, Greve, Reinhold R. Griego, Fernando Griffin, Edward G. Griffin, John P. Grosz, Dorine D. Grover, Betty L. Grover, John A. Grunawalt, Gail A. Guarnaccia, Rosso R. Guidici, Mary Jane Gunderson, Deanne Miller Gutierrez, Maurice Gutsche, Lane A. Guy, Genette G. Haase, David K. Hackett, Terry W. Hafstrom, Thomas L. Hagen, Fred J. Haight, Philip L. Hale, Karen L. Hale, Ronald R. Halfacre, Edward L. Hall, Edwin A. Hall, Floyd R. Hall, James A. Hall, Koe N. Haller, Thomas E. Hallisey, M, Kathleen Hallowell, Richard M. Hally, Edward J. Halm, Paula J. Halpin, Paul P. Halpin, Phyllis M, Halsteen, Laila M. Halter, Mason W. Halwani, Basime Hamilton, Don S, Hammer, Lester H. Hancock, Darlene J. Hand, Bruce A. Hand, Eugene W. Hannon, William C. Hansen, Stuart I. Hanshue, Betty J. Hanson, Harvey R. Hardekopf, Dan Lee Harding, Gary Lee Harding, Michael B. Hardwig, Arline A. Hardy, Melvin R. Hare, Ronald R. Harger, 'Warren D. Harmon, Marian L. Harney, Richard F. Harris, Douglas M. Harris, Kathleen L. Harris, Rhonda L. Harris, Ronald D. Jr. Harrison, Tommy D. Harryman, Michael G. Hart, Charles H. Hartis, John G, Hartman, Jay C. Hartman, Robert E. Harvey, Robert T. Hassett, Keith V. Hatfield, Ann C. Hawkins, Melvyn W. Hayden, John R. Haynes, Anthony W. Haynes, John H. W. Haynes, Donald E. Haynes, Owen L. Hazlett, James F. Heady, Paul A. Heath, Charles R. Hebener, Flora E. Heddell, Gordon P. Hefner, Richard E. Hegemier, Ronald A. Heinrich, Linda S. Heinrich, Peter J. Heller, Frank J. Helm, Garwood F. Helms, James L. Helstein, David L. Helton, Billy R. Heltzel, Clifford T. Henderson, John G. Henrick, Robert A. Henry, Jack A. Hermanson, Carl A. Hermanson, Julia M. Herriotf, Wm. Keller Herrmann, Bryan L, Hersh, Dale R. Hewitt, John H. Hickam, Robert D. Hickey, Jerald D. Higgins, Joan M. Higley, William P. Hill. Carolyn A. Hillman, Elizabeth W. Hillman, Paul Edw. Hillner, Jim Curtis Hinman, Eugene C. Hayes, Marilyn C. Hayes, Richard D. Hodges, Charles R. Hoffman, Charles L. Jr. Hoffman, Dennis R. Hofman, Albert Hans Hogan, Edward L. Holley, Helen C. Hollinger, Janice L. Hollaran, Wm. A. Holloway, Christopher Holmes, Judy K. Holst, Gary A. Holt, Douglas Wm. Honda, Hideo Honeycutt, Barbara J. Honeycutr, Karen J. Hoofman, Charles S. Hopkins, Steve Hopper, Heather Horn, Charles Wm. Horn, Dale T. I Horn, Donald L. Horsfall, John Allan Horton, Shirley I. Horvath, Andrew, E. Hosler, Edmund R. Hounsell, Kenneth W. Hove, Ingrid A. Howard, Alice H. Howard, Genevieve M Howard, John A. Hoy, Richard E. Hubbard, Lynn R. Hughes, Leigh L. Hughes, Richard A. Hughes, Richard F. Hughes, Roger K. Hulse, John L. Hunt, Gerald Hunt, James D. Hunt, James L. Hunt, James L. Hunter, Darrell Wm. Hurt, Brian C. Hydal, Edward N. lacobucci, Cesidio lftiger, Gary M. lkegami, Leroy l. lmm, Donald L. Immel, Nancy C. Ing, Calvin V. Inman, Victor L. Irwin, Louise C. Irving, Roberta E. lseri, Frank N. lsham, Merle D. Iverson, Gerald D, Iverson, Gilbert L. lzumikawa, Kenneth H Jacinto, Richard Jackson, David C. Jackson, Paul Loren L , Jocobs, Robert H. Jr. Jacobson, Robert L. Jahelka, Harlowe C. Jahelka, Joanne M. Jarecki, Robin Jefferson, Kenneth E. Jellison, John N. Jenkens, James Edw. Jennings, CharlesC. Jerzek, Richard E. Jessup, Roger W. Jr. Jewell, Dennis L. Jewett, James L. Johansson, Norman R. John, Jo Ann Johns, Hugh A, Koehler, Kent A. Koerner, June Fulton Koga, Nobuski Kohler, Vicki-Jean Konopasek, Ken Louis Koontz, John H. Koorenny, Benjamin F. Kopence, Charles R. Koppang, William R. Koransky, Bob J. Koscielski, Charles G. Koveck, Rosalie J. Koya, Satyanarayana Krack, Donald L. Kreger, William K. Kriske, Lynne Kroesen, Cynthia A. Krout, Kenneth K. Kruger, Lorenz J, Krussow, Virginia D. Kuki, Eino l. Kulhawik, John W. Kupel, Martin B. Kurtz, Walter J. Kuzia, James F. Lacey, John M. LaGrange, Don Edw. Lakso, Peter J. Lalley, Norbert D. Johnson Alice W. Johnson Daniel T, Johnson David H. Johnson Earl A. Johnson Gary K. Johnson Gene C. Johnson, Geo. R. Johnson Paul D. Johnson Robert L, Johnson, Ronald B. Johnson Rosanne Johnson Shirley V. Johnson Timothy C. Johnston, Janet L. Jones, Judith A. Jones Raymond D. Jones Richard B. Jones, Sherry L. Jones, Victor A. Jones, Wilbur Judson, Melvin T. Julienne, Charles H. Jumalon, Marcellus Kalanick, Donald E. Kaneshina, Asato Kaplan, Marvin H. Karantzas, Henry Karn, Donald E, Kausen, Charles F. LaMaster, David R. Lambooy, Hendrik Pieter Landry, Melvin V, Lane, Carl L. Lane, Gail E. Lane, Glenn A. Lane, Lois Anne Lang, Eva J. Lang, William R. Langenberger, Floyd G, Langston, Clyde M. Langworthy, Norma J. Langworthy, Robert F. Larson, Larry L, Larson, Richard A. Larson, Wendelyn R. Kavanaugh, John Edw. Keagle, Laird R. Kearl, Sherman L. Keech, Eugene E. Keimar, Frank A. Keller, Mary Lou Kellstrom, Don Martin Kemp, John L. Kendall, Walter H. Kenlein, Clifford J. Kenmuir, Bonnie D. Kennedy, Robert J. Kenneley, Joseph L. Kent, Arlo Russell Kernen, Jean L. Ketring, Darold L. Keyes, Marguerite N. Kevser, Barbara G. Keyser, Robert D. Khatchataurian, Albert Killen, Diane G. Killgore, Evelyn N. Kimball, David M. Kimball, Donald F. Kinale, Frank J. Kincade, Donald G. King, John H. King, Mary M. King, William D. King, Yvonne O. Kingsbury, Charlene H, Lash, Michael B. Lashbrooke, Frank S. Lathrum, Madalana K. Latin, Carolyn Latin, Ronald Latter, Ann Elise Laughlin, Charles M, LaVelle, Scott W. Lawler, Gordon B. Lawrence, John S. Lawson, Nancy E. Laymen, Carl L. Layne, Carol L. Le, Hien Hao LeBeau, Pierre R. Lee, Barton K. LeFevre, Omar F. Lehm, Frederick J. Leichtfried, Anne Leitch, Donald A. Lemon, Bobbie D, Lemonias, Frances Lenart, Adele P, Lentine, Katherine A. Lepre, Ralph F. Lerner, Stewart M. Lew, Sydney C. Lewis, Betty Jo Lewis, Dale P, Lewis, Donald F. Lewis, Earl C. Kinnon, Jerry L. Kirk, Henry L. Kirk, Nancy M. Kirkpatrick, Carol G. Kistler, Richard E. Klaas, Gerald S. Klamm, William S. Klarin, Richard Klein, Richard F. Klemme, Suzanne E. Kliegl, Donald R. Klimmer, George D. Kline, Charles W. Kline, William J. Klingensmith, William R. Klint, Ronald V. P Klohn, Karen Edris jx Knickerbocker, James J. Knight, Clarence F. Knorr, Gertrude L. Knudson, Burton J. Knutson, Rodney R. Lianozoff, Edith Lightbody, Dwight G. Linderman, L, L. Lindoerfer, Robert N. Lindquist, Eric A, Lingan, Henry B. Lister, Donald D. Littell, Roger R. Little, Layne G. Livesey, Michael G. Lloyd, Jane P. Lobeck, Evelyn A. Lockhart, Samuel M. Lofftus, Donald G. Loft, David E. Logan, Michael L. Logan, Robert W. Lohmann, Charlotte ombardi, Adgia A. Lombardi, Louis Jr. Lombardi, Louis Snyder Lopez, Edward Lorraine, Ralph Lovell, Clarence W. Jr. Loveley, Jack B. Lowe, Carl T. Lowry, Carol A, Lucas, Guy C. Lucas, Ross O. Luce, James E. Laening, Donna D. Lund, Gary Lee Lund, Lewis L. undgren, Arthur L. Lundquist, Brian H. Lyle, Joyce E. Lynch, Donald W. Jr. Lynn, Michael S. Lyons, Gary W. Lyons, William E. Moog, Elaine M. Mass, Conrad H. Mabbutr, Fred R. Mabie, Virginia MacDavid, Marianne MacDanalolJeanette A, MacDonald, Richard H, MacElrath, Sandra L. . Mackprang, Kent A. MacMartin, Malcolm J. MacMullen, James A. Maddox, Lawrence A. Madrid, Arthur J. Magnus, Richard L. Maher, James P. Maher, Richard J. Mains, Janet Maitland, Richard A. Nlalgioglio, Antoinett C. Mallory, Dave H. Malmberg, Quentin C. Malmquist, Ralph D. Manassero,Beverly Mangold, William R. Mapes, Franklyn E. Marcus, Guy Wm. Mark, Joe Marks, Donald L. Marquis, Donald E. Marsh, R. Robin Marshall, Donald G. Marshall, Marguerite Martens, James Wm. Martin, Donna J. Martin, Estelle Y, Martin, James G. Martin Nancy L. Martinoff, Geo. R. Martinoff, Rosemary V. Marvin, Patricia R. Marvin, Wm. F. Masagatani, Allan T. Masdeo, Ralph Mason, Kenneth W. Mastro, Larry F, Matthews, Verlin J, Maxwell, Roger D. Mayhew, Charles E, Maynard, Michael B, Mayo, Harry W. McAllister, Stanley A. McCallister, Lynn l. McCoall, Francis L. McCalmont, Charles W. McComent, Linda J. McCane, Sonya L. McClatchey, Bonnie J. McClenahan, Clinton McClure, William A. McClusky, Brice J. McConneley, Lucy McConnell, Dorothy L. McCorkle, Burton R. McCorkle, Frank K, McCormack, Wayne Wm. McCormick, Keith W. McCoy, Dennis R. McCoy, Michael D. McCullougn, Brain R. McCullough, Patrick J. McDonnell, Robert F. McCullum, Carl McDaniel, Leese E. McDermott, Donald P, McDonald, Arthur J, McDonald, Pat G. McDonnell, Thomas K. McElroy, Dale McFarland, Wm J. McGee, John H. McGill, George D. McGill, James M. McGill, John William McGinnis, Bernard Wm. McGookin, Roger B. McGovern, Johnny M. McGrew, Mary K. McGuigan, Owen K. McHenry, Ronald W. Mclntire, Leslie A. McKean, John P. McKee, Carol A. McKenzie, Jesse R. McKenzie, Margaret E. McLain, James McLain, James E. McLain, Jean M. McLaren, John A. Jr. McLaughlin, John F. McLeod, Gordon I. McMann, Patrick Wm. McMaster, Thomas E. McMillan, Charles McMiIlian, Eugene L. McMullen, Robert P. McMurray, Sylvia L. McPherson, Rosemary L McTeague, Gerald E. McVicker, David Wm. Mears, James C. Meek, Russell E. Meenen, Michael Edw. Meister, Donald D. Melone, John C. Mendoza, Timmy F. Merrill, Richard L. Messersmith, Richard A Messick, LeRoy W. Messina, Eugene V. Metz, Kay Metzger, Gary M. Meyer, Donald G. Meyers, Thomas F. Mihalakis, Diane M, Milazzo, Joseph S. Miller, Bill D. Miller, Charles C. Miller, David A. Miller, Fred Wm, Miller, Jack H. Miller, John L. Miller, Robert K. Miller, Ron L. Miller, Sharon K. Miller Walter W. Miiieff vviiiaum c. n, William J, Mills, Lee Nathan Mills, Robert V. Miner, Earl Lee Miner, Lawrence B, Mingoela, Carmen E. Mingus, Ray Eugene Minifie, Duayne K. Miskinnis, Joseph F. Jr Mitchell, Gary Leigh Mitchell, Ina Claire Mitchell, Sally J. Miura, Kiyoko Mize, Richard Walker Mohney, Dan Moiso, Robert J. Moll, David C. Molloy, John P. Monroe, Jacqueline R. Monsalve, Carlos H. Monson, Kenneth C. Monson, Vernon B. Montalbano, Frank R. Montgomery, Darus P. Montgomery, Gary B. Montoya, Charles J. Moody, Thomas B. Moon, Thomas B. Moore, Nerah J. Moore, Stuart l. Moore, Val Celeste Moorman, Richard D. Morales, Alfredo Morford, Marion M. Morhaim, Morris, He Renee J. len B. Morris, Thomas C. Morrison, Richard L. Morrison, Russell E, Jr. Morrow, Wm. R. Morse, Conrad E. Moser, Warren C. Moshenek, Donald R. Mosher, Gordon D. Mouck, Janis F. Moulton, Dennie W. Mountford, Arthur R. Mowery, Charles Edw. Mueller, Joseph H. Muhlemann, Donn R. Mulcahy, Pat Jane Mullen, Edward M. Osaka, Shigeko Oseland, Robert J. Oster, David A. Oster, Philip L. Ostrom, Robert E. Ota, Harris K. Overand, Robert E. Owen, Gary D. Owens, Barbara A. Oxlet, Don W. Mullica n, Alfred L. Munn, John T. Munson, Patricia A. Murphey, Paul D. Murphey, Carl E. Murphy, John Wm. Murphy, Robert M. Murray, Allen Murray, Mary J. Myers, Bernice H. Myers, Dona A. Myers, Marcia S. Myers, William H. Nada, Shigemi Paggi, Joseph F. Jr. Paige, Barbara E. Palmer, Keith C. Palmer, William T. Jr Parillo, John V. Parker, Ralph M. Parks, Wilson G. Parnell, Kevin P. Passick, Paul E. Patin, Renee D. Patrick, Lane C. Patterson, Jerry D. Patty, Mary M. Paulsen, Leonard H. Naclsady, Constance M. Nahaku, Moses W. T. Jr. Nakamura, Beverly H. Nash, Merrilyn J. Nash, Wesley L. Neal, Don J. Neary, Frank D. Neble, James S. Neblett, Kathleen C. Neel, William C. Paulson, Lawrence W. Peck, Carol L. Peck, David L. Peck, Robert G. ll Peery, John E. Peetz, Carl W. Pentland, Carole D. Perez, Moreno S. Perino, James J. Perry, Ronald E. Negris, Vitalis Neiberr, A. Gregg Neiswanger, Donald O. Nelson, Audrey M. Nelson, Bruce E. Nelson, Dorothy L. Nelson, Karen M. Nelson, Mark J. Nelson, Theoron F. Ness, Dianne L. Petersen Horman D. Peterson, Delbert E. Peterson, Peter L. Peterson, Reed E. Peterson Stacy R. Peterson Timothy A. Peterson, Wilma M. Petrusino, Jake Peycha, Wallace T. Phares, Richard F. Renstrom, Luella A. Ressler, Nancy A. Retell, Lloyd M. Reynolds, Steven H. Rhodes, George H. Rhoton, Ronnie L. Rich, Charles D. Rich, Donald K. Richardson, Dennis E. Richert, Helen J. Rickell, Walter J. Rider, Kenneth K. Riesen, Richard A. Riewer, John Edw. Riley, John M. Riley, William H. Rini, Michael V. Rippey, James N. Ritchie, Robert H. Rivera, Modesto R. Rizzo, Leonard A. Roberts, Douglas H. Roberts, James A. Robertson, Betty Y. Robertson, John Ray Robinson, Selwyn H. Rodgers, Dorothy F. Roeder, John C. Roche, Mary A. Roehm, Gerhard Rogers, Harvey M. Rogers, Nancy A. Rohrer, Janice A. Roller, Paula M. Romano, Carmine V. Rooke, John A. Roten, Shirley A. Roth, Frederick J. Rounds, Ronald D. Rauntree, James T. Rouse, Raymond C. Rowland, Thomas A. Rowley, David A. Roy, Dorothy R. Sedwick, Jack C. Sedwick, Richard A. Seefred, Ronald H. Selk, Ben F. Seltzer, Dennis L. Senese, Diana M. Shannon, Linda Sharon, Timothy F. Sharp, Edward C. Sharp, Eugene F. Shattuck, Robert R. Shaw, Edwin S. Shaw, Ruby J. Shea, Charles G. Sheetz, Donald D. Shelbi, Mike N. Sheldon, David T. Shepard, Roderick C. Sherry, John Sherwin, Gerald R. Sherwood, Sharon P. Shiveley, Sharon A. Shoemaker, Judy L. Shornler, Bruce Shormann, Phillip D. Shroyer, Grant W. Shultz, Leland R. Shulz, Donald F. Siemon, Cheryl Y. Sigaty, Robert M. Silbertstein, Gerald Silcock, Frank J. Silliphant, Robert L. Simmons, Charles Wm. Simmons, Gretchen H. Simon, Stuart L. Simpson, Brant J. Sinclair, Madelyn M. Siner, Russell G. Sink, Wayne F. Sirotta, LeRoy R. Sioden, Eileen A. Skelton, Ralph D. Slack, Marcia D. Stephenson, Larry J. Stevens, Frank l. Stevens, Norman L. Stevenson, Frances E. Stewart, Donald E. Stewart, Douglas W. Stewart, Harold D. Stewart, Jane M. Stewart, Lewis H. Stewart, Richard M. Stiles, Wm. J. Stoddard, Peter L. Stofel, Helen A. Stone, Sheila L. Stone, Wilson R. Stoneham, Peter A. Strand, Paul L. Straub, Diane E. Streetmaker, Mary J. Strickland, Joe F., Stringer, Jon M. Strother, Frances L. Strother, Richard L. Stumbaugh, Richard D Suarez, Julio A. Sublette, Carol L. Sullivan, Donald K. Sullivan, Mary C. Sullivan, Timothy J. Summers Sundahl, Sundquis Sunseri, , Virginia R. Richard F. t, Elizabeth A. Betty L. Sutter, Harry J. Nethery, Winston J. Netscherr, Marilyn J. Neundort, Roland H. Nevius, Richard L. Newbern, Daniel S. Newman, Robert L. NiCastro, Mary Jane D. Nickel, Ray Herman Nicodemus, William Niedrick, Frederick W. Nielsen, David E. Nieznalski, Patricia J. Niles, Rex B. Nili, Parvin Nilsson, Walter A. Nish, Jim A. Nishioka, Jimmy F. Nix, Ronald F. Nobles, Barbara A. Noel, William A. Nolan, James H. Noll, Donald R. Noller, Victor P. Nomeland, Gertrude Noonan, Gerald E. Norton, John Walter Norton, Norvell Notting Ted Flint , Donald R. ham, Betty J. Oak, Harris K. SF. O'Brien, James P. O'Brien, Roberta J. O'Brien , Ronald J. O' Bryan, Thomas B. O'Day, Oderkir O'Donn Charles D. k, Donald J. ell, Lawrence R. Oelrich, Howard M. Oelrich, Jack R. Oglesby, Daniel M. O'Hara Jr. Byron Gilbert O'Leary, Davld J. Oler, Jerry E. Olmsted, Harry F. Olsen, Fern V. Olsen, Harold T. Olsen, Thomas A. O'Mullen, Patrick D. O'Neal, Harold LeRoy Ordunio, Henry E. Orgolin i, Arnold O'Rourke, John F. Orr, Do Orr, Do vid J. n Phillips, Allan C. Pickler, James L. Pierce, James F. Pierlot, Geneva L. Piper, Laurie A. Pirie, James R. Plankey, Robert C. Platzek, Roger F. Plummer, AlanE. Poly, Peter P. Pondella, Marcia C. Pontius, James C. Pope, Phyllis E. Poretta, John F. S. Pote, Fred B. Potts, Dustin L. Powell, John J. Powers, Dale G. ' Preninger, Carole L. Prian, Dima V. Price, Hazel T. Prideaux, Roy Wm. Prince, Priscilla Prine, Gary J. Pritchard, Judith R. Profit, Samuel Prout, Errol R. Prout, Gerald Prows, Lee S. Purrier, Deanna M. Quackenbush, Joe F. Qualm, Keith E. Quick, Richard M. Quinn, Joseph W. Jr. Quinn, Tim Lee Radisay, lmre Radle, Rawlin R. Radlick, Phillip C. Raiczi, Leslie S. Ramirez, George O. Ramos, David Ramos, Jose N. Ramsey, Jerry C. Rankin, Albert L. Rastello, Rosetta M. Ray, Edward R. Reamer, Aaron B. Recker, John G. Reed, David A. Reese, Barbara K. Reifert, Mary G. Reitschneider, Dean G. Reifschneider, Joycelyn J. Renstrom, Jacqueline Rubalcava, Gloria Rude, Arthur F. Rupert, Charles Ruppert, Richard H. Rusler, Forrest G. Russell, Floyd Russell, John D. Russo, Albert F. Russo Leonard R. Russo Robert F. Ryan, Albert J. Ryan, James W. Ryan, Robert E. Rybicki, Richard P. Sabbagh, George I. Sadleir, Michael T. Salata, Jon Salazar, Cirilo N. Slater, Albert D. Slater, Bernard R. Slater, Richard E. Slemp, Garry L. Sloss, George H. Small, Harold E. Smith, Anthony W. Smith, Barbara J. Smith, James R. Smith, Janice E. Smith, Jerry E. Smith, Richard E. Smith, Richard F. Smith, Sandra C. Smith, Shem D. Smith, Tim J. Smith, William E. Smith, Frank E. Sutton, Leonard L. Swain, Domain L. Swallow, Robert E. Swanson, Faith M. Swanson, John A. Sweeney, Jack A. Sweet, Charles A. Swenson, Carole A. Switzer, Sandy J. Taggart, Lawrence Talley, Harry L. Tan, Sock Yan Tankersley, William Jr Tapia, Candy A. Tarallo, Peter J. Taylor, Charles R. Taylor, Daryl Jan Taylor, John R. Taylor, Pat H. Tedesco, Rosemary G. Telkamp, Richard H. Tellez, Charles R. Terrill, Thomas P. Tewksbury, Glenn A. Thalimer, David A. Theck, Dennis D. Thierstein, Ernest Thomas, Charles E. Saltmarsh, Ronald T. Samuels, Carl E. Samuelson,,Dorothy M. Sanders, Joe Jr. Sandifer, Harry A. Sandstrom, John P. Santano, Julian K. Sardella, Carolyn J. Sargent, Sally A. Sarhadian, Harloun Savana, Anneliese Sawyer, Neil O. Sawyers, Edward D. Sawyers, Elizabeth Scanland, Carl S. Jr. Schaefer, Eugene G. Jr. Schaefer, Margaret A. Scharffenberg, Marie D. Scheffler, Patricia A. Scheinhaus, David A. Schembri, Thomas J. Schooler, William H. Jr. Schreich, Ted A. Schreiner, Karl F. Schuetz, Laurence N. Schulke, Roy R. Schultz, Lon Wm. Schultze, Theodore C. Schwartz, Bill S. Schwartz, Paula F. Scott, Edward A. Scott, Walda G. Scott, Wesley Sterling Jr. Scrivens, Brian D. Seapy, Heather Searcy, ivan W. Sneeringer, Wm. J. Snider, Raymond F. Snow, Jack F. Snowbarger, Ruth M. Snowden, Gayle P. Snyder, David R. Soares, Melissa F. Sobata, Johann Edw. Socolofsky, Richard Soderberg, Jeannine A. Soverign, David D. Spangler, Jack Specht, G. A. Spence, Larry A. Spigelstein, Wolfgang Spitzer, Darrell R. Sprenger, Ray O. Sprowls, Tom W. Stadler, Dixie L. Stadler, Eddie B. Stalker, Phil N. Stanford, Mary C. Staniec, Joseph Stanley, Charles E. Stanley, Curtis B. Stanley, William H. Starbird, Donald M. Starr, Ronnie J. Statham, Philip T. Staub, Sally M. Steffens, Howard J. Stein, Charles J. Stein, Helen L. Steingrebe, Carl E. Steinlight, Bonnie M. Stenning, Walter F. Thomas, Gary R. Thomas, Paul D. Thomason, Richard H. Thompson, Bruce C. Thompson, Frank T. Thompson, Gary R. Thompson, George Thompson, John H. Thompson, Judith S. Thompson, Larry V. Thompson, Michael J. Thomson, Janet E. Thoner, Robert C, Thoraness, Claire J. Tideback, Duane R. Tierney, Gerald L. Tillman, Max L. Timpson, Warren P. Tisdale, Denise A. Tobin, Patrick B. Tobin, Robert E. Todd, Helen G. Tompkins, Annette R. Tompkins, Arthur B. Toneys, Diane M. Toomey, Robert W. Toomey, Ned K. Torres, Nancy A. Towner, Donald M. Tracey, Anthony Edw. Traughber, Anthony T. Traughber, Michael W Travale, Salvatore Tremblay, Elaine M. Tremonte, Rose M. Trowbridge, David F. Trowbridge, Marvin D. Tucker, Edwin N. Tufts, John R. Tupper, Jo Anne E. Tyner, Frank A. Udin, Ruth Udlock, Donald E. Underwood, Donald Y. Vallery, ynda M. Vampa, Joanne Van Buren, Stephen Vancott, Leonard R. Van de Lune, Thomas Vanderwood, Jacqueline Van Dussen, Anita D. Van Dusen, David L. Van Goetham, Richard P Van Rensselaer, Edw. M. Van West, Arto Van Zyl, David V. Varhol, John M. D. Varney, Cinda S. Vaughan, Phillip G. Vaughan, Richard L. Vela, David M. Vermeers, Marlene J. Vestal, Jack E. Vezina, R. Diane Villani, Michael Violette, Joseph N. Virgin, Richard Vitez, James R. Volding, Kent H. Volmer, Patricia Von Delden, Edmund K. Vonk, arry V. Von Kessel, David Waddell, Roy Wakeham, William R. Walker, Betty Jo Walker, Robert E. Walker, Tim A. Walker, William E. Walkey, Gerald A. Wall, Robert D. Wallace, James R. Wallace, Richard B. Wallis, Jean C. Walmisley, Patricia J. Walsh, David G. Walsh, Jerry J. Walters, Duane T. Washington, dw. M. lll Waskey, John B. Jr. Watkins, Karen A. Watson, Denny J. Watson, John L. Watson, William E. Watts, Barbara M. Way, Arnold M. Wayman, Dale W. Weatherford, Judith V. Webb, Charles W. Webb, Gerald R. Webb, Jean C. Weddle, Robert C. Wedemeyer, Carolyn A. Wedemeyer, Johanne Weeks, Myrtle M. Weiler, John D. Jr. Weinert, Roger C. Weinreich, Archie J. Welch, Dorothy E. Welch, Harry D. Wells, Virginia B. Wells, William L. Wenta, Robert J. Wentzel, William R. Werner, Sandra M. West, Martin C. Westgate, Arthur E. Westlotorn, Neil Weston, Patricia E. Westwood, Gordon C. Wettig, Barbara A. Wetzel, Richard Paul Whalen, Nancy Lou Whitacre, Joseph H. Whitaker, Barbara Whitcomb, Howard R. White, Gary N. White, George R. White, Roy F. White, Stephenson C. Whiteley, Roland E. Whitman, James R. Whobrey, Richard L. Johnson -Nickham, John . Wilde, Theodore A. Wiley, Walter J. Wilhelm, Richard P. Williams, Jack W. Williams, Sterling K. Williams, Thomas M. Wills, John L. Wilson, Dale E. Wilson, David W. Wilson, Marian D, Wilson, Paul L. Wilson, Virginia G. Wilson, William H. Wimmer, Gary B. Winans, Harry P. Winkler, George B. Winn, Robert B. Wiweke, Suzanne M. Wocken, John D. Wolf, Mary Wolff, Karl R. Wollam, Miles E. Wong, Herbert Wood, James C. Woodbridge, Maureen M. Wooden, Gary R. Worthen, William J. Wright, Gerald A. Wright, Kurt O. NEW STUDENTS, SECOND SEMESTER Adams, James Thomas Ahrends, Karleen P. Alesko, Alden, Joseph Thomas George Russell Alexander, Robert Paul Alford, Roger Benedict Allmon, Raymond Leon Alvord, Aneus, Steven Moore Ellen Harriet Anderson, Thomas R. Apelian, Sam James Arbozast, Richard Archer, Geri Lee Armstrong, Robert Wm. Arnds, Arnold, Karl Anthony James E. Arter, Allen Stephen Askerman, Ralph W. Atkinson, Donald P. Ault, Bobby R. Autry, Barbara Lee Babcock, Samuel G. Bailey, Boker, Lynn R. Larry Ronald Barker, Stanley Bruce Barnes, Diane Barnes, Patricia June Barnett, Julian Prentice Jr Barone, Lawrence Barrett, Anthony W. Barrette, Roderick Barrow, Carol Louise Barry, Gerald Ellword Barry, Wray Jr. Barsamian, Carole Ann Barton, John A. Bartow, Gordon Wesley Beedle, Jon Harold Bennett, George Brent Beresnak, Celine Bernice Bevers, Dale Alan Bianchi, Edward Anthony Bish, Robbye D. Bishop, Charles Biurman, Phillip Eugene Black, William Rex Blackley, Gordon Blalock, Marcus Elton Blanco, Richard A. Blanco, Robert Blevins, Milton Bodick, Ernest' Bomar, Jane Ellen Bone, Gordon Fredrick Bowen, Edwin G. Boyles, Barbara Jo Breeher, Robert William Brefke, Pauline Sue Brenner, Terry C. Britt, Fulton Earl Brown, Wayne J. Brundige, Audrey Ruth Buchanan, Frank L. Buhrle, Bruce George Bull, Lynn A. Bullock, Gary J. Burkholder, Elizabeth B. Burrel, Warren W. Burt, Jean Bush, William Joel Butler, Daniel P. Butterfield, Greta Lois Byrd, Richard J. Cadinha, George L. Caler, John Wayne Calligaro, Albert M. Canfield, Joy Lee Carlander, Bruce Lindley Carpenter, Harvey Hale Carpenter, Stanley Sanford Carson, Donald K. Carson, Gerald Wayne Carter, Wyatt R. Jr. Cazden, Burton S. Chadwell, William W. Chaldaris, George Chamberlain, Byron K. Chatwin, Curtis E. Chen, Susan Wong Chiponis, Richard A. Christie, Phillip Alan Clark, Darlene Fay Clendenen, John Gibbon Clow, James William Cockayne, Robert Barton Coker, Donald Gene Colombatto, Joe W. Conrad, James Ronald Conte, Eugene Vincent Cooper, Mrs Sharon L. Foster, Jerry Dean Copeland, Willard G. Cornwell, Calvin Brady Corrao, Lud Jerry Cowie, Lawrence M. Cox, Lois Elaine Craig, William Cramer, Jay Boyd Cravens, Ronald Monroe Crawford, Billy Joe Crawford, lan C. Crossan, Thomas T. Cunningham, Arlene Grace Cunningham, Charles Lee Dahlgren, John E. Daily, Juanita G. Dale, Dorothy Louise Dalman, John Richard Dalton, Ronald L. Davis, Jerry Davis, John Dawson, Patricia M, Day, Richard Reeves Decher, Richard E. De Crescent, Ron De Lurgio, Phillip Rocco De Steunder, Wilbert Jr. De Witt, Mardel Dibble, Duane H. Dinga, Dennis Patrick Di Stefano, Michael C. Dodds, Dianne Marie Doering, Leo Edward Dominquez, James R. Donner, Louis E. Downs, Beniamin Wolfe Dreiar, Robert J. Dugas, Jack J. Dunzqeiller, Edmund A. Duval, Joseph Emory Dwyer, John Francis Eaton, Barbara Jean Eddy, Alice Anne Eichberger, William Morris Eisele, Adele E. Ellefson, Larry Englund, Carter Walter Erickson, Ronald Glen Essman, H. Ronald Farabee, Wade Walter Farley, Aloysius J. Farr, Alym Charles Fleming, James E. Flint, David Wayne Fogarty, Jerry John Foley, Norman Fonnet, Suzsan Ann Forrest, Charles Wm. Forrester, Alan Harry Forrester, Richard R. Foss, Glen J. Foster, Jerry Dean 'W Foster, Sandra Jane Franklin, Clarence E. Freeman, Kenneth Alan Frye, Ora Dale Fullei', Leland Craig Fuller, Shirley Jean Gaither, Bud Gallon, Jane C. Gardner, William Blair Garner, Susan Carol Garrett, Eleanor Gatto, Rocco Geddes, Richard W. Gossett, Walter W. Geller, Norton Gianera, Ardthe L. Gibson, Marilyn D. Gilmartin, John Arthur Gilmartin, John Arthur Gilmore, Daniel Robert Gilpin, Ernest Glocker, James Dennis Joseph Golden, Howard Gonzales, Walter E. Goodman, Judy Harlene Graham, Phillip S. Greatrex, RobertWm. Greene, David Walter Greer, James Murray Griffith, Jean Gros, John Andrew Gungall, Robert R. Gutierrez, Linda J. Guy, Alfred Eugene Guzman, Cesar Herrera Gwinn, Maurice J. Haffner, Alex Hagerty, Thomas V. Hall, John Robert Hallowell, Richard Morris Hammer, Paul Robert Hanson, Elizabeth C. Hanson, Gary J. Harbaugh, Joyce Carol Hardy, Aiian James Hare, Norma Anne Harney, Peter John Harrigan, Vincent Leo Harris, Robert D. Harris, Terri Harrison, Paul Jones Ha Haworth, Diane Belle Hayes, Richard Hazen, William A. Hazletr, John Richard Heath, Tom Doyle Hendershot, James Leon Herson, Donald Julie Hileman, Emily Jeanne Hill, John B. Hill, Melvin Raymond Hilton, Burrel Eldon Holland, Gary Ellis Hollander, George Thomas Holman, Clyde R. Holmes, John Paul Hostetter, Nancy Diane Hunter, Bockett Hall Hunter, Jean Kimball lacobucci, Cesidio lllengo, Loren A. Inch, Jack . Ingram, David C. Iverson, Lynn-Alyce lwamato, Richard M. Jackson, Clara Elissa Jacobs, Kenneth E. James, Chris Jappe, Carl Allen Johnson Bobby Lynn Johnson Carol Elizabeth Johnson, Glenn Bert Johnson, James W. Marie Martha Johnson, Patty Ann Johnston, William C. Jones, Jacqueline Anne Jorgensen, Ronald K. Kain, Gary Evans Karantzas, Henry Kay, Kevin Ernest Keagle, Laird Rogers Kelley, Earl F. Kendig, Wallace R. Kevorkian, Ralph C, Kibler, Charles William Kipling, Ronald C. Kirchoff, Howard B. Klein, James Milor Knight, Roger John Kolar, Paul Dwane Kowal, Leo M. Kraft, Carol Ann Kramer, Wayne Clinton Labash, Louise Lee Lacey, Norman La Count, James Wm. La Marr, Reginald R. Lamb, Sharon Lee Lande, Edward F. Larimer, Anita Lou Larsen, Susan Larson, Vernon Bruce Launder, Thomas J. La Val, Edward Raymond Ledahl, Mary Elayne Lee, Mary C. Lentz, Jack Lewis, Oscar John Lewis, Susan Nina Ligon, Lana Jean Lindgren, Janet R. Lininger, Murt K. Linkogle, James Alfred Linkogle, Joseph Edward Lippant, Ruth C. Littell, William Logsdon, Janet W. Long, Ruth Cox Lyall, Judith Ann Lykins, Don V. Macarthur, John Douglas Magoon, Richard Elwood Makowski, Bruce T. Mapes, Gordon Bidwell Marcella, Fred Marsh, Harvey Marsh, Richard Dean Masters, Gary Lee Matsui, Kusutamo Mattis, John Seymour Mauceri, Ronald A. McCamish, Kenneth E. McCoy, Sharon McCullum, Donald C. McDaniel, Ned McDonnell, Roert F, McGillis, Phyllis Collins McGinity, Michael A. McKay, Lawrence Bruce McKeown, Eugene J. McLaughlin, Leslie N. McMahon, John Wm. McNeil, Charles McNeill, William G. McQueen, Robert James McSwain, Allan Douglas Melch, Max Robert Meloch, Joan T. Merritt, John Allen Merritt, Retha Marie Meyer, Donald Edward Meyers, Phillip Joseph Miller, Nancy Joanne Miller, Willis A. Modlin, George Lee Montes, Geraldine Moore, Edwin Patrick Moore, Mildred lrene Morehead, Roland Eugene Morez, Nick S. Morgan, Thomas Charles Morton, Francis Harold Moses, James Lee Motley, William G. Mudgett, Ron F. Munch, Warren Thomas Mundwiler, Richard H. Munson, Ray Charles Murphy, Paul D. Ness, Donald Albert Neundorf, Margaret Elsie Newman, Georgia Ann Newmire, Richard Wm. Newton, Windsor Dewey Nicodemus, Virginia Nielander, Nancy Kay Nolby, Susan Clara Noyes, Beverly Nunn, Leroy Bruce Ockander, Ronald A. O'Kumura, Osamu Olsen, Ruthe E. Olsen, Kenneth D. O'Neill, Ronald S. Orr, Clifford D. Pair, Dixie Lee Palmer, Patricia Joyce Pannell, Ronald Rupert Parker, Ralph M. Paton, Richard A. Patrizio, Santolo Alfred Patterson, Gary W. Peck, Richard Pedersen, Donald Edwin Perkin, Barbara E. Peterson, Carolyn Rae Petrusa, Corrinne Katherine Pickrell, William R. Pleasant, Jack R. Post, Ha-rry J. Postrnus, Barron G. Potter, Terry Frank Powell, Leila Powell, Richard L. Prati, William Howard Preiner, Patricia Mary Press, Richard Frank Price, Norman Clark Primak, Michael D. Pruitt, Clayton H. Puetz, Henry Frances Quartaro, John Michael Rainey, Linda Sue Rea, Charles D. Rea, Joyce Colette Redding, Douglas Scott Redding, Gwen Lynne Regan, Jay Denny Rhodes, Franklin F. Rhodes, George Hans Richardson, Nancy Lee Richardson, Richard G. Riell, Robert Arthur Riley, Robert King Rivers, Byron J. Robinson, La Rue Rogers, Roberta Mae Rogers, William Edward Rohde-Moe Jacob Romero, Rick J. Romine, Richard H. Rose, Robert Dee Ross, David Allen Rothenburg, Glenn E. Sack, Richard F. Sandager, Robert Charles Sanders, Christian Lee Sawyer, Wynora Helene Sawyers, Marshall Lee Schaefer, Judith Scholl, Stanley Lewis Schlumberger, Bernard J. Schmidt, Marily Elise Schmidt, Richard Frederick Schoenmann, Donn R. Schutte, Robert H. Schuyler, James P. Scott, Barbara R. Scott, Lois Annetta Seabeck, Leonard Jerome Seckler, Quennedd Lillian Seite, Paul Martin Sellberg, Thomas Albert Sellner, Carolyn Barbara Serra, John A. Sessa, Robert S. Settergren, Eric Albert Jr. Sexton, Lynn Carol Shaw, Peter Garry Shaw, William Donald Sherman, George Leonard Sherrod, Charles S. Shields, Rex Lawrence Shimomura, Yukio Shriver, Marilyn Y. Shryock, Martin John Sievertson, Donald E. Sillars, Conrad Simons, Susanne Sydney Sims, Harold R. Sitz, James M. Sivola, L. Allen Skancke, Calvin Jerome Sleith, Jon Maurice Small, Jane Smith, Barbara L. Smith, Mary Louise Smith Richard A. Snow, Susan Sommerhauser, Charles Jean Sommerhauser, Meri Ann Sommerhauser, Peter Tom Southhhard, Richard H. Spanga, Margilou Jeanne Spence,Mary F. Spieth, Jack Leslie Spratt, Charles David Staff, George Richard Stallard, Jeanette E. Steiner, Larry A. St. John, Robert Charles Storm, Fontain Storm, David A. Stratton, Leroy Clifford Studebaker, Bradley Swanson, Shirley Jean Talavera, Edward Lopez Tankersley, James Milton Tapper, Margie Lucille Taylor, Lyn , Taylor, Terrence Percy Teters, Addison Robert Thomas, Ronald King Thompson, William Earl Thoms, William Joseph Tobin, Jack F. Todaro, Carol Rose Tomlin, Anne Torrisi, John Louis Toutiion, Jonathan David Trelut, Ann C. Tripp, Dale Turner, Arthur C. Jr. Urban, Ronald Anthony Urell, Thomas Charles Urquidi, Jaime A. Urquidi, Ronald Valadez, Robert R. Vestuto, Nicholas Michael Villolobos, Raymond Anthony Vogel, Michael Vuilli, Henry Lee Wade, Alan Jesse Wallace, Francis Frederick Wampler, Byron Allen Wareham, Harry Sharpe Warner, Caryl Raymond Washburn, John Thomas Watts, Phillip Webb, George R. Webber, Larry Norman Weber, Hermann Joseph Weed, Jay Robert Weinert, Norman C. Western, Donald D. Whale, Mariorie Linda Whitcomb, Donald Lewis Wilenken, Richard N. Wilikinson, John Robert Williams, James Francis Williams, Larry I Williams, Richard B. Willingham, Gordon Lee Wilson, James Rodney Wilson, Larry R. Wilson, William Hayes Wirt, Joseph Lee Womelduff, John R. Wright, Jesse W. Yacovone, Thomas John Yeokel, Larry Eugene Zaun, Frank M. Zelinsky, John Joseph Zimmerman, Krista E. Zimmerman, Ursula Zoller, Donald Harold 50 H UIUQA " - ,- I l llllilka 'Egg lllllgg, I , l!lgg,"'t 'lllllij K .gglinnn 521'-'iiiia l r :wp jx ACTIVITIES eff IM 'Q I 1 IV? ,J kv .ri E Ui-A-iililq.. Pot McDonald Editor, Second Semester Mrs. Virginia M. Gdsporotti Foculty Adviser The Lo Reoto stoff shored office spoce with the El Voquero stciff during the 1956-57 school yeor. In the picture to the right ore Gretchen Rossiter lfront, leftl, who octed os Section Editor for the VVomen's Sports, ond Pot McDonold, Second Semester Editor. To the reoir, left to right, ore Mrs. Gdsporotti, Fciculty Advisor, Ston White, office monoger, Ro- lond Whitely, stciff photographer, dnd Jill Cole-grove, rnonoging editor. Jill Colegrove Managing Editor , I 'F P K5 -J Pat McDonald ileftl and Jill Colegrove inspect pictures to be used in the yearbook while Jill talks to the photographers, Dunlap Turney, in their offices on Brand Boulevard. The La Reata staff had an extremely eventful year as it strove to publish the first yearbook since l95i. Daryl Taylor and Chuck Horn acted as editors the first semester but bowed out in February, as did Bob Cheek, Men's Sports Editor, Dick Doyle, business manager, Nick Thomas, Theme Section Editor, Norman Peterson, and Carl Dietz. Leaving later were Roland Whitley, Emily l-lileman, and Stanley White when they found time did not allow their continued par- ticipation. Such were the casualties on the publishing battle field. Gretchen Rossiter lleftl and Stan White conf layout, the master plan for the yearbook. is , LAREPIA er over the volume wwf we fl CN ,r 4 Nick Thomas Gretchen Rossiter Stan White . M . l 7 1 A Q . 0 , ' I v 'fi 1 1 J f' f 25225: ' . fe t 3 iq, - riiazefis. if, I i, . org,-. 1, nn 4 ,..,,-. rs t,.g+ p,o,, ,ua , Q, 1.1.1-11':..., . , 1, 4, , .v wc aus ,, , 1- 1 " .9 as 'e':'e"" 4.. ,. - -,r 11,5 e,a,.w,,v, nop, 1 ,, ,,,,,, ,. 1' fm- t 1 'vw' m. -'rv+ vo,.+.4 - S L -11:15.60 nn .. 1 5T f'+9 Q' . -. Tl in ll J' lets: R li +1 S 'E Scilly Bell Editor, Semester I Dove Greenbcum Key positions on the El Vcrquero stoiff during the 1956-57 school yeor were held by Sully Beth Bell, ond Lindon A. Morehead, first ond second semester editors, Dove Greenlooum, who served ds Sports Editor for both semesters, ond Port Scimuelson. Dove Green- bcium received the Betci Phi Gommo oworol os the outstand- ing reporter torthe first semester. Lindo Morehead Editor, Semester II Pot Samuelson Ndnnete Brown, left, the editor dur- ing 1955-56, gives some helpful hints to Scilly Bell lcenterl and Pct Samuelson as they take over the executive positions during the first semester of 1956. Rose Marie Copple was responsible for the excellent coverage of club and social news which appeared on page three of El Vaquero. Tony Pace, in copies of El Addressog ra ph to Virginia M. Gasparotti, Faculty Adviser. Hard at work l?i on the next issue are, left to right, Robin Jarecki, Feature Editor, Jim Conrad, Tony Pace, Rose Marie Copple, and Jerry Fogarty, Office Manager. anll"""""- M4 l' ' age 41 ,Y 'ss .tfs 155, -3,41 ., "" , marc EL VAQUERO was issued day with the exception of and examination periods. supervision ot First Semester Sally Bell, Second Semester Linda Morehead, and Advisor Virginia Gasparotti, 27 editions two double runs were puloli Special editions included the Reata drive issue, the eight page Christmas issue, the April Fool issue and a special edition distributed at the spring play. QLWLLUS AL ANDERSON "Sid Davis" JILL COLEGROVE "Lily Miller" BONNIE KENMUIR "Essie Miller" MIKE SATHER "Richard" .3 -1:55 Y. y z DAVE BLANKENBURG "Not Miller" Seventeen-year-aid Richiafd Miller, Z Hia' firsf crppdardnce of 'maturity Afihds 'hif ' sfrcngely unsymputhefic toward hiim iadlcai idgqs., L H E. if iii iliiiiiim i lwittitdl Wint Selby, finding Richards older brother, Arthur, unavail- able, invites Richard to accom- pany him to the PTeciscint Beach House. At the Pleasant Beach House, Richard finds new ac- quaintances who shake his cocksure faith in him- self, and reawaken his belief in his family. Nora. Richard Millers, ........ Nat Miller, his father .... Essie Miller, his mother... Sid Davis, Essie's brother ..... . Lily Miller, Nat's sister ............ Arthur Miller, Richards older brother .... Mildred Miller, his sister .......... Tommy Miller, his younger brother ...... Running throughout "Ah, Wilderness!" was the undercurrent of Lily's love for the irresponsible Sid Davis, who teases her by flirting with the maid, . . . . .Mike Sather Dave Blankenburg ...Bonnie Kenmuir .....Al Anderson . . . .Jill Colegrove . . .Peter Fergusson . . .Sandy Bower ...Val Norman Muriel McComber, Richard's sweetheart ..... Claire Mitchell David McComber, her father .................. Jim Elsaas Nora, the Miller's maid ........ .... C arol Harwood Wint Selby, a triencl of Arthur's ............ Gordon Bartow Belle ................................ Satenig Donigan The Bartender .... ...Bill Eichberger, Jesse McKenzie The Salesman... .............. Larry Paulson Designed To orienT new sTudenTs To The Glendale campus, VaaUeriTos' Day plan- ners offered an explanaTory assembly. ATTer each sTudenT had his program card approved by his counselor, he reg- isTered, boughf his books, and aTTended classes. VaqueriTos' Day speakers poinT- ed OUT The various aspecTs of campus life To The new sTudenTs. Running The gamuf of registration marks The be ginning of every new semesTer. lllll Til VJETY The campus book siore conTains all needed by any sTudenT for all classes. U QRETU LWETEL Co-Rec nighT is held Tour Times during The school yecir, Twice eclch semesTer. lT is scheduled so cis noT To inTerTere wiTh ony oTher crcTiviTy, ond hos proved To be one of The mosT successful school c1cTiviTies, wiTh on dverdge of 500 sTudenTs ond TdculTy members c1TTending, This is The lorgesT oTTenddnce of ony evenT excepT The Spring Func- Tion. The original ided of Co-Rec nighT vvos in- Troduced by Mrs. STeele of The Physicol Educo- Tion DepdrTmenT IcisT yeor. IT is now under The supervision of The College RecredTiondl Associd- Tion CommiTTee, consisTing of Mrs, STeele cis choirmon, ond Chuck Gibson, Ed Tucker, Mur- roly Mesec, ond Lucille McLc1ne. AcTiviTies in- clude volley looll, bc1dminTon, checkers, oll Types of cord gdmes, ping pong, dcnncing of vdrious kinds, ornd oll kinds of pcirlor ond recrec1Tionol gomes, on evening To meeT The needs of cill c1TTending, Responsible for some of Glendale's spirit durv ing the first semester were cheerleaders Connie Whitesell, Jerry Micheals, Bill Kreger, and Paula Dinotelli. The traditional emblem of Glendale College is Pancho, the Vaquero. if H 'ill t Adding To half-time and pre-game activities, the flag tvvirlers worked many hours this year. During the day's breaks, congenial groups gather for rest and discussion. Vim' ix ' X Xxx' f A 12" ' fl i l fl' lf i, ,Y 5 P- i l X Outside the Science Building, two students wait for the summoning bell. Qxs s Y, i Q. 80 lVl VlJlE Gi Princess Dianne Aitken W, Y? Queen ?."' Princess Connie Whitesell F 715 1. . Jeannette Rhoads 4? Princess Princess Sylvia Heady Sandy Ramsay Lovely Jeannette Rlwoaols and her court of four princesses reigned over Glendale colleges tra- ditional Homecoming Game. Festivities culmin- ated in a parade of floats from all service clubs on campus, followed by the Homecoming game against Pasadena City College. Clweering Glenclales Vaqueros on were peppy song leaders Dianne Aitken, Phyllis Zitnick, Diane Pohlrnon, Sue Davis, Satenig Donigan and Betty Jo Lewis, DIANE POHLMAN iw-nmviauil BETTY JO LEWIS SUNG 'N' "Haw PHYLLIS ZITNICK Elected by ihe ASB, These six girls is T ,. M- z SPIRIT led The songs and cheers QT all games. ,L-f.H..,u .. SUE DAVIS DIANNE AITKEN SATENIG DONIGAN lPlLElill'1lEiiiE 1 Ig 1 -1 QM -X,-rg The Valemihe Dance was held February 9 iri The Eagle Rock RecreaTiohal Hall. IT was The TirsT big dance oT The second semesTer. IT was pre- senTed by The Sophomore Class, and had as iTs Theme "HearTs arid Flowers". The dance was backwards, giving The girls an opporTur1iTy To geT a daTe wiTh THE man. IT was a mosT suc- cessful ever1T arid will be long remembered by all of Those aTTeridir1g. The combined voices of all the choirs participating gave a beautiful ending to a very successful Choral Festival Once a year, combined voices from Glendale schools meet at the college for The annual Choral Festival. Once again, This was a highly successful and beautiful event. The Four Dischords from Glendale High School, Dick Mainland, John Kelsey, Ron White, and Herb Ludwig, offered some of their popular arrangements. From Glendale College, these seven lovely girls contributed a medley of songs. "L , , ,,'. WA .. ,, ,f ,, ' W:--rr , ,, Glendale College orchestra consists of more than fifty members, GS we is under the direction ot Mr. Purcell Mayer. It draws many not only from the student body but members of the com- The festival choir, consisting of choir members from several Glendale schools. GE M 3 F451 MUSIC GRO l Director of orchestration Purcell Moyer, left, ond College Choir Director Milton Young, right, oppeored with Marilyn Roellick, ossistont con- cert mistress, ond Dorrell Hunter, soloist, in the Christmas Concert December ll. Thre Glendale College Bond, left ond below, was under the direction of Purcell Moyer, ond oppeorecl at mcmy games und other college functions throughout the yeclr.. , g e - - --we e B8 'LUG Blillcl Mice Running the long-abolished Office of Seeds and Standards are the widowed Mrs, Letitia Turnbull and her sister, Miss Crystal Hower, When newspaperman Tommy Thurston, the ex-husband of Letitia's niece, comes to visit the ladies, he pledges himself to reinstating the office. Karen Norwood, Letitia's niece, first di- vorced Tommy Thurston because of his irrepressiloility, now she finds iust this quality refreshing. By Samuel Spewack Samuel Spewack's satirical comedy "Two Blind Mice" was Glendale Col- lege's spring play this year. The story of a newspaperman who restores to "two blind mice" their abolished office, and in doing so regains his wife. "Two Blind Mice" ran for three nights. Ably and imaginatively directed by Miss Eleanor Gobrecht, and starring Bruce Makowski, Jill Colegrove, and Bonnie Kenmuir, "Two Blind Mice" was hailed as one of Glendale College's best pro- ductions. Because Thurston's brash plan for outwitting the government succeeded, the liquidating agents assigned to the Office find themselves aiding the ladies against Senator Kruger, who originally abolished the Office, and suspicious newspaper woman Laurie Brenner. fn S' Y? JILL COLEGROVE "Mrs. LeTiTia Turnbull" Mrs. LeTiTia Turnbill, DirecTor of The OSS ......... Jill Colegrove Miss Crystal, Hower, her sisTer .............. Bonnie Kenmuir Tommy ThursTon, a wondering newspaperman. .Bruce Makowski Karen Norwood, his ex-wife .................. Sandy Bower Dr. Henry McGill, Karen's fiance ...... ...Don Schoermann Wilbur ThreadwaiTe, STaTe DeparTmenT. . . .... Jesse McKenzie Maior John Groh, USA .............. ..... A I Anderson LT. Col. Robbins, USAF ............... ...Ken Bellemare Commander Thomas Jellico, USN ........ ...John Bowman SenaTor Kruger, who abolished The OSS ........... Jim Elsaas Laurie Brenner, a newspaperwoman ......... Frances Lemonais Miss Johnson, a dancing Teacher ...... .... C arol Harwood Mr. Murray, her pupil ............ .... P efer Fergusson Simon, a Tailor .................. .... L arry Paulson Ensign Jamison, assigned To OSS... .... Mike SaTher SergeanT, assigned To OSS ....... ....., B ill Parisia VisiTor .................................. Celine Beresnalc Mailman ...... Choir ..... The large cnsv ol Two Blmd Mice with derecror Miss Eleanor Gobrechf, re- hearse currain calls dui- PQ Tnal d'eSs rehearsal 'Tosfado ..Diane HaworTh, Jim Pierce, Dave HackeT, Carol Barrow, Wynora Sawyers, Chuck GaTes, Buddy Adler, Karleen Ahrends, Nanci Godfrey BRUCE MAKOWSKI "Tommy Thurston" fr ,WZ riff? -Q! Q X v Xl QS Q N -k JL! xxx URGANIZATIDNS M., ff , I 4. -ln, ,, -,ag i 'l A INTER-CLUB COUNCIL Additional members of Inter-Club Council: Bev Bush, Nanefte Brown, John Munn, Wolace Peycha, Douglas Goco, Mary Jane Bennelf, Ann Weller, Carolyn Amos, Nancy Brasher, Bob Caoghry, Lynne Krlske, Barron Klee, Joycelyn Relfschneioler, Douglas Smnh, Dowd Mcvicken, Joanne Sigmond, Loretto Johnston, Pele Sfanekorn, and Judy Campbell. Paul Schubert 94 ARCHI FALL ' PRESLDENT SPRING Thomas Moon .......... David Haase VICE-PRESIDENT Joseph Strickland ....... Laird Keagle SECRETARY-TREASURER David Haase .......... Thomas Moon Additional members of Archi are: David Haase, Laird Keagle, Charles Sweet David Hackert, Giles McNeil, and David Jackson. Archi, a service club open to both men and women, had an all-male tollovving this year. Under the guidance of Mr. Albert l. Smith, the members of Archi furthered their aim of promoting interest in architecture. John Riley, Joseph Strickland, Mr. Albert Smith, Dick Christy, Thomas Moon, William Kelley CHZIRRUS FALL PRESIDENT SPRING Bill Bolingit .................... Bob Gooby VICE-PRESIDENT Bill Kre er ............,....... Ra Tostado 9 Y S SECRETARY-TREASURER Don Kimball .................. Keith Holden l.C.C. REPRESENTATIVE Jay Albertson ................ Jay Albertson SERGEANT OF ARMS Mike Logan ......,....,... Roger McGookin SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Sherman Kearl ............... Jack Sneddon PUBLICITY Sherman Kearl ............... Jack Sneddon Charros, a men's honorary service club, is open to those who meet the require- ments of scholarship and service. The members of Charros, under the guidance of its advisor, Mr. Bradbury, fulfill their purpose of service to the college. Portraits courtesy Ken Chew, student photographer. Jay Albertson Larry Auzene Keith Holden Paul Schubert Bob Gooby Bill Kivlwi Dave Slater Ray Tostado John Curtis Neil Sawyer Dave Helsten Bill Balingir Dick Colby Roger McGookin Tom Moon John Foerber Don Carthey Sherman Kearl Jim Fleming Gary Cooper Mike Logon 111 GX' me .x ALPHA PHI UMEGA SPRING Bill Lowther . .. Carol Sfeingrebe Ted Gilbert . .. Glen Nakahara ...... PRESIDENT . . . . . VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Bob coughey .. l.c.c. REPRESENTATIVE Bill Lowther , A 4 Buford Reamer 'I Sran Ross Q ef ss Mfr! Alpha Phi Omega is a new club on The college campus. Started This spring by SSVVICE . . a group of seizure magors, if has grown and shows promise of continuing to do SO. ffl 1 ,fi f Additfional members of Alpha Phi Omega are: Larry Brennan, Dick Bueller, Bob Qaughey, Dick Cross- fhwait, Chuck Devore, Carol Leitz, Dick Donan, Ted Gilbert, Gary Kain, Laird Keagle, Ralph Kevonkian, Rawlin Radle, Gil Sherwood, Dave Sovereign, Carol Steingebe, Tony Traughber, Glen Nakahara, Dave Walsh, Dick MacDonald, and Dale Powers. Lev V' Bill Altson Don Alicata Allen Anderson DeWayne Anderson ziggy, 'xfgb t if g y W an Nigel Bailey ' David Blankenlourg Earl Burtness Dick Fox Bob Gee John Deakins ,S-v 'Y s wg, A ds Ron Case Bill Coad .. L Ron Davis . L ,cus ul PHI FALL PRESIDENT SPRING Larry Paulson .......... Larry Paulson VICE-PRESIDENT Gene Hand Bill Coad .... .... Bill Coad Dennis Hams Ed Sawyers ............. Ed Sawyers Albert Holman TREASURER Jesse McKenzie .........., Bill Altson SERGEANT AT ARMC Allen Anderson ........... Ed Stadler E i.c.c. REPRESENTAHVE Clifford Helfzel , Q Douglas Smith .... DeWayne Anderson Bill Holloran V ii Jesse McKenzie Q "VY Russell Morrison One ot the most active organiza- tions ot the college, Sigma Phi Sigma, under the guidance ot re- elected President Larry Paulson and advisor, Mr. Doyle, carried out its aim of service to the school and promoting school spirit. This men's service club, in tur- thering school spirit, took charge of the school marquee this year. M' I Larry Paulson Roy Prideaux Carl Reinhart Ed Sawyers Francis Smith Ed Stadler Harold Stewart chael Thompson Anthony Tracey Phil Vaughan Ron Yates Jerry Young r ,-5 1 'JWN V ,.ff,,. 5' B a , i 4 tg , Q J iw i,si 1 A '3 QL Q11 2-xg? Mary Lawrence Carole Rounds Dianne Aitken Mary Jane Croxall gy JoAnn Ruckman y on ' , W V Jean Ferguson Connie Whitsell Ann Wood Wulf Marilyn Gulbrandsen Honor Haase Holland FALL PRESIDENT SPRING Mary Lawrence . . Marilyn Gulbrandsen VICE-PRESIDENT Jean Ferguson ....... Mary Ann Wood RECORDING SECRETARY JoAnn Ruckman ....... Gloria Walpus CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Nanette Brown ......... Joanne Wulf TREASURER Joanne Wulf ........ JoAnn Ruckman l,C.C. REPRESENTATIVE Florence Holland Epsilon Omega is an honorary women's service club. Members are selected by the club on the basis of scholarship and service. Advised by Dr. Flint, and led by Presidents Mary Lawrence and Mari- lyn Gulbrandsen, Epsilon Omega again this year fulfilled their aim of service to school and community. I AMIESAMS FALL PRESIDENT SPRING Florence Holland . . . Rosemary Tedesco VICE-PRESIDENT Rosemary Tedesco . . . Luanne Renstrom SECRETARY Jackie Renstrom ....... Pat Samuelson TREASURER Anne Leichtfried ...... Elaine Weireick I.C.C. REPRESENTATIVE Nanette Brown .... Beverly Nakamura Artisans is a women's service club, ad- vised this year by Miss Mable Teed The members of Artisans have the portunity to study various careers, to make field trips connected with interests. Additional members are: Bette Bolen, Betty Caldwell, Pat Eichler, Moana Gomez, Mary Lou Keller, Anne Leichtfried, Beverley Nakamura, Carol Preniger, Luanne Renstrom, and Rosemary Tedesco NEEDS Joyce Archinal Judy Batchelor Martha Bryan Sue Dohrse Arlene Hager Leila Halsteen Gwen Hicks Connie Whitesell Bonnie Kenmuir Sandra Miller Sheila Smith Marian Wilson Wave Wilson Mary Ann Wood Joanne Wulf Carol Warren Kennie Jo Walker Susan Beniche Diane Staab e- if ' ' ' 1 GJ 1 1 l ' L ' 'ji' f w'J1iESTL1'r+2f'-f-Fwr .t3il35.,a'gss'q54ait, , , A A ,, ,f , , ,-- J 45,4 fines. ffffts.. M. ,,wg:tw,wwrw1q.l,,T,l,s.,, ' " , , , ' Y . 1 1 nlsdm , 1 J ,- egJge'gg:1Q'bql41Hw+, f' ' ,iz ll A -1 1- L-'fi llelifil-f A nn, .V A t A 0' 'M ' '- W , , , , Wnatwiwat, Mft, M513-' me , Lli,'tAL':+a14Q' me lfllllawlf llilli cs. t siwviafilina lfnl LksQ+a1wi4 1 itil sw if , 'spine-Aiti' lpg't5lB?:1l'lJw'U1T H ,tif-1 l l U ll"n,n:l l P0544 sf "9 H ' ll ' A 1 J time ,, 1 -,. -"''Q'tamwwvffcqtlfselliemmifs , , , A ,w'w4Zfflrw, '-g,iay9gif1,fll'Jfilms,.5 ' , ,4f3if1:3i1gtaf',ixjwlliiaffiffeftgwllfl 1jg'wgg-gg 'iw , ,gum3i?-ln,g,3, yt,l,y,gs1,qf's--nr Joyce RECO Joanne Wulf ..... lyil SOUAL Connie Whitesell ..... H l STO R l A we-I -..-..-- l-C-C Mary Jane Bennett ...... FINE ARTS CHAIRMAN Nancy Rogers ........... Pat PUBLICHY CHAIRMAN Kennie Jo Walker ...... Sally elliiilgfl The Niacls form one of the largest Women's honorary service clubs on the Glendale College campus. Following precedents set when the club was first organized, they carried out their aim ot promoting and participating in commu- nity cultural events. Additional members of the Niads are: Rosemary McPherson, Mary Jane Bennett, Nancy Rogers, Kathie McGrew, Karen Nelson, Nancy Lawons, Sharon Miller, Pat Marvine, Sally Sargeant, Judy Campbell, Janet Kallas, Carol Peck, Marianne MacDavid, Marlene Vermeers, Joanne Valmer, Rosemary Martinoft, and Renee Patin. FALL PRESIDENT SPRING Mary Macaulay ...... Mary Lawrence VICE-PRESIDENT Mary Lawrence . . . Linda Ford RECORDING SECRETARY Lois Reynolds ..... ...... Ellen Stinsdn CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Pat Cassidy ........,... Sue Maxwell TREASURER Y REPR Baker ......... Jackie Hoag PHILANTHROPIC CHAIRMAN Elderkin. .Marilyn Gulbranclsen HISTORIAN . . . Cynthia Kroeson CHAIRMAN Rose Marie Copple ESENTATIVE Ann Weller .Ian Butland Pat Carr ssidy Antoinette Mary Rita Lois Janice Selby Nancy Shannon Ellen Stinson Florann Terkla FHIAIIIS Another ot the campus' largest and most active clubs, the members of Phians par- ticipate in philanthropic projects. Ad- vised by Mrs. Bishop, this women's serv- ice club again did some outstanding work. FALL PRESIDENT SPRING Marilyn Hayes ......... AI Aramburu VICE-PRESIDENT Mary Wood ............ Mary Wood RECORDING SECRETARY Audrey Allen .......... Audrey Allen CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Jean Ferguson ..... Wanda Lou Harris TREASURER Bob Dickerson ........... Jane Lloyd SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Lois Reynolds ........... Bruce Hand EDITORIAL BOARD Bob Gooby, Gordon Lawler, Gordon Lawler .......... John Curtis PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN John Horsfal ............. Jim Fouch I.C.C. REPRESENTATIVE Nancy Brasher ........ Nancy Brasher HISTORIAN Sharon Cooper ........ Sharon Cooper Al Aramburu Jean Ferguson Bob Gooby Maxine Gross Marilyn Hayes Marie Justice Katherine Lentine Lois Reynolds Mary Wood BETA To be a member of Beta Kappa, the school business club, a student must have a grade average of 1.0 in com- merce courses. Beta Kappa is sponsored by Mr. Norman, and has as its aim the promoting of interest in and information about the business field. Additional members are: Ellen Ammens, Audrey Allen, John Bowman, Nancy Brasher, Mildred Chase, John Curtis, Bob Dickerson, Kim Esselstrom, Duane Fellows, Diane Finley, Jim Fouch, Steve Gilman, Bruce Hand, Elizabeth Hillman, John Horsfal, Gordon Lawler, John Lawrence, Charles Miller, Tom Murphy, Cheryl Simon, Bob Stone, Robin Tompkins, Edwin Tucker, Sharon Cooper, and Wanda Lou Harris. SEEIDIAILIS FALL PRESIDENT SPRING Mary McArthur ....... Dianne Aitken VICE-PRESIDENT Carol Hatfield ........ Sherie Petersen RECORDING SECRETARY Natalie Hieber ........ Phyllis Zitnick CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Deanne Ghiggia ...... Rene Morhaine TREASURER Betty Jo Lewis ........... Judy Staub PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN Sue Davis, Kay Schneider ........ Judy Hasenteld SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Diane Pohlman ....... Diane Pohlman FASHION CHAIRMAN Dianne Aitken .......... Beverly Bush I.C.C. REPRESENTATIVE Jocelyn Reifsneider The Seidals, formed in I927 as the Ladies, is a Women's honorary service club. Under the sponsorship ot Mrs. Woodrow, they study charm and fashion. I Z E ,.n.,..s. ww,.s,,,.fas,i,i.Ws.wW P members -at 1 on S N sshs 4 ge Q K xx? is ' S REQ: -1 - ,L ' i - it -AEE? Si' , hes- I ll ss-14, 4 1. x.,sisf,.f. ,, msgs ,v.4W,z.,,,.,. , ss :wwf ff of Seidals are: Sue Davis, Martin, Renee Morhaine, Diane ifsneider, Jeanette Rhoads and . . Carolyn Amos Beverly Bush Darlene Collins Satenig Donigan Carol Frethy Mary Ann Gage Anna Grundman Judy Hasenfeld Natalie Hieber Mary McArthur Renee Morhaine Linda Morris Sherie Peterson Sandy Ramsey Kathie Reehner Nancy Ressler Joene Rosso -rt. I 'stt 1 is -f.s flf. ,fa f-vf , -552- 1 iii' 5 I Eff' Sharon Shannon Jo Ann Sigrnond , Gale V00 Levven 1 Phyllis Zltmck ' f"+:x,f'W-if 'VZ Dianne Aitken Carolyn Amos AP' B' . wt 1' 3 42' Wye 1. ' Y 2 n S' 4 fm'- ff "Q 48 Q 6-X, My bv' 5 Row l: Marganit Vardi, Diane Straub, Laila Halsteen, Sharon McCoy, JoAnn Sigmond. Row 2: Carol Dorn, Nancy Swan, John Kovahaugh, Dave Walsh, Don Lofftus, Carl Peetz, Bob Wright, Elizabeth Hillman, Moana Gomez. Row l: Jim Roark, Stan McAllister, Bill Black, Carl Lowe, Al Anderson, Dave Hackett. Row 2: Elsa Arnneas, Edith Lianzoff, Jackie Vanderwood, Parvin Nili, Carol Soublette, Frances Strother, Carol Holley, Pat Carr. EQ E? F! IEQI E! Ei G-4 M F E 2 Q IT-I Q M Ei! ii TQ M TQ 9 7 ,X w . 1 iii iam W iii Q D1-m FSI 6 ble! me EH Fai Q! P! 1 Z L, Li L-i. W EP! i 1 1 E12 L H U! i!!! Lia Dave Greenbaum, Pat McDonald, Pat Samuelson, Robin Jarecki, Linda Morehead. Row 1: Sonia Budel, Mike Maynard, Marganir Vardi, Carlo Ansani, Ana Bonetf, Linda Schmidt. Row 2: Julian Santana, Christe! Swaitzke, Carl Peetz, Roehm, Moana Gomez, Imre Radisay. Barbara Eaton, Benny Beit-ishov, Gerhard 3 til ? E. EJ GP! G! GQ R Y L f' Li- E+! El LL? P P E! W E P E! Q Li L, L-L P EQ l f DO M Q f O G SPURTS The T956 Vaquero football roster included. Front row, left to right. Phares, Donnell, Ramos, McDermott, Jenkins, Potts, Knutson, Williams, Buonocore, Smith Horn Thompson, Riewer, Herrmann. Second row. Colarossi, Travele, Johnson, Baertschuger, Dahl, Curry, Davis, Wright, Kellstrom, Clinite, Bell, Toomey, Lane, Carter Brovelli. Third row. Kenlein, Marshall, J. McGill, Salata, Cheek, Knickerbocker, Anderson, Evans, Rowley, Hand, Pote and Masdeo. WESTERN STATES CONFERENCE FINAL STANDING W L T Pct. Compton ..... 5 0 0 l.000 Pasadena .... 4 l O .800 Glendale ..... 3 2 0 .600 Ventura ..... 2 3 0 .400 l 4 O .250 Pierce . . . .0 5 O .000 Bill Reinhard, head coach T10 Ed Simonski, left, and Murray Mesec, assistant coaches, Glendale College enioyed a bet- ter than average season, and could have enjoyed a very suc- cessful season if the Vaquero football team had not lost a very close game to Pasadena. By beating Pasadena, the Cowboys would have ended second be- hind Compton, who was ranked No. l of all the junior colleges in the country. At it was, the Vaqs ended up third. The season was highlighted by very close games throughout the year, all but one game had scores sepa- rated by a margin of only 6 points. Captain Cliff Kenlein 'ig QL Tim Smith AMost Valuable Back 3, 1.--g-n Angelo Brovelli Jerry CUNY Ed Colarossi Kurt Clinife Bob Cheek Most Valuable Linesman Ed Baertschuger if All Vince Buonocore Bob Carter Aldo n Bell ,I k .-Mag, K. 61.1 -Q -.,-F , ..... W .. ,. ck .........s..,,..,..v- .. KE W z'z: g Maurice Dahl Vin Donnell Terry Evans Lyman Gorrell Ron Johnson Don Kellstrom The referee moves fast to get out of the path of the Vaqueros as he charges down the field with the ball, Outstanding players ofthe i956 Vaa squad included Angelo Brovelli, who was named as an All Western State Conference guard and Junior College All American. Two fine quarterbacks were Kurt Clinite and Jon Salata. Clinite was a second year man, and though he played very well, he did not gain the recognition this year that he did his first season. Salata was a first sea- son man who learned very rap- idly and came through in good shape. Vic Donnel and Mike Wil- liams supplied much needed power in the fullback spot, while Tim Smith was very consistent in the right halfback position. Find- ing himself about midseason and coming on very strong from there was Ed Colarossi at the left halfback spot. The line was sporadic, although at times very good football was played there. The line improved nicely as the season progressed, Rod Knutson and Mosey Dahl were very con- sistant line members, and also turning in some good perform- ances were Ron Johnson and Aldan Bell, Jerry Curry and Carl Lane. The Vaqs were hurt badly with the loss of Cliff Kenlein, due to a recurring knee injury. With two Cowboys stopping him, and two others ready to give assistance, the opposing player in the center of the picture made little gain with the ball. 'fd' I VAOS T2, LACC 7 The Vaqs were supposed To lose This game by T5 poinTs. LACC never recovered from This game, and wenT on To finish in fifTh place. Thompson, Brovelli, Car- Ter, CliniTe and Donnell all Turned in good performances, TARTARS 44, VAQS 0 LiTTle can be said here abouT This game. There was noT a chance ThaT The Vaas could have Top- pled The Number T Team in The naTion. VAOS 28, SAN BERNARDINO 20 Bouncing back, Glendale Took The sTrong Indians inTo camp be- fore a home Town crowd in The "DusT Bowl." SmiTh, Brovelli, KnuTson and Donnell all Turned in sTandouT performances. VAOS 60, PIERCE T2 Donnell scored Three Times, while Bell, CliniTe, Colarossi, Salafa, Williams, and KellsTrom each scored Twice. VAQS 2T, PIRATES 0 Glendale closed The season by defeaTing VenTura in a baTTle for Third place in The WSC. ORANGE COAST 20, VAQS T3 The Vaqs Traveled To Cosfa Mesa To play OCC. Going inTo The fourTh auarTer iT was a 7-7 game, buf The Pirafes goT away aT The lasT momenfs. VALLEY 20, VAQS T3 This game was played in 90 degree heaT, and The Valley squad kepf sending in fresh re- placemenTs, which finally wore The Vaas down. CliniTe passed T7 yards To SalaTa for one score, and six yards To Dahl for The oTher, wiTh Brovelli kicking The exTra poinT. VAQS T8, MONTEREY 6 The Cowboys finally broke inTo The win column wiTh Mike Wil- liams going over from nine yards ahead To sTay reTurning a Lobo pass for 7T yards, Vic Don- nell scored The second, and Jon SalaTa found Aldan Bell wiTh a T6 yard pass To end The scoring. PASADENA l2, VAQS 7 Glendale dropped iTs opening conference game in a sloppy conTesT in The Rose Bowl. The Vaqs were presenfed wiTh a golden opporTuniTy in The fourTh quarfer, buf a fourTh down pass failed. The Vaqueros advance The ball again. Vaquero Ed Boerfschuger is stopped afTer o long gain. Rod Knutson Dave Rowley Jon Salafa Tod Thompson Sam Travale Nick Williams ' Q. 3' . A ' -' ff .2 - ,T A v ci . ' 3. ' ' i v Q S fi.. I Abe Androft lrightl was assisted by Ed Siminski in Vaquero basketball coaching. Members of Abe Androffs 1956-57 basketball aggregation ore: lkneelingl John Wills and Wayne Niedrick, lstandingl left to right: Ed Sharp, Dick Sundahl, King Archer, Ron Saltmarsh, Karl Wolff, Dennis Moulton, Dave Johnson, Larry Dominiak, Bob Bell, Brian Hurt, Jerry Klaus, Kurt Wright, and Shaw and Swanson, missing from the picture. Glendale College closed one ot its most successful basketball seasons in the school's history. In the All-league teams Bob Bell was named co-player ot the league along with Compton's Jim Stephens, in tirst team hon- ors. Dick Sundahl was named to the second team, while King Archer, Larry Dominiak and Denny Moulton were among the twenty receiving honorable men- tion. Bob Bell captured the top WSC individual scoring stand- ing. Not only did individual players give outstanding per- formances, but overall team co- operation was the highest. Jerry Klaas, driving off screen for lay-up during the Sam Barry Tournament quarter-finals. Glendale College defeated LA. Harbor in This gome with o score of 78-73. Three players watch spellbound os Ace Bob Bell scores from The free Throw line to break The former college season scoring record. Bell ended The season with a new record of 846 poinfs. King Archer Bob Bell Larry Dominiok Dick Donan Dave Johnson Jerry Klaos Dennis Moulton Wayne Niedrick Q. gn 3 A Wig, ,f i r Q , Ai Gfll EDM ,s f" ' 'xi . if 'If tg lg' i lr wig DQ 4 SQ. MJF Q-rr, 'H' ' Qmaalill l-5711 QQ' , 'I -.A safe .ply 41 T-if' A ,sig rw A 'W if ll 4f:Aif?'C. W-9 t i ie,,,i 'WX ,- - ,EAD r :swf :: fkf: ' if Y. 42 mg, X is 45? "m. i r : 'ff iiss g ij yg yjdgllglfl I A GSX Mil aux A e W, if, V- f Aix Q1 ml 'K 'life 135' Asif 515 A 1 1 6 we . Ecl Shaw Dick Sundahl Jack Swanson Karl Wolff Kurt Wright FINAL WSC STANDINGS Pierce . . Compton ....7 3 ....7 3 Los Angeles . .6 4 Glendale Ventura Pasadena ....5 5 5 ....O1O 736 655 738 764 715 623 695 598 699 752 675 812 A brief argument resulted when Bob Bell was fouled by a Fresno player during the Sam Barry Tournament semi-finals. The score for the game was 72-67 in Glendale's favor. Sundahl scores two against Fresno in Sam Barry Tournament action. S The confident cindermen of the T957 track team are, left to right, first row: John Foeber, Reinhold Greve, Walt Kendall, Mike Logon Dick Allegretti Charles French Mike Meenan, Dave Trowbridge, and Loren lllengo. Second row: Jim Hendershot, John Barton, Bill King, Pete Breckheimer Dave Haase Jim Rountree Gary Marshall Don Boehme, Dusty Potts and Roger Bechenhauer. Third row: Student Assistant Tom Meyer, Chuck Laughlin, Don Johnson Karl Schreiner Bob Carter Tom McMasters Steve Alvord, Don Sheetz, Martin West and Coach -Ed Tucker. Aided by a large and strong crop of freshman athletes, plus nine potent, returning lettermen, Glendales track squad rolled a highly impressive and successful season this past year. In con- trast to past Vaquero squads no man could possibly be singled out as the main cog ofthe team, for there were many versatile and top ranking men on the squad, Two of the top sprinters on the team were Jim Hender- shot and Mike Logan. Logan was also adept in the 440 and the low hurdles. Other top boys who could also run the sprints were low hurdlers Charley Laughlin and quarter-milers Karl Schreiner and John Barton. The two tap high hurdlers were Dick Alegretti and Marty West, both of whom also waddled over the lows. Allegretti, a real all- around man, could roar in the quarter mile if called upon. The middle distances had such fine men as powerful Jim Rountree in the 880 and the 440, Tom McMaster and Don Boehme in the 880 and mile. To round out this list properly, tiger Charles French could also be found run- ning either the 440 or 880. Running the two mile was one of the guttiest men on the squad, Dave Trowbridge, he was fol- lowed by John Faeber. The field events were filled by some really good and consistent men, among them were Gary Mar- shall and Walt Kendall in the broad iump, Dave Haase, high iump, Don Sheetz, pole vault, and big Pete Brechheiner, Bob Carter and Loren lllengo, weight- YTWSYT. QHQ' .RACK Coaching the 1957 track and field squad were Ed Tucker left an Tom Meyer, student assistant. Pete Breckheimer John Faeber Charles French Don Boehme John Ba rfon Reinhold Greve Dave Haase 'Uk Jrm Henalershot Loren Illengo Tom McMaster gave an outstanding performance in the mile run K 1, . 5 K , . v - . . f 1-if mm . L F . , ,, f,-' 11."siii:11z:1Wi1'i' .,,. 1. "" 1. '2'1f:2iiw ' N :mama 5 W"" 5 -X s - . - 'Q - .. 7 , , t K ' -. : """ ' "'W ' -ff-. ,,,., - ,M 1 K '--'-" " ,. Q.. ' , if r -2 ' Karl Schreiner performed both in the 220 and 440, as well as in the Mile Relay. 1957 TRACK SCHEDULE Q Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. April April April April April May May May May May fi Pete Breckheimer excelled in the shot put and discus events. Long Beach City College SPAAU Relays 15--Western States Relays 22-Pasadena City College 29-Compton College Los Angeles Ctiy Coll. -Ventura College -Santa Barbara Relays -Santa Ana Relays -WSC Prelims -WSC Finals l l-Fresno Relays 14-So. Calif. Prelims 17-So. Calif. Finals 25-State Finals .ar ,milpa-mr Dick Allegretti was a star in the high and low hurdle spots. Walt Kendall Chuck Laughlin Mike Logan Gary Marshall Jim Rountree Don Sheetz Dave Trowbridge Martin West Farrell hits to right field, to the dismay of the catcher, during Santa Monica game From row ll to rl: Caruso, Schulky, Dale, Oglesby, Farrell, Hawkins, McGill, Scharffer, Foster. Second row: Gemberling, Johnson, Fisher, Prout, Iverson, Youngerman, Fenton, Golanes. Third row: Bell, Sink, Cockayne, Mohney, Collart, Gambatese, Chipponis. The men of the i957 baseball sauaol come mainly from Bur- bank, Glendale, and Eagle Rock areas, bolstered by a few boys from Michigan. The spirit of competition is very keen, due to the high abilties of all the play- ers. Team spirit is responsible for the fine account which the group made for itself. All these athletes have been willing to adapt to new positions for the overall good of the team. Depth at pitching, catching, and all other areas was sufficient be- cause of the players' abilities, anol willingness to aoljust where necessary. in 11.4, lol im 04415: 11.4,-L Mike Caruso Bob Cockayne John Fenton Chuck Fisher 1 3 it Q. i Murray Mesec, left, coached the 1957 GC baseball team, with the assistance of Abe Androff. March March March March March March March March March April April April April April April Gil lverson shoots tothe fence in the Santa Monica game. J .1 .'.,.g3'ii.... 23 24 26 30 l 957 BASEBALL SCHEDULE 6-Valley . . 8-LACC . . l2-Compton 14-UCLA . . . T5-Ventura 20-Pasadena 22-LACC . . . 26-Pierce .. 29-Compton 3-Ventura . -Pasadena ..... -Compton . -Pierce . . . -Ventura .. -Pasadena May 2-UCLA .... May 3-LACC . .. May 7-Pierce ......... All home games were played at Sfengel Field. .Here .Here There There .Here .Here There .Here There .Here There .Here .Here There .Here There There There id D Errol Foster Evan Galanes Ron Gimberling Mel Hawkins Gil Iverson George Johnson John McGill Errol Prout Wayne Sink A 0 , , A itll 0.4 G ml 114, A itil ng mtl 04, Lf, A 411213 V M5355 Q bUUlllil 'f The Glendale College cross- country team enjoyed a tremen- dous season in 1956. They dis- posed of Compton College and Pierce JC November 8, which was a dual triumph, making eleven straight wins in eight dual or triangular meets during the season, They placed fifth in the Cross Country JC Champion- ship Nov. 21. After a fine show- ing the team retired, looking for- ward tothe T957 track and field season. Dick Allegretti Don Boehme John Faeber Charles French Doug Gow Tom McMaster Chuck Stanley Dave Trowbridge 'na ililll The T957 Vaquero Tennis Team was primarily a freshman group, as There was no carry-over from lasT year. They have lacked ex- perience in compeTiTion. BuT Their improvemenT has been remark- able, and if The Team members reTurn To GC nexT year, They will be Top performers. They have been a well-balanced Team, as sTrong aT The Top as aT The boT- Tom. They are a Team which is sTrong in dual mafches but noT X! -' in TournamenT play. . vQv""" -c.. Front row: Garry Lyons, Roger Weinert, Paul Murphy, Wally Kendig. Back row: Conrad Morse, Brian Heming, David Titchenal, coach, Phil Graham, Absent from The picTure is Dave Greenbaum, Fronf row: Jay Albertson, Bill Reinhard, coach, Bob Toomey. Back row: Dale Witte, Ken Freeman, Al Wade. Absent from the picture are Bob Gooby and Phil Radleck. Comparing The i957 Vaquero golf Team is impossible, as lasT year's Team was a championship aggregafion. BuT Three members, Though noT regulars, reTurned To form The nucleus for This year's Team. They were Bob Gooby and Phil Radleck, boTh playing Top golf. The Team has been improv- ing sTeadily, and should win abouT half of iTs mafches. i 3 X X Q WUMENS' SPORTS X4 I Q 'P' LX XX X XX , Mr INTRA - MURAL f Fl,1llEcU ElIL il .Q 1 r r u :J F J TJ u I F F F :rr .,..Ls:' nys.. .sv Gibson, InTrc1-murols goT oTT To o good sTc1rT This TirsT yeolr. PubliciTy The ocTiviTies were well received by The sTudenT body. RepresenTo- 'ies are Those shown on The following pages. Above: Bill Lyons, Couch Ed. Tucker's sTorTing gun in ci high hurdle rdce. Second Trorn ison The bird. DirecTly below, Chuck Gibson re-Turns some. BoTTom: lcnll wrop up The RPM os Coach Tucker engineers. ExTrerne righT, To win TirsT plolce in The inTro-murcll brood iump meeT. Exfrerne righT, 1 lsh swing CI wicked pgddle Tor Toble Tennis championship. Q'-. ,ggi if . --' 'J 'IIXKF if l ,, .. ...M'l' ,A f"5 6 n v tgp-5 ' ... JM . -Q h ,, V , ,4 Sin, .7 ,,93,wjL:Q,-f-W-,L ,A 0 K ,Jw Q N .4-,G . 9. ki -f",..m X-,,..,f!f3.dw,7 , W.. .f ,. V 4S.i?I12g-w,',4q,Q1.c-5.1, -N,-ff,,f:-I"'j:5-,5f"" f' , .V A,,,,,. ,,g,ai3v, .:,. 1: ,':,'.:., -,A J ' , 1 4--if ' .'ff.,.g3-W 93-14. A iw' 'O ' ' A-:wg -2 2"--PM-rx , rx f. , ,. W A,-Jgv. A wr KA: v'f,'4,,,,.g-- . -:.1,6,5ixff V -in 4.4 ,ww , A ,, MW- - f',4i'h-.QZSR-..'- 4,,,1,y"' 1.-. W v ' ' 'Y',,,!Qff"'-dd!-a.+1i'k' .-"2-1f.a.sfew-1-Q-A-,Qs , .- - 1 , L g- -3' A ,. 4 ' a- 1 ,,., " -+5 , - -- -W'-,M .. M, --..-4 A, vm - - t ',l....f .. s. 4, 1-.. T55- s N s X xxx! 435 X ,' Z q S .OD S . lk , W3 A r I 4 i '.' 0, . -9, f- ' f M Vx k , - - -fx' fi -',, F A ff J - -... ., at ,wfisi -, ' w ' .JJ fl QM , I ff, K ,, ww K .,,, - f-ff ' Af , . 9 ,N Wav 5 ii n I I 1 . if .y .,,. ,.., , I , , , 1 t Wi' As' .Ns V .f . .L Lck' pf .np X ' 414' . . ,. ,fl-'S 1 J I, """"" wwf, fx I if XX NK UL cx J fx rx , Qj ls tljjfflll lv 1 Us le Above, four level-headed young ladies, Bonnie Kenmuir, Val Moore, Diane Bishop, ancl Moana Gomez glide maiestically down the Corral steps. At right, on October 27, Glendale College women were hostesses to East Los Angeles College in a volleyball playday. Left to right, Sylvia Bunter, Diana Dent, Joene Rosso, and Joanne Lang get in a few minutes' rehearsal in to insure a good show for Glendale at the meet. N -ff? l gl foULgf!!f Q1 Z M Nwlfliqi 44- Above: Linda Heinrich, Sandy Bower, Sally Staub, and Betty McKenzie putting on the green. Below: Under the coaching of Mrs. McLane, left to right, Judy Weatherford, Fred Miller, Rosalie Kovack Paul Kolar, Greta Butterfield, Jim Adams, Richard Peck, and John Galagin demonstrate proper stance, and practice techniques. k K X K -ww! twat -- .gn M 'IQ N in... if "3 .47 'wh ',,,f- Above: Mrs. Steele demonstrates the proper service grip for Pat Edwards, Karen Steel, and Ann Weller. Right: Mardell De Witt and Rose Marie Copple practice on their service strokes. Opposite page, above: Marleen Vermeers and Sharron Shannon don costumes for the Mexican Old Men's Dance, Mary Lawrence and Cynthia Kroesen pose in their finery for the Mexican Hat Dance. Opposite page, below: Janet Morgan, William Eichberger, Donna Cooper, and Leroy Messick perform a Cowboy Dance. f 4 , Vl 21 -s 'asia' I a in :sl - , , w R, At :rg - ,. . .F ,iq W -sb 'Ames' ur . .'.. 1+ 59: 1 -V ' -' L"' g - A yrs.- fw ---1 2 , , " In 1' - " ,A j A A , LV.V 55,3 z I 53 4 R fzsm'-sw 'wx -ff , .f rf - Q .Nw Ag. J.-Vg-, , i,:'E3ka- :.:,-.2- - 2- :,1cw5!'?EQ m.,-f agp. 1. ,Jin 1 - ff ,I L H ., . . , .- ,,, 5 . th, A ,wi sk , -1 u ' 1, s u w w ,,,,, . H 1 ,,... . ,. K 's . A NW., 1 1 wi 11 . . ..W .H . .,,. ,Nw K M, . H... ..., I I N- Qfk ,L SW'-I '13 fasfm . filggwig , g5x5Vm.aL .g f ,1H',L. , uf ,A WW Wwwww Q:-M., . .,.. , " I M' 1 k .,i n g. rm-g fm, 5 ,, - -- fi - K , ,pw QA., Q 1,--V . Q A. . ,M , . L J 4. I V1 T . h N I,-.wigsq -,E im2l?f4wa.,?. '.. ,V -r -- K .f , . 'P . -'+ .f-,, - Yi- . A, 4 -'A' e"f. A.-aw-gi..,' ' W' 'V uf "4.f'-'f""-Q-' 'az 2, 'fi 'fz ' H - A " ' " 0,-t Nia- f 2 ' " , 7 31 I t fi 3 4 SN 1 . If ffm-x Below: Janet Thomson throws for a basket as .loan Del Corso attempts to block her. Opposite page, above: W.R.A. executive board. first and ser-ond semesters: Linda Ford, Laila Halsteen, Judy Campbell, Janet Thomson, Diana Dent, Jan Selby, and Marv Jane Croxall. Opposite page, below: The athletic field stands cold and bare, deserted, no doubt, while students go skiing and snowbcilling in the San Gabriel foothills in the background. . it r l y ...nsis Rosie Copple and Dave Greenbaurn are following a Well-over 30 year tradition in checking for tennis equip- ment at Cornwell and Kelty. For over 46 years your tovorite sporting goods store has carried the very best in sporting equipment, featuring Wilson, Spaulding and Rawlings. 'Hman S-926 IXLEBE XJ Goimtlfall and Kelty Hardware and Spotting Goods Q lp fbi u. I 1 QC z2'4c JEWEL CITY BOWL OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY I6 ALLEYS Student Rates 3Oc CI Game Automatic Pin Spotters GRILL T35 S. Glendale CI 3-I T38 CH 5-5935 JESSE E. SMITH CO. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER In Glendale Since T915 TIO E. ELK ST. CI 2-TT4T CH 5-I T31 , A6 . ,...... ..,,.v..-,,,,...- 1, ffr I Iwda Blgeflylafel 7 1 wp Q ,, ,A.A. 5 .-.- 1.1,,.. . 1 M111-:' ' E32Q5QrE1E5gf5r5.55'-',W 3, , -' . ..VA Q., I" ., v," Q o ' 7 ::.v:r5S'E5EgErE3b N-W " ' :Is1:35:3:5:3'45:513:5?!gE2E5EgEgE51r:,, V M- " I I - ' nn., ',- W -. I ! IW I fisszaffffl In N .V U - Fi nw", 'B I V 81? N W .M Wap Ava, I ' -J' .. ,Wm og x - .W ..... uxnygggiqu ., ,.. xi. , Y' .wbbf Q I -" . I .,,. "" - -- . ' Q9 I M I I " .... 3 ? iM's1:2Z. ..if?5f5::"' X 2f?:2:2:-e. "i1:2lP:t'ff,fffZ'5- 2"2",5'f'-1'fif1'2?5 1'f'f5?:5?SfE7"' rv-1.-551222: :V-'Q' fl: v,.4 H5-.f: , -4 l: ti:g.,g.::-Q.. r . ,, GLENDALE ' BURBANK 59 . B EAGLE ROCK ' TOLUCA LAKE f I " ,, VAN NUYS ' PASADENA Tv I I PHOENIX BOB'S BIG BOY GLENDALE HOLY TOWEL und LINEN FAMILY SUPPLY CO. CHURCH 19274957 2I4 EAST ELK AVE GLENDALE GLENDALE SANITARIUM AND HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 1509 East Wilson Avenue Glendale 6, California COMPLIMENTS OF BALL PERSONNEL AGENCY "Better Employment Service" OFFICE - TECHNICAL - SALES MEDICAL - INDUSTRIAL - DOMESTIC Suite 416 Bank of America Building IIO West Broadway Glendale 4 Cl 4-3159 CH 5-4388 Don't Forget to Shop at C O L L E G I A T E 208 North Brand Boulevard Glendale 9 fine shoe repairing T 0 THIS 9 A 'K' fn R YOU CAN SAVE MONEY BY HAVING US RESTYLE YOUR SHOES THAT ARE LAID AWAY IN YOUR CLOSET. WE CAN GIVE THEM THE NEW SMART LOOK .... AT A FRACTION OF NEW SHOE COST THE MUST EXPENSIVE PAIR...ARE THE SHIIES YIJU CANNOT WEAR ul COMPLIMENTS OF LIBRASCOPE 808 Western Avenue DEVELOPERS OF DIGITAL COMPUTERS and ANALOG COMPUTERS Iv If N -ul ' 'RXLULI IW!! wld I ISU! All ZLHK 19 WWJLQ 9, A I np, ll VL ,LIL 'U MJ Lf 'iff ' ,V Q' ,DV MQW ' A ,fl if L rf ,f 1 Cu LENDALE'S "ONE STOP" SHOPPING CENTER X, K , l42 CRACKER BARREL MARKET T420 Sourh Glendale Avenue Glendale, California Also at 5600 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys COMPLIMENTS OF FRANICES VOGEL 303 Norfh Brand CI I-1032 GLENDALE'S FINEST FASHION CENTER Photo Suppliers for T956-57 La Reata M The Most Complete Specialty Shop in Town HOME MOVIES CI 2-0363 RENTALS - SERVICE - REPAIRS DRESSES , GAYSON'S H iw, 135 South Central Glendale 4 MILLINERY CAMERA SUPPLIES PADDOCK'S STATIONERY Carries a Large Selection of ACCESSORIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Art Engineering STATIONERY Fountain Pens Eaton Stationery Albums Diaries Leather Norcross Greeting Cards OFFICE SUPPLIES Paper Binders SPORTSWEAR Forms Filing Supplies Pencil Sharpeners BOOKS DICTIONUVIGS . RGIIQTPUS Featuring the Outstanding Designers in America, College Outlines Technical l Modern Libraries Children MCIVIY OI Them EXCIUSIVG WIIIT Fiction and Non-Fiction 138 Norm Brand CI 2-4144 30-60-90-DAY CHARGE ACCOUNTS Glendale Free Validated Parking 143 COMPLIMENTS OF WEBER BAKING COMPANY 6841 Son Fernando Road Glendale BAKERS OF FINE BREAD 44 OUR SINCERE THANKS TO COMPLIMENTS of WHOSE' EFFORTS IN OUR BEHALF WERE DESTROYED BY FIRE MARCH 30, 1957 z-xurusnz-was W W JU C , f ' 5 I v ffwfw JW? M J' WM ' ggjffjl-far! WZZJMZW! ftywf MWJW . Q 1 ff ff ' 57 ,wif ' f ,jL,fVL ,L Ljfp, 'W"W7i'L .JWVW ' 7f'j"7'fMMQf'W OW-WX .wa ' 4,1 5' r Lana Wg? MM QWJVQJX JM? AMEV f N Ffkiigpfyj MMM? W' A if M ,L , dw I Wil' My 1 V 7 7 V 4f. ' ,4kV X T yfff W, I vig .X I AD .Y J, 1 M' ' IM ll fu VP J v A 5 1 -fr U X Y w ,VV A WL V1.1 'ff 7 I jf 'Kd JM f J ff f JM L G f V1 X J Lf ff W ff ,ff W M Q 9' J' y f if M W 1.ii9l AW VM if! I? 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'L V 5' w 7 LD W A, ,f 1 W 'WV zwrnsnz-mrs auf Na x-NNW 3 ffwff 242fM41022',,QfM,Z, YA PW NVQ 2,2 ' 1 X4 , if WE QW ffm5Zj Zf ffk5fy,v W My WW? , VJ jig SX wifi Migsp X N q Q lf 72 iwwiw Awgyj wi Zlflii N dmcfwgg, kivfqaii ,QQ OUR THANKS Since La ReaTa has noT been published Tor The past Tive years, The sTafT feels ThaT The l956-57 La ReaTa would noT have been possible wiThouT The help of many kind and capable people. We wish To give: special Thanks To The following: Mr. RoberT Thomsen of The PhoTography DeparTmenT. PaT Wilson who did The excellenT Men's AThleTic picTures. Mickey Dunlap and BerT Turney Tor beauTiful porTraiT work and Tine club pictures. Ken Chew, The El Vaquero sTaTf phoTographer, for The inTeresTing shoTs of special acTiviTies. Patricia Neiznalski for The very original arT work of The division pages, Angelo Brovelli Tor'The Men's AThleTics division page, and also arTisTs Michael Ellis, Frances STroTher, Melissa Soares, and Joyce Archinal. A cerTain Top arTisT of a cerTain sTudio locaTed in The ciTy To The wesT of Glendale who did The carTooning for The Women's SporTs Secfion. The Glendale News Press Tor The Men's SporTs acTion shoTs. PhoTographers John NorTon, Richard Gewehr, Russell Siner, Richard MaiTland, Paul Wilson, and James MarTens. The service clubs of The college who handled The sales of La ReaTa. The Glendale College legislaTure for iTs loyal and helpful support. HE ED . 1 a. ,?f-QILT, 'V' 2Ei,f'4LiQ1:A 1, Z 19 fa 1957 1

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