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WM fjj AIN-J,,,,, Af .lf-fdfvi J X 'A uf. IQ- f , 2' ' 1 z 1 J' QI! . If I I K , 3 t-dl .','4 ,I I, A xsf' l I .v " , 5 LIBBIS5fQ il! SW XJ gs 3-Q. 1 if Plrate This issue of the Pirate Log ie dedicated to the future with the hope that the mem- ories contained herein will be cherished and will preserve for us the joys and friend ships we experienced at Glen dale High. A TR 1 -4: A-fm fx X,g3"' Vx f RX ' Q5 W, 'R I ! - ,Nt wi Z, 1 , 1 N K3 V 913 ill hw waz, FACULT Y f2Zf2HAZQZ2o AWYM 'E AQL5,Af4Zz4v J S' ,bn 1 . I V, . I I . ISP A . 1 2:? ' mv! Q N fx: 1 SUPERIRTEHDCRT . ' I L. WfYN.nvL, ff 'vs , hi X x s 1 ,, A K A I Q GA S wmv awww-g, WW L. ,10m.1,wff5,,1ffl 5z..c.7.J6Ax:J 09 Q09 'NNI' 5, P YK EN X s If , 4 Q' 'S ja YuL.P" 75 Q' 'Bw Frank Robson 'Never speak sense when the purpose as well' Gaye Thorpe 'Bubbling over with laugh ter and fun with never ,,, a worry for work un done avid Miller Few things are impossible to diligence and skill' Jerry Lassen Philip Clayton 'Steadfastness is a noble 'Honor lies in honest V011 " quality " . E X Q . D ll nonsense will answer . 0 6 9 - X I A , Q on Q Janet Beason 'She will find a path or make one Yi 'lu Don Thomas 'Tradition wears a snowy beard, romance is al ways young Ruth Lewallen 'And something more than melody Dwells ever in her words' E' Lorralne Poleski Charlotte Johnson 'A live wire rever gets 'How do I love thee? Let me count the ways ' stepped on if 4557 4 June Thompson 'Winsome and gracious 'Her modest answer and eful air show her always a lady ' grae wise and good as she is fair Charles M111 'Here is a heart for every fate ' Evelyn Richards Rozalis Hayes 'Bend on me thy tender Her loveliness I never knew until she smiled the sea ' on me.' 2 r , M QOQ j u 5 , i Cora Smith ,. 9- 5 J 1 Q ' x e sig ll eyes as stars look on 'Y' Phyllis Ellis Diane Cripps Her mind is here, but 'Not always smilingi but her heart is else at least serene 7 Glenn Austin " r what has he to do with carol' 9 Marjorie Lyons Charles Walk Ruth Hbbble inc picture! Fashioned so slenderly All must be earnest in a 'When she had passed, it Young, and so fair ' world like ours seemed like the ceas ing of exquisite music " L S' Q X L- where ." - Q ' Q b . Pb " -we 6l4a477Zada D0 UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM D0 UNTO YOU Qeaalau GREEN AND WHITE 6la44?loafm W-ddpfdy THE PERFECT IDIOT The Senior Class has chosen a farce comedy for it's class play The Perfect Idiot, by Eunice and Grant Atkinson, is the title of the play The story revolves around the efforts of the scholarly high school student, Dan Tennyson to get himself and his classmates out of several jams He is not happy in high school, and so if he can persuade his parents that he is socially mature enough for college, they will let him go To do this, he consents to tutor the dumb athlete, Puff, who is failing is his grades, providing the rest of the high school gang will make him the center of their social ac tivities Margaret Tennyson, mother of the household Marjorie Lyons Jackie Tennyson, her youngest son Rhodora, the maid Roger Tennyson, father of Dan and Jackie Walter P Latherby, soap manfacturer Daniel Tennyson, the young genius Arthur Barnard, Principal Linda Barnard, M Barnard's daughter Jeanie wilson, Jackie's girl Aloysius lPuffJ Witomski, star athelete Carla Carlson, PuIf's girl A Policeman Dr Hockhorst Von Bart, a psychiatrist. Miss Booth, a newspaper reporter Don Thomas June Thompson Jerry Lassen Charles Mill Dave Miller Phil Clayton Janet Beason Phyllis Ellis Frank Robson uaye Thorpe Jim Ryan John Bassett .sera Smith I I O IICCIIOIOIOIUOOC. O IIOOOO UIIO QCCOIICOSQOOO Sill. Miss Baker, a teacher.................. ...Rozalia Hayes OOOOIOOUIUOIUIO Ollin OOICOIOOCOOHOOOCOOOIOIOllllil OIOQOIQ I il OOO' Ruth Lewallen started to school here in the first grade During her junior year she was secretary or the smdent body and was on both the annual staff and paper staff In her senior year she was student body social chairman and editor on the annual staff Ruth is active in all school activities, and she lettered two years Lu volley ball Lorraine Ford Poleske joined us in the eighth grade During her sophomore year she was cheer leader and was a member of the glee club She has been a member of the pep club for the past three years and was on the paper staff during her junior year Jerry Lassen joined our group for the first time in the second grade He left us in the eighth grade and then joined us permanently in the middle of our sophomore year In nie senior year, he was on the annual staff, paper staff, and was also treasurer of the senior class He partici pated in basketball in his junior and senior year, and lettered in his senior year He was in both the junior and senior plays Dianne Cripps came to be with us in the seventh grade She has been very active in all sports She has participated in two years volleyball, one year baseball, and one year basketball Diane had a part in the junior play, and was on the paper staff in her senior year. Frank Robson started to school here in the first grade He was class treasurer in his fresh man year, class president during his sophomore year, and class president during his senior year Frank has taken part in football, baseball, tumb baseball Frank was a member of the letterman's club for three years, and a member of the pep club for two years He acted as president of both these organizations during his senior year had a part in both the junior and senior plays Ruth McAllister Hobble came to be with us the second grade. Ruth is another member that active in sports. She has been a member of G.A. . for the past three years, and has been secretary of the organization for the past two years. he belonged to the pep club in her sophomore and junior years. She was on the paper staff during her junior year. x 9 Q ' .. 3 99 '- U9 0 0 Semor Class Hlstory ling, and track, lettering in both football and . V l of . He . in is A S 'lf 'N X 'RX ' A ' 4 0 . ,6 1 C if 'I E D, Don Thomas joined our class in the latter part of our junior year Don has participated in two years of base ball,letter1ng one year During his senior year he has taken part in football, basket ball and track, lettering in football and basket ball He has been a member of the letterman's club for two years Don was treasurer of our student body in his senior year and he was also on the paper staff and had a part in the senior play Cora Smith joined our group in the eighth grade During her junior year, Cora was on both the paper staff and the annual staff In her senior year, she was assistant edltor of annual, and had a part in the senior play Cora has been a member of the pep club three years Janet Beason was the last to join our class She came in her senior year She is a member of the pep club, and she is on the annual staff Janet had a part in the senior play Glenn Austin came to be with us in his fresh man year He has been active in all sports H has lettered in football, baseball, and basket ball He has been a member of the letterman's club for three years, and was secretary and treasurer during his junior year In his senior year, Glenn was president of the student council, and had a part in the senior play Phyllis Ellis came to join us in our junior year She was junior class secretary and in her senior year she was student council secretary She has been a member of the pep club for two years, and was president in her junior year She was on both the annual staff and paper staff in her senior year Phyllis had parts in both the junior and senior plays Charles Mill also started school here in the first grade junior year member of the one year of senior plays Charlotte seventh grade three years, her junior and and treasurer Charlotte has 00 He was on the paper staff in his In his senior year Charles was s pep club Charles has taken part in tumbling He was in the junior and Johnson joined our class in the She has lettered in volleyball for and was president of G A A during years She was secretary pep club in her senior year participated in two years senior of the also 'I 'l X x fL,f Sa ff, ,gig X ' the . . e basketball and two years of baseball. She was on Q 2 If .- 'W . JK vv ,nh '2g- Elf 5 fi. .57-r1i fE?f ff. 5 the paper staff in her junior year Phil Clayton came to be with us in the third grade He was sgt at arms in his sophomore year, and in his senior year, was play manager He also was senior class representative Phil has par- ticipated in two years of baseball, lettering in his junior year, and one year of basketball He had a part in the senior play Marjorie Lyons joined our class in her freshman year She has been quite active in all of the school activities for the past four years During her senior year she was a member of pep club and she had a part in the senior play Gaye Thorpe started here in the first grade too She was vice president of the freshman class, president of the junior class, and secre tary of the senior class She was on the annual staff in her junior and senior year and was on the paper staff in her junior year Gaye was a member of the pep club during her senior year She had a part in the senior play Dave Miller joined our class in his freshman year He was sgt at arms during his freshman year, vice president of the sophomore class, class treasure his jun1or'7UHr, and senior class vice president Dave Has lettered three years in a member of the 1etterman's club for two years and he acted as secretary treasurer his last year Dave had a part in the junior play Rozalia Hayes also started here in the first Grade During her junior year, she participated in one year baseball and one year of volleyball During her senior year, Rozalia was on the paper staff and had a part in the senior class play Evelyn Richards came to be with us during her junior year She has been active in all school activities During her junior year, she was on the paper staff and in her senior year, she was a member of the pep club Xe X 5 13- - ! T , 1. .Il 1 5 '-Sf' football and two years in basketball. He has been , ff f f l",of 1 X f ' ' J 1 1, , Semor Prophecy 4 After the inauguration of the first lady President of the United States we attended the ball at the White House in honor of her classmates in the graduating class of nineteen fifty two As we talked with various guests we learned that Frank Robson was employed there as chauffeur His wife, Gaye Thorpe, was working as the upstairs maid This is one of the highest positions in the United States Frank and Gaye are envied by many of their former classmates As we looked around the large ballroom we saw Lorraine Poleski talking on the telephone As we approached her she was just hanging p She looked relieved as she told us that her baby sitter was getting along fine with her 26 children She asked us to join her at her table where Eddie was waiting We talked over old times and she told us what had happened to the different graduates of nineteen fifty two It seems Marjorie Lyons joined the Air Force to see if she couldn't get stationed near Martin Bird Up to now she hasn't succeeded Glenn Austin is employed by the Robert Dollar Co as a logger He and his wife, Sharon Johns, have 3 charming children and a nice house at Quines Creek Philip Clayton is Professor of Physics at there is a very pretty dramatics teacher with whom he eats at the cafeteria Do you suppose9? Phyllis Ellis is now happily married to Johnny Laxton, She is a very busy person trying to take care of her twin girls and keep up her career as a movie actress Charles Mill has become famous as a big game hunter He flew back from Africa merely to attend the inauguration and honorary ball He says his nnst exciting memory was when he almost became a stew for some canibals He always claimed to be in a stew but he says that was the only time he ever really was!! Diane Cripps owns a large horse ranch in Kentuckey Bub Hollinger is her foreman They db Ektmf I X Pl v nv plan to get married and raise children as well as nag horses f' rv! I '!l!!!E- '41 lllfk .2-IK, Ii iiiiiii'::::::q :sf fu, 'W I5 5 MM S Q "nQA,.1lfX I a ,J 0 , e ' u . , A m O O e A 'P 5' 5: f Q 'S ' . Z v I I, H , 5, visit dvgT3wix Oregon State. Unmarried as yet. But we hear Hwu, Ffg' 6 . '- J' q s A, 1, 'IL a V - 'ggi' O of . . 41.120 f . ',Imnu"Il!L K :Zn---1 .A V I 11? ms. lf' 1 Q df' r m -' ., K, ,, I A W ,rw v 1 - ' .l ?",' 1fi3f"T 7 iQ f 9.. 1 V ffi xiii David Miller now dwells in the mountains of Montana. He officially became a hermit when, after he sang on the Amateur Hour, he was mobbed by bobby soxers Cora Smith, tired of city highlights, settled down and is now working in a bank in a small town in Tennessee Evelyn Richards is living in California with her husband Floyd, where they have the largest peanut farm in the world Evelyn said she wouldn't work for peanuts but she seems to have changed her mind Don Thomas is coaching at the university of Oregon where Janet Beason is a very prim English teacher Janet says she'll wait for him for ever if she has to Jerry Lassen is employed with the Asiatic Pearl Company He is an expert pearl diver. s latest record for one day is 96 pearls Rozalia Hayes is happily married to Matt Burke They live in New York where she is a very successful hosiery model Ruth Hobble still lives in Glendale She is patiently waiting for Joe to return from the service She and Joe are planning to raise Cocker Spaniel puppies to sell. Wedding Bells rang for Charles walk and Ide Hay Williamson shortly after he received his ter's degree in Geology Charlotte Johnson has become famous as an all star player on a womens basketball team She married to Doyle HcCaslin and has started to her own basketball team June Thompson is well known as an interior decorator She has recently redecorated the Metropolitan Opera House She is happily married to Earl Sether Just as we finished talking, the lights dimmed and a spotlight was turned to the speaker's platform After the applause subsided the nouncer began 'And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the first lady President of the United States, Ruth Lewallenlll Z Vx ,A 2 X Z! 2 X-Q L X535 ,. fx' C5 W Z! I 1 . . .. U V ' Hi fx'a4 4 ln' la .WK xv! . -', 0 e 6' -25 "'-I 3'1" ' W M He, the Seniors of Glendale High School being of sound mind and body, and preparing to depart forever from these sacred precincts do hereby will and bequeath now and forever our most cherished possessions to those who shall follow us, these our possessions, to wit I, Gays Slhorpe, will W gl e to Hike Bird, sllmness to Johnny Reed, W ability to ge away with things in chemistry to Jack Johnson. I, Phil Clayton, will W ability to read west erns :ln class and get by with it to Ed Darke, hop- d they will influence his grades less than they 1 mine. I, Evelyn Richards, will W two English periods to Phyllis Osepian, who will probably use them for reading novels. I, Dave Hiller, will W ability to grow a beard to Gloria Robson, and W ability to sleep in class to Hr. Balch. I, June Thompson, will W ability to work chemistry problems to Hr. Hariaxng and W page on the paper to Ted Brown. I, Charlotte Johnson, will W freckles to Lila Reasoner, and W height to Betse Sparks. I, Charles E. Hill, will W literature book to any poor junior who can't help it, and W ability to park a car to Larry Hill. I, Phyllis Ellis, will W nicknames to anyone who is unluclq enough to get stuck with them, and W 'Southern drawl" to Frankie Daniels. I, Marjorie Lyons, will W thirty mile ride to school to anyone who likes to travel. I, Glenn Austin, will W ability to fill ont accident reports to Johnny Bigelow. I, Janet Beason, will W ability to blush to Bobby Ellis, and W ability to get to school on tile to anyone who can do better. - ..- - .,.-- ,,l. -,1. i,,.,..-.- Senior Class Wlll S .sf 1 be - 2 6:15 2 iii I e 'W' u 2 Q- it Q Q5 if C o n t d L I .ff , I, Cora Smith, will sq driving ability to John Bigelow, and q tear ot mice to Bill Sether. I, Don Thomas, will U bashtulness to Johnny Bassett. I, Ruth Bobble, will U attendance record to arqone who can get by with it, and q three study hells to Sharon Heyne. I, Rozalla Hqes, will q ability to get out of ptqsical education to Glenda Walters. I, Frank Robson, will q' good looks to Ugyns Worley, and my many girl blends to the richest buy ln school. I, Diane Crlpps, will U love of horses to Bqe Prince, and my artistic drawings to any UQ11 in the hi school building that can hold them I erry Lassen, will nothing I need all I have I, Lorraine Pcleski, will my ability to gradu ate to Lila Reascner, and my plaid slacks to Dolly Hamilton I, Ruth Lewsllen, will sq health grades to any one who will take them, and my ability to get out of classes to Dillon Johnson. He, the Senior class, will to the junior class our interesting, but unused books, our understand ing faculty and first place in lunch line We, the Senior class, will to the sophomore class our good grades and our wcnderhxl dispo sitlons. He, the Senior class, will to the freshmen class our seniority, our digxity, and our intelll ence, 8 Ve, the Senior class, will to our unforgettabld faculty all our pleasant memories and our wealth of experience lffffqm, X E 4 0 sit' . I - - -1-,f"5i ev' 'fig X k 0' T H i 'N fk ' X .-- T'-T ' Q ll HowWe Looked Then -JJFK1 'lm P Cha off Parc Dne. in -vi. I7 Ch! nh C 7- FuTff Z. I-F-8.117 ul' H 'Phyllis in UTL H Emir Pluffp HMA, Q m Eze Rzala, Fi' . . Q ' - ,, Fknm X rf e. I fa. 4 K' ' ." 'qi ' ferr 'A t Ap ' ,J ' M K Jo e, 4+ e5 5- QA I u .- ky iyy V .4 1 1 ,, F 1 ,. ET ' 6 , H' , . " Jkt X A mf: h Vv 0 0 . V 1 2 S' u A 'R u H Xs von .' "E 0515-my 'A ff, -Q 57 f Cora 0 ' Gferm 'irq and nut. 'IP Glamou- Alvnys lata Industriou Bone lover Slnpy-had Allql ailing Serious minded Sophisticated SSKGFCKSB 8321 M1 ,Fx w o ,Q-1 I -5- i a f . O O I D I O l O I I X!!! V, X f ' 'l 4 f N . ff!!! V o VV - A ' 1- .' I U ,W 1 4. xx in ,av , MJ.,-- , .gf D , U U. fN ' - fx A a ' Q U' fo Q -- ---oi +-.., Q, , 4 SS' xf -5, I - 'Na . . A ,L 4 ' ,X y 2" . 1 IL' lin Vogue Procklu Ironma- Lover boy Giggles Heart thx-ob Flirt Born fiend Boy Wonder Pocketbook Edition Inc 0 L-4 P wx 3. ff ' X .NX H SWT VX x"7R-X ft , ,-,. v Q. ff X.. lflws. 'I' K i Eugene Snyde 1 John Bigelow, Pres Bob Ellis, V P and Dorothy Furlong, Secy Charles Cooper, Treas S I 4 1' NX muy Hamilton Ed Burke Gloria Robson Arlene Cattanach Jack Johnson Bill Sparks Laura Cooper Leonard Hager Phyllis Oseplan Martha Foster D111on Johnson Ted B own Wayne Worley Ted Levis Sharon Peil John Bassett, Laran Evans, Ed Rigsby, Nadine Harris, Charles Bock, Stanley Allenl Harpagon, e mi THE MISER The Miser, a farce by Moliere, was chosen by the junior class for the purpose of raising money Under the able direction of Mr Hensley, the play was very successful Action of The Miser' took place in early modern times, the costumes worn by the actors being appropriately quaint Credit saould be given to Jill Sparks for filling the vacancy caused by the illness of Edward Burke Coffee was served free to the audience daring the intemnlsslon The eighty three dollars cleared with the play will increase the funds for the Jlnior Senior Vron The cast of the play is as follows ser Bobby Ellis Elise Frosine Cleante Valere Warlane La Flocne Magistrate Jacques Anselme La darllche . Brlud volne Mistress Claude 'Y Dorothy Furlong Phyllis Osepian Dillon Johnson Eugene Snyder Dolly damllton Burke, Bill Sparks ...John Bigelow ,.,.Wayne Worley Charles Cooper Gloria Robson Arlene Cattanach ,Martha Foster 'N 1 C' R JUNIOR During the several public to raise money f school dances or tae These dances wore ful The bands suppl Y CLASS DANCLS year the junior class hold at the Glendale Auditorium clmss treasury. well attended and success ing the music for these events were those of Jess Craddock and Howard Clark. The dances were held every other week be ginning on October 13, 1951. and 01141118 M07 214: 1952 Various refreshments were sold at each evening J ' Cl Pl . . ll I th .................... A - -"ISIC .fIfi5""' r Simon ..... ::. ..:::::::-.....Ted Brown r af? it IA. I f' 'Q -' - r X s , 'Q' X ' ' xl ug, ,L , , 2 C' 'f WZ P- sweet he xg S 1:5 ' . 'll , Q u we 'ff ff v A J X ihe junior class sponsored a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance on the fifteenth of November at the Glendale Auditorium To get the hillbilly effect they lcattered straw on the floor and decorated a booth to be used by Marryin' Sam The junior class gave out prizes for the best dressed girl and the girl who got married the most times. Sharon Johns won a box of candy for the best dressed girl Gloria Robson won a bottle of per time for getting married the most times Dolly Hamilton came in second place and Phyllis Osepian came in third for the most marriages Bob Ellis acted as Marryln' Sam and Pkwllis Osepian, Chuck Cooper, and John Bigelow sold marriage licenses for ten cents apiece, and divorces for five cents apiece 'lhere was a big time at the dance that night Bill Sparks took pictures of the marriages 'Ihere were some fine clinches Waltzes were danced in the first part of the evening and from then on there were square dances. Some of them were Oh Johnny Hokey Pokey, Hedd ing Ring, Glow Worm, California Schottish, Okla home Mixer, and Forward Up Six. A dance several students learned to do is the Chicken Hop which is rather hard on the shine, but they seemed to enjoy it Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the square dancing very much. The junior class appreciated having Hr. Balch call the dances vs 349 ji W""' HUM V M f' 5 f N7 Class of 1954 Prank Daniels , Pres B.lyBurke, V P Betty Reasoner , Secy ft' John Gutierrez , Tren Arthur Clayton, S Richard Chambers, Sgt at ff' M15 Lila Reasoner Clifford Smith Pat Skillings Gordon Cox Helen Bates -sl David Smith Betty Morris Clayton Weeks Betty Burke Darrell McCas1in Freed: West Larry H111 Betse Sparks Phil Dyer Tom Grant Lee Hill Nancy Husta Richard Hayes Rita Thompson ,irk Harold Tanner Zi 1 il 1 Shirley Oaks Ronnie Rasmussen Hu-y Smrt Bob Peil 7' C Univee DL-con, Curtis Sunmere, Jin Ryanl Arms 2 - - sd if .1 ' 1 E s, dh A .V M . lu .. . . . C. H. :1 'R -a I 'YW V f . I I Mg, 8 h lx N A' g 'r 3' -w :S I 1 'Y , ,A I Y an ' ,. - li 'L 'X ': :If V.: ' 1. ' .V l , yi. fa I J! L x '- U l N l I f-,,. V 9 ,I . 9 W4 -I 5: -J C . N-. AV X' Esxif ww Class of 1955 Gary Belanger, Pres Bill Burke, V P Sharon Heyne, Se Sharon Miller, Trees Dan Clare, S C R Larry Hullarkey Joy Faye Barrong ready Booth Donna Hagen Paul Cooper Ida May Williamson Larry I-legen Nancy Hodge Hike Blrd Shirley Redfield Betty McCas1:Ln Pat Mize Murriel Barrong Conley Heyne Jeanette My rs Duane Miller Shirley Pankey Jerry Bartle Betty Collms B111 Sether Dylois Simpson Tommy Little Shirley Rasuussen Donald Redden Inez Burke Walter H111 Lo1.s Johnson Edgar Johnson Dianne Related Priscilla Woodley Vernon uelcher Virginia Munyon Natalie Stevens cy. Eugene Troxell Melvin Mendenhall, Donna fiigsny, Norman St leur, Jerry Smart, Claire Hurst, Class Elght Worley, Pres Sith, V P wi1l1.lll0h, Secy Burke, 'Press R-own, S C B. West Hchughlin 9 A A llolm sq gg sv Ellibtt Diltl Houchett Stein Belcher Cobb llartin Hmmm Paulson Hunyon Heads Fisher 4 Stanfill Martin Ellis H111 Tumor we Mohr Vincent lk Stein dim .assi J Prince Estee Foam-ingnm 4--' Van Duine Sether Phillips Cooper Cordell Q 'Z W V. Sdhulthll! dxf M. ,Q xii 's Hcllonlld Humphreys Hiller Reed Sanderson Ber CJ Lee, P Sluts, K Johnson, D Cobb, C Penbartlv, O Privettel I L. . .- J ' P. . . V S, L V L 3. . w , H. . . . W - 1 '44 . N i ' ' F. f' K. A ' - -1 D. v If Nl Y C, ' . 1 9' ' L- f ' fi Af ' L. 0. J' " ' 4 , -B Lo 1 N B :" I 4" . W' ir' , vt' xx' I ' v i N: L' f ., ,, I' 1 7 J. A ' ,A f- 1 A E l lj T7 5 R. ' G. ,, Q D. ' A - D. V' ,5 'Q 3 4 is J, R L, 'A ,, Q H- V .Px.'l ,P H. B. ., 'J 'H ,, - H I 5 N. Y Z V-1 h- Bs Q s "'-3 - 75' P' 5 -f .fx -L ' VV s B- ,si If-t 7 4 L. B. 3 , - A. V J 1 .A H0 X fp G , ' ' 1 J. . Q S Y ' 5. : Q ' 4 ' V' - :if fv x W: vi , " ' J, d 3 . ' 'g n S. 1 " v Q' 1 32 2' N P . , - ll. r , p I 1 .- we K I' A v 'Lu 4, Class Se R' n ,Ngo- 'J' if 411' V1ncent Pres Johnson Johnson becy BmnsS Brown Tpegg Leonard Bone Harris McDonald l'n1X1yOI'1 Reasoner Smart Thomas Beason Bell Blaser Johnson Mright Mosley Hurst McKinny Dowdy Thomas Thompson tiller Bartle Balmas Johns Reed Gutierrez Stevens Thompson Bell Morrow Steinman Prince Green Walters Buchanan Smith Nace Martinez Fotheringham Mustal Dulleyl Richardson, Penaarthyf Junior High Team ---sr OO Back row G Stevens, J Stanfield, G Munyon, J Munyon, L Brown, H Schibel, Coach Middle row R Rowe, F West, G Mlller, R Mun on, L Prince, P Shih Front row W Byrd, D Meeds, B Reynolds, L Dlltz, G Steing S Ho dge The Glendale Junior High had a basketball team this year for the first time The junior high team took second place in the Douglas County Jamboree and was very successful throughout the season During the season they brought in the following scores Wolf Creek 21 Glendale Riddle Myrtle Creek 17 Riddle M rtle Creek 29 Riddle Tiller il- I it u . saeooooooeocsoosoououoooco leoooooooo O0 n ... ' 13 8000000000 n ... ' 3 56ouoeeooo H 17...... . " L41 gs N P Zip lf? 1 x g -. ' X:-W., X 3 I Rf KA wk x"XxN "" "' 'il Q i 12:63 ez J 3 cw X 981' ,f I Qzsfmfnsi? LITTLL- LRDQ 794' gauy Qa- pr", ,. 'U -- R kink ' i ,,,. ..-'f 'A L1 4-Ng 'Y is pw 'M 5 5 xx WJ B. W, KVA 'N Q55 Al I ' H 'Sv an ' I I J 7 M ' U n I 4 . 1 : L . , N Ju I , :WY Y Y 1 5 NY y . " A, A . v Nl . X"' 'T ,3 'x s A ' v -u 5 f 1 -, . , -f :Q 4 I , "ff . 4 rf. .W M X , V V 5 1 It ' Wx K jf 7 - -.-.N .. I. ,wh f :W X . fb- Q ' 7, n , X- f Q ,gl E V I Mx! x Q ' KN . f X5 f I, w' ff X Q Ill m .1 . qui., 'Sill- !b0Q 35 5 rg- fnw 1 'A 'NN 1 v-'w 'al V , ,J-1 . - 143,55 - ,. . i'x-P2 ' ' - Q f" - 5' E. ,, ak , gf 1 V g , V, -N ,A X AY . F ' . 1 , , A v-. V x 5 - I -f 14 , Q v.: ' I , 5 W, N017 ' in U- 1 by L L winch Tk dll, A009 .Y gdb loc rm. efg pl A-:fi 94, 4 ,AQ HL 0187-3 - aunv M g ckqrufll. GGL: X I wkCR.L5 gnu-R KN' Jus? srnnpmg Vi 'Wu whos fkts 7 UUE Jbkflhng 1- Don PHNDR GWR W3 DMT FHLL' T'fD CRASH!! 'L rndyn I 9 UP " 1. .CN QL: xl fl: C :X A V vb . Al Ginn ' S F3 dx iI"""l-. 1. ,daf- f iff' 1 I ' .,-. -1. dp. -va.. 7' Qi- l 1 1 P5 EE TIC x xX 'J Ns... 6 f 6? X1 ff gf l l X, M3 B n o if X Q c wg If 'I f X ff! QU V .RW f fx ij 1 FOOT BALL SQUAD Back row P Mize, M Blrd, D Clare, C Meeks, J Bartle L Hagen, L Nullarkey, P Dyer, C Smlth, J B1gelow Middle row E Trotell, C Heyne, G Cox, J GUt16TF9Z Front row Asslstant Coach, H Schlbel, D McCaslin Mlller, D Johnson, D Thomas, F Robson, B Sparks, Coach, D Balch 'a ..----... Y ' Fl' 1 I 1 ,', F' . " ' I - ' , X. . : . . - . . . ' , D Miller, D. Smith, W. Hill. : ' . ' . , D. IA AL : ..lAA4. 4 l . I. IIA The Glendale six mn football team had a rather bad season this year ending up quite low in the league. The boys fought hard, but were not able to sur pass the hard hitting team they went up against. In the first conference game of the season, Canyonville beat Glendale for the first time in about fourteen years, but by a very smll margin This defeat was followed by three conference vie tories and two defeats Glide ran up a fantastic score for the last conference game of the season. Following are the scores for the season Jacksonville M2 .Glendale O Canyouville 19 Coos River 6 Elkton 12 Yonoalla 26 Camas Valley Riddle 148 aa e of' D H at 4 A as 5 QQDLBUQQE A31 nn 'QC '34 '39 40 38 3? 37 ifg mf- 5 T11 Alapag -or Wmkw 'Www Q 3: Wfwx W .maviwf Lg,-.Q R -s- 'Y Tl- 0 ..., ' 'E , - : 3 ' , l 5 Q , A 4 ,: gf. .H . .0 ,.. . za ' , 5, z .z" c - - . 1 ,, x A 5 an ,v f' 'S A ', 4' r . -A ' "' Q' ' I . .3 P-1'-1' s . u. fa - G 4 ' 9' . ' Q . . . 1.0. . . , WSI-J: 'I h. , 4 V I I .f "'7 N51-'Q rf- ' ,M 2, A ,fy '3 A ' , L fy. -' ,-' -- - H. f H Q , . ' ' 'T f 4 9 -ffl ,lf : ' , W - ' ' 'awfef 1' F" aw- . fi 'Y ' - " ' ., , 4 - V 1 ' . -I ff l A. ' , ,.' Aff -,J 4 4. .vi - - K,.,4 I ty, ff! .A A -' H , 4' ,, I -- ' -ruif-' -'J D , 'til .41 5 al r ,- fn ii 4 -8 -I I . ' ' ' Q I .. , .-we . n . 4, f 'fr 9 Y H1 BA Back row: L Hagen, J Lassen, E Johnson Hiddle row G Troxel, B Ellis, G Cox, E Burke, J Bartle, L Hul1,a.rke'y,W Hill, G Belanger Front row P Clayton, J Bassett, J Worley, D Johnson, D Thomas, D Hiller, R Burke, B Burke, D Ba1ch.,Coach -'d",,,.,.. ,....l 13N X v. ty. S im. . ' , .0 " in to, I B a 14'l B . - .IT 1 32 3 k H. , I ' -5 rf ' , ':q L 1 22 1 L 23 ,155 Girls Basketball -'OQ00 FP 'lib' ill I Back Bow D Hnilton G Rob on S Pankey 0 Hunyon A Cuban ch Cantor Row-S Boyne H Bates B Rouoner D Orippl R Th mpaon Hin K aachi Front Row B Sparks J hers K Hodge L Cooper L Reuoner D Furlong Glrls Volleyball 0 JA in 'rixferx-le Fir qv 1 ,azlfr Q 'Hill 'li Back Row B R aaoner L Johnson R Th mpao S HOYM D Ck-ippa Misa Kuaach. Front Row-B Marks J Myers N Hodge L Cooper L R anon r D Furlo g 5 e ' ,, . -+- 4 -2 vw 1- X ,NI - -S " I l - xff. 4 . I .px 45 ' - . 'ak' 4- i VA 'lmlm , .s X w , -Z: 'ii-' N LT- -XM 1 ' 4 5 f ., ' . l ' -. . t A- " ' i . 4 ' ' ' ' I , " 1 I ' 5 1 - a ' 1 - 3 o , o 9 o 3 Q 3 Q 0 3 U ' Q 3 I , n 3 0 I 0 , 1 O " , - -- '?'?l '5' ' .- , : Lx 1. ,ev 'KA'-U Q - .1 "wa - L. 5 .Anil ll- 'E I' 4 X 'M I Q s- 'I - x K , X ,- 1..- X I I ,A X 3 . N ,. , Q ' . 'A .S 4 ' .A ,L " . . ' ' I . - 9- s w ' ' 'ff ,Ip H ' , , I 0 l ' ' ' 1 r x v -f I ,, D - -' g 8 , . , . O D, Q , s , ' U n ' n 0 9 ' I ' 9 9 9 ' . n narc- Back row E Burke, D , F rooson, T frown, C Cooper, D Thomas, D !cCa Wnn, P Dy r Front row P 'Wa ton, J 'orle , D Jownson, D Iiller, B Soarks, J B1gE1OW, Ir Balch, coach as 3 6 Back row H Kusachl, Coach, R Tnompson, D Cripps, P H0bb1e,H Bates Front row L Reasoner, C Johnson, L Cooper, B Reasoner N SQQQ, 3 4 'X 2"-+o - . . . Smiih . Y. D . D Q , , 4 ,,'. 3 5 Q' 4 zL'? I ,M , 1 ' . I ,- -F ,', , , D . 4 ' Q as 7 , Q H ' 1,1 Q 2" Q W 1 J I I I , 3 , M ' D 1, , ,, , H+? x 1 2 ,inf f -A ' ' 'fn' V V4 TL Xb ...qs P P Q53 'S yS X M . 5.57 A . "" vo ,uf ,NX ' ,521 ' My Q 'Y I X j , 7 i .A.A. The G.A.A. has increased its membership from last year's six members to ten members this year. It is believed that the membership will increase next year also. Miss Kusachi was appointed as the advisor for the club, and proved to be a successful leader. The officers elected for the year are as follows: President..............Charlotte Johnson Secy. Treas..................Ruth Hobble The G.A.A. provided entertainment at several of our assemblies this year. LETTERMEN The Lettermen's Club has approximately fourteen members M Balch was appointed advisor for the club this year The officers elected for the year are follows: President Frank Robson Secy Treas David Hiller The Lettermen have taken an active part school this year by acting as firemen when we have fire drills Each of them have a definite part They also prose 'ed several skits for different assemblies The Faculty vs Varsity basketball game was sponsored by the Lettermen The proceeds went to the school for athletic equipment needed PCL The Pep Club has about ninety members, but due to weather conditions and lack of transportation all of them were not able to be present at all the games Miss Kusachi and Hr Schibel were appointed to be advisors for the Pep Club The officers elected for the year are follows President Frank.Robson Secy 'rreas achsrlotte Johnson Song Leader Rita Thompson Cheer Leaders .Gloria Hobson Dorothy Furlong Dolly Hamilton FX P E U B Q '37 X ij. -5.7 by xx x N QFNA Ks Sf ff N c ffrdix LJ Q ,U S41 'AQJQJ six, 3 4"l -a. kRNLf-.. I N if xfa W .Jfff J X 4,,,,ff' K.. ff Q1-Q N k- - i E E 9 51 ' Q xgxx X-Iii, f 3:54. xx X ' X I 25311353 X x Xf, f :l::n:'n V X X' g ,p X I ' "-'Q' Y ' N xii 1. -1. s 1 us: X Xi 1 I 4270 f Y 5 - x ff J 5 'Q 53: f As X 4 I j N ' , . l , Q U. ,V-'W I X s X 'wir 'nyi wk B ' L' 3 'I' V Q if , ,Y Jax J x f 'Q' X Q Ix 2 T n 'U 'xl y XX x s..- X 1' 3 4 'G 1 V A xx .VT I, I r-- W ' K XM!! b- A A , ' , I lf 'A' X f rf Sf Y ' f N NC? ' x ,X . f! Wi 1 Q fl? Xxsx!-+' , XX :Q l f A A' -, , .X rr! XX Qs- wfU x 1 ' l 3 hx - X f i Y ,VX K xx If , Y ' f X X, X , wx f 1 sf J, X ' ' If .C HL' g 'q ' xj K 44 - .ge J V XXX ' F fi ' ' 3 X ek . 0 I ff xx, 4 f ' X lr , , W X565 - 9 0fflCSfS President Glenn Austin Vice President Charles Cooper Secretary Phyllis Ellis Treasurer Don Thomas Social Chairman Ruth Lewallen Student Councl Back Row Arthur Clayton, Johnny Bigelow, Charles Coope Frank Robson Front row Mary Brown, Phyllis Ellis, Ruth Lewallen, Eddie Vincent 180 Picturel Gary Belanger, Dan Clare, Darlene Burns, Glenn Austin, Frank Daniels Phil Clayton, Don Thomas rn Editor Gloria Robson Assistant Editor Sharon Pail Advertising: Wayne Worley Art hiitorz Diane Cx-ipps Sport Editors Jerry Lassen hchange Editor Laura Cooper Around About Town Dorotiq Furlong Gossip Dolly Hamilton Grade leurs Rozslia Hayes on Ll HI IH Features Phyllis Ellis Schoolioitys June Thompson Meet the Seniors lladine Harris Circulation Hsnager B111 Sparks Library Diane Cripps Homsographsrs Ted Broun Bob Ellis Interviews and Features Jack Johnson Bob Ellis Johnny Bassett Martha Foster Ted Brown Hrs. Buckland Prank Hobson El Burke 6' I W A ,' l L la 5 . AA I MH! 1 f G , 'A 1 a I 4 ' J . f Q 4 A - t 3 M I ., Q Q UMW '- tor Associate Editor Business Managers Pictures Sports Senior Editor Class Editor Activities Secretary Art Editor Clubs A Annual Staff Ruth Lewallen Cora Smith Gloria Robson Dolly Hamilton Gaye Thorpe Jerry Lassen Frank Robson Jlnet Beeson . .Jack Johnson . Sharon Peil . .Phyllis Ellis Arlene Cattanseh eembby Ellil H s. Sether Honor Students Ruth Hobbl Arle C ttane. h Darl n Burns Sally Thompson .45 fi --- - 'TP' 1 School Calendar September . School Started . Mr Schibel arrived Class meetings Officers chosen . 111.00 Kusachi lrrlvifl Football -Glendale at Jaoksonv1lle Football -Glendale at Canyonville October Issue of school paper . Yell Leaders Chosen Football Coos River at Glendale Freshmen Slave Auction Workshop at Roseburg Workshop at Roseburg Football Elkton at Glendale Junior Dance Freshmen Initiation by the Sophomores 000 Jun1OI' Sale Junior Candy Sale Football Glendale at Yoncalla Student Council at Roseburg Football -Glendale at Camas Valley .Issue of School paper Halloween Dance Football Riddle at Glendale ,xx November High School Workshop at Springfield H, f High School Workshop at Springfield Freshmen party Football Glide at Glendale National Assemblies presented Steeplejacks Q Football -Glendale at Days Creek Senior Amateur Hour ..Issue of school paper 0 0 .Junior Dance Organized Pep Club Student Body Party December 0.Began Sale of Collier-Crowald Magazines Basketball Jamboree at Riddle Junior Dance .... Basketball -C B A at Glendale .Basketball -Grade Jamboree at Canyonville 15' Student Body Danoe ' L H Benefit Danoe Basketball -Glendale at Grants Pass Basketball Glendale at Roseburg Dress Rehearsal for Junior Play .National Assembly Junior Play 'Tho Hiser 20 Annual Christmas Tree J' Cvgsazff ,49 ' S f is f :ff f "4 6000 000 eeoeoeeeesen. 000 8 soous seoess -eus 0 neao 0 1,-L0000 00000 ""' 170000 000 ooes 0000000000 210000 0000 """ 28 .... ... --- tiil OIIIOO O OOICCUI IC 5:::.. qeesaso 000:00 0 100000 00u000 000000000 11000l llil IIIIDIDC OOO , 12.... .......... .. 120000 00000 000 "" 56,0000 0 0000000000 000000000 0000 0000 132211 "IIIIIIIIZIIIf...IIfII 190000 000000 "" 220000 0000 000000 000 260000 00000 ""' 330000 000000 0 0000 00000 UDUDOOOO :L::Ol0 I 5 000000:::00000 0000 00 0000 000000 N X 9:::::::0000 00000 .0000 Q "'L' . i 1.300000000000000 "' E, ' 150000 00 00000000000000 0000 0000 SBd18 Hawkinl Dlnce 'e ,' 1600000 000000000 000000 2200000 0000 21100000 0 0 000000 0 0 270000 000000000000 000000000 0' 300000 0000000000000000000000000 3000 00 , 5:::..::::::::::::... ....... iiti ...... 2'5- QE000 000000000 t "" 0 0 0 Q 153:11 ...... ............ F ' . , 1 0000000000 00000 00 O 180000 0000000 ""' 180000 00 00000 200.00 . O IOOUOCIO I COUIOIO 200000 000000 "" YV f 'DJ' no 6 'Q A Vi' 3 4 4 - Ex J 5 1 - , T January February H8.1'0h April Ha ..Issue of school paper Jiasketball Glendale at Canyonyille Basketball- H rtle Creek at Glendale Seventh Grade Party Basketball Days Creek at Glendale Junior Dance Basketball Glendale at Camas Valley Issue of school paper Junior Dance Junior Candy Sale Basketball Riddle at Glendale Basketball Grants Pass at Glendale Basketball -Glendale at Myrtle creek Junior Dance benefit of March of Dimes Basketball Canyonville at Glendale Donkey Basketball Game Began contest for snapshots for annual J asketball Glendale at Days Creek A Meeting Basketball Glendale at Grants Pass Freshmen Party Mr Kleinschmidt Arrived Basketball Camas Valley at Glendale Junior Candy Sale X ray unit Junior Party for Junior High Basketball Glendale at Riddle Issue of school paper Junior Candy Sale Basketball Tournament at Yoncalla Basketball Tournament at Yoncalla Basketball Tournament at Yoncalla Sale of memory book nschool Daze End of snapshot contest Junior Party held for seventh grade Basketball 'Faculty Fossils vs Issue or school Junior Junior Dance .Issue of school Junior Senior Prom Issue of school paper Baccalaureate Graduation SCHOOL'S OUT!! G. Y. paper Dance 3' 1 paper 'N fn s I 3' ' ff' 1 b A 4 K 4 gasses eeeeaeoeeeueeoeeeee 15121. 110000 ee --5' 12.000 eeaonon.assess-an-nssosensfnu lsaeee ease "" 57000 eleeeeeeeoeeeeeeoaee 13111. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'"" 18e00e eeeeeoeao "" 22eaee 00.00 "" 250oee neun - """ . l '- 26e.o00 one " 294Ce0e ease "" 3110! 000ae00e0eee0e00l0u 'lease 0-00 I 100ee ooee V --'C . Seeee aeeaeeeaeneeeoeesseleeeeeeeeeo.' Sheen nu.. "" 6'... OQUOIOOIQOQIIIIQICICIOCCOI 6000s oss---q:.----some he 800ae ass. --C- loeeeeesuaeeoneeaeeuseeeeeeeeseoe age 0 s 0 s Q 0'Qe 0 e a 0 qBB8K0tb8l1--'-ROBOUBTQ lt Glendale ::::::::oeooooeoaueanausea 15000. 00000 "" lseeee 0 eoeeoeeoeoeeue 23eeee e qeneeoeeeneooeaeaee 2600000 100 2800: ees n 10000 can hleeo 000 n C VX Seoee ee eeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeee TJ ?::::::::""' .... U J' 11... Y , Q, ',"?fl"" 12000 eeeeeeneeeo aeeoeeoeeoeuee - I 'I I, 6eoe0 e e eeocnanoeoae 11... . .. 7 20000 ee000 " 90eeee eee 12111: . . ""':::::... 23010 sees ,J-rf, X Emil -5 nn Q,"::,' Q' , P- ' .winp W 'H'neS+ MAG IIS mssc M si Made S+ Begf QQ: nl Mosfl' f-H-Lfe-l' mo? kf 1 s CE L 2,4 Q x X I '56 ,nk ,QL N11 ...M x5 ' - ' Q QOQD N? :wil FL NBYIOHHI As semblles The first in the series of National Asse olies presented this year was the 'lississippi Jubilee S1ngers', a well known negro quartet They are known throughout the states for their renditions of Negro Spirituals, camp meeting shouts, popular plantation melodies and for the deep feeling religious fervor, and humor with which they sing One of the recent additions to the quartet is a gentle man from France He sings second tenor and sang several solo selections The first was 1n his native tongue and greatly intrigued the students Afteruords he re sang the number in English His second number was La Vie en Rose, a French song translated into English The quartet's barltone presented two solo numbers also Why Do I Love You and Ol' Van River from Florenz Ziegfgldvg Show Boat All the students had heard quartets sing out agreed it was an experlence to watch one in action and observe the intricate timing and musical knowledge necessary to harmon ize so beautifully On November ninth an assemblies program was presented featurlng Steeplejack and Jill, or Lee and Mary Ann Quinn, the only married steeplejack team in the world M Quinn narratlng the thrills and risks involved in the couple's occupation In one scene they perched perilously on the edge of a chimney, held there only be his elbows and feet braced agalnst an one inch ledge His wife hmng aus pended above him the standard equipment or harness of steeplejack taking pictures of the repair job he was doing on the chimney They erected a twenty foot flag pole in the gym and demonstrated the standard method of climbing and coming down one Mr QMIHD explained the proper procedure while M s Quinn climbed the pole Going up looked easy enough but when M s Quinn came down she simply let go with hands and feet and, with only an occasional touch of her hand to guide her, dropped to the floor beside the pole Their ibition brought gasps of 'Oh' and 'Gollyeeee' from the t dents and 1t's doubtful if anyone graduates this year with the intention of be oming a steeplejack Third in the series of assemblies showed an amazing ex ibition of memory skill by Mr William Wallace, memory wizard His brilliant memory has made him the highlight of radio and assembly programs throughout the nation He presented a memory trick with cards in which several students took part Not only did he remember the order of numbers on the cards written on a blackboard for him, he called them forward and backward then started from the middle and went both ways School would certainly be easy if the students had memories like Mr Wallace's when examination time rolls a round, was the general opinion of the students who watched his exibition. I I 0 O o . - I I Colored movie shots of them in action were shown with . a . ex- : u- O , - cont'd. Smith and Dane appeared December twentieth. This couple is skilled in many fields and gave a striking perfor- mnce. Students gasped for breath when Hrs. Smith stepped on a stool which ran electricity through her and made a neon light shine by placing it in her mouth. Hr. Smith entertained the students by playing several selections on his ssxaphone. Hrs. Smith also played several numbers oh a smaller saxaphone and a clarinet. The Smiths were well versed in mental telepathy, ven- triloqulsn and had two puppies whose performances kept us in ltichlle Everyone enjoyed the performance by the Smiths and are looking forward to the time when they can come back again. Informative and interesting are the words to describe the National Assembly Presentation by Hr. John liobols, vagabond Unusually curious as to why people tick and live the way they do, Hr Nichols left a respectable position to travel the states over, learning the American Hay Of Life. He kept students on the edges of their chairs with the humor and equal seriousness of what he was saying In order to get first hand knowledge of the people he is so interested in, Hr. Nichols lived with and worked be side them in the everyday avtivities of their lives Each episode he narrated had a moral, which would well apply to our everyday living He mde the comparison b tween a monastary and a prison. Ho two places could be so different and yet so such alike In a xmnastary a mnk hopes that by depriving himself of mst earthly pleasures, he will someday enter heaven. A prisoner is deprived of his pleasures and liberties by law but his ultimate hope is, that by paying his debt to society, he may some day resume normal living, a free man. The mnk's life is strictly governed by his religion whereas a pr1soner's life is govern ed by law. Students found his lecture extremely interesting, for who can help but enjoy hearing of people they might never meet but in whom they are interested? Last in the National Assemblies Presentations this year is the Hodernaires They are a unique suslcal and drasmtio team. Amng other things they both hold Bachelor of Arts degrees and have appeared on radio, television and in mation pictures Clyde Dupont, for the last two years, has be n maical director and personal piano acoompanylst for Rudy allee. Joyce Dupont graduated from the University of Calif ornia and has played with the summer stock companies am entertained with USO groups. 5: ?"4r ve' E 'QS Av '10 0 ' ffm J A . 3 - 75 Q J fl? QE N x we Afufl . NK ,Q ",. iff' R . .p A r u I -' p ' Snapshot Contest F NNI nr PRIZE , TED snow: -Ll ZIID PRIZE, LOI5 VIOUCHETT .. fn' 3119 PRIZE, CHHRLES HILL TA R2 n Yl- , 5'5flfffR 'N f.'1'V"s .mg gf .K ,J ',sv .. p04 .'+ . Q Q 9 1? l . 512 if gm sgfftll Luk' ULT' ff PU?-2LeD7 XB bslLSf Thou. 'U rke Lg H555 SLM ln ,amy 355, pw cl-Inns 0 0 ,' " -5 -4 N r' . I V 7 V .7-ZA:fv,x 00? .- , x 30'-1 kj X , f f - ,, . , vc " 1 of A 0 ,, xx I ' i 3- """"v guy if 'x a K J I .. 41 ' r T , K f ' 'S ' A 604- 0, ig ' . 4 g sm 1 A---vf, I 1 ,Lf,x?g,Q ooo-Ln-LR y 5 an z'4- S-. f gd -- . -..f 1 , A - ' f .f. x- -1 ': Fi .J X xfi , fx ' 1 ' ,f - P 1 ,- 5. X Hz ltlffn, 5 V IH H 3 I Q 0 Lat ' - . Q: 5 I -is '4-. Qjwsj , 5'-' f, 1 X 1' S - -.. FLW ' -V t I wax' F' -. 7 Q . ' ax . 5 , . r I . Mae 'Mc 0 A, 5-nf 4 G "5 'A' MM: rr on T' TJ fb IQWQE w 5095- .Ax SLo ffl? LD PRLS I1- FL' r anmmg penn y Dil... l LOOK DMTFDA rlPeL1vL uv? ? I 'MP' QCHQ S 41 59 T5 Sophomore Class Actlvltles On the eleventh and twelfth of November the sophomores put quite a fright into the freshmen, on the eleventh they d1dn't have to wear their garb They were just sold at the auction Some of them went as high as twelve dollars The sophomores made a total of forty five dollars, their freshman slave sale It seems the sophomores put the freshmen through quite an ordeal They said it was worse than their own initiation They made the freshmen pick up needles wlth gloves on and they had to eat a bite of onion whenever they were told do so The girls came to school in long umderwear and stringy hair, the boys camo to school in dresses, bandanas and make up The sophomores seemed to enjoy taking their vengence out on the freshmen, because I heard they went through a rough time the night of the initiation party After the party they were all friends On the ninth of February they held a cooked food sale, when they sold pies, cakes, and salads at Lassen's Meat Mar ket They had a lot of co operation from the people On the fourteenth of March the sophomores held an invit ational party Invitations were issued in the shape f shamrocks The at Patrick tradition was carried out to the fullest extent They had plenty of food to eat at the party and it was a great success Freshman Class Actlvuhes The freshmen got a rather poor impression of the sopho mores the twelfth of October They enjoyed their initiation but wOuldn't admit it Perhaps they have forgotten it by now They looked like morons, and acted like them too, but on the whole, they were good sports and a nice bunch f kids The freshman class was one of the more active ones this year having parties, food sales, dances, and taking the lead in drives Their parties were very successful as to fun and refreshments With Miss Johnson as their advisor, and Dan Clare as their spokesman, they conducted both the Red Cross and the March of Dimes drives in the high school Their class was tops in donations They gave the March of Dimes dance, with admdssion at ten cents, but with a plea for don ations to the drive Refreshments were sold at this dance The freshmen have added their pennant to the display in the library Theirs is blue and gold with Glendale and the year of their graduation, fifty five The01ghth grade class had a party November 20 Each student could invite one person They enjoyed both modern and square dancing Refreshments were served during the dances The seventh grade sponsored a class party January 15 All who attended enjoyed themselves immensely, Instead of the usual games, the students square danced The gym was do corated gayly W1 h crepe paper and balloons Refreshments were served O O O O e 1 ' on I e to O e e e ' e - O e 's e e I O I O e 0 . , O e e e I e e e l e O ' e e e O 4. a n U S1636 5 I4 dk 1'-5+-+ S' f CI ssPly Bn hell s , Q 1 X , L m Ny fl, ft Y .?I7l'f10f1on Senior SneHk Q 1 vi 0 O EWLQA7- X Q .4 'H X 1 . - xr' 1 -- V iv 'A ig vs q- '31 5 nv A I 4,, .M I , C 0 S Q . N 4 F - an 9 'ki ' --, 'K 'Ns .: gf., F" L 173:52 f U I T 411' . Q 8 I . . , fr 'WRT S J i A X s KX S ? ofv J 'ex X231 53 ffz ff JL? l I F, KN Y 1 5 la z 5G gg, 4 i ififfgp r 4 .f Q ff THE ROBERT DUILAR COMPANY 5 THE GRADUATES OF X752 c ON GR A T UL AT E Pictures of Seniors, Faculty, and Groups in the yearbook are by KENNELL ELLIS Platter Chatter Latest 'Hits Sheet Music Hueioal Instruments Carlotta V1 semen Eugene, Oregon REMINGTON JEWELER Ctormerly Buhn's Grants Pass Orange Blossom Diamonds Reed iurton Lunt Wallace, Heirloan Sterling Wing Bldg -Grants Pass Grants Pass Oregon Leading Jewelry Store S -.v v ' 1 1421, s.w. een CH HHN GLENDALE GARAGE General Automotive Repair Gas RPM O11 Accessories Body and Fender Work Phone Glendale 1 Oregon J L Neilson H. L Dobyns Jeweler Electric Wiring has the best in an Appliances Devices JEWELRY Grants Pass Phone Glendale ' gg' Oregon Oregon 14.595 Z " X The Glendale Club Al fi Skmffleboard L Pool Dey an Night We Serve You Right Glendale Phone 14.75 Oregon 14,6 a n ,:i': ' l A' ,, iles, a DAY Sf MEI-IL Logging Supplies Dragline and Crane Service Dump Trucks Bulldozing Contractors Trojan Explosives Pittsburgh and General Paints Hardware wif My Glendale Phono Oregon 296 2-P 'Eg A Building Supplies li j' DOHAR AND PATTERSON wishes to congratulate the class of 1952 Glendale Oregon -IUKL2 When you want the best for your lousy all ldnds of jewelry watch repairing ALWAYS G0 T0 Johnson's Jewelry 133 S E H Street Grants Pass, Oregon Arrow Shirts Stetson Hats LANGLEY'S TOGGEHY C F ul-I-I" 2314, S H Sixth Street Grants Pass Oregon in XX 4 and 5 X, 'L 1 TSA- ': S in Q 'L 'T X 1 ""' X f Xi O O O O 0 Congratulations to the Class of '52 vu: excl! 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UHITED SERVICE for the best Gas - O11 - Accessories Glendale Oregon Re resh add est the hour SPI NGFIELO COCA C0lA IOYHING C OMPANY

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