Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA)

 - Class of 1931

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Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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A g fa, X ,jf 0 MW .. a H ft-f ,U ,dm ,S r . T E I .x xii TY L U S ,flag Liv? KQV: 193: it j, BW Q FOREWORD The theme of this Stylus, Light, is symbolical of learning, and is intended to convey a salute oi admiration and gratitude toward all those-scientists, philosophers, explorers, wise men-who have labored to bring g Iightintothe world 'I' GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL L + x. X To DELMAR J. EDMONDSON IN APPRECIATION OF HIS UNSELFISH DEVOTION TO THE PUBLICATIONS, THE EXPLOSION AND THE STYLUS, AND TO THE INTERESTS OF GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL, AND BECAUSE OF HIS FRIENDLY INTEREST IN US AT ALL TIMES, WE, THE STYLUS STAFF OF NINETEEN HUNDRED THIRTY ONE, DEDICATE THIS ANNUAL +l ' Q Z1 il Z1 ,. Q, V? X n MW? f J may WW ff W W fr WWXWQ, ff Mqgjgfifyfw I Www WV W xii' "31fu'--2' - 295-r',-ecx1gif ' 'l1.31'ff'ifZf-'4 4, ,MT -.J-5: u .1 V 5' '. ,., ai Y- 7,"' .-I' .gnu ', . va -- . V ,-, p 1 'M ': .f2':Yff:A-L .im1,1.4,, ,. .J ,C'f,'Ef,L5a-52 ' 7. N'c1..,'f:'m' 3 :T , ,. '. v'.- .-4., - - .ful f 1. A322512 1. .1 '51, 1: ' - ,f J . ,fl 1 .1 . if .- X. fx , r 'fa 561:13 xg,-P -,153 :,mi:1: ,. . J..-,-, 0. ' 9 y-3 n.- 6? ,Ci ff: 1 '- '. ffri: fjxf' ,.lJx':1.,'., -rv,-Lv.f.,. H7 . .., .JI ,J V 14- ,115 , ., , . 901.1 ., ve. ., ,Lg-g .,-V,-,:1,.. fl-ls' .. -r 3:1 .v ' --' -:gf'1,"l 2151 r 1-fu: f., xjcg 212. 1'-'rw 51,55 nn. .' 7' rf ,T , . 55' r,r'.. .sk -z .,-,, : ,z.'a-- PF. 1-:gg 25, 99 ' ti' f U . J. .V . fi? ff if 33 ,Q f-5.1113 Q,- .- .-.. ,,,,.-. , ni 0,0 L.. 3 J.- ,.. , . .. -5-f Crm! :io 7'1'x!'k fi SI',.'w 'hwy "5 -x' 'J ,-.x 5,,,ff, 1, n,H'.f'- .gr gf.: gr. -gf 1 1:11 'gfjlvr 5. ,,1fL'.,y,:Qg 1 'T 1 131'-4".' 4 'L ' A- -1' " ,. L,,.r,,... ,'-Q".h?' 3 FT' ffi'f'Ii'1"'3 "f'7?'f-Pi? , J'5Fa'N2!'3 ' QI 1. 151122 X 0,555 g,".,':x' 4- y, rr, n.,::, 45. 'Q A-' .- fav .. -N .f -Q.gL..L-fZ:',,-Y-A5 :fz4t..1u3 '44-I sg, :f:1q,r,', , ,.,u:"s'.,v 1.7. Jelguxf 1" - 31.1 -:X.2fv:,g'-J' ,'...fa-.w-1.9 - b . . -'r'.',1--01 1.3m5.f'.a'H Ml. v. -:lg 1.-fx uf... -. .f,s-'15 5.97. . ','J,'4Q? .-K, ,I , ..p., .1'1ff" A 'L "":-5 .. . N Q 1. .. '..-y-,g,- ..,.,, . L . . f..y..r1 . ., .. ... .aff-1 .a,,'.'ss '15 EH! 'P 'LT 3.1 ,l,. ,Hy :4.f.'1.- 1 -,g ,H-,... .yr ,-.f .if .T ,f 'ivy .4 ' Q in.. . ,. "tiff x 1 . .. .vw ,r af' . 1. ,,, -r. 11. A ,D ,rl-LQ .q, . --11, ng "-Q:-'fr' "XVI A ,.z?.:.:' -.-,vp-A - . 4-,fl lLL":MP.7'?5.'-K .1-r-.Wfwny-.-,-l 2.1-. 122--lj.,..'-I 'Si .!.,:.'.-.13-L -. ' 4: 5 ,fn . . 15 f:1f'?.'5-H .u -'T. .v:.'2. 'V - I : '1f,'1.f,w .- 3' 5 Scilly' yff' 'LQ -+ f . f,., 'f'j21,ff?3?Sf1v 71' - ':"i.iL:Si72' .3 , ,, --gi. .- C'--Agfj. .fx w Q53--24' 1 -,:far" - 2 'X ...Wa ,. if QF: -' f fxizizfi 'L gf,-, - .-nl, ,I 1- .-9.3-3 , .ge- ,, ,. , . , H-.C .1., ,L . , . , 532-Tm -. 5' :U --my wi . . 1, x, ., , .mix Z5 'FQ 1:3 ,fum-46.-:5'45. lf! 'Sy' If I-'fi' , 3. -- ,, .H wx K I 1 137:-.' 'nfl g 419- -. , .avi .frfffk 'Z' .ff-5-1. mv .3. . ,. A x-.14 . -J. .L . .IJ-,, 2.1 V "'5,?.s? 15.-'fri' ,gel ',I.2f..'I 'a T6-I5Lr:?3'itI55. -A H19 '- cfg .HTTP ,z-.-5.3. '.1 . , -1-,.s'?1 . .A-1.-4 vw-.f,.. -f r? 'RYE' : 5'-21 5- - '4'-1 Q, " H EMT Tl -s.!'ff W 11"'.i- g.-,,11,.,,I.1b.,n I H ff 512'-1J:'pil.s 'J"-iff:-!,'ff . . 1-A-Y aw-.g.f.o..v -. A -,fm 1-.. -.1-1 .-S.. - 1 .'f.'v'w. X 4 -eff"1fi'. . .jqj1fZ27tr 4 6555 x '9f9"9'9 :wits 35, Rf 5 QW?" f - 'garg- Z. hp Y . A- 113- . :Q :Pt II .Y ff -,F 1 -'52 U I uv' iq-2 gjm, Qifiyfxll if .l -qw V - , . 1 .51 .K Q-W 7Q'g1f7n 1' 515 5, if ,gg "J,-Q, 1. 3 ix ..f5f 2 'F.'G5i 144i-Q .9 -2. 1 4612" + vig .' fix, fx - . -- In-Q ff' fa ' " L- .'i2f'?i1l if 6611. ff-c'filQ 5 'I Eg' iff 5' GPQQ 5155-' .1-' 1 . - I ggi,-. -Q52 1,11 S 7 53. V .,,. ,. . F9 . as 2 Lg 'ff . 1.,H:T' ,jaw V. f . , .V ,- Y 'W-53' 7' 'Sk L -f u v jg' tl . i ' gl. '55 1 "J-. if 1.2 fi 'fa x ' ,,.,r. 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V rp, E 11.97 xg. :lift f, 4, 1 , -wk ,,x1.'1.f-nf-ylwf 5 , .1' 2.'5?'4'l,4'3bf . w 4-YQ 1 . - .avg--.541-X-...E l. 4 -. , . -5 f?f5-.f::f4EE5:'f- 52? 191.1 fff.-IJ i'-S41 " 'a -vii -:Nz -0.-1'-74' lf ' ' ' . , 12'-2-5192-'1'f: Z' fl' ,::.-:gg-Qq.,z ,B A -' 44: ,- 5' :.,,-,,-.-fxlr. 4 x , 'Q fsM'41f.' f 5: ', '33, . iz-arzzjf-:Fix ' 9 ,-by . Q?Zii'?'f?15L5'13- f f . 4 . if ,,1.y".f.s.f.I.j'pi .- 3 '33 . . 1, ,- ,- .1,.x, .x.',. ,H . . , ., , . . . 53- - ?-Stk, 'v'-fi" ' G -5 "As: -g.A'.:-fft.-1 if 1-X 'Q-J-P v- ,0.3:,-u'---- 1 - K' --5 1 ,P L". fi. kk f. 'f--L!-w"2fx'f W -S-55 YJ ' .' ,zf7ya2.w',e..'Ii1. 4- I- 331, , 1,-511-. - 1 K 1 uf' 2' 5 MTF. 15515. Wt' 'VV' 3 a' Kip.:-g!4z'4, nw 1 '. -'.. Ls-J--A-A '. '.-X' -A..-lL'.p11E.. I -.A A . 1 1 ..'. ,,.- 1, A f FACULT 1 f"yJ,.Ve tv .. ,mmf fl aflf' ' flfg Q K f- X f - M , QV- , , I li We have all wondered what we would wish for if we had just one wish? Iust consider for a moment-what would you wish for yourself? Health? Wealth? Happiness? I have been wondering, if I had one wish for you, what it would be? And I believe this is what I would wish for you: That you continue to grow mentally, that you remain alert and adaptableg that you do not consider your education finished when you reach physical maturity. I would have you look forward to a continued mental growth and a life-long education. It is the person whose mind stops growing who becomes fixed in his outlook. He then cannot fit into a changing world. When it becomes necessary to change his ideas, the bottom of his universe drops out. He can- not adapt himself to his environment, and so he is a broken man and a misfit. You do not want to live in a child's mental world, living with the ideas you lived with as a child. Accept the challenge of a rapidly changing world. Keep your mind open to the life about you. See it at its best. Become a harmonious part of it. . GEORGE U. MOYSE, Prz'ncz'przl. I6l .l1 1- ST7LU'S'.fQ .1931+-- STYLUS,-lZ1931 Vice Principals' essages UW many of you are from Milwaukee? Are you rather proud of the fact? Milwau- kee used to mean just one thing to the nation at large-beer. Now Milwaukee means law and order. Where New York showed a marked increase in her crimes last year, and Los Angeles a corresponding in- crease, Milwaukee reduced her crime something over ten per cent. Her police department for over forty years has had only two chiefs of police. This means her police de- partment works for the good of the people and the people have confi- dence in it. What is the reason? The graduates of the schools. For forty years the students graduating from the Milwaukee schools and then going out into the life of the city, either as officials or private citizens, have gone out with the re- spect for law and order and with the high ideals of civic honesty. Let us make Glendale famous for the uprightness of her citizens as well as for her growth. ETHEL HUME FLOOD Movsra. l7l ENIORS, for you another mile- stone has been passed. You have championed a good cause. The education you have received is a boon to success, but not a guar- antee of it. We sometimes wish that success would follow as nat- urally as night follows day, but such a wish rightly fades soon and gives way to nobler aims. l agree with Charles M. Schwab that you are not under handicaps because of the time in which your career is placed. "There is an in- sistent call for energetic, well-trained men of character, ability and initia- tive, and the world stands ready to pay greater rewards and offer better prizes for especial distinction now than ever before. Make up your minds to serve. lt is through service to society that you will gain an attitude toward life rich in permanent satisfaction. Do not be reluctant about putting on overalls! Bare hands create suc- cess better than kid gloves! E. WOI.IfE. ,l,i.ll.- l+iSTYL US'- 1631 Board of Trustees A. VV. TOWER Prexidcnt DR. H,ARRY V. BROWN IRYING H. Ouvran R. Q. M,xcDoN.xI.D ALICE .ADAMSON LAWRENCE OLSEN I 8 J "-T'-'---STYLUS 1-931 MATHEMATICS OTHO MCDOXVELL, H and CLARA BREES IDOUGLAS GOSSERAND INEZ LEDYARD IENNIE MCGRECIOIK ARNDT TANDE QTLADYS TILLEY ELSIE XVIX ENGLISH DEPARTMENT IENNIE FREEN1AN, Head P. V. R. ADAMS LILLIAN BIDWELL IESSIE CORBETT HARRY' DUKES IJELMAR I. EDMONDSON ANNA ELAINI MARX' CREATH GOLDSlN1IT'H DANA GROVER MARY HAIRGROVE FRANCES HALL ELLA HARDY BEATRICE HELMER MAEEL IRVVIN KATHERINE LLOYD NELL MAR1'IN DOROTHY POPIJY MARY RIGG MARIE RUHLMAN MILDRED SMITH MARION UNDERWOOD -vu l-. -T 'S'T'YL US 1931,.-1-..- COMMERCE IOHN BAKER, H cad GERTRUDE BALLARD IUNE BEEBE ELIZABETH BURCI-IAM MABEL MURPHY CARYL THURBER IAIWES STEELE WILLIANI SCHIRMER HARRIET SWITZER MABEL TEED HISTORY E. MAUD SOPER, Head FRANCES AHL GLADYS LEONARD ALICE MCDONALD KENNETH MONTGOMERY BESSIE FIELD WALLACE RANKIN IESSIE HILL HERMAN WIERE IOHN KIENLE ESTELLE SHELLEY 1101 , -'----'75'TY'LUS 1931 ART DEPARTMENT MARY BETH ABBOTT, Head IEAN ABEL ESTHER CRANDALL DORIS SPENCER MAMIE VAN DEVEER FOREIGN LANGUAGE DOROTHY GILSON, RUTH CHAMBERS IUANITA COURTENAYE MABEL LAMBERT FAY MCENDREE LAURA MANETTA H cad DAISY MONROE HAZEL ROLEE HELEN TROUP MARTORIE TUFT HERMAN WIEBE 11 SUT-TYLUS 1931 MUSIC DEPARTMENT SCIENCE DEPARTMENT EARL BROWN, Head ZULA ZIEGLER, H end HARRY ANDERSON FLORENCE PARKER GEORGE SHOCHAT IENNIE CLAUSON LELAND LEASE LEE DURHAM LYDIA MYERS ELEANOR GREEN WILLIAM NORD FRANK GULICK F REELAND TEMPLETON CLAYTON WESTOVER T121 - l..- -1 T S-TYT.US 1931 HOME ECGNOMICS DEPARTMENT ELLEN HANSON, H ear! DOROTHY ASHWORTH HELEN HAIRGROVE ESTELLE SHELLEY CHARLOTTE SPIER MIRIAM TILTON PHYSICAL EDUCATION FLORENCE KNIGHT, H cad ROY IELLISON, H cad MYRTLE BURBANK IOHN GAINES HELEN CHENEY HELEN COX RUSSELL CRIPE GEORGE SPERRY BASIL STANLEY CLARE THOMPSON rm .i-iii1 il-lii STY-LUS,.iiT531- I - ,.l.ll..Li MECHANICAL ARTS MORGAN SMITH, Head PAUL BROWN IAMES CLARK IOHN EBAUGH WALTER GORMAN BERT ROLEE A CLARENCE ROMER BEULAH WOODS IRVING H. OLIVER PRESTON FULLEN FRED A. SIHLER - DOROTHY CAMERON ETHEL CARRINCTON MILDRED IOHNSON FRANCES KNIGHT OFFICE FOR ETHEL WEST CE - - Business Manager - Attendance Ojfeer - - - - Registrar DOROTHY LONG DOROTHY MCCABE KATHERINE MCINTOSH ELSA PERssON T141 'W f:nh.'!1:,.:z f U' 1-11 Jj4i"J1 ge! . .4 .if :swf X- fn .f- f, ,ij ' 5 ,.yf':.. 1 .. f..-' -,R -9 -5 .. ., 5.1351- ff' -wa:--r -4 ,".qvf4 vi" J. i,f':1'f?siiY. ."a1:.":4- 1 . ,. 'fqmre ': cj. 4.-'. .,"if:gf6L1: - .. .1-1.1: 41115 "."ja". Ll'1ff:1 .5 a "4 .- '-:Gif 23 ...D :fLb3.':.-R . 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"'1fx?l5. . - .. ..,. ,., L' 'wg LH ...yu -I JZ' f 'Ln' .x f IV, M., LJ., f -If I--,.,, .-'..f 21" . 1,1 ..,, , .A-I ...J 4 - -'.a'.:- Y' Q, 4-3'.f. 1-"Q Hi: -.1'.'f:3x'c,' -13, g-Lv. - 21- :et ,ia U F.: ' x . .4 P, .Hr ,l.,.L 4 zkilffifrlfi .i'I-1-5Y".'y'xe-.-H . 2.15 -vb 7 . '.,. ,-,,. .f-1 .1-." VL...- -2 1'-gf. 'f-he lv.: if-'.'." 7 .H , 'L' 1'41f4i3" 5'-"' A Ziff?-41 M .2 Q- ,--,ffi 7 I '.'b. bl.. Ll. '02 yZ3't'1.1.- F," ' 24111. c"Li:.. '17 ' :JT '- .14 r 'li 5' .-f. liz.-3 :gl . We.. -R111 'FH ' -Qf.'v,','f?-, ...x ,Q .1 e A--I Q.1y.,-91.9-g vm ,, f - .-,L ' .. 4-L .- 1 hav' ws Ag.. :gr -adpcl ,. 1-1 ry' - L.. 5E2l'iQfxzz,ffa f ,zfnff .5-Ag-2 V ,CQ U ff fra' Qi. 1 'Rt 1gP::"hfA- 1 -wr:-1-:'fJY I f2f"1YgfQ51tf'iLL f .QL-4 -lgizg.-,-.. S, ' l . -I - .fu 2' gif. 1.2.25 - . :H,w'5--.gulf 57:'f'!7."'.' T35 v- .-.: 11 .Q .-. L .all .. in-. 1.-ga . f x "f..A.,.1 KI 1.2.1- zif iQ"A'7.'Z4."' " ' 'I' - J'- "TF- ,-.gfmf f.....v umm. af...-sim .K , , f .f-' Q3 i,.3,.fp,:,.21 . 9-.,,1-...Tv ,'5 angry , VL,-1. ,. , . .4.,AA,x- ,M ggi? r.'j'fCi- C 3,5 .. .. . 1 f" . ,-T. ,.,,7qi,.53J.. , f . . A, K, H J- ,. . Vi! 3: rf, Agp' 3 122-:u.1:f5 E-Yam' .v1,sl'v ' !Jg':I'.,Em1' I W. fu gfifm 1 if-h"1'f 629557. --f-,Q kwjfv- ,, . ,X Q1 4'ffLf-QT' P.. ,.,. 1:- + favs- .f rx-.fx -.A-,-,1.,.. .xv-.j-. 1, 5.-w,lf5,f . 4? -:. Pl' .Sf-fad." 4' 'SFC 5' K . . fig .vi-f' bf: , A ,.nA.J,. 44. . 12 nh: - QQ, H-'fv J. , .7 1 ".:.fx 1,'f:,.r- . Q, ' 5 -.'-L. 1 :T ' ,ff ' 11.1 . 5 :L 'Pdf . . .U N 'nk 3'-.. , 5523: r " v H115 ".'1L?a:f'f."?-A.- . 91.51. -.wc S xy 'vhL.:,'4-"lf"' ' .:fi Ff-f.- . .5g. ,.Q,f'.gQg'?jL . .... -. L ,s,.v,f:.,f-,-- amwfwlf A . ,.-,'.,L3.iygA . J. , F-.L .. .-1.--'. 1 fl f H '1-.Q . . .. . 2Jf.':J..X1,'.-fl-Q LZ:-'Lt I. I I 0 ' +.,Jf,f J 1,.+'j'.- HU: 1-'Q-'. -1. 'fp- . .er . 2.592 Ev' Q , Qf QWr:, 31 J- 1. .-'di 1? E' iff 5 1fUi:.'I' '-i uw ' My -A - .15-., if lf: ' W2 . . 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' f W .'.. ,f fl f:, ' 15, 11, .1,1,:N, f.g3Cff.1-1 Yi QAIQV, 724' IT DE AD N STIQAT UN MQOQZM! , fL7'tlf17If,f,J, ff L- f Of 'W ,.,-.-.f STYLUS 1-6-31 Cabinet--First Semester DONALD FAREED - - - President RUTH LEWIS - Sec. of Assenihlies ROBERT CASKEY - Sec. of Publicity BILL KINGSTON - - League President MARY PHILLIPS - League President HOWARD NEVILLE - - Sec. of Finance FRANCES ETHEREDGE - Sec. of Debate DICK NIMMONS - Chair. Student Council VINCENT PENCE - Chair. Board of Control HELEN RIECER - - - - Sec. of State DICK SLOAN. - - Sec. of Boys' Athletics VIRGINIA REED - - Sec. of Girls' Athletics ED MADRID - - - Senior Representative CHARLES POWER - Iunior Representative OMAR FAREED - Sophomore Representative IOSEPHINE SWIGGETT I Freshman Representative of Don Fareed Caslqey Etheredge Kingston Lefwis Nimmons Swiggelt Fareed Reed Sloan Rieger Madrid Neville Phillips Pomcer Pence VI6? STYLUS,.- 1931 Cabinet--Second Semester ROBERT PAGLIUSO - - - Presielent DICK NIMMONS - - Vice-President BETTY HAGOOD - Sec. of Assemhlies HAL DIXON - - Sec. of Publicity TOM PERRY - - League President V BETTY KLITTEN - League President AL ANDERSON - Sec. of Finance 5 M.ARY NUZUM - - - Sec. of Debate RALPH CAMARGO - Chair. Student Council DON KIMBLE - - Chair. Board of Control DOROTHY WELSH - - - Sec. of State IOE BURRIS - - Sec. of Boys' Athletics DOROTHY CROZIER - Sec. of Girls' Athletics DICK NIMMONS - Senior Representative ARDIS WAIDELICH - junior Representative BILL BERG - - Sophomore Representative BOB CASE - - Freshman Representative President Bob Pagliuso f Fareed Hagood Dixon llfelsh Anderson Nazum Burris Crozier Camargo Kimble Case W'aidelich Nimmons Klitten Berg Perry U71 .g. S-TY-LUS i-..193ll l Student Council The members of the council were, reading from left to right, Opal Evans, Ralph Camargo, Dick Nimmons, Sally Grey, Willard Lockwood, Louise Glenn, Roy Brown, andwVincent Nelson. Nimmons and Camargo were the semester chairmen. P Board of Control Marking a progressive year, the Board of Control members were fleft to rightj, Muriel Curtis, Dick Sloan, Ioan Perry, Don Greenlee, Beverly Powers, Vincent Pence, George Tauxe, Vincent Nelson, Charlie Power, and Iack Willis. Pence and Kimble were the respective semester heads. l13l STYLuS 15T1--.M-4-:-T MARY PHILLIPS - CATHERINE HENRY RUTH MITCHELL - MARIORIE PUTNAM MARGARET HELFFRICH BETTY KLITTEN - IMOGENE GAUNT - ELEANOR RUSSELL - ALICE BOYD - - IEAN ANGIER - - ELEANOR ADAMSON BARBARA STAMPS - RUTH CLAUSE - DOROTHY WILSON GRACE SHORB - MARY VVILBUR Girls' League - President - BETTY KLITTEN - Vice-President - IMOGENE GAUNTT Secretary - ARDIS WAIDELIGH - Treasurer - - MARY LOUISE IOY - - Uniform Chairman - - MARIORIE PUTNAM - Entertainment - CATHERINE HENRY - Philanthropic - - - ADELE BOICE - Welfare - VIRGINIA PHILLIPS - Friendship - - IEAN ANGIER Soeial Chairman PHYLISS LIVINGSTON - Finance - MARGARET HELFFRIGH - - Publicity ---- BEVERLY POWERS Freshman Representative - MARY KNECHT Sophomore Representative - ROBERTA WATERS - lunior Representative ---- DORIS BANKS - Senior Representati - - RUT ANSPACH ,ir at I .1 "-Yfddx I W Ry Phillips Henry Illitehell Helffrirh Klitten Gaunt Waideliek Putnam Joy I191 x STYLU-S 1931 Girls' Service Club -fi OFFICERS Fzrsl Semester Second Semester IANET MABRY - - - - Presidenl - - ROBERTA FISCHER MARGARET HELFFRICH - - Vice-President - - MARIORIE PUTNAM HELEN HITCHCOCK - Secretary-Treasurer - RUTH FISCHER IANET MABRY MARGARET REYNOLDS ROBERTA F ISCHER RUTH F ISCHER RUTH ANSPACH THELMA FETTERMAN MARY PHILLIPS MARIAN ROBBINS IUNE HOWELL MARGARET HELEERICH RUTH MITCHELL BETSEY DERRER GRACE ROOT VIVIAN MEADE BILLIE WINTER MARTHA GRAY FRANCES BAIRD DOROTHY CROZIER FRANCES WHITEBIIAN VIRGINIA REED IQOI HELEN HITCHCOCK IEAN ANGIER RUTH TOWER IOSEPHINE CRESSMAN FRANCES GOSSERAND MELBA BROWN BETTY KLITTEN MARY LOU WHITHAM GRETCHEN MORTON ANNE CAPPELL MARY HOARE BETTY SHERMAN MARIORIE PUTNAM LUCILLE MALLONGEI ROBERTA KIER MARY CROSS NADINE FRANK MURROXV MCCURNIN LESTELLE ALBRIGHT ANNE CAPPELL ll STYLUS B-31 - I 1 Kinyston Kimble Sloan Pcnee Pagliuro B ' L CYS eaguz BILL KINGSTON President - - TOM PERRY BUD PAGLIUSO - Vice-President - - DON GREENLEE DON KIMBLE - Secretary-Treasurer - STANFORD ANDREWS VINCENT PENCE - Entertainment - - VINCENT NELSON DICK SLOAN - Welfare - IAOK BANGS I Nelxon Greenlee .flndrefws Perry Bang: E211 ,JV- 1 , ' - ff 1 'M' I I STL57-Il-US 1'5-31 Boy's Service Club v OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester VINCENT PENCE - - President - - DICK NIMMONS IOE BURRIS - - Vice-President - - - IOE BURRIS DICK NIMMONS - - Secretary - STANLEY PHILLIPS MEMBERS ALFRED ANDERSON BURCHAM LAUDERDALE GEORGE TAUXE IOE STURDEVANT IAMES BRADLEY BARTON BROWN GLENN FITCH ROY HUNT HARDIN IONES NORMAN WIMPRESS BILL KINGSTON BILLY ALLEN FRED STARNS ELMER IOHNSON IACK KNIGHT DWAIN GALBRAITH CARLTON OSGOOD VINCENT IRWIN WESLEY PEARCE BOB PAGLIUSO E221 HARRY SAULSBERRY ROBERT COVEY BILL RANDLE EDWARD STEELE BILL BARTON ED KNUCHELL DON F AREED BENTON BRADY DON GREENLEE RALPH MORROW ARTHUR PUGH BILL TAYLOR RALPH CAMARGO GEORGE LOCKWOOD STEWART WEISENPIEIMER FRANCIS SWEET THOMAS PERRY BOB GRAHAM BOB KNUCHELL BILL SCHNEIDER .1-li lil.-1 STYl.US 'l93'l Bookstore ED MADRID ----------- Manager BILL Ross, I-I. M. HART - - Assistants IAIVIES STEELE - - - - Adviser The bookstore trade this year improved over previous years, according to reports. The answer is found in the service and quality of goods sold. BOOKSTORE BUYING BOOSTS THE BUDGET is the slogan used by this enterprise. Student Bank HOWARD NEVILLE - - Secretary of Finance, First Semester ALFRED ANDERSON - - Secretary of Finance, Second Semester Lucille Baldwin, Virginia Brewer, Peggy Clark, Kermit Eckelberger, Loretta Erwood, Martha Gray, Pat Hart, Bob Larsen, Vera Lemke, Magda- lene Knuchell, Charles Lund, Marguerite Norris, Burdette Potts, La Verne Ordean, Altha Pierce, Dave Sunkees, Louise Townsend, Marian Van Osdel, Iean Vogt, and Lucy Zander were workers in the organization. l23l STYLUS 1931 '-1'-': Stage Crew UCH goes on behind the opened curtains at the student body assem- blies that the audience doesn't ever hear, but the Stage Crew is responsible for the settings, the lighting, and maintenance for the occasion, Whatever it might be. Iohn Ford, as manager, attends to the supervision of all constructive work. He is the one who works with Miss Esther Crandall, the adviser to the group. STAGE CREVV JOHN E ORD Manager I'XR'I'1'IL'R GREY IACK BIREN IQAY XVILBUR Es'rHER CRANDIILL I I Ili!!!-JCI' AUDITORIUM CREW- -! RALPII C.XIXI.XI!Gfl, Manager ALFIKED ANDERsox G.'XiIE RIKEN BENTIIN BRADY IOE BtfRRIs li.XLPII CEOLER PAYL D,xNIfoRTII DWIGIIT HIIXTT IOE KIEIPDER CLXRLOS KUMPE VVESLEY PEARCE BILL SCIINEIDER ED SIQELLY IQOGER STERN CEEORGE TAIIXE USHERS R IJTH ZXNSPACH, Head XIIOLET SIIXIPSON RoBERTA FIscIIER XVIRGINIA PIENDERSON EI.E.'xNoR HUNT IEAN IAXXIES ROBERTA KIER DoRoTHY KETCIIUM I.-XNET M.XBRX' LUCILLE Nl.XLLAL'GH MUILIROXK' NICCUIKNIN N,AObII McKAssoN LILLIAN fJRIXIISCHER IOSEPHINE REEVES BETTY WAKELIAN Hors WIIXN VIIKGINIA WILIIELLI l24l ST7LUS Cafeteria Staff RAY STRICKLAND, Manager DOROTHY SWITZER, Accountant HUGH ARNOLD OLIVER BARSTOVV IANET BARTRAM ELEANOR BRADLEY BENTON BRADY LORNE BROWN RAY CARDON VERA CLUTTAGE CONNER COLE PAUL DANFORTH IOHN EBAUGH IOHN FORD BERNARD GOETTKER CHARLES GROVER ARTHUR GRAY MARTHA GRAY CLIFFORD GUENTHER IRMA HILBERT ROY HUGHES MIRIAM IONES ROBERTA KIER EDNA KI.NDER CHARLES LUND 25 ABE MITTRY IANE PRICE INEZ PROBER BILLY REAM GRACE REGAN HENRY SCHNEIDER OTTO SCHNEIDER STUART SIMMONS HOWARD SIPPLE ROBERT SIPIJLE ROGER STERN DOROTHY STETTER RAY STRICKLAND DAVE SUNKEES GEORGE TAUXE KENNETH THOMPSON WILLARD WOOSLEY ORVILLE BRIESENICK WALLY DRY ELEANOR GUENTHER TOXVNSHEND LOGAN ED SKELLY GLADYS YOUNG -illSTYLUS 1931 Control Staff Semester I VINCENT PENCE IOAN PERRY DICK SLOAN MURIEL CURTIS DON KIMBLE Semester I BARTON BROWN GEORGE TAUXE CHARLES POWER IACK KNIGHT BARBARA BLY BYRON DURLEY IACK WILLIS GEORGE SLOCUM Semester I OHICC of Iunior Commissioner CHANDLER LINDSEY Semester II - Chairman ----- DON KIMBLE GEORGE TAUXE BEVERLY POWERS CHARLES POWER IACK WILLIS CONTROL STAFF SENIOR COMMISSIONERS Semester I I LORRAINE COFFMAN FRANCES GOSSERAND IACK KNIGHT VINCENT NELSON MARY HOARE I I BILL SCHNEIDER GRACE ROOT A PAUL DANEORTH IUNIOR COMMISSIONERS I Semester II l.l.l-ll l- HARDIN IONES not created until the Second ROBERT MCVICAR EDWARD SKELLY Semesteixj ' BERNICE FELLOWS PAUL ST. CLAIR ART PUGH SAM BROSTOFF RUSSELL NEWTON IOE CLARK LOUISE ODISIO Secretary - DOROTHY KETCHUM T261 STYLUS 1931 Control Staff AQ, , ABBOTT, FRANCES ACKALIAN, ARAX ADAMS, LILLYAN IXNDERSON, MARIORIE ANDERSON, ROBERT ANSPACH, DORIS ANSPACH, RUTH BOBBITT, GERALD BOWATER, IOHN BROWER, E. V BURLAND, MAX BURRIS, IOE CAMPBELL, WVALLACE CASE, VIRGINIA CHASE, MARGARET COLEMAN, PAUL CONNELLY, VICTOR CORE, DEWEY CORE, WAYMOND CROSS, MARY DAWSON, MARTHA IANE DONER, EMERY DRINKWIATER, KAY DUTTON, NORVILLE DYER, CHARLES ELLIOTT, IOHN FARRIS, XVALTER FISCHER, MARTORIE IUNE FOULKES, IIM BOB FRAMPTON, IANE GRAHAM, ROBERT GREENLEE, DON ASSISTANTS - CONTROL STAFF GROSS, ILONA HANKEY, HARRY HAILS, BETTY H.ANSEN, KERNY HARRIS, DOROTHY HATCH, PAULINE HENDERSON, VIRGINIA HOIT, CHARLES HOLGATE, IRMA HOOVER, ROY HYDE, RUTH IOHN, DOROTHY IOHNS, LOU IONES, HUBBARD KASE, BOB KENNEDY, ROBERT KEY, MARY KIRTLEY, DON KNORR, HERMAN KNUCHELL, BOB KNUCHELL, EDWARD LAROWER, HOLLIS LOCKWOOD, RUTH LOGAN, IAMES TJORRAINE, VERTA MABRY, BETTY MASTERS, LORRAINE MGBRIDE, KATI-IRS'N MCDOWELL, EDWARD MOORE, SUE NELSON, EILEEN NEWTON, ALBERT T271 OLANDER, DON OSGOOD, ELWOOD PARDON, IANE RAMEY, THELIXIA RICHARDS, DOROTHY RUTTER, GEORGE SAY, EDWARD SCHARE, VIRGINIA SCHELLBACH, FRANCES SCTMIDT, MARGARET SCOTT, DONALD SHAW, MILDRED SHEPHERD, HELEN SHERWOOD, MARTHA A SIMPSON, IOHN SMITH, EUNICE STOEEMAN, BOB STONE, SHIRLEY STONIER, IESSIE TAUXE, BARBARA TAYLOR, RENE THOMAS, BROOKS TODD, ALMA TRUE, EDWARD VVELDON, EVELYN WHITE, RUTH WIAN, BOB WIIGGIN, HAROLD WILSON, IAMES YODER, BOB YORK, EVELYN YOUNG, KEITH ZIIXIMERMAN, WVALTER NN Alumni Association Graduates of the Summer Class of 1931, the Glendale High School Alumni Association congrat- ulates you! We Welcome you as you enter into the fellowship of more than three thousand six hundred men and women who have passed through the Halls of Glendale High to enter institutions of higher learning or who have gone forth in quest of !ife's rewards and experiences! Your graduation automatically makes you an active member of one of the strongest and livest high school alumni associations in the West. To belong is both a privilege and a responsibility! To belong grants you the priceless privilege of perpetuating the days of your youth with all their happy memories. Friendships made during under- graduate days are cherished friendships. Too often, graduation means a parting of the Ways due not to preference, but to circumstances. Membership in your alumni association is the agency through which those friendships are cemented! To belong charges you with a responsibility! As others have Worked and are Working to per- petuate this organization you, too, must be Willing to assume your share. Little is asked. Your associ- ation makes no demand on your purseg there are no dues. It asks but for little of your time. Once each year your alumni association sponsors Home- coming Day. Your attendance and service on com- mittees charged with making each a greater success than the last is your responsibility. BOB MCCOURT, '31 President Alumni Association. U31 1. ' 's ,. .55 .1432 DI. ,, .. ' ' 'JJ - -. z-ing-. 4.---,'. F- .. .. mini! . '.-.ff-H 3. - -. V .H .5 g. .,. -. n..'4-'Q J-, u f 5 . .-. ' .5 'FEHYSEQ--I? . -J-...N-. Ji f.i1'f-'ffsiih' -. ,-c1.g,ff1E' .5 , 1 lffl ffi-9225 I, '. ',:I.H: -, .1 .:,f ,T 5.-1. -'Q .5- .1 -" Z aT 'EX Q-K 3 YT.. -f-:gi-. Q fm .--L.-. T' -.'-'-'.-4'-Q iff. QT.-ff 3 .-Q l-,,..5j . , I. f rr.. , . , 4515 ". .5315 r 11:-:-ala Jr' gr- -'3, ?g.?',',ff J.. .,.. U.,..,. ,L-1-1...,-21.-L iqfylf' ,. -73 .QI-KHLLB. 3. .-Q 1-1--. 2. 2+'..'f.'- ff. .'. -v -,rf JZ. M..-. f: Y... M.. 443,-x -Q -. ... lr.:- 4 .,, QV' 3' . .JJ x .Q Tx'-'fsfgi F'5'3ifJLf- . G' -4'-4-195:11-.f.f. 'if' Qi' Q. "ff ff mi- 1 .12 'Ii".Z'4 ff it if-f?t 'S V ' i5 5513-'TL L - .3-7LfJ:2fg 'ah 1 I 'Q ' .N ,. viafk-z.-a Qf:5','-:1 r .1 sy.:-1254. is .1 7 . L J VC- "Z 'Q L,j',k!1,T5:y.. 45,-,g 1 :-r-x . -1 H-'.Z"7g2' -lu? A5441-,..:.f',Q h,3.L.' L'-Lffg .1-y,'fr,v..:g rw: , 4 pw: 53' .1 .f. w:.-.':'.'.f.v- I :Y17 Z,-71 .j 15 fn ' "mf--51 9- .. Y, S. ffag , .. . 521411-.H1"--' -wnwvrp. - 31i2?a'1:-'.'f:.f:' 1.11 -'1--I 1 if-14'.vf:!.'.':3 f if Ti ki? 1 gf.-,P rf- 55,6 -tg . .,f.-fn . . 1 X1 ,.A 3 '1'I,.n5f . . v .Q suffi- A v."1 N 1.1-3 I' ...ul .', 4. F --' - ""'--1-'Hi -wa? '4I"'-'fn . v ,-,Wwe .p X' k -s 1--' 5 2-:-.f .Nfl- ll 19K"... ' .1 . .l51.""S 4 . I. -. , . lil., .WW if -Af .',.'.'q..,'.n V f' 4 . . ., 54- 4.1 L-.' -YJ-112'-.EL .1271 f-U 1-fxii x4.i-9f1.!'f"1 53: fx: r-l'f'.'-'r' a-..-1 9.11-1 '4'.'l-- 'xffi ':fy..x,,,rvQ-- H, li: J 1' Y QL. 1 , .-, . A ,. 4 ,219 , '.1f.'5-ai K .Q ,- , .1f-..:.- ., .- 'iiryri' if 'sv "4fi1f-'f3'C1.-- W' - ge -2-1-21 ' -4133,-35: ? 4 . x1L': e - .:,,!..-,-.qu '1- .-r .pw 5 2 " aff ii --15.-ff if " - :ml-'." :Tl . , -1. -1 ,- 1 5:21 4511. -1157.-Q-I I-1-'f 'iff ' 55 ,yuwyc :.,.g Gif"-.:' L. J ' .--,Q g,lIf.,,, gg , -F --.Sis C 1.5 '.'Qf'fg. '-S: 1-695 KL - ,ru '13, :bf 3.-' 7 .V pf. -.5 A 1-ff.: 5- - Q., ' f--24. frqil '-. .rp . 1..- L'-. 'Ha-df -. I .QU-aw. J. -. Yi?-'-ij?-'.'Li'?2'? .-..-59.11 6.1.51 .. .f3:z'Q"'-.fFa2':5F -V 2:---1. .- 41-Li' W IM Y-,W ?l": gf "I .-A ii-.f'E.L,4g ' sur- . r 1 z, ,v. g.,.,1g-1 - - -.i3':Tmp. ', .r 'Nj'i: -, i, 'c.., '.g..' -2- - 2-rn -fs? -,fm ug-.1 .ga-, A-L1 .. , .-5.-A. , ygc 5,171 ... .I1.',-eg-u.'.'1'. 1-J".-5131 1,4 .1 jfjgi- . . X .uf-A , . .ni lfvsi Pye' 'f'r'1l:j.:,q ,vw z.. f"-g 'M . .. r g 'Af - ly-,s,'2f.-M.-. ? -5 iff. f'-,ggi 'Li ff 1:1714 . 27,5 -Lsi'1L,.-p 'Rfk :EMU 31. - xw1,:I.-In-Q-. ig,..,.. 'mx 11,541 k -15 'S Aww... rf'f' lg' . 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'A'-.'!'-. :,- A-I' 7',3 1. f,., L is . - , .7 9. -'. 5"-43.1 1.2 'x - -fn V, A., .V .,w. Ar fs. M - ,- .v,- fi' 'Ml 17 ff.'.l'l.i :g .3 L15 -5 :Si- va' JST, N- J fir' 'L : :NW L: ,Q - 1 ,' .X nfl? - . ,' 53.155 . .,.. ,jfigl -I 55' Z gf.. X.. 77. .91 ,X . :5'.'S', JQF. I O-.275 3. 1 LH, fc -I-iR',,L 5-. ., . 1:'.v-,-.- lr 'Ji X.. if ff .S 'iw- r, BLICATIDNS .M sr Y-L U 1 9-3 1-::-1-M. Stylus Bob Caskey. . I ..,..A... Editor Hal Dixon .A,....,. Assistant Editor Mary Lou Whitham ...... Art Editor Paul Jordan ...4.., Business Manager ED MADRID ...... ..,V S ports Editor BILL SCHNEIDER ,.,, .... S chool Editor VIRGINIA INOLES ,.,, .,...,, C lasses Editor MARIAN ROBBINS .... . . ,Girls' Sports Editor . OLGA INMAN .I4,.,, ....... C lab Editor Bob Caskey NADINE RICHARDS .... . , . , . .Music Editor LOUISE ODISIO ..,. .....I..4.. S tenographer ROBERTA F ISOHER. . . ..,. Assistant Art Editor BENTON BRADY. . . . . sCircaIation Manager PAUL DANEORTI-I , . . ,.........,..,,. Sales MA-,- The Stylus Wishes to thank many of the stu- dents who so ably assisted the editorial and advertising staff during its many months of preparation. Without the cooperation of the - Student Body the annual could never have Maw L,,,, Whi,1,,,,,, been completed with such thoroughness. 2 Louise Odisio Nadine Richards Ed Illadrid Viryinia Ingles Bill Stlzncider l 30 l ,ECE-E--1-TT Y L U'5'i.l-l'T951 Cover Design Ex Libris - Scbool - Classes - Events - Clubs - Sports - Humor - Faculty - Students - Publications - Social Events - Forensics - Girls' Sports - Drarnatics - Music - Scribe - - Bands QSilverj Bands QCrayonj Art Contributors MARIORIE PRESTON, GEO. SIMPSON ROBERTA FISCHER - - - IOSEPH KNEISEL ELSIE MAY ORMISCHER - - - BILLY BROVVER - MARY LOU WHITHAM - BEVERLY POWERS RUTH MITCHELL ' - CLOYDA IONES - ROBERTA FAIRALL BEVERLY POWERS FRANCES CHAMBERS - - CECIL TORREY ALLEN HUBBARD - ELIZABETH HUNT - FRANCES SCHELLBACH - - IOSEPH KNEISEL - IOSEPH KNEISEL - - GEORGE RUDIE .111- .i.. --1 Hal Dixon Paul Jordan Paul Danforth Marian Robbins Roberta Fischer Benton Brady Olga Inman X311 Explosion First Semester BOB CASKEY - - - - EDITOR MARCUS LYTLE - Axsocialc' Edilor BARBARA STAMPS - - Axsislafzl Editor ORVILLB BLY - ---- Sporty DAVIS HECH1' - - - Bmifzess M mzager DELMAR I. EDMONDSON - - - Aa'zfi.ver Reporters BILLEE BURDBTTE DOROTHY RUNYON RUTH LEVVIS BILL SOMMERVILLE ED MADRID GENEXVIEXVE WENCER NADINE RICHARDS IERRY WEST MARIAN ROBBINS Iinb Cnslzcy E321 I ?gi"5T YT.-U? 19 31 Explosion Second Semester WILLIAM ROSS - - - EDITOR RUTH PETERS - - - Assoeiate Editor MARY BETTY NUZUM - Assistant Editor CLIFFORD SVVANSON - - Sports Editor GEORGE MCCLAMINIY Assist. Sports Editor MARY IO BAIRD - - Business Manager DELMAR I. EDMONDSON - - - Adviser Reporters DORIS BANKS HELEN PARDON BOB CASKEY IANE READ IRENE CLOUSE HELEN RIEOER VIRGINIA INGLES LOUISE SEGALE GENE MCCLAIN LORRAINE SHINNER RUTH MUHLEMAN Will H331 a ST7LUS' 193i---'L-'li' VERSE BOOK Ediied by IEANNE BLODGETT This annual publication, sponsored by the Scribblers' Club, contained fifty-four original poems this year. Through the joint efforts of Miss Frances Hall, adviser, and Ieanne Blodgett, editor, the book featured several very lovely two-tone cuts. The project of selling a novelty of this type began several years ago with the mimeographing of a book. Gradually, with the support of the students upon the issuance of the book, it has become possible to have the book linotyped. BLUEPRINT Edited by DICK NIMMONS Calling itself a newspaper and not a magazine, the popular Blueprint, issued monthly in the shops, was again with the school this year. Dick Nimmons served as editor during the entire year. Many interesting and novel features were included within the covers from month to month. For the benefit of those who have not been aware of the fact, the Blueprint is the official organ of the Engineers' Club. ELAMITE CLARION Edited Monthly by SENIOR CoMP. CLASS Miss Elam's project, the Elamite Clarion, was seen about the campus again this year. The various editors throughout the two semesters were Albert Dekker, Iune Howell, Marjorie Hitchcock, Milford Coye, Todd Mulford, Dorothy Crozier, Marian Robbins, Vivian Christy, lean Iewett and Barbara Gilson. SPANISH PAPER M onlbl y A small but unique publication was distributed to Spanish students this year. All the contents were in Spanish. Members of the Spanish classes con- tributed. N41 4 . 1 "rg j, '-'I im il A - 1 1 - 1 A4 , 5 1 , . -. -aw. if My Nyi Y!! 7C1,J',5Kf. M JMM W W MYVM Winter Class of '31- Adrmz: Szampr Sloan xx. i , SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WINTER IOHN ADAMS - - - - - - - President DICK NIMMONS - - - Vice-President BARBARA STAMPS - - - Secretary DICK SLOAN - - - Treasurer Miss MAUD SOPER - - Adviser The progress of the Winter Class of 1931 was marked from the time four years ago when the hundred and twenty students entered the high school as freshmen. Looking back the boys and girls who carried on with the class achieved much during their years at Glendale High School. The famous motto "Scholarship, Sportsmanship and Service" was rooted in the minds of these alumni. The outstanding scholarship of several students has been nota- ble, and it is expected that this career of learning started here by the students, will continue in the colleges and universities of the state. wi ...T-'TL-'STYLUS 1931-1-'.-.. ADAMs,j0HN U. C. L. A.5 Junior Rev. C353 Soc. Treas. Boys' League C355 l'res. C455 Rep. to Cabinet C353 Class President C455 Chairman Sweater Comm. C355 Roll Rm. Rep. C15, C25, C35, C455 Chairnian Dance Comm. C455 lloys' UC." C455 Football C255 Basket- ball Varsity C45. XXLLEN, MYRL MARJDRIE Alunior College-5 Yariety Show C255 C35, C452 Oo crctta C35, C455 Uratorical C155 Honor Society C355 G. A. IX. C255 C451 Uniform Board C155 Commerce Club C25, C3 C455 Music Club C25, C35. C455 Girls' Glee Club C-1 Girls' Hiking, Swimming Clubs C25, C352 Student Hank C25, C35, C45. ANDERSON, MILDRED i'Red'l Belmontg Auditorium Help- er CZ5. C355 llall Ground lluty C255 G. A. .X. C' C35, C455 Commerce Club C35, C455 Basketball BA RTON, IAMES XVILLIAM HBHIH llelmont lliglig Northwest- erng .Xuditorium Helper C352 Cliairman Floor Com. C35- C453 Boys' Service Club C35, C455 lloys' HC?" C35. C455 Class A Football C35. C453 llasketball C35 C455 llaseball C355 C45. BOYVNE5 BILL BRIESNICK, ORvII.I.E BURCH, CLAUDIA K. "Susie" Business Collegcg ll all Ground l5uty C155 Variety Show C355 G. A. A. C455 Commerce Club C35, C45. 361 ADAMSOX, ELEANDR U. C. L. A.5 Sec. Finance Girls' League C455 Roll Rm. Reprcs. C155 C45' l5ancc Comm. C455 Honor Society C35 5 Uniform Board Cl5, C355 Comites C25 C35, C455 Science Club C455 Girls' Swimming Club C355 Tennis Club C255 Yol- leyball Cl5. ANDERSON, ALICE LEONE KCOXVU cz. Ix.' A. C253 Comites Club C255 Pliysiology Club C35. BARNHART, BEATRICE ELIZABETH l'Betty" Pattcn5 U. S. C.g Hall Ground Duty C35. C3' Roll Rm. Rcpres. Cl5, C451 lvuiform lloarnl Cl5S 15ll1' sic Club C25. 535. C- llaskutball C25. BIRD, CAROL BRADLEY, JACK L. A Radio SclIool5 Hall Ground l5uty Cl55 Roll Rm. Rep! rcs, C25 5 l5 a n C o Paljiy Comm. C355 Military Cllfiilll' ing Club C455 Science Club C25, C355 Engineers' Club. y 5 3' Class Uflicer Q5 cfhalloi cal-l Comm C15. H55 Hall Ci ound Duty X Gif Board Control C4252 Sty us Staff C35, C452 l2X- plosion Staff C355 R011,Rm5 Repftfi. C15, C253 LoY5 Service Club C254 -C351 -Cmnites 435, C45 3' Science Club C455 Tennis Club C35. C45- BRIGGS, SIDNEY L. t'Siri" Caiiiiet C453 Stlifleiit Coun- C1 2, . K . -. CAMPBELL, BERYL ELOISE 'tliarreel' lunior College: Oratorical Tableau C355 Stylus Staff C455 Oneretta C455 tC5ra- torical Tableau C15? 901111- tes Club C35. C453 5501'l4'l Friendsbio Club 435. C452 Variety Slxovv C355 C45. ll . CASKEY, ROBERT GORDON -'X llB0bu ' X Sec. of Publicity C 5 " all Ground Duty C15 255 Stylus Staff C355 itor C455 Editor Explo C455 Roll Rm. Rep. C253 'ari- ety Show C455 Sophomore Party Comm. C255 Senior lianquet Comm. C455 Boys' Stag Comm. C45 5 Sec.- Treas. Scribblers' C l u b C35 5 President C45 5 Pub- licity Stal? C35 5 HCllHlT1' pion" C455 Cabinet C45. CLANCY, GERALDINE BLANCHE "jerry" Fremont5 Business College5 Hall Ground Duty C25, C355 G, A. A. C15, C25. C35, C455 Commerce Club C25, C35, C455 Girls' Hik- ing Club C25, C355 Physi- ology Club C455 Girls' Swimming Club C255 Vol- leyball 425, 435. COYE, CLARENCE MlLEoRo R. C. A. Il'lStiiL1tC5 Hall Ground Duty C155 Military Training Club C455 Science Club C355 CURTIS, MURIEL "Pinkie" Lf C. L. 15.5 Vice-Pres., President Girls' League C155 Vice-Pres. Class C35: Senior Banquet Conlm. C455 Variety Sllow C155 C255 C455 Freshman Sophomore Tableau5 Honor Society C15, C35, C35. C453 G- -5- A. Cl5. 155, C455 Girls' Service Club C45: Comites C255 Forllln Club C35. C45 French Club C355 Science Club C355 Board Control 45. DEKKER, ALBERT O. NAI" Hoover5 Caltech5 Variety Show C455 Honor Society C155 C25, 133, C455 "Sum- mer Lightning," "Cham- pionl' C455 Spanish Club C355 President Science Club C455 Alfred K. Sea- man Prize in Cbemistry5 A. R. History Prize 5. DURYEA, VERA "Vee" Fairfaxg Music Conserva- toryg Hall Ground Duty C155 C355 Roll Rm. Repres. C15, C355 CC455 Operetta C355 Dance Party Comm. C455 Hiking Club C355 Commerce Club C355 Mu- sic Club C455 Girls' Swim- ming Club C255 Girls' G11 C3 C45 Tennis Club 3 5, 5 - C- 5: Sports. - EVANS, IDA Honor Society C255 G. A. A. C455 Science Club C45: Eldorado Club C45, 37 CHRISTY, JACK COLLIER, MAXINE "Max" Glendale Junior Collegeg Hall Ground Duty C15. C255 Senior Announcement Comm. C455 G. A. A. C25. C355 C455 All Arts Club C351 lVorlcl Frienrlshin Club C25. C35. C45: Pllysi- ology Club C355 C45. Cllf'TlS. DUARD F. "Lefty,' Glendale I. C.5 Science Club C455 Eovs' "G" 135 C455 Class B Basketball C255 A Basketball C45: Varsity Baseball C255 C352 Cantain C455 Board Con- trol C45. D AVIDSON, DOROTHEA DOWSON, KENNETH "Kenney" North Hollywood Higl15 Operetta C35, C455 Com- merce Club C255 French Club C15, C255 Boys' Glee Club C25, C35, C45. ETHEREDGE, FRANCES AL E 'tlnnocencel' I.. A. High5 llusin Col- lege5 Secretar ebating C455 Commen nt Deco- ration Coln . C355 Roll Rm. Repre C355 Junior- Senior ate C355 Red- l 1 torical C355 Sen- iw ce Comm. C452 Tj l oim Repres. C355 Com- merce Club C35. C452 President Forum Club C455 Secretary C45. FETTERMAN, THELMA INEZ KiTiEy!! U. C. L. A.5 Senior Comm. C455 Ilonor Society C155 C25, C35, C453 A- A- C25, C355 C455 Girls' Serv- ice Club C35, C455 Vice- Pres. C35, C455 See.-Treas. Science Club C455 Vice- Pres. G i rl S' Swimming Club C355 Volleyball C25. ii-S'TY'LUS 1931 FIELIJ, MARY .ALICE Fl.13XVER,EVEl.YX FRANCES Gluinlzile ,luniur College: 111111 l3uty 133: 131'Cl1Ci1l'l1 113, 123. 133, 143: llonur . . , Society 113.1-3. 133. 1-13 Girls' Service Club 143' liniform lluziril 1433 Nlukie Club 133. 143: Secretary 143: I'lIysiolf3gy Club 1433 Variety Show 1.13. GII.MORE, BETTY fil,ENN "Billy1' GLENN, LOUISE 1'.C. 1.. A.: Student Coun- cil 143: junior R1-pres. Girlsl League 133: 'tlfirc Prince" 1333 "Belle of 13agIl:If1" 143: Senior I3:Iuce Comm. 143: llonm' Soci- ety1l3. .X. .X. 123, 133. 143g11irls' Service Club 1433 Music Club 123. 133. 1431 1111-e Club: Spanish Club: Pre-Ni. :lent Girls' Glee Club 1431 Sports 1l3. GRUSSMEYER, Louis JACK "Louie" Hall Crounfl l3uty 123. 133: Roll Rm. Reprcs. 133, 1433 Boys' "G" 143: Yar- Qity Treck 1431 lfngineers' Club 133, 143. HIXRPER, TALBOT EDVVARD 3'Tal" AnnnpoliS: li T1 ll Crouncl Duty 1l3: Cafeteria 113 123. 1331 TZIIII11 133: ilml- or Society 123. HARTSHORN, ARTHUR 1381 FITCH, GLENN H U. C. L. A.: Class Yell Learier 123: Grountl Duty 133: Senior Dance Comm. 143, Boys' Stag Party Cmnni. 143: Honor Soci- etv 113' Y X S S 1 13 133, 143: Boys' Service Club 143, Science Club 133, 143, lioys' "G" 143 Football 113. 133. 143' Basketball 113, 123, 133: Trnek 113, 123. FOSSTON, HELEN KDLENN, XVILLIAM HOL-r --Bally' i30C13l'Zl110l1 C o III In. 143: "Belle liagmlad' 133: Ilon- ur Society 113. 123, 133. 143: Music Club 123. 133. 1433 Spanish Club 123. 133: Science Club 143: lloys' Glee Club 133, 143. GRABINER SOI, "HotShor" 5 1.. A. I. C., Stag Party Comm. 1335 Hall Ground Iluty 113, 123, 133, Cafe- teria 113, 123, 143: Stylus Staff 123. 133: Variety Show 123, 1335 Operetta 123. 143: Orchestra 113. 143: Junior Dance Comm. 133: Music Club, Vice-Pres. 113: Boys' Clee Club 123, 143, Engineers 143. GUENTIIER, ELEANOR CHARLOTTE 1'. C. 1.. .X., Cafeteria 123. 133. 143: 1V3I'C116S11'8 123: Honor Society 113, 123. 133. 1435 Music C1ub 123: Science Club 143. H.-1RSCH,3VI1i1.IAMJ. "BiII' Jefferson: ifngineers' Club 133: Manager C l a ss C Football 143, Varsity 'lirziek 133. HATIIAWAY, H.AZEI. LILLIAN 113fFIceS 1Ie1r1 at 1i:II'Ilena High Se1mo13: Class 1316- cer 113. 123: Ilzill Ground l3uty 133, Dance Comm. 133: llonor Society 113 123, 133: Commerce 113. 123. 133, 1433 S132iI'liSl1 Club 113, 1235 Girls' Glee Club 113. STYLUS 1931-,ii HAUG, ESTHER CHARLOTTE Hall Duty 1353 Variety Show 1453 'tllelle of 'Bag- flafl," t'The 1lagi's Gift" 145, G. A. A. 125, 135. 145, Commerce Club 135. 1453 Physiology Club 135 1453 Girls' Glee Club 125. 1455 Student Hank 135. HECHT, DAVIS "Big Shot" L'. C. L. A.: llusiness Ilan- ager l2X15lL5SlOl"l 145g Comi- tes Club 145, Spanish Club 1451 Science Club 145: Senior Dance Comm. 145. HITCHCOCK, HEI.EN UHitchie" Girls' League 1351 Ground Duty 145, lfxplosion Staff 145: G. A. .X. 125, 135 1451 Girls' Service Club 135. 145: Girls' Hiking Club 135. 145: Snanisb Club 125. 135: Girls' Sports 115. 125. 135.145, HOLNIES, ROBERT FREDRICK 'tBob" North Dakota: l'. of Ala.g Class C o in in. 1153 llnll Ground Duty 125, 135: Dance Party Comm. ' Commerce Club 135, Science Club 125: Golf Club 135, 145. 115, 141 HUMPHREYS, BERNA CONSTANCE JOHNS, GENEVA MERLE U. C. L. A., Honor So- ciety 115, 1353 G. .X. .X. 125. 135. 145: Treasurer 1353 Comites Club 135 145: President Girls' llik- inq Club 1455 Girls' Shorts 125135. 145- KOHLER, ELEANOR HAVILAND, ELIZABETH HEITZSBERG, EULALIA HITCHCOCK, MARJORIE MAY Millsg Secretary G i r l S' L e a g u e 1455 Chairman Decorations for Graduation 135g Honor Society 1155 G. A. A. 125, 135, 145: Girls' Service Club 1253 Comites Club 135, 145: Tennis Club 125: Volley- ball 115: liaskctbzill 115: llockcy 135. HOWK'El.L, MADELINE JUNE l'. C. L, .X.: Class Comm. 1253 Hall Ground Duty 115, 125, Roll Rm. Rcpres. 1253 G. A. .X. 115. 12' 135, 1453 Girls' Service Club 145: Uniform Board 135, Girls' Hiking Club 125, 135, 1451 Girls' SportS 115, 125, 135, 145. HUNT, FREDA LEE Belmont, Commerce Club 1455 Pliysiology Club 145. KOEPKE, BURRELL 1 KNECHT, MARTHA UMa rt" Glendale Junior Collegcg llall Duty 125, 135g Roll Rm. Reprcs. 1453 Chair- man Girls' Stunt Party Comm. 145, G. .X, A. 125. 135, 145, Girls' Service Club 125, 1354 Tennis Club 125, 1451 Volleyball 45. Q-li.STYLUSl--i1931 LEISER, RUTH MARJORIE 'CRuthie" Business Collegeg G. A. A. CI5, C25, C355 C455 Coin- mercc Club C25, C355 Cl 1 Girls' Hiking Club C251 Volleyball C25, C355 Sec.- Treas. Commerce Club C45. LYTLE, MARCUS 'CBig Shot" Glendale J, C.g Hall Ground Duty C155 Explosion Staff C455 Honor Society C2', C355 C455 Comites Club C35, C455 Science Club C45. MARTIN, ELEANOR JEAN Hollywood HiglI5 U. C. L. A.: Variety Show CTU. C455 "Belle Bagdadu C355 Music C l u b C35. C453 Girls' Club C355 C45, MCDOXY'ELL, IEA N MAGNESS, WILLIAM HowARn "Billf' Oxforclg Hall Ground l7uty C155 Roll Rm. Kepres. C-fl, Operetta C355 Music Club C153 C35, C35. C455 15-'Ye' 'Tr' CI5, C25, C35, C-5 lloys' Glce Club CI5, CJ5. C35, C455 Football Cl5. C25, C355 Track C155 Ten- nis C35, C45. MIl.I.ER, VIRGINIA MARGARET 'CGinger" Vniversity Highg G. A. A. C455 Girls' Hiking Club C25- MOORE, EI.I.w0oD "RuthieH C35 5 Secretary .l. C. and U. Hall Ground CZ5, C35, C455 ciety Cl5, C35 C25. C35. C453 Girls' Service Vice-l'res, C35 Girls' Service Coniites Club UVVallie'l Club C355 C455 C355 Science College: Hall C45- T401 Manager of Varsity C455 Golf 'lieam C45. LEWIS, RUTH ANNE Berkeley Higlig U. S. C.: Secretary Assemblies '- Explosion Staff C455 "Sum- mer l,igl1trIing,,' "Pros and Cons' C455 Variety Show C455 Junior Dancc Comm. C355 Cabinet Comm, C45 G. A. A. C45g Forum Club MABRY, JANET ELIZABETH C45- C. l.. A,5 Duty Cl5. Honor So- G. A. A. Sec.-Treas. Club C25 President Club C45 1 C25 , C35 ' Pliysiology Club C455 Girls' HG" C lu b C45 5 Girls, Sports Cl5, C255 C35, C4. MCCQM R, RICHARD MCLAIN, WVALLACE RODGER Phoenix Union Higllg Jun- ior College: Auslitorium H e l 15 c r C451 Commerce Track C45. MANDIS, FRANCIS URBAN T.. A. Collcge5 Grouml Duty C45 5 Roll Rin. Rcp- res. C353 Coniites Club Club C451 MINK, EVELYN MAE "Eve" Glendale I. C.: Hall Ground l5uty CI5, C255 Explosion Staff C155 Orchestra Cl5: llanrl C152 Debate C153 G. A. A. Cl5, C25, C35, C452 Commcrce Club Cl5, C25. C355 C455 Alusic Club CV C25, C35, C455 Yaricty Show C255 Girls, Sports C15, C25- MoRToN, GRETCHEN MAY "Gret" .Xlliambra H i g b5 Junior Duty C21. C35, C455 G. A. A. C25, C355 C455 Girls' Service Club C355 Somoac Club STYLUS 1931 i OLUND, ROBERT L. t'Bub" Cnlorzulo School Minesg N. A. S. S, C-llg Science Club ffll, Q-ll: l3OyS' "G" f3l, f4lg Football ill, i2l, f3l, C4lg Basketball Ill, Ql, Ulg xvl'CStlll1g C3lZ SVl'llllllllIlg' ill. P.XUI,l., EDNA M.XE Ilcrkclcyz Hall C I' 0 u n Il lluty ill. ill: Variety Slum' f3l1 School Play 4473 llnuor Society ill. ill: ll. IX. IX. Cll, Ill. qjl: Music Club Qll, 43 PERRY, JOAN l'. C. l.. A.g Hall lluty 1-ll: .XI1ImunccInent Comm. f-lll ll. A. IX. fll. Qll: Music Club C-ll: Science Club C-ll: Girls' SXVllIlllllllg Club Qll. PHII.I.II's, MARY CONSTANCE Mills Collegeg Presiflent Girls' League fll. 1-' 'llillllliflll for cll'1lfOl'lCHl C21 Sccrclzlry lluzlrnl Control f-ll! Roll Rm. l2t'Ill'L'S. il ill. f3l: Stunt Party C-umm. C4l: llonur Soci- ety ill, ill: Song Leuclcr f-ll: ll. .X. A. Cll. fl 43l. Hli Yicc-Pres. Girle' Scrvici- Club C3l1 Klusic Club fll. i331 Cmuiici Club C3l. . . . ' ie" PoTTs, JAVII-:S O 4'-hmm llulmnntg Oregon S t a t ez llzlll lluty C4l: lloys' "IQ" Club C-ll: lfngineers' Club Ml: Fmltball C4l: llaskcf- bull C-ll: Tennis C2l. RANTA, LAURI Czllifurximi .X llf.lll0l'l1l1'll llclpcr lll, 63l: Scnim- lluucc Tickets Comm. f3l. C-Hg lfmigiricws' Club f3l: 'I'r:Ick Qil. C3l. RIEGER, H ELEN VIRGINIA illcuslulc J. C.3 Sec. of Stzuc C4l: Sc-uiur Bauquct Cwuuu. Q-ll: Honor Society cgp, mg cz. A. A. qzl. Ul, 1-llg lfuiforin Bozuwl ill. ill. f3lg Commerce Club Qjl, Q-ll. 41 PARKER, VERA FERN ,l. C. :mil U. K. l.. .X.1 llzlll llfllllllll Duty Cll. f3l: G. .X. A. ill, Kll. ffll. K-llg Girls' Service Club ffllg Commcrce Club f3l, C4l: Volleyball Ul. fZl. l3l1 liuskctball ill, Cll. C3l. PE NCE, VINCENT JOSEPH "Vinny" lf C. T.. A.: Clmirman Iluuxwl Control C-ll! .ludi- trlrium llcllwi' 13 l, 1413 ll:vll flrmvxirl llutv ill. Cll. C31 : Rull Rm. Rcpres. r-ll: llrunn' Society fll. f5l: lhvys' SI-rvice Club Nl: l'I'csi4lvut Ml: Comi- tcs f4lg Scicncu Club C3l. Hug Gulf 445. PHIBBS, XVIIIIAM PIERSON, DICK PINNEY, XVARREX 'FYLER Ycxxiuc Plllytcclluicz l'. C, l.. A.: lluxun' Society ffl: N. A. S, S. I.: .' - J 1-ll bllziulsli Llub C-ll: Ruyg' "1-' Nl: Fmltbzill CJJ. Nl: 'lll'llL'li 157, L-ll. PUTIIUEE, ROBERT H. HPur,' 1.lcnIlzIlc,l. C.: IlZlllQl1'OllI'l!l 'WU' 1-ll: Czxfcteria ill, Ul: Rzuliu Club 1-U3 50. "Wflf , xflllll CUZ Fuuthzxll f'll1 ll'1lCk ill: lYI'c5tli1Ig ffl. l-ll. Glg l':IlglI1ECl'S, Club 147. REED, VIRGINIA ALICE "j1IIIIey" Slll'lllgl'lL'l4l lligbg If Q, I- A.: Sec.. Mirls' .Xtblctigns Cjllz, l'lllIlIlCC Chairman Kurlj lwliglll' ill: llrmur S"1'1"f3' CU, ill: C. A. .X. ffl, fill. f-ll: l'I'csicluIIt C-ll: l:l.l'lSl bervice Club f-llg I-Irls' llikiuq L 'H ul, cap. cb. ci,-IS, HGH L4l: 1.u'ls' Mlm- Club C4 'IR-uuis Club ill, 139, QQ, ROIIINSON, RAY RUssEI.I., ELEANOR JEAN Redlands University, Girls' League Cabinet 145, XYel fare Chairman 145, Hall Duty 115, 125, Girls' Stunt Party Comm. 135, 145. Honor Society 135, G. A. A. 125, 135, Girls' Serv- ice Club 135, 145, Spanish Club 125, 135, Tennis 125. SHIOMASU, SATOMI KKT0mmy57 Lincoln High L- A., Lf. S. C., Roll Rm, Repres. 125' G. A. A. 135, 145, Uni- form Repres. 145, Music Club 125, 145, Coniites Club 145, Tennis Club 135, 145 g Secretary 135. SI.OcUIvI, GEORQE A U-' H' T A.,' 1 l5i-rv 1 ' In. res. 125, BO I, HG" b 145, Track 1 , 135, 145, Varsity 145 STAMPS, BARBARA LOUISE "Bobbie" U. S. C., Girls' League Publicity Chairman 145 Sec. Senior Class 145, llall Duty 1l5. 125, .Assistant lfflitor Explosion 145, Roll Rin. Reprcs. 1.25: Chair- Inan S e n i o r Decoration Coinni. 145: Honor Soci- ety 115, 125, 711. IX. A. 115, 125, 145, Girls' Serv- ice Club 2 3 ' Secre 1 5. 1 5, - tary 125, Spanish Club 135, Scribblers' Club 125, Tennis 125, 145. SUDIOW, lvl.-XRJORIE G. 'tMargie" Junior COllege,, Honor So- ciety 115, 135, G. .X. A. 115. 125 135. 145: Vive Pres. 135, Girls' Service Club 125, 135, Spanish Club 135: Girls' SX'l"lIl1lI1il'I'T Club 135, Girls' Hikin-I Club 135, President Girls' "G" C l u b 145, Girls' Sports. OWNE, ARTHUR AARON t'Towne" Xtest Point, Hall Ground 'Duty 115, 125, 135: Roll Rin. Renres. 145, Engi- neers' Club 135, Military 3Tr1iniIIg Club 125 ' 1 4 . . 7-5145, Boys' "G" Club 1453 Boys' Glee Club 145, Fool- ball 115, 135, 135. 145- WELCH, VIRGINIA "Vee" Glendale J. C., Hall Duty 115, 125, Chairman Girls' Stunt Party 145, Honor Society 115, 125, G, A. A. 115, 125, 135, 145, Girls' Service Club 125, 13 Spanish Club 125. 135 Parnassian Club 145, Ten- nis 125, 135, 145, Basket- ball 115. 1421 SHERIDAN, JACK Boys' "G" Club 135, 145: Boys' Glue Club 145, Foot- ball 135, 145, Varsity 145: Varsity Baseball 135, 145 SLO.-KN, RICHARD V. "Dick" U. C., Sec. Boys' Athlet- ics 145, Sec. Boys' League 135, Vice-l'res. Class 135, Rings and Pins Conun. 135, Senior Banquet Pro- gram Chairman 145, Hon- or Society 125, 135, 145 Vice-Pres. 135,' Treasurer 145, N. A, S. S. 125. 13 145, Pres. Boys' Service Club 145, Science Club 135, 145, Football, Yar- sity Track 135, 145. SOMMERVILLE, XVILLIAM J. Junior College, Stylus Staff 145 Q lfxplosioll Start 13 5. 145, Varsity Football 135, 145: Varsity Track 145. STARKEY, GRACE ELIZABETH 'tDizzy" Conservatory Alusic, C. S. C.: Roll Rm. Repres. 145 15peretta 135, Orchestra 115: 13. -5- -5- 115, 125, 135, Music Club 125, 13 145: Commerce Club 145: Girls' Swimniing Club 135' Girls' Glce 145, Variety Show 115, 135. lx-,S l l IN y ONE, ICH ARD EDWA ll "D ek" 1nglew5Oorl, Utal Junior J I 1311511111 ' Bo' "G"Club fx 452W Yai 1' Basketball fl 5', Baseball 145, Public- ! 'y Staff 145. FICRIMM, BOB VV. 'tBob" 15re,qon State, Treasurer Junior Class 135, Senior Dance l'5ecoration Comm. 145, Football 125, Basket- ball 115. 125. 1353 Swim- llllllg Club 125, 135. VVENDT, MARION LOUISE 'tMeme" Glendale J. C., llall Ground' lluty 1l5, Roll Rm. Rep- res. 115, 135: G. A. A. 115, 125: Uniform Board 115, Girls' Hiking Club. 135, Volleyball 115, 125 Basketball 125. XVEST, QIERALD LLEWELLYN "jerry" llulversitv of lxluisvlll Uratorlcal CZJ, C453 Hall lzfllllllfl lluty QU: lfxwm- Sion Staff C403 Roll Rm. Rv-pres. CED, C433 Com- msrce Club f4Jg Boys' UG" Club f4jg Football fl 123, KSU: Track CU: T011- ms Kal. XVOELFEI., MYRTLE LORETTAX "lN1ert" Clcnmlnle J. C.: Hall llrmuml llutyfll. 126. C-l3:12, .l A.f1W. 423. CSD. C-ll: l'niY flvrm lllmrrl 1-U: Cnmnmcru- Club KID. 135. C-H, X ,F-I VJ '. ' ' Q., 1' 2' ' f Irv L , x f ff 4 x 1 J fl - K fl' 'sf 1 u' LZ r P' 14 C 'A-.g..-w ' rm .,,u..,--w --. VVI1.1,I.xMs, VIRGIL "Speedy" lluys' "ll" Clulr K-UZ Xiu'- sity 'l'r:xck 145. ZXREN1R.X,Cl.AIRE FRANCES XYL'Stl:xliv: Sulmnl fm' Cirli: Roll Rm. Relwc-4. KSU? Omtoriczll Cummu, 1351 C. A. .X. fll. Ill. UU. f-47: Crmmlcrcc l'lulm f-U: Sci- ence L' l u lv C351 Girls' Slmrls. Mmm,-1'--STYLUS T5'311"l-,i.l Senior Class Officers Sumfnef Boice Frzreeri Niivley F055 DoN FAREED - - - Prc.fz'dent C IEFF NIBLEY - - Vice-Pre5z'dent ADEL13 BOICE - - - Secretary HAROLD Foss - - - Treasurer Miss MAUD SOPER - Adviser The worth of a class may best be determined by its accomplishments, for "actions speak louder than words." Early in the history of the class, Iackson Wheeler brought honor to the graduates of '31 by winning the Inter-Class Oratorical Contest. This was accomplished again, this time by Don Fareed. At the second victory, the class was awarded first for their class spirit. The Iunior Prom under the guidance of Walter Block and his splendid commit- tees was undeniably a success. Oratory has been most ably represented by Paul Iordan, Claude Brown, Catherine Henry, Clifford Swanson, and Don Fareed. The dramatic depart- ment has discovered and cultivated brilliant talent in Willard Mears, Iosephine Cressman, Lillyan Shinner, and Iean Angier. Three members of the class prominent in student body activities are Don Fareed, Bud Pagliuso, and Dick Nimmons. This outstanding record has been set as a standard for other classes to attain. H41 STYLUS 1931 AMES, KATHERINE UKat" Burbank Highg Glendale I. C. ANDERSON, ERMA Glendale Junior Collegeg Hall Duty C255 C35 5 Roll Rm. Repres. C15 5 G. A. A. C15, C455 Uniform B O a r rl C15 5 Commerce Club C45 5 Girls, Hiking Club C25, C355 Physiology Club C45 5 Girls' Sports C15, C25, C35- ANDREWS, GRAYDON ANSPACH, RUTH IALLEENE uspackyn Taft Union Highg Occi- dental5 Uniform Chairman C455 Hall Duty CZ5, C35, C455 Variety Show C455 Band C255 G. A. A. C15, C25, C35, C453 Song and Yell Leader G. A. A. C355 Honor Society C255 Music Club C25, C355 Comites Club C25, C355 Sec.-Treas- urcr Science Club C45. ARCH, ERNEST JOHN "Archiey' George VVashington Higlig Glendale I. C.g Hall Duty C155 Junior Dance Comm. C35 5 Music Club C455 Spanish Club C455 Chem- istry Club C355 Varsity Basketball C35, C455 Base- ball C455 VVrestling C35. ARNOLD, RICHARD F. AUSTILL, GLENN ' Z if Cl! HSI ANDERSON, ALFRED LEVVIS Glendale Junior Collegeg Sec. of Finance C455 Hall Ground Duty C15, C355 Chairman Pin Comm. C455 Honor Society C255 Boys' Service Club C25, C35, C455 Science Club C455 Bank Teller C35. ANDREVVS, F. VVILLIAM uBiHn VVest Pointg Ground Duty C25 5 Roll Rm. Repres. C25, C35 5 Honor Society C15, C255 Spanish C l u b C25, C35 5 Science C l u b C35, C45- ANGIER, DOROTHY JEAN California at Berkeley 5 S o ,c i a l and Friendship Chairman C45 5 Roll Rm. Vkepres. Cl5, C35 5 'ATl'Ie Cghamqpionf' Variety Show, 2 ' 1 rious VV il l " rfhre-r,vGirls' K' ,Stun Party C4 5 S om g L leg C35 5x Honor Soci- - V 3' 7, ,-1-A C15, C25, ' GI, 'C45 14 .Im-Aiiaciu-b C355 Basketball Cl5,- C25. ARBENZ, DORIS JEAN crD0-ievr U. C. L. A-S Operetta C455 Junior Senior Dance Comm. C35, C455 Girls' L e a g u e Entertainment Comm. C155 G. A. A. C15, C25, C351 C455 Music Club C451 Volleyball C155 Bas- ketball C25. ' . , ", -L Qi CACICQRON, FAY I ' s f N 1" ARNOLD, RICHARD THOMAS "RiChie'l U. S. C.5 Science Club- C453 Boys HG" Club C455 Track Cl5, C25, C351 Swimming C25, C35, C45. BAIRD, MARY jo "Jo" Pasaclena5 U. C. L. A. or P. J. C.5 Explosion Staff C455 G. A. A. C355 C455 Girls' Hiking Club C355 Spanish Club C35, C455 Science C455 Hockey C35, C45 F , ....,1 5, ..,' ""l S-TYLUS-4l1931 -24 BANGS, JOHN L. 'jack' VVashingtOn Stateg Wel- fare Chairman Boys' League C455 Roll Rm. Repres. C355 Variety Show C45g Operctta C35, C453 Treasurer Music Club C453 Boys, "G" Club C35, C45g Boys' Glee Club C35, C453 Basketball and Track C35. BARREL, LoUiE HLou" U. C. L. Aj Roll'Rm. Repres. Cl5g Boys' G1 Club C455 Boxing '5'7 79 BENDER, EUGENE FRA Ncxs "Gene" Redlands Highg VVoOclbury Collegeg Hall G r O u 11 cl Duty C35 3 Orchestra Cll, C255 Radio Club C359 Boys' Glee Club Cl5, CZ5. BIDDLECOM, ROY S. BLAKE, HOVS'ARD BOICE, ADELE F. 'fBillie', Oregon S ta t eg Uniform Chairman C15 3 Secretary Class C455 Roll Rm. Repres. C25 g 'ilu Old Vi- enna" C45g Senior Dance Refreshment Comm, C45 5 G. A. A. C35 g Uniform Board C353 Girls' G l e e Club C45 3 Girls' Sports CU, C25, C35. BOVVER, ELIZABETH Pomonag Senior Play C45. i-+61 BARNES, PLINEY MCNAUOHTON Caliiornia Institute Tech- uolegyg Roll Rm. Reores. C455 President Radio Club C45g Science Club C35 3 Class A Track C45. BIESCAR, MARION E. U. S. C.g II all Ground Duty C153 Roll Rm. Repres. Cl5, C25, C35g Junior and Senior Dance Comm. C35, C45g G. A. A. C25, C35, C45g Girls' Hik- ing Club C353 Girls' Sports C15, C35. BENTLEY, CLAIR B. Alabaniag Class Yell Lead- er C45g Hall Ground Duty Cl5, C25 g Roll Rm. Repres. C353 "ChampiOn,' C45g Junior Dance Comm. C353 Engineers' C l u b C45 3 Boys' UG" Club C35, C45: Basketball Manager C45: V a r s i t y Football C45: Swimming C45. BLAiNE, HARRY BLODGETT, CHARLOTTE JEANNE Glendale 5. C.: Hall Duty C35 g Roll Rm. Repres. C35g Variety Show- C35, C45g Honor Society C353 G. A. A. Cl5, C35, C455 French Club C45g Somoac Club C25, C35, C455 Scribblers' Club C35, C45g Vice-Preg. C35. BONHAM, DONAl,D BOWERS, GORDON --E BOYD, ALICE MAE Friendship Chairman 143 3 R o 1 l Rm. Repres. 133 3 Junior Dance Comm. 133 3 .,.:.-, 11 3 X 123 133, 143, Uniform lioard 1333 Com- merce Club 1333 Physiol- ogy Club 143. BRADLEY, JAMES C. "Jim" Junior C 0 l l e geg Hall Ground Duty 113, 123, 1333 Roll Rm. Repres. 113, 1233 Boys' Service Club 123, 133, 1433 Commerce Club 1433 Comites 123. BROWN, BARTON Hall Ground Duty 123, 133, 1433 Boys' Service Club 1433 Boys' HGU Club 1433 Vice-Pres. C li e s s Club 1433 Boys' Sports 123, 133, 1433 "American Cousin" 143, BROWN, lVIEI.B.-X V. Girls' COllege3 Cafeteria 123, 133: G- 43- A33 113, 23 1433 Girls' Serv- u b 1433 Uniform 43, Girls' Hiking 133, 1433 Ten- 1'3 133 143' i e t y , AGU CADOELL, INEZ CARSO N, MARY GERTRUDE 147 BOYLES, JOHN BREARD, RUTH BROVVN, CLAUDE Junior C O 1 l e g CQ Hall Ground Duty 113, 123 3 Dramatics 133, 1433 De- bate League 143 3 Class Debate 113, 123, 1333 Fcgrum Club 113, 123, 133, 4 . BUEGHLY, BERNICE BELLE UBunny" Hall Duty 1133 Roll Rm. Repres, 1433 G. A. A. 113, 123, 133, 1433 Commerce Club 1433 Physiology Club 1433 Gym Secretary 133. BURRIS, JOSEPH JENNINGS Hpepev! U. S. C,3 Sec. Boys' Ath- letics 143g Hall Duty 113, 123, 133, 1433 Roll Rm. Repres. 133, 1433 Variety Show 133, 1433 Senior Play 1433 Junior Dance Comm. 1333 Honor Soci- ety113,123,133,143s1'reS. 1433 N. A. S. S. 123, 133, 143: Boys' Service Club 123, 133, 143. CAPPELL, ANNE LOUISE 1'Annie" Study Dietetics3 Cla s s Debate 1133 G. A. A. 123, 1433 Girls' Service Club 1433 Music Club 133, 1432 Forum Club 113, 123. 133, 1433 Girls' League Philan- thropic Comm. 113. CARTER, MYRA H-lSTYLUS 1931 CASE, MARJORIE GENEVIEVE "Margie" Spanish Club Cl5. CASE, VIRGINIA Hall Ground Duty C25, C35, C455 Dramatics CI5, C25, C35, C45g Girls' Swim- ming Club C35. CLARK, HELEN Roll Rm. Repres. C351 Operetta C455 G. A. A. C15, C453 lllusic Club C25, 533, C45g Girls, Glee Club 4 . CLEEVES, JOHN 'C-Iohnny" U. C. L. A.g Junior Dance Comm. C351 Honor Society C15, C25 3 Engi- neers' Club C45. COLBURN, DONALD CLIFFORD 'KDOn" Y. S. C.g Hall Ground Duty C25, C353 Roll Rm. Repres. C353 Boys' HG" Club C35, C455 Football C15, C35ST1'8Ck C15, 425. C35, C455 VVrestling C25g Swimming C15. COLVER, VVILLIAM Coss, ALLAN l43l CASE, BETTY 'CI11 Old Viennaf' "Pick les" C455 Music Club C451 Glee Club C45g Swimming Club C45. CHAMBERS, FRANCES CLARK, PEGGY Roll Rm. Repres. C15, C355 G. A. A. Cl5, C35g Vari- ety Show C15. COKE, LOIS EDITH "Lo" G. A. A. C25, C35, C451 Girls, MGH Club C453 Vol- leyball C35, C455 Speed- ball C35, C453 Basketball C15, C25. C455 Hockey C451 Leaders' Club C35. CALHOUN, C. MORLEY cicamrr Ground Duty C15 5 ComA ites C l u b C45 g Science Club C45 3 B o y 5' Sports C15, C25. C35, C453 Med' ical Club C25. COON, MARION CARLTON "Mickeyl' Glendale J. C.g Hall Ground Duty C15, C253 G. A. A. C15, C25g Girls' Hiking Club CI5, C253 Spanish Club C25, C35 5 Physiology C 1 u b C35 g Girls' Sports C15, C25 5 Variety Show C35. CORBEII., DELPHINE MARIE "Delli" G. A. A. C15, CZ5, C353 Commerce Club C25, C35, C453 Variety Show C15, C25, C35. STYLUS 1931 COYKENDALL, MAXINE DAGGETT, KATHERINE DAY, PATRICIA DE MARANVILLE, JULE UFI'enchie" Glendale Union Academyg Commerce Club C453 Hockey C453 Variety Show C45. DIxoN, HAL I'IILLY.-'KRD Long Beach Poly Hig Sec. Publicity C453 Stylus Staif C45 3 R o ll Rm. Repres. C453 Variety Show C453 'LPicklesl' C453 President Music Culb C452 Music Club C453 Scribblcrs' Club C45. DURLEY, JOHN BYRON uByrOnu Glendale J. C.3 Hall Ground Duty C453 Boys' "G" Club C453 Basketball C353 Baseball C35, C45. ENOKSON, VIRGINIA "Ginger" G. A. A. C15, C25, C35, C453 Music Club C253 Tennis C15, C25. C353 Vol- leyball C15, C253 Basket- ball C15, C25, C353 Hockey C353 Leaders' Club C35. 49 CRESSMAN, JOSEPHINE AIJOIJ U. C. L. A.3 Operetta C453 League Debate C453 Honor Society C15, C35. C455 G- -5- 15. C35, C451 Lniform Board C353 Com- ites C l u b C35 3 Science Club C353 Girls' Glee Club C453 Girls' Sports C35, C45 3 Reception C 0 m In. Girls' Stunt Party C45. DANIELS, JOE DE BEY, HELEN ELIZABETH Hall Ground Duty C153 Cafeteria C253 G. A. A. C35, C453 Uniform Repres. C453 Commerce Club C25, C35, C453 Vice4Pres. Phys- rology Club C453 Hockey 45. DENNIS, ROBERT F. 'tBob" U. C. L. A., Class Yell Leader C25, C351 Roll Rm. Revres. C15. 425, C35, C453 'KChampion," Hln Old Vi- ennav C453 Junior Senior Debate C453 Yell Leader, Oratorical C153 Speaker C45 3 F or u ni Club C45 3 Boys' HG" C lu b C453 Boys' Glee Club C453 Boys' SDOHS C15, C25, C35, C45- DRIGGS, If.-XRLTOYN EILER, FAYE RUTH "SIIookums" Glendale J. C.3 Hall Ground Duty C15, C25 3 Roll Rm. Repres. C25, C353 Honor Society C153 G. A. A. C15, C25, C35, C459 Uniform Board C15 3 Com- merce Cl u b C35, C45 3 Spanish C l Ll b C35, C45 3 Physiology Club C45 3 Girls' Sports C25, C35, C45- FAREED, DONALD A. "Don" Sec. Debate C35 3 P r e s. Student Body C453 Pres. Senior Class C453 Variety Show C453 Operetta C453 Debate C25, C35, C453 NVinner cf Inter-class and Constitutional Oratorical C353 Honor Society C15, C251 Vice-Pres. C353 Pres. S. C353 Boys' Service Club C453 lloys' Service Club C353 Pres. Forum Club C35. FAIRALL, ROBERTA FINLAY, ROBERT VVILLIAM 'LEON Vlfashington Stateg Hall Ground Duty C13, C231 Roll Rm. Repres. C23, C333 Chess Club C433 Decora- tion Cornm. C433 Military Training Club CZ3, C333 Science Club C333 Boys' "G" Club C333 Boys' Glee Club C233 Boys' Sports C13. C23, C33, C FISCHER, RUTH A HER E llsis!! U. C. L. 3 Oratori al Tabl , H ll ty C33 Rm. pres. C43 riety Sl C43 3 , L43 3 nor So- ci 13, C , 33 G. . .X. 3, 4 Gir Ser 'c 3, ' Sec- r s er 3 N 'c Club 3 3 S ni l b C13. C23, C , 9 Sci- ence Club C43 ' , ioac Club C433 Ho y . I M Foss, HAROI.D GILMORE, MAXINE GRAY, SALLIE Redlanclsg Cabinet C133 Student Council C433 Girls' League COff.3 C13. C333 Roll Rm. Repres. C333 Operetta C433 Or- chestra C133 Senior Dance Comm. C433 G. A. A. C13. C23, C33, C435 Pres. C139 Girls' Service Club C431 Music Club C433 French Club C433 Girls' Glee Club C433 Basketball C13, C232 Hockey C33. 50 FERGUSON, GEORGIA ANNE uGeGeu University of HaWaii3 Hall Ground Duty C133 Roll Rm. Repres. C133 "In Old Vienna" C433 Iunior Sen- ior Dance Comm. C33, , .:... , .. C43 G X A C13 C93, Uniform Beard C233 Com- merce Club C33, C433 Blu- sic Club C433 Girls' Glee Club C33, C43. FISCHER, ROBERTA DOROTHY Acsisu Glendale I. C.3 Hall Duty C33 3 Assistant Art Editor Stylus C433 Senior Dance Decoration Comm. C43 3 Honor Society C13, C23, C33, C433 Sec. C433 G. A. A. C23, C33, C433 Girls' Service Club C33, C433 Pres. C433 Uniform, Repres. C433 Spanish Club C13. C23. C33, C431 Sci- ence Culb C433 Somoac Club C43. FLYN N, ELEA NOR ALICE Cllendale I. C.3 Roll Rm. Repres. C13, C231 Stunt Party Comm. C13Q, G. A. A. C13. C233 Com- merce Club C33. C433 Mu- sic Club C433 Physiology Club C433 Girls' Glee Club. C433 Tennis C233 Volley- ball C13. FRALEY, HELEN LUCIA Business COllCgC1 H a l 1 Grcunfl Duty Cl3, C23. C333 Olieretta C433 G. A. .X. C133 C23. C333 llusic' Club C33, C-133 Girls' Glee Club C433 Hockey C43. GILLIl.AN, XVILRERT GILSON, BARBARA GREENE, PAUL ' J GREGORY, LILLTAN HAAG, FLORENCE HALL, MARTAN University cf Hawaiig Sec. of Class C233 R011 Rm' Repres. C23Q "Belle, Bag: dad," "In Old Vienna fgj, C433 Senior Decora- tion Comm. C433 G. A. A- C13, C433 Uniform Board 415, C33, C433 French Club C33, C43Q Sec. C435 Gilils Glee Club C33, C439 SC1'1b' blers' Club C33, C43- HARTMAN, RAY HENDRIX, VVOODSON HO.fXRE, MARY HORNE, MILDRED ELIZABETH "M1lly" U. C. L. A.3 French Club C43. L UCS-'-'-l1931-- GRENFELL, ALBERT WOODROW Modesto J. C.g Hall Ground Duty C433 Basket- ball C33, C433 Baseball C43 HAco0o, BETTY U. C. L. A.3 Cabinet C433 Girls' League COff.3 C133 "Fire Prince," "Belle Bag- dadf' "Pickles" C23, C33, C43 3 Orchestra Cl3, C33 5 Junior Dance Comm. C333 G. A. A. Cl3, C23, C33, C433 Sec. C133 Music Club C433 Girls' Glee Club C23, C33, C435 Variety Show C23, C33, C433 Girls' Sports Cl3, C33. l'1AR'IlMAN,JOHN I HELLMM 'LORENCE B. Ml-illossie Bell" Santa Barbara Stateg Hall Ground Duty Cl3, CZ3, C339 Roll Rm. Repres. Cl3, C233 Dxramatics C433 Hon- or Society C133 G. A. A. Cl3, C23. C33, C435 Uni- form Board CZ3, C433 Mu- sic Club C43g Girls' Hik- ing Club C333 Spanish Club C23 sgirls' Swimming Club C333 'olleyball C133 Speedball C23. HENRY, CATHERINE B. 'tKatie" Glendale J. C.: Friendship Chairman Girls' League C231 Social Chairman C333 Vice-Pres. and S 0 c i al Chairman C433 Roll Rm. Repres. C233 "The Cham- pion," "Fire Prince," "Belle Bag-tlad," "In Olrl Vienna" C13, C23, C33. C433 Variety Show C13, CZ3, C33, C433 Debate C23. HOLCOMB, MARY t'Dimples" Conservatory of Music ' Hall Duty C333 El Dorado Club oo. HUBBARD, HELEN MARGARET "Shorryl' Business Collegeg Hall Ground Duty C13, C233 G. A. A. C13, C233 Com- merce Club C13. C23, C33. C433 Girls' Hiking Club C133 Girls' Swimming Club Tennis C133 Hockey I'1UBBARD,ROBERTA M. "Bert" Junior College 3 Operetta C33. C433 Music Club C333 Girls' Glee Club C33, C43. HUDSON, LOTTIE DOLORES AlD0tty,!J Glenrlale J. C.: Hall l'3uty C13, C23 3 Roll Rm. Renres. Cl3, C33 3 Stunt Party Comm. C13 3 G. A. A. C13, C23, C333 Alusic Club C23 3 Forum C l u b C333 Basketball C13- C333 llaseball CI3, C23. HULIRICHOUSE, RUTH INGRAM, BILL Uregoiig Ilall G r 0 un d C33 L Roll Rm. D u t y Relvrus. C23- C33, C433 llonor Society C233 Bas- ketball C33- C333 Track C23, JAMESON, JANE Berkeley: Tableau Comm. C332 Roll Rm. Repres. C133 lxlonor Society C13, C233 C.. A. A. C13, C33. C335 Music Club C333 Variety Show C43. JESSEN, HELENA JOHNSON, EVELYN E. ffEvie" Business College, Roll Rin. Repres. C333 G. A. A. C23. C33, C433 COIII- mercc Club C33: Senior Repres. Girls' League C433 Tennis C33, C43. YLUSil1931 HUCK.-XBEE, DON HUNTER, ELOISE ELLIOT San l'eclro l1iglI3 Califor- nia at lSerkeley3 Roll Rm. RC-pres. C133 Variety Show C433 "ln C3141 Vienna" C433 Girls' Stunt Party Comm. C433 llouor Society C133 Ci- -3- -3- C13, C23, C33- C433 Music Club Cl3, C23, C333 Comites Club C233 Girls' G l e e Club C433 Girls' Sports C13, C23, C33. INGLES, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH "Gin" Re-Ilficlll, South Dakota: Yerrnilliong Ground Hall' lluty 423, C33 3 S t y lu s Staff C433 Explosion Staff C433 Oneretta C333 Scrib- blers' Club C33, C433 G. A. A. 113. CJ3: Alusic Club C133 Girls' Glee Club Cl3. C333 Vice-Pres. Scrib- blers' Club C433 Basketball C l3. JESSEN, HELEN Hall Grounrl Duty C133 Roll Rm, Reprcs. CI3, C333 Dramatics C433 Class De- bate C133 All Arts Club C43. JOHNSON, BILL Colorado HAggies"3 Hall Duty C23 3 Cafeteria C133 llancl C233 Engineers' Club- C43. JOHNSTON, RITA RAE "Rio" llall Grounil lluty C233 C333 Oiuererra C439 G, A. A- C23. C333 C43: Music Club C33, C433 Girls' "G" Club C433 Girls' Glee Club- C433 Seribblcrs' Club C333 Girls' Sports C23, C333 C43. i521 KN. i 9 HU RUCE 3, i I as , C X JV, Jw JONES, CLOYDA JOYCE llpeggyl! Art School or I. C.3 Dra- matics C433 G. .X. A. C333 Somoae Club C43. K.AESMEYER, HELENE MARIE "Kasey", Eagle ROCk3 Glendale J. C.3 G. A. A. C433 Com- merce C l u b C433 Girls' Hiking Club C233 Physiol- ogy Club C433 Girls' Swim- ming Club C231 TSHIUS C333 Basketball C23. KEI.EHER, GER.-XLDINE KATHERINE "Gerry" Hall Ground Duty C133 C233 Oratorical C133 G. A. 1X.Cl3,C23.C33.C439L'l1i- form Doarcl C432 Com- merce Club C433 Girls' Glee Club C43: Tennis C333 Volleyball C133 C231 Speerlball C235 Basketball CI3, C23. C33- KIRTLEXY, DONALD SIMPSON "Rosebud" 3VE1SlliY'lgfOl1 State: Class Onicer C133 Hall Grounil Duty C431 Cafeteria C132 Roll Rm. Repres. C233 C331 Band C133 Chess Club C333 C433 Military Training Club C23. C33: SCWHCC Club C233 Boys' "G" Club C233 Boys' Glee Club C23, C333 Boys' Sports C233 C33. C43- LE CLERCO, GABY Roll Rm. Repres. C133 Honor Society C133 G. A. A. C233 C333 Uniform Board C133 Commerce Club C233 C333 C433 Physiology Club C43. Lockwoon, VVILLARD LowE3 BETH U. C. at Berkeley3 Hall Duty C333 Honor Society C13, C233 G- A- A- C23, C433 Uniform Repres, C233 French Club C333 C433 Sec. C333 Vice-Pres. C43. 'ff fv, JORDAN, PAUL R. . Glendale I. C.3 Class Offi- cer C133 C233 C333 Stylus Staff C333 C433 School Play C433 League Debate C433 Class Debate C333 C433 Class Yell Lemlri' C133 C333 lloys' "G" Club C33, C433 liasketball C33, C43. I KEEG.AN3 HUGH JOSEPH -Amd" Pacluka Ill: 3Yasliingt0n Stateg Class Clflieer C133 Uperetta C133 Mi l it a r y Training Club C233 C333 Boys' "G" Club C433 Foot- ball C433 Track C133 Base- ball CI3. KETCHUM3 DOROTHY 'ADot" C'slicrette C233 C333 C433 G. A. A. C433 bniforni Reprcs3 C233 C333 C43, LixUoERD.ii.E, JAMES , BURCHAM '3Burch' Hall Grounfl Duty C333 C433 Dance Ticket Comm. C433 Boys' Service Club C433 Frienclsliip Club C233 C333 C432 Vice-Pres. C333 Sci- ence Club C333 C433 Ger- man Club C23, C33. LIDDELL, ROBERT IAN Hall Duty C333 Blue Print Stat? C433 Commerce Club C333 Music Club C233 C333 C433 linginecrs' Club C433 gin n i 0 r Yarsity Football C 3. LOVETT, Coxnox "Connie, Northwestern Lfniversityg Commerce Club C233 C333 C433 Music Club C433 linys' UG" Club C23. C333 C433 Boys' Glee Club C33, C433 Track C233 Wrestling C33- C433 Carnival Day Comm. C33. MCBRIDE, RosE MARGARET 41Marg:x Glendale J. C.3 H all Ground Duty C233 Honor Society C13, C233 Comites Club C333 C43. , I -5-TYLUg 1931 MCDOWELL, JACK NlClV1ANN,JACK ALBERT 'lCutie" Glendale I. C.5 H a I I Ground Duty C15, CZ5 5 Boys' "G" Club C35, C45 5 Football C35, C455 Track C455 Engineers' Club C35. MCQUAT, MARJORIE MAE "Mad, Albuquerque High School, Pasadena Hospitalg Spau- isli Club C455 Gyln Sec. C45- MADONNA, MARZIE ETTA "MartS" Louisville H. S. CColo- rado5g 5Yillis Business Col- legeg Hall Ground Duty C355 G. A. A. C15, C455 Uniform Board C155 Com- merce Club C45. MARTIN, EVELYN Santa Barbara State Col- legeg Hall Ground Duty C15, C255 Roll Rm. Repres. C252 G- A- A. C15, C25. C35, C455 Uniform Board C155 Girls' Hiking Club C155 Spanish Club C255 Volleyball C155 Speedball C155 Basketball C15, C25. MASTERS, LORRAINE MESSICK, GUERTHA C54 MCLAREN, ALICE MAE MCNICHOL, MARION L0RRAINEHL0!'1'yn Glendale J. C.5 Dramatics C455 Operetta C455 G. A. A. 425, 135, 4455 Ixiusic Club C455 French Club C455 Girls' Glee Club C455 Tennis C35. MADER HEDWIG 'tHedill 5 Occidentalg Operetta C45 5 Honor Society C15, C25. C353 Girls' Service Club C455 All Arts Club C355 French Club C15, C25, C355 Sec. C255 Pres, C355 Sci- ence Club C355 Girls' Glee Club C355 Variety Show C35. MADRID, EDMUNDO A. HEL1!! Sports Editor Stylus Staff C455 Explosion Staff Sports Editor C35, C455 Junior Class Repres. C455 Honor Society C25, C355 C455 Spanish Club C25, C35g Reporter and Sec. C355 Vice-Pres, and President C355 Basketball C15, C35, C453 TfHCk C15, C355 Bookstore Manager C35, C45. MARXMILLER, HAZEL uspeckn VVillis College of Coni- merceq Hall Ground Duty C15, C255 Roll Rm. Repres. C453 Operetta C35, C455 Variety Show! C35, C453 G. A. A, 425, 435, 4455 Uni- form Repres. C45g Music Club C35, C455 Physiology Club C455 Girls' Glee Club C25, C35, C455 Girls' Sports C15, C35, C45. MEARS, WILLARD MITCHELL, DOROTHY J lVlITCHELI., RUTH ' x MULFORD, TODD MERRIAM "Toad" Glendale I. C.: Roll Rm. Repres. C15, C453 Debate C453 Honor Society CI5. C25, C453 Comites Club C35, C453 Forum Club C45 ffiidiv tO' C62,v"f' NIBLEY, JEFF Los Angeles3 U. S. Junior Repres. C353 V190' Pres. Class C453 Senior Gift Comm. C452 Cfrounrl Duty C353 Roll Rm. Rev- ,-Q5, C353 Boys' Service Club C451 BUYS, HGH Cl"l' C35, C451 Basketball C35, C45. NISSEN, SHIRLEY NORRIS MARY MARGUERITE Y 4'Squeaky'l U. C. L. A.3 Hall Grounrl Duty C15. C353 Roll Rm. Repres. C353 Honor So- ciety C153 G. A, A. C153 C35. C453 Commerce Club C452 Music Club C25, C452 Scribblers' Club C452 Vol- leyball C153 Basketball C451 Hockey C35, C45- OREAR, MARGARET LOUISF iiM3gg1C-LOU!! U. C. L. A.3 Hall anrl Ground Duty C353 Honor Society Cl5, C25. C35, C45 Girls' Service Club C451 Comites Club C25, C35. C452 Sec. C35: Treasurer C453 Spanish Club C45. 55 MOSER, ROBERT NEI.soN AiRed!! Northwestern Tlnivcrsityg Hall Ground Duty C15, C25, C353 Orchestra C25g Commerce Club C25, C35, ence Club C35. C451 BOYS Sports C25, C35, C45. MUHLEMAN, SUSAN NEUGEBAUER, LORETTA NIMMONS, RICHARD U THOMSON "Dick Pomona College: Sec. Pub- licity C353 Senior Rcpres. to Cabinet C453 Chairman Student Council C453 Vice, Pres. Class C45Q Ground Hall Duty Cl5, C253 Roll Rm. Reprcs. C45g Senior Dance Comm. C453 Honor Society Cl5. C25, C453 Boys' Service Club C25, C35, C453 Sec. and Pres. C452 Spanish Club C15, C25, C35. C-45. NIKON, STUART H. Annapolis. ODISIO, LOUISE Stenograplier of Stylus C453 Cafeteria Stat? C253 Chair- man Membership Campaign Comm. C453 Honor Society C25. C353 G. A, A, C453 Uniform Doarfl C153 Com- merce Club C45: Vice-Pres. C453 Sec. lioarfl Control C453 Tennis C453 llasket- ball C45: Student llnnk C353 Ticket Sellcr C45. OTIS, HAROLD BAI.DwzN "Criegel" Davis Agricultural Col- legeg Cafeteria C45. C453 Radio Club C453 Sci: lST'Y'LUs 1'931,Q-,, PAGLIUSO, ROBERT Varsity Track C233 Cap- tain C33, C433 Pres. Stu- dent llorly C43. PARKER, NORMAN BLACK uparkyu U. S. C.3 Hall Ground lluty C233 Cafeteria C333 Roll Rm. Repres. C13. C233 N. A. S. S. C23, C33, C433 lloys' Service Club C23, C333 Forum Club C435 lloys' MCH Club C23, C33. C433 Football C133 C23. C333 Track Cl3, C23, C33, C431 VVrestling CZ3. C33. C43 3 Swimming Cl3, C23, C33. C43. PEACOCK, JOHN BARNEY 'tjOhnIIy" San Bernarflinog Glendale l. C.: Somoac Club C33. C433 Latin Club C33. PEISRER, GEORGE VVINSTEAD "Piker" Radio Club C433 Science Club C433 Engineers' Club C33. PIERCE, GERALD E. "jerry" Manual Arts High: Glen- dale J. C.3 Hall Ground Duty C433 Engineers' Club C433 Science Club C33, C43. PITT, MARGARET ARALENE G, A. A. C33, C43Q Coin- merce Club C33, C431 Sec- retary-'llrcasurer Physiology Club C43. PRATT ROBERT HAROLD ulgobn XYaslIington Stateg Cabinet C13 3 Hall Ground Duty C133 Cafeteria Cl3, C233 Roll Rm. Repres. Cl3, C33. Dramatics C43 3 Band C23: Boys' HG" Club C43 3 Foot- ball C23 3 'l rack C33 3 lun- ginecrs' Club C33, C43 . Commerce Club C43. 561 PAINE, LOUIS PAscOvIcH, CATHERINE MARGARET "Katicl' G. IX. A. C23, C3, C433 Commerce Club C23, C331 Physiology Club C433 Vol- leyball C133 Basketball C13. PEARCE, E. VVESLEY 'tBill" Hall Ground Duty C13. C23, C333 Auditorium Help- er C33, C433 Boys' Service Club C33, C433 Board Gov- ernors C33, C433 Engineers' Club C23, C333 C433 XVOrlCl Friendship Club C23, C33. PETERS, RUTH U. C. L. .X.3 Publicity Staff C433 Honor Society C23, C33: C433 G. A. A. C23, C33, C433 Comites Club CZ3, C333 Tennis C433 Stunt Party Comm. C433 Baccalaureate Comm, C43. PIERCE, GORDON DANIEL nczordyyx Cal-Techg H a ll Ground l3uty Cl3, C23, C433 Roll Rm. Repres. C23 3 Honor 'Ocioty C23, C33 3 French L Ib C233 Science Club , C433 Varsity Track POVVELI., MIRIAM PRESTON, MARJORIE P STYLUS 1931i.L.L UGH, JOHN S. "Johnny" Stanford: Cabinet 119: Vice-Pres. Class 129: Hall Ground Duty 119: Roll Rm. Repres. 119, 129: Junior and Senior Dance Comm, 139, 149: N. A. S. S. 139, 149: Vice-Pres. 149: Boys' "G" Club 139, 149: Engineers' Club 13,, 149: Football 119, 129. 139: UB" Track 139: Golf 139: Swimming 119. READ, JANE f'Murtz" R R R R R University of Hawaii: Hall Ground Duty 129, 139 C Explosion Staff 149: De- bate 119: Scribblers' Club 139: Spanish Club 139: Uniform Board 139, 1415 Pres. Scribblers' Club 139. EED, ROBERT S. "Bohn Glendale J. C.: Hall Ground l9uty 119: Cafeteria 119, Senior Dance Comm, 149 Somoac Club 139, 149' Football 139, 149: Tennis 139. 149: Boxing 149. ENSI-IAW, MARGUERITE JANE t'Marg" Leland Stanford School of Nursing: Hall Duty 119. O. A. A. 119, 129, rs 149: XY o rl cl Friendshiu Club 129: Girls' Hikini Club 119, 129, 139: Physi- ology Club 149: Girls' Swimming Club 129: Bas- ketball 129: Leaders' Club 139. ICHARDg,, N.ADINE llraymer High: Glendale J. C.:u Stylus Staff 1-' Explosion Staff 149: Dra- matics 119. OBRINS, MARIAN JUNE "Dizzy" Glendale J. C.: HallGrOund Duty 119. 129. 139, 149 Stylus Staff 149: Explof sion Staff 149: Honor So- ciety 129: G. A. A. 1 129. 139, 149: Girls' Serv! ice Club 129. 139. ' Comites Club 129: French Club 139, 149: Girls' " Club 149: Tennis 1' Volleyball 119, 149: Das- ketball 119: Hockey 139. OBINSON, MILDRED FRANCES 'tBillie" San Fernando High: Busi- ness College: Commerce Club 149. 57 RAY, ALICE READEY, MARY A. Holy Names Academy, Spo- kane, 9Yashington: St, Vin- cent's Hosnital: Nurses' Training School. REID, MARY LILLIAN Elgin High School, lllif uois: Glendale J. C.: Ground Duty 149: G. A. AX. 119, 129. 139,149:12ym Sec. 149: Girls' "GU Club 149: Tennis 139: Yolley- ball 149: Basketball 139 Hockey 129: Leaders' Club 149. REYNOLDS, MARGARET lvl.-XRION i1M3fg0,, San Fernando: lf. C. l. A.: Dramatics 1493 13?--' Scrvice Club 149: Girls' Glee Club 129, 139. RICHARDSON, JOSEPHINE ELEANOR Business: Roll Rm. Rep' res. 129: G. A. .X. 149: Vniform Board 129: Com- nierce Club 149: lfl Dora- do Club 149 : XYorld Friend- ship Club 129, 139, 14, Basketball 149. ROBERTS, FRANCES "Fran" Sweetwater High. Michi- gan: 19cCidental: Vice-Pres. Class 119 g Hall Ground Duty 129, 139: Draniatics 13 1 A X 49 l 192 l. 1 Zlirenci Club 149: Science Club 149. ROOD, SALLY RUNYON, DOROTHY CLARA uDOtr: Morgan l'?l1'k High, Cbi- cago5 Glendale J. C.5 Hall Ground I5uty 1153 l5XDl0' sion Staff 1455 G. A. A. 1455 Coniites Club 135, 445. SALTER, ELIZABETH ClBetty,U Galesburg, lllinois SCHWAB, EVELYN FAY llelmont5 G. A. A. 145 Music Club 135, 1455 Hock- ey 145. SIIINNER, LILI.YAN "Lilly" V. C. l.. .X.5 Uniform Chairman Girls' League 1155 l':11tCl'l'Z!l1"l1I'lC1'lt Chair- man 1255 Hall Ground l5u- ty 135: "ln Old Vienna" 1455 Chairman Al u n i o r Dance 1355 Honor Society 115. 1253 G. A. A. 135. 1455 l'niform Reprcs. 115 Girls' Glvc Club 145. SHOREY, MARGUERITE Hoover5 Uniform llozirrl 135, 1455 Commerce Club 135. 145. SMITH, JEANNE D'ARc U. C. L. AJ Roll Rin. RCDVCS. 115 125, 135, 145: Operetta 125, 135, 145 5 Variety Show 115. 125, 135, 1455 Song Leader 1355 Class Song Leader 115, 1255 G. A. A. 115. 125, 135. 1455 Music Club 115. 125, 135, 1455 Girls' Hiking Club 115. 125: Girls' Glee Club 115. 175 135. 1455 Pres. 1455 Scrib- blers' Club 145. SMITH, GEORGE H. 58 ST. PIERRE, ARTHUR "Mike" St. Anselnis l'rep5 Notre l5anIe5 Yarsity Football 115- - ' SCHMITZ, RICHARD SCHNEIDER, VVII.I.IAIvI LEWIS "Bill" Cal. TcclI.5 Hall Ground Duty 115, 135, 1455 Hall Supervisor 1155 Senior Commissioner 1455 Stylus Staff 1455 Roll Rm. Rep- rcs. 1155 lloys' Service Club 1455 lfngincers' Club 135, 1455 Pres, 1455 Comi- tcs Club 125, 1355 Science Club 1455 Track 115, 125. SHINNER LORR.-XINE LOVE 9 U. C. T.. .X.5 Senior Rcp- rcs. Girls' League 1455 Ex- plosion Staff 1455 Roll Rm. RCIWCS- 135, 135, 145: Honor Society 115, 125' G. A. .X. 115. 125. 1455 111111-01111 lloarcl 1255 Comites Club 125, 1455 French Club 135, 13' 115. 135. 145. SPRING, MABEI. ROBERTA "Dimples" Ticket Seller 1455 G. A. A. 115. 125, 1355 Com- merce Club 125, 135, 145: Yicc-Pres. 145. SMITH, FRANK G. STEIN, JESSIE ELEANOR IsDetn Marinello Beauty Schoolg Hall Ground Duty 115 Stylus Staff 1155 Honor Society 115: G. A. A. 135, 1455 Commerce Club 125. 135, 1452 l'lIysiolOHy Club 1455 Tennis 1253 Basket. ball 1455 Hockey 145. . Q , I 3 K. l . - A 5 STEPHENs,. GERTRUDE STII.Es, MONA SwAxsON, CLIFFORD VICTOR "Swanee Minnesota lf.g Explosion Stat? C-U3 Debate C-L Honor Society C493 Forum Club C-O. ,y TAUXE, GEORGE J. "Taxi" Calif. Inst. Technology: Hall Crouncl Duty Ll I. C2J, C431 Cafeteria C-ll: Honor Society CID, C431 Boys' Service Club ff' C3J, C453 Spanish Club C-'33, CJJQ Science Club CSD, C453 Radio Club C-lt Baseball C353 Senior Com- missioner C-U3 Roaril Con- trol C4D. TI-IUME, JACK GLEN "Cocker" ' Glendale J. C.g Roll Rm. Repres. CU: Basketball C255 Track 433. TUTTl.E, DOROTHY ITSILTON, JOHN ISQI STERN, ROGER 'tRog', Fontana, Calif.3 California lust. of TeclInology3 llall Clrounml lluty CJD, C452 Roll Rm. Rcpres. Clli Cafeteria Staff C413 Science Club CSD, C413 Football C253 Baseball C3J. S'rIvERs, MARINE BELLE 'tStivers" Cllcnrlalc J. C3 liIlllill'UUl'lCl lluty C153 Clllj G. .X. A. CID, C453 I.ibI'aI'y Club C431 Yollcyball CID 3 llas- kctball CID. 'lf-I'rII,xM, NORMAN j. "Norm.'l Cal. Tech.: Roll Rm. Rep- res. CKP, C433 Ilonor Su- eiety C-Hg N. A. S. S. C-lj: Science Club C3J: lloys' "G" Club C333 Foot- ball C453 'Track CJD. C-U. W 77 .. 'Il-.YI.oR?hI3IATfI A'I,I:-Rrig 3 "Rene" lfutial 1I i g li 3 Glendale ,l. C.3 Iiall Ground lluty C-llQ Roll Rm. Reprcs. C-U3 lioys' Service Club C-U3 Football C433 Tennis C-U3 Service Club Comm. C433 linginecrs' Club C4r. VIQOYYER, RUTH L NIJERHILI., PEGGY "Jackie" Cllcnrlale bl. C.: llallilrounil Duty Clj, C3J3 Yaricty Show C413 CI. .X. .X, 1 C3l, C431 .Xll .Xrts Club C3b, C-ll: Tennis Cflll Girls' lliking Club CJ? C353 Spanish Club C41 ' llaskctball Cl bl XY O I' l cl Frienllsllip Club C3J. VAN VVIE, EDVVIN "Van" llleuilalc I. C.: Roll Rm. RCIWUS- CU, C333 Science Club CH 3 Football Cl 3, CJD, C351 Swinuniug C3J. i-'fg-iSTYLUS 1931i-C4 VIEREGG3 PAUL VVELLS3 CLAYTON J 5 xx fbi .KX Y I XKvENGERy GENEVIEVE GENEVA "Cleve" Glendale I. C.3 liximlosiou Staff C453 Frcncli Club C25, C353 C453 l'rCS. :1n4l Sec. C351 See, l'ul1li1-ity French Club C45. W1LBER3 MARY 5 xl Q 1 x x 5 1, ,Cv 5 1. VV1L1.1s3jAcK VV TON 9' Glendale J. C.: llo' -fl C3111- trol C451 Sweater lo 111. C353 Hall C21'o1111c Duty C153 C353 Roll R . Rcp- res, C353 Hoi lS5oeicty C153 Cmnites u Cl5. Football C353 C45. XXYINSLOVV, THEl,N1:X ADELINE "Tillie" lYorcester Commerce ll. S., Blass.: 1YaSl1i11gm11. ll. C., Army Hospital. XXYIRTH, BARBARA San Diego Highg Art Schoolg Junior Dance Dec- oration Comm. C353 llouf or Society C153 French Club C453 Basketball Cl5. fe- 60 VVAXMAN3 Ros12I.xND MAVIE 'LRosiel' Uslierette Cl5. C253 llnll Duty C153 "Pickles" C451 Cl. .X. A. C253 C353 Music Club C153 C153 C353 C45 Girls' Cllee Club C453 llzxs- ketball Cl53 l:1lSCl5Illl Cl5. W'E1.cH3 IDOROTHY ELIZABETH 'lDet" lleln1o11t3 l:LlSlllCSS Cole lcgcg Cabinet C453 Com- merce Club C353 C45. XVHEELER3 IUOROTHY .ELIZABETH l'Dot" Pomonzi lligl13 L. A. J. C.3 Operettzx C35, C453 llnnm' Society C153 CI, A. A. CZ5, C35. C451 Music Club C353 C453 Pliysiolcigy Club C353 Clirls' Swinr ming Club C153 Girls' Cilec Club 135, C453 Tennis 1354 llockcy C453 l.ibrz11'v Club C45. XVILLIS3 BILL BARRY 'lXVee VVillie" Coluraflo School of Mines: llull Clrnunrl Duty C45 Roll Rm. Rclmres, C453 llonnr Society C153 C151 Science Club C453 XY1'es- tling C45. C , 1 ILS N RTH R " rt' I 1 r11Q t' C352 C5l'CllCSl'K'Zl. 1 3 lmys' Cllec Club C35. 45 3 Track C253 C45. XYIRE, ETHYI, XVOODMANCY MARCIEL ! MARY "Bunnyl' Cllemlale J. C.3 Uniform lloarll C153 C25. ZSTYLUS 1931:f5i NVRAY, VERLA MAY uFuZZy:a llisliop Studio of Husicg Roll Rm. Rcures. C25g C511- eretta C353 Orclicstrn C3 f. C45g Honor Society C15. C25, C35g G. A. A. CZ5, C35, C453 Music Club f C35, C453 Scribblcrs' Club C35. C452 Volleyball ll Basketball C25, C45. X UILI., HILDA YARB , XHARLES T. ' buck" Cal. Tech.g Radio Club C35, C453 Science Club C35. C45g lloys' "G" Club C5 C45 Q Vice-Pres. C355 PFCS. C45 3 Varsity Football C3 , . C45g Swimming C25, CSI. NOTTBUSCH, FRANK "Slim" Beverly Hillsg ,Xlzibauiag Vice-Pres. lloys' League at llevcrlyg Roll Rm. Repres, C45: Boys' "G" Club C452 llzisketball C453 Track C252 Swimming. i I 5 i ' 1- 3 rl'-a , 3. K. ST-9-I:-US 1931 Juinor Class Officers Kimble Perry Grcelzlee Gmlrzll TOM PERRY - - Prexidcnt - - DON GREENLEE DON GREENLEE IMOGENE GAUNT DON KIMBLE - MR. KIENLE - - - Vice-President - - S ccremry - Treasurer - - Adviser - - RAY STRICKLAND PHYLISS LIVINGSTON MR. KIENLE Greenlee Striclqland Lizfingxfon Kienle L621 -'ls-TYIUS '-T1931 Sophomorg Class Qfficers fb l . Sipple Parlq Weslozfer zfl11IlI'l'l4 f,x' Fureefl Fzrsl Semester Oj?eers Seeona' Semester STANFORD ANDREVVS President - - GMAR FAREED HOWARD SIPPLE - Vzee-Presz'a'enZ - STAN PHILLIPS OMAR FAREED Secretary - - DOROTHY DAVIS DON PARK - - Treasurer - - - ALICE DRIGOS CLAYTON WESTOVER - Yell Leader - Faculty Adviser - - - BILL BERG - CLAYTON WESTOVER ,fj1ftf, lv X, "'k' N 5 gi! Plzillips Berg Briggs Wesfozfer Ilaris Ifareed i631 -STYLuS 119':5T-Lg-4,1 Freshman Class Cfficers Eberhard Harley Sehirmer Frary Tuuxe First Semester Offers Second Semester JERRY FRARY - President - - BOE YODER BETTY EBERHARD - - Vice-President - MARGARET CHASE BARBARA TAUXE - Secretary - - IANE BRIGGS GEORGE HANEY - - Treasurer - MILDRED HOCK WILLIAM SCHIRMER - - Faculty Adviser WILLIAM SCHIRNIER G' s A A f .. Q In S I Elss I ' l 1 sssee B G iq I 55 A I 6 I A .E A B x T , ILL ,,Ie.:: ,,I:: f lane Briggs B011 Yoder Sehirmer Milflred Hoelq Margaret Chase N41 WINTER735 SUMMER '34 A i651 S?YL'lT5 19a1 Q . , ,..,, K - , A - hi . SUMMER '55 'Vim - X ' fjxx I 66 1 Xsjx Lf? 5, . , 0 S TIYIL-JS ? 95-1 VVINTER ,33 ' n i Q SUMMER '32 0 .. 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STYLUS 1931 ll , ll The ChamplOn CThe First Annual School Play, LEVER characterizations and a good clean comedy production from start to Finish were largely responsible for the enthused reception of Thomas Louden and A. E. Thomas' hilarious farce, nThe Champion," which was presented in the aud on the night of November seventh. Perhaps it would be most logical to state that Miss Marion Undervvoodis direction was exceptionally brilliant on this play. Every bit of plot action, stage business, and line emphasis was handled with the best of care by the dramatics instructor. For those who were unfortunate in missing the vehicle it might be Well to brieHy outline the story. I William Burroughs, excellently enacted by Willard Mears, returns to his home in England after spending some seven or eight years as a prizefighter in America. Father goes wild upon learning his Wayward son's past, for he is hoping to obtain a seat in Parliament for his elder son. He attempts to keep William's identity a secret, but finds it almost an impossibility. The lower class Englishmen recognize in William, the "Champion," and the news spreads. Of course there was love interest, and Edna Paull did well with her role of Lady Elizabeth Galton. Others who were outstanding were Byron Maniece, as a typical Englishman, Bob Dennis, and Paul Iordan. The Cast of the production was as follows: William Burroughs fThe Champion, ........... ...WILLARD MEARS Iane Burroughs fl-lis Mother, ........, ..... R OBERTA W,xTERs Mary Burroughs fl-Iis Sister, ....,... ...... I EAN ANGIER Iohn Burroughs fHis Father, ..,.....,, ....,. P AUI, IORDAN George Burroughs fElder Brother, ,,,. .,.. B YRON MANIECE David Burroughs fYounger Brother, ..,.. .... G EoRcE VVADEY Lady Elizabeth Galton ........,..,..,. .... E DNA PAULL Lord Brockington ......, .......... ..... C I, AIR BENTLEY Simmons fThe Butler, ......, . . . HAIKDIN IONES Mooney CThe Innkeeper, .....,.. ..,, D ON HUCKABEE Coykendall fNeWs Reporter, ,,,.. ..... R oBERT CASKEY Earl of Chuflieigh .,.,,......,. .,,,.. B OB DENNIS Marquis of Harroween ...... ...,. C LAIYDE BRONVN BARON HOLLOXVAH' ....., .......,,. I OE BURRIS Antoinette .. ..... .... C ATHERINE HENRY Mayor of Knotley .,........,. .....,..,.........,. . .IoE STURDEVANT Frank Smith ...,.,.............,.......... .,........,. I ACK CHRISTY Trade Members included KENNETPI BONDLEY, FRANCIS IONES, IACK SHERIDAN and SoL GRABINER. The support of the production was only fair, but those who turned out were more than pleased, for 4'The Championn was as near a finished product as any high school play has ever been. Next semester the student body would do well to attend and SEE A REAL SHOW. l70l A S'TYlfusI :T93T U11 -,l--LST'YLUS 1931j.-+-'- Variety Show Proving one of the most outstanding successes of the year, the seventeenth annual Variety Show was played on the evenings of Ianuary 15 and 16 to enthusiastic audiences. First on the program was the musical comedy act ':Cotton Club Gardens," sponsored by the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs under the direction of Miss Florence Parker. There were fourteen boys and fifteen girls in the presenta- tion. The scene was in a garden where guests were entertained with a minstrel show put on by the colored waiters. Robley Theinhardt and Ieanne Vogt next gave a comedy patter act en- titled "Five Minutes of Nothing." The Ivory Twins, Betty Hagood and Iane Iameson, gave several dual-piano numbers. The art department act under the directorship of Miss Jean Abel Was outstanding on the show. There were two scenes to this number and both were extremely Well handled. Barbara Wirth was featured in the first half of the act and Elizabeth Talbot-Martin in the other. Q. Broot, the mechanical man, performed as a contribution from the Science Club. The man was operated by Miford Coye, Dick Sloan, and Charles Yarbrough. 4'Lost In the Sticksw was given by Alice and Louise Driggs, Evelyn Reed, Fred Laughray, Bernard Sebastian, and Karelton Driggs. The Girls Gym had an act entitled "Iceland Anticsf' Betty Carpenter whistled. An exciting one-act play, the "Mysterious Will" thrilled the audience. In the cast were Jean Angier, Willard Mears, and Albert Dekker. "The Battle of the Verdugo I-Iillsf, another one-act play, proved good for many laughs. Those featured in the cast were Robley Theinhardt, Bob Caskey, Ioe Burris, Loretta Bauer, Homer Harrison, and Donald Fareed. The finale consisted of a "Music and Dance" revue. An orchestra under the direction of Sol Grabiner, played for many dance and song choruses. For her tireless work in putting this show together, much credit is due to Miss Underwood. Mr. Lee Durham assisted. The Variety Show has been a feature of the school for many past semesters and, with the coming of each new year, the talented members of the student body are gathered together in a tryout and are given an opportunity to display their talents. This year there were more acts than ever brought to the attention of the directors. The only diliiculty experienced was in the fact that too many acts of like nature were shown. l72l STYLUS 1931 'I GYM ACT ' rm BFS-'l'TL.E OF VERDUGO HILLS ' , ,m-l-'L-ST7-Lusja-lxcioaii-i'4 "0ur American Cousinw CANNUAL SENIOR PRESENTATIOND 'LOur American Cousinf, though a costume play, proved highly enter- taining and played to fair crowds on the nights of May 21, 22. The cast was what might be termed all-star. Every member of the troupe had hilarious times with the Civil War period make-up and costuming. General criticism and in the opinion of Joseph Hazelton, the only living eye-witness to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theatre Where the "Cousin" Was being staged, Byron Maniece stood out above the remainder of the cast for a strong performance. Wandalee Nickell, Ralph Camargo, Willard Mears, and Lillyan Shinner were others coming in for their share of glory. The lineup of the players and the characters that they played is as follows: Lord Dundreary ,.... Byron Maniece Asa Trenchard ...,.. Willard Mears Sir Edward Trenchard ...... Bob Dennis Hairy Vernon ....,...,... Barton Brown Abel Murcott .... ..,,,. C laude Brown Coyle .,,............... Ralph Camargo Mr. Buddicombe. . . .... Vincent Nelson . . , . .Ioe Burris Mr. Binney ,,..,.... Captain De Boots ..,...,.... Paul Iordan Iohn VVickens. . ...... Homer Harrison IK: if ik Mrs. Mountchessington, .Elizabeth Bower Florence Trenchard. .Lillyan Shinner Mary ,....,...... Wandalee Nickell Augusta ,,., ,..,..i. C atherine Henry Georgina , , .... Iosephine Cressrnan Sharpe. . . ,.....,., Mary Nuzum Skillet ,,...,,,,,........, Ruth Anspach Costumes were creditably done by Esther Crandall. Direction of the play was by Marion L. Underwood. l74l 7-f 51' ?'5lfT' -R"P.'f,-1' EHR. . ,- ..-.,4.l,:-I ' ff1'?':2I5f'e ,V win . .HV ..- . 'a , fV.,'gw'AQ- X 1-. sg: - 1 nf2?:f'fi-.-,Jr ' ', V--1v.w.,'- .JV 1i'fn'if,5'Jix'f , 1 - V . . Ax .1. , .5,A.J,M. . 4:2 'Q J im 'nil 4"-it 13' 'EEQRZE 'l fl- I P' 31-,. V V 1: ivr- - ,ll ',r4.j 5:1 .i gi'-,'g,:'-. . F 'ff '.L'1fik32? .jun 5.m'-"V- -,-, ff-.if -a, 5 .wg f 5052 .fizkisf .gag ..:-un, ti-2535 :rg .-3,f,.V,f,V-m. ' -1: -V".,'J-' lk .. 59,11 .Ii I,-.:.I,5f. if vs 1-"'-.- Q V. rf?--.1,1,. :Liu Yi'n1': 'lfifef V .,. . . .. W fr. mn- , V- ,, ,5:':,1 sl:-',,',r!,, Q -if ,nw rw T-Ku ff: QV QAJQZ1' . , . , . .,.....+v,,S , , , fps A iff-fb:-Lf. 41' '15 WQIJQ P53 -X-'4' '1'P.. S fi' . 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Iennison Iones ..,..,....,.... . . .WILLARD NIEARS Iigo ....,....i., ..,. G EoRc.E SMITH Ilona ........... ....... I EANNE SMITH Arthur Crefont ..,, ,... D oNALD BENTLEY Ionas Pennington ....,. ....,.. R OBERT DENNIS Lady Vivian Delaney .... .... K ATHLEEN CUSTER Louisa, a waitress ...., ,... I OSEPHINE CREssMAN Rumpski ......... ..,,. D oRIs IEAN ARBENZ Bumpski .,...,... ....... L ORETTA BAUER Iune Pennington .... ,... C ATHERINE HENRY Hans Maier ,.... ....... D oNALn FAREED Kinski ......., .,,.,...,..........,.,.,............ H OIVIER HARRISON Below will be found two scenes from this colorful production. The two settings used in the musical effort were constructed through the efforts of the stage crew. ' l76l - STYLUS 1931 Girls' Glee Club 47' ' I IEANNE SMITH - LILLYAN SHINNER DORIS IEAN ARBENZ LORETTA BAUER ADELE BOICE HELEN CLARK BETTY CLARK IOSEPHINE CRESSMAN KATHLEEN CUSTER VERA DURYEA GEORGIANNA FERGUSON HELEN FRALEY SALLY GRAY MARIAN HALL HARRIET HATTERSHEID MARGARET HELFFRICH CATHERINE HENRY STELLA HETTINGER ROBERTA HUBBARD RUTH HUMRICHOUSE ELOISE HUNTER - - President - Business Manager MARGY ISITT RITA IOHNSON CATHARINE LAMB GEORGIA MAE LUCAS HEDWIG MADER HAZEL MARXMILLER MARIAN MCNICHOL DOROTHY MITCHELL BARBARA MUHLEMAN VIRGINIA OLIVER VIRGINIA PEISKER LILLYAN SHINNER CHRISTINE SHOEMAKER IEANNE SMITH FRANCES SPANGENBERG DOROTHY TUTTLE ROSALIND WAXMAN DOROTHY WHEELER MARY WILBER BETTY HAGOOD, Aeeompanisl 77 1-1.11- . --1 " 1-931 D Boys Gle ul: WILLARD MEARS - HAL DIXON - - IACK BANGS DON BENTLEY KENNETH BONDLEY SAM BROSTOFF LOUIS BARREL EARLE CARSON BOB CONNELY BOB DENNIS HAL DIXON KENNETH DOWSON KARLTON DRIGGS WALLACE DRY DON FAREED HOMER HARRISON DONALD HUCKABEE FRED LAUGHRAY - - President - Business Manager CONDON LOVETT WILLARD MEARS ARTHUR MOSES DOLPH NELSON DON OLANDER IOHN PAGE PAUL PUTHUFF BILL RANDALL ROBERT RANDOLPH IVAN ROACH GEORGE SHOEMAKER BERNIE SEBASTIAN ALFRED SKEELE GEORGE SMITH HERBERT STEPHENS WALTER WILSON HOWARD NEVILLE, Aeeompanist U81 : l ' STYLU m1- Orchestra Violim' Bass Vial ROBERT GROSH BILLY HAUDENCHILD IACK MYERSCOUCH C1,,,,',,6,,- CHARLES NEWTON ANOELENE RODDS KATHRYN DAGGETT MAXINE BUELL LOUISE SHORB OZELLE HESSER IRWIN CHASE GEORGE RUTTER ROBERT KORTA ROBERT BULLINGER HOLLIS LAROWE Violczs MARIORIE GILBERT MURROW MCCURNIN ELLIOTT CUSHMAN Cellos MARY IANE GILLAN ALICE DRIGGS F I 141565 KARLENE BURT FRANCES HOBERSACK KARLETON DRIGGS RODNEY ELLIOTT IAMES DONOHUE Basxoofz ALLEN DANIELSON F ranch H orns GAGE BIREN ANDRE SHALLENBERCER Trumpets IACK CHRISTY DON HASKELL VERNON BELL Trombonef RICHARD POWER IACK TONE SOL GRABNER Percusxiozzs GLENN AUSTILL HARRY LEWIS Piano ALICE RAY NAOMI HADDOCK H. W. ANDERSON, Director U91 55E55ESTYLG3EEEEEE193T EHSCITIDIC EVELYN FLOWER KARLENE BURT ELVYN CHANEY RICHARD NIBLEY LORETTA BAUER ROBERT OLSON MARIORIE GILBERT DICK ARANT VERLA WRAY MARY IANE GILLAN H. W. ANDERSON, Director Band BILLY ALLEN PAUL ANDREWS DICK ARANT DAVY CROCKETT BOB DEMMERT RODNEY ELLIOT GERALD FAGAN DAHL FLETCHER ELEANOR FLOXVER SYLVAN GREENBERG BILLY LAUDERDALE HARRY LEWIS ROBERT MARKS DON MASTERS MARTELLE MCKEE IACK MUSSER HAROLD PRUDEN G. SCHOCHAT, Direczfor I301 ROBERT SIMPSON RAY SIMPSON PHILLIP STINE HARRIET WEEDMERK ICE DANIELS ALBERT COCKSHUTT GAGE BIREN ELVYN CHANEY GLENN ROBERTS a l ' .lr f , .hi-5'5Z', 5.1-,' . ' fi? ff 4. L .. Z," . 5- .,. .,. . ,. 7-3, ., 'f Z: -',f:'l'-' 22 ' vfzhfpf, -I' f., , ff' le -,.g.r.'.f ww, I-' ' '.,1'.'- if -. .A .1 nf 1 If A' ,iz ' ', W ' in -A. C. , . ' ,-,f.:'S-Qc' ,L gy. wi, 55.1 13,7 51, ,X- 5551: 4'.'v-,.,-' ' sf :1y..'f.1:. 'fc Q' -'ff '-7 ' HG. 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I.,- .lwi -" 3.,',-1, r,-55, vp' ff A LJ , A. .- v-Lim t X, ':i. f, A 'J A,-, an Q. Q, ,h 4' -Sz: Sl 5.22 'L ,f 'S . I, 1 .1 , XS' . 21-Q,-H, a :I tg' ,Six 551, E.. ' 55? X, , . .nf-:,"',, ,":.!,5 imjldl . ' iS" ,I i, . 'f,:.,.' Q3-2 .- 1:47 fan, , ..4Q,,3, 'x-uv n -.nw .I M .K JT, ,- Ac my .,f , ,nl "-Jil 7 .- ,,,, ,-. - 12'-1".".' J Q... .5 'fini ENS CS J' A J'- QJ. 1 F' X1 I' I TGQ 0 QCCV Q9 S-l-YLU-S 1I93'l lnterscholastic Debating Those pictured above participated in the Inter-Scholastic Debate this year, reading from left to right are: Qfirst rowj Marion Frances Myers, Eleanor Bradley, Iosephine Cressman, Christine Shoemaker, Iosephine Swiggett, Iane Pardon, and Mary Betty Nuzumg Qsecond rowj Donald Webber, Homer Hamner, Howard Neville, Cliff Swanson, Claude Brown, Paul Iordan, Todd Milford, and Donald Fareed. The season was a successful one. lnter-Class Debating , ,eis .B li asj, . e he .T l In Inter-Class Debating, reading left to right: Cfirst rowj Kay Taylor, Betty Eberhard, Ioyce Rippe, Ruth Tower, Grace Carpenter, Lynel Harris, and Omar Fareedg Qsecond rowj Wilson Haas, Wilbert Gillilan, Bill Ross, Bpb Dennis, and Stuart Simmons participated quite successfully. P. V. R. Adams was debate coach. l82l , -"sTYLU's1 1931l"- Inter-Class Oratorical Opal Evans was the fortunate Winner of this year's Oratorical contest. Putting up a tense tight against her three brilliant oppo- nents, Miss Evans came through with Hying colors for the Iunior Class, giving them an- other victory to add to many achieved in l the past. Bob Dennis represented the Senior class r and made a showing that upheld the stand- ing of the group. Corrine Perry spoke for the Sophomores. ' Miss Perry also represented the Class of '33 i last year. Betty Eberhard was the Fresh- i man speaker. Opal E fvan: CONSTITUTIONAL ORATORICAL Don Fareed furthered his stride of last year in the Constitutional Ora- torical contest sponsored by the Los Angeles Times. He passed the district tryouts and was the proud representative of Glendale High at the Shrine Auditorium, May 1. REDLANDS DECLAMATION CONTEST Don Fareed, after being eliminated in the Constitutional Contest, was selected to speak at the annual Redlands Declamation Contest, May 8. A brilliant showing was made by the youthful orator at this affair. Corrine Perry Bob Denni: Beity Eberhard 4 T831 1931 E841 11 .vw .ww 'K X' mg 'F!'::t'.Q-"J 'ff S33?3"5fKEf2 fl' T1 F P55 Q, -.Q IL, . -, ,. nu-1 . .- up six-f 'L' ' Ni' -f--wr ' - .'!.5v.24f"f' 4- . ' V1 :.f . 1 ff":fF-mai ' "iw -24933 ' :J A .Q-!f?w:,' .elk -5.531-.y.l ff :E43'iNi:' 37,51 .iii-li: f,:"4i .-- pf " 5Q.'S.i.'Y- .- 'AL r "r -r sg: 1315: 4:3 JJ? :-Earl:-,R : , , -,.,,7.,9.r 1 . Ziifq. 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Loretta Bauer, as head of the .lrllzllr Ufilyon and Virginia Nelson, Inuslc Cornlnltteq had Secured the 'wiffwff vi W 'Wife fffnffff popular Patrick and Marsh orchestra of radio fame. Feature numbers were done by the orchestra during the evening. Gaining new laurels, Art Wilson and Virginia Nelson won the waltz cup. Competition was strong there and in large numbers. l36l STYLUS 1931 Junior Dance MID the romantic atmosphere of Arabian Decorations, the Iunior Dance held on the evening of April 17th proved a credit to the Iunior class and to those who worked to make it so. The music was by the Beverly Hills Hotel Orchestra and was very much enjoyed by all those present. The twin loving cups for the prize waltz were won by Pat Farr and Kenneth McCombs of the Iun- ior College, and were presented by Don Greenlee, president of the Iun- ior class. The credit for the successful way in which the dance was held is due to the work of the class officers with the cooperation of the committees and their advisers, Mr. Kienle and Miss McGregor. The committees were as follows: Decorations: Ardie Waidelich, Chairman, Beverly Powers. Don Grfenlre, Class President, and John Kicnle, ,4dfUi.ver Music Committee: Imogene Gauntt, Chairman. Publicity Committee: Tom Perry, Chairman. wi l --1 1l.... - l 'S T Y L US T9-31 Girls' Stunt Party HE annual Girls' Stunt Party held on the night of October 24th was a huge success, in the opinion of those present. The program consisted of four stunts put on by the Freshman, Sopho- more, Iunior and Senior class girls. The faculty stunt offered for approval was a band led by Mrs. Parker, and it proved the hit of the show. Elizabeth Talbot-Martin gave several impersonations, and Betty Carpenter gave a whistling number. In the contest for the most original costume, Melba Brown carried off honors. The big event of the evening, the prize waltz, was won by Loretta Bauer and Vera Duryea. The committee responsible for the success of the affair were Mary Phillips, Beverley Powers, Marian Biscar, Dot Wilson, Helen Rieger, Eloise Hunter, Iean Angier, Catherine Henry, Virginia Welch, Martha Knecht. i381 -T-.-"""'S'TYT.-US -1931 ' P Boys Stag arty To Bill Kingston and his committee goes all the credit for the successful Boys' Stag held here in the latter part of the first semester. The largest crowd in history attended this annual event. On Kingston's committee were Bob Caskey, Glenn Fitch, Bruce Hull, Ioe Burris and Tom Perry. I l i891 fi STYLUS 193'l The Four Arts RESENTING a three-hour program of original work, including the dance, the short story, the musical, the artistic, and dramatic, the Four Arts program sponsored by the Scribblers' Club was given on the evening of May 1. Readers were Bob Caskey, Oline Iacobson, Wilson Haas, and Eleanor Bradley. A Marionette show was staged by that group and was well received. Ief- ferson Searles wrote and directed the offering. A novelty hit was presented by Charles Sawhill before the production. " ,Twas May Day" was the title given the original operetta written espe- cially for the Four Arts this year. Members of the Senior Composition class wrote the book, while the music class under Miss Zeigler wrote the music. The affair was witnessed by a good sized crowd of parents and outsiders who were interested in the work of the school. V ...A-JN. K NLG ' ,fs x -C Y VW 1-IS'TYLUSi-19'31iTl SEDTEIVIBEQ SCHOOL OPENS WITH THE USUAL Mix-up 0 SAY wa-me us me .Q ,, 1' A B SQENCE BUXLDING ? 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MlY QQ M - s f STYl.US 1931 Scrilablers' Club I OFFICERS First Semester Ojfiee Second Semester BOB CASKEY - - President - - IOSEPH STURDEVANT ELEANOR REID - - Viee-Presz'a'ent - - - VIRGINIA INGLES DON PARK - - Secretary-Treasurer - - MURROW MCCURNIN Members BOB CASKEY IOSEPH STURDEVANT ELEANOR REID VIRGINIA INGLES DON PARK MURROW MCCURNIN VERLAS WRAY BETTY CARPENTER WARREN BENNETT WILSON HAAS IAMES WOLLESON MARY IANE GILLAN LAWRENCE THOMPSON IQSI IEAN SMITH MAXINE ESI-IOM IANE REED CORRINNE PERRY BETTY HAIL ELEANOR BRADLEY ISABEL MOMSEN FRANCIS BAKER BILL Ross FRANCIS MEYERS MARY BURROUGHS IEANNE BLODGETT IEFFERSON SEARLES lil. i1 STY'LUS 1-931' ' Honor Society I -l-iii-i il,l.i.i.. First Bronze VV. 31 KCHEHLER, ELEANOR S. 32 COFFINIAN, LORRAINE FLOWER, ELEANOR W. 33 LEUER, IOHN S. 33 HARRISON, WILLIAM PROBER, INEZ STORM, GRACE TEAGARDEN, VIRGINIA XVIBIPRESS, NORMAN W. 34 BURKE, SIMPSON CARROLI., RUTH FRABIPTON, IANE FROST, ZETA GREGORY, ETHEL LARSON, VIVIAN MARRY, BETTY SWIGGETT, IOSEPHINE THIEINIIG, NEDRA WEBBER, DONALD WELLS, IACK Don Fareed, President . Second Bronze S. 31 TAUXE, GEORGE S. 32 ERLANDSON, MARGUERITE W. 33 GULICK, BEN KNIGHT, IACK S. 33 IALBRICHT, LESTELLE DAVIS, DOROTHY FRANK, NADINE I.ARSON, HERBER'f STIIRGESS, CHARIEOTTE First SZYUE1' S. 31 MADRID, EDMUNDO ODISIO, LOUISE W. 32 ANDREYVS, VVAYNE HITCHCOCK, BETTY MUHLEBIAN, RUTH S. 32 ROIIL, EDWARD STELLE, HERMIONE W. 33 IACOBSON, ADELLE NECKER, LOUISE Second Silver W. 31 SLOAN, DICK S. 31 CRESSMAN, IOSEPHINE W. 32 SEGALE, LOUISE TCDWNSEND, LOUISE S. 32 BURKE, DORIS CARPENTER, GRACE HILL, CORTLAND POVVERS, BEVERLY First Gold W. 31 LYTLE, 1VIARCIfS S. 31 FISCHER, ROBERTA RAY, ALICE TOWER, RUTH W. 32 NETZEL, MARION Second Gold S. 31 BURRIS, IOE FAREED, DON M.kDER, HEDWIIG GREAR, MARGARET LOUISE LIFE MEMBERSHIP PIN OF THE CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION W. 31 GLENN, BILLY FETTERMAN, THELMA BIRD, CAROL GLENN, LOUISE FLOWER, EVELYN DEKKER, ALBERT GUENTHER, ELEANOR LYTLE, 1VIARCUS 1941 --L-STYLU5,.-L-T19311--.--I-.. Honor Society II IOE BURRIS - - - President ROBERTA FISCHERM'-' - See1'efa15 HERMIONE STELLE Vice-President IACK KNIf3HTpm - - Trefzsufef XX Firxl Bronze S. 31 BOVVER, ELIZABETH SWVANSON, CLIFFORD TATIIAINI, NORBIAN W. 32 HAMNEII, HOMER ISEIM, BETTY S. 32 DEKKEII, DETSEY MARIAS, SYLVIA XIESELICH, PETER S. 33 HAAS, XVILSON PRESCOTT, MARGARET W. 34 LLEVVELLYN, FRED ROTHE, CAROL SAPERSTEIN, IEROINIE SAIITII, ISI.-XRY EDITH S. 3-I ANSPACII. DORIS RIARKS, B.-XBETTE NIYERS, FRANCIS Second Bronze S. 33 FAREED, OMAR HARRISON, WILLIfXIXI TEAGARDEN, VIRGINIA XVIBIPIKESS, NORMAN VV. 34 LARSON, VIVIAN NIABRY, BETTY TIIIEMIG, NEDRA XVEBBER, DONALD XVELLS, IACK First Silver 31 IVIULFORD, TODD PETERS, RUTH VV. 32 CIOSSERAND, FRANCES S. 32 ERLANDSON, NI.-XRCUERITE IESTER, NIARCARET XV . 33 CIULICK, BEN KNIGHT, IACK S. 33 ALBRIGIIT, LESTELLE FRANK, NADINE STURCESS, CII.AIiLOTTE Second Silver S. 31 NIIXIIXIONS, DICK W. 32 HITCHCYJCK, BETTY NEVILLE, HOWARD S. 32 ROIIL, EDYVARD ROOT, GRACE STELLA, HERBIILJNE TISCH, ROBERT VV. 33 IACOBSON, ADELLE NECKER, LOUISE First Gold S. 31 CRESSMAN, IOSEPIIIN E VV. 32 SEGALE, LOUISE S. 32 CARPENTER, GRACE HILL, CORTLAND Second Gold VV. 32 NETZEL, MARION LIFE MEMBERSHIP PIN OF THE CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDER XTION S.31 BLTRRIS, IOE FISCIIER, ROBERTA OREAR, MARGARET LOI ISE 1951 l-l.STYLUS 1931 Science Club Fzrst Scmexter Second Sefncszer ALBERT DEKKER - President - - IOHN BOYLES MURIEL CURTIS - Vice-President - BURCHAM LAUDERDALE RUTH ANSPACH - Sec.-Treas. - - ALICE RAY WILLIAM ANDREWS DAVIS HECHT ELEANOR ADAMSON ROY HUNT RICHARD ARNOLD FRANCES BAIRD MARY IO BAIRDV PL1NEY BARNES HOWARD BLADE CLARA BLATT WILLARD BOWER BENTON BRADY A SIDNEY BRIGGS DORIS BURKE MORLEY COLQUHOUN BETTY CONRAD MILFORD COYE IDA MAE EVANS THELMA F ETTERMAN WILBERT GILLILAN BILLY GLENN LOUISE GLENN ELMER IOHNSON HARDIN IONES MARCUS LYTLE I IANET MABRY IACK MCMANN FRANCIS MANDIS TOM MCCLAIN I DICK NIMMONS VINCENT PENCE IOAN PERRY GORDON PIERCE GEORGE PIESKER JERRY PIERCE CLIFFORD RAPEAN FRANCES ROBERTS MARIAN ROBBINS LOUISE SEGALE LAWRENCE SMITH ELEANOR GUENTHER .1- -1:1 ...l.l..l- STYLU'S 1931,r.. Spanish Club Omffff RALPH CAMARGO - - - Preszdefllf IOE BURRIS - - - - Vice-President ROBERTA FISCHER LOUISE NECRER BEN GULICK DICK NIMMONS NAOMI HADDOCR JEAN ALMASAY ROY BROWN RALPH CAMARGO MARIORIE CASE ELIZABETH CONRAD O'I"I'O CRIPPS GAYLE CURTIS RORERTA FISCHER RUTH FISCHER HIICIH GEORGE MARY GILLILIAND KEITH HANSSEN EIIMER IOHNSON RUSSELL KRISKE CONSTANTINO MAKO SYLVIA M.ARIAS GRACE MITTRY FRANCES MORELLO EUGENE NAUD WARREN PINNEY - Secreiary, F irst Semester - Seerelary, Second Semester Jldembers ROSETTA SOLSO COLLIS STEVENSON GEORGE THOMPSON ASHLEY WICRERT BILLIE AIJAINIS MARIO CANE WARREN COREY OMAR FAREED GEORGE FEATHERSTONEHAUGH WILSON HAAS RUTH HADDOCK MARIAN HOCKING IEAN IAMES MILTON LANGE INEZ MOODIE BILL MORKIAN LOUISE NECRER MARGARET OREAR PHYLLIS PILAND MARIAN SINIITH T971 - Treamrer Reporter - - Pfazzzkt OTTO SCHNEIDER ROBT. GREENLAN MARY IO BAIRD ERNEST ARCH IANET BALDERSTON DORIS BANKS IDOROTHY BROVVN MAXINE ESHOM FRANCES FLAHERTY BEN CRULICK NAOMI HAIJDOCK DONALD KORN BYRON MANIECZE MARIORIE MCQUAT JACK MOORE ALBERT' MCJSELY KATHLEEN 0,BRIAN ELEANOR REID MARGARET SHERMAN PEGGY UNDERHILL ARDIS WAIDELICH STYLUS 1931 Music Club First Semester DON BENTLEY HAL DIXON - EVELYN FLOWER - LORETTA BAUER HELEN F RALEY - DORIS IEAN ARBENZ MARION MCNICHOL BETTY HAGOOD LILLYAN SHINNER CATHERINE HENRY MARY IANE GILLAN SALLIE GRAY PAUL PUTHUFF DOROTHY WHEELER CATHRYN LAMB HAzEL MARXMILLER HELEN CLARK FRANCES SPANGENBERG Ojieers Second Semecter - President - - - Vice-Presz'a'ent - - DON FARFED Secretary LORETTA BAUER - Treasurer - - Program Chairman - - VERLA WRAY MEMBERS T931 BETSY DEKKER VIVIAN MEADE DOROTI-IY REYNOLD NAOMI HADDOCK MIARGURITE NORRIS RITA IOHNSON BOB DENNIS IEANNE SMITH CONDON LOVETT ALICE RAY BERNARD SEBASTIAN GEORGE SMITH KATHLEEN CUSTER - STYLUS 1931 Comites Club OFFICERS TODD MULEORD - - President MARIORIE GOODHUE - - Vice'-Preszdent HERMINE STELLE - - Secretary MARGARET LOUISE OREAR ---- - Treasurer ALICE RAY, HARDIN IONES, ROBERT COVEY, CORINNE PERRY, ADELE IACOBSON ---- - Aedilc: MORLEY CALHOUN --------- Sibyl MISS CHAMBERS, MISS GILSON, MISS TROUP LESTELLE ALBRIGHT CLARA BLATT LORRAINE COFFMAN BETSY DEKKER WILBERT GILLILAN HOMER HAMNER BETTY HITCHCOCK ELEANOR HUNT MARGUERITE IOHNSON MARGARET MCBRIDE MURROW MCCURNIN GILBERT MURRAY MARGARET LOUISE OREAR MARIORIE SOLBERG RUTH TOWER MEL UHL PETE VESELICH X99 l.i..l11- ,lL.l..l.-. STY'LUS i931- Physiology Club OFFICERS VIOLET SIMPSON - ---- President HELEN DE BEY - - - - - - Vz'ce-President MARGARET PITT ---- - Secretary and Treasurer ELEANOR GREEN - - Sponfor CATHERINE PASCOVICH ALICE BOYD BERNICE BUEGHLY CAROL MAE EVANS HILDA YUILL GERALDINE CLANCY I 1001 HELEN ROBINSON KATHLEEN O,BRIEN MONA STILES IESSIE STIEN MARGARET RENSHAW -iililn i....l-i 'sT7'fU'sl--4-1931 .iii-T1 FOl'UITl OFFICERS FRED LAUGHRAY, CLAUDE BROWN - MARY NUZUM 4 BETTY HITCHCOCK P. V. R. ADAMS GLORIA BAILEY CLAUDE BROWN ANNE CAPPELL XIIVIAN CHRISTY LORRAINE COFFMAN GRACE CARPENTER BOB DENNIS OPAL EVANS BETTY EBERHARD HOWARD NEVILLE QMAR FAREED DON FAREED LYNEL HARRIS PIOMER HAMNER 11011 - - Preszdent - - - Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer - - Sponsor GLGA INMAN BETTY KLITTEN GENE MCLAIN MARIAN FRANCES MEYERS TODD MULFORD WILLIAM ROSS CHRISTINE SHOEMAKER CLIFFORD SWANSON IOSEPHINE SVVIGGETT RUTH TOWER JANE PARDON CORRINE PERRY IOYCE RIPPE DONALD WEBBER rf fl! M-I--STYLUS-+-119Ia, Commerce Club If If IOHN BOLEN - LOUISE ODISIO SALLY NUTT - ALFRED ANDERSON ELEANOR ANDERSON HELEN BARBOUR DORIS BEAMER HELEN BECK IOE BELL DORIS BRADLEY ELEANOR BRADLEY GORDON BOWERS BERNIECE BUEGHLY GERALDINE CLANCY DELPHINE CORBEIL HELEN DE BEY BOB DENNIS HELEN ELLIOT GEORGIANNA FERGUSON ELEANOR FLYNN WILLIAM FRANK BERNARD F ROHN . , , J' ff Aw -- ,F 1 A OFFICERS MAXINE GILMORE MARTHA GRAY POLLY GOLDENBURG LILLIAN GREGORY FRANCES HARRIS HELEN HUBBARD DOROTHY IOHN CECELIA KELLEY GERALDINE KELEHER MARY KINGSTON EDNA KINDER CARLOS KUMPE GABY LE CLERG MARZIE MADONNA SYLVIA MARIAS IULIE DE MARANVILLE MABEL MARTIN GERALDINE MATHISON ALICE MCCLAREN H021 - Presidenz - Vice-Prcxidcnl - S cc.-Treas. FRANCES MORELLO LUCILLE MYERS ALICE OLANDER LA VERN ORDIAN MARGARET PITT ELOISE RICHARDSON IOSEPHINE RICHARDSON IEAN ROGERS ELIZABETH SALTER MABEL SPRING COLLIS STEVENSON RAY STRICKLAND VIOLA TRENNE ESTHER WHELAN MARGARET WILSON HILDA YUILL LUCY ZANDER ,, ,-LSTYLUSm-.i-'-193'1l'-'- l 7 ff, Le CCFCIC FTBDCBIS 545,,.ff"" OFFICERS FRANCIS BONHAM BETH LOWE - MARION HALL ROBERTA WATERS DORIS ANSPACH CLARA BLATT IEANNE BLODGETT IERVILLA BLODGETT BEATRICE BROOKBANK BILLY BROWER DORIS BURKE ANNA CARDON IRENE CLAUSE MURIEL COOPER VIVIAN CHRISTY BARBARA DREKO THELMA EVANS IANE FERGUSON MARGUERITE ERLANDSON OLIVE IACOBSON BARBARA GILSON SALLY GRAY LOIS GROSS BETTY HITCHCOCK ADELE IACOBSON WELDON KENT EDWARD KNUCHELI. ROBERT KNUCHELL FRANCES LORD IANE MORGAN BARBARA MURRAY SARAH PACKARD ALICE RAY DAVID RICHARDS Las! S emcster MARION NETZEL H031 - President - Vice-Preszkieizt - Secretary - Treasurer MARION ROBBINS FRANCES ROBERTS LORRAINE SHINNER MARIORIE SOLBERG GRACE STORMS PAUL VORKINK VIRGINIA WILHELM KATHRYN WILSON BARBARA WIRTH MABEL PIERCE IUNE MARLATT ELIZABETH CORNVVELL HELEN ROBINSON LYNEL HARRIS DOROTHEA PETERSON VANCE POTTEO M- STYT.USll-1931 Somoac Art Clu Q , OFFICERS Firsl Semester Ojiee Second Semeczer MARY LOU WHITHAM - - President - - MARY LOU WIiITHAM BEVERLY POWERS - - - Vice-President - - - BEVERLY POWERS BILL BOVVNE - - Secretary - - IEANNE BLODCETT BOB REED - ---- Treasurer ---- BOB REED MARY BETH ABBOTT - Sponsor WARREN BENNETT BENTON BRADY EDVVARD CASADEBAIG ROBERTA FISCHER RUTH FISCI-IER IESSILYN GILL ALLAN HUBBARD MARGY ISITT CLOYDA IONES IR 1041 MARVIN MAY RUTH MITCHELL GRETCHEN MORTON RICHARD NIBLEY ELSIE MAY ORMISCHER IOHN PEACOCK AVONDA PHELPS ROBERT PUTHUFF ELIZABETH TALBOT-MARTIN 1 - -1'-'l-STYLUS 1931 World Friendship Club ROGER AVER - - DOROTHY WYNN MARIE LA CHASSE BILLY LAUDERDALE BARBARA BROWN GLORIA BAILEY LAYTON CROUCH HARRY DOLGOFF MARY GELSINGER MARIORIE GOODHUE BEN GULICK CARLOS KUMPE LOLA MORRELL DAVID RICHARDS LESTER REMNERS CATHERINE SHERMAN IEANNE WATSON 105 1 - President - Vice-President - S ecrezfary - - Treasurer BERNICE BROWN MARX' CROSS MERRIAM CLAUSON ELAINE FAREED KATHERINE GELSINGER ANNETTE GRAINGER LUCILLE IOHNSON DON LAURIE FRANCES O,BRIAN DOROTHY REYNOLDS ALPHONSO SANTOS ADALINE TEAGARDEN MARY BURROWS S T'yT. U-S- 19-31 EI Dorado Club First Semester MAXINE COLLIER - HELEN FRALEY - LEONE ANDERSON LUCILE BALDWIN BETTY BARNHART MYRA CARTER BETTY CONRAD ,fn-.. Second Semester Delegate - - MARY READY Delegate '47 - - BETH LOWE ELEANOR CROSSLAND IDA MAE EVANS VIRGINIA ENOCKSON DOROTHY GRANT FLORENCE HELLMAN MARY HOLCOMB 51061 LOTTIE HUDSON VIVIAN KIMLIN EVELYN MARTIN HAZEL MARXMILLER MARIORIE MCQUAT IDOROTHY MITCHELL IOSEPHINE RICHARDSON EVELYN SCHWAB MAXINE STIVERS VIRGINIA WELSH DOROTHY WHEELER S-I1-YITUS 1931 German DER DEUTSCHE GESELLIGE VEREIN EDWIN ELSNER ---------- President BARBARA BRAUN ---f----- Vice-President ROBERT TISCH - - - Secretary und Treasurer H. H. WIEBE ----- Sponsor ORVAL BECKMAN BURKE COPFQ HOMER HAMNER CHARLES BORAS REY CORDON LOUIS PAINE IAMES WOLLESEN Mariongtigggsclub ARVIN BOWNE - - MARY POTTER - IANE MORGAN - - MARIORIE F ISCHER - IEFFERSON SEARLES - ELSIE MAE CRMISCHER HELEN SHEPHERD - Miss ABEL Mem bers MARIAN BRASS 51071 President - Vice-President - - - Secretary - - - Treasurer Secretary of Publicity Ojieiizl Buyer Corresponding S eerezfury - Sponsor 11 . STY'LUS 1931i.--:..Q Radio Club Members PLINEY BARNES - DON HUGRABEE - RICHARD DITTMAR GEORGE WADEY - MR. LEASE - - - Preddcnl - Vz'cc'-President - - Secretary - Publicily Director Faculty Advzkcr HENRY CABALLERO WILLIAM CROET KARL GARDNER WOODSON HENDRIX ALBERT HEWES IORDAN IONES EDWARD CASADEBAIG FRED LLEWELLYN BURTON PERRY WESLEY PEARCE Chess Club GEORGE PEISKER PAUL SMETS DONALD WEBER CHARLES YARBROUCH MILFORD COYE ra i 3 WALTER ZIMMERMAN HARDIN IONES - BENTON BRADY HARDIN CHANEY ROBERT COVEY GEORGE GALLAGHER HOMER HAMNER EDWARD RADSKE EUGENE RUSSELL FRANK STEINBRY H031 Prc,cidc11t - S cc.-Treas. PETE VASELICH IESS WILLARD WILLARD WOOSLEY -sTYLus 1931-' ','l National Athletic Honor Society CHARLES POWER - NORMAN PARKER - IOHN PUGH - - IOE BURRIS DONALD FAREED OMAR FAREED HAROLD Foss DON GREENLEE OFFICERS - President - - NORMAN PARKER - Vice-President - - - DON GREENLEE Secretary and Treasurer - - - TOM PERRY ROBERT OLUND ROBERT PAOLIUSO TOM PERRY RALPH SUTHERLAND NORMAN TATHAM NVALTER WILSON H091 STYLUS 1931 Tennis Club MELBA BROWN Prcszkicnt MELBA BROVVIN BILLIE WINTERS - Vice'-President - - - RUTH I AWSON RUTH PETERS - Sec.-Trees. - MARY MARGARFTWINTERS RUTH ANSPACH CLARA BLATT LUCILE BALDWIN BETTY BETZ IANE BRIGGS VIRGINIA BULLINGER DORIS BURKE MARGARET CHASE IOSEPHINE CRESSINIAN NADINE FRANK BERNA GINGERY MARIORIE GOODHUE DOROTHY GRIMES BETTY HAILS MARGARET HELEERICH DOROTHY IOHN ROSAMOND IOHNSON RITA IOHNSTON MILDRES KEEEER IANE KELLER ELEANOR KOEHLER VIRGINIA LAWSON FRANCES LORD PAYE LOWRIE SYLVIA MARIAS GRACE MITTRY GLADYS MOULTHROP DOROTHY PAGE OLVIRA PETERS RUTH PETERS IOSEPHINE PIERCE ANNA MARIE PLETTI NAOMI REYNOLDS BILLIE ROBERTS MARGARET ROBERTS PHYLLIS ROBERTS BETTY SHERMAN SATOMI SHIOMASU LUCILE STEVEN DORIS SNODGRASS MARIORIE SOLBERG MARGARET SPRINGER IOSEPHINE SWIGGETT WILLARD MEARS e ... .-ll ,llili 1-'--'T-S1TYLUS -193-1--1-i Girls' Hiicing Club DOROTHY MITCHELL - FRANCES WHITEMAN - ELLA MAE LA ROWE - ARAN ARKLIN BETTY BETZ MELBA BROWN MARY BUELL BETHEL COPE LILA COPE HELEN F RANKLYN ROBERTA KIER BERYL MITCHELL MARGARET MORRISON 3 President - - BETTY SHERMAN Vice-President - - RUTH PATTERSON See.-Treczs. - - FRANCES WHITEMAN Yell Leader - 'VELMA RAMFY 11111 BARBARA MURRAY LILLIAN ORMISCHER SARAH PACKARD RUTH PATTERSON VELMA RAMEY MARTHA SHERWOOD MARION SLATER MARY EDITH SMITH HARRIET WILSON HELEN YOUNG STYLUS 1931-.LM Engineers' Club ' ' " I' ' , 1 'pf 1.2 . W 1- I FFICEKS' ' WILLIAM SCHNEIDER - - - X -D ----- President RAY HARTMAN - - - - Vice-President MACK CHANDLER - Secretary-Treasurer MORGAN SMITH - - - - - Faculty Adviser HAROLD Foss MEMBERS DICK SCHMITZ PLINY BARNES KENNETH BETTS ROY BIDDLECOM DARWIN BLADES CLAIR BENTLEY JAMES AYCOCK GLENN AUSTILL MORGAN BLY IACK BARNES RAY BIGGS DICK ANDERSON GLEN LE CHEMINANT IOHN CLEEVES IOHN CONSTANTINE RUSSEL CLAYTON CHARLES CHURCHILL RALPH COKE BILL CROFT IOE DIENER RICHARD DITTMAR BOB DAVIS HARRY DOLGOEE MELVIN DITTEMORE TOMMY ELZ DONALD ECK HAROLD FREEMAN DWAIN GALBRAITH LOUIS GRUSSMEYER ORSON GONZALEZ CATHERINE GOEF ARTHUR GRAY WILSON HAAS IRWIN HYDEN ' ALBERT HEWES IOHN HARTMAN CHARLES HAMMOND BILL IOHNSON ALLEN IENNINGS EVAN KNUCHELL DON KIRTLEY FRANK KANE DOWSON KENNEDY DONALD KORN CLINTON KELLOGG BOB KASE VERTA LORAINE BOB LIDDELL IAMES LOGAN BYRON MANIECE IOHN MORGAN CHARLES MORGAN REX MAKON WALTER MINK BOB MENELEY RALPH MORROW DICK NIMMONS WESLEY PEARCE GERALD PIERCE BILL PHIBBS ART PUGH BERNARD PAUL VINCENT POTTHOFF LEROY POLLARD GEORGE PEISKER MARIORIE REED IAMES RIPPEY IOE RILEY HARRY ROUNDS CARL ROWLINSON 51121 DAVE SUNKEES FRANK STADON BOB STOHLMAN GEORGE STOMBS RALPH SUTHERLAND PAUL SMETS CECIL STOKES BOB SHORT IOHN SELKIRK RAYMOND STROWGER CHARLES SAWHILL STANLEY TETZ HENRY SCHNEIDER LESTER STRONG EDWARD TAUBER ROY STRAUSS KAY TAYLOR BILL TAYLOR STEWART WEISENHEIMER GEORGE WODEY GORDON WOODBURY DALTON WOLLARD IACK WINDSOR ,1- ' 5 2' .J ff ... M-,--X in Y J f , f J M '. Mn QA E K! 4 Ka f J 'A 'A e s' .- J 5' 1 1 P nj ya J, 'I ' 'vV- .N X J V Q Q J ,M fr V ig A, ' 1 W G! W "'?"'ff W lf' '2 Q tie' 4 ff J 'N - y ""fp-Z" ' '22 kg NC 3 f I sf ff' aka it Vw f my x Vvql w if x, 2-an N , 1 f fx X mi Nw., f Vg, . X QE, i if " ' 5 ' , ' , AA, . VVVLCI .'? 4 I Q Q 'LDL f Q ASV ,f I, .CH X5593 13 gg Jw ,,,55gMw +5 JW Sty' my J 2' .v,X 'X u 'fi CY ' G JQS I , Q V12 fw.P f 11 HX' .FF "PNN ,fyfi P P" STYLUS 1931 Yell Leaders--Song Leaders '53 5 I D ' E h J . , if ' W ,gym i ' ff . , 4' v A, IJ fl ,J it QN I f,jl , I J fe rf A 2- 1 I A M, ' 'J' LL Perry Iffdififlifh Gr l M 4 VAIQITEIFQQEQQALL SQUAD 4 K5 e , Q 1 e V gwofi gt , , 'fr--1-,. ff . i uf' 7' x' e , L3 we -J-1 .ff-J Phillips Poacerx Angier Phillips H131 STYLUS 1931 I1141 S T-Y E U3 '+-'19-31 51151 S' fy L u's im 31 i+ HOOVZF-GICDAGIC GGIDC FTER one of the worst disappointing football years ever gone through by a Dynamiter team, the Glendale Blasters climaxed their season by going down to glorious defeat at the hands of the Hoover Purple Tornado. Before one of the most wildly enthusiastic crowds to ever attend a grid contest, the two teams put up a grim and bitter battle for the grid champion- ship of the City that didn,t produce a winner until the last half second of play. Howard Bentley, star Hoover quarter, took the ball over the line, about six inches to be exact, and scored a touchdown after Glendale had made one of the most heroic goal line stands that a high school team has ever made. Glendale scored first in the second quarter with the ball on the Hoover 40-yard line and Glendale in possession, Barton received the ball, ran back ten yards to midheld, and then he rifled a beautiful five-yard pass to 'Bill Kingston, who rambled the remaining forty-five yards through a broken field for a touchdown. 51161 4-,,.:..-STYLUS 1931 :g Review of the Season ITH a group of four returning lettermen and ten players who had had quite a little experi- ence the preceding season to form a nucleus for the 1930 football team, the Glendale four had fond hopes of playing high in the percentage column of the reformed Coast League. The Dynamiters, first league game was with the ever dangerous Indians and all throughout the practice season Coach Russell Cripe pointed his boys towards winning that game as he considered it the stifiest hurdle of the whole season. Local hopes were greatly bolstered when the Dynamiters showed some unexpected strength against " B the Franklin Kitefiiers in a practice scrimmage on the In ,at , local field and had the upper hand throughout most of the Q The Occidental Frosh proved to be the next victim of the local dynamite, Glendale blasting their hopes by running up a 26 to 0 score against them. The locals showed an unexpected amount of reserve strength in this fray, both the first and second strings playing on about a par. All the local boys went good in that game and none were outstanding except Bill Barton who proved to be a tower of strength of both offense and defense. The following week the locals fared none too well with the Roosevelt team, the Rough Riders making the Dynamiters' ofiense look pretty ragged, and Coach Cripe worked hard with the players to smooth off the rough spots before they met the Muir Tech varsity in the last practice game of the season. The Pasadena boys proved small meat for the local warriors, the Blasters not having a great deal of trouble in defeating them by a 19 to 6 score. Coach Cripe had definitely picked his first string by then and it consisted of Captain Bill Barton, fullback, Stanford Andrews, quarterback, Ben Brunning, half, Bud Pagliuso, half, Newt Evans, center, lim Brady and Arthur Towne, guards, Bruce Hull and Lloyd Ostergard, tackles, Hugh Keegan and Gibby Hine, ends. It was virtually the same line-up which was to put up such a stern resistance to the Fullerton Indians the following Friday. FOOTBALL SUMMARY Scores for the other league games are as follow Alhambra, 7, Glendale, O ' Woodrow Wilson, 13, Glendale, 7i Pasadena, 26, Glendale, 0 if Santa Ana, 26, Glendale, 6 San Diego, 19, Glendale, O Compton, 27, Glendale, 0 Howard Stultz fm, STYl..US Tl?3'l Class B Football ITH four returning lettermen, a large turnout, and promises of a successful season, Coach "Stubby', Sperry called his candidates to practice the first day of school in September. Because the squad was unwieldy, Coach Sperry had to weed it out until he had about thirty- three men. In their first league grid fray, the Blaster Babes took a terrific pasting at the hands of the Fullerton Indians, 33 to O. The Indian Bees threw passes with reckless aban- don and most of them connected for touchdowns. Ful- lerton certainly had the Indian sign on the Bees in this game. Alhambra followed Fullerton and the Moors de- feated the demoralized Blaster team 7 to O. After the ' terrific rout the week before, the Bees came back and put up a great game, although they were defeated. t In the next game Glendale turned the tables and defeated the Woodrow Wilson lighries I2 to 6. The long passing of Reed eatured the Glendale victory. Captain Bud Smith got ay for long runs in this game, while Chuck Powers made some beautiful ackles. Don Fareed snagged several passes and played a bang-up game at nd. After coming back, the Bees went dowln defeat again at the hands of .. an-3 Capt. Smifh Pasadena Bulldogs by a 7 to O score. This the third league defeat of the year for Glendale. In the next game they back strong by defeating Santa Ana 14 to 0. After a great battle, the locals lost to a Compton team, I4 to 0. This ended the season with two wins and four H181 STY'LUS 1931"'-,W--.I-, Class C Football ITH one of the most disappointing turnouts in years, Coach Iack Gaines, Class C mentor, turned out an eleven that although not a championship team, was at all times a dangerous contender. The Firecrackers had a record of one win, two ties, and three defeats in six league contests. They started the season by tying Fullerton 6 to 6 in a game they should have won. In their second tilt against the Alhambra Moors, the Cees lost a heartbreaking decision by a lone touchdown. This was a tough battle for the Heaweights to lose. In their third league contest fate took a hand and helped the Woodrow Wilson Cees win a torrid encounter by an 8 to 6 count. Ward, Alberts, Captain Peebles, and Billy Allen strred for Glendale. - iff fl After playing such great football, the Firecrackers " journeyed to Long Beach to play the Poly Heaweights. In this game the proteges of Gaines were completely annihi- gap,,,i,, PNN., lated by the Bunnies. The Bunnies scored almost at will and took the fray 27 to 2. Captain Iohnny Peebles at quarter and Ward Alberts stood out for Glendale. The fleaweights fought the Saints from Santa Ana in the fourth league clash, and after battling for four quarters back and forth, the game ended in a scoreless tie. Glendale then faced Fullerton in a rematch. The Cees completely dem- onstrated their superiority by soundly trouncing the Indians 13 to 0. The Firecrackers completely outplayed their rivals and proved that they were im- proving. I fy ,ly 4 iff i I ,fy so V. 7 Qlrffwfi J' s 'sf ..', f ,. N Z 51193 sTYLuS5i'1931i'l.- Class IIAI' Basketball Establishing one of the greatest prep basketball records in Southern Cali- fornia, Coach Basil '4Bert" Stanley's fast-stepping Dynamiter Basketeers finished a strong third in the Coast League standings this year. Blasting their way through a torrid preseason schedule, the Cards stepped out and captured fifteen games out of nineteen tilts played! A record to warm the heart of any coach! Three of these setbacks came from collegiate teams, the Glendale Iaysee Buccaneers, who took both contests by scores of 21 to 18 and 35 to 23. respectively. Incidentally the Bucs are the only hoop squad in Southern Cali- fornia that has beaten the Dynamen two years running. Last year Lincoln and U. C. L. A. Frosh turned the trick, but this year the Tigers went down to defeat before the superior playing of Stanley's men by a 29 to 21 count. The Bruin Babes were defeated after a thrilling contest in which Captain Ieff Nibley scored nineteen points. The score was 37 to 27. In a preliminary to the U. S. C., Stanford game, the Troy Frosh won over the Dynamiters after a terrific struggle by a margin of 34 to 24. The other team to defeat the Cards was the Whittier Poets, a quintet that swept through the Foothill League undefeated and reached the C. 1. F. finals where they defeated Wilson 25 to 22. The poets took this game 43 to 22 only after the Blasters had shown some terrible basket shooting and a rotten defense. Glendale scored double wins over Eagle Rock, 61 to 12 and the Blaster second string won 28 to 18, Santa Monica lost on the home floor 39 to 14 and later 33 to 21 at Samohig Huntington Park 31 to 20 on the Spartan court and at home 43 to 19, Inglewood Sentinels, winners of the Bay League, were also handed a double setback, 28 to 13 and 36 to 25. Beverly Hills, winners of the San Fernando Valley League, also bowed to the Cards 46 to 32 in a game that was featured by Hal Foss, shooting. Other teams to fall before the Dynamiters were Franklin, 36 to 215 Oxy Frosh 51 to 30 g Redlands Varsity Reserves 24 to 23, Belmont 49 to 25. LEAGUE GAMES GLENDALE, 38, ALHAMBRA, 20 Defending their Coast League hoop championship won the year before, the Cards journeyed to Alhambra and hurdled their first obstacle by handing the highly touted Moors a neat pasting. Foss, Glendale Center, was high point man with 21 digits. .W1LsoN, 32 g GLENDAL15, 16, Then it happened! After winning eleven straight league victories in two years, the Dynamiters lost a heart breaking game to the Bruin Beanpoles, 32 to 16. Billed as the contest that would decide the championship, the Wilson quintet, working smoothly and exhibiting an impregnable defense, stopped the two Card "big shots," Nibley and Foss, neatly and completely. Later this quintet of six-footers swept to an undefeated Coast League Championship and were beaten by Whittier in the C. 1. F. finals. H201 i-,-:"1ST-Y L-El-S -1531 i"' GLENDALE, 43, FULLERTON, 19 Fighting to keep in the running, the Cards then swept to a decisive victory over the Fullerton Indians, 43 to 19. Working a beautiful passing game, the Blasters showed that they were vastly superior over the Reds. GLENDALE, 46 g PASADENA, 20 Again displaying a powerful offensive that swept down the floor time after time to score buckets, the Bombers easily defeated the Bulldogs on the home Hoor, 46 to 20. Foss, Nibley, and Hine stood out in the scoring, while Captain-elect Leitch did some great guarding. SANTA ANA, 36, GLENDALE, 35 After coasting along serenely, the Cards were handed a surprise defeat by the weak and downtrodden Saints in one of the biggest upsets of the year. The game played at Santa Ana ended 36 to 35, after Glendale had overcome a tremendous lead that the Saints had piled up in the early stages of the contest. GLENDALE, 36, COMPTON, 21 The Compton Tartars were the next victims of the determined Cards who completely annihilated their rivals at Compton by a 36 to 21 score. GLENDALE, 26, SAN DIEGO, 19 Traveling to the Border City, the Dynamiters ended their league season with a bang by defeating the Cavemen 26 to 19 in a rough and tumble game. I ! 1 GLENDALE, 36 3 HOOVER, 24 l I l After being beaten by the Presidents in football, the Cards came back and took the hoop championship of the City by decisively trouncing the Purple Tornado 36 to 24. In taking this game, Glendale showed why prep teams feared the Cards. 11211 -l-".....STYLUS 1931 Baslcetlaall - JOHN PAGE A IEFF NIBLEY BOB LEITCH BOB DENNIS FRANK NOTTBUSCI-I BOB STONER HAROLD Foss l 51221 ii if Class A Lettermen LLOYD OSTERGARD GIBSON HINE BOB TONE BILL HERRIOTT IOE BUI1RIs l PAUL IORDAN l LINCOLN MUDGETT Tl .-iii-1 iillii- STYLUS 1931-,l ClassHB" Basketball The Bee Basketball team was beset by old man Hard Luck all during the season, and as a result ended the year without having won a single league encounter. The outlook was not very bright from the start. In spite of the fact that Coach Sperry worked the boys hard, and they had a willing spirit, the team won only three of numerous practice games. However, they went over to Alhambra for the first league tilt determined to give the Moors a good fight, and although they lost the game by a 21 to 11 score, they accomplished their objective. Captain Don Greenlee, playing center for the Dynamiters was high point man. The next game was with Fullerton, and it was a heart breaker. After leading for most of the game, the Blaster Babes saw a five-point lead dis- appear in the last quarter, and then they lost the game when one of the Indian players dropped the ball through the net with only a few seconds to play. The Hnal score was Fullerton 24, Glendale 22. In the worst exhibition of basketball given by the team all year, the Bees lost to Pasadena 30 to 10. The game was slow and uninteresting with both teams shooting poorly. Although the Dynamiters had not won a game, when they heard that they were to play Hoover they determined to end their season with a victory. Consequently they entered the game with a fighting spiri and by the end of the half were ahead ll to 6. However, during th t d period Hoover rallied and were in the lead 17 to 16 at the beginning o t final canto. The lead changed hands several times but finally Glenda a aged to gain a three-point advantage which was held until the end of t game. The final score was, Glendale, 255 Hoover, 22. ki 51233 ,, STiYLUS 193T Classucu Basketball ITH some of the most unpromising basketball material that ever turned out for the jolly hoop sport at Glendale High, Coach Gaines molded together a quintet that was considered one of the greatest Fleaweight teams ever turned out at this institution for many years. They Won the first practice from the Muir Tech Engineers, 25 to 18. Later they scored a double victory over the South Pasadena Tigers by scores of 31 to 19 and 27 to 16. Fighting determinedly towards a league championship, the Fleaweights took their arch rivals, the Pasadena Bulldogs, into camp in a hair-raising game by a score of 22 to 20. St. Clair garnered high-point honors for the Cards in this game. Compton also came to Glendale intent on defeating the powerful Bomber Midgets, but the Tartar Cees Went the same route the other teams had gone, only this time it was 31 to 16. Charlie Lund, brilliant running guard for Glendale, made some beautiful long shots that helped the Bombers win. The Cees next came out victorious over the hitherto undefeated Saints from Santa Ana. They won after a terrific struggle, 26 to 18. Chuck Lund again starred for the Cards. After winning six league games, the Cees lost the hoop championship to the Long Beach Iackrabbits. The Beachers came out on top, 19 to 8. Coach Gaines then sent his men against the Hoover Fleas, champions of the Foothill League, and Glendale defeated the Whirlwinds, 16 to 11. This ended the season for Glendale. The Cee lettermen were Captains Lund and St. Clair, Albert, Fareed, Stutzman, Stein, Peebles, Korn and Wickham. N241 S?Y1USI 1931 Varsity Track When Coach Cripe issued the annual call for track candidates last spring, the only returning lettermen were Bud Pagliuso and Ioe Burris. With these two as a nucleus for the team, Coach Cripe moulded a squad out of green material that finished in third place in the league standings. The first meet was with Fullerton, which the Blasters vvon by a substantial score. The best marks of the day were a 53.6 second quarter mile by Ioe Burris, and Pliney Barnes' time of 22.8 seconds in the furlong. Enheartened by their success, the Blasters next encountered Alhambra, and defeated the Moors 69 to 44. Bud Pagliuso ran his first league race of the season, tying with Barns for first in the hundred. Pliny also vvon the 220 and ran on the winning relay team. Iohn Corcoran uncorked a 45 feet 9 inch heave in the shot to take first in that event. Continuing their string of victories, the Dynamiters next won from Wood- row Wilson, 64 to 49. Pagliuso finally regained his old form and won both Sprints. Norman Tatham added another Hrst to the Glendale list when he heaved the discus over 113 feet. The next meet proved to be Glendale's nemesis, the Pasadena Saints romping on the local squad 63 to 50. Al Fitch, Saint sprint demon, defeated Pagliuso in both dashes, clicking of the 100 in 9.9 seconds. The San Diego Cavemen administered another defeat to Glendale in the sixth meet, Winning 65 to 48. Arguello gave Ioe Burris his first defeat of the season when he led the local ace to the tape in 52.2 seconds. Kenny Thomp- son pulled an upset when he Won the mile after a great battle with Hubbard, San Diego star. The time was 4 minutes 48 seconds. In the last dual meet of the year, Glendale topped Compton with a 64 to r 4 I H251 1STYLUS 'i-63-11-L Varsity Track Continued 49 score. Ioe Burris traveled the quarter in 52.4 seconds, while Pagliuso won both sprints, doing the hundred in 10 seconds. In the Coast League Meet, Glendale finished seventh. Burris took fourth in the quarter, while Pagliuso placed second to Fitch in both sprints. - Glendale's athletes didn't do so well in the Southern California finals. Bud Pagliuso after qualifying in the furlong, failed to place in the finals, being beaten by Baker of Hoover for fifth. Ioe Burris failed to place in the quarter, which was won by Iohn Mc- Carthy of Fairfax in the astonishing time of 48.9. Page Dean Cromwell and "Dink', Templeton. Los Angeles Poly ran off with the championship. Like all optimists l like to look into the future and see only the good side of life. Glendale will probably have one of the best if not the best track teams in the Coast League. Burris, Tatham, Pagliuso, Barnes and Glidden will be missing next year. Don Colburn, the hard luck pole vaulter who reached a height of 12 feet 6 inches will not be back next year. To replace these men other fellows will move up from the Bee ranks to bolster the depleted varsity. Bill Sharp, who placed second in Bee division of the ir' Southern California finals will be back to take Colburn's L l' f place in pole vault. Sharp cleared 12 feet 3 inches to A A , 3 take a second in this event. Sharp was the only Glendale man to take a first place by winning the discuss with a S record breaking heave of 107 feet and some inches. g 4 I Cupf. P zglizzxn Another one who will probably distinguish himself next year is Frank Ensley. Ensley will probably run the quarter or half mile. He is a consistent 20-foot 1 broad jumper. Bill Berg, sophomore sprint sensation, will be Glendaleis hope in the century and furlong. He took a fifth in the 220 at the finals and tied for Hrst and took a second in the Coast League meet. Kelley, another good broad jumper, and Wright, who will give Berg some hot competition, will also run varsity next year. Bob Allen will round out a trio that can vault 11 feet 6 inches consistently, Hiatt being the other member. Aside from these men there will be the returning veterans. Bill Brown, a campaigner of two seasons should be a great half miler next year. Kenny Thompson will get under 4.40 in the mile, he'll improve. One of Glendale's weakest events always will probably be one of her strongest, the hurdles, with Willard and Bartlett back, these two events will be be capably filled. These are a couple of good high jumpers. In the shot and discus Captain Iohnny Corcoran and Anderson will pre- dominate. H261 ST'5'L'TJ's 1931-L-T,-.-'- Class " B " Track One of the most powerful Class B track and field teams represented Glendale High this year. Coach Lus Cripe's B tracksters captured the Coast League dual meet championship by going through an undefeated season. Later in the Coast League finals at Fullerton, the Babes took a second to the Woodrow Wilson Bees, a powerful team of cinder performers who were relegated to the Bee ranks from the varsity, where they had been com- peting during the dual meets. The Blaster Babes first served notice that they were going to win the loop title when they defeated Fullerton 74 to 30. Later they walked away from Woodrow Wilson by a 65 17 6 to 38 57 6 score. They upset the favorite team to take the second league victory. They defeated the tough Alhambra Bees after a hectic meet. Later the Moors played a heroic role when they defeated Long Beach Poly, thus giving the Cards undisputed right to the title. The Cards defeated the Saints from Santa Ana 78 to 26 and Pasadena 73 to 31. In their last dual meet they ran away from Compton by a 74 to 30 score. Throughout the dual meet season the Cards had several outstanding per- formers. Captain Bill Sharp, who pole-vaulted 12 feet in the San Diego meet and set a record in the Coast League for the discus of 111 feet. Bill Berg, sophomore sprint sensation, who had marks of 10.2 seconds in the cen- tury and 22.8 in the furlong. Frank Ensley was another star performerg he ran the 660 under 1:50 every time. Another mainstay was Kelley, 20-foot broad jumper, and Emery Doner, who had a mark of 5 feet 11 inches in the high jump at Fullerton. Leo Bronson threw the shot 42 feet 11 inches in the meet with Compton. .wk .as - 11271 Class "C" Track Coach "Bulk, Durham's classy Class C track team walked off with every- thing in the Coast League this year. After Winning the dual meet title they proceeded to take the finals of the Coast League at Fullerton. Goodrich took a first in the century at Fullerton and set a record in the broad jump of 20 feet 3 inches. The relay team, composed of Goodrich, Allen, Howeth and Lazaga, set a new record when they stepped the 440 yards in 47.6 seconds. The other Glendale point scorers were: Allen with a third in the 50-yard dash and a third in the 120-yard low hurdles, won by Donohue of Glendale. Howeth took two thirds, one in the pole vault and the other in the broad jump. Fareed took a second in the shot, while Iones of Glendale tied for fourth in the high jump. Only Captain Goodrich, in the century and broad jump, and Howeth in the pole vault qualified for Glendale in the Southern California finals. The relay also got in when they took a second to Hoover. In the Coast League meet the Cees scored 312 points, Long Beach Poly 212 and Comp- ton 21. In the dual meets Glendale defeated Fullerton 70 to 7, Santa Ana 56 to 21, Alhambra-Compton 44 to 33, and then they met Long Beach Poly for the title and defeated the Beachers 44 to 33. Some of the marks established by the Glendale Cee athletes were a 10.6 century by Captain Bill Goodrich, a 5.7 seconds in the 50-yard dash by little Billy Allen, 14.3 seconds in the low hurdles by Donahue, 10 feet 9 inches in the pole vault by Verne Howeth, 20 feet 3 inches by Goodrich and a mark of 47.7 seconds in the relay. The Cee track team this year was one of the best balanced track outfits turned out at this school. 11281 v ' J l. i.1-- I A I J Boys' H H Club ,H First Semester CHUCK YARBROUGH BUD PAGLIUSO - - GIB HINE - IOHN PUGH NORMAN PARKER HAROLD FOSS CLIFF RAPIEN DAVE WOLEE PAUL IORDAN CHARLES POWER BUD SMITH WALT WILSON DON FAREED DON KIMBLE IOE KLAPIJER RICHARD T. ARNOLD BYRON DURLEY DWIGHT HIATT LLOYD OSTERGARD RALPH SUTHERLAND IACK MCMANN BENNIE BERNIE TOM PERRY CHARLES YARBOROUGH CONDON LOVETT CFFICERS Second Semester Preszkient - - BILL KINGSTON Vz'ee-President - - DON KIMBLE Secretary - MEMBERS BOB DENNIS I 1291 IACK BANGS BERNARD SEBASTIAN BILL KINGSTON DON COLBURN BILL HERRIOT BOB LEITCH ABE MITTRY IVAN ROACH CLAIR NEWTON BUD PAGLIUSO HUGH KEEGAN BOB FINDLAY NORMAN TATHANI CHARLES HARRISON IEFF NIBLEY IOHN PAGE LINCOLN MUDGETT BARTON BROWN BOB PRATT DON BENTLEY CLAIR BENTLEY FRANK NOTTBUSCH ST'YL-US 19'31 Baseball Coach Sperry had the misfortune of having one of the greenest squads of aspirants for the national pastime turn out for baseball this year. How- ever, f'Stubby,,' who has the knack of developing ball players miraculously, by dint of hard Work and great coaching turned out a team that, although not in the championship class, proved to be a dangerous nine that Will bear watching next year. This Writer would like to be here next year so that he can see if Glendale finally turns out a nine of championship caliber. It would be a treat to see Sperry vvin a pennant 3 if anyone deserves, he does. Glendale in its initial ball tilt was inauspiciously dumped by the Fuller- ton Indians. In the sixth inning the score was 14 to 3 for Fullerton. Glen- dale staged a belated rally in the last three innings, but lost 14 to 9. The Card sluggers in this contest couldn't Hnd their eye in the early innings, but in the seventh and ninth innings they found the Fullerton chucker's offer- ings and hit them hither and yon with gusto and abandon. Alhambra, a jinx to Glendale in baseball, again had the Indian sign over the Cards when the Moor bats pounded out a 14 to 2 victory. The U me was fairly even until the lucky seventh, when the Moors rapped out veral hits and pushed across three runs. , J Glendale lost to Pasadena 9 to 2, Compton 11 to 3, and gave S A Diego's great nine a bad scare, although lost 10 to 5. The Blasters def ed Santa Ana 9 to 2 and Woodrow Wilson 1 1 With only tvvo or three Sperry is 0-i to have a dangerous aggregation next year. Taylor and Tone form a danger- ous hitting trio. 1 Stoner' and two veteran pitchess, will be back to take care of the mound. T be back behind the -plate, with Ech on first, Prosser or,Stoner on short, and Reid pnifhird. f ik Flax X 11301 STYLUS 19-31--rim.-..--Z Tennls Led by the dynamic and blond terror, Gene Mako, Glendale's blasting racketeers cut a wide swath in Coast League tennis circles by taking four matches. Mako was undefeated in the Coast League and always first singles. He didn't lose a set nor come close to losing one. The Dynamiters lost their first match to Fullerton by a one point margin, 13 to 12. Mako won first singles for Glendale with- out even getting up a sweat. Later the Cards netters were downed by the cham- pionship bound Moors from Alhambra by a 20 to 5 score. Mako being the only local to grab his match. The Dynamiters were like the man that found his soul and "Came backf, They staged a heroic ucomebackl' to win their last four matches. They downed the San ' Diego, Santa Ana 14 to 11, Woodrow Wil- son 23 to 2, and Compton 20 to 5. A shift in combinations gave Coach Iellison a team that was dangerous at all times towards the last of the season. Gene Mako played first singles, Barney Frohn second singles, Cushman third singles, and Bob Reid fourth. Allan Coss and May paired off as first doubles, with Andrews and Bentley playing second. f ' TIM a aff' l 11311 -i -s'T'9LUS 15312-,--'-4 Golf Glendalels divot diggers enjoyed a fair-to-middlin' season. After playing several practice matches they tangled with Woodrow Wilson and the Demo- crats, who won the Southern California championship in golf, walked off with every match. The Glendale team that played throughout the season was Mclrwin, first man, or Allen, Brady, third man, Smith, fourth, and Lindsay, Hfth. The mashie-niblick exponents tangled with the Alhambra Moors and lost all but one of the matches. The Arabs had a powerful squad. Glendale managed to defeat Pasadena 4 to 1 for their only league win of the season. At a later date they swapped drives, putts and what-have-you, with the friendly neighbors from the northwest section of this fair and illus- trious city, the Tornado from Hoover High. At the conclusion of the golf season, the golf team held a tournament to decide the champion of the school. In the first round Mclrwin defeated Allen after a hectic struggle throughout the eighteen holes. Brady downed Swanson, and Perry upset Lindsay rather unceremoniously and unexpectedly. In the semi-Hnals Mclrwin came through to triumph over Perry, and Smith trounced Brady. Mclrwin and Smith met in the finals for the championship and after a fierce struggle Mclrwin won. The winner received six new golf balls, donated by Coach Iellison. Although the golf team failed to do anything outstanding, they showed that the sport is rapidly coming back to its rightful place on the school ath- letic curriculum. It was only two or three years ago that Glendale High rated at the top of this royal Scotch game in Southern California. H321 4 x Yffifffi usp: as 4 FZ, - wifi? .vm 31- JQ-w' ' ' -f.-Jm'cf'e?IeS- . r f 1.1 tyaz' 1 sw wp, .5625 - k Si?" f"l4.Ti-Li -. '1'-f??:5'M1rL - ..'.f",-pn," -Q ,- -':.,.,-,,, I -if r,L:1j'fi::1L -. ,'4--'J-fc' 1 -5 . : '5g1f,pxP ,' ga f -mi 2-13.4 if ', .'!.sf'L-12 5.4! :f.':r-" I '5- A r .w . .-JV,-1 'T' '-5 fx' 'Q f 'Q'-.:'Z. 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Smith Martha Springer Lucille Taylor Medra Thiemig Ellen Tronsier Evangeline VVard 'Christine XVheaton Sophomore: Lestelle Albright Elizabeth Bailey Virginia Bullinger Anna Cardon Darlene Conner Mary Cross Marybell Doughty Irene Dobson Nadine Frank Bessie Grimes LaVerne Guernie XVilla Haines Marion Hampson Irma Hilbert Roberta Kier Ella Mae La Rowe Murrow McCurrin Martelle McKee Patricia McKee Beryl Mitchell Ruth Newton Anne Marie Plette Margaret Prescott Inez Prober Margaret Schmidt Helen Sheppard Marion Slater Dorothy Stiller Shirley Stone Ruth VVaggoner Roberta VVaters Frances Whiteman Madeline Watson Juniors Lucille Baldwin Barbara Braun Doris Burke Dorothy Crozier Loretta Erwood Evelyn Hanson Velma Hesse Beulah jaynes Mary' Lou Joy Mary Keegan Sylvia Marias Marv Martin Ruth Pierce Helen Robinson Lorraine Smith Charlotte Zilla Jessie Mercer Senior! Ruth Anspach Lois Coke Bethel Coke Helen Hitchcock June Howell Geneva jones Janet Mabry Virginia Reed Lenore VVaters H351 i1STYLuS 1'931:1-4 MISS KNIGHT, Instructor MELBA BROWN, P1'e5z'de11t BILLIE WINTER, Vz'ce-Preszdenl Team LUCILLE BALDWIN BETTY BETZ IANE BRIGGS MARGARET CEILXSE BETTY HART BAARCARET HELIfIfIiIK1II RUTII LAWSON BILLIE ROBERTS NI.-XRGARET IROBERTS SATOMI SHIOINIASU LUCILE STEVENS IOSEPHINE SXVIGGET Te n ms MELBA BROWN, President RUTH LAWSON, Vice-Preszden! MARY MARGARET WINTER, Secretary DORIS BURKE VIRGINIA BULLINGER NI.-XRGARET CHASE N.ADINE FRANK MARY BKIARGARET WINTER BERNA CRINGERY Team RUTH JXNSPACII BETTY HETZ IANE BRIGGS N1ARIORIE GOIUDIIITE BETTY HAILS VIRGINIA KEEFEIK VIRGINIA LAWSON SYLVIA MARIITS DOROTHY PAGE ANNA MARIE PLETTE BILLIE ROBERTS MARGARET ROBERTS BETTY SHERINIAN M.ARIORIE SOLBERG MARGARET SPRINGER IOSEPHINE SXVIGGETT BILLIE WINTE1i 'stud uw ffm'-f Fresh rn 4' n DORIS ANSPACII FRANCES BAKER PAULA BROWN ANN DUNCAN BETTY KINZER RUTH LOCKWOOD Hockey Sophomore MARIE BERENDSOIIN LILA COKE SUE FEASTER MILDIQED FRASIIER LA VERNE CEURNEE RUTH HX'DE MARGARET NICHOLAS ROBERTA KIER VELINIA RAINISEY ELLA MAE LA ROWE EUNICE SMITH EVE WARD BERYL MITCIIELL HELEN ORCHARD IEILLIAN ORIUESHER RUTH PATTERSON INEZ PROBER CRRACE REGAN MARION SLATER MARY EDITH SMITII DOROTHY STILLER ELLEN TRONSIER junior ELEANOR FLOWER EVELYN HANSIJN VIVIAN MEADE IESSIE MERCEIR MIARTELLE MCKEE RUTH PIERCE MARIE WAHLGREN FRANCIS NVHITENIAN Senior MARY IO BARD BETIIEL COKE LOIS COKE MARY POTTER li 1361 V1.5 RUTH ANSPAGH LUCILLE BALDWIN BETTY BETZ BILLY BURDETTE X7IRGINIA CARPENTER BETHEL COKE RUTH CONRAD ELEANOR KOEHLER IANET M,ABR1' VIVIAN ZVIEADE Leaders' Club VIRGINIA REEVES MARG.ARET ROBERTS BETTY SHERMAN SATOINII SIIIOMASU LUCILLE STEVENS GRACE WAGNER VIRGINIA BULLINCER DORIS BURKE NADINE FRANK EVELYN LIANSON RUTH HYDE ROBERTA KIER ELLA MAE LA ROWE FRANCES LORD SYLVI.-X IVIARIUS BERYL MITCHELL LILLIAN ORBIISHER HELEN ORCHARD RUTH PATTERSON NADINE PIERSON ANNA MARIE PLETTE INEZ PROBER GRACE REGAN GR.ACE ROOT MARGARET SHERVVOOD DOROTHY STILLER MARION SLATER ELLEN TRONSIER L A ,A ML iff ef' M, 491 . ' ,ag I A -,, , ' I ' Y ' 1-- I Q " J I I Y HL ' Q... DORIS BURKE RITA IOIINSON I L Girls'HGH Club BETTY SIIERIWAN - MISS BURBANK - Presiden t V1'cc4P1'e5ident S ecremr y- Tl'6LZ5bi1'8I' - A ci IJZISEI' 1VIELBA BROWN MARGARET HELEERIGH RUTH LAYVSON MARY REID LOIS COKE HELEN I"IITCHCOCK SYLVIA MARIUS NIARIAN ROBBINS VIRGINIA ENOCKSON BEULAH IAYNES DOROTHY MITCHELL BILLIE VVINTER 5. ' 2. fifth I 'Qi ' 'I RII, ,I .Q 7 1, Q76 "A-lulf' A ' EQ My " K V, -. A 3 A 5 K j Q - K' .11 , ,A 'A ,iif Q " .,iE. , A - V ' - I 3 ,, Q 1 eff. ,- ' 3 ,','R , 3 ,, H ' E he A ,., f fA..,,,K' I ., wg I I ,1- I1371 ,M.l.....l1 J 'DH -STYLUS1-Ml1d31 'l 7 J I Gym Secretaries F im! S emesler IEAN ALMASSY DORIS BURKE RUTH COKER BETTY CONRAD DOROTHY CROZIER AVONNE CRAWFORD ELEANOR FLOWER BETTY HART BETTY HITCHCOCK ELEANOR HUNT IANE KELLER FRANCES LORD IANET MABRY MARIORIE MGQUAT RUTH MITCHELL NELL VESTA PACKARD RUTH PIERCE MARY POTTER CHRISTINE SHOEMARER MARIORIE SOLBERG DOROTHY WILSON P Second Semeszer VIRGINIA BULLINGER LOIS COKE SUE F EASTER MILDRED F RASHER ELLA MAE LA ROWE SYLVIA MARIUS DOROTHY MITCHELL BERYL MITCHELL MARGARET MORRISON LUCILLE MYERS LILLIAN ORMISCHER RUTH PIERCE MARY POTTER MARGARET REYNOLDS MARGARET ROBERTS DOROTHY STILLER MARIE WAHLGRAN HARRIETT WEEDMARK FRANCES WHITEMAN MARGARET WILSON HELEN YOUNG I1381 sTYLu'sg::l1s3a1 l ' Girls' Athletic Association ..-fr-""'N-fr. i A. ffm., F., F frst Semester VIRGINIA REED - GRACE CARPENTER FRANCES LORD - MARIOIIIE SOLBERG LUCILLE BALDWVIN HELEN HITCHCOCK DOROTHY CROZIER MELBA BROWN - GENEVA IOHNS - MARGARET HELFFRICH Officers - President - Vz'ee-Presidenl - S eeretary - - Treasurer - Song Leader - Pianist - - Publicity - - Program - - Tennis - Hiking Club - "G" Club - Second Semester - - DOROTHY CROZIER - - RUTH MITCHELL - BETTY HITCHCOCK -RO BERTA WATERS BARBARA ELEY - ELEANOR FLOWER - MIARIAN ROBBINS - SYLVIA MARIAS - - BETTY SHERMAN DORIS BURKE IUNE KELLER - - Gym Seereraries' Club - - RUTH PIERCE BETTY CONRAD - - Leader's Club - ELLA MAE LAROWE DORIS BURKE - - Volleyball - ----- - - BERYL MITCHELL - - Speed Ball - ---- - - - - - - - - - Basketball - - - ROBERTA KIER - Hockey - - lVlARTELLE MCKEE MEMBERS Fiances Abbott Lestelle Albright lfdleeu Allen lean Almassy Betty ,Xngier Doris Anspacli Ruth Anspaeh Arox Arklin Louise Armor Mary ,l. Baird Frances Baker Lucille Baldwin Loretta Baeur Helen Beck Maria Berendshon Betty Betz Clara Blatt Barbara Bley Ivah lane Bloclgett Jeannie Blodgett Doris Bradley Eleanor Bradley Jane Briggs Doris Brown Mclba Brown Paula Brown Carol Bryant Bernice Bueghly Mary Buell Blaxine Buell Mildred Buess Virginia Bullinger Doris Burke Jean Butler Betty Carpenter Grace Carpenter Ruth Carrol 51393 Margaret Chase Annie Mack Chandlex Betty Clark Helen Clark Vera Clugagc Bethel Coke Lila Coke Lois Coke Ruth Coker Nancy Colver Darline Conner Elizabeth Conrad Madeline Corey Avonne Crawford foe Cressman Eleanor Crossland Dorothy Crozier Mary Cullingworth ll , -' -SWLlTS 193Tl Caroline Cunningham Martha Dawson Helen De Bey Claudia De Haven Betsy Decker Irene Dobson Alice Doner Betty Eberhart Ruth Eiler Virginia Enokson Loretta Erwood Roberta Fairall Sue Feaster Eleanor Flower Jayne Frampton Nadine Frank Helen Franklin Mildred Frasher Mary Gibbs Jesslyn Gill Mary Jane Gillan Bernadine Gingery Marjorie Goodhue Frances Gosserand Martha Gray Ethel Gregory Bessie Grimes Lois Gross La Verne Gurnee Alva Hadsell Betty Hagoocl Betty Hails VVilla Haines Dorothy Hale Elma Haley Marion Hampson Jane Hamilton Evelyn Hanson Hope Harper Ruth Harrington Frances Harris Betty Hart Gloria Hart Pauline Hatch Gretchen Head Florence Heclger Dorothy Heim Marion Heim Margaret Helffrich Virginia Henderson Irma Hilbert Betty Hitchcock Helen Hitchcock Mildred Hock Dorothy Hole June Howell Helen Hubbard Eleanor Hunt Eloise Hunter Marion Huse Ruth Hyde Helen Isaac Buelah Jaynes Helena Jessen Lois Jessen Geneva Johns Evelyn Johnson Rita Johnson Virginia Jones Mary Louise Vada Keehn Geraldine Kelehcr Jane Keller Roberta Kier Edna Kinder G. A. A. Betty Kiuzer Mary Kinzer lilla Mae La Rowe Ruth Lawson Gwen Lindsey Ruth Lockwood Frances Lord Catherine Loudon Beth Lowe Betty Mabry Janet Mabry Louise Maier Lucille hlallough Sylvia Marias Gladys Mauthrop Vivian Meade Jessie Mercer Myra McComb Murrow BICCurron Martelle McKee Ruth Mitchell Beryl Mitchell Dorothy llitchell Marion McNichol Inez Moodie Dorothy Moore Sue Moore Lucille Mosley Frances Myers Lucille lNIyers Louise Necker Catherine Neff Eileen Nelson Alice Neshemura Jane Newman Margaret Nicholas Sarah Nutt Frances O'Brian Louise Odisio Theresa Odisio Mary Allen O'Niell Helen Orchard La Vurn Ordean Lillian Ormesher Elsie Ormesher Nell Packard Sarah Packard Norma Pardoe Jane Pardon Marian Parker Catherine Pascovitch Ruth Patterson Corrine Perry Alvera Peters Virginia Persker Dorothy Peterson Diven Peterson Altha Pierce Ruth Pierce Nadine Pierson Margaret Pitt Anna Marie Pteth Patricia Porter Coleen Potthoi Margaret Prescott Mary Preston lnez Prober Marjorie Putnam Velma Ramey Betty Rawson Virginia Read Vivian Reeves Grace Regan Kathryn Regan Mary Reid ll40J Mary Lou Richards Eloise Richardson Josephine Richardson Joyce Rippe XVilletta Roberts Marian Robbins Helen Robinson Margaret Roberts Angelene Rodda Grace Root Jewell Rudley Virginia Russell Virginia Rutler Elizabeth Salter Margaret Schmidt Louise Segale Virginia Sharp Dorothy Shaw Helen Sheppard Betty Sherman Martha Sherwood Satomi Shiomasu Grayce Shorb Elsie Slate Marian Slater Carol Smith Mildred Smith' Mary Edith Smith Marjorie Solberg Martha Springer Lucille Stevens Haroldine Stewart Jessie Stien Maxine Stievers Mona Stiles Dorothy Stiller Grace Storms Rosemary Straight Louise Stuart Marjorie Sndlow Josephine Swiggett Marjorie Talbott Lucille Taylor Virginia Teagarden Uclra Thiemig Ruth Thompson Alma Todd Ellen Tronsier Betty Jane Uhl Ruth Xlfaggoner llarie VVahlgren Evelyn VVakef1elcl Evangeline VVard Roberta VVaters Dorothy XVatson Virginia XVayland Janice VVeber Joy XVhillox Ruth XVhite Frances VVhiteman Mary Lou VVhitham Virginia NVilh'elm Dorothy XVilson Opal XVilson Harriett VVilson Sylvia VVilson Margaret XVilson Billy VVinter Verla XVray Evelyn York Geraldine Young Helen Young Lois Young Lucy Zonder pw .1.- 5.2.6 Q 'P' fSf?'P72 .',, vi G h ,A -ff. ..K - . , ,4 11 , -K F45 f rg. 4.4 ,, , . if-1 n '42 5 pg: EY' ' if Y' ' may ,I liz.- ',. ff f . ,.,.. P. QW W2 :Wi-f 7, Q ,Jef 1 wil .ff 1 -- J -1 ,a P 'H 1 HL YE, QELAGEQJQ' 3- s 'Q .4 gnf n , kt Q . g:?f'?3'9' 5 .522 5: 4-is :gm u 'I fffqi Y 'Sa Yi 5 4 gn ,J4 515 '., Us we A fa V f 135 3 Q A l r r. f 455' nl J LJ xfz' v ' Q12 ' I A U I v UV v M Wdfkl f!GMf'JA J 17 J 5 pf X lin ff". : ,ti , iw.. A ,ERT ,. , -'A 1 1-. x K 1 . V , 1 v 1 , .imp U., 112.157 ,Hg 33454 - Q.f,,',yg .1 f .".2."ggL ,I 1- ':y,q0 . -qff, . 1 1 X 1 r,- 1 'JA , L h L. V I X4 4 X, M WXVJ i 7 1 a-Uv. . xl ,f ' K .J .nt f ,' ,- ,- .,,k'fv. ' 1 . . .N-rE".' ' m.a-:L- 'dui '- .- f , . pid, 1, ..A-gg V' ,:f2f1.1., - 7- ffma' Ligy 3,34-, H U- x-A ,Q ' sg , .:'-f' , ' Q' 1 Senior Class Prophecy STYLTJS T931 CLASS PROPHECY-Mary Phillips U. S. S. Mauretania, August 24, 1945. DEAREST MARY: Here we are on our homeward stretch. I QMrs. Bob Holmesj am trying to write for the four of us, as I am the only one who is physically able at the present time. The rest are unagreeably indisposed-sea-sick, in other words. Guess what! The head stewardess just brought some crackers and dried beef for the three patients, but that's not the point-the head stewardness was none other than our old friend, Betty Barnhart. She told us that she enjoys her work, and sees many of her old acquaintances going abroad. Among those whom she has seen re- cently are the following: Elaine Has- son and Burrell Koepke on their hon- eymoon, Clair Zaremba and Albert Dekker going to Paris for a divorce. Albert claims that Clair always scram- bled his eggs when he wanted them boiled. Vera Duryea, Helen Fosston, Evelyn Mink and Gretchen Morton were on their way to perform in the 1944 Olympic Games, when she saw them. Oh, Mary! I must tell you now about some of our old friends that we saw in Europe. Among the odd couples were Carol Bird and William Sommerville gambling at Monte Car- lo. The day that we were there they won something like 300,000 francs and were still going strong. The luck of some people! Davis Hecht and Martha Knecht were looking at one of Patou's models. Davis was going to buy it for Martha. Milford Coye is now an organ grinder in Italy. His wife, Frances Etheredge, accompanies him at all times. We saw Sol Grab- iner and Ianet Mabry in Egype pre- paring for a honeymoon on the Sa- hara. Ianet is Sol's fifth wife. The previous ones were Eleanor Martin, Evelyn Flower, Eleanor Koehler, and Helen Hitchcock. What a man! Imagine our surprise when we spied Robert Caskey and Sid Briggs serenading Spanish senoritas. And did you know that Iack Sheridan and Gibson Hine are causing a furore in London because of their wonderful dancing? They wouldnlt even speak to us, but we didn't lose any sleep over it. Bob Olund spends his time saving the lives of the female chan- nel swimmers. Some of our friends that he had saved are Eleanor Adam- son, Elizabeth Haviland, and Eulalie Hietzberg. He also manages to get their 'phone numbers. Quite a fast worker. One night we decided to be real bad, so we all went to one of those naughty French shows. My dear, just try to guess who we saw. Right there in the chorus were Muriel Cur- tis, Thelma Fetterman, Beryl Camp- bell, Mary Alice Field, Ioan Perry, Marjorie Sudlow, Virginia Reed, and Iune Howell, and those sitting in the bald-headed row were Bill Bowne, Duard Curtis, Glen Fitch, Billy Glenn, Francis Mandis, and William Phibbs. What is this world coming to? The old steamship is beginning to rock too much for me to write any longer, so-Ahoy! MRS. MARCUS LYTLE QMarjorie Hitchcockj P.S.-Keep a close watch on our husbands, for they always were fickle. ji-nj Pacific Coast University College of Law Evening Courses Leading io a Degree SEND FOR A CATALOG 830 I-I. W. I-IELLMAN BUILDING LOS ANGELES 354 SOUTH SPRING STREET CALIFORNIA Two charge accouni plans are offered for your convenience. The Open 60-Day Charge Accouni, and The Budgei Plan 'For Jrhose who desire io exienol their paymenrs in weekly or monihly amounis. I NO EXTRA CI-IARGE FOR TI-IE CONVENIENCE OF EITI-IER I I33 NORTI-I BRAND BLVD. GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA WILL We, the Winter Class of 1931 of Glendale High School, city of Glen- dale, county of Los Angeles, state of California, being of sound mind and not acting under the inHuence of any harsh adviser, do hereby make, pub- lish, and declare this our last will and testament, hereby stating that all for- mer wills, bequests, testaments and contracts made by us are null and void. First. We hereby direct our execu- tor to pay all our just debts and to order the immediate return of all school property taken unlawfully by any members of our class. QThis in- cludes all silverware, library books, sweat shirts and other articles of simi- lar unimportancej Second. We, the class as a whole, generously leave to the Iunior class, all our unpaid dues, which may be used by said Iuniors for any honor- able purpose they so desire, but which debt must be liquidated by them upon our departure. I, Iohnny Adams, president of our most honorable Seniors, wish it clear- ly and distinctly understood that I do not leave Imogene Gauntt to the mercy of her numerous admirers, but being naturally big-hearted, do be- queath my sunny nature to Mr. Fullen. I, the much-sought-after Bobbie Stamps, hereby relinquish all claims to the Glendale High School Varsity Basketball Team, to Coach Stanley for the remaining part of the season only. H421 I, Dick Sloan, leave my peculiar complex for racing cops to Iack Wil- lis, and hereby declare a curse upon the inventors of Boulevard Stops. I, Marjorie Hitchcock, leave my 6- inch grin and hilarious mannerisms to Iune Marlatt. I, Bob Caskey, leave my fiendish craving for publicity and glowing complexion to Ned Bartlett. QThank the boy, Ned, thank the boy.j I, Ruth Lewis, leave my second- hand Dentyne under the desks for Dot Lewis. fIt's surprising how these Lewises slick togetherj I, "Sweet William" Barton, be- queath the football captaincy to Howard Stultz on credit, but demand ready cash for my blondes. I, Helen Rieger, leave my assembly seat in row "Z, near 4 teachers to any freshman who doesnit know any bet- ter than to accept the seat. I, Sid Briggs, leave my 'isteadyn way to jeff Nibley. QMay Mary Lam- eroux be a good example of faithful- ness to Iean Lugerj I, Muriel Curtis, leave my Hashing red hair and dancing prowess to Mary Betty Nuzum. I, Vincent Pence, begrudgingly leave my stainless reputation for never dating the same woman twice to Don Kimble. QWatch out for these wicked women, Donj I, Edna Paull, leave my coquettish ways and long flowing tresses to Gwenny Baugh. i Buy Los Angeles Made Candies f After the Dance! After the Show! You and your girl friend will Z l enioy a sandwich or a soda in one of our cozy boofhs up- siairs. '79 THE CAPITAL i y SWEET SHOP l Chrisiopher Candy Co. l37V2 Sou+h Brand Clover Leaf Candy Co. i 143 Chocolaies, lee Cream, Lunches- i Everyihing needed io round our l E' A' Hoffman Candy Co' The evening deliciously. l l .... H431 STWU 1?31 51443 A Distinctive Business Training Crganization WILLIS College of COITIITICTCZ 404 Easl Broadway - Glenclal DO l 302i 0 POSITIONS ABSOLUTELY SECURED 9 9 Schools in LOS ANGELES - HOLLYWOOD - SAN DlEGO WI-IITTIER - EL CENTRO INVESTIGATE! ll-lil X rx. .K X Q? X ROMPT ROPER RINTING Programs of Every Descrip- tion, Tickers, Pamphlets, etc., for School Work a Specialty. No mailer what you want in the way of Printing, we will be pleased io submit estimates. HERALD PRINT SHOP 235 S. Brand Blvd. Glendale Phone Kenwood 666 I, Beryle Keopke, donate my he- manish rowdyism to oncoming fresh- men who aspire to the front ranks of manhood. I, Mary Phillips, bequeath my charming Ways and sweet disposition to Frances Rentch with good inten- tions. I, the Honorable Iack Sheridan, leave my put-on cynical airs to Don Fareed. We, Martha Knecht and Marjorie Sudlow, relinquish our rights of deep sea fishing Qsailors, We meanj to Betty Klitten. I, the high and mighty Art Towne, leave my commandeering ways over freshman girls to Connie Lovett. I, Virginia Welsh, leave the bump acquired on a certain roller coaster ride to Billy Berry Willis. ADQHR MILK.-C I -fr : : a quart of il' every day for children and grownups is +he besi spring ionic you can use. Pure and 'fresh . . . let its richness lceep you fir. Telephone your order io- OXford 70 l I 51461 0 rNc0RPo ATED PLUMBING SEWER CONNECTIONS WATER HEATERS AMERICAN FLORIST WM. F. DREWES, Prop. -+- Flowers for Gradualion Wedding Bouquels and Funeral Designs .,+,. l34O Easl Colorado Douglas 38Il Glenclal Wesrgare Supply Co. Q Phone Douglas 7445-W N Mayonnaise - Pickles - Relish Guaranleed Repair Work i ' RECEIVE FREE! One Bofrle of BREHME'S TASTY BARBECUE RELISH 6IO Soulh Brand .IH +. H I, ic es lhe palafe Kenwood 77 OLympia 8372 N T A BUSINESS BUILT ON CONFIDENCE 1 Exposmon 5620 AGENTS for rhe WILLWITE LETTERMAN SWEATER Wilson's Store For Men I I4 So. Brand Kenwood 878 G. Cruickshanlc Phone TRinily 6668 Eastern Wholesale Grocery Co. Wholesale Grocers 306-308 N. Los Angeles Sl. Los Angeles, Calif, 51471 5 'I f w i N i 3 X- 1 ' I PFEEZ X X x N EE A FOOD-vital as sunshinewmm I A MOST DELICIOUS ICE CREAM I RICI-I - PURE - VVI-IOLESOIVIE ii +1-.1. Call Your Eavorife Sunfreze Dealer or Phone Keri I62 WESTERN DAIRY PRODUCTS, Inc. I, Marcus Lyttle, bequeathe my power over Women and my collegiate sport model bicycle to Earle Carson. We, Elizabeth Havelind and Eu- lialie Hitzeberg, leave our model as good friends to Frances Harris and Sally Nutt. I, Wilbert Gilliland, bequeath my honorable and antiquated Ford as the first gift to a Glendale High Museum to be founded after my departure. I, Eleanor Adamson, leave one of my dimples to Mr. Edmondson and the other to Mr. Wolfe. ' We, the class as a Whole, leave fond memories of days spent within these walls and of the Wealth of friendships formed during our four short years spent here. We are grateful for the lessons we have learned in Scholar- ship, Sportsmanship, and Service, and we hope that our example will be an inspiration to the oncoming classes. Signed, sealed, published and de- clared by said Class of Winter '31, as and for our last will and testament, in the presence, and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names as attesting witnesses to said instruments. ,.,..,,,,7 Coming Champion. SPORTS St. Louis Homicide Rate Second Highest , ,,,,4 Y, ... TOWN MAYORS MEET MONDAY ON INCINERATOR Qhot time in the old townj ALFONSO REITERATES HE I-IASN'T ABDICATED THRONE fsearch himj H481 STYLUS 1931 H491 1 fi 1 ' L J f L. 1'7" JV VRF, M , U We y Y V AT, q , . 'le i T Winkler s Shoe Stores FOR YOUNG MEN and WOMEN All Shoes Are Priced to Satisfy Winlcler's for Good Shoes I26 NORTH BRAND BOULEVARD Douglas GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA IO9-W DUBIOUS LUXURY Visitor-"Well, Ioe, how do you like your new little sister?" Ioe-g'Oh, she's all right, I guessg but there are a lot of things we needed worse." .YQ-... Professor Nord-"I was just reading about a felow who has been employed in this country for six years and can't speak a word of Englishf' Don Greenlee-HImpossible. What is his employment? Nordie-"I-Ie's a train announcer at the Union stationf, miyi.. Sambo-HWhen I hits a fella he knows it." Rastus-"Big boy, when ah hits a 'SI-Iow old is your grandfather?I' "I donit know, but we have had him a long time." -.,,-, Pastor-"So, God has sent you two more brothers, Dollyf' Dolly Cbrightlyj-4'Yes, and He knows where the money's coming fromg I heard Daddy say so." -qi "And what's your ambition, Bobby PH "I ain't got any. I just want to be a vice-president." FQ., fella, he doesn't know it for a week She was so dumb that she thought after." noodle soup was a kind of shampoo. "Of+en a Dollar Less-Seldom a Penny More" 5 THE FAMOUS DEPARTMENT STORE GLENDALE, catlroamifx LOS ANGELES LONG BEACH l-ligh School Folks Receive Firsl' Consideration risoi Slyle l Complimenls Headquadem l l of ll L al t i M"-NCR CLOTHES 'NC- FORYCUNGMEN Q O . Bilfmore Horel Ed Nrsle I I7 Sourln Brand ' 6 Los Angelesj, , , ,Y Ltizfg, , Prepare NOW for a Better Position Sawyer's New Home oFFers Mosi' Modern Facili+ies for a Mos? Modern Business Training . . . fo fhe Graduares Ambirious young men and women-you who seelc grealer happiness 'rnrouglm success and independence- should llwink now abou+ your furure business and social life. A rlworougli, scienlilically planned business rraining is necessary no mailer wlial your vocarion may be. If you are inleresled in a business career-Sawyer will Jrrain you for a be'Her posifion by ils Small Group ln- slruclion Plan. Free employmenr service. Sawyer graduales placed in posilions. l-liglw School diploma or equivalenl re- quired. Day and niglil classes. l s AW Y E R iii i g L:E.EQ A E SCHGOL or Business .rl ' a+h s+ree+ a+ Flower - Los Angeles H511 Complimenls of Preeman Music Co. Everylhing Published in Music DOMESTIC - FOREIGN 73I-733 S. Grand Ave. Phone VAndiIce IO4I Los Angeles HECTIC HEADLINES Copy on a theatre marquise. MORE MEN FOUND THE DEVIL'S HOLIDAY WEDDED THAN WOMEN ANOTHER FINE MESS Cprobably marry oftenerj fmust have been a swell showj FFT'- 1L1, LEWIS WINS AND DEAD WOMAN LOSES UNION SUIT FACES TRIAL fOh, forgive and forgetj 11,11 FIENDS REUNITE Riverside M. E. Church Plans Home-coming Sunday Qwarm receptionj Qblowing hot and coldj FOR MURDER Tk- NEBRASKA OFFICERS BEST BANK BANDITS Qtestirnonialj 1,1 HOOVER EATS TURKEY LAYS CORNER STONE Qheap big chiefj ff GLENDALE K f X12 X! SCHOOL FOR PRIVATE SECRETARIES Cen+raI Avenue near Broadway I N G L E N D A I. E Secrelarial ' Srenoqraphic ' Adminisiralive INTENSIVE INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION Phone Douglas 3378 52 - - - 4 A In I TI-IE ONE GLENDALE sHowHousE y T THAT FEATURES T I I Land and Pearson, L'rd. I ENTERTAINMENT IN T B M1 d fs F d R d ADDITION TO SERVICE ! 'an V 'G an man O Of' It THE PEOPLE'S THEATRE ! l GLENDALE- CAUT- I I T DouqIas 2793 CapiToI 8I9I I Qiasunuennesonr orGLeNnALe! , A A gg T T ! SI-IOWINGTI-IE CREAM OE ! I I S U ITS I I TI-IE IvIETRO-GOLDWYN- MAYER, PARAMOUNT- PUBLIX, FOX AND PATI-IE CROP-TI-IE I BEST AT POPU- LAR PRICES! NOW S2250 I Father-"F ive dollars! For a date? Good heavens! Why, when I was a boy I never thought of spending a dollar on a girl!" Modern Son-"Yeh, but lam not that kind of a guy." .74471 Prof. Qtaking up quiz paperj- "Why quotation marks on this pa- per? Frosh-nCourtesy to the man on my right, Prof." EE,E- Critic-"What kind of a picture is that?" - Painter-"It's a realistic study of a college man at workf, Critic-"But he isn't doing any work." Painter-S'Well, that's the realismf, ,- 1 Bursting open the door marked "Private," the butcher confronted the local lawyer. "If a dog steals a piece of meat from my shop, is the owner liable?" he asked the man behind the desk. "Certainly," replied the lawyer. "Very well, your dog took a piece of steak, worth a half dollar, about Hve minutes agof' "Indeed,,' he returned, smoothly. "Then if you give me the other half, that will cover my fee." Tissj STYlTUE -1931 51541 Connplimenls of Webb's I H. S.Webb 8: Co. Q I Brand al Wilson Men s Shop I One - Eleven Norllw Brand ig... I I Home of I l GOGD CLOTHES I I Glendale-:sOwn Deparlmenl Slore Douglas CApi+oI DOUQIGS CAPIIOI 6628 Q 8189 A 3200 0 8l89 II Ci W, N MlLTON'S I 3I2 No. Brand , IIO4 E. Colorado -P I 507 W. Colorado Blvd. I-IOME MADE I ICE CREAM and CANDY I I GLENDALE THICK MALTED MILKS '+- Try Our I-lol Fudge Sundaes Douglas 4560 Capllol I44-46 ,, N , ,fe ,,,, ,, C PfeSCf'P+'OnS I Q CHEVY CHASE PHARMACY H '+ I S I' , I 6. W. Argue OSP' a upp les I Chevy Chase and Verdugo Road Everyllllng for The Sick Room I Tel. KEnwood 687 Glendale, Calif. D , FOUNTAIN SERVICE B R 0 W N S I CoMPLErE sroCl4 PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY I WI-IITMAN'S and I-IOFI:MAN'S . A I I CI-IOCOLATES Glendale Professional Buzldlng , 227 Norllm Cenlral Avenue l I Plwone Douglas 6003 . . . Douglas 7272 N551 52-If IE HRM Q1 WI' III s I Q O it ' 'lu av I 75 4 Q 0FL0SPSS WHILE YOU A E YOU O Establish a Bank Connection A Good Bank can be Your Lasting Friend ECURITYFIR ST NATIONAL BANK OF Los ANGELES GLENDALE BRANCH GLENDALE 81 BROADWAY 100 North Brand Blvd. BRANCH at Broadway 700 East Broadway MONTROSE BRANCH 2200 Honolulu Avenue OPPORTUNITY IN A BANK A great many young men, on completing High School, have come into the Security-First National organization, have been paid while learning the elements of banking, and are on the way up the ladder to positions of responsibility, dignity and good pay. If you are choosing a career, it is worth while to consider banking. I E+ - :E I 1561 s T-Y L-U s JAM XXL fi V14 ff -,' A '14 1--1.01-14 l::l:1'F-'1'-1' il! l- -1 .- i- - i- - -1 in -.T 1-1.11.-11---- . . -l 1... - --4-1---1 1 Ea .. - ' 3 -f:.155d2J1S1'JiIlS:i 1,q ..l- .-1 li .1 l--7-4--ui--.-.-- -11 41 - -. .--...-vi--vi 11q--1 11-l---..-l-- -.1-1 l. 1.Ql- --1.--.-.- - 7' win ,Jeff ,..j ,,. .- 'T I A, -A xl, K 1 ' if Al- H581 V .,,. M., ,XB - , xx . X "Always Among Friends? s A, . I 7 , ' , f , , J 6't'i-1-,-kfc ' You Should Find in Every CiIy and Communily A Member of The Nflfivflflf -1 : 0 : Member by Invilrelion 4 Ni One who is pledged To render Ihe besl merchandise and Ihe besl service aI moderaie prices. C129 I L. G. SCCVERN CCQ MORTICIANS 828 Soulh Brand Boulevard Douglas I43-Capifol 8842 GLENDALE, CALIF LOCAL MEMBER BY INVITATION Il59I ATHLETIC GOODS Supply Your Needs In -Lf 'A -A " SPORT and ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT From Our Large Sloclc EIL f"'XTwL:I Q , Z .S I 9, Lu SPECIAL PRICEU TO STUDENTS EOR SCHOOL NEEDS IN THIS LINE X ,, 4 Q O if -2- I I 'Te J ,Q ight 3 lb, L2 lf, fir I . i E- X ,J J is f ' I S1 C X X X t Q I 0 ' 9 e We Are Glendale Agenfs for Spalding and OIITer Popular Makes ,GOLF CLUBS TENNIS RACKETS I I FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT eUNS - ANIN1UNITIoN and FISI-IIN6 TACKLE WE RE-STRING TENNIS RACKETS L 9 PrompT Service ancl Worlc X N TlIa+ Will Please You ' Cornwell 8: Kelty HARDWARE - SPORTING GOODS I I5 So. Brand Phone Douglas 404 T160 I I H PP P H SCHOOL SUPPLIES Blue Boncl and Chancellor Composition and Note Boolcs Westminster and Century Binders FOUNTAIN PENS :he Swan line of Swallows, SI.75 - The Regular Swans Jr S3 50 and the Eternal line at 55, 57, and IO l 0 O H. S. Crocker Co., lnc STATIONERS - ENGRAVERS - PRINTERS 258-260 Souih Los Angeles Sireef, Los Angeles I25 Wesi' Broadway in Long Beach SAN FRANCISCO 1 FRESNO f SACRAMENTO Talent without enthusiasm is like an automobile without gas-its pro- pelling force is shot. ,AT Landlady-HI think you had better board elsewheref' Ledger-"Yes, I often hadf' Landlady-"Often had what?" Lodger-"Better board elsewherefi C-,O- The crowd roared as he started straight down the Held. Everyone was behind him, not a man was be- fore him! A clear Held! Only a few more yards to the goal line-would he make it? Behind him he could hear the drumming feet. Another yard-just one more-ah! there it goesl Thank heaven. He continued to swing his stick as he led the band over the line. l 161 1 Your Patronage as Made Qur Progress Possible We hope ihai our iheaires have coniribuied iheir full share ol enieriainmenl and pleasure io ihe siudenis of C-3IendaIe's High Schools, and ihai ihose who are finishing school +his year will reiain pleasanl memories of hours speni wiih us. Ii is our honesl endeavor +o preseni only Jrhe besi, cleanesi piciures and by courieous Jrreaimeni, refined and comioriable surroundings, io merii lhe palronage of all GIendale's High School siudenis and iaculiy. OWNER where You Saw: .:...::. is , eLENDALE's Lincoln NEWEST ' els and Devil 'I-0 ay nuuuu shin sninunnvuanvanumnnziiiiirim FINEST R h' I: Ih encoglg or e G. L. SMITH, House Manager THEATRE Kiki Ciiy Lighis The Millionaire Always preseniing firsf run piclures from Uniied Arfisis, Eirsf Naiional, Warner Bros., RKO, Paihe, Columbia, Tiffany and Universal. Laiesi Sound News and selecled Shori Subiecls. RememberThese: C WW THE PLACE I WIWOOPSQI yn WHERE You Ma If il-Ove ALWAYS FEEL a+ a UUUGLAS SSH lllNDZ!l.lXlNUTON Du Barry D M Huswxw H M 4 C nd . . , ouse anager g M fr X. Ls? ,' f , D Fouble Check Firsi Run ieaiures from Universal, Columbia, RKOI Warner racu Q, Bros,, Eirsl Nafional and Tiilany Sludios. Laiesi releasei in CIMBITOFI Viiaphone Varieiies, Animaied Carioons and Sound News. V And These? m......, MOST Easi' Is Wesi ' I , POPULAR The Gorilla K,-Hsxrne FAMILY EO-IIE-FEE CSVGFS nouuu au: :nun I wmuson MOVIE HOUSE lVel'S n HERBERT G. SEIEERT, House Manager ' f fa, 02.9.1-2+f0I fv . f gqgmo The besi piciures ai popular prices from all The-biggesi onny siudios-shown wiihin a shori lime aiier downiown iirsf runs. B6Cl"lel0l' Aparimenl Specializing in high class enieriainmenl, ALWAYS GOOD CLEAN ENTERTAINMENT PICK OF THE PICTURES AT POPULAR PRICES 4 I' 162 il umnuck Svrbuuls Summer Session Extraordinary HIGH SCHOOL Two six-week sessions. Two compleie uniis can be earned in accrediied classes. The summer courses in Cumnoclc High School will allow a siu- deni Io Ialce Iwo subiecis beiween ihe hours oi 8:30 in Ihe morning and I2:3O p. m. Each class will be conducied iwo hours daily, live days a week. The amounl of credii Thai can be earned during each six-week session is Iwo hall uniis. Sludenis may enroll for eiiher session or boih. JUNIOR COLLEGE Regular Session. A compleie quarier, or one-'Ihird of a year. Siudenis whose high school program has noi been eniirely rec- ommended are eligible Io admission and may be iransferred Io Ihe upper division of ihe universiiies alier compleiing Iwo years of worlc, provided Their scholarship has been saiisiaclory. COACHING CLASSES AII Summer. Preparalion for college examina'I'ions, Wes'I' PoinI', Annapolis and Air Service. ln Jrhese classes siudenls may progress as rapidly as Iheir abiliiy and diligence permii. ln general, Twice as much ground can be covered as in regular class work. Q 5353 Wes+ Third SI'ree+ Los Angeles, California ORegon II38 In ms 1 , J 'wgfigg A14 AuToGRg ,,f ,r fm 5223 V f ggff CK xx 1 I I I x My i j9 W?MjifW WM Wd' - ,f A " JR i , ,WWW ,f U ILO! if' Y . ff I1641 Compliments ot DODGE, Inc. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS 860 South Flower Street Los Angeles Telephone VAndilce 9747 TROPI-IIES - CLASS RINGS - PINS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS THE NEW STENOGRAPHER I have a new stenographer. She came to work today. She told me that she wrote the Gra- ham System. Two hundred words a minute seemed to her, she said, like play, And word for word at that-she never missed 'em. I gave her some dictation-a letter to a man- And this, as I remember it, was how the letter ran: "Dear sir: I have your favor, and in reply would state That I accept the offer in yours of re- Can I afford to think of your free lance proposition. I shall begin tomorrow to turn the matter out. The copy should be ready by August 10th, about. Material of this nature should not be rushed unduly. Thanking you for the favor, I am yours trulyf, She took it down in shorthand with apparent ease and grace- She didn't call me back all in a Hurry. Thought I, "At last I have a girl worth keeping ,round the place!" Then said, "Now write it out. You cent date. neednlt hurryf' I wish to say, however, that under no The Remington she tackled. Now condition and then she struck a key. SWEENEY'S GLENDALE PHARMACY Southwest Corner Glendale Avenue and East Broadway A Friendly Store where your patronage is sought for and appreciated EXCELLENT FOUNTAIN DRINKS rissj STYLUS 1931 H661 - - . -T. . Printing . . . ' Jem C' Nofhing Jroo large . . . Nofhinq foo small . . . . We cordially invite Ihe sfudenf Q l 3 bod of Glendale and Hoover High I Schools To come in-ride and drive I +he new Ford. Pep, Speed, Power. 5 New Beauty for Ihe New Ford. , T S T I L L M A N -P PRINTING Jesse E. Smilh Co. COMPANY A+ Your Service '39 Norlll Maryland T :To EAST ELK STREET Douglas 80 - Phone - Douglas 432 ...OLympia 2988 l ,, And after thirty minutes this is what she handed me: 'iDear sir, I have the feever and in a pile i sit And I except the favor as you have rea- soned it. I wish to see, however, that under any condition Can i for to think of a free lunch proposition. I shall be in tomorrow to turn your mother out, The cap will be red and will cost Ten, about. Material of this nation should not rust. N. Dooley. Thinking you for the feever, I am yours very trulylw From Ou! ,the Current. WILLIAM FREDERICK KIRK. cc How was your blind date F" "Well, she wasnlt exactly beautiful and didnlt have a very smooth line and her gown wasn't so hot, but boy, could she dance!" 77,4.. Complete characterization Cand damnationj: She was the kind of girl who keeps letters. ee, ee A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.-Kipling. em, ..., - "Really, Bill, your argument with your wife last night was most amus- ing." '4Wasn't it though? And when she threw the axe at me I thought I'd split." 11671 BETTY Her name was Betty and she was very beautiful. Everyone agreed that she was quite the prettiest girl ever born, to say nothing of the sweetest in the world. She was fair as the sky in Iune. The gold of her hair rivaled a western sunset, her eyes were twin pools of loveliness, her lips were like tiny rose-petals, her diminutive hands and feet were adorable, her bearing was queenly. She was literally the toast of thousands. Every saccharine superlative of feminine perfection was exhausted on her radiance. She was the cause of more broken-hearted blues than you could shake a stick at, for she would have made countless vine- covered cottages into earthly heavens. Betty was too wonderful to be true. In fact, she wasn't true, because Betty was only a Theme Song Girl. i l Westinghouse RADIO T I I Il 42 25 ll ' 3 l 0 I 1 3 ' 0 , ! , i ill Y l lr ' '55 , Q if : i 2 l if ' : "" 7'-1:-uqnggfll la The Greafesl Radio for Distance ever built sis lil ,af l yyaaaagiamgfa . A GLENDALE I54 SOUTH BRAND BOULEVARD l l GLENDALE, CALIF. ll 6 REASURE TIIE l GLENPALES GIFT SHOP 22.12 NB? BI7d DOT5I5 9098 GLENDALE .CAIN STYLE SHOP wvmmxwwf'gApn"' MARGARET WAGNER 221 No. Brand Blvd. Douglas 5634 G-LENDALEICALIF. l Speaking of depressions, we're al- ways under the weather in Indiana. . E, E Visitor Qlooking over fraternity housej: HDon't you know roller tow- els are against the law?" Brother: "Yes, but that one was put up before the law was passed." YE, .-. I aimed for an A, I wanted a Bg I prayed that I'd pass, But-she gave me a D. ,,, W4 Mr. Edmondson: A catalytic agent is something which aids in the com- pletion of a reaction without taking active part in the reaction itself. Now, will someone give an example? 8l DRY GOODS SHOES NOTIONS J. C. Penney Co. LATEST CREATIONS . . .in . . . COATS and DRESSES MCCALL EXCELLA PATTERNS 209-II Norl'l1 Brand PATTERNS Cleaning - Dyeing Molhproofing E SHOP 1 Doug. 5523 I46 S. Brand Blvd I A If ' g- wi. i l ' GLENDALE i ' ZOO Easl Broadway Ag+, for Royal Siandard No. IO and all Phone Douglas I55 makes pgrfablel i All rnalces sold, renled and re aired i+1 Full line of supplies p SHEAEEER and PARKER 2995 Glendale Blvd' Adding Machines and Office Phone OLympia 2I4l E . quipmenl Wwfwwn VV,, , Q, , s oao Da oas..s- ' U AUNDIQ 2, iz. Xi' I Q A -1 iv ..5d -an . 6 95 R on A 95 c - E A as R c i Any Car Washed li in I5 Minufes 727 Soulh Brand Aufo Laundry f 169 i Glendale Florist Cul Flowers ol Oualily lor Every Occasion OFFICIAL TELEGRAPI-I FLORIST l28 Soulh Brand Blvd. Phone DOugIas ll55 "On lhe Walch for TO SAVE YOUR SOLE X! Business" SEE I ,QQ I I fs mo. F. MICHELS lle l r . TYCK - .:.., A Q egw SHOE RE-BOTTOMING SHOP 'XX jk fa Specializing in il , Orlhopedic and Arch Supporl Worlc - Shine IOC Douglas 28I9 I Phone Douglas 89l6 ZZIVQ NORTH BRAND BLvD. GLENDALE, CAHF. I35 S. Brand Blvd. Glendale, Calil. . Z I S.- -- .. ,... .-... . . ,-.. ....., 'l- nn-.. . , Congralulalions +o Classes of I93I I E- P- BECK M- M- BECK H. H. H. s. a e. U. H. s. Phone Doug- '634 Glendale Small Animal SYSTEM DYE WORKS Hospilal I For and Boarding Kennels Dr, G. W. Blanche 83I lvlillord Slreel Phone Douglas 2099 GLENDALE, CALIF. Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing, Repairing, Relining, Plealing Il2 W. Broadway Glendale, Calif. Glendale Crystal lce Co. IOO per cen'I' locally owned and operaled inslilulion, lhe pioneer manulaclurer and dislribulor ol ice in lhis vicinily Walch for lhe Yellow Truck! I I26 Easl Wilson Glendale Phone, DOuglas I47 Los Angeles, CApiI'ol 805I H701 Club Pins Designed and Ivlanufaclured by .l.A. Meyers 8: Co. 822 Soulh Flower Los Angeles Calif. K D GORHAM SILVER GRUEN WATCHES BLUE WHITE DIAMONDS Phone Douglas 647 E. COKER 81 CO. PLUMBING AND HEATING REFRIGERATION SERVICE SEWER SERVICE 2I5 Soulh Brand Boulevard We Wanl You Io Enioy The Beauly of Our Pholo Finishings. Wilh Your Firsl Kodak Finishing Order We Will Include Free of Charge One 8" Enlargernenl from Your Favorile Film. Casa Verdugo Pharmac James W. Kennerley, Ph.G. Y II6O Norfh Cenfral Ave., Glendale, Cal. Maud Payne Hal' Shop Compcilmenls "HATS TI-IAT PLEASE" HOSIERY and UNDERWEAR DESIGNING - REPRODUCING SPECIALISTS REIVIODELING I I Doug. 8593 3IO N. Brand Blvd. I26 Sou+h Brand Glendale Theafre Building mn '-Englanh Elhxrniturv Gln. Your Neighbor Has FurniI'ure from "New Englanclu 3I5 Norfh Brand Douglas I822 I 71 Cornplimenis of Sioller Drug Company The Fas+es'r Growing Drug Sfore in Glendale PROMPT FREE DELIVERY ALL OVER GLENDALE ANYWHERE-ANY TIME One Sfore l024 Easf Colorado Douglas 2434 L. A. Exchange, Cfxpifol 4l72 i House and Garden Frock Shop 3I6 NO. BRAND BLVD. Sunshine Fashion Sporiswear Counfry Club Business or Paiio Frocks Silks and Washable Dresses Ladies' sizes I4 To 44 Junior Dresses ll 'ro I7 years Kenwood IO42W Mrs. Jos L. Funk N, E F. M I -fb I Y gg - 7 - - 77 America s F mast milk x A rs il' N I .R 2 I , A., If ' ff ' ' l 'I i l ' I 'L f i QQ ' ji-'lx g , :X V.,-:L,t?v! :v! N is Q it i is 'ii il - fi , iii -LII, Phone Douglas SI44 I - -1-,.,., E-, ew-fc - "" I .s s.-.L--. L ss .,,.LE. SPORTING CHILDRENS eooos VEHICLES DICK DOE Pa n+s Sfore Biggesi Line in Soulhern California I 23 Souih Brand GLENDALE PFEIFERS BICYCLE SHOP New and Used BICYCLES REPAIRING SUPPLIES Douglas 5l42 220 Souih Brand I 172 Phone Douglas I97 Central Pharmacy Los Feliz a+ Cenlral F. B. Clark GLENDALE, CALIF. I Kenwood 56 Where Beauly Is an Ari' Bob's Beau'I'y and Barber Shop Bos KEATS, Prop. LADIES' and CHILDREN'S HAIR CUTTING A SPECIALTY 2IO E. Broadway Glendale STEWART'S Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing, Repairing, Allering STRAW AND FELT HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED I I5B Norlh Cenlral Ave. Phone Douglas 4764 I I Douglas 2835IVl WM. W. ANDREWS General Insurance 465 W. Ivlillord Glendale California GLEN INNi I 52 SOUTH BRAND Cafe and Founlain l Good Food - Popular Prices I SODA FOUNTAIN DRINKS AND I SUNDAES I "A STEP AHEAD" For Books, Eine Sfarionery General School Supplies .zxf fpl milve ,iNw, .iff-ic? Q ,fzef o17J1Qwe , ' BOOKS and OFFICE SUPPLIESN I IIN Pearl I 24I N. Brand Blvd. Doug. 452I Riding Boo+s, Habi+s, Golf Togs and Sporrs C oI'hes Q For Men, Women and Children lgsglgiid 2534551 if WHOLESALE Prices fo You Riding Pu Plus a small service charge Pools 5, A1 . . ,ghkmHWMQ.,,,,, Mail Orders Promprly Filled Women 3. .'m- XML.: V .,,,m. STANDARD MERCANTILE 333 P39235 Company, Inc. 514,50 753 Sourh Los Angeles S+. IBe'I'ween 7+I1 and 8'rhI TUcIxer 3022 Free Parlring Nexl' Door A Visii Io Slandard Mercanfile Co. will save you a Irip fo London 51731 x I ,I I I ir CO Ii of Complimenis of Ex '5 H. S.WebbaC0 M 1 I1 BRAND AT WILSON s op ' D uglas 3200 N L EN cAp+OI em orne of I-I I I GOOD CLOTHES '23 Glenclale's Own Deparimenl Slore H. B. MILLER STUDIOS Official Phofographs for The Scroll Best Wishes to the Class of '31 Por+rai+s Commercial Work I5 Years in Glendale lNex+ D IO3V2 Soufh Brand oor Io Bank ol Americal Phone Douglas I462 H741 X Compliments oi Glendale Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co. l "Qualify Work" I , Phones: i Doug. I63O Bur. 2I2 Ca. 8095 Sun. i592 Laurel l36O 3 l BOOST SOUTH BEND! "Why didn't you import a girl for the Ball?" 5'Too much civic prideg I always use local productsf' O,1,.71 Women are never what you expect them to be. -Arthur Brisbane. i The mere ihoughi of saving money should suggest- i Merrillis i I DOLLAR sToRE 1 109 North Brand l All Modern Methods oi I Permaneni Waving l Palace Grand Beauiy Shop i Specializing in Modern Hair Curling A. S. KELL i Phone Douglas 2494 I33 North Brand Glendale Calif i 'iWait a minute, Hector, I want to hear the end of the one about the two Scotchmenf' ee,O- Politician: L'Congratulate me, dear- est, I got the nominationf' Wifie: "Honestly ln Politician: "Why must you bring that up PN-Bison. "It's the little things in life that tell," said the sweet co-ed, as she yanked the kid brother from under the sofa. I I Announcing 44 ff I 1 The opening oi a new CLOTHES SHOP For High and College Men Compleie Stocks oi Nationally Known Makes I ar These Feature Prices y S25 535 S40 Robinsons,lnc. I I l2I SO BRAND H751 ll 2 If of . M g if INS ali 6 M 8 South Brand WI Ii It Dear Kids- You are approaching a time when you will thinlc, atter all, you have not learned much. Then you can open a "Store" and probably succeed. DESIGNERS and ' ' ' PICTORIAL PAINTERS Wllllams Dry Goods 1 Store Phone Douglas 868 IO3 N. Brand Blvd. ODE EIO 12 GIRL I followed her ,tmp 6 Along the lane. I met a girl Upon the street. I thought the girl Looked mighty sweet. I I Antistroplzc The pangs of love ' Shot through my brain. C alaszfroplze 'N I love blondes the best. li She turned. Alas! Alackl Her face was dark. In fact, 'twas black! A I, L I WOODSON'S Photo Cratt Shop odak Finishing, Picture Framing, ' Greeting Cards, Calitornia Views my NORTH BRAND Phone Douglas 3644 Brake and Ig nition Specialists WILSON BROS. Automotive Engineers Special Attention Given to Reboring BILL WILSON 341 West Colorado St. Glendale, Calit. fi The Artt Beauty Shoppe and Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Bourget, Props. Phone Douglas 6600 Rose Pannebalcer Ada Marie Shoppe Specializing in Wash Eroclcs Distinctive But Not Expensive , Specializing in Ladies' Hair Cutting Finger Waving and Marcelling l Douglas 8lI5 I33 NO. BRAND BLVD. IIIO NORTH PACIFIC AVENUE Jenson Arcade Glendale, Calit. H761 VM l J , L ig Lf! If ' f Lb! pjfjj ,f El 2 f" .43 K I I b - , wb 1, M 4 x Q . ,, ' ,Q kv ,N fi X f J' J 'T ffsif P , 7 1 N JQfwjfQ!ycLffff' L'V'f fe 'Q' ' of X X if ' !! V ,.:, ,- ,,f 'x, we ee OUR covER if A Were Manufacfured by AJ! WEBER-MCCREA COMPANY flncorporafed, 42I Easi' Sixfh S+ree'r Los Angeles. Calif. pjwafvwfewew 1. OC we fwfwjyogiiifv wg 70.52- GQ. 51771 , l.4 .X if f--f ,rf Kpfggv 1 vyvyw - QF" ,XX itll' 1' iff x . .. 1' - H f B' 'Vfiy 5c fir' ELECTRICAL of SUNSHINE SYSTEM S E R V l C E INN Where fhe Sfuclenfs Eal' XX X 1' I I - . IMNIUT , l-larnbur ers 5c-lOc Home Made Chili T ' www" I' Piesq Ice Cream Drinks Ml XS -Q 2 7, ELECTRIC COMPANY Conlracling 1 Fixlures Appliances 1 Repairing lvlolors 1 Ranges i+l 636 EAST BROADWAY Kenwood 202 Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Dunbar I03 Wes'I' Broadway DE LUXE BOX LUNCH Caierers Lunches 8: Sandwiches For Schools, Picnics, Real Esfale and all olher occasions Phone ADams 8048 CApil'ol 4326 l62 E. Vernon Los Angeles D Tl-lOROUGHMAN'S S Real I-lonne Made DRY eooos CANDIES .i+i. Cenlral and Sloclier SAI-TED NUTS GLENDALE CALIFORNIA All Kinds Roasled Daily .if- LAUDERDALE'S l-IIGI-l GRADE COFFEE Roasled Daily K+, l I PEANUT BUTTER Peanuls Roaslecl Daily and Ground While You Wail l I7-l I9 'TTT N. B cl Bl cl. ran V I34 Norlh Brand Douglas l683-84 Phone Douglas 423 Glendale 51781 xl S VH QL Y Good Prinfing Is a Good lnve-sTmen+ Superior Printing Co. emo Em Broadway gi RQ, Ooposife CHYHQH 5 D gl 1966 A XAQSW AA Aj, N5 XT, q Y: 'I 1 XLQN SX J .CALIE NIA'S, , XXQX- xt v " Eff 3 'QLEAQDQSIG BUTCHERH J Ex Y AX XI SUPPLY Monza scHooL A S5 if 5 AQAFETERIAS THAN ANY ' my A AYY oTHEP BUTCHER g y P X QTHERE IS A REASON lx XV X XA . N S Q? X- X :J . '- N wo X 43 Al.gENe HYQTEL SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. X35 Q YT WHOLESALE ONLY ISI NOFH1 Los Angeles S+re-ei' TR +y 469i y 179 1 V , V ww - A 'qv V 5 fl f "'N Wojgw Jn, X 5 BM WQMW ff N J UQQ AgE?GRAPHgM JWW , ' Lj!y"Q ji W j W W , f . HAR H ,y0'qQ A 2,gfffW? ig' Oy V X Jim Q, if fff NJA X7 gg - - JJ X N. i fx Lf. Xj vc, L,iji,ggfiggg-,XXX- XJ K r -,X V ywg ' A , , I Gfcyb ' 9,56 45 N f QUAD 'P Qfibxf wg ik ff X xiwb YK , f ' Fojfvlpfbw 3 A U we S 1333155 if rf, fs xii ,fy iw' . KX N .fb 8159 Mfg' as REQ A muff wg v W .-,- F ff, A P ,LAI A .sf .TTS I '14, -fd' I if 'RYV j K 'A , I I fy- I 6 1-f Fl fl 'i I P' as ,1f"fi , i fa M LJ.. i I I fy I ,thiefgirl of your dreams has re- ! .5 I, ,J ' it ained cold to you there is one sure KLA lv' 'if - V I way of warming her affections. Re- XCI member that she is dressing herself so I- that she looks lovely to you. Tell her hz how well she succeeds. Send her How- ers. 'STO the loveliest bud in my gar- X den of love.", Bring her candy. "Sweets for the sweet." Take her to - , the best dances. 'gHer sweet voice is M I music to your heart." Take har to the K I best theatres. "Her loveliness shines R V out even in the darkened theatres." 'TOO V Send her jewelry. 'fShe is the only 'Og ,K R - EN --' gem you desiref, ba, 6 I-P ' If she still remains cold to you, and ' 4- you are willing to do all this, call me My K upsometime. - . Tj' I W V I if I I 3 , - 1 , , A N ,,,7 ' Sv! i B ii 1 'gt r a room Q5 ap . . . I . Exhibition Ballroom li Stage Dancing NTAPIMIKIING Direction Mr. and Mrs. Jules Swart BALLET DANCING DEPARTMENT Direction Miss Marie Louise Brown i Mrs. Jules Swart, Accompanist Miss Betty I-Iagood, Assistant Aecompanist l ..+i "GLENDALE FOLLIES OF I93 I " IAnnuaI performance with cast ot I25I To be given Friday and Saturday Evenings, June I2 and I3, at 8:I5 in the Broadway High School Auditorium ' l General I Tickets Admission on sale at Fitty Cents Studio I ,Qi if... Summer Season Miss May Cavett Opens July I5 Secretary I I7 S. Kenwood DO. 79I Studio Ballroom 1 ...W I 51311 . f ,- il I - ,Y Vw. W 2 eiydlw I' ,. 1 xx f TAM ,lx . fl , 1' i f xiii TA If n t , 51 ff' V I 1 avxg' 75 - P AI X Unclivided ResponsibiIi+y ComplimenTs of ICYCLAIR, Inc. Every I Club Manuiadurers of SCITOOI RIVWQ sie BEAR FROZEN PRODUCTS Ivledal and Trophy I Graduaion I 2408-io-I2 Glendale Blvd., L. A. il y AnnounCemen+ I I Normandy lm, s Q l I-is made in our T T I Own faoikory 7 T Xlplf ,ICM THEMODEL i a Ornia n us ry ,Ki Founded I9I2 GROCERY CO' N I 250 E. Colorado ST., Pasadena XX H is nofed for I-IE T. v. ALLEN Co. U , H 'O SCHOCL JEWELERS f+oflfi2l2?S 'Tiff and STATIONERS P ' 1 8IO-I6 Maple Ave. Los Angeles I I Phone Colorado 26II I 1 . , I , I . I gg , 1 . PETE'S BARBER 8: BEAUTY USC T SHOP I I K N U E N S I SPECIALIZING IN SERVICE TO I-IIGI-I , SCHOOL GIRLS AND BOYS Cheese I Permanenf Waving, Finger Waving and Individual Hair Shaping and M'7 N 237 S. Brand Blvd. Phone DO. 6909 f C I .II . A. C. PETERS, Prop. C I A V X ..-L V1 Jil' 'fi' I R Niz SUMMER CAMP . I JUNE I9 - SEPTEMBER I U . AT ngo Canyon-"Where Ivlounlrain Ivleelrs The Sea" J ' I Q- BOYS - Separafe Camps - GIRLS if irnrning, I-Iilcing, Riding, Fishing, Boxing, Baseball, FOoTbalI U.: MOun+ain Trips, Beach Parfies, Yachfing, Experi' Supervision gl, A 540.00 per monfh-no exfras ' . FST., EREE-ONE MONTH'S VACATION TO LUCKY WINNER Call HEmps+eacI 7536 HOLLYWOOD PRIVATE SCHOOL 7677 Sunsei Blvd. Boarding and Day School 51823 Ayr f , 7 -nf, W 4 Q ff IL f fwfwhlffh JZLQL 1, ,A .4f'D f 1 ,, i , fm f STYLUS 1931 l-li-1 .l.. .1- illii ,,?,, ,.-.4 Ax' fi ' rf I 183 F , , b 1j t W X 4 ff 5 05501 " f , f CM ,A ,f " R S A -J -5??4'- DQWZSV x 4C9f?gf'Af. EMA QM. 'H 523 25' QQQQ gm- QM, 'QMMQQ4 fyfffdwiic Qa533"- N ' 61 F Q2 WM' EN Eifxiz Kg! 'QS1y' ' ' v 3 'f Q? wwf ' ff M W aff 1 x 4 ' " A 2 , N yr' 'ff X-'xx x 'PE 1 yi Q F7 4 V, ' . ,v' gf, . ' x 1 , ' N ' RX X N 5 5 , V I ' wif x I A A-H", W ' XLR In .f N 'fsf V in ' A mx -. , 5 N.. XJ wwf-74 If +L' HMM? " f vw J fgfahgfd 4 'V X 1 H ' if I I mf' FWf?Q,Q? XB ff? H841 QR fw L ffm L., ,YA. , , , , . , K - --1 V FH 'IHS-,VV 'Y "5"'Nff H "nv V ans ' A. 'V1' : " Q2 ' Vw j ""' F - V . 'ww "f 2 -'A'fwV1ufg'.,j V V'-2,52 2-.w.-,Tm 2' -f ' f 2 1 N u, 4 ,' ' 'tv nj- A --2' 'V V ' Q4 'f3 ,,,.1' -5-.-' ,A-Vg, iv V. 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Suggestions in the Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) collection:

Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


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Glendale High School - Stylus Yearbook (Glendale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


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