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 - Class of 1955

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Glendale High School - Pirate Log Yearbook (Glendale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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42 .ffc646fJ7f Jwfljzj' !M4f?W J M574 ww if Mft v f 71061-1 QM Fi W M if WW Nm J' W Aff j JP rw' W ft qw 9 W fi R 1 W 1716! S3 Www? X N Sf ..,.,.m- MQW E Q to WJ wiwv X XX Why YO OXQ "" 545124 if .. F 71.-Z7 :J-ff?" bf C' LX ,Vg 22 QQ ffifff lfffffv Q ' x' 4 he 1, 1 4 CLQXQL, ' f ' A M j 0 A ' 4. I , A Q g 5 X' - . , ' J - , Q ,, Ev A , N 3 Q J Q N H. ,..-f 1 ,wi 'X' RQ bn fro Q Q R A9 5 0 gn 44,3522 f f K 1, K AX :ix , RJ J 1 147 f , 1 1 X: jf I My , ? Q x 0' z IJ, sl sd .- U 'A .fy J fi yi' f J '9 X Q 1 FU! Ml' if ' ll JW 53 7 G L :JJ ,Try Dim np!! ffgjwh ,jjj lQJ,.H 2,8 Y X X Ny fl! A Q 1' N 1 ,. Ab A 7 ' I , I .A J Mk' 5,9 U I' ,KVM ' JD I xqxx 'P A ,JVMWI 4 A kk! J dx I 'N Q U MQ Q Q X - WA li' N if ff Lf A . L M ! IA V W . 4. f'AY M iq "K lx I Al -5 h . X BX ' Vyplyw J L' 59 Q' gf ix I, ,gif Kg M X ' 1fp A 1 XV VJ," ' N S u Cf X 'Q Xxx x X K ' R N x x A Q I . gwk E N X C QNW4 O .T.t DEDICATION DX WE, THE STUDENTS OF GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL, PROUDLY DEDICATE THIS ISSUE OF THE PIRATE LOG TO OUR BELOVED SUPERINTENDENT, JAMES A. PATE, IN APPRECIATION OF HIS WEALTH OF UNDER- STANDING WITH WHICH HE TEMPERS HIS DECISIONS. 5211147 Va 5 D, ,af L s, 9 - ,M 'fly ,f1 f 1 I X U f 1-PM c HARRY EDWARDS COACH ROBERT STOLZ COACH DONALD WOHLER ENGLEH ROBERT CARTER LNJSIC ' x WAYNE CLOSE3 lx INDUSTRIAL ARTQ-KJ X, X QQ X u' X3 K X XJ , Q, 229 S 1 V 1 LOYCE CARGILE ENGLISH 'V I ff' DELIGHT BUCKLAND COMMERCIAL DONNA EACKIUS GIRLS ATHLETICS RUTH SETHER SOCIAL STUDIES DORIS HOLMES HOME ECONOMICS KO X Q TT UTRE X' NJ X ---43' F' 'W + 1 3 ' f .' cp .HX J i 1 ' xaw 1' .,f +1 I F1 f ' ' 'HEX 1 ki s ' - sig xl ga E N ff ' 1 X 3 X l u J X, X X . I 1" ' L """4' 0 I . ff President: Mike Bird Vice-president: Dan Clare Secretary: Murriel Barronq Treasurer: Laquita Harqis lewis! ,, N. TIUHHITL BARHCY-QS: "Wel- Co::.e ever smiles, ar. 1lklfQ'v'v'Gll goes out sig1.u1g." l,,AQlflT.3. HAFHSZ "Flrp::. get s:.all reqm me QQFIGCZ or r.onour." ' . fl lfliilf BIRD: "Cl, brave new world tnat has sucr. people 1U it." CAI CLARK: "Why, then me world's xy oyster." Class Flower: Rose Class Color: Class Motto: Blue and Gold "Too low they build who build below the skies." NANCY HGDGE: "Tne all see ing sun r1e'er sow her xctcn since first the world begun." DWANE KILLER: "f.ferrily, mer- rily small l live now." ED JCHNSOIQ: "l Cm. not in the roll of common men." SHARCN MILLER: Triere's luri- quciqe in her eye, ner crieek, her JEAN EHAlxTLEY:"Ccollbc1cf: yestemay, bid time return. BlLL BURKE: "From tr.e crown of mis need to trie sole of :iis foot, ne is all ...irtr.. Yf,Y ,...v Y . , ' V 1' X' ,. , ll M.e.r'.:'.1 .ple-.f'.r.r. Y. v lrttle :1cl:,3r.3 geo'zr.esss never tect- ,1 If AL. EHVEFLY CHlSl1: "lie-r VOICE was ever soft, gentle, 01.3 low, an excellent tmnq m woman." BETTE l.fCCASl.lN: "Youth is full of pleasure,-Gqe is full of cure." TED BCOTH: "l-le tlatll G zteart as scum as G bell." QEHHY Et.-XHTLYQ: "And when l Qper. ::.',' l1gs, let no dog Dark." 'I "'lP "V ll'Xv ','. .. Ml W. .. ,J 11 .,...1 .,,.... A.. QI 1ft:.g' Q' f' ' ' .etent ter, .....,.,, t:.1:.::." in T "A J-'1 i 3 ff ll Gro DIG 15 CI 'GUI flffl ULAQ lf j,lSi1l'lLL3 1I1E?1'11A. 14 I he Nos Nom to speak plcim and tome purpose." BILL SSTHFH: "To me Q '.-:ell favored 111111 15 the qlft of for- tune." FPHf3.flCffS '9.5aR.lQ'fQ: "f3111'.- s1.111e, 111111 ut Queeg ner 511.1195 mini tears." SEiI11L:fY F1fQf3FIP,Lf'T: "fI11f11l I Ccigpafe 11.99 lc 1 sp:,'5 3Gy'?ll fn: fl BILL SMITH ' Let the world s11de let the world go ELVIIN WOOD I GI' sure ccre's Cm enefr y to Iue IDA MAY WILLIAMSON 'I 11 no eyou m my book of memory ARAN WOODLEY A qoo necxrt s worth qold . I . I I ' Il t ' H . . 5 A ,yy I 5-4 Q .. ll r ' , ll v ' . ll H. . 1 .. A . d -' II I ,, II .. . . CLASS HISTORY Seven members of the senicx class started in the first grade of Glendale School. They were: Bill Burke who is our student body president this year and a two year letterman, Bill Sether, a last years member of the paper staff and the time clock runner, Dwane Miller, who was vice president of the student body in his junior year and is a four year letterma.n, Ed Johnson whose cheerful personality has made him popular, Dan Clare, present president of the letterman club and a two year letterman, Aran Woodley, who is always in- terested in class activities and Jerry Bartle who played football and has lettered four years. Jerry left us in the first grade but came back again in the fourth. Nancy Hodge and Ted Booth joined us in the third grade. Nancy is a very peppy member of the senior class. She is secretary of the student body, editor of the annual and the paper, has belonged to pep club and GAA four years and was a cheerleader for two years. Ted is a letterman and took great interest in foot- ball. Shirley Redfield was the only addition in the fourth grade. Shirley is a member of band, GAA, and was ci cheerleader in her sophomore year. Hailing from Louisiana in the fifth grade was Jeanette Myers, who is student body social chairman, mem- ber of GAA, cheerleader for two years and is president of the Umpqua Valley League GAA. Larry Mullarkey also joined us in the fifth grade. He is active in sports, was junior class president and a two year letter- man. Welcome additions to our group in the sixth grade were Pat Mize and Shirley Rasmussen. Pat is a three year letterman in football and is secretary of the letterman club. Shirley is interested in all school func- tions. Bettye McCaslin came in the seventh grade from Arkansas. She is an active member of GAA. The last two months of our eighth grade year Murriel Barrong came. Murriel is a member of GAA and is senior class secretary. ln the freshman year quite a number joined the class. Mike Bird who is treasurer for the student body and a three year letterman, Jean Brantley a member of GAA, Sharon Miller, GAA member, cheerleader for two years and assistant editor of the paper, Dianne Halstead president of GAA in her senior year, and Ida May Williamson, an active member of the senior class, and a member of the paper staff in her junior year. The only addition in the sophomore class was Melvin Wood, who is known very well around school. Laguita Hargis and Frances Parazoo came to Glendale in their junior year. Frances is one of the five cheerleaders this year. Laquita is a member of our band. Last but not least in our senior year came Beverly Crisp and Bill Smith. Beverly and Bill are both active members of the senior class. This year the senior class profited by quite a large sum of money from the carnival. The bingo booth and the dart booth were both run by the seniors. These proved to be two very popular concessions. Our senior class princess for the carnival was Nancy Hodge and her escort was Dwane Miller. Nancy made a good try for queen, coming in second. The seniors held their annual amateur hour December thirteenth in the high school gymnasium. Prizes were given to various groups, going to LeAnn Bowen, seventh grade songster won the grand prize. ln the high school group Sharon Bowen took first prize. Preschool prize went to Ann Close and Suzie Major, grades one through four, Donna and Larry Haggardg and grades four through eight, Eugene and Wilma Burke. SE IOR CLASS PROPHECY In th1s year of nrneteen hundred seventy frve lt seerrs there IS great excrte ment rn the halls of old G H S as the superrntendent has planned a reunron for the class of Frfty Frve As we look rn on the scene we frnd hrm rrakrng a long d1stance telephone call Hello operator? I d lrke to talk to l rss Sharon lx rller at the World Arr Lrnes rn Portland Oregon please Hello Sharon tnrs rs the superrntendent of Glendale Hrgh School I 'r call mg about the reunron of the class of '55 Id lrke you to fly the plane I ve Chartered to prck up your old classmates srnce you re a Jet prlot now You w1ll'9 That s frne' Srnce the reumon IS scheduled for lnay 28 you can start about a week efore I ll see you then Several weeks later 1n Portland Sharon rs warmrng up the notor of her Jet transport arrplane She has arranged for Ida Nay Wrllrarnson to accompany her Ida May has been an arrplane stewardess for qurte a whrle now and she IS gorng to make thrs her last flrght before retrrmg She plans to marry and make a home rn the Cow Creek Valley Sharon and Ida May take off and soon arrrve at the Los Angeles arrport where they frnd the mayor of Los Angeles Pat Mrze war ng at cleans the Sunset Strrp rn hrs spare trme for extra money to support hr and twelve daughters After a short wart a famrlrar frgure approaches the plane and rt turns out to be Edgar Johnson It seerrs he has just returned from a recordrng sessron for RCA Ed took overl..1berace's fame when the Candelabra Krng retrred In a matter of mrnutes after takrng off from the Los Angeles arrport they land rn Arrzona where they are to prck up Aran Woodley Aran formerly had a Job parnt mg yellow l1nes down the hrghway untrl one day she stopp d for lunch along the went wrld and she found herself rn the mrddle of one of the rrchest uranlum de posrts rn Amerrca Leavrng Arrzona the plane flres southeast to prck up Nancre Hodge rn Tulsa Oklahoma Mrss Hodge decrded that marrrage would rnterfere wrth her teachrng professron so she never accepted any of the proposals of rrarrrage offered to her She lS happrly teachrng Englrsh rn a Tulsa hlgh school As Nancre boards the plane she waves goodbye to her Freshman students who are here to see her off The plane soon arrrves rn Lrttle Rock Arkansas where Bettye McCasl1n rs lrvrng People come from all over the world to see her It seems she got her wrsh and grew three feet taller and IS now the tallest woman rn the world Bettye has to duck qurte a brt to get rnto the plane Soon they are on therr way agarn and therr next stop rs Chrcago Here Brll Srrrth has made a brg narre for hrr self 1n the modelrng world He s nodelrng long underwear for the lxontgorrery Ward catalog B111 greets everyone and they are on therr way agarn Thrs trme they fly north to Ottowa Canada where lvelvrn Vtoods has broken the world s record for flagpole srttrng Besrdes flagpole srttrng Melvrn was the frrst nan to skrp across Nragra Falls on a trght rope lxrelvrn always drd have unusual tastes New York Crty rs the next stop where they frnd Pan Clare v artrng Dan rs wrrtrng "The Lrfe of Peter Jenkrns for the New York lserald Trrbune Dan rs known as one of the forer' ost Journalrsts 1n Ne J York Follo vrng ms arrrval Laqurta Hargrs rs seen walkrng up the rarrp Laqurta nas been warden of Srng Srng for nearly ten years She decrded that the place needed a hor ey touch, so she put curtarns on all the cell wrnaows Flyrng further south they land rn Colun bra South Carolrna Dranne lt cCasl1n - - ' I ' A ' ' - H y - I H . . . I 4 I V - , ri II I - I 1- 4- . . , . xr A n ' II I I ' II ' - - ' - . I 1 I I A - ' - - I - I . . , , . Y , . , . . , , . , . . . , I ' 1 b I ll I 4 I f Y' 4 l . . . . I I I ' I I ' I ' . I . . . , I , I A I A I . . ' II ' II ' I I ' ' ' ' e side of the road. The geiger counter that Aran always Carried with her suddenly ' I I I , A l o , . I I , . . . . Y . . V , . . . n . . 4 , . , 1 Q , . . A I , , A ' I . , . . D J . . ' . . . . A ,, , V . - . . . . LA ' ' ' vu V. wi ' l ' ' I . . , V , . . A , , , A , - I ' I ' A I SE IOR CLASS PRCPHECY nee Halstead rs grvrng last rnute rnstructrons to her husband John on the trarn rng of her sever sons Dranne plans for her boys to follow rn her footsteps and becore charrpron wrestlers The next stop rs Tarrpa Florrda There rs a lot of confusron and horse and rt turns out to be the Barnu and Barley Crrcus brddrng farewell to Jea'rette yers ana Jerry Bartle They have DGCOV9 far'ous s an acrobatrc tea v rtt the crrcrrs Once agarn they are on therr way and they head southeast over the Atlantrc Soon they land rn Havana Cuba where they prck up rke Brrd l rke never ard decrde on a lrfe professron lt see r s rrodern crvrlrzatron vas too cucr for hrrr so to .vent natrve Nrxe spends rrost of hrs trrre loafrng rn the Cuba r sunshrne Shrrley Bass ussen rs the next on the lrst They frnd Shrrley rn Brazrl where she collects rare brrds along the Arrazon She car e to Brazrl vvrth the rdea of sellrng tooth brushes to the natrves but changed her rnd because she was rn pressed by the btiullllfur urrua The plane keeps gorng south way down south to be exact lt lands on an rce berg rn the South Pole Frorr a drstance they can hear urrrel Barrong s vorce snoutrng 'Mush Mush to her dog tearr and before long she boardscthe plane lv urrrel rs a screntrst now and rs studyrng the lrfe habrts of the Antarctrc pengurns Thrs rrrre they fly to the contrnent of Afrrca where Brll Sether rs rn Egypt rrres rn the pyrarrrds for the last erght years Leavrng the Land of the lvrle they head for Crernona Italy where they are to prck up Dwane rller He has been akrng aster vrolrns for a nuhrber of years and hrs vrolrns are sard to surpass Stradevarrus rn qualrty Fveryone thought that Dwahe s career would be rn the sports world but after experrrnentrng wrth the vrolrns he found that nothrng could satrsfy hrrr except becoh rng a vrolrn h aker The class Journey on ana soor frnd therrselves rn lradrrd Sparn Brll Burke rs a well known bullfrghter rn lvladrrd Hrs short stature and nrrrbldrress helped r ake hrrr an rdeal hatador He tells the class that he rs rnarrred and rarsrhg an arena full of lrttle bullfrghters Sharon gurdes the plane through a bank of fog and they land rn the London arrport There rs a lrrnousrne parked there and frorr rt steps Beverly Crrsp Beverly rs known as the second Jenny Lrnd rn the operatrc vorld She has Just cor pleted her world tour and plans to make r ngland her hone Beverly steps rn to the plane and they wrng therr way toward Parrs The class rs arrazed to frnd that Jean Brantley rs rn Parrs As she boards the plane everyone sees at once that she NGS an excrtrng new harr do Jean tells then that she has a lrttle shop and rs novv creatrng orrgrnal harr styles for wor en all over the world Fron Parrs they fly to l oscow Bussra where they are to prck up that grace ful ex classr ate Larry lvullarkey Larry rs a ballet dancer rn the oscow theater and has becorre qurte popular as an entertarner The frozen wastes of Srberra rs the next destrnatron and who should they frnd there but Frances Parazoo' She decrded harrred lrfe was too I uch for her and Jorned the Vlacs to get away frorr rt all Next and last stop rs the sunny rsland of Hawarr A very sun tanned Shrrley Bedfreld heets the plane at the Honolulu arrport Shrrley rs laden wrth lers and she says they were grven to her as a farewell present by the troop of hula dancers she rs performrng wrth Shrrley enroys hula dancrng en ensely Only one vorce rs rrrssrng frorr the group and as they land rn Glendale they hear that vorce. The superrntendent of Glendale Hrgh School steps forward to greet them and they frnd that he rs hone other than Ted Booth' . , ' ' ' :rj ' ' ' ' ' - I A . l ' ' l T AA A. J - no , . A I . . . . , I . - W - - - ' ' . r' M. r HA . F . . . . . rr rr G TT. v' . ' . ' I v ' v V l ' ' . . , , ,,. . ,, ,, I I Lil Q Nu re "' A ". Q' ' 1 ' ' . ' ' r A . ' . hr. ' ' . ' ' ' ' , l ' . . Ir ' " ' . . F. . ,- , . ,.. ' 1 L.:..,-I.. ' I A r . V ' - . . . . M . , . a A AVr Q-QL N 4 1 , Il r 1 1 1 ' ' , A. I , . I . , . . Bill is the head of an archeological expedition and has been searching for rhurn- rl A A' I Q ' V- I ' I I - ll' ,Y ',' P, ' ' .l KVA Q AA. L.l , , . T A V I , A I 'rl .I I I 'A . I A . Hr I 0 . - . , A . . . . A A r. ' . ' 2 . ' ' ' ' I - ll V ll - A - V, f' - I - 'T w ' ' - .. , , . . I - u . ' , ' ' ' ' ' ' - 11 ' "' I I T ,. 4 - - rf . ' lt I I 1 AV. I 4 I s I v ' ' ' ' ' I I ' V A 4 l . . , CLASS WILL We the semor class of Glendale Hlgh School bexng of sound mrnd, and preparrng to depart from these halls forever do hereby wlll our most cherlshed possess1ons to those who we trust wrll use them as wlsely as we dld We the senxor class, wrll to the faculty and Mr Pate our good conduct rn the hall and classrooms To Dutch we wrll the messes we made rn the hall, and to Alrce our abrlxty to get away with tardres and excuses e the semor class, wrll to the freshmen class our abrlrty to graduate and we hope they do as well as we dr the semor class wxll to the sophomores our cheerful drsposrtlons and smrlmg faces e the senror class wrll to the Junror class our abllxty to carry on an orderly class meetrng, and our pralseworthy reputatron as an IHSPLIGIIOD for next year I Dwane Mrller, wxll my abrlrty to foul out of basketball games to Gene Stem I Vlurrrel Barrong wrll my hexght to Elaine Johnson, and my abxlrty to get ones rn Mrss Cargrles class to Danny Cooper I B111 Burke, wrll my good behavror tn study hall to Troy Beynolds, and my speed gettrng down to the lunch room to the last person rn the lunch lme I Nancy Hodge, wtll my frrst perrod study hall w1th Mr Stolz to Shrrley Beasoner, and to Floyd Emerson the abrlxty as a semor to lose the class rntra mural to the freshmen I Dan Clare wrll my Peter Jenkrns story to Wesley Young and' my abrlrty to sleep anytlme or anywhere to Mrs Sether I Dranne Halstead, w1l1 my loquacrous personaltty to Mary Weeks, and my abrlrty to borrow pencrls Katherxne Mclsaughlln I Mrke B1rd wrll nothmg because everythlng I have, I need I Sharon M1ller, wrll my pos1t1on on the paper staff to Boydell Bowe and my cheerleader outfrt to Glenna Wrllramson I Larry Mullarkey, wrll my abrllty to sleep ln physxcs class to Drck Cobb I Jeanette Myers wrll my abxlrty to jrtterbug to Flonald Hodge, and my abrlrty to be GAA presrdent to Donna Frsher I Blll Smlth wrll my abrlrty to get mto trouble rn srxth perrod study hall to Don Meads I Jean Brantley, wrll my musrcal ab1l1ty to Carol Hlggms, and my green eyes to Harry Stanley I B111 Sether, wlll my abxlrty to get along w1th Mr Close to John Sether and my many grrl frrends to Fred West Shrrley Basmussen, wrll my abrllty to graduate to Anna Jo Sparks and my abxlrty to get out of senror Enqlrsh to any jumor lucky enough to do rt I Ed Johnson w11l my speakrnq vorce and vocabulary to B111 Mohr I Bettye McCasl1n wrll my abrlrty to let my harr grow to Juamta Stovall, and my shyness and abllxty get along wrth boys to Sharon Bowen I Pat Mrze w11l my abrlxty to be the only marrred boy rn the senror class to Frank Beed and my chrome stove prpes to Dayton Brown I Sh1rley Bedfxeld wrll my short haxr to farzlyn VanDume and my abrlxty to play the base drum to Bose Mary Vtood I Ted Booth, wrll my abrlrty to get along w1th Vrss Holmes to anyone who needs rt I Beverly Crrsp, wrll my abrlrty to get confused rn Mr Close s physrcs class to Sharon Johns I Jerry Bartle w11l my hexght to B111 Nflullarkey and my werght to John Beed I Frances Farazoo wxll my posxtron rn the cafeterla to Irene Fllls and my cheerleader outfxt to Audrey Gutrerrez I Melvxn Vtood wrll my whxte gym trunks to Don Monhls and :ry abllxty to get out of class tomy lrttle brother I, Ida May Vtrllramson, wrll Jess Hamxron rny last perrod study hall wrth 'vtrss Cargrle I Aran Vvoodley wrll my lrttle feet to Lrnda Sue MacDonald and my herght to Sally Jo Thompson I Laqurto Harqrs wlll my number 9 tenms shoes to Gary Koehler and my abxlrty to get a traffxc trcket to Don VcmDyke I I I . . I - . . W , . . , I I mel I 0 W . . . . . . , I 1 , . I L I . 1 . , . . . , , , . I I I , to I I ' I . , . I I . I I ' , . , . I. I I ' 1 1 . I I I 1 I ' ' 1 , .I . . . . . . , . , . . . , , . . I I ' . , . , . ,. , I I .. A A - , , .rt , - 1 1 1 njigv v qs v C r JN ..,g....,,-,Q Kg ' Q V,,,,:g,A V , L. KIA ,Q p-4 , '93-rf' .4-1? 7105... , ,,., yi.-. -' va? X86 'Z W. 1'- sf FN L5 N Q 723 '71 xfx if TN. V627 ,X f JL X D, gf? ,fi 1'VQ'51 ' V WNV Jx I X K 7- f 4 'WI K I 3 J, L4 f X X K2 f jj I ,J Y , N, en ,H I U Cobb Lee Berg Mclaauqhlin Sether Tanner Hale Taylor Killian Johnson Reed Van Duine Rowe M. Martin Stanfill f . J .! -A M v ,' JlJX.g,61,g,, JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ..... . . Jack Kilmer Vice-President . . . ..... Fred West Secretary-Treasurer . . . . Juanita Stovall Serqeants-at-Arms . . . . . Archer Ford Johnny Newman 'L F? 3 Q Ee' L-f'O Cobb Martin 3 l"' so Q x T- JS, Meads Nl Williamson Worley Ellis Stein, B. W Q Mouchett Stein, G. M129 Mohr ' Estes Bowen Fisher Diltz Gillies Falcone Belcher The junior class sponsored a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance November fifth. There was a good turn out, and all in all everyone had a good time. The juniors took top honors at the biennial carnival held this year. The junior princess, Juanita Stovall, was elected carnival queen and the junior float won first prize in the float parade. The Junior-Senior Prom was held May sixth, at the school gym. The prom was preceded by a banquet, with appropriate decorations and speeches. We experienced an evening of pleasure in our own school this year, which broke with the custom of past years, when the event was held in Grants Pass. t WX X9 ,i Xwxu PM -P Q xfibf if Af,-NC fl mb fig V355 Inf. 5 , I AX W x ff f - f4 M , 'gigxg' ,--1... 2 iq"j .A f WN f W I,, 1 ' J !f k Xxx? X, - ff ,- , 1 .S ffl HR X X'-"f M ff: f ' w .YY XX ,Xl 1 O l 'x ff ffm AWK 'pxl lIf 5yQl,f2XX8 . Y J, - X LJ XXX X i A I Xxx 3 1, f, Z. .f. I f . f . 1' , . D V, , , f z W, Harris Thompson, S. Brown Johnson, B. Gutierrez Steinman Bone Arman, S. Reed Thompson, B. Brantley Miller, S. Musta Arman, F. Leach McDonald Dowdy Smart Fieasoner Johnson, S. Johnson, K. J ohns Mosley Fotherinqham Buchanan Smith Miller , G. Blaser Stevens Strauss Stanley Moni ils 7' 3 T' fl X1 fi A .,r. , w-Q SOPHOMGRE CLASS President . . . Vice-Pres1dent Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Sergeant -at-Ar: SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS gt, 4- iq, OW lr '57 Bobby Harris Layton Brown Sally Thompson . - - . . Eeve-r1yJonnson is . . . . Donald Van Dyke . .eynolds Liunyon, Fi. fs ,srr Lfullcrkey Spczrxs Clark, Smith, L. Fondecu F-Joce Jenkins Lfehl Green, Fl. Smith, F. Humphreys Hilscher HOGQE Fochett Younq Cox King, G. Killian Emerson Moschkcxu SUIZS Kilmer Slo-Cin Strauss Green, D. King, E. Munyon, T. Ellis Nichols, L Hornmon Fosernurk Lee Miller Strand Brown, S. Johns Foster Redfield Cooper Nichols, C Von Dyke 'heeks Koehler fyfisfeldt Hole 'flood Clark, L. Monfils Brown, B. Smith, I. Fox fv' fu- L 'N G! - , :vs I L- L if f P, , ,ff "I li. Q " 5 S 1 1 'n 5 4 5 ' ' I V I ' Q5 if ,..n' Q' I ' abil!-gi 'ew 14 A 17' M , M xp ff 7 KV XX, O ,W vi 0 Q A f im 1 if fn! fy 3 qi 1 r ' X W f If L1 ,Q E'-K ' I "'H"51 ff i! Y? ff fig X, ,lf 1 .4- NX A 4 X? 'X X J f KX 1 ' STUDENT BODY OFFICERS PRESIDENT B111 Burke VICE PRESIDENT Gene Stem SECRETARY Nancy Hodge TREASURER M1ke Bud SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Jeanette Myers STU DENT COUNCIL BACK ROW H 1 Bud My Bartl K1 e 'vir Ed ords FRONT ROW Hodge Fxsher Burke Ste M o Editorial Staff Business . . Circulation . . Classes . Editorial Staff Circulation . . Sports . . NNUAL STAFF . Nancie Hodge Pat Bouse Lois Mouchett . . . Bill Sether Murriel Barronq Betty Ann Hale . . John Sether Paul Smith . . Sharon Miller, Sharon Bowen, Jim Mosley, Charlotte Redfield PAPE . . . . . Nancie Hodge Sharon Miller Juanita Stov all Marian Martin . . . . Gene Stein Dwane Miller Activities . Bettye McCaslin Pictures . . . . Lynne Martin Jeanette Myers Marian Martin Athletics . . Larry Mullarkey Dianne Halstead Art . . . . . Joan Taylor Shirley Bedfield Advisor . . . . Mrs. Sether Reporter-5 , , Bettye MCCGSlin Betty Gilles, Carol Mize Jeanette Myers Jean Brantley Janice Smith Pat Mize, Dan Clare Advisor . . . . . . Mr. Don Wohler 4 fiif, ,.k . ,.vHLrt7.:. .,,vi,-,, Q : .,.2., , 'fy' .kg ' . w W , - , .,,!,, HO OR RGLL KZ Z4- LVTV 'wa ancy rouge beverly wus, Jeanette yers were 1 er Larry I rrllarxey I' J Dar Cre e Ix.,'7 1 f' mL N ' X '52, Tl'.'i1 .f 'Q A I f' lil , vf' ' F ' IJ ' 3 I If F , n P111 , TENT? NFAE1. Sully Truozgpsezi f 1G E '1 E tty lein S:1.Srt f.lfKIwi2 7521.421 P rxuletle 'fur' fgr: 1 ftcqfre.. CARNIVAL ROYALTY PRINCESS NANCY QUEEN IUANITA ff 9' Z X PRINCESS SHIRLEY PRINCESS DIAINNE T' I :qs PRINCESS JOAN QW? PRINCESS ANNA JO 5- , tw- 3 P - xx - A X A X XA O 0 ff, x 9 0 b 0 A O0 O 9,2 CRIP S IOC f'i""'-p. BAND CLARINET Leona Baker Darla Bone Jean Croft Merry Fox Redfreld Charlotte Downey Rosemark DRUMS Beverly Brady Laqurta Harars Brllre Johnson Sharon Mrller Shrrley Redfxeld Ruth Ann Roberts Judy Smart Bernlece Thomas Geraldrne Wrllard Dean Ball TRUMRETS James Allen Jrm Berry Lloyd Clark Jrrr Crolf Joe Frsher George Mrll Harvey Pate Marrlyn Van Durne Rose Mary Woods SAXOPHONES Donna Frsher Tom Mehl Lee Roy Moschkau Troy Reynolds Terry Rrcker Marge Smrtln Alrce Blazer TROMBONES Terry Buchanan Gene Collrns Lynne 'vlartrn BARITONE Ken Clark ME LLOPHONE Davrd Sears " V U K A 1 Beverly Smith Alvin Miller Mary Weeks . . X , Seated: Carr, Thompson, Reasoner, Mize, Bowen, Fachett, Cox Standing: Miss Beckius, Fisher, Johns, Humphreys, Johns, Halstead, Smith, Mariin J. PEP aus ,V CHEER LEADERS Nancie Hodge Sharon Miller Jeanette Myers Frances Pczrazoo Betty Ann Hale f' I-P-, "' ' BOYS LETTERMAN CLUB GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATICN 7 W Y CARNIVAL At 7 OO P M Saturday mght on November 13 the GHS began therr annual carmval The con cessrons were brngo store shootrng gallery bean guess wheel of fortune sponge throw foods frsh pond darts balloons etc Prof1ts for each class were Senrors S 124 92 J unrors 42 90 Sophomores 39 70 Freshmen 15 10 GAA 16 38 Pep Club 33 48 Carnrval Admrssrons 424 23 Sub-total S 721 97 Queen Contest 416 66 TOTAL S 1 138 63 NATICNAL ASSEMBLIES Table tennrs champs Stan F relds and Harry Tafler entertarned at a natronal assembly at GHS Mr F relds and Mr Tafler showed therr great speed and skrll by keeprng three balls on the table at once and they set table tennrs to musrc Flemmg Orem hrs wrfe and h1s marrmba performed at a natronal assembly Mr Orem has been featured wrth T B Hurtrad Quatemala Band that brought the modern marlmba to thrs country Mr Orem started hrs career as a solorst He plays popular and classrcal musrc Mrs Orem's excellent vorce and charmrng manner won the hearts of the audrence Kurt Smger author of SPIES AND TRAITORS talked about espronage and sabotage rrngs 1-11s wrfe hrd hrm when he was about to be captured and he wasn't caught Hrs wrfe and chrldren were captured by the Nazrs at one trme and put rn a concentratron camp We have SPIES AND TRAITGRS plus many other books on espronage wrrtten by Mr Srnger rn our lrbrary Karek Jarto vlolrnrst and hrs accompanrst Freddy performed He began hrs career at the age of srx He 1S noted for hrs beautrful frery temperament and tremendous technrque Freddy hrs accompamst played two prano solos to add to the entertarnment of the student body Wrllram Dean Hamrlton was a ventrrloqurst and elocutromst He gave some readmgs and rn terpretatrons Hrs raprd frre comedy held the attentron of the audrence every mmute The program ended w1th a serrous note rn the readrng of a patrrotrc selectron In the late sprrng we are Dromrsed Duke Montague another natronal assembly entertarner Due to bad weather condrtrons we were denred the program by The Players a group of Shakespearean actors RALLIES AND DANCES Thrs year after ball games we had sock dances. Students from other schools remarned for a whrle after the games. The dances were lots of fun and ended at 11 o'clock. We had pep rallres Just before every other game. Everyone yelled plenty and at the games the boys showed great school sprrrt by organrzrng a yellrng sectron of therr own. . : I I I . I I I I I . I I I . Lettermen ---- - ----------------- ------ 2 5.26 , . I I . I I I I ' I l . l ' ' I l I I 4 . . . I I I I I I ' I ' . I I U I I I ' l . I . . . I . . . I , . . . I . . . I I I 1 I ff? ,wg XX! x, .K Fd if f X ,G X X ON! ffy 1 f 355 Eff Q , Xi? ,5-NN xx-, .J .lx f M X M X Y rw' 'Nf W-d,y7 ff . 5 ' 1 s..4:,.f ' 'iv '. V-f" zlfxlg V V Q A W 1 ,J Z X X K xx J N Xi, f j 1' 1 ,, 1 Q F . V ,ff , X xv FCOTB LL TE M FOOTB LL SQUAD FIRST ROVM Jon Dyke Voschkcru Mehl S Brown Smrth SECKJND HOW Stcmfxll Mxller Vullarkey Battle Nunyon 'Nrchols hewrrun Cobb Mr Edwards FOUEKTH FVWX Hole '-lodge Vxsieldt Johnson Sloan Clark D Krlmer Stevens Feynolds BUG Clare, Mize, West, 5. Kilmer. THIPQD ROW: Mr. Stolz, Booth, Ford, Young, Emerson, L. Brown, Worley A 1 'Y 1 L ' 1 1 I A 0 - 'V' L: 4 ' 1 ' 'L 1 1 1 Q I 99 ' 97' A , V " 'Q-X ' Q' fAG ' 4 .., ' ., rl . -, m,mn-93,3514-':f-sig, Q,- I 9 I I 'V lf: wffjj ,. M e ,g 'T' ' ,, eg, ess '5' ""f:g:-nlwyw ws, MW A -A: .F "QL, 1 'JW' :D Q A I is E, al 4 . ' 1 W Q 4, '25 'Q .- s ' " s 'ffvfw ' . ,,,, W,,.,w ..n,f1, ,, I 1 s 45 9 ' ' ' ,SFP Qrmj 'ffg,:'6VM.:.1t4i1,3 2 f , 1 W 1 is I G Qi M 1 , wx, My , Q 7 A fzv, ,EA w a '43 fr 4ig,fgxm-y LQV 4 ' 1 xx wa , A .Q 1 Tm Q , 5 X aw., Hg' e Q' 5 5 Q A - . "V , N If fa " o rv' W 1 -fy A "'f4 P:v,,.,1" i L W " A U W ff -4'-., Q VARSITY BASKETBALL l :WIN Coach Stolz, Burke, West, G. Stein, Fl. Munyon, Berg, I... Mullarkey, P. Smith, D. Miller, I... Brown, Bird Basketball season began with the jamboree in Sutherlin and ended with the tournament in Roseburg, Glendale being eliminated the first game. Although the team chalked up few wins during the season, the student enthusiasm and the team's fighting spirit was very good. Our team always made a good showing. High point man for ithe season was Gene Stein, but the team was very well balanced as far as individual players are concerned. .l.V. and Freshmen teams will furnish some good players for next year's season. FN x 5 FN EEE? X K If X f fa ff 'LFE ou XM!- vuox f f V fx-'F , ' xL fi: xx I f N fix ' If If X xl 'V Rx x 51.2 -5? L! XQQ gg 1 su nl X , 1 '1- 5 31-0- Q!! ,,, 7 ' '-in H. 'NA wa , K 'mf' r" ,J . 9 .?'v ' A" - I Y, if I 'rf 1 x u 'Q " ,811 A "!'sAw -fa . .' - V - A vw - - L Jw .4 'g 4 M' -. . . , , ,sy . ' A , f , .A I t. ' 91 - 4 4' .W I a , ""' A Aw- J- k ' -': ' ,. . Q , :A X 1 . ff I I I ' Q., W ,fig ! Q4 UI-likx .v el- ,Lo- iw- gf L , 'H 55 F, Qs. X 15 N- tall new fi 11" w.-,r Uhr cfm ,Z 'gif ' Cb' F Q23 'iff '4,fgf Q V5.5- H-ff' I anQ ,, , wif ' f wo M Willy SEKVIQE OU OR 'Ns QA I RIC-E5 Law 'L-X-X M J Aff ff? .ff ,A-L 0 o V? , A J 46-35 I IjALV' A S va F V ffl fi Q Q I vfll K AWK W Loki ' x L5 wwf T lffipgs 'K Q lk JJ ,J X X 1 JNA1 g7ff cf? i qj ,i E' 'X ff rf 7 XX X NN xx P A ' ' jflu :xxx ,f 'J i K 2 X is f x COMPANY THE ROBERT DOLLAR ASK FOR - - - IN GLENDALE REACH PCR - - - IT'S 74a FOR ZOTTOLA'S DAIRY PRODUCTS THE FINEST IN Fooos BETTER SELECTIONS BETTER QUALITY BETTER SERVICE Dunk 3 Glasses of M1114 Each Day Mllk Ice Cream Etc Delivered Fresh E R WE INVITE You TO COME IN AND QC Day SEE OUR KTTCRENWARE DEPARTMENT COX S CENTRAL SERVICE AND APPLIANCE V E as CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 -I l ' I ziiii if '., MCLAIN DRUG CENTRE cull S Nl DrugEC Irv Q Y CYCRIPXXQ AS YOU MAKE THIS NEW BEGINNING PLEASE ACCEPT OUR CONGRATULATIONS NOT ONLY FOR THE FACT YOU ARE NOW GRADUATING BUT ALSO ON THE DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE FOR THE FUTURE 'OQUITL-E" YOUR FRIENDLY FAMILY PHARMACY 7 OO P.M. MAKE McLAIN'S YOUR HEADQUARTERS WHEN IN GRANTS PASS WX g .x ' 'U CII A T' .95 Congratulations tothe Class of T955 HENNINGERCS' STURE Phone VE 2-5200 Dry Goods Groceries Frozen Foods Fresh Vegetables School Supplne Glen dale Oregon We at HENNINGER S Apprecuate Your Buslness Wlshes of Success MINUTE STOP burgers Soft Dnnks Chxlx Soup Sweet Freeze Ice Cream OPEN 8 00 A 'll T1l12 00 P VI GLENDALE OREGON Greetmgs to the Class of HOPPERS' STORE AND SERVICE STATION WOLF CREEK OREGOIN ' s 11557, SANDWICHES TO TAKE HOME L B HALL F UNERAL HOME CREMATORIUM AMBULANCE IOXYQQH EQ P9065 THE FINEST IN EACH AND EVERY SERVICE 50 YEARS OF SERVICE 'Me 7nd gmt! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF '55 THANKS TO THE MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY FOR THEIR PATRONAGE BANK YOUR FOOD HERE RAY YOUNG GLENDALE OREGON CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 55 FROM UNITED PETROLEUM SERVICE DAYTON TIRES U S TIRES ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE PROMPT AND FRIENDLY SERVICE HOWARD CLARK MANAGER GLENDALE SHOE STORE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 141 N.W. "C" Street Phone GR 6-3388 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 DAY and MEHL PHONE VE 2 5130 GLENDALE ORE UTZ Ol' SUITS PHONE GR 6 3291 Grants Pass Oregon IT PAYS TO COME A LONG WAY TO TRADE AT BYRD S GRANTS PASS OREGON WE ARE NEVER TOO BUSY TO BE COURTEOUS CAPITOL SAW SHOP AW e MCCULLOCI-IS 'MCCULLOCH SALES 8. SERX ICE GLENDALE OREGON GLENDALE VARIETY STORE If you don t see zt ask for it CONC RA TULATIONS YO THF CLASS OF 55 DON BLAKELY FRENCH LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS 116 s 1: J sf PHONE GR 6-3513 GRANTS PASS OREGON Y f is li - S ' Qtr , 'if vi' -- -2. ' H 0 . GLENDALE GARAGE FIIIRUII S U PR E M E 51.901111 GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR GAS RPM OIL - ACCESSORIES BODY AND FENDER WORK PHONE VE 2 5180 GLENDALE OREGON EVERYTHING TO WEAR FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY GOLDEN RU LE STORE WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR 50th ANNIVERSARY REMODELING AND EXPANSION NEXT YEAR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 55 GRANTS PASS OREGON Washing you success PIGGLY WIC-GLY STORE 906 S V h Gran 1veS and H Gr tamp Pass BEST WISHES STETSON HRTS SHIRTS TOGGERY 4 M nanow GRANTS PASS OREGON GET THE BEST IN ATHLETIC HUNTING 84 FISHING EQUIPMENT HAMMER S SPORTING GOODS CO 775 S E 6th St GRANTS PASS Oregon PHONE GR 6-3362 we Mccnecon COMPANY SQ IOQ 254 GRANTS PASS OREGON CONGRATULATIONS DRUGS COSMIJI ICS FOUNTAIN SERVICE MAGAZINES mc 244 IM Viflausv, GLENDAI E. OREGON PHONE VE 2 5270 GIFTS . I. 61 . ts We g' . . een S s . . Ti-E TMR' J ,Z 4 TO THE CLASS OF '55 AT I ' ' Y 1 - - 4 , I. fy' fb 7111: if W M COMPLIMENTS OF DDIIAR A D PATTERSDN CDMPANY, I C. DEALERS MATERIALS FOR HOME AND INDUSTRY MEAT CUTTING WUNSCH S FOOD LOCKERS CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE SENIORS ALL MEAT AT WHOLESALE PRICES GUARANTEED TO PLEASE YOU GRANTS PASS FURNITURE CO TOUR S 6 H GREEN STAMPS FURNITURE STORE INVITILS YOUR PATROINAGE jbST NORTH OF BYRD S ON 6th Free Parkmg Grants Pass Oregon BEST WISHILS TO THE AZALEA GENERAL STORE MR and MRS SAM OSEPIAN CLAS OE 1955 EXCEL DRESS SHOP Grants Voss Oregon IN ICE ' AND , CLASS OF 1955 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PLYWOOD CDM PANY INC MLILTNOMAH CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR EXCELLENT ANNUAL FINE STUDENT BODY INSPIRING FACULTY FAITHFUL CUSTODIANS CAREFUL BUS DRIVERS UNDERSTANDING BOARD MEMBERS AS ACHIEVED IT S GREATNESS AMERICA H BY THE INDIVIDUAL URGE TO EXCEL UNDER THE EE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM OPPORTUNITIE ROGUE RIVER S AFFORDED UNDER A FR WHERE MOST PEOPLE TRADE Dane Ufzwe- an HARDWARE Duxle Dogs Fountain GIendaIe Teen age Headquarters Dlxue Burgers 1 n n I 0 I .. 5 1 Q Q B E N W H A I. E Y ols'rRlauToR OF SHELL on. PRODUCTS Xl PHONE VE 2 2455 p 0 30X 395 GLENDALE OREGON PIFTIJRELS OF Sl' MORS FACULTY AND IMJIXIIJLXL GHOLPS KHP TAMLN LH Kandi 5564 EUGENE, OREGON ' ll: JJ fff t'!.,z' ,1 V' L, N ' 0,1 V x,f"' , Jr! ff. 4'L -fl' KQV , ff' ' s ,ff I ,fl I "bv Vyflt J X, I WEL VN" ,-1 ,W , M inf! if M E 7 s KU J ' ' f V' 4- frbf , . 'J A I v' L1 ff ' ' ff' I - 1 J w v 1 , , T V , T , .A , ,AL A 1 t j ,fy , 1 A J A L i CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 55 NEIL S BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 955 FIRESTONE STORES 521 S E 6th Street GRANTS PASS OREGON Moy your Future be Buqht THE MUSIC SHOP CARLOTTA WISEMAN Grants Pass Oregon CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1955 GRADUATES FROM BATE S GROCERY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I955 CAPITOL 76 SERVICE STATION GLENDALE .ICT GLENDALE OREGON Phone VE 2 6400 COBB S CLOTHING CLOTHING FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY AT REASONABLE PRICES GLENDALE OREGON CONGRATULATIONS FROM BARNES WATCH AND CLOCK SHOP ESTABLISHED IN I904 Grants Pass Oregon 1 ' I Wing Building GLENDALE, OREGON WITH BEST WLSHES AND SUCCESS MucBrown s Tackle Shop All Types of Boats P lyvuood or I' 1berglass Niercury Outbo ard Niotors Traders and All Niarme Flttmgs Huntmg and Flshmg Llcenses ACROSS FRON1N1ICHI'L S FEI-D AND BLII DINJC ON HI WAX 99 Best of luck from Dutch and MICkle ff yy Glendale Oregon , 7 1 v L f- 1 1 - 1 - - 1 . 1 V ,- C 1 A A . . 4 L A . A ' I BEST WISHES Phone GR 6-3211 TO THE TED PAuLus 1955 GRADUATES 'Zzewmace BOB PROFFIT T VALLEY HARDWARE 324 S.W. Sixth St. Grants Pass, Ore . "2 ft IV' MODENE 'S GROCERY AZALEA OREGON MICHEL S FEED AND BUILDING SUPPLIES The Prrate Log Staff wrshes to say THANKS for the advertrsements rn thrs years annual OP 190.9 FRONT THE GLENDALE GROCERY COMPLIMENTS O SLIM PICKINS RESTAURANT GLENDALE OREGON ' F r:oNcrrATr:1,ATr0Ns TO Trrr: srzrsrorrs AUTOGRAPHS fgnzfwgz ,ji 0440! A444161 gflfng 4,14 ,awffff fre 1441 jffffffff jglzzgj !f A45 fic!! Zi' Kr ' rc, -,ff fff JC X 'L - f' J - ,Ci Z Z -f. If f 1 V 1115? yglfil 1671! M61 f Y , ,Z 13 , 4: I UTOGRAPHS N L RF LAN WH N LLY EV THE CQDWN CE L I V 4 , IV' ' ' 1 ! X . XX , X I X , ' x l X 1 Aix . ' V , U1 , . j , F , 1 n' J X Ax, L A ., ' ,b . A F, .4 I Q' 1 , . I V y ' H A ' I X ' ., ,..' .1 N I X ' x ' x J T"5?-?'.k'F 5 ,Ei 533' C U f7LY' QEVZNEEFNYEZ EX:g-E V' 1 fx .X A N , N Mi Tk 5 .. ,L it , 1 A1 - .Af ,5 , '- . M "' R ' W 5 ' 35, LL - f f La, f, , V Af x , ' 'V ' - , , V . , Q ' ,W f k , ,Mi - 'v.,' I r M -f fa IW ' 'T 1 ' ' . M ! A ix f' . -X U Q f D 1 xx yx' W I' f L' I? K T . AM L, f!bV X K. x Af J 'K .XA K ,JJ , Z Y fx Y ' . If V . , f , in I f ' , I f If , "- f ' rf' I r , , , l I . 1 A f f V 'V 1 'I I l . ' ll . X .Q . 1 X, rr ' l " I I q I I I , ,V Q , 1 . ' Y! L .ff R I' ' 1 1. X V ,IL 4 , I . 1 A xr Av , ' , , .1 ' -f, v 17:7 Q , L pigjlg LCD: 1 ' 1 1 Lf' Q- 1 , 3 W 1 dw DL Md' C, ig, f V ,LL 4 fb QT 95 FLW! LW 9gki2f!Qg ' V uf U' Q.. W2 - W LL Q, x MQ1 ,NF if N U ,oft y W? . 1 A 1 N VM W WJ PM W JY 2 eb 1 A ' 141' 'YV XL -3 Q if 2 2 in I J WV' I QW 1591+ - - 'Rf P QU ' 017 fildlikj 'fl' L- A.-1 .N A W U Nj L , fx! li 1 yn' N K A w ,ff1,guA i 'L L 4 1 U K VIA! ' 'VJ .uf ' 4, ,I ' 'V I A 0'VV14fffQ4AffffL"jf1fn, AQ lv 2- ,- ff' My ww f XX JBC VJ W bf! WW jgboix ,cwjifffw Qi K1 ff'fSvf1f Q 4 7907 f I f' 9 WWI f fufmpf-y"vrf "v'v7f'7fLw fvvfl W T3-,D f?f2,9-2 yr? VAS 'L 77214037 fpfljlfaj D 77X KTZ23 K, fDf7Q g7 'wflff-Q27 -ywfyf-, A 'z 1 fzffzyrfrfy ,L vfvfzfv-3? 'XXX CV7'f7'7f ' X1 Es J ' Zip: ' - Q yi Q XL ' 4. I X -L r' Q N g Q 'Q X Aw F E: g ' l N f RQ 355' if ff gv ' +5 -x X, N 4 K F j 5 -Q bg, N V- - . fifw X' ' " 'N X u .: PS2 1' NT ' ,J , ! gig E, it W - wr k,,,. ,Lx X N X ' -- 9- u, '. - Q75 +1 , L QQ re X i W - ' iw X we ia 'f' -X x 4 'N XA, kg' fs - X- gk V X 5 lx n' , fi- N ' as UN K i A - Q t x X ' W. E -- X 1 L ' , 47 york ,X ' ' Y 5 Q ' 1 i x ' I Q " j ' . F "X - ' xx V '7 , R. -.N Q , . 1 A , I H . I 'N K x X ' ' , , C X X A xy X ij. I A x ff v Mi 1 4 '13 -6 'N xx Rx ii S3 -is 1.3: . 2:11,-N x X 5 A I l- 4 ,i."I,LA.Q ' "" 15.15 1:-'i".:,4gw! U , I :JF W -4 g A AAWA v h - .Mmz,g,,g':f5mN-.'ggfl'LQ5gLQ'i1.'f.f'-'JN' - :. ff--QL.. A., L., -.if I J ,an , JA-iA,.,mi lfgi r L 1 'X,1, 'V WWW? .,,L., A-

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