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QW, k fy fi' f?i ff .. H' V W. ci V K I ,KKMK 4 t"1 W, iv L my ,LL vw! fy jul if J qxxw p f W.W,, gl Aww Xu f su 14,5 xxx 4f""',ff Q-M V 5 J X , L V "Ax, 'Eli rl Fiji' x , t I fx, J 'Q x .wx . . X 1 X N S -3 5 1. K N ex KS -L x Q " X w X N .L . X jx M- X :rg H YR I ,jfx,Lk. Q sf T3 Xxx X x , "N N V. 1 1 0, 1 Pi, fi, ' F-in-T'-' 1 4. mb!--7 V- sawn' f 1 Q I. ,f - .1-1n4..a.' fy . .viw .1:.fv'!"'V"',..'. .v" I l S I 'a - I 1 A I M- ,,, !f'-1,4 . ig. N:2,z.-f V if-aw' ' -I ' V" IL' .1 ,,-fn-fy-ll M- . -pu L, Za as ,q,,i 1 . Y . , . , I. 1 n.-- v 1 A ..-.1 Aff' ,- .. A, 1. I S A -- .-1' . A . I " f!"5v"-ffkf, .4-lm--' W -'wr' ,1 '- O - or, V ,wx :jx Q if X .- ?,. -'f fx ,.' - , H ki , FX' Cp, , Y C AN' ' 71- , - 4 V 'V f". , fp -1 . 4 If , C C N ff f- 7 'iff X f ff M f X ff f J ff!!! ,Z of Il f X ,X 7 yff XV' X iff J 1 if if -'ffl ff fA's,f f ,ul l"7' 'f?f, -I ' ' X 17:35 ' ' 'J 'p . ffjfl f . 'uf . '94 D , -1 - W 1 1 1 iff S Y X S x .. . ,-1 f ' 'f 4' ffl 1-, ff '- -'f'-ftfnrilil I -. 1 . , . ,Xi X .,,- . X xx , , 4 ' A--L 41 - . , , , f fx .Au ion, -Q :.-. ' Vanta me A - . Again we open the pages of our annual "Pirate Log" to note what the staff has done for us and to us. Throughout this book we hope to portray a successful year at Glen- dale High School. Many problems have been solved, many new plans have been laid for the progress of the school and the student body. 6 mr? fwo gr ig! To M1ssFlorcnceJohnson andlwlrs Elma Arch ambcau whose rnterests have been rn the rm provement of our lrx es Durrng therr many wears ofteachrng rn the Glendale Publrc. Schools they have been an rntegral part of Glendale s frromh and development Therracademrc lnstrucuon and leaderslup as well as therr rnterest rn teachrng democracy have created for them a posrtron of respect and admr rauon by rndrxrduals rn all walks of lrfe . ,241 ,"7?-n -4 W . it M ,Z --f' H av. ', emi .- ' . , " lv 1 "W ' www ,Y ,.-"':'?w4' ,gg ,I mm , . 'LQ . , 4, , - 9 " 1 1 27- 2 ' x' ,V ,Ci ll WU j6'g,pQ:5jN?fLf M ' 35' A' A ? p glil new , , ., - l-4iw'pWf"' I . , f5",,hf,f 'E' A ifixyl' .iff fl , ., X Q N 'uni N-"" HEAV "'-vw, Gunn ,MH M0110 Charlotte Redfield served as Treasurer Jean Fachet, Secretary Jess Munyon, Sergeant at Arms, Wes Young, Vlce President, and Bill Mullarkey as senior Class President LLOYD CLARK He went away with a flea 1 ear Varslty Football 2,3 JV 2 Track 3 Band 1 2,3 4 JV Basketball 1 Freshman Baske tball 1 School's out! School's out! No more school, no more books,no more teacher's dirty looks! For some of the class of 1958, their reading, writing and 'rith - metic have ceasedg others will continue their strive for knowledge in this wide, wide world. This year's seniors have participated in the student government and have added enthusiasm to school ac - tivities. Sponsoring the annual Amateur Hour was the senior's most important activity of the year. There was an abundance of entertainment which provided the responsive audiencemith a full evening of enjoy' nent Graduation day comes much too soon to the grad uate Remrnrscing brings tears and happy memories of our past twelve years of activities and hard work With diploma in hand we are ready to begin a new era of our life LENORE SMITH RONALD NACE days I am the darling that mashed il-i Romeo GAA l,2,3,4, Pep Club 1,2 Jr Class Play Paper Staff 3 Mlxed Chorus 4 6 For you and I are past our dancing Band 1 2,3 4 Mixed Chonrs 3 4 'N-15 BEVERLY COX "I do not want to be a fly!" Pep Club l,2,3,45 Secretary5 Treasurer5 Presi- dent5CAA l,2,3,45 Tournament Manager5 Vice President5 Secretary of Sophomore and Junior Classes5 Co-editor of School Paper 35 Jr. Class Play5 Girls' Chorus5 Music 15 Student Body5 Secretary 45 Cheerleader 4. JESSIE MUNYON "I's wicked--I is. I's mighty wicked, anyhow I can't help it." Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 15253545 Track l,2, 35 Band 35 Wrestling 1,25 Baseball l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 School Paper5 Student Coun- cil 2,35 Freshman Class Vice President, Sophomore Class President5 Sergeant of Arms, Senior Class5 Jr. Class Play. DORSEY GREENE "Circumstances over which I have no control." Band 45 Mixed Chorus 4. i V I 'CT' LINDA HUMPHREY S "I am a mouse, stir- ring." GAA 15253545 Pep Club CHARLOTTE REDFIELD "What will Mr. Yoder say? What will Mr. Yoder think?" Band lg CAA l,2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3545 Senior Class Treasurer5 Jr. Class Play5 Tournament Manager of GAA 35 Sec. Treasurer of Pep ' Club 45 President of Pep Club 35 Flag Twirler 3,45 Annual Staff 1,35 Paper Staff 3, Music l. 1,2545 Jr. Class Play5 Student Body Repre- sentative for Pep Club. KEN CLARK H "In the brave days when I was twenty-one. X Football 35 Band 25 Mixed Chorus 3. 271 ?fmJ to-wud! PAULETTE CARR "I smell a rat." Secretary of Freshman Classg Sec. Treasurer of GAA 35 GAA 2,33 Flag Tx-.irler 3,43 Pep Club 15 Jr. Class Play. TROY REYNOLDS "How pleasant is Saturday night, when l've tried all the week to be good." Band lg Lettermans Club l,2,3,-45 Secretary 45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,-45 Basketball 33 Track 39 Freshman Class Presidentg Sophomore Treasurerg Junior Vice President of Student Bodyg Senior President of Student Bodyg Boys' State Senator. ROSE MARY WOOD "Men should be what they seem." GAA l,2,3,-15 Pep Club 2.3,-15 Mixed Chorus 3: Football Homecoming Queen 25 Cheerleader 2, 35 Cheer Queen 43 CAA President -15 Umpqua Valley League Secretary 4gBand l,2,35 Co- Business Manager of Annual -19 Paper Staff 3,45 Jr. Class Play. is 'B' XMB 'bu- JF, -.N F,XC.Hl:T "l am just going to leap into the dark." GAA l,2,3,-1, Pep Club l,Z,-15 Jr. Class Play. Secretary uf Senior Class. Treasurer of Student Body -1. Ctr-t-dirtir tit' School Paper 3g Music 1. CS Ne' 4 , , . ., ,hh X , 3 gg V JIM FOSTER "How easily murder is discovered' Mixed Chorus 4. DAVID KILMER "I have not so much brain as ear-wax." Jr. Class Playg Letter- ketball Mgr. lg Baseball 21 Wrestling 4. X mans' Club l,2,3,45 Bas- MARY WEEKS "The kiss you take is better than you give." Paper Staff 3. WES YOUNG "Shoot, if you must, this old grey head." Lettermans' Club l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,4, Track 1,33 Basketball 2,3,-4, dent of Senior Class. BEVERLY STRAND "An appetite, a feeling and a love." GAA l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 45 Jr. Class Play, School Paper 4. 1 fff. .Q Jlitff I hags! 60 13 SALLY JOHNS Social Chairman of Student Body 3, Vice Presi- lv ' BOB BROWN "How now, you secret, black, and midnight ll Mixed Chorus 4, Wrestling 2,4. LEE ROY MOSCHKAU "Look for me in the nurseries of Heaven." Football 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Band l,2,33 Jr. Class Play 3. "How well I feathered my nest." GAA l,2,3, Pep Club 1,25 Jr. Class Play, Girls' Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus l. f77,wa.x E' Ld z,u'QL lviERRY FOX "Oh, to be in England." Band l,2,3,4, Girls' Chorus 2, Feature Editor of School Paper 3, Jr. Class Play. fi X I JOYCE KILLLAIN "Off with his head! " Girls' Glee Club 4. TOM MUNYON "Woman, the creature of the hour." Track 3, Basketball 1,-1, Band 2,3,-4, Mixed Chorus 4, Baseball l,2. DON MONFILS TOM MEHL "1'm no angel." Lctrcrniaiis' Club 3,45 Football 3,-1, Baseball 3, JV Basketball 2,151 JV Bascbi1lll,LZ,13gJV Fool- "Fil1 me with the old familiar juice." Mixed Chorus 4, Wrestling 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4 KAY STRAUSS "Give me another horse! Bind up my wounds. Girl's Glee 4, Mixed Chorus 45 GAA 1. cis GARY KOEHLER "When you call me that, smile." Lettermans' Club 2,3,43 Wrestling 25 JV Base- ball lg Track 25 Freshman Basketball lg Foot- ball Manager 2,3,4. RONAID SMITH "Ah, Love, let us be true to one another." Lettermans' Club Vice President 45 Mixed Chorus 4s Wrestling 2,35 Football 3,45 Track 2,3. 419' lffffffr LARRY NICHOLS "It takes a wise man to discover a wise man.' BILL HALE "Boot, saddle, to horse and away! " Lettermans Club Treasurer 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 23 Foot- ball 2,3,45 Wrestling 1. V' fl BILL MULLARKEY "To eat is humang to digest, divine." Frosh Treasurerg Sophomore Vice Presidentg Junior Presidentg Senior Presidentg Baseball 3,4 Track 33 Lettermans' Club 3,45 Football 4. Wk I " :nav ROW 1: Gloria Reed, Louise Johnson, Sandra Palmer, Alta Cooper, Donna Hubler, Marcella Davis, Dorothy Stovall, Sandra Johns. ROW 2: Mable Fotheringham, Gladys Vincent, Ruth Moschkau, Virginia Goodson, Judy O'Neil, Janet Nicholson, Sharon Foster. ROW 3: Floyd West, James Hall, Jirr Berry, Ray Coate, Lester Diltz Dean Ball, Buddy Smart, Bill Barrong. ROW 1: Linda Ellsworth, Jane Munyon, Lennie Reagan, Billie Jean Johnson, Beverly Brady, Nancy Furlong, Doralee Allen, Mary June Holland, Carolyne Clark. ROW 2: Gale Austin, Bruce Van Duinc, Terry Buchanan, Clifford Worley, Oscar Hillman. ROW 3: Phillip Meglasson, David Golden, Roy Coate, Dan Densley, Donald Belcher, Lynn Troxel. 'N- LL, + if Who ,uv g-f-S Q K. X-Quo ' f ' R , -- ,ji li: . :'x ' 'I s als A QQ , . . f gf" ii. ROW 1: Wilma Burke, Gailene Bowen, Sherrill Jeffries, Vivian Hurst, Loretta Mendenhall, Sue Buchanan, Judy Haminan. ROW 2: Merl Emerson, Leeanne Bowen, Evelyn Gordon, Marilyn Harris, Jewell Perry, William Owens. ROW 3: James Steward, Carlis Stazifield. Erie Ross, Bill Thompson, Wendell Stanley, George Humphreys, Larry Hager. f-fone ROW lc Joyce Brickey, Irene Ellis, Leona Baller, Carolyn Dollar, Sharon Miller, Mary Lee Pate, Edxwina Buchanan Georgia Mill. ROW 2: Judy Furlong, Jean Croff, Karen Smith, Mary Ann Johnson, Donna Stevens. ROW 3: John Harris, Douglas Clark, Charles Foster, Oda Lee, John Poag, Steve Sutch, Harlen Strand, Donald Troxell. ,N V,f0p4'4!' , I W A I -I x --- ,.,-f""'! wwf IN'-" .' A' 1,5191 -nz' ., . .J -x""'l?7"-4-. I-' ,' 'Zf"f1'iv.'f fluff. f f :M D -fa , N V'fe'9L'9w'."'- f' ' jg '.. rf xr' I' Ja fi ROW 1: Thelma Palmer, Nancy Strauss, Mary I-lubler, Elaine Jantzer, Sandra Kincaid, Ruth Ann Roberts, Rita Sprou, Kay Edson, Sudie Allen. ROW 2: Jack Berline, Edward Drew, Elizabeth Goodson, Shirley Napier, Eula Stewart, Elouise Stovall, Sharon Burgoyne, Charleta Long. ROW 3: Tony Monteleone, Ray Munyon, Jerry Shepherd, Edwin Sutch, Jim Ellsworth, Dick Rasmussen, Belt Shepherd, Harvey Pate. ROW 1: Lynn Vaughn, Jean Weischedel, Janie Morris, Judy Gallego, Evalyn Brady, Rowena Miller, Patricia Moehnke, Ruth Harmonson, Nancy Brickey, Vickie Hayes. ROW 2: Alice Green, Mike Brooks, Stevie Clay- burn, Jerry Rondeau, Alton Watson, Glen Blevins. ROW 3: James Watson, Fred Fotheringham, Jimmy Bar- rong, Jerry Green, James Allen, Monty McLaughlin, Dennis Crews, Ronald Myers. M i---4 3 X-.WW , v 'ii KK spfffg 4 '-ifg w fig, i if , rj., L I, at 1' M , Q 1 ,w ,Q Ke. + , -n, .4 LY Q : ' f. Q 1- 1 1 t ir: s I.. 1' Ugfigim l - V ag,- S Q . -'1 rx M . - ., 'L ' ' HHQMK MARLBXI D. YODER Alma College, University of Ore- gon, Bachelor of Science, Master of Education, Southern Oregon Col- lege. Superintendent, High School Principal. ELAINE ANDERSON Whitworth College, Bachelor of Arts, University of Oregon, North- western University, Master of Mu- sic. Music, Band, Chorus. Activi- ties, Junior Class Advisor. . , I-1 .-1 1 ALICE J. NEBEL R. E. LEE Dunn County School of Agriculture. Bowling Green State University Activities, Registrar. Bachelor of Arts, Ashland Pacific University, gon College. English, Activities, Wrestling 534' WL.: P7 y -1 RUTH M. SETHER University of Oregon, Bachelor of Arts. Matherrxraitics, American Prob . W -7 V lems. '., -V MARY J. BUGAR ' University of Oregon, Bachelor of Arts, Oregon State Summer School. A German, Shorthand 1,2, Typing, '- Senior English, Office Practice. A Activities, Sophomore Advisor, German Club. f --1 C. WAYNE CLOSE Bowl ing Green State University, BOB STOLZ FLORENCE JOHNSON +ijOregon State Colle e, Bachelor of Oregon State College, Bachelor of Oregon College of Education, P L. Science, Master-ofgcience. In- Science. Health and Boy's P.E., Southem Oregon College of Educa- AJ: dustrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing. Biology. Activities, Football, , tion, State Teachers' College, rj' Activities, Senior Class Advisor, Basketball, Baseball. P -N ', fgxk University of Wyoming. , 1-,JL 6 B Vice Principal. is-Joh fi 'E iff, Q9 9. ff' i as nn, . f' ,-'F' JEROLD A. NVILLIAMS University of Oregon: Bachelor of Scienceg University of Ccmibridge. World History, Bookkeeping, World Geography, American Problems. , MARY LEE BRADY University of Oregon: Oregon y State, Bachelor of Science. Home .' 1 Ee., United States History. Aptilvii- I I V W ties, Freshman 'Class Advjsbrfl Activities, Track. I V 'V QA' f' X , I 1 . F C7 , -Alf' gi , y MARY MARGARET CORTHELL Willamette University, Bachelor of Arts. Biology, Girls Physical Edu- cation. Activities. Junior Class Advisor, GAA, Pepclub, Flag- twirlers. ive LAURENCE K. GIBSON Willamette University, Bachelor of Arts, River Falls State Normal, University of Oregon. Activities, Football, Basketball, Baseball. Physics, Chemistry, Science, Alge- bra. BUD Rl-QYNOLDS MARY HARRIS Custodian. Cafeteria E , - s DON R'i'OHLlIR Linfield College: Bachelor of Arts, University of Oregon, Uni- versity of Wyoming. English, United States History. Journalism Activities, Publications Advisor, Junior Class Advisor. J 1 ,Q . ,x 5 fs sq V OPAL AUSTIN Cafeteria D UTCH WINKL LMAN Custodian. W. I S: 7 . X li' 'An- Ll 1' " I ,A :AJ - s 1 1 1 f3'1X4 43 , ' -2,54 5.31, ' x W: 42-iaL23,Q .M wg,-. 1 2 .' E-423 1 1. , 4531" f, 4, ' Effie Troy Reynolds held top honors as student body prestdent WGZGMG Theycar ol 1931 U8 was headed by tudent body pre tdent Troy Reynolds Servtng mth Troy the other elected offlcers began then elected term by settlng up an award system for good crtrzen hlp Later there mas anhonorsocrety et up ln the school and students mth a l 5 grade average were eltgr e Vtce Pres1dentCl1fford Worley was 1n charge of several commxttees The Secretary s Off1CC was held by Beverly Cox Jean Fachet took care of the student body s f1I13l1L131 problems Jane Munyon our Soclal Chalrman planned many happy event such as the Chrxstmas Seml Formaldance and com blned movle A school carmval was held ln the spung wth the purpose of ratsrng the student body funds Class Pres1dents Blll Mullarkey B111 Barrong George Humphreys Sharon Burgoyne and the Pep Club Representauve Llnda Humphreys completed student councrl mu oers Dtscussrng an rmportant problem for the student body are George Humphreys, B111 Mullarkey, B111 Barrong Ltnda Humphreys and Sharon Burgoyne Clenda1e's Student Councrl vw ts composed of Jane Munyon Beverly Cox George Humphreys Troy Reynolds Lmda 1'-iumphrtys Sharon Burgt ynt Clrfford Worley Jem Fachet B111 Mull trkey B111 Barrong md Mr C 70efzeZ4e S lntheyearlihu a6lNlr Rexello rarred the flag rm rlera The glrl worked hard durmg the ummer and then tarred rmrl mg ar football and ba kerbal game dur mg the fallarrd mmermomh In the year of 195 58 the flag rmrler: wlrh the 1m brrucnon ofMr: Corthell gawewery acuve and colorful programb at ire half of the war my game Always ready wlth a new suggestlon for twlrllng lS Charlotte Redfreld Nancy Furlong the happrest of them all Mary Ann Johnson has provrded much entertamment for the crowds The flag twulers are Paulette Carr, Mary June I-lol land, Mary Ann Johnson, Mary Lee Pate, Sue Buch anan, Charlotte Redfreld Nancy Furlong, Doralee Allen, and Karen Srnrth 23 I I X 1 ' , Q i '. '51 ' V 5 5 ' ' - A hid-fb ' 5' l 5 - ' ' ,QL ,7-I Q. A, , 4- 71 V ' ' A Y I ' v A ' . y f Q , V l I 3 V Janet Nrcholson and Judy O'Ne1l were the co edrtors and slave drrvers for the paper staff Jame Munyon a reporter ts typmg her fmgers to the bones we S ' The Prrate Spy had lot ef work and effort put 1nto rt by staff member Everyone lll the 'ournallsm class hada peclal as lgnment gn en to them by the co edxtors Judy O Nell and JanetN1cholson These asslgnments were to be flnrshed and proofread by a certatn day If everyone handed thelr asslgnments 1n on trme all was OK lf not look out' Mr Wohler tr1ed to help the ones who dldn t get fxmshed and at the same ume keep the others busy After all the assrgnments were completed then came the task of Ofg3Il1Zlflg storres heads rewrltrng and copyreadlng Then the best typlsts worked on stenclls Now came the job of m1meograph1ng the paper Thrs was d1ff1cult messy and uresome work especrally when the mlmeograph had a tantrum Dtscussmg edrtorral polrcy for the Prrate Log are from LEFT to RIGHT Clrfford Worley Beverly Brady Lynn Troxel and Btll Barrong These Journalrsts comprrsed the edttorral board, whrch put our annual Prrate Log out thts sprmg fulefwf Once upon a time there was a Journalism class who worked and planned for the Pirate Log. These students worked everyday for hours trying a picture here and a picture there, and finally putting it on a different page. Duringthe year of 1957-58, the Co-editors, Lynn Troxel and Bill Barrong, the business managers, Clifford Worley and Rose Mary Wood worked long hours planning and rearranging pictures. Iustbeforemydeadline there was a rush to finish a correction here and a misspelled word there. Then offto the printers I would go. But that was not the end of the work, for I had more pictures to get and more copy to keep them busy writing. xx-KM, nwgvnnrf Q- - ......r., at Y .semis 4 ,fa-.- ti Slaying over one of her feature pro- jects is Sandra Palmer, Feature Editor. J! ii Click, click, click, click. Reporter, Rose Wood, is caught burning the typewriter keys up to get her assignment in. "Watch it Jess!" "Don't get ink on your fingers!" Jess is a reporter for the Pirate Spy . Caught hard at work in their own little tasks are Bev Strand, circulation, Janie Munyon, Reporter and Louise Johnson, Exchange. -55:1 as A ah i 1 Ei W 4 , iss sg' . - 2-'K 70e3ze lie ' Lloyd Clark plays the hottest trumpet in the band. Band, Mixed Chorus and Girls Glee -- What next? Under the direction of the music director, Miss Elaine Anderson, the music department has done several exciting things. In early fall the choral group went to Oakland for an Umpqua Valley League music meet. They had others too. The Mixed Chorus and Girls Glee sang for the Lions Club inthe middle oflslovember. Christmas time brought about the Christmas Concert with musicalgroups participating. Joyce Brickey was avocal soloist and Lloyd Clark played a trumpet solo, The Spring Concert was held in early spring, again all groups took part. Mary Ann Johnson and Ronald Nace led the band in the saxophone section ROW 1: Dean Ball, Oda Lee, Ruth Harmonson Merry Fox, Nancy Brrckey, Vicki Hayes Mary Arm Johnson Floyd West. ROW 2: Douglas Clark, Don Belcher Buddy Smart James Allen Alvin lxitller Don Monfrls Tom Munyon, Ronald Nace, Dorsey Greene, Lloyd Clark my ide g. ,V4, A ,-Q' 1:7 Playdays and variety days have kept the Glendale GAA girlsinshape and familiar with the rules of vol- leyball, basketball, and various hand games. Advisor, Mary Corthell has been a real asset to the girls in calling practices and getting eleven girls readyto travel to Myrtle Creek or anywhere else that the playday is scheduled to be held. Schools who belong to the Umpqua Valley League are Douglas, Riddle, Myrtle Creek, Glide, Sutherlin, Oakland, and Glendale. This year, 28 girls are official members of GAA. Officers were elected atthe first of the year. Tourna- ment manageris BeverlyCoxg secretary, Sandra Johns, vice president, Nancy Furlongg and president, Rose Wood. The annual initiation dinner was enjoyed by 16 new members and 12 old ones, held at the Rogue Food Shop in Grants Pass Afterwards the girls enjoyed a movie and then continued their merry whirl home ACIIVIIICS for the past year have been sponsoring sock dances after basketball games Serving as president of G1enda1e's GAA was Rose Wood Rose also held the office of secretary tn Umpqua. Valley League ROW 1 Rebecca Buchanan Buerly Brady Nancy Furlong Sandra Palmer Beverly Strand, Sally Johns Judy Furlong Ditnt Ktrk ROM 'l Karen Smith Paulette Carr Sharon Miller Charlotte Redfield Mary Vxeeks Sue Buch in in Nl trctlla D ix is Donnie Hubler Lenore Smith Georgia Mill Linda Humphreys ROW 3 Nlrs Mary Corthell idyis r Butrly Cox Mary June Holland Rose Wood Billie Jean Johnson Jean Fithtt Louisa Johnson J tnt Muny on Sandra Johns 78 . 4 5 M K . , . . P , . Fw. I ,J f., N 5' f - .v -5 -K 7 . 5 1-1 V yv V . , V 1 r v ' I 5 7 I 7 . 'V 1 ' V ' . , , ' ' ' . 1 - - -' r 1 y . 1 . 'xv' 3 f V g V V v' ' 5 l ' A ' v , . t ,l . l t , y , , . V V V y f . 1:1 v f V V , 3 V ' ' 3 .i .. 1. .-l. ., , , , L. V1 y "w x V v V . , , . , . V ROW 1: Dave Golden James Ber Tom TY Mehl, Gary Koehler, Lynn Troxel, dan Den- sley, George Humphreys, Lloyd Clark. ROW 2: Le Roy Moschkau, Ronald Smith, Don Monfils, Buddy Smart, Tom Munyon, Floyd West, Roy Coate, Ray Munyon. ROW 3: Troy Reynolds, Wes Young, Clif- ford Worley, Bill Mullarkey, Bill Thompson, Dave Kilmer, Lester Diltz. ROW 4: Doug Clark, Bill Hale, James Hall, Bill Barrong, Bill Miller. The Lettermens club, is an organization of GHS athletes who have earned the right to wear the let- ter of the school. This year the Lettermens club was primarily a service organization. Twenty eight boys qualified as members. Any boy who has earned a varsity letter in some sport is eligible for membership. This year the Lettermen served as traffic directors at football games and sold tickets at basketball games. Early in September, Mr. Gibson, advisor, called a meeting for the election ofofficers. Those elected were Wes Young, presidentg Rom Smith, vice presi- dent, Troy Reynolds, secretary: and Bill Hale, treas- Senior Wesley Ray Young, rs this year's letter mans club president Popular with faculty stu ul-er, Q dents,and active in all sports, Wes has become an asset to us all 35 xv: . 'Mv- M N xi Qijjxx, 5' 4 'Q f 5 B f i EA' A-.. M L gi n ., "'7"7'Ai 5 2 - I. 4 Y 7 f A A ' Y 3 I' j A Y 1 .2 M',f'i1fu3 7 3 , E V NU-02 x k fa ffgfwS WI 11 9 co , on .Ig 0 ., I, P ,Q , Q Q ' x, F' 'J -er if kv, JA? S wg, ,, -14 I ff!! 'ii- t.v,.,..v aah ' I 'I .s ,..i-1. ,,.r . , Q ...AWN , ,, , A. , it ', ,.,,Y -- .4yk..g'f' ' ' ' -'Q."' .Aa ,. X.. , W ., ., .J.:'-qsgifi' i ta "Hoot" Gibson, in his first year as head football coach at GHS, led the Pirates to ant undefeated Rogue League championship, District 6-A2 championship and to the state quarter finals. .v-.. A 4 70e3zeZ4eS This year the Pirates had their best season Ln many years. They were undefeated rn regular sea- son play while taking the Rogue Valley League and District 5-A2 championsllgp. The Pirate backf1eld was considered the best in the district and the line, which was supposedly the weak point in the squad, turned in splendid per- formances and led the RYL in defense all season. The backfield had power and speed and was relied on for both. The best showings offensively were against Rogue River and Illinois Valley as the Pirates rolled up 39 points against the Chieftians and 33 against the Cougars. Glendale won the right to represent dis- trict 6 in the state quarter finals. They played El- mira, the representative of district 5. The Pirates lost to the Falcons by the score of 20-13, The Pirates placed four players on the Rogue Valley League All Star First string. Tackle, Tom Mehl and guard, Lynn Troxel made the all-star line and fullback, less Munyon and tailback, Troy Reyn- olds the backfield. Munyon, Troxel and end, Wes Young also made the All Douglas first team. The Glendale subs who sit the bench have to have a lot of courage. They are uncertain when they will go into the game, and get cold sitting there doing nothing but waiting. The second stringers must have a lot of will power to practice every night against the Varsity, get banged up, and still dress down and sit the bench. -'Va f"""x lik pw fi 82 N 4-,, I r , W ,M si f 1' in Q ,,.....-1-I X in-A. Mg, 1 :f f ,W . A ww . A 4 A., 2 42. - 11 ., Q . , XIX w M a ""' A f,?, , ,- fx. sw- 1 f.-1. iY3.1'H ,, . g-,..y-- -.,, 'S NX Q N I x ff R, -Q .ef ,Q X-hx .,,,J 'WP I 9 6 K ,p "1 ffm -8 :Ag ff K ,pf A W?- f?"'ef , ' ,vm A In N t if .X A j6x..,f,,,f 4+ -swf I -1 1 X U 4 A ,, 1 gf. We lie Jackbomllue B111 Hale NN mbb Ch fogue Rlvef Floyd nest ram IVHS Troy Reynolds Tmlbaclr Eagle Form Henley Phoemx Brookmgs Douglas Elmrra Wai 'W 'km' 'mow Wu '36, mmm M www, a5E5'w-gs.f- Lester D11tZ Quarterback George l-lumpherys Back Ray Munyon Fullback Lloyd Clark Back Ronald Sm1th Center qw' 37 in QI Wane Coach Bob Stolz has coached the varstty bas ketball team for four years Coach Bob Stolz s vars1ty basketball team recorded a seasons record of 12 WINS and 6 losses The P1rates season got off to a slow start w1th Douglas defeat1ng us by n1ne polnts 1n our f1rst game Thrs year s season was a 20070 1mprovement over last years season We were 1ead1ng the League after defeat1ng the Phoen1x PIIZIBS 64 to 46 We kept th1s pos1t1on unt1l the next to the last game of the season 1n WhlCh PhOCHlX defeated us 54 34 Thxs put us 1n a ue w1th Brook1ngs for 2nd place 1n the R V L stand1ng The P1rates top scorer was B111 Hale Wlth 248 po1nts to end the season wrth a 13 8 po1nt average for 18 games Other h1gh scorers were Jesse Munyon who racked up 170 po1nts Tom Munyon followed Wllh 105 Troy Reynolds had 86 pornts Our top rebounder was Tom Munyon who pulled the ball down 136 trmes The runner up was Jesse Munyon Wllh 113 rebounds Cl1ff Worley Foul shots added to B111 Hales scormg by shoot1ng 750010 of all he shot C11ff Worley held the best shoot1ng average of the team 373070 and also he comm1tted the most fouls Ray Munyon had a shoot1ng average of 37170 Another who dunn1t 1tem was Troy Reynold s fantast1c shot from the back court 1n the last game of the season w1th IV Several games looked 11ke we weren t gotng to be the vtctors but w1th team work good coach1ng and shoot1ng we kept our lead Captaln B111 Hale, was the leadmg Prrate scorer wlth 236 pomts ROW l Manager Denms Crews, Coach Bob Stolz Manager, James Ellsworth ROW 2 B111 Hale, Wen dell Stanley B111 Barrong Chfford Worley, B111 Mullarkey Torn Mehl Tom Munyon, Buddy Smart, Wes Young, Jess Munyon, Troy Reynolds, and Floyd West 38 ' 0 Q ! ' ' f W ' . ' . ' H 1 4 followed with 106. 1 M - ' ' ' . J 3 . . , gt df . . V4 ,. Q, . ROW l Manager, James Ellsworth Chuck Foster, Monty McLaughl1n, Glen Hatton, Belt Shepherd, Manager Dennls Crews ROW 2 Coach Grbson Jack Berlme, Fred Fothermgham James Allen Terry Buchanan, Bxll Thompson Eno Ross, Oda Lee Glen Blevms Edwm Sutch George Humphreys Dave Golden Wade Wes Young Troy Reynolds Forward Guard Cllfford Worley Center Jess Mun on Y Forward Xa 1 PSX X .sinh V 744-. 7 Y HL V Y , X X .' 'J r ii' iv JEXK ' . Y -P JY' S 5 :mf 9 'A ,fQ.,Ea, R ' '3rx M' 5 fini' ffffiinil Ei Q , 5 , 1,5 .., 9? A i 7Ue3ae Me O Coach Bob Lee's Pirate rnatmen has a very good season this year. In their regular season they won eight and lost four matches. They placed second in the Umpqua Valley League. Their losses were to Sutherlin twice and to Grants Pass twice. Glendale placed fifth in the district tournament among ten A-1 and A-2 schools. Dan Densley was the only Pirate grappler to qualify for the state tournament at Corvallis. Glendale will lost five seniors this year. It's a short walk of the mat--if you win. Hard practices keeps the boys in condition and ready L0 go, "BARR," this waiting gets me! ROW 1: Willian Owens, Carlis Stanfill, Gary Koehler, Daniel Densley, Harvey Pate, Douglas Clark, Alton Wat son. ROW 2: Mike Brooks, James Berry, Larry Mosley, James Thomas, David Kilmer, Lloyd Clark, Ron Smith Don Monfils, Steve Sutch. ROW 3: Larry Mollers, John Harris,Lynn Troxel, Don Troxell, Bob Brown, Lester Diltz, Coach Bob Lee Gary Miller's highest jump in Pole Vaulting was 10' Q. N 1:74 .gf-.o 2- Glendale High's Varsity finished a rather poor season, winding up with a low standing in the League. The Pirate 880 yard relay team was perhaps the best event the Pirates had to enter in the meets. The relay team was composed of Wes Young, Jesse Ray Munyon, Ron Smith, and Troy Reynolds. They placed fourth in the district meet. High jumper, Wes Young and Pole Vaulter, Gary Miller, also showed good form this year. Young took third place in the state meet in Eugene. Wes Young has a 5' 9" record in high jumping. ROW 1: Troy Reynolds, Ronald Smith, Jesse Ray Munyon, Tom Munyon, Lester Diltz, Lloyd Clark. ROW 2: Coach Edwards, Cary Miller, Wes Young, Gary Koehler, Don Monfils, Manager, Oscar Hillman. C Yi :lp r,A Catcher Ray Munyon was elected captam for the season In battmg posrtlon IS outfrelder, Wes Young Glendale Plrate baseball squad swept the Rogue Valley League and took the tltle wrth f1ve w1ns and one loss Glen dale s only loss rn league play was to Eagle Pomt by the score, 5 4 The Prrates were defeated by the Gllde Wlldcats 1n the subdrstrxct play offs Glendale frmshed w1th a n1ne won our loss record 1n regular season play Jess Munyon catcher and captaxn of the team, had the hxghest batt1ng average w1th a 6 Th1rd baseman Gary Stevens rs ready to snag a bumlng grouder 40 Troy Reynolds played both 1n.f1eld and outfxeld ROW 1 Coach Bob Stolz Troy Reynolds George l-lumpherys, Dan Densley Gary Stevens and Buddy Smart ROW 2 Manager, Dave Golden Lee Roy Moschkau, Ray Munyon, Wes Young, Tom Mehl Andy Owens, Clrfford Worley and Assrstant Coach Jun Revello 43 1' V ' 0 o 3"'f Tir 5 . N, 223 p , 46 'U' C. O .t ff' O 1 ' a 4 Q I ,,- 'S ',f ., f A , Q 'E it arf-f 1 ,-,4 Q4 1 2 2'l'.x 2... 1 'X fy, A QQ . I , tffqff 'MQ " In 4, 'Nik ,f . " """t.. 2' 1: 40 Sf JQQ A 45 , Q W' 4 M1 4 1 , 'K' 5 'JJ' :Jig- l. W..-v , . 1 0 YQ 4,7 k X Q I MWC- fvk, wegi e nkanf 1" VIU5 c',, 'Cls ' TI VPC!! f? ag ls- ,. 1 ,J , 9 r v, , , vw ' 0 1 'xx 3. A W I' ,R W' I' 9 Y! f' '54 IH, 'QM ! Lf' L ,V+ fy A ' J- f J R J -LL fda 1' f X MX f VB W fl f 6 u SUPERIOR LUMBER CO Manufacturers of Paclflc Coast Lumber Products GLENDALE OREGON ,Pwr Best of Luck to the Class of 1958 W Wa DUTCH AND MICKIE THE QHORFHOLSE Q X- I 4 5 ' JAN V406 KJV Sv 'V A7 ' X 4 Q 4 Ay fx, I ,LV WJLJ' V XXX VX X " if ,Q ,J Cuff. - CL je ,x, f K h - .71 A, ,V X U I , Yr, Ln I Q ,, "1 .4 ALL' L x"0l ,. 'WAV 'AN K 2 1 . 1 ,. . ! fx W rj ' ' 1?-v ' A - X A A 1' IUVLA 1 VJ 3 x Z ' ,Z I Irv an X I Y C 4 , JD 0 "" ........ ........ H V W H +75 GOOQ IIOUCK DOLLAR ANBQPAHE Dealers ferlals or RSON Home and Industry THE ROBERT DOLLAR C0 Wholesale Ulstrlbutors SIWNIJ-XRD OII PRODlf I9 J Apperson Ag? Ntoxe Oll Telephone VE 2 6510 Glendale Office VE 2 6063 BEN WHALEY Dlstrlbutor of 5l1ell O11 Products Phone VE 2 2455 Box 395 Glendale Oregon JOYCE APPERSON GLENDALE INSURANCE AGENCY VE 2 5500 Glendale Oregon l I sale l rlc an WUNSCH S FOOD LOCKERS "ck OOO I . I 'WW' ln " ' Jnfllh I1 1 A.!n..4A44. . . '- J A ,J-'L -' , Q , ,.'. H V' . ' ' ' 'L' ' l' lk , U e , V . A I L, I ,I I W iv V, 1 ,. - " B . ' 1 Y Vg I L f L " 1. . V -is V' L I , ,"L ' Li I fyn Ll Lp' I L L' . - ,f W ' I .I ,L -N ' . - i 2 ,! - , 4 'lt 'l ' ' l i' ' ' CL ef 'N ' V V ' . ' f L 1 Q v 1 f - W Y Q K O, ft, ,WZ . ' ' . 1 f 1 ' . J' I Q 4. In , f ' , I ' ' ', - - I' Lf I M, A . ' 1 WV - - J , ' L' p - fellff.-Ffli-flfiizifz l-."Q', ' fpf:ftff3.'f15E5555?32'ff1Hi:Ii-'ui'-2'Tzfa-'r'-:-211:21211f'.:saf-. '-.-. , 7 I l . A of . , . l lOl' QI VXl,I'l'X llll-X'l'S all llm eiz 3 ' -es . cl fQ11.1ra1r1tverl lu I'lf-.iw lou I 'O 5.9 .ow Oo' ',, HFQOEEE:-, O 1:45:- . I' ' lllfakfz I 54 ' ' 44.41. we W' N1 f Vp ffknwg ww J W3 F XXX'-ljg' Xixfjwffy! CW A Tal ,il ,- pl' I '7 . u U? ., -J fl J - , fglt as +I VU 'N of I I 3, LV' ,y L, 1' I-pb vvdvf X I Liu! 1 I f' lx , X , -s I 'E 1 7, x ' ' X - ,fx I Y4 I, ,f U 1 2 NJ K I l 4' A V fff' rf' of 2, lfwxw V Q as s THE ROBERT, DOLLAR CO lf' VL ALJ' ' r wx, ',, lv -J .N-f .V l L 'Lf . l L lx., v-'V .U I 1 l' 7 ' J lj' ' A ' f -1 ff V ' wb W lu 'V el l Ill- x xl X . ,Q v A, ' g a . , Vx' -'lf I . A J 'f - V lr i . ' .PJVI ' 'V L ll if V dry' J V .- L' 1 x as f . X X jf x il Q, f A., 1 Y f X ' . ,- X ' xq 2 Z Manufaelwles Old Growth Douglas F Sugar 8. Ponderosa Pune Box Shook Douglas Fur Plywood Sales Manager VE 2 5820 Glendale Offuce VE 2 5810 3 X474 Cmzgratulatinns Io the Class of '58 from the GLENDALE CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Gle frngralulz Irons T0ff18 flass ff19u8 DAY SUPPLY INC Phone VE 2 5I30 ndale Box 25 Oregon Values going up - Prices going dawn! ffor1gratufc1I1'Uns to the 5' 1 ziwrs of 9."8 rom THE GLENDALE GROCERY J 8- M FOUNTAIN AND LUNCH The Best U fzerytlung to the flass 0 58 X ff THE CALIFORNIA OREGON POWER COMPANY Glendale Oregon Phone VE 2 5535 Grants Pass Oregon Phone GR 6 4421 SUPPORT YOUR PIRATE LOG ADVERTISERS .lust lake the weather xvalues are always- exceptional fongratulatzons 1978 f ra lurnefs rom BAT ES GROCERY Phone VE 2 5115 Glendale Oregon wi? F 8. F BARGAIN CENTER ru n Ilr 3 134 Sefher Avenue Phone VE 2 6569 . . cy I J Z ' sf :J fm I y A - f I , t?5"e.- E I' Q .M New and used Fumafufe V I .E I fl I ,L A Al I ,'- . T , -55 L To I 5' -. A U Hn' gs to g, P. A - -' - , 3 m.,f19.'s HELL 3 as Wlmm W" g f Ns'-x..-'..'2'-f". F0'NFlx4TLL1Tl0NS 70 Yllf FLAWOI 1998 Gas L GLENDALE General Aufomohve Repair RPM Accessories Glendale Oregon Phone VE 2 5815 Gasoline 8- Oul Appliances 81 TV Batteries 8. Tires 6115 01 GENERAL ELECTRIC Milli COX S CENTRAL SERVICE AND COOLEY S APPLIANCE DRUG sroms DRU I Drugs if' Fountain Servlce Gifts v WI' at 'Li V 'lily y VVLIL, 4 V5 p AA le-lf L H "Q , ' L ' N ,Wifi 1' LA' I' fl!! 1 , , I I h , VI! W K .RK T ' I 'LM Ll 1' " I' L' I' Y L! lf Lal ' L Ll? ,, I . N 1 X . K , NV :W I A , LL D ' 'lx' , 'V I- ,Q . ' 'fx , 'fi U ,rig J- I ! 'il LLL' ,H 3 ,L L if 'I ll V 4 N If Q Q , 1 1 '. f f U A .N , "fl E , 'e V V Q l bi ' 1 ii-l X 1' 'F . . ' f 1 ' GS 1 S55 y xi- SLIM PlCKlNS CAFE We Specaalsze en Choice Steaks and Frued Chncken Duck 8. Melba Hayes Permanents Styling GLENDAL E BEAUTY SHOP GLENWAY MARKET We Gave Northern Stamps GLENDALE SHOE STORE fongratulatwns to the Class 0 1908 Meat Groceries Fresh Vegetables YOUNG S FOOD BANK Glendale Phone VE 2 6455 Oregon STOP' SHOP' SAVE' BARGAINS' Buy Your Food Here GLENDALE HOTEL Rooms at Reasonable Rates Maudemma Cobb DEAN S BARBER SHOP Next Door to the Smoke Shop Best Wishes to fuss 0 53" GLENDALE VARIETY STORE If you don t see It Ask for lt f n rutulaiz 4 xr: XL-i4 nb-5 X ul,A,'. ' I 4 -,AZ f 5 L' . I S 'Y -M -'1 -'-' "'-"""'- V I . . ll - Q- . ,, 1- . .- - X S -,,, .. it -- A - f ' A, , F - V,,.,i1 . Y-,Qi T HT V-""' A ' S'-17 E. .S A QTL" ,, .- 5 Y 11 ffl Il I ' - ll fn g huns 141 the fffrxss nf '58 Y--- JUST-PHYL LOCKERS l Meat Cut and Wrapped with Locker Foal Poultry Processing Home Freezers Rt I 827 Grants Pass CAVEMAN DRIVIN Char Brorled ,G Hamburger Steak QW Hlghwa 9 Grants Pass A 4 CAPITOL SAW SHOP Expert Sawyers Choose McCuIlochs McCulloch Sales 8- Servlce Glendale Jct Glendale Oregon a TAKING Stop Taklng Chances Buy Your Gas and Oal at CAPITOL 76 SERVICE STATION Phone VE 2 6400 Glendale ,lct Glendale Oregon FRENCH LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS I'l6 S W J Phone GR 6 3513 Grants Pass Oregon LEANNA5 Rogue Stahohe"Y Phone GR 6 22l3 Grants P055 I ' ' ' Il 2 -1-is ' .3 ' f Xa YOU CAN xt COUNT ' X. X ON US ! I 1 1 Phone Vt 2 6892 Wolf Creek Oregon QUALITY SERVICE DEPENDABILITY Flrst And Dependable Service CHUCK S CHEVRON STATION McLEAN Real Estate Tel. GR 6-2401 204 Highway 199 Grants Pass Oregon GRANTS PASS HUBBARD WRAY CO John Deere DeLaval Mllklng Equipment Wlsconsln Motors Fairbanks Morse Pumps 132 S E H St Grants Pass, Oregon Phone GR 6 4222 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PORTLAND Grants Pass Branch Let s Burld Oregon Together Open 10 to 5 Including Saturday TRUFIR LUMBER CO P O 216 Phone VE 2 5355 Wholesale Retail Lumber THE BEST IN FIR COLE 8. INKROTE FLOORCOVERINGS 225 N E Srxth Grants Pass Phone GR 6 2164 ff ngraiufatl ns In m THE GLENDALE GROCERY I .. ll I f ll , O Wolf Creek, Oregon ff Af 'fl Q In lflf' XVIII-Ul'S 12fN.'T?'fn 1 If Q VD L. B. HALL Il LQ 199' af ff. Q 27? X FUNERAL HOME Crematorium 4! Ambulance RT Oxygen Equipped The Fzrzest g -2 Faclz ami P LEFT XX Spruce 'N Phone GR 6 6868 I4 NW C Street S X 50 Years II Service Vw 22521 EXCEL DRESS SHOP Smart Sfylf-.s for lfrefry 116' Grants Pass, Oregon POLLOCKS FARME RS MARK ET nur rzerzlfxf mr t Ilzr 1 Grants Pass Oregon BAYLESS AUTO PARTS I2 S E K St Grants Pass Oregon PIONEER HARDWARE Guns Flshlng Tackle Sporting Goods Paints and Tools Slegler Heaters Grants Pass 742 S W 6th St Oregon UTZ FOR SUITS Grants Pass Oregon tudeb aker ROBERT C MARTIN STUDEBAKER We Sell the Best and Service the fxest Sales and Service for the Bug New Studebaker Mercedes Benz Phone 6 448I 913 S E 6th Grants Pass Oregon ROGUE RIVER HARDWARE Where Host People Trade Since 1899 fun Vllllllllfll ns tl IL ffzss M1918 am' In 910 Lurl. zn the Iears To fame NI, P c ' m I , ' S 5 ' 7 In f X - mf-I A - - Nb 'I T 4 I A r - ff, rfr' c' ll-IH!!! 1 lv! f '-H finals r1r1Jl','z'1'11r11frf I,lIlfI1f.N :lf Q 1 . " Q Q! ' ' Q sg-if I of 3 . . . Ixxo I . tix' I f 1 1 McLAIN DRUG CENTRE 4 l 1 As You lMake This New Beginning ' Please Accept Our Congratulations Not Only for the Fact You Are Now Graduating But Also on the Decisions You Have Made forthe Future SHOP ilcl fill' Camera Counter for all PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES School Prolectors etc On File KUIN 7 30 P M Your Friendly Family Pharmacy 5.511 LJIJY W COW! iT l L 1Tl0XS Um ll! tour flarzs He Success ul SOUTHERN OREGON STATE BANK YOU are cordIally InvIted to use the servlce of home around Ind en Grants Pass your tnen ep dent dly Kelvlnator Or BARNES JEWELRY F ee e s Refr gerators Ranges W shers and Dryers SEWING MACHINE CENTER Pfa f Se g Mach WPVII nlvuff IPS Pho e 2183 H8 N W lla E Street Grants Pa stef fra tsmfn ll I ffu WYL ss Oregon ER WATCHES Dlamonds Jewelry S W Grants Pass fomplzmenls Ih- CAVEMAN BOWL MICHELS FEEDS AND BUILDING SUPPLY ' m"e SMI of GMS P055 on 'he POCIllC HIghway L P BowlIng at IfS Best OW NCES an Hlgh Quallty The Hes X! to Luck X!!! I I fo ill ff!! THE DIPPER 717 N Grants Pass X!! BIG W!!! E 6th Street O Where Everybody IS Wel S regon come egon N O rego f .I Qi: f . .',' 1, X ' 1 1 Q . . . . I I . V . . I r z r - I X X - rx M f f win ines 'l A ? Wir., .' 1'Q',I'urts I1 1 f ml' I n ' - H5 . . "H"St. ll It ,2 1 u - A- - wire of l d I in f .' A, 3 3 S ' R Q THE GRANTS PASS COURIER Publlshed Dolly Except Sundays ond Holidays Art Supplies Office Equipment Photographic Supplies Stotlonery Supplies Typewrlters BARRETT S STATIONERY STORE See Jam Bob or Marvln 5 Isars 11 Insurance lxperzence CLARK S INSURANCE AGENCY 620 SW 6th Ph GR 6 77I5 VALLEY HARDWARE fsongjatulatzons Class 0 58" 6th St rants Pass Stop Shop Save MODENE S MARKET rf Modene ond Elliot Woolrldge X, Azalea, Oregon ll J PACIFIC FEED 8. 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H MOTORS Llncoln Mercury Wallys Sales and Service hone GR 6 6844 Grants Pass Oregon BOB S PAINT SHOP Between 6th 8- 7th on E Street Grants Pass Oregon HADLEY S Always new fashions for the Smart Mlss Phone GR 6 25I4 Grants Pass Oregon DORSME Featuring Inexpenslve but Dlstlnctlve Clothing Phone GR 6-7479 432 S W 6th Street Grants Pas s THE BULLETIN Prznters and Publishers Phone 3324 I22 Southeast H Street Grants Pass Oregon Oregon f 5 X X S S S X S S X S S el su a ce A 1 cts Esc o s Pho GR 6 5348 42 N W S th St ts g O94 999 QQ OO fverythzng to Ilear or every Ilember o the Iamzly 52 Years In Grants Pass Oregon OO 0099 O00 Goo 9900 Hu img F shz 5 and I C L juzpm HAMMER S SPORTING GOODS GR 6-3363 775 S E 6th G a s P O THE U S NATIONAL BANK Portland Oregon Grants Pass Branch An Oregon Bank Serving Oregon Phone 6-6895 400 S W 6th St Grants Pass P - . ., 2 .N -. , i. I. , , . .. . y I X o O JOSEPHINE COUNTY TITLE CO. GOLDEN RULE STORE Titl n r n - bs ra . L ' ' if r w ' , l ne - I f I ' 4 . . ix . . Gran Pass, Ore on O 9 , O Z 8 of n' - I 'nf Athle 1' 'l ' ent at ' Phone ' r nt', regon PRUITT S FEED 8- SEED Fushers Feed for Every Need Ashley Thermostatic Controlled Heatang Stoves Phone GR 6-2562 I20 S W M Street Grants Pass Oregon LARRY S DRIVE IN Grants Pas s 265 Hlghway 99 South 1 www Oregon " lcken teaks ll fl ll .11 ea Foods GATES FURNITURE I UY e Gates Way Grants Pass Oregon fongratulatzorzs Class 0 1938 CALIFORNIA PACIFIC UTILITIES CD 613 S E 6111 S1 Grants Pass GAS DOES IT BEST Oregon PROBST FLOWER SHOP 'II8 S E H Street Grants Pass Oregon Phone GR 6-3476 GR 6 7411 Grants Pass FIELDS JEWELRY S E Art Carved Diamonds Other Fine Jewelry Guaranteed Watch Repair Oregon HULL 8. HULL "Chapel on the Hull" Phone GR. 6-4453 Grants Pass Oregon CRUTSINGER SERVICE Union Station Nrte Lubncatnon Car Wash GR. 6 5465 S.E 6th 8 J St Grants Pass, Oregon I , I g ' 1: u I -, I L.. .. r ' 2 .4 F -'IA JM," I is .1 -rf-mu ' ' fs """ . I s J" " -' - '-s 1 1 ' O , ' , f ' 111, I 'I B I - . th WI 4 A . . . ll 'U vlg 6 T xfivfvfz H I 133 . 11 ' For a quuclue lunch Or an evenung snack For a friendly brunch fl Save wnth Safeco Or a take home sack ,Q-, OLE S HAMBURGERS HAROLD A JOHNSON INSURANCE AGENCY 403 S E 6th St Grants Pass, Oregon Grants Pass Oregon L 7 ff gm, fffd f 4' 64 047 7 2 ' 04 ,Z0 1 '41 PJ jflen7!fB4a'AffPass a 4 4511 L clslary To Eat at the 04 'X'fw-if V E lx'-QQ! fl 4' ROGUE FOOD SHOP v Pme Pom! That ls Ih erent 1 0 A We Spec al F ct y Auth F e d MIMER S SERVICE 743 S E 6th G t P O M 09 ma Al KU .I S WOLKE Your New Car Dealer or Oldsmobile Gollath Borgward Opposnte Dolly Courier Grants Pass Oregon BRADEN MOTOR PARTS CO INC beruce um! Frzendlzness Phone GR 6 4411 783 S E 6th Stree Grants Pass Oregon WESTERN GREYHOUND LINES Travel by Greyhound QUICK "' FAST " SAFE Always Running I , .. . ., .. , .. sgegsgigigig igsgsg ,Q J- . ,- I g .f V' . ' I J QC' , . T. gil A A A I 1 V , 1 , A . ff ,y , .cr 1 A M ,Q - , - A I . 7 ,f ' K' I , ','fy1,ff7'fl -vm If ff ,W Lf ff ' ,1 ' f ' e, f 6 3 rift f if 72' - 'I Y 75, ef L 7,6 Q I f h V l Y K f ,a . S H Mill ,Jn M1-fLz H H T gf , ' .I S c - ' . X - gt , M961 " ' - 'ff v 3 ,ff Y ' , .I ' KKK' 52? 0 0 ' 3:53:13 Q H f- es- 6 2, -:3:l1?ZQ:Q:- EE i Un'on Oil Pr ducts, Excel Batteries 7- 1 in Generators, Starters, Distributors, lagneto ' i ize in Sales and Service St? Q33 a or orized Dealer Americax., Bosch, airbanks-Morse, Wico, Esennen and B n ix Sintella ' ' ,U ' 7 -,:.:.:: ran s iass, re. A f ., . u ' ,- , ' - . H n 1 I I QUINES CREEK CAFE Relax uilfz TI' Ask for . . . II'here You Find 000111501 4 S Reach for . . . Hi-Way 99 and Quines Creek Road ZOTTOLA'S GILL'S DAIRY PRODUCTS CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY At your store . 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Suggestions in the Glendale High School - Pirate Log Yearbook (Glendale, OR) collection:

Glendale High School - Pirate Log Yearbook (Glendale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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