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 - Class of 1941

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Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 184 of the 1941 volume:

0 Y SYTU O-6 eww VW' 1571! L W X XR X! f I K . rx K ' r N X -a 5 x M f f W FV 1 , . . 1 , , X- .1 I' X xc' L Vip' 'W I - ' . a ' Q 3 1 Q, : 1' ., 3 vi Q 1 rx 'jfs V ,j l'v 7 3 x y X E 1 E 2 i E 5 Q. . . SWF' 34 U, N ' I fu , fd' 1 Y 1 4 ff 1 ,Y vw Q f , aw uf-"v -P v , ' . 1? J " ' if x -S03 . x 4 X r df 7 A 4 X he 1941 Stqllw fgjvresenffng gjemcjafe Qilzooj gzmfaze, Qaz,fm, Lei' me review fhe scene. And summon from 'rhe shadowy pasi' The forms +ha'r once have been Longfellow Q " 11' H V' 1 L 5 1 Q 3 . F 1 1 5 3 i I. A n lbedication Because oT Their aTTecTionaTe response To his good Tel- lowship, Their admiraTion Tor his high principles. and Their graTiTude Tor his alrnosT painless Technique in discipline, The sTaTT cledicaTes The I94l STylus To EDGAR KlENl-IOLZ. My congraTuIaTions To you, The members oT The GraduaTing CIassI I have Icnown mosT oT you, personaIIy, Tor a good many years, some since you enTered The Icin- dergarTen. Through The TacT ThaT I have had a son in This cIass, I have been priviIeged To Icnow noT onIy yourseIves, buT your Tamilies as weII. This reIaTionship has been a pleasure ThaT I shaII always cherish. CommencemenT Time is a Time oT greaT ioy. IT carries wiTh iT The exciTemenT oT The many Things ThaT are pianned Tor CornmencemenT Week. IT invoIves meeTings, arrangemenTs, responsibiIiTies, and QII of The oTher inTriguing acTiviTies ThaT characTerize This Time. IT aIso brings wiTh iT some TeeIings oT regreT. This is a Time oT parTing, oT breaking Ties. IT is The occasion during which one realizes, perhaps Tor The TirsT Time, ThaT Trom now on one musT Ieave The sheITer oT The cIoisTer To Tace The pracTicaI world. For The pasT TweIve or ThirTeen years, The members oT This cIass have been aTTending schooI. They have been Iiving Trom schooI year To vacaTion and vacaTion To school year. AIways in The background There has been The reaIizaTion ThaT some day ThaT rnomenTous decision, concernv ing The TuTure, would have To be meT. Would iT be more Training in coIIege, Trade, business, or wouId iT be immediaTe enTry inTo The producing worId? The Time has come and The answer is caIIed Tor. Much depends on This decision. A new Icind oT worId awaiTs The members oT This CIass. IT is diTTerenT Trom ThaT which has awaiTed any oTher cIass in our hisTory. The worId oT I94I is in conTIagraTion and calls Tor heIp. To aid The world Today, There are iobs To be done: There musT be undersTanding, sympaThy and wiIIingness To sacriTice one's seIT. The members oT This cIass musT be among The greaT heroes OT Tomorrow iT ThaT which is wrong wiTh The worId Today is To be seT arighT. I am noT pessimisTic of The TuTure. I have Icnown The youTh oT Today and am cerTain ThaT This generaTion wiII noT be Tound wanTing. ELON EARL I-IILDRETI-I PrincipaI NT X9 .4 k W-I ms -1.5 V K- Lk wk. '11 Qfggsfsg ff 4' ? 2 . -gawi' P ' 32,251 ' "J ,MH , ,.1Q,kS,gq5f.-gym .r . 335- fng , X .M iii- ETHEL HUME FLOOD MOYSE Uice-F1-inci I EDGAR H. KIENHOLZ BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Merrill P. Kimball Dr. Willard S. Ford Superinlendenf of Schools Mrs. Roy L. Adamson Secrefary Dr. George W. Blanche Mr. Clency H. Hasbrouck Mr. J. Marion Wrighf Presidenf ?acultq I ff", 1 1 . A 1-wif' ' , f ' ' - '5 gba'--'-jf ' Q - - . 2 f w 7 mf 'lr 4, , , qw I ,. 5 . n ' f, ff, 'A S' ,, ,, V JAWS f . . I .7 In ,- . I 4 ,. K , nf'-' . K " L , H- . A . . Y , K I ' V I 1 In J . , . . f .. s Q, k a 1 , f, A ,fb In K sis ' 1 - , ,wg - , ,,..f, - w ww V y f i 2 1 r x in ff ,Q by bf . W1 . ri . ik: ' N .Y Y y 'ff -n . W . ' 9' H E g iz fi ? gig. w A iv " G Q6 E f ' gg 1 iff 5 5, ' If if jg? 2 ,. 5 A1 f. A f S sw F59 ff V " " Q 5, ws S 4 5 Q . ., gk . . QL 7 A Z ' A sw Q ,V ,V I it a KV W 1 I A 352: 7, , , , K w , 5 -W w we ' ' A . 2 4 5? H er , ,,- W 3 ,,.. -- -7 4 if ., iJf'f'." v ,fb H." ,.,,: , fi 5 mfg 1 ij? if 4 K 'V Sl Y + g 1 Q Q ' Q !h'? ty PM J., if f w Q ff 4 eff ef QV i 'AQ 5 .U xl rl ' il -...,. 'gg Q firm, ,1 I Nfl-U Cabinet I Dudley Jenlcins, Presidenf: Eleanor Lulcens, Vice-Presidenl: Vera Peierson, Secrefary: Bill Gill, Compfroller: Donna Pensyl, Direcfor of Assemblies: Audry Wafson, Coordinafor of Orqanizafions: Pal van Burgh, Direclor of Publicily: Jane Spain, Coordinalor of Fine Arls' Marshall Mercer, Sfudenf Courf Chairman: Bill Dunham, Board of Conlrol Chairman: Lloyd Moss, Direclor of Forensics: Bud Clausen, Direcfor of Boys' Alhlefics: Pal Salvio, Direclor of Girls' Alhlefics' Louellen Chase, Presidenl of Girls' League: Offo Kilian, Presilenf of Boys' League: Jim Mercer, Senior Class Presidenf: Shirley Jellison, Sophomore Class Presidenl: Marlo Prenfice, Junior Class Presidenf: Ralph Beasom, Yell Leader: Barbara Jones, Song Leader: Bob Malin, ROTC Represeniafive. .X NS fifhw , :WMD T C'a6inet II Grani Kaufman, Presidenh Dick Hardison, Vice-Presideni: Frances Griesback, Secreiaryg Phyllis Godwin, Compiroller: Lloyd Seifle, Direcfor of Assemblies: Jane Furby, Coordinaior of Organizaiions: Bill Tieh, Direcfor of Publicify: Caiherine Leach, Coordinafor of Fine Aris: Lloyd Moss, Sfudenf Cour'r Chairman: Chuck Meade, Board of Confrol Chairman: Jane Spain, Direcfor of Forensics: Offo Kilian, Direcior of Boys' Aihleiics: Carolyn Kemmler, Direcfor of Girls' Afhleficsg Bob Black, Boys' League Presidenf: Helen Sfricker, Girls' League Presidenf: D Sh w Senior Class Presidenf: Marlo Prenfice, Junior Class Presideni: Shirley Jellison, Sophomore Class Presideni: on a . Ralph Beasom, Yell Leader: Barbara Jones, Song Leader: Delberf Hausmann, ROTC Reoreseniahve. Studen t Court Mercer M055 sw CT' l. Bernard Milburn Hemphill Mercer McCormick Black Chase Clausen mm: Koa 4 of Control I L- II I II Bill Dunham, Chairman Charles Meade, Chairman Barbara Jones Bob Black Carol Hadley Diclr Oyler Junior Heifmann John Noonan Jim Storey Virginia Tiegs QI Presidenl Vice Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer Regulafed Dress Senior Represenlalive Junior Represenfaiive Louellen Chase Joan Pemberlhy Pal' McNauqher Barbara Hill Phyllis Benson Fra nces MacPherson Kalhleen Adams Sophomore Represen+a+iveJaclcie Danner Publiciiy Chairman Welfare Chairman Friendship Chairman Social Chairman Philanlhropic Chairman Decorafion Chairman Proqram Chairman Finance Chairman G.A.A. Presidenf Kay Jones Marion Bixby Beverly Byram Eliza befh McElroy Hope Jacoby Phyllis Amenf Marilyn Kryder Margie Howell Pai Salvio Ile QI Zague II X. audi. hp Presidenf Vice Presideni Secrelary Treasurer Requlaled Dress Senior Represenfalive Juniorillepresenlaliye ,ww ,V J-,, l .... ..-.,,.-V, sophomore Represenfahve Publicify Chairman Friendship Chairman Welfare Chairman Social Chairman Philanfhropic Chairman Proaram Chairman Finance Chairman Decorafion Chairman G.A.A. Presidenl' Helen Slriclrer Phyllis Benson Phyllis Beadel Barbara Berfram Helen McGary Dorofhy Davenpori Josephine Sfillman Jane Denham Phyllis Heber Jean Hariman Helen Hogaboom Belly Weniworfh Pal McNaugher Belly Marlin Ruih Wilson Beverly Calligan Carolyn Kemmler ,fx M 5 O L.. Kaya Ze ue Kvard I II 'ls ,4.,.. .1 Kilian Black Sforey Sireefer Dun hum Co'Hlo BOYS' LEAGUE I OHO Kilian, President Jim S+orey, Vice-President Bill Dun ham, Secre+a ry-Treasu rer BOYS' LEAGUE II Bob Black, President Frank Sfreefer, Vice-President Frank Coffle, Secrefary-Treasurer LFIK1 I I ' ,QI HE , is ,vwwj gg fm' V , LW, .. W 'Qi H 3 gp. ,ff N, jp 5 .QW 'grid Numb x Q X vu 5 5 gl my , V t K 'Q Q -Q, 2 -WM 3 p A ..Q:5if:E, 'Q-:.2 Ei w 2 1 1 I C7444 en f gk Mari X K Ki Wi . Aman, Win te Senior Uffice l If X, Jim Mercer. Presiden+ Charles Thompson, Vice-Presidenf Beffy OswaH, ecrefary-Treasurer 1 WINTER GRADUATES '41 'A' 'A' 'A' ir 'k 'A' i' ul' 'A' al' 'A' i' 'A' ir ANDERSON BETTY MARION-"Bet1"-Michigan Stale, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., 2, Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., 3, Comites, I, 2, French, 3. ARNOLD, WILLIAM-"Wache"-Woodbury College, Ex- plosion Sporls Editor, 3, Library Sfaff, 3, Baseball, I, 2, Jr. Prom Dance Comm., 2, Sr. Prom. Dance Comm., 3. ANTIS, ROBERTA BAKER, MARSCHELL ALVIA-"Marsh"-U. C. L. A., Cafe- teria, I, 2, Operetta, 3, Boys' Glee, I, 2, 3, R. O. T. C., I. BAINBRIDGE, MARION ELLEN -Orchestra, I, 2, 3, Friendship Comm., 3, Music, I, Physiology, 3. BARKER, LEON ALLEN-"Bill"-Notre Dame, Student Council, I, Chorus and Fundamentals, I, 2, Physical Science, I. BENNETT, MARY JUNE BARNETT, ROBERT C.-"Barney"--from Modesto High School. BERRY, SARAH LOUISE CHARLES WILLIAM-"Bill"-Meade School, De- Forum, I, Z, 3, Cine, I, 2, R. O. T. C., I, Basket- ball, I, 2, Tennis, I. BLAIR, etta, l, , , ship Comm., 3, Dress Repr., I, 2, 3, Commerce, 2, 3, Music I, 2, Physiology, 3, Sec. Per. Repr., 2, Christmas grog., l, 3, Legislative Assembly, 2, Shakespearean Prog., BLYTH, bats, l, BARBARA MURIEL-"Bobbie"-G. J. C., Oper- 2 3' Orchestra, I, 2, 3, Girls' League Friend- BLAKEY, PAMELA ANN-G. J. C., Class Treas., I, 6. A. A., I, Uniform Bd., 3, Stunt Party, I, 3. BOWMAN, KENT BLOWERS, GERRI-from San Marino Hall School for Girls, Stanford, Class Comm., 2, Explosion Staff, 3, Graduation Comm., 3, Uniform Bd., 2, Library Staff, 2, Spanish, I. if BOLSON, JOHN 'k BOWERS, JANET MARILYN-G. J. C., Honor Society, I, Spanish, l, 2, 3. -k BOYER, HAROLD CALVIN-"Hal"-"A" Football, I. ir BOUER, MARJORIE -k BRITTON, TOM -k BRADLEY, DORIS JUNE-"Dorrie"-from John Hay High School, Cleveland, Ohio, G. J. C., Dance Comm., 3 Friendship Comm., 3, G. A. A., I, Commerce, 2, 3 Commerce Sec.-Treas., 3, Student Congress, 3. tk BUELL, JAYNE WINTER GRADUATES '41 Q CANNING, JACK Q CARDIFF, LAURA ANN-"Laurie". Iers of Ihe Alumni, I, 2, 3. Q CHAPMAN, PATRICIA Q CHRONISTER, HAROLD DAN-from Lincoln High, L. A. C. C., Operella, 3, Comiles, I, Boys' Glee, 2, 3, Q COLE, COLEEN Q DAY, NANCY ANN-G. J. C., Explosion Slaff, 3, Physiol- ogy, 3. Q DEMPSEY, JACK O.-"Budge"-Annapolis, Honor Sociely, 3, N. A. S. S., 3, 49'ers, I, 2, 3, 49'ers Sec.-Treas., 3, "A" Foolball, 3, Track, I, Tennis, 2, 3. Q DOBBINS, DOROTHY JEAN-"Dobby"-G. J. C., Hall Dufy, I, Ushers, 2, 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Uniform Bd., 3, Spanish, I, 2, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Girls' "G" Pres., 3, Tennis, 2, Volleyball, I, Speedball, 3, Friendship Comm., 3. Q DOREMUS, JEANNE-"Snooks"-G. J. C. Operella, 2, 3, Friendship Comm., 3, Commerce, 2, 3, Girls' Glee, I, 2, 3. Q DUNHAM, BILL FORREST-"Joe"-G. J. C., Cabinel, 3, Boys' League Off., 3, 49'ers, 2, 3, "B" Foolball, I, Tennis, 2, 3, Bd. Of Confrol, 2, 3. Q DRURY, MARY KAY Q DUTTON, RANDALL MALIN-"Rand"-U. S. C., Swealer Comm., I, Hall Duly, I, 49'ers, I, 2, 3, Operella, I, 2, Sr. Prom. Comm., 3, BIO Class Party, I, Music, I, 2, Boys' Glee, I, 2, 3, "B" Foolball, I, "A" Foolball, 2, 3, "A" Baseball, 3, Jr. Commissioner, I. Q DYSART, BARBARA JEAN-"Babs"-G. J. C., Usher, 2, Cenlral Dance Comm., 3, Welfare Comm., I, Reg. Dress Repr., I, 2, Honor Sociely, 2, G. A. A., I, 2, Girls' Service Club, Z, 3, Commerce, Z, 3, Commerce Prog. Chair., 3, Commerce Pres., 3, Service Club Vice-Pres., 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Gym Sec., I, 2. Q ELLIS, MARY - "Mac" - from Belmonl High School, G. J. C., Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., 3, Sr. Banquet Dec. Comm., 3, G. A. A., I, , 3, Spanish, I, Girl Reserves, 2, Tennis, 2, Volleyball, I, Speedball, 3. Q EMIG, MARION HELEN-Uniform Board, I, 2. Q ERICKSON, ALVA RUTH-G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Music, I, World Friendship, I, Girls' "G", 3, Girls' Glee, 2, 3, Baskeiball, 3. Q EVANS, BOB Q ESCANDON, ERNESTINE G.-"Ernie"-Tennis, I, Volley- ball, I, Speedball, I, Basketball, I, Hockey, I. Q FORD, DONALD SHERMAN-"Don"-Jr. Prom Comm., 2, Sr. Prom Comm., 3, Dance Comm., 3, Operelfa, 3, Music, 3, Boys' Glee, I, 2, 3, Tennis, I. Q FRITCH, JIMMIE LEWIS-"Feizer"-G. J. C., Third Per. Repr., 3, Sr. Commissioner, I, 2, 3, Operelfa, I, Sr. Prom Comm., 3, 49'ers, I, Boys' Glee, I, 2, 3, Foolball, I, 2, Baskelball, I, 2, 3, Track, I, Tennis, I, 2, 3. Q CATES, MARY ETTA-"Ella"-Frank Wiggins Trade School, Hall Duly, I, 2, Sr. Announcemenfs, 3, Caps 81 Gowns, 3, Girls' Service Club, I, Commerce, 2, 3, Sons li Daugh- WINTER GRADUATES '41 Q GOLD BERG, ADELE- Q GILL, WILLIAM HAROLD-"Bill"-G. J, C., Cabinet, 3, Student Bank, I, 2, 3, Commerce, 2, Boys' Glee, I, "B" Basketball, I, 2. QGRAVES, SHIRLEY B.-"Shirl"-from Venice, G. J. C., Explosion Staff, 3, World Friendship, 2. Q GONZALES, ART-"Gonzy"-from Manual Arts, G. J. C., Sr. Prom Comm., 3, Stylus Staff Lettering, 2, Somoac, I, 2, 3, Boys' "G", 2, 3, "A" Track, I, 2. Q GREEN, THERESA MODENA-"Terry"-from Forest Ave. Hi, Dallas, Texas, Friendship Comm., 3, Commerce, 3, Physiology, 3. Q GOROWSKI, WM., FIELD-"George"-U. S. C., 49'ers, 3, Boys' "G", 2, 3, "B" Football, I, "A" Football, 2, 3. Q GROVE, BETTY JEAN-"Beeqie"-Physiology, 2. Q HARGETT, MARIE-"O'MalIey"--G. J. C., Uniform Bd., 2, Speedball, 2, Basketball, 2, Hockey, 2. QGREGORY, WILLIAM W.-"BilI"-G. J. C., Ground Clean-up Judge, 3, Boys' "G", 2, 3, N. A. S. S., 3, Stu- dent Congress, 3, "A" Football, 2, 3. Q HAILEY, DEAN-"Tex"-trom Dalhart Hi, Basketball, 3, Baseball, 2. Q HARRIS, EVELYN LORRAINE--"Evy"-G. J. C., Explosion Staff, 3, Physiology, 2, 3. , QHARRIS, BEN MAXWELL-"Benny"-G. J. C., Student Congress, 3, Monthly Dance Comm., 3, Honor Society, 3, Library Staff, 2, 3, World Friendship, 3. Q HARRIS, MARIAN LOUISE-"Tony"-Business College, Commerce, 3, Physiology, 3. Q HARRIS, RUTH MARGARET-U. S. C., Soph. Class Vice- Pres., I, Operelta, 2, G. A. A., I, A Cappella, I, 2, 3. Q HARWOOD, VIRGINIA YVONNE-"Ginger"--U. C. L. A., Explosion Staff, 3, School Play, 3, No. I Drum Maiorette, I, 2, 3, Monthly Dance Comm., 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 3, Scribblers' I, 2, 3, Hon. Capt. Staff Spon- sor, 3, Girls' Rifle Team, 3, Sec. ot G. A. A. Publicity Bd., 3. Q HELFERD, GEORGE Q HESTER, CORA LEE-"Corky"-Pasadena J. C., G. A. A., 2, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Tennis, 3, Badminton, 2, Christmas Prog., I, 2, Gym Sec., I, 2. Q HESTER, RICHARD LEE--"Little Joe"-G. J. C., Explosion Staff, 3, Comites, I, Oratorical, I, 3, Track, 2, 3, Machine Shop Foreman Club, 3, Public Address Crew, 3, Monthly Dance Comm., 3, Stylus Editor. Q HETHERINGTON, JAMES DOUGLAS-"Jim"-G. J. C., Track, 2, 3, Hi Y, 2. Q HILL, GORDON Q HILLARD, ANNA Ii. Agn. I Blix WINTER GRADUATES '41 if HOPE, ERNEST WILSON-"Ernie"-La Serria College. i HUSSEY, JACK BOSBEIL-"Jack"-G. J. C. f IRA, BETTY f JAMES, EVANGELINE if JENKINS, DUDLEY WILSON-"Dud"-U. of C. at Berkley, Cabinet, 2, 35 Student Body Pres., 33 Class Pres., 25 Door- man, I, 2, Jr. Prom Chair., 25 Oratorical Tableau, 2: Head of Dec. at Barn Dance, 2: 49'ers, 3, Const. Comm. Chair., 33 Backward Dance Chair., 35 "B" Football, Ig "A" Golf, 2, 3. ,I-JOHNSON, DONNA DOROTHY-G. J. c., cammm., I, 2, 3. sk JONES, CATHERINE wk KAESEMEYER, MARJORIE ANNE-"Kasy"-Pomona, Stu- dent Congress, 33 Sec. Per. Repr., 33 Class of '4I Sec., Ig Jr. Prom Refresh. Comm., 25 Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., 3, Monthly Dance Comm., 2, Caps 81 Gowns, 33 Physiology, I. if KEMPER, VAUGHN WEAVER-Sg. Prom Comm., 3. wk KANE, KATHLEEN ELINOR-"Katie"-U. C. L. A., Honor Society, I, 2, 3, Giris' Service Club, 2, 3, Comitls, lg French, 2, 3. fr KEIM, DENA EARLE-S. M. U., Dallas, Texas, G. A. A., I, 2, 35 Girls' "G", 2, 35 Tennis, lg Basketball, 2, 3. if KLASCIUS, WILLIAM RICHARD-"Willy"-Notre Dame, Basketball, Ig Tennis, 2, 3. if KENDALL, HELYN M.--"Lynne"-from Flintridge School for Girls, School Play, Ig Tri Data Bala, I. if KETTLE, BEULAH LORAINE-Hall Duty, lg Operetta, 2, A Cappella, I, 2, 35 Girls' Glee, 2, Tennis, Ig Volleyball, I, 33 Speedball, 2, 3i Basketball, 2, 3, Hockey, 2. -k KREBS, JACK -kKlEFER, DOROTHY DELL-"Dot"-G. J. C.: Caps In Gowns, 3, Commerce, I, 2, 33 Commerce Vice-Pres., 3: Chips, I, 2, 35 Chips Vice-Pres., 3, Legislative Assembly, 3, Sec. Per. Repr., 2, 33 Gym Sec., Stunt Party, I. if LEAN, DOROTHY JEANNETTE-"Debby"-from Thomas Jefferson Hi, Council Bluffs, Iowa: Cosmetology, P. G.: Student Council, 2, 31 Honor Society, I. if LEVY, HENRY if LINTON, WILLIAM if LUKENS, ELEANOR GRAY-"Luke"-G. J. C.: Class Pres., Ig Sec. of Organizations, 23 Student Body Vice-Pres., 3, Stylus Asst. Editor, 31 Explosion Asst. Editor, 3, G. A. A. Friendship Chair., 2, Girls' Service Club Vice-Pres., 2: R. O. T. C. Sponsor, 2, 33 Backward Dance Chair., 3: Girls' "G", 2, 33 Girls' Glee, 2: Dec. and Tickets of Backward Dance, I, 25 Jr. Prom Dec., Z1 Sons It Daughters of the Alumni. if MAIER, ROBERT F.-"Bob"-G. J. C. WINTER GRADUATES '41 -Ar MacPHERSON, MARION VIOLA-G. J. C., Spanish, 2, 3. -kMANSFIELD, BARBARA LUCILLE-U. C. L. A., Girls' League School Welfare Comm., I, Honor Society, I, 2, 3, Comites, I, French, 2, 3. if MATHER, BILL MYRL-"BiIl"-Hall Duty, 2, Dance Comm., 3, "B" Football, I, Baseball, Z, 3. ir MATHERSON, GEORGE P.-"Mad Boy"-from Concord, Mass., M. I. T., Stage Electrician, 2, 3. if MATSUBARA, SABURO-"Matsy"--G. J. C., Boys' "G", 3, "B" Track, I, Varsity Track, 2, 3, Founder 8: Pres. Japanese Club, 3. 2. of iMATTHIESEN, DON-"Matt"-G. J. C., Operetta, 3, Sons 8: Daughters of the Alumni, 2, Boys' Glee, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Pres., 3, Baseball, 3, School Play, 3, A Cap- pella, 3, Jr. Hi Y Chaplain, 3. -Ar MCCLELLAND, BETTY MARIE-"Becky"-Occidental, Stu- dent Council, I, 2, Stunt Party Dec. Comm., 3, G. A. A., I, Physiology, 2, 3, Physiology Pres., 3, Sons Er Daughters of the Alumni, 3, R. O. T. C. Sponsor, I, Third Per. Repr., 3, Badminton, I. if MCCORMICK, BILL -A' McMAHAN, RICHARD S.-"Dick"-North Dakota U., Class Comm., I, Aud. Helper, I, Science, I, 2, Scribblers', 2, 3, Football, I, 2. if METZGUS, ARLINE MARIE- if MERCER, JAMES ARTHUR-"Jim"-Occidental, Cabinet, 2, 3, Student Council Chair., 2, Class Pres., 3, Class Party Comm., 3, Co-sports Editor of Explosion, 3, Backward Dance 81 Jr. Prom Comms., 2, Barn Dance 8: Sr. Prom Comms., 3, N. A. S. S., 2, 3, N. A. S. S. Pres., 3, Bd. of Control Chair., 3, Spanish, 2, Cafeteria Comm., 2. -kMILLIAS, ELEANOR-"Milly"-from Northwestern High, Detroit, Tennis, I, Volleyball, I, Speedball, I. ir MITCHELL, JACK A.-"Mitch"-Cal Tech, Comites, I, Sons 81 Daughters of the Alumni, I, 2, 3, Hi Y, 2, 3, Hi Y Sec., 3, Treas. of Sons Ei Daughters of the Alumni, 2. if MITCHELL, HENRY PERRY-"Mitch"-California, Comites, I, Track, I, 2, 3, Engineers Club, I. -k MITCHELMORE, VIRGINIA JEAN-"Jean"-Tennis, I, Volleyball, I, 3, Speedball, 2, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, Hockey, 2. -kMOLEN, ART B.-"Tiny"-Track I, Explosion Printing Statt, I, 2, 3. -k MORRIS, LOIS -k MOORE, BYRD RHEA-from Eagle Rock High. -k MORTON, EVELYN SHIRLEY-"Ebby"-Woodbury Col- lege, Sr. Announcements and Caps Er Gowns, 3, G. A. A., I, Volleyball, I, Speedball, I. wk MURAKI, SUMIO-G. J. C., Varsity Football, 3, Japan- ese Club, 3. -Ar MURPHY, DONNA-from Washington High, G. A. A., 3, Spanish, 2, Girls' "G", 3, Speedball, 3. WINTER GRADUATES '41 if NELSON, MARGARET ELIZABETH-''Chris"-Uniform Bd., 3, Bd. of Conlrol, 3. 'A' OLIN, ROBERT GLENN-"Bob"-from Anfelope Valley, 49'ers, I, Track, I, 2. -k ORCHARD, ANN N.-U. C. L. A., Honor Society, I, 2, 3, Comiles, I, Scribblers', 2, 3, D. A. R. Tesl, 3. Q ORMESHER, MARION MARIE-G. J. C., Usher, 2, Oper- ella, 3, Honor Sociefy, I, 2, 3, G. A. A., I, 2, Girls' Service Club, 2, 3, Commerce, 2, 3, Commerce Pres., 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Girls' Glee, 2, 3, Gym Sec., 2, Volley- ball, 2, 3, Speedball, 3, Basketball, 2, Hockey, 2, 3. ir OWENS, BEVERLY LOUISE-"Bev"-G. J. C., Explosion Slaff, 3, Siudenl' Bank, 3, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., 2, Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., 3, Monfhly Dance Comm., 2, 3, Gym Sec., I, Girls' Srunl Party, 2, School Play, 3. fr PAINE, H. MACKALL-"Mack"-U. of C. af Berkeley, Doorman, I, 2, 3, Monilor, IL Jr. Commissioner, 2, Sr. Commissioner, 3, 49'ers, I, 2, 3, Chips, I, 2, 3, Chips Pres., 3 "G" C'ub, I, 2, 3, "G" Club, I, 2, 3, Bd. of Control, 3, Monrhly Dance Comm., 2, Alumni Dance Comm., 3, Explosion Sfaff, 3, R. O. T. C., I, 2, 3. if PALISCH, WALLACE TERRY-"Terry"-G. J. C., Cafe- Ierra, I, 2. QPETERS, ELEANOR ALICE-from Hoover, Spanish, 3, Speedball, 3. ir PETERSON, NATALIE ANNE-"Jackie"-from Eagle Rock, Sludenf Congress, 3. 'kPETERSON, VERA CLAIRE-Cabinel, 3, Hall Dufy, I, Requlafed Dress, 2, Commerce, 2, 3, World Friendship, 3, Gym Sec., 2. if PULHAM, FAYE-Cafeleria, I. ir OUINN, NORMA RAE-"Norm"-G. A. A., 2, 3, Bas- kelball, 2, 3. -Q RATHBUN, RAY ir REAM, RICHARD EARL-"Dick"-Class Off., 2, Class Comm., 2, Aud. Helper, 2, Library Sraff, 3, "B" Football, l, 3, Track, 2, 3. if REGER, BAXTER LEE-"Sleepy"-U. S. C., Sr. Prom Dance Comm., 3, Friendship Comm., 3, Boys' "B", 3, "A" Fool- ball, I, 2, 3, "A" Track, I, 2, 3. -Ar REMMEN, HAROLD R.-"Rude"-Sfudenf Council, 3. if REYNOLDS, WINSTON ALLIN-"Win"-U. C. L. A., French, 3, Spanish, 2, 3, World Friendship, 3, Scribblers', 3, Baseball, I, 2. ir ROGERS, BILL HAROLD-"Bill"-U. S. C., 49'ers, I, 2, 3, A I-oolball, I, 2, 3, Bd. of Confrol, I, 2, 3. gk ROSE, THOMAS A.-"Tom"-G. J. C., Debale, I, Sr. ParIy Comm., 3, 49'ers, I, 2, 3, "A" Foolball, 3. yi ROUSE, NORMA -Ar ROWAN, WM. FRANKLIN-G. J. C., 49'ers, I, 2, 3, "B" Foolball, 2. WINTER GRADUATES '4I if SAKUMA, FUMIKO ir SALVIO, PATRICIA MARGUERITA-"Pat"-G. J. C.3 Cab- inet, 33 Girls' League Off., I, 33 Class Off., I3 Ground Clean-up, 23 Stylus Staff, 23 Explosion Staff, 33 Ushers, 33 Dramatics, 2, 33 Operetta, 23 Jr. Tableau, 23 Sr. Prom Comm., 33 Sr. Banquet Dec. Comm., 33 G. A. A., I, 2, 33 Girls' Service Club, 33 Girls' "G", Z, 33 Girls' Glee, I, 23 A Cappella, 33 ScribbIers', I, 2. -kSCATCHARD, WILLIAM LADLEY-"5catch"-G. J. C.3 N. A. S. S., 33 Hi Y, 2, 33 Jr. Prom Der.. Comm., 23 Barn Dance 8 Sr. Prom Dec. Comms., 33 Football, I3 Basket- ball, I, 2, 3. ir SCHINDLER, CHARLES MYDDLETON-"Shin"-Westmin- ster Choir COIIEQEQ 49'ers, I, 2, 33 Operetta, I, 2, 33 Cateteria I 2' Bible Club, 2, 33 Bible Club Pres., 33 Male Quartette, 2, 33 A Cappella, I, 2, 33 A Cappella Pres., 3. QSECREST, GLORIA G.-"GIoir"-Commerce I3 Physiol- ogy, I. if Sailor" Cafeteria 3 Ex losion Staff 33 SMITH, JEAN-" - , 3 p , Dramatics, 33 Uniform Bd., 33 Library Staff, 33 Speedball 23 Basketball, 23 Hockey, 2. if SMITH, JEAN LOUISE-from Belmont High3 Commerce I. if SMITH, NORRIS BRADLEY-"Nuck"-U. S. C.3 Jr. Prom 8- Barn Dance Comms., 23 Sr. Prom Comm., 33 Ground Clean-up, 33 Jr. Hi Y, 23 Sr. Hi- Y Treas., 33 "C" Foot ball, I3 "B" Football, 2, 33 "C" Track, I. if SNYDER, JANE LORRAINE-Uniform Board, I. ir STAUB, CHARLES RICHARD -kSTEAKLE, DOROTHY ELIZABETH-"Dottie"-G. J. C. G. A. A., I3 Office IDG Assistant, I, 2, 33 Class Off., I, 2 if STEARS, RICHARD W.-"Dick"-Pasadena J. C. ir STILLMAN, PAUL ifSTOKES, GERALDINE RUTH-"Gerry"-G. J. C.3 Civic Class Pres., 33 World Friendship, 23 Class Party Refresh Comm., I3 Jr. Prom Refresh. and Dec. Comms., 23 Sr Prom Dec. and Floor Comms., 3: Monthly Dance Comm. 2, 33 Grad. Commencement Comm, 33 May Queen Cand. 3. ir STOFFELS, HERMAN-"Hermy"-G. J. C.3 Oratorical, 2 Friendship Comm., 33 World Friendship, 3. -k TAYLOR, WILLIAM A.-"Bill"-U. S. C.3 Band, I. -fy TEWELL, WILLIAM -if THOMPSON, BETTY ir THOMPSON, CHARLES EDWARD-"Chuck"-Class Vice Pres., 33 Hall Duty. 33 Barn Dance Dec. Comm., 23 Sr Prom Dec. Comm., 33 Monthly Dance, 2, 33 49'ers, 33 Sr Hi Y, 33 Student Congress, 33 "C" Football, I, 23 "B Football, 3. ir THOMPSON, NORMA-"Normie"-Brigham Young Univ Commerce, 23 Physiology, 2, 33 Physiology Pres., 3. wk THOMPSON, WILLIAM RANDOLPH-"Randy"-U. S. C Class Comm., I, 2, 33 Aud. Helper, I3 Boys' "G", I, 2, 3 ' k Football, l, 2, Trac , I, 2, 3. WINTER GRADUATES '41 if TIEGS, LEAH MARIE-"Teegs"-U. S. C., Student Coun- cil, 2, Stylus Editor, 3, Explosion Staff, 2, 3, Jr. Prom Comm., 2, Girls' League Welfare Comm., I, Caps 81 Gowns, 3, A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' Service Club, 3, French, I, 2, Girls' Glee, I, 2, ScribbIers', 2, Student Director of School Play, 3. QTILTON, CHARLOTTE-"CarIotta"-Stanford, Assoc. Edi- for of Explosion, 2, Honor Society, 2, 3, Girls' Glee, I, 3, Cine, I, Scribblers', 2, Christmas Tableau, 2, French Class Pres., 2, 3, Spring Music FesIivaI,2. if TILCH, WILLIAM H.-"Bill"-Cafeteria, I, 2, 3. -k TUTWILER, JANE-from East Danger High, Physiology, 2. ir UTTLEY, HARRIETTE LOUISE-"Harrie"-G. J. C., Ora- torical Tableau, 3, Sr. Prom Comm., 3, Sr. Banquet Comm., 3, Commerce, 2, 3, Physiology, 2, 3, Physiology Pres., 3, Gym Sec., I. QVAN ALSTYNE, WILLIAM R.-"Van"-U. S. R., Hall Duty, I, Usher, I, Friendship Comm., 3, Boys' "G", 2, 3, "A" Football, I, 3, "A" Basketball, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3. if VAN BURGH, PATRICIA LEE-"Pal"-Rice Institute, Cab- inet, 3, Stage Crew, I, 2, Explosion Ed., 3, Christmas Prog., I, 2, Oratorical Tableau, I, Alumni Dance Comm., 3, Bkwd. Dance Comm., 3, Cafeteria Comm., 3, Sr. An- nouncement Comm., 3, Honor Society, I, 2, Scribblers', I, 2, 3, Scribblers' Sec.-Treas., I, Scribblers' Pres., 2, Verse Book Ed., 3, Legislative Assembly, 2, Commence- ment Speaker, 3. if VAN HAZELEN, GEORGE -A' VAN SCOY, JEAN -k VOGEL, SID COLBY-U. S. C., School Dance Host, 2, 3, Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., 3, Forum, 3, Cine, I, 2, 3, Cine Vice-Pres. and Pres., 2, Glendale High Camera Club Pres., 3, Sec. Per. Friendship Comm., 3, if WALTERS, KATHRYN MARY-from St, Catherine's Acad- emy, Valley City, N. D., Washington, D. C. fWATTERSON, ELDRED-''McGee"-Colorado School of Mines, "G" Club, 3, "B" Football, I, "A" Football, 2, 3, "B" Basketball, I, "B" Track, 2, "A" Track, 3. QWATSON, AUDREY EDNA-Co-ordinator of Organiza- tions, 3, Honor Society, 2, G. A. A., 3, Commerce, 2, 3, Commerce Vice-Pres., 2, Speedball, 3. sk WEIDE, JEANNE EVELYN-from Hoover, G. J. C., Sr. Announcements Comm. Chair., , Stylus Staff Artist, 3, Somoac, 3, Scribblers', 2. ir WEINBERG, JR., BEN-U. C. L. A., Explosion Staff, 3, 49'ers, 3, Spanish, 2, 3, Varsity Track Manager, 2, 3. if WELBORN, MARJORIE JEAN - "Midge" - Hewson's, Class Vice-Pres., I, Class Sec., 2, Class Comm., I, 2, G. A. A., I, 2, Spanish, I, 2, 3. if WENTWORTH, EDWARD-from Buchtel Hi, Akron, Ohio, Hi Y, 2, 3, "A" Basketball 3. XWESSEL, ROBERT FRANK-"Bob"-from San Fernando High, U. C. L. A., Student Council, 3. QWHEELOCK, MAURICE EDWIN - "Ed" - U. C. L. A., Comites, I, R. O. T. C., I, 2, 3. if WILLIAMS, MARGIE ANN -Santa Barbara State, Hon. Capt. of R. O. T. C., 2. wk WI MPRES6, MALCOM 1-WHITTET, BERG DAVID-Hall Duty, 2, Jr. Dance Com., 49'ers, 2, 3, Track, I. -if? i WW gi, fi-15'i-aff. X4.. 55,55 51,12-Siu-5--Us 3 , K :V Vglkilgi Q --xi ?7l1,Q, 'f' 1 2139 filjd I 3, fin ?1 Q fg G f QJ1 f' , if ,. , nf.. fist ie fi XL K S . .,k, Ml 5. fffliifikkik af. -gif A f wa W LE L. is ,,.-W fi? ' w ifi ' A 3 uf W - www nf f Summer Senior Ufficem DoShPdf E Q5 H d Hopluns, Vuce-Presld f Phyll's Pellegrini, Secrefary-Treasurer en SUMMER GRADUATES '41 wk ADACHI, SAM ir ADAMS WARREN FRANKLIN-Ex Iosion Edilor 3' Hon- . P . . or Sociely, I, 2, 3, Comiles Sec., I, ScribbIers', 2, 3. if ALTHOUSE, KAY -kAMENT, PHYLLIS JEANNE-"P. A."-G. J. C., Girls' League Art Dir., 2, Jr. Prom and Stunt Party, 2, Back- ward Dance, 2, Friend. Comm., 2, Sr. Prom, 3, Uniform Bd., I, 3, French, I, Somoac, 2, 3. if ANDERSON, DOUGLAS BRISTOW-"Doug"-G. J. C., Class Sweafer Comm., I, Friend. L Floor Comms., 3, 49'ers, 3, "C" Foolball, 2, 3, "A" Baskeiball, 3, Hi-Y, 3. QANDERSON, DOROTHY MARJORIE-"Doi"-G. J. C., G. A. A., I, Reg. Dress Repr., 2, Commerce Club, 3, Music, I, World Friend. Prog. Chair., 2, World Friend. Treas., 3, Sr. Play Siage Crew, 3, Girls' League Friend. Comm., 2, Big Sisfer Comm., 3. QANDREWS, JACK LEROY-"Jack"-from Loyola High, G. J. C. ir ANDRUS, AUDREY ir ANGERSTEIN ALBERT RALPH-"Al"-G. J. C. wk BACKLUND, BURDETTE 'kBAILEY, BOB E.-"Red"-Davis Agricultural, Monlhly Dance Comm., 3, Barn Dance, I, Jr. Prom, 2, Sr. Prom, 3, Co-Chair. Ticket Comm. Class Play, 3, Sr. Grad. Tickels, 3, N. A. S. S., 3, Boys' "G", 3, "C" Football, I, Track, I, 2, 3, Friend. Comm., 3, Ground Clean-up Comm., 3. ir BALDERSTON, MARY LYLE-Pomona, Ushers 8. Dramalics, 3, Opererfa, 2, Honor Sociely, I, 2, 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Girls' Glee, 2, A Cappella, 3, Tennis, I, Baskelball, 2, Badminion, 3. -kBALLANTYNE, BETTY CUSHMAN-G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Commerce, 2, 3, Forum, 2, Spanish, I, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Tennis, I, 2, Volleyball, I, 2, Speedball, 3, Baskef- ball, 3, Usher, 2, 3. if BARNES, LLOYD-"Jerky"-U. C. L. A., Spanish Vice- Pres., 2, Spanish Pres., 3. wk BARRETT, WILBUR SHERIDAN-"Bud"-U. C. L. A., Operefla, 2, Orcheslra, 2, 3, Band, I, Forum, 2, R. O. T. C., I, Track, 3, Baseball, 2. wk BASKIN, JERRY-"Snookie"-from Viclor Valley High, G. A. A., I, Baskefball, I. wk BAMBAUGH, FLORENCE EDYTHE-Sons 8: Daughlers of lhe Alumni, 3. 'A' BAUMMER, J. CLYDE. if BEADEL, PHYLLIS VIVIAN-"Beedle"-Girls' League Sec., 3, Opereffa, 2, 3, Band, I, 2, Sr. Banque? 81 Sr. Prom Prog. Comms., 3, Welfare Comm., I, Friend. Comm., 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3,, Uniform Bd., 2, 3, Music, I, Girls' "G", 3, A Capella Bus. Mgr., 2, A Capella Pres., 3, Talenf Show, 2, 3, G. A. A. Song Leader, 2, Usher, 3. wk BEAMAN, JAMES QBEAMER, LEWIS LYNDALL-"PaI"from Hoover High, Audilorium Helper, 3. W Y x I .S 5 .Lia I 2" 'xv Viv Q . XM 2 if ' A E , .- .W I SUMMER GRADUATES '4I Q BEASOM, JAMES PRINCE-"Jim"-U. S. C., Sfylus Prinf- ing Staff, 2, Slylus Slafl, 3, Debale, 3, Oralorical, 3, Yell Leader, 3, Forum, 2, 3, Larin Club, I, "B" Foorball, 2, Tennis, I. Q BEASOM, RALPH DENNIS-Midlen College, Cabinet, I, Debafe, I, Yell Leader, I, 49'ers, I, R. O. T. C., I, Rifle Team, I. Q BECKETT, RALPH Q BEDFORD, FRANCES MARY-"Franee"-U. C. L. A., Ora- lorical, 3, Honor Sociely, I, 2, 3, French, I, 2, 3. Q BENJAMIN, CLAYTON JAMES-"Ben"-Boys' "G", 2, 3, "B" Foofball, I, "A" Foolball, 2, 3, Baskefball Mgr., 2, 'B" Track, I, 2, "A" Track, 3. Q BERGMANN, JUNE Q BERNARD, MARY CORMA-"Bernie'-Dramalics, 3, Friend. Comm., 3, G. A. A., I, Tennis, I, Baskefball, 3, Hockey, 3. Q BERRY, BARBARA JEAN-G. J. C. Q BETSWORTH, MAXINE LORRAINE-"Max"--G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Usher, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Commerce, 2, 3, Tennis, I, Hockey, 2, Baskefball, 3. Q BLANCH, BERNICE MARY-Hall Duly, I, Monlhly Dance Comm., I, Barn Dance, 2, 3, Jr. Prom, 2, Sr. Prom, 3, Commerce, 3, Reg. Dress Repr., I. Q BLANCHARD, LESLIE-"Les"-Hall Dury, 2, 3, 49'ers, 2, 3, Tennis, 2, Variely Show, I, Aud. Doorman, I, 2, 3. Q BLOOMINGDALE, ROBERT WALTER-"Bob"-G. J. C., Orchesfra, I, 2, 3, Library Slafl, I, Sons 81 Daughlers of lhe Alumni, 2, R. O. T. C., I, Baskelball, 2. Q BOULDIN, PATRICIA-"Pal"-Franklin College, Honor Sociely, 2, 3, G. A. A., 3, Comiles, I, 2, Baskelball, 3. ORAINE-i m Complon Jr. College, Physi- oogy, 3, as , , ress Repr., I, 2, Friend. Comm., Z, Slip Colleclor, 3, Ground Clean-up Comm., 2, 3. Q BRANT, ALICE M.-"Dimples"-from Pomona, I05 Re- cepfionisl, 3, I06 Helper, 3. Q BREWER, STELLA Q BROWER, HOWARD JEFFERSON - "Jeff"-California' Spanish Club, 2, 3. I QBRYANT, DOROTHY LOIS-"Dolly"-Websfer College, Dance Comm., I, Sfudenf Council, 2, Friend, Comm., 3' Sludenl Congress Comm., 3. Q BRUSH, NANCY ALIDA-"Tony"-from Camp Hill High' Opereffa, 2, 3, G. A. A., I, Physiology, 3, Girls' Glee 2, 3, R. O. T. C., I, Volleyball, I, A Cappella, 3. Q BURESH, MADALYN-G. J. C., Cine, I, G. A. A., I' Jr. Prom Comm., 2, World Friend., I. BURGESS BETTY CATHARINE-G. J. C., G. A. A., I' 'A' . Commerce, 3, Tennis, I. SUMMER GRADUATES '4'I ir BUSCH, JOSEPHINE CAROLINE-"Dodo"-Melropolilan. ir BUSH, MAXINE MAE-"Max"-G. A. A., I, Commerce, 2, 3, World Friend., 3, Tennis, I, Baskelball, I, 2, Hockey, 2, 3. if BYRAM, BEVERLY JEAN-"Bev"-U. S. C., Girls' League Prog. Chair., 2, Girls' League Friend. Chair., 3, Jr. Prom Cup Comm. Chair., 2, Sr. Prom Cup Comm. Chair., 3, Baccalaureale Comm., 3, Slylus Girls' Sporls Ed., 3, Ex- plosion Assl. Ed., 3, Monfhly Dance Comm., I, 3, Slunl Parfy, 2, Backward Dance li Barn Dance Dec. Comms., 2, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' Service Club, 3, Uniform Bd., I, Jr. Red Cross Chair., 2. 'Ar CAMPBELL, LOISGAIL-Occidenlal, Honor Sociely, I, 2, 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' Service Club, 3, Library Sfaff, 3, Spanish Club, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 3, Calif. Schol- arship Federafion, 3, Tennis, I, Baskelball, 3, Badminlon, 2. if CHAMBERLAIN, DON WESLY-G. J. C., Operelfa, I, 2, Boys' Glee, I. if CHASE, LOUELLEN MYRTLE-"Louie"-Univ. of Red- lands, Girls' League Pres., 3, Cabinel, 3, Sludenl Coun- cil, 3, Girls' League Bd., 2, 3, Sons li Daughfers of Alumni Pres., Z, Spanish Sec., Z, Jr. Red Cross Vice- Pres., 2, G. A. A. Bd., 2, Dance Comm., 2, 3, Hall Monilor, I, Z, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Chevron Club, 3, Backward Dance Dec. Chair., 3, Girls' Service Club, 3. ak CHAUFORAUX, LILLIAN-G. J. C. kCHEESMAN, KENNETH MADISON-"Kenny"-from Hoo- ver Hi, G. J. C. -AYCLARK, CHARLES PERIN-"Chuck"-from Marshall Hi, Washinglon Sfale, Aud. Helper, I, 2, Oraforical, I, 2, Monlhly Dance Comm., I, 2, 3, Friend. Comm. Vice-Pres., 2, 3, Mixer Chair., 2, 3, Spanish, I, Physiology Club, 2, "B" Foolball, I, 2. QCLAUSEN, BILL-G. J. C. if COCHRANE, ROBERT JOHN-"Cockie"-Aud. Helper, 2, 3, Explosion Slaff, I, 2, Operella, 2, Library Slaff, 2, Music Club, 2, 3, World Friend., 3, Boys' Glee, I, 2, 3. ik COLE, EDITH LOUISE-G. J. C., Hall Dufy, I, G. A. A., ,I French Club, I, World Friend., 2, Physiology, 3, Ten- nis, I. -kCOLLlNS, PATRICIA EVELYN-"Pal"-Sanla Barbara Srale, Hall Dufy, I, 2, Monlhly Dance, I, 2, Collon Cord Comm., I, Jr. Prom 81 Barn Dance Comms., 2, Sr. Prom Comm., 3, Spanish, 2, 3, Spanish Vice-Pres., 3, Sons Xi Daughters of Ihe Alumni, I, Reg. Dress Repr., I, 3, May Feslival, 3. if COMBS, BEBE MARIANNA--from Collon High, G. J. C., Hall Duly, 3, Operella, I, G. A. A., I, Forum, 2, Girls' Glee, I, Tennis, I, Lalin Club, I, Chrislmas Prog., I. if COON, GENE LEE-"Gale"-from Omaha Technical High, Band, I, R. O. T. C., I, 2, 3. -QCOOVER, GEORGERENE-"GeoLgie"-from Sf. Andrews Hi, Pasadena, Librarian Pres., 3, Parly Comm., 2, G. A. A., I, 2, Music, I, 2, Girls' Glee, I, Lyric Club, 3, Tennis, I, Volleyball, I, Z, 3, Speedball, 2, 3, Baskelball, 2, 3, Hockey, 2. , -kCOOPER, ALFRED-Occidental, French Club, 3. ir CORRIGAN, PAT -A' COTTLE, FRANK if COYKENDALL, GEORGE ir COYNE, BARBARA-"Barb"-from Caldwell High School, N. J. I .- f' Lf in SUMMER GRADUATES '41 wk COWLEY, MARIAN ELIZABETH-G. J. C.: Operefla, 2: G. A. A., I: Badminlon, I: A Cappella, 3: Chrislmas Prog., I, 2, 3. -Ar CRANDALL, RAY IRWIN-G. J. C.: Monthly Dance, 3: Hi-Y, 3: Boys' "G", 2, 3: Boys, "G" Pres., 3: Baskelball, I, 2, 3: Baseball, 2: Swimming Team, 2, 3. 'kCROOKS, LEON DAVID-"Lee"-Baskelball, I, 2, 3: Baseball, 2, 3. if CROSS, DOROTHY MCKENZIE-"Dol"-Woodbury: Sweal- er Comm., I: Sfylus Sfaff, 3: Explosion Staff, 3: Orafori- cal Tableau, 2, 3: Sr. Prom Dec. Com., 3: G. A. A., I: French Club, I, 2, 3: Baskelball, I. -A' SROWDER, ROBERT EARL-"Bobby"-Colorado School of mes. ir CU LP, JOE -kCUNNINGHAM, SARA ELIZABETH-"Sally"-from Eagle Rock High: G. J. C.: G. A. A., 3: Spanish, 2, 3: Girls' "G", 3: Speedball, 3: Hockey, 3. if DAIR, JOHN FREDERICK-"Jack"-from Hollywood Mili- Iaryi Academy: G. J. C.: Sons If Daughters of Ihe Alumni, . .3- vk DALEY, BILL -Af DANIEL, BILL -Av DAVIS, JAMES DOUGLAS-"Doug". -Ay DAVIS, DOUG if DAVIS, LLOYD -Af DEDRICK, PATRICIA ABIGAIL-"Pal"-Davis Agriculiural College: Jr. Prom Comm., 2: Dance Comm., I: Tennis, I: Basketball, 2: Hockey, 3. ir DE GREEF, LOLO PEARL. if DELLING, ALAN J.-from Anaheim Union High: Track, 2, 3. 1- DENTON, BRUCE-Oregon Stale: 49'ers, I, 2, 3: Boys' "G", 2, 3: "B" Foolball, I, 2: Tenenis, I, 2, 3: Jr. Prom Comm., 2: Sr. Prom Comm., 3: Barn Dance Comm., I, 2. if DICKINSON, LOIS RHODA. -if DIETLEIN, ROBERT WILLIAM-"CurIy"-L. A. Cijy Col- lege: Friendship Officer, 3: Ground Clean-up Officer, 3: Varsily Football, 3. if DIEM, BARBARA -k DIXON, CHARLES SUMMER GRADUATES '4I ak DONALDSON, L. RAYBURN-"Ray"-G. J. C. 49'ers, 3, "C" Foofball, I, "B" Fooiball, 2, "B" Foolball Mgr., 3. if DONNELLY, BARBARA wk DOWNEN, MARY C.-French Club, 2, Bible Club, 2. ir DOWNUM, JACK ir DOWNING, MARJORIE LUCILLE-"Margie"-G. J. C. -k DRAIN, NORMAN ELBERT-"Draino"-U. C. L. A., Or- cheslra, 3, Band, I, 2, Spanish Club, 2, 3. ik DUFFY, BILL QDU MARS, NANCY ELIZABETH-"Nance"-from Sanla Barbara, G. J. C., Usher, I, 3, Dramafics, 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Commerce, 2, Forum, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Girls' Glee, 3, A Cappella, 3, Tennis, I, Basketball, 2, 3. -k DURHAM, DOROTHY JANE-"Dol"-G. J. C., Usher, 2, 3, Opereffa, 2, Canfala, I, 3, Orcheslra, I, 2, 3, Welfare Comm., I, Honor Society, I, 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Baskelball, 2, Hockey, 3, Chevron Club, 3, G. A. A. Bd., Z. -Ar DUSTIN, JANE 'kDUVAL, FRANK ALFRED-G. J. C., Explosion Sfaif, 3, "B" Baslrelball, 3, Jr. Varsiry Tennis, 2, Varsily Tennis, 3. if ECK, FRANK THOMAS--from Caihedral High, G. J. C., Friendship Comm., 3, "B" Foolball, 2. -k EDDY, MERIAM ALICE-from Pasadena J. C. if ELLIS, RAYMOND N.-"Ray"-San Diego Sfale, Sr. Com- missioner, 2, 3, Enlerlainmenl Comm., 3, 49'ers, 2, 3, N. A. S. S., 3, Boys' "G", 2, 3, "A" Foofball, I, 2, 3, "A" Golf, 3, Bd. of Conlrol, 2, 3. QEVANS, MARTHA GLADE-"MarIy"-from Hoover Hi, G. J. C., Lyric Club, 3. 1kEVANS, ADDISON DAVID-"Dave"-"C" Foolball, 2, Tennis, I, 2, 3. -k FAIRBANKS, PEGGY HELEN-"Peg"-G. J. C., Usher, 2, 3, Band, I, Backward Dance Comm., 2, G. A. A. Ban' que? Chair., 2, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Friend. Comm., 3, "G" Club Sec., 3, Chevron Club Sec., 3, G. A. A. Bd., 2. -kFAlRWEATHER, BOB T.-"Faq"-Boys' "G", 3, "B" Baskefball, 2, 3. - ir FARR, DOROTHY BERNEICE-"Dol"-School Friend. Comm., 3, G. A. A., I, Commerce, 2, 3. if FELD, JOHN HARLAN-"Jack"-Friend. Comm., 3, "Jr." Baseball, 2. if FIESTERMAN, JOHN ARTHUR-"Jack"-from Roosevelf, Chicago. SUMMER GRADUATES '41 if FINSTAD, HAROLD FOSTER-"Finnie"-from Elk Poinf So. Dakola, Operella, 2, Music, I, 2, 3, Barn Dance Comm. 2, A Cappella, 3. -A' Foore, Les-"ned"-s. J. c., Track, I, 2, one.. club I. 2: Boys' 2. 3, Megane snap, 2, ere. Club vial Pres., I. .. GIYIS' HG". 2, 3, Baskelball, 2, Badminlon, 3. ir FRASER, DOUG ir FRAZIER, BOB-G. J. C., Baseball, 2, 3. -k FRYER, HAROLD ir FUJITA, Mnuo. -pf FULLERTON, JACK ir sALLowAY, DAVID if GAMBLE, WESLEY WALTER-"Bud"-from Russell High, G. J. C., Boys' "G", I, Baskeelball, I, 2. if GANS, CAROLYN RAY-"Carol"-G. J. C., Dance Com., I, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Uniform Bd., I, 2, Usher, I, 2, 3, Girls' "G", I, 2, 3, Chrisfmas Prog., 2, Tennis, 2, Volley- ball, Z, 3, Baskelball, 3, Badmlnlon, I, Hall Duly, I. if GEARHART, DONALD COHRT-"Don"-G. J. C., R. O. T. C. Mililary Ball, 2, 3, 49'ers, I, Boys' Glee, I, R. O. T. C., I, 2, 3, R. O. T. C. Drill Team, I, 2, 3, Drill Team Commander, 3, R. O. T. C. Capl., 3. ir GEARY, RICHARD ir GETTELMAN, JEAN LORRAINE-"Geronimo"-from Ala- meda High, U. C. L. A., Class Comm., 2, Science, 2. i GERARDI, LOUIS iGlLBERT, WILBUR-"Willie"-G. J. C., Boys' "G", 3, "B" Foofball, I, 2, "A" Foolball, 3. -A' GLEN, JAMES NELSON-'Jimmie"-from Calhedral High, 5. gl., Friend. Comm., 3, "B" Foolball, 2, 3, "A" rac , . -Ar GLYNN, GERALDINE ir GEORGE, LOUIS CARL-"Louie"-from San Fernando High, Cafeleria, I, 2, 3, Orcheslra, I, 2, 3, Boys' Glee, 3. -A' GOODFELLOW, DONALD E.-"Don"-G. J. C., 49'ers, 3, Boys' "G", 3, "C" Foolball, 2, "B" Foolball, 3, "C" Track, I, 2, "B" Track, 3. 'Ar GRAM, ROBERT ir Fonsono, PHYLLIS Mnoneo-"Phys"-s. A. A., I, 2, 3, SUMMER GRADUATES '41 1 GREENE WILLIAM LEE-"B, G."-N. A. S. S., 3, Boys "G", a,"'c" Foolball, I, "A" Baseball, 2, 3, "C" Bas- kerball, I, "B" Baskelball, 2, "A" Baskeefball, 3, Jr. Hi-Y, 2, Sr. Hi-Y, 3. 1 GRIESBACK, FRANCES 1 GRIMES BETTY JANE-Sanla Barbara Slale, Colfon Cord, I, Jr. Prom 8: Barn Dance Dec. Comms., 2, Sfunl Parry Comm., 2, 3, Sr. Prom Dec. Comms., 2, 3, Legislafive Bd., 3, Song Leader, 2, Uniform Bd. Soph. Repr., I, Monlhly Dance Comm., 3. 1GRlZZLE ROBERT LEON-"Bob"-G. J. C., "C" Fool- ball, I, "'B" Foolball, 2, Apparafus Room, 3, "C" Track, I. 1 GROVES, BETTY LOU-from Hoover High, Sanla Barbara Slale, Hall Duly, 2, Jr. Prom Comm., 2, Sluni Parfy In Sr. Prom Dec. Comms., 3, Sr. Parfy Comm., 3, Backward Dance Comm., 3, Barn Dance Comm., 3, Uniform Bd., 2, Commerce, 2, Tennis, 2. 1 HAGGMAN, RUTH LILLIE-"RuIhie"-P. J. C., Aud. Helper, 3, Hall Dufy, 3, Band, I, 2, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Spanish, 3, Girls' "G", 3, Welfare Comm., 3, Sr. Prom Comm., 3, Jr. Prom Comm., 2, Tennis, 2, Hockey, I, 3, Baskelball, 3. 1 HALE, BUD 1 HALL, ULYSSES GRANT-"Useless"-from Franklin, Ben- iamin, Boys' Glee, I, "B" Track, I. 1 HALPIN, JEANNETTE 1 HALPERN, MELVIN 1 HAMARA LULU-U. S. C., Debale, Z, 3, Sr. Tableau Comm., 3, Honor Sociely, 2, Girls' Service Club, 3, Forum, 2, World Friend., 3, ScribbIers', 3, Naiure Club, 2, 3 Nalional Forensic League Chapl., 2, 3, N. F. L. Sec., 3, Shakespearean Confesl, 3, Dramalic Declamalion, 3. 1 HAMILTON, PAT-"Pal"-Girls' League Off., I, 2, 3, Class Comm., 3, Ushers 8: Dramalics, 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, World Friend., 3, Girls' "G", 3, Tennis, 3, Volleyball, 3, Baskefball, 2. 1 HARDISON, DICK C. - Occidenlal I, Chairman Monrhly Dance, 2, 3, Sludenf Body Vice-Pres., 3, Class Comm., 3, Srylus Business Mgr., 3, Explosion Slaff, 3, Friend. Executive Bd., 3, Boys' "G", 3, Scribblers' Vice- Pres., 3, "A" Track 3, Foolball 2, Foofball I, Track 2, "C" Baskelball, I, Sfudenf Congress Chair., 3. 1 HARMON, DORA ANN-G. . C., Hall Dufy, I, Dra- malics, 3, G. A. A., I, French, I, World Friend, 2, Physiology, 3, Tennis, I. 1 HARTMAN, JEAN EARNESTINE-U. S. C., Girls' League Friend. Chair., 3, Backward Dance Comm., l, 2, Barn Dance Comm., I, 2, School Dance Comm., I, 3, Jr. Prom Comm., 2, Sr. Prom Comm., 3, Slunl Parly Comm., 2, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' Service Club, 3, Uniform Bd., 3, Girls' "G", 3, Friend. Club, 3. 1 HASPER, DOROTHY GRACE-G. J. C., Hall Duly, 3, Monthly Dance Comm., 3, Physiology, 2, Reg. Dress Repr., 3, Third Per. Rep., 3, Slunf Parry Dec. Comm., 3, Friend. Comm., 3. 1 HAUSMANN, DELBERT-"Brownie"-R. O. T. C. Repr. in Cabinel, 3, Friend. Comm., 3, Spanish, I, 2, Rifle eam, 2, 3, R. O. T. C., I, 2, 3, R. O. T. C. Maior, 3. 1 HAWKINS, BETTY LOU-"B-Lou"-U. S. C., Ring 81 Pin Comm., I, Usher, 3, Monlhly Dance Comm., I, 2, 3, Jr. Prom Comm., 2' G. A. A. I, 2 3' Girls Tennis, 3, Volleyball, 2, Baskefball, I, Bd. of Conlrol, 2: . HG.. 2 3, 1HAYDOCK, BETSY GRACE-"Be1s"-Honor Sociely, 3, Spanish Club, 2, 3. 1 HAZEN, MARY RAE-"Ha1ie"-Feell 81 Tarrani Business College. 1HEBER, PHYLLIS ELAINE-"Phiddie"-Oregon Univ., Girls' League Sec. of Pub., 3, Hall Duly, 2, Explosion Slaff, 3, Sr. Parry Comm., 3, Legislalive Comm., 2, Jr. Prom Comm., 2, Sr. Prom Comm., 3, Backward Dance Comm., 2, 3, Uniform Bd., 3. SUMMER GRADUATES '41 Orchestra, 2: Band, I, 2: Spanish, 2, 3. Q HEITMAN, JUNIOR CLAUDE-"Johnny"-U. S. C.: Bd. of Control, 3. Q HELWICK, MARY KATHRYN-"Pus" from Salina High, Kansas: Stephens, Missouri. Q HENDERSON, WAYNE BARTON-U. C. L. A.: Hall Duty, I, Z: Jr. Prom Comm., 3. Q HEMINGWAY, ELEANOR JANE-"Fim"-Santa Barbara State: Usher, 3: Orchestra, I, 2: Fathers' It Daughters' Banquet Dec. Comm., 3: G. A. A., I, 2, 3: Commerce, 3: Girls' "G", 2, 3 Girls' Glee, 3: Tennis, 3: Basketball, I: Badminton, 3: Cantata, 3: School Friend., 3. QHEMPHILL, JANE LOUISE-"Jan"-U. S. C.: Student Council, 3: Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., 3: Monthly Dance Comm., 3: Stunt Party Comm., 3: French, 2. Q HENDRICKS, BETTY JEAN-"Henry"-G. J. C.: Ground Clean-up, 3: Cantata, 3: Girls' Glee, 33 Bible Club, I, 2. Q HEWITT, CAROLIN RUTH-U. C. L. A.: Somoac Sec., I: Somoac Vice-Pres., 2: Somoac Pres., 3. Q HICKS, SHIRLEY Q HILDRETH, JACK ELON-"Jake"-U. S. C.: Dramatics, 3: Oratorical, l, 2, 3: Class Yell Leader, I, 2, 3: Boys' "G", 2, 3: "C" Football, I: Golf, I, 2, 3. Q HILL, BARBARA PRESCOTT-"Bunker"-from Boston: Girls' League Treas., 3: Honor Society, I, 2, 3: Girls' Service Club Pres., 3: Spanish Pres., 3: Red Cross Pres., 3. Q HILL, JERRY CARROLL-G. J. C.: Band, I: R. O. T. C., I, 2, 3: Bible Club, 2, 3. Q HILL, DOROTHY-''Dot"-Orchestra, I, 2, 3: G. A. A., I, 2: Music, I: Tennis, I: Volleyball, 2, 3: Basketball, 2, 3: Hockey, 2, 3: Bible Club, 2, 3: Pom Pom Club, 2, 3. Q HITCHENS, FLOYD ELTON-from Steamboat Springs, Colorado High: U. C. L. A.: "A" Football, 3. 'k HODDER, CLYDE STANSFIELD-Stanford: Honor Society, I, Z, 3: Public Address Crew, I: Student Congress, 3: Hi-Y, 2, 3. Q HOLMAN, DICK WARREN-"Dick", Q HOPKINS, HOWARD WILLIAM-U. S. C.: Cabinet, 3: Class Vice-Pres., 3: Cotton Cord Comm., I: Jr. Prom Comm., 2: Barn Dance Comm., 23 Sr. Prom Comm., 3: Jr. Hi-Y Vice-Pres., 2: Hi-Y Sec., 3. Q HOUNIHAN, BETTIE JANE-"Bet"-Usher, 2, 3: G. A. A., I, 2, 3: Commerce, 2, 3: Girls' "G", 2, 3: Basketball, 2, 3: Hockey, 3. QHOWARD, FREDRICK GREGORY-"Whitey"-Hall Duty, I: Jr. Commissioner, 2: Sr. Commissioner, 3. QHOWIE, JAMES STANLEY-"Jim"-from Ulsfor High, Pa., Loma Linda Med.: Class Comm., 2, 3: School Play, 3: Operetta, 2: Orchestra, 2: Comites, 2: Boys' Glee, 2, 3 R. O. T. C., 2: "C" Track, 3. Q HUGHES, WILLIAM EDWARD-G. J. C.: Bend, I, 2, 3: "C" Football, I, 2. QHEINEN, HARRY-"Hare-on"-G. J. C.: Operetta, 2: SUMMER GRADUATES '41 if HUNT, PAULA if HUNT, MARVIN i HUSEBY, JUNE E.-Hall Duly, 3, Usher, 2, 3, Operelfa, 2, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' Service Club, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Basketball, 3, Hockey, I, 3, Badminlon, 2. i'JACOBSON, ALLEN W.-"Jake"-G. J. C., 49'ers, 3, Boys' "G", 2, 3, "B" Baskefball, I, 2, "A" Baskefball, 3, "A" Track, I, 2, 3. i'JEFFERY, WILLIAM RAYMOND-"Bill"-from Runnells High, Runnells, Iowa. -kJOHNS, BARBARA ANNA-"Johnie"-Modeling School, Operelfa, 2, , G. A. A., I, Girls' Glee, 2, 3, Volleyball, I, Hockey, I, 2, 3. 'kJOHNSON, DONALD FREDERICK-G. J. C., Oralorical Tableau, I. ir JOHNSON, JIMMYE -kJOHNSON, HAROLD T.-"H" G. J. C., Sr. Banquel Tickel Chair., 3, Ground Duly, 3, Sr. Play Tickel Chair., 3, Barn Dance Comm., I, Jr. Prom Ticker Chair., 2, Tickel Chair. of Sr. Prom B Sr. Parly Comms., 3, Monthly Dance Comm., 3, Boys' "G", 2, 3, "B" Foofbdll. 23 Golf, 2, 3. 1- JOHNSON, MARGARET CHATIAN-"Diddy"-Principal Dance Comm., I, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Uniform Bd., I, Music, I, Sons If Daughlers of the Alumni, I, 2, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Baskelball, 2, Hockey, 3, Badminlon, I. -k JOHNSON, MAURICE A.-G. J. C., Jr. Prom Comm., 2, Sr. Prom Comm., 3, Foolball, I, 2, 3, Baskelball, I, 2, Track, 2, 3, Sludenl Congress, I, 2, 3. i'JONES, BETTY JUNE-"Jonesie"-from Manual Arls, Art School, G. A. A., 3, Badminlon, 3. -k JONES, DONALD HUGH-"Don"-Student Council, I, Weight Lifling Team, 2, Jr. Hi-Y, 2, Sr. Hi-Y, 3. ifJONES, JUNE MARIE-"Tiny"-Spanish Club, 2, Tennis, I, Volleyball, 2, Hockey, 3. if JONES, OLIVE MARIE-"Jonesie"-Chouinarcl Arl School, Spanish Club, 2, Baskelball, I, 2. 'A' JONES, RALPH NORTHRUP-from Omaha Cenlral, Hono- lulu, Pomona, Explosion Assoc. Ed., 3, Lead in "Sweel- hearls",3 2, A Cappella Vice-Pres., 2, A Cappella Sec.- reas., . ir KADLETZ, JUNE EVELYN-G. J. C. ir KALMAN, BILL QEABCACHI, TOSHIKO-from Olympia High, Japanese u , . ir KANTZ, WAYNE L.-from Verdugo Hills. wk KAUFFMAN, GRANT ARTHUR-''Griz"-Annapolis, Slud- enl Body Pres., 3, N. A. S. S., 2, 3, N. A. S. S. Pres., 3, Boys' "G", 2, 3, "B" Foolball, I, 2, "A" Football, 3, "B" Track, I, "A" Track 2, 3, Bd. of Confrol, 2, Monlhly Dance Comm., 2, Jr. Prom Comm., 2. SUMMER GRADUATES '41 if KELLOGG, S. BROCKET-"Bud"-G. J. C., R. O. T. C. I, "B" Football, 2. KEMMLER, CAROLYN LOUISE-"Kem"-Univ. of Arizona, i' Cabinet, 3, Girls' League Ott., 3, Honor Society, I, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' Service Club, 3, Spanish, 2, Girls' "G", 2, 3 Tennis, 2, Hockey, I, 3, Speedball, 3' Basketball, 2, Chevron Club, 3. if KENNER, JULETTA JEAN-"Judy". if KENT, STAFFORD EATON-"Curly"-Spanish Club, 2. if KIEL, JOHN PHILIP JR.-"Whitey", ifKlLlAN, OTTO HENRY-U. S. C., Cabinet, 3, Boys' League Pres., 3, Monthly Dance Comm., 3, N. A. S. S. 2, 3, 49'ers Pres., 3, Boys' "G", 2, 3, "A" Football, I 2, 3, Football Capt., 3, Swimming, 2, 3. if KIRBY, PHYLLIS JEAN wk KIRMER, ART -A' KLEMPNER, MILDRED-Stylus Staff, 3, Usher, 3, Honor Society, I, 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Commerce, Z, 3, French, I, Girls' "G", 3, Basketball, 3, Hockey, I, Badminton, 2, 3, Talent Show, 3. if KNAPP, ROBERT T.-"Bob"-from Covina High, G. J. C., N. A. 5. S., 3, Boys' "G", 3, "A" Football, 3, "A" Track, 3. -Af KOENIG, DOROTHY if KRYDER, MARILYN JUNE-G. J. C., Girls' League Prog. Chair., 3, Hall Duty, 3, Usher, 2, 3, Dance Comm., I, Sec. Per. Repr., I, 2, Jr. Prom Comm., 2, Friend. Comm., 3 G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Uniform Bd.. I, 2, Music, I, Spanish, 2, 3, Girls' "G", Z, 3, Girls' "G" Sec., 2, Chevron Club, 3. if KUHLMAN, ROY A.-"Rene"-Univ. ot Calit., Friend. Comm., 3, Honor Society, 2, 3, French, I, 2, 3, French Club Sec., 3, Somoac Pres., 3. if LANE, KATHRYN JEANNE-"Jennie"-U. C. L. A.Z Usher, 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 3, Sec. Per. RSP'-. 2, Tennis, 3, Badminton, I, 2, Basketball, 2, 3. wk LANGE, MILDRED ELIZABETH-"Milly" G. J. C., Girls' League Treas., 2, Student Bank, I, 2, 3, G. A. A., I, Spanish, I. -Af LARSEN, SPENCER-R. O. T. C., I, 2, 3. ir LAU, STANLEY KWOK-U. S. C., Debate,'2, 3, Honor Society, I, 2, 3, 49'ers, 2, 3, Forum, 2, Comltes, I, Glen- dale Chapt. of National Forensic League, 2, 3, Honor Society Pres., 3, N. F. L. Vice-Pres., 3, 49'ers Sec.-Treas., 3. i LEWIS, THEO HELENA-Univ. of Va., Usher, 2, 3, Dra- matics, 3, Jr. Stunt Comm., 2, Sr. Stunt Comm., G. A. A., I, 2, 3, French, I, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 32 PIWYSI' ology, 3, Gym Stc., 2, Basketball, I, 2, 3, 5adrnlf1t0N. Z 3. -A' LEWIS, DON DALE-Debate, I, Boys' Glee, I. if LITCHFIELD, ALICE VIRGINIA-G. J. C., Hall Duty, 3, Usher, 2, 3, G. A. A., 1, 2, 3, Spanish, 2: Gifls' 2, 3, Chevron Club, 3, Hockey, 3, Basketball, Z. i' LITTLE, KELBURN T.-"Kel". SUMMER GRADUATES '41 if LIVINGSTON, WALTER W.-"WaIf"-from Canoga Park3 U. C. L. A. if LOESCHER, LAWRENCE SPARKS-"ShorI Corp."-R. O. T. C., I, 2, 3. if LOGAN, BILL D.-"Bearhug"-P. J. C.3 Band, 23 Track, I3 Baseball, 2. QYLONGFIELD, EDITH GRACE-"Edie"-Woodburyg Lyric Club, 33 Four Arfs, I3 Canfala, 3. ik LOWERRE, GEORGE -A' LYNTON, EDWARD DALE-G. J. C.3 Explosion Staff, 33 Forum, I, 23 R. O. T. C., l, 2, 3. if McDONALD, ALAN BRUCE-"Lucky"-Oregon SIafe3 Jr. Commissioner, 23 Friend. Comm., 23 N. A. S. S., 2, 3: N. A. S. S. Vice-Pres., 33 Boys' "G", I, 2, 3: Football, 33 Track, I, 2, 3. wk McGARY, HELEN VIRGINIA-Occidenfal3 Reg. Dress Chair., 33 Class Song Leader, I3 Tableau, 23 Philanfhropic Comm., 23 Fafhers' A Daughters' Banquel Comm., 33 Dale Bureau Comm., 33 Monfhly Dance Comm., 33 Friend. Comm., 33 Backward Dance Dec. Comm., 33 Uniform Bd., I3 Girls' Glee Vice-Pres., 3. i'MacNAUGHER, PATRICIA JANE-"Pai"-P. J. C. In Hunflnglon Memorial HospiIal3 Girls' League Sec. 8: Philanlhropic Chair., 33 Class Sec., 23 Jr. Prom Comm., 2: Sr. Prom Comm., 33 Sr. Banquef Prog. Comm., 33 Orafori- cal, I, 2, 33 Monfhly Dance Comm., I, 33 Sfunf Parly Comm., 33 Honor Sociefy, I, G. A. A., I, 2, 33 Girls' Service Club, 33 Spanish, 23 Girls' "G", 2, 3. ak McRAE, MURRAY THOMAS-G. J. C.3 Sfudenf Bank, 2, 33 Opereffa, 23 Boys' Glee, 23 Friend. Comm., 33 Chrislmas Prog., 23 School Play, 33 Sr. Play, 3. if TAacGREGOR, BOB JOHN-"Mac"-G. J. C.3 Boys' Glee, , 2. -k MacPHERSON, FRANCES LOUISE--Pomona3 Girls' League Treas., Z3 Girls' League Sr. Reepr., 33 Music Comm., I3 Hospifalify Comm., 23 Mixer, 33 Fafhers' lr Daughfers' Banque? Dec. Comm., 33 Girls' Service Club Vice-Pres., 33 Spanish, 2. if MAASS, ARTHUR ROBERT-"Dopey''-Business School. ir MACHTOLF, DICK-"Bud"-from Loyola High3 Ground Clean-up Repr., 33 Boys' Glee, 2, 3. ifMAERTIN, ALVIN RICHARD-"Pal"-from York High, Elmhursf, Illinois. 'A' MALIN, ROBERT wk MANNING, G. LORRAINE-"Laurie"--U. C. L. A.: G. 1986 Ai, I3 Comifes, I3 Science, 33 Baskefball, I Office if MANNING, JOHN CHARLES-"Johnny"-Class Officer, 2. if MANSFIELD, JOE EDWARD-"Jay"-Opereffa, I, 2, 33 Oraforical, 23 Friend. Comm., 33 Music, I3 Boys' Glee, I, 2, 33 "B" Foofball, I, 23 Revelers, I. if MARLES, BILL-Band, I, 2. if MARTIN, BETTY LOUISE-"BeIs"-G, J. C.3 Girls' League Enlerfainmenf Off., 33 Usher, 33 Sr. Prom Comm., 33 G. A. A., I, 2, 33 Uniform Bd., 2, 33 Commerce, 33 Spanish, Z Physiology, 33 Girls' "G", 2, 33 Tennis, I, 23 Baskefball, I3 Badminfon, 3. SUMMER GRADUATES '41 Chouinards3 Somoac, 33 Reg. Dress Repr., 33 Friend. Repr., 3. if MATTEN, WESLEY ARTHUR-"Slim". ir MATTHEWS, JEAN ELLEN-"Jeannie"-G. J. C.3 Usher, 33 Sr. Play, 33 Opereffa, 23 G. A. A., I, 2, 33 Uniform Bd.. I. 33 Girls' "G", 2, 33 Tennis, 23 Baskefball, 33 gadmingon, I3 G. A. A. Prog. Chair., 33 Chrisfmas rog., . if MAYER, MAX L.-Commerce, 23 R. O. T. C., I, 2, 3. if R-i1A'YNARD, CHARLES MARK- "Rochesfer" - Univ. of a o. ir MEAD, CHARLES LESTER-"Chuck"-Cabinef, 33 Oper- effa, I, 2, 33 Football, I, 23 Bd. of Confrol, 3. -A' MILBURN, THOMAS WALLACE--"Tom''-SIanford3 Class Vice-Pres., 2, 33 Explosion Assoc. Ed., 33 League Debafe, 2, 33 Oraforical, I, 23 Jr. Prom Comm., 33 Boys' Service Club, 33 Comiies, I, 23 Comifes, Pres., 23 Forum, I, 2, 33 R. O. T. C., I, 2, 33 R. O. T. C. Capf., 33 Friend. Comm. Pres., 3. wk MILLS, MILDRED MARGARET-P. J. C.3 Opereffa, 23 Uniform Bd., I, 23 Music, I, 23 World Friend., I, Z3 Girls' Glee, I, 2, 3. if MILLER, CHARLES G.-"Chuck"-Cal. Tech.3 Band, I3 French, I, 23 R. O. T. C., I, 2, 33 Hi-Y, I, 2, 33 Sludenf Booksiore Mgr., 2, 3. -kMILLER, GALE MELVIN-from Sf. John High, Kansas3 G. J. C.3 Stage Crew for Sr. Play, 3. ir MILLESON, HOWARD E.-"Milly"-from Rockford Ill. High: Cal Tech3 Friend. Comm., 33 Sr. Prom, 33 "A" Baskeiball, I, 2, 3. ir MING, DOROTHY EVELYN--"Dol"-from Banninq3 Physi- ology, 3. ik MONTGOMERY, CATHERINE ARNOLD-"Kay"-L. S. U.3 Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., 23 Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., 33 G. A. A., I3 Comifes, I3 Tennis, I, 3. if MOORE, CAROLYN WEST-"Sugar"-S. C.3 Class Song Leader, I3 Hall Dufy, I3 Dance Comm., I3 Commerce, 23 World Friend., 23 Tennis, 2. -kMOORE, ERNEST ELLSWORTH--"Ernie"-U. C. L. A.: "B" Foofball, I3 "A" Foofball, 2, 33 "A" Track, 2, 3. ir MOORE, HELEN MARJORIE-G. J. C.3 G. A. A., I3 Sons E Daughlers of 'Ihe Alumni, I, 2, 3. iv MOORE, ROBERT EVANS-"Bob"-U. C. L. A.3 Sfylus Bus. Mgr., 33 Explosion Sporis Ed., 33 Milifary Ball Comm., 33 Honor Sociefy, 23 Comifes, I3 World Friend., I3 R. O. T. C., I, 2, 33 R. O. T. C. Capf., 33 Prinfers, I3 Chess Club, 23 Officers' Club Vice-Pres., 33 R. O. T. C. Drill Team, I, 2, 3. -kMORMlLE, MARTHA-"MarIy"-from Boardman High, Boardman, Ohio. if MOSHER, FRANK ERNEST-G. J. C.3 49'ers, 33 "C" Foof- ball, I3 "B" Foofball, 2, 3. ir NAKASHIMA, ISAO. iv NEAR, LLOYD BURTON-"Muscles"-Trade School3 Aud. Helper, I3 Cafeferia, I, 23 Foofball, I, 2. ir MATHES, FLORENCE EVELYN-"Florie"-from Pasadena3 SUMMER GRADUATES '41 1 NELSON, JACK 1 NICHOLSON, CHARLES ELLIS-"Nick". 1 NOBLE, RENE f , J 'Q flaw 14.-.., . Q. "'.AAf - , M mv Q7-Pvc-ffjif 1 NOONAN, MYRAN 1 NYE, JAMES PRENTICE-"Jim"-from Woodrow Wilson, Washingfon, D. C.: Pomona. 1 OGD EN, BETTY 1 OKAMURO, MARY-"Okie"-G. J. C.: Honor Sociely, 3: Japanese Club, 3. 1 OKAYAMA, HISAYUKI-"Si"-G. J. C.: Class Comm., l, 2: Aud. Helper, l, 2, 3: Head Doorman, 3: Japanese Club Pres., 3. 1 OLSON, BETTY RUTH-"Twinkleloes"-U. C. L. A.: Span- ish, l: Gym Sec., I: Sludenl Congress, l. 1 O'NElL, MARY 1 OSWALT, BETTY JANE-"Bells"-Univ. of Calif. af Ber- keley: Sr. Class Sec.-Treas., 3: Class Gifl Comm., 3: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., 2: Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., 3: Sr. Class Parfy Comm., 3: Sr. Banque? Dec. Comm., 3: Big Sister Comm., 3: French, 2: Somoac, 3: Reg. Dress Repr., 3: Modern Apprecialion Radio Broadcast, 3: Tennis, l, 3. 1 OYLER, RICHARD FAUSTINAS-U. S. Navy: Class Comm., l, 2, 3: Hall Duly, l, 2, 3: Barn Dance Comm., I, 2: Jr. Prom Comm., 2: Sr. Prom Comm., 3: Monlhly Dance Comm., 3: N. A. S. S., 3: Bd. of Conlrol, 3: Sludenl Congress, 3: "B" Foofball, I, 2: "A" Foofball, 3. 1 PAYNE, BILL 1 PEARSON, MARY JEAN-Fonlain Sludio: Operefla, 2: Sr. Play Slaqe Mgr., 3: Sfunf Pariy Comm., I, 2, 3: Jr. Prom Comm., 2: G. A. A., I: Siaqe Crew, 2, 3: Chris?- mas Assembly, 2: Badminton, l. 1 PELLEGRINI, PHYLLIS VIRGINIA-U. C. L. A.: Sr. Class Sec.-Treas., 3: Operella, 2: Dance Comm., l, 2, 3: Sr. Prom Comm., 3: Sfunf Parly, 2, 3: Song Leader, 3: Girls' Glee Head Librarian, 2. 1 PENBERTHY, JOAN IRENE - "Joany" - Scripps: Girls' League Vice-Pres., 3: Hall Dufy, I, 2, 3: Usher, Z, 3: Oralorical Tableau, l, 2, 3: Girls' League Friend. Comm., 2: Honor Society, I, 2, 3: Honor Sociely Sec., 3: G. A. A., 2, 3: Girls' Service Club, 2, 3: French, l, 2, 3: Girls' "G", 3: Jr. Red Cross Pres., 2: Jr. Red Cross Council, 3: Ehevron Club, 3: Calif. Scholarship Federalion, 3: French res., 3. 1PENSYL, DONNA MARIE-"Shor+ie"-Occidenlal: Cab- inei, 3: Cafeferia Comm., 3: Monfhly Dance Comm., I, 2, 3: Barn Dance Comm., l, 2: Bkwd. Dance Comm., 2, 3: Jr. Prom Comm., 2: Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., 3: Sluni Parly Comm., 3: Gradualion Parly Comm., 3: G. A. A., l, 2, 3: Girls' Service Club, 3: Spanish, I, 2: Girls' Glee, 2: Friend. Comm., 3: Newman Club, 2, 3: Dramalics, 3: Orcheslra, l. 1 PETERS, IRVIN FLOYD-"Frosly"-G. J. C. 1 PETRIE, CONNER-"Pele"-Annapolis Sr. Play Adverlis- ing Comm., 3: 49'ers, 2, 3: "B" Foofball, l: "A" Fool- ball, 2. 1 PETTIT, ROSEMARY 1 PHELPS, HOWARD BRUCE lJR.l-R. O. T. C., l, 2, 3. SUMMER GRADUATES '41 if PHILPOT, LeROY if PHILLIPS, MARJORIE ANNE-"Midge"-G. J. C.: Ground Clean-up, 3: Girls' Gleo 2, 3: Bible Club, 2: Operoffa, 2: Caniafa, 3. -kPlNK, CHARLES NELSON-"Chuck"-G. J. C.: Class Comm., 3: Explosion Sfaff, 3: Friend. Club, 3. if PISCHEL, GENE if PLOCHERE, MARWIN G.-"Bud"-G. J. C.: Track, I, 2, 3. if PLYLEY, JEAN MARIE-"TermiIe"-G. J. C.: Orchasira, I: Girls' Glee, 2, 3: A Cappella, 3: Canfala, I, 3: Oper- effa, 2. fk POLK, JANE LINTON-"Pokie"-from Crislobal High: Univ. of Hawaii: Spanish, 2. wk POWERS, HARRY RICHARD-"Peach Full"-G. J. C.: Sons 81 Daughters of Ihe Alumni, I, 2, 3: P. A. Crew, 3. ir PROCTOR, ROBERT LINCOLN-"Procy"-G. J. C. ir RASMUSSEN, DELLA. 'Ar REAVES, LILA EDNA-"Rex"-Canfala, 3: Girls' Glee, 3. if RENALDO, BEVERLY QREYNOLDS, ROBERT LLOYD-"Bob"--G. J. C.: Explo- sion Ed., 3: Honor Sociely, I, 2, 3: Comifes, I: Scrib- blers', 2, 3: R. O. T. C., I, 2: Rifle Team, 2: Chess Club, 2: R. O. T. C. Drill Team, 2. if RICHARDS, SUE if RIPLEY, JOHN SCOTT-"Rip"-U. S. C. -kROACH, JUANITA JUNE-G. J. C.: G. A. A, I, 2: French, 2: Girls' "G", 2, 3: Baskelball, 2: Badminfon, I. if RUSHING, HELEN LOUISE-G. J. C.: Commerce, 3. -L SALT, CORINNE A.-G. J. C.: G. A. A., I, 2: Friend. Comm., 3: Girls' Service Club, 3: Office Assl., 2, 3: Bible Club, I, 2, 3: Sec. Per. Repr., 2: Slylus Salesman, 2: Pom Pom Club, 2, 3: Reg. Dress Chair., 2. -k SALTER, RUTH QSAUER, GEORGE ROBERT-"Porky"-San Diego Flying School: Cafeferia, I 2, 3: Cafeferia Mgr., 3: Forum, I, 2: Baseball, 2. if SCHILDWACHTER, JEAN ELOISE - "SchiIIy" - Pomona: Honor Sociefy, l, Z, 3: Comifes Chair., I: World Friend., 3: Scribblers' Chair., 3: Four Arfs, 3. SUMMER GRADUATES '41 if SCHLINGER, WARREN G.-"SIinger"-Cal Tech. i SEVER, GEORGIA MARIE-"Wabbit"-Occidental, Usher, 2, 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3, Tennis, 2, 3, G. A. A. Tennis Repr., 3, Badminton, I, 2, Basketball, 3. -Av SCHUMPELT, MARGARET E.-"Margo"-from Union High, Union, N. J., French, 3. if SCHOEN, LILA J.-"Pinkie"-from Verdugo Hills High, G. J. C., Sgmoac, 3, Sons 81 Daughters ot the Alumni, 2, Camera Club, 2. QSHANNEP, HAROLD DONALD--"Hal"-G. J. C., Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., 2, Somoac, 3, Football, I, 2, Stage Crew on School Play 8: Sr. Play, 3. -kSHARPSTEEN, JAMES THOBURN-Cal Tech, Doorman, 2, 3, Band, 3, 49'ers, 3. -Ar SHAW, DON WILDER-U. S. C., Cabinet, 3, Class Pres., 3, Dramatics, 3, Sr. Prom Comm., 3, "C" Football, I, Sr. Hi-Y Vice-Pres., 3. if SHERIDAN, CAROLYN if SIBLEY, PRUDY -kSKINNER, SHIRLEY RUTH-"Skinny"-Honor Society, I, 3, Tennis, I, Volleyball, 2, Basketball, 2, 3, Hockey, I. i SLOAN, RICHARD WILSON-"Haystack"-P. J. C., Op- eretta, 2, N. A. S. S., 3, Boys' "G", 3, Boys' Glee, 3, "A" Football, I, 2, 3. -Ar SLOCOMB, GEORGE MAYNARD-Annapolis, French, 3. if sLousR, HELEN MAE-G. A. A., I. -k SMALL, LEONARD if SMITH, WILLIAM ARTHUR-"Bill"-U. S. Navy, Cabinet, I, Class Pres., I, Class Comm., I, 2, 3, Hall Duty, I, 2, Explosion Staff, 3, Monthly Dance Comm., I, 2, 3, Sr. Prom Comm., 3, 49'ers, I, 2, 3, Student Congress, I, 2, 3, Barn Dance Comm., I, 2, Jr. Prom Comm., 2, Sr. Com- missioner, I, 2, 3, Football, I, 2, 3, "A" Basketball, 2, 3. -k SMITH, CHARLOTTE LOUISE-"Charley"-from Santa Barbara, G. A. A., 3, Library Staff, 2, Girls' "G", 3, Basketball, 2, Badminton, 3. ir SMITH, CHARLES LYMAN-"Chuck". ir SNOW, EVELYN BUEHLA-"Boodie"-from Berkeley Hall, Pomona, Sr. Play, 3, Comites, I, French, 3, Tennis, I, Baskeetball, I, Nature Club, 3. 1kSNYDER, AUDREE-"Audie"-from Eagle Rock High, Cantata, 3, Spring Festival, 3. -Ar SODERBERG, TED GEORGE--G. J. C., Student Bank, 3, Chips, 2. -Ar SPAIN, JANE ELLEN-S. C., Cabinet, 3, Class Comm., I, Explosion Staff, 3, Debate, 2, 3, Forum, 2, French, I, 2, ScribbIers', I, 2, 3, Scribblers' Pres., 3, Pres. of G. H. S. Chapt. of National Forensic League, 3. x - X3 I N SUMMER GRADUATES '41 -Ar SCHEINERT, ELAINE AUDREY-"None"-G. J. C.' Cafe- Ieria, I, Sfudenf Bank, 2, 3, Operefra, 2, Dance Comm., I, Library Staff, I, Music, I, 2, Music Vice-Pres., 2, Girls' Glee, 2, 3, Red Cross, 2, Bible Club, 2, 3, Bible Club Vice-Pres., 3, Tennis, I. if SPELMAN, MARLENE -kSTANSFIELD, DOROTHY ELFREIDA-Usher, 3, Uniform Bd 3' Commerce 3' French I 2 3' Bakfball 2' -. - . . . . . . 59 . . Hockey, 3. if STEINBERGER, JACK ALLEN-"Sfeinie"-Wesf Poinf, Hon- or Sociely, I, Track, 2, Apparalus Class, 3. if STEPHAN, HARLAN L.-"Lucky"-Texas Sfale School of Flying, 49'ers, 2, 3, "A" Baskeiball, l, 2, "A" Baseball, l, 2, 3. if STILLMAN, JOSEPHINE-"Jo"-Girls' League Jr. Repr., 2, Girls' League Sr. Repr., 3, Monihly Dance Comm., l, 2, Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., 3, Barn Dance Comm., 3, Head of Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., 2, Commerce, 3. if STOAKS, ROBERT NELSON-"Bob"-G. J. C., Spanish, 2, 3, R. O. T. C., I, Track, 2, 3. -Ar STOCKTON, ROBERT if STOREY, CLARICE IRENE-"Mickie"-G. J. C., Sludent Congress, 3. -QSTORLEE, MANLY L.-Cafeleria, I, 2, 3, Band, I, 2, R. O. T. C., l. if STOWE, MARJORIE EDITH-"Margle". if STURDEVANT, REX J.-from Manchesfer High, "A" Fool- ball, 2, 3, Baseball, 2, 3. QSTRAND, LOIS ELLEN-"Krispy"-Girls' League Finance Off., Z, Sludent Bank, I, 2, 3, Orchesfra, I, Commerce 3, Sfudenf Congress, 3. if STRATTON, JUNE irSTREETER, MARY PATRICIA-"Palsy"-from Deephaven, Minn., G. J. C., Friend. Repr., 3. -Ar STRICKER, HELEN-G. J. C., Girls' League Pres., 3, Soph. Repr., I, Usher, 3, Cab. Moving Picfure Comm., 3, Cab. Publicify Comm., 3, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, Girls' Service Club, 3, Commerce, 3, Girls' "G". 2, 3, Girls' Drill Team Pres., 3, Pom Pom Club Pres., 3. ir TAYLOR, NAN -AWIEMPLEMAN, BETTY JEAN-"Temple"-Business School, Hall Du? l' SI' d ' ' y, , u enf Bank, 2, Friend. Comm., 3. if THOMAS, JOE WILLS-"Legs"-G. J. C., Boys' "G", 3, ' "B" Foofball, 2, "A' Track, 2, 3. -Ar TIBERG, STEVE E.-"Ty"-Pomona, OpereHa, 2, Boys' Glee, I, A Cappella, 2, 3, "C" Foofball, I, "C" Baskel- ball, I, "B" Baskefball, 2, Golf, 2, 3. QTIETZ, WILLIAM B.-"Willie"-G. J. C., Publiclfy Dl- recfor, 3, Sr. Dance Comm., 3, Explosion Sfaff, 3, School Dance Comm., 3, 49'ers, 3, Scribbjers', 3, "B" Football, I, "B" Track, 2, "B" Tennis, 2, Verse Book Ed., 3. SUMMER GRADUATES '41 if TOWNSEND, ALBERT DAVID-"AI"-Operelia, Z3 Friend. Comm., 33 49'ers, 35 A Cappella, 33 Off Grounds Club, 3: Sfudeni Congress, 3. if TRIGG, CLOVENNE-"Toni"-U. S. C.: G. A. A., 2, 33 Uniform Bd., 2, World Friend., 23 Girls' "G", 2, 3, Chevron Club, 35 Tennis, 33 Hockey, 35 Baskefball, 2. ak TRIMPE, HARRIET -kTURK, FRANCES PAULINE-"Red"-from Foresl Ave. High, Dallas, Texas. if UECKER, FRANK W. R.-"Pancho"-G. J. C. -k USHER, VIRGINA HELEN-"Jilin"-from Verdugo Hills High: Spanish, 3. QVANNIX, CECIL HOBART-"Jr,"-from Lowpoinlg Fores- iers, 23 Baseball, 2. 'kVAN OLST, HELEN RUTH-"Van"-Business School. i-VAUGHN, MARGARET KATHERYN-"Tex"-from Poinf High, Texas, Commerce, I. -A' VIRGIL, WALTER C.-"Wall"-G. J. C.: Hall Duly, 25 Dance Comm., 2: "C" Fooiball, Ig "A" Foolball Mqr., 23 "C" Basketball, I. if WADE, WILLIAM JAMES-"Willie"-Calif. Polyiechnic School, R. O. T. C., lg "B" Fooiball, 3, "B" Track, 2, 35 "A" Track, 33 Boxing, 2, 3, Friend. Comm., 3. if VOGEL, WILLIAM COLBY-'Willy"-G. J. C., Hall Duiy, lg Debafe, 3: Cine, l. -kWAlTE, ELON DAVID-"Bud"-from John H. Francis Polyfechnicg Cafeferia, 3, N. Y. A., 3. if WAITE, JACK LEROY-G. J. C.: R. O. T. C., I, 2, 3. 1kWALLACK, CHARLES SIMMS-"Chuck"-S. C., Class Commiiree, Ig P. A. Crew, I. if WARDELL, ROBERT HAMILTON-"Bob"-Univ. of Calif. af Berkeley, Class Comm., lg Sfylus Sporls Ed., 3, Ex- plosion Sporfs Ed., 2, Band, I, 2, Honor Sociefy, I, 2, 33 N. A. S. S., 3, Boys' "G", 3, Honor Socieiy Pres., 33 5K Hi-Y. 31 "A" Track, 2, 3, "B" Track, 2, "A" Track Capf., 3: Sec. Per. Repr., I. iv WARFIELD, ARDITH BERNICE - "Ardie" -from Coasl Union High. QWARFIELD, MARILYN MINTER-"Millie"-from Coasl Union High, Nurses Regisiryg Friend. Comm., 2, 31 Li- brary Slaff, 35 Friend. Club, Z, 3. i WARWICK, WANDA FAYE. if WATKINS, ELTON D.-"LiHIerock"-R. O. T. C., Ig Ap- paraius, Z, 3. if WEBB, SHIRLEY MAE-"ShirI"-G. J. C., Spanish, 2. SUMMER GRADUATES '41 J, wean, JACK -Af weu.s, aiu. ir WEPPLER, MARIAN if WHEELER, PATRICIA ANN-"Pal"-Oregon Univ., Girls' League Off., 25 CcIIon Cord Comm., Ig Jr. Prom Comm., 25 Sr. Prom Comm., 3, Barn Dance Comm., 2: Dance Comm., I, 2, 3, Spanish, I. 'kWHlTAKER, RONALD GRAHAM-"Ronnie"-Frank Wig- gins, Class Comm., 2, 33 Apparaius Class, 3. ir WHITEAKER, IMOGENE ARLISS-"Genie"-G. J. C.: Jr. Prom Comm., 23 Operefla, 21 Dance Comm., 2: Bkwd. Dance Dec. Comm., 3, G. A. A., 2, 3, Uniform Bd., 27 Christmas Prog., I, 23 Spanish Publicify Chair., 3, Girls' "G", 3, Girls' Glee, 2, 33 Tennis, Ig Baslrelball, 2, 35 Hockey, I, 33 Badminton, 2. -kWILDER, HERBERT ALFRED-"Herb"-G. J. C.: Tennis, 3: Hi-Y, 2, 3. ,Iv wluces, MARY ANN i'IgILLI:aMS, ROBERT E.-"Bob"-from Hoover High, .J. . wk WILLIAMS, ART LLOYD-"Crip". ir WINTON, RUTH MARTHA-P. C. L. A.: Honor Sociely, 3, G. A. A., I, Z, 35 Spanish, 2, 3, Girls' "G", 2, 3: Teennis, I, 35 Baskeeiball, I, Bagiminfon, 2: Jr. Red Cross Comm., 3. f WOLEBEN, NEB VINCENT-"Nob"-from Sf. Anrhonys I Alhambra, U. S. Navy: Boys' Glas, I, 2, R. O. T. C., I. irWOLF, MARY ANN-from Pilol Mound Consolidaled School, Commerce, 3. if WOOD, JOHN if WRIGHT, CHARLOTTE MAE. ir YANCEY, PATRICIA 'Ar YOUNG, EDWIN if YOUNG, NORMA DOROTHEA-Sanfa Barbara Sfafeg G. A. A., lg French, Ig Pom Pom Club, 21 Baskefball, I. -kZAlCH, FRANCES ANNE-"Franny"-from Hoover High, Dramafics, 33 Dance Comm., 35 Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., 3. if SORGATZ, ROBERT DANIEL-"Ban OIman"-from Van Nuys, R. O. T. C., I, 2, 33 Machine Shop Foreman, 2. wk FRASER, STANLEY JOHN-G. J. C., 49'ers, 3, Spanish, 23 Boys' Glee, 3, "B" Foofball, I. Cla A 0 '44 Jack Cus+er, Presidenf Anne Hogaboom, Vice-Pres. lane Deben, Secrefary-Treas. C1444 ' Shirley Jellisggif Presidenfg Susanne Oliver, Vice-President Barbara McAlIis+er, Secrefary x ST Margaref Milburn, Treasurer. SQ Xi. X . ,J A xW XR 9 - J 715 'X 5 JJ Yr MX ' ' u' s, Xb? Q ra X N351 1 I 1' mllison Oliver McAllis'I'er Milburn x ,,"'jC'laff 0 '4 my X - f ,yy 5 N611 fubmd MGM' C1444 0 '42 KT! nf X V W 61444 f ' Marlo Preniice, Presiclenf Virginia Teigs, Vice-Presidenf Evelyn Hemphill, Secrefary Phyllis Ferry, Treasurer , ,if y.fQ9eVL'k iv LJVI 1 v 146 tiaIitieA , if-if wA5,,.,, wgkmazxk fga i m - Qysw 'IT 'fx 3 Q . 11 -5 ff- ,fi Sw. -v y -1:11 rr K egg: - K, 555555535 g':-mga: Giga," .: Email: fiasiE:E'E- ,asf '. Ln A,, ,... ..,,. c::,.:,,,,:: X , H ..:, ..:.. :., , . -,:g MS W., A 1 g,5'1s23Q?1'g?',Agjz.36 .J ,T -.,..: .L .... , .,..: Xu:-Q: Q-,Hr , ,g,5,:2Sff1:fE:i',, - -L A . isvfkiggw msi -V Q miigwi w X, - A 155. fQ :::-?-Int: ': -:s::",:.:'s:,:as:.g:s:- fig 'K .. ..Q,::. ,..,. N ,.-, E .11,,.:.f::, , , is!:a:E!2s?E:::5i:f. -ws. 5:-sw Mi:-fa'-r.: :-. .r gfsg,gys:agfs1 5-:J--. l Eg:-ff-g.: :- .. fm ,ge ff fb 552' x Lzgmgs ww ' ff? 2 ei ? ,Q ' ' x. S1 -h Q as vm ' K H 43 K N , 325532 5 r 1 xpw 5 A 35 fm, T' Q . sg 'M X . 13.3 G . . ', v"k fxplv ion I Edilor - - Roberr Reynolds Associale Ediror - Dorolhy Cross Assislanlr Edilor - - Pal' Corrigan Sporis Edilors Bob Wardell, Jim Mercer Exchange Edilor - - Nancy Day Facully Adviser - - D. J. Edmondson REPORTERS Evelyn Harris, Shirley Graves, Gerri Blowers, Shirley l-licks, Roloerla Anlis, Mary Jane Morfon. Edward Lynlon, Dick l-lesler. and Pal' Salvio. fxplv ion II 5'-x FX Edilor - Warren Adams Associale Edilor - Ralph Jones Assisranl Edilor - Beverly Byram Sporls Edifor - - Bob Moore Exchange Edilor - Charline Humphreys Facully Adviser - Delmar J. Edmondson Prinl Shop Adviser - - Joe Easlwood REPORTERS Beverly Browne. Frank Duval, Dick l-lardison, Phyllis l-leber Charles Pink, Jane Spain. Bill Tierz. .W......,,,,,,,,,H ,A T- 3 ' KJ' - L- Kool: tore le le FlRST SEMESTER--Charles Miller, Dicl: Osgood, Murray McRae, John lBudl Jones SFCOND SEMESTER--Charles Miller, Richard Osgood, Murray McRae. Kanlz Telle A FIRST SEMFSl'FRgJune Buzzell, Phyllis Coor-Pender, l-lelen Drury, Doris Freeman, Bill Gill, Phyllis Godwin, Kalhryn Grimes, Marjorie Howell, Dorolhy Johnson, Mildred Lanqe, Mary Miller, Roborl Robinson, Elaine Scheinorf, Bolle Sorensen, Lois Slrand, Calherinc Wilmot, Ruth Wilson. SECOND SEMESTER-al-lelon Friqon, Phyllis Godwin, Kalhryn Grimes, Roberla l-landy, Mariorie Howell, Paula Huni, Mildred Lanq. Florence Loclc, Mary Miller, Belly Millry Jaclcie Morris, Roberl Robinson, Charlene Rowland, Elaine Scheinerl, Lorne Schlofzhauer, Bob Schneider, Ted Soderbcrq, Belly Sorensen, Rulh Wilson. Facully Adviser-Mrs. Lorello Bullock i - "'i Stqlu Staff Dick Hesier, Ediior. Doroihy Cross, Assisfani Ediforq Bob Wardell, Boys' Sporis Ecliiorg Beverly Byram, Girls' Sporfs Ediiorg Evelyn Hemphill, Jean Ellis. Ari Ediforsg Bob Moore, Sales Manager, Mildred Klempner, Sienographic Ediiorg Gloria Collins, Adverfising Manager, Bob Hayslip, Phoiographer. Cover design by Hal Shannep. Hesfer Cross Wardell Hemphill Collins Moore Byram Hayslip Klempner is IN f - , 0. . A . 9 L-:O if , rf , Q, w. .w . A X, . . K . , , , J, ' - W .ff-,, .---in . ss P fx 4' . , A Z4 g. tx: 3, X i fry 85 'af SXSW :L if , B7 is .+- ., -f A S x Jgx . "- -2 S? ce V + fu- .5 5- ,MA , 5 . s P' i ,SQ Q1 , 2 M -9 . - 1 KW- g .. Vg kk A :iST'f?.Q 3 ity. .4-lr his ........M 59. fs, N5 K L J Msn ' S., ik, ip .fin ff, - oe-E. " -N 7 hw. 'sm R ' :HH ,f , gp 4:81 i as A . 3 ,W ' wg 5, . -23 .i x 5, W" Elf . Q ' A v w 4 f ul Q ,ax A A 2-Nl P.. . QE. if 59' , 5+ ff fi x. Q mwkx .W 5 5 95 Q , .L..... ln 5 U ff gk! N ,. K :ii Q. at M .... x 1 I sl 'K XE'-1' +ll 1 AI .4 l . x . J' w V ' 15.5 uf, Tit: 'If mf 9 , gan , , . Fil H", I library Amin tan t, Mon tlalq bance Chairmen I Tice, Jane Spain tug 3-Inn ff ui? ' Y . . . Q ?v enAicA DespiTe The loss oT lasT year's championship Team, John Baird and George Grover, This spring The debaTe squad Tinished iTs mosT successTul season. AT The USC TournamenT Jane Spain and John Tice won TirsT in debaTe. In The same TournamenT sec- onds in debaTe, oraTory, and oraTorical declama- Tion, were Talcen by Eleanor Clarlce and Frank Bur- roughs, Glen Sire, and Dean Rees, respecTively. These vicTories gave The Glendale group The Tour- namenT sweepsTalces cup. In addiTion To These successes, There were oTher achievemenTs. Jane and John Toolc second in debaTe aT The SouThern CaliTornia DebaTe League TournamenT. Glen qualiTied Tor The naTionals by winning TirsT in oraTory aT The N.l:.L. DisTricT Tourna- menT. The squad ended iTs season in The spring aT The Redlands STaTe TournamenT, where Eleanor and Frank, and anoTher Team, Lulu l-Tamara and Lucile Lawrence, Tied Tor second in debaTe. AT This evenT John Tice won sTaTe championship in exTempore. Frank Burroughs Glenn Sire Dean Rees ' i , ii T , is ,. k f T Q s 4 . .x .MV I P-A . -C 'T What 4 fi e. Barbara Pearson l-lenry Aldrich Bill - - Mr. Braclly Miss Eggleslon Miss Wheeler Ferguson - Mr. Nelson Miss Johnson Mr. Vecchilfo Miss Shea - Mr. Pallerson George Bigelow Mary A Norma Dolson Jaclc l-lildrelh, Malcolm Sebaslian James l-lowie Don Malherson Mary Balderslon l-larriel Trimpe Murray McRae - Bob Wessel, Kenl Bowman Margarel Sluarr l-lenry Levi Helen Kendel Dick Webb Bradley Davis Suzanne Oliver Ylae Zen enwvf-tl: Cue Molly O'FlannIgan Thomas Dougherlry Kale Malone - Truman Harwell - Everell Raymond Eleanor Leavenworllw Sally Burlce - Ebenezer Gryce Mary Leavenworlh Mrs. Bella Coolc l-lenry Clavering Mrs. Amy Belden l-lannan Clwesler - Jean Day Murray McRae Mary Baldersron Bob Cochrane - Don Shaw Pafricia Corrigan Jean Malllwews Burdelle Baclclund l-larriel Trimpe - Jean Kirby Miclcey Ren+scl'1ler - Arline Osler Carolyn Moore QI Stunt Pa ty Ocfober I8, l94O CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES Kalhleen Adams-Junior Slunl l-lope Jacoby-Doors Phyllis Amenl-Decoralions Calherine Jones-Pulolicify Phyllis Benson-Refreshmenls Marilyn Kryder-Enlerlainmenl Marion Bixby-Piclures Frances MacPherson-Senior Slunl Beverly Byram-Prizes Elizabelh McElroy-Recorcls and Poslers Jaclcie Danner-Sophomore Slunl Pal Mchlaugher-Ushering Barloara l-lill-Cosrumes Joan Penberlhy--Juclges Marjorie l-lowell-Ticlcels Pal Salvio--Gym Supervision Louellen Chase-General Chairman QI-3242 l-lllqel Ellis Chop Fooey Ellery Queen The Boys Now Smile Jusl Colleen ,h 7. .1 Q, WWW 4 if nm. 5 ,,,f ,wk 595 x N wig 4 .ww ,,. . 'X' Y 'Ny 'Y k ka" f Amaaaanewff are w 1 4, K L, lp. A , 'f aj ' ilf fE" .gg ,Q HK., 1 V5.1 if xw, i.., 1' 4 I K. 1 NA .qs 'pr 4-X 3 N A, . x. ' T is ' y i 'Ef wg :' hQ 1 unior from Daiez Friday, May 2, l94l Theme: Argenrine Nighrs Decorarion Chairman Music Chairman Floor Chairman - Publiciiy Chairman lnviiaiion Chairman Program Chairman Prize Dance Chairman - Ciean-Up Chairman Jerry Smiih - Bob Smiih Tom Hayward Eiizabeih IVicEiroy Evelyn Hemphiil - Bob Phipps Marlo Prenrice Haroid Logsdon ?atlc em and lbaugla tem Kanquet 1' HQAHM an A , ' 'n a' ir, IO5 RECEPTIONISTS Barbara Sfidsfon, Alma Skinner, Marion Pe+ers, Winifred McGel'1ee, Beryl Rice, Shirley Skinner Margarel' Sloan. Recap tivni M -'Rm' pdf' EQ- llidy bay May Queen Kryder, Marfin, Richards, Beffy Grimes Jay, Penberfhly, Leach ug' J '41 4 . 'W .QE 11 5 1 'N Aw, gan? Q Q. 9 2 . wi, 1 QL 6 H f- ' I fs ff ,,... by ' Q 'ww .V QM..- W . 'nf' L, ,wi sig fi , Spottid 8 1' 4 ,V Z Q' Y Mgsfi af? vs, S? Q , . A' If .,?:f.n' .-YV :Q s 69 9 " I . nw 'N A an' P' .m- wx K a 6 Q SE' 5,5 S, "Q Q.,v M 'f flax L, A w ..,., W ,pb :22::' if ' ,Q f , -- V I an 1, k , f . 3-' si 2541 - wg ' V S, L W fm f' 1: The Beasom lwins, Ralph and James, who were elecled Glendale l-ligh yell kings, slarled lheir regime ell wilh a bang when They infroduced a new ligh+ song, "Silly Gillyi Wash Wash". The war chanl spread like The beach com- plex on a hol day and before a weelc had passed "Gilly Silly Wash Wash" had lo be sung aboulr filly limes al every game. The Beasom Twins were really a success. ell I Three lovely and vivacious girls, Barbara Diem, Phyllis Pellegrini, and Barbara Jones, yes, Jrhese were Glendale l-ligh School's pep song leaders. The blond Barbara Diem, redhead Phyllis Pelle- grini, and brunelle Barbara Jones inlroduced new color- ful roulines and were highly successful. ln lacl, They were so successful Jrhal lhe mem- bers of The opposing leams had a dirlicull lime lceeping lheir minds on The ball game. i T 9 4' . 0 2 ,,, "' 1 --W 1 QS ?ov Mall Cm lu Sclainde Gag: in Kilid The Nifros made a wise choice in elecfing Offo Kilian as fheir capfain. Nof only was he in fhe hearf of 'rhe acfion for 60 minufes, buf he was a greaf liff fo fhe resf of fhe squad as his peppery spirif kepf fhe 'ream working as a unif. Capfain Kilian has played cenfer for fhe Dyna- mifers for fhree years and will be greafly missed nexf year. Offo iusf missed being a public hero fwice, by one break. lf was Of+o's 35 yard con- version kick fhaf puf Glendale ahead of Hoover, 7 fo 6. Offo also infercepfed a pass deep in Glen- dale ferrifory fo sfop a defermined Hoover drive. However a fumble gave fhe Tornadoes a I2 fo 7 vicfory, and Offo's achievemenfs were nof widely published: buf in fhe hearfs of all frue Glendalians his efforfs will remain forever. One of fhe mosf popular and well liked coaches in California is Ambrose Schindler, Glendale High's new foofball coach. The former Universify of Soufhern California all-sfar sfarfed his afhlefic career al' San Diego High School, where he was quife a 'rrackman as well as a foofball player. He specialized in fhe high jump and won many evenfs wifh a kangaroo leap of 6' Z". Lafer he affended Soufhern California and played a specfacular game of foofball af quarfer- back. The Tennessee-U.S.C. Rose Bowl game of I94O proved fhis. Affer graduafing from U.S.C. lasf year, he accepfed a confracf fo coach foofball af Glendale high in preference fo playing for a pro- fessional foofball feam. Alfhough fhe Dynamifers didn'+ win many league games, Coach Schindler developed sfrong maferial for nexf season and wifh a liffle luck he mighf have a championship squad. amitq Squad IgniTed by The sparkling runs oT GranT KauTTman, The DynamiTers won Their TirsT league vicTory againsT Mark Keppel, 3I To I2. Glendale believed ThaT The unexperi- enced AzTecs would be a pushover, buT The IighT headed DynamiTers Tound The AzTeCs hard To blasT ouT oT The way. In TacT Mark Keppel Took advanTage oT Two TasT breaks To pile up a I2 To O TirsT quarTer lead. Then The NiTros came To liTe as Kaulllman sparked The Dynamen 77 yards To make The score I2 To 6. LaTe in The Third quarTer KauTTman Tied The score aT I2 To I2 when he scampered 80 yards along The righT side lines. ArT Anderson marched 80 yards in ThirTeen plays and GranT KauTTman again smashed over To puT The Glendale boys ahead, I8 To I2. Then The DynarniTers sTreTched The score To 24 To I2 when KauTTman caughT an AzTec punT on The 49 and sprinTed 5I yards Tor The score. Edsel Curry, halTback, scored The Tinal Tally on a beauTiTuI 25 yard gallop. The Tinal score was Glendale 3I, Mark Keppel I2. U ity S mon GLENDALE 1 ' Hoovek iz The San Diego aTTair was Tollowed by The greaTesT hearT break in many years. ATTer holding The upper edge againsT a sTrong Hoover eleven Tor Three quarTers, The DynamiTers Tumbled behind Their own goal and Hoover recovered To win The Tussel, I2 To 7. Again as in previous games The breaks spelled deTeaT Tor The TighTing NiTros. A bad I4 yard punT ThaT wenT ouT oT bounds oT GIendaIe's 40 yard marker paved The way Tor Hoover's TirsT Tally. Louie Guzman, Purple Tlash, scored Trom The I5 yard line as he drove over IeTT Tackle and cuT ouT around IeTT end. Hoover's Try Tor conversion was blocked by an aIerT Dyno Torward wall and The score remained, 6 To O. Glendale ToughT back in The second quarTer and scored as passes Trom Beniamin To end, Ernie Moore gave The Red and Black a TirsT down on The Tornadoes' Tour. ArT Anderson cracked over cenTer Tor The Touchdown Two plays laTer. On The conversion Glendale was penalized To The TwenTy Tor communicaTion, buT OTTO Kilian sTepped back and booTed The 35 yard aTTempT sTraighT Through The uprighTs Tor The exTra poinT. Glendale led, 7 To 6. Then came The Tumble ThaT puT Hoover ahead To sTay, I2 To 7. GLENDALE 0 WHITTIER I2 Passes Trom Johnny Elias To AI Harris seT up boTh WhiTTier Touchdowns as The Cards beaT Glendale, I2 To 0. The DynamiTers puT up a sTrong TighT againsT The FooThiII League champions and ouTgained Them in neT yardage, I4I To I34. However They lacked The scoring punch and The Redbirds managed To keep in TronT. Johnny Elias was GIendaIe's biggesT headache as his brillianT passing overshadowed The deTensive play OT GIendaIe's Bob Knapp and BaxTer Reger. The NiTro's inabiIiTy To score againsT The Cards mighT be crediTed To one man, WhiTTier's cenTer, PeT AugusT. AugusT was all over The Tield and sTopped many NiTro drives. ALHAMBRA 6 GLENDALE 0 ATTer a season oT deTeaTs The DynamiTers were Tired up To Take The Moors in Their IasT game OT The year. However The Tlu bug hiT several Dynamen and The squad was greaTly weakened. BuT The smashing cenTer plunges oT Tullback ArT Anderson and amazing coTTin corner punTs oT KauTTman and Benjamin kepT Alhambra in The hole Tor 28 minuTes oT The TirsT haIT. Then came The break ThaT spelled deTeaT Tor The DynamiTers. WiTh only Two minuTes IeTT in The half Glendale Took possession oT The ball on Their own 20. On The nexT play There wasa mix up in signals and an aIerT Moor recov- ered The Tumbled ball on The NiTro's 6 yard line. Two plays laTer Vernon NewTon drove over Tor The big 6 poinTs. LaTe in The TourTh period Glendale ThreaTened as KauTman sparked The DynamiTers Trom Their own I2 To AIhambra's IO in TourTeen plays. BuT Time beaT Them as The gun wenT oTT beTore They could score. - T- T U -im-My lsr T ,gr ,K - - , Q ,Q ,i 'sis T iv' '1' '. ,... ' PocIesTa Muralri FuIIerTon Reqer Alsfyne Moore Curry Sfurdevani Benjamin Gorowski Gilberf Kaufman Anderson Sloan Gregory 22.1 SH' 'Bmw Y in-uf 'Ps se 'Q ,Hal 17""7' wang. " ,,- 'Wil Yi nu-...gno- - Fc' in-als "fs--.. L' 5 ""'L'P' Duffon Coffle McCracken Roberfs Huklfmens Tobey Ellis Hume Hull Sfricldand Broom Johnson Knapp K ee ?vv t6 ll Wilh only one relurning Iellerman from Iasl year's Ieam, and an abundance ol pasl season "C" nnalerial, Ihe oulloolc for a winning season was exceedingly poor. However under Ihe guidance of Coach Sperry, Ihe Blaslers developed info anolher well rounded squad-a squad of Ihirly-six equally Ialenled players. The "BIS" swepl Ihrough Ihe nine game season wifh only one league deleal and 'fied for The league championship in per- cenfage poinfs. Mosl of Ihe BIasIer's scoring can be Iraced baclc Io one play, a long pass from Ieh' hall, Bud Clausen, Io righf end, Orville Peels. II was This play Ihal earned Glendale a hard Ioughl 7 Io 6 viclory over a supposedly slronger Tall eleven. There were also olher Iaclors Thar conlribufed Io Ihe successful season. Tackles, Vince Ivlaga and Franlc Ziegler, displayed bril- Iianl defensive powers all Ihrough The season. Jim Dowdy did an excellenl iob of guar- Ierbaclcing. Fullbaclc, Bob Blaclc saved many games wilh speclacular pass inlerceplions. And Vern GoIdberg's speedy, shilly running paved The way Io many Iouchdowns. Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale f wg Iwjg ss Iwi in V A' . , E , xx ,A ...M QS H ssfk. xml Managers Donaldson, Follis, Sheehan O 20 I9 O 20 7 20 6 I8 Beverly I-Iills 6 So. Pasadena I2 Mark Keppel 6 Wilson 6 I-loover 6 Tall 6 Whillier O Long Beach I 3 Alhambra I2 CAPTAIN PEETS CapTain Orville PeeTs TirsT became acTive in compeTiTive sporTs aT Glendale high when he wenT ouT Tor "B" TooTball in I939. LaTer he enTered The Boys' League boxing Tourna- menT and won many maTches. l-le was The only reTurning leTTerman Trom lasT year's FooThill League championship squad. How- ever he carried wiTh him The TighTing qualiTy oT a True champion and spread iT among his Tellow TeammaTes. Orville is a Tine sporTs- man and believes in playing The game hard buT clean. CapTain PeeTs' brillianT pass caTching and down field blocking was an inspiraTion To The Team all year long. Because oT all These qualiTies plus his True undersTanding OT The sporT OT TooTball, The members oT The l94O squad elecTed him as Their capTain. COACH SPERRY ATTer a Tine repuTaTion aT TaTT High School, Coach Sperry came To Glendale I-ligh in l926.l'lis everlasTing knowledge oT Too+baIl may be aTTribuTed To KnuTe Roclcne, Tor Coach Sperry was once a sTudenT under The immorTal Irish greaT. ln The pasT eighT years his BlasTers have won Tive championships. The 1933 Team was called "The Scoreless BlasTers", because They were unscored upon in league play. ln l935 The Bees noT only won The league champion- ship buT walked OTF wiTh The +i+le oT SouThern CaliTornia Champions. Coach Sperry also has The repuTaTion of developing sTrong men as well as champion- ship maTerial. By giving his hopeTuls hard pre-season worlcouTs, he gradually Toughens Them Tor The rugged iolTs ThaT malce The game OT TooTball. I 'Al iii K latte men Firsf row, fop: Piyley, Goldberg, Dowdy, Ziegler, Chapman, Beaver. Second row: Noonan. Smifh, Thompson, Kembler, Baker, Mega. Third row: Siramifz, Ren+chler, Goodfellow, Johnson. Reardon, McCullough. Fourfh row: McArfhur, Sfickle, Ream, Bacirlund, Clauson, Tovey. Bofiom row: Black, Prenfice, Brown, Shapiro. Hewyanci, Roberh. C' ?oo t6 ll C FOOTBALL COACH GAINES Coach Jaclc Gaines srarfed his Glendale coaching career in The fall of I929, when he replaced "Vic" Francy, former "C" loolball rnenfor. "Vic" was promofed 'ro lhe posifion of head Jrraclq coach a+ +he newly formed Hoover l-ligh School. In l93l by conslanf drilling and guiding, Coach Gaines buill a small squad of lhirly green and unexperienced players inlo rhe undispuled Coasl League Champs. Mr. Gaines does nof use +he old sawdusl laclcling dummy. lnslead, his lackling fargers are live members of lhe squad. This way he develops The runner as well as lhe Tackler. He also believes 'rhal in +his syslem lhere are less chances for serious iniuries. Jaclc Gaines has been coach of varsily loolball, golf, "B" baslcelball, "C" baslcel- ball, and "C" lraclc as well as "C" loorball. CEE FOOTBALL RECORDS Glendale 7 Loyola Glendale 7 L. A. l-ligh Glendale I3 Keppel Glendale 6 Wilson Glendale I3 l-loover Glendale 6 Whillier Glendale O Alhambra I xl N5 5 Uk Co ch Ca tlen AnoTher Glendale High graduaTe on The TacuITy is Phil CasTlen, new varsiTy basIceTbaII coach. Phil began his high school educaTion aT Glendale in I926. He was very acTive in sporTs and was a mem- ber oT The Tennis Team Tor Three years. In I928 he was eIecTed Team CapTain and became one oT The mosT ouTsTanding Tennis players in SouThern Cali- Tornia. Mr. CasTlen reTurned To Glendale High in I937 when he was chosen To coach The varsiTy Tennis Team. Since Then, Glendale has won Three FooThiII League Championships and have never Tinished below The TirsT division. This year Coach CasTIan piIoTed The varsiTy and Bee basIceTbaIl Teams. AIThough The squads were small in boTh size and number, Coach Cas+Ien man- aged To Turn ouT Two TighTing squads ThaT were Tull oT spiriT. The VarsiTy squad garnered a TourTh place in The league sTancIings. while The Bee's won a Tie Tor second place. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Glendale 39 Glendale 29 Glendale 38 Glendale 34 Glendale 24 Glendale 25 Glendale 38 Glendale 33 Glendale 28 Glendale 49 Glendale 27 Glendale I9 PJC Wilson WhiTTier Keppel Alhambra Hoover PJC Wilson WhiTTier Keppel Alhambra Hoover Captain Mc Te 21 Jule Iv1cTevia was by Tar one oT The greaTesT baslceTbaIl capTains in The hisTory OT Glendale High School. He was an inspiraTion To The Team and symbolized The TighTing spiriT ThaT has been reIaTed To all Glendale Teams oT The pasT. His brillianT ball passing, TooTworIc, and deTensive play was The high spoT OT many Glendale vicTories. LiTTle "Blackie" was dreaded by all opponenTs because oT his accur- aTe guarding. IT "Blackie" was assigned To guard a man, you could be sure +ha+ he wouldn'T score many poinTs. OTher greaT characTerisTics oT This versaTiIe capTain were his love Tor clean play and True sporTsmanship. InsTead oT geTTing angry aT an oTTiciaI. he would simply seT The pace To a Tev- erishly speed. CapTain IvIcTevia will be greaTly missed nexT year, because a greaTer spiriTed cap- Tain never lived. i 5 I I E I liar ity lettermen Cv afxdaxx 0 BCOXOSO Cuf V4 Dunlap fMgr.1 Safes Greene Anderson fMgr.j McComb Grlmley 4 ity Sqn cl WiTh The experience oT only a Tew pracTice games behind Them, The Glendale baslceTball men waded inTo Their TirsT league TilT againsT a sTrong Woodrow Wilson guinTeT. Led by CapTain Jule lvlclevia, The scrappy NiTros ToughT desperaTely, buT The Tancy ball handling oT Wilson earned The Bruins a 38 To 29 vicTory. l-lowever The DynamiTers came baclc in Their second league game To upseT The WhiTTier Tive, 38 To 26. CenTer Alan Grimley was high poinT man wiTh I6 digiTs. Guard, Ray Crandall, and Torward, AI Jacobson, were The deTensive sTars oT The game. ATTer TasTing The spice oT vicTory The NiTros Took Marlc Keppel inTo camp by The score oT 34 To 3I. Bill Greene and Edsel Curry highlighTed The Tussel wiTh Their specTacular deTensive play. Glendale moved inTo a Tie Tor second place when They whipped Alhambra, 24 To I6. Jaclc McComb puT The Team ahead laTe in The Third period wiTh a scoring spurT, and Trom Then on The Moors didn'T challenge. The DynamiTers sTarTed on The down grade when l-loover smashed Their league hopes by Trouncing Them, 34 To 25. The l-loover assaulT was Tollowed by one win and Tour seTbaclcs. Glendale had an easy Time beaTing lvlarlc Keppel 49 To 27, buT Wilson, WhiTTier, Alhambra, and l-loover all scored wins over The home Team. AlThough The besT The DynarniTers could do was a number Tour spoT in The league, They were undoubTedly The CaliTornia champions as Tar as TighTing spiriT was concerned. FTS c. 5 iii jd' T xr Kfqud Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale PJC Wilson Whillier Keppel Alhambra Hoover PJC Wilson Wlwllller Keppel Alhambra Hoover Cfqurf Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Glendale Loyola Wilson Wlwillier Alhambra Keppel Hoover Wllson Wlwlllier Keppel Alhambra l-loover " A ' f 1 ,ay-' f'm,M,.,-. Viiwa ,434 vw 'W Gm' ,mm , .1 ii- ff . . , ' o. - , 1 f - . ,- - , ff ya-.HL . WN fgnf-arp'-""' 'ml' 4' ' ' - 5 4 . xagz Q5 4, 4 -.ov-W-"M Q ,M A -' WW ,ah Max M, . - uQ4, . 0 1 1 Q k """7mn vs..-f ' ., . y .HW 0 9. - .wE ESf.-.f-.,-5E,Q,5,. - A ' " V -Wg Ezj ' ' b . 5 . ,, Q A H" ? 4- N , an A ' . ,, ' , , ' W ' " n A Q' ' 4. AM A, ., '14 fn . mek 'W vffa- ' , ' N by Ten poinTs Cap tain We dell Capfain of This year's Track evenTs was half miler, Bob Wardell. CapTain Wardell could run anyfhing from The dashes To The I320, buT his specialfies were The 440 and 880. He was The un- derdog in many of his races buT his de- TerminaTion and fighTing spiriT always led him To vicfory. He didn'T go ouT for Traclc unTiI his iunior year. As a iunior he ran "B" 660 and varsiTy 440. In The C.I.F. finals he dropped back To The 660 and was considered as one of The besT five 660 men in Soufhern California. Capfain Wardell ended his high school career by scoring a specfacular upseT over a highly favored Hoover man in The 880. CapTain Wardell is also acTive in oTher phases of school life besides sporTs. He is Presidenf of The Honor Sociefy and belongs To many clubs in- cluding The 6 Club, N.A.S.S., High-Y, and The California Scholarship Federa- Tion. Cm In belliandel Coach Ranier De Mandel presenf menfor of The varsiTy Track Team came To Glendale high in I936 and ever since he has been piIoTing many successful Teams. In I937 he was promofed from class C bas I4eTbalI coach To assisTanT varsiTy fooTbaII coach IncidenTaIIy This squad won The C I F championship The same year he Took over The duTies of The Bee and Cee Track Teams In I939 he was made coach of all Three divisions His varsiTy Team placed a sTrong second in The Soufhern California Finals and The Bees placed second in The FooThiII League finals. Lasf year The Bees Took second in fhe C I F finals while The Cees wenT on To win The CIF championship This year The varsxfy Took second in The league and The Bees won The C I F finals ity ette mar Firsi row, 'ropz Co-cap+ain Beniam Sforey, Hull, McAr+hur, Mgr. Gamb Second row: Zavala, Follis, Sfoll Blake. Third row: Sirickland, Kryder, Ferg son, Tobey. Fourfh row: Curry, Goldberg, Knap Moore, Brown. FIHH row: Thomas, Panhar, Lindsfro Wade, McBroom. 1-Aitq Track ATTer a Tine TurnouT, The DynamiTers were desTined To become one oT The greaTesT Traclc squads in The hisTory oT The school. The rainy season slowed up The pracTice meeTs buT Hue DyruamiTers massacred Hue Three Teams Huey did manage To play. lvlonTebello was TirsT To Tall, 85lf2 To 27lf2. Number Two on Hue slaughTer parade was Burbanlc. The Tinal score was IOI To I2 in Tavor oT The NiTros. The DynamiTers nexT made a sTrong SouTh Pasadena squad loolc wealc as The Glendale boys won, 87 To 26. Glendale opened iTs l94I league season wiTh a convincing win over WhiTTier, 84 To 29. The DynamiTers conTinued Their winning ways by beaTing lvlarlc Keppel, 95 To I7. NexT To Tall beTore The mighTy Traclcmen was Woodrow Wilson. The Bruins puT up a sTrong TighT buT were easily subdued, 65 To 51. The ouTsTanding marlc of The meeT was made by Glendale's dash man, Jim STorey, who ran The 220 in 22 seconds TlaT. ConnecTing Tor Their sevenTh consecuTive win, The NiTros overpowered a wealc Alhambra Team, 103 To l0. In The lasT meeT oT The season Glendale Taced Hoover Tor The league and ciTy championships. DespiTe Glendale's perTecT record Hoovr was raTed as sTrong Tavorf iTes To win. The DynamiTers scored many upseTs, buT Hoover Tinally won The meeT, 64 To 49. The biggesu' upseTs were Co-CapTain Bob Wardell's vicTory over l'loover's sensaTional halT miler in The TasT Time oT 2:04 and Edsel Curry's impressive 23 TooT leap in The broad iump. OTher surprising men were Bob Knapp, in The shoT puTT, Joe Thomas, in The 440, and li++le Jessie Zavala, in The mile. E Tracie WiTh an abundance oT class Cee SouThern CaliTornia Championship maTerial and a Tew reTurning Championship Bee men To draw Trom, Glen- dale's BlasTers looked as iT They mighT be The TinesT Team in The school's hisTory. The Team was good. In TacT iT was Too good. EighT oT iTs besT perTormers moved up To Take over varsiTy posiTions and This leTT The Bee's wiThouT adeguaTe TirsT place men. As The resulT, The BlasTers only won one oT Their Tive league games. l-lowever The Bees were no push- overs and They proved To be a consTanT ThreaT To all opposing Teams. In Their TirsT league meeT The BlasTers were nosed ouT by a TighTing Cardinal squad. The Tinal score was 5 IV2 To 43'f2. The Glendale BlasTers came baclc in Their second meeT when They beaT The AzTecs Trom Mark Keppel, 48 To 47. Woodrow Wilson's lighTweighTs proved To be Too sTrong Tor The BlasTers and The Cubs won The meeT, 5l'f2 To 43lf2. The oTher seTbacl4s aT The hands oT Alhambra and l-loover rounded ouT The dual meeT season. The BlasTer's sprinT men were led by Thienes, STol4es, Sommers, and PrenTice. Running The Timber Tops Tor Glendale This season were Brown, Myerscough, and Chapman. These disTance races were ably handled by Anderson. Gonzales, and Tovey. Al Lawrence's leaps oT 20 TeeT won him many TirsTs in The broad iump and Roy ArmsTrong was seldom beaT in The pole vaulT. ln The high iump Owen was a sure winner. And Big T-loniio rounded ouT The Team by puTTing The shoT. C' Track Paced by CapTain Bob GriTTin, The Firecrackers Tinished second in The FooThill League STandings. ATTer winning all oT Their pracTice meeTs The Glendale Cee's knocked The lid oTT Their l94l season by blowing up WhiTTier, 50 To 27. The nexT vicTim oT The Firecrackers was Mark Keppel. The AzTecs puT up a good TighT buT Glendale overpowered Them, 48lf2 To 28lf2. ln The nexT league game The Cee's Taced The sTrong Bruins Trom Wilson. WiTh The league TiTle aT sTake boTh Teams baTTled Tevorishly. The lead exchanged hands many Times and The vicTor wasn'T deTermined unTil The lasT evenT. Then Wilson pulled ouT in TronT and won The meeT and The TiTle by The close score oT 39 To 37. ATTer This seT back The Cee's exploded and easily deTeaTed Alhambra and Hoover. Among The ouTsTanding perTormers Tor The Cee's This year was CapTain Bob GriTTin. CapTain GriTTin ran The low hurdles and The cenTury in record breaking Times and also anchored The relay Team. AnoTher greaT Gee was Zan Myers. Zan was The iron man oT The Team as he ran The 50, 660, and The unbeaTable relay. li i I f Q g Q 1 ad ff' Ka e6 II ,mein ,,Wz,g11s15,. my LL XI X R, 5 , ,xmas A - Y TLNL11:-L'."'f T 1 T. sew? 'ii- Ka eball WiTh Tour reTurning leTTermen coupled wiTh a hosT oT promising recruiTs, Coach Sperry had good reason To expecT a beTTer Than average baseball season. ATTer winning mosT oT Their pre-season games The DynamiTers dropped Their TirsT league TilT To The sTrong WhiTTier horsehiders, 4 To O. However The Glendale diamond men Tound Their baTTing eyes againsT Alhambra and pounded ouT a 4 To 2 vicTory. ExTer1d- ing Their winning sTrealc To Two vicTories, The DynamiTers nosed ouT Their cross Town rivals Trom Hoover, 8 To 7. Big Bill Greene proved To be The NiTro power house as he belTed ouT Tour singles in Tour Trips To The plaTe. ATTer an unexciTing, 9 To O, loss To Wilson, and oTher losses To Alhambra and WhiTTier The DynamiTers came Through To easily win over Mark Keppel, 5-I. This game was Tollowed by The second l-loover conTesT. And despiTe The brillianT one hiT hurling by Jimmy Sheehan The Tornadoes won by The score oT 4 To 3. This season The NiTro baT power was 'Furnished by Bill Greene, Harlan STephan, Frank Ziegler, and Vince Maga, while The piTching sTaTT was Tormed by Jimmy Sheehan, Alan Grimley, and Rex STurdevanT. The resT oT The Glendale lineup consisTed of Bud Clausen, Bob Black, Verne Johnson, and Bob Liddel. R?" in--Q e "'h-Q X MN LA ,ff 3 if up l Q W .as ' h qw - - ,-. M. , .. ,nm 3' ww aff, '41 3 ' In 'va I O fr "a,L1 ,f 0 .1 ,,,.,M,,-v " fr Q Qs. 2 Q vi Sf 1 .3 .s,wsa+- f f . - Y Q 'L swim f . Sv HQ .T-Q nf, K .. ,kk A A in if +2 w.fg,. . ' ' , ,m M K 'wa Q Q .-I ww 22 f fffiwf enni Again as in previous years Glendale olllered a sTrong Tennis Team. AlThough They only managed To geT a Third place in The league Tinals Their True slcill was never surpassed. ATTer winning mosT oT Their pre-season maTches, The NiTro rackeTeers opened The league season by beaTing WhiTTier, 8-I. Then They conTinued Their winning ways by Trouncing Wilson, 8 To I. However Glendale's chances Tor anoTher league championship were crushed by The Two Alhambra Teams. Bofh games were close and The score in each case was, 5 To 4. Glendale reTurned To championship Torm as They downed Hoover, 5 To 4. The ouTsTanding singles man oT The Team was KieTh BerT, while The doubles Team of Ken Runyon and Jim Howard was invincible. The resT oT The Team was made up by Terry Haynes, Bill Duffy, Frank Duval, ArT Hansen, singles, and Don Price and WalT Zirlcle, second doubles Team. go! Proving 'ro be The grealesl improved Ieam over lasl year, Ihe Glendale divolmen placed a slrong second in lhe Foolhill League. The Dynamilers won all Iheir praclice meels over such slrong leams as Sanla Barbara, LA. I-Iigh, Pasadena J.C., and Soulh Pasadena. Glendale conlinued ils winning sfrealc by opening Ihe league season wilh a convincing, 25 Io I I, viclory over Whillier. The Dynamilers losf lheir lirsl game lo Ihe slrong championship Bruins ol Wood- row Wilson. The conlesl was close and Wilson won by only Iwo poinls, I9 Io I7. I-Iowever Ihe Dynomen broke baclc info Ihe win column as Ihey Irounced I-Ioover, 27 'ro 9. In a remalch wilh Whillier Norm Winsor proved Io be Ihe hero as he pul The game on ice wilh a brillianl 83. In Ihe Iwo remaining league games Glendale beaf I-Ioover, 3I Io 5, bul losl anolher close game Io Wilson, I9 Io I7. The Nilro leam consisfed of Norman Winsor, Carl Chrislianson, John McCracken, Ted Tiberg, Sieve Tiberg, and Jaclc I-Iildrefh. All ol 'rhese boys did fine work and deserve a lol of credil for bringing Ihe Nilros info second place. ' 3 QG',,.Q -M fgqygagan 1 Ka lzet6 ll Barbara Arrnslrong Belly Ballanlyne Beverly Bernard Maxine Belsworlh Lerlor Collin Pal Corrigan Marie Dabbraly Jackie Danner Louise Finch Virginia Frazier Jerry Freeman Carol Gans Bealrice Garcia Gloria Gary Phyllis Grounds Palsy Hamillon Norene Harris Virginia Harwood Belly Helrnick Beverly Hill Mariorie Hobs Belly Jacobs Dorolhy Johnson Carolyn Jones Laura Kane Mildred Klernpner Marjorie Knos Jeanne Lane Jean Malhews Alma Luslig Winilred McGel'1ee Mary McGreger Joanne Middlelon Laurie Mericlelh Lorraine Mickaelson Gene Molclenlwauer Elizabellm Norlhridge Laurene Olson Joan Penberlhy Maxine Porler Virginia Quillan Callwryn Randall Rose Ann Reese Jackie Rudolph Suzanne Seabrook Georgia Sever Mary Ann Sharp Laline Slluler Slwirley Skinner Marilyn Slevens Colleen Slokes Colleene Sullivan Marqarele Tober Georgella Vallel Frankie Warwick Leah Will Alice Yausii MANAGER Ka -Doreen Herron Gloria Anderson Mary Balderslon Donna Barnhill Phyllis Benson Phyllis Biggs Barbara Brown Mary Burlon Loisgail Campbell Elena Cheney Dorolhy Clinch Peaches Dempsey Annelle Graupe min ton Marqarel Milburn INSTRUCTOR-Hoegerrnan Isabel Green Rosemary Halse Lois Hedqer Elaine Helper Eleanor Hemingway Doreen Herron Barbara Hollman Belly Jones Shirley Kaempl Dena Lees Theo Lewis Belly Marlin MANAGER Marie Scheeie Kay Aifhouse Doroflwy Bishop Beveriy Bvram Louelien Chase Marjorie Clark Hazei Ferrari Violei Gerardi Par Hamiifon Bciiy Lou Hawkins Deicio Hobson Tenn: r .4- sw L O N. Q v INSTRUCTOR-Haig Marqaref Howie Doris MacDouqaii Joanne May Pai McNauqi1er Marie Sciweoic Miidred Seqer Helen Srricker Rurl'iVViisor1 Rufi1WiniOn Beffy Joyce Wood MANAGER -Kay Kirk Dorolhy Avery Lelilia Barnell Phyllis Beadel Elaine Bradley Jo Anne Broome lvlargarel Brown Jackie Clelslad Maxine Cowen Belly Crawlord Sally Cunningham Dorolhy Durham Arlene Einolander Doris Fox Peggy Fairbanks Phyllis Ferry Waulea Fesperman Elsie Fisher Bellie Flynn Corrine Frame Marilyn Fries Abba Gage Kalherine Grimes Maurine Groves Rulh I-Iaggman Helen I-Iogaboom Alice Holbrook June I-Iuseby Carolyn Kemmler Lillian Kimble Hockey INSTRUCTOR Kay Kirk Barbara Kolls Marilyn Kryder Audrey Lind Alice Lilchlielcl Beverly Lloyd Irene Loudon Elizabelh McElroy DeEsla McFarland Olive Mc:Kim Marilyn Melzqer La Verne Nelson Sylvia Nyberg Gloria Olvis Erma Parker Eleanor Piuma Lorraine Rasmussen Bellie Reed Margie Smilh Pal Smilh Lois Sperry Virginia Spiekerman Dorolhy Slansfield Barbara Slidslon Belly Slrong Toni Trigg Belly Wenlworlh Imogene Whilaker Mary Wilkinson Slrubble gunman- W. S nf EH - mg 5 s ks' U' y ' J 3 02 E4 z 4- v. w M Vw an-fn ,,,..,,A ' w is ff' 1:11. xg, W, B ni Annu. A . mzgeg, an Wwfv 5? Q P M ,..., . ,.iVI,fWTW, AK ft9'fL4Q,5P Af N 2 K K ,rMM"f"'MfS PW: QQ Ifgii 8 U is ga A by f mfg Ab QQ 'ill--N i -ICE -, Qfffffig Ukgangq tivnn fit C7102 lSons and Daughrers of Jrhe Alumnil Presiclenf - Kennerh Anderson Vice Presidenl Elizabefh McElray Treasurer Jim Mclnryre Secrerary - Carol Chase Kennefh Anderson Dorofhy Avery Florence Baumbauqh Mary Ella Besf Terry Bosworfh Marvin Bulierfield Carol Chase Jack Dair Janelle Frazar Richard Glaze Rosemary Howard John Howard Barbara Kolfs Marc Wiwelce Barbaramae Lyons Georqe Maffhiesen Dorofhy Mayer Elizabefh McElroy Jim Mclnfyre Helen Moore David Morris Rosemary Parker Tommy Roalce Anfhony Robinson Mary Louise Talboff Bill Thomas Jack Weeks 1, bfi, 14 Cappella Cla oi Business Manager Jacll Anderson Burdeffe Baclclund Mary Baldersfon Phyllis Beadel June Berqmann Nancy Brush Nadyne Coleman Marian Cowly Genelle Crouch Doug Davis Lionel Dofy Nancy Du Mars Harold Finsfad Beffie Flynn Willard Gran? James Hardinq Hope Jacoby Virqinia Jaqer Phyllis Beadel Sfeve Tlberg Shirley Jellison Ralph Jones Dorolhy Keller Harold Lannom Beverly Lloyd Jesse Morgan Mary Louise O'Neill Mariorie Parkinson Bob Pickens Earl Plyley Jean Plyley James Roehner Prudy Sibley Alma Skinner Jim Srory Sieve Tiberq Al Townsend Beffy Joyce Wood Q I glee 61116 Dorofhy Barneclc Jeannelfe Benfon Beverly Bernard Nancy Brush Mariorie Branderf Diane Bunbaum Be-Hy Byard laccompanisfl Helen Carfer Genelle Crouch Jane Duslin Phyllis Ferry Joan Fleming Rufh Frazier Eleanor Hemingway Be-Hy Jean Hendricks Jeanne Horfon Barbara Johns Berfice Jones Helen Mc6ary Beverly MacLaine Mildred Mills Beverly Morris Mariorie Phillip Vivian Pilcher Jean Plyley Lila Reeves Befsy Ross Elaine Scheinerf Adabelle Slorer Miriam Trowbridge Anila Valdez Louise Wrighr 501,41 glee III6 Boyd Bennell Dwane Bc-undy Jim Brown Bob Cochrane Bill Daley Glenn Fas? Slanley Fraser David Glaser Louis Georqe Elmer Gordon Gran? l-lall Richard l-lirolo Ray Jacquelle Lee Jones Richard Machloll Pele Manello Joe Mansfield Archie McGown Chuclc Mead Roy Myers Zan Myers Rinqey, Lawrence Douglas Ross Cecil Smilh Rodney Soulhwiclc Bill Varnell Jaclc Weelcs Charles Wiqgle Connie Velasquez, accompanisl I 4 . ,. , I iii i f 0 In f X c e a 7' , Carol Alrnan Richard Green Dorolliy Avery Charles Hewill Marian Bainbridqe Dorollwy Hill Wilbur Barrel? Bill Hile Phyllis Benson Delcie Hobson Barbara Blair Rosernary Howard Bill Bloorninqdale Mayabelle Huqlnes Bob Bloomingdale Jolnn lnsalaco Dwane Boundy Dorolny Keeley Cliarles Brodie Mariorie Knox Frances Bulla Dorolliy Mayer Belly Burrouqlis Phyllis Pallersori Belly Byarcl Phyllis Robbins Carl Clarlc Kennellw Runyon Evelyn Coeure Marqarel Slewerl Loyal Damon Jane Ellen Van Qoslinq Norrnan Drain Jane Wilhinqlon 1' I Dorollny Durlwam Barbara Wyclcoil ffl Z Waulea Fresperrnan Louis Goerq Eleanor Goslworn Barbara Wyclcoli Aiice Yausi Edwin Younq . s If 9 . eff' A ,Q1,ff6f'JV ii 2 Kane! Selh Balmer Don Beclcell Gilberl Beniamin Jack Besl Jim Brown Paul Brown Gordon Browne LeRoy Burqener Carl Clark Joe Clepslad Loyal Damon Ralph Enqen Don Fitch Bill Freeland John Freeland Richard Glaze Vern Goldberq Bob Griffin David Habifzel Roberla Handy Charles Hewill Euqene Hill David Horwilz Mary Hursl Jerry Hall Merle lnman Dave Johnson Arlhur Jones Paul Kenaqy Don Kenny Garlh Kilcendall Keilh l.eCherninan+ Bob McLain l-larold Minqus Wendell Parrish Gordon Perry Bob Pelerson Marilyn Piqsley Claylon Pollard Jim Rice Jim Riclcells Tom Roalne Phyllis Robbins Kennelh Runyon Charles Roehriq Lorne Schlolzhauser Jim Sharpsleen Pauline Slusser Georqe Srnifh Marqarel Slewerl Manly Slorless Mae Verholl Dick Wagnon Harold Wallon Roberl Williams Jack Wimpress Malcolm Wimpress 4 fi, ' : ' 1,-,ffl -f' ye? ll 1 If M Honor Socie ty I Presidenr - Vice Presidenf Secrerary - Treasurer A-I I STUDENTS Nadyne CoTeman Isabel Heirrmi1Ter Barbara Hoiiman Bob Holmes MariTyn Murbrry Mariorie Smifh Befry Smiih Adabeiie Srorer Sfanley Weifz Ada VVerner Bofry Joyce Wood B-II STUDENTS Rose Brewster JacoueTine CTeT5ra David ConnelTy John Eraser Doreen Herron TV1arieHoppe Loraine lnr1eTs Lorraine lnqoTs CaroT'nr- Mann Lioyd Moss Hsa Oiund Dick Osoood Rosemary Parker BeHyJanO VCSS A TO STUDENTS Haine BradTey Gloria Johnson Frances Bedford Dena Lees Syivia Nyberq Herbor1RiTey Srardey Sinqer LeaT'1WiT1 A-IZ STUDENTS Ben Harris Sianxey Lau Marion Ormesrier Paul SriTTman B-I2 STUDENTS Warren Adams Mary BaTdersron Frances Bedford RaTpT1 Beclceri Par BouTdin l.oisqaiT CamobeTT Doroihy Durham Louis Giierardi Befsy Haydock Barbara HiTT CTyde Hodder Miidred Klempner Roy Kuhfman Bob Moore Joan Penberfhy Gene Pischel Roberf ReynoTd5 Jean SclwiTdwacr1fer Roborf WardeT Honor Soc 'etq II Presiclenl - Roberl Wardell Vice Presidenl Ralph Beclcell Secrelary - Sylvia Nyberq Treasurer Bob l'lOlVY1GS A-I2 STUDENTS Warren Adams Mary Balderslon Frances Bedlord Ralph Beclcell Loisqail Camphill Louis C-herardi Barbara Hill Clyde Hodder Roy Kuhlman Mildred Klempner Slanley Lau Donald Murray Mary Alcamuro Ann Orchard Gene Pischel Joan Penberlhy Bob Reynolds Jean Schildwachler Shirley Skinner Roberl Wardell ' Rulh Hinlon B-I2 STUDENTS 'f Nadyne Coleman S Isabel Heinmilleyi - "- " X fr xi xy Kr 1 pm rx , V311 'Y Lorna Holden Barbara Holclman Bob Holmes Marilyn Murphy Mariorie Smilh Slanley Weilz Arla Werner Belly Joyce Wood A-I I STUDENTS Elizabelh Beally Ross Brewsler Jacqueline Clelslod Charles Denlon John Fraser Darleen Herron Marie Hoppe Loraine lnqels Alma Lusliq Waller Lower Carolyn Mann Elsa Olund Glen Sire John Tice G-raceann Van Noorden Belly Jane Voss B-I I STUDENTS Fred Cools Annelle Graupe Alice Holbrook Dena Tus Sylvia Nyberq Herbere Riley Slanley Sinqer Jane Ellen Van Coslunq Leah Will A-IO STUDENTS Ken Anderson Mariorie Jacoby 4f4Jirqinia Johns Lorna Jones Marqery Morqan Pal Noonan Vera Skinner Earl Reardon Chizulco Salcuma Ray Toda Jean Walson Quessie Wylie Jack Younq Comme ce 1116 FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Presidenf - - Vice Presidenf - Secrefary-Treasurer Program Chairman - SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Presidenf Y - Vice Presidenf - Secrefary-Treasurer Program Chairman BeIIy BaIIanIyne Elizabefh Beaffy Maxine Bush Mariorie CIarIce DoroIhy Davenporf Marie Dobbrafz Dorofhy Farr Beverly Fishsfrom Doris Fox Gene Garver PhyIIis Godwin Isabel Greene Frances Griesbach Berfy I-IeImicIc Beffie I-Iounihan I'-IeIen Kinq Joan Kinney MiIdred Klernpner Joan Livinqsfon FACULTY ADVISER Mable Murphy Barbara Dysarf DoroIhy Kiefer Doris BradIey I-IeIen King - Maxine Beisworrh Abba Gage Rosalie Brasher Arline Osrer Faye Mountain Marilyn Perry Eleanor I-Iemminqion Marian Pefers Beffy Jean Prichard Robe-rf Robinson Bess Rounds MarqareI SIoan Dorofhy SIansfieId Colleen Sfokes Marie Thomas Jean Tinker Grace Unqer KaIherine Vauqhn Charlene Wafson CaIheryn WiIrnonI Ruih Wilson Mary WOII Beffy Wood 0 M o o FIRST SEMESTER oEEicERs Presiclenf - ---- - Vice Presiclenl - - Secrelary and Treasurer Serqeanf-ai-Arms ------ - SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Presidenf ------- Vice Presiclenl - Secrefary and Treasurer Sergeanl-al-Arms - - - Jack Dempsey Bill Gregory Bill Greene Jim Mercer Dick Oyler Bill Scafchard Jim Sheehan Jim Slory Bob Wardell Bob Bailey Bill Greene AI Jacobsen Granl Kaufman OHQ Kilian Bob Knapp Harold "Timm" Loqsclen Marshall Mercer Bill Scalchard Jim Sheehan Dick Sloan Grani Kaufman AI McDonald Marshall Mercer OHO Kilian Al McDonald Jim Slory Dick Oyler Bob Wardell 49' FORTY NINERS I FORTY NINERS ll Duslin Adams Ralph Beasom Lesler Blanchard Eranlc Collle Edsel Curry Roqor Daniel Jaclr Dempsey Bruce Denlon Bill Dunham Randall Duflon Bay Ellidqe Ray Ellis Slanley Eraser Arch Gales Bill Gvorowslci Jerry Hall Donald Hess Al Jacobsen Dudley Jenlcins Bill Kalman Georqe Key Oflo Kilian Slanley Lau Bob Lindslrom Bob Malin Jaclr McComb Tom Milburn Franl: Mosher Lloyd Moss Bob Olin Maclc Paine Connor Pelrie Marlo Prenlice Bill Proberl Miclcey Renlchler Dan Roberls Bill Roqer Tom Rose Franlc Rowan Myddlelon Schindler Jim Sharpslein Bill Smifh Bob Smifh Franlc Slreeler Meade Slrolher Bill lewell Charles Thompson Al Townsend Ben Weinberq Berq Whiflel Duslin Adams Douqlas Anderson Ralph Beason Leslie Blanchard Bullerlield Franlc Collle Edsel Curry Charles Dixon Ray Donaldson Ray Ellis Tom Fallis Slanley Fraser Arch Gales Don Goodlellow Jerry Hall Tom Hayward Donald Hess Hopley 6ilberlJacobi' Al Jacobsen Bill Kalman George Key Ollo Kilian Slanley Lau Bob Lewis Bob Lindslrom Jaclc McComb John McCracken Franlc Mosher Lyod Moss John Noonan Connor Pelrie Bob Phipps Earle Powers Marlo Prenlice Bill Proberl Oryal Peels Dan Roberls Jim Sharpslien Bob Smilh Roberl C. Srnilh Charles Sleadma Harlan Slephan Franlc Sireeler Vance Slriclceel Meade Slrolher Roberl Sullivan Bill Tielz Al Townsend Fl Q I r ice 1116 Lois Sfrand Helen Sfricker Belly Marlin Helen Ruslninq Dorofhy Anderson Bernice Blanche Phyllis Beadel Phyllis Benson Vera Billings Beverly Byram Loisqail Campbell Louellen Chase Peaches Demysey Violef Gerardi Kallwryn Grimes Lula Hamara Jean Harfrnan Barbara Hill Miss Gladys Leonard-Adviser 'l'Honorary members Delcie Hobson Barbara Hoffman Helen Hoqaboom June Huseby Mariorie Jacobi Dorofhy Johnson Barbara Kolrs Audrey Lind Frances MacPherson Pal MacNauQl1er LaVauql'1n Nelson Joan Penberfhy Clwizulco Salcuma Corrine Sall Doro+l1y Wall Rurh Wilson a'qCarolyn Kemmler 5'Helen Sfriclcer qrgcm Dorollny Avery Mary Burlon Beverly Byrarn Loisqail Campbell Jacqueline Clelslad Pal Corrigan Maxine Cowen Belly Cranlord Sally Cunninqlwam Marie Dobbralz Hazel Ferrai Elsie Fischer Phyllis Forbord Lillian Garcia Viole-lGl'1erardi Phyllis Godwin Maureen Groves Pal Hamillon Sllirley Harnillon Jean Harlrnan Belly Lou Hawkins Eleanor Hemminqway Mariorie Hobbs Mariorie Howell MarqarelJolinson Laura Kane Helen Kinq Maxine Kinsman Mildred Klernpner Audrey Lind Belly Marlin Marilyn Melzqer Gloria Olvis Eileen Orplnal Rosemary Parker Maxine Porler Marie Sclweele Belle Sclwweyen Frances Scliulle Alma Skinner Clwarlolle Srnilh PalSmill1 Helen Slricker Georqella Vallel lmoqene Whilaker Mary Wilkinson Rulli Wilson Belly Joyce Wood Key Bob Bailey Clay+on Beniamin Bob Black Frank Collle Andrew Clauson Ray Crandall Edsel Curry Ray Ellis Leslie Foofe Arch Gales Wilbur Silber? Bill Greene Bob Fairwealher Wes Gamble Dick Hardison Bill Hume Jack Hildrelh AI Jacobson Harold Johnson 1116 OHO Killian Bob Lindsfrom Bob McAr1'hur Vincenf Maqa Jule McTevia Marshall Mercer Orval Peefs Jim Sheehan Jim Sfory Joe Thomas Don Tobey John McCracken Jack McComb Dan Roberfs Dick Sloan Marlo Prenfice Jim Dowdy Bob Knapp Bob Wardell T .CHL fl' M ffwlfidii C'vmiteA C7116 Marion Anderson Mildred Bailey Helen Bishop Chris Boone Eyelyn Busclilern Jolnn Chandler Fred Coors Ned Davenporr Jane Deben Marilyn Eader Ernsl Eclcrnan Carrie Gisl Terry Haines Howard Hansen Naney Klawiler Don Hess Doris Hellwerinqlon Anne Hoqaboom Marqaref Howie Lorna Jones Mildred Kiefer Jean Kislinq Doroflny Mayer Franlc Monrqornery Le Vaune Nelson Bob Pelerson Janice Sclnildwazlnler Joan Selinslcy Molly Swanson Bob Vannix Jane Ellen Van Oosrinq Nalalie Waldron Peqqy While Jane Wilson Presidenr - Vice Presidenr Treasurer - Secre+ary - Publicify Chairman Presidenfi . - Vice Presidenr Secrerary - Treasurer - Publiciry Chairman Spani la 1116 A SECOND SEM ESTER OFFICERS Pafricia Dudley Kafhleen Adams Juanifa Alamillo Kay Al+house Carolina Avalos Lloyd Barnes Barbara Berfrarn Jane Bevier Janef Bowers Mariorie Breckenridge Howard Brower Kafherine Brown Belly Burroughs Wendell Childs Jacqueline Cleislad Pafricia Collins John Crossman Sally Cunningham Jack Davidson Charles Dempsey Ray Drurnheiser Jay Duchein Gene Dunningfon Naoma Durham Arlene Einolander Ralph Engeng,-5 Louise Finch Tom Eollis Ruby Erigon Jane Eurby Violef Gerardi Phyllis Grounds Rufh Hagqman Befsy Haydock Harry Heinen Barbara Hill Larna Hobden Delcie Hobsen Ray How Marjorie Howell Jean lzenour Alice Jacobson Hope Jacoby Virginia Jager va I, , A . W ----X '-Lfvfff Dorofhy Johnson Gil Johnson Kafherine Kirk Shirley Kneis Marilyn Kryder Bob Kune Joan Livings+on Barbara Luck Carolyn Mann Marilyn Melzqer Allen Mifchell Daniel Mucha Marilyn Murphy Ann Orchard Rosemary Parker Eleanor Pelers Bob Phipps Mary Ellen Reilly Herberf Reilly Phyllis Robbins Belly Jane Schmid? 1 ,H sv-'vi' Lloyd Barnes Karherine Brown Karherine Kirk Virginia Jager Imogene Whirakes Barbara Hill - Par Collins Arline Einolander Kaihleen Adams Mariory Howell Suzanne Seabrook Mary Ann Sharp Pafrica Smifh Shirley Sfeidle Carol Sfeinle Bob S+ooks Adabelle Slorer Doris Sfrand Jennae Supple Virginia Tieqs Bob Timpson Lois Thompson Belly Tubbs Virginia Usher Richard Wallace Dorofhy Webb Dick Webb Evelyn Weirzel lmoqene Whifeake Mary Wilkinson Rurh Winfon b ,f 1. .,f' ' 1 v .,C 1 Sf F i c..-.,-- - ,s-- -..-.--.,c1...l...N, --.1g.l. l1, Ze Ce cle 9 ancaiA FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEM ESTER Joan Penberfhy Presideni Ralph Becker? Doreen Herron Vice-Presicleni Suzanne Sommer Lois Hedger Secreiary Roy A Kuhlman Elsa Olund Treasurer Doreen Herron Ralph Beckeff Publicity Frank Burroughs Ken Anderson Don Beckeff Frances Bedford Dorofhy Bishop Palricia Bradshaw Jacqueline Callahan Alfred Cooper Ray Cruickshank Beflie Marie Daries John Fraser Vrieqinia Frazier Pairicia Gran? AnneHe Graupe Merian Greene Barbara I-ledger Don l-less Lorna Jane Hobden Barbara Hoffmann Lorraine lnqeles George Jamqochian Marcia Jones Dorolhy Keller Barbara Kolfs Elinor Lahs Vincenf Lau Theo Lewis Yolanda Lewis Marie Louise Lord Irene Loudon Barbaramae Lyons Carol Mackenzie Thelma Merrick Mary Miller Lloyd Moss Margaref Nepiune Sylvia Tyberg Lois Profhers Anfhony Robinson Janice Schilclwachler Marqarel Schumpeli Marjorie Smifh Evelyn Snow Belly Sfronq Margaref Templefon Jean Templefon Georqeffa Valleff Jane Ellen Van Ooslinq Belly Jane Voss Richard Wellborn Gabrielle Wells Leah Will Louise Wriqhi 5,0-6-Af 4 ., Phyllis Amen? Jean Beh Louise Finck Ari' Gonzales Frances Harding Lois l-ledger Evelyn Hemphill Carolin l-lewifl Alice Jacobson Jayne James Belly Jay Roy Kuhlman Florence Malhes Elizabellw McElroy Maxine Porler Lila Schoen Mildred Segar Terry Spooner Joan Sefinslcy Jack Templeman Jeanne Weide Miss Abbofl, faculfy adviser A WMM awe M, W MJ Somoac C7116 D 1 27 W M 1, VJjV!,,,J J .jf M1 Sc i66le A u r' 4 . WW Warren Adams Grace DuHey Lulu Hamara Virqinia Harwood Pai Hayes Shiriey Hicks I 'Wirqinia Johns Be'r+y Lawhead Helma Mevrick Bob Reynolds Jane Spain Nr' Play zologq 1116 Lorraine Bowers irquma Conklin Jean Day Nancy Day Virqinia Granr Shirley l-larnilfon Evelyn Harris Shirley Knies Theo Lewis Belly Jean Prifcnard Ca+herine Jean Richey Yvonne Roche Beffe Schweyen Lofus Simms Barbara Sinqen Alma Skinner Colleen Sullivan Norma Thompson Harrie1'UHley Ru+l1 Wilson fm: fi? Ylata e C7116 Bob Buqenfal John Conley Jack Courier Delcie Hobson Marqaref Howie Hope Jacoby Misao Nalcaqowa Virginia Quillen Chizulco Salcuma Evelyn Snow Shirley Sleidle Flelcher Sfuarf Richard Thomas Dick Webb Richard Welborn Presidenl - Vice Presidenl Senior Ni Secrela ry-Treasu rer - Sergeanf-al-arms Douq Anderson Ray Crandall Bill Greene Clyde Hodder Howard Hopkins Don Jones Ollo Killian Bill McCormick Charles Miller Jack Miichell Jaclc Nelson Bill Scafchard Don Shaw Norris Smifh Richard Slears Charles Thompson Bob Wardell Herb Wilder Bill Greene Don Shaw Charles Miller Don Jones Presidenl - Vice Presidenl - Secrelary and Treasurer Serqeanlfalfarms - Chaplin Adviser Sepia more Bill Beaver Bob Braun Gordon Browne Alirecl Cale Jack Carlson Clwarles Dempsey Don Earl Bill Gallaqlwer Dick l-lalpin Bob Richardson Lorne Sclwollzlnauei Allan Slearns Bob Williams Jaclc Younq Gordon Brown Bob Glover Bill Goode Don Haselleld Bill Synder Abraliarn Ellioll figs' . X We ld mid 1.42 zur Presidenf Bob Cochrane Secrefary Frances Harding Treasurer Dorofhy Anderson MEMBERS Doro+hy Anderson Beverly Browne Maxine Bush Genevieve Clark Bob Cochrane Joan Gelcher Frances Harding Belly Jay Shirley Knies Miss Larnberl Lelifia Micfsell Be++y Scherreyen Jean Schildwachfer Nafalie Waldron Juanifa Williams Hudito iam Z1 he , boo men DOOR MEN l-lsnvcv Nelson l-lisayulci Olcavarna Rcifbcrl Sloclcrnan Rev Robbins Leslie Bla-xricliard Jim Sliafpsleen Elwood Qlson Loo Darner 11 Crew Members ol The Girls' G and Clicvron Cl P. A. CREW Don Beclcefl Donald Colfer Clark Davidson Bill Davis Bob Dickinson Charles Dixon Jerry Hall Diclx Hosler Waldo l-lunlei' Don Keilli Bob Lee Jaclc Milcliell Jim Moss D. Pound Diclc Powers Clnarloslarnpiin ubs Belly De Long Jim Hanna Jean Ormsby Don Gillies Yvonne Roche Harold Johnson Rex Slurdevanl Doris Wason Mary Ellen Tillolson Mary Kooislra Gloria Collins Yvonne Roche Wesley Holcomb Richard Swarl Lolus Sims Bob Bell Dick Whealley Bob Yocom Judilh Holzman Don Gillies Berl Ford Jess Haley Adrian Golz Greg Howard Johnnie Johnson Hisayauki Okayama Eleanor Piurna Phyllis Biggs Von Earl Bob Linclslrom Belly Silverburg Gordon Perry Joe Thomas Vern Johnson George Krycler Ralph Chick Bob Duncan Marilyn Warlield Amy Warfield Sonia Sward Doris Jean Kellerman Alice Harman Il Illonitv Florence Shepherd Gordon Kohler Alice Lilchlield Laurie Meeridelh Bob MacRae Marian Shandel Belly Ann Hedberg Marilyn Kreider Bob McGuire Marian Smylhe Herb Wilder Shirley Gray Gladys Paine PalJackman Jack Mallard Harlan Slephan Paul Von Elm Doug Fraser Gloria Olvis June Huseby Barbara Kolls La Verne Nelson Dorolhy Johnson Les Blanchard Bud Kellogg Lynn Clark Lois Verduin John Crossman Virginia Tieqs Joan Penberlhy Mary Francis McDaniels Marian Cowley Chuck Ford Wall Zirkle Jim McGowan Tom Cooney Evangeline Smilh Mary Ellen Tillolson Charles Brodie Elizabelh Simmons Rulh Davis Che on Club Mary Balderslon Belly Ballanlyne Plwyllis Beaclel Phyllis Benson Maxine Belsworllw Louellen Chase Mariorie Clark Jean Day Peaches Dempsey Dorollwy Durham Peqqy Fairbanks Carol Gans Isabel Greene Kafliryn Grimes Ruflw Haqqman Virqinia Harwood Helen l-loqaboom June Huseby Dorolhy Johnson Carolyn Kernmler Barbara Kolls Marilyn Kryder Jeanne Lane Theo Lewis Alice Lifclxfield Jean Malflwews Elizabellw McElroy DeEs+a McFarland Pal McNauql1er l.aVauql1n Nelson Joan Penberlhy Belly Reed Georqia Sever Mariorie Smilli Dorollwy Slansfield Toni Triqq Rufh Winlon if-1. apane e C7416 Sue Adachi Sho Aclachi San Adaclwi Makio Fujita Richard Hiro+o Toslwimi Hori Toshiko Kamachi Michiko Kamaclwi Esfher Kuriyama Kafherine Kuriyama Michiko Muraki N. Misao Nakagawa Kuiomi Nakagawa lsao Nalcashima Mary Okamuro Hisayuki Okayama Slwizuka Okayama Michiko Salcamofo Chizuko Sakuma Roy Toda Tomilco Yonemo+o f. 5 WT ' gg' gl JQQBZ Q mx 9 2 Q5 , ef 3 -Q Q " Sf G A Qggff ei exe .Lx x U A , s km oss .x 'J Y: wwf x QS , 9 oss 0 W sgosv, o sn , ur Junior Zed C'1-MA ?l-ienddnyz Chairmen Wm t C'vAmetolvgq gl-aduateA Can diff qglgh, .3 fi: a vs ' 1 kg. 5 sfss2gggL5fffffgg,, iw , L, ,QQ mis gfig-fxgfxmgpffggl, if ma.: if rimfzf ,.., A gm SY, -2 Y A Ax 1 r ,- pi' ef 3 - :ug Q QQ my 92538 . . Q 0' . X h , .Six '22 ali. 31 .V 2 Q is Q 535' y X if QS is 1 B- XE Ae . W 3 i 2 K Q: 'F X Fr 'QNX gs X Wm.. 52 'F' E155 213 , iii if , A ' Eff .,, , 5 Ks S X my k, Eff X wx n , , K ,Wim is-'kg Q W., gr Mend? q 5 - s , 5 Vlfiyxg , , A . . , .. 33 """' ffl. . - "4 255 ff """""""H ' ' 55255 ,,:.:- gz..,.: - , " ' , - M. 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I, Ai-.- Mww-Ymoww wwmw t A. .X , --.X vw Xwvf 'QWSWY wwbxwm Q x Nw if if ,,,-- - ws. L- 'L h . fi 5: aw? silk ff 5'0" 1U"w- Pa 1 J I 1 r JK 1 .F-fkfy,-N 525 " I I i Q "1 W. uv-...W ii A 'Sf ' W '-, li ' 2 ' is T'i""T at A in F 'L . , ,gl Phyllis: l-le hasn'l proposed yel, bul his voice has Teacher: Son, you should have been here al eighl an engagemenl ring in il. o'clock. A Roy Armslrong: Why? Whal happened? Miss Clausen: Who can lell me whal a ground- A l'lO9 ls? HERES A CLEAN JOKE Don Shaw: Sausage! Jim: You are a lillle Fairy: may I hold your Palm- -X olive? The philosophy of G Mickey Remschlerz I Belly: Nol on your Lllebuoy: your head s solid ll she looks young-she's old: Vory' ll she looks old-she's young: Il she looks back-lollow her! A Granl, can you cul lhal meal? Oh yes, Mrs. Jones! We ollen have lough meal al home. "Now, Johnnie Luck, if you have SI? in one pockel and Sl4.5O in anolher, whal have you?" "Someone else's panlsf' Dad: Bob, will you bring in lhe coal belore il gels dark. Bob McArlhur: Bul dad, lhe coal is dark already. A Jackie Morris lwalchinq pole vaullerl: "Think how much higher he could go il he didn'l have lo carry lhe pole." Jim: This is where l gel lhe Colgale. Belly: I Woodbury lhal ioke il I were you. Prolessor: "The lesl queslions are in lhe hands ol lhe prinler. Now are lhere any lasl minule ques- lions you would like lo ask?" Al Land: "Who's lhe prinler?" SKULL PISTON RING CO. 1508 Soulh Brand Blvd. Ford V8 MOTORS Model A FOR Model B EXCHANGE CALL US FOR REBORING OR REBUILDING YOUR MOTOR CIIS793 r r.-rf' Stage Crew - 0 atv:-:cal Firsf Serneslrer Flobenra Anfis Bob Binkley Bob Cochrane Bob Grider Frances Harding Alice Jacobsen AN Kunz XXV Land BW Mcln+osh G-ale Miller Jown Pearson Hal Snannup Second Semes+er Dorofby Anderson Bob: Binkley Marqarer Brown Par Beamer Bob Cochrane BTN Howard Nice Jacolcson AI Kunz AI Land Gafe Miller Joan Pearson Ha! Sbannup i :gn an '--K Kgs? , 'W ,f.' is Wm W 4 .hy mfs. df. Lv E' "A ,, 9 qprmxur fr S if is 4 J, uf -f ,,,,,m,.,k, n . f 'H -. -V ' ,. Q ,. vw ., , 2 1 f 'X " Jiwf 4 'f' x .',q..k. 'MEEQQV -ff-9 44,115 Al, Y ,, X 1 we WW . .Tw A , . -1 S. 9' Q' 'EQ KK 5 5 X ' I Clmus 2-0404 QCORNWELL a KELTY: L .L - HA R D WA R E sponrms sooos cunsnv 1-ooLs H5 Soulll Brand Boulevar d HARDWARE SLIIILK um! LHAVLMASIIR Ifwcrnc SImww KU VINA IOIQ lm rm 1-1.'ff,qfmr IAIXMASIER I IAMIL ION HIAIIII AIILJIIN AID LI: 1 lm Mfvmu STAINLLS5 SILLL Cwukwg Wore IIIEIVMOIIAY Cnr, Hauler, SPORTING GOODS HEDLL Y SPALDING WILSON HALL BANCIQOF T ' 4 I If II ,I II l N I J I x X -L K I ,I4,Lf+4 I Icnmx W1 . , . fmffwfwfwy :mms ,V li - ' V' 1 , I WINCIIES TER RIMINCION buns and Amrmmn SPALDING WILSON WRIGHT-DITSON GoII and Alhlum Ffympmwn SHAKESPEARE HEDDON I-'FL UEGU? PENN Flshmg Tackle Affhw s.,,,,,1m, CUTLERY WISS CA I IARAUCJIIS VVINCHESII If TOOLS STARRET1 PLOMB DISSION STANLL Y F 4X kxlkfi 1' flxf ,4 L tw' 1, L1 tr. f . Sf fgkfkv KW I I I K 41 'Nou-gf I I MPV," 4 4' . . VM' v' r fs . If A , ' - A A' " I Q Y x N 1 A JV Q Mfff, f af L L11 f A K A ff IACAAAX kQQl,dfJJ'5 'W I QQ- A wp dVQ 'Mn IXJ f' L If F? lf ffn z V I , f, 5.2, ' rf!-Q Il IA Cjf if f?f'IlLL1 svkhf' N Y x'K"Wk 04 5 MJLIT, 52" I L li 1 7,..k,v,J..I.,, ,L 5 X if fxif J ' J ,Jr Av' .wsk u -.U x " - ,- ti 'lxi 1.41.0 :k,,. , 1 v-av Umm ffq 5 ' V aggfag ,, ..s wo., fl s ,gr v. f 5 4 . 4 , f-Y. Q, 4 4. 'MVIS' u-fonrd,uA-y 1 mi.: FJ' . . ,,,0L l:k21.a Q va - 41.11 'fri P""- is . 5 lg-1 ' 9 Specializing in HOME WEDDINGS HOME PORTRAITS AUSTIN STUDIOS Uur hearty congratulations and sincere good wishes are extended I0 each and every one of you. GLENDALE, CALIF. 9I I Loews Sfaie Bldg. I06 E. Broadway LOS ANGELES Congrafulafions... GRADUATES Work Hard . . Prosper . . . And Buy A New CHEVROLET JAMES V. HOUGH I000 SOUTH BRAND Clfrus 2-3l36 CHapman 5-I l65 W 4 ,mi ,,, N-R .wa 'KN' REMEMBER? Tlnose Beaulilul LANE HOPE CHESTS You saw lasl year? You will fi complele sloclc af McMahan's Furnifure Co. 224 NORTH BRAND nda Jesse E. Smifh Co. -' l ln lingo ff MERCURI' GlendaIe's Oldesi Sfore DEAL HERE WITH CONFIDENCE Citrus 2-I I4l L. A. CH. 5l l3l IIO Easf Elk Sfreel' GLENDALE The PH' Barbecue Offering Hue Fines? in 'A' BARBECUED MEATS Brealcfasl' I Lunch ' Dinners AnY Chesf in our Sloclf PH Specials fo Talce Ouf 75C 6 Week II4 Wesf Broadway Glendale, Calif. Ci'I'rus 2-7994--Closed Sundays Compliments of Grayson's l3I Norfh Brand 'A' WOMEN'S 8: MISSES S WEAR -cb? QQ' Q 29065 Au.-nm: Q . W6 All-AMERICAN COIOIIIUI ca fAVggl1'5 wiv: NORTH BRAND .I !,f.':.::i'::.:.:?.1.E.3f,4 CHM 2-iw Liga i:.':':ii:.1,'i?fif,:?.'4i:2'g: X IIHKOP Pa:Itern.lln while 7' x wut a am IOC ' 'X I ' 'gi' 2i3,::d3L1f'ifr:2:5 GIFTS - CARDS rubber sole. See these popular shoes mday! Ollie W'nll Sl les Ill .85 0 38.85 PICTU RES 'clmiai E'1'ld.,f55.0fi .0 im, FRAMING WINKLER'S I26 No. Brand Blvd. Glendale .1 , mg 'Y S ,in ' uf 5. f , It W . . at Z ,ii km' W .wif , fb., x ,, .ga -vii L S"ls.a5mX ewes! mf.-S., 211 nj, s 1 i . Come lo those -who prepare! Milli Glendale Secreforial School 404 Eas+ Broadway lAcross from +he Post Offical Clfrus 2-302l JOSEPHINE HOPKINS, Director O Well known for thorough instruction through personal attention O FREE PLACEMENT MONTEREY PHARMACY GEORGE L. PERSON 700 N. Glendale Ave.-at Monterey 3 Price PLUS FREE Delivery Personal Service Phone Cllrus 2-8686 Compliments of GLENDALE LAUNDRY and Dry Cleaning Co. 32 Years of Service GLENDALE . . . Cllrus 2-880I BURBANK . . CHarlesfon 6-02I2 MONTROSE . . . CHurchili 82 Compliments of H. S. WEBB 84 CO. DEPARTMENT STORE and WEBB'S FOR MEN AND BOYS GLENDALE TYPICALLY COLLEGIATE Men's and Women's Sporl' Shops WILSON'S l08-lI0 Soulh Brand GIFTS GRADUATES watch,a pen set or smart jewelry will be greatly ap- preciated by either the young woman or man graduate. The C. C. Lewis Jewelry Co. 239 N. Brand-Citrus 23003 GLENDALE 0 CALIFORNIA 1 KKK wmizm . I ima . 'A-pm .A W W-. M if ,pn Q9- im an 'Mgr 'Hur il-Q we nd ss. 1 -s, V I , 9 kg. x 2. V '51 !, w fi' "4.'t":fw rr DODGE TL YM OU TH I SWITCH TO DODGE AND SAVE MONEY I DEPENDABLE FOR 27 YEARS O SMITH - GOLDEN, INC. O Colorado and Cenfral GLENDALE CI 2-4l6I CH 5-2333 Handy Andy The Three Graces Can 'rhis be siudy? Helen Why, Charline! Who's Holding Who U Conference ln 'rhe spring a young m On +he sand On +he snow-he's off- or he will be soon A semi-circle of seniors 5, 5 1 i P fm A . X w Se R, rw' WJ . .N .- ,, 4,56 , ' Q W Compliments of . . THE TREASURE TROVE GLENDALE'S GIFT SHOP gQg"fTg3eb5magq3 227V, N. Brand Blvd. CI I-4333 fufcf' ffl,-Iialelifi' ful . . . a qood source of Vitamin servafrvesu. . . ' K I R Kfs Camera Exchange NEUerything Photographicu Orange I Grape 0 0 Tomato Convenien+ Terms BeH'er KODAK Finishing I25 So. Brand Cirrus 3-I I6l Clfrus 2-0341 Peerless Cleaners Q Dyers Esfablished I8 Years one Day service if Desired "SWEATER SPECIALISTS" C0mPli"le'lfS 221 E.,y e-lanaaie, Calif. of ROBERTS 81 ECHOLS Home ' Drug Owned ' S'rore S. E. Corner Brand 8: Broadway G L E N D A L E Telephone Cl I-5l26 W. G. KENNEDY .Kd .N , -. ,Q , di? W. 3, ., gig, -:Lf If ,E '. .- A ia? Zglfaw wwf' if Q U?6lfM .

Suggestions in the Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) collection:

Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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