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 - Class of 1954

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Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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A '-'L " 'D ,, sg, 1 Q if ,ff 41, ,- ' ' -2, 750' A ,f1,6avfV7f Mfg 4 y, If kj Q H , Q F Cnf V mf 244, ,M ff - Uv' 3 uk! F I , 0 A, S Lv RA 4 , V ,Mun-ll Wu, -IZQML XM .Zfw-Ulf JM My I A X? J' N' Q XI Sy 0 X if L-fqwfig W WW Tw? 5 Y 35" E I U NSS? XLIUA Rf ,,IN UW' Ng" Mg iw M F Diff I v?vJ3': gf HH Qgwffyyw 2? W f' R552 f 2 ,ggfpfggjg Q 2214? 5513 9? -23 Jfifggbf ii, SL ,xi R ' gawk H W . -- ". , 4? QL. . . Jw Y Y -4 MQW Q M wr MQJSWWMW ,W 5 M ya!!! x. ,M MWQ! 'u f Mgf pf Mi x MQW MW affix if L 6M AF , ' 5 1 Q3 - ,fd MW VW Q5 JB QW f X 5027? 9 J . WJ 4 7 Q X MOJA7 M L - 64571. I A . j- u - 7 'f eQL4Lj F' ff? QM! ff-af' f'Qfff A ff gxcflf in Qi-7 ff:-,Z,, M 4:-fl . f , -cf , ,.f- 17.1 1 1- , ,f ' ff, 4: f lmygv, ,..W- lf' f.,,g-' :1: 'w5f Hff. . 425 ., ,., . , k 0 - ,. , .-,..,..,....w,,.,-,4m.-,,,..,k if Wy ,, X XX N ' of Q ii fm W . vr A W ,.wdfj'W Mm ' if, "gr 3 X. ,Q I N w if J ?y41!, 6 A - 'P ip A MX 125 F4 f1?Zf.Sff- 'X I 33- -5 "' 4Q1.Q.QLg1rw Lm v I ,,-A.,-K 15 ,Q ' AL 'JMASQJFE M Remember Me? LAWRENCE HEIDLEBAUGH U65 Cifgzjfui QZEHJQKE 48745005 gfancfafa , Cczgfo 'mia dwrzafszrz c'7luncf'zscf Qiffy - Gam Dedication To Adelia M. SallsTrom, principal of Glendale High School from l949 To 1953, whose dreams and labors are forever a parT of The school, This STylus is dedicaTed. Her wisdom, undersTanding, and inspiraTion will remain in The minds and hearTs of Those who have known her. fm, ,Q ., My .fdffiii Qgcfsfka cgczffifzonz X an A 3' A f,', ,W .f ' , w W 5 , ' Ml:LhW'w'w" Y- A- kk X I M I 5" fi W, Vx WVU, if W7 377 w 'A K K LN r MQW! 3,1 if 4 ,N I X ,' X ,hx A va,----fx ! N K F' X ' : .- , ,J 2: .I Y- ,s--'. X N , M iii X i, ia ,N ff ' g' - Q f f X Q 11 ff 1K 'S' J H 'm ti? Q -If ff 7 mlm X - A 5-gg., A ,fix llve tgzzzjm' of mmf ,flip flvrozfglv 1115 lm1z1'AgfL1.s1f in go flw 01:1-1".Y of ilvix mn' yew. fzeqzzeafbizzg cfifion M Q , ,J ,J .. X1 ,. p I ' W ' n . R -x XX K x ---N, Ninn.. X 'N . . X lil: ' xv flf, bww Q my .Q x K ggi ff. jf . , 'N-vwxw - ,A - Q '- K K sw . ' .4 F 1 .1 'lu 'zainin 1 2, 'LL ncfaufancfing fflzougfi 0 MRS JACKSON Girls V P p I MR KIENHOLZ W LUZ guicfancs cqcfminiaffzafo 'za 32 Sv MR. DONALD T. GOLDER Principal Lilorory MISS LAKE MRS. TYE 'Secrefo ric1I STO ff MRS. HOWTON MRS. BLANCI-IE MRS. HUBERT MRS. CLARKE MISS NEWTON Atrendcmce Office MRS. GANSZ MR. CI-IRISTOFFERSEN MISS CARRINGTON LUZ Counselors MISS CHAPMAN MR. TEMPLETON MRS. BLACKBURN MR. SIHLER, recorder MR. BALZER MR. CRIPE MR. LAURIDSEN Class Advisors MR. PAGGEOT MRS. K. JONES MR. ARRANAGA acu f MoThemcIIics MISS TILLEY MR. TANDE MRS. TI-IRELKELD MR. BOUNAGUIDI MR. IXIISSEN MR. MATTI-IIESEN MR. VUJOVICI-I Foreign Lcmguoge MRS. SOBELLE MISS MANETTA MRS. SNOW MR. GREENLAW MRS. ASELTINE MRS. LAMBERT Commerce MISS MURPI-IY MR. STEELE MISS CHAPMAN MR. LIVERMORE MRS. MCCLANE MISS HUYSSEN MR. MATTHIESEN English MRS. ANDERSON MISS UNDERWOOD MRS. SWEDENBORG MRS. ECKERSON MRS. SOURS MR. WADLINGTON MISS BAILEY MRS. WEST MRS. AHRENS MRS. ASELTINE MRS. LEDBETTER MRS. ROLLOCK MR. STEPHENS Social Sfudies MISS LEONARD MRS. H. JONES MR. RANKIN MRS. KLAVVITER MISS AHL MR. MCDONALD MR. FAY MR. LAURIDSEN MR. PLUMB MR. CARTER MR. HARRISON MR. GRAHAM m 'Nqr Science MR. TEMPLETON MRS. EDWARDS DR. BROWN MRS. BLACKBURN MISS CLAUSON MR. HEWITT MR. MATTHIESEN MR. CRIPE MR. ARRANAGA MR. BARNFIELD MR. FAY MR. H. ANDERSON MR, GRAHAM Mechanical Arfs MR. TEACHOUT MR. J. HARRISON MISS WOODS MR. MCCLURE MR. McELROY MR. MAZEIKUS MR. LAURENCE MR. J. P. BROWN MR. CRAWFORD MR. PAGGEOT .4 I 'V z - Music MR. BALZER MR. MAYER MR. KEY Ar? MR. BASSHAM MISS CRANDALL MR. JOHNSON A Home Economics MRS. MORGAN MlSS I-IAIRGROVE MRS. HAGLER MRS. WOODARD MRS. BUTLER Girls' Physical Eclucafion Boys' Physical Education MR. CASTLEN MR. GAINES MR. MCELROY MR. GRAF MR. De MANDEL MR. VUJOVICH MR. TEACHOUT MR. ARRANAGA MISS HARRIS MlSS STWALLEY MRS. CAMPBELL MRS. ALSBERGE, School Nurse MRS. PAPE MRS. DRUMMOND 'A---4....,.g.n In Memoriam LELAND L. LEASE Bookstore MRS. HALL TOM DODDS PETE STODDARD Cosfodioms Row T-ARTHUR CLARK MELVIN ANDERSON RHILIR WAGNER WILLIAM DONE MRS, STELLA DAWSON Row 2 - RUSSELL HOOKER N. B. ELKIN ATLAS GLOVER ED GRELJZARD GEORGE KELLEY F. DORSEY MERRILL B. JIM WHITTEMORE GUY BUDROW Cc:1feTerIo Row I--ESTELLE ERRERSON GEORGIANA GORMAN DOROTHY VORCE GEORGIANA GORMAN DOROTHY VORCE IDA WEAVER MAGDALENE LUNT Rovv 2-CHARLOTTE LUCIER MARY SHIRK LENA ANDERSON JANE ATKINSON STELLA ERICSSON MARY SWAIN ALICE WORTHINGTON NANCY FRAZIER In 'WW QW WWA , , Cafzzmi ip fgwu DICK I-IARMON Sfudem' Body Vice-President Semesfer I JERRY DALTON Sfudenf Body Presidenf SemesTer I I wif' .fgfucfenf go uemmsnf WAYNE SINK Student Body Vice-Presidenf Semester Il ur '4 -Q., ' ' 72' Ax K , - 1. ' v I H-Af. fa , yes' 'fe 'E' -Maw, BOB SPRINGER STudenT Body Presidenf Semester Il CAROL SPARROW Secreto ry MICKEY BENEFIEL Direcfor of Assemblies TOM HALLER l 5' Wish wif Compfroller HQWARD GIANERA Coordinator of Spee JEANNE ERICKSON Song Leoder lower left: PAUL MCICMILLAN Yell Leoder BILL UNDSAY Senior President in-ff dvr Cabinet l, under the able leadership of President Jerry Dalton, began the year by compiling a budget. They also spon- sored atter game dances with a success not attained by other schools. Five con- stitutional amendments, which origi- nated in the Cabinet, were passed by the Student Body. LORRAINE HAUSMANN MARTY HUCCABONE President of Girls' League President of Boys' League F""" BGB SPRINGER Coordinator of Organizations RICHARD TASH Coordinator of Fine Arts DON KIRKLAND Director of Publicity BILL KNOX Student Court DWIGHT LIGHTBODY RrO.T.C. Representative lower right: WAYNE SINK Director of Boys' Athletics PAT FITZPATRICK President of G.A.A. I f X fix X ff! fi! -ar ff C if W fm i ' , ,.:,1 1 V' ,,,, ,, rr,s f f ff we 1 H Ms I If f' N! is 7 f X f NX X fyy , 4 I 1 5 ZW X ffm W f If I ff I , f xg, 119 w Q, X A I n 9 M2 E 4 nv- WI ':1"'! 4-uf fig! V fi' , ' gh ' an A 3 q"' 5 IL' QT' A' . Mfr! ,yn 1, l I f f if 2 mf ,4 BARBARA SLOCUM Secreta ry RICHARD TASH Director of Assemblies IOI-IN ASELTINE Comptroller TOM PONTAC Coordinator of Speech JAN SNOW Song Leader lower left: RICKY NEATE Yell Leader BILL LINDSAY Senior President ,gow-A CABINET 2 This semesters hard-working cabinet, under the guidance of President Bob Springer, organized the grounds clean up committee. They also sponsored the very successful Barn Day and the Back- ward Dance. tllliX'4!I 'YKSI Sliiilfil, mummy ms: - nm cf any 0 cs I, ix :Minka A essfe LNUSKII NIEHS Q BOB PETERSON Junior President ART VASQUEZ 36" K Sophomore President JERRY DALTON Past President LORRAINE HAUSMANN Organizations -unp- SHASTA SAMUELS Coordinator of Fine Arts DON KIRKLAND Director of Publicity BILL KNOX Student Court LOUIS PERICE R,O.T.C. Representative lower right: Session TOD THOMPSON Director of Boys' Athletics pAT FITZPATRICK MARTY HUCCABONE SHARON LEWIS President of Girls' League President of Boys' League President of G,A.A. V 2? 'mfg I 74,6 'HN att. , I I ,V ,,,, ,if in -lj. S I -, I if , ,, ,, X, . ,,.-.. lapis ww ps- A we 0' Q uv X1 - Z jx 1 X M22 , , I ,.,,,, f.:-'Q ' A .zxq ,ss-X? f f ff! K K,,:v,t...V "TC IS," ,L 'tis f W8 Q f M X I i, fx 4 ,. GIRLS LEAGUE The Girls' Leagues TirsT acTiviTy was To hold a welcome Tea and Tour of The campus Tor all new girls To Glendale. On OcTober I5 The annual STunT PorTy wiTh The Theme of "Dear Diary" was held. The Board also served aT The TooTball ban- aoef and visired The elderly ladies' home aT ChrisTn'ias Time. Row 2 JOYCE RUSSELL PAT WILLIAMS NANCY DAVIS LORRAINE HAUSMANN, F? Hi ..- k Y . 3 XX! The firsf acfivify of The Girls' League Board for 'rhe second semesTer was The annual Dad- Daughrer Banquet Oh ST. Parriclbs Day, The Board gave The faculfy souvenirs. The goal of The Girls' League is To promofe Tradifion and leadership. A., Po-N T MARLENE BLOOM, DONNA BLOOM Pow Q SHARON E LEWJS, PAT COULTAS, PAT FITZPATRICK, MRS. DOROTHY E JACKSON, Faculrv Advrsor, LOLA PTLKINGTON, SUZIE TAYLOR, DLANNE AITKEN Row 3 JANE BRISTER, SUSAN LACEY, BETTY JO LEWIS, CAROL SPARROW JUNE SMITH, JACKIE GREENE, NANCY GARDNER PAT EITZPATRLCK Presudenf, Second Semester of 40" 3 .Z X-WM. c 1 x. MARTY I-IUCCABONE President BOYS LEAGUE Among the vorious octivities spon- sored by the Boys' Leogue, under the Ieodership ot Morty Huccobone, Roger Moire, ond Poul Schubert, were the very successful Fun Fest held in the boys' gym to which the entire school vvos invited and the Sports Assembly for the viewing ot top sports events ot 1952 ond 1953, ...,,,f x L N X f X 1 ' w V X ROGER MAl RE Vice-President PAUL SCHUBERT Secretory-Treosurer wwf ROSE RIDGE K X 6. X I.: ' SSQIQIQWIP Swzzefv Cow' RSUIWIQ 9665 N51-1932 Row I' GEQRGIANA MILLER, BILL KNQX, fy A Row 1' A-lxN GAZZANIG-X ,IIM FARRIER .4-'Sh 'WU f'rFF"',1"? CNP' QA di, mkvmz " ' f 'fi F' Qu m.,4'd.f,. na QI A 4 1 Student Bank V77 -4? Rofv I- BEVERLY ZENGER, MARY KIMARI, BEVERLY HARMON, ELAINE GOTTSCHALK, BETTE BUNN, ELEANOR CONNELL. Row 21 PI-IYLLIS HALPIN, ANNALEE GARDNER, MRS. ALMA I-IALI.. Pow 3 CLIFF AVELLINO, TOM HALLER, CONGRESS I A represenrorive from eoch homeroom is elecrecl To serve on The Srudenr Congress eoch semesrer. The Congress opproves meos- ures ond bills originoring in The Cobirmer ond Inrerprers school proiecrs To Their homerooms. Row I-ROBERTA CONDIT, FAYE MCCLEARY, PAT WILLIAMS, JO ERICHSEN, ARDY GIANERA, LEAH SCHNEIDER, DIANE FELIX, MARIBETH HILLMAN, JOYCE RUSSELL, PAT MENNE, Row 2-JIM OLIVER, BILL KNOX, JOHN MILLER, BILL PRATT, JERRY DALTON, JEAN Von der WILT, PAT COULTAS, MARTY HUCCABONE, TOD THOMPSON, DICK HARMON. Row 3-BILL WEIRE, JIM ROUNTREE, KEN GHIZ, BILL ROUNTREE, TOM MERRICK, JOHN ABRUZEE, BENNO LUDWIG, CARL MIDDIONI. CONGRESS 2 The members of Congress II Supported The Cabinet in The clean- up campaign, and The amendmenf To The ConsTiTuTion which placed The power of approval of Consfifufionol measures on The Sfudenf COLJTT. Row I-CELESTE I-RODNEP, MAPGAPET BPENNAN, RAT HLJTcHISoN, JANET CARMAN, BREE ETTER, oEoRoI MILLER, ELEANOR CONNELL, MAXENE MILLER, RAT BELL, BETTY SUTHERLAND, NANCY MESERVE, BARBARA SLOCUM. Row 2-SLOAN HALES, DAvID BRovvN, CARLIN SoLJLE, BILL BLJcIcHoRN, CYNDI TLJRTLEDovE, RAT WILLIAMS, KAY DAVIDSON, oEoRoIA LARIccHIA, JLJDY JoNEs, DONNA SHEPHERD, CHARLES WAITE, STEVE HANSEN, JIM RODE, PHIL REYNOLDS. Row 3-JOHN ABRIJZEE, BoB VAHEY, BILL LINDSAY, BOB SRRINGER, JIM ScHvvERTEEoER, DICK HARMoN, LARRY CARDINAL, JOHN BUTLER, BoB WAKEHAM, DWIGHT LIoHTBoDY, DAVE SERNE, STAN SCHULTZ, KENNY THORNTON, PETE ZANDER, HOWARD WALTERS. C L A S S O F I 9 5 4 Under the experienced leadership of President Bill Lindsay, The class of 1954 earned a repuiafion for Tearn- vvork and class spirif. Winning The Fall Play Tickef sale assured The senior class of financial securiiy, giv- ing them The necessary funds for a handsome school gift as well as an unforgeiable Senior Prorn, banauef, and class pariy. Their spirif won The covefed Oraforical Award in Thai di- vision. BOB SANCHIS JOYCE RUSSELL SUE TAYLOR, SUE DENNY Song and Yell Leaders Secrefaries SENIOR COUNCIL 18. 2 ". . . fanning f00ZpI'ifzf.I 071 five mfzdf of fimef' COLJDCII I Pow PJLPY 3.-'JLTTI-IEJJS, PAT FITZPATRICK, NANCY WILLIS, JOYCE RUSSELL, RICKY NEATE. Fan 2, I','!-5gf'. Y!-IEEP, LYNNE SOULE, SUZIE TAYLOR, BILL LINDSAY, SUE DENNY, MARLEY SHPIVE-7 I-IOVICF CULLJNO. PON 21 ,UL VME EINY, EOE Sf-I'-JCHIS, JERRY DALTON, ALLEN MURRAY, RICHARD VALENZUELA, DON YELLSTPOU DOA. !.f-LLHMJE COIJDOI II PM ' DIANE ROSS, PAT COIJLTAS, SIJZIE TAYLOR, PAT GOGERTY, BILL LINDSAY, SUE DENNY, JOENE POSSO, PLT EITZPATPICIY, MPS KATHRYN JONES. PM 2. Dmv HAPMON, CLPL MEYOWAN, MAPK MATTHEWS, CAROL TODD, MARLEY SHRIVER, JEANE EPICKSON, JOYCE PIJSSELL, HOWARD WALTERS, LEONARD AVALLONE. Pow 3, DON WILLIAMS, JOE HARPER, BOB SPRINOER, RICHARD TASH, PETE ZANDER, JIM SCHWEPTPEOEP, CHUCK ZIEPT, DOB SANCHIS I K I.......JL,.,,,,,I I""W'-all 4. 14:14-Q' 01 5 'lf'-Q S'-03"' ARVIN ABBOTT CAROL ADAIR RICHARD ALBERTSON JOAN ALICATA BARBARA AMBROSCH -Q-WA 46-'mf LEE ANDREWS WILLIAM ARNOLD JACK ARNTZEN JOHN ASELTINE WILLIAM ASHBAUGH I "',I V '2'2P ' I Ty 1 ' 4-WM' VALERIE ASMUND THOMAS ATHEY RICHARD ATKINSON JR. ROBERT C. AUSTIN ROBERT VV, AUSTIN LEONARD AVALLONE RODNEY BAERG GLENN BAGG NIGEL BAILEY 13' K ,.. 4 I Z RALPH BAILEY TRUMAN BAILEY PATRICIA BALDWIN NANCY BANE HELEN BANOS, W.'54 M lay , ,,,,q3w, Q , - ,zw i V. ' A . 7M K , .Q ff 4. Q53 ww 4 ' ,im qu 3,5 " , BEATRICE BARBAPINO SUZANNE BARKER DALE BARNECK DAVID BARR SANDRA BARTH X I W ,, , ' I, f ff, GORDON BARTOW JR. CAROL BATES ZARRYL BATESOLE SALLY BAUDINO BEVERLY BEGLEY Yu? WALT BELL FREDRIC BENEFIEL JEANNE BENSON if x .J -Y NJ X 'N .J .J SARONE BIRDSELL CHARLES BOICE . V, Nd X EDWARD BIXLER MARLENE BLOOM , ' ,vw ,-7 ' N- ' NF R ROXANA BONILLA JERILYN BORING 91 ARLEENE BESTLAND an QW? N RICHARD BOHN .xx ,vf 1' 3 Ng Z ll E A . 'ix - NR 'XS A ,4 - A R X X ,L Av X L, Agn : fi , I QLLw,. RMK MICHAEL BOSTON Nw 8.455 qr"'9" -J , "vb 'ed' RICHARD BOWMAN DAVID BOYD ALLEN BREITENBACH ANDREW BRENNAN JANE BRISTER DONALD BROOM DAVID BROWN ROBIN BROWN WILLIAM BRUMM 'E K-I THEODORE BPUNS JF. EUGENE BUMILLER JR, CHARLENE BUNCH BETTE BUNN 4' -73? 5 L J f , A N , 7 A Q Z .JOAN BURGESS MYRNA BURKS III WILLIAM BURNS DAVID CALLISTER If'an-M99 ,,.-f BARBARA CAMPBELL LARRY CARDINAL VIRGINIA CARLTON LUVONNE CARR DIANE CARSON 'fill' EZ,-W DOUGLAS CARTER DALE CARTWRIGHT MARGARET CASTELL mf MARIA CASTELL - wwf - .,4. L ..,: L-,W fx., A ' 4. -L Z 'KK M' ,W if E 1 Q3 ,,f Y WARZ M R, .7 CRX? f R ,rf , I A xff ' KA REN CAVAN fur' , KI v-OV' W? wr 1 X f GLENDA CATLIN BERNICE CAUGHEY ' 'HGV ELIZABETH CAVE 2, fn '."R bbs vi' RR M ,YN 1? 41" ,-v Q' KATHLEEN CHAMPION JOAN CI-IRISTENSON MARY CHRISTIE ,AHC - ' 'hc 'Q xiii? A si ' , X- wg X5 2 X mf sf' 1 3 2,' LQVONNE CHRISTOPHERSON JOAN CLARK PENELOPE CLARK MARGARET CLAUSE JOHN GLENDENEN JERRY COLE ELEANOR CONNELL JANE CONNER THOMAS COONS !-NNETTE COOPER RICHARD COOPER , ilk PATRICIA COSNER MARTA COTA . ' f ' W ig,- 'ff 4- - ww W, ' , . K 'O' .1 Q ".,21,' 3 ww, , fflzfgffi, 12 I ' f I PATRICIA COULTAS DIANE COX FRANK CRAIN PATRICIA CRANE III! SHIRLEY CRANE JAMES CRAVEN PHYLLIS CRESPI RUTH CRESS BERNARD CROSBY JERRY CROSS '53 Kr' WZ? HONOR CULLING GERALD DALTON I-IARTLEY DANEKE NANCY DAVIS JOHN DEEMINO sb- KATHLEEN DELANEY JOAN DELMONTE SUZANNE DENNY ROBERT DICKIE JR. MARY ALICE DIKE 'Q --A if Q ,isz.aff3:fAT-m. CHERENE DIVER THOMAS DODDS JR. CLIFFORD DRAKE TOM DREWEATT THQMAS DREWEK A R N ggi , W J Rx ' x E A fx H1 MQ fi if" , E7 2 .8 f WAN DA EGGLESTOV -. --1 RALPH ENCINAS QW M JEAN ERICKSON Wx NANCY DUCLOS WILFRED EBERT SONNA ECKMAN JOAN EDGERTON 77 xg M J , 3 f. 1 . ., I X.. , Q, 754 - ,, Q7 1 fiwym X ,, fl fl f Q 4355 7 E ,W K Q ,.,.x V in Ili I ' 51,9 - A .- ,Q Xf , ,, f , .,- ,Q :N ,- X ,tty .,, .. -I, I, -:!3,:,S A 1 Q ., . . ffm 1,V ,aw , ..1. z 'iv ' " ' ' ' " ' L A Fr? E-:-. "Y+75' - -g-gig' ,f"' , ., 1 T:'11-:affix 23,1-f"Z fi . ,wiwmwex-.,',,J.:,v.z,- 4- -' ia?- -ql x11,M. ,ww .... ,., ,V ,,,. 1. ,.:.! I- :'zzzz?g1F11w?7 4 .ff-' ' ' Q 225-f3a1ff'm'1:.w,-.viii ' -V' 1 I DMNE EYNOLANDER JOHN EKMAN ANGELINE ELARDO LEE ELSON ni , 1 4' uw W? ARTHUR ENDERLE RICHARD ENOS JO ANN ERICHSEN ROBERT ERICHSEN ,W , Z V Jn, . fw , 1 7 , W 74 4 N, f , I Q 54 1 K I jf' I K X DAVID ETHERIDGE GEORGE ETHERIDGE BREGETTE ETTER STANLEY EUSTQN X. Afzbo I V V I ' , ' 1 I mf BRUCE EVANS JAMES EAMBROUGH 5 JAMES EARBEEQIIJ " I' JAMES EARRIER A. 1 -I I 4 I PATRICIA FITZPATRICK MARLENE FLEMING GARY FLEER fi X CAROL FORD JOSEPH FOX RUTH FRANKLIN JOHN FOLEY I II T' ,I KARL FREDERICK JR Ki ik RONALD FRENCH PATRICIA FRISWOLD DONNA FULLER WILLIAM FULTON JANICE GABHART GARO GARABEDIAN ANNALEE GARDNER NANCY GARDNER SHARON GARDNER , V, aw-f-wr '-4 GLIDDEN GARRETT SHARON GARMAN ROSE GARRISON ALAN GAZZANIGA 42" BARBARA GEE BOB GELSINGER HOWARD GIANERA PATRICIA GILBERT W RICHARD GILLESPIE DON GOBEL DOROTHY GOETSCH PATRICK GOGERTY .JEAN GOLLER ,T-, JOSEPH GONZALEZ ARLENE GOODE JOHN GORDON KN 3'-af 'G' 'TMR ff f 'Q J ff iw R - Ama LORNA GOSS MARTIN GRASSEL JACQUELINE GREENE M" XM L. V hu. H-on 'fav KENNETH GREENLAW JR. CLIETON GRJFFITH RONALD GROB WILLIAM GRUBB WALTER HACKMAN """'Q" LORAINE HADSELL ALLEN HAGIIIIAN RICHARD HALE JERRY HALL PATRICIA HANLON 'Nw WALTER HANLON JOSEPH HANTMAN RICHARD HARDY I I, 'Q X, wil? A f PIU-4f-RD HARPER V," LUTI-I HARRIS DONNA HARTLEY Civ' 497 Nw.. R' Q 2 PATSY HASKELI. LORPAINE HAUSNIANN PEGGY HAYWOOD f f RICHARD HARMON RICHARD HASBROUCK may RODNEY HEAD LAWRENCE HEIDLEBAUGH WW .. A fxh ::r352EfsEsi:,as ' 'X -. f x im-'Tx ,I i .:,.::. 5 if I ' 2 I S i " . JIM HEIER GARY HENDY DONALD HERSON JACQUELYN HICKS WILLIAM HIGLEY M iz I I I MARIBETI-I HILLMAN SHARON HODSON LARRY HOLDREDGE EDWIN HOLT STEVE HOPKINS xv I HEATHER HOPPER DARLENE HORROCKS MICHAEL HOSIER VIRGINIA- HOWARD MARSHALL HUCCABONE ,. A ,L M ,M ,,, v 'I 'I , 3,5SsV.f' My ,MY ,Q A .. , 113- H yy 1- 55. JOAN HUDSON ROY HUELDEN ALAN HUGHES JEAN HUNT ROBERT HUNTER RONALD HUNTING BEVERLY IRVING FRANK ISERI JAMES JACKSON JY' W:-:V I DARMA JACOBSTEIN EDWARD JEDYNAK MARIEL JENKS JALINE JEWETT CAROL JOHNSON X X Z V-, mv 'WWI if 2 4 3 sf 5 'xt- II A' -Y f , 'hw 2 ,A , L L Y K f 62, I Q 5 Q2 . M f, Q A ,Tiff .. " 2- 'ciyfxp www 7J fm if ' ww, -351. ,. , n J- w'Y:"Pj 'F-2 ' 2,3 A 1 , , :EE 2 32 X I I ,fm ,J 1 L f' .65 ,,:5..EwC1, RONALD JOHNSON NOLA JONAS BARBARA JONES BETTY JONES JOHN JONES THOMAS JONES ELAINE JUNGO MQW 'Wm MARILYN KAISER CHARLES KAUSEN JANIE KAVANAGH W-' .IUDITH KELLER DONALD KELLSTROM JAMES KENDALL JERRY KENNEDY AL 5 63 glib 6 PADDY KENNEDY RICHARD KENNERKNECHT JAMES KENT MARIANNE KIMARI 'W' DONALD KIMBALL I BARBARA KISLING Y? ELIZABETH KING an X 'L S E E: . - .E 'Xl-3:55 stir: ' I f W- ,L-Tpxfag, . A ifrgxlf 5 gi D r -Tx"g'-:E L ' LLOYD KING DONALD KIRKLAND CARL KLIEWER CHARLES KLINE JOHANNA KLOHS PHILIP KNOLL 4.3 A XYZ nf 'V I II N Q I 'xx WILLIAM KNOX JOHN KNOX ROBERT KOERBER WILLIAM KOPPANG 1 'QQ gtk BPLJCE KOWOL JAMES KRAG GEORGE LABBE SUSAN LACEY nan. ZQ SUP'-qv ,,,.fff" A RONALD LAKE DAVID LQMASTER NORA LANDBERG PATRICIA LANE PATRICIA LANKOW LEROY LARSEN WILLY LARUM WILLIAM LAWRENCE JERRY LAWSON E Qi i f , IfE"E.E V, I f I , fa 1 Q Q IEQ '-gf-4' V f f ix I X f , "2 L E' 'I S' WARREN LeBOW ROBERT E. LEE LOUANN LEHMAN , ,jff .,E.. is ' 59 ji ff A, if' BRUCE LEINSTEP FREDERICK LESEMANN EUNICE LEWIS 'P' A- -4-4" JACK LEWIS JOHN LEWIS SHARON LEWIS SHARON E. LEWIS DWIGHT IIGHTBODY 4-"' Orff? A WILLIAM LINDSAY DONALD LOEFFLER BEVERLY LOFGREN PATRICK LOGAN R055 MARIE L6pEZ wtf' MARY LUTES BARBARA LYNN GEORGE MGCDONALD lr. PAUL MUCMILLIN MCP-If-EL MADDEN MARY MAINLAND ROGER MAIRE NICHOLAS MAITHONIS sd cr? -M PATRICK MALONE BARBARA M!-NN ANTHONY MARIUS ROSEMARY MARTINOFF CAROL MARX mm, MARK MATTHEWS VERLIN MATTHEWS WTLLTAM MAX Af-Tr' -nw' KEN MAXON STUART MCCAMENT 5 I 5, I5 E far N' PATRICIA MCCORD MARGARET MCCOY JERALD MCDIFFETT ALAN MCEWEN CARL MCKOWEN We 3 gg ff ' " ,If ki 1 " 5 v 23. 7 ,f ' fav f X 1 , I V X 1 I f if f ,Q 1 PAT MCLAUGHLIN TERRENCE MEMANUS DEE MEMASIERS YVONNE MEIIINGEI2 PATRICIA MENNE -172 'G' ALICE MENZEL JOHN MEIZIER ROBERTA MILES DAVID MILLER QEORGIANA MILLER +"V' 5 SSR JANET MILLER 'QW LEE MILLER XR 1' kfif , 4: K 5 Qi K 8:-Zn fs I .15 EE LARRY MITCHELL W'54 'W-'vu' JOHN MONEYHUN If!-REN MOONEY MERLE MOORE ROBERT MORRIS 'fi-if -J' f"9 ,iv f Q Kfw' Q Tx. if ii LORICE MITTRY RONALD MORRIS DIANE MOPROIN SONDRL. MORPO1! MURIEL MOXLEY ANN MUNN ALLEN MURRAY Mpww MW yy' MAPSHA MURRAY VAE MARIE NELSEN BRUCE NELSON SUSAN NELSON ANN NICHOLS UQ? xx -nf-""""'X LARRY NIX SANDRA NORTHRIDGE GARY OFFUTT WILLIAM PAGE PATRICIA PALMER 'U' JOYCE PEARCE . '-if , f'-C I ,V , Y fizivvy f DAVID PERRY HELEN PANTAGES VIVIAN PAROLA SHIRLEY PAYNE 'md' ANTHONY PEARSON BARBARA PEDERSON LOUIS PEIRCE 5 My If EDNA PI-IARISS EMMETT PHILLIPS KATHLEEN PICKERING PHYLLIS PIERCE LOLA PILKINGTON A S -'15, BASIL ROULOS ,. "Nd H-NET PPIESING .IUDITI-I PONTAC 'U JOAN POWNALL TOMMY PONTAC KATHRINE PORTER GALE POYORENA WILLIAM PREIS If-fs., JOANNE PRITCHARD 1 '95, l 7 f ff H, ,- aww A W f W KZMZ JOHN RANDALL GERALD RANKIN f Kiwi V ,W H, 4 f - I ,,,, I' , V 3 f 1725 5 , in , X 2 f Z 9471 'vs' ' 1 M IWW, f I ,I f 'A Zi" ,ibn f if W f 4' WILLIAM RAPP 'UN L X 1' .QA RICHARD PYLES JUDITH RABEN ROSETTA RASTELLO JAMES REBAL ' 1 L 'NI' III A g,I'RlJIQ ' SLR "4X,IJ T' R Dix., C Y? N If Y Y , ',"'- 'ug j 'R ff' N if'f1-f.,R I si X E ' I It Tiqgyx IIJRIAHSNIA ICUQ I IIIIQ I, I QQW 'I f I -M. 'I , I 1 .f I I l I lvl? I I R1 'I 1 E uv . A - 45 RQ - NORMA REGAN JOHN REGO PATRICIA REGO 'lg 1, '.II'f. 'A - ' f ' " f2"',, 2 1 ,- HMI - I., V f f 'W X QRBW x. QQ Q. fx A f 4 2 X is AX, , A N, .. I-A - mga-'I 1 11 Q l 5 N 2 f XR Q' f W. ' K vs. N ,T J' .RRS R R R X 1 . I A' ,. .ig,, ,IIN GALE REVARD PHILIP REYNOLDS RONALD RI-IOTON 2 73- iw fxd SHERRY RICHTER ROSE RIDGE HAZEL RIECK BARRY ROBERTSON SANDRA ROBINSON Www 'R' SHARON ROBINSON JAMES RODE CAROL RODERICK DAVID RODRIGUEZ DON ROOSA , gU,q.xA um x A iw f. Bw -. Q, I sr DIANE ROSS .JOENE ROSSO MICHAEL RUSCH XX SI-IL-STA SAMLJELS ROBERT SANCI-IIS L. ,S R I WALTER SANDT '1-gr GARY SAUNDERS ELIZABETH SAINYEPS DAVID SCI-IEINHAUS M 'iff' 2 RONALD SCHUETZE ALBERT SCHUH ROY SCHULKE 1' A SCI-IIEBER iff ' If U X7 . fy f ,.,. MYRN X A Y KV' Zz V Nfl f?fv X f 22 1 S f L mv ' ffl Q ff! X Nz ff W0 lv ff? Z Q 1 4 X f ,V ,fi if ! I Ii , I ..:A -f f X"' I , L - A , ,f 1 I ,, I DAVID SCI-IULTZ JOYCE RUSSELL ANN SANSON PAUL SCHUBERT wx-sh if SYLVIA SCHURIG fs. 2 YOIII2 Yum "5 '--..,, JOAN SCHWAB JAMES SCHWERTFEGER SYLVIA SCOTT ROSE MARIE SCOVERN .IOHN SEE fl f - ...-. fb F " I' . 1. 1 f - , , M X 1 , 7, LLOYD SELLERS DAVID SERNE RICHARD SHAFER SONIA SHAFER MIRIAM SHAW if af"7 YI? DAVID SHELDON DONNA SHEPHERD CHARLES SHERROD CLINTON SHERROD ANNA SHERWOOD ci BRUCE SHOMLER MARLEY SI-IRIVER RICHARD SIGLER ANITA SIMMONS MI R 5? I.. I -X - A ' Af pl-Q f V . 1, V jg 55::.: " VX Q57 QA, N 5 WSI 7 l , RONALD SIMONDS WAYNE SINK ALAYNE SLATER BARBARA SLOAN VIRGINIA SLOAN BARBARA SLOCUM BARBARA SMITH CAROL SMITH JONETTE SMITH NADINE SMYTHE f' .ff ' I , Q I I, III,,II f I - I 1 I Z JANICE SNOW LYNNE SOULB MARGILOU SPAGNA CAROL SPARROW ROBERT SPRINGER QM DONNA STAO JERRY STEELSMITH BOBBE JO STEVENS MARGARET STEWART SHARON STEWART PAULA STOCKER SONJA STOCKMAN JACK STORCK -Q 'P-xx ww' RUTH STREVER GARY STRICKHOUSER MARY STUMP RICHARD SULLIVAN Q JSJM BETTIE SUTHERLAND 'Qs JOYCE SWAIN ARLENE SWANSON SHIRLEY SWANSON EDWARD TAGGART MARILYN TAMS DARLENE TANG DAN TARALLO RICHARD TASH 'We JCR :sf 1 fm. 'ifbw ZLODII. TLTE RICHARD TAYLOR SUSANN TAYLOR GWENDOLYN TENCH Q 492 , I L.. ff iffy iv Z6 T ' A H' ' I fini ' , I ,',. E7 ' uffiff, P9 M f 91? M 21 ff 5 ,f I1- Min , ,, 9 I f ffg w HELEN TI-IO!!!-S YEVIN THOMAS LOMALEE THOMAS RICHARD THOMASON ' WMM FRANK THOMPSON MICHAEL THOMPSON BRUCE THOMSON JEANETTE THORNTON LEWIS THORNTON E .mf--ff-X' pda YO Ui A WYLL JANET TIFFANY Wir CAROL TODD ARLEANE TOMLIN Q Y as 1Zf,If" ...fl JOSEPH TOMLINSON MARY TRIPLETT THOMAS TRUMBULL Q73" MICHAEL TUCCI SHIRLEE TUCCIO DONALD TURNEY AUDREY TUVESON RICHARD TYDINGS I ff If .4 1 1 Jeff , ry I4 amy ,mf 2 Mi, Tv. ,, V' EN "5 "'! ' 1 M,:,,,2!?4ziZ?J ROBERT VAHEY JEAN Von Der WILT JANICE Von DEVENDER JAMES VEACH JANICE VERDUIN SHIRLEY VICARIO DONALD WAGGLE DUANE WALTERS HOWARD WALTE RS sw' THOMAS WARD GORDON WARRICK .IUDITH WEARE RICHARD WEDEMEYER LAQUITA WEGER ELOISE WEIR ALEESE WELLES WILLIAM WERNER JR. SALLY WESTWOOD LYNN WHITAKER CONNIE WHITE JUDITH WHITE f -- ff fww ,1fM,G'Q7f , f NWA V 1, ' f ' A wif" , Q56 IX L X RSA? 'SAX .Q V R .I N. BQ E1 I I - if THOMAS WERTNER I 'fflf :., fag! xXY'qX NW XX! I qw Qxfxj f X fy N 1 NWN , iw IX 1 5:1- R . I CW, 4, W, 43 ,429 CEN, fi, I X ' .1 A V' Egz w 1 ' .L K3 ' ' ,gwrv ,. I 4?- "Z,-F ,XWS 1, f f www Q ,, , I ,fgwgfr I , -wr: H ,f 39 p 7 I - wif X 4,8 ,, ' f ,Xi 1 ROBERT WHITE JO ANNE WHITESELL PATRICIA WHITMAN GARY WHITMIRE HAROLD WHITWORTH .IUDITH WIERDA ITN , btw ff 2 rx Q f, S ROBERT WILDEN CAROL WILKINSON DONALD WILLIAMS STANLEY WILLIAMS NANCY WILLIS 'llczd' MARY WILSON SAMUEL WILSON ELSA WINKLER NANCY WITT BARBARA WOLFE an.-...ff Ek MARY WOLFE DANIEL WOOD WILLIAM WOODBRIDGE ROBERT WOODFORD rags' ,, I A '- l FLEA '- - fgyw , ' .',5'fl',7Wfg " 5 SX if ma:-L f . x Y N X -X QM' K f E E i V! ELLEN WOODING DEXTER WOODS MORGAN WOOLLETT DANIEL WURTZ ROBERT YANOVER , I I I TQ PETER ZANDER BEVERLY ZENGEP DEUON BAKER MALAH BENDSCHNEIDER 1196 KM: z CHARLES ZIERT MARY ANN ALLARD HOWARD ARTHUR V ff ! f ' " ,W Z ,VVVV 77 U . I 1 I A 7 M I 5, of At I 4,2 ' f ,',' , JOHN BLACK VIRGINIA BRADISH PATRICIA CONNER N f JOHN CUMMINGS IH FRANK FREELY CHARLES FRAZIER ROBERT GOODMAN CONRAD HAYTHORNE JAMES HENDERSHOT GENE LYLE FRED MABBUTT 4157 , L . I ' PJ PAUL MCGEE MYRTLE MCINTOSH JO ANN MCNABB NANCY MELBY W L L ,A lil UL , V, LL A A L ' L X , C? i"F"" X I, '-4 KEITH MURDOCK RICHARD NEATE JOHN NOCHELLA WAYNE OLSON CHARLOTTE SUMMERS If Quik GUY TYE SANDRA TYO RICHARD VALENZUELA I A I . ' ' i 'S-V I' 3 ' ""3f I ffgfxi Vx I XI Q -, I If .M Q, I I x I X 5 ARLO KENT PHILIP SEYMOUR ADDITIONAL MEMBERS OF TI-IE CLASS OF T954 ARE ROBERT ADAMS, JEAN BARKER, JOHN BRITTAIN, JAMES NEILSON, AND STEVE RAKISITS. WILLIAM VAUGHN JUNIOR COUNCIL I 8. 2 ". , . 1196 .randy of time are half-way tbrozzglv the hourglaff' Council I Row I: DIANE FELIX, CAROLE DANSON, NANCY ZAUN, MARILYN MANN, SANDRA BRADLEY, BERNADEAN MATTHEWS, IAURIE LANGWORTHY, JANICE ROTE, Row 2: CONNIE WHITESELL, NANCY INGRAM, LESLIE NASH, LORA PRESSNALL, PAT WILLIAMS, PAT HENRY, JEAN RUSSELL, JUNE SMITH. Row 3: BILL MEYERS, JOHN SNYDER, BILL PRATT, DICK SALES, JIM OLIVER, BILL ROUNTREE, BILL ALFSON, CHARLES MARA, BENNO LUDWIG. Council Il Row I1 MOLLY MORELAND, CAROL SPENCER, DIANE FELIX, SHEILA STECKER, DIANNE AITKEN, PAT PETERSON, JEANNE FOUCH. Row 2: BOB DOUGHEI-TTY, LARRY MITCHELL, BILL PRATT, ERROL PROUT, JERRY COONS, CARL MIDDIONE, DICK HOLWAY. Row 31 BURTON ROE, DICK SALES, BOB PETERSON, DON BUDAI, JIM EBERT, BENNO LUDWIG. ,ff .411 H, 'iw' MM OLIYJEP, Vice-President BOB PETERSON, Presiclentg LESLIE NASE' Secretary BENNO LUDWIG Treosurer Yell and Song Leaders PICKY PPINTUP, DIANNE AITKEN J U N I O R C L A S S Enthusiasm and spirit were the outstanding contributions ot the Junior Class. Victory came early in the year with the winning oration of their speaker, Barbara Burroughs, in the Oratorical Contest The Annual Junior Prom, Snow Flake Fantasy, pre- sented a tairyland of lights and icicles. mam W Wy I V ,Vw v" VW "b 4 I ' "W H52 " ' 4 ,. W' ,,,m,.d - ff?-MZ' i?,l1Ql'?l'Q'f:fa' ' .Q-1: hh .ifwfhr i.. .M 1.7 ,.,,,,qgm?, ima. , .- f ,ff ,- V.-, -f.4,4.,k.,,f V mw,7:,.:""'2w f,gfnig'-er- - "jf 7213? 'if " KM -fs-":'12t., " ::':-4 'uf-.4 Pm, .1 - ff ff' fn. H, f ffvf 67 Row I1 BEVERLY ARENDSEE, DIANE BENNETT, DIANNE AITKEN, SALLY BELL, JANICE BARRETT. Row 2: GENE BATTISTONI, BILL BUCKHORN, GLENDA AVEDON, PAT BENNETT, CELINE BERESNAK, DIANE ATWATER, JEANNETTE ACKERMAN, JUDY ALLEN, TEDD ALDRICH, JOHN ABRUZEE. H Row 31 BILL BAUER, JIM BARRELL, CHARLES BAKER, CLIFF AVELLINO, GEORGE BABCOCK, TRAVIS BARNETT, ORLIN BEARMAN, BOB BYRNE, BOB BAKER. Row I1 BETTY ANN BOARDMAN, KITTY BANOS, JUDY BERRY, DIANE BOOKER, SANDY BOWER. Row 2: LEWIS BERGER, CAROL BIGGS, SI-IERRY BROWN, MARGARET BRENNAN, JUDY BERASCHNEIDER, SANDRA BRADLEY, JACKIE BOTTHOF, BOB BERTRAND. Row 31 RONALD BELL, HOWARD BENNETT, BARON BRIGGS, RONNIE BROSCHINSKY, DICK BOYER, BILL BRADFORD, WES BJORLIN, TOM BRANNON, fjl Row I-DARLENE BROWN, JOAN CHRISTY, BARBARA BUSS, LIZ CHRISTIANSON, MARION CHUBA, GRETA BUTTERFIELD, JUDY BRUNK, ROSIE CALLAI-IAN, BILL COAD, FRED CHRISTIANSON. Row 2-JOE CARSON, CAROL BARROW, GRAYCE CARNER, KARLA BURLESON, VIRGINIA BRADISH, BARBARA BURROUGHS, SONJA CALLENDEP. SH!-PON BRYANT, JOHN COPPER, JOHN BUTCHKO. Row 3-DON C!-MPBELL, RDNNIE CASE, CONNIE CARSON, RAY CHAPLAR, BOB CARTWRIGHT, DICK CALAME, ROY BECKER BOB BURNS, DON BUDAI, BOB DOUGHERTY Row I-URSEL DAUGHEPTY, IN!-NCY CRONEMILLER, CHARON CH RISTENSON, JUDY CROCKETT, ANN BIRNIE, MARLENE DE LERAY, DIANA DUNAGAN, KATHY de LOS REYES, CYNTHIA DUNN. Row 2-MICKEY CARUSO, JIM CORSON, TOM CARTER, DAVID CARSON, ROBERTA CONDIT, CAROLE DONSON, DEE ANN DAVIDSON, DORENE DEL FIUM, DIANE CRAWLEY, PEGGY CUPPS. Row 3-RALPH CLARK, L!-RPY CHANEY, KENNY CHRISTOPHER, GEORGE CONKLIN, ROGER CRAWLEY, JAN DONATO, JERRY COONS, DOUG CARMICHL-EL, WARREN CASE W I wif I N--J J , 'xx E Iv. Row I-COLLEEN EDWARDS, ROBERTA ELDERKIN, VICKY DUTCH, KAY DAVIDSON, FAYE EFTING, JUDY ELLISON, JEAN ESPISITO, PAT EICHLER. 2-KAY EGGERS, KITTY DELANEY, SHIRLEY EDDY, DONNA LEHMAN, PAT FENTON, JIM EBERT, DICK DICKOVER. 3-ED EDWARDS, JOHN DECKINS, JIM DISSMAN, MIKE DONOHEW, JIM DRENNON, BOB EUBANKS, DAVE DEICHMAN, DOVE, BOB DAVIS. Row Row JIM Row FOWLER, BETTY FUNK, MARGARET GARRETT, DIANE FELIX. Row 2-NANCY ANN GAINES, SANDRA JANE FOSTER, LINDA GIBSON, JANET GEE, ARDY GIANERA, SUE FLEMMING, GRETCHEN FRAIN, DEANNE GHIGGIA, BARBARA FOSTER. Row 3-ROGER GELSINGER, JIM FOLEY, JOE FITSCHEN, GEORGE FRANKLIN, DICK FOX, JIM FARRINGTON, RUSS FISHER, BOB FITZPATRICK, WAYNE FLINT, BOB FAIRBANKS, JACK FORSTER. I-JANICE GIBSON, MARY GEANNOULIS, DONNA GERKEN, LINDA FORD, JEANNE FOUCH, JUDY FREIMAN, BARBARA ' ffkwfm PT N! Y .4 ROW I-CONINIE GJ.-'KI-NN Mi-INCY HALL, MARILYN I-IAI-INLEIN, VIRGINIA GILBERT, CARMEN GREENWOOD, MARY ELLEN GOUKEL, L-RLENE I-If-GEF, BETTY HADEN, ELAINE GOTTSCHALK, ROW 2-KAREN HLLL, B!-RB!-DL GPOVEP, MARILYN GULBRENDSON, KENNY GI-IIZ, VITO GUARINO, GEORGE FASEL, GENE HAND, CI-IARLEY GR!-Y. Pow 3-BOB GILMORE, TO!! I-4LL-ER DAN HALL, DAVE GREENBAUM, BILL GIBSON, TOM GRAHAM, NICK GRUB, ROGER I-IALL, PHIL I-IALPIN. new I-BEVERLY Hx-WON, wx HENRY MARION HOUGH, MARJOEIE HENDERSON, KONSTANCE HENRYK, JLJDI HARMON, JOYCE HENPETTY, JLCYIE NOEL, POW 2-DON HEIEE, TOE HOUSES, HOLLDO HOWELL, MARY JANE HERQON, JOYCE Hu-wr, DICK HOLWAY, Russ HAWORLH. Row 3-DALE HORN DON HOEEEET CLIFFORD HENZEL BARRY HOKER, JIM HOLST, ALVIN KELLY, BILL HUDSON, FRED FOWLEP, 2-:,1...1l!A3-nf-'M"3. AJ, - I it if M I K AN ,M is I 4 , Q lg, J Lf ,.. -4 I I ' Wwfiviim X f' --auf JW A , E, Y Y 4 , , fl Q is Eff. Row I-MARCIA KRAFT, MARY JANE JONES, MARGE JENSEN, LORETTA KIRSH, PAT KELLY, MARY INGLE, MARILYN IMUS, ANN GOODMAN, SHIRLEY JOHNSON, JOYCE JOHNSON, Row 2-DICK GUPPY, LARRY JACKSON, GERRY IVERSON, PENNY JONES, FAITH JACKSON, BONNIE KENMUIR, BARBARA KIRSCHBAUM, GORDON HOOBLER, NORMAN KLING. Row 3-DONALD HUNTER, JOHN JAFFRAY, FRED JOHNSON, LYNN HOWIE, BOB JACOB, KENNY JOHNSON, PETER JAMGOCHIAN, DON HUSSUNG, ROBERT MESSIER, Row I-JANICE GATES, WILMA HARDESTY, PAT JOYNER, KAY LOWMAN, ARLENE KUHN, JOANNE LANG, LAURIE LANGWORTHY, MARY LAWRENCE, SONIA LEEAN, BEVERLY KUBELEK. Row 2-ALLAN LANGDON, RON KAUFMAN, JANICE MESSENGER, GEORGIA LARICCHIA, BETTY JO LEWIS, JANET LINDGREN, KAY KRECHEL, LINDA LAUGHLIN, BURTON KNUDSON, BILL KREGER. Row 3-KENNY LAPPLE, JAY KENNEDY, GERALD KLASS, MIKE JONAS, JACK HEWITT, ED LQPLOUNT, TOM KEENAN, RICHARD JORDAN, ALBERT HOFMANN I 1 ' I ' x X X M ' ' ,M . 1 W Q f W Row I-MARY MACAULAY, KATHY MARTIN, MARLENE FROELICH, PAT FENTON, LOIS LOVGREN, ELEANOR KUNKA, MADELINE MARTIN, GAYLE KIRK, PAULINE LEMON, SONIA HOFFMEISTER, ESTHER MARSHALL. Row 2-DELEERT LEMING, MARGARET LOCHHEED, SANDRA MCGARRY, LORNA MCDONALD, MARILYN MANN, JANET MAINS, VIRGINIA MAGUIRE, DAPLENE MAHONEY, STEVE LARSEN. ROW 3-DALE LOVE, JOE LOMBARDI, JIM JORDAN, STEWART LERNER, BENNO LUDWIG, MICHAEL LOGAN, ANDREW LARSON, JOHN LARSEN, ROGER MCGOOKIN, KEITH MCCORMICK, BILL LOCKHART. Row I-SUE MAXWELL, SANDRA MILLER, VAL MOORE, MARGIE MORRIS, ANNETTE MALGIOGLIO, NANCY NEWELL, MARTHA METZLER, KATHLEEN NEBLETT, Row 2-NORMAN GPIFFIN, HAPPY MAYO, GRACE MUELLER, DONNA MOHN, LESLIE NASH, BERNADEAN MATTHEWS, JOHN MCGINNIS, RALPH MCCULLGCH. Row 3-JON MITCHELL, TOM MEPRICK, OWEN MCGUIGAN, JOHN MCLAREN, DON MARQUIS, LEROY MGCMILLAN, RONALD MCHENRY, GAIL MASSEY, CHARLES MAPA .wb U ,, ,. Vm n, ,T ' A, ,Q . , at 1, K V:- ,gg M W. ' 1 Af ,Tw ,, A ,J I f ' J Q . 4:41 . , . . ,, . V' 'Q' 1, , ,, , ,, 7' ,. M., --W -wi I IT I Q M K I I , .if ?l,j M" ' .Q-W" 'I-f W' I fur, ul Ti .-If n11T..i, 5, Row I-MARCIA NISHTI, CAROL MUCCIOLO, BETTY PACE, .IAN PERCIVAL, CAROLEE OUELLETTE, TILLIE NISSIM, JOAN PAYNE, JUDY NICHOLS, SHARON PAGGEOT. Row 2-BILLY MEYERS, WALT NILSSON, GREGG NEIBERT, LOIS NICHOLS, JOY NELSON, PAT PETERSON, DONNA NICHOLAS, DOUG MEYERS, LOUIE NEIMAN. Row 3-BOB ORR, WENDELL NICHOLS, FRED PARENT, LARRY MITCHELL, JIM OLIVER, JOE MISKINNIS, KEN MONSON, BILL OLOFSON, CARL MIDDIONE. Row I-LYNNYPORTUNE, PAM PIERSOL, JEAN POPOVICH, PAT ROBERTS, JUDY REYNOLDS, LYNDA RICKETTS, MOLLY MORELAND, JANET POSTHUMA, GLORIA RESTIVO, CHARLEEN NEWMAN Row 2-LORETTA POINTS, JANET ROOSA, BARBARA RAU, SHERRILL RAYNARD, GRETEL ROSENTHAL, DEANNA PRATT, LORA PRESNALL, PERRY PANTAC, CLYDE PITTS, PETE PRESCOTT. Row 3-JIMMY NISH, ROY PRIDEAUX, NORMAN PETERSON, JAY PACKARD, BILL PRATT, FRED POHL, ERROL PROUT, RON PERRY, RICKY PRINTUP, WILLARD OLSEN. Row I-CAROL SHOEMAKER, GAIL SCI-INERINGER, MARGE SCH AEFER, JO ANN SIGMOND, ROCHELLE SHAPIRO, JANICE ROTE, GAIL GRINDE. Row 2-TOM Rl-LPI-IS, ELLIS REITEP, MARLENE FROELICH, JEAN RUSSELL, SHIELA SHOAF, MARGARET ROSS, ART REID, JIM RIPPEY. Row 3-LEE PROWS, ALEX!-NDEP PYPEP, HARRY ROBBINS, DENNIS PARADIS, ROBERT PURMORT, CARL REINHART, JOHN REED, CHUCK REILING. Row I-PAYE STOUDENMIRE, SHARON TARR, CHEPYL SCHINDEL, DIXIE STADLER, PHYLLIS SCHWANDER, DIONA RUSSELL, SHARON SNOW, BAREAPJ- TINDEP, FPEDDI-LEE SPOONER, CAROL SPENCER, JUNE SMITH, SHEILA STECKER. Row 2-DARYL SCI-IENDEL, KAY STPATTON, JANIE SUTTON, GAYLE SNOWDEN, MYRTLE STROUGHTON, DARLENE ROUZER, ELIZABETH STAIJENOIJJ, JO 1'-NNE PUCYMLN, CAROLE POUNDS, JANET THOMSEN, DON SI-IEETZ. Row 3-TOM SCI-IMIDT, JOHN SI-IELDON, CH!-PLES ROBERTS ON, CHUCK ROONEY, BURTON ROE, GAYLE ROBINSON, DICK SALES, BILL POUNTPEE, BOE POSE, NIKE ROBBINS, TOM ROWLAND. I fxvp, Er aw QM Row I-MARLENE VERGITH, ANN WARD, JOAN SNOOK, CYNDIE TURTLEDOVE, CONNIE WHITESELL, MARILYN SINCLAIR, FRANCINE TYRRELL, PAT WILLIAMS. Row 2-ED SNYDER, JACQUIE WILLIAMS, SUZETTE WHITE, BETH WHOLEY, KATHERINE THOMPSON, DONNA SORENSEN, DAVE SOVREIGN, TOM SHORE, GENE SHIER. Row 3-GUY SMITH, JERRY SCHUBERT, JAY SMITH, BOB SCHWENCK, ROD SHEPARD, ED SAWYERS, EDDIE SEYMOUR, JOHNNY SNYDER, GEORGE SMITH. Row I-CAROLE WOLD, FRANCES WOODING, LOUISE WITT, EDITH WRIGHT, FLORANN TERKLA, JOANNE WULF, SHARY SAUNDERS. Row 2-DICK ULRICH, STAN THOMPSON, PAUL WADSWORTH, JOHN THOMPSON, KENNY TUCKEY, JON WAMPLER, EUGENE VIAU, BOB SWITZER, NED Von RENSSELSER, DON STITZEL. Row 3-DENNIS TACKITT, LARS WOOD, ERIC STROMBERG, GARY STILTS, LARRY TAGGART, KENT TURNIPSEED, REX TANNER, SCOTT TEGARDEN, JIM THORP. ROW I-ARLENE WYCKOPF, LYNDA WESP, DONNA YOWELL, PEGGY WEYMAN, NANCY ZAUN, ARVEL gp-um-IERD CLAIRE SHIRLEY, JUDY ZIEGLER. Row 2-GENE WALTERS, JOHN WATSON, DON WATSON, RONNIE YATES, LORALEE WEITZ, LINDA TAYLOR, CHARLES WAITE RAY WAID, Row 3-DON STEWA RT HAROLD WOOD, KENNY WITHROW, CHRIS WOODBURY, KYLE WRIGHT, GAYLE WOOD, VIRGIL I-IORPER LARRY ACI-ITERBERG BILL ALFSON JOHN ANDERSON ROSE BARBER NANCY BARRETT MARY BAUGHMAN CAROL ATSINGER MARIA ARARACIO AUSTIN BONNETT DWAYNE BUCKNER CAROL BARPOW JOHN BENARD JOHN BLACK ERIC BORKLUND SHERRY BENNETT JEAN BLACK DARLENE BROWN SALLY BROWN GRAYCE BASTON MYRON BURTNESS LARRY CHILDERS JACK CLARK LYNN KRISKE LELAND LeGROS CHARLES LYNCH LARRY LYNN MARY LYALL DOROTHY MAGNESON DON MQCLANE ART MADRID JOHN MARSHALL MOLLY MORELAND JOAN NELSON BARBARA NEWBURGH JOHN MYERS MURIEL MENEFEE JIM NISH ALAN MITCHELL CHRIS MOHR DICK NEWSOME MAPLENE MICHOLAS JERRY PATTERSON WILLIAM OLSEN BOB PETERSON ED POWERS KEITH PRESTON BEVERLY RUSS JOY ANN NELSON ED REEBIE JEROLD REED MARGARET ROSS LEROY COLLIER ALFRED COON MARGARET CORBEY DONNA CURRY CHERIE CABIS CYNTHIA DUNN ROLAND CLARK WILLIAM CAMPBELL DOMENIC DeGENMARO PATRICK DELANEY CAROL EDDINGS DOUG D'ARNALL TERRY DALHART ED FINLEY DOROTHY EDMINSTER SHIRLEY EVANS HAZEL FARRINGTON MAUREEN FISHER DICK FREEMAN DIANE FITZRATRICK JIM JONAS GENE GILLIAM GALINA SCHERAK PENNY SELTRECHT JOAN SLOAN CAROLYN SMITH RAY RICHARDS DON ROSSITER IOHN SAMRSON MALCOLM SAND CAROL SRAINHOUR GALE STRANTON SHELIA SMITH BOB SILLIRHANT CARL SLABAUGH DALE SMITH EDDIE STADLER BARRY SHIPERD BETTY VOSS ANN WHITAKER CAROL WHITE LEE STRAND DONNA HERLAND RETE STODDARD BOB TALBOT KENNY THORNTON DONNA MCCUNE JIM URBAN PAT WALKER DON UNDERWOOD JOE WALSH JOHN GILMARTIN NICK GOTTUSO NORMAN GRIGGEN FRANCES HACKMAN DANNY HARDEKORF RAY HAMMELL CLHZETCL EUGENE HOUSE BOBBIE HAMILTON BARRY HARKER JUDY HARRIS CAROL HUNT CHERIE HASENBEK BILL HILLIARD BOB HUNTER RONNIE JENKINS NANCY INGRAM JANET JOHNSON ROSALIE KOVACK MILO MCNABB RAY JONES FRED KLAGES REGINALD LGMARR WILLIAM STADER RAT WYMER DAVE WALSH EDGAR WILSON CAROLE WHITE ANN WARD BARBARA TURNER LINDA TAYLOR BARBARA STONE DOROTHY STAHLBERG DALE REYNOLDS ZULIA SCHNEIDER DAVID CARSON LARKIN WRAY DUANE FAVARO MARILYN ANDREW RICHARD INGRAM JEAN HULLIAN R The Sophomore Class began Their years ar Glendale High School by presenting The winning tableau in The Oraforical Contest. The annual Cotton Cord Dance, with The Theme, "Mardi Gras," was very successful. E S 1 T T I ' K 'fi 1 'Sli erar 4 ,MT N'--,Y , J pl af' A X - - brizzgizzg neu' randy to 1'6Pf612ZJ'h ifoe old Epi: KRT? gn fuxsni'X'. rt' :unix 'rut' 'ff Row li KATHY REYNOLDS, Secretoryg ART VASQUEZ, President JOE SERVER, Vice-Presiden, Row 21 PAT BOSTON, Song Leader, DOUG CALLISTER, Yell Leaclerg LINDA MCCAMENT, Treasurer . 3-364 ,nga u 1 SOPHOMORE COUNCIL 18g 2 Councul I Row I. LINDA MCCAMENT, PAULA ROLLER, GAY HOUGH, PAT BOSTON, ANN MCINTIRE, MARY FULLER Row 21 DAVE REBAL, ED CROXALL, JIM ROUNTREE, GEORGE SPENCER, JOE SERVER, RICHARD CANEDAY Councul II Row I, LINDX- MCC!-MENT, FA-YE MCCLEPY, LOIS KIRKPATRICK, BARBARA COLEMAN, PAT BOSTON Row 2V MR. LEO APPLNGA, JOE SERVER, APT VASOUEZ, JUDY GOOBY, JERRY YOUNG, ALLAN ROSSO Row 31 ALFRED MILLER, TOM MCCLENAHAN, PETE LAKSO, RICHARD CANEDAY, JIM ROUNTREE J N-, , Row I - ELAINE ALEXANDER, JUDY ANDREWS, DELMA ALLRED, JANET ANDERSON, COLLEEINI ADAIR, KAROLINA ANDERSON. Row 2 - JACK BEAVER, DONNA AMBROSH, BONNIE ALLEN, GLENDA ASHBY, DONA ANDERSON, JACKIE ARMSTRONG, GARY BRADLEY. Row 3 - ROGER ANDERSON, TOM ARMSTRONG, GARY BACHTOLD, JOHN AUSTIN, PETER ASMUND, JIM ARNOLD, BOB ARNOLD. MK ,Zvi ' ' zz,-. , ' if is QW- "' L,. im 'T 1 X A ' f Row I-JACCIE BEAVER, RUTH BLACK SANDRA BAKERINK, BARBARA BANECKER. Row 2-NORMAN BRIDGE, BILL BREMER, LYNN BROWN, JAY BROWN, JOHN BUTLER. Row 3-ROGER BAIER, NICK BENNETT, BOB BURTON, GORDON BRIGGS, JACK BENDSCHNEIDER, HARLEY BRINKLEY. Row I -NANCY BERGNER, PRISCILLA BLANTON, DONNA BLOOM, BEV BENSON, BETTY BENNETT, LORETTA BONHAM. Row 2 - MIKE BABCOCK, MERTON BARNES, PAT BELL, ANNE ARVIN, DAVID BEANS, BILL BEACH, JIM BENNETT, FRANK BEAUDREAU. Row 3 - JERRY BLANKENSHIP, KEITH BARTOW, DICK BOGGS, MARK BLALACH, ROGER BANKS, JIM AYRES, JOE BISHOP, BILL BLAKELY, GLENN BIRDSELL. Row I - CAROL JEAN BOWEN, DORA MAE BROWN, JUDY BUCKBOROUGH, PAT BOSTON, DIANE BARLOW, SHARON BRADSHAW, CAROL BRATCHER. Row 'Z-DONNA BROWNING, CAROLIN BROWN, ANN BRADY, BONNIE BONE, JEAN BROWN, JEANNE BUTTERWICK, SANDY BILLINGMEIER, SANDRA BYERS. Row 3 - PETER BRECKHEIMER, DAVE COSS, ED CROXALL, GARRETT BRUMBY, JOHN CRYAR, DON CULVER, LES CONARD. Row I-JUDY CAMPBELL, BETH CHAND- LER, ROSE MARIE CORPLE, JILL COLE- GROVE, BARBARA CLARK, PATSY COOK, MELINDA CLENDENEN. Row 2--MAE CARINI, CAROLYN COLE, BARBARA COLEMAN, SUSAN COLLINS, DOROTHY CHURCHILL, PAT CORNELL, JANET CAPMEN. Row 3 - SANDRA CLARK, DOLORES CARPENTER, JOE CARROLL, PAUL CHRIS- TENSEN, RONALD CAGLE. YR r I 5 5' Row I - GAYLEY BROWN, SUZANNE BENICHE, BONNIE BARNETTE, JUDY BLIVEN, EVELYN CARPENTER, LUCILLE BURNHAM, ROSEMARY BROWN, Row 2 - BRUCE CARLANDER, GARY CHRISTENSEN, CHARLES CARDER, GOR- DON CHAPMAN, RICHARD CANEDAY, DOUG CALLISTER, Qgsy Row I-ALICE EDDY, JACKIE EASON, JUDY DRAKE, LINDA ERICKSON, CHRIS' TINE DREWEK, JEANNE DeROMPA, VICKIE DUMONT. Rovv 2+CAROL DORN, BILL EBERT, RICH- ARD EDWARDS, JOEL ENGEN, JANE DAVENPORT, BEVERLY DONNELLY, JOAN EISINGER. Row 3-JACK EASON, CHARLES FON- TANA EDLEFSEN, TERRY EVANS. ,4- -..-1 ROW I - GARRINE CRAYNE, JACKIE CREWS, JOAN CUSSON, CAROL CROSS, PAT CRAIG, PAMELA DIXON, CAROLE COX, ROW 2-ALFRED DESSAYER, KENNETH DeGRAAF, TERRY DeVAULT, RUSSELL DUNCAN, JAMES CURTIS, MATT DI. MATTEO, MIKE DELANEY. ROW 3-JAMES DELMONTE, LYNN DAVIDSON, RONNIE DAVIS, DON DUFFY, CHUCK DILTS, PETE DEROSA, LARRY DALE. 'L Row I-MARY FOSTER, ARLENE FERONA, FLORENCE FASANO, SUSAN FAHRNAY, MYRNA FARRELL, MARIE FEATHERSTONE, MARY FULLER. Row 2-BOB FRENCH, OTTO GEISSLER, CAROL FREEMAN, CHUCK GATES, CARL GERMANO, JOHN FREEMAN. Row 3-RON FURBECK, BOB GIEUERE, BILL FAULMAN, ART GILLMAN, EARNEST GIANNIOSES, TOM FORD. Row I-LUANA GOUGH, BEVERLY GAR- LOW, VIRGINIA GHIZ, ELEANOR GAR- RETT, SUZY GROOM, NANCY GREENE, GRACE GILMAN, BARBARA BEBB. Row 2-GERRY GEREMIA, BETTY GIL- BERT, MARY GREENLAW, JUDY GOOBY BETTE ANDERSON, CAROL GLADDEN, MARGARET GUSTAFSON, JANI5 GAGE. Row 3-SKIP BAGLEY, BILL GREEIXI, JANICE BENSON, JUDY GRASSEL, GOR- DON GUNN, LARRY GOODMAN, RONNIE GOODMAN Pon I-LINDA HOOPEP, JULIE HEPIJI!-N SON, LIZ HIPSCHT, JUDY H!-LE, JEANETTE HLIISEN, V!-Y I-IOUGH, JEAN YENDLLL Pow 2-ELIZABETH I-IILLNII-N, YATHY H!-PPIS, PEGGY HOHNHOLZ, LLILI- Hl-LSTEEN, BAPBAPA HAPDING, APLENE HLPDY, PAT HOYAL Pow Z-POIVIEP HUNT, SLOAN HALES, CAROL HARWOOD, DOUG HOPPEP, STEVE H!-NSEN Row I 7 LINDA GUTIERREZ, KAREN GERARD, PAT GOWER, LINDA CROSETTI. Row 2-LEIGH HUGHES, HENRY HEMM, ED HOSLER, DOUG HARRIS, CARL HER- MANSON, BOB HOLLAND. Row 34-KEITH HOLDEN, PETER HELLER, PAUL I-IEYDORFF, BRUCE HOAR, BILL HOUGH, GARY HANSON. W?" ROW I-JANICE JENSEN, SHIRLEY HOR- TON, JOYCE JOHNSON, AUDREY JACK- SON, BETSY HULL, SLJZANNE HUNT. Row 2-JUDY JONES, BARBARA HUNTER, CINDY INMAN, SLJZANNE HARDWICK, BOBBLE JOY, PEGGY HUTCHINSON. Row 3-KEN HOLJNSELL, DAN JOHNSON, BEVERLY JONES, GINNY JUDO, LYNDA HORLBERT, BARBARA HUSSUNG, DAVID JOHNSON. .ff Row I-NANCY LCJGROSS, EVA MASCHER, ELOISE LEWIS, RAMONA LINN, ELAINE MAOOON, NANCY MESERVE, PAT LAR- SON. Row 2-MATT KEARNS, SCOTT LOVELLEY KAY LINN, DONNA LAWSON, PAT LEON- ETTE, NANCY MASTON,MlCKEY LESLIE, MARK LACEY, Row 3-WAYNE KEEPER, PHIL LESCOMBE, JOHN LAURENCE, DON LOFFTUS, MIKE LASH, CHRIS LO MORT, DAVE LOFT v., I 53 Row I-ROSANNE JOHNSON, JO ANNE JAHELKA, KAREN KEOLEY, LOIS KIRK- PATRICK, LINDA KALDE, JEAN KENNEDY, ELEANOR CARLSON. Row 2-ALAN KISNER, DEAN KELLY, DENNIS JEVVELL, CORINNE KOWOL, JEAN KABLE, BEVERLY KELLEY, HAYNES KEN- DALL, GREGORY KNAPP. Row 3 - KENT KOEHLER, BILL KERN, RANDY KRAUSE, SLOAN KNOX, DAVE KIMBALL, TOM KARESEN. C Y 'SFF- Xnsf L, -AV L45 S. L mai if N Row I - AL MILLER, BOB MAHER, JACQUIE LOVELESS, JONI LOZEAR, DICK MELLIES. Row 2-RAYMOND LOWE, TOM Mc' CONDS, NED MCDANIEL, BOB MARTIN, TOM MCCLENAHAN, LARRY LALJCH. Row 3-ALAN MEYERS, KENNETH MAY, BRIAN McKAY, BILL LONG, CHUCK LOCKHART, MIKE MEINEN. QQ, W4 N5 V ,CLR-9' W ia'I f Inf' Ly, I I IM. we f- ' L- Q72 Row I-MARIANNE MOCDAVID, LOIS MCNAIL, EILEEN MOORE, MARIANNE MURRAY, PAT MELVILLE, KAREN MOEN, MAXENE MILLER. Pow 2-SALLY JO MITCHELL, NANCY MOORMAN, OLIVE MULDER, LYNDA MOREHEAD, DIXIE MOCGILLIVRAY, MAR- ILYN MILLER, MARILYN MONTEMURRO. Row 3-BOB LOET, BILL LYONS, JIM NEBLE, RON LOGAN, BILL MOXINTFORD. I 'Qt- thi Row I-PATRICIA LYMAN, SHEILA Mc- CORD, SONJA MCCANE, FAYE MCCLEARY, LINDA MCCAMENT, ANN MCINTYRE, CAROLINE MCDOUGAL, Row 2 7 HOWARD MINKIN, RONNIE MEYERS, RONNIE MUDGETT, JED MEESE, BRIAN LEWIS, TRACY MILLER, JOHN MAYER Row 3-- NICK MOREZ, BOB MOSER, LARRY MENO, KENNETH MOORE, WAYNE MITCHELL, DON MUNDING, KENNETH MIENS K-M - Row I - ARLINE SILVERMAN, LINDA SHRIDE, MARCIA SWEETINGHAM, GER- ALDINE SIMMONS, PAULA PESCATORE AUDREY PATTERSON, ROBERTA SIMONDS, ANN MCINTYRE. Row 2-BILL PEARSON, DUSTY POTTS, RITA PETRUCCI, KAREN NELSON, MARSHA RUBIN, ANDREA SACHSON, SUSAN PARKER, JIM PIERCE. Row 3-JOHN ROST, DARREL OSBORN, PAUL SANDSTROM, CHARLES SIMMONS, DAVID SLATER, JOHN PAXTON, ALLAN PELTON. 3 , ,ge-1 TSW ...NNW we-W' M... Row I-SARA SCOTT, JOY PAUL, SUZ- ANNE NEWMAN, NANCY RUE, PENNY NERO, RUTH PALMER, ELOISE PALMER, DOROTHY MCCONNELL. Row 2-PETE PLANTING, DENNIS o NEIL, JOAN SMITH, EIELINDA STROTHER, MAR- GARET RINNER, ENID OLMSTEAD, KEN MDTHERSHED, EDDIE STAPLES. ROW 3-PHIL PALUDAN, GEL SPENCER, LAURENCE SHELDON, JIM SMITH, JERRY SMITH, JAN STRINGER. L, .L ,WWWWQPWWV fi Tzy if sn-- wt, kj., an J ef' XF? Q ing 45 Row I-JANE STEWART, ELLEN STINSON, DOROTHY SOMICS, SUE PETERS, EDITH PEWSEY, HELEN STOFEL, PATRICIA ROB- INSON, ELIZABETH STONER. Row 2-TIM SHARON, MARILYN STAF- FORD, DIANE SUMMERS, CAROL SCHRA- DER, CAROL SCHWEITZER, KATHLEEN STEPHENS, BARBARA LYNN POST, PRIS- CILLA PRINCE, TOM RODFORD. Row 3-JIM RANDALL, MIKE RODRIQUEZ, BILL SEARCY, DAVE REBAL, JIM ROUN- TREE, JOE SERVER, BILL SHAW. Row I - ANN SOMERS, PAT RICHIE PAULA ROLLER, LA RUE ROBINSON KATHY REYNOLDS, JERRI RITCH, CHAR- LOTTE RISING. Row 2-BILL PARISIA, PHILLIP SHAR- MAN, DOLORES RUREY, PAT RUBOTTOM, BRITTAROSE ROBERTSON, PAT RABEN LES STRUMBAUGH, STAN SCI-IULTZ. Row 3-JOHN ROEDER, FRED GRABLE, JIM JOHNSTON, LEONARD RUSSO, HAROLD RAYNARD, ALLAN ROSSO, MIKE ROWE Q 41, .9 Cf 9511 I - BARBARA SMITH, SI-IIPLEK TAPP!-NT, SHIRLEY CHILDEPS, CAROL PEAPSON, LYNN POLLOCK, RHYLLIS I-IALPIN, SHARON SHEPHERD, PEGGY II!-SH, RON 2-DON DRDEKMAN, DDD HEND4 EIERSDN, SANDY MCNEILL, BARBARA JDHNEDN, DIANA NASH, MARGARET RAD, RUSSELL EDNNELL, Dos HDNNIQDTT. PM 3 - HERBERT WEINPER, CHUCK DDWER, TONY YIM, RDNNIE NELSON, BERNARD WISHNOWDIZ, UGENE WAL- TEPS, DENNIS NIDDLTON. Row I-JUDY TOMLIN, MARIE WEISS, LYNN WILKINSON, BEVERLY STEVENS, LIN TUGBY, MARTHA TAMS, YVONNE WALES, SUE WARTH. Pow 2-BILL VerWEIRE, RONNIE VERNA, BOB WAKEI-IAM, GAIL TODD, ROBIN TOMPKINS, HERB SMITH, KEITH TURNIP- SEED, THOMAS SRROULL. Pow 3-BOB PARKES, LEONARD SUTTON, DICK SOUTHARD, JIM CHAMPIN, TOM TRIPLETT, BOB PECK, BILL MOLDER. Row I-ANN WELLER, MARILYN WOOD, MARILYN ZACK, CAROLYN ZELLE, MARY JANE ROSS, SANDY WERNER, CHARLENE WERK, ARDIS TAYLOR Row 2 4 BILL WORTHEN, BEVERLY YAEGER, SALLY WRIGHT, MARILYN YOUNG, LOU ANN WHITAKER, LARRY WEBB, JERRY YOUNG. Row 3-BOB WASSON, JIM TAYLOR RI-IIL VAUGHAN, BOB TRELUT, CALVIN VcInWAGNER, DAVID THALIMER, STEPHEN WHITEHURST. 'cf I-wa-X. I , 3-f-Q' Row I-DIANE WOODWARD, BETTY JO WHIPPLE, ROWENA MCLEAN, SYDNEY FRANCES, MARLENE VERMEERS, MARIE FREEMAN, RUTH OVERMAN. Row 2 - RONNIE CHITTENDEN, FRED PETTY, REVA BACUS, JUANITA ZUNA, DOLORES WRIGHT, SHARON WILLIAM- SON, BOB PLANKEY, GENE SCHAEFER, Row 3-DON CURTIS, BILL PEPLOW, ART VASOUEZ, GORDON PLASCH, ALLAN LORRAINE, MAC ROTHWELL, BILL SCHRER- NER. '?1i ' -Rf Q ivan ,mx . Row I-JACK HULSE, MARTIN CASSIDY. JUDY HAWLEY, DONNA FERRIS, JAN SLAYTON, CAROLYN WEDEMEYER, TOM PETERS, WAYNE NIEDRICK. Row 2-TERRY TUCCIO, DICK PEGAN RICHARD STOREY, PAT HUTCHISON, HAZEL WALTERS, JOHN MILLER, NORMAN WEINERT, MONTE RAY. Row 3-JIM BORST, HOWARD PAYSON, CARLIN SOULE, CHARLES RICH, JIM ROARK, SPENCER SI-IAW, BILL WATTS. Row I-MIKE AZELROD, FRED CADDICK, PHIL WOOD, GAIL WILSON, DIANE WAY- LAND, MIKE LIVESEY, JERRY WRIGHT. Row 2-DAVE HAMLIN, ELLIOT WARD, DON CHADUM, BERNARD NORRIS, RICKY POWERS, RICHARD JOLLEY, DAVE O'LEARY. Row 3-BOB WINN, BOB PRENTER, DALE WAYMAN, DICK CROCKETT, JOE CORRE, FRANK MONTALBANO. CLINTON ANDERSON BETTE ANDERSON LOIS AXTMAN DON BROCKMAN DON CARLSON SANDRA COWAN RONALD DANIELS PATRICIA DAVIS JERRY EVANS ROGER EVANS WILMA EVANS SHARON GARLAND CAMERA SHY ELAINE GILMORE JAMES HUNT KAY HART BARBARA JOHNSON PETE LASKO JEROME LATIOLIS PAT LYMAN JED MESSE JAMES MEYERS DOROTHY MCCONNELL SANDRA MCNEIL MARSHA RUBIN .W - W ,,,, , ' L, V , ,'9tw,0,,,,f R fr, WS 71 5 If-3? ' Row I A DIANE STRAUB, JAN STICE, DIANNE SAWAYA, EILEEN STECYK SALIY SARGENT Row 2-BOB STARK, GARY STICE, DAR LENE SCHNEIDER, BARBARA SCHMIDT LEAH SCHNEIDER Row 3-HAROLD STEWART, RON STARK KEITH PARKYN, MIKE STILLMAN. JOHN SANDSTROM DAVID SANSON REX SHIELDS BOB SCHRAEDER RONALD SEEFRED CARL WILSON LEE ANN SNIDER BARBARA SCHNELLER RAY STINSON HARRY STRANGO 89 53: WVR W . '94, 'NZ onofz fgzou icglcgofcvza ifz CHAPTER II2 s CALIFORNIA SCHOLASTIC FEDERATION Sealbearers- The honor ot lite membership ot the California Scholarship Federation is awarded to the students who have been members ot the Honor Society for tour or tive semesters, including one semester ot the senior year. Chapter II2 s represents superior scholarship and steadfast purpose. Row I-ROBERTA MILES, VIRGINIA HOWARD, RUTH HARRIS, NANCY GARDNER, BARBARA SLOCUM, PENNY CLARK, LORICE MITTRY, Row 2fMARILYN TAMS, GEOROIANA MILLER, JACKIE GREENE, RON LAKE, .IIM RODE, ELEANOR CONNELL, LOLJANN LEHMAN, MARY TRIPLETT. Row 3-RONALD MORRIS, MIKE RUSCH, FREDERICK LESEMANN, DEE MCMASTERS, PHIL REYNOLDS, DICK COOPER, KEN CSREENLAW, TONY PEARSON JOHN METZLER, MRS, EDWARDS, FACULTY SPONSOR. 90 1 , mo an jrgzs.: fanzcifafc Q wzoz ou: f sm Tau f Lua f-5171.11 2 ., Lnuz focL-L 5 117111 Q nn w!fw uw NL uw! Uv NLPYHL un A LL Hz- ,f wx mm ffwm 4 , L N wmv Dui LQpNA 6035 DVLVIE TPI-UB Pon 2- MLPNLHJ PEL PSON Pon Z! MLW L I-PHOLD von 4- 5Arl5Gr1. BNLL HOUFH JLG!-N Hz-LE HOW!-Po fu-NEP! PEYEP UM-'O1'H1Al1 If ff fflfzou .sfwics 'Hn JUNIOR RED CROSS Row I-JUDY HAWLEY, JUDY ALLEN, ELAINE GOTTSCHALK, RUTH HARRIS, MARILYN SINCLAIR, PAT BENNETT, JEANETTE ACKERMAN, DARLENE MAHONEY, CAROLYN ZELLE, PEGGY HUTCHINSON, DIANE STRAUB, FAITH JACKSON, Row 2-MARCIA KRAFT, SALLY BELL, MARY LAWRENCE, SONIA STOCKMN, FLORANN TERKLA, LINDA MOREHEAD, JANET ROOSA, ROSE RIDGE, DON KIRKLAND, JOAN CHRISTY, MARILYN TAMS, DONNA NICHOLAS, SALLY WRIGHT, BARBARA WOLFE, HARTLEY DANEKE, CAROL PEARSON. ROW 3-PENNY CLARK, SHIRLEY VICARIO, WILLY LARUMI RON SIIAOND, DEE MCMASTERS, GEORGE LABBE, LYNN BROWN, CALVIN VAN WAGNER, DAVE KIMBALL, PHIL LISCOMBE, THOMAS SPROULL, ANN SOMERS, JOAN RYAN, ROBERTA MILES. CIVITANS Row I-MARTY HUCCABONE, BOB PETERSON, LARRY MITCHELL, DON WATSON, BILL PRATT, HARRY MAYO, JIM OLIVER, BOB SPRINGER. JERRY DALTON, DOUG CARTER, RICHARD TASH, BOB DICKEY, DICK HARMON, JOHN METZLER. Row Z-BOB SCHWENK, KENNY GHIZ, ERROL PROUT, WAYNE SINK, ED HOLT, JOHN SNYDER, DICK WAGNER, PAUL SCHUBERT, GEORGE MUCDONALD, ROGER MAIRE, CHUCK ZIERT, LEE ELSON, BOB WILDEN, JIM KENT. Row 3-BILL LINDSAY, JIM DISMAN, PAUL MCMILLIN, MICKEY CARUSO, BILL ALFSON, BILL BRADFORD, DOUG D'ARNALL, ELLIS REITER, TONY PEARSON, MIKE MADDEN, DAN WURTZ, TOM DODDS, ROGER MCGOOKIN, HOWARD GIANERA, RICHARD HARDY, BENNO LUDWIG I0 49 JL , 'QQ I , I E 4 P ,, jf' .ww Mg 1 .A -7 I 'sig JUNIOR STATESMEN 5i-. fhf 'FLNE EEEESNAX EEUQE POUIQL "NND TUUTLEDCVE 'NOOEY WOODBPIDGE, HOWARD L. K 11, TC VLETT ,TEAM POPOTNFH PON ELIELT PAT CFANE PUTH HAPPIS ANN SANSON, CAROL - EJ ,UA f' I H-35E5C'LJQIK Mi-PD-E SCHAEEEE ,ITM POKE TONN PEAPSON MAQCIA KPAFT, JOANNE jf ',1LP'LYM UAUS fLOF'Ii- TATT JUDY EPUNI MADEUNE MAPTIN, KATHLEEN, STEPHENS, f' '1' A IMT I-KEN E-TCEEL NOLA IONAS ' T' '17OIIfOF' YEITH PPEETON LLCYD PING VAUL HEYDOPF ALLAN LANGDON, JERRY 'F FUN-'FFT VAT 'LIHTEPTY PIOFTEFT AUSTIN IOHN BUTCHKO, JOHN MILLER, RICHARD f HH-JFFF PWITEF' M,F.vf'OI'N I-3 DME 'TVEENE NANQY 'DAPDNEP 1-,k 77135 -.I -. ' ff PCUIEF' IPF, FOUND LTNNF SOULF IIIWOL SPAPWOVV, BARBARA , i-:' ,. 'L D' V C,-, '--',' :ti-A 'ffl' ' JLIQI' ALLEN SHLPON E LEWIS PAT COULTAS, JANE BRISTEP, i if -5' 73I.'F'i4 E45'lLfLETv' MDPTLYN MANN YAY, KFTECHEL, JANET MILLER, Ufff, 'LA PLV WOTON JEAN Vi+NE'EPVVILI, NANCY DAVIS, LOPICE Y VILN CVEEVJWOOE' DIANA LTIJNAVEAN, MAPIANNE KIMARI, . 724' -' A ' ' ff ,ET . MDC WEN ELSA IVINVLEW ,IOY1 E SWAIN, DP BPOWN, FACULTY 1 -' :Q 1.f: r"'. : jqgfwrff ANN NVHCJLS PLT HTZPAIDIFY MAPCE JENSEN, MAPILYN FORENSICS CLUB Row I-WDON BUDAI, JEAN POPOVICH, MARY TRIPLETT. Row 2-ELLEN WOODING, PAT CRANE, BRUCE KOWOL, DARMA JACOBSTEIN, CHARON CHRISTENSON, DIANE CROWLEY, CHERYL SCHINDEL, CELINE BERESNAK, JOE FITSCHEN, JOHN MAYER, JUNE SMITH, BARBARA BURROUGHS, TONY PEARSON. Row 3-CHARLES WAITE, JIM FARBER, STAN SCHULTZ, JIM RODE, MR. WADLINGTON, FACULTY AD- VISOR, PHIL PALUDAN, HOWARD GIANERA, JERRY DALTON, RON MCHENRY, DOUG HOPPER, DICK HARMON, WOODY WOODBRIDGE, MIKE HOSIER, RON KAUFMAN. 49 'ERS Row I--ELLIS REITER, DOUG CARTER, PAUL MocMILLIN, PAUL SCHUBERT, MORGAN WOOLLETT, ED SAWYERS, LARRY NIX, BOB DICKIE, MARK MATTHEWS, KEVIN THOMAS, THOMAS WARD, DICK COOPER, JOHN REED, PHIL REYNOLDS. Row 2-JOHN THOMPSON, BILL MAX, JERRY SCHUBERT, CHARLES SHERROD, BRUCE NELSON, DON KIMBALL, GENE HAND, JIM FAMBROUGH, PAUL WADSWORTH, ROY BECKER, GEORGE FASEL, BENNO LAUDWIG, DE MCMASTERS, BOB ORR, PAT GOGERTY, MR, HEWITT, FACULTY ADVISOR, DON KELLSTROM. Row 3-BILL KNOX, MIKE TUCCI, CARL MCKOWAN, TOM SHORE, WILLIE LARUM, BILL BRADFORD, BILL LINDSAY, MIKE DONOHEW, BOB PETERSON, MARTY HUCCABONE, RON SIMONDS, JACK GORDON, BILL PAGE, LEE ELSON, CLINTON SHERROD. STYLUS STAFF 'FIX Fi 'I 'QQ EDITORS: NANCY WILLIS MARIBETI-I HILLMAN :E 'TOP BETTY SAWYERS ,.J,, F ff Iii ISE NN. 5 J 'If-we 477 if .UKCT LLSS EQITOP, ML-QCIA KPAFT EZCHCNCUE i.iSS EDITOR, JILL COLEGROVE EUSIT-.ESS 'JLMLGE5 149- '! BOONE OPGLNZLT CME L22 QUEE I-ITM!-LEE GARDNER EDITCSILL LM' G ' - QZQPTE ELPH!-PL CAMPBELL L ,'AR5, HELEN 501395, PI-IOTQGP!-PHY JO!-IN EENAPD FACULTY ADVISOR DHOTOGRAPHEP, 11' xx?-,L BRUCE SI-IOMLER ,,,1'K4l ' 5 71 f fm, --14 Z ,,,., ,? lI,I ,fix . QV W 5 ,Wx Z ASSIST SPORTS EDITOR, JOE M!SKINNIS SPORTS EDITOR, JIM FARRIER V , 459 EXPLOSION STAFF I The Explosion, Glendale High School's week- ly newspaper, was published by an etti- cient and capable statt during the first semester. With editor Joe Harper and as- sistant editor Dick Harmon at the helm, each edition was replete with news, editorials, i U, features, and sports. ASSISTANT EDITOR, DICK HARMON EDITOR, JOE HARPER PAGE EDITORS NEWS WRITERS FACULTY ADVISOR Seated-WANDA LEE EGGLESTON PAT FITZPATRICK, MRS, KATHRINE JONES Standing-LEE ELSON, TOM PONTIAC, ROD RODRIGUEZ PAUL SCHUBERT. Seated-SANDRA NORTHRIDGE, MIRIAM SHAW PUBLICITY DIRECTOR DON KIRKLAND, Standing-KATHY PICKERING, NANCY DUCLOS TYPIST JANICE BARRETT, EXCHANGE EDITOR BOB YANOVER SPORTS WRITER OZ HAYTHORNE Aw--a EXPLCSION STAFF 2 The high standards of school newspaper excellence, exemplified in the Explosion, were continued under the second semester staff. Editor Lee Elson and assistant editor Wanda Lee Eggleston with an industrious staff issued a paper, complete in news cov- erage and interest to the entire student body, FWZ '- r ' :resin-5 ri: f if HEC :,.if-ff-Q3 n-:- '-'H Elir-'LK QPQPYE ,.' 'A' EZCEE' QCP- Y HEL.- - -,--w-,-- fr - , Jr", ,,' o' '- 'll , 'X . yaa..'ff Eoirore LEE Eisom Assismisir Eoirop WANDA LEE EGGLESTON PAC EDHOFPS CAPL McKOWAN GEPALD PANWN NANCY DUCLOS POD PODPIGUEZ, TYPlSl ,lANlCE BAFFPETT FELTUPE WF'lTEP'9 Silnteflw PADDY KENNEDY LEONAPD AVALLONE Sifmfiinqflilifki HAPMON LOPNA GOSS, J-UNF CJUNNOF' PETE ZQNDEF3 lv :JW iii , , W umm , Row I-JERRY COONS, MARY MATTHEWS, ALLAN GAZZANIGA, DON KELLSTROM, GERALD RANKIN, CHARLES SHERROD, DAVID CALLISTER, CLINT SHERROD, RICHARD HASBROUCK, STANLEY EUSTON. Row 2-ELLIS REITER, LARRY NIX, PAUL MCMILLIN, JOHN REED, ED SAWYERS, GENE HAND, ROGER GELSINGER, ROY BECKER, BOB ORR, BENNO LUDWIG, PAUL WADSWORTH, BILL BRADFORD, JOHN THOMPSON. Row 3-PETE STODDARD, ROY WARD, RUSS FISHER, LEROY MQMILLIN, KEN GREENLAW, DON LOEFFLER, LARRY, HEIDLEBAUGH, PAUL SCHUBERT, RALPH MCCULLOCH, JOHN BEAKINS, DON GOEBEL, RONALD MORRIS, ROGER MCGOOKIN. Row 4-BOB AUSTIN, DOUG CALLISTER, ED EDWARDS, GORDON CHAPMAN, PETE ZANDER, WOODY WOODBRIDGE, JAY SMITH, BILL LOCKHART, CHRIS WOODBURY, JOHN ASELTINE, WILLIE LARUM, NICK GRUBB, KEITH PRESTON, LLOYD KING. DELANEY, ANNETTE MALGIOGLIO, KEY CLUB Row I-MARILYN KAISER, SHELIA SMITH, BETTY JO WHIPPLE, PAT MELVILLE, BETH CHANDLER, KITTY Row 2-DONNA LEHMAN, JEANETTE ACKERMAN, SHELIA MCCORD, BARBARA FOWLER, ROBIN TOMP- KINS, DIANE BARLOW, PAT GOWER, BARBARA CLARK, Row 3-LYNDA HURLBERT, FLARANN TERKLA, LEE ANN SNIDER, JANET ANDERSON, JO ANN RUCKMAN, JUDY CROCKETT. Row 4-JO AN WHITESELL, RUTH CRESS, CAROL DORN, GAIL WILSON, LINDA TAYLOR, DONNA AMBROCH, MARY JANE JONES, Row 5-MARGARET MCCOY, JOYCE SNORINE, NANCY MOORMAN, JOYCE HENRETTY, SALLY WRIGHT, MARY LOUISE LAWRENCE, KATHY THOMPSON. PAT CORNELL, DIANA NASH. K WRITERS WORKSHOP Pow I-BEVERLY BEOLEY, NLNC1f NE!! ELL, JACOUIE WILLIAMS, FRED LESEMAN, SHARON GARDNER, POD RODRIGUEZ, ROSALIE KOVACK. Row 2-CHEPYL SCHINDEL, CAROL FORD, SHARON ROBINSON, SUE NELSON, ROG- ER ANDERSON, CONNIE WHITE, ROSIE ROSTELLO, LEE ELSON, DONNA NICHO- LAS, CHARON CHRISTENSON. Row 3-FRANK ISERI, DAN RICHARD- DON, DAVE BROWN, GEORGE FASEL. THESPIAN CLUB Row I7JlLL COLEGROVE, WANDA EG- GLESTON, DARMA JACOBSTEIN Row 2-SANDRA FOSTER, .IACQUIE WIL- LIAMS, K A T H Y PICKERING, BARBARA GROVER, LEAH SCHNEIDER. Row 3-MICKEY BENEFIEL, DEE MCMAS- TERS, D A N RICHARDSON, CHARLES WAITE, KEITH PRESTON, FACULTY SPON- SOR MISS MARION UNDERWOOD. Row 4-LEWIS THORNTON, ERIC STROM- BERG, JERRY DALTON, LEONARD AVAL- LONE JAMES RIRPY 99 'f' "IQ ,.-Ln, LATIN CLUB MEMBERS-JJM ARNOLD, JAv BROWN SHARON BRYANT, JOHN BUTCHKO DOUG CALLVSTEP, JOE CAPQOLL, DE' LQQES CAPPENTER. POHEPTA CCNDU RLCHAQD -:HOCKEW JOHN DEAJLJNS ALFRED DESSAYEP, MNKE DONOHEW EAvE EHLNG FLORENCE EASANO, DON- NA Eeszms QUSSELL rJsHEn, MAPGAPET QLISTAESON SLOAN HALES, DAN HALL LAJLA HALLSJEEN, ArLENE HARDV DLC! HASBPOLJOL BETW HEDEERS, JOVCE HJ, Arr r.LAvv HLLMAN, ALSEPY HOFMANN vEL1H HOLDEN BOB HOLL!-ND, BILL HQUQH LELGH HLJGHES EJAPBAPA Hus SUNG, AUDPEY JAUSON, JOvCE JOHN SON, MA:-v JANE JONES BOBENE JOY. ,MU LEAF-Ng, LLC,-fa KLNO JLENT KOEH LEv, MAAQN. muff Lu LDEQNEL PEYE LAJLSO PON LOGAN BENNO LLJDWLG BLLL LvONs MAJW NAcAuLAv JANEJ Nu-LN5 VLVOLNLA MAGLJLPE, CHARLES M:-PA IOM NLECOMES NANCY MES EPLJE, ALLEN ME'fEws, Sf-LH JO 'MCH ELL, JLAPEN MOEN EEANK NLONALBANO VAL Moms DENNJS MOLJLTON NANCY NEWELL SLJZANNE NE.'ff.AArJ Jw-A NJSH DENNLS Or-LELL vLJvH PALMEE PAMELA PLERSAL LYNN PODTUNE vwcrv www yup, MLS AEJIEP JEPAL WCH, PAT magma MLLE POOVLOLJEZ L5wEvEL vos. ENYHAL LgAwOLE POUNDS r..:NCv PLJF ANN SANSON, DANE SANSON SALLv SAPGENT SYAN SEHUUZ, KUNTON 5H5pyQp ANN soMEvs rArHLEEN STE PHENS MLYE STLLLMAN MCH!-PD STOP' BELJND1. SWJTHEP MADVHA MMS LLL, mcav ELJOENE vLAJJ WONNE WALES SLJZEUE vvHLr5, POLAND WLLSON, JON wOMPLEw mms woooauwv JOANNE is-A M 'MJLF DN, Wuwz ws AsELw.E :Ac UL T'1 SPGNSOR COMMERCE CLUB MEMBERS Y JOHL. Aewus JAQEE .Z-PPAETPONC 'ELENDL I-SHBY SAND:- EALEALHJL -.ANU BLNE f.wEv'c'. LJAQNES JALJLQE www JAL:v aEAJEr SLJLANNE BENJLQNE eEvEr-L1 BENSON fELLNE eEvEsr.Ax ADLEAE sEsvLAN: LLJLLLYH E, JE. 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TUKIJECC iELE5'E QA: -.L+ EALEAAA :AU ,LJUQAQEL nb .LHELFLLL RAJNAPD rn NELQQ QHAQ LONE ww. ew'AHL:sE ROBENSON A-zQL PLQLL 'L LANL' L:-:QA me JNE fcugrs :AwLE.A :LJBONQLL fwfr, 1-LLN :LLANNE NALLALL JOAN A- HLLAA JLLLLA ELQN QOSE SIOLEQN 'NNE'-PON EHELHELE ANN SHEQLLQQD ,,,:5ALA :LQ-:LJLL umm suv- .wf-.NE SLLLJLL Lum LPAHLOLL DONNA NJAEL 5HwON smwww LJNN 5rLLvS LLLNJA SJCLLALLAN -'LJE gvppgnp JLLQABEYH Shwir BEWE SUYHEJALANC WLENE SLLANSOA DLANE T-ULN JAN LJ mmm SLJSJE NLLJLLN QNDL me JLLDOXE MJDRE1 JLNESON JANJQE LLNLLLLENL-LL LANLLE LLQOLLN LA ALMA :LLL Lv ALLEEL AELLLA 3ALLw LLLSHLEL-L' Lou ANN LLHN-ALE: JLJQN NUHVE Lo ANN Lx-HJTESELL HHH HHOLEJ .LNNE LLLLLLNEON EHAQON .xNLEvx SEN LCUSE ww NANLA 'LLLT' J-lfiwi -'-LJLLJE B-xPL3A:A LMDLKE AAN LL LALJN WORLD FRIENDSHIP CLUB 'JEUEEQS Y CHADLES BAKED SAND MNH BExEkLw BELLU JOAN Lmzwgnx ELLANOR LONNELL H-wTLEv DANEKE LOAN SELMONIE BELL EJJER HOLLAQO W-'ANEQH LQ-ANA GOA FHwLL5 HALAN 'Lx R J HENDM O Q L E HENDEHSON LQNSJANEE A MAN LNL1LE NOLA JLNNA5 LowErrA LHQEH AJAQLJA Kms: gLr5AN LAL EW Loews DL,-.Ng LLQLLQLL 1'-'NDN NOPLOLL SHELQON r AGC-ECW EL-3435 PALMER DONNA NLQHOLA5 PLLTH ANN OVEWAN r1HvLLJ5 mfnqf JANET PKJESJNC JOANNE I-HJTEHAJTL JOHN FEED FOSE PLDTLE JOAN PULQK MAN A.xArLEv sHmEr, MAB,-.QA SLOAN BARBARA SLOVLJM, SONJA STOCKMAN SUSNE JOMLJN Jum WEARE ALEESE WELLES JLJDv LxHJrE EISAWLMLER JOANNE WULE 1 fb. SCIENCE CLUB Ron L70-1-XRLES Q-XRDER JIM FOLEW RAN WAID ROGER MQGOOKHN MAKE RUSSELL JOHN METZLEP JOE FWYSQHEN DAXID SONEPHGN Pb-HL WOOD F-in f7TOM SPWOULL CODE PWTTS DUANE BAXER QON KRLVFXNAN S-XSIL P-XULOS D Ck BOWMAN 5'-KU. fQHU5EQT T3-XCN XULLER' BML LCKKH-RRY ammo Lumxs wgufw srowsow Mvss qmusow PM sfwssag www Qorwfs NELSON Mm ww N5 :Dil ive: Dwi QAQWQHAEL arms mum sexi . LC rwzwmx Lam ,CHN REED :JN -ZYQAL. N MAN .XJQINEP DALE XXJLSH NEPRN uvasm 'sv www: sms sum Hmmm ,min 2 -N ss-.ww asa ww ww FS-REEF A FRENCH CLUB "" 90565 ff ssma w NY ' - - SPANISH CLUB A :W 4 .QPMEE ,.:wLa5PC 'MZ "JP'.EDCf? gqrmf. '. fHO,LZ vQf,Lmr.L EOM L.-L ,FP ECW- . ELDB1-:A Bmw DOIAAL SOPEHSOP, pon 2-pg,fjULTf SPOHSOP MPS LLIABEV CEOPG ,Ly-WL MNLLED In-yp.4 L-4,LDP'f HONOR TULL-'AG ULU 'D1PhE", JE!-NME FOUEH LOU. P!LY,'JQ"QV, LDEW 5,,,,,Epf. FLQULW EPOVVEOF' MP3 fmmmu "' PM fi-M!-PNLYH CULBPLNDSON, Boa ow, 3r5wf.w LEpNEp qqpjgg-J QWCFNTH M!-MCK GLPDMEP LOPKCE nf HNTTDK Pon AfYElNH THOMLS, BPUCE YOWOL, TON ppuguu, MWPLIA SHAW, mms Movmvv, NULL JOH!-3, ZOHDPA- MOPPOW pw, gfoubf HICYHOPST, MM FMABPOUGH, DWCV QQQPEOV DOH Ll-YE, LEE ELSON K:'f M ? Q CHESS CLUB Row I-RUSSELL DUNCAN, JOHN METZ- LER, JERRY COONS, JOHN JAFFRAY, MIKE RUSCH. Row 2-RUSSELL COY, THOMAS SPROULL, HOWDY GIANERA, FRED LESEMAN, DOUG CARMICHAEL, TED BRUNS. Row 3-JIM THORPE, DAUON BAKER, JOE FITSCHEN, MIKE RODRIQUEZ, TRACY MILLER. Row 4-MIKE ROWE, PHIL WOOD, MR. RANKIN, FACULTY SPONSOR. Iwf ROW IAJEANNE FOUCH, PAT REGO, ROBERTA ELDERKIN, JANET LINDGREN, ROCHELLE SHAPIRO, JUDY FREIMAN, EILEEN STECYK, ROSE RIDGE, Row I7-MARILYN MILLER, NANCY ZAUN, CAROL TODD, SHEILA MCCORD, PHYLLIS PIERCE, JANE KAVANAGH, GWEN TENCH, DONNA ICHOLAS, MARILYN IMUS, MARIBETH HILLMAN, PAT CONNER SLIP COLLECTORS L 4 1 Il1I Y "60'I PER CLUB Row I-JO ANN WHITSELL, JANICE VERDUIN, BARBARA SLOCUM, Row 2-NANCY WILLIS, SHIRLEY SWAN- SON, NANCY ZAUN, SHARON BRAD- SHAW, LINDA FORD, CAROLYN SMITH, MARILYN TAMS, BARBARA WOLFE, DONNA SORENSEN. Row 3-VIRGINIA HOWARD, JERI BOR- ING, MIKE DONOHEW, DAVE GREEN- BAUM, JOHN MILLER, LORETTA KIRSH, CAROL RODERICK. ROW I-SHIRLEY SWANSON, MARSHA MURRAY, LORA PRESNALL, ROBERTA ELOERKIN, DONNA NICHOLAS, MARILYN IMUS, ROCHELLE SHAPIRO, JUDY FREIA MAN, MARIBETH HILLMAN, EILEEN STECYK, GWEN TENCH. Row 2-CATHARINE OUMONT, NANCY ZAUN, JANET LINUOREN, PAT REGO, MAROIE SCHAEEER, MAUELEINE MARTIN, JANE KAVANAUGH, LOUISE WITT, MARY J, JONES, sUzIE TAYLOR, LYNDA OUETIERREZ, CAROL TODD, PENNY CLARK. P TIME WELL SPENT! BOOK REPORTS 'Ti Sf , ? STATE COSMETOLOGY INSPECTOR "f"'f3f veg FUTURE SECRETARIES 2 , , v .M d 2 5 fl ARTISTS IN THE MAKING 59.8 4 I f 4 MATH EMATICIANS nik 7 Q 5 3 Qvfgmgfg Gqfifiisusmemf BARBARA BURROUGHS DON WILLIAMS STAN SCHULTZ Winning Junior Speaker Senior Speaker Sophomore Speaker Jubilant Juniors celebrate victory in the Speech division 'Q 'mio 'deaf Uolzfeif Trve unforgettable lwours of Glen- dale l-lfglw Sclwool 5 Umque Oro- Torlcol orrlved once more os all 'Free classes OYT6"Y'DTEd Yo win fl we soeecl Splfll or Yslcleou Q uslcn Sluver fag me breallxless sllence 6-:T class ofes-erve-cl We presse' ly 9-.e:-fe-3 www 3: School songs and yells Tl'-9 Soplqo- mcfes led by Dol Ecslcn and Dang Cc' re' ov: 'lie .lwwlors ea :-,' D :ffe A '-ef' and l?-Clfx D' r',:3, gc.e .'.3, 'C 'Ve v'C'Of- 0-5 Si' C' C :ss en cy Joyce QpE5fEl cf: Ez: S:":' 5 Ecc' scecle' :wee ' 'Jn 'O be p:resef'e: sf: 'GCE'-JG 'ls aft, V122 Sw' E:P-"z, :neck na 5-D' We S::'C":fes, :EW- efez P 5 :f3':' "6 SHED" 55 'fe Ace: Se' 3' Zzf CWS 'ef'ccfe"e':23'e:a, Ve Sfc Have ':'EECC"" ": .JJ 3' 'es- 'esevc' Je, E:'::': E-"z,g's, ggve ve ":c',f-.wff rg cfcf flow, 'fe xLll."J"E'EC cf: We Awcfe. Ore, vice, 'nie 'fe :-"3 fe scfvec, :fc "e flEC-':- 'cz' ,eo-x zesrfg 'fe ezecfefs suclecfs .wefe ye:-ef'e2 sy ect' Class. FU 'fer 'rzsrfg 'oc- zeguf, 'ne Scafcfvcre C055 re- ceweo The owcfc. , ,f , ':n'e':, Nlmmml Sgpllomore lubleuu SQ-mor Tmbleou l FALL PLAY DAN RICHARDSON "CI6cmTe" e n old pet ds death To test fes de oto U55 'Tx F CAROL BARROW A'AngeIique' mi irzcuz fmmkff N . The m sch e o s To nefte ecxlly sro Tles the mag no y ol d "The Imaginary Invalid" loy Moliere, Glendale's tall play, was an outstanding production of a difficult play, skillfully directed by Miss Marion Underwood. The cast worked long and hard to portray the manners and customs ot the per- iod. The satire was humorously developed to the enioyment of cast and audience alike, and the staging and costuming added to the many commendations received. 7 . LEAI-l SCHNEIDER 'Toinette" N, MICKEY BENEFIEI. "The Imaginary Invalid" Lg Cleonre Ioolfs on, Angelique must greet her fathers choice ol a suitor for ber hond A CAPPELLA ' I , S Y f I Y I I f S A A - lk L 4 My ZW S V, an M ff uf 4 vw 42 Row I-PAT MCLAUGHLIN, CAROL SPARROW, SONJA STOCKMAN, NANCY WITT, ANN NICHOLS, MARILYN KAISER, PAT BALDWIN, RUTH HARRIS, ELOISE WEIR, LORICE MITTRY, .IOENE ROSSO, JANET MILLER, PAT CRANE, ARLENE BESTLAND, PADDY KENNEDY, JOAN BURGESSS, SHERRY RICHTER, BEVERLY BEGLY Row QYCAROL BATES, PAT MCCORD, CAROL TODD, SHERRY ROBINSON, ANN MUNN, SONDRA MORROW, NANCY GARDNER, KATHY DELANEY, ELAINE JUNGO, DIANE MORROW, SANDI BOWER, SUE BORKEN, DIANE ATWATER, BREE ETTER, VIRGINIA SLOAN, BETTY ANN CAVE, SYLVIA SCOTT, JAN SNOW, PATTY PALMER, Row 3-KEN GREENLAW, NIGEL BAILEY, BOB MORRIS, GEORGE LABBE, JOHN BERNARD, AL BREITENBACH, STEVE HOP' KINS, DAVE SCHULTZ, CHARLES WAITE, DICK ATKINSON, CHUCK ZIERT, BOB SANCHIS, FRED CONET, DON WILLIAMS, DAVID RODRIOUEZ, DICK PYLES, DICK KENNERKNECI-IT, CHORALETTES ' 'Wig Y I 1,2 2, 4 ' A ' E ' D K Q g f? 1 f I .5 'E fe Q 1 3 X z 4 3 L is 5 I 15 ,A 5 IKE 1 X f W' 5 f J Ii ,. mlm. "' 'N W -53, 'su ' was , gk- ! I 1 F n 1 I f 1 , , ,... W 2 if -4- In 'T 67 Cx fl by Ka. 4 " 'Tv' V X 1 A Q .ff ' E 1 LT. ,A I I Lx - X .11 4 .1 I 5 'AE 6 1 U W A NK' Row I--SANDY BOOTH, JO ANN LANG, GRACE MUELLER, SALLY BELL, PAT WILLIAMS, URSAL DOUGHERTY, GRACE CONES, Pow 2fMAPILYN GULBRANSON, CAROL BIGGS, GAIL SCHNARINGER, CAROL BARROW, KATHY THOMPSON, BARBARA BUS5, ANN WAPD, JO ANN RUCKMAN. Par. 3fSHARI LOPD, CELINE BERESNIK, JOYCE HENRETTY, JOYCE JOHNSON, MR KEY, CAROL SHOEMAKER, PAT 'Nl-LKEP JACOUIE WILLIAMS, FRAN SU FLEMING, Cgziifmaa 9310 mm The spirit ot Christmas portrayed in the program, "The Radiant Light," from the script by Miss Adelia Sallstrom, was inspiringly presented on December T7 and TS. The combined ettorts at the music, drama, and art departments under the direction ot Mr. May- er, Mr. Key, Miss Underwood, and Miss Crandall created through song, narration, and tableaux, the true meaning and beauty at the Christmas season tor the students, the parents, and the public. "For unto us a child is r l Il CHORAL EVENT The American Scene, a porTraiT in music, was a skillfully blend- ed porTrayal of American cul- Ture. expressed in song, orches- Tral music, and The dance. The combined choral grups and The orchesTra under The direcTion of Mr. Key and Mr. Mayer vviTh inTerpreTaTions by Miss Sfwal- ley's dance classes, presenTed The varieTy and color of Ameri- can liTe. As each secene was unfolded againsT The vivid barkgrounds execuTed by M i s s Crandalls sTagecraTT sTudenTs, The essence of many elemenTs of our democ- racy was creaTed by chorus, so- loisTs, orchesTra, and dancers, The combined choral groups with orchestral accompaniment sings songs of worship. climaxed in The brillianT chore- ography of The American Bolero BalleT. The Choral EvenT was a mem- orable producTion, Truly repre- senTaTive of The TalenT and sTan- dards of Glendale High School. Finale, "lf I Loved You" The colorTul presenTaTion of "Sagebrush Sagas," a melodrama oT The Old WesT, mode This years Dance ReciTal boTh en- TerTaining and gay. The dance compo- siTion, planned by The sTudenTs under The direCTion of Miss RuTh STvvalley, pre- senfed The sTory of The period in Clever dance rouTine. The songs added To The enioymenT oT The audience. The musical background was provided by The Sym- phoneTTes and supplemenTed by The Affappella choir. BrighTly cosTumed cowboys inTroduced The Theme. VZ ill-f Z interiecr humor and gaiery. The ost assembles b Tore The medicine show as all nds well Tor The heroine 'lil Hobby horses, purple cows, and clowns LYRIC Z R ,V In , Z R L V, f X ,Z , I-S, C Z Q f 1 Q In f I wi I ' 1 K , . I 4- - f' - , Q . WYE ..L.-Sf 1 ., " 'y A -aff , , f fi ' R I ' .XJ ta ,, W L- If A , , I 3. X if 5 R ,W ,ff llull If ,V ,iv I ill T I Swv L E... , A Row IAPAT HANLON, ROSE CALLAHAN, JUDY HAWLEY, JANET MILLER, CAROL MARX, JOYCE HIATT, MARILYN MONTE- MURRO, MARY ELLEN GAUKEL, SHELIA SMITH, VICKY DUTCH, Row 2-SUE DENNY, JUDIE, ZIEGLER, JUDY BRUNK, CAROL COLE, JUDY NICHOLS, JOAN PAYNE, JUDY ALLEN, SUE MAX- WELL, VIRGINIA BRADISH, JEAN RUSSELL Row 3-NADINE SMYTHE, MARY JANE STREETMOTHEN, ARLENE WYCKOFF, SHERRY BROWN, PAULINE LEMON, ZULIA SCHNEIDER, MARY MACAULEY, BREE ETTER, MARGE JENSEN, BETTY FUNK. MIXED CHORUS PAT HENRY, MARGARET GARRETT, MARLENE FROLICK, ROW l4HELEN THOMAS, MARLENE ELEMING, DIONA RUSSELL, CAROL OUELLETTE, BETTY KING, KAREN CAVEN, ALICE MENZEL, JUNE SMITH, DONNA LEHMAN, SHIRLEY TUCCIO Pow 2-MARIEL JENKS, CAROL SMITH, MYRNA SCHIEBER, MARGARET STEWART, KYLE WRIGHT, KENNY GHIZ, KENNY 1 I2 TUCKEY, FRED CADDICK, NADINE SMYTHE, MAE MARIE NELSON, SHARON R. LEWIS, JANICE VERDLIIN. ROW 3-ALAN MCEWEN, DOUG D,ARNAL, LARRY MITCHELL, DALE CARTWRIGHT, GEORGE BABCOCK, ALLAN HAGMANN, DON KELLSTROM, NED VAN RENSSELEAR, JIM CARSON, ELLIS REITER, PHIL VAUGHN, EDMLIND HOSLER, JAY KENNEDY. ' STOOVON SYMPHONETTES - I-VID LA-MASTER, TED BRUNS, LOIS NICHOLS, KEN MONSON, EDITH WRIGHT, DIANE CRAWLEY, JOHN REED I-DUT'-7 ANN ORERMAN, FAITH JACKSON, KENT KOEHLER, BILL GREENE, JOAN SCHVVAB, JOHN METZLER 1'-f-R ' I- IJ- K -'V SAM' WILSON, JIM FARBER, ALAN MEYERS, DAVE CALLISTER, RICHARD ALBERTSON, CHARLES BAKER :-V 1 ',g:v:K ,,-F - . D - OREENANOOD, ESTHER MARSHALL, BERNICE CAUGHEY, MIKE RODRIGUEZ, KEITH PRESTON, DAN WOOD "' ' 'I T' C" EITSCHEN, FRED LESEMANN, RAUL I-IEYDORFF, FRANK ISERI, TED ALDRICH. .f- -- - -.1 .JE .:,.,, 4,-3: fi-,gfgz ,- - E - - DONNA FERRIS, CAROL HARVVOOD, LARRY NIX JEAN ROROVICH, RICHARD TASH, MARCIA CASTELL ORCHESTRA Pg,-J I-STEJE PEf'.'Q-LE, ,Aff E ,OfE,ESE QELHE UARTM, JOHN CARRER ART REED Row 2-RHIL KMOL :RANK E45 . EAREAEA EAHACKER COLLEEN ADAIR, RUSSELL HAVVORTH, DUANE CHILDERS, CARL MIDDIONE MARY JANE JONES CHIJEK SWHJOIJS BARBARA LYNN, CALVIN VAN WAGNER, KATHY REYNOLDS Rofv 2-LYNN ST'LTS E,OR!-'JH TERVCA, -ORALEE NE'TZ CHRISTINE DREWEI4, ELLIOT WOOD, BILL SEARCY, HAL KNIGHT, BILL VAN NEIRE, ALAN 'f'I'f"E.- 'ZA QE .WOODS DON HERSOIX: DON MAROUIS JERRY REED JOHN AUSTIN, LINDA SHRIDE, ROBERT RURMOIQT, DEFINE VOIJLTOI. JACK ARIQTZEII Pow A-MR MAYER, BARON. ERIOOE, LACY GRUB? DOM STEJXARD, JOHN THOMPSON, LLOYD KING, STAN EUSTON, JIM JOHNSTON, DAN HALL, JUDY ANDRENS MARY' OREENLA N, SALLY BRONNN II3 Victorious Sophomore Stunt 'Come As You Are--l92O." "Dear Diary," the theme of the annual Girls' Stunt Party on October fifteenth, was portrayed with enthusiasm and hil- arity by the stunts ot the classes, faculty, and alumni. Led by representative Sue Warth, the Sophornores were iudged best in the stunt competition by the iudges tronn Hoover High School Girl's League Board. The award tor class spirit was won by the vociterous and well organized Seniors under the guidance ot yell leader Annalee Gardner and song leaders Suzie Taylor and Joyce Russell. The Juniors The Future l l The Seniors "Musical Diary-Latin America GIRLS STUNT PARTY ifbnnzmp Nmwr K The Faculty Slumber Pony F.: iff ,..- 55,3 Deaf Spnrured Sensors P. A. CREW Row I-RICHARD BOHN, RALPH Mc- CULLOCH, DALE BARNECK. Row 2-DON LOEFFLER, EDDIE EDWARDS, WOODY WOODBRIDGE, MR. LAWRENCE, DICK HARDY, LARRY HEIDLEBAUGH, ED SAWYERS. QNX -1.141 V'I,.- Abro-co-do-bro Blow mon, bIow!! fl., , wjhfc- I , 1 I Those round, peor shoped Tones! Whofs hoppening, Mr. HBH? D O, ASSEMBLIES 1 81 2 FSTTXI... Ploy if cool, mon! X . E ' A . fi 2 r Te O i f cg m y Q l L.. ' G7 A 9 02 1 Y A mid Q Guests and hostesses enioy dinner at The head Table. fx 'UO . ij DAD AND DAUGHTER as ' 'f .7 + iff f BANQUET Dad was really king of hearTs Tor The evening of March nineTeenTh aT The annual Dad and DaughTer BanqueT, sponsored by The Girls League. I-le was served a sumpTuous din- ner, pushed To The cenTer of The sTage in conTesTs Tor The TallesT, shorTesT, TaTTesT, ThinnesTg and, finally, TeTed aT a dance in The Green Room aT The girls gym. For This gala occasion ev- erv rnomenT expressed The Theme, ilMy I-learT Belongs To Daddy." ,Q , i Contest winners ioin in The fun. 1 Ei Q3 Board members prove My Heart Belongs To Daddy' FOOTBALL BANQUET The orihuol footboll bori- quet, honoring the Vorsity, "B" Footboll Squods, ond Cooches, climoxed o suc- cessful seosori. Letters were oworded to the members of eoch squod. The teorh coptoins ond the two most voluolole ployers of the yeor for eoch teom received trophies. The Coaches of eoch squod were presented with gifts in oppreciotioh of their effort drtd work. s R .li R S R...,,,w b WAYNE SINK, ROY VUJOVICH, LEO APRANAGA, BF?lCK BEACH, BOB SPRINGER x QR J!-CK HEWHT, CEOPCE MCELPOY, BUD TEACHOUT, MICKEY CARUSO ln MRS eofhfv MD fromev BRICK BEACH, REV, MARtIrsI, MRsI MARTIN, BILL FIsIc 'fi' Amid The winrer vvonderlond of sporkling snowflokes ond glis- 'rening siors, The music of Joe YulcI's orchesrro Transformed The Green Room info o Snow Floke Fcinfosy. Junior Closs Presidenr Bob Relerson crowned lovely Leslie Nosh, queen of The Junior Prom. Berry Jo Lewis, Borboro Tinder, Ncincy Ingrom, Jonef Lindgren, Sondra Bradley, Por Willioms, ond Joon ChrisTy completed Leslies courl. I, I .e I i .fz L0 Q! Queen LESLIE NASH ond her orfendontsf BETTY JO LEWIS, BARBARA TINDER, NANCY INGRAM, JANET LINDGREN, SANDRA BRADLEY, PAT WILLIAMS, ond JOAN CHRISTY. 4 LIN, , -.3 I , fwwwwvmvlhti i A F , . Q if '1 The Cotton-Cord Donce, successfully sponsored by The sophomore closs, wos o Qoy specfocle for mony stu- dents Bolloons, confetti, ond donc- ing were truly represenfotive of The Theme, "Mordi Gros." The crowning of Kofhy Reynolds by Sophomore Closs President ArT Vosquez clirnoxed on excifing evening. xv 'Z A 1 'r - I ,, . 1' ' X' 411' --A J ' ,W Lxf lah", ' "WWW 1 f Queen KATHY ond her court, PAT BOSTON, J BUCKBOROUGH, LA RUE ROBINSON, LINDA McCAMENT PAYE MCCLEARY, ond NANCY GREENE, gs I X15 V v4-so Vfwfibbxvnfur GAME DANCES Glendale is jusfly proud of iTs affer- game dances, held during The 1953 football season. Few schools have been alole To conducl such orderly, ye? fesfive, occasions with equal success. Glendale-Hoover Dance af The Civic in ai, Muslc Makers Rhythm for the Covina Game As Lady Penelope starts to answer the call of the seance, Lady Hortense stops her. As the i954 Stylus goes to press, The Glendale High School spring play, "Sight Unseen," a rnodern comedy, is in rehearsal. As the hilarious story ot an English lady who attempts to sell her house over the protests of her deceased ancestors, Sight Unseen' promises much en- ioyrnent tor all. Miss Marion Underwood is assisted by Wanda Lee Eggleston, student director, in presenting the play. E l i ' s ,Z "SIGHT UNSEEN" Spring Play in Rehearsal linwrviin physicist l-lenry Malone declares his love tor Lady Judith Elliot The cast listens attentively as the student director explains the action of a scene. 123 I Kneeling-SERGEANT BROWN, SENIOR INSTRUCTOR Stcinding-GORDON BARTOW, BILL MAX, LOUIE THORNTON COMPANY A him ROTC The Reserve Officers Troining Corps of Glendole High School won the onnucil Wor Mothers' Trophy ond the Federol Inspection Rcifing, conducfed by Moior Hostings ond Copfoin Gonsell of Fort McArthur on R.O.T.C, Doy. The officers ond men of Compony A ond B demon- sfrofed discipline ond Troining of su- perior coliber. Row I-RUSSELL FISHER, BILL MOLDER, KENNETH HOWE, ERIC BORKLUND, BILL WILSON, BOB SILLIPHANT, DOUG CARMICHAEL, DeFAULT, JOHN ROST. Row 2-FRED CADDICK, MIKE STILLMEN, TOM SHORE CLYDE PITTS, CLIFF GRIFFITH, PHIL WOOD, DAVID SOVREIGN, CHARLES LT. DWIGHT LIGHTBODY. Row 3--LT TOM WARD, FRANK MONTELBANO, ROBERT CAUGHEY, HARLEY BRINKLEY, JOE CARROLL, JACK SHOEMAKER, JACK BILL PREIST, CART DICK HARMON, BURTON KNUDSON. IIIIIWIIIII' TERRY GATES JONES, Under The supervision of Captain Charles Dreyer and Sergeant First Class Eldro Brown, the Reserve Officers Training Corps of Glen- dale High School has become a well Trained body of men, experienced in rniliiary forma- Tions and routine. They have also served The school in various capacities as traffic supervisors on occasions demanding effi- ciency and precision. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS LOLJIE PEIRCE, TOM JONES, DAVE SERNE, RAY RICHARDS COMPANY B Row I-KEITH B!-RTON, ETEJE REYNOLDS, JIM TAYLOR, RONALD MUDGET, GENE BATTISTONI, TOM ARMSTRONG, BILL BEECH, RODNEY BLERG, ROBERT PL!-NYY RGGER HULSE, GORDON BRIGGS Row 2-DOIN HUNTER KEIJIJ TI-IC!!!-S, DLJLNE BUCNIKNER, SANDY PIPER, ANTHONY KOSMACK, JOE HUDSON, ALVIN ANDERSON, BASIL ROIJLLS JERRY YGUNG, Ll-PSY TAGG!-PT Row 3-JERRY P!-TTERSGII, LYMIJ ETILTS, BGB CHAPMAN, D!-NIEL JOHNSON, DON MLJNDING, TRACY MILLER, AL MILLER, RONALD MORRIS, JOHN MCGINNIS STEJE C!-I.TPELL, Ll- JJRENCE SHELDON, MIKE WILSON, LEE TAYLOR, ROW 4-RANDY KR!-,USI ROY BECYER, JI-CV fl!-RSHALL, ROBERT MESSIER, HOMER EULTZ, GEORGE CONKLIN, EMMETT PHILLIPS, JERRY WEBB, PAUL MCGEE Row 5-KEN THORNTON, BOB I-USTIN, BOB NINN, BOB PRINTER, RAY CHAPLER, LEE ANDREW, RICHARD CROCKETT, DENNY PARADIS, BOB SANCHIS, GERRY RICHARDSON x.LlC' 7.7 f,"Z " ',f'l-746-f.Zf71fofifp',4.'.,m.-fhw . Li' Q25 Jfi.Z417Ql ,zgzwnfb K 44V lvfzfaffayfgf f gg! ,, cf On' .-" 7 'X V I, ' f Mfff' , .,, Ldifff if fyfflfff M5 f I 'L 1 477 C 5 X . JEANNE ERICKSON NANCY WILLIS shag,- JANICE SNOW ' I V- , ' ,. .-ww., ,. I " ' if 'Z IVIARIBETI-I I-IILLMAN ..fL7V,' ,f1Q.fff'L -"' Clif X LYNN SOULE' I jk ' It BAETITY KING I , 3 . I L I It I RL fi? Q3 'Nu qjsff ,facade 'za jj I' f' Q ,uv-,WW -N-Sums-wx AXE N1 Q k 4 R RICKY NEATE I I Q, Y C Y J' ,if f Z W 'Q Nw, , y, 4: wi A ' M , ,J Y X 41 ,,, ,,,, .f 4 f 4 , ,, , , he W 1 , J: f z , f ,flsii- : QQ ' K HOWARD VVALTERS PAUL MQCMILLIN 127 GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL BAND MAJORETTES Pow l4IfENNETH GREENLAW, BOB KOERBER, JOHN MOYER, RUSSELL DUNCAN, JIM THORPE, JAN PERCIVAL, JANICE BRASSFIELD, MIKE STOMEN, KEN HOUNSELL, JED NICE, JAMES EOLEY, PETE TAKSO, DONNA LAWSON. Pow QYJEAN BUTTEPWICK, JUDY WHITE, JERRY WI-IITMIRE, RON LOGAN, ALBERT HOFMAN, BOB WRIGHT, JOE CONKLIN, DICK HALLOWAY, LEE STPAND, JIM DISMAN, MICKEY BENEFIEL, LYNN HOWIE I28 POW :I-PAUL SANSTPOM, JIM SNIIIEI, JOE LAWRENCE, TERRY LUCCIO, PHIL LISCOMBE, BILL TIENCE, DAVE PERRY, BILL LOCKHART, TOM DREWEK, BILL MOLJNTFORD, BOB DAUGHERTY, DAVE BROWN, SHIRLEY CRANE. Pow AiMP BALZEP FLAG GIRLS Row I - BETTY ANN BOARDMAN WANDA EOGLESTON, DIONA RUSSELL. Row Q-SALLY BROWN, BETTY BUNN, DIANE ATWATER POM POM GIRLS Row I-MARLENE FROELICH, JANET LINDGREN, JOAN PAYNE, ROBERTA ELDERKIN, MAROILOU SPAGNA, CHERYL SCHINDEL. Row 2-JEANETTE ACKERMAN, DARLENE MAI-IONEY, MARY INGLE, AUDREY TUVESON, SHARON GARMAN, PAT MENNE. Row 3-CAROL SHOEMAKER, SHARON E. LEWIS, PHYLLIS PIERCE, MARGIE MORRIS, JANICE VERDUIN, JANET PRIESINCJ, DIANE COX S K U L L Pow I-WANDA EGGLESTON, JANET LINDGREN, JEANNE ERICKSON, JAN SNOW, PAT MENNE, A-.UDREY TUVESON, FACULTY SPONSOR MISS HARRIS. D Row 2-MICKEY BENEFIEL, LYNN HOWIE, FACULTY SPONSOR MR. BALZER, RON LOGAN, KEN B Q A R GREENLAW, SHARON E LEWIS, BETTIE SUTHERLAND, BARBARA CAMPBELL. 'fin' v-,M S7 PEP CLUB OFFICERS Semed-SUE DENNY, JOYCE RUSSELL. Standing-PETE ZANDER, SPONSOR POP HARRISON, MARK MATI-IEWS, RICHARD WEDEMEYER. gfmgafg -...H COME ON, TEAM I I OOLTEJZ CLHZ5 CROWNING OF QUEEN OUEEN MARTY AND HER COURT LOLA PILKINGTON, JOYCE RUSSELL, VAE MARIE NELSON MARTY COTA, MARLENE FLEMING, CAROL SPARROW. some LEADERS L NITROETTES f - ,. 519, W, Qjslii TEAM CAPTAIN BOB SPRINGER AND COACH ROY VUJOVICH '- L f , PLAYER OF THE YEAR WAYNE SINK and COACH LEO ARRANAGA, 5 L 5795 DMX!-f, f VARSITY This seasons tootball team turned in the best performance ot any Glendale gridiron squad since T946 They were victorious in the first three non-league games. Atter a heartbreaking loss to Monte- bello, the Dynamiters came back strong, defeated Rose- mead, and walloped South Pas- adena tor the first time in seven years. Glendale played its best game ot the year against Hoover. The breaks did not come our way during the second halt, but the Dynos showed a team spirit and brand ot football ot which Glendale High can be proud. rf, es., W, 4 as rw MANAGERS GEORGE FASEEL, RICHARD WAGNER, end Dick ULRICH FOOTBALL The Nifros In defensive formation. VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Row I-GORDON ELFTOIN, BOB VAHEY, TOM JONES, MARTY I-IUCCABONE, JOHN REOO, JIM EBERT, AL MCEWEN, BILL BRUMM. ED I-IOLT. Row 2-ANDY EPENIW-N, EOE SPFINOEP, JOE HARPER, WAYNE SINK, BILL EBERT, JIM HENDERSI-IOT, DICK SALES, ALAN GAZZANIGA, BOB PETERSON, TOD THOMPSON, JEPPY DALTON. Row 3-COACH VUJOTJICH, BILL POUNDTFEE, RON OROB, TOM DREWEK, AL ROSSO, CHUCK ZIERT, TONY YIM, LOUIE PIERCE, JIM FARRIER, D!-VE DEICI-IM!-IN, 'UOODY NOODBPIDOE, DON KELLSTROM, BOB SANCHEZ, COACH ARRANAOA, Row A-BOB HUNNICUTT, KEITH MUPDOCK, ROGER HALL, JACK CLARK, BOB MATHER, BOB TRELUTT, TOM FORD, SLOAN KNOX, DENNIS PARADIS, BRUCE NELSON, DON I-IOFFEPT, ED SNYDER, JACK WATSON, DALE TRIPP, HAROLD WOOD, CARL SLABAUOH, BRUCE LEINSTEP, WAYNE FLINT, JOI-IN BFOSCHINSKY, HAROLD RAYNARD, LEROY MACMILLAN, WALT BELL I v I I .4.. . we sv -1 , T Q ma Lum MW cl Q As..-wb., A fo-m-., f M 5 :Ji aff-K Qjfhvfyf if , 4:4 M -H rv' . ,JW ,D JERRY DALTON MARTY HUCCABONE BOB SPRINGER BILL LINDSAY TOM JONES ond BOB VAHEY rockle 0 Burborw bolkorrner, JERRY DALTON goes for yordoge ogomsr Burbonk. I .:+.ii'X.'!'--, I 39 ", fwr f - A A. + .Q ef -- -may -2. ri-.w if ANDY BRENNAN WAYNE SINK JOE HARPER BOB PETERSON WAYNE SINK Ieods Interference for BOB PETEFPSON MM HENDEPSHOT mfs The comer ggqrrwsr Burbank HUCCABONE carries The bcll os SINK leads way against Hoover. JIM HENDERSHOT ALAN GAZZANIGA ALAN RGSSO BGB VAHEY ' vs. A ' If - -- X Q My '. 4. U -- Q A "X - -. . .vilflff : U :ug 33. - - ns H . 4 lv WV BILL EBERT JQHN R560 ED SNYDER WQQDY WOODBRHDGE J vi. Q 5 HENDERSHOT moves ahead While BRENNAN Iends help, 'M DICK SALES .s p X V. . - ' .wh , K f ,KS L Z ' V I ji 22, fiff,Wf2W - f L, O" 'O' . , ,W ' 7 1' , 7 , T . . x X . I iw I P49 1 I' V - Z f I ' 44 fx J .WM .l.......f.Q - V ,Ku ,m,,,.m ,MMLLA 3 , ,M f - 'Qf"'-:W,- L . I I - I IL I I 2 4 , . ' I ' mmiffb - f Yu -Q ff' 'ff Mft:-f , M 1- - , ,-f ff 1' - A J .... X gg , ' ' , - ' ' ff, L ' W2 ' 1'a fZ1-'f.':'?e""f' avi'- uq' ,f . W oifrhgg Ywiztgazgzflfvr, X ,G Q '-L +,, ny? aw a.l7'1 fi E- L 2152 - ZZQLWL WL - 'ML -2 BILL BRUMM TOD THOMPSON TOM JONES ,, I u n I HM' ,, ' . ,W , Q. A M4-M ,f,1,.aJ. wg, 1 a 101- M ,W :MZ X ,,,, UMW 7 ' ,fl W,,,,,:f W . ,, 'wmwmff W A -ffm, MV , I f K , 7, V I G I V 4' y gf' Wffwf, 'v,,f' ,W V , ,, ' ' fw ,MTW ,f , k7 f I 0 f f f I , 'I . 5 , ' ' mwfzngfzvp f 4 'ff' ,, , M , '4 6 -f . ' W", if 4 1 I, , -f 2 in A I My, - H , 4 ,,.. J 4, P .w a .ffxww W W. .,,, Q if " TOM DREVVEK JIM EBERT AL MCEVVEN " " FOOTBALL SCORES OLENDALE-38 .. ...CATHEDRAL- O GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE-I 8 . SOUTH PASADENA- 7 GLENDALE GLENDALE-32 .. .. BURROUGHS- O - O .... MONTEBELLO- O - 6 .. .. ROSEMEAD- O -I3 .. ...EL MONTE-I3 - 6 .. .I.ALHAMBRA- O OLENDALE-38 .. . . COVINA- O GLENDALE-33 .. .. BURBANK- O GLENDALE-I3 .. ... HOOVER- 6 ON THE LINE: MARK BLALAQK, FRED PARENT, ROGER MAIRE B FOOTBALL SQUAD MICKEY CARUSO, RICHARD ENOS, ED CROXALL, STEVE HANSEN, IN THE BACKFIELD: HARRY MAYO, DAVE SHELDON JACK HEWITT, MIKE JONAS. -2 VA-'E , , uffzf' I I wg 'Z Pow I-CLIFF AVELLENO, BOB LOET ART VASOUEZ, RICHARD ENOS, CARL MLKOWAN, MARK BLALACK, ED CROXALL BOB MARTIN, DICK KENNEDY, BILL KERN, STEVE HANSEN, CAL VAN WAGNER. Pow ZYCOACH TEACHOUT, STEVE MITCHELL, RON PERRY, PHIL LISCOMBE HARRY MAYO, TOM MCCLENAHAN, ERNIE C-IANNIOSES FRED PARENT, RON BELL, JACK HEWITT, JOHN CUMMINGS LENNY RUSSO, TOM KEENAN, JOE CORRE GERPY IKLASS DAVE SHELDON ROGER MAIRE Ren BYDWIGHT LICHTBODY, BRUCE SHOREMAN LES STUMESAUGH BILL SHROEDER GREGG KNAPP, LARSON WOOD JOE SERVER LAPKIN WRAY TERRY EVANS SANDY PIPER LOUIE NEIMAN ,IIM NEBAL, GORDON GUNN, GARY CHPISTENSON PAUL MfzfMILLIN RON DAVIS ALAN MITCHELL LYNN DAVIDSON, RON LOGAN, CHUCK GOWER, MICKEY QL-PUSO, GEORGE SPENCER, MIKE JONAS WENDELL NICHOLS, DAN WERTZ, ,IIM ROUNTREE, BILL HOLLAND, PHIL I-IALPIN COACH MCELROY f .. - R Sw-R , S .Lu- -i - - x av X . i Y Cx 1 As undispuTed champions of The FooThill League, Glendales BlasTers finished The season vviThouT defeaT. The HB" FooTball Team surged To The Tronf in Their TirsT garne of The year and played Their lasT WiTh The sarne TighTing spiriT and will To win. Coach George McElroy, ably assisTed by Coach Bud TeachouT, fielded a TooTball machine ThaT was respecTed by Their opponenTs and by The Glendale High School STudenT Body. LEAGUE CHAMPS TEAM CAPTAIN MICKEY CARUSO and COACH MCELROY ,. fa ,,, M 'V 'rl 2 COACH TEACHOUT and MOST VALUABLE PLAYER JACK HEVVITT HARRY MAYO MARK BLALACK MICKEY CARUSO JACK HEWITT DAVE SHELDON MIKE JONAS FRED PARENT DICK Emos N , Q Lil L elif ' "' STEVE I-IANSEN JOHN CUMMINGS RON BELL CARL MCKOWAN BOB MARTIN TOM MCCLENAI-IAN GORDON GUNN LOFT ALAN MITCHELL ROGER MAIRE 1 , PAUL MOCMILLAN LEWIS NEIMEN In fy' ' KN K. 1 'Wv2'u iii Fi, . V, L 'I I Q44 3 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Row I-TONY PEARSON, JIM OLIVER, BING CROSBY, SAM WILSON, MIKE DONOI-IEW, BOB WHITE, DON KIMBALL ROW 2-DICK KENNERKNECI-IT, AL MCEWEN, JOE MISKINNIS, LARRY MITCHELL, ED I-IOLT, ARLO KENT 4 j, s I 4 4 I V x ,f Hgj 9955 up gggvnsl Monrebe-Ilo. DONOI-IEW goes up ogoinsf Hoover, GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE OLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES ......MONTEBELLO49 SOUTH PASADENA 66 ,...... BURROUGHS 47 ..... COVINA 52 .. BURBANK 41 HOOVER 62 .i....,, MONTEBELLO 49 SOUTH PASADENA 55 ...... BURROUGHS 53 ..... COVINA 55 .. BURBANK 41 HOOVER 56 COACH PHIL CASTLEN The I954 Varsity Basketball Squad was a hard tighting, though inexper- ienced, team that showed steady improvement in their preseason games bv scoring victories over Mark Keppel, Pasadena, and Muir. In the first round of league play Coach Phil CastIen's casaba squad scored o stunning victory over the Covina Colts and bounced back to trip up Burbonln in the following game. Some hard fought games in the second round were lost by the Dynamiters in close scoring contests to net them o lost place tie vvith Burbank for the season. VARSITY LETTERMEN Row I-ED HOLT, DICK KENNERKNECHT, AL MCEWEN, ARLO KENT. Row 2-JOE MISKINNIS, MIKE DONOHEW, SAM WILSON, BILL HIGLEY. I4 MOST VALUABLE PLAYER CAPTAIN ED I-IOLT SAM WILSON SAM WILSON gets the rip in The Glendale-Hoover game. S, 'QA xx x... Q'S.Z',.gW JOE WSHNNNS ARLO KENT AL MQEWEN ,SCN fe febowm BILL HVCLEY MIKE DONOHEW BING CROSBY DICK KENNERKNECHT QKWIWM' Www' f', ,,' 's X r-.J ss 0,0 ' . 317'fZ'v,, ,,. 9 a , I .s ,, me I 2, au,'y.,,,an,4ln to ,,vnswu.,,,,femurln szs!14nl,..xil!ilHi B5 ,,4?-. anuwaaglaisaalsf ,,uazazawnaun5gla1lupzWB mm ww? 1 if COACH MCELROY B ' BASKETBALL SOUAD GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE SCORES .... MONTEBELLO SOUTH PASADENA BURROUGHS . . . . COVINA . . . BURBANK HOOVER MONTEBELLO SOUTH PASADENA .... BURROUGHS COVINA .. BURBANK .. . HOOVER Row I-ROGER MCGOOKTN, JERRY KLAAS, ELLIS REITTER, JOE TOMLINSON, PAUL CHRISTENSON, FRED MABBUTT DICK HOLWAY, DAVE KIMBALL, Row 2-ART VASOUEZ, HARRY MAYO, TOM RALPHS, NICK BENNETT, CARL MCKOWAN, RON LOGAN, DENNY MQULTQN BOB GJGUERE. " " BASKETBALL Coach McElroy's "B" Basketball Squad Turned in an outstanding performance this year that was filled with spirited play, sharp ball handling, and fine shooting. Sparlced by such outstanding players as Joe Tomlinson, Bob Giguere, Lynn Howie, Fred Mabbutt, and Ellis Reiter, the Blasters finished second in Foothill League competition, only being downed twice by the league champions, Burbank. an TEAM CAPTAIN MOST VALUABLE PLAYER JOE TOMLINSON FRED MABBUTT Mobbutt goes up as Reiter and Giguere wait tensely. Howie scores two against Burbank. 1 -.-i: F- A 4' Y Q' wr VARSITY TRACK Under The oble leodership of Cooches Lon Grof ond Roy Vuiovich This yeor's vorsiTy Trock Tedrn is o sTrong conTender Tor The Foofhill Leogue Chompionship or even The CIF TiTle. The Cinder- men hove been vicTorious in Their Tirsf eighT n'ieeTs, ond wiTh only Two To go, ore in TirsT ploce. Glendole l-ligh School con be very proud of Their Trciclc Teorn This yeor. Q. TRACK CAPTAIN PAT LOGAN COACH LON GRAF FIELD CAPTAIN TOD THOMPSON M5235 VARSITY TRACK SQUAD wt C x - Q1 - I NX? Row I-ROD SHEPPARD, TOM JONES, TOM TRUMBULL, RONNIE HUNTING, AL MCEWEN, DON UNDERWOOD, CHRIS WOODBURY Pow 2-DON WLTSON, CLINT SHERROD, JIM VEACH, RON SIMONDS, TOD THOMPSON, BOB KUERBER, KEITH MURDOCK, BILL LINDSAY, NLPTY HUCCABONE, BILL I-IIGLEY, CHUCK SHERROD. Row 3-W!-YNE FLINT, RGGEP I-IALL, JERRY DALTON, ED SNYDER, RICHARD TASI-I, JIM I-IENDERSHOT, PAT LOGAN, MIKE LOGAN, IAOPGLN I-'-IOLLETTE, DAVE DEICHMAN, GERALD GREGG, WALT SANDT, ED SAWYERS, Row A-ELLIOTT WOOD DENNIS RARADIS, GEORGE MACDONALD, JIM SCHWERTFEGER, JIM JORDAN, ROY HUELDEN, BOB FITZRATPICK, G!-IL WOOD, TOM MERRICK, JACK WATSON, TONY YIM, AL ROSSO, GUY TYE. 9 F v 22A 'fg- U .ala " " TRACK ASSISTANT COACH ROY VUJOVICH TRACK CAPTAIN FIELD CAPTAIN BOB MARTIN RICHARD ENOS As The STylus goes To press, The Glendale High "B" Thinclads have a Team ThaT promises a possible league TiTle. They have won all Their meeTs To daTe excepT The conTesT with non- league Muir. Sparked by ouTsTanding Track and field amen, The Team is one of The besf ThaT has been seen around Glendale High School in a long Time. TRACK SQUAD Row I-RONNIE DAVIS, HARRY ROBBINS, DALE HORN, GERRY KLAAS, CHUCK, KLINE, GENE BETTISTONI, JIM NISH, TOM KENNAN, JOHN MCGINNIS, ROGER MAIRE. Row 2-ED FINLEY, STAN THOMPSON, GLENN BIRDSELL, JOHN SHELDON, JOE TOMLINSON, EDDIE STAPLES, JAY SMITH, PAUL CHRISTIANSEN, PAUL SCHUBERT, DAVE SHELDON, RICHARD ENOS, ROGER-BAIER, RICHARD EDWARDS, BOB FRENCH. Row 3--EUGENE VIAN, PHIL HALPIN, TOM SCI-IMIDT, NORM BRIDGE, DOUG HOPPER, CALVIN VAN WAGNER, BOB SCHWENK, RICHARD CANEDAY, DAN WURTZ, DON SHUTZ, PETE BRECKHEIMER, DUSTY POTTS, CHUCK FONTANA, LES STUMBAUGH, SLOAN KNOX. Row 4-RON BELL, JOHN CAPPER, STEVE HANSEN, HAYNES KENDALL, BILL WEIRE, GREGG NIEBERT, NICK GRUBB, BOB MARTIN, MARK BLALACK, ED CROXALL, KEN GHIZ, JACK HEWITT, GORDON GUNN, MIKE JONAS. i W y I XQX 'U :' " " TRACK Up To April 2 the lightweight frockslers ore defi- riiTely showing Thof They ore mode of Chom- pionship moferiol. Wifh superior men in boTh Trock ond field events The C's should go oll The woy. TRACK CAPTAIN DAVE CALLISTER 'li' A " Z-,t l t - T A in I d , ge ,N ,Qt I 1. 19 V Q srrr s 1 1 T AAQB. AJ A C, Is. A ,K FIELD CAPTAIN JIM ROUNTREE C" TRACK SQUAD W, I, . Pow I-DEAN KELLEY, PON DANIELS, BOB BUPTON, BILL LYONS, MONTE RAY, DENNIS MOULTON, BILL MEYERS, PHIL LISCOMBE, DAVE PECK. Pow 2-BOB STAPK, LAPPY GOODMAN, JIM POUNTPEE, JOHN BUTLER, BILL WORTHEN, BOB WAKEHAM, SLOAN HALES, DAVID CALLISTEP, PON PERPY, JOHN GILMARTIN. Row 3-GARY STICE, PICHAPD BOGGS, JOHN MAYER, HAL KNIGHT, BILL EBERT, NORM WEINERT, NORM PETERSON, DOUG CALLISTEP, 'S ED HOU, WAYNE SINK, DICK SULLIVAN, HARRY MAYO VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD f 'QW-'flfs Y Row I-DICK SULLIVAN, HARRY MAYO, JIM REBAL, BILL FULTON, ERROL PROUT, LARRY MITCHELL, Row 2-LARRY LYNN, BENNO LUDWIG, DICK KENNERKNECI-IT, BOB HUNNICUTT, BILL ROUNTREE, SAM WILSON, GEORGE FASAL. Row 3-WAYNE SINK, MICKEY CARUSO, ED HOLT, ARLO KENT, JOE MISKINNIS, JOE HARPER, BRIAN McKAY. BASEBALL As The baseball season progressed Glendale Highs DynamiTers Telf deTeaT several Times, buT improved sieadily aTTer They were forTiTied loy some laTe arrivals from baslceTball. The Team showed consisTenT efTorT as They deTeaTed such fine squads as Pasadena, Alhambra, and a highly raTed Lynwood, The Dynos and six oTher Teams appeared in The TirsT annual Rosemead Baseball TournamenT in which Glendale neTTed an impressive Third place. The D , YFTOVDITQ-fs Slam In G norhe, homer f' 'KT n A r COACH TEACHOUT UU. V, m,gW,,. W, f nf AV wah, Z coAcH ARRANAGA JV BASEBALL SQUAD J. V. BASEBALL Coach Leo Arranga's Junior Varsity Baseball team, com- posed mostly ot Sophomores, shovvs great prospects tor a strong varsity in the future. With impressive victories over such teams as Hoover and Lincoln, the J.V. horsehiolers GV9 on their way to a successful season. ,f s ,W dv ?3Vll5l4'g ' I xg Row I-LEONARD RIJSSO, MIRTON BARNES, SCOTTIE TEAGARDEN, MATT DnMATTEO, JIM NEBLE, DICK BOYD, BILL SCHEINER. Row 2-DICK ULRICH, DAVE OLEARY, ROY SCHULKE, LARRY DALE, DOUG D'ARNALL, JOE CORRE, LARKIN WRAY, MIKE DELANEY, HOWARD HOWELL, TERRY EVANS. Row 3-GERRY RICHARDSON, TOM MCCLENAHAN, JIM JOHNSON, DALE TRIPP, JACK McLAREN, BOB LOFT, JOE SERVER, CHUCK GOWER, GOLF TEAM 5 3 ,,.,, Q sf V' V Q '-2 ,A x Pow W-DEXTER WOOD, POGER BANKS, MIKE MADDEN. Dc.-J 2-FRED PAPENT, JERRY STEELSMITH, OZZIE HAYTHOPNE, DON GOBEL, COACH BUONAGU1DI. TENNIS TEAM Pow 1-10m ATHEY, rom moons, JOHN REGO, RICHARD HASBROUCK, PHIL REYNGLDS PM 2-BRUCE EVANS, BILL GREENE, RICKY PRINTUP, ALAN LANGDON, eos SPRINGER, CARL MCKOWAN, COACH CASTLEN Vice-presidents PAT EITZPATRICK President, First Semester G. A. A. BOARD I GEORGIE MiLiER, BARBARA CAMPBELL The first semester G.A.A. Boord begon their term by changing the style of The lettermen svveoters, extending the time devoted to the G.A.A. dctivity period, ond omending the Constitution to include o new system ot giving owdrds. Under their copoble guid- cince, Glendole vvos host ot the Foothill Leogue Ploydoy ond to the Hoover G.A.A. Boord ot o Boord dinner. Pow l4SHEPPY BENNETT, Song Leoder, DIANE AITKEN, Song Le-oder, ARDY GIANERA, Sports Monogerg EDITH WRIGHT Vollevboll Mdnoger, SUE LACEY, Bndminton Monoger. Vow Q-MAPLEY SHFTIVEP, Yell Leoder, SHARON E. LEWIS, Nltroette President, NANCY GARDNER, Dance President- BPEE ETTEP, Yell Leoder ,IANET THOMSON, Boslcetboll Monoger. G. A. A. BOARD 2 fr BARBARA CAMPBELL, BREE ETTER OEORGIE MILLER, The GAA. Board lor the second semester C, Vice-presidents attended the GAF. convention tn Coachella, sponsored and hosted the Hoover-Glendale Playday. The many acconnpltghrnents of thts success- if X ful group or officers were concluded vvtth the trnpresstve Awards-Installation Tea tn June. SHARON E LEWIS Prestdent, Second Semester ,,. 'Y' 1 7 vw-f '11 Mudd Pow I-LEE ANN SNIDER, Song Leader, ARDY GIANERA, Sports Manager, JUDY CAMPBELL, Volleyball Manager, EDITH WRIGHT, Archery Manager, JANET THOMSON, Softball Manager, Row 2-PAT MENNE, Nitroefte Prestdent, MARLEY SHRIVER, Song Leader, JOAN SCHWAB, Dance President, LINDA FORD, Yell Leader, ELEANORE KUNKA, Yell Leader. NITROETTES I L ir Row I7BARBARA CAMPBELL, ROBERTA ELDERKIN, BETTY KING, SHARON E, LEWIS, DIONA RUSSELL, BETTY JO LEWIS, JOYCE PEARCE. Row Z-BETTE BIJNN, JANET LINDGREN, BETTIE SUTHERLAND, JEANETTE ACKERMAN, AUDREY TUVESON, DIANE ATWATER, MARY INGLE, ROSALIE KOVAC, DIANE COX Row 3-MARGILOU SPAGNA, PAT CONNER, WANDA EGGLESTON, PAT MENNE, SHARON GARMAN, MARLENE FROELICH, JOAN PAYNE. Row A-MARIBETH HILLMAN, ROSE MARIE LOPEZ, BETTY ANN BOARDMAN, PHYLLIS PIERCE, MARGIE MORRIS, CAROL SHOEMAKER, JANICE VERDUIN, JANET PRIESINO. -lv QWWQN I58 Nmroewes presenrnng "Singmg in The Rain." DANCE CLUB , ar 0 Tf 'fE2Ew-EE." -CELLEY BIUDY ANDREWS, SUSY GROOM, MARTHA SEARS JOAN CUSSON, SHARON SHEPERD, CARMEN ?..'.OCE 'N 'UCEY '-'IES E' .LL.EY FACULTY SPONSOR, SHIRLEY HORTON TAMSIN KIRK, BARBARA BEBB, LUANA GOUGH, JAN JA, KA"-1" REYMALES BARBARA COLEMAN, DONNA FERRIS, MARGIE PATTERSON, NANCY HALL, ELOISE LEWIS lcv. QYREIJJ 3532 FQCPENCE FASANO, LINDA HOPRER, MOLLY MORELAND, MARLENE BLOOM, BELINDA STROTHER, PLJTI-1 AHF. O.'l'.'AI. ICI-N SCHWAB DIANA NASH, ELIZABETH STAVENLOW, MARLENE VERMEERS, NANCY GARDNER, 'Lif' 2C,LDCf". Dixrqr- Hub ERQEUIPS F1 rm four, T59 JUNIOR SPORTS CLUB Row I-SANDRA MILLER, JUDY FREIMAN, ROCHELLE SHAPIRO, SHERRY BENNETT, KITTY DELANEY, VIRGINIA GILBERT, DONNA CURRY, MOLLY MORELAND, JOAN CHRISTY. Row 2-SANDRA JANE FOSTER, GLENDA AVEDON, BARBARA KIRSCHBAUM, MARILYN SINCLAIR, FAYE STOUDENMIRE, PAT BENNETT, DARLENE BROWN, ANNETTE MALGIOGLO, PATTY ROBERTS, MARCIA KRAFT, JOANNE WULLF, DARLENE MAHONEY. Row 3-EDITH WRIGHT, MARGIE HENDERSON, LINDA FORD, LOUISE WITT, PAT EICHLER, JOAN SNOOK, GRETCHEN FRAIN, KAY DAVIDSON, PAT PETERSON, CONNIE GWYNN, BEVERLY HARMON, EAYE EETING. Row 4-JANET THOMSON, LORA WHITE, LOIS LOVGREN, MARION CHUBA, LELIA HAWTHORNE, ELEANORE KUNKA, ANN BIRNIE, JUDY ELLISON, MADELINE MARTIN, MARY JANE JONES, ARDY GIANERA, DIANE ATWATER, JEANETTE ACKERMAN SOPHOMORE SPORTS CLUB C7 a Row I7ANN WELLER, ELLEN STINSON, SUSAN FAHRNEY, ALICE EDDY, JANICE BRASSFIELD, DELMA ALLRED, YVONNE WALES, BOBBIE JOY, EDITH PEWSEY, CAROL FREEMAN, Row 2-PAT CPAIG, KAREN NELSON, ELOISE PALMER, JUDY DRAKE, GRACE GILMAN, MARTHA TAMS, ANN SOMERS, NANCY MESEPVE, LIN TUGBY, SUSAN COLLINS, CAROL BRATCHER Row 3fCAROI.YN ZELLE, DONNA AMBROZE, CORINNE KOWOL, ELIZABETH STONER, CHRISTINE DREWEK, DIANA NASH, LEE ANN SNIDER, MARILYN WOOD, BARBARA CLARK, MARILYN ZACK, NANCY BERGNER, TAMSIN KIRK, SALLY SARGENT Pow 4-LOIS KIRKPATRICK, SUE WARTH, BARBARA HUNTER, SALLY JO MITCHELL, LINDA MOREHEAD, DONNA BLOOM PRISCILLA PRINCE, JUDY CAMPBELL, SANDRA CLARK, SANDY MQNEILL, BEVERLY STEVENS, ARLE-NE FERONA, GINNY JUDDJ SENIOR SPORTS CLUB fi I 4 R ii. .5 Q Q' i f ff Q7 ew X: e WH tx Y, Axn, V r f A-EEN" V V-'E Vi: A 'fl-STELL, SUSLE TCMLIN, DONNA SHEPHERD, JERI BCRING PCN QYJQLM EUUQEQS Sr-MZFOVJ E LEVHS, CHAPLENE BUNCH, PAT FVTZPATRICK, MARGARET CASTELL, DARLENE TANG, F-NN L-HCHCLS PGN 2-ELFELVL Cfl'.'5E . JC EVCHSEN CAPQL JOHNSON, GEORGIE MILLER, SUE LACEY, ELEANCR CONNELL, BABS KNSLING, YJEVJE PGEEC, ROW A-JCLH ZELffCV.TE, EERTQPCE fl-UGHEY, .IUDI KELLER, MARLENE BLOOM, MIRIAM SHAW, NOLA JONAS, BREE ETTER. WWW '-A 1 1 3' Lfufffu ' 2 ..,fsf Sensors procflce Thenr sim. GA A Board depicts circus theme. G. A. A. PLAYDAY With the theme 'Circus Days," Glendale was host to the Foothill League Schools tor the 1953 Playclay. Four schools competed in games and activities. The schools were Alhambra, Bur- roughs, Burbank, and Glendale. dvr lnrerschool basketball competition, l i ,W - Q - - 'L V School teams meet for songs f and yells. Volleyball rivals -lf" wr ' ,V tw? ' 'biigrgc' gg A fs INSTALLATION BANQUET S I Q lb 1 U I iz The GAA tnsrallanan Banqaef featured cr delrcroos smorgasbord drnner, emerrarnment by each of the ciasses and cornpevxe songs and vells from the sporrs cmbs The presenfafron of awards was followed by the beau- nful, 'rodrrranai ceremony rnsrallrng the new offrcers me f M-er' - ' for me second semesver At me conclusron of the inf sfaliarwan o wrve BrbNe was presented to Por Frrzpate hcl- as 3 rnemer-'o O' ner 'erm of offrce me ,.r,r w e Smrlmg offrcers ond guests enloy drnner, X l 'c-7 .f r wr 2, 1 New Ei 1 4 1 , Sharon recewes Iver qcwel. - K Y Candlelight insfollcnion leaves memories. .il-,,........-V:, A --Y..4f,.5'.1-- ff-- y x 163 MISS MABEL MURPHY Through the years many commerce students at Glendale High School have had reason to appreciate and re- member the calm and cheerful interest Miss Murphy evidenced in each of her students. More than knowledge of bookkeeping, business correspondence, or typing was learned through contact with her happy outlook on life, her steadfast faith, and her appreciation of every cour- tesy. The knowledge of service rendered and work well done is hers to take with her as she retires from active teach- ing this year. With her, too, go the wishes of her stu- dents that the years ahead will give her of life's best. MRS. MARY C GOLDSMITH The whimsical, little smile and the gentle gesture of recognition from Mrs. Mary Goldsmith has been missed in the halls and in the English classrooms this year. In Mrs. Goldsmith's classes her students received an in- delible impression of her contagious enjoyment of English and American literature, her thorough knowl- edge of her subject, and her wry, though kind, sense of humor. This characteristic of subtle humor, accompanied by a modest and philosophical acceptance of life, has well equipped Mrs. Goldsmith to eriioy the quiet pleasures of mind and nature about her. Thus, we say goodbye and Godspeed, grateful for her influence. -J' J Ml? EDGL5 i- VlElll-tOLZ VICE PPlllClW-L CCFCH, FPIEHD Mr, Kienholz came to Glendale l-ligh School twenty years ago from a position in the physi- cal education department of Occidental College After three years as head football coach he became boys vice principal of Glendale l-ligh School, During the years his interest in the students and in the development of true sports- manship, character, and athletic ability has never lessened. l-lis familiar smile, his little blaclf bag, his voice inspiring teams and student bodies to the support of their alma mater, have been a be- loved and integral part of the school. Above all, his firm standards, his praise, and friendly interest will be missed upon his retirement this June. With farewell goes many wishes for happy, useful years ahead. Mr. Kienholz will be missed and remembered. v--1... in f 4 6012 fzafufafiona KW if ,ff Mfi 1 ,f j . 1, L fuf W cf' D Y S: ZlM M'fM. if! 'iilff fp M419 ffff 1937 938 1939 940 94 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1 954 51250 'za , N..-. W 1 Skxi 5 , 5 , ,, , , , , ,q,.,, V v, x, ,A , :ww lv: . ww -xp, 1 f 4, 7,2 1 ' X ' ' "9 "fig M UK wv'42-,5'N"L5g Q MTX ' Xe ALBERTSON, RICHARD Orchestra I, II, Symphonettes III, Christian Student Fellow- ship I, II. ALICATA, JOAN Commerce Club I, II, World Friendship Club I. AMBROSCH, BARBARA Christian Student Fellowship, Chips Club, G.A.A. ANDREWS, LEE P. A. Crew I, Il, Ill. ARNTZEN, JACK Band I, Orchestra III, Science Club II. ARTHUR, HOWARD Men's Glee I, Honor Society I, French Club II, III, Latin Club l, R.O.T.C. l, ll. ASELTINE, JOHN R.O.T.C. I, II, III, Student Bank I, Il, III, Student Cabinet III, Mixed Chorus III, Key Club III. ATKINSON, RICHARD JR. "DICK" A'CappelIa AUSTIN, ROBERT C. "BOB" Student Congress II, Ill, 49ers I, ll, III, Junior Statesmen III, Key Club III, French Club II, III. AVALLONE, LEONARD School Plays ll, Ill, Vice Presi- dent Thespians III, Senior Council Ill, President Writer's Workshop II, Explosion Stott Ill. BAERG, RODNEY Student Congress, Honor So- ciety. BAILEY, NIGEL Talent Assembly III, Operetta II, Student Congress, Dance Recital III, A'Cappella. BAKER, DEUON Honor Society, Chess Club, Science Club. BALDWIN, PATRICIA "PAT" A'Cappella, Class Council II, Cotton Cord Court I, Choral- ettes, Dance Recital I, II, BANE, NANCY Latin Club I, ll: DOHC? Re' cital Il, Mah-Jongg Club III: Commerce Club III, Christian Student Fellowship I, II. BARBARINO, BEATRICE 168 .sizicm "BETTY" Student Congress I, Class Coun- cil II, Stunt Show Ill, G,A.A. Ill. BARKER, SUZANNE "SUE" Dance Recital III, A'CappelIa III, Mixed Chorus III, Lyric Club II, Stunt Show III. BARNECK, DALE A. V. Crew, Supervisor, Film Supervisor, Arc Projection Crew, BARR, DAVID Basketball I, II, III, Football ll, 49ers. BARTH, SANDRA "SANDl" Civinettes II, III, World Friend- ship I, II, III, A'Cappella III, Stunt Show I, II, III, Operetta ll. BARTOW, GORDON JR. Varsity Football I, Saber and Chevron I, II, Zouaves I, II, III, Writer's Workshop III, Chips Club I, ll. BATES, CAROL A'Cappella, Christian Student Fellowship, Chips Club Il: Honor Society I, Dance Re- cital I. BEGLEY, BEVERLY Student Congress III, Writer's Workshop II, III, A'Cappella iii, World Friendship ii, iii, Christmas Program I, Il, III, BELL, WALT Football III, 49ers II, Class Council II, Ill. BENEFIEL, FREDERIC "MICKEY" Director of Assemblies III, School Plays I, II, III, Class Council I, III, Talent Show I, III, Thespians. BENSON, JEANNE Christian Student Fellowship, Commerce Club, Pep Club, BESTLAND, ARLEENE Operetta ll, III, Commerce Club, A'Cappella, Christmas Program II, III, Stunt Show Il. BIRDSELL, SARONE Dance Recital I, II, Ill, Op- eretta II, Stylus Staff ll, Dance Club I. BLOOM, MARLENE Lfzeaforc Girl's League Board III, Civ- Inettes, Commerce Club, Stunt Show, Dance Recital II. BOHN, RICHARD P. A, Crew I, ll, Ill, P. A. Crew Chief, Arc, Operetta I, II, BOICE, CHARLES "CHUCK" P. A. Crew, Commerce Club. BONILLA, ROXANA "ROXY" President of Spanish Club III, World Friendship Club I, ll, Spanish Club II, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship II, G.A.A. BORING, JERILYN "JERl" 60 Per Club, Spanish Club, Civinettes, Christian Student Fellowship, G.A.A. BOSTON, MICHAEL "MIKE" Chips Club I, Student Congress II, Stylus Staff II. BOWMAN, RICHARD Latin Club I, Science Club III, Christian Student Fellowship II, III, Honor Society I. BOYD, DAVID "DAVE" Band I, Il, Operetta , Student Congress II, "B" Football II, 'A" Track II. BREITENBACH, ALLEN "AL" Football, Latin Club, A'Cap- Della, 49ers, BRENNAN, ANDREW "ANDY" 'AH Football I, ll, lll. BRISTER, JANE Girls' League Treasurer I, Honor Society I, Girls' League Publicity Chairman ll, Civin- ettes Il, III, Girls' League Sen- ior Representative III. BRITTAIN, JOHN Spanish Club. BROOM, DONALD Forensics, "B" Football. BROWN, DAVID "DAVE" Student Congress I, III, Stage Crew, Writer's Workshop, Or- chestra I, ll. BROWN, ROBIN World Friendship Club I, II. BRUMM, WILLIAM "BILL" "A" Football ll, Ill, 49ers ll, III, French Club I, ll, "B" Football I, JV Baseball I, ll. BRUNS, THEODORE JR. "TED" Football I, III, Symphonettes II, III, Basketball Il, Track Il, Chess Club III. BRYAN, GRACE Girls' Glee Club I, Commerce Club Ill. BUNCH, CHARLENE G.A.A. I, II, III, French Club II, III, Latin Club I, Christian Student Fellowship I, II. BUNN, BETTE "BUNNY" G.A.A., Nitroettes, Christian Student Fellowship, Maid of Honor, Band. BURGESS, JOAN "JONIE" A'Cappella III, G,A.A. III, Commerce Club II, III, Nitro- ettes II, Christian Student Fel- lowship I, II. CALLISTER, DAVID "DAVE" 'C" Track II, III, Honor So- ciety I, III, Junior Statesmen I, ll, Ill, Key Club lll, Sym- phonettes II, III. CAMPBELL, BARBARA "SOUP" G.A.A. Board II, III, Stylus Stott III, Honor Society II, Maid of Honor II, Head of Maiorettes II, III. CARDINAL, LARRY Student Congress I, II, P. A. Crew, Explosion Linotype. CARR, LuVONNE G,A.A. I, Stunt Show III, Dance Recital II, Ushers Club III, Regulated Dress. CARSON, DIANE Dance Recital I, II, III, Op- eretta II, III, Honor Society I. CARTER, DOUGLAS "DOUG" Treasurer Civitans III, Student Congress III, 49ers II, III, Jun- ior Statesmen I. CARTWRIGHT, DALE Class Council I, Mixed Chorus lll, Spanish Club l. CASTELL, MARIA Symphonettes Il, Ill, Secretary Spanish Club II, G.A,A, Board II, Student Congress I, CAUGHEY, BERNICE GA-A II, III: Symphonettes III, Music Festival III, Dance Recital III, Orchestra I, II. CAVAN, KAREN Regulated Dress, Student Con- gress, Commerce Club, Dance Club, Dance Recital Il, III. CAVE, ELIZABETH "B.A." French Club I, GAA. ii, iii, Choralettes Il, A'Cappella III, Talent Show Ill. CHAMPION, KATHLEEN 'AKATHY" Spanish Club II, Regulated Dress ll, World Friendship Club II, Class Council I, Chris- tian Student Fellowship II CHRISTOPHERSON, LQVONNE Commerce Club I, G.A,A. CHRISTENSON, JOAN G.A.A. I, ll, Christian S"udent Fellowship ll, Band I, II, III. CLARK, JOAN Chips Club, GAA. I, ll, Chris- tian Student Fellowship. CLARK, PENELOPE "PENNY" Honor Society I, ll, REQUIOYEO Dress Ill, Operetta I, ll, Dance Recital I, ll, Ill, Maid ot Honor Il. CONNELL, ELEANOR Honor Society I, ll, III, Student Congress Ill, Maid ot Honor ll, Student Bank III, G!-11. ll, Ill. CONNER, JANE Commerce Club I, Il, Jun-or Statesmen Il, Stunt Show ll, Ill, Regulated Dress Ill: E1- plosion Stott Ill. CONNER, PATRICIA "PAT" Nitroettes, Glenettes, Commerce Club, Explosion Staff, GAA. COONS, THOMAS "TOM" Senior Tableau, Chess Club. COOPER, ANNETTE Commerce Club ll, Stunt Show II, Ill, G.A.A. I, ll. COOPER, RCHARD "DICK" Spanish Club, Science Club, Chess Club, Student Congress, Honor Society. COSNER, PATRICIA "PAT" Dance Recital II, Commerce Club II, III, Mah-Jongg Club Ill, Pep Club. COTA, MARTA "MARTY" Football Queen: STUFII Show, A'Cappella, Christmas Pro- gram, Mixed Chorus. COULTAS, PATRICIA "PAT" enioi Regulated Dress Representative Girls' League I, II, Class COUFICII III: Student Congress, CIVIHGIISS: Prom Committee. COX, DIANE Nitroettesp GAA., Stunt Show. CRANE, PATRICIA "PAT" Spanish Club I, ll, Junior STOTCSVWBYW III: Forensics III, A'CappelIa Ill, Operetta ll. CRANE, SHIRLEY Band, Christian Student Fellow- ship, G.A.A., Chips Club, CRAVEN, JAMES Spanish Club, Honor Society, B Football ll, 'B" Track Il. CRESS, RUTH G.A.A. I, ll, Student Congress I, Commerce Club I, II, Ill, Spanish Club I, Glenettes Ill. CROSBY, BERNARD "BING" V Basketball Ill, J, V. Base- ball I, II, Explosion Staff III, B Basketball Il, Chairman Senior Banquet Tickets. CROSS, JERRY Class Council I, V Basketball ill CULLING, HONOR Honor Society I, II, III, Span- tsr. Club II, III, Junior States- rnen I, II, III, Dance Club President II, Dance Recital II, Ill, CUMMINGS, JOHN "JOHNNY" B Football I, Il, Ill, C" Traclf II, B Traclr Ill, Class Council I. DALTON, GERALD "JERRY" President ot Student Body III, Coordinator of Organizations II, Director of Forensics ll, Football I, II, Ill, Track I, ll, lll. OANEKE, HARTLEY Stunt Show II, Ill, Honor So- ciety Ill, Chips Club II, World Friendship Club ll, Ill, Junior Red Cross Il, III. DAVIS, NANCY "NANCI" Decoration Chairman Girls' League Il, French Club I, II, Dance Recital ll, Ill, Civin- ettes II, Ill, Stunt Show I, ll, Ill, DEEMING, JOHN Lfzeccofz Honor Society Il, Ill, R.O.T.C. I, ll. DELANEY, KATHLEEN "KATHY" Dance Recital II, Ill, Stunt Shaw Ill, Christmas Program Ill, Operetta Il, Ill, A'CCIp- pella III, DELMONTE, JOAN Maid of Honor II, French Club I, II, III, G. A. A. I, Il, Ill, Commerce Club Ill, Chris- tian Student Fellowship I, ll, lll. DENNY, SUZANNE "SUE" Class Secretary Ill, Class Coun- cil l, ll, Ill, Stunt Show, Christ- mas Program, Spring Concert. DICKIE, ROBERT JR. "BOB" Civitans Ill, 49ers II, Ill, Science Club Il, R.O.T.C. I, ll, III. DIKE, MARY ALICE Commerce Club, Student Con- gress I, G.A.A. I, ll. DIVER, CHERENE "CHERENIE" Dance Recital I, Il, III, Op- eretta Il, Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, Stunt Show ll, Ill, DODDS, THOMAS JR. "TOM" Bookstore Il, Ill, Civitans Ill, Science Club I, Il, Tennis Team ll, Ill. DRAKE, CLIFFORD Junior Red Cross ll. DREWEATT, TOM Tennis. DREWEK, THOMAS "TOM" Football, Dramatics, Band. DUCLO5, NANCY Honor Society, French Club, Junior Red Cross, Stunt Show, Explosion Staff. EBERT, WILFRED "BILL" Football I, ll, Ill, Baseball ll, Golf Ill, Student Congress I, Ill, Class Council Il. EDGERTON, JOAN Commerce Club, Stunt Show. EGGLESTON, WANDA-LEE Explosion Assistant Editor Ill, Flag Girl II, Ill, School Plays II, III, Thespians III, Explosion 3rd Page Editor Ill. EINOLANDER, DIANE Honor Society, Class Council I, Ill, Somoac Art Club, Student Congress, Prom Court ll. ELARDO, ANGELINE "ANGIE" Stunt Show, Christian Student Fellowship, Commerce Club, G,A.A. ELSON, LEE Explosion Editor III, Honor So- ciety lll, Explosion Ist Page Editor Ill, Student Congress ll, Civitans ll, Ill. ENOS, RICHARD "B" Track I, ll, Ill, "B" Football Ill, "GH Club ll, Ill, ERICHSEN, JO ANN "JO" Civinettes, French Club, G.A.A. Sports, Student Cong ress, Christian Student Fellowship. ERICHSEN, ROBERT "BOB" "C" Track I, "B" Football ll, III, Somoac Art Club I. ERICKSON, JEANE "GIGGLES" Song Leader Ill, Girls' League Board, Civinettes Class Coun- cil III, Christian Student Fel- Iawship. ETHERIDGE, GEORGE Track ll. ETTER, BREGETTE "BREE" Girls' League Board I, Ill, GAA. Board ll, Ill, A'Cap- pella III, Honor Society ll, III, Student 'Congress Ill. EUSTON, STANLEY Key Club III, Honor Society ll, III, 49ers II, Ill, Junior States- men I, II, Ill, "C" Track I. EVANS, BRUCE Honor Society I, Tennis Ill, "B" Basketball Ill, Senior Tab- leau Ill, Chess Club ll. FAMBROUGH, JAMES "JIM" 49ers ll, III, Spanish Club, Orchestra Il, V Tennis II, Ill, Band I. FARBER, JAMES "JIM" Symphonettes, Forensics Club, Orchestra, Science Club, Band. FARRIER, JAMES "JIM" "A" Football I, Il, Ill, Student Court Ill, Student Congress ll, Stylus Staff III. FITZPATRICK, PATRICIA "PAT" President of Girls' League Ill, Director of Girls' Athletics Ill, Explosion Staff Ill, Class Coun- cil Ill, Honor Society. I69 FLEMING, MARLENE Girls' League Senior Represen- tative, Girls' League Secretary, School Play II, III, Dance Re- cital I, ll, III, Prom Court ll. FORD, CAROL Writer's Workshop, Junior Red Cross, A' Cappella, Junior Statesmen, Stunt Show. FOX, JOSEPH "JOE" 496-fs i, iiQ FRANKLIN, RUTH Student Congress, Commerce Club, Christian Student Fellow- ship. FREDERICK, KARL JR. Chess Club III. FRENCH, RONALD "RON" "A" Basketball Il, III, Halls and Grounds Ill, "A" Track II Ill, R.O.T.C. ll, Ill, Honor So- I ciety Ill. FRISWOLD, PATRICIA "PAT" Commerce Club, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship. FULLER, DONNA G.A.A., Spanish Club. FULTON, WILLIAM "BILL" JV Baseball I, ll, V Baseball Ill, Class Council II. GABHART, JANICE Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, G.A.A. ll. GARDNER, ANNALEE "ANNE" Cotton Cord Court I, Girls' League Decoration Chairman II, Civinettes II, III, Yell Leader Senior Stunt, Maid of Honor II. GARDNER, NANCY Girls' League Welfare Chair- man III, G.A.A. Board III, Maid of Honor II, Honor Socie- ty I, II, Ill, A'Cappella Il, Ill, GARDNER, SHARON Honor Society Vice President: Writer's WarkshOP SeC"elGFY1 Maid of Honor ll, Stunt Show, Mah-Jongg Club III. GARMAN, SHARON G.A.A. I, Il, Nitroettes I, ll, III, Honor Society I: Stunt Show Ill, Chips Club I. GARRISON, ROSE G.A.A. I, Commerce Club If enioi Honor Society I. Il, Regulated Dress Il, Girls Glee I, ll. GAZZANIGA, ALAN "AI" 'A" Football I, ll, Ill, JV Base- ball I, II, Class Secretary II, Student Court Ill, "G" Club ll. GEE, BARBARA Latin Club I, II, French Club ll, Ill, G.A.A, I, II, Dance Club. GELSINGER, BOB Track GIANERA, HOWARD "HOWDY" President of Junior Statesmen, President of World Friendship Club, Coordinator of Speech Arts, State Officer of Junior Statesmen, Honor Society. GILBERT, PATRICIA "PAT" Mixed Chorus, Honor Society, Mah-Jongg Club. GILLESPIE, RICHARD "RICHY" "B" Football Il, JV Baseball ll, Golf ll. GOBEL, DON Golf I, II, III, Key Club, Senior Tableau, Vice President Com- merce Club, Student Congress. GOETSCH, DOROTHY Christian Student Fellowship .l, Il, Operetta Make-up, Stunt Show, Regulated Dress. GOGERTY, PATRICK "PAT" Class Vice President III, Prom Chairman Ill, Class Council III, Junior Statesmen Il, III, 49ers I, Il, Ill. GOLLER, JEAN "JEANIE" Commerce Club I, II, Junior Statesmen I, Christian Student Fellowship, Regulated Dress, GONZALES, JOSEPH "JOE" P.A. Crew, GOODE, ARLENE Stunt Show I, ll, Commerce Club Il, III, World Friendship Club I, ll, Pep Club Officer iii, G.A.A. ii. GORDON, JOHN "JACK" 49ers III, Tennis Ill, Senior Tableciu Ill. GOSS, LORNA World Friendship Club: EXPIO' sion Staff, Chips Club: HONG' Society, Latin Club. Lfzacfoz GREENE, JACQUELINE "JACKIE" Dance Recital I, ll, Ill, Christ- mas Program Soloist ll, Ill, Girls' League Vice President III, Honor Society Secretary, Girls' League Philanthropic Chairman. GREENLAW, KENNETH JR. "KEN" Band I, II, III, Drum Major of Band III, A'Cappella Ill, Hon- or Society I, Il, III, Talent Show Ill. GROB, RONALD "RONNIE" Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball. HADSELL, LORRAINE GlA.A. I, ll, Chips Club, Or- chestra I, Il, Christian Student Fellowship. HAGMAN, ALLEN Junior Statesmen I, Forensics I, P.A. Crew, Mixed Chorus, Spanish Club. HALL, JERRY Track II, Science Club, Clase Council I. HARDY, RICHARD "DICK" Civitans, Student Congress Il. HARMON, RICHARD "DICK" Exchange Club Award, Student Body Vice President, Oratorical Speaker Il, Assistant Editor ol Explosion Ill, Student Congress i, ii, iii. HARPER, RICHARD "JOE" Football, Baseball, Explosion Staff, Honor Society, Class Council I, Il, III. HARRIS, RUTH Spanish Club, Junior States- men, Maid of Honor ll, Oper- etta, Dance Recital. HARTLEY, DONNA Junior Red Cross I, Commerce Club I, Christian Student Fel- lowship I, II, Regulated Dress I. HASBROUCK, RICHARD 49ers ll, Ill, Tennis II, Ill, "B" Basketball ll, Junior Statesmen I, II, Ill, Key Club ll, Ill. HASKELL, PATSY Civinettes, Commerce Club, Dance Club, Stunt Show Il, Ill, HAUSMANN, LORRAINE Girls' League President Ili, Co- ordinator of Organizations Ill, Class Vice President Il, Class Secretary I, Cotton Cord Queen I. HAYTHORNE, CONRAD "OS" Golf I, ll, Ill, French Club Il, Latin Club I, Explosion Staff ll, III. HAYWOOD, PEGGY .Stunt Show, Dance Club, Stu- dent Congress, Dance Recital, G.A.A. HEIDLEBAUGH, LAWRENCE "LARRY" Audio Visual Crew I, ll, Ill, P.A. Chief III, Operetta I, II, Musical' Productions I, II, III, Key Club. i-iEiER,JiM Class Council III, Student Con- gress III, Junior Statesmen. HENDY, GARY Track I, ll, Christian Student Fellowship I, Il, "G" Club ll, III, Honor Society Ill, Com- merce Club I, II. HERSON, DONALD "DON" Latin Club I, Orchestra III, Christian Student Fellowship, HIGLEY, WILLIAM "BILL" 'BH Basketball I, ll, "B" Track III. HILLMAN, MARIBETH Girls' League Secretary II, Song Leader III, Maid of Hon- or Il, Stylus Editor Ill. HODSON, SHARON Honor Society, Commerce Club, Dance Recital, G.A.A. Senior Tableau. HOLT, EDWIN "EDDIE" V Baseball I, II, III, "B" Bas- ketball and Football I, II, "A" Basketball and Football III- Civitcins ll, Ill, MG" Club I ii, iii, HOPKINS, STEVE A'CappeIla, Spanish Club, Commerce Club, Operetta II, Music Festival Ill. HOPPER, HEATHER Dance Recital I, Il, Stunt Show I, II, III, French Club, Regu- lated Dress I, Talent Show III, HORROCKS, DARLENE Junior Red Cross, Commerce Club I, Il, Ill, G.A.A. II, Latin Club II. HOWARD, VIRGINIA Honor Society I, Il, III, Oper- etta II, Class Council I, Dance Recital I, II, Stunt Show I, HUCCABONE, MARSHALL "MARTY" Football I, II, III, Track I, II, Ill, "G" Club I, ll, Ill, Stu- dent Congress I, II, III- Boys League President III. HUDSON, JOAN Maid of Honor II, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship I, II, Spanish Club ll, Stunt Show Ill. HUELDEN, ROY "A" Track III, B' Football I. HUNT, JEAN Christian Student Fellowship, Commerce Club, Christmas Program, Music Fes'iva', A'CappeIla. HUNTING, RONALD "RONNIE" Cross Country Team ll, 'A' Track II, III. ISERI, FRANK French Club Vice President Chess Club, Mah-Jongg Club: Symphonettes, 'B" Football Captain. JACKSON, JAMES "JIM" Student Congress. JACOBSTEIN, DARMA School Play I, Il, III, ThespianS: Forensics, Stunt Show I, II, III: Dance Recital II. JEDYNAK, EDWARD "ED" Football. JENKS, MARIEL Spanish Club, World Friend- ship Club, G.A.A., Music Fes- tival, Mah-Jongg Club. JOHNSON, RONALD Student Bank, Commerce Club. JONAS, NOLA Junior Statesmen, S p C r1iS ll Club, World Friendship Club: Senior Tableau Committee, .snioz G.A.A. JONES, BARBARA Dance Club II, Lyric Club II, Stunt Show Il, III, Dance Re. Cital ll, CSA A, II, JONES, BETTY Latin Club, Junior Red Cross JONES, JOHN "JACK" ROTC I, Il, III, Science Club, Christian Student Fellowship. JONES, THOMAS "TOMMY" Latin Club I, Chips Club I, A Football Il, Ill, Saber and Chevron I, II, 'G' Club lll, JUNGO, ELAINE A Cappella III, Dance Recital I, I' 'll Operetta II, III, Christ- mas Program I, ll, III, Maid ot Honor II KAISER, MARILYN indent Congress II, Class Council ill, Cylenettes III Lfiappella lll. Junior Red Cross II KAUSEN, CHARLES B Football I, II, B Truck I, ' JJ Baseball I. KAVANAGH, JANIE Case Song Leader I, Stunt -f 'I il, Class Counctl Cornr'riet'e Club, Student Congress I, ll KELLER, JUDITH "JUDY" Cf-,L Eoara, GAA I, Il, til Horld Friendship Club KELLSTROM, DONALD "DON" 1- Football I, II, III, Class Treasurer Il, Class Council l, il, III, Operetta I, Il, Key Club Ill KENDALL, JAMES "JIM" Efplosion Staff Ill, Football it II, Latin Club I, II, Galt I, II, III, Chess Club Il. KENNEDY, PADDY ACappella III, Explosion Stott III, Lyric Club ll, Music Festival II, III, Dance Recital II, III. KENNERKNECHT, RICHARD "DICK" A'Cappella, 'Gi' Club, Student Congress Il, "A" Baseball II, Ill, "A" Basketball Ill, KENT, ARLO DZECCOT JV Baseball I, II, V Baseball III, "B" Basketball I, "A" Basketball Ill. KENT, JAMES "JIM" Civitans I, ll, P.A. Crew I. KIMARI, MARIANNE Civinettes ll, III, Maid of Hon- or ll, Writer's Workshop Il, III, Junior Red Cross I. KIMBALL, DONALD "DON" A9ers, Explosion Staff, Bas- ketball Manager. KING, ELIZABETH "BETTY" Song Leader, Stunt Show, Reg- ulated Dress, Nitroettes I, II, Ill, G.A.A. KING, LLOYD Key Club Vice President III, Junior Statesmen I, II, III, Honor Society I, II, Ill, Orches- tra I, II, III, Latin Club I, II, Ill. KIRKLAND, DONALD "DON" School Play I, II, Director of Publicity III, Junior Red Cross President Ill, Explosion Staff Ill, Cotton Cord Decoration Chairman I. KISLING, BARBARA "BABS" Stunt Show III, French Club I, Il, III, Senior Tableau III, G.A.A. I, Il. KLIEWER, CARL Stage Crew Il, Pep Club Ill. KLINE, CHARLES "C", "B" Track I, ll, Ill, Mixed Chorus III. KLOHS, JOHANNA Honor Society, Commerce Club, 60 Per Club. KNOLL, PHILIP "PHIL" Orchestra Il, Ill. KOERBER, ROBERT Band I, Il, Ill, Track Ill. KOPPANG, WILLIAM "BILL" Student Congress, Senior Tab- leau. KOWOL, BRUCE Honor Society I, II, Ill, Junior Statesmen Ill, Forensics Ill, 49ers lll, Science Club ll, III. KRAG, JAMES "JIM" Class Council Ill. LABBE', GEORGE Music Festival ll, III, Operetta Il. LACEY, SUSAN "SUSIE" Girls' State Representative ll, Treasurer Girls' League III, G.A.A. Board I, Ill, Civinettes II, III, Honor Society I, Ill. LAKE, RONALD "PUDDLES" R.O.T.C. Representative ll, Stu- dent Congress I, II, lll, Honor Society President III, Class Council l, Il, III, Student Cab- inet II. LGMASTER, DAVID "DAVE" Orchestra I, Symphonettes II, III, Christian Student Fellow- ship ll, Operetta Il. LANDBERG, NORA World Friendship Club II, Hon- or Society I, ll, G.A.A. I, Spanish Club Ill, Junior States- men II, LANE, PATRICIA "PAT" Co m m e rce Club, Operetta Makeup, Lyric Club, Christian Student Fellowship. LANKOW, PATRICIA Dance Club, Stunt Show I, III, Dance Recital II, III, Regulated Dress, G.A.A. l, ll. LARSEN LEROY JV Baseball I, II, "B" Track I, II. LEE, ROBERT E. "BOBBY" Commerce Club, 60 Per Club. LEHMAN, LOUANN Commerce Club I, II, Ill, Honor Society I, II, III, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship I, II, Junior Red Cross I. LEINSTER, BRUCE "B" Football I, "A" Football II, III, JV Baseball I, III. LESEMANN, FREDERICK "FRED" Symphonettes I, II, Ill, Chess Club President Il, Writer's Work Shop President III, Hon- or Society I, Il, III, Bank of America Fine Arts Cup Winner. LEWIS, EUNICE Stunt Show Ill, Student Con- gress I, ll, Christian Student Fellowship Il. LEWIS, SHARON Mixed Chrous II, Ill, Operetta ll, Dance Recital I, ll, III, Christian Student Fellowship. LEWIS SHARON E. Director of Girls' Athletics III, Honor Society I, II, III, Cres- centa-Canada Professional and Business Women's Club Award III, Nitroettes I, II, III, Civin- ettes ll, III. LIGHTBODY, DWIGHT Student Congress, Student Cab- inet, "B" Football, Ritle Team, Drill Team. LINDSAY, WILLIAM "BILL" Class President I, III, "B" Football and Track I, "A" Football and Track Il, III, President of 49ers II. LOEFFLER, DONALD "DON" Audio Visual Crew Chief, Key Club. LOFGREN, BEVERLY Spanish Club, Band, G,A.A., Sophomore Chorus. LOPEZ, ROSE MARIE Nitroettes Il, Ill, G.A.A. Ill. LUTES, MARY Student Congress I, Commerce Club II, III, World Friendship Club ll, Junior Statesmen ll, Junior Red Cross III. LYNN, BARBARA Orchestra I, II, III, G.A.A. I, II, Commerce Club I, Latin Club I, Tennis Team. MABBUTT, FRED "B" Basketball Il, Ill, Latin Club I, Track III, "G" Club III, Halls and Grounds III. MacDONALD, GEORGE "RED" "A" Football, II, III, "A" Bas- ketball II, III, "A" Track III, Civitans Ill, Spanish Club I, II. MocMILLIN, PAUL "PAULSY" "B" Football I, II, III, Class Council Il, Cabinet Ill, Civitans II, III, "C" Track I. MADDEN, MICHAEL Golf Team Il, Ill, Civitans Ill. MAINLAND, MARY "LIBBY" Stunt Show I, III, Spanish Club III, Chips Club I, II, G.A.A. II, III, World Friendship Club I, II. MAIRE, ROGER Boys' League Vice President III, "C" Track I, "B" Football III, Civitans II, Ill, Junior Red I72 alziofz Cross I, II. MALONE, PATRICK "PAT" "B" Football I, II, Class Coun- cil Ill. MANN, BARBARA Commerce Club I, Il, Ill, G,A.A. l, ll. MARIUS, ANTHONY "TONY" Honor Society II, III, Lieu- tenant R.O.T.C. I, Il, Latin Club, Golf Team. MARTINOFF, ROSEMARY Junior Lead in Baccalaureate II, World Friendship Club lll, Junior Red Cross. MARX, CAROL Lyric Club Student Director, Commerce Club. MATTHEWS, MARK Pep Club Vice President III, Key Club Treasurer Ill, Class Council Ill, "B" Football II, 49ers iii. ' MATTHEWS, VERLIN "B" Football I, Class Council I, III, Mixed Chorus ll, Ill, Boys' Glee III. MAX, WILLIAM "BILL" Class Council I, Latin Club I, 49ers ll, III, Honor Society I, ll, III, R,O.T.C. l, II, Ill. MCCORD, PATRICIA "PAT" Operetta, French Club, Latin Club, G.A.A., Christmas Pro- gram. Mt:DIFFETT, JERALD Latin Club I, II, Science Club III, R.O.T,C. I, II, Christian Student Fellowship Il. MCEWEN, ALAN "A" Football III, "A" Basket- ball lll, "A" Track Ill. MCGEE, PAUL Operetta I, ll, Christmas Pro- gram I, II, Ill. MCINTOSH, MYRTLE French Club Ill. MCKOWAN, CARL 'B" Football II, Ill, "B" Bas- ketball lll, "A" Tennis ll, Ill, Explosion Staff lll, Student Congress II. MCLAUGHLIN, PAT A'CappelIa Ill, Stunt Show ll, III, Operetta II, Dance Recital itzeofofz II, Commerce Club II, III. McMASTERS, DEE Honor Society, 49ers, A'Cap- pella, French Club, Thespians, MELBY, NANCY Commerce Club. MELLINGER, YVONNE Commerce Club I, II, III, G.A.A. II, Ill. MENNE', PATRICIA "PAT" G.A.A. Board II, Skulls ll, Ill, Nitroettes I, II, Ill, Stunt Show III, Honor Society I. MENZEL, ALICE Stunt Show I, Il, III, Junior Statesmen I, II, Commerce Club I, II, III, Dance Club I, Dance Recital II. METZLER, JOHN Student Congress II, III, Class Council III, Chess Club, Science Club, Latin Club. MILES ROBERTA Honor Society I, ll, lll, Junior Red Cross, French Club, Chris- tian Student Fellowship, Span- ish Club. MILLER, GEORGIANA "GEORGIE" Student Court Ill, Student Con- gress Ill, G.A.A. Board II, III, Honor Society Secretary III, Civinettes Il, Ill. MILLER, JANET "JAN" Civinettes ll, G,A.A. Ill, A'Cappella Ill, Operetta Il, Stunt Show I, Ill. MITTRY, LORICE Honor Society I, II, III, A'Cappella Ill, Civinettes ll, Ill, Spanish Club III, World Friendship Club I, ll, III. MOONEY, KAREN Commerce Club. MOORE, MERLE Lyric ll, Ill, G.A.A. ll, Ill, Christmas Program II. MORRIS, ROBERT Spanish Club I, II, Music Fes- tival III, A'Cappella, Mixed Chorus. MORRIS, RONALD Honor Society, Key Club, Or- chestra, Junior Red Cross. MORROW, DIANE "DI" A'CappeIla III, Dance Recital ll, III, Maid of Honor II, Operetta II, Spanish Club. MORROW, SONDRA "TOOTIE" Class Council II, A'CappelIa Ill, World Friendship Club I, II, III, Spanish Club Ill, G.A.A. I, ll. MOXLEY, MURIEL G.A.A. I, Stunt Show ll, III. MUNN, ANN A'Cappella III, Commerce Club I, II, III, Music Concert III, Stunt Show ll, III, Dance Re- cital II, III. MURDOCK, KEITH Track I, ll, Ill, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship I, II, Football III, Cross Country I, "G" Club ll, Ill. MURPHY, WILLIAM "BILL" R.O.T.C. I, ll, III, Junior Red Cross I. MURRAY, ALLEN "AL" Football I, Track I, Class Coun- cil Ill. MURRAY, MARSHA Commerce Club I, ll, III, Junior Lead II, Dance Recital I, II, III, NEATE, RICHARD "RICKY" Yell Leader III, Student Cabi- net Il, Class Council I, Il, Ill. NELSEN, VAE MARIE Football Court, Stunt Show, Christmas Program, Mixed Chorus Secretary, Regulated Dress. NELSON, BRUCE 49ers III, R.O.T.C. Officer ll, Chess Club II, Football III, Baseball Ill. NELSON, SUSAN "SUE" Writer's Workshop III, World Friendship Club I, II, Lyric ii, Mixed Chorus III. NICHOLS, ANN Civinettes, G.A.A., A'Cappella, Honor Society III, Spanish Club Il. NIX, LARRY Operretta I, Il, Symphonettes I, II, III, "B" Basketball I, II, Class Council II, Key Club III. NOCHELLA, JOHN Class Council I. NORTHRIDGE, SANDRA "SANDY" G.A.A. I, II, Dance Recital I, ll, Explosion Staft III, Regu- lated Dress I, Stunt Show I li, iii. PAGE, WILLIAM "BILL" 49ers II, III, Latin Club I, II, Ill: Chips Club l: Junior States- men ll. PALMER, PATRICIA "PATTY" A'CappeIlo III, Honor Society ll, III, Operetta II, Dance Re- cital I, ll, Ill, French Club I, li, iii. PANTAGES, HELEN Nitroettes, A'CappeIIa, Choral- ettes, Commerce Club- Dance Club. PEARCE, JOYCE Explosion Stott II, Worlo Friendship Club II, Nitroettes , II, III, Junior Red Cross II G.A.A. I. PEARSON, ANTHONY "TONY" Honor Society I, II, III, 49ers ll, III, Civitans II, III, Junior Stotesmen I, II, III, Science Club I, ii, iii. PEDERSON, BARBARA Commerce Club I. PEIRCE, LOUIS "LOUIE" Student Cabinet III, Zouaves I. ll, II, "A" Football I, II, III, JV Baseball I, ll, Golf III, PERRY, DAVID "DAVE" 49ers I, ll, III, Band. PHARISS, EDNA Commerce Club I. PHILLIPS, EMMETT Commerce Club. PICKERING, KATHLEEN "KATHY" Lead Spring Play III, Director Fall Play III, Explosion Staff III, Stunt Show Il, Ill, Regu- lated Dress ll. PIERCE, PHYLLIS G.A.A. I, Il, III, Nitroettes I, ll, Ill, Worldl Friendship Club III, Commerce Club I, II, III: Stunt Show ll. PILKINGTON, LOLA Girls' League Secretary, Civ- inettes Vice President, Girls' enioz League Vice President, Student Congress Secretary, Football Court. PONTAC, TOMMY Co-ordinator ot Speech Arts, Explosion 2nd Page Editor, A9ers Secretary-Treasurer, Hon- Society: Science Club. PORTER, KATHERINE "KATHY".. A'Cappella III, Latin Club I, Stunt Show I, Dance Recital I, ll. POULOS, BASIL French Club ll, Science Club III, Honor Society II, III. POWNALL, JOAN Commerce Club. POYERENA, GALE Track I, II, Football I, ll. PREIS, WILLIAM "BILL" Student Bank I, ll, III, Track i, re.o.t,c. Drill team i, PRIESING, JANET World Friendship Club, Nitro- enes, French Club. PRITCHARD, JOANNE GAA. I, II, World Friendship PYLES, RICHARD "DICK" Club. Track, "G" Club Ill, Operetta I, ll, Music Festival Ill, A'ClCp- pella. RABEN, .IUDITH "JUDY" Glee Club I, Commerce Club I, II, World Friendship Club ll. RAKISITS, STEVE "B" Football. RANDALL, JOHN Honor Society III, Spanish Club ll. RANKIN, GERALD Key Club III, Explosion Staff III, Student Bank II. RASTELLO, ROSETTA "ROSlE" Student Congress III, Writer's Workshop III, Senior Tableau III, Stunt Show Ill, Dance Re- cital I. REBAL, JAMES "JIM" "B" Football Player of Year II, "A" Baseball ll, III, Class Council I, Ill, Junior Red Cross I, ii. REGAN, NORMA Chips Club I, Christian Stu- Lzeofcrz dent Fellowship I, II, G.A.A. I, ll, Lyric Club ll, Mixed Chorus III. REGO, JOHN "B" Football, Track ll, III, Tennis I, "G" Club ll, Ill. REGO, PATRICIA "PAT" Commerce Club I, Il, Ill. REYNOLDS, PHILIP "PHIL" Tennis Team III, 49ers II, III, Student Congress III,Honor So- ciety I, ll, III, Senior Tableau Ill. RICHTER, SHERRY Nitroettes I, III, Choralettes Il, Mah-Jongg Club A'Cap- pella. RIDGE, ROSE Student Court Secretary, G.A.A. Junior Red Cross Secretary- Treasurer, Nitroettes President, 3rd Vice President, Majorette. RIECK, HAZEL G.A.A. ROBERTSON, BARRY Track Il, Tennis ll. ROBINSON, SANDRA "SANDY" A'CappeIla Il, III, Christmas Program II, Ill, Operetta II, Music Festival Soloist III. ROBINSON, SHARON Writer's Workshop Secretary, Student Congress, A'Cappella, World Friendship Club,Music Festival. RODE, JAMES "JIM" Honor Society President III, Student Congress III, Class Council Ill, Science Club Pres- ident II. RODERICK, CAROL 60 Per Club I, Il, Commerce Club I, II, III, Honor Society I, Christian Student Fellow- ship I, ll. RODRIGUEZ, DAVID "ROD" Explosion Staff, A'Cappella, Workshop President, Honor So- ciety, Class Council II. ROSS, DIANE Maid of Honor II, Student Con- gress Ill, Class Council III, Stylus Staff II, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship II. ROSSO, JOENE "JO" G.A.A. Board I, II, Class Coun- cil III, Stunt Show I, Il, III, A'Cappella, Civinettes. RUSCH, MICHAEL "MIKE" Science Club President, French Club President, Chess Club President, Honor Society, Sen- ior Tableau. RUSSELL, JOYCE Girls' League Board I, ll, Football Court III, Dance Re- cital I, II, III, Class Song Lead- er III, Civinettes Secretary. SAMUELS, SHASTA Co-ordinator of Fine Arts. SANCHIS, ROBERT "BOB" Class Yell Leader Il, Ill, Stu- dent Congress, Class Council II, III, Inter Club Council, Ex- change Club Youth of Month Award. SANDT, WALTER "WALT" "B" Football I, Track III, Chess Club lll. SANSON, ANN Junior Statesmen ll, Ill, Latin Club l, ll, Ill, G.A.A. I, ll, Orchestra I, ll, Stunt Show ll. SAWYERS, ELIZABETH "BETTY" World Friendship Club I, Stu- dent Congress III, Stylus Staff III, Honor Society III. SCHEINHAUS, DAVID "DAVE" Student Congress, Somoac Art Club I, "B" Football I, "C" Track I. SCHIEBER, MYRNA Maid of Honor II, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Mixed Cho- rus. SCHUBERT, PAUL "SHOE" Boys League Secretary Treas- urer III, Track I, ll, Ill, Ex- plosion Staft III, 49ers ll, Ill, Civitans Il, Ill. SCHUETZE, RONALD "RON" "A" Track II, Student Con- gress Ill. SCHUH, ALBERT "AL" French Club I, ll, Junior States- men I, Chess Club I, Class Council I. SCHULKE, ROY JV Baseball I, II, Ill. SCHULTZ, DAVID "DAVE" A'Cappella Il, III, Class Coun- cil II, Honor Society ll, Ill, I73 Talent Assemblies. SCHURIG, SYLVIA Glenettes Ill. SCHWAB, JOAN Honor Society lll, Commerce Club lll, G.A.A. Board III, 60 Per Club I, ll, lll, Symphon- ettes ll, Ill. SCHWERTFEGER, JAMES "JIM" "B" Football I, Student Con- gress I, II, III, Class Council lll, Track lll, P.A. Crew II, lll. SCOTT, SYLVIA Honor Society I, Commerce Club I, Il, Ill, Class Council ll, Chips Club I, A'Cappella I. SCOVERN, ROSE MARIE "ROSlE" Dance Recital I, ll, Commerce Club I, lll, Ill, Music Festival lll, Stunt Show Il, lll. SERNE, DAVID "DAVE" Saber and Chevron I, Il, Stu- dent Congress I, II, Chess Club I, Football I, R.O.T.C. Drill Team President I, ll, lll. SHAFER, RICHARD "DICK" P.A. Crew I, II, lll, Junior Red Cross, Football, Baseball. SHAFER, SONIA "SONI" Spanish Club I, II, World Friendship Club I, II, Chris- tian Student Fellowship I, ll, Honor Society I, II, Maid ot Honor ll. SHAW MIRIAM G.A.A. I, II, lll, Spanish Club lll, Explosion Staff III, Chris- tain Student Fellowship, Ten- nis Team Ill. SHELDON, DAVID "DAVE" "C" Track I, "B" Track ll, III, "B" Football I, ti, iii, Class Council I. SHEPHERD, DONNA G.A.A. I, ll, lll, Student Con- gress lll. SHERROD, CHARLES "CHUCK" "A" Track lll, 49ers I, ll, Ill, Key Club Secretary Ill: UG" Club ll, lll, Latin Club I, ll. lll. SHERWOOD, ANNA "ANN" Commerce Club I, II, Ill: I74 f I EIZLO 'Z G.A.A., Mixed Chorus I. SHOMLER, BRUCE Student Bank, Explosion Pho- tographer I, ll, III, Stylus Photographer ll, lll. SHRIVER, MARLEY Girls' League Social Chairman Ill, Class Council III, G.A.A. Board II, III, Junior Lead in Baccalaureate II, Honor Society Ill. SIGLAR, RICHARD "DICK" Football I, Baseball I. SIMMONS, ANITA Choralettes Il, A'CappelIa III, Operetta ll, Music Festival III. SIMONDS, RONALD "RON" Junior Red Cross, 49ers, "B", HC" Track I, ll, Ill, "B" Football I, ll, lll, Latin Club. SINK, WAYNE "A" Football I, ll, lll, "A" Baseball I, II, III, UA" Bas- ketball I, ll, Director ot Boys' Athletics lll, Student Body Vice President lll. SLATER, ALAYNE World Friendship Club I, Il, III, Spanish Club ll, Stunt show I, ii, tit, SLOAN, BARBARA Honor Society I, Ill, Spanish Club ll, G.A.A. I, World Friendship Club Ill, Chips Club I. SLOAN, VIRGINIA "GEEGEE" Civinettes Il, lll, A'CappeIIa III, Maid of Honor II, Stunt Show I, Il, Operetta II. SLOCUM, BARBARA Student Body Secretary III, Maid of Honor II, 60 Per Club President Ill, Honor Society I, Il, lll, Student Congress Ill. SMITH, BARBARA Civinettes II, lll, Spanish Club Il, lll, World Friendship Club, C5.A.A. I, ll. SMITH, CAROL Mixed Chorus III, Music Fes- tival III, Christian Student Fel- lowship ll, Christmas Program lll. SMYTHE, NADINE Mixed Chorus ll, III, Lyric Club wecfoz Ill, Christmas Program II, lll, Music Festival III. SNOW, .IANICE "JAN" Civinettes President, Song Lead- er Ill, Girls' League Board II, A'Cappella, Class Council lll. SOULE, LYNNE Song Leader III, Girls' League Junior Representative II, Civi- nettes Il, lll, Maid of Honor II, Class Council III. SPAGNA, MARGILOU Nitroettes, Stunt Show, Chips Club, Commerce Club, G.A.A. SPARROW, CAROL Student Body Secretary, Girls' League Board, Football Court, Commerce Club, Student Con- gress. SPRINGER, ROBERT "BOB" "A", "B" Football I, ll, lll, "A" Football Captain Ill, Class Council I, II, Ill, Co-ordinator of Organizations, Student Body President. STAG, DONNA Class Council Il, Commerce Club, Stunt Show, Junior Red Cross. STEELSMITH, JERRY Golf l, ll, lll. STEVENS, BOBBE "B, J." Stunt Show I, Il, lll, Student Congress l, II, G.A.A. Il, Dance Club I. STEWART, MARGARET "MAGGIE" G.A.A. I, Il, III, Lyric Club II, Mixed Chorus lll, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship I, ll, Stunt Show I, Ill. STEWART, SHARON Honor Society, Commerce Club, Spanish Club, Nitroettes. STOCKER, PAULA A'CappeIla, Commerce Club, Stunt Show, Class Council III, Dance Club. STOCKMAN, SONJA Commerce Club lll, G.A.A. Ill, Operetta ll, Christmas Pro- gram Il, III, A'Cappella III. STRICKHOUSER, GARY P.A. Crew. STUMP, MARY Lyric Club. SUTHERLAND, BETTIE Commerce Club ll, lll, Student Congress III, Spanish Club II, Maiorette ll, III, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship ll. SWAIN, JOYCE Dance Recital I, Il, III, Bac- calaureate Candlelighter Il, Talent Shows I, II, Maid of Honor II, Class Council II. SWANSON, ARLENE Commerce Club II, Dance Club Il, Dance Recital ll, lll, G.A.A. I, Stunt Show III. SWANSON, SHIRLEY Dance Recital I, Il, Commerce Club I, ll, 60 Per Cent Club I, Chips Club l, ll, Stunt Show I. TAGGART, EDWARD "EDDIE" Christian Student Fellowship I, ll. TAMS, MARILYN Civinettes II, Ill, Junior States- men I, II, Junior Red Cross Ill, Honor Society I, ll, III, G.A.A. I, Il. TANG, DARLENE G.A.A. I, ll, lll, Latin Club Secretary ll, Honor Society III, Student Congress I. TASH, RICHARD Talent Assembly ll, III, Civitans III, "A" Football and Track lll, Co-ordinator of Fine Arts, Director of Assemblies III. TATE, GLORIA G.A.A., Lyric Club, Junior Statesmen, Spanish Club. TAYLOR, RICHARD "DICK" Spanish Club Ill, "B" Basket- ball I, World Friendship Club, J V Baseball I. TAYLOR, SUZANN "SUZlE" Class Secretary III, Girls' League Publicity Chairman lll, Civinettes ll, Ill, Stunt Show I, ll, III, Stunt Show Song Leader III. TENCH, GWENDOLYN "GWEN" Stunt Show l, ll, Ill, Dance Recital I, II, III, Junior States- men II, World Friendship Club ll, G.A.A. I, lll. THOMAS, HELEN Mixed Chorus lll, Christian Student Fellowship I, ll, Regu- lated Dress I. THOMAS, LOMALEE G.A.A, I, II, Christian Student Fellowship I, II, Stunt Show III. THOMASON, RICHARD "DICK" Civitans ll. THOMPSON, FRANK "TOD" "A" Football ll, Ill, Track I, ll, Ill, Class Council I, III, Stu- dent Cabinet III, Student Con- gress I, III. THORNTON, JEANETTE Commerce Club, GAA. TIFFANY, JANET Stunt Show I, III, Dance Re- cital Ill, Student Congress III, Commerce Club II, III, G.A,A. I. TODD, CAROL Junior Statesmen Secretary II, Ill, Forensics Secretary III, Girls' League Board III, Class Council III, ACappeIla III. TOMLIN, ARLEANE "SUSIE" Commerce Club, French Club, World Friendship Club, G.A.A., Christian Student Fellowship. TOMLINSON, JOSEPH "JOE" "C" Track I, 'B' Basketball Captain III, Football I, II, III, Student Congress III, B Track II, III. TRIPLETT, MARY Junior Statesmen President III: Forensics President III, Honor Society I, II, Ill, Spanish Club Treasurer Ill, Junior Statesmen Vice President lll. TRUMBULL, THOMAS "TOM" Track III, Spanish Club lll. TUCCI, MICHAEL "MIKE" "B" Football, J V Baseball: 49ers, Class Council I, Latin Club. TUCCIO, SHIRLEE Mixed Chorus. TUVESON, AUDREY Nitroettes, Stunt Show, Com- merce Club, G.A.A. TYDINGS, RICHARD "DICK" Pep Club. TYE, GUY "B" Track I, "A" Track ll, Ill. VAHEY, ROBERT "BOB" "B" Football II, Baseball II, "A" Football III, "G" CIUIJ I I EIZLO 'Z III: Student Congress III. VALENZUELA, RICHARD "DICK" Class Council I, III, "B" Foot- ball, "G" Club. VAN DER WILT, JEAN "JEANNIE" Stunt Show I, II, III, Student Congress III, Civinettes, Com- merce Club I, II, G.A.A. I, ll. VAN DEVENDER, JANICE Class Council Ill, Commerce Club I, ll, Ill, Dance Recital I, II, Ill, Stunt Show Ill, Dance Club i. ' VERDUIN, JANICE Latin Club I, Il, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship I, ll, Commerce Club III, 60 Per Club III, Mixed Chorus III. VICARIO, SHIRLEY Junior Red Cross, Glee Club I, Choralettes II, Christmas Pro- gram I, II, Music Concert II. WAGGLE, DONALD "DON" Honor Society, "G" Club. WALTERS, DUANE "WHITEY" 'B' Football I, Il, J V Base- ball, World Friendship Club. WALTERS, HOWARD "HOWIE" Student Congress I, III, Class Council I, III, Yell Leader III. WARD, THOMAS 49ers III, Junior Statesmen II, P.O.T.C. Drill Team I, Senior Tableau III, WEARE, .IUDITH "JUDY" French Club III, World Friend- ship Club III. WEGER ICRAWFORDI, LAQUITA Commerce Club. WEIR, ELOISE "ELLIE" Student Congress III, Operetta II, A'CappeIla III, Mah-Jongg Club Ill, Stunt Show Il. WELLES, ALEESE Mah-Jongg Club III, Commerce Club Ill, World Friendship Club iii, speech Fesitvqi ii. WERNER, WILLIAM JR. "BILL" "C" Track, "B" Football, "B" Track, Band. WESSLING, RICHARD "DICK" Class Council I, II, Basketball, J V Baseball, Junior Red Cross. WESTWOOD, SALLY Commerce Club President III, uzecfofz Commerce Club Vice President III, Stunt Show II, Inter Club Council Ill, Operetta I, II. WHITE, CONSTANCE "CONNIE" G.A.A., Writer's Workshop, Stunt Show, Christian Student Fellowship, Junior Statesmen. WHITE, JUDITH "JUDY" Commerce Club, 60 Per Club, Civinettes, World Friendship Club, Junior Statesmen. WHITE, ROBERT "BOB" "A" Basketball III, Student Congress II, Class Council II, Honor Society I, II. WHITESELL, JO ANNE ".IOSIE" Commerce C I u b President, Glenettes President, 60 Per Club Vice President, Student Congress, Inter Club Council. WHITMIRE, GARY Junior Red Cross. WILDEN, ROBERT "BOB" G.A.A. I, II, Chips Club, Civitans Ill. WILKINSON, CAROL "ANNE" Commerce Club, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship, Science Club ll, WILLIAMS, DONALD "DON" Class President II, Oratorical Speaker I, III, Track ll, III, 49ers, Class Council I, II, III, WILLIAMS, STANLEY "STAN" French Club I. WILLIS, NANCY "WILLIE" Song Leader III, Maid of Honor II, Class Council III, Associate Editor of Stylus III, 60 Per Club President III. WILSON, SAMUEL "SAM" "B" Baseball and Basketball I, "A" Baseball and Basket- ball II, III, Symphonell6S It Ill, "G" Club ll, lll. WINKLER, ELSA Civinettes II, III, French Club I, II, World Friendship Club Ill, G.A,A. I, ll, Junior Statesmen ll. wm, NANCY Operetta ll, Christmas Program Soloist II, III, Spanish Club, Commerce Club, A'CappelIa. WOLFE, BARBARA 60 Per Club ll, III, Commerce Club I, II, III, Dance Recital II, Junior Red Cross II, III, G.A.A, ll. WOOD, DANIEL "DANNY" Symphonettes I, II, III, Oper- etta I, Il, Music Festival Ill, Class Council I, WOODBRIDGE, WILLIAM "WOODY" "A" Football I, ll, Ill, Record- ing Crew Chief, Junior States- men, Forensics, Key Club, WOODING, ELLEN French Club Secretary Ill, Christian Student Fellowship Secretary II, Senior Tableau III, Honor Society Ill, Latin Club I. WOODS, DEXTER Golf Team I, II, Ill, French Club ll, Ill, Latin Club I. WURTZ, DANIEL "DAN" Track I, II, Ill, "G" Club II, Ill, Civitans III, Latin Club I, ll, Ill, Science Club I, ll. YANOVER, ROBERT "BOB" Explosion Staff Ill. ZANDER, PETER "PETE" Pep Club Vice President, Key Club, Class Council I, Ill. ZENGER, BEVERLY "ZENGY" Bank I, ll, lll. ZIERT, CHARLES "CHUCK" Football I, Il, Ill, Operetta ll, Civitans, Class Council III, "B" Basketball l. I75 -sich, If Q , .1 "IT I-Iappens Every Spring" was The Theme Tor The Backward Dance. The giddiness of spring fever was ex- pressed in The zany corsages and eIalaoraTe escorT service each girl ren- dered her 'ldaTe." Girls League Pres- idenT PaT FiTzpaTrick crowned Marfy Huccabone King for The evening. KING MARTY I-IUCCABONE MARTY and his court, TOD THOMPSON, WAYNE SINK, RICKY NEATE, and JIM HENDERSI-IOT, reign happily over The evenings Tun. S E N I 'iAn Enchonred Gordenw of spring 0 flowers, lovely corsoges, ond boufon- A nieres on whife Tuxedo cools creored l R The unforgefroble evening of The long onficipofed Senior Prom. Under The 5 + 'EQ fx gorden gore designed by ShosTo P Samuels ond her comrnihee, Senior R Class Presidenf Bill Lindsoy crowned A O Jeonne Erickson Queen. rf M QUEEN JEANNE ERICKSON Princesses of her coum LOLA PILKINGTON, HEATHER HOPPER, NANCY WILLIS, BETTY KING, LYNNE SOULE, ond MARIBETH HILLMAN pose on the sreps below me vivocious Queen JEANNE, 'Iv' 'jf-s.4:,sf g A ..,, 1 4 , 4 0, ,ff f f ' G f bf. , Q qfflje ,,y' M, ,, W ml f K L 5 aj ' W , ll ' 0 f ,L g . V H X L. 4 I , 282147 W' iii, E 39926 f,uxl.h-in A fl' af ' ' ? G C Q I E, 5 ,,,..M. , A"' 5 3 Y A A 5 4' 'r N m W as ,S Y Q,W'g F,-5 I r x AQ ,n V 435. W i. .fir -V f Q5 '93 wif if 'if' A ' ,I V165 .- -v x .fi V eg, I I 1 Wi' .1 Q f '1 K9 .5 1 "Ev +17 '- -3-2. " Q-5 'UH' an ' X, 'v.. .k.Xx ' X N . "Nj UNLISTED MOMENTS TO LOOK OR TO EAT? TO HTS HONOP, DP, BPOWLJ HAIL, HAIL, THE OANGLS ALL HERE! .41 1 BUS um, Wvvfwpw 1 SNACK THE LONG WAIT! i 5 ZMWL fgff M,.W , !, !,L iii!! W W ag vahfmw 'rf 395, mf , ,.: .... K ,gf ' 1 4-v7 5' C57 , jgvw Q , M if , f w lx , W' Mi ww 4 Qwwf.. K VS 1 Q xx Yi k ...Am-.sqm S KW 4 QM Q Q ,fi 9 Ay, E542 Wl,2.H f ff ff , Z sf, 309111113 4' 9 f 194 14:42 V4 1 M s 4 'S 8 5" ,L ,531 H pw N .V if x via k'f .K x mkqakixsk s X 4 'T. fi- U' ,ft -gr- 4 , W' ,W Q-ri ' 6 ,J E, 'C 'M-,X ' ,-. lg J E'-ga. fs f . K 4' ' I 5' 4. :g M Q A- 1- 1-A in A-. ,-6 X gg-, ff ffl f 'xv' ww-ni Z I 'W 7, ff fy, , 'vm 6 ..W, 1' ' 'V-I Srl 1-L N31 'Kms' Xxx.. .df ,Nh ws... Za .. giiq . .un-.--M lu ', .X-,fx ' - W-N lf E jg' ,bff'w. ,.,- -fwipgv .4nv. QNX X. xx --Nw, 'ixxxx GQCD FOOD, GOGD FRIENDS -F AT BO SiGN HEF?Ef , , ,, CUUMI 'Cfx ws-AVLQ ovookqx QQ, ,Q MQ xsqCQ.4,,xK,xl,,'MQ5QwGA09J Q VX QMWNW WM LL fvl Mx XM? XQNLKK QL Q Kwik ML Qi?jLGj"Q: g,Q,QQrfNQw QLQJQ-J. SN XQSE- H xc QM., Us Q.-MW'-H1-A- glbmmuj- I F ' CVQMQLQJ M Www S3 Mfg M V M4 WW QNAO '.V, will V' ?Sv+'+. -fu-9+-wJ ma,-Qu GJ JZ, ,ZMMLKQ , Q.. Ka 3' WU f W .,'g, ,I W, fr A U ,Q ll, .7 f V, 5 f' 'jd QM! if 4 JU? nk 11- if J X ff! W LX. fiillfllfc I JU! f L' .L ' . xg D ,J , 'Vg W I fn E ' ,KAW my XJ ljx fx UV, atb! f ' IQ 4? f' Ml .ff 'K F g,ff"h 11 f U ' L U fy Vki 5 MX A WA ff ' 51 QW CNW Ja JL J ,HLWK fx f 4, ' J V i ' My 3 - A n I 'M C D NLP, 1 ww Mfifw C M M , V, 'Q 'L ' P FX' ku -- . 1 Vaio JUL fffntw fv- X f M1 V M - A 1 fy ,V Lg my P' QJVNE X! Q1 4 ' ,JVQLV C' f M qw UA'-L' 'X 'Il' "1 I ,V K +51-VLV 2 I ' I- ,vu ' ' LC' fx "-W ,J 'u ' - U ' ' ' 1 X ' l 0" wif FJ Trtj Q MW " , XGE wg-MW ,iw wil ' 9 Q W M, fwfwf JW wffv 'LV L, if W 1 J'-fi f ' V f I JW!! U Gfnoflzer creafiolz . . .... Hvemzaoovg Gfaverfisi W! S fnrovia fkgif 1 F 4 '?1 , 3 wif' U . .,,,V ff.: .,VV 1 'ka "

Suggestions in the Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) collection:

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