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V- - ...Hi - V th um oil During halftime, Terry chews gum today, Munching is our pastime. Washes windows tomorrow. 2 oun lives! Q " Wx I fr . l J Jerry Joe Blackman won the annual F.F.A Creed Contest in Johnston County this year Bill, Kaye, and Terry, top sellers in our magazine campaign, are giving their money to Robert Creech, treasurer of the s enio r class. Our total sales were S1517.59. Ouu yew fnom Beqmnmo to Eno . Memories of classes, parties, baseball and basketball games, Junior-Senior, other extracurricular activities, and most important, classmates-are recaptured in the GLEN-CEDO. From formal pictures come memories of classmates, both as individuals and as members of var- ious organizations such as the Beta Club, F.l-l.A., and Glee Club. Informal shots recall special events such as the senior supper, or just ordinary everyday happenings in the classes and organizations. It has been the goal of the GLEN-CEDO staff to present with "The Time of Our Lives" a record of the students and the events which constituted the happy high school year of 1964 -65. All the members of the Annual Staff worked diligently making the Glen -Cedo a succ . ,, ., V M, 14, A m ff Dulsllsheb By the Semen Class ,, Qlenbale hugh School kenly, nonth Canollna --We did best and the tired feet," says Kaye, Danny d Vera. 4 Our Junior Play, Caroline, was a great success due to the outstanding work of the following people: Kaye Godwin, Diane Cooper, Becky Boykin, Judy Morris, Josephine Weaver,Vera Johnson, Sandra Crocker, Janice Hodge, Danny Batten, Robert Creech, Jerry Godwin,Bi1l Pope, Norman Roberts, Stewart Creech, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Flowers, and Randy Bailey. Q 4 4 4 'X' if Q26 , QQ? fe if ' 'X lm Twig-J x , X sign s Q v Ni The grammar grade students start their day by pledging allegiance to the flag. As RGHECIZEO In U16 Glen - Ceoo tame of Contents Glendale High 1965 ...... .... 1 The Time of Our Lives .....,,,, ,,,, 2 Dedication ..................... . . .10 Administration, Faculty and Staff. , , , , , ,11 Classes ......................... . . .15 Organizations .... , , .35 Advertisements .... , , .49 e have llveo . oveo . Vmwmg , 1 .,. . p . "' f ' ' ' if i, . - , R C 2 ' i all T' 1 P f nw, . 4 P 'B The theme of the 1963-64 Banquet was "Dutch Polenaize. " The enter- tainers were Gail Renfrow, Susan Cockrell, Hilda Roberts, june Hill, Cathy Renfrow, Wayne Crocker, Henry Holland, Wayne Stancil, A1 Batten, and Randy Edwards. After they finished serving, they put on a Dutch program to go with the theme. uw ' T -- v,iW,1Wm:fmaa' It I I I A I 1 . rm - lv -f .1 f I 4:-.sly--:.3:EZ.,:,.,2Qga:., . ,. , - , ' ff 1 of .ff w . f f .. V W ,MH ff fi ,' w ,, ,, f ,f ,ff ,Zi ,4 '--- .- Randy Bailey, President of the 1964 junior Class, was commended for his fine speech at the junior-Senior Banquet of 1964. Others at the head table were Mrs. Flowers, Brenda House, Janie Godwin, Norman Roberts, Phyllis Cockrell, and Mrs. Jackson. Lectures and interesting details, current events and Johnson win- ning the election, the Constitution and the Civil War. All these are typical of the United States history and democracy classes. Norman is pointing out certain parts of the Preamble to Ruby and Miss Wiggs. 6 i 1 1 1 1 - il H ' fist: , ,, 1 ? 1 1 1 Jerry Godwin, President of the Senior Class I lm of 1965, was praised for his speech at the 1 Dee junior-Senior Banquet of 1965. hx 1 X mg' 1 i '2 f - I 1 it . 'a 5--1 UF RIGHTS f 159155 no leanneo . wi M ,,,.u::m,..,. H It seems as though Janie, Carolyn, Judy, Linda, Barbara, Dianne, Larry, and Eloise are very interested in what Mr. Woodall has to say about paragraph writing . K :ml ,s . l .small 'f:"?V' 1 1,11 gfv fffzfjj 1 Ah be in ,y Our science teachers strive to develop in the students skills in analysis, critical thinking, observation, and intelligent action. Mrs.. I-linnant, who teaches general science, is dis- cussing a future project with Mrs. jackson, our biology and chemistry teacher. Mr. Narron, our math teacher, is a wizard in all math. I-le teaches general math, Algebra I, Algebra II, and geometry. "Q NTB? . ' i 41, Y , ,X -lf mix is .. - , - YW, 7. J- pJ-,.p-Ji'- y- auf' Fwd Primary Jeannie Kenneth Edwards Lucas is A . , A ' , 45' , K 1- -' 3: 4 auf x iii . .l ., .2 54. 52- . ,, . . si ,. Elementary Sharon Ira Renfrow Stancil l gi g High School Elaine joe Onnie Edwards Edwards i in x 'li P1744 6 6 Q 99,53 im ii Q ,' 'M ' The candidatesfor Hallo- ween Queen and King are from left to right: johnny Stancil, Sandra Renfrow, Phyllis Cockrell, Danny Batten, Hilda Roberts, Randy Edwards, Terry Strickland, Sarah johnson, Kenneth Lucas, Jeannie Edwards, Randy Pope, S he ila Davis, joe Onnie Edwards, Elaine Edwards, Sandy Nixon, Rudy John- son, jerry Brown, Wanda Johnson, Ira Stancil, Sharon Renfrowg Mary Lou Nixon, Kim Pope, Pat Sullivan, Teddy, Godwin, Wanda Batten, Ronnie Davis. ' 59 Zigi Q Y , -'P .. .J aa 1 A V i i ' f:sQ:1::ws:wa- Y . :J t 1 an :": oiiioiic The ushers for Class Night for 1963-64 are: Pat Boykin, james Horne, Wanda Batten, and Kathy Barnes. They were chosen because of their high scholastic averages. The 1963-64 marshals, chosen of the basis of their grades and citizenship, are: Chief, Paulette Batten, Phyllis Cockrell, and Vera johnson. 5 Q 5 232 4. ull Rememlsen Qlenoale Ano 1965! Olsappolntments . nth happiness. Kaye Godwin was chosen to represent Glendale in 1964 and 1965. A 1 r 'X 3 After all exams are taken and g rad e s are averaged, the seniors proudly wear their rings. Peeling potatoes this year for the senior supper was made easier with an electric potato peeler. Y w. Josephine and Stewart, what kind of lab was that you said you were working on? Baccalurate services were held on May 30, at 8:00 p.m. Our speaker was Rev. N. B. Barrow, Manager, Free Will Baptist Press, Ayden, N. C. 9 Saturday night, June 5, at 8:00 p.m., our graduation was held. Our speaker was Arthur D. Wenger, President of Atlantic Christian College. Oeolcateo o . The Senior Class is proud to dedicate the GLEN-CEDO to MISS EULA GODWIN, first grade teacher at Glendale fortwelve years. We began ouryears at Glendale together and as graduation approaches, we think back to our first da s at school and the teacher who welcomed us and Y prepared us for the following years at Glendale and the future. She worked with us patiently, as she has with all her other students, and created in us, as much so as possible, the will and determination to learn. Surely we can never forget her for the great contribution she has made to our lives- We hope that by dedicating this yearbook to Miss Godwin, we can show our high respect and offer our thanks to her for devoting her life to teaching and helping shape the lives of the children fortunate enough to be taught by her. Part of the Seniors are shown here with Miss Godwin as their first grade teacher 4l'.Q"'. 5.1 J' N., ,.v4 :off fav r" F .n. tw? A, . . Q 1r..' I S"!,,,j .Pfiff er A ,f 'og' 'W ,Q":'." 4 . .y .1 N ifflffd .:":4" a f 14 ,f , ,pn I in 4!r,4 A-'Q mf 3 , K. V ,, lY,v,3,, ir frm, 4 A . P I, 'ff M ,. V N OIUIHISTZRATZIOH facult AHC IAF? The following pa g e s are respectfully placed here for the people who give their time and patience to running our school. Only through the services of Such people can the high standards of Glendale be maintained. We rely on all of these people daily, and through ourdependence on them, have come to respect them forthe very essential roles that they play in our lives. Their un- tiring interest in all matters that con- cem Glendale lend to the very benefi- cial influence that they contribute to our school and community. AOIUIHI STSRATZIOH MR. ROLAND HEATH Principal XX ci 1 Q f 1 MR . GLENN STANCIL Chairman A Aa-Z., - MR . CHARLES WOODARD MR. D. E. STANCIL MRS.MARGIEATKINSON MR. E. S. SIMPSON Secretary Superintendent 221'-f Zi Z . K 1 MR. JASPER LEWIS L K Ass't . Superintendent MR . W.E. RENFROW . MR. J. BURKE LONG Ass't. Superintendent Wm. ' Far-seeing administrative leaders serve the school and community, letting "patience" be their guide word daily. We salute them for their level-headed thinking and c onside ration in solving the many proble ms that arise and in maintaining the high principles of Glendale and its community. Only our highest regards do we offer these conscientious servants. MR . FRANKLIN DAVIS 12 MRS. FAY JACKSON MRS. Science, Library, Business Education Physical Education 499 MRS. RACHEL MRS. JANICE BARNES A DAUGI-ITRY Sixth 8 Seventh Grades MRS. SYLVIA FLOWERS MR. A.M. N RRON Seventh 8 Ei hth Grades Spanish, Social Studies Math, Physical Education 9 fin:- MR. LEONARD B. MRS . JANYCE HINNANT WOODALI. Home Economics 'hr-. lf . and X f , '- MRS. DORIS LUCAS Fifth 8 Sixth Grades MRS . RUBY WHITLEY Third G Fourth Grades English, Guidance General Science To-1.-as MRS. EULA BOYETTE MISS EULA GODWIN MISS JOANN WIGGS MR. R. A. SIMMONS Second S Third Grades Firgt gg Second Grades Social Studies, English Agriculture wand' . ,.- lfacultt A te ache r to be successful today must know his field more thoroughly than ever before. But more than that, he must also be able to instill in his students a Sense of responsibility and challenge. At Glendale High School we have such a faculty. Their friendly and helpful advice, their guidance in the class- room, and their untiring interest in the students have won them a special place in our hearts. To the faculty we express our gratitude. - ,W , s. i The old custom of bringing an apple to the tea cher is still in practice. Sixth grade student, Wanda johnson, presents a shiny red apple to a favorite teacher, Mrs. Doris Lucas. facult Ano Staff 'vegan Home economics is one of the most helpful and interesting subjects taught at Glendale. Linda Bridgers puts part of her learning to practice under the watching, helpful eye of instructor, Mrs. janyce Hinnant. Important to all students is typing. Above, first year typing students practice the basic rules of typing which they have been taught by a very capable teacher, Mrs. Ruby Ottimo. . We Mrs, Martha Stancil, Mrs. Lessie Atkinson, Manager, Mrs. Elgie Caputo, and Mrs. Mr. David Ferrell, our Custodian, keeps our School Ruby Creech are responsible for preparing our meals. Due to their planning we enjoy and 91'Ol1HdS Clean and in Order- nourishing and appetizing meals. I4 ,W .,,, ,WN ""'W-mf, , f W L.- WJ g 1 CDSSGS To us, the student body, Glendale is the enchantment of learning, the find- ing the new each day, the guiding hand of our faculty, the influence of out- standing personalities, and the chal- lenge of growth. Today's challenges pave tomorrow's road of life. We're learning the worth of a well -rounded education, the worth of true fri ends, the worth of living today for tomorrow. Each day brings new ideas--new con- cepts, outrnoding yesterday's dreams. tammy ' Y iwabiew Y A. 4. 1.49, Aw Wwwt, 'S-."' 1.1 I ff ,Q-x R253 r , '.c"" 1 az-ibn , A M A..:, ,XA ,v.,,, X ,A '. Aacwfhiefairfv-Q 'ui f.x,..fA 'gh qt", ".'.J-f:""e",iN.f, lv- X - J Ni X .W i '-.X -A., ,Q 5 'Twin-ffgflfh ,gisgfye if ..g,,-if ..' r 1 ., wt'--'jf 1 -'rj 2 , . .-- , ."svtg - . f A r eww . Q if :g5ixw':4. :V cxgakglaaas A A -A 4. X ' ,rg ismsaf gf, 3 . , it ia.- , ', K M A, . hh . , ,E 1 pt, -'Q cg, N. 'gi fi 5 ,V 4 , fx, -'fri ' rf: s9.5gi,sf. . ni. ."'!.',iJg1 'Aft 'g,pf'1'i,lx? -rf -f... Q , bil" rift'-y Fi' - " 311. , -, -ffepg, q, A 'cn-X , A 4 , A .ea-NH ,. ' , , . A -3 . , . A, A A'-3fJfffwdf,' 'Lk , A A exft S i,c"'f A' 'A ' -A'-g if Y.'-!'.'i?"'i3'a:'1' twzfim.. '3fff1r?f'1' f fi ' Rf iw' 'A 2g"',x:.' ' N ' '. ,. sf ."'r.i:RS'v' ,' .- . ., Q . A ', 'M .iRM5?f"ffkf:+f- lf 2?-if Afnim-41 R 'vf.:.e?.4i'-Hr 5d.s'ag.a -Sw 1: -Yeiatkfffrqrt of .. img- 'ifivg ' ' . - ' A 1 . ' A . 'Aff 'sf ,Af R -avr: 1 .A 1-11 ,1 S DIOR Class GIIICGRS Sophlstlcateo, Special, Successful, Smcene JERRY GODWIN .... ....... P resident LONNIE BARNES .... . . .Vice-President VERA JOHNSON ..... ...... S ecretary PI-IYLLIS COCKRELL . . . . .Secretary ROBERT CREECH .... . . . Treasurer BRENDA HOUSE .... . . Reporter BECKY BOYKIN . . . DIANNE coDw1N. . . DANNY BATTEN .... MARTHA BARNES . .. JOSEPHINE WEAVER. .. KAYE C-ODWIN ...... . . .Program Committee . . . Program Committee . . . . . . .Program Committee . . . Bulletin Board Committee . . . .Bulletin Board Committee . . .Bulletin Board Committee .a. ELOISE BAILEY LONNIE RAY BARNES MARTHA CINDY BARNES Z3-sv Class W 1965 WILLIAM RANDALL BAILEY AITIBIUOUS, ABIE I f ' """f F Sie BEST ALL -AROUND Phyllis and Robert were chosen for their outstanding performance in clubs and senior activities. Both maintain high sc ho 1 asti c averages and possess desirable attitudes. I7 Class '63 DANNY AVERY BATTEN PAULETTE BATTEN lively, loyal B E S T LEA D E R S Vera and jerry were chosen "Best Leaders" because of their out- standing work in class and clubs. Vera is a member of eight clubs and is President of Beta Club, Secretary and Treasurer of Monogram Club, President of F.H.A., President of Citizenship Club, Secretary of Senior Class, and Sports Editor on the Annual Staff. Jerry is a member of four clubs, President of Monogram Club, President of Spanish Club, Reporter of F.B.L.A. , President of Senior Class, and Typist on the Annual Staff. of 1965 5 1 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Becky and Lonnie were chosen "Most Likely to Succeed" due to their hard work and high scholastic average. Both are Senior Class officers and both plan to enter college this fall. stuolous, saplent ,gf REBECCA EDELL BOYKIN gi f .1 1 , Win DANNY WORTH COCKRELL PI-IYLLIS ANNE COCKRELL M. Z LINDA ELIZABETH BRIDGERS Class 1965 SANDRA DIANNE COOPER Geterzmmeo, Olllqent :WWE MOST DEPENDABLE Ruby and Benny were chosen"Most Dependable" because of their willingness to help in time of need. They are always on the job when needed and they stay on the job until it is finished. 20 X CHARLES STEWART CREECH I PHYLLIS DIANNE CREECH ROBERT DENNIS CREECH K WILLIS BENNET CREECI-I, JR. 3 Q9 RUBY MARIE FERRELL CELESTA KAYE GODWIN 'ffl' "P" Z Q r gl r' Class 'M-Q, if 1965 SANDRA ROSE CROCKER Dopulfm, ensevemnq BEST PERSONALITY Josephine and Norman were elected the seniors with the "Best Personal- ity" because of their excellent personal and social traits. They are always willing to give their best to any activity. 21 'Nh 5 DENNY MAX GODWIN 5? il M919-nu. JANIE CAROLYN GODWIN MOST INDUSTRIOUS Paulette and Danny were chosen for this superlative because of their outstanding work in clubs, senior activities, and their scholastic averages. Class of 1965 IHITZAUVE, IDGGFIIGUS JERRY HAROLD GODWIN SARAH DIANNE GODWIN 5. F 5 Class of 1965 NICE, Hatumal N EAT ES T Kaye and Bill were chosen for this superlative because of their appear- ance at school. They are always care ful and orderly. They set an example that others should follow. BRENDA FAYE HOUSE VERA ANNE JOHNSON 411'- YUM BARBARA NELL I-IARE Www 1 f 'X it . , 2 ? ROY CURTIS I-LARE Class 1965 JUDITH ANN MORRIS COUIZIOEYTE, CADABlG MOST CO -OPERATIVE H ild a and Terry were chosen for "Most Co-operative" because of their w i 11 in g n e s s to co -operate with their teachers and give their friends a helping hand when they need it. 24 ? BILL MASS EY POPE LARRY RAPER TOMMIE NORMAN ROBERTS, JR 5. Class 1965 RACHEL ELAINE ROSE DAVID TERRY STANCIL Friday Suturc 3 ,mv 455. MA S C O T S Teressa Langley and Chris Creech JOSEPHINE WEAVER DAISY MAE WELLS JANICE MARIE WORLEY 52 ers'- vz-qf rar: if BUTCH MEDLIN .... ............... DOUG PRICE. . . JUNIOR Chxss Qfflcens President PAT BOYKIN ..... . . . . . . . . . Treasurer ............Vice-President JUDYLEWIS.............. . Reporter SUSAN COCKRELL........................Secretary Class of 1966 PAT BOYKIN LLOYD BROWN CYNTHIA CAPUTO PATRICIA CARTER SUSAN COCKRELL JEAN CREECH RONALD CREECH BRUNETTE CROCKER WAYNE CROCKER DANNY DAVIS LINDA DEANS RANDY EDWARDS GENEVA GRICE LEWIS HALL HELEN I-IARE mi f:- yii 2 V ' JERRY HILL JUNE HILL WALTER HOCUTT JOANN HODOE TOMMY HODGE HENRY HOLLAND JAMES HORNE JANET JOHNSON LARUE JOHNSON DOUG LEWIS JUDY LEWIS BUTCI-I MEDLIN GLENDA NARRON LINDA NARRON RACHAEL NARRON Jolly, Jokmq, JOyOuS, Jumlant ff f- Jah fy fy i I A ,S , ,J LINDA JO NIXON RUBY PARKER LINDA PEACOCK SUE PEACOCK DOUGLAS PRICE GAIL RENFROW KATHY RENFROW SANDRA RENFROW T537 HILDA ROBERTS KENNETH STANCIL WAYNE STANCIL ELTON SULLIVAN JERRY WEAVER SODHOIHORE Class CHIICGRS TEDDY GCDDWIN. . . . Pres1dent WANDA BATTEN Treasurer LARRY ELMORE. . . . V1ce Pres1dent PATSY EARP Reporter KATHY BARNES . . . . Secretary BARBARA PARRISH Reporter MARVIN BALLANCE DAVID BARNES KATHY BARNES Jo ANNE BATTEN WANDA BATTEN HELEN BOYKIN JACKY BOYKIN BONNIE BREWER MICHAEL BRINCI-IEK JOSEPH CREECH LYNN CREECI-I RONNIE CREECH RONNIE DAVIS LEAMON DIXON PATSY EARP PATSY EDWARDS SCOTTY EDWARDS LARRY ELMORE TEDDY GODWIN BRENDA HICKS JOHNNY I-IODCE LARRY HODCE LOUISE HOLLAND NANCY I-IORNE PAT JOHNSON Sully Swmqmq, Sympathetic, Sufficient 'V- RAY JOHNSON DANNY LEWIS WAYNE MORRIS JOYCE NARRON WOODY O'BRIEN BARBARA PARRISH FRANK PAUL ELAINE POPE JIMMY RENEROW WALLACE RENEROW PAYE ROSE PATRICIA SULLIVAN JERRY WALL DOUGLAS WOODARD MARGIE WORLEY in 5 BETH BOYKIN . . ROSE EDWARDS SANDRA BALLANCE BRENDA BARNES -. -9, S SMU - +C 1 ff 'Dx I f f Y "wt AT75-'Vi a k 'Rs 'bw A A 4, In firm f v 1' w 1 N J i A R N i I I 1 N A 1 fneshman Class Qfflcems . . . .... ............... P resident ROBERT CAPUTO . ...... .... R eporter . . .............. Vice -President RUDY JOHNSON ............ .... R eporter 0 SANDRA NIXON ......................... Secretary A Gneen, Glzowmq, Qlqqlmq, Gamsmq 3 ROSE DWIGHT SUSAN 2 I BASS BOSWELL BRINCHEK ' JERRY JOE BETH ROBERT BLACKMAN BOYKIN CAPUTO GF 1968 30 CAROLYN CARTER MARSHALL CARTER JUDY COCKRELL BOBBY CREECH BRENDA CROCKER LYNWOOD CROCKER ANNE DAVIS ELAINE EDWARDS GEORGIA EDWARDS JOEONNIE EDWARDS , X 4, f if M 3-. Z JIMMY NARRON SANDRA NIXON RONALD PATE HOPE PITTMAN ED POPE JERRY RAPER KENNETH RAPER CLENDA ROBERTS CREMO SULLIVAN JACKSON SULLIVAN ' 4., , SHELIA EDWARDS ROSE EDWARDS JOHNNY FISHER GAIL CODWIN JAMES HILL DONALD HODCE DEBORAH JOHNSON EVERETTE JOHNSON JIMMY JOHNSON RUDY JOHNSON PATRICIA LAMM BOBBY LEWIS JANET MASSEY JIMMY MCDANIELS FRANCES MITCHELL 51 4 ,AS V' 4 Q If 31 1, Q31 we Seventh Qnaoe Genie Bailey Ruth Bass Doris Batten Billy Boykin Sammy Brannan jerry Cockrell Gayle Davis Billy Earp Wanda Fisher Edward Glover Dennis Hoffman Ronald jones jesse Paul I. D. Pipkin Debra Price Sharon Renfrow Wayne Ricks jane Rose jerry Rose P. V. Stone 'Z'-f Eighth Qnaoe Ann Barnes Nettie Boykin Timothy Boykin Ray Cockrell Donnie Creech Becky Davis Ricky Edwards Shirley Ellis Ralmer Evans Danny Ferrell Faye Fisher Daniel Hicks Brenda Hill Linda Hill LaVe rne johnson Catherine jones Shelia Jones Beth Moore Randy Moore Barbara Parnell Timothy Phillips Ronnie Raper Ira Stancil Russell Weaver Violet Weaver jean Wells Q- SlX13h GRACE Carol Ballance David Bames Stephen Boyette jerry Brown Eddie Creech jeffrey Owen Creech Keith C reech Diane Crocker Sue Crocker jimmy Finch Grover Godwin Paulette Godwin Ricky Hall Alton Hodge Danny jones Thomas Leggett Eddie McDaris Mary Lou Nixon Katherine Parnell Sue Pate Kimmy Pope Vickie Price Don Stancil Wallace Williams i fe. ,' L Y, .A wwf' l,, 4! , 1. , aw 7 i -1'- "1 ,H fu- Vi' V' o A V l l lx I l ll!! lt ,H V,,, w4'hvl' ! Y. . , X -. 4? W K f Wy C eff 2 ,N ,, , is - ff X I f - t V .,,, K' is Vg P' ff 1' hw Q- "" 1 Y ff i 24 9 l ' w VN., '?fZQ , 7'22 ,J .4332 W, 1' Z Q ? "" H V H "5, 'f" Q f. .. X! 'gf f . 2W.,1 X v, ,gy Q 1 ,f if wi f ' .7 f 4 , vgf 7 I fl '21, , fl Q ff lf ff f " am, 'Z 4 4 ' l I. 5 gl S 'Al - ' rf Founth Qnaoe David Bailey Paul Ballance Bobby Boykin Douglas Brown Garry Cockrell Lynn Godwin Teresa Hicks Phyllis Hodge Linda Johnson Mike Price Shirley Stancil Sharon Williams ggwf . , , vw l V ti , ' ,gh 94. ,' Cx , yn x X , , 5 f 'ff MA. 7 Gm ., 1- , I' f " mf. i a ,. ,E Aa L lllv my ,gf ' 'vs Z nf- v- 'K' Q 4 ,fi 252:1- 1 if ' .UNH f, 1' with I iwcify! f V, gy 'f X! f fifth Gnexoe Gwen Bailey Bobby Ballance Lynn Boykin Teresa Boykin Larry Bunn Stanley Davis Connie Glover Becky Godwin Brenda Godwin Ronnie Hill Linwood Hodge Tony Hoffman Robert johnson Wanda johnson Kirby jones Pam jones Debbie Lane Betty jo Massey Chester Pipkin joy Pittman Ricky Price Pam Rose f fi, , Y A' f f if I f f fb 'N fm 'V 'Z f is, a 'sew X. f M wa f e , 4 , 1 Secono Qnaoe Pamela Boyette Connie Boykin Michael Boykin Stephen Brinchek Comelia Cockrell Donnie Earp Larry Fisher Sandra Garner Debra Glover Pamela Godwin Vickie Hicks Carolyn Hill Kimberly johnson Sarah johnson Billy Jones Donna Leggett Robin Pamell Sarah Pipkin Cathy Price Deborah Price Susan Renfrow Ellen Stancil jean Rose 1 dv fi l if ff f f 1 f I H . W,-1,1-A if--, 1 Q 4 V 1 ,1 J 1.2512 X kv 0-A 1 . NN.. thnzo Gizaoe joe Ballance Lois Barnes Wanda Brown David Caputo Denise Cockrell Bruce Cooper Shelia Davis Jeannie Edwards Janice Godwin Connie Hall Edgar johnson Raymond johnson Wanda jones Terry Lane Kenneth Lucas june Massey Tommy Pipkin Randy Pope Bruce Price Jackie Price Kunst Gnaoe Betty J. Barnes David Cooper L. C. Hales Craig jones Thomas Larnm Roger McDaris Linwood Narron Patricia Pate james Price Harvey Stone Terry Strickland Stephen Williams Gail Woodard Eneida Worley xl' N s , A I 'S' 'Ha yi! W, X ky- f Q 1 Q, ,RE i l 1. l 5,1 f -S559 5 S .Ar xx, xg, , 1 1 wgdxfs, ' A' 'X f . ' iii' - at Www , 3 MLS W ' wfwa -xfxq x 'I . wig . A I . N -,, x x .", 14 ,, 0 X X., x . Q 5 11 Avg a , . 5 153.1 ' x f . 3 9 is . Q A 1' . .W -nw PHYLLIS COCKRELL Editor 'WN , ROBERT C REECH Photographer 'z IOSEPHINE WEAVER Assistant Make-Up Editor ff 7, in BRENDA HOUSE Assistant Editor My-T V , ,.,,,,fZ ,4, J V. gy' 4 ,a ry X 'ix-.f Z 7 2 T' gm Wh.. BILL POPE Assistant Photographer WT? MARTHA BARNES Art Editor X KAYE GODWIN Business Manager W' DANNY BATTEN Make -Up Editor VERA JOHNSON Sports Editor -ox A typical scene at one of our many annual-staff meetings. 36 Glen - Ceoo SIAFF Through most of our senior year we, the seniors, have been working very hard on publishing our GLEN -CEDO. We hope each one of you, who looks through it, will remember the pleasures and disappointments at Glendale High. gQ7,sf'fy2,y, f , ,, ga. L: ,f , ff, ,Lf im. , X f f W 4 1 , fy , Z, Wx is 0 X f fm .1, -. gf .I kk fr , - Q 4 T R f 'sig . M, , ,,,. 4 1 D am, X BECKY BOYKIN Feature Editor NORMAN ROBERTS Sports Editor J Vssyzrg , ya, ,Y 7 , 5 ,Z if ,Q ,K ff' 7' 57' fy 4 "L . JERRY GODWIN I-IILDA BOYKIN Typist Assistant Feature Editor X , , I I -vf ""' - f 5 'ffgw , M K Y 13224 1' I ",, 6 4: 2 ":V f f V - on--N i RUBY FERRELL LONNIE BARNES Typist TYPi5t 4. B613 CllLlB I g P Puffs., .,,,, if Vera johnson President Paulette Batten Vice -President Phyllis Cockrell Secretary Leonard Woodall Sponsor Susan Cockrell Treasurer Pat Boykin Reporter james Horne Editor L Vera johnson, President, Kathy Barnes, Vice -President, Sandra Renfrow, Secretary, Cathy Renfrow, Treasurer, Martha Barnes, Reporter, Louise Holland, Parliamentar- ian, Barbara Jo Parrish, Historian, Becky Boykin, Program Chairman, june Hill, Program Director. S e c ond row: Helen Boykin, Patsy Earp, Bonnie Brewer, Mency John- s TSA? ha. son, Beth Boykin, Ann Davis. 'Third row: Sue Peacock, Glenda Roberts, Pat Johnson, Elaine Pope, Gail Godwin, Brenda Hicks. Fourth row: Nancy Horne, Wanda Batten, Judy Lewis, Gail Renfrow, Elaine Edwards, Jean Creech. Fifth row: Carol Carter, Debra johnson, Cindy Caputo, Ianet Hinnant, Sponsor. in-ant, First row: Becky Boykin, Butch Medlin, GailRenfrow. Second row: Pat Johnson, Cindy Caputo, jean Cre e ch, Judy Lewis, June Hill. Third row: Danny Batten, Elaine Pope, Oelsate Cluls First row: R.A. Simmons,Sponsor, Teddy Godwin,Presi- dent, Larry Elmore ,Vice -President, Danny Batten, Secre - tary, Martha Barnes, Sweetheart, Marvin Ballance , Treas- urer, Ronnie Davis, Vice-Treasurer, Michael Brinchek, Sentinel, jerry Hill, Reporter. Second row: Doug Woodard, Bobby Lewis, Wallace Renfrow, Frank Paul, joe Creech, Donald Hodge, Scottie Edwards, Elton Sullivan. Third row: jerry Wall, Ray johnson, Ronnie Kathy Barnes,Wayne Crocker. Fourth row: Leonard Woodall, Sponsor. , ,fri . f '-mf .c. , . lla. Creech, Danny Lewis, Kenneth Stancil, Tommy Hodge, Jackie Boykin, Doug Lewis. Fourth ro w: Lyn Creech, Lloyd Brown, R on al d C r e e c h, Larry Hodge, Wayne Morris, Denny Godwin, James Horne. Fifth row: Wayne Crocker, Leamon Dixon, Benny Creech, Larry Raper, Danny Cockrell, jerry Weaver. Sixth row: Curtis Hare, Bill Pope. , ,.. 4...-J.. ..,.....-a.--- 1' 245 Citizenship CLUB First row: Fay Jackson, Sponsor Vera johnson, President Pat Boykin, Vice -President Louise Holland, Secretary y N Second row: l Patsy Edwards, Reporter Lloyd Brown Norman Roberts, Treasurer Rose Edwards jimmy Johnson YTTGHOG HAITI CLUB '1 I fwfr. lx "" 'fr 'Wiki 5, , V L Li 4 .M First row: jerry Godwin, Pre sidentg Bill Pope, Vice- President, Vera johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, Jacky Narron, Sponsor. Second row: Elaine Pope, Martha Bames, Cindy Caputo, Judy Lewis, june Hill, Sandra Renfrow, jean Creech, Robert Creech, Becky Boykin. Third row: Woody O'Brian, Susan Cockrell, LaRue johnson, Wanda Batten, Barbara Jo Parrish, Deborah johnson, Butch Medlin. Fourth row: Randy Bailey, -v W Y s x Henry Holland, Geneva Grice, Louise Holland, Linda Bridgers, Brenda Hicks. Fifth row: Joe Creech, Wallace Renfrow, Danny Batten, Hilda Roberts, Carol Carter, Beth Boykin, Kathy Barnes, Patricia Lamrn. Sixth row: David Barnes, Jerry Weaver, Benny Creech, jimmy Renfrow, Michael Brinchek. Seventh row: Curtis Hare, Norman Roberts, Leamon Dixon, Doug Woodard, Al Batten, Wayne Stancil, Wayne Crocker. Bus Omvens Left side: Lloyd Brown, Ronald Creech, Lyn Creech, Hall, Randy Bailey, Steward Creech, Robert Creech, Brenda House, John ny Stancil, Bill Pope, Tommy Jerry Godwin, Wayne Crocker, Curtis Hare. Hodge, Vera johnson. Right side: Benny Creech, Lewis ,aff 'W swf Ilutune Business leaoens oli Amemca First rowzjerry Godwin, Reporter, Dianne Cooper, Secre- tary-T r e a su r e rg Hilda Boykin, Vice -President, Eloise Bailey, President, S econd row: Gail Renfrow, Phyllis Cockrell, Josephine Weaver, Kay Godwin, Martha Barnes, Vera Johnson, Brunette Crocker, Ruby Ottimo, Sponsor. Third row: Cathy Renfrow, Sue Peacock, Cindy Caputo, Judy Morris, B r e n d a H o u s e, Butch Medlin Wayne Crocker, Wayne Stancil. ' fa lf ' I Wg ii Spanish Cluls First row: Kay Godwin, Reporter, Dianne Godwin, johnson, Hilda Roberts, Hilda Atkinson, David Barnes, Treasurer, Phyllis Cockrell, Secretary, Randy Edwards, Wayne Stancil. Fourth row: Susan Cockrell, janet Vice -President, Jerry Godwin, President, Sylvia Flowers, Johnson, Mary Alice Bailey, Linda jo Nixon, Pat Boykin, Sponsor. Second row: Paulette Batten, Dianne Creech, Lewis Hall. Fifth row: Doug Price, Henry Holland, Al Brunette Crocker, Becky Boykin, Butch Medlin, Vera Batten, james Horne. Johnson. Third row: Danny Davis, Cindy Caputo, LaRue lmnany Assistants ? ,, ,nm f ,, 4 xl Helen Boykin, Patricia Sullivan, jean Creech, Elaine Judy Cockrell, Susan Brinchek, Dianne Godwin, Dianne Pope, Bonnie Brewer, Fay jackson, Sponsor, Patsy Earp, Creech, Janie Godwin. 41 1 ,,,r ff-it fu 9 K X, 1 'i ' ,ya 4 V J 6 - ' 2 it as k , 1 1 at ' GLEE CLUB First row: Cindy Caputo,Phyllis Cockrell,Wanda Batten, Gail Renfrow,Bonnie Brewer,Beth Boykin,Vera Johnson. Second row: Patsy Earp, Carol Carter, Sheila Edwards, Louise Holland, Gail Godwin, Debra Johnson, Patricia Lamm. Third row: Rose Edwards, Jo Ann Batten, Elaine Pope,Kathy Barnes,Hope Pittman,Judy Cockrell,Mency Johnson, Elaine Edwards. Fourth row: Helen Boykin, Pat Johnson, Ruby Ferrell, Josephine Weaver, Nancy Horne, HTUSIC MUSIC STUDENTS First row: Ellen Stancil, Jennie Bailey, Teresa Hicks, Shirley Stancil, Second row: Beth Moore,WandaJohnson, Doris Ann Batten, Gwen Bailey, Becky Godwin, Becky Davis. Linda Bridgers, Judy Morris, Brenda House. Fifth row: Rose Bass, Sandra Ballance, Patricia Sullivan, Barbara Hare, Margie Worley, Pat Boykin, Martha Barnes, Becky Boykin. Sixth row: Woody O'Brian, David Barnes, Danny Batten, Ronnie Davis, Jimmy Renfrow, Butch Medlin, Lewis Hall, Bill Pope. Seventh row: Ronald Creech, Larry Elmore, Al Batten,Danny Cockrell, Terry Stancil, Denny Godwin, Wayne Crocker. FONDA SMITHWICK Glee Club Instructor KATE KEEN Music Teacher if .1 L, , Y' W 3 ox f 45 ff f,f f WZ Al Vera Johnson and Linda Bridgers, the only two seniors, were chosen as co-captains. The entire team was proud to have Miss Wiggs, manager, offer her assistance in times of distress. ',6,,....w--""" To our already big collection of athletic trophies, a new one was added last year. For the first time in G1endale's forty-year history, the girls' basketball team won the county championship. Qnzls' Basketsall Left to right: Wanda Batten, Louise Holland, Brenda Barnes, LaRue johnson, Patricia Lamm, Jean Creech, Hicks, Carolyn Carter, Susan Cockrell, Beth Boy kin, Linda Bridgers, and Barbara Jo Parrish. Vera johnson, Hilda Roberts, Geneva Grice, Kathy 44 ff- 3 Left to right: Randy Bailey, Wayne C roc k er, Johnny Holland, Woody O'Brian, Michael Brinchek, Jimmy Carter, Al Batten, Jerry Weaver, Wayne Stancil, Henry Renfrow, Butch Medlin. Boys' Basketsall Wayne Stancil and Henry Holland were chosen co-cap- tains of the boys' team. They were helped, as well as the team, in many ways by their manager, Danny Batten. if t wijyu-..,,,,N-M The height of our team's success came from the experi- ences learned in the game. This knowledge came from our coach, Mr. jack Narron. 45' These are the cheerleaders as chosen at the beginning of Caputo. Martha Barnes was transferred, and two new the year. Left to right: Becky Boykin, Sandra Renfrow, cheerleaders were elected. Judy Lewis, june Hill, Martha Barnes, and Cynthia CHGSIHEAOERS Deborah johnson Becky Boykin 1 .M in l fg,.,,.,,,5 is june Hill Cynthia Caputo X by fV' ' ,L ff' : ,..,... - 'N Elaine Edwards Judy Lewis 1T""7 ls. Yil""""7" Sandra Renfrow ACUOH! 1 0, fi! A Q .. f 0 1 L 4 ' f I 12 if i 5 f , .. 432 ' .1 5,511 ' -ifgf We need the point! Will Jerry make his foul shot? The ball is in the air. Jump higher, Hilda! T jg , ... ,Q if .15 3'3" Time out brings talk of problems and strategy! A blend of speed and timing, a blur of motion, a cro of spirited fans -this is sports at Glendale High. BA SGBAU W, W If I First row: Teddy Godwin,Doug Woodard,joseph Creech, Henry Holland, Benny Creech, Al Batten, jerry Godwin, Randy Bailey, Butch Medlin, Wayne Crocker, Robert Randy Edwards, Michael Brinchek, and David Barnes. Creech, and Danny Batten. Second row: Danny Davis, homecoming 1965 Personality, popularity, sportsmanship, and appearance determine selections. SUSAN COCKRELL BRENDA HOUSE Homecoming Queen Maid of Honor Candidates for Homecoming Queen: Glenda Roberts, Kathy Barnes, Hilda Roberts, Brenda House, Susan Cockrell, Joyce Narron, and Hope Pittman. OVGRII SGINEDIS Our advertisers furnish the life -blood for the GLEN -CEDO . Without their support, we would be unable to publish a year- book at a reasonable price. We appre- ciate, not only their financial support, but also theirgood wishes . We hope that the students of Glendale patronizes these businesses and individuals who rendered us a real service. Our many thanks to them! Farmers Cotton Oil Company Since l902 A FARMERS FERTILIZERS Factories: Norfolk, Virginia Wilson, North Carolina Lillington, North Carolina Qualify if you trust SQ 7 1 . oi ,X E ' Q 5 ef 'Ss Q 'WWE lx ., l.. X X1 X sofnnnoqwv-onvvovruq gogngq, 43,50 THE BARNES-HARRELL COMPANY Wilson, North Carolina Compliments of RAY'S DRIVE INN Wilson, North Carolina DAVIS FEED IVIILL PURI NA CHOWS SANITATION PRODUCTS Phone 284-4236 Kenly, North Carolina IVlOORE'S SERVICE STATION Kenly, North Carolina HlNTON'S AMERICAN SERVICE HONEYCUTT'S RESTAURANT James Worrells, Owner We Doze But Never Close Highway 3OI South Lucama, North Carolina Ed Hinton ROSES GROCERY AMERICAN Kenly, NOYTIW Cofolino We serve all kinds of cold beverages. W' Kenly, North Carolina 50 I AUTHORIZED FARM EQUIPMENT DEALERS OF JOHNSTON COUNTY Your GNLY source of Genuine repair parts Factory warranted machines. Factory trained mechanics B. 8m R. Wilson-Ford Floyd C. Price 81 Sons-Farmall W. B. Oliver 8. Son - Oliver Hinnant's Farm Equipment-Case Johnson Cotton Co.-John Deere Heavner-Wallace-A - C Johnson Tractor 81 Implement-Massey Ferguson Medlin Tractor 8- Implement-Oliver R.S. ATKINSON INSURANCE Kenly, North Carolina LARGE ENOUGH smALL suouen TO SERVE T0 KNOW YOU YOU Compliments of SNIITH WAREHOUSES A ' B ' C Wilson, North Carolina HUG H AU ST I N Clothing Store BIG PLANTERS WAREHOUSE Big Service and Smithfield, North Carolina Big Dollar THE FASHION SHOP VIVIAN'S BEAUTY NOOK Wearing Apparel For Ladies AAN Smithfield, North Carolina ,j l snr III P. I' IIJIL Qflp S A I' I' I E I S Phone 284-8I I I Gardner Ave. CaroIina's Largest Bridal and Formal Shop Mrs. George Hodgin 2l9 Walnut St. Bridal Consultant Goldsboro, N.C. Kenly, North Carolina i Rain's Auto Supply Company Esso Products Auto-Parts-Accessories Phone 284-4881 Kenly North Carolina W B Z B 1510 on Your Radio Dial Home ot the Lively Ones CITY BARBER SHOP "We need your head in our Business." Selma, North Carolina SULLlVAN'S GULF STATION Highway 39 Auto and Tractor Repair Gulf Tires and Batteries Compliments of LEADER-HAMILTON Smithfield, North Carolina NORTH STATE BATTERIES Raymond H. Jones 1301 S. 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Store Wilson, North Carolina KENLY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I nsured Savings Home Loans Kenly North Carolina Compliments of ROSE DRY CLEANERS Telephone No. 284-4851 Kenly North Carolina W. T. BOYETTE General Merchandise Gas and Oil Compliments of KYLE'S RADIO Sr TV ff Route 2, Kenly, North Carolina Route 3 Lucama, North Carolina KENLY FROZEN FOOD STORE I Slaughtering Meat Processing Phone 284-4376 FIELD'S IVIOTORS, INC. Authorized Ford Dealer Sales and Service Kenly North Carolina , Etheridge Coal gl Oil Co. Tharrington Jet Tobacco Curers Williamson Heating 8 Cooling "We Make Warm Friends" Kenly, North Carolina 54 I +.l W. CARROLL STEPHENSON I nsurance-Bonds-Ferti Iizer Real Estate-Loans Smithfield, North Carolina SULLIVAN'S JEWELRY Guaranteed Watch and Clock Repair Watches - Diamonds Phone WO5-2985 Selma, North Carol ina Compliments of BROWN'S BAR-B'Q "Place for Young PeopIe" Selma, North Carolina KENLY TIRE SERVICE Recapping and Alignment Truing and Balancing Phone-284-587i Kenly, North Carolina You won't "tire" of our service! X Xt X - p. noon 'inn , , ,r nuts, JASPER J. LEWIS GROCERY GAS and OIL Complete line of Groceries and Meats Route ffl, Middlesex, North Carolina Greetings From BINGHAM and PARRISH INS. AGENCY 209 Market St., Smithfield, N.C. I NAR'-fV5V'kLE Pennsvtv.-.N-A Smithfield Automobile Dealers Association New Car Sales and Service Organized, I9-46 Smithfield. North Carolina TQ xg 9 I W. J. MITCHINER HARDWARE - SEEDS INSECTICIDES - FERTILIZER - COTTON GINNING 8: BUYERS Phone 284-3091 MM Micro North Carolina TULLOSS TRACTOR COMPANY Rocky Mount, North Carolina Dial 446-6168 COUNTRY BARBER SHOP vv. S. WILLIAMS GINNING co. "Open Thursday 7:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m Middlesex, North Carolina Friday 7:30 a.m.--9:00 p.m ' Saturday 7:30 a.m.--9:00 p.m Phone 235-3723 Route 3, Kenly North Carolina 56 7 , A wgmf-gjgg, E BATT JO:-lNSON'S BAILEY FUNERAL HOME B0f'B'Q Smithfield, North Corolino 24 Hour Ambulance Service Te'eP'T0"e W05'303' SMITH LADIES SHOP Day or Night ' Mrs. Roger A. Smith FRANKLIN CREECH D. E. STANCIL Sr SON Liquid Nitrogen General Merchandise Royster Fertilizer 81 Insecticides Feeds-Seeds-FertiIizer-Hardware Gulf Gas, Oil and Accessories R. F. D. I Zebulon Phone 284-3734 Phone 365-7833 Route 2, Kenly, North Carolina BATTEN AND ELROD MASON CONTRACTERS Avery Batten Rt. I, Middlesex, N.C. Mid Elrod Phone: 284-7608 Wilson, N.C. 57 HOT SHOT MOTEL Kenly, North Carolina Highway 3OI W .C . Daniels Jr., Manager JOYNER'S BAR-B-Q "Eats For Everybody" Middlesex, North Carolina MIDDLESEX FURNITURE CO. Furniture House Furnishing Goods Zenith Radios, and T.V. 'S Phone 235-5727 Middlesex, North Carolina HARDY'S ROCKSIDE GRILL Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Sandwiches Cold Beverages 264 Highway, West of Middlesex, N. C ROBERT L. HOCUTT'S Grocery and Pool Room Route Illl Middlesex, North Carolina TALTON INCORPORATED Furniture Division Appliance Division Smithfield, North Carolina STALLINGS BROS. B.F. Goodrich Products 24 Hour Wrecker Service Kerosene 8. Fuel for Homes 8. Farms Middlesex, North Carolina J. H. GODWIN 8. SON MOSS AND COMPANY, INC. Buyers in produce IO3 W. Nash Street Ph. 237-I362 Fresh Meats, 3, Gmc. Wilson, North Carolina Telephone 284-7518 Route it CONGRA-l-Ul-A-l-lONS Kenly, North Carolina PIGGLY WIGGLY BROWN'S LAKE GRILL Best in Foods Phone 284-9456 Kenly, North Carolina Fishing and Swimming Herman Brown Route ts, Selma, N. C. Buy Your Furniture and Appliances From BARDIN AND WOODARD G-E Furniture and Appliances Princeton, North Carolina Compliments ot J. E. GREGORY Smithfield, North Carolina Satterwhite Construction Company "Builder of Distinctive Homes" Route 5, Raleigh, North Carolina Jesse W. Satterwhite General Contractor N . C . License 3539 Telephone: 266-2303 or 266-2462 Knightdale, North Carolina Satterwhite Construction "WELL DRILLING 8. BORING" Route 5, Raleigh, N. C. RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL Telephone: Knightdale, N. C. 266-2303 or 266-2462 GRACE'S BEAUTY SALON SELIVIA GIFT 8: NDVELTY SHOP 4 "Gifts For all Occasions" Z ,HII 1 , Mr. W. H. lljetel Pender D M" - D' . tn-r Selma, North Carolina Phone 284-5086 Micro, North Carolina THE WILSON DAILY TINIES Sa utes The Students Of Glendale High School ' And The Members of The Staff of the Glen-Cedo. Follow the School News In The Daily Times Written by Brenda House "THE IVIERCURY 8: DODGE PLACE 208 S. Goldsboro St. Wilson, North Carolina 41,3141 CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL'S GROCERY 8g GAS From More Gas per Dollar Route Kenly, IXI.C. BINGHAM 8. PARRISH Relax in Air Cushioned INSURANCE AGENCY MASON SHOES 209 West Market Street Curtis M. Hodge phone WE-42733 Route 42 Smithfield, North Carolina Kenly, North Carolina For The Best In Masonry Work P. CU" O' See INSURANCE AGENCY KI RBY HICKS --5"fI'fe E - E253 slit - .I Across From Bus Station Pl'l0n6 I 284-5730 P. O. Box 86-Phone WE 4-2828 Route T2 Kenly, North Carolina Smithfield, North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS To the Shop At Your Gil I. G. A. Food Store 5 B Kenly North Carolina We give S 8. H Green Stamps I Ill 'wi 5 W, ., Johnston County 0iI Dealers , so Complimentary D. SB. Florist, Selma Ralph's Grill 8 Gro. , Selma Brown's Texaco, Selma Bee's Florist, Selma Fashionette Beauty Shoppe, Micro johnson's Watch Shop, Smithfield johnson's Watch Shop, Kenly Braxton Brown, Selma City Barber shop, Kenly Watkins Brothers, Hwy. 64, Knightdale Wilson Drug Company, Wilson W. A. johnson Watch Repair, Kenly Moss 8 Co., Inc. Wilson Doug 8 Eleanor Moss, Inc. , Wilson J. G. Boykin, Kenly Wilson Drug Co. , Wilson jordan 8 I-Iolt, Smithfield Stephens Hardware, Wilson Rose's 5 and 10, Smithfield Whitley Galleries, Zebulon Farmers Hardware, Smithfield joe's Barber Shop, Middlesex Little River Ice Plant, Bailey Luby F. Royall, Jeweler, Smithfield Gus' Soda Shop, Middlesex Robbins Jewelers, Wilson Princeton Esso Service, Princeton Johnson Paint and Wallpaper Store, Smithfield R. E. Quinn SCompany, Wilson jim's Camera Center, Wilson Pine Level Barber Shop, Pine Level Central Lunch, Wilson Wilder's Dept. Store, Middlesex Middlesex Pure Oil, Middlesex U.S. Royal Tires, Wilson Wilson Driving Range, Wilson Corner Grill, Kenly Wilbur's Hotdogs, Selma Storks Nest, Wilson Mr. 8Mrs. Thelbert Edwards, Kenly Bruce Creekmore, Zebulon Mr. SMrs. A.H. Boykin, Raleigh Mr. 8Mrs. Ronald Boykin, Raleigh Mrs. Ruby Lamm, Kenly Mr. Jessie Lamm, Kenly C.T. Matthews, Lucama Patricia and W.N. Middlesex Motor Co. , Middlesex Jim Mumford Gro., Hwy. 301, Lucama Jodie R. Narron, Middlesex 61 H. Nl. GRIZZARD EM-JAY SPORTING AND COMPANY GOODS COMPANY Electrical Appliances Furniture 8. Gifts T06 South Tarboro Street Wilson, North Carolina Kenly North Carolina Telephone No. 284-524i and 284-5711 Wholesale Toys and Sporting Goods C l' t f SULLIVAN'S JEWELERS Omp 'men S O Diamonds Winches HUGH AU STI N'S Clock and Watch Men's 8. Boys' Store Repair Guaranteed Headquarters for Boy Scout Equipment "A Trial ls All We Ask" Phone WO5-2985 Selma, N. C. Smithfield, North Carolina DAVI S FEED MILL I I C OWS STARLING s CLOTHING SANF'lEJi'lT N ,FRODUCTS Selma and Smithfield Phone 284-4236 North Carolina Kenly North Carolina Best Wishes From BOX II4 wo 5-4621 HEILIGMEYERS Selma, North Carolina AUTHORIZED BuLovA DEALER Phone 934-8377 Smithfield, North Carolina - 62 JAMES MARVIN BRI NCHEK JOYNER'S BAR-B'Q Sales Clerk HUDSON BELK COMPANY "EMS FO' EVe'YbO"'Y" Middlesex North Caro Wendell North Corolino SELLERS AUTO PARTS, INC . Compliments of 'GSW' Wwe" S" A. F. HOLT at SONS, INC elmq, North Caro Princeton, North Carolina Phone 965-3OIO SMITHFIELD DRUG CO. Compliments of Complete Prescription Service Rudolph Pittman-Pharmacist B. 8: IVI. GROCERY Market Plozo Smithfield North Carolina Middlesex North Caro Compliments of Compliments of A. 8: D. GRO. THOIVlPSON'S RADIO R 3 oute 8: T. V. SERVICE Wilson North Carolina K ly en North Caro ' 1 Daniel s Grocery 5 Ta Groceries and Meats 9' 2 Household Supplies E Drug Supply L5 I Esso Supply Phone 284-4736 MICRO OIL CO., INC. Gasoline-Kerosene-Fuel Oil Micro, N.C. Ph. No. 284-785l Call Us For Prompt Courteous Service BLACK CREEK WOOD YARD' P.o. Box me Black Creek, North cerenne Phone 237-2048 KENLY TIRE SERVICE Recapping and Alignment "You Won't fTireI of our Service Kenly, North Carolina CLOVER LEAF MOTEL 284-3391 Highway 301 South Kenly, North Carolina POLLY' S DEPT. STORE WILLOUGHBY'S FISH MARKET Wholesale and Retail Kenly, North Carolina "Clothing forthe Whole Family" Smithfield, North Carolina ' 64 CREECH'S PHARMACY "Prescription Specialist" James L. Creech Dial 934-2l3l Smithfield, N.C FRIENDLY GROCERY "Your dollar buys more at the Friendly Store" Esso Gas 8. Oil "We Give Family Stamps"' Route 2, Kenly, North Carolina PINE LEVEL HARDWARE 8: FURNITURE COMPANY Leon Godwin, Proprietor The Best Place to Buy Good Furniture at the Best Price ROGER A. SMITH Insurance Loans Real Estate Smithfield, North Carolina CLAUDE HINNANT'S REPAIR SHOP Welding and General Repairing Phone 284-5725 BUCKHORN, Route 3, Kenly North Carolina BARBOUR-WHITLEY CO., INC. General Merchandise Clayton, North Carolina L. C. WILKINSON 8f SONS Manufacturers and Dealers in Rough and Dressed Lumber All Kinds Building Material DuPont and Gleem Paints Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Hardware and Gifts Kenly, North Carolina STRICKLAND'S TIRE SERVICE, INC. Compliments of U'S' Royal Tires TALTON FURNITURE COMPANY Passenger Car - Truck - Tractor Recapping 8. Vulcanizing Selma Phone 965-2046 Selma, N.C. P. O. Box 33T Smithfield, N.C. Phone 934-434T Clayton, North Carolina Griffins Barbecue .L-:-Y 1 5' Q Sf-f 11 X' qui' "" ,,,,gnul0 WJSTS BE1, -3 ---- -' 5 ps gf' ,..-- Si ' A is 1 h A . 'Q ,x..,... , L I " 3.16- .. XQQNN it h,,,4n,.-null' K ex: .nf ggi q.-ggi! wgxsg S f ,,,...-mill f 'ilu -,Q--anna My nicl. l Q --gyun iiigssi: M - :lil y -li . sign: mm 1 'ie--'--'w Ei : 2fQ,',,':'-,-"""" h-malls -Newman: humbly 'M----0. :lliq, ---fa' ni L. alg . 8.1 Goldsboro, North Corolino W. E. T. C. Radio Radio 540 kc The best end of the dial Wendell-Zebulon C. 8: lVl. CHEVROLET, INC. Authorized Chevrolet Deoler GLENNI E'S BEAUTY BAS KET Complete Soles and Service fs 0 I1 f B M" Phone vvos-2470 Kenlyl North Carolina Selma, North Corolino MIDDLESEX DRY CLEANERS Lint Free Cleaning Your Clothes Best Friend Phone 235-595i Middlesex, North Carolina KENLY TASTEE-FREEZ Sure Sign of Refreshment Kenly, North Carolina MAYO'S FEED MILL Choice of Quality Service Lucomo, North Carolina lil l I GODWIN S BARBECUE Compliments of 204 South Tarboro Street Wilson, North Carolina 1 Allan C , Boyd Pharmacist KENLY ESSO SERVI CENTER Complete Line of Esso Products Kenly, North Carolina G COATES GULF SERVICE Washing-Waxing Gultlex Lubrication Highway 301 South Kenly, North Carolina Phone 284-9981 ... ""' " ' ,,,.,..m Kenly Comp iments of Talton Drug Co "Your FRIENDLY STORE" Phone 284-5121 North Carolina 67 LESTER ooowm Um Buyer of Pulp Wood 8: Logs 5 i-nf 3-ll I Land Discing Sz sub soiung or gy 'J bill ,, 5 Middlesex, N. C., R 1 Phone: Kenly 284 7602 Harmon ' Bailey Rock Ridge Gas Co Motor Co. ON GAS Austin-Healey 8m MG Dealer 1" , ':" 55 M 4. l r .,. i of 5 W ,, an i Us nm Q W or M gg md Raleigh, North Carolina Rouie 2, Wilson, N. C. 42 Hwy. South oFWilson Owned and Operclied by John 84 Bill McKeel JORDON MOTOR CO. Dodge Cars and Trucks Selma, North Carolina - S EL Moy Bus. W.O. 5-262i U Bus. W.O. 5-2291 Res. W.O. 5-2294 MA RADIO gf MUSIC CO. tag 8. G. E. Appl'-ance ! G.E. Televisions Furniture 8. Rugs Norman Creech, Owner ond Operator WEQAFQ ' MAC S cur-RATE SUNDRIES SeImo "Where the Sociobles Meet" North Corolino UIIIIIIIIRH5 lil! . rw . ' V I.-I ' - ' 'vi u' Punnu 'i ,u nj CY---" lg. Ns 1 lg 'I-bl" Route 2, Kenly, North Carolina Wilson North Carolina Phone Selma W.O. 5-3538 Route 2 Kenly N C WHITLEY'S FEED MILL C0mP"menfS of Custom Grinding at Mixing CRUTE INSURANCE AGENCY IN I965 IT'S IVIOORE'S BIG BANNER More Parking Space More Big Money In Henderson and Whiteville, North Carolina A. H . fBertl Moore, Owner Clyde E. Uetfl Jeftcoat Telephone GE 8-5OI5 collect PARKER'S BAR-B-CUE Bar-B-Cue, Brunswick Stew PEOPLES BANK 81 TRU ST COMP ANY Southern Fried Chicken Members of F. D'l.C. Phone 237-0972 Wilson, North Carolina Middlesex, North Carolina STEVE'S FLOWER SHOP "soy af with Flowers" cieyfen, North Carolina q Lloyd Stephenson, Owner J l is xii' V . ID ll F 'I 'I 7O BEDDINGFIELD'S DRUG COMPANY Clayton North Carolina J. G. BARBOUR 8. SONS, INC. Clayton North Carolina 1 i 1 x .. -... ,...4g... Q., .:.,-..- ltr , 1 ii'- li' lg Kenly Restaurant Mrs. Watson's Home Cooked Meals BALLANCE'S SU PER MAR KET Ballance Your Budget at BALLANCE SUPER MARKET BLUE FLAME GAS COMPANY Stoves, Water Heaters Space Heaters Experienced Service Men Dial 284-5391 Night 284-3651 Kenly, North Carolina 'll":, Complimems of J KENLY PRINTING COMPANY xjk Printing Binding Office Supplies Joe A. Whitley PM-gS""fN Gilbert R. Whitley Kenly, North Carolina 1 "l"tl,"' J'mmY R' Wl"'lleY -ffl Kenly, North Carolina Clothes For all the Family at MRS. M.R. WOODARD 8: COMPANY in Kenly, North Carolina BLUE FLAME GAS COMPANY Stoves, Water Heaters T Space Heaters Experienced Service Men Dial 284-5391 Night 284-3651 Kenly, North Carolina GILL BUICK - PONTIAC, INC. CHARLES C. CREECH Compllmenls of cusfom Harvesting C00R'VVlGG5 FARM Anhydrous Ammonia Royster Fertilizer-Insecticides Nutrena Feeds-Royster Fertilizers Phone 284-7753 Phone 9344573 R 2' K I I N. C. Box oule en Y Smithfield, North Carolina MARTIN-MITCHELL, LTD. "It Means More From Martin-Mitchell" I-ook young' Be Young MARKET PLAZA PHONE 934-2347 Sho Smithfield, North Carolina p Open until 9:00 P.M. Monday 8. Friday Compliments of in ART'S CLOTHING STORE Wilson Wilson, North Carolina North Carolina I 72 PARSONS MOTOR CO. The Best Year Yet To Go Ford Bailey, N. C. Phone 235-503I J. CARL NARRON Cate-Groceries Phone 284-7727 Route I Middlesex, North Carolina JUNIOR WOODARD'S Gas - Oil - Groceries Route I Middlesex, North Carolina Save On Gas FRANK'S SERVICE STATION Highway 264 West of Middlesex I. G. A. GROCERY Middlesex North Carolina Compliments of BAILEY'S JEWELRY Diamonds - Watches f- Jewelry Expert Watch Repair Phone 243-26I7 Wilson, N.C. SMITH-DOUGLAS FERTI LI ZERS General Merchandise R. H. Hales, Jr. Phone 235-5961 Middlesex, N.C. STALLING BROS. B. F. Goodrich Products 24 Hour Wrecker Service Kerosene 8. Fuel For Homes 8. Farms Middlesex, North Carolina WMPM RADIO STATION T270 On Your Dial Smithfield, North Carolina BAILEY FURNITURE CO. Household 8. Kitchen Furniture P.O. Box I27 Phone 235-3I2I Bailey, North Carolina BOYKIN'S SUPER MARKET Low Prices 8. Friendly Service Bailey, North Carolina W. P. FINCH 8. CO. Groceries Bailey, North Carolina Compliments of 4-1 rx SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO Congratulations - 215 West Walnut St. From Il Goldsboro, North Carolina FIRST CITIZENS T ,WX BANK 8: TRUST CO. d illl MoNtooMERY WARD ga J xg 205 West Walnut St. E Dial 734-4024 Goldsboro, Your County Newspaper Johnston County THE SMITHFIELD HERALD GRANTHAIVVS Men's Store-Boys' Store Formal Rental Service Smithfield, North Carolina FrozenF00dS... the Cookh Best Friona For Quality - Convenienca and Value . . . Always Buy The Finest Name In Frozen Foods lldrfbllhl by Y YRIANGLE Y rmdgyeffooos, INC -RALUGH, ft' O Sewing Eastern Carolina mr Jill Compliments of jj' MA , A ,I SW ri wh, . ' "' uv' , . Illlfns? 4 Made-Rite Sunbeam Goldsboro, North Carolina BB 8. T Branch Banking 8. Trust Company North CaroIina's Oldest Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Selma Princeton Micro Used Building Materials FOR SALE Phone 833-2200 Raleigh, North Carolina SMITHFIELD TYPEWRITER Sales 8. Service P.O. Box 505-Smithfield, N. C. Phone 934-808l Rentals Supplies FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SIVIITHFIELD Post Office Box 56 Smithfield, North Carolina Compliments of WILEY NARRON Smithfield, North Carolina Over 40 Years Dependable Service Phil-Ett Oil Co. 8. Zebulon Motor Co. Servicenter PHIL-ETI OIL CO. 8: ZEBULON IVIOTOR CO. Zebulon North Carolina Phone 269-9172 Compliments of G. S. TUCKER FURNITURE CO. The peopIe's choice since I886 Smithfield, North Carolina WILDER GROCERY 8. GAS More Pure Gas and Oil per Dollar Route Fl Zebulon BOYKIN'S UPHOLSTERING SERVICE 800 S. Goldsboro Street Wilson, North Carolina Phone 7-I463 ALL WORK GUARANTEED Auto and Furniture Upholstering Proprietor, Felton Boykin COOPER'S GROCERY AND SERVICE Groceries - Gas - Oil and Feed Route 2-Kenly, North Carolina Located at Shoe Heel RUSSELL L. PEELE Compliments of Groceries MICRO BARBER SHOP Gas 81 Oil GSNGVGI MGVCIIOUCIISG Robert Dupree, Operator HIQIWWOY 42 Micro, North Carolina Middlesex, North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS gr to the class of "We Build For Tomorrow By IQ65 Service Today" HARDWARE-PLUMBING-HEATING A' a P O, Box 5 Phone WE 4-2620 Wi? ffmaq ei: ta? Smithfield North Carolina Q I ff, 5 muggi K, A W fn if 55, Fresh Meat SELIVIA RADIO 8: MUSIC C0. BUS. WO-5-2291 Fruit - Vegetables Res. WO-5-2294 Groceries MAYTAG Si G.E. APPLIANCES G.E. Televisions Furniture 8K Rugs Norman Creech, Owner SIVIITH'S Micro, North Carolina "It Pays To Play" MUSIC gr SPORTS, INC. Best Wishes From .. ar, y ,NZM-my '--s -M-I--M----fmlwxm 9 li -QS, NX. I vga XXX 4, ,I Q-,ii I GL gs- efjneux I I 'C 6. 'I ooLDsBoRo I fff,f""1,f,j.ff,,i,,,f Sporting Goods Musical Instruments J' T' Smithfield, N.C. 934-2157 Sell At THE BIG PLANTERS TOBACCO WAREHOUSE THE CAPITAL COCA'COI.A IN BOTTLI NG CO. , INC. Wilson Nom, Carolina Smithfield, North Carolina Herff - Jones Co. Indianapolis 7, Indiana Class Rings, Pins, Invitations Personal Cards, Diplomas, and Caps and Gowns C. A. Jackson Jr., Representative Route 5, Dunn, N. C. Phone 892-36I4 am? Office Phone: 934-4I4l CASTLEBERRY'S INC Distributor of Gulf Oil Products H . SHELTON CASTLEBERRY President Highway 5OI N. Smithfield, North Carolina P.O. Box 96I Smithfield, North Carolina TTT BYRD CONTRACTING CO. Tile Drainage, Bulldozer 8 Dragline Work Phone 894-3649, Benson, Rt. 3, N.C. SMITHFIELD PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION W. J. Woodard General Manager THE BANK OF WENDELL Wendell-Knightdale Safety and Service Since I907 Member of F. D. I. C. Wendell, North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS From Glendale P. T. A. Seniors of I965 P.T. A. Officers Mrs. Russell Barnes-President Mrs. Edgar Johnson-Vice President Mr. Cleon Boyette-Treasurer Mrs. Robert D. Boyette-Secretary Compliments of PINE STATE North CaroIina's Choice Since IQI9 Raleigh and Goldsboro Ili!!! H LLL X 1 Hi ,A,,.a x ,.... 'E X " ' .6 09. WX. MILLS f - be f X hfcjal lr 1' -Q M '-J:2:Q:i:g5:32:fLi::C:!:Af .q.:g1:5rS:5v5:p:9:2yI:g1gz-:fit ' 55, 21 it -1'- -I if T fi Illl - ICE CREAM 3 "IF, Nami CI-me Sw new ' 'PSE Eff 31.295 7' i g 2 M Suu tuning th. lololgl - .. .ggg:.3.g3.-.5-. 1 L S Steve's Phillips 66 A. G- Co., Service Station Mobil Gas Route 2, Kenly H General Merchandise Oil Burners Fertilizer Phone 284-7141 Kenly, N.C. ,. Af lf Mobilgas ' ' , Highway 301 Kenly, N, C, ax 1 'TW' Your Phillips 66 Dealer believes that in the service he gives, as well as in the products he sells, "lt's Performance that Counts." Drive in to your Phillips 66 Dealer's soon. HONEYCUTT FRU IT AND PRODUCE Post Office Box 2424 Raleigh, North Carolina CAROLINA CAP at GOWN R. V. Watson, Representative Clinton, North Carolina ln projecting our theme, "The Time of our Lives," we, the Seniors, can truthfully say that this theme clearly expresses the feelings we have about our years at Glendale. Our graduation is bringing an end to the high school at Glendale and our remaining classes are moving on to a new and bigger school. Butthe memories which they make there can never surpass the many wonderful memories we take with us as we leave our alma mater, Glendale High School. A PRDDUCT OF nier 333 INDMNA AVENUE WINSTON SALEM, N C V Y x i Y w , N 1 , v "' " ' - - , K 5 ' - 11 , Q w :S y-,min 5 A 4 S-, t . . ,V - .Y,Y V- .- ,,,,, A , iff, fix.: 'X ' hh A .N-'Sm N AA" -t l! QNRXX YQ! A' 14"-,QQ - U .mm,. ,m N-'Haj' . A A jug, ,J M ' 4 12.451 V 1 A S., 'w"'r,1:.f::, l uv, "tru -'Q ..., ' .A 3.6: X-. 1 ' W Vu Q,-ELF. 1, U px ' I I - s-,'t",.uj-gvgy ' - 1 ,.,gf1'l!'.:g.. ,J-V:-M. 31?lxil'if'Q65h, 1414 H -' I ,IAWQN0 ,r .- Y -1 ' "' -H." X .L4 P , K, 3.4. "-"vZ.?"-fwtg?"-'75-'Z '- Ji " wZ'N',S""--2, -r- V L' H-5 'L .41 " Q ' ' wif, .., ' : ' N--'.x4':.:i iig - , fl 'Ui ff"iXf-1-1S?15"'H' 'H .iz W A fx "" ' , ':, ' . - - : rr " 'w x'-' f " H w.fe -f m.f'1 +s w 'j 5' i t ., ax f-. ,, 'N 7 -LU. -fi fx. ' . ,g -N .v . .- N5 '. .3 ,4X"1,Q' s..'?3""'Yl KX N Q ' " WF ilu. X J" 7".bx'0!:V X t A' ' " lily' vi wkarligfxlik wLt?7vniM' rica xx lr" , 'Q fi-3-M . va ,, . l 1.siiA:'i: . . A Q l -Mist 5 h-.J , -'Xml - .ff ,ix I:-WY, ,..!Qf,QK' mhhg 'Lx -I u X ,u . .. " ,, Y, , ' ' . A-.. .. LM ls. ,-.' 'ws .rx ' 4, " Y- - ,-Q,41f,i, . U -f Ns- .fgnzm 'gm A' - 1.-fifpaggi ' . - 5-sv Q Y 'ni 1 r""L ' . ". - '-9. ' -MK5.. . Jill: Q, ,, if-xg' ,5' ' , , 1 v - X 1 -',""' Q - rj ' ' ' ""' ' , Q-'-1+ 7 T' Wf2?.v' W:-1-11... Wi X. J I J 5 I ' kj QA-lf'm! ,- , 0 N VM""l'- ,'fl+' L-fi .."' 2 '- " rf: ' Q74 U0 ' J . ' ' N , ' -v-. 6' fag I , K l I ,4b,,f x 5 61' ,,.- t 1 1, 1 Fx p ' -.,: zAa4'j, J h V I ' t -. ' I Q- Q, .4 . A ,N I Y ,944 . J 1 5744 V W 'HF' 1 2,1 N 3 www! E ,rm ' L 1 N F . . I K t N 'V f'.'..-- 7 - Ml-..1,1.. Hn ff ,w 3 ' C , 2' -gg-.. . 'Qu'- wan-Qggu-.-w yt , - , " K ..-Q1-SX vii- ' WIA o-' N- -vi J' I - Ja. . "U" . ' ,, , -. ,Mi , 4 X ' H , 'a dx 'S ANA " G N Qu. 'J-1 Y G Us Mm? I Q

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