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fw X,,' K S LIBBIS A X NX if ff'- A 1' QR X-2 N e QN ffl if l IW 1454- if .fiizfzzslhn xG"'a " 'f"x'-r we The staff of the Pirate Log proudly dedicate this copy of our year book to those whose kindly counsel has made our year pleasant and profltable OUR FACULTY be ff' 'Nt X .. s 5 X gY.,'PSx ,,h A 1 l . 'gr . e 1 X ' xx XX X N X N- X ewan A X N ' Qu -.1 xx sw e. ' ! uf' ffhs. it fy a,f!! 55? ff,,f! ::f:g!r I 'ff' ll uv . ff we I ' J 'A M1 l"m ' K s Un. .I rv ' n ' W In -- 'fp Q d 33, wiliifnl - :Tr ' at ,A - , A -. 'gif 7? 436145011 ,f, I4 yjl 04 9,441 J QWQBK.: 19 'wsew ein ,L,.,.f1'i'...,.ff Aim ff A Al 7' 46' I ,144 MV W' 1 1111-rn A 744"5f9 Smid L.-Ax Pat Fotheringham 'Blue were her eyes as fairy flax Doyle McCaslin 'An honest man 15 the noblest work of God Jane Rust 'She speaketh not, and yet there 1103 a conversatlon 1n mrewsn CCC Bill Cooper 'An all around man, our frlend through and through W Ellen Coyle 'Why speak of work when there's love to be done W fl! Benny Moore NMy tongue within my lips I relgn, For who talks much must talk 1D vain ' If A I k , 1 I on ui .H ,,' Q 9 4 f , . - . 'A -. Wllma Brown n the rlght place is her heart, and her hand 13 ready and willlng W ,JI Willlam Chandler nThe will to do, the soul to dare ' Ben3y Mouchett WAll wisdom's armory EhlB man could wield 1 Janell Johnson er smile was not meant to be seen by anyone, And served its whole pur pose 1n belng sm1led W vvs nv- Joy B1rd WShe smlled and the shadows departe pai Bob Skillinga NGood nature, good sense, must ever join.' I - 11 A ' xr- X .. On . HI - ' n d.n i- r fs' , 1 M v'vl i . B , n n 6 HH y al -l I RlCW3Fd Pankey WSmootn runs tne water where tue broom 13 deep.n Barbara Huh, her hearts adrlft w1t1 one,on an end less voyage gOHe!' nn llttle man SOmeCl1PS sts a long sxadow N rf! HA great mxnd becomes a great fortune W -Q 3 bmrgaret ronder NTo a young heart every tn1ng is fun.H H GPS nH1s form was ponlerous and hls step was slow Tqere never was a man so wlse before H natay, stay at home, m heart, and rest Home keeolng neerts are happlest N - .lf . .JI ca sk lxl. ','-h h . ' ' ' 'SK - , 1 1 ' gQ3Q . ' 2 3 . ' A gf , ' 3 , 0 - h A y . e A I 1 w 6 . X- ' I I - 1' l A . .. 1zoPHEcY WS P sts 2 -- -4- 1 f li gil! :!!EL 1 S b Whlle walklng dwun a dark side street in Parls, France, we chanced upon a prophet of the present, past, and future A small doorway con fronted us As we stepped 1nto the dlmly l1ght ed 1nter1or, a mademolselle garbed in qualnt French attire wlth large gold ear F1HgS dangllng from her ears, appeared before us She mot1oned us to be seated and held out her hand to be crossed wlth s1lver I grudg1ngly w1th drew a s1lver dollar from my purse and slowly crossed her palm Her hand closed upon qu1ckly, and she dropped lt 1nto her pocket She gazed 1ntently 1nto her crystal ball and then began, WYou are from Glendale, Oregon and you have come to find out what has happened to the graduatlng class of nlneteen fifty one I shall try to glve you the exact detalls Joy B1rd 15 in South Amerlca, marrled to Manly Patterson and worklng as a m1SS10H8Py Her capable way, and contagious cheerfulness have endeared her to the natlves of that reglon Her dear friend W1lma Brown, 18 now Mrs Doyle McCaslin, a very promln dairy farmer, is now the ldeal house husband, con tent to manage thelr lovely home The scene changes into the Frank Loso resl dence where the former Barbara Thomas is wip1ng one of her nlne Ch1ldF6H'S noses Now I see one of Bengy Mouchett's numerous chain stores where the proprletor 15 lnspectlng the supply of Phlla delphla cream cheese and M8136 lobster 1n which the Mouchett stores speclallze Bengy's w1fe 15 the famous opera star, Marlon Martln Suddenly the Mademo1selle's eyes flash with pr1de Janell Johnson who is st1ll carrying her malden name has become a d1st1ngu1shed hoslery model for Sak's of Flfth Avenue She 18 st11l try1ng to dec1de between the soldler, sa1lor, and a1r corpsman B111 Cooper, whom we kn w very well was vot ed Joe College at Penn State Seems he was out standlng 1n athletlcs, dramatlcs, and also a great lover, w1th the result that he has become a great Yi wm atherln around h1mself scores f beau ilgulaxomin g O a Q A N i t X Q2 C-si SQMK c::::l Af .2 3,5 . - P 5 9 ' . . . . Q-1.-1 . - - v I! fl . lllll, ' . I ' - A l J . . 9 ' e l 3 ' . . ' . . , X . I . . , .- ent lawyer in New York.. Doyle, an unsuccesful - I - ' . . ' . . , 1 Q 1 . 3 , - X ff 21 ' ' x ' E lr ,X,t xX J, 'f , , ist, Z, la! x,- L QP 3- 5 E V ' xr xl Xs- l -ff Jane Rust is marrled to Harold Van Norten and 15 high on the soclety 11st ln New York She goes on a world crulse every year with her husband Her beauty and po1se have made them welcome 1n the best c1rcles at home and abroad Tom Lyons 15 a second Frank Slnatra and has had many opportunltles to go on the stage He was marrled to D1ane Crlpps r1ght after she graduated from hlgh school Rlchard Pankey and Frank Woodley are faahlon deslgners for the famous M G M stud1os Neither 18 marrled and both are content to be bachelors l1V1Hg together 1n a small penthouse on Broadway Berda Munyon, a second Slster Kenny, has d1s covered a new process ln physlotherapy, destlned to make her world famous Bob Sk1ll1ngs 15 now better known as the nAll Star Texan N In his schoolteachlng days he trled h1s sklll at coachlng, and found he had great tal ent along that line Ellen Coyle is marrled to Dave Larson and l1ves 1n Quebec, Canada She never d1d f1H1Sh her course 1n nurs1ng, because the career of home mak lng rather appealed to her It seems that Benny Moore flnally got over h1s great love for Janell Johnson that developed durlng the sen1or class play, and married a New England glrl He now owns a big manufacturing concern in the East Hls l1ttle daughter has 1nher1ted h1s peaches and cream C0mP1eX1OH Pat Fotherlngham 18 marr1ed to the world famous psychlatrlst, Joseph Sanders They are now located ln Duluth, M1nnesota Pat spends her days ln soclal work, and her evenlngs entertalning the assoclates of her eminent husband It seems B111 Chandler declded to be a bache lor and 1S now the Sports Edltor on the Glendale Courler H1s gray ha1r g1V6S hlm such a d1St1D conslderlng his slngle state We were wonderlng why she had said nothing of our old fr1end Margaret Ponder and as we start ed to ask about her, the Mademo1selle's eyes twlnkled Wlth a deft motlon of her hand, she dropped the l1ttle black veil from her face and there sat Margaret Ponder"" M A .11 'Lx qv E' 2-1, W GX 5 I ik G l.Ql J ' . 0 . . a M a M ' I KX Q. . ' . 5 - x ' gl . . ' 'w . .I i . . . . - - wr X 1 - ' . . . f'- E? V' gh . . l I '. . . . A bs 'D ', 97 . I . I "' K XJ " 'S " guished look, he :ls much sought after, especially A ,Nap . ' ' - H :xx O .... 'fs ' -1 -- ?biu .J 'K 'RRY h Q V eiggg? ll . s' J : 'p i"T ear I g ' 7 xii I, X F ,bla . WISTQQQQZYQ, fipjigie 9 In these the closlng days of our years 1 hlgh school here 15 a l1st of each student's ac t1v1t1es and lnterests Followlng 15 the list of members f th1s year's S6nlOF clas Bengy Mouchett started to school here 1n the flrst grade He was the freshman class presldent and v1ce presldent 1n h1s sophomor year He has part1c1pated 1n three years of basketball and foot ball, one year of soft ball and two years of base ball He was also a member of the boys' lettermen club and served on tne annual staff 1n h1s Junlor year B111 Cooper also started to school here H lS V1C8 pres1dent of the sen1or class H as taken a great deal of 1Ht8P6St 1n sports havlng four years of football, basketball, and baseball, B1ll 15 a member of the boys' lettermen club Frank Woodley, another member of our class who started to school here 1D the f1rst grade, has Pat Fotherlngham lS the only one of the g1rls who started to school here 1n the first grade She 1S senlor class secretaxy and Pep Club v1ce pres 1dent She has been on tne annual staff two years and the paper staff one year Jane Rust 3o1ned our class 1n the th1rd grade She was class trea urer 1n her freshman year and secretary 1n her JUHlOT year She also has a part 1n the senlor class play Nllma Brown golned our class ln the fourth grade She belonged to the annual staff and paper staff 1D her JuH1OP year W1lma has partlcipated 1n four years of volleyball and softball and one year of basketball She was a member and sgt t arms of the pep club also had a part in the sen1or class play Margaret Ponder came 1n the fourth grade She 13 treasurer of the G A A 1S on the annual staff and 1n the pep club She was sports head in volleyball and went out for basketball 1n her senlor year Margaret has a part in the sen1or Play B111 Chandler Jolned our class in the flfth grade B111 was v1ce pres1dent of the JUDIOF class and president of the boys lettermen club in the JUH1OF and senlor year He has had four years gflfootball and basketball and two years of soft 3 0 Barbara Thomas go1ned our class Zfiilrsshe has been actlve 1n alln ggi Sggigf i : L be l j . in 4,7 ' n . . 0 . O ' . e . . - . . 0 8 h 1 . . . taken a great interest in math courses. . . a . I I . One,- 0 .O O JA ell FQAN in OW We o T-ken! Ellen Thu. ' Cv UGNJ ANC B NAR Ame Knew.. 4, IAHMA Chau TLASS WILL S xi X We, the Class of 1951, belng about to pass out of this sphere of educat1on, in full possess 1on of a crammed mlnd, well tralned memory, and almost superhuman understanding, do make and publlsh th1s, our last w1ll and testament, hereby revoklng and maklng VOld all former wills or promises by us at any time heretofore made, or carelessly spoken, one to the other, as the thoughtless w1sh of an idle hour Joy Bird wills her twenty eight mile bus ride to school to Phyll1s Ellls B111 Cooper w1lls his good Physics grade to some underclassman who doesn't want to be a scientist anyway Ellen Coyle w1lls her perfect attendance to Ruth McAllister B111 Chandler w1lls his last cigarette and his ab1l1ty to play football to Eddie Burke Tom Lyons w1lls all his rlches to anybody who can f1nd them and h1s second strlng posltion on the football team to some unlucky freshman Jane Rust wllls all the nolse she makes to Carol Ann Youngblood, and her Job 1n the lunch room to W1lma Brown wllls her back seat in Mr Polich's study hall to Frank Robson and hopes he doesn't have to use lt anymore than she d1d Bob Sk1ll1ngs w1lls his ab1l1ty to patch up his m1stakes to h1s sister, Pat, and about two thirds of his weight to Cllfford Smith Joe Sanders w1lls his helght to Warren Mllls and h1s llttle feet to Johnny Newman for good under standlng Janell Johnson wills her ab1l1ty to graduate to Charlotte Johnson Benny Moore w1lls his ab1lity to get along with glrls to Proxy and his ab1l1ty to blush to several of the glrls who seem to lack such abllity Frank Woodley w1lls his he1ght to Johnny McDonald Margaret Ponder w1lls to Lorra1ne Ford a neater locker partner for next year, and also her abillty to foul when play1ng basketball Berda Munyon wills twenty pounds of her excess welght to Carol Osborn H1chard Pankey w1lls his bookkeeplng books and papers to anyone who will take them, and the grades that go w1th them Pat Fotheringham wills her ab1l1ty to get out of class to anyone who can get away with it Bengy Mouchett w1lls his gym socks to anyone who can get near enough to use them and his good looks to Don Thomas Doyle McCasl1n wills his powerful executive voice to Bill Ste1n, and his ab1l1ty to whip Glenn Austin to Charles Mill Barbara Thomas w1lls all her old boy friends to Diane Cr1pps .. iizsakk f . Q S someone with a good appetite. play ConTIIU re ser or bo s w our ab1 1tJ to Jofer t a5e orowe senlor oo s of neft ye r play boys tre sen or lTlS wlll our ablllty to sfe to e senlor boys or any otner that m15 t need lt 1U a tlme of crlsls, or tourn Gwent gale. we, tfe oenlor o ass of nln teen hundred and flft, ne w1ll our unra d debts and our Engllsh Llteratore ooo s to t e liss of flfty two we the oe1lor LLJSS of nlneteen nundred and flftv Jne wlll our beloved facu ty the startllnv ani arusln lniorxatlfn ve have supnlled for them on our test papers LH our Jodrnej tmrouun hlgh 6Zew477Za5zfa NO GAINS WITHOUT PAINS Zfczwhla LAHUON AND GOLD s .ool me facaez warm Ross Hiedneaded Ho,altf rom Arfansasu, a come y ln tnree acts vas omosen Q the Q6HlOF class to be ,resent d on Aprll tne tnlrteent ln tne school audltorlam. The narratlve f the p ay lS about a o Prlnce llcnaels who cd es from nrfansas to Furst the glrls nlstane hls LIVGH a FJ al tltle and b8l16V6 arrlval lS ann ln ed name tr E GY' The cast of rrlnce llcnaels Dale Nellls Jlm uonowan . roroyce J een Hans Fltzler Lelgh Johnstoue Jacquel1ne walll Yvonle Ferrls.. A1mee Rossen. Dorls 1llOWbf Lthel whalen..... o Hlrlnceu r H15 lll PlttlDg are merely an ec C fd I' 3 clotnes and nls awkward man entrlclt ct O 1' 5 3 I' f P 9 E1 S O l e Z1 lows Benny noore ngy .ouchett Joe Sanders le cCasl1n ob Dklll ngs J lma Brown Taret Ponder ,,Jane Rust ,, Joy Bird len Coyle well Johnson f" I ED He, th ri y ill ll'j 4 , at Co':" A ' ta the H ' ' y 3 ' a .H Q ae, I 1 i g . ' ' F ' f be A toall th W ' ' F .'h A . . .W . . - an f"'1.. rv J q-I . W K N . V-D . X Y i 5 U . " - F ' ' 4 - h C 5 ' X- . , . r' f . I . I 1+ . .f" l ' K I ' -t I u J n 5 n' e w .' A . . V Y E 5 . FV, -- 0 74 V" 'T I ' 'Y ' 1 f L' d ' .' K ,IVV ..l A 1-J ff ' ' r . e . ' W 'J h ' ' .e ' ", o l ' ' ne ' WY ' , on A L Q College, a co-ed school in a small town. When his ' ' V cw.: , r , T I f ' fo fy '. H1 ,. ,, -L. . , , . - :1V. S 9 ' ' 2 ' ' ' . ' ,' 'J 1 l ' : , , H. . H 'A A a-oaoqaouonosoaaaoaooaon - ' . - . V voor 9 0 oooob 'I . X YF.o0 so no 0 outnorooourouuooo v-K X F OO! Il I OOUOIIIOIOIIDOEY 4.4 . Il!!! O O I IIOB L I I4llQlUU C ll l UUlllll'Kl ' . , Sunoco:oaoovooooiocfiaro' IA ooouooocuoouoooooooocooo 1 IOIOQIDOIIUIOIUUOICI CIOC! C F' YOOIIQOOOOODIDIDO ll IICIOE-1 V V 'X lCOlllOlllllllllCl'J"' X 'qimme ss,- ':::. 52? ZW 1E2f P N G Thorpe ustin " 2 4 P 21115 Miller J Thompson Clayton Cripps Harris Johnson Hayes Jerry Lassen R Lewallen M Lyons R McAllister C M111 Mosley Osborn Robson Smith Spear O A Beerli, L Ford, J Musta B Reed, D Thgmas Junlor Class Offucers Gaye Thorpe Glen Austin Phyllis Ellis David Miller Pres1dent Vice Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer IQ! l, I! is :gil G: - ',x,,ly - .-J D.: I 4 ' P. - Dg -'vr .N ' Do T5 " . C. f'e 1 'N H. v ' 1 - 1 1" I J U, T 1 Y 1' I ' ' . , F - IBQJA 1 I , of N A A L , B. C. A W ' ,. ., A C. . , -- B. ' f' 'G vo -7 , I Q O , Q Q I I Jumor Class Play December eighth TOBY HELPS OUT A Comedy in Three Acts by Anne Coulter Martens CHARACTERS' JOHNNY, who directs the play JANE, who plays the heroine MOLLY, her friend DAVE who plays the hero MOHTfMER, who studies Latin . BETTY LOU, who lisps TOBY, who cuts up MRS HARVEY makes a promise MR PHELPS makes a decis1on JUDGES Jerry Lassen Phyllis Ellis Billie Sue Mosley Frank Robson Richard Spear Diane Cripps Dick Williamson Ruth McAllister Charles Mill Alfred Bserli David Miller A young teenage group is out to win the play contest, and the play they are to give is a very hilarlous melodrama However, they all regard it with deadly serlousness except the cut up, Toby Toby 18 to take the part of the podr old mother in the play So while the heroine pleads with the cruel vlllain to spare her poor mother, Toby, rlgged out in women's clothes, clutches his hair in despair He goes through antics that convulse the aud1ence but make the cast ready to murder h1m' In add1t1on, other actors forget thelr cues and every sort of comical mishap occurs In the end, they are Just crushed and then the judges' dec1s1on arrlves to dellght them, and the play ends wlth everyone celebratlng em On November seventeenth, the annual Sadle Haw k1ns Dance, sponsored by the JUn1OF Class, was held 1n the hlgh school rymnaslum Twenty flve per person was charged The gym was decorated accordlng to the tHGm8 of the dance Plctures of dog patchers hung on the walls Hay was strewn all over the floor w1th bundles stuck 1n a few of tre corners to provlde seats for exhausted dancers Orange, purple, and green crepe paper decorated the stage, radlators the two blacx boards, and the doors It was qulte a slght when the celebritles arrlved They were costumed to fit the occaslon and some of the costumes were really very appro prlate harryln' Sam was depleted by Charles Mill Ten cents was charged for marrlages, or flfteen cents 1f the brlde wasn't klS36d and flve cents was charred for dlvorces Cones were sold as refreshments by the Junlor Class K UEEET ii-..- Plans are 1D the marlng for the Junlor Senlor Prom to be scheduled for May fourth The arrange ments are novel belng entlrely dl ferent from tnose used 1n recent years alta a good orchestra and undsual decoratlons tae occaslon should be long remembered by tne graduatlnv class N , Z I L.,,1 U "'r ' -A-V, A . . 6 . . - . . . Q v r . A . ' 1 'N' I a . . .g . , . .I O . , . . , 4- 0 J 'Nxxs 1 if : 3 e 'O J - 5 3 f T. 1 Y F . , i -- 5 C Y 52 L " Q? 14 e e' 'ff? Sf'.g?E!i3iiEii 4 s J? il,-T -1 - Q.. .fi Y F E, v .ul 'J 3 5, 1. . , O A I Lv. , Q ' . O . Q ! 5,5 f Cooper Bock Prince Johnson Robson Sparks Wh1te R1gsby Hayes Furlong Brown Haber 3- C' Johnson Blgelow Cattanach Worley Ellis Lewis Harris Hamilton Cooper Peil 1 ix "5 allen, C Walk U14 Sophomore Class Officers Dlllon Johnson President John Blgelow Vice Presldent Arlene Cattanach Secretary Nayne Worley Treasurer Bobby Ellis Sgt At Arms q X up--0 -NQw1if1i,jf' , x.Ly Q? ,6, D1 fb ' ' . " Liu J' ' 53' 43 ' ul 3- -J Q. v as 4 - . ' .. v ' 3 YQ , I ft? I I B' . ' ' ' . 0 A XA A ' Y' cg ' 'R :' ' 1 1' .A ,,, 1- w I. V -H r-kg R g ,. M. J 4 y l,, ' ' TF, 1'Ef . -I xxx' h ,W . 1 V ,. I T. N. 1 s - F: 1 , -K 'E' " jx A gg Burke , - . . ,- - . ' , 1 ' 1'-4 C ' f' " ' p f W.. X- ' sf Q X l A I ,: -K 7 1? : tt K: Q vb 3 Q V, Rb Ii? ' X .,, ' - xx, X22 ' f "' ., Q 8 6 S. . O Y .... ... .... . -9. Y wx W2 X 7' .xg Nl Lx W W VL, J . lf P , 'Lx GJ' '4- ' fl ,sf M 4 ff fl ,ap NP' 1468 V X B 'ix R Burke P Jantzer Reasoner McKinney Musta Bishop Lester Clayton, Pres Weeks, V Pres Morris, Sec Nichols, Tres Sparks, Sgt at Arms Pool Hill McCasl1n Smith McDonald Reasoner Dyer Hall Cox Byrd Skillings Gutierrez Oaks Smith Leonard Thompson Hayes West Morris Chambers M111 Bowden St Clair Bates Rasmussen Bartle Peil Tanner Freshman Class '- -N' e S f 1 - e. Q ez . -. C 'f , ji B. . - , B. . ' B. . ' , D. 4 ' , L. ' . 0 I X in ' I I 1 , - J. ,S , 1 I ' L. . I X P. 7, 2 B. ' f ' . -., , . f 4' G. M V G. ' f I O Po 3 X N J. fl N ,c ,,p,.,, go - , C , nf . . h , ,U ff N " R. ' Rn ' I ' ' F. I W X 4 ' L 1 ,741 A f X L. , g' T 17 ' I r t , , - B. Burke ' . R. , N L. ' A. 'fi u I F7 N. . 9 f S ' X f Jinx af? V' H, I - ' C R. . - v V , V S. S T ' L ' il: 3. ' ra Q .- I S. N B. 622511 52.2.1 X . , 2.4-'f'-GA E K.. N. E. -!, Qin i- r-gp? n-nan lxx as -3- i ,,-f , 99 fx J v. 'hn on Wb4te f Heyne Simpson Beloher Mille Haven B rk McCaslin -JCL 1 1111 Mize Troxell Myers Hayes Wilkerson Shield Redden Clere Cooper Hodge Hill Rasmussen Mullarkey Wilkerson Mc Ray Heyne Redfi ld Bartle Hagen Domoier Hill Belanger Libbey Dompier Powel-on Woodley Shepherd Youngblood Ellis, J Mills, B Johnson, J Smart, B Collins 4 h '31 'i If '-f 1 45 Afin 'WSI' .... 3-TLXDA 'iiilh 5 95551 IA Cordell Dover Slate Humphrey i 4 if G-4114 LUKICJZIU Flipse, Pres Brown, V P Williamson Sec HcDonal reas Newman, of A l"UJ'dlUt" Martin Cobb lartin Smith Hiller Prince IHEWCDO Bushnell H nyon Devor Tanner Belcher Berg 'WSHHWBI Ellie Rowe louohett Benelli Sanderson West OWUUQQ Sether Elliott Benelli Worley Estes Bell 51111115 Delco Vincent Stein Schultheae Cobb Dolpier 'IULQUUH Dilts Fisher leads Stanfill Holler! Reed UFICJUCJ I w'u eraser rJwfgo+ vu- H euro H m r-H :fr-"U e Stein Rohr Cooper Van Duine Wright Nolan l 'Q 'nl A I P fl A Ink ,' T 'L ' 'Ui' ' :' 1 . xl I fi ' 'I . - Q' 1 1 3? E We , , .X - A, , x L fs ' 5 F Ce R 'ri' V ' Q . 1 1 A' . Q , gl h 1, gli! A .bf , 1' .' y 'I A . 1 I-rg, A Y " ' ' 4 Q lf 4. ' ' ' Ks ', ' ' 1 . 3 ,- -' we 1 X pf 32, C Q ' '1 safer " ll 9' A il X' fs i ' , 4 I 1 - 1 1: a J .'- l z f, UI X I -1' . V 1 ' "' - L , , I Q- 4 X N . A W' . V I: 'Q , 6 , ,, M X 1 f .V I ,N Q 1 YS.. v 3 Z xv' Q , A --A - C ' u 5 n' 4 0 f x 4 N E V W A . - D7l' hge' - S 'I' l i I I ' N' ix 9 ' F I r 3, i J I Q 'L YY' 'IT i 4' N " l V nl so 1 I f ' . x . X I . mg ,li '.f. 1' ' 1' , Q V 1 - I . , I ' Q ' y, l.'eo,J 7 '- E ! 1 - ' A I '...,' ' 'fm' Jwxkxf x ' J I O I I I I Q I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I O I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I fn? . 9 I J CRX 'X ,x A I , -x X x X OAQGRAPI1 If OUR YEARBOOK WAS SUPPLIED BY THE INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS KANSAS CITY YEARBOOKS DIPLOMAS PERSONAL CARDS ANNOUNCEMENTS CAPS AND GOWNS 5 4 1 Z TREASURY OFWISDOVI STATIONERY I , O F Y.. I Xl ' X . ie, . . U XA' l kvfcffxl. fin! fgff f'lf1:!f'f1 . A ,f,1.n'1 5 If. ' 7, Y . Ju? I 1 L H42 V My lxah gigs Q5 'ah ,JLJIIUJIH ,va-. fnsxf A W1 f v VII-4 l 'W . ..-9" i' h I Q 43' A , '. , 'X ic. So,b.4ama16 5,161,114 rim' 3544 JH Nuff.,--Cp, IH ,Ji si ull. fw-r 1-al 604605 X Liga! iajigfff 3 X bg' lil IQ Q F ' 'K i .5 A J K , l fl ' - - I f N i M if if i': X ffrf ' I Z by K ',. fff X rx Y I? XXXXM ,pq f, It fix 1 no 1 I' 1 I c g Q' X' f , K! ,' X X - X252 " 5 A , XXX' ' XI' 1 . , LY X I f S5 ff9'. f.. Xu Qi Q U X J P , 17 5 'M '-h- P Q' Q '.".' W Pifokbrf I. Y 1. KW- qv Eg if-325' f-' . 5, 3 Hmniff L.. if Op! Qflz 'ffff I jfs 'ii h gf 1 ,I QP li " E .I Y, 1 L W' f I 1 - . 1 -.- 1 " ,a gg, ,lf-L.v u IL" 5 'Q Q A 1, , 4 . .4 Y , 1.3 1, , -., he ' T A 3 - 4" 1 m1 ' , . 1 , . F , I x . Li ' I K. . , x V '.p.l . CZWQLL7. V V ' . ' " :l,x"a','A-' 4 . ' Qi' " 1 - ,- ' x ,X 4 vix, Q N 4 Y 3 A ,Y KH v 1, ,W , 'ly Jin! - A x .9 . ,Q 9' f QQJQ , I W rf! '7": ,"" , Q g A,. vb ' 4 K - 1 A ! M E ffi NN 6 N V 4 A 5 A A- 'Y B. . . f M F y 0 xr - E - .1 . f' ... gui 11 H 1 M fx 1 5 ' rf 'L" . . Cf' , 4 , A - A , ' - f- -, . , 5-A . "T I' V. '3 ," I Cyl a ' '-.v.' I c . 5 ya F' A ' ! .' 4 ,'. A l ..x, t , X ' A .4 wif' W1 'fi 'FW' ii-X l n lm IMHIUIIIII IIIII Spam? Zaemfd Qvv in si f' I -2'- C FT K P Yhff F -'if' Wav b' 'Ru-0 Q I WMI L cw' r'-""' M i-ali' FCM! MW 'ins ?" L.....,..,.4f lx b ll ll ll ll ll lln QQW My ny. .Q 'in' as mrw'fX,z,4 fn J J to 'H f if Ml A A GMU n "'?n:- :deem Back Row R McAllister, W Brown, M1ss Neely Front Row N Ponder, R Lewallen, L Cooper, C Johnson Bird The G A A thls year takes the place of the regular Girl's Letterman Club Meetlngs are held every three weeks There are s1x members, but a much larger number came out to earn polnts to be come members next year Miss Neely was appointed as our advisor and Mrs McD1arm1d as ass1stant advisor The officers elected for the year are as follows President Charlotte Johnson Vice President Ruth Lewallen Secretary ..Ruth McAllister Treasurer Margaret Ponder Beginning our year with volleyball, we were all very anxious to start and so had a very suc cessful unit Basketball had a slow start, as not many of the girls knew the game With patience and hard work it proved to be successful and worthwhile In November, we had a Volleyball Sports Day in our gym, with Canyonville and Riddle Girls attending. In February, our girls traveled to Camas Valley for a Basketball Sports Day. The schools that attended there were Glendale, Days creek, canyonville, and Rmdie. 'Waikq Ea!! adm rx 'V ff: of' T' Nl IZ . , . 1.9 4 2 L V gj ,213 . 5 I .Qt V 2 lily' K . - ,Qi 3 tvs ' , U: . S i .hi I .. ,qi .. I -' . , . . h Z , . Z n . b I I 0 . I UH , Q i .. fi 'S ' L o l , lm: I, LZ o L , - Q - fl' J-T' N K' 1 nj Q ' I-but' CJ l 'gif' A v Q '. A CD , - I 5 4120, U3 r 1 ,r p -A .. "' Ii ,, x' . . , I A I4-v ' 4,1 .aft gn ' ,A ."' 1' J, Q 'C N 'H' . ' A . F I' Mfrs . A ., ly 4,f, . eo ,U Jr! X: ' , 1 O , ' .' ww 5 I ' 3'cf 1 N 1 Q . m ,, Lhtt f 'Nl . X ' ' ' Je: ,g 5 , ,. H 3 ' ir , .. f' V , ' . if n i i',, I f 9-ullal' 'I , - 4 , , A . Na c 32?-1 5 'Q' M12 J".I'.."I "f........"""' Second row Lewallen, bCAlllSC6F, Cooper Front row Bowden, Bartle, Johnson, Blrd, Brown 4 6408 ,MA 1-5,1 -111 .J ,Li Back row J Nelly, coach, SP1ll1ngs, Hall, ronder, McAll1ster hgr second row Bates, Redsoner, Coyle B1rd, Brown PITSD row Furlong, Bartle, Jonnbon, N1chols, Reed, J Johnson 64141 'll H 1 ,QR 4 B111 Cooper Doyle lcCasl1n B111 Chandler Bengy Mouchett Glenn AuSt1H Davld Mlll8T D1CK Wllllamson, Franx Robson 5A 'K We-e ' A in H Q D MsCasl1n, C Smith, Morrls, Burne Weeks, D Smlth Dyer Pe1l, J Pate coach, Sparks, Hlll, Blge ow, Moore, Robson, Johnson AuStlH, Byrd Miller, Cooper, Chandler, D. Mc aslln, Mouchett L ,ff U 5 . is ,J-. 1' ' ' . F13 A ' ' ' H: KU' 4,1 .t I 4: K Q H ml I ' Lx. , . , .W E 1 A , 5 -v I A 1- D .PA ."'V ' -1 X . . V ,xv . . - ' V 5 A - Z' I H .J YA .-., ...AA I 5 X- - I , 5 5 .j. u ,ig Q 'P .. Q ' if E 'v -- A+ if f- L' . 'le 2 'f .1 ,I N a -- N , - g .Z , X, inf E 5 Q- Q I . U . ' ' I I I A . i ' . 6 . 4 Q'-553155 S- A 7f'T Y ULU ff ,- M .- V A f J U1 .1 1, - , , M4-. R x abs ,Iii k4,,,.,A4 4 V, ' K X ll J ' fif' f , K, --. V v. ,A A I K ,W X. ff ,iz K X Q I - f-'- ' 6 '? in : . .g -C' 9 M T., f. ' I V kj I I Y, N 'Ml C12 f1.j.y 1i', :X 5 1 X-. . PK,-f ,I . is 1 - . -1 . X "En.l' I 'XT' P I ,"' f'W 'IH if H' 'Pu 3... L1 J -' mf-fx, XX X! x"5 mmf: 1 msn' Sanders Byrd Austln, Mouchett, J Pate coach, C Cooper Thomas Chandler B Cooper, Worley, Miller 6444! fa "" F' A3 P SJ Ellis, Johnson, Burke, Smith J. Pate, McCaslin, Hill, Gutlerez, C. Cooper Worley, Lassen, Thomas, Sanders, Byrd Miller, Mouchett, Chandler, B. Cooper, Austin- Zcwefczli E The Glendale Basketball team had a fairly good season this year, winning ten and losing eight games. They did not get off to a very good start, but when they got rolling they did pretty well. At the tournament they received the conso- lation prize, which was a new basketball. From the looks of the juniors and sophomores we are going to have a good team next year. There is some good material in the ninth grade, too. The following are the varsity team: Glenn Austin Joe Sanders Bill Cooper Bill Chandler Don Thomas David Miller Benjy Mouchett The scores or the games wer as follows OURS OUBS THEIRS OAKLAND GRAHTS PASS OAKLAND DAYS CREEK GRANTS PASS CANYONVILLE DAYS CREEK CAMAS VALLEY RIDDLE GRANTS PASS CANYONVILLE GRANTS PASS CAMAS VALLEY RIDDLE TOURNAM NT THEIRS ELKTON CAHYONV LLE RIDDLE SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL The second They won twelve any until they fought game all team also did well in their games and lost four They didn't lose played Riddle, which was a hard the way They were beaten only by two points The score was twenty 've to twenty three It seems that with next year's seniors and tte second team of this year our school should have a good first tea Proxy Worley C uck Cooper rlorida Byrd Vddie Burke Bobby fllis Dillon Johnson Larry dill Jerry a f e : 28 45 56 45 57 50 55 30 42 48 55 55 56 29 77 26 58 26 58 57 51 57 57 56 61 52 44 C. B. A. 51 58 54 44 C. B. A. 40 4O 49 59 I 55 49 41 - V L ssen llk ---l 156 - --1llgmIlIf.'P"' zragzai' -ai' mink-.EQ 5 -...L FHL Y i.. N1 Thorpe Editor Moore Assoc1ate Edltor Mrs Sether Advisor Sanders and Bird Smith Secretary Pictures McCas1in Sports I Osborn Activities Fotheringham and Harris Lewallen Art Class Editors Bfxsfss sS'i1af1Q22ZE" 5 Skillings and Thorpe Editors Mimeographer Mill AdV1SOP Mrs Buckland Fotherlngham Library Notes bm1th Grade News Osborn Feature Editor EQ. W X Q' Q gm? X J o if Asllk Munyon Around About Town XA Ford Exchange Editor husta and Thomas Sports Edltors Lewallen Advertising Johnson Circulation McAll1ster School1c1ty Mosley Gosslp s1R Back row Mouchett, McCas11n Thorpe, Robson, Clare, F11PS8, Clayton Front row Sklllings, Brown, Lewallen, E Johnson D Johnson, Ofgccmc M EFI in President Bengy Mouchett Vice PF8S1d6Dt Frank Robson Secretary Ruth Lewallen Treasurer Bob Sk1l11ngs Social Chairman W11ma Brown 1 ' H11 11 U' l1P'S"' " "1 1 E 'lull' i . 1 5 5 4 t L . S 4 s s - 'g f ' I a X o 7 : . , . Q 3 ' Q , . I -- go-N ,-7 W-.V---W.-.' ' ' ' ,r ' 1 'g ' 5 . D I n 1? v K 1 ' , 2, ' . ' i . I F r 1 K. I f' , f 'I' 4 A z A - - , , 7 f f 5 ,. '. Skilllngs, Gaedecke, Coyle Vincent, Elliott, L Reasoner, Wi1l1amson, Heyne, Ellis L Martln, McCasl1n, M Martln, Brown Cattanach Thompson, Pr1nce B Reasoner, Bates, Reed, Ford, Hamllton, Robson, Hodge, Oaks Glee Club was one of the student 0Pg3H1Za t1ons started durlng act1v1ty perlod this year The Glee Club ran competltlon w1th the Pep Club and the Teen Age Book Club 1n the number of men bers They have an average of flfteen members g,, The Glee Club gave several Student Body pro grams Thelr flrst appearance was at the Thanks g1VlD Program Thelr appearances were before he P T when they ap eared with the grade XJ school, and at the Chrlstmas Party They are accompanled by Bob Sk1ll1n s CAN BONG BOOK wh1ch w1ll be used 1n plannlng a sprlng concert afX 4 1 Crlpps, Ellis, S Heyne, Sparks, C Cooper, Bigelow, Weeks, Hager, P Cooper, D Johnson C Heyne E Burke, Redden Troxell, C are E Johnson, B Burke, J Johnson !Q?YQ 7ew Age anna M , KX - 1 v f 1 3 f ' -,- 0.0 6, -Nw 2 4 , , . lr v D 'J L ff' .Q . . . . , , . . . , i .- I . ' . 1 ' . . - r IBB O . . - .' Q , t ? q A., 0 . P D !xf'J The club has recently purchased theDAiL AMERI- 5 ' gil . 1. J X O I lx I B lvlll, If D . I ., O B x I. H- I - 'N A , , fi 1 l J. I ll . 0 , o i 0, . c 0 My A 'jaw a o 1 I ,AY A XE, .V ' B A 6 I ,vw .. . 1 ddemfeadmc fx pw pep 66645 fi 0 '1- .Ai . C . A .CC ., .- 241 "1 . M-amy' 1 .,, ,, 2. .,,, .W . ' -il 'Z 1 . L... 5 , j . ' f' , I - - ,, ' '- v - - ' Ann in -- :J 2 1 0 , " I ' v. ?! Q A FIRST FOUR GRADE PERIODS Gloria Robson Gaye Thorpe ThHEE OF THE FOUR GRADE PERIODS Benjy Mouchett Cora Smith Betty Morris Ruth Lewallen Phyllis Ellis mini? ,, fsruogw Ls? UNA p xv '?X 'N 'Y CHRISTMAS PROGRAM The Christmas program was held on December twenty second at the Glendale High School gym The program opened by the Glee Club sing1ng, Si lent Nlght, We the Three Kings, and It Came upon a Midnlght Clear Carol Youngblood read the scrlpture version of the nat1v1ty Jeanette Myers, Sh1rley Redfleld and Donna Hagen called the One z, Two z, and Three z sang Wh1te Christmas, Winter Wonderland, and Rudolph They were accompanled by Bob Sk1ll1ngs playing the piano The students got a gllmpse of Mr and Mrs Santa Claus ln thelr livlng room Santa Claus was busy maklng his Chrlstmas 11st and Mrs Santa was reading his letters for h1m After the skit, the presents were passed out and refreshments were served The student body decided to have the boys bring presents for the boys and the glrls bring presents for the glrls The rolbl of Mr and Mrs Santa Claus were played by Blllie Sue Mosley and Johnny Newman fx CHRISTMAS FORMAL The annual Christmas formal was held December fifteenth The school gym was decorated as a snow scene As you looked through the snow covered trees, you could get a gllmpse of Santa Just step 1ng into a chimney The girls came dressed in gally colored form als and the boys in neat su1ts The decorat1ng committee cons1sted of three girls Wllma Brown, Lorraine Ford, and Ruth Lew allen A punch bowl belonglng to Mrs Mary Harris was used to serve Christmas punch ft 'fda 'VN st' V T p fj L WW R X M x ssambly on ednesday, September twentletd tae student body was 1nv1ted to tae audl or1um to see a spec tacular archery exh1b1t1on by Don and Glnger, sponsored by txe Natlonal hSS6HbllPS Prograns of Los Angeles. Many dl ferent CFLCKS were performed and some of the hlstory of archery was related to us. One of tne most outstandlng CFICKS was the portrayal of t1e d1ll1am Tell story w1tn Don as Nllllam Tell and B1ll Cooper as h1s son Wlth the qUlCK movements of Glnger and tne help of a bllnd fold, B111 was made to b9l16V6 twat Don had shot tne apple off h1s head. The program proved to be very lnformatlve rd amusinv to everyone I8 a e lOOk1Hg forward to more of these Natlonal nssem bly prolrams On October elghteentx, an unusual, lnformatlve fasclnatlngy and engoyable program was put on at the audlto lum. harguerlte Shoe1axer, out a sea dlver dlsplay of many d1f erent deep sea flsh and some of her deep sea dlvlng equlpment She was COlL8CtlHg speclmens for Oregon state oolle e at tae tlme Her talm was enJoyed by evervone and after ward most of the stzdent body passel by tne stage to get a better look at txe soeclmens and equlp ment. Un ecemoer elbnth, tne Garclas Manuel and Lollta acco1pan1ed by Bob, wccvrdlanlst o bnt to txe s a e o e gvn 'roun ooutn AM6FlCd artlstry 1n dance wlth dances of tne ooutnern neflspnere and authentlc folk dances of h XlCO, Bra l nr ert1Ha and Peru The couple were lressed ln orllllant costumes for some ol tne dliierent dances h1le they clan ed costumes, Bob entertalned the sta ent body wltn dlnbers on tne conctrt accordlan ue yone enjoyed tne pro ram very uch, altdough they all agreed lt dld not last long enoueh On January txlrty flFSt, Bob Nood vlslted our school and entertalned the student Body by dF3W1D3 ani wrltlnv some of h1s OFSWIHQS were On the oad to .an Jalaf Tom oawyer, The ok leton ln Armour Also he dlew sole cartoons of lr rollcn, Leon T1 nt and Jerry Bartle Everyone engoyed t 15 latlonal assembly pro Dram v ry much. fhw 7 E AXV gr!! sea f f fi fKxaw,frc if WX -ii. 5,2 egg if A 1,01 l 4 l ' Al X X " . . .' , . " ' leo f . 1.4 . o - I g -up . - 'X A ' - h , .. 1 . . . , K I ' A ' I ' A,'V . ,. , I ' r I G ma D Y ' K , VJ. I' Q P ! CQ Q . F E. . Y , 1 1 Q tx A 1 -' 1 I I ' rg 'I' vv . l , Q A - . ' - -.1 J A L - ' A ' V 5 5 ' f v I i . r . -1 Q 1 'H ' " ' ,- h , I. ' I X an X i t 1 , J, br an I 'C 5 1 th b.H.o. -1 a d 1 ig t y 1 , ' ' . all f U A . f rf ja ' ,na J ' I A V UL ' O ' ' T .' . X - r A . 'PQ . , ... , . r ' , vu , V , V. .V L .." . ' 11 -15,1 :"U. 1 ' 4 ' ' . E' r Ld' " ' -5 . 2' L I . ,' Y' L3 . .' . ' 1 tv Y . U , r f Q. if C' ' ' - -v I1 f. ld - H x ' 1 Q' ' ' A, , ' 3 A ., V . . , --' . , , . H I w., H 5 ,amy ,A U - , H. I . y , . A - 5 V Q 'f e . ' , - ML .J 'fl 'N fa IXAV4 'V ",.J F -- QA ff ti Y X W .f Y If A K x? A -X , fx , A - Nu f A B' k X7 I 5 fs A, I ,LU 15- f - vs' - J J n ff O Q ' N N X 5 . ' I 1 I COT ThJ'J A colorful concert was performed by Toni Gauer a notef ow1SS Enterta ner on Larcn thlrtleth Tonl Gauer wore a gayly colored costume and played an accordlon, yodeled and sang H selectlons were from DW1SS Folk MUS1C and were dlrected by The JW1SS Alps The Thxme Players were anong tue Natlonal As S9mbl18S They were fasclnatlng and held the 1D terest of tue students very well Th1s program was scheduled for Aprll elghteenth Everyone was amazed at 1 full stage of novelty 1nstruments Some of tnese lnstruments were Tr1ole Octane ohlmes, Electrlc Hawallan Gu1tar C8F1llOH1C Chlmes Vlora Harp and Sllver Harp They played severa ple es on each, wh1ch were enjoyed by everyone On May the second Rlchard Carradlne vis1ted tde Student Body He 1S a very well known modern ohakespearean Actor from Hollywood Mr Carradlne gave entertalnlng excerpts from AS YOU LIKE IT 4-v - ! The scnool odrchased the snates from tne lo cal owner lor the prlce of 6300 Under the aus plces of the uUFt1S Publlshlnv Company, the stud ents held a magazlne sellln contest 'or the pur pose of ralslng the necessary funds The amount was fUFtH6F ncreased by txe returns from a publlc dance sponsored by the P T A AS the funds were stlll a l1ttle short it was declded to have a skating party each IoniaY whlch the publlc may attend Jpon the payment of a fee lndlvldual classes ma, have a s atln PHFUY any HIQHC, and are cnaraed Q5 OO for tne use of the sf1tes 4 at vw v-fu-N .Al H 1 .X 1. T - . - ..F J . 'Q 1.3 o v 1. . - vt Q A 1 4 U I . A . ww n , ' 0 5. . n . o o . 7, H U ,., . - o o 4. A , A r 1 L' l I, I 1 Q. ' J L A' A V' 4 - : ' . - . A . . . 1 T - s L - A n v 4 .r . 4. . 1 ' o o o , . . 1 s 1 , .A L . . . A X K Q . . W K . . , ., , , r 0 . tt q X. U : - 0 1 - rw , 'fx r li, . I 'n I :Y FRESHMAN INITIATION On September twenty th1rd an auction freshmen slaves was held The high school gym walls were llned w1th frlghtened llttle freshmen, shaklng from head to toe The prospectlve buyers were l1ned up in a seml c1rcle around the front of the stage John Bigelow, one of our mlghty soph omores, acted as the auctloneer On September twenty elghth, the freshman glrls came to school garbed in men's long flannel underwear with bathlng sults over the top They wore men's boots and socks The boys came 1D dresses above the knees w1th a p1llow 1n back Pleces of cloth were worn over thelr shoes to represent women's shoes All of these bedraggled characters wore green peppers and onlons around thelr necks and carrled a tin can w1th ten buttons in lt Whenever an upper classman called nButtons', buttons went fly lug and had to be plcked up before the bell rang for the next class On the night of September twenty elghth, they met in the school gym with the Sophomores for the h1gh school students The evenlng ended with a dance and refreshments xfdfxgxxlff f SH Q QP-E MAN CURDS AND PRINTS DANCE On October twenty seventh, after the opening of football season there was a Cords and Prlnts Dance glven 1n honor of the football boys All the boys wore cords and the g1rls wore prlnt dresses or Sk1Ft8 and blouses The dance was held at the Glendale H1gh School after a game w1th Yoncalla Refreshments were served and everyone engoyed lt very much - ' of general initiation in order to become full-fledged - v X X I 'V IL Nts DAY AND MZJL Building Contractors Dragline and Crane Service Dump Trucks Bulldozing Logging Supplies 3uilding Supplies Trojan Explosives Pittsburgh and General Paints Glendale Phone Oregon 29 We 5 THE HCGREGOR 10 25 STORE Grants Pass, Oregon Your Friendly Store J C PENNEY CO The store that thrift built Grants Pass, Oregon THE FOOD BANK congratulations to the senior class of "51" Thanks to the members of the faculty and student body for their patronage Hays and Norma Mouchett Glendale, Oregon DUTCH'S Smoke House Ieet all of your old and new friends there Glendale, Oregon YOUNGB1OOD'S IKSURANCE congratulates the class of '51 Glendale, Oregon lhen you want the best for your money all kinds of jewelry watch repairing ALWAYS GO JOH SON'S JEUELHY 119 East H Street Grants Pass, Oregon CO. Ss! si si II R. 0. Youngblood in and T0 IT PAYS To come a long way To Trade at BYRDS Oregon Archambeau's Sporting Goods Everything for the sportaman Make Your Fish Stories Come True Buy Right E and V Clothing Store Congratulations Eddie and Viola Caraway K E LT CH EVRDLET 521 S E 6th Street Grants Pass Oregon Phone 4461 Grants Pass, to the class of 'Sl' Congratulationg to the 1951 graduates from BA GROCBKY Glendale Oregon W CL... LRTCRAPT Camera Shop Specialists in Fine Photo Finishing, Portraits, 8.11 Commercial Photographs 113 North Sixth Street I L Dobyns Electric Appliances an Qhone liring Devices 423 Glendale Oregon Best lishes to the 1951 graduates from Central Cafe Glendale Oregon W Go d TES d ' E" KQ- ----, J : G ' , Q: THE ROBERT DUILAR COMPANY Es THE GRADUATES OF 1951 CON GR A T UL Px T Your Friendly Drug Store lcLa1n's Drug Centre Sixth and H--down town Grants Pass, Ore o 9 o xx Tune In nOn File' KUIN 7:00 p.m. Congratulations lay Your Tomorrou's Be brighter than yesterday and as perfect as today "W6 6 eafr Q M alre anc nereA ROEUE RIVER HARDEJARE ents Pas Oregon Z-Iii, ,,, Xxxx D ,fi X DOEEAR AND PATTERSON wis onpra Ehe c'ass of 13, Glendaie Oregon V, r Most Pecple Treie' for Hous nj es . Giftware- F.isi3 ' A:rLiE es and Ze - Heriware it S, 4 ,S ,f.fvx-.W - 5 ,ff -X K D af X ' ' , CE 1, A A V hes to 3 tulmte THE CLEVD PE Val U'f S ORE Co g at lates Thanks to e 8Cklt3 and stadents for tPe'r patronage Everett and Louise for GOLDEN RULE STORE Everything to wear ever, wember of the family We appreciate your patronage business for the past f J f've ,ears Geasl nd Grants Pass Oregon Pumps, Sales, and Service Plumbing Water Wells and Test hole drilling PAQUIN AND SmORY HARDWARE ll4O Redwood Highway ' 9 Ode Grants Pass, Oregon if Phone 2361 Terms Arranged ,T .,v 1 M ' 4- r. .L.L.Lu. .. n r Q T ,.. F ll - ll the class 3- 5- Tv LA tt f " Y ' 4. , l In I ortr- .L W in a 9 .. . I l Henri: myers Red and White Grocery Dry Goods Groceries Frozen Fbods School Supplies Fresh Yegeuables Glendale Phone Oregon 431 .X I--fb Alweys Good Shows at the Ralph an Ada Place It's the saving every day that counts Complete Fbod Market ongratulations to the You'll like Lloyd s class of "5l Lloyd's like you from IICHEL'S FEED 512 south sinh, in Grants Pass I STORE - 1 I I I , . 4- ? J I Glenda IheQIcR I d I 9 I I I I I Congratulations to the class of 51 HAYYARD MILLIH COMPANY Mgf:?:QI?Qb Congratulations to the uliua JL These are our wishes soon and late Success to you who graduate' COX'S Central Service and Appliances Glendale, Oregon Good Year Tires Shell General Electric and Batteries Gasoline Appliances X lOO Motoroil N H F U 'w Q n ,, ,. of Hc1H L 2 Q UN TED SERV E for tbe best Glendale, Oregon Why Bakeo J L NEILSEN Flor the finest Jeweler Cakes Pies Cookies has the best in come to Jewelry 520 H Street GRANTS PASS BAKERY Grants Pass Phone Grants Pass, Oregon Oregon 4595 GLENDALE GARAGE General Automotive Repair Gas RPM Oil Accessories Body and Fender Work Phone 461 Glendale Oregon 7 "f' l le J Gas -- Oil -- Accessories I . . GLENDALE LUM ER CO congratulations to the class Drugs 1951 exwxnmfwkvu Congratulations to the class of 'Sl' from REXALL DRUGS : Cosmetics Glendale Oregon II! 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Suggestions in the Glendale High School - Pirate Log Yearbook (Glendale, OR) collection:

Glendale High School - Pirate Log Yearbook (Glendale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Glendale High School - Pirate Log Yearbook (Glendale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Glendale High School - Pirate Log Yearbook (Glendale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Glendale High School - Pirate Log Yearbook (Glendale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Glendale High School - Pirate Log Yearbook (Glendale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Glendale High School - Pirate Log Yearbook (Glendale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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