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THE STYLU 1932 V FCDREWORD is THE 1932 STYLUS ADOPTED THE OLYMPIC GAMES THEME AS A GESTURE OF FRIENDSHIP TOWARD THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD WHOSE EYES THIS YEAR ARE FASTENED UPON SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 'K' GLENDALE HIGH SCHOCL F.. L. DEDICATION To THE CITIZENS OF THE GLENDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT, MORE ESPECIALLY TO OUR PAR- ENTS, AND FINALLY TO THE BOARD OF EDUCATION, WHOSE IMMEDIATE CHARGES WE ARE, THE GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY DEDICATES THE 1952 STYLUS IN APPRECIATION OF MORE THAN ALL THE PAGES OF THIS BOOK COULD TELL. . f- r. 1 1 ' x 1. ggi. .S , v ,i' Q - 4 5 , ix. , f t ' , 1 x vi 5 4' A , qnj ,L SCHOOL 'Dulrly Shafer: .JVIadeline loner EAC LTYH STYLUS IQQZ. SENIORS: You are no doubt now looking backward as you come to the close of your years of high school life. These years have been full of varied opportunities- and experiences. You have had the chance to acquire much useful informa- tion, to follow your own interests, and to develop your own aptitudes. You have experienced disappointments and, also, the pleasures of accom- lishment. You have learned lessons of ada tin ourselves to the needs and D P 8 Y A Wishes of others. You have carried responsibilities and achieved positions of leadership. You have participated in SCHOLARSHIP, SPORTSMANSHIP, and SERVICE. You are also lookin forward with the vital stren th and enthusiasm of 8 8 youth and are ready to go on to the commencement of a life of new and adult interests. M ho es are stron for ou. M ex ectations for our success are Y P 8 Y Y P Y keen. Follow your highest ideals. Let your life be great in that you are reach- in out with all the owers ou ossess for the fmest thin s of which ou know P Y P 8 Y and dream. It is m sincere wish that ou make our bri htest and best dreams come Y Y Y 8 UUE. GEORGE MOYSE, Principal . l S l STYLLJE: IQOZ. VICE-PRINCIPALS' MESSAGES SUMMER OF 1932 GRADUATES: We have thought in terms of red, white, and blue dur- ing this Olympic year so much that the symbolism has perhaps been lost. While cele- brating international events, we are trying to keep in mind our national ideals. This is, I think, the great problem for all of us, today, that while we become more and more international in our thinking, we should not lose the fine things for which our country stands. The word Olympics turns our minds back to the great gods of old who dwelt on Mt. Olympus. I hope you may each have in your hearts a Mount Olympus to which to re- treat-from the problems of the day, so that from the heights you may get peace and per- spective. ETHEL HUME FLOOD MoYsE. 9 SEN1oRs: Now that for you are over, let us take stock. Have you been only a " grade- getter," doing exactly and pre- cisely and punctually just what the teacher of a particular subject required, being careful never to disagree for fear of incurring the ill-will of the teacher? Were you so short- sighted as to do only the work assigned? Or, have you learned really to study, to concentrate, to do independent thinking, to dis- agree when your well thought- out opinion did not coincide with that of another? If the former is true, why not get out of the rut? If the latter, letls take heart and go out with renewed ambition to serve so- ciety in an efficient way, know- ing that our training has been good? EUGENE WOLFE. and STYLUS IQJZ BOARD OF EDUCATION DAVID J. HIBBEN PAUL E. STILLMAN NORMAN G, DAVIDSON RICHARDSON D. WHITE MRS, ALICE E. ADAMSON L 10 R, Q. LIACDONALD i x v-4 1 STYLUS 1902 ART DEPARTMENT MARY BETH ABBOT, Head JEAN ABEL ESTHER CRANDALL DORIS CHURCHILL SPENCER MRS, MAME W. VANDEVEER COMMERCE DEPARTMENT JOHN RHEA BAKER, Head MRS. GERTRUDE REBECCA BALLARD JUNE BEEBE ELIZABETH ANNIE BURCHAM MABEL MURPHY WILLIAM RAY SCHIRMER JAMES MCDOWELL STEELE HARRIET SWITZER MABEL T EED CARRYL NELSON THURBER ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 'JENNIE YOUNG FREEMAN, Head PHILIP VAN RUYSDAEL ADAMS LILLIAN F. BIDWELL MRS, JESSIE E. CORBETT HARRY S. DUKES DELMAR J. EDMONDSON ANNA S. ELAM MRS. MARY CREATH GOLDSMITH MRS, ELLA HARDY GREENE DANA I. GROVER MARY HAIRGROVE FRANCES MARGARET HALL BEATRICE HELMER T113 MAEEL JANE IRWIN KATHERINE MARIE LLOYD MRS. NELL KEPLEY MARTIN DOROTHY B. POPPY MARY RIGG MARIE RUHLMAN LAURENCE M. SMITH MARION L. UNDERWOOD FOREIGN LANGUAGE DOROTHY GILSON, Head RUTH CHAMBERS MRS. JUANITA C. COURTENAYE MRS. MAEEL ODELL LAMBERT LAURA CLAIRE MANETTA FAY N. MCENDREE DAISY LEE MONROE MRS. HAZEL ALLIN ROLFE HELEN INEZ TROUP MARJORIE ELLEN TUFT HISTORY DEPARTMENT E. MAUD SOPER, Head FRANCES N. AHL BESSIE L. FIELD JAMES BIGGERS GIBSON JESSIE M. HILL GLADYS M. LEONARD MRS. ALICE C. MCDONALD KENNETH MERRILL MONTGOMERY WALLACE EDMUNDS RANKIN PHYLLIS MARY WEARNE HERMAN H. WIEBE STYLLJ5 IQDZ HOME ECONOMICS DEPT. ELLEN J. HANSON, Head DOROTHY H. ASHWORTH HELEN JANE HAIRGROVE VIRGINIA JANE KARTZKE GEORGIA W. BOWLING MRS. ELIZABETH FRAZER MORGAN CHARLOTTE LOUISE SPIER MRS. MIRIAM RAMBO TILTON LIBRARY ESTELLE DAISY LAKE, Librarian MILDRED SMITH MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT CLARA BREES FRANCIS DOUGLAS GOSSERAND INEz LEDYARD JENNIE A. MCGREGOR GEORGE LEE OGDEN J. ARNDT TANDE GLADYS M. TILLEY ELSIE WIX MECHANICAL ARTS DEPT. MORGAN NOYSE SMITH, Head J. PAUL BROWN JAMES E. CLARK JOHN HALL EBAUGH WALTER GORMAN BERT ROLFE CLARENCE ERNEST ROMER BEULAH BEATRICE WOODS 2 MUSIC DEPARTMENT ZULA MARGARET ZEIGLER, Head HARRY WARNER ANDERSON MRS. MARY HOBSON CROW MRS. FLORENCE EVELYN PARKER GEORGE SHOCHAT PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPT ROY CLIFFORD JELLISON, Head FLORENCE KNIGHT, Head MRS. MYRTLE BURBANK ANDERSON BEATRICE CASE HELEN LOUISE CHENEY RUSSELL THOMAS CRIPE ABRAHAM FRANK ELLIOTT JOHN S. GAINES GEORGE S. SPERRY BASIL L. STANLEY I. CLARE THOMPSON SCIENCE DEPARTMENT EARL TRAVIS BROWN, Head JENNIE ELEANOR CLAUSON LEE DURHAM ELEANOR B. GREEN FRANK MARTIN GULICK LELAND J. LEASE LYDIA MYERS PARKER WILLIAM A. NORD FREELAND TEMPLETON CLAYTON B. WESTOVER I luv-L15 1fa4,1Mvf11,1 'dj . K . ilk ys'a"0K' 0L'v,- l'N,4,b,f Q s l Q "" Q u J g 1 u! VJ-,ivy MAIN, ' is ,pw-I .jblfti vu fuq, yL,'-pUhub- y Q N 1'! F- lj' - X "7'g'-f., VJ K, Q- '-4.f..,,,,f v4.1,,,L+,O M A . ' X, uf " J '+R gfmfixf vt!-'-"3-fd '-1!"vvl.-M.. :S ,D hu? I I 1 I I J"!'f.'-""'-lv x.J e XIEXIEEIX STYLUS IQDZ CHARLES POWER - ELEANOR BRADLEY RALPH CAMARGO - BETTY HITCHCOCK BILL KINGSTON - STAN PHILLIPS MARGARET CASE - CABIN ET-FI RST SEM ESTER DON KIMBLE - RALPH CAMARGO BETTY KLITTEN - BILL Ross - - DON GREENLEE - ARDIS WAIDELICH Bos TISCH - - - - Tjresident - - Vine-'?re:ialent - Secretary of Eflnemblies - - Secretary of Tubliciry - Qoyx' .feague 'Pre5iclent - Qirlf' .feague '?re5ialenL Secrelary of Finance HOWARD NEVILLE - - Serreiary of Tebate OPAL EVANS - - C laairman Student Council C bairrnan 73oaral of C onzrol - Secretary of Stale - Sefretary of 73oyJ' Lflzlaletirx Secretary of Girly' ulthleticf Senior Repreyentalioe - - junior Reprexenlatioe S o phornore Reprefentatioe Ax. , ..'1, WAIDELICH ROSS PHILLIPS KINGSTON HITCHCOCK GREENLEE POWER KLITTEN NEVILLE CHASE BRADELY TISCH CAMARGO E141 STYLUS IQJZ. CABINET-SECOND SEMESTER ARDIS WAIDELICH - - - Tirefiafenf DON GREENLEE ---- Viee-'Premienf NAOMI HADDOCK - Secretary of ufffernbliey JANET BALDERSTON - Secretary of 'Publicity STAN ANDREWS - Boys' .League 'Premienz BEVERLY POWERS - girly' ,Ceague Tarexiafenr ALBERT NEWTON - - Sefrelary of Finance BILL Ross ---- Secretary of Tebale OMAR FAREED Chairman of Student Council WAIDELICI-I SAM BROSTOFF ------- Chairman Board of Control RUTH PIERCE - ---- Secretary of State STAN PHILLIPS - Secretary of Boyf' ulzbletirx DORIS BURKE -2 - Sefretary of Girlx' Ufthletief DON GREEKNLEE - - - Senior Represenzaliue OMAR FAREED - - - junior 'Reprefenlaliue STEVE TAGGART - - - Sophomore Representative LARRYIJAMES - '3 5,2 - - Fre.flJnran 'Reprefentaliue f , r , I , Y GREENLEE PHILLIPS ROSS BURKE TAGGART POWERS FAREED BALDERSTON NEWTON HADDOCK JAMES PIERCE BROSTOFF IUI STYLUS IQJ2. STUDENT COUNCIL GOODHUE POWERS STRIC ND FAREED BROWN STELLE EV S BOWER BOARD OF CONTROL DANFORTH JONES MERTON POWERS BROSTOFF .SKELLY BRIGGS ST. CLAIR GOSSLAND POWER K 16 T STYLUS I9-32 DON GREENLEE - - STANLEY PHILLIPS - RALPH SUTHERLAND BENTON BRADY - - STANFORD ANDREWS BOYS' LEAGUE - Treyident - - Vice-Tfeyident - - Secretary - - Entertainment - - Wvelfare - STANFORD ANDREWS - - NED BARTLET - PAUL ST. CLAIR - BILLY ALLEN - STANLEY PHILLIPS GREENLEE BRADY ST. CLAIR ANDREWS ARTLETT ALLEN PHILLIPS L173 I? F55 STYLLI 02. , I I I BOYS' SERVICE CLUB Fzut Semefter BENTON BRADY - STANLEY PHILLIPS - - GEORGE LOCKWOOD JOE BELL ALLEN DANIELSON HARDIN JONES GEORGE LOCKWOOD BILL LAUDERDALE CLYDE PORT BILL Ross FRANK BROWN LUIS BURRIS BOE GREENLAW JIM KITTRIDGE JACK KNIGHT ROBERT MAC VICAR ED STEELE OFFICERS Second Semeflef - ?1'efidenf - - STANLEY PHILLIPS Vice-?1'efident - - - SAM BROSTOFF - Secfetary - - ALBERT NEWTON MEMBERS i181 EDWARD TRUE NORMAN WIMPRESS DON DEWAR KERMIT ECKLEBARGER EDWARD KNUCHELL ROBERT KNUCHELL CHANDLER LINDSAY BOB STONER GUY SMITH GEORGE RUTTER STEVE TAGGART BOB YODER OMAR FAREED DON GREENLEE STYLUS 1932 W GIRLS' SERVICE CLUB Fzrst Semefter MAR JORIE PUTNUM - BETTY SHERMAN - - VIRGINIA HENDERSON - BEVERLY POWERS ARDIS WAIDELICH BETSY DEKKER GRACE ROOT ELEANOR BRADLEY LUCILLE MALLOUGH MAR JORIE GOODHUE SHIRLEY SLOAN MARIE BERENDSOHN BARBARA TAUXE LILLIAN ORMISHER JANE BRIGGS VIRGINIA BULLINGER BERYL MITCHELL BETTY MABRY OFFICERS Second Semefter - '?reIidenz - - - MARY LOU JOY Vine-'President - - HERMOINE STELLE - Serremry - - MARY EDITH SMITH MEMBERS E191 GRACE STORMS MARGARET CHASE DORIS ANSPACH RUTH LOCKWOOD FRANCIS BAKER BETTY MONTGOMERY KATHRYN BUTTERFIELD IVIILDRED SMITH MARTHA SHERWOOD VELMA RAMEY MARY LAMOREAUX OPAL EVANS DORIS BURKE JANET BALDERSON FRANCIS LORD STYLUS IQDZ. ARDIS WAIDELICH - MARY LOU JOY - - MAR JORIE PUTNAM DOROTHY WILSON - JANE BRIGGS - - BETTY KLITTEN - BETTY NUZUM - DOROTHY CROZIER - BEVERLY POWERS - MAR JORIE REED - - IMOGENE GAUNT - JOSEPHINE SWIGGETT WILMA HITCI-IGOCK ELAINE FAREED - - ANNETTE GRAINGER IVIARRY LAMOREAUX ELEANOR REID - - GIRLS' LEAGUE Tarexident - - Vice-T'reJident - - Secretary - - '1'r'ea.rnr'er - - Uniform Chr. - - Honorary - - Social Chr. - - Friendship - - 'Tbilnntwopic - - - U7elfare - - Entertainment - - - Finance - - - Freflarnnn Repl. - - Soph. Rept. - - fzzni0r'Repl, - BEVERLY POWERS MARTHA SHERWOOD - - - JANE BRIGGS - RUTH KLAUS - - LYNEL HARRIS - ARDIS WAIDELICH MAR JORIE PUTNAM - - MARY LOU JOY - - FRANCES LORD JOSEPHINE SWIGGETT ANNETTE GRAINGER - MARY GILLELAND - - PEGGY NORRIS - BETTY JANE UHL - - GLORIA BAILEY - Senior Repz. - - HERMOINE STELLE - Tublifily - JW 1 -j - - PATSY CANNON ff! J u W UM I ffff' ' WAIDELICH KLAUS JOY POWERS SHERWOOD PUTNAM STELLE BRIGGS i201 STYLUS I9-32 lil- BOOK STORE H. M. HART ------------ - - JVIWQIW1 JOHN CALHOUN AND DAVID MADEN - - cA,f5iJ'Zd,7Zl'.f JAIIES STEELE ------- - Qf4dUUPf 1 BANK ROBERT T151-1 - - - - - - - Sery of Finanre AL NEWTON ---- - - Secy of Finance Sec. Sem EDNA PETERSON BOB SMITHERS VELMA HEssE VERA CLUGAGE ARNOLD CONERO CARL FREDERICKSON DOROTHY STILLER WILSON PARKS JAMES FULLERTON i213 JOHN PAGE MIKE FRABISILIO VINCENT FRABISILIO BETTY HART MARGUERITEA MOLEN JAMES STEBBINS KERMIT HANSON KENNETH DOWSON, Bookkeeper STYLUS IQQZ. Fir!! Semefter CREW Suomi SEHZEIIE1' JOHN FORD - - - - Stage Jvlmmger - - BYRON MANIECE ART GRAY - - - - Electrician - RAY WILBER BYRON MANIECE - - - RAIN. 6'lecz1'irian - - RAY WILBER RAY WILBER - - - - Flyzmm - RAY WILBER JACK BIREN - Vim. Flymfw - RAY WILBER ED SKELLY - - - Tvojecrionifz - - ED SKELLY MISS CRANDALL ------ Uidviyer ------ MISS CRANDALL ?fii I-A . USHERS LUCILLE MALLOUGH --------- ------ H end DORIS ANSPACH VIRGINIA HENDERSON GRAYCE SHORE BETHAL COKE ROBERTA KEIR LOUISE SHORB LILA COKE ELLA MAE LA ROWE DOROTHY STILLER DOROTHY DAVIS LILLIAN ORMESHER ROSEMARY STRAIGHT DOROTHY GRIMES RUTH PATTERSON MISS IRWIN, Advixer i221 STYLUS I9-52 CAFETERIA BENTON BRADY - ----- - Jvlanuger MISS TILTON - - - U4dw.fe1 HUGH ARNOLD THERESA BECERRA JAMES BROWN LORNE BROWN BOE BROUGHTON CHARLES BROUGHTON JAMES BUGUENTHAL FRANK BROWN CONNER COLE ART CRUICKSHANK KERMIT ECKLEBARGER ED FORD A BERNHARDT GOETKER CHARLES GROVER SANFORD GROVER CLIFFORD GUENTHER KENNETH GLENN VIOLET FINLAY IRMA HILBERT f23 MIRIAM JONES ROBERTA KIER RAYMOND LEWIS GRACE MITTREY INEZ PROBER FRED POTTER BILLY REAM HOWARD SIPPLE ROBERT SIPPLE HENRY SCHNEIDER DOROTHY STILLER GLADYS SUMP RAY STRICKLAND KENNETH THOMSON ROBERT WIAN GEORGE WILSON NORMAN WIMPRESS HELEN YOUNG ANNIE HARPIN STYLUS I9-32 'X X NNI xx BOARD OF CONTROL QSTAFFJ Semeyter I Semester SENIOR COMMISSIONERS I SAM BROSTOFF PAUL ST. CLAIR HARDIN JONES EDWARD SKELLY ART PUGH ROBERT MCVICAR HOWARD GORMAN DORIS BURKE GRACE ROOT JIM KITTRIDGE MARGARET SHERMAN ROGER AVER JUNIOR COMMISSIONERS BOB YODER JOHN BOWATER JACK KNIGHT KERMIT ECKLEBARGER ED KNUCHELL ALBERT NEWTON JACK ANDERSON DORIS ANSPACH FRANCES BAKER CHARLES BARNES GLORIA BAILEY BARBARA BARSTOW JOE BELL DICK POWER ROBERT GREENLAW JIM PERRY STEVE T AGGART BOB KNUCHELL VIRGINIA HENDERSON ASSISTANTS C241 JULES BEASLEY MELVIN BEAN PEGGY BECK FRED BERG T HERESA BECARRA REGINA BISSINGER JUNE BOYD XI XTYLLJE: IQOZ A :bf ELEANOR BOYER FRANK BROWN CAROL BRYANT JOHN BOWATER MARY BURROWES MARGARET BURT JEANNE BUTLER MAR JORIE BUDINGTON JANE CALVERT BETTY CAJACOB FRANK CARR RAY CARDER CLIFFORD CHELLEW DORIS CHRISTY ROBERT CLUGOG AL COCKSHUT MARY CROSS DOROTHY DAVIS JACK DAVIS ELVA MAE DONAHUE JOHN ELIOT KENNETH ELIOT WARREN FELLINGHAM BILL FLOYD MIKE FRABASILIO HARRY GALBRAITH DONALD GLENN JEAN GRAMN PEGGY GOULD LOUISE GORE JACK GUNTER NAOMI HADDOCK RUTH HADDOCK EDNA HARRINGTON ROLAND HEADLEE ALDA HOOD MILDRED HOCK JAMES HULDERD JEAN JAMES MABLE JAMES PAULINE JENCKS CLARENCE JOHNSON JANE JOHNSON MARGUERITA JOHNSON COLMER JONES HOWARD KAY VADA KEESHN JANE KELLER SAM KELLER DON KING CARL KRUETEL RUTH LOCKWOOD SYLVESTER LA CHASSE EMILY LOVEMAN GEORGE MAC RAE WILMA MCALLISTER BOB MCCLUSKEY DAMING MERRICK BETTY MONTGOMERY BILL MONTGOMERY i251 MARGARET NICHOLAS DON OLANDER LORENE PARKER JOHN PERKINS ESTHER PIEPER HARRY PLATTNER PAULINE REID THOMAS RICE GEORGE RUTTER HELEN SHEPPARD JANE SIMMONS DOUGLAS SMITH GUY SMITH MILDRED SMITH DON SPRADLING ED STEELE RAY STRICKLAND GRACE STORMS ROY STOVER BARBARA TAUXE DOLPH THOMAS MEL THOMPSON ED TRUE CHESTER VORWERK BYRON WALLNEY BEN WASHEM RUTH WHITE BILL WILBUR BEN WOOLSTENCRAET GENEVIEVE WILCOX STYLUS IQOZ GREETINGS TO Tl-IE l932 GRADUATES HE Glendale High School Alumni Associa- tion extends to you, the members of the 1932 graduating class, hearty congratulations on the occasion of your having achieved a significant milestone in your lives. As you assume the responsibilities and duties of life, we welcome you to our organization, The Al- umni Association offers to you, whose paths are al- ready diverging, the opportunity to preserve the friendships formed during the last four years, to keep happy memories alive, and to strengthen the many ties which bind you to your high school days. Each year a day in May is designated in the school calendar as Homecoming Day. As former alumni have in the past, you will enjoy returning annually to visit with old-time friends. After gradu- ation this return visit once a year may represent your sole responsibility to Glendale High School, but it will prove to be, as the years go on, not so much a responsibility as a long-anticipated pleasure. Mav success await you all! JANE FANSETT, Sew'eZm'y Alumni Aixofiation. 526i MT MW Omfiiwjb - nWh'h'h'A'A'Nr 1 x A... I ll .. V A ,, O Q 35 if -1 V TV 1 1 F MMM! i-il. IDUIIDLICATIONSI STYLUS 19.152 ROSS REID Y I I N STYLUS BILL Ross - - JANET BALDERSTON - ELEANOR REID - - LOYS SAFIER - - GENE NICHOLSON - JOI-IN GLIDDEN - - GEORGE LOCKWOOD AVONNE CRAWFORD FRANCES BONHAM - MARGARET SHERMAN HELEN PARDON - - JEFFERSON SEARLES BENTON BRADY - BILL FRANK - BERNARD PAUL - BILL MORGAN - - GENE MCLAIN, MEL WILLARD HUBBARD BOB - - - - Editor - Uiffiytarzt Editor - - :Art Editor - LAdoerti5ing Jvlgr. - Sportf Editor - - - Sfbool Editor Clmref, Girly' Sports - - - Club: Editor - - - Eoentf Editor - Steno grtzphir Editor - vixxixttznt Lflrt Editor - Cirrtdtztion, Stzley - Circultztion, Salef - - mint. Lfldo. Jvlgr. - - Joleef UHL, Lfidrfertiiing ' Salefmert :F 'Tb WIAN, BOB GIBBONS GLIDDEN CRAWFORD BRADY SEARLES IZSJ S TYLLJ5 IQOZ ART Cover Design Faculty - - Students - Dramatics - Publications - Music - - Girls' Sports - Forensics - Social Events - Lettering - Dutch Skaters - Peasant Woman - Swiss - - Scotchman - Englishman - - Russian Dancer Skier ---- Spanish Dancer Runner - - - Classic Head - STYLUS CONTRIBUTORS - DOROTHY PARKER - DOROTHY LONGCROFT - - - JOHN KNEISEL - GRETTA HAINING - - LOIS JESSEN - - AGNES KILLION - KATHERINE SCHNEIDER - MADELINE JONES - LYNEL HARRIS - EDWARD ROHL - MADELINE JONES - - MIRIAM JONES - JEANNE BLODGETT - - LYNEL HARRIS - MARJORIE REED - - MADELINE JONES - - EDWARD ROHL - - ERNESTINE LACKEY - - LUIS BURRIS - ALICE STARNS SATIER N ICHOLSON BONHAM LOCKWOOD BALDERSTON FLANK T291 S TY!-L15 IQDZ. - , . . N EXPLOSION fFi1'5Z SE7I'l6J'fE1'j Edizor ----- JANET BALDERSTON Uhsomzte Editor - - - ELEANOR REID Vfffimmr Edizoff - LORRAINE COFFMAN Spam Fdizor ---- FRED LAUGHRAY ijaminexf Jvlmmgerf MARY BURROWES, HELEN PARI:-ON Faculty vfdvixer - DELMAR J. EDMONDSON Reporterf MARGARET ISITT, CHRISTINE SHOEMAKER, SUZANNE LEAROYD, JOHN GLIDDEN, ED CANNON, GENE MCLAIN, AND STANFORD ANDREWS. N sf ,Q . X TL Iwo' A ..- I A i301 I , , Z - T LLJ - IQQ2 ' I 1 XPLOSION FRANCIS BONHAM , X ' I X A Eonji emexterj c.xf1JJOL'ZdI8 6' 01 MARION SMITH U4nz.fmm Edzzof LESTELLE ALBRIGHT S ports Sditor ----- ED CANNON Bufineu Jvlamzgef- - - JOHNNY LEUER Fuczzlty vidvisef- - DELMAR J. EDMONDSON Rep01'fe1'J JEAN JAMES, RUTH HADDOCK, ROBLEY T HEINHARDT, PATSY CANNON, MARY JANE CAJACOB, JOHN GLIDDEN, STAN ANDREWS, GENE MCLAIN, BILL MOR- GAN, SAM ZITNICK, MAX SHADLEY, GEORGE LOCKWOOD. , " . , 2 "4 X x. i311 CLASSES 'Pmxanf Woman Jvlirium jane.: Simi! Hiker Jeanne 'Bladgell STYLLJS IQ-3 Z Tage JOHN PAGE - BENTON BRADY - - CHARLES POWER IMOGENE GAUNT Miss SOPER - - ?ower Gaim! SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WINTER 52 312151 y - Tireridenf Vice-Tresident - Secretary - T 1'ea.tu1fer - cfldvirer The Winter Class of '32 which has so ably represented Glendale High School in the realms of athletics, forensics, and dramatics, left a gap which was hard to fill in the student body. They left behind them many valued friendships among both students and faculty. We are happy to have been associated with them in student body affairs during the past four years. We wish to extend to them our best wishes for their future success. f35l TYLLIS IQQZ ALMASSY, JEAN ADELLE Burbank: Glendale J. C.5 Hall Duty 111, 121g G, A. A. 111, 121, 1513 Spanish 121, 1315 Gym Secretary 131. ANDERSON, MARY VIRGINIA Hollywood High: Glendale Junior College5 "Sugar"5 Mu- sic Club and Euterpe 141. ANDREWS, XWAYNE NEWLIN Huntington Parkg U. C. I.. A.g "Bud", Cabinet 111 5 Hall Rii3ty1l.1, 121, 1315 Honor Society 111, 121, 151g Music ARANT, DICK BABCOCK, JEANNE WINNIFRED "Bnbby"g Hall Duty 111, 1215 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 1413 Uniform Board 111, 121, 1315 Commeroe Club 121, 131, 141 3 Speedball 121 5 Basketball 151. BARSTOW, OLIVER ALLEN J. C.: "Ollie"g Hall Duty 131 3 Cafeteria 131 Q Explosion Staff 131 3 C Basketball 121, 151 5 Track Manager 151. BAIRD, FRANCES ANNA U. C. I.. A., Hall Duty 121g G. A. A. 111, 131: Girls' Service Club 121, 151 g Uniform Board 111 5 Comites 121 5 Science 131 3 Tennis 131. BECK, HELEN M. "Dinky"g Cafeteria 131 3 Commerce 131, 141. BERMAN, GENEVIEVE BIREN, GAGE FREDERICK Glendale Junior College, Auditorium Crew 151 5 Orchestra Student Director 151, 1415 Band 121, 151, 1415 Yell Leader 121g Music Club 1215 World Friendship 1215 Wrestling 1513 Football, Class B 131. BOHANNON, LEE BOLEN, JOHN LEONARD Glendale Junior College5 "Johnny"g Oratorical 131 1 Audi- torium Helper 131, 1415 Hall Duty 121, 151, 1415 Boys' Service Club 1415 Commerce Club 121, 131, 1415 Boys' "G" 141g Football A 141, Manager. BROWN, LOIS BROWN. ROY I, Glendale Junior Collegeg "Charlie Wong"g Student Coun- cil 131, 1415 Hall Duty 1115 Roll Room Representative 121 5 Spanish Club 121, 151, Engineer's 121, 131 5 Junior Tableau 131. 1541 S T Y l. LJ 5 I Q 3 BULLINGER, ROBERT LOUIS Van Nuysg Glendale I. C.5 "Bob"5 Orchestra 113, 123, 133, 143 5 Music Club 123, 143 5 Track B 133. CAMARGO, RALPH JAMES Glendale J. C. and U. C. L. A.5 "C0yle"5 Cabinet 143 5 Student Council 133, 1435 Class President 1235 Class Committee 123, 133, 1435 Aud. Helper 123, 133, 1435 "Our American Cousin" 1435 "Twelfth Night" ' 143, 133, Boys' Service Club 123, 133, 143 5 Spanish Club 123, 143 5 Wforld Friendship Club 1235 Boxing 113, 123, 133, 143 5 Vice-President of Student Body 143 5 Wrestling 133 5 Baseball 133 5 Commerce Club 143. 0 Eddie Hall D um Re ese CASADEBAIG, EDWAR EPH ' McKinley junior igh' anki yi ' Trade Sch ol5 . ' . E ' ce i 3 b i 5 i i 1 tative 113 , Bo s m a o 1435 Somoac lub 3, 1 5 Wrestli 133 I CHENEY, HARDIN ARD " K Inglewoodg J. C.5 "Twelfth Night" 1435 Chess Club 153, 143- CHRISTY, VIVIAN Junior Collegeg "Vivi"5 Hall Duty 1135 Class Debate 1135 Junior Dance Dec. 153: Honor Society 113, 123, 133 5 G. A. A. 113 5 Uniform Board 123, 133 5 Forum '123, 133 5 French 133, 143 5 Publicity Staff 133, 143 5 President of World Friendship 133. COFFMAN. LORRAINE C. L. A. Pacific College5 Class Committee 1435 Hall Duty 123, 1335 Explosion Staff, Asst. Editor 1435 Roll Room Repres. 123, 133: Debate 1235 Rings and Pins 1435 Honor Society 133, 1435 Uniform Board 123: Comites 133 5 Forum 123 5 World Friendship 123, 133 5 Physiology 133 5 Senior Commissioner 143 5 Sec. of Junior Council 133. COKE, FRANCES BETHEL Glendale J. C.g "Beth"5 Usher 133, 143 5 Hall Duty 1143 1 G. A. A. 123, 133, 1435 Commerce 1235 Girls' Hiking 133, 143 5 Physiology 133, Girls' Swimmin 1135 Volley- ball 123, 1435 Speedball 133, 1435 Basketiall 133, 1435 Hockey 133 5 Girls' G Club5 Uniform Repres. 153, 143. CONRAD, ELIZABETH ALICE Glendale J. C.5 "Betty"5 G. A. A. 113, 123, 133, 1435 Spanish 1339 Science 1435 Tennis 123. 1335 Basketball 1435 El Dorado Club 133, 143: Leaders Club 133, 1435 Gym Secretary 133 5 G. A. A. Executive Board 133, 143 . CORBETT, EDNA MARY San Bernardino Highg Variety Show 1435 G. A. A. 133. DANFORTH, PAUL WILLIAM Long Beach Polyg junior Collegeg Class Committee 143 5 Senior Commissioner, Board of Control 133, 1435 Cafe- teria 143 5 Stylus Staff 133 5 Roll Room Repres. 133 5 Belle af Bagdad 133 5 Boys' Service Club 143 5 Music 133 1 Boys' "G" 1435 Boys' Glee 133, 1435 Varsity Football Man- ager 133, 143. DITTEMORE, MELVIN Glendale J. C.5 Hall Duty 113, 123, 1335 Boys' "G" 1435 Class B Track 133, 1435 Assistant Manager Class B Basketball 143. ELZ, THOMAS EMERY, MARJORIE FANSLER, HARRY 1351 TYLLJ5 IQQZ. FERGUSON, MARIAN FORD, JOHN K. Cabinet 1215 Hooverg Senior Announcements 1415 Aud. Hellvff 1111 Hall Duty 111, 121: Cafeteria 121, 131. 1415 Roll Room Repres. 131 5 Three One Acts 121 5 De- bate 1215 Tableau 1215 junior Prom and Senior Dance 131, 1415 Stage Crew 111, 121, 131, 1415 Asst. Track Manager 121g Carnival Day Committee 121, 131. FROST, ALLAN ' ' Frosty' ' . GAUNTT, IMOGENE FRANCES University of Oregong "Didje"g Girls' League Ofhcer 111, 131, 1415 Class Officer 121, 131, 1415 Class Committee 121, 131, 1415 Hall Duty 1115 Roll Room Repres. 111, 121, 131 5 12th Night Property Mistress 141 5 Party Com- mittee 111, 121, 131, 141g Tableau 111, 1315 Philan- thro ic Committee 1215 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 1415 Uniflbrm Board 111. GELSINGER, MARY GEORGE, HUGH L, A. Polyg L. A. J. C.5 Student Bank 141 5 Dance Com- mittee 141 5 Spanish 141, GOODRICH, VIRGINIA GOSSERAND, FRANCES DOUGLAS U. C. L.'A.g Banquet Committee 1415 Hall Duty 131, 1415 Honor Society 111, 131, 141: G. A. A, 111, 121, 131, 141 5 Girls' Service 141 5 World Friendshi 121, 131, 1415 French Club 131, 1415 Volleyball 11175 Uniform Representative 111, 131g Senior Commissioner 1415 Board of Control 141. GRANT, DOROTHY JESSIE Glendale J. C.5 "Dot"5 Hall Duty 1115 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 1415 World Friendship 121, 131, 1413 El Dorado 141 5 Physiology 151 5 Tennis 121 5 Volleyball 111. HARRIS, FRANCES HEIM, EARL H. U. S. C.g Hall Duty 111, 1215 Commerce Club 131, 1415 Engineers 131, 141 5 B Track 141. HELEFRICH, MARGARET JANE Glendale J. C.5 "Marg"5 Uniform Chairman 131 Q Finance Chairman 1415 Senior Announcements 1415 Senior Com- missioner 1415 Pickles 1415 G. A. A. 111, 121, Vice- President 1313 Girls' Service 121, Vice-President 131, 1415 Uniform 131: Uniform Chairman 141g President Physiol- ogy Club 131: Girls' "G" Club 141, President 131 5 Girls' Glee 131, 141 5 Tennis 111, 121, Vice-President 131 Q Vol- leyball 111, 121 3 Euterpe Club President 141. HERRIOTT, WILLIAM ALAN Albuquerque ,I-Iighg Washington Stateg "Bill"g Senior Dance Committee 1415 Boys' UG" 131, 1415 B Football 131 : B Basketball 131 5 A Basketball 141 5 Baseball 131. HITCHCOCK, ELIZABETH HENRIETTA U. S. C.5 "Betty"5 Secretary of Girls' Athletics 1415 De- bate 1415 Debate 1215 Honor Society 111, 121, Vice- President 131, 141g G. A. A. 111, 121, Secretary 131, President 1415 Uniform Board 1415 Comites 121, 131, 1415 Forum 121, 131, Secretary 1415 French 131, 1415 Tennis 1215 Leaders' Club 141. i561 STYLUS '95 HUBBARD, ALLEN MILES Art School, "Al", Class Committee 133 , Hall Duty 123 , Roll Room Representative 153, Variety Show 123, 153: 1 Dance Committee 153, 143, Somoac Club 123, 153, 143, 1 HUFNAGEL, WILLIAM A. ' 1 junior College, "Bill", Hall Duty 113, Cafeteria 113, Roll Room Representative 123, Dance Committee ' Senior Banquet 143, Spanish 123, C Football 113 , neers' Club 153, 143. om, Engr- INMAN, OLGA GORDON Hall Duty 113, 123, 153: Stylus Staff 143, Roll Room Representative 123, 133, Debate 113, Tableau 123. 133, Honor Society 123, Forum Club 123, 153, Science 143, Scribblers' 143, Basketball 113. ISITT, MARGARET J. C., "Margy"g Hall Duty 113, 123, Explosion Staff 143: Roll Room Representative 133, 143, Operetta 143: Tableau 113, 123, 153, G. A. A, 123, Uniform Board 113, Girls' Hiking 123, Som0aC 133, 143, Girls' Glee 153, 143, Tennis 153, Speedball 123. ITO, MARY JACOBSON, OLINE JAYNES, BEULAH P. Pacific State J. C., "Caesar", Hall Duty 113, G. A. A. 113, 123. 133. 143 5 Commerce 153, 143: Physiology 143: Gir1S'SWimmirig113, 123, 153:V011eyba11113, 123, 153, 143, Speedball 123, 153, 143, Basketball 153, 143, Hockey 1535 Girls' "G" 133. 143. JEWETT, JEAN Hoover, U. C. L. A., Roll Room Representative 123, Senior Announcement 143, Friendship Committee 143: G. A. A. 113, 123, Uniform 113, 123, Spanish 153: Basketball 113. JOHNSON, ELMER U. C. L, A., Tableau 123, Dance Committee 153 , Honor Society 143, Boys' Service Club 123, 153, Spanish 123, 153, Engineers 113, 123, Science 123, 153, Stage Crew 123 , Stage Manager 113. JOHNSON, MARGARET KAUSEN, ETHEL LOUISE J. C., "Eth", Hall Duty 113, 123, Roll Room Represen- tative 113, 123, Tableau 153, G. A, A. 113, 123, 153, 143 , Girls' Hiking 113 1 Girls' Swimming 113 , Girls' Glee 143, Tennis 113, Volleyball 113, 123, Speedball 113, 123, Basketball 113, 123, 143. KEIM, BETTY Shawnee Mission High School, Mo., Stanford, "Bee", Hall Duty 113, Operetta 113, 123, Honor Society 1533 G. A. A. 153, Basketball 113, 123. KIIVIBLE, DON U. C. L. A., "Bunny", Student Body President 143: Board of Control Chairman 143, Secretary-Treasurer of Boys' League 153: Junior Treasurer 133, Hall Duty 113, 153, Senior Dance 143, Boys' Service Club 143, Vice- President of Boys' "G" 143, C Football 113, Captain 123, B Football 153 , C Basketball 123, C Track 123, B Track 153, 143. KINGSTON, WILLIAM JOHN Nighni Movgorad, Russia, "Bill", Cabinet 153, Vice- President 143, Boys' League Vice-President 133, President 143 , Class Secretary 153 , Rings and Pins Committee 153 g Hall Duty 123, 153 , Senior Commissioner 143 , Roll Room Representative 113, 123, 153, 143, Dance Committee 153, 143, Stag Party and Carnival Committee 153, Honorary Member Boys' Service 143 , Boys' "G" 153, President 143 3 Class C Football 113, 123, Class B 153, Class A 143, Track 153, 143, Baseball 143 , Wrestling 143. i571 TYLLJ IQQZ. KLITTEN. BETTY KAY U. S. President Girls' League 111, 1415 Secretary of Assemblies 1415 Girls' League 111, 121, 131, 1415 Hall Duty 1115 Class Officer 1115 Oratorical 1115 Roll Room Representative 111, 1215 Wardrobe Mistress 1415 Dance and Party Committee 121, 131, 1415 Son Leader 1415 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 141: Honorary iflember Girls' Service 1415 Uniform Board 1115 Forum 121, 151, 1-115 French 121. KNOWLTON, JANE ALTHEA Milwaukee High, Wis.5 Glendale J. C.5 Hall Duty 1415 Comites 141. KNUCHELL, EVAN LAMB, CATHRYN LOUISE Lincoln, Nebraskag Long Beach J. C.5 "Kitty"5 Cafeteria 1115 Roll Room Representative 1115 Variety Show 131, 1415 Operetta 151: G. A. A. 111, 1215 Music 131, 1415 Spariisgi 1315 Physiology 131: Girls' Glee 131, 141 5 Ten- nis 2 . LEITCH, BOB Texas Aggies5 "Berdie"1 Hall Duty 121, 1315 Dance Committee 1415 Boys' "G" Club 1415 B Basketball 1215 A Basketball 151, 141. LIVINGSTON, PHYLLIS CATHERINE L. A. High: Holmby Girls' Collegeg "Phil"5 Class Secre- tary 1515 Dance Committee 131, 1415 Roll Room Repre- sentative 141 5 Rings and Pins 131 5 Song Leader 141. LUCAS, GEORGIA MAE MACLAREN, JANET A. San Diefog Glendale J, C.5 "Scott "5 Hall Duty 151, 141 5 Rol Room Representative 131 3 '1'ableau 121 5 G. A. A. 121, 1315 Music 141: Girls' Swimming 121, 1315 World Friendship 121, 1315 Basketball 141 5 Variety Show 131. MCDOWELL, HAROLD MCCLAIN, THOMAS HUGH Cliffside High, N. J.5 "Mac"5 Debate 141 5 French 131: Engineers 121 5 Radio 141. MATHIS, JOHN HENRY U. of Arizonag "Ten Semester"5 Hall Duty 111, 121, 1315 Roll Room Representative 1115 Orchestra 111, 1215 Band 1215 Senior Banquet 1415 Music 1215 C. M. T. C. 131 5 Boys' Glee 141 5 C Football 131 5 C Basketball 131. MENELEY, ROBERT EZRA New Trier, Ill.5 Curtis Wrightg "Bob"5 Aud. Helper 131 5 Roll Room Representative 141 5 Carnival Day 131 1 C Foot- ball 1115 Junior Varsity 1315 Wrestling 111, 121, 131, 1415 Engineers' Club 141. MOLDEN, DOROTHY L. A. J. C.5 "D0t"5 Hall Duty 1213 1315 Operetta 1415 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 1415 Uniform Board 1115 Hiking 1115 Volleyball 1115 Baseball 111. MORGAN, JANE I 38 1 STYLUS IQD MORRELL, ARTHUR George Washingtong Texas Aggiesg "Art"5 Science 131. 1415 B Football Manager 131 g B Basketball Manager 131. MOULTON, ARTHUR MUHLEMAN BARBARA OSEPHINE I JLSL5 "Barbie"g Music 131 5 Physiology 141 5 Girls' Glee 1 . MUHLEMAN, RUTH LOUISE U. C. L. A.5 "Ruthie"5 Explosion Staff 1415 Honor So- ciety 1l1, 121, 1315 Uniform Board 111. NELSON, H. VINCENT Stanfordg "Vinnie"5 Student Council 1415 Boys' League Ofhcer 1415 Class Committee 1415 Senior Commissioner 141 5 Roll Room Representative 141 5 Dramatics 141 5 Dance Committee 141 5 A Basketball 131 5 A Track 131. NEVILLE, HOWARD T. U. C, L. A.5 Sec. Finance 1315 Sec. Debate 1415 Senior Gift Committee 1415 Aud. Crew 1315 Hall Duty 1215 Cafeteria 121, 131 5 Roll Room Representative 131 5 Debate 131, 1415 Honor Society 111, 121, 131, President 1415 Boys' Service 121, 1315 Commerce 1315 Forum 121, 131, 1415 Boys' Glee 141. NEWTON, RUSSELL LYANS J. C.g "Russ"5 Senior Announcement 1415 junior Com- missioner 1315 Hall Duty 1115 Boys' Service 1415 A Track 141. NICKELL, WANDALEE J. C.5 "Nikki"5 Class Officer 1215 Class Committee 131, 1415 Hall Duty 1115 Roll Room Representative 1315 Shakesperean Contest 1315 Senior Play 1415 G, A. A. 111, 121, 131, 141: Uniform Board 1115 President Physi- ology Club 131. NIDEVER, MARY E. Banningg U. S. C.5 Cafeteria 1215 Party Committee 1215 Uniform Board 1115 Commerce 1313 Spanish 121, 131, NUTT, SALLY "Squirrel-food"g Senior Announcement 1415 Roll Room Representative 111g Junior Dance 1315 A. A. 111, 121, 131, 1415 Commerce 121, 131. Sec,-Treas. 1415 Girls' Swimming 121 5 Tennis 121 5 Volleyball 111 5 Speed' ball 121, 1315 Basketball 141g Hockey 131. NUZUM, MARY BETTY Le Conte5 U. S. C.g "Botts"5 Cabinet 1415 Girls' League Officer 1415 Class Officer 131, 141 5 Class Committee 131, 1415 Hall Duty 111, 121, 131 5 Explosion 1415 Roll Room Representative 131, 141, Dramatics 121, 1415 Operetta 1215 Debate 111, 131, 1415 Dance Committee 131, 1415 Class Song Leader 1315 French 121, 131, Forum 121, 1331, 14,15 Music 121, 1315 Girls' Glee 131, 1415 Volley- a 11 . OLANDER, ALICE Trade Schoo15 "Al"g Hall Duty 111, 1315 Roll Room Representative 1115 G. A, A. 111, 121, 1315 Commerce 121, 131, 141g Music 121g Girls' Swimming 1315 Tennis 131, 1415 Volleyball 1115 Basketball 1115 Hockey 121. OLSON, ROBERT O'NEILL, MARYELLEN Rawlins Highg "Babe"5 G. A. A. 131, 1415 Commerce President 131, 141, i591 'F 'W' L. LJ 5 I Q DZ. 1 PE PO PO PO PY RA RO RO RO PAGE, JOHN CAMPBELL Evanston Hi Schoolg Northwestern Universityg Class Presi- dent 1455 Dance Committee 135: Operetta 135g Constitu- ional Oratorical 135g Boys' "G" Club 125, 135, 145g Boys' Glee Club 135, 145g Scribblers' 135, Basketball A 125, 155 5 Captain 145. RRY. TOM Washington U., Washington, D. C., "Teepee"g Cabinet 125, 135, 145, President Boys' League 115, 145g Class Treasurer 1153 Class President 135 5 Class Committee 135, 145 3 Hall Duty 125 g Senior Commissioner 135 3 Roll Room Representative 115, 125, 155, 145g Junior Dance Com- mittee 135g Head Yell Leader 1354 Honor Society 115, 125, 145 g N. A. S. S. 125, 135, 145 g Boys' Service Club 115, Honorary Member 1555 Forum 125 g Boys' "G" 145 g B Football 125 g C Basketball 115 5 B Basketball 125, 155 Q Golf 135g Manager Swimming 135. PENN, WILLIAM PHILLIPS, VIRGINIA PICKETT, FRANCES UNA Eagle Rock Highg Pasadena J. C.: "Fran", Commerce 135, 145 g Speedball 155g Basketball 145g Hockey 145. TTER, MARY WALLACE Shasta High, Redding, Cal.g Glendale J, C.: "Wally", Roll Room Representative 145 g G. A. A. Committee 155 5 G. A, A. 135, 145g Vice-President Marionettes 155, Presi- dent 145g Volleyball 135 5 Speedball 135 g Basketball 155, 145g Hockey 155, Baseball 1453 Uniform Representative 145, Gym Secretary 135, 145. TTER, VANCE ROHM Fresno Highg Stanford Lane Hospital, S. F. WER, CHARLES Glendale J. C.g "Chuck": Cabinet 155, 145, Class 083- cer 145 g Hall Duty 125 g Board of Control 135, Chairman 1453 Roll Room Representative 125, 1353 Variety Show 1355 Orchestra 1155 Band 125, Dance Committee 145: N. A. S. S. 125, 145, President 1355 Bo s' Service 145g Boys' "G" 135, 145g B Football 125, 131, A Football 145 g C Track 115 3 Wrestling 135, 145 3 A Swimming 135. LE, VIRGINIA PEAN, CLIFFORD REESE, WILLIAM Stanfordg "Bill", Hall Duty 115, 125, 135g Boys' "G" 1555 B Football 115 g A Football 125, 1353 A Track 115, 125, 135 g Tennis 125, 135g Boxing 115 g Wrestling 115 Swimming 125. BERTS, MARGARET MURIN South Pasadena Highg J. C., "Miclge"g G. A. A. 135 145g Girls' Service 1251 Music 125, Comites 115, 125 Girls' Swimming 115, 1255 Girls' "G" 145 5 Tennis 115, 125, 135, President 145g Volleyball 115, 125g Basketball 125. i ACH, JOHN IVAN Oregon Agriculture, "Red"g Hall Duty 125, 1353 Oper- etta 135, 145s Music 135. 145: BOYS' "G" 135, 145s Boys' Glee 135, 1453 B Football 1253 A Football 135, 1455 A Track 155. 145. DDA, ANGELENE MERRIAM Eagle Rock Highg "Angie"g Band 135, 145g G. A. A. 135, 1455 Music 145, Girls' Glee 145. i403 STYLUS D SAFIER, LOYS Newton High, N. Y.5 "Safy"5 Hall Duty 151 5 Art Editor Stylus 1415 Dance Committee 1415 G. A. A. 131, 1415 World Friendship 1415 Somoac 131, 1415 Marionette 141. SEGALE, LOUISE ROSEMARY U. S. C.5 Stylus Staff 141 5 Explosion 141 5 Honor Society 111, 121,151zG-A-A-131, 141:F0rum141. SCHNEIDER, OTTO Occidental5 Hall Duty 111 5 Cafeteria 111, 121, 131, 1415 French 141 5 Engineers 131. SHAW, DOROTHY Eagle Rock Highg U. S. C.5 "Dot"5 Roil Room Repre- sentative 1315 G. A. A. 131, 1415 Music 1415 Girls' Hiking 141. SHERMAN, BETTY JANE Glendale J. C.5 Hall Duty 1215 Variety Show 1315 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 1415 Girls' Service 121, Sec.- Treas. 131, Vice-Pres. 1415 Girls' Hiking 111, 121, 131, President 1415 Girls' "G" Secretar 141, President 1415 Tennis 1415 Volleyball 111, 121 5 Slpeedball 1215 Basket- ball 121, 131, 1415 Hockey 121, 1315 Baseball 131. SCHUMAKER, CHRISTINE Alabama5 "Chris"5 Song Leader 1415 Class Committees 121, 1415 Hall Duty 121, 1315 Explosion Staff 1415 Roll Room Representative 121 5 Twelfth Night 141 5 Pickles 131 5 Debate 131, 1415 Dance Committees 131, 1415 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 1415 Music Club 131, 1415 Variety Show 1415 Forum 131, 1415 Girls' Hiking 1115 Girls' Glee 131, President 1415 Euterpe 1415 Vol eyball 111 5 Basket- ball 121, 1515 World Friendship 121, 131. SIMPSON, GEORGE A. Glendale J. C.5 Hall Duty 111 5 Engineers Club 121, 131. SIMPSON, VIOLET SMITH, GEORGE H. SNODGRASS, DORIS STEPHENS, HERBERT EDWARD Virgil Junior Highg S. D. Army and Navy Academyg "Cookie"5 Boys' League Of?icer 1215 Class Committee 1115 Aud. Helper 111, 1215 Hall Duty 131. STRICKLAND, RAPHAEL S. Washington Stateg "Ray"5 Student Council 1415 Class Officer 1415 Class Committees 131, 1415 Aud, Helper 1315 Board of Control 1515 Cafeteria 121, 131, 1415 Roll Room Representative 131, 141 5 Dance Committee 111, 131, 1415 Carnival Day Committee 131, 1415 Honor So- ciety 111 5 N. A. S. S. 141 5 Boys' Service 141 5 Commerce 131, President 1415 Science 131, 1415 Boys' "G" 151, 1415 Football 1215 C Basketball 1115 B Basketball 121, 1315 A Basketball 1415 Tennis 111, 121, 131, 141. STRONG, LESTER C. Glendale J, C.5 Hall Duty 1115 Engineers' Club 131, 1415 B Football 1315 B Football Manager 141. TAYLOR, CELESTA Pasadena Collegeg "Babe"5 Hall Duty 1115 Senior Ban- quet 141 5 Honor Society 131. 1411 TYLLJ5 IQCJZ TORREY, CECIL TOWNSEND, LOUISE ADELINE Osteopathic Collegeg 4"Lou"5 Roll Room Representative 111, 1315 Honor Society 111, 121, 151, 1415 Federation Ping G. A. A. 111, 121, 151, 1415 Girls' Service 1515 Uniform Board 1115 Commerce 111, 121, 151, 1415 French 111, 121 5 Physiology 151, 1415 Student Bank 131. VERNON, CLARENCE WAGNER, EDNA ERYL Conservatory of Music5 "Ed"5 Hall Duty 141. WATERS, LENORA J. C.5 "Nonie"g Dance Committee 1415 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 1415 Uniform Board 111, Commerce 121, 131. XVAXMAN, MITCHELL WHITE, JOHN VINTON G. J. C.5 "Vinnie"5 Hall Duty 1115 Roll Room Repre- sentative 1115 Orchestra 111, 121, 1415 Music 1415 Li- brarian 131. WHITMAN, MARY LOUISE West Seattle High, Glendale J. C.5 "Mary Lou"5 Hall Duty 111, 1415 Art Editor Stylus Stat? 1515 Senior Repre- sentative' Oratorical 1415 Dance Committees 151, 1415 Tableau 1215 G. A. A. 121, 131zGir1s' Service Club 1411 Somoac 111, 121, 131, 1415 World Friendship 121, 131g Variety Show 121, 151, 141. WILSON, GEORGE WILSON, WALTER G. WOLLESEN, JAMES BLAISDELL Hyde Park, Chicago, Ill.5 Glendale J. C.5 "Jim"5 Class Committee 1415 Hall Duty 151, 1415 Dance Committee 141 5 German 151, 141 5 Scribblers' 151. RICH, JOHN junior Collegeg "Tommy"5 Dramatics 151 g G. A. A. Yell Leader and Song Leader 1215 G. A. A. 111, 121, 151, 1415 Uniform Board 151, 1415 Physiology 1115 Girls' "G" 1415 Tennis, Volleyball, Speedball, Basketball 111, 121,131,141sH0Ck9Y121.131. 141. LAWSON, RUTH GERALDINE MITCHELL, RUTH E421 Ui 9 7' YLUS 'QCD 2,1 M' 1 r i R wmwfw SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SUMMER 32 DON GREENLEE - ---- - PAUL ST. CLAIR - - JESSIE MERCER - MARY LOU JOY - MRS. LAMBERT' - T was with great regret that the student body of Glendale High School bid farewell to the members of the summer class of '32. The school suffered a distinct loss as so many stu- dents Who were outstanding in all the various activities of our student body were members of this class. We are proud to have been known as their friends and we are sending them our very best wishes for future success and happiness. l43l - 'Preridemf Vice-'President - Secretmy - rT7'66l,fZl1'61' - eAd11i5e1' It N TYLKJS IQQZ. AKERS, PAUL C. G. J. C.5 Varsity Baseball 151, 141 5 Variety Show 141. ALEXANDER, DOROTHY Eagle Rock Highg Hall Duty 1115 Operetta 121, 1315 G. A. A. 111, 121 5 Music 1315 Girls' Hiking 1115 Girls' gee 163, 151, 1415 Marionette Club 121, 1315 Variety ow . ALLEN, ROBERT N. G. 1. C.5 "Bob"5 Hall Duty 111 5 Roll Room Representa- tive 1215 Boys' "G" 151, 1415 Basketball 111, 121 5 Track 851, 141:G01f 121, 131, 141:SW1mm11'1g 111, 121, ALLDRIDGE, SUMNER Berkeley High5 U. C. L. A.5 Class Committee 1415 Head Doorman 1415 Dance Committees 151, 1415 Honor So- ciety 141 5 N. A. S. S. 1415 Boys' "G" 1415 Varsity Bas- ketball 131, 1415 Varsity Baseball 1415 Senior Announce- ment Committee 141. AMSPACHER, IVIARY MAE Oklahoma City Highg U. C. L. A.5 "Babe"5 Senior Play Student Dir. 1415 Baccalaureate Committee 1415 G. A. A. 111, 121, 1315 Music 1415 Girls' Swimming 111, 1215 Girls' Glee 1415 Leaders 1315 Volleyball 111, 1215 Bas- ketball 111, Captain 121, 1515 Spring Festival 1415 Four Arts 141 Student Dir. ANDERSON, ELEANOR A. gafieiial 1215 G. A. A. 1515 Commerce 1315 Student 211 2 . ANTHES, FREDRICA JOSEPHINE , Stadium High, Tacomag "Freddie"5 Hall Duty 151. ARMOUR, LOUISE Roll Room Rep. 1315 Variety Show 151, 1415 Operetta - 1515 Commerce 131. ASHBY, BOYD L. A. Polytechnicg Projectionist 141. BALDWIN, LUCILLE VERA Fremont in L. A.5 Women's College of Ill.5 "Tiny" 5 Class Committee 1415 Hall Duty 121, 131, 1415 Roll Room Repres. 111, 121 5 Operetta 141 5 Orchestra 121, 1415 G. A. A. Banquet 1515 G. A. A. Yell Leader 1515 Song Leader G. A. A. 1315 Honor Society 1115 G. A. A. 111, 121, 1315 Uniform Board 131, 1415 Commerce 121, 1415 ' Music 121, 141. BANKS, DORIS BROWN U. C. L. A.5 Girls' League Jr. Rep. 1515 Explosion Staff 151 5 Roll Room Rep. 121 5 Variety Show 131, 141 5 Dance Decoration 1415 Senior Banquet 1415 Honor Society 1215 Ck, A. A. 1115 Unif -Rep. 1215 Spanish 1315 Science 1 . BANTA, DAVID . G. J. C.: " "5 Hall Duty 111, 1415 Boys' Service 121 A Foot a 1311 A Track 141. BARN , ARLES BURTON eor Washington Hi Schoolg Cal. Techg "Chuck" 5 Hall uty 415 Roll Room Rep. 1115 Band 1415 Radio 131, . 415 Science 141. RNES, JACK VINCENT U. S. C.5 Roll Room Rep. 1215 Science 1315 Boys' "G" 131, 141: C Track 111, 121. 1513 B Tfafk 1415 Engi- ' neers Club 131. 1 E441 STYLUS '93 BARNEY, SAXON CARROLL Phoenix Union High. BARTLETT, CHARLOTTE Baugh, Gwen-"Kink"g Hall Duty 111, 121g Operetta 131, 141: Music 151, 1415 Spanish 141g Science 141. BAUGH, GWEN "Kink"g Hall Duty 111, 121g Operetta 131, 1413 Music 151, 1413 Spanish 1415 Science 141. BEAMER, DORIS E. Inglewood Highg "Do"g Commerce 121, 131, 141. BECK, JOSEPHINE BECKMAN, ORVAL G. J. C.g Band 1213 German 121, 131. BELL, JOSEPH P. G. J. C.g "Wow", Hall Duty 1413 Boys' Service 141: Commerce 121, 151g Vice Pres. 1413 Boys' "G" 1415 A Football 141. ' BENNETT, WESLEY WARREN Belmont, G. I. C.: "SIeepy"g Stylus Staff Cartoon 151: Somoac 131, 141, Scribblers 131. BERRY, JACK BLACK, WILLIAM J. Cal. Techg "Bil1"g Honor Society 1215 Science 1413 BLATT, CLARA BETTY U. C. L. A.g Hall Duty 121, 131, Roll Room Rep. 151, G. A. A. 111, 121, 151, 1415 Girls' Service Club 1413 Comites 121, 1513 Frency 121, 1315 Treas. 141g Science 151, 1415 Tennis 131g Uniform Rep. 131. BLY, ORVILLE BOYCE, LOU HARRIETTE L Fairfax Houston School, Texasg Music 151, 141., BONHAM, FRANCIS G, 1. C.g "Franny"g Stylus Staff 1415 Explosion Staff 1415 Sr. Banquet Decoration 1413 French 121, 131. i453 5-Wx ' 4 5. 'S"l"Yl.I.LJ5 IQJZ V- . 1 BOWER, WILLARD WILLIAM Decatur, Ill.: Pomona3 Student Council 1413 Class Com mittee 1413 Roll Room Rep, 1313 Dance Committee 1413 N. A. S. S, 141. BRADLEY, DORIS MARGARET G, J. C.: Hall Duty 1113 G. A. A. um, 121, 131 1 Com- merce 111, 1213 Tennis 111, 121. BRADLEY, ELEANOR MARIAN Secretary of State 1413 Announcement Committee 141 3 So. Pasadena Debate 1313 Honor Society 1213 G. A. A. 121, 131, 1413 Girls' Service 1413 Commerce 121, 131. 1413 Physiology 1313 Scribblers 131, 141. BRADY, JR., BENTON S. U. C. L. A. "Ben"3 Welfare Chairman 1413 Vice-Pres. Sr. Class 1413 Aud. Helper 121, 131, 1413 Hall Duty 1213 Cafeteria 121, 1312 Manager 1413 Stylus Sta1'fP131, 1413 ' ' f v - . 4 3 Dance 131, 141, Boys Scrxice 1-1, 131. rcs 11 Balance and Beaker 1513 Pres. 1413 Somoac 1313 Treas. 1411 Boys' "G" 151, 1413 Manager A Football 1313 Golf 1313 Capt. 141, BRASZ. MARION LOUISE G. I. C.: Marionette Club. BRAUN, ELEANOR BARBARA "Budcly"3 Uniform Ref. 111, 121 3 Girls' Swimming 111 3 German 121, 131 3 Vo leyball 1113 Speedball 131. BRIXLEY, OMILEE BROSTOFF, SAM G. J, C.3 "Sammy"3 Cabinet 1413 Hall Duty 151 1 Oper- etta 1511 Boys' Service Club 1413 Boys' Glee 131, 1411 Variety Show 1413 Four Arts 1313 Board of Control Chairman 141. BROWER, BILLY Leipzig Conservatory of Music3 "Bill"3 Yell Leader 1Class1 121, 1313 Aud. Helper 131, 1413 Roll Room Rep. 1313 Dance Committee 131, 1413 Music. Pres, 1413 French 121, 131, 1413 Variety Show 121, 151, 141. BROWN, BILL BARCKLEY U. S. C.3 "SSO Brown"3 Roll Room Rep. 131 3 Boys' "G" 131, 1413 B Football 1113 A Football 1213 A Track 121, 131, 1413 Golf 1213 Wrestling 111, 1213 Engineers 131. BROWN, ELIZABETH MARY G, J. C.3 "Bctty"3 G. A, A. 111, 1213 Commerce 131, 1413 Tennis 111, 1313 Volleyball 111. BURKE, DORIS ROGERS Long Beach3 U, S. C.3 Sec. Girls' Athletics 1413 Girls' League 1413 Sr. Announcement Committee 1413 Hall Duty 141 3 Roll Room Rep. 121 3 South Pasadena Debate 1413 Honvr S0ClCfY111,121,131SG-A--'Y 111, 121, 1313 Pres. 1413 Girls' Service Club 1413 French 121, 1513 Science 1313 Girls' "G" Club Pres. 131, 1413 Basketball 111, 121, 131, 141: 5P95db311 121. 151:V0l12YbHH 131. 131: Tennis 1314 CA IACOB, MARY JANE Washington State3 G. J. C.3 Explosion Stalfg 141 3 Variety Show 1413 G. A. A. 111. CARMACK, GRACE 1 1461 STYLUS IQ-3 CARPENTER, GRACE MAY Pomona: Decoration Committee 141 5 Hall Duty 111 5 Va- riety Show 1415 Debate 141g Oratorical 121g Honor So- Ci9fY111,1Z1.151,141:G.A-A.111,121,151:F0rl1m 131, 1415 Girls' Hiking 1115 Girls' Swimming 1115 Tennis 121, 1413 Leaders 131. CARPENTER, VIRGINIA CARQUEVILLE, HERBERT M. "Herb". CLANCY, HOWARD CLEAVELAND, EDWIN RENWICK U. S. C.: "Ed"g Dance Committee 1415 Gift Committee Radio 141g Science 141g Astronomy 1415 Engineers u 121. CLOUGH, THORA COKER, RUTH A. G. J. C.5 G. A. A. 111, 121. 151, 141: Uniform Rep. 111g Music 121. 131: Spanish 111, 1215 Girls' Swimming 1115 Tennis 111, 121, 1313 Volleyball 111g Speedball 2215 Pisketball 111, 1215 Hockey 111g Gym Sec. 111, 2 , 3 . CORBETT. MARJORIE ALBERTA Whailla Walla, Washingtong University of Washington5 arge . COUGHLIN. VIRGINIA MARY J. C.5 "Bob"g Senior Announcement 141 5 Honor Society 1415 Boys' Service Club 1215 Cornites 121, 131, 1415 Science 1415 Soph. Tableau 121. COVEY, ROBERT S. g,C. I.. A.g "Vee"g Music 1115 French Club 111, 121, CRAWFORD, AVONNE Washington Heights Schoolg J. C. and Otis Art Schoolg "Cookie"5 Stylus Staff 141: Variety Show 1311 Decora- tions for Stunt Party 1415 G. A. A, 111, 121, 131, Pub- licity Chairman 1415 Uniform Board 121, 1415 Girls' Hiking 1413 French 121, 131, 1415 Girls' Swimming 1113 World Friendship 1215 Volleyball 1215 Speedball 141g Girls' "G" Club 121, 151, 141. CULLINGWORTH, MARY JEANNIE "May"5 G. A. A. 111, 121. 1515 Commerce 151. DANIELSON. ALLEN WALTON , J. C. and U. S. C.g "Dan"g Hall Duty 111, 141g Or- chestra 121, 151, 1415 Band 1113 Boys' Service Club 141 5 Music 1215 Engineers Club 121. DAVIDSON, RUTH E 47 1 TYLLJ5 IQQZ DAVIS. EUNICE Business Collegeg Hall Huty 1135 G. A. A. 113, Commerce 133, 143. DAVIS, MILDRED M. Beauty Collegeg "Millie"5 Commerce 143. DEAN, KATHRYN M. U. S. C.5 "Ka "5 Girls' League 1135 Roll Room 153, 1435 Uniform Board 123. 153 5 Commerce 153, Girls' Hiking 123, 1535 Spanish 123, 1535 Tennis 123, 153 5 Speedball 1435 Hockey 153. DEKKER, MARY ELIZABETH Hoover5 Stanfordg "Betsey"5 Girls' League 1135 D ' 13, 123, 1535 Roll Room Rep. 1535 Dance 153, 1435 Girls' Service Club 153, 1435 Uniform 1435 Basketball 123. D11-TMAR, RICHARD EDWARDS, JACK U. C. L. A.5 "Shorty"5 Hall Duty 1535 Roll Room 1535 Dance Committee 1535 Comites 123 Science A Football 1435 B Basketball 1535 Tennis 123. ERLANDSON, MARGUERITE LOUISE Society 123, 153, 1435 Uniform Rep. 1535 French 1435 Science 143 5 World Friendship 143. ERWOOD, LORETTA EMILY 113, 123, 153 5 Igarty Committee 113 5 G. A. A. 113, urs 1 mittee 1535 Honor Society 153, 1435 G. A. Az 113, 123: Rep. 123. 1435 113. Hall Com- 123. Rep. 113, 1435 Music 1535 Forum 123, 153, 1435 Science G. J. C. and Cal. Tech5 Carnival Day Committee 1535 Honor Society 1435 Radio Club 1535 Pres. 1435 Science 1435 Engineers 123, 1535 Baccalaureate Committee 143. Rep. 1333 U. C. L. A.5 "Marge"5 Variety Show 153, 1435 Honor 153. G. J. C.5 "Brownie"5 Hall Duty 113, 1235 Roll Room Rep. 1235 Variety Show 1535 Operetta 133: G. A. A. 113, 123, 153, 143 5 Uniform Board 1235 Commerce 113, 123, 1335 Girls' Swimming 1135 Tennis 113, 1435 Vol- leyball 1135 Speedball 123, 1535 Basketball 113, 123. EVANS, CAROL MAE G. J. C.5 "Salley"5 Hall Duty 113, 1235 Roll Room Rep. 143 5 Senior Announcement Committee 143 5 G. A. A. 113, 1235 Music 123, 1535 Pres. 1435 Physiology 1535 Girls' Glee 1 5 Tennis 123. FETHERSTONEHAUGH, GEORGE E. Fkrglerton Hi Schoolg G. 3. C.5 "Feathers"5 Spanish 133, FLOWER, ELEANOR MARION Hockey 1535 Uniform Rep. 153, 143. FRANK, WILLIAM L. 133, 1435 Stylus Staif 153, 1435 Roll Room Rep. Dance Committee 153, 1435 Commerce 153, 1435 133. FR01-IN, BERNARDSSHJNEY l 48 I Library Schoolg Band 133, 1435 Honor Society 1535 G. A. A. 113, 153 5 Music 123. 153, 143 5 Comites 123, 1535 U. S. C.5 "Bill" 5 Class Committee 153, 1-13 5 Aud. Helper 123 1 Golt U. C. L. A.5 "Barney"5 Commerce 123, 153, 1435 Tennis 153, 143. Q . ,Ci 1' . ' 1 ' 1 -5-1-YLU5 1,1490 !i . ' I GALBRAITH, ROBERT DWAIN 5 Grants Pass, Oregong Hall Duty C11, C215 Operetta- C415 Senior Reception C415 Boys' Service Club C515 Engineers Club C515 Baseball C315 C41. 1 GARDINER, GRAYCE F. U. S. C.5 Sr. Gift Committeeg Sr. Dance5 Song Leader C21. C41- GEORGE, ELIZABETH GIBBONS, ROBERT EARL Glendale Business Collegeg Hall Duty C113 Stylus Staff Cg15CVariety Show C515 Orchestra C115 World Friend- s ip 21. GIBBS, MARY LOUISA Cal. Christian College5 Orchestra C11, C215 G. A. A. C315 Music C215 Girls' Glee C41. GILLELAND, MARY LOUISE University of Arizona5 Girls' League C415 Hall Duty C115 Roll Room Representative C215 G. A. A. C11, C21, C31, C415 Commerce C215 451, C415 Spanish C215 C31. GLIDDEN, JOHN WILLIAM Franklin5 G. J. C.5 "johnny"5 Hall Duty C415 Sports Editor Stylus Stal? C415 Explosion Staff C515 C415 jr. Tableau C515 N. A. S. S. C415 Engineers Club C51 5 Boys HGLJ51, C415 Scribblers' C415 Track C415 Cross Coun- try . GLIDDEN, NEVILLE L. Frankling G. I. C.5 Roll Room Representative C115 Honor Society C115 Commerce C415 Science C11. GOLDENBERG, POLLY General Hospital5 "Puggie"5 G. A. A. C11, C215 Com- merce C51 5 Tennis C11 5 Baseball C11. GOODHUE, MARJORIE LORRAINE Pomonag Student Council C415 Roll Room Representative C215 Honor Societ C115 C215 C515 C415 G. A. A, C115 C215 C31, C415 Girlis' Service Club C415 Comites C215 C515 TERMS C21, C31. 141- . GRAICEIAM, CECIL MALCOLM " ec". GRAY, WILLIAM ARTHUR U. S. C.5 "Art"5 Boys' League C115 Class Committee C115 Aud. Helper C415 Hall Duty C115 Cafeteria C215 C515 Operetta C415 Orchestra C415 Band C21, C315 Boys' Service Club C215 Engineers C515 Boys' Glee C415 B Track C215 Stage Crew C21, C51, C41. GREEN LEE, DONALD EVERETT Stanford5 "Stetch"5 Cabinet C415 Boys' League President C415 Pres. jr. and Sr. Classes5 jr. Dance5 Yell leader C51, C415 N. A. S. S. C21, C515 Pres. C415 Boys' Service C515 C415 Science C415 Boys' "G" C515 C415 Boys' Glee C415 C Football C215 B Football C515 Basketball C11, C21. C51. C415T11Ck C11, C215 Swimming C11, C21, CSM C415 Vice-Pres. Student Body C41. GRIMES, DOROTHY MAE Roosevelt High, Salt Lake City5 G. J. C.5 "Dot"5 Aud. Helper C415 Hall Duty C315 G. A. A. C11, C215 C31, i491 . 5 ff TYLLJ5f'. IQOZ. 1 D CK, NAOMI nservatory of Music5 "Nomie"5 Sec. of Assemblies 1415 all Duty. 111, 121, 131, 1415 Roll Room Representative 315 Orc estra 1315 Ensemble 1415 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 1415 Uniform Board 111, 1415 Music 151, 1415 Girls' Hiking 1115 Spanish 1315 Tennis 1215 World Friendship 111, 121, 151. HALEY, ELMA PEARL Art School5 "Sis"5 Hall Duty 121, 151: G. A. A, 111, 121, 131, 1415 Girls' Hiking 111, 1415 Tennis 1215 LUYMYY 111, 151, 141- HAMNER. HOMER HOWEL G. I. C.5 Debate 131, 1415 Honor Society 151, 1415 Czioinites 121, 1315 Forum 131, 1415 German 121, 131, 1 . HANKEY, ROBERT P. Oregon State5 "Bob"5 Class Committee 121, 131, 1415 Aud. Helper 1315 Hall Duty 1515 Roll Room Representa- tive 1l1, 1212 Class Play 1115 School Play 1315 Sr. Play and Variety Show 1415 Operetta 1415 Yell leader 1115 Music 1415 Boys' Glee 1415 Basketball 1115 A Football 111, 1215 Track 1315 Tennis 111, 1215 Golf 131. HANSSEN, KEITH ELLIOTT U. C. L. A.5 "Ham"5 Class Committee 111, 1415 Aud. Helper 1415 Hall Duty 151, 141 5 Cafeteria 1115 Orchestra 111, 1215 Band 1215 Music 1215 Spanish 141. HANSON, EVELYN BERNICE G. J. C.5 "Evey"5 Ir. Dance Committee 1315 Variety Show 1415 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 1415 Girls' Swimming 1115 Baseball 111, 121, 1315 Girls' G Club 131, 141. HARRIS, LYNELL GRACE Washington High5 "Red"5 Uniform Chairman 1415 De- bate 151, 1415 Uniform Board 151, 1415 Forum 131, 1415 French 131, 141. HARRISON, CHARLES M. Washington State5 "Chuck"5 Class Committee 151, 1415 Sr. Dance Committee 1415 Boys' "G" 1415 B Football 1315 B Track 1515 Tennis 1415 Swimming 131. HART, BETTY DEAN J, C.g Hall Duty 141 5 Roll Room Representative 1115 G. A. A. 111, 121, 151, 1415 Commerce 1415 Science 131, 1415 World Friendship 131, 1415 Variety Show 141. HART, H. M. U. of C.: Hall Duty 111, 121 5 Cafeteria 1115 Roll Room Representative 1115 Carnival Day Committee 131 1 Spanish 141 5 Science 141 5 B Basketball 1415 Engineers Club 1515 Bookstore 131, 141. HATCH. PAULINE ELIZABETH Redlandsg "Polly"5 Hall Duty 111. 131: G. A, A. 111, 121, 131, 1415 French 1415 Science 1415 World Friend- ship Club 141. HEIl1'I, DOROTHY ELIZABETH U. C. L. A.5 "Dot"5 Hall Duty 111, 1215 Roll Room Representative 1115 G. A. A. 111, 121, 151, 1415 Comites 121, 151: Girls' Hiking 111 5 Tennis 121, 1315 Speedball 1115 Basketball 121, 151. HENDERSON, LOUISE HENRY, ROBERTA 1 I 50 1 S T Y 1. U 5 I 9 O HESSE, VELMA EVELYN Business College, "Velmy"g,Roll Room Repres. 113, Commerce 113, 123, 133, Student Bank 143, Basketball 143, Speedball 123, 133. HEWES, JR., ALBERT J. C., "Al", Aud. Helper 143, Senior Dance 143, Engi- neers Club 123, 153, Radio 133, 1435 Science 1435 B Track 143. HIATT, DWIGHT LgiJgg'giJAud. Helper 1335 Football 113, 123, 153 5 Track HILL, CORTLAND OVERTON Hall Duty 113, Baccalaureate Committee 143, Honor So- CICW 113, 123, 133.143- HILL, RALPH HILSTROM, HELEN HUNT, ROY WALTER G. J. C., Projectionist 123, 1531 Hall Duty 113, Cafe- teria 113g Roll Room Repres. 113, 123, Boys' Service Club 123, 1535 Engineers 123, 133, Science 1335 Sec- Treas. 143 . HURD, THOMAS JENNINGS. VIOLA EMILY Variety Show 143 5 Stunt Party 143. JESTER, MARGARET LEOTA J. C., Hall Duty 123, Honor Society 113, 123, 153, 143 3 Girls' Service Club 153, 143 g Girls' Hiking 113. JOHNSON, R'ELLA ' X453-"' f 'fl JONES, HARDIN BLAIR i U. C. L. A., Hall Duty 123, 133, 143, Debate 1433 Honor Society 113g Boys' Service Club 133, 143, Comites 123. 133, 143: CHESS 123, 153. 143zSCiSf1Cf2 123, 133. JONES, MADELINE JOY, MARY LOUISE University of Redlands, "Saltie"g Girls' League 113, 123, 153, 1435 Dance Committees 133, 1435 Hall Duty 113, 123 5 Roll Room Repres. 113, 123 g Operetta 1335 G, A. A, 113, 123, 133g Pres. Girls' Club 143, Uniform Rep. 113, 123 5 Tennis 153, 123g Variety Show 143. i511 TYLLJ5 IQCDZ. ' KEEGAN, MARY KELLER, JANE JACKSON J- C-S Ha11DuCv 127, 14716. A- A-117.121, 137.1471 Girls' Glee 141 g Tennis 121, 1315 Volleyball 111 g Basket- ball 111g Girls' "G" 141. KELLY, CECELIA EVELYN G, J, C,g "Cece"g Hall Duty 121' G. A. . 131g Commerce 121, 131, 1414 Vlle ll 2 ' asketball 121, 151- KELLoG Ti?w .- 1 41?IT'CA'vKELDAO1E S 1 s ff .s. "Q 1gR1lR R- XXN resgxta ive 111 g Xlumni tyDl:iixce 31312 llirenlith 1211151 14el,g " 1 f Foothpk 121. XKXEQQ ,MARYK IZORA A C , Maydie , Hall Duty 131 , Operetta 141, Girls W 141g Tennis 121. 141- KINDER, EDNA LOUISE Business Collegeg "Eddie"g Cafeteria 111, 121, 151 3 Com- IHCFCC 127, 137, 1471 SP3f1iSh 117, 127- KING, CLIFFORD GEORGE frrgnalzggisg "Clifi"g Boys' League Repres. 111g Hall Duty 3 , - ,q OR ,D ALD S. .g "Donn: Hall Duty 111g Roll Room Repres. g reshman Party 111: Spanish 1513 Vice Pres. 141g Fo ball 121, 1515 B Football 141. Krzrgzii, RUSSELL LAMOREAUX, MARY OLIVINE Girls' League 1411 Hall Duty 1315 Roll Room Repre- sentative 151g Song Leader 141, Girls' Service Club 141, Sr. Dance Committee 141 g Variety Show 131. LAUDERDALE, WILLIAM ARLET U. S. C.g "Bill", Hall Duty 121, 151, Sr. Commissioner 141, Band 137, 141g Boys' Service Club 141, World Friendship 137. LEGNARD, JOSEPHINE LEITCH, JEAN NIE i521 STYLUS 19.3 LEWIS. DOROTHY U.C.L.A.,"Dot", y11,1-1g . . .111, 123, 151, 143,Gir1S'Hiking111, 121, 15-1,SPaniSh111, Tennis 111, 121. Hall Dut 1 2 G A A LIGHTNER, GLEE LOCKWOOD, GEORGE BRISTOL Occidental, "Locky", Yell Leader 141 , Baccalaureate 141 , Aud. Helper 131, 141 , Hall Duty 131: Cafeteria 111 , Ex- plosion Stafk 141 , Dramatics 141, Debate 1-11, Honor Society 111, Boys' Service Club 121, 131, 141, Music 141 , Comites 141 5 Forum 151, Radio 141. LOFFTUS, LEROY 1 LORD, FRANCES ALOUISE 1 U. C. L. A., "Secnarf", Hall DuqK111' fionor Society ' 111, G. A. A. 111, 121, Girls' Servi ehillg 141, French- 151, 141, 141, World Friendshqpmbj iris "G"fju"b 141zTenniS 121, 151, 141. jf U LYNN, LEROY 7 " 21' . McIRWIN, MALCOLM J. G. J. C., "Itchy McCratchy", Hall Duty 111 5 Boys' 131, 1413 Golf 111, 121, 131, 141: Swimming 111- MCKASSON, NAOMA LEE Business College, "Nomalee", Hall Duty 111, 121, Roll Room Repres. 121, G, A. A. 111, 121, 151, 141, Com- merce 121, 131, 141, Spanish 121, Volleyball 111, Bas- ketball 111. MAKO, CONSTANTINO GENE U. S. C., "Gene", Roll Room Repres. 121, 131 L Spanish 121, 131, 141: BOYS' "G" 121. 151, 141, Tennis 111, 121, 131, 141- MALLOUGH, LUCILLE BEVERLY Fargo, North Dakota, St. Francis Hospital, San Francisco, "Lu", Usher 131, Head Usher 141, Cafeteria 141, G. A. A. 131, 141, Girls' Service Club 141, Uniform Rcpres. 131, 141, Girls' Hiking 141, Physiology 141. MANIECE, BYRON MARIAS, SYLVIA M. Business College, Hall Duty 111, Cafeteria 111, 121, Honor Society 131, 141, G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, Vice- Pres. 141, Commerce 131, Spanish 121, 1313 Girls "G" 111,121,131, Pf9S-141- MERCER, JESSIE LOYSE G. J. C., "Jess" , Sec, of Class 141, Hall Duty 111, 121, 131, 141, Operetta 141, Dance Committee 151, 141, G, A., A. ,111, 1.21, mg vmefv Show 121, msn, 141: Friendship Chairman 131. INIEADE, VIVIAN KATHRYN Upper Darby High, "Sally", Uniform Repres. 121 Q Junior Dance 131, G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 141, Girls' Service Club 121, 151, Musicl121, 1515 Tennis 121, French 121, 131, Science 141, Scribblers' 121, 131. 1531 l ,ff ff Jhf rxlp 1 x L . X. X N. N .Cy x I X I ,I TYLUS IQDZ I 1 MINICK, GENEVIEVE Eagle Rock Hi, Nurse Training School, Commerce 141. MIN K, WALTER MITCHELL, CAROLYN E. MITTRY, GRACE ELEANOR Woodbur 's Business Collegeg "Gracie"g Hall Duty 121, 131: Cafleteria 141g Roll Room Repres. 131, 1413 Girls' Hiking 111g Spanish 121, 131g Girls' Swimming 111. MORELL FRA ES D. U. C. . rankie"g Roll Room Repres. 1215 Honor Society' jg, 1 1g G.. 13, 121, 151, 141g Com- merce 1 - , 1 . " ' '.' ' N ERNARD d,',,l , ort"g Boys' "G" 141g Boys' Glee 141g qua" a C Captain 1215 B Basketball 151, 141. 4 .1 1,1 y 9 J' I ' MoSEL'ifwALBi2RT QCSHN U. C I.. A.g "Al Mosey": Cafeteria 111, 121, 1515 , Spanish 151, 51113 C Football MYERS, EUCILE ALINE 'f ' Library Schoolg "Honey"g Hall Duty 121, 1511 Uniform -' nqyes. 411, 121, Debate 151, G. A. A. 111, 1215 Girls' ' Ser ice Club 131g Commerce 151. NETZEL, MARIAN U. C.g Hall Duty 151g Roll Room Repres. 121 3 Operetta 1213 Festival 141: Honor Society 111, 121, 131, 1415 French 121, 131, Girls' Glee 121, 141. NEWTON, ALBERT G. G, 1. C.g "Al"3 Banquet Committee 1415 Hall Duty 111, 1413 Roll Room Repres. 131g Band 111, 121g Boys' Service Club 141g Commerce 1415 Baseball 131. NIBLEY, RICHARD O'BRIAN, KATHLEEN Venice Highg Art School: "Kay"g G. A. A. 111, 121, 131g Spanish 131g Physiology 121, 131. OLIVER, VIRGINIA NORINNE University of Utah: "Jeanne", Hall Duty 111, 121, 151 g Operetta 1515 Music 121, 131, 1415 Girls' Glee 151, 141. OSGOOD, CARLTON CASE J. C.g "Ozzy"g Aud. Ticket Taker 141g Orchestra 111g 1?-ogfskiirvice 121, 1513 B Football 131, 1413 Hall Duty 2 , . 1541 X1 r X ,JV ,H K 2157 ff I ff fi WW f9WM TYLXJS IQO2. PARKS, JAMES VAN University High, Oakland, Calif,5 G. 1, C,5 Roll Room Repres. 1415 Commerce 131, 141, PEISKER, VIRGINIA ARMESA "Ginger"5 Operetta 151, 1415 G. A. A, 111, 121, 131, 1415 Music 121, 131. PERRY, BURTON F. L. A. Highg G, J. C.5 Class Committee 131, 1415 Roll Room Repres. 1415 Dance Committee 131, 1415 Com- merce 1415 Music 1415 Radio 131, 1415 Boys' Glee 131, 1415 Tennis 141. PETERSON, DOROTHEA A, G. J. C.5 "Dottie"5 Hall Duty 111, 1215 Roll Room Representative 111, 121, 1315 Music 121, 1315 G. A. A. 111. 121.131.141:GirlS'HikiDg121:FrCnCh121.1319 Tennis 1215 Basketball 1215 Dancing 111, 121, 131. PIERCE, RUTH "Ute"5 Sec. of State 1415 Jr. Dance Committee 131: G. A. A. 111,121, 131, 1415 Girls "G" Club 131, 141. PORT, CLYDE WENDELL Fargo, North Dakotag U. C. L. A.5 Ground Duty 1415 Constitutional Oratorical 1415 Sr, Dance Committee 1415 Announcement Committee 1415 Honor Society 131, 1415 Boy? Service Club 1415 Boys' Glee 141. POWERS, BEVERLY ANN U. C. L. A.5 "Bev"5 Cabinet 1415 Student Council 1415 Girls' League 111, 121, 1315 Pres. 1415 Hall Duty 1115 Cafeteria 1115 Roll Room Representative 1115 Jr. Dance Committee 1315 Song Leader 131 5 Honor Society 111, 121, 131 5 G. A. A. 111, 1215 Girls' Service Club 1415 French 1215 Somoac 1513 Pres. 1415 Girls' Swimming 111. PUGH, ARTHUR HENRY Fairfaxg U. C.5 "Spikc"5 Hall Commissioner 1315 Roll Room Repres. 1215 jr. and Sr. Dance Committees 131, 1415 Boys' Service Club 1215 Football B 1215 Basketball B 1315 A Basketball 141. PUTNAM, MAR-IORIE ANNE U. C. L. A.5 "Binky"5 Girls' League Officer 111, 121, 131, 1415 Class Committee 131, 1415 Roll Room Repres. 1115 Variety Show 1415 Operetta 1315 Honor Society 1115 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131:Girls' service Club 151, Pres. 1415 Uniform Board 121, 1315 Tennis 111, 121, 1315 Volleyball 111. PUTHUFF, PAUL G. I. C.5 Class Committee 1415 Hall Duty 111, 1215 Roll Room Repres. 131 I Operetta 131, 141 5 Tableau 1115 Music 131, 1415 Boys' Glee 131, 1415 Wrestling 121, 131. REED, MARJORIE REYNO , HA T 4 gualllnury 111, 1Z15G.A.-A,111, . , 'G .' " , , , IEIC131 Girls Hiking 121 Spanish 11, hywiogy an RICHARDSON, ELOISE RINKER, ROBERT 1551 TYLLJS IQQZ. RIPPEY, JAMES RIPPEY, CHARLES RICHARD Monrovia4Arcadia5 "Dick"5 Science 1115 Track 141. EDWARDS, COVINGTON ALDEN L. A. C.5 "Ed"5 Boys' 1'G" 141g C. -Football 1115 A Track 131, 1411 C Swimming 1115 Engineers 131, 141. ROBERTS, GLENN B. Roll Room Repres. 111g Variety Show 141g Band 121, 131, 1415 Orchestra 1115 Wrestling 121, 131. ROHL, EDWARD GORDON ' G. J. C.5 "Ed"g Roll Room Repres, 1315 Sr. Banquet Committee 1419 Honor Society 111, 121, 131, 1415 Somoac 141. ROOT, GRACE ADALYN G. J. C.5 "Daisy"5 Hall Duty 121, 151, 141 5 Honor So- Ciefy 111, 121, 1513 G, A.A.111, 121.131, 1414 GiflS' Service Club 121, 151, 141g Girls' Hiking 1215 Tennis 511, 1Ei1Jg Volleyball 121, 1515 Basketball 151g Variety ow 3 . ROSENBLUM, EVELYN ROSS, WILLIAM B. Lewis and Clark, Arroyo Grande5 "Bi1l"5 Sec. of Pub- licity and Sec. of Debate 1415 Stylus Editor 141g Ex- plosion Editor 1415 Debate 131, 1415 Constitutional Ora- torical 151, 1413 Boys'-Service Club 1415 Spanish 1415 Scribblers' 1315 Publicity Staffg Bookstoreg Vocational Study Group Chairman. RUSSELL, EUGENE RUTTER, VIRGINIA G, J. C.g "Gin"5 Hall Duty 111, 1215 Operetta 1415 Commerce 121, 131, 1415 Girls' Glee 1415 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131g Tennis 1215 Volleyball 111, 121. SAULSSBERRY, HARRY SCOTT, BERNARD SCOTT, DONALD G. J. C. "Scotty"5 N. A. S. S. 1415 Comites 1215 Sci- 3 ence 141g Boys' "G" 1415 Track 151, 141, Cross Coun- 1 fry 141. sEARLEs, JEFFERSON II 56 1 X STYLU SEBASTIAN, BERNARD T. Alamabag "Bernie"3 Hall Duty 111, 1213 Roll Room Repres. 111, 1213 Operetta 121, 131, 141g Dance Com- mittee 111g Yell Leader 1513 Music 121, 131, 1413 Boys' "G" 121, 151, 1413 Boys' Glee 121, 131, 141, B. Foot- bal-l 111, 121, 1513 Track 121, 131g Baseball 1413 Golf 1213 Swimming 121. 131, 141. SHALLENBERGER, ANDRE L. A. High3 Dramatics 1413 Orchestra 1315 N. A. S. S. 1413 Boys' "G" 1413 A Football 141. SHEPPARD, ISOBEL SHERWOOD, MARTHA M. U. C. L. A.: "Mart"3 Girls' League 141 3 Banquet Com- mittee 1419 G. A- A4 111, 121, 131: C0mifSS 121. 131, 1413 Girls' Hiking 111, 1213 Girls' Swimming 1113 Speedbagl 111, 1213 Amity Club 121, 1513 Basketball 1 , 12 . ,dsfrvo SCHOMAKER, GEORGE A . J' " SHOMLER, MY RON WESLE Boulder State Prep. School glperetta 131, 141, Art 131: Boys' Glee 131, 1413 B Fo tball 131. SKEELE, ALFRED SKELLY, ED U. S. C., "Stubby"3 Aud. Helper 121, 1313 Hall Duty 121. 131: Cafeteria 121. 1313 Dance Committee 131. 1413 C Football 121, B 131, B 141 3 Swimming 121, 1313 Stage Crew 121, 131, 1413 Projectionist 121, 151, 141. SMITH, DOROTHEA JANE Lansing jr. High3 J. C.3 "Dort"3 Hall Duty 111: Roll Room Repres. 111, 1213 Commerce 121, 151, 1413 G. A. A. 111, 121, 151, 1413 Girls' Hiking 1213 Physiology 151, 1413 Tennis 1213 Volleyball 121. SMITH, ROBERT I. Harvardg I. C.3 "B0b"3 Hall Duty 1Z1Q Roll Room Represi 1113 Commerce 1213 Wrestling 111, 1213 Swim- ming 2 . SOLBERG, MARJORIE ETHELW Y N U. C. L. A,3 'Margie"3 Honor Society 151 111, 121, 131, 141: Commerce 131, 141: 1513 French 151, 1413 Tennis 121, 131'fJ SPANGENBERG, FRANCES ANN Ogden High, Utah3 University of' Duty 1213 Operetta 121, 1413 G. Music 123, 131, 141 3 Girls' Glee 13 SPRING, MARGUERITE PAULINE "Babe"3 Ground Duty 1315 Tennis 121, 141. ST. CLAIR, PAUL JAMES Bakersfield Highg Redlandsg "Saint"3 Sec.-Treas. Boys' League 1413 Vice-Pres. Sr. Class 1413 Hall Duty 12, 131 1413 Board of Control 1413 N. A. S. S. 1413 Boys "G' 1413 Basketball C 1213 C Basketball Capt. 1511 B Bas- ketball Cnpt. 141 1571 TYLLJS IQDZ. STADLER, PHILIP E. J. C.g "Phil"g Hall Duty 111, 121g Roll Room Repres. 111 3 Tableau 121 g Commerce 121 g Boxing 111 3 Wrestling 121, 131g Swimming 131: STADON, FRANK - 4 K! if I 0 ' srwrlfs, E 3RIE rt Co eg LH or Society 1113 G. A. A. 111, 1215 " 1,111 Qrls' iking 3 Somoac 141. STELLE, I-IER1X1IONE MARY PomoLj,rfStudent Council 1415 Girls' League 141g Honor Soc? 111, 121, 131, 141g G. A. A. 111g Uniform Boa 141g Comites 121, 151, 141g Volleyball 111. STROHMEYER, DOROTHY .IEANNETTE J. C.g "Dot"g Girls' Hiking 111, 121. STULTZ, HOWARD L. Washington Stateg Class Committee 131, 1413 Hall Duty 111, 1215 Roll Room Repres. 1213 Operetta 121, 131: Jr. and Sr. Dance Committee 131, 1415 Boys' Service Club 151, 1415 BUYS' HG" 111, 121, 131, 141: A FOOC- ball 111, 121, 131, 1415 Wrestling 131, 1415 Swimming 121, 131, 141. SULLIVAN, MAY SUMP, GLADYS THOMPSON, MAR-IORIE THOMSON, GEORGE THORNDILL, BLAKE ROY U. C. L. A., "Skinnay"g B Track 131. TISCH, ROBERT Sec. of Finance 141: Baccalaureate 141g Roll Room RCPHS- 111, 131z H0n0r Sflfiefy 111, 121, 131, 141z Boys' Service Club 131g Stamp and Coin Club 1213 Ger- man 121, 131. TRENNE, VIOLA EVELYN Business Collegeg "Vi"g Hall Duty 111: Cafeteria 151g Uniform Repres. 131: Commerce 121, 131, 141. 1 VESELICH, PETE L 53 I WAG ER G I A Tennis WAIDELICH, ARDIS U. C. L. A.3 Jr. Repres. Girls Student Body Pres. 1415 Girls' Honorary Member 141 Room Repres. 11 mittees 131, 1415 1215 Girls' Service Sec. G, A, A. 111 WARWICK, HELEN WEIHE, RALPH CHARLES Notre Dame: "Y": Hall Duty 111, 1215 Orchestra 111, 121, 1315 Band 131: Music 1215 Boys' Glee 141. WERNTZ, OMAR WHELAN, ESTHER MARIE Business Collegeg G, A. A. 111 121: Uniform Board 1115 Commerce 131, 1415 Girls' Hiking 111. ,. WHILLOCK, DONALD' ' G. J. C.5 "Don"5 Engiyers' f WICHERT, ASHLEY PA , ' G. I. C.5 "Ash"5 Spanis 5 RKgf'xKV4412'flScience 141 5 Astronomy Club 141. f " '. 5 7 X ff WILCOX, BEULAH MAE Southside High, Elmira, N. Y.5 Business Collegeg "B0ots"5 Commerce 141. WILHELM, VIRGINIA ELLEN Mills Collegeg Hall Duty 1515 Operetta 1415 G, A, A. 111, 121, 151, 141: Music 141: French 131, 141: GirlS' Glee 1415 Tennis 121, 1415 Basketball 111. WILLARD, ENID WILSON, MARGARET DOROTHY L. A. C.5 "Margie"5 G. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 1415 Commerce 121, 151. ZILLA, CHARLOTTE ZIMMERMAN, WALTER W. Polytechnic in L. A.5 J. C. and Caltechg Hall Duty 121, 1511 Chess 111, 121, 151. 141: Astronomy 141: Radiv 1415 Science 141. 1591 V TY!-we :QQ EDINGER, PA 'L ASHBEY, OY I ANDE so , JEAN i601 STYLUS IQDZ BARTLETT McLAIN' ALLEN WATERS NED BARTLETT - GENE MCLAIN - BILL ALLEN - - ROBERTA WATERS MR. WESTOVER - - OMAR FAREED JANE NEUMEYER - - BILL ALLEN ROEERTA WATERS - MR. WESTOVER FAREED NEUMEYER ALLEN WATERS My STYLUS IQJ Z 'xx N ,sf -'v 1 V - x , ,-, i FAREED I - - .ygmggt Q 3 , N , KLAUS , Q I , , sf V f xg 'I r ' ELAINE FAREED RUTH KLAUS - GEORGIA SMITH OB YODER - WVSCHIRMER WMWVW , -xfv 5 I LJ! I ',,, ,KT I . L, 1 I I X 1 , - 1 'J " ' 4- I V , .,,K"'-1 , bl V, - X, .I V I l I Jvxfiad SLK- 4xN SOP!-IOMxOR'E JZXASS OFFICERS - '?1'e.fident - Vice-Tjrexidenr - Sefremry - - '1'1'eaJm'er - - Uidvifer - Q STEVE TAGGART - BOB STONER JANE BRIGGS - BOB YODER MR. SCHIRMER TAGGART STONER YODER BRIGGS i621 STYLUS IQDZ PERRY GAUNT Ax BUTLER JAMES FRESI-IMAN CLASS OFFICERS JIM PERRY ------- 'President ------ LARRY JAMES MARY JANE GAUNT - - Vive-Tarerident - - - ELEANOR HUBBARD ELEANOR HUBBARD - - Secremry - - -JEANNE BUTLER JEANNE BUTLER - - - '1'1'eazJm'e1' - - -JEANNE BUTLER Miss WEARNE - - tfldviref' - - Miss WEARNE THE CLASS OF l935 HE class of 1935 was guided through the first semester of this year by the following officers, President James Perry, Vice-President Mary Jane Gaunt, Secretary Eleanor Hubbard, Treasurer Jeanne Butler, Cheer Leader Norman Arnold and through the second semester by President Larry James and Sec- retary-Treasurer Jeanne Butler assisted by Miss Wearne, class advisor, and a faculty committee consisting of Mrs. Anderson, Miss Wix, Mrs. Goldsmith, and Mr. L. Smith. The first activity in which the class participated was the Oratorical last fall. The oration was delivered by Gloria Curran whose subject was "Educa- tion for Life". Twenty-five freshmen took part in the accompanying tableau, which represented all the types of education and learning which go to make up a good life. Norman Arnold lead the yells and Peggy Noris, Wilma Hitch- cock, and Betty Jane Uhl were the song leaders. On the evening of March eleventh, the annual class party was held. The movie, "Daddy Longlegs" was shown in the school auditorium. This was fol- lowed by a program of stunts by various members of the class and by refresh- ments in the cafeteria. Almost three hundred members of the group paid their class dues. This enabled them to pay debts, to have a good party, and to leave a surplus of almost twenty-five dollars in the treasury for next year. A great deal of class spirit and cooperation was shown by everyone. I 63 l L. 5 9 2 WINTER '36 SUMMER '35 E643 S 5 IQJZ. WINTER '35 SUMMER '34 9 9 LGSJ QA-H 5 02. WINTER '34 SUMMER '33 Q -ll...-A--'-f- A i661 S WINTER '33 IQDZ. SUMMER '32f W w A i671 Vx-ML Y l r 6' , W. U1 Q9 l fiifxxgffi Q CW7f Q A XKXLQGQ3 I M 'f' W- ' JP 5 W-W' aJf,J'S MV W 5 Q3 if vb Q I L jf 4 Y,- sfk wif E, v E N T s blvtppul :lv Ifktqx ft 0' K' J, rf 1L'- 1. r' V Tiunimz 'Dam rr Fngli.vlafmm .Y1z'1J,r Smlflwmmz -,Madeline fc vjvlfzr-im-iz' 'R fnmlie 731011 Iynrl Hn IDDAMATICS- STYLUS IQ32. TWELFTH NIGHT Under the direction of Marion L. Underwood, William Shakespeares Twelfth Night was Offered as the second annual School Play. Orsino - Sebastian - Antonio - Sea Captain - Valentine - Curio - - - Sir Toby Belch - Sir Andrew Aguecheek Malvolio - - - Fabian - - - Jester Viola Olivia - Maria - - lst Attendant 2nd Attendant - Priest - - - Officer of Guards - 1st Guard - - 2nd Guard - lst Sailor 2nd Sailor - CAST HARRY ROBERTS - BOE HANKEY - RICHARD RHEINHARDT - RAY WILBUR JOE STURDEVANT - DEWEY CORE RALPH CAMARGO HARDIN CHENEY BYRON MANIECE BARTON BROWN GEORGE SMITH MARY BETTY NUZUM - CHRISTINE SCHUMACKER, AVONDA P1-TELPS JESSIE MERCER CORRINE PERRY ROBERTA WATERS EDWARD RADKE - DON RUSSEL PETE VEsEL1cH STEVE T AGGART DOLPH NELSON - BOB TISCH l70l STYLU5 I9-32 TI-IE SENIOR PLAY 6' N THE STA1Rs,', staged and directed by Miss Underwood, was presented on May 19th and 20th, 1932, by the Senior Class. This mysterious, dramatic production was written by William Hurlbut and consisted of a prologue and three acts. The cast was exceptionally good, and the pro- duction was well received. In Order to give more Opportunity tO the students tO take part in this production, all the feminine leads had double casts, each girl having a chance to play the role for one of the nights. The cast was as follows: Luella, the Negro Servant ------ V - Mr. Gregg, Guardian of Elsa ---- Mrs. Belmore, Attractive Young Widoxv - Elsa Carroll, Interested in Spiritualis Barak, Servant to Swami - - Merrick, in Love with Elsa - - - Swami Ahbukevanda - - - Weatherby, Chief Execueive - - Jenkinson, Assistant Sw,a i ------ Culhane, Assistant Dgeunie ------ f MISS UNDERWOOD S MARTHA SHERWOOD 2 MARY LOU WHITHAM - - - -ROBERT HANKEY S AVONDA PHELPS 2 GRACE CARPENTER S CAROL MAE EVANS Z JESSIE MERCER - - - - - JACK KNIGHT - - JACK RUssELL - - JACK HOLTON - - RAY WILBUR PETE VESELICH - - ANDRE SELLENBURGER f71l TI XJ STYLUS 1902. VARIETY SHOW HE Eighteenth Annual Variety Show proved no exception to the rule governing past Va- riety Shows when it was loudly acclaimed by both students and the public at large. Two performances were given, both before packed houses. One performance was given during the school day of January 14, and another showing was presented the evening of january 15. Mary Hobson Crow, a member of the school faculty, directed. All of the acts were written and MRS. CROW staged by high school students. The most pretentious number in the show was the Pueblo Indian Harvest Ceremonial Art Act. This number was staged by the Art Department under the supervision of Miss jean Abel. Lester Horton, noted authority on Indian songs and dances, was guest conductor. The i'Follies of 1932", the Girls' Gym Act, the Floradora Sextet, and the "Sunkist Beauties" Act, made up of twelve boys possessed of maidenly and comely forms, won the approval of the audiences. "The Quest of the Gypsies for a Cook," the girls' gym act, was a short musical comedy and brought many laughs to the audience. There were several individual acts of dancing, singing and skits. The boys! in the "Sunkist Beauties" act caused a near-riot at both performances. . - xl X , t 1 X tvzj ,Wet TYLLJ5 IQD THE ADT GYM AND MUSKC. ACTS KN Tl-IE VADKETY SHOW 5753 ' Ij,f 1 TYLLJS IQD E741 -MUSIC STYLUS IQO2. MT. VERNON MUSICAL PETE OMBINING the voice and instrumental classes, the music department pre- sented the "Mount Vernon Feten, something a little different than the regular operetta in that it told no story, but was presented to pay respect to Washington during the Bi-centennial year. The scenery, costumes, songs, and musical selections followed out this theme. The cast of characters and soloists participating in the Fete were: George Washington -------------- CLYDE PORT Martha Washington -------- - - CAROL MAE EVANS Nellie Curtis, Washington's Adopted Daughter - - FRANCES SPANGENBURG Friends of Nellie ------- VIRGINIA OLIVER and ILAMAE PARKER An Aide to Washington ------------ BURTON PERRY UEANNE KLEITCH MARY MARTIN ISOBEL SHEPPARD RUTH THOMPSON DOROTHY ALEXANDER GWEN BAUGH MARY LOUISE RICHARDS Ladies of Virginia - Gentlemen of Virginia - I BOB CONNELLY BOB HANKEY ACK RUSSELL PAUL PUTHUFF HARRY ROBERTS SAM BROSTOFF BOE WIAN BOE PITT A. G. MOORE ARNOLD CONERO MYRON SHOMLER RICHARD REINHARDT Slaves of the Household - The chorus of guests was made up of the combined Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs. ' M A- .y 5 76 I STYLUS IQCDZ- I4 , 'ff GIRLS' GLEE CLUB -I BETTY JANEIUHL ----- - - - Lflrcompamxz jf DOROTHY ALEXANDER MARY MAE ANSPACHER FRANCES ASHBY GWENDOLYN BAUGH LOU BOYCE MILDRED CORE CAROL MAE EVANS MARY GIBBS JANE KELLER MARY KEY ELAINE KUYKENDALL JEANNE LEITCH MARY MARTIN FAITH MCCOMB JANE MUSSER i773 MARIAN NETZEL VIRGINIA OLIVER ILAMAE PARKER ROSEMARY PATTERSON VIRGINIA PEISKER AVONDA PHELPS DOROTHY REYNOLDS MARY LOUISE RICHARDS ISOBEL SHEPPARD DAWN SMITH FRANCES SPANGENBURG GRACE SHORE RUTH THOMPSON ELLEN TRONSIER FRANCES WHITEMAN W , I ,N STYLUS 1902 , Nl Xxjf Gai' X ,..,,. BETTY JANE UHL - OLIVER BARSTOXW JACK BIREN ORVILLE BLY JACK BANGS SAM BROSTOFF EDWARD CAVANAH ARNOLD CONERO BOE CONNELLY BILL CRAIG PAUL DANFORTH DONALD DENNY DON DEWAR HECTOR FOSTER CARL GELVIN 'GILBERT GERMAINE ARTHUR GRAY DON GREENLEE BOB HANKEY DON HANKEY BOYS' GLEE CLUB HOMER HARRISON - Vkcompanzst HAROLD PRUDEN ELBERT HOLLINGSWORTH PAUL PUTHUEF DICK LEEDUM ROY MANNING JOHN MATHAIS CLARKE MERRICK A. G. MOORE FRANK NORTON DOLPH NELSON GEORGE NIELSON DON OLANDER BOB OLSEN LLOYD OSTERGARD JOHN PAGE BURTON PERRY BOB PITT CLYDE PORT E783 BILL RANDALL OLIVER RANDOLPH RICHARD REINHARD IVAN ROACH HARRY ROBERTS JACK RUSSELL GEORGE SCHOMAKER BYRON SHOMLER BARTLETT SCHMOKER IVAN SKEELE MARION STANLEY HERBERT STEPHENS WILLIAM VAN DEUSEN BOE WIAN RALPH WIEHE WALTER WILSON COLVIN WHITTINGTON STYLUS 1932 H. W. ANDERSON - GAGE BIREN - - VIRGINIA ARDRON - Firft Violiny VERNA BOSTROM GLORIA CURRAN ROBERT GROSH JACK MYERSCOUGH CHARLES NEWTON VINTON WHITE Second Violins ROBERT BULLINGER ROBERT KORTH HOLLIS LA ROWE JOHN MCLAIN ANGELENE RODDA ARLEN ROWLAND GEORGE RUTTER RALPH STUPP LOUISE SHORB ORCHESTRA Viola WILERED LICA HUBERTO MADRID Cello VIRGINIA ARDRON Bays Viol JEAN GRAM JACK MUSSER Flute - - - 'Director - Student Tirector - - .filararian Seronil Clarinet RICHARD HOFFMAN RICHARD VERDUGO Tram petx VERNON BELL MILTON CLOSE DON HASKELL Trombone BOOTH GRAM WARREN FELLINGHAM JACK TONE Obeo Perfnnion ARTHUR GRAY Firfl Clarinet HARRY LEWIS BOB SIMPSON VIOLA TONE Piano CONNOR COLE French Horn GAGE BIREN f79J ETHEL DOUGHERTY EDNA WAGNER STYLUS IQJZ. H W ANDERSON - - ROBERT GROSI-I RICHARD NIBLEY MARJORIE GILBERT VIRGINIA ARDRON HELEN ROGERS X- ENSEMBLE KARLENE BURT MARY JANE ARANT MARJORIE LOFFTUS ALLEN DANIELSON HOWARD KAY BEULAI-I JAYNES - - - - "Dz1ert01 JACK TONE DICK ARANT BOB SIMPSON HARRY LEWIS NAOMI HADDOCK BAND G SCHOCHAT - ---- - - Condmzoa HARRY LEWIS ----- ----- ---- 'D 1 'mn ,Major ELEANOR FLOWER RAY SIMPSON HAROLD PRUDEN MARTELLE MCKEE LLOYD OSBORNE DARWIN BLADES RODNEY ELLIOTT BILL LAUDERDALE PHILLIP STINE OBERT GROSH CHARLES BARNES JAMES SIMPSON BERNARD SHAW BOB DEMMERT DON MASTERS ARNOLD HOWARD JUNIOR MABRY JACK MUSSER HARRY LEWIS BOB SHORT MARGARET SCOTT BARTLETT SCHMOKER BILL BEARDSLEY ROBERT SEGER RICHARD VERDUGO GERALD FAGAN LOUIS CUMMARO GLENN ROBERTS GAGE BIREN E801 LEON SHOOK BOB SIMPSON TAhTf1h?Ah A5745 44 I X I I X TEFFETT llllllll 9 Y Y V V V f4.ix.fx,fx fx fx 5 X .7 v v v- v- Q- f-.Ax,A.,Q.ix.i .1 1-1 IZODENSICS I A' IIFV' N Il' , H V .IX I STYLUS IQQZ J,-. JV - . Q! A J XX COPE KITTRIDGE YODER LOCKWOOD REID SWIGGETT DAVIS EBERHARD PARDON INT ER-CLASS Senior! GEORGE LOCKWOOD JIM KITTRIDGE ROBERT MACVICKER fzmiorf BETTY EBERHARD DOROTHY DAVIS JOSEPHINE SWIGGETT Sophomore: JANE PARDON BOB YODER FRANK ESHOM Freshmen JACK COPE FLORENCE GREEN I 82 J RALPH REID STYLUS IQQZ I ,,,,, I EVANS BEASLEY BAILEY BURKE JONES HARRIS DEBATERS INTER-SCHOLAST IC GLORIA BAILEY LYNEL HARRIS JULES BEASLEY BETTY HITCHCOCK DORIS BURKE HINRDIN JONES 'OPAL EVANS PETE VESELICH i853 I STYLUS IQJZ ROSS BEASLEY HAMNER WHITHAM X fy,-M""'Z' f ORATORS BILL ROSS - - - - - - Conflitzzliomzl Omtoriml JULES BEASLEY - - - - - Exlempore Content HOMMER HAMNER - - 'Redlandr 'Declamation Comes! MARY Lou WHITHAM - - - - Inter-class Omzorim! LENDALE High School has always been outstanding in the interest it has shown in Oratoricals and speech contests. The past year proved no ex- ception. Mary Lou Whitham, senior class speaker, won the Inter-class Oratoricalg Bill Ross was awarded the decision of the judges in the school and district finals of the Constitutional Oratoricalg Hommer Hamner represented Glen- dale in the Redlands Declamation Contest held at the University of Redlandsg and Jules Beasley carried off honors in the extempore contest sponsored by the Glendale junior College in which Glendale, Hoover, and Burbank each had two entrants. f84l W 1 Mw STYL L15 IQ DZ. SENIOR PROM HE SENIOR DANCE, given the evening of December 11, 1931, proved to be the outstanding social event of the first semester. To Senior Class President john Page and his Committees, too much credit can not be given for the suc- cess of the occasion. Two beautiful silver loving cups were presented to Beverly Powers, President of the Girls, League the second semester, and joe Burris, former Glendale High star track man, as the winners of the prize waltz. Hal Roberts and his far-famed Trojan dance orchestra played for the occasion. The decoration theme was tropical and arctic. One end of the gym repre- sented a scene in the South Sea Islands, and the other end an Alaskan scene. E861 STYLUS IQJZ JUNIOR DANCE OT to be outdone by the Sen- iors the junior class under the supervision of President Omar Fareed gave its annual spring event, the Junior Dance, on the evening of April 22, 1932, in the Girls' Gym. White Hannels and new spring dresses were very much in evidence as the gay couples danced to the music of Ted Dahl's orchestra of Southern California radio fame. Alva Hadsell and joe Sturde- vant, a Glendale High couple, withstood the onslaughts of Hoov- er High, junior College, and other Glendale dancers to win the prize waltz. Beautiful bronze trophies were awarded the winning couples instead of the usual silver loving cups, an innovation which met with enthusiastic approval. The Olympic game theme was carried out in the decorations. The programs were cleverly worked out in patriotic colors and red, white and blue streamers hung from the ceiling, The walls were decorated with figures of athletes representing the different Olympic sports events. A revolving crystal ball caught and reflected the many colored lights throughout the room. . 'fsvj STYLUS IQDZ GIRLS' STU NT PARTY NDER the direction of hardworking committees the Girls' Stunt Party was successfully presented the night Of Friday, October 23. Special commen- dation is to be given tO the various committee chairmen who are as follows: DOROTHY WILSON - - Refrerlamenfr MARY LAMEREAUX - - - - Jvlmic MAR JORIE REED - - - fDeco1-ation: BEVERLY POWERS - ----- Ticketr IMOGENE GAUNTT - ------ Stunt: MARY LOUISE JOY - - - 7Jirt1'ibution of Tickers MARGARET HELERICH - ----- Clean-up MARGARET SHERMAN - - Curtain cActr l E881 'r' I9 i891 Xpanifb 'Dmzfer Frnelfine .C STYLUS IQOZ SCRIBBLERS' CLUB JEFFERSON SEARLES - ELEANOR REID - - MARY JANE MYERS - - ROGER AVER LESTELLE ALBRIGHT JANET BALDERSTON ELEANOR BRADLEY MARY BUELL JIM BUGENTHAL MARY BURROWES DORIS CHRISTY RUBY COKER GEORGE ELLIS Trefident - Vice-Tjreyident MAXINE ESHOM MARY JANE GILLAN FLORENCE GREEN GRETA HAINING LOIS JESSER GEORGE LOCKWOOD FRANCES MYERS CORINNE PERRY ELEANOR REID JEFFERSON SEARLES JOE STURDEVANT i911 5661'El6lI'Jl W'32 STYLUS IQD2. HOWARD NEVILLE OMAR FAREED - LOUISE TOWNSEND BEN GULICK - Flu: 'Bronze JAYNES, BEULAH JOHNSON, ELMER S'52 MANIECE, BYRON PORT, CLYDE SOLBERG, MAR JORIE S'33 CORNWELL, ELIZABETH S'54 ARDRON, VIRGINIA MADDEN, WALTER MCCOLLOM, FRANCIS SCI-IOLL, AUDREY W' 3 S COLVER, NANCY DONER, ALICE FRAMPTON, WILLIAM GRINNELL, JEAN Sefand Branze W'32 COFFMAN, LORRAINE HAMMNER, HOMER S'32 DEKKER, BETSEY S'5 3 PRESCOTT, MARGARET STORMS, GRACE HONOR SOCIETY I W'34 CARROLL, RUTH SMITH, MARY EDITH S34 ANSPACH, DORIS FRAMPTON, JANE MURKS, BABETTE MYERS, FRANCIS Firft Silver S'52 GOODHUE, MAR JORIE S35 FAREED, OMAR HARRISON, WILLIAM TEAGARDEN, VIRGINIA WIMPRESS, NORMAN W'34 MABRY, BETTY THIEMIG, NEDRA WEBBER, DONALD WELLS, JACK W'32 ERLANDSON, MARGUERITE COFFMAN, LORRAINE JESTER, MARGARET W' 3 3 GU LICK, BEN KNIGHT, JACK MAC VICRAR, ROBERT i921 - 'Prwfident Vice-Trefident - S errem1'y - 'freafurer S35 FRANKS, NADINE Fin! Gold W'52 GOSSERAND, FRANCE HITCHCOCK, BETTY NEVILLE, HOWARD S'32 BURKE, DORIS ROHL, EDWARD ROOT, GRACE STELLE, HERMIONE TISCH, ROBERT W33 JACOBSON, ADELLE NECKER, LOUISE Serond Gold S' 52 CARPENTER, GRACE HILL, CORTLAND Federation ?in S32 NETZEL, MARION W' 3 5 TOWNSEND, LOUISE HITCHCOCK, LOUISE SEGALE, LOUISE STYLUS IQO2- HONOR SOCIETY Il CORTLAND HILL ------ - - 'Prefidew WILLIAM HARRISON - Viff-?f'+'?Jidf?"lf GRACE STORMS - - - Seffelwy EDWARD ROHL - - - - - '1'ream1'er Fifi! 'Bronze Semnd Tironze Setond Silver S'32 S'32 S33 ALDREDGE, ROBERT MARIAS, SYLVIA FAREED, QMAR COVEY, ROBERT PORT, CLYDE HARRISON, WILLIAM DITTMAR, RICHARD W35 WIMPRESS, NORMAN W33 PERRY, CORINNE VCF54 BURT, KARLENE S55 MABRY, BE-fry KINGSTON, MARY S'35 ADAMSON, ROBERT MUMFORD, EDGAR SI-IINAULT, GLENDALE W'34 KNUCI-IELL, EDWARD KNUCHELL, ROBERT STEINEBREY, FRANK S'34 HOPKINS, GWENDOLYN LAMPHEAR, EUGENE W'35 CDRRAN, GLORYA HANKEY, HARRY HANSSEN, HELEN UHL, BETTY JANE S55 DE LONG, MAE RAE MONTGOMERY, BILL LEVY, MORRIS ROTHMAN, MAXINE CORNWELL, ELIZABETH PROBER, INEZ W'3 3 HAAS, WILSON W'54 LLEWELLYN, FRED SAPERSTEIN, JEROME S34 MADDEN, WALTER W'35 GRINNELL, JEAN FRAMPTON, WILLIAM Fin! Silver S'32 DEKKER, BETSEY S63 STORMS, GRACE W34 SMITH, MARY E. S34 ANSPACH, DORIS MYERS, FRANCES E931 WEBBER, DONALD Fir!! Gala' S'52 ERLANDSON, MARGUERITE JESTER, MARGARET W'35 KNIGHT, JACK S'ZI2 FRANK, NADINE Second Gold W'3-3 NECKER, LOUISE Federation 'Pin S'32 CARPENTER, GRACE HILL, CORTLAND ROHL, EDWARD STELLE, HERMIONE TISCII, ROBERT NETZEL, MARION v ' STYL IQQZ x VN, BALANCE AND BEAKER CLUB BENTON BRADY - - MARGARET SHERMAN - ROY HUNT - - - BILL BLACK DORIS BANKS CHARLES BARNES BENTON BRADY ED CLEVELAND WARREN COREY BOB COVEY BELVY COOPER RICHARD DITTMAR MARGARET ERLANDSON BOB GREENLAW WILSON HAAS BETTY HART PAULINE HATCH H. M. HART ALBERT HEWES E941 - - - '?1'eJident - Vife-?1'e5ident ROY HUNT MARVIN HULL ELMER JOHNSON HARDIN JONES FRANCES LORD HOMER MEAD PAUL PALMER CORINNE PERRY DON SCOTT MARGARET SHERMAN SHIRLEY STONE GRACE STORMS KEN THOMPSON NORMAN WIMPRESS WALTER ZIMMERMAN SAM ZITNICK S efretary STYLUS IQQ52 EL CLUB ESPANOL BYRON MANIECE ------------ - - Tresident DONALD KORN - - Vice-Trexident WILLIAM Ross - - - '1're4xm'er RUTH HADDOCK ---- ------ S ecremry JANET BALDERSTON FRANCIS BAKER MARIA BERENSOHN VIRGINIA CARPENTER LUCYELLEN CHRISTENSEN MARY CROSS VICTOR CORBALEY WARREN COREY CAROLINE CUNNINGHAM DOROTHY DAVIS TOWNSEND DANDENEAN BETTY EBERHARD KATHRYN GILES CLIFFORD GUENTHER BENJAMIN GULICK MARION HAMPSON MARION HOCKING JEAN JAMES LOIS JESSEN BILL JEWETT GAIL JONES ELMER JOHNSON ROSAMOND JOHNSON MILTON LANGE 9 HERBERT LARSON LEROY LOFFTUS ALBERT MOSELEY DOROTHY MAUTHE PATRICIA MCKEE JANE NEUMEYER PEGGY PARKER ELEANOR REID PAULINE REID ROBERT ROHDE LILA RANTA HELEN RAY CAROL ROTHE GEORGIA SMITH BOE SHERMAN CATHERINE SHERMAN MARGARET SHERMAN FRED STEARNS GENE STEBBINS PATTY FERN T HACKER ADALENE T EAGARDEN GERALDINE YOUNG MARY ZUNIGA JACK DEVRY STYLUS IQ-32 I MUSIC CLUB CAROL MAE EVANS - - - Trexidenz - ---- BILLY BROWER CATHERINE ALEXANDER - - Vice-?1'esident - - CATHERINE ALEXANDER MAR JORIE GILBERT - - Secretary - - - MAR JORIE GILBERT NAOMI HADDOCK - - "1''e1' - - NAOMI HADDOCK CATHERINE ALEXANDER MARTHA HITCHCOCK JACK BIREN EVELYN BRAY BILLY BROWER FRANK LEE BROWN MADELINE COREY MAR JORIE GILBERT BILL GRIMSTEAD MENIS HAMNER NAOMI HADDOCK FRED LAUGHRAY i961 MARCILLE MALEREY BURTON PERRY HELEN ROGERS HAL SALVAGE TOM SAWYER FRANCES SPANGENBERG BETTY STEELE BETTY JANE UHL BILL VVRIGHT MARY ZUNIGA STYLUS I9-52 COMITES CLUB BLTSY DEKKER - ----- omu! META CHANDLER - BOB COVEY - - GLORIA BAILEY - LESTELLE ALBRIGHT GLORIA BAILEY JULES BEASLEY KARINE BATES JACK BUTLER META CHANDLER BOB COVEY GLORIA CURRAN BETSY DEKKER MAR JORIE DE LONG FRANK ESHOM STANLEY FLAKS WILLIAM FRAMPTON MARY J. GAUNTT ETHEL GREGORY LULU MAE HINZE ELEANOR HUBBARD ELEANOR HUNT ADELE JACOBSON MARGUERITE JOHNSON HARDIN JONES - q,7'0 C 0125141 BOB LEE BORIS LEVIN CHANDLER LINDSAY BETTY MABRY JANIE MGDOWELL FRANCES MEYERS EDGAR MUMEORD PEARL POLLARD COLEEN POTTHOFF CAROLYN POSEY ALTA RETTBERY DOROTHY ROBERTS PHYLLIS ROBERTS MARY E. SMITH ED STEELE ROMAYNE STEWART SHIRLEY STONE MAR JORIE THAXTER BOB VAHEY PEGGY WHEELER i971 STYLUS IQDZ JOE BELL - COMMERCE CLUB ELOISE RICHARDSON BALDWIN, EVELYN BALDWIN, LUCILLE BEAMER, DORIS BELL, JOSEPH BENNETT, RANDOLPH BERG, BLANCHE BLODGETT, IVAH JANE BRADLEY, ELEANOR CLUGAGE, VERA DAVIS, EUNICE DAVIS, MILDRED DOANE, VIRGINIA DE HAVEN, CLAUDIA FAIRCHILD, MARGARET FLOREY, PEGGY FRITCH, JACK FROHN, BERNARD GILLELAND, MARY GLIDDEN, NEVILLE GRISWOLD, BEATRICE HADSELL. ALVA HALEY, ORPHA HALLOWAY, BETTY HAMLEY, CATHERINE HARRINGTON, RUTH HARRIS, MALCOLM HART, BETTY HOOD, ALDA HURD, VIRGINIA HYDE, ROBERT JENSEN, MELLEN JOHNSTON, MARTHA KELLY, CECELIA KINDER, EDNA KINGSTON, MARY LEMKE, VERA LONG, HELEN MINNICK, GENEVIEVE MORELLO, FRANCES NEWTON, AL O'BRAYE, SUNNAYE ODESIO, THERESA ORMESHER, LILLIAN PARKS, JAMES PHELPS, WAYNE PRESCOTT, MARGARET RANDOLPH, OLIVER RAY, LUCILLE i983 - Trefident - Serretary REED, RUTH RICE, DOROTHY RICHARDSON, ELOISE RUMBLE, ERDYNE RUTTER, VIRGINIA SKELLY, VALLIE SOLBERG, MARJORIE STILLER, DOROTHY STRAIGHT, ROSEMARY STRICKLAND, RAY SUNKEES, DAVE TAUXE, BARBARA THOMPSON, VIRGINIA THORNBERG, VIRGINIA TRENNE, VIOLA Y.7OGT, JEANNE XVALKER, LEONA WARWICK, CHESTER WATERMAN, ARYLUS WHELAN, ESTHER WILCOX, BELILAH WILSON, KATI1RYN YORK, EVELYN YOUNG, LOIS XVILSON, GEORGIE STYLUS I9-52 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS L OFFICERS I MISS GIBSON, Faculty Lffdviser Fin! Semexter Second Semefler JEANNE BLODGETT - - - Premienz - - ROBERTA WATERS ROBERTA WATERS - - Vice Prefidenz - - - PAUL VORKINK BARBARA DRISKO - - Secremry - - BARBARA DRISKO CLARA BLATT - - - T remu1-er - BOB KNUCHELL. MEMBERS BLATT, CLARA BLODGETT, JEANNE BOON, WILLIAM BUTTS, BETTY CHASE, MARGARET COREY, MADELINE COOPER, BELVY CURRAN, GLORIA DAGIS, JACK DE LONG, MAE REA DRISKO, BARBARA ERLANDSON, MARGUERITE GRAINGER, ANNETTE HAILS, BETTY HARRIS, LYNEL HATCH, PAULINE KNUCHELL, BOB L991 KNUCHELL, ED LA CHASSE, MARIE LORD, FRANCES LYTLE, TOM MANETTA, LAURA MOORE, MARY MYLER, MARY JANE PORTER, PATRICIA PROVENSEN, MARLIN STEELE, MARY ELIZABETH STORMS, GRACE UHL, BETTY JANE VORKINK, PAUL WATERS, ROBERTA WILHELM, VIRGINIA WYNN, DOROTHY YODER, BOB ,LA-1 Q STYLUS IQQZ. SOMOAC ART CLUB BEVERLY POWERS - ARDIS WAIDELICH BENTON BRADY - EDWARD ROHL WARREN BENNETT JEANNE BLODGETT JOEWILLA BLODGETT BENTON BRADY BELVY COOPER JACK FRITCH BILL GOODRICH ALLEN HUBBARD MARGY IsITT MADELINE JONES AGNES KILLION JIM KITTRIDGE ERNESTINE LACKEY DOROTHY LONGCROFT fwoj - Trefident Vife-?reIident - - CT7'6d.fZl1'61' - Secretary MARIE MCCARTHY RUTH MITCHELL RICHARD NIBLEY DOROTHY PARKER AVONDA PHELPS BEVERLY POWERS EDWARD ROHL MARGARET Ross LOYS SAFIER KATHERINE SCHNEIDER ALICE STARNS ARDIS WAIDELICH MARY LOU WHITHAM BILLIE WINTER STYLUS IQO2. Y " x j J ' , L I X , ASTRONOMY CLUB JIM KITTREDGE - ---------- - Tvefzdent GRACE STORMS - - Semezmv .JOHN MARTENS - - Tfeaxuzef ED CLEAVELAND SAM KELLER GEORGE LOCKWOOD JIM KITTREDGE JOHN MARTENS ED NOBLE 101 3 GRACE STORMS GEORGE THOMPSON BOB WIAN ASHLEY WICHERT WALTER ZIMMERMAN Mginlfv MRM STYLLJ 1902 Fin! Semesler JOHN LEUER GLORIA BAILEY - BERNICE BROWN - DON LAWRIE - BAILEY, GLORIA BESSINGER, REGINA BROWN, BARBARA BROWN, BERNICE CHANDLER, META COVEY, BOB CROSS, MARY CROUCH, LAYTON DAVIS, DOROTHY DRISKO, BARBARA ERLANDSON, MARGU FRANKLYN, HELEN GIRARD, LORRAINE GLENN, KENNETH GRIMSTEAD, BILL WORLD FRIENDSHIP CLUB ERITE OFFICERS BESSIE FIELD, Sponsor - - '?1'e5ident - - - Vice ?reIident - - Sec1'elm'y - - T1'ea5zz1'e1' - MEMBERS HADDOCK, RUTH HAMMER, HOMER HART, BETTY HATCH, BETTY HATCH, PAULINE IDE, RAY KITTRIDGE, JIM LA CHASSE, MARIE LAWRIIE, DON LAZAGA, FRANK BOB LEUER, JOHN LEOIN, BORIS LORD, FRANCES IVICKEE, PATRICIA 51021 Second Semeiler - GLORIA BAILEY - - MARY CROSS - PATRICIA MCKEE - GILBERT MURRAY MOSS, X7ALIMA MURRAY, GILBERT PROBER, INEZ PLETTE, ANNA MARIE ROOT, GRACE ROSENBLOOM, EVELYN SANTOS, ALFONSO STILLER, DOROTHY STORMS, GRACE STRAIGHT, ROSEMARY TURNER, EDWARD WATSON, ANNABELLE WATSON, MADELINE WALKER, BORDIZN WYNN, DOROTHY STYLUS I9 ,vt -f FA i I I l f fi I I If 'f 'lf X. CLUB RICHARD DITTMAR - - - Trefidenz - T - - RICHARD DITTMAR ALBERT HEWES - - Vire-T1-eyidenf - - ALBERT HEWES GEORGE WADEY - - - Sefrezm'y-T1'ea5m'e1' ----- PAUL SMETS GEORGE WADEY - Tubliciry 'Direrzor CHARLES BARNES EDWARD CASADBIAG BILL CROFT RICHARD DITTMAR KARL GARDENER DON HASKELL ALBERT HEWES H. M. HART IRWIN HYDEN KERMIT ECKLEBARGER JORDAN JONES FRED LIGGITT GEORGE LOCKWOOD JIOEJ FRED LLEYELLYN BOB SEVERS ASHLEY WICHER7' WALTER REAVIS BILL MOORE DON MCLEOD JAMES MCKINLEY CARL NIEMANN ROLAND OLANDER RICHARD RIPPEY EDDIE ROHL BRUCE SELKISK GEORGE WADEY Qs! Q N STYLUS IQDZ -'kg ,QQ . A ,, su ,, 1 AQ lb s . A as-was f- f ., ,W Y 1 IIT Y 11 .. N ,A 0 A - c 4 N9 ' N ' 351 ,Q-1. 3, :Su ' 0 .F A M! ,, ,m fx M i 4' .f ix ,, 'fp f xc" ' , . 4 A ' 4' W Y oi? 'f 'ff ,qv QM' W ' ':- r , 1 tx ' . ' -F. .VC zg A-I "- ' 'QU 4. ,, W, . ' v,-'. :A ,. , 1-Op , 1 ' flaw, . .71 q z "1 X 5" .41 Q' ' av . B 6? N' I ff, , 551-an flu' N - 6 ,Q iii, .rpg . . Lf, xg 1' -M . g -x, Ke , A x , vy .Hm- I , . A at X , we E fs 6 . 'i' K af' Q 4 U I 104 STYLUS IQDZ NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY MR. WOLFE, LAd1fi.fe1' DON GREENLEE - - fP1'eJidenf - - OMAR FAREED OMAR FAREED - - Vire-ipreyidenz - - JOHN PEEBLES TOM PERRY - - - Secfetmy-T1'ea5ure1' - - BILL ALLEN SUMNER ALDREDGE JOHN PEEBLES BILL ALLEN WILLARD BOWER OMAR FAREED DON GREENLEE WILSON HAAS VERNON HOWETH HERBERT LARSON 5 105 PAUL ST. CLAIR DONALD SCOTT ANDRE SHELLANBERGER RAY STRICKLAND LAWRENCE STUTSMAN RALPH SUTHERLAND GEORGE THOMPSON s'rYI.Usg 19,32 X TENNIS CLUB HELEN CHENEY, Cfldf MARGARET ROBERTS - - - Trefident - JANE BRIGGS - - - Vire Trefident - BETTY BETZ - Sefrelary-Treafwer BETz, BETTY BRIGGS, JANE BULLINGER, VIRGINIA CHASE, IWARGARET DUNCAN, JANET FRANK, NADINE FRASHER, MILDRED GOODHUE, MARJORIE GINGERY, BERNADINE GRAY, DOROTHY HAILS, BETTY HEALY, MARGARET HENDERSON, VIRGINIA BETZ. BETTY BROWN. PAULA BULLINGER, VIRGINIA CARPENTER, GRACE CA JACOB, BETTY CHASE. MARGARET COLBURN, RUTH COREY, MADELINE DESMOND, FLORENCE EBLE, HARRIET ERWOOB, LORETTA FEASTER. SUE FLAHERTY, FRANCES FRANK, NADINE fFi1'Jt Semexterj JONES, GAIL KEY, MARY LA ROWE, ELLA MAE LOWRY, FAY LORD, FRANCES MAY, KATHERINE MERCER, VERA MITCHELL. BERYL MURPHY, LUCILLE PETERS, AI.vERA PETERS, LA VERNE PLETTE, ANNA MARIE POTHOFF, COLEEN fSEL'01'Zd Semeflerj FRASHER, MILDRED GINGERY, BERNANDINE GOODHUE. IWCARJORIE HAILS, BETTY HEALY, NIARGARET JESSEN, LOIS JONES, GAIL KEY, MARY KNUCHELL, MAGDALINE MURPHY, LUCILLE PARKER, ILAMAE PATTERSON. VIRGINIA PEISKER, VIRGINIA PETERS, ALVERA f106J flJ'I71' E BERNAOINE GINGERY - VIRGINIA BULLINGER - ALVERA PETERS REYNOLDS. NAOMI ROBERTS, DOROTHY ROBERTS, MARGARET SCHMIDT, MARGARET SHERMAN, IVIARGARET SHOMBER, DOROTHY SPRINGER, MARGARET STILLER, DOROTHY STRAIGHT, ROSEMARY SWIGGETT, JOSEPHINE THOMPSON, RUTH RAMEY, VELMA REED, MARJORIE ROBERTS, MARGARET ROOT, GRACE SCHMIDT, MARGARET SHOMBER, DOROTHY SMITH, GEORGIA SPRING, MARGUERITE THOMPSON. RUTH TRONSIER. ELLEN UHL,. BETTY JANE WAGNER, ELAINE XXYILHELM, VIRGINIA WINTER, SARALINE STYLUS IQJZ ROBERTA KIER - - RUTH PATTERSON - - BERYL MITCHELL - - - Anderberg, Margaret Anspach, Doris Barmun, Mary Betz, Betty Black, Marjorie Brown, Leona Brown, june Bulliriger, Virginia Casadebaig, Renee Coke, Lila Coke, Bethel Decker, Wilma Duncan, Anna Edwards, Ellen Frasher, Mildred HIKING CLUB BEATRICE CASE, mldvirei- - - Treiident - - - Vire Trerident - - Sew'etm'y-T1'earrzn'er Grimes, Dorothy Hunt, Eloise Hyde, Ruth Kasrler, Lorenette Kier, Roberta La Rowe, Ella Mae Lockwood, Ruth Lerner, Jessie Martin, Dorothy Mehl, Jeanette Mitchell, Beryl Ormesher, Lillian Parker, Marion Patterson, Ruth Prober, Inez fiovl - - ROBERTA KIER - RUTH PATTERSON - - MILDRED FRASHER Raimey, Velma Routt, Barbara Rodolph, Letha Ryan, Kathryn Schneider, Kathryn Shaw, Dorothy Sherman, Betty Smith, Mary Edith Smith, Mildred Stern, Marjorie Shorb, Louise Weedmark, Harriet Weldon, Evelyn Wilkes, Dorothy Wilson, Opal XV f. 2 F X 9 x. -7 TYLUS '93 fl, f 108 J A TYLLJS IQ3 51091 'ie ,. 5 6' d 1111.401 TYLL15, '52 J Iwbj N 1 Q7 " 9 fl f 1 f if W A f Q5 E -. 1.311 1 A w f 'gf M 7 , AA an '+f af, ze, -3 st ffrsf- iii" .5 3 Z . -f esp ', 4. wg. :zz 35? 1? Y' .' as 1s I , A "Q-1 ' Iilllj STYLUS IQQZ Q p VARSITY FOOTBALL AGING the season with only five returned lettermen from last year's weak squad, Coach Bert Stanley proceeded to mold a team that was always a dangerous threat in Coast League competition. The outstanding games of the season were first, the Alhambra scrap. Although losing the game, the Blasters boosted their stock about one hundred per cent in the eyes of the students. The score of 7-6 shows the small difference between the squads. The Blasters gained sweet revenge by regaining the City championship from their arch rivals, Hoover. The team outplayed the "Purple Breeze" from start to finish to gain a fifteen to nothing victory. In this game the entire first string played excellent ball for the local team. li li cAPT. srtvms coacn sTANL1zY cAPT. sTULTz L 112 J 5 T Y l.. kJ 5 I Q Q 2- ' . ' . ' 1 vzfgm, fsy fi ' :E ' 61.33 2 5' ' f 5 ' I " 221 ki , A f 'swag' STONED. NA L. xii., .rg -Q :swans 1 .. -5 .fz,, ,. AND! RSON 113 I LRJS IQ - A pf! QV- har. 'MW 4--...Q f114:l 7' X I TYL. TONE 115 Qi, 1 'fa l . . 19 Glendale . 6 Glendale . . . . 0 Glendale .... Q YLLIS IQQZ "B" FOOTBALL ITH only five returning lettermen and a large group of inexperienced men to handle, Coach "Stubby" Sperry managed to turn out a very commend- able team. Although winning but two games all sea- son, the scores were close, and with a little luck might have been turned into victory. The first game of the season was played with the Fullerton Braves. Glendale unleashed a powerful run- ning attack headed by johnny Peebles and Lawrence Stutsman. Several nice passes were heaved, with Dick Reed flinging the ball. The final score was 6-0 in favor of Sperry's Middies. The Alhambra game was lost 7-6, as was the Long Beach Poly scrap. The Blasters next met the strong Pasadena team, and although defeated 19-0, outgained and outplayed their rivals. Three long passes, how- ever, spelled defeat. Santa Ana's game resulted in a 7-6 victory. Hoover's game resulted in a 0-0 tie. SEASONS SUMMARY . 0 Glendale . . . 6 . . 7 Glendale " . . . 7 Glendale . . . L116J STYLUS IQJZ "C" FOOTBALL LENDALE HIGH SCHOOL has long been renowned for the turning out of championship class "Cee" teams. This year was no exception, Headed by Captain Bill Allen and Bill Goodrich, the Blaster babes were unstoppable in League circles. The Mites first showed their power in defeating Ful- lerton 37-0. The next team to fall before the onslaught was Al- hambra, to the tune of 39-7. james, Taylor and Smith showed lots of fight in helping to smother the Moor- letts. Continuing their victorious march, the young Dyna- miters blasted Long Beach Poly's hopes for a League championship skyward with a score of 52-6. The Mites' plays worked to perfection and with Billy Allen run- ning through the Bunnies like water through a sieve, aided by Taylor and Goodrich, quickly ran up a large score. Next the Babes met the so-called strong Santa Ana 3.50 is G by g Q ff ff - 1 ini -, as 5-1 X131 ' ' 'L ffm? if CAPT. ALLEN team. The Saints, however, caused no trouble and were swamped 25-0. This game won the Coast League championship for the Blasterites. The final game with Hoover resulted in a 6-6 tie. The whole "Cee" team and Coach Gaines deserved plenty of applause for their great showing this SCHSOI1. THE SEASONS SUMMARY Fullerton ..... O Glendale Alhambra . . . . 7 Glendale Long Beach Poly . . . 6 Glendale Santa Ana ..... 0 Glendale Hoover ...... 6 Glendale . 37 . 39 . 32 . 25 ...6 111.21 - M nr, ,zz , f1171 STYLUS IQDZ. "A" BASKETBALL ECAUSE of the lack of reserves, Coach Bert Stanley and his fighting Dyna- miter basketball squad were forced to be content with 3 wins and 3 defeats as far as 1931 Coast League competition was concerned. Glendale started the season off nicely by nosing out Fullerton high school 29 to 22, and Alhambra 31 to 20. At this time Glendale seemed to be headed towards the Coast League title, but the ujackrabbitsn from Long Beach smacked this thought out into the street by defeating the Dynamiters 36 to 18. In their next league encounter, Coach Stanley's men were taken by sur- prise and slaughtered, 54-32. This defeat temporarily awakened the Dynamiters to the fact that they were dropping steadily in their ability to bring home the bacon, and they whipped the strong San Diego team 37 to 27 three days later. Glendale then went against the fighting Bulldogs of Pasadena, and lost in the last minute of play by a score of 41 to 30. Although this loss disheart- ened the fellows a great deal, they were able to defeat Hoover High's basketball aggregation the following week, 37 to 31. The members of the squad included john Page, Bob Leitch, Don Greenlee, Phil Fulwiler, Lincoln Mudgett, Bob Stoner, Sumner Aldridge, rank Caruso, Art Pugh, Ray Strickland, and Courtland Hill. f1181 STYLUS 1902 I . K ll xX s K' ',x CLASS A BASKETBAL f L, f'W+ i 1 L.El'rcr-1 . CAPTAIN - GUARD 114,614.1 kg b.""" .2 rdf GREENLEE CENTER Ful.vvu.EP. ALLDRIDG-E STONER OSTERGARD GV-JA RD CENTER GUARD GUARD fvwj Lf Q. f . .,.s LA, lf!-uf! 794-1. ,Ma l bu STYLUS IQOZ "B" BASKETBALL OACH JACK GA1NEs made the most of the abundance of material that greeted him at the first of the basketball season. In a host of practice games the local quintet managed to emerge unscathed with the one exception of the strong Hollywood team. The Sheiks defeated the Bombers 30-20 in an overtime period. In the first league contest with Fullerton the Bees battled and fought their way up the ladder of victory to win by a 26-24 score. Alhambra proved easy meat for the fighting Dynamiters and were defeated 15-8. With Paul St. Clair starring, the Dynamiters crushed Long Beach, 26-17. In the Pasadena contest, Omar Fareed caused the Bulldogs plenty of grief, but the Cards dropped the tilt, 27-25. Fighting like the veterans that they were, Gaines' charges dropped a spec- tacular contest to the powerful San Diego outfit, 27-26. Stutsman's defensive work in the game was marvelous. Hoover bowed humbly before the great playing of the entire team. Lund, Stutsman, Morton, Fareed, Waxman, Albert, and Bower, all playing great basketball for the victors, gave the Presidents a trouncing that will long be remembered. A The past season's team was one of the best ever to bear the Red and Black colors. Much credit goes to Coach jack Gaines for the fine spirit he instilled in the team. fizoj STYLUS 19.32 "C" BASKETBALL LTHOUGH he had only green material to work with, Coach Elliot managed to pull the Glendale Cee casabers through to a fairly successful basket- ball season. The players won three out of their five league games, including the tilt with Hoover. Opening the season, the Firecrackers walloped the Fullerton "Papooses" 25 to 8, but three days later dropped a decision to the tots from Alhambra. The final score was Glendale, 8, Alhambra, 13. Not discouraged by this defeat, the Elliot-men then took on Long Beach and, although the Firecrackers fought hard, they were finally downed by a score of 25 to 21. This defeat marked the turning point in the Firecrackers' luck, and they blew to pieces both Santa Ana and Hoover by scores of 13 to 7, and 35 to 9, respectvely. The members of the squad included jack McCreary, Larry James, jack Van Luven, Willie Evans, jack Taylor, Herbert Larson, Kay Taylor, Paul Palmer, Paul Vorkink, Mike Frabasilio, and Huberto Madrid. fizij STYLUS IQDZ VARSITY TRACK LIMAXING a successful season by placing third to Long Beach and San Diego in the Coast League finals, Coach Russ Cripe's varsity tracksters proved a decided threat to every team they met. The first meet found the Blasters swamping Fullerton, 97-15. The team scored clean sweeps in seven events. Captain Corcoran, Broughton, Allen, johnson, and Goodrich copped firsts for the locals. Alhambra proved easy for Coach Cripe's charges and were defeated by a score of 77-36. Willard ran the highs in 16 flat for the best time of the day. The Pasadena meet was won by Glendale, the score being 77-36 again. Thompson, Willard, Myerscough, Sharp, Berg, Kelly, and Bartlett all took first places. Santa Ana was vanquished by the substantial score of 70-43. Glendale met its nemesis in the form of a powerful Hoover team by a score of 62M-SOM. Willard, Bartlett, Sharp, jones, and Ensley copped firsts. The Long Beach meet was dropped by the close score of 60M-SZM. Berg won the 220 and tied for first in the hundred. Both were run in fast times. The long trip to San Diego proved disastrous to Glendale, as they were defeated 695-ABQ. Glendale placed third in the Coast League finals, only one-half point behind San Diego, Long Beach winning with 48 points, San Diego second, with 315 points, and Glendale third, with 30 p ' ts Thomp- son, Sharp, Berg, Bartlett, MacDonald, Ensley, Willard, Anderso ' an Wadey all scored for Glendale. YJ Willard and Wadey were the only Blasters to place in the Southern Cal finals, Glendale scoring 2 1-5 points. ,fl .f 51221 STYLUS IQQZ "B" TRACK TARTING the season with plenty of good material returning from last year's championship "B" and "C" teams, Coach Russ Cripe again turned out a winning lightweight team. Bill Wright, stellar dash man, was the outstanding man of the team. The first League meet was held with Fullerton, with the Blasters winning 77-39. Bill Allen, Green, Stone, Dunlap, Stine, Stutsman, Aitken, and Howeth scored first for the locals. Alhambra proved an easy victim for the Dynamiters, being defeated 97-16. Wfright won the 100 in 10.2 for the best time of the day. The Pasadena Bullpups were sent yelping home on the short end of a 78-26 score. Glendale took clean sweeps in the 660, 1320, 100, and high jump. Santa Ana proved a stumbling block for the championship-bound "Bees", taking the meet by the close score of 53 2f3-49 1f3. The Saints proved to be very strong in the distances and weights. In a meet packed with thrills the lighries managed to defeat the strong Hoover team by the score of 63-41. A The Long Beach meet was won by Coach Cripes' stars, 62M-432, thus throwing Glendale, Long Beach, and Santa Ana into a three-way tie for first. Glendale placed first in the Coast League with a total of 43 points. Wright won the 100 and 220 and Howeth the pole vault to score Firsts for the Blasters. The relay team also copped first to climax a great day for the lightweights, The Bees managed to garner fourth place in the Southern Cal meet, scoring 95 points. Stutsman won the discus to score the Dynamiters' only first. f123Il STYLUS IQJZ- "C" TRACK ITH some of the most unpromising material seen around Glendale for years, Coach Abe Elliot, by excellent coaching and hard work, turned out another championship team. With Captain Merrill Chase leading the Blasters, the Midgets swept all Coast League competition before them to finish the season with three league wins and no defeats. The first league meet was held with Fullerton on the home field. The Babes showed some of their great team strength with an 84-1 win. Alexander Gribbon turned in the best performance of the day when he raced a 660 in the fast time of 1:39. Frabasilio, Remmers, Hicks, Green, Chase, Burke and the relay team all copped firsts for the Red and Black. The Alhambra Moorletts proved the next victims, being defeated 44-35. Hicks, Chase, and Frabasilio again turned in first places. Santa Ana proved easy for Coach Elliotis charges, going down to defeat 60-16. The Hoover meet was dropped by the Blasters, 452-315. Glendale placed second to Long Beach in the Coast League finals. Captain Chase took first in the high jump, and Frabasilio, Gribbon, Hearne, Hicks, and Butler all scored points for the Babes. The Cees also won the relay, setting a new record of 47.2. Coach Elliot's charges took a fourth in the Southern Cal finals, scoring 9 points. Captain Chase tied for first in the high jump at five feet three inches. Hicks tied for fifth in the pole vault, and Hearne tied for fifth in the high jump. The Glendale relay team copped third to end the Blasters' scoring. f1241 STYLUS IQDZ BASEBALL LENDALE,S baseball aggregation was fairly successful in Coast League competition this past semester, winning three of its six league encounters. In the opening fracas, the Dynamiters thoroughly humbled the onslaught of the Fullerton Indians by scalping them 9-0. This easy victory may have put some overconfidence into the fellows, for Glendale dropped the second league game to Alhambra, 4-2. The next week Coach Sperry and his men visited Pasadena and went down to defeat at the hands of the Bulldogs, 3-0. Nevertheless, Santa Ana took a trimming the following week, 4-3, and had it drummed into them that Glen- dale was no Slouch of a team to beat. The Glendale-Long Beach game was without doubt one of the biggest surprises the Dynamiters experienced in a long time. By hard work and good ball playing, the members of the Nitros actually drove through and murdered the jackrabbits 12-1, This was the first time in the history of the school that a Glendale nine was able to beat this beach aggregation. San Diego, the league champion, came next and whipped the Nitros 7-0, in a no-hit, no-run encounter. To top the season off with a victory, Coach Sperry's horsehiders throttled Herbert Hoover High School, 7-6. Those on the team were Taylor, Stoner, Reed, Eck, Marshal, Gilmore, Sutherland, Akers, Galbraith, Carson, and Zuniga. i v f 51:51 STYLUS IQDZ. TENNIS I Headed by Gene Mako, national boys' doubles champion, this year's tennis team had only a fair season. Winning two out of six matches all season, these being with Fullerton and Santa Ana, the team's playing was only average. Several practice tilts were played by the Blasters with the locals coming out about even. The first league match was played with the Fuller- ton Indians. Mako won first singles as was expected. Eckley and Hyde, the first doubles team, played brilliant tennis to win their match. The next match with Alhambra resulted in a trouncing for the Dynamiters. Mako was the only man to win his match, the final score being 20-5. The Pasadena match was also lost by Glendale by 1 the score of 20-5, Mako winning the only match for the Blasters. The Santa Ana Saints were the Blasters' next foes. The match resulting in a 13-12 win for Glendale. In the last league battle, the Blasters were beaten 25-0 by Long Beach. In the final match of the season was played with Hoover, and in a 20-5 win for the Tornados. Mako won first singles to take the and score Glendale's points. ' This year's team coached by Mr. jellison consisted of Mak Ackerman, second sinvlcsz Wlells. third fsinglesg Lockwood, Eckley and Hyde, first dt Reavis and W t x , - so if l ' Q .3 ' 'X x GENIE MAKO 4 I:1261 STYLUS IQDZ GOLF 1TH Malcolm Mclrwin and Bob Allen heading the attack, this year's golf team finished a strong second in the race for Coast League honors. Only three schools entered golf teams this year, so due to this fact the Blasters played two matches with each one. Several practice matches were played with Muir Tech and the Oal-:mont caddies. The first league match was played with Pasadena. Owing to the fine work of Malcolm Mclrwin, Lloyd Bork- man, and Forest Smith, the Blasters trounced the Bulldogs 4M-M. The second Pasadena match also resulted in a victory for Glendale, the score being 5-0. Allen, Mclrwin, Borkman, Smith and Bower all winning their respective matches. The Alhambra Moors had the well-known Indian sign I on the Dynamiters, beating them 3k-Q, and 3-2. COACH GA NES The Blasters' next foes were the Long Beach Polly T he first match resulted in a complete victory for the ters. Allen, Mclrwin, Borkman, Smith and Bower all played great golf to . their matches easily. The second match was also a Glendale victory, the e being The team was coached by Jack Gaines l ily deservesplenty of credit for turning out the strong Next year's team promises to better that of this season, and with Coach Gaines' fine cn decided threat for Coast League honors, 51271 STYLUS I9-'D Z '-.,u4':.k? Z S. ,. , ,x ,., ,pw 5,4 ,shammi pk ,Q ,M ,Q I g V ' f fi 121. . ,J W 24 ,.... - M ,lil 51281 ' Aw,-ww..-,. - 3,15 T9 . W . 5:25, - TL , 5 5 ks .K 5 . Q , with ' A., 'f Q W xc: 1 f, 'V?"ZfZ!- xv i":au13:' l?i?E 61 ' 5 , .43 ,5 -fx-ix 2 biz, x x ima C QQ L K ' Qu.. 'Li n g V STYLUS IQD2 Anderburg, Opal Baker, Grace Baker, Yvonne Barmun, Mary Bodenhausen, Rachel Bowman, Pat Brooks, Katherine Brown, Fanchon Calvert, jane Clough, Marya Cohen, Florence De Long, Mae Rea Dixon, Elthia Elder, Floy Ellis, Jane Lee Farnsworth, Phylis Anspach, Doris Baker, Frances Heijne, Bessie Bates, Karine Berendsohn, Marie Crawford, Avonne Cunningham, Caroline Dean, Kathryn Drisco, Barbara Frank, Nadine Gurnee, La Verne Huse, Marion SPEEDBALL CLARE THOMPSON, C Fferbmen Farr, Mary Louise Geise, Lorraine Gibbs, Ruby Gilbert, Evelyn Green, Florence Higgenbotham, Roberta Hitchcock, Martha Hyde, Ruth Jacobson, Margaret jones, Judith judge, Betty Lahfdany, Marie Lyon, Frances Lyon, Ynez McEvoy, Margaret McLeod, Elizabeth Sophomore! Lockwood, Ruth Montgomery, Betty Morrow, Grace Juniorr Cv- Seniorf Hyde, Ruth Kier, Roberta La Rowe, Ella Mae Lord, Frances Marias, Sylvia Martin, Mabel McKee, Martelle Meyer, Ruth Mitchell, Beryl 1:1301 oacla Meritt, Betty Lee Morrow, Grace Noble, Ellen Osehorf, Pearl Pomeroy, Virginia Powell, Eleanor Reynolds, June Roberts, Elizabeth Rogers, Ruth Reeman, Ruth Russel, Virginia Smith, Viola Stern, Marjorie Stockwell, Clara Swartz, Margaret Wilson, Thelma Nicholas, Margaret Russel, Virginia Ward, Evangeline Moore, Dorothy Orchard, Helen Ormesher, Lillian Patterson, Ruth Prober, Inez Rentch, Frances Roberts, Leonora Stiller, Dorothy Storms, Grace STYLUS I9-52 Black, Marjorie Ca Jacob, Betty Calvert, jane Dorothy, Carol Heijne, Bessie Lahfdany, Marie McEvoy, Margaret Marek, Eleanor Anspach, Doris Baker, Beverly Baker, Frances Bates, Karine Berendsohn, Marie Brown, Paula Cunningham, Caroline Decker, Wilma Feaster, Sue Frampton, jane Henderson, Virginia Black, Mary Helen Burke, Doris Coke, Bethel Conrad, Betty Gurnee, La Verne Hesse, Velma Huse, Marion BASKETBALL BEATRICE CASE, Coach Frerhmen McLeod, Elizabeth Montgomery, Betty Piper, Esther Pomeroy, Virginia Reynolds, June Roberts, Elizabeth Simpson, Dorothy Storms, Marguerite S0fl907'l207'E.f Hyde, Ruth jessen, Lois Kinzer, Betty Lake, Mary Etta Lennington, Marjorie Lockwood, Ruth Longcroft, Dorothy Mabry, Betty Meyer, Ruth Nicholas, Margaret Mumaw, jane Juniorr 67- Seniorf Kier, Roberta La Rowe, Ella Mae Marias, Sylvia Packard, Nell Vesta Pierce, Ruth Prober, Inez Reynolds, Harriet I:131fI Swartz, Margaret Thompson, Marilyn Watson, Buelah Wilkes, Dorothy Wood. Shirley Yerbey, Barbara Orchard, Helen Ormesher, Lillian Patterson, Ruth Ramey, Velma Russell, Virginia Schneider, Katherine Sherwood, Martha Anne Smith, Mary Edith Springer, Martha Tronsier, Ellen Ward, Evangeline Reynolds, Naomi Roberts, Dorothy Roberts, Leonora Sheppard, Helen Sherman, Betty Storms, Grace STYLUS IQJZ Adam, Auralee Anderberg, Marge Authes, Gretchen Black, Marjorie Bodenhouse, Rachel Ca jacob, Betty Dorothy, Carol Gilbert, Evelyn Gross, Iuell Hunt, Eloise Anspach, Doris Baker, Frances Berendsohn, Marie Brown, Paula Dudley, Jewell Feaster, Sue Frampton, jane Hyde, Ruth Coke, Bethel Gurnee, La Verne VOLLEYBALL CLARE THOMPSON, Coach Frerlamen Heijne, Bessie Janes, Judith Kimpel, Naomi Lahfdany, Marie Lemke, Eda Madrid, Alice McEvoy, Margaret McLeod, Elizabeth Montgomery, Betty Perry, Ruth Sophomorey Jessen, Lois Lake, Mary Etta Lockwood, Ruth Mabry, Betty Mumaw, jane Nicholas, Margaret Ormesher, Lillian Parker, Marion Patterson, Ruth jmziom CDN Seniom Kier, Roberta Marias, Sylvia Prober, Inez liszj Piper, Esther Reynolds, june Roberts, Elizabeth Stimson, Dorothy Storms, Margaret Swartz, Margaret Thompson, Marilyn Wood, Shirley Yerby, Barbara Raimey, Velma Russel, Virginia Schneider, Katherine Springer, Martha Smith, Mary Edith Theimig, Nedra Tronsier, Ellen Wilson, Harriet Roberts, Leonora Storms, Grace STYLUS IQDZ. CLARE THOMPSON - BABER, GRACE BAKER, HELEN BAKER, YVONNE BLACK, MAR JORIE BOWMAN, PATSY BROOKS, KATHERINE CALVERT, JANE COLLIN, ADELINE DE LONG, MAE REA DIXON, ELTHEA ELDER, FLOY EBLE, ELLA MAY FARR, MARY LOUISE BAKER, FRANCES BROWN, DORIS CASADEBAIG, RENEE HEIJNE, BESSIE BATES, KARINE BERENDSOHN, MARIE BURKE, DORIS ACRAWFORD, AVONNE CUNNINGHAM, CAROLINE GURNEE, LA VERNE HOCKEY - Coachex - FRESHMEN GEISE, LORRAINE GIBBS, RUBY GILBERT, EVELYN GREENE, SHIRLEY HIGGENBOTHAM, ROBERTA HITCHCOCK, MARTHA JUDGE, BETTY JONES, JUDITH ANNE LAHFDANNY, MARIE LINE, FRANCES LYON, YNEZ MCCONNELL, CONSTANCE MCEVOY, MARGARET SOPHOMORES KINZER, BETTY LOCKWOOD, RUTH MONTGOMERY, BETTY IUNIORS S1 SENIORS KIER, ROBERTA MARIAS, SYLVIA MEYER, RUTH MCKEE, MARTELLE L155J - RUTH STWALLEY MCLEOD, ELIZABETH MERRITT, BETTY LEE MORGAN, VIRGINIA PHELPS, HELEN POMEROY, VIRGINIA REYNOLDS, JUNE ROACH, LORETTA ROBERTS, ELIZABETH ROBERTS, MARY LEE STIMSON, DOROTHY THOMPSON, MARILYN WALKER, JEAN YERBY, BARBARA MORROW, GRACE MUMAW, JANE NICHOLAS, MARGARET RUSSEL, VIRGINIA MITCHELL, BERYL ORMESHER, LILLIAN PATTERSON, RUTH PROBER, INEZ ROBERTS, LEONORA STORMS, GRACE STYLUS IQD2. BETTY HITCHCOCK - SYLVIA MARIAS - - MARJORIE GOODHUE VIRGINIA BULLINGER RUTH PATTERSON - GRACE SHORB - LOUISE SEGALE - - BERYL MITCHELL - MARGARET ROBERTS BETTY SHERMAN - ELLA MAE LA ROWE ROBERTA KIER - - JOSEPHINE SWIGGETT WANDALEE NICHOL - - - - - - - 7're.ridenZ - Vire '?1'eJident - Sefretaffy - - '1'reaJurer - - Song Leader - - 77iani,rz - ?ublifity - - '?r0g1zzm - - Tennix Club - - "G" Klub - Gjmz Serrezarief Hiking Club - fender: flub - - Volleyball - - 'Baxketball - - - Speedball - - - Hockey - Frieml,rbiLlJ Clmifman - - - DORIS BURKE - - JANE KELLER JOSEPHINE SWIGGETT MARY EDITH SMITH - - JUNE REYNOLDS - - GRACE SHORB AVONNE CRAWFORD LILLIAN ORMESHER BERNADINE GINGERY - - SYLVIA MARIAS VIRGINIA BULLINGER - - ROBERTA KIER - - - JANE BRIGGS - LILLIAN ORMESHER - - - SUE FEASTER - MARTELLE McKEE - BERYL MITCHELL - RUTH PATTERSON SECRETARIES CLUB HELEN CI-IENEY - - - ---' uldmen - - - - - - BEATRICE CASE ELLA MAE LA ROWE - - T'f-evident I - VIRGINIA BULLINGER Vire-"P:-efidefzf - - JANE FRAMPTON LILLIAN ORMESHER - - - Ser1'ezaa-y-Trea.ruref - - - RUTH HYDE fl34l STYLUS IQDZ Anspach, Doris Baker, Frances Bates, Karine Berenclsohn, Marie Briggs, jane Brown, Paula Chase, Margaret Conrad, Betty Cunningham, Caroline Frampton, jane Frasher, Mildred Goodhue, Marjorie LEADERS CLUB MRYTLE ANDERSON, tJd1fiJE1' Gurnee, La Verne Hails, Betty Hatch, Pauline Hitchcock, Betty 1 Hyde, Ruth jessen, Lois Keller, jane Kinzer, Betty Lockwood, Ruth Mabry, Betty McKee, Martelle Montgomery, Betty f1351 wwf Nicholas, Margaret Plette, Anna Marie Ramey, Velma Roberts, Billie Roberts, Leonora Russel, Virginia Schmidt, Margaret Smith, Mary Edith Springer, Martha Storms, Grace Swiggett, Josephine S TYLU5 LJ 195 2. K : BETTY SHERMAN Lx1.L1AN ORMESIIER RUTH PIERCE - - "G" CLUB MRYTLE ANDERSON, vldvirer - - - - 'Pferident - - - - - - - Vive "P'fe.fidenl - - - - Serrelm'y-Trea.fu1'er - - - - - SYLVIA MARIAS LILLIAN ORMESHER - FRANCES LoRo Berendsohn, Marie Briggs, jane Bulinger, Virginia Burke, Doris Conrad, Betty Coke, Bethel Crawford, Avonne Crozier, Dorothy Frank, Nadine Goodhue, Marjorie Hanson, Evelyn Helfrich, Margaret Hitchcock, Betty Jaynes, Beulah Keller, jane Kier, Roberta La Rowe, Ella Mae Lord, Frances Marias, Sylvia McKee, Martelle Mitchell, Beryl Ormesher, Lillian Patterson, Ruth Pierce, Ruth fiasl Plette, Anna Marie Prober, Inez Roberts, Margaret Schmidt, Margaret Sherman, Betty Smith, Mary Edith Stevens, Lucille Stiller, Dorothy Swiggett, Josephine Winter, Billie STYLUS IQO f157J 1 F5 , W 1, -,f.r 2' v SA J VI- ix x f "m W V, J' V,FV' ffKffJ? ! lb XJ la? 'ygw' Wwffwkby fjlwrgifxgjj JM fvfdjfyx , ff VWQBQU gy kv J, af' 'M 'ff ,, f ff ff jfxfll 6 rj 1 xx ij N x 7 Wifi-if' f' :L " W 1 . - W ., . 47 f 5- :ffm .ef .f , '15iE?fgf5W 'f ' 5? 55,2-,1e'1, ,ef fifa?,s5'. 4 7 roi' if -' 5 I Sluin ' jnzfzfze Blodgep .Ywlrhnzml j L9-mjl Harm 7x,1mz1rf , -Liu: Tlurm ,- u . Q J. IU: W 1 I I 7 M U1 JU jg J L MJ wr' . fy! M' CO-EDUCATIONAL - ACCREDITED Open all year. Two summer sessions s+arIing June 20+h and Aug- us+ Is+. JUNIOR COLLEGE High School graduafes eligible for admission. College credil' for all work of saI'isfacI'ory grade. HIGH SCHOOL Accredi+ed Easf and WesI'. Small classes. Superior Ieachers. COACHING CLASSES Two years' worlc in one. Special prepara+ion for Annapolis, Wesi' Poini, College Board and Caliech Examinaiions. PRIVATE TUTORING All high school, college and grade school subiecfs. SCHOOL OF EXPRESSION COMMERCE - SECRETARIAL - - Operafed lay MACURDA-DRISKO SCHOOLS 5353 Wesi' Third Sfreef ORegon I I38 51393 "PrinI'ing is The Ar+ Which Makes All Orhers Yield Golden Re+urns" I Stillman Printing Company I I Creaiors of Fine Priniing I Phone Douglas 80 I39 NORTI-I MARYLAND GLENDALE SATISFACTION MONEY CI-IEERFULLY GUARANTEED "TED" REFUNDED CHARLSTON MEN'S WEAR III so. Br d B COLLEGE WEAR BRAE BURN A SPECIALTY UNIVERSITY CLOTI-IES Call and Gel' Your School Color I-Ial' Fealhers Free an OU Ievard COOK'S AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY NLE Auio Paris and Accessories Very Low Prices fi 239V2 S. Brand Phone Kenwood 372 Thurlow Sign Company SIGNS 408 Sourh Brand DESIGNERS ancl PICTORIAL PAINTERS Phone Douglas 868 I F Y -TFT TT l I I , BUY YOUR BAKED GOODS WOODSON S FROM YOUR PHOTO CRAFT SHOP NEIGHBORHOOD I BAKERY Kodak Finishing, Pic'I'ure Framing, I I I iw... Greefing Cards, California ' I Views I I 2 I 4V2 NorI'h Brand THE PURITY BAKERY 7IB E. Broadway Ij14oj John R. Grey Councilman Cily of Glendale Frank - Fearless - Fair Candidate For County Supervisor 51'h DISTRICT 0 Mr. Grey solicilrs The supporr of The vorers on a plahform of reasonable economy and efficiency in counly business. A Friend Of The Schools -Here's your lnvitation . STUDENTS OF GLENDALE AND HOOVER HIGH SCHOOLS are cordially inviled To The ZIPPER CAFE Glendale ai' Chevy Chase -Popular Prices- WALKER'S CANDIES --+- I SALTED NUTS . . . Roasred Daily -+- FOUNTAIN LUNCH -+-' HIGH GRADE ICE CREAM -+-- PEANUT BUTTER ground while you wail -Q1 Cl-lll.l U TAMALES ' SPAGHETTI COFFEE . I I Roaded Daily SANDWTCHES 6 A.lVl.-2 A.Iv1. LUNCHEONS U DINNERS I38 Norrh Brand ITIS Phone Douglas 423 GLENDALE F1411 TYLUS I9-52 CRAW l142l 'R- .QR ref ws: I ,:- L Y , ,-, '. 1 Ali? , -. js? T, ' ' 4 4 'f- 'ip FORD , x 1 -, IE? f 1 ' ROGUES GALLERY L52 g f F m m We 1-hr-ce X I V .. .. 9 W., iw I R IV-A 9 3 E Wm Q 1 B" Sf 3 x - ' os Be CERTAIN with CERTIFIED MILK VISITORS WELCOME Roger Jessup Certified Farm IDEAL CERTIFIED MILK BARBARA B CERTIFIED MILK R. W. JESSUP . 3I5 Nor'IIn San Fernando Giendaie, California Glendale, Douglas 4-2I - Los Angeies, OLympia 0500 C I I F I B a I 0 f n I a S "LEADING BUTCHER" Suppiies More ScI1ooI Cafeterias TI'1an Any other ButcI1er UM THERE is A REASON AIIen I'IoteI Suppiy Company, Inc. WHOLESALE ONLY l3l Nor'II1 Los Angeles Sireei TRini+y 469l 51431 Glendale Florist Cut Flowers ot Quality tor Every Occasion OFFICIAL TELEGRAPH FLORIST I28 South Brand Blvcl. Phone Douglas Il55 "That's a good looking hat, johng A+ how long have you had it?" l "Well, I bought it five years ago, had it cleaned and blocked three 6 6 ' times, changed it twice in restaurants, v - and it's still as good as new." DIAMQNDS "Say, what's the idea? Why did you give that girl such a big tip when WATCHES she gave you your coat?" JEWELRY 'lWell, look at the coat she gave CLOCKS and me' SILVERWARE "Was your last fire a bad one, Mr. Convenient Terms without Extra Cost Ginsberg? "Yes, indeed. I barely made ex- I pensesf' , Latin Teacher: "What does 'rex C. C. Lewis Jewelry Co. fugit- rneanf' '33 N. Brand Ruth Haddock: "The king flees." Teacher: "Make it a perfect tense Doug' 3002 ' by using lhas'." Ruth: "The king has flees." G. Cruiclcshank Phone TRinity 6668 Eastern Wholesale Grocery Co. wHol.EsAl.E e-Roceas 306-308 N. Los Angeles Street Los Angeles, Calif. r1443 "ALWAYS AMONG FRIEN DS" You Should Find in Every Cily and Communily a Member of Ihe NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS. Member by lnvi+aI'ion One who is pledged To render The besl merchandise and 1'he besl service al moderale prices. ISYS I.. G. Scovern Co. MORTICIANS 828 Souih Brand Boulevard Douglas I43-Capiiol 8842 GLENDALE, CALIF. LOCAL MEMBER BY INVITATION 1:1451 STYLLJ5 IQDZ. 5,44 v pw- 5 ,. Ame. - X, 2.1 ."- i - mg w-QQ ww. . :EW J: f : .Q QL :' Q 2 Q3 - 'L ...Luigi in 'ffggf mr wfm -gigws i ,sl Q1 1 i we Ei Ewa-u2rsuTf f AT Tr-neg 'bovmeam S QA'-?FQ'iN'Pv iff-L-SPWNE s1sviS:Wa" ,'r?2'g.151" 'lffnztggg-Q Q '. YI H 1'5- "l! ga 2' HMM ,N 4'-xx A , , 553,513 zu 1-my :Jiff- fg . VQWM , Mig- -. , ki ' ' "if5w.: ,? riff 1:1212 f .1.,i2.f"' al.-...,!.f.'l..f,2A ,gvwf-' f. " ,. I .. ., , 'NN-.:i, . :fi 17 I 1 g 1 ff .. ,Q , g - gx,a.q,., -9 , .- Q ya? Q Q,-as mi , 5331 S Q ha Hi ii' , 5 f ' 2 i Q , ,is ,u I146:I LEARN wm1EARN WILLIS COLLEGE of COMMERCE 404 E. Broadway Douglas 302I Seorelrarial and All Business Subiecfs Degree and Seleciive Courses POSITIONS SECURED "INDIVIDUAL TRAINING FOR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS JESSE E SMITH CO. AUTHORIZED F Q R D DEALER We cordially invi'Ie The siudeni' body of C31IendaIe and Hoover I-Ilghs Io our showroom, see and drive II1e beauIiIuI new Ford V-8. A surprise awaiis y JESSE E. SMITH CO. AT YOUR SERVICE I I0 EasI Elk Sfreef Phone Douglas 432 - Olympic 2 988 I YE KOPPER KETTLE R'CH-TH'CK TEA ROOM MALTS..I5c Marfina Hubbard LUNCI-IEONS and DINNERS BRIDGE PARTIES and I COAST ICE CREAM I3I So. CenIraI DOugIas 88I0 AFTERNOON TEA I I5 FRUITS and ELAVORS ' 350 per QUART 308 N. Brand BIvd. Phone for reservafions DOugIas 5954 y CONE 5c If147'l visi+ ou. TYLLJS ISO f14s3 B Good Priniing Is a uy I Goool Invesimeni Los Angeles Made , Candies i I Superior Printing 74' Company E. A. Hoffman Candy Co. I X Q Clover Leaf Candy Co. I I I7 Wes'I Colorado Chrisiopher Candy Co. Kenwood 666 y .- Phone Ken. 927 A. A. Dolling, Bus. Mgr. For ROSY CHEEKS GARDNER 81 WRIGHT z HEALTH and VISOR' We are oiciering a compleie service in USE LIGHTING EFFECTS FLAG DECORATIONS SPEECH AND SOUND I AMPLIFICATION I CoI"I'age Cheese omce 327 N. Cenrral Glendale, cam. BuHerm'Ik BROYLES STUDIO Drama - Paniomime - Pageaniry Inc. Special summer iosrsi for High School Manufacfuring Jewelers Voice - Diciion - Paniomime Sfory Telling - Piafform Training MRS. F. H. BROYLES, B.E., M. Exp. 20 Years' Experience in Universify, High School and Privaie Teaching Siudio: I2I W. Maple DOugIas 9360 CLASS RINGS - CLUB PINS TROPI-IIES - MEDALS 111 860 Souih Flower SI. LOS ANGELES VAndiI4e 9747 L1491 Complimenls of Glendale Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co. "QUALITY woRK" Phones: Doug. l630 Bur. 2I2 Ca. 8095 Sun. l597 Laurel l360 Do you REALIZE +ha+ HEALTHY TEETH and GUIVIS influence your u n - B u HEALTH. your PERSONAL AP- PEARANCE, your EFFICIENCY as Ankle-fashioned a STUDENT or ATHLETE, and your general HAPPINESS? OXFORD5 FOR MEN Then surely your TEETH deserve -" as good care as you give your I walch or aulomobile. Shoes YOU Wear em THINK IT OVER' I Shoes you wanl 'em ,2 Shoes you Iouy 'em Shoes we have 'em Dr. Gerald Q. Farwell -+- DENTISTRY 34E.cla,e1al - ' ' 1e,ep,,onQ"51u"j3,as :Me I Winkler s Shoe Store Office Hours:qTl:eijeyQs6 ghslrulays, Saru d ys N. B'-and I7 Years in Prigfiaeggglaxzears a Resldenf Doug. Glendale G. Cruiclcshenk Phone TRini+y 6668 Eastern Wholesale Grocery Co. WHOLESALE eRocERs 306-308 N. Los Angeles Slreel' Los Angeles, Calif. f15o1 California's "LEADING BUTCHERH Supplies More School Cafeterias Than Any other Butcher T FN 1 0 TI-IERE IS A REASON Allen Hotel Supply Company, lnc. WHOLESALE ONLY I3I Nor+h Los Angeles Sfreei' TRini'I'y 469I ul05f X CHOOL J? BAUROOMNTAPDANCING A culfural ins'ri'IuIion clevofed principally Io young people, ancl founded upon a developmeni idea, Ihe purpose of which is Io lay a social founclalion for our youfh, furnishing proper almosphere ancl accurale inslruclion in Ihe modern dance. O O Specializing in BALLROOM - EXHIBITION BALLROOM Telephone Douglas 7 TAP - STAGE DANCING 9 I L1s13 Z0 f-,.o"" STYLUS X Hmowe am x xxx X XXX xx I X Freshman fat ball gamej: "I don't see how the umpire can keep so cool." Sophomore: "That's easy-look at ' all the fans around him." "Say, waiter, are you hard of hear- I were manulaclured by ing?" "A little bit, yes, sir." We b e r - M C C r e a "I thought so. I asked you for liver, not leather." C O m p 8 I1 Y gl flncorporatedl Mr. Brown: "What is the most deadly poison known?" Bill Kirmse: "Airplane poison- I one drop is enough." 'i HU Tourist: "Where did those big I rocks come from ?" Guide: "The glaciers brought them downf' ' Tourist: "But where are the gla- 421 E651-SjXH1S1-l ciers ?U . Guide: "Oh, they've gone back for LOS Angeles' Cahir' more rocks." s I I f S gg, 2 ?-- .f-,I , S -- I Promoted x X SIX X ,N I MSX -1413 A FOOD-vital as sunshinemmf A MOST DELICIOUS ICE CREAM RICI-I - PURE - WI-IOLESOME Call Your Favorite Sunfreze Dealer or Phone Ken I62 o o WESTERN DAIRY PRODUCTS, Inc. f155l l a General Aulo Repairing, Ballery and WALL PAPER CO. me Same TEXACO GAS-OILS and GREASE PAINTERS' and DECORATORS' I SUPPLIES I The Homo. l HARRY'S GARAGE PETER PAINT I 81 SERVICE l H. CHAPMAN, Prop. Froifzvgagl , l5Ol W. Glenoalcs al' Sonora ,mff,ma,i,uf Sid Eslimjles I , Phone Douglas bass, GLENDALE, CALIE. GLEN DALE CRYSTAL ICE CO. IOO per cent locally owned and operated inslitulion, lhe pioneer manufacturer and dislributor of ice in this vicinity. Walclm for The Yellow Truclrl I l26 Easl' Wilson Glendale Phone Douglas I47 Los Angeles CApilol 805l Office Phone Douglas 2327 Gas Ranges and Furnaces Repaired Free Inspection on all Gas Appliances Glendale Wafer Healer Service EXPERT REPAIR WORK 24 Hour Service All Makes l-lol Waler Healers Repaired and Serviced GAS RANGES CONNECTED ll5 So. Central Glendale, Cal. "Don't you know it's wrong to fish on Sunday?" 'Tm not fishingg l'm just teaching this worm to swim." Cook: "That oyster live used for two weeks is pretty flabby. What shall we do for soup today?" Boss of Restaurant: "You ought to know. Use the old bean." Returned Tourist fro friendj: "Well, l liked Rome and Paris, but the best part of the whole thing was the trip over there. Don't miss that, whatever you do, if you go to Europe." He fdrivingj: "I always keep both hands on the steering wheelf' She fsourlyj: "Well, I'm right here in case you need a handkerchief." First flea: "Been walking ?" Second flea: "No, been on a ttampf, Robinson's, lnc. THE SHOP ALL STUDENTS KNOW "Good Clothes Deserve Good Care" QUALITY . COURTESY . SERVICE gg I MID WEST CLEANERS 1 1 v and DYERS ' IZI SO. Brand Masonic Temple Bldg. DO 834I GI-ENDAI-E 232 So. Brand Blvd. GLENDALE, CAL. - -1 I f154l I' SCHOOL ANNUALS i CASLON PRINTING COMPANY 5 oS S P d e 'l VA dk lhlglmmm MMIII!! num IlIln A "llll mm A luuull mlllll Printed by A 4 . an e ro S . Los Angeles I v IIIIII , I 1 STYLUS IQJ f5eH'y Haxls f 156 1 Adolwr Milk has been awarded more firsl' prizes for puri+y and qualify Hman all ofhers com- bined. Yef if cosfs no more +han ordinary brands. for Telephone Douglas 8 I 44 5070 DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS ON ALL PHOTOGRAPHS AUSTIN STUDIO LARGEST IN TI-IE WEST Official Phofographer 'For +he Year Book IO6 Easl Broadway Glendale, California f157I ATHLETIC GOODS ,I 4 . I I I S , Y N5 , . Q 'J :Elm , Tb , 4.- I59 If, I 7 'gf Q3 . Qi.. T" d'JTXQg,7 dv Wi. ' ' "-P TON .' H I I O '- Supply Your Needs in SPORT and ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT From Our Large SIOCIQ SPECIAL PRICES TO STUDENTS for SCHOOL NEEDS IN THIS LINE We Are GIendaIe Agenfs for Spalding and OII1er Popular Makes GOLF CLUBS TENNIS RACKETS I BASEBALL and FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT '- I QI: GUNS - AMMUNITION and FISHING TACKLE WE RE-STRING TENNIS RACKETS Prornpjf Service and Work Yi T ". y TI'IaI WIII Please You T 3' COrnweII 8: KeIty HARDWARE - SPORTING GOODS I I5 SO. Brand Phone Douglas 404- 51583 KUG-ART PHOTO SERVICE AMATEUR STILL and MOTION PICTURE PHOTOGRAPHY and PINE PORTRAITURE 507 W. Colorado Blvd. 205 s. Blind Blvd. GLENDALE PRESCRIPTIONS HOSPITAL SUPPLIES l Everything for The Siclc Room 3 . B r o w n s l PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY l I Glendale Professional Building I 227 North Central Avenue I Phone Douglas 6003 . . . Douglas 7272 I Club Pins Designed and Manulactu red by by J.A.Meyers8aCo. 822 South Flower Sergeant: "All those fond of music step forward." With visions of a soft job in the regimental band, half a dozen men came forward. "Now, thenf, said the sergeant, "you six men get busy and carry that piano in the basement up to the offi- cers' new quarters on the seventh floorf, Billy Brower: 'lWell, there's one word in the English language that's always pronounced incorrectly." Los Angeles Calif. Miss Hairgrove: "What word is that, Billy?" K v Billy Brower: "Why, 'incorrectlylf' AWARDS Teacher: "What's on the outside of a tree ?" MEDALS Pupil: "I dunno." -I-ROP'-HES Teacher: "Bark, boy, bark." Pupil fsurprised but obedientj: "Woof, wooff' l - OPEN EVSNHQS Permanenf Waving Congralulalions 'Io Classes of I932 M8fSh'S Beauty Shop Owned and Operated by Beautycrafl, Inc. ALL LINES OF BEAUTY CULTURE 2lO-212 S. Cenlral Ave. Douglas 6525 Glendale, Calif. H.H.H.S. and G.H.S. GLENDALE SMALL ANIMAL l HOSPITAL and BOARDING KENNELS DR. G. W. BLANCHE DR. D, A. ADDLER Associafe ' 83I Milford Street Phone Douglas 2099 Glendale, Calif. S 51591 GLEN DALE SCHOOL FOR PRIVATE SECRETARIES Central Avenue near Broadway -In Glendale SECRETARIAL STENOGRAPI-I IC ADMINISTRATIVE Intensive Individual Inslruclion W Phone Douglas 3378 Sfyle Headquarfers Where Young Men Buy Their Cloihes 1 1 ED NISLE I II7 So. Brand I GAYN ELL BEAUTY SHOP I al Telephone Kenwood 5OI 222Vz W. Broadway Glendale Customer: "Waiter, your thumb is in my soup." Waiter: "That's all right, sir. I'm so used to the heat I hardly noticed it." Teacher: l'This essay on 'My Dog' is word for word like your brother's essay." Student: "Yes, I know it: it's the same dog." "The director just fired his assist- ant." "What did the assistant say P" "He said, 'What, after all these yeahs,?" Doctor: 'lDid you take that powder I gave you-just enough to cover a dime?" Patient: "Yes, I did, Doc. Only I didn't have a dime so I used ten pen- nies insteadf' A celebrated singer was in an auto accident one day. The paper, in re- porting the incident, added, "We are happy to state, however, that he was able to appear the following evening in four piecesf' "What is water?" "A liquid that turns black when you put your hands in it," "So you broke your tooth. How did it happen?" "Oh, I was shifting gears on a lol- lipopf' Teacher: "Try this sentence: 'Take the cow out of the fieldf What mood?" Pupil: "The cow." Mother: "Is your father asleep yet ?U Small son: "Yes, all except his nose." f160:l A - I -- l ' l P nfdudc I Gordon s Froclc Shoppe I fezma "Exclusive Bur Not Expensive" l II8VN +hB dBId. T ' 2 or ran V I l Everything Published in Music 1 gig I DOMESTIC - FOREIGN X Phone VAndike lO4l ' COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTSWEAR, 73,-733 S. Grand Ave' DRESSES AND Mll.l.lNERY ' N L05 Angeles. Calif, Mother Mule: "Yes, my Maud is the mascot at West Point." Mother Pig: "That's nice. My Willie is the football at Annapolis." Betty Betz fwatching a pole vault- erj : "just think how much higher he could go if he didn't have to carry that pole." Miss Tilley: "What does 'cubic' mean?" Jane Johnson: "Cubic is the lan- guage spoken in Cubtf' "Oh, no," said Willie, 'Tm carry- ing them very carefully by the stems." Singer: "And for bonnie Annie Laurie, I'd lay me down and die." Boy in audience: 'lls Miss Laurie in the house?" History Teacher: l'Who signed the Declaration of Independence." Edward Steele: "I don't know: I wasn't here yesterdayf' Dot Wilson: "My Scotch boy friend sent me his picture." Frances Wfhitemanz "How does it look?', Dot Wilson: NI don't know 'cause I haven't had it developed yetf, The young bride walked into the market and said, "I want a half pound of mince meat, and please cut it off a nice tender young mincef, Don't worry if your marks are low And your rewards are few. Remember that the mighty oak Was once a nut like you. Telephone Douglas 964-W REMODELING O l MANUFACTURER AND DESIGNER i FINE FURS l , s. J. MILLS, Prop. l I33 South Brand Boulevard 1 DEPARTMENT I STORE I I7-I I9 N. Brand Blvd. Dou las l6B3-84 GLENDALE, CALIF. i 9 RENOVATIN6 0 REPAIRING l LAUDERDALES I ,Y . M, L 161 T S1-Y'l.n.1s IQ qw' 5' D If1621 CLEANING - DYEING MOTHPROOFING , VURK5 ' D7 E I one Better SUEDE AND LEATHER COATS A SPECIALTY GLENDALE ZOO East Broadway Phone Douglas l55 LOS ANGELES ' 2995 Glendale Blvd. Phone OLyrnpia 2I4I Owner of Austin fwho has crashed with a truckj: "But couldn't you See me coming?" Truck Driver: "Yes, I saw you, but I thought it was a fly on the Wind- shield." Little Willie had gone to bring in the kittens. His father, hearing a shrill meowing, called out: "Donlt hurt the kittens, Willie!" Ed Cannon: "I found a button in my salad this noon." Betty Hails: "It must have been part of the dressing." E Rosamond johnson: "Do you know the moon is a dead body ?" i Art Hartshorn: "Let's sit up with I the corpse then." T I DRY GOODS Si-IOES Notions he Art Beauty Shoppe y MR. E MRS, BOURGET, Props. J C SHORT BOB SPECIAL T ' ' ' FINGER WAVE .... 50e LATEST CREATIONS WET WAVE ..... 35C in Except Saturdays and the day prior to COATS and DRESSES holidays 209-II North Brand I I IO N. Pacitic Doug. 8I I5 MCCALL PATTERNS - EXCELLA PATTERNS I All Modern Methods ot Th0l'naS Beauty College T PERMANENT WAVINQ 3l8 Banlc ot America Bldg. GLENDALE, CALIF. Douglas 2363 Special rate to students enrolling tor Summer classes. All branches ot beauty culture taught. Licensed and approved by the State Board ot Cosmetology. En- roll now tor day or evening classes. PALACE GRAND BEAUTY SHOP A. S. KELL Specializing in T MODERN HAIR CUTTING I33 N. Brand-Glendale, Calit. Phone Douglas 2494- In Arcade L1651 iii an W.Q1L4.,2i.,-7LA,. 5,.,,,Qu.e..,h. CSVMMWQ AUTGGRAPEIS :L r"WAiTg,!-ffgf . 1. ,JJ fm! ya I J 14' ,JU , , I 1 1 ' I J If 1 :K LJ r L JJ fy Aj 1 4' J J Mx dw -,, Mx 'I' 'f A . A IJ If I f, iff, , , ff f d Mfwkff VZ ff 9 'f VVV jWgQJfj!f , 5 up f WW AW' B wa? fy!!-fff' ,V Mil!!! MVVJJ 1 Q .4,g!W I ,W ai W L+ 15,5 I9 f K .x - 2 fwwQMivfWUfM E Q g 2 N5 E I EXPERIENCE School Emblems and GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS Oualities us to solicit your Continued Patronage O O The T. V. Allen Co. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS and STATIONERS BIZ-I5 Maple Ave. Los Angeles Bob: "If your father catches us eloping tonight I wonder what he'll say to your mother ?" Betty: "He'll probably say 'Sh- h-h,l" . "I'm about all in," sighed the worm, as the crow took another gulp. judge fro prisonerj: "What, you here again ?" Prisoner: "Yes, sir." judge: UAren,t you ashamed to be seen here 7' Prisoner: "No, sir! What's good enough for you is good enough for me. 'lYou never can tell," said the bandit as he shot the only witness to his crime, "A STEP AHEAD" T ST T I T' I F., PECIAL BOOKS, EINE STATIONERY GENERAL SCHOOL SUPPLIES IN BusiNEss TRAINING I l- J' ' July 5 sooxs ard ox-'moz suwuzs.. 24I N. Brand Blvd. Doug. 4521 I X IIE TREASURE TRO E3 GLEIIPALE8 GIFT SHOP 22.'liN.Bi1 BIVd DT5l5 9098 GLENDALE .CAIN Because ot the demand tor summer business training, and the tact that city schools will not hold their usual summer classes, Sawyer otters a spe- cial Summer Session, Special short term subjects, to tit your particular neecls. Free Employment Service to all graduates. Visit or 'phone to- day tor details. No obliga- tions. SAWYER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Sth ancl Flower TRinity 3876 f165j TYLLJS IQDZ 51663 YM Q A 34 ,ZA gg" . ' A-if we Fi ' ' . 'F' . A kg ,IN W A ' - 'i 02+ + , Q Q . , Av I QL V H, " pf- lf 'wlhjg B Compliments ot Wettrs l Men's Shop One - Eleven North Brand l A mother left three apples on the table and upon returning found that but one remained. "Bobby," she demanded sternly of her youthful son, "have you eaten those apples?', "I didn't touch onej' replied Bobby. 'iBut there were three there and now there is only one." "Well, that's the one I didn't touch." -W1 Young Wife: "Wl1at's the matter? Don't you like the lower crust of the pie?" Husband: "Oh, pardon me! I thot l it was the paper plate." Home 0-F l Papa Kangaroo: i'Where is the . baby, dear?" GOOD CLOTHES Mama Kangaroo ffeeling in pock- g etsj: "Now, that's funny. I guess I l 1T1U.St left him in my other clothesf' Dggglgas . Camel As Jonah said to the whale, "If you N had kept your trap shut you wouldn't "W ' "W" ' "W" "KH f W' have gotten me in this messf' Iiiiiiiiifw EE T TTT' G-LENDALE l BEST WISHES a to our triends at COMPANY GLENDALE HIGH Estimates without obligation l Doug. '84 Capiior I4755 l N K 224 SOUTH BRAND BLVD. ' GLENDALE CALIFORNIA l SHOE REPAIRING 81 DYEING SERVICE ' T T25 N. Brand Blvd. Douglas 734l e' -fff--'-f-i-ff+-- fe l. , -.. -E A. D. cooNEN l Girls, l-lere's a Tip I When the boys don't turn around and l i loolc at you on the street, something is . wrong. You need a new outfit. Select l l one ot our clever models. l I THE BEDELL sHoP Douglas 675 l WE GUARANTEE TO FILL T l Youre DATE eooits had ...E E.. . EE- El in I 51671 q, 0 BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP Nine Operators AT Your Service WHERE BEAUTY IS AN ART BOB KEATS, Prop. 2lO Easl Broadway Phone: Kenwood 56 Glendale, Calif. u o - i o M' ' B Li Hon lhe weigh for Phone Douglas I97 Q Business 8 .mo F - - Central Pharmacy t e- TYCK f f" ' 95? 9' Y fi JEWELER O i i i iiiil Douglas 28l9 Los Feliz al Central l35 S. Brand Blvd. GLENDALEI CALIF' F. B. Clarli GLENDALE, CAl.lF. l Compliments of H. S. Webb 8a Co. i Brand at Wilson Glendale's Own Depar+men+ S+ore l Douglas CApi+oI 3200 Q 8l89 1 ws Freddie the Freshman combs his hair every night before going to bed-some night he expects to meet the girl of his dreams. Bill Moore: "You look like a million dollars." Marjorie Stlrn: "Yes, and I'm just as hard to make." "What shall We do to the thief who stole your auto ?" "Make him keep it.', "Betty, will you marry me ?', "John, I canit marry you-but I shall always respect your good taste." Did you ever hear about the ab- sent-minded clerk who wrapped himself up in his Work? l Q wx w1Wf,,1 Wfiwfw W Q W U QQ"

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