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Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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R , . I . X QW FW? W SR xx jk ff Q ix? Q X53 m If vs nur N eww iw ! ' , WM W DUO RSHAQUN, ' VW 4 A NW p5aJeff,'f'?,'ivaeaa, Q . WV' Ziff caan.. gov? T0 , 5914, ZQSQWATFJ Figfalggfy df-,L Oqgq A vwowow. vb". Umm? PPL V W fmf+9W'f- 0'm,.g,H, CBQWTUW J 3" D' , S-Jwwank QM' -SDM? :LM .... W5 -T35 Q -J., vwswjlyvjw. Mf",,,.w 1"'5if:7r,d"f,av.K- I wW,M W 4fWwWm5 'BJ WN WN l5'7u M I f t W7 iw fm K '7'f,7 ' ,mfg . X QW 'rCi1 "?7 ' l,,, if V Fffwfgn N W xmjlfvfff' W0 1 '--3 KWH WL! W K J AMAA gwvh pk + 'QHWWYBW M 3 1 Wkeaeeueg The '57 Sfylus Sfaff presents the 1957 Stylus Glendale High Schdol, Glendale, California Joan Spelgarfi-Edlior, Mr. W. B. Graham- Advisor Published by The Yearbook House, Inc., Monrovia, California Th ADMINISTRATOR TEACHER .. fy ff' 1 f E imgf UBRARIANX v ' l : ,l .X v ,X "N KK L71 CUSTODIAN '- YL I 5 my Q X T T CAFETERIA WORKER Q if nf K--A . . -1 A ,N A V g' -v., Q ry u af E T -f ff E A TMAINTENANCE A! A MODERN SCHOOL IS COMPLEX. IT TAKES MANY PEOPLE "5 A A DOING MANY JOBS TO FULFILL :Ts PURPOSE: TO EDUCATE FOR LIFE A fs , Exchange students Gisela Scholz from Frankfurt, Germany, and Tony 'Vclladcs from Lisbon, Portugal. lfsx K F HE STYLUS PRESENTS A PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD X W-.rl OF A YEAR AT AN AMERICAN SCHOOL: L L O Glendale High School, Glendale C lifOrniOu 1 . 1,E'iiT1T I ' 5 ,, I' , .E, 11, i - Lgffgfggi Glerlclclle ll-liqh School is a big school and growing- We share the nation- wide problems of American Schools with crowded classes, double assemblies, overloaded buses and crowded ca felerias. fi X l X Q I the advantages X - . outwezghed the mcon veniences and we had a wonderful year. - 1957 INSTRUCTIONAL ADMINISTRATION ........., .. 8 IO SENIOR CLASS ....I8 FACULTY ....... .... UCUS On the FOUL' Phases Of Our School YCCII' .. .... 88 JUNIOR CLASS ..... .... 6 o -,EL I SOPIIOMORE CLASS ....72 Q 1 ORGANIZATIONAL CABINET ................ 51 .4 C05 43-006 CONGRESS .I... 1 4, Q'-Rf.gb1,,S GIRLS' LEAGUE I BOYS' LEAGUE .sm FOOTBALL . . . BASKETBALL . W Vw.L,,II. hx 'TL' TRACK ..... BASEBALL . . . MINOR SPORTS ROTC ......, wx ....92 ....94 ....96 PUBLICATIONS ...Ioo CLUBS ......... ...IO4 I 0. MUSIC GROUPS .............. . . . I I4 RECREATIONAL , TALENT SHOW ........... ...I2o T A B" ASSEMBLIES ...I22 BANCES . . . .. . T24 ACTIVITIES .. ...T3O BANQUETS .. ...I34 PHYSICAL T50 ....I58 ....I64 ....I7O T73 ....I7ZS u l 4-vf 4 ' .W X f A f ,573 '533'3f.i?Y- I Wifi" . " Q' . '11iEgQiagif:,.2' 1,,-Q , , A ww fsacl' 2 'P :ir -X: , , ,,,A ,, Q 122 if 'S Q 1 x 'r ,f, - :wa jg' ,.,.ru4 'gg' 1 ,, W ,, .K , 1-'Y .3- . . L.: ' ':"l?':-Q " J-.-,AU 9 -.I 1551. 2,15 'am . TYQ11 11,3 , -rm. .. Ml ' 45, ' -, I f -7.33: x 9 'i L ,K 1 J 'v 1 W I ds i - ,. .- zg, X1 If P '1' LA.,-,'f,.n,2I 1 , '- 'cpm-.ix vi Y an ,- , A 4 f if 5 di f S, I' ' Q R gf? xx- x J YB W f H' ' . , I " 1' an .4,, a M,,ww?"""" 4 ...A ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY, AND THE THREE CLASSES - WORKING AND PLAYING WITH THE HARMONY THAT MAKES THE THREE SHORT YEARS AT GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY PAGE . . . 8 "'s SENIOR CLASS PAGE . . . I8 JUNIOR CLASS PAGE , . . 60 SOPHOMORE CLASS PAGE . . . 72 Aclministrati n ...... MR, DONALD T. GOLDER Principal Mr. Golder chars with a G.H,S, student during the course of a busy day. With The 1957 school year compleled, Mr. Gololer looks back on his league of aclminis- frafors, Helping him with The many probleme of school operation were Mrs. Dorothy Jackson, Mr. Bill Murphy, Mrs. Leona Newell, Mr. Harry Beck, and Mr. Ted Andrews. Mr. Gelder relaxes in The company of his wife after a busy clay at school. MRS. DOROTHY JACKSON Assistant Principal for Instruction MR. WILLIAM MURPHY Assistant Principal tor Student Relations Student instruction, relations, counseling, and attendance were administered by these tive otticers. Some new to their work and others experienced hands, each shared in the im- portant management ot the G.H.S. campus. MRS. LEONA NEWELL MR. HARRY BECK MR. TED ANDREWS Girls' Counselor BOyS' Counselor Supervisor ot Attendance X oL:nu'ALr Fcicultq D D D D D D D D D D D D LJ YT: COUNSELORS Hill' as Row I: Mrs. Alice McDonald, Miss Nyla Chapman, Mrs. Naomi Blackburn, Mrs. Georgia Wood- C. ward, Mrs. Leona Newell. Row 2: Mr. Harry Beck, Mr. Philip Castlen, Miss Ruth Starr, Mrs. Hilda Jones, Mr. Freeland Templeton, Mr. John Key, Mr. Reese Anderson. ENVT "iWZI"F l I " Ale: ll! Il if IT iq I9 IJ Z: 26 C27 ATTENDANCE OFFICERS Mrs. Mabel Ganz, Mr. Ted Andrews, Carrington, Miss Ethel SECRETARIAL STAFF Row 1: Miss Josephine Hicks, Miss Clarice Newton, Mrs. Emma Hubert, Mrs. Alma Hallk Raw 2: Mrs. Ester Howion, Mrs. Doris Lewis, Mrs. Catherine Tench, Mrs. Lucile Clarke, Mrs. Peggy Duncan. Q-1 :H l in giliailiei gl ' Vg x.. Q' .fp muiuggirlg 4 H-- X x DEPARTMENT OF ART Mrs. Martha Arnold, Mr. Clyde Johnson, Miss Esther Crandall. DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE Row li Mrs. Charlotte Aseltine, Mrs. Mabel Lambert, Miss Laura Manetta. Row 2: Mrs. Margaret Sobelle, Mrs, Eleanor Inhelder, Mrs. Naomi Beck, Mr. Kenneth Greenlaw. The T07 members of Glendale Highs faculty coped with curricu- lum which covered more than 80 subjects from Foreign Language To Fine Arts. Under their guidance a student body of over 2,300 pupils prepared for 'the days ahead. xl -4 DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ARTS W Row 1: Mr. John Harrison, Mr. Lovell Paggeot, Mr, Clyde Hofflund. Row 2: Mr, Eugene Craw- ford, Mr. Paul Brown, Mr. Thomas Christensen, Mr. Gregory Lawrence, NJN4, x., ,, .4 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Row it Mr. George Bundick, Mr. J. Arndt Tande, Mrs. Lucile Anderson, 0 Miss Marion Snyder, Mr. Stephen Gelsinger. Row 2. Mr. Don Herman, Mr. Elton Smith, Mr. Aiclo Buoncguidi, Mr. Reese Anderson, Mr. Carl Matthiesen, Mr. Freeland Templeton, J QILJ DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS - U . !,f- YV' Row I: Miss Elva Marshall, Mrs. Lucile Anderson. I nf" Row 2: Mrs. Esther Meyer, Mrs. Elsie Garrett. f J DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE Row I: Mr. Albert Hewitt, Mr. Jack Parker, Mrs. Phyllis Edwards, Miss Jennie Clauson, Mr, George Bundick. Row 2: Mr. Philip Castlen, Mr. Howard Fay, Mr. Russell Cripe, Mr. Leo Arranaga, Mr. James Place, Mr. Harry W. Anderson I I ar- Q7 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL STUDIES Row l: Miss Margaret Graham, Mrs. Alice McDonald, Miss Francis Ahl, Miss Gladys Leonard, Mrs, Francis Klawiter, Mrs. Hilda Jones. Row 2: Mr. Murray Grant, Mr, George Plumb, Mr. James Smith, Mr, Wallace Rankin, Mr. Arthur Bennett, Mr. Arch "Pop" Harrison, Mr. Ralph Carter. 1 I X DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Row l. Miss Jeanette Johnson, Mrs. Patricia Mack, Mrs. Hazel Johnson. Raw 2: Mrs. Margaret Campbell, Mrs. Mariorie Pape, Mrs. Visellc Alsberge, Miss Ruth Stwalley, L DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Row lf Mr. Roy Vuiovich, Mr. George McElroy, Mr. Eugene Haas, Mr. Ranier Demandel. Row 2: Mr. Harry Beck, Mr, Arthur Teachout, Mr, Leo Arranaga, Mr. Lon Graf, Mr. Ted Andrews. I si is l3 Mr. .Ice Wadlington, af- fectionately k n o w n as "Joe" by the students in his drama and speech classes, cuts a coke dur- ing a Christmas party in his 3rd period closs. 'Rr -er DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH Raw I: Miss Marjorie Bailey, Mrs. Olive Eckerson, Miss Mary Ann O'Brien, Mrs. Emily Leolbetter, Mrs. Eleanor Inhelder, Mrs. Beatrice Morlion. I Row 2. Mr. Warren Johnson, Mr, Lawrence Weishart, Mrs. Louise Swedenborg, Mr. W. Hartley, Mr. Cecil Stephens, Mr. Robert McConnell. PS .S LIBRARY DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Mrs. Mary Tye, Miss Estelle Lake. Row I: Miss Shirley Nute. Row 2: Mr. John Key, Mr, Eldreol Bolzer. CUSTODIANS Row li Mr. Merrill Young, Mr. Carl Joltn- son, Mrs. Hazel Leash, Mr. Bob Hart, Mr. Bill Johnson, Mr. O. K. Miller, Mr. Bill Dowan, Mr. Merrill. Row 2: Mr. Jim Whittemore, Mr. A. Clarke, Mr. Max Littlefield, Mr. George Sanders, Mr. Clarence Nicoll, Mr, L. Powers, Mr. "Node" Elkin, Mr. Bob Mc- Glynn. Q. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Row 1: Mrs. Mary Jane McCIane, Mrs. Wylna Cowles, Miss Ruth Starr, Miss Henrietta Huyssen, Row 2: Mr. Edward Nissen, Mr. Homer Livermore, Mr. Dudley Grdltclm, Mr. James Steele. . DEPT OF COSMETOLOGY Row I: Mrs, Charlotte Ander- son, Miss Jennie Clauson. Row 2: Mrs. Georgia Woodard fs P' .L 2 Al. L 5-31 Q.,-L 'tr Mr. Elkin, better known as "Node," is busy working, but he always has time to listen to a student's problems. 8:30 to 3:15 D D D D D D D P D ART CLASS Nfl TYPING -1 1 A 1' L. COSMETOLOGY A'CAPPELLA DANCE CLASS ORAL ENGLISH . . . . . Five Daqs A Week GEOMETRY FROM 8:30 TO 3:15 - FIVE DAYS A WEEK the students of Glendale High at- tend their daily classes. A great variety of subjects is offered at GHS-among them, Cosmetology, which is not offered at any of the other schools in the Glen- dale Unified School District. Students who have iobs may take advantage of the 4-4 plan which consists of attending school for four hours and working for four hours. They receive work credit to- CHEMISTRY LAB FOO DS CLASS PHYSIOLOGY Ward their graduation. AUTO SHOP WOOD SHOP it ,?' 25,1 of .uffif EL, 'i LAB 17 BOB GARDNER President S nior Class Senior Councils I and II, President, Bob Gardner, other officers of the Sen- ior Class, and Mrs. Hilda Jones, advisor, were kept busy all year pre- paring for graduation, The Senior Prorn was one to remember - beautiful decorations, a lovely court, and fun for all. Earlier in the year the Senior Class won the tableau in the annual Oratorical which was the beginning of a great and memorable year for the Class of '57. JEANNIE WELLS-Treasurer, DAVID JUNOD-Vice President, DALE WEISENBERG-Secretary p p P P D D P P P ' ' IRVING BEAZLEY-Yell Leader, MRS. HILDA JONES-Advisor, SHARON HUDSON-Song Leader CDUNCIL 'FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER OUNCIL ,hoo . rw Row lr Ramona Meckfessel, Cheryl Lawson, Dale Weisenberg, Bob Gardner, Dude Junod, Barbara Oliver, Mary Rich, Lee Eddy. Row 2: Ed Pratt, Jacquie Petro, Sharon Hudson, Norma Warren, Charlotte Payne, Jeanie Wells, Gloria Avallone, Elaine Jensen, Mike Condie. Row 3: Don Helsel, Jim Kumpe, Jack Crithen, Tam Clark, Bill Cleves, Gary Buss, Mike Gazzaniga, Scott Paulsen, Dave McCleerey. Row I: Ramona Meckfessel, Cheryl Lawson, Dale Weisenberg, Bob Gardner, Dude Junod, Barbara Oliver, Mary Rich, Lee Eddy. Raw 2: Ed Pratt, Dotty Humphrey, Wanda Lewis, Sharon Hudson, Anne Culling, Charlotte Payne, Jeanie Wells, Linda Christian, Kim Seckel, Nancy Bartholemay, Ardyce Carr. Row 3: Les Wilson, Dan Helsel, John Dae, James Charles Kumpe, William B. Cleves, Thomas E. Clark, Mike Gazzaniga, John Doe, John Doe, Lewis Merrifield, Pete Spilger, Dave McCleerey, Mike Condie. 19 eni r Class D D D D D D D D WV 'Q' M, - 2' if 'Ni lv!! V A .W i QW Aa -an ...r VIRGINIA ANDERSON JIM ANNIN .,,,x, ROGER ANDERSON STEPHEN ANDERSON x ,IQ I aw. Y? ALVIN ANDERSON CASANDRA ANDERSON DAVID ANDERSON RAY ANDERSON GARY ACKERMAN MARTHA ADAMS PAT AESCI-ILIMAN JOHN AITKEN HARRIET AKANA DELL ALDRICH ADRIENNE ALLEN ARLEENE ALLEN ARLENE ALLISON ELLEN AITMAN LIMING THE "G"-As f are seen covered from head to toe with white chalk after the traditional liming of the "G" oofboll season approaches, members of the Pep Club RONALD ATWOOD GLORIA AVALLONE JUDITH BABB JANET BAILEY 3. , xi I A L- - .. A I if T7 ' f N1 Q. -- L X I - Y .L N , I B:-,Mfg I I "L JOYCE BAKER4 LILLIAN BAKER 115 . ff A 1 Ne v 5 BARBARA BARLOW SHARON BARNARD 1'- yuh SHARRON ANTRAM 'E M LINDA ARMSTRONG A I ., .-,, , X :ff 1,7-r NICK ARNDS ZX GRETCHEN ASHCROFT Q' ED ATSINGER SUZAN ATWATER , ,Q K 'ff BNI A 41-E,t, A Q A 4 , v OJ'-if I l' Web! I R Ax W is W 1 1 I DENISON BALDWIN JOE BAME JIM BANOS LARRY BARCLAY 761' I 'A 'Y 3 1 A i ' , R I Ni pd A I Wi' 5 . A . I ' f. Alfg. , In 5 A I N I f I , I A JULE BARNES RICHARD BARNET NANCY BAROCHIERE WILLIAM BARR 41 Q.. , M . ' " ff'f'1?-- ' ' I ,B L 'X . ,JV ' 4 , I K t 5 V I L, V fiif 1 I jj,:jN- ISV? -PH 2 V N fi. 'y 9' I -Y, Laigfi, 11 1,-I QL NANCY BARTHOLOMAY JOE BASTON WAYNE BEACH IRVING BEAZLEY JAMES BECK ,Q O, A Q4 'Q YN 'Cf' 5 V DEMETRA BELL .fem Sb ' I It I RICHMOND BENTON PHILLIP BIAGGI ROSE BIANCHI JERRY BIAS TRADITIONAL-Gordy Hess, retiring Srudenr Body president, gets Thrown in STEPHEN BISHOP BILL BITTLE NANCY BIVANS JOANNA BLACKWELL JERRY BLANCHARD -.n -dm SIX PERKY POM POM PUSHERS prepare I'?I themselves for the long gome oheod, From the vivocious left moving to the curvoceous right ore: Gordon Hess, Bob Gordner, Herb Ludwig, Tom Poton, Duone Wills ond Ed Pratt. ,ar a bf X if 1 --1 ,NI WILLIAM BORST -.4 DAVID BOWERS -it L '1 'wi . if I S DALE BOSTROM .1-W ,v- ici' of G EN E BOTTOM WILLIAM BRADFORD RUTH BRASE L. 1 'xv m is 44, Wm CAROLYN BREITENBACH TERRY BRENNER KAY BRIGMAN CHARLES BOWER H '1. ' 3 U5 far ,g ,S 4' f l fi iw Aff -. an n If Z 1' ,f BRENDA BROWN A4 . 'ZR' X 1 . Zi- ,ll3 l 15 Q 112' I' ,Q ill s I vv -.ff JERRY BLOMBERG KAREN BOAZ JAMES BOGGIS WILLIAM BOLTON CAROLE BORDEN 7X " A T ' , V A 2 W-kk K I ,VJ hill, ! A ,1 " CONNIE BLUMENTHAL SHARON BOGAN SARA BOGOSIAN GERALD BONAR MARY BORDEN 67" L- 8 F 32,51 ,no 'Q' 24:1 .-A DAVID BROWN JUDITH BROWN ED BRYANT CAROL BURROWS LOUIS BUSETH "G -i g . ' Q if X A fi l N ,V NV L 'QE' r,, I A f A f SUSAN BUTLER CAROL BYERS LEORNA CALTA JANET CAMPBELL ROSE CAMPBELL 37? Em-4 , . ,fa-uf' ' 9 4' CAROLYN BURNS SALLY BURNS RICHARD BURRIS GARY BUSS 'Z' ,Q-D .1 Q- ai ,I .Q1 B Q 64? ' Q44 " if 1 A fwfr f W ' ' ORPHANAGE - Civiruns and Civineftes combine io give fhe children ot on orphonoge o Christmas TOM CALLAHAN party can F ' r' . , 12. -P - - ,gy ' 1, gmt zzrvlfiim ,s'f1yQl.'4,a,., 3. .A W1 EES, riullaw' . ,m4,g'yf.,-aa if vga ' V JIM CANCELOSI MARIE CARNEVALI ARDYCE CARR JAMES CARSON PATRICIA CARSON I-IORACE CARTER RAY CASE JEAN CHADDOCK BRIAN CHALFANT LINDALEE CHAPLAR BARBARA CI-IARRON MOLLIE CHEPIN LINDA CHRISTIAN IEANNETTE CHRISTY BONNIE CLARK A Vis 1- v' 3:57 gs, 1 'fi -1' , has 5 'n-..,." C, Q rv fv- vs., DAVID CLARK TOM CLARK va! If ef X3 I N22 ar' 5' JERYL CLARKE CI-IERYL CLEVERDON E1 40 w x I Q xx afg 'T WILLIAM CLEVES DAVID CLOTFELTER MARILYN CLUCKNER CHARLENE COBB JACK COLLIER MICHAEL COLLINS CAROL COLVIN -P Q I, ,V.I IANNIS COMER ,,. LF, MIKE CONDIE I-Q I 'YQ RICHARD COON Af O . ' ROBERT COOPER I WILLIAM CORSELLO .- X Q Q X I II I X O 'I I W - f I 1- Pt, ,I N Q 1 ' Ig Li lg STEVE COWEN . WARREN CRAWFORD -'A V I L ANNE CULLING 4' 5,3 I y WILLIAM CUMMINGS 5 'ff7f" 'I . iw. A . Y. . f I ' I A 5' I 4 X I ' ,wir Aff' '34 RI I I Q. Jef!! WILLIAM D. CUMMINGS ,Q ,C JAMES CUMMINGS I 4 .I ja , Q 7.21 DELLA DANIEL! BETH DARSIE JOININO IN-YeII IEC1d9l'S Gary Moore, Dave Wilson, and Sammy Mondola join The spon- Yaneous Cry of victory which the Senior Class sang our afier winning 1I'Ie Tableau In Ihe annual OrcIIOrICaI. KATHLEEN DECKER DANIEL DIDDEN JOANNE DIGATI GUNTHER DIPPMAN VR HARRIET DAUPHIN DAVID DAVENPORT CAROLE DAVIS ROGER DAVIS CONSTANCE DAY BARBARA DECKER x .X , I 4 I '77 'f-J' ,AM I "5 as 1. Llp. ,1- ,T I 1 fix 6' JACK DOLLOI-IITE CAROL DORNHAUSER WILLIAM DOWLING TINKA DREYER ANNE DUBIN NORA DUERBECK ff' as f 9 1-fx ya """ 5 'GW JANNICE DULLEA ANITA DUNLAP ' TOM DYE LAVONNE EASON MARJORIE ECKERT LILLIAN EDDY 1- I L MVC 4"f.- , A, ni 'N fv- 'inf ,ax W ,xq I sv 86' 5+ ,fx ITM ,. Q Q 4135! ,I WJ C If .V X,,'4A F I 'Q 4 I . LINDA EDGERTON inf-9128 , .,3jt:Q, RICHARD ELLWOOD NANCY EMERY SHARON ENGLAND HERMAN ENGLEHARDT 5 Q 'J f T5 "f:l':""1 4 9-' L n 4' x 1' H Q "' 0 SJ I I Pf- X A I 'i t I ELLEN EDIE I ' A 4 ,XP x if K I f ' ' JERRY EDIE I FRED ENGLER ESTER ESCOBAR KEITH ESSELSTROM CODY EVANS I I U I ' ,yu .mf WVV, fr 'is .Risky-:f5,afL5' H, ROBERT EDWARDS YULETIDE SPIRIT-Ron White, Dennis Cclrhart, Sammy Mendolo, ond Jim Kumpe decorate the traditional Christmas tree in front of The audi- KENNETH ELLETT forium. Loter, presents for the poor surrounded The rree's bose. ,X . 'ri 're I " ,Y Q Y PHILLIP EVANS VIRGINIA FABER JEAN FARQUAHAR VIRGINIA FARRER KAYE FARRINGTON 4 UNITS FOR SALE l?lI There is olwclys one In every crowd. Sorry, no sole fhis time. , gg ' Q. , f I 3 f 9 I . -53,15 - DIANE FAULKNER ARLENE FEENEY WILLIAM FENN WILLIAM FENTON BARBARA FINCH ROBERT FISHBACK JOHN FISHER .pg WAYNE FISHER ERIN FLANEGIN JACK FLINT JEAN FOOTE qua- DWIGHT FORMAN FRANCINE FORSTER BARBARA FASNAUGH ROBERT FRAZE RANDOLPH FRAZELLE SANDRA FRIED FRED FRIEDLANDER JOAN FRY EUGENE GALINDO DENNIS GARDEN ROBERT GARDNER PATRICIA GAYMAN MICHAEL GAZZANIGA jANET GEER li 19-nu rx sf SI? fn. HELEN GENESCRITTI ROSEMARY GEORGE I ROSANNA GERMANO LOU ANNE GIBSON DICK GILBERT .TQ GOING MODERN I?I Charles Poole and c gcnglood of kids arrive in his cor with 0 bang! HELEN GOBEL ROY GOBEL BARBARA GOLD ' , bf A I wwf: A A - I I A if 1+ AEEA I I LAWRENCE GOMBOS JUDY GOOLD BRUCE GORDON .IUDITH GRAGG CAROL GRANT CAROL OREAVES LORALEE GREENE CAROL GRIGSBY CAROLYN GRIMMEIHS CLAUDIA GROB CHARLES GRONIGA SHIRLEY GROSHAN5 RICHARD GROVE ROBERT GROVE LINDA HAAS TERRY HADDOCK CAROLYN HADEN NANCY HADLEY L '1'n"' ST? ,Q n 6? fx if x 4-75- rx si 'W ' , A Q- 3, ' . Q A ga YM' r I ' X-, ffm: ctw GARY HERWICK GORDON HESS I I an -'hd Ji 'Z f I1 4' ' 2 I I 5:12 , I -LL, JOY HELTZEL SHARON HEMPHILL WANDA HENNING 'WI ' 81 tp Q .J I A V! I - -N ANN HARDIN JAMES HARDY ROCHELLE HARRIS ANN HARRISON FAITH HASENBECK MARTHA HAVENS GARY HAWKINS RICHARD HAYES DIANE HAGEMLER DONALD HELSEL 3 fu 'Q' CAROL HEYDEN SUZANNE HICKMAN SWEET TOOTH!-Joan Wahl and Janet Uhl, Candy store girls, are kept busy selhng candy to hung ry students. ' -X CHARLES HITCHCOCK ROBERT HOBER MARY HODGES DOUGLAS HOFF MARY HICKS BETTY HILL CAROL HILLER CLYDE HINES TERRY HIPOLITO SHARON HIPPLE 5i' QS' ,J A-in 'S ' 'E PAULA HOFFMAN FRANK HOGAN PHYLLIS HOHERTZ 4- GAYLE HOOTMAN N A -az: E' , gs 1197 47' fi if L- Q:- -T GEORGE HOLLANDER SHIRLEY HOLLOWAY MAXINE HONEYMAN ,t 'L' ea 12? F 4:7 -'n' A-7 X HAROLD HOERER LADONNA HOPPER WAYNE HORTON DELNO HOWARD ERNEST HUBERT 16 K- - SHARON HUDSON Jai 'TQ' xi' I f K VV XV E..- gm f ,Ti -H ff. DOROTHY HUMPHREY I DENNIS HUMPHREYS 't':Z-'V an L. X CAROL INGELMAN rf' BETTY INCLEDON .A 'Q' SANDRA JOHNSON 34 CAROL JACKMAN KENNETH JACKSON RICHARD JACOBS THELMA JENKINS , I 4 V ' ' ,Ja M I X. .K 1: Ifi ' ' A ' Ei gzkgig x x .Y ' ' , I J I - ' ' ,QQ ELAINE JENSEN JAMES JEPSEN JAMES JOHNSON NORMA JOHNSON . iLf.'w1.1.-gr , 4551, ,. W! ON THE WAY TO VICTORY A Glendmleiyes view Vice Presidential candidate Richard Nixon as he makes on exfemporoneous speech before the high school. Ami" ,. xm. '59 c""A 'C' 'I 14 Xu SANDRA KAY JOHNSON SHEILA JOHNSON WARNER JOHNSON JOETTE JOLSON SONG LEADERS relax and talk over the latest news while sifting in the Senior Arcade. From left to right: Darlene Klinkman, Mary Rich, Sharon England, Kaye Farrington, and Adrienne Allen. ,Ag -- X. 'T ,Q aw- 'slh ll f f -, A f' . 'rd . "- -....f l 5,1 Qi . f x , ' ' X ,.rl . ' LX X D 45 Q15 J-vt, v TZ-337' 10' 'fa s HENRY JONES DAVID JUNOD ROBERT JURGENS ROBIN JUST ,, fs. KS .. XXX' Y-T27 fa- , K X' ,gf ' q ',:1g.g ,5 --rbi. a JUDY KABLE MARY KAUS SHARON KAY .L . - ,A 0 f"' g ROBERT KEELER JANET KEGLEY ROBERT KELLEY STEPHAN KELLEY 1 O an 174 cafe ET rx THOMAS KELLY JOHN KELSEY MARIAN KENT CAROLYN KINSEL PAUL KIPERS DAVID KIRKER DARLENE KLINKMAN SUSAN KNQX LINDA KOCH TONY KOSMAK l A ng. -s, V 'T7 HARRIET KREISEL GARY KROAH '27- 'TI7 Li ELEANOR LARUM CHERYL LAWSON MARCIA LAWTON TOM LEE KAREN LENSAR SHERRY LEE -ff 52" ' 4r'7 vw Q.. X f Na ED KRULIKOWSKI JAMES KUMPE BEVERLY LAKE VERN LAMARR SENIORS vs. FACULTY-Seniors and faculty mem- bers vie for ball in a game for Hungarian Relief Fund. ' i L 1 4, L Mi 4 RALPH LE PARA WILLIAM LAMBUTH LAWRENCE LETHCOE JEAN LEVINSON MEREDITH LEWIS TOM LEWIS L WANDA LEWIS OLIVIA LIMBERT GAIL LINDAHL DONALD LINDNER GENIE LINGO ANTOINETTE LISOWSKI ROBERT LLOYD MA RY LOCHHEAD MARGARET LOEFFLER BRENDA LOGAN SALLY LOHMAN ROSELLA LOWN 3 I 4 A 3 I' -I,'I , My L,'1 T Ll DI A if . 'U "' x I X . ., A .4 K- I ' CR. 15' ,Q 'R 'Q 55" 2,31 'K' f' ff HERBERT LUDWIG KENNETH LYCETT 's. I I . 3 2 ARDELLE LYNCH PATRICIA MACMILLAN 45 si ff' hi GILBERT MADRID MARILYN MADZAR 76 4-3 ...M-Q.. -9. ' ,, ,- Ass I A w YB' 4 A If I ,,S IQ! I I .sl 'far .I QI Q7 v ' V , I is mu v.g,:.: aiiplifp I DAVID MAXWELL CARLENE MAYER .1 ll 'C' IN 1 LARRY MASON WAYNE MASSEY JOYCE MATHEWS WILLIAM B, MATTHEWS WILLIAM H. MATTHEWS DAVID MAGDALIK MARY MAHONY WILLIAM MAIER DICK MAINLAND LARRY MALCOR KENNETH MANDEVILLE JOHNETTA MARBURGER NANCY MARIK MARTHA MARKWYN BEVERLY MARTIN CANDIDATES AND CAMPAIGNS-Glendales'halls bulgecl with the slogans and signs of hope ful candidates during the mid-Term elections. Paint cans and paper filled the homes of more than one senior as the poster pointing plague began to spread, JOYCE MCGOWEN CONNIE MCINTYRE ELLEN MCLARNIN NANETTE MCMAHON M 'fi ROGER MAYNARD DAVID MCCLEEREY LOIS MCCUTCHEON 5 fi' SUSAN MCDONALD '-' ROBERT MQELROY 9 CRAIG MCFARLAND f ,Q -11 ,Q . v V . . . 1 ii ,Eg .. Ia ' III W Q , I 'V . h. E x SHARON MCVEY PHILIP MEADOR RAMONA MECKFESSEL WAYNE MELVIN SAMMY MENDOLA DEANNA MENG .auf .ra-M., fm fx an Vu! 1':-:?' ...A s Q-A' LEWIS MERRIFIELD ROGER MICHAUD DENNY MILLER DIANE MINTZ DAVID MITCHELL KATHLEEN MITCHELL , I -vn- BETH MOCK X '7' sf 'ff' " ALAN MOHILL Q . 8 :gr I Y - .. 5 ,Q fi k - I T A m' if sr ,Mi iff? ELAINE MONTI GARY MOORE MICHELE MORGAN fx ISS- .IACQUELINE MULHOLLAND we , 1: if' Nd ARMAND NIORIN RALPH MORLEY LOUISE MORRIS RAY MORRIS 6' - -. gy., Dj- V v--1 11" kr I 1 4" ARLENE MOUNTFORD KENNETH MUDGETT BRENDA MUELLER TED MUELLAR ...l 1 -fri A MMMM, MAN!! THATS GOOD - Class of '57 advisor, Mrs. Hilda Jones reioxes and refreshes in company of Q faifhful member of her class, Herb Ludwig, after this year's Seniors finished decorating for the Class of '56 graduoiion. Nr . 3 ' k i ., J W A i ly' , , , I-rf ,reid V, MICHAEL MURPHY PAT MURRAY ESTER MYERS JACQUELYN MYERS X f'55f'x113f ML ...Y I WHO WON, WHO WON? was the question many Q senior asked when xj TL? rhe first results of the second semester campaign were posted. 'xr If-" Z? X X DON NASON st I JUDITI-I NELSON ---x ffvv an J' 6'f, gp? WILLIAM NEBLETT - "Wa-. 'NA 3172? WILLIAM NELSON . was viii' Wi If ,CF I ' 9-sf' K A .mth . . X I x -N I I 1 I PX! MARSHALL NEIBERT JUDY NEILL ' X- . ,. 'Q E 'gui A f 1 - K 1 To ' il V , , e e I - , V' I sm 5' Q x ,wir . jr A X Nr X 'I I fi I I SYLVIA NICHOLS 'Nfl' 3 I I I xf! I ft I' XI 'X f GORDON NIELSEN RODERICK NISH JUDY NOEL GARY NORDBERG , N I I ' , - -.g SAL NUCCIO , PHILIP OEHLER CARMEL OJEDA JO ANN OLINICK BARBARA OLIVER ELDON OLSON GERALDINE OTTOBONI KENNETH OVERHOLSER BOB PACKARD WILLIAM PACKARD 1 L l av I if x 'Q ,S ff' R- , , ANTOINETTE PALAZZOLO RlCHAl2D PALESE STEVE PALMORE JULIE PARKER JEAN PARMENTER TOM PATON . T? " 'T fT- ' x P33 T. if 5' x V X li , , E' 3 A SCOTT PAULSEN CHARLOTTE PAYNE WAYNE PEDEN 1 A f Lf f 91 , H eg, A . -rl' H Z. ' Q E ia - I A P Two HOPEFULS AND ONE RECRUIT-Past presiden MARLOW PENNINGTON MARK PENNINGTON any A!! DEAN PERA Gordy Hess, center, .presents the candidates fo Student Body Prexy, left, Lew Merrifield and right Dick Mainland. -40 XY lim wf if , f'-fp, , Q an W V45 SUSAN PERRY .IOAN PERSSON PETER PETERS VENDELA PETERS JOYCE PETERSEN JACQUELINE PETRO ELLEN PHILLIPS JACK PHILLIPS MARGERY PIERCE DALE PIKE GARY PIPER QUENTIN PIZZINI RICHARD PLASCH BIM PLUMB KATHERINE POE HARLEY PONCE CHARLES POOLE LESLEY PORTER uf SM ,,, W I fs. 'Q N17 C217 E EFI l Cf . I 4.. nf L KJ XY' i 'X P I G I R x I I I I n I RICHARD POST HEATHER POWERS rf? MARIANI POWERS ED PRATT - 'X ff' Ns AI ff -,,x 'X vim' LOWELL PRATT KENT PRICE A 'S lf ax 2 xv. 'T' I' Q I I A ANITA RINI DONALD ROBERTS I" I-IAROLD DOLORES RIES RILES 13 LINDA REYNOLDS DONALD RICE MARY RICH MARY RICHMOND GERALD PRIEBE TOM PULFER MARIE RALPHS ROBERT RANDALL JUDY RANDALL JANE RAUEN CLAIRE RAWLINS CARYLON REEVES SANDRA REID KENNETH RENSTOM vQy,v ' rn, 1 .3iQr'f' I . A 9 rr,-gf fra! A 'Fi s. PARTY TIME! Members of Senior Problems class take time from daily routine to relax and enloy cookies cmd coke during their Christmas party. LYNDA ROBINSON JOHN ROSEN TIM ROSSITER RENE ROWE DONALD D. ROBERTS JERRY ROBERTS SHIRLEY ROBERTS SANDRA ROBERTSON GARRY ROBINSON JOANNE ROBINSON BARBARA RUCKMAN JIM RULISON BONNIE RUSSELL KAREN RUSSELL JUDY RUSSELL " A. 3 'F- N-1f PAT RUSSELL PATRICIA RYAN CAROLYN SACCO DONALD SACHS STEPHAN SALYER MYRON SANGREN Al.. .su ...aff-AI 'Q PAT SAUERS V X QIX JAMES SCHOTT GISEIA scHoIz MARIE SCHUG sIIvIA scHuuz ,mn 419' rv aiu CA ROL SCHAFER 'T 'WYE SUE SCOTT PHIL SCOTT RICHARD SEABOLD JUDY SECKEL DALE SCHARER CEDRIC SCHIEBAR AMERICAN GOVERNMENT STUDENTS listen ottenfively os Mr, Graham lectures. YVONNE -SCHIRMER C Q Quik g E. 52 E E., -ff -E21 f' SJ gi C S VIRGINIA SEEVERS SALLY SELTRECHT VINCENT SHEARER MARJORIE SHEPHERD SAUDRIA SI-IOENIAKER ,X SURPRISE! SURPRISE- For The first time in ten years, Glendale High School hollis receive o cour of point. Pointers work hard to make the halls lcok brighter ond more cheerful. -and M9 6 BARBARA SHRIVER Lx"--e' ' ,N hr, 'bm -:Y s f F. ' K5 ' 4' . '?.?5Lx'2 ' fL'E'1' -X ' .il JUDY SIMPSON Avg. " CECELIA SLOAN PN Q27 , FLORENCE SILVER ALAN SIMILA CARYN SIMONSON 'bicy- Q1 'V' I DION SKELLY DICK SLAVETT l 52' fwnfg ALLEN SLOCUM KAREN SLOVAK CALVIN SMITH I x rsh N LS 59. :L .54 rf ' 3 K'-4,4 I X . 5 I " I .en-fa, pe ,X, 'Q , ,I L .17 CAROL SMITH JOHN SMITH NATALIE SMYTHE DAVID SNOW THERESA SOMICS MARJORIE SONNTAG RANDOLPH SORTINO IRMA SPEARS CHATELAIN SPEIRMAN JOAN SPELGATTI 'aw ogg I PETER SPILGER JAN STAHLBERG SONYA STALVAY DAVID STANFORD LINDA STARK CAROL STEARNS dir-51 L. Dmng ONLY CAROL STEPHENSON CAROL STERNQUIST GARY STEVENS Q E, Ez, 1- nd viii 5 A A - - f I D. I L,. , , 'Tl 1 h We I . , nf as 1 I A If ,IQ I 2" ALL WET! A new trend in Glendale High since The pool was built-being thrown in the pool instead JOAN STEWART KAREN STONE JANINE STRANGE of the Hshpondu H 4 Y 1 -1 yi. ez.-:.v Q A I I , Y I f MITCHELL SWAIN TUCKER TALBOT ROBERT TARALLO CHARLES TAYLOR LEE TAYLOR LEWIS TAYLOR I NANCY TEACH DAWN THOMANDER GLORIA THOMAS PATRICIA THOMASI SANDRA THOMASI DENVER TI-IROCKMORTON I JEANNIE THROOP I JUDY TOMLIN PATRICIA TORREY I GEORGANNA TOWNE I TOM TOWNSEND SUSAN TRUMBULL I I- 1--"L 2? fin." JAMES WARNER BETTY WARREN , "N..i'T p. .rf-f ' N 'M . I '29 I ii I ur' , B l L,L, if RONALD WALSH GENE WALTERS CLYDE VROOMAN JOAN WAHL STERLING WALDRON DOLORES WALKER CLARRIS URBAN TONY VALLADAS GWYNNE VAN VLEET PATRICIA VARHOL RONALD VEENSTRA DARRELL VELTUM SHEENA VICKERS JOHN VOLKOV PHILLIP VONK JOHN VOSS BUSY AS BEES! ! ! ore the Junior Class Officers os they display elbow grease in cleaning the numerals located in the Senior Arcade. ROBERT WEDELL EDITH WEDEMEYER DALE WEISENBERG KAY WEITZEL NORMA WARREN JAMES WARWICK BEVERLY WATSON DAVID WEAVER KATHY WEBER GRACE WEBSTER JEAN WELLS MICHAEL WELTY DEBBY WERNETTE t-A CAROLYN WEST 9- . 5 rx K Xu X T V J ON WEST g. 1'-fx 'vim-sf' J A TTRT BTTT ,f E lla fi? 'N- .Y f ,V X 'V .A .1 ' 2. ,El I vii: . TVL, 453 E 'A CONNIE WHALEN PETER WHEATLEY CAROLYN WHITE HARVARD WHITE JOHN wH1TE RONALD WHITE TOM WHITLEY '5."'- ...., s YN, ff? CHARLES WI-IITTAM BILL WIERDA ART WILLER DLIANE WILLS DAVID WILSON ,. 'I XX 'iz' 4' ' .1 "F I I hi I J 2 K . DONALD WOOD KAREN WILSON In MARSHA WINCHESTER LES WILSON NANCY WILSON TOM WILSON , YZ? 2 N 1:5-1 CHARLOTTE WITT LARRY WOLTHER DAVID WOOD 1' YUU II VOTE TT".3'1h wmvwl I V OTE N ws? - PPDKCT N VOTE Novi, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT CLASSES URGE VOTING-With Election Day nearing, Gov- emmeni' students busily ossembled vofing signs to ge? their parents To the poles, AHFPL CJ 1".,.'3f" ED WOOD f . ,If 4' -I --"5 A A I . 'L 0' S , , I 'I-Rv N a A ' Inv Q- 'bv fI 5 ' " 42- GORDON WOOD MARY WOODBRIDGE BILL WOODFORD 4 itwv ,pgs Q , ,,'F' .. 7 f N fs ' . 3 F .gpg 11,-s y if . I C W ,J I 5 ,- I I X f I is LQ,-.f Marlene Wright David Yerkes Florence Younger Linda Zolar Ted Zephro A 1 , .A I . 0+ Q r""- Q fe - ,.. -Q . ,J f . 12' V 6 A 3 v we 'G' e e I - L E. , f-if .Ls is I ff I 3 0 Karen Pond Carole Davis Douglas Ensign Lawrence Fries Judy Obuchon Senior Directoru M fue if Donald Anderson -6W"'Xa A If li S ,K A V Al Roy Swanson The Senior Directory signifies the extra-curricular activities, The clubs and organizations, and the elected offices in which the Seniors have participated during their three years at Glendale High. This enables a student to gain a more rounded education-classroom studies and useful extra-curricular activities. ACKERMAN, GARRY-Congress III, Spring Play II, Tableau I, Explos- ion Pressman lI,lIl ADAMS, MARTHA "MARTY" - Stylus Rep. II, Dress Rep, III, G.A.A. I AESCHLIMAN, PATiCivinettes I, ll, Ill: Glenettes III, Pep Council III, Jr. Red Cross Ill, G.A.A. II, Ill. AITKEN, JOHN "JACK" - Class Council I, Ill, G Club Ill, ,Jr. Civi- tan ll, Il-I, Congress II, Varsity Football III ALDRICH, DELL - Congress III, Class Council II, Honor Society'IlI, 49ers ALLEN, ADRIENNE-Nitroettes III, Head Song Leader III, Honor So- ciety I, Cabinet III, Pep Council III ALLEN, ARLEENE-Honor Society I, ll, Congress ll, Commerce Club II, III, Sixty-per Club III, Head Song- Ieader Ill ALLISON, ARLENE - Commerce Club, Lyric Club, Girls Stunt Show I ANDERSEN, VIRGINIA - Class Council II, Commerce Club I, II, III, Honor Society I, Il, Stunt Show, II, III, Dance Recital Ill ANDERSON, AL t'BUDDY"-Dance Recital Il ANDERSON, CASSANDRA "SANDY" ANDERSON, DAVID "DAVE 1 Jr. Baseball ll, Varsity Baseball lll ANDERSON, DONALD-B Football, Varsity Football Ill, G Club, Con- gress II ANDERSON, RAYMOND "BUD"- Red Cross I, Photography I, II, Stylus II, Boys' League Rep I ANDERSON, ROGER-B Track Il ANDERSON, STEPHEN "STEVE" - Football I, ll, Ill, Swimming Il, III, Council I, Congress I, Pep Council III ANNIN, JIM-Red Crass I, Class Council I, ll, Pep Council lll ARMSTRONG, LINDA-G.A,A. I, II, Ill, Honor Society I, ll, Dance Recital, Congress ll, Speech Club I ARNDS, BURTON "NICK"-Foot ball ll, III, Track Il, Ill, Civitans III, Director of Boys' Athletics III, Cabinet Ill ASHCROFT, GRETCHEN 1 Class Council II, Stunt Shaw III, Com- merce Club Il, Ill, Pep Club ATSINGER, EDWARD-Congress I, Il ATWATER, SUZAN "SUE" - Con- gress ll, Future Teachers II, Ill, World Friendship Ill, French Club Ill, Latin Club ll, lll ATWOOD, RONALD "RON" - Ex- plosion II, III, Assistant Editor-in- Chief Ill, Treasurer-Key Club Ill, Director of Publicity-Jr. Statesmen II, Honor Society I, ll, Spanish Club II, III, 49'ers Il, Ill AVALLONE, GLORIA - Student Congress I, Class Council I, III, Homecoming Queen III, "7O" Per Club ll, Ill, A'Cappella Choir III BABB, JUDY-Student Congress Il, Civinettes ll, Ill, Commerce Club Il, III BAILEY, JANET "J.B." - Congress II BAKER, JOYCE 'iJO" - Jr. Red Cross Representative lll, Dance Re- cital III, Choralettes ll, Lyric I, Glenettes I BAKER, LILLIAN "LILI" - Choral- ettes ll, G,A.A, Ill, A'Cappella Ill BAME, JOE "PINKY"-Congress II BANOS, JIM-Class Council I BARLOW, BARBARA "PINOCH"- G.A.A. I, ll, III, "G" Club ll, A'Cappella BARNARD, SHARON - Civinettes III, G.A.A. I, II, Ill, Dance Re- cital ll, III, Student Court III, Hon- or Society I, ll, Ill BARNES, JULE-Nitroettes II, III, Glenettes ll, Ill, Commerce I, II, G.A.A. Board Ill, Candy Store I, II, lll. BARNET, RICHARD "RICK" - Fall Play Ill, Thespians III BAROCHIERE, NANCY-Honor So- ciety I, II, III, G.A.A. I, Il, III, Future Teachers Club-Secretory III, Science Club-Treasurer Ill BARR, WILLIAM "BILL"-Basket- ball ll BARTHOLOMAY, NANCY "NAN"- Congress I, Regulated Dress Il, Class Council Ill BASTON, JOE "HOSEY"-Band I, Il, III, Track l, ll, Ill BEACH, WAYNE "SANDY"-Band I, ll, Symphonettes ll, III BEAZLEY, IRVING "IRV"-Class Yell Leader III, Pep Council I, 60- 70 Per Club, Class Council III, Inter-club Council I, ll BECK, JIM-Class Council II, B Football I BECKER, ERNEST "ERNIE" - Honor Society I BEEMS, JOHN-Congress III BEGLEY, GLEN-Class Council I, Latin Club I, II, Ill, Pep Council Ill, Key Club Ill, Junior Statesman Il, Ill BIANCHI, ROSE MARY "ROE" - Nitroette I, ll, III, Commerce Club I, II, III, Science Club II BIAS, JERRY-"G" Club, Honor Society I, C Track ll, Ill BISHOP, STEPHEN - Symphonettes I, Explosion I BLACKWELL, JOANNA "JO"1 World Friendship Ill, Stunt Show III, Commerce Club III BLANCHARD, JERRY 1 Oratoricol Prop Committee I BLOSSOM, PATRICIA 1 Swimming Club, Lyric Club BLUMENTHAL, CONNIE 1 Dance Recital ll, Ill, Stunt Show I, II, Commerce III, Regulated Dress III BOAZ, KAREN "KAY" 1 Class Council I, Commerce Club BOGAN, SHARON "SHERRY" 1 Orchestra I, Band ll, Dance Re- cital II, Ill, French Club Il, III, World Friendship Club III BOGOSIAN, SARA 1 Regulated Dress I, G.A.A. I, Junior Prom Queen II, Congress III, French Club II BOLTON, WILLIAM "BlLL"1Class Council I, ll, Commerce Club ll, B Basketball BONAR, GERALD "JERRY'l1J.V. Football II, Varsity Football III BORDEN, CAROLE1Mixed Chorus II, Advanced Girls' Glee III BORDEN, MARY LYNN1Bartd ll, Explosion II, III, Writers Workshop II BOSTROM, DALE "LUCKY" 1 Science Club III BOWER, CHARLES "CHUCK"1Var- sity Football Manager II, III, Science Club I, II, Ill, Key Club II, Ill, Honor Society I, Ill, 49ers II BOWERS, DAVID "DAVE"1Foot- ball I, Basketball Il BRADFORD, BlLL1B Football ll, A Football III, Pep Council III BRASE, RUTH1Congress I, II, Lyric lI,Alll, Dance Recital III, Stunt Show Ill, Explosion III BREITENBACH, CAROLYN "CEE BEE" 1 G,A.A. Board I, ll, III, Civinettes II, Ill, Graduation Lead II, Congress I, Yell Leader-Stunt Show III BROWN, BRENDA1G.A.A. I, II, III, Latin Club I, II, Homecoming Princess Ill, Baccalaureate Lead ll BROWN, DAVID "DAVE" 1 Class Council I, Red Cross Representa- tive, Pep Council, "G" Club, Var- sity Football BROWN, JUDITH "SAM" 1 Class Council I, Il BRYANT, EDWARD 'IEGGNIOREII1 B Football ll, Commerce Club BURNS, CAROLYN1Nitroettes II, Ill, G.A.A. I, ll, Ill, Glenettes I, ll, Ill, Regulated Dress I, ll, Stunt Show I, ll, Ill BURNS, SALLY JO 1 Cosmetology I, Il, Ill BURRIS, RICHARD "KlNG"1Var- sity Football I, II, Ill, Varsity Track I, II BURROWS, CAROL "POKEY" 1 Latin Club I, ll, Ill, Class Council ll, Dance Recital ll BLISS, GARY1FootbalI I, II, III, Track I, ll, Ill, Class Council Ill, Basketball ll BYERS, CAROL1Commerce Club I, Il, Ill, Glenettes II, Girls' Stunt Show ll, iii CALLAHAN, THOMAS "TOM" 1 Honor Society I, Science Club Ill CALTA, LEORA1G.A.A. Ill CAMPBELL, JANET "JAN" 1 Ni- troettes II, Ill, Vice-President Com- merce Club III, World Friendship Club III CAMPBELL, ROSE MARIE "MICKEY" -Red Cross Ill, Council III CARNEVLI, MARIE 1 Commerce Club I, ll, Honor Society Ill, Stunt Show II, III, Regulated Dress Rep- resentative II, Baccalaureate Lead ll CARR, ARDYCE "ARDY"1Honor Society I, II, G.A.A. Board II, Graduation Lead, Class Council II, Ill, President Girls' G-Club CARSON, JAMES "JlME" 1 Foot- ball II CARSON, PATRICIA ANN1Honor Society, Congress III, G.A.A. I, ll, III, Red Cross II CARTER, HORACE 'iLEE"-Congress III, J.V. Football II CASE, RAYMOND "RAY" 1 Class Council Il, Pep Council III, B Foot- ball I, II, III, Track I, Il, III, Symphonettes II, Ill CHADDUCK, JEAN i'JEANNlE" 1 Symphonettes II, III, Honor Society ll, Ill, French Club III, Civinettes III, Future Teachers Club III CHALFANT, BRIAN1Latin Club If ll, Track I, ll, lll CHAPLAR, LINDA "LIN"16O-7O- Per Club II, III, Nitroettes Il, Com- merce II, Ill, Congress II CHARRON, BARBARA 'ABLJNNY"- Stunt Show III CHEPIN, MOLLIE LEA1Class Coun- cil I, ll CHRISTIAN, LINDA1Class Coun- cil Il, Ill, Pep Council ll, Ill, World Friendship Ill, Commerce Club ll CHRISTY, JEANETTE "JAN"1A'- Cappella III, G.A.A. I, II, III, Fu- ture Teachers ll, Ill, Glenettes I, II CLARK, BONNE "NEW ORLEANS" 1Stunt Show III, Regulated Dress Board III, A'Cappella III, Dance Recital Ill, Honor Society CLARK, THOMAS "TOM"1CounciI ll, III, Congress II, III, Civitans ll, Ill, Track I, ll, Ill, G Club ll, Ill Eol-,.JS CLEVERDON, CHERYL "CHERl" 1 Civinettes ll, III, Student Congress II, G.A.A. Board II, Stunt Show Yell Leader Ill, Song Leader I, Girls' League Board III CLEVES, BILL "GUlLLERMO" 1 Civitans III, Class Council I, Var- sity Football I, II, III, Varsity Track I, II, Pep Council III COBB, CHARLENE 1 Director of Girls' Athletics Ill, Civinettes III, Honor Society I, ll, III, Girls' League Board II, III COLLIER, JACK1P,A. Crew Il, Ill COLLINS, MICHAEL "MICKEY" 1 Baseball I, II, III, Student Congress III, G Club Ill, B Football Il, Ill COLVIN, CAROL1G.A.A. I, Il, Stunt Show I, ll, III, Glenettes II, Pep Council III, 60 Per Club I, II, III COMER, JANNIS "JAN"1ExpIo- sion Staff Ill, Thespians Ill, Dance Recital III, Fall Play III, Oratori- cal Tableau Il CONDIE, MICHAEL "MIKE"1Class Council Il, III, President Symphon- ettes III, Latin Club President III, Vice-President Future Teacher Ill, Key Club Ill COOPER, ROBERT "BOB" 1 Track II, Ill CORSELLO, BILL "CHOCOLATE" 1 Varsity Track ll, lll CRAWFORD, WARREN 1 Varsity Track, Cross Country, Latin Club, B Track CULLNG, ANNE1G.A.A. Board I, Honor Society I, II, Ill, President Spanish Club Ill, Chairman Dance Recital III, Secretory-Treasurer Civ- inettes III CUMMING, BlLL1Science Club Il, Ill, Track I, ll, Ill, Cross Country I, Student Congress, G Club CUMMINGS, JlM1Track Ill, Stu- dent Congress I, Class Council I, Honor Society I, Future Teachers Il CIJTKEN, JOHN M.1G Club III, Varsity Football Ill, Jr, Civitans II, III, Council I, II, Congress II DANIELI, DELLA1Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, Civinettes ll, Ill, Nitro- ettes I, ll, Class Council ll, Cab- inet Ill DAUPLIN, HARRIET--I-lonor Society III, Congress II, Stunt Show I, II, III, Dance Recital Ill, Advanced Girls' Glee DARSIE, ELIZABETH HBETI'l"-FU- ture Teachers Club I, II, Honor So- ciety I, II, Ill, World Friendship Club Ill, Dance Recital ll, Ill, A'- Cappello III DAVENPORT, DAVD "DAVE" 1 Science Club Il, Ill, Key Club ll, Ill DAVIS, CAROLE1Stunt Show II, III, Student Congress II, Junior Prom Committee Il, Girls' Glee I, II, Commerce Club I, ll, III DAY, CONNIE1Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, Stylus Representative III DECKER, KATHLEEN "KAY"1Com- merce Club I, II, Pep Council II, Ill, Congress III DIDDEN, DAN1Football Ill, Pep Council III, Senior Council Ill DIGATI, JOANNE 1 Red Cross Representative I DIPPMANN, GUENTHER - Presi- dent 49'er III, 49'ers II, III, Honor Society III DOLLAHITE, JACK1B Football ll, Latin Club II, Student Congress ll, Varsity Football Ill, Track Ill DOWLING, WILLIAM "BlLL' 1 B Basketball I DREYER, KATHARINE "TlNKA" 1 Class Council I, Il, A'Cappella, Congress I, II, Cotton 'N Cord Princess DUBIN, ANNE "ANNIE"-Honor Society II, Assistant Student Direct- or A'CappeIla Ill, Thespians li, Ill, World Friendship Club III DUERBECK, NORA LEE - Cosmet- ology ll, Ill DULLEA, JANNICE "JAN"1French Club I, Commerce Club I, G.A.A. I DUNLAP, ANITA-Latin Club I DYE, THOMAS "TOM"1Football II, Swimming ll, Track Il EASON, LAVONNE1Congress I, II, Council I, II, III, Junior Prom Prin- cess, Sophomore Song Leader, Dance Recital ll, lll ECKETT, MARJORIE "MARGlE" 1 Student Congress I, II, III, Stunt Show I, Red Cross I, Il, Girls' League III, Class Council ll EDDY, LILLIAN "LEE"1CIass Coun- cil ll, Ill, Stunt Show-Song Leader, Pep Council I, II, III, Princess Glen- dale-Hoover game EDGERTON, LINDA 1 Commerce Club ll, Ill, Science Club ll, Regu- lated Dress Representative III EDIE, ELLEN 'lSPEEDYl'1G.A,A, I, II, World Friendship Club II EDDY, JERRY-Pep Council III, Track II, Band I EDWARDS, ROBERT-Science Club III, 49'ers III ELLETT, KENNETH "KEN"-A'Cap- pella lll, Science Club III, 49'er III, Dance Recital III ELLISON, THORMON-Rifle Team lll ELLWOOD, RICHARD 'DICK' - 49'er Il, III, Symphonettes ll, lll, Stamp Club Ill EMERY, NANCY-Stunt Show ll, G.A.A. I, Commerce Club lll ENGELHARDT, HERMAN-Congress lll, Rifle Team Il, III, Explosion III ENGLAND, SHARON-Girls' League Board II, Student Body Song Lead- er, Commerce Club Il, III, Choral- ettes II, A'CappelIa III ENGLER, FRED-Class Council I, A-Track I, Il, B Football Il, G-Club Ill EVANS, CODY-Basketball I, II, III, Track I, II, Ill, Class Council 1, ii, Stylus I, II, G Club ii, Iii EVANS, PHILIP-Student Congress I, ll, Boys' League l, ll, III FABER, VIRGINIA "GINNY" 1 Commerce Club I, II, III, Stunt Show I, Il, lll FARQUHAR, JEAN-Pep Council III, Stunt Show III FARRAR, VIRGINIA "JENNIE" - A'CappelIa III, G Club Il, III, Latin Club I, Il, G.A.A. Board I, ll, lll, Regulated Dress Board Il FARRINGTON, KAYE-Council II, Junior Song Leader, Junior Prom Court, Congress I, II, Student Body Song Leader FAULKNER, DIANE-G.A.A. l, Il, Ill FAVATA, CHARLOTTE-commerce Club I, ll, lll, G.A.A. I FEENEY, ARLENE 1 Commerce ll, III, Latin Club II FENN, BILL-A Football Il, lll FENTON, WILLIAM 'iBILL" 1 Stu- dent Congress I, II, III, B Football I, Pep Council Ill, Red Cross Il, Writers Workshop I, ll FINCH, BARBARA 1 G.A.A. I, Dance Recital III, A'CoppelIa III, Orchestra I, II, Choralettes II FISHER, WAYNE - Congress II, ROTC I, ll, lll, Fall Play III: Science Club Il, Ill FLANEGIN, ERIN-Regulated Dress lll FOOTE, JEAN-Dance Recital II, III, Future Teachers III, Girls' League Congress Ill FORMAN, DWIGHT-PA Crew II FORSTER, FRANCINE "FRAN" - Lyric Club Il, Civinettes ll, III, World Friendship Club I, II, Glen- ettes I, Il, III, Congress I FRAZELLE, RANDOLPH "RANDY"- PA Crew I, II, III FRIED, SANDRA "SANDY" - Cos- metology l, Il, III FRIEDLANDER, FRED - Commerce Club Il, III, Junior Civitans II, III, 49'er I, Il, III, Cabinet III, Band ll, lll FRIES, LAWRENCE "LARRY" - C Track II, III GALINDO, EUGENE-Football ll, Track III GARDEN, DENNIS-Baseball II, III GARDNER, ROBERT "BOB"-Junior Class Vice President, Senior Class President, Junior Civitan President III, Class Council ll, III, A Football Ill GAYMAN, PATRICIA "PAT"-Girls' State Representative II, Girls' League Board III, G.A.A. Board III, Junior Statesman II, III, Honor Society I, II, III GAZZANIGA, MICHAEL "MIKE" - Class Council Il, Football I, II, lll, Track I, II, Civitans II, Ill, Student Court Ill GEER, JANET "JAN"-Congress I, Il, Commerce Club III GENESCRITTI, HELEN-Stylus III GEORGE, ROSEMARY - Editor-in- Chief Explosion III, President Fu- ture Teachers Club Ill, Honor Sa- ciety I, Il, III, President 60-70 Per Club III, Honorary ROTC Capt. III GERMANO, ROSANNA-Commerce Club I, II, III, 60-70 Per Club I, II, III, Girls' League Representa- tive III, G.A.A, III, Stunt Show Il, III GIBSON, LOU ANNE "ANNIE" - Dance Recital Il, III, Spring Festi- val ll GILBERT, RICHARD "DICK"-Track I, II, III, G Club Il, III, Pep Coun- cil lll GOLD, BARBARA-Honor Society I, Il, Civinettes ll, III, Baccalaur- eate Lead II, Stunt Show I, Il, III GOMBOS, LAWRENCE "LARRY" - Band I, II, III GOOLD, JUDY-Congress I, Girls' Stunt Show-Yell Leader II, G.A.A. III, Nitroettes II, III, Song Leader Girls' G Club President GORDON, BRUCE-Track I, II, Pep Council Il GRANT, CAROL-Class Council I, Il, French Club I, III, Red Cross Il, Regulated Dress I GREAVES, CAROL-Commerce Club Ill, Junior Statesmen lll, World Friendship III, Junior Red Cross III GREENE, LORALEE "LORl"-G.A.A. Ill, Commerce Club lll, Girls' G Club I GRISSBY, CAROL-Dance Recital ll, Ill, Commerce Club II, Dance Club II, Red Cross II GRIMMEIHS, CAROYN - A'Cap- pella lll, G.A.A. I, Decoration ll, III, Red Cross II GROB, CLAUDIA-Cosmetology I, II, III GROSHANS, SHIRLEY "IS" f Stunt Show I, Congress ll GROVE, CHARLES ROBERT "BOB" ePA Crew ll, lll GROVE, RICHARD "DICK" - PA Crew I, ll, III, Audio-Visual I, II, III HAAS, LINDA-G.A.A. I, II, A'- Cappella III, Choralettes Il, Com- merce Club I, Spanish Club ll HADEN, CAROLYN-Dance II, III, Stunt Show I, Il, G.A.A. I, Honor Society I HADDOCK, TERENCE "CUTIE" - Honor Society I, ll, Science Club lll HADLEY, NANCY-Honor Society II, Commerce Club ll, III,-G.A.A. Board III, Nitroette President III, Stunt Show I, II, III HALL, RONALD "RON" - Class Council I, II, Basketball Letterman I, Il, III, Pep Council III, President 49'er III, Student Congress I, II, III HAMILTON, KAREN-Costume De- sign II, III HANGARTNER, KAY-Director Sen- ior Tableau III, G.A.A., Junior Statesmen II, Decoration Chairman Stunt Show III, Girls' League Board lll HANSON, KATHRYN "KATIE" - Commerce Club I, II HARDIN, ANN-Explosion II, Ill, Stunt Show Il, Ill HARDY, JIM-Junior Statesmen III, Thespians Ill, Science Club I, II, III, 49'er Il, III HARRELL, LORIS-Senior Council III HARRIS, ROCHELLE-Cosmetology I, II, III HARRISON, ANN "HARRY" - Dance Recital II, III, G.A.A. II, III HASENBECK, FAITH-Cosmetology I, II, III HAVENS, MARTHA "MARTI" - Civinettes ll, lll, Junior Statesmen II, III, G.A.A. Board II, Congress ll, Dance Recital ll HAWKINS, GARY-B Football I, II, A Football III, Pep Council III, G Club III HAYES, RICHARD "DlCK"-A'Cap- pella ll HEGEMIER, DIANNE - Commerce Club I, G.A,A. II HELSEL, DONALD "DON"-Class Council lll, C Track I, B Track Il, Ill, Latin Club I, Il, Science Club lll HELTZEL, JOY-Commerce Club I, Class Council III, Pep Council Ill, G.A.A. Il, Stunt Show HEMPHILL, SHARON "SHERRI" - Latin Club I, ll, G.A,A,, Congress III, G Club, Regulated Dress Rep- resentative III HESS, GORDON-Sophomore Class President, Civitans Il, III, G Club II, III, President Student Body, Varsity Football I, II, lll HEYDEN, CAROL-Commerce Club I, ll, lll, Red Cross Il, Pep Coun- cil I HICKAM, SUZANNE-Glenettes III, Latin Club I HICKS, MARY-Exchange Student to Sweden II, Honor Society I, Il, Girls' League Vice-President ll, Cabinet III, Pres. World Friend- ship Club III HILL, ELIZABETH ANNE "BETTY"- Honor Society I, ll, Ill, Spanish Club II, III ' HILLER, CAROL-Congress I Stunt Show I, Il, Ill, Dance Recital Il, III, Art Club II, III HIPOLITO, TERRY-B Football II, III, Honor Society I, Il, Class Coun- cil II HEPPLE, SHARON "SHERRIE" - G.A.A. III V HOBER, ROBERT "BABBLES"-Class Council lll HODJES, JERI-Class Council II, Pep Council Ill HOFF, DOUGLAS - Vice-President Boys' League, B Track, G Club HOGAN, FRANK-Class Council III HOHERTZ, PHYLLIS-Latin Club I, G.A.A. Board ll, World Friendship Club lll, Junior Statesman Ill HONEYMAN, MAXINE "HONEY'I- Commerce Club II, III HOOTMAN, GAYLE-Class Council I, ll, School Plays Il, III, President Tl-iespians III, Honor Society I, II, III, Lead Dance Recital III HOPPER, LADONNE "DONNIE" - Commerce Club Ill HORTON, WAYNE-Orchestra I, ll HUBERT, ERNEST-Science Club I HUDSON, SHARON-Stunt Show I, II, G.A.A. I, Junior Prom Princess, Class Council III, Senior Class Song Leader HULL, RONALD "FONTLEROY" 1 Writers' Workshop ll, Rifle Team Ill, Scribblers' Club Ill, Explosion III HUMPHREY, DOROTHY "DOTTY"1 Girls' League Board III, Class Council II, Ill, Fall Play I, Civ- inettes ll, Ill, A'Cappella III HUMPHREYS, DENNIS UPENNY4' 1 Track II, Explosion Staff Ill IGELMAN, CAROL1Stunt Show ll, III, French Club ll, Ill, Future Teachers' Club III, Advanced Girls' Glee Ill, Junior Prom Committee Il INCLEDON, BETTY1G.A.A. I, ll, Ill JACOBS, RICHARDS "DlCK"1Class Ill, Student Congress, Band I, Il, III, Vice-President, Secretary Key Club III, Honor Society Il, III, Calif. Scholarship Federation III JACKMAN, CAROL "KAROLA" 1 Dance Recital Ill, Diving Club Ill, Dance Club ll, Sparklers I JACKSON, KENNEY1Key Club I, Red Cross Representative III JENKINS, THELMA "CONNIE" 1 Dance Recital II, Girls' League Congress Ill, G.A,A. I, Ill, Ad- vanced Girls' Glee ll, III JENSEN, ELAlNE1CIass Council III, Congress III, Cotton Cord Prin- cess, Girls' Stunt Show I, Il, Dance Recital ll JOHNSON, JAMES1Track II JOHNSON, NORMA 1 Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, Red Cross II JOHNSON, SANDRA KAY1Glen- ettes ll, III, Commerce Club ll, III, Class Council I JOHNSON, SHElLA1C.S.F. III, Fu- eTeachersI ll Ill Latin ll Spanis Cu JOLSON JOETTE Stunt Sl-iovv Yell Leader I Junior Prom Princess OSIOIW JONES HENRY HANK ROTC Chess Club I ll Special Events Parking Lot JUNOD DAVID DUDE Senior Cass Vice President Ill Cass uncll I Pep CO U A Track Il III Future Teachers II JURGENS B ROBERT RBJ Track III President Science Club Ill Treasurer Key Club III Treas urer Science Club III B Football Letterman T ROBIN Footballl II '--u...TM,,,,,,,,,, Baseball l, ll, Band I, Il, Ill KABLE, JUDY16O Per Club I, Commerce Club I, II, Nitroettes I KAUS, MARY1Honor Society ll, Ill, Dance Recital Il, III, Latin Club I, Stunt Show I, Il, Ill KAY, SHARON "SlS"1Explosion II, Stylus Ill, World Friendship I, II, Ill, Junior Statesmen I, Il, III, Scribblers I, III KEELER, BOB 1 Thespions I, ll, Stage Manager I, ll, Ill, 49'ers, J.V. Baseball ll, B Football Ill KEGLEY, JANET 1 Sparklers I, World Friendship III, Nitroettes ll, Stunt Show I, ll, Junior Statesmen Ill KELLEY, STEVE1Track I, II KELSEY, JOHN1Key Club President Ill, A'Cappella ll, Ill, Explosion III, Baseball I, ll, III, Oratorical Tableau Ill KENT, MARIAN "MARlANNE" 1 Class Council Il, A'Cappella III, World Friendship I, ll, Ill, Stunt Show I, ll, Ill KINSEL, CAROLYN "KlNSS"1H0n- or Society I, ll, A'Cappella II, III, Nitroettes Il KLINCKMAN, DARLENE 1 School Song Leader Ill, Cotton Cord Court, Pep Council Ill, Latin Club l, ll KNOW, SUSAN "SUE" 1 Girls' League Congress Ill, Stunt Show III, G.A.A. III, Glenettes I, ll, Ill KOCH, LlNDA1Student Congress III, Dance Club I, Commerce Club I KOSMAK, ANTHONY "TONY THE TlGER"1Pep Club III, Men's Glee Club I, II, III, Junior Council ll, Junior Red Cross I, ll KREISEL, HARRIET "HATTlE" 1 Honor Society I, Il, III, G.A.A. I, II, Ill, Girls' G Club ll, Civinettes Ill, Stunt Show I, Ill KROAH, GARY1 KRULIKOSKI, ED1Football, Track KUMPE, JAMES "EPMUK" 1 Stu- dent Body Vice-President Ill, Di- rector of Assemblies III, Director Boys' Athletics ll, Track A, B I, II, III, Explosion III LAKE, BEVERLY "BUNNY" 1 Com- merce Club I, II, III, Glenettes I, Nitroettes ll, Ill, Head Maiorette Ill, G.A.A. I, ll LAMARR, VERN 1 Track II, III, Cross Country ll, Band I, ll, Ill, Pep Band I, Il, Stylus I LARUM, ELEANOR 1 Junior Red Cross I, ll, 60 Per Club III, Com- merce Club I, ll, Ill, World Friend- ship Club I, Il, Ill, Girls' Regu- lated Dress I LAWSON, CHERYL1Spanish Club Il, Future Teachers Club Ill, Stunt Show III, Class Council III, Student Congress III LAWTON, MARCIA 1 Commerce III, Dance Club I, Il, Swimming Ill LEE, SHERRY 1 A'Cappella, Ad- vanced Girls' Glee, World Friend- ship LEE, THOMAS "TOM"1Congress I, ll, III, Pep Council ll, Ill, Science Club I, ll, Ill LENSAR, KAREN1Band I, ll, Ill, Glenettes II, III, Future Teachers III, Regulated Dress I LEPERA, RALPH1Director of As- semblies lll, Baseball Ill, Student Congress III, Key Club Ill, Orators III LEVINSON, JEANNIE "COOKIE" 1 LEWIS, MEREDITH 1 Glenettes Il, III, World Friendship ll, Ill, Span- ish Club Il, III LIMBERT, OLIVIA "LIV" 1 Class Council I, Pep Council ll, Ill, Con- gress lll LINDAHL, LAUREL "GAlL"1Worlcl Friendship, Dance Club I, II, Dance Recital ll, III LINDNER, DON1CIC5S Council I, B Football I, ll, Pep Council II LINGO, GENlE1Junior Statesmen Ill, G.A.A. I, ll, Future Teachers I, II, Ill, Commerce Club II, Ill, World Friendship III LISOWSKI, ANTOINETTE "TONl"1 Red Cross Ill, Dance Recital Ill, Spring Concert III, Christmas Pro- gram Ill LLOYD, ROBERT "BOB"1FootbaIl I, ll, J.V. Baseball I LOCHHEAD, MARY1Girls' Stunt Show I, Commerce Club I, ll, III, Congress ll LOEFFLER, MARGARET "PEGGY"1 Congress I, II, Ill, World Friend- ship ll, III, Future Teachers Il, III, Junior Statesmen Ill, G.A.A. I, II, Ill LOGAN, BRENDA 1 Symphonettes I, ll, III, Glenettes I, ll, Ill, Presi- dent Glenettes II, Ill, G.A.A. I, II, Ill, Red Cross I LOHMAN, SARA JANE "SALLY"1 Regulated Dress Chairman Girls' League Board Ill, Junior States- men ll, Future Teachers II, III, Civinettes II, Ill, G,A,A. ll, Ill LYCETT, KEN1Thespians III LYNCH, ARDELLE1Nitroettes Ill, Advanced Girls' Glee III MACMILLAN, PATRICIA "PAT" 1 tur , I : CII-'P ll, I , 'Ii I b Ill ii, Expt ' 'ii, in I I , - L 7 I co A , ii, Ill, uncil I, Il, Ill, G Club, A Foorb Il ll, Ill, iii ' ' r ' II U i A JUS , 1 t , Ill? in Ye' 'r ,, X 9 Till l I Q 'JQIQJHEI is Commerce Club I, ll, III, G.A.A. I, II, III, Girls' G Club I MADZAR, MARILYN 1 Commerce Club ll, Dance Recital ll, Ill, Stunt Show ll, III, Junior Prom Decor- ation ll MAGDALIK, DAVID "MAGETS" 1 Class Council. Ill, A'Cappella III, Symphonettes Il, III MAHONY, MARY 1 Congress I, Commerce ll, Congress III, Junior Prom Committee Il, Cotton Cord I MAIER, WILLIAM "BILL" 1 Honor Society I, ll, III, B Track Team II, Science Club II, Ill, Student Con- gress I, 49'er Service Club Ill MALCOR, LARRY "WEAZER" 1 Varsity Football I, ll, Senior Council MANDEVILLE, KENNETH1B Track Il, A Track III MARBURGER, JOHNETTA1G.A.A., Commerce I, II, Ill, 60-70 Per Club I, Il, Ill, World Friendship I, ll, Ill, Christian Student Fellow- ship I, Il, Ill MARIK, NANCY1Co-ordinator of Organizations III, Cabinet Ill, ln- terclub Council III, Chairman, A'- Cappella Il, III IStudent Conductor and AccofT1P-ls Vice - President Spanish Club ll MARKWYN, MARTHA MNlARTYlI- Honor Society I, ll, III, G.A.A. I, ll, III, Stunt Show III, Scribblers' III, Future Teachers Club I, Ill MARTIN, BEVERLY 1 Class Coun- cil Il, Commerce Club I, Pep Coun- cil, Regulated Dress III, Stunt Show MARTIN, PAT1Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, G.A.A, I MASSEY, WAYNE 1 President of Science Club Ill, Honor Society I, II, III MASON, LAWRENCE "LARRY" 1 Tennis Team I, ll MATHEWS, JOYCE "JOY" 1 Ora- Ior Club MATTHEWS JR., WILLIAM "BlLL"1 Varsity Track II, Ill MATTHEWS, WILLIAM "BILL" 1 Varsity Football I, III, Tennis Il MAYER, CARLEEN1Commerce Club I MAYNARD, RODGER "IDAHO KID" 1Concert Band I, ll, Ill, Varsity Football II, III, Track I, ll, Band Vice-President ll MAXWELL, DAVE 1 Congress I, Class Council III MCCLEEREY, DAVE NBANDBOXH1 Band I, ll, III, Senior Council Ill, Track Ill IBI, Pep Council II, Presi- dent of Bond III ' 'WN',,e..p .- .is-,,,mgd6,, C 139' 4, McCRORY, DAVE "MAC" - A Basketball III, Pep Club III McCUTCHEON, LOIS ANN - Com- merce Club I, II, III, Secretary Il, Choralettes Il, Sophomore Chorus I McELROY, ROBERT-B Football I, Il, C Track I, Civitans II, Congress I, Pep Council III MCGOWEN, JOYCE-G.A.A. I, II, III, Girls' G Club II, Spanish Club Il, World Friendship Club I, II: Christian Fellowship I, II McINTYRE, CONSTANCE "CONNIE" -Stunt Show I, II, III, Junior Red Cross II McLARNIN, ELLEN "EL" - G.A.A. Board II, III, Civinettes II, III, Yell Leader, Stunt Show III McVEY, SHARON-Regulated Dress III MEAD, PEARL "RHINESTONE" - Box Social Committee MEADOR, PHILIP "PHIL" - Key Club II, Science Club Il, Latin Club I MEAGHER, PATRICK "PAT" - B Football I, II, III, B Track I, Il, Ill, Student Court III, G Club ll, III MECKFESSEL, RAMONA "MONA" -Class Council I, II, III, Civinettes II, III, Girls' League President III, Program Chairman Girls' League III, Christian Student Fellowship I, ll, in MEBIN, WAYNE "MEL" - Band I, II, B Football I, Red Cross I, Stylus Representative for Class III MENDOLA, SAMUEL "SAMMY" - Class Council I, II, Class Yell Leader II, Head Yell Leader III, President of Pep Council III, Stu- dent Cabinet III MERRIFIELD, LEW-Co-ordinator of Organizations II, President Calif. Scholastic Federation III, President of Junior Statesmen III, President of Latin Club, Class Council II, III MICHAUD, ROGER-Pep Council III MILLER, DENNEY-Track II, III, Class Council I, II, Congress III, Pep Council II, Cross Country Ill MINTZ, DIANE-Civinettes ll, III, Honor Society I, II, III, Stunt Show I, II, III, Junior Statesmen II, III, Pep Council II MITCHELL, DAVID "DAVE"-Junior Statesmen Il, Pep Council III MITCHELL, KATHLEEN "KATHY" - World Friendship, Fall Play III MOCK, ELIZABETH "BETH"-Con- gress I, Il, Junior Statesmen III, Friendship Club III, Home-maker of Tomorrow III MOHILL, ALAN "AL"-B Football I, II, Red Cross Rep. II, Boys' League I, II, III, Class Council I, A Swim Team III MONTI, ELAINE-Class Council Ill, Glenettes II, Explosion Reporter II, Ill MOORE, GARY-Head Yell Leader, Cabinet Ill, Civitans III, Class Council II, Junior Statesmen II, Pep Council President Ill MORGAN, MICHELE "MIKKl" - Glenettes I, II, Glenettes Vice- President III, Congress II, III, Girls' League Congress III MORLEY, RALPH-Latin Club I, ROTC Drill Team I MORRIS, LOUISE "LOU" - Girls' Glee, Commerce Club, Stunt Show MOUNTFORD, ARLENE - Glenette Il, Band I, II MUDGETT, KENNETH "KEN" - B Basketball II, B Track II MUELLER, TED "YEICE" - B Foot- ball, Captain of Goonsquad MUELLER, BRENDA - Glenettes I, II, G.A.A. I, II, III, Stunt Show III, Dress Board Committee III MULHOLLAND, JACKIE "JAKE" - Class Council I MURRAY, PATRICIA "PAT" - Thespians II, III, Stunt Show II, III, Dance Recital III, Thespian Sec- retary Ill, Fall Play III MYERS, ESTHER - Student Con- gress I, III, Commerce Club I, II, Ill, Spanish Club II MYERS, JACQUELYN "JACQUIE"- Glenettes I, II, Ill, Congress I, Il, Girls' Stunt Show I, ll, III, Nitro- ettes ll, Dress Board I, II, III NASON, DONALD O. "DON" - Cross Country II, Ill, Honor So- ciety I, II, III, Christian Student Fellowship I, II, III, French Club III, Key Club III NEIBERT, MARSHALL- NELSON, JUDITH "JUDY"-Com- merce Club I, II, III, A'CappeIlo III, World Friendship Club I NELSON, WILLIAM "BILL" - Ex- plosion Production, B' Football NICHOLS, SYLVIA MAY-Civinettes II, Ill, Junior Statesmen I, II, III, Student Congress, Class Council I, II, III, Stunt Song Leader ll NISH, RODERICK "ROD"-Sports Pictures, Explosion, Track-A, B, C, Football NOEL, JUDITH - Thespians III, Cirtri G II, Scribblers' Club III, G.A.A. II OBUCHON, JUDITH "JUDD" - Commerce Club II, Stunt Show III OJEDA, CARMEL "TONI" - Junior Statesmen III, World Friendship II, III, Scribblers III President, Con- gress III, Future Teachers III OLINICK, JO ANN "JO"-Com- merce Club, Glenettes OLSON, ELDON-Latin Club I, Il, Ill, French Club III, Honor So- ciety I, Il, III, Future Teachers Club II OLIVER, BARBARA "BARBY" - Class Council I, II, III, Christian Student Fellowship I, Il, III, A' Cappella III, Choralettes Il, Girls' Stunt Show I, II, III OTTOBON, GERALDINE "GERI" - G.A.A. III, Commerce Club Ill, Y- Teens I, Il OVERHOLSER, KEN-Varsity Foot- ball II, III PACKARD, ROBERT.F.-B Football I, Cross Country II, Ill, Track I, ll, Ill, G Club ll, Ill PACKARD, WILLIAM A R T H U R "BILL"-Thespians II, III, Class Council I, Fall Play I, Il, A'Cap- pella I, Orators I, II PALAZZOLO, ANTOINETTE "TONI" -Commerce Club II, Regulated Dress I, Cosmetology I, II, Ill, Stunt Show PALMORE, STEPHEN-Public Ad- dress Crew I, II, III, Audio Visual Crew, Secretary Il, Communications Officer, ROTC II, III PALESE, RICHARD - Men's Glee Club Il, III, Congress II PARKER, JULIE-Pep Club Il, Com- merce Il, III PARMENTER, JEAN - Honor So- ciety I, II, Future Teachers I, G.A.A. I, II, III, Girls' League Congress III, Stunt Show I, II, III PATON, THOMAS GEORGE "TA"- Student Court, G Court Il, III, Var- sity Football I, II, III, Captain, Varsity Basketball I, II, III, Varsity Track I, Il PAULSEN, SCOTT - Junior Class Treasurer ll, Class Council ll, III, Junior Statesmen President III, Fu- ture Teacher I, Civitans Ill PAYNE, CHARLOTTE "MAD RUS- SIAN"-Class Finance Committee ll, Ill, Class Council III, Girls' League Congress III, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship ll, III PEDEN, WAYNE "PEDIE"-B Bas- ketball I, II, C Track I, Gymnastics II PERA, DEAN-J,V. Baseball I, Il, Varsity Baseball III, B Basketball Il, Ill, Red Cross I PERRY, SUSAN-Glenettes I, II, III, Nitroettes II, G.A,A. III, Honor Society III, Stunt Show ll, Ill PETERS, PETER "PETE" - Science Club II, III, Class Council III PETERS, VENDELA "MICKEY" - Commerce Club Ill, Stunt Show Ill PETERSEN, JOYCE - Band I, II, Dance Recital ll, Ill, Science Club Ill, World Friendship III PETRO, JACQULINE "JACQUIE"- Class Council III, Dance Recital II, III, Civinettes Ill, Future Teachers Ill, Stunt Show Il, III PHIL, SCOTT-Honor Society I, II, Band I, II, Science Club PIERCE, MARGERY "MARGIE"- G.A.A. I, II, III, Nitroettes II, Ill, Glenettes-Treasurer ll, Vice-Presi- dent lll, Commerce Club II, Girls G Club II PIPER, GARY-Key Club-Secretary, President III, Class Council II, Latin Club II, Ill, Pep Council II PIZZINI, QUENTIN-Junior Council Il, Pep Council III, Honor Society I, Il, III, Science Club I, Il, III PLUMB, BURDETT "BlM"-B Foot- ball I, Varsity Baseball I, Red Cross Rep. III, Science Club III POE, KATHERINE "KATHY"-GIen- ettes II, III-Treasurer III, Congress Il, Future Teachers Ill, Commerce Club I, Stunt Show ll, Ill PONCE, HARLEY "RICHARD"- Congress II POND, KAREN-Thespians I PORTER, LESLEY "LES"-Honor So- ciety I, Il, Latin Club I, II, Ill, Fu- ture Teachers I, II, III, G.A.A. I, II, III, Symphonettes I, ll, III POST, RICHARD "DICK"-Track III POWERS, HEATHER - Commerce Club I, II, III, G.A.A. I, Stunt Show I, II, III, Regulated Dress Board II, Junior Red Cross Ill POWERS, MIRIAM "MIR"-Girls Stunt Show I, II, III, Latin Club I, Commerce Club III, Future Teach- ers Club Ill, Glenettes-Secretary II, Ill PRATT, EDWARD "ED" - Class Council III, Varsity Football Ill, Varsity Track III PRATT, LOWELL-Track Team I PRIEBE, GARALD "JERRY"-Class Council Ill, P.A. Crew Ill, Thes- pians I II, III, Symphonettes I, II, III PRINCE, FRANK-Stage Crew II, Ill: J.V Baseball II, B Football ll PUEFER, THOMAS "TOM" - Latin Club II RANDALL, JUDITH "JUDY" - l -- G.A.A. I, Il, III, Baccalaureate Lead II, Vice President of G Club Ill, Honor Society I, Ill, Civanettes Ill RANDALL, ROBERT "BOB"- RAUEN, JANE "DOC" -Junior Statesman III, Regulated Dress Representative RAWLINS, CLAIR-Mixed Chorus I, II, Orator III, Dance Recital III, Key Club I, Latin Club REDICK, TED-Symphonettes I, ll, III, Chess Club I, II, Ill, Science Club I, ll, III REEVES, CAROLYN "TEXAS"-Reg- ulated Dress Representative III, A Cappella III, Radio Amateur III, G.A.A. III, Christian Student Fel- lowship III REID, SANDRA "SANDY"-Latin I, Il, Glenettes Il, III, Nitroettes ll, III, World Friendship III, G.A.A. I, Il, Ill RENFTLE, GEORGE HGEORGIE BOY" -Swim Team II, B Football I REYNOLDS, LINDA-Civinettes II, III, Dance Recital II, Ill, Stunt Show ll, III, Red Cross I, Il, Ill, G.A.A. l, ll, Ill RICE, DON-Orchestra I, II, Band I RIES, HAROLD "HAL"-A Football I. II RICH, MARY - Sangleader III, G.A,A. I, ll, Symphonettes I, World Friendship I, II, Nitraettes III RILES, DOLORES "DEE"-G,A.A. I, II, III, Girls G Club Secretary III, Commerce Club III, Girls Stunt Show I, III RINI, ANITA-Girls League ll, III ROBERTS, DONALD D, "DON"- Class Council I, II, III, Student Congress I, II, Varsity Football II, III ROBERTS, SHIRLEY - Junior Red Cross ll, Commerce I, Il, III, Girls Stunt Show II ROBERTSON, SANDRA "SANDY"- Future Teachers Ill, Junior States- man III, Dance Recital II, III, Honor Society II ROBINSON, JOANNE "JO" - Choralettes II, Amateur Radio Club, Dance Club, G.A.A. ROBINSON, LYNDA-G,A.A. I, A Cappella III, Choralettes I, II, Red Cross Rep. II ROSEN, JOHN-49er Il, III, Red Cross I. Il, III, World Friendship I, ll, Ill, R.O.T.C. Drill Team I, II, Ill ROWE, RENE-Student Congress I, Ill, Commerce Club I, II ROWLAND, DANIEL "DAN"-Class Council I, II, Varsity Football II, III, Key Club I RUCKMAN, BARBARA LOU "BAR- BIE"-Girls Stunt Show I, III, Dance Recital I, Ill RULSTON, JAMES "CURLY"-A9er Ill, R.O.T.C, Ill RUSSELL, COLLEEN-Red Cross I, II, III, G.A.A. I, III, Science Club III, Commerce Club Ill, Dance Re- cital II RUSSELL, JUDTH "JUDY" - Civin- ettes II, Class Council ll, III, World Friendship Club Ill, Dance Club II RUSSELL, KAREN-Dance Club I, Civinettes ll, Ill, Junior Statesmen II, III, Dance Recital Il, Girls Stunt Show I, II, III RUSSELL, PATRICIA i'PATTY" - Stunt Show III, Christmas Program I, Glenettes I, II, III, World Friend- ship I RYAN, PATRICIA - French Club, G.A.A. SACO, CAROL-Commerce Club II, III, Dance I, ll, Ill, Pep Club Ill SANGREN, MYRON "STRANGLER" -G Club III, Varsity Football II, III SALYER, STEPHEN "STEVE"-Class Council I, President and Vice-Pres. World Friendship Club III, Treas- urer Spanish Club Ill, A,F.S. Final- ist II, Explosion ll, III SCHAFER, CAROL-Regulated Dress I, Lyric II, Honor Society III, Stunt Show Ill SCHARER, DALE-Honor Society I, II, III, Baseball I, Basketball ll, III, Symphonettes II, III, Class Council II SCHIEBER, CEDRIC-Jr. Red Cross I, II, Ill, Pep Council II, III SCHIRMER, YVONNE-Girls League III, President of Dance Club III, Hoover Court III, Honor Society I, II, Ill, Congress I, II SCHOLZ, GISELA-Senior Council, Symphonettes III, Honor Society III SCHOTT, JAMES-World Friendship Club III, Christmas Program III SCHUG, MARIE YVONNE "MEME" -Lyric Club Ill SCI-IULTZ, SYLVIA "SYL"-Co-ordi- nator of Fine Arts II, Vice Pres. of Girls League III, Treasurer of Jr, Class II, Vice Pres. Thespians Ill, Lead-Fall Play III SCOTT, SUE-Girls League Board III, Girls League Congress Ill, Glenettes II sg, -4'7" 'M i A g,,,.,.- F.- SEABOLD, RICHARD-Civitans II, III, Basketball I, II, III, Swimming I, II, III, Class Council III, 49er I, Il SECKEL, JUDY "JUDS" - Class Council ll, III, Pep Council II, III, Jr. Statesmen, Congress I, II, Regu- lated Dress Representative ll SELTRECHT, SALLY SAL"-Corn- merce Club III, Regulated Dress II SHEPHERD, MARJORIE "MIDGE"- G.A.A. I, Il, III, Red Cross Il, Ill, Commerce Club III, Girls Regulated Dress III SHRIVER, BARBARA - Symphon- ettes II, Nitroettes Il, Commerce Club III, Girls League Congress III SILVER, FLORENCE-Glenettes I, II, Red Cross III SIMILA, ALAN-Varsity Basketball I, ll, III, Jr. Civitans I, II, III, 49ers I, II, III, Honor Society I, Il, Student Congress I, III SIMONSON, CARYN LORENE "FLO" -G.A.A. I, II, III, Cpanish Club III, Future Teachers III, Honor So- ciety III, World Friendship III SIMPSON, JUDITI-I "JUDY" - G.A.A. I, Il, III, World Friendship Club III, Jr. Statesman III, Spanish Club III, Commerce Club III SKELLY, DION "DON"-Latin Club II, Senior Council III SLAVETT, DICK "FATS"-A Cap- pella, Treasurer ot Key Club, 49ers, World Friendship Club, Pep Council I, II SLOAN, CECELIA-Commerce Club I, Regulated Dress I, Dance Re- cital II, World Friendship Ill, Red Cross I SLOVAK, KAREN "COOKIE" - Ex- plosion Staff III, Red Cross II, Dance Recital II, III SMITH, CALVIN -Symphonettes I, II, III SMITH, CAROL-Congress I, Ill, Regulated Dress I, Commerce Club I, Il, III, Girls Stunt Show I, Il, III, Nitroettes II, III SMTH, JOHN "BUTCl'l"-Junior Statesmen II, Orchestra I SMYTHE, NATALIE-Glenettes II, III SNOW, DAVID "DAVE" - Stylus Photographer II, School Photog- rapher III, Explosion Photographer III SOMICS, THERES "TERRY"-World Friendship Club SONNTAG, MARJORIE "MlDGlE" -Honor Society II, Ill, Future Teachers Club Secretary ll, Stunt Show I, Il, III, Junior Statesman Secretary III, Girls League Board III SPARESUS, WILLIAM "HARRY"- Key Club, R.O.T.C., A9ers, Pep Council SPEARS, IRMA-P.F.C. I, II, Vice Pres. II, Mixed Chorus I, Pep Club I SPEIERMAN, CHATELAIN "LAINEY" -Jr. Council II, Jr. Statesmen I, ll, III, Senior Class Council Ill, Pep Council Ill SPELGATTI, JOAN "JOANlE" - Glenettes II, Ill, Congress III, Cla' Council II, Dance Recital II, I Stylus Editor III, Stylus II, Ill SPILGER, PETER-Track I, ", Senior Council III, World Fi nd- ship Club Ill, Spanish Club I STAHLBERG, JANICE-A Cappella III, Student Christian Fellowship III STALVEY, SONYA - Commerce Club, Class Council II, Regulated Dress I, G.A.A., Stunt Show STANFORD, DAVE-Christian Stu- dent Fellowship, A Cappella ll, III, Men's Glee I STARK, LINDA-A Cappella III, Dance Recital II, Future Teachers Club Ill, Stunt Show I, ll, Ill STEPHENSON, CAROL ANN 'ASTE- VIE" - Honor Society III, Com- merce Club III STERNQUIST, CAROL "STERNIE"- Girls Stunt Show I, ll, Ill, G.A.A. I, Glenettes Il, III, Latin Club I, Il, Dance Recital II, Ill STEWART, JOAN-Stunt Show ll, III STONE, KAREN-Student Body Sec- retary III, World Friendship Club Ill, Commerce Club I, Il, III, Honor Society I, Stunt Show I, II, Ill STRANGE, JANINE "JAN"-Glen- ettes I, Dance Club I SWINDLE, ROBERT "SWIN"-Bas- ketball III TALBOT, STUART "TUCKER"-COrt- gress I TARALLO, BOB-Band II, III, Sym- phonettes Ill TAYLOR, CHUCK-Junior States- man III, Senior Assembly Repre- sentative, Pep Council III, Con- gress III TAYOR, LEE "MOOSE" - R.O.T.C. I, II, Ill: Cabinet Ill, Congress ll, Ill, Tableau III, Rifle Team ll, Ill TAYLOR, LEWIS "LEW" -Class Council Ill, Thespians Ill, Student Congress I, Swimming Team I, ll, III, Band I TEACH, NANCY - Commerce Club I, II THOMANDER, DAWN-Class Coun- cil II, Pep Club Treasurer III, Prom Princess Il, Future Teachers Club III, Fashion Show I, Il THOMAS, GLORIA- Red Cross I, Stunt Show II THOMAS, LEE "TOM"-Congress I, Il, Science Club I, Il, Pep Council I, ll THOMAS, PATRICIA "PAT"-Glen, ettes Ill, World Friendship Club II, Commerce Club II, III 'lOMAS, SANDRA4Class Council Editar ot Explosion Ill, Girls que Board Ill, Co-ordinator of ...I , 'ts III THI JCKMORTON, DENVER 'BUCK- WHEAT'--Symphonettes I, ll, Ill THROOP, JEANNIE-Girls Glee I, Dance Recital ll, III, French Club Sec. III, Honor Society II, III, World Friendship III TORREY, TRICIA "PATTl"-A Cap- pella III TOWNE, GEORGANNA - G.A.A, Board II, III, Honor Society I, II, III, Student Congress I,, Ill, Stunt Show Yell Leader II, Spanish Club Il TOWNSEND, TOM "GUS" - Pep Council ll, Student Congress III, Swimming Team ll, Ill TRUMBULL, SUSAN "SUE"-Civiw ettes ll, Ill, Spanish Club III, Dance Recital II, III, Regulated Dress Board III, Future Teachers Club lll TURNER, BARBARA "BARB"-Stunt Show I, Il, Ill, Spanish Club II, Ill, Civinettes II, Ill, Student Con- gress Il, III, Girls League Board III UHL, JANET--President of Com- merce Club III, President of Phila- tetic Society IClubI Ill, Junior Statesman Ill, Candy Store Mon- ager II, III, Latin Club I, II UNGER, ALAN-Swim Team II, III, Civitans III, Latin Club I, Ill, Jun- ior Statesman III UPHAUS, BETTY-G.A.A. Tennis I, Honor Society I, ll, Ill, Christian Student Fellowship ll, III, Nitro- ettes II URBON, CLARRIS "CLAIRE"-Com- merce Club I, ll, Girls League Rep- resentative II, Ill, Senior Represen- tative Ill, Stunt Show I, II, III, Junior Red Cross I, II URQUIDEZ, DAVE "CHICO" - A Cappella ll, III, Sophomore Chorus l, Men's Glee I, Mix Chorus II, I Orchestra I VALLADAS, ANTONIO "TONY"- Key Club III, World Friendship Ill, Congress Ill, Jr, Red Cross Ill, A Cappella III VAN FLEET, GWYNNE-Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, Pep Council III, Student Congress III, Glenettes l, II, III, G.A.A. II, III VARHOL, PATRICIA "PAT"-Saph- omore Class Treasurer, Class Coun- cil I, ll, 60 Per Club I, ll, Ill, Dance Recital II, Ill, Girls Stunt Show I, ll, Ill VEENSTRA, RONALD "RON"-Fall Play Il, Ill, Spring Play ll, III, Thespians Il, Ill, Drum Major Ill, Symphonettes ll, Ill VELTUM, DARRELL-Honor Society ll, Ill, Christian Student Fellowship I, ll, Ill, World Friendship Club I, Il, President Ill, Junior Statesmen I lSecretaI'YI: French Club ll, III VICKERS, SHEENA - Commerce Club I VONK, PHILLIP "HONK" - Boys League Pres. Ill, Pep Council III, G Club III, Football Il, Ill, Con- gress Ill VOSS, JOHN "DIMPLES"-Track I WAHL, JOAN "JOANIE"-Director of Girls Athletics, President G.A.A. Ill, Honor Society II, Ill, Girls League Board III, G.A.A, I, II, III, Board Ill, President of Commerce Club III WALDRON, STERLING-J.V. Base- ball Il, Varsity Baseball Ill WALKER, DELORES - Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, Junior Council II WALSH, RONALD-Orchestra I, Il WARNER, JAMES "JIM" - Stylus Representative Il WARNER, JOHNSON - Key Club III, Student Congress Ill, Latin Club I, Swim Team I, Ill WARREN, BETTY-Pep Council Ill, Class Council III WARREN, NORMA-Class Council III, Student Congress ll, III, Junior Statesman I, II, Ill, Civinettes Il, Ill, Honor Society I, II WARWICK, JIM-Spanish Club ll, III, Baseball I, ll, III, Football I, II, Ill: G Club II, III WATSON, BEVERLY "BEV" -Girls League Board I, Il, III, President of Civinettes Ill, Class Council I, ll, Ill, Honor Society l, ll, III, G.A.A. I, Il, Ill WEAVER, DAVID "HANK"-Honor Society I, Latin Club I, Ill WEBER, KATHIE - Glenettes II, Commerce Club I, ll, lll WEBSTER, GRACE - Glenettes I, Writers Workshop I, II WEDEMEYER, EDITH - Commerce Club II, Ill, Girls League Repre- sentative lll, Junior Red Cross I, Stunt I, Il, III, Class Council III WEISENBERG, DALE-Junior Coun- cil ll, Stunt Show III, Commerce Club I, II, III, Senior Class Secre- tary III, Senior Council III WEITZEL, KATHLYN "KAY"-Com merce Club I, Choralettes, A Cap- pella WELLS, JEAN "JEANIE"-Baccrr laureate Lead ll, Class Secretary- Treas. ll, Ill, Honor Society I, II, III, Civinettes III, Girls Stunt Show I, ll, Ill WELTY, MICHAEL "MIKE" - Pep Council III, Key Club ll WERNETTE, DEBORAH "DEBBIE"- Honcr Society I, Glenettes I, French Club II, World Friendship III, Junior Statesmen III WEST, CAROLYN-Dance Recital II, III, Stunt Show Songleader III, Ad- vance Girls Glee III WEST, JON-Football I, II, III: Basketball I, ll, III, Baseball I, II, Ill, Honor Society, Director of Boys Athletics WHALEN, CONNIE - Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, Jr. Red Cross Rep. I, Il, Soph. Council I, Pep Council ll, Congress Representative I WHEATLEY, PETER HWHEETERH- WHITE, CAROLYN - Explosion Il, III, Stylus Ill, Pep Council Ill, Dance Recital II, Ill, Girls Stunt Show ll, III WHITE, HARVARD "HARVEY"-B Football Il, III, J.V. Baseball Il, Varsity Baseball III, Pep Club Ill, Jr. Red Cross III WHITE, JOHN "JACK"-Track I, ll, Ill, Pep Council Ill WHITLEY, TOM-Football Il, III, Track Ill WHITTAM, CHARLES "MlKE"- Band WIERDA, BILL-Key Club I, Jr. Statesmen I WILLER, ARTHUR "ART"--Orches- tra I, ll, III, Band III WILSON, DAVID "DAVE"-Student Body Yell Leader, Key Club I, Jun- ior Statesmen ll, Pep Council II, Ill, Fall Play II WILSON, KAREN-Commerce Club, Dance Recital, Stunt Show, G.A.A. WILSON, LESLIE "LES"-Track ll, III, Civitans Ill, Boys League Board III, Honor Society I, ll, III, Cross Country III WILSON, NANCY-Future Teachers Club III, World Friendship Club Ill, G,A.A, I, II, III WILSON, TOM "PEACHES" - Key Club I, II, Ill, Science Club l,'Il WINCHESTER, MARCIA-Latin Club I, ll, Honor Society I WITT, CHARLOTTE-Honor Society I, II, Ill, French Club I, ll, Ill, Girls Stunt Show I, Ill, G.A.A. I, ll, Ill, Student Congress Ill WOOD, DAVID "DAVE"-B Foot- ball II, Spanish Club Ill, World Friendship Club Ill WOOD, DONALD-Key Club Il, Ill, Chess Club Vice President II, Science Club I, ll, III, Swimming Team I, Il, III WOOD, ED "BORASS" - Men's Glee I WOOD, GORDON "DON" - Latin Club I, II WOODBRIDGE, MARY-Thespian I, ll, III, Co-ordinator of Speech Arts ll, Civinettes II, Ill, Program Chairman of Girls League ll, Pres- ident of Girls League Ill WOLTHER, LARRY-Rifle Team III, R.O.T.C. Military Police III WORDEN, MARGARET "PEGGY"- Red Cross Representative lll YERKES, DAVE-Honor Society I, C Track I, ll, B Track Ill, G Club II, III, Key Club YOUNGER, FLORENCE "PLO"- Honor Society Ill, French Club II, Ill: Dance Recital ll, Ill, Stunt Show I, Il, Ill, Girls League Con- gress Ill ZALAR. LINDA-Girls Stunt Show I. II, Ill, Girls League Dress Com- mittee I Junior Activiti Beaming with pride are the most successful people of this year's oratorical. They are: Bob Johnson, Yell Leader, Bill Dawson, Speaker, and Sharon Whitley, song leader. The Juniors sure have True Love for these three. Ready Teddy? A Heartbreak Hotel full of Juniors Playing For Keeps are clamouring for that old Hound Dog, Elvis Presley at the Girls' Stunt Show. This is Too Much! 5 l my xx :ni li l "America's Favorite?" Mr. Parker and two assist- ants of the infamous Junior Class, are hopefully dreaming of money they will bring in from their Magazine Sale. "Kelley tickles the ivories, in the annual School Talent show. Wow! what Here, the preparation ofthe green room is being made for "White C' BUbY Doll-" Christmas," or better known as the Junior Prom. .e35Qgf,"ii2f 23 lt fit in ,S 'gr-tt 1 Y is it Junior Cfficers ' in V 'LQ it Y x .U-in mr rss, Front: Diane Stubblefield-Trecr surer, Lynn Scribner-Vice Presi- dent, Kay Langton-Secretary. Mid- dle: Dick Webb-President. Rear: , Bob Johnson-Yell Leader, Sharon , WhitIey7Song Leader. Row li Renie Romano, Carol Green, Dixie Roth, Sue Carhart, Lynn Scribner, Pam Van Wie, Mary Fitzpatrick, Barbara Hartman. Row 2: Brenda Cornelius, Sue Quick, Ann Nend- ricks, Diane Stubblefield, Jone Ross, Sharon Whitley, Bee Barrow, Barbara Pence, Pat Haze, Teri Croxall, Gwen Copeland. Row 31 Steve King, Dwight Waite, Bill Bolen, Lane Lopez, Dick Webb, Gary Balboch, Gary Brat- cher, Ed Doyle, Willy Brostoff, Phil Wason, Tom Sparrow, Don Tyler, Mike McNeill. :ai M I Row li Betty Jo Sanders, Susie L'-wen, Nancy Utech, Judy Johnson, Nancy MacMahon, Jill Thompson, Beryl Hoban, Susan Meyer, Lido Watkins. Row 21 Carol Green, Renie Romano, Sharon Whitley, Jone Ross, Betty Slocum, Marilyn Perry, Kathy Murphy, Brenda Cornelius, Bee Barrow, Linda Lockwood, Linda Arnds, Lynn Scribner, Rosemary Montana Row 3: Gary Bratcher, Bill Bolen, Dwight Waite, Steve King, Leonard Christiansen, Dick Webb, Gary Balboch, Bill Brostoff, Tom Sparrow, Phil Wason, Don Tyler. J unior . . D D D P D P D D - , it " NL l.: ,,..1! lt ll viii! i i l Q. lr fx 'rt ., L. W 4 A Vs: A., gm Row 1: Robbin Angelica, Gail Bonkey, Penny An- derson, Lindo Arnds, Judy Anderson, Barbara At' kinson, Nancy Atsinger, Joyce Bales. Row 2: Barbara Barrett, Julie Bennett, Sue Barlow, Ricky Beanchard, Margaret Ayneleine, Carolyn Akira, Janet Baker. Row 3: Larry Anderson, Bill Attig, David Achcroft, Steve Austin, Dave Bame, Richard Anderson, Dick Achterberg, Stan Bixler. Row lr Judy Baldwin, Florence Bradford, Pot Blan- ton, Elzo Bergeron, Barbara Briscoe, Beth Borup, Judy Bollingmo, Barbara Jean Bernard. Row Q. Charles Bozza, Ralph Blocker, George Boyn- ton, J. Doe, Minnie Burks, Susan Blake, Bee Covow, Bill Borklund, Stan Bixler, Don Beck, Dave Borne. Row 3: Gary Bratcher, Kenneth Boone, "Willy" Brostoff, Sieve Bridges, Jerry Brooks, Bill Bolen, Tom Briggs, Bob Behrend, Lourie Beans, John Bradford. s Wi i ,A 1, Q-'f 'X B ,:,..' J s Q J li Q ,ff - or i it -w '5 6 . . 14-'B rg Row lr Phyllis Byson, Mary Bower Marcy Bradley, Dorothy Bos, Gwen Copeland, Becky Blackwell, Jo Ann Byrne, Bonnie Burtness. Row 2: Pat Cornevoli, Barbara Caloolo, Ann Bungoy, Bonnie Burleson, Corinne Campbell, Judy Cass, Steve Bridges. Row 3: Morris Brown, Wayne Calhoun, John Butter- 7 I... o wick, Joe Brennan, Bill Brown, Richard Carlson, Ken Carlson. D D D P ...,.....CIass Row lg Roslyn Chunnon, Chaire Christiansen, Anne Conner, Carolyn Cooper, Judy Coleman, Alice Chew, Judy Carlson. Row 2: Dolly Cooper, Suzy Carhart, Linda Cooper, Gretchen Clemmons, Betty Cleave, Margie Brown, Row 31 Charles Cobb, Otto Cass, Soverino Castro, Tam Bonetto, Tom Caves, Mike Crockett, Gary Cas' telan. in is Row l: Pat Dundas, Maraia Cllevoos, Louise Di- Tullio, Sandy Dyck, Melinda Dunn, Gladys Dull, Helene Drucker. Row 2: Ronald Drake, Bruce Brenner, David Cox, Carol Down, Elizabeth Edwards, Joyce Eaton, Dove Dryden, Whitey Cox. Row 3: Jim Copeland, Tom DePhamphilis, Ed Downes, Ed Doyle, Leonard Christiansen, Ron Ed- wards, Cody Begley, Ned Durham, Tom Sparrow, fs Row la Annette Cunningham, Betty Jane Davis, Judy Dart, Pat Decker, Kay Deethardt, Marian Cunning- ham, Teri Croxall. Row 2: Richard Dixon, Bill Dawson, Brenda Cor- nelius, Doreen Day, Sylvia Curtis, Donna Dedo, Ron Dexter. Row 3: lan Breslow, George Capos, Don de Penne, John Christie, Dan Davison, Dennis Cook, Jim Don- forth, Bill Dow. Q K-1 1 vi : 4 , if ,- 5. ,1,v,, - ,gr J Q32 V' . .mg X , Junior .p.......,,.. ,Q + ' . i fl 1 Row l: Sally Evens, Carol Gilbert, Sharon Good- man, Lynn Fraser, Carol Green, Janet Gulbrandson, Sue Fussell. Row 2: Anne Gribbon, Shirley Godfrey, Elaine Gil- leran, Susie Green, Rochelle Garlow, Antoinette Marino, Jayne Gillis. Row 3: Bill Gabelmon, Dennis Gillem, Stan Groth, Bob Gonzalez, Carl Groybill, John Doe, Barry Ger- ken. ff . . , , . . . 'Q W l,-tg.. ,Q A ami Qi Q 3 ROW I. Tina Fogg, Linda Ford, Judy Flicker, Wendy Ferguson, Sarah Eroh, Vickie Fliedner, Mary Fitz- patrick. Row 2: Dick Erdos, Diana Dunn, Shari Foster, Eliza- beth Force, Alice Eshe, Wayne Embree. Row 31 Bill Fasono, Pete Finnigan, Carl Forbes, Tom Farley, Russell Ferbraclcie, Dave Erickson. ,,,c.f f .7 Row I: Barbara Hartman, Dolores Ginnever, Janice Gray, Mayo Higson, Diane Hatteberg, Nancy Greer, Linda Gratist. Row 2: Ann Frye, Pat Gould, Abby Friedman, Bar- bara Hadian, Charlotte Hagar, Donalie Haskell, Jo Hayden, Anne Harrison. Row 8: Miles Haskins, Tom Hanley, Bob Hammell, Don Goss, Bill Hartman, Tom Harris, Dick Halgren, David Harrison. D P D D D D D D D D Row li Sandy Hardy, Susie Hermann, Janice Hirt Sandy Hoffer, Marion Hoffman, Patt Haymond Carolyn Howard. Row 2: Linnea Wood, Judy Gibson, Cathy Casey Nancy Hamilton, Carolyn Gayrich, Joan Harper, Judy Hirtle, Pat Haze. Row 3: Dave Hartman, Bob Hetherington, Lee Harris Andy Holmberg, John Doe, Tom Harris. l. . , gtxlskwffl, .J-J--J-J! Raw 1: Carolyn A. Johnson, Barbara Hunter, Bar- bara Koch, Carolyn S. Johnson, Carolyn Kinnison, Dorinda Keeney, Sandy Jackson. Row 2: Cora Heckey, Linda Klug, Pat Kincer, Lorelie Kling, Joyce Kelly, Joyce Jones, Robert Jones, Don Kleeman, Ken Keasey, Jeff Joy, Bob Jones, Allen Kipper, Bob Johnson, is tie -, ,L Qt t 3 t Q , 1 Y is 5 at qv J, V? , 'Y K '58 as un 553 .'j:" n 4 , x 1 Q V W--' f, J an l.4fl"lltu: nrt: " E e ' 'DEEEZFH . . 4 ' ' l ' v.: T N, ' X I U A:+ i , 1 5125.17 ' - V . Q . ,,,, its , . . Class Row I: Carolyn Jensen, Janice Jensen, Kay Hult- gren, Gurine Hubert, Elaine Hownsell, Kathysue Hig- gins, Mary Jayne Jantink. Row 2: Ann Hendricks, Joan Hinderson, Naomi Hackett, Sharon Hohm, Judy Jobe, Regine lnslee, Adrienne Hotonian, Judy Johnson. Row 3: Gary Hodge, Jim Hooton, Dave Hull, Jim Horn, Bob Jensen, Jay Jeffers. i ' . i , l . at ? Junior 'D , ,Q kg x f f . 'f' NJ, iw, ff' 5 i I , . Row T: Linda Lockwood, Shirley Mann, Nancy MacMohon, Jackie Lickrnann, Peggy Lillig, Lynn Laffler. Row 21 John Doe, John Lowson, James Lawerence, John Knight, Bob Kumpe, Don Kroah. Row 3: Bob Smith, Kenneth Lawrence, Bill Smith, Jim Lomen, Frank Kubisch, John Hogan, Dove Lawrence. 9 66 . AWB? 33718, . pe l..J ik D D D D D P D D D D D D D Row 1: Dottie Leonette, Carole Ker, Eleanor Legge, Ceceile Lash, Jeanne Kisner, Linda Kunka, Nancy Livoni. Row 2: Bobs Kreitzer, Judy Lloyd, Terry Langstaff, Susan Locke, Kay Langton, Diane Bates, Peggy Leech, Edward Kleinau. Row 3: John Lee, Bill Long, Bob Long, Bill Johanneson, Leon Le- Cleur, Steve Little, Stephen King, Ken Ellert. z. Row I: Heather Marten, Judiane Marshall, Vicki Mattson, Barbara Marvel, Ardith Meadows, Ann Metcalf, Denise McMillan. Row 21 George Mc- Swain, John Monson, Mike McNeill, Mae MeCor- mick, Russ Molury, Bob Manspar, Rick Mathews. Row 31 Dick Marshall, Chuck Lovell, Bob Mack, John Doe, Bill Lane, John Smith, Bob Smith. D D P D D D P D D D D P D Row li Susan Meyer, Penny Moore, Toni Mc- Donald, Jan McDermott, Karen Matgen, Jackie Miller, Judy Mitchell. Row 2: Nadine Minkoff, Dianne Molvin, Kathy Melville, Carol Mead, Irene Morin, Rosemary Montana, Judy Meisenbach. Row 3: John Doe, Gary Logan, Phil Lozano, Eddie Mayo, Jim Loyola, John Smith, Charles Lovell, Bill Smith. ,fx . -6 I J S K . r f yd .. ...J Row li Pat Noe, Sue Nevins, Gail Newton, Gay Myles, Kaye Nisbet, Judy Norman, Mardith Nare- gan. Row 2: Phil Owens, Roy O'Megahan, Dorian Naimark, Virginia Ogle, Loretta Nuccio, Bonnie Nish, Jim Pascoe, James Smith. Row 3: Skip Ne- well, Robert Nauman, Jerry Otis, George Olson, Rolfe Niemeyer Norm Nason, Doug Newell, Torn Norwood, Joel Packard. I Class Row 1: Louise Moore, Evelyn Morisset, Linda Mor- ris, Dottie Morris, Bette Moser, Olivia Mulvihill. Row 2: Bob Moulton, Jack Moulton, Coleen Mor- rison, Kathie Murphy, Janet Mountford, Bill Mon- tiia, Gary Minkin, Row 3: Steve Menne, Wilsey Martin, Chuck Millen, Bill Mortimer, John Morti- mer, Charles Meyer, Jim Moulton, Phil Mason. ,ci . if ,, . T45 , is i 55 1 ilwffff Junior Row I: Sue Bicknell, Flo Reid, Virginia Pratt, Sue Quick, Pat Reslock, Janet Retzlaff, Donna Reed, Row 2: Richard Priest, Bill Prudhomme, John Read, John Doe, Connie Riedel, Bob Powell, Mark Preis, Ralph Priest, John Palphs. Row 3: Calvin Burt, Lee Cook, Mike Quinn, Neil Powers, Pete Price, Keith Walberg, John Smith, Fred Riedel. - w 'l. 4 D D D D D D P D D D D D D Row 1: Justine Phillips, Dorothy Pickard, Barbara Pence, Gary Parker, Marilyn Perry, Nancy Pflueger, Rose Marie O'Donnell, Barbara Park. Row 2: Jim Phypers, Bob Penland, Cindy Hoot, Marilyn Pomer- leau, Barbara Pope, Bill Pierce, Laddie Potts, John Parks, Bill Parker. Row 3: Dennis Porrett, Stan Partridge, John Patterson, Bob Perret, Roger Peck, John Doe, Bill Pontillo, Bob Parker. Row If Melinda Royce, Joni Ross, Lindo Sondos, Renie Romano, Dixie Roth, Betty Jo Sanders, Sharon Sawyer. Row 21 Wayne Sackett, Jerry Ren- strom, Sandy Rudel, Judy Rubin, Donna Roberts Sue Rini, John Doe. Row 3: Gaylord Rippley, Bob Russo, Bill Hahnlein, Scot Ruegg, Tony Reef, Bill Roeder. L QE' N D P P D P P Row l Rolueva Shanklin, Nancy Scliarer, Rhoda Siglei, Emily Sliochat, Dee Ann Shinkle, Peggy Scnoble, Sandee Slnuck Row U. Laurelle Scnieler, Lynn Scribner, Judy Sex- ron, Anita Schweitzer, Valerie Schuh, Drucille Schal' ler, .loan Van Dyke, Raw 31 Joe Sherman, Gary Scribner, Dave Roberts, Cecil Selman, John Brown, Paul Schneringer, Torn Holsr, Jim Allred, Row lz Carolyn Younger, Laurie Brann, Joan Sulli- yan, Margaret Snook, Janice Spong, Pauline Speck, Darlene Robertson. Raw 2: Sharie Stys, Marilyn Blackwell, Diane Stub- bleheld, Barbara Snavely, Chrystal Shanclalier, Sallie Sundahl, Phil Srockman. Row 3: Don Stodloerger, Gary Steingrebe, Richard Munlcin, Joseph Archwelder, Stu Szidahl. ......Class Row iz Nancy Sisson, Laura Smith, Susan Smith, Shirley Starr, Sandy Sill, Donna Shaw, Pat Shaw. Paw 2: Barbara Stawell, Donna Sodoma, Jo Anne Schaack, Linda Schneppershoff, Betty Slocum, Ursula Spilger, Sue Snyder, Sandy Staley. Row 31 Ron Smith, Roy Sharp, Wayne Shaags, John y Sipple, Gary Doe, Dave Smith, Charles Smith, l . , eg. ww ,Q sal 69 ,giving guise' J? J J unior -Q-sg-, D D D P D D D D D D D D D Row l: Sandy Walker, Sharon Whitley, Claire Wies- ley, Eloise Whitesell, Nancy Utech, Diane Tang, Linda Temple. Row 2. Sandy Hughes, Barbara Waynick, Mary Wheeloch, Judy Sragner, Ruth Ward, Roni Williams, Wendy Westrup. Row 3: Ray Wells, Kay Van Warmer, Jim Walton, Roger Williams, Dick Webb, John Werton, John Weaser, Don Walsh, Don West. wggj li Sa xiii - ' fl., . 5 mf .M sl AQ, , . I ' , ......4 l J if gl -1- . . Q til y hill! 5 igs ff .J 4 X l 1 .Ly g I 1' 5 Fw X,-7 we Je' tg Row 1: Dee Jay Tugby, Laurie Tunnell, Cheryl Taliaferro, Jill Thompson, Pam Van Wie, Karen Towers, Judy Turnlaall. Row 2: Julie Tucker, Jonnalee Hartman, Donna Thomas, Bonnie Thompson, Linda Traeger, Glynne Todd, Sharon Rigg, Cherie Terkla. Row 31 Tab Turner, Don Tyler, Eric Sfice, Bob Stover, David Voralik, Verne Tarks, Ronnie Turner, Don Uhl. 1 4k-, Ei .r A 'ITN K.,-J Row 11 Linda Watkins, Joan Wilson, Helen Zywczok, Judy Weston, Gail Winbigler, Marsha Wilson, Kathy Woodburn. Row 2: Dennis Willannos, Trudy Wright, Joanne Woitha, Susanne Willson, Carol Wiesiahn, Don West, Caroll Wood. Row 31 Bill Wagoner, Jim Wizatt, Dave Western, Harold Watson, Darrell Wood, Jerry Wholey, Ronnie Zakreski, Don Wall, Gary Yukl. ex , .............CIIciss NCHTIME-finals a typical group of Junior girls discussing e daily events between bites of food. They are left to right: anne Kisner, Dotty Morris, Pat Dundas, Carol Ker, and usie Blake. 9.-.f .f..,.."'.Tff' " 7 f , 'Q' ' , .Q yu l l t LOOKS LIKE KNOWLEDGE SUPPED AWAY as Betty N Jo Sanders' and Vickie Fliedner's books bite the dust. Heres hoping the newly enforced tardy law doesn't change their happy faces. 'Uri . X ? X, Rig-E Q X NX: , 'Nw In VT . PLAN AHEAD-Thinking about studying are these four JuniorsSThinking mind youp no action, Left to right are: .lack Caselles, Carole Ker, Doug Dick- inson and Dolly Cooper. i, NV1d rrrr, ,1 gm Soph ore Cfficers Sophomore President Dennis Carliart .A ' X Q-'rr e-nn. w ur Vice-President Judy Scribner J. . L I 355 'f.5,fg,vx L Lili' .-iz: Class Advisor Mr. Dudley Graham Congress I Row lf Jocey Delmonte, Sharon Lee, Pat Proto, Brenda Robichcux. Row 2: Kathy Hamel, Joy Burton, Judy Scribner, Lindo Hoy, Gail Seabury, Kathy McFarland, Bonnie Cook, Sue Williams. Row 3: Bonnie McCormack, Gerry Mitton, Ruth Ballinger, Harriet Wood- hard, Charlotte Hunter, Linda Bonk, John Campbell. Row 4: Bob Hensler, Gary Nelson, Denny Corhort, Leon Cunningham, Fred Port, Skip Wells, Larry Sagers, Mike Pierce. Secretary, Brenda ROblCl1OUX Song Leader, F01 Prgttg TVEOSUVGVV 5ll0"0f1 lee Yell Leader, Mike Pierce A tiviti Which witch has the Toni? These lovelies cackle with evil glee at the suggestion of this witch to modernize witchcraft in an effort to win the election in the Soph- omore Class Stunt Show. Speaking for the Sophomore Class in the Oratorical was Sue Williams, for left. A few of the people who helped with the Sophomore Tableau were Kathie Wa- ters, Gail Bertin, and Chris D' Arc, shown at left. QM N0 Working hard to make the Sophomore Dance a success was the Sophomore Decoration Committee. Soph Row I: Bonnie Blake, Chris Bardwell, Sandy Bald- win, Audry Bahr, Sandy Barondess, Vickie Baugh- man, Barbara Askew, Ida Boehm. Row 2: Erlen Boyce, Marlian Bohn, Carolyn Bohn, Julie Bradford, Sue Blackstone, Gail Benin, Gayl Ashcroft, Ann Bon- nar, Mary Berghuis. Row 3: Doug Benadom, Don Bondan, Dave Beckoe, Jim Bough, Ritchie Bensal, Ronnie Boggince, Ronnie Beane, George Bearie, Bill Bell. 74 Lf-- CPQ .wed lofi-wig D D D D D P D P D I Row 1: Donna Ackerhurst, Sherry Anderson, Carol Anderson, Deonne Anderson, Jane Adams, Nancy Allen, Sharon Anderson, Carolyn Ahlers, Gerta Alisch. Row 2: Chuck Auer, John Arnds, Ruth Ball- inger, Sharon Arendle, Barbara Avrine, Roberta Barne, Diane Auston, Wally Adrin. Row 3: Sam An- derson, Gary Axerson, Eldon Anderson, Henry Al- yorez, John Axelson, Bud Anderson, Dave Anderson. :il-f Row is Judy Billingeley, Virginia Boulger, Lindo Bonk, Joy Burton, Carole Berke, Evalyn Brown, Donna Briscoe. Row 2: Richie Benson, Sieve Bren' ner, Jim Bowden, Michael Brant, Alan Boehmer, Greg Brought. Row 3: Gary Brown, Chuck Brady, Jeff Briscole, Tim Bice, Jim Bough, Dick Batlrell. if gi J' r 1' l,.' .5,. i D P P D D D D D Row lg Loretta Bunch, Sharon Burke, Bonnie Burton, Laurel Brown, Peggy Burns, Pot Bishop, Delia Browne, Bette Broom, Row 2: Nancy Clausen, Sara Carlton, Lucy Cammilleri, Neta Cash, Judy Byerly, Cynthia Case, Bev Campbell, Margaret Cabelin, Pat Byers. Row 3: Dick Chrisman, Steve Chenoweth, Dennis Buechler, Jack Christy, John Campbell, Jim Cash, Chuck Carey, Paul Beckett. Row lf Deanne Crawford, Rosemarie Crimo, Bar- bara Clark, Connie Cooper, Judy Comstock, Shirley Conner, Janet Davis, Sharon Cox. Row 2: Richard Davis, Jim Davies, Bob Cianncio, Ronele Carain, Karen Croft, Robert DeMoss, Art Faiers. Row 3: Sam Clement, Jim Crow, Bill Champin, Garrett Commlis, John Cope, Mike Courtenary, Vince Cicone. . . . .Class , z RL Row lt Bonita Christopher, Judy Carsle, Dawn Churchill, Diane Collier, Marilyn Chaffee, Margie Castlen, Betty Clark, Susan Cizek, Row 2: Jerry Christian, Carole Correles, Carylon Copeland, Susie Clark, Suzan Clark, Bonnie Cook, Jim Combest, Row 3: Darryl Chapman, Phillip Church, Gary Clay- burgh, Wayne Colett, Dove Collier, Gary Castle, Bob Carhart, Denny Carhart. JS ,i L -,f 5 Soph are Row 1: Sharron Demmelmaier, Christine D'Arc, Laurie Daniell, Darlene Curtis, Marlene Curtis, Shir- ley Cronan, Velma Curtindale. Row 2: Deon Colvin, Sal Dimarco, Sue Davis, Jennifer Dovis, George del Campo, Pete Diamond. Row 3: John Crosetti, Bruce Daniels, Clay Crowley, George Cook, Emillo Del- gado, Kenneth Day, John Eley. Row it Helen Delong, Kathleen DeGrazia, Pat De- Jacomo, Lynne Davis, Jocey Delmonte, Elizabeth Dennori, Solly Davis. Row 2: Ed Escher, Bob Thorn- worth, David Fergusen, Roger Duke, Dennis Elwell, Dick Easthmon, Kenneth Erickson, Row 3: Arthur Duncan, Ron Eastman, Jim Edwards, Larry Dyke, Tom Ellison. Row 1: Sandy Enlow, Nancy Downes, Linda Durley, June Galloway, Mary Dawson, Marie Elarde, Tami Eliot, Sindy Encines. Row 2: Jerry Ford, Jeannie Dupuis, Craig Glenn, Carlisle George, Tom Evans, Jerry Grammalo, Pat Dominick, Jim Gibson. Row 31 Don Gira, Bob Gardiner, Gary Glozier, Kenneth Temple, John Doe, Stephen Fitch, Paul Filliger, Dennis Ghiggia, 76 D D D D D D D D D ix, Q QE .f cf F--f-rx D D D D D P P D D P D Z 'Zi l is if 3 1 Rf ' i i . . Class Row l: Penne Freebarin, Jo Ann Ferona, Janie Fisher, Penny Forbes-Robinson, Judie Fox, Mary Fisher, Judy Flegal, Kathy Forsnas. Row 2: Gordon Grimmeihs, Larry Grey, Karwyn Goodrich, Nancy Goeller, Louise Galindo, Marvin Gsell, Jere Gray. Row 3: Gary Hahn, Larry Hall, Eddie Hagin, Rich- ard Graham, Daniel Hantman, Dave Haber. Row lf Carol Gerz, Barbara Ganabedian, Darlene Gilmore, Charloire Geboe, Joyce Pladfiey, Judy Goodyear, Emma Low French, Lynne Gordon. Row 2: Warren Harkins, John Hays, Robert' Haynes, Bob Hill, Bob Heady, Brad Hendricks, Gary Hickling. Row 3: Roy Hermann, Bob Bragg, George Goudie, Gary Freiman, Bruce Gray, Stephen Haymond, Bob Hartley, Stan Haring. Row lf Mary Hall, Barbara Guerrero, Cindi Graham, Mary Graves, Lorna Haas, Shirley Galbraith, Sue Groshans, Judy Griffin. Row 2: Robert Hass, Larry Hoffman, Sharon Greig, Joan Green, Sharon Gregg, Par Hale, Sue Greenleaf, Allen Hufnagel. Row 3: David Hopkins, Jack Hoffman, Bob Huggeh, James Grady, Dick Denny, John Hayes, Bob Hensler, Ralph Hinda. i 77 Soph more Row l, Robin l-lorlline, Charlene Huos, Yvonne Horvey, Dione Hoyes, Gretchen Hortwig, Betty Kelkey, Anno Helms, Pormelee Horris. Row 21 Gory Hubbord, Bonnie Honson, Emily Hullone, Kothy Cornel, Sondy Heorn, Keren Heitmon, Sharon Hull, Roy Hoyol, Bill Johnson. Row 3: John Doe, Tom Horton, Russell Howell, Bill Hughes, Jon Hillen, Clork Jolley, Tom Jenkins, Brod Hendricks, John Doe, John Doe. D P D D D D P D P if-1 Q ...x n Row l: Revo Johnson, Chorlotte Hunter, Borboro Humphreys, Jon Hull, Corol l-lumiston, Jonet John- son, Judy Joissle, Sonio Hubner. Row 2: Dorris Jolliffe, Fred Lehrncln, Bill Jonyleinds, Dick Kreck, Bruce Jones, Bill Koerner, Tom Zock, Bill Austin, Row 3: Carol Lockwood, Howord Kelly, Joe Kroen- ing, Bill Koyocs, Don Luke. Row It Beth Holmen, Lee Ann Holden, Glorio Henry, Linolo Hendcrshot, Robin Harris, Corolyn Hoop, Jeon Holley, Lindo Hoy. Row 2: Andrea Hosler, Bob Jock, Gordon Scott, Tony Hoyn, Bill Jencks, Jim Locey, Diane Hoehn, Row 3: Terence Jacobson, Wayne Inez, Martin Jocobstein, Horvey Jedynok, John Komer, Roy Hoyol. , ie' U l 9 . A 1,5 is 4 in ..g'!f 'Q A Q lff liflli' I I :dji- l.x tts, rJl ,Mfrs :' '. if 'rg I Q 1 l Y X Ex s 5 Z 'flkx Row l: Judie Leonard, Mary Ann La Greea, June Linclsiedr, Kay Lewsar, Rosalie Laescher, Ellen Kneid- ing, Jeanne Moreau, Connie Loremzen. Row 2: Jesse McGenty. Jean Lunkley, Cathie Kreisel, Sharon Lee, Linda Lamb, Mike Millard, Row 3: Jon Lloyd, Roger Mercier, Jim Marvin, Bill McCall, Scoti Mac- Donald, Mike McFadden, Tom McAdams, Bill Lyceti. N PK his D D D D D P P D D P P . Class Row iz Dorothy Kimball, Marcia Kalde, Janice Kin- nan, Ruth Kennedy, Diana Kershner, Jean Hubbard, Linda King, Carolyn Key. Row 21 Bill Martin, Earl Max, Jerry Liebershach, Rickie Lipp, Ernie Lund, Terry Loft, Michael McClurg, Joan Kipper. Row 3: Tony Marquet, Jerry Lee, Mark Lerner, Allan Loft, Dave Loffius. Row I: Tom Marconni, Leslie Marshall, Ginger Man- etfe, Cleo Miller, Darla Kaye, Marie Matarazzo, Carol Mason, Tom Misskinnis. Row 2: Charles Mist- rella, Terry McMahon, Nicky Matthews, Diane Mar- tin, Carole MacSween, Emily Maniccia, Brenda Leon- ard, Nanci Jo Muller. Row 3: Fred McCord, Don MacDonald, Dave Mock, Terry Michael, Wayne Merzy, John Doe, Joe Monarco, 79 Soph more D P P u-1 L:...A , I .L-"fz+fif?'f2-jill JV 1 irlliffgfl fi? 'lf 'l 0 lt' Rf' f, 'Wi 80 x , J. 'Z Y D D D D D D 4 Row 1: Johanne Matteson, Rose Lynn McCormick, Bonnie McCulIack, Karen Lee Marshall, Diane Mc- Bain, Linda McCrary, Charlotte McCullough, Julie Manderbach. Row 2: Bob Papstein, Sandy Pera, John Doe, John Orose, Cindy Malone, Bonnie Mc- Cormick, Susie Mariette, Dave Nelsson. Row 3: Kelly Merz, Jim McQuay, Steve Olson, Jack Patter- son, Lee Molho, John Nilson, Mike McFadden, Gary Nelson, Dave Paxton. Row l: Linda Meloch, Roberta McShirley, Debbie Metcalf, Kathy McFarland, Sylvia McDowell, Sandy McDougall, Janice Maneki, Gerry Michael. Row 2: Peggy Minni, Robin Paulsen, Richard Kince, Camille Meyers, Melanie Meyers, Shelia McFadden, Marsha Metsher, John Doe. Row 3: Jerry Martin, Jack Main, Tim Michael, Gordon Snaoe, Tim Rote, John Smith, R. Smith, Row l: Nancy Jo Muller, Jerry Mitton, Donna Mor- gan, Melissa Morgan, Yulanda Parre, Jane Ken- dall, Dianna Nicolous. Row 21 Gordon Rawlins, John Redfen, Bob Rector, Dick Pressnall, Tim Rote, SuAnn Murray, Row 3: Tom Prescott, Chuck Rea, Ed Prono, Jim Pollock, Eddie Brown, John Doe. D D D D D D D D D D D D D vv l: Sandy Murphy, Sharron Parrish, Marie Pan- , June Patterson, Glenna Pappass, Linda Odell nnie Nichols, Pat Prata. Rovv 2: Patricia Neidrick, b Roe, Lynn Roundtree, Larry Rich, Jerry Schmitt, :lson Rising, Correen Packciicl. Row 3: Lee Ryan, 'hard Ryan, Ruffin Ring, Jim Robb, Arvid Ronn- ,dt, Gerry Robbins, Conrad Rogers. iv l: Bonny Pyles, Valrie Piersol, Judy Pratt, ne Pazulis, Vivian Plumb, Susie Rogan, Beth Ann my, Cindy Raclner, Rovv 2: Ray Sandborgh, :hael Sander, Virginia Pool, DeAnn Park, Pat scoe, Nancy Ross, Rockne Rudolph, Peter Rusch. fv 3: Ken Schulke, John Schiels, Bob Runnels, Roy imidt, Steve Sabel, John Samuel, Trent Sanders, 9 Russell, Bill Simon. i l l i N l: Sue Rathsburg, Donna Rieck, Linda Riehl, -ncla Robichaux, Karen Risinger, Judy Scribner, ice Sadler, Toni Reindl. Row 2: Carol Scherribri, in Rossall, Judy Schoen, Claudia Scott, Jackie ter, Bryna Schneider, Sharon Rusler. Row 3: nrles Scott, Mike Sauers, Larry Sagers, Dennis tila, Dick Shelly, Victor Shavv, John Sheely, Steve ithard. Soph more ......... Row l: Gunilla Stavenovv, Mary Stockel, Linda Steele, Midge Soule, Nancy Taylor, Laree Smitlt, Pat Stillman, Sltirley Stadler. Row 2: Jim Manning, Jo Ann Solberg, Pat Stovall, Gloria Smith, Beverly Smith, Sltaron Smitlt, Carol VerVVest, Connie Sonn- tag, Otto Tlteuser. Row 3: Gary S Svvinclle, Tom Suter, Don Treptow, George Stafford, Bob Stratton, Fred Thompson. , G vvanson, Lewis Row l: Jerilyn Skinner, Rutlt Seliava, Beverly Simp- son, Pat Sltomler, Gail Seabury, Susie Scott, Kathie Sclteels, Carole Simmons. Raw 2: Kenneth Stilts, Stan Rouse, Diane Shapiro, Marlene Slutman, Mary Sears, Katlty Suiertsen, Robert Stebbings, Lewis Stoddard. Row 3: Doug Stringer, Darrell Suther- land, Curt Campbell, Tom Sloan, Berry Spencer, Ted Stovever, Gregory Sutton, Everett Snook. , z 4,1 ur: Row if Phyllis Stephens, Linda Sturgeon, Carol Jean Tenclt, Barbara Thompson, Heath Stokes, Rita Swartz, Mary Taylor, Geri Sullivan. Row 2: Nancy Taylor, Tom Veltum, Tom Tuttle, Don Trovers, Buddy Tunnell, Betlt Szostek. Row 3: Joltn Tomei, Allan Trotter, Vance Treidler, Tom Tyrrell, Dale Townsan, Bob Vaughn, Alan Tisdale. .............Class Row li Pam Thomson, Ann Tomlinson, Sheila Wood, Harriet Woodward, Joanna Vanderbyl, Kim Thomas, Barbara Thorsgard, Linda Turner. Raw 2: Paul Weaver, Jim Werner, Rosanne Tirotta, Darelle Tur- ner, Dianne Tomlin, Kay Van Vleet, Marilyn Teide- manne, Louis White, Bob Wiseman, Row 3: Bill Wayman, Larry Weeshoff, Garrett Wesp, Gary Wex- ler, Skip Wells, Darryl Wright, Spencer Weiser,xTom Webber, Erin Wickhorst, Christy Walsh. Row lg Sue Wagner, Gloria Waldron, Beverly Oien, Mary Jo cle los Reyes, Kathy Water, Penny Vargish, Ruth Wallace, Nancy Waltrier. Row 2: Carol Wahl, Nancy Wheelock, Roberta Vollhardt, Pat Watson, Cecile Edie, Judy Warner, Bonnie Wilson, Sandra Woltze. Row 3: Bob Wolf, Jeff White, Tory Yaphe, Jay West, AI Willerns, Bruce Winchester, Chuck Wirtz. Row lf Bonnie Meek, Bonnie Mohr, Margaret Mohr, Kelly Nicholes, Susan Mariette, Jane Doe, Darlene Moore, Sharon Moore, Jane Doe, Jane Jones. Row 2: Penny Morris, Jo Ellen Homan, Bruce Rice, Fred Port, Sandy Pera, Jane Doe, Kathie Montana. Row 3: Bob Petersen, Jack Patterson, Mike Pierce, Randy Randsan, John Pitts, Clair Patchen, Roger Phillips, John Srnith, John Doe. -4, 5 I Soph are ,,1 X 1. I iv: 2? 1 j, or jf fr? I 0 p D r D 0 D D r Row li Caroline Young, Marilyn Wolther, Jo Lee Waggener, Anna Mae Wheelloager, Bonnie Wells, Harierr Woodward, Claire Crowley. Row 21 Lynne De Leroy, Janice O'Neal, Mary Henderson, Pal Whiting, Julie Wiese, Marilyn Weitz, Lynne Wana- cofi, Sharon Weaver. Row 3: John Zennairer, Bob Wilson, Henry Zwicky, Gary Yowell, Richard Tyler, Don Winrz, Harley Young, Row l: Melinda Zemke, Kay Weston, Windy Wood- ford, Mariorie Win, Caroline Wiles. Row 2: Deb- orah Zeller, Alaris Welfner, Virginia Wiley, Mary Wynhausen, Shirley Waddingfon, This picture is dedicated to the John Does and Jane Does who are too camera shy. U5 l 84 l 0 0 0 p p 0 Amazed Sophomores are slightly confused the first day of school as they enter the world of Glendale High for the first time to begin the long climb of three years. l t l Curiosity lcillecl the cat! Satisfaction brought it back! That may be true, but unless these Sopho- mores leave pretty soon they are going to be very wet cats as they peer around the corner to the forbidden land ofthe Senior Glen, luite by accident Miss Snyder comes on the scene f these two Sophomores cleaning out their locker nd finding out that six or seven people con't fit :to one locker without quite a large mess! ! .......CIctss tw: y I ,EX H 1. 9' 5 x 3. L .: S+' ' L 329 Focus on the Organizational Dhase .4 2 ff L .Jw 5, W ,,, 4-.' .,., 0 rzfz. iw: We -qv . X 6 7 1. K s Q iii ., ..,,.,, ..,, A "EXPLOSION" PI-IOTOGRAHER AN REPORTERS APPEAR IN THE STYLUS DEVELOPING TRAY. Ik ORGANIZATIONS--MIXING THE DESIRE FOR GROUP PARTICIPATION WITH SPECIAL INTERESTS. GLENDALE OFFERS GROUP ACTIVITIES TO PLEASE EVERY TASTE. EVERY STUDENT IS ENCOURAGED TO MEET WITH AT LEAST ONE CIUB AT THE 11:20 ACTIVITY PERIOD. STUDENT BODY GOVERNMENT W PAGE PUBLICATIONS 47+ PAGE... .. ACTIVITY CLUBS PAGE .... . . . IO4 MUSIC GROUPS PAGE . . . . . DENNIS CARHART Sophomore Class President GG? f 1 H .ls 'ir-if tv 'f"7 a. ' W3 g n, . . i - ., V f f L FRED FRIEDLANDER Comptroller RICHARD WEBB Junior Class President SAMMY MENDOLA Head Yell Leader ADRIENNE ALLEN Head Song Leader Q 1 rt ,gr 1 x skid rm L gifs.. .v..,:.f,h ca' Hy, 6 2' 5 as ROBERT GARDNER Senior Class . K1 President - .7 l 1 CHARLENE COBB President of G.A,A, sq Cabinet, as a group, poses for ci picture. 88 - lillii GORDON HESS Student Body. President I NICK ARNDS Director ot Boys' Athletics Cabinet . . During the tirst-semester Cabinet's term, plans tor a suc- cessful season began with a tlourish and gave students many activities in which to engage. Many long hours were spent in planning and decorating tor the Backward Dance which was the highlight ot the Cabinet's term, The budget, next on the agenda, appropriated money tor various school activities such as laying aside money for the Dance Recital, School Plays, Explosion, Stylus, School Publicity, etc. Several issues that were brought up during the course ot the semester were also debated upon by the capable Cabinet. N" LINDA LOCKWOOD ff' -? Co-ordinator of Speech Arts QQ? DELLA DAN ELLI Secretary .I JAMES KUMPE Director of Assemblies If Liv' K R, ? - H I RICHARD MAINLAND Vice-President First Semester MARY WOODBRIDGE President of Girls' League si MR. WALLACE RANKIN Advisor NANCY MARIK Co-oralinator of Organizations 3' , M33 as I 1' A t I 3 I t si N 1 MARY HICKS Co-ordinator of Fine Arts RONALD WHITE Director of Publicity DUANE WI LLS Student Court LEE TAYLOR R.O.T.C. Representative . X N . .J 11 2 'if N WZ' Y gf . PHIL VONK President of Boys' League 2 x 49' ,v"' 'XI W if N f fa? 4 ' Sri , 52832. Q elwff. 4-lm 525-234 Q31-'. fil'-tis . 3 "'f if Cabinet GARRY MOORE Head Yell Leader DENNIS CARHART Sophomore Class President RICHARD WEBB Junior Class President ROBERT GARDNER Senior Class President 214955 UIBIIWT H I9.55'lQL5Zl L V.s:-.aur- ARLEENE ALLEN Head Song Leader CHARLES HITCHCOCK Comptroller JAMES KUM PE Vice-President RAMONA MECKFESSEL President of Girls' League PHIL VONK KAREN STONE President of Boys' League SECVETUYY WILLIAM DAWSON Co-ordinator of Speech Arts RALPH LA PERA Director of Assemblies , I I GORDON HESS Post President UI . . ec nd Semester To continue the tine work ot the preceding Cabinet, this semesters Cabinet kept GHS functioning and students participating in a traditional style under the leadership of Dick Mainland, President. For the last fling ot the year, Cabinet ll presented to the students Book and Baggage Day. Taking time from work, the Cabinet, os a group, poses for our camera. NICK ARNDS Co-ordinator of Organizations SANDRA THOMAS Co-orclinator of Fine, Arts R.O.T.C. GARY STEVENS Director of Publicity DUANE Wll.LS Student Court LEE TAYLOR Representative JON WEST JOAN WAHL Director of Boys' Athletics President of G.A.A RICHARD MAINLAND Student Body President ll Row l: B. Cook, O. Mulvihill, S. Thomas, J Wells, S. Schultz, C. Wiesley, J. Kumpe, S. Whitley, C. Govrich, M. Higson, E. Jensen C, WlTT. Row 2: B. Pyles. L. Wonacoft, C. Christianson S. Hardy, L, Lockwood, J. Tucker, B. Fortner, C, Winward, B, Sanders, S. Hemphill, P. Car- son, L. Larce, E. Hallan. Row 3: S. Bogosion, L. Armstrong, P. Thomson L, Anderson, D. Jacobs, L. Wilson, S. Paulsen R. Marshall, T. Townsend, D. Cooper. Row 4: L. Mohlo R. Wulf, B, Andersen, F Port, J. Bough, D. Wills, M. Collins, D. Main land, T. Sparrow. Congress Congress f' D gr-OH.-4 K ' L , , ln this form of high school government our congress is composed of students elected to represent the student bocly on current needs and interests of Glendale High School. Row 1: V. Andersen, S. Nichols, P. Loeffler, C. Oiedo, D. Bell, K. Seckel, O, Limbert, N. Bart- holomay, B. Hartman, S. Hardy. Row 2: C, Richmond, D. Packard, S. Hermann, J. Hooker, N. Se Kava, H. Dauphin, D, Moin- land, S. Blackstone, L. Bank, V. Pool. Row 3: Dick Jacobs, G. Von Vleet, C. Younger, C. Cooper, T. Rhodes, R. Romano, D. Roth, John Doe, S. Corhort, P. Vorgish, K. Von Vleet, N. Warren, K. Decker, S. Bororidess. Row 4: L, Carter, N. Nason, H. Ludwig, P. Oehler, G, Hess, J. Aitken, T. Clarke, B. Cleeves, D. Roberts, John Doe, John Doe, L. Merrifield, C. Cobb. Row 5: S. Little, D. Tyler, J. Coselles, R, Le: Pero, J. Bough, C. Copeland, N, Arnds, D. Junod, R. Hall, B. Brostoff, J. Sipple, John Doe, B. Fortner, C, Bahls. Student Bank ,yir Row ln Chuck Hitchcock, Janet Uhl, Fred Friedlander, Bill Dawson. Row 2: Dick Slavett, Roger Michaucl, Sharon Hemphill, .loan Wahl. Student Court is the Judicial Body of the GHS Student Gov- ernment. lt is composed ot tive members with Duane Wills the Chairman. It is the duty of the Student Court to decide all cases ot violation against the School Code and to provide punish- ment to those who have been convicted. The School Bank, under the su- pervision ot Mrs. Alma Hall, handles all Student Body re- ceipts trom school plays, athletic events, Student Body member- ship dues, bookstore money, candy store money, and Frosty shop. The members ot the Bank make checks, keep the books, count and roll coins, and make receipts. Student Court Pat Meagher, Duane Wills, Torn Paton, Sharon Barnard, Carol Green. Girls' i '55 -A -A League RF", ii T Tx if First Semester CHERI CLEVERDON MONA MECKFESSEL DIXIE ROTH KAY HANGARTNER X Friendship Program . Welfare Decorations l ,L .Y Eagerly preparing for the fall activities for the first semester of the year, the Girls' League Board acts as a friendly get-acquainted organ- Q' ization by continuing the annual "Howdy Day" which introduces the Sophomore girls to GHS. Other activities include presenting the traditional Stunt Show and decorating for the Football Ban- quet held in the school cafeteria. tif uf 'EE' PAT SAUERS VICKI FLIEDNER ANNA MAE WHEELBARGER Senior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative 3 4476? X ' ., Mary Woodbridge, working with her efficient ' " " e board, enacted several new measures this first ' y Q semester. A Girls' League Congress, made up i, ..,-3? : Q- ,A 04, of a representative from each homeroom, was ,gal ' " ' ' , created. The Board also performed many philan- f T '... ff:-. ' thropic projects such as singing at a home for aged ladies and making tray favors for the CHARLENE COBB various hospitals. GAA- Pfesldem SANDRA THOMAS Publicity BARBARA TURNER Regulated Dress MARY WOODBRIDGE, President, MRS. DOROTHY JACKSON, Adviser, SYLVIA SCHULTZ, Vice President. v' 'Q-'17 GARY PARKER Secretary 'Wk 'snr SUE SCOTT ELEANOR LEGGE Philanthropic Social ' T ' :Jr Sr Q Myth 'nb '19 f 'Q KATHY MURPHY Treasurer l l l , f,,,. 1 A Ls ill, 4. A it filglff p 3 BEV WATSON Public Relations W ' 'f-.wffzy I ,.,, 1 Z? " V I i l K, 'T . s V A x t Y ' 5 .' L , , H , . lf: YVONNE SHIRMER, Philanthropic, DOTTY HUMPHERY, Social. r"7 DONNA REED, Secretary, GARY PARKER, Treasurer. Truth, friendship, and service, motto of Girls' . T League, was carried on with success by the sec- ond semesters board. Judging Hoover's slack day, sponsoring a dinner for the Hoover Board, and, ot course, an important feature, presenting the annual Dad-Daughter Banquet, were among the outstanding activities. A :jul V sa 1 2-' S ,Q -1.1L - 1. r 'f s . ig, , 4 .0 , Q . t 'A ' V-J 1 . . . T 5 J . . t ,R MONA MECKFESSAL, President, lt , ll? Q' v. tt, 3 t R Q fxlq, it 'X H ,tgp .Xi l 3 P Pa ., ,gr K K1 V4 fs vt MRS, DOROTHY JACKSON, Adviser, and KATHY MURPHEY, Vice-President. CHARLENE COBB, Publicirv SALLY LOHMAN, Regulated Dress 4 JOAN WAHL, G,A.A. President is , , L5 M, f X Q' l 7 UQ W W it , ir 5 Leag g, , J 6 is f ,f "'- Q44 1 , N . BEV WATSON, Sr. Representative, ELEANOR LEGGE, Jr. Representative, JULIE BRADFORD l Sophomore Representative. l . 1 ' f 'Q T14 4+ MIDGIE SONNTAG, Friendship, PAT GAYMAN, Program, LEE EGGERS, Welfare, ROSEMARY MONTANA, Decorations. Bous' League a Organized to promote spirit, goodwill and friendship among the boys, the Boys' League, under the leadership of Presi- dent Phil Vonk, had a very prosperous year. Activities in- cluded filrns of GHS varsity football games, a film of the UCLA-Stanford game, and films of the World Olympics. The League also collected money for the orphanage home. DOUG HOFF Vice-President ,,. 4 - ,, Quad? PHIL VONK President The "Discords" entertain the boys at a Boys' League Assembly, ERNIE LUND DICK BOTTRELL Secretgry Treasurer Club ACI ' Working with The members of Their respective clubs, These Teachers act as advisors and help make The club and interesting as well as educational. AfTer extra hours of hard work Th ' their sponsored clubs a success. activities fun eir efforts have been well a ppreciaTed and , Row l: Miss Elva Marshall Red C , ross, Mrs. Charlotte Aseltine, Latin Club, Miss Laura Manetta, Spanish Club. Row 21 Mr. Homer Livermore, Commerce Club, Mr. James Smith, Key Club, Mr. James Steele, 60-per Club, Mr. Mur Grant, Jr. Statesmen, ray Row 1, Mrs M , argcret Sobelle, French Club, Mrs. Beatrice Morlian, Future Teachers Club, Mrs. Wylna Cowles, Commerce Club. Row 21 Mr. Joseph Wadlington, Thespians, Mr. Albert Hewitt, 49ers: Mr. George Bundick, Science Club, M Science Club. r. James Place, THE INTERCLUB COUNCIL Row lf Miss Gladys Leonard, Sponsor, Janet Uhl, Stamp Club- Commerce Club, Adriene Hatonian, Scribblers, Jule Barns, Nitroettes, Joan Wahl, President of G,A.A., Nancy Marik, Past Co-orclinator of Organizations, Emily Schochat, French Club, Gail Hootman, Thespians, Lew Merrifield, Latin Club. Row 2: Nick Arnds, Co-ordinator of Organizations, Steve Salyer, World Friendship Club, Irving Beazley, 60-per Club, Bill Dawson, Orators, Scott Paulsen, Jr. Statesman, Guenther Dippmann, 49ers, Garry Moore, Pep Club, Gordy Hess Club. , "G" 97 California Scholastic Federation The Honor Society of GHS, under the supervision of Mrs. Phyllis Edwards, is Chapter 112 of the California Scholarship Federation. Any Senior who has been ci member of the Honor Society for tour semesters, one of them in his Senior year, has the honor of becoming a lite member of the CSF. Besides having their regular meetings, an Honor Society Banquet was enioyed by all members. L l 5 .4-J gk. Ms., Row I: Rosemary George, Diane Mintz, Yvonne Schirmer, Sheila Johnson, Martha Markwyn, Betty Uphaus, Harriet Kreisel, Beth Darsie, Nancy Marik, Pat Gayman, Charlotte Witt. Row 21 Bob Gardner, Jeanie Wells, Sharon Barnard, Linda Reynolds, Anne Culling, Mary Woodbridge, Mary Kaus, Gayle Hoatrnan, Dick Mainland, Dale Schafer. Row 3: Duane Wills, Herb Ludwig, Ron White, Ron Atwood, Les Wilson, Don Nason, Wayne Massey, Lew Merrifield, Quentin Pizzini, Mike Condie. At right, Mrs. Edwards, advisor for the club, hands out an Honor Society Pin to Pat Gayman as Jeanie Wells and Duane Wills watch. 98 I I ,el ei 1 mu 'fs .LAND 3RD SEMESTERS HONOR SOCIETY I: D. Dunn, T. Rhodes, A. Bungay, E. Shochaf, D, Reed, Onntag, J, Ranclall, L. Williams, K. Murphy, H, Marlin lberf, J. Jansen, A. Allen, A. Harrison. 2. D. Throop, S. Sfaley, R, Ward, E. Hounsell, J. Wahl nblo, B. Gold, B. Watson, K. Langton, M. Perry, U. Spil R. Angelica, J. Parmenter, J. Hirfle, A. Hotonian, G xigler, B. Park. '31 T. Brigga, G. Towne, J. McDermott, J. Phillips, D. Ill, E. Force, R. Williams, L. Di Tullio, D, Naimark, M -e, D. Dexter, J. Holbrook, D, Swith. 4: S. Groth, P. Scott, C. Bower, B. Miner, D. Plasch, S P. Schmeringer, H, Coons, R. Mack, J. Werrin, B. Hart L. Beano, J. Read, J. Phypers. I. IU-,. .MMU ., , .,.. ., .,, ., M.....,. . Wei.-.. IST SEMESTER HONOR SOCIETY Row I: M. Sears, J. Lindsfealt, M. La Greca, B. Slocum, D Srubblefield, S. Dyck, G. Clemmons, N. Utech, D. Wernerfe S. Barondess, C. Mason, N. Sisson. Row 21 G. Schultz, M. Bower, J. Kendall, O. Mulvihill, J Billingsley, M. Meyers, S. Weaver, C. Meyers, M. Chaffee V. Piersol, C. D'Arc, D, Zeller, G. Cruze, S. Stys. Row 31 S. Clement, W. Harkins, P. Rusch, S. Perry, L. Fraser C. Barclwell, L. A, Holden, K. McFarland, C. Hoop, S. Hubner, M. Kolde, K. Lensar, S, Carlton, B, Broom, Row 4: D, Luke, T. Webber, L. Molho, J. Maneki, P. Watson D. Cooper, M. Weitz, L. Wonacoft, P. Thomson, J. Sivertsen J. Burton, K. Mayan, P. Carson, C, Simonson, B. Sfebbings B. Gardiner, Row 5: G. Nelson, R. Schmidt, J. Korin, B. Wulf, D. Hover E. Prono, D. Beckeit, B, Aftig, J. Miller, G, Glazier, J. Polloch C. George, D. Simila, R. Howell, L. Weeshoff, ...5!.IL'i::LE,.O,...,,, ., I I I JOAN SPELGATTI MR. WILLIAM B. GRAHAM Editor-in-Chief Faculty Adviser Director of Photography The STAFF meeting their last deadline. DONNA i2ONcONl JANET JOHNSON ' U S Sophomore Class Junior Class SHARON KAY LINDA KUNKA Organizational Section Organizational Section ri ...wc , ' CAROLYN Wl'llTE PENNY FREEBAIRN Recreational Section ReCI'SGiiOf1Gl 59CTl0"1 PRESENTING THE T957 STYLUS STAFF! As the lens of the camera saw all, the staffers combined their efforts to produce this year's edition. The Stylus Staff is made up of two main divisions: the photog- raphers and the editorial staff. The photographers provided photographic coverage of all sports and social activities, under the supervision of Mr. Bill Graham, Faculty Advisor and Director of Photography. The editorial staff wrote, threw out, and re- wrote all copy with the aid of Joanie Spelgatti, Editor-in-Chief. As the final page was completed, a sigh of relief came from Room 315. BILL BROSTOFF JIM LACEY Boys' Sports Art Editor Lg' wxg CAROLYN YOUNGER DAVE SNOW JIM WALTON MIKE QUINN Laboratory Assistant Photographer Photographer Photographer 'Pl BOB REYNOLDS W DON HELSEL Laboratory Assistant Laboratory Assistant Staff HELEN GENESCRITTI CECIL SELMAN Laboratory Assistant Photographer .1 Don, one of the laboratory assistants, is enlarging a print Carolyn and Helen, laboratory assistants, printing a picture to be used in the Stylus. for this I957 edition. ll ,Q is ' . k.'l:..,,! V A Q f .-.1 ,, I f I .,, T' :Ak 4 T .,'1"l?" fb-4 .... k.:" R Ha 'RJ G ,. Y 5 , sss it s . Q 4 f lx 3-if " wl"!Mq! - plosion 1 Y A f I Row I: JOHN KELSEY and JIM KUMPE, Editors. ROW 2: CARY STEVENS, Editor, ond RON WHITE, Director of Publicity. Row I: GARY STEVENS, KAY DECKER, and JOHN KELSEY, Editors. Row 2: ROSEMARY GEORGE, RON WHITE, ROSEMARY MON- TANA, and CAROLYN WHITE, Reporters. Row it RON WHITE, KAY DECKER, and JOETTE JOLSON lnot picturedl, Editors. Row 2: KAREN SLOVAK, DENNIS HUMPHREYS, SANDY THOMAS, and ELAINE MONTI, Reporters. Row I: ROSEMARY MONTANA. Assistant, STEVE SALYER, and KAREN SLOVAK, Editors. Row 2: ELAINE MONTI, Re- porter, TERRY LANGSTAEF, Typ- ist, CAROLYN WHITE, Business Manager, ROSEMARY GEORGE, Copy Editor, and MARY LYNN BORDEN, Assistant Copy Editor. Row 3: BOB PARKER, RICH- MOND BENTAN, Pressmen: DENNIS HUMPHREYS, Exchange Editor, MITCHELL SWAN, and GARRY ACKERMAN, Pressmen. 551 . sq 1 I. r iii' " Q f A' O,,,.,fX E, -cf. . K K N: Y' QWS LIP - TO A THE - MINUTE NEWS booms through the typewriters of the Explosion, read weekly by those who want the facts along with sports, features, and editorial coverage, Sandy Thomas, Editor-in-Chief, with the cooperation of her staff, published on issue of the Explosion on the first day of school. This meant long and tedious hours of work during the days before the '56-'57 school year began. Editorial Feature Sp Pts RON ATWOOD, Assistant Editor-in-chief, SANDY THOMAS, Editor-in-chief, and Mr. LAWRENCE WEISHART, Advisor. News DEADLINES AND HEADLINES, the constont worry of the publi- cotion stoft, were experienced by Explosion Il. Rosemory George, Editor-in-Chief, super- vised the second semester's stoft ond helped them overcome ever-rising problems. Aside from the duties of preporing the weekly poper, the stuff ottend- ed cf contest ot Westchester High School sponsored by the Los An- geles Exominer in which they ploced second. Editorial Feature Row I: KAREN SLOVAK, JAN- NIS COMER, KAY DECKER, ROSEMARY MONTANA, ond JACKIE LIEBMANN Inot pic- turedl, Editors, Row 2: RUTH BRASE, DONNA SODOMA, Reporters, MARY HICKS, Shadow Staff, RON AT- WOOD, ANN CONNER, MARY LYNN BORDEN, and JAY SHIDELER, Reporters. Row I: KAREN SLOVAK, RON ATWOOD, ond DONNA SO- DOMA, Editors. Row 2: STEVE SALYER, Shadow Stoff, ELAINE MONTI, RUSS BRASE, ROSEMARY GEORGE, MARY LYNN BORDEN, ond STEVE BISHOP, Reporters, Row I1 ANN CONNER, ROSE- MARY MONTANA, and JANET MCCOY, Editors. Row 2: DAVE SNOW, Photog- ropher I und Il, KAREN SLO- VAK, JAY SHIDELER, DONNA SODOMA, MARY LYNN BOR- DEN, ELAINE MONTI, RUTH BRASE, Reporters, STEVE SAY- LER, Shadow Staff. .-fl Sports E plosion 2 Il hu- , MR. LAWRENCE WEISHART, Advisor, ROSEMARY GEORGE, Editor-in-chief, and KAY DECKER, Assistant Editor-in-chief. Q55 ' V ,'f-Ill'Iif',, ,,,, , Y, W A L 1 I.. :Isl 5. . . ll'-'I Il ' , , 2 4iI'Ili-"Il I. A s - r 'Wig , H QEVM I, Q Row I: JAY SHIDELER and STEVE BISHOP, Editors. Row 2: JOHN CHRISTIE, Cub Stuff, ROSEMARY MONTANA, Girls' Sports, ROY SCHMIDT, ond MIKE MCNEILL, Reporters. I 1 4 Clivinettes As cu service 'ro The community the Civinettes cmd Civirons support and promote fund raising proiecfs To help Those in need. Civitcrns C1 51.1 '11 P' J if Ag, GI ett E i This smiling Glenetre is hond- Gleneffes provide efficient ushering service for all the ploys, musicals and other performances given of GHS. 49'ers ing out programs. I One student is being shown the best way to go-oufl 49'ers also exfend To dll sfudenfs C1 dcsily service by reminding Them 'ro en- joy Their lunch oufsicle ond not in The hdlls. 105 Red Cross The Junior Red Cross, affiliated with The national organiza- tion, participates Through the school in promoting a healthy atmosphere Tor all peoples. Food and clothing are essential needs supplied Through The help and co-operation ot The Junior Red Cross members, ln Their yearly drive, They collect games' and small usetul items to be distributed to The chil- dren throughout The world. qv--1 W pi, x, fl My A Vilas! 'TT-1 W 5 ya.,-. Q-v -rv' "A '1-,vi-i"a'v65i,,1 4- . .x ' '- .r 4 me-as ,? -, at w 'A -.H sgrggh 4, -T . , ,i'xfft'Y's is viewed by students i l U Kg L4 4 I U D The Red Cross display in The front-hall case Q T Expressing ideas ot brotherhood and service, The Key Club, internationally sponsored by The Kiwanis, is a service club To The school and The community. Besides delivering The packages for The poor at Christmas, they sponsored several speakers Tor a vocational guidance program. V :I P -L: I Q , ID. A. Crew The P.A. Crew of Glendale High, un- der the supervision ot Mr. Lawerence, is very important in the Glendale Unified School District. As repair center, they are responsible tor the maintenance ot the Public Address equipment ot the District schools. They also are in charge of the microphones, proiectors, recorders, . N -f d fiq ' ll ' f f il' ,mf li' 225.3.El,mnificqslefiinfiliilllinfi...fl v - in classes. i l "' . Q. K.. L: I 4 It ' , X l'73i'5-'+'1?'m "' Q flftf ' lf Q f-n-:'- f- . an W, g. ,lg T VQ!.,,,1g,9' Ai l 1 ,,,.' g I lj.. T Llbrarq Aides 8i5 i.. .5 XT ffm Q :"FXfiQgl1 Practical experience in the li- brary is available tor girls who ioin library aids. Upon com- pletion ot the three-week train- ing period the girls then ad- vance to the desk where they assist in processing books, straightening shelves, sending out notices ot overdue books and other responsibilities ot this nature. Stage Crew The Stage Crew is a credit to GHS. These boys put in many after school hours building sets and arranging lighting tor plays, dances, recitals and music pro- duction. During the stage production they have charge ot raising and lower- ing the curtains and changing the scen- ery promptly. l ,gy Orators Under the direction or Miss Mary Ann O'Brien, the Orators, until now a dormant club at GHS, were more active this year. Besides having oc- casional debates, the Orators took part in the Redlands Tournament. To encourage students who have speaking ability is the purpose of this club. ' ,J Scribblers Besides sponsoring the 4-Arts Program, the Scribblers put out an annual booklet in which they displayed literature written by GHS students. lt is the purpose of this club to promote an interest in writing and writing techniques. Thespians To promote the continuation of dramatic arts in high school is the purpose ot Thespians. ln order to ioin this club, one must have lOO hours ot backstage work. Capably led by Mary Woodbridge, Pres- ident lg Gayle Hootman, President ll, and advisors, Miss Marion Underwood and Mr. Joseph Waddlington, the club went on many excursions to see various plays and participated in interschool dramatic competition. Junior Statesman .S-Gt Q P Both the Jr. State-smen and the Future Teachers provide active participation for students to become more alert to tomorrow - their future. Future Teachers IO9 French CUub Movies, spoken in the French language, French music, and a Christmas program given in French by club members were among the activities of the French Club, led by president, Emily Shochat and advisor, Mrs. Sobelle this year. These proiects give the club members, second and third year French students, a chance to practice the language. A good opportunity to practice Spanish is offered to third and fourth year Spanish students by the Spanish Club under the leadership of Anne Culling, President, and Miss Manetta, advisor. Under their guidance, students have a chance to play Spanish games, listen to and sing Span- ish songs, and have movies and speakers on Spain, Mexico and other interesting subjects. HO Spanish Club Latin Club Mrs. CharIoTTe AselTine, LaTin Teacher, is The -advisor of The LaTin Club aT GHS. Movies, lecTures, and a LaTin Club parfy were among The acTiviTies of The club This year. The purpose of The club is To TurTher The knowledge of Rome and The LaTin Language. World Friendship Club ExisTing To promoTe knowledge of The diTTerenT counTries ThroughouT The world, The World Friendship Club brings To GHS slides and movies of difTerenT counTries and foreign exchange sTudenTs To describe The life in Their naTive lands. Mary Hicks, PresidenT firsT semesTer, STeve Salyer, PresidenT second semesTer, and Mr. Greenlaw, Advisor, arranged field Trips Tor The club members To hear speeches and To see movies of inTeresT. lll K F' ..,..1 ,.Q.,..T ,f"'g, A l. Junior Stutesrnen . Key Club 3. Ham Club . World Friendship Commerce Club With the help of Mr. Livermore and Mrs. Cowles, club advisors President I Joanie Wahl, on: President ll Janet Uhl planner a very active year. Movie shown on business aolministra tion, teachers from the Com rnerce Department at Glendaln College speaking on severa phases of Commerce, and a lielc trip were a few activities. 60 Der Club Recognized loy Glendale Busi- nessmen, The l'6O" Per Club proves an advanTage To Those who are able To Type aT This speed and encourages others To bring up Their Typing sTandards. This Typing club makes up The spring Typing exams, supervised by Mr, Steele. The club awards special honors and scholarships To Those able To pass all require- nienTs. Clubs In Action i. Orators 2, Scribblers 3. Science Club 4. 60 Per Club 4 A Cappella, The highest singing or- ganization in The school, did outside singing along with their daily class- room and school activities This year. AT Glendale College They sang with Hoover Highs singing groups under The direction ot a guest director. in- terschool competition in singing was another ot their activities. Mr. Key is director. At right, A Cappella at one of their gayer moments. Coppell Mens' Cite Q N ' e fr R Lqric Advanced Girls Chorcalettes lee As a sTepping sTone oT The ChoraleTTes, Lyric, anol A'Cappella, The Girls' Glee learn The loasic fundamenTals of group singing. Like The Sopho- more Chorus, This group parTicipaTeol in The Spring Program and several oTher evenTs ThroughouT The year. Glendale High Ban ParTicipaTing in The "'Days of The Verdugos" parade was one of The highlighTs of our GHS Band for This year. OTher acTiviTies included play- ing in The Tall and spring concerTs, compeTing againsT oTher high school loanols in an all ciTy conTesT, anol enTerTaining aT oTher schools. The Band also aolols pep To The FooTloall games while accompanying The cheering crowols. Cl Girls' Qlee Members of The SymphoneTTes, The advanced orchesTra, are chosen from The besT musicians aT GHS by Mr. Eldred Balzer, director. Aside from presenTing Their annual SymphoneTTe Con- cerT, They aTTend.ed The STaTe Regional Music FesTival. Soph more Sqmphohettes Chorus 5 'iii . 1 'T I T ' .Q T 56 6.4 i l 1 5 b T f -i en, v 5 5. T ei ix "5 " ' - K K v in ',.-A 1 W gg . J -J is M., is While learning The fundamernals 1 1, 1 - 1 W , ,L g v t A ' of singing and sighT reading, W 3 " 'J X W- V' 52 'ily ' The Sophomore Chorus, insTrucT- ' as ,A V I A w ' E: T T 5 Y ed by Miss Nu1'e, parTicipaTecl in fi, - X - 1 gf 'g ' 4 The Spring Program. From This Q l ' . , FA xl Q " ex' k group They will go inTo ad- vanced singing groups. ' x - av is zilylx . If ' Focus on the Recreational O Phase i ge 4 .nw PHOTOGRAPHER SNOW EXAMINES V, ' A STUNT SHOW" NEGATIVE DURING DEVELOPMENT. hi" ' ff V KE: l gr -hf' ty Q W Y ui - bil . r 'I li z,' 4, , V-,1 K A x A All ch PAGE PAGE RECREATION-THE IMPORTANCE OF THE MOMENT. DANCES AND BANQUETS, ASSEMBLIES AND PROGRAMS-RELAXATION FROM THE CONFORMITY OF THE CLASSROOM, BUT LEARNING TO WORK WITH A GROUP IN DECORATING AND PLANNING. IN DOING SOMETHING TO MAKE YOUR SCHOOL MORE THAN JUST A SCHOOL. DANCES GIRL'S "STUNT SHOW" PAGE .... . . . T28 49th ORATORICAL BANQUETS PAGE .... . . . I34 10624 Talent Sh ...... . . First Semester , 3. ' If i THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSI- NESS. Atter rnany days of tryouts and rehearsals, the tinal clay, November lst, arrives tor the talent assembly. The Student Talent Show is a semi-annual project put on by the student talent of the school. STRUTTING TO THE STRAINS OF "HaIIeIuyoh, I Love My Baby" are Ileft to rightl Laree Smith, Margaret Mohr, and Linda Hendershot. OH! YEH? Dwight Waite's band iazzed up the old question. Joe Boston beats the rhythm on the drums with Dwight on the trumpet, Bob Rector on the saxophone, and Ricky Lipp on accordion. IT'S A PUZZLEMENT, to Cary Harvy as he portrays the title IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? Judy Noel has role in "The King and I." found herself a willing patient I?I as she pantomimes an operation. T20 I D D D D p 1 'ff -, I I fa- e -4 , ff'- ji .a K : Sigala I 5 - -. Ifx X ' ' l" Q it y . 5 . :,.Q5N,Is: " a - . W ffl I t I 'ii 3 5? my I: - . 5.-lg. A A 1 I I lAf".iJ1lQ' . I g I if Q' E, " S' it 'fl s l " I - I 7i Ei 1 4 X- 'X J .t 1 . vi .At "' ,..', ' ' .' , I B 452,52 V, as We . eb "JOHN B' SAILS" Harry Belafonte Bounaquidi singing and playing the guitar is accompanied by Joe Baston on the bongos. "TRUE LOVE" played by Marian Kent on the organ. D D D D P Scrapbook econd Semester HSTAIRWAY TO THE STARS"-Talented members ot the school get a chance to show their ability before the students each semester. ln our scrapbook are some memories ot the second semester talent show which took place on March 21. 1 , 5' 5' 5 "I AM A NAUGHTY LITTLE GIRL" Carol McSwain pantomimes to the record of "Elouise.i' Tl "HELLO YOUNG LOVERS" Linda Hass accompanies herself on the piano as she sings. "HONKl TONK" from Greenwich Village the 'iZephyrs" lleft "JIMMY I LOVE YOU' Bonnie Bertnus on the piano and to rightl Ricky Lipp, piano, Bob Rector, saxophoneg Ship Janet Hall at the mike. Newell, guitarp Dwight Waite, trumpetg and Joe Baston, drums. I I EE: HOUDINI! Jan and John Fisher helped out the magician in performing his tricks. "TO BE OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE QUESTION" Miss Marion Underwood, drama instructor, after many years of teaching at Glendale, retired this year of 1957. Thursdaq Assemblies . . . ,Q in THE BEGINNING OF THE END. Each week the students anticipate the begin- ning of an assembly and dread the end. The problems of preparing and secur- ing the assemblies is left in the hands or director of assemblies. This office was filled first semester by Jim Kimpe and second semester by Ralph LaPara. GO GLENDALE! FIGHT GLENDALE! WIN GLENDALE TEAM! Student Body Song and Yell Leaders perform at the pep assemblies. Yell leaders lleft to rightl Gary Moore, Sammy Mandola, and Dave Wilson. Q lil 7535 nl ill CUSTOMS, LANGUAGE, GEOGRAPHY. Each year the foreign exchange students tell the students about the life in their countries. MOVIES, MUSIC, SPEECHES, ELECTIONS. All these are among the things that are presented to Glendale students each week. Assemblies are not iust for entertainment but also for educational purposes. I Upper left hancl - "SHOUT", "BELLS", "MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS", are but a few of the songs sung by lleft to rightl Herb Ludwig, John Kelsey, Ron White, and Dick Mainland. Lower left hand - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, commemorating the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, a special assembly was called to hear a speaker on the subiect of our beloved president. Ego ' fu Q' ,, hw ' , 1 ' ' I' c 35 A re ' ' -'Qt ar , R , l ,ful . ,f at ie -ii-:X 'i i if .if -- it -4 i fy 14 ll , i, , ,xfiluria lsksmq Q ' 'ig n fy ' . . 'ip 4 - '- , Wil? .li :,lu" at i .ll I, i lg ,' f. Seri ul-ni., nr ll .W lj ' 'jLf.:Qi,p': 'L 'u in , L X if v Q X A 3 - V E f. 1 -' '1 1 "ver, "'-f l 5 Y i 2 I 4 oy Y. Upper right hand - "LOVE ME TENDER" In the variety of assemblies there is one for the rhythm and blues lovers. Lower right hand - MHOUND DOG" A student imitates "Elvis Presley" in an exchange assembly from Hoover High School, 4 Junior Dr "White Christmas" gd s 1,21 '41 414 ya at Bi, "WALKING IN A WINTER WONDERLANDH ore the seven lovely girls of the court ond their escorts Ileft to rightl' Gurine Hubert, Ricky Blonchord, Lee Eggers, Nancy Hamilton IQueenI, Dione Tong, Sue Fussel, Donno Reed. "MEMORlES! MEMORIES!" Prom night hos rnony memories for the students of Glenolole. "White Christmas" was the theme of this yeor's onnuol Junior Prom sponsored by the Junior Closs ond their oclvisor, Mr. Jock Parker. K J THAT TENDER TRAP! Once a year The girls geT Their chance To ask The boys out and To TooT The bill. This year's annual Backward Dance was held on February 26, and was sponsored by The Cabinef members who chose The Theme "The Tender Trap." X " X M X 'Is-x X I X T'-1 A XXX I-I X , S. , .X LQ fx N Tix xy ' fy R . 0 A - x A ' 'Y' X PUT YOUR RIGHT ARM IN! Put your right arm out, put your righT arm in and shake it all about. .ls I COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT. Many couples crowded The floor of The gayly decoraTed green room Backward Dance i iw 3 1 DIG THOSE CRAZY CORSAGES! The king and his court lleff To rightl Dave Junod, Jim Kumpe, Gordon Hess lKir1gl, Bob Gardner, Ralph LaPara. Cotton MARCH lo! 8 O'Cl.OCK AND ALL'S VVELl.. This was The night of The annual CoTTon Cord presented by The So- phomore Class under The supervision of Mr. Dudley Graham, class advisor. "Carousel," This year's Theme, was carried ouT in decorations of red and white. Cord ,Qnfu,r.Qv T il .sc i ' .. ,. cf- j.:,l'.,,,A, 1 y N ..' -,Q -gVJ,.xx , ig E l l l 'gl E' llfr U n V VL. X 'ul 'I ' T-'O 4' .A 'if -'- 5 -..1.n4g9'i"f " l,1"lAIl,,lQWl'l , T - f-fkx+'-aa':- -"ra:-'f'-:-:sr-rs'-'itll ' -- 2 .- '7 " , -, , .. A-'-il 4 ' 5 ' - f l l - Il KA iii 1 K els lpl E 1 I - 1 A: V , ' x , ' 1Lgt QJf'iN x ant' nz is Q I Q, J' .JE W - '-- Y 4 .J 1 l,4l.,5li 1 JV! B 3 '. l ,WN fn "PH A . r Tj . if - Qw' H , - vf, ' T ff" s"'sM M- f ff' fr in ' ,ai 5 .21 1 .Q 1 N ir ' . if -g .figs - r T if - A ' T i .sy xglws vr' , K: 4. ,' 5 r ti in f -V 1' -, I 'ef 4 ' , I griiggii ' - 4 . .1 ,I 9, n Z Q 'f' A I4 1 ' .gr ' - ' ' A ' P ' F5 ' s, ' l E . EX ' Q . t,,.c,,W If-' A ' x f . ,.-A c 4- 1 1 "-if - 'E WM 'A f A Xi- 'JJ ' 1 T ' lp , 1 4' sag if ' 3 ,-A, Ll - Y, 'K ,' ' 'RQ e 1 ,4 . Yr 9' ,FX 'lei . . f- .s .- E f , -'v ,- . W 42. .. H1 . -1 f, - -6 T ,Q All ix 'Qi - 1... ' . ' V- A . T . .. Q 2 4 W1 ', , A eh I , 1 ft' si' ' Q' ' A , Q. V g wir- A , .I , ' A X X 1 V -L f - We A , , X f - . - r : - ' rs Q: - ' ,. f-- y "jfs, I f. - ,, T N A fl W' ' e i iifs ff 'j e' if if L1 ax' 'if' T ' 'T 4 I 5 :bays -.v lf- .T f ,eggs - 4 E ' 1 ,- bffef .511 1 xy YF if 1 P' 1, :. . " , ,T " 'il Sm 'fsg ' R A -AQ ' , , , M ., -4. if sgf- X A egg' WA T5 Y ,ggi-.5 Q s df "-ff' T V ,kg f ff N f w ' eyfdlfhf T :gps e H5413 ' , ' 755 - if 2 or ' N-f - , all A ' ' . y . V -,jeg ' A 5+ Y u nh' ' W ,." K I x JA . nf "- X.. ruff 4, f Q fd 17' rf! -rl' 1 fy? ' 15 Q 7, -5 .N 1 gg? v-1 QL xii N ROUND AND ROUND GOES THE MERRY GO ROUND Queen Brenda Robichecux and her court llefr To rightl Kathy Hammel Jacey DeIMonTe, Carolyn Copeland, Gloria Waldron and Julie Bradford reigned over The Cotton 'V' i'f"X be 'Pu 'ws fy 1 .9 ,,,?,',z'X' 'P5V wie -lfjaxfi rpm l Qu, aj? 535-s in - ,Lg 1 1'1r+g'N:r 'i '-1 iw .ug 'I Cord. H O R S E S, ROLLERCOASTERS, decoroTed The walls of the GreenkRoom. A gay red and white canopy hung over The heads of the dancers. yvx ,tn . .Ffif P'1l'f'?i5kQ'3 ,'14'f:frfX3f 'ff 2 "7-'Q "iff 'jf?",f',".f',.g' 1 w1',Kl"vi, V 5f'43f,7w' J MJT! tJZ':X ri: -1 1' 7-1 Lf 1 75:1 y'l,f,'7 14:13, 'lrpzjriim Illfifll 1 reign fp., 'wi-QQ' ffl? .7 TA"-171, .W . .L . 3 Q 'xl SOCK HOP! After the oratorical was over the students relaxed at a noon dance in the girls' gym. Sp rt Dance "MACNAMARA'S BAND." The bands play an important role in the sport dances. "DANCING IN THE DARK." After the games many Glendalites went to the dances sponsored by the various organizations. "ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK," Many couples found the after-game dances a fitting climax to Friday night. 7 If .4 Girls' ..,, , IF l'M ELECTED! IF l'M SELECTED! Campaign promises were presented by each candidate in the annual Girls' Stunt Show on October 4th. The Winning Senior Class presented "Peter Pan vs. Captain Hook," Junior Class "Elvis vs. Bing," anal Sophomore Class "Witches" VICTORIOUS! The seniors, after sweeping on to victory in the stunt, also took the spirit award. Leading them in the songs and yells were lleft to rightl Lee Eddy, Carolyn West, Carolyn Breitenback, Cheryl Cleverdon, and Ellen McLarnin, Tl-IIMK! This typical conference in the teachers' stunt, shows the administrators Ileft to rightl Mrs. Mary Jane McLane as "Mr. Murphy," Mrs. Leona Newell as "Mr. GoIder," and Miss Jennie Clauson as "Mrs. Jackson" hard at work. 1, ' fb 1 1 -sb. bn.. li I GOOD NIGHT LADIES! Mary Woodbridge, president, and her Girls' League board presented a fashion show of their latest nightwear. D D P P D Stunt Sh vv BOIL AND BUBBLE, BUBBLE AND BREW, 'lt's election night for witches too. A glimpse in the witches' den reveals "the evil one," Kathy Water, brewing a spell to cast over the Sophomores. ,A ,1- YOU AlN'T NOTHING BUT A HOUND DOG! says Elvis "Rosemary Montana" Presley as she campaigns against Bing "Kathy Murphy" Crosby in the election. sri OH BOY, WHAT A CAKE! Three eager grins cross the faces of the Lost Boys, seniors Sharon Barnard, Carolyn White, and Kathi Mitchell as they gather behind the poisonous cake planted by Captain Hook to kill his opponent in the election, Peter Pan. -.fs X. 51 1.51 L A ' H EWWLM ' -i::si.a YO HO HO, AND A BOTTLE OF RUM! sings Captain Hook, head of the pirate scum. Left to right, Seniors Sylvia Shultz "Captain Hook" and Anne Culling "Smee" lead the bloody crew. nav Cbrcitoriccil 5.7. I 3 s if 3 1 The Torch of Freedom" Ron White Senior Speaker "The Four Freedoms" Bill Dawson Winning Junior Speaker D D D P D D . -' ,JSI N 'I fl ?fi?rs1 . - ' If ' Alf if Fl xl fl wfyw v Q fl X "I Shall Not Sleep" Sue Williams Sophomore Speaker X ,. "J-U-N-l-O-R, JUNIOR IS OUR NAME." Winning the spirit " T if is expressed with grear joy by the members of the Junior ' class. SILENCE IS GOLDEN. All is still and silent in the Junior sec- tion now as they wait for the Iudges' decision. D P D D D if P D 196 "GIVE ME YOUR HUDDLED MASSESI' Miss Liberty holds her "Torch of Freedom" high as she watches over the brave men who fought, portrayed in the winning Senior tableau. lf' COMPLETE SILENCE PREVAILS. The 49th annual Oratorical is under way. Each class nervously awaits the iudges' decision in the three divi- sions: speech, spirit,and the tableau. Speaking for the Junior Class with the winning speech, "The Four Free- doms," was Bill Dawson. Leading the Juniors on to victory in the spirit were song and yell leaders Sharon Whitley and Bob Johnson. "The Torch of Freedom," Senior Ron White's speech, was well depicted in the winning Senior tableau. Sharon Hudson and Irving Beasley led the Seniors in songs and yells. Sophomore Sue Williams' speech was entitled "I Shall Not Sleep." Songs and yells were led by Mike Pierce and Pat Prcita. USLEEP! SLEEP! THERE SHALL BE NO SLEEP." The Sophomore tableau shows man's important awaken- ing in the struggle for freedom. "FREEDOM FROM FEAR AND WANT, OF RELIGION AND SPEECH!" These were the four freedoms represented in the Junior tableau. , 131 aa nfs Sheri 3 S Miss Marion Underwood, drama instructor, better known to some as "Pinky" directed her final play at Glendale, A Aaavud Sheridan's subtle comedy "The Rivals." A1'f""3'A K: Sylvia Shultz as Mrs. Malaprop, Eliza Bergeron as Lydia, y ion Turner Jim Hardy as Captain Absolute, and Ken Lycett as Sir Kgnneik was Luscious Atrigger portrayed the leading characters. . . ,4 i fi l M ff if Xl Fall Dlciq 196 X ' 7, Director plus, Miss Underwood also doub Noel. les as make-up artist for Judy i Dance ecitcil "DOWN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA" swom the little fishes Three by Three. Second period clonce 1 closs presented The fish ballet in The stomach of The whole To strains of "Deep Purple." MISS RUTH STWALLY DANCE INSTRUCTOR "PINOCCHlO" lBc1rbc1rc1 Deckerl wc1nTs desperoTely To become cu reol live boy. To help him overcome The mony obsTocles in his way is his conscience Jiminey CrickeT lVicky Fliednerl, who Tries To keep him on The righT road. Third period dance class, under The direcfion of Miss RuTh Sfwolly, dance in- sTrucTor, ond Ann Culling, sfudenf direcfor, presenT- ed The dance version of WolT Disney's "Pinocchio" on Mczrch 7 ond 8 in The cxudiTorium. V+. ,, T A ' v., VM gy HELP! HELP! Pinocchio wcnts To be ler out of his -'HEY COMPARA." gem,-,Q fhe Sceng for coge buf There seems to be noThing that Jiminy -'pinocchiou is The fourth pe,-god dance class prologue which fakes place in old ltaly. 'ee TICK! TOCK! TICK! TOCK! go the clocks. The Toy shop comes olive. The Toys ore full of ioy as The midnight hour arrives. Football Eanqu t P lr' iii,- ld. Y, 4 l ,a.4' 4--ri' "Most Valuable" players of the season? Two...Four...Six...Eight...Whodowe appreciate? Our football team, of course, es- pecially Gordon Hess, seen in the upper lett- hand picture, receiving his award as the "Most Valuable Player" of the year from Mr. Lon Graft. Tom Payton, center left-hand picture, is being congratulated by Mr. Brick Beech after being presented with the "Brick Beech" award. Entertainment was provided by the Girls' League Board who also helped serve dinner. Coach Leo Arranaga hands Harry White, co-captain, a football, while Charles Paale and Coach Ted Andrews look cn. Dad-Daughter Eanqu t T 5 l LOOK AUKES! Dvd Gnd dvvghter who looked "MY HEART BELoNGs TO DADDY." After me "DEER DADDY," Little stuffed deers were T most alike were Christine D'Arc and her father. dinner and the program each girl and her placed on the fables to Carry out the theme dad adiourned to the Green Room to dance. of Dear Daddy, i "DEAR DADDY," theme of this year's annual Dad-Daughter Banquet, was presented by the Girls' League Board. After the delicious dinner, contests were held and prizes given to the tall- est daddy, shortest daddy, and ,the dad and daughter that re- sembled each other most. The winners! Tallest daddy - Wil- liarn Morrison, six foot three, lShortest daddy - Mr. Meyers, ' father of Ester Meyers, five foot three, and dad and daughter that look most alike - Dr. Vin- cent D'Arc and his daughter Christine. The dance, held in the Green Room, was the con- clusion of a perfect evening. Dads demonstrated the dancing lof their high school days and even attempted the modern teen-age "bop" lhlsuu-n,.,,,,.,,, "OH MY PAPA TO ME YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL." Many dads and daughters gathered in the cafeteria for dinner. Christmas CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD. Under the direc- tion of Mr. John Key, the combined singing groups presented Christmas songs from countries around the world. SI! SI! It's Christmas time again in Old Mexico as the children try their skill at breaking the gayly decorated pinata. Program IT WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. The stockings were all hung by the chimney with care in hope that Saint Nick soon would be there. HEAVEN ON EARTH, St. Nicholas, assisted by two angels, descends from the heavens each December at Christmas time in Czechoslovakia. xx , ' .D X rg IX IQ, I , I is QI Q NNX1' W fC'M-INXVXNNN N X Y. Q X I v ' X X1 X AT X XXX- X Tx xx xx R , A XY xxx XXXXX I XI XXX xx I . X A ' N XXX T - A -ING Q.. xxxxqx . Q-Q '- nf 'IX YQ -' f A T If 'D ', ,Q 'den 'I f x N I I xN W X , , - X .5 1 A I . - xx - Q 4 vs X 'I - .X ., ' 11. " 4' N X , 5f1ex,,M , X 4' 5f ':5:t'1"1 f 5 TVA X , Qs-3-Qi?!i5 Lf 5? li? r . I "- A . iff,-J' - - L' ' ff' vi' 'T 1 Fi f ' SI V I A T f I ' ' 55. if-513 - - -4. '7Ev.:- T ,,M,-itigrja "'. 'TS-ff: If3.5:1'1 A ,,,,.eeQ.e.-my hy. A 'W' "LHP 1i'7?'Fi 4 5' M , .. TN I "'1f1.13-Fevifif 'gfazmsz A wi' K fs,ew2f2'rff?2w.4'. fiEi':5543gj' ' ' :QI if ' ' f fffQ3f3?i5'f A1332 5443? 23554531-'lliff ' I g 1,, ,R A Q E I, ' " X5 l i rfegh, , - I, 'I V 65 " 'if T-,ff 'I rj' ' ,. 1 X' nl N A g'x2'P" .sffif "Tl-IE KING AND I" Foreign Exchange sTudenTs, Gisela Scholz, Germany, and Tony Valladas, PorTu- gal, were announced The surprise king and queen of The "Dutch TreaT Dance." Dutch Treat A Dance A NEW TRADITION aT Glendale This year was The "DuTch TreaT Dance" sponsored by boTh The Girls' and Boys' League. During The course of The evening The girls and boys paid Their own way, o revoluTionary de- parTure. The dance was a proiecT To raise money Tor The Foreign Exchange STudenT Program. "CHANGING PARTNERS." A high point of the evening wos the passing of The "Dummy" from couple To couple. The Dummy replaced The girls partner. 5 THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES! Dancers sought BELLOWING BOUNAGUIDII calls The Turns os DUMMY.DUMMY,Wl'T0'SYl1S dummy? he emcees The dance. refreshmenr during The intermission. Bond Concert DRESS PARADE! The band also performs for other functions such as football games and parades. lleff to rightl Joe Basfon, Ron Venstra, Mr, Eldred Balzer, band and symphonefte in- structor? Bob Kelley, and Dave McCIeary. ,, -..ll I I MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC! After the many rehearsals the band is ready to perform, Mr. Balzer picked up the baton, struck up Ihe band, and the music began. A lovely evening of music was enioyed by all. I Y n Sqmph nu Concert THE SOLOISTS! Ron Venstra, and Barbara Park, standing, Emily Schochat, ond Gislo Scholtz seated: pause in their rehearsing. "AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS" The band and Symphonettes, under The direction of Mr. Elcired Bolzer, presented music from around the world. A beauti- ful backdrop shows scenes from famous cities of the world. JUST "FIDDLlNG" around between practice are two members of the symphonettes, while, above, the whole group performs. 4 Glendale ..,. VICTORY SONG "Glendale, we hail you, Team rah! We'll never fail you. Day or night, dark or light, We are right in the fight, Cheering for Glendale. VVhate'er the weather We'll stick together, For we're out to back The red and black, We're out to cheer the team Right on to victory!" LOVELY LASSIES. Reigning over the game were Ileft to right! Yvonne Shirmer, Brenda Brown, Gloria Avallone IQueenI, Lee Eddy, Diane Ming. . . . . Hoover s'ii v.. I f W TWO BITS! FOUR BITS! SIX BITS! A PESO! All for HAIL HAIL! THE GANG'S ALL HERE. Students of Both Glendale stand up and say so." Sporting the iazzy outfit Glendale and Hoover crowd the civic dance after the is Jim Kumpe. game. Climaxing the football season, cross-town rivals once again battle it out. Victorious Glendale Nitros defeated the Hoover Tornadoes by a score ot 21 to l2. For the second year in a row Glendale has cap- tured the victory bell which is the coveted award given to the victors. Guard Myron Sangran gets his big chance for glory. Hess heads fora big gain. ...flame DOWN BOYS! Virgil Clark, an All-Star player, tackles a British Colombia man in the exciting Rugby game. Gaining popularity by leaps and bounds in America is Rugby, a game similar to American football. Saturday night, April 6, Moyse Field was host to four Rugby teams: East All-Stars played the West All-Stars and So. Cal. All-Stars played the Canadian team. The proceeds of this exciting game were divided among the three classes. Girls' Football Game ONE OF THE LIGHTER MOMENTS AT GHS! Girls take time out as ambulance at- tendant sweeps up the remains of the less fortunate players. 42 Ruqloq Game REFEREE WATCHES to see that there are infractions in the scrum rules. Scrum is an offensive play an the part of both teams to capture the ball. Moyse Field was again host to a team, this time to the girls in a hilarious football game presented to the students of GHS. Riotous laughter greeted these "star" players as they entered the field, and the laughter grew louder as they began to play. at r'5fz1,MQ'w l 'mf f f .Me g X ' f cw. f' .v k, ,. ii r ffl, , .JMU WOW! WHAT PHYSIQUES! A woundecll?l player is consoled "coach" Pat Sauers during the Girls' Football Game. t.31r"'T -r. 1 i..f"" Je PROFS. PARRY WITH PUPILS in Senior-Faculty Basketball Game. OOFF! ! All power - no finesse. enior - Facultq Basketball Game to confusion among the players, the tinal score ot the Senior- 'culty basketball game wasn't reached-neither was the basket . Proceeds from this exciting game went to the Foreign Exchange yn d. R hearsal Slbrinq Dlaq DON'T GIVE UP, old man - it's only three to one! A hilarious comedy about the innocent adventures of several aspiring young unemployed actors and actresses who live in one apartment is the story ot "Out at the Frying Pan," this year's Spring Play, under the direction at Joe Wadlington. Many hours of after-school rehearsals made this play a success. OH NO - SAYS JOE! Mr. Joe Wadlington grasps his head as he and Dorothy Bogart, Student Director, watch the researsal of "Out ot the Frying Pan." Things can't be that load, Joe !! I4 rw- . 113.11 I . ,,N.gsg.wgw K, 1. K - ma, 1Ffl?iil?5 E'e?fx- V f , pm Wi. :Y,giEf- 2? ,123 .1 iz T Ag 1332333 1 s. W ,+:f2:...1 :::'iE?Ei:: . 112+ - izzfkgpasn , i.vg1.:'z,. A 'lv hz1:'3ilw:!Q- ' - fiZkQ""'W' ' f17gz'.Qkm- 1: 5 3 'P 4 ...swf :', www '-NN..-, Focus on the Dhqsiccul Phc:useT IN THE DARKROOM PHIL RHOTON FOCUSES THE ENLARGER ON THE GLENDALE-BURROUGHS' GAME. 1 ,i , , , , wr f v A 6 H I 4' SPORTS-EMOTIONAL OUTLET FOR THE SPECTATORg DEVELOPMENT OF BODY COORDINATION FOR THE PARTICIPANT. ROTC-DEVELOPING THE BASIC SKILLS FOR OUR ARMED FORCES. EVERY GLENDALE STUDENT IS REQUIRED TO TAKE GYM OR ROTC TO DEVELOP INDIVIDUAL SKILLS, AND PARTICIPATION IN AFTER-SCHOOL TEAM SPORTS IS ENCOURAGED. MAJOR SPORTS PAGE ...... 150 MINOR SPORTS ,wr PAGE ........................ I73 ROTC PAGE .... I76 GIRL'S SPORTS PAGE... ...I78 I4 4 kARfEEN,E ALLEN 1' 1 . Tn V "L QQ GLA Song - Yell Leaders P, ,f .33g1f?., I v and Pep Council N-an 'N-an PEP COUNCIL l As the first days of the school year began, the Pep Council, Under the leadership of President Sammy Mendola, started its yearly ac- tivities by liming the During the football season they were responsible for passing out the song sheets and programs and were in charge ot the card stunts. Lead Glendale -Qs F -H. . GARRY MOORE, President llg SAMMY MENDOLA, President lg MR. p p Anno BuoNAouiDo, Faculty Advisor ii, MR. WILLIAM MURPHY, S - Faculty Advisor I lnot picturedl. , v .Jw ,Pi A new arrangement ot the Pep Council was presented to GHS this year. Each homeroom elected a representative who attended all ot the Pep Council meet- ings and reported them to his home- room. This assured a more democratic procedure than previously. The purpose ot the Pep Council is to promote spirit among the students throughout the school. One ot the ways they accom- plished this was to sponsor many pep assemblies. As a result, school spirit xg was high and a large crowd attended our school games. PEP COUNCIL ll Pep Council II, continuing the fine work of the preceding council, promoted a large attendance at the various school sports activities tor the remainder ot the year such as basketball games and swim and track meets, 48 Nitraett -iw, 31, 4 .f mf," ' sr '-A. 1.4 "lf, LWV,,,, .Q f? ' - an 3 ' 4, ngffvf' s , 1-4-r' .He ji. Row Row Row Row Row if Adrienne Allen, Kaye Farrington, 2: Regina lnslee, Corinne Campbell, 3: Gwen Copeland, Jane Gray, Linda Temple, Par Dundas, 4: Bette Moser, Judy Cass, Suzie Blake, Sandie Hughes, 5: Jule Barnes, Carol Wiesiahn, Nalalie Smythe, Margie Pierce, Ef'I5?S: 3gik:5g J , X Aa L . ws ' W- 5 EFF? l J ,W . x L3 l ' i A ' ' ' I Q J 9 J Q Q' ' 5' A ' ' ty Q 4 E3 POM POM GIRLS l lv n X Row l: Bette Moser, Roe Bianchi, Dot Morris, Sandy Reid, Jeanne l l . Kisner, Janice Spong. Row 2: Judy Wagner, Sandy Hughes, Carol l A, Weisiohn, Judy Cass, Carole Ker, Margie Pierce, Betty Modler. 4 - . 91 A ig t Row 3: Jule Barnes, Sue Blake Robbin Angelica, Natalie Smyfhe, x . . gt Bea Barrow, Par Powers. ' 1 'l ,ffl l 5.7 V l l Mary Rich, Sharon England, Arleene Allen. Beverly Lake, Dot Bos. Ardelle Lynch, Carolyn Burns, Janet Campbell, Nancy Hadley. Robbin Angelica, Bee Barrow, Dotty Morris, Janice Spong. Sandra Reid, Joan Persson, Carole Ker, Jeanne Kisner. Participating in parades, including the Santa Claus Parade, Verdugo Days, and the Golden Jubilee of the City of Glendale, and also performing during the halt-time activities were the Nitroettes under the direction of Mrs. Mack. During a preliminary train- ing period, the girls learn the various routines, tech- niques, and precision work before they are admitted into Nitroettes. 1 MAJORETTES AND FLAG GIRLS Row 1: Dot Boss, Regina lnslee, Bev Lake, Lynne Hall, Corky Campbell. Row 2: Ardelle Lynch, Carolyn Burns, Judy Goold, Janet Campbell, Gwen Cope- land. Row 3: Lyn Temple, Nancy Hadley, Ardyce Carr, Pat Dundas. l4 ff Jon West Phil Oehler Myron Sangren DUOUS Wills Although the 1956 Glendale High Dynamiters did not meet the pre-season predictions, they finished the sea- son with a six-won and four-lost record and provided Glendale fans with many exciting moments. The Nitros finished third in the Foothill League behind Burroughs and Burbank. Favored to repeat for the Foothill League championship, the Dynos ran into a fired-up El Monte team in the first game and were upset, I3-6. The following week Glen- dale defeated the highly touted Alhambra Moors, l9-6. The Dynamiters' overpowering single-wing attack began to click as they downed Franklin and California by scores of 25-6 and 26-7. In the league opener Glen- dale met the Burroughs Indians and the Dynos went down by a T9-6 score. ln the next game the Burbank Bulldogs, who went on to win the championship, scored on a last-minute pass to win, I2-7, With most of the pressure oft, Glendale rolled over the Pasadena teams, Muir and Pasadena, by scores ot 26-T3 and 46-6. The Dynos closed out the season by defeating the rival Hoover Tornadoes, 20-12. Sparking the Dynamiters all season was All-CIF tailback Gordon Hess, who led the Foothill League in total yard- age. Bill Cleves, Phil Vonk, and Tom Paton also received All-Foothill League honors. I Gordon Hess YQ Tom Paton fl 4 -can Phil Vonk Bill Cleves Don Anders0 15.-f 359' .-I " Steve Anderson Dave Junod It V l Q J.:w :.-f-:+e1 1 Q . !:.-, ,, , 5174" ,' U' A - 'n f' ' The coaching staff forthe Dynomifers was Roy Vuiovich und Hurry Beck, Varsity, Wayne Sink and Gene Haus, J.V, lk " G 4' P14 - . 4 , X - B . " ' A ' ' 69 f if if ..A.. ' ' - I 'Abv -Vi. ,ny ,ra L i . H, - 4. A , . I . ,l .. .-Eff? Top row: Nick Arnds, John Brennen, Bob Hensler, Don Beck, Roger Maynard, Skip Hudson, Mike Gazzaniga, Bill Cleves, Jon West, Tom Paton, Dave Brown, Don Roberts. Middle row: Coach Roy Vuiovich, Ed Pratt, Gary Buss, Mike Young, Dave Junod, Dan Didden, Phil Oehler, Steve Anderson, Jerry Bonar, Gordon Hess, Herb Ludwig, Myron Sangren, Laddie Potts, Phil Mason, Coach Harry Beck. Bottom raw: Mgr. Charles Bower, Phil Lozano, .lack Aitken, Art Broughton, Dave Roberts, Bob Gardner, Duane Wills, Bill Pierce, Phil Vonk, Gary Hawkins, Dan Rowland, Bill Bradford, Miles Haskin, Don Anderson, Mgr. Jim Lacey. Y Y Dave Brown Jon West surprises an anxious defender. Jack Aitken Bill Bradford John Bfefmen Don Robefls 152 Gary Buss Bob Gardner Mike Gczzaniga Laddie Potts i i i i 'Q e Phil Lozcno Art Broughton clears the way for Hess. , ,Mr N Steve Anderson and Herb Ludwig having difficulties on a reverse ploy against Hoover 4 I, Miles Huskin Ed Pratt Bob Hensler Skip Hudson ,f -in - 'T SL Herb Ludwig QQ A Dynamiter 1ries a shoestring Tackle. Roger Maynard Bill Pierce i Dave Junod fights for a pass. ootball Tap row: Harold Nyholm, Harvey Jedynak, Terry Loft, John Hayes, Ken Temple, Tom Farley, George Pierner, Joel Packard, Rick Matthews. Middle row: Barry Shoup, Dave Hull, Gary Preston, George McSwain, Jack'CaseIles, John Crosetti, Dave Dryden, Fred Port. Bottom row: Ron Morris, Roy Sharp, Bob Peret, Dick Shelly, Leon Cunningham, Mike Sours. This year marked the first time that the J.V. team played a full schedule of games and received let- ters. Coached by Gene Haas and Wayne Sink, they met all teams in the Foothill League except Hoover and Pasadena, and boasted of wins over Alhambra, California, Muir, Burbank, and Burroughs. Tailback Tim Bice was chosen as Most Valuable Player. ' ' lg H 5 '. .l 'fs fr f. v .ia ff" 'i5"f'15'-J H..- Coach Gene Haas Tim Bice carries the ball against Muir ITHLVJ' I ,lass ' g ' if " B B , is .. A A gQ,5,,,:,,- ,. , , Coaching and leading the Blasters were Leo Arronaga and -H , J bg, V . - Ted Andrews with captains Pat Meagher and Harvey White. A 'ii ' -- ' L Mickey Collins throwing the key block that sprung Meagher loose on an eighty-five yard opening kick-oft gallop aainst Hoover. I3 Football Top row: Charles Poole, Everett Snook, Gary Bratcher, Steve Little, Mickey Collins, Pat Meagher, Larry Saegers, Ray Case, Gene Galendo, Terry Hippolito. Bill Jencks. Midde row: Harvey White, Bob Farnsworth, Neil Hooker, Don Helzel, Ken Boone, Harold Coons, Bill Brostoff, Bob Cosner, Carl Forbes, Bill Fasano, Bob Penland. Bottom row: Bob Mack, Richard Silver, Bob Serin, Cecil Selman, Robin Paulson, Barry Bottrell, Ernie Lund, Bill Gabelman, Norm Nason, Gary Logan, Bob l-lines, Dennis Simila. i L Nils- r' . ,ggyi Lv:-, B' Q .. "' s 9 ' ' ,,, W.- - RM, T' -gf ' f .T s.Hg,,+,p Q A av ' - X1 M 'Wet , ru-flfifff ---f e as C Charles Poole, who won the Don Shorman award for Coons, Bratcher, and Nason move out to block for Jencks on a screen pass against Muir sportsmanship, team play, and spirit, talks over the past season with assistant coach Andrews. As the 1956 season approached, Coach Leo Arranaga faced a tremen- dous rebuilding iob. With only three lettermen returning, the Blasters faced a long, tough schedule with an inexperienced squad. lt took Glendale four games to break into the win column, although in the second aame they came within one yard of tying Alhambra. The B team's first victory came against California by a 19-6 score. They fol- lowed it up with a T9-13 win over Burroughs in the first league game, but hopes of a championship were stifled by successive losses to Burbank and Muir. They came back with an encouraging 43-6 win over Pasadena. Knowing that a victory over Hoover would turn a fair season into a good one, the Blasters iumped off to a quick 12-O lead in the first quarter, but were finally overcome by a stronger Hoover squad. It was later revealed that Hoover had competed with ineligible players. Glendale was given the win by forfeit, ending the season with a four won and five lost record. s ,ai The Glendale defense corners a Pasadena ball-carrier. Serin skirts the end against Hoover. ..-V' gk: 4 Q ' f arsitq Basketball Al Simila, Captain First Team All-CIF With a win and loss record of five victories and tive defeats, the Dynarniters came out in a tie for third place in the Foothill League with John Muir. Despite their mediocre record in league standings, the Dynos can boast of a series sweep with the rival Hoover Tornadoes. In addition, Nitro center and Most Valuable Palyer Al Simila accumulated T54 points in ten league games, giving him the top spot on the league scoring list. Dave McCrory, Ron Smith, and Darrell re- ceived All-League Honorable Mention. In the practice tilts the Dynos won eleven and lost seven. They were beaten in the finals of the Burbank Tournament by Notre Dame, and in the Edgewood Active Tournament they won con- solation honors. cl! Coach Gene Haas Top row: okri Hall, Don Beck, .lon West, Mike McNeill, Ken Lawrence, Dave McCrory, Herb Ludwig, Bottom row: Darrell Sutherland, Lewis Stoddard, George Beattie, Al Simila, John Hayes, Bob Hensler, Dave Bame, I Dave Bame Herb Ludwig All eyes are on the basket as Simila and West block u lay-up. .5 ,f 3 1 Q, A' My: Q I 'S 1 . 1. 5 Ai 3 4 A -1 . 'J A . l Q ' . Lewis Stoddard Dave McCrorY Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale 1'Glendale 11Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale 11Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Nitro Scores 54 36... 52... 40 53 45 49 63... 43... 50 48 55 42... 62 48 56... .. 11League games . . . Marshall .. Franklin . . Alhambra . . Van Nuys .... Notre Dame . . . . . Loyola .... Temple City San Diego Hoover San Diego . South Pasadena . . . Pasadena . . . . . Hoover .. Notre Dame . . . Cantwell . . . El Rancho ... California .... Santa Ana . . . La Puente ... Burroughs .. Burbank . . . . Muir . . . Pasadena . . . Hoover ... Burroughs .. Burbank . . . . Muir . . . Pasadena . . . Hoover 30 40 65 55 59 61 1 1 47 46 37 36 36 47 38 52 49 46 49 31 53 53 53 37 45 40 60 58 51 9 Bob Swindle .lon West Sophomore guard Darrell Sutherland shoots from the corner against Burbank. Lewis Stoddard Bob Hensler The Dynos stand back as Barnes of Pasadena gets a free throw. Don Beck Dave McCrory shoots a iump shot for two points against Burroughs. Tom Paton gets the tip. 'Y if ,Q K . , gf - 311. ' ,..f Vi I 1 71 t .t,...v-, el Y- : .-3 A 1 'fi' -5: 13.1 tit ,, Ron Hall Darrell Sutherlo nd I3 Basketball v Jim Moulton hustles into cover on Bob Parker's jump shot. Coach McElroy and Captain Diclc Mainland. Entering the i956-57 season on the crest of two consecu- tive league championships, the Blasters started oft this year vvith a big bang. llnder Coach McElroy they won nine ot the tirst ten games, losing only to Hoover in the finals ot the Football League B Tournament. As the league games started the Blasters seemed to cool oft and only won tour out ot ten. They had a lot of bad luck, losing a one-point overtime game to Hoover and several other close ones. Top row: Gary Nelson, Dennis Elvvell, Dennis Simila, Larry Weesoft, Woody White, Ken Carlson, Gary Hahn, Ernie Lund, Dave Lawrence, Carlisle George. Bottom row: Roy Schmidt, Burt Smith, Dean Pera Ron White, Dick Mainland, Jim Moulton, Curt Campbell, Ed Mayo, Dick Denny. Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale I3 Scores ... ... Marshall 30 ,,, .,. Franklin 34 ... ... Alhambra 29 ...VanNuys3O ... ... Noire Dame 17 . . . .... Loyola 26 ... ...., Temple City 21 . .. .. . Soulh Pasadena 25 . .. ...,. Burroughs 33 . . . ..,. Hoover 41 ... ... Burroughs 48 ... ... Burbank 25 ... ...... Muir 37 , ,, . .. Pasadena 42 , , , .... Hoover 40 . .. Burroughs 54 l l . Burbank 41 Bob Parker, Ed Mayo, and Ken Carlson go offer the ball U, ...... Muir 56 A., ... Pasadena 41 . Hoover 48 Tension grips the crowd as the Bees go into an overtime period against Hoover. 4 If Ken Overholser earned many points for Glendale in The hurdles. Varsitq Track Throughout the season this year's Nitro track squad has performed in the tradition of past Glendale teams. With an impressive win in the Pasadena Relays and no defeats so far, only Hoover stands between the Dynos and a dual meet championship. The of- ficial league champions are chosen at the league finals and Glendale should be fav- ored to win. Outstanding this year has been Bill Cleves who is now ranked among the three Top shot-putters in the CIF. The 880 yard relay tearn composed of Overholser, Junod, Engler and Hess, has set a new school record and has the best time in Southern California. Glendale can be very proud of its track team and its track coach, Lon Graf. N Ti 5. 17 i gr, i M-:H 'xi-A 3 is 13 I Q ,, , I M me if-1 X ,X x v 5 , . me if Qife , , ff 4 Uffm WTA., QW ,., f , Q lv W c ew K J to ' 1 1. fl Q ' K 5 V' 1 t 5 1 5- Max N i Q ' ll W W 2 Q, ' 3 A " of sn TS Bill Cleves Field Captain Broad-jumper Phil Lozano takes off. ,QQ1g1l':rt:xrua: cu--U-..,,....f,.....,...,... .- .W - lll'fl'l2ll'l'lP1111'li1lliIili'li'l1 e?vEa::::::a:mzzLwn'eE.'g """" nm l11i1i?ll? ill3?il11l11 Iiiiiiiiiil iiliiii illlll lqiilili i i? T 1 if A i i i I 1 311131 xtzruuri rimrmm ri . if 1111 A " - - 4 ffm. ,.. -.,. . f,.., - - . , , L y , ., -ww 9- ,,.' t .. N, Q- ,4-1. . - I W ,,,, C., , - 4-U q , D, K .4 M A, U I - I 4, H: C ' N - .. H1 . Too row: George Beattie, Bob Cooper, Tom Briggs, Laaldie Potts, Harley Young, Warren Crawford, Skip Hudson, Bill Corsello, Dennis Miller, Pete Spilger Jim Cumming, Jim Johnson, Dick Webb, John Amelsburg, Jerry Saulvester, Middle row: Ron Smith, Nelson Rising, Bud Tunnell, Phil Mason, Bill Pierce, Phil Oehler, Bill Cleves, Ron Hall, Les Wison, Claire Rawlins, Jim Kumpe Roger Tucker, Phil Lozano, Dave Hull, Dick Gilbert. Bottom row: Miles Haskin, Gary Buss, Nick Arnds, Tom Clark, Gordon Hess, Ken Overholser. Dave Junod, Fred Engler, .lim Kumpe, Bob Jergens, Ed Pratt V' 9 f 5 3 4 Gordon Hess takes the handeoff from Fred Engler, The Varsity relay X team has been outstanding this year, posting the top time in the CIF, They are now looking forward to the second annual Glendale Re- lays to be held at Glendale High, Gord I i i on Hess ond Nick Arnds 5l0ff the 440. Miles Hoskin hits the tape to win the mile. Ken Overl-iolser Track Captain Bill Cleves has been outstanding in the shot-put I3 Track ,W 'Mo rv' Gary Wexler, the B's top brood iumper, leaps at Burroughs. The B's record this year has been practically a carbon copy ot the Varsity's. With a first place in the Pasadena Relays and an unblemished record, they are looking ahead to the Hoover meet. Pat Meagher has been toss- ing the shot around titty-six feet all season, and with Doug Hott in the sprints, Bob Johnson pole-vaulting, and the relay team setting a new school-record, this team could be one to reckon with in the CIF finals. , ,,,i, Tau- Agar . A my .rh,, .1 , N 4,,,,,V, ,, Vw y .E , . . H iw,-S' y fer ' A" " W' ' ' ' I f 1-iii " 4, , k , Top row: Jerry Priebe, Tom McAdam, Steve Price, Jerry Schmidt, Bruce Jones, Gary Hahn, Jim Langlands, Dennis Parrett, Robin Paulson, Larry Edwards, Pete Finigan, Gary Steingrebe, Don Tyler, Lane Lopez, Steve Little, Chuck Brady, Jim Lisk, Gary Stevens, Roger Sherman, Carl Forbes. Middle row: Bob Jensen, Sam Anderson, .Jay Jeffers, Charlie Myers, Chuck Smith, Dick Erdos, Bob Gonzales, Don Helzel, Richard Silver, Ray Case, Neil Hooker Bill Jencks, Doug Hoff, Bill Gabelman, Tom Sparrow, Bob Hines, Pat Meagher, Richard Post. Bottom row: Bob Johnson, Dove Yerkes, Gary Clayburgh, Gordon Nielson, Jack Patterson, Bob Serin, Gene Galendo, Gary Yukl, Cody Evans, Don Walsh, Morris Brown, Joe Boston, Reed Webb, Bob Packard, Chuck Poole. , l67 Pat Meagher Field Captain Doug Hoff enioys a victory against Burroughs. Bob Johnson has vaulted thirteen feet this yea r. Doug Hoff Track Captain C Tracks um -lv- Top row: Garrett Wespe, Don Uhl, Don Wintz, Jerry Liebersboch, John Annin, Bob Ray, Ed Mayo, Tony LaMorte, Steve Brunner, Ricky Lipp, Steve King Middle row: John Brown, Tom Horton, Paul Filliger, Ron Turner, Jim Cummings, Wally Wix, Keith Esselstrom, Bill Fasano, Richard Davis, Ron Logan, Dennis Quibell. Bottom row: Bob Hoss, Dennis Corhart, Chuck Auer, Steve Chenowith, John Whitney, Chuck Rea, John Zenneiter, Bill Thomas, Roger Phillips. Following the example set for them by the Varsity and B teams, the Firecrackers have compiled an outstanding record this year. Keith Esselstrom has typified the Cs spirit with a record-breaking high jump ot 5'9". The Firecrackers are now looking ahead to the league finals, hoping to duplicate the fine record of last year's team. Keith Esselstrom Field Captain Ron Stadler Track Captain arsitq Top row: Mgr. Bob Penland, Ralph LePera, Harvey White, Barry Bottrell, Jon West, Dave Anderson, Joel Packard, Sterling Waldron, Dave Bowers, Bob Hensler, Darrell Sutherland, Bob Cosner. Bottom row: Mgr. Jim Lacey, Duane Wills, Jim Warwick, Mike Collins, Doug Stringer, Deon Pera, Tom Bonetto, Mgr. Terry Loft. This year's baseball squad has been one which has suffered from bad breaks and inexperience. They have come along slowly under Coach Teachout and are still improving, but a lack of hitting and a pitching staff composed entirely of sophomores and iuniors has held them back. With two rounds of the schedule remaining the Nitros are hoping to improve their record. Dave Bowers takes a high pitch. Baseball 54546 A X. .XI ,X .5 Q N .X ,X xx . ,X . I, cabal e baseball captains were Duane Wills and Dave Bowers. i We 6 t f a . 4 x a px . . -,V 4' f "ll Sterling Waldron takes a healthy swing. .. 3, Tom Bonetto beats out a wild throw at first. . . Baseball This year's J.V. team has been a very exciting one ' to watch. It features an excess of hitting power and a well-balanced squad. lt the pitching matches up to the hitting this team could be ci contender for the championship. .4-anna., Captain Leon Cunningham and Coach Arranaga. The J.V.'s won their first league game from Muir. 6 Top row: Ken Temple, Bert Smith, Bob Parker, Roger Williams, Ernie Lund, Skip Wells, Bob Farnsworth, Leon LeClerq, John Hayes, Garrett Coombs Jack Christy, Mgr. Ricky Graham. Bottom row: Dennis Simila, Leon Cunningham, Russ Howell, Jerry Ford, Don DeRenne Jim Pollick, Dave Lawrence, Carlisle George, Jim Moulton Cross Countru 1613. Top row: Coach Pat Logan, Warren Crawford, Bill Maier, Paul Snarrenger, Bill Cum- mings, Jim Kumpe, Denny Miller, Gary Stevens, Don Nason, Dell Aldrich, Bruce Jones, Coach Graf. Bottom row: John Brown, Stan Partridge, Bolo Packard, Bob Jergens, Tony LaMorte, Steve King, Don Uhl. Coach Graf talks over the meet with Morris Brown and Claire Rawlins, The Tennis Team's captains were Chuck Hitchcock and Dick Mainland. This year's Tennis team is on its way to the Foothill League championship under Coach Haas. They are currently leading the league and no other team looks strong enough to unseat them. Wayne Collett, a sophomore, has paced the Nitros this season and will be back for two more years. Coach Graf produced another successful Cross Country team this season. The Dynamiters won their third con- secutive league title, undefeated in both Varsity and J.V. divisions. Dell Aldrich was chosen as Most Valuable Runner. H' A "' " Z' ' ' lllllillllllwlllllllllll QNX he-ir' z M H y V K with XXTQN ,gr ' L4 .y R 9... V -:::::: U Lllillllls '.!:," ' q ...Q-in - r -T ' ui . ' . T'-rv u l M K J 2 e t K V: l ..-- ' M'-J. -1 - Y ..-'- 'F ' ' fe . b ffgf t wi. V K 4 .ti-,I HA .5 l ., spffa,-Lmfii' ' .iq ,M D 1 , , .1-'fe '."' If .,. her., , . -A ' r f , s ' 5 N Y' . ' -.J , V-4. ' ', -- " "5'f3ff3"s':T , , 1 . ,, . 1 ' I - ' . ' :Q4 . ,J ' T l . -. -fr ,T 1+-yn,-WV. X , k y tvs' 4,-,--.fsftf , ,. , . X A - " ,?,.VVVg33.5?5i?.9'.-V . - M W .. X. ,, ,. 44 LW ' 57Z.fL!f" .. is . fxkiife . lift.. rf- -- " f- ' Tennis V v ,. . , ff. i J 1 I , K - I lt, S ' V V 9 I -' J f 0 If ' 1 ' A J: l - J rg?iJ Z -.- Q Q 1 r 'L ' q ' t 4 V V . , K ' .1 1 W.VV I K it 'TV 'S . in lk ,' 'ff T T' 2 yr.: tm. '-1 ' fn x. " J ,life 1 Ilya I N 'J ' "m':Q5'l w V img v. - L 'Q x, , A ...L ......., , Top row: Arvid Ronnfeldt, John Lisk, Chuck Hitchcock, Wayne Collett, Bill Dawson, Top Lynard, Ron White, Dick Mainland. Bottom row: Dave Dryden, Richard Marshall, Steve Olson, Clark Jolley, Dennis Elwell, Terry McMahon, Jim Blum, Jerry Gray, T73 Swimming Swimming has come to Glendale High with a bang lor maybe a splashl. Com- peting in their own pool for the tirst time, the Varsity squad took the league championship while the Bees gained a respectable third. Since there was no C division in league competition several Varsity and B swimmers will be moved down for the finals, where Coach DeMandel's teams are expected to represent Glendale in the same tine way they did all season. -5- ' L if it iii: .........---. B Q . e ' Glendale swimmers take off on their way Q el, " to another victory, A 1, g i M , , 'F'-" 'gr' - .. ' 'sax . 1 Jim Pierce, who helped to coach diving demonstrates a iockknife. , -. i , 1 W Rf fwif' A K The 1957 swimming teams had the honor of being the first to swim inthe new pool. l l i .sees ees: ee ., pu-svnau-1 4, i 1 3 ftgww - fc V - sis., ' ' ' , . ,E ....i f - --1 l sr ""' ic VARSITY, top row: Coach Andrews, Ron Morris, John Stewart, Bill Mortimer, Lew Taylor, John Knight, Don Wood, Stan Partridge, Bill Brown, Coach Pierce, Coach DeMandel. Middle row: Joe Kotin, Rich Seabold, Jim Bough, Richard Tisdale, Doug Dickinson. Bottom row: John Alabaster, John Hagen, Ralph Powers, Rick Mathews, Al Unger, Steve Anderson, Bob Moulton. lm lm lic-: I--I Ili. 1, -new-H Y 4,3 mann ...- in mfv'u,, 'R 53 735 --nl : e . I 5 5 , ,IFE :gli lllll im, Q 'll Ill: Il!!! ll , - - I M. . Q -I 'T I I. I' l 4 ., , Q i td : ' i A 4 B . - + T 2 ff' J' I ff' . . . i 'V . ' T . 14 ' y f o I K ' ' l' I B Team, top row: Coach Andrews, Mike Pierce, Bill Jensen, Dick Pence, Ted Stover ' ! 1 K t L Tom Townsend, Coach De Mandel. A f ' ji Bottom row: Warner Johnson, Bill Lycett, Dick Shelly. ' " ' , Q M ' we-' , Q s l . . 1 ' . Y C Team, top row: Bill Daniels, Leroy Herman, Peter Roush, Stan Gould, Sterling Blanchard, Cach DeMandel. Bottom row: Jim Davies, Rockne Rudoph, Dick Pressnel, Bob Therrian, Bob Behrend. R serve Officers This year's R'.O.T.C. Unit, under the su- pervision of Master Sergeant James K. Rupert, is one ot the largest and best ever to attend Glendale High. The unit's quality may be seen in the many differ- ent awards it has won throughout the year. The purpose of the Junior R.O.T..C. is to better prepare young men, not only for the military lite that may lie ahead of them, but also for the civilian lite they must lead in the following years. Battalion Commander and Executive COITIPUUY Officers! Lieutenant Colonel Lee Taylor Cflpmln Robert Pelnvnd Mayo, John Rosen Captain Jack Philips Training Corps Q., X v. .,y,. -wi Sharp-shooting cadets make up this year's rifle team. Students excelling in drill ability are selected forthe Drill Team ,,,,.w ,M - D r Cadets toking port in o demonstrotion ot Clork Junior High. Members of the School Board inspecting the troops, Company B G . AEA. The purpose ot the GAA is to develop physical efficiency, encourage interest in athletic activ- ities, and promote good sportsmanship and a spirit ot co-operation. First semester president, competent Charlene Cobb, and her GAA Board planned many activities including playdays and afterschool sports competitions in which the members could learn and display these qualities. At the end ot the tirst semester the annual GAA Banquet was held in the school cafeteria. The candlelight installation ceremony tor the incom- ing otticers was presented at the Banquet. Awards were also given to many girls. CHARLENE COBB President, Semester l Board , l:ll"5t Semester ---- l fffliinEllllffgifTlviiffifllijlli Ellen McLarnin 3rd Vice-President 178 ,. , 4 l l 1 tenbach, Ellen McLarnin, Joan Wahl. Row 2: Donna Reed, Pat Gayman, Georg anna Towne, Judy Goolol, Nancy Hadley Ardyce Carr, Carol Gilbert, Naomi Hack ett, Coryn Simonson. Row ir Eloise Whitesell, Dee Jay Tugby, Cecil Lash, Charlene Cobb, Carolyn Brei- The second semester Board, led by enthusiastic and capable president, .loan Wahl, planned many activities, among them frequent playdays. A playday is inter-school competition in various sports, stressing good sportsmanship along with playing ability. GHS was host to the various schools on April ll with a "Martian Madri Gras" theme and attended two other playdays. Besides these activities President Joan Wahl and five other members of the Board attended the Girls'f Athletic Federation Conference at the Beverly Hills High School where they heard lectures on various sports, among them golf, tennis, and badminton, To climax the season, a Spring Tea was held in the library where the officers for next year were installed. -P 49 J .,,...," R ""'es . 1, Carolyn Breitenbach, lst Vice-President Ellen McLarnin, 3rd Vice-President Georganna Towne, 2nd Vice-President il JOAN WAHL President, Semester ll O.A.A. Board eeoncl Semester S' '5 B to ,' 'H Row i: Carolyn Breitenboch, Joan Hen- derson, Nancy Utech, Joan Wahl, Roni Williams, Donna Reed, Eloise Whitesell. Row 2: Georganna Towne, Melinda Royce, Linda Lockwood, Carolyn Kenni- son, Ellen McLarnin, Gretchen Clemmons, Sandy Barondess, Jule Barnes, Charlene Cobb, Carol Gilbert, Naomi Hackett, Judy Goold. 17 9 Girls' Sports Clubs .... an Align, ,. as 4 sl ,R qw LMS.: ... - mi , '1 1 , P 1, SPLASH!! One of the GAA afterschoal divers tries ou? the Swimming Club Row l: Barbara Thursgard, Gail Sealbury, Mary Wynhausen, Susie Mariene, Gloria Henry, Barbara Humphreys, Ann Hendricks, Elaine Gilleran. Row 2: Caryn Simonson, Barbara Turnes, M. Bower, Barbara Marvel, Lincla Reynolds, Colleen Russell, Carol Jackman, Laura Smith, Sally Evans, Sue Quick. Row 3: Dee Jay Tugby, Teri Croxall, Carolyn Lohn, Virginia Pool, Jan Hull, Roseanna Germano, Peg Loeffler, Midge Shepard, Ursula Spilger, Elaine Jensen, Sue Smith, Gary Parker. - in SINK OR SWIM is the motto of the GAA after-school swimmers. , board Qi me new or-is pool. Row I: Carolyn Copeland, Bonnie Cock, Norma Warren, Brenda Cornelius, Elaine Jensen, Carol Jackman, Kathy Woodburn, Gloria Henry. Row 2: Dee Jay Tugby, Cec Lash, Barb Turner, Caryn Simonson, Mary Wynhausen, Susie Marietre, Barbara Humphreys. Row 3: Ursula Spilger, Judy Coleman, Nancy Greer, Gail Newton, Judy Coleman, Sue Barlow, Lynn Scribner, Sue Smith, Gary Parker. l8O .N I -I . , . 1 F ia. , .' , . o ff? '4 'T s L 71' vw ,fl f B .-. Dance Club y i ' iw QV 3, 1 ,N ' U s 7 4 1 :lil C ,MX it his fm' Dance Club ll Dqnge Club I Members at the after-school Dance Club are instructed in the basic training in dance. Directed by Miss Ruth Stwalley, dance instructor at GHS, they learn the tun- damentals in ballet, tap, and are taught how to compose dances by interpreting moods, stories, and other forms of expression. t J l L fe . g E A.,,+. e, g ' i . l 1 iii ' - l J 4, K , in -E: S Y J 2 f ls. , a 3 ' , :I ' f ,k If ,I ty, i ' Iwi H 'K si 1 Row li Mary Dowson, Nancy Goeller, Geebie Alisch, Joyce Sadler, Elaine Hounsell, Geri Sullivan, Carlyn Kennison. Row 2: Gretchen Clemmons, Kathie Murphy, Elaine Gilleran, Sally Evans, Judy Schoen, Anne Harrison, Donalie Haskell, Adrienne Hotonian, Janice Hirt Donna Rieck. Row 3: Peggy Leech, Penne Freeloairn, Corinne Campbell, Louise DiTullio, Dorian Naimark, Peggy Minni, Caroline Young, Sharon Moore, JoAnn Feroncl Row l: Pat Noe, Sharon Cox, Janet Retzloff, Rhoda Sigler, Cindy Radner, Mary Berghuis, Carol Gilbert, Laura Smith, Kathie Scheels, Pat Prata, Sandy Murphy, Sylvia Bauernteind. Row 2: Jane Kendall, Louise Galinolo, Nanci Sekava, Margaret Mohr, Ruth Sekava, Kaye Strom- berg, Robin Hartline, Jean Sivertsen, Janie Fisher, Lynn Rossall, Mary Fisher, Barbara Thompson, Marilyn Mendenhall. Row 3: Brenda Logan, Gerry Michael, Joy Burton, Kaleta Morgan, Nancy Taylor, Carolyn Johnson, Sue Snyder, Linda Lockwood, Jean Lunkley, Dorothy Kimball, Beth Broom, Loretta Nuccio, Sandra Hoffer. SOFTBALL and VOLLEYBALL, Two of the after-school sports clubs, are designed to provide extra, after-schoolpractice and compe- tition to the sports-minded girls of GHS. 'QW ' .. F ,1-aw: X 4 6.2- ,. Softloa Club THREE STRIKES - YOU'RE OUT at the old ball game. Members of GAA Softball Club practice after school. Volleqball Club S ar! UP AND OVER sails the ball as the members of GAA , Volleyball Club battle for the winning paint. 4 tp ' J Ao 1 . 'E . x - ,N , t V, ,D I v V ZW.. -3 I J H v iq Q 5 Y .QF y N . T ' y mf , I J, J : ! ' ' l, X rl ,gi , W A ' . V 4 --A' , ' ' Y Row 1: Pat Decker, Pat Dundas, Kathy McFarland, ,., 1 ' Riff- 4 ,Q Q "' ,. nf 2 , , , 5, " ' , Ceceile Lash, Carol Mason. "5 'x 1,sh ' XJ, ,' Row 2: Linda Durley, Donalie Haskell, Janice Hirt, Gail N "" . , g '," 'Z 2 I Winbigler, Ardith Meadows, JoAnne Schaack, Danna ' K Reed. 7 ' A . Row 3: Nancy Utech, Gayle Ashcroft, Sandy McDougall, Vicky Baughman, Sandy Barondess. if l82 s Tennis Club For tennis and Badmin- ton fans, GAA after- school sports clubs offer the girls a chance to participate in these games each Wednesday atter school. They com- pete among themselves and also in playdays with various other schools. Raw I: Sue Williams, Charlene Cobb, Donna Reed, Carol Mason, Vicki Baughman, Liv- : - 4 i ii . li 2' r- lf. Row 2: Carol Humiston, Brenda Robichaux, Julie Tucker, Joan Henderson, Sandy Dyck, Judy Hirtle, Marsha Wilson, Sandy Barondess. Row 3: Louise DiTullio, Deanne Crawford, Tam Evans, Jean Sivertsen, Joan Wahl, Sallie Sundahl, Ursula Spilger. fi gr as at if ' Q " LOOCI5 121 THE eiiaiois 1 i MembefsdQf'GAA Badmin- 4' I tan u engoy a asf game af Ba minton. sb I i . JF'"SC. LOVE? Yes, but only to signify the counting in a game of Tennis in which members of GAA Tennis Club participate, Badminton Row ln Ann Bonnar, Betty Slocum, Cindy Radner, Nancy Goeller, Geri Sullivan, Marilyn Chaffee, Raw 2: Sharon Barnard, Alice Cheu, Sharon Goodman, Julie Tucker, Sandy Dyck, Mary Stoeckel, Mary Berguis, Susan Clark, Valerie Piersal. Row 3: Nancy Barochiere, Ann-Lea Wel- shofer, Shirley Starr, Sandy Saley, Mary Bower, Joan Henderson, Heath Stokes, Carolyn Broyles, Bryna Schneiper. f A wiv 2547-J 715446 16527-ev nfl' fvfcffapvf 454143.-.wfe .Zig 5' I Y Index 't Q1 XL CQ E T N. it , , Xl T 1 if X x N fi 02 ,Z IQW, 4. l fr I- 4 A'Cappella ........ Administration ....... Advanced Girls' Glee Assemblies ........ Backward Dance .... Band ........... Band Concert . .. B Basketball .. B Football .... Boys' League B Track ..... Cabinet ........... Christmas Program ... Choralettes ......... Civinettes ........ Civitans ........... Classroom Activities .. Club Advisors ...... Commerce Club .. Contents ....... Cotton 'N Cord . .. Cross Country . . . CSF ......... C Track ............. . Dad-Daughter Banquet Dance Recital .......... Dutch-Treat Dance, ., ..... J ,- fl 16.144, I "'f' if' Explosion .1 .z . 1. .. , Faculty .... Fall Play .... 49'ers ...... French Club ...... Football Banquet Future Teachers . . . GAA Board ......... Girls' Football Game I. .. Girls' Glee ........ Girls' League ..,.... Girls' Sports Clubs Girls' Stunt Show ....... Glendale-Hoover Game Glenettes , ....,........ Honor Society .... Instructional Section .. Introduction ....... Junior Activities . .. Junior Class .... Junior Officers . . Junior Prom ... TT4 Junior Statesman ... 8 JV Baseball ...... . T T5 JV Football .... ..... T22 K KeyClub... T25 L TT6 Latin Club .... ..... T38 Library Aides .. .. T62 Lyric ........ ..... T56 M 96 Men's Glee ... .... T67 N Nitroettes . . .., . 88 O T36 Oratorical .......... . . TT5 Orators .............. TO4 Organizational Section .,.... TO4 P T6 PA Crew ..... . . 97 Pep Council .... . TT2 Physical Section ..., ....... 5 R T26 Recreational Section .... . . T73 Red Cross ............ 98 Rehearsal-Spring Play .... T69 ROTC ............... . . Rugby Game ........ ..... T35 - S T33 School Bank T37 Scribblers ......... Senior Class ......... T02 Senior Class Officers ... Senior Council ............. TO Senior Directory .............. .. T32 Senior-Faculty Basketball Game '1 05 60 Per Club ..,............... ... TTO Song-Yell Leaders .... T34 Sophomore Activities . . . T09 Sophomore Class ....... Sophomore Chorus ........ T78 Sophomore Class Officers T42 Spanish Club ............ TT6 Sports Dances .... 94 Stage Crew .... T80 Student Court .... T28 Stylus ......... T40 Swimming ... T05 T Symphonettes ..... . Symphony Concert . .. ,.... 99 T Talent Show 6 Thespians ..... ....... Q .. ... 4 V Varsity Baseball ..... ... 60 Varsity Basketball . . . 62 Varsity Football .... .... 61 Varsity Track ....... ...... ...T24 W World Friendship Club ...... f f 4 - 4 64, my F1-r1'f9"f'2'2'74'5'2.fx 7T'A W"pf"f' ff0rQfv"f0"f' VWTZC MTA! 4? 7'4f7V l 1' Y.. T325 T5 0 TO6 :gag 1153 114'l T? T48 X T30 TON ask T07 , T47 T44rl T06l 143 T78 T42 l ost 108 0 2 . T9 53 T4 9 .tix T46 73 P.-f 74 2 117 hi 72 110 T27 1 107 93f' TOONJ T74t T179 1395! IN 'Y 0 ly T20 T08 1 T70 T58 f T50 T64 TTT ,Q has L is my fU MQ' ,C W Qf M Aw M W 7 My 1 0 Gi' 113315 Lo' 1 ,Mr ,X Hens or "vEXEt?g:nKS Cfze ?f2af60ofc .jforzroviu ' My 6 aiffifikgsa WWW if QV A Ni ,awww W 2 HQFEQGQ iiis 1 i2E y,eU 4fW fQQ,j offwwufb .ET V ww ' , 1 fMv7,y,4,,,6 X4 M ' 1Zf4WffM,wxMf,,3f5e0Qm,5f53Q4f53MT24w f 57537 ? a!w7LjVk7l7-fffMfg9fwgfc,,,,,g M0045 ZQW7 wfiiazl w 1 w - 4 F fqfjgkgg -Wfifgf JYWHW . X X S,-Q, To avwf 50.43 gfj' Q, if Rig rx -fr 47. fllfvfvwff' . 67 A X EY? fx .3 pf. i 67

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