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•I M H ' l-JH ' 1 ■i ; - - g Studmt Umofi ft m GLENDALE COLLEGE 6LENDA.LE , CALIF. 0 I tP Pictured above is the school seal now officially recog- nized as the stamp of authentication for Glendale College. It was designed by Charles Barnard in Mr. Rempel ' s art class. Harmoniously proportioned, its simple, yet forceful de- sign has been selected to adorn henceforth the archives and stationery- of our .school. _. " iSi ' JUedh edicatioH To Willie, the lovable sdt-appointcd mascot of Glendalc College, the 1948 La Reata is dedicated. Amongst friends wherever he went, whether on the football field, in the halls, or in the patio, he was sure to produce a genial atmosphere. Aside from the lighter moments of college life that our little canine friend has given us, he has also established on the campus a spirit of true amity. Although many of our friends are leaving this semester, always remainmg to bind us together will be our fond memories of good fellowship, Thus, as a fitting symbol of this good will, we turn to our own example of " Man ' s Best Friend. " Willie. Page fit Qlmdale College Dr. Elmer T. Worthy Dk. ElMIK I ' . WoklllV, diiviUn ul the culUyc. u turning m ihc pi ' siiiun jtter an absence ' o sc ' eT. years, has show n an ouisianding ability in snioeuhin out the many atlnunistrative problems ot an ovei erowded school. Also. Irom the day the collei opened in l ' 27. when as Dean ot Men he welcome the first students. Dr. Worthy has been a patier and understanding Iriend M-id counselor to the stii dents. We are glad to have him as the director t Ulendale (L oUege. I ' aye Si. M l istration Miss Elizabeth Rowley, now serving her fourth year as Dean of Women, has won the eonhdence and friendship of the women students as a very capable personal counselor. In addition, she is faculty advisor to the A.W.S. and other student activities, and assists in general administrative work. Mr. Sam Tenison. as the new Dean of Men, continues to show the same interest in the students as he did for so many years as track and football coach and director of athletics. His other duties include welcom ' ng the new students and being faculty advisor to the A. M.S. and the Interclub Council. Page Se Back row — Harold Cochrane, Egbert D. Fischer, Fhilip Gill, James Bedford, Lcland Hol- land, Charles Harrington. Middle row — Park Turrill, Harley Hadcn, Roscoc Bradbury, Elton Smith, Warren Fellingham. Donald Spagnoli. Front row — Clement Mcservc, Emily Bloomfield, Ella Lausman, Dorothy Klotz, C!a;a Brccs, Laran Kitch. Ernest Hawkes. College Back row — Arthur Saltness, Sher- man Miller, Arthur Krause. Front row — Mabel Teed, Lloyd Noble, ,.cn Kennedy. . low — Ralph L. Johns. rialscy P. Taylor, Donald Bridgman, James L. Jonas. James Dodson, John S. Krci- der, Joel Youngquist, Jack McCrcary. Front row — El- lis M. Levinc. Lois Flint. Donald V. Spagnoli. John Keinle. Page Eight Jamlty C L F r i COLLEGE • Back row— Donald Nelson, Ellis Le vine, Ercil Adams, Robert Paine. Middle row— Gerald N. Allen. Mar- guerite Fox, Dernl Place, Harold Brewster, Halsey Taylor. Walter Prill, Mildred Elliott. Front row — Neva Schioeder. Lttoy T. Hemdon. Fred- eiick Hubcr, Vm C D Kerr. H:r- ' .-.p W ' icbo. I.auia Manelta. Back row — John Shively. Karl Thomte, Frank McGlaskey, Elton Smith. Front row — Gene Gaboon. Anne Rambo. Thomas Ryan, B.-.nard Livingston. Back row — J. Ho- bart McLaughlin. Irene M. Pattison. Emma U e 1 a n d. Henry R e m p e 1. Jack McCreary. A. I. Smith. From row — Doris Spen cer. C. Jeannett. Abel. Ella Won,) row, O. Howard Caya. Page Nine S ecutive jioard 1 Bob Burnett, ably filling the office of student body president for the first semester, took an active part in ath- letics and school activities, such as being on inter-club council, obtaining one student body card for married cou- ples, and making the Soph-Frosh day a success. He also started the revision of the constitution which was con- tinued by Riddle, and under his presidency was the largest turnout for the semester at the Les Brown dance. He proved his ability for student leadership and was an out- standing student body president. Ruston Riddle. Vice President; Marjone Luke, Secretary: Doug Ross, Treasurer; John Dobbin, Secretary ul Assembly: Esther Kurtzman, Secretary of Publications: Esther Bierma, Secretary of Music; Jerry Gil- lespie, Secretary of Drama: Dick Grant, Secretary of Men ' s Athletics; Phyllis MacClcan, Secretary of Women ' s Athletics. UlAUhlJ BV Bob Burnett, the hxceutive Board for semes- ter 1 proved to be most suecesstul. This program included the painting of the election booth and the proposing of a suggestion box. Also, the members ordered new band uni- forms and helped to pay for the nev - bleachers at Glendalc High School. Page Elei Student Body President Rusty Riddle Sj ecutm Moard2 Rusty Riddle, student body president for semester II, promoted school spirit and activities. Having had exper- ience as vice-president under Bob Burnett, he was well ac- quainted with the duties of president. During his term of office the constitution was changed, the budget was drawn up. the election procedure and the hand book were revised, and the spring formal was made a success. As student body president Rusty was outstanding. Page Twelve Cap Blackburn. Vice President; Pat Kerr, Secretary: Ken Rumbcrg. Treasurer: Roger Huebner, Secretary of Assemblies; Virginia Wheeler. Secretary of Publications: Lena Bos- sorelli, Secretary of Orama; Joan Gedney. Secretary of Music. Janenc Christenscn.Direc- tor of Women ' s Athletic; Dick Grant, Director of Men ' s Athletics: Bob Burnett. Soph- pmore President; John Abbott, Freshman President. Executive Board semester II. under the leadership of Rusty Riddle operated on an entirely dif- ferent scale. Members of the council enrolled in Soc. Sci. 41. a leadership course which taught the fundamentals of parliamentary procedure. The afternoon meeting of the group was changed to an early hour. . . . Four plans for changing the system at the college were set up. A constitutional revision committee, under the chairmanship of Jux Schnatmcicr set up a new type of government with two houses — a cabinet and a legislative. Cap Blackburn headed the election revision division which called for new election procedures. Jim Brown and his committee worked out new plans which placed emphasis on Freshman Orientation week, while a handbook group headed by Virginia Wheeler worked with the journalism department to put out a new and different book. ;e Thirteen Jteshmm With President Doug Buell busy on tlie gridiron, John Abbott. Vice-President, and Lois Jones, Secretary-Treasurer they carried on with routine business, and most important, led the Fresh to an outstanding but short-lived victory in the Play Day. Class John Abbott. President, Wait McKibben, Vice-President, and Donna Kraft, Secretary-Treasurer were in charge of graduation dec- orations which helped give the Sophs such a great send-ofT. Thei also reluctantly gave up the cu| after taking a beating at the Soph Frosh Play Day. iit mni i ' ' tii nim . iiini ii ii i ' «f£iiiieiis3»i« ' «i fiiiiiiiifi! - 111 1111 Semester 2 Page Fourteen Sophomore ih 8t|||g||i gtflttti l| tijift i i • ri ji jtli : i 1 m:ist semester sophomore ...ccis. J. T. Cotner. President, Robert Milland, Vice-President, and Barbara Kiggcns, Secretary- Treasurer, were largely responsible for the success of the Soph-Frosh Play Day and the dance that fol- lowed in the evening on the tennis courts. They don ' t take credit, however, for the beating the Soph- omores took that day. Officers Semester 1 Handling all the plans for that big event, the graduation activities. Bob Burnett. President. Sunny Amos. Vice-President, and Leone Smith. Secretary-Treasurer, did an excellent job. It was their work, also, which made the Sophomore get-together and picnic so much fun during the second semester. Semester 2 Paye tifteen - .- I liiiik.«il J. w. s. President Leone Smith SEMESTER I iFi - fW P Back i-ow: Joanne SiUtnci. Jancl Roba. Jancnc Lhi ii,uns.;n. I ' ai l .a.J iiont row; Nancy Lee Pearson, Joanne Duncan, Leone Smiili, Johnnie Bake The Associated Women Students sponsored a Slack Party and a fashion show. Besides these events it also provided numerous other opportunities for making and strengthening friendships which will last long after the years of 1947 and 1 ' 148 are but a recollection. ards President V JoDY Duncan I ' IHl: A. W . S.. this year, as always, has been the main factor in the activities of the women at Glendale College. One of the outstanciing events, each semester, is the Freshman Tea. Every freshman woman is assigned to a sophomore friend who introduces her to the other students and answers questions regarding campus life and club activities. tiiiiiiiiii i - .r --.4- % •.. . Back row: Mary Schlecter, Jerry Marshall, Rubie Roberts. Donnalec Hopper. Middle row: Mary Novinger. Charlotte Werner, Nancy McKelvey. Shirley Hoyt. Johnnie Baker. Front row: Nancy Lee Peaison, Betty Burkhardt, Jody Duncan, Shirley Mae Dyson. Carol Jepson. Payn Seventeen . T i8iinit!t||M»M!l!IIHHSEg siiijSSLwiFMWIiiaillS Semcster Onh I ' residenr. Bud Hahn: ' ice-Presidfnt. ' aughn Critchlow . M S Boards The a. M.S.. an organization as old as the college itself, took the lead in inter- class activities this year by sponsoring the Freshman-Sophomore days. These meets did much to " break the ice " at the beginning of both semesters. Athletics, dancing and food comprised the afternoon outings which are only one of the many ways the Associated Men Students helped create the congenial spirit of friendship on the campus during 1Q47 and 1Q48. Se.mester Two President. J. T. Connor: Vice Presidenl. Jjv Richardse P.iye Eighteen a a c V MS m tnniiiiitnittiumtiniitimianinnii n i • i SEiMESTER One Vice President. John Wiggcrs; President. Jux Schnatmcicr; Secretary, Jackie Lahs. htcr-Club Comcil Composed of the presidents of the school-authori .cd clubs, members of the Inter-Club Council have worked exceptionally well this past year. Their duties have included the creation of inter-club activities, the formation of new clubs, their constitutions, and the like. As this club has maintained the final control over all others, it has held an important position in the college, and the praise given it has been well-earned. G fs Semester Two fnelarii. Donnalcc Hopper: President. Charles Anderson. Paye Twenty Ma Phi Qamma Bhta Phi Gamma, national journalism fraternity, is sponsored by Mr. Derrill Place, national president of the organization. The club was inactive the first semester. Members attended the Southern California journalism convention held at Pasadena City College. President the second semester was Virginia Wheeler. Mcmbeers include: Harry Reed, Ted Brecden, Ken Williamson, Jim Brown. Boyd Coffman, Mildred Hogkins, Marjorie Luke, Barbara Morneau, Virginia Wheeler, and Joanne Baker. Archi Club The ARCHI Club is a club for those interested in architecture. Mr. A. I. Smith is the sponsor for this club. The members are K. G. Bristow. J. E. Calkins. M. Cockshutt. R. H. Giergerich, R. H. Ganes. L. S. Henry, R. Kemp. G. R. Lambertson , E. Lundy, R. B. Maine. M Myers, M. J. Murphy, R. H. Sykcs. D. Tauchen, Miss D. Wall. ruc f y aiTiU - Sigma Pi Delta The Sigma Pi Delta, a club open for membership to all women students majoring in home economics, is sponsored by Miss Ueland. Last semester, the president was Maria Leavengood. and this semester the club was headed by Donna Welch. Members include: Dcrisc Breshear, Mary Barrett. Genevieve Brownen, Marv Dauth. Janet Hellier, Mary Huddclston. Minnie Jones, Maria Leavengood, Janet Lctson, Gcorgiana O ' Reagan, Jean Randle Betty Sorensen, Betty Starry, Janet Stidston. Janet Steele. Donna Welch, Barbara Mathias, and Janice Wells ' . Mpitci Cki Jo Ann Misfeldt and Polly Phillips were the Presidents for the Alpha Chi art club this past school year Membership includes Jean Goudy. Bette Bookman. June Grable. Lee Abies, Darryl Baker, Chuck Barnard Dick Beck-Meyer, Ronnie Bennett, Margaret Bierman, Ted Breeden, Charles Brough. Allan Dailcy. Don Dav idson. Bill Hall. Ernest Harrison. Beverly Harrison. Dan Hovore. Doris Johnson, Dean Johnson, Dolores Judge Paul Kane, Gail Kipley, Kirk Kirkland, Bob Klemp, Roland Lunday, Lois McKelvey. Mike Murphy. Margit Norris. Keith O ' Hare. Mary Ann Pederson. Barbara Pringlc. Lois Sibbock. Elinor Silano. Jerry Sorrenson Ray Stofel. George Wilkins. and Mary Jo Murphy. I ' aijc 1 iventy-Tu ' o CettemcH • «4 H ' ' " 9 " ' J ' " ' LETTERMEN on the campus were recognized for their orange sweat shirts. The men also organized the rooting section at the football games and gave numerous parties during the year. Leaders of the group lor the year were Rodney Southwick and Dick Bench. Members included Bill Becket. Darrel Beckley, Dick Bench. Dick Broome, Jim Brown, Tom Bushey. Al Davis. Lawrence Davis, Jim Densmorc, Ed Deeter. Pete DeSantis. Bob Deitlein. Bob Durkee. Karl Giesler. Dick Grant, Jim Grundish. Erne Houston, Chuck Hoy. Paul Ibbetson, Bob Johnson, Herman Johnson, Claude Jenkins, Roy Jae. Paul La ' igne, Pat McNulty. David iMillivich, Jack Mowers. Johnny O ' Neil, Stan Ruzicka, Jack Schickctanz, Barney Smetzcr, Rodney South- wxk. Bob Spenser. Ted Spcrry. Dick Thorpe, Ed Tucker, Al ' an Aman, Bob Waller, Warren Ward, and Bob White. Puye Ticenty-threv i y . fridge Club BklDut i_l.Ub, whose numbers speiu ihcii ull hoius iM.niiii; niuigi.. was Ijeaded by Louis HimmclrciclT and Dan Thomas. The members were Ray Banks. Richard Banks. Norman Bradley. Richard Butler. Eugene W. Caruso, Leon Clark. Emmett Dunlap, Jr.. Dick Golden. Herb Kcarn. Lee Lefkoivitz. Robert MacDougall. Steve Malbon, Robert McDonald. Richard Maxey, Robert Mitchell. Warren Penland. Howard Prcnett. Maur- een Rupidge, Bob Spence. J. E. Sublctt. Don Thomas Robert Westerholm. John Wise. Cecelia Yakutis, Don Curtis. Barbara Kiggens, Paul Myers. Bob Smietan. Salients Auxiliary, women ' s service club, actively entered into the campus events and sponsored a suc- cessful afternoon mixer in the corral. Jean Field and Marjorie Luke took over the reins as presidents for the year. Initiates included Jo Suttncr. Marilyn Randall, Phyllis Alden, Dorothy Yount, Jean Field. Phyl lis MacClcan, Janene Christensen. Delorcs Judge. Shirley Mae Dyson. Jerry Marshall. Nancy McKelvy. Leone Smith. Nancy Bauer. Midge Durkee. Eileen Laughlin. Margie Luke, and Jody Duncan. ll Miim«»8it ig «MJMIH|ililIp mj ' fepP Salients I ' iiyn Twenty-four CitizcHS Club Student Citizens organization was active during the college elections. Members of the Club ran ihc voting booths. Also the group planned a school-wide drivc for registration of voters for the national elections. The two presidents for the year were Jux Schnatmcier and Andy Gump. Members included Pat Braak. Maichael Curley. Bob Geiser, Andy Gump, Ed Guillcmin, Harriet Heidi. Mai Hoffert, Beverly Hoskings. Boyd Kearney, Vincent Kemble. Jackie Lahs. Jack Reed. Wayne Rexrodc. George Sandy, Jux Schnatmcier, Stan Stcddon, and Dick Stevens. Tau Omega Phi was open to those students who were interested in teaching. Serving as leaders of the group for the year were Pauline Macaluse and Marilyn Ripka. This organization held parties and progressive din- ners during the college year. Members include Myron Bengc, Coleen Brisco. Edith Brown. Barbara Butter- field. Barbara Cochran. Jackie Deist. James Ekman. Evelyn Hansen. Shirley Lease, Marion Lilly, Pauline .Vlacaluso. Ronald Maitland. Nancy McKelvev. Mildred Menard. Jim Moorman. Margaret Murphy. Jean Myers. Emi Oda, Bill O ' Malley. Robert Pippit. Lynn Ripka, Pat Sadler. Paul Sanchez, Jacqueline Shidler. Pat W ' eigand, and Ken Williamson. 1 fit;;. J ■kt¥ Zau Omega Phi 2 kj© «d Vaqe Tujenty-tive Zau Mp a ' Dtita Tal Alpha D LTA is a club open to those students interested in science and a program of social, sport and education activities. The sponsor is Mr. Harold Cochrane. The membership list included as President — Jack Ancona. Vice President — Tony D ' Amore, Secretary — Alvin Shcppard, Treasurer — Ed Clark, Bill Boozer, Dave Passcll. Bill Sweeney. El SlLON O.MEGA. women ' s honorary service club, is a chaplcr Jeanne Petersen and Mary Novingcr. Members ushered at campus The group includes Sunny Amos. Jo Anne Baker. Lena Bossarelli Davis. Shirleymae Dyson. Fi Epsilon Phi, and was headed by .. , ,ns and were active in college affairs. Betty Burkhart, Bobbie Cochran. Joanne 1 he group includes bunny Amos. Jo Anne Baker. Lena tJossarelli. Detty Durknart. DODDie i ocnran. joanni Davis. Shirleymae Dyson. Frances Holdredge, Mickic Kami, Pat Kerr. Jackie Lahs. Nancy McKelvey. Gerr Marshall. Nancy Lee Pearson. Jeanne Russell. Virginia Wheeler. Charlotte Werner. Jeanne Peterson. Donna lee Hopper, and Mary Novinger. li A ' I ' liyc I LCcnly-six Qamma Mp a P i Gamma Alpha Pi. the geology club under the sponsorship of Mr, Bradley for their presidents. Their other members were Roy T. Bud Ellis. William Fowler. Peter Gardner, William McDonald. Ken Stephens and William Stone. Meserve. had William McCoy and Norman Atkinson. Kemp Campbell. Robert Driver. William Muntz, Ken Olsen. Donald Paul. The Knights, one of the most active of campus clubs, is responsible for such activities as the Spook Party. Bal Beach Day. and numerous others. Sponsored by Mr Nelson the president during the first semester was John Irving, and during the second semester was Laddie Wallace Members include: John Abbot, Robert Allen, Charles Broderson. Robert Dillon. Frank Gregor. William Hicklc Arthur Hockwald. Leonard Holfman. John Irving. Frank Irvine. Jack Kerns. David Knolls Earl Lund Robert Millan, Frank Prott. Russell Read Jack Snyder. Watry. Ward Wells. Norm Henry and Jim Wilson Zhe Knights Page Tu- ' cnti, C L. E N D A I Ikidlhi fA ' m i. J p fa (jamma Sigma .1 1 li Gamma SKjMA was a very c,ni i. scholarship society during iiK past year. Miss Marguerite Fox, i-i ulcy adviser for the club, stated that this year ' s group comprised thi. largest honor society in the history of the school. ' 1 he mem- DtFj included Warren Adams. Jim yuinand, Dcryl Baker, Marilyn oruggcr. Gerald Burke, John Gamphouseh, William Clover. El- lona Coleman. John Crevier, Roger Grossman, Betty May Curtis, Jam.s Day, Lloyd Dietlcin. Bennie Dillon, Warren Eukel, Lawrence Findlay, Charles Froom, John comes. Arthur Owens, Hope lies Edith Ritchie, Patricia Haus- nan Neddo Hillstrom, Betty Jean .. Houkc, Andrew Ivey, Frank Jar- " ' rctt, Lawrence Jones, Doris Kemp. Martha Kcrfoot. Robert Knox, Ludvig Krauss, Nancy McKelvey, Edward McNeilly, Ronald Maitland, Marjorie Mcntcr, Hugh Merhoff, Neil Norris, Arthur Norris. Jean Rehkop, Marian Ripka. Kenneth Rumburg, Leonard Seay, Franklin Smith, Johanna Smith, James Sublett, Keith Uncapher, Claire Waller, Wallace Welman, James A. Wilson, Cecelia Yakutis, Bernice Zimmer, JoAnne Baker, Beverly Corrca, JoAnne Davis, Edward Evans, Ronald Gardner, Dolores Golightly, Susie Ido, Charles Kamanski, Barbara Kiggcns, Edward Kitchen, Lucile Kunz, Shirley Lease, John Luttage, John Nara. Jeanne Peterson, Robert Pippitt, Elaine Scott and Mary Stuart, Chams CHAkKOS, k ' ltcrmcn and elective A,S.B. officeholders wound up a highly successful year. Presidents were Dick Bench and Dick Thorpe. Members included Dick Broom, Verne Castle, Jack Cockran, Art Cooper, Pete De Santis, John Dobbins, Bob Enright, Nick Fasola, Joe Fish. Dick Grant. Roy Jae. Claude Jenkins. Herman Johnson, Pat McNulty, Rusty Riddle, Doug Ross, Rod Southwick. Bob Spencer .ind Dun Urquidi. f Jl s TI ' QJi a ' - IMit £a es Club Thh Ladies, an active organization on campus, has sponsored many events, including fashion shows and pic- nics. The sponsor is Mrs. Woodrow: the president last semester was Suzanne Read, and this semester the presi- dent is Joanne Bartosh. Members include: Joanne Bartosh. Suzanne Read. Barbara Pringle. Rosemary Vanda- grift. Sunny Amos, Joyce Ashe, Derise Brashear, Jean Cunningham, Gloria Davis, Anita Kipust, Lou Ann Lison, Irene Martin, Barbara Morneau, Pat Price, Helen Rea. Emma Marie Rea, and Jean Randle. y, w, d J. The members of the Y.W.C.A. chose as their presidents this past year Peggy Kelly and Pauline Maculusco. This group includes Emi Oda, Gloria Swan, Rosemary Pierce. Dorothy Byram, Barbara Ronnie, Carol Neil- sen, Carol Stierly, Alma Torance. Alice Khamhaliam, Shirley Lease, Joanne Butler, Donnalee Hopper, Georgia Bennett, Eleanor Terivelligir, Loretta Minneci. Margaret St. John. Lorraine R. Weden. Dons Peterman, Laura Russell, Edith Ritchie. Lynn Ripka, Rody Ann Maxey, Edith Brown, Margaret Murphy, Marjorie Scott, Donna Welsh, Mildred Menard, Jeanne Terry, Marguerite Detorc. Gloria Beall. Patsy Sadler. Jean Myers Salients Salients, men ' s service club, was headed by J. T. Cotncr the first semester and Bub Hahn. the second semester. Mr. W. Smith acted as sponsor of the group. Members of the mcluded Dick Alvord, Frank Bur- ger, Bob Burnett, J. T. Cotner. i Hlft Vaughn Critchlow, Dick Forney, HWRi. Jack Frederick, Bud Hahn, Jim i: Irwin, Dick Kind, Dan Kutrh. Bob ' yi Miland, Gene Philips, Dean Pick Tf nng, and Don Schmidt, Caphers Hockwald and John O ' Nci l ho Presidents Ol- the CAPHERS for the last two semcslers have be members who elected them were Al Van Aman, Tom Ross, Ward Wells, Howard Smith, Harold Mingus, Bob Miland, C, E. Parker, Richard Alvord. John McCormack, Joe Marino, Gene Haas, Ivor McCray, Dc n Kutch, Evan Tourje, Peter Tourjc, Bill Berryhill, Janene Christiansen, Donna Craft, Shirley Holt, Dorothea Yount, Barbara Runyon, Joan Gedney, Janice Muso, Barbara Kiggens. Barbara Ellis, Jean Cunningham, Mary M. Johnson, Maralec Miller, Midge Durkee, Marge Luke, Joan Kymc, Sunny Amos, Jean Saeger, Gloria Davis, Doris Pollock, Jody Duncan. Diane Porter. G.vcn Hanson, Jo Peterson. [V-Wx - fV- - i - ' M l ' s, e. A. S. C. A.. Student Chkistiw Association, boasted new gams as one of the most active clubs on the Glcndale campus. These m n sponsored the Masquerade Ball and provided a lounge tor the men siu dents m the basement of the Ci u Auditorium. John Wiggers an Cap Blackburn headed the giou|T and Ted Brecdcn, Charles Brodi i son, Jim Brown. Bob BurnLii Richard Butler, Chuck Cobk Boyd CofFman. J, T. Cotner B 1 Crandall. Don Dewberry Nick Fasola, William Fleming Anker Fylling, Ernest Harrison, Dick Holden, John Hornback Boyd Ivearney, Vincent Kemble, Jerry Koorv, Hugh Jones, Robert Lee, Frank Lilly, Bob McEwen, Rc.x Mn Sorcnson. Jean Story, Philip Tessier, C: I sch. Jack Ri Ted Umali, Dean Crowell, Howard Thayer. Roger Huebner ;ermal, Rufus Orson, C. J. Oslerkamp, David PasscU, Jerry hid Waite, John Wiggers, Bob Wilkinson, Richard Wyant. Tom Walker, adviser. The Talent Club is a very active and popular club on the campus. X iC ' C ' UlCHt Club They have given many fine assemblies. This club is sponsored by Mr. McLaughlin. The members are Mary Joy DeGenercst, Charles Ellis. Cornelius Fiksc. Janet Hellier, Marilynn Hill, Frances Holdridge, Joan Lett, Gale Marshal, Raleigh Moffet. Mary Novinger. Don Paul, Harold Powell, Mary Shahan, Martha Shanhan, Frank Specs, Lorraine Rupard. [5cl Tugby, Janninc Woodall. KAFPA Fl S1L.MA IS a world Irund ship club open to all studLTiis in UTt ' sted in working toward intci national good will, Mr. Herman Wicbe serves as the adviser for members: John Andei son, Abol Baktiar. Paul Brown Barbara Brundage. Richard Catdo za, Eugene Caruso, Minna Chi is loffersen, Delores Golightly Mii gie Goodman. Donna Hayes, Su sic Ide. Martha Kerfoot. Douni Lamb, Anne Lande, Shirley Leasi George Mathicsen. Carol Neilsen, Margaret Neuhuber, Emi Oda Dor ' is Pelerman, Edith Ritcha Fernando Rodriguez, Tom Rus sel, Jeanne Russell, Laura Russell. Khosrow Eadtghi. Margaret St John, Paul. Sanchez. Nyda Sha fer. Emanquali Shakokhshahi Turaj Shakokhshahi. Milton Shi liiro, Gerard Sjoen, Dan Straul ' Rita Theodoridis, Themis Th doridis. John Toth, Claire Walki Laurame Weden. Martha Vh i field. Barbara Wolfe. K.ndiRl. Wong. kappa Pi Sigma Sigma Xi Sigma PrHSIDHNTS for the SiGMA Xl SIG- MA science club were Monte Wilson, semester one. and Grant Pitsch, se- mester two. Members are (first row); Charles Postell. Jeanne I aync. Jean Terry. H. C. Revenig. Frank Pitsch, Monte Wilson. Harold Mingus, Eu- gene Boring, Mr. Park L. Turrill. 1 second row l : Bill Ransier. Bernice Zimmers, Cilia Yakutis. Warran Adams. Lawrence Fogg. James Sub- let. Doug Pcnrod, Tom Schmida, Frank Sorentino; (third row i ; Dick Murnane. Dale Zelo. Dorothy VoU- mer. Tom Stone, Bey Dillon, Jack Hall. Bob Wilkenson. Robert Schukert: (fourth row): Hugh Jones, Ed Tucker. Paul Burkhardl. Earl Hem. Stan Shaw. Walt Wyatt. Doug Semmons. Frank Smith (fifth row ) : Bill Holmes. David Baker, Dave Geiger, Ken Sparling, Siong Peng Chow, Waldo Foy, James Pe- ters: (sixth row): Bill Montz. Dick Butler. Dick McCosker. Glen De- vrees. Roger Porter, Charles Froom, Joseph Masters. Pagi: Thtny-tivo MtlillM Ultit ' t ' in ip 1 ; _ r i F ! 0 ' fe.. 1 W!hr Kcd Cross Rli) (l. ' iss iiunihcis UKik Lii.iryc i)l the organization ' s annual drive, anciuli.d mnvinlions. and did social work tor the college. Chairmen for the semesters were Vane Suter and Richard SchoUe. Active members included Audry Sullivan. Eileen Laughlin, Joan Pore. Helen Tilch, Janet Stidston, Joan Peden. Laura Stein- bcrger. Kitty Ealand, Betty Houkc. Donna Welch, Howard Lockwood. Claire Waller. Richard SchoUc. and Vane Suter. This Epsilon Alpha Gamma music activities club elected as Presidents this year Charles Kuntz and Jack Hummell. Sponsored by Mrs. Patteison. the members include Loraine Rupard, Gale Maishall. Janet HcUicr, Mary Jo De Generes, Beverly Correa. Bud Ellis. Joan Gcdney. Francis Holdridgc. Marilyn Hill. Mildred Men- ard. Byron Nesbit. Mary Novinger. Mary Shahan. Loraine Rupard. Martha Shahan. Marilyn Skclton. Elaine Scott, Mary Frances Johnson. Moffett R.ileiph Iim Wilson. Pickering, and Bob Warner SpsiUni Alplta Ljamma Page Thirty-five ART AS A CAREER PHOTOGRAPHY IS A COURSE OF HARD WORK. ADVANCEMENT AND FUN HE DAY OF REGISTRATION IS A BUSY ONE FOR ALL CONCERNED. THE HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE. Page Thirty-seven ' T WBPH ffH%. M Responsible for the excellent training of the Glendalc College athletic teams are six coaches. Abe Elliott, Director of Athletics, also coached the winning basketball squad. Mr. Elliott graduated from Occidental College in 1Q3I. George SpERRY, bas.ebaH ccach. graduated from the College of Pacific. CL ' si of 1920. Marger Apsit. football coach, started at Glendale College with the 1946 sea- son. A graduate of U.S.C.. he played professional football with the Boston Redskins. Walt Smith, track coach and one of the latest additions to the coaching staff, graduated from U.S.C. in 1946. Dave Titchenal. a.ssistant football coach and icnnis coach, also came to Glen- dale College only recently. He, too. graduated from U.S.C. in 1946. Leslie Owens, sports iramer. also came to Glendale College last year. He had been coaching at Glendale High School for 5 years previously. Page Forty JootbalL . SEASON ' S SCORES Glcndalc 13 San Bernardino 7 Glcndak- n Bakcrsficld 33 Glendalc FuUcrton 21 Glcndalc 21 Santa Ana 14 Glcndalc 21 East Los Angeles Glcndalc 6 Pasadena 11 Glcndalc 6 Riverside 21 Glcndalc 43 Pcppcrdine Frosh Glcndalc 13 Santa Monica 16 Glcndalc 7 El Camino 7 Poyc- Forty-One Dick Bknch, versatile half-back who captained this year ' s football squad, was the stable work-horse for the Vaqs, usually putting in over 45 minutes per game. Bench worked in the wing-back spot handling blocking chores primarily and when called upon ran and hauled down aerials with deft adaptness. Capt. Bench won the adimra- tion of football fans and team-mates alike by his conscicn cious hard-hitting drive he exhibited throughout the season MarGER ApsIT rounded out his second season as head football coach at Glcndale college and in looking over his team ' s record, it showes a vast improvement under his coaching. Next season he will be back again with new ideas and with many returning lettermen and hopes of a better season than ever. Dave Titchenal, line coach starting his first year with the college, was a sticker for perfection in blocking, tackling, and ball handling methods. He will also return next vcar to assist Apsit again. I ' uye Furty-two Herman Johnson jack i)chickctanz Bob Johnson Mike Wiley l iul La Vigne John Campbell Chuck Hoy John Pautz Pete De Santis Karl Geisler Darrell Beckley Bob Waller Sal Calderone Jack Fredericks Lawrence Davis Forney Dale Hall Dick Broome Pat McNulty Jim Nuchols 7 1 Davis Sian Ruzicka Bob Enright Verne Castle J;r.-i Grundish (Mgr. f ' -f ' a %- v... V ' V J Page Forty-three football J947-4$ Summary GLENDALE 13— SAN BERNARDINO 7 Trailing by 7 points the Vaqs came through in the 3rd quarter with Bob While running 48 yards for the Cowboys ' first score. White also kicked the extra point. Score two came with a series of smooth plays; a 22-yard pass from Sal Caldrone to Dick Bench, White trotting 17 more in two plays, a Caldrone to Curly Davis pass put the ball on the Indians ' 2-yard stripe, and the final drive through the line by White. GLENDALE 0— FULLERTON 21 Bowing to a smoother running outfit, the Cowboys fought a desperate battle to hold the Hornets powerful m in check. Taking two touchdowns over by passes and one by ground the Hornets made the only scores _. .he game. The Vaq line put up a terrific fight to hold their opponents back, but Herman Johnson along . ' .ih Tom Bushey were put out of the game with injuries. ...LENDALE 1 3— BAKERSFIELD 3 3 - OSING THEIR SECOND Straight game the Vaqs put up a game hght, but their two touchdowns were not .aough to cope with the five the Renegades scored. The Cowboys ' first tally was made by a White to Jae atrial; while the second came as the result of ten plays traveling 69-yards and clima.xed by a pass from White Johnny Campbell. ■ ' S .v .Si f n o J .£t " " i Claude Jenkins hd Lathan Dick Forney Bob Beavers Lugene Harmon Jack Fail J,ni Nv ' lieelcha lorn Busliey i v Jae Rod Souih.v Hon Earl Bob Snenc.jr Bob White Page Forty-four GLENDALE 6— PASADENA 22 Bowing once again, the Vaqucros went down in defeat to the Bulldogs in the Rose Bowl. Making but one touchdown as a result of an interception by Jack Earl on his own 43, the Vaqs after a series of plays made it to paydirt rolling up 6 points. Pasadena went over the goal line three times, and made 2 points more on an automatic safety. GLENDALE 21— SANTA ANA 14 One of the best games of the year, the Vaqs broke their three game losing streak and gave the Dons a hard fought defeat. Score one was the result of a 27-yard pass from Earl to Bench: number two, a White to Davis aerial for 15-yards and 6 points. The third and last was a series of plays which totaled 83 yards with a plunge from the 5-yard stripe ending the drive. The line made a wonderful show throughout the game, tear- ing hole after hole in the line and stopping the Dons in their tracks. GLENDALE 6— RIVERSIDE 21 The Tigers gave the Cowboys a set-back in this tussle when the Vaqs ' passmg attack went up in smoke. The rest of the game was diverted to a running attack which also failed. Glendale ' s only touchdown was the result of a punt that was blocked by Jim Wheelehan and Roe Jae. giving the ball to the Vaqs on the Tigers ' 45-yard line. Five plays later the Vaqs registered 6 points with sub tail-back, Vern Castle, taking it over. In the closing minutes of the game, Jim Jordan, Tiger half-back made a 35-yard run for another Riverside T.D. GLENDALE 21— EAST LOS ANGELES Not to be underrated, the Vaqueros chalked up another victory for themselves by beating the Huskies by three touchdowns. The Glendale line kept the Husky team in utter confusion throughout the game mak- ing their victory possible. Two touchdowns came in the first half with Earl and Campbell taking the ball over for the points. The third score was made on a Earl to Davis aerial for 24 yards to paydirt. Wheelehan made all three conversions of the evening. GLENDALE 4 3— PEPPERDINE FROSH Glendale had every player on the bench on the field in this game. It was hardly a contest and the final score could have been much higher if the Vaq squad had kept its first team in the game. Dick Broome made the first touchdown and from there on, it was clear sailing for the Cowboys. Earl, White. Capt. Dick Bench, and Stan Ruzicka all took the pigskin over for touchdowns. GLENDALE 1 3— SANTA MONICA 16 In one of the finest games of the year, the V ' aqs dropped a close one to the Corsairs by a mere points. In the first quarter, no points were registered as each team stormed up and down the field feeling each others ' strength, and looking for an opening. In the second quarter the Vaqs had a bad break with a pass interception and run back of 71 yards by the Corsairs for the first T. D. In the opening minutes of the second half the Vaqs evened the score. The third quarter saw the Corsairs making another tally and the fourth period one by the Vaqueros. with only minutes to play the Cowboys tried desperately to even the score, but instead Earl was swamped behind his own goal line with the Corsairs making an automatic safety. GLENDALE 7— EL CAMINO 7 Ending the season with a 7-7 tie game, the Vaqs were a sadly disappointed Cowboys was scored by Roy Jae who made a sensational catch in the end-zone for six points. The remain der of the game was a see- saw affair with both tearr up and down the field. :am. The lone tally for the skidding to a stop on his face taking turns running the ball i jt i? Forty-six basketball Cettermen Bob Burnett jb Biclitz John ONlmI Ward Coburn. Cup . (-il ' n Sunderljnd Roger Porter Don Earl {Manager) V ' ince Maga 16 18 Vaughn Critchlow Uave VVeathcrhill Page Forty-Nine Honors galore were in order for the Vaquero basketball team for the 1947-1948 season. Sweeping to j Metropolitan Conference championship . . . sharing honors as being one of the top two teams of the Western States Division . . . and finally an invitation to the National Junior College Tournament, was the crowning glory showered upon the Glendale College Quintet. At the beginning of his third season as Head Basketball Mentor at Glendale, Coach Abe Elliot was greeted with a large group of eager aspirants, but was confronted with the problem of replacing a good portion of his crack team from last year. With no gym to call their own. the cagers. once again as has been the practice in previous years were compelled to use the facilities of a local high school. A formidable list of practice teams which felt the rath of the Vaquero strength, included: Loyola Frosh. Riverside, Pasadena. Ventura, and twm wins over John Muir. Two hairline-decision bows to Phoenix and San Bernardino, which rounded out the list of pre-confercnce tilts. [Continued on next page) Page Fifty Thf Modesto Tournami. ' nt tound the local casabans. of a 56 to 49 count in the quarter-finals with Sacra by no means bruised their prestige. Prying off the lid Camino go down in defeat. Santa Monica proved a encounter, but the Cowboys roared back to stay in c Angeles, and Bakersfield at the start of round two. V thriller to handily dispose of Santa Monica and to era Los Angeles and El Camino were the final victims in reason ' s snubbing from the " Western States Champs " stcrs treked to Compton where they decisively squelched returned to edge out the cagers in the s:cond half of the Stales Tourney with smashing victories over Santa Ana. cooled by atmospheric conditions, on the short end mento. This loss tossed them out of the tourney, but of the Metropolitan Conference saw Bakersfield and El rude host in dumping Glendale in the third league ontention for the lead with victories over East Los ith Jack Earl at the helm the Vaqs came back in a se the only previous league defeat of the season. East clinching the loop crown. With the scars of last still burning in their hearts, the classy Glendale Hoop- the Tartars 5 to 8 in a dynamic victory. Compton two game series. Whipping through the Western Riverside, and Phoenix. Arizona the Cowboys made [Continued on next page) ( Continued from preceding page} an impressive record. In a basketball natural, which pitted the Metropolitan and Western States Conference champions against each other in the finals of the tourney at Compton, the Compton squad overpowered Abe Elliot ' s Vaqueros 50 to 42. Receiving a bid for the National JC honors, the baskcteers zoomed to Spring- field. Missouri, where in the opening round they squashed Brewton-Parker of Georgia 58 to 42. In the quarter-final game of the tourney, the Apaches from Tyler, Texas, tripped Glendale 50 to 46. The crack cowboy quintet ended their 1948 season in a setback at the hands of Dodge City, Kansas. The loss spoiled the Vaqs bid for a fourth place in the National Junior College Championship and rudely dumped them from tournament play. All Metropolitan Conference honors were copped by shifty Jack Earl and stalwart Ward Coburn. A second berth spot was captured by Gene Haas after two games of play in the conference. At the Compton Western State Tournament. Coburn and Haas were picked on the top tourney ten to further their prestige. Climaxing a brilliant two year record at Glendale Ward Coburn sparkled through with the top honor of All Southern California Casaba Guard, and was chosen by his teammates to be the Captain of the team for the year. Fifty-Two Front row left to right: Chuck Colismo, Bob Moir, Bob Enochs, and Dick Alvord. Second row: Coach Jim Mercer. Dick Rhodes, Nick Fasola. Stuart Brown. Bob Slater and Bill Palmer. Too MUCH CANNOT BE SAID about the Vaquero J. V. ' s and their fine coach Jim Mercer, for they not only piled up a very impressive season record but many of next year ' s varsity players will come from the graduates of this same J. V. team. Out of 26 games played, the Vaq J. V. ' s have lost two; one to the Congo A.C. and the other to Foolish Felice. Since those early season defeats, the J. V. ' s met the Congo A.C. again won by a margin of 20 points. They also met the Foolish Felice on two more occasions and won both of those games. In addition to Jim Mercer ' s untiring coaching job, the success of the team was due to the fine fighting spirit that the players themselves displayed in all contests. No one player can be singled out as top man. for the well balanced squad provides for all the players. Bob Slater, John Elliott, Stuart Brown. Bill Palmer. Nick Fasola. Julc McTevia, Bob Enochs. Dick Alvord. Dick Rhodes, Bob Moir and Chuck Colismo to score equally. It was a great year and a great team that made it so. Page Fifty-Thr Swimming WATERPOLO- -SEASON SCORES Glcndale 4 Compton 7 Glcndale 9 S. C. Frosh 8 Gl;ndale 13 Muir 6 Glcndale 7 Gal. Tech Glcndale 13 L. A. C. C. Glendalc 8 EI Camino Glcndale 9 Muir Glcndale 2 Compton Glcndale 4 Fullerton 14 Glcndale 13 L. A. C. C. Glcndale 10 Muir Glcndale 11 Compton 12 Glcndale 6 Loyola 8 Water Polo Page Fifty-Four ii M iw Fiont row. Ictt to right; Myron Willumscn, Tom Painc, Bill Roth. Dave MiUovich. Paul Ibbetson. Martin Krol. Jack Roth: second row: Hugh Ibbctson. Johnny Hill. Johnny McCormach. Joe Marino: third row: Barney Smetzcr. Dick Grant, Bill Beckett, Bcrnie Ibbetson, Coach Bob Paines, and Don Brown. WlNNlNd the Metropolitan Conference Championship. Championships, the Glendalc tankmen in their second in Southern California ' s swimming competition. An work has made these victories possible. Losing only one to Occidental: the Glendalc tankmen defeated the College. Pasadena City College, and the U.C.L.A. Fr Marino and Jack Roth to add up points for the team, events. Relay teams like Beckett. Brown, and Herbert four man team, consisting of B. Ibbetson, H. Ibbe for any contestor. With some special talents of their son. 200 yr. free-style pro: and speed merchant Don Paine. B. Roth. Millovich, Krol, and Grant are wot season. Barney Smetzer. team manager, has also don Coach Painc has a right to be proud of himself and his season, not only in swimming meets but in water-polo are also on the Glendalc water-polo squad. and placing second in the National Junior College major year of swimming, rate second only to FuUerton all veteran team, a very able coach, and a lot of hard two meets throughout the year, one to FuUerton, and water men from Muir. Compton. Los Angeles City osh. With veteran divers like Johnny McCormack, Joe Glendalc had little trouble winning the spring-board Ibbetson ' s variety are heard to beat. The 400 yard, tson. T. Ibbetson. and Hill arc a tough match own arc Bill Beckett, back stroke expert: Barney Ibbet- Brown in the Butterfly. Still others like Willumsen. thy of praise for their performances throughout the e a swell job in his managing of the swimming team. fish-men whom he led to such heights of victory this matches also. Many members of his swimming team Page Fifty-Five Water Polo Winning second honors in the Junior College V with eight wins and five defeats. Three of these loss place in the conference standing. But all in all. the they played, and took only one lopsided beating which of the season was the final game with Compton, which down to defeat by one point. Supporting the team w Higgins, was perhaps the most outstanding. Spud was Tournament, and has the honor of being the most out son, L.G.. acted as coach player: Barney Ibbetson, C.B. spot on the All J. C. tourney team: Dave Millovich. L up 3 points during the season, and Barney Smetzer, the year. Coach Paine led the tankmen through Wa for the team ' s great showing in conference standings, ducc a pair of winning teams. atcr Polo conference, Glendale came out of the season es were to the powerful Compton team who took first Glendale mermen made a strong showing in every game was at the hands of FuUerton. 14-4. The heartbreaker ran into an overtime struggle and saw the tankmen go ere some terrific ball handlers of which the goalie. Spud elected as goalie on the All Junior College Water Polo standing goalie in Southern California. Chuck Andcr- was one of the spark plugs, and gained a mention for a F.. was one of the best scorers on the squad chalking team manager, deserves credit for his hard work during ter Polo and Swimming competition, and is responsible He has coupled hard work, good men. and fight to pro- Front row, left o right: Jay Richardson, Dave Millovich. Bill Beckett, Spud Higgins, Johnnv Hill. Barney Smetzer; middle row: Bob Butler, Barney Ibbetson, Ted Sperry, Mai Seasman, Randall Franklin, Tony Colby: back row: Chuck Van Rcnsselar, Chuck Anderson, and Player Coach Ronnie Harmon, Paye Fifty-Six baseball SEASONS SCORES 14 Glcndalc Poln :c 2 7 Long Beach 15 lU L. A. C. C. 1 Santa Ana 3 6 Pasadena U Chaffey 18 20 P.ercc J. C. 9 Vcrdugo Hills 3 20 John Muir 13 San Diego 10 3 L. A. a C. C. 6 Santa Monica 2 6 Long Beach 12 10 Bakcrsfield 7 10 Pierce J. C. 1 1 East Los Angeles 5 13 Compton 9 15 El Camino 1 5 Pasadena 9 9 Bakersficld 4 9 Compton 12 12 El Camino 2 Page Fifty-Seven Chuck Godshall Diik Dallons Baseball CettemeH Will Hodgci Jim Densmore i ' aiji: Ftfty-Eight Al ' an Aman k f-icderick Danny Kutch Climaxing the end of the first round of conference play, the Cowboys blasted the El Camino Warriors 15-1 in what proved to be good hitting practice. The pennant seeking Vaqueros at this writing are the only unbeaten squad in the Metro ranks, but the second round may prove to be a different story. It is hoped that the Glcndale college horsehiders will go ahead to cop the conference crown. Coach Sperry ' s 1948 baseball squad was as good as the best ever to trod onto the diamond by Glendalc College. At this writing the Vaqs have a record of 19 wins as against 6 losses. For their first game in the Azusa tournament, Glendale drew Santa Ana J. C. Al Van Aman. the starting hurler for the Vaq nine, pitched a beautiful game, but due to " tough luck baseball " and a powerful Don team, was downed 3-1. In the second game the Cowboys met Chaff ey College, who had been beaten previously by L.A.C.C. Lou Deeter was called in by Coach Sperry for mound duty. In the top half of the first inning the Vaqs went beserk, blasting the starting Chaffey " chucker " for 9 runs. However, the Chaffey squad not to be outdone, came back in tho remaining eight innings by blasting Spud Higgins and Jim Densmorc for 18 runs while the home town boys could only add 2 more to their starting nine. Final score Chaffey 18. Glendale 11. On March 30. Glcndale met the U.C.L.A. Frosh on ihc Sawtclle Veterans Hospital diamond. Royce Krc pps. in his eleven inning debut, lost a heartbreaker as ( conlinued on ntxt paoi ' ) Page FiSlij-Nine [Continued trom preceding puge) he pitched a fine 4 hit ball game, but lost 2-1. April 9. at last the opening day of the conference in which the Vaqueros met San Diego on the home field. Powerful stick work paid off in this game for our boys as they pounded out 14 safeties, five going for extra bases and an 18-10 victory. The second conference game was played at Santa Monica. The door was slammed in Santa Monica ' s face by 12 base blows and a 6-2 count. In this attack Danny Kutch was the big boy by collecting three for six. as Chuck Godshall and Vince Maga each garnered two for three and two for four respectively. April 20 saw the boys travel to Bakersfield for the third league game. This game was climaxed by a bases loaded homer in the eighth inning by the fleet-footed left fielder Johnny O ' Neil to give the squad a 10-7 victory. This pay-off clout enabled the Vaqueros to overcome a 7-6 deficit and preserve their Metro conference record at 3 wins in as many games. Now came the Cowboys ' big test. On April 23 they traveled to East Los Angeles to encounter the team picked to win the Conference. The horsehiders broke up a 1-1 tie in the second inning with a seven run out- burst to sew it up for their fourth straight victory. 14 hits proved to be too much for East Los Angeles as the final score was 11-5. Page Sixty GLENDALE 6 1 2 GI.ENDALE 5 7 GLENDALE 58 GLENDALE 108 GLENDALE 99 1 2 GLENDALE 55 1 1 GLENDALE 85 GLENDALE 59 GLENDALE 62 GLENDALE 92 2 Zmek Season Lullcrton 58 1 2 U. S. C. Frosh 6 5 Compton 64 El Camino 14 East Los Angeles 2 2 Compton 67 1 5 San Diego 45 L. A. C. C. 71 1 2 Bakersfield 69 Santa Monica 58 Long Beach 5 6 1 10 ' ? " , x ' ; ,9 J ' ° ' " " ' - -• " ' y ' - ' ° ' Angeles C. C.. 76 7 12: Compton. 52 1 16: GLENDALE, 41 3 4: Chaffey, 3 7 1 3: Pasadena. 25: Riverside. 22: Long Beach 12 5 12: Fullerton. 11 1 4; Bakersfield, 11: San Bernardino. 8: Mt. San Antonio 5: Santa Ana. 2 1 2: East Los Angeles. 2. Metropolitan Finals: GLENDALE. 84 1 2: 3 5 6: San Diego. 28: East Los Angeles. Bakersfield, 51 5 6: Sant 5 6: El Camino. 6. Mc klA : t lu i «, ' a2,(.;r ' i[ ' |i ' ' yT1 Zrack Winding up the regular track season with the Vaquero oval, the Glendale track squad won top hon to 51 5 6. Under the leadership of Coach Walt Smi started the season slowly and gained momentum wit The Kansas Relays, Long Beach Relays. Southern Call scenes of triumph for the Glendale representatives. Hi in the Kansas Relays held in Lawrence, Kansas. Win 10:45.2 was the foursome of Chuck Kamaski, Dave K ning the Metro Conference championship several fine Metropolitan Conference finals taking place on the ors by defeating their nearest rival. Bakersfield 84 1 2 th and Captain Warren Ward the Vaquero thinclads h each meet to become the class of the conference, fornia J. C. Relays, and the Fresno Relays were all ghlighting the season was the winning distance medley ning national acclaim for taking the event in the time of amanski, Warren Ward and Bob McMillen. In win- pcrformances were recorded even though no school rcc- I Continued on next page i GLENDALE ' s track squad. Metropolitan Conference champions of 1948, Front row, left to right: J. T. Cotncr. Bill Chapman, Carroll Schlichtman, Baron Stcan, Louis Oster, Bruce Grant. Dick Broome, Ted Breeden, Bill Stone: second row, manager Bill Grand all, Walt McKibben, Ed Tucker, Tom Ross, Bruce Edney, Anker Fylling, Jim Villard. Bill Wagner, Bob Brumbaugh, Joe Dcvere, Roger Huebner, manager Kemp Campbell: third row: Coach Walt Smith, Lee Hadlcy, Guy Hogue, George Pasquali, Bill Bell. Ray Elladge. Gordon Bradford, Jack Schicketanz, Warren Ward. Harry Perry, Bob McMillen, Charles Kamanski, Dave Kamanski, Bud Hahn. Page Sixty -Two Season ' .Continued from precfdmy page) ords were toppled. George Pasquali ground out a blistering 9.7 century to set a new conference record. War- ren Ward barely missed breaking the nine year old college record of 9:47.8 for the two mile when he clipped off a 9:51.9 mark against Compton. Bob McMillcn had two sparkling performances to his credit, but both barely fell short of becoming new records. Against Compton Bob dashed off a 4:27.4 mile and then a few minutes later returned to run a 1:59.8 half mile. His performance in the 880 fell short of the eleven year old school record by a mere .7 of a second. In the Metro finals McMillen pushed himself to capture the mile in 4:23.6. but again he had missed an eleven year old record, this time by .6 of a second. Win- ning letter awards were milers Bob McMillen and Ted Breeden: 440 men Charles Kamanski, Bill Wag- ner, Tom Ross and Ed Tucker: sprinters George Pasquali, Bill Chapman, Walt McKibben and Guy Hogue: hurdlers Bruce Grant,. Dick Broome, Joe Devere and Marshall Prindle: weightmcn Gordon Bradford. Jim Mur- phy and Elmer Whipple: two milers Warren Ward and Harry Perry: half miler Dave Kamanski: pole vaulters Bob Durham and Louis Oster: broad jumper Ron Maire; high jumper Tom Garrett: and the team man- agers Kemp Campbell and Bill Crandall. Receiving jackets for two years of track were Captain Warren Ward, Page ixty-1 hree ' 1 {Continued from preceding paget Dick Broome. Joe Dcvere, 1 om Garrell. Charlej, Kamanski, Jim Miirphv. Hd Tucker and Guy Hogue. Glen- cialc College became the scene of many spectacular track meets during the season as Coach Walt Smith put :n a bid to make Glendale the hub ol Southern California track. In addition to the scheduled league meets the first Annual Southern California J, C. Relays were inaugurated and held on the Vaquero oval. Then to top ofT the Cowboys ' successful season the conference finals were moved to the home field at which time the Vaqueros acting as the rude host look the championship. During the meet the track members elected Warren Ward the captain and " mosi valuable " man of the team. Page Sixty-Four Cross CouHtry Glendalc 50 Compton 1 7 Glcndalc 18 Fullcrton 46 Glendale 23 Santa Monica 3 7 Glcndale 31 Riverside 3 8 Pasadena Glendale 30 Compton 25 (LOW SCORE WINNER 1 In 1948 THE VaquERO long distance trotters claimed their share of honors in Junior College Cros; Country competition. This squad, led by Warren Ward, has been the strongest competing under the Cow- boy banner since 1939. Other outstanding marathoncrs following Ward across the finish line were Harry Perry. Ted Breeden, Jim Grundish. and the Kamanski brothers Dave and Chuck. This event is one of thi most strenuous and difficult competitive sports in college, and consists of a rough up and down, 3 3 4 mil ' course. Cross Country running proved an invaluable pre-season conditioning stimulant for our distance run ncr under the watchful supervision of Coach Walt Smith. Vaquero cross country team of the 1947-48 season. Front row, left to right: Bill Stone. James Grundish, Fred Swela. Harry Perry, Ted Breeden: second row. Bob Brumbaugh. Charles Kaman- ski. Waren Ward. Dave Ka- manski, Coach Walt Smith. First Row: left to right: Ray Love, Fred Boss, Bill McGee. Back Row: Art Caruso, Jack Baughman, Don Fulton, Dick Thorpe, Warren Penland. ZCHHiS Ending their first round at this writing with a total of 05 points as to their opponents I . the Vaquero tennis team has bright hopes of capturing the Metro league cown honors for the college. In team strength, our tennis squad is one of the best in Southern California. Ray Love and Jack Simpson top the ladder, with Love mostly playing doubles with Dick Thorpe, and Simpson holding down No. 1 singles. Love and Thorpe reached the Quarterfinals at the Ojai tournament before bowing to the U.S.C. doubles team. Love in the singles advanced to the Semis before being dumped by Bostick of Modesto, Simpson was eliminated in the s;ngles quarter-finals by FIcilez of Long B:ach, who w;nt on to win the tourney. Rounding out the squad are Jack Baughman, hard-hitting singles man; the second doubles team of Bill McGce and James Yeling; and Warren Penland. Fred Boss. Don Fulton, and An Caruso. TENNIS SCORES Glendale Chaffey 15 Glendale Bakersfield 4 Glendale East Los An Glendale Santa Monica Glendale Pasadena 14 Glendale San Diego 0 Glendale Ventura 5 Glendale Compton ' S Glendale Compton Glendale Pasadena 6 Glendale 1(3 Long Beach Glendale 20 Muir 7 Denotes Metro League games. ' Jf e S:. ly-Six m For THIi I-IRST YEAR in college history, something new has been offered to studenls in the way of classes. Under the supervision of Mr. George Sperry and Mrs. Helen Stella, a golf class was started to teach a mixed group of interested students the fundamentals of golf. Twice weekly, on the girl ' s athletic field, they would meet to practice correct form in grip, stance, and swinging rhythm and to learn the rules and courtesies of the golf course. On Wednesdays, those that wished, would go to the Oakmont Driving Range and drive balls under the coaching of Mr. Don Erickson. golfing pro of the course. During the semester, three trips were made to Brookside Golf Course where the whole class played the nine-hole course and afterwards had a picnic supper. Members of the mixed class are: Dick Chaffee. Anthony Colby. Jack Clark. Jay Davis. Jim Grimes. William Lawson, Clarence Longden. Paul Myers, Jim Nelson. Robert Pautz, Weldin Read. Tom Russell. Fred Schwab. Leonard Seay. Dan Straub, Dick Watry. George Workman, C. Vogti. Others: Sunny Amos, JoAnne Baker, Ronnie Bennett. Jeanne Brady, Barbara Bustrum, Janenc Chnstensen. Patricia DeVine. Lucerne Ditmars. Joanne Feil. ILrene Frazilcr. Billie Fulk, Juanita Hansen, Alberta Bolter, Shirley Ann Hoyt. Jean Pore, Emma Rea, Laura Russell, Leone Smith,. Bette Wheatley, Irene Martin. y af e Sxxiij- ' W. A. A. President Janene Christensen The W. a. a. began its year with Freshman initiation and ended with a triumphant banquet at which time awards were presented and next year ' s officers were installed. In between, a great variety of sport and social events were planned to provide an active year for the enthusiastic co-eds and their friends. W. A. A. has been hostess for several Play days and was always proud to take their championship teams to Playdays at other schools. During the year a co-recreational activity was held giving the W. A. A. girls a chance to invite their " dream-men " for g:.mes and dinner. SEMESTER ONE Back row: Barbara Cochran. Phyl lis Alden. Betty Burkhart, Flor encc Goodyear. Middle row: Jean Russel. Donna lee Hopper. Janene Christensen Gwcn Hanson. Front row: Eleanor Solano. Dc lores Judge, Charlotte Werner Ramona Zcchial. Piic e Sixty- Eight boards President DoNNALEE Hopper 1 wo of the highlights of the year were the Riverside and Santa Barbara Conventions. A very worthwhile afternoon was spent at Riverside, and lunch at the Mission Inn was quite a treat. 7 " he Board members won ' t forget how they held their breath as they limped home on three tires. At the annual convention of the California Athletic Federation of College Women. Santa Barbara met the five privileged delegates with rain, but even that did not dampen their enthusiasm or spoil their enjoyment of the luxury of the train trip and the accommoda- tions at the Samarkand Hotel, including the " ice-water " swim. The only ones who took advant.-ge of the swimming pool were Gwen Hanson and Donnalee Hopper, who re- ported that it was " terrific! " Other delegates were Bobbe Cochran. Carolyn Farris and Florence Goodyear. Many ideas were gathered from other colleges about their success- ful activities. SEMESTER TWO Left to right: Back row: Bar bara Cochran. Phyllis Alden Betty Burkhart, Florence Good year. Middle row: Jean Rus scl. Donnalee Hopper, Janen( Christensen. Gwen Hanson Front row: Eleanor Solano. De lores Judge. Charlotte Werner Ramona Zechial. Page Sixty-Nine Winifred ChAMPLIN — Director of Women ' s Physical Education. Her dancing classes have contributed much to Giendale College this year. Mrs. Lucille McLANL — Women ' s Athletic Association Advisor. W. A. A. participated in many activities both on the campus and off during the past year. Mrs. Helen Steele — Hygiene and tenms ir started on the campus tor. Through her efforts the co educational golf class was semester. Mrs. Ella W. NavLOR — Pianist for the folk and cowbov dancing classes. In February, the volleyball season sUiUd wuh nine teams eaplaiiied by. Uonnalec IIoppci. Ilatlie Hamil- ton. Bobbie Cochran. Ann Lapham. Gwen Hanson, Betty Burkhardt, Phyllis Alden, Rcnatta Bennewate and Joyce Ash. During the semester these teams participated in Playdays with the Pasadena City College and Glcndalc and Burbank High Schools. At the end of the season, a party honoring Harlie Hamilton ' s winning team and Bobbie Cochran ' s second team was held. CO-ED HOOPSTERS of the Freshman and Sophomore classes were chosen by the W.A.A. members for the pur- pose of friendly competition. The season opened with a class tournament in which Phyllis McClean ' s Sophomore team became cham pions. The W.A.A. class was host to Pasadena City College and also participated in basket- ball Playdays at both FuUcrton J. C. and East Los Angeles City College. Climaxing the season was a play-ofF game be tween the Sophomore Jnd Freshman first and second teams. P- :- THREt STRIKES AND YOUR OUT for W.A.A. baseball, with Man ager Florence Goodyear right in there pitching. Another home run. and it ' s Wanda Hill scoring again for the fresh man! The season closed with the keenly contested Freshman- Sophomore game. Vim, vigor and vitality are the necessary qualities for the exciting game of hockey. This breath-taking sport creates much enthusiasm and teamwork among the players. The warm fall weather brought out many tennis enthusiasts for the mixed doubles tournament which began in October. Highlighting the spring tennis season was a women ' s tournament. W.A.A. tennis players ventured to Redlands, Muir, P.J.C, and Riverside, where they played in skillful matches with their opponents. " Honor the corner And swing VOUR Sweet " isa familiar dance call to college men and women all over the country. At Glendale College, many students have learned these dances of early American and old home- lands. Additional activities enjoyed by dance class members were a theater party at the Wilshirc-Ebell where the Weidman group danced, and dancing at Silver Lake where Ray Shaw called square dances. As the year doses, those who enjoyed the gay. friendly activity of our pioneer dances will " swing your partner and nomenadc home. " Page Seventy-Three Forty men and womhn arc swinging golf clubs on the Wo- men ' s Athletic Field every week, under the capable leadership of Mrs. Helen Steel and Mr. George Spcrry. A play-off at the Brook- side Golf Course in April demon- .trated that all had mastered the techniques of the game and some were destined to become experts. Who hits the bulls-eye? Helen Harvey and Leslie Johnson arc the c Archery Classes. The Women ' s Junior College Archery-Meet held the girls to shoot the best scores of the season. competitors for top honors in the ck of March 15th motivated the SI Va uew SHS? T23S2St " ar ' : SlAI IHD with clcvi ' ti capable journalism students, Cilcndalc College ' s weekly newspaper. El Vaqucro gained great strides during the year. In the first semester, under the editorship ol Virginia Wheeler, the V ' aquero changed trom a tour-page, seven-column paper to , n eight page tabloid. One of the most successful events of the college year, was Sadie Hawkins day, which was begun by the El Vaqucro. Among the many interesting feature stories that appeared, were a scries of articles and pictures concerning the veterans and their dates. GLENDALE el vaquero Executive Editor ' ' irginia Wheeler Sports Staff [3ick Grant. Sec. of Men ' s Athletics ,Jim Brown - Ken Williamson Business Mgr, _. Jack Snyder Society Editor JoAnne Baker News Gene Westin Ted Breeden Circulation Barbara Morneau Club Editor . Mildred Hodgkins Faculty Adviser DcrriU Place Page Seventy-ln Staffs ( ,1 I M ' W ! el vaquero 1500 VF.RDUGO ROAD Glendalc, California Executive ' Editor . . Boyd Coffman Sec. of Pub lication s. Virginia Wh ' -eler Circu lation Jeanne Gaut Sporf ; Editor Ken Williamson Sport; ; Staff: led Breeden - Pat Estes Busin ess Manager . Jack Carter Ne ws; l.m Br own - Johnnie Baker Goldie Wray fcatu res - - Gene Wcstin Societ y Barbara jMorneau Clubs Mildred Ho- kin r hotosraohi ;r Harrv Reed Faculi ty Ad ' •;5cr - - -.- Derrill Place As HDITOR OP THE Vaquero. Boyd Coffman and his staff of 1 " i members continued with the policies set for the paper in the first semester. Boyd, who was awarded first place in the Beta Phi Gamma news writing contest, was faced with a schedule of 1 6 issues for the semester. Ken Williamson took over the post of sports editor. DerriU Place, journal- ism instructor and adviser, has announced that the Vaquero will have its offices in the new fine arts building. An increase in circulation over the present 1600 copies, is expected next year, because of the demand bv the students. Pa e ieu ' cnfy-iet en Marilyn Daniels £a Keata Tut; La RhATA SRAM- of 1948 has been busily at work under the capable direction of Mr. Derrill Place. The staff this year was as follows; Editor. Marilyn Daniels; Associate Editor. Virginia Wheeler; Art editor. Jean Goudy; Sports editor. Jim Brown; Copy Writers. Don Keller and Harry Lockwood; Sophomore editor, Beverly Hoskin; Cartoonist. Bruce Grant; Activities. Chuck Broderson. Departments. Henry Whitney. Sport Writers. Cap Blackburn. Royce Krcpps. Ted Brecden. and Dick Inman; Staff Photographer. Dutch South- wick; and Typists Joanne Baker. Jeanne Gaut. and Goldie Wray. [ :(je Seventy-Eight The Drama class Is under the instruction of Mr. Walter Prill. The program, titled " An Evening of 12. " included the following members of the drama class: Bob McEwen, Larry Jones, Pat Price, Suzanne Read, Joanne Davis. Jeanne Peterson. Charley Mozley, Walter C. Buckner, Jr.. Lena BosseriUi. Ed McNeiUy, Rob- ert Steels, Robert Hultcr. Irene Martin, John Dobbin, Dick Holden, Barbara Pringle, Walter Delano, Betty Houke, Dick Curtis, Tom Schumacher. Page Seventy-Nme Lett to right — Dr. Brustor. Bob Dickenson, Lena Bossorllie. and Bob Warren Under the direction of Doctor Harold Brewster, the Radio Department did exceptionally fine work this past year. Twice weekly the staff has made broadcasts over KIEV for the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and every other Thursday, on the same station, it has produced " Highways to Knowledge. " Besides these regular programs, it took over the radio station on December 6, last year, for a full day of broadcasting. Page Eighty Left to right — Pat Price, Barbara Pringle, Joyce Ashe, Jeanne Randal, liaibaia Moincau. Jean Cunningham. Gloria Davis, Derise Brashear, Joanne Bartosch, Mane Rea. Helen Rea. and Irene Martin. Thk ,AD1ES Club put on a lovely fashion show for Associated Women Students. Clothes for all occasions were modeled by the girl of this college club. THt STUDENT UNION and cafeteria have been the main gathering places for the socialites of the college. Here music and good food are enjoyed by all. Singing their way to sue cess were the Men ' s Quar tet. (Left to right) D ' aid Paul, Charles Ellis, Raleigh Moffett, Coi ius Filse. The Men ' s Glee was an outstanding campus music group throughout the year. Members were (Left t© right) Back Row — James Roberts, William Hardin. Roger Raby, Paul Phillips, Paul Vernon. Warren Peter- son, Sammy Gil, J. H. McLaughHn. Dir. Third row — Albion Bjermeland. James Wilson. William Luck- low, James Ostrem, William O ' Malley, Richard Douglas, Wesley Short. Kermit Derry. Second row — Charles Forham. Charles Wiggle. Robert Fouchee. Jack Warthmnn. Raleigh Moffett. Lawrence Jones. Kenneth Hall- man. Ray Richards. First row — Alan Lewis. Robert N ' cwhousc. William Clark, Mcrlyn Dickson. Myron Morris. William Crulsinger. Derryl Baker. Jack Carter. h V . -. ' ' Page Eighty-Two iiiiiiiiHinnniiiJ HiiiiiihiHi«iH!: The treble CLEFF have done very fine work this past year under the cap- able direction of Miss Irene M. Pattison. The members are ( left to right) Back row — Joan Gedney, Mary Joy de Gcncras. Las Von Stor- mont. Francis Holdrege. Front row — Elizabeth Sutton. Janet Hellier. Mary Novenger. Thi; Women ' s Chorus has been very active durmg the past two semesters under the direction of Mrs. Irene Pattison. The membership list mcluded: i left to right) Back row — Marilyn Skelton. Gail Marshall, Leonone Cosconclli. Loraine Rupond. Beverly Correa. Rita Theeodorides. Betty Yapp. Barbara Morneau, Helen Rae, Gaila King. Front row — Elizabeth Sutton. Patricia Kcnlcy. Jeannic Woodall, Janet Hellier. Marilyn Hill. Patricia Hutchinson. Marilvn Meyers Page Eighty- t hrc I The Hungary Nine created much spirit with their musical talent. Attcndmg all thi ' haskeih season were ( Left to right ) Bob Cole. Les Zabcl. Vane Sutter, Don Baker. Don Wclier. Bob La ton Tinkham. Howard Smith, with Rick Cordoza as Poncho pictured in the foreground. Attcndmg all the baskelball ganu ' s thib ■ " r , 0,1 , p(Q Carle A CAPELLA CHOIR Lmlcy Anderson. Dolores Baron. Dense Brashear, Jack Carter. Virgmia Clark, Lenore Coscarelli. f-lorence Cragg, Robert Crowe, William Crutsmger, Kermit Derry, Marjory Lovell, Hope Downey, Charles Ellis, Rob ert Eoushee, Richard Fraley, Joan Gedncy, Joan Gibson, Sammy Gil, Margery Goodman, William Grosh Viola Haight, Mary Hallin, Janet Hellier, Charles Henry, Marilyn Hill, David Knoll, Barbara Jackson, Leslii Ruth Johnson, Mary Frances Johnson. Ruth Kaiser, Robert Krusc, Lois Long, Robert Mahoney, Gale Mar shall, Barbara Morneau, Marilyn McKean, James Ostrem, Donald Paul, Warren Peterson, Paul Phillips, Har old Powell. Loraine Rupard, George Echmidt, Richarrd Scholle, Marilyn Skelton, Frank Specs, La Von Stor mont, Barbara Taylor, Robert Warnes, Lee Warren, Jack Warthman, Kenneth Hallman, Richard Douglas William Luckow, Dolores Dreier, Mary Wood, John Abbott, Patricia Bangasser, Harold Biddlc, James Bid- die, Bette Bookman, Betty Jo Deal. Gaylc Dickeson, Bcttc GIdish, June Grable. Howard Haylock, Beverley Hcndrickson, Norman Hcrzog, Frances Holdrcdge, William B. Johnson. Thomas Lo Masney, John Loomis Mary Ortiz, Frank Profei.i. James Wilson, r t f ■» vV ;i u If The college band under the direction of J. H. McLaughlin appeared at all the Glendale College sports events. A number of the band members are not in the picture. Those participating throughout the year were Donald Baker, Raymond Bell, Edwin Bliss. Edwin Brackett. Patricia Clevcnger, Sam Chancy. J. Robert Cole. James Donart. Thomas Evans, Robert Foushee, William Foy, Richard Fraley, Burton Grant, 7thel Gurney, Harold Giddle. Charles Henry. Roger Heubner, Lorallei Horton. Carl Kennedy, Charles Kuntz, William Johnson. Robert Lampton. Richard Layland. Taddy Lewis. James Limes. Joan Lomasney, George Mason. Charles Maughlin, Robert Michael. Robert Moir, Leona Mosak. Garland McAllister, Robert Naelle. John Narry, Charles Osterkamp, Earl Parker, David Passell, Joan Peden. Paul Phillips, Paul Rau, William Rcardon, James Russell, Thomas Russell. Herbert Roth, Eugene Reed, Richard SchoUe, James Shaw, Wes- ley Short. Howard Smith, Ralph Stewart, Janet Stidston, Vane Suter, Robert Swanson, Helen Tilch, Carl- icn Tinkham. Paul Vernon, Robert Warnes. Wm. Weatherford. John Weber. Frank Workman, Lester Zabi-1. Robert Miller. Joe Fish. The swing band appeared at all the successful Mixers given at the college. Among its members were (Left to Right) Back row — Charles Kuntz. Robert Anderson. George Mason. J. Robert Cole. Edward Chandler. John Weber, Robert Smeitan. Front row — Byron Nesbit. Charles Edwin Brackett. Richard Cole. Ernest Wolpert. Herbert Henry. Norman Godfrey. Richard SchoUc, J. H. McLaughlin. Director. SuPHRVIshU by Mr. Harrington. members of the Photography Department did excep- tionally fine work this past school year. Their work could be seen most anywhere on the campus; in the hall show-cases, in the patio and in every one of the illustrated school pub lications. Left to right: Back row — Rod Sotithwick, M. Meyers. E. Berntson. and Dick Myers. f-ront row — Dick Stcinhcimer, Melvin Cockshutt, B. Clark. Themis Thcidoridis. Bob Nellis. Lawrence Kiown .ind Harrv Reed. r i-y ) ., ill 11 ij B £ V Jk ' .-j I S_ M| M y : 1 1 k l! n jkiiiiii ;,J. i _ mm The accounting office has done a fine job balancing the finan- ces of the college during the past year under the direction of Mr. Ar- thur Saltness. Members left to right — Back row: Al Gustofson. San Pinkoski. Jim Day. Kenny Rumburg. Bill Hollo- way. Cleta Lathcn. Front row: Kingdon Clough. Art Johnson, Jim MacKinnon. Mr. Saltness. Rarrell Christy. Evelyn Stam. Not in pic- ture: Margie Mentcr. W ' lm lull cooperation the book- store has served the student body and faculty well. We have all de- pended upon the bookstore for much of our scholastic equipment throughout the college year. Mrs. Mabel Baldwin. Manager Mrs. Winifred Finucan. Asst. Mgt. Mrs. Lillian Preston Mrs. Mary E. Strawn ■ " ' • » • « « • • AP[ . 21,194 8 3 ■ Hi ,:: V a .|VlTf£X To THK Vaqlii-:ro Of- 1948, this activities section is dedicated. He was outstanding not only in his portrayal of the Glendale Vaquero. but in an undying effort to promote enthusiasm for a great cause . . . COLLEGE SPIRIT. It is only proper then, that such an honor be dedicated to Rick Cardoza. Page Ninety-One Paye Ninety-Two CiNDfcktLLA arrived gown of winter white Pa ge Ninety-Three it ' ' A STUDY of prizes for artislry SCA Maskucradc Ball . . . THhSH TWO RABBITS arc alive, dressed . . . and now if they were only Iricas- seed . . . yum, yum!! A cooD LESSON in Glendale Sports! mM ' - SPORT DANCE A DAY OF FUN FOR EVERYONE . . . ROUND-UP DAY ON CAMPUS W BkBH BB I " MKI ' w X mS m 1 Ir 1 ' .r " " ' - " • ' ' .jf j ' f ' " ! Y ' Sm ' l ' ' Kw3Ki l SjtKlrSf BHl k 2 dl ' I L i Our Zreasurcd Candmarks , . . . . . WillSHdute Long AI-TER students have ircui upon this campus these treasured landmarks will stand as beacons to the American way. If these bright beacons shine upon greater achievements in religion, arts and science, we can continue to inspire earnest men everywhere to follow the bright light that already has led one na- tion so far toward the better and happier life lor all. Page Ninety-Eight 0 k9S W ' 4S Andrews. Lee R. Baker. Beverly Jean Beckham. John F. Buffington. Marjorie Lcsta Cleland. Thomas J. Cobb. Sylvia Anne Conner, Albert C. Corbm. Richard Joe Cox, Harold Richard Daniels. George H. Dunn. Garth Grafton, Jr Elgin. Paul Marshall Fee, Frank Schyler Fcnn. Marty E. Coos. Robert Earl Grablc. June Ellen Hale. Joseph Charles Harrison, Ernest Clay Hcincn. Marjonc Marilyn HcUmcrs. Beverly Virginia Hopkins. Nancy Elizabeth Hugo. Clifford Ellsworth Johnston. Frances John Knox. David Ncilson Kuitzman. Esther Lapham. Mola Frances Lawrence. Edward Lee Luttage. John Ernest McClure. Ncal Everett McCurdy. John Webster . L-Faddcn, Ralph Anthony Matlhicscn. Carl E. Meyers, Merlin C. Mitchell, David C. Morley, Herbert D. Morris, Thomas John Page One Hundred One Meal, Howard Dudley Potter, William Alybert Poughcr, Robert B., Jr. Ronnie, Barbara Ann Schureman, Stewart Goller Sterling, Mary Carol leodth, Martha Louisc Warne, Herbert James NVatry, David H. V. ' orkman, Frank La Ma Zuelow, Lale Lloyd Page One Hundred 7 u. S ' 4$ (jrads Adams, Warren Franklin. Sigma Xi Sigma Algols. Stanley John Allen, Robert P. Knights (V. Pres.) Amos. Sunny Caphers. Epsilon Omego. Ladies, V, Pres. of Soph. Class. Anderson. Brooks. Jr. Anderson. Richard Douglas Alexander Babb. Ramona Sua, YWCA. Baker, Donald Henry. Band Baker, Jo Anne, Beta Phi Gamma (Sec.) Epsilon Omega, Staff of El Vaciuero, Staff of La Rea;a Baker. Joyce Louise, WAA Baltimore. Gloria Mae. YWCA Barton, Daniel Harington, Alpha Gamma Sigma Beaty. Janet Mary Bench, Dick Charros (Pres.), Lettermen ' s Club, (V. Pres.). Football, RH ( Capt, ) , Baseball catcher. Benz. Irene Alice, Alpha Chi, WAA Blackburn, Casper Lowell. S.C.A. (Pres.). A.S.B. ( V. Pres. ) . Social committee. La Reata staff Bloodgood. Mark Boozer, William Leoen, Tau Alpha Delta WO t « Page One Hundred Thtei Borum. John C. Braack, Janith Patnc Club iV. Prcs. ) Brandon. Mary Jeanne. Alpha Ch: ( Young ) Student Citizens Women ' s Chorus eden. Ted J.. Alpha Chi (Correspondent). Archi Club (Treas. ), Lettermcn ' s Club. Vaq Vets. S.C.A. (Sec). Staff of El Vaquero. Track (mile). Cross Country. Handbook staff, La Reata staff, icoe. Colcen Ina. Tau Omega Phi itow. Kenneth Garrett. Archi ( Pres) . Brown. Edith Mae. Student Citizens Club. Tau Omega Phi (V. Prcs.). YWCA Brown. James RoUand, Beta Phi Gamma. Letter- men ' s Club, S.C.A., Sports Editor of La Reata A.S.B. Director of Publicity. A.S.B. Yell Leader Brown. Joanne Laurel. Chi Phi, YWCA Brown. Paul James. Kappa Pi Sigma ( Pres. ) Biunner. John E.. Vaq Aeros Burke. Gerald Jerome, Alpha Sigma. Basketball Burkhart. Paul H., Sigma Xi Sigma Burnett, Robert Foster. Jr.. Salients (Sec. and Prcs.) S.C.A. (Pres.). Basketball (Forward-Guard). A.S.B. Pres.. Pres. of Soph. Class Burns. Harold S. Butler. Joanne. Kappa Phi Sigma. Sigma Phi Delta. YWCA (Treas.) Paye One Hundred how Calderon. Henry S.. Vaq Vets Campbell. Phylus Jeanne Campbell. Tom Joseph Canfield. Eugene Oliver, Tau Alpha Delt and Treas. ) Canty. Naudean N. Cardoza. Richard Seanez. Pancho of " The Hungary Nine. " Carpenter. Jean LaRoy Carter. Mary Alice. WAA. Social Committee Cates. Hope Burchelle. Alpha Gamma Sigma Christensen. Janene, Bridge Club. Caphers. Salient Auxiliary ( Sec. -Treas. ) . WAA (Pres.. Base- ball Mgr.. Student Body Rep.). Golf. A.W.S.. Sec. of Women ' s Athletics. Assembly Commit tec. Inter-Club Council. Christensen. Theodore M.. Sigma Xi Sigma Christy, Darrel Jay Clough. Kingdon F.. Accounting Office staff Cobley. Charles Edward. S.C.A.. Assembly Com- mittee Cole. Richard De Wolf. Band. Swing Band Correa. Beverly Ann. Alpha Gamma Sigma. Epsil- on Alpha Gamma. (Hist. Reporter). W.A.A. Women ' s Chorus. A Capella Choir, Orchestra Creager. Frank L.. Knights. Tau Alpha Delta Crcvier. John Daniel, Alpha Gamma Sigma. S.C.A. Crowell. Dean Franklin. Vaq Vets. S.C.A.. (Com- mission head) Curlcy. Michael J.. Student Citizens Club ( V. Pres. ) , Vaq Vets Page One Hundred f lye J« ' d fi I a V i Dalldorf, Martha Daisy. Chi Phi, Red Cross. YWCA Dallons, Richard M.. Baseball DAmore. Anthony. Teau Alpha Delta (V. Pres.) Band DeGenner. Albert d: Generes. Marv Joy. Epsilon Alpha Gamma. Talent Club. Treble Clef Deist. Jacqueline Jeanne. Tau Omega Phi Sigma. Sigma Dillon. Benunie Eugene. Alpha Gamr Xi Sigma. Vaq Vets Ditmars. Lucerne. Vaq Aeros ( Sec. ) . YWCA Duncan. Joanne Delores. Capher. Salients Auxiliary. WAA. AWS (Hit.. V. Pres.. Pres. I Dunn. Tom Ealand. Susie Katherine. Red Cross Ellis. Charles I.. Gamma Alpha Pi. Talent Club. ( V. Pres.), S.C.A.. Men ' st Chorus, V. Pres.. A Capella Choir. Quartet Ellison. Martha Jean. Enochs, Robert Dean still, Wayne Dougl Alpha Chi Js. Alpha Gamma Sigma ( V. Eukel. Warren W. Sigma Xi Sigma Farris. Frederick Arrin. S.C.A. Fick. Franklin, Jr. Page One Hundred $ix Field. Martha Jean. Alpha Gamma Sigma. Salients Auxiliary ( Pres. ) . Secretary of Frosh Class. V. Pres. of Frosh Class. Song Leader Findley. Lawrence Rcid. Alpha Gamma Sigma Findley. Robert J. Finley, James Robert Flanders, Audrey Joan. Red Cross Flemmg. George Wm.. S.C.A. Fogg. Lawrence Daniel. Alpha Gamma Sigma, Sgma Xi Sigma Fowler. William E.. Gamma Alpha Po. Sigma Xi Sigma Frazier. Irenj R.. YWCA (Publicity Chairman). A Capclla Choir Froom. Charles Phillip. Alpha Gamma Sigma. Sigma Xi Sigma. Basketball. Frd. Fylling. Anker Chris. S.C.A. . Track Gedney. Joan Loretta. Caphcrs. Epsilon rtlpha Gam- ma. Epsilon Omega. Talent Club (Sec. i A Ca- pella Choir, Sec. of Music. Treble Clef. Christ. William Kurst. Alpha Gamma Sigma Gibson. John. A CapcUa Choir Giesler. Karl E., Charros. Lettermen ' s Club. Baskc ball. Swimming, Golf Glynn. Daniel Raymond Golightly. Dolores. Alpha Gamma Sigma (Sec. and V. Pres. I Kappa Pi Sigma Groom, Jack Lewis Put e One Hundred iieven GusLitson. Alvin Hahn, Harry E.. Salients ( Prcs. : Prcs. of A. M.S. Hansen. Jiunita. Sigma Phi Delta Hall, Jack P.. Alpha Gamma Sigma, SigmaXi Sigma Hanes, Robert Harold, Archi Club (Sec.-Treas. and Pres. ) Hanson, Gwen Joy, Caphers. W.A.A.. (Minor Sports Mgr. ) Hartley, Curtis Raymond Hcin. Earl R., Sigma Xi Sigma Henry, Norman Richard, Knights Hickle, William G.. Knights (Sgt. of Arms) Hill, John Drew, Adv. Mgr. of Coop. Bookstore Hillstrom, Nedds, W.A.A. Holdrcdge, Frances, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Chi Phi, Epsilon Alpha Gamma (Prcs.. V. Pres.), Ep- silon Omega. Talent Club (Pres.). A Capella Choir, Orchestra, Treble Clef, Swing Band, Sec, of Music A.S.B. Holfman, Leonard Paul, Knights llollowav. William Durward Holmes. William Ray. Chi Phi. Sigma Xi Sigma Hopper, Donnalee, Chi Phi, Epsilon Omega (Cor. Sec.) Y.W.C.A. (Publicity Chairman), W. A. A, (Pres. I. Publicity Chairman A.W.S., Sec. Interclub Council Houke. Betty Jean. Red Cross ( Chairman Hostess Committee), Student Director of " Our Town " Page One Hundred Eight Hucbncr, Roger Humphrey, S.C.A. (Social Respon- sibility Chairman). Band, Track (High Hur- dles, High Jump ) . A.S,B., ( Sec. of Assemblies ) , Assembly Committee. Ide, Hissc Susie, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Chi Phi. ( Sec.-Treas. ) . Kappa Pi Sigma Irwin. Wayne Roy. Sigma Xi Sigma Jackson. Barbara Anne, Chi Phi (Social Chairman). Tau Alpha Delta. A Capella Choir Jacobs. Sheldon Lee Jagcr. Earle Lloyd. Alpha Gamma Sigma James. Robert E. Jarrett. Frank Luther. Alpha Gamma Sigma, Sigma Xi Sigma V Jarrett, William W., Sigma Xi Sigma A - Jensen, Kay Wallace Jerome, Russell Edward, Sigma Phi Delta, Vaq Vets Johnson, Arthur LeRoy. Accounting Office staff Johnson. Doris Ingleborg. Alpha Chi ( Treas. ) . YWCA Jones, Marjorie Helen Kamanski, Charles W.. Alpha Gamma Sigma. Foot- ball (RH). Track (40). Cross Country Kamanski. Paul Dave. Football ( RE ) . Track ( 800 ) , Cross Country Kemp. Richard Jay. Archi Club Kennedy. Arthur Thomas, Alpha Gamma Sigma Page One Hundred Nine Q 9 f: Khanchalian. Alice. Chi Phi. Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. Kiggins. Barbara B.. Alpha Gamma Sigma, Bridge Club, Caphcrs, Sec-Trcas. of Sophomore Class King. Richard Lloyd, Salients (_V. Pres. ) Kurth. Billy Clark, Lcttcrmen ' s Club, Swimming ( 100 yard Free Style) Kutch. James Daniel. Caphers. Salients, Basketball, Baseball. Lahs, Elinor Maria Lampton, Robert Logan. Red Cross Layland, Richard D,, Band Drum Major, Men ' s Chorus. Vaq Vets, Talent Club Lease. Shirley Ruth. Alpha Gamma Sigma. Kappa Pi Sigma, Literati. Tau Omega Phi ( Vice-Pres. ) Y.W.C.A. Lcnander. Robert H. Lewis. Donald W. Licassi, Blaise Felix Litchfield, John Marshall Lovcjoy, John Crenstone, Tau Omega Phi Luke. Marjorie Elizabeth. Beta Phi Gamma (Pres.) Caphcrs, Salients Aux. (Pres.), Sec. Student Body, Sec. of Publications, Editor of El Vaqucro Lund, Earl Edwards. Knights Treas. K Pres.). Y.W.C.A. (Sec. K Pres) Luthy. John Douglas Macaluso. Pauline Sarsh, Tau Omega Phi (Sec. Treas. « Pres.), Y, V.C.A. (Sec. B Pres.j, Page One Hundred Ten Masters. Burton Joseph Sigma Xi Sigma (Guard- ian of the Sacred Portals i . S.C.A. Mason. Carl C. Marthicuscn. George LcRoy. Kappa Pi Sigma ( Pub- licity I. Vaq Vets Malhias. Barbara June. Sigr Club Therese Valentine iVUDonald Robert Greenlee Phi Delia, Tal Women ' s Chorus McDonald. Robert Alexander. Bridge Club. Vaq Vets McNulty. Patrick Alan. Charros (V. Prcs. ) . Letter- men ' s Club. Vbq Acros. Football ( HB ) M.nard. Mildred Arlend. Chi Phi. Epsilon Alpha Gamma. Tau Omega Phi ( Elem. V. Pres. ) . Y.W.C.A.. Orchestra. El Vaqucro Staff Miller. Doyle Dean Milton. Raymond Wayn Minasian. Edward Lean Mont William John. Gamma Alpha Pi ( Se Treas. ) . Sigma Xi Sigma Morrison. Basconc John Monroe Munson. Janice Elaine. Caphcrs (Sec.) Murphy. Margaret Theresa. Tau Omega Phi (Scc- Treas. ), Y.W.C.A. Meyers. Betty Jean. Tau Omega Phi. Y.W.C.A.. W.A.A.. Orchestra Nare. John Frederick. Alpha Gamma Sigma. Sigma Xi Sigma i Vice-Pres; o AK • o ' ' I -1 itS jMtk M JR fuye On i Hundred Eleven 0 ' d Ncilsen. Carol Jean, Kappa Pi Sigma (V. Pres.). YWCA Nelson, James Leslie Nelson, Tom M.. Bridge Club Novingcr, Mary Margaret. Alpha Gamma Sigma, Epsilon Alpha Gamma (Sec), Epsilon Omega (Pres. S Sec.), Student Citizens Club, A.W.S. Room Chairman, Talent Club, Treble Clef, W.A.A. A Caoella Choir (V. Pres.), Orchesra Oda, Renovia Emiko. Kappa Pi Sigma. Tau Omega Phi (V. Pres.), Y.W.C.A., (V. Pres.), WAA O ' Neil John Joseph, Caphers (Pres.), Lettermen ' s Club, Basketball (G), Baseball (Outfield) wall) Richard Glenwood ,ens, Arthur Eugene, Alpha Gamma Sigma. Foot- ball rkcr, Claude Earl, Caphers 1 arson, Nancy Lee. Epsilon Omega, WAA ( Treas ) Publicity Chairman of AWS. i ' . ' derscn, Jean Lois Perry. Harry Newell. Lettermen ' s Club. Student Citizens Club, Track, Cross Country Peterson, Karen Petrocchi, David. Alpha Ciamma Sigma Pettyjohn, Frank H. Phillips, Pollv, Alpha Chi (Pres.) Pierce. Rosemary. YWCA ( Membership Sec. ), WAA Pietsch, Frank Charlec. Salients. Sigma Xi Sigma ( Pres. ) Page One Hundred Twelve ( S Pinkoski, Stanley Stephnc Pippitt. Robert Gordon. Alpha Gamr Omega Phi Pratt. Lloyd Chipman Sigma. Ti Priske. Neil August Prott. Frank Joseph. Bridge Club. Knights (V. Pres. ). S.C.A., Vaq Vets. Ransdall, Theodora Jeanne, Tau Alpha Delta (Treas. Sec. ) Renfrew. David Farrell Ripka. Marilyn Eleanor. Tau Omega Phi (Pres.). Y.W.C.A. Roberts. Elizabeth Janet. Chi Phi (V. Pres.) W. A. A.. A.W.S.. Philanthropic Chairman Robertson. Alice Louise. Alpha Gamma Sigma (Treas. ). W.A.A.. Corresponding Sec. of A. S. B. Rubidge. Maureen F.. Bridge Club ( Sec. -Treas. ) Rumburg, Kenneth Parker, Alpha Gamma Sigma. S.C.A., Treas. of A.S.B. Rupard. Edythe Loraine, Epsilon Alpha Gamma I V. Pres.). Women ' s Chorus (Treas.), A Capella Choir Russell. Jeanne Orr, Alpha Gamma Sigma. Chi Phi. Epsilon Omega. Kappa Pi Sigma. W.A.A. ( Volleyball Mgr. Treas. 1 Russell. Laura Bernice. Kappa Pi Sigma. Y.W.C.A. Sadler. Patsy. Tau Omega Phi. Y.W.C.A.. W.A.A. S. ' .nchez. Paul Andrew. Kappa Pi Sigma. Tau Omega Phi Satterlec, Jack Horace Page On Hundred Thirteen Schnatmcicr. Ju Kcrchcval. Student Citizens Club ( Pres. ) of Interclub Council. Chairman of Constitution Revision Committee Schramm. Frederick Scott. Ruth Elaine, Epsilon Alpha Gamma. Epsilon Omega Shahan, Martha. Chi Phi. Epsilon Alpha Gamma. Talent Club. Orchestra Shahan. Mary, Chi Phi. Epsilon Alpha Gamma. Tal- ent Club. A Capella Choir. Women ' s Chorus Shaw, Stanley Earl. Sigma Xi Sigma Sherman, Phyllis Kay. WAA Short. Mclvin Sibback. Lois. Alpha Chi (V, Pres.), Chai: Poster Shop SmiUic. Edward Dave Smith, Franklin J.. Alpha Gamma Sigma ( Pres. I . Sigma Xi Sigma Smith. Howard Carleton. Caphers. Knights. Band (Pres.). Leader of " The Hungry Nine. " Smith. Leone EstcUe, Salients Auxiliary . WAA. Basketball. Baseball. Golf. Tennis. AWS (Pres) Sec. of Soph. Class. Snyder. Eldie Paul Sorenson. Gerald Duane, Alpha Chi, Vaq Vets. SCA, (Chairman Christian Heritage Commission) Southwick. Rodney Eric. Charros. Lettermcn ' s Club iV. Pres. I (Pres.). Football (Center. Left Half. Sleierly. Carol Patricia. YWCA (V. Pres.) Stover, Harrison Reed PcKjc One Hundred -our cer} SI Stuart. Charles Rossiter Sublctt. James Enoch, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Sigma Xi Sigma Sunshine. Paul Morris Suter. Vane Edward. Alpha Gamma Sigma, Red Cross (Pres. ). Band. " The Hungry Nine " Suttner. Joanne Margaret, Salients (V. Pres.j, His- torian of A.W.S. Swan. Gloria Jean, Kappa Pi Sigma, YWCA (,Sec.) Swanson, Shirley Jean Swart. Richard Allen, Talent Club, Public Address System. Assembly Committee. Sweteingham. Shirley C. YWCA Sweetnam. Kenneth Norman. Sigma Xi Sigma. Tau Omega Phi Swehla, Fred J. Sykes, Robert Harding. Archi Club Tennis, Theodore Edward, Tau Omega Phi Terry. Jeanne Mane. Sigma. YWCA 1 hompson. Miles William Thompson. Robert Elmer Thorpe. Richard C Charros (Pres.). Lettermen ' s Club, Track. Tennis Urquidi. Donald William, Alpha Gamma Sigma. Caphers. Lettermen ' s Club. Tau Omega Phi. Football, V. Pres. of AMS, V. Pres. of ASB Page One Hundred Fifteen 7. ' ..-kli 9 f -M Vailc. Nancy Temclia, Bridge Club (Sec. Walker. Hugh Kelsey Wall, Dorothy Mary, Archi Club ( Pres. ) Wall. Robert Davis Wallace, Laddie B.. Knights (Pres.) Walton. Harold Howard Ward, Warren L.. Caphers, Lettermens Club, Track (Mile), Cross Country Walry, Richard Hugh, Beta Phi Gamma. Knights. (Publicity Mgr. ) Weick. Janet P. yllis Welch. Donna Belle Irene, Red Cross, Sigma Phi Delta ( Treas. ) YWCA, Calif. Jr. Statemen. WAA Werner, Charlotte, Chi Phi, Epsilon Omega ( V. Pres.). WAA (V. Pres.). WAA (Hockey Mgr. I. A.W.S. Soph. Representative Wheeler. Virginia Irene. Beta Phi Gamma (Pres.). Epsilon Omega. Editor of El Vaquero. Asso- ciate Editor of La Reata. A.S.B. Secretary of Publications. Representative Campus Magazine. Glcndale News Press, Vallley Times, Alumni Mag., Feature editor, editor Whitcomb, Barbara J., YWCA Wickland, LeRoy J. W ' lggers, John Richard, SCA (Pres.) K Treas.). Vice President of Inter-club Council. Social Committee. Vv ' iggle. Charles Aloysius, V ' aq Vets. Men ' s Chorus Wilkinson. Robert, Sigma .K; Sigma, S.C.A. Williams. Jack Forman Page One Hundred Sixteen Williams. Rosemary Inez. Chi Phi. WAA. YWCA. Women ' s Chorus Woodall. Jcanninc Wyatt. Walter Calvin. Sigma Xi Sigma Zechiel. William James Anderson. John. Kappa Pi Sigma B:crma. Ronald C. Brodersen. Charles I.. Knights (Past. V. Prcs. ) . SCA. Staff of La Reata (Editor of Activities), Chair- man of History and Traditions Commission Clark. Virginia Lee. Epsilon Omega, Red Cross, Tau Alpha Delta. Women ' s Chorus, A Capella Choir. Sec. of Assemblies. One of the Ladies in Waiting to Campus Queen. Dceter. Edgar, Lettermen ' s Club. Baseball (outfield) D lion. Robert E.. Bridge Club, Knights. Red Cross, Vaq Vets Hdlsey, John S.. Beta Phi Gamma. Red Cross. Vaq Vets L:son, Lou Ann Moss, James M chols. Kenneth Ricketts. John T. R mmcr. Robert L. Sca trom, Donald Sherrick. James Page One Hundred Seventeen Winter Camera Shy Anderson. Douglas B. Beaubicn. Arthur Duanc Bottum, Roswcll Bianson. Ben Walkc Bustrum. Glenn Alvin Castle. Vern Cochran. John Ross. Jr. Craig. Thomas W. Davick. Robert D. Donart. James Herbert Duncan. John V. Frederickson. Jack Gardner. Peter Dewey. Jr. Green. John Stewart Grime. James F. Hoelzel. Harry Walter Hopkins. George C. Hopkins. Sanford W ' hitwell Johnson, Richard B. Johnson, Ross Eugene Jchnson. William Benjamin. Jr. Khanchalian, Alice Louise Lison, Lou Ann Long, Charles Remington Lowe. Patricia Ann McKelvcv. Donald Hill Norris. Xeil James Probert. William John Reed. Donald F. Richter. Howard William. Jr. Sampson. Paul Milton Simpson. Wells H. Spencer. Robert Meredith Tauchen. Donald L ' ncapher. Keith William Whitaker. Ronald Graham Wivvekc. Maro Louis Word. Martha Jones ' elton. Jack James Page Om- Hundred Eighte Camera Shy . . . Summer Class Anderson, John Ball. Ted Robert Bierman, Margaret M. Black. Lawrence Chester Bossarelli, Lena Bradley, Howard Dawson Bradley, xNorman Brady, Marie Jeanne Camphouse, John W. Carr. William B. Carter. Paul R. Clark. Edwin L Clark. Jack Bert Clark. Virginia Lee Coleman. Robert Charles Coleson. Richard Bruce Cotner, Joseph Taylor Crabtree, George V., Jr. Dair, Frank Richard Daniel, Dave E. Davis. Joanne Deeter. Edgar Allen Delano, Walter Hamilton Delimue. Thomas James Dial, Thomas James Dobbin, John Henry Durkee, Robert Henry Dutton. Randall Malm Edmonds. Ray G. Elledge. Raymond John Enright. Robert L. Flanders. Alvin J. Frceburg. Dale Dwaync Gardner, Harold F. Gardner. Ronald Clark Grant. Bruce A. Greanleat, Richard Allen Hall, Jack Price Halscy. John Samuel Hand. Mclvin Allan H;nscn. Jiianita Ann Hansen. Willard B. H.ire, Donald Eugene Hayslett. Jack J. Hedin. Hugh E. Henry. Herbert Lion Hushman. Oliver Sylveste Hockwald. Arthur Fiowaid. George M. Flummel. Jack Edward Irwin. James Davis lae. Aay Glasglow Kimble, Clayton Charles Krauss, Ludwig Herman Kiwanak, George Pierre Labium. Kenneth Law. Vincient Wing Lee. William Harvey McAlister. Paul Richard McClure. John M. MacDonald. James A. Mettner. Frank Robert Miland, Robert Layton Moe. William James Mortenson. Fred Leslie Newhouse. Robert James Newman. Hugh Lane Pc-rkes. Carl Patton P.iutz. Robert Eubanks Pindarvis. Allen E. Pickering, Dean Richard Porter. Roger Stephen R.iymond, Arthur E, Redwine. Malcom Scott K ' .cketts, John Thomas Koss. Douglas Kenneth Russell, Thomas F. Simpson, James Davis Smith. Harry R. Sieddem, Stanley O, Slevens, Richard Sherman Sunmackcr. Herbert Harry Tanner, William Francis Tweedie. John C. Wacker. Donald Keith Wacker. James W. Wales. Donald Francis Walker. William Morse Webber. Jack Weslic Welch. Thomas C. Wells. Ward S. Whipple. Elmer E.. Jr. Y ' lk.n;,on. Robert Gordon Y. ' oodall. Jcannine Page One Hundred Nineteen ffiiiii I ifi ' niBiMinmniii 1f=)V W£S r VAL. iiiiniiitiiiiiiifliiim ' " " ' " ' " ' • " ' " - COR ONfi T On 3 9Z.Z. Art Class, 3( Jndek: A D A Capella Choir. 84 Dancing Classes, 73 I Accounting Staff. 87 Deans, 7 ' " appreciation, 127 Activities. 90-98 Dcciication, 5 Inierclub Council, 20 Administration, 6-7 Drama Department. 79 Alpha Chi, 11 Alpha Gamma Sigma, 28 A. M.S., 18 Archery, 74 E J Archi Club 21 El Vaquero Staffs. 76-77 J. ' . Basketball Team. 53 Epsilon Alpha Gamma. 3 5 Ass:mb:v Committee. 34 Epsilon Omeg.-v 26 Athletic Coaches, 40, 4 7 E.xecutive Boards. 11,13 A.W.S.. 16-17 K p ICj-pa Pi Sigma. 26 B i.culty. 8-9 Kn.ghts- Club. 17 Bank. 85 lootball. 4 1-46 Baseball. 57-60. 72 Eicshman Class Officers. 14 Basketball, 48-5 3. 71 Beta Phi Gamma. 21 Bookstore. 8 7 Bridge Club. 24 .. L G Gamma Alpha Phi. 17 Glee Clubs. 82-83 Eadies ' Club. 29 La Reata Staff, 78 Glendale College Seal, 4 Lettermens Club, 1 Graduates. 99-1 IQ c Cafeteria, 81 Camera Shy Graduates, 118 11 ' - ' Caphers, 30 Citizens. 2 5 Charros. 28 H Clubs, 21-35 Halls of Knowledge. 37 M Coaches. 40. 70 Hocky. 72 Marriage Club. ' 3 Cross Country. 65 Hunarv Nine. 84 Music Department. 82-85 • ' ui i- Ont: Hundred [ iVenly fc N S T New Auditorium, 88 Salients Club, 30 Talent Club, 31 Salients Auxiliary, 24 Tau Alpha Delta, 32 S, C, A., 31 Tau Omega Phi, 25 Section Pages. 19, 39. 75. 89, 90 l " ennis. 66, 73 Sigma Phi Delta, 22 Title Page. 3 Photography Department. 86 gigma Xi Sigma, 32 T.eble Clef, 83 Photography Lab. 36 Snap Shots. 38.96-97.120-12 ' . Social Committee. 34 Song Leaders. 4 7 Sophomore Class Officers. 15 ' - Sports. 39-74 ' - " J ' ' ' " os. V, Q ,artet. 82 Student Body Presidents. 10. 12 Stt ' dent Union. 2 Summer Graduates. 103-117 ]i Swing Band. 85 Radio Department. 8( Red Cross. 35 Registration Day, 3 W V. A. A., 68-69 Water Polo, 54. 56 Winter Graduates. 100-102 Wcrking Houis. 3 6-3 7 Y Yel ' Leaders. 4 7 Y W. C. A.. 29 Pape One Hundred Ticenty Ft: h App cciatioH . . Upon completion of the college year book together with another eventful col- lege year, we on the staff of the 1948 La Reata would like to extend our grati- tude to the many persons and organiza- tions whose help and cooperation was constantly boundless, among whom arc Mr. DcrriU Place, faculty adviser: Mr. Charles Harrington and the entire Phn tography department: Mr. Warren E. Lewis and the Angclus Engraving Com pany: Mr. Arno Pcet and the Pcet Prin ' ing Company: and photographers Burton Tuiney and Mickey Dunlap for the ex- cellent graduate portraits. Page One Hundred Tu:enty-Se

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