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1, I fy' Q 1 W tj fl! ' nj., xi' Jr, 5 , Y vgx A, . V,,, 4, ! A I ,J l 4,31 -xr"f7 Q.,Af , ' . Q-.P-J" I 1 f "V f .Qu J J ,ff YJ 3 4, -- 1, . R jk. 121 fl! t ,af .5 X V' J' I I Q A? x J W WA ,X J? T " ' , v,,f rf' ' ., v, J I X . 1 j 1 KU X-f wx , 0- . - f ,f fi' Xj 2 JO mf' ,QM 55 .1 Us ' , . V il Q i ., x ,, 3 ,J ff J N V K N.,-' M M, , Y XJ s ff' 11 J., it lx N J J! A ' X 41 Y f I I fy! ij 10 -fir 2 19f J" vi 'fr I x X. ff' L4 . rj v' 'Q X XXL AV xx fp' 5 55' 1 . 0 I V- XJ" ok. - ,',:.L fx 11 J 'K MJ Q 0' Cf,- ff' ' Xbxxyg X fLJ'fV'c7U' 1'4" g'- lf' N, 'f f K " 1 4 I ,QJJW ' 3 , J , . lo .X D nf . Q X A A 4 4' .7 -A E Q yay.. Vpvk- hy- fl-A fi. .X 3' if XXX ,-5 QP i- .1 K K 7 QJX f XA ' if Q im S MGM? N- Q, . Q' 7- . K ka 'V WI v A 5 3 , V ibn ' .I NRM V 1 ' Q- ffw' 1 XX- , YL 'f .. ,.. -4. 1 AQ NJ , ' , 41 -14 .f QQ N j ,E .K S .24 9' Q 'X if Q, g ' , ' , V? 3 R ,LJ N- ,X Aj X I-,ff .V 'W A 'X 3 :X ,J if, . , sk , 1 x' NP V Mi" JJ 1 ' al, X I" 5 X3 X 2' X Y' , 5,1 JK .V ., Q' 1 XX P I1 5 1 'f I 'JJ f - J, 3 ,yhfvvb 5 fa N ' f 'I X t l , 51" ff ,.1 EJ ij L 4 K w A r gv 5' , N ff E- 'P 14.0 fi - '5 MJ' v T , 'gf' Y3 ' Rf . ,Y ,ww ' 1 fy , I i BJ X ? . V N iff" 1 ' ' U f . 'Q 1 ' , dv A V ' Avyfk f A ' fl ,sl W Y' F ,' ,Q SQ , V VP JV' N V? J V xr J X " mf - XV , 3 1 Y, ' T Afi X L' Xu r J V ,Y-Fl' if 4 , , 1 I w 1 - Y v' V Qt' , f 'ff .g br! . ' . 7 ,lv 1 4- 5 JT fx! Lf n M .1 3 x 47 7 +,' ," J' , J ,, Y QI P X Q xy ,' f ' X , V., ,yy Y 5 J I 1 I K1 ff' V1 "L L f "'5,'r4 rx J' f A 'JAX f f ff ' iv x 'X Q' any A X L E ff- '-Q - I S, , K N, ' ' x L -A' F- C- "' bf' X F unfj, fx'- 'X X L , x ,A ' xx 'TX N xv v 7' 1 , , , R V f I aux ite- , 4 r U K ' ' A .ra gi g , ,T If , 3 f 4 ."' -, . . . A X - - f '-N -4 Q A + .f 2 1 A , . : fx' A1 , , 3' ' X'-4 'W K ' , V W Q 2 1 'tx ,L f . 'H x '-- K 1 T' f'Y ,, x 4, 1 f, , - i ,rv x qu, , .1 P .V rf' pr , '. , , K' y z I r-P T ' I , ry. 'f x 1 , p -B-'X 1 A 1 x A x ' 1 4 1 f f x If Q! ... K' 1 , ' 1.. ,fd X 4 , I .J 1 1 , . 4 , , , , f V , 1 1 I 1 wx ' 1 I YJ JL n - ' V f f , 1 ff!! ' 2 X AW: W5 SQ Mc gym VX 'Q' tw-Ck ' gb 'Q K h o- O3 ivpk N .Xi ff XR ' Qgq- f Q ,Q-Pe " Xisr-"' " A1 QL f bf" O .f I , f I L 5 a 2 x 1 J T' if 7 Q-f , . A . 4. - STYLUS Glendale High School Glendale, California Co-Editors ........ .... L inda Kunka, Carolyn Younger Advisor .... ...Mr. W. B. Graham Art Editor ...... .... D ennis Parreff Senior Poriraifs . . . . . .Dunlap-Turney 1 F .1 -I L 'rx V 11 FJ TAN 3--'LQ .- 'uf' 5' ',.,r.. , .1 1'-L. W, V44 i l if 1 - f 4 1 V I 5 ' .," Q X 9 1 l 'I I 1 HQ, H I S, ., f R if Q 1 ,l ,!' 1" 1 Y x Q V' I' Hifi' "5 Ajbff ,ll ,IQ , X' 1 .. , - ' .I 2 .xl A A .. f, I K 'XA A J ".. rv " cr rn , r " , fr, . s.A,,,b-1 2 1 , .J - ,I . ',f.:1 'i'W Foreword X r Q ll' N5- ,. ,rrvyf X " 1 S H58 J This year's Seniors can turn back to the Stylus of their 1956 Sophomore year and view a simi- lar scene. Most of the physical changes are apparent: the new pool between the boys' and girls' gyms, the new student-built score-board at the south end of the football field, the new practice fields be- hind the girls' gym, and the not so visible, but welcome, fresh paint on the trim. This is the physical progress of two short years - the changes meas- ured in concrete, paint, and steel. Did the Sophomores of 1956 match this material growth with progress in Scholarship, Sportsmanship, and Service? We think they did! And this is their book to share with future Seniors of Glendale High School as a proud record of a proud year. s I 5 s 4' 2 "5 if? ,f - ,A 4 . li fi 'arg-Il o, as ,AX -sg .- S '44 :PJ .J 2 "7 2 7 W cw '51, H. A , fy ffm' 'S ,U 7 I Lil. j ull! fffl AP! 'dr - , , al, I 'If I 'ff I , . 9 'I . .NA . , ' ,' 1 x, ' 6 we-r 1 , 1 , , 1' 1 'N - ,,- .1 . , K ' r l 5 A Q1 fdbh im J 1:11 .,.-ov-""""'M'. Mn? ,...--Q . .V , 1 L ' " 1 M J V-nd,,.--" 1 Q- Y 1 , 1.1 K V in ,f x:v 'Nm 5 S 5 i,...,.1 1 .. W 455 AV' 3 c'.f'gQ'?e, x . L'-fghkfq -E I lvsfgk . . P ,r 'rl'--4.1-.ln,5, urqgn-5 I J' -r f K-A1 "M-f'flg2...,.' J.. Kem' R Q T N:--S+-X, . ,...,..g.W 4 7 WSW H L , f i 194 .V I 4 55, , V f,.,,,5,- 5? f, . 4, x ' ,51 A - I ,. W - we ,Q Q 1 L Q 2 W ,, 'Q 2, , V t Y . S I ' ' K R 4. Tig? KA if 2 . 'v-Qt, ' Q tw A I ' ,g ' ' A "'L T fr ' Q g ' . ,, ,wr-Q-Pia. , , . - KK"k 'W ww 'WJ Q ,U W '!MMMQM-1M K .X my ,:A.?"'i'Fv': If 4 ' Q53 'LLL . iw .,. f Q' f 42 , " f yr ' , ,f 4 -- 'Lb' f x .' f J 3 , 1, ,J E X ,lj ff, If ,ff J 7 X, Y, 1,4 I' if I , ,I K ' f 1537 'I , f' , - , 4 f , , MJ ,Q-V . ,f f . ff! ' my f ff- Q. , f M grew 92 cholarship portsmanship ervice 1 ,, V Contents Ad 0 0 0 Ulfllllllilllllllifllllil ca UIOUIUUUUUIllllfllllllilfll A d . A 6 it. Q V 'ffllflifilfflflllfifllillfl DOOIIOOOIOOOOOOUIOIOOOI lfllflllUlllllflflflllllllUllli Q . nhl! ll,dV'll.l.llll.lU llllllillffl L' L fi? X, U41 'N 1 ' 'W ffl, V A I yy A ' I f Q AL , 1, 'L L , , W ,,, , Lf , f c ,, way vw 'V . 'J I ,0' D ' Y' j 1 E 01 X , L, V lv L J' L Lil l vflf f - X 1 V fx, , A U A sf IU yi I , ry. H i K I , fb, 4 f A, ,f fc L f fd ,X 1 ' ' N Y 'f7:"f N 9 ww -'C ' " up 'f MW ' if VI- v U VL 1 ,gf N V, YT, M xf ,xy X L I lv N I Ji 1 f EU xr X .K V ff, HV' rr ,IJ IL! fb, if X fq , X .' Q J , ,-I , , pw MJ J 'Ck' X. I :I Lf L I X1 rfb V J I I' 'U nt ' L yl. 'f K' bij ,l ., ,3 m. v , M, . ' ,VL 75" 4' 1' j, I 'f x nb L KCXL f, J 1 V 'fl .H X! ' I 3 f L f f 11 SWL! 1 kk J 57 f'1 f W 4 JE , ,! fx! W J IL. x U I v - fl- U 4 , I ffl' I f" fu W A K jf U I ' fi' I ,J mu 'vu xv K iL L fi., V 5 V1 L, - X L I . L! I L V 1 , K QL C 4, J R' I I TJ J 1 f lcv ' J N' f I LAI 1 LJ, lj vw LV! 'K ' M ' X1 ' L K J 4V ,L L by jf XJ.: X . ll, ll? ff J JU i AV A K, lf V QL" X wb aff u mx' J! XX J X Uvyv Ll fl' J f 1 Y . 5 A-lp' '53, -ffifk KAQCZ7 AA -- , .. 1 li 'if g fr " 1 C' 'f 27 "AA 2 f -'K -:1 C 1 1 f ' X if 'J7 N7 4 I, wiv' -vnr ff ,Q xg I QC-Af Y "fP- Q7 f ?f-3 -- kwl X--5 gg W f '- , J V- ,XK1 2 ug: ,,.?R-1 X Cas, x 57 ". , :A -sm . WT., X ll: . gg ref' 4' F 5 'W L4 , 'IAM' .QPF , N - n V ,Y . s :X X r- .. Q ' K E-3 X -W-.- 1 V S-i, ':,,, - . . -. - S., Q ' 'rf 5' C A-P 5X ' 'ATE 1 -. - , , . x Q" -2-F-vc. H. K""- ' Q. N-L NQC, QL K Q X1-, ff' , PA- ' A -v XG. fm., . --wc, jr-f -Mp , . ' 11. ,fx QQ , ' 'Ti . ' ' F 4.1- . 1 K ' Y ,-5 Q.,-N A f V , A Vi . ,ig .. -451, ,. . 'iff ' Q-421 Y A- We 1 - Y ",,.sW 9- .. ww N- f --f A -1. "X---Q , - ' N +2 ,.E-:Q-N 't f , x ' - N fi. I 1 ' sv gb' g 4' ' ' ' I C ,, ' 'V .N TB I 1 1 C . S ' XF-'TQ V 7.6. .K g TT V., V, ,- L5 , K I ilvi V 'I ., . -1-X .f- v , cz! -...-"'3"'-717 M f XM- H X -- f, ,I 1 'V l 1 . . , 5 fi A fi iff, v fy 1,5 I 31. 1 V ,Jeff '5 ' 1 f, M ' X ,xx ,--f , Ry K M Vw sul xxx!! . If 1 ,f xx , 2 X am 4 1 U! ' ' ' i J Qi ,J fl X X 7- . YQ., I u I a I I 3 i .UH ,1 The flvs elected officers who are in charge ot the complete Glendale Unified School District are Scott T. MacDonald, Beniumin O. Hagen, Mrs. Donald I. Williams, Fred P. Simpson, and Mrs. Ruth L. Beers. Administration Glendale Unified School District More than 28,000 students now attend the 29 schools that make up the Glendale Unified School District. The district not only includes Glendale City proper but takes in La Crescenta and Montrose as well. l,OOO teach- ers are now employed by the district, with over 600 non- teaching personnel such as custodians, gardeners, and secretaries. The district is headed by the tive-member board, and the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. James H. Williams. 'i I. Dr. James H. Williams, superintendent ot schools, is appointed by the five elected members of the board, under a four year renewable contract. Working with Dr. Williams ore M. A. Hesse, business manager, Kenneth M. Montgomery, deputy superintendent in charge of personnel, and Dr. Morris H. Winward, deputy superintendent in charge of curriculum. Glendale High Administration n Easily approachable, Mr. Golder chats with some students in the Junior Arcade during lunch, Erioying a bit of gardening with his charming wife, Mr. Golder finds it a perfect form ol relaxation after a high school principals usual hectic week. s - - all ,,...n. - Ml"-M" K' mr - , Mr. Donald Gelder, before being appointed principal five years ago, was a teacher American Government for six years at Glendale High. Professing to have no talents, Mr. Golder likes sports and enioys reading as his hobbies. Born in the small town of Scriloner, Nebraska, he attended a country school and was in a class with only three other stu- dents. Serving in the Army for four years, he was stationed in Okinawa and Korea. Before he became Principal, he was the advisor for the class of "SO" and "53." Glendale High Administration Former head of the Foreign Language Department, Mrs. Dorothy Jackson has been at Glendale High since she started teaching. She is the sponsor of Girl's League, a very active organization at Glendale. The University of California, University of Paris, and American Academy of Rome are some of the schools she has attended. As Vice-Principal in charge of Instruction, her duties include the supervision of all curricular activities in the school. San .lose State, Los Angeles State, and the University of Southern California are a few of the schools Mr. Harry Beck has attended. At Glendale High only three years, he is now Vice-Principal in charge of Student Welfare. ln this capacity he is the supervisor of all school events, attendance, discipline, and athletics. - f'Q ul P9 Q A 'h X X Enioying his hobby of photography, Mr. Beck uses his wife and two children as models. Taking time out of their busy schedule, Mrs. Dorothy Jackson, Vice- Principal in charge of instruction, and Mr. Harry Beck, Vice-Principal in charge of Student Welfare, pose in front of school for a Stylus photographer, 9 7 l tx I ,si ,nr G fr ' 1 I , L Mrs. Jackson enloys her weekends doing some household chores with her hubby's help. 5 'ld-f 'sq fs is 5 1 .3 Q J. -. ao- ' 1:1 'ev i .J 'P x, . -A 1- b e W ,I ,A ...,C,5y' . is lg " if 'EU' le I, . N A N ' ll 5 ff B Z ZW , . V K gif: Former teacher ot English and Social Studies, Mrs. Leona Newell, girls' counselor, is a graduate of Wayne University in Michigan. Mr. Gene Haus, boys' counselor, is one of those rare natives of Los Angeles. A graduate of Occidental College, he has taught four years at G. H. S. and is also the coach of varsity basketball and tennis. 'Qin-.. Born in Seattle, Washington, but living most of his life in Glendale, Mr. Ted Andrews, attendance counselor, is an alumni of G. H. S. A graduate of San Jose State, he was a physical education instructor two years at Glendale High before acquiring his present position. Helping students plan an effective three year pro- gram and decide on a vocational interest is the duty of Miss Nyla Chapman. Mr. Ted Andrews, Attendance Counselor, checks on the attendance of students. Boys' Counselor, Mr. Gene Haas, is in charge of discipline problems and truancy, and is the assist- ant to Mr. Beck. Mrs. Leona Newell, girls' counselor, is in charge or discipline and Glendales extensive scholarship program. A graduate of G. H. S., Miss Nyla Chapman has been a member of the faculty for seventeen years. A former Commerce teacher, she now holds the position of head Counselor. She attended Pomona College, U.S.C. and U.C.L.A. l3 l 1 A141 r""j'-llfkrxlf if I X as 45 Bill Dawson, President, glances through a law book and thinks about a future vocation. As President it was his duty to head the student body and represent the school and student body at all functions. As representative of their respective classes Tom Seabold, Tom Sparrow, and Bill Jenks: Sophomore, Senior, and Junior presidents planned and led their class in all activities including planning for the dances. Student e so 0 Administration Getting the year ott to a good start was the important re- sponsibility of the first-semester cabinet. Early in the semester they began formulating plans tor the budget: a distribution of money into various activities such as Dance recital, school plays, school publicity, Explosion, and Stylus. Led by Presi- dent Bill Dawson, the cabinet labored hard to present the cnnual Backward Dance, one of the highlights of the very capable cabinet's term. sm px 'Q DY As Vice-President, Skip Newell served as Speaker of Student Congress and officioted for the president in case of his absence. Bruce Jones, Director of Assemblies, hunted and searched through the four corners ot the earth to bring en- joyable and educational assemblies to the students. -'Fi' ik inf si Tia ARK tl 5 W -'mio .Navi an its Presidents of the Boys' and Girls' League, Miles Haskins and Kathy Murphy, led all events sponsored by their respective leagues. 532, . 'I-Lg Tyr: . , Q First Semester Cabinet if Q. Bob Penland represented the Reserve Officer Training Rosemary Montana, Sue Williams, and Cheryl Taliaferro served as Director of Pub- licity, Co-ordinator of Speech Arts and Co-ordinator of Fine Arts respectively. They were in charge of all functions and promoted interest in those fields they represented. S f I l:ul'lEi:,,, ' X lt lpn .Z ,I , f . ' - I 1' f t , ' rt' X- '7 in lf. r -if 1 . . 1 , I bi l I-.-I Q k SX, K I -, 4- J If X A J Nl' I it XR 'W 46? D .t Corps, and Bob Ray represented the Student Court. gr " , ws! JA .uns-141' 5' M lg rv Q' r of,091' , ' wx vena". l xv, Left: ln charge of all the athletic events were Cecile Lash, director of Girls' Athletics and Don 1 Beck, director of Boys' Athletics. ...r,A.h.h ,Sf .cl ts. sl F4 V in ii ef' the t ' . er FN , ll I' f 'I A kt Below: As promoters of-ghool spirit, Sue Barlow and John Sibple, head song and yell leaderb, represented the other song dnd yell Q. .Us leaders on the cabinet. V L ' nllgn, 7 uf" 'QU' , is-U' lp . , I .4 -4. X.. A ,-1 H Cys-. Front Row: Bonnie Cook, comptroller, kept the records of financial affairs of the Student Body. Mr. Wallace Rankin is the faculty advisor. Bock Row: Betty Slocum served as the secretary of the cabinet and Kay Langton was the co-ordinator of organizations for the first semester. Lett to right: John Robinson, co-ordinator of speech arts Cheryl Taliaferro, co-orclinator of fine arts, and Kay Langton iextreme righti, co-ordinator ot organizations help Jackie Liebman, director of publicity lstanding on chairl with her duties. gsm i X 1 1 Director of Girls' Athletics, Joan Henderson and Director of Boys' Athletics, Miles Haskin admire the swimming pool, one of the newest additions to the school. ,.....- Left: Bonnie Cook, director of finance and Gay Myles secre tary, go about their choresryivfthe student bank with the help of Mr. Wallace Rankin, flabinet advspr. o ' I 1 Going over some of the Pep Club plans to increase the turnout at games are Rickie Blanchard, head song leader and Dick Denny, head yell leader. lo lJmiL?i1Qr'lvlf'l L 64 Q f 'l he Cl Rugifcgrbuq KEEP oun CL EAN Helping to promote the campus clean-up are Brenda Forlner, stu- dent ccurt representative and Bob Penland, ROTC representative. Q 1 . ' 'ax' L , xl J r , f' l W . l.. Q .' 5 A u ' i 9- r x x QQ I PM i Q- 'JP' Ei nl: l i- 'N Q, X i Vitr college in mind, second semester president, Skip Newell looks Through Student Administration Starting att the second semester, The cabinet attended a Foothill League Forum. Early in The semester Skip Newell, president, announced The cabinets projects Tor The second semester, headed by The American Field Service Drive. It was The aim of This drive To get money To bring Foreign exchange students to G'endale. An assembly committee Tor The purpose of bringing better assemblies To Glendale was organized. The cabinet are ranged and planned the United Fund Drive which col- lects for all maior charities and distributes The money among Them. The last events planned by The cabinet were The annual Book and Baggage Day and The cabi- net party. ool-s in The school library. Skip, who moved up from Vice President, plans J at to CalfPoly and maior in Animal Husbandry. Second Semester Cabinet Taking over the duties of Girls' and Boys' League presidents for the second semes- Ter were Nancy Utech and Gary Over- holser. sl 'Q' U fy 6.2: . are f"n:"TQ's o 14 Re-elected tor The second semester Bruce .lanes Ileftl remained The di- rector ot assemblies. Right: Don Beck, second semester vice president moved up from first semester Director ot Boys' Athletics. Remaining on cabinet for The second semester were, left: Tom Sparrow Bill Jenks, Tom Seabold, senior, iunior and sophomore class presidents Senior Clagg Administration 7' . f C , sf x.f X ' s-A? Q F l Back row- The class officers Bob Kumpe, vice president, Gary Glava, yell leader, lynn Scribner, treasurer, Nancy Atsinger, song leader, and Sue Smith, secretary, along with the class council made plans for all the senior activities, as the Senior Prom, Senior Party, Bacca- laureate, senior announcements and the ordering of caps and gowns. Standing in the Senior Glen, the class president Tom Sparrow and class advisor Mr. Jack Parker talk over plans for the '58 numeral to be laid in the arcade. Left row, front to rear: Bill Dawson, Jon Amelsberg, Dwight Waite, Steve King, Lane Lopez, Row l Donna Thomas, Janet Mountford, Rhoda Sigler, Judiane Marshall, Lynn Scribner, Nancy Greer, Emily Schochat, Miles Haskin, Kay Langton. Row 2: Eleanor Legge, Nancy Se Kava, Ronale Williams, Diane Tang, Linda Fields, Susan Smith, Claire Wiesley, Janet Gulbrandson, Renie Romano, Carol Green. Row 3' Linda Gratiot Heather Martin, Bonnie Burleson, John Robinson, Don Tyler, Steve Little, Bill Brostoff, Carlyn Kinnison. Row 4: Brenda Fortner, Nancy Atsinger, Pat Noe, Roger Williams, Dave Lawrence, Mark Preis, John Hagen, Forden Hughes. Right row, front to rear: Tony La Marte, Rick Matthews, Don Beck, Bob Hines, Tom Sparrow and Jim Bell. M Keeping the lUI1lOlS ir 'orvnefi of all the class activities and helping to plan them with the Junior Class Cabinet was the task ofthe Junior Council. Those serving on the council were Row l Jocey Delmonte, Kathy Montana, Sue Pfeiffer, Connie Sonntag, Kathy Hamel, Gloria Waldron, Karen Rislngev, Pat Plata, Brenda Roblcliaux Judy Scribner, Linda Hoy, and Gall Ashcroft Rovv 2 Shirley Conner, Julie Bradford, Sandy Murphy, Emma Lou French Carolyn Hoop, Dotty Rhea Marlyn Bohn, Gail Seabury, Cora Doty, Vicki Boehmen, Christine DArc, Santa Hubner. Row 3 Glenna Pappas, Jo Lee Wagner, Bonnie Cook, Judy Flegal, Kathy Waters, Carolyn Copeland, Jerry Mitten, Margie Witt, Rosy Teraho, Lynne Davis, Penny Vargish, Linda Abbott Row A Skip Wells, Berry Bottrell, Steve Carney, Carlyle George, John Cambell, Ernie Lund, Ruffin Ring, Chuck Rea, Gary Nelson, Fred Port, Gary Wefler. Row 5 Gary Clebert, George Batty, George Eastburn, Charles Beatty, Paul Beckett, Gary Brown, and Steve Price. Junior class officers, Carolyn Copeland, secretary, Bill Jencks, president, Jocey Del Monte, vice president, and Gloria Waldron, treasurer reminisce over their class's successful Junior Prom and Magazine Sale to raise money for the class. AL sq,- Lead ng the Junior class to victory in the spirit division of the Oratorical were: Paul Beckett, yell leader, and Karen Risinger, song leader, along with Mr, Dudley Graham, class advisor. Junior Class Administration , ,tl Sophomore Administration Mr. Murry Grant, advisor, Joanell Jorden, vice president, Adrienne Russell, secretary, and Paul Nuccio, treasurer headed the class of '60, the largest class ever to enter Glendale High. With the influx of i095 sophomores Glendale had to go on a split lunch program. Marveling over their first Oratorical are the sophomore class officers, Tom Seabold, president, Pam Bentley, song leader, and Don Hagen, yell leader. Sophomore council members who worked on the Oratorial, helped organize the ring committee, and cast the deciding vote on the sophomore class ring are: left to right, Front row: Sidney Strever, Jeanette Peplow, Sue Braggi, Nadine Barton, Nancy Dunn, Linda Grubb, Lynn Hoffman, Mary Mae Mahn, Janie Houston, Susie White, Pam Bently, and Sandy Culvertson. Middle row. Michelle Walsh, Regina Scott, Lynne Morgan, Carol Lomen, Lee Linder, Michael Wellman, Beverly Larson, Joyce Mothershed, Robin Jackson, Linda Sauer, Pauline Mitton, Lynn Pendleton, Carole Langstaff, Rona Schumann, Donna Whatling, Sally Snyder, Nancy Hooper. Back row: Joe Carmona, Jim Hinderson, Cary Schwartz, Torn Seabold, Gary Brutsch, Jim Sims, Lance Otis, Jim Ruffner, Bill Giles, Tom Sherwood, Booth Hartley, Don Williams, Don Hagen, Rolla Cornell, Paul Nuccio, and Rick Marshall. fix J- ff. V 1. AX xV ? P15 ing the budget that the cabinet proposed was one of the tasks of the lst Semester Congress. Those serving on the Congress were Front row, left to right Nelson Rising, Skip Newell and Jack Caselles. Row l' Camille Meyers, Don Hagen, Don Schirmer, Pam Van Wie Susie Clark, Pam Brrley, Virginia Pool, Stu Szidak, Bob Penland, Steve Chenoweth. Row 21 Robert Rost, Mardith Nar-gan Sandi Rudel, DJ Tugby, Linda Watkins, Barbara Humphreys, Barbara Thompson, Lynne Wonacott, Tom Schurtz, Bill Will s, David Beckett. Row 3 Gary Brutsch, Rocky Rudolph, Roger Jalbert, Liz Florang, Layne Wells, Janis Goodemoot, Cathie Carr, Bortie Vold Pat Brshop Anna Mae Wheelbarger, Sidney Strever Row 4 Sylvia Curtis, Gwen Copeland, Melinda Zemke, Sue Black stone Gloria Henry, Joan Krpper, Penny Anderson Trina Stine, Parm Harris, Marilyn Bohn, Carol Nelson. Row 5- Harold Coons, Lad lie Potts, Peter Rusch, Don Tyler, Russ Combs, Doug Stringer, Stan Hafenfeld, Harvey Jedynrck, Joel Miller, and Lloyd Pledge. hifi "ff ua-1 ,N F I w sy gt d t c lllsaillllis U ell OU T: " 0 V F f' u rdiuli Student Court tries students when they are sum- V moned to court tor breaking school rules. This llllfl -r years Student Court was made up ot left to right: Steve Gunn, Stu Szidak, Brenda Fortner 1 Klllll IChref Justicel, Barbara Waite, and Stan Groth. Congress at 'N Second i ' Semester The 2nd Congress approved the amend- ments proposed by the cabinet Those on the 2nd Congress were: Front row, left to right: Kathy Locke, Alaris Weltner, Gail Seabury, Linda Sturgeon, Pat Prata, Rosemary Montana, Melinda Zemke, Sally Snyder, Laurie Dunsmoor, Sheila Minkin Sandy Beach, Eddylou Treneer, Leona Banda, Carol Nelson. Row 2: Helen Zwyczok, Gertie Cruze, Melanie Meyers, Sylvia Curtis, Elizabeth Edwards, Tamara Evens, Melinda Dunn, Susie Clark, Valerie Schuh, Kathy Johnston. Row 3: Bob Heady, Leslie Stow, Karen Pedersen, Pat Scott, Michael Wellman, Sylvia Pa- checo, Rolla Cornell, Dean Zabriskie. Row .4-.a 4' Jett Vanos, Paul Beckett, Vince Cicone, Bill Willis, Bob Thorson, Bill Borkland, Bob Rost, Don Beck, and Dwight Waite. Congress First Semester Q CAV' x. WWWQW, W T3y,EE!fV4iiJj4f' cKfffvf ,,K !J jo! M ywzf vwlwyfwwf ,F QQ ww f W 9 W lil f-wwgfpmgg WY OW W , ,HQ L ,J U71 if H M I if JM jf' 14, Y ,ff MP jf? M f J BAL WMqiWi9 iw5P,SfwQ, W 9 Rf' ' ffl ff M M W M wi, ff 3ff"LI,ggjg4K,2jif0ykfSi,X fyfnyaffl 4vJWffJwACAMW'WQdf p W M A, 0 I UK QELM J 0 f f V 'Un QAM W J by Q! Q VM q A SX Q gif Q5 ffl ..-lj...i....-l- , -fffif Counselors Our counselors help the student decide what he wants to do after school, and how best to accomplish this purpose, and it assists him in solving the problems which arise in his life as they relate to his school program. Each student is assigned to one counselor for the three years of high school, and has, by appointment, atleast one interview a semester with this counselor. Left to right: Counselors Freeland Templeton, Alice McDonald, Ruth Starr, Frank Laurrdsen, and Georgia Woodard. Clarice Newton, more commonly known as "Newtie," is officially the school switchboard operator, but she has proven herself to be a repertorium of knowledge. She aids the faculty and the students in many miscellaneous endeavors, such as calling students for activities, re- laying messages, and giving out information of all sorts. "Newtie" has been at G.H.S. for 15 years. -df Left to right: Counselors Murray Grant, Hilda Jones, Nylo Chapman, Phillip Castlen, Naomi Blackburn. Attendance and Records .I Helping teachers, administrators, and students every day is the iob of the secretaries and at- tendance office staff. Among their many duties are the transaction of school business, manage- ment of student body funds, scheduling courses, keeping track of tardiness and absences, and keeping records and files. Left to Right: Shirley Steen, Emma Hubert lSenior Secretaryl, Doris Lewis, Josephine Hicks. 2nd Row: Catherine Tench and Marty Bloomberg lBelowl Left to Right: Mabel Gansz, Ted Andrews, Fred Sihler lRecorderl. nv""' 'I 1' ,, Left to right: Howard Fay, Phyllis Edwards, Mervyn Filipponi, Donald Duncan, and Al Hewitt lDe-partment headl examine Mrs. Edwards' friend Neutie Q Science Instructors For the students of Glendale High many courses in science are offered. Sophomores are required to take a course in Health and Safety for one semester. Planning on a college education, many students program Physics or Chemistry. For others a course in Physical science is recommended, One year of science is required for graduation. Also offered are Biology, Life Science, Physiology, Engineering Chemistry, Photography, and Engineering Physics. 53 Biology instructor Naomi Blackburn instructs Greg Omartian in watching and drawing amoeba. Left to right- Phillip Castlen, Jack Parker, Harry Anderson, George Bundick, and Jennie Clauson discuss Mr Bundicks plan to shoot Explorer ll filled with failing Physics students. Donald Duncan seems to be having a little difficulty demonstrating the depth perception machine for Sam Wemle and Mervyn Filipponi. Jon Amelsberg, Elaine Gilleran, Carol McSwain, Debbie Zeller, Julie Tucker, and Sue Barlow take notes as Miss Jennie Clauson, Chemistry instructor, performs an experiment with hydrogen sulfide gas. Due to the odor, the experiment was performed outside. Q rv , ro' i 3" 'C Physical Education Instructors All students at Glendale High are required to take Physical Education or R.O.T.C. Many varied activities are offered such as athletic games, ap- paratus use, decathlon test, and sitting-up and posture exercises for boys, Girls are offered courses in team sports, dance, drill team, and swimming. First row: Patricia Mack, Hazel Johnson, Mariorie Pape, Jeanette Johnso Second row: Margaret Campbell, Visila Alsberg, Kay Woods, Ruth Stwall Not pictured, Beatrice Haig. Practicing their over-hand smash is the 5th period tennis class under First tier Lon Graf, Bill Chunn, Leo Arranaga, Roy Vuiovich, Arthur Teachout, Cliff Hooper Second tier: Ed Goorjian, Reese Anderson, Richard Davis, Ted Andrews Third tier Gene Haas, Bill Gelsinger, Ranier De Mandel. -Q 1 , X k ss st. i 8, Y' , 'Vey fs T .lm E A X 1-" X ' X inf , X 3 3 tt 1 rr , i - - s Fine Arts Instructors Glendale High has an exceptional Fine Arts pro- gram. The combined music department, made up ot Girls" Glee, Lyric Club, Advanced Girls' Glee, Men's Glee, Mixed Chorus, Choralettes a n d A'Cappela presents several programs every year for other schools, civic groups and student body assemblies. Other courses offered are Beginning Art, Art Avocations, Costume Design, Commercial Art, Drawing and Painting, Interior Design, Stage Craft, Ceramics, and Jewelry. The students in the classes display their work in the showcases at school and in various contests. Cor'-rbined music groups under the direction of Miss Shirley Nut rehearse for the Christmas program. In the drawing and painting class working in various art mediums are Reva Johnson, Mary Wynhausen and Barbara Phillipps. s, 4,,L,.f4,.., Aga, -qt.. - ., A V.. Miss Shirley Nure with the help of Eldred Balzer at left and Robert Althauser plan the music for the Christmas Program I , of Mi , flal Q7 hx x xr fs Art instructor Martha Arnold points our interesting parts of a students work to Esther Crandall, at left, and Charles LaBold. .ff lx Division of the house as the male members of the Social Science department caucus, Left to right are: Frank Lauridsen, George Plumb, John Barens, Leslie Wood, Arthur Bennett, James Smith, Ralph Carter, ' Charles Hicks, Murray Grant, William Graham, Wallace Rankin Iseatedl. Social Science Instructors 6 Casually discussing their Social Science classes are, left to right: Alice McDonald, Margaret Graham, Hilda Jones, Francis Ahl, and Francis Klawiter lseatedl. Mr. James Smith lleftl and Mr. Murray Grant took time out from their summer vacation to write the syllabus for 'ilntroduction to the Social Sciences." Many hours were spent condensing books and theories on Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics. Mr. Smith and Mr. Grant hope to get the syllabus, now in mimeographed form, printed by next year. The Social Science department of Glen- dale High School offers a variety of elec- tive and required courses. Modern World History is a one semester course required of all sophomore students. United States History, a required course for gradua- tion, is devoted to the political, eco- nomic, social, and cultural history of the United States. A new course offered this year was Introduction to the Social Sci- ences. This class is open to seniors only and offers a brief outline of the six social sciences. Cabinet, designed for students who have been elected to student body offices, is a course in leadership devoted to the affairs of student government, parliamentary procedure, and current civic problems. All seniors are required to take Senior Problems, a course de- signed to help graduating seniors in their understanding of the world around them. Wallace Rankin lDepartment headl, marches his U,S. History students through Georgia. r- i .. , it xixx '19 1 Ag- .J-'f V . Q """' 'Q' 4-if ' X Left to right: Arndt Tande lDepartment headl, Grace House, Lucille Anderson, Marion Snyder, and Ralph Wernle approve ofthe textbooks used in their classes. Mathemafcs Instructors . 'calm 5 -.-1-J ,Eff There seems to be some question over the formula on the black- board. Skip Newell, Mr. Aldo Buonaguidi, Rick Mathews, and X Donna Reed puzzle over the answer. 1 Left to right- Elton Smith, Georgia Threlkeld, Margaret Peterson, and Carl Matthiesen are puzzled over the same equation as the students above. A variety of courses offer superior ad- vancement into the field of mathematics. College preps are advised to take Al- gebra and Geometry. Other courses are Basic Math, Plane Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, and Advanced Algebra, All courses in the Mathematics department are electives. A bisector divides an angle into two equal parts. Michele Knecht uses this proposition to prove the problem she is putting on the blackboard, Julie Manderbock and Al Williams do not seem to be having any trouble with their homework. Foreign language Instructors Two years of foreign-language study are required for entrance to most universities and colleges. All courses in The foreign P- language department are elective and 'rf' - n I credit is given for two years work only. The amount of foreign language re- ,,, quired of students by various universi- ties is reduced considerably if or student has taken three or four years of a foreign language in high school. The courses offered at GHS are French, Latin, and Spanish, Many students take Their first year of language in iunior high school, enabling them to take two years of two different languages while in high school. Ah monsieur, snails! Chef Pierre lPeter Ruschl tempts Bruce Jones' appetite with a great French delicacy in a French class skit, Left to right: Language instructors Arthur Osterveen, Glen Henderson, David Gibson, Margaret Sobelle, Naomi Beck, Charlotte Aseltine, Gerald Gallagher, and Mabel Lambert lDe-partment Headl. Home Economics Instructors Many interesting and varied courses are offered in the Home Economics department. Clothing l and ll are open to all girls and are a prerequisite to Advanced Clothing. Senior Clothing is designed to help senior girls make their clothes for graduation activities. The foods courses offered are Foods l and ll and Modern Hostess which is open to iunior and senior girls only. Home Management and Home Nursing are also offered. A- -vm I x for ,v NX G-0 Taking time out from their many classes are Home Economics teachers Elsie Garrett lDe partment headl, Lucille Anderson, Elva Marshal, and June Arford. lRrghtl Mary Fisher demonstates the correct way to cut out a skirt. By making their own clothes many girls keep in step with fashion in an economical way. fx XS' vs- X Commerce Instructors 'N tlllm All af s. l o xis .J VG. Students who plan to enter into a business career after leaving school are trained by the Commerce department to become efficient business men and women. lAbovel Back row: Dudley Graham, Wylna Cowles, Bottom row: Edward Nissen, Henrietta Huyssen. Jeanette Day glance over the new typing manual. Mary Jane McClane tries one of the electric typewriters while Ruth Starr, James Steele lDepartment headl, and Homer Livermore look on. Left to right: Glenna Pappas, Judy Hirtle, Cora Doty, and Bonnie Nish try to increase their speed in shorthand. Mechanical Arts Instructors Tom Suter, Mr. Greg Lawrence and Sylvia Castero repair electrical equipment. Here they center their attention on a projector, FY' ' . There are two types of courses offered in the Mechanical Arts department: Vocational and industrial Arts. The vocational courses are intended to train students in specific trades and requires three con- secutive hours daily in shop work. The Industrial Arts classes are given as a part of one's general 2,5 x f ' education and require one period per day. Surrounding a metal lathe are our Mechanical Arts In- - structors. Left to right: Ed Harrington, Greg Lawrence, Walter Lauxen, Carl Derksen, Jack Harrison, Louis Malinowski, Eugene Crawford, Lovell Paggot, and Tom Christensen. I' Egg, Es - c. J X English Instructors , Qu . be-1 Q g 2- r ' - Every student is required to take two years of English. Six more semesters of English are available. Seniors who plan to go on to college are advised to take Senior Composition. Journalism and Drama are librarians -a elective courses, but they may not be included in the required English credit. The advanced iournalism class puts out the school paper twice a month, Above at an English department meeting are, left to right: Row one: Mary Ann O'Brien, Beatrice Morlian, Olive Eckerson, Barbara Canady, Louise Swedenborg lDepartrnent headl, Eloise Edmonds, Ruth Carruth, Emily Ledbetter, Shane Wilson, Mariorie Bailey. Row two: Joe Wadlington, William Ryan, Wesley Hartley, Warren Johnson, Louis Hill, Lawrence Weishart. ff' Librarians Mary Tye, Daisy Lake lHead librarianl, and Ouida Robbins help students find books for collateral reading, book reports, and term papers. A new science fiction collection was donated to the library this year by Bob Oldfield. Magazines and pamphlets are also available to students. Georgia Woodard lDepartment headl, Josephine Hicks, Minnie Snelson, and Charlotte Anderson, Cosmetology instructors, from left to right, teach students to give facials, manicures, and to set hair. Hair styles and color combinations are also stressed. Cosmetology Instructors Y f ' f ' ' Ji, ' T , 4 A Y t T Cafeteria Staff The hard work of twenty-seven busy women satisfy hungry Glendale stua dents as they file into the cafeteria for lunch. The staff begins working at seven o'clock in the morning baking their own pastries and pre- paring original dishes. r Raw l: Beverly Stanley, Rhoda Naud, Lauretta Brouillard, Helen Pammer, Eda Cheve, Estella Epperson lCafeteria managerl, Freda Wilson, Margaret Snow, Louise Thompson. Row 2: Lena Anderson, Nellie Jackson, Roma Nichols, Marie Young, Margaret Fowler, Patricia Powell, Harriet Haendle, Stella Ericsson, Charlotte Lucier. The only difficulty hungry students have at lunch time, is deciding what to have, where to sit, and how to think over the din. Building Maintenance Staff Rx.. Ns 2.2-l The maintenance staff in- cludes the gardeners who keep our lawns looking trim, the custodians whose iob it is to help us keep our cam- pus clean and the main- tenance men who keep the school operating. Broken clocks, damaged desks, and all the little "accidents" that occur keep these men busy. Q I 'QW' E-r'lPZ-fAf'i', ', . , .5-42-sq. , .- ' . H +.'i'fia.'- . . , .. 1,-Q -.A 1--J' "'-w,- "'-' - .'F'K.-, , - E .4-1 r . Row I Jim Crane, O,K. Miller, Atlas Glover, Clarence Nicol, Dorsey Merrill lHead custodianl, Arthur Clark, Merrill Young, Max Littlefield, Jim Whrtemore, Victor Veelleux. Row 2: Bill Done, N. B. Elkrn, Roger DuBois, Carl Johnson. Row 3: Mildred Butler, Hrpolrto Olivo, Maeser Day, and Bob Hart, 5 5 1 i 32" : - . .f n f 'f 7' X' w Q 121- T .J TT :4 N ' "'s1 .w. in A modern interpretation in oils is done by John Stewart. John is using a palette knife to apply the oils to his project in art. Seniors Skip Newell, Mike McNeill, and Bill Dawson lead the discussion in an English Life and Literature class. Studies of poems, essays, and authors are covered in this course. "Of Books - and Pencils - From books and pencils and microscopes - to baking cakes and pedagogues lto paraphrase the walrus and the carpenterl, these things are part of the everyday life at Glendale High. The l25 mem- bers of the Glendale High faculty guided over 2,700 students through a diversified curriculum designed to cover vocational, pre-business, and college pre- paratory interests More than 80 subiects are of- fered at GHS -M among them Cosmetology, lntro- duction to the Social Sciences and Modern Culture, courses not offered at any of the other schools in the Glendale Unified School District, This year gifted seniors were given the opportunity to take one course at Glendale College as part of the district's pilot program for superior learners. The students took such courses as mathematics, science, and college English. This is the real Glendale High School! De- spite many outside activities, our scholastic achieve- ments are the basis for our reputation. .1 Bill Brostoff, Mr. Albert Hewitt, physics instructor, Carol Green, F and David Ashcraft are experimenting to find the coefficient ' of linear expansion! The increase in length of a unit length , of solid when heated through a temperature change of one degree is called the coefficient of linear expansion, so physics' students say. vq George McElroy, Driver Education instructor, explains to Bob Heller, Joy Tye, and Pete Ogden how to use the fire extinguisher and safety flares. 'Checking in paper, pencils and miscellaneous supplies during office practice and Microscopes - dare Marilyn Smith, Trudy Wright, Ann Metcalf, Judy Blossom, Glory Staniec, erry Moon, Sharon Corcoran, and Sylvia Baurenteind. Students taking office ractice help out in the various offices at GHS. 0 of - Gloria Smith poses for photographers Byron Melendy and Lynn Roundtree. Printing, developing, use of light meters and types of cameras are among the many things taught in photography. in A' 1 'iii' 5 i. f..'-1--.B df. ' A little salt, a little sugar, some flour and shortening all go into the cookie batter. Linda Hendricks combined these ingredients successfully and made Christmas cookies during her foods course. ln the back- ground Beth Holman rolls out cookie dough. and Pedagogues '45 it-19 This conglamoration of metal parts is used by students in welding shop for practice. Stillman Pond is welding several pieces of metal together with ci torch. 35 test Honors and Awards One of these tour students will represent Glendale High School when they spend the summer in a foreign country as part at the American Field Service student program They are from left to right: Sue Williams, Christine D'arc, Peter Rusch, and Bob Wulf. N- 4' ll 1 l . '91 5, Q ' 1 .--X Q .4 v4 5-J N3 ,,. Glendale High School sent these two students to foreign coun- tries as part of the American Field Service exchange student program, Emily Shochat spent the summer in France and Dick Webb lived and went to school in New Zealand for six months. Jan McDermot above won the Betty Crocker Scholarship award when she competed with other girls from GHS in a written examination stressing home economics, -5 .'s -gg ax '4 - Bill Dawson and Diane Stubbletield were selected as the two outstanding seniors in the area by the Glendale Elks club They competed with seniors trom the two other schools, and, after submitting notebooks about their activities were iudged to be the outstanding senior boy and girl in Glendale. 1 Talking over their many experiences at conventions this year are Jim Phypers and Bob Mack, delegates to Boys' State, Peter Rusch, who attended the youth and government convention in Sacramento sponsored by the YMCA, and Shirley Godfrey, who represented GHS at Girls' State. for Outstanding Students f Eighty-two local scholarships and awards ranging from 57.50 to 52,000 were given last year. The awards ranged from medals, books, and typewriters, to bonds, certifi- cates, and a trip to Europe. Twenty-five college scholarships were given ranging from honors at entrance to grants in aid. The scholarship committee begins the screen- ing out process for scholarship applicants in the applicant's iunior year. Honors, such as delegates to Girl's and Boy's State and American Field Service exchange students are given in the junior year. After competing with other seniors in the National Merit Scholarship examination these five students came up with the highest scores in GHS and went on to the state finals They are from left to right: Don Burnap, Bill Brostoff, Emily Schochat, Jim Danforth, and Gail Winbigler. Honored by the Bank of America for their high achievements in the varoius fields of studies were these outstanding seniors. Cup winners, front Row, left to right: Bill Hartman, science and math, Emily Schochat, liberal arts, Betty Slocum, vocational arts, and Gail Winbigler, fine arts. Certificate winners are from left to right, Row two: Jim Phypers, English, Barbara Pence, home economics, Donna Reed, social science, Louise di Tullio, music, Wayne Skaggs, trades and industrial arts, and Don Burnap, math. . , QR 4 QQ -an H ua.. 4 ,,. inf"- The Exchange Club selected these three outstanding seniors to rep- resent Glendale High in the semiefinals for a trip to Washington, D,C. during Easter vacation. Dick Webb, left, and Jim Phypers congratulate Bill Dawson on winning the trip. i,. i , . ' ' ' v' I 'i ll 1 4 ' f , ' X i J f Arthur Girrior, left, winner of the coveted gold key from Bullocks for his art achievements, admires photographs that won Cecil Selman, center, first place in the NAJD photography contest. John Stewart, right, was the re- cipient of four honorable mention awards from Bullocks for his oil paintings. df! ,W gaomfzga Z-f-f42 Wfgffffff J 2? Q01 41 ,Jada-M,40M2lff 4,42 QZQMZZ Wm ,fd , f:fy cf-4f2 , - 72.7.1361 ,WVZZQ j f flip ,za-If -ffgyzf 697 fffog jr! Aw 2174? 24241, .dfzaff ,JVC AM ,Q . ,Zz ,df20f4f266-' 77'z77 law, lffffwyjff '21 ,JZCK-25930 j ,deff , ' ,,4f4z15'.mff 20 129- W7 L 473497, 7,-Q7 ,QP if 7544624 'Atl I QM' I.. yimcaa S Mfg, " My ak K ff WW YW f fr - f 'Q 4 K 4705 .I f I, ff 6 x f A-V1.2 z ' I K 7 ' 1 .4443 fic? ig!!-fi: cagfwlqj vLTZ77Zi 2-kv? " 'Z 'IJK 7753 5575? Q 1 Magda dak nyc! AQJMHJ4 ff-4f'ff2MM7Wf 544 ,4 M ff, A y ZW' ,613 J ny! .0 ' Zh!! f2f72.zZWf M? Q" 4a-af y I I I f ' , , Q gf yfwg f Aziz! fide fan A ' 'ZQ W ,fed JZZZMZZE' RE i J-JU? f X J: -f 'mail ff 'QWW V QQ SAY QQ , mfp fyff ff! K- Qu o. ,gc ..,.. dy , 3 M99 jf ff! bl 00000O0!W ,lf,2Z We-,M QXWKQX ff! ' 4, f6f2ZZdj-5207726691 - .Quang ,Q-436' K 744 27 5056 ,M 7200 555261, j'5aOf0:4Z X 'G' 27? CQ Q "Opening Daze" Not on opening day! Bewildered Sophs, the size of Glendale High, wonder if unscramble The room numbers. Juniors are Talking a mile a minute to catch up on the news on summer vacation. There's so much To Talk about. Girls inspect each others new clothes while The guys discuss The fine points of Their cars. Seeing who is in your classes is always important and newcomers are made welcome. Counselors do a remarkable iob aT scheduling, but occasionally a surprised and unwilling boy can find himself pro- grammed in a ballet class. By The second week The necessary program changes have been made, lockers have been assigned, and curiosity about one's locker runs high. After all, one will have To get along wiTh This chap all year. LeT's hope This person's nice. Teachers begin To know Their students, seating charts are filled out, books issued and homework assigned. VacaTion's over, back To The grind. Confusion? startled by They'll ever and seniors lsn't This the welding shop? Sophomore boys are refused admittance to the girls' gym by Mrs. Patricia Mack, gym taeacher. ei-in Go To The 'ui zeslqnctcf Q the LNlTlA Cl your las. 1 ii, Rf' if' Kathy Waters, September 16th, school gets underway. One of the first events of the school year is the Girls' Stunt show. Here the Girls' League Board advertise the attraction at an assembly, Lett to right are Kathy Murphy, Susie Green, Connie Sontag, Nancy Uteck and Anne Metcalf. Sophs read handbook. Muriel Brown, Phil Thomas and Jenny Sheele, left to right, read the handbook to unscramble their foggy ideas about Glendale's curriculum. 478 New Sophomores, Z'e:5.Z1. ,. 5' , vfAf'Us.gI5i-A . , iz., s , ,. , . , . , Q J 'S Nl" . Where do we go? To answer this question a sign is posted - in the halls telling students the room in which they may fi. secure their programs. Showing him the "ropes"! Mr. AI Hewitt, science department head, wisely counsels Mr. Sam Wernle, a Teacher new to Glen- dale, on how To impress stu- dents with the complexity of science. Q X X I8 New Teachers A wild rush swarrned into the counseling office when the double lunch schedule was presented. Mike Gates finds that the office has closed its doors in self-defense, to everyone who doesnt have an appointment. s 5' Tx 'x i . fi- "You Are There" At the Girls' Stunt Show Each year at GHS the girls produce the all-girls' Stunt Show for the purpose of introducing new girls to the school and to other students, and to develop class spirit. This year's theme was "You Are There" and the girls had to write, or- ganize, cast and prepare the stage with only the help of their advisors and stage crew. The theme of the winning Sophomore stunt was "You Are There With Matahari." Their advisor was Miss Jeanette John- son. The Junior girls produced "You Are There in Constanti- nople." Their advisor was Mrs. Mariorie Pape. The Senior production of "You Are There in the Gay 2O's" was advised by Mrs. Hazel Johnson. From the winning Sophomore stunt are: Judy Warren, Jean Frazier, Shirley Hen- derickson, Sylvia Revelt, and singer, Jayne Paul. 1 K rx., Exploding Senior song and yell leaders, who led their class to victory in spirit are: Barbara Pience, Sharon Whitley, Heather Martin, .loy Hooker and Eloise Whitsell. Gay blades of the Senior Stunt, "Gay 2O's," are: Janice Spong, Larelie Kling, Dianne Morosi, Penny More, Nancy Atsinger, Mardith Naregan, Pat Blanton, Mary Bowers, and Sandra Staley. TB' ."""""11-1:-'T-in can E 5 r--. lAbovel The Sultan Judy Flegal, blackamoors Pat Prata and Charlotte Hunter, and head-harem girl Glenda Pappas, are surrounded by the pick of the harem in the Junior Stunt. Classes Compete in Speeches, Tableaus and Spirit at the Fiftieth Oratorical Eyes straight forward, heads erect, hands on knees, a sea ot faces above white shirts tensely await the commencement of Glendale High School's 50th Oratorical. The classes compete in three divisions, speech, tableau and spirit. John Robinson, speaking of "The Most Precious Gift" won the speech trophy tor the Senior class. Junior speaker Bruce Jones presented 'AAs We Will" and Janice Goodemoot spoke on "The Truth Shall Make You Free" for the Sophonnores. The Sophornores entered the winning tableau, shown on the opposite page. Karen Risinger and Paul Beckett spurred the Juniors on to be victorious in the spirit phase. The Seniors were led by Nancy Atsinger and Gary Glava, while Pam Bently and Don Hagen led the Sophomores. -cf" kt ,""'!" l 1, i i Senior Speaker, John Robinson, "The Most Precious Gift" Je lx X441 Q ,Aww !?,.4Q,,,42!j M A7 cardiff - 41,6 gpm! JL fee J aww ,zzzdff 'L ,Q -AW- f if fZ7UL - Happy Glendalrtes ieroice in their accomplishments. This year each class was I, J A Q1 v s victorious in one category. . 4 ' V .J r L, 'UN 'Q X , - " f K -1 , rm' 1:2411-Q is M- , . ' It's up to you! The Junior Tableau depicted cynical .boys laughing at the prophet's powers. They came to him with a bird and made him tell whether it was dead or alive. He answered by saying that it was their will. 42 4'-, Atoms to help man through :clonal A man framed in an atom looking down on laboring men was shown in the Senior tableau. as portrayed in the artist's rendering of the set. Junior speaker, Bruce Jones, "As We Will" Accepting applause lleft to rightl, are Oratorical participants Don Hagen, Gary Glava, Paul Beckett, Karen Risinger, Janice Goodemoot, John Robinson, Tom Sparrow, Tom Seabold, Bill Jenks and Bill Dawson. xy? Freedom through education! The winning Sophomore tableau presented the Statue of Liberty as she reigned over a large book representing knowledge. ff ll ll rift? if f I!! 'N' 11' ' B Lett to right: Bob Johnson, Brenda Fortner, Don Beck, Dick Denny, John Sipple, and Mr. A. A. Buonaguidi, were the Pep Club officers and advisor in charge of all Pep Club activities. liming the 6 by the Pep Club Twice a year the students at GHS tradition- ally trudge up the well known "G Hill," a landmark of Glendale. The lime used to coat the "G" was supplied by the Pep Club, and due to transportation difficulty, the lime was taken up by the private Radio Station KHOF, whose transmitter is located on the hilltop. :la-, yyghgl: ,.. :H Varsity .lousts Faculty at Annual Basketball Game The Faculty men this year raised their sights, and played the Glendale Varsity Basketball team rather than the usual senior pick-up team. The faculty won the lunch-time game, by the nar- row margin of 20-19. The ten cent admission charge went to the various charities and Foreign Exchange Fund. Featured here is action typical of the close game. Below, left to right: Bob Hensler, Mr. Bill Gilsinger, Mr. Richard Davis, and lin backgroundl Larry Wessoff and Lewis Stoddard, Pictured to the right are Mike McNeill, Mr. Davis and Tim Vezie. L-L Sophomores Jaynee Paul, Jim Straton, Roger Dalton, Tom Caddick and Keith Moen, better known as the "lmperials," sang "I Love Paris" and "Sentimental Journey" in the Talent Show this year. A Star is Born Thirteen may seem to be an unlucky number tor some super- stitious people, but it turned out to be a very lucky day tor a .iw "Bali Hai Will Call You" as Junior Connie Sontag weaves an exotic spell as she does a modern dance to strains from South Pacific." At the Talent Show tew ot our own Glenclalites, who appeared in this year's annual talent show in March. They were seen by a talent scout and later appeared on a local TV show as a result. The talent show is presented to the students as a means of en- tertainment and to give these youths their chance at stardom. A chorus line of sophomore girls, Kathy Carr, Carol Langstaff, Susie White, Joan Motto, and Celeste Koralon gave Bruce Jones lDirector of Assembliesl a warm welcome as Master of Ceremonies of 'There's No Business Like Show Business." T l .L s " lf 'Qs Peter Rusch as the pianist, Emilio Delgado as Dandy Dan, Ralph Sullivan as Bad Billy, Elza Bergeron as Sizzling Sadie, and John Robinson as the bartender, were the cast members of the Talent Show skit, 'And The Piano Played On," written by Peter Rusch. 45 ip-N "-.1 Soup's on! A smorgosbord dinner is served in the cafeteria. Salads of all descriptions, peas, noodles, enchiladas, and cold cuts are among the gourmet's delights. King for a Night Girls Treat Fathers at the Dad and Daughter Banquet .-nawvw "Date with Father" Dads and daughters stepped out on March 27, To the annual Dad-Daughter banquet, pre- sented by The Girls' League. The Tirst event ot The eve- ning was the smorgasbord dinner served in The cate- teria. Girls Trorn each class entertained with skits, and Dad was pulled into The act Too, it his daughter entered him in a beauty contest. He might win the honor ot being The baldest father, The man with the biggest Waist, or the Dad who looks most like his daughter. The party then moved to The girls' gym, where the Zeph- yrs, a band Tram Glendale High played tor "Dad" and his proud daughter. Cutting the rug. Denise McMillan and 'Dad" swing to The music or The Zephyrs in the Green room, 46 A good time was had by all. Dad proves to be a smooth dancer and a good date. Climaxing a thrilling evening of entertainment the party adlourned to'the gym. Dancing with such a good partner makes a perfect ending of a fun-filled evening, nter John Brennan lrightl receives The Most Valuable Award from Mr. Tom Densonore, representative from othing Store, the donor. Aching muscles, muddy jerseys, and hard hours of practice are always included in the average day of a football player. ln honor of these grid- iron heroes, the annual football banquet was presented Nov. 26. Football players, their parents, and coaches, the participants in half time activities, and members of the Board of Education were invited. Aside from the awards pictured, Bill Pierce and Bob Hensler, the Dynamiters' two co-captains, were given footballs autographed by the team. Also invited to the event were Glendale's cross- country league champions who were presented with medals, ribbons and gold track shoes. The football banquet was an evening of awards and recognition for Glendale's athletes who participated in Fall sports. Pictured below are B co-captains, Tom Sparrow, left, and Hal Coons, center, receiving awards from their coach, Mr. Leo Arranuga. 1 Q1 s L1 'fix l l img' A.- Y. Bill Pierce receives the "Brick Beach" award presented to him by the donor. Based upon scholarship, citizenship and sportsmanship, this award is highly coveted. Guests enioy buffet supper served by the Girls' League Board, who also entertained with skit Touchdown' Fullback Bill Jenks, number 20, charges three yards for the Dyna- miter's fifth touchdown, which occurred at the beginning of the fourth quarter. 1 fs ,y - Ql Mfr l A! .,.f f. X , l 1 1 If j . s! 'UJ ,f Queen Joy Hooker lcenterl reigns over the game with her court, left to right: Linda Gratio, Linda Arnds, Kathy Murphy and Susie Green. Where Cross-Town Rivals Meet Glendale-Hoover Game Since 1930, Glendale and her cross-town rival, Hoover, have been battling tooth and nail for victory. Glendale won the last two combats bringing the game count to 13-13. This was the tie-breaking game. Excitement ran high as 12,000 fans tensely awaited the commencement of this traditional game held in the Rose Bowl. The end of the first halt saw the score tied at 12-12. This was broken in the third quarter as the Dynamite-rs gained a 19-12 lead. Glendale finally trampled the Tornadoes with a 38-12 victory. All wrapped up in a blanket - Linda Arnds lleftl a member of the Court, and Barbara Green, iunior song leader, keep warm while watching the game with Jacky Fliedner, in the Dynamite stick, who is the school-symbol seen at all of Glendale's games. is DQ Crashing through the "Dynamiter," co-captain Bill Pierce leads Glendale onto the field. Yell leaders Dick Denny lleftl and John Sipple lrightl hold the paper "Dynamiter" for the team. Queen Joy Hooker lleftj and two mem- bers of her court, Kathy Murphy lcenterl and Susie Green, yell the Dynamiters to victory! This year Glendale's undefeated B's fought Hoover for the league championship. The event started the double-header battle between Glen dale and Hoover preceding the Varsity smear The Blasters trampled Hoover with a 25-13 vac tory, putting Glendale ahead of Hoover in the race for the Glendale News Press trophy. i The school drill teams, the Nitroettes and Sparklers, and the band go into a half-time formation. One, two, three, play! Glen- dale's sTaTe vv i n n i n g music groups prepare here for The Band and Symphony ConcerT, To be presenTed April l8, aTTer The Stylus dead-line. "Music of '58" will be The TiTle of This year's program, which will TeaTure ig, ,TL many currenT composiTions. Among These are 'iFanTasia on The Alleluida", by Gordon Jac- ob, "January, February, March", by Don Gillis, "Madrilenas", by F, M. Torroba, "Suite for Brass", by Leonard Le Bow, "ToccoTTa for Band" by Frank Erickson, 'Navy Log March", by Fred STeiner, "High Tor", by Harry Zimmer- man, "Calypso Holiday", by Edward McLin anol "Sea Por- TraiT", by Homer La Gassey. The final polishing. Mr. Eldred Balzer leads the Symphonettes in a combined rehearsal. Being such a large group, Borrowing from The P0571 The they meet in separate classes most of thc Time. Here The whole group combines its talents for a final practice. Syl'TTpl'tOt'lSTTeS pI'E'SGI'1l Moz- arT's "ConcerT in D Maior", Tea- turing Louise Di Tulio on The TluTe, and "Symphony Number Two" by Howard Hanson. Mr. Eldred Balzer is The musical di- recTor with Jim Phypers associ- aTe conducTor Tor The band, and Joel Miller Tor The Symphon- At the Annual Orchestral Concert Music, mueslrol Mr. Eldred Balzer directs his music groups and helps Them To polish up a few rough spoT. With his help each of his musicians is care- fully prepared for his part in the Concert. Glendale Highs band. Flufes-Louise Di Tullio, Ann Phypers, Diane Peter, Mary Baker, Walter Theurer. Oboe-Honey Gecse. Clarinets-Jim Phypers, Ron Eastman, Tom Tucker, Terry Curry, Tom Briggs, Boland Kirstein, John Tidmarsh, Gary PeTro, John Glaser, Marilyn Gilleron, Carol Hummel, Lee Wilkins, Muriel Brown, Don Treptow Bass Clarinet---Bob Stover Alto SaxophonesiJohn Dooley, Alan Trotter, Kay Vieregg, Larry Maranville, Dick Hooper, Wilbur Bergine, Marilyn Baker, Dwain BurT Tenor Saxophones-Gary Brooks, Bernard Camp. Baritone Saxophone-Gary logan. TrumpeTs-Steve King, Dick Eastburn, Sam Clemet, Jerry Smith, Gary Hodge, Bob Perret, Barbara Hunter, Bill Martin, Bob Stratton, Gary Mead, Jim Scullin, Roger Kirkham, Dave Thompson, STeve Dnngenberg, Richard Topper, Bob Serin, Mike Glans Trombone-s7Tom Clark, Ken Day, Don Walsh, Dave Voralik, Mike Delgado, Charles Lowell, John Brown, Bob Denton, Ken Anderson, Kent Graham, John Redfern, Ken Keeler, French HornsfJoel Kotin, Ralph Pollack, Bruce Hill, Ray Carlson, Richard Lover, Bernard Re-sler, John Gay Baritone7Barry Gerkin, Pat Colegrove, Jim Woodruff, Jack MoulTon Tubas--John Cope, Ken Temple, Paul McCartney, Bob Feland, Jim Linnemeyer, Paul Filliger. Precussion--Bob Hines, Frank Straight, Bob Rae, Roger Mercier, Steve Fitch, Don Foley, Harold Baughman, Ron Coleman, Chas Benefiel Tympani-- Dale Margnis. Bells--Sharon Ward. Cellos-Dorothy Tugby, Susie Schroeder, Diane Tomlin, Jane Kendall. String BassgCharles Mont- gomery, Gary Htckiling, Ruth Watson, Kathie Culver. 1 'r .1 The combined choral groups under the direction of Miss Shirley Nute lcenterl sing Christmas selections telling of the birth of Christ at their annual Christmas program "Feast ot Lights " Chrstms Program The tableau Ibelowl depicts this scene - 'And she gave birth to her first-born son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes . . . " This child was the " . . . Light which had shined on them who have long been in the shadows." "The people who walk in darkness have seen the great light . . The spreading of light and truth throughout the world was the theme of this year's traditional Christ- mas program presented on the evening of December ll, Narration between the selections was by John Robinson, Adrienne Hotonian, and Bill Dawson. They told the story of the birth of Christ and how the light of His lite has lit candles throughout the world, Tableaus constructed under the direction of Mr, David Gibson depicted the key points ofthe narration. 'Go and search diligently for the child, and when you have for the community, and December 13, tor the student body. This production represented the combined efforts of three hundred students who participated in the chorus, solos, narrations and the construction ot the tableaus. Miss Shirley Nute, with the help of Mr. Robert Altheuser, combined the talents of the A Cappella Choir, Choral- ettes, Advanced Girls' Glee Club, the Lyric Club, Sopho- more Girls' and Men's Glee Clubs and the Mixed Chorus, into songs ofthe Christmas season. Pictured, left, are the soloists in the Christmas program. Bottom row, left to right: Dorothy Bogart, Virginia Pool, Nancy Sisson, Laura Smith, Joanne Ferona, Kaye Stromburg and Jan Baker. Center row: Linda Grubb, Glynne Todd, Mike Pierce, Rickie Lipp, Gary Waxler, Jaynne Paul, Jeanette MacArthur and Madge Marshal. The three narrators, top row: Adrienne Hotonian, Bill Dawson, and the principal speaker, John Robinson. L-r found him bring me word so that l, too, may come to worship him." This is the theme ot the tableau lrightl. Student government has long been of great importance to Glendalites and each election is followed with interest. To qualify for a GHS office, a student must maintain a "C" average in grades, have a high merit average, and have a petition signed by at least 85 students. The entire student body votes on proposed amend- ments to the constitution as well as electing members to Cabinet. This past year Don Beck and Skip Newell held office as Vice Presidents while Bruce Jones was Director of Assemblies, Betty Slocum and Gay Miles, Secretaries, Sue Williams and John Robinson, Co-ordinators of Speech Arts, Bonnie Cook, Comptroller, Cecile Lash and Joan Henderson, Directors of Girls' Athletics, Don Beck and Miles Haskin, Directors of Boy's Athletics, Cheryl Taliaferro, Co-ordin- ator of Fine Arts, Rosemary Montana and Donna Sodoma, Directors of Publicity, Kay Langton, Co-ordinator of Organizations, Sue Barlow and Ricky Blanchard, Head Song Leaders, John Sip- ple and Dick Denny, Head Yell Leaders, and the members elected to Student Court were Bob Ray and Stu Szidak. 'Q .Jf' L Swearing in newly elected Student Body President Skip Newell is out-going GHS N President Bill Dawson. Student Body and , , ' fftfmff Jil.. I U 3 K - ft 0 rt " f P ' ' ., ' . il. . 4 Aa' 'f H t Introduction of Candidates for the second semester was performed by Past X ' President Bill Dawson at nomination Assembly lsitting in bockgroundl Sal it ' ' 'N ft V -' ' ' 7 - De Marco Larry Anderson, and Stu Szidak, who ran for Student Court mem- ' .5-', Ia' l C lm K' .I 1 8- I f '. ber, Bruce Jones and Melinda Dunn, candidates for Director of Assemblies, V3 S'-V if M. tx ff 2 : uf Steve Little and Don Beck were running for Vice President, and running for ' ' X l , l 'QL .gag if hz' President were Dick Webb and Skip Newell. Xt- l llllloi P A fr.-ft 1:-M sr H2 ' ii 1 Q. "'. 33 " ."" , . . 1 yn 'H ,lin I 3 , '. . I ,E 4 A , A . ls' , . 1 ii, Q.. -IQK, ,' Q- ' ,A 'ln 1 I i ' 9 I S Y , f 1 , I 5 l ' A I' 'T J -' it ltifl ' lioi'!s 3 ft ' -- I L r , - ' i ' 2 . ' '- - i t li si, -tt :if , , 'tl .. yi :gf l1lFt?t2l'- il tif lf, lil, 5 ' iig- Q. itwifdii ' - I :if Q t. 'g, Q f ,,i lla Skip Newell and Dick Webb were the candidates for the ' Q A K rl it , t 1 ' t high office of President of the Student Body. Skip was ff ' i f. -- ' i i 1 xg., post Vice President of the first semester of 1957-'58 -' K 'Q ' l u . school term, and Dick was past President of the Junior ' K 4-' ' Class in 1956- 57 and was one of our foreign Exchange students to go to New Zealand, where he finished his Junior and began his Senior year. . ' . I .. - A BB 1 8 A M9 Pictured here ig Bonnie Cook ond Mfg, Nomination Assembly for Sophomores- Left to right: Murray Grant ladvisorl, Roger Dalton, Laurie Dunsmore Mabel Gansz of the Attendgnqe office, Jonelle Jordan, Mae Marchese, Sue Baggi, Sheila Minkin, Carole Spelgatti, Benny Combs, Lance Otis, Dena Bonnie is geifmg her petition for Sfu. Berman, Julie Berton, Adrine Russell, Nancy Hooper, Muffet Bailey, Layne Wells, Ann Pollack, Paul Nuccio, Don dem Bgdy Finonce Compnoller Cleored Hagen, Jayne Paul, Jan Metcalf, Sandra Dooley, Carol Dorlen and Pam Bentley. by the office. Class Elections A screaming Bill Dawson hits the water of the fish pond in the Senior Glen, for a tradition- ally wet finish to his term as first semester Student Body President. Express Student Democraof Tensions mount as an excited crowd mills around the school bookstore. "Here he comes!" some- one shouts and the group parts for him to come through. He tacks a slip of paper on the bulle- tin board and steps aside as iostling people surge toward the notice. lt's election day at Glendale and the ballots have finally been tallied! ! Holding on for dear life is Keith Moen, who was one of the many sign-hangers during the second semester elections, Anxiously looking on are Melinda Dunn and Pam Briley. 1' iktflll ul9"'d UMIIITU Don Beck seen here having his .lane Gillis and Shirley Stadler, president. :xx 'Q petition signed by for semester Vicee ,J- -A fl fi X F - iw as ' .Irs 'K JW on jus LUCKE' sign.. ' . G ' sry? 6 .':f:k5' . ,,,gq,,.- 5 ,, . ew - ': 7 " 4'5- '4..x.- r Christmas Present forthe Halls Deck the Halls. This year the Civitans and Civinettes secured and decorated the traditional Christmas tree for the entrance I C5 hall. When school let out for Christmas vacation they deliv- ered it to a children's home in East Los Angeles. Also filled with the Christmas spirit, the Key Club sponsored a proiect whereby each homeroom would fill at least one box with canned food for a needy family. v- 1 s , 5 if Boxes filled with Christ- ,Q mas dinner bring good cheer to needy families. .iq A Christmas tree do- nated by the Civitans and Civinettes fills Glen- dale's halls with holiday spirit. Turn Aborrt's Fair Play l. 5.1 Students parade during lunch period checking costumes and discussing the events of the day. These are last year's pictures of this long-remembered day. fi To Glendalites, Book and Baggage day means a reprieve from school clothes and work. Wacky costumes replace the conventional regulated dress, movies and Stylus signing are substituted for school work. An addi- tional bonus is added for the guys. Their books are packed from place to place by girls. Squirt-gun fights are the school sport on Book and Bag- gage day. Mr. Beck, boys' vice principal has a fine col- lection of these weapons by the end of the day. Decided on a career? Glendale High's career day might have helped you. Late in March, students signed up to hear a speaker Talk on The field of Their choice. On May l, Third period, everyone went to a designated room, where he was given ideas on planning his career. There was a variety of fields open to students, including Topics such as ani- mal husbandry, fire fighting, The real estate business, truck driving and The veterinarian profession, along with the more popular iobs, such as secretarial work, modeling, business opportunities, dentistry, engineering and hospital work. Career day gives students an idea of the possibilities, the merits and dis- advantages of the iob. This insight may help them to decide whether or not they wish to prepare themselves for this ca- reer. """ -rr 1 , 44 Making plans. Mrs. Mary .lane McClane, in charge of The secretarial portion of career day confers with a speaker over the phone, She is helping Miss Ruth Starr who is in charge of the event and absent for this picture. Juniors Fill Treasury Would you care to buy a magazine? Karen Risinger, left and Kathy Waters solicit for the Junior's maga- zine sale. The class topped all other previous Glen- dale classes, and sold a total amount of Sl3,4l6. With the money raised the Juniors will give the Senior Party, and the class gift to the school. "What's My l.ine"? .. .. Qi ,F I 1 J Z i 4,45 Stacks of forms to be filled out. Putting career day forms into piles to be placed in teacher's mail boxes are Ietr to right: Sue Meyer, Judy Flecker and Mary Jayne Sentick. On Career Day 'ri.Amwi 'WY'-'tit AITTTM ' 'guru nv IM Hot off the mimeo. Jerry logram, front, and Gay Myles run off career day bulle- tins for teachers. at of is bf Career Day secretaries. Busily typing forms are, front row: Judy Jobe, left and Elizabeth Edwards, back row, Bar- Bara Snavely, left, and Dorothy Korzun. Where shall we go? Carolyn Younger, left, and Corkie Campbell decide on the career on which they would like infor- mation. lMth Magazine Sale l i Wow, what prizes! Juniors, left to right: .lim Baugh, Robin Paulson, Caroline Coplin, Kathy Waters and Trina Steine look hopefully at the beautiful prizes which will be given to the leading salesmen in the Junior magazine sale. Among the prizes were a portable typewriter, radios, a movie camera, and wrist watches. High salesmen were John Zannaiter, Ricky Graham, Fred Port, Tom Webber and Don Tyssee. The one hundred and two people who sold over fifty dollars worth of subscriptions re- ceived ci free steak dinner and a movie ticket to "The Bridge on the River Kwai." Miss Margaret Graham's fifth period was the top selling class. "What powers do I hereby possess?" Aladdin lElza Bergeronl ponders after the Geni appears from the lamp. "I must have the lamp," demands the Magician lJoyce Jonesl angrily glaring at Aladdin. Guarding the treas- ures of the Golden Room are Camille Myers, Melanie Phwisst! in a cloud of smoke the Meyers, and Margie Castlen, Geni, lKathy Woodburnl rnaterializes from the lamp whenever it is rubbed. "llladdin's lamp" This Years Dance Recital ln search of the Ice-Blue Diamond, Aladdin ventures to Alaska where he meets up with penguins: Inge Gust, Sara Carlton, Barbara Askew, Pam Thomson and Eskimos: Linda Hay, and Cora Doty. Introducing the audience to the enchanting world of Aladdin Took the lull co-operation ot the set changers, script writers, and the dancers themselves, The script was written by a com- mittee ot dance students, directed by Miss Ruth Stwalley and Joyce Jones, and narrating the entire dialogue was Dennis Parrett. Back flat, knees out, stomach in, coaches Miss Ruth Stwalley, dance instructor, to Joyce Jones. c 1-. K Playboy, Tony Cavendish, portrayed by Milo Delgado, returns home to escape the clutches of a designing woman bringing the play to an exciting climax. "The Royal Family" Fall Stage Production -- x 44' ' A M" -1 A few of the cast, lgoing clock-wisel Charles Buck, Carol Thurgood, Marty Sours, Suzanne Davider, Tina Fogg, Peter Rusch, Joel Miller, Dorothy Bogart, Milo Delgado, Nazneen Thanawalla, and David Beckett, pause during rehearsal. 'The Royal Family," a three act com- edy, by George Kaufman and Edna Ferber was presented by students of Glendale High School to the public November 2l and 22. This fall production was supervised by Mr. Joe Wadlington, head of the drama department. The orchestra under the supervision of Mr. E. L. Balzer, supplied the music, and the 2'-4-V we - 2... 2 1 l make-up was supervised by Miss ll I -Q Esther Crandall. oy L Again, the Stage Crew, advised by -zz 1 X Mr. David Gibson, was there giving ,, a helpful hand. The cast of "The 1 ' N 'll' ' A Q. F .fr 1 Y . can an-if - 1' as . Q'-fr 1. I 4 . . , x . F A . . , S l Z., X -Nh nv v . ry 'NN , H -WA '. ' , a ' 2 ' ' "' ti X J , 1 r' Q 1? 1 ,- X 1. Before going through the paces of the actual public performances, the cast gathered with graduated PV'nC'P0l PlGYef5f Mllo Delgfldof D0'0TllY BOQGVTI and present Thespians for dinner and to preview the final dress rehearsal. and Joel Miller are seen here getting their last minute instructions from Mr. Waldington. Rockin' and Boppin' in one of the Rock and Roll Assemblies were Don Julian and The Masters. Below, Don and "Lucky" Lockhart swing out an ' The Girl Cant Help lt." . l I , ,gq.......- . s ' i r a 'ft .Uv li Dick DAgostin and his band came to town to go to town on Glendales stage. Dick played the aiano, his brother Larry played the guitar, Dave Oster played the other, Wayne Geis was on bass, Paul Caufman -- drums and Gene Rossip onthe sax. Study Routine Broken by School Assemblies is A 1' From the Island of Haiti came Jean Durand and his troupe Their calypso styled folk songs and ballads went over big with the students and the show was rated one of the best assemblies yet "All work and no play makes anyone a dull person." So to break up the daily routine of school work, Glendale students can look forward to an assembly every week. With Bruce Jones as Director of Assemblies, shows ranged from opera to rock n' roll and something new, "The Fac- ulty Frolicsf' Q-' 'Q ,L . n Assemblies for the second semester were planned for Glendale students by the assembly committee. The committee is headed by Bruce Jones, director of assemblies Members are left to right: Steve Little, Pat Nichols, Bruce Vicki Shaw, and Melinda Dunn. Music with a flare was performed by The Royal Guard, a singing group spec- ializing in show tunes The Guard sang tunes from Showboatf' Oklahoma" and South Pacific' plus several opera selections Spring Play The Spring Play, "Green Valley," written by Frank Wattron, will be presented To The students and pub- lic on May 9, long atter this book has gone to press. As The second drama offering ot The Semester, "Green Valley" will be di- rected by Mr. Joe Wadlington, The head of the Drama Department, and produced by The GHS Drama Classes. " f 5 , liqf -lil. Above, Joe Wadlington is instructing the main characters of the play Green Valley," Milo 'll-HL: Pictured, beginning clockwise at lower right- Kaleta Morgan, Sue Bicknell, Joy Burton, Julie Tucker Janna Lee Hartman, Trrna Stine, Pat Pierson, Charles Buck, Skip Newell, Jack Caselles, George Pierner Delgado, Janna Lee Hartman, and Elza Bet- Elza Bergeron, Milo Delgado, David Beckett and Joel Miller, the cast ot this years Spring Play Green geron. ln The picture above, Burnie Hawn is carry- ing the ball tor the Eagle Rock Athletic Club which Mr. Harry Beck lVice-Principall has been coaching tor the past ll years. This year's Rugby Game on February 28, was sponsored by the Junior Class as a money raising project. Due to bad weather there was not the turn out expected. The Santa Ana Rugby Club won over Pepper- dine l9-9. The UCLA Bruins also played The Eagle Rock Athletic Club with or Tinal score ot 8-O. Two exDynamiters, Tom Paton lBreakawayJ and Captain Joe Harper lScrunn Haltl played Tor UCLA. Valley. ' Below, Kenny Gunn, player for UCLA is iurnping forthe ball from the line-out On Your Mark! The Inter-class Track Meet Starts Off Wth a Bang As was expected, the Senior Class trackmen won the spring interclass track meet with a total of 140 points. However, the game sophomores upset the Juniors for second place with the Sophomores collecting 10811, points, the Jun- iors 9815. Leading the victorious Class of '58 were Bill Fasano, with victories in the B high hurdles and high iump, Dave Hull, who won both varsity hurdle events, and Tom Sparrow's B low hurdle ' .Q e .....' , "1 ,, V . . f ' 'Y L., -'x."'-'4 5 J----f -. ,. 'e"'.- :fleet ' . -1- . f fn. ,, .. A- - Senior Bill Gableman wins the varsity 100-yard dash in 10.3, ahead of Bob Drake, sophomore, and Senior Johnson. Senior Tom Sparrow was the victor in the B 120-yard low hurdles. Here Sophomore Jim Freeland and Senior Gary Logan trail Spar- row over the second hurdle, Bob Jensen leaps 21'-AK!" to win the varsity broad iump. Jensen, a Senior, won over Juniors Chuck Brady and Gerry Saulvester. - ""' ivf "died J ?--1. s-vii: . 1 3 J A warmup toss for Hal Coons prepares him for the B shot put competition. Coons was edged by Junior John Whitney in the event. Both have hit 118 feet' or better consistently this season. and pole-vault wins. ook 54001 ll? Varsity pole-vaulter iust misses on one of three tries. Shown is Junior Jerry Lee, who placed third in the event, behind Seniors Bob Johnson and Bob Jensen. 1. Sewing Classes Present Fashion Show .c Q 6 " . , N 4 I X ' .l V tb I ......,- .,. we l ' gf - ul l ll ' Ll ' r ' ' E' 5- "' - A Examples of the suits made by the tailoring classes are mod- eled, Left to right: by Marilyn Bohn, Kathie Montana, and Barbara Knock. Marilyn and Kathie chose a medium shade of blue wool for their proiects. Barbara's ensemble was made of a turquoise and white tweed. J ,N .1 ye 'Q Left to right are Joy Knisley, Sharon Parsons and Bonnie Neish modeling their sheath dresses, Joy made hers with a short iacket out of blue wool. Sharon's dress is an ivy-league pat- tern made of a brown, red and green striped cotton, A white and red sash trims Bor'rnie's red wool outfit. 27 L., f ' , . l' V A !i I7 fIl I . Lorna Davenport models her white sheath dress with small black shoulder ties. lt is made of a rayon blend of material. E' .i X ll A g v L' L.. Over, ' ' oc- re.. cupatronal hazards of knotted thread and stuck fingers, the sewing classes bravely give the Stylus a preview of their annual style show presented after the deadline of this book. Sewing students model the garments which they have made under the direction of their teachers, Mrs. Elsie Garrett, Mrs. Elva Marshal and Mrs. , Lucile Anderson. The fashion show wa i presented in the I brary on for the P Ellen Kneiding and lynn Loeffler, right, chose coats for their tailoring proiects. Ellen was absent when these pictures were taken. Here her three-quarter length coat is modeled by Linda Hoy. Lynn made her full-length coat of black wool. Football Spirit Continues At the Alter Game Danoes Glendale's home game dances offered a good place to discuss the events of an exciting game. To climax an exciting evening of hard cheering for the Dynamiters, three school organizations sponsored after-home game dances. Glendale football fans were admitted to the green room for 254 and a student body card. The Cabinet, advised by Mr. Wallace Rankin, presented the first dance, the profit to be used to extend the school budget. Mr. Ado Boniguidi's Pep Club and Mrs. Patricia Mack's Nitroettes, the school the other two. Home games had excellent turnouts and were a good climax to thrill-packed evenings ,,f"'N Mb ,iss il!" rv fi! 4,1 M U This year's Sophomore producfion of "Harbor LighTs" was proclaimed a greaT success loy all who attended. The TradiTional school-year dance To be sponsored loy The Sophomore Class as The A'CoTTon 'n Cord" lafter The dress re- quiremenTsl followed a Theme of "Har- loor LighTs." The Sophomores wenT all ouT on The decoraTions This Time. There were fish neTs on The walls and ceiling, wiTh life- savers, and sTar fish. The Throne was a small sail boaT wiTh a large sail on which appeared '60 lmeaning class of i96Oi. The boat was covered wiTh red, pink, and whife camellias. The Cotton 'n Cord Princesses this year and Their escorts were iclockwise from lower lefTi: Linda Souer, Rick Marshall, Eileen Henry, Dave Lawerance, Adrienne Russell, Carry Schwartz, Tom Seabold lClass Presidenfl, Queen Jill Parker, Tom Elison, Jaynee Paul, KeiTh Moen, Joyce Mothershed, Bill Woodford and Pam BenTley and her escort Jim StraTon. Sophomores Rule Over "Cotton 'n Cord" Dance 04. 5 V . r .L s This dance scene is Typical of This years Cotton 'n Cord, "Harbor LighTs." Enthroned is The lovely queen and her courT iclockwisel: Linda Sauer, Eileen Henry, Adrienne Russell, Jill Parker iQueenl, Jaynee Paul, Joyce MoThershed and Pam BenTley. T A i T' if .J .- Q ' F2117 r-' Plans for "Harbor Lights" were in good hands with this sTudenT committee in charge, aided by Mr. Murray Grant, advisor and with the assistance of Miss Jeanette John- son, They were: Keith Moen, Janie Parkhouse, Tom Seae bold, Sandra Colbertson, Mr. Murray Grant, Susie White, Lance Otis, and Jan Metcalf. P it ,, , sgfrl 'ir ez la un' v' '- if Q an Our annual Backward Dance, this year proved to be a 'Woman's World" for King Don Beck and his court ot six. Left to right: Tom Sparrow, Bill Pierce, Skip Newell, Don, Garry Overholser, Miles Haskin and Skip Hudson. Cabinet Played Host at the Backward Dance Q, 'Sl' "lt's a Woman's World" as the golden arrows of cupid pierced the male hearts l'?l as for one evening the pursuer became the pursued. lclockwisel Bill Pierce, Brenda Robichaux: Sue Barlow, Tom Sparrow, Skip Newell, Kathy Murphy, Don Beck, Bae Barrow, Miles Hoskin, Lynn Davis, Michael Wellman, Garry Overholser, Gary Hudson, Skip Hudson. ge., V'-'. x-f.- .--f--, s--- -- There seemed to be a great deal of excite- ment over the "Bunny-hop" during an inter- mission of Don Porter's band. The one chance tor The gals to Take the guy of her choice out on the town was this year's Backward Dance. She was to buy lor makel the corsage, be his chauffeur, and to pay all checks. "lt's a Woman's World" was held on the night of February l, in the well known "Greenroorn," and was sponsored by the 1958 Cabinet Members and advisor, Mr. Wallace Rankin. -qi' T--. ,f- - w- ,.,-'-s,n 41... Lynne Gordon and Frank Horowitz were the center of attraction in this fast moving number. Junior Prom Was "Shangri La" for Dancers Once The hurried and exciting preparations were over, The long awaited Junior Prom began. The "greenroom" was transformed into a "Shangri La" with a Chinese pagoda, four beautiful fountains, a golden buddha, and many exotic lanterns. Pictured above right: Queen Karen Risenger surrounded by Keith Walberg, her escort, and Bill Jencks, The Junior Class President. Left to right is her lovely court and Their escorts, Pat Dominick, Bill Borst, Diane McBain, Ron Logan, Sandy Murphy, Robin Paulson, Anna Mae Wheel- barger, Ron Mothershed, Kathy Montana, Ed Garaliski, Carolyn Hooper, and Barry Bottrell. The entire Junior Class, along with Their advisor, Mr. Dudley Graham, had good reason to be proud of Their successful dance with a colorful Theme. I" X ,r 1- ,115 ,Q T' A-.'.T',.' -.. 1 These post-dance celebrcxnts enioylthemselves at the well known Smoke House. . A I. The court is elected by the entire student body. The girls who run are nominated by friends and must have a "C" average and a merit record of above 85. After voting, The names of the princesses are, posted, but The queen's name is kept a secret until 11:15 the night ofthe prom. The last Waltz puts The finishing touches to an enchanting evening spent in 'Shangra La." K, The Queen and Her Court at the Senior Prom This year's Stylus Staff added another teather in its modest cap with this presentation of the Senior court. The Prom scheduled for May 17 llong after the Stylus goes to pressl, has not in past years received yearbook coverage. To cor- rect this inequity, the staff talked the Senior class advisor, Mr. Jack Parker and President Tom Sparrow into holding campus election of the court early to be included in The yearbook. We trust everybody enioyed themselves at the Prorn as much we enjoyed assembling this page. Queen V'cki Fliedner Princess Al ce Chew Princess Kaye Nisbet Princess Princess Louise Di Tullio P c s ncy Utech l l Diane Stubblefield ' es ., V- -S- . 3 s ' 1' ' Q Princess Eleanor Legge Q bow to The hysTerucal screams of the students Stage Iey Nuie Her Torch sungmg set the male members of Yhe audience on fnre watchful Dudley Graham ns the 'I Margurlla O Brien Her lruly othing compared to her dancmg The graceful swaying of Palm Tree Edwards enflces Money Mad Hall cmd Parasite Parker To do on usland dance lo Bal: Lo 4' x-19:1 mfr The end comes To Mr. Osterveen in the play, "The Piano Played On." Doing the shooting is Mr. David Gibson, "Buddy Billy." Faculty Frolics Aido suonu guada G new step. Ladder courtesy of Don "Rompin' " Roy Vuiovich shows the "Sultan of Swing," Golder, stagehand. Q- Opening the Faculty Frolics were "The Legs." Lovelies Pape, Johnson, Alsberge, Mack, Campbell, Johnson, and Swalley display dancing technique land limbsl on "Theres No Business Like Show Business." "Intellectual Hoaxes" "Sweet Lips" Graham stumbles gracefully on to the stage. Helping is the creature from the Black Lagoon. Bang! and Arthur Oster- veen gets it in the end from Baddy Billy in the skit The Piano Played On." Mr. Hicks plays on, v Q ,: 'ff' P-5 J 4. ex ,90e0zZ,wzfQf4, I 14,6 ! V Q' ff Qiix z , 2 W Zfywiifa fa ffffazff flaw ,iff 'Aj "f7' ' ,fax j .1 "ff" 2 X ' 'yang x , ffigfqfk f:7,,4-1 vinci? ,Q M! C 6 TX Z? 'I 425646 fefagzffzdefzvcg 74 7 H f 2' ,Q-adv? Z7 Z ,Q ,v"'77 Q fff SQ fa W 24375665 nf 4,0 ,4, ,4, , jfwg L fffff 7,2-6 ,adagy-7 Wh Z? LZ!! j f! 1,7141 ccmsmunuu We 4924? WW! . .1 ,, f 1 ff 45,59 -49 , . ' .. 4, .f-CHQ N, bJMC,i,f5?472'0y4 """' "' X444 "" ,twyfff 12 W V' V 6 fr-Ppzj 5L54fZl flff' ,fizfflf D 'J 0' , f 4, J' X A , D. " , M441 fff6-'jfb Qian, f ba pwzff 8--P fzae 4 f 'X '5 Lf 'f L' f3CLJ fl fqfcg ef r Behind The Scenes at Glendale Are These Hard-working Groups lg . -ali! -.f....e ew - .., .,,u,....-. ,-Sv The bank loans money, handles ticket sales, membership drives, and other school Cook, Bob Rost, and Roger Jalbert help run the bank. Behind the scenes at Glendale are many hard working groups which are too often taken for granted. Students com- bine efforts with faculty members to run the campus Bank, Bookstore, Library, and Candy Shack. These various facilities are available to students at any time during school. Sv-.Jaxx This year the Bookstore featured stationery decorated with pictures of 1 Mrs, Alma Hall and Bonnie Cook, Comptroller, sell a student body membership card to Pam Van Wie. funds. Bonnie 1-4 Mary Fitzpatrick and Corinne Campbell work at the Candy Shack during snack and lunch time. Penne Free- bairn and Bonnie Pyles decide what sweets they will buy. l the school. Bill Dawson makes change at the cash register while Clark ,Av-Z Jolley sells book covers to some students. , Busy librarians Carl Orth, Nadine Minkoff, Margaret Mohr, Joyce Eaton, Pat Nichols, and Bill Willis pause for a picture. Ron Zakreski, Murray Staff, and Henry Shannon W, hold the ladder while Ron Fiorvanty and Bob Mc- Aumer Gdgust Wiring in The Stage Hgms In front, Bruce Rice and Torrey Smith point out instructions for the tall play scenery to Piave Wilms, l ' Mike Riley, and Jim Case. In the background, Mr. Gibson I Don Fol I and G K, isler add a step to the curved staircase used in the play. ,7 ff A , ,fx , MV x? V ' L, ff ge an PA Crews 1 . ' On the iob at all programs, plays, and Xrklx 3, Qin s . T . I ., , I dances are two more indus rious groups 3 A A N the Stage and P. A. Crews. Mr. Dave JA ,, .1 xffl 4 Gibson taught the Stage Crew this year -'5 ,,, l ' while Mr. Greg Lawrence was in charge L, .-.-' 1 of the "Public Address" crew. V, -1 .X k IPBY l'-I f Y-v P, lv: - fy 1, L J vi P. A, crew members gather around the speaker controls in the auditorium for instructions from Mr. Lawrence lstanding at lettl Dennis Williamson and Bob Anderson are seated at the control panel. In Row l are: Tom Douglas, Wayne Skaggs, Torn Suter, Don Wintz, Allan Rossling, Sal Caste-ro, Bill Borklund. Row 2. Donald Kalde, Conrad Rogers, Bob Hartley, Bob Gardiner, and Less Pressman. . ., ' i X X - .. : I , i xi 4' -X .r - rr 45. i f L 1. X fr 11 "' . ' A ,fr "Made in Japan" is the inscription Mr. Lawrence discovers when he demonstrates the technique ol changing the lens on an arc proiector to Wayne Skaggs, Sal Castero, and Bill Borklund. XFX f , K y -., This yec1r's co-editors, Linda Kunka and Corolyn Younger, smooth out final details before the Stylus 'dummy' is sent to the publisher K Corinne Campbell, photo editor, ai 3 l smile One Two lt s an old story to these School octivities are covered by Janet Johnson and Andrea Hassler. token many pictures for the yearbook Alan Boehmer, Cecil Selmon are seen taking a few experimental Dennis Parrett, cirt editor designs a division page with the help of lv- ls' The cluttered bulletin board of the Stylus Staff reminds Mary Jo de los Reys ana Penne Freebairn, working on the organizational section, that there are dec dlines to meet. .Z 'Hh- "Do you think we dare use it?" Carole Spelgatti and Babette Kreitzer debate which pictures to print in the Administration section. As the final deadline nears Margie Mohr, secretary, lends a hand filing cards to Mary Fitzpatrick, Senior section. Do your prefer purple or white? John Stewart holds conference with Jay West and John Christie about the Stylus cover. "Girl Friday" for the Staff, Kathy Locke, aids Susie Hermann in writing copy for the Academic section. "The picture won't tit!" agonized cries ring through room 311, second home to many ot the Stylus Statters. Tensions mount as last minute crises arise when negatives are misplaced or pic- tures are the wrong size. Eavesdropping, we hear the editor saying, "Isn't it outrageous, the price of french fries at Bobs has gone up to twenty-tive cents." '12-4 ,,....v X 'S C The lab assistants below are also discussing important matters, Ron Brown shows newest ideas in photography to Bob Russell, Ralph Swartz, Bob Hammill, and Phil Rhoton, T T ' 'WT T T The Explosion Our "Fourth Estate" At Work Page editors Camille Adile, news, Donna Dedm Julie Kinfzinger, editorials, Marty Sours, and Kathy McFarland, featuresg confer about story duplications. W 'WMA .. ,,t.-"Z'P'-W" l . wmv . ' ' We-'32 . . ,- ,,.a5':: Q .v of "' i ' W nr"'w' vi vrvy-Q I wQf'l'-:Q vw' U 'A -T gl? l r v q, A ,Q a I www' so The "Fourth Estalef' the press. This year's Explosion featured an all-around view of the school's news, editor- ial outlook, features and sports. Four to six photographs were printed in every issue. 74 Keeping the student body well informed on the news and happenings was the Explosion. This year's staff put forth special effort and produced outstanding issues. The Hoover game and the Christmas issues both featured color on the first page. To help the student body choose their officers the pictures and qualifications of each candidate was published in an election issue. Other editions specialized in giving credit to G.H.S.'s fine Math and Science Departments. Q4 'x The Big Boss, editor for two semesters Donna Sodoma did an outstanding job. slit ty. ' . 39 65 QARN . ' I Q 'XJ . 'Ph Z E ,f r 6 , 5 rising This is the one! Anne Connor, first semester feature editor shows cut to Dick Kreck, left, sports editor and Roy Schmidt, editorial editor. 5 .41 ,vs 'L- QQ! As 'T' Transcribing the hieroglyphics of the reporters into neat concise copy Comparing photographs in the latest Exlosion are Mr Larry Weishart advisor, and was the iob of Judy Mitchell and Sharon Burke typists. Cecil Selman photographer 'L 4'o 6 4'-117 I 3 , . - ff' ,fr-, - 5 , ' x K " A f 1 , vp "NEWS Executives in action. Jackie Liebmonn and Ann Bungay first Out to get a story! Reporters lst Row: Jeannie Kaye, Chris Furrer, Shirley Starr. 2nd Row: and second semester assistant editors respectively, check over Maureen Nelson, Donna Thomas, Jo Ann Appolinari, and Karen Nichols check over story .galley proofs. assignments. ,ga X , f ' . 5 l his ' -45 -- S V., ,, -we-.A "5- fz' ' -"P" at V .-..,,gf -. 'i l K Q W"'f""m Working Hard to meet a Monday deadline the industrious staff members arrange their posteeups. Left to right: Shirley Starr, Donna Dedo, Donna Thomas, Bob Rector,'Jackie Liebmann, Marty Sours, and Kathy McFarland. 75 ff 'if-r "' D X1 I lr! ,Yi i l 3 fx C? .iv A Girls' League Board meeting first semester includes, left to right, Julie Cecile Lash, GAA., Gay Myles, Decorations, Sue Carthart, Welfare, Ann Bradford, Secretary, Connie Sonntag, Friendship, Nancy Utech, Senior Rep- Nl9TCGlf, 50CIGl: 5USl9 Gfeefli PlWll0V1TllV0PlC: Grid lSSGTedl K0Tl'ile MU"Pl1Y. resentative, Kathie Waters, Junior Representative, Joyce Mothershed, Sopho- President. Other members not pictured are, Linda Gratiot, Regulative Dress, more Representative, Gail Newton, Treasurer, Gretchen Clemmons, Program, Brenda Robicheaux, Publicity, and Donna Reed, Vice President. Girls' league Board First Semester 1 g I ,sf ' i :CP ...null Decorating for the Football Banquet is one of the many fun ctions of the Girls League Board. Here, left to right, Mrs Jackson, Girls' sponsor, Donna Reed, Gail Newton, Kathy Murphy, and Nancy Utech are setting the head table. Every girl enrolled at Glen- dale is automatioally a member of Girls' League. The League's function is to help the girls get acquainted with each other and provide clothes and school supplies to girls who are in need of such help. The League Board elected each semester by the girls themselves, sponsor a "Howdy Day" at the begin- ning of school in September. During the year they deco- rate and serve at several banquets, put on the Girls' Stunt Show and have sev- eral assemblies for Girls' League. Several ofthe Board members head committees which make hospital tray favors and help with va- rious other community func- tions. Their initiation as members of Girls' League Board, second semester, was Alice UWSW, Geffble AlISCl1, JOY l'lO0lf6I', Beverly LOYSOYL Joan Henderson, a big moment in the lives of Judy Scribner, Kathy Waters, Ann Metcalf, ElZG BGVQGVOYL SLWCIYOYW VVl'tlil9Y, Gnd Connie SOVWWTGQ- Nancy Utech, Susie Green, Pauline Speck. Row 2: Sandy l-learn, Linda Arnds, After serving as President of the Girls' League Board for one semester, Kathy Murphy solemnly turns her duties over to Nancy Utech, According to the Girls League Constitution, Kathy remained on the League Board second semester as an assistant to the new President. x Second Semester 55,1 ul if L V,- Qf '11 4 il i J ,- , 4 .4 Y 'L 1 ' 1 f N' I fl 1' -T' .-'D' 4 1 .-....,' ' ,ww 15- ' 7' An important function of the Girls' League Board first semester is to plan and sponsor the Stunt Show. Joyce Mothershed, Kathy Waters, Nancy Utech, Kathy Murphy, and Gretchen Clemmons earnestly read scripts and exchange ideas for the Show. T l Boys' League ,,,.f' fs .'.- 0 l r ,, l gfaf Q, " I .,, rf 71 ,A From left to right: George Beatle, Ed Mayo, Dennise Similci, Lou Stoddard, junior class members of Boys' P E League, are planning the annual faculty-varsity basketball game. Rick Matthews, a senior has 3 done a very efficient job acting as vice-president of Boys' League. e l the office of treasurer. 4 'E 'W 1 x 3 fgxf 'K .-vsQ, 'T il Credit goes to Dennise Simila, iunior, for capably fulfilling 71' 'Si ' Q A packed gym greeted the League - sponsored varsity - faculty game. There was much fun and spirit displayed by the students and faculty. Our thanks to Boys' League for its sponsor- ship. Nelson Rising, a iunior is secretary and representative of the class of '59 in Boys League. Boys' League is composed of every boy enrolled at Glendale High. Towards the end of the year, they combine with Girls' League to sponsor the Dutch Treat dance. Their main proiect this year was the faculty-varsity basketball game. .1 s I "slr fbi 5 1' X. L Miles Haskin, a senior, has been much appreciated this year for all the work he has done, and the leadership he has shown as president. Glenettes and 4'l'ers Det as guides and keep order in the halls Q Glenette officers acting as hoslesses during open house are Under the supervision of their sponsor Mrs. Margaret Campbell, the Glenettes usher at all school fron- to rear, Row lr Judy Billingsley, Anne Bonnar. Row 2: programs, plays, dance recitals, and assemblies. They take trckets, hand out announcements, and Laurr Smith, Nancy Lavoni. Row 3: Valerie Perisol, Marilyn offer information to visitors. Members are Row 11 Mardean Bowman, Gretchen Maussnest, Pauline Chat'ee, Nancy Parker. Massey, Darlene Nelson, Carol Boydstun, Sharon Geforos, Marilyn Baker, Ann Frye. Row 2: Donna Morgan, Barbara Durocher, Diane Austin, Eileen Johnson, Sue Clark, Pauline McAlrster, Row 3: Linda Pollgreen, Loretta Bunch, Carol Sertz, Lorelie Klrng, Susan Meyer, Sharon Kalde, Janet Drake, Kathy McFarland. Row 4: Susan Wegerer, Elizabeth Powell, Julie Jedeka, Carol Boron, Linda Moseley, Sandy Riggs, Norma Vickers, Astine Be- drosian, Pat Byers, Lynda Smith, Joan Englund, Candy Criddle. iufA ' AA hav -vo -as lr. A' "Nipping" lwriting citationsl students cutting class, smoking, or fighting is handled by 49'er patrols, 49ers include Row lr Steve Little, Charles Bozza, Steve Chenowrth, Miles Haskin, Leon Cunningham, .lerry Ford, Lee Molho. Row 2: Ray Sanbbourg, John Otis, Neal Hooker, Jim Bell, Bill Gableman, Tom The Speed llmll on Moyse Boulevmd is pomled OU' bv Sparrow, John Hayes, Stan Rouse, Sal Castero, John Brown, Mr. Albert Hewitt. Row 3: Jim Moulton, Offlcers 'lim Bellf Mr' Alben Hewm' 49 er Sponsor' and Greg Simpson, Jim Bough, Ernie Lund, Don Beck, Dennis Ghiggia, John Nelson, Sal DiMarco, Roger Rmk Molhews' Duke, Mike McNeill, Dave Harris. 79 U01 1 3. 9 ' xg, 1' . Q by s Q ln the picture above are Civitans and Civinettes: Row 'lz Dorothy Tugby, Justine Phillips, Sherie Stys, Cecile Lash, Penny Morris, Valerie Schuh, Mary Fitzpatrick, Angela Myers, Diane Stubblefield, Geebe Alische, Betty Jo Sanders, Kathy Murphy. Row 2: Rita Ruffufio, Joan Henderson, Adrianne Hotonian, Mary Stoeckel, Betty Slocum, lrsula Spilger, Janet Mountford, Janet Gulbranson, Janet McCoy, Heather Martin, Bonnie Burleson, Pam Van Wie, Judy Towers, Penny Anderson, Joani Ross, Barbara Briscoe, Donna Reed, Carlyn Kinnison, Colleen Morrison, Row 3: Barbara Marilyn Perry, Linda Gratiot, Sandra Barondess, Gretchen Clemmons, Pct Dundas, Kay Langton, Sue Meter, Bety Moser, Judy Dart, Don Tyler, Ron Turner, Dick Denny, Bob Roy. Row 4: Salandra Barstole, Lorilie Kling, Barbara Hart- man, Vicki Fliedner, Judy Weston, Roni Williams, Linda Lockwood, Carolyn Johnson, Virginia Poole, Linda Abbott, Louise Di Tullio, Bob Hensler, Denny Carthart, MI. Dudley Graham, Mike McNeill. Row 5: Tom Sparrow, John Whitney, Gary Nelson, John Wertin, John Robbinson, Steve Chenoweth, Barry Bottrell, Ernie Lund, Frmd Port, Skip Newell, Steve Little, Nelson Rising. Row 6: Peter Rusch, John Hayes, Bill Brostoff, Ladle Potts, Jim Baugh, Marty Sours, Sal Di Marco, John Ralphs, Gary Crippen, Tom Bonetto, Norm Nason, Bob Penland, Greg Bright, Jon Amelsberg, Bill Jenks. Row 7: Bob Kumpe. The Civitans and Civinettes perform many services for a fruit cake sale, and donating money and time on sev- their school and comrnunity. Some of their activities this eral welfare proiects. year include painting the school trash cans, sponsoring f .iv xi U 5 .I f As a Christmas treat for some of the underprivileged children in Los Angeles, the Civitans and Civinettes took refreshments, presents, and money to a club house for young people and their families. Some of Civiiqn and Civinene officers plqn the Sale of fruit the Civitans are shown playing ball with the children. cakes which was sponsored by the two clubs. Stand- ing, left to right: Bob Ray, John Robbinson, Bob Kumpe, Gretchen Clemmons, Joani Ross, Barbara Hartman, and Cheryl Johnson discuss the proiect with Civitan President Mike McNeill and Civinette President Barbara Pence. Another active service club at Glendale is the Key Club. Officers John Read, secretary, Jim Phypers, president, Joel Miller, Jr. Representative, Bill Bork- lund, Sr. representative, Cal Burt, treasurer, and John Pope, sophomore representative try to think of new ways in which the Key Club may be of service to the school. Mr. Mervyn Filipponi, not pictured, is sponsor of the club. Key Club Members of the Key Club, which is affiliated with the Kiwanis Club of Glendale Community, are left to right beginning with the first row: Joel Kotin, Bob Wolfe, lan Breslow, Mike Wheatley, Joel Miller, Carlisle George, Peter Briggs, Gary Yukl, Ken Young, John Read, Cal Burt, Don Kleeman, David Smith. Row Il: Harold Peterson, Gary Peterson, Bill Hodson, Mike Aguilar, Bob Stebbings, Gary Hickling, John Pope, Noel Allen. Row Ill: Bill Pruclum, Pete Price, John Whitaker, Elden Anderson, Dick Eastburn, Stu Szidak, Stan Gross, Tom Dose. Taking places of service in school Junior Red Cross representatives elected from each Homeroom are: Eileen Henry, Karen Begley, Linda Durley, Barbara Customer, Renie Romano, Clair Weisley, Kathy McFarland, Shirley Conner, Carol Dorlon, Joyce Sadler. Row 'lz Gary Frieman, Robin Jackson, Pam Bentley, Dolores McClure, Carol Calor, Nadine Minkoff, Carol Merideth, Barbara Hadian, Lynda Smith, Georgia Yerkes. Row Ill: Stephanie Davidson, Jim Van Dyke, Sherie Stys, Bob Kumpe, Nancy Cocho, Jeri Moulder, Ricky Gra- ham, Carolyn Blue, Neal Powers, Jeanne Kisner, Paul Nuccio, Sharon Arendale, Bob Peterson. The compilation of an album to be exchanged with a school in a foreign country is one of the many proiects which the Jr. Red Cross worked on this year. The club officers listen to Bob Hines explain de- tails of the album. Pam Thompson and Carol Gurtz kneel in front with the flag while Penne Freebairn, Miss Elva Marshall isponsorl, Sterling Blanchard, Jill Parker, Steve King, Linda Skursch, Miss Naomi Beck lsponsorl stand looking on. Our Authors 'T cl' Q. Shown here are the Scribblers, creators of "Impressions" a book of poetry and prose. X 1 '1"f' Writers arez First Row: Monica Margulio, Sharon Bayless, Barbara Proctor, Adrienne ,Z ' Mhz i n Hotonian, Jan McDermott, and the club advisor Mrs Eckerson. Second Row: Bill Brown, X Y - :Int Q.! ' Julie Kritzinger, Jayne Paul, Kay Lensar. Third row- Sue Greenleaf, Sharon Dem, Char- I J ,Q 5' Iene Haas Kathy Shields, and Carol Winbigler. 1 "Hut Ai' v X Kiki' i 2 whiz! l- fn I Us . - I 1 ."'u,. ' if " n . ' " ta' I g l'. . I 'I' l ' .. s lu ' ' T ' 1 Q 14, I tis 1 ' 1: ' P I A Ll I g,Jc 'i R' 5 H A U f . .. u , x i Officers for the Orators were past-President, Sue Williams President, John Robinson, and Secretary, Janice Goodemoot H + In one of their more placid moments, is the Debate Team of the Orators Members are Bob Ray, Sal De Marco, Dick Webb, Bill Dawson, and John Robinson. Glendale s speech club, the Orators, participates in many speech contests all over Southern California. Speakers are left to right- Pat Nichols, Jo Quancio, Sylvia Pacheco, Vicki Shaw, Penny McElroy, Adrienne Hotonian, Deanne Mistretta, Nancy McDonald, Candy Criddle, Sharon Smedley Second row Milrnda Dunn, Nazneen Thanawalla, Penne Freebairn, Glady Dull, Carol Blank, Sue Biaggi, Susie White, Stuart Mc- Dougal, Bob Campbell, larry Anderson. and Orators S Carol Thurgood yells when she discovers that the umbrella to her right is open. Milo Delgado seems unconcerned over the racket, in a bit of Thespian action. Thespians gather around Mr. Joe Wadlington, drama instructor. The students, a selected group of drama maiors, are: Suzanne Daniper and Linda Lockwood lfrontl, Joy Burton, Babette Kreitzer, Mr. Wadlington, Carol Thurgood, Kaleta Morgan, and lback rowl Terrey Smith, Dorothy Bogart, Peter Rusch, and Emilie Delgado. Seccnd semester Junior Statesmen officers lleftl are: Dave Beckett, pub icity director, Bob Mack, Vice President, Gary Yukl, chairman of legislation, Joel Kotin, President, Ronnalee Williams, secretary, Sal de Marco, parliamentarian, and Paul Beckett, treasurer. Members of the Junior Statesmen Club are Front Row, left to right: Reva Johnson, Carol Ver West, Ann Frye, Linda Ruttaf, Ann Lea Welshoffer, Diane Nicolous, Bryna Schnider, Robin Angelica, Virginia Munger, Virginia Poole, Linda Abbott, Janet Mountford, Julie Manderback, Pam Briley, Tam Evans, Carol l-lumistan, Cecil Edie. Melinda Zemke, Joyce Sadler. Second Row: Carol Jean Tench, Carol Girty, Jean Halley, Colleen Wilcox, Penny Mullenizer, Joy Hooker, Kay Lensnr Heath Stokes, Gail Bertin, Julie Berton, Nancy Hooper, Barbara Waite, Sharon Goodman, Sandy Dyck, Julie Tucker, Carol Mason, Gay Myles, Nancy Utech, Ronalee Williams Third Row- Gary Castlen, Carl Forbes, Bob Hines, Phil Capps, Steve Carney, Vince Ciconi, Bob Rost, Sal De Marco, Stu Szidak, John Wertin Tom Webber. Club Advisor Mr Charles Hicks, John Ralphs, Jon Amelsburg, Ron Edwards, Bob Mack, Robert Wolfe, Tammy Ellison, Cabe Beckett, Linda Lockwood, Carlyn Kinnison. L 1' and these Groups Period five Girls' Glee Club includes: Row l: Carol McCartney, Cindy Green, Ann Glen, Phyllis Key, Helen English, Barbara Lloyd, Donna Sue Riner, Mary Kearns, Sharon Abuchon, Kathy Horton, Sandra Smith, Chris Webb. Row 2: Sue Klopalsky, Pat Johnson, Kathleen Lindberg, Marty King, Laurie Smith, Carolyn Chiles, Georgene Corvie, Susan Pierner, Cindy Brayton, Charlotte Cheskey, Marilyn Gilbert, Row 3: Marianne Troxel, Lynda Mulder, Mary Ann Newman, Shirley Peterson, Joyce Mothershed, Sharon Lankforcl, Jaynee Paul, Cryselda Mc- i- Cleary, Candy Criddle, Pennie Caldwell, Kathy Campbell, Carol Barnes. Barbara Bruce is seated at the piano. l L- Glendale High has been fortunate in having a fine music department. This year the choral groups were directed by Miss Shirley Nute and Mr. R. V. Altheuser. These music clubs have been very active throughout the school term. Besides put- ting programs on at Glendale, they per- formed on television, at other schools, and even put on a program at Disney- land during the Christmas season. Aside from the singing groups, Miss Nute con- ducted a harmony class which studied the basic ideas in composing and ar- ranging music. Members of the Mixed Chorus are: Row lr Mary Jo de los Reyes, Linda Hoy, Janice Spong, Penny Morris, Pat Whiting, Pam Briley, Betty Heckey, Leatrice Russell, Pat Stillman, Joyce Bales, Charlotte Mauro, Judy Carlson, Eileen Coen. Row 2: Carolyn Copeland, Jackie Miller, Audrey Ball, Diane Easter, Sandy Beach, Judy Cass, Loretta Nuccio, Juanita Fernandez, Sue Williams, Sharon Cox, Jane Adams, Sue Quick, Annette Kelley. Row 3: Barbara Pope, Diane McBain, Barbara Stowell, Sandy Baldwin, Tom Hanley, Pat Pearson, Ron Smith, John Whitney, Rickie Lipp, Don Kleeman, Chuck West, Barbara Bernard, Teri Croxall, June Champin, Judy Samet. Row 4: Ron Zakreski, Stanton Smith, Don Goss, Gary Wexler, Marshall Hugo, Dick Webb, Mike Millard, John Hagen, Tony Schootz, Roger Nielsen, John Greco. Pianist for the Mixed Chorus is Sharon Weaver. i i: if 1 'fwlll 'v ',?l,wfl'll itll it rx - V ' M .. as SL Brought us Music Baldwin and Gary Yowell try . I J their skill in writing and under- , Harmony Class members Sandy ,ywir W' H 'O ' , l ip standing music. Miss Nute offers a suggestion while Sharon Whit- ley, Pat Noe, and Penny Morris watch. Don Treptoe and Bonnie Burtness are seated in front. Louise di Tullio accompanies the Advanced Girls' Glee Club which includes: Row I: Irene Puzulis, Mary Jane Jentrnk, Dorothy Smith, Barbara Bernard, Gloria Smith, Carol Wilkinson, Pat Prata, Ann Bonnar, Dorris Joliiffe. Row 2: Shirley Stadler, Edith Rueckert, Karen Hammond, Margaret Jenkins, Louise Moore, Diane Austin, Sue Scott, Sharon Garden, Carol Corrales. Row 3: Mary Berghuis, Judy Comstock, Myrna Nelson, Judy Carlson, Audrey Bahr, Barbara Humphreys, Sharon Baker, Frances Patterson. Practicing tor a program are the Lhorallettes and their instructor .Row ir Mr. R. V. Altheuser, Joyce Sadler, Jo Ann Ferona Melissa Morgan June Lindgredf Judie LSOHGYCJ, Judy Billingsley, KGY Sfromberg. Row 2: Margie Castlen, Carole Key, Carol Mason, Judy Jarssle, Susan Marietfe Pat Dominiak ,Beth Ann Penn Row 3: Ginnie Wiley, Bette Broom, Carol Jean Tench, Carol Winward, Joan Kipper, Sandy Baldwin, Nancy Goeller, ' I Y i 1'rrrrrrr'rr J -'6 or 1 we . N let Nlwie Swell the Breeze Members of the Men's Glee Club are: Row 1: George Long, Tom Caddick. Stan Hafenteld, Don Schirnfier, Roger Dalton, Dale Hartleben, Donald Novodoyk, Paul Nielson. Row 2: Ronald Novudoczky, Ken Veldman, Paul Nuccio. I . 1 ' . . Jim Maddux, Keith Moen, Jim Neuman, Melvin Skaggs. Row 3: John Bahr, Richard Skovv, Bob Ruffner, Roger Bond, Mike Collett, Gary Reinemann, Jim Henderson. Accompanist is Pauline McAllister. Here Mr. David Gibson lSponsorJ hands out programs to the group. During The Christmas vacation, Glendale Highs A Cappella Choir joined with school groups from other parts of southern Cal- ifornia to sing for Disneyland visitors. 3 tl i ll? "Q 1 'l 1' If I l Girls' Glee Club period three consists of Row 11 Sally Hersha, Judy Anne Pollock, Donna Kay Pflueger, Pat Fuller, Floe Boykin, Adrienne Schmidt Penny Basore, Diane Schroeder. Jettie Sue Cohron. Joanne La Russell, Pam Bgnfly, Donna Whatling, Penny Moolenyzer. Row 3: Linda Mantra, Karen Muhleman, Layne Wells. Toni Oseland Jean Wolfe. Grubb, Linda Haynes, Sue Tettleton, Diane Skelly, Judie Hostettler, lane Houston Irene Abernathy Row 2 Susan Marino, Carole Jordan, Barbara Moore, Sally Beach, Ruth Hanby, Jackie Mertes, Mary Ellen Graff. The group is accompanied by Gloria Forman. ali ,E , ' hifi ifg 9' 592393 3 Q it 3 3553, 3523 3 gg ia' """" nun 1 a K ,sh - . fi' A if I, . A - 1 g S M J? """A"3 Q X Vtbrant, melodnc tones wtll soon well from the audutornum as the Symphonettes commence playnng. Violins are: Diane l-latteburg, Sue Fussell, Penny Moore, Charlene Haas, Mary Bower, Deborah Zeller, Toby Rhodes, Sandra Staley, Elaine Buck, Cherie Terkla, Pattu Haymond, Gary Manulkin, Roy Berkon, Leigh Schroyer Charles Beatty, Alan Colton, Ben Sluger, Bob Srmpson, Cratg Wolff, Marcella McGtneley, Barbara Hadian Vuola: Barbara Laurtdson, Elanne Honsell, P.htl Thomas, A W Fuchs, Cratg Norwood Cello: Dorothy Tughy, Susle Schroeder, Duane Tomlm, Jane Kendall, Pattu Barley, Susan Ward, .lulxe Klntsunger. Boss: Cary l-ltckltng, Quth Watson Kathue Culver. Tuba John Cope Plano- Chris DArc, Janet Ferns, Flute- Loulse DI Tulllo, Anne Phypers, Duane Peter, Mary Baker Oboe Honey Gecse. Clarlnet .lim Phypers, Ron Eastman, Tom Brxggs, Don Treptow French Horn: Joel Kottn, Ralph Pollack. Trumpet: Joel Maller, Leonard Backus, Jerry Smnth Trornbones- Torn Clark, Ken Day, Emrlio Delgado. Percussuon- Irene Sparks, Tum Harrvs, Don Foley. Tyrnpani. Carol Messmer. Band and Symphonettes 'si N 5 l f Toot and tweef and music sweet. The Glendale t-hgh hand marched rn many par- ! ades this year Mlm Tuntng up for the Band and Symphony State Contest held at the Pasadena Cnty College us Ruth Watson, Bass player, an both organuzatuons Suspense fills the auditorium as Mr. Balzer and the Symphonettes await Practice makes perfect or so the saying goes. Mr. Eldred Balzer drills the Symphonettes for the State competition they have entered. Both the Band and Symphonettes took top awards for outstanding performances when they competed at Pasadena's Music Festival and went on to com- pete in the California Finals held at Compton. In the Los Angeles National Music Convention, Louise Di Tullio, Diane Hatteberg, and Joel Kotin soloed ,X x , .-- the outcome of the Pasadena competition. l I Glendule's Dynamiter combo "iives" a number at the Glendale-Hoover bas- ketball game. The gym floor reverberated to a lazzed up version of "When the Saints Go Marching ln" and a roll of the drums pealed each time the Nitro Five make a basket. with the official California orchestra. On another program Jim Phypers, Steve King, Sue Fussell, Dorothy Tugby, and Bob Hines were featured. Louise Di Tullio also rendered the Mozart D Maior flute concerto. Music, music everywhere. Something new has been added to Glendales curriculum in the form of an afterschool music club Sponsored by Miss Shirley Nute, the Cresendos include lfrom top left downl, Row 1. Stan Gould, Bill Frances, Sandy Baldwin, Judy Comstock, Audrey Bohr, Carol Mason, Donna Morgan, Phylis Key, Marge Castlen, Donna Pflueger, Sharon Weaver, Camille Meyers, Vickie Baughman, Mike Pierce. Row 2: Bette Broome, Irene Puzulis, Jettie Cohron, June Lindstedt, Pat Whiting, Melanie Meyers, Ida Boehm. 89 Honor Society f be -st' x '?L,"r-NB. 1 .nee-701'-A' 'l- A: Q ' l ' - ' , .wo 1, :U " . he .21 ' as - - - -- V .g,-,J4.g.r-2 .4 f A- ' 4' -fray S ' - x. .9 , 14 '. - ' -,vor .ff ,mln-' ,, .. ' Jg.f,,f. ,L1,.,. ,g 4, , .1.-,' , K ff --Q ,. 'H A- -' --'. ' .. . ' -.f...' .- . -' - J ' B 'I ' I ' v 1 l 0 .Nd .. a 1 M -'Ur .e .N ' l L ' Q ua-rf-K., --All A-.if ,. 51. :, A . . Not only their As and Bs but their Ps and Qs were mastered early in life by these life members of the California Scholastic Federation. Row l: Alice Chew, Janice Jansen, Elaine Hounsell, Toby Rhodes, Carol Gilbert, Donna Reed, Jeanne Kisner, Joyce Kelly, Gail Winbigler. Row 2: Ann Bungay, Sandra Staley, Louise Di Tullio, Ursula Spielger, Jan McDermott, Emily Shochat, Dorian Naimark, Linda Williams, Shirley Godfrey, Kathie Murphy, Donalie Haskell, Heather Martin. Row 3: Harold Coons, Bob Mack, John Wertin, Paul Schneringer, Don Burnap, Ron Dexter, Jim Phypers. I K xxx ' K r' ib- First Semester Honor Society officers Harold Coons, Emily Shochat, and Sandy Barondess study the list of new members in the Honor Society. It takes four semesters, one in the Senior Year, of maintaining a B-plus average to earn a coveted life membership in C.S,F. of Southern California. Each semester a student ioins the Honor Society, he must have at least three A's in solid subjects. 1-'. . v1w:T111'U1111iTX 3"!' I? -' "' -55:-,gensi-, lei f-54-14 . ' -" . A, ' v.,,' "" - ' 6 Becoming Honor Society members for the first time are Row I: Heath Stokes, Carolee Wiles, Lois Hartman, Layne Wells, Eilene Henry, Jeannie McLarnan, Jean Semmrau, Nancy Golden, Joan England, Laurel Brown, Janice Hull, Ruth Gurley, Donna Barnes. Row 2: Carole Spelgatti, Judy Haythorne, Diane Morosi, Nadine Minkoff, Jill Parker, Muffet Bailey, Barbara Waite, Mary MacMahon, Kathy Johnston, Ann Phiefers, Carolyn Broyles, Pauline McAllister, Pauline Massey, Caroline Adolphe, Linda Srusch, Carolyn Hughes, Deanne Mistretta, Joan Motta, Diana Dunn, Betty Tunnel, Penne Freebairn. Row 3: Gary Simpson, Tom Mor- row, Steve Bennet, Richard Lavier, Cam Hughes, Mike Wheatley, Steve Saylor, Barry Spencer, John Redfern, Jim Marnin, Booth Hartly, Gary Hahn, Steve Gunn, John Amrnelsburg, John Whitaker, John Glaser, Alan Miller, Don Williams, Tom Harris, Stu McDougal, "They Learned their A. B. C. 's Early" --1. -M' --1 Ui..- ""Q."' H if s.-"' nh'-T" -, ... .1 2 1: .. Z6- 'YH mg T K.: ,- I s ai., L V Second semester officers of the Honor Society pose with sponsors after election. Left to right: Mrs. Alice McDonald, Chris D'Arc, Jim Phypers, Louise Di Tullio, Sandy Baron- dess, and Mrs. Hilda Jones. ,J L4 - 45 .n Two semester members of the Honor Society are Row lf Emma Lou French, Vicki Baughman, Joy Burton, Gail Seabury, Bette Moser, Pat Watson, Lorelie Kling. Row 2: Rickie Lipp, Sally Munger, Nancy Taylor, Sue Williams, Ardeth Meadows, Sharron Demmelmaier, Mary Stoeclcel, Sharon Burke, Bob Peterson. Q3 'CO vt ., ,lk,J i 1' -TLP: 'xi-'k . 4 , f"TR"'f4 Jn. .5 I, X ., -...L xf' vo ti? at 5: 'Tu v-If ci Three semester members include Row I: Deborah Zeller, Melanie Meyers, Jeannean Antarne, Marilyn Weitz, Kaleta Morgan, Jean Sivertsen, Sharie Stys, Eliz- abeth Force, Sandy Barondess, Chris D'Arc, Kay Lensar. Row 2- Nancy Srsson, Valerie Piersol, Marilyn Chaffee, Laurie Daniell, Suzanne Pfieffer, Betty Slocum, Camille Meyers, Sharon Weaver, Kay Langton Pam Thompson. Row 3: Joel Miller, Ed Prono, Jim Pollock, Joel Kotin, Stan Groth, Stu Szidak, Bill Attig, Lee Molho, Tom Webber, Bob Wulf. 91 i . Delving into fascinating new realms, Jane Shideler, Sylvia McDowell, Bill Hartman, John Wertin, Don Burnap, Jim Danforth, and Mr. George Bundick, sponsor, participate in a demonstration concerning radioactivity and the use of a Geiger-counter for the Science Club. Sixty Per Club officers, Susie Herman, treasurer, Jan McDer- mott, president, David Harris, publicity, and Betty Slocum, vicevpresident demonstrate their typing ability to Louise Galindo, Emma Lou French, Dorian Naimark, Eloise Whitesell, Mae McCormick, Mary Jane Jentink, Judy Rubin, Barbara Pence. Row 2: Janice Kinnan, Virginia Ogle, Adrienne Hotonian, Beverly Campbell, Carlisle George, Gary Nelson, Judy Andersen, Gail Seabury, Pat Bishop. Not pictured is Sue Locke, secretary. Glendalites Prepare for Worlds of Business and Science. ' o r, 9 .as ..:. xA?-' 4 -3 ag bt-.Q Students taking business courses are eligible to ioin the Commerce Club. This year's members include Row is Miss Janette Day, advisor, Karen Pedersen, Reva Johnson, Camille Adile, Joan Green, Doreen Day, Dena Berman, Pat Engelhardt, Kay Van Fleet, Mary Hall, Sandra Riggs. Row 2: Suzanne Elsbree, Sharon Parish, Yvonne Harvey, Janice Kinnan, Beverly Campbell, Barbara Cardillo, Judith Rubin, Judy Flicker, Joan Sullivan, Charlotte Mauro, Sharon Arendale. Row 3: Bonnie Thompson, Bob Brost, Judy Anderson, Mary Jentink, Sandra Rudel, Irene Moren, Linda Fields, Minnie Burks, Linda King, Pat Shomeler, Row 4: Susanne Wilson, Carol Genescritti, Pat Blanton, Lynne Pessoni, Barbara Bernard, Andrea Brodine, Earlene Boyce, Merrilee Bishop, Janet Prokosch, Gay Myles, Mae McCormick, Janice Olson. Row 5, Jackie Mertes, Norma Vickers, Nancy Scharer, Jo Wilson, Down Churchill, Charlotte Geboe, Marilyn Chaffee, Judy Reese, Sandra Baldwin, Sussan Meyer, Rosalie Loescher, Lorelie Kling. Row 6 Rita Swartz, Cindy Graham, Dorothy Rhea, Sue Blackstone, Carol Humiston, Charlotte McCullough, Claire Crowley, Linda Marshall, Helen English, Marina Moran, Sharon Ward. Secretary anyone? Judy Sexton takes a letter for Judy Rubin, Mrs. Wylna Cowles, Sue Meyer, Mary Jane Jentink Miss Janette Day, and Sandy Baldwin, officers and sponsors of the Commerce Club. 92 Future Teachers Planning to help the youth of tomorrow in his struggle for knowledge, these youths of today have ioined the Future Teachers Club, Row l: Laurie Brown, Barbara Kock, Geebie Alisch, Gail Seabury Shirley Godfrey, Betty Slocum, Janice Maneki, Kathy McFarland, Pam Thompson, Jeri Skinner, Vickie Baughman, Nancy Golclin, Jeri Moulder, Wilberta Carlson, Alice Chew, Carol Gaffredo. Row 2: Nancy Sisson, Mary Wheeloch, Shirley Mann, Carol Jean Tench, Lynn Wonacott, Regina lnslee, Dottie Morris, Kathy Shields, Joy Burton, Carol Barnes, Carol Humule, Charlene Haas, Sue Cizec, Carol Gertz, Dotty Kimball, Bette Broome, Sandy Dyck, Judy Coleman, Pat Noe. Row 3: Jan Jensen, Marilyn Blackwell, Carol Bendrckson, Carolyn Hughes, Leslie Reynolds, Arlene Andrews, Sue Loyola, Lois Hartman, Jeanne McLarnin, Nancy Dunn, Charlotte Perry, Lynn Walker, Cindy Green, Pat Gould, Nadine Minkoff, Debbie Zeller, Carol Mason, Karen Stainenger, Gretchen Maussnest, Pauline McCallister. Row 41 Linda Search, Barbara Bartlett, Mary Ellen Hudson, Barbara Waite, Sterling Blanchard, George Carupos, Jerry Brooks, Wayne Collett, Nancy Hooper, Carlisle George, Bob Stover, Carol Weisiohn, Joann Schaak, Cynthia Case, Eileen Coen, Donna Dedo, Carole Winward, and sponsors Mrs. Ruth Carruth, Mrs. Margaret Peterson, Miss Barbara Canady, 4 xxx ,ff S r ig. '-I J l ' t'-r A ' 4 ' . , Q K 1 WI' , .4 ' ,fri 1 , s Officers of the Future Teachers go over the details for their next club meeting, Left to right are Carlisle Georgep Regina lnslee, President, Betty Slocum, Gail Seaburyg and Shirley Godfrey lseatedl. International Culture The fastest way around the world A better understanding and appreciation of nations around the world is one of the aims of Glendale's language and world friendship organizations. In the picture to the right, Bob Mack, Latin Club President, refers to a Latin book to answer questions about Roman customs and culture. Members of the latin Club, which gives an annual scholarship to two deserving students, are: Row lf Nancy Goldin, Jill Parker, Janice McLarin, Camille Meyers, Laurie Brann, Shirley Godfrey, Carol Gilbert, Gretchen Clemmons, Donna Reed, Jane Shideler, Caroline Fisher, Suzanne Otis, Linda O'dell, Kathy Yeckley, Sandy Barondess. Row 21 Theo Drucks, Bruce Hill, Nancy McDonald, Carlene Milius, Janice Maneki, Kay Lensar, Sylvis MacDowell, Phyllis Key, Sandy Dunn, Eileen Stall, Harriet Takahashi, Lois Hartman, Nancy Dunn, Michele Pappas, Pat Ferguson, Marilyn Chaffee, Bob Mack, Mrs. Charlotte Aseltine Isponsorl. Row 3: John Glaser, Richard Lover, Tom Veltum, Jim Phypers, Linda Glastre, Steve Saylor, Barbara Procter, Bob Liddell, John Samuel, Mary Berghuis, Bill Hartman, Mark Preis, Bill Principe, Val McClurg, Ronald Dexter, Carolyn Hughes, John Doe, Darlene Moore, Judy Comstock, Mike Meyers, Carol Mason, Jerry Liebersloach, Bruce Daniels, Dennis Gillen, Peter Rusch, John Doe, Joel Kotin, lrer Bauflat, Bob Wolf, David Beckett, Stan Haffenfeld. u...,,,......... Spanish "5Como Esta Usted?" Hranslotionf How are you?l might be the salutation with which linguists in the Spanish Club greet you. The club includes Row 1: Adrienne Hotonian, Barbara Thompson, Kathy McFarland, Elaine Hounsel, Carolyn Key, Jeanne Kisner, Ursela Spielger, Row 2- Donnalee l-Iaskel, Eleanore Legge, Justine Pliilli s Judy Carlson, Janice Spong, Sandy Dyck, Barbara Pence, Joanne Vander- byl, Nadine Minkoff, Nancy Allen Row 3- Janice Kirt, Jeri Skinner, Joan Henderson Marilyn Blackwell, Nancy Atsinger, Betty Moser, Melinda Royce, Sharon Goodman Row 4- Bob Peterson, Warren Harkin, Steve Price, Stan Rouse, Emilio Delgado, Tami Elliot. Hey! This can't be Paris- wheres the Eiffel Tower? Emily Schochat reads a de- scription of France to Chris D arc, Peter Rusch, and Carol Gil- L- bert All are French f Club officers. Club wr" its time for an excursion of the Spanish Cub and Advisor Mr. Glenn Henderson, Secretary Lynn Davis, President Bob Mack, Treasurer Emilio Delgado and Vice-president Jan McDermott make plans to see the film Jose Greco with, Row l- Bob Stover, Dottie Morris, Tami Elliot Lsnoa Williams, Nancy Allen, Stan Rouse. Row Q- Donnalee Haskel, Sandy Sill Row 3 Janice Hirt, Adrienne Hotonian. French Club French Club members are Row T: Sharon Aren- dale, Leon Le Clerq, Diana Dunn, Barry Spen- cer, Marty Sliney, Wendy Woodward, Mary Hall, Lynn Scribner, Linda Gratio. Row 2: Andrea Hasler, Carolyn Younger, Ann Harrison, Robin Angelica, Janice Jansen, Anne Connor, Laurie Brann, Lee Ann Holden, Judy Scribner. H Row 3: Marsha Wilson, Tom Ellison, Marty Sours, Jean Farquar, Trina Stine, Joan Hag- man, Carolyn Hoop, Julie Bradford, Kaleta Morgan, Sue Blackstone, Row 4: Jim Danforth, Gail Winloigler, Bill Hartman, Judy Weston, Sue Williams, Gary Kripin, Jackie Miller, Madame Sobelle, Sponsor, collects a nickel from mem- bers of her French class who talk. Price for falling asleep is twenty-five cents, on l s. l Promoting World Frrendship are Row l Karen Staininger, Jeannie McLarnan, Emily Shochat, Nazneen Thanawalla Christine Furrer Row 2 Pat Nichols, Sharon Arendale, Adrienne ltotonian Shirley Mahan Shirley Mann Susanne Willson, Mr. Gerald Gallagher. Row 3: Nancy Hooper Nancy McDonald Sylvia Reitveld Janice Nelson, Shirley Gampers, Shirley Through Understanding 'K During a special assembly Nazneen Thanawalla, Mrs, Rogers, representing the American Field Service, and Christine Furrer explain the functions of A.F.S. and Naznee and Christine tell about life in their ovvn countries. World Friendship Club What better Way to world harmony and peace than through world friendship. A better comprehension ot the ideals and beliefs of people in other lands would make world problems tar less difficult to work out, and it is toward this goal that Glendale's American Field Service, World Friendship, and lan- guage clubs aim, Active student participation and interest in these organizations have made it possible for Glendale to send two students each year to a foreign country through the A.F.S. and to host stu- dents trom other nations. Pizza time, come and get itl' Nazneen Thanavvalla, Dick Webb, Chris Darc, Emily Schochat, and Dianne Stubblefield prepare for the pizza dinner held to raise funds to bring a foreign exchange student to Glendale next year. Christine Furrel gets in line for a sample. ' 1 as Contemplating the stationary sold by Glendales AFS. are World Friendship officers Shirley Starr, Nancy Hooper, Mr, Gallagher, spon- 95 sor, Christine Furrer, and Emily Schochat. Interelub Council Girls belonging to G.A.A. for three semesters become eligible to loin the G Club. Sporting white lettermen sweaters are : Cecile Lash, Dorian Naimark, Melinda Royce, Pat Dundas, Donalee Haskel. Row 2: Diane Sawyer, Dorothy Tugby, Joan Henderson, Ursula Speilger, Linda Klug. Row 3: Judy Kirtle, Sandy Dyck, Carol Gilbert, Mayo Higgson, Alice Chew. Row 4: Sally Evans, Sandy Staly, Mary Bowers, Diane Morosi, Janice Hirt, Pat Noe. The sponsor is Miss Jeanette Johnson. Cooperation among clubs at Glendale is furthered by the Inter Club Council, which is composed of the presidents of each group. Row l: Jan McDermott, Vickie Baughman, Kay Langton, Adrienne Hotonian, Nancy Livoni. Row 2: Emily Schochat, Barbara Pence, Betty Slocum, Joan Henderson. Row 3: Sterling Blanchard, Joel Kotin, Jim Phypers, Cecile Lash. Row 4: Howard Satori, John Sipple, Don Beck, Jim Bell. Row 5: Mike McNeill, Bob Mack, John Wertin, Rick Mathews. Sponsor of the Council is Miss Gladys Leonard lnot picturedl. NN Hurrah for Glendale Pep Council Ever wonder who wrapped the goal posts for football games, limed the Glendale "G," or plastered the halls with 'Trample Hoover" signs? With the assistance of their sponsor, Mr. Aido Buonaguidi, these things have been done by Pep Club members: Dick Denny, Bob Kumpe, Brenda Fortner, Harold Coons, Ron Tyler, John Sipple. Row 2: Gloria Henery, Gail Ashcraft, Layne Wells, Penny Summers, Donna Weger, Joanne Greenhalgh, Karen Steinberg. Row 3: Janie Fisher, Lynn Rossal, Kathie Waters, Reni Romano, Sue Barlow, Carol Green, Pat Dundas, Nancy Atsinger, Toby Rhodes, Penny "' - Moore. Row 4: Sharon Arendale, Muffet Bally, Joan Simeron, Sandy MacDougall, Pat Dominick, Teresa Randolf, Linda Mosley, Carol Barnes, Regina lnslee. Row 5: Mike Quinn, Bill Jensen, Jerry Lieberbach, Fred Kerns, Ron Turner, Steve King, Allen Trotter, Penny Anderson, Judy Rubin, Jerry Anne Ingram. Finding that promoting school spirit is a big iob are: John Sipple, Brenda Fortner, Dick Denny, Harold Coons, Bob Kumpe, and Don Tyler, officers of the Pep Club. 831217 Q. .rr ffl 0 1-' F Sandy Dunn, President and Carole Blackwell, Vice President lstandingl discuss future plans for the Sparklers with their sponsor Mrs. Campbell. ln front: Phyllis Key and Carolyn Blue. Rank Leaders, left to right: Row I: Judy Eserelt, Carol Blackwell, Carol Caler, Carole Darlon. Row 2: Judy Haythorne, Sidney Strever, Linda Hoffman, Susie Schroeder. Row 3: Mary Sue Anderson, Julie Kintzinger, Joan England, Cindy Green. Row 4: Mary Ann Neuman, Sue Klopolshy, Janice Olson, Sharon Wisler. Sparklers - 'FAQS W Mn Boys lMn! We Are Right Behind You N Left to right, Row lf Darlene Nelson, Bonnie Young, Susan Wegerer, Carol Baron, JoAnn Lyman, Tangie Lozano. Row 2: Pauline Massey, Pauline McAlister, Linda Mosely, Gretchen Maussnest, Kay Comstock, Sandy Dunn, Carolyn Davis, Sandy Ga rabedion. Row 31 Sharon Newman, Susan Tettletan, Sandy Holmwood, Carole Jordan, Mary Baker, Donna Turner, Maureen Rooney, Lynette Lee. Row 4: Dixie De Vol, Carol Boydstun, Eileen Johnson, Ruth Harvey, Judie Axelson, Sharon Smith, Carolyn Adolphe, Astine Bedrosan. Row 5: Margaret lmus, Sharon Geforos, Jeri Walner, Roberta Rynderson, Sandi Bilotta, Paula Sawyer, Jenny Davis, Harriet Gomes. Row 6: Linda Marshall, Shirley Peterson, Irene Schurman, Murlane Willis, Joanne Axelson, Vickie Hancock. Rene McKenzie, Eileen Stahl. 97 1:7 '.-- , as 0'-ur da The girls seen snapping the red flags through the air at football games and parades are Mrs. Patricia Mack, Corinne Campbell and Regina lnslee sponsor and heads of the Nitroettes, admire the trophies L, . won by the drill team. I 0 starting clockwise center left: Pat Dundas, Carolyn Broyles, Ann Frye, Marilyn Tiedeman, Pat Byers, Judy Comstock, Nancy Goeller, Janet Johnson, Bette Moser, Heathe Stokes, Penne Free- bairn, Linda Meloch, Janice Spong, Pat Stovall, Jean Froome. Always will be Linda Odell Dianne Hoehn Ann Boehner Loretto Bunch Gerry Sullivan Before a girl is eligible to be a Nitro- ette she must complete a year's training course as a Sparkler, par- ticipating in as many Sparkler ac- tivities as possible. At the end of the year she competes in a series of "contests" against the other Spark- lers. lf she survives all this as well as maintaining good posture grades she may then ioin either a flag, ba- ton, or pom rank in Nitroettes. -sl Dianne Tomlin Nancy Ross Donna Ronconi Diane Austin Joyce Stadler Clock-wise, starting with lower left. wr Marylin Chaffee Susie Clark Miriam Cunningham - . --'f.- .- D 60763: ff 5 its 7 1 I , w I. -blAJl.l' .I ' V x ,Hr . .. . l l I ' ' . ll!" LIU! 1 1 ire ' Fe l' n'. "' 1 . yas' 3 6.5 In A f X . V4 V . A - N ' ' 'g 'f Q , rhff-Ol' I by ,xl " Qi. . . Q5 l., . ' I .'.,'f'l ' .gal T'-,siqi '55 lf':C"a Sf? s xg ' Penny Morris, Barbara Koch, Regina lnslee, Jo Ann Vanderbyl, and Robin The combined Nitroette and Sparkler drill teams loin with the band in Harris, strutting batons, pose during practice for a parade. forming a bongo player during the half-time of the Glendale-Hoover game. Glendale High Drill Team Marching on to Fame Sharon Burke Beth Holman Jeri Skinner Charlene Haas Jeanne Kisner Donna Ackhurst Virginia Munger Pat Gould Valerie Piersol Clock-wise, starting with lower left. Dottie Morris Gail Seaburv MG TY Stoeckel -lUdY Cass Kathy McFarland The Nitroettes help school spirit by performing in pre-game, half-time, and after-game stunts. They also march in many parades. Other activities of the Nitroettes in- clude making up all their routines and during the second semester, teaching these routines to the Spark- lers. They practice many hours be- fore and after school and meet two or three times during vacations. 99 G? 'N-1 ' ca 1121 di 'lv fff' 'ski u,Q'l..f" 1-yr' QUJY' if l FeeT sTamping, arm waving and yelling, are The Typical acTions of Glendale High fans aT all pep rallies, fooTball, and baskeTball games. They were led in well organized songs and yells by The school spiriT leaders. The song and yell leaders are elecTed in June, and serve The following year. Song Leaders: Judianne Marshall Vicki Fleidner Barbara Green Jr song leader Renae Romano Carol Green Sue Barlow Ricki Blanchard. 'faffif I 'NZ Q" 55 SL rt' ' v. '3 'ifniffi This year's Dynamiter squad which came within two points ot blasting their way into Foothill honors, showed what a determined team could do with ample coach- ing and spirit. The Dyno's had to build a new team this year with only tive varsity lettermen returning. Most of the material came from last year's "B" and Junior Varsity squads. Even though Glendale placed sec- ond in the league, fine spirit, coaching, and sports- manship will be synony- mous with the T957 Glen- dale team. The optimistic look on Coach Vulc vich's face shows this to be crucial moment in the Pasadena c he sends in fullback Bill Jenks wit instructions to "get in there fight". Vhrsuyt Footba Tackles Lettermen Guards -X 25v3Q57us6 ,Weis iss wee 2 'N 1 I A i A 1 g 2 . s , 59454 MM P- QBIISQ we Bw, AX 4' Jef' Qi X El. f 'XX e NP' 1 y ... ff Cf, Rgh Fllb k dHlfb k Lf Rgh P L Chl S h BH G g P BIIJ k Hgh G h SC bl D Bk Ml Hk Fde i i f at 1' - F f 'Q- 'T .49 Ik. Q 1 . QF 'I L. Tw 7 Left: Guards and Tackles, Front Row, John Croserti, Phil Mason, Bill Pierce, Robin Paulson, Jim Bell, Back Row, Skip Hudson, Gary Over- holser, Mike Young, Tom Briggs, Roy Sharp. Lett: Centers and Ends, Front Row, Tom Farley, John Brennan, Ernie Lund, Richard Silver. Back Row, John Weeks, Laddie Potts, Richard Matthews, John Hayes, Ken Temple. i I4 IBM Above: Quarterbacks and Tailbacks, First Row, Jack Caselles, Pat Carnaveli, Barry Bottrell. Back Row: Bob Manskar, Bob Hensler, Tim Bice. Fullbaclcs Mngbacks I ,' 4' I -7. Sportsmanship. Typifying the sportsmanship of high school football, this picture taken during the Burbank Alma Mater shows the respect participants have for th opposing schools. Following each game time is taken to play the Alma Mater of each school in the contest. Coach Roy Vuiovich attended U.C.L.A. where he played end for Red Sanders. It was from Mr. Sanders that Coach Vu learned the single wing formation that has proved so devastating in all the Dynamiter games. Mr. Vuiovich is married and has two daughters. He thinks Glendale is A the "greatest," but thinks we should have even more spirit in supporting games. After atending Glendale High School, Coach Ted Andrews maiored in physical education at San Jose State. Completing his second year as as- sistant coach of varsity football and swimming, he thinks this is the greatest school in the coun- try. Coach Andrews is also a family man. He boasts of five children. Coach Roy Vujovich Coach Ted Andrews FTE Si E P - E 5 3 'ETSQFJRIQESE 3 El Pe E E ' ' C 12. lf' Left to right: lst row, Pat Carnavelli, Leonard Christiansen, Jim Bell, Ernie Lund, Cecil Selman, George Pierner, Phil Lozano, Bill Gableman, Bob Mack, Miles Haskin, Lane Lopez, John Crosetti. 2nd row, Head Mgr, Jim Lacey, Bill Jenks, Bill Pierce, Phil Mason, Bob Manskar, Bob Hensler, Tim Bice, Richard Matthews, John Weeks, Ronald Morse, Laddie Potts, John Hayes, Ken Temple, John Novak, Barry Bottrell, Mgr. Ricky Graham. 3rd row, Head Coach Roy Vuiovich, Jack Caselles, Richard Silver, Tom Farley, Chuck Adkins, Forden Hughes, Mike Young, Gary Uverholser, John Brennan, Don Beck, Skip Hudson, Dave Roberts, Roy Sharp, Bill Carr, Tom Briggs, Robin Paulson, Barry Gerkin, Coach Ted Andrews. eir Glendale High's statistics for our five league games were as follows: Glendale Opponents 60 ....... .. . First downs .......... .36 10... ..... Fumbles ..... ...12 61... ... Passes attempted .. . . .86 32... .. Passes completed ... ...39 6... ... Passes intercepted .. ... 7 970. .. ... Net yards rushing .. ...347 107 ....... Yards lost rushing ....... 137 1552. .Net yards passing and rushing. .858 390 ........ Yards penalized ........ 225 35.62. .. . . Punting average ...... 35.06 l -. Varsity Football First string tailback Bob Hensler flies through the air against Alhambra as John Crosetti, Phil Mason and Barry Bottrell pave the way. ., 'P 7' , , 4 At left: Varsity co-captains Bob Hensler - t Grin is 'iii gf, ' - P-ru. fi., 1? tb and Bill Pierce. Tailback Bob Manskar runs wide around right before he was hit by a large portion Nitro Fullback-Linebacker Don Beck deiectedly downs a coke after the fateful Muir game. af I of a strong El Monte eleven. Junior end Ken Temple ouTreaches a SanTa Monica defender in The Dynos worst defeaT of The year l27 To 7l. Glendale 20 Pasadena O Glendale opened Their league play by pounding .a cornpleTely ouTclassed Pasadena eleven inTo submission 20 To O. The ouT- manned Bulldogs never were in The game, neTTing only 52 yards passing and rushing To The devasTaTing DynamiTers' 381 yard ToTal. Pasadena, however was wiThouT The services of Their Two besf backs, boTh bedded wiTh The flu. BuT even Their appear- ance probably would have made very liTTle difference against The high-geared Glendale crew which ran and passed almosT aT will. This game was a fine example of Glendale coaching and spiriT. Tailback Bah Ha-nsler rolls inTo The end zone for another of Glendales six Touchdowns agarnsT Burroughs. Pre-league Games Glendale High's pre-league season ended wiTh a one and Three record. The NiTros dropped The firsT game of The season To a fine El Monfe eleven by a close 8 To 7 Tally. The nexT week found Glendale losing by 20 poinTs, in a 27 To 7 game againsT SanTa Monica. Finally, The Tables were Turned when The DynamiTers defeaTed The once powerful Alhambra Moors. AnoTher close game followed and found The Dyno's coming ouT on The shorT end of a 7 To 6 Thriller wiTh California High School. DespiTe The one and Three record, The narrow losses indicaTed The Dyno's as a poTenTial power in The league race. o League Games Nifro co-capfain Bob Hensler crashes info a wall of Pasadena men on a colorful punT refurn. Glendale 38 Burroughs 20 The powerful DynamiTers emerged as a posifive challenger for The Foofhill League foofball flag, afTer a smashing 38-20 romp over Burroughs. Surpris- ingly, The Dynos had To come from behind in The early momenTs of The game when a pass misfired and was quickly capiTalized on by The Indians. ln four minuTes The NiTros Tied iT up. From here To The end iT was Glendale's ball game, wiTh The Dynarnif- ers scoring Twice as many Touchdowns as The Indians. Glendale 13 Burbank 6 lt appeared to some that Roy Vuiovich's fighting eleven was slightly over-confident for this one. However, right or wrong, it was a tight game all the way and presented a thrill a minute. Too much credit could not be given to the Nitro defensive unit, which played outstanding football, and were very instrumental in the Glendale victory. The Glendale offensive unit made good use of the breaks made by the Dyno defense. First-string end John Hayes scoops in a long pass against the Muir Mustangs. John, a junior, will undoubtedly be outstanding again next year. Glendale 38 Hoover 12 A determined Glendale-High football team moved into the city series lead by pounding a weak Hoover eleven in a second half comeback. The series, which started in 1930, was tied going into this year's game at thirteen wins for each school. In the last three years Glendale has shown outstanding performances in this Rose Bowl classic. Glendale left a 12 to 12 ball game when the gun sounded ending the first half. But the game went on to prove that ci completely new Glendale eleven emerged from the dressing rooms for the second half. Glendale showed this by rounding up a 26 point lead bythe time the final shot was fired, A strong Nitro defense set up several of Glendale's six tallies, while a quick Dyno offense out first-downed the Tornadoes 13 to 4. Glen- dale outgained Hoover 280 yards to a meager 122. Halfback Phil Lozano stops a fleet Burbank back, as Bill Gableman and Bob Manskar close in. Phil's defensive play was instrumental in several Nitro victories. Glendale 19 Muir 20 The Dynamiters gave a capacity crowd at Moyse Field everything but one needed point in this thrill-packed game. By a thin margin of two misfired conversions, Glendale missed scoring one of the big prep up-sets of the season. The heavily favored Mustangs scored two quick touch- downs in the first quarter and another in the first few minutes of the second, giving them a 20-O lead. At this point Glendale came to life. Glendale's fine offensive unit sparked to overcome the 20 point deficit, by scoring two touchdowns in the second quarter, but missed the two conversions. The Dynamiters scored one more TD in the third quarter and kicked the extra point, but the damage was already done. A scoreless, but hard-fought fourth quar- ter found the Mustangs still in the lead, 20-19. Junior fullback Bill Jencks is shown smashing over for the tinal touch- down against Hoover in the annual classic at the Rose Bowl. Bill was one of the Nitro's top ground-gainers this season. 4' t Tioj ,AJ --.4 E Ya-v-if .. eg... T 'f', . J.V. Football In Coach Bill Gelsinger's words, "This year's Junior VarsiTy Squad was rough Junior varisfy coach Bill Gelsinger a-nd aggressive, and showed very well againsf all Their opponenTs." The Junior Varsity Team was made up enTirely of Sopho- mores and Juniors. The bal- ance of next year's varsiTy line, Tackle To Tackle, will come from This Team. The remaining material should prove To be useful in nexT year's Varsity squad. J.V. co-capfains Fred Port and Halfback Kenf Kusier is hiT and swarmed John Slreelmaker' over by a throng of Upland men. ,-, r- s 4-.-w-.. 4... svnv: .-., . ., I -e .. . " l ,,. lk., Q ......... -I ' 1 s J vx ,. il' A flee? fooled Upland man is closely pursued by Buddy Tunnell and Harley Young. ... sl. . 1 , ' ff V I .4 I 0 "' A :v.:rfF. .e jf, xi , vu . '.',jl"""Q W '7E.."'- '5'4w:r.-s - .4Y4ei,N I. , - -7- -.Q ' " ' v, - '-..4,, er- - -..,.,1 . x, lst row-Ray Barrick, Henry Alvarez, Bob Weisman, Kelly Merz, Don Well, Dennis Ghiggia, Evereit Snook, John Dooey, James Goris. 2nd row-Mgr. Pat Colegrove, Fred Port, Dave Anderson, Sam Clement, Jim Weeks, Chuck Brady, Buddy Tunnell, Richard Johnson, Nelson Rising, Harvey Jedynak, Harley Young. 3rd row-Coach Tony Yim, John Streetmaker, Tom Kennedy, Bob Honkell, Nick Jones, Bob Moore, Bob Simpson, Bob Feland, Mike Sours, Tim Role, Tom Shurtz, Kent Kuster, Jim Bradley, Coach Joe Corre, Head Coach Bill Gilsinfaer. Wd "B" Football Blaster assistant coach Reese Anderson and headecoach Leo Arranaga pose with team co-captains Harold Coons and Tom Sparrow. Making an effective stop is Mickey Rosenberg and Steve Pirie ofthe Glendale Blasters in the Pasadena game. ' r l ' l l .' .' v v Ja I 5 L f his f' I 4 M r I 'l ' A f '-'W 5 ning- , at A ' .. D V , y , 4 L S V ,, l Y 4 Q KA' 4. H' - - ., .. N -Jwssbgfwt' , . .. Y If ' -F' - q ' . . - X 'gf an f +C- - , - - . tv" .'. 1. - f-.ft -5 'ff fm f. . .i3,:,q.t5,ljp-.xi 55147 14.5 ,..,..,,,-'... L.. A Q.. .A -b .W -,ia 211, .:I1.-Q.,-,, rz- I 3.41. . -if . W-.f - 1 ' , '.4"f'vu,wd" -CAR . -w"'- 5, JE., vga' ' 'L' .', ,'j'w W' r '- If " ,qt- 5,,.-.'-'.1qAa-QQQS .V w',,e,,:.i, - gf-,A 2 x ui ,Lf . -,,.:',..1,-,a'.:1K:sg'c,Qfpv..s'L 4 .5,-41,11 fy 'ff "T, . "4 1- 15 , - 5u,Q'.gfff,,,,.7'o2-h1".g.s:-- .,,Z" ' . -.. r M-: ,Q -- - - r s .J , , f.. - ,""""f4---HM -n.f.-'r- s.-,955-s ft--..' . . 1.,..:. ff f:-N -,ff-1'-:af'rf"""'.a"X:Y-f-' -1-wifi. - A Larry Gates, Bob Hines. Q- Yell Leader John Sipple gives instruction to a high strung Glendale crowd during the Burbank game. Bob Hines and Roger Dalton perform a bone-crushing tackle, on a Pasadena back. Glendale Bees' starting lineup: Crouching: Tom Sparrow, Gary Bratcher, Norm Nason, Bob Farnsworth, Damon Bame, Roy Ramsey, Neal Hooker. Over center: Harold Coons. Standing: Gary Logan, Undeteated in League Play, this years Bee Football squad was one of the finest Glendale has produced in many years. The Blasters ran and passed almost at will all through the season, trampling one out-classed team after another until the Foothill League honors were theirs. Roger Dalton grabs on and wrestles a determined Pasadena ball carrier to the ground, as Darryl Wright, Bill Brostoff, and Tom Sparrow move in. l l l l a ' '.g A I 'Q' .1 I 1 M X' - E. rnrm.,f..-' ..p-.1 f"" f' ' .1 ' A ' X Front row: Left to right, Chuck Auer, Mickey Rosenberg, John Whitney, Roger Dalton, Bob Hines, Harold Coons, Tom Sparrow, Paul Nuccio, Dennis Carhart, Gary Logan, Jerry Ford, Bob Hill. Second row, Steve Little, Damon Bame, Bruce Benner, Tom Seabold, Gary Bratcher, Dick Peterson, Mike Whitley, Steve Chenoweth, Gary Nelson, Larry Sagers, Dave Churchill, Ed Prono, Norm Nason. Standing: Mgr. Jim Danforth, Larry Gates, Tom Horton, Dwight Waite, Darryl Wright, Sam Anderson, Ray Hoyal, Roy Ramsey, Bill Brostoff, Bob Serin, Carl Forbes, Neal Hooker, Mrg. Richard Netherlin. "B" Football When interrogated on his team's outstanding performances, coach Leo Arranaga had this to say, "I had a bunch of experienced boys, most T ll? of them with one or two years on the bee squad. This was the greatest single tactor in producing the championship team." x--sf 55 s,, 4 RV' 'rf X 1 ...xv f ,, , - , .sm in-4 9 t t -+ 1 1'hz1L"4'1 r . Carl Forbes and Darryl Wright team up to drop a Pasadena back. Varsity Basketball fs 'AX -J Nrrro guard Ron Smrrh lays one up despite the efforts of The San Dieg To stop him. o Hoover man This year's VarsiTy baskeTball T m ea ma For The The showed more spirit Than ny of The Teams before Them. The firsT four games, which y losT, They foughT To find righT combinaTior1. Along abouT The firsT Hoover game They began To click. From ThaT poim To The lasf game of The season They vvouldn'T be beaTerT. Co ach Haas said of his Team, "Any Team ThaT sTarTs at The boTTom of The league wiTh four sTraighT losses anal Then wins six in a row To Take league hon- Ol' s is a greaT Team." lj- S if ll 1 I Kimi? I , , 1Q I J x Ji 4 .1 F 1 Y Jig r .L I r X - i s' varsity Basketball gr , ff 'I I JJ! Darrell SuTherland Lewis Stoddard Tim Vezie John Sfreetmaker The baskeTball Team voTes every year To find The besT players Trom Their Team in several caTegories. This year The MosT Valuable Player award wenT To Darrell SuTher- land who also wenT All-League. i Iylilg McNeill Coach Gene Haas Burt SmiTh Dave Fergusen, Mgr. Team capTain Ron SmiTh gained a posiTion on The second All League Team. The Team voTed Larry Weeshoff The MosT Improved Player. Tim Vezie was voTed BesT Re- bounder, averaging abouT l8 a game, probably The besT in The league. He was also awarded an Honorable Menfion posiTion on The All League Team. Don Beck was voTed BesT FreeThrower on The Team wiTh a 20 ouT of 27 record. Varsity Basketball Varsity basketball forTunes included boTh The good and The bad. AT Times a well-organized and almost brilliant Team on The courT, The Dyna- miters finished The season with an overall l5-ll record. The NiTros sTarTed out The season by winning Their firsT five pracTice games. AT This point, The Team hiT a snag, losing five of Their nexT eighT games, To end The pracTice round wiTh an 8-7 record. The league scoresheet looked different, hovv- ever, as The Dynamiters came back with a 7-3 record To Tie for The league championship. This sfreak included a sTring of six sTraighT wins, in- l cluding Two over rival Hoover, and followed a dismal l-3 record afTer four games. Chosen as The leagues second Team, The NiTros enTered CIF playoff compeTiTion and losf To Bellflower, 65-53 in The firsT game. BuT The Glendale casaba- y men had proved Their poinf, playing well as a l Tearn, and providing many a Thrill for Glendale High baskeTball fans. Aggressive Nitro guard Ron Smith drives around a Hoover player in an af- Tempt To set up Darrell Sutherland, in the background, for Two more points. 'ra' 4' ' ' P VF "T ."'iY' :.igfI'- ' '- . - - h - . 561- t Q AQIY ' f' I T :"' - , , I - i r i T -A , - -Q . 4 4 s 1 y 'Q TJ' X J , T N I, i - .-J u ll , ' 5 V T 11 if 'LB ' ' 8 i I 3 15 ,313 9 . lx Ai E AT N l " 12, 1 qs , V -9- 'lf Front row: Left To right: Burt Smith, George Beatie, Louis Stoddard, Ron Smith, Larry Weeshoff, Bob Hensler, Back row: Greg Nichols, Steve Bison, Don Beck, Mike McNeill, Tom Dose, Tim Vezie, Darrell Sutherland, John Whitaker. ll6 A gr macing Mike'McCa'H gets one off despite the San Diego Hoover player s efforts to stop him. VK- Q gl -'. Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale ' ' 'Glendale "'Glendale Glendale "Glendale "Glendale SCORES Hands hands who s got the ball? Glendale s Tim Vezie goes up for a Marshall Los Angeles Poly Loyola Notre Dame San Diego Hoover San Diego Alhambra South Pasadena Arcadia Burbank Pasadena Cantwell Garden Grove Long Beach Poly l348 519 Ntro hoopsters pay close attention as xi-L G Coach Gene Haas diagrams a defensive eclgue Gmes play during halftime of the Muir game Glendale Santa Monica 'Glendale Pasadena 'Glendale Burroughs 'Glendale Burbank 'Glendale Muir 'Glendale Hoover 'Glendale Pasadena 'Glendale Burroughs 'Glendale Burbank 'Glendale Muir 'Glendale Hoover cGlendale Bellflower Totals Average "-Burbank Invitational :awkw- Edgewood Tournament CQ-ClF Playoff l " L.. ,434 Front row, Lett to right. George Winn, Russell Howell, Eddie Mayo, Jerry Renstrom, Doug Stringer, Don Hagen. Back row: Bob Ruffner, Jim Henderson, Cary Schwartz, Gary Hahn, Benny Combs,Roy Schmidt, Dave Dundas. B Basketball B Basketball Coach Ed Gooriian Blaster Jerry Renstrom iumps above an encircling net of Arcadia players to sink two more points for Glendale. Glendale's Bee basketballers gave all that was asked of Them, and more. The Blasters topped a highly successful season by polishing oft Hoover twice to gain the undisputed league championship and an overall T8-4 record. Coach Ed Goorjian's charges left no doubt in any- one's mind that this was their year, as they opened the season with li straight wins and the champion- ship of the Burbank B Tournament. The Blasters swept to the Foothill League crown with a 7-3 rec- ord, tying Hoover's Cyclones, but were awarded the first place on their strength of their two victories over the crosstown rivals. Cary Schwartz dives to take the ball away from a Hoover player during this colorful and exciting game. 1' Cary Scnvvartz out maneuvers his guard for a lay up shot and two more points for Glendale against Hoover Y' ' -lu ' ' 'I""-aj P Glendale 54 ...... Glendale 69 .... Glendale 48. .. Glendale 5l . .. "Glendale 54... "Glendale 58, .. "Glendale 34... Glendale 48 .... Glendale 42 .... Glendale 52... Glendale 41. . . Glendale 53 .... 'Glendale 35... 'Glendale 47 .... 'Glendale 52 .... 'Glendale 28 .... 'Glendale 54 .... 'Glendale 67 .... 'Glendale 37 .... 'Glendale 48 .... 'Glendale 50 .... 3 'Glendale 45 .... Towns 1067 Average 48.5 '-League Games vi' l' Jerry Renstrorn dodges but still gets fouled by a Muir man attempting to get tl'te ball. "B" SCORES 24 Marshall 23 Los Angeles Poly 37 Notre Dame 3l Alltanftbra 42 Hoover 40 Burbank 28 El Monte 38 Soutlt Pasadena 28 Arcadia 28 Cantwell 27 Harvard 57 Santa Monica 46 Pasadena 34 Burroughs 27 Burbank 3l Muir 36 Hoover 39 Pasadena 40 Burroughs 45 Burbank 42 Muir 4l Hoover 784 35,6 ' '-Burbank Bee Tournarnent Games. C ary Haltn leans bark and sinks one over the lteads of tlte defending Burbank Vlen 9 ',w.',- V.-are V I' . A .n QL. , fx I-, Q Varsity Track Track, the most ancient of sports, flourishes at Glendale High under the guiding hand of Coach Lon Graf. Loaded trophy cases attest to the ability of Glendale's Varsity Trackmen who have run off with the Foothill League honors four years in a row, Over the years Glendale's track record has gone virtually untouched by the other five schools in the league. Not only does Glendale have a fine record, but a fine reputation. Varsity Track Captain Bill Gabelman demonstrates his winning form as he leaves the blocks. F"'T' Bob Johnson, who holds Glendales pole vaulting hopes, successfully clears l3 feet. , r i2O The Team I Head Coach Lon Graf .: , -,. - Left To right, FirsT row: Bob Drake, Roger Nielson, Bob Johnson, Wayne SackeTT, Dave Hull, Jim Bradley, Bud Tunnell. Second row: John Greco, Gary Wexler, Chuck Brady, Bob Jensen, Pete Finnigan, Bill Gabelman, Don Tyler, Bob Kumpe, Morris Brown, Bill Pierce, Laddie PoTTs, Coach Roy Vuiovich Everywhere The spikesters compete They receive The Tull respect of Their oppon- ents. This aclmiraTion is clue To The facT ThaT The cindermen never allow Their abiliTies To outweigh Their sportsman- ship and spiriT. SporTsmanship and spiriT have become synonomous wiTh 2-1 1 The name Glendale High when men- Tioned in Track circles. This is The greaT- est accomplishment of any Team. y,"2' Tom Briggs. Top row: Peecl Webb, John Lisk, Ed Duryeci, Jerry Lee, STeve Bridges, Bill Jencks, Harley Young, Dick Brouillard, Scott Paulson, John Arnelsberg, Steve Gunn, Ed Keller, Gary Glava. .parm -'wg ML . - -'Q- Field captain Bob Johnson takes off down The pole vault path en route to his usual T3 plus vault. l2l i 15... -' '. rf g l 5 Q i. . .,,-:gE'5"--4, ,9, "5" -.s i..' T." T.- 1 A--.1 I ,RN ,-7-Q.-'?i0:.J1.1,:,sfT' F, Bob Drake and Bill Gabelman leave the blocks on Pasadena, Varsity Track Track has been slow getting under way this season due to The rain. As The book goes To press, Two meets have been rained out. However, they have done well in the two meets they have had, with a 74-30 romp over Pasadena and a commendable second place in the Pasadena Games at Muir. Due to lack of strength in the Varsity division, Coach l.on Graf has moved several B's up. lt is hoped that the increased strength in This division will boost them into The Foothill League honors. Glendales Don Tyler edges out two Pasadena men at the climax of an exciting 120 low hurdle race. 25. if' he ll-. ' I if-" fee S' i 1 lub- in-nfs fl 1. . s, 'i, km-l.h - no sf.. ul .V g ,,, 1- I -, -at-.,-."5 7 .- Q, I ' ' 5' ,-. 1---1 .4 '- - 'Q-'Sc ' ' . V V ' .,,,.. 1 ' V-- 1- 'T '1.?""r' ns. '7 ".5f:..Z'nh5.:i'..?: --J ' ' 'XXL -1.4: -,--L-,U if -7- ,J i Q I --W ':f",i1nfZ.' - - 'wil s l,-Q J if fi an. , '.-'Y .4 A 5 .J their way to another win over 5. H Miles Haskins easily took The mile from Pasadena Q, in 5.4-f Jerry Saulvester Takes the baton from Dave Hull and continues on his leg .luhn Greco and Bob Drake duel for first in this exciting 220 L 'f'-r -.. 4, "" ws . ' w.""'lu-A 9 -1 . nf' 9- - 73 :A-rQ ' '. T of the 880 relay, gl- i fu-,-V-4 -'nr:.',,'hb-'J - , ws' f""" ln. - ' ' .. "' ' Q 1... N: , --Is . .Qu-rv ... -L .. . . ' 'r rw -1 the - 'A""1L- - B991 1:11199 As the book goes To press, These Times ore token eorly in The yeor and should be much betler before The seoson IS over. 100 yd. dcish 220 yd. ddsh 440 yd. run 880 yd. run 120 high hurdles 120 low hurdles Mile Shofpur High lump Brood jump Pole vdulf 880 Relay f"' 1 .9 10.1 Gobelmon 23.3 Droke 51.3 Soulvesfer 2.02 Hines 15.4 Fdsono 13.3 Tyler 4:46.61 Hoskin 51-5 Briggs 6 ff. Fosono 21-8 Jensen 13-43!., Johnson 1:33 Nielson, Hull Soulvesfer, Goblemon 1, , TJ" ' 3 'An X451 ..,w"' I. Pl Y 'J ': , so ,Q .. ,Q-- ' -Il Q 40 . . .- sf','f 4, ,--' ... A -1. x s Q l 4:5 4 Bob Hines grimoces os he finishes o gruelling 880. 'L 5 51 aces? 1'-A Q-' :'. P-nf, R ' :Ba ..'- .'1v'..l Tom Briggs, Glendoles oce shot putter, winds up lo put another over fifty feel. 'Q 11 9 5 JG 5. lf 1 's,f Q- 1... 1 1 Bill Fosono shows off his excellent form os he cleors six feel. 123 5 .4 "B" Track The Glendale B's were off To a good start This year with Their annual smashing of Loyola when The rains came. Since then They have been rained out Twice. Nevertheless,training and K XX workouts go on as well as pos- X X" sible, on The track when it is Track Captain Tom Sparrow dry enough or in the gym when Track Coach Lon Graf it is not! With The clearing of The weather, The B's got Two meets in before The book went To press. They Took Pasadena in an easy 58-28 win and pulled a first in The Pasadena Games. S... 1 Y f Field Captain Couch Bill FGSCIDO Roy Vuiovich pc: C1 F' gg 1-fr' 'A " . F. Lett to Right, Bottom Row: Lance Otis, Jerry Liebersbach, Dick Hearn, John Christie, Jim Freeland, Tom Sparrow, Steve Little, Harold Coons, Richard Davis, Bill Plummer, Mickey Rosenberg. Second Row: Jim Sims, Vance Treidler, Ed Prono, Mike Mace, Stu McDougal, Bill Mitchell, Jay Jeffers, Bob Hines, Bill Fasano, Steve King, Roger Dalton, Brad Benton, Garrett Wesp, Gary Hahn. Third Row: Chuck Rea, Allan Miller, Chuck Niese, Gary Brutsch, Tom .- - 3-'S arf A N -rf' Q. 4: . Seabold, Larry Llewellen, Dave Haber, John Gay, Tom Hanuna, Bill Hartman, Bob Serin, Gary Logan, John Murry, Neal Hooker. Top Row: Jim Stratton, Dennis Parrett, John Pirie, Chuck Meyer, Larry Finn, Jim Gibson, John Redman, Bob Ray, Bob Moore, Joe Monarco, Dennis Szidak, Gary Hubbard, John Whitney, Gary Uphaus. 15. S N4 -1 ww-af Q , , .nr " 'sie "' 'V S' ' -Ag ., ,. .L ..: 4-'J' f ' , i , i 4.4-I .. Jerry Liebersbach comes in iust ahead of Mitchel and Prono in this blazing 660 finish, T 3' 1 iff 'i we id-F'-',- -' -. -ff--eff Y 'ft i'11eSie: as -so - lt may be Too early To say whether or noT the B's will Take The league, buT on The basis of Their performances against Pasadena and at The Pasadena games, Coach Graf Thinks There is an excellent chance Tor The Team To Take league honors, even minus The boys being moved up To a VarsiTy capaciTy To Till The defi- cits in ThaT division. were rm, -:Sheri ,-. ve. nf-Surf ' "i ll Q QA' T J, ... .- D" ni-V ' 3 1 4.- La, , s, ,- .wg an :gnu- l -sasxjp ,fi ' 004. ,. sic-Y' ' Q . 4" -iw' 7 . D v 4. -f a 'A' 'Q . - :- ..f I-'ui V '. Don Uhl and Garrett Wesp finished so far ahead in this 1320 That The Pasadena men didnt show in the picture. Tom Sparrow leads Gary Logan, Pasadena man and Jim Freeland in the l2O low hurdles. Coach Roy Vulovich sets off Bob Serin, Steve Little, and Tom Sparrow in a 220. Wi ST- 125 -1 "C" Track Left to right Bottom Row: Gary Goold, Mike Gates, Roy Swanson, Paul Frligcr John Berginc Paul Nuccio Don Wintz Bill Decker John De Bey, Gary Case. Second Row Leroy Lieloersbach, Clyde Johnson, John Bensing Cam Hughes Dick Shapiro Bob Hipolito Tom Caddrck, Ron Turner, Steve Bennett, Roger Kirklrarn, Hugh Ha nnigan, Dean Zabrinskre Lonny Edlrege Top Row Brad Hendricks Gary Newton, Paul Nielson, Jerry Robbins, Dennis Davis, Steve Simon, Al Knox Benny Combs Tom Morrow Tom Horton Charles Buck, Dave Case, Rick Marshall. Hipolito, Berginc, Frliger, and Case perform a good hand off during their relay. Q- ' r--, or- 'Wilma on T' 4 l I Track Captain T26 rr This years Firecracker squad hasnt a letterman in it. Yet, with the strength they have demonstrated so far this year, they should be a strong con- tender tor the Foothill League honors. So tar the Cs have en- joyed an easy romp over Loyola and a respectable third in the Pasadena Games. The Fire- crackers were forced to compete among themselves at the Glen- dale-Pasadena dual meet loe- cause Pasadena has no C team. .fir m W- 2- - X., q..agv-few 'Q' 0 ' - 1 - Varsity Baseball s I lt is said that baseball is Americas favorite pastime. This is especially true tor some three dozen members of Glendales T958 Varsity anal J.V. baseball squads. These teams have battled both college and high school opponents this season, as well as an unusually wet Spring. Many days the Workouts have been moved to higher ground in the gym or on the old parking lot area. Both teams are definitely strong contend- ers tor their league championships, and hope to reverse some ot last years decisions with Foothill League teams. Lacking experience the T957 Dynos lost more than their share ot games. This year the experience problem has been remedied, along with more consistent hitting, bal- anced by better pitching depth. Here it comes! Dyno pitcher Darrell Sutherland sends a pitch on its way as the Dynos defeat the Muir Mustangs for their third league win against one loss. Sutherland was Babe Herman Trophy winner in T957 as a sophomore. Varsi Heres one that didn't count. Dyno outfielder Doug Stringer crosses the plate too late to beat throw to Hoover catcher Frank Frederick. Following the Burbank loss, the Dynos' three game win streak sent them to the top, where they expect to remain perhaps for the whole season. The 7-2 win over Pasadena was high- lighted by Darrell Sutherland's one-hit pitching. The Hoover win was also a result of Sutherland's fine pitching, and some solid hitting on the part of Bob Parker, Barry Bottrell, and Tom Bonetto, who collected two hits each. Shortstop Denny Simila sparked the second win over Pasadena, as he paced the Dyno hitting attack with a home run and a bases-loaded double to drive in five runs. With this hitting and pitching, the Dynos will go a long way this season. Here's o close play at first base as centerfielder Bob Parker barely beats the throw from Hoover Pitcher Pat Stoker to Purple first-sacker Tom Rike. iw The Glendale horsehiders opened the season with three wins in four games against the Glen- dale College team, followed by a T9-3 win over the Occidental College freshman team. Against the Glendale College Vaqueros, the Nitros won by scores of 2-l, T6-5, 4-3, and lost 8-5. Nitros lost to Burbank, followed by wins over Pasadena 7-2, Hoover TO-6, and Pasadena again 9-6. The three wins in league play so far have been scored by Junior Darrell Suther- land, winner of the T957 Babe Herman award as a sophomore. ,I 1' in 1 A! n,e-47" 0 in nfivf "' 7 .-s -' r-55 9131? 'ku ? ' , ,. Here Stringer takes a big swing in the Nitros' 7-2 win over Pasadena in the second game of the season. This was Pitcher Darrell Sutherland's first league win of the year. Baseball Q This is the T958 edition of the Dynamiter Varsity George, third base, Back row includes Pitchers baseball squad, all dressed up and ready to go Ken Lawrence, John Hayes, and Joel Packard, before the Hoover game. Members in the bot- Bob Parker, outfield, Tom Bonetto, first base, tom row, left to right: Roger Williams, outfield, Darrell Sutherland, pitcher, and Coach Bill Gel- Alan Vernon, catcher, Dave Lawrence, second singer. Not shown are Catcher Barry Bottrell base, Denny Simila, shortstop, and Carlisle and Outfielder Doug Stringer. Coach Gelsinger takes time out for thought during one of the few quiet moments in the Hoover game. The six-inning fracas lasted three hours. 2 5 LPQ.,E2f153 " A s Tom Rike doubles to right field as Catcher Alan Vernon waits in lor the ball behind the plate. U Ona close play, Glendale Centerfielder Bob Parker is safe at first as Glendale College first-baseman takes the throw too late for the putout. if J.V. Baseball '-. ' df, 7 - Giving pointers in hitting to Bob Farnsworth, J.V. team captain, is Coach Leo Arranaga. Providing playing experience for future Varsity players, and a well-balanced Team in its own right, is the 1958 Dynamiter J.V. baseball squad. A solid team, The squad combines good power- hitting with percentage hitting, and an ex- cellent pitching staff, and top-notch fielding. 3 F' On a still-wet field, J.V. players get in some fielding practice before the rain drives them indoors again. l"l J. V. baseball squad members are, from left to right, front row: Bruce Uppman, John Shields, Russ How- ell, Jim Wilson, Jerry Ford, Jim Pollack, and Don Hagen. Second row: Jack Christy, Skip Wells, Bob Farnsworth, Ken Temple, Gary Cripping, George Beattie, Bob Russell, Bob Ruffner, Tom McAdam, Jim Maddux, Ray Barrick, Leon Cunningham, Gar- rett Coombs, and Sam Clement. I 1 Il ' O Q 4 P x W 1 ., 6 Tennis 0 QHM Sftpmiflg i M Minor SIMS Cross-Country 1... F A fl sk Q V at ., 'w .3 s -f :lan if N if 9 42-Fifi , 37 M r Q-. x,.'2s! " v-lv. ' "Q Y 'n' ",, kv, Y b," . . K ' ' U 4 .wg 9'L'1' sz, ,s.. ---, x .- - . , - -. saw. ,, '- Qs'-1' , 'ww ff .f ' """' Lf 'au 1 in ...... .-' .. ' 3--. ,4., f if cv'-J, 1:51 -qv riffs' Garret Wesp, Richard Hearn, Vance Trei d Jerry Liebersbach, Paul Snarenger, Bill Hartman, Bill Thomas. Row 3: Coach Lon Graf, Morris Brown, Mike Clark, Reed Webb, Bruce Jones, Brad Hedricks, and Morris Brown gets set to run a time trial on t Coach Lon Graf clocks him. 4 P h Coach Pa e Glendal Cross Country .L , te ' , - -5 , ' s- M . .. -. Ji..--- , . -V . . .. . --2' bi .4 pa 5- 51' EP' is T 'nf' ler, Steve King, Don Wintz, Paul Loewen, Dennis Parrett. Row 2: John Christy, Don Uhl, t Logan. This year, as in the past two years, Glendale's fine championship cross-country team walked away with e Track While Foothill League honors. The only meet the Harriers lost was to Burroughs High School, This meet tell on the same day as the Oratorical and the team was almost too excited to run. However, in the League Meet when all the schools in the Foothill League ran in one race, Glendale won with ease, placing tive scoring men in the first eleven to tinish. The team's championship quality can be traced to the hard workouts at the hands ot Coach Pat Logan from Occidental Col- lege, and the fine experience of Head Coach Lon Graf. .J-P 'FS--QL, ' 45 . if ' Q is A -' . ,E .Ly 1 H' '-5 0,46 59' uwdg v,r 1 in Ar' .. 15 YI.. -I MY. . in - 1' 57' .svn . AJ 'i -f'?ifs2'4-' - I ,K . Y -'-gif' I 1 . 's-warg 3. l. - A 534. ' 'TE-"' Aft- Huffing and putting up one ot the steep hills on the Verdugo Park cross country course are: Morris Brown, Don Uhl, Garret Wesp, Pasadena man, Steve King, and Vance Treidler. Tennis Last year the Tennis squad won the League Charn- pionship. With many of their lettermen back, such as Collett, Dawson, Lisk, and Weeshott, they expect to win it again. As yet they are undefeated owing in part to the playing of Wayne Collett, the best player in the Foothill League and one of the better high school players in Southern California. 1:3111 I ., srl 1' X - X x xg' Q-"X, it lm r nur' 14 3 N., J. v' is J. x Wayne Collett moves up to the net to return a lob. Larry Weeshoff gets set as Bill Dawson serves up. 5 ff rx . . Lett to right, botom row: Ralph Priest, Ken Stilts, Clay Crowley, Richard Marshall, Harold Peterson. Top row: Jim Blum, Dennis Ellwell, Clark Jolley, Larry Weeshotf, Wayne Collett, Bill Dawson, John Lisk, Steve Olson, Arvid Ronnfeldt. Varsity Swimming . l , -T' Swimming Tor The second yeor in Their new pool, Glendole's 5. Vorsify swim squoid is unclefeoied wiih only four more meeTs To go, Cooch Ted Andrews is confident ThoT The Teom will Toke Fooihill Leogue honors ogoin This yecir ond hoive o good chornce in The CIF finols. -- 'Q A. mann ,ll l i I 1 X Bill Jensen shoves off from The side QT The sion of cz bock-siroke roce John SieworT Tucks cis he executes G graceful forward one ond U holf off The high bocird. n - . . i ug lg K Qs l -, , l s 5141441-0 . ng Left To righr, bottom row: Bill Jensen, Ron Morris, MorTy Sours, Tim Harris, Bill Mortimer. Top row: Coach Ted Andrews, John Sieworf, John Shock, Booth Hartley, Dick Pence, Jim Bough, Bob Moulton, Ralph Powers. "B" Swimming ' l' -w... Bob Therrien gulps for a much needed breath of air during a breast-stroke race. Coach De Mandel's B's took the league championship last year and are iust as strong this year. With seven meets and seven wins under their belts, the B squaol just about has the championship seweol up with a good chance at the CIF honors. Lett to right, bottom row: Dave Beckett, Bill Jiles, Bruce Daniels, Vance Bennett, Bob Behrend Sterling Blanchard, Ted Stover, Jim Marvin, Bob Therrien, Top row: Dennis Lahmon, Larry Patton Paul Beckett, Joel Kotin, Bob Hanson, Bill Lycett, Ted Anderson, Wayne Apgar, Dan Marks, B Coach "C" Swimming A. I x w . 3 ii" Left to right, bottom row: Gary'Williamson, Dennis McGee, Steve Saylor, Don Schirmer, Mike Boyle, Mike Towles, Rocky Rudolph, Steve Webber, Bud Clarkson, Hank Grigsby, Top row: Tom Sherwood, Bob Asquith, Mike Liddell, Val LeClerq, Bob Schultz, Ruffan Ring ,Gary Nelson, David Wilms, Dick Schultz, Pete Rusch, John Redtern, John Pope, Diving Coach Hooper. 1 gf, In is --dlp , ,, John Pope crouches in anticipation of the gun which he hopes will send him on his way to another win. Although there is no C league, the Glen- dale C's take on all the schools in the league who have C teams. The C Championship is determined at the League Meet. The Glendale C's, who have defeated all comers thus for in the season, are confident ot obtaining league honors. Memorable Sports Moments '57 - '58 Bud Teachout, Boys' P.E. Department Head - The wonderful work done by the coaching staff here at Glen- dale. Ranier DeMandeI, Swimming --'The Beverly Hills Invitational when Bob Moulton took first, Jim Bough took second, and Ralph Powers took fifth in the 400 yd. free style. f Gr i ., X 1 This year it was deemed a fitting ending for the Sports Section to include a special page for coaches. ln a brief interview each coach was questioned as to the most mem- orable event or incident that happened to him or his team during the '57-'58 season. Since Tennis, Swimming, Baseball and Track are not completed until after the book goes to press, there may be more exciting events turn up in these sports before the end of the season. However, these are the events cited by the coaches to date. Roy Vuiovich, Varsity Football - The 'Q' Muir game where we came from a 20-O deficit in the first quarter to within 2 points of winning in the last quarter, Leo Arranaga, B Football, J.V. Baseball - The second half of the Hoover B foot- ball game when we were behind 6-I3 and came back to win the game l25-T31 and the Foothill League. Baseball - This year's J.V. crop is one of the best in years. Gene Haas, Varsity Basketball, Tennis - Beating Hoover the first time when they were on top of the league and we were on the bottom and beating them the second time to give Us the League Cham- pionship. Tennis - We're unbeaten! B A A V- Ted Andrews, Varsity and B Swim- , r' A . ming - The second B meet against Burroughs. However, the 9-O rec- -A ord of both teams overshadows any X ,- I individual event or incident. ,x i x f AT! iii Ed Gooriian, B Basketball - Beating I Hoover three times - once in the Bee Foothill Tournament and twice in the league play. Lon Graf, Track - Seeing Bob Johnson tie Hoover's John Rose in the pole vault at l3' 4314" at the Pasadena Games. Bill Gelsinger, Varsity Baseball - Seeing sophomore Don Hagen step in to take over a sick Darrell Sutherland's pitching position on the team in a game, in a league where sophomores seldom pitch. I P mpc H A e 4 ,-.:,-f. 1-53 if? 'lisa' l u.. wlttxfg' -- ' 1,.- '-'L Byron Melendy, Robert DeMoss, and Ronald Berkon stand at attention as Fred Rosenburg raises the flag. The R.O.T.C. performs this task every morning. The Reserve Officers Training Corps, one of the many elective courses offered at Glendale l-l each year. Presently there are enrolled in the R.O.T.C. This bettetr adjust themselves to the with others that all must lead The basic courses taught during Reserve Ottcers' Training Corps igh, is becoming more popular one hundred and thirty cadets program helps young men to adult life of living and working after graduation. a three year period in this sub- .' .-: ' .w JS Us pr, ,,. - -... ject include: First Aid, Map and Compass Reading, Leadership Training, Tactics, basic drill and manual of arms, care and maintenance of Weapons, general instructions of all weapons used by the ground forces, and a knowledge of all other branch- es of the Armed Forces. Extra-curricular activities are also offered to the members. A three day Navy cruise, a visit to El Torro Marine Base, a three day visit to Fort MacArthur, a Military Ball, and an inspection of an Air Force Base, are a few of the things promoted by the R.O.T.C. A familiar sight to all R.O.T.C. cadets are, from left to right, Major Henry Jordon, Sergeant George Lee, MfSgt. William Turkish, and MfSgt. James Rupert, who supervise the cadets' training, s Captain Dennis Gillum, head of the Parking lot detail, looks on with Captain Stan Many awards have been taken by Glendale High's Rifle Team both Rouse as Tom Cass, Robert DeMoss, and Sam Salsbury aid in the student parking in city and state wide competition. Varsity letters are awarded to the lot. The R O T C. also helps to direct and park cars at home football games held top five scorers each year. The members of the team shown above are at Glendale High School, In iirrirge of all R O T C cadets and Commanding Officer at Glen- il.ile High is Lieutenant Colonel Robert Penland lcenterl. Second in commancl is Major Kenneth Van Wormer lleftl The Battalion Co oiulnzifor of Canwpanies A and B is Captain Charles Bona grii1l"l left to right: Jerry Holm, John Streetmaker, Captain Charles Bona and Byron Melendy. Twice a week, classes are held in R.O.T.C. The above class, being conducted by Sgt. Lee is on the M-1 Carbine Rifle, Throughout the year, classes are held on weapons, first aid, map reading, tactics, and many other subjects dealing with the army. Glendale High's Firing Squad, under the command of Captain Mike Quinn, serve as Honor Guards at funerals of deceased veterans. Cadet Captatn Michael Quinn, Cadet Captaxn Dennis Gillum, Company Commander e A Company Commander 3 B Company. Company. N ,or - ' ,, ia., ..-, . . ,, ,. ici? , Thursday inspection day lands Lteutenant Colonel Robert Pentlund tnspccttng Cadet Gary Nelson. Glendale 1 9 The Mtlutary Ball, an annual event for all Glendale and Hoover members, was held at the Amerrcan Legion Hall thus year. An enchanted evening was had by all who attended. " An early morning inspection at Fort MacArthur is conducted by Lieutenant Colonel Robert Penland and Captain Bowl of Hoover. Being inspected is Cadet Gary Nelson, vvltlt Cadet Chris Goff next rn ltne The Fort MacArthur trap ts one ofthe many field trips held bythe R.O.T.C. High Schools R,O,T,C. Drill Team, under the command of Malor Van Wormer, is shown practicing for coming parade. i w ' , ' ill' s? Q Ag ev -'VL 11 I f 4. 5. '10 , vw, 3.2 , . . lglmilnnn-i . l ff' i Q n H .. cm ,H r- 9 5 ' Y In 1. v'ff"" "T 132' - .f -5 2 'H ' "J",-af., Y-' L i V-. ' Z -'l tif- 'J-J .Aff 1'-.rf " " - 4 3 'Wigv +825 .-it - 5? l 'Y firm- ff"-2'1"1 1 1 L . -f-,Rex is 19:81. . Company A officers and men include, L to R lRow 11 Company Commander Capt. Michael Quinn, 2nd. Lt. William Hughes, Qnd. Lt. Rein Hark, 2nd. Lt. John Streetmaker. lRow 21 Charles Lovell, Alan Boehmer, Jim Olinick, Kenneth Erickson, Ben Sliger, David Smith, Karl Orth, Gary Son, Cliff Drury, Ron Jones, John Montague. lRow 31 Everett Houck, Richard Hager, David Cooper, Peter Briggs, John Sheely, Alan Colton, Bill Principe, Sandy Gerfen, Dave Mardear, Jerry Christian, Gary Knagenhelm, Batt, Comm. Lt. Col. Robert Penland. lRow 41 Tom Ryan, Jim Neuman, LeRoy Matson, John Hughes, Jim Hull, Robert Anderson. iRow 51 Roger Jalbert, Bruce Rice, Jerry Holm, Forrest Cassidy, Ray Bromloerek, Richard Tupper, Wilsey Martin, Ron Brown, Terry Wallick. 14 Company B officers and men include, L to R lRow 'll 2nd. Lt. Tom Sutter, Company Commander Capt. Dennis Gillum, 2nd. Lt. Steve Kiser, Qnd. Lt. Bill Prutum, Batt. Exect. Mai. Ken Van Wormer. lRow 21 John Cope, Ronald Coleman, Richard Voge, Charles Beaty, Jerry Saul- vester, Sam Salisbury, Robert DeMoss. lRow 31 Fred McCord, Darryl Morris, Gary Watson, Larry Silverman, John Hiate, Richard Partridge, Chris Goff, Charles Wiener, Ron Quinn, Fred Rosenberg. lRow 41 Bob Berg, Byron Melendy, Pete Ogden, Bill Wilfong, Ralph Blocker, Roy Berkon, Duane Westermeir, Gary Nelscon, Tom Schurtz. lRow 51 Harold Baughman, John Weisbacker, John Morgan, Jim McQUay, Don Kalcle, John Bohr, John Nilson, Reed Snackenburg, Leon Eddy. rs 3, A ' s The Girls' Athletic Association is Cm importcmnt tdctor in goining new triends ond experiences tor Glendale girls. lt is on os- socotion ot the voried sport clulns, such os volleylooll, bose- boll, ond circhery. Sixth period gym is reserved tor those girls who wish GAA membership Oncl meet the requirements ot staying citter school once c: week oncl mczintdining o grdde ot UA" or "B" in both posture ond gym. Since not oll girls con meet the requirements or or- ronge their progroms for sixth period gym, the citter-school sport clubs ore open to oll. Caught in mid-oir doin: i swan iye is GAA diver, Sue Williams Girls Sports Activities fl, l, 'ls' Athletic Association if L f . ,XL l Cecile Lash First Semester President A SQ' " if Dv GAA Board members are, left to right: Row iz Linda Durley, Jeanie Kaye, Melinda Royce, Sandy Barondess, Ursula Spilger, Judy Hlrtle, Gretchen Clemmons, Regina lnslee, Carol Gilbert. Row 2: Bette Broom, Gail Seabury, Barb Humphreys, Bette Moser, Joan Henderson, Cecile Lash, Sally Evans, Carolyn Johnson, Gail Winbigler, and Sue Locke. Being installed at the Annual Installation Award Banquet are, left to right: Carol McSween, Debbie Zeller, Carolyn Johnson, Carol Mason, Gretchen Clemmons, Carol Gilbert, Sue Locke, and Joan Wahl. Each semester GAA members elect officers and managers to head the different sport clubs and their activities. Under the leadership of Cecile Lash, first semester president, the board planned the Annual Installation Award Banquet held on the 25th of January. The second semester board and its president, Joan Henderson, arranged "Spring Fever," the playday held in April on the GHS campus. DQ 'ik v'!lQ'x-sg , . I -. ..,,,- '- gf . 'nfl X5 .xt X 414, l L p-O .loan Henderson Second Semester President GAA. Sports Clubs After-school GAA swim offers several different branches of water sports. The water ballet group worked hard in perfecting The demonstrations put on for The classes and the playdays. Under The lead- ership of Sue Locke, swim manager, The club spon- sored a swim meet for The girls. S o o wrmmrng , n E 4 , in 1 -.. -, -. T vl 'fl ., V' , ft' v T 3 -at 43 A .- I Qt' x 'f"- -1 . "" TTT -Y Advanced swim club members . anna T ' 1. ., Q are, left To right: Row 1: Penny 'T "Ju" -"'3 i ,, MooLenyzer, Ursula Spilger, 7 n is K Sharon Goodman, Joyce Stad- Q R t-,"'T T ' ler, Glady Dull. Row 2: Heath ' -. '-: Stokes, Guenella Stavenow, 'Ti , Robbin Harris, Janice Kinnan, w,. Ann Lea Welshofer. Row 3: lv N Darlene Moore, Dena Naimark, ' Linda Temple, Chris Fgdrrer, 1 Q Y 5 'T u jf '67, 1 C-:Url BBPYTH, Sue Willtbms Cyqd - w -' T f moms Jolliffe. T1 ,, " of b W? - 1, rrfff' .f l A x - i - ' "fl r I' A . . -.rf f- , , Y , . ' ' " 5 Q I , ag 3-sf ir J- , f -. , Q I ' A 4 'T Members of the water ballet T ' . U" I club are, lefT to right: Row 1: uk - U." .Q ..' Q. ,z ,Diane Dick, Sandy Jacoby, Tan' 9 ' ' T Linda Winfrey, Carol Schroeder, Karen Begley. Row 2: Harriet ' J I , . 1 7 Gomes, Delores McClure, Donna "gsi .- Giving water polo a try are, leff to right: Janet Lynn, Nancy Clausen, Sandra Hardwidge, Bette Broom, Peggy Lillig, Sharon Arendale, and Sue Locke, in The center. , uv A- ' .PZ Beginning swim club members are, left To right: Row l: Rene McKenzie, B o n n i e Vold, Carol Spelgeffi. Row 2: Eddylou Tre- neer, Lynda Smith, Andrea Martin, Ei- leen Stahl. Row 3: Jackie Beckman, Lin- da Skursch, Leslie Reynolds, Je en i e Skeele and Murial Brown. Weger, Pauline McAllister, Carole Langstaff, Rona Shu- mann. Row 3: Beverly Atkine son, Valerie Shaw, Penny Mo- lenwise, Toni Heisig, Debbie , . . I , U- f , 4 , 'A 1-u ,'j,y," ,. ' x T' ' ,X . .hu . Cave, Janice Nelson and MQ- 4- ,fx f Af tina Moran. ' - A-.. l . , ,,.. w N' ss' ,.-.3 , Ssrizx L 5.4 .J ' f 'Z-Qi-r A - x-.-1 an V . 6 0- ac -ug X, C-r J-1. 'A' 4 - -R. I c" ,,,,.., f .x " ' X 1' F H A W , - , - -- '- . ,,.-, ' se , Q, , Q. ' ' 'ff' f' ,ck . . ,z-'fr ,J , V' Q ? i FX ll ' .24 ' T I T1 Badminton Badminton was held on two nights this year due to the popularity of the game. Beginners met on Tuesday afternoon with Gail Winbigler, while Carolyn Johnson met with the advanced members on Wednesday afternoon. During the second re- mester all birdwatchers' met with Judy Hirtle on Wednesday. if Tennis Each Wednesday afternoon during the first semester the cry of "service" marked the start of one of the most exciting games played in GAA, Carol Mason, manager, led the club in the ladder match for both doubles and singles. Tennis members are, left to right: Row l: Sandy Dyck, Alice Chew, Judy Hirtle, Guenella Stavenow. Row 2: f Q, Dena Naimark, Carol Mason, Linda Lockwood, Valerie E l V Harris, Jean McLarnin. Raw 3: Joan Proulx, Karen l , l Schreck, Naomi Passler, Jean Semrau. Row 4: Mary Ellen Hudson, Pauline McAllister, Carole Langstaff, Astine Bedrossian, Marilyn Gilbert. Row 5: Meridith Wells, Carol Schroeder. Row 6: Linda Keenan, Betty Tunnell, Jerry Walmer, Cindy Radner. Row 7: Sandy Barondess, Kay Lensar, Mary Graves, Revo Johnson, Donna Barnes. Row 8: Roberta McShirley, Barbara Phillips, Jean Sivert- son, and Mitzie Tudor. Right: Members of the "bird, watcher" club are, left to right: Row 'l: Shirley Starr, Judy l-lirtle. Row 2: Sandra Staley, Nancy Goeller, Mary Stockel. Row 3: Pat Byers, Linda Glastre, Pauline Massey, Mary Baker, Vicki Patterson. Row 4: Pat Englehardt, Kathy Culver, Marcella McGinley, Astine Bedrossian, Marilyn Gilbert and Irene Schurman. Left: Shirley Starr goes up for a smash hit return to her oppo- nent. , ., ,-, f. I Basketball club members are, left to right: Row l: Julie Tucker, Betty Slocum, Jonnalee Hartman. Row 21 Barbara Averine, Dorothy Kimball, Gretchen Clemmons, Vicki Bough- man, Carolyn Ahlers. Raw 3: Sandi Murphy, Joan Henderson, Carolyn Hughs, Bette Broom, Laurie Brown, Kathy Murphy, Carlene Milius, and Jackie Liebmann. -an-yu-v ' Pausing for a picture are Dance club members, left to right: Row T: Carolee Wiles, Pam Thompson, Sue Pheiffer, Karen Muhleman. Row 2: Sandie Cul- bertson, Nancy Hooper, Joan Bailey, Barbie Waite, Annette Kelly, Sandra Hearn, Debbie Zeller. Row 3: Jodie Kniesel, Lynn Hoffman, Sharon Parson, Julie Bertin, Jody Emerson, Marilyn Weitz, and Sonia Hubner. Basketball The GAA Basketball club held an inter-mural tournament for their semester activity. At the end of the semester the winning team and their manager, Bette Broom, had the privilege ot attending the playday held on the GHS campus in April. Shooting for a basket is Betty Slocum, guarded by Carolyn Ahlers, with Julie Tucker, Vicki Baughman and Sandi Mur- phy looking on. . .. A Oy F Q , 4. xx - ' l ' , -'- 'X' v ' . " .ML sara-'h- .fm xl: , 3 Nat" 1 ' rl 2 L H J .F . ., 4.-.vz -. X., V ff :Q1f1:'1f3'1311:'i1' 4-9.4-Q 5 , sr- A -, - ,. . , . Qvf- tr-d'i!if-,':-i1::N:.' -l - . "i , L, .A We 1' .ga :sv-e:"'4 -f .. Q W f 9- S ' .ei ,-pc. ", L ' "" 'v- -, "t ' ,,- -4- 1 Q '-tr ,,.. W ' '75, -g ,- . -- - ,gi ' -..,1'5fIf-Qtiigw Q ',, Q- .y " Q Q ,. . ' -5 E 5 A - . Dance The skits and dances seen at the various GAA activities were put on by the after-school Dance Club. The choreography was done by the members with the help of Carol McSween and Debbie Zeller, man- agers for the first and second se- mester, respectively. Demonstrating a modern dance step are, left to right: Pam Thompson, Sandie Cul- bertson, Carolee Wiles, Sue Pheiffer, Lynn Hoffman and Sharon Parson. 145 Diving Diving is more than merely jumping off the board and doing a belly-flop. lt takes knowledge, skill, and practice to perfect a dive. Ursula Spilger, swim manager, supervised the learning and practicing of the different dives. I ' s- 'qx . y ' 1 Softball 'A A iv. nl in , Practicing Diving members ore, left to right: Row I: Delores McClure, Jackie Beckman, Mike Dammier, Pauline McAllister, Eileen Stahl, Mary Garbaline. Row 2: Barbara Cardillo, Linda Skursch, Bonnie Vold, Rene McKenzie, Carole Spelgatti, Jeannie Kaye, and Glady Dull, the difficult back dive is Glady Dull. . I A Safe! is the shout as C a rl y n Kinnison slides into third base and Nancy Taylor receives the ball. M5 Home-run hitters are, left to right: Row l: Carol Nelson, Emma Lou French, Judy Potter, Bev Oien, Ann Hendricks, Gail Sea- vs a Q 5' 6 I vi 6 i bury, Tammy Evans, Vicki Baughman. Row 2: Kathy Johnson, l46 .1-KJ. Laurie Dunsmore, Pat Johnson, Cora Dody, Linda Hoy, Carol Humiston, Janet Farris. Row 3: Carlyn Kinnison, Laurie Tun- nell, Maria Nelson, Myrnu Nelson, Barbie Bartlett, Jan Jencks, Emily Hallan, Kathy Murphy, Sandy Murphy, Carolyn Chiles, Carolyn Ahlers and Mary Berghuis. "Take me out to the ball game, let's go play with the girls. Don't let Ann Hendricks see that gum, tor she might spoil your fun. We'll cheer loudly for our GAA team, if we don't win it's a crime, for it's l - 2 - 3 balls you walk at the girls' softball game." l Knock your arrow, 2 Draw your bow: 3-Shoot. That was how the after school Robin Hoods hit the bull s eye Not only did members shoot at the targets in front of the Senior Glen, but the modem archers took a iourney to the Griffith Park Roving Archery Range, under the leadership of their manager, Gretchen Clemmons inf Volleyball This year new rules were put into effect for volleyball play- ers. With this change members and their managers, Sally Evans and Bette Broom played quite a few games before , the new rules were finally established. When this was done the net players did an excellent iob of representing Glendale GAA at the playdays. Laurie Tunnell hits the ball during a tense game while fellow team mates Sally Evans, Danne Morosi, Elaine Gilleran and Janice Jensen watch. 'i Qfi PI l, . . H' , Q . 3, lei T .. I 1 , ' .- y g i 'V . :fs P w x MV and if, l ' , J. . 1 ,, reg li 'lily - --.-.-44 1f'5'--ur, , 1 -p- -Av' ' Y - . , --- - V-4: . kj- X l :1-7'-4 1 V ' "' - ' 'tal-il - . . -. . , ... ,nr ,, , ..,, -, , ,A N., .. Q. .. , ..... ... 1' -.-....,-.. ,- . ,T ,-.-1 u A Y- - e- -544' Y . ,.s V. ev- -5. - -iq f .. . - . rf-rm-, - . '4 6-. ,X . .- ,-4,,i R ,r f Volleyball members are, left to right: Row 1: Gloria Wald- ron, Geibie Alisch, Michele Knecht, Brenda Robichaux. Row 2: Janice Nelson, Arlene An- drews. Row 3: Penelope Crepe- hall, Sylvia Repfil, Bonnie Bunt, Shirley Henderson. Row 4: Ann Phypers, Susan Lyola. Row 5: Leslie Reynolds, Linda Skursch, Barb Humphreys, Barbie Bart- lett. Row 6: Karen Byson, Mary Kearns, Celeste Kovalon, Jill Parker. Row 7: Janie Fisher, Lynn Rossal, Linda Dur- ley, Kaye Stromberg. Row 8: Ann Hendricks, Ardith Mea- dows, Sally Evans, Peggy Mini. Row 9: Dianne Morosi, Laurie Tunnell, Elaine Gilleran and Janice Jensen. Archery -5 .'..' .-' , ,. .-- "'Jrfg -41.3 .pe 41. ,- . ..- .. ,-- , . - l via". 'S' Aiming for the usual bull's eye are, left to right: Gretchen Clemmons, Dianne Morosi, and D. J. Tugby. Modern Robin Hoods are, left to right: Row l: Sue Clark, Carol Barnes, Diane Gray, Lynn Puhuff, Suzie Schroeder, D. J. Tugby. Row 2: Candy Criddle, Kay Lensar, Lynne Wonacott, Donna Morgan, Shiela Minkin, Linda Polgreen, Jerri Walmer, Sue Klopasky, Gretchen Clemmons. Row 3: Valerie Piersol, Mary Graves, Roberta McShirley, Janice Maneki, Barbara Phillips, Mary Dawson, Nancy Jo Pflueger, Marian Cunningham, Dianna Dunn, Kathy Yeackley, Ger- trude Cruz, Ronalee Williams, Janice Jensen and Dianne Morosi, iii :J 'l -4. film e..,..., 5 x ft f . If 5 , I . V, I . I 1.0 ff' I 1' aj X If JJ X 1.1 ,W mf U1 w . N v I J , I f 1 T W I I fr. . ,fx F . If ' . 'Y ' I 5 ',7 I' I ,Pj ff 111 , . 1 fb, If ! jf' 1 H V , I f L ,Ji rv' ix '1 ' 'f' ' ' . f' , . X' f' . I 1 I I A v - ,J I ffl .' I 1 nf 4 u AVA 7,1 ! l-' 'V A f I, 1 " I , , ,l J ' f f . 1 u .1 , ' ,r y , f 1' I 1 ' ' . J , I ,jf ll 1, fu " . . ' f -H f r .1 1. 'I Ii v. , 4. ' A I x I f 1 1 f 'J 1 1 ,V , X .J , f' ' n J ,J x V f I 1 01 -f 1 I, I' , " It s , ,, . ' 1 .. W A, ' - fl 4 I 3. ' X f I X J I 'V I 1' W y W Y , .nf iw' 66 WV Nj I fy ffl My HM: , + ju 1 I i, f ffi WM P L yg jj jf Vi! 1 WJ J ff ng! af I JJ jf WJ 4 K J' Af fl li ll If jj 72 W5 ff JN J J MK W W , WI f ,fi ,J ff! jd 7 qf lf! f' W W If X f sl M I Y 11 7 7 'I My Ui Nz I WHT ff fy if ,pr If ff lf!! A fx' X J ,J XL 1 f f , 1 f 1, fry n ff W if! wf wh V NJ if ' W . J A ! jj! Im 11 dr! I v I J f' 1 H ,np p ll f, f X f Mp K Nff M ,"' Q J lj! fvJ",r!Vf Q ,ij-,I7 1 Xgj 1 f' VN IV: - f,f 1 A I X, j' f f J ' ' 1 . , I 3 , 1" 1' ,' nl rd l I A fi . ' ' 1' fl , 6 J' WVU 2 1, M1 NX' iffy fly 4 .K 'L ., " ,ML if ,,'M W" ff' ,W Eff f JM f ,W ff I, ,,f w fl w 1 W1 1 MIN 1, jf ff- 1 0 1 , ,, ,, f V n 'J O4 ' -1 M ' 'pf " X gp LIVP, 3, " ,IP il., J if - , .J 1' . 1 'fig 5, t I ,A 'ki ij!! flnhlr Q 4 Y, v of A N76 x 'V In Y' - ji' ' - kv' 7 I' M 1 dj .WA ,iff V . I' ,vw I ' A, . 1 ,Ai 14 ., Q L ff gy fy 4 , w p A ,W , ,gp 4- . X. ff W ,ff of I Lv if - HV X QW' t ,JL af ' ,LIL f ,Q X f W ff .+ M10 S L 1? It wp ,, A X ,. 4 fbi' fm 'bp' U1 4 ,V ' pr pfxgg ff M41 I fn' iff' it nv ..... """""'- - .....l A, I, L Q' F i V L A ftp W ttfv of 'Q f fs . AN 'I bl' LJ I m.,,-A, tal ' '45 4 6? . , r N ' . Vt X F Q 3' , A s P A' 'awk Ngj Qix f " Y x N5 fi '. 3 'jg ' , 9 1 4' 1 52 3 QQ I Aviv . ,fp W' Fw! ' mv 1 if NSN A B 'L' WV if .f34sT MQ! L U14 :X . .s ' 1574 W yfafff , ,, ,few ZL1?'f'ftMff'fM1Z!'Ef'fWiA' :mf 5, ,JA V! WVIDI E n'M y,+"14J,' ff' Mft f' fI,,'l4kMflllL!1"r- I aj 'Ji '7!jf"Q,f'hf fx. 1 M .iff ff . 44' ,v 1, , iw ,lflg J- ,ri f .1-'7ff"! W , fb' 1 .f , V, ft fn. , ilk f Mc! X7 Wy, ffl! fd .v ,f f 'f 4 All r riff- wk df ypzwftffxfy I fzl ,NJ " N nf , 4 . 0' I ,WT M-ff W , -rig 2 Q .ltr . - Z., Qi .4 vie ' 5, 'E 'F' I is-' '-.:"' -rf r' W 1- 0" V rs.. James Allred Jon Amelsberg 'C' Richard Allen Penelope Anderson gn Thomas Ardagna Carolyn Akira John Alabaster Judy Anderson Lawrence Anderson 'Ji' - Robbin Angelica Jannean Antoina t, Linda Arnds Ted ASl'1lD9Y C" J . Ls l lq is 'V' U . cv' 17" Nancy Atsinger William Attig David Ashcratt Margaret Ayneline 150 ,g,.. Lights, Camera, Action! Glendale High School makes another tele- vision appearance. Coach Roy Vuiovich and members of the Glendale High Football Team were interviewed on the '76 Sports Club," and the song and yell leaders led the student participants in an exhibition of GHS school spirit, ni N 7 Barbara Atkins Barbara Atkinson Janet Baker Gary Balbach y F if B I Y l L AZ 'N Q17 JOYCE Bales JUCly BGlClWiV1 Audrey Lee Ball David Ballard qw 'J-'Ii lvfkag its uztsoy A . as X C David Bame Ute Baum Clovis Begley Mickey Benton 45514 XT' if .xi ,-v-- if' T"1' Gail Bankey Susanne Barlow Laurie Beans Donald Beck Robert Belrtrend James Bell Elza Bergeron Barbara Bernard Barbara Barnard 5' J 6- Deana Benavidez Barbara Bertrand I fyffq ll 'Fwv1l"Z', Y ,, , 6 1 , 61 MTX Af" d 6 'W iv' lbfxi 1 E . 0-"' f? xf Barbara Barrett Elizabeth Barrow Diane Bates Sylvia Bauernfeincl 151 Q Nu I I ' 6 -Q T275 - ,Q--' - 5' if uv- b- x 1 Th- '-Vx Ls! I qv" f I A Becky Blackwell Marilyn Blackwell Darlene Betts Patricia Blanton Ralph Blocker Susan Blake William Bolen Thomas Boneito Judith Blossom Kenneth Boone ,,,,,. 11' 'Vw 5- raw- 'K x ,C 5- 7 er ,.., K I Susan Bicknell Stanley Bixler i Sibyl Ann Blalock Frederica,BIanchard Dorothy Bogart Judith Bollingmo s J ' l V I ' Ib- ' JN l , J if-f ff' - f l lx Dix Y K fi i ff 4 1 , 17 15 x. f" - ,1 Carole Bowker George Boynton Charles Bozza William Borklund Mary Jean Bower 'H John Bradford Laurie Brann 'JT ,V as 1'-' 3 fb 1'2" Gary Bratcher John Brennan Bruce Brenner Ian Breslow Stephen Bridges Al V 1'-"" ...Q -4 X :rin Joy Hooker, Homecoming Queen and her courtg Linda Arnds, Susie Green, Linda Gratiot and Kathy Murphy enter the Rose ' ' Bowl in style to reign over the annual GlendalefHoover Foot- il N l x ball Game. A y lt .L f ' 4' 'M' " i ill' l 7395 W--.I Thomas Briggs Cary Brinton Morris Brown Ann Bungay Vviiligm Bfosfoff William Brown Donald Burnap Calvin Burt John Brown Margaret Brown Bonnie Burleson Patrick Burlingame 3' xi If X I I My fl-I" 'ix Barbara Briscoe Eugene Brooks Gerald Brooks Minnie Burks 153 c' i L 8 1 L- iv in X s ll fb VD QQ, al, pin 58 , OX af, Q7 - I K 2 ? Phyllis Byson Barbara Calado cw' 7: ' hiv' ' 'CH .4 ? . 29. 'Q 4' , Us h 'JS' Bonnie Burtness 5 55 lt' Z' r" . ll N --eq, ., X an s I 330 George Capos N' Suzanne Carhart C Judy Carlson Patrick Carnevali William Carr Jack Caselles T" Thomas Caves Louella Cerkoney June Champin John Butterwick Wayne Calhoun Kenneth Carlson John Christie Gary Cgsfelon Betty Cleaves Alice Chew Gretchen Clernmons 'fp'- 1 50 .1 l. Joann Byrne Corinne Campbell Richard Carlson Saverio Castro Leonard Christiansen W, ev -ff f Eileen Coen Janet Ann Cole Judy Coleman 995 fv- ,Lg 12.7 ...ff 9 "We want Parker," chant the iubilant Seniors for their spon- sor after Senior, John Robinson, brought them victory with his winning speech in the annual Oratorical. "S . vv-V 51 A4-ef wi' Q Harold Coons David Cox Michael Crockett Sharon Corcoran Marian Cunningham Terrance Curry Brenda Cornelius Annette Cunningham -Qvuwvf fa: in A ll Carole Ann Connor Carolyn Cooper Judy Cass Elsie Cross Dorothy Curtis John Lee Cooke Gwen Copeland Cathleen Casey Terri Croxall Sylvia Ann Curtis l55 x A 5: ff' X f l N Q""T" 4 I Xxx X Q' 'r V gf 15' Judith Dart Kaihryn DeeThardT Ronald Dexter Q- gl 'T' fi xx William Dawson Doreen Day "Around the World," is the half-time theme for the drill Team and band of Glendale High as they mcf e a stop in Germany To form a cuckoo clock in The famous Rose Bowl James Danforth Marina Daniels Pafricia Decker Donna Dedo Tom De Pamphilis Donald De Renne 3' Douglas Dickenson Louise Di Tullio 'T 'TG I 11. 5- xl 'tal 1:-fr' Y' Edward Downes Edward Doyle Richard Dixon Ronald Drake 156 Allan Dorroh Helene Drucker Q1 fs 5 'ctr' 'X R gf G ," - 4235. ' la. l 1 Q' FQ Thomas Douglas Gladys Dull W- g, 1 1:-""' QF! .lp 6 1 I . . Paifiann Dundas is 6' sv Y' IN ,. rf R sf 'U I 6 ins Diana Dunn 6' ' N I, m Qi f f' Sandra Dyck Barbara Eason Joyce Eaion Ralph Evans Marsha Ellwood Carolyn Elsbree Richard Erdos Russell Ferbrache Sarah Eroh Alice Eshe Stephen Estes Mary Beih Erwing Thomas Farley William Fasano Afjfwl l x .gi "QA, l V I 41 fn' -+4 -4 ' Ei 5 A l Ronald Edwards David Erickson Sally Lou Evans Linda Fields 157 X 57' ' i 1 W Q pn QS' AQ gi, . 1, Q' l 4 X i x C' K ff' fp if 14: :J W i -M... V' "f xgl rg-5. . ' K ' , 4 " N 4, I I . y 'vs 1 B - . V .I K L , 'F ' ,, I . 3 , ' .,- .,QNf.V ' , .. I g- Y: . Yvmu . P . - ' 4 1 M li F 1? , 23? - at ,' "F tl -F, r gil. F ' 'fr' sifff, i 1 i ii ... if Mary Fitzpatrick Nelson Flack I Carl Forbes Elizabeth Force 22' 'Sv - Ann Frye Christine Furrer s B' fm. X i Judith Flicker Victoria Fliedner P t Fi Linda Mae Ford Susan Fussell Brenda Fortner James Fyke I G ss, eer innigan Christina Fogg Sherlene Frost William Gabelman 1 'fi 1' 5 , 'LI 4 Q I' Q9 If ,X , an-w, -IJ Richard Gorman Ralph Garwood William Gar Sh G d y aron ar en Rochelle Garlow Sam Gates Gary Geer 1 .1 'C' li James Geer William Gehringer Jo Ann Genescriifi Judith Gerber Barry Gerken ,..-fr' X ,,,,,,,,,,, 72 ' , , M 17 'C C, J Known lo all graduating classes is Homer Miller and his cir- cuit camera. This view of last year's class will be duplicaied This June. I ,IA S ' J '- , ct' ' I 'S' X G l l " ' fff' g . ' 'wav' if N S in fr.. 4',,s. N . 1- M 4-ij I If-r , ,m ,Q 'J' ' Y-5-.f 115- .. . I K Av! Q Q . i f ' K 4 fri J "" t l SZ A l l. A ' Sfella George Judy May Gibson Shirley Godfrey Roberf Gonzales Dennis James Gillem Elaine Gilleran Patricia Gould Linda Graiior Arthur Girrior Gary Glava James Gordon Donald Goss ,,,,-' . ,5 , -, ' - 21-LA I "IU WT' ' Q!"'? Carol Lee Gilberr Jane Gillis Sharon Goodman Suzanne Green l59 li 'R YM? Barbara Hadian 6,7 - is ' 4 4' 9 D' 8 'C' fa if ff? 'S f K R X f c 4 Ann Gribbon Naomi Hackett William Hahnlein Karin Hamond Thomas Harris in-f William Hartman gi, ,Ay . 3 , is .9 f 3. David Hartman Jonnalee Hartman 6 f 'Q . I 4. T! :K WFT- 44 6 -wc' 1 A it lm. QT' , K. ln Christmas Time Again! The students of Glendale High till Christmas boxes for underprivileged families of Glendale. Here, Seniors on the cabinet help carry out the last few pack- ages to the trucks. G 4.4 5' "C," l V ' fff QUT? O fo Jo Ann Hayden Joan Henderson Ann Hendricks Ronald Helphand Lynne A. Hill Robert Hines Bonnie Lue Henderson Mayo Higson Z' ,ae i Cary Harvey Donalie Ann Haskell Miles Haskins Diane Hatteberg Patricia Hammond Patricia Ann Haze Susan Hermann Robert Hetherington Janice Hirt Judy Hirtle 161 ii if ,L se '39 G' l fx Kb 'Z Beryl Hoban Gary Hodge Sharon Hohm Anders Holmberg Joy Hooker Jimmy Horn Elaine Hounsell Carolyn Howard v A L ho- , 4 r X-. K X 4 Forden Hughes Sandra Hughes 162 Marion Hoffman Donna Hoherfz Sandra Hoffman Thomas Holst , . "Ge1 il clean Sophomoresf' These Sophomore class officers Adrienne Hofonian , . .. . . . ,N seem To be making their traditional 'ob of cleaning The Fish ',' Pond in the Senior Glen a time of play, Q Q-f I . 19. vs 'R N, as C' " 'Zi g 12' ' . "fi, -,,- Georgie Howard Gurine Hubert Arfhur L, Hudsgn David Hull Edward Hulsebus Kay Hulfgren li l Barbara Hunter 1' x fi 1 Us fv- .', 4.-V 0 uw ,Ad ii' Q. T' J .-n I' Q 1 I Q9 ,I Jerryann Ingram K: " ls! X R, Regina lnslee 4 ,Q -vo N X . x C tif' ff? . Q Sandra Jackson Robert Jensen i' ""'r1xrut7.':1:'fw 1 -its gig! . Q W , Carolyn Jensen Carolyn A. Johnson Robert A. Jones Janice Jansen Jay Jeffers Margaret Jenkins Yvonne Johnson Kenneth Keasey Mary Jentink Judy Ann Jobb William Johannesen Fred Kearns Carolyn S. Johnson Marilyn C. Johnson Robert M. Johnson Joyce Jones James Jefferson Joy Donald Kalde 163 K i. 4 I" , 'M ...Q-L 39 l ,uf 1" Zn 41' Carole Ker Patricia Kincer Dorinola Keeney Stephen Kiser Donald Kleeman Stephen King Al Knos Barbara Koch Lorelie Kling Dorothy Korzun , iq 5 'Q in m- rf' ef we V 'Q fe g , Allan Kipper ffm VA I f-vo lf' . LL I 4-v .Xl x g X . Carlyn Kinnison Jeanne Kisner John Knight Joyce Kelly Linda Klug '33, - x '4- 'N 'Tw' l K . "gg D -" x A . - l l . l .Tl 1 . l J Linda Kunka Tony La Morte Raymond Langley Babette Kreitzer Robert Kurnpe Terri Langstatf Kay Langton , f.-.Y - av A: rlf L ll lf X Q- fl , Ceceile Lash David Lawrence Jacki Lawrence Kenneth Lawrence Linda Leadley TI' L. The Dick DeAgustine Combo performs with a modern sound in rhythm for the Glendale High School students at one of their weekly assemblies. Q! CW" CT" N1 5' 'ffjjv I ff' ti' DU, v t . '3- LA K A rx. . Li A 1 ' Peggy Leech 5 L i l Diane Liebmann - 1 X , Steven Little Leon LeClercq John Lee James Lisk Johnny Lisk Lindo Lockwood Eleanor Legge Dorothy Leonette Susan Locke Carol Lunkley Peggy Lillig James Lindley Nancy Livoni Judy Lloyd l65 l il Rs 'tj' Vw 97" Gary Logan James Lomen Lynanne Loeffler S' gg ll YZ? vfv 1 1. QI? Alan Lorenzen Charles Lovell James Loyola of 'i-'ff' 92" an ' Tom Lynarol Jane? Rae Lynn Russell Mabery -f i7 fs .on k 1 We . , uf BQAFS6' I Ronald Mann , ,Z-4-fr Shirley Mann 1 4. C'- Q- 1"" Merci Manning Kathleen Loeffler Paul Loewen James Lopez Lane Lopez Philip Lozano Gay Myles Anfoinefre Marino Robert Mack Nancy MacMahon Richard Marshall Robert Manskar Charles Marggraf Judith Marshall l T7 Q X. . fy this , Madge Marshall Heather Martin Wilsey Martin if 5. JC' , X llll 1 5- 'ire ' l. l AA Us y Another tradition in practice is the annual cleaning ot the QT" F iv 61" 41' numerals in the Senior Glen by the Junior Officers. This year gl it's President Bill Jencks, assisted by Karen Risinger, Jocey Q if Delmonte, Carolyn Copeland and Gloria Waldron. Q7 Q"' fv- 1 r .. ,, 4 ' 'ff QZN4' ,a if , X rr V- ! ,.. . f 49' Phillip Mason Kathleen Murphy Mae McCormick Victoria Mattson Robert McLeod Gregory McMasters Leonard McCormick John McKenzie Barbara Marvel Karin Matthews Edward Mayo Janet McCoy Denise McMillan 6 QT? Doris Mason Richard Matthews Paul McCartney Janet McDermott Michael McNeill 167 Sf vw' A 'iff' 'E limi' . lt x Diane Melvin Ann Metcalt Susan Meyer 'E' -f 3, N '15 Deanne Meng Stephen Menne "We Won, We Won!" Senior girls go slightly mad after win ning the spirit award in the "Girls Stunt Showf Carol Mead Ardith Meadows Marsh Meredith Carol Merideth Angela Meyer Charles Meyer Charles Miller Jacqueline Miller 'fi xr." f Alia . 4? 'T' J K ,MS-. J'-' 'X ' wr Judy Mitchell John Monson Thomas Miller Gary Minikin Nadine Minkotf Rosemary Montana Geraldine Moon Louise Moore l68 .I 2 .3 s-. Penelope Moore lrene Morin Evelyn Morisset Dicxno Morosi L , . Q., lslsli 2' fl 'lf fN -1-, Ur' fur' "1" i 2 L 11" X 0' Q fdifh iw' I l".Iff4Y"f-fnrlr mfg 5 an Roncild Morris Colleen Morrison Emily Morrow Bill Mortimer Archie Morris Dorothy Morris Gory Morris Sylvio Mueller John Morfimer Bette Moser Ronald Mothershed Jock Moulton Horold Nyholm .lomes Moulton Robert Moulton Jonet Mountforcl Olivio Mulvihill Potricio Noe Loretto Nuccio 169 im Q Av. ' gr A v- rv- M 1' 9" x 5 "lf, ' Q- 1.1:- ,Y -1115-. . !' K .w'v,. I-1 T if , X 1,-' ,Xa- 7 V fi .AZ ' Robert Nournon Bonnie Nersh Dorlon Noumork Goil Newton Roger Nnelson Susan Nevins Gory Overholser Phllrp Owen Rolte Nelrneyer t..., x Q L, Q:""Tr 'QA X le Neil Powers Wllllorn Price Ralph Priest Vlrgrnlo Ogle Gregory Omolrtlon JH' N 42 Y 12:7 Gary Parker Dennis Parrett Stanley Partridge James Pascoe Fransis Patterson ll Nu., l fi W vf' .3- X ,A Q-I1 QT' Trophies of victory and sportsmanship are pointed out to two of our foreign exchange students, Nazeen Thanwalla from Pakistan and Christine Furrer, from Switzerland, by second- semester Student Body President, Skip Newell f",,'2' ,--. 'Q S sg'--r gg? ff Y' J' A' ff I M Q Ki W Q B , . ff' 1.111 'rf' Karen Paulsen William Peirce Ronald Perry Russel Perry Robert Penland Edward Perez Dorothy Pickard George Pierner Edward Perry Marilyn Perry Justine Phillips James Phypers 'C' Af' S-.-f' . ,A ITS' X i Barbara Pence Robert Perret Nancy Pflueger Sherry Plummer 171 f"' +1 '-w f 4 4. YI" I-Q rv' .FQ E l 2- fa- , l KZ Q... Q L- fn' R 'IZ' . rl ' V 'R J . X l it , ix'4'R Iv- 'R 1,5 YW in-f 'iii -iz-fi .X 'YR an 4 3 Q- S , 9 ,i 1 l 5 V . .1 1. N ,'-fl - xg 3-.,. '. l K l ,, l ui ' W C.: 'f "' Q ' "'r"'3"X N if M! gn 1 vfflgal ug. , 1 A fissi--is 1.-J lv. fi 'hi Monlyn Pomerleou Robert Powell Robert Russell 11' 6 Potncio Reslock Suzanne Quick Jonet Retzloff Donna Reed Willicnm Pontillo Tony Rut Robert Russo Michael Quinn Gerald Renstrom l. ""' -cr- l 'Z' Constance Riedel Fred Riedel Billy Rietveld gg-'r 77" ill 1 I I ,s A 7'4- LX' -1F'.' l ,D , A J . S l Asiatic or Just Plum Flu? Seniors will remember 1958 as the year of the epidemic with half-filled class rooms cmd pandemonium in the attendance office. ,f- Q-1 Sa xg 76- sf V""r David Roberts Florence Romano Michael Rosenberg John Robinson Melinda Royce Judith Rubin Mike Rolls Dixie Roth l : l l ...9v' l W 4, 4, xr.. Carmelita Rini Donna Roberts Linda Robinson Joan Ross Sandra Rudel Gaylord Rippey Darlene Robertson Robert Roeder Robert Rost Scot Ruegg 173 lx fx as ' 6- Wayne Sackeft all if ,f X, rr., Q. I . 'Nlllll lil. .lx Betty Jo Sanders it in 'C""P V7 ' ...nzmxfxy ' mx... in ll. l l '73 62' ,- x .jf xx - L it .M 5- QSM" .ff A 5 -4-, YT? 4? M 1- P' 'W nr V ff' t 1:7 , kits- H' ' A S 1 Sharle Stys Linda Sandos Sharon Sawyer Nancy Scharer Joan Sullivan Howard Sartori Joan Schaak Reed Schnakenburg Stuart Szidak Diane Sawyer Drucilla Schaller ac. J' is Traditional parade before the Glendale-Hoover Football game finds these Glendale students working on the GHS float fx 53 'E' 15' 174 Valerie Schuh Anita Schweitzer Linda Schneppershoff Paul Schneringer Peggy Scholte Lynn Scribner Frank Scurria Janice Seidenglanz ,.-,nf ,ffl x',3,K, Nancy Se Kava Cecil Selman 'S Q1 it vwfffvl' ik fi Donna Shaw Patricia Shaw Barry Shoop Sandra Shuck Sandy Sill Richard Silver Nancy Sisson Wayne Skaggs Judith Sexton lXl:h'l,l11ITJ7'T.'I7T"77 ' Dee Ann Shinkle hwx Ev fl . Q X 1 n i . ' - 4- A-. Ex Martha Shideler Beverly Shultice Gary Simpson Martha Sliney 1"" il auf cn-'rr' if T4 Emily Shochat Rhoda Sigler John Sipple GVQQOVY Simpson Charles Smith Betty Slocum l75 'c'-"' IV' if 'VCL' 7K wf N 4' l .HEEL Q7 -g..!' W7 C, '2 s - i 5. Q-. gh: Q Q .ivy "mil STM Ronald Smith Susan Smith David Smith Suzanne Snyder Donna Sodoma Donald Smullen Viola Spears Pauline Speck Evangeline Soriano .al Ursula Spilger Laura Smith Marilyn Smith ' . -1 A Barbara Snavely Margaret Snook Q Martin Sours Tom Sparrow gl ff an .4105 ,C- QA bf W?" Q" Sandra Staley Glory Staniec Shirley Starr Janice Spong Ronald Stadler John Stewart Phillip Stockman cf' Robert Stover Barbara Stowell Diane Stubblefield Dorothy Tugby Laurie Tunnell 1.1, '7- - e t N 'lj X , si A 4: 4. CF, in 55 Q'-1' J we CONGRATULATIONS OR CONSOLATIONS? First semester GHS President, Bill Dawson, shakes hands and talks over the possibe outcome of the traditional Glendale-Hoover game with the Hoover President, Alan Mage. 8 3' y Y li 4 J :SY- 2 . 1-5' l 5-K Xi Diane Tang Nazneen Thanawalla Marilyn Thompson Jerelyn Turner Cheryl Taliaferro Bonnie Thompson Jill Thompson Roger Tucker Linda Temple Cherie Terkla Linnea Traeger Julie Tucker Robert Therrien Donna G. Thomas Glynne Todd Karen Towers I77 'Q 0 l All i, . , 4 I 6' .Lf nf" C' 'l , . X - X 4 Z' Ronald Turner .,, v, W . Fas A-1 F- A , .q,,,1'.vf,..f 4 . L h f ,fi K ,JA ,- y ,,vA.-up 5' 'fa X ' -'?f51'4y5QrT Q, fy ei5.a.'-fli- 2: Eu: Wayne Worden rf? Donald Tyler 4 Q E4 N 'rf X l Elf? QV' IWW QD an QT' 5 ff? .. F I '.. 1'4" 1 1,-'lm v.- '2 5' 1 f -Mg 9 , fx , 1.5 A -if S N6 if 4 'ful 'QF' 'Vx James Van Dyke Pamela Van Wie Kenneth Van Woermer David Voralik Dwight Waite Keith Walberg James Walton Ruth Ann Ward Linda Watkins John Weeks Ray Wells John Wertin Q?""" ,ini gd .154 l G I I A Tw' Trudy Wright Donald Uhl Alan Vernon Sandra Wallace Barbara Waynick 1 James Wyatt Nancy Utech William Vlcek Donald Walsh John Weare Ai .4 5- YTW ln 'lm D- 64'-s 4? 5 Q' fC"l - f it 1, Donald West David Western Robert Westlund Q 5 if ,,,- 'J ' ' lx 8 9 CQ. 1-4 ' MFTIA M2 Q 4 A Z 5-173 ffw ' 1' . ' ' ' . divas ' . '- is -rf STARTING THE MARCH with a bang are Donalee Haskell, QS A W , isiswfvf . ,. 5? fs. .-'Q 75 Melinda Royce, and Janice Hirt. The March of Dimes was Q one of the charities to which Glendale students contributed. 5. s TF . ef-f , s FWAA 'tcp-fn D J j gvvulff D l wi V li ,N 'I i ii' W- .r - 1 mfr , I X as K A- " n x N -rf Woodrow White Roger Williams Ronaele Williams Carol Wiesjahn Gail Winbigler Carroll Wood Linda Williams Marsha Wilson Judith Weston Eloise Whitesell Claire Wiesley Dennis Williamson Darrell Wood Mary Wheelock Sharon Whitley Carol Wilkinson Suzanne Willson Kathleen Woodburn l79 -r' "us .B ff.. U 5 tr' Q 5 47,12 Gary Yukl Ronald Zakerski 6 xm- Seniors All! Oratorical winners for the prev ous Three years Linda Lockwood, Bill Dawson, and John Robinson compare trophies and Talk over past laurels, ,ALE-,. Charles Young KenneTh Young Carolyn Younger 1 aff' 1 Q Helen Zywezck Sandy Beach Carol Eastman K X N Sharon Foster Dee Fulton Frank Lopex j Wm Qbk Bob Parker Timofhy Sfewarf Carol Thurgood X fl ll 5 L Ny K X1 . NW J y lk,-' dfii. 3 J .., Q1 u1 Ili qi an xxx ig?-! . . . . we sing our praise To Thee To pledge devoTion wiTh sincerify. Thy strength and bec1uTy long in our hec1rTs will linger, My n , , v 1' v v T E919X9T99.Q0ZX6Iu:cr4-'e4'4. . STc1lwolrT Thy sons who iusTIy boc1sT Thy T Thy clc1ughTers Tolir Their love for Thee olcclclim, W , I if X . 'I ' 4 , E 182 GIT19 Glendale, Thy spiriT guide Us Tc1iThTully! 3 l I 5 'W' l 4. 5,4,i',5V:, , Teoch us, Thy children, freedom ond TruTh To cherish, Glendole, we proudly hoil Thy honored home Words and Music by LEAH TIEGS lClolss of W'4ll CLEAVE, BETTY - Pep Council II. On the next tour pages, we will bring to mind some symbols ot our tradition. Time has passed as quickly as and in the hour glass. Soon, long-awaited diploma. The Senior Key, the this directory is to signify the extra-curriculaf activities, clubs, organizations, and elected of- fices in which the Seniors have participated Though some students have considerably more dressed in caps and gowns, we will accept the during their three years at Glendale High. Al- tower, are just symbols of our great tradition that will be with us forever. The purpose ot AKIRA, CAROLYN "CAROL" - Cosmotology I, ll, III G.A.A. I, Commerce Club II. BAUERNFEIND, SYLVIA -- Corn- ALABASTER, JOHN - Congress II, Swimming Team Il, Red Cross Representative I, Il, Class Council ll, Latin Club. ALLEN, RICHARD "KEITH" - Congress I, ll. ALLRED, JIM "RED" - Pep Coun- cil Il. AMELSBERG, JON - Class Coun- cil lll, Junior Statesmen Ill. Junior Civitan III, Track Team ll, lil. ANDERSON, JUDITH "PEPSIE" - Commerce Club III, G.A.A. I, II. ANDERSON, LAWRENCE "LARRY" - R.O.T.C. I, ll, lll, Congress ll, 49ers l, ll, III. ANDERSEN, RICHARD - P.A. Crew I, ll, lll, 49ers Il, III. ANDERSON, PENNI Class Council l, Cir Junior Statesmen II, lll, Pep Council I, ll, Ill ANGELICA, ROBERTA "ROBBlN" - Latin Club I, Red Cross Represent- ative I, Nitroettes ll, Junior States- men II, III, French Club Ill. ANTOINE, JANNEAN - Y-Teens Trl Glen III, Honor Society Ill, Science Club Ill. ARNDS, LINDA - Pep Council III, Homecoming Court III, lll, Class Teachers I, II. ASHCRAFI. Men's Glee Stamp Club ATKINSON, I, ll, Latin Club Council Il. ATSINGER, NANCY - Christian Student Fellowship I, Il, lll, Senior Class Songleader Ill, Senior Coun- cil III, Congress I, Il, Pep Council Ill. ATTIG, WILLIAM "BlLL" - Honor Society Il, lll, Science Club Il, III. AYNELINE, MARGARET - Class Council I, II. BAKER, JANET "JAN" - Soph- omore Girl's Glee I, Choralettes II, A'Cappella Ill. BALBACK, GARY - Class Council ll, Congress I, II, Red Cross Rep- resentative I, ll. BALDWIN, JUDY "BALDlE" - Future Teachers I, II, Latin Club II, A'Cappella. BALES, JOYCE "LITTLE KRlS" - Commerce Club lll, Cresendos III, World Friendship Club I, ll, Future Teachers I. BALL, AUDREY "DEAN" - Transfer from Alexander High School, North Carollna. BAME, DAVE "DELANO" - Varsity Basketball II, lll, Congress Il, III, Red Cross Representative I, Il. BANKEY, GAIL - Commerce Club Ill, Pep Council III, Stunt Show III. BARLOW, SUSANNE "SUE" - Sophomore Vice-President, Cotton'n Cord Princess, Class Council I, III, Civinettes lll, Head Songleader III. BARRETT, BARBARA "BARRETT" -- Symphonettes I, Glenettes I, ll, G.A.A. I, II, lll, Red Cross Repre- sentative I, Stunt Show ll, Ill. BARROW, ELISABETH "BEE" 1 Class Council I, ll, Ill, Congress II, III, G.A.A. ll, Ill, Nitroettes Il. BATES, DIANE - Glenettes I, II, merce Club I, ll, III, Girl's "G" Club lll, G.A.A. I, ll, Ill. BAUM, UTE - French Club I, Il, III. BEANS, LAWRENCE "LAURIE" - A'Cappella Ill, Latin Club I, Honor Society 1, li, ln. BECK, DON - Congress I, Class Council I, ll, Ill, Pep Council I, III. Director of Boy's Athletics III, Student Body Vice-President Ill. BEGLEY, CODY - BEHREND, ROBERT "BOB" - Swim Team ll, lll, High "Y" ll, lll, Pep Council ll. BELL, JAMES - Varsity Football Il, lll, Class Council I, Ill, J.V. Baseball I, 49ers III. Latin Club I. BROSTOFF, BILL -- Stylus Stott I, II, "B" Football I, ll, lll, J.V. Baseball I, Class Council I, ll, Civitans Ill. BROWN, CAROLE - Future Teach- ers I, ll, Spanish Club ll, III, Nitroettes ll, lll, G.A.A. I, ll, Ill. BROWN, WILLIAM "BlLL" - Scribblers III, Cresendos Il, lll, Diving Team ll, III. BUNGAY, ANN -- R.O.T.C, Honor- ary Captain lll, Graduation Lead ll, Civinettes lll, Honor Society I, ll, III, Pep Council II. BURKS, MINNIE - Commerce Club I, ll, lll, A'Cappella lll, G.A.A. I, Lyric Club II, Sophomore Girl's Glee Club I. BURNAP, DON - Honor Society activities, the maximum to be listed was tive. try III. Glenettes I. DEETHHARDT, KATHRYN "KATHY" CLEMMONS, GRETCHEN "Grinch" - Program Chairman of Girls' League Ill, Civinettes II, III, Latin Club I, ll, Ill, 3rd Vice-President of G.A.A. Ill, Honor Society Il. COEN, EILEEN - Future Teachers Ill, Christmas Program I, Ill, Mixed Chorus III. COLE, JANET "JAN" - Com- merce Club ll, III, Stylus Rep- resentative I, II, Regulated Dress Representative III. COLEMAN, JUDY - Class Council lll, Stunt Show I, II, III, Chairman of Senior Banquet Ill, French Club ll, III, G.A.A. I, ll. CONNER, CAROL "ANNE" - Ex- plosion II, lll, French Club I, II, ettes Ill Future Teachers Spanish Club Ill. BLAKE, SUSAN "SUZY" Stunt Show ll, Nitroettes Class Council II BOLEN, WILLIAM Class Council ll, Junior Statesmen III, Science Club Ill. BONETIO, TOM "BOBO" - Civi- tans Ill, Congress Ill, Spanish Club Il, J.V. Baseball I, Varsity Base- ball ll, Ill. BORKLUND, WILLIAM "BlLL" - Latin Club I, Key Club Il, lll, Class Council I, P.A. Crew III. BOWER, MARY - Symphonettes Il, lll, Honor Society II, III, Future Teaohers ll, lll, G.A.A. I, ll, Ill, World Friendship II, Ill. BOZZA, CHARLES "CHUCK" - Band I, ll, Junior Statesmen II, Rifle Team II, lll, 49ers I, ll, Ill, 49er President Ill. BRANN, LAURIE - Baccalaureate Lead ll, Stylus Staff I, French Club lll, Latin Club I, III, Philan- thropic Committee of Girls' League Ill. BRATCHER, GARY - "B" Foot- ball I, II, lll, Class Council ll, "G" Club Ill. BRENNAN, JOHN -- Football I, Il, III, "G" Club Ill. BRESLOW, IAN "BRES" - Science Club l, lll, Key Club Il, Ill, Latin Club I. BRIGGS, TOM - Symphonettes III, Science Club I, ll, lll, Honor Society I, II, Varsity Football III. BRISCOE, BARBARA "BARB" - Commerce Club ll, Civinettes III, G.A.A. ll, Ill. BROOKS, GERALD "JERRY" - French Club ll, lll, Future Teachers III, Band I, ll, III, Bond Comm. Ill. BOONE, KENNETH "KlCKER" - "B" Football Il, J.V. Baseball I, Club Ill, Pep A RICHARD "CURLEY" -- Junior Statesmen II, Latin Club I, II, Symphonettes I, Photography II. CARLSON, JUDITH "JUDY" -- Club CARNEVALI, Football I, III. CARR, WILLIAM "BILL" -- "B" Football II, Varsity Football III. CASELLES, JACK - Varsity Foot- ball II, lll, Congress I, II, III. Junior Statesmen ll, lll, Key Club lll, Fall Play Ill. CASEY, CATHLEEN "CATHY" - Stunt Show I, II, lll, Congress I. CASS, JUDY "LUCINDA" - Soph. Girl's Chorus I, Mixed Chorus II, Ill. CASTELAN, GARY - Class Council I, Ill, Junior Statesmen II, lll, Pep Council I, Il, III, 49ers lll, Science Club Ill. CASTRO, SAVERIO "SAL" - 49- ers ll, III, P.A. Crew Ill, Cosmo- tology l, ll, Ill. CAVES, TOM - Latin Club I, Il. Science Club III. CERKONEY, LOUELLA "LOU" - Commerce Club Ill. CHEW, ALICE - Honor Society Il, lll, Future Teachers lll, G.A.A. II, lll, Girl's "G" Club lll, Senior Representative of Girls' League lll. CHRISTIE. JOHN "SPIKE" - Track lll, Explosion Il, III, Spanish Club lll, Scrlbblets ll, Cross Coun- lll, G.A.A. I, Stunt Show Il, lll, Dance Recital ll. COOKE, JOHN "LEE" - Latin HAROLD TRIGGER" - ll, lll, Track Team Honor Society Ill, Stylus Repres MICHAEL "MIKE" Club I, Stage Crew Il, Team ll, Ill. ANNETTE Representative I, Music I, II. IINGHAM, M A R I Scribblers ll, lll, Latin I, Il, French Club lll, CURRY, transfer School, Seattle, CURTIS, DOROTHY - Glenettes I, World Friendship I, ll, G.A.A. I. CURTIS, SYLVIA - A'Cappella lll, Congress lll, Commerce Club ll, Glenettes ll, Ill. DANFORTH, JAMES "JlM"' - French Club Il, lll, Science Club III, Photography ll. DANIELS, MATINA "TlNA" - Pep Council I, Il, III, Commerce Club I, II, Ill, Glenettes I, Class Council I. DART, JUDITH "JUDY" - Stunt Show I, ll, lll, Advanced Girl's Glee Club Il, A'Cappella lll, Civinettes lll, Accompanist for Christmas Program III. DAWSON, WILLIAM "BILL" - President of Student Body lll, Co- ordinator of Speech Arts Il, Dep- uty Lieutenant of Key Club Ill, Manager of Bookstore III, Varsity Tennis I, ll, Ill. DAY, DOREEN - Commerce Club lll, Stunt Show I, ll, lll. DECKER, PATRICIA "PAT" - Latin Club I, ll, Junior Statesmen ll, Pep Council III, G.A.A. l, ll. DEDO, DONNA "DODlE" - Future Teachers ll, lll, Spanish Club I, Ill, Stunt Show III, Scribblers Ill, - Commerce Club I, Choralettes ll, 60 Per Club ll, A'Cappella lll, G.A.A. I, ll, lll. DEPAMPHILIS, TOM "TlMMlE" - Class Council I. de RENNE, DONALD "DON" -- J.V. Baseball Il, Varsity Baseball lll, Science Club III. DEXTER, RONALD "RON" - Honor Society ll, Ill, Latin Club I, Il, lll, Stamp Club I, Il. DICKENSON, DOUG "RAKE" - Swim Team ll, Pep Council Il. DI TULLIO, LOUISE "LOUIE" - Civinettes ll, III, Honor Society I, Il, lll, G.A.A. l, ll, lll, French Club ll, III, Symphonettes ll, III. DISON, RICHARD "DlCK" - Science Club III. DORROH, ALLAN - Track Team I, Ill. DOUGLAS, THOMAS "DOUG" -- P.A. Crew II, Ill, Class Council II. DOYLE, EDWARD "ED" - Class Council ll. DRAKE, RONALD - DULL, GLADDY - Orators III, Junior Statesmen lll, G.A.A. lll, Spanish Club Ill. DIANA "PEDONE" - Society I, ll, lll, Latin Club French Club III, Dance Congress ll. Spanish Club I, Il, lll, World Friendship I, II, lll, G.A.A. l, Advanced Girl's Glee I, lll, Soph. Girl's Chorus I. EDWARDS, RONALD - Junior Statesmen III. ELLWOOD, MARCIA "MlMl" - G.A.A. I, Glenettes Il, Regulated Dress Representative Il, French Club II. ELSBREE, CAROLYN - Commerce Club Ill. EROH, SARAH - Sophomore Chorus I. ESHE, ALICE "MARY ANN" - Stunt Show l, ll, Pep Council III. ESTES, STEVE "GRAMPS"-Varsity Basketball Ill. EVANS, RALPH "DEEN"-Track Team I, III, Swim Team II, Class Council I. EVANS, SALLY-Civinettes ll, lll, G.A.A. Board Ill, Future Teachers II, III, Junior Statesmen lll, A'Cappella III. FARLEY, TOM-J.V. Football ll, Varsity Football Ill. FASONO, BILL-Track Team I, ll, Ill, "B" Football Il. FIELDS, LINDA-Girls' Glee I. Commerce Club I, II, III, Pep Council ll, Stunt Show III. FITZPATRICK, MARY "FITZ" - Civinettes Ill, Baccalaureate Lead II, Stunt Show I, II, Ill, Dance Recital ll, Stylus Staff Ill. FLICKER, JUDY - Congress Il, Red Cross Representative I, ll, Com- merce Club III. FLIEDNER, VICKI-Student Body Songleader III, Junior Representa- tive of Girls' League ll, Class Council I, Dance Recital Il, Civinettes Il, Ill. FOGG, CRISTY "TIA"-Thespians I, II, III, Congress Il, 'Junior f- , A , : ,:. -Lalaffi-'-YI' " Statesmen II, Fall Play III, Pep Council II. FORCE, ELIZABETH "LlZ"-Honor Society I, II, Congress ll, Stunt Show Ill, Class Council Ill, Baccalaureate Lead ll. FORD, LINDA "LYNN"-Red Cross Representative I, ll, Glenettes I, II, Choralettes II, A'CappelIa. FORBES, CARL--"B" Football I, ll, lll, "B" Track Team I, ll, lll, "G" Club ll, Junior Statesmen ll, Ill. FORTNER, BRENDA-Class Council I, ll, Congress II, Pep Council Secretary III, Cabinet lll, Secretary cmd Judge of Student Court III. FRYE, ANN-Glenettes I, ll, lll, A'CappeIIa III, Nitroettes III, Lyric ll. FUSSELL, SUE-Symphonettes I, II, Ill, Junior Prom Court II, Pep Council III. GABELMAN, WILLIAM "BILL"- "8" Track Team I, Il, "B" Foot- ball II, Varsity Football Ill, Varsity Track Team III, Class Council Ill. GARDEN, SHARON -- Lyric ll, lll, Sophomore Girls' Glee Club I. GARMAN, RICHARD "DICK"-Pep Council III, "B" Football I, J.V. Baseball I, Class Council I. GEER, JAMES - Transfer from Hoover High. GEORGE, STELLA-Class Council II, Cosmotology I, II, III. GERKEN, GARRY-Band I, ll, lll, "B" Football I, Il, Varsity Foot- ball Ill. GILBERT, CAROL "COKE"-Latin Club I, II, III, French Club II, lll, G.A.A. Vice-President Ill, Congress I, Il. GILLEM, DENNIS "DENNY" - Lotin Club I, II, III, R.O.T.C. Parking Lot Detail I, II, III, Science Club III, Drill Team I, II, R.O.T.C. Officer Ill. GILLERAN, ELAINE "ALPY" - A'Cappella Ill, Choralettes II, "G" Club lll, G.A.A. I, ll, Ill. GILLIS, JAYNE-Commerce Club I, lll, Girls' League Representative II. GLAVA, GARY-Track Team I, ll, lll, Class Council I, II, III, Senior Class Yell Leader, Pep Council I, II, Ill. GODFREY, SHIRLEY-Girls' State Representative II, Honor Society i, li, iii, Latin Club ii, lll, spanish Club i, iii, G.A.A. I, ii. GOODMAN, SHARON-Red Cross Representative II, Junior States- men ll, lll, G.A.A. I, ll, III, Spanish Club II, Future Teachers II. IRDON JAMES "GORDlE" - 49ers II, III. XSS, DONALD "DON" - R.O.T.C. I, ll, Congress ll, A'CappeIIa II. KJULD, PATRICIA "PAT"-Junior Statesmen lll, Future Teachers Ill. GRATIOT, LINDA - Regulated Dv-ess Chairman of Girls' League lll, Princess on Homecoming Court lll, Dance Recital ll, lll, Bacca- laureate Lead ll. GREEN, CAROI.-Stunt Show Yell Leader I, Cotton'n Cord Princess I, Class Council I, II, III, Student Court II, Student Body Song- leader Ill. GREEN, SUSANNE - Philanthropic Chairman of Girls' League I, Princess on Homecoming Court III, Dance Recital ll, lll, Stunt Show II, III, Vice-President of Girls' League III. GREER, NANCY - Class Council I, ii, in, civinenes ii, lll, G.A.A. I, ll. GROTH, STAN - Student Court Ill, Key Club Ill 49ers I, Latin Club I, Il, Junior Statesmen I, ll, Ill. GULBRANDSON, JANET "ATLAN- TA" - C HAYMOND, PATRICIA "PATT"- G.A.A. ll, Symphonettes II. HAZE, PAT-Class Council I, Il, Commerce Club I, Stunt Show I, ll, Ill. HELPHAND, RON-Tennis Team I. HENDERSON, BONNIE-Lyric Club Ill. HENDERSON, JOAN - G.A.A. Board ll, Ill, Civinettes ll, lll, Spanish Club ll, World Friend- ship ll. HENDRICKS, ANN "POKE"--Class Council II, Girls' "G" Club Il, lll, G.A.A. I, ll, lll, G.A.A. Yell Leader ll, Lyric ll. Cross Representative I. INSLEE, REGINA "GINA"-Nitro- ettes II, III, Nitroettes President lll, Future Teachers I, Il, III, Secretary of Future Teachers Ill, G.A.A. Board III. JACKSON, SANDRA "SANDY"- Commerce Club I. JANSEN, JANICE-French Club II, III, Future Teachers II7'III, Dance Recital II, Stunt Show I, II, III, Honor Society I, II, Ill. JENSEN, CAROLYN "SUSIE" - French Club I, II, lll, Future Teachers I, II, lll, World Friend- ship I, ll, Scribblers IIII. B" - J.V. Statesmen . II, Varsity Civinettes HACKETT, Council ll, Il, lll, GJ Teachers I A.-Latin Council I. ll, III. HADIAN, lll, Future Christian atesmen III, ii, lll, ci . A World Friel -G.A.A. I. Junior Rec Club I, ll, III. I, Scribblers HAGAR, Cl airman III, Il. HAGEN, Ji IM-BULB"- 49ers III, Junior Class Varsity Bi t Body Yell Team II. ll. HAMMELL, ?ERS FRED" III, Stylus Pep Council HAMMONII Chorus I, Council I, Club ll, III , Red Cross HANLEY, Future Ter ettes II, Ill, III. III, Honor HARK, REI 'in Club Il, World Frer HARRIS, Di "PAT" - Ill, Future ibblers ll, HARRISON, French Clu EVE"-Class II, III, Phil Representa- Girls' Leo Country II, Teachers I lll, Band I, HARVEY, C Talent Sho - Class HARTMAN, is ll, Ill, Secretary ' "G" Club Class Cour an President II, Congres HARTMAN, ' -- Pep Crass Cour icil ll, Swim ll, lll, Sci Club III, Iappella Ill, III. Zongress II, HARTMAN, Il, Spanish -Junior S Show I, Il - Con- I, Congress Il, Ill, Pep HASKELL, los I, lll, Society I, I Club I, ll, ' - Stunt G.A.A. I, I, III, Com- III. mor Society HASKIN, Il. II, III, Var - Future League Pre Girls' "G" "B" Football I. HATTEBERG, DIANE "DI"-Sym- ponettes I, II, III, Class Council II, French Club I, Il, Ill, Pep Council II, Congress I. HAYDEN, JO-Glenettes I, Pep Council ll, Regulated Dress Rep- resentative I I I. HULTGREN, KAY -Ylenettes i, World Friendship I, Philanthropic Committee of Girls' League. HUNTER, BARBARA-Band Il, Ill. INGRAM, JERRYANNE "JERRY"--- Commerce Club I, Il, III, Pep Council III, Senior Tableau III, Girls' Glee Club I, Junior Red Club III, Honor Society I, G.A.A. I, ll, Ill. KNIGHT, JOHN-Swim Team I, II, III, Congress I, II, Class Council III, Track Team I. KNOX, AL-"B" Football III. ettes lll, Future Teachers II, III, Science Club II, lll, G.A.A. I, II, Ill, World Friendship ll. KORZUN, DOROTHY "DOTTY"- Class Council I, Commerce Club I, Dance Recital II. KREITZER, BABETTE "BABS" - Congress I, II, Thespians II, III, Fall and Spring Play II, III, Baccalaureate Lead I, Orators Il, III. KUMPE, BOB "JIM"-Senior Class Vice-President, Track Team I, II, lll, Class Council I, ll, lll, Pep Council Il, lll, Civitan Vice-Presi- dent III. KUNKA, LINDA "KUNK"-Stunt Show I, G.A.A. I, Congress ll, III, Stylus II, III. LA CROIX, CONNIE-Pep Council I, Il, Ill. LANGSTAFF, TERRY "TERRANCE" -Commerce Club I, II, III, Junior Red Cross Representative II, III, Stunt Show I, II, III, 60 Per Club Il, III, Congress I, Il. LANGTON, KAY "COOKIE" - Cabinet lll, President of Inter- Club Council Ill, Junior Class Secretary I, Class Council II, French Club II, III. LA MORTE, TONY "WOP"-Class Council I, Cross Country II, Track Team II, Tableau Il, III. LASH, CECILE "CEC" - G.A.A. President III, Cabinet III, Girls' League Board lll, G.A.A. Board ', ll, III, Class Council Il. .AWRENCE, DAVE-"B" Basket- :all I, Il, J.V. Baseball I, Il, ilarsity Baseball III, Band I, II. .EADLAY, LINDA - G.A.A. ll, Regulated Dress Committee Il, Dance Recital ll, III, French Club III, Philanthropic Committee of Girls' League Ill. LE CLERQ, LEON-French Club III, Baseball II, lll, 49ers II, III, Science Club III, Latin Club Il. LEECH, PEGGY "PEG"-G,A.A. II, Ill. LEGGE, ELEANOR "ELLIE"-Social Chairman of Girls' League II, Junior Representative of Girls' League ll, Pep Council I, II, Spanish Club Il, III, A'Cappella III. LEONETTE, DOROTHY "DOTTY"- Class Council I, II, Congress I, II, Cosmetology I, ll, III. LIEBMAN, JACQUELYNN "JACKlE" -G.A.A. I, Il, III, Junior States- men Il, III, Explosion Staff II, lll, Writers Workshop I, II, Direc- tor of Pulicity III. LILLIG, PEGGY "POOGlE" - A'CappelIa lll, Lyric Club ll, Future Teachers II, G.A.A. II, Ill. LINDLEY, JAMES "RED" - A'Cappella ll, lll, Men's Glee Club I, Red Cross Representative I, ll. LISK, JAMES "JIM"-Track Team I, II, III. LISK, JOHN-Key Club III, Senior Tableau III, Varsity Tennis I, II, III, Honor Society I. LITTLE, STEVE-Sophomore Class President I, Class Council I, II, lll, "B" Track ll, lll, Honor Society I, II, "B" Football I, II, III. LIVONI, NANCY - Junior Red Representative I, Glenettes I, Il, III. President of Glenettes III, A' Cappella - stunt show -fall play- red cross dance recital - class council - civinettcs - world friendship Inter-Club Council III, Regulated Dress Representative I, LLOYD, JUDY 1 Philanthropic Committee of Girls' League Ill, Stunt Show II, Senior Tableau Committee Ill, 60 Per Club III. LOCKE, SUSAN 1 G.A.A. Swim Manager ll, III, Regulated Dress Representative Ill, Publicity Chair- man of 60 Per Club ll, Treasury Chairman of 60 Per Club ll, Commerce Club ll, III. LOCKWOOD, LINDA 1 Winning Oratorical Speaker I, Coordina- tor of Speech Arts II, G.A A. Yell Leader Il, Thespians ll, Ill, Class Council I, II, LOEWEN, PAUL1Cross Country I, II, III. LOGAN, GARY1Track Team II, III, "B" Football I, ll, Ill, Latin Club I, Science Club Ill, LOPEZ, FRANK "PANCHO" 1 Sophomore Tableau I, Class Council Il, Spanish Club I. LOPEZ, JAMES "JIM"--Congress I, II. LOPEZ, LANE1"B" Football Il, Varsity Football III, Track Team I, II, III, Class Council II, Ill. LURENZEN, ALAN1"B" Football. LOVELL, CHARLES "CHUCK" 1 Bend I, il, iii, iz.o.t.c. I, ii, iii. LUNKLEY, CAROL "LUNK"1Cos- motology I, ll, Ill. LYNARD, TOM1Junior Republi- cans III, Orators III, Varsity Tennis I, II, III. MACK, ROBERT "ROB"1Repre- sentative to California Boys' State ll, President of Latin Club III, President of Spanish Club III, Football I, II, Ill, California Scholarship Federation I, II, III. MANN, SHlRLEY1Future Teachers Club I, Il, Ill, Symphonettes I, II, G.A.A, I, ll, Stunt Show III, World Friendship III. MANSKAR, BOB "JINX"1Football Ill. MARSHALL, MADGE "MAGGlE"1 A'CappelIa Ill, Choralettes II. MARSHALL, RICHARD "DICK" 1 Latin Club I, Key Club Il, III, Tennis II, Ill, Student Congress Il, De Molay I, ll, III. MARINA, ANTOINETTE 1 COS- metology I, II, III. MARTIN, HEATHER1Honor Society I, ll, Ill, Civinettes ll, III, Class Council I, Graduation Lead II, Stunt Show Song Leader III. MARVEL, BARBARA -- World Friendship II, Spanish Club II, "G" Club Il, G.A.A. I, ll, III. MASON, DORIS 1 Congress III, Latin I, Commerce Club Il. MASON, PHIL "SMlLEY" 1 "B" Football I, "A" Football II, Ill, Class Council Il, "G" Club Ill. MATTHEWS, RICHARD "RICK" -- Class Council I, II, Ill, 49ers II, III, Vice-President Boys' League Ill, Varsity Football III. MATTSON, VICTORIA "VlCKI"1 Dance I, II, III, Sophomore Girls' Glee I, Choralettes II, A'Cappella III. MAYO, EDDIE1Basketball I, II. III, Track Team I, II, III, "G" Club II, 49ers III. MCCARTNEY, ROUD1BancI I, II, III, R.O,T.C. I, II, Ill. MCCORMICK, MABEL "MAE" 1 Civinettes Ill, Commerce II, Ill, Dance Recital II, III. MCDERMOTT, JANET "JAN" 1 California Scholarship Federation I, ll, III, 60 Per Club I, ll, Presi- dent ot Ill, Civinettes Ill, Inner- Club Council Ill, Spanish Club Vice-President III. MCMASTER, GREG "MAC"---Pep Council III. MCMILLAN, DENISE "DENNY" ... Jcnior Red Cross Representative ll, Pep Council III, Dance Recital ll, Fhilanthropic Committee of Girls' .eague III, Stunt Show I, ll, III. Mcmsicc, Mic:-inet "Muck" - Congress l, III. Class Council II, Varsity Basketball Il, ill, Civitan President Ill, Junior Statesmen I, Il, III. MEAD, CAROL "EDWARDS" -- Cosmetology I, Il, Ill. MEADOWS, ARDITH - Honor Society II, Ili, Commerce Club II, III, G.A.A. I, II, Ill, 60 Per Club III, Girls' "G" Club III. MELVIN, DIANE--Commerce Club III, MENG, DEANNA1CommerCe Club I, II, Pep Council III, Class Council III, Girls' League Repre- sentative II, Regulated Dress Rep- resentative Il. MERIDETH, CAROL-Junior Real Cross Representative III, Future Teachers I, II. METCALF, ANN 1 Girls' League Board III, Pep Council I, Il, Class Council I, II, Junior Statesmen lil, Regulated Dress Representative I. MEYER, ANGELA "ANGEL" 1 Civinettes Ill, Spanish Club Ill, Pep Council III. MEYER, CHARLES "BUTCH"--Trutli Team I, Il, III, Christmas Program MEYER, SUSAN 1 Glenettes Ill, Il. Civinettes Ill, Commerce Club I, II, III, 60 Per Club III, Class Council Il. MILLER, JACQUELINE "JACKI'E"-- French Club ll, lll, Class Council Il, Congress I, Girls' Glee Club I, ll, III, Dance Recital Il, Ill. MILLER, THOMAS "TOM" -- MINKOFF, NADINE 1 Regulated Dress Representative II, Spanish Club II, Ill, Future Teachers Il, III, Honor Society II, Red Cross Representative Ill. MONSON, JOHN--J.V. Basketball Il, Red Cross Representative I, Il, Pep Council I, Ill. MONTANA, ROSEMARY "ROSE" -Director of Publicity III, Decora- tion Choirmon of Girls' League Ii, Class Council I, II, Tableau Chair- man II, Prom Chairman I, MOORE, LOUISE "CHRIS"1G.A.A. II. MOORE, PENELOPE "PENNY" 1 Symphonettes I, Il, Ill, Pep Council III, Regulated Dress Rep- resentative III, A'Cappella III, Junior Statesmen II. MORIN, IRENE-A'ceppeIie iii, Commerce Club I, II, Ill, 60 Per Club I, Il, MOROSI, DlANE1G,A.A, I, II, III, Spanish Club II, Scribblers Ill, World Friendship Club ll, Stunt Show I, II, Ill, MORRIS, DOROTHY DOTTI' 1 Nitroettes ll, Ill, Spanish Club Il, III, Future Teachers III, Choral Concert I, Christmas Program II. MORRIS, GARY-R.O.T.C. I, ll, Ill, MORRIS, RONALD "RON"--Latin Club I. MORISSET, EVELYN "BABE" -- Commerce Club I, Y-Teens ll, III. MORRISON, COLLEEN--Civinettes III, Future Teachers tl, III, Stunt Show I, ll, Ill. MORTIMER, WILLIAM "MORT"- Swim Team I, ll, Ill, A'CappeIlo ill, Band t, Il, Pep Council III, Men's Glee Club II. MOSER, BETTE--Honor Society Il, Ill, A'CappetIa III, Civinettes III, Spanish Club II, III, Future Teachers ll. MOULTON, BOB--Vanity Swim- ming Il, ill. MOULTON, JAMES "JIM"-"B" Basketball I, Il, "G" Club III, A9ers Ill, Pep Council II. MOULTON, JOHN "JACK" 1 Spanish Club ll, III, Honor Society I, II, Band II, III. MOUNTFORD, JANET "JAN" 1 Class Council III, Civinettes II, Ill, Pep Council II, III, Dance Recital II, III, Junior Statesmen II, Ill. MUELLER, SYLVIA "SYLVESTER"1 Commerce Club I, MULVIHILL, OLIVIA "LlVY" 1 Congress II, French Club II, III, Pep Council II, Latin Club II, III, Honor Society II. MURPHY, KATHY 1 President of Girls' League III, Honor Society I, II, III, Class Council I, ll, Girls' League Board I, ll, III, Civinettes II, III. MYLES, GAY1GirIs' League Board III, Class Council ll, Dance Recital II, III, Junior Statesmen III, Com- merce Club III. NAIMARK, DORIAN "DENA" 1 Congress I, II, 60 Per Club I, II, III, G.A.A. I, Il, Ill, Honor Society I, II, III. NAREGAN, MARDITH "MARDI" 1 Class Council II, Commerce Club I, Congress I, Il, III, Stunt Show III. NASON, NORMAN "NORM" 1 "B" Football II, Ill, Civitans Ill, Congress I, ll. NAUMAN, ROBERT1"B" Track II, Ill. NEISH, BONNIE 1 Class Council I, Junior Red Cross Representative III, Regulated Dress Representative I. NEWELI., CASTLE "SKlP"--Student Body Vice-President III, Clvitan ill, Men's Glee Club President II, Student Body President Ill. NEWELL, DOUG-A-Class Council I. Honor Society II, Latin Club I, II, III, Science Club III. NEWTON, GAIL "FIG" 1 Class Council I, Il, Congress I, II, III, Red Cross Representative I, G.A.A, I, ll, Treasurer of Girls' League III. NIELSON, ROGER1Track Team Il, III, Men's Glee Club ll, Mixed Chorus III, Cresendos Il, Ill. NOE, PATRICIA "CLOVER"1Closs Council III, G.A.A. I, Il, III, Future Teachers Il, III, Girls' "G" Club ii, iii, A'CappeIlo iii. NOVAK, JOHN 'RED"1Varsity Football III. NUCCIO, LORETTA1Chorus I, II, Ill, Commerce Club I, ll, G.A.A. I, II, Congress II. NYHOLN, HAROLD 1 J V. Football I, "B" Track I. O'DONNELL, ROSE MAlRE1Com- merce Club I, G.A.A. I, Stunt Show I, Il. OGLE, VIRGINIA "GlNNY"1Com- merce Club I, Il, Ill, 60 Per Club II, III, Pep Council ll. OMARTIAN, GREGORY "TlGER"1 Latin Club I, II. OTIS, JOHN 1 Secretary-Treasurer 49ers, 49ers I, II, III. OWENS, PHIL-Pep Council II, Latin Club Il, III. PACKARD, JOEL1J.V Football II, Varsity Baseball II, III. PARKER, BOB--Class Council II, Congress I, "G" Club III. PARRETT, DENNIS--Latin Club I, "B" Track Il, III, Stylus Staff III, Varsity Cross Country III. PATTERSON, FRANUS "FRANIE" --Aczlvanced Girls' Glee Club Ill, PARTRIDGE, STAN--Track Team I, Swim Team II, Cross Country II, Fall Play III. PEIRCE, WILLIAM UGUIILERMOH --"B" Football I, Varsity Football C0-Captain III, Vice-President of Pep Council ll, Congress I. PENCE, BARBARA I-BARBH1 Presi- dent of Civinettes III, Class Council I, II, Ill, Senior Sang- Ieadef for Stunt Show Ill, Gradu- ation Lead ll, 60 Per Club II, Ill. PEREZ, EDWARD "EDDIE" 1 Pep Council I, Class Council II, Span- ish Club Vice-President II. PERRET, BOB "STUBBY"1Band I, ll, Ill, J.V. Football II, Key Club II. PERRY, EDWARD "ED" PERRY, RUSSELL "UNCLE SPEEDYH --Class Council I, Pep Council ll, Ill. PFLUEGLER, NANCY JO 1 Red Cross Representative I, II. PHILLIPS, JUSTINE--Civinettes Ill. Regulated Dress Committee II, Graduation Lead Ii, Spanish Club Ill, Honor Society l, II. PHYPERS, JIM 1 Congress I, Il, Symphonettes I, ll, Ill, Honor Sbtlety I, II, III, Boys' State Rep- resentative II, President of Key Club Ill. PICKARD, DOROTHY "DORTH"1 Commerce Club l, ll, III, Junior Statesmen II, Class Council II, Glenertes I, G.A.A. I, II, III. PIERNER, GEORGE--J.V. Football II, Varsity Football III. POMERLEAU, MARILYN 1 Junior Statesmen Ill, Girls' Glee Club II. PONETILLO, BILL "ONE CAN." POPE, BARBARA1Cl'torus I, II, Ill, G,A.A. I, POTTS, LADDIE1"B" Football I, Varsity Football Il, III, Track Team, I, II, "G" Club Ill, Con- gress Ill. POWELL, ROBERT "BOB"1CIass Council Il. POWERS, NEIL1CICSS Council Ill, Junior Red Cross Representative II, III, Congress Il, III, P.T.A. Repre- sentative III. PRATA, LOU "WOP." PRATT, VIRGINIA "JINNY" 1 World Friendship I, Glenettes I, Christian Student Fellowship I, ll, III, Philanthropic Committee of Girls' League Ill, PREIS, MARK "HALF-PRICE" 1 Latin Club ll, Ill, Science Club III, Congress I, ll, Class Council I, ll, PRICE, WILLIAM "PETE" 1 Key Club III. PRIEST, RALPH1Class Council ll, PROCK, BERNIE. PRUDHOMME, WILLIAM "BlLL"1 Key Club II, III, Latin Club I, II, Ill, R.O,T.C I, ll, Ill, Science Club III. QUICK, SUZANNE "SUZY" 1 Christmas Program I, II, Ill, Glenettes I, II, Class Council II, Impressions '57 II, Stunt Show III. QUINN, MICHAEL "PEA'NIUTS"1 R.O.T.C, I, ll, Ill, Rifle Team Il, Ill. Science Club ll, Pep Council I, II, Ill, Stylus Photographer ll, III. RALPHS, JOHN 1 Civitans Il, Junior Statesmen Ill. RAY, BOB1Student Court Judge III, Cabinet III, Secretary of Civitans Il, Ill, Thespians III, Orators I, II, III, READ, JOHN149ers Vice-Presb dent I, Il, Ill, Key Club Il, III, Latin Club I, II, Congress I, Honor Society I, II, III. REED, DONNA "PLlERS"1Junior Prom Princess II, Girls' League Board II, III, G.A.A. Song and Yell Leader ll, III, Congress I, ll, III, Secretary of Honor Society I, II, Ill. RESLOCK, PATTY1G.A.A. I, Il, Ill, French Club II, Ill. RENSTROM, JERRY "WHITEY" 1 "B" Basketball II, III, Pep Coun- cil I, Junior Statesmen I. RETZLAFF, JANET1French Club Il, III, Commerce Club ll, Ill, Girls' "G" Club II, III, G.A.A. I, II, III. RHODES, TOBY1Symphonettes I, Il, III, Class Council II, Pep Council III, Honor Society I, II, III, Junior Statesmen II. RIETVELD, BILL "REET"1Science Club ll, Spanish Club Il, Pep Council. RINI, CARMELITA "SUE"1G.A.A. I, RIEDEL, CONSTANCE "CONNlE" 1Commerce Club I, Red Cross Representative. RIPPEY, GAYLORD "BIP"1"B" Basketball I, Pep Council II, Christmas Program III. ROBERTS, JOHN "ROBBY" 1 Winning Oratorical Speaker Ill, Orators Vice-President III, Civi- tons Ill, Narrator for Christmas Program III. ROBINSON, LlNDA1Class Coun- cil Ill, Cosmetology I, ll, III. ROEDER, WILLIAM "BILL" 1 Congress ll, Swim Team ll, Tableau I, ROMANO, FLORENCE "RENIE"1 Sophomore Class Secretary I, Princess Cotton'n Card I, Sam Barry Tournament Princess I, Student Body Songleader III, Class Council I, II, III. RCSENBERG, MICHAEL MICKEY' 5 B" Football ll, Ill, Science Club III, Amateur Radio Club Ill, Science Representative to L.A. Cc.mty Museum ll. RCZSS JOAN 'JONl" f Class CcJnc:l l, II, Civinettes Il, Ill, Pep Council ll, French Club Ill, Bc:calaureate Lead ll. RCZST, BOB "BOBBO"-Congress I, Ill, Commerce Club Ill, Student Bcnk Ill, Business Administration Ill, RCTH, DIXIE-Pep Council I, ll, Girls' League Board ll, Congress Ill, G.A.A. I, Class Council ll, III. RCYCE, MELINDA "BOD"-Girls' 'CEU Club President III, Honor Society I, ll, Ill, A'Cappella III, Ci.inettes III, Spanish Club II, Ill. RLIBIN, JUDY-Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, Pep Council III, 60 Per ClJb ll, Senior Tableau lll. RLDEL, SANDRA NSANDIH -- Junior Red Cross Representative II, Commerce Club I, Congress II, Ill, Stunt Show lll. RUF, TONY 1 RLSSO, ROBERT "BOD" i J.V. Baseball I, Varsity Baseball Il. SACKETT, WAYNE-Class Council Il, Track Team I, ll, Ill, SANIDERS, BETTY JO "B, J." - Pep Council l, ll, III, Card Stunt Clczirman Ill, Class Council ll, Ciuinettes Il, III, Graduation Lead II. SPWYER, DlANE7Class Council I, Spanish Club ll, G.A.A. I, Il, III, Future Teachers lll. SAWYER, SHARON-G.A.A, I, II, Ill Latin Club Il, Ill, 60 Per Club II, III. SCI-IAACK, JO ANNE "JO" -- G.A.A. I, II, Ill, Future Teachers lll. Junior Statesmen ll. SC-IALLER, DRUCILLE "DRUE" --- Cc'nmerce Club l, Regulated Dress Representative Il, Future Teachers ll, Stunt Show lll. SC-IMITT, .IIM4Symphonettes III, Bcnd Ill, Transfer from West View High School, Pennsylvania. SCI-INEPPERSHOFF, LINDA "EZHNEPPY" 7 Regulated Dress Representative III. SC-IARER, NANCY-Junior Red Cross Representative I, Dance Recital ll, Ill, Stunt Show I, II, Cc'nmerce Club lll. SCI-INERINGER, PAUL 1 HUDOY Society I, ll, Cross Country II, III. SC-IOLTE, PEGGY "TI-IE DUTCH Gl?l."1G.A.A. Ill, World Friend- shp III, Science Club III. SCHUH, VALERIE "VAL"fGradu- ation Lead II, Civinettes ll, III, Stunt Show I, II, Ill, Senior An- nouncement Committee III, Card Stunt Committee lll. SCRIBNER, LYNN - Junior Class Vi:e-President Il, Senior Class Treasurer Ill, French Club ll, III, Clcss Council I, G.A.A. II. SE KAVA, NANCI-Class Council I, II, III, Junior Statesmen I, G.A.A, I, II, III, Congress I, Pep Council II. SE,MAN, CECIL-Varsity Football Ill "B" Football I, ll, Stylus ll, III Explosion Ill. SHARP, ROY--.l.V. Football Il, Varsity Football III. SHAW, DONNA-GAA. I, Com- merce Club I, ll, SHAW, PATRICIA PAT" -- Com- merce Club III, SHIDELER, MARTHA "JAY" - Latin Club I, ll, III, French Club Il, III, Science Club Ill, Explosion Sports Editor ll, G.A.A. I, II, III. SHOCHAT, EMILY 'EMY" 1 Class Council I, III, Symphonettes I, ll. Honor Society President Ill, French Club President I, ll, Ill, American Field Service Exchange Student ll. SHOOP, BARRY "TAMMY" 4 Football ll, III. SHUCK, SANDRA 'SANDEE' 4 SHULTICE, BEVERLEY "BEV" - Christian Student Fellowship Ill, Science Club III. SIGLER, RHODA -- G.A.A, ll, III Congress III, Class Council III, Regulated Dress Committee Il. SILL, SANDRA "SANDY"--Future Teachers I, Ii, World Friendship II, Ill, Spanish Club III, Pep Council Ill, Stunt Show I, Il, lll. SILVER, RICHARD "LONG JOHN" -- "B" Football I, Ii, Varsity Football Ill, Track Team I, II. SIMPSON, GREG -- 49ers Ill, Swim Team Il. SIPPLE, JOHN -- Student Body Head Yell Leader III, President of Pep Council III, Key Club Il, Pep Council III, 49ers I. SISSON, NANCY--Honor Society I, II, Ill, Future Teachers III, A'CappeIla Secretary III. SKAGGS, WAYNEf49ers I, P.A. Crew Chief Ill, Pep Council II, "B" Football I. SLINEY, MARTHA "MARTY" - French Club II, III, Lyric ll, Future Teachers ll, III. siocuivi, BETTY-Student Body Secretary III, Future Teachers President III, Class Council II, Honor Society II, Ill, Baccalaure- ate Lead ll. SOURS, MARTIN "MARTY"--Ex- plosion IV, Civitans IV, French Club IV, Varsity Swimming. SMITH, CHARLES - 49ers I, Il, Latin Club II, Science Club III, Varsity Football III, Track Team i, ir. SMITH, DAVID "DAVE" - Key Club I, II, III, A'CappeIIa II, III, Latin Club I, II, Ill, Honor Society I, ll, Orators Ill. SMITH, LAURA--A'CappeIla Ill, Tobleau III, Glenettes II, III, GAA. I, ll, Ili, Latin Club I, ll. SMITH, RON-Varsity Basketball II, Ill, Track Team ll, Baseball III. SMITH, SUSAN-Class Council I, Il, III, Sophomore Class Treasurer I, CoIton'n Cord Princess I, G.A.A. I, ll, Senior Class Secre- tary lll. SMULLEN, DON 7 SNYDER, SUZANNE "SUE" - GA A. I, II III, Girls' G' Club Ill, Civinettes Ill Philanthropic Committee of Girls' League III, SORIANO, EVANGELINE - Class Council I. SPARROW, TOM 4 Senior Class President III, Cabinet III, Con- gress I, ll, Class Council I, II, Ill, "B" Track I, ll, lll. SPEARS, VIOLA Show lll. SPECK, PAULINE "ANNIE OAK- LEY" f G.A.A, III. SPILGER, URSULA "URS"fI-Ionor Society I, Il, Ill, Civinettes Ill, Pep Council II, GAA. Board lll. Spanish Club III, SPONG, JANICE-Honor Society I, II, Symphonettes I, II, Future Teachers ll, Civinettes III, Span- ish Club lll. SODOMA, DONNA "SOD" - Regulated Dress Committee I, Writers Workshop I, II, Explosion Il, III, Dance Recital II, Ill, Editor-in-Chief of Explosion III. STADLER, Blli -- Congress I, ll, Football Il, Honor Society I, II, Civitans III, 49ers I, ll. STADLER, RONNIE "RON"-"C" Track. STALEY, SANDRA "SANDY" - Symphonettes I, Ii, Ill, G.A.A. I, li, III, Honor Society I, ll, III, Future Teachers III, Stunt Show ll, Ill. STANIEC, GLORIA -- Commerce Club I, Il, III, 60 Per Club II, III, G.A.A. I, Il, III, Pep Council I, Stunt Show ll. STARR, SHIRLEY-World Friend- ship Secretary Ili, G,A.A. Il, III, Spanish Club II, Explosion Stuff III, Future Teachers Ii. STEWART, JOHN-Junior States- men I, III, Swim Team II, III, Spanish Club I, Stylus Cover De- signer III. STEWART, TIMOTHY "TIM" -- Latin Club ll, R.O.T.C. I, II. STOWELL, BARBARA "BARS" -- Dance Recital II, lil, Junior Statesman III, G.A.A. I, Regu- lated Dress Representative I, II. STUBBLEFIELD, DIANE "5TUBBY" -- Junior Class Treasurer II, Honor Society ll, President of American Field Service Com- mittee Ili, Class Council I, II, Civinettes II, III. STYS, SHARIE-Congress I, Honor Society ll, III, Junior Statesman II, Ill, Pep Council Il. SULLIVAN, .IOAN - Commerce Club III, Class Council II. SWAIN, GAII.-Track Team I. Society I, Congress Ill, Junior Statesmen I, ll, III, Student Court lll. TALIAFERRO, CHERYL 1 Future Teachers ll, Dance Recital ll, III, 'Vl" -- Stunt Pep Council Ill, Co-ordinator of Fine Arts Ill, Princess of Som Barry Tournament I. TEMPLE, LINDA--Class Council II. Nitroettes Il, Regulated Dress Representative lll. TERKLA, CHERIE "SQUAKIE" - Symphonettes Ill, Latin Club I, THANAWALLA, NAZEEN "NAZ" -American Field Service Com- mittee III, World Friendship III, Orators III, American Field Ser- vice Student frcm Pakistan Ill. THERRIEN, ROBERT "BOB" 1 French Club I, Swim Team ll, lll. THOMAS, DONNA "DONNIE"- GAA I Commerce Club I, III, Glenettes I, III, Class Council Ill, THOMPSON, BONNIE HSASSA- FRASM - Commerce Club I, II, Ill, G.A.A. I. THOMPSON, JILL-Class Council II. THURGOOD, CAROL-Thespiarts I, Il, III, Thespran Treasurer Ill, Commerce Club Ill, Spring Play Il, Fall Play lll. TODD, GLYNNE - Sophomore Chorus I, Choralletres ll, A'Cap- pella Ill, Scribblers I. TUCKER, JULIE TUCKH - Con- gress ll, World Friendship Treas- urer II, Junior Statesmen ll, lll, Stunt Show l, ll, Ill, Pep Council II, III. TUCKER, ROGER-Track Team I, ll, Ill, Football I. TURNER, RONNIE-Pep Council I, Civitans I, ll, Track Team I, ll, lll. TUNNELL, LAURIE-G.A.A. I, ll, III, Regulated Dress Committee II, Ill, Latin Club I, II, III. TYLER, DONALD "DON"-Track Team I, II, III, Pep Council I, III, Congress II, III, Class Council ll, III, Civitans III. UHL, DONALD "DON" - Cross Country I, II, III, "C" Track II, "B" Track Ili, "G" Club II, III, Cross Country Cclpictirl III. I UTECH, NANCY -- Senior Repre- sentative of GITIS' Leng-ue III, G.A.A. Board II, Iunior Statesmen Secretary II, CICISS Council I, Girls' League President III, VAN WIE, PAMELA "PAM" -- Congress Ill, Class Council Il, Pep Council ll, Civinettes II, Ill, Graduation Lead ll. VAN WORMER, KEN--R.0.T.C. I, ll, III, Drill Team III. VERNON, ALAN--.I.V. Baseball I. VICEK, WILLIAM "BILL"-Class Council I. VORALIK, DAVID "DAVE"-Band I, ll, ill. WAGNER, JUDITH "JUDY" -- A'Cappella Ill, Nitroettes II, Junior Red Cross II, Representa- tive Il, World Friendship III, Cos- metology I, Il, III. WAITE, DWIGHT "CHARLIE" -- Class Council III, "B" Football I, "C" Track I, Congress I, Il, Presi- dent of Bowling Club I. WALBERG, KEITH--Class Council I, II, Ill, Congress II. WALSH, DON--49ers I, Il, III, Band I, Il, III, Track Team I, II, Band Council III. WALTON,, JAMES "WALNUT" -- "B" Football I, Stylus Photo- grapher II, III, 49ers I, II. WATICINS, LINDA "WASKII" -- Regulated Dress Representative I, Class Council Il, Congress III, Stunt Show I, II, Ill, Red Cross Representative Ill. WARD, RUTH-Latin Club I, II, III, Honor Society I, Il, Ill, Sopho- more Chorus I. WEARE, JOHN. WEAT, DON "BIG LUKE"-Van sity Baseball III, J,V. Baseball ll, Varsity Football lll, Varsity Track lll. WERTIN, JOHN - Science Club President Ill, Congress Ill, Honor Society I, ll, III, Latin Club I, II, III, Junior Statesrnen Ill. WESTERN, DAVID "DAVE"-Track Team lll. WESTON, JUDITH "JUDY" 1 Honor Society I, French Club II, III, Cxvinettes III, Junior States- men II, III, Stunt Show I, II, lll. WHEELOCK, MARY 4 Christian Student Fellowship I, ll, Ill, Future Teachers Ill, WHITLEY, SHARON-fJunior Class Songleader ll, Senior Stunt Show Songleader III, Class Council II, A'Cappella Ill, Stunt Show I, Il, lll. WIESJOHN, CAROL - Fulure Teachers I, Ill, Nitroettes II. WIESLEY, CLAIRE - Regulated Dress Committee Il, Class Council III, Pep Council ll, Stunt Show I, ll, lll. WILKINSON, CAROL HSHORTYH- Lyric ll, Stunt Show III, WILLIAMS, LINDAiClass Council I, Spanish Club Ill, Honor Society I, II, III, Red Cross Representa- tive I, Dance Recital Il. WILLIAMS, ROGER "ROG" - Varsity Baseball II, Ili, Track Team I. WILLIAMS, RONALEE "RONl" -- Class Council I, Ill, Junior States- Ihen ll, Ill, Civlrtettes ll, Ill, Spanish Club Il, Ill, Baccalaure- ma Lead II. WILLIAMSON, DENNIS "DENNY" ---Audio-Visiual I, III, P,A. Crew II, III. WILSON, SUSANNE - Commerce Club Ill, Stunt Show III, Future Teachers I, World Friendship Ill. WILSON, MARSHA-Class Coun- cil II, French Club II, III, Orators II, III, Regulated Dress Committee III, G.A.A., I, ll. WINBIGLER, GAIL-G.A,A. Board III, Honor Society I, II, III, American Field Service Student Committee III, Philanthropic Vice- Pfesiclent Il, Secretary ll, G,A.A, I, Il, lll. WOLFE, DIANNE "DEE DEE" - Lyric Club I, ll, Orators Ill, Stylus Representative Il, WOODBURN, KATHLEEN "KATHY" --Dance Recital II, III, Girls' ledgue Philanthropic Committee I, Il, III, Red Cross Representative I, Stunt Show I, II. WRIGHT, TRUDY-Pep Council II, Ill, Commerce Club, Class Council I, Stunt Show Ill, Lyric Club lll. YOUNG, KENNETH-Key Club ll, Ill. YOUNG, MIKE - "G" Club III, Varsity Football Il, III. YOUNGER, CAROLYN "MANDlE" --Stylus Editor III, Dance Recital II, III, Spring Play I, French Club III, Pep Council ll, Ill. YUKL, GARY - Key Club Ill, Honor Society I, Junior Statesmen II, Ill, Senior Tableau Committee lll. ZYWCZOK, HELEN+Class Council II, Commerce Club II, Lyric Club III, Chorus Il. Stylus Staff - g.a.a. - future teachers - "g" club Andrews, A -me - -.-as--, .P-,Y-,.,.., pw-Y-7 Y ,Y Abernathy, Irene-86 Abbott, Linda--19, 80, 83 Abuchon, Sharon-84 Ackhurst, Donna-99 Adams, Jane-84 Adile, Camille-74, 92 Adolphe, Carolyn-97 Aguilar, Mikwiil Ahlers, Carolyn-145, 146 Alisch, Geebie-77, 80, 93 Allen, Nancy-94 Allen, Noel-81 Alvarez, Henry--87, 110 Amelsberg, Jon-18, 21, BO, 83 Anderson, Bob-71 Anderson, Dave-1 10 Anderson, Elden-81 Anderson, Judy-87, 92 Anderson, Ken-50 Anderson, Larry-52, 82 Anderson, Mary Sue-97 Anderson, Penny-21, 80 Anderson, Ted-135 Arlene--93 Edwards, Ron-83 Angelica, Robbin494, 83 Apgar, Wayne-135 Arendale, Sharon-81, 94, 95, 143 Arnds, Linda-48, 49, 77, 153 Ashcroft, David-87 Ashcroft, Gail-19, 34 Asquith, Bob--135 Atkins, Chuck-106 Atkinson, Beverly-143 Atsinger, Nancy-18, 41, 42, 43, 94 Austin, Diane-85, 97, 98 Averine, Barbara-145 Axelson, Joanne-97 Axelson, Judie-97 B Backus, Leonard-88 Bohr, Audrey-85, 89 Bahr, John486 Baida, Leona-21 Bailey, Jean-145 Bailey, Muffet--53 Bailey Patti-88 aukerfiqn-51, av Baker, Marilyn--50, 97 Baker, Mary-50, 88, 87, 144 Baker, Sharon-85 Baldwin, Sandy-84, 85, 89, 92 Bales, Joyce-84 Ball, Audrey-84 Bame, Dave-111, 130 Barbaline, Mary-146 Barlow, Sue-15, 25, 52, 63, 102 Barnes, Carol-84, 93 Barnes, Donna-144 Baron, Carol-97 Barondess, Sandra-80, 93, 142, 144 Barrick, Ray-110, 130 Barrow, Bee-63 Bartlett, Barbie-93, 146 Barton, Nadine-20 Bosore, Penny-86 Bauflat, lrer-93 Bough, Jim-55, 80, 97 Baughman, Harold--50 Baughmon, Vicki-B9, 93, 145, 146 Baurenfeind, Sylvia-35 Bayless, Sharon-82 Beach, Sally-86 Beach, Sandy-21, 84 Beans, Laurie-87 Beatte, George-19, 78, 114 116 Beatty, Charles-19, 88, 130 Beck, Doni15, 17, 18,21 44, 52, 53, 63, 97, 104, 106, 114, 115 Beckett, Cabe-83 Beckett, David-21, 57, 135, 83, 93 Beckett, Paul-19, 21, 42, 43, 83, 135 Beckman, Jacki+143, 146 Bedrossian, Astine-97 Begley, Karen-81, 143 Behrend, Bob-135 Bell, Jim-97, 105, 106 Bendickson, Carol-93 Benefiel, Chas.-50 Bennett, Vance-135 Bentley, Pam-20, 42, 43, 53, 62, 81, 56 Bergeron, Elza-45, 77 Berghuis, Mary-85, 146, 93 Bergine, Wilbur--50 Berkon, Ronald-88, 137 Berman, Dena-53, 92 Bernard, Barbara-84, 85 Bertin, Gail-83, 143 Berton, Julie-53, 83, 145 Biaggi, Sue-20, 53, 82 Bice, Tim--105, 106 Billingsley, Judy--85, 97 Bilotta, Sandi-97 Bishop, Pat-21, 92 Bison, Steve-114, 116 Blackstone, Sue-21, 94 Blackwell, Carole-97 Blackwell, Marilyn-93, 94 Blanchard, Ricky-16, 52, 102 Blanchard, Sterling-81, 93, 135 Blanton, Pat-41 Blossom, Judy-35 Blue, Carolyn-81, 97 Blum, Jim-133 Boehm, Ida-87, 89 Boehmen, Vicki-19 Boehmer, Alan-72 Boehner, Ann-98 Bogart, Dorothy-51, 57, 87 Bohn, Marilyn-19, 21, 61 Bond, Roger-86, 130 Bonetto, Tom-80, 128 Bonnar, Ann-85, 97 Borkland, Bill-21, 71, 81 Bottrell, Barry-64, 80, 105, 106, 128 Bowden, Jim-130 Bowers, Mary-41, 88 Bowman, Mardean-97 Boydstun, Carol-97 Boykin, Floe-86 Boyle, Mike-135 Bozza, Charles-97, 138 Bradford, Julie-19, 76, 94 Bradley, Jim-110 Brady, Chuck-110 Brann, Laurie-93, 94 Bratcher, Gary-1 1 1 Brayton, Cindy-84 Brennan, John-47, 105, 106 Breslow, lan-81 Briggs, Peter-81 Briggs, Tam-50, 88, 105, 106 Bright, Greg-80 Briley, Pam-21, 53, 83, 84 Briscoe, Barbara-80 Brooks, Jerry-50, 93 Broom, Bette-85, 93, 89, 142, 143, 145 Brostotf, Bill-18, 34, 37, 80 Brown, Bill-82 Brown, Gary-19 Brown, John-50, 97 Brown, Laurie-46, 93, 145 Brown, Muriel-40, 50, 143 Brown, Ron-73 Broyles, Carolyn--98 Bruce, Barbara--84 Brutsch, Gary-20, 21 Buck, Charles-57 Buck, Elaine-88 Bunch, Loretta-97, 98 Bungay, Ann-75 Burke, Sharon-75, 99 Burks, Minnie-B7 Burleson, Bonnie-18, 80 Burnap, Don-37, 92 Burt, Cal-81, 87 Burt, Dwaine-50 Burtness, Bonnie-85, 87 Burton, Joy-83, 93 Byers, Pat--97, 98, 144 C Caddick, Tom-45, 86 Calor, Carol-81 Caldwell, Pennie-84 Coler, Carol-97 Cambell, John--19 Camp, Bernard-50 Campbell, Beverly-92 Campbell, Bob-82 Campbell, Corinne-55, 70, 72, 98 Campbell, Kathy-B4 Capos, George-93 Capps, Phil-83 Cardillo, Barbara-146 Carhart, Sue-76 Carlson, Judy-84, 85, 94 Carlson, Ray-50 Carlson, Wilberto-93 Carlton, Sara-87 Carmona, Joe-20 Carnaveli, Pat-105, 106 Carney, Steve-19, 83 Carr, Bill-106 Carr, Cathie-21, 45 Carthart, Denny-80 Case, Cynthia-93 ee, wee.,-n--,,-e,,,. ,eww Student Index Case, Jim--71 Caselles, Jack-20, 57, 105, 106, 128 Cass, Judy-84, 99 Cass, Tom--138 Castero, Sylvia-31, 71 , 97 Castlen, Gary-83 Castlen, Margie-85, 89 Cave, Debbie-143 Chaffee, Marilyn-93, 97, 98 Champin, June-84 Chenoweth, Steve-21, 80, 87, 97 Cheskey, Charlotte-84 Chew, Alice-77, 93 Chiles, Carolyn-84, 146 Christiansen, Leonard-106 Christie, John-73 Christy, Jack-130 Cicone, Vince-21, 83 Cizec, Sue-93 Clark, Susie--21, 97, 98 Clark, Tom-50, 88 Clarkson, Bud-135 Clausen, Nancy-143 Clebert, Gary-19 Clement, Sam-50, 110, 130 Clemmons, Gretchen-76, 77, ao, 93, 142, 145 Cocho, Nancy-81 Coen, Eileen-84 Cohron, Jettie Sue-86, 87, 89 Colbert son, Sue+86, 81, 89 Colegrove, Pat-50 Coleman, Judy-93, 180 Coleman, Ron-50 Collett, Mike-B6 Collett, Waym+93, 133 Colton, Alan-88 Combs, Benny-53, 118 Combs, Ross-21 Comstock, Judy-93, 89, 98 Comstock, Kay-97 Conner, Anne-74, 94 Conner, Shirley-19, 81 Cook, Bonnie-15, 16, 19, 52, 53, 70 Coombs, Garret-130 Coons, Harold-21, 47, 111 Cope, John-50, B8 Copeland, Carolyn-19, 55, 84, 167 Copeland, Penny-21 Corcoran, Sharon-35 Cornell, Rolla--20, 130 Corrales, Carol--85 Corvie, Georgene-84 Cox, Sharon-84 Crippon, Gary-80, 130 Criddle, Candy-82, 84, 97 Crosetti, John-105, 106 Crowley, Clarence-133 Croxall, Teri-B4 Cruze, Gertie--21 Culver, Culbert 145 Kathy--50, 88, 144 son, Sandy-20, 62, Cunningham, Leon-97, 130 Cunningham, Miriam-98 Curry, Terry-50 Curtis, Curtis, Curtis, Custom D Dalton, 1 1 1 Darlene-B7 Marlene-87 Sylvia-21, 87 er, Barbara-81 Roger-45, 53, 86, Dammier, Mike-146 Danforth, Jim-37, 92, 94 Daniels, Bruce-93, 135 Danipe r, Suzannw-83 D'Arc, Christina?-19, 36, 88, 94, 95 Darlon, Carole-97 Dart, Judy-80, 87 Davenport, Lorna-61 Davider, Suzanne-57 Davidson, Stephanie-81 Davis, Carolyn-97 Davis, Jenny-97 Davis, Lynne-19, 63, 94 Dawson, Bill-14, 18, 36, 37, 51, 52, 53, 70, 82, 133, 159, 177 Day, Doreen-92 Day, Ken-50, 88 Dedo, Donna-74, 75 Deetha rt, Katherine-72 , B7 Delgado, Dorothy-83 Delgado, Mike-50 Delgad 88, o, Milo-45, 57, 83, 94 DeMarco, Sal-52, 80, 82, 83 de los Reyes, Mary Jo--73, 84 Del Monte, Jocey-19, 167 Dem, Sharon-82 De Moss, Robert-137, 138 Denny, Dick-16, 44, 49, 52, 80, 102 Denton, Bob-50 DeVol, Dixie-97 Dexter, Ronald-93 Dick, Diane-143 DiMarca, Sal-97, 133 DiTullio, Louise-37, 50, 75, 80, 85, 88, 89 Dominick, Pat-64, 85 Dooley, John-50, 110 Dooley, Sandra-53 Dorlennand, Carol-53 Dorlon, Carol-81 Dose, Tom-81, 114, 116 Doty, Cora-19, 31, 146 Douglas, Tom-71 Drake, Janet-97 Dringenberg, Steve-50 Drucks, Theo-93 Duke, Roger-97 Dull, Glady-82, 143, 146 Dundas, Pat-80, 87, 98 Dunn, Diana-94 Dunn, Melinda-21, 52, 53, 82 Dunn, Sandy-93, 97 Dunsmoor, Laurie-21, 53, 146 Durley, Linda-81, 142 Durocher, Barbara-97 Dyck, Sandy-83, 93, 94, 144 E Eastburn, Dick-81, 50 Eastburn, George-19 Easter, Diane-84 Eastman, Ron-50, 88 Eaton, Joyce-70 Edie, Cecile-83, 87 Edwards, Elizabeth-21, 87, 55 Elison, Tom--62, 94 Elliot, Tami--183, 94 Elsbree, Suzanne-92 Elwell, Dennis-133 Emerson, Jody-145 England, Joan-97 Englehardt, Pat-92, 144 English, Helen-84 Eserelt, Judy-97 Evans, Sally-87, 142 Evans, Tamara-21, 83, 146 F Farley, Tom-105, 106 Farnsworth, Bob-111, 130 Farquar, .lean-94 Farris, Janet-B8, 146 Feland, Bob-50, 110 Fergusen, Dave--115 Ferguson, Pat-93 Fernandez, Juanita-84 Ferona, Joanne-51, 85 Ferris, Janet-B8 Fields, Linda-18 Filliger, Paul-50 Fiorvanty, Ron-71 Fisher, Caroline-93 Fisher, Mary-30 Fitch, Steve-50 Fitzpatrick, Mary-70, 73, 80 Flecker, Judy-55 Flegal, Judy-19, 41 Fliedner, Vicki-80, 102 Florang, Liz-21 Fogg, Tina-57 Foley, Don-50, 71, 88 Forbes, Carl-83 Ford, Jerry-87, 97, 130 Ford, Linda-87 Forman, Gloria-86 Fortner, Brenda-16, 18, 21, 44 Frances, Bill--89 Frazier, Jean-41 Freebairn, Penne-70, 73, 81, 82, 98 French, Emma Lou-'19, 92, 146 Frieman, Gary-81 Froome, Jean-98 Frye, Ann-83, 87, 97, 98 Fuchs, A. W.-88 Fuller, Pat-86 Furrer, Christine-75, 95, 143, 171 Fussell, Sue-88, 89 G Gablemon, Bill-97, 104, 106, 109 Gaffredo, Carol-93 Galindo, Louise-87, 92 Gampers, Shirley-95 Garabedion, Sandy-97 Garden, Sharon-85 Gardiner, Bob-71 ' " ' V iw r in Gates, Larry-1 1 1 Gates, Mike--40 Gay, John-50 Geboe, Charlotte-87, 92 Gecse, Honey-50, 88 Geforos, Sharon-97 Genescritti, Carol-92 George, Carlisle-19, 81, 92, 93, 128 Gerkin, Barry-50, 106 Gertz, Carol--93 Ghiggia, Dennis-97, 110 Gilbert, Carol-93, 94, 142 Gilbert, Marilyn-84, '144 Giles, Bill--20 Gilleran, Elaine-25, 87 Gilleron, Marilyn-50 Gillis, Jayne-53 Gillum, Dennis-93, 138, 139 Girrior, Arthur-37 Girty, Carol-83 Glans, Mike-82 Glaser, John-50, 93 Glastre, Linda-93, 144 oleveoqry-ia, 42,43 Glen, Ann-84 Godfrey, Shirley-36, 93 Goeller, Nancy--85, 98, 144 Goff, Chris-139 Goldin, Nancy--93 Goldthwaite, Pat-87 Gomes, Harriet-97, 143 Goodemoot, Janice-21, 42, 43, 82 Goodman, Sharon-83, 94, 143 Gordon, Lynne+63 Goris, James-110 Goss, Don-84, 87 Gould, Pat-93, 99 Gould, sian-a7, 89 Graff, Mary Ellen-86 Graham, Cindy-92 Graham, Kent-50 Graham, Ricky-55, 81 Gratiot, Linda-18, 48, 76, 80, 87, 94, 153 Graves, Mary-144 Greco, John-84 Green, Carol-18, 34, 102 Green, Cindy-84, 93, 97 Green, Joan-92 Green, Susie-40, 48, 49, 76, 77, 153 Greenleaf, Sue-82 Greer, Nancy-18 Grigsby, Hank-135 Groth, Stan-21, 81 Grubb, Linda-51, 86 Gueloway, June-87 Guinn, Barbara-87 Gulbrandson, Janet-18, 80 Gunn, Steve-21 Gurtz, Carol-81 H Haas, Charlene-82, 88, 93, 99 Hadian, Barbara-81, 88 Hafenfeld, Stan-21, 86, 93 Hagen, Don-20, 21, 42, 43, 53, 118, 128 Hagen, John-18, 24 Hagman, Joan-94 Hahn, Gary-118, 119 Hall, Mary-92, 94 Hallan, Emily-146 Halley, Jean-B3 Hamel, Kathy-19 Hammell, Bob-73 Hammond, Karen-85 Hanby, Ruth-86 Hancock, Vickie--97 Hanley, Tom-84, 87 Hanson, Bob-135 Hardwidge, Sondra-143 Harkin, Warren-94 Harris, David-92, 97 Harris, Parm-21 Harris, Robbin-143 Harris, Tim--88, 134 Harris, Valerie-144 Harrison, Anne-94 Hartleben, Dale-86 Hartley, Bob-71 Hartley, Booth-20, 134 Hartman, Barbara-80 Hartman, Bill--37, 92, 93, 94 Hartman, Jonnalee-145 Hartman, Lois-93, 95 Hartcn, Kathy-B4 Harvey, Ruth-97 Harvey, Yvonne-92 Haskell, Donalee-94, 179 Haskin, Miles-14, 16, 18, 52, 63, 78, 97, 104, 106 Hassler, Andrea-72, 94 Jedeka, Hrmeberg, Diane-gg, 89 K ino, Susan ' Moulton, Jack-50 Pierso , Valerie-97, 99 Hayes, John-80, 105, 106, aide, Dom -71 Marks, Dan- Mountford, Janet-18, 80, 83 Pi , Bonnie-80 109 Kaidel Sho, n 9 Marsh II, dlan e-18 1 2 uhieman, Karen 6 145 irie, Steve-111 Haymond, Patti-88 K Ye Jim 75 1 146 Mars a , Linda 92, ulder, Lynd - N Pledge, Lloyd-21 Haynes, Jah 97, 128 ,ings ,Y-84 alI.N10d e . 87 Manger, Vir ' --83, 99 XL alla , Ann-53, Haynes, Lin 86 e en-50 rsholl, Ric 2 .62, 133 Magahy, K -14, 40, 48K P ck, Ralph-50 :ayghorge A gy-97 1 un' Lindo-1 Allilaryirry id E6-143 49 1326, 77, BO, 145, ligrienjlin 0 7 ev Yr 0 ,. Il ,A tt , 142 C11 ' 1 ,f ' X1 0 f 1m Hearn, Sandy- , 145 142112112 12311 e 87 Marlin 001119 18. -' phy, Sandy-1 , , 145 Pon , 5till n-128, 50 He ke tt 84 Kendai n -50' 88 Mar n, Jim- 7,135 146 Po , Vlr a-21, 51, 80, Heisig 1-143 K 11 MGSOI1. CGI' l . 35. . yers, An l -80 3 Heil r,BGErieEt71 if lcgmiz- 5 M,Z3:11 , 105 106 Mygeies, l8016,52,55 76, ,1al1bar2Tay135 eefi 0- ,Ph ll' ,a9,93,97 90' - f - 0128. 99- . Hendrickson, Shirley-41 KTY any Is why-93, 14 M S . Pauline397, N V, Pon, Fred 55, 3 Henderson, Jim-86, 118 Ki I ny-84 atthews, Rick-18 , 78, Nmm ki De I I 1 Poffef, J y Henderson, Joan-16, 52, 7 K- ' Sieve-18' 50' 81' 89 97, 105,106 Nu, un' r - I 41 P f . ... 21' 80' 105, ao,A94, 142,145 nnin, Janice , 143 M9115 f V'C1f'. 87 Nu n. -80. 1 I , Hendricks, Ann- 46 Kinnison' C n-18' 80' 83' V Mau , Charlottef84,9932 Nei h nnie-31' 1 I, i,- i Elizcbefh-97 gencljrlliksa Lin aio 146 wil . I , Sgeii leg- , nl CMOIQQ1' 146 - ers, gliallg-B1 en e ' 0 Ki T 'n r, Julie-74, ' O' - ' I elson, Darle e397 9Wef5f 0 P Henry' 1 '462 81 , Joan-85 1 C 1 er' PUU1111 ' 86' Nelson, Gary 9, 21, 80, L P10101 P01 9 21r 41. 85 Henry oria--2 6 r pei, Johnw-2 9 43, 144, ,93 92 1 39 Preis' 18' 93 Hensler, Bobf4 , , 0, kh 1 450 Mc n, Diane- , 84 N 1 1 .1 A -95 143 Press 1 1-955.50 1059061 ' 114' 116- l1siec1m1 ano-50 M 151 1 Bo 1 1 Z n, J151P1111i97 P, . Jean-14 H 128 , 70 73 2 is eanne-81, I 99, . " eY'CCCl"ld 84 lson, Mari 14 Pfl r 2e1et81 er n , usie- , , eary, ry e ei I 75 r el fer, H'r , Sally-86 K Emi ly' I 84 cClure, Dolores 1 43, Neiigpil ,Y 1 1 146 iest, 'ard-133 HF? 9'G1"Y' 0 '88 Ku g,LOI'e11 41, ao, 97 M 316 93 Naarriari, Ji -'86 HUC' r Bill-93 d 'Use' 20 psols . Sue-84, 97 I MCC U19' M 2 Neuman, ary Ann 7 Prod ff BSTUVE 2 f 111 e150 ' 1 " " , Elle -61 C or ' ce N uman, Sharo 9 'U 1-'mr 1 Hine , b-18, 50, 8 1 1 g l Jodi 14 MCC , anet580 92 evins' Sue- puzulisl 1 n -gi BQ ' 11 lsley, Joy 61 MCCUHOUQ ' C1 1 Newell, S i 4, 17, , Q H' t, Janice- , , 179 Kock Barb G McDermo ,Jan , 82, 92, 34 5 3 80 G io Jo-82 H1"1e'1U '142144 Karalon le 45 ' 94 Newiifr Ahri ainri Mike-72 138 139 Hodge' ,YE50 Korzu hy- 5 MCDO11 C1' amy-'82 3' New n, Gail-76 Quick, Susie-84 :ods g '11'8i,18 Koti J el-81,5 ,aa,ss, ZA5 I Si G Nichols, re 114,116 R Cen 1811119 , 93, 135 C 9111 ' U Ntchols, n-75 Rcdn , C-nd Q144 Hoffman, Lin 7 45 K ck' Dick 1 ,l1AllcEo11vel1:i K lv 73, 93' Nich , Pat-70, 8 Rceieagbl-53 1'1o1de11' e 4 Krietzer, a 3, 83 C 811111 '9 G 93 jfs ' N' ous, Dianna RG1phs'John,30, 83 1'1o1m'. e yh 38 -1 Kripin, -94 " f G 1 76 j 5 lson, Roger , 86, 87 Ramsey, 1qoy,1 11 1'101mf"' Q 9 Kritzi , Jalievaz C Wi ms Noe, Pat-1 5, 87, 93, pc 305.15 52 so 82 Holmw San y-97 Ku e Bob-18 8 Glnley, M ell 88,144 180 ' Ch k 19 1 I Hooker. Y , 49 , 83 nkch' Linda-7 Mcllfeneie J e 95. 1132, 14 orwood Greig-88 Reg. I Jouhcniel' 133 Holligr a 1 111 usfer' Kem?11 Mcilifllilll 1 ejnise-46 ov 15' 115111115-1?d6 Rec 1' B0 75 Hoop r ri,-19, 64, 94 I- Mc 'l, Mike-34, 4 o, 0 OV ' 0110 -86 Redfefni J -501 5 H P I ,ck-50 La ,, ennis- 35 11151116 1 N9v9dC1lEv. ZOHGISTS Reed, Do -29, ,93,80 Hao er, Nancy-1 0, 8 l- 110. -1000 486 cShirley, R -144 Nigga' 03:5 Si ,37 1' 93, 95, 145 , orte, T y 18 McSwee , al-25, 142 O ' ' ' ' Ref"d1f , 'y ' Horowifz, Fr 63 Langstaff, ar 0, 45, 143, 1 Od H Re' ' 'I 'QU' -86 Hostettl le--86 " 144 , Gary 0 e 1111 '793' 98 R 1 ' Sy V' 'A Hoion- . Adrienne-5 Lan n gy-15, , 18, endy' By, I 1 I d I eief-50 enlstrom, J d-11 , 119 82' ' 94 95 I 0 138 , Virginia-92 Res er, B n r -5 Hounsel Ela' e- 4 nkford, Sharon Meiochi Gb-98 len, Bev+146 ' Revelt, yl af4i Howto I J -e Lmson' Beverly- , 77 Merci 1 age,-50 Olson, Janice-97 r Reyn als, eslle-93, 143 Howell, R e 18, 128 Lash, Ceclle- , 52, 76, 8 , M is 1 Cami-81 I Olson, Steve-133 Rhe , D ty-19 1-lay, Lin -19, 61, 84, 146 87, 142 ries, Jackie 6, 92 Offhr fl-70 F11 59 TOFJY-83 Hubner' Sonia-19, 2 L ur' sen, Barbara erz' Keiiyi 0 Osela , To 1 86 R ot , Phil-73 Hudson, Gary- ,. Ov F. PiClt0fd-'5 9 Messmer, ar - O115' 0 7 1 ' 15111511-71 Hudson, or en--93, 144 Lav ni, Nancy Meicaif A I 176' 77 l . Ce-20. 53 1 995. Sandra-92. 97 Hudson. ' -63. 105 1-U V?UCei V 18. 57. 62- Metcal , , 62 513111111119 17 63 1511515 A111159-51 84 Hugh , Carolyn-93. 14 8 Meter, s -so . Ve' SG" - I 111919 011118 U9- Hughesl Forden-18 a e, Ken-128 May Umm. 1 fr 105, 10 Ring, Ruffin-19, 135 106, 123 e Ierq, Leon-94 M I Camille 9, P l?iSif19. NSISOH-21. 78, 80. Hugo, Ma ll Le Clefq. Val-13 Meyers, I 9- Pacheco, Sylvia-21, 82 1 110 Humisto 1- , 46 Leer 1-Ynene-97 Meyers, Me ind Packard, Joel-128 11151119911 KU"9"1'19f 42' 43. Humme, oral- , 3 1-99991 L -15. 87' 94 Meyers, Mi 3 Pappas. Glennap-19, 31, 41 64. 55' 167 Hunter. Bflfbclfu 5 l-905013 Y-82' 93. 144 Millius, ene-93, 145 Pappas, Michele-93 Robensl D9'111c1'87 Hunter. Chcrlott LSNYZSW Penny-143 Millard, Mike-84 Parish, Sharon-92 Rolgfhewf. Brenda-19. 63. 90f1G"Cl. Jlldie'-735 Miller, Jackie 84, Parker, Bob-128 I Liddell, Bob-93 Miller, Joel-21, 7.50, 81, Parker, Jill-62, si, 93 R9binS9f1.J9hf1-16. 18. 42. lmus, aret-97 I1 Liddell, Mike-135 88 Parker' NcnCY,97 43. 45, 51, 52, 80, 82, lf1SlS9. 1399100-93. 93. Liebersbach. Jerry-93 Minkin, Sheila-21, 53, 70 Parkhouse, Janie-62 155. 159 l-l9bm0n. Jafkle'-161 75. Minkotf, Nadine--93, 94 Parrett, Dennis-72, 134 R99ef5- C9""'9d"71 J 145 Mistretta, Deanne-82 Parson, Sharon-61, 145 Romano Re1'1'eQ18f 81- 102 Jackson, Robin , 81 Lillie. Peggy-87. 143 Miichell, Jaaly-75 Parr, Fred-18 ROHCOHI. DOHHO-98 Jacoby, Sand 1 3 Llndbefgi Kufhleen-84 Mitten, Jerry-19 Passler, Naomi-14 R001"eYi Maufeen'-97 Jaissle, Judy 85 Undef. Linda-20 Mitton, Pauline-20 Patterson, Frances-85 Rosenberg' M'C15eY-111i 137 Jalberf, Ro rQ2 . 70 Jansen, Janice-94 Julie-97 Jedynick, Harvey-21, 1 10 Jeffers, Jay-87 Jencks, Bill--14, 17, 19, 43, 48, 64. 80, 103,104, 106, 109, 167 Jencks, Jan-146 Jenkins, Margaret-85 Jensen, Jan-93 Jenson, Bill-134 Jentink, Mary Jane-55, 85, 92 Jiles, Bill-135 Jobe. Judy-55 Jolley, Clark-133 Jolliffe, Dorris-85 Johnson, Bob-44, 102 Johnson, Carolyn-80, 142 144 Johnson, Cheryl-80 Johnson, Eileen-97 Johnson, Janet-72, 98 Johnson, Kathy-146 Johnson, Pat-84. 146 Johnson, Revo-27, 82, 92, 144 Johnson Richard-110 Jolley, Clark-70 Jolliffe, Dorris-143 Jones, Bruce--14, 17, 30. 42, 43, 45, 52 Jones, Nick-110 Jonsten, Kathy-21 Jordan, Carole-86, 97 Jordan, Joanell-20, 53 Lindley, Jim-87 Lindstedt, June-85, 89 Linnemeyer, Jim750 Lipp, Rickie-51, 84 Lisk, John-133 Little, Steve-18, 52, 80, 97 Lloyd, Barbara-84 Locke, Kathy-21, 73 Locke, Sue-92, 142, 143 Lockwood, Linda-80, 83. 144, 159 Loeffler, Lynn--61 Logan, Gary-50, 111 Logan, Ron-64 Logram, Jerry-55 Lomen, Carol-20 Long, George-86 Lopez, Lane-18, 106 Lowell, Charles.-50 Loyola, Sue-93 Lozanc, Phil--104, 106, 109 Lozanc, Tangie-97 M Mac Author, Jeanette-51 Mack, Bob-36, 83, 93, 94. 106 Maddux, Jim-86, 130 Manderback, Julie-83 Maneki, Janicef93 Mann, Shirley-93, 95 Manskar, Bob-105, 106, 109 Manulkin, Gary488 Maranville, Larry-'50 Marchese, Mae-53 Margnis, Dale-50 Margulio, Monica-82 Marietle, Susan-85 Moen, Keith--45, 53, 62, 86 Mohr, Margaret-70, 73 Molhe. Lee--97 Montana, Kathy-61, 64 Montana, Rosemary-15, 19 21, 52 Montgomery, Charles-50 Moolenyzer, Penny-83, 86, 143 Moon, Jerry-35 Moore, Barbara-86 Moore, Bob-110 Moore, Darlene-93, 143 Moore, Louise-85 Moore, Penny-41, 87, 88 Moran, Marina-92, 143 Morgan, Donna-87, 89, 97 Morgan, Kaleta-57, 83, 94 Morgan, Lynne-20 Morgan, Melissa-85 Morin, Irene-87, 92 Morosi, Diane-41 Morris, Dottie-93, 94, 99 Morris, Penny-80, 84, 85 Morris, Ron-135 Morrison, Colleen-80 Morse, Ronald-106 Mortimer, Bill-87, 134 Mosely, Linda--97 Moser, Betty-80, 87, 94, 98, 142 Mothershed, Joyce-20, 76, 77, 62, 84 Mothershed, Ron-64 Motto, Joan-45 Moulder, Jeri-81, 93 Moulton, Bob-134 Patterson, Vicki-144 Patton, Larry-135 Paul, Jaynne-41, 45, 51, 53, 62, 82, 84 Paulson, Robin-55, 64, 87, 105, 106 Pearson, Pat-84 Pederson, Karen-21, 92 Pence, Barbara-37, 80, 92, 94 Pence, Dick-134 Pendleton, Lynn-20 Penland, Bob--15, 16, 21, 80, 138, 139 Penny, Beth Ann-85 Peplow, Jeanette-20 Ferret, Bob-50 Perry, Charlotte-93 Perry, Marilyn-80 Peter, Diane-50, 88 Peterson, Bob-81, 94 Peterson, Gary-81 Peterson, Harold-81, 133 Peterson, Shirley-84, 97 Petro, Gary-50 Pfietfer, Sue--19, 145 Pflueger, Donna Kay-86, 89 Phillips, Barbara-27, 144 Phillips, Justine-80, 94 Phypers, Ann-50, 88 Phypers, Jirn-36, 37, 50, 75, 81, 83. 89, 93 Pierce, Bill-47, 48, 63, 105, 106 Pierce, Mike-51, 87, 89 Pierner, George--104, 106 Pierner, Susan-84 Ross, Joani-80 Ross, Nancy-98 Rossling, Allan-71 Rost, Robert-21, 70, 83 Rate, Tim-110 Roundfeldt, Arvin--133 Roundtree, Lynn-35 Rouse, Stan-94, 97, 138 Royce, Melinda--87, 94, 142, 179 Rubin, Judy-92 Rudel, Sandi-21 Rudolph, Rocky-21, 135 Rueckerr, Edith-85 Ruftrier, Bob-86, 118, 130 Rutfner, Jim-20 Rusch, Peter-21, 30, 36, 45, 57, SO, 93, 94, 135 Russell, Adrienne-20, 53, 62, 86 Russell, Leatrice-84 Russell, Robert-83 Ruttaf, Linda-83 Rynderson, Roberta-97 S Salsbuury, Sam-138 Samet, Judy-S4 Samuel, John-93 Sandloourg, Ray-97 Sanders, Betty Jo-80 Sauer, Linda-20, 62 Sawyer, Paula--97 Saylor, Steve-93, 135 Schaak, Jo Ann-93 Schirmer, Don-21, 86, 135 Schmidt, Judy-86 Schmidt, Roy-74, 118 .-fr-v--"4" -v ...ewY - V. l . . 7 Schnider Bryna 83 Schootz Tony 84 Smith Smith Gloria 35 5 Jerry 88 Stys, Sherie-80, 81 I ' I - 1 ' - . 3 Sturgeon, Linda-21 Schreck Karen--144 Schroeder, Carol-143, 144 Schroeder, Diane-86 Schroeder, Susie-50, 97, 88 Schroyer, Leigh-8 Schuh, Valerie-21, 80 Schumann, Rona-20, 143 Schurman, Irene-97, 144 Schwartz, Cary-20, 62, 118, 1 19 Scott, Pat-21 Scott, Regina-20 Scott, Sue--85 Scribner, .ludy-19, 77, 94 Scribner, Lynn-18, 94 Scullin, Jim-50 Seabold, Tom-14, 17, 20, 43, 62 Seubury, Gail-19, 21, 92, 93, 99, 146 Search, Linda-93 Seitz, Carol-97 Se Kava, Nancy, 18 Selman, Cecil-37, 72, 75, 106 Semrau, Jean-144 Serin, Bob-50 Sexton, Judy-92 Shannon, Henry-71 Shaw, Valerie-143 Shaw, Vicki-82 Sherwood, Tom-20, 135 Shideler, Jane-92, 93 Shields, John-130 Shields, Kathy-82, 93 Shochat, Emily-18, 36, 37, 94, 95 Shock, John-134 Shultz, Bob-135 Shultz, Dick-135 Shurtz, Tom-21, 110 Sigler, Rhoda-18 Sill, Sandy-94 Silver, Richard-105, 106 Silvertson, Jean-144 Slmila, Dennis-78, 128 Simpson, Bob-88, 110 Simpson, Greg--97 Sims, Jim-20 S1pple,John-15, 44, 49, 52, 102, 1 1 1 Sisson, Nancy-51, 87, 93 Skaggs, Melvin-86 Skaggs, Wayne-37, 71 Skeele, Jeenie-40, 143 Skelly, Diane-86 Skinner, Jeri-93, 94, 99 Skow, Richard-86 Skursch, Linda-81, 143, 146 Sliger, Ben-88 Sliney, Marty--94 Slocum, Betty-15, 52, 80, 37, 92, 93, 145 Smith, Burt-115, 116 Smith, Charles-104 Smith, David-81, 87 Smith, Dorothy-85 A Ahl, Francis-28 Smith Larry 50 Smith, Laura-51, 87, 97 Smith, Laurie-84, 87 Smith, Lynda-81, 97, 143 Smith, Marilyn-35 Smith, Ron-84, 113, 114, 1 15, 1 16, 1 17 Smith, Sandra-84 Smith, Sharon-97 Smith, Stanton-84, 87 Smith, Sue-18 Smith, Torrey--71, 83 Sullivan, Gerry-98 Sullivan, Ralph-45 Suter, Tom-31, 71 Sutherland, Darrell-1 15, 1 16, 128 Swartz, Ralph-73 Szidak, Stu-21, 52, 81, 83 T Takahashi, Harriet-93 Taliaferro, Cheryl-16, 52 Tang, Diane-18 Alsberg, Visila-26 Althauser, Robert-27, 51, 66, B5 Anderson, Charlotte-32 Anderson, Harry-25 Anderson, Lena-33 Anderson, Lucille-30, 61 Anderson, Reese-26, 111 Andrews, Ted-13, 24, 26, 106, 134, 135 Arford, June-30 Arnold, Martha-27 Arranaga, Leo-26, 47, 1 11 aseltine, Charlotte-30 Bailey, Mariorie-32 Balzer, Eldred-27, 50, 57, 89 Barens, John-28 Beck, Harry-12, 54 Beck, Naomi-30, 81 Beers, Ruth L.-10 Bennett, Arthur-28 Blackburn, Naomi-24 Bloomberg, Marty-24 Brouillard, Lauretta-33 Bundick, George-25, 92 Butler, Mildred-33 Buonoguidi, Aido-29, 44, 67 C Campbell, Margaret-26, 67, 97 Canady, Barbarai32, 93 Carter, Ralph-28 Carruth, Ruth-32, 93 Castlen, Phillip-24, 25 Chapman, Nyla--13, 24 Cheue, Edo-33 Christensen, Tom-13 Chunn, Bill-26 Snavely, Barbara-55 Snook, Everett-1 10 Snyder, Sally-20, 21 Sodoma, Donna-52, 74 Sonntag, 'Connie-19, 40, 45, 76, 77 Sours, Marty-57, 74, 75, 80, 94 Sours, Mike-110 Sparks, Irene-88 Sparrow, Tom-14, 17, 18, 43, 47, 63, 80, 97, 111 Speck, Pauline-77 Spelgatti, Carole-53, 73, 143, 146 Spencer, Barry-94 Spilger, Ursula-80, 94, 142, 143, 146 Spong, Janice--41, 84, 94, 98 Stadler, Joyce-81, 85, 98, 143 Stadler, Shirley-53, 85 Staff, Murray-71 Stahl, Eileen-93, 97, 143, 146 Stainenger, Karen-93, 95 Staley, Sandra-41, 88, 144 Staniec, Gloria-35 Starr, Shirley-144, 75, 95 Stebbings, Bob-81 Stewart, John-37, 34, 73, 134 Stillman, Pat-84 Stilts, Ken-133 Stine, Trina-21, 55, 94 Stoddard, Lewis-44, 78, 115, 1 16 Stoeckel, Mary-80, 90, 144 Stokes, Heath-83, 98, 143 Stovall, Guenilla-143, 144 Stovall, Pat-98 Stover, Bob-93, 94, 50 Stover, Ted-135 Stow, Leslie-21 Stowell, Barbara-77 Straight, Frank-50 Straton, Jim-45, 62 Stratton, Bob-50 Streetmaker, John-110, 1 5 138 Strever, Sidney-20, 21, 9 Stringer, Doug-21, 118, 1 WF Stromberg, Kaye--51, 85 Stubblefield, Diane-36, 80, 95 Clark, Arthur-33 Clauson, Jennie-25 Cowles, Wylna-31 Crandall, Esther-27, 57 Crane, Jim-33 Crawford, Eugene-31 D Day, Jeanette-31, 92 Day, Maeser-33 Davis, Richard-26, 44 DeMandel, Ranier--26, 135 Derksen, Carl-31 Done, Bill--33 DuBois, Roger-33 Duncan, Donald-25 E Eckerson, Olive-32, 82 Edmonds, Eloise-32 Edwards, Phyllis-25, 66 Elkin, N. B.-33 Eppersan, Estella-33 Ericson, Stella-33 F Fay, Howard-25 Fillipponi, Mervyn-25 Fowler, Margaret-33 gallagher, Gerald-30, 95 Gansz, Mabel-24, 53 Garrett, Elsie-30, 61 Gelsinger, Bill-26, 44, 64, 1 10 Gibson, David-30, 51, 57, 67, 71, 86 Glover, Atlas-33 Golder, Donald-11, 66 Gooriian, Ed-26, 118 Graf, Lon-26 Graham, Dudley-19, 31, 66, 80 Graham, Margaret-28 Graham, William-28, 67, 72 Grant, Murry-20, 24, 28, 53, 62 Taylor, Nancy-146 Temple, Ken-50, 57, 105, 106, 108, 128 Temple, Linda-143 Tench, Carol Jean-83, 85, 93 Teraho, Rosy-19 Terkla, Cherie-88 Tettleton, Sue-86, 97 Thanawalla, Nazneen-57, 82, 9 5,171 Therrien, Bob-135 Theurer, Thomas, Thomas, Walter-50 Donna-18, 75 Phil-40, 88 Thompson, Barbara-21, 94 Thompson, David-50 Thompson, Pam-81, 93, 145 Thorson, Bob-84 Thurgood, Carol-57, 82 Tidmarsh, John-50 Tiedman, Marilyn-98 Todd, Glynne-51, 87 Tomlin, Dianne-50, 88, 98 Towers, Judy-S0 Towles, Mike-135 Treneer, Eddylou-21, 143 Treptow, Don-50, 85, 88 Trotter, Alan-50 Trotter, Alan-50 Troxel, Marianne-84 Tucker, Juli?25, 83, 145 Tucker, Tom-50 Tuder, Mitzie-144 Tugby, D. J,-21, 50, 80, 88, 89 Van Wie, Pam-21, 70, 80 Vanos, Jeff-21 Van Warmer, Ken-138, 139 Vargish, Penny-19 Veldman, Ken-86 Veltum, Tom-93 Vernon, Allen-128 Ver West, Carol-83 vezie, Tim-44, 115, 116, 117, 128 Vickers, Norma-97 Vieregg, Kay-50 Vold, Bonnie-21, 143, 146 Voralik, Dave-50 W Wagner, Jo Lee-19 Wagner, Judy-86 Waite, Barbara-21, 83, 93, 145 Waite, Dwight-18, 21 Walberg, Keith-64 Waldron, Gloria-19, 167 Walker, Lynn-93 Walmer, Jerry-144 Walner, Jeri-97 Walsh, Don-50 Walsh, Michelle-20 Walton, Jim-72 Ward, Susan-88 Warren, Judy-41 Waters, Kathy-19, 40, 76, 77, 55 Watkins, Linda-21 Ward, Sharon-50 Watson, Ruth-50, 88 Weaver, Sharon-84, 89 Webb, Chris-84 Webb, Dick-36, 52, 82, 84. 95 Webber, Steve-135 Webber, Tom-55, 83 Weeks, Jim-110 Weeks, John-105, 106 Weeshoff, Larry-44, 114, 1 16, 1 13 Weger, Donna-143 Wegerer, Susan-97 Weiser, Spencer-133 Weisiohn, Carol-93 Weisman, Bob-110 Weitz, Marilyn--145 Wellman, Michael-20, 21, 63 Wells, Don-110 Wells, Layne-53, 21, 86 Tunnell, Betty-144 Tunnell, Buddy-110 Tunnell, Laurie-146 Tupper, Richard-50 Turner, Dorelle-87 Turner, Donna-97 Turner, Ron-80 Tye, .loy-34 Tyler, Don-18, 21, 80 Tyssee, Don-55 U Uppman, Bruce-130 Utech, Nancy-17, 40, 76, 77, 83 Van Dyke, JIYYI-181 Van Fleet Kay-92 V Vanderbyle, I Joanne-94 H Haas, Gene-13, 26, 114, 1 15, 1 17 Haendle, Harriet-33 Hagen, Benjamin--10 Hall, Alma-16, 70 Harrington, Ed-31 Harrison, Jack-31 Hart, Bob-33 Hartley, Wesley-32 Henderson, Glen-30, 94 Hesse, M. A,-10 Hewitt, Al-25, 34, 40, 97 Hicks, Charles-28, S3 Hicks, Josephine-24, 32 Hill, Louis-32 Hooper, Cliff-26 House, Grace-29 Hubert, Emma-24 Huyssen, Henrietta-31 J Wells, Meridith-144 Wells, Russell-130 Wells, Skip-19 Welshofer, Ann-83, 143 Weltner, Alarisf--21 Werton, John-80, 83, 92 West, Jay-73 West, Chuck-84 Weston, Judy-80, 94 Wexler, Gary-19, 84 Whatling, Donna-20, 86 Wheatley, Mike-81 Wheelbarger, Anna Mae-21, 64 GX., MacDonald, Scott T.-10 ' Jackson, Dorothy-12, 76 Jackson, Nellie-33 Johnson , Ca rl-3 3 Johnson, Hazel-26, 41, 67 Johnson Johnson , Jeanette-26, 41, 67 Warren-32 Jones, 1-lilda-24, 28, 91 K Klawiter, Fra ncis-2 8 L Lake, Daisy-32 Lambert, Mabel-30 Lawrence, Greg-31, 71 Lauridsen, Frank-24, 28 Lauxen, LeBold, Walter-31 Cha rles-27 Ledbetter, Emily-32 Lewis, Doris-24 Littlefield, Max--33 Livermore, Homer-31 Locier, Charlotte-33 A v Mack, Patricia-26, 40, 67, 98 Malinowski, Louis-31 Marshal, Elva-30, 61, 81 Matthiesen, Carl-29 McClane, Mary Jane-31, 55 McDonald, Alice+24, 91, 28 McElroy, George-34 Merrill, Dorsey-33 Miller, O. K.-33 Montgomery, Kenneth-10 Morlian, Beatrice-32 N Naud, Rhoda-33 Newell, Leona-13 Newton, Clarice-24 Nichols, Roma--33 Nicol, Clarencw33 Nissen, Edward-31 gute, Shirley-27, 51, 66, 85 O'Brien, Mary Ann-32, 66 Olivo, Hipolito-33 Osterveen, Arthur-30, 67 P Paggeot, Lovell-31 Pape, Marjorie-26, 41, 67 Parker, Jack-18, 25, 66 Peterson, Margaret-29, 93 Plumb, George-28 Pommer, Helen-33 Powell, Patricia-33 R Rankin, Wallace-16, 28 Robbins, Ouida-33 Rupert, James-137 Ryan, William--32 S Sihler, Fred-24 Simpson, Fred-10 Smith, Elton-29 Wheeloch, Mary-93 Whitaker, John-81, 116, 130 White, Susie-20, 62, 45, 82 Whiting, Pat--84, 89 Whitley, Sharon-77, 85, 87 Whitney, John-80, 84 Wiesley, Claire-18, 81 Wilcox. Colleen-83 Wiles, Carolee-145 Wiley, Ginnie-85 Wilkinson, Carol-85 Wilkins, Lee-50 - Williams, Don-20 Williams, Linda-94 Williams, Ronaele-18, 80, 180, 83 Williams, Roger-18, 128 Williams, Sue-15, 36, 82, 14,141, 94,143 Williamson, Dennis-71 Williamson, Gary-135 Willis, Bill-21, 70 Wills, Murlane-97 Wilms, Dave-71, 135 Wilson, Jim-130 Wilson, Marsha-94 Wilson, Suzanne-95 Winbigler, Carol-82 Winbigler, Gail-37, 94, 142 144 Winfrey, Linda-143 Winn, George-118 Wintz, Don-71 Winward, Carol-85 Wisler, Sharon--97 Witt, Margie-19 Wolf, Bob-83, 93 Wolfe, Jean-86 Wolff, Craig-88 Wonacotr, Lynn?21, 93 Woodford, Bill-62 Woodruff, .lim-50 Woodward, Wendy-94 Wright, Trudy-35 Wulf, Bob-36, 81 Wynhousen, Mary-27 Y Yeckley, Kathy-93 Yerkes, Georgia-81 Young, Bonnie-97 Young, Harley-110 Young, Ken-81 Young, Mike--105, 106 Younger, Carolyn-55, 72, 94, 192 Yowell, Gary-85, 87 Yukl, Gary-81, 83 Z Zabriskie, Dean-21 Zakreski, Ron-71, 84 Zeller, Debbie-25, 88, 93, 142, 145 Zemke, Melinda-21, 83 Zannaiter, John--55 Zywczek, Helen-21, 87 Smith, James-28 Snelson, Minnie-32 Snow, Margaret-33 Snyder, Marion-29 Sobelle, Margaret-30, 94 Stanley, Beverly-33 Starr, Ruth--24, 31, 55 Steele, James-31 Steen, Shirley-24 Stwally, Ruth-26, 56, 67 Swedenborg, Louis-32 T Tande, Arndt-29 Teachout, Arthur-26 Templeton, Freeland-24 Tench, Catherine--24 Thompson, Louise-33 Threlkeld, Georgia-29 Tye, Mary--32 V Veelleus, Victor-33 Vuiovich, Roy-26, 66, 67, 103, 106 W Wadlington, Jae-32, 57, 59 83 Weishart, Lawrence-32, 75 Wernle, Sam-25, 29, 40 Whitemore, Jim-33 Williams, James-10 Williams, Mrs. Donald-10 Wilson, Freda-33 Wilson, Shane--32 Winward, Morris-10 Wood, Leslie-28 Woodard, Georgia-24, 32 Woods, Kay-26 Y Young, Marie-33 Young, Merrill-33 for WWW lyilyliiiet lnilex A 1 M i fu diture Teachers .. .. 93 cad ic ction . . . . . . . .. 22 I A' a lla f .... .... BM W Acti' ss io .. ...... .. ctiv' s.-. ....1-'13 A inistr ion . .... ...... 0 .A'. B ...... .... 1 42 Admi ' rati s ti n . .. 8 Girls' Fas ion Show .. 76 Ad nced irls' lee .. .. 85 Girls' lee .,........... .. 86 Asse ies . . .... ..... ...... 5 8 Gir eague installation . . . . . 77 f ls' tunt Show ...... .. 41 B Glend le-Hoover Game . .. .. 48 BO d me u ' I I' i U ' u . 6 ' Glenettes ............. . . 79 Ba . .l. . . . .... ....... . . . ' ' Boo re ..... . . ......... . 70 H I y' ih' Boy Lea e . ............. . 78 Honors and Awards L . . .'. . . rl . 36 B roof ............ K ...... 1 11 Honor society,X..i'. K. 90 BS' in ........ 3 ........ 135 H ff 1 ,L ',l' Btr k ................. 124m IP' 'i ,Nj 1 .nh 11,71 ,jf . C QV ,inter-Class Track., eet .'. . .'.'l'. Iinterrclub Councj .f,l..:. ., .1411 967 Cabinet .......... 14 A. Hi ln,trocluc,tion ... .,. . . . l . . '14 Candy Shack ... 70 l 4' 1 A ,Q r '- lj Career Day .... 55 fl ' A fl lj - 5 ' fl' l,.' Cholollelles """' '85' Junior' 'Cl s Officers . .l. '.yJ.'. . . . 19 Christmas Program 51M , of . 1 5 Civinettes ........ 70 . ' 1 'lunldr Nlugcame SC' e "" ',' 5 ' ' " 5 civnens .......... 70 ' l""'O5fP'Om " 1 V1 """" 64 . . . . , Junior Statesman i 1,1 ' ',".i.. 83 Classroom Activities . . . 34 l A 1 'y' Commerce Club . H 92 JV Baseball . 7. ...,J . . 1 . . . .130 JV Football ...JJ .... ....110 Congress ...... 21 Contents .... 7 y ,K' I '7 llc Crescendos .... 89 ' IV' Cross-Country 132 Key Club Z' .... .. 81 c swimming .. 135 ' C Track ...... 126 L Com" " Com' ' ' 62 Latin Club . .. . . 93 D Library Aids .. . . 7O Liming the 'G' .. .. 44 Dad-Daughter Banquet A6 ' Dance Recital .......... X56 ' M E ' - Men's Glee .... .. 86 1 Mixed Chorus . . . . . 85 Explosion Staff .... Z4 ' X N F .' 1 Name Index .. .... 186 FUCUHY ------- ' 24 Nitroettes . . . . . 98 Faculty Frolics .. 66 Fall Play ........ 57 Football Banquet .... 47 0 Fgreword ,,,,,, " 3 Opening of School .... . . 40 49'erS ,,,,,, 79 Oratorical ........ .. 42 French Club . . . 94 Orchestral Concert . . .. 50 Organizational Section . . . . . . . 68 Orators ...... z..t... ....82 P , I Pep Council 96 R Red Cross 81 ROTC ........ ... . . 137 Rugby Game . . 59 S School Bank . .. ,- 70 Science Club .... - - 92 Scribblers Club .... Senior Activities . . . Senior Class ...... Senior Class Officers Senior-Faculty Basketball Game Senior Prom Court . Senior Section .... 60 Per Club ...... Song-Yell Leaders . Sophomore Class Officers Sophomore Girls' Glee . . . . 84 Spanish Club ........ . . 94 Sparklers . .. . . 97 Spring Play .. 59 Sports Dances .. .. 61 Sports Section ................. 101 Stage Crew .................... 71 Student Body and Class elections. . 52 Student Court ................., 21 Stylus Staff ..... Symphonettes . . . T Talent Show . . . Tennis ...... Thespians . .. V Varsity Baseball ... Varsity Basketball . Varsity Football . .. Varsity Swimming . Varsity Track ..... W World Friendship Club 'l 'X I s I 'ft lik E word f -'..Gx5 - r,T,lN, 'u 'L H.. l-.l ,- H x Lt- -.. ., 5 -I I' ' jx 'llfx-r ' -4 I ' JK... .,."' I I I I .-. .4 , .. 'Nx .I , X N .X . 7 4 U 5 J l ' 1 - K I SHM'-32 - I I xii li., 'xl ., r I . A. . is x All good things must come to an end and the 1958 Stylus is no exception. But before we close I would like to thank the numer- ous people who assisted and helped our staff in its many tasks. First to Mickey and Burt of Dunlap-Turney for the beautiful iob done on the senior portraits. Thank you fellas! I am indebted to "Yearbooks, Incorporated" for answering our million and one questions and for putting up with the many changes in layout and copy. Behind every editor there is an advisor and to the most advisable advisor, Mr. W. B. Graham many thanks. To all the faculty and administration who understood and co-operated with our sometimes un-convenient schedule, Hpeclagogues merci." Behind the scenes of this production Iurked several unthanked humanitarians. The one who will remain first and foremost in my mincl is Newtie, the Madonna of the switch board, who knew iust where to find everyone and every thing. Also 'to Nick the custodian who cleaned up our abominable mess in room 3II every night. My special thanks goes to Linda Kunka who co- edited with me first semester. Not to overlook the photographers and lab assistants who put in many extra hours. Finally to the staff, thanks "group" you were great! It has been my task, nightmare and delight editing your annual and I hope that it will be your pleasure now and in the years to come reading it, thumbing through it and enioying it. s ' Q I 1 X -f I, . . . nf' 97" ' 'S 1 4 ' h -5 1 ' 1 , C.- ' 'I . I ' - s Mp' - K! . 4 . A I . 'L - " , we - I Q n - ' f I I , ' " I v on -.. K H ., Q , I Q .- . , .- I - 1 1 4. '- . ' ' I , '- .s - ,, I l ' s X s 1 A IA.u,., P F' ' I . ' - - 1 .Q xl' , I I I f l I . b, K ' N I 7 ., . 5 ,H nf ' I ' 1' N 1. ' .f -' ,- I, 41 A DN!! I . r:A s ' .' X .- If I .M J Q X WIP ' '7 . N- 'o ,. . I92 .I ,Ii , I . wk lf! V1 A 4 rd? . x lm f 1. 1 ff f 1 , ,, J ,f f ' ,L V lf 'IU' Q 4 1: I ,H ' JI ', . A' . , DMV , ,JV 1 ,ff 6, ,, ff QnbAqLqU .fp ' I ' f 1-12 V .ji ,, lr! jj ,Z .iff , 1 K , "Al 0 M 1 , K ' . -- X ki Zig, L - K .Jvx fi 4 ' , X 5 E 1. Y , f A Y A Ki'L!:j !:1lM,L,,JJ A JXB ', f J -"ix" 7 J . au A - ii -.1 A' F 114' I LM fyfflr f lQ!fs,7'q4!7 Jia, '-JG! fx' i ' ,' " I ' I - r JA' k I ff, ' 4 Vi ani' iff J I LQ' J,-L' 3533. ' , 1 Q , 5 I ' 1. 1' ll fill- lx 1, fl! Lf K 7 N 4-K I ,lil If-,ff only 1 - K XY 4 i lv I 'IAM , ,S XX! -fx ,f 7 ' VAAXU If V if Lv I N ,, Q' , 5 If 7 . 1' n VA!-1461! fb!! V Lffi' 11 I I 'jfyljr L, XJ A 4, ,Aff Z K I ,f L ,"- V IJ x,Q,,,.f 1, ' 1. 1 ll ff A4 , V ' Q Ii,- J ,. iff x+3jx.j-gp I-.-I x U 4 f l Xi-'JJQMJY " 41 L 'Z' ,ffl F . ,D V I 'L , v .J , X x, , r- 41 N,J'..1L..x--' 11" K ' f C X' J 9 fwoew Q Q duff! ' PC fd! . Pg' K . fy d C I, fl' X 94 f 7 01542 "A L7 .y X A, ' ,- ' rr Zfv -' . , Nw .L H! ,yi ,O X 5 I4 t A Ot"L,f J M! :I A' 44, ' UC' ft X 'V 5- - I I ,,f' If 'A ' ' X I Di QD LC cu 6 ,Viv ' 1, 1 fl, ,,f11+kf bf2CW,Lwgu Mjfff'!,fyL " I L M 1 I lv , f 1 bu ' ,f f I v , fill if X I if if if . VJ! f I E g,L fL I b . A YYI, ,Div uf tlfijl 'fx-fQ!'f, XHJVA gi v ,f ' 'I V, . .1 PI I k f, .' 1 , .. 4 , f f L 2 1 ' - , A' f J 1 . , . v UW j J J, L? X ff if VJ' 1 ' I M J J 1 J' f J! M X jx ij I f 1 I .J fd J I J J 1 JQJV xl J T' ,L I if , A UV U 1 j i yy I J, Lf' f,j i 4 rj J I ,W ,U 1 ' 2 . 1 J-K' I , W . , l A-. if f 4 J 1 fJ,.I L, J I ', Vial' 1 I L if J ' .L ,rd F 4 . ' y .VMI , 4, F I E 1 K U b L 1 F fx I. "3 v x , A .yy V, 3 .J X . X N 4 X . 3 . i X s -Q ," ' '11 ' I ' X X Al 'A' ' 1. W' fy ,Av . , I ,. Y 'X 'xf ' - J ,. 4- '-1' X rn l'45 ' ' I' , . Y A 1- ' ,qw -'A 1 ,J M 1 ' hfx v4 ' I ' K f I ' 5. .J fi-A I I .- - J 1, ,,, , ,Q-, N, 'P wi " ' , '- V , f -f . ,,fr, I f f 1-fb" ' . 1.1! I 1 1, ,4 ,, , , P J' J .H4, y 1 'Q VL, ' Y, 4, 4 4 ff I I V. . ,, 1 5 1 X 'I Va' 'f , mf! ' ff' f aff ,W u ff ' 'ff , 'T Q 'J 1 ,v ,, t J J : ' U ' . ' , - fy' f' Alf X. J Lf!! , " mfr! ,b . ' ' ' , ' 'f ,ff 1 'rw' 4' K J 2 , ' f , J J ' iff, . I ' J" ' ' V' f ,v,fy. 'If 'AJ I J" I JVVQI ? f f ,J If! .ff j' ' -if-f J f 'O lf' J 1 "4,V'f!s ' J f' AM flux' 1 wvjg:-J'v.., - , Qs M f ,WJ J - If V V' .41 !,9 : :Z my , Da C jfzb-' A I ! y ,uf r Yfjr QW-,-Y fvfH ,1?,l.Az xxx. Z' -' .glfxf -J I ,'xyf.y.- 3 I ,Lf . V jgQ2,V,.A--k.f ph- .fu ,gc ,4 4 fp ' , . . , 44,1 cffwrff- 'X , - ,1 ., C.1b4.f ., '1Ld-4154! f 1 4 ff A fx I w, A IM . ,ff , V 1 ff X :Muff ,I ,V A V VQQAJJQ iydfgd, - f . 4' 0 4' . -V 5 ' J . .JJ 'ggi ima' if ,,. I M7 VI .J , Z QV U , Wmffg ' WC E, U U, , I Q44 ,QQM 1 f X f AK' Q M ,' '71 K ' Ny 4' X J f ff , f22.:1"f,,q 1 ' , Z' 'f J ,Q X. XJ. . pl Q f 'adv-'fy'?1Zff VV. AJ . J Q M1 H W 1,5 gi ' , ,je l' 410241-r ,Q . 1 fl J ,,-J J fl ,i ' V , V , , f A .J , Jw , A ' Q J Q I ,Aj 1, ' - V , X-sf jj A-14407 5 In " 'Lf A .. . . 5 f ff f ' ,W , f' , f A f I V Y f : I Iifx - -'xl I 1' 'IU 1 ' P ' ' f f TJ I f'x JH A v , I x I, fr ' : li , ' SWMJ4 ffyl-J f" ,E f ,X I-' ' 'TE 6555! od J 1 'N ,T f I fvivffb Kyo A 5x JN f. 1 fi . ' , I ' I- 'X 4 ' ' DVI A an L3 O fl, 7 I V if X ,A 9 r fvf 7 , , ff, 'Sf ' f x., 1 f 1 4, F, VJ, Af Q 1. Q 7 G ky ,f X I r -To M i',x. 'ff' !'7, A ' ' . ,Q ' QL 1 M 0f,UJH7Vzh'?01Kl fa Q fy 663 kb-fx Q! fi ,H fl f if .V F r,Wf'N J,,,fv5'U 'X 1- ff 65, JA xv Aff? J , ' x ' ' X V4 I1 9,11-I v TJ q Jr- If Ms I Y Q: 1 pb ,L I NV fl, . E X xl N ' 5 Q' V IC. , nf X I ' vi - 0551 Q4 'Qi Q J 'I nf 4 f K CT ., T I . 1 4 1, fa ' 'N C gg E . A , :X - ' " i A X

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