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 - Class of 1951

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Glendale High School - Glen Cedo Yearbook (Kenly, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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U e ', L 1 L Y V A r " 1 f 5 ' 1 George Thomas Brannan 4106 Nantucket Dr NW Wilson, NC 27896-8111 'wif 'v -'lUg- -w,7 ,Ai FH-H? IV.. f ff? FP wr- - V 1 , ' ff fx f ' A - Z '1-.:,-"Y 1. is 11? 'JV 1 L fff 3 , RAI N125 cw: JJ' ,I ,Q-,LX :QUQ w2x-.:esON N ,Cf 0 C C f u 5 A I ' gf! fo-N H" 1 'QA 1. ' . 3 :: H: :fm I pf' 7' ,O u ' 24 g ' J' "Av .ff If A ,Q A ' ! f 'Y , nm .jgqlnzggyfz -mfaanuhon 'I V 0 1 V 'N' 40, Ghz Dnrngun Qrrss ' ,la-"?v..,..,-W. wn,4.,.-... Q " A vvg',-,'.f-1' 1 I 1 1 1 4 N I 1 r w W M twist 1, -an ,,,y.,,g49+wgx4aewfvxm4' mf- I IB HE KW EE AFM 3 1 g J ,wg I W . V-mas. A f , x tx 34?-1 45: i 7 ,N W ,YJ-f,,,..s.w., W U , .. ' - aw Y s:f?Z?!'3efQ2 ,qw "'?QW'Q J !i?4a.31?fiv44l:" " N A WV ,Mffjzf:,Qi,,f3isi:.,.x,,N' . A -'f ffzfs' , -' " W ' ,M k Mfwf,,5,',..wAr2f- ' t REW RD We, the staff, desiring to retain our high school memories, have taken a heavy responsibility. Our only aim is to publish for ourselves and others an annual that will always bring gladness wherever it is. We sincerely trust that great pleasure will be gained by those who read this, our 1951 Glen-Cedo. Published by Students of GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL Kenly, North Carolina DE ' X9 5X We, we sXodenXs ofs G. VX. S., dedxcoke Xbxs, 'she GXen-Cedo, xN'xXXw vespeck ond oddfxvofxon, 'so Nw. Vx. E. NXCXXXGYOGY, os on evnpvesdxon oi our Lameme g,vo's'x'mde 'cor Yixs 'neXp'mX gdxdooce Xwouqoouk om sdnooX NIGOY. We oXX vfxskx 'co soy "'0oonXkd' 'sox Nook 'oe hos done 'co os, 'sox we sdoooX, ond Row we commurixw. N N X X Y V UEDO TAFF Editor-in-Chief .... Assistant Editors .... Business Manager . . . Circulation ...... Photographical . . . Make-up ..... Advertising . . . Typists .............. Senior Editor. ......... . Junior Business Manager . Junior Editor ........... Sophomore Representative Freshman Representatives JAMES SULLIVAN ...ELEANOR O'NEAL, EDITH RENFROW .......VERNA STANCIL, GLEN CREECH ....CREMO NARRON, MARTHA CREECH ...... DELANO O'NEAL, NANCY WALL JACKIE JOHNSON, MYRTHA ATKINSON . . . . .GLEN EDGERTON, ANN GODWIN . . . . . .HELEN POPE, BETTY HOWELL GRACE PEELE . . . .JOYCE FAYE HICKS VIDELL EDWARDS ALTON R. RENFROW . ...JUNIOR EDWARDS, SUE BOYKIN P Z X 4' 5, 1. d gs 4' VIVIAN BASS ETHERIDGE Our friend ond Teacher who devoted v 1 even her lost days to our service. Qlln gmlemuriam FACULTY MR. EARL CRAWFORD A.B. Degree Mathematics MRS. ANDREA BOYETTE A.B. Degree Tenth Grade Science MRS. MARY E. DAVIS B.S. Degree Eleventh Grade MRS. ELlZ. J. CRAWFORD B.S. Degree Eighth Grade MR. WM. J. DIXON A.B. Degree Ninth Grade Commercial MR. ROBERT MCNERNEY B.S. Degree Twelfth Grade Social Sciences Coach MRS. ELIZABETH POPE A.B. Degree Ninth Grade English MRS. NORMA BLEVINS A.B. Degree Eighth Grade Algebra Coach We ff-we 499' President ...... Vice-President .... Secretary ...... Treasurer ...... Class Reporter . . . CLASS OFFICERS Tommy Narron James Sullivan Jackie Johnson .Edith Renfrow . . . . .Helen Pope GRADE SPONSORS Mrs. J. V. Rentrow Mrs. G. V. Stancil Qglampgiwf fi'-..,,,,,,p MYRTHA ATKINSON "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an ex- cellent thing in woman." Class Officer I, 4-H Club I, 2, 45 Glee 2, 45 G l e n-Cedo 4, Who's Who 4, 4-H Award I, 2. BILLY BARFIELD "Full of fun and mischief too, likes doing things he shouldn't do." 4-H Club I, Who's Who 45 F. I5 BGt'1d 25 Industrial Arts 2. FRANK BARHAM i'Quiet and shy, a real nice guy." Halloween Manager 4, Who's Who 4. DONNIE BOYKIN "He would argue with a mile post then take the wrong road." 4-H Club I, Baseball 4, Who's Who 4. in Q- V 1 ' if 'Q 'Ms iv 'yu .Q "Q, 'jfijg gf -:K ,'Z'i,,,vw " 7, 5 2 we " :ff my f fi f,g , , ,nwf,Zgs,f.1+vfgx,.1f.V:51.3gfzi X , 2 ff g f . wwf "'f 4 sift' ,I - - fm' . i ff .3 rgfqb 4, , ' N ff? 651273 . 4 he 1: f 2 .af 1 f , f A m,M.v . V. " f Wyi ff , -V - "" ' ?Sz ,f .4 ja-5 .fgQkfff1QZ,!,',7,5 -:,A,r2j.' sl X t "' 'ffei ww j 4, ' - l . . V W ., '- if . Qu' x, . , A f W k GLEN CREECH "To ladies he's a treat, on the basketball court he's hard to beat." 4-H Club I, Glen-Cedo 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Bus Driver 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Who's Who 4. MARTHA CREECH "Her wise, rare smiles are sweet with certain- ties." Softball I, Midget Bas- ketball 2, Halloween Queen 3, Cheerleader 3, Glen-Cedo 4, Basketball 4, Who's Who 4. GLENN EDGERTON "Always in haste but never in a hurry." 4-H Club I, Glee Club 2, Who's Who 4, Mar- shal 3, Halloween Man- ager 4. ANN GODWIN "Silence is golden." 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Softball I, Bus Driver 2, 3, 4, Echo Staff 3, Glen- Cedo 4, Who's Who 4, 4-H Awards I, 2, 3, 4. RETHA HICKS "Who thinks'too little and talks too much." Softball l, 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 4, Midget Basketball 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Bas- ketball 4. BETTY HOWELL "Not too sober, not too gay, but a very good pal in every way." Softball l, 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 4, Midget Basketball 2, Li- brary Science 4, Glen- Cedo 4, 4-H Awards l, 2, 3. GERALDINE JOHNSON "Politeness costs nothing and gains everything." 4-H Club l, Who's Who 4, Softball l. .IACQUELINE JOHNSON "The gift of art is a gift from God." 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 4, Softball l, Halloween Queen 2, Echo Staff 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Glen-Cedo 4, Who's Who 4, Class Officer l, 3, 4. 7 4,7 2,1 1 ,,, ff ffl , 7, at M4 213, ,H fs, fo.. , wtf 45 X x 9 X rcfwfjjx :j""'f x?.F,fff'Q. W+'Y','Q,f'Qg?J',jC'i'QG"'P?'f ' , if " 55' eff' .igff ' 1, , f , gy- Sfyq-QSC. ytcvff-ff SEA, . WN . i 'V , , wi, , 4, , Q I 3 R . N it f 3 f CREMO NARRON "My only regret is that l have but one life." Class Officer l, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Glen-Cedo 4, Who's Who 4. TOMMY NARRON "Sincere, friendly, full of good cheer, a wonderful guy through all the years." Class Officer l, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4-H Award 2, Halloween Manager 2, Echo Staff 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Bas- ketball 4, Who's Who 4, Bus Driver 3, 4, Hal- loween King 3. DELANO O'NEAL "Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are." Softball l, Midget Bas- ketball 2, Glee Club 2, 4, Chairman of the So- cial Committee l, Class Ofticer 3, Echo Staff 3, 4, Glen-Cedo 4. ELEANOR O'NEAL "Study less and have more fun." Marshal l, 2, Chief Mar- shal 3,Scholarship Awards l, 2, 3, Class Officer 2, Echo Staff 3, 4, Glen-Cedo 4, Glee Club 4, Who's Who 4, Softball l, Midget Bas- ketball 2. GRACE PEELE "True friends are bless- ings, and she is one." Softball l7 Midget Bas- ketball 27 Basketball 3, 47 Marshal 37 Glen-Cedo 4. HELEN POPE "ln her tongue is the law of kindness." 4-H Club l7 Halloween Queen l7 Cheerleader 3, 47 Class Officer 47 Echo Staff 47 Glen-Cedo 47 Who's Who 4. EDITH RENFROW "She that was fair and never proud, had tongue at will and yet never loud." Class Reporter 37 Echo Staff 47 Basketball 3, 47 'Class Officer Aj Glee Club 47 Glen-Cedo 47 Halloween Queen 47 Who's Who 4. DANNY BATTEN Mascot 1 . if L X 1 ff, 5 7, f Q! 1' f fi VERNA G. STANCIL "Without m u s ic, life would be a mistake." 4-H Club l7 Softball l7 Class Reporter 27 Glen- Cedo 3, 47 Glee Club 2, 47 Echo Staff 3, 47 Mid- get Basketball 2. , JAMES SULLIVAN "Men, like bullets, go farthest wh en they're smoothest." Editor of Glen-Cedo 47 Class Officer l, 2, 3, 4j Glen-Cedo 3j Echo Staff 47 Herald Reporter 47 Who's Who 4. NANCY WALL "Gods rarest blessing is, after all, a good wom- an." Class Officer l7 Mar- shal l, 2, 37 Basketball 2, 3, 47 Echo Staff 3, 47 Library Science 47 Glee Club 4j Herald Reporter 47 Glen-Cedo 4. 'is' w -if - SANDRA RENFROW ,. if Mascot 'S M MOST TALENTED Jackie Johnson Billy Barfield L? .X ' , L 5. N ' E T1 ' ' ' L Q71 fl? - W ,. L if-,.+:2'g ' - 'N ' 'ffT'1 f . s 1. 'Lu T L - A Q f x ' 2- '4"i'Yf-':- 7, ' . , , ' ,' . If ,' -Q, 'N , '11, Kg.-' ' 'P 34 59- 'H L tg -ge j L Y' 3 , 'W L 4 5 f Q - .- J, V, ,W-.. ff SL. ' J 1. F X -' . - . '- BEST ALL AROUND if fA-- .T ' f" mg . H g NYU . f A ' .. .- f, in ' ii ef 'af W 1 ' W 7 1? -' . , Eleanor O.Ne0l 33 54? . Y , Qi yisf IL f A FNKL, James Sullivan AWN' ss 4' ,. .,,. . . ff ff , ' a , ' -' . P',2:4?,.,c , 1 ff 4 - '- Q , ' ,Q A ,,,, , , A ,,,,... .gp 0 , , . , ,ff f n f . Tiara- if-'gf V , , . Jw, 33,194 f f ,L is " if ,,.:i'L:4"f' w. J , fy 1,5 ' g ,r,.,.. ,,,, 1 f-gf, 5 , ' A ,, V g , " 2,2 sf 'J' VM . MQ A , W ! N f 1 2 if-iy if , , M ,A ffl if 1,1 , ,':s22'e?7' 1: LQ- vzsgzj ' . ' ' . 95 f A , Q. ff' f 5 1 4 sd - , 1- Z "" ff , , Q N7 yk jiyx , N? f, ,Y fe rl Qggi may ,Ewan 4551 ns. wx NU! bww 3 V ggbugvl W'ml2u. 1 ., , WZ, IKM ,Q 'if ws'-M? I i l 1 4 ,. L f 5 A FW' BEST LOOKING 2915 -GX Lang, I., xv Myrtha Afkinso Glen Creech BEST DRESSED Edith Renfrow Tommy Narron l i l MOST ATHLETIC Ann Godwin Cremo Norron 4l'0' lift rife' V . A N HN W ,, curesr Morfho Creech Glen Edgerton ll u an nu 'H fr 2' MOST POLITE Helen Pope Frank Barham FRIENDLIEST Geraldine Johnson Donnie Boykin' f ,fs vw A ' ,,,.-my mfg, 'R ,J j- - y V 9 J A i .- ze.: W ,, 1, A CLASS HI 'l'llliY Our class history began in T939. Some of us entered school at Glendale and the others at Chapel. As we approached this unknown world, all of us were frightened and doubtful as to what the future would hold for us. Little did we know what changes in our life would take place in these twelve years that we. were beginning. The year we enjoyed most in grammar school was the seventh grade. The graduates of Chapel joined the students of Glendale where they were one class for the first time. lt was very much fun getting ac- quainted with each other and beginning friendships that would always be remembered. Our first year in high school! lt seems that this year was very important. After we were accustomed to the new routine of study, we had three class parties at the homes of Adele Narron, Martha Creech and Zelma Ree Holland respectively. The group that started in the first grade can hardly be recognized. The "wear and tear" of high school had now been accepted along with the new and different studies, among these sophomore subjects are algebra and biology. ln this grade we continued having class parties. These delightful events took place at the homes of Betty Howell and Ann Godwin. The junior year was a very busy and exciting one. As usual, we sold magazines, ran an ice cream bar, and sponsored the Sauline Players. ln April the .lunior-Senior Banquet was held at the Home Dem- onstration club-house after careful planning by the juniors and their homeroom instructor, Mrs. Ray Boyette. Our grade mothers, Mrs. Wade Godwin and Mrs. lnez Franklin, gave us a Thanksgiving party and a Christmas party in our class room. The class this year didn't have a class party, but instead, together with our grade mothers we had a weiner roast at the Sunset Recreation Park in Wilson which all of us enjoyed very much. Later in April we ordered our class rings, thus ending our activities for the preceding year. We finally forced the class of '50 to graduate so that we could become Seniors. We were proud of our class that year. Being a Senior brought on new responsibilities, duties, and fun. At the beginning of our last year at Glendale we joyously received our class rings and elected the annual staff, who worked hard to carry on and produce a second annual. Some of us worked on the school paper. We also elected our mascots and gave the Senior Play. Now the last days at Glendale are at hand. We recall the pleasant memories and the changes that the years have brought and will cherish them as we depart into tomorrow years. Through work and through trials we, the class of '51, have at lcfst obtained our objective. We have emerged triumphant in the end over all homework and examinations. The falls of the careless have not caught us, though escapes from such dangers have been many and narrow. Historian ELEANOR O NEAL Pll0PllllllY Tonight as I watch the shining heavens, my classmates seem closer to me than ever before. Each one is dear to me, almost as dear as the twinkling stars above in their magnificent patterns. A horoscope of my friends is being unveiled to me. A distant star grows brighter as their lives are disclosed: Verna Grey Stancil and Delano O'Neal are on their way by plane to New York for a public ap- pearance as Metropolitan Opera stars. These two life-long friends met after six years of separation. Tommy Narron, owning all the land around Moore's School, is a very successful farmer. Jackie Johnson, having furthered her nursing career, iust successfully completed a serious brain opera- tion. She is truly a brilliant surgeon. Eleanor O'Neal was recently selected by the new North Carolina state governor, Cremo Narron, as his private secretary. Billy Barfield, though he hasn't yet discovered the gold mine of his dreams, is married to a pretty girl and raises money trees in his spare time, Ann Godwin, now Mrs. Robert Edgerton, is Superintendent of Nurses at the Carolina General Hospital in Wilson. Glenn Edgerton and his wife, the former Helen Pope, reside in Greenville. Helen is an interior dec- orator while Glen is professor of Eastern Carolina Teacher's College. J Franklin Barham is part owner of Thurston Motor Lines in Wilson where he works. Faintly l see Myrtha Atkinsonsin Hollywood. This "star" is so bright that no more of her life is re- vealed to me. Grace Peele has been working at the Branch Bank in Wilson, but is now married to the secret beau she had while going to Glendale High. They have a three-pound baby boy. Geraldine Johnson married Frank Boykin within a week after she finished school. They have twins, a boy and a girl, and Geraldine really enjoys her iob of housekeeping. lt seems there is another nurse from our class. Retha Hicks is very outstanding at the Woodard Her- ring Hospital in Wilson and has a wonderful time making eyes at the young doctors. The steady of our class, Martha Creech and James Sullivan, have finally become engaged. They plan to be married soon and live on a farm. Glen Creech is still looking for the girl who will support him. The soft shining of the stars brings to me a beautiful sight-candle-light and silver-as the former Betty Howell celebrates her wedding anniversary. Coach for the girls basketball team at the Women's College in Greenboro is Edith Renfrow. Never before have they had such a sweet director. Practicing law in his home as well as in his office, Donnie Boykin and his wife Sara Lee live in Durham and have two little boys who are iust like their dad. Class Prophet NANCY WALL IIIIII TIFF Editor-in-Chief ..... Associate Editor . . . Art Editors ...... Literary Editor .... Chapel Editor ..... News Reporter .... Sports Editors .... Gossip Editor ...... Circulation Manager Business Manager . . Make-Up Editor .. Humor Editor ... Alumni Reporter .. Grade Reporter .. Class Reporters . . . Faculty Advisors . . ELEANOR O'NEAL JOYCE HICKS .....JACKIE JOHNSON, GILBERT WHITLEY JANICEHARE DELANO O'NEAL WYONA LAMM .....NANCY WA LL, JAMES SULLIVAN EDITH RENFROW VIDELL EDWARDS ....WILL H. MUMFORD CLARICE PITTMAN .. .. TOMMY NARRON ..............JOYCEWEAVER VERNA STANCIL . ...HELEN POPE, RALPH JOHNSON .. . . .MR. MCNERNEY, MR. DIXON XS X "-fr:!::i::fr:5r:5::?r.'?fi'15f5:if:. r:5f5::1 ' 1 'ww K 'if . 'Egg A nv V fi X Z ffffffvzs ff gs :I off" Q." A 'Q ,' sg 'r?0'1:1:3 7 - 9' ' QM-2? - ::'nM'E'I:2+. ' ff! V 1 ' - f'. QS--Bb 'w"i575' " f .eff .J kssf' "v'sn452 5 fir 1' 'f es: 1 , .1 " 111 'sis gf 5 Qu ' ' ,Rv f ff H F ey gt X ,Q u Q f 12, Ez ,wp-1 I WWE' ' N 4' gf. -gig? vgf 'fp 'A J-,,f6f kv y f. J 1 Q55 4, I 1 , ,gf .9 x A, v JU lllll President ...... Marshall Pope Vice-President ......... .... G ilbert Whitley Secretary and Treasurer ,. ...Clarice Pittman Class Reporter ...... . ..Ralph Johnson -f 1-mf , f f 55,45 fx ,J f 4? f sm:- ,J f ,, ,, xl , if 9 , Q fa' 4, A 2121 , ., gy V, f 1 Qfwxf ! 1 Ir if ' 1 I f, 'K " A2 AM ii 1 4 X li K 5' .BX M. 1 . r fs LQ, ,sf ,W fx 6 4 y f Q 02 f W, X Myrtle Atkinson Bobby Boykin Janice Boykin William Cockrell Glenn Bagley William J. Barham Leaston Boykin Joseph Woodard Colleen Barnes E. Jay Boykin Ruby Boykin Joyce Woodard Donell Creech Joyce Faye Hicks J. V. Narron Ralph Stancil J. L. Creech Emma Hocutt Kenneth Narron Varon Starling Videll Edwards Ralph Johnson P, Jay Narron Worth Starling Mary Lee Godwin Doris Jones Eugene Phillips 555 - . - 4 X ' r 1, X. . .345 f .5 ' Q gy! Q- 32661 RQ 4- sc' fs , Skiyif-eff' 3340? . YSW92' s nm I rff x .. -' as W i" Z Weff My. f J , " ,if 1, ' f ,f V :- s.:m3:f ' M 'H f ., ' s :sp ' yi 7 'ff' ,f.':sf?1i2iQ X ' :MPR "KE: 31, . G' . 1 'wt ly, 6 . Q gm A tty., 7 ik Q. I ,Z , , I. Esc S V 325 . --fs '- 4:1515 ws an .stfawf -I , Q I X115 2 7 . :Q ,f 4 ' wi ' Mfg? , r ,yn ,f s R 'ee nee? Y- U' :wroffsf ecffpe 'gr'- - ft. 4 f , ft s ' J Rt' fd ' 3' ' fs i' Ms, W , 3 4? ff, , Qyf-'2 f Weis f f 'KW Z 1 Us Q. ,gf 4-f Z t J, f ws.. - '-:M f S ,. W 5 54 fi W1 ' t QC!! K Pj? ,Q .I if ' 2 Joyce Weaver 1 -4 '. Q W f X f 'f Janice Hare W Wyona Lamm 's : as ,Q 1, , 7' Q A 1 . 0. CJ- .. " Clarice Pittman . . 9 Gilbert Ray Whitley X, sv X f A x z f A' X ,Q,yAc fly . . if f If 4- s ,wi 9 Y e l 4 , gf 1518 Q' X f , , f,,43.t,Q f 34-vit ' H-. XY'?7a'1 f . i' E712 .W- Q.. f Will H. Mumford 4, Marshall Pope 2 I i X' It ff? J' f' , , "b f- . SWK, J 1 .4 f . 62431, , KQV ? - ,, ,, -"' - 545. gym, g inn' ,f Z 5 f YA 'TTI W -ew ,pw Vg Y -,fm-s W V. es, 'Vw fr: W Q 1 srsslzf w if A sw, ss K. 294, of sf Q 1, fix 'fx 4 ' 3 .5 , -.,,.. . W, if X 1 t-vx'41 .-t. ..':" H ff fi, Neff: 2 X gf- S :WVU 1125 W ,J I f t " , .Lf Q . fe EE: Q' ZX f ft , Ip Qs '22 1 17 1 gg? X Y J 44' ' he . 34 cor. ' Hsci Qi sf fy 7 Q! Y x 4 1 ,Q X QS' , ss ' , , f QQ, 1, , W 1 N fl f "' 5 f A X ff X5 , i ' W i l 9 wx 7 We r p f .al fw?afj7g i , -LQ-Y, , V. X -. - J! 1 : f if Qffwfff" 7 1 :fW ff w ,J ,, M ,EW MN ff Q' , 4- Lf. mfs fff 1 swf.: 221 my ,UW ,M , 4 ,,4g.,+,Qy. M. 4 W V - , W W ff W4 J .gkv 'f ' 'J nf ' We Q -1 . 7 if 2 W- Mr! 4? ' up Ziff ch ...- ,K '-5 "QV, X n 1-JZ'-EW ' - ff -, , V- .inf-cg.. .w 0 J J wzyszf f A Wit' ' ' 'fs ' riff Q, .4 f f" "wits 4,10 4 ' , .fQvt:7Ni.? wiv.: ., f 1,1 ff . K4 - 'M I '52 Xgfw it " '22 . . veil? ,. V- '4 ...V - at ,, -sq za-1 -.1-se . X V... 1 lk .5 f 4 www, - f ff ,Q f K 1 , f f , f Z Q s G, 7 f ' Mr f K 5' I Q fx fy x fx 0 Q 5 X s f K X ,gf 4481 f LN 1 ,7 -2. - z ,ff 3 5 Z z 32 ' 0Plllllllllllll -,-we---gn. -. Q . r X117 President ...... Alton Ray Rentrow Vice-President . . . . . . Dorothy Cockrell Secretary .... .... B illy Narron Treasurer ........ ...... J . V. Renfrow Sergeant-at-Arms ............... ................ .... W i lbert Durham Eugene 'Atkinson Garland Boykin Jesse Brannon Donald Cockrell Javis Davis Wilbert Durham Billy Garner Billy Ray Hare Bill Moore Emmitt Morris Ralph Mozingo Bobby Murray Billy Narron Elton Narron Bobby Pope Alton Ray Renfrow J. P. Rentrow J. V. Rentrow Valton Renfrow Elizabeth Barnes Belma Bryant Dorothy Cockrell Shirley Cockrell Ethel Lee Creech Margie Davis Marie Davis Jean Eason Betty Sue Godwin E. Jay Hogge Jean Hare Anne Hodge Josephine Hocutt Arlene Johnson Grace Johnson Magdalene Jones Hilda Gray Narron Shirley Jean Narron Jewell Price FRESH ll President ...... Vice-President .... . . Secretary ...... Class Reporter . . . . . . Cecil Batten Billy Ray Cockrell Charles Cockrell Bobby Davis Junior Edwards Bobby Gardner Vaden Narron Vrank Pope Buford Stancil Rastus Woodard Betty Jane Boyette .... Bobby Davis . .Charles Cockrell .. Junior Edwards Betty Jane Boyette Lucille Boykin Millie Boykin Genevia Creech Yvonne Creech Betty Hales Shirley Hicks Jessie Jane Hodge Lucille Price Mabel Jean Wood Shirley Narron Charles -Bailey President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer . . . Class Reporter Delmos Boyette Billy Davis Kenneth Davis J. D. Durham Earl Ray Jones Luby Narron Gilbert Parrish Winchester Stancil B. J. Starling Ralph Strickland Bet Boykin Billy Davis . . . . .Virginia R. Creech . . . . .Winchester Stancil Sue Boykin Peggy Crawford Virginia Creech Evelyn Garner Yvonne Hales Jean Hodge Betty Hill Myrtle Hill Gladys Reaves Shirley Stancil Melba Weaver Sue Boykin Sue Boykin EIGHTH GRADE ww osx.. 5LassLs5 President ..... Vice-President .... Secretary ....... Class Reporter .... Charles Atkinson Paul Boyette Worth Pope Boyette Braxton Boykin Bobby Creech Ralph Hill Arthur Howell Harold Parrish Charles Pope Vester Renfrow Jimmy Whitley . . . . .Faye Rentrow ... .Evelyn Atkinson Patricia Godwin Patricia Godwin Billy Woodard Evelyn Atkinson Priscilla Boyette Mavis Cockrell Patricia Godwin Edith Jones Betty Mozingo Shirley Parker Faye Renfrow Hilda Renfrow Verlia Woodard Coy Batten President .... Vice-President Treasurer . . . . . Secretary .... Class Reporter Eugene Cockrell nA. B. Crawford Douglas Davis Donald Johnson Clifton Jones Bobby Narron J. R. Narron Ronald Lee Narron Harvey Pittman Bobby Raper Fonza Lee Rose Jimmy Stancil ,... Donald Johnson . . . . .Jimmy Stancil ...........Emily Pope . . . .Margaret Atkinson b ..........Joan Kaye Hare Billy Carrol Whitley Worth Ray Whitley Margaret Atkinson Linda Lou Brannon Sarah Lee Crocker Shirley Jean Godwin Joan Kay Hare Alma Narron Emily Pope Joyce Ann Pope Elgie Weaver fl-ll CLUB President ....... Vice-President .... Secretary ........ Girl Song Leader . . . Boy Song Leader ..... .. .. ....Videll Edwards Ann Godwin .. Jackie Johnson Betty Sue Godwin ..Ralph Mozingo "I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service and my health to better living, for my club, my community, and my country." Myrtha Atkinson Betty Jane Boyette Bet Boykin Lucille Boykin Millie Boykin Sue Boykin Shirley Cockrell Peggy Crawford Geneva Creech Virginia Creech GLE UL ll Director ..,. .. Yvonne Creech Videll Edwards Virginia Edwards Betty Sue Godwin Betty Hales Yvonne Hales Janice Hare Joyce Hicks Retha Hicks Shirley Hicks ....Mrs. Davis Betty Hill Anne Hodge Jean Hodge Jessie Jane Hodge Betty Howell Jackie Johnson Earl Ray Jones Will H. Mumford Shirley J. Narron Shirley Mae Narron Delano O'Neal Eleanor O'Neal Clarice Pittman Avery Pope Lucille Price Edith Renfrlow Verna Stancil Nancy Wall Joyce Weaver Mable Wood BA EBALL First Row, left fo right: Donnie Boykin, Cremo Narron, Ralph Mozingo, Ralph Sfancil, Billy Garner Second Row: Tommy Narron, Bobby Boykin, Will H. Mumford, Videll Edwards. Third Row: Billy Ray Hare, Bill Moore, Glen Creech, Alton Ray Renfrow, Coach McNerney. lllllL'S BA KETBALL First Row, left to right: Ethel Lee Creech, Nancy Wall, Retha Hicks, Betty Hill, Martha Creech Second Row: Grace Peele, Sue Boykin, Edith Renfrow, Betty Sue Godwin. Third Row: Lucille Boykin, Betty Jane Boyette, Shirley Stancil, Ann Godwin, Mrs. Blevins. Not Pictured: Jackie Johnson. BUY' BA KETBALL M:w'?"' .4 l5"'..1.f3'ff A: , 7'-Qhvvzhws 'Qyqm I1-,. , 'u'w':'ti'f 1 "ff" -,J ,1 'il?3g5Hi':Sf1g-C 4, 1, ' ,fx-P551 ,,: .Wi 'Q - g . '-.h1v.r3ff,,g'?2-,3 .Qin - fp -2j",.,, L.: X551 QR.-:fha-g,3..13xr. T ', 1: r r, , , mr , R 4. ,wx-,vf,,.,: vs 7 .. f,1+-112525-' .DU H " ' :NA AI T,-wifwfblf-f-" twfE?iifsi"'1+1"f5Lf"-T 31? iv.: full ':ww:5'f::.. V. .W ,. 'MT' ,, .. 4 of X , , .af 4,-.5 -79 Svfhgqr gwggxlmwx, ,m.'f, .Aw ,,A5-qw 5 .Qs ""f!?Z2kw iff L is ff' 91 , . 1 ' 2:55 "' "'f'l:'+n, -.aMff11f'1b" First Row, left to right: Billy Garner, Varon Starling, Ralph Mozingo, Bobby Pope, William Cockrell Second Row: Worth Starling, Marshall Pope, Billy Norron, Videll Edwards. Third Row: Robert Lee Cockrell, Tommy Narron, Glen Creech. --nw-my VW-W ' 95 Q., 'F .H 6 'S il .. 'IJ Y' 1 v3 A , on , 3 ,- ,- Y L ...iw 2.2 Q, O, Q f W K '12 Q. H! 5 Wh! .mud-gifs-yw ' ww .9 Ki' K Xl .W it 25 ww gl 'fy . Sw X, K 'JP -s..'1 s, .. , , . g N Visa . 'fax Q7 QQ: x.: ,fp V , 5, 19 r i " , . 2322 'Xml' - 111' 'Q' if 5.5 1 , 1 , uf 3 r.......f v X 4? I 4 I ETHERIDGE COAL COMPANY COAL - COKE - BRIOUETS - ICE QUALITY COAL FOR EVERY PURPOSE LINK-BELT STOKERS Soles ond Service Plumbing ond Heofing PHONE 228-I R. C. A. VICTOR TELEVISION Rodio ond Television Soles ond Service KENLY, N. C. -0-0-04rcv-Jo-4:,,,,:-cvvvo--vvv T' """""' """"" "' I 'I I READ. I SMITHFIELD HERALD IT vvv... 3-ar v.., v-- BAILEY BROTHERS GENERAL MERCHANTS Route 3 Kenly, N. C II 'for I ' FULL COVERAGE OF JOHNSTON 'I COUNTY NEWS AND OPINION In ii S if W. T. BOYETTE'S STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ir 4+ I I GAS AND OIL 4 GLENDALE, I hvvvvvuof.-.fvA. ---+++-+A- NORTH CAROLINA -,,,,,.1u- ..v.. v-4-.--,,, ,,-,,,,- BLUE FLAME GAS COMPANY Gas Ranges - Refrigerators - Water Heaters - Space Heaters 1a PHONE 239i KENLY, N, C. R:x:If5E32f4T2:iEZffcfHZixx ,, .F ':::x::::::::x::::xxx::x , i I To Drlve I S 1 -Z" L 1 il IGHW :E Barbecue - Fried Chicken - Steaks :E 1 1, 4, 1, Oysters 1, 4 1, 11 11:1 Highway 3Ol-South Phone 3836-1 Q1 'i :i 1i ' ' Wilson, N. c, if 1 1 Q 1, A:::::::::::.r:::::::::::::: -::li :: :::::::::::::-+:::::::::::::::::-i r -::::::::::::-s::::::::::::: :Hi i 11 TELEPHONE 3541 45" Fremont Oil Mill Co. -I1 ll WHITLEY FURNITURE CO., gi gi gi 1:11 Cotton Seed Products and High Grade IQ INCORPORATED ' 1' 1 FURNITURE 11 ' Fertilizers l i i 1 Funeral Directors 81 Embalmers 1: 1" N it Q i- 1+ Zebulon, North Carolina ft ll Fremont' Crt mo ma fl :::::::::5:55-355555555555555555553lLf:55:i::::- --vv-vv :::J:::::::::J7J f:f:::ff::::f::::::::::::f:ff:::: -1 0ffff::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-ff 13 , 'i ' ' Compliments Of i ROCK RIDGE 111 1 'b 1i 11 4 1 1 ROLLER MILLS STANCIL 81 O'NEAL 1i 1i 'i M0"UlOC'U'e'S0l 1:1 GENERAL MERCHANDISE 2 ELouR - MEAL - FEEDS fi 1, We Do Custom Grinding and Mixing fi Managers- Elolse Gnd Burdelle 1, 4, 1 Route 1 Lucomc, N. c. 1:11 ROUTE 2 KENLY :E :::::::::: -::::r0t::::: Compliments WOODARD 81 CREECH DRUG CO. SELMA, NORTH CAROLINA Everytime We Moke A Friend We Grow A Little E. V. Woodord ond Joe A. Creech -A ........... J.---- I III In I PHONE I3O-J WALTER GODWIN LADIES' AND GENTS' FURNISHINGS Selmo, North Corolino II KENLY LIVESTOCK MARKET D A I LY B U Y E R S of HOGS, COWS, 81 CHICKENS W. L. KINSEY, Owner I fl 5:3::::::::::::::'A'::::g:: ::::I:: MIDDLESEX FURNITURE ,C COMPANY ll FURNITURE AND HOUSE FURNISHINGS I, Philco Rodio Kelvinotor Deoler ll Diol 44-I Middlesex, N. C. I iw, f':::: I PALNS AUTOMOTIVE I SUPPLY COMPANY CROSLEY APPLIANCES ., Auto Ports ond Accessories ll Telephone 426-6 Kenly, N. C. I I L, :::::::::::v f' ::::::::::::::: 'J gf PHONE 3423 55 GLENDALE GRILL , PLATE LUNCI-IES 1: SANIDWICI-IES-COLD DRINKS I oPocEPiEs I1 Vernon Woodord, Prop. It ROUTE NO. 2 KENLY 'I II -:::i:::::::: ::::::- F Q,,,,,,,,,:,, vvv... --,:::AA- - I I HUGH AUSTIN'S i MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE I "A mei Is All We Ask" li ll Smithfield, North Corolino II I I 4, ::::,4 LUCAMA DRY CLEANERS E. R. ROSE, Prop. ------ ------- --e,X f-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: For GOODness' Sake! 'WW f . AM aes! 4- E as QI Ts . 1 The Mello. Fellow" -SG. U. 1. PAT OFF. - .....,,.,, ,,....,, : 4, A. G. L E E GENERAL MERCHANDISE Tobocco Curers ond Tobocco Curing Oil Distributors Rgufe 2 Kenly, N. C. KENLY SUPPLY CO F C X D STRIBUTORS FEED - SEEDS - FARM SUPPLIES KENLY, N. C. CORBETTES MOTOR CO. Soles - B U I C K - Service I 0" I .... ix i' .df-7 Xu- ' 'R 202 E, GREEN' st. I WILSON Compliments W. Co rroll Stephenson ALL FORMS INSURANCE Robertson's Proven Fertilizers SMITHFIELD, N. C :::::4-::::::::::::::::::: -:::: CROCKERS CAFE ALL KINDS OF SANDVVICI-IES B A R - B - O COLD DRINKS COFFEE ROUTE 2 KENI-Y Compliments Of J. T. FLOWERS NARRO N'SGIN OINNERS AND SEED BUYERS ROUTE 2 KENLY, N. C. KENLY MOTOR CO. COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Blenn Hinnonf PHONE 2501 KENLY, N. C. GRANTHAM'S fo r SPORTS WEAR DRESS CLOTHES for MEN AND BOYS Smithfield, N. C. SMITHFIELD MULE CO. Livestock ond Avery Form Moichinery CLEAN USED AUTOS Phone No. 4 Smithfield, N. C. -vv vv---f-----vv- TALTON DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTIONS The Rexoll Store Kenly, N. C Phone 2121 The Friendly Store :::::J-::::::::::::::::::: :::::: J. DOBBIN BAILEY GENERAL MERCHANTS KENLY, - - v W v--- -:.-:::.-yu-:.-.-.-, NORTH CAROLINA Telephones: Day 220-I - Night 236-I Kenly, N. C. L. C. WILKINSON 81 SONS Manufacturers and Dealers in ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER - ALL KINDS BUILDING MATERIAL DUPONT AND GLEEM PAINTS - PLUMBING AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES CITY BARBER SHOP SHOWERS and SHINES N. L. EDGERTON, Owner Phone QBII Kenly, N. C. WORKS WAREHOUSE WORKS LEADS THEM ALL Rocky Mount, N. C. Smithfield Lumber Co. ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER Smithfield, N. C. 'WH ITLEY SUPPLY CO. DeaIer In GENERAL MERCHANDISE GAS 81 OIL Route 2 Kenly CornpIime-nts Of ROSE CLEANERS E. R. Rosa Prop. KENLY, N. C. -M .W .--. me -fl LEWIS MOTOR CO. Sales-Service PHONE 454 MIDDLESEX G. R. BALLANCE MEAT-GROCERIES SEA FOOD KENLY, N. C Compliments Ot JORDAN JEWELERS SMITHFIELD, N. c. KENLY FROZEN FOODS LOCKER Specializing In CURING OF IVIEATS Processing Ot MEATS, FRUITS and VEGETABLES Phone 203I Kenly, N. C CLAUDE W. HINNANT'S REPAIR SHOP General Repairing - Blacksmithing and Welding of AII Types Route No. 3 Buckhorn, N. C. COMPLIIVIENTS OF NEW PLANTERS WAREHOUSE NO.I8.NO.2 "Service You Can Depend On" WILSON, N. C Compliments Ot Eddie Crockers' Grocery 8K Gas Station Middlesex, N. C. Route I Sinclair Service Station A Complete One Stop Service Washing - Polishing -Lubricating FIRESTONE TIRES Delco Batteries- Battery Charging We Fix Flats KENLY, N. C. li ""r"l fl COMPLIMENTS or ,l l ,l FLOWERS DRIVE-IN 81 RESTAURANT ll li Pit-cooicizo BAR-B-O E, STEAKS SANDWICI-IES l c u R B s E R V I c E Q Six Miles North of Cloyton l-lighwoy 42 l l li l ti il l WATSON 8x ALFORD 1:1 SUPERIOR DAIRY Q , PRODUCTS 5 HARDWARE 5, ice cream - Milk Products gf 11 Grade A Posteurized Milk ' Distributor Esso Products ll ti A Home Institution il 1, 1: Service - Sonitotion - Rich Milk if phone 222-1 Kenlyr N. C. 51 lj Phone 474-J Smithfield, N. C. ll 1, 1, 1, :::::::::::v vv----- :::::::::' J lr """-'A"' """"-"' : ::-.l :::::::::::- ::::::-:::::::: TP v A:::'z ll l l lg Agent for Stondord Fertilizer PE: T' W' BALI-ANCE, Prop' tl I-leovy Foncy Groceries 1' 1, 111 ALL KINDS OF SANDWICHES 1 Flour- Feed ond Esso Products If I, , i 1 MILK SHAKES-COLD DRINKS b "Where You Buy For Less" 11 l, COFFEE ll 1 1, ROUTE i MIDDLESEX l ig 222 Ha-vvoy V2-Male from Kenny I: ::::::::- :::::::-4-annoy? LL.- pa-a -::::::: A::::::::::4':-ff:-f0'0NE "BE SURE WITH PURE" 'YF I U' L 'L 1, 'I 'L 'L Long Lecit Pine Grocery S. J. NORECK I .L H, RENFROW, Prop. I I GiffRQ,QiI.'.IL.'f.f.HLf..fl3ISE PURE OIL PRODUCTS ,,, E550 GAS 8, GI, Smithfield, North Corolino R. F. D. 3 KENLY, N. C. :xiiiiiii ,- 'iiiiiiiiiiiifl Iiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii Compliments Ot KIRBY'S FLORIST FLOWERS POP ALL OCCASIONS Q1 1 II ill L'L 'L 'L 'L L il 1,1 L,, 'L 'II 1,4 i,, Kenly Shopping Center WE CLOTHE THE WHOLE FAMILY I 'L , 1 'L 4, 4, Phone 275-I Kenly, N. C. I1 IQ KENLY, N. C. PHONE 2141 I I L 'L L 'L :::::::::::v AAA- ::A::A:::: JLA::::::::::: :::3::::::: :AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: -L 1- AA::AAA::AAA::::::AAA::A:A::A: . 4 4, Simmons Chevrolet Co. Q: GARDNER MOTOR CO. I L L SALES-SERVICE ,IQ Generol Repoiring 4 I Dodge Job-Roted Trucks Genuine Chevrolet Ports ', u ogy Phone 2411 -Night 4556 ,I I Sales 8' Same 'L K E NW' N- C- " 1: Smithfield, N. c Wrecker Service ., L, Compliments Ot Perkins Riverside Wo rehouse SMITHFIELD, N. C. 'L A::::::::::: ::::.r:::::0-0-ar-4-::J I L 1, I L, 'L I L L L, 'L 1 1, 'I L 'I 1, ' 1 L 'L 'L I I 1 Il 'L II L L li I 'L L 'L I FOR EVERY BANK SERVICE Broinch Bonking 8. Trust Compciny "THE SAFE EXECUTORH WILSON, N. c G-c-v:::AAA AAA- AAA- A AAAA --v-q- vv..v -v::v ---AAA-A-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I v------------------vvv-- q TOBACCO BELT RULANE CO. I I WILSON I TL, ROCKY MOUNT I I TAPPAN GAS RANGES - PERFECTION WATER HEATERS ll BRYANT HEATING EQUIPMENT HARDWICK RANGES l BRIGHT LEAF GAS TOBACCO CURERS ll H. M. GRIZZARD Sm COMPANY MERCHANTS FUNERAL DIRECTORS KENLY, N. C. "We Serve You From The Crodle To The Grove." , ACCCCCCCTTTTTT' I I II RTCK's OROCERY HUGHES MOTORS INC. 1: SEE ME FOR ALL YOUR GROCERIES DODGE - PLYMOUTH II No Order TOO Lorge or Too Smoll Soles-Service ll i On Highway 42 In 'I WILSON, N. C. ROUTE2-PHONE 3439-KENLY T I ::::":::::::"""""""" I I Compliments Of HOOKS 8x LAYNE .I D' I' T I: 'Sr' U or O , , Evelyn's Beoufy Solon TEXACO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS :T l 314 South Ninth Streef Phone 2l5 I I B U C K H O R N 'I I smzfhfaeld, N. C. I , ROUTE 3 KENLY, N. C. I 'I 'I Ir 'I 'I ::5:J'!'!'f55'55f5J55J 1 1 ll l 1. v,,, ,,,. ........- .........v.-- -1-eff - rv 1f:::::-fffff:-ff:-f+'++"+'o++v-0-ov-on 2 l Il li D QE Compllmenls Ol 1 Compliments Ot l ll I l BREWER5 CAFE IE H. G.'BARNES STATION gl l SANDWICHES - COLD DRINKS AND GROCERY g l ,I PGOL PARLOR If BUCKHORN CROSSROADS ' ji Open From 9 A. M. to I2 P. M. I ll l' Route 3 Kenly, N. C. l' I STANCILS CHAPEL tl l QL -:::::::::::::::::::::, G -::::::::::-f-ffll if ::::::::::::::::::::::- I- ----- - - - -:::::T: I 4: l , H o o D Is R o s. , .1 I, Ig HEILIG 8. MEYERS I 1: W. D. HOOD H. C. HOOD ll ', I ' F u R N IT u R E If Johnston County Family Drug Store ll ,, F O R W I S E B U Y E R S ,, l l I, For Over 60 Years I, ll EE SMITHFIELD, N. C. If WMON' NC' fl lt ll I ll-4-::::::::::: :f ::: ::::::: 2v::::::::v :::::::-ll r:::: ::::::::::::::::::: :::::: Iv-:::: :::::::::::::: -I ll lt l if Compllmenls -of ll Compliments ot ll I, I I QQ The Wilson Daily Times gf ff if An Afternoon Newspaper for This ,I I, I If Trading Territory, Furnishing You The I1 EE International, National, State and Smithfield, North Carolina Local News ll 51 . -------,-----,- ,D l,---,,, ---M--,-,-,-,-,-,--,,,l ,:,,,,,,,,,, xv f.,,,,,,, -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I ,I l 11 PHONE 3839-2 I, I Compliments Of ji lj 4 I l l 0 ll I . 1: J. I. Bo km 8. Granger gi ' Big Planters Tobacco Q' Y ' l I' GENERAL MERCHANDISE ll ly Warehouses, Inc. b I 1: 1, FERTILIZER-FEEDS ' I, 1, , l' Ml 'I " Q: 5 THHELD' N' C' :g R. F. D. NO. 2 WILSON 1: I I ..M......I L '-A A:::::: :::::: ::::: ' - .,., :rv Best Wishes Hotel Gabriel Johnston 8g Coffee Shop SMITHFIELD, N. C. NEIGHBORS MOTOR CO. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER Kenly, N. C. The One Fine Car in the Low Price Field Drive The '50 Ford Today See, Heor and Feel the Difference COMPLIMENTS OF KENLY THEATRE TTI 'I li 'I 'I :I I I I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I :I I 'I I 'I :I I 'I I I KENLY, N. c. I :I I J DAVIS FEED MILL Custom Feed Grinding and Mixing CORN BOUGHT AND SOLD KENLY, N. C. Home Furniture And Appliance Co. I3I South 3rd. Street SMITHFIELD, P. O. Box 370 N. C. I 'T I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I I I J The Members Ot THE CLA SS OF 1951 Wish To Express Their Appreciation TO OUR ADVERTISERS 'I 'I 'I I I I I I Who Helped Make This Book Possible I 'I 'I 'I 'I ,Q -vv .---- v ----- ---- Jr-0-0-t vvvv vw--- 5 ..A...f I ,me any in fx-sfw' 'Buns-in , Q 4 Fr. ,. W W ,fgwf f fs 5-,K 4 Sw x . ff I f -.- 4 I iff, x ff. 4 1 1 A QW , 5 3,330 1 I 1 gg, , 1 N , 1 1 x 1 'ggimif' , X Tl, nf Y 1-V O :ww iq., -vw xx ., v Kyiv Wi. .5 gs Q' if Q? ' L g 7 L' ' x 5'?2'L1gaT'h ,Q I A ik iff zlggfw. A .f, .A W., 'yfiw f ff?" . f gi NM fb -ex I' vf N ' 5' 4 Q X Q 5 1 5x 1 5 x"':E if A ,. In , , uf Ji A if I , z V ' Wm ml M. x02 9 , a 'Wu 1 Aw I 4 X Qememim pafzaqcm ll fgememim pafzacfan D fgememien pafzaqcwz oday QQlM4f ' te f th Q Q we are prm rs o e I yy yearbook of your school. Tomorrow as you seek your future in Z9 the professions, industry and commerce we at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Printing and Lithography you will need in the pursuit of your career, Many of our best customers came to us through friendships A formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. Q M be aragnn ress' ,f 5 5 A: -'f, I. I . .X ix . 5 . 9 XR 1' In I -I 1-fi-E E : -- if j I-2.3. -:: '1"-., -- f 1 A L ,T i ll ' 'X . gtg, . -f Morrrsonsnv, ALABAMA LEE H. BLACKWELL Eastern Cdrolina Representative GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA i w w ' A 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 U H Q P i I h

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