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Wig? .Jw V x,iffYf fzwm, Xigagijii ,ff ,Q XWMWW R zewpffgiamfe. Eiga? X :ff 04419 ' 'f 'eq Sf' R if pf' 2 MW 9,1 N WWW ,Q M Wy Vx 7 W5 242:95 Wig, fs? W7 H W SW W J , - e Y' ' " X wf 5 ff Q? , ,M ' MM uf ay ' L6cif?"k,5V'f 355350 f My ey flhgyggz "n"4gj4:"' www f'!"f'LQ'WJ 11551. "l'fw2""Ur,i2J W, fc,-0. , . 0M5 Q LUDKLIET L ur' X . 46" pizpw MQW, Th d 7943 Z M?" P 23, ilcifiiig ,O The k , E yl p d B s1yIus was flrst useful iw ' pp dfb' d Ii+f2ZE2Ti'g455Lfffcwv AQ ' fh h d p f gesorwe ge- n up dh h h I h been applied J' b km5:3n5'zn:QLiLz1:L,zrPL: 7 M was The characters + .,,.. Mid ?y3hf'he stylus ogfhe Anfcienfsg HJW6 7 Ek gy Q ix i 'QW Ay 'ffflfhoedififnpff ofimfl fin S n X QQ E25 W1 , Egigggix sxiissiii Jwmyk 1 fymfjlfbf WWW bi i gh fzijilua 5355 MQW My Q52 Q33 .iff if if MM wglfiffkgw gi' W MM 35 MM 6 E MWTP fiffwfw 2 2 iii JE, 3 pf ff' ig-fi, Www wx' fc1WW ,A'x9f'fQgffQf my Wffjyw WA V 'f 2 W M 5555535 ' 11 W. QQ ' XX L 'QM Ref s . Q- - -' :A "5 , fx wx X X- w ,J XX VL K "' 135 NX fi ff ' 'rx pw EQ Q :sex 135215 X X10 RX iigiiigx fx Eiiiffxggfi? iiiiiiffg 1 i a ffyby H N WNW NSW Qagi2f25i Nfiwfifwiiygfibfiff 4 1 1 J. 1 , r ' EDITQIAL ST S 4 2 i r MMM ffw WN T L PEN FR IRN ........... EDITOR-IN-CHI ND HAg..E..QTK EDIT N USEN .. . . .. ART Q .... 144515 . CAROLE s AR AY WEST . QS F A LOTTE not Gonoo N555 Af JY Q Aijfdfjyky 6 W 90 W NN jf? W WM GMM ak X 2 as rift ff: :Hx A . iw 135-Q QP i 'final MW: ,V ' ,J f, I f . zt I ,,fj,' f, ni" 1, 'U' l 'u l' 41-Lf' ,if . 1 , iii ,, fx xryf' F .G U' 'J in ,mfs , ,ff A , Y 4,34 s .Z . , 141 .7 ,fy L, . Mug., , C Q 1' 'Q ' V 1 saw? 4, -- Yr :SW .W K ' W tales: g ts 31 THEY are the students at Glendale, and what is Glendale? Not a mere building, but an exchange ot ideas, a training camp for the future, alive and pulsating with the aspira- tions ot the people invading its campus, this is Glendale and these are the students who have come to learn. Some w'aIk and some ride in Chariots ot more modern vintage than those ot the early Babylonians, but their studies and goals, while more complex, are still very much the same as those of their predecessors. X x S 4' X w - V , X-3 N 6 ' X , s i fs- a -Q -ff. f, 5 x. ,Q "1 Y - 'S ,. Y by xt ' ' - 2 ' as? ' N ' , J , ,.. K in X. N 'lf' .s i 2 , 4 ,L ,5 KX' 3 of Q r 1 , 1 an ,- Q A ex J TB' r G? 1 k x ' - i A . fl ' ff' 5 .Lf K , - J J Y i W 'QK - A ' ' ' 'W-I 1 -BJ . , ff? X AA x l-li:'TT11 vi 5 13 'J KN xt UQ 5 JU Q Q-l-'f NL x XMAA kb U4 wx X',,Ng4QSN QL ,LAM fx, 'N QQ X35 is ww' A P fi xxj ISJQ ,Lai 'QA' 0 C Ja ,af J Lo X3-'XMB-,JQJ was Nf N Vx -Y J TWYxWm Milfs 9 Thaw ON HOT SUMMER DAYS NO PLACE IS MORE POPULAR AROU THE SNACK SHACK. ND CAMPUS THAN "THE TOWER" REMAINS FOREVER A SYMBOL OF GLENDALE. LJQWLUYQQ SPORTS EVENTS LURED MANY TO SPUR THEIR TEAM TO VICTORY. I 0 1 .ag I.ZT aw, PM ,4- K J nw R "' A s L15 SS T 'N Q Ax S WJ' CERAMICS CLASSES INVITE THEM T0 MASTER NEW SKILLS. 7b-V new , BEAUTY MEETS THE BEAST AS THEY STUDY THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONS OF THEIR OWN BODIES. I L ar THEY ARRIVEDQ they ventured about the campus, and they learned. They discovered an entirely new world in many of their courses. Science presented a fascinating challenge, music, arts, and crafts offered them o chance to create, while English, mathematics, and lousiness classes pre- pared them for the decisions they must make in every day life. THEY SPEND QUIET MOMENTS STUDYING. Q sg 523 '6 'Q Q ia :Vx L tu, -Q fs' . M X T wmgdxi' X .1 il G 'W 'i wD4'a-ff ui I X' "WfiI' X ur WX if Q5 fu 'W' 5 My A Aw ve' ww -,ai ,, 'N-Pk 4 -e , x ,,, f' 'Q - g X 'W 453' ? xx ' Q , f Swfw- Q, . Q Q 1:5 -rg 0 I A4 ' F ..3x.Jx Q 35 mA.A Ai ff J 4? I-YQ' hw . ex 'lb if 'bv V 2' lugqm iw n ' . 5 'I' S Q-nl, C M? X X1 I ...JJ ,I ff , Q THE srumsrx x 5 found princip ' SJ ' denT body offig fe If The Board of Edu LH Thorify For running P v They rneT many pen. ' nxt li .Y Them To face and ovk 4? ff' ' ' sTacles on Their way To ' end of This Term brings several of These advisors. I 'ff Mrs. DoroThy Jackson, girls' pal, was honored aT a si 1 ' given by The Girls' League Board she sponsors. If J - ...-ui' X .S S, . G3 L., THEY SELDOM ACTUALLY MEET THE BOARD OF EDUCATIO BUT DAILY THEY ENCOUNTER ITS AUTHORITY --i S! CHARGED WITH directly carrying out Board policy are Mr. M. A. Hesse, business manager, Mrs. Mil- dred E. Hall, in charge of curriculum, and Mr. Kenneth M. Montgomery, deputy superintendent in charge of personnel. THE BOARD OF EDUCATION of the Glendale Unified School District is in charge of twenty-nine schools drawing students from the Montrose and La Cres- centa areas as well as from Glendale proper. The Board is responsible tor financing the school program, super- vising the curriculum, hiring all teaching personnel, and building maintenance. CONFERRING ON a problem facing Glendale High School are Dr. James H. Williams, superintendent of schools, and Mr. Donald T. Golder, principal of Glendale High. up-an 43 BOARD MEMBERS are: Mrs. Donald R, Williams, secretary, Mrs. Reid L. Beers, Mr. Fred P. Simpson, Mr. Scott T. MacDonald, president, and Mr. Beniamin O, Hagen, vice-president. 9 Y g TALKING WITH MRS. McDONALD'S 5TH PERIOD world history class is soon after school commences. Mr. Golder, who makes a practice of speaking to every Sophomore class PRINCIPAL me NUCLEUS u Yvjy' OF GLENDALE'S AUTHORITY RESPONSIBLE not only to the students and their parents, but also to the Glendale Board of Education is G.H.S. principal Donald Golder. Mr. Golder is well known to all Nitros as he attends a large number of school func- tions and activities, including banquets, recitals, ball games, and plays. Meeting and mixing with many stu- dents helps Mr. Golder to become aware of the needs and desires of the student body in general. ALWAYS HELPFUL, Mr. Golder ioins his wife, Laurel, in an "extra curricular" activity. MR. GOLDER enters his office to begin o new day at Glendale High School. AN ATHLETE IN HIS OWN RIGHT, Mr. Harry Beck as vice-principal in charge of student welfare, helps run Glendale's sports groups. Often known as boys' vice principal, Mr. Beck also supervises all extra curricular activities. Mrs. Dorothy Jackson, vice-principal in charge of instruction, uses any excess energy left after per- forming her main duties by working closely with Girls' League as advisor. She is also very active in P.T.A. Mrs. Jackson is retiring after many years at Glendale High School, and will be missed by her many friends among the faculty and the student body. "IS IT TOO SALTY?" asks Mrs. Jackson as she tests her domestic capabilities on her patient husband, Curtis. "ONCE UPON A TIME . . . "Mr. Beck relaxes with his wife, Norma Jean, and three children, Susan, Karen, and Gary, after a busy day at G.H.S. f . C? WATCHING DYNAMITERS on their way to classes are Mrs. Dorothy Jackson and Mr, Harry Beck. THEY MEET THE VIC -PRINCIPALS I f f f Emma IN CHARGE OF disciplining the male members ot the student body who violate school regulations, Mr. Gene Haas, boys' counselor, attempts to keep order and good will at Glendale. CO UNSELOR THE COUNSELING STAFF guides students toward the best possible preparation for their futures by assisting them in choosing courses which will benefit them the most. Counselors help Glen- dalites in deciding between college preparatory or vocational courses, according to the student's abilities and desires for further education. I E ii V I , . a vt ' ' 5, . 4 af , iii? .. fv. , 4' ,n.,1 .. . K.. . 4, V - ' - x u is M1 , L 4' ff. MISS NYLA CHAPMAN, head counselor, keeps Glendale's counseling program running smoothly and makes certain that evew student has at least one counseling appointment a year. GIRLS' COUNSELOR, Mrs. Leona Newell helps diligent students continue their education by organizing and distributing scholarship grants. H 4 . as if--fceef'-'-2 i' MR. FREELAND TEMPLETON chooses to do full time counseling while the rest of the counseling staff spends part of its time in the classroom. GLENDALITE, Pam Hunt seeks the friendly advice of her counselor, Mr. Frank Louridsen. COUNSELORS ASSIST THEM IN VOCATIONAL AND ACADEMIC PLANNING fuV'f' 3 -W CREATING COUNSELING LISTS for the new school year are counselo's, Jack Parker John Key, Phillip Castlin, Murray Grant, Alice McDonald and Georgia Woodard CONFERRING OVER a weighty counseling problem are fl , Hilda Jones, Naomi Blackburn, Ruth Starr and Robert Brickman. -it 101 N- ANY STUDENT who has missed even one day of school is familiar with Mrs. Mary Tye, attendance clerk, Mr. Andrews, and Mrs. Mabel Gansz, senior attendance clerk. l' SUPERVISOR OF ATTENDANCE, Mr. Ted Andrews, is a re- spected man at G,H.S. as he is in charge of all absences and cuts. ATTEN AN E OF IC Ioa- THE ATTENDANCE OFFICERS and the secretarial staff play ci large part in The school life of o Glendale Dynamiter. Whether in the counseling office, attend- ance office or executive office, these people are always friendly and oblig- ing, although at Times, their iobs are not to be envied. These instances in- clude the times when demerits must be marked down as The necessary conse- quences of tardiness, cuts, and other minor offenses. HELPFUL AND FRIENDLY in a busy high school are the clerical personnel: Marcina Daniels, audio- visual, Catherine Tench, supplies, Ester Howton and Lucille Clark' Counsellngf Clmlce Newlon' Switch LAUGHING TOGETHER at on incident in one of Glendale's busy offices are Senior Secretary, Mrs. board: and Susle Keeler' recorderls office' Emma Hubert, Mrs. Martha Bloomberg, clerk, and Mrs. Doris Lewis, recording clerk, L-u-,. MAIN TENAN E CREW KEEPS THEIR CAMPUS FUNCTIONING ARRIVING EARLY to prepare the school for the 8:30 rush of students, the maintenance staff works hard all day keeping Glendale clean and livable. Taking care of the buildings is only a part of their iob, however, as the lawns, grounds and large field equipment are under their con- trol. The staff is still at work after the students and teachers have left school, cleaning up after one day and getting ready for the next. Pls l, 'xl . t. es ' xy J i Y' 0 it f ' r ' I' Ji' w' ,H-. I I iff if FAMILIAR FIGURES on campus are Carl C. Pope, head engineer, and Dorsey Merrill, head custodian. AFETERIA STAFF PROVIDES SUSTENANCE AND RELAXATION COMPOSING THE T958-'59 CAFETERIA STAFF Were, Row I: Mrs. Freda E. Wilson, Mrs. Beverly Stanley, Mrs. Christine Falivena, Mrs. Rhoda G. Naud. Row 2: Mrs. Roma H. Nichols, Mrs. Helen M. Pommer, Mrs. Ruth M. Logsdon, Mrs. Estella A. Epperson, Mrs. Jane Atkinson, Mrs. Charlotte Lucier. Row 31 Mrs. Blanche Brown, Mrs. Evelyn C. Held, Mrs. Patricia E. Powell, Mrs. Margaret C. Snow, Mrs. Laurette M. Browillard, Mrs. Nellie E. Jackson, Mrs. Annie M. Young, Mrs. Lena M. Anderson, Mrs. Stella E. Ericsson, Mrs. Ethel L. Meyer. BEHIND-THE-SCENE WORKERS are the custodians, gardeners and maintenance men, Row l: Dorsey Merrill, Victor Vielleux, Tito Arispe, Hipolito Olivo, Earl Armstrong, Phil Clark, Merrill Young. Row 2: Carl Johnson, Stella Dawson, Mildred Butler, Frank Szaflarski, Roger DuBois, N, B. Elkin, Maeser Day. Row 3: Max Littlefield, Jim Whittemore, Bill Done, Orval Miller, Bob Keeney, Ernest Kysar, Carl Pope. TAKING A SHORT BREAK from their busy schedules are Mrs. Estella Epperson, manager, and Mrs. Charlotte Lucier, assistant, "TOO MANY COOKS SPOII. THE BROTH." This old proverb is dis- proved by Glendale's cafeteria staff who supply hungry stu- dents with breakfasts, snacks, and lunches. These busy wom- en also find time to prepare banquets for the various clubs and organizations. 'VO' PRESIDENT DENNIS CARHART bears the honors and trials of heading the student body first semester. THEY ESTABLISHED THEIR OWN AUTHORITY WATCHING THE STUDENT BODY at lunch, Mr. Wallace Rankin, Cabinet supervisor, and Nelson Rising, vice president of the student body may feel iust pride in their contributions toward the smoothness with which the school is run. Q S W fi tv H REPRESENTING THEIR RESPECTIVE CLASSES on Cobinet are class presidents Jim McElgunn, sophomore, Barry Bottrell, senior, and Roger Dalton, iunior. JOEL KOTIN, director of assemblies excitedly tells Julie Biod- ford, co-ordinator of organizations, ond Gary Nelson, chair- man of the Student Court, obout a new assembly he has iust previewed and intends to obtain for the school. FIRST SEMESTER CABINET tor the first semester sponsored a number of events and activities tor the Glendale Dynamiters. Among these were the Backwards Dance, the Ber- muda Days, Beat Hoover Day, and a dance in the girls' gym after one of the football games. Other duties ot the Cabinet in- cluded attendance at Foothill League forum meetings and the placing of the school budget in operation. Contrary to popular belief, Cab- inet is conducted much the same as other classes. Members learn parliamentary procedure and study the contents of the school constitution. WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES to bring fame and notice to Gendale High were Janice Goodernoot, co-ordinator of speech artsy Kathy McFarland, director of pub- licity, and Deanne Crawford, coordinator of fine arts. TC 4' GLENDALE'S TROPHY CASE is admired by Robin Paulsen and Sandy Barondess, girls' and boys' athletics directors, with John Streetmaker, R.O.T.C. repre- sentative. AND THEY'RE OFF! Always in a hurry to do honor to their respective leagues were Kathi Waters and Bill Jencks, girls' and boys' league presidents. ON THEIR WAY to build up Glendale spirit ct a game are Head Song and Yell Leaders, Karen Risinger and Paul Beckett. POSSIBLE SOURCES of revenue are debated by Sue Blackstone, secretary, and Carol Tench, director of finance. PROVING THAT CHIVALRY is very much alive at G.H.S. is Gary Nelson, student court chairman, as he comes to the assistance of Vicki Baughman, secretary. WILLIAM TELL RIDES AGAIN as John Streetmaker, R.O.T.C. representative, Gail Seabury, director of girls' athletics, and John Whitney, director of boys' athletics, minus the apple on the head, take their stand in front of an archery target. 1 1 1-ang, CABINET LEADERS Rickie Lipp, director of assemblies, Bob Hensler, vice-president, and Mr. Wallace Rankin, advisor, watch Glendalites arrive for first period classes. STOP THIEF! Only making sure that the student body funds are secure are Roy Schmidt, director of publicity, and Dean Colvin, director of finance. SECOND SEMESTER CABI ET FOLLOWING A PRECEDENT is never easy, but Glendales second semester Cabinet managed to keep up the high standard at student government set by previous Cab- inets. President Nelson Rising's Cabinet represented G.H.S. at the Foothill League conference and also attended the league forum meetings. They voted to appropriate money tor the Nitroettes' costumes and at the end ot the year sponsored another an- nual Book and Baggage Day. WIQ B' f 'le' -r n. - 1 in "INN A' 3:-'bask 'M Y' fx l - w' ' ,. 1' xx! CO GRESS MEMBERS PRACTICE REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY THE CONGRESS, under the leadership of the Student Body Vice-President, promotes drives for the Red Cross, the March of Dimes and the Community Chest. lts members are also in charge ot the American Field Service students and the preparation ot Christmas boxes for the needy. During the second semester they super- vise Stylus sales. Congress has the general legis- lative authority in its power and either passes or amends all measures presented by Cabinet. FIRST SEMESTER VICE-PRESIDENT, Nelson Rising, points out on item in the minutes to Joel Miller, Congress speaker pro tem, Mrs, Jackson, advisor, and Peter Rusch, clerk. 4- Qt its 69 CHOSEN TO REPRESENT THEIR HOMEROOMS in student Con- gress were, Row li David Sheldon, Joe Rodriquez, Mary Ann Martin, Janice Parclter, Julie Aires, Nancy Harris, Judith Hanover, Jo Ann Pratt, Rozanna Falivona, Dianne Parkes, Chris Crockett. Pow 7: Margaret Allen, Pat Engelhardt, Shirley Hendrikson, Pat Sawyer, Arleen Andrews, Janice Nelson, Doug Ryan, Jill Parker, Annette Kelly, Julie Berton. Row 3: Garrett Coombs, Bill Jensen, Dennis Simila, John Hayes, Ted Stoever, Reed Webb, Steve Chenoweth, Bruce Uppman, Bette Broom, Chris D'Arc, Rita Swartz, Sandy Westlund, Pam Briley, Nelson Rising. RECEIVING INSTRUCTIONS on Stylus sales from Mr, Homer Livermore, sales advisor, is Jo Anne Wilson, as Steve Wilber and Bob Hensler, second semester vice-president, handle sales slips. SECOND SEMESTER CONGRESS included in its ranks, Row lr Lynnda Tucker, Chris Webb, Rosalie Cihak, Karen Jackson, Susan Johnson, Linda Baugh, Elaina Bilby, Steve Wilber. Row 2: Elizabeth Powell, Wendy Williams, Jo Anne Wilson, Jean Frazer, Jean Pritchard, Pat Engelhardt, Janie Parkhouse, Julie Berton, Gary Nelson, Pete Briggs. Row 3: Linda V Steele Bruce Hill Don Hagen Pinny Forbes Robinson Kaleta Morgan Chris DArc Kathy McFarland Doris Jolliffe Don Wintz Ken Anderson Roger Ledbetter Garrett Coombs John Annin Row 4 John Whitney Pat Pearson Jesse McGinty Gary Yowell W Q ic NU 3 isa it Q N53 THE JUDICIAL BRANCH of dent government, the Student Court, cases against the school code. A citation is given by a student or faculty member to the suspected offender, who must appear in court on a specified day. If found guilty he is fined by a loss of merits, which may restrict campus activity or in the Senior year prohibit graduation. lillfwll I N 2.9 'S Sai S42 WL uni' QR E v,1 STUDENT COURT members are seated John man, Pauline Mitton and Fred Port Standing are Torn "GUIlTYl COURT CHAIRMAN Gary Nelson presents the verdict while Melody Johnson and Pauline Mitton members ofthe court watch DYNAMITERS IN THE MAKING! Knowing that Three years of fun and new experiences are ahead of them, These Sophomores lost no time in organizing Their class. The Girls' Stunt Show and The Oratorical were The first events participated in by The class of 1961. Their next important undertaking was The Cotton 'n' Cord dance, Traditionally sponsored by The Sophomore Class. Led by Jim McElgunn, The underclassmen made a real contribu- tion To Glendale's spirit. MSE. T,,. . 'iii 'Vttwnff-:w..m,, . ,. L, , rf - 1 Q , . s. X . LEADERS of The Sophomore class were, stand- ing: Mike Locke, treasurer, Paul Bruno, vice- president, and Steve Stone, yell leader. Seated: Marybeth Hamel, song leader, and Diane Whit- aker, class secretary. GUIDING THE CLASS OF 1961 Through its first year of high school we-re Mr. Jack Parker, and Jim McElgunn, president. SOPH OM OR COUNCIL "WHAT WILL WE USE FOR A THEME?" This is the usual first question asked when a class plans a dance. Here Jim McElgunn, president, discusses the problem during a class council meeting. From left are Margie Allen, Ted Jenkins, Cheryl Doutt, Duncan Harris, Janice Martin, Janis Hubbard. Row 2: Alice Randall, Diane Whitaker, Marybeth Hamel, Penny Wonacott, Joann Pratt, Timi Clark. Row 3: Mike Locke, Steve Wilber, Paul Bruno, Jules Ares, Jeff Skinner, Mary McShirley, Tena Evans. .0--"' S. ELECTED IN THEIR U.S. HISTORY CLASSES to serve an council were, Row I: house, Virginia Urban. Row A. Jean Frazer, Paulie Massey, Jeanie Kaye, Karen Pederson, Janie Huston, Joan Proulx, Bunny Bunt, Carol Nelson. Row Lynne Jepson, Karen Byson. Row 5: POT NiChOlS, DC1lB l3OOl4Sf, Jim RUfff1SY, 7: Regina Scott, Carol Wynliausen, Pauline Mitton, Linda Saur, Lynn Pendleton, Jim STVUTTOW- ROQGV Dflllofii Dfesidefili l9GdS The dlSCUSSiOfiA Sheila Minkin, Row 3: Pat Salmon, Lynn Hoffman, Toni Heisig, Janie Park- ZTELRS ZZSTEQEZ SPONSOR JU I OR COU CIL MAKING PLANS FOR THE JUNIOR PROM are Ron McVey, yell leader: Jill Parker, treasurer, Sheila Minkin, secretary, and Pauline Mitton, song leader. VIEWING THE RESULTS OF THE CLASS MAGAZINE SALE are Roger Dalton, president, Linda Saur, vice-president, and Mr. Murray Grant, advisor. WINNING THE SPEECH division in the Oratorical gave the class of 1960 a good beginning for a successful'Junior year. Next on the agenda was The annual Junior Prom, "Evening ln Paris", followed by the money raising magazine sale. Tradition gives Juniors the iob of decorating for the Senior Graduation, an activity which prepares Them for their final and most important year at Glendale. QUIGQXHUG THE FOUNDATION for any institu learning is a capable faculty wr guide and shape the alert, auf minds of its students. Mr, Ralf like his colleagues, strives to C queries of his pupils with the they seek, and primarily, to how To think and form Themselves. """'H-vuq..,,,,,,,w-A-sm x i I "HOW IS THIS problem solved?" Jim Davies, Bob Perryanq Carolyn Daniels ask Mr. Buonaguidi in his third period Geometry class. K at CONFERRING TOGETHER are Geebie Alisch and Larry Edwards about a composition they rnust present to their senior composition class. ill' AC D MIC SUBJECTS A FRAMEWORK FOR KNOWLEDGE IN U S HISTORY Nancy Hooper, Sue Biaggi, and Ron McVey test each other on Hwgographic location of various places in their own country. A Et . Xara.. STUDENTS DISCOVERED that most of the courses offered at Glendale were either on the occupational side such as mechanical arts, iournalism, drama, and music, or on the strictly 'Af",gjQf,i,,gcademic, which includes foreign Vimigtuages, mathematics, history, swyand English. They found that the ldfmgourses provided a frame- work ofhwledge vital for their future, whmgthey were preparing for college or afQr,eer. 4 4'-. 6.1. ll' . are sw , Er . ,Vex .1 Ji ,ME '1 ' tn -'Il t 25 ,..- E i 1 'X X ? t X wg- ! ' 1 K' ' p f Q E 5" s' s 1 Q S I 9 Q -v 9' 1 E l i 1 1 1 1 I E I 1 4 rQ...... Aa ' 1 r r r f Mn """? X. , i f 4 , l 'jj fx 1- -f , i1A .X rw 4 QAM, 0yfYWfUWo""lm-MA -641 "X A iii IS' W L.. ,Nw 'disk ,,-I Yay, X-. Lf? A - ' i 1 p 7 E63 lr' "fir 2 8 'H 3 LOOKING OVER the selection of new books for Louis Hill, Mr. William Ryan, Mr. Cecil Stephens, Mrs. Beatrice Morlian, Mrs. Ruth Corruth and Mr. Anthony Campana. N GLIS PROVIDES THEM WITH BASIC LEARNING TOOLS OF THE MANY outstanding courses offered by the English Department, perhaps the most unique is Modern Culture, taught by Mrs. Eckerson. This course, the only one of its kind at present in the United States, is open to seniors to familiarize them with the basic Arts. Other specialized classes in Com- position and English Life and Literature are avail- able electives to seniors, as well as English funda- mentals, which is a requirement for juniors and sophomores. Future iournalists have a choice between Stylus and Explosion, while those interested in dramatics may take oral English, speech, or drama, however, oral English is the only one of these electives which may be substituted for regular English. PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS! Members ot the English Depart- ment, Mr, Harry Francisco, Miss Mary O'Brien, Mrs. Shane Wilson, Mrs. Emily Ledbetter, Mrs. Hendrika Parker, Mrs. Louise Swedenborg, Mrs. Olive Eckerson, Mr. Arthur Bottaro, and Mr. Lawrence Fischer hold a small meeting l to iron out the problems for the coming semester. I 1! i,., . L ,- ca. -f wi X ' .ff 95? 55' eral- 'i il ta MR. FRED McCLURE AND MRS. EMILY LEDBETTER, Department Head, discuss a test in American Literature with student Carol Messmer. Q student reading lists are Mr. Lawrence Weishart, Mr. Warren Johnson, Miss Barbara Canady, Mr. um. SGW ich v , . 1 .,,- V+" 'QP' 'L xx U, B v . 5 gr, Q -rg-fm Tiitiwff ggzzgsfi- 11,535 3925, 357 X 4, A x ,. i , 5 ,.:,. 1,,Q:Y,33 g-gg. we 9 1 X A 5 f 1 YY J, .... .4 . Ky ,fy f ., ,,,,,J.. ...fl ax 323.132 fi 1. . .m ., 4- -V ,Q-, 1. was Q ,B rm f. 7",f5lF'7' 4: fllf 1 -I' fm f- ' . , '. A'?if4fEI.V,. 1 V ,-f ' ,:31g.1' 5 f . ' 1 :A-., , ,, l s I Q "'-O--xv? 1' X' ,wr 4 ' - el- "rf 1552 qi' l 5' .1 .. QW gf 1111.1 - I v-' A -1-57 I A .1 0 DURING ONE OF THE MANY department meetings throughout the year, Mr. Murray Grant presented a plan for humane book reports. Agreeing with him are Miss Margaret Graham, Mr. George Plumb, Mr. Alan Busby, Mr. James Eschenbrenner, Mr. Arthur Bennett, and Mr. William Graham. oiuuitixu IOWHRDYX UIIBBIIU 1' l I i i l VISUAL AID - is it a help or a hindrance? Members of the Social Science De- partment, Mr. Ralph Carter, Mrs. Alice McDonald, Miss Gladys Leonard, Mr. Tony Carnpana, ponder over this question. MEETING IN THE LIBRARY to discuss colllateral assignments are Miss Frances Ahl, Mrs. Hilda Jones, Mr. Frank Lauridsen, Mrs. Francis Klawiter, Mr. James Smith, and Mr. Leslie Wood. 32 1-1.-1-1 OCIAL SCIEN E BROADENS THEIR NATIONAL AND GLOBAL CONCEPTS A NEW COURSE added last year to the Social Sciences, introduction to the Social Sciences, gives the students an outline ot the six social sciences which colleges require. Modern World History is a short history of the happenings in the world, while U. S. History presents the political, eco- nomic, social and cultural phases ot America. Cabinet, is a course in leadership in connection with affairs of student government. Senior Prob- lems is a course to help graduating seniors pre- pare for their ventures into the world, and Gov- ernment classes offer seniors a better under- standing of the government ot which they are all a part. an-'vr-savvy Q TALKING OVER WORLD AFFAIRS are Mr. Wallace Rankin, depart- ment heacl, and Mr. Charles Hicks. X DICTATING A LETTER to Miss Wylrio Cowles, sented ut the electric typewriter, is Mr. Dudley Graham. ,s "v hi IN BOOKKEEPING Lynda Smith ond Mr. James Steele, department I heod, check over Lyndu's answers with the adding machine. ED CA T10 , PREPARES THE CAREER MINDED FOR THE WORLD OF COMMERCE I i N' IN BUSINESS EDUCATION, Down Churchill tries to learn the right way HAVING SOME FUN WITH THE TEN KEY adding machine ore Mr. Homer to work the Comptometer with the help of Miss Ruth Starr, cmd Mrs. Livermore, SSGTGCI, M555 l'l9n"iefI0 HUYSQW MTSS Jeflfielfe DOY, Und Mf- Mory Jane McClone. EOIWGFCI Nissen. GUIDAN E s 1 ..4IlC""'A.Q X ,,,,,-f' . IN N ON-A CADEMI C FIELDS THEY SOUGHT GUIDANCE, too, in special arts and vocational crafts. They mastered new skills ranging from the cooking tech- niques, which Mrs. Frances Smith demon- strates tor Karen Barkley, to the secrets ot painting and erecting backdrops that Mr. David Gibson supervises. The musically in- clined found a wide variety ot vocal and in- strumental classes. Prospective engineers and mechanics were introduced to shop courses, while aspiring iournalists put their energy into publishing the school yearbook and paper. These are the instructors and students who participated in the non-aca- demic fields. Lann- -,,,....--v""'ggm P'-1 , .f, ,IQ QA 5' ,", ,ML , QI X 1 , U 3 Q " 4272 A '35 S Q sys Qs EWS 1 s .k I Y Qxhli '-5-'films 1 M I Q i.x'f '.f X sz' gi.. in . 244 V , ,Q w,1:f M: 5 M f ,f ,fwfr 'N ' W' v 1 A., ' , ,f ' A ' 1 ' ffgzl-54, .1 ' ' if XJTW' EM! 2, ,, Af V A Y 1 . f 3' -' ' mg W f ' 8 M. K Q Q . 1 JL, , ,fy , ll- w ,yllill 4' xg vk llh Ing., 'M ill' 'lgt ",,,ll v',, lv 'nhl ..5:3U.qy'x , Q an , ".'1'n"lg 2-'1 ,.,"-f"55Q2?H' i :,nnsxnl,1,..'F,.:f,, ' ,Hunnius ll -. uv- I' ., gll.i!l1llg:" ' XLAQ x SA A5551 X." A F V Q, 1 Q 5 m. , . i Q. . -R it E S r .,', Q gf 1 f 1 if Q 5 1 , 5 'QSTXW fb 1' ' n1u55iJu,:,'1' all '-'iuniwwf' ' K. unntxu-'W ,li 1 Q 36 JEANNIE PRITCHARD AND BONNIE WILSON prepare to cut the hair of one of their patrons. ss E AS MRS. .IOSEPHINE HICKS RECEIVES A CALL for an appointment for a hair style, Janet Fleming records the appointment. COSMETO OGY TOMORROW'S COIFFEURS COSMETOLOGY is ci vocational arts course which pro- vides for the girls the opportunity to work with pa- trons and at the same time learn how to shampoo, bleach and set hair. They also learn how to style hair, manicure nails and master the Techniques of beauty makeup. When many girls graduate they take state boards and obtain a cosmetologist license. MRS. GEORGIA WOODWARD, department head, shows Carolyn Bohn the way to pin hair for a permanent. l GETTING READY to give a shampoo to Francis Militello are Mrs, Char- lotte Anderson, and Mrs. Blanche Penman as Carolyn Piso watches. DELICACIES FOR THE FASHION SHOW TEA are prepared by Jo Ellen Homan, Sharon Rowe, and'Judy Woodsum under the supervision of Mrs. Frances Smith, TOMORROW'S HOMEMAKERS PREPARING FOR COMING YEARS as housewives and moth- ers, girls af Glendale High take cooking, modern hostess, and sewing courses offered by the Home Economics Depart- ment. These girls, with the help of Mrs. Elsie Garrett, Mrs. Elva Marshall, and Mrs. Frances Smith, presented a Fashion Show, where they modeled clothes they had made at school. The Cooking classes served refreshments at the show. PREPARING FOR THE FASHION SHOW, Mrs. Elva Marshall straightens the hem on Carol Goffrado's coat, which Carol made in tailoring. THE CORRECT WAY TO LAY A PATTERN is explained to Judy Satrurn and Nancy Hough by Mrs. Frances Smith, Mrs. Elsie Garrett, department head, and Mrs. Elva Marshall 37 PREPARING FOR CAREERS in the art field and making use of creative how to express themselves in art. Miss Martha Arnold, department ability are only two objectives toward which the art department strives. head, helps Darryl Wright with his painting, while Dennis Benedette, Jim Through the study of color, oil and brush technique, students learn Lacey, and Deane Tomlin watch. THE ARTS 4 f Ja - 'vm '-fm PLANNING A HOUSE for practice in home decorating, Mr. Charles Lebold MRS- SUZANNE SCOTT Sl'IOWS PGUl D0bSOf1 where The fOI'eh6OCl should helps Jim Mennes, Sandy Hearn, and Jan McKibbon. start OH The bUST 0fG FTTCU. CAST MEMBERS of the Fall Play "Pink Magic" as they appeared on stage are: Chuck Buck, Jaynee Paul, Kaleta Morgan, Peter Rusch, Deanne Mistretta, and Joel Miller. THE DRAMA MAIN EVENTS in the Drama Department include staging Glendale Highs tall and spring plays, In between these hectic moments the drama students, under the direction of Mr. Harry Francisco, are busy learning the mechanics of play scripts, use of make-up, and the staging of several oneeact plays. WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? Mr. Francisco tries to restrain members of the 5th period Drama class as they break from rehearsals to peer out the window at a typical disturbance on busy Verdugo Road. NEAR CHAOS exists during a rehearsal of a oneeact play in Advanced Drama. THE HOWS AND WHYS OF GREASEPAINT are demonstrated by Mr. Fran- cisco to Drama students Linda Hoy, Loretta Bunch, Dana Roe, and Sue Ann Murray EARLY MORNING HOURS, after school, and lunch finds The library crowded wirh srudenrs busy studying, hunting books or reading. s-L A is AMONG THE MANY JOBS of Miss Barbara Canady, head librarian, is arranging the card catalogue. TRAINING FOR WORK as future librarians are Sue Clark, Dave Magneson, liarnara Kaufman, Donna Ingram, and Margaret lrnus. 40 LIBRAR Y KNOWLEDGE, and armchair ad- venlures are available To sTu- denrs, who come To The library seeking answers To a multitude of quesrions. A variely of new books is consfanrly being added To The supply, keeping Glen- dale's library complere and up ro dare. GLANCING OVER A LIST of new books available are Mrs. Ouida Robbins and Mrs, Mary Ellen Nicholson, assistant librarians. 3 E ,,,,,"-"M-y :ith fy .. . 5,6 5 -Q............, -n-.S.... Y. 5 1, if , - - 8 -..E.... X .WB ag . Q-.....L..... ,ml L 3 2 ww A-...if 'iiixmswlmwmfm 5 'mwuuw-N liliMi 4--wwfk iuusawff' is H ws! 2 Qw,,gM , , 4 Q -Ln J N fL+n' , 4 A :ff ,ff , , .555 + , , 'f ' ' Lv - ' . I ."? ,N '1 X' - Wiki ,A 4' 1 We A , -sh Y ,Yfx X Q? L , , GLENDALE'S PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM is under the care of P.A. Crew mem- bers, Row I: Bob Huser, Marvin Gazell, Lloyd Godlis, Ron Quinn, John Sheely. Row 2: Pat Gory, Tom Suter, Conrad Rogers. Row 3: Mike Riley, Charles Green, Bob Gardiner, Bob Johanson, Mr. Greg Lawrence, Roger Sundling, John Samuel, Bob Asquith, Alan Rosling, Don Wintz. PUBLIC ADDRESS "MAY I HAVE A BOLT for the tape recorder?" John Samuel asks Mr Greg Lawrence, instructor, STAG CR OTHERS PROVIDE GLENDALE WITH "EARS AND EYES" THE CRY, "Dim the house lights," sets Jerry Foote and the other stage hands scurrying to the control board. BUSY BACKSTAGE during all programs in the auditorium are the Stage Crew: Torry Smith, Ken Wayman, Bruce Brighting, Jerry Foote, and Mr. David Gibson. Seated are Don Folley, Bruce Rice, Lynn Roundtree, and Dave Wilms. S "gtg 5 A PORTRAIT ASSIGNMENT tinds Mary Wynhausen the subiect of advanced student Phil Rhoton's lens, PHOTOGRAPHY THE NEW INTEREST in science has been reflected in the Photography courses at Glendale where both beginning and advanced courses are taught. Some enroll for pure vocational Use, While Others nmucnoom rscrmicius is DI'C1CllCCd by beginning students mick cami one Eddie Knox. plan to use its skill in allied fields. AC DEMIC ADDEN UM OVERLOOKED in the reporting of their respective departments are Mr. Peter Tassopulos, special education. The only faculty member to escape Robert Brickrnan, special education, Mr. Arthur Silva, English, Miss is Mr. George McElroy, driver education, who has defied the Stylus Mariorie Bailey, English lback from first semester's sabaticall, and Mr. photographer for years. ,Q gs 5 ",- --..,,,.-.Q HW A '22 W A NX'L"L A , i 1 4g 'T , v L ' in in f' ' LVLL lk, 'ggi' , , nf ig k 1 ef' 4' I I ' 'um' wg, 1 M Q, 1 an 4 QS., .1 'ff iii? ,. H id! ,- :asf Aff! fy' 1.i. 7 ff y 'ffl ' in 5,5 f' ffl! QW " " fwfr ,jg . 1154: W 41:12 .mi 7 . , ,.':: 41" 51 N x ., S. X . NN x .1 v .ya , f ary 254' iff 1, K , ' 5 A -, .ihw-dna. 'K3,.ef,,-mwah' .QM 'fb fmazw ""' A 'gan ii I' 'V -i f 1' ff'- , A-1. 5: - P- ,1,u5T,.. ' 4 ni. W X IN MECHANICAL DRAWING Dennis Rusler draws up plans for his dream house under the guidance of Mr, Cliff Hooper, Mr. Louis Malinowski and Mr. Carl Derkson. IN WELDING, Mr, Tom Christensen and Bud Andersen put together o tray. n 4 Lqju SANDING A FENDER in Auto Shop Mr, Gene Crawford is aided by Roger Phillips LEARNING how to handle this milling machine is Jim Linnerneyer with Mr. John Harrison. ' i WORLD FAMOUS COMPOSER and choral director, Jester Hairston directs combined choral groups at an informal gathering. THEY FILL THE AIR WITH MUSIC MUSIC GROUP and INSTRUCTORS UNDER THE DIRECTION of Mr. John Key and Miss Shirley Nute, members ofthe Sophomore Girls' Glee and Chorus, Lyric Club, Men's Glee, Choralettes, and Mixed Chorus train for the time when they can quality for the A Cappella Choir. The A Cappella Choir represented Glendale High in the Spring,Fes- tival at Glendale College and at Disneyland. In late March they were featured on the Television pro- gram "Spotlight for Youth." All the music groups presented the Christmas program and Music Festival at Glendale High. The after-school club, the "Cres- cendos," participated at civic club meetings in Glen- dale. I " 1 i -v a 4 ' ' - ' 6 .K I D . A S. Q, 8 is -I r . I ' L Q -Y 1 . is Q , v C Q xb ,Q is 'V Vi, tg , . 9 . I 0 M. A J 5 T , as C , a S. i 15 S3 1 ' 'H ' , , - 1' I , C, .4 V: I V if , I , f ' 'Q' I 2 U V , 1 . I SOPHOMORE GIRLS' GLEE members include, Row I: Billie Herndon, Frieda Ahira, Connie Collins, Anne Clark, Nancy Smith, Nadine Lindstedt, Linda Baker, Jackie Laughery. Row Q: Nancy Jaissle, Joan McNamara, Lana Ellerman, Donna Baldwin, Judi Jackson, Nikki Gibson, Esther r Davies, Myrna Elwell, Sherry Calhoun, Susan Roberts, Marcia Newell, l . . . - -, Carol Campbell, Susan Erdos. Row 3: Susan Gunn, Elaine Austin, Diana ,O'DonneIl, Patti Smith, Cheryl Croxall, Elaine Stewart, Dixie Swinley, -Cheryl Army, Eddie King, Sandee Sampson, Sandy Matson, Lynda Redd, ',Ellona Kurtis. ' . - ' V gi x 1 :il Ci X! x S- I . I N ,ix y , It --it Q! 1 1 X' . ' - V i' I ' xi X? J NJX1.!?lXfQ,,T 2 Y, 'Ql or 12, , L N ,P ,ft X, Xl, ,i V ,X A. ,J -K . if . via ' sw Y fc gig KW NJ 'fl xii Sy Tk 'f X' W, W Xi' V .1 C fit xi X l s 'Q ' 9 cz .b xg N xx , K , 1 , X 5 .XA K J I l vi , , yt -Z V A x, 46 M if . 'tt V if L? NJ J U .Y . Q . ' ff L9 HJ " 'r J an . -fs! , . 1 'W 1 ' , Sig A J it .Q is it ff- gs 3 fix- fi 5 S 3' - ' ' li ' ' i J J X " ' 'I , i- . "' f J ' N' '- JJatij',bYJC5sJJX'QJt -TMWQJJ-YSQJCJYYSX 1' fm it ,sm -F pw-I gb i ,f '- i A 5 , .fy . V7 G' 'ir vs 3 2 " 1' ' 9 , 'Ss :: ,, W' f- i-. . X 35 , SOPHOMORE GIRLS CHORUS, instructed by Mr. John Key, are, Row I: Sondra Evans, Mary Sherwood, Corrine Ninolaus, Juliana Zegaria, Carol Campbell, Lowinger, Julie Anderson, Terii Sasaki. Row 2: Claudia Boker, Judy Hanover, Patricia Pierne. Darleene Wilson, Sharon Crump, Diane White, Sheila Pyles. Row 3: Sharon 4-5 IQRACTICING for the Christmas program are members ofthe Men's Glee Club. Steve Stone, Ron Novodoczky, Leon Eddy, Ernie Ouellette. Row 3: Roger Row lg Bill Horton, Doug Hall, Jim Baker, Leonard Gilbert, Phil Carr, Larry Yowell, Wilson Springer, Mike Auer, John Euson, Grey Partridge, Mike Milland, lee. Row 21 Tom Cass, Jay Cox, Don Novodoczky, Jim Jeffers, Gary Yokel, Chuck Wise, Bill Frances. IN ONE OF THE UNUSUAL MUSIC GROUPS, liarmony class, Henry Oliyarez, Sally Munger, Virginia Poole, June Lindsfodl, Mike Pierce, Carolyn Baker, Jann Redman, Sandy Dunn arrange their own music Under the insrrucrion of Miss Slwirley Nute. MUSIC HERE LYRIC CLUB includes, Raw I: Karen Mulleman, Anne Glenn, Grace Richards, Lindberg. Row 3: Sue Williams, Susan Marino, Karen Byson, Michael Bradley Toni Reindl, Darlene Coleman, Marie Elardo. Row 2: Teddy Price, Sally Snyder, Linda Feldman, Marianne Troxal, Annelfe Kelly, Lynette Lee, Floe Boykin Barbara Siine, Martha Larlwrope, Jennie Skeele, Dorelle Turner, Kathleen Marlene Curtis. CONTINUED ,,, .Q "" 'M' I 'E . R5ii3i'i4"W Lvwf, A ff' 'T?fi53'..J il I .mmf - ,..,L.:.u,., , ,4,.J.,,m.,,., , ,, A .E ., ,. ,,..M,-,m4:x f.'m-.z I AND EVERYWHERE , MEMBERS OF THE CRESCENDOS are, Row l: Cindy Green, Jettie Cochron, Sandy Baldwin, June Lindstedt, Bette Broom, Patti Bailey, Jean Wolfe. Row 2: Jim Rich- ards, Carol Mason, Vickie Baughman, Darlene Coleman, Toni Oseland, Phylis Key, Donna Pfleuger, Judy Hanover Sue Wegerer, Ernie Ouelette. Row 3: Gary Yowell Lencird Backus, Paul Weaver, Phil Carr, Jim Marvin Bruce Daniels, and Loren Filbeck. GLORIA FORMAN accompanies the Choralettes which includes, Row 1: Jettie zer, Carolyn Chiles, Lynnda Anne Mulder, Row 3: Shirley Peterson, Charlotte C0l1f0fl. Toni OS6l0f"Cl. 5l10V0f" Ob'-1Cl'10f1, l-GYHS Wells, Phyllis KEY, Cindy Cheslsey, Kathy Campbell, Elizabeth Valenzuela, Sally Beach, Judie Hos- Green, Jean Wolfe. Row 2: Miss Shirley Nute llnstructorl, Linda Grubb, terrier, Diane Skelly, Ann Pollock, Pauline McAlister. Sue Pierner, Patti Jean Bailey, Bbrbara Proctor, Helen English, Penny Mooleny- l i A-. 4 4 - MIXED CHORUS members presented in the Spring Festival are, Row I: Pat Goldthwaite, Diana Wall, Lulu Neilson, Dorothy Smith, Jane Adams, Dona Diner, Pat Whiting, Lois Buckley, Kathy Horton, Jo Anne La Mantia, Janie Fisher, Pat Prata, Anna Mae Wheelbarger, Mary Kerns, Judy Carlson, Sharon Rowe, Row 2: Cecelia Freeman, Mary Berghuis, Linda Drusen, Mary Ann Newman, Pat Burger, Charlotte Geboe, Judy Schmidt, MIXED CHORUS Linda Horrocks, Lynn Stewart, Joyce Mothershed, Bonnie Hansen, Shirley Staoler, Penny Basore, Pat Johnson Row 3: Traverse Roscoe, Sheila McFadden, Carol Barnes, Ron Fioravanti, Dean Zabriske, Mike Millard, Bert Smith, George Long, Mike Mohill, Bruce Daniels, Donna Morgan, Sharon Baker, Myrna Nielson, Vicky Swanson. Accompanist is Robin Jackson. SINGS IN MUSIC FESTIVAL "SONGS AS AMERICA HEARS AND SINGS THEM" WGS presented by members of all choral groups for the en- ioyment of students, families and friends in the commu- nity. At this music festival three main types of music interpreting the way America sings were presented. They included church music of all faiths, semi-classical, folk, and spiritual, and scores from Music Man and Gigi. The orchestra under the direction of Mr. Eldred Balzer ac- companied the groups. SOLOISTS FOR CHORAL PRESENTATIONS are Virginia Poole, Jeanette McArthur, Joynee Paul, Mike Pierce, Virginia Wiley, Joanne Ferona, Kaye Stromberg, Pattie Bailey. Seated at the piano are Sally Munger and Gloria Forman, accompanists. Eff' Egififfifif A , W . M .xi - J! 1 gf six, NH' K fn , d xi' 4 w . I f 8 .M--P X , A i u 4 ,' a 'refs .6 f QT 1353 L v vvv vw 9 f'v,'b" 4v 4 N 1 -1'Q'.v 4. 15 'f -nb.,v,,e4 3 .5 "VJ, wig Jgyv 1, fy fe.. Y 1 l ,HH K' 1 MEMBERS OF THE GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL SYMPHONIC BAND under the direction of Mr, Eldred Balzer are: Walter Theurer, Don Ward, Judy Hanover, Ron Eastman, Carol Hummel, Tom Tucker, Marilyn Gilleran, Steve Straub, Sandra Henderson, Carol Payne, John Tidmarsh, Jim Mock, John Short, Joan Meade, Ed Appelgate, Roland Kirstein, Lee Wilkins, Honey Gecse, Kay Vierreg, John Dooley, Roland Kirstein, Gary Petro, Bill Phillips, Dick Fliedner, Allan Trotter, Robert Masterson, Marilyn Baker, Dwain Burt, Jim Webb, Don Treptow, Bernie Camp, John Glaser, Leonard Backus, Dick Eastburn, Sam Clement, Jerry Smith, Bob Stratton, Steve Dringenberg, Tom Tupper, Susan Linder, Chandler GLENDALE BA D Phillips, Bob Serin, Terry Tomlinson, Jim Frushour, Tom Clark, Milo Delgado, Bob Denton, Bob Lockwood, Ken Keeler, Tom Johnson, Charles Benefiel, Art Duncan, Pot Colegrove, Bob Manuel, Ralph Pollock, Ray Carlson, Bruce Hill, Bernard Resler, Tim Stahl, Carol Haley, John Cope, Charles Bonza, Jim Linnemeyer, Bob Rae, Don Foley, Frank Straight, Jim Kilgore, Blake Smith, Carol Messmer, Sharon Ward, Karen Jackson, Susan Schroeder, Diane Tomlinson, Beverly Lauridsen, Deanna Nichols, Carolyn Nelson, Gary Hickling, Ruth Watson, Kathy Culver, John Smith, and Karol Lastovica. 'S MR. ELDRED BALZER directs the band in rehearsal. MEMBERS OF THE GLENDALE BAND play for half-time at football game-s, MEMBERS OF THE GLENDALE HIGH SYMPHONETTES are: Charlene Haas, con- certmaster, Gary Manulkin, Charles Beatty, Deborah Zeller, Elaine Buck, Dave Clauson, Steve Hickling, Leigh Schroyer, Ben Sliger, Mary Salyer, Dale Mesec, Craig Norwood, Tom Faust, Barbara Louridsen, Phil Thomas, Sylvia Riach, Sue Schroeder, Diane Tomlinson, Beverly Lauridsen, Deanna Nichols, Carolyn Nelson, Karen Jackson, Gary Hickling, Ruth Watson, Kathy Culver, John mi' X .... ,,..-all K can-ai cw ..c,s.,,....v- g ,,,,,......-F . if-Q Smith, Karol Lastovica, Karin Davis, Walt Theurer, Don Ward, Honey Gecse, Kay Vierreg, Ron Eastman, Carol Hummel, Steve Straub, Carol Payne, Sandra Henderson, Joan Mead, Gary Petro, John Glaser, Dick Fliedner, Don Treptow, Dick Eastburn, Leonard Backus, Susan Linder, Art Duncan, Tom Clark, Milo Delgado, John Cope, Irene Sparks, Steve Fitch, Jack Crawford, Carol Messrner. GLE DALE S YMPHO PROVIDES A CLASSICAL TOUCH MUSIC! MUSIC! The Symphonettes provide Glendale High with a classical touch. Under the direction ot Mr. Eldred Balzer they played forthe choral groups in the Music Festival. Later in the spring they presented their own concert featuring semi-classical music. REHEARSING FOR MUSIC FESTIVAL are Debbie Zeller, Elaine Buck and Steve Hickling. GOING OVER VIOLIN SELECTIONS in the music to be played at the Music Festival are Charlene Haas and Mr. Eldred Balzer. "THE EXPLOSIO " 'S 9 if V gg, -in Q1... --L..-, ADVISOR, Mr. Larry Weishart, goes over copy for page one. PAGE EDITORS, Bob Rector, Carolyn Ahlers, Judy Farrell, and Kathy McFarland, compare layouts forthe next edition. THE FINAL COPY of an Explosion is prepared by first semester staff, Judy Farrell, Kathy Mc- Farland, Carolyn Ahlers, Myrna Nelson, Ca- mille Adile, Bob Rector, Roy Schmidt, Dick Kreck, Mark Lerner, and George Nicolette, 'ic A CONFERENCE ON DEADLINE DAY is held by second semester staff members: Camille Adile, Myrna Nelson, luurw Dunsrnoor, Carl Lavvshend, Dick Kreck, Roy Schmidt, Kathy McFarland, Judy Farrell, Catlm- Cm", Sharon Bayless, Carolyn Ahlers, Sue Greenleaf, Connie Cooper, .lon Houpt, Bob Rector, Mark lvinnr l A DEDICATED FEW KEEP GLENDALE INFORMED ONE OF THE PRINTERS of the Explosion, the copies as they roll off the press. u ""-sf-V r W ,J MQ' .11 Y ,s I NEWS EDITOR, Dick Kreck, asks the advice of Roy Schmidt fi'st semester gdrtor- PROOF-READING a special Explosion issue is Mr. Ed Harrington, print structor. 46. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Penne Freebairn goes over copy for the final deadline. "THE STYL US D --rr THE YEAR IN REVIEW "WHO AM I GOING TO GET To Type This?" was a Ta- miliar cry around room 311 during Third period sessions of the Stylus Staff. First There were layouts To be dreamed up and dummies to be made, Then pictures To be taken and identified, and finally The frantic scramble To meet deadlines. After everything was Turned in To The pub- lishers There was a steady stream of proofs To be pa- tiently corrected. 1 MR. WILLIAM GRAHAM, faculty advisor for Stylus. The original staff was Tar Too small To cope with The problems of assembling a yearbook, so secretaries were borrowed from other classes to help with Typing and indexing. The whole staff put in many hours of over- time after school and on weekends. Several people not actually on The staff, such as Bob Rector, Laurie Daniell and Susan Johnson, came in on Their own Time To help write copy and check names. Carole Spelgatti and Don Smith worked on The sTaTT first semester and with a few new additions second semester, The Stylus was completed at last. "DOES THIS PICTURE FIT?" Andrea Hasler, assistant editor, and Mary Wynhausen, art editor ask Jack Esterly, photo editor, COMPARING NOTES on picture techniques are Bill Thomas, Jerry Thomas, Class, who took pride in the fact that the entire photographic iob, with Bill Wvyman, Ed Dodds, Ken Stilts, Byron Melendy, John Morgan, Ralph the exception of senior portraits and the music groups, was their stu- Swartz, Victor Shaw and Phil Rhoron from The advanced photography dent proiect. 6 O--Q "THAT COULDN'T BE ME," rernnrks Lynne Gordon, organizations, 'o Kathie Yeclcley, faculty section. SECRETARIES from Mr. Homer Livermore's typing closs, Michele Bottliuf, Biitluiru Riccord, Hedy Hunscilxer, Clmrlene Grier, Jeanne Coodnll, Eddie Lee, compile the student index. JOURNALISM ART PHOTOGRAPHY A COMBINATION OF TALENTS CHECKING OVER BLUEPRINTS, Joy West, boys' SpOr15, ond Charlotte Mauro, girls sports, correct on error on one of their pages. GOING OVER STUDENT INDEX ore Stczffers Judie Fox, octivities, Bill Willis, "Boy Friday", Brenda Robicheoux, Secretory, ond Morcio Kolde, activities section. RE ER VE O FICERS TRAINING CORP l"'l! 3 v'-'v 1 L x -Q-'.-h-V K ? 0 , J P- y . J' PREPAREDNESS AND SERVICE '! ..f..-if s- X -Q. .fy fri D 9 4 af" SERGEANT GEORGE LEE and Cadet Master Sergeant John Morgan inspect weapon of Cadet S.F.C, Jones. This is one of many inspections held in the second platoon of Alpha Company. Sergeant Lee is checking the preparation for the Federal Inspection held in spring. TO PREPARE YOUNG MEN, not only for the mili- tary liie that might lie ahead, lout also tor the civilian lite they must lead, Glendale High Schools l2.0.T.C, demonstrated efficiency by winning many ditterent awards. The local R.O.T.C. unit, under the supervision of Sergeant George Lee, otters classes ranging from tirst aid to atomic warfare which is open to all boys. After graduation from high school, a third year R.O.T.C, member can receive credit tor one year of college R.O.T.C. which will help on entering any military service--Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force. x MAJOR HENRY JORDAN. Professor Of SERGEANT GEORGE LEE, Assistant Pro Military Science and Tactics. fessor of Military Science and Tactics. Q F? 'I is if READY, AIM, FIRE! ROTC RTIIP Tonm includes: Barry Price, Jim Kielley, Ron Jones, Arne Bruflnt 'V' m A' I' M '- f Lf- -er ' 'I I- I . I I ' .I I- - Aja, Ill., 7' I 1' " n I I- I HSE , THE TWENTY MEMBER DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS, is commanded by Sgt. Fws' Class flvnndklr Plnllips, '- I I 1 A ' .. J 'I 4 ' III I ' ff- i . 'w I 1 I In fr ' IQ ,.,1u'1 f,:,Jl1g,r-'fu I -vsp THE DRILL TEAM, commcsnded by Lieutenant Cooper, Ixos entered several THE FIRING SQUAD, Row I: George Goodman, George Seck, Lee Hoeynfk, Mlguel Alvurdo, Tom Suvm, Flow T Bmyon Borrs, Chandler Philnps, wnifh , , l il. H 0' N G V.- .-5 0. ln.. "' .15,','vr. 'ff- , 1 ,D am ,L TR?-I If W 1, po r mdes ind Cornpemions. serves ms nn Honor Cunrd and us Ind Ivy Iuewwnfuni Iovn Sufor, stands grimly waiting orders. 0-'tau -vu me ' A. fav ' new "' WF- is Q-M4 ' . I ' ""'w'-F"rz'f"w . 1... ,,, K l r - -,nv ' - M .H-'s1',, .,--. 1 I gh " H' ' H '- I wifi X. in-5' L-f Y , ,HL 4 :?9'i's, THE ROTC HONORARY OFFICERS are Pam Thompson, Carolyn Hoop, and Pam Raphael. IN THE ROTC CLASSROOM Garry Watson and John Morgan are studying map and aerial photo reading, 4. Q. rj , 16 GREETING THE CADETS as they rirrrye at the Militar Ball are Lieutenant MAJOR JORDAN lectures on com an defensive firin plans. Y F7 Y Q F Colom-l John Streetmaker and Rita Swartz, vffce rl ,ygrx A W 'A -' ' , ,A .y kkv. ,, D K , , lf figws' '1411,f5'A:d ,,, ZA' - A , I rfwfiiziaw- -' fss :askin . fajilk I ,Q Qs- SAF , 1' ,ax C-. ff -f , M 'I fi ' A 'Vaal , I , we fr-fr.:--sf.-'rw -f -f' hx :1 " F 'ZJ5433' Iff',',eLQ .f.1iff'i-1 . ia?-f -+' W " ' 'K ' 'W it A xx ' """"i I - Wx I . I . 1. su I 5 f I nv IQ 4, 1 l l ' HOLDING A BOARD MEETING are ROTC officers Lt. David Cooper, Lt. maker, Capt. Bill Hughes, Capt. Allen Boehmer, Lt, Red Bowman, Lt Leon Eddy, Lt. Henry Alvarez, Capt. Forrest Cassidy, Lt. Col. John Street- Bruce Rice, Officer Capt. Stan Rouse is not pictured, -rw-an a-war nun." 5 . - r COMPANY A OFFICERS ond rnen include, Row lf Rick Johnson, Roy Brombreclc Rick Kelsey, Jerry Oates, John Euson, LI, Col, John Srreetmnker, Mrmror Bill Chorlcs Bvntly, John Morgrnn, Jerry Christian, Ben Sligcr, Copr, Allen Boehrner, Hughes. Row 3: Jam Webb, Dove Smith, Chris Golf, Korl Outh, Tony MC Lmin, Row 2: LT. Henry Alvarez, LT. Bruce Rice, Phrl Kolb, Bob De Moss, Jerry Bowmon, Phil Corr. - 6 , 95 -on . ., K '- -f ,' .N W .C fwf"'1'f'T.4.... -4- , W., - ,Q - -1. -W . I '-WL . - ,.-.x Nj- COMPANY B OFFICERS ond men Include, Row lz Lee Hoeynrck, Ron LeRoy Jerry Swanson, George Bnryovv, Drck Corbrn, Cory Clnzier, John Bernhogn Cory Wurson, Cn,n, Forrest Cossrdy. Row 2: Sud Metzger, Larry Drusen, Londell Bowman, lf, Torn Surer, Snrn Snlrsbury, Dove Fuson, Roy Berkon, ifr- Dorryl Morris, Dunne Westerrnerer, Gary Knogenhelm, John Welsbocker, Steve Hrcklin, Fred Rosenberg, LT. Leon Eddy, Eddy Eichler, Don Smith. Row 3: George Goodman, Hlguel Alborodo, Frank Cobb, Brll Brssell, Jerry Christian, John Bohr, George Sreck. .Q 'lf 'x RFQ SCHOOL IS NOT ALL img To mix WMM Omer mufurc sociuliy, TO ' their cmoiiorws vvcxyf, Us Elf: BVOUQIMTOIT of udmv s 'BR -'na g.. 1- ""i fl, If Q CHAOS BREAKS LOOSE as senior girls are named winners of include: Sandy Murphy, Jocey Delrnonte, Julie Bradlord, Emily spirit competition at the annual Girls' Stunt Show. Elated seniors Hallen, Jecmelle MGCA"l1Ur, POT DOfT1iI'1iCl4 Gnd Beth Ann Penny- CHUiLSV.S7YlDWT SUQCTW7 '58 FROLICS INTRODUCES SOPHOMORES TO TRADITION AND SPIRIT THE SENIORS, who had never previously placed in the STunT Show, Triumphed this year as They won boTh The SpiriT and Stunt in Their last, buf very successful Try. Formerly, The sophomores, iuniors, and seniors each presenTed one group act, but' in the '58 Frolics, five individual acts represented each class and were rated loy impartial judges. The seniors amassed The mosT points and emerged vicTorious. SETTING THE CLOCK back Thirty years is sophomore Leah Fulton. ' s 5 J fa- r n v. ,qs Q ft , . x C ' ' - .., H ' ONE STUNT WHICH contributed largely to The senior class victory is "Nothing Like A Dame," portrayed by: Linda I-Iendershot, Beverly Olen, Carolyn Copeland, Judy Flegal, Pot Prata, and Connie Cooper, "WASHING THAT MAN right out of their hair" are the iunior class stuntersg Carole Langstaff, Mary Lou Junod, Susy White, Linda Winfrey, Carol Schroeder, Mary MacMahon, Deanne Mistretta, Linda Hessick, Nancy Hooper, Janie Parkhouse, Jill Parker. 6' 2: 1. VFX, J: , A I pf I Q ' v' 3 + .rr .L , .uf sire ,ff QaT f'IkfL5e" 1' 5- ,W 'i ' Q, Aff YK5 41 I Q li L L D THEY LISTEN THEY CHEER THEY WAIT THEY WIN A P ORAMA O EMOTIONS B IS S TRIUMPH in the Speech division came to the iunior class through the efforts of Janis Goodemoot who explained why "We Shall Not Fail." 9, WEEKS OF PATIENT PREPARATION are climaxed in the Oratorical, held at Glendale annually for over titty years. Dressed in white shirts or blouses, the student body sits in absolute silence with hands on knees, bodies erect, and heads straight forward, not moving a muscle tor tear ot losing points in the judging of their class. The three divisions in the Oratorical: Spirit, Speech, and Tableau, are iudged by invited guests. The Spirit division gives each class a chance to act as a unit as they are led in song and cheer exhibitions by their class yell and song leaders. One stu-. dent from each class then presents a serious speech, after which the auditorium is darkened for the Taloleau, a pictorial scene depicting the previous speech, At this time the iudges go into conference, and when their decision has been made and an- nounced, there are tears ot happiness and sadness, both ot which make the Oratorical such a memorable event at Glendale l-ligh. Diane McBain in the above sequence, represents the variety of emotions displayed at the Oratorical. ., ' fri Q,-rJ"fg .,L., V .gm -. - 3 -. 5 x fx. ,. . , "WHY WAR?" inquired Joel Miller, senior sp aker, while Cale Sanders, sophomore speaker discussed ' The Rock of Strength." W M ,Zu fy64'l i 22427 , f M' M Q4 ' ' up REPRESENTING thvir rospcrtiyr' Classes in the Spirit division wmv, front row: Mary Both Hrimnl, Scmdy Murphy, rind Pfwliiw Mittoii, Bork row: Stove Stoner, Clriy Crowley, cmd Ron MCVC-y. SPEECHES, SPIRIT AND TABLEAUS MARK THE FIFTY-FIRST ORA TORI CAL THE SOPHOMORE TABLEAU, 'Tho Rock of Stir-ngth," roproswrtted iustife-, free- THE WINNING SENIOR TABLEAU, "Why Weir?" depicted rm orphrin loolcirtg dt fi cleric! soldier lifmqirig over ci bdrlfned wirf' fftnrrx Thrfn GS the lights dimmed, n white ques- tion itidtle br-friiiw visiluli- iii thi! sky, chriiiging to ci glowing red with ci silhouette of the soldier ond ci fence ogriinst it, dom, hope, arid ci soldier, who depicted thosv who fight lor our Country. IN "WE SHALL NOT FAIL," tho iutwior tcihlivnu, tho thine wiso men, l fxbicihrim lincoln, find ri morli-in qviwicition rouplr- fill Uno the stfir tis thoii' Qiuirlif for 'lift lo'uii'. 3 1 M. , v:T ,M,. -, 4 f 3 'P ,NM K - 1 5 M if . G- 2 ii, as fn ,H x 'F 1 when , wt X i . ' x . V - 4 ' I U 1 Eb I, if A 'KH Q 5 5 ix Y Q Q Q f Yi P41 W, Fifi 4 5 , iiflfg, , ' Q i A, Q- L A 1 ,L 1 . 1' f , 5 s 152- ,', -4?"'i' 3.1 . 1 1 w 4 ---r-4. 9 Il - 'fm N? , 'ia' AN A Ww .h M, .N .:,'. .' v, ff- My Q. ..,. an---it NN W QQ f 3. 936 is Q 9 va-Y 11 is ' ..,m.... --' .W-... ,,...., no-... f w- .ln-.., . U .., Q- .n....... ..nn....-.U '- ,nn-n-...........: .. ,-vu. .man nn... ' U. N.. ... U..-nn +::-mtg' 'N , ... ny. "L Q :Quinn ' hu... N-N... ..... .tv mn.. .Mu L... . .. ,... . ..... ,,,, .... mx. L' 351::"' I-.M .. n , . ' K9"YYf1f9::E::EE21E2 1 - ...ZZ . ...... .'::........:.:.- ,gg ' 'tim 3 S 5 Q K 144 Q V M ,W if-I -.-Jtzy, . 'Q . 'f 'f:'f:.-2- - '3??'...ff .t' fix. 4, Af , ov.-0 ' 4 .xQ'1 Y . . '. . Z N it ' , . 4 I T 0' 7 x .1 . , Q 'Z .. . . , . . 'z ll .2 ". I I ' ir' , x 3 ,H 5 . .:.:. . 4 .' , 4 ..a ' ,, ff f I 1 , 4 - -, ,X A' A A Q . -laws dish 5 .3 ' 'Wi tx nil, Mp :gig ' 413-yiixiixigfmyzw, , ' in - ,VJ '1 VXA, V ,,i4, ,g QE. kk V ,. ., izaV jAAf5,Wf, I V - 141 g-fiw - ' Y ' ,, , V' ,335 4 f 'Nt Ve. . R' xwf 4 WHY? cAf 3 u. Q 'I .. .I f lv THESE CHARMING SOPHOMORE GIRLS reigned over The Shirley McDermoTTg Timi Clark, Nancy Clirisope, queen Cotton n Cord. Standing are Wendy Wacker and Diane Whitaker, Barbara Clauson and Bonnie Bias. COTTON 'N' CORD COUPLES DON MATCHING OUTFITS SONG OF THE SOUTH, Theme of The CoTTon 'n Cord, was carried ouT in True southern sTyle by The Sophomore Class. DepicTeal in The decorae tions were replicas of The "Old SouTh". Couples adorned in mafching ouTfiTs danced To The music of Jimmy Whifmore and his musicians, Refresh- menTs were sold aT a souThern colonial mansion. UNDER A CANOPY OF MULTI-COLORED li streamers, couples danced To The music K of Jimmy Whitmore and combo. SK Iwmcor' ,IF 'X Ur u I-Io "SECRET LOVE," Theme of The Backward Dance, was reigned over by King Bob Hensler and his couri, lstandingl Robin Paulsen, Barry Boftrell, Tim Bice, Milo Delgado, lkneelingl Nelson Rising, Bill Jericks. BACK WARD DAN E FOOTING THE BILL and making corsages are Traditional when girls pick Their dates for The annual Backwards Dance. Hosfs and decoraTors for The evening were TirsT sernesTer's CabineT and The Girls' League Board, Music was pro- vided by Bob Florence and his.l2hyThrn- airs. THE CROWNING COMPLETED, The Couri and their escorts appear in their regal affire, lsiand- inql Carolyn Hoop, Barry BoTTrelI, Linda Hoy, Nelson Rising, Kaihy Waiers, Girls' League President, Bob Hensler, Par Dominiack, Bill Jencks, Lynn Davis, Tim Bice, Brenda Robi- cliaux. lSeaTedl Robin Paulsen, Pauline MiTTon, Kalera Morgan, Milo Delgado. F sv zwmqof' Qlobm W Q 1 -- 'R - ,Q T 'Q X H, K. , mx w Q 1 'ivy' U .iiefx 9 . ' r - ' 'rx Rjgaf kk I 1 . ix qs, . . ks" . X . K JA X' I , an ' 4 li x ff 0 s , ' 4' 4:--M - V -1-ll-nanny wa..--Q 3 'N 5 .a.' V 1 N MJ, K F 39 S , E1 4 ff 31 1 Q- 3- ' f sf ,J ,-,, , 1 .-- , . 4. ZZPX ' x ad 155 vu F f '- 'H if 3 , .8 5 JF'-Q Aix if S, IL 15' J lf ji Q 1 te K, W if ,N . Q ln..fe71 '34 JUNIOR CLASS PRESIDENT, Roger THE JUNIOR PROM princesses and their escorts were: Bunny Bunt, Vance Bennett, Nancy Hooper Dalton, crowns Queen, Micky Garrett Wesp, Pauline Mitton, Tim Vezie, Roger Dalton lClass Presidentl, Queen Mickey McClellan McClellan. Bud Anderson, Joanell Jordan, John Crosetti, Janis Godemoot, Joel Miller, Chris Beals, and Jim Stratton. JU IOR PROM LE SOIR A PARIS GLENDALXE couPLEs DANCED to the mu- sic of Al Harding's Band under the starry skies of Paris at the Junior Prom this year. A traditional project of the Junior class, Sponsor Murray Granfs decoration committee, headed by Carol Wynhausen, transformed the Green Room into a French scene complete with the Eiffel Tower. Other iuniors working on prom preparations were: Lynn Hoff- man, Queen committee, Bob Ruffner, Publicity, Jim Stratton, Tickets, and Ron Fruivanti, Refreshments. REIGNING over the Junior Prom were: Bunny Bunt, Nancy Hooper, Pauline Mitton, Queen Mickey Mc- Clellan, Joanell Jordan, Janis Goodemooot, and Chris Beals. The entire student body selected the queen from the princesses elected by the junior class. x if? YJ if Princess Sharon The year, The Sen campus for The seco Affair To Remember," Th The class, was held aT The Les Brown and his Band of THE LAST AND nd e nished The music and enTerTa evening. Using Their imaginaTion in planning and organizing The pro Ruffin Ring, queen commitfeeg Cindy publiciTy, PciT GoldThwaiTe, TickeTs, Sal Di Marco, enTerTainmenT, Linda Hoy, picTures, Carolyn Ahlers, decoraTion, Mary Dawson, who was in charge of selecTing The locofion. Princess Gcebie Alisch Queen Judy Scribner if-Q f " ' N f my U E .f ' I 5 t "till, I x U L1 X we , ,I 1 JJ I 4 4 i ' + l T L O 1. . ag J . E33 48 - 1 x S .Og gl i 'n ' I' ' 5' X, 1 , 4 ,. F b ' 5 4 1 .m 'U 5 A-x " I .A 11 L 5.55 1. ,- L, 1 Ll 1 ,- 'Y H, . Q fl , 3, kv-43, fe yn L1 5,41 wg 4 W.Q ,.m5 lH..1gx" 5 1 -as -.-D..-- . ,v L , f 3' . J, . " - 'Yum , . ' ,iff if fg if L '11 M x, ff"1s.: " , Wii '- , ff:- :Q ir, 5 if .- 4 gg- mf Y ' 775 gi g ,,. ' 32 ? ' 1 ffsml ' ,, 215, X ia. it f .ff if, ,geo .1 ! 1, ,., ..w-- A -, , 'M- ,- .,, . W A x rd,,?,,, ,.,., H, Q -ww: 'Y 'f y,,, ' 'Ala 1 'f W 2 f . ,',, M V, 'Vi A U' li - 'Z A Q 4. Y ' "44-6-s-1g.,'.:53- gb Q f . 7 fi 4 f ' ,, ' Q wa 4 ff' A M... V ... E is 9- 4 .' 'Q V. ' ' J, s Q 4 Q. ,vi i ff J 'L ' E TRHNPLE :mmm TRI'-IFPLEA . XIDWHDUS Q ii PA sentiment concerning the Glendale-Hoover game T NICHOLS and Carol Wynhausen reveal their rivalry, TYPICAL BERMUDA DAY ATTIRE is mod- eled here by Susie Meckfessel, Janice Little, Shirley McDermott, and Judy Delmonte. 1 V " - Av A GLENDALE TRADITION HONORING SUCH SPECIAL EVENTS as the first home football game and the traditional rival game against Hoover is Bermuda Day on which students and the braver faculty members don berm udas. This change in routine heightens the ex- citement and anticipation of the coming game and breaks the mo- notony of conventional dress. v- - 7.1 ,...,v,,+uh-- H-- ---.........,., ,Of A --"""' ai CAREER DA Y PREVIEW OF POSSIBLE OCCUPATIONS EACH YEAR a Career Day is held to help those undecided on their ca- reer. Students sign up to hear a speaker talk on the field of his choice, A variety of fields including animal husbandry, fire fighting, real estate, truck driving, archaeology, along with the more popular iobs such as teaching, modeling, engi- neering, business opportunities and hospital vvork, are open to all stu- dents, The speakers explain the ad- vantages, disadvantages, possibili- ties and merits of their own iobs. POSTING A NOTICE of Career Day are Miss Ruth Starr, Joel Miller, and Mrs. Dorothy Jack- son, who were responsible for planning ahd publicizing the event. JUNIOR CIVITANS PROMOTE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT PACKAGES LADEN WITH FOOD ond destined tor hungry fomiles were filled by homeroorns in o proiect sponsored by the Civitans and Civinettes. Working with them in the sec1son's spirit were the Student Body Cabinet, who dec- orated the tree, ond the Key Club, who distributed the packages. PEEKING INTO A BOX OF CHRISTMAS FOOD ore: John Whitney, Lynn Davis, and Nelson Rising, who headed the proiect for Civitons and Civinettes. CLASSES UNDERTAKE FUND RAISING PROJECTS "BUY A MAGAZINE" is the plea made by Roger Dolton, iunior class president, and Jill Parker, class treasurer, who ore striving to surpass the Pacific Coast record won by the Class of '59 last year. 3 1 CHRISTMAS BOXES are sorted and counted by Peter Rusch and Cheryl Johnson. CLASS PINS, something new to Glendale High, were sold to students by the Senior Class. The pins were gold plated and had the initials "GHS" ond the date the cldss graduated. Chuck Rea and Reva Johnson, co-chairmen, were nssisted by the senior class advisor, Dudley Graham, Cindy Rcidner, and Mrs. Alrno Hall. 1-A nw if I Q 6 ,N was W w 5 . Q . m Mm' 1 f 22. Q 1 X X, , ,X- ,. ,A I A -,tip L Q: .bias gk 3. 5 . V498 -e X ff. ,L - K ' , ki 'Xi . 1 Y ' , ' f mg ,Sv l , A-will -Qu Q x f ' 5 N, I 'i -v Wu. gunna! .f NU' 0 bm Nu All' Q H f 5 f in S Q , I, -...Q 95 -' 1 PN! Q X.. -4, 4 A- X :A 'L . ffm . Wi 'Y n , f.- x '31 - , 3 5, sf I W' 7' ' -Q E Q -x , A, , I I 'I P r '.' 1. Y 'ry "1 ' . ,b , '.: H Y ill, ,JM ,gi 'X . . 4 , 1. i2 3 -X., 3 Q T u H at .- ..1p. 4' 1 ew . f M ' eiffiw ' fi Sx ,fb 'xx'4g,xf,l' Jig' I R. 9 45 . x 'I' 1 -NC : ,infix n 'I 1' 4 'l.'x 5 , .- 513 Q sf.-Q 1' 3 ' . Ts -yu ,. , sf ,L ' as '+- , 'ii' Aw ,Q -,,,o' ,MS if . it 'Ao L., , . PRINTER'S APPRENTICE, Torn Zack, helps publish The BOWLING NEWS. THEIR SKILLS ARE VARIED, BUT THEY LEARN TO APPLY THEM PERHAPS THE MOST VALUABLE TRAINING Tor The TuTure is To be lounrl in The parT Time employmem' which many sTu- clenTs seek, Some ol Them work as apprenTices in occupa- Tions They wish To evenTually pursue Tull Time, while oThers are working as clerks, messengers, gas sTaTion aTTendanTs, anfl oTher 'obs -,imply To earn some exTra money and work- ing experience, Many of Them Tlnd Tascinanng and unusual iobs such as Gary VVaTson, below, who is operaTing a bis- cun cufler in a bakery. N sv ., S .b- fi . fl., T I X T SKIP WELLS, like many oTher students, has found an opporTuniTy Tor work experience clerking in a grocery store. guy 1-I . in 3-A .- eil M, -a, W A - .ii i .' S X ai . ,,,, ,S , . X 4 , , A 4 sf". , ' lf. '15 f' - ' Vw Yak 5. NURSES AIDES Penny Vargish and Judy Flegal, learn That hospitals even have parTicular ways To make beds. 'RH :g:, , w, H . I X X 5 I ,A - ' ' wx 1 I L if x J A. ' I ' Vw 'Tj 555 1:1 l I 5 ' 1 . Q7 ff!! X 6 Avi i N? L Kx,- E i 4 .5ii1v:f1'L"-meffia-zf.m f -1 if " .ff -Q f Xxx X NX f 4 X if 'lf yn 'Wx ' vis 'A j s 'Q M .3 f 'Wx the "HEY, I WANT TO USE THE PHONE!" exclaims Gary Nelson as he interrupts 'ax 1 as 4.3, - ,l f5,i"iB"' '3 . Y u'fN,, Mir.. :' L . .1 .A I' QI. N, , 'Wbifi - .,,, , , , Ilia' .ni ,.I CLIMBING THE FAMILIAR STEPS of Cooper, and Eric Groscb. -1- tlwe public library are Beverly Lauridson, David i P P 1 552 studies l?l of Diane Jordan, Carol Nelson, and Lee Ann Holden. STUDIES SUDDENLY BECOME IMPORTANT "BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL" is a saying common among students, for the days don't seem long enougli to lit in all the studies tliat must be done. The-ir dens are turned into Worlcsliops vvlwere tliey gatlwer to Work out difficult problems in tlwe company of friends. Witlw college suddenly looming in the not too distant future they begin spending liours in tlie library working on homework assignments and doing re- searclt lor term papers as Pam Hunt and Jack Kirk- patrick in the picture below are doing. Q, 7-1 5 '-.4-- . COLLECTING FUNDS lol tlii- local Canter Drive are Brute Upiiiim imil Tiiii McPl1msort i l BEATING THE DRUM lor 'lm Siilwitiaii Army is Ciommrmdi-r Pollqii-i-rt, lit-iirl of tlu- lilvrtrlalv Salvation flimy vvliilv liis fliiugliti-r liitdrt Pollqiiw-it, ritlllw, llii- litmluoulllws and Es'lu-i Httqirrt protmts lim vars from tliv tuiviolt Dill n-' nun- II? 1-am THEY DEVOTE ENERGY 'V 1-rm. T0 coMMuNlTY E .. , SERVICE cLuss THEY RAPIDLY ASSUME tlteir responsi- bilities to tlteir community and take art active interest in civic functions, Pictured at rigltt am: Cltarlotte Mauro, Slwaron Aiemlalv, Katlti Waters, Judy Reese, Paulina lVlCCallister, Lynne Davis, Wendy VVoodlord, and Charlotte Mcfullouglw, vvlto made Easter tray favors lor tlte Vetvraits' Hospital. J ILQX X E ,Z WV tx f I A M va r nk N J if f ,L . N V J JL lf VW' 4121! ,L v Xx , 9 ' ff! jf' ,sd -ff ' fx' l :J A 1, Hi V Vx, I' 'nl , xg' JA, V -S U . 4 J .1 .1 Y , , 1 Fry' A L L, Qqflf t Ji 'N 71, 1 i 4 V , , J w V VIALALIJ I , AA . , , A .' I J 1, L' f f' . , f' 'f 'J U L1 K. ' g jr L J s .U r V 'ff K r ' Q J ' ' 1 . V X .1 ,V K I yr ,N , ,7 Nl V if I V, wir , JJ VX f .lx L JJ 1: L, I L ee ,X..'-' , ,1 ji iq' OKQHKQZIEUQEI za ageing GLENDALITES ENTHUSIASTICALLY SUP- PORT their rnany clubs and organiza- Tions. Like Sal Di Marco, they joined The Deloafers, Orafors, Thespians, Jr. Sfatesmen To learn To ideas more effecfively They worked in Service To Eng THE SCRIBBLERS, a creative writers' club at Glen- dale High, is the publisher of the Impressions, an anthology which consists of The best works la of Glendale students. They sponsor several writing contests during the year and offer cash prizes for the best work submitted To them. An editorial board edits and selects the winning poems, short stories, and various other material. qi.--' ,i .1 FOR the 5Cribbl9fS' GUCtiOf1 GV9 tivties, the Scribblers sell items ranging trom Bartlett Merry O'Connell, and Lynne records ta Cake. to raise funds for their ace CHARLENE HAASy Judy Lane, Susan Johnson, Sponsor Mrs Olive E-zkerson, and Karen Jackson discuss a humorous story submitted by a student for possible publication. I GLENDALE'S CREATIVE WRITERS 9 I SCRIBBLERS ..1, iw, I N me HOLDING A MEETING to establish club policies Karen Muklman, Chris Johnson, Pauline Massey, Mary Sue Hanaker, Gretchen Maussnest Diane Park, Karen Jackson, Judy Lane, Susan Johnsoi 1 , Willie, Camille Charlene Haas, Mrs. Olive Echersan, Jay Caldwell, Trudy Kroening, Adlle. Standing: Tom Olsen, Merry O'Connell, SuAnn 'e Bartlett, ov L,Q X cle rn I been -is . . 'H J slgsll ' Q , 54.1 b VX 'fun-n""" "WHEEL OF FORTUNE" was The Theme of The Commerce Club ban- qui-2, about which Sanrly Balrlwin and Shirley Boslaugh posT noTice on Thi- bulli-Tin hoard. CO MERCE LU TRAINING FOR BUSINESS MAJORS COMMERCE CLUB MEMBERS are, Row I1 Marilyn Bohn, Carol Schembri, Karen Henderson, Carol Type, Sandy Riggs, Jo Ann Baema, Julie Ander- son, Beverly Campbell, Karwin Goodrich, DoTTie Rhea, De Ann Park, Marilyn WolTlior, lynne Morgan, Clair Crowley, Dona Berman. ROW 2: Barbara Wolle, Marlene Olassman, Juclv Wolfe, Jo Ann Vasbrink, Carolyn Deacon, Karen Deacon, Joe Rodriguez, l.orrain Boyce, Mrs. Wylna Cowles. Row 3: Linda Vaughn, Shirley Hendrickson, Carol LangsTaff, Sylvia RieTvc-ld, Norma Vickers, Asrine Bedrossian, Susan Peinado, Connie A SCRAPBOOK of The years accomplshmenTs is viewed by The officers of The Commerce Club, JoAnn Wilson, Shirley Boslaugh, Lorraine Boyce, Beverly Camp- bell, presidenry and Linda Kirkland. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION was The Topic ol The movies shown To The Commerce Club, and guests were inviTecl from all Types OT businesses To speak To The members. A newspaper was pub- lished by a special comminee wiTh The assisTance ol Mrs, Wylna Cowles, sponsor. l-lighlighr of The year was The commerce ban- queT, "Wheel of ForTune". Pienodo, Arline Boyce, Sharon Kalde, Polly Williams, Karen Otis. Row 4: Penny Forbes Robinson, PaT Shomler, Linda King, Charloite Haas, Linda Kirkland, Jo Ann La ManTa, Sue Cizek, Bonnie McCulloch, Stephenie Davidson, Jo Ann Wilson, Georgean Cowly, Shirley Boslaugh, Rulh EasTrnan, Judy Ress, Delores Perry, Camille Aclile, Miss Janelie Day. Row 5: Par DeJacoma, Diane Hohn, Carol Ver WesT, Yvonne Harvey, Shirley Cronan, Sharon Waren, Debbie Cave, Barbara Arson, Sue Powers. ...- J.. gli I-,mf ' W Xe 'iw we ATTENTIVELY LISTENING to a speaker on state conventions are Sal DiMarco, Sara Carlton, Tarn Fvans, and Gail Bertin. JR. STA TESMEN APPRENTICE POLITICIANS THE DEMOCRATIC WORKINGS ot our government and parliamentary procedure were learned by the members Ol the Junior Statesrnen at the rnany conventions they attended this year, This practice in mock government gives valuable experience to tomorrovifs electors and may enable some to find careers in politics. -ef an PHI SEEKING ADVICE from advisor Mi, Charles Hicks for the coming Stotesrnen con- vvntion are l'iiul Beckett and N incy Allen. ss.-',, JUNIOR STATESMEN are, Row l- Kathy Darcy, John Glaser, linda Sharp- esher, Julie Manderhach Dcn Hartley. Vow 7 Susie Flshree, Gary Manulkin, Christine French, Sue Greenleaf, Kay Lensczr, Fred Rosenberg. CAMPAIGN SPEECHES are presented hy Junior Statesinen officers l-leathe Stokes, President Sal Dll'IAC'iI'CO, and Dave Beckett. ,sl 1 TER -CL UB COUNCIL CO-ORDINATES GROUP ACTIVITIES Vickie ldilihman, Emilio Delgado and Miss Margaret Graham, sponsor. CARLISLE GEORGE receives some words of wisdom from Miss Henrietta Huyssen, sponsor ot the 60 Per Club. of'. nf", AFTER MEETINGS are regular for these Inter-Club Council nlifllbik, Row I: Beverly Campbell, Marilyn Chaffee, Janis Goode- Afhbot, Merry O'Connell. Row 2: Sara Carlton, Gail Seabury, Dawn Churchill, Nancy Taylor. Row 3: Warren Haskins, Joe Muller, Peter Rusch, Judie Bradford, Jill Parker. TO INSURE ORGANIZATION and co-operation be- tween the ditterent clubs at Glendale the presidents of each club torm an Inter Club Council under the leadership ot Julie Bradford, covordinator ot organ- izations, and Miss Margaret Graham, The Inter Club Council also inspects and approves the constitutions ofthe various groups. at ' BQ' V 5 EXAMINING THE TOOLS of their trade are Rona Schumann, Janice Kinnan, Pat Ferguson, and Kittie Johnson. SPEEDY TYPISTS THE HUNT AND PECK system is not for these skilled typists. To ioin the 60 per club, they must race the clock in rigorous time tests: 60 words for ten minutes. ug CHECKING THE SPEAKERS for a football game are Bob Asquith and Jack Crosby. Aa LEE MOLHO AND BILL SPEEDY of the Ham Club set up an aerial forthe football games. Jo... 60 P R CLUB 60 PER TYPIST, Gary Nelson demonstrates his skill as club members: Gail Seaburg, Emma Lou French, Beverly Campbell, Carlisle George, Ann De Rosa, and Karen Stenberg time him. TRANSISTORS, RESISTORS AND WAVE LENGTHS INTEREST THE HAM CL UB THE AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS, sponsored by Mr. Howard Fay, have a chance to develop their skills and get new ideas from fellow operators in Glenclale's Ham Club. 1 f STUDYING THE INTRICATE parts of the radio are Eddie Knox and Lee Molho. K "THE FUTURE MAY BE FOUND IN A TEST TUBE." Science may not be widened through his experiments with science his future career, but Mike Sander finds his scope of knowledge vastly BECKONS THE CURIOUS MIND THIS GEIGER COUNTER proves very interesting to the members of the Science Club as Mr. George Bundick, advisor, explains about its complicated mechanism to Torn Hendricks, Art Duncan, Mike Sander, and Bill Speedie. ONE OF THE MOST HIGHLY STRESSED fields of today's living is explored by the Science Club through visits to the Los Angeles County Museum, excursions to the beach to study minute sea creatures, field trips to scientific exhibits, and a trip to Mount Palomar Observatory. .. ,, YV lj Y Lf 'Q F- , WTR I JTIIFJ g..., I ' , , XF BLOOD BANK DONORS are seryud luice by Jr. Red Cross members Charlene Milius Donna Moiosi and lmda Skuisch. UNLIKE PREVIOUS YEARS when represenTaTives were elecTed from homerooms, The Junior Red Cross consisTed of only volunTary membership This year. One of Their primary Tasks was corn- pleTing proieds begun by lc1sT year's group, os well os filling Red Cross boxes and leading in The school drive for Red Cross 1 'YN funds. "ENROLL FOR SERVICE" is The moTTo of officers of The Jr Red Cross: Alife Randall, sophornoe represenTaTive, Leon Cunningham, presirlenlg Jill Parker, secieTary-Treasurer, and Linda Skuvsch, lunior representative, THEY SPREAD GOOD WILL THROUGH SERVICE JR. .R .D Ir Q VOLUNTEERING THEIR HELP, The members of The Junior Red Cross: Charlene Milius, Leon Cunningham, Gail Townson, Richard Graham, Pot WaTson, Pam Thompson, Alice Randall, Linda Skursrh and Donna Morosi worked on various acTiviTies wiTh The Glendale Red Cross. SMILING JUNIOR RED CROSS advisors me Miss Elva Marshall and Miss Naomi Berk. 4 fn, tx '. o ,sd wx pf lr K 4 -1. f, W. , kv W' QQ.x1H ally, O fn, ,. A. nrt ff' ! .2-f?'4 X X 5 H X u WK i Q -V' ,f-QQ., 1 1:45 ash! 1 ln .K ' ,1 Y' .14 KM 4. rx , r. 1... gnu: . xr-13' :fav . A nr' l - nu xx.. . nu, 11 :rx -11 1 ,iw .Q , " I 1-""' iss: ' 1 x Q. I Q F Q xg ', aj,-4 -. 3? 'JK 'if +48 l 1 s X if 1. .--, sf -W- 4 X X, 'f'Q.h. V '83, sw W' b F" g , S ,gi Q . K s -r' .. A' fl f'...n Q A h ,.,g,g, 'Sm A -Sf. 533, lk W! Ik 9 XA wh 'Q 1, ir 3 ,. 5 T56 X. EXPOUNDING HIS VIEWS for a coming debats is Joel Miller. BUDGET PROBLEMS plague almost every organization and the Orators are no exception as officers: Mary Pat Schmidtt, Sal Di- Marco, Janis Goodemoot, Advisor Mr. Fred McClure, Joel Miller, and Pat Nichols go over the year's expenditures. SPEAKERS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS IN ONE OF THEIR MORE PLACID MOMENTS are the Orators, kneeling: Joel Miller, Ross Sullivan, Peter Rusch, Joel Kotin, Sal DiMarco. Row 2: Janie Pavkhouse, Janis Goodemoot, Kathy Briscoe, Carol Wynhausen, ORA TOR ACCLAIM CAME to Glendale's Orator Club when Janie Parkhouse, Janis Goodemoat and Joel Miller placed in the North Hollywood Tournament, The Orators compete in many tournaments with other Southland schools, giv- ing them an opportunity to express their interpretations of dramatic works. Sponsor Mr. Fred McClure, Laurie Smith, Beverly Campbell, Judy War- ren, Ruth Gurley, Deonne Mistretta, Celeste Kovalon, Joan Matta, Mary Pat Schmidtt, Pat Nichols. 1 qs B . H. Q- XI ,ii 'X-. F ,1 j:' Q : I h' ' ' 1 22 - ':-H , ff l im .if if ji' Q .HA 5 A 4? fnfby xls- Q M ,f .J ik... - we fd ix ' Q .Q I 3 I 5 5 f 1 vm FV' -nf -' V' ,X s V nf-1' nw u '?,555, gz 'A 5 . x-5 - I I5 x fy. ,wgipfi Q f 3"'V ' I1 5 X 51 Q- .1'5f.Ji, Af- - ' Ulf- 7' SJ ."H' A k B.. ting, , C' Y f' 7, vc. I aj xA I ,4 f' A l mb if km., J' FUTURE TEACHERS CLU DISCOVERING THE RESPONSIBILITIES of a teacher is Carol Mason, who lakes over as "teacher for a day," 'dl' ,sw THEY REALIZE THE CHALLENGE AND REWARDS OF EDUCATION IN LINE To receive cards which will allow them lo be svudenr teachers in their own classes are Fulure Teacher Club members: Nancy Goldin, Gloria Forman, Carolyn Adolphe, Valerie Piersol, Sharon Nelson, Grei- chen Maussnesr, Donna Ingram, Karen Stein- inger, Charlene Hass, Linda Slcursch, Carol Haley, Joy Caldwell, Elaine Tupper, Carol Blood, Bill Willis, Paulene McAlisler, ,sr 5 of' ,V .M-,-4 A POSITION in the leaching profession is the goal of Future Teacher officers, farolyn Hughes, Gail Seabury, presiclenr, and Carol Mason. . -1- .Q X - S- ' k -sA7'C5fQiY',' -1-x ' X . f Q' f2..Q,i A . A 'wi -.+rgrg,. ' 1 ' ' ' 'b"'x Q, - k PN T' 4, ' J rx I n A i Q f "Q f 4 , f , www .mm .. .x 4 ' 3+ 4 i, x F J e Ag 1 K fyxdk L 1, 'B :wi sa rf' 1? as-gf . 'say - A X. ' fzfXf A 'fWV!lr N X "ev 1 4: , 3 ' , K lr S..' 4 J H R . 1.'.3'9'13 . - N -11. 4, 1 . ri -af mr-, .-.' F Agjj ww "Q 'Q gl' 4 'iyfwxt .. 5. if I -v"5 f aff- QQ x fn. Ei Q , . W ,Q Af. M ,, I JK' ' L' 3 :ff 'fr f .. f ig tg Q i wb i LITERATURE, CULTURE AND ART REWARD KATHY JOHNSTON AND NANCY HOUGH are only two of the many students who sing Christmas carols in French. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS check over the plans for their Christmas party: Miss Sylvia Klasson, advisory Peggy Burnsg Val LeGlereg5 Barby Waite, Jeane Siverston, presidentg Peter Ruschg Muffet Baileyg and Janie Parkhouse. THE FRE CH CLUB THE "MESSlEURS" and "mesdemoiselles" of the French Club become better ac- quainted with the customs and culture of France by observing films, reading books and magazines, and listening to guest speakers. These members of the French Club reciting from their French books are: Pauline McAllister, Heath Stokes, Emily Maniccia, Peter Rusch, Melinda Zemke, Kathy Waters, Anne Lea Wel- shofer, Val LeClereg, Carol Halley, Donna Barnes, Steve D'arc, Carol Bendicsen, Nancy Hough, Kathy Johnston and Har- riet Gomes. 1- 'A 1 ROLL Mary Mary Sietz, WATCHING .IUDIE FOX pin a souvenir of their visit to see Jose Greco on the bulletin board are Mr. Glenn Henderson, and Marcia Kalde. mul. PANISH CL UB MOVIES, singing, parties, and games all done in "Espanol" are among The various activities of The Spanish Club. This year The Spanish Club, under The supervision of Mr. Glenn Henderson, advisor, traveled to Santa Barbara to visit the Mission. They also had an outing To see Fla- menco dancer Jose Greco. FINDS RICH HERITAGE IN CALIFORNIA O -S SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS are Meg Dawson, Geebie Alisch, Judy Hostetler, - 1 i ,- MAKING THE UNIVERSAL JOINING TOGETHER to promote un- derstanding ot the ideas and beliefs of people in other lands are the American Field Service and World Friendship clubs. They sponsor fund raising proiects to bring foreign ex- change students to Glendale, sf kg THE AF S COMMITTEE Esther Hagen, Marcia Newell, Pauline McAlister, Don Hagen and John Whittaker, is ready to sell tickets to the student body of Glendale and the public for the pizza dinner. COUNTING TICKETS for a pizza dinner, Sonia Hubner reminds Pauline Massey and Marilyn Gillernan that this is to raise money to bring a foreign exchange student here next year, LINKS OF FRIENDSHIP STRONGER FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS Glendale High School has participated in the American Field Service Exchange program in sponsoring foreign students. These students, after taking tests and giving talks, are selected by the American Field Service Committees throughout the world. This year Paulette Peneff from Toulouse, France, and Dave Walker from Southampton, England, were chosen to attend Glendale High. The AFS, supported by the student body, raised money to bring these students to Glendale. :ih- KATHI WATERS PRESIDED OVER THE FIRST SEMESTER'S GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD. GIRLS, LEAGUE FRIENDSHIP AND SERVICE TRUTH, FRIENDSHIP AND SERVICE, the motto of Glen' dale High School's Girls' League, was successfully car- ried out this year with the help of the first semester board. These girls sponsored a "Howdy Day" tor all the sophomore girls to introduce them to Glendale High. They also put on the annual Stunt Show, decorated and gave a stunt to the boys at the annual Football Banquet and held various assemblies for the girls. AMONG THE MANY PROJECTS ot the philanthropic committee was the making of Thanksgiving hospital tray favors. Penny Vargish, chairman, was assisted by Donna Morosi and Leslie Stowe. 4 FIRST SEMESTER GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD includes Anna Mae Wheel- barger, welfare, Joyce Mothershed, secretary, Judy Scribner, vice- president, Kathi Waters, president, Vicky Baughman, treasurer, Sharon Arendale, program, Lynne Davis, regulated dress, Second row: Penny Vargish, philanthropic, Michael Wellman, publicity, Joyce Hubbard, if sophomore representative, Linda Durley, decorations, Geebie Alisch, public relations, Paulette Peneff, foreign exchange student, Sandy Barondess, GAA. president, Judy Flegal, friendship, Jeanne Kaye, iunior representative, and .lan Metcalf, social. n , A rf 1 :rw fa' ff SECOND SEMESTER GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD INCLUDES: Barbara Thompson, senior representative, Emma Lou French, program chairman, Anna Mae Wheelbarger, vice president, Sharon Arendale, president, Penny Vargish, treasurer, Lynne Davis, secretory, Jan Metcalf, decoration chairman. Row 2: Kathi Waters, past president, Pam Bently, social chairman, Joyce Mother- "THAT'S PERFECT!" Susie Schroeder exclaims to Carol Nelson and Wendy Woodford as they put up a poster on the Dutch Treat Dance. shed, publicity, Gail Seobury, GAA, president, Chris D'arr, A.F.S. president, Polly Mason, sophomore representative, Carol Nelson, iunior representative, Susie Schroeder, welfare chairman, Janie Houston, regulated dress chairman, Wendy Woodford, philanthropic chairman, Paulette Penneff, friendship chairman. THE DAD-DAUGHTER BANQUET was the first project which the second semester Girls' League Board sponsored. That was tol- lowed by the Dutch Treat Dance, which they put on in collabora- tion with the Boys' League Board. They iudged Hoover's slack day and then were treated to dinner by the Hoover board. All the money raised this year by Girls' League was earmarked for a scholarship fund established in honor of Mrs. Dorothy Jackson, sponsor of the group tor rnany years, who is retiring this June. SHARON ARENDALE, second semesters girls' league president flashes a happy smile after her installation. X X 533 , .. XX! I ffif 's 115- ghf - - , ? yi T I L. L- 2 , " aff Q -,V 7 1 ff-P sNY r Of! 1 5 4 N dl r 1 hiv. X ...C ff' J 4.11 TY I1 655 K' PLANS FOR THE CANCER DRIVE are discussed by Key Club officers: John Tidmarsh, Charles Buck, Joel Miller, Steve Olson, Bill Taliaferro. Row 21 John Whitaker, Tom Dose, Clark Jolley. KEY CLUB BRINGS SERVICE TO COMMUNITY AND SCHOOL THE KEY CLUB, which is sponsored by The Ki- wanis, encourages boys To Take an acTive inTeresT in Their communiTy, Every week Two boys aTTend a Kiwanis' luncheon and aT The end of The year The enTire Key Club is honored aT a program giv- en by The parenT organizafion. CHANGING THE ANNOUNCEMENTS posTed on The marquis in front of school is a Task performed by Key Club members, John Whilaker, Tom Dose, and Gary Hickling, PROJECTS To benefit The school are contemplated by, Row lr Sandy Sfass, Harry Kelley, Don Williams, Ron Quinn, Gary Hickling, Nick Hesse. Row 2: Tim McPherson, lvor Bruflar, Mike Aguilar, Bryon Greer, Jim Watson, Jim Scullin, Don Hart- ley. THEY LEARN TO BE IN SERVICE TO THEIR COMMUNITY, the Jun- ior Civitans and Civinettes work together to support and promote fund raising proiects. They sold fruit cakes and used the proceeds to buy presents which were distributed at a party for underprivileged children. They also painted the carnpus trash cans and worked on the Cancer drive. CO-ORDINATORS ot Ciyinette plans were officers Rita Swartz, Presi- dc-nt She-rrill Johnson, Gail Sc-lahury, Linda Sauer, Lynne Davis, Jean Sievcrston, and Lynne Hoffman. CI VI TANS and S t ill loltnson ind Civttan lim Praugh to encouraqm fruit cake sa es ' I It I EI "THE REAPER," which is used to collect money from tho girls talking during me-et' ings is familiar to Civinrrttes, Row I: Geebie Alisch, Sharon Arvndale, Mary MacMahon, Pauline Mitton, Barbara Waite, lynne Pendleton. Pow P. Gail Ber- tin, Penne Morris, Linda Grubb, Frntly Maniccia, Carol Baron, lynn Rossal, Judie Fox, Penne Frvehairn, Marcia Kalde, Wendy Woodford, Carol Blackwell, Char- lotte Mcfullough, Carol I-lurniston, Bar- bara Thompson, Tam Evans. OF SERVICE TO THEIR COMMUNITY 1 P' ! ,.., Ir .x r I f f if-x I f REVIEWING THE RESULTS of rlwrr Chrrsimos fruitccrkv solos are: Gory Nelson, .loim Whiiney, and Pvror Ruedw, officers of The Junior Civircms, Gnd Mr, Crnlworvw CIVITANS, Torn Flrson, Grofl-. Pwr, Iunm OMS, Cory Crrprnn, rornr-KI WITI1 crxfrfrz-rm stuff IO Svrvm' vlw :girls rrnrI TIM-rr If1YIwlS rr! TIME cll1nU'1I D1rIDr1uqImvr B.rncrrr.1r THE CIVITANS OF GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL, under the supervision of Mr. Row 3: Drd: Pere-rson, Fred Port, Dennrs Srmrln, Cory Nelson. Row 11: Greg Dudlvy Cmimrn, am-, Row I IH-wr Rusch, Roger Duhon, Robrn Paulson, Row ?: Brigln, Denny Cmrbmrr, Tom Hrson, John Whrmvy. Nukon Rmirmg, Srvvv Urn-rrovvovlv FMUCIQ Roo, Jim Bough, Larry Edwards. PLAYING PING PONG during a Gleneile parly are PaT Byers and Marilyn Chaffee, ln The lower picture n Clem-Tre directs, "Down the hall and around To The lvfT," to These parents who have losr Their way on Back To School NighT. GETTING READY To make popcorn balls To sell aT The Glendale parade The morning of The Glendale-Hoover game are, Row I1 Elain Kako, Susan Clark, Paula Sawyer, Carol Caler, Phyllis Key, Mary Salyer, Jean Marlin, Nancy Srnith, and Jarquie Karnay. Row 2: Mary Sfoeckel, Valerie Pivrsol, Mary Foresi, Marilyn Baker, Suzan Wager, Carol Baron, X X , . X . 5 Y , J x LOOKING AT THE SCHEDULE for The coming months, the Glenerfe officers, Marilyn Chaffee, president Aileen Johnsfony Pa? Byars, Mrs, Campbell, advisor, and Sue Clark, make a lisT of "must do's" for The month of January, THE GLENETTES, under The supervision of Mrs. Margaref Campbell, acT as guides Tor The many programs, plays, concerfs and The Graduafion exercises of Glendale High School. They also serve as hosTesses for The parenTs aT Back To School NighT and escorf The speakers on Career Day, A Tamiliar sighT aT Glendale evenTs, The Glene-TTes may be idenTiTied by Their dark skirTs and vvhiTe blouses. ln addiTion To Their school services They found Time To kniT slippers Tor The Childrens HospiTal. GLENETTES Carol Sielz, Dale Mesec, and Lena Ellerman. Row 31 Loretta Bunch, Judy JurraT, Sharon Ward, Charlene Perry, Julie Grover, Elizabeth Povvell, Marilyn Takahashi, Lynn Lanning, Julie Jedeka, Roberta McDonald, Mary Ellen Grafv, Marcia Morley, Barbara Howarth, Sandra l-lobnvvood, Janice Mason, Sandra Lee Hanger and Judie Billingsley. Y.. C: I ,- mn tv 57 x . ii :i . ,,f 'Q THE 49'ERS, Row lr Allen Trotter, Ray Sandloorgh, John Hayes, John Whitney, Ernie Lund, Dennis Carltart, Dennis Ghiggia, Bill Hodgson, and Tom Cass. Row 2: Mr. Al Hewitt, advisor, Clay Crowley, Bruce Walter, Steve Chenoweth, PROVIDE STUDENT REGULATION ON CAMPUS THE 49'ERS MAINTAIN ORDERLY CONDUCT in the halls and keep them empty during each ot the two lunches in order to allow the many classes in session an opportunity to study. The boys rotate in checking the halls, which gives all the boys an opportunity to be ot service to their school. They issue citations for students caught violating provisions ot the school consti- tution. N. "YOU WERE DRIVING TOO FAST," Larry Edwards, president, says as he issues a citation to Leon Cunningham and Chuck Brady for driving too fast on Moyse Boulevard Helping Larry is Steve Chenoweth, vice president, and Clay Crowley, Secretary. JIM GORI5 AND MARV TANGNEY have been caught in the halls without a pass, and Bill Hodgson, 49'er writes out o ticket to student court. Larry Edwards, Harry Kelly, Bob Shultz, and Dick Shultz. Row 3: Chuck Brady, John Euson, John Nilson, Ed Prono, Leon Cunningham, Stan Rouse, Lance Otis, Richard Voge, Charles Beatty, and John Scarlatella. Q IIQ 'R 5 of VICTORY SMILES are seen on the faces of Honor Society officers, Row I: Joel Miller, Peter Rusch. Row 17: Emma Lou French, Jill Parker, Row 3: John Whitaker, Pam Thompson, Christine D'Arc, Barbara Waite. TO BECOME LIFE MEMBERS of the California Scholastic Federation is the goal of many Glendale students. It takes four semesters, one of which must be in the senior year, maintaining a B plus average, to earn a life membership in C.S.F. To ioin the Honor So- ciety a student must have at least three A's in solid subiects. A customary activity of the society is the annual banquet for members and parents which was held this year in March in the school cafeteria. HONOR SOCIETY members for the first time are, Row I: John Gudat, Harry Kelly, Linda Weick, Torn Cordon, Sue Johnson, Barbara Howorth, Carolyn Manoki, Dale Moser, Barbara Averine, Leha Fulton, Joy Cald- well, Barbara Bartlett, Ann Lori Wulshofer, Marcia Morley, Lloyd Godlis, Davi- Case, Bruce Plasch. Row 9: Dick Fatso, Tom Thumb, Ken Shram- rodola, Frecl Ape, Paul Horton, Beverly Lauridsen, Greg Nichols, Bonnie Field, Chris Webb, Gary Collios, Nancy Ross, Kathy Scheelds, Jeri its I LOOKING HUNGRY as they set the table for the Honor Society Banquet are mem- bers Nancy Golding, Roy Schmidt, Peter Rusch, and Laurie Daniell. HO OR OCIETY THEY GAIN PRESTIGE THROUGH ACHIEVEMENT Skinner, Joe Fry, Trudy Kroning, Lee Hultgren, Bob Hinkle, Don Hartley, Gary Manulkin. Row 3: Big Head, Mike Batchelor, Art Molho, Danny Prono, Jay Marric, Bob Graff, Diane Rarks, Shirley McDermott, Polly Mason, Karen Pfeiffer, Bonnie Bias, Karen Jackson, Maincy Taseley, Barbara Wymes, Lynne Stewart, Harriet Takahashi, Sheila Minkin, Jeanne Kaye, Linda Hoffman, Pam Rapheal, Geebie Alisch. SECOND AND THIRD SEMESTER Honor Society members are, Row I: Fred Geboe, John DeBey, Alan Miller, Cam Hughes, Tim Farrell, Phil Capps, Don Williams, John Whittaker, Har- old Peterson. Row 2: Joy Bertin, Camille Adile, Kathy Darcy, Joan Motta, Linda Sauer, Judy Farrell, Lois Hartman, Jeannie McLarnin, Jean Semrau, Nancy Goldin, Bonny Pyles, Car- olee Wiles, Jill Parker. Row 3: Gary Simpson, John Glasser, Steve Corn, Bill Willis, Mike Anguilar, Tom Morrow, Jeff Christiansen, Val Leclereq, Joanne Van der Byle, Penne Free- bairn, Carol Hummel. Row 4: Mike Wheatley, Bob Christensen, Jim Weeks, Kathy Johnston, Barbara Waite, Karen Stenburg, Carlisle George, Judy Rees, Linda Skursh, Ruth Wallace, Pauline McAlister, Carolyn Adolphe. . ,. . .A M- ...M ,,.., -,f,.,.,, ,-,,..g,,- ,.,. . Q9 LIFE MEMBERSHIP in the California Scholastic Feder- ation vvas earned by, Row I: Suzie Pfieffer, Camille Meyers, Debbie Zeller, Kathy McFarland, Bette Broom, Carol Mason. Pow 2: Marilyn Chaffee, Sharon Weaver, Melanie Meyers, Chris D'Arc, Sara 5' V Carlton, Kay Lensar, Sue Williams, Jean Siyertsen. Row 3: Joel Katin, Lee Molho, Bob Wulf, Sandy Barondess, Nancy Taylor, Janice Maneki, Nancy Allen. .,M-.-M4c..- svfs :A---...-----Ml.- .... f....-M.-..-. Hisronv TEACHER Mrs Hilda Janes E f U -'r 4. ll I 3 l1'l I EACH YEAR the American Field Service sends students to foreign lands, Juniors competing for the summer trip from Glendale are Jeanne Kaye, Don Haslam, Barbara Waite, and Jill Parker. COMPETITION WAS HIGH in the written examination stressing home economics given to girls at Glendale, and the winner, Barbara Phillips, was awarded the Betty Crocker Scholarship. BULLOCKS' ART EXHIBIT awards went to Barbara Philips, Elaine Mathias, Kathy Hamel, George Barstow, Harry Besenski, Jim Baker, Bill Martini, and Charles De Haras. SOME EVEN EARN SPECIAL AWARD TRIPS TO WASHINGTON, D.C., Europe, and to Girls' and Boys' State in Sacramento were some of the awards won during the year by Glen- dalites. Special merits and scholarships for out- standing achievement in various fields were do- nated by national as well as local groups. jf u LAST YEAR JUNIORS competed with students all over the United States in the National Merit Test. Nancy Taylor, Pam Thompson, Sara Carlton, Lee Molho, Bill Speedie, and John Komer all went on to compete in the state finals from Glendale High. , ""Ns I-'X - -4 .f-- N sf " Nj L , f, 'f x ,- X, . , v'f?E'? f x N x. ,. .ik I x 'SX k , X ,I ...N Y, ,f 'L - ., , . a Wiatr at Q y ,ft I 51, X ,M tid fin' If , X Mg sr X J. X ,Aw-I . -. 1 A x 1 g gf z ,- . S Ol' ,h E . n -X .L A . ff' M. ' Q, 7'1" Q N 0 , I 35 f P X' M' 'rg 9 "Of ."' 104 5:15 if Q1 W 2 ' ' ' W X . :J to 4 ...:' 'i l -tp' 'xx I I f Xt wwf " 5' , 'sr Qqilflfig COMPETING IN SPORTS tournolmentf, with other schools is not exclusive with boys, since girls moy demon- strdte their proficiency ond skill Through the Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, which sponsors ploydcxys with GAA. members from clll over south- ern Ccxlitornici. Every Tuesday cmd Wednesday nights these cxthlettes stciy otter school for instruction in sports ranging from orchery, which Judy Wcxrner demonstrates, to swimming. VD sip or ide LEADING G.A.A, ACTIVITIES were the tiist semester hoard members, Row I: l OUTGOING G.A A. PRESIDENT, Sfrndy Flfrrnnrliiss hfinfls r1 qavel, symbol of authority, to incoming President, Call Seabury, at the ins' ill vion ceremony, Vickie Ilrtughmrtn, Rona Schumann, Je-an Sernrrtau, Jean Mclarnin, Polly Mason. Row T lynnv Ddvis, l,inrl,i Hoy Carolyn Hualieg, Gail Seahury Pow 3: Bette Broom, Sharon Air-ndiilv, Carol Mason Wendy Woodford. 'Tl X i, is I ,csc ef' G.A.A. SONG AND YELL LEADERS, Barbara Averine, Barbara Hum- phreys, Elaine Buck and Ann Phypurs have succeeded in keeping G A A. sprint alive at playdays, IT GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION UNDER THE DIRECTION ol Sandy Barondess, first semester G.A.A. president, the GAA. Installation Banquet was held January 29 for the incoming officers. Gal Seabury, second semester president, led the preparations lor the playday held on March I8, called I'Geisha Girl" at which Glendale rnemhers were hostesses lor lour hundred girls. Another new activity undertaken by members of GAA. was the addition of a Bowling Club this semester, which met Thursdays at the Glen Bowl. ASSUMING RESPONSIBILITY for GAA. second semester were, Row I: Jean McLarnin, Jean Semarau, Carolee Wiles, Adele Fitzgerald, Pam Woodford. Row 21 Elaine Buck, Ann Phypers, Carolyn Hughes, Gail Seabury, Carol Mason, Harriet Takahashi. Row 3: Maureen Nelson, Sue Williams, Bette Broom, Pat Byers, Revo Johnson. '8Fl' - Q, .s in V 4 ., ,rw "" A A A .41- I ,.,. ,, THEY QUALIFY FOR MEMBERSHIP CL AFTER EARNING THEIR LETTER RIVALS TO THE BOYS' LETTERMAN'S CLUB is the girls' "G" Club, composed of feminine sports enthusiasts who have lettered in GAA. Besides their regular after-school sports, they were hostesses tor the Dance Symposium and they also led many ot the play day activities, sold school beanies at the beginning ot the year, and aided the March ot Dimes. "G" CLUB members planning their March of Dimes proiect are: Dorothy Kimball, Carolyn Ahlers, Sharon Arendale, Linda Hoy, and Reva Johnson. BELOW, FIRST SEMESTER "G" CLUB OFFICERS, Sharon Arendale, treasurer, Miss Jeanette Johnson, sponsor, Pat Pascoe, vice-president, Joanne Vanderbyl, secretary, and Sandy Muhpryg president pause in their planning ot proiects to be undertaken by the "G" Club. 1 I DISCUSSING PLANS tor future playday activities are: Pat Watson, Gail Tovvnson, Nancy Taylor, Cindy Radner, Gail Seabury, Mary Dawson, Joanne Vanderbyl, and Toni Martin. POSTING A BULLETIN are serond semester "G" Club officers Dorothy Kimball and Reva Johnson. YI? "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT" is the motto of the Dance Club: Suzanne Debbie Zeller, Wendy Williams, Barbara Stine, Bonnie lncoldon, Nadine Plwrlfer, Karen Pheiffer, Karen Muhlernen, Carolee Wiles, Diane Broughton, Barton, Leslie Wellman, Jodie Kniesel, Christine French, Sharon Parson, and Bonnie Bishop, Jeannie Kaye, Judy Farrell, Sharon Wisler, Ann De Rosa, Julie Bertin. Sandie Culbertson, Laurie Smith, Carole Waldron, Sandy Hearn, Barbie Waite, GROUPS GIVE SYMPOSIUM AND RECITAL "GOOFUS" was the theme used by dancers in tlrr-ir per- m,,x formance for the Future Teachers' Clulv Tea. Row l: Jodie J xi Knresel, Carolee Wlles, Diane Broughton. Row 9: Sharon Parsaw, Sandie Culbertson, and Leslie Wellman. MODERN JAZZ, Musical Comedy, and Classical programs were included in the performance put on by Dance Club members, among whom are: Nadine Barton, Julie Bertin, Debbie Zeller, and Christine French. s1lnnllunmlslnn SWIM CL UB I I E i to i MEMBERS OF THE G.A.A. SWIM CLUB are, Row l: Steve Davidson, Bonnie Void, Jennie Coslinik, Pat Hartman, Gail Seabury, Sue Williams, Jackie Beck- man. Row 7: Pat Scott, Mary Salyer, Dale Mesec, Lynne Willis, Sally Sproull, Sue Morris, Bonnie Field, Eileen Johnson, and Lynne Stuart, Row 3: Jennie Siceele, Karen Sclireck, Jean McLarnin, Anne Clark, Dottie Kimball, Virginia Urlwan, Joyce Eddy, Alice Randall, Grace Richards, Monna Marguglio. ROW 4: Mrs, Ha7r'l Johnson, sponsor, Connie Young, Mary Ann Martin, Cindy Radner, Joy Caldwell, Karolina Lastoyica, Mary Cross, Heath Stokes, Sally Detmanis, Karon Henderson, and Mrs. Patricia Mack, sponsor. y! . , g t U-Ja 1 WATER BALLET STUNTS are practiced by lcloclcwisel Sue Williams, Jackie Beckman, Grace Richards, Joy Caldwell, and Mary Cross. BEGINNING SWIM, synchronized swim, and lite saving are among the water sports offered by the after-school swim club. This year the swimmers were directed in demonstrations for G.A.A. playdays by Mrs. Hazel John- son, sponsor, and Sue Williams, swim club manager. -.Sgr , DEMONSTRATING A JACK-KNIFE is Sue Williams, manager. SETTING THEIR SIGHTS, Linda Steel and Bethel Szostek illustrate the correct way to aim be- fore releasing the arrow in order to accom- plish the feat of hitting a bull's-eye. THEY ACQUIRE SKILL WITH THE BOW AND ARROW i AFTER DRAWING THEIR BOWS and anchoring their arrows, this semesters after-school archers proceeded to shoot for as many bull's-eyes as possible. The archers pictured at the left are, Pow l: Adele Fitzgerald, Danna Morosi. Row 2: Sue Davis, Dorothy Bartrarn, Loretta Bunch, Sue Greenleaf, Pat Pasco, Ruth Wallace, Lynn Jepson, Sue Klapolosky, Bethel Szostelr, and Linda Steel. 2 . X" ri FEATHERS FLY AS THEIR RAQUETS SWING IN N "WATCH THE BIRDIE!" Glendale girls' participa- tion and enthusiasm tor badminton has greatly increased in the past years, Under the direction ot their sponsor, Mrs. Beatrice Haig, and their manager, Harriet Takahaski, the Badminton Club met every Wednesday to master skills in the use ot the racket. DEMONSTRATING the correct way to use a badminton racket, Jean Semrau proceeds to hit the birdie across the net. DISPLAYING THE BADMINTON TROPHY to club members: Pat Stillman, Emma Lou French, Pat Bunn, Mary Wynhausen, Lorna Davenport, and Gail Townsan are Jerri Michael, Gertie Cruze, and Kathy McFarland. SPINNING A BADMINTON RACKET to decide who will serve first is Le Dean Nobles Lynne Puthuff, and Ann Phypers. MATCHES HELD WITH OTHER SCHOOLS GS well GS between Glendalites offered Tennis Club members a chonce to prove their proficiency. Included in the club are, Row 'l: Sondy Borondess, Morgie Weeshoff, Helen Beck, Janice Porchord. Row 2: Harriet Taka- hashi, Carole Spelgotti, Jeon McLarnin, Jacqlyn Karney, Chris Crockett. Pow 3: Lindo Day, Carolyn Moneki, Alice Rondall, Nikki Gibson, Dorothy Bart- ram, Bonnie Field. Row 4: Leslie Reynolds, Pauline Massey, Joyce Eddy, Pam Woodford, Sharon Dedro, Bettna Meyer. Row 5: Judy Rees, Carol Moson. TENNIS TAM EVANS hits a backbhzind shot to fellow tennis club member, Gail Seabury. v LEADING TENNIS CLUB activities was Jeon McLcirnin, tennis club manager. .BA IT'S "THREE STRIKES B B MAYBE THE GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM won't qualify tor competition with the maior leagues, but the girls fared pretty well in games with teams from other schools during G.A.A. playolays. i lx A 'lf' "BA'I'TER UP!" Kathy Johnston, Linda Rogers and Carolyn ' -Q. HOPING FOR HOME RUNS this year were, Row I: Carol Eckarcl, Esther Karen Begley, Karen Stenberg, Rona Schuman, Ann De Rosa, Barbara Carol Haley, Vickie Peterson, Mary Baker, Deane Dunn, Sheila Minken, Hughes, Mary Kearns, Toni Eddy, Karen Brysen, Linda Mosley, Sharon Daniell, Nancy Garlow, Roberta McDonald, Tina Megers, Judy Wolf, Hughes watch Margie Allen as she steps up to home plate, B 4 S -BI 4 I I CAROLYN HUGHES AND LINDA ROGERS proceed to explain the correct way to hold the ball when preparing to shoot for a basket to Basketball Club members, Row I: Margie Allen, Vickie Peterson, Judy Jurrat, Mary Carol Baker. Row 2: Tony Eddy, Carol Haley, Melody Smith, Pat Bunn, Elizabeth Dennon. L.. 1 Hagen, Linda Royus, Wolfe, Ginnie Mane Dona Weger, Dolores Bayless, Mitzi Tudor, Polly Smith, Barbara DEMONSTRATING A BASKETBALL SHOT to Margie Allen, Elizabeth Dennon, and Bette Broom is Carolyn Hughes. A ,,,,,. S 6 "YOU'RE OUT" , A its ,-al" wig' "SERVlCl,l' yells Carol Roth as she demonstrates to Carol Langstaff, Sheila Mlnkia, and Linda Winfrey the proper way to serve the ball when lfnrting a game. hirley Samper, Bunny Bunt, Carole Langstaff, Karen Begley, Karen Stenberg, Rona ue Loyola, Margie Allen, Jacque Karnay, Joan Gorhy, Carol Haley, Vickie Peterson, athy Johnston, Cheryl Croxall, and Julie Wever. Row 3: Carolyn Hughes, Mary Kearns, ietreld, Linda Winfrey, Carol Schroeder, Arlene Andrews, Jackie Daniell, Nancy Garlow, VOLLE YBA LL ,V ,X VOLLEYBALL CLUB MANAGER, Vickie Baughman explains the new playing rules to, Row l: Karen Schreck, Carolyn Blue, Kathie Johnston, Arlene Andrews, Polly Mason, Sue Lyola, Barbara Averinne, Mitzi Ludor, Mary Worthern, Diane Dunn, Barbie Bartlett and Linda Bough. Row 2: Mary Kerna, Christy Jones, Shirley Camper, Carol Schroder, Pat Sawyer, Carolyn Fisher, Jackli Daniels, Janice Nelson, Shirley Hendrick- son, Sheila Minkin, Row 3: F'lMl,Fieebairn, Nancy Carlow, Gloria Forman, Carol Roth, Penny Moolenyfir, Donna Weger, Barbara Bohn, Linda Winfrey, Sharon Arendale, Karen ligley, Charlotte Mauro, Carol Langstaff. I X 125 mylh 1 THEY DECIDE T0 FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT YELL, YELL, YELL LED BY and G SETTING THE PACE for hoarse-voiced rooters are, clockwise: Tory Yaphe, Dave Beckett lhead yell-leader second semesterl, Carolyn Ahlers, Paul Beckett lhead yell-leader first semesteri, and Jesse McGinty. KEEPING GLENDALE HIGH SPIRIT ALIVE are, Row I: Brenda Robichaux lhead songleader second semesterl, Kathy Hamel, Kathy Montana. Row 2: Gloria Waldron, Cindy Graham, and Karen Risinger ihead songleader first semesterl. ALWAYS HOPING FOR VICTORY but still cheering in defeat were the song and yell leaders. Playing a vital role in co- ordinating spirit activities at athletic events and rallies, these two groups at- tracted the attention of home team' root- ers and visitors alike with their pep and precision. The head yell-leaders also preside over the Pep Club, and both head song- leader and head yell-leader are mem- bers of Student Cabinet. EXPLODING WITH ENERGY at football games WGS the dynamite mascot, Jaynee Paul, aided by a frisky, white poodle named Caprice. SPARKLERS 1 s . TRAINING FOR NITROETTES, the Sparklers, dressed in their white hooded shirts and plaid skirts, participated in the halfetime activities ot' all the home football games and the Glendale- Hoover game in the Rose Bowl, They formed a red "G" during several ofthe home games and performed at the championship game with Mount Carmel. Also this year, the Sparklers marched in the Santa Claus, March ot Dimes and Days of Verdugo Parades. I PERFORMING IN HALF-TIME activities were the Sparklers, Row lr Toni Teachout, Sandra Lee Hanger, Sheila Di Mundo, Madine Lindstedt, Darlene Taylor, Esther Davies, Jacquie Karnay, Kathie Green Carolyn Nelson, Deanna Nichols, Elaine Kako, Susan Foster, Row 2: Susan Roberts, Sharon Rogers, Lana Ellerman, Darlene Givens, Mariorie Sylvester, Coralee Boardman, Myrna Elwell, Marilyn Takahashi, Laurie RANK LEADERS, Row lr Jacquie Karnay, Sheila Di Mundo, Sandra Lee Hanger, Rovv T: Carolyn Nelson, Kathie Green, Billie Hearndon, Toni Teachout, Susan Roberts. Row 3: Sandra Stillman, Eddie Jo King, Trudy Kioening, Annie Laurie Stuart, and Marjorie Sylvester, V Harkins, Billie Hearndon, Jeanne Foley, Sharon Togstad, Jackie Laughrey Row 3 Dixie Swimley, Linda Davis, Gail McCutcheoi1, Linda Pollgreen, Annie Laurie Stuart Sandra Stillman, Pamela Larson, Martha Fisher, Rita Cust, Betty Pratt Tru y Kroening, Eddie Jo King, Darlene Coleman, DRILL CAPTAINS, Darlene Coleman and Dixie Svvimley, discuss whistle signals with their sponsor, Mrs. Campbell. I ITROETTES WANTED-GIRLS WITH a year of training and good posture grades. Thes are the requirements a girl must have before she is eligible to be Nitroette and to participate in keeping school spirit olive by performing in half-time, pre-game, and after-game activities, as Shown in the picture a the left, Besides football games, the Nitroettes also march in several parade during the year. A N 'kwa-NW' .., ,l.i sv.. V -ft f f-ji .--we ' Q sv Q PRACTICING FORMATIONS ARE: PHYLLIS KEY, CAROLE DORLON, CINDY GRUEN, SANDY GARABEDIAN, CAROLYN ADOLPHE, CAROL CALER, LORETTA BUNCH, DIANE AUSTIN, BONNIE YOUNG, MARGARET IMUS. IN COOPERATION with the band, under the leadership of Mr, Bali? Gnd Emilio Delgado, the Nitroettes, spone Sored by Patricia Mack, and led by Joanne Van- detbyl and Jenny Davis, put on half-time activities at all home football games. l g 1 Q Y'n 'Y iq , .a THE FLAG GIRLS who have stopped during their practice are, Row if Heath Stokes, Eileen John- scn, Pat Byers, Ann Lea Welshofer, Judy Hawthorne, Paula Sawyer, Row 71 Judy Com- stock, Janice Olson, Gretchen Maussnest, Sue Vtfegerer, and Carol Baron. ' Q - ffgf . ....-A-.4....- .l-.l ,7"'zgr- '- .--:F 'f 4' .- 1 x.,,.. .1 , .an - L. LINDA MARSHALL, LINDA MOSELEY, SANDY Houviwooo, LYNETTE DUNN, DIANE HOEHN, BARBARA KOUSTNER, AND LINDA ODELL LEE, NICKI LA RUE, JOAN ENGLUND, SUE CLARK, ANN BONNAR, SANDY DILIGENTLY TWIRLING their batons in preparation for the game are, Row T: Joanne Vanderbyl, Jenny Davis. Row Q: Sharon Gefores, Robin Harris, Carol Ann Black- well, Carolyn Davis. Row 3: Shirley Peterson, Judy Everett, Mary Sue Anderson, and Pauline McAlister. NITRO QUARTERBACK, Bob Hensler, runs for yardage during one of the exciting moments of the traditional, cross-town rivalry. DYNAMITE STICKS, the symbol of Glendale, are brought to life by Jaynee Paul and Frank Haucke, as they cavort in front of the Glendale rooters. WHEN RIVALS CLASH at the annual Glendale- Hoover game, excitement predominates. The out- come of the game determines who will have the custody of the Victory Bell. Glendale's smashing defeat of the Tornadoes, 33-7, insured her of keeping the bell for another year. Hoover and Glendale have battled each other in football since 1930. Glendale has won 15 games to Hoover's 13. GLENDALE HOOVER GAME B IS GERRY MITTON, center, reigns as Queen of the annual Glendale-Hoover game. Her court, pictured from left to right, are Lynne Davis, Beth Ann Penney, Carol Humiston and Pam Raphael. i Qt, V i l if , . 4- MMF, 4,++++ , , .W , , n 1 + K 1 1 .J Q 1. s E' ., ,F I-'ft lk' 'r 1 yr I + ff f -- " U ' X 7 4, J 0 L Q - 1 5 s N ' Q .5 l t Q V. A 5 0 -N ' Q I T .,-. .. 1 -4' -L At, ,A s M l rf 4 0 ' ' ' if-L' A - Q' ' ,,--- ' ' - v " - ' " " fs T? if EL gf 5 gl k 1' , 4 +4 ,, ,' er Q t !' U,Ny X ll 'y f ' S! . , " " " f. H, , fair rw- , U " .ci 4:7 ' ..- Lu A , tx, ' if sn 1 -.. , S A, A L U A Q r F : ' ' Q bv 5 I " Q? w++J"" 'ip .L , ,LL. L , L- " Qu L I ij? wx! . t W Q' M' 2h ' i"'- - "" x ' I A Hmmm.. ,Ni NHgXf..i q' X X,,..,., Q. . 'x,. . In KWH - g ' ' A' 9 " A ' X ' A X . N - 1 Q? w .Af 44 5 2? f-iff' .mr21f":fm'x.: wgifqim. 5. 9 , x 1' 2 fn 'Mf' Qilf, -- 4 ' - ' mfiau , WW 0-. ,. arf ' . 5 gun 35 if - Jagf- Ai y if Mfg. K " ,,... 1 NK- as gf' A fx ma ,, . ,, 5 W5 - f. W .L ,L mi: W" WM..- v i' ,L 5 . Q i' Lf. rv Lgwyii QZAEQIEEQ MQ Q a Y l , W 5 , sew' 00' 1 ' . . ', f Ki -f N, v. f i 'a.f?.gl.c fi- f t 5, . . 43, me I-., L., ,V ik Q, I, ,KKK 3 1 R 1 g..,3., A L Y kix'-it , Maia? QL X tx K if Q ,Q , 'sz .a E. Q .tiki N15 A X . I Y . , 325 4 3 Hensler, president, Bill Jencks, sergeant-at-arms, and Robin ORBS A GROUP OF OUTSTANDING ATHLETES and Three coaches, Ed Gooriian, Roy Vuiovich, and Richard Davis, last year laid The groundwork for an organization consisting of The finest athletes in the school. This group now has about 50 mem- bers and is called The Order of the Red and Black, or more popularly, The ORBS. The original group of seven athletes consisted of Darrell Sutherland, Bob Hensler, Dennis Sirnila, John Hayes, Bill Jencks, Robin Paulsen, and Barry Bottrell. The aim of The ORBS is To promote good sportsmanship, loyalty, school spirit, and to help raise and maintain The social, moral, and physical standards of Glendale High School. The first sernesTer officers for This year were: Bob Paulsen, secretaryetreas UVGV, Goorjian. ORB OFFICERS second semester are: Darrell Sutherland, Roy Schmidt, Dennis Simila, and Tim Vezie. T" ORBS ARE, Row T: Jim Bill Giles, Roger Dalton, dolph, Squire Jones, Bob Jim Weeks, Pat Pearson, Hipolito, Russell Howell, Darryl Wright, Ernie Lu Henkle, Bill Jencks. Row Henderson, Ed Prono, John Streetmaker, Paul Nuccio, Dennis Carhart, Rockne Ru- Minke. Row 2: Gary Hahn, George Winn, Bob Rufner, Row 3: Mike Wheatley, Bob Tom Horton, Roy Schmidt, Dick Peterson, nd, Robin Paulsen, John Whitney, Bob 4: Gary Nelson, Roy Ramsey, Bob Farns- ' I-, ., .-- --.M , ---...,.,,sN.- -..,, worth, Gary Preston, Lewis Stoddard, Fred Port, Dave Churchill, Dennis Simila, Dave Dundas, Com Hughes. Row 5: Bob Hensler, Bob Hill, Dave Bame, John Hayes, John Whitaker, Nelson Rising, Ken Bison, Harley Young, Don Hagen, Torn Dose, Larry Weeshoff, Darrell Sutherland, Tim Vezie, Larry Gates, Barry Bottrell, Coach Richard Davis, Coach Roy Vuiovich, Coach Ed Gooriian. THE COACHES whose guidance and leadership started the ORBS were Roy Vuiovich, Richard Davis, and Ed VAR ITY UOTBALL Q Y ,. xx.,'f.- , vf ' ', T1 3 f:,m'Q.' .Vx . -- 'H i Q K, -vfg' fig'-:.e - ' f. V fkilifiiiifglfifiikii f 7 3' 5 fsffiff-51-2 ff-f'ff?:4 - + .i .. . qiiqf gif' .- sv L-L, A "- ' , 4? f,J?e,d,f,i:. E5 .X K: kg, I 9 5 fxf. x A . . A . X Q + k C 'Y L K as V. , '.pi,Q+f" . -X' 5, YC x ,xl . 4 V faq. K vw - . P as W f , Llb. V ., , , . - ,..,, Vrhk K f :iw ,,1. V -1 1' .,. E' i - TT "K 'if - "f""? , ,rv , 5 ,.-,r1i . A . , I I ' y- J s, ,, 1193 I 1044, . .nu TOP PERFORMING Glendale var ' squad this year included, front row: Roy Ramsey, Bob Farnf.-. Mn, John Whitney, Ernie Lund, Don Jacobson, John Dooley, 'iii ie Jones, Jim Weeks. Second row: Jim Lacey, Head Mociifrp Larry Gates, Kent Kuster, Bob Bob Henkel, Tim B Bob Hensler, John Streetmaker, Barry Bottrell, Bill Jen --. Dennis Benedetti, Manager David Ferguson. SHIFTY TAILBACK Bob Hensler is finally caught from behind and pulled down, after piling up yardage around left end against Pasadena. -..N-fs. -':- riwlic. Third row: Head Coach Roy Vuiovich, Harley Young, Dennis Simila, Buddy Tunnell, Fred Port, John Hayes, Nelson Rising, Bob Minkey, Gary Preston, Tom Seabold, Mike McClurg, Coach Ted Andrews. Top row: Damon Bame, Dick Peterson, John Crosetti, Robin Paulson, Richard Butkins, Kelly Merz, David Churchill, Ed Prono, Darryl Wright, Neal Hooker. GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL is proud ot this year's Varsity Football squad. Under the experienced and able coaching of Roy Vuiovich and Ted Andrews, the Dynamiters captured the Foothill League Champion- ship. To add another feather to GIendale's hat, co- cciptains Bob Hensler and Nelson Rising were the only two grid stars from the Foothill League to be chosen for C.l.F. honors, Hensler was named on the second team and Rising on the third. Bob and Nel- son were also named the most valuable back and most valuable lineman in the Foothill League re- spectively. Others named on the All'League first team were fullback Bill Jencks, End John Hayes, and iunior guard Damon Bame, Named on the second team was center Ernie Lund, End Darryl Wright, and Blockingback Barry Bottrell were recognized on the third team. HALFTIME STRATEGY, Coach Vuiovich briefs the squad during the Hoover game. 9-A1 'K I IFHNQ ,J LQ' Q CONTINUED ANTICIPATION is evident on the faces of these Dynamiters who are hoping they can contain Mount Carmel within its own territory. 1 , , ASSISTANT COACH TED ANDREWS HEAD COACH ROY VUJOVICH ,. ,wwf - '- f., any' " il! Qi elm.. .QQ- " f CO-CAPTAINS BOB HENSLER AND NELSON RISING. THE DYNAMITERS started the season against El Monte with an unproven and very inexperienced line since most of the front wall was made up from last year's Junior Varsity. This new line performed brilliantly in every game of the sea- son from El Monte right up to the C.l.F. play-off game with Mount Carmel. The backfield, how- ever, was a different story, being comprised mostly of seasoned veterans with at least a year of Varsity experience. CAUGHT FROM BEHIND is Halfback Kent Kuster after he returns a kickoff in the Alhambra game. A ' 1' 1, '4 J 1 F! L 1 -f L 'K 1 ' s v 5' x Q QUARTERBACK BOBKQ N HENKELL CENTER ERNIE LUND T IKLE JONES AR ORTHW, , CENTER Bos 'wx CENTER JOHN DOOLEY Q . J, 1f,, i i' Q f ERBAC TAILBAC f FH JOHN 5 CCTTREJ A MA R xv J Q in is HALFB , JOHN ' WHITNEY MCCLURG ED 3 i i 'WJ ON THE SCOREBOARD, The Pasadena Bulldogs came closer Than any school in The FooThill League To beaTing The DynamiTers. On The field, however, Pasa- dena made The pooresf showing of any of The NiTro opponenfs. IT was a com- pleTeIy one-sided game from The be- ginning, wiTh Pasadena neTTing 48 yards To Glendale's 364. The Two spark- plugs Tor Glendale, Bill Jencks and Bob Hensler, led by Line Coach Ted Andrews' fronT wall, scored The Two Touchclowns and gave Glendale The victory. NexT To Tall To Glendale's mighTy var- siTy were The Burroughs Indians. As was The case wiTh The Muir MusTangs, The only Tierce Thing abouT Them was Their name. Burroughs was complefely ouTclassed from The beginning and can be considered lucky for a 27-O score. VARSITY FOOTBALL CONTINUED GLENDALE AND BURBANK WERE THE TEAMS-14-O was The score-The FooThill League Championship was The prize, and The DynamiTers were The vicTors . . , 11,763 people squeezed info Moyse Field To waTch The baTTle royal for The league crown. Bill .lencks and Bob Hensler, behind The hard-charging NiTro line, ran Through The Bulldogs for 271 yards ouT of 269 ToTal yards rushing for Glendale. Mean- while, The Dyno defense held The highly-TouTed Bur- bank eleven To only 93 yards passing and rushing. Glendale picked up anofher 53 yards passing, giv- ing Them a Tofal of 341 neT yards passing and rush- ing. UnTil This Time, Burbank was raTed as The sixTh besT Team in The C.l.F. and darkhorse Glendale wasn'T raTed To even make C.l.F. DARRYL WRIGHT nabs an aerial in an unusual fashion for The deciding Tally of The Burbank game. A VICTORIOUS DYNAMITER FOOTBALL TEAM carries Coach Roy Vuiovich off The field affer defeating Hoover 33-7. GLENDALE BEGAN THE C.I.F. PLAYOFFS wiThouT The services of iTs number one man, Tailback Bob Hensler, who was injured The previous week againsf Hoover. Tim Bice, whose passing and running ability were noT given due crediT during The season, came on as full-Time playmaker, The one-Two punch of Hensler and Bice, which enabled Glendale To have a fresh Tailback aT all Times in previous games, was now missing, buT The Team made an excellenT showing as Glendale wenT ahead, 19-6, in The firsT quarTer. The DynamiTer line, led by Dick Peferson, Da- mon Bame, Nelson Rising, and John CroseTTi, did a nofable iob defensively as well as breaking The way for Bice and Fullback Bill Jencks, buT The deficif was quickly closed and MT. Carmel was ahead aT The half, 20-19. The Cafholic League champs scored one more lone Tally before The final gun, and The game ended 27-19. DYNO TIM BICE dodges would-be MT. Carmel Tacklers in an aTTempT To pick up yards againsf The CaTholic League Champs. IT WAS ON NOVEMBER 23, ThC1T The Dynamifers meT Their cross-Town rivals from HerberT Hoover l-ligh School in The Rose Bowl. Coach Vuiovich's mighfy eleven slowed The Tornadoes down To liTTle more Than a breeze in an over- whelming 33-7 vicTory. John Hayes, Tim Bice, Bill Jencks, Barry BoTTrell, and Har- ley Young were The Touchdown five for Glendale. Ernie Lund, who acfed as of- fense cenTer and kicking specialisT, was successful on 3 ouT of 5 of The extra poinfs. The Hoover game held bad luck for all-C.l.F. Tailback Bob Hensler, who, because of a knee iniury received in The firsT half, was confined To The bench for The firsT-round playoff game wiTh MounT Carmel. J V. FOOTBALL GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL'S JUNIOR VARSITY football squad under the able leadership of Coach Gary Hess, and co-captains Jim Stratton and Larry Finn, ended this season with an im- pressive 5-4 record. Impressive not in the sense of winning all Their games, but rather the ability they showed as both individuals and a team. ln Coach Hess's own words, "lf these boys pro- gress steadily, and keep demonstrating the de- sire to win, they will make up the core of next year's Varsity squad." The J.V.'s big victory of the year was over Hoover, 6-O. Coach Hess's Squad played a team that will definitely be Hoover's next varsity. This gives all Glendale High students reason to believe that Hoover will once again go down in defeat in next year's Rose Bowl classic. STFVE GUNN is converged upon by two Pasadena men after racking up yardage for the J.V.'s. - ' , 45. THE JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD from left to right, Front Row: Tom Kennedy, Bernard Camp, Richard Skow, Bob Uphouse, Ed Khanoyan, Joe Carmona, Ted Hansen, Tony Cravello, Jim Koschnick, Denis Brown, Bob Feland. Second row: Frank Haucke, Manager, Jim McBlgunn, Paul Duryea, Nick Jones, Harry Lawrie, Marv Tangney, Richard Hirscht, Russ Strornberg, Iver Bruflat, Earl Meyers, Bill Francis, Jerry Heltzel, Tom Shurtz, Joe Jahelka. Third row: Bob Wurzel, Dick Mouser, John Skeets, Rocky Walcott, Harold Baughman, Dick Johnson, Steve Gunn, Bob McConnell, Dix Wright, Geary Mead, Jon Cox, Wayne Checkwood, John Gay, Larry Finn, co-captain, Jim Stratton, co-captain, and Coach Gary Hess. CO-CAPTAIN JIM STRATTON is buried under a mass of Pasadena linemen in an attempt to gain yardage up the middle. sbt DICK JOHNSON goes for yardage against Pasadena as Tom Kennedy leads interference. 51 'bum 9 qsfyx k f x 'l ul' 'X ,M g. 5155 'fi 2, ,Qm,, A 3 , Q g5,'i all 'J I ' x KW 9 n ,a x ' I ff: J I 1.-fwfft 4 END BOB RAE gathers one in for a touchdown against Burbank. ALTHOUGH THE BLASTERS had no Foothill League wins to their credit, their performance in one of their pre-League games against the Santa Monica Vikings was outstanding above all nine games of the season. The Blasters routed the Vikings by a 25-O tally. After this the Blasters started to get unlucky, and before the end of the season nine of their key players saw limited action due to iniuries, One of these, Fullback Steve Pirie, was put out of action by a broken ankle.' Steve was acclaimed as the top man on the Blaster Squad, and scored nine touchdowns be- fore his injury. Steve is among the top iuniors who will be back next year. Others are: Roger Dalton, Cam Hughes, Mike Wheat- ley, James Maddox, Steve Burlingame, and Paul Nuccio. Recog- nition should aslo be given to the graduating Seniors Gary Nelson, Steve Chenowith, Tom Horton, Richard Ryan, Phil Capps, Ray Hoyal, and lineman of the year Sam Anderson. The Bees can also look forward to a fine bunch of sophomores coming back. Says Coach Leo Arranaga, "Our game with Hoover was truly one we should have won. We outgained them, and out first- downed them, but lust didn't make it on the scoreboard, With the material coming back, we should have a good team for l959." Q? QW! -an 1' 0 gt END GARY CALLIES tries in vain to reach a pass iust inches away. l THE BLASTER SQUAD from left to right. First row: Bruce Tilbert, Bob Rae, Roy Swanson, Richard Ryan, Sam Anderson, Rick Marshall, Cam Hughes, Steve Chenoweth, David Carmond, David Paxton, Phil Capps. Second row: Steve Pirie, Dean Zabriskie, Ron Whitfield, Dennis Lhaman, Jerry Bottrell, Bill Giles, Guy Weaver, Bruce Uppman, Ray Hoyle, Andy Finnigan, John Hensler, Gerald Pope. Third row: Head Coach Leo Arranaga, James Maddox, Roger Dalton, Steve Burlingame, Ron Whit- field, Erick Stimsen, Gary Callies, lam Horton, Gary Nelson, Doug Ryan, John Kirkpatrick, Mike Wheatley, Ken Anflr-rson, Coach Sal Russo. 4 js "', . wif. 'K 'Q x- ii'l-t'Li- .. A is ' Q JR. B FOOTBALL THE JUNIOR BEE FOOTBALL SQUAD consisted ot, Sitting: Phil Capps, Bob Rae, Tony Angelica, Dave Reed, Anton McLane, Paul Dobson, Bob Perry, Erik Stimson, Ron Whitfield, Dick Root, Dan Prono, John Hensler. Kneeling: Larry Olson, Farrell Jackman, Fred Geboe, Craig Johnson, Bruce Tibert, Mac Corpenter, Roy Swanson, Mike Howard, Dan Zinke, Jim Robins. Standing: Head Coach Cliff Hooper, Ed Berentsen, Tod Ellison, Dave Case, Dennis Szidak, Dan Curtis, Frank Hinds, Jack Haw- thorne, Bob Tiddell, Bob Gilroy, Larry Lee, Andy Finnigan, Mike John- son, Terry Crabb, Gary Yokel, Richard Weller, Bob Maddux, Hugh Hannigan, Sal Russo, assistant coach. Jim Steele, Sondy Rudolph, Karl Crane, Lorry Mitcheltree, Jim Stratton, EW SPORT S fs is S DGOLF NUMBER ONE GOLFER on the squad, George Winn, leans into a drive, "' tilt THE DIVOT-MAKERS ARE, Row lf Coach Roy Vuiovich, Phil Corr, Bill Carder, Chuck Rea, Bob Stratton, George Winn, Dale Hartlellen, Jock Patterson, Dennis Crabbe, Row 2: Bob O'Connell, Dick Denny, Garrett Wesp, Gary Yokel, Bill Francis, Mike McClurg, Sam Clement, George Stafford, Dennis Smock, Paul Roelofs, Bruce Uppman, Del Ferris, Elliott NUMBER TWO MAN, Dale Hartleben, sizes up a putt in a match with Burroughs. 1,' Forbes-Robinson. GLENDALE HlGH'S GOLF TEAM started off their l959 season with " their tirst victory in tive yeors. lt seems that the Dynos haven't hoal cz squod in five seosons. In spite of this drawback, Cooch Roy Vuiovich's swingers had an excellent season. The tee slom- mers were led by iuniors George Winn and Dale Hortleben. Both boys shot consistently in the low 8O's. X, Y- 4 is was x 1 'WST 1 wa J, Q . b 45 Q 1 M, Els if JN' S , G: , Q K ' f fr: , 2 ip :ij 192331-J iififgi' i1,"' "x ' ' zffibifffg ff -mg: W ',.. ' Q55 f ' ..,-' iugygw 1 ZONE VARSITY BASKETBALL THE SHOUT HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD was the one that Glendale fans gave out on March 7, I959, when the Dynamiters won their first CIF class AAA basketball championship. The Dynos' starting five was sprinkled with great stars, but perhaps the greatest of these was Darrell Sutherland. lt was DarrelI's sparkling play which landed him on all-loop teams for the past two years, an honor to be envied. But his greatest triumph came when it was announced that he was selected all- CIF player of the year. Sharing all-CIF honors with "Suds" was sensational forward Tim Vezie. Big 6-4" Tim hit for a I6 point average on the season. Giant Tom Dose, a 6-7" junior, averaged ll points during the season and was thought by most fans to be one of the most outstanding centers in the CIF. Perhaps the fact that he was a iunior was the only thing that kept him from being all-CIF. The two remaining factors in the Dynos' success were Gary Hahn and Larry Weeshoff who, although averaging only 5 tallies a game, were brilliant playmakers and excellent defensive men. Individual per- formances in certain games for the boys were more than eye opening. In one clash with the Azusa Five, Suther- land dunked 43 points, far above his average of 20 points, The remarkable Vezie hit for 27 in an early sea- son tussle with Burbank, and both Hahn and Weeshoff broke into double figures in several games, Also, Tom Dose was outstanding on defense, blocking shots of op- posing ballplayers when they drove for baskets. These five boys captured not only a championship but cap- tured a place in the memories of Glendalites for years to come. FORWARD, TIM VEZIE, shows the smooth action that won him a spot on the all C.l.F, second team. CAPTAIN DARRELL SUTHERLAND C,I.F PERPETUAL TROPHY CAPTAIN TIM VEZIE THE TOP TEAM IN THE C.I.F. consisted of, Row I: Bob Bowers, Henderson, Darrell Sutherland, Tim Vezie, Tom Dose, Dick Greg Nichols, George Beattie, Kraig Westra, Bob Hensler, Weaver, Larry Weeshoff, Dick Fisher, Gary Hahn. John Whitaker, lewis Stoddard, Russell Howell. Row 2: Jim 1 Xia-!L,' 'X A Q Q . 7'- X,-Q33 35:3 , ja' A., g,',. 'ir V . is ' 'ff ' . ww- , V , , is fl r 1' ff 1.-Q", V, 'ef "" . ti' Ysivjy- 4 -if .w qbnwb Q.-, ,.y .gaqfg J. , Riggsgs. . , ,- - F .f:,-Q1 65-335-, gi mp.. may ff - PP w -L '-Iv' ' Wm ai K ., . 1 ,. I , y,5 ,five Mjggy, s-K r .. ,333 l -Saw . :levi ,ds la g m., 1 2334 1 1 ,, , Q? . ,. , .VVH ,B , , , ,, XS'-E' 'f?f?vE.., , R, ,Qfsgs,3,5 ' 9 ,. .',?:.i!Qs.:,-U dig:-'y f '-'-' 4 4. ..k. ,3 ,, ,f..w't:fiQ:3rS'w!1"iga,' ' gg f S U.. 1 .-P, . 3 iv K wk KK 1 'Q x..,. 'XP I "Q, 'j?Qfz' X . .fn ,VL 3. ,vm Q.: - 3, 1' M. ,,1I.'3.'5 -FRS 3, 33311 f fy . ,mf lf' - '.-1 :Q w,b?"4, S, 's -ru , Q . N .ri ',.' 1 A '43 Q-:Agri ' .5 "F f' 'O fs Q 'X 'I 15 n li X Q x, Q 4 E K, x , M I 3- -. iff: ' X ,V ,zzwixr 4? v 3 537' is . ' f. 4 f Z ' f , giQ4,ia2"" L , .. ,. .L , V 1 4 ax , Qi -Yi Qfvf 5 -in fillfiflf l fx I ,S if 'Q w ! if - w - .Q ..,g- v r Yf. EV lf, .Sw JN xr 1625 ,, x 3 I! 'vnu ba. !! 1 S 9 fa ,.-4 E! ., , 'gtk ,Q Q K Q Qfa,,W 5 5 JA a Yiwu' e QQ. 6 '. 'haf A 4. xxx' "'."4.f', xx ' .. 4 g?'. X4-eh I In Q V Ay? 9 X' . -4 w I, , M, 4, R Ns- N! Q, s 'ax E! K S A ,- f' ,Q I , 1 M 4' ' J CD W V ,Al rl --xi. is wifi . -4, 'V' 3 ' - - af' X I 'Y 'E 3 i - , r cf ' f , fm , ff J Ji CHOLS FORWARD N5-,g. Q84 im I i""'SXw f' ff I gt 'vb x Rx. , . Q Sr, n.' 4. I.-'X Q 5223? L A ,MB 9, .5 f ff ' vi if I lu K 157 Wav I ,J ,. Q I J 7 K Z- , U X Q n . .W Q ., F, I N'- 'ig is E Y... lr- ...- xxxmllill ,4 ' s , S i A , H ga Ng as L ,. '41 -it g. xx-, E' GARY HAHN, FORWARD, clgmonslrafes luis jump slwol ability for a Tally rrqaunv famgwlon in Tlw svrnr lrnals of We Cl F. THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE C.I.F.: C'-wards Larrv Weeslwoff and Darrell Sutherland, Qsvlllvl Tam Dose, Forvvaurls Tum Vezre and Gary Halwn. SCORES Glendale 86. .. . .56 Arcaclia 'Glendale 48. ,. N32 Muir 'Glendale 73... U58 Pagaclena 'Glendale 66. .. . .53 Burroughs 'Glvnclale'57. .. N116 Burbank 'Glendale 55. .. . .119 lloover 'Glendale 70. ., ...119 Muir 'Glenclale 53... H411 Pasadena 'Glendale 83. .. . .57 Burroughs 'Glendale 73. .. N50 Burluank 'Glendale 60, .. . .56 Hoover "Glendale 58. .. M1111 Glenclora "Glendale 88. .. N68 Monlelnello "Glendale -45. ,. . .113 EIMon1e 6 'Glendale 71. . . M1111 Compton ""'GIendole 59... .. .49 Fullerton Tolals Qlll l559 Average 63.9 117.2 " 'League Games ' V--fC.I.F. Games vars' I C wanwpionslulp Game SECOND-STRING ALL C.l,F, FORWARD TIM VEZIE, malfvs a luv rn in rlmrmulonslwlp axmv aaninst Fullorlon, as rmfmwl l'-v ll,-wif-won moves rn for rr-luounrl. B BASKETBALL BLASTER DON HAGEN slips Through Tvvo 1-looverdefonders for a score, B SOUAD'S CO-CAPTAINS Don Hagen and Roy Schmidt. "STRONG TEAM PLAY, boTh offensively and defensively, proved ThaT Glendale was one of The Top 'B' Teams in C.I.F.," was The commenT of Coach Ed Gooriian abouT The sparkling "B" hoopsTers who ended Their season wiTh an impressive 17 vvins and 4 losses. The sTarTing five, led by co-capTains Roy SchmidT and Bon Hagen and backed up by a sTrong re- serve bench, Trounced all corners vviTh The excepTion of cross-Tovvn rivals, Hooe ver, The BlasTers dropped all of Their Three nweeTings To The Cyclones. Glen- dales only oTher defeaT came aT The hands ol Burroughs. They spliT one apiece for The season. BEE BASKETBALL SCORES GIendc1Ie's Team OpponenT's score Played score 59 .. .. Marshall .. ... 36 81 .. .. Eagle Rock .. 24 52 ., .... Loyola .,.. .,. 30 75 .. ,.. SanTa Monica ... ... 51 50 .. .. El MonTe 45 43 .. ... CanTvvell ... ... 25 59 .. ... Cafhedral ... ... 37 '47 .. .. Pasadena ... ... 31 '53 .. ,. Burbank .. ... 41 T50 .. ... Hoover ... ... 64 6O,. .,.Arcadia... ...3O H53 .. ., Muir .... 27 H64 .. .. Pasadena ... ... 42 H63 .. Burroughs 38 TW34 .. .. Burbank .. 31 H40 .. Hoover 44 H47 .. .... Muir .... ... 41 TW56 ., ., Pasadena ... ... 34 H51 .. Burroughs 52 H54 .. .. Burbank .. ... 36 H46 ........... Hoover ....... 65 Won 17 LosT 4 'FooThill League Bee Baskefball TournamenT Xi FooThill League Games THE BLASTERS are, Raw lp Bob Perry, Earl Meyers, Rolla Cor- Cary Sclrvvarlz, Gr-arge Wrnn, Don Hagen, Ben Roth, Gary nc-ll, ,lack Drrvlvs, Bruce Mrlflwll, Larry Milfhellree. Row 2: Callres, Coarlr Ed Coorrran, Dave Dundas, Roy Schmidt, Dave Reed, REACH! Cary Schwartz flglwls vvillw two Muir lwoopsters for rebound AWARDS FOR BEST "B" PLAYERS were presenred ar The Basketball Banquet To Don Hagen, most valu- able player, Roy Sclrrniclf, best de- fensive player, Cary Sclwarfz, best rebounder, George Winn, mast im- proved player, and Dave Reed, best free Throw sboorer. BLASTER COACH ED GOORJIAN IT'S HAGEN FOR TWO, as Blaser co-caplain Don Hagen jumps for a buclcef againsl Hoover. 153 VARSITY TRACK X RECORD GLENDALE HlGH'S VARSITY TRACK TEAM for the first time in a decade did not finish in the top division of the Foothill League. Although the Dynos were up to par, the league vvas particularly tough, The spilcesters had to compete with Burbank, Muir, and Hoover, who were three of the top teams in the state. Hoover, in particular, was the top squad the Nitros faced all season. Glendale, however, had many outstanding peitormers. Bob Serin, senior sprint man, dashed to lO.l clockings in the lOO and also ran a 22.7 turlong. Gary Wexler, Dyno sprint man, ran several good 120 high races. His best clock' ing was i5 flat which placed him in with the top ten hurdle men in the CLF. ACE SHOT PUTTER, llahin Paulsen, shows the form that won him many first iilaiv points during the Svason. SPRINGING FORWARD at the starter 5 gun ir a 190 yard highihurdle race against Pasadena are .John Cie-co, Dicln Bioullard, and Gary Wea-ler, THE BEST TRACK SHOWINGS were made in field events. Robin Paulsen heaved the shot a mighty 54 feet to spark the Dynos in that division. Jerry Saulvester, G. H. S. broad jumper, consistently placed among the top three in most events with jumps at Qi-AV, In the mile Gary Gould showed winning form and ran a dazzling 446.5 race. JERRY SAULVESTER, one of the Dyncs finest varsity broad iumpers, leaps into space in pivharation for the Hoover Tornadoes. coNTiNuED S D - COACH LON GRAF, who has been producing great teams at Glen- dale for over n decade, and Coach Charles Hicks, himself a fine atlili-to in his school days discuss the evolution of sports at Clvnrlrale High, VARSITY TRACK CAPTAIN, BOB SERIN. VARSITY FIELD CAPTAIN, ROBIN PAULSEN ,,,..,--- 'f "?f'Z"'--- f QSZQ ,ul -,,,p-gk... rf-ve-me .Q N.-4-Jo. SPRINTERS John Murry, and Bob Serin break the tape in a photo finish with a Notre Dame runner. THE VARSITY TRACK SQUAD, Sitting: Lee Golf, manager, Don Prono, Saulvester, Jim Stratton, John Whitney, Gary Wexler, John Gay, Dave John Annin, Robin Paulsen, Bob Serin, Lloyd Cass, manager, Ray Sand- Andersen. Standing: Gary Crippen, Charles Brady, John Marks, Steve horg, Brad Benton, Wenton Fenninstruther, Richard Buttrins. Kneeling: Gunn, Steve Price, Bob Cruickshank, Kelley Merz, and Richard Brouillard. Keith Moen, Richard Blade, Bob Minke, John Greco, John Short, Jerry og.. POLE VAULTER JOHN ANNIN clears the bor ot ii feet six inches with ease. BEST TIMES TO DATE TOO-Murroy .......... 220--Murroy . . 880-Morshcill .. l2OH-Wexler .. MILE-Gould ..... RELAY ............ . SHOT PUT-Paulsen .... BROAD JUMP--Saulvester POLE VAUl.T+BenTOn . . . ...iO.i ...22.7 ...2:O2 ...l5.0 ...4:46 .i:32.0 .54'iO" 2i'63f,," ..ii'6" RON WITHROW AND JERRY HELTZEL vvotch the motions of Com Hughes ond Bob Serin closely dur- ing a practice relay handoff. THE FLOWING ACTION of high jumper Larry Llewellen is cought in this shot tciken during preparations for the Hoover meet. THE DYNOS hcive once cigain shown the spirit and deterrninotion that hos been synonymous with Glen- dale High since its beginning. Although it looks doubtful thot the Glendale Vorsity track teom will figure in the leogue winnings, the Dynomiters have maintained a record thot is virtuolly untouched in the history ot Foothill League trock, This record is the best of ony team in the Foothill Leogue. But with all the greot men Glendole hos produced in this field one toct stands out above oily it is not what you win but how you win it, Everywhere the spikesters corn- pete they receive the full respect ot their opponents. This odmirotion is due to the tact that the cindermen never ollow their cibility to outweigh their sportsrnon- ship and spirit. B TRACK IT APPEARS that the Glendale B track team has the Foothill League and possibly the C.l.F. wrapped up tighter than a drum, If the B spike- sters continue performing as They have so far, They should be undis- puted kings of the cinder. The B's have already run away with first place honors in the Santa Barbara and Pasadena relays. B sprinter John Murray has run lO.l seconds in the IOO yard dash and 22.7 in The 220. Other great B tracksters showing top performances are Steve Pirie, Roger Dalton, Rick Marshall, Jerry Liebers- bach, Paul Filliger and Bill Szidak. COACH ION GRAF BEE SPRINTER and weightman, John Murray, grim- aces as he puts the shot. x BEE CAPTAINS are Steve Pirie and Paul Filliger, ' . - Q'-sn Q . ,,,. -- ...G INCLUDED IN THE BEE SQUAD are, Row 1: Bill Wolland, Dick Hearn, Gary Gould, Chuck Montgomery, Roy Swanson, Roger Dalton, Steve Pirie, Dean Zeabrinski, Jim Freeland, Rick Marshall, Jerry Liebersbach, Jerry Heltzel, Bill Thomas. Row 2: Stan Hoffenfeld, Dick Kelsey, Tom Morrow, Charles Davis, Larry Luvelyn, Keith Moen, Roger Kirkman, Allan Miller, Steve Simon, Bill Mitchill, Stan Vivas, Bill Marshall, Wilbert 'fr' . fx: ' 'f ,gr gf--cw-..s.,s g . . 4- - . Y - Bergins. Row 3: Dennis Szidak, Gary Hubbard, Paul Filliger, Cam Hughes, Dave Walker, Lonny Eldridge, Jay Merrick, Dick Root, Dick Schofield, Phil Bensing, Hugh Hannigan, Chuck Lynn, Steve Wilbur, Ron Withrow, Bob Rae, Brad Hendricks, Dennis Davis, John Murray, Bob Sutton. 4- SHOT PUTTER DEAN ZABRISKI g s off 1 fine put in the wo m ONE OF THE TOP BEE BROAD JUMPERS an the C.l.F,, MILER GARY GOULD Trikes cmolher fi Y ups of The Mui mem Sieve Pirie Takes off high ond for dur rw M i g uir meer. place in the Glendiile cmdcrs, , Q THREE GLENDALE HIGH SPRINTERS lump of the sound of the sfur1er's gun in the hundred yard dash, DISTANCE RUNNERS Jerry Liebersbcch and Bill Mitchel, finish exhausted offer cn one-Two victory, CTR CK on , Q' INCLUDED IN THE CEE SQUAD are, Row lf Newell Hendricks, Roger Paul Gruop, John Blanchard, Bob Kneiding, Richard Payer, Keith Gronigo, Oyerackor, Dan Prono, Bob Hipolito, Dick Shapiro, Steve Bennett, Bill Tom Caddick, Charles Buck, Jirn Tonner, Cary Case, James Jeffers, Decker, Paul Dobson, Reed Forward, Jim Robbins. Row 2: John Zennaiter, Leroy Liebersloach, Larry McHaan, Richard Weller, Steve Korn. THE GLENDALE HIGH C TRACK TEAM is led by such fine othletes as 660 rnon, Bill Decker, who set a new school record in that event with a time of I:26.7. Other outstanding C Nitros are Bob Hipolito, Richard Shapiro, and Steve Bennett. With such record-breaking personnel and expert coaching from Lon Graf and Charles Hicks, the C Spikesters ore well on their way to securing the Foothill League crown. OUTSTANDING CEE HIGH JUMPER, Steve Korn, edges during cr practice lor tho Hoover meet. COACH LON GRAF, over the bar at ,jp 'IP gi 'tt' ...L ,, 1 -a r wi . I , Q lwiilis-sdfl. ' f ll f f' "f. g...l 5' 4 M. fi I TOM CADDICK TRACK CAPTAIN FIELD CAPTAIN BOB HIPOLITO ONE OF THE TOP CEE 440 MEN in the Crl.F., Bill Decker exerts a sudden burst of speed in the last lap of the relays. by sl' NIE M fl. " fwg I I l .1-Q1-+3-A' ' 's -J Qs-' CROSS COU TRY I if :I IT ,.,,Q,., 4 , -" n LQQQN' CROSS COUNTRY COACH LON GRAF. Not .A pictured, Milce Logan, nssismnr coaclw. . 1 C' 3 GI.ENDALE'S TOP CROSS COUNTRY MAN, Gary Could, fakes fins' plow in 0 rnvel nv Vvrdugo Pork. THIS YEAR THE VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY iedm finislwed Bill Mrirslwoll, Cory Gould, Vcmcer Triodlcr, Sn-vu Simon, second in 'lic lvmgue, withili0J.V.'sTc1l4ingfirsf place irw Rick Hvmri, Jerry Liebersbmclw, tlieii' division The Varsity squnid included: David Walker, D nn. r i 5 E THE JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD Coiwsisled of Reed WPl'Jl'a, Slvwmi MfDoilqr1l, Rriy Simd hourg, Bill Mlicliell, Czipmiri Bind Hendricks, Lvroy Lielvorslyocli, slim Roiir, Jvrly Soul vrfsfer, Bill Tlwomfis. SOPHOMORE CROSS COUNTRY Tmim: Bill Woodwdid, Revd Forwriid, .lim lillmer, D Srliolicld, Doug Tliomoss irlc I f""'xA Z- 7,- ja. 1 as ,, 'R ' , . Q gyfitf ' 3,481 L -M. 2 W .+..,f.x N,M.v:Q 1' A Sf.. I , V " ,Jn , A W. xg 10214 'Y 'IAWQM fV fx? , x Q Q K ff 1 2452 1 1 K , wh. . 'N TX Y S 3 ' Q N, .- ,-' 11 1 AS THE STYLUS GOES TO PRESS, Coach Bill Gelsingers Dynamiter baseball squad has a 3 win 2 loss record, with the team showing fast improvement. Last year's second string all C.l.F. pitcher, Darrell Sutherland, is iust rounding into shape alter being named C.l.F. basketball player ot the year. Because ot the long basketball sea- son, 'iSuds" has not been working out with the rest of the team. Sutherland looked very good against Hoover allowing only two earned runs. Glendale edged out the Tornadoes by a score of 6-5 in a very exciting 9th in- ning. Hoover started the inning in the lead, 5 to 3. How- ever, the Purples walked tour batters in a row, thus scoring one run tor Glendale. At this point, tirst baseman Tim Vezie batted a well-tagged single to right center, scoring two more runs, and making the final tally. THE DYNAMITER BASEBALL SQUAD consists ot, Row T: Paul Nuccio, Don Hagen, Man- ager Karl Orth, Coach Bill Gelsinger, Row 2: Dennis Simila, Tom Poland, Damon Bame, Carlisle George, Doug Stringer, Row 3: Bob Hensler, Bob Rutfner, Bob Farnsworth, Tim Vezie, Darrell Sutherland, Dennis Clow. BOB HENSLER HESITATES on a pitch that does not quite appeal to him. BESIDE5 THE EXCELLENT COACHING of Bill Celsirtger, the Dynos also have many outstanding performers. Among these are Slugger, Doug Stringer, Shortstop, Dennis Similia, Third Baseman, Carlisle George, First baseman, Tim Vezie, Pitcher, Darrell Sutherland, and pitcher, Don Hagen. Backed by a strong squad, these athletes should lead their team to the Foothill League crown and possibly the C.l.F. Championship. COACH BILL GELSINGER GIVES POINTERS on bunting to three of the teams top players, Dennis Simila, Carlisle George, and Doug Stringer. 1 .,, . ,, t' waz. W .,,., M. . . i wg 7 ' mt' ...,-Q. . , ,. .,,,,.,t ,Q-:lPu,T E ' HHS?" H - FIRST BASEMAN TIM VEZIE scoops one out of the dirt just in ' L i time for the put out J V. BA EBALL A SHAPING UP VERY WELL with their 4-l record is Coach Leo Arranaga's Junior Varsity baseball squad. Their only loss so far this season came at the hands of the Burbank Bulldogs. Dan Curtis, Ron Boyer, and Pitcher Lary Johnson are sparking the team to what rnight be another Foothill League crown. Solid hitting by Boyer and Curtis backed up by a strong squad, show a defin- ite threat to all they encounter. J.V. STRIKEOUT KING, Larry Johnson, fires one in during the Hoover game. w 'J " .. +V.. -, P'-. . AL. l --, A SQUEEZE PLAY is performed by Gary Callies and Dan Curtis. THE J.V. BASEBALL SQUAD, Row lr Steve Hunter, Dan Curtis, Dave Carmona, Pete Pistol, Larry Johnson, Earl Meyers, Row 2: Mac Carpenter, John Hensler, Ron Boyer, Earl Adne, Daryll Waldron, Ray Carldunk, Bob Coughron, Dale Marquis. Row 3: Lanny McGrew, Larry Mitcheltree, Mike Miskinnis, Gary Callies, Dick Hadron, Dick Mouser, Jerry Bottrell, Dick Johnson, Coach Leo Arranaga. X! A HOOVER BATTER CONNECTS, but he flies out to ,,- deep left field. STEVE HUNTER takes one inside for a ball, and al- most a free ride to first base TENN S THIS YEAR'S VARSITY TENNIS SQUAD is led by Sopho- more Dave Reed. Reed, who is rated with the best in Southern California, is as strong or stronger than last year's tennis great, Wayne Collett. Larry Weeshoff, num- ber two man, would probably be number one man on any other team in Foothill League, according to Coach Gene Haas. The Dynos top competition this year is a strong Pasadena squad which downed the Nitros early in the season. Haas also stated that it was definitely a race between Glendale and Pasadena for Foothill League, with the Dynos chances being excellent. "Wig-s-,zxwh HAROLD PETERSON AND Anvio RONNFELDT warm up in Q doubles practice COACH GENE HMS gives some pointers 10 the Sqwdf number match on the Glendale concrete. One FOOD Dove Reed. LARRY WEESHOFF, one of the strongest number - ...I I - . I qv' two singles men in the League, shows his THE VARSITY TENNIS SQUAD is composed of, Row If Wendell Hanks, Clark Jolley, Larry Gates, Lauren Filbec, Richard Neise, Gordon Hoover. Row 2: Jim Kilgore, Jack Hoffman, Steve Olson, Dave Reed, Clay Crowley, Harold Peterson, Ken Stilts, Dennis Elwell, Arvid Ronnfeldt. fine serve. V 1 xy ,.-. 6 VARS TY SWIMMING THE VARSITY SWIM TEAM exploded for its second ..........-..,, successive Foothill League crown. The Dynos, sweep- ing all three divisions, had no trouble in defeating all of their loop foes, The Red and Black were leol in the varsity division by Captain Jim Baugh, swimming in the 200 yard free and IOO backstroke events. Champion of the butterfly event was senior Booth Hartley, who streaked to a 58.6 second clocking. Other top Varsity aauamen were Joel Kotin, Bill Lycett, Ralph Powers, and Vance Bennett, K ,ww -ui THE VARSITY DIVING TEAM, Row I1 Don Zinke, Charles Watson, Ron HEAD SWIMMING COACH Rariier Deltllandel and Coach Bill Chunn, McVey, Robert Anderson, Ron Whitfield. Standing: Coach Cliff Hooper, Cecil Cunningham, Ron Frazier, Barry March, John De Bey. A GRACEFUL iacknife is performed by Ron McVey before the spectators' watchful eyes. I ,rf I 1 4 Q '-X . if C ssi . san. , K, 5.. gi, , . COMPOSING THE VARSITY SWIM TEAM are, Row I: Coach Bill Chunn, Steve Saylor, Mike Cummins, Gary Nelson, Bill Lycett, Vance Bennett, Nick Schoenmann, Head Coach Ranier DeMandeI. Row 2: Joel Kotin, John Sheete, Bob McDougal, Booth Hartley, Bob Mosier, Ralph Powers, Tom Sherwood, Captain Jim Baugh. SWIMMI G THE BEES are, Row I: Val Le Clercq, Gary Williamson, Bill Giles, Bob Lidell, Rockne Dudolph, Bob Christiansen, Jim Davies. Row Q: Ted Anderson, Dick Schultz, Kent Graham, Don Plusch, Lee Haltgren, Steve Stone, Linn Hoadley, Mike Howard, Steve Williams, Bob Schultz, Gary Kline, Hank Grigsby, Darryl Thomander, .lohn Pope, Wayne Apgar, Larry Patton, S WIMMI G THIS YEAR GLENDALE PRODUCED a top star who ranked high in CIF swimming, Nick Schoenmann. Nick so far has set three un- official CIF records in free style events. Be- sides Schoenmann, the C squad was led by Captain Mike Towles, Mike Boyle, Peter Rusch, Don Schirmer, Ruffin Ring, and Dave Wilms. Once again the Cees captured the Foothill Leage crown. l him one of top Cee backstrokers. GLENDALE'S CHAMPION B SQUAD by captain Rockne lRockyl Rudolph, swam their way to their second straight Foot- hill League crown. Top Performers were Jim Davies, Gary Kline, and Bob Shultz in the butterfly, Larry Patton, Bob Lidell, Steve Saylor, and Dick Schulz in the back- stroke, Darryl Thomander, Rocky Ru- dolph, Gary Nelson, and Gary William- son in the Freestyle. cm' w - , ' 'V' 4 V - l . - Q . .-me QW , , ,,.ff.-"- . l l , K 'v I '-' tw i 3 1 ' rf 'V-pr, K, v-....,. .. Qt . 'fi .- , - -. . A . ' I X' 'K jic, f K, i I l fr in .,' rf.,g-gf,l BEE CAPTAIN Rocky Rudolph lleftl gets set for the gun to start a freestyle event against Hoover. THE CEE SWIM TEAM, Row I: Don Schirmer, Dave Wilms, Pete Rusch, Roger Rudolph, Ryan Parkes, Blake Smith, Steve Stewart. Row 2: Mike Towles, Bob McGhie, Nick Scheonmann, Ruffin Ring, Mike Boyle, Dave Snell, Roy Lycett. CEE CAPTAIN Mike Towles shows the form that made I67 'Qs l' 'Ylllnr YQ!!! L QHIQYQ T A STEPPINGSTONE on The way To col- lege, a career, or marriage - This is high school - This is Glendale. Now ThaT Their years aT Glendale have come To an end vasT new horizons exfrf' ' before Them as Thes ' miliar sc wf2a9'5?KH'Qff Qwa3gQ ll I W 1.-1-MW., . . .MA . P nn Forbes-Robinson, Joy Burton, Reva Johnson, Cindy Radner, Nanci SENIOR COUNCIL MEMBERS are, Row lr Melinda Zemke, Janie Fisher, Linda S y Hoy, Carol Humiston, Sandy Murphy, Carolyn Ahlers, Cora Doty, Gail Ashcroft, Anderson, Carol Mason, Pat Pearson, Steve Chenovveth, Barry Bottrell. Row 3: Sandy McDougall, Virginia Poole, Pam Briley, Kathie Locke, Pat Goldthwaite, Tory Yaphe, Clay Crowley, Cary Yovvell, Dean Colvin, Joltn Redfern, Bruce Jocey Delmonte, Connie Sontag, Row 2: Dave Beckett, Jesse McGinty, Connie Daniels, .James Marvin, Paul Beckett, Fred Port, Jim Baugli, Dennis Cliiggia. Cooper, Karen Deacon, Pit Stoval, Carolyn Hoop Charlotte Mc u ugh if WMLW ol"llQf,!fy,fft'Alp7xf'0!i!f!y!! A ,VW gtgigt ifvtgi feff TKULISASS ffwwilt' W it A TH SEN C UNCIL, con posed ot t ss ot icers a d one representative from each American government and senior problems class, met weekly to keep the business of the Senior Class running smoothly, Securing a company to print announcements, planning tor the senior prom, the senior party, the senior banquet and deciding upon a class gitt were among the council's activities. The representative re- ports the councils actions to his class and takes back to the council any ideas from his class. When an activity has been planned, any Senior may sign up through his represen- tative to work on it. Through the co-operation and partici- pation ot the entire class the council has been an active representation of all Glendales seniors. CLASS YELL LEADER Clay Crowley explains the routine DISCUSSING LAST MINUTE PLANS for the Senior Prom are class officers Jocey Delmonte, . ' . .-4 he intends to use in the Oiatorical to Mr. Dudley Graham, treasurer, Sandy Murphy, song leader, Kathie Locke, secretary, Pat Pearson, vice presic ent, class advisor. and Barry Bottrell, president. 1-5 'Q iv I5 . A ."' -li 4 if 'y . f A 'I 'K 6. SLT! 5? Q, klyr-I iff? Y i . og 71 lv:-K3 5' C37 C"5 -' 1 ar- wr 4 . 127 'ls' 'Vw -- 77 Fix Qs- Tir LINDA ABBOTT CAROLYN AHLERS DONNA ACKEHURST RONALD AIKENS JANE ADAMS GERDA ALISCH CAMILLE ADILE NANCY ALLEN WALTER ADRIAN HENRY ALVAREZ Yrfy BOYD ANDERSEN MARY SUE ANDERSON SHARON ARENDALE DAVID ANDERSEN NANCI ANDERSON JOHN ARNDS ELDON ANDERSEN SAMUEL ANDERSON GAYLE ASHCRAFT CAROL ANDERSON SHARON ANDERSON BARBARA ASKEW DEANNA ANDERSON JOHN ANNIN GARY ATKINSON CHARLES AUER DIANE AUSTIN BARBARA PATRICIA AXTMAN LEONARD BACKUS SENIORS WILL REMEMBER: DOING CALISTHENICS IN THE GYM ON RAINY DAYS 'N-L C CHARLES BEATTY DAVID BECKETT PAUL BECKETT WILLIAM BELL JAMES BENSON N QI -.Cf 1' Q... pw., 5, is.- T , if-r 1' fu' 4-" 'Y' Vx -.757 14' C77 fr' ' 'ua vw-A 9+ I RITCHIE BENSON TIMOTHY BICE MARY BERGHUIS JUDITH BILLINGSLEY GAIL BERTIN PATRICIA BISHOP PATRICIA BIANCHI SUSAN BLACKSTONE BR EARLENE BOYCE JULIA BRADFORD CHARLES BRADY MICHAEL BRANT GREGORY BRIGHT PAMELA BRILEY DONNA BRISCOE RONALD BROCCA ANDREA BRODINE BETTE BROOM Ib .nnsfw YT-J NR 'N xl Iv BONITA BLAKE ALAN BOEHMER STERLING BLANCHARD RONALD BOGGIS JAMES BLUM CAROLYN BOHN IDA BOEHM MARILYN BOHN ,NST QT Tw' 'I ... K- '15 41. . 4,32 fo-I vw-v. LINDA BONK VIRGINIA BOULGER BARBARA ANN BONNAR JAMES BOWDEN BETTY BORRESON LANDELL BOWMAN RICHARD BARRY BOTTRELL MARDEAN BOWMAN 50' A za S. 'L' 5 'Z' I y ,Q 1 I 0 R I I Alf . . ., VL ., Tai "U , 'Q fin' :ska A ' '11 ky . in f.E,.'b- " -'Ib 11" ' 'FRN JN wg-v vin 'Q' '!1"""? 'N 'vv x VYYQ ,Z , ,fa M., ff 1 A A 2 :S L A S fm. I " ' ' QM ' I 4 . K I - 1' Sl Q " I x I JANICE BROUGHTON RICHARD BROUILLARD EVALYN BROWN GARY BROWN LAUREL BROWN MELVIN BROWN RONALD BROWN DENNIS BUECHLER DE LORISE BROWNE CAROLYN BROYLES STEVEN BRUNNER SUSAN BRUTSCH .T 4 Q. ' ,.. 5 r X .- YI Q 4 46 R df' Q' x Q' A .A rm xfgf RPL. Sx.b wk X. fd LORETTA BUNCH PATRICIA BUNN SHARON BURKE PEGGY BURNS 3- ,fm . N Q., v C BONNIE BURTON LINDA JOY BURTON PATRICIA BYERS LUCILLE CAMMILLERI BEVERLY CAMPBELL 4-5 17" CURTIS CAMPBELL JOHN CAMPBELL RAY CAMPBELL PHILLIP CAPPS WILLIAM CARDER V541 CHARLES CAREY DENNIS CARHART JUDITH CARLSON SARA CARLTON STEPHEN CARNEY CYNTHIA CASE JAMES CASH NITA CASH LLOYD CASS FORREST CASSIDY LW, 8 G QV- sp- I Q px is 'Qs' . v-A--v X A QQ? Qf.,0 'Q 1- 1 5. QV-rx QF'-1 sh-1 15 Bw 'Wifi WV' BOLD AND BRASSY, the swing bond emerfoined of informoI occasions. AN Q GARY CASTLE MARJORIE CASTLEN MARILYN CHAFFEE DARRYL CHAPMAN STEPHEN CHENOWETH WILLIAM CHRISTENSEN JERRY CHRISTIAN BONITA CHRISTOPHER JACK CHRISTY DAWN CHURCHILL VINCENT CICONE SUSAN CIZEK BARBARA CLARK BETTY CLARK SUSAN CLARK 'lr 1- 33' THOMAS CLARK RICHARD CLARKE NANCY CLAUSEN GARY CLAYBURGH SAMUEL CLEMENT DAVID DEAN COLVIN JAMES JUDHH SHIRLEY u. SENIORS WILL REMEMBER: THE SWING BAND REI? wg' 5 v L C C' T' ,,s. Q- I3 we-1 71 Cv 3-' 53 45 fb Y'--I BONNIE COOK GEORGE COOK ARRETT COOMBS ONNIE COOPER ROLYN COPELAND RICHARD CORBIN CAROL CORRALES MICHAEL A. COURTWAY BEVERLY COWAN SHARON COX JAMES CRAW DEANNE CRAWFORD ROSE MARIE CRIMO GARY CRIPPIN SHIRLEY CRONAN 13" JOHN CROSETTI CLAIRE CROWLEY CLARENCE CROWLEY GERTIE CRUZE LEON CUNNINGHAM VELMA CURTINDALE DARLENE CURTIS MARLENE CURTIS LAURALEE DANIELL BRUCE DANIELS vvx 6' N 1 ! CHRISTINE D'ARC JAMES DAVIES JANET DAVIS JENNIFER DAVIS LYNNE DAVIS KAREN DEACON "!"' WILLIAM DECKER ,- T' - Y 5 THIN: ' -t" , u, . ,J . 4 . ,II .I Q hr 4 K Z1 :yay f I ' Kfrgidffyli' 's 'QI H 'I I ' Sf' ' cg -Q mi! I M Lfr kfillsfig' X wi' PATRICIA DEJACOMO I 3 I K o GEORGE DEL CAMPO LYNNE DeLERAY , W L v 1 'P 'ur' x,,' 'TW If Q E ju.. Qwvx rj in...- EDWIN DODDS PATRICIA DOMINIAK NANCY DOWNE5 PHILIP DOLD CORA DOTY DENNON DENNY SALVATORE DiMARCO GARY DIXON ROGER DUKE X rv 1' 6 R bs - '25 sg' 1:-.7 V - I ARTHUR DUNCAN JEANNINE DUPUIS E S 1 bf 4..- 'r:::"+ WILLIAM EGGEN TAMARA ELIOT JODY EMERSON EDWARD ESCHER TAMARA EVENS MARIE HARDO THOMAS ELLISON JULIE ERICKSON JACK ESTERLY ROBERT FARNSWORTH JOHN ELEY DENNIS ELWELL KENNETH ERICKSON SYLVIA EVANS JOHN TIMOTHY FARRELL LINDA FELDMAN DAVID FERGUSON JUANITA FERNANDEZ 5 JOANN FERONA GERALDINE FILBECK I 4 IQ, gif JI 1-Q it ,1- 3' O ! lbfs Q-" 17" PAUL FILLIGER JANE FISHER fm .34- bf - 4 . ,, 53? K ' I MARY FISHER STEVEN FITCH KRISTI FLOTRON BOYD FOGERSON JUDITH FLEGAL PENNY FORBES-ROBINSON ,hvx qv' YU 'f 55,1 'QW' T" JERRY FORD JUDITH FOX EMMA LOU FRENCH SHIRLEY GALBRAITH MARY FOREST PENNE FREEBAIRN JEAN FROMME LOUISE GALINDO KATHLEEN FORSNAS GARY FREIMAN DAVID FUSON BARBARA GARABEDIAN SENIORS WILL REMEMBER: THE PRACTICES WHICH SPURRED THEM T0 THE ORATORICAL VICTORY SENIORS GATHER in The Senior glen to receive lost minute instructions from their class leaders for ine oroforicoi, q--w va, Q-1' fl , 'S K' 5: Y:-fx " . 'Z , f"'1 T fs qc' " ' ' fy Q' K- cQ,,, Y. , I I ' ff,-Z ROBERT GARDINER CAROL GERTZ DARLENE GILMORE JOYCE GODFREY KARWYN GOODRICH CHARLOTTE GEBOE DENNIS GHIGGIA LESTER GIVENS NANCY GOELLER JUDITH GOODYEAR CARLISLE GEORGE JAMES GIBSON GARY GLAZIER PATRICIA GOLDTHWAITE LYNNE GORDON CI- JAMES GORIS COURTLAND GOSSERAND STANLEY GOULD 179 L ' I 'J' 1- A. 6- 1:-1 Q:-f' ' L 'w ff . . .5 If x'R ,EJ '? 34' 3' TT' .- 'L 4-A 'Q' 5 if--'Y if 'Uh - ' 'I-4, A S7 T u TP' Z' 9 aux IC' . bu,- TKZ ' C' SHARON GRAGG RICHARD GRAHAM MARY GRAVES BRUCE GRAY JERE GRAY LAURIN GRAY JOHN GRECO BARBARA SUE GROSHANS JOAN GREEN SUSAN GREENLEAF SHARON GREIG JUDITH GRIFFIN GORDON GRIMMEIHS MARVIN GSELL BARBARA GUERRERO CHARLENE HAAS DAVID HABER GARY HAHN Q. if NI XX X I Z' W' "' I fi- ' MARY HALL lf'- SHARON HALL EMILY HALLAN KATHY HAMEL L BONNIE HANSON DANIEL HANTMAN SANDRA HARDWIDGE STANLEY HARING 35' 'TU' s, - P' WL I I CAROL HAHNLEIN LARRY HALL Z5 l Y" WARREN ANN HARRIS PARMELEE ROBIN HARRIS fx. if f nun I 1 ,, , ...., ln.. ?""v 1?'f"' ,V Imp 0 '4' 4' . KRISTINE HEIGOLD JOHN HELTZEL LINDA HENDERSHOT GEORGE HENDRICKS LINDA HENDRICKS CAROL HENDRIX 6- QXZT1' I A If 4- bfvl -fb. L , , vm GLORIA JEAN HENRY ROBERT HENSLER LE ROY HERMANN JANICE HEROLD GARY HICKLING CAROL HIGGINS ROBERT HILL BONNIE HILLARD JON HILLEN ROGER HILTON DIANE HOEHN JACK HOFFMAN 2-1-'I Ss 1. 17" vs if 41 o lr .Xi AVA HARRISON HARTLEY HARTLINE HARTWIG L if YVONNE HARVEY ANDREA HASLER DIANE HAYES JOHN HAYES ROBERT HAYNES ROBERT HEADY RICHARD HEARN SANDRA HEARN -U.. '-r 1' 'L 42? I I I J r .Bw 'Q y -Al , nv! ' T' if , U' f -rf' 6 LAWRENCE HOFFMAN LEE ANN HOLDEN JEAN HOLLEY JOAN HOLM .IO ELLEN HOMAN GILBERT NEIL HOOKER SENIORS WILL REMEMBER: NOON HOURS IN THE SENIOR GLEN THE GLEN was c1 haven for Seniors but out of bounds for underclossmen, The folly on the woII indicates the mrmhor of Trespnssers dunked in The fish pond. , 4' 459 E I , "r i S -Q: N n -ea. 1, wx -H Q: CAROLYN HOOP BETTY HOWE LEON HOWETH RAYMOND HOYAL JEAN HUBBARD ALLEN HUFNAGEL THOMAS HORTON RUSSELL HOWELL LINDA HOY GARY HUBBARD SONIA HUBNER WILLIAM HUGHES -v' VW 'L ...- K Z1 CAROL HUMISTON CAROL HUMMEL BARBARA HUMPHREYS CHARLOTTE HUNTER ROBERTA IRETON WAYNE IVEY 'ltzvx fi' Lg. 'IO' 11!'f" JOAN JACK MARTIN JACOBSTEIN HARVEY JEDYNAK THOMAS JENKINS DONALD JACOBSEN JUDITH JAISSLE WILLIAM JENCKS DENNIS JENNINGS sr :.', S-f LW "" V7 '::' J" I, 'fir I 'A g N' ,A L' .rf .X ,sg A Qifxyf xA -ny! IRL ,A . pg, jg 'L-..... WILLIAM JENSEN ROBERT JOHANNESEN REVA JOHNSON WILLIAM JOHNSON DOFERIS JOLLIFFE ROBERT JUEDES RICHARD JEWETT JOSEPH JOHNSON SHERRILL JOHNSON CLARK JOLLEY BRUCE JONES MARCIA KALDE A414 ,K I N 4 Y K F 6' x .C ' fr ,i X ,Q 1 Q . ..- Q. -fm GLENDA KIYOKO KAMI RICHARD KEIL JANE KENDALL CAROLYN KEY LINDA KING JUDITH KINTZINGER TAMARA KAUFMAN LENORE KELSO RUTH KENNEDY DOROTHY KIMBALL JANICE KINNAN JOAN KIPPER 5 Y R ,. '54 I ty' an X I J ggp --4,51 R Ig. gf 5 .. jg" ',. -Q ......, vVi,,I.aQ 5. I tg I I811 A .1 'Eat' 4" R53 'T T hX Q Q1 2 'iw' 5 .cw my si kfv WILLIAM LANGLAND KAY LENSAR KATHRYN LINNE KATHIE LOCKE DAVID LOFFTUS CONSTANCE JERRY LEE MARK LERNER RICHARD LIPP BEVERLY LOCKIE ROBERT TERRAL LOFT ALLAN LOTT FRED LEHMAN JERRY LIEBERSBACH COBEY LITTEN CARL LOCKWOOD LISLE LOGAN-JONES ERNEST LUND LINDA LEMING KAREN JUNE LINDSTEDT JON LLOYD ROSALIE LOESCHER DONALD LOMBARDI WILLIAM LYCETT 5. 6- . -'fx x lQi'3x4S:555 ,IJ-f Q Tir an 'T' 1'2- . J.-1 1.-"V fs ,. . 'YZ if isa iff-v ROLAND KIRSTEIN ELLEN KNEIDING KURT KLEILE JOHN KOMER D .. cf " '-fgff I A R+ I I EEA ' it w. 'Y yn 4' X ,. ma if I SN 3 nf 1. YO' P. ,E MACALUSO MARY MALONE MGCARTHUR JULIE MANDERBACH SCOTT MUCDONALD JANICE MANEKI CAROLE MQCSWEEN EMILY MANICCIA JOEL KOHN RICHARD KRECK KENNETH KRIEGER KENT KUSTER WILLIAM KOVACS CATHERINE KREISEL HARRY JOSEPH KROENING JAMES LACEY 6- .hm QT' , EELE ', 5,-f. . 5, I E A I ff? 'FLEA I 1 ,S ,a-nr" DAVID MARDER SUSAN MARIETTE BERYL MARTIN TONI MARTIN if 65' hr-ff fr I Q P' , 5. my' 5' Z K U' if' ' Q Lg a . x I . WILLIAM MARTIN ROBERT MARTINI JAMESON MARVIN EARL MARX CAROL MASON THOMAS MCADAM JOHN MASSEY DIANE MCBAIN ELAINE MATTHIAS WILLIAM MCCALL CHARLOTTE MAURO MICHAEL MCCLURG SENIOR Gail Seobury direds football cord 'K 13- S54 If ge - iw- ' L... ' C: Sm .,, Q M 'th X 4 L ,... S 'L' ' NS A .. 3, 'Q , 5, 'Q ""f " 'P - S ,- .Nm X, , fi Y nf 'S ' IS ,, fr ss 1 , r V . 1K . We Q 5 R Q, -Q: Q., rv I1 , ,I I f I , I I Il! 1534- 3 II vi 'ix 'STAN , aw 'Q bf ' 34 Y'-v if 3 sfunfs os spectators watch The effectiveness of GIendcIIe's sfunt. ALICE MCCONNELL LINDA LEA MCCRARY FRED MCCORD ROSE LYNN MCCORMICK BONNIE MCCULLOUCH CHARLOTTE MCCULLOUGH SANDRA MCDOUGALL SYLVIA McDOWELL CAROL MCENTYRE SHEILA MCFADDEN KATHLEEN MCFARLAND JESSE MCGINTY SUSAN McKEE JAMES MCQUAY ROBERTA MCSHIRLEY SENIORS """ 'CF' I 42 3, few X . I x ,. :sf- BYRON MELENDY MARSHA LINDA MELOCH CAMILLE MEYERS ROGER MERCIER MELANIE MEYERS WILLIAM MERRITT GERALDINE KELVIN MERZ FRANK MILLARD WILL REMEMBER: PARTICIPATING IN THE PEP SECTION PRIME Z7 if -v 'TP ka X? 94-- 7 YZ? E 15' ' I I I I ,4 t' JOEL MILLER GERALDINE MITTON KATHY MONTANA SHARON MILLER DAVID MOCK DARLENE MOORE PEGGY MINNI MARGARET MOHR SHARON MOORE MISKINNIS LEE MOLHO DAVID MORELLI MISTRETTA JOSEPH MONARCO DONNA MORGAN JOHN MORGAN KALETA MORGAN MELISSA MORGAN NANCI MORRIS PENNY MORRIS JANET MUELLER ALINE MULLER NANCY JO MULLER SALLY MUNGER VIRGINIA MUNGER SANDRA MURPHY SU ANN MURRAY MICHAEL MYERS JANICE NAVATTO LEONARD NEHLSEN A.I K A i V X ...- lx X iv, Fe-f 44? PATRICIA NEIDRICK GARY NELSON MAUREEN NELSON MYRNA NELSON RICHARD NETHERLIN DONALD NEWSOME BONNIE NICHOLS KAREN NICHOLS ww SHARRON PARRISH PATSY PASCO CLAIR PATCHEN JACK PATTERSON ROBIN PAULSEN DAVID PAXTON PATRICK PEARSON CONSTANZA PEINADO PAULETTE PENEFF ELIZABETH PENNY J' ' 6' Fd' ' waz I Q Ny xx, 5- -Ii-f Y If "ax .4--L Q ' 'ET' DIANA NICOLAUS JOHN NILSON MERRY O'CONNELL LINDA ODELL P Q' 'ff f 'D S- . 1:-v ff'- Qld' Tb' Q--v I.. 'II' BEVERLY OIEN ROBERT OLDFIELD STEPHEN OLSON JOHN OROSE 'Nix l bv rv-s if I ,Msg Q 'C' 'Z N Q '-' M' XXX aff I I an nv I f .G sr Q.. -f . I ' ,fm , I f I Af' nf NANCY OSBORNE ROBERT PAPSTEIN KAREN OTIS DE ANN PARK COREEN PACKARD MARIE PANFILL PETER PARKER YOLANDA PARRA YQ. IQ' ,-X gf-vs fn' . W O 5, L4 I I 4: EW x 0 N 1'9" VERNON PERA ROBERT D. PETERSEN MICHAEL PIERCE VALERIE PIERSOL JOHN PITTS VIVIAN PLUMB JAMES POLLOCH ROBERT L, PETERSEN VIRGINIA POOL FRED PORT RALPH POWERS PATRICIA PRATA JUDITH PRATT 2 Y ir-Y if 4- SLJZANNE PFEIFFER RICHARD PRESCOTT LESLIE PRESSMAN RICHARD PRESSNALL GARY PRESTON STEPHEN PRICE 1' BARBARA PHILLIPS JOSEPH PRIESTER EDWARD PRONO IRENA PUZULIS BONNY PYLES CYNTHIA RADNER gun 1- T' ROGER PHILLIPS PAMELA RAPHAEL SUE RATHSBLIFTG GORDON RAWLINS CHARLES REA ROBERT RECTOR if JOHN RFDFERN TONI REINDL DOROTHY RHEA BRUCE RICE GRACE RICHARDS -4.1 'I .' 'Q W' 12:9 4 I X J if it 1 a iq-'v ,- wr--' Sw X fl C. lj 'vu W.. J-- WSI' -ag sf fy? of - Q I bf- E"' .6 5 wg- vx"V I 5 4 C T., 90 Qfgii' , ' " F , GERRY ROBBINS .5,i"1E1,- 05'-' . ' ' ' fi Q. 1 7 4 l ' - vw. 1 1541? Qxs' v. , h. ,,. u Nl 2f'?Zi:fHQ3"1'- ij A .,. . - 4 1' -- ' sb .nf 'argl JI 1, .I 1 ' A 'gi K ' 'H ' " L. I . P8 X' W ' a 'Y JAMES RICHARDS gn Q . 5 V E fLbp,jJ.,'1 R "'5515.'fI'5,:Lgf' ' - Q BRENDA ROBICHAUX . di .IN L is 5 X .QI RICHARD RIEDEL 4 4 DANA ROE 1 Q ROBERT RING K he, ' '27 -1 J If N, J , ,Q 1 J f nk - ? bf Y, ROBERT ROE NELSON RISING b qma- DONNA RoNcoNl NANCY Ross Anvlo RONNFELDT LYNN RossALL arid' fc LC UO' ' Q 7 CONRAD ROGERS lv s' I Ag , JOYCE SADLER JOHN SAMUEL KAREN RISINGER LAWRENCE SAGERS RAYMOND SANDBORGH ',f.., JUDITH SAMET MICHAEL SANDER l K Q-'wt' LYNN ROUNTREE RICHARD ROWE ROBERT RUNNELS LEATRICE RUSSELL ROBERT RUSSELL RICHARD RYAN STANLEY ROUSE ROCKNE RUDOLPH PETER RUSCH PETER RUSSELL LEE RYAN STEPHEN SABEL '47 1:57 SCHEELS JERRY SCHMITT JOHN SCHOOK CHARLES SCOTT GAIL SEABURY PATRICIA SHAFFER SCHEMBRI BRYNA SCHNEIDER JUDITH SCHOEN CLAUDIA SCOTT RUTH SeKAVA DIANE SHAPIRO ROY SCHMIDT JEAN SCHNEIDER KENNETH SCHULKE JUDITH SCRIBNER ROBERT SERIN VICTOR SHAW t pw, gg. 'fig YI' qs Sr X A if R Wg y 5.4. if if if I :gk 1 Q " 1711. .K ,MV - Pio. sp 'IT E I 3 JOHN SHEELY RICHARD SHELLY JOHN SHIELDS BRIAN SHOEMAKER PATRICIA SHOMLER RAYMOND SIENS C' SENIORS WILL REMEMBER: GLENDALE'S PARTICIPATION IN THE ROSE PARADE NITROETTES AND THE DYNAMITER MARCHING BAND perform before The eyes of hundreds of fans and television viewers. 2? mai: ' .,-X xi wa K- J W 5, ir, T Q, I 5 A ,- 'Ui Hb' Y' v- :vu 1' as YT? -as -. 'IIN "Ut fa It' , DAVID SILVIUS CAROLE SIMMONS SHERRY SIMPENDERFER KATHRYN SIRK PATRICIA SKAHEN FRED SLABAUGH DENNIS SIMILA WILLIAM SIMON BEVERLY SIMPSON JEAN SIVERTSEN JERILYN SKINNER BEN SLIGER Ar if Q' Q' W2 THOMAS SLOAN PATRICIA SLOCUM BERT SMITH DORTHEA SMITH GLORIA SMITH JULIAN SMITH . I 41: X . I . S5 I X.-'S X M 1. ,gb , . if X L IAIQEE SMITH SHARON SMITH EvEIeETT SNOOK CONNIE SONNTAG PRESTON SMITH TORREY SMITH Io ANN SOLBERG KATHERINE SPEARS WILLIAM SPEEDIE BRENDA SPENCER GEORGE STAFFORD MARY STAYMAN LINDA STEEL PATRICIA STILLMAN BARRY SPENCER SHIRLEY STADLER GUNILLA STAVENOW ROBERT STEBBINGS PHYLLIS STEPHENS KENNETH STILTS J SI! 1 A A - bf .YET s'Sx an 3 4 w . 0 . 315,15 . .ff es' ,. . pf A' bf' -f' un- . 15? , I X .V I 3 1 'Ti T X Z5 R -gps Q-4 sn... gn. 4 bf ,fs fs .- 5. ,i I7 . 'I' ..f2fIif:'lf 'L , I-'Iii' 51 295 41" TRINA STINE ROBERT STRATTON LEWIS STODDARD MARELINE STRAUGHN MARY STOECKEL JOHN STREETMAKER TED STOEVER DAVID STRINGER HEATH STOKES KAYE STROMBERG PATRICIA STOVALL LINDA STURGEON QS.-f GERALDINE SULLIVAN ROSS SULLIVAN THOMAS SUTER DARRELL SUTHERLAND JAMES SUTTLE GREGORY SUTTON ,,. i 50' 1'.:"'r' KG- 35 Inf, CZ" "f ire! A l IQ M, in QT w Av 1 Y, A, IV ' BETHEL SZOSTEK FRANK TALBOTT NANCY TAYLOR NANCY ANNE TAYLOR CAROL TENCH - OTTO THEURER JERRY THOMAS WILLIAM THOMAS BARBARA FRED THOMPSON JUDY THOMPSON PAMELA TH1 A , Or" ,,. . Wa I 921 5 L - . .J-f 7: I ' I I f I ' Maw ' RALPH SWARTZ Rum swAmz 999 5 DONALD TREPTOW DOUGLAS TRIPLETT ALLAN TROTTER THOMAS TUCKER DORELLE TURNER THOMAS TUTTLE 0' 11" JOY TYE RICHARD TYLER THOMAS TYRRELL DONALD TYSSEE GORDON UNGLES BRUCE UPPMAN JOANNE VANDERBYL VANCE VANDERMEY KAY VAN VLEET PENNELOPE VARGISH LINDA VAUGHN CAROL VER WEST .5', 1:- .-4'I A5 1 41 lp. -ai l gf! ""?.T' if .gym 1. - Cu' f-' In 'D- ' r I Q Q ge W! A ' W , .f , 'Y-v,.,,.x as lik? V I, I Q ! ,Z 9 I uv 'C' ALAN TISDALE JOHN TOMEI DIANE TOMLIN ANN TOMLINSON R' i-wx , I 'T DALE TOWN SAN PATRICIA GAIL TOWNSAN DONALD TRAVERS VANCE TREIDLER f tl" 6' '- ,pf -so, ' 1' Wg 'I ' -L 1' LI' N4 1, I ' I I I H if Q'-if -A i wt' 5- Q5 N, l 51 4' . ujij Q n X J 1 Tim Velie Jo Lee Waggoner Gloria Waldron Ruth Wallace Nancy Waltner Catherine Waters RObSfT VOlll1GfdT Carol Wahl David Walker Bruce Walter Judith Warner Gary Watson . Q I fry l l W J if V J l If 'ws A i f' . si - Q lsr: pi Mlgsqitggir, 'fav 1 me ,uw 1ii,i,, ff.. ' ir" 's ' Q-g.i.iQ3L , fn ffm Q. Mffiirfifi is C' ,x - T7 .V ,liffi-.girl . , f , ,,','f', is, - ,i , , . . vi, .. 4 vw . 1. - .' " " . nv -. . ma., 4 . xi: X l K if A 1 ki 'vu ln.. ' - Q Q .r--k . sv, wi, , ,K :-u f Alaris Weltner Sandra Westland Nancy Wheelock John Whitney Mary Virginia Wiley Susan Williams James Werner Kathryn Weston Jeffrey White Erwin Wickhorst Alvin Willems David Wilms 196 Gmfeli WSSP Gary Wexler Patricia Whiting Julie Wiese Melvin Willems Bonnie Wilson JGY Wesf Anna Mae Wheelbarger Charleen Whitmire Carolee Wiles Sue Ann Williams James Wilson Q. Patricia Watson Paul Weaver William Wayman Sharon Weaver si d"A Q ' K , , 21, M ' ' 'wwwzxgs J A . far Y, Xi ff uf V. Frank Reed Webb Lawrence Weeshoff Marilyn Weitz Russell Wells Thomas Webber Spencer Weiser Donald Wells Ann Lea Welshofer rj 1, 11' x . 5, 'i 5- il -4 x. ,f 'H' 'A Q Louis Wilson Charles Wirtz Marilyn Wolther Harriett Woodward Mary Wynhausen Harley Young Norman Wilson Robert Wiseman Sandra Wolze Donald Wotherspoon Tory Yaphe Gary Yowell Robert Wilson Marjorie Witt Barbara Roberta Wood Darryl Wright Georgia Yerkes Thomas Zack Donald Wintz Grace Wocher Wendy Woodford Robert Wulf Caroline Young Deborah Zeller Senior Activities Melinda Zemke John Zennaiter Henry Zwicky John Cope Gerald Saulvester THIS SECTION is to give credit to the Seniors who have contributed time and talent to Glen- dale by participating in extra curricular activities through clubs, organizations and by holding offices. All Seniors were limited to listing five activities although many had more than this number. Roman numerals refer to year of participation. ABBOTT, LINDA - Honor Society ll, III, Pep Club I, Ill, Civlnettes II. Class Council ll, Junior States- men II. ACKEHURST, DONNA-Latin Club I, Il, Sparklers I, Nitroettes Il, G.A.A. l. ADILE, CAMILLE - Ass't Editor- ln Chief of Explosion Ill, Honor Society III, Scribblers ll, Com- merce Club II, Ill, Editor of school news magazine. ADRIAN, WALTER - Class Coun- cll II. AHLERS, CAROLYN - Latin Club I, G.A.A. I, II, III, civinenes II, III, Pep Club II, A.S.B. Yell Leader Ill. ALISCH, GERDA "GEEBlE"-Girls' League Board ll, III, Cabinet Ill, G,A.A. I, ll, Ill, Honor Society Ill, Civinettes Il, Ill. ALLEN, NANCY - Honor Society I, ll, Ill, Debate Club Ill, Junior Statesmen I, ll, III, Spanish Club II, Ill, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative ll. ALVAREZ, HENRY - Crescendos I, A Cappella II, R.O.T.C. I, III, J.V. Football Il. ANDERSEN, BOYD-Class Council I, ll, "B" Football I. ANDERSON, DAVID - J.V. Foot- ball II, "A" Track Il, Junior Red Cross Representative ll. ANDERSON, ELDON - Key Club I, Il, Ill, Latin Club I. ANDERSON, CAROL - Christmas tableau Ill, Dance Club II, Glen- ettes, ll, Commerce Club I, Spark- lers I. ANDERSON, MARY SUE - G.A.A. I, ll, Ill, Sparklers Il, Nitroettes Ill, Congress Ill. ANDERSON, NANCI-Class Coun- cil lll, Dance ll, Ill, Pep Club II. ANDERSON, SAM-'B" Football Il, Ill, Class Council Ill, Track I, Il. ANDERSON, SHERRY - Congress I, Pep Club Ill. ANNIN, JOHN - Track I, Ill, Congress ll, Ill. ARENDALE, SHARON "SHONI" - Girls' League President Ill, Cabi- net Ill, Prom Court III, G.A.A. Song Leader Il, Pep Council I, ll, lSecretaryI Ill. ASHCRAFT, GAYLE - Pep Club I, ll, Ill, Class Council ll, Ill, G.A.A. I, ll, Stunt Show I, ll. ASKEW, BARBARA-Dance Class Ill. ATKINSON, GARY-Student Can- gress I, Pep Club I, ll, Track III, Spanish Club. AUER, CHUCK-"C" Track I, "B" Football Il. AVERINE, BARBARA - G.A.A. Board III, G.A.A. I, II, III, con- gress Ill, Commerce Club II, Honor Society Ill. BACKUS, LEONARD - Band I, II, Ill, Orchestra II, Ill, Crescendos II, Ill, Science Club Ill, Dance Band III. BAHR, AUDREY - A Cappella III, Crescendos ll, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship I, Il, Ill. BALDWIN, SANDY - Commerce Club I, Il, III, A Cappella, Cres- cendos I, II, Ill, Junior Red Cross Council Il, Commerce Club Treas- urer ll. BAME, ROBERTA-Chorallettes ll, A Cappella Ill, Girls' Glee I, Crescendos I. BARKLEY, KAREN - Commerce Club Il. BARONDESS, SANDY - Cabinet IDirector of Girls' Athleticsl Ill, Honor Society I, Il, Ill, G.A.A. I, ll, Ill, Latin Club I, II, Ill, Girls' League Board Ill. BAUGH, JIM - Class Council I, ll, Ill, Civitans ll, Ill, 49'ers ll, lll, Swim Team I, Il, lcaptainl Ill, Student Congress I. BAUGHMAN, VICKI-Class Coun- cil I, ll, Future Teachers Club Sec- retary, G.A.A. Board, Girls' League Board Ill, Cabinet IA.S.B. Secre- taryl Ill. BEATIE, GEORGE - Basketball I, ll, Ill, Class Council I, Il, Base- ball I, ll, Ill, Honor Society l, Pep Council I, ll. BEATTY, CHARLES "CHUCK" - 49'ers I, Il, Ill, Class Council I, ll, Symphonettes I, Il, Ill, Pep Council. BECKETT, DAVID--Cabinet lA.S.B. Head Yell Leaderl Ill, Junior Statesmen I, ll, Ill, Fall and Spring Plays Il, Student Congress II, Honor Society I. BECKETT, PAUL-Honor Society I, ll, Ill, Junior Class Cheer Leader II, Cabinet IA.S.B. Head Yell Leaderl Ill, Junior Statesmen I, ll, Ill, Class Council ll, III. BERGHUIS, MARY - Latin Club I, ll, G.A.A. I, ll, III, Christian Student Fellowship I, Il, Ill, Ad- vanced Girls' Glee I, Il, Ill. BERTIN, GAIL -- Civinettes Il, Ill, Junior Statesmen I, ll, III, Crescendos ll, Class Council Il, Regulated Dress Board I, II. BICE, TIM - Football I, ll, Ill, 49'ers II, III, Backward Dance Court III. BILLINGSLEY, JUDITH - Nitroettes ll, Glenettes I, II, Ill, Pep Club Ill, Spanish Club Ill, Choralettes II. BISHOP, PAT - 60 Per Club II, 60-70 Per Club Ill, Dance Recital ll, Ill, Class Council ll. BLACKSTONE, SUE - A.S.B. Sec- retary Ill, French Club ll, III, Stu- dent Congress I, II, Junior States- men ll, Commerce Club ll, lll. BLANCHARD, STERLING -- Swim Team I, II, Inter-Club Council ll, Junior Statesmen Il, 49'ers III, Pep Club ll. BLAKE, BONNIE - Sparklers I, Commerce Club lll, Pep Club Il, Class Council I. BLUM, JIM-"A" Tennis I, ll, 49'ers I, ll, Spanish Club ll, Honor Society I, Il, III, Glendale College Ill. BOEHM, IDA - Commerce Club III, A Cappella Ill, Crescendos. BOEHMER, ALAN - Christian Stu- dent Fellowship ll, lPresidentl Ill. BOGGIS, RONNIE - Football ll. BOHN, CAROLYN -- Cosmetology. BOHN, MARILYN-Class Council ll, III, Commerce Club, Student Congress. BONNAR, ANN-A Cappella Ill, Nitroettes I, II, Ill, Crescendos I, II, lll, Glenettes I, Il, G.A.A. I, ll, Ill. BOTTRELL, BARRY - Football "A" ll, Ill, "B" I, Class President Ill, Civiton Vice President, Class Cou- cil I, ll, Ill, Orbs President Ill. BOULGER, VIRGINIA-Class Coun- cil ll, Ill, Commerce Club I, ll, Prom Publicity Chairman II, Dance Recital Ill, Stunt Show I, ll, Ill. BOWDEN, JIM-J. V. Baseball ll. BOWMAN, MARDEAN -- Tableau Committee Ill, Pep Council III, Scribblers Il, Foreign Exchange Club ll, Girls' League Philanthropic Committee Ill. BOYCE, EARLENE -- Commerce Club Il, Ill. BRADFORD, JULIE-Class Council I, II, Ill, Girls' League I, Il, French Club I, Coordinator of Or- ganizations III, Honor Society Ill. BRADY, CHARLES 'CHARLEY" - Congress Ill, Football I, ll, Track I, ll, Ill, 49'ers Ill. BRIGHT, GREG - Red Cross I, Latin Club ll, Swimming II, Civi- tans ll, Ill, Basketball I. BRILEY, PAM - A Cappella III, Student Congress ll, Ill, Class Council Ill, Prom Committee Il, Ill. Chorus Secretary ll. BRISCOE, DONNA -- Commerce Club I. BRODINE, ANDREA - Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, Congress I. BROOM, BETTE-G.A.A. Board II, Ill, Honor Society I, II, III, Future Teachers Club I, II, Student Con- gress lll, A Cappella III. BROUGHTON, JAN - Commerce Club II, Ill. BROUILLARD, RICHARD - Track ll, Ill. BROWN, EVALYN - Commerce Club Il, III. BROWN, GARY - Class Council Il, III, Student Congress Ill, Com- merce Club Ill. BROWNE, DELORIS - Regulated Dress Representative I, Girls' League Representative Ill, G.A.A. ll, Dance I, Student Congress II. BROYLES, CAROLYN -- Nitroettes President Ill, G.A.A. Board Ill, Inter-Club Council III, "G" Club Il, Ill, Nitroettes II, Ill. BUECHLER, DENNIS-Bowling Il. BUNCH, LORETTA - Glenettes I, ll, Ill, Latin Club III, Nitroettes Il, Ill, G.A.A. I, Il, III, Regulated Dress Board Ill. BUNDS, EUGENE-A Cappella, Amateur Radio Club. BUNN, PATRICIA--G.A.A. ll, Ill. BURKE, SHARON-Honor Society Il, G.A.A. I, Il, Explosion typist II, Pep Club III. BURTON, JOY-Class Council I, Ill, Honor Society I, ll, lll, Thes- pians ll, Ill, Congress I, ll, Civi- nettes ll, Ill. BYERS, PATRICIA - Glenettes Vice President III, Nitroette Presi- dent lll, G.A.A. Board Ill, Sym- phonettes I. CAMMILLERI, LUCY-60 Per Club Il, Class Council I, Thespians Ill. CAMPBELL, BEVERLY - Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, 60-70 Per Club I, II, III, G.A.A. I, II, Commerce Club President Ill. CAMPBELL, CURTIS - "B" Basket- ball I, J. V. Basketball ll, Class Council I, 49'ers ll. CAMPBELL, JOHN-Class Council I, Il. CAPPS, PHIL--"B" Football III. CARDER, BILL - Golf Team Ill, Honor Society Ill, Junior States- men I, II. CAREY, CHUCK - Junior States- men Il, Latin Club ll, Scribblers Ill. CARHART, DENNIS -- Class Presl- dent l, Civitans I, ll, Ill, "B" Football l, ll, A.S.B. President III, 49'ers I, ll, III. CARLSON, JUDY - Spanish Club I, Il, Class Council II, G.A.A. I. CARLTON, SARA - Junior States- men I, Il, IPresidentl III, A Cap- pella Choir Ill, Honor Society I, Il, Ill, Explosion Staff ll, Latin Club I, Il. CARNEY, STEPHEN-Latin Club I, Class Council II, Junior Statesmen Il, Congress Ill., CASH, JIM-Stage Crew ll, Span- ish Club ll. CASH, NITA-60 Per Club Ill, Commerce Club Ill, Regulated Dress Representative III. CASS, LLOYD-Pep Council I, II, Tableau Committee I, Il, Class Council I, Il, Track III. CASSIDY, FORREST-R.O.T.C. I, ll, III, Science Club II, III, Hi-Y III. CASTLE, GARY - Gym Squad Leader II, Ill. CASTLEN, MARJORIE-Choralettes II, A Cappella III, Congress I, Ad- vanced Dance II, Ill, Junior States- men I. CHAFFEE, MARILYN - Glenettes I, Il, lPresidentI Ill, Honor Society I, II, III, G.A.A. I, II, Inter-club Council Ill, Commerce Club ll. CHENOWETH, STEPHEN - "B" Football ll, III, "B" Track Ill, A Cappella II, III, Congress ll, Ill, Council II, Ill. CHRISTIAN, JERRY - R. O. T. C. Drum and Bugle Corps Ill. CHRISTOPHER, BONITA "BONNIE" -Cosmetology I, Il, Ill. CHRISTY, JACK - J. V. Baseball I, Il, Junior Statesmen ll, Congress I, Congress Ass't Il. CHURCHILL, DAWN MARIE-Conv merce Club I, ISecretaryI ll, lPres- identl Ill, G.A.A. Ill. CICONE, VINCENT - Homeroom Representative I, ll, Junior States- men ll. CIZEK, SUSAN - Commerce Club Il, Ill, Future Teachers I, Il, Stunt Show I, III, Dance Recital Il, III, Prom Committee III. CLARK, BETTY - Stunt Show I, ll, Commerce Club Ill. CLARK, SUZAN - Glenettes I, II, Ill, Nitroettes II, Ill, Glenette Cabinet Ill, G.A.A. I, ll, Ill, Pep Club Ill. CLAUSEN, NANCY - Commerce Club. CLAYBURGH, GARY - Class Coun- cil ll, Ill. CLEMENT, SAM - "B" Football I, J. V. Football II, J. V. Baseball II, Band I, Il, Ill, French Club Ill. COLLIER, DAVID-Key Club Ill, 49'ers l, ll, III, Spanish Club Ill, Tableau Committee III. COLVIN, DEAN - Cabinet IDirec- tor of Financel III, Tableau Ill, 5 . , . , .cya Pep Council I, Commerce Club Ill. COMBEST, JIM-Amateur Radio Club I, Il, Latin Club ll. COMSTOCK, JUDY - Nitroettes I, II, III, Latin Club I, Advanced Girls' Glee Il, A Cappella Ill, Crescendos ll, III. COOK, BONNIE-Commerce Club I, Il, III, Student Congress I, II, Ill, Cabinet lDirector of Financel l, ll, Class Council I, ll, Ill, 60 Per Club III. COOK, GEORGE - R. O. T. C. I, Drill Team I. COOMBS, GARRETT - Commerce Club Ill, Student Congress III, Baseball I, ll. COPE, JOHN - Symphonettes III, Band Ill. COPELAND, CAROLYN - Class Council I, II, III, Class Secretary II, Student Congress I, Il, III, Commerce Club I, II, A Cappella Choir. COURTWAY, MICHAEL-Pep Coun- cil I COWAN, BEV - Regulated Dress Representative Ill, Stylus Repre- sentative ll. COX, SHARON - Latin Club I, Future Teachers I, ll, G.A.A. I, II, Ill, A Cappella III. CRAW, JIM - Flag Detall Ill. CRAWFORD, DEANNE - Cabinet lA.S.B. Co-ordinator of Fine Artsl Ill, Civinettes III, Junior States- men I, Il. CRIPPIN, GARY - Clvltans II, Ill, French Club Il, III, Baseball ll, Class Council III, Honor Society II. CRONAN, SHIRLEY-Junior States- men ll, Commerce Club II, Ill, Junior Red Cross Representative II. CROSETTI, JOHN - "A" Football I, II, III, Class Council I, ORBS Il, Ill. CROWLEY, CLAIRE - Commerce Club I, ll, III, Junior Red Cross Representative II, Pep Council I, Il, III, Thespians III, Stunt Show I, ll, Ill. CROWI-EY, CLAY - Class Yell Leader Ill, Class Council III, Pep Club Ill, Key Club II, III, 49'ers I, ll, Ill. CRUZE, GERTIE - Honor Society I, II, III, Student Congress II, French Club I, ll, G.A.A. I, II, Junior Statesmen I. CUNNINGHAM, LEON - Class Council I, Il, Boys' League Treas- urer III, Inter-Club Council III Civitans Il, Ill. CURTINDALE, VELMA -- Sparklers I, Red Cross, Stunt Show I, II, Congress I. CURTIS, DARLENE - Glee Club I, Il, IRobe Chairmanl Ill, Lyric Club Secretary Ill, G.A.A. I, ll. CURTIS. MARLENE - Sophomore Glee Club I, Lyric Club ll, Ill, G.A.A. I, Il. DANIELL, LAURIE - Honor Society I, ll, Ill. Dance Recital II, Ill, Stunt Show I, II, III, Student Con- gress III, Spanish Club Ill. DANIELS, BRUCE - Latln Club I, II, III, Class Council III, Swim Team I, II, Crescendos Il, III, Honor Soclety I, Ill. D'ARC. CHRISTINE "CHRIS" - American Field Service exchange student to Japan ll, Girls' League Board III, Life Member of Honor Society, A.F.S. President III, French Club Vice President II. DAVIES, JIM -- Class Council I, Swim Team I, II, Ill, Football I. DAVIS, JENNIFER - G.A.A. III, Nitroettes Ill. DAVIS, LYNNE - Homecoming Court III, Civinettes ll, IVice Presi- dentl III, Class Council II, Girls' League Board II, III, Graduation Lead Il. DAVIS, RICHARD - Track Team I, Il, III, Class Council Il. DAVIS, SUE - Glenettes I, Stu- dent Congress Ill, Junior Red Cross Representative I, Baccalaureate Lead II, Regulated Dress Board I, Il. DAVIS, SUE - Spanish Club l, Future Teachers Club l, ll, G.A.A. I, Dance Recital I. DAY, KENNETH -- 'Band I, II, Symphonettes ll. DEACON, KAREN - Commerce Club III, Class Council III. DECKER, WILLIAM - Latin Club I, "C" Track ll, Ill. DEJACOMO, PAT - G.A.A. l, ll, Commerce Club I, Il, Stunt Show I. DEL CAMPO, GEORGE - Hi-Y l, ll, Ill. DELGADO, MILO - Thespians I, II, III, Band l, ll, Ill, Talent Show II, III, Class Council II, Spanish Club Il, DELMONTE, JOCELYN - Cotton N Cord Court I, Class Vice-Presi- dent Il, Class Treasurer lll, Class Council l, Il, Ill, G.A.A. I. DELONG, HELEN - Commerce Club Ill. DE LOS REYES, MARY JO-Student Congress I, Stylus Il, Oratorical Tableau Committee Ill. DEMMELMAIER, SHARRON-Honor Society I, ll, Scribblers ll, Jenny Young Freeman Poetry Award II, Class Council lll. DEMOSS, ROBERT - R.O.T.C. Parking Lot Detail ll, 49'ers ll, Ill, P.A. Crew ll, Audio Visual III. DENNON, ELIZABETH - Girls' League Philanthropic Committee I, Christian Student Fellowship Ill, G.A.A. Il, III. DENNY, DICK - Civitans I, ll, Cabinet A.S.B. Yell Leader ll. DEPALMA, THOMAS "TOM" - 49'ers Ill. DI MARCO, SAL - Debate Club President, Junior Statesmen Presi- dent Ill, Inter-Club Council Ill, Civitans ll, Ill, Orators I, II, lll. DODDS, EDWIN - Stylus Photog- rapher Ill. DOMINIAK, PATRICIA-Pep Coun- cil II, Prom Court II, Prom Commit- tee I, Il, III, Class Council Il, Ill, A Cappella. DOTY, CORA--Class Council I, Il, Ill, Civinettes ll, III, Dance Recital II, III, Pep Council III, Stunt Shaw I, II, III. DOWSON, MARY - Glenettes I lVice Presidentl ll, Thespians Il, Ill, Class Council Ill, Prom Com- mittee lll, "G" Club ll, Ill. DUKE, G. ROGER-49'ers Il, Ill. DUNCAN, ART - Symphonettes I, Ill, Band l, lll, Science Club l, ll, Ill. DUPUIS, JEANNINE - Stunt Show l, ll, lll. DURLEY, LINDA - Junior Red Cross Representative II, Glrls' League Board Ill, G.A.A. Song Leader ll, Ill, G.A.A. l, ll, "G" Club ll, Ill. DYCK, LARRY -- "B" Basketball I, Il, Class Council II, Ill, Student Congress I, II. EASON, TOM - 49'ers III, Stu- dent Congress Ill. EASTBURN, DICK - Class Coun- cil ll, Band II, Ill, Symphonettes Ill, Key Club ll. EASTMAN, RONALD - sympho- nettes Il, lll, Band I, II, Ill. EDWARDS, LARRY - Civitans I, ll, lll, 49'ers I, ll, lPresidentI Ill, Class Council I, III, Track I, Il, Pep Council Il. ELEY, JOHN - R.O.T.C. I, Il, Ill, Rifle Team I, Il, Ill, Decorating Committee I. EGGEN, WILLIAM-Class Council I, R.O.T.C. I. ELARDO, MARIE - Lyrlc Club Ill, G.A.A. I ELIOT, TAMARA-G.A.A. I, Ill, Dance Recital Il, Ill, Spanish Club ll. ELLISON, THOMAS - Civitans III, Class Council II, III, French Club ll, Junior Statesmen I, II. ELWELL, DENNIS - Class Council I, II, "B" Basketball I, II Orators I, II, "A" Tennis II, Ill, Spanish Club Il. EMMERSON, JODY - G.A.A. l, ll, Ill, Junior Statesmen ll, Com- merce Club I, ll, Dance Recital ll, Ill. EVANS, SYLVIA - G.A.A. Ill. FARNSWORTH, ROBERT - Football 'B" I, ll, "A" lll, Baseball J. V. I, ll, "A" Ill, ORBS ll, Ill. FARRELL, TIM - Junior "B" Foot- ball ll, Ill. FELDMAN, LINDA - Lyric Club lll. FERGUSON, DAVID - Explosion Staff ll, III, Basketball Manager I, Il, Ill, Football Manager III. FERNANDEZ, JUANITA - Latin Club I, ll, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative III, Girls' League Repre- sentative III, Explosion Il, III, Junior Statesmen I. FERONA, JOANN-Stunt Show l, A Cappella Ill, Choralettes II, Sophomore Chorus I, Soloist ll, III. FILBECK, JERRI - G.A.A. I, Glen- ettes I, Junior Statesmen I, ll Junior Red Cross Representative I, Civinettes III. FILLIGER, PAUL - Track I, II, III, Band I. FISHER, JANIE - Class Council I, ll, Ill, Pep Council I, II, III, G.A.A. I, II, Regulated Dress Board I, Stunt Show I, Il, Ill. FISHER, MARY - Latin Club I, Il, Dance Recital, Stunt Show, G.A.A. I, II, Junior Statesmen I. FITCH, STEVE-Band Il, III, Sym- phonettes III, Hi-Y I, ll, Ill. FLEGAL, JUDY - Class Council I, II, Girls' League Board Ill, Pep Club ll, Congress I. FLOTRON, KRISTI - 60 Per Club I, Regulated Dress Representative ll. FORBES-ROBINSON, PENNY - Class Council II, Ill, Congress III, Junior Statesmen I, ll, Pep Club II, Ill. FORD, JERRY - 49'ers ll, Ill, Class Council I, A Cappella ll, III, 'B" Football ll, J. V. Baseball I, ll. FOX, JUDITH - Spanish Club Ill, Civinettes II, Ill, Junior States- men I, Stylus Ill, Class Council ll. FREEBAIRN, PENNE - Stylus Edi- tor lll, Civinettes ll, Ill, Red Cross Secretary of Publicity ll, Honor Society II, Ill, "G" Club lll. FREIMAN, GARY - Junior Red Cross ll. FRENCH, EMMA LOU - 60 Per Club Vice President I, Il, Ill, Girls' League Program Chairman Ill, Honor Society ll, Ill, Pep Council I, Il, Class Council I, ll. GALBRAITH, SHIRLEY -- Class Council Il, 60 Per Club I, Cos- metology I, ll, Ill. GALINDO, LOUISE - 60 Per Club I, II, III, G.A.A. I, A Cappella, Stunt Show ll, Ill. GARABEDIAN, BARBARA - Stunt Show I, ll, Ill. GARDINER, BOB-P.A. Crew I, II, lChiefl Ill. GEBOE, CHARLOTTE - A Cappella Commerce Club, G.A.A. GEORGE, CARLISLE - Honor So- ciety I, ll, Ill, Class Council ll, Ill, "A" Baseball lall leaguel II, Ill, 60 Per Club President, Future Teachers Club Vice-President II. GERTZ, CAROL-Future Teachers Club I, Junior Statesmen ll, Junior Red Cross Secretary II, Science Club Secretary Ill. GHIGGIA, DENNIS - "B" Foot- ball I, J. V. Football II, Class Council Ill, 49'ers ll. GIBSON, JIM - "B" Football II, "B" Track ll. GILMORE, DARLENE - Commerce Club III. GODFREY, JAYCE - Commerce Club I, ll, III, G.A.A. GOELLER, NANCY LYNNE-G.A.A. I, Il, III, A Cappella I, Il, Nitro- eltes I, ll, lll. GOLDTHWAITE, PAT - Class Council Ill, Student Congress III, Lyric Club ll, Junior Red Cross Representative ll. GOODRICH, KARWYN -- Future Teachers Club I, Student Congress III, Commerce Club Ill, Spanish Club l. GOODYEAR, JUDY - Cosmetology I, II, Ill, Stunt Show Il. GORDON, LYNNE - Pep Club I, ll, Stylus Ill. GORIS, JIM - J. V. Football, Science Club ll, Ill, 49'ers Ill. GOULD, STANLEY - Swim Team I, II, A Cappella II, Crescendos II. GRAHAM, CINDY - Junior States- men I, Commerce Club I, Class Council ll, Ill, Pep Club II, Ill, A.S.B. Song Leader Ill. GRAGG, SHARON - Dance Re- cital ll, lll, Fashion Show I, ll, Ill, G.A.A. III, Stunt Show ll, Pep Club Ill. GRAHAM, RICHARD "RICK"-"B" 8. "A" Football Manager I, ll, Junior Red Cross Representative I, II, III, Junior Statesmen Ill, Debate Club Ill, Tableau Com- mittee Ill. GRAVES, MARY - Glenettes l, Future Teachers Club I, ll, G.A.A. I, II, Pep Club I, Stunt. Show I, ll, lll. GRAY, BRUCE - Track I, ll, Class Council, Football. GRAY, LARRY -- Pep Council I, Ping Pong I, II. GRECO, JOHN - Men's Glee, Mixed Chorus, Track l, Il, Christ- mas Program. GREEN, JOAN - Commerce Club I, ll, Ill. GREENLEAF, SUE - Junlor States- men ll, III, Civinettes Ill, French Club III, G.A.A. III, Stunt Show Il, Ill. GREIG, SHARON - Cosmetology I, Il, Ill, Girls' Glee Club I. GRIFFIN, JUDITH - Commerce Club I, ll. GROSHANS, BARBARA SUE-Class Council I, G.A.A. III, Cosmetology I, ll, Ill. GSELL, MARVIN - P.A. Crew lll. GUERRERO, BARBARA - G.A.A. I, ll, Commerce Club I, ll. HAAS, CHARLENE - Symphonettes I, ll, III, Future Teachers Club II, III, Scribblers Il, Ill, Nitroettes ll. HABER, DAVE - Honor Society I, Civitans Ill. I-IAHN, GARY -- Basketball "B" I, ll, "A" Ill, Honor Soclety Il, "B" Track I, ORBS. HAHNLEIN, CAROL - Cosmetology l, ll. HALL, MARY - Congress Ill, French Club ll, Commerce Club Il, Stunt Show I, ll, Ill, Water Ballet lll. HALL, SHARON - Cosmetology I, ll, Ill, G.A.A. l. HALLAN, EMILY -- Class Council I, II, "G" Club, Graduation Lead Il, G.A.A., Regulated Dress Board I. HAMEL, KATHY - Cotton 'N Cord Court I, Clos Council I, Il, Stunt Show, A.S.B. Song Leader III, Graduation Lead ll. HANSON, BONNIE - Commerce Club I, II, III, Stunt Show I, Ill, Music I, Il, III, Regulated Dress Representative Ill, Glrls' League Philanthropic Committee Ill. HANTMAN, DANIEL - Honor So- ciety II, Latin Club I. HARKINS, WARREN - Spanlsh Club ll, IPresidentl Ill, Honor So- ciety I, Junior Statesmen II, Class Council Ill. HARRIS, PARMELEE - Class Coun- cil Il, Student Congress I, Future Teachers Club I, Il. HARRIS, ROBIN - Class Councll Il, Commerce Club I, Il, ll, Jun- ior Statesmen II, 60 Per Club II, G.A.A. Il, Ill. HARRISON, AVA - Class Council III. HARTLINE, ROBIN-Junior States- men I, Il, III, G.A.A. I, II, Latin Club I, Regulated Dress Represent- ative I, Pep Club Ill. HARTWIG, GRETCHEN - Congress I, G.A.A. I, ll, Pep Club. HARVEY, YVONNE - Commerce Club Il, III, Latin Club I, Regu- lated Dress Representative Ill. HASLER, ANDREA -- Tableau Com- mittee I, Il, III, French Club ll, Ill, Honor Society I, III, Prom Committee III, Stylus ll, Ill. HAYNES, BOB - Stylus I, "B" Football I. HAYES, JOHN - Football I, ll, III, Baseball I, ll, Ill, Civitans I, ll, Ill, Student Congress Ill, ORBS Ill. HEADY, BOB - Student Congress Il. HEARN, RICHARD - "A" Cross Country II, Ill, "A" Track II, Ill. HEARN, SANDY-Future Teachers I, II, Junior Statesmen II, G.A.A. I, ll, Ill, Regulated Dress Repre- sentative Il, Prom Court Ill. HEIGOLD, KRISTINE - G.A.A. I. Il, "G" Club III, Spanish Club l, II, Girls' League Philanthropic Committee III, Spanish Club Offi- cer I, Il. HENDERSHOT, LINDA - Commerce Club ll, III, Stunt Show II, III, Class Council I, Regulated Dress Chair- man III. HENDRICKS, BRAD - Track II, Ill, Cross Country II, Ill, Class Coun- cil I, II, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative II. HENDRICKS, LINDA-G.A.A. I, II. HENDRIX, CAROL - G.A.A. It Commerce Club III. HENRY, GLORIA - Pep Club I. Il, III, Spanish Club Il, Prom Com- mittee Il, Class Council Il, III. HENSLER, BOB - A.S.B. Vice President Ill, "A" Football I, ll, Ill, "A" Basketball I, ll, Ill, "A" Baseball I, ll, Ill, ORBS President Ill. HERMANN, ROY - "Yo-yo"-Swim Team I, ll. HICKLING, GARY - Key Club ll, III, Debate Club Ill, Symphonettes I, ll, lll, Concert Band I, ll, III, Orators I, Il. Higgins, Carol-Cosmetology I, II, III, Girls' Glee Club I. HILL, ROBERT "BOB" - Football "A" III, "B" ll, ORBS ll, Ill, Pep Club l. HILLEN, JON - Swimming I. HOEHN, DIANE - Pep Club I, III, Class Council III, Commerce Club I, II, Nitroettes I, II, III. HOFFMAN, JACK - Tennis Team ll, III. HOLDEN, LEE ANN - French Club II, III, Stunt Show I, G.A.A. I, Honor Society I. HOLLEY, JEAN - Commerce Club I, II, Ill, Junior Statesmen II, Pep Council ll, Science Club lll. HOLM, JOAN--G.A.A. II. HOMAN, JO ELLEN-Cosmetology ll, III, Stunt Show I. HOOP, CAROLYN - Prom Court II, Lite Member of Honor Society, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel R.O.T.C., Class Councils, Civinettes. HORTON, TOM - "B" Football I, II, III, "C" Track I, Il, ORBS ll, Ill. HOWE, BETTY - G.A.A. I, II, III, Christian Student Fellowship Ill, Latin Club II, Pep Club Il, Library I. HOWELL, RUSSELL - Honor Society I, Il, III, Basketball ll, Ill, Base- ball I, II, ORBS Il, lll, Junior Civi- tans ll, III. HOY, LINDA - Class Council I, II, III, Civinettes III, G.A.A. Board III, Baccalaureate Lead ll, Junior Red Cross Representative I. HOYAL, RAY - "B" Football ll, III, Hi-Y ll, Ill. HUBBARD, GARY - Track I, ll, III, Class Council I, 60 Per Club I, Junior Red Cross II, Student Con- gress II. HUBBARD, JEAN - Latin Club I, II, French Club II, Dance I, II, Girls' League Philanthropic Com- mittee l, Ill. HUBNER, SONIA - G.A.A. Board IDance Representativel 'l, Class Council ll, Ill, American Field Serv- ice Ill, Dance Recital ll, III. HUGHES, BILL - Amateur Radio Club I, ll, R.O.T.C. I, ll, Ill, Science Club Il. HUMISTON, CAROL - Stunt Show Song Leader III, Homecoming Court III, Graduation Lead II, Civinettes Il, Ill, G.A.A. I, ll. HUMMEL, CAROL - Honor Society ll, III, Symphonettes III, Concert Band II, Ill, Future Teachers Club ll, Regulated Dress Representative Ill. HUMPHREYS, BARBARA - G.A.A. Board I, II, III, Civinettes III, A Cappella III, Future Teachers Club I, II, Class Council I, ll. HUNTER, CHARLOTTE-Class Coun- cil I, ll, Student Congress II, Reg- ulated Dress Board III, Pep Club Ill, Stunt Show ll, III. JACK, JOAN - Glee Club I. JACOBSTEIN, MARTIN - 60 Per Club Il, III, Commerce Club Ill, Bowling III. JEDYNAK, HARVEY - Football II, Student Congress I, Il, Pep Council ll. JENCKS, BILL - Football I, II, III, Civitans I, ll, Ill, ORBS Il, III, Class President II, Boys' League President III. JENKINS, TOM - Honor Society I, Il, III, Latin Club I, ll. JENSEN, WILLIAM "BIl.L' - Swim- ming I, II, Football Il, Pep Club II, Congress III. JOHANNESEN, ROBERT - Public Address Crew III. JOHNSON, REVA - Class Council III, "G" Club President Ill, Thes- pians III, Graduation Lead II, Junior Statesmen Il, III. JOHNSON, SHERRILL - Junior Civinettes ITreasurel II, IPresidentI III, Stunt Show I. JOLLEY, CLARK - Bookstore I, II, III, Key Club Treasurer Ill, "A" Tennis ll, Ill, Class Council II. JONES, BRUCE - A.S.B. Director of Assemblies ll, Track "B" I, "A" II, Ill, Clvitans ll, Ill, Ora- torical Speaker II, Honor Society I, Il, Ill. KALDE, MARCIA-Honor Society I, Baccalaureate Lead ll, Spanish Club Ill, Civinettes II, III, Stylus III. KAUFMAN, TAMARA - Commerce Club I, II, III, Student Congress Il, Class Council Ill. KENDALL, JANE - Honor Society I, Ill, G.A.A. I, II, lll, Sympho- nettes I, II. KEY, CAROLE-Stunt Show l, Ill, Spanish Club ll, Future Teachers Club I, Chorallettes ll, A Cappella Ill. KIMBALL, DOROTHY - G.A.A. I, ll, III, Future Teachers Club Il, "G" Club II, III. KING, LINDA-Stunt Show I, Ill, Dance Recital ll, III, Commerce Club ll, Ill, Prom Committee Ill. KINNAN, JANICE - Commerce Club II, Ill, 60-70 Per Club Il, III, G.A.A. I, II, Junior Statesmen ll. KINTZINGER, JULIE - Sympho- nettes II, Explosion Il, Ill, P.T.A. Publicity Coodinator ll, III, Writers' Workshop Il, G.H.S. Radio Show Coordinator 8. Emcee ll, Ill. KIPPER, JOAN - Student Congress Il, G.A.A. I, Chorallettes ll, A Cappella Ill. KIRSTEIN, ROLAND - Woodwinds I, Concert Band I, II, Ill, March- ing Band I, Il, Ill, Orchestra I. KNEIDING, ELLEN - Stunt Show I, ll, Ill. KOMER, JOHN - Key Club Ill, Science Club ll, Ill. KOTIN. JOEL - Key Club I, ll, Ill, Swim Team I, Il, III, A.S.B. Director of Assemblies III, Sym- phonettes I, II, Junior Statesmen I, Il, Ill. KRECK, RICHARD - Explosion Staff I, ll, IEditorl III, Hi-Y I. KREISEL, CATHERINE - Student Congress III, Class Council I, Pep Club Il. ' KUSTER, KENT - Student Congress III, Science Club I, II, III, Football I, II, III, Assembly Committee ll. LACEY, JIM - Football I, II, Ill, Class Council Ill. LEE, JERRY-Track, Student Court. LENSAR, KAY - Honor Society I, ll, Ill, Regulated Dress Board I, II, Latin Club I, II, Class Council ll, G.A.A. I, Il. LERNER, MARK - Bowling Club Secretary III, Honor Society I, 60 Per Club I, Ass't Sports Editor Ex- plosion III. LIEBERSBACH, JERRY - Track "C" I, "B" Il, ICaptainl Ill, Cross Country I, II, iCaptainl Ill, Class Council III, Pep Council II, Ill, Key Club III. LINDSTEDT, JUNE-Crescendos I, li, iii, G.A.A. iii, A Cappella ui, Honor Society I, III. LINNE, KAY - Class Council II, Regulated Dress Representative I, III, Girls' League Philanthropic Committee lll. LIPP, RICKIE - Cabinet Ill, A.S.B. Director of Assemblies III, Track I, Honor Society I, ll, A Cappella Choir Ill. LOCKE, KATHLEEN-Student Con- gress II, Class Secretary III, Stylus Il, Stunt Show Ill, Graduation Lead ll. LOCKWOOD, CARL - Class Coun- cil I, Orchestra lll, Band Ill. LOESCHER, ROSALIE -- Commerce Club I, Il. LOFFTUS, DAVID "DAVE"-World Friendship Club Ill. LOFT, TERRY-Civitans. LOGAN-JONES, LISLE - Pep Club, Future Teachers Club. LORENTZEN, CONNlE-CosmetoIo- gy, I, II, III, Student Congress III, G.A.A. I. LUND, ERNIE-Boys' League Vice- President, ORBS Il, Ill, Civitans Il, Ill, "A" Football ll, III, Class Council I, ll. LYCETT, WILLIAM-Swim Team I, II, Ill, Class Council III, Swim Team Captain I. MacARTHUR, JEANETTE-A Cop- pella II, lll. MacDONALD, SCOTT-Pep Club Ill. MALONE, MARY - Civinettes Il, III, Junior Statesmen I, Il, Regu- lated Dress Representative II, Jun- ior Red Cross Representative I, Future Teachers Club I. MANDERBACH, JULIE - Junior Statesmen Il, III, G.A.A. Ill. MANEKI, JANICE-Class Council l, Future Teachers Club I, Il, III, Latln Club I, II, Honor Society I. II, III, Girls' League Congress I, Ill. MANICCIA, EMILY - Civinettes II, Ill, French Club Ill. MARDER, DAVE-Student Congress I, A Cappella III, Inter-Club Coun- cil III, 49'ers I, Crescendos III. MARIETTE, SUSAN - Class Coun- cil Ill, A Cappella, G.A.A. I, Il, Commerce Club Ill, G.A.A. Board Il. MARTIN, BILL-Band I, ll. MARTIN, TONI - Thespians Il, III, Prom Committee Ill, Fall Play II, III, "G" Club ll, Ill, Class Council III. MARVIN, JIM-Class Council III, Honor Society Il, III, Spanish Club III, A Cappella II, Ill, Crescendos I, ll, Ill. MASON, CAROL - Class Council II, G.A.A. Board IVice Presidentl II, Ill, Honor Society I, II, III, Graduation Lead II, A Cappella Ill. MATTESON, JOHANNE - Try-R-Y I, Try-Glen Il, III, I.C.C. Board Ill. MAURO, CHARLOTTE - Commerce Club ll, Pep Club ll, A Cappella Choir III, Mixed Chorus Il, Stylus Ill. MCADAM, TOM - "B" Track I, J.V. Baseball Il, Key Club Ill." McBAlN, DIANE--Junior States- men I, Il, Class Council ll, Prom Court II, Mixed Chorus Il. McCLURG, MICHAEL-Class Coun- cil II, "A" Football ll, Ill, Con- gress III, Latin Club I, II, Honor Society I, II, III. MCCONNELL, ALICE--G.A.A. III. McCRARY, LINDA-Commerce Club III. MCCORD, FRED--Class Council I, Junior Red Cross Representative II, Student Congress II, J. V. Foot- ball I. MCCULLOCH, BONNIE - Com- merce Club ll, Ill, Dance Recital II, Ill, Stunt Show I. McCULLOUGH, CHARLOTTE-Com- merce Club I, Civinettes II, Ill, Pep Council II, Class Council III, Braccalaureote Lead II. MCDOUGALL, SANDY -- Junior Red Cross Representative I, ll, Pep Club ll, III, Congress I, Class Council III. McDOWELL, SYLVIA-Dance Club I, II, Scribblers I, ll, Science Club I, ll, Latin Club I, ll, Ill. McFADDEN, SHEILA-Chorus I. McFARLAND, KATHY-Director of Publicity Ill, Girls' State Repre- sentative II, Explosion Staff Il, Ill, Honor Society I, Il, ill, Class Coun- cil I, ll, Ill. McGINTY, JESSE -- A.S.B. Yell Leader Ill, Class Council Ill, Stu- dent Congress ll, Ill, Hi- Ylll, Pep Club III. McQUAY, JIM-Rifle Team ll, "A" iii, R.O.T.C. Firing Squad ll. MCSHIRLEY, ROBERTA - Glenettes I, Regulated Dress Representative II, Class Council ll, G.A.A. I, ll, Future Teachers Club II. MELENDY, BYRON - Stylus Pho- tographer III. MELOCH, LINDA-Junior Red Cross Representative I, Class Council Il, Nitroettes I, Il. MERCIER, ROGER-Bond I, Il, III. MERZ, KELLY-Latin Club I, Honor Society ll, Football ll, III. METSKER, MARSHA - Commerce Club III. MEYERS, CAMILLE-Student Cort- gress Il, Ill, Crescendos II, Ill, Honor Society I, Il, Ill, Latin Club I, II, III, Advanced Dance II, III. MEYERS, MELANIE-Latin Club l, II, III, Student Congress II, Ill, Crescendos I, Il, III, Honor Society I, Il, III, Dance Recital Il, Ill. MICHAEL, GERRY - Junior Red Cross Representative I, Commerce Club l, G.A.A. I, ll, "G" Club Il, III, Class Council ll. MILLARD, FRANK 'MlCHAEL" - Crescendos I, II, Men's Glee I, Ill, Mixed Chorus Il, Ill, A Cap- pella III. MILLER, JOEL - Oratorical Speak- er III, Key Club I, Il IPresidentI III, Congress Speaker Pro-tem lll, Fall 8- Spring Plays I, II, Ill, Honor society 1, il, iii. MILLER, SHARON-Commerce Club Ill, Lyric Club Ill. MINNI, PEGGY-Commerce Club I, ll, G.A.A. I, Il. MISTRETTA, CHARLES - Junior Red Cross Representative Il, Hi-Y Il, III, "B" Football II, Latin Club I. MITTON, GERRI - Class Councll I, ll, Student Congress I, Pep Club II, Homecoming Queen III, Prom Committee II. MOCK, DAVE-Band I, Il, III. MONARCO, JOE-Track Team I, II. MONTANA, KATHIE "MONTANIE" - Prom Court II, A.S.B. Song Leader Ill, Class Council II, Stunt Show II. MOORE, DARLENE-Latin Club II. Spring Play II, G.A.A. I, II, Dance Recital III, "G" Club II, III. MOORE, 'SHARON-G.A.A. I, II, Junior Statesmen II, Future Teach- ers Club I, Stunt Show I, Il, III. MORELLI, DAVID-Honor Society Il, Commerce Club II. MORGAN, DONNA- Glenettes I, II, G.A.A. I, ll. MORGAN, JOHN - Stylus Photog- rapher III, Science Club I, Drum 8. Bugle Corps III. MORGAN, KALETA-Thespians II, Ill, Future Teachers I, Il, III, Con- gress lll, Honor Society I, II, III, Fall 81 Spring Plays II, III. MOHR, MARGARET - G.A.A., Pep Council I, Girls' League Philanthro- pic Committee ll, Student Congress I, Stunt Show. MOLHO, LEE-Honor Society I, ll, Ill, 49'ers I, II, III, Amateur Radio Club I, II, III, Science Club I, ll, III, Debate Club Ill. MORGAN, MELISSA - Commerce Club I, II, Ill, Pep Club I, Il, III, Class Council III, Class Officer l, ll, lll, Stunt Show I, Ill. MORRIS, PENNY - Civinettes II, III, Nitroettes Il, Latin Club Ill, Pep Club ll, III. MUELLER, JANET - Pep Club III, Future Teachers Club Ill, G.A.A. III, Art Club III, Thespians III. MULLER, ALINE - Pep Club ll. MULLER, NANCY JO - Pep Coun- cil I, Cosmetology I, II, III, Junior Red Cross Representative I. MUNGAR, SALLY-A Cappella III. MUNGER, VIRGINIA-Commerce Club Il, III, Nitroettes II, Junior Red Cross Representative II, Pep Club Ill. MURPHY, SANDY - Class Council Il,' lil, "G" Club President lil, Prom Court II, Class Song Leader Ill, G.A.A. I, Il, Ill. MURRAY, SU ANN-Pep Club ll, III, Latin Club I, II, Scribblers Il, III, Thespians III. MYERS, MIKE-Latin Club I, ll. NAVATTO, JANICE-Student Con- gress III. NEHLSEN, LEONARD - Football Photographer II, III. NEIDRICK, PAT-Commerce Club Il, Ill, 60-70 Per Club Ill. NELSON, GARY - "B" Football Captain I, ll, Ill, Cabinet lA.S.B. Student Court Chairmanl Ill, ORBS II, III, Civitans Secretary II, Ill. NELSON, MAUREEN - Explosion II, III, G.A.A. Il, III, "G" Club III. NELSON, MYRNA - "G" Club III. G.A.A. II, Ill, Advanced Girls' Glee II, III. NETHERLIN, RICHARD - Honor Society I, "B" Football Manager II, Pep Club III, Tableau Commit- tee Ill, Boys' State. NICHOLS, KAREN - Journalism ll, III, G.A.A. III, Commerce Club Ill, Spanish Club II, Honor Society Ill. NICOLAUS, DIANA-Junior States- men I, II, G.A.A. I, Glenettes I. NILSON, JOHN - 49'ers Il, Ill, Science Club Ill. ODELL, LINDA - Pep Club III, Latin Club II, Nitroettes II, Ill, "G" Club II, Student Congress II. OIEN, BEVERLY - Class Councll I, II, III, Pep Council I, II, Student Congress II, III, G.A.A. l, ll. OLDFIELD, ROBERT-Latin Club ll. OLSON, STEVE-Class Council I, III, Key Club President III, Christ- ian Student Fellowship President III, "A" Tennis I, ll, Ill, Latin Club I, ll, Ill. OROSE, JOHN -- Honor Society II. OSBORNE, NANCY - Commerce Club III. OTIS, KAREN -- Commerce Club III, Youth Coordinating Council ll, Ill. PACKARD, COREEN "CORKY" - Cosmetology I, II, III, Pep Council I, G.A.A. I. PANFILL, MARIE-Girls' Glee Club, 60 Per Club I, II, G.A.A. I, Il. PAPSTEIN, ROBERT "BOB"-Class Council I, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative II. PARK, DEANN - Commerce Club, 60 Per Club, Class Council I, II. PARRA, YOLANDA - Cosmetology I, ll, Ill. PARRISH, SHARRON - Band It Commerce Club ll, Ill. PASCO, PAT-G.A.A. I, Il, Ill, "G" Club II, III. PATTERSON, JACK-Golf Team. PAULSEN, ROBIN - Director of Boys' Athletic Ill, Football "B" I, "A" ll, Ill, "A" Track ll, Ill, ORBS II, III, Boys' League Secretary III. PAXTON, DAVE-"B" Football II, III. PEARSON, PATRICK - Class Vice- President Ill, Clvitians ll, Ill, Thespians II, III, Class Council II, Ill, ORBS Ill. PEINADO, CONSTANZA - 60-70 Per Club I, Commerce Club I. PENNY, ELIZABETH ANN-A Cap- pella IAcompanistl, Homecoming Court, Thespians I, Stunt Show Talent Winner, Adrian Award Con- testant. PERA, VERNON "SANDY"-Class Council I. PETERSEN, BOB D.-Junior Red Cross Representative I, Il, Spanish Club II, Honor Society II, Junior Statesmen ll, Student Congress III. PETERSEN, BOB-Men's Glee I, Il, Crescendos I. PFEIFFER, SUZANNE - Dance Re- cital ll lStudent Directorl III, Class Council II, Ill, G.A.A. Dance Club I, II, Ill, Honor Society I, II, III, Junior Statesmen III. PHILLIPS, BARBARA-G.A.A. I, Il, Honor Society I, II, III, French Club Il lSecretaryI Ill. PHILLIPS, ROGER -- Track l, Il, Football II. PIERCE, MIKE-Class Yell Leader, A Cappella II, III, Crescendos I, II, III, Junior Red Cross Represent- ative II, Swim Team I, II. PIERSOL, VALERIE-Glenettes I, II, III, Honor Society I, II, III, Future Teachers Club I, ll, Ill, Inter-Club Council I, G.A.A. I, II, III. PLUMB, VIVIAN-G.A.A. Ill. POLLOCK, JIM-Honor Society I, II, III, "A" Baseball III, J. V. Baseball I, Il. POOL, VIRGINIA-Congress I, II, Class Council I, Ill, Graduation Lead Il, Civinettes ll, III, Student Conductor in A Cappella II. PORT, FRED-Class Council I, Il, III, Student Court III, "A" Football I, II, III, Civitans II, Ill, ORBS II, III. POWERS, RALPH-Swim Team I, Il, III, Hi-Y I, II. PRATA, PAT-Class Council I, II, III, Sophomore Song Leader, Prom Court Ill, Girls' Glee President II, Pep Club I, II. PRATT, JUDITH-Prom Committee III, Tableau III, Crescendos I, Jun- ior Statesmen I. PRESCOTT, RICHARD - Commerce Club III, Class Council I. PRESSMAN, LESLIE - Public Ad- dress Crew Il, Ill. Science Club II, Amateur Radio Club I, II. PRESSNALL, RICHARD "DICK" - Swim Team I, II, Hi-Y I, II, III. PRESTON, GARY - "A" Football III, ORBS ll, III, Hi-Y I, II, III. PRICE, STEPHEN - Track I, II, III, Class Council ll, Spanish Club II. PRIESTER, JOSEPH - Junior Red Cross Council Il, Student Congress III, 49'ers Ill. PRONO, EDWARD - Football "B" I, II, "A" III, Track "B" II, "A" Ill, ORBS Ill, Honor Society I, ll, Ill, Key Club ll, III. PUZULIS, IRENA -- A Cappella III. RADNER, CINDY - Thespian III, Spring Play ll, Fall Play III, Tab- Ieau Committee I, ll, III, Gradua- tion Lead II, Prom Publicity Chair- man III. RAPHAEL, PAM - Homecoming Court Ill, Civinettes ll, Ill, R.O.T.C. in Honorary Captain Ill, Class Coun- cil ll RATHSBURG, SUE - Glrls' Stunt Show II. RAWLINS, GORDON-Men's Glee I, A Cappella III, Class Council I. REA, CHUCK - Class Council II, III, Civitans, Golf Team III, Track I, ll. Rector, sos - Bend I, Explo- sion I, II, Ill, Stylus Il, Debate Club Ill. REDFERN, JOHN -- Class Council III, Band II, Student Congress II, Swim Team II. REINDL, TONIANN -- Girls' Glee I, Lyric Club ll, III, G.A.A. I, ll. RHEA, DOTTIE - Commerce Club II, III, G.A.A. I, Class Council Il, Ill. RHOTON, PHILLIP - R.O.T.C. I. Il, Ill, Stylus Photography II, Ill. RICE, BRUCE - Stage Crew I, II, III, R.O.T.C. I, ll, Thespians II, III, Christian Student Fellowship III, Pep Club III. RICHARDS, JAMES - Swim Team I, Latin Club I, ll, Class Council I, A Cappella II, III, Crescendos III. RIEDEL, RICHARD - Christian Stu- dent Fellowship. RING, ROBERT - Class Council I, II, III, Swim Team II, III, Junior Statesmen I, II, III, Student Con- gress I, Orators II. RISING, NELSON -- A.S.B. Presi- dent Ill, A.S.B. Vice President Ill, "A" Football III, Student Congress ll, ORBS Il, Ill. RISINGER, KAREN - Prom Queen II, Class Song Leader II, Cabinet lHead Sonleaderl III, Class Coun- cil I, ll. V ROBBINS, GERRY -- Class Council III, "C" Track Il, "B" Basketball Il. ROBICHAUX, BRENDA - Class Treasurer I, Cotton 'N Cord Queen I, Girls' League Board ll, Cabinet lHead Songleaderl III, Class Coun- cil I, Il. ROE, DANA - Assistant Director of Fall Play Ill, Thesplans Ill. ROGERS, CONRAD - Public Ad- dress Crew ll, III, Audio Visual Aids ll, Ill. RONCONI, DONNA -- Stylus I. II, Student Congress III, Com- merce Club Ill. RONNFELDT, ARVID-"A" Tennis I, II, III. ROSS, NANCY-Class Council I, II, Student Congress II, Pep Club I, II, Girls' "G" Club ll, 60 Per Club Ill. ROSSALL, LYNN - G.A.A. I, II, Pep Club II, Ill, Civinettes Ill. ROSSLING, ALLAN -- Public Ad- dress Crew. ROTE, TIM - Class Council I, Il, Pep Club Il. ROUNDTREE, LYNN--Stage Crew I, II, 49 ers I, ll, III. ROUSE, STAN - 49'ers I, II, Nice-Presidentl Ill, Spanish Club II, R.O.T.C. Officer II, III. RUDOLPH, ROCKNE - Swimming I, II, III, Class Council II, III, Stu- dent Congress II, ORBS III. RUSCH, PETER - Swim Team I, II, III, Hi-Y I, II, III, Tableau Di- rector I, II, III, Honor Society I, II, III, Civitans II, Ill. RUSSELL, LEATRICE - Commerce Club II, III. RUSSELL, PETE - Class Council Ill, Symphonettes II, III. RUSSELL, ROBERT - J.V. Baseball III, Science Club I. RYAN, LEE - Stylus Representa- tive Il, Civitans. RYAN, RICHARD - "B" Football III, J. B. Football Il. SADLER, JOYCE - Junlor States- men II, G.A.A. I, II, Nitroettes ll, Girls' Rifle Team III, A Cappella III. SAGERS, LAWRENCE-Class Coun- cil I, III, "B" Football. SAMET, JUDY - Mixed Chorus II, Lyric Club III, Commerce Club Il, III. SAMUEL, JOHN - Latin Club ll, III, Ham Radio Club I, ll, Honor Society II, Public Address Sound Crew III, Flag Detail III. SANDBORGH, RAY - Radio Club I, Orators I, ll, III, 49'ers Il, III, Cross Country Ill, Track III. SANDER, MICHAEL - Latin Club I, Science Club II, III. SANDIN, JEFF - Science Club Il, Ill. SAUERS, MICHAEL -- Football I, II. SAULVESTER, JERRY - "A" Track I, II, III, Advanced Printing I, II, Ill, Speech Ill. SCHEELS, KATHIE - Class Council II, Junior Statesmen I, Il, III, Girls' League Philanthropic Com- mittee III, Future Teachers Club I, ll, G.A.A. I. SCHEMBRI, CAROL - Commerce Club III. SCHMIDT, ROY - "B" Basketball I, II, III, Honor Society I, II, III, A.S.B. Director of Publicity III, Explosion Editor-in-Chief III, ORBS ll, Ill. SCHMITT, JERRY - Track I, "B" Football ll, Debate Club III, 49'ers I. SCHNEIDER, BRYNA - Congress I, Stunt Show I, II, Future Teach- ers Club I, G.A.A. I, II, Junior Statesmen I, Il. SCHNEIDER, JEANIE-Pep Club II. SCHOCK, JOHN - Congress III, Swimming Il. SCHOEN, JUDY - Commerce Club I, ll, G.A.A. I, Junior Statesmen ll. SCOTT, CLAUDIA - Junior Red Cross Representative Ill, Student Congress II, III, Class Council I, ll, Ill. SCRIBNER, JUDY - Cotton 'N Cord Court I, Class Vice-President I, Girls' League Board II, Ill, Class Council I, II, Prom Court III. SEABURY, GAIL - A.S.B. Director of Girls' Athletics Ill, Class Coun- cil I, Il, Ill, Inter-Club Council III, Honor Society I, II, Girls' League Board III. SEKAVA, RUTH-G.A.A. I, ll, Ill, Girls' League Philanthropic Com- mittee Il, Regulated Dress Board I, Stunt Show I. SERIN, BOB - Lettermen's Club I, ll. SHAPIRO, DIANE - Commerce Club I, II, III. SHEELY, JOHN - Public Address III, R.O.T.C. Photographer III. SHELLY, RICHARD - Football I, ll, Swimming I, Class Councll I, Football II. SHIELDS, JOHN - Junior Varslty Baseball II. SHOMLER, PAT - Future Teachers Club I, ll, Commerce Club II, III, Stunt Show I, Dance Recital ll, Ill. SILVIVS, DAVE-Amateur Radio Club Il, Debate Club II, III, Honor Society I. SIMILA, DENNIS-Civitans ll, lll, ORBS II, III, Baseball I, II, III, Football I, III, Congress I. ' SIMMONS, CAROLE - Commerce Club I, Regulated Dress Commit- tee, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Glee Club. SIMON, BILL - Pep Club II, "B" Football II, Class Council III. SIMPENDERFER, SHERRY - Com- merce Club Ill, Pep Council ll. SIMPSON, BEVERLY - G.A.A. I, II, Regulated Dress Committee I, Girls' League Philanthropic Corn- mittee, Graduation Lead II, Class Council Ill. SIRK, KATHRYN - Pep Club Il. SIVERTSEN, JEAN-French Club II, lPresidentI III, Honor Society I, II, III, Civinettes II, III, G.A.A. I, II, Stunt Show II, III. SKAHEN, PAT - Cosmetology I, II, III, G.A.A. II, III, Sparklers I. SKINNER, JERILYN-G.A.A. I, II, III, Honor Society III, Nitroettes I, II, Future Teachers Club I, II, Spanish Club II. SLABAUGH, FRED - Congress ll, III. SLIGER, BEN -- Symphanettes II, III. SMITH, BERT - Crescendos II. SMITH, DOROTHY - Commerce Club. SMITH, GLORIA - Girls' League Congress III. SMITH, LAREE-Stunt Show I, Il, Ill, Junior Statesmen I, A Cap- pella III, G.A.A. Il. SMITH, SHARON - Commerce Club II. SMITH, TORREY - Stage Crew I, ll, Ill, Thesplans I, II, Stage Elec- trician ll, Ill. SNOOK, EVERETT-"B" Football, J. V. Football, Explosion Produc- tion II, III. SOLBERG, JO ANN-Class Council IAIternateI I, Junior Red Cross Representative ll, Mixed Chorus. SONNTAG, CONNIE-Class Coun- cil I, II, III, Girls' League Friend- ship Chairman Il, Girls' League Social Chairman Il, Prom Court Ill, Stunt Show I, II, III. SPEARS, KATHERINE-Y.F.C. Club I. SPEEDIE, BILL - Science Club III, Amateur Radio Club I, ll. SPENCER, BARRY - French Club Il, III, Class Council I, Il, III, Jun- ior Statesmen II, III, Pep Club I, Il, III, 49'ers ll. STADLER, SHIRLEY - chorus I, tt, III, 60 Per Club I, Commerce II. STAFFORD, GEORGE - "B" Foot- ball I, Class Council Ill. STAYMAN, MARYANN - Debate Club III, Scribblers III. STEBBINGS, ROBERT - Key Club I, II, III, Honor Soclety I, II, Stamp Club I. STEELE, LINDA-Pep Club I, Junior Red Cross Representative I, Stu- dent Congress lll, G.A.A. Ill. STEPHENS, PHYLLIS - Glenettes I, Junior Statesmen I, World Friendship I. STEVENS, PAT - Stunt Show I, II, III. STILLMAN, PATRICIA-Girls' Glee I, Advanced Girls' Glee ll, Mixed Chorus II, Commerce Club III, A Cappella III. STILTS, KEN - Class Council I, J.V. 8- "A" Football ll, "A" Tennis II, III, 49'ers I. STODDARD, LEWIS - "A" Basket- ball I, II, III, ORBS Il, III, Boys' League Treasurer Ill. STOECKEL, MARY-- Honor Society II, Glenettes I, II, Ill lVice-Presi- dentl, Civinettes ll, G.A.A. I, ll, Stunt Show I, ll. STOEVER, TED - Student Congress III, Swim Team II, Class Councll Ill. STOKES, HEATH - Student Con- gress I, Honor Society I, French Club Il, Junior Statesmen II, III, Girls' "G" Club II, III. STOVALL, PATRICIA - Cosmetol- ogy I, Il, III, G.A.A. Il, Ill, Class Council III, Nitroettes I, II. STRATTON, BOB-Dixieland Band I, II, lLeaderI III, "B" Football ll, III, Baseball I, Basketball II, Golf III. STRAUGHN, MARELINE - Com- merce Club II. STREETMAKER, JOHN - Cabinet ni, Football ii, in, R.o.T.c. 1, tl, Ill, ORBS III. STRINGER, DOUG - "A" Baseball I, II, III, Latin Club ll, Student Congress II, Ill, "B" Basketball II, Class Council III. STROMBERG, KAYE - A Cappella Soloist, G.A.A., Pep Club, 60 Per Club. STURGEON, LINDA - Congress I, II, Pep Club I, Dance Recital II, Tableau Committee Ill, Stunt Show Song Leader Ill. SULLIVAN, GERI - Christian Stu- dent Fellowship I, II, III, Sparklers I, Nitroettes Il, Congress III, G.A.A. I, Ill. SULLIVAN, ROSS - Thespians Ill, Key Club III, Hi-Y II, III, Orators Club III, Swim Team III. SUTER, THOMAS - R.O.T.C. I, Il, III, Public Address Crew I, ll, III, Advanced Electronics I, ll, Ill. SUTHERLAND, DARRELL - "A" Basketball I, ll, Ill, "A" Baseball I, II, III, ORBS Ill, Honor Society, All C.l.F. Basketball Player of the Year III. SWARTZ, RALPH -- Stylus Photog- rapher ll, Ill, Science Club Ill. SWARTZ, RITA - Civinettes Il, Ill, Congress Il, III, Latin Club I, Junior Statesmen I, Ill, Class Council Ill. SZOSTEK, BETH - Girls' League Representative I, G.A.A. ll. TALBOT, SHERRY - Lyric Club, Glee Club, G.A.A., Junior Red Cross Representative. TAYLOR, NANCY - Honor Society I, II, Ill, Latin Club I, ll, Ill, Science Club ll, III, Future Teachers II, III. TAYLOR, NANCY - G.A.A. III, Class Council Il, Student Congress I. TENCH, CAROL JEAN -- A.S.B. Director of Finance III, A Cappella III, Junior Statesmen I, Il, Ill, Fu- ture Teachers I, ll. THEURER, OTTO - Class Council I, Stylus Representative I, Future Teachers Club I, II. THOMAS, JERRY -- Commerce Club ll, Science Club I, ll. THOMAS, WILLIAM-Cross Coun- try I, II, III, Track "C" I, II, "B" Ill, Stylus Ill. THOMPSON, BARBARA - Girls' League Board ISenior Representa- tivel III, Student Court III, Student Congress II, G.A.A. I, Il, Civi- nettes ll, III. THOMPSON, FRED - Pep Club III. THOMSON, PAM - Honor Society Vice-President, Class Council II, III, Student Congress I, ll, R.O.T.C. Honorary Captain III, Future Teach- ers Club I, ll. TIDMARSH, JOHN - Key Club Ill, Latin Club ll, III, Honor Society III, Junior Statesmen I. TIEDEMANN, MARILYN - Nitro- ettes ll, Ill. TIROTTA, ROSANNE-Class Coun- cil I, II, Commerce Club. TISDALE, ALAN - Track I, Swim- ming I, II. TOMLIN, DIANE - Symphanettes I, II, III, Stunt Show I, Concert Band ll, III. TOMLINSON, ANN-Stunt Shaw I, ll, III. TOWNSAN, GAIL - "G" Club, Girls' League Philanthropic Com- mittee, G.A.A., Explosion, Junior Red Cross Representative. TREIDLER, VANCE - Cross Coun- try II, Ill, Track II. TREPTOW, DON - Band I, II, III, Symphanettes I. TRIPLETT, DOUG-Track III, Class Council III. TROTTER, ALLAN - 49'ers I, II, III, Band I, II, III, Pep Club Il, Class Council Il, Symphanettes III. TUCKER, TOM - Band I, ll, III, Track I, Spanish Club. TURNER, DORELLE - Sophomore Chorus I, Lyric Club II, III, A Cap- pella III, Crescendos I. TUTTLE, TOM - Commerce Club III. TYE, JOY - Stunt Show I, Il, III. UPPMAN, BRUCE - "B" Football J.V. Baseball II, Student Congress Ill, Key Club ll. VANDERBYL, JOANNE - Head Maiorette III, Nitroettes II, Honor Society II, III, G.A.A. I, Il', III, Spanish Club II. VAN FLEET, KAY - Commerce Club II, Stunt Show, Student Con- gress I. VARGISH, EILEEN "PENNY" - Philanthropic Chairman of Girls' League III, Philanthropic Commlt- tee II, Ill, Class Council I, Il, Girls' League Treasurer Ill, Stunt Show I, ll, III. VAUGHN, LINDA - Commerce Club III. VER WEST, CAROL-Junior States- men I, II, Commerce Club II, III. VEZIE, TIM-"A" Basketball Il, ORBS, "A" Baseball I, Student Court Ill. WAGGONER, JO LEE - Class Council I, II, Pep Council II, Con- gress I, II, Stunt Show I, II. WAHL, CAROL - G.A.A. I. WALDRON, GLORIA-Class Treas- urer II, Class Council I, Il, Pep Council III, A.S.B. Song Leader Ill, Cotton 'N Cord Court I. WALKER, DAVE - ORBS III, Hon- or Society III, Class Council III, Congress Ill, "A" Track Ill. WALLACE, RUTH - Glenettes I, Girls' League Representative Il, G.A.A. Il, III, Baccalaureate Lead ll. WALTER, BRUCE -- 49'ers Ill. WARNER, JUDY - G.A.A. WATERS, KATHE - Girls' League President III, Girls' League Board II, Civinettes Ill, Class Council II, Pep Council I, II. WATSON, GARY -- R.O.T.C. Drill Team I, II, Octet lMovie Making Clubl III. WATSON, PAT - Honor Society I, II, Latin Club I, II, G.A.A. I, Il, III, Glenettes I, "G" Club III. WEAVER, PAUL - Honor Society I, Crescendos I, Il, Ill, A Cappella III, Science Club III, Student Christ- ian Fellowship I, Il, III. WEAVER, SHARON - Latin Club I, Il, Crescendos I, II, Honor Society I, II, III, A Cappella III, Stunt Show I, ll. WEBB, FRANK REED - Track I, ll, Cross Country I, II, III, Golf III, Student Congress III, Band I, ll. WEBBER, R. TOM - Swim Team II, Junior Statesmen II, Young Life II, III, Hi-Y III, Honor Society I, ll, III. WEESHOFF, LARRY - "A" Basket- ball Il, Ill, "A" Tennis I, II, Ill, Key Club I, Il, III, Honor Society I, Il, Ill, ORBS Il, Ill. WEISER, SPENCER -- J.V. Tennis. WEITZ, MARILYN - Honor Society I, Il, III, G.A.A. I, II, Spanish Club III, Dance Recital II, III, Stunt Show I, ll, III. WELLS, DONALD - J.V. Football ll. WELLS, RUSSELL "SKlP" - J.V. Baseball I, II, Class Council I, II, III, Student Congress Il, Junior Red Cross Representative I, II. WELSHOFER, ANN LEA - Honor Society III, French Club II, Nitro- ettes ll, III, Junior Statesmen II, Latin Club I. WELTNER, ALARIS - Congress I, II, Regulated Dress Representative III. WESP, GARRETT - Cross Country I, II, Track I, II, 49'ers I, Golf III. WEST, CHARLES - Spanish Club II, Class Council I, Mixed Chorus II. WEST, JAY - Stylus ll, III, Junior Statesmen Il, Pep Club I, II, III, Class Council I. WESTLUND, SANDY - Congress II, III. WESTON, KAY - Girls' League Philanthropic Committee Il. WEXLER, GARY - "B" Track I, "A" Track II, III, Pep Club I, Class Council Il, A Cappella Ill. WHEELBARGER, ANNA MAE-Girls' League Board I, Ill, Pep Council I, Class Council II, Prom Court II, A Cappella. WHEELOCK, NANCY - G.A.A. I, Stunt Show I, Il, III. WHITE, FRANKIE - G.A.A. III, Christian Youth Club III. WHITE, JEFF - Class Council III. WHITEHURST, PEGGY - French Club II, III, Class Council I, II, Regulated Dress Representative I. WHITMIRE, CHARLEEN - Com- merce Club I, II, III, Pep Club I, Girls' Rifle Team II, III. WHITNEY, JOHN - A.S.B. Direc- tor of Boys' Athletics Ill, Student Court III, Football "B" I, II, "A" Ill, Track "C" I, "B" II, "A" III, Civitan Executive Board. WICKHORST, ERWIN -- Latin Club III. WIESE, JULIE - Latin Club I, Science Club II. WILES, CAROLEE-G.A.A. Board Spanish Club Ill, G.A.A. Dance Club Manager Ill, Honor Society II, III. WILEY, MARY VIRGINIA-A Cap- pella, Chorctllettes, G.A.A. WILLEMS, ALVIN - Pep Club Il, Class Council Il. WILLEMS, MEL-Student Congress II. WILLIAMS, SUE ANN -Lyric Club Ill, A Cappella Ill, Mixed Chorus II, G.A.A. II, III. WILLIAMS, SUSAN ELLEN - Ora- torical Speaker I, Coordinator of Speech Arts Il, G.A.A. Swim Man- ager III, American Field Service Finalist II, Honor Society I, II, III. WILMS, DAVID - Stage Crew I, II, Ill, Swim Team Il, III. WILSON, BOB - Class Council III. WILSON, JIM - "A" Baseball II. WILSON, LOUIS - Junior Red Cross Representative, R.O,T.C. Campus Commando, Squad Leader. WILSON, NORMAN - Band I, Pep Council lAlternateI ll. WINTZ, DON - Track I, ll, III, Cross Country II, III, Public Ad- dress Crew Il, Ill, Student Con- gress Ill, Radio Club II. WISEMAN, BOB - J.V. Football II. WITT, MARJORIE - G.A.A. I, II, Class Council II, French Club III, Regulated Dress Representative III. WOLTHER, MARILYN - Student Congress III, Commerce Club III, G.A.A. lll,' Class Council IAlter- natel Il. WOOD, ROBERTA - Regulated Dress Representative I. WOODFORD, WENDY - Girls' League Board III, G.A.A. Yell Leader III, Civinettes III, Congress II, III, French Club Ill. WOODWARD, HARRIETT - Class Council I, III. WRIGHT, DARRYL - "B" Football I, ll, "A" Football lll, ORBS ll, Ill, Boys' League President III, Civitans III. WULF, ROBERT - Key Club I, Il, III, Honor Society I, II, III, Junior Statesmen I, ll, Latin Club I, II, Science Club II. WYNHAUSEN, MARY - Glenettes I, Il, G.A.A. Il, Spanish Club III, Tableau Committee I, Stylus III. YAPHE, TORY - A.S.B. Yell Lead- er III, Pep Club III, Class Council II. YOUNG, CAROLINE - Pep Club I, II, Commerce Club ll, III, G.A.A. I, II, Junior Statesmen ll, Ill, Reg- ulated Dress Chairman II. YOUNG, HARLEY - "A" Football II, Ill, "A" Track I, II, III, ORBS ll, Ill, Pep Council II. YOWELL, GARY - Class Council III, A Cappella Choir II, III, Stu- dent Congress III. ZACK, TOM -- Bowling Club I. ZELLER, DEBORAH - Honor So- ciety I, Il, III, Dance Club Presi- dent ll, G.A.A. Board II, Sym- phanettes I, ll, Ill, Future Teachers Il. ZEMKE, MELINDA - Student Con- gress ll, Honor Soclety Il, III, French Club II, III, Class Council III, Dance Recital Chairman III. ZENNAITER, JOHN - Track I, III, Pep Club I, Il, III, Young Christian Fellowship, Class Coun- cil I, ll, Spanish Club. A Abbot, Linda-97, 170 Ackehurst, Donna-170 Adams, Jane-50, 170 Adile, Camille-54, 55, 87, 88, na, 170 Adolphe, Carolyn-41, 98, 113, 128 Adrian, Walter-170 Adne, Earl-164 Aguilar, Mike-107, 113 Akira, Frieda-46 Ahlers, Carolyn-54, 55, 73, 97, 1OB,118,126,169,170 Aikens, Ronald-170 Aires, Julie-20 Alish, Geebie-19, 25, 97, 101, 104,108,112,170 Allen, Margaret-20, 22, 124 Allen, Nancy-94, 113, 170 Alvarado, Miguel-59, 61 Alvarez, Henry-48, 60, 61, 170 L STUDE T INDEX Beals, Chris-72 Beotie, George-81, 147, 149, 171 Beatty, Charles-53, 61, 79, 111, 171 Beckett, David-19, 97, 126, 169, 171 Beckett, Paul-17, 97, 115, 126, 169, 171 Bedrossian, Astine-88 Begley, Karen-124, 125 Bell, Bill-171 Bendicsen, Carol-100, 102 Benedette, Dennis-38, 139 Benefiel, Charles-52 Bennett, Steve-160 Bennett, Vance--72, 166 Bensing, Phil-158, 160 Benson, James-171 Benson, Ritchie-172 Bentley, Pam-71, 105 Andersen, Boyd-45, 72, 170 Andersen, David-156, 170 Andersen, Eldon-170 Anderson Carol-170 Anderson Deanna-170 Anderson Julie-47, B8 Anderson, Ken--21 Anderson Mary Sue-129, 170 Anderson, Nanci-169, 170 Anderson Robert-166 Anderson, Sam-144, 170 Anderson, Sharon-170 Anderson, Ted-167 Andrews, Arleen-20, 124, 125 Angelica, Tony-145 Annin, John-21, 156, 170 Apgar, Wayne-167 Applegate, Ed-52 Arendale, Sharon-19, 85, 97, l04,105,108,117,118,125 170 Ares, Jules-22 Army, Cheryl-46 Arnds, John-170 Arson, Barbara-88 Ashcroft, Gayle-169, 170 Askew, Barbara-169, 170 Asquith, Bob-42, 91, 97 Atkinson, Gary-170 Auer, Charles-170 Auer, Mike-47 Austin, Diane-128, 170 Austin, Elaine-46 Averine, Barbara-112, 117, 125, 170 Axtman, Pat-170 Benton, Brad-156 Berentson, Ed-145 Berghuis, Mary-50, 172 Bergins, Wilbert-158 Berkon, Roy-61 Berman, Dena-80, 88 Bernhogn, John-61 Bertin, Gail-108, 172 Berton, Julie-20, 21, 119 Besenski, Harry-114 Biaggi, Sue-25, 71, 108 Bianchi, Pat-172 Bias, Bonnie-69, 112 Bice, Tim-70, 137, 138, 141, 172 Bilby, Elaina-21 Billingsley, Judy-110, 172 Bishop, Bonnie-1 19 Bishop, Pat-172 Bison, Ken-133 Bissell, Bill-61 Blackstone, Sue-17, 172 Blackwell, Carol Ann-108, 129 Buck, Chuck-39, 96, 160 Buck, Elaine-53 Buechler, Dennis-173 Bunch, Loretta-39, 110, 121, 128, 173 Bunn, Pat-122, 173 Bunt, Bunny-23, 72, 124 Burger, Pat-60 Burke, Sharon-173 Burlingame, Steve-144 Burnap, Carol-124 Burns, Peggy-100, 173 Burt, Dwain-52 Burton, Joy-96, 113, 173 Butkins, Richard-139, 141, 156 Byers, Pat-110, 129, 173 Byson, Karen-23, 48 C Caddick, Tom-51, 160 Cadwell, Jay-87, 98, 112 Caler, Carol-110, 128 Calhoun, Sherry-46 Callies, Gary-117, 144, 164 Commelleri, Lucille-173 Camp, Bernie-52, 142, 145 Campbell, Beverly-88, 90, 91, 95, 173 Campbell, Carol-46, 47 Campbell, Curtis-173 Campbell, John--173 Campbell, Kathy-49 Campbell, Ray-81, 173 Camper, Shirley--125 Capps, Phil-113, 143, 144, 145, 173 Carder, William-145, 173 Carey, Charles-173 Carhart, Dennis--16, 79, 111, 133, 173 Carldunk, Ray-164 Combest, James-174 Comstock, Judy-51, 129, 174 Condii, Phillip-99 Conner, Shirley-174 Cook, Bonnie-175 Cook, George-175 Coombs, Garrett-20, 21, 175 Denny, Dick-79, 145, 177 Denton, Bob-52 DeRosa, Ann-91, 119, 124 Dicks, Diane-94 DiMarco, Sal-73, 86, 90, 94, 95, 177 DiMundo, Sheila-127 Blade, Bla ke, Richard-156 Bonnie-172 Blanchard, John-160 Blanchard, Sterling-172 Blue, Carolyn-125 Blum, Jim-172 Boardman, Coralie-127 Boehm, Ido-51, 172 Boehmer, Alan-172 Boggis, Ronald-172 Bohn, Barbara-125 Bohn, Carolyn-36, 172 Bohn, Marilyn-172 Bonk, Linda-172 Carlson, Judy-50, 173 Carlson, Ray--52, 81 Carlson, Wilberta-97 Carlton, Sora-51, 90, 113, 114 173 Carmona, Joe-44, 142 Carney, Stephen-173 Carpenter, Mac-145, 164 Carr, Co rr, Cathie--55 Phil-46, 49, 61, 145 Case, Cynthia-173 Case, Dave-112, 145 Case, Gary-160 Cash, Jim-173 Cash, Nita-173 Cass Lloyd-156, 173 cassf rom-47, 111 1 Backus, Leonard-49, 52, 53, 170 Baema, Jo Ann-88 Bohr, Audrey-51, 171 Bohr, John-51, 61 Bailey, Muffet-71, 97, 100 Bailey, Patti-49, 50 Baker, Bill-114 Baker, Carolyn-48 Lynn?70, 77, 85, 104, Baker, Claudio-47 Baker, Jitn -I-'H-'1, 2, 3147, 114 Baker, Marilyn-52, 110 Baker, Sharon-50, 171 Baldwin, Donna-46 Baldwin, Sandra-49, 51, 88, 171 Bame, Damon-133, 135, 138, 141 Bome, Roberta-51, 171 Bane, Donald-138, 141 Barkley, Karen-34, 171 Borckley, Lois-50 Barnes, Donna-71, 100 Barns, Carol-50 Baron, Carol-108, 110, 129 Barondess, Sandro-17, 113, 117, 171 Barrs, Byron-59 Barstow, George-61, 141 Bartlett, Barbara-87, 112, 124, 125 Barton, Nadine--119 Bartram, Dorothy-121 Basore, Penny-50 Batchelor, Mike-112 Bough, Linda-21, 125 Bough, Jlm-108, 166, 169, 171 Boughmon, Harold-142 Baughmon, Vicki-18, 49, 90, 104, 117,125, 168,171 Bayless, Sharon-55, 124 Beach, Sally-49 Bonnor, Ann-51, 129, 172 Bonzo, Charles-52 Booker, Dale-23 Borreson, Betty-172 Bottrell, Barry-15, 18, 70, 136, 139,141,164,169,172 Bottrell, Jerry-143, 144 Boulger, Virginia-172 Bowden, Jim-172 Bowers, Bob--147 Bowman, Landell--172 Bowman, Mardeon-172 Boyce, Earlene-172 Boyer, Ron--164 Boykin, Floe-48 Boyle, Mike-167 Bradford, Julie--16, 63, 90, 172 Bradley, Mike-48 Brady, Charles-111, 156, 172 Brant, Mike-172 Briggs, Pete-21 Bright, Greg-172 Briley, Pam-20, 51, 172 Briscoe, Donna-172 Briscoe, Kathy-95 Brocca, Ron-172 Brodine, Andrea-172 Broom, Bette-20, 49, 51, 113, 172 Broughton, Diane-62 Broughton, Jan-119, 173 Cassidy, Forrest-60, 61, 173 Castle, Gary-174 Castlen, Mariorie-51, 71, 174 Cave, Debbie-88 Chaffee, Marilyn-90, 110, 113, 174 Chapman, Darryl-174 Checkwood, Wayne-142 Chenoweth, Steve-20, 51, 1 11, 144, 169, 174 Cheslsey, Charlottia-49 Chiles, Carolyn-49 Chrisope, Nancy-69 Christopher, Bonnie-174 Christensen, William-174 Christian, Jerry-61, 174 Christiansen, Jeff-113 Christianson, Bob-113, 167 Christy, Jack-174 Churchill, Dawn-33, 90, 174 Churchill, Dave-133, 140 Coooer, Connie-55, 169 Cooper, David-60, 84 Cope, John-52, 53, 198 Copeland, Carolyn-51, 63, 175 Corbin, Dick-61, 175 Corn, Steve-1 13 Corrales, Carol-175 Ccughron, Bob-154 Courtway, Mike-175 Cowan, Beverly-175 Couly, Gorgean--B8 Cox, Jay-47 Cox, Jon-142 Cox, Sharon--51, 175 Crabbe, Terry-145 Crable, Dennis-145 Crane, Karl-145 Cravello, Tony-142 Craw, Jim-175 Crawford, Deanne-17, 175 Crawford, Jack-53 Crimo, Rose Marie-175 Crippin, Gary-156, 175 Crockett, Chris-20, 75, 123 Cronan, Shirley-88, 175 Crosby, Jack-91 Crosetti, John-72, 139, 141, 175 Crowley, Claire-65, 88, 96, 175 Crowley, Clay-97, 111, 165, 169 Croxall, Cheryl-46 Croick, Shank-156 Crump, Sharon-47 Cruze, Gertie-122, 175 Culbertson, Sandie-81, 83, 99, 1 19 Culver, Kathy-52, 53 Cummins, Mike+166 Cunningham, Cecil-166 Cunningham, Leon-93, 106, 1 1 1, 175 Curtindole, Velma-175 Curtis, Dan-145, 164 Curtis, Darlene-175 Curtis, Marlene-48, 175 Dalton, Roger-16, 19, 23, 72, 77,142,143,144,158 Daniell, Lauralee-112, 175 Daniell, Jackie-124, 128 Daniels, Bruce-49, 58, 99, 169, 175 Daniels, Carolyn-25, 97 Daniels, Marcia-14 Danyluk, Ron-78 D'Arc, Chris-20, 21, 90, 103, 105, 112,113,175 D'Arc, Steve-100 Davenport, Lorna-122 Davies, Esther-46, 127 Dixon, Gary-177 Dobsen, Paul-38, 145, 160 Dodds, Ed-177 Dold, Philip-177 Dominiak, Pat-51, 63, 70, 177 Dooley, John-52, 139 Dorlon, Carole-128 Dorcy, Kathy-113 Dose, Tom-107, 133, 147, 148, 150, 151 Doty, Cora-169, 177 Doutt, Cheryl-22 Downes, Nancy-41, 177 Dowson, Mary-73, 176 Drusen, Linda-50 Dringenberg, Steve-52 Duke, Roger-177 Duncan, Art-52, 53, 92, 177 Dundas, Dave-133 Dunn, Diane-124, 125 Dunn, Sandy-48, 129 Dunsmore, Laurie-55 Dupuis, Jeannine-177 Durley, Linda-104, 177 Durocher, Barbara-176 Duryea, Paul-142 Dyck, Larry-176 Eason, Tom--176 Easlbum, Richard-52, 53, 176 Eastman, Ronald-52, 53, 176 Eastman, Ruth--88 Eckard, Carol-124 Eldridge, Lonnie-80, 158 Eddy, Joyce-123 Eddy, Leon-47, 60, 61, 176 Eddy, Toni-101, 124 Edie, Cecile-176 Edwards, Larry-25, 111, 176 Eggen, Bill-177 Eichelberger, Sally-101 Eichler, Eddy-61 Elardo, Marie-48, 177 Eley, John-177 Eliot, Tamara-67, 177 Ellerman, Lana-46, 110, 127 Ellison, Tod-145 Ellison, Tam-177 Elwell, Dennis-165, 177 Elwell, Myrna-46, 127 Elson, Tom-21 Emerson, Jody-177 Englehordt, Pat-20, 21 English, Helen-49 Englund, Joan-129 Erdos, Susan-46 Erickson, Julie-177 Erickson, Kenneth-177 Escher, Ed-177 Esterly, Jack-56, 177 Davie s, Jim-25, 66, 167, 175 Davis, Carolyn-129 Davis, Charles-158 Davis, Janet-175 Davis, Jennifer-128, 129, 175 Davis, Karen-53 Davis, Linda--102, 127 Davis, Euson, John-47, 61 Evans, Sharon-47 Evans, Sylvia-177 Evans, Tamara-108, 123, 177 Evans, Tena-22 Everett, Judy-129 F Falivona, Rozanna-20 Farnsworth, Robert-113, 139, 177 Cicone, Vince-174 Cihac, Rosalie-21 Cizek, Susan-88, 174 Clark, Anne-46 Clark, Barbara-174 Clark, Betty-174 Clark, Dick--43 Clark, Susan-40, 110, 129, 174 Clark, Tom--52, 53, 174 Brouillard, Richard-155, 156, 173 Brown, Dennis-142 Brown, Evalyn-173 Brown, Gary-173 Brown, Laurel-173 Brown, Mel-173 Brown, Ron-173 Browne, DeLorise-173 Broyles, Carolyn-90, 173 Bruflat, Iver-142 Brunner, Steve-173 Bruno, Paul-23 Brutsch, Sue-173 Clark, Timi-22, 69 Clarke, Richard-174 Clausen, Nancy-174 Clauson, Barbara-69 Clauson, Dove-53 Clayburgh, Gary-174 Clement, Som-52, 145, 174 Cobb, Frank-61 Cohron, Jettle-49 Colegrove, Pat-52 Coleman, Darlene-48, 49, 127 Collier, Dave--83, 174 Collins, Connie-46 Colvin, Dean-18, 160, 174 105,108,117,130,175 Davis, Richard-176 Davis,Sally-lIIf'1,2l 176 Davis, Susan--121, 176 Dawson, Meg-101 Day, Kenneth-176 Day, Linda-123 Deacon, Carolyn-88 Deacon, Karen-88, 1.'6 De Bey, John-1 13, 166 Decker, Bill--160, 176 Dedo, Sharon-97, 123 DeHeras, Charles-1 14 DeJacomo, Pat-88, 175 DelCampo, George-83, 176 DeLeray, Lynne-176 Delgado, Emilio-52, 53, 70, 96, 128, 176 Delmonte, Jocelyn-63, 169, 176 Delmonte, Judy-76 DeLong, Helen-176 de los Reyes, Mary Jo-51, 176 Demmelmair, Sharon-176 DeMoss, Robert-176 Dennon, Elizabeth-124, 177 Farrell, Judy-54, 55, 74, 113, 1 19 Farrell, Tlm--113, 117 Faust, Tom-53 Feland, Bob-142 Feldman, Lindo-48, 177 , Fennanstruther, Wonton-156 Ferguson, David-140, 177 Ferguson, Pat-90 Fernandez, Juanita-177 Ferona, Joann-50, 51, 178 Ferris, Del-145 Field, Bonnie-112, 123 Filbeck, Jerri-178 Filbeck, Loren--49, 51, 165 Filliger, Paul--158, 17B Finnigan, Andrew-144, 145 Fioravanti, Ron-50 Fisher, Carolyn-99, 124, 125 Fisher, Dick-147 Fisher, Fisher Janie-58, 169, 178 Mary-178 Fisherl Martha-127 Fitch, Stephen-53, 83, 178 Fitzgerald, Adele-108, 117, 121 Flegal, Judy-63, 82, 178 Fleming, Janet-36 Fliedner, Richard--52, 53 Flotron, Kristi-178 Fogerson, Boyd-178 Foley, Don-52 Foote, Jerry-42 Forbes-Robinson, Elliott-145 Forbes-Robinson, Penny-21, 88, 169, 178 Ford, Jerry-51, 178 Forman, Gloria-49, 50, 98, 125 1 Forest, Mary-51, 110, 178 Forsnas, Kathleen-178 Forward, Reed-160, 161 Foster, Suzan-57, 101, 127 Fox, Judie-57, 101, 108, 109, 178 Francis, Bill-47, 142, 145 Frazier, Jeanne-21, 23 Frazier, Ron-166 Freebairn, Penne-1, 56, 108, 113,125,178, 208 Freelander, Jim-158 Freeman, Cecilia--50 Freeman, Gloria-97 Freiman, Gary-178 French, Christine-119 French, Emma Lou-81, 91, 105, 112, 122, 178 Froome, Jean-178 Frushour, James-52 Fulton, Leah-63, 75, 112 Fuson, David-61, 178 G Galbraith, Shirley-178 Galindo, Louise--51, 178 Gamper, Shirley-124 Garobedian, Barbara-178 Garabedlan, Sandy-128 Sardiner, Robert-42, 179 Garlow, Nancy-124, 125 Gates, Larry-133, 140, 165 Gay, John--142, 156 Geboe, Charlotte-50, 179 Geboe, Fred-113, 145 Gecse, Honey-52, 53 Gefores, Sharon-129 George, Carlisle--90, 91, 113, 179 Gertz, Carol-179 Ghiggia, Dennis-111, 169, 179 Gibson, James-179 Gibson, Nikki-46, 123, 124 Gilbert, Leonard-47 Giles, Bill-133, 144 Gilleran, Marilyn-52, 97, 102 Gilmore, Darlene-179 Gilroy, Bob-145 Givens, Darlene-127 Givens, Lester-179 Glaser, John-52, 53, 99, 113 Glaesman, Marlene-88 Glazier, Gary-27, 61, 179 Glen, Ann-48 Godfrey, Joyce-179 Godlis, Lloyd-42, 112 Goeller, Nancy-179 Goff, Chris-61 Goffredo, Carol-37 Goldin, Nancy-97, 98, 112, 113 Goldthwalte, Pat-50, 73, 169, 179 Goff, Lee-156 Gomes, Harrlet-100 Goodall, Jeanne-57 Goodemoot, Janis-16, 19, 64, 67, 72, 90, 95 Goodman, George759, 61 Goodrich, KarwynL88, 179 Goodyear, Judy-179 Gordon, Lynne-57, 80, 179 Gordon, Tom-112 Gorey, Pat-42 Gorls, James-111, 179 Gosserond, Courtland-179 Gould, Gary-155, 158, 159, 161 Gould, Stanley-179 Graff, Bob-112 Graff, Mary Ellen-1 10 Gra991 Sharon Lee-180 Graham, Cindy-126 Graham, Kent-167 Graham, Richard-93, 180 Graves, Mary-180 Gray, Bruce--180 Gray, Dianne-97 Gray, Jere-180 Gray, Larry-180 Greco, John-155, 156, 180 Green, Cindy-49 Green, Joan-180 Green, Kathleen-127 Greenleaf, Sue-55, 108, 121, 180 Greer, Brian-107 Greig, Sharon-180 Grier, Charlene-57 Griffin, Judy-180 Grigsby, Hank-167 Grimmeihs, Gordon-180 Groniga, Keith-160 Grosch, Eric-84 Groshans, Barbara Sue-180 Grover, Julie-110 Grubb, Linda-49, 67, 108 Grupp, Paul-160 Gsell, Marvin-42, 180 Gruen, Cindy-128 Gudat, John-112 Guerrero, Barbara--180 Guinn, Madelyne+80 Gunn, Stephen-142, 156 Gunn, Susan-46 Gurley, Ruth-95 H Haas, Charlene-53, 87, 88, 98, 180 Haber, David-180 Hadron, Dick-164 Hagen, Don-21, 66, 102, 133 Hagen, Esther-85, 102, 124 Hahn, Gary-133, 147, 148, 150, 151, 180 Hahnlein, Carol-180 Haley, Carol-52, 97, 98, 100, 1 24, Hall, Douglas-47 Hall, Larry-180 Hall, Mary-180 Hall, Sharon-180 Hallan, Emily--51, 63, 180 Haltgren, Le?167 Hamel, Kathy-114, 126, 180 Hamel, Mary Beth-65 Honaker, Mary Sue-87 Handley, Murph-44 Hanger, Sandra Lee-110, 126 Hanks, Wendell-94, 165 Hannigan, Hugh-145, 158 Hanover, Judy-20, 47, 49, 52 Hansen, Ted-142 Hanson, Bonnie-50, 180 Hantman, Daniel-180 Hardwidge, Sandra-180 Haring, Stanley-180 Harkins, Laurie-127 Harkins, Warren--180 Harris, Ann-180 Harris, Duncan--22 Harris, Nancy-20, 97 Harris, Parmelee-180 Harris, Robin-129, 180 Harrison, Ava-181 Hortleben, Dale-51, 145 Hartley, Booth-166 Hartley, Robert-181 Hartley, Donald-94, 97, 107, 1 12 Hartline, Robin-181 Hartman, Lois-81, 99, 113 Hartwig, Gretchen-97, 181 Harvey, Yvonne-88, 181 Haskins, Warren-90 Haslam, Don-114 Hasler, Andrea-1, 56, 181 Haucke, Frank-130, 142 Hawke, Jim-99 Hawthorne, Jack-145 Hayes, Diane-181 Hayes, John-20, 111, 133, 135,139,141,181 Haynes, Bob-181 Haythorne, Judy-99, 129 Heady, Robert-181 Hearn, Richard-158, 161, 181 Hearn, Sandy-38, 71, 119, 181 Hearndon, Billie-127 Heigold, Kristine-181 Heisler, Eugene-1 Heisig, Toni-23 Heltzel, Jerry-142, 158 Heltzel, John-181 Hendershot, Linda-63, 181 Henderson, Jim--133, 147, 148, 151 Henderson, Karen-88 Henderson, Sondra-52, 53 Hendricks, Brad-158, 161 Hendricks, George-181 Hendricks, Linda-181 Hendricks, Newell-159, 160 Hendricks, Tom-83, 92 Hendrickson, Shirley-20, 88, 124, 125 Hendrix, Carol-181 Henkell, Bob-133, 138 Henry, Gloria Jean-181 Hensler, Bob-10, 18, 20, 70, 74, 79, 130, 133, 135, 136, 137, 138,140, 141,147,181 Hensler, John-144, 145, 164 Hermann, Le Roy-181 Herndon, Billie-46 Herold, Janice-181 Hesse, Nick-94, 107 Hessick, Linda-63 Hickling, Gary-52, 53, 94, 107, 181 Hickling, Steve-53, 61 Higgins, Carol-181 Hill, Bruce-21, 52 Hill, Bob-l-1f1,2l 133, 138, 181 Hilliard, Bonnie-181 Hillen, Jon-81, 181 Hilton, Roger-181 Hinds, Frank-145 Hinkie, Bob-112 Hipolito, Bob--133, 160 Hirscht, Richard-142 Hoodley, Linn-167 Hodgson, Bill-111 Hoehn, Diane-129, 181 Hoeynck,,Lee-59, 61 Hoffenfield, Stan-158 Hoffman, Jack-165, 181 Hoffman, Larry-182 Hoffman, Linda-112 Hoffman, Lynn-23, 78, 108 Holden, Lee Ann-27, 84, 182 Holley, Jean-182 Holm, Joan-182 Holmwood, Sandra-1 10, 129 Homan, Jo Ellen-37, 182 Hooker, Gilbert Neil-139, 182 Hoop, Carolyn-60, 70, 182 Hooper, Nancy-25, 63, 71, 72, 108 Hoover, Gordon-165 Horocks, Linda-50 Horton, Bill-47 Horton, Kathy-50 Horton, Paul-112 Horton, Tom-133, 143, 144, 1 82 Hostettler, Judie-49, 66, 101 Hough, Nancy-37, 100 Houghes, Carolyn-124 Houpt, Jon-55 Houston, Janie-23, 105 Howard, Mike-145, 167 Howe, Betty-182 Howell, Russell-133, 147, 148, 182 Howarth, Barbara-110, 112 Howeth, Leon-182 Hoy, Linda-39, 70, 73, 108, 117,118,169,1B2 Hoyal, Ray-143, 144, 182 Hubbard, Gary-158, 182 Hubbard, Janice-22, 66 Hubbard, Joyce-104 Hubbard, Jean-182 Hubner, Sonia-102, 182 Hudson, Mary Ellen--97 Hufnagel, Allen-182 Hughes, Cam-113, 133, 144, 158 Hughes, Carolyn-98, 117, 124 Hughes, Bill--60, 182 Humiston, Carol-108, 130, 169, 183 Hummel, Carol-52, 53, 113, 183 Humphreys, Barbara-51, 117, 183 Hunsaker, Hedy-57 Hunt, Pam-84 Hunter, Charlotte-183 -lunter, Steve-164 Huser, Bob-42 lmus, Margaret-40, 128 lncledon, Bonnie-119 Ivey, Wayne-183 Ingram, Donna-40, 98 lrabien, Carmen-101 lrabien, Paloma-101 lreton, Rabertte-183 J Jock, Joan-183 Jackman, Jarrell-145 Jackson, Judi-46 Jackson, Karen-21, 52, 53, 87, 112 Jackson, Robin-50 Jaissle, Judy-183 Jaissle, Nancy-46 Jacobsen, Don-138, 183 Jacobstein, Martin-163 Jehelka, Joe--142 Jedeka, Julie-97, 110 Jedynak, Harvey-183 Jeffers, Jim-160 Jencks, Bill-17, 70, 106, 115, 135, 137, 138, 140, 141 Jenkins, Tom-22, 183 Jennings, Dennis-183 Jensen, Bill-20, 183 Jepson, Lynne-23, 121 Jewetf, Richard-183 Johannesen, Bob-42, 183 Johnson, Chris-87 Johnson, Craig--145 Johnson, Dick-61, 142 Johnson, Joe-183 Johnson, Kittie-90 Johnson, Larry-164 Johnson, Melodie-21 Johnson, Mike-145 Johnson, Pat-50 Johnson, Revo-77, 96, 97, 117, 118, 169, 183 Johnson, Sherrill-77, 108, 183 Johnson, Susan-21, 87, 112 Johnson, Tom-62 Johnson, Bill-183 Johnston, Eileen-110, 129 Johnston , Kathy-too, 113, 125 Jolley, Clark-41, 165, 183 Jolliffe, Dorris-21, 51, 183 Jones, Bruce-183 Jones, Christy-125 Jones, Nick-142 Jones, Ron-59 Jones, Squier-133, 138 Jordan, Joanell-72 Jordon, Dianne-84 Juedes, Bob-183 Junod, Mary Lou-63 Jurrat, Judy-110, 124 K Kako, Elaine-110, 127 Kalde, Marcia-57, 101, 108, 109, 183 Kalde, Sharon-88 Kami, Glenda Kiyako-184 Karnay, Jacqulyn-110, 123, 1 24, 127 Kaufman, Tamara-40, 184 Kaye, Jeanne-23, 112, 114, 1 19 Kearns, Mary-50, 124, 125 Keeler, Ken-52 Keil, Richard-184 Kelly, Annette-20, 48 Kelly, Harry-107, 111, 112 Kelsey, Rick-61 Kelso, Leonore-184 Kendall, Jane-184 Kennedy, Ruth--184 Kennedy, Tom-142 Key, Carolyn-51, 184 Key, Phyllis-49, 110, 127 Khanoyan, Ed-142 Kielley, Jim-59 Kilgore, Jim-52, 168 Kimball, Dorothy-1 ta, 184 King, Eddie--46, 127 King, Linda-88, 184 Kinnan, Janice-90, 184 Kintzinger, Julie-184 Kipper, Joan-51, 184 Kirkland, Linda-88 Kirkpatrick, Jack-84 Kirkpatrick, John-144 Kirstein, Roland-52, 185 Kleile, Kurt-185 Kline, Gary-167 Klopolsky, Sue-121 Knogenhelm, Gary-61 Kneiding, Bob-160 Kneiding, Ellen-41, 185 Kneisel, Jodie-119 Knox, Eddie-43, 91 Kolb, Phil-61 Komer, John-114, 185 Koschnick, Jim-142 Kotin, Joel-16, 66, 95, 96, 113, 166, 185 Kous, Steve-160 Kovacs, Bill-185 Kovalon, Celeste-95 Koustner, Barbara-129 Kreck, Dick-54, 55. 185 Kreisel, Cathie-185 Krieger, Ken-185 Kroening, Trudy-87, 112, 127 Kroening, Joe-185 Kurtis, Ellona-46 Kuster, Ken-136, 185 L Lacey, Jim-38, 140, 185 La Mantia, Joanne-50, 88 Lane, Judy-87 Landsverk, Sonia-99 Langenheim, Elaine-62 Langlands, Bill-184 Langystaff, Carole-63, 88, 124, 1 5 Lanning, Lynn-99, 1 1 0 Larson, Pamela-127 La Rue, Nicki-129 Lostouica, Karolina-52, 53 Lathrop, Martha-48 Laughrey, Jackie-46, 127 Lauridsen, Barbara-41, 53 Lauridsen, Beverly-41, 52, 53 124, Lawrence, Dave-81 Lawrie, Harry-142 Lawshend, Gail-55 LeClerq, Val-100 Ledbetter, Roger-21 Lee, Eddie-57 Lee, Jerry-184 Lee, Larry-47, 145 Lee, Lynette-41, 48, 129 Lehman, Fred-184 Leming, Linda-184 Lensar, Kay-89, 113, 184 Lerner, Mark-54, 55, 184 LeRoy, Ron-61 Lhamon, Dennis-143, 144 Lidell, Bob-167 Liebersbach, Jerry-90, 158, 159,160, 161,184 Liebersbach, LeRoy-160, 161 Lindberg, Kathleen-48 Linder, Susan-52, 53 Lindstedt, Nadine-127 Lindstedt, June-48, 49, 51, 184 Linne, Kathryn-184 Linnemeyer, Jim-45, 52 Lipp, Rickie-18, 51, 66, 184 Litten, Cobey-184 Little, Janice-76 Lloyd, Jon-184 Locke, Kathy-169, 184 Locke, Mike-22 Lockie, Beverly-184 Lockwood, Bob--52 Lockwood, Carl-184 Loescher, Rosalie-184 Lofftus, David-102, 184 Loft, Terry-184 Logan-Jones, Lisle-184 Lombardi, Donald-184 Long, George-50 Lorentzen, Connie-184 Lott, Allen-184 Lowinger, Sondra-47 Loyola, Suzanne-124, 125 Lund, Ernie-75, 106, 111, 133, 135,141, 138,184 Luvelyn, Larry-158 Lycett, Bill-166, 167, 184 Lynn, Chuck-158 M McAdam, Larry-160 McAdam, Tom--185 McAlister, Pauline-49, 85, 97, 98,100,102,113,129 McBaine, Diane-185 McColl, William-185 McClellan, Mickey-72 McClure, Dolores--124 McClurg, Mike-140, 145, 185 McConnell, Brian-142 McConnell, Alice-186 McCord, Fred-186 McCormick, Roselyn-186 McCrary, Linda-186 McCullouh, Bonnie-88, 186 McCullough, Charlotte-108, 186 McCutcheon, Gail--127 McDermott, Shirley--69, 76, 112 McDonald, Nancy-108 McDonald, Roberta-1 10, 124 McDougal, Bob-166 McDougal, Sandy-97 McDougal, Stuart-94, 161 McElgunn, Jirn-16, 19, 142 McElroy, Penny-102 McFadden, Sheila-50, 186 McFarland, Kathy-17, 21, 54, 55,113,115,122,186 McGhie, Bob-167 McGinty, Jesse-21, 126, 169, 186 McGrew, Lanny-164 McKee, Susan-186 McKibbon, Jeanette-38 Mclane, Tony--61, 145 McLarnin, Jeannie-113, 117, 123 McNamara, Joan-46 McPherson, Tim-85, 107 McQuay, James-186 McShirley, Mary-22 ' McShirley, Roberta-186 McVey, Ron-23, 25, 65, 166 Macalusa, Saverio-185 MacArthur, Jeanette-50, 51, 63, 67, tes MacDonald, Scott-97, 185 MacMahon,, Mary--63, 101, 108 MacSween, Carole-185 Maddux, Bob-145 Maddux, James-144 Magneson, Dave-40 Malone, Mary-185 Manekl, Carolyn-112, 123 Manekl, Janice-113, 185 Maniccia, Emily-100, 108 Maniccia, Ginnie-124 Manuel, Bob-52 Manulkin, Gary-53, 89, 99, 112 Manderbach, Julie-89, 185 March, Barry-166 Morder, David-51, 185 Mariette, Susan-51, 185 Marino, Susan--48 Marks, John-156 Marik, Jay-112 Marquis, Dale-164 Marshall, Bill-27, 158, 161 Marshall, Linda-129 Marshall, Rick-144, 158 Martin, Martin, Beryl--185 Janice-22 Martin, Jean-110 Martin, Mary Ann-20 Martin, Toni-185 Martin, William--185 Martinia, Robert-114, 185 Marvin, Jameson-49, 51, 169, 185 Marx, Earl-185 Mason, 1 05, Mason, Carol-49, 51, 98, 99, 113,117,123,169,185 Janice-110 Morrow, Tom-113, 158 Moseley, Linda-124, 129 Mosier, Bob-165 Mothershed, Joyce-50, 104, 105 Motto, Joan-71, 95, 113 Moulder, Jeri-96 Mouser, Dick-142, 164 Mueller, Janet-187 Muhlemen, Karen-89, 119 Mulder, Lynnda Anm?49 Muller, Aline-187 Muller, Nancy Jo-187 Munger, Sally-48, so, 51, 187 Munger, Virginia-187 Murphy, Sandy-63, 65, 118, 169, 187 Murray, John-158 Murray, SuAnn-39, 87, 97, 187 Myers, Mike-187 N Navatto, Janice-187 Nehlsen, Leonard-187 Neidrich, Pat-41, 188 Neilson, Lula-50 Nelson, Carol-23, 52, 105 Nelson, Carolyn-53, 84, 127 Nelson, Gary Iifl, 21 16, 18, 21, Peneff, Paulette-103, 105, 188 Penny, Beth Ann-51, 63, 130, 188 Peplow, Jerinette-101, 108 Pera, Sandy-189 Perry, Bob-25, 145, 153 Perry, Charlotte-110 Perry, Delores-88 Peterson, Harold-88, 113, 165 Peterson, Robert 131, 21, 106, 139, 140, 189 Peterson, Shirley-49, 129 Peterson, Vickie-124 Petro, Gary-52, 53 V Pfeiffer, Karen-112, 119 Pfeiffer, 189 Pfleuger, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phypers, Suzanne-71, 113, 119, Donna-49 Barbara-114, 189 Bill-52, 59 Chandler-52 Roger-45, 189 Ann-117, 122 Mason, Polly-112, 117, 124, 125 Massey, John-23, 185 Massey, Pauline-87, 97, 99, 102, 123 Matthias, Elaine-114, 185 Masterson, Bob-52 Matson, Sandy-46 Mauro, Charlotte-1, 51, 57, 85, 125, 185 Maussnest, Gretchen-87, 99 Mead, John-52, 53 Meckfessel, Susie-76 Megers, Tino-124 Melendy, Byron-1, 56, 186 Meloch, Linda-186 Mennes, Jim-38 Mercier, Roger--186 Merrick, Jay-158 Merritt, William-186 Merz, Kelvin-140, 146, 156, 186 Mesec, Dale-53, 110, 112 Messmer, Carol-28, 52, 53, 97 Metcalf, Jan-105 Metsker, Marsha-186 Metzger, Sid-61 Meyer, Bettina-123 Meyers, Camille-113, 186 Meyers, Earl-142, 153, 164 Meyers, Melanie-113, 186 Michael, Gerry-122, 186 Milius, Charlene-93 Millard, Mike-47, 50, 186 Miller, Alan-113, 158 Miller, Joel-20, 39, 64, 72, 79, 90, 95, 96, 107, 112, 187 Miller, Sharon-1B7 Meletello, Francis--36 Minkey, Bob-133, 140, 155, 156 Minkin, Sheila-23, 78, 112, 124, 125 Minnl, Peggy-187 Miskinnis, Tom-81, 164, 187 Mistretta, Charles-81, 187 Mistretta, Deanne-39, 63, 71, 95, 96, 101 Mitchel, Bill--158, 159, 161 Mitchell, Bruce-153 Mitcheltree, Larry-145, 153, 164 Mitton, Gerri-130, 187 Mitton, Pou1inw21, 24, 65, 70, 72, 108 Mock, David-52, 187 Moen, Keith-156, 158 Mohr, Margaret-187 Mohill, Mike-50 Molho, Art-112 Molho, Lee--91,113,114,115, 187 Moolenyzer, Penny-49, 108, 125 Monarco, Joe-187 Marguelio, Manna-96 Montana, Kathie-126, 187 Montgomery, Chuck-158 Moore, Darlene-187 22, 74, 84, 91, 133, 143, 144, 188 166, Nelson, Nelson Janice-20, 124, 125 Maureen-117 188 Nelson: Myrna-50, si, 55, ies Sharon-98 Nelson, Pierce, Mike--48, 50, 51, 67, 71, 189 Pierce, Patricia-47 Pierner, Sue-49 Piersol, Valerie-110, 94, 189, 98 Pirie, Steve-144, 158, 159 Piso, Carolyn?36 Pistol, Pete-164 Pitts, John-189 Netherlin, Richard-97, 188 Newell, Marcia-46, 102 Newman, Mary Ann-50 Newman, Sharon-101 Newsome, Donald-188 Plasch, Bruce-112 Pledge, Lloyd-41 Plumb, Vivian-189 Plusch, Don-167 Pollack, Ralph-52 Pollgreen, Linda-85, 127 Nobles, le Dean-122 Nichols, Bonnie-188 Nichols, Deanna--53 Nichols, Diana-52 Nichols, Greg-112, 147, 149 Nichols, Karen-188 Nichols, Pat-23, 76, 95 Nicolaus, Corrine-47 Nicolaus, Diana-188 Nicoletti, George-54 Niese, Richard-165 Nilson, John-11, 188 Norwood, Craig-53 Novodoczky, Don-47 Novodoczky, Ron-47 Nuccio, Paul-51, 133, 144 O Obuchon, Sharon-49 O'ConnelI, Bob-145 O'Connell, Merry-87, 90, 188 Odell, Linda-97, 129, 188 O'Donnell, Diana-46 Oisn, Beverly-63, 188 Oldfield, Bob-188 Olson, Janice-129 Olsen, Tom-87 ' Olson, Larry-145 Olson, Steve-66, 107, 165, 188 Orose, John-188 Orth, Karl-61 Moore. Morelli, Sharon-1 87 David-1 87 Morgan, Donna-50, 187 Morgan, John-1, 56, 60, 61, 187 Morgan, Kaleta-21, 39, 70, 96, 187 Morgan, Lynne-88 Morgan, Melissa-51, 187 Morley, Marcia-110, 112 Morosi, Donna-93, 99, 104, 121 Morris, Darryl-61 Morris Nanci-187 Morris: Penny-97, 99, 1oa, 187 Osborne, Nancy-188 Oseland, Toni-49 Otis, Karen-88, 188 Otis, Lance-111 Ouellett, Ernie-47, 49 Overacker, Roger-160 P Packard, Coreen-188 Panfill, Marie-188 Papstein, Robert-188 Parcher, Janice-20, 123 Park, De Ann-87, 188 Parker, Jill-20, 23, 63, 77, 90, 93, 112, 113, 114 Parker, Peter-188 Parkes, Diane-20 Parkes, Ryan-132 Parkhouse, Janie-21, 23, 63, 95, 100 Parks, Diane-112 Parra, Yolanda-188 Parrish, Sharron-188 Parson, Sharon-119 Partridge, Grey-47 Pasco, Patsy-121, 188 Patchen, Clair-188 Patterson, Jock--145, 188 Patton, Larry-167 Paul, Jaynee-39, 50, 67, 126, 130 Paulsen, Robin-17, 70, 74, 79, 106,139,155,156,188 Pavet, Dick-160 Payne, Carol-52, 53 Paxton, David-144, 188 Pearson, Patrick-21, 188 Pederson, Karen-23 Peinado, Constanza-88, 188 Peinado, Susan-88 Pendleton, Lynn-23, 108 Polloch, Jim-189 Pollock, Ann-49 Pool, Virginia-48, 50, 97, 189 Pope, Gerald-144 Pope, John-167 Port, Fred--21, 139, 189 Powell, Elizabeth-21, 110 Powers, Ralph-166, 189 Powers, Sue-88 Prata, Pat-50, 63, 66, 189 Pratt, Betty-127 Pratt, Suann-20, 22 Pratt, Judy-189 Prescott, Richard-189 Pressman, Leslie-189 Pressnall, Richard-189 Preston, Gary-139, 189 Prono, Dan-112, 145, 156, 160 Prono, Ed-111, 133, 149, 189 Proulx, Joan-23 Pritchard, Jeannie-20, 36 Price, Stephen-156, 189 Price, Teddy-48 Priester, Joseph-189 Proctor, Barbara-49 Puthuff, Lynne-122 Puzulis, Irene-189 Pyles, Bonny-113, 189 Pyles, Sheila-47 Q Quinn, Ron-42, 107 R Radner, Cindy-73, 77, 96, 118, 169, 189 Rae, Bob-44, 52, 145, 158 Ramsey, Roy-133, 140 Randall, Alice-22, 93, 123 Raphael, Pamela-60, 108, 112, 130, 189 Rathsburg, Sue-189 Rawlings, Gordon-51, 189 Rea, Chuck-77, 189 Rector, Bob-54, 55, 189 Reed, Lynda-46 Redfem, John-169, 189 Redman, John-48, 51 Reed, Dave-145, 153, 165 Rees, Judy-85, 113, 123 Reindl, Toni-48, 189 Reiremo, Lulu-81 Resler, Bernard-52 Ress, Judy-88, 101 Reynolds, Leslie-108, 123 Rhea, Dorothy-88, 189 Rhoton, Rhll143, 56 Riach, Sylvia-53 Riccard, Barbara-57 Rice, Bruce-42, 60, 61, 96, 189 Richards, Grace-48, 189 Richards, Jim-49, 51, 190 Riedel, Richard-190 Rietveld, Sylvia-88, 124 Riggs, Sandy-88 Riley, Mike-112 Riner, Dona-50 Ring, Ruffin-73, 167, 190 Ribbel, Linda-83 Rising, Nelson-16, 19, 20, 70, 75, 77, 79, 115,133, 135, 136, 138,141,190 Risinger, Karen-17, 126, 190 Robbins, Gerry--190 Robbins, Jim-145, 160 Roberts, Susan-46, 127 Robichaux, Brenda-19, 70, 57, 126, 190 Rodriquez, Joe--20, 88 Roe, Dana-36, 96, 190 Roelofs, Paul-145 Rogers, Linda-124 Rogers, Conrad-142, 190 Ronconl, Donna-190 Ronnfeldt, Arvid-190 Root, Dick-145, 158 Roric, Jim-161 Roscoe, Tracy-50 Rosenburg, Fred-89, 61 Ross, Nancy-112, 190 Rossall, Lynn-108, 190 Rossling, Allan-42, 190 Rate, Tim-190 Roth, Ben-153 Roth, Carol-125 Rountree, Lynn--42, 191 Rouse, Stan--60, 111, 191 Rowe, Richard-191 Rowe, Sharon-37, 50 Royus, Linda-124 Rudolph, Rockne-133, 167, 191 Rudolph, Sandy--106, 145, 167 Ruffner, Bob-72 Ruffner, Jim--23 Runnels, Robert-191 Rusch, Peter-19, 20, 39, 77, 90, 95, 100, 112, 115,167,191 Rusler, Dennis-45 Russell, Leatrice-191 Russell, Peter-191 Russell, Robert-191 Ryan, Doug-20, 144 Ryan, Lee-44, 191 Ryan, Richard-143, 144, 191 S Sabel, Stephen-191 Sadler, Joyce-190 Sagers, Larry-190 Salisbury, Sam-61 sulyer, Mary-53, 110 Samet, Judy-190 Sammons, Pat-23 Sampson, Sandie-46 Samuel, John-42, 99, 190 Sandborgh, Ray-156, 161, 190 Sander, Mike-83, 92, 190 Sanders, Gail-64 Sanders, Trent-190 Sandin, Jeff-190 Sartorl, John-41 Sasaki, Terri-47 Satrum, Judy-37 Sauer, Linda-23, 108, 113 Sauers, Mike-190 Saulvester, Jerry-155, 156, 161, 198 Saunders, Gail-75 Sawyer, Pot-20, 125 Sawyer, Paula-110, 129 Scarlatella, John-111 Scheels, Kathie-97, 191 Schembri, Carol-88, 191 Schirmer, Don-51, 167 schmidr, Judy.-so Schmidt, Roy-18, 54, 55, 112, 115,152, 153,191 Schmitt, Jerry-191 Schmitt, Mary Pat-95 Schneider, Bryna-191 Schneider, Jean-191 Schock, John-191 Schoenmann, Nick-166 Schofield, Dick-158, 161 Schroeder, Carol-63, 124, 125 Schroeder, Susan-52, 53, 75, 105 Schroyer, Leigh-53 Schulke, Ken-191 Schultz, Bob--167 Schultz, Dick-167 Schumann, Rona-90, 117, 124 Schwartz, Cary-153 Scott, Charles-191 Scott, Claudia-191 Scott, Regina-23 Schreck, Karen-125 Scribner, Judy-104, 191 Scullin, Jim-107 Seabold, Tom-139 Seabury, Gail--18, 90, 91, 97, 98,105,108,115,117,l18, 123, 191 Seitz, Carol-97, 101 SeKava, Ruth-191 Semrau, Jean-108, 113, 117, 122 Serin, sob-52, iss, 156, 191 Shaffer, Pat-191 Shapiro, Diane-191 Shapiro, Dick-160 Sharpsher, Linda-89 Shaw, Vic--41, 56, 191 Sheete, John-166 Sheely, John-42, 192 Sheilds, John-192 Sheldon, David-20 Shelly, Richard-192 Sherwood, Mary-47 Sherwood, Tom--166 Shoemaker, Brian-192 Shomler, Pat-88, 192 Short, John-52 Shamrodola, Ken-112 Shultz, Bob-111 Shurtz, Tom-142 Siens, Raymond-192 Sietz, Carol-110 Silvius, David-192 Simila, Dennis-20, 99, 106, 133, 138, 192 Simmons, Carole-192 Simon, Steve-99, 158, 161 Simpfenderfer, Sherry-192 Simpson, Beverly-192 Simpson, Gary-113 Sirk, Kathryn-192 Sivertsen, Jean-100, 113, 192 Skahen, Pat-192 Skeele, Jennie-48 Skeete, John-142 Skelly, Diane-49 Skinner, Jeff-22 Skinner, Jeri-112, 192 Skow, Richard-142 Skursch, Linda-93, 98, 1 13 Slobaugh, Fred-192 Sliger, Ben-53, 61, 192 Sloan, Tom-193 Slocum, Pat-193 Smith, Ann-101 Smith, Bert-50, 193 Smith, Blake-52, 167 Smith, Dave--61 Smith, Don-12, 61 Smith, Dorothy-50, 193 Smith, Gloria--51, 193 Smith, Jerry-52 Smith, John-52, 53 Smith, Juliann-193 Smith Laree-51, 193 Smith: Laurie-94, 95, 119 Smith, Lynda-33 Smith, Melody-124 Smith, Nancy-46, 110 Smith, Patti-46 Smith, Polly-124 Smith, Preston-193 Smith, Sharon-193 Smith, Torrey-42, 193 Smack, Dennis-145 Snell, Dave-161 Snook, Everett-55, 193 Snyder, Sally-48 Solberg, Jo Ann-193 Sonntag, Connie-67, 169, 193 Sparks, Irene-53 Spears, Katherine-193 Speedy, William-91, 92, 114, 193 Spelgatti, Carole-1, 81, 123 Spencer, Barry-193 Spencer, Brenda-193 Sproull, Sally-81 Springer, Wilson-47 Stadlet, Shirley-193 Stafford, George-145, 193 Stahl, Tim-52 Staininger, Karen-98 Staoler, Shirley--50 Stass, Sandy--107 Stavenow, Gunilla-193 Stayman, Mary-193 Stebbings, Bob-193 Steck, George-59, 61 Steele, .lim-145 Steel, Linda-21, 121, 193 Stenburg, Karen-91, 113, 124 Stephens, Phyllis-193 Stewart, Elaine-46 Stewart, Steve--167 Stien, Barbara-48, 119 Stillman, Pat-51, 112, 193 Stillman, Sandra--127 Stilts, Ken-56, 165, 193 Stimson, Erick-144, 145 Stine, Trina-194 Stoddard, Lewls-133, 147, 148 194 Stoeckel, Mary-110, 194 Stoever, Ted-20, 194 Stokes, Heath-89, 100, 129, 194 Stone, Steve-22, 65, 167 Stovall, Pat-194 Straight, Frank-52 Stratton, Jim-23, 142, 145, 156 Vickers, ii 150,151,196 Norma-88 Beatrice-28 be , 1 e ake rin v r rg Tid 1 52 L07, 195 1 , m ri yn- ert 44 Tirottb Rosanne-1 sl seAn19 Stu ge rt A Lau ie 9 1 te s e 5 utt e r Swan Gerald 61 w n Roy 144 5 S nson Vicky 50 4 rtz Linda 9 z R ph Tog st OTT1 Om S oro erry-52 1 k-- 7 Da e--195 Gail-93, 18, , Travers Don-195 Treidler Vance-195 Treptow Don-52, 53 195 Triplett Trotter Troxal Tucker Douglas-195 on-52 Marianne-48 Lynnda-21 1 MV I 1 I I l ' 1 i I I f ra n - ' y 5 4 1 1 1 5 ,. . , i , , , 95 ra , 94 'dl. 0 r ' J n 1 8, ,,- ' 1-l 1 L3 3 ' ' 9 m e n il 5 5 1 1 , D ' 1 4 1 1 si -Y 1 01' 1 , 1 6 ' 1 f t' t Y , 1 . mb , Rus 2 d 1 lo - . I 'n - 4 1- h 1 Sm l - 2 T e 0 n 9 I ,' em -e' amli I- 3 52,5 195 1 H5 , -,I 5, . I' - n-195 Sr li g '-- - , T 5 .14 , ,94 , To , e 16 -th . a L ll 6,13 , 'g To . , 1 . 1: 1 1.194 To 1 an, 1 122 fl 1. 195 Ht :.. 58 A 1 ' t n, g y-194 1 s A -f --, 14 ' 1 1 I - - ,All ,1i1, 195 1 . , ' -9 1 S rt, al -1, 56 1 S artz, Rita 20, 60, 108, 194 Swinley, Dixie--46, 127 Sylvester, Mariorie-127 Szidok, Dennis-145, 158 Szostek, Bethel-121 , 1 94 T Takahashi, Harriet-117, 123 Takahashi, Marilyn-110, 127 Talbott, Frank-194 Taliaferro, Bill-107 Tangney, Marvin-111, 142 Tonner, Jim-160, 161 Tascley, Macey-112 Taylor, Darlene-127 Taylor, Nancy-131, 21 90, 113,114,118,194 Teachout, Toni-127 Tench, Carol-17, 41, 51,194 Theurel, Otto-194 Theurer, Walter-52, 53 Thomander, Darryl-167 Thomas, Bill-1, 56, 158, 161, 194 Thomas, Doug-161 Thomas, Jerry-56, 194 Thompson, Barbara-21, 105, 108, 194 Thompson, Fred-97, 194 Thompson, Judy--194 Thomson, Pam-60, 93, 112, A Ahl, Francis--32 Albert, Frankie-74 Allen, Shirli--31 Alsberg, Julia-35 Anderson, Harry-31 Anderson, Leno M.-15 Andrews, Ted-14, 35, 74, 136, 140 Arispe, Tito-15 Armstrong, Earl-15 Arnold, Martha-38 Arranaga, Leo-35, 74, 142, 144, 164 Aseltine, Charlotte-29 Atkinson, Jane-15 B Bailey, Mariorie-43 Baller, Elclred-52, 53, 128 Beck, Mary-11, 18 Beck, Naomi-29, 93 Beers, Mrs. Reid L.-9 Bennett, Arthur-32 Blackburn, Naomi-31 Bloomberg, Martha-14 Bottaro, Arthur-28 Brickman, Robert-43 Brouilard, Louretta M.-15 Brown, Blanche-15 Bundick, George-31, 92 Buonaguidi, Aido-25, 28, 68, Busby, Alan-32 Butler, Mildred-15 C Campana, Tony-32 Campbell, Margaret-35, 110, 127 Canady, Barbara-28, 40 Carruth, Ruth-28 Carter, Ralph-24, 32 Chapman, Nyla-12 Christenson, Tom-45 Clark, Phil-15 Clarke, Lucille-14 Clouson, Jennie-31 Tucker Tom-52 195 Vieregg, Kay-52, 53 Voge, Richard-111 Vollhardt, Roberta-196 W Waggoner, Jo Lee-196 Wahl, Carol-196 Waite, Barby-100, 108, 112, 113, 114, 119 Walcott, Rocky--142 Waldron, Carol-119 Waldron, Daryll-164 Waldron, Gloria-126, 196 Walker, David-103, 158, 161, 196 Wall, Diane-50 Wallace, Ruth-113, 121, 196 Walsch, Micheal-108 Walter, Bruce-111, 196 Waltner, Nancy-196 Ward, Don-52, 53 Ward, Sharon-88 Warner, Judith-116, 196 Tupper, Elaine-98 Tupper, Tom-52 Tudor, Mitzi-124, 125 Turner, Dorelle-48, 195 Tuttle, Tom-195 Tye, Joy-195 Tyler, Richard-195 Type, Carol--88 Tyrell, Tom-195 U Underwood, Linda-81 Ungles, Gordon-195 Uppman, Bruce-20, 85, 144, 145, 195 Uphaus, Bob-51, 142 Urban, Virginia-23 V Valenzuela, Elizabeth-49 VanderByl, Joanne-113, 118, 128, 129, 195 Vandermey, Vance--195 Van Vleet, Kay-195 Vargish, Penny-82, 104, 105, 195 Vasbrink, JoAnn-88 Vaughn, Linda--88, 195 Velvos, Stan-158 VerWest, Carol-88, 195 Vezie, Tim-72, 133, 141, 147, FACULTY Chunn, Bill-35, 166 Cowles, Wylna-33, B8 Crawford, Gene-45 D Daniels, Marcina-14 Davis, Dick-35, 133 Dawson, Stella-15 Day, Jeanette-33, 88 Day, Moeser-15 De Mandel, Ranier-35, 166 Derksen, Carl--45 Done, Bill-15 Du Bois, Roger-15 Drouet, Thomas-30 E Eckerson, Olive-28, 87 Edwards, Phylis--31, 113 Elkin, N. B.--15 Epperson, Estella--15 Ericsson, Stella E.-15 Eschenbrenner, James-32 F Falivena, Christine-15 Foy, Howard-31, 91 Fischer, Laurence-28 Francisco, Harry-28, 39, 68, 96 G Gallagher, Gerald-29, 102 Gonsz, Mabel-14 Garrett, Elsie--37 Gelsinger, William-31, 35 Gibson, David-29, 34, 42, 51 Golder, Donald T.-9, 10 Gooriian, Ed-35, 78, 133, 153 Graf, Lon-35, 156, 160, 161 Graham, Dudley-33, 77, 169 Graham, Margaret-32, 90 Graham, W. B.-1, 32, 56 Grant, Murray-23, 32 H Haas, Gene-12, 35, 149, 156 Hagen, Benjamin O.-9 Haig, Beatrice-35 Hall, Alma--41, 87 Warren, Judy-95 Waters, Kathi-17, 70, 85, 100, 104, 105,108,196 Watson, Charles-160 Watson, Gary-60, 61, 82, 196 Watson, Jim-107 Watson, Patricia-93, 118, 197 Watson, Ruth-52, 53 Wayman, Ken-42 Wayman, William-197 Weaver, Dick-147, 149 Weaver, Guy-144 Weaver, Paul-44, 51, 197 Weaver, Sharon-51, 197 Wells, Layne--49, 108 Wells, Russell-197 Welshofer, Ann Lea-100, 112, 129, 197 Weltner, Alaris-196 Werner, James-196 Wesp, Garrett-72, 145, 196 West, Jay-1, 57, 196 Westra, Kraig--147 Westland, Sandra-20, 97, 196 Weston, Kathryn-196 Wexler, Gary-51, 155, 156, 196 Wheatley, Mike-113, 143, 144 Wheelbarger, Anna Mae-50, 104, 105, 196 Wheelock, Nancy-196 Whitaker, Diane-22, 69 whiiekef, John-102, 112, 113, 147 White, Diane-47 White, Jeffrey-196 White, Susy-63, 71 , 108 Whitfield, Ron-145, 166 Whiting, Patricia-50, 196 Whitmire, Charleen-196 Whitney, John-21, 18, 77, 111 137, 139, 156 Wickhorsf, Erwin-196 Wieger, Donna-125 Wiese, Julie-196 Wilber, Steve-20, 21, 22, 158 Wiles, Carolee-113, 119, 196 Wilkens, Lee-52 Wiley, Virginia-50, 196 Wilson, Darleene-47 Willams, Don-26, 78, 113 Willems, Alvin--196 1 Webb, Chris-21, 112 Webb, Jim-52 Webb, Reed-20, 161, 197 Webber, Thomas-197 Weber, Julie--124 Weeks, Jim-113, 138, 137 Weeshoff, Larry-147, 150, 151 165, 197 Weger, Dona-124 Wegerer, Sue-49, 110, 129 Weiclt, Linda-112 Weiser, Spencer-197 Weitz, Marilyn-71, 197 Weller, Dick-145, 160 Wellman, Lesliw119 Wellman, Mike-71 Hall, Mildred E.-9 Harrington, Ed-44, 55 Harrison, John-45 Held, Evalyn C.--15 Henderson, Glenn-29, 101 Hess, Gary-35, 142 Hesse, M. A.--9 Hewitt, Al-11 1 Hicks, Charles--32, 68, 89, 156 Hicks, Josephine-36 Hill, Louise-28 Hooper, Cliff-45, 145, 166 Howton, Ester-14 Hubert, Emma-14 Huyssen, Henrietta-33, 90 J Willems, Melvin-44, 196 Williams, Steve-167 Williams, Sue Ann-48, 196 Williams, Susan-113, 120, 196 Williams , Wendy-21, 108,119 Williamson, Gary-167 B11 113 Willis, Willis, Lynne-87 Wilms, David-167, 196 Wilson, Bonnie-36, 196 Wilson, James-196 Wilson, Jo Anne-20, 21 Wilson, Louis-197 Wilson, Norman-197 Wilson, Robert-197 Winfrey, Linda-63 INDEX Lucier, Charlotte-15 Lynaugh, Matthew-31 M MacDonald, Scott-9 Mack, Patricia-35, 128 Malinowski, Louis-45 Marshall, Elva-37, 93 McClane, Mary Jane-33 McClure, McDonol McElroy, Merrill, Fred-28, 95 d, Al ice-32 George-43 Dorsey-1 5 Meyer, Ethel L.-15 Miller, Orval-15 Montgomery, Kenneth-9 Morlian, Jackson, Dorothy-8, 1 Jackson, Nellie E.-15 Johnson, Carl-15 Johnson, Hazel-120 Johnson, Helen-35 Johnson, Jqanette-35, Johnson, Warren-28 Jones, Hilda-32, 113 Jordon, Henry M.-60 K Keeler, Susie-14 Keeney, Bob-15 Key, John-45, 46, 51 Klasson, Sylvia-29, 100 Klawiter, Francis-32 Kysar, Ernest-15 L Lambert, Mabel-29 Louridsen, Frank-32 1, 20, 96 118 Lauxen, Walter-44 Lawrence, Greg-42, 44 LeBold, Charles-38 Ledbetter, Ernily-28 Leonard, Gladys-32 Lewis, Doris-14 Littlefield, Max-15 Livermore, Homer-20, 33, 68 Logan, Mike-161 Logsdon, Ruth-15 Naud, Rhoda-15 Newell, Leona-12, 68 Newton, Clarice-15 Nichols, Roma--15 Nicholson, Mary Ellen-40 Nissen, Edward-33 Nute, shifiey-45, 46, 49, 51, 68 0 O'Brien, Mary-28 Olivo, Hipolito-15 Oosterveen, Arthur-29, 68 P Paggeot, Lovell-44 Palmer, Shane-31 Pope, Mariorie-35, 68 Parker, Hendrika-28 Parker, Jack-22, 31 Penman, Blanche-36 Peterson, Margaret-30 Plumb, George-32 Pommer, Helen-15 Pope, Carl-15 Powell, Patricia-15 R Rankin, Wallace--11, 18, 32 Robbins, Ouida-44 Winn, George-145, 153 Wintz, Donald-21, 197 Wirtz, Charles-197 Wise, Chuck-47 Wisler, Sharon-110 Wiseman, Robert-197 Withrow, Ron-158 Witt, Mariorie-197 Wocher, Grace-197 Wocker, Wendy-69 Wolfe, Barbara-124 Wollard, Bill-158 Wolther, Marilyn-197 Wolze, Sondra-197 Wonacott, Penny-22 Wood, Barbara Robertv197 Woodford, Wendy-105, 108, 197 Woodsum, Judy-37 Woodward, Bill-161 Woodward, Harriett-197 Wortherrt, Mary-125 Wotherspoon, Donald-197 Wright, Darryl-18, 38, 106, 131,135,138,141,197 Wright, Dix-142 Wulf, Bob-99, 197 Wulf, Jean-49 Y Yokel, Gary-145 Yaphe, Tory-80, 126, 168, 169 197 Yeckley, Kathie-1, 57, 108 Yerkes, Georgia-197 Young, Bonnie-128 Young, Caroline-197 Young, Harley-133, 138, 151, 197 Yowell, Gary-21, 49, 61, 169, 197 Yowell, Roger-47 Z Zobriske, Dean--50, 144, 158, 159 Zack, Tom-82, 197 Zeller, Deborah-53, 71, 113, 119, 197 Zemke, Melinda-69, 71, 100, 198 Zennaiter, John-160, 198 Zinke, Dan-145, 166 Zwicky, Henry-198 Russo, Sal-31, 35, 144, 145 Ryan, William-28 S Scott, Suzanne-38, 113 Silva, Arthur-43 Simpson, Fred-9 Smith, Frances-37 Smith, James-32 Smith, Lynda-33 Snow, Margaret-15 Stanley, Beverly-15 Starr, Ruth-33, 96 Steele, James-33 Stephens, Cecil-28 Swedenborg, Louise-28 Szaflarskl, Frank-15 T Tande, Arndt-30 Tassopulos, Peter-43 Teachout, Arthur-35, 39 Tench, Catherine14, 41 Tomlin, Ruth-35, 71 Tye, Mary-14 V Vielleux, Victor-15 Vuiovich, Roy-35, 68, 74, 133, 136, 145 . W Weishart, Lawrence-28, 54 Wernle, Sam-31 Whittemore, Jim-15 Williams, Mrs. Donald-9 Williams, James-9 Wilson, Freda-15 Wilson, Shane-28 Wood, Leslie-32, 94 Woodward, Georgia--36 Y Young, Annie-15 Young, Merrill--15 MWJMM,fIfI5I?EyQvr Q Mflrfrwi II' Q , e C W 1 ffl J if 1 . ii if ' 0 I pe la . . . . . . ac y en . . Off-Campus Activities . . . ervie If .... . r- s . . . . ........... . . . OI'Of0I'iCGl ----. - - - - - - - d itu .. .,.. ....28 all ............. . ..... Orators............ A i e .... .. . .48 ootb Banq t ..... 1.. Ol'bS---- A ri iel FVQSC ..... .... 1 O3 gn an g . ..... . . P Ar... . 38 orew d SIMM I 66 Pre Ub Pep Club ........... At enclance V. . ..... .... . . 14 Future eachers ........... Pholclgmphy ' ' ' ' , H4 Physical Education . . . Awardajp ..... .. ..... G PIIIISIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Girls' Athletic Association . . . Prlmilpol ' ' ' ' ' 0" A Girls' "G" club ........ PUb"C Addmss ' ' ' Backward e 70 d II, """""""" 52 Girls' Glee Club .... 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Also, I would like to extend special thank-you to . . . our publishers, Yearbooks, Incorporated of Monrovia, who have been so patient and given us so much assistance. . . . Dunlap and Turner for the Senior Section . . . Phil Clark, our custodian . . . Mr. Homer Livermore and the secretaries he sent to us . . . and, of course, all my teachers lwho often must have wondered whether I was still enrolled in their classes or notl. There are many more deserving thanks, but I'Il have to sign off here, for the list Ilike the endless procession of yearbooks and yearbook staffsl goes on . . . ad infinitum. Penne Freebairn, EDITOR Um A ' 'tv gsm galle AD INFINITUM y P"00f5 SIS : I. i L iclenlilicafiong . Dow 5 A Ioofyl W rfb. P ltlifhs te visit SGUUY' I gm CQLAD SCHOOL 'S 0-'T Dow CSQT Ty!-525-. IS cpu! A QUE D'UW'59C"LN UO mo?-E seewc, you 75,941 097 wm+ PHA. 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Suggestions in the Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) collection:

Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


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