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W ii'jK4ffLAfLL V Ox Y- fW5Lvj'w lffvffw gf wfjgzv M M fqff, A 1 , XI 5 JP Lv Ao Vw 's A b :pi 451 YN Ops, A X K '51 V1 L-Q I 33 BW fQ"?i.,,'ffjy' W 5 XX GW TL Jugw jf P ' f bl, L' aff F W l. 'ccffffffioi Xjkif If f if X2 f lfyvidwf Vw KU, Z? KW A f 1' W J O 7 Z PIRATE L0 We the students of Glendale Hldi School ded: cate thus Issue of the Pirate Log to our beloved annual advisor Mrs Sether Through the years she has proved not only to be a good teacher but a wonderful friend Q fl l-D J f I F , PACK LTY 0? X 1 3552 44. f ,- ff 1-inf fl' -4 'Y Q ,T 4. .21 1 . aw., I MMA' ' hfvfwn , , f- , wi ,V I. LAP, 3,317 f Z' "' A ' H I 4 ? 9M ':i9f X5 ff v if L, H. ,I , , J ew .,L,+ oft " , 4. e 'F f pg i."f-.T I H 'u ,Fiji "4 1 ' I 4 ,-51" M5-'-m,4i?A if . ' 'cg ' 'ISS ,115 fi , I W - Q i fx 22455: 4" 'A , " .4 ' '- . . ', 4 f:,4fx,1 .gr-2104 " TA", , 7128 nuff, f 1 . M173 .Y A A ,mrxi -- , xy , , A -f ' iff- ,P g ,,'.gx-, '4 FLORENCE JOHNSON I . NELDA BALCITI AIUQI N41 - if ,X y vuxd X WILLIAM SCHMID WILLIAM MEEKS HAZEL KUSACHI ELSIE HART If I 0 rs I ICR CLASS FLOWER Tulnp CLASS MOTTO Look Forward the best as ysf to come CLASS COLORS Blue and White 1 ' 'W LD sf. 5,5 1 147 91 2,51-n ,ymns W 6 .x 9 ,rv-ar: V' 'fv- : . , , . Sf 'Qi' ' -hfmQ."" . . ' ,fp - ff +-1 :2112 kv. ,f ?f :'S'5:4 Q , 6 ,... - xv . -521,555 .5 ian? psf .. f . 'il 3 :Mig-Q", , I ga A 1. 'Q-:P .1 ,cu QL I 1 .ff A 4 , '1 'I 3 - '12 , ', , -3: , 1- , I if ' - 'L ' ,' " ' , fa . A '- Eg' , nf I ,,5e'?,' f , I ' bfi ? uf ' C ,B w " ,, , f ',,, ,f za - ..g A, ,vl . , 234, 3 ' r , .Am Q55 - f v . , na' ,' ,J .. . V ww . A ,h Y ' 4' ,VL ,V t x 7 ' W, ,, Q V, - mi , .F K -I 3 ,L s 4' -c 5 Y 1 f' as ':A""':" 5 , Q, , .Hs sf " 5 bm 1 ,fa fl x ,B J, qt ' 2 i 5 . : 4 9 X N,- 9 lb " x 4 1 In ff S ,, . a ,Q Q 4., fm, 4 ,W e . , 1 1,4 5 -. ,K 'QV :,. JA W A . , .K -L. J a , f ' I ,e ,, ith? 2, . A -5,3445 Qiqfeiwr L A X , is V7 1' L .gzq fi, fi 11. , his-' E . U, If Q' 7 e : 4 , , K E V 4, J 5 1 z - -, 'C ' 'Di 1 ti. ,Q A - . , ' W Q- . . if I ' f: 0 I 'A , 2:5 .. --'V 1 ' Y. g , , 1 1- V 1 . f fy 1 , :QL ' ,Z ' 1 Que, ,,,-1,..g'- N Q ' ..,geA. N-'wqwgv I fi 51 .dw , A ,vkz gg: z , gf , L7 Al , fi , M rf ' ""'3 H R iw- Z v S5 ,, 5 X . ,,.. A, M .U ,Q . . 61 -if 1 L. , ,L--. 4' 111 H ATE' . 5 :iii 4 532: " 7113-, ni 9 QV. A :. gh A '3f 5-5522 ,- f -' ,z ' H 'fiifff 1 'ua ,. ,1- , 4:2 nil' 4 -Mig? I. M 1 f 'ws 5'5- f 1 24 gf' ' Y' a bm -'lif 11.15 " as f , Xian' ,V , 5' q . wllf WHA. '-,f . Q 'fx if it H K , 5. . . 1 7? f 6 xii? Q.. A ,. 1 ,v SENIOR CLASS HI TORY Nadme Harrls, Ted Brown Ed Burke, Stanley Allen, and Charles Cooper started to gether In the first grade and have stayed together through all the years of struggle and success Chuck was seventh and eughth class president, and lumor class treasurer ln the second grade John Bngelow and Bull Sparks lomed the class They have taken Interest an all class affairs ever smce John was presndent of the lunlor class Dnllon Johnson came ln the fufth grade He was president of the sophomore class and treasurer of the sensor class Arlene Cattanach Laura June Cooper Ed Rogsby Wayne Worley, Chales Bock, and John Bassett were added to the class In the nmth grade Arlene was class secretary for the tenth and twelfth grades John Bassett left and returned agam for the eleventh and twelfth grades Dolly Hamilton, Dorothy Furlong Bobby Ellas and Ted Lewus arrived ln the tenth grade Dolly Hamilton was chosen as the semor carmval prnncess Dorothy Furlong was lunlor class secretary Phyllns Oseplan, Martha Foster, and Laron Evans were added to the class roll an the eleventh grade Laron was semor class president Last but not least, are Jnm Rouse and Tom Tomlinson who came ln the twelfth grade The Sensor Amateur Hour was a great success this year the semor class having worked hard to put lt on Prlzes were awarded by age groups with a gand pruze for the best of all Sharon Heyne won thus for her slnglng of You Belong to Me Bob Ellis was outstanding as the master of ceremonies The semor sneak thus year IS to be spent at the Bar M Dude Ranch ln Eastern Oregon Horseback rldlng swnmmlng dancing canoeing, and flshmg wall be enloyed by all The camlval float sponsored by the semor class was called Sprung " It was decorated with ferns and lovely gurls from the semor class A lot of hard work was put unto the making of the float The gurls rldmg on the float were Prlncess Dolly Hamilton, and attendants Arlene Cattanach Laura June Cooper, Martha Foster, and Phyllis Oseplan The Float won Second Place I . ' . . . . ' . . . . . . . . . ' . . . ' . . . ' . l f I I . I . . ' . . . . I . I . . . ' . . . . ' l U ' ' ' I . . . ' They were active in class affairs. . . I . . . ' . I . . l ' . . . u n by - . U E l . . . v - - I . ' .. I . . I . I . . . . . . . . .. . f . . 1 . ' . . ' . . . . . I . . . U if-1.- SENIUR CLASS PROPHECY While on our vacation trap through the United States, Canada, and Old Mexico, which we took In 1963, we decided to stop In various cuties to visit the members of the class of 1953 Our first stop is in Grants Pass Here we visit Dolly Hamilton and her husband, Harold Van and their blonde triplets, who show possibilities of becoming artists We arrive in Los Angeles lust In time to see Phyllis Osepian going to class at U C L.A College She s a language teacher there Phyllis tells us that Bob Ellis is coach at U C L.A and his wife, Violet, is an instructor in Girls Glee After leaving U C L A we go to San Diego Wave Base where we visit Laura Cooper This IS her second year ln boot camp Laura tells us Jack Johnson, Navy Chief Petty Officer has lust been shipped over to Japan A superior officer walks up to Laura and demands she report for duty We re in Hermoslllo Mexico, a traffic cop stops us, and who should It be but John Bassett He informs us we must proceed at a very slow speed for there is a parade gomg down the main street In honor of the Great Matedor who has conquered the world s greatest bull As we nearer to get a better look and to our surprise, who should it be but Proxy Worley' He IS mounted on a large black horse with a silver saddle and accessories But much to our dismay our lourney must go on We decide to sell our car and then fly as far as Hot Springs The first car lot we come to has a large sign over the gate reading Sad Stan the Used Car Man As we drive ln, the dealer, Stanley Allen walks up to us and makes a deal with us but cries a little when we don t buy another car We now go to the Pan American Airport where we meet Martha Foster, who rs working as a stewardess on our plane Martha tells us that Charles Bock is the pilot of the plane we are to take On our flight we meet Charles Cooper and his wife Sharon Charles tells us that he has been preaching for the last four or five years He says that he and his wife are going to Florida to a church convention Martha comes in and tells us to fasten our safety belts for we are coming in for a landing In Hot Springs Arkansas We go to a much advertised resort hotel ID town. We find that the proprietors are Dot Furlong and Junior Thompson We talk over old times and about the things that are gomg on in Glendale We board a bus and much to our surprise Ed Rlgsby is the driver He is bringing up his own bus drivers, four little sons As we step off the bus we see a large billboard advertising Clyde Beattie s Circus and we lust have to go see it We arrive at the Tampa Fair Grounds and purchase our tickets, as we scan our programs we see familiar names Laron Evans is the Man on the Flying Trapeze Ted Lewis is the Strong Man who can bend an Iron bar He is also the World's Greatest Weight Lifter The show was one of the best we have ever seen , . . I . . . ' ' ll ll , . drive along watching for this great matedor we spy him, a small man with red hair. We draw . . . , . . . , . After leaving Tampa we board a tram for Virginia On the tram we meet Jim Rouse He tells us that he owns one of the largest hot rod shops in the U S The conductor comes waddlmg through calling Jamestown, Virginia' Suddenly we stop' We puck ourselves up off the floor and look out the window to see what the town of Jamestown looks like As we step off the tram we see Thomas Tomlinson rushmg toward a hotel We follow hum and finally catch him as he IS going through the lobby He says it s almost time for has lecture at the hugh school He has lust arrived from Africa where he is studying the dlfferentspecles of butterflies He IS the only scien tist from America to study butterflies in Africa After a good night s sleep we board a bus and head north to Pittsburgh Penn We arrive in mud-afternoon giving us time to look around town As we near the street Intersection a bug man comes rushmg around the corner running into us and dropping packages which he was carrymg He begms helping us up and suddenly we recognize num Johnny Bigelow' He tellsus thereason for his big rush IS because of his wife Shirley Redfield She caught hum playmg poker with some of his friends and he was taking home some presents to make up with her Johnny tells us that they have two strong young boys He is an insurance broker in Pittsburg Early in the morning we take off in a chartered plane for New York Cnty The first place we He tells us that this is only a sideline to stay in shape between baseball seasons He says he has signed with the Yankees as pitcher Ted explains that Arlene Cattanach and Richard Pankey who were married two or three years ago are running the Stork Club here In New York We decide to have dlnner there After sight seeing all afternoon we go to the hotel and get ready to go to the club Ted comes to pick us up and we re on our way When we get to the club we almost don t get In because of informal dress Ted argues with the door man until Richard comes out to see what the trouble rs As soon as he stralghtens things out we go in and order dinner on the house and Arlene comes over to say hello lt is a wonderful visit with the Pankey s At the end of the next day lust before sunset we reach Niagra Falls What a beautiful sight Heyl' Guess who l see? Nadine Harris' And are they surprised to see us By they we mean Nadine and Claude, of course Nadine and Claude are on their second honeymoon After leaving the Falls we charter a plane to Quebec where we stay at the Burke Hotel largest In Canada We find out this rs owned by our Ed Burke who IS now married to Joy Faye and they have two lovely sets of twins fthey are all boys and look lust like Ed fUghl'J Ed tells us of some interesting places In Canada and especially he talks about the Mountles We later hear him say Dillon Johnson IS a very popular sergeant in the Royal Mountles We go to Ontario to visit the University there We see a very spirited football game We see a small man out there and ask a gentlemen who he is He says it s Ball Sparks He also adds that Bill is teaching these boys the American style of playing football All these new places are interesting but we lust can't stay away from Glendale any longer so we board a plane and are born swiftly home . .. . . . ,, . . , . I . . . . . . . . I . . ' . . . go after landing is to see the Statue of Liberty. There we find Ted Brown sweeping the stairs. ' Y ' - ' ' ' Il ID . . , . SENIOR CLASS WILL We the Senuor Class of Glendale Hugh School beung as sound of mund as can be expected and about to leave these halls of learnung forever, do hereby declare thus our last wull and testament To the very deservung Junuors we leave our reputatuon as the quuetest class un school Our years of experuence we leave to the underclassmen, un hope that they wull use l1WISely To the student body we bequeath our abuluty to co operate Martha Foster wull my two hustory classes to anyone who lukes hustory Ted Brown wull my draft notuce to George Byrd Phyllus Osepuan, wull, as a store keeper s daughter all the cute salesmen to Helen Bates Nadune Harrus wull my abuluty to graduate to Natalue Stephens Laura June Cooper, wull my abuluty to get along wuth Mr Pate to Betty Ann Reasoner and my abuluty to graduate to Betse Sparks I Dorothy Furlong, wull my abuluty to get suck to anyone who wants to get out of school and a my boyfruends to Ruta Thompson Jack Johnson, wull my defensuve haufback posutuon un football to Frederuck West and all my good grades un school to my luttle brother Tom Tomlunson wull my nuckname, Chuef, to Darrell McCaslun Laron Evans wull my abuluty to keep my mouth shut to Nancy Hodge boys Eddue Burke, wull my abuluty to gead a book un Physucs to anyone who can get away wuth ut John Bassett wull my bashfulness to Larry Hull I hope he can use ut B ll Sparks, wull my Englush class to anyone who wants ut John Bugelow, wull my weught and football abuluty to Clufford Smuth Ted Lewus, wull my bus rude to anyone who wull have ut Dullon Johnson, wull my weu t to Bull Burke and my abuluty to get along wuth the gurls to Muke Bar Charles Cooper, wull my heught and weught to Johnny Reed Arlene Cattanach, wull my Physucs grades to my luttle suster, Mefrulyn, and myposutuon the Annual Staff to Freeda West Wayne Worley, wull my good looks to Frankue Danuels I Stanley Allen wull my Englush gade to Larry Worley Dolly Hamulton, wull my posutuon as mumeoscope operator to Judy Taylor Ed Rugsby, wull my grades un Englush to anyone who wants them Charles Bock, wull my abuluty to sung un class wuthout gettung kucked out to Leon Kelly l, Jum Rouse, wull my knowledge of corn to Kemeth Johnson -. I I . . . ., . ,, . I Il I . . . . . l, , ' ' . ll . . . - , I . ll . . I . . . . ' II . . . . ' I . . . . ll ' ' 1 . ll . . . . . . . Il . I . . . . ' I' I . . . . I, Bobby Ellis, will my knowledge of skipping school to Mr. Pate, so he can catch some other Il . . . . . . . .. l, , ' ' . ' . I, i . . . . Il . . . .. . . ' I, . . . . ' - . I' . . . . . . . . . d. ll . . . ' L . . . . . . . on . I, . . . U I I . . ' ll . . . . . . ll . . . . ' I, . . . . . . . . . Nildlke 1 ii ss. Chnrhv, 5 Jack 'Dov-oil-Y Lhron Arlene IUNIGRS XJ .x,,L X Xx X 55 A 'QC ff 4, X F9 1 K O L.. ..f lo o , X H K 1 f , bf ! ' X JUNIOR CLASS IEE maxim. IH 5lf1f.XH 9. -1' FRONT ROW Dixon Richardson West Bates Reasoner Smart SECQND ROW McCaslin Brke Thom son Taylor Mull Phillips THIRD ROW Kelly Rasmussen Gutierrez layton Byrd Hale C Smith BA K ROW Ryan Tanner Hayes Dyer Cox Chambers Daniels Hull fMusta D Smith Sparks Weeksl CLASS OFFICERS President Arthur Clayton Vice President George Byrd Secretary Betty Reasoner Treasurer Dorothy Richardson Student Council Representative Frankie Daniels SADIE HAWKINS DAY DANCE On November 7, the City Auditorium was transformed into a Dogpatch dance hall. The floor was littered with straw and pictures of Daisy Mae and Lal Abner were hung on the wall. This was the scene of the Sadie Hawkm's Day Dance, sponsored by the iunlor class. Many of Dogpatch's colorful people were represented. Lee Mull was "Marrym' Sam", Betty Ann Reasoner had the best costume and Kay Flory was married the most times. There were lots of Daisy Mae's and "feminine" Lal Abner's. Every- one had a swelltime and a big hangover from all the "Kickapoo Joy Juice"they drank. , A , .. ly 3 X" I l '. ':'..B rod- he "vw, ' f you-. .jan 5 ii, 4 :Y 'E' wa-Q. ' A . Q C --V .L 1 " A ' A - , - . 45- "' ,, . Q 3 t ? ' IND' N Q5 , , l 6 A 4' " J s , 4 0- L A? A x . I ir i. ' a .' f ' I .' i ' 1 . CP' I I I ' : I I I I I I ' ' : I I I I I I I I ' ' I . I I I I I I I I I ' . e v o n o n 0 e I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l . . ' ' ' . . Hildegarde Dolson . . . . . . . . . . .Helen Bates THE IUNIOR CLASS PLAY The grade school gymnasium shook with lauditer on the night of December I9, l9S2. The Junior Class was presenting their play, a hilarious teen-age comedy, entitled, We Shook the Family Tree. Frankie Daniels brought down the house when he entered in red polka dot shorts. The audience roared when Clayton Weeks, as their ,inimitable "Freddie", mode his entrance in real old-fashioned knickers. The cast were as follows: M. Dolson . . . Ms. Dolson . . Sally ..... Bob .... Jimmy . . . Paige .... Ellie May . . . JiIl........ Freddie Shermer M. Shermer . . . . Ms. Shermer . . ....... LeeMill . . . Rita Thompson . . . . Shirley Oaks . . Frankie Daniels . Richard Chambers . . . . Sharon Johns . . Betty Reasoner . . . . Betse Sparks . . . Clayton Weeks . . . Arthur Clayton Dorothy Richardson Director 8. Make-up . . . . . ...... . . . . . . . . Nelda Balch The production staff were as follows: Freeda West Univee Dixon John Gutierrez Ray Burke Mary Smart Clifford Smith Leon Kelly George Byrd Gordon Cox Jim Ryan UNDERCLASSMEN W W A Sk A Af X fl S-X-'4 if xummu x 5 5 f Q fax? , e k. Q ' 0 Q l - , N, lm. . , V I I f 7 fglfiwf f Q' ' OPHOMORE CLASS lm EBIIII ...Ax FRONT ROW Marcum Burke J Barrong Meyers McCaslm Hurst D Hagen Halstead Rlgsby SECOND ROW Nucholson Woodley Duxon Wrlluamson Belanger E Johnson Stephens Belcher THIRD ROW C Heyne Troxell S Heyne Pankey Munyon Maller Muze Booth FOURTH ROW Mullarkey Cooper Oxford V Huffman L Johnson Bassett L Hagen Llttle R Huffman BACK ROW Burd Wood Sether Brantley Redfneld M Barrong Bartle Clare CLASS OFFICERS President Jerry Bartle Vuce President Pat Muze Secretary Joy Barrong Treasurer Vuolet Marcum Sgt at Arms Gary Belanger Freshmen were running wuld on October 15. This was the day of the halanous freshman nnmatnon. The sophomores, thenr own lnmatnon fresh ln their memories, put the frosh through some really gruesome antics. Dressed nn their lI"llfl0fl0ll garb, the unlucky frosh led the customary serpentme down mam street, where a pep rally was held for the football game with Riddle. That evening, the fun-loving sophomores ob llged by gwing the freshmen a party, where they agam received some pretty drastic treatment, before they were allowed to eat and dance. Considering the freshmen's feelings, all we can say as that we surely plty the oncoming frosh' 1 k W 'M' l 1 ' rg ' 1 sf Q 1 1 -1 ' ' 1 , ' ' . .5 ae- , , , , y A gf' - - . ' 1 , .Q f, Vg, -' , I 5 Q., . - I 4f',z-'iv 57' .11 5.-MQ ' 9 s on - , ! -Y -' - w ' 6 - A ' 1 1 ' ' 3 Q 5 I , , - f.. A .ff 5 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I ' : 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I ' ' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' I I I . , . , , - 1 1 - v 5 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I N E N K 4' ALL ,X Q .Crt A ' lx I A 5 if f v ulfu V! 7 I 'Y X ffl QV X if . 4 ,lx my A I 5 GN JL, N X! sk L ,XIV Q 71,1 .VIP lf. X X I pf Y Q " ,J ,A Ja T X CLASS OF '56 FRONT ROW M Martin Vmcent G Munyon Sanderson Edgerly Cattanach Flory Muller Wnllnamson SECOND ROW Moore Ellls Kalllan Taylor Lee Rouse Phlllups Belcher Fusher McLaughlin THIRD ROW W Cobb Kilmer McDonald Stanfull Cooper G Stem Berg L Martm Bowen Van Dunne FOURTH ROW Smith Prlnce Worley Dlltz D Cobb B Stem Prlvette Reed Sether BACK ROW Powelson Nolan Johnson Bock J Munyon Hull Rowe Galloway West The Freshman Class gave a party on the nlght of November 19 1952 The party was mvnta tnonal each person bemg allowed to mvnte one frlend Everyone had a swell tnme dancung after whuch refreshments were served CLASS OFFICERS Presldent Jeddy Munyon :ce Presldent Wayne Berg cretary Joan Taylor Treasurer Joe McDonald is Sgt at Arms Jlm Bock 5 ' l I l I ' I I I I I I l I ' ' . if f 1- . ' I I Q I l l I 4, I I I Q l I I . I 1 ' 3 ' I I I I I ' I I ' I I 3 I I l I I . I ' I ' l I l I ' : I I I I I . I I I I ' fMouchett, Tanner, Hayes, St. Clair, Goodson, Slate, Hale, Estes, Cordelll . I ' 1 n . ' . ' l ' ' s I fails I C E G GRADE FRONT ROW Rlcksgers Beason C Thomas B Johnson Johns McDonald Stemman B Thomas Smith SECOND ROW A Thompson S Thompson Reasoner Bone Fathermgham Prmce Bartle Gutierrez THIRD ROW Harris Lenard Walters Blaser Smart Rnchardson Brown Stevens Gordon FOURTH ROW Muller Dowdy Buchanan Nace Brantley Musto K Johnson Vincent BACK ROW Mosley Cooper Brac key Van ke Nelson Hammer Reed EVE TH GRADE FRONT ROW: Killian, Hommon, Wagoner, Johns, Ellis, Redden, Cox, Weeks, High, Prince. SECOND ROW Smith, Williams, Wood, Sparks, Redfield, Fachet, Reich, Humphreys, Fox. THIRD ROW: Rondeau, Hale Reynolds, Kilmer, Brown, Miller, Greene, Foster, Koehler. FOURTH ROW: Rees, lbhl, Nichols, R. Munyon Hodge, Young, Sloan, Jaeger. BACK ROW: Mullarkey, Rosemarlx, T. Munyon, Hagen. ATHLETICS Z if RQ f QF' 44 M LM 'a QA , H-W' SL FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW Cox Hll S rlcs M e me Byd S BACK ROW B gel John on Dyer M lle Jaclcsonvl l le Oakland Sutherlln Riddle o Sutherl an FOOTBALL SCORES Glendale Glendale Glendale GI dale en Glendale Glendale FOOTBALL SQUAD FFP? BASKETBALL CONFERENCE SCORES TOURNAMENT SCORES Canyonville 51 Glendale 49 Dqyg Creek 34 Glendale 61 Days Creek 33 Glehddle 57 Riddle 37 Glendale 50 Camas Valley 42 Glendale 63 Riddle 52 Gl6nd0l0 66 Elkton 48 Glendale 49 Canyonville 39 Glendale 40 Drain 49 Glendale 35 Days Creek 32 Glendale 60 Camas Valley 34 Glendale 60 Brookings 68 Glendale 33 Riddle Glendale Powers Glendale yI D BASKETBALL The Glendale basketball squad had a good season, winning seven games and losing one in league play. The Pirates took Southern Douglas County Champ- ionship. ln the County Tournament the Pirates took second place, defeating Elkton, 48-49, but lost the County Championship to Drain 49-35. In the District Tourna- ment Glendale lost both games, but put up a good fight. Bobby Hale has a 19 point average for the basketball season. He placed as forward on the second string District all-stars. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SQUAD ACTIVITIES ki .XaB kk ,6 , ff-in-,f STUDENT BODY OFFICER E fa V? President Charles Cooper Vlce President Darrell McCaslln Secretary Betty Reasoner Treasurer Bobby Ellls Soclal Chairman Dorothy Furlong TUDENT COUNCIL -6. l Back row Johnson Evans Damels Bartle Mullarkey Munyon West S Reasoner Clayton Second row Hodge Redden 5 Johnson Front row Ellis Furlong Cooper B Reosoner McCaslnn V 4. a A I U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U . . 1 . U U U U U U U U U U U Q 1 Q I . 1 1 u n 1 1 v v u a u v U U U U U U U 9 I N ff.-,HN-'-W V K ze' A lb. 4-n,,,,,,- . , L A 3339 1' : I I I I I I . , I 2 , , . Q I I I I ' I ' PIRATE LOG STAFF ..g..Q..aa---A-1 Edltor Associate Edltor Secretary Art Editor Senior Class Editor Class Editor .... Actlvntles ..... Business Managers Photographer . . . Picture Mountmg . . . SPOYYS U o U Phyllis Oseplan Dorothy Richardson Dorothy Furlong Dolly Hamnlton . . Arlene Cattanoch . . . Ruta Thompson Betty Ann Reasoner . . . . John Bigelow Charles Cooper . . . . Ted Brown . . .Helen Bates . . . Clayton Weeks ION X. 'i-. ,i iv 'q:,?'f Cx Q 1 H . .W -'52 " 1-. M if . ir A ,, -14 av, , -rf ' f f' yt Y . 1. 1 1 ,aw nf aff' M , :," M 5 ff f 'gf V Y ,E nj, n. Q 5. .5if,, wwf vin f ' . 5 f gh G 4 ,fm I' . if A ,ff A A 'Qt , ' or- Y f X ,P ' .?' n.fJ4L.,.,-.,sfa"frm'Q!'1fm'f3:si" A M 4,11 A-nwfrff. ACTIVITIE NATIONAL ASSEMBLIES On the mornung of October twenty second we had our flrst Natlonal Assembly They Introduced the different klnds of marlmbas and told us many mterestlng things about them They played several selections on these Instruments We were entertained November seventeenth by a team of trampallne stars They dnd compllcated somersaults flups, twlsts bounces and lack kmfes and other unbellevable our maneuvers Mr and Mrs Christian VlSIfed us on the twelfth of December and told us many thmgs about their customs and costumes of the people from ltaly January mnth the bell rang a few minutes after class was taken up and we were told that Plers a former baritone of the Vienna State Opera, was to entertain us Piers told us, e students of Glendale student body how he became a slnger He also sang several popular songs Hrs accompanlst played several selections Snow Allen, guidance program and James Welty, plamst, vocalist and mlmlc CHRISTMAS PARTY On December twenty thlrd at one o clock we had our annual Christmas Party Names were drawn for exchange of gifts The party lasted from one to two-thlrty P M Then school was dtsmlssed for the picture show given by Mr and Mrs Place The morning of December twenty fourth the P T.A presented the student body with a movle They served refreshments after the movie When the party was over, all went home to start their Chrastmas vacatlon BASKETBALL GAMES An excltmg annual event IS when the Faculty Fossnls play the Glendale all star basket ball team Thus year the fossuls an a surprrsmg rally beat the team by one basket The Donkey basketball game drew a huge crowd thrs year, the people roared wlth laugh ter at the antics of the donkeys and the teachers The teachers went on to beat the students by one pount. th , ' . Others on the program of'National Assemblies were Franklyn K. Biery, Organist, Alvaren Q ll e e 1' gpg C t . 71' , Ei ug I zHvs f I v vcfvgff- 'J 1' 43? - Y Cf? u ' f 'Q I 54,5 P WI iii- V TF' f . M2 Affa- ih , 1 E. , Q , 1 . in fi B ., . L o 'Y Qi J fir? X ii in 3 K S 9 Ahfka 5 Q Fi- . 5 '1 ' 4 ' ' 65 , E Q 5,1 , XE - ,Q MW ygzm '46 1 A . 41214, ff Wx ...avi 1 ,, .4 A Al, Q19 W., 91' :lf :J Wm,- ,ifif ' 'ling 'lm Lan, W. "'l'!l!r'vu-.N ,. J., 1 nw., S nf 43? x 1 V 'lx fl ,' IQ 4 f.,, e ,, Z., 1 'nf ,: N, Q.. mains-its ima-n-1-u sd-..- W '32 nf Nm' mqwzr 'WWA ',' P ff., ,gifw sa, ,H Aidlgwvw, ma, ' W ' af ,r , , 2.2 ,W ,W ' L 2' ff ali' , ,, Q' - ' 'Q '.,,, . ff ' 2' , ,A , 'ji 'Q if 2' ' W ' 1 . M , ' Y Z i ' C 61. 257, 3 5? 1 411 1 H ' A A 31 P 1 , ' ,K n Y 91 , V 4, , 1 2 'M E: fw 4' -' 5 0 1 -ww "O , fn ' Q , ' .,.' 1, 5.,,- A 2 , '?. it , Q. ,. . ff U' Weak Wi! 35 54, 3 fe 44, ' is :ff wrath X' 1: Q ss'- ,I ADVERTISING X 'Wi 350 W: fw S413 f Sp,-mx 1 X QNLQA L IA 363 f ,... fi' W' X. - , , ,ff 5 S. 3 "li NX V o 5 x O Uvflfi, 1-L... 5-- x .qgxlf W COX S CENTRAL SERVICE AND APPLIANCE CLS 193 Q O IN GLENDALE T S IIIUIIIIIIIG IRISH BHIIERIES MEDPORD OREGON THE GLENNAY MARKET THE FINEST IN FOODS BETTER SFLECTIONS BETTER QUALITY BETTER SERVICF CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS WUNSCH S FROZEN FOODLOCKERS DRUGS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 53 COSMETICS FOUNTAIN SERVICE GLENDALE OREGON MAGAZINES GIFTS I W 5 I Y FOR CAVE SHOP DELICIOUS FOODS PHONE 2342 321 N E 6th GRANTS PASS OREGON THE McGREGOR COMPANY 51 10t 251 GRANTS PASS OREGON PICTURES OF SENIORS FACULTY AND GROUPS IN THE YEAR BOOK KENNEL ELLIS EUGENE OREGON CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '53 FROM THE EXCEL DRESS SHOP WHERE STYLE AND QUALITY EXCEL PHONE 3242 217 S E SIXTH STREET GRANTS PASS OREGON MANCH EL S GRANTS PASS CAVE JUNCTION FURNITURE FLOOR COVERING FABRICS APPLIANCES YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR CONSTANT AMBITION ARE BY CONGRATULATIONS STEVE KADAS JEWELER GLENDALE OREGON CONGRATULATIONS TO THE THE UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK GRANTS PASS BRANCH 1953 GRADUATES AN OREGON BANK SERVING OREGON from SAVE 207 ON YOUR INSURANCE COST THROUGH GLENDALE OREGON cLARxs INSURANCE AGENCY PHONE 273 HOTEL DEL ROGUE BUILDING GRANTS PASS OREGON SHOES GRANTS PASS OREGON CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR EXCELLENT ANNUAL FINE STUDENT BODY INSPIRING FACULTY FAITHFUL CUSTODIANS CAREFUL BUS DRIVERS UNDERSTANDING BOARD MEMBERS AMERICA HAS ACHIEVED IT S GREATNESS BY THE INDIVIDUAL URGE TO EXCEL UNDER THE OPPORTUNITIES AFFORDED UNDER A FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM RCGUE RIVER HARDWARE 'Where most people trade LOBATTO'S AZALIA GARAGE Auto cmd Truck REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS BRAKES A SPECIALITY PORTABLE WELDING WRECKEH SERVICE AZALIA OREGON CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1953 FROM THE GLENDALE GROCERY CONGRATULATIONS LASSEN S MEAT MARKET PHONE 252 GLENDALE OREGON CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF' 1953 BRENNER LUMBER COMPANY AZALEA OREGON WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS CANDY CIGARS COOKIES ROSEBURG OREGON ALWAYS GOOD SHOWS AT THE GLENDA THEATER RALPH AND ADA PLACE THE GLENDALE CLUB SHUFFLEBOARD POOL DAY AND NIGHT WF SERVE YOU RIGHT' GLENDALE OREGON PHONE 475 GLENDALE SHOE STORE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 VALLEY WHOLESALE COMPANY BEN WHALEY DISTRIBUTOR OF SHELL OIL PRODUCTS PHONE 264 P 0 BOX GLENDALE OREGON CAPITOL SAW SHOP ERT W MCCULLOCHS MCCULLOCH SALES 81 SERVICE GLENDALE OREGON THE FOOD BANK CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 53 THANKS TO THE MEMBERS OF TH FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY FOR THEIR PATRONAGE BANK YOUR room HERE RAY YOUNG GLENDALE OREGON E i f if' vi'-S ,-A , T , GET THE BEST IN ATHLETIC HUNTING 8: FISHING EQUIPMENT AT HAMMER S SPORTING GOODS CO 775 S E 6th St GRANTS PASS ORE FRENCH LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS 116 S W J STREET Phone 3513 GRANTS PASS OREGON SQUARE DEAL FURNITURE 500 S W 6th STREET HARDWARE PLUMBING UNPIVISHED FURNITURE FLOOR COVERING REMINGTON JEWELER 424 S W 6th GRANTS PASS ORANGE BLOSSOM DIAMONDS REED BURTON LUNT WALLACE HEIRLOOM STERLING GRANTS PASS LEADING JEWELRY STORE IT PAYS TO COME A LONG WAY TO TRADE AT BYRDS GRANTS PASS OREGON GRANTS PASS, OREGON GLENDA LE VARIETY STORE UNITED PETROLEUM CONGRATULATIONS TO THE U S TIRES CLASS OF 53 BILL 8: NIABEL DYER DIXIE DRIVE IN DIXIE DOGS FOUNTAIN DIXIE BURGERS GLENDALE TEEN AGE HEADQUARTERS CONGRATULATIONS TO OTIS REAL ESTAT CONGRATULATIONS THE CLASS OF 53 E AND INSURANCE GLENDA BEAUTY SHOP o. Q 1 . n Q COMPLIMENTS OF DOLLAR and PATTERSON LUMBER COMPANY GLE NDALE OR EGON CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS BRADY LUMBER COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF S3 NEIL S BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 53 CONCRATUL ATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 R and F GROCERY KMARVEL and ROY! AZALIA OREGON B.B.D. 8- T. LOGGING COMPANY ARCHAMBEAU'S SPORTING GOODS OAKS LAUNDRY SELF SERVICE HAND LAUNDRY EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTSMAN MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY BUY RIGHT TUESDAY AND THURSDAY TO 9 P M GLENDALE OREGONT INEZ AND BILL OAKS RED AND WHITE GROCERY DRY GOODS GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS FRESIVEGETABLES SCHOOLSUPPLES GLENDALE, OREGON I MAKE YOUR FISH STORIES COME TRUE OPEN 9 AM- T0 6 P-M' 69' .PF MINUTE STOP COFFEE 54 BURGERS SOFT DRINKS CHILI TAMALES SOUP SWEET FREEZE SANDWICHES AND TAMALES TO TAKE HOME OPEN 10 30 A M tnll 12 00 P M GEORGE MARTIN GLENDALE OREGON WYLER SHOCK PROOF WATCHES FINE WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS BARNES JEWELRY STORE 115 SW H STREET GRANTS PASS OREGON REPRESENTATIVE OF FLOWER BASKET IDA EDSON GLENDALE OREGON WE THE STAFF OF THE PIRATE LOG WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR THEIR COOPERATION IN HELPING TO MAKE CIJR YEARBOOK A SUCCESS CENTRAL CAFE CONGRATULNUONS TOTHE 19i3GRADUATES GLENDALE OREGON E im I " N DAY and MEHL I UI MINI Sl PPI IPS URM LINI XNID CRVXNP HI RNILI DUNIP TRLCK5 BULLDOZING CONTRACTORS BUILDINC SUPPLII15 TROJAY I YPI OSIVI5 PITTSBURGH AND GRNERAL P XINTS IIARIJINARE GLILNDALEI OREIGON PIIONIE 296 V V V V V V VV 4 Il. . 1. I' 4 I. V V V V V - V fV V V V V I V I ' I I 4 , I J I A I' I ,A I I .. A J T HV V V 1 I I V 4fV I J A. V VfV I II J ,. V V V V V . I I I I , I I I V V V V V I J - ' r I AZALEA GENERAL STORE HOTEL AND POST OFFICE CHEVRON SERVICE MR AND MRS SAM OSEPIAN CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF I953 McLAlN DRUG CENTRE E75 Drugfatenirc '?fScnuv0Q AS YOU MAKE THIS NEW BEGINNING PLEASE ACCEPT OUR CONGRATULATIONS NOT ONLY FOR THE FACT YOU ARE NOW GRADUATING BUT ALSO ON THE DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE FOR THE FUTURE 'QN FILE" YOUR FRIENDLY KUIN GRANTS PASS 5 30 P,M, DRUG STORE " v,. Q n 44, THE RCBERT DOLLAR COMPANY CONJFHATDL ATIOWS TO TH! GRADUATES OF 19 3 ARTCRAFT CAMERA SHOP COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY FINE PHOTO FINISHING 229 N.E. 6th GRANTS PASS, OREGON BEST WISHES STGTSDN HRTS HRROW SHIRTS TOGGERY GRANTS PASS OREGON BARRETT'S STATIONERY GRANTS PASS OREGON EVERYTHING TO WEAR FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY GOLDEN RULE STORE FORTY EIGHT YEARS IN GRANTS PASS MERCHANDISE TO SELECT FROM GRANTS PASS OREGON WISHES YOU SUCCESS GRA ASS ,ww 0 s CONGRATULATIONS CHAPEL ON THE HILL HULL H HULL GRANTS PASS OREGON GOOD LUCK FROM LLOYD S bydx fit .Q waves-d-,S-ayvqvafe-.R GRANTS PASS MAY YOUR FUTURE BE BRIGHT THE MUSIC SHOP cARr.o'r'rA WISEMAN WING BUILDING GRANTS PASS OREGON .R-1-A-Q 4 T Q.. ,Z 5 I R22 I OVER 100 NATIONALLY KNOWN LINES OF ' I , GLENDALE GARAGE L'lliH0ll S U P R E M E usauli GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR GAS - RPM OIL ACCESSORIES BODY AND FENDER WORK PHONE 461 GLENDALE OREGON IICJIQCDI2 lx Twelfth grade Arlene Cattanach Martha Foster Phyllis Oseplan Eleventh grade Mary Jane Smart Tenth grade- Nancy Hodge Eughth grade Shirley Johnson Sally .lo Thompson Seventh grade- Charlotte Redfield Wesley Young Beverly Cox Irene Ellus Tommy Mehl Rosemary Wood 3 Dorothy Richardson CJLI M W ,. 11.67 M' ll? I 'Zotewtcufe 77fae44 Exclusive Publishers for """W'i WW, The 1001011 Companv WW 3 316 S W THIRTEENTH AVENUE PORTLAND I OR 'iff' ANNOlJNCENiFNTS - JEWYIRY - DIPLON4Ai COW' ff 2'-L,f9if1':11?.' 1 . . - - . EG

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