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Glendale High School - Glen Cedo Yearbook (Kenly, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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1 -46-. ...,, . G Q9 Thomas Brannan Y 43862 Nantucket Dr NW Wilson, NC 27896-8111 ngffm- 14"3"?M L .4 'C YN' -an I,-1, .iff ff if l Q - ya , , U 'ffqiflagy -'gg' 25251 V Q , Y Q- gg. '. ,ffm , N. ff 3 .,"" g YF? ' si i M-N...4'---. - A '--M, fr 11 ...Mu M Q V S-1-...I f ski QA ,f "M - A- 4 4" fffffi' W. r D fl ' If .- ., ' W X .4 mf 7111? ',f':" -A ' 1 . if , ,Is lg. ji: 3, -A Aga. +41 X. .- . 1- "f.,',.'1, -. ,. AAQWQ, v u ! L .. "Y--az " Q9 2 '+'-v-- .. ,M-,,. , ' , www.-N.. , , f fe 5' . gn. - 2 f I 'ilglr . ,j1' Q. fu, .- .', w :ua il ll I ll ll --if "-""f M Q ,, ,, I ' 3:43 L -Q-una 153.-A04 , , -V., Q. W. am, 'Q .,",,.,,,l ,tv-.4 ,ox 3 1-.,.,, f-4 M Q 'S W V , ,W 8 , A,,,. - .W , vfff. iii" .. .Yr-wx"-f'M ' I Q.. ,M N Q I' K lb F 4 A A H ,gy ' '- A 1 , xg ,pw ,- '44 012 M A -s -' -.Q "' Q. , A , ' ug .vgagw . Yi 6 A Jw- 'f " " .ig v. I . Q F if ax: A ff ni., . X . 1, 5 . ' . V , 53 - f , - N ,gf J A A , V V' V me Pr. I A I, 6 A Q ' Q N' ' I ,Q WT qs a,,g ' ., ' 4 ,aj 1' nf' :fx 5, ,lf . ,, Q , . . ,. Wh L W by X ' N V ,A M 1 J rg, 1 I n Q6 Lx' W V My A14 ,Q t s il 0 ' , H4 1 . ' :f , 'J ' ' ' ' v ME .w I ,gl .IVE - wk u - ' A , s f U' , . 4 I gt .fx i D' ' Q Y , ity, R' v Q' ,y -Q5 , ., fl 4 -I IV' Q J 'P' 4' .V 'I' 5 V -'5 .Am 1 if 7,131 vivrsmzlix X, f ll ll if I :I ll . I M' wo? we-4 - I "'- N .x , -'gh fl SQ A? f V A uv ' T- wk :sf T ' Im, 1:1 ---- . ix! Ng , , 3 I 's ' 'f 3 A --Q f , f . n V -..... 1 Ivuqgg.. I. 1 X'I ll ll EH? 'J "5-Faqs, 'Q fe on, +R. ' 4 'M llllll. ' -.-V. 5.5, V , . 7 h flu x ff 1 M'-Y W' X G' X 7. . i 6 -4, in i f yu X W ,,,..,y 1 1 " 1" bl X. is K ' 2,,'x'g'-Q ., ' QW ar - - If hw' ,f grijg '-1 Y il ll ll ,. ,Q 2:'I'ff'i fl il ll f',A-f4??1i. 4 'L ' QU ..-- ' -f-of. , 4 X ,. ....,..... uv'-ax" 5 -an 'vflfwiif si: 4 ,Q 4 f iw-1 'A v.....-.- - ' .Mi .,, 15-1-1- rn W I ' r 'X' W", 4 v - ' - V Y .V 1 V , uw 1 Qi 'K Y 1.1, in 1 PW 'Y ,i, 1 1 ' f 'lhflfnl . 4 ' ' ' gs! W 1' 1, , ' ,f-U'wv I Q .f is 1' E ' F """',."' , A ' n 1' Q .A A Aiwa. 1 A7 ' Q - 1. Q.: .. gX.M.,1f .-M44 '. M a gk: , M Q , ,.- . 1, , , L K 1 ,V .V .t vi. ,pears ' V. 5 N W4 - . ,, 14" X- "'-ffl- Q K' 1 wwf- :,., . . , ,. .Hz Q r Ardx-,M .yt , ,ur , is -wr. ,P , - ' ' 1 If 1 - - Lf A . X -,J . H . A , 1. - V .X .-u 5 ' . 1 . -. Aw. JN H ,gn Yi 1 X34 W . 9 , 41 5 Y f J 9' ' - 1'-Q 9 uf "2-1 QI ' .- w , . MX . , . tw 'G' N. - su . 1 . ,. ., K . f i 11- A : ,Q KJ ' ,u . V Am! QQ. -. Y xc, f ,, I 2 Mimi , gnqifi. PEHQJLQALW 3 A lx .Q if ...V N Q sg bibs.. , sr , . 4 1 .,- J- ' Q iii' xA- r fa ' Q 1' , W A W1-W+'2."" 355 . 9 I 'K Q5 ,Q I i4 X 9 - ,fy 4, -4 fy . -gr " 'Q,j1A,g1-Q", f W yi ,A X," - ' , 'W - 4,09 - 0 X' I . ,,M.,,.-ff ld, .6 h' 193 'P -lr H- Fai - W L..-as - ' w ,, ,',cn'v. A' , W 'N , 512 N" lil' , ,Q 4,,g,"fs ,N v 4 , A ,rn -. i 1 l N 4 1 Q The 1957 GI' C d f-ff 5-,-f Q ,f ,f' ff 1 'fx ' ff fy' -,ygzy . H -3 K . b H A f . j k N Sf! presented by ' THE SENIOR CLASS Z of Glendale High School Kenly, North Corolino ,YYMWA ...-Q., ,YNY Edited by CONSTANCE GODWIN and assisted by JANICE DAVIS Foreword The Glen-Cedo is published for you, the students and friends, of the Glendale High School, to preserve the many and varied programs carried on in your school. So, we have chosen as the theme of our 1957 yearbook a modern one-television and its programs. Through striving, studying, and serving, every student participates in the activities of our school. Take this record of yourselves and through the years enjoy the memories of all the fun, work, and joys you have shared. 2 Figrrcahi QL Wu "haw-Q-,N Declicofion MRS. LOIS PRIVETTE BUNN We proudly and affectionately dedicate the Glen-Cedo, our treasured yearbook, to a great teacher and a wonderful friend. We are especially grateful for her untiring patience, her wise guidance, her impartial interest in each and every student, and for the high standards she has set for herself and the students with whom she has come in contact. We sincerely offer our thanks for her ever inspiring interest in our yearbook, on which she spent endless hours and much originality of thought. Journey Homeward T ES STORE f, if W , , , ij. uf Q' L. -,IM Q 1 . I ' 9 fy fy 1 -MM . x , is fu ,, my ..:. Q Q2 5 in XL' N--...s i if? is j 4-,,, - -ggi X T., I,-Q...-I N--lf l" -13 if ' H Fccufiy -iS...,,-T-,Q X- k ' ff-:.,--L-'- ffl Z! Principal GEORGE B. LESTER The Guiding UQ 1 l A P l fo 4 R P SCHOOL BOARD Left to Right: Mr. D. E. Stancil, Chairmang Mr. Raymond Atkinsong Mr. Raymond Radford. Not Pic- tured: Mr. Adolphus O'Nealg Rev. Willie Renfrow. EVANDER S. SIMPSON Superintendent MR , Marin 9 'F ff 'Q 32 i l Y! Q Liglvf MRS. LOIS P. BUNN Science, French MR. WILLIAM J. DIXON English, Social Studies MRS. DORIS S. LESTER Home Economics, Library 1? 31 s 1 if '52 v fN.......w-f MR. GEORGE E. SILVER Mathematics, English, Coach K Q ,ix "If we work on immortal minds, we will work on something that will last always MRS. RUTH OTTIMO Business Education GN y x"x. .. l Nkv, 1. 4 1... Ass. , MR. WILLIAM W. MCCLURE MR. BURTIS OVERMAN Vocational Agriculture Music xvr, , 'Y' J: Ajjfvw- A Q I l 1 gag., .- The Glen-Ceclo Sfaff CONSTANCE GODWIN MRS. LOIS P. BUNN Annual Advisor H71 CONSTANCE GODWIN JANICE DAVIS Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Seated. Rose Hare, Sue Stancnl, Barbara Edwards, J. W. Lewis. Standing: Helen Cockrell, R. H. Weaver, Sybil Lamm, Mary Sue Brannan, Barbara Atkinson, Ed- ward Creech, Peggy Jean Creech Gail Atkinson x 2 WW X .... i ,,.-- ,-- f - f,- ima N ., Q , ,.,,,., --. 1 fm- Y Y -il , uf 1 I ...- ?.,- -, 'F IH T f4 , - --+ X '4 L Qffbffjlxf M j why gjl 55 ,5 STN bf FX' xxx RQ :QS RQN pk Q if gf' I xk ix, z- xg- '- X X 5 XS .lsfuflg TIYTKX li Fm X-3:5 ' X 'RT Fx ,., . NQ0: X Cfasses , af f 1.ffi?3f ...,.-f - g ' 4 g.i . +,--- ---J ' if-"" f"'1--""' 4 -'J 1 if 1 i,..i Y 'll ..-,,-,..i..- s- , ff ,ff -. H ':f'f" b 41' Q - ff,,' u, - X ., -if ., . , , ,, X, f I, . . , vu Y1,.g 3-, 1. 5 . t . W , .K , 2 , A - 4 .A N, , X -1 4 ,J I I ' , 3, , 1. 4, " ' .f L lg: z- jfrigafs I if V1 , is l-jp' f,.. I 5 f 2 .RWM 'F f ,u"'., . 1 0 Search for SENIGR CLASS OFFICERS First Row: Janice Davis, vice-presi- dentg Constance Godwin, assistant secretaryg Rose Hare, treasurer. Sec- ond Row: Eloise Boykin, presidentg Sybil Lamm, secretary. Third Row: - Betty Renfrow and Sue Stancil, class reporters. 2 MASCOTS MARY GAIL DAVIS JAMES BOONE MCCLURE MoTTo K , -A 1 The ropes of the past will ring the bells of the future. 412 7' ' COLORS a . Red and White ,A,gf'2 34, 2 'T A ,V i FLOWER American Beauty Rose ' 'MLM 'Q , , -run, A . - V 4 f . 'f .. . N A , Vg Q V W Ji: 1.41, , ,A we ,, f 1.1, , A lg 0 f N . A M - qv , l rg Tomorrow ALICE FAYE BAILEY "Alice" "Some think the world was made for fun and jrolic--so do l." 4-H club' zg Glee Club 2. GEORGE DONALD BOYETTE 155-P' '26 uc""" ""' ..D0n,. "He would argue with a sign-post, then take the wrong road." 4 4-H Club 1,25 Basketball 1,2,45 F.F.A. 25 Echo Staff 45 Superlative 4 ll LOIS ELOISE BOYKIN "Squeeze" "The secret of success is the constancy of studying." Glee Club l,3,45 Office Clerk 2,3,45 Librarian 25 Class Night Usherette 25 Future Teachers Club 2,33 Class Play Director 5: Chief Mar- my Q shal 3g French Club 3,43 Class Play 45 Class W President 45 Class Night Honor 45 Echo Staff 45 Superlative 4. -""""i- I MARY SUE BRANNAN ta., "Murray" "An understanding heart is better than all the brains in the world." Glee Club l,3,45 Librarian 25 Class Night Usherette 2g Citizenship Club Representative 2,3,4, Officer 45 Marshal 35 School Reporter 3,45 Class Night Honor 45 Superlative 4: Glen-Cedo Staff 4. ll '-0-W' 4 -Y ,, 5 F . Q Maura-9--VM' 1 .ww .' 1 WORTH CARLTON BROWN . "Brown" "You can tell a man, not by the word Q he speaks, but by the silence he keeps." F.F.A. 2,3,4, Secretary 3,45 Baseball 4, W 0 no DONALD LEE COCKRELL HC., "Nothing can stand in the way of my success and happiness," Baseball 15 Basketball 15 F.F.A. 2,3,4. 5 f ELTON LEE COCKRELI. "Peter Ruffin" "They say a woman can kill a man, but what a wonderful way to die." Baseball 15 Basketball 15 F.F.A. 2,3,4. HELEN LOU COCKRELL ..Kitty.. "Friendly and kind: another like her you'll never find." Glee Club 1,3,4: Class Off'c 1,35 Ch l d 2,5 Cl Pl Prompter 45 Glen-Cedo Staffl Superlatisv?-4z.a er 3 ass ay l SQ'-9' ilsihyq JAVON EDWARD CREECH uspud.. "Neal, nice, and kindf another like bim you'll never find." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Class Officer 3. PEGGY JEAN CREECH "Blondie" Search forl "Wbat's the use of living if you can't enjoy yourself?" Glee Club 1,33 4-H Club 1,2.3i Annual Staff 4. GRACE LEE DEANS "Grace" "A smile or all a feelin lad: a fi ' 211 g if gina" sweet an frien y uay s e . iv, BARBARA JEANETTE CREECH EDWARDS "Creech" "It is easy lo give upglbuf one who quzls never wins. 4-H Club lg Cheerleader 1: Librarian l,2: F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Officer 4: Class Play Prompter 5: Class Play 45 Glen-Cedo Staff 4. JAMES ELMER CROCKER "Crocker" "All great men are dyiugg I feel ill myself." JANICE MAE DAVIS "Sissy" "It is nicelto be important: bu! it is more xmportanl to be nice." Monogram Club lg 4-H Club 1: Cheerleader lg Class Officer l,2,5,4g Librarian 23 Marshal 33 Play Director 53 Class Play 43 F.F.A. Sweetheart 45 Assistant Editor of Glen-Cedo -ig Echo Staff 45 Class Night Honor 4. Q .. Q' wigs., A .1 S ROSE MARIE FINCH "Baby Doll" :UN "Ring on ber fingerf man on her mind." Glee Club l,3,-ig Librarian 25 F.H.A. 43 Class Play Prompter 4. JAMES WALLACE GAY "Wallace" "His labor was to kill lime." 'x ml 2.5 fs.. Ax vopwgm PW! 4 WF r-'Tomorrow MARY CONSTANCE GODWIN "Connie" "Today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope." 4-H Officer 13 Monogram Club 13 Basketball 1,23 Librarian 1,23 'io 12? Al 3' , sw.- 'Y'.ZZ" ...- ,f xoa1', f. l Citizenship Club Representative 23 Class Officer l,2,43 F.H.A. Officer 2.5.43 Glen-Cedo Staff 5,4, Editor-in-Chief 43 Echo Staff 3,43 Class Play 5,43 Class Night Honor 43 Superlative 4. JEANETTE ROSE HARE . "Hare" lb "The only way Io have a friend is to be one." F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Officer 3,43 4-H Club l,2,3, Officer 33 Class Night Usherette 23 4-H Awards 2.5: Glee Club 2,3,43 Cheerleader 33 Mar- shal 33 Monogram Club 33 Class Play 5,43 French Club 3,43 Class Night Honor 43 Glen-Cedo Staff 43 Superlative 43 Echo Staff Editor 4g Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 43 Class Officer 4. l SYBIL LYNN LAMM ..Ben.. "The gill of art is a gift from God," Class Officer 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 1,3,43 Echo Staff 1,43 Class Night Usherette 23 Librarian 23 Marshal 33 Citizenship Club Representative 3.4, Officer 4: French Club 3,43 Glen-Cedo 43 Class Night Honor 4. TALMAGE PAUL LANGLEY "T. P." "A great deal can be done by exercising your common sense." F.F.A. 1. 41 'ft 3 'A 3 '-e' 3. 3, I' . . ,J 3 if , f-.- , ff 3 N M4 g - "1.Vf1u. 4:-'e All JOSEPH WILLIAM LEWIS HJ- W... "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may die." F.F.A. 23 Class Play 3,43 Superlarive 4. WILEY REX MORRIS "Wiley" "Life is health, joy, and laughter. BETTY LOU NARRON ..Bet.. "A good disposition is more valuable than gold." . Glee Club l,3,4: Cheerleader 2,3,43 Monogram Club 2,3,43 Class Night Honor 43 Class Play 43 F.H.A. 4. JOYCE FAYE NARRON ..Faye.. "To enjoy every second of every minute of every hour of every day." 4-H Club 13 Cheerleader 13 Monogram Club 13 Librarian 23 Class ' A 7 Play 33 Echo Staff 43 Class Night Honor 43 Class Play Prompter 4. Yr HENRY CLAIBORNE POPE Speck The good die young my I must take care of myself Class Officer 1 2 3 Basketball 1 2 3 Captain i4 EF A 2 4 School Bus Driver Superla KVM t ve BETTY FAYE RENFROW K' My 'Betty 1" ly' A good name is rather to be chosen , than great riches. 4-H Club 12' Class Officer 124' Glee Club ' 1 3 4' Class Night Usherett 2' Librarian 2 4' Marshal 3' Class Play Prompter 3' French Club 34' Class Play 4' Echo Staff 4' Class " Night Honor 4' Superlative 4. X VIOLET SUE STANCIL 'fStancil" "What she larks in size she makes up in sweetness." 4-H Club l,2,3, Officer 35 Cheerleader l,2,3, Chief 35 Librarian l,2,35 Echo Staff l,2,3,45 F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Officer 3,45 Class Officer l,2,45 Glee Club l,3,45 Usherette 25 National Music Winner 2,35 F.T.A. 2,3,4, Officer 45 French Club 35 Monogram Club 35 Class Play 3,45 Glen-Cedo Staff 4g Class Night Honor 45 Superlative 4. RAYMOND HOWARD WEAVER, JR. "R. H." "We must fight a good battle, and we must become men." 4-H Club l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Monogram Club l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,45 F.F.A. 2,3,4, Officer 3,45 Class Play 3,-4. Search for Tomorrow "Nelson" "Il's not the beauty in a womang it's the kindness in her heart." E.F.A. 2. JIMMY RANDAL NARRON "Randal" "If study is the cause of death, I will live forever." F.F.A. 2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,4. WORTH NARRON, JR. "Sam" "If girls interfere with work, quit work." F.F.A. l,2,3,45 4-H Club 25 junior Play 3. STEPHEN ELLIS PARRISH "Steve" "I like bookkeeping: it fascinates me. I can sit in my seat and watch it for hours." 4-H Club l,2,35 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Monogram Club l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,45 F.F.A. 2,3,4, Of- ficer 45 School Bus Driver 3,4. QQ, C.. 9 I , ill' Fi ,., .. -un.. ' 'fu v .aww 1. c- "' 1 M- 1 any 7: 4 -0 N ' ..:i.Wfgg,3."i5 X 1 . W ty., f fi , X ,Wi .4 ,wx fn li fx gi Z' W 'WJ am- 7 5 'W' SV 4. 1 L-4 W' ' as ze. X 1 fi . 5 I 3 QQ, M D .: , ,wh T5 J M- a ' f ' . I '- 'J x I 1 .4 ' . . f,-x 5' .1 J , T151 - ' 4:, '45, ' ' - f is - Q '- .., rg, . -i V1 1 lx if l i l ,....A u 3 , f- Q We . - f ' i. ,Eff-W ' Q - T... -F' , s 3 , - ,f... V 5' 15 14 'J 1 fn.s1M.X - f M Q - - M X, C if , ' 1' wlmf Q 2 saga.. 1' , 0 wifi W Baby Picfures 1. Helen Lou Cockrell. 2. Betty Lou Narron. 3. Nelson Narron. 4. Eloise Boykin. 5. Mary Sue Brannan. 6. Donald Boyette. 7. Rose Hare. 8. Rose Finch. 9. Randal Narron. 10. "Speck" Pope. 11. Janice Davis. 12. Sue Stancil. 13. Sybil Lamm. 14. Barbara C. Edwards. .15. Worth Brown. 16. Betty Faye Renfrow. 17. Constance Godwin. Climax ffl :LQ was M -,-f ,,,.,., if-- JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS First Row: Phyllis Batten, president, Mamie Faye Pope, vice-president, Betty Jean Creech, treasurer. Second Row: Barbara Atkinson, sec- retary, Vashti Phillips, reporter. MOTTO If we cannot find a way we will make one." BARBARA ATKINSON 4' PHYLLIS BATTEN """ "' A. ' if DIANNE BOYETTE , vi. .5 Q, i W " l ,,. . 'mind' ALICE C. BOYKIN JOHNELL BOYKIN BETTY J. CREECH JOYCE CROCKER KENNETH DAVIS ROCHELLE EDWARDS HILTON EUBANKS DOUGLAS EVANS VERNA GRAY FINCH JACKY FOSTER PEGGY GODWIN ROY SCOTT GODWIN JOSEPHINE HILL LAVERNE HILL YVONNE HOLLAND BETTY J. JOHNSON! '--sf kk 1 ' R17 A 5 WN' '-Aw ff! wr- A8 ...mar 2' '45 Y! I", 'La gg , G.. ' li- '1 'sf QQ' 1 , ,AQ in S ..- lv! 41? v..,,, ., If MELVIN D. JOHNSON LA VERNE JONES BARBARA LAMM LINDA MASSEY I Sf . Ar!! ,-2 -4... -' K ., . 7, ,XRS ,gf :and-Tv' :Q xo-., ziggy? 145 ,- . , .,..-f I 3 f-7 MAMIE PAYE POPE ANN RENFROW BARBARA STANCIL KERMIT STANCIL PEGGY WEAVER my ff 1 w' + J f sq-, X f gli e EP 'Z'-."' S- F' w--w IJ The BriQhTeiD r U ,l,,,,.f-f ,L , ,f ,, i W 'A l A K 4 t t B sopn-1oMoRE CLASS ,. OFFICERS l Left to Right, First Row: Doris Ann Narron, I reporter, section Ag Delores Batten, president, l 'Q section A. Second Row: Rose Brannan, treas- 3 urer and reporter, section Ag Joyce Creech, q secretary, section A. Third Row: Joan Craw- .5 ,., ford, Social chairman, section Ag Marjorie Hol- .4 1 land, secretary, section B, George Boyette, H r vice-president, section Ag Jackie Pittman, re- t porter, section B. Not Pictured: Earsell Creech, 1 president, section Bg Javis Renfrow, vice-presi- ,l A dent, section B3 Jean Ricks, treasurer, section , A Bg Weldon Crocker, sentinel, section B. . .-5, if f. 1 5:3 in Y, i MOTTO "To Be Rather Than To Seem" Q L, . ,a-. "1 " t E- - C 5 . Y V ,lf -cf' My W , F 1-ef., Nw, ei fl me-.,, , Q , .1 s---, VF, K. 41 rf, v X 02 AQ., 'S " , 331- 'N 51 C - 3 Qui- I ,-- 5 .P A tv, ls? . is : . I ' Q S7 Willard Bailey C. D. Batten Delores Batten George Boyette Edith Jean Boykin Eugene Boykin Rose Brannon Joyce Carter Earl Cockrell Jerry Cockrell Joan Crawford Earsell Creech .G Joyce Creech M. A. Creech Mack Creech Randal Crocker Weldon Crocker James Vernon Davis Jasper Davis Joyce Deans Kathleen Durham Pernell Edwards Lomie Ray Eubanks Glenn Gardner Eleanor Hales Nelson Hare Steve Hicks Douglas Hinnant Allen Hodge Marjorie' Holland Mildred Horne Felix Johnson Felton Johnson, Jr. J, C. Lamm Eugene Langley Alton Ray Lee Eunice Faye Lee Donald Lee Lewis Janet Mitchell Doris Ann Narron Clinton Parker Hilda Faye Parrish Jackie Pittman Evelle Pollock Janet Carol Pope Javis Renfrow Leon Sasser Martha Stancil Marie Starling Virginia Starling Nerry Wall Wallace Woodard 47' AT ..,. W J f-. ',, 'Yr Y -N ,Q ,X 4 fl 45212. 'ln wx N -Q--Q 1 lkiffgg- Q, Q,.f', ag, 'E 4- fl ti' f f I .- 4 I Qu X y fx I 1 I X I M i fM5'i2w-ll 'W 4- -. -mfs 1. ,x W1 lk, 'N 'V' . ff? 'vs W1 XY .Z 2 V ' ' .., ,, Q f qw I A , , rv, "" lg IW' 'os 4? 1 of 5 4 'VW- Q- he f 2 1 , f F 3, f' -W 'Y 0, 'hy , F91 371 ' Xmf iv? -,Liv , LL. ' " Q 1 . K w Q f j fm t ff T .- QQ.. Y 'km A 91. Y ,0 lx I Lefs Tok FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Phyllis Creech, secretary and treasurerg Leslie Parrish, presidentg Betsy Pope, class reporterg Roy johnson, vice-president. Not Pictured: Gail Atkinson and Billy Jones, Citizen- ship Club Representativesg Gail Atkinson, Glen- Cedo representative. step at a time, but always forward." kmson I N 4, 'vs ' :li X l , vv' 'QL' "' j S T13 Oi and :OW .W izen- Slen- CJ Trip Brenda Boykin Ronald Boykin Vernon Boykin John Brinchek, Jr. Sandra Cockrell Peggy Joyce Creech Phyllis Creech Janey Edwards Judy Edwards H. Lynwood Finch Ruth Finch Peggy Foster Rose Godwin Roy A. Godwin Billy Ray Hocutt Roy Johnson Billy Harold Jones T. Ray Jones Wayne Lamm Albert G. Lee, Jr. E-nil -Narrerr Fi Leslie Parrish Mac Pittman Betsy Pope Clarence Raper, Jr. Johnny Raper Harold Renfrow Jessie R. Ryals, Jr. Betty Strickland Peggy Strickland Emma Carol Worley 4, az- 31 -i : 3'5" .tr f . r .ff if ,.- . IB 'Uk f 1 'lwf - 4, . v - ,W r 4... ' 55 1, I ix L 1 rr " qw:-f ,gm , 'ei J My .QW H 'l Mew. fa W .ps 'VS W3 GN 'vs Avg, ..,,, 4. .W i L fy f- . '- s 1 'fi' ....,. 1... .v "N-A ea , 5 M, M 1 2 H' Zig e 2 ,,,-an 'Xa : 1 ' :?'Q,, Y'Jy 4:-,w wiv- Q' 'Vw :V 1' 'f Airy fa-: gui. ' V' al . ... j f f xx 'S L' ei Www " J.-Q - , , 1 , 3 4, J 5533 'Q 1 .mix :W P ' 2 n , e A - ,..... Qi 3 i' .3 ,E , aff! gan if f.. -fv- asf -9' T ' :J 3 3 , fgp M . 4 if 'D 1 1 xx igg if 2 Ps. f N 2' "v H G v ,f ff K 5 1'-i 9 1 I i1A,ak 5QjjvA'A MW f-fpfwiwe , " : wi xqvy w.. . ,yf5f,gM 5? Afw wwMWXQf I 1 Y' giwfwl , Q 'glyfiaf , 'f Q-T' is A' 'H ,f A,., ,J u .M ' AA A 2: Q a ,. , '01 w- W , J 1' V Q 4 4 K flf ' , 1- W 3 5 4, , , f nf I f 5 X , ., , Q ' 1-Q1 J if M H nf "f , ,gbwh ! Ayfffg' ,Q A Q, X X57 f 5' I WWW , 3 fx Q5 fam? S 4 5 , V ,A X QWMX.. f my xr A .J 3 ii' QMERTS Q 79, ar, ff 0 f' wwf ' L kw,, 2 E2 ffah fA -T .7-Qi' Q?,,51- ffw A-1 A img .,, I ...Y u HOTS .W V+, ,, 38 gy fafffmzfw wmwfdw N0 ,Ly i F f I l Q '5 f m H T 3' sm x ' aw r M J? H c"F""' g B !,,.,, Y,-Q.,,-1-si - - -vb x,. Xf QQ, s ' 1 wig 'MN x ' " A f Features ff, ' . ,1,-,, -i-f' 3 1 1 'Wir J V U 1 i i ? K I -wr it E W 1 A 1 1 I i i 1 CLASS NIGHT HONORS Q N TESTATORS HISTORIANS POETS Constance Godwin Janice Davis Rose Hare Mary Brannan Eloise Boykin Sybil Lamm f N i N N PROPHETESSES SONGWRITERS Sue Stancil Betty Faye Renfrow Joyce Faye Narron Edward Creech Love of Life "The end" is very hard to say, For other guidance, parents and friends, Though we've gone through toil and strife, We thank you very much. Because our wonderful days at Glendale High We'll remember your teachings everyday, Will remain with us through life. And try to abide by such. We thank our teachers for their helping hand, The passing years have swiftly flown, Given sincerely day by day. The familiar halls no longer echo our laughterg To them we say a fond farewell, We shall ever keep thy faith, As we journey on our way. And impart it to those who come after. A thinking mind is better than gold, A love of life you have truly taught us. Always remain the same fine school, And give to all your love and trust. ROSE HARE SYBIL LAMM MCOHIQHQ All Corsi J v 4 t we .a Cast- Sittingzj. W. Lewis, Barbara Edwards, Sue Stancil, Edward Creech, Janice Davis, and Constance Godwin. Standing R. H. Weaver, Elmer Crocker, Rose Hare, Wallace Gay, Betty Lou Narron, Eloise Boykin, and Betty Faye Fenfrow. Mirror, mirror on the wall, which class is the most fabulous of all? Why of course, the '57 graduates of Glendale High School! As I gaze into the mirror I see a magic land, For I dipt into the an enchanted land. It was Tennyson who said, future, - As far as human eyes can see, Saw the vision of the world, And all the wonders there would be." And so I am dipping into the future as far as my human eye can see. I am looking through the years and seeing the reflections of the seniors in the magic mirror. Each is living a wonderful life. First my eyes follow our class president who is flitting field. I hear that they have stopped using adding machines busily about in Granthanfs Young Men's Shop in Smith- since Eloise has such a mathematical mind. Next I see the lovely inside of a dancing school. Beautiful girls are receiving instructions from someone who looks very familiar. Why, it's the witty J. W. Lewis! He is the proud owner of the dancing school. The following scene discloses a cool, delightful-looking dining room. Having lunch over in a secluded corner we see none other than Alice Bailey, chic proprietress of the Hill Top Club, keeping a watchful eye on all that takes place. Look who's coming into the club and joining Alice. lt's Joyce Narron, dressed in an exclusive Paris original. By the way, Joyce is earning her living in France by working in the follies. ' Coming into view now is Sue Stancil. Recently she was chosen "Wife of the Year." She is happly married and working successfully as secretary for her husband in his office in the Empire State Building in New York. By a swimming pool in the windy city, Chicago, I see orous in her beautiful swim suit, even though she is busily "heart throb." Guess whom? a tall, slender life guard. It is Constance Godwin, glam- engaged in giving artificial respiration to her newest Here comes a flashy model-T swerving down the well- kept drive of a beautiful old colonial home. It stops sud- denly and out bounds Janice Davis and her fiance. Janice is tion Company. now a famous bus driver for the Greyhound Transporta- The door of this lovely home slowly opens. Who is that dignified matron emerging and walking across the porch? Oh, it's Betty Faye Renfrow, who is happly married and now has several children who are mischievously scampering all about her. We see Elmer Crocker flying above this charming southern home in his newly created "Will-Rock Airplane." He recently broke the sound barrier. Wow! The scene shifts to Hollywood. There we find Randal Narron working diligently as a gardner for Marilyn Mon- roe. He once said, "Hollywood or bust!" Can you believe it, he made it! This magic mirror is truly magic, for now I see Rose Hare dressed in a stiffly starched nurse's uniform. It seems that she has a permanent job as assistant to a famous chiropractor in San Francisco. She works only on the rough and rugged. Oh, no, it can't be! But it is! lt's Betty Lou Narron recording popular songs on the G. H. S. label. She's a famous juke box favorite. We see R. H. Weaver at Ebbets field in Brooklyn passing some neat curves in baseball. He's a professional player for the Dodgers. The mirror is taking us back to New York to one of red cap in the lobby of this hotel. He's now employed as a he's getting rich on the tips. The mirror tells us that Sybil Lamm has given up her in France. The scene changes and we find that Dorothy Dix had marriage and divorce are rather interesting, especially since she believes in lovin' 'em and leavin' 'eml What a visiong Donald Cockrell is a brain surgeon. He him now in a spotless antiseptic operating room. Oh, he's Mr. Silver! Before our eyes comes Donald Boyette who has turned Presley are tough rivals. its fine hotels. Look, there's Talmage Langley in a jaunty bell boy, and it's the famous Conrad Hilton Hotel. I bet chance of being Miss America to become a famous artist Sue Brannan. Her items on "unhitched" five times. My, now been replaced by Mary she has been "hitched" and at Duke University. We see one of his former teachers, has just finished his studies beginning an operation on out to be the Romeo of his graduating class. He and Elvis Can you believe it? There's Peggy Creech who has finally found a place for her big feet-on the top of a shiny desk. She now holds an important job for the Paradise Shoe Company. A very domestic scene appears in the mirror. Barbara Edwards finally decided on her career, a full time and permanent job. Naturally, being the mother of five children is a permanent and full time job. ' In sunny Mexico we see Elton Cockrell who now owns a funeral home there. He received his previous experience at Grizzard's in Kenly. He had to leave America, even the And there's Edward Creech, a dairy farmer in Texas. give evaporated milk. dead wouldn't put their faith in him. He has made a remarkable discovery. He raises cows that The most surprising thing has happened. Helen Cockrell has been appointed by the Governor of the State of Idaho as the Wild Life Commissioner of that state. Beware, A very interesting and amusing game of basketball is her aim is as wild as Judy Canova's. taking place in the Coliseum in Raleigh. One of the teams is the celebrated Globe Trotters. Guess who's their manager? None other than Claiborne Pope, who has just finished at Carolina. Worth Brown has always been interested in agriculture. He is now a member of a corporation that produces "Kill 'em Alive" seeds for wiggly insects. Just look at him There we see Gee, it looks cold Again we are her music teacher Of course, at a number. Worth Wallace Gay applying for a iob at the there and so like "the wild West." looking at a picture of domesticity. Rose husband, J. C. Narron. What a career! Narron's uniform is that of the Foreign there! He really enjoys being cruel to dumb animals. Indian Reservation in North Dakota as Justice of Peace. Finch is living near the "Stop-and-Go Cross Roads" with least one army camp comes into our view. One of our boys is in uniform. No, it is not stripes with Legion and he's in the deep of Africa. And there's Stephen Parrish teaching piano lessons at St. Mary's in Raleigh. He is ahead of Liberaceg he is teach- ing at a college full of girls! In the Hall of History in Raleigh we see the portrait of the one and only Nelson Narron. He and Grandma Moses have formed a corporation of painting lovely portraits of the Academy Award winners. The vision begins to grow dim-it is fading. The Enchanted Land and all the seniors are disappearing. Let us hope we can look into our own "enchanted mirrors" and have a vision of ourselves as we live our future. SUF STANCIL JOYCE NARRON March of Time fClass History? We can. hardly believe that just four short years ago we were freshmen. Since then we have had good times as well as profitable ones. We tried to live our days so that we would make the right reflections on the world around us. We took part in the right kinds of ipgrts and engaged in wholesome social activities, while trying all the time to engrave on our minds facts and ideals that time can never a e. It was in September of 1955 that we entered Glendale lligh School and began the long road toward high school graduation. lt took us quite a while to become adjusted to being called "freshmen." We were "fresh" all right, but we gradually adjusted ourselves to the strange new routine of high school life and soon felt as though we really were a part of the school too. After school was safely launched on its way to a successful yeai, we undertook as one of our first duties the election of class officers. There were two sections of the ninth grade, one made up of the girls and the other of the boys. Constance Godwin was chosen as president of the girls' homeroom and "Speck" Pope the president of the boys'. Other officers elected were Janice Davis, Frances Narron, Betty Faye Renfrow, and Luby Boykin. They and our homeroom teachers, Mrs. Doris Lester and Mr. George Silver, gave us the benefit of outstanding leadership and guidance in all we attempted. That memorable year we studied and worked harder than we ever thought we would. However, all work and no play makes "Jack a dull boy," therefore, we had several parties during the year. One of which was a weiner roast at Sunset Park in Wilson. We continued our journey toward our cherished goal and lo-we became sophomores! As second year students we became more firmly attached to our school environment and looked more hopefully toward our destination. After a lively election campaign Constance Godwin was again elected president of her homeroom and "Speck" Pope president of his homeroom. Their capable chosen assistants were Martha Stancil, Janice Daxis. Sue Stancil, Betty Faye Creech, James Godwin, and Rex Morris. Our class advisors were Mrs. Doris Lester and Mr. William McClure, both of whom gave much understanding love and help to the class. It seemed, during those days, that our studies and assignments were endless. There was a greater variety of subjects which taxed our ingenuity to the "nth" degree, but we survived. There were the parties and ball games that offset the hard work. We were entertained during the sophomore year with several parties in the Community Club Building, a weiner roast at Lake Glad in XVendell, and a few other informal gatherings. Thoughts of our hard school work disappeared in the face of these happy events. Then, on April 30, 1955, Mrs. Lester and a number of the parents accompanied the sophomore girls to Raleigh to visit the historic and interesting sites in that city. From there they went to Chapel Hill where they attended one of the performances being given at the Planetarium. P Ever getting closer to our goal, we began our junior year under the supervision of Mr. William Dixon. We strove to make funds for our Junior-Senior Banquet by selling magazines, giving a junior play, and sponsoring the Sauline Players. We had many more surprising and pleasing events to take place in the few short months that followed. Mr. Dixon encouraged us to press onward and to hope for the best. He and our class officers, Edward Creech, president, Claiborne Pope, Sybil Lamm, Helen Cockrell and Janice Davis guided us faithfully through our many trials and triumphs. These leaders greatly lightened the load of our pathways and made the view ahead much more promising. In addition to our responsibilities we were given several parties by our grademothers, one of which was another weiner roast at Lake Glad during the month of May. For our outstanding magazine sales, in our junior year, the entire class was taken to Raleigh on November 45 to attend H matinee performance of the Ice Capatdes of 1955. This was immensely enjoyed by all and we were very proud of our achievement. The junior class play, which was given on March 8, was a hilarious mystery comedy entitled "Three Fingers in- the Door." The cast was composed of Constance Godwin, Edward Creech, Jeanette Raper, Joyce Narron, Margaret Langley, J. W. Lewis, Sue Stancil, Elmer Crocker, Rose Hare, and Elton Lee Cockrell. lt was very successful and so much fun to give. The big event of the year finally arrived. lt was the long-awaited and planned-for Junior-Senior Banquet! This was given by the juniors on April 20. 1956 in the banquet hall of the Cherry Hotel in Wilson, North Carolina, honoring the Senior Class of 1936. Long will the memories of this festive occasion linger with both groups. The theme of the banquet was "Moonlight and Roses." The dining hall was appropriately decorated to carry out the motif. About one hundred thirty guests were entertained that evening. Entertainment was furnished by such outstanding talent as Mrs. Jenny Wicker and her daughter, Annette, and Mary and Nellie Silver, all of Kenly. Mr. Burtis Overman of Buckhorn and Victor Radford of Glendale were also outstanding guest stars. Ah! Now the much-anticipated event had finally arrived! We had become dignified SENIORS. Working and striving for three years had at last paid off. We were dutifully and respectfully recognized as upperclassmen. We will always remember our loving and very competent senior advisor, Mrs. Lois Privette Bunn. The class officers, who were carefully selected to aid Mrs. Bunn and to lead our class that year, were Eloise Boykin, presidentg Janice Davis, Sybil Lamm, Constance Godwin, Rose Hare, Sue Stancil, and Betty Renfrow. Mrs. Bunn, with their assistance, capably guided us through the whirl of activities in which seniors must participate. Constance Godwin was chosen by her classmates to be editor-in-chief of our yearbook, the Glen-Cedo. Other staff members elected were Janice Davis, Sue Stancil, Rose Hare, R. H. Weaver, Helen Cockrell, Edward Creech, J. W. Lewis, Barbara Creech. Mary Sue Bran- nan, Sybil Lamm and Peggy Creech. We spent many afternoons during the year planning, collecting information and pictures, typing, and doing all the many other jobs involved in producing an outstanding annual. Another honor went to one of our seniors when Rose Hare was elected editor of our school paper, the "Glendale Echo" for this wonderful year. Much credit is due Rose, Mrs. Ottimo, the faculty advisor, and the members of the senior typing class for the ex- cellent work done in producing a paper that so well reported our school news and activities. In November we had a party at Mrs. Bunn's home honoring two of our seniors and their newly acquired mates. They were Bar- bara Creech Edwards, her husband, Vernon, and Claiborne Pope. and his wife, Carol Ann. Games were played which included some interesting contests. The senior class and Mrs. Bunn presented both couples with gifts. 'Our senior class play, "Calling All Carts," was given on November 8, 1956. in the high school auditorium. lt was enthusiastically received by the large audience and the success achieved was much deserved by the entire cast, producers, and directors. The cast in- cluded Eloise Boykin, Janice Davis, Constance Godwin, Sue Stancil, Edward Creech, R. ll. Weaver, J. W. Lewis, Barbara Creech, Betty Faye Renfrow, Betty Lou Narron, Wallace Gay, Elmer Crocker, and Rose Hare. Our Christmas party took place in the Glendale Club Building. We had a grand time, dancing and playing lively games, after which delicious refreshments were served. In order to make money for our various projects during our senior year, we sold Christmas cards and Rawleigh products. We also had numerous "Sock Hop" dances in the school gymnasium, which were greatly enjoyed by everyone, from the first graders through high school. The highlight of our money-making projects during our senior year was the Barbecue and Fried Chicken supper, given on April 12 in the school cafeteria. This meant hard work on everyone concerned. Right here we want to give our sincere thanks to Mrs. Bunn and all our parents who gave so much of their time and efforts to make our supper such a huge success. The money earned was used to help defray current class expenses as well as the cost of our senior class trip to Wfashington, D. C., and New York City. These brief highlights of the four years that we spent at Glendale High have only brought you a few of our activities that we shared and enjoyed. They will never be forgotten. We have had many happy experiences and made friends that will remain dear I0 U5 forever. As we leave our school we wish to express our deep gratitude to our parents, to our principal, Mr. George Lester, to the en- tire faculty, and to the many friends who did their share in giving us the happiest four years of our lives. ELOISE BOYKIN JANICE DAVIS Losf will and Testament State of North Carolina County of Johnson Glendale High School I We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and' Fifty-Seven, being of sound mind and good memory, realize that our school days will soon be behind us. On departing, in order to distribute fairly our talents, properties, and possessions, we do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. ARTICLE I . Section 1. To our parents, we will and bequeath our deep-felt appreciation for their love and encouragement, and for the sacri- 'fices they have made for us in preparing us for life. To the Faculty: Section 1. To guiding us onward Section 2. To our class and all its Section 3. To ARTICLE II Mr. Lester,lour principal, we bequeath our sincere gratitude for his helpfulness and understanding leadership in to our goa . Mff-ggllnn. 01-ll' S6Di0r SPOHSOI, we leave our love and appreciation for the many hours she devoted unselfishly to activities and for the ideals she tried to instill in our hearts and minds. Mrs. Lester, Mrs. Ottimo, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Silver, and Mr. McClure, we wish to express our thanks for their undying perseverance and never-ceasing vigilance in watching over us and striving to prepare us for a life of our own. Section 4. To the elementary faculty, we give our many thanks, because they are truly the ones who gave us our beginning and got us off to a good start early in life. Section 1. To ARTICLE III the Juniors, instead of "onions," as you may have expected, we bequeath our senior privileges, our seats in assembly, and a wonderful homeroom teacher. We also give you our money-making schemes-don't worry, you'll need them! Section 2. To the Sophomores, we leave the typewriters and all our worn-out brooks. And, in order that you make good use of them, we give you our excess brain-power. Section 5. To the Freshmen we give the privilege of promotion to the tenth grade. Then you can no longer be referred to as "those green f.rt-sii.-.- 1 . Section 4. To the elementary students, we leave the school building, still in one piece. We hope you will keep it in good condition. ARTICLE IV Section 1. To the lunchroom workers, Mrs. Glennie Godwin, managerg Mrs. Lessie Atkinson, Mrs. Louise Woodard, and Mrs. Imogene Adams, we give our sincere thanks for the many fine meals they have prepared for us. Section 2. To Mr. Clifton Adams, our custodian, we leave our appreciation for all the many things he so kindly did for us, besides keeping our school clean and warm and a pleasant place in which we spent many hours of work and study and play. SCCUOH 3- To OU! gfaCl0m0fh9l'S, MIS- Lola Siflflfil. Mrs. Glennie Godwin, and Mrs. Avery Creech, we bequeath our everlasting gratitude for being such wonderful supporters of our class in every' way. ARTICLE V Section l. I, Constance Godwin, give my friendly ways andthe title, Editor-in-Chief of the annual, to Barbara Nell Atkinson. Section 2. I, Randal Narron, do will and bequeath my reputation for being a pest and my ability to sleep in class to James Vernon ' Davis and Douglas Evans. f ' 'fi Section 3. Section 4. Section 5. Section 6. Section 7. Section 8. I, Sue Stancil, give my pretty clothes to Pernell Edwards. I, Sybil Lamm, do sincerely leave to Doris Ann Narron my inward as well as outward beauty. ff I, Eloise Boykin, will my ability t0 iitterfbug and my title, "Best All Around," to anyone who can eafn them. 1, Worth Brown, bequeath to Virgil Brown and Billy Narron, my shy ways with the women. I, Barbara Edwards, pass on my desire to raise a family to Phyllis Creech. I, Elmer Crocker, give my ability for skipping school and "having a ball" to Kenneth Davis, hoping that he can play as innocent about it as I did. V Section 9. I, Talmage Langley, will my way with the girls to Lomie Eubanks, and hopegthat he will accept it and use it to the best advantage. Section 10. I, Section 11. I, Section I2. I, Section 15. I, Section 14. Section 15. Section 16. I, Section 17. I Rose Finch, bequeath my happy disposition and my ability to "snag a man" to Janet Carol Pope. Betty Lou Narron, will and bequeath my title "Head Cheerleader" to anyone capable of ig, I I Joyce Narron, leave my witty ways and my ability to have a good time, especially in class, to Ann Renfrow. Worth Narron, leave my personal charm, as the girls see it, to Melvin Johnson. fi 7 Stephen Parrish, leave my bookkeeping course to anyone who wants it. Don'r rush, fellows, first come first served. I. I, Speck Pope, bequeath to George Boyette, my ability to play basketball and my loveable disposition. Mary Sue Brannan, do will and bequeath my dependability and courteous manners to lynn Godwin. Donald Boyette, bequeath my flirty personality and curly black hair to Jerry Cockrell, because I think he is capable of managing them, both without too much trouble. My tendency to,-argue with a sign post, I give to Hilton Eubanks. I Section 18. , Section 19. I, Section 20. I, Section 21. 1, attempt! Section 22. I, Section 23. I, Section 24. I, Section 25. Elton Cockrell, gladly give n'ly popularity to Jackie Fosteg since it would be such an effort to carry it with me. Janice Davis, leave my title of F.F.A. Sweetheart to anyone who is lucky enough to deservefit. J. W. Lewis, bequeath my dancing ability and my crazy ways to Johnnie Raper. Rose Hare, bequeath to Delores Batten, my ability to succeed in anything l attempt. Be careful, Delores, what you R. H. Weaver, will to Jackie Srancil myjbest-all-around work in the F.F.A. and 4-H Clubs. ' Betty Renfrow, leave my ability to singand my pleasing personality to Judy Faye Edwards. H X Edward Creech, leave my love 'bf hillbilly music to Billy Harold Jones. My good looks, I leave to Roy Allen Godwin. Helen Cockrell, will my popularity to Mamie Faye Pope. It Section 26. We, Alice Bailey and Peggy Creech, leave our ability to have a good time, anytime, and anyplace, to Betty Strickland and Brenda Boykin. ,. , ' Section 27. I, Section 28. I, Section 29. I, Wallace Gay, bequeath to I-'fiiton Eubanks my good common sense and my willingness to help anyone who needs it. Nelson Narron, take everything with me-I need it. Donald Cockrell, just leave. ARTICLE ZVI Section 1. We hereby officially appoint Mr. George B. Lester as executor of this our last will and testament. ln witness whereof, we the aforesaid class of 1957, do hereunto set our hand and seal. Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the aforesaid class of 1957 to be its last will and testament. Witnessed by: MARY SUE BRANNAN MARY CONSTANCE GODWIN 1 I 1 I 1 i r W I 5' I I K I K I 5 is I I I 1 I C? MARSHALS First Row: Rose Hare, Eloise Boykin, chiefg Betty Faye Renfrow. Second Row: Sybil Lamm, Mary Sue Brannan, Janice Davis. CLASS SONG CTune-"A Perfect Day"D As you come to the end of a perfect year, Well, this is the end of our senior year, And you dwell alone with your thought. Near the end of our school days too, Then you say goodbye to old Glendale dear, But it leaves a thought that is strong and clear, And the joys that the years have brought. And a wish that is kind and true. Do you think what the end of our long stay here For mem'ry has painted our high school days Can mean to a departing soul, With colors that never fade- When the school you love with a heart sincere, And we find at the end of our sojourn here, You must leave to seek your goal? The love of the friends we've made. BETTY PAYE RENFROW EDWARD CREECH The People CUM Q.. 4 ff' QM var '.f 'V 1'-. 'll si! F5 5 ' h ' iw SC Ofce fu A y iam I 3 v ' BEST LOOKING M ff O SYBIL LAMM A E 5? EDWARD CREECH i WITTIEST J. W. LEWIS JOYCE NARRON i 'S X , S 4, FRIENDLIEST DONALD BOYETTE CONSTANCE GODWIN ," 'K' -. MOST TALENTED ELMER CROCKER BETTY FAYE RENFROW MOST POPU LAR HELEN COCKRELL ELTON LEE COCKRELL The Peoples Choice MOST COU RTEOUS MARY SUE BRANNAN DONALD COCKRELL 5- T lm "WH l P if A ' ,. - , X 'jj'- 5, 'r Mm ,..-f- -- I L -g I 'M f W' X tw XQ I X X 1 4 A fXx X -. . ,N -x Q . ,X K. xxx ' 5.s'3C'Os Wt QQ Q 03 in 5555--if-rv ,BME 7' ff! ' X xx Q SS X W x, ri .,...-..1.-... .... ,-,,...-.. .,......,, :- ..,---- I Y: TM ., . 1' '-1 -JE' A Y '- Z3 ,ke : 'V --i'---E S:5:, - R Efemenfory Grades f 2 f I v 1 , y -,.--..--V- If .lf ."..'21" ' A , ., ?k Y C?" 142 iii? v-f'1.1-i.,,, Yv i ni-iiit 35 -- ,-,,,, -,i-Z..-ff 1--1'- Ci S? 7, -i,..,,-, , gl" " A -40" ,Q-.'Sf ..1' FACU LTY MISS EULA GODWIN First Grade MISS JEAN BAGGETT Second Grade MRS. MARY LANGSTON Third Grade ' MRS. EULA BOYETTE Fourth Grade . 1 ,iq -if U pf- . " -1 MRS. DORIS LUCAS Fifth Grade MRS. IRENE DURHAM Sixth Grade MRS. MARJORIE TURNER , Seventh Grade MRS. NONA BOSWELL Eighth Grade Q , "A teacher's life is the life for me." fs CG 1 ni. K..,Q I ,"a I 'U' 1 , ,ff W I f Q Great Life GRADE TWC Left to Right, First Row: D. Rose, L. Elmore, T. Godwin, W. Boyette, F. Rose, R. Johnson, D. Boswell. Second Row: R. Davis, M. Carter, M. Worley, L. Holland, E. Johnson, M. Ballance, W. Batten. Third Row: K. Barnes. E. Pope, D. Woodard, Miss J. Baggett, W. Morris, R. Cooper, P. Edwards, D. Wea- ver. GRADE ONE Left to Right, First Row: J. Hill, R. ' Weaver, J. Massey, E. johnson, R. Pate, E. Edwards, G. Godwin, G. Boswell, R. Moore. Second Row: S. Brinchek, G. Edwards, V. Ottimo, S. Nixon, D. john- son, B. Boykin, D. Godwin, J. Black- man. Third Row: S. Ballance, D. Hicks, A. Davis, P. Lamm, J. Daughtry, Miss E. Godwin, J. Cockrell, H. Pittman, W. Rose, E. Pope. Not Pictured: I.. Turner. TIME OFF FOR PLAY The elementary students make good use of our gym, too! ws! 455' llg, .' S ,. ,m, .. .WM My 'N M-Q-'mmm-1,,Q iff-vw 5- 92'-1' fmgzw ..-z ,,vfff: . H ILM ,, qw 1 Af--L ,.:W,..,. f5"S'.Q my ' r A ,,3gq,:4,, W .rgzggr-,,,... W ,- --'- f gy.. My ..... ..F::M M. ,.,.,:f " ,, c wma ,-nw---.vzwrxn-f , - . .sw ' - fm.. ,xy r jx, A 'W 1. .W , 5- ,Mm 41. ff 5 f f , Ag 3 V, A X el? I fy fi an W gg "sh 3 2? 'gif :fi sh m..,+ -12 IIS ' mamma: Ui 1:35am W, I!! , ,pl 7'-52" -ia! -.6 70 1 A.. fm -il ..i.,X f,,A-sf-.-ff 4'-'?i . , , X Xglf' l" TOAS T OF THE TOWN f' AXX6 x! r 3 5 J Mm 'fjf' , I I , V! ,, --Q-A - fix!! c-7"- -P"'Qi1-11.-,, 2 Bw 'Glendale Echo" Staff i MRS. RUBY OTTIMO Advisor i 4' M , ROSE HARE ! ff Editor I 4 5 4 . I . W, F ,.....4uY w 1, 1 , RMK,v il? Standing, Left to Right: C. Pope, R. Hare, P. Batten, B, Atkinson, B. Renf row, M. F. Pope, B. J. Creech, Mrs. Ottimo, J. Davis, D. Boyette. Seated, ' Lell lo Right: S. Lamm, J. Narron, C. Godwin, E. Boykin, S. Stancil. M, Om. v v Q ,f?.cyQyZg N ll L- ff A J, 'g4!r fv jak I 2 1 'J ' if ' I I' A V, ,, ,V W K .7 ,f -W b ', -,Q S' -- sf Ak . Vg, 1- f ,.., r mm , Je , .W w- B K-Y' :P K is-1. it 4 ,fb- ' 1 1 qv' R . .. K I ' ZZ , - 1 ' -ply . Annu- 1. 1 1 I, N -....,.. 14, bv John Girls' Basketball 0' 'Sq Left to Right, First Row: F. Pope, J. Creech, P. Godwin, B. Atkinson, P. Barren, K. Durham, E. Peacock, P. Weaver. Second Row: George Silver, Coach, P. Foster, V. Phillips, B. Pope, P. Creech, D. E. Boyette, D. Boyette, A. Renfrow, Manager. Boys' Boskefbolf Left to Right, First Row: George Silver, Coach, R. Godwin, G. Boyette, D. Hinnant, C. Pope, R. H. Weaver, S. Parrish, J. Stancil, D. Boyette, F Johnson, Manager. Second Row: L. Parrish, A. Hodge, H. Renfrow, D. Ev ans, R. Jones, W. Gay, S. Hicks, J. Davis. Fufure I-lomemokers of America M -W fr :A ,w7::. .. , V f ' s,.J.,R M . Q :,. '.- L ii, , it K V ff g vf .- , i - h, , x If ,, Wg . , ...., 4 ,1 , Y , ' Y , '- t . 1 Q- 5 Q 3 i l I .z mi I gaze' "Towagd New Horizons." Fufure Farmers of America ' ' - 2 4 1-ez.. 6 "Learning to do, doing to learng earning to live, living to serve." Lfbrarfcns M1 MM W W Q ,ax K gfwx 'ia' We can travel the whole world nn our lnbrary. Gfee Cfub ' -A 'TNQ - -1 - f- -- -L--MA- .. ,J-.v-L.,,--,,M...i.W-,,,,A,,..,I.1, .K.,,M,A,W,, ,W,.,m,TK f'fQ,'W'7'ff3"3G13fffff2 Musxc brmgs harmony to the. soul. 0 SLA Fufure Teachers of America Eula Boyette Chapter , l French Cfub "Le Pont d'Amitie" 4 1 W I I I 5 I 4 I L Cifizenslvip Club if 4 - ' as 5.415 N Senfor 4-H Cfub "To Make the Best Better" yn CJ, fi you Q 1 .v.. .fx T".:ft K f . t , Us rw, .,, .-. E' Junior 11-H Cfub ijfm v W -gave af Cfweerfeoders Left to Rigbl: Wanda Batten, Mascot bara Stancil. . N Mimi fn if 'll V'- I f Betty Lou Narron, Joan Crawford, Mil- dred Horne, Rochelle O'Neal, and Bar- egg I Lunchroom Personnel X ,! J? Left to Right: Mrs. Louise Woodard, Mrs. Lessie Atkinson, Mrs. Imogene Adams, and Mrs. Glennie Godwin. Bus Drivers Left to Right: Roy Ray Parrish, Stephen Parrish, Claiborne Pope, Ann Renfrow, Kenneth Davis, Melvin johnson, and Jackie Stancil. Cus fodro n CLIFTON ADAMS C ,-,,. 5-3 f-J M---- , Y Z- , - , . QL' XX Rx N 5 YS YJ QQE: 54 Aj fi i 9 . Qfzgkl fl R-SNES g,' Sswiii ,Q SSRN?- SNS ' xx "' I? Qi, '15 -,,.. iilihg N A 5 1 Adverfisers M I , 2 f 1 ' 774 - Y , xg-Z 5 Cfig-F-:F v . 1 A 1 N J! H ll 0000 0001 000.0 0000 .000 0001 0000 0000 Q00v 0000 0000 0000 ' 000 'OOO' '0000 ' 001 -0000 '000 "5::. 000' 000- 000. not 0000 '000v ' 009 'OOO' 'O00. 0000 000 0::3:o. 00' -090. 0000. 000 obo 00:o. ' 000 'Ooo- ' 00. 40000 0000 A 000 4 000 ' 000 - 500. 000. 0000 000. 0000 0000 000 0000 000 000. 000. 0000 080' 00 0, . 9000 -gs... 90 0 . Q04 A 9 , 9' ' . ,000 . as . 2 e ' 0 5 J ' 996 . 9:, :nj .00 . ,f' - 2. 00 . . g o 806 0 9 9100. O asus I ,aw .0006 A 95000 , gsm: 0 , 50000. . O 5000 0 , oss :00:: 5 A 353- ' aw . ,pad , Og Q 0 .I O A 0 0 1 Q 0 . O . P ' I n -0 -0 e E " 4 Q S ' 0 . 'z u Q0 0000 om e 500.0 u .0000 00006 00000 , r . no 4 e use I some 0000: u .ooo N322 0:06 m 00 e 3 'S r D00 mon ,rod 00 O ' r ,oo 6 N 0:00 ' Z! O0 ' 406 ' oo U0 0: .00 . UO0.. 300. ,go pw: .000 Z!!! ' oo 90 , ZZ!! 0 n : J I 5 00 so' Lg., 00000 0000 Six.. 00556. . 0000. 0000. 0000 nie. 0000. 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0060 nh ":::.. 9000 0000 000. 000. 000. 000. ooo O00 O00 "azz, 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 000' on, 0009 0000 0000 0001 ooo. O00 '32a.. 9000 0000 0000 000 ooo 000 0000 009 nov 000.. O0 9 nn no an 4 1 A . -0 0 0 C . -0 0 s -0 -0 0 . . . . . -o -o . C . C I 0 A o 'Q -0 . L C Q Q O D I 0 A L C O I I Q O A Q Q . -0 'O . O . -0 . . Q I O :Jvf Be St W Fr 'She Om S SM :TH F,ELD To BA Cc o W A RE H QUSE A Ss 0 Cl A no N -it J.: it J,.,,.,4. -1' :qt -1' -17 Se 'I Y Our N ex r At Tobc CCC W A Ts 0 N W A R EHOU SE llw Gts on lea ds W ilso n W ilson lea ds th e W or' 4 , 4' ,C4-..Q-ep-.f-I-0-Ovffpfafv- v - v - THE CHERRY HOTEL Free Parking 200 Fireproof Rooms JOHNSON'S GARAGE General Auto Repairs Cars and Tractors Route I Middlesex GODWIN'S SHOPPING CENTER W1 N th C I, Phone 3733 n 'Son' O' mo' O Highway 222 Middlesex CHAD NARRON ' Clearing - Grading Ph Z b I -9-5727 Mfdggsgx DRY CLEANERS J. w. HINTON Gnocznv :g Phone 2356 A Gulf Ga, and gil 1: Kenly, North Carolina Highway 39, Middlesex QI Ax:,,,,:,,x,,,,g,,,,,x::,,gi ,,,, ,,, ::.-:: ::::: :::.T: ' :::::'A::::"::: "" """' : :: I wooDARD 8. CREECH DRUG COMPANY JOSTEN'S Prescription Druggists FINE CLASS RINGS Ph 2316 one ANNOUNCEMENTS Selma, North Carolina Joe A. Creech W. Grover Creech ':'Kb:l5f5'I5EE5'RKiIL"" Custom Grinding and Mixing Highways 39 and 42 I-..-5-,r-. Look for the Checkerboard Sign" 4'1f5:-Sth. '.'l:.:? gm: In Y' x .aff 51. -iv I, f 4 J --v----,--,v-vv---vv -- 'I I ::::f::::: ' ' ' 1 1 'I It I I " PARKER5 BAR'B'Q cHuRcI-IwIsI.I.'S, INC. 5 , Bar-B-Q, Steak, Chicken, Oysters I 1: JEWELERS 1' 1 Dial 7-0926 Highway 301 I I Wilson' North Carolina Wilson North Carolina I ' Best Food ln Town I j: 1, ,: FE A AAAAAAA A AAQAAA AAAA A A ixx' 'm:m:"xx":"' xxx' Mx::xx"xxxA' I 1, ,I I . I: 1, ': I BARSHAY'S 51-ARI-lNG'5 lp . LADIES' SHOP 35 I "Merchandise of all Kinds" 2 I Wilson' North Carolina Smithfield, North Carolina I 1, I I I . me ---- 1 rfrffxfrrfmmme:mm I 1, :V KENLY LIVESTOCK j MARKET ' I JUNIOR WOUDARD 5 1' Daily Buyers of ' Groceries, Gas and Oil HOGS Cows 8. CHICKEN-S : 'Q Route I I fl 1, Middlesex, North Carolina W. L. Kinsey, Owner :I :I Phone 3521 Kenly, N. C. I 1: ': ILA:::::::::::::::' A-AA'---- : 5555555555552 ' ' ' ixiiimiiii Amxmmxm:x::xxxmI ., 1 BRANCH BANKING 81 " I NATIQNAI- BANK TRUST COMPANY I I I D G "The Safe Executor" :I : WIIson, North Carolina Member of ,' : Memben of . The Federal Deposit The Federal DCPOI-ill' Insurance Corporation ': ,, Insurance CorporatIon Wilson North Carolina :I 'I ' 1, If 1 I, ln 1+ , 1 1 1: JORDAN 81 HOLT, INC. l I, HARDWARE 1 1 E Plumbing and Heating 1 Contractors I 4 Kenly, North Carolina 1 1 A NORTON'S Sc TO 55.00 STORES "Something for Everybody" Kenly-Selma, North Carolina R. E. TOWNSEND 8. COMPANY Real Estate - Insurance Wilson, North Carolina '5 JORDAN'S JEWELERS 1 'I Established 1898 1 ', Smithfield, North Carolina :I 1+ it it 1 it . IL-:::: :::::::::::::::: :::-rv-0-'OJ ::::::::::::::::::: :::::"l1 'r 'rHoMPsoN GARAGE 3 Wrecker Service - Used Parts n r ll l 1, l 4, 'P l DAVIS GAS 81 ELECTRIC APPLIANCE COMPANY Phone 2367 Wilson, North Carolina Shop with Confidence LEDER BROS. Wilson, North Carolina ::::::::.1-::4v-t:J-arasg-:::J.1-- - BAILEY'S JEWELRY Diamonds - Watches Expert Watch Repair 105 South Douglas Street Wilson, North Carolina W. L. SNIPES 81 SON Groceries - Seafoods Selma, North Carolina BROWN'S BARBECUE "A Place for Young People" Selma, North Carolina :::J-4-::.1': "'EA"i"16Hi4s5N7s Vx: Barbecue-Pig and Chicken Smithfield, North Carolina WWW lo" Wff EoMuNn's MEN's sr-lor A Fine Quality For All Men I ss so ielini Niriffi ,.., if ..,,, -Q' -----,--..- A- "H 'W' "nj MRI 4 4 4 4 I I I 4 I 1: I : .4 SMITHFIELD 3: ' I WHOLESALE BUILDERS 'I 4, SELMA RADIO and 4 suPPLY 5: Music co. 4 tl "Qualify Building Mqferiql" 1: I Maytag and Westinghouse ' 4I 2 3 Appliances 1: 1 uw ' th' Illl 'I Smithfield, North CQTOIIYIC gf 3 IINSSEZZ gizlgchjngwxrwirse , ' I If 'I Selma, N. C. .I k"::9'f:::::- AAAAA 25:55 AAAAA ::::::5:":::::3f3Ji'ff-l rfxx: - :::N:::::::N- fx: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::--I 11 I1 I , J. G. BOYKIN 'rExAco I , c,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,. ,,, ,I ssnvlcs STATION .5 I 'I I I It woonARo and co. mo... 4 4 I 4 ' Kenly, North Carolina If ' ,,, I I U I 4 4 I QI RFD 3 Kenly, N, C. I IIE-:::: :: ::: ::::-1-0-0-ohvfvsj '::::::::: ::::f::f-1'::::lI If AVERY BATTEN Q 4' Qt Masonry Contractor 1: KEN'-Y FROZEN :I 4' 4 I I Ph 3728 K I , N. C. ' 4 1, one any I FOOD LocKER 4 :1-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: - :I I :E Slaughter and Processing I 14 R. L. SMITH PAINT sHoP 3 I 4, 'I' Phone 4376 Kenly, N. C.- ,, I 211 S. Pine St. Wilson, N. C. I 2 ,:::,f::::,::,,:,.,::,, ::,J r:f":f'ff:"'f::f:::xfxcxxc' :xxxx:ffff::xx:x:::::fff-1 'I Mem.: NORMAN I I COSMETIC STUDIO GRAcE's BEAUTY SALON 1: I EVELYN'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 4150 Micro, N. C. 1: I 4, 4: PIWOFIG I 6 Roblte 3, Ken :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- - 4 ' QNX- KENLY PURE on. STATION I, Xg.fN .... - c Ph 9826 -f X K I, N. C. I E E Pune en Y 1 I C , I I l I N fx: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::f:::::::::::::t1 International Trucks Farmall Tractors 1: R P If 'Cotton Buyers and Ginners I Q I FLOYD C. PRICE I A N D S O N S ' if 'NEQQZQTQENIAL "Everything for the Form and Home" .I 'I fl Dial 2311 senm, N. C. If la-::: :::::J ::::::: -::::::::::::: :::::::-4-:-f:-foo-04-0-0-rsll ffxx' ""xx'xxxxx:" "'AA : E:::xx:x:xx:x:x:::3 DENNY S WHITEWAY 'g 1 Wilson's Oldest Jewelers SERVICE STATION Il My 1ExAco I 2 HBE-calf! , , , GAsouNE I1 4 , I ' " EDDIE BOYKIN, Propfaefof I 108 West Nash Street Complete Courteous Service 4: I wnson, N. C. rIREsToNE TIRES E I ,,,,,,:,,,,,,,,:,::, -:,::::::::::::::,,::::::- I :"xxx:mmuw I II If l l JoYNER's FUNERAL KERWT RP-PER I I HOME GROCERY I E AMBULANCE SERVICE Smncws Chapel If 1: lO7 N. Pine Street IE Wilson, North Carolina Highway 42 Kenly, N. C. 1: 0 U Eff- :::-1-:J-0:-v-04 s'0f:::: ffff-f-0-0:-?'4':::::-'f:::::::::ll :E QE GROWERS gf I 11 I 1: " COCPERATIVE WAREHOUSE I 4 . Highway 301 f Wilson, North Carolina 0 :v :::::::::::::::::::.1-:::::::::: ::::.f-0'oc::-4-:Jr-06:1-4-: lee: 000000000000 000 00000000 0000 BILL'S WATCH SHOP Guaranteed Watch Repair Kenly, North Corolino CASH CORNER GROCERY ESSO Products Groceries and Fish RED BALLANCE Kenly, North Corolino For ALLIS-CHALMERS FARM MACHINERY HEAVNER- WALLACE IMPLEMENT CO. Smithfield, N. C. E ss,s, 0 -0- -vv--0000000000 ungrutulutiuns 95? I Bi NARRON GIN COMPANY Route 2 Kenly, N, C, 'Y H 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1+ + 4+ 4+ + 4+ + 4+ + 4+ 4+ 4+ + 4+ 1+ + 4+ 4+ 4+ + 4+ 4 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ + 4+ + 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ vvvv, -----vvv-4, - - -000000 -0000:::-v--vvv--- --- 'T LUCAMA-KENLY BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Lucomo Kenly BLUE FLAME GAS CO. Stoves, Water Heoters Spoce Heaters Experienced Service Men Diol 239-I Night 4651 Kenly, North Corolino 1 LA A A - ..... .A--AA - -:::: -: -:::-J 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ + 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ J '+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1+ P 4+ 4+ 4+ + 4+ 4+ P 4+ + i P 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 + 4+ 1 1' ' """" """""' ' I A. G. LEE 15 NEIGI-IIsoR's MOTOR co E OIL COMPANY ' General Merchant I I 'I OIL BURNERS Sales - Service Kenly, North Carolina I SERVICE I I 5: XXX-jf ' 5: I JOHNSTON ' 1 I QQQU- D Ig fl II I -S my f EE FURNITURE FIRS 1: ., ,,,,,u,,,,, . I I ASSOCIATION JOHNSTON FURNITURE Phone 416-8 Route 3 8. APPLIANCE CO. ,,,:,,L5f2LlQ,Ljl3lLLLEifyEE:::::.A::- I EC0 N 08322 RCN ITU R E COMPANY ::::fff-:::::::::::f::f: Selma, N. C SELMA FURNITURE Co. 764 M 5,057 DUNN SISITRLNLXILTEJRE Co. rlW'f'f'f'0'f T0 VISIT ROSE IEIIHRONIIFERE co. SMITHFIELD JONELEMISLRQTFIERS NEW CAR DEALERS FURKFQJUNFECO- TALTQN, INC. 1, WILLIAMS MOTOR CO. ,0,fjEJ5hf5IQOTr,fER5 I LITTLE'S PONTIAC, INC. FUWTURE C0- 55 WILSON CHEVROLET COMPANY E5 BUIE MOTORS, INC. I GARDNER MOTOR co. PIPFIN MOTORS, INC. 1, Is. R. WILSON, INC. Pine Level, N. C MILLER-HOLLAND FURNITURE CO. Benson, N, C, PINE LEVEL HARDWARE CO. Pine Level, N. C. BARNES FURNITURE COMPANY Four Oaks, N. C. DENNING FURNITURE COMPANY Smithfield, N. C. G. S. TUCKER 81 CO. N L.-wH!IFFI-A9T9-sf-IEEE--- 1: I SmIIFIfIeRIL-glcgguu A A A A - - AAA. - A ....... - - A:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :fii-1 PITTMAN AND MITCHINER 'XX fra. WTTFM any . GRADUATES Cotton and Fertilizers General Merchandise Phone 3147 Micro, N. C. 4 0 41 0 '1 N N '1 U 41 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 P P P 0 0 N N U 1 S 11 0 0 , ',,:,,,:,,:::,,,,,,,,::: A::::J P KENLY 5"'0PP'NG CENTER NARRON'S GRocERY a. TIRE co "Shop Here ond Save" 1: I' ' 1 Kenly, North Corolino :I Kenly' North Corohno P 5 0 -:: :::::::::,::::::::::::, , ::::- :::::::::::: :::::Tg , q N . ' ' :I COmP"me"'S Of 2, if clTY BARBER sHoP Ig KENLY DRY CLEANERS ': ,I 1: Kenly North Corolino Kenly' North Carolina ' T' 3' I ,,, E,,,,,,,,,,,,:::,,:::: -.1 -::: :::::::::::::::::::: '1 1 1 FLETCHER LEWIS GRocERY 1: Cwffesy Of GCS and Oi, :E 5: LILLIE a. MELVIN STARLING Route 2 Kenlyl N. Q' Closses of '28 ond '29 -:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J: 5e':: "' '::::::::::::::::::: A A Ati :I 1: 1' P D , DAVIS 3. KNIGHT GARAGE QI ft COmp"memS ERY 'g 1 1 Point ond Body Shop STARLING GROE I N C 1: 1 H ' Wilson, North Corolino 2 Route 2 en Y' ' ' A::::::::::::::::,::::::: A:::u ,:::::::::: - - -:::::::::::::::::::' J 'r 'Q 5::: ,- 5 2 Your Friendly Store il DAVIS FEED MILL 'r it PURINA cnows TALTON DRUG CO. 3 Custom Grinding and Mixing Phone 2721 Z Phone 4236 Kenly, North Carolina if Kenly, North Carolina 'u QA:N,t:::::,,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,: -:::J-H-::: -:::JffJ-++'ffJ-"+""- 4f,,.,.,.,:,::,..-,,::::-f'-..-'-f-".-"-'.'- rffffff- ::::::::::::::: HUNT FUNERAL in 2 HQMES J. DOBBIN BAILEY 'u 2 AMBULANCE SERVICE General Merchant 4+ if -Phones' Kenly, North Carolina if Wilson 3148 Stantonsbury 2381 4 I I 'iA:v ::::v ::::-,c:::::::-it: -:::::: 1: I . gt 1: H. M. GRlzzARD 1: Compliments of Ei it 1, Q FAMILY Gkoclskv Uwe serve You 1: From the Cradle to the Grave" jr Kenly, North Carolina il Kenly, North Carolina I I 1Lk:::::::::::::::::::: -sv-4-::::::-f-"4':-f::::' A::: :: , .: , , , , ,:,:, : ::::::: 'ffffaf 0 in 1, RAINS AUTO 5: SUPPLY COMPANY 5 Esso Products if Auto Parts and Accessories I: Phone 2266 Kenly, N. C. I ii ir in Lxsv KENLY PRINTING CO. Printing and Binding Offices Phone 356-I P. O. Box 383 Kenly, North Carolina -..-v4------ P ' 1 GEoRG1A's BEAUTY SALON 1, 11 ft Phone 4681 Keely, N. C. :E 1 1H:::::fff::::-:::f::ff::f:f :-- --. I: 1 11 JASPER LEWIS GROCERY 11 1: Gas and Oil : Haghwey 42 Middlesex, N. C. 5: ll 1 Ax::x:::: ::x:xx:x, Q 1 CORNER GRILL l 1 1 1 ' 1 1 fx 1 ' , ll L 5' 1: E Lil I 1: II fi W1 li 1 QI "Eats For All" ,I ll Kenly, North Carolina 11 A:::::::::::::::::::::: :vw ,Q r -:::::::-:::f:f:f::::::::::: fn, 1 :1 1, SUPER-DUPER 1 1, 5: 1 M A R K ET S 1 . I 1, , l I 1' is Q 1 vii, 1 1, tx X- 1. 1,1 K J, 1 1, :P 1, I 1 1 1, 4 Jn ,fl ax --, ' 1, 11 .feeadfksigeg ,,g,1,,, 1 1 X 1 " 1 1 Z ml l 1 l' ll . l 1 J 1' S 1 l l ' if l l 1 ' ii 1 X X ff 5, 1: 1' 1 " 1, 11 l24 South Tarboro Street 1 IOOO East Nash Street 11 :1 324 South Daniels Street 11 1l 1 1: wneen, NO1111 Carolina il 11,,,:,,,,.,,::::::::::::.-.-:::::::- J ,rv ":f-'1 :E 1 1, l: 1 ,, 1 1 if 1, -Y 1 Q 4,5 1 1 , ,, '1 ill 1 ' 1' ll ,I ,aw XA. I 1 I, . I.: E , 1 1 1 1 1 if 1 ' ' 'rf-r mt 1 , I' . ll 5+ CW 35 l 1, 1 1' GRADUATES 1 Ig fl 1' fl 1' 11 1: it 1 ft PARENTS-TEACHERS 1: 15 ASSOCIATION 1 1 11 1 Q, GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL if : 1 1 l 1 1' 2 -JI 1f:: UAW I' fl 1 . . 1 1' Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, 1: Q' Fenner 81 Beane gf l 1 l 1: Underwriters and Distributors tl if of Investment Securities ,E 1' 1 119 W. Nash 51. Wilson, N. If EE gf 2.-:::- :::f-- ffff-ff ll im: wxxxm''xmxmii 1: Compliments of 1: EASON'S Jsweusns l lf Selma, North Carolina li A-AA, U AAAA ll - -::::::::::::::- v - ---- 1, I II ft J. CARL NARRON ' 'Q Cafe and Groceries If 1 1 :E Route l Middlesex, N, C. :E 1 1 L A -,,,,,:: A A -::::::::::::::::J P P P P P P P P P IP li I 1: SIDEWALK PRODUCE " W. T. BOYETTE S STORE P CENTER 4 P General Merchondise Sfmth Tmboro Street EP GUS and Oil L Wilson, North Corolino 1: P Proprietors ' Route 2 Keely, N- C. gg J. MANNING NARRON 1, , JIMMIE PITTMAN P FE 1: -:v -a L'::: 4 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 7 v - :- :::'AlP 'P 'P P IP SIMMONS CHEVROLET P' I It COMPANY P DICK s ELECTRICAL Co. IE P fl, it 1 W7 'g CONTRACTINC is , Sales and Service P 'P "Chevrolet, the cg' 1 word Blvd. Phone 7-oi is I most Pe0P'e buy 1 Wilson, North Corolino :E Phone 2411 Kenny, N. C. 2' TP U-: :: IAAGE IP ' P KENLY DRUG CO. I 3RuCE'5 HOT DOG if P 'P "The First Thought in Drugs" 5 I u n 'P Two Registered Druggists ' Eats for Everyone 'I P . . I Kenlyl North Carolina : Wilson, North Corolino 1' it I 4 'P -- ll --A: A:::l :xx :TTI It I Compliments P I FIRST CITIZENS BANK l I : I Smithfield, North Corolino P P IP IP IP 3 STORE thC X T ers T Y Bella-Tyler is-X Wilson, NSY, EV N Q W tl VJ it it l. :yi fl f 14 li A-fi ll l 1 ' I T l ' IE l ' T 1 IE I , U l So t EM-JAY A SPORTING GOODS CO. IO6 S. Torboro Street Wilson, North Corolino L.-:::: In Wilson MOTHER 8. DAUGHTER FASHIONS IOI-lO5 Eost Nosh Street Compliments of GRANTHAM'S I Boys' ond Young Men's Shop Smithfield, N. C. l. ..AA ATLANTIC GREYHOUND CO ruusrourmon. sicinsmuc BRANCH BANKING 8. TRUST COMPANY "The Sofe Executor" Member of THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Selmo, North Corolino Compliments of DR. RACHEL JORDAN Optometrist BARRETT'S PRINTING COMPANY MEDLIN PRINTING CO COMPLIMENTS GRAHAM DEAN ROCKY MOUNT PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOC TOWE INSURANCE SERVICE RICE'S MEN'S AND BOYS' SHOP DR. WOOTEN DAVID BOYKIN W. J. WOODARD HAROLD CREECH DR. DENNINC DR. H. M. POTEAT RICHARDSON'S JEWELRY SHOP C. R. EARRIS C. S. TUCKER B. CO. EARRELL SUPPLY CO. A HEILIC-MEYERS LUCILLE'S BRIDAL B EORMALS STANDARD FINANCE CO. J. D. SMITH ' R. E. QUINN MR. IWILEY NARRON, Attorney HOOD'S DRUG STORE REFRIGERATION AND ARRLIANCES, INC. OUEEN'S UPHOLSTERING SHOP FARMER'S WAREHOUSE DOKEY CRIMSLEY AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPH ff a Jw 'Z .. X 0 5'4- a' AUTOGRAPHS AUTCDGRAPHS Lv Ai- The programs in our television have been many and varied. They have not been rehearsed. We have tried to show them in word and picture as they occurred, naturally and spontaneously, throughout our school year of 1956-57. As you view these programs in the years to come we, the staff, sincerely hope that you will enjoy them over and over again as much as we have enjoyed pre- senting them to you. THE STAFF K I AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTGGRAPHS L X65 Q J 1 ,v xv ,MMS l' has-af 'Wm L, N-if ' "N -jv y'-y A . , H A, N.-. G 'Q 1-. K XXI QM Q , ' ' if I ,, A-42 I A Y nh' N' -I w 'H' WA' -QT. :L si- - Mx Lk- "-l ' H "fp ll x"' :: 'N 1? .fnl v. A, M. lAl lv If M, V 4' 'Arg S91 ..-,.,,M., ,MM q pun... 4- lv u i.3SfQ 1- 1 'ff"""' 1 ,Y 35 'Q . ' X - 'Q- ' 4 5 Us ml 1 ' .9 2' A ly . ,4 A 1 fl 5 a :, . K A . A 1 'q,., f - 1 . 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Suggestions in the Glendale High School - Glen Cedo Yearbook (Kenly, NC) collection:

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