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We become more re- sponsible. We make changes. When some of us first entered high school, we probably thought to ourselves, "I'll always be the same as I am now." But we don't stay the same. High school makes us change. We may not want to, but we do it anyway. Changes happen in all areas of our lives. As soon as we walk on campus at the beginning of the school year, we see changes in the faces that surround us. There are new students and new teachers as well as familiar faces that have aged a year and perhaps changed in sometimes subtle, sometimes dras- tic ways. School also brings changes to our friends and our friendships as the years pass. We meet new people throughout the year, while strengthen- ing some of our old friendships and dis- carding others. The GHS campus saw the beginnings of many changes during '86-'87. Plans be- gan to build new buildings and tear down old ones, while less drastic changes - new trash cans, a new goal post - added to the constantly chang- ing life at Glendale. As the campus changed its outward appearance, so GHS students exhibited changes in ap- pearance through their efforts to keep up-to-date with the latest, ever chang- ing fashions. Glendale High School. Look how we're changing! C 2 INTRODUCTION Mike Diehl and Lea Longo take a break to discuss Homecoming activities. Kim Koner watches Tracy Eastman perform an "amazing" feat. Maria Delgado and Kim Trisoliere show the enthusi- asm every cheerleader needs. Tami LaGrow and Tessa Wardzinski pose during a Yearbook meeting. Matt Sprier and Mike Avis relax in the Y. 1 . Renae Stover assumes her covergirl pose. Mr. Jacobson welcomes everybody to visit him inathe Dean's Office. ' Y ' 4. T f i ' ,. A 1. f Q. f Q 1 'xr . If I yr , , ff 1 L f B IIEU if X1 TL-X Q RL! .i , ' W UT it V Lf fxff' M5515 The-1 ,F , . , . , K , LJ iv f Q T - - 1- gf" - ' A xx KH uf XL it s'L!,, X X .X r , ,,,. of Q i . ,' B 4 T .XQW T lU o Yr, ,.'- ' ,f -gf " X ff' "AX if 'ilu if CONTENTS Introduction ,... Homecoming . . Faflulty . . 4 Ciasses . T. , Aggitivities . gp Athletics 1 Q X X! X, x f Q2 K LJ fif .V , F gy- , 1-7 :AU , , J rf g-- -' , 2 ...H12 ,....17 ..,j.29 485 105 .T .1151 CONTENTS 3 Changing Friends And Friendships Keep Life Interesting hen we came to high school, most of us figured that we would keep our grade school friends forever. For most of us that wasn't true. Sure we kept in touch with them, but we didn't really hang around with them too much. But, on the other hand, some people did still hang around with their old friends, but they experienced changes in their friend- ships. Each of us had new friends that we met in high school, while still main- taining our friendships with our old friends. Not only have our relationships with our friends changed, but our friends have changed. We have seen their per- sonalities change as they have ma- A tured. We've seen their likes and dis- likes change from one day to the next. We've seen friends change when they got a boyfriend or girlfriend, and we suddenly were not as important in the lives of our friends as we once were. We changed with them as we helped them through those especially rough times and those especially great times. Our friendships also changed when we were hurt by our friends, but we made up or we moved on in our friendships. Our friends and our friendships were constantly changing during our time at GHS, but the importance of our friends in our lives was one thing that re- mained constant. 4 FRIENDS D is-1 Participation in sports and other school activities brings many friends together. Football builds many lasting friendships. Anna Cardenas and Yolanda Roja have remained good friends through their years at GHS. Molly Renner and Matt Martinson enjoy each other's company. Working together as cheerleaders makes friends of Belinda Simmons and Tiffani Gessel. Mike Dominguez and Kenny Aneas clown around between classes. Paul Schagl, Tony Passalaqua, Robert Meza, George Molina, Mike Bell, and Mark Pena gather in the Y. Stacey Peck and Holly Poulson enjoy Homecoming '86 activities. , .A X .ffbf f ' as. ii Tracy Travis, John Page, and Melissa Sestan find that the GHS Band brings many friends together. A shared interest in volleyball gets chums Christina Dominguez and Debbie Gerace together. ' FRIENDS 5 Changing Facilities Improve Campus l-IS began to experience major changes in its appearance dur- ing '86-'87. ln the spring, the old cafeteria, that lovely place where we registered for school and sweated through CRT tests, and the small, cramped band room were torn down to be replaced by a larger, more efficient band room. Other changes were less dramatic but made a difference in the looks of Glen- dale. Students returned in the fall to find new floors in many rooms, new trash cans throughout the campus, and teachers in different rooms from where they had been left the spring be- fore. ln fact, almost 50 room changes were made, leaving some students, and some teachers, quite confused during the first days of school. Other campus changes included a new phone for students outside the cafeteria, a new goal post for the football field, and new computers which nearly doubled the number of computers for students to use. While GHS saw a lot of changes during the year, the biggest change is prob- ably the one that happens twice each day. A quiet, serene campus early in the mornings, the school comes alive as students arrive around 7:50 and fill the campus with laughter and fun. And then, around 5:30, the campus returns to its quiet self for a few hours, only to come alive again early the next morn- ing! if W, ...C E D 6 FACILITIES wie E l Adam Copus tries out the new phone at the cafeteria. Freshmen Steve Knobel, Yesenia Mesquita, Lina Luna, and Leticia Herrera show off other newcomers to GHS - new trashcans! Mindy Hayes and Adrie Ochoa have the old cafeteria, de- molished in the spring of '87, as a backdrop. Students gather at the picnic tables at lunch. Late afternoon at Glendale with no students in sight is a quiet time on campus. Class time it GHS when the campus is alive with the sounds of students is a drastic change from early mornings on cam- pus. Band students practice outside the old band room. FACILITIES 7 Changing Fashions Bring Variety Of ashion. What's there to say about fashion? A lot!!! The fash- ion trends are constantly chang- ing. They change from season to sea- son and sometimes many times within a season. Sometimes people spend all their time thinking about fashion and the new trends and what's "in," During a set time, there are many differ- ent fashion trends, and they are related to many certain groups. The "mods," for example, may have many different ways to dress among the group, but by looking at them, people can tell who they are. Ho matter what group a stu- dent leans toward though, fashion is important whether it is outrageous or conservative. Each student at GHS Styles made a statement about who he is and what he likes simply by the clothes he chose to wear. Fashion changes don't have to be limit- ed to clothes. Hair also made a fashion statement. Some GHS students wore short hair and it sometimes hung in their faces. Others had long hair, and this was true for guys and girls alike. Some went to extremes, while others stuck with the crowd. Many of these clothing and hair styles weren't around a few years ago, and they won't be around a few years from now, but this is how fashion exper- iences changes. During '86-'87, GHS really saw plenty of changing fashions. A " ,i-. 5 - Q . i wl- Nw fum 6 l 8 FASHION E B C ,, eWIfIA'lf'SQVHOT shadesy W ftcoolut 'fno doubt" Sjunkiewehivf S watches school i spirit "hot'f y .jackets ons Band S S Janet Jaeks-,ont Moonlighting e , Thegfiosby -SfIOWf ,Rim DNC no t l suspendersaround e,ei l so ihehlpst , m S giving blood ge L M pizza ' M, WHATS H0552 Qikvsssf f tfidfafflyiffiwesomjgf ,'fr1-Hflyi ig ii f7'F0re Silffiff 4 M T6Hfg5"f0ftFGHrS S MNSGOHHH Mff'?'ffieViC6i ' p :if 9312032 l lf, :F A1 H Seniors show their spirit for fashion as demonstrated by Phil Lopez and Veronica Burt. He's wearing basic black pants, a tank top, thin tie, and open, loose-fittingjacket. She's in a Generra Concept sweatshirt and mini skirt. John Moreau and Lucia Delgado demonstrate the Freshman sense of fashion with a Generra sweatshirt and Guess pants for the guys and an over-size patterned sweater for the girls. Anna Cardenas, Christina Dominguez, and Yolanda Rojo demonstrate the heavyjewelry look that was a major trend at Glendale during '86-'87. Mike Thompson and the Glendale Cardinal show what the loyal GHS fan must have in his wardrobe - red and gold everything! Mark Koan and Lea McQuarrie also make their fashion statement with a one-piece, midi- length dress with upturned collar for her and a striped oxford shirt, thin tie, open jacket, hanging suspenders, and a stylish hat for him. A long coat, tank top, shirt tails with basic black pants for guys, and two-tonejeanjacket with basicjeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes help Juniors Aurora Morales and Jeremy Morse dress fashionably. Sophomores Greg Shultz and Aylynn Jones dress for school with a lacy shirt and midi-length skirt for her, basic, white, ankle length pants and a scratch pattern short sleeve shirt for him. Avant-garde fashion at Glendale manifests itself with old army jackets, plaid shirts worn around the waist, and concert shirts for Melanie Hammers, ripped t-shirts, pinned pants, and open shirt for Kristi Partiss. FASHION 9 bo 'Ab ol .6 J. is Changing Faces 1 is ll, Keep GHS e notice as the years go on that people's faces change. Re- member that boy in your fresh- man class that you thought was really immature and not very cute? Plow he is one of those cute guys who stand in the Y. Every time you look at him you can't believe he was that silly freshman! And this is also true for the guys. They sit and think, l'l'low can that possibly be the same girl that I went to grade school with?" Glendale High School experiences a flood of changing faces every fall when ' I 'hriving we get a bunch of freshmen. At first they are just faces in the crowd, but then they become involved and feel a part of Glendale. We also get new peo- ple who have come from other high schools. At first they feeljust like fresh- men because they don't know any- body, but soon they get involved in all that Glendale has to offer and they fit right in! People change. Faces change. And the changing faces are what keeps GHS thriving. xv A , lgcflm A X Us ff QWQW 0, VW if-M00 Wli wil C, lflmieidisif rm Vk C XD K X . . UML , T UG LJ J G Milf is .Af Q F ww jx W ,Dei UN JU' 10 rfxccs 0,3 rl U95 xgf, fgrfb Ao Jffjpsbi, ff i- U!!-fvu v1wrJK2vJZ'xg " c XXX K X If l 1 O 251, C D gi 1 tg: :fx 4 ,J-g-,.,. A B C D E. F. G H ff Mike Moore takes a test during his first semester at GHS. Freshmen and Seniors meet in Brandon Hurt and George Molina. Mr. Yoder, a new teacher this year, celebrates his birthday while trying to keep students in line. Mike Slaughter takes a break from football practice. Angie Avilucea greets Jena Elliott, a former GHS stu- dent returning from Xavier. Some of the new faces among teachers, administra- tors, and staff gather before class. il-rl Ms. Daly, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Huff, Mr. Wilson, Ms. Nelson, Mr. Kieffer, Ms. Ryan, Ms. Fisher, Ms. Devore, and Ms. Horton. Anna Sanchez enrolled as a new student at Glendale during '86-'87. , Jeremy Morse joined the GHS Junior Class when he Ms. Fuller, ew panish and English teacher, meets with Elisa Garcia and Bernadette Armstrong. FACES 11 Halloween Homecoming '86 Raises Spirits At GHS omecoming at GHS was a week full of excitement and school spirit. There was something in the air and everyone could feel it. Spirit Week started out on Monday with Car- toon Day when it seemed like everyone turned out in a Mickey Mouse shirt from Disneyland. Tuesday brought Hawaiian Day. Most people wore flowered shirts and shorts with colorful flowered leis. Some brave souls even showed up in grass skirts! On Wednesday, Class Day, Freshman wore pajamas, Sophomores came decked out in buttons, Juniors wore their clothes inside out, and Sen- iors showed off their favorite college shirt. Black and white were the shades for Thursday and almost everyone dressed up for the day. Friday, of course, was Spirit Day or, since it was also Halloween, Costume Day, During the week, classes worked on D fa 9' I- building floats for the parade on Friday. The winning float, built by the Sopho- more Class, was announced on Friday night during half-time of the game against Coconino. Homecoming festivities on Friday night began with the landing of Channel 12's helicopter flown by Jerry Foster who brought the 1985 King and Queen, Debi LaCirow and Paul Enriquez to the game. At half-time, Mr. Kieffer an- nounced the Homecoming King and Queen for '86, Mark Pena and Cheryl Demko, First Attendants Kim Trisoliere and Mike Thompson, and Second At- tendants Lea Longo and Pat Harring- ton. Fireworks and a performance by the costumed GHS Band also added to the excitement of the evening. Homecoming '86 proved to be a fun- filled time for everyone at GHS! it g it Fi . Hvffpfy, K ESL E 12 HOMECOMING , .M Q. -sz. ,mv 2, 1 Q Tiliaetiti 'iw -4i- .WHL TW '3 x 'U' "H "t'L.f-as . .gt W: ' r- f sf lg? if agp, ., .f riiriilllii ' ' i , HWY' 'f' q 1- i J i.a33t,'aUEf I . if-iQE'f'5Ei ' 'ti 2225 25 .. 3 ,V L V Cx lc, iii 'D ' ,K ij .W l,TT.3Lf3,Xf yu- 'M' i lrliiiiiyi. H2 5 C H 'AF' i l 1' A A if biifgi' - 'WC-:thigh .Leif ' .af 'V sol-is-i Dressed as a hula dancer and a heavy metal musician, Cheryl Demko and Mark Pena are crowned Homecoming Queen and King. Second Attendants Pat Harrington and Lea Longo ride around the foot- ball tield during the half-time parade. First Attendants Mike Thompson and Kim Trisoliere, dressed to show their school spirit, say hello to the half-time crowd. Mr. Kieffer and the GHS Cardinal show off the newest addition to the GHS transportation pool, the Cardinalmobile. New Homecoming King Mark Pena picks up Queen Cheryl Demko and carries her to their coronation. Gus Delgado displays the numerous garters he collected to win his title of "Mr, Irresistible." Following the Homecoming tradition, Freshman President Jennifer Mur- ray dresses as a clown for the Homecoming Parade. A bonfire held on Thursday night attracted fans who wanted to show their school spirit and cheer the football team on. . The Sophomore Class float featured a Cardinal preparing to brew a Coconino panther. HOMECOMING 15 The More Things Change. . Homecoming-The Tradition Continues iii 0 .J X .. 1 . R A G ,iw !n 1 ' 1 - f A., .fu f N x , .A 9 'akwmmiaw -. , K .Q ,L ,.g .yys, . , ' ,- - Q ..:. W Si r Q 6 - Ni. 'S' ' E11 Q . Vgg w. -PAQ ffgSf3kFf Ek .wqfmi Q n W5 ' E Q i- ' K. u i n 1 " . J Hg' x " Q ' 5 s A A ' I V t S c N. xi, sjkg , Vg F 5 g L g y. 1 , R , g gifs X iw . iq. .Ma O' i V 'H sr ' mx C wi f 5 .T ,waz ' J N M, T W' ., M X 4 A i -4.1 'Q '91 1 ., f 'v W tg 1 v. 1 F rf ' 4 3' i ' ,I . , t v , , f ll 'Wi ' fn ,. ' il it ' . 2,4-LQ . Q , t . A Q Q4 K ' - A 'Q if Z at 'ffl 2 4- 1 g ,Mgr V V M. , :fl Y. , ., 1 Q. .r .4 , fn A X X is -r . f- Q Y 3: A R ,X ff 4 5 4 at H nil' Cardinal Quarterback Pat Harrington prepares to pass against Coconino. Rob Clary and Cliff Steward receive instruc- tions from Coaches Holveck and Gallimore. For those students who arrived on campus ear- ly on Homecoming Friday, a T-P'd campus, the work of enthusiastic GHS fans, awaited them. The GHS Band, dressed in their Halloween fin- ery, participates in the Homecoming Parade. The GHS Cardinal and cheerleaders Alice Pass- more, Lucia Delgado, Tracy Gornecki, and Lil- lian Ortega help raise Homecoming spirit. Shannon Christianson does her thing during the band performance during half-time. Angel Blue comes to Homecoming dressed as a pre-historic beauty. Jerry Foster of Channel 12 brought the '85 Homecoming Queen and King, Debi LaGrow and Paul Enriquez, to the game, landing on the football field as part of the pre-game activities. Freshmen Jennifer Murray, Lenora Harris, and Lisa LeBario dress for class day in their paja- mas. On costume day, Cheryl Demko, Lisa Wood, and Pam Ritchie arrive dressed as hula danc- ers. Bill Martin and Tracy 'Castrovinci go all out for Black and While Day. Tonja Jackson dresses as Diana Ross for Hal- Ioween. Mark Koan participates in Homecoming by dressing Hawaiian style. HOMECOMINCI 15 Ro alty Brightens '86 Homecoming Activities QUEEN AND KING Cheryl Demko and Mark Pena Y FIRST ATTENDANTS SECOND ATTEHDANTS Kim Trisoliere and Mike Thompson Lea Longo and Pat Harrington 16 HOMECOIVIING FACULTY GHS Welcomes 5 New Administrators HS has recently undergone many changes, one of the biggest being the new ad- ministration. We have a new princi- pal, assistant principal, and dean. "I love this school: I love Glen- daIe," are the words Mr. Jim Kieffer used to express how he feels about Glendale High School. Mr. Kieffer became our principal this year after the retirement ofMr. Hutchison. Mr. Kieffer graduated from Camelback High School and then began col- lege at ASU. Fresh out of college, he was hired as an assistant princi- pal at Cortez High School. Mr. Kieffer is married with three sons. Some of his leisure activities are camping, skiing, and spending time with his family. Mr. Kieffer feels the best thing about GHS is the students. He says, l'They're friendly and they seem to care about themselves and their school." Mr. Kieffer's main goal is 'Ito em- phasize academic opportunities and assist those students who have a difficult time with school." He also says, "GHS is a great place with high academic standards and I expect all students to learn." Next up is Ms. Maxine Daly, one of the assistant principals here at GHS. She has been with the Glen- dale District for about 155 years. Ms. Daly began her career as a counsel- or at Thunderbird High School. She then became department chair for the next 6 years. She decided then that she wanted to go into adminis- tration. She has spent two years as Dean of Students at THS. Ms. Daly decided to come to Glendale be- cause, l'I've always felt Glendale was a special place." There are changes that Ms. Daly would like to help make while at GHS. One of those things is public recognition for the students. One idea is to have student pictures on a "Wall of Fame." Ms. Daly would also like to see more pride and en- thusiasm in this school. "I'd really like to see us celebrate GHS and make being here a celebration." Mr. Warren Jacobson is not new to Glendale High School, but is new to thejob of Dean of Students. For the past 5 years, Mr. Jacobson was the Staff Development Specialist at GHS and Independence. Mr. Jacobson, attended the U of A and received his B.A. in Education. He later did graduate work at ASU. His goal as Dean is to try to keep students in school by reducing the number of tardies, absences, and other discipline problems. As far as hisjob goes, he says, "It's terrific. I enjoy working with the students and teachers, and can't imagine a better place to work." Last, but most definitely not least, is the one administrator who is not new to Glendale this year, Mr. Bill Smith. Mr. Smith considers himself "familiar with GHS." He was born in Glendale, graduated from GHS, and married his Glendale sweet- heart. After college and time in the Air Force, Mr. Smith returned to Glendale and began teaching and coaching at GHS. He taught world geography and coached cross- country. Mr. Smith began his administrative career as Dean of Students and stayed in thatjob for 4 V2 years. He then became head of Student Ser- vices and was in that job for Z5 V2 years. This is Mr. Smith's seventh year as Assistant Principal for Ath- Ietics and Activities. Mr. Smith says he misses teaching and coaching because he was able to work more with students. He loves his job now because he is able to work with all the clubs, ath- letics, and activities on campus. He said, 'il have seen many new administrators come and go. With the new team GHS has this year, I believe they have high morale and positive attitudes." He also states, l'They are rapid learners. They are quickly becoming true Cardinals. I see great things coming." -Maria Meza and Kim Williams l Ms. Anne Schulz Ms. Jackie Carter Mr. Richard Stapley Mr. Bill Stout Mr. John Campbell Board President Board Clerk Board Member Board Member Board Member 18 BOARD MEMBERS Mr. Kieffer wants to see every student get the most from his or her GHS education. Mr. Smith confers with Activities Secretary, Ms. Becker, about the latest sports schedules. S u P C 1' n i i U s t t quickly true Ms. Daly directs Mr. Gennaco in the Halloween pumpkin carving contest. Mr. Jacobson hopes to see more students stay in school and receive the education they need. C r U a d Dr. Gerald George t Mr, James Kieffer Mr. Bill Smith Ms. Maxine Daly C Superintendent i Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal U o if n 'They are becoming Cardinals." Mr. Bill Smith Mr. Warren Jacobson Dean of Students ADMINISTRATION 19 we Ms. Marilyn Alt Mr. Roy Ambrose Mr. Brian Anderson L g Ms. Peggy Atwood Ms. Melba Bacon Home Economics industrial Arts Science A A f Chapter l Physical Education L YOU KNOW IT'S GOING TO BE ONE OF THOSE DAYS WHEN . . . the security alarm goes off when you open your classroom door. Ms. Atwood you have a notice for an after- school meeting in your box. Ms. Winters you show up promptly for your first-hour class and it's second hour. Ms. Nelson it's 1100 in Phoenix! Mr. Pappas l've forgotten to set the alarm, l oversleep, the curling iron breaks, one of the dogs throws up on the carpet, and I can't find my car keys! Ms. Wallace l can't find any chalk. Ms. Huff the principal needs to see you "right now!" Mr. l'leatwole you go to the front office and forget what you went for. Ms. Prado you drop everything in the mail- box on the floor. Ms. Alt a local TV station is asking for an on-camera interview. Ms. Daly ONE OF MY MOST REWARDING MOMENTS AS A TEACHER WAS when students you have had come back and tell you of their success. Mr. Clever seeing a student who dropped- out return to school and earn his diploma. Mr. Bierner when a student thanked me for "teaching" Mr. Pappas the time Patty rlorrall said, "We aren't old enough to know what we'll need to know when we get older." Mr. Beeson one of my ex-students graduat- ed from West Point. Mr. Borbora when l was returning as princi- pal and Heatwole Plaza was named for me. Mr. I-leatwole I LOOK FORWARD TO . . . lunch time! Ms. Pawley one more year. Mr. Clever going home at night. Mr. Lind- sey the curtain going up. Ms. Gold- stein making literature 'llive." Ms. Huff my travels. Mr. Zahn game days, labs, and Fridays. Mr. Roger Scott winning the lottery. Mr. Schwartzkopf I WILL NEVER FORGET THE TIME WHEN . . . the band won our first Nuna- maker Award! Mr. Lindsey the students turned all the desks upside down and wrote their vocabulary word, Hcha- os," on the board. Ms. Huff l started to show a film in Gen- eral Business and found out it was strictly for Girls' PE. Mr. Heatwole a clock is close at hand. Mr. Mr Michael Brown Ms. Lori Ann Busse Mr. Mike Carl Ms. Doris Chacon Ms. Laura Claunch Science Mathematics Physical Education Businessjiinglish English 20 FACULTY My ,Af if Mr Glenn Beeson Dr. Charlotte Bellah Mr. Ray Bierner Mr. Oscar Borbora Mr, Robert Brock English Social Studies V Special Services Special Services Business M K 2' schwartzkopf MY PET PEEVE IS . . . ing able I0 PYOHOUHCS the "Ch" - l people with negative attitudes. Sound in the word "Ch00' YOU KNOW YOU'RE A TEACHER Ms. Pawley choo." Mr. Bierner WHEN . . . students who ask ifthey missed when I WHS talking to my Class your name appears on the res- troom wall. Mr. Clever you go to the movies and have the urge to "shh" the audi- ence. Ms. Reynolds you look for the mechanics ofa sentence instead of its content. Mr. Bierner kids are shocked to see you in Levis. Ms. Rader students forget to salute! Mr. Lindsey ' students respond. Ms. Huff your students call you "Mr," in public places. Mr. Zahn you have a stack of papers to grade on Friday afternoon. Dr. Bellah it's summer and you don't get paid. Mr. Roger Scott the IRS sends you a sympathy card. Mr. Poole "anything important" while they were absent. Ms. Reynolds students who say "l'm bored." Mr. Clever Mark Pena. Ms. Nelson students who spend more time making up excuses than doing the actual work. Ms. Wallace having things neat. Mr. Zahn teachers and students who don't like Boy George. Mr. Bor- bora kids who don't seem to care about themselves. Ms. Alt paperwork. Mr. Poole MY MOST EMBARRASSING MO- MENT WAS . . . getting a cream pie thrown in my face at a pep assembly. Ms. Atwood when l was chastized for not be- and my bridge fell out. Ms. Huff when l was asked if l was from Ohio. Mr. Borbora when as principal l turned the school out to see President Ford and he didn't bother to stop. Mr. Heatwole when the chemistry lab was to- tally full of smoke as the princi- pal walked in. Mr. Roger Scott when l didn't get "Teacher of the Year" for the seventh straight year, but l've never been to Aspen either. Mr. Poole when l accidentally set off a fire extinguisher in a school van. Ms. Daly l Mr Richard Clever Mr, Carlos Delacruz Mr. Greg DeVille Mr. Fred Espinoza g Mr. Raiph Flores Counselor Psychologist Social Studies Industrial ArtsfPE Science FACULTY 21 X if X E f QL. i . Mr. Ken France Ms.,Angela Fuller Mr. Armand Gennaco Ms. Esta Goldstein Mr. Danny Ham Safety Education1PE Spanish flinglish Counselor Theater Arts Social Studies GHS Lucky To Have Mr. Espinoza Running and teaching Industrial Arts are both impor- tant pursuits to Mr. Espinoza. r. Espinoza is a very valu- able part of Glendale High School and the Cross Country Team. He has taught for eight years and has been here at Glendale for five years. He teaches wood shop and drafting. Mr. Espin- oza also coaches the Cross Coun- try Team and distance running in Track. Mr. Espinoza attended GHS from 1968-1972. He ran and competed in cross country. ln 1972 he was sixth in the nation and he was also a four-year letterman. ln 1975-74 he became first in the nation. He was also a two-year All-American at ajunior college. Mr. Espinoza won the Junior College Steeple Chase and made state champ two years in a row. He is in the 1972 GHS Hall of ill ttiic Fame. Ever since he has coached here at GHS the Cross Country Team has lost only five meets. The team was undefeated for three years and they were division champs two years in a row. He has coached four runners who were division champs and one state champ. Mr. Espinoza almost made it to the Summer Olympics in 1976, missing the qualification time by only one second. He qualified for the 1980 Games but didn't get to go because of the boycott called by President Carter. Glendale High School is certainly lucky to have Coach Espinoza among its teachers. - Tessa Wardzinski and Kathy Hill at V Ms. Karen Horton Ms. Sharon .Huff Mr. Fred Huff Ms. Carol Hullihen Ms. Sheila Johnson English English Occ. Therapist Business Mathematics 22 FACULTY Ms, Marlene Mr. Bruce Heatwole Hannsberry Business English Ms. Marianne Hensley Mr. Tom Hernandez Ms. Bellah Eams Ph.D s. Bellah, government teacher at GHS for the past 20 years, has furthered her career and be- come a doctor. She received her Ph.D. in Education Administration from NAU. She says it was hard, but she enjoyed the challenge of setting a goal and reaching it. Dr. Bellah says, "The school hadn't changed much: l had." As a teacher being the student again, she says she can relate to the pressures of meeting deadlines and doing demand- ing research in the library. Dr. Bellah says government is her favor- ite subject and she enjoys being able to teach it here at GHS. Going back to school and teaching was a difficult task for her, but she did a fantasticjob. Con- gratulations Dr. Bellah on a job well done! -Kim Koner Mr. Steve LaGrow Mr. Brian Lassley Industrial Arts Mathematics Mr. George Holveck French jGerman Science Enrichment Seminar G, Al ' NYQ gl if E to .il ,NN L x . l' if W VW4' ? XCXQKDXAHLA XX dz gl! 9 ya ffv' in Y fxtjy Xxgfj .fdbx K' , Q ,' X X wfigk 1 Q1 Oi' ' x rv ,ff I-If Q O, XL! Mix -XV I L Q, V 50 'Tn' tx ,fi MWA L! XS Dr. Bellah spent the '85-'86 school year finishing her Ph.D. at NAU. Ms. Mary Luvisa Special Services Mr. Dan Lindsey Music LM ity Gi ii 5 lr Ms. Evangeline Munoz Chapter l FAC U LTY 25 l x X . ' MT Yfk I. N s s ' . Ms. Jacquelyn Nelson Ms. Connie Nyberg Mr Gus Pappas Mr Tim Poole Ms Susan Prado Social Studies Special Services HealthjSoc1al Studies English Physical Education G S Receives Gutstanding orth lendale High School experienced the benefit of a North Central Association visitation this school year. The North Central Association evaluates high schools to determine whether they meet high educational standards. During the three days of evaluation, sixteen people from outside the Glendale Union High School District observed classes, asked questions of students and teachers, reviewed curriculum, checked administrative policies and practices, and overall looked closely at how Glendale High School operates. They conclud- ed that Glendale not only met, but greatly ex- ceeded commonly accepted educational stan- dards. We were judged to be an outstanding high school. Particularly impressive to the North Central evaluation team were the very skillful teachers and the very positive students in our school. -Mr. Jim Kieffer, GHS Principal 'WK Ms. Mary Santos- Mr. Ed Schwartzkopf Mr Cliff Scott Mr Roger Scott Ms Patricia Smith Pippin Mathematics Ar Science Social Studies Counselor 24 FACULTY Ms. Judy Rader Ms. Lisa Reynolds Mr. William Robinson Ms. Jacalyn Romey Science English Physical Education .lournalismjlinglish C ll l E EIIUEIUOH I fi? K N si 1 Ms. Cecilia Ryan instructional Specialist Teachers dressed formally for the North Central lun- cheon included: A. Ms. Plyberg and Mr. Wilson B. Mr. Tualla, Mr. Anderson, C. Mr. Brown, and Mr. Hernan- dez D, Ms. Wallace and Mr. Lindsey Mr. Poole mess qw Mr. Gerry Stein gm Mr. Larry Tualla Mr. Gary Tyra Ms. Lisa Wallace Ms. Judy Widoff ' X V ly Social studies f 'xy spanish noc L Special sewiees Reading -5fWlU'J nx9"Y . ' ' ' L L Wim if 'H We FACULTY 25 ,ri I 5 qqirlf cdr rl v Ms. P a l Williams Engli hjReading A!! Ms. Vel Ca rrillo Computer Ms. Pat Murdock Special Ed. Aide Mr. Loren Fisher Maintenance Foreman T fb , 1 l Mr. Mark Wilson Mathematics MS. Carol DCVOFC Clerical Aide Ms. Marilyn Clever Chapter l Aide Mr. George Cresswein Maintenance Q94- Mr. Toby Wison NJROTC argl? Ms. Hazel Dishon Principals Secretary Ms. Marie Crennaco Chapter I Aide Mr. Miguel Hernandez Maintenance 40 is GN- E L Ms. Pat Winters Librarian dQ"lb- Ms. Laura Fisher Receptionist f get Ms. Karen Mcliee Chapter l Aide Mr. Donald Keko Custodian Mr. Jeff Yoder Music X S Y Ms. Mary Gluvna Career Center xi L yy A it yzi yu tt Ms. Fern Bowers Equipment Mgr. Mr. Mel Martin Asst. Maintenance Foreman Mr. Robert Zahn Mathematics Staff Ms. Jane Parker Records Secretary Mr. Steve Espinoza Equipment Mgr. Ms. rlazel Radawec Media Center Asst. Mr. Richard Arce Custodian Ms. Sarah Clark Nurse ' fx,....f, ,,..,...... ,S g i B 9. .. 1 fr. ii ' A L7 iiki c"" ' Ms. Barbara Rodgers Bookstore Mgr. Mr. Andres Barrera Maintenance Ms. Betty Becker Activities Secretary Ms. Vangie Yanez Attendance Secretary Mr. Ora Clark Custodian E 9-. .y4,,,,X Ms. Louise Branson Attendance Secretary Ms. Janice Fox Special Ed. Aide Mr. Richard Crider Maintenance 5 A , Mr. George Rust Mr. Cliff Wallace Mr. William Holder Mr. Eugene McAbee Mr. Harold Myer Custodian Maintenance Bus Driver Bus Driver Bus Driver FACULTY AND STAFF 27 Mr. Chris Snyder Bus Driver A. Ms. Fuller and Ms. Busse enjoy a rainy football game. B. Ms. Atwood gives assistance to Ray Tellez. C. Mr. Schwartzkopf makes a tough point. D. Mr. Yoder finds himself sur- rounded by his student song- birds. E, Is Ms. Johnson enjoying her 12 day. F. Ms. Fisher gets the work done at the front desk. Q, Mr. Wilson entertains his troops. Cafeteria Staff- tlirontl Student Helpers Holly Kim Herges fRow twoj Patsy M A K' e St he 5 Allen, Virginia Brown, Ramona Mendoza Rachel Cunningham Kathy Stone BLS 522,65 QP n media Ayons, Juanita zamara, Nellie Adams Charlotte Manbm lliack TOWH Manager Caroiyn Pawley, Chris Garrison Sandy Martin Lovonne Williams Peggy Hodges, June King. y E 28 FACULTY AND STAFF , ... , :ati .Q D -41 CLASSES Senior Year Something Special For Class Of '87 emember your Freshman year? Didn't it seem like 1987 would never get here? But, those years seemed to go by quickly, you must admit. Filled with school work, extra-curricular activities, jobs, and fun with friends, those years brought us many new ex- periences to be had, friends to be made, and joys and - tears to be shared. ln our own ways, all of us are anxious for graduation. We can't wait to be out in the "real, adult world." On the A other hand, this is one area where procrastination may seem like the best way to go. While we're eager to graduate, we also want to delay leaving GHS, a place where we've grown and a place we'll miss. Being a Senior is lots of fun! Plans for graduation and a Senior trip to California keep us looking forward to June, while what with Senior portraits, cap and gown orders, announcements, and numerous other things, it sometimes seems like we'll never have a break from the hectic life of a Cil-IS Senior. And, on top of all of this, we're supposed to study?! Life as a Senior sometimes seems like we're stacking buiiding blocks. Trying to balance grades, activities, and everything else that needs to be done can be hard, but if we try hard enough, that stack of biocks will continue to stay up - successfully! Being a Senior is special, and we wouldn't change a minute of it! - Kim Williams .'C'! CHANGHYN AHN MICHAEL ALLEN KENNETH ANEAS SH ERRY ANEAS ' 5 TARA ASHTON TODD AXTELL 30 SENIORS fr , , yygkg X A K i it fi f ,,, in . ' I EDWARD BAILEY DAVID BALTZELL PEGGY BARKER CHERESA BAXLA GREG BEE CANDY BELFORD 'IVV MICHAEL BELL CRYSTAL BELSHE STEPHANIE BENNETT ANNA BIRKETT A DEBBIE BIRKS NICOLE BISSEY STEPHANIE ANGELA BLUE BLANKENSHIP SCOTT BLAIR LORI BRAUGHTON NV U ' :ASEAN BLAIR Ll V 'M VERONICA BURT SENIORS 51 JOANN BURTLE Cx Cv JOSEPH CLONCI1 CYNTHIA CRAWFORD MARIA DELGADO 52 SENIORS , V- f- ff - f .wwf xg, SEAN CAMPBELL ANDREA CAPISTRAN TRACY CASTROVINCI DONOVAN COBURN TREVOR COCHRAN ROBERT CROUTEAU SHARON CULLISON CHRIS CUNNINGHAM RODOLFO DELGADO CHERYL DEMKO WADE DENNY BENNY CELAYA GREG CELAYA MICHELLE COSTA STACI CRABB -sy' PHILIP CUSHMAN DAVID DAGER 4634-aw BARRY DERSH STEPHANIE DOMINGUEZ Blairs Have GHS Seeing Double eniors Sean and Scott Blair are identical twins who stick closely together while also developing their own individual interests and goals. Sean and Scott share an interest in dancing, skateboarding, and listening to music, and both have played an instrument for eight years. Sean plays the cello and Scott plays the violo in the GHS Orchestra. The brothers both plan to attend Brigham Young University, but Sean intends to pursue the study of dentistry while Scott will study business. Although the Blairs dislike it when friends get the two con- fused, overall they agree that it is fun being a twin. Perhaps part of that fun comes in playing tricks on unsuspecting teach- ers and friends. Every year since first grade, Sean and Scott have changed places on April Fool's Day with each attending the other's classes. The first time their April Fool's switch was made it didntquite work out as smoothly as planned. A few days earlier, Sean had fallen and scrapped his nose. When the day came to switch classes, the other kids had lots of questions about how Sean had overcome his injury so quickly and how Scott had hurt his nose. Finally, the young pranksters gave up and went back to their own classes. Each year since then the April Fool'sjoke has gone well. ln high school theyv've switched classes on Ms. Claunch, Ms. l-luff, Ms. Johnson, Mr. Ham and others. As sophomores they switched English classes on Ms. Claunch and Ms. Huff. Ac- cording to Ms. Claunch, 'l had a feeling something wasn't right when Scott treally Seanl had a hard time taking an English test that day." Very much the same, yet also very individual - Sean and Scott Blair have indeed made life interesting at GHS. -Kris Steele ln Mr. Lindsey's orchestra class, Sean and Scott once switched instruments. Although neither plays the other's instrument, they were able to successfully avoid detection of their deception. SENIORS 55 KEVIN DYKES KRISTIN ELKINGTON ?! . R DAN ESPINOZA Jon ETO HOLLY FLEESON THOMAS FLORES JACQUELINE GLASS LUPE GONZALES 54 SENIORS ROGER EPPERHART CRYSTAL FAIRLESS JENNIFER FRIEDLUND JOSEPH B. GREER DIANA ESCOBEDO MANUAL FERNANDEZ BILL GALLIMORE ANNE GREINER RAMON ESCUDERO JOHN ESPARZA KEVIN FITZGERALD LOVIE FITZPATRICK ' Officers Promote Spirit he Senior Officers for '86-'87 are President Bren- da Weedman, Vice-President Mark Koan, Secre- tary Maria Delgado, and Treasurer Maria Olga Meza. Senators who represented the class during the year were Kim Trisoliere, Kim Williams, Lori Braughton, and Thomas Flores. For all of the officers, their last year at GHS turned out to be a very busy one. Brenda was in charge of all the sales the class under- took during the year while also handling the leadership responsibilities of the class. Mark helped Brenda with decisions on sales and got to preside over Senior meet- ings if Brenda was not there. As Secretary, Maria Del- gado kept a record of all meetings and class business and provided Seniors with any class-related news. The Senior Class money fell into the hands of Maria Meza who handled all Senior funds. The Senators helped with all class activities and, along with the officers, repre- sented their classmates on ASB. The Senior Class Officers set one main goal for their last year as Glendale Cardinals - boosting school spirit. Each of them tried to get everyone more involved in school, club, or sports activities. The officers of the Class of '87 want their classmates to remember their Senior year as one of the best times they have had at Glendale High School! "My major goal this year is to get the spirit of Glendale High School u V' -Brenda Weedman, President c "l would really like to find a way to ,R ., - increase Glendale High School ,A spirit so 1986-1987 would be the ANNA GARCIA 'mom GESSEL X A gfjgsffear ever for t C emo' A T iii -Mark Koan, Vice-President SHELLEY GRIFNN ERIC GUZAK W i'l'm trying everything possible to boost spirit for Glendale High School. We want every individual to be involved, especially the Sen- iors!" ' ,,f -Maria Delgado, Secretary al A "For the 1986-1987 Seniors, l'm trying to get everyone involved in activities to help get the spirit up high!" -Maria Meza, Treasurer SENIORS 55 MICHELLE HANRAHAN A Jorm rfmmzn STEPHANIE HIPPEN CHRISTINA JOJOLA 56 SENIORS br' KELLEE HANSEN CATHRINE HERNANDEZ JESSIE HOLLISTER 4 DIANA JOJOLA JASON HARNESS JUAN HERNANDEZ WENDY HUEHN MARION KAEPPEL PATRICK HARRINGTON SYLVIA HERNANDEZ Q 5 ""'ga--Q".g DENISE HUSTCN 1 W. PAMELA KEARNEY KIM HAZEN MIKE INDELICATO MICHELLE KELLY ,f an ' JIM HEINER .5 IW , KATHY HILL' PENNIRAE JAMES ANTWOYN KINDLE Tonze Stapleton Saves A Life enior Tonze Stapleton, an HJROTC Cadet at Glen- dale, showed his NJROTC knowledge on Friday, August 1, 1986 when he saved the life of a resi- dent of Colter Village, a rest home in Glendale. While at work at hisjob as a waiter at Colter Village, Tonze was sitting with a 75 year old woman when he noticed that she seemed to be struggling. The woman, who could not speak at the time, pointed to her throat and her face began to change color. Seeing this, Tonze knew the woman was choking. Although he says he hesitated at first, he remembered the Heimlich Maneuver which he had learned through his NJROTC training and moved quickly to help her. Soon the airway was clear and the woman was breathing once again. The woman was tak- en to a hospital and is now fully recovered. Tonze Sta- pleton was honored at the Fall Sports Assembly on September 12 where he received a standing ovation for his life-saving action. -Kris Steele For his quick action in saving a woman's life, Tonze Stapleton was recommended for the NJROTC Meritorious Achievement Award. SENIORS 57 SCOTT KINNEY MIKE LOCKHART LAURA MARTINEZ STACY MENDEZ 58 SENIORS KONRAD KLOPPING an dlffz LEA LONGO MICHAEL MCAFFREY JAY MERCER KINNEY KNOEBEL MARK KOAN FILBERTO LOPEZ SHERYL LUND MARC MCCOWN CARLA MCCUISTION ANA MESQUITA MARIA MEZA 'Wi in I" WILLIAM LACIE BRIAN LENTZ EDWARD LEYVA JULIE LOCK WILLIAM MAHONEY MICHAEL MAPES LYDIA MARQUEZ BILL MARTIN HOMER MCMURRAY LEAH MCQUARRIE KRISTINE MEADOR JEANETTE MEJIA ROBERT MEZA DAVID MIRACLE GEORGE MOLINA JENNIFER MOLZHON SENIORS C59 VN If I RONNIE MONTGOMERY THEDA MOODY AYDEE MORALES JAIME MORENO . KATHRINE MURPHY IVIELODI MURRI LISA NICHOLS ANGELA NEWTON , Q? I I 4. CHRISTIAN ORTON JENNIFER OSBORNE DANNY GWEN JOHN PAGE A vv'na.I.x.v.:8x.QiL, 'NIS 'illluvnn-rf I .,Vk N.. I , L. Q , . LEONA PARKER ANTHONY PASSALACQUA LORENNA PENAV MARK PENA 40 SENIORS ANY MOSHER GLENN OLSON SANDRA PAPANEK MARCIE PEREZ KARI MURCHISON MICHAEL ORCHOWSKI JULIA PARK ANGEL PERKINS Marion Kaeppel Enjoys GHS arion Kaeppeljoined the Class of '87 from her home in Ratigen, West Germany. Marion was a foreign exchange student at GHS during the '86- '87 school year. While in Glendale, Marion lived with Colleen Wood's family. Marion found GHS different in many ways from her high school in Germany. There the schools don't have any extra-curricular activities, clubs, or even l'spirit." Stu- dents go to school because they need to. What Marion liked best about Glendale was having counselors to help students. Having lockers and a cafeteria seemed to be a welcome change as well. Students in Germany must carry all of their books to each class and eat lunch after school. Marion speaks German, French, a bit of Italian, and really got a chance to polish up her English while at GHS. Being active as a manager of the flag line and a member of the Drama Club, Marion kept very busy at GHS. She enjoyed life in the USA, especially the people whom she found to be very open-minded, friendly, and always ready to offer a smile. Marion hasn't yet decided what she is going to do in the future, but she enjoys working with people and will probably pursue a career where she will be able to do just that. We do hope Marion enjoyed her visit at Glendale High as much as we enjoyed having her! -Kris Steele Marion had several reason for wanting to be an exchange student in the United States. She says she wanted to learn more about another country and its culture by living there, she wanted to give other's an idea of what Germany is like, and she wanted to learn more about herself by moving into a totally new situation. And of course, she wanted the chance to improve her English! SENIORS 41 RENEE PORTER JAMES PRITCHARD CARRIE PURGITT CONNIE REDNOSKE I SHAWN RICKETT S PAMELA RITCHIE LINA RIVAS CHRISTINE RIVERA ERICA ROJAS PAUL ROMERO STEPHANIE ROSE KELLY RYAN PAUL SCHMIDT PAUL SCHRAGL MICHAEL SCHUMACHER KATHRINE SEARGEANT 42 SENIORS 43? ig-fy JEANETT E REED YVONNE REISINGER RAEGINA ROCHE I BOB ROELS JOEY SAENZ ANGIE SCHIAVO DEBORAH SEEVERS LEON SETTLE 'lllllhere will ou be in 1997?" "Ten years from now l'll be a graduate of college with my M.A. in Psychology, practicing privately in Ventura, Califor- nia and driving my red convertible Mer- cedes along the beach." - Leah McQuarrie "I plan to go to college and major in nursing, find a descent job, and some- where in there find a rich husband and settle down." - Cindi Crawford "Although l'd like to be playing profes- sional basketball, I wouldn't want to change the person I am now. I enjoy being Mike Shumacher! If basketball doesn't work out, I would probably be- come a fashion designer Iof shorts, of coursellf' - Mike Shumacher 'lTen years from now I will be catching some rays while I'm at my beach condo. I will have finished my education and started my career which will be in tele- communications." - Michelle Costa "Ten years from now I will be a surgeon at a major hospital. I will be in my intern- ship getting ready to start my own prac- tice. I hope to be one of the finest sur- geons around and help save people." - David Dager "In ten years I will have become an inter- national model. I will be successful at my career with the support of my hus- band and children." - Jacque Baugh "Ten years from now I will be an officer flying fighter jets in the United States Navy or Air Force." - Philip Cushman "ln ten years l'll probably be the mother of two kids and still be on the Phoenix Police Dept. I plan to go to college and become a police officer. l'll probably be a meter maid giving out parking tickets." -- Chris Lewis 'lln about ten years I will be married and have three kids. I will probably still be living in Glendale and working part-time at MetroCenter." - Staci Crabb SENIORS 45 CHRISTINE SIMON CHRIS SOLAREZ by HOLLY STORM RONALD SIMPSON MICHELLE STACEY X CECIL STOVER LARRY TARKINGT ON 44 SENIORS RAY TELLEZ JOHN SINIORIS CLIFFORD SIRMANS TONZE STAPLET ON DEBRA STAPLEY RQ DONNA SUGGS JULIE SWARTLING QW? CARRIE TERAJI BONNIE THOMPSON CHRISTINE SLAUGHTER MICHAEL SLAUGHTER KRIS STEELE CLIFTON 'STEWART JACOB SWARTZ AIMEE TAPPENDEN TAMMY THOMPSON MICHAEL THOMPSON 4 ' Involvement- ' I i lke s Key To Success ichael Thompson is a well-known name among the students and faculty at Glendale High School. Being involved in student life at Glendale has made Mike a popular, but very busy, GHS student. Mike says he became involved in GHS activities because he wanted to get involved in all high school had to offer. Ml didn't want to be just a student, l wanted to help and be a part of Glendale High School. lt is also a good way to meet new friends." And get involved he did! As a Freshman, Mike was president ofhis class, an alto-saxophone player in the band, and a member of the track team. He continued his involve- ment in these activities during his Sophomore year, and as a Junior added Band Drum Major, Student Body Vice-President, Letter Club, and SADD to his list ofactivities. As a Senior, Mike has served GHS as Student Body President and has continued being active in all aspects ofGHS, including being chosen First Homecoming Attendant along with Kim Trisoliere. Mike has a hard time deciding what his most rewarding exper- ience at GHS has been. He says, "l've always believed that whatever l put into an activity, that's what l'll get out of it. That's what l've done with my school work, student govern- ment, and track." Not a bad philosophy to follow, especially as a Senior who'll soon be heading off to college and then to medical school. lf the title of 'lMr. Glendale High" were ever awarded, Mike Thompson would certainly be one of the top contenders. He's enjoyed his years at GHS and has done his best to give some- thing back to the school. As he leaves GHS he says, "l have hope and faith that Glendale continues to grow in pride and spirit. l'll always be proud to say that l'm a Glendale High School Cardinal." And it's a sure bet GHS will always be proud to claim him. V' A AN SENIORS 45 VICTOR TOVAR KIM TRISOLIERE MICHELLE URQUIDEZ XAVIER VALENZUELA LESLEY WARNER BRENDA WEEDMAN BRETT WHITE KELLY WILLIAMS I7 I CANDACE WOELTJE LISA WOOD MARCIA WRIGHT RUDOLFO YANEZ PAUL YOUNG NABELL YOUNAN LYNETTE ZIERDEN LARRY ZIMMER 46 SENIORS Seniors Make Last Year Special! uf? " V7 f H '1e ::: aae Jeanette Melia, Sylvia Hemandez, and Marla Meza feel the effects of Senioritls. e e l e e - Llsa Wood and Cheryl Demko Nicole Blssey enjoys a brief know that friends make school break from her drafting studies. something speciall f Ray Tellez and Kim Hazen share a laugh in Mr. Esplnoza's class. - W-., 'E K X ,..b' 5 SENIORS 47 Hffi 6 'N Rss gy Q X 5 r S .2 .t . ...F : f.: :if f' 'fffbff-,1,,-.wffgv 2, .. G fd - M 9. f E,, ..,, ' , , .. , 'Q .W z I We t ' .,,.,,: I 4: +e1l :mf -if M x 'fl' X M X 0 W-Maw , , . ,, ga, vi - L' eww ' ' ' 4- :thx fig: .,.iLf".4.,1 Nw - . M M ,f ,4,, ,:"ZLi-HQE-,... rf- 1 ,,'!,., .W Q ff- r' my 3-1 ,m,.-.,3g,::- , , is , 'Q -'53 N-05: .r ' hi Sa 48 SENIORS Senior Summary DORATHY A. AGUAYO CHAGHYN AHN MICHAEL ALLEN Football 1,2: Baseballl: Track 2: Pacific Automotive Show 5: Goals: To attend technical school and work as a mechanic for the State Highway Dept. KENNY ANEAS Football: Wrestling: Track: Goals: Go to college, to become a mechanic. SHERRY ANEAS Volleyball 1,2: Basketball 1,2,5,4: Soft- ball 1,2,4: Track 1,2: Cross Country 1,2: Band 1: Goals: To go to college and be a model. TARA ASHTON D.C.E. 4: F.B.L.A. 4: Goals: Major in Busi- ness Administration and have a family. MAYSOUN ASSAD 'iMAY": Goals: Become a surgeon, own a business, get married and have a won- derful future. EDWARD L. BAILEY Student of the Month, March '85: J.V. Track Sr Field 2: Foreign Language Club 2,5: R.O.T.C. 1,2,5,4: R.O.T.C. Asst. Sup- ply Officer 5: R.O.T.C. 1st. Lt. 4: Goals: Go into the Army, start a career in computer science and, or electrical engineering. DAVID J. BATZELL Cross Country 4: Honor Roll 1,4: Goals: Go to Glendale Community College, ma- jor in drafting and computer assisted drafting, then continue at A.S.U. JACQUELINE G. BAUGH CHERESA BAXLA Varsity Cheer 2: Gold Seal Award 4: Goals: Attend college, get married to a rich, intellectual man, have children, and live happily ever after. GREG A. BEE CANDY BELFORD Goals: Plan to get married and go to school to be a manicurist. MICHAEL E. BELL CRYSTAL BELSHE Key Club 2,5: National Honor Society 5,4: F.B.L.A. 4: Gold Seal Award: Goals: Go to college for a Master's Degree in chemis- try, work in chemical research. STEPHANIE BENNETT ANNA BIRKETT Flag Line 1,2,5, Captain 4: F.B.L.A. 4: l l Gold Seal Award 4: Goals: To go to coll lege, establish a good career, and some: day be married to my high school sweet- heart. DEBBIE BIRKS Softball 1: Ski Club 5,4: Goals: Study for a career in elementry teaching. NICOLE BISSEY Lyres Club 1,2,5,4: J.V. Basketball 2: Gold Seal Award 4: Goals: Go to G.C.C. then to N.A.U. to become an interior de- signer. LESTER J. BLAIR SCOTT R. BLAIR SEAN P. BLAIR STEPHANIE BLANKENSHIP ANGELA L. BLUE LORI A. BRAUGHTON Swimming 1: Track 2: S.A.D.D. 4: Yeary book 4: Associated Student Body 4, Goals: Go to college at Grand Canyor College and be an interior decorator. VERONICA BURT l "RONNlE": Pep Club 1: Varsity Cheer 2,5 Captain 5: Goals: Travel, get a job, ana maybe take some cosmetology classes. JOANN BURTLE SEAN C. CAMPBELL ANDREA M. CAPISTRAN BEN CELAYA Gold Seal Award For Perfect Attendancg 4: Goals: Go to painters school on the jo training for 5 years and then work. GREG CELAYA 4 JOSEPH M. CLONCH TREVOR G. COBURN TREVOR COCHRAN Marching and Concert Band 1,2,5,4: The ater Arts 1,2,5,4: Track 1: Goals: Earn a Master's, then Ph.D. in Theater Arts. BONNIE COMBS Chorus Concert 1: Vocal Ensemble 2,5 Concert Choir 1.4: Goals: Attend Bible College and go into the ministry. MICHELLE A. COSTA STACI CRABB National Honor Society 4: Goals: Get mar ried, have a family, and live a long ang happy life. 1 MISTY L. CRARY CYNTHIA CRAWFORD "Cindi": Softball 1: Varsity 2,5,4: Volley ball. Most Improved 5: National Hono ociety 5,4: Prom Princess 86: Art Club ,2: Sweetheart Junior Attendant: Cardi- al Court Royalty 5: Goals: Go to college nd work on a career in nursing. OBERT R. CROTEAU HARON CULLISON .O.C. Award: Goals: Work, College. HRISTOPHER L. CUNNINGHAM l'llLIP W. CUSHMAN AVID DAGER football 1,2,5,4: Three year letterman Football: A-1-Conference Honorable Men- tlion Linebacker 5: All-Confererrce lst. I eam Linebacker 4: All-State Linebacker : Track 1,2,5: Soccer 4: Foreign Lan- uage Club 1,2: Academic All-American : S.A.D.D. 5,4: Letter Club 2,5, Sgt. at pmrs 4: Goals: Go to college and play ootball, maybe play professional foot- all, and become a doctor. p ARIA DELGADO Volleyball 1: Tennis Most Dedicated 2,4: Track 5: Spanish Club 5,4 lApollo H.S.J J.V. Cheer 5: Varsity Spiritline 4: Pep Club 4: S.A.D.D. 4: Senior Class Secretary: A.S.B. 4: Yearbook, Assistant Editor 4: Goals: Attend college and major in den- gstry. ODOLFO DELGADO "RUDY": Wrestling 1: Tennis 2: S.A.D.D. 5: Spanish Club 5: D.C.E. 4: Goals: Go to college to become some type of engi- neer. hrinrwr. DEMKO Class Senator 1: Drama Club 1,2,4: School Play 1,2: Key Club 2: Ski Club 5: A.S.B. Recording Secretary 4: Homecom- ing Queen 4: Who's Who Among Ameri- can High School Students 4: Student of the Month, Nov. 86: National Honor Soci- ety 5,4: Colorguard 5,4: Yearbook Busi- ness Manager 4: Goals: Attend A.S.U. and find out what I was meant to do with my life. WADE DENNY Football 1: Goals: Attend college and be- come an architect. BARRY W. DERSH Track 1,2,5,4: Junior Class Senator 5: N.H.S. 5,4: S.A.D.D. 5, Secretary 4: Key Club Enterprise '86 altenate: A.S.B. Trea- surer 4: Don Sanderson Student of the Month, December '86. 'STEPHANIE J. DOMINGUEZ KEVIN DYKES Football 1,2,5,4: Baseball 1,2,4: Letter ,Club 5,4: Three year letterman in foot- ball: Foreign Language Club 1,2: CIOHIS: To play college football and become a sucessful businessman. KRISTIN L. ELKINGTON ROGER EPPERHART Cross Country 1,2,5: Track 1,2,5,4: Wres- tling 5: Soccer 4: Goals: Attend Grand Canyon College and pursue veterinary medicine, have a family before age 50, and oum a veterinary emergency clinic. BOB ESCUDERO Letterman5,4: Student of the Month for January '85 Frosh. Basketball Spirit Award: Frosh. Baseball Most Valuable Player, Offensive: Junior Basketball Aca- demic Award: Basketball 1,2,5: Baseball 1, Varsity 2,5,4: Goals: To attend Arizona State University. JOHN ESPARZA Goals: College and ovm my oum law firm. DANNY ESPINOZA JOE ETO Basketball 1,2,5,4: Goals: Go to college and become rich. CRYSTAL FAIRLESS MANUEL FERNANDEZ KEVIN FITZGERALD Foreign Language Club 1, President 2: Treasurer 5: F.B.L.A. Reporter 4: Goals: College and a career. LOVIE FITZPATRICK PAUL FLECK THOMAS FLORES JENNIFER FRIEDLUND J.V. Basketball 5: Goals: Go to A.S.U. and get a Master's Degree in physical therapy. WILLIAM L. GALLIMORE ll Band 1,2,5,4: Wrestling 1: Track 1: Foot- ball 1,2,4: N.H.S. 5,4: Who's Who Among Band Students 4: Gold Seal Award 4: Thespians 1,2,5, TCO 4: Best Supporting Actor "Guys 8: Dolls" 5: Choir 1,2,5,4: Vocal Music Club 1,2,5, President 4: Most Valuable Singer 5: Key Club 2,5, Vice- President 4: Goals: Go to NAU to study nursing and vocal music. ANNA GARCIA THOMAS GESSEL JACQUELINE GLASS MARIA GONZALES JAMES GRAHAM JOSEPH GREER ANNE GREINER SHELLEY GRIFFIN VLADIMIR GUERRERO ERIC GUZAK MICHELLE HANRAHAN KELLEE HANSEN Varsity Cheer 2: Volleyball 1,2: Softball SENIORS 49 It Sir, Www A . 'i at , 50 SENIORS 1,2, Goals: Go to cosmetology school and later in life into a medical field. JASON HARNESS PAT HARRINGTON Football 1, Varsity 2,5,4, Basketball 1,2,5, Baseball 1,2,5,4, S.A.D.D. 5,4, Let- ter Club 5,4, Senior Senator 4, Academic All-American 5,4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 5, Goals: Attend Grand Canyon College, partici- pate in baseball and golf, major in Phys- ical Education and minor in U.S. History and become a phys.ed. or history teach- er. KIMBERLY HAZEN MICHELLE HEADRICK JIM l'IEINER CATHY HERNANDEZ Goals: Go to college, possibly A.S.U. and major in business. JUAN HERNANDEZ SYLVIA HERNANDEZ F.B.L.A. 4, COE 4, Softball 2, Goals: Go to college and become a court reporter. JODY HILDEBRAND Varsity Baseball Score Keeper 2,5,4, C.O.E. -F.B.L.A. 4, Goals: Go to college, get married, have a career, and 2 chil- dren. KATHY HILL Drama 1,2, Letter Club 2,5,4, N.H.S. 5,4: Football Manager 2,5, Colorguard 4, Key Club 2, Foreign Language Award 5, Opti- mist Letters Award 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4, Year- book 4, Student Senator 1, Goals: Go to A.S.U. and major in business. STEPH HIPPEN Drama Club 2,5,4, Band 4, Fall Play 4, Choir 1,2,5,4, All-State Chorus 1, Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents 5, Goals: Attend N.A.U. to get a degree in elementary education. JESSIE HOLLISTER WENDY HUEHN DENISE HUSTON MICHAEL INDELICATO PENNIRAE JAMES CHRISTINA JOJOLA DIANA JOJOLA Chorus 5,4, Honor Roll Student 5,4, Goals: To go to G.C.C. and A.S.U. to study psychology. MARION KAEPPEL PAMELA KEARNEY MICHELLE KELLY ROBBYN KEPERS ANTWOYN KINDLE Football 2,5, Track 2,5,4, Basketbal 1,5,4, Student Recognition Program 4 Letter Club 4, Honorable Mention 5, Aca demic Award 2, Goals: Go to U. of A. fo business, hopefully play basketball fo the university, be successful throughou life, and become rich. SCOTT KINNEY KONRAD KLOPPING KENNY KNOEBEL MARK KOAN Band 1,2,5,4, A.S.B. 2,5,4, A.S.B. Parli mentarian 4, Drama Club 5,4, N.H.S. 5.4 S.A.D.D. 5,4, Letter Club 5,4, ROTC 1,2 Tennis 2,4, Key Club 5,4, Cheer 4 A.A.S.C. 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 5,4, Enterprise '8 Representative 5, Outstanding Junio Scholarship fUofAJ 5, Goals: Atten A.S.U., pursue a degree in aerospace e gineering, and join the Air Force to b come a fighter pilot. WILLIAM LAGE BRYAN LENTZ , Football 2,5,4 CHRISTINA LEWIS EDWARD LEYVA JULIE LOCK I Swim Team 1,5, Tennis 1, Softball 1 A.S.B. 1,2,5, Freshman Secretary: Soph more Secretary, Junior Vice-Presiden Letter Club 2,5, Vice-President 4, Footbal manager 2,5,4, Spirit Line 5,4, Gold Sea Award, Goals: Attend college, establish a career, and enjoy life to its fullest. MIKE LOCKHART LEA LONGO Drama Plays 1,5, leads 5,4, Flagline 5,4, Thespian President 5,4, 2 Best Actres Awards 5, 2nd Attendant in Homecomin 4, Goals: Go to college and be a theate arts major. FILIBERTO LOPEZ SHERYL LUND Pep Club 1,2,5,4, Cheer 2, Student Coun cil 5, Track 1,5,4, Key Club 4, Academia Decathlon 5, H.O.C. 5, Cross Country 4 Goals: Attend college and hopefully be come a veterinarian. Get married ana have two kids. WILLIAM MAI-IONEY TARA B. MANLEY MICHAEL MAPES DIANA MARQUEZ LYDIA MARQUEZ BILL MARTIN LAURA MARTINWZ MICHAEL MCAFFEREY imnc Mccown EARLA McCUISTION ,EAH MCQUARRIE 'oreign Language Club 1,2, F.B.L.A. 4, oals: Attend Mesa Community then .A.U. or A.S.U. for Master's Degree in sychology, practice in Ventrua, Califor- ria, live on the beach and ovsm a red Mer- ,edes convertible. EIXISTINE MEADOR MON MEDINA lEANE'ITE MEJIA ITACEY MENDEZ IAY MERCER MNA MESQUITA '.B.L.A. 4, Basketball 1.5: Softball 1, tlomecoming Parade 1, Goals: Continue pducation and have a good-paying ca- eer. 'ELIX MEZA !lARlA OLGA MEZA Vlecha Club 2,5,4, Yearbook 4, Foreign anguage Club 2,5, Peer Tutor 4, Senior Elass Treasurer 4, AZ. Girls' State Alter- 'rate 5, Career Options in Business 5: Ex- ellence in Foreign Language 5, F.B.L.A. : Goals: Go to college and study busi- ess. OBERT MEZA ILLY MILLIGAN AVID MIRACLE EORGE MOLINA ootball 1,2,5, Wrestling 1,2,5,4, Base- all 1,2,5,4, Goals: Go to the Navy, live in cottsdale, get a good-paying job, and vim a video shop. enny Molzhon and 1,2, H.O.C. Award 5. ONNIE MONTGOMERY HEDA MOODY YDEE MORALES AIME MORENO MY MOSHER RI MURCHISON rchestra 1, Choir 2, Vocal Ensemble ,4, Flagline 4, Goals: To go to college, et married, and raise a family. THRINE MURPHY adminton 4, Key Club 4, Matt Maid, Bas- etball 4, Goals: Go to a junior college, then to court reporting school, and live a appy life. ISIEROY MURRAY ELODI MURRI F.B.L.A. Vice-President 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students is Band 1,2,5,4, Goals: Attend college. EVON NEGETHON ANGIE NEWTON Track 2,5,4, Volleyball 5,4, Goals: Get a job, go to college, get married. LISA NICHOLS Volleyball 5, Softball 5, Art Club 2, Goals: Go to college become a model. GLENN OLSON MICHAEL ORCHOWSKI Goals: To join the United States Navy and become a frogman. RANDY ORICK JENNIFER OSBORNE DANNY OWEN NJROTC 1.2, D8tD Club 1.2. JOHN PAGE S.A.D.D. 4, Golf 5, Thespians 2,5,4, Pep Club 4, Lyres Club 1,2,5,4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4: Choir 4, Outstanding Freshman Bands- man 1, Outstanding Junior Award for N.A.U. 5, Goals: To go to N.A.U. and ma- jor in electronic engineering. JULIA PARK N.H.S. 5,4, S.A.D.D. 5,4, Arizona Enter- prise '86, Peer Tutor 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4, Goals: Go to G.C.C., then N.A.U. and pursue a career in physical therapy. LEONA PARKER ANTHONY PASSALACQUA MARK PENA MARCIE PEREZ Track Manager 1, Cross Country 1, Man- ager 2, President, Spikettes 2: Pep Club 2,4, Goals: Go to school to become a paralegal. WILFREDO PEREZ ANGEL PERKINS JAMES PRITCHARD CARRI PURGITT DAVID RANSOM DONALD RASMUSSEN CONNIE REDNOSKE JEANETTE REED YVONNE REISINGER PAM RITCHIE "PAMBA", Flagline 1,2,5, Captain 4, Ski Club 5,4, Spanish Achievement Award 5, Who's Who Among American High School Students 5,4, N.H.S. 5,4, F.B.L.A. Secretary 4, Golden Seal Award, Goals: Attend college, become successful, get married, have kids, and live happily ever after. CHRISTINA RIVERA TERESA ROBINSON RAEGINA ROCHE ANDY RODRIQUEZ --Q.-s.'.:1:r SENIORS 51 BOB ROELS Band 1,2,5,4: Tennis 1,2,5,4: Soccer 4: Thespian 5,4: Letter Club 2,5,4: Drama 5,4: Boy's State 4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 4: Per- fect Attendence 2,5,4: Goals: Attend A.S.U., study business and law, and even- tually work for the F.B.I. ERICA ROJAS PAUL ROMERO Basketball 5,4: Ski Club 4. STEPHANIE ROSE KELLY RYAN JOEY SAENZ ANGIE SCHIAVO PAUL SCHMIDT PAUL SCHRAGL MIKE SCHUMACHER MARC SCILLIERI Ski Club: Football 5: Baseball 1: Soccer 4: Goals: Get married and have a million dollar house. KATHY SEARGEANT Flagline 2,5,4: Soft- ball manager 1: Golden Seal Award 4: Basketball 1: Goals: Go to college, be- come a paralegal, get married, and have kids. DEBORAN SEEVERS LEON SETTLE BARRY SHEVAT CHRISTINE SIMON RONALD SIMPSON JOHN SINIORIS CLIFFORD SIRMANS HOLLY SLADEWSKI CHRISTINA SLAUGHTER Track 2: Goals: To go to college and get married. MICHAEL SLAUGHTER CHRISTOPHER SOLAREZ MICHELLE STACEY TONZE STAPLETON Football 1,2,5: Track 1,2,5,4: Wrestling 1,2,5: NJROTC 1,2,5,4: Meritorious Achievement CLifesavingD 4: Eagle Scout recipient 1986: Goals: Go to college, ob- tain a fire science or medical degree, and open up a business. DEBRA STAPLEY Drama 4: Key Club 2: Volleyball 5: F.B.L.A. 4: Varsity Track 1,2,5,4: Most Dedicated 5: Most Valuable 2,5: Athelete of the Week 2: United States Marine Corps Distingueshed Athlete Award: Hon- or Roll: Goals: Attend cosmetology school, then go to a University to become a Physical Therapist. KRIS STEELE Swimming Team 1: Flagline 2,5,4: Year book 4: Ski Club 4: Chorus: Drama 4 Varsity Cheer 4: Goals: Attend G.C.C. ano study journalism, then finish with a de gree at N.A.U. CLIFTON STEWART Football 5,4: Letter Club 5, President 4, S.A.D.D. Tres. 5, President 4: Boys' Stats 5: Who's Who Among American Hig School Students 5: Bausch Sr Lomb Sci ence Award 5: Football Captain 4: N.S.S 5,4: Elk's Student of the Month, Sepl 1986: Optomist Science Award 4: Honor able Mention AAA Skyline Division ll Football 4: Academic All-American 5,4: Mayor Youth Advisory Council 4: Best Of fensive Back Football: Fred Koory Awar Football 4: Goals: Go to college, get degree in engineering, and become a ric bachelor. ELLEN STEWART ROBERT STEWART RICHARD STINSON STEVE STOCKMAN 1 HOLLY STORM Volleyball 1,2,5: Basketball 1,2,5: Soft- ball 1: Letter Club 5: Goals: Go to college and study business. CECIL STOVER DONNA SUGGS Track 5: Volleyball Most Valuable 5, Best Defensive Digger and Senior Award 4: Basketball 1, Captain 2: Softball 2: Goals: To go to G.C.C. and take nursing, then to A.S.U. to study surgery. Also, have a fam- ily. JULIE SWARTLING Concert Band 1,5,4: Marching Band: 1,5,4: Letter Club 1,2,5: Track 1,2,5,4: Lyers Club 1,5,4: Goals: Anything's o.k. as long as I don't end up living or dying in Kansas. JACOB SWARTZ Wrestling 1.2: J.V. Most pins-most valu- able 5: Varsity soccer, Captain 4: Goals: Play collegiate soccer, major in criminal justice, law enforcement. AIMEE TAPPENDEN Track 5,4: Newspaper 2,5,4: A.S.B. 4: Senior Class Senator 4: Softball 2: lTransferred from Michigan 55: Goals: To be a multi-billionaire. LARRY TARKINGTON Varsity Basketball 4: Transferred from South Mountain High School: Goals: Go to college and study chemical engineer- ing. Play pro basketball. BONNIE THOMPSON ICHAEL THOMPSON tudent Senate 1,2,5,4: Freshman Presi- ent: Sophomore President: ASB Vice- resident 5: ASB President 4: Band ,2,5,4: Treasurer 2, Drum Major 5,4: ESA 5,4: Track and Field 1,2,5,4: 6th lace AAA Div. Il State Track 5: NHS 5, resident 4: SADD 5,4: Letter Club 5,4: earbook Sports Editor 4: Mayor's Youth dvisoiy Commission 4: Pep Club Mascot : ASU Medallion of Merit Award 5: Ari- ona Boys' State 5: Rotarian of the Year : December Rotarian of the Month '85: ctober Rotarian of the Month '86: Lions lub Honor Student 5: November Elks' tudent of the Month '86: December Opti- ist of the Month '86: GUHSD Achieve- nent Above All Student 4: Who's Who mong American High School Students : Who's Who in Music 4: Academic All- merican 5: Outstanding Drum Major aption Award at State Marching Festival : Homecoming First Attendant 4: Aca- emic Achievement in Track 5: MESA utstanding Junior: Science Fair Honor- ble Mention 5: Perfect Attendance 2,5: rincipal's Pass 1,2,5,4: Goals: College nd medical school and an M.D. as either n emergency room specialist or a sports octor. AMES THYGESEN SMERALDA TORRES ICTOR TOVAR AMMY TRAINOR-PARHAM IM TRISOLIERE piritline 5,4: Yearbook 2: Foreign Lan- uage Club 2: Key Club 5,4: ASB 5,4: hespians 2,5,4: Goals: Go to G.C.C. then ave a home with my husband and some ind of job. ICHELLE URQUIDEZ reshman Softball: Varsity Softball 2,5,4: .V.P. Softball 1: First Division Team, hird Base 2: Best Offensive Softball Play- r 2,5: Varsity Tennis 5,4: Flagline 4: oals: College. VIER VALENZUELA ERONICA VASQUEZ OLLY WAITE NN WALLACE ES WARNER onor Roll 5-1st Semester: Goals: Army, hen college. ALE WATSON RENDA KAY WEEDMAN oftball 1,2,5,4: Volleyball 1,5: Basket- all 1,2,5: Hugh O'Brien Youth Leader- hip Seminar 2: Senate 2,5,4: S.A.D.D. 5: 1 Student of the Month, Oct. '86: Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents 5: Academic All-American 5: F.B.L.A. 4: Letter Club 2,5,4: N.H.S. 4: AZ. Girls' State 5: Goals: Attend Grand Can- yon College to pursue a career as an ac- countant. KELLY WILLIAMS KIM WILLIAMS F.H.A. 1: 4-H 1: Pep Club 1,2: Newspaper 1,2,5,4: Features Editor 2: Editor-in-Chief 4: Volleyball manager 1: A.S.B. 4: Sr. Class Senator: N.H.S. 5,4: S.A.D.D. 5, Vice President 4: Close-up 4: Yearbook Copy Editor 4: Transferred from Lincoln Coun- ty, Nevada 5: Goals: Attend G.C.C., get my R.N. in nursing, and continue my edu- cation at A.S.U. GRANT WILLS MARK WILSON MARSHALL WILSON CANDACE WOELTJE Mat Angels 1: Sophomore Treasurer 2: Junior President 5: Varsity Cheer 5,4: N.H.S. 5,4: Letter Club 4: Awarded schol- arship to A.S.U. 4: Most Scholastic in Cheer 4: Goals: Attend A.S.U. and live a long, healthy, wealthy, and very happy life. LISA WOOD Drama Club 1,2,5,4: Senate 1,2,5: Junior Class Secretary 5: Flagline 5,4: Treasurer 4: Goals: Plan to go to A.S.U. to study law, and become a successful criminal lawyer and have a good time. JENNIFER WOODBRIDGE Art Club 2: Goals: Go to college, get a degree in medicine to become a nurse: and raise a family. MARCIA WRIGHT RUDOLFO YANEZ NANCY YAZZIE PAUL YOUNG Tennis 1,2: Goals: Go to college to be an engineer. LYNETTE ZIERDEN LARRY ZIMMER , Seniors Choose "Mosts" SENIOR MOSTS- Cheresa Baxla, Phil Lopez, Melodi Murri, Jessie SENIOR MOSTS- Barry Dersh, Michael Thompson, David Dager, Bren- Hollister, Paul Romero, Donna Suggs. da Weedman, Kathy Hill, Michelle Urquidez. Best Dressed Most Spirited Phil Lopez and Cheresa Michael Thompson and Baxla Michelle Headrick Best Smile Most Athletic Jessie Hollister and David Dager and Melodi Murri Michelle Urquidez SENIOR MOSTS- Michael Thompson, Michelle Headrick, Ken Aneas, Shelley Griffin, Julie Swartling, George Molina, Mark Pena, Angel Blue. Most Intellectual Most Likely To Succeed Class Clowns Barry Dersh and Brenda Michael Thompson and Kathy Mark Pena and Angel Weedman Hill Blue Best Laugh Biggest Flirts George Molina and Julie Shelley Griffin and Swartling Kenny Aneas Best Looking Paul Romero, Mark Pena, and Donna Suggs 54 SENIOR MOSTS Semors-Look Ho We've Changed! 5 Can You Tell Who We Are? see page 157. 5 N' ' ff" .. !5S:j'sgf53EI::5? " ifeQs:ws:ff,f:v i . K 3 Q Z... H XR R A f A Xxx law N W e eeee I iii" 'iii -:gf I. . X ...WM V WMM M fx :- .',, f f , ' ' ,f , ,,,. f 4, Ah U "', Zi' , Q S ,. -, . I W ---N xypiilifp ' hl, ' if K L A, M ,A T W xi ,ff f'-- g fr X -X .L if I Ny M SENIORS 55 ' v N , , N 4 Q N , W fx Lf W X' Xi? ok X K0 N X0 'X L 1-5 ' .v A 1 NJ LA RW My W , ,ggi ' pw QM 01 Qjlf XX 4 el xl 4 li! PQ Q, MMV GHS Semor Class 56 SENIORS H , V xl N A-L. W sgwf Mt ,fur CQJI 'V ff? A f all X, X ,V L F9 'X ' ff! r1jZ'N3y fi! fr ' gr X mf X Tv N 3 M E x, 1 A ,F YQ ix W QX .N I 3- ' P5 1 if XXX irc uf t J A NX XJ JV . ,sk C0 J' Gi X' YV? Cf NJ! my 2 Y ,f X f if Y if ay! J L J X iw' f' XE NU F , X VX7 ya ,px X .M A ,-ls ,, W SEPHORS 57 ,, Z Junior Year Is High School's Best eing a Junior means something different to ever- ybody. To some, it's great to finally be an upper- classman. Uwe like the idea of having others look up to us," say some students. Then, there are some who would like to be Seniors and skip their Ju- nior, and "most important" year completely. Being a Junior is definitely like being the middle child. Juniors are not the first born qSeniorsl, but then they're not the baby QFreshmenl either! The Junior year is a very busy year. This is the time when students really start thinking about college and start planning for their Senior year. Juniors start taking on more responsibilities for themselves and others. This year's Junior class began early planning the May 2 prom at THE LAKES and worked hard to carry out the theme, "Cherish," ln order to make the money needed, class members under the guidance of sponsors Mr. Pap- pas and Mr. Borbora, worked hard selling concessions at home football games and candy to friends and neigh- bors. Many think a person's Junior year is the best year of high school, and most of the members of the GHS Junior Class would have to agree! - Cyndi Mesquita Robert Aguilar 'Qs l Alex Alcazar James Alexander Jennifer Alexander Chantrella Allen Rosemary Alvardo Fernando Anguiano Lori Arevalo Wence Arevalo Bernadett Armstrong Lori Arnold Thomas Avila Angela Avilucea Frank Baker Daniel Balog Jeannie Barrera Lori Bauer Daniel Beckham Christy Bell John Belshe Denise Bender Todd Benson . Tracy Biegun Alison Blond 58 JUNIORS . 5? . I V K . 1 Ns. K - ,,,g g .. .,. 1' X , fi Jodi Boyd Siegrid Burton Stacy Bush Eric Blair Anna Cardenas Carey Chance Tracey Chapline Steven Charette Angela Ciardullo Linda Cisneroz Aaron Clark Robert Clary Lisa Cochran Loraine Conley Frank Cooper Eric Crabb Kevin Crawford Charliene Cress Traci Davies Walter Davis Joseph Delahuerta Beth Delahunt Martin Delcid Hans Delakowitz Karen Dickinson Michael Diehl William Dietzman Christina Dominguez Michael Dominguez Shana Duff David Dunlap Steven Eidson Paul Egnatoff Maria Escudero Jesus Fajardo Anita Franco Randall Funk Cyndi Ciaitan Ann Ciarcia Elisa Garcia Angela Ciarrison Deborah Cierace JUNIORS 59 wiyxggi rx letras Barb Horne Jerry Gin Kevin Goodthunder William Goodwin Tamisha Grout Shawn Grueiro Tonja Hale Darrell Hall Heather Hansen Joy Hatcher Melinda Hayes Richard Hernandez David Herrera 1 X David Hinz Susan Hoke Anna Hoogendoorn Tina Howell Richard Howrton Tonja Jackson Peter Jacob Karla Johnson Shawn Jordan Lori Kesterson Theresa Knowlton ,N of .W , RMI, xv fx Spirited Anita Franco Leads Class f . A ww if , A ' , A rJ A A..-iqqg. , 4 A 1 ' f..,.v, , ,V V N V' F' I ' , V V Vs i ,., VVVV V Like all of the student body officers during '86-'87, Anita Franco has worked very hard to raise school spirit and pride in beinga GHS Cardinal. 60 JUNIORS ..Z""1 ere she is! Glendale High Schools Junior Class Presi- dent -- Anita Franco. Anita has attended Glendale High for three years and is very involved in what's happening at GHS. Along with being class president, she is in ASB, Key Club, Mecha, and Mat Angels. Anita says, "Being class president is a tough job. I have a lot of responsibilities, but it's really fun!" When not staying busy at school, Anita enjoys reding, dancing, swimming, and be- ing with her friends. Her favorite subject at school is English and she's beginning to make plans to attend college when she graduates. Anita wants to, as she says, Ulvlake something big of myself." What does Anita like best about GHS? The staffand the school spirit. "The staff is very supportive, and the spirit is finally rising." lf you see a girl around school who's all smiles, it must be Anita! -Cyndi Mesquita Doug Freet Runs For The Fun Of It! bad day for Glendale Junior Doug Freet is when he can only run four to five miles. One of Cxlendale's most outstanding runners, Doug consid- ers eight to ten miles run only a good day! Although he spends only one to two hours of practice a day and manages to attend twelve meets a year, Doug has found that cross-country running can be a hazardous sport. For example, on October 9, 1986, Doug participated in a meet held at Thunderbird Park. While running up a mountain, he twisted his ankle by hitting a small ditch. This, however, did not stop him for he continued running until he reached the finish line. Despite his injury, he came out 21 out of 25 runners and finished seventh for the Glendale team. Doug first became interested in running in his freshman year. He was in Coach Espinoza's class and was influenced not only by Coach Espinoza but also by his friend Bill Egnatoff, who was already on the team. He decided to go out for the team his freshman year and lettered that same year. Besides running for the Cross-Country Team, he also enjoys playing other sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and track. His other hobbies include going to the movies, going to the malls, and just being with friends. After graduating from GHS, Doug plans to move to Flagstaff and go into forest- ry. And will he continue to run? "Of course, l'm going to keep running!" 'Lupe Ramirez ,arw-- . A . we .. ' x 1, , 7 . " Q K v x Q 5 - - K .af-sff'f fr, 1,1 " ' ' . .L .,,,,. . Q.. g M if . . ay A? g , ..',, A , f 'hr' ' I.. f -N r f iff' Y ak' X . 4 i' . .. fi , r Nriiv 6 , Q V .. 3 Li r I Y'5?kT"':z.i4 . k i , 1 K s fri, , ... 5 si, - '. - . 4 -A45 Under the guidance of Coach Espinoza, whom he considers a good friend and adviser, running has become an important part of Doug Freet's life. He says running "helps clear my head and keeps me in shape." Wh. ww Janet lirejci Oniel Kumar Tamara LaCirow Michael Lanman Carolina LeBario Candy Lewis Joseph Lizarraga Tracy Lloyd Alma Lopez Brenda Lopez Diana Lopez Pablo Luna Michelle Lunnon Jeanne Mabbitt Charles Martinez Matt Martinson Richard Mathews Jimmie May Kristin Maynes ' Felix Medrano Paula Mejia ' Mary Mendez Alberto Mendoza Pete Mendoza JUNIORS 61 Gilbert Mercado Cynthia Mesquita Daniel Meyer Diane Meyers , , J, Albert Meza YLL. ,Q James Mills Michelle Mizer Aurora Morales Jeremy Morse Jennifer Murillo Todd Myers Katherine Navarrete Maureen Nelson Timothy Nieman Jessica Nolan James Nugent Adrienne Ochoa David Odell Joseph Padilla Patricia Paiano Jonnie Parker Andrea Paswinski Monica Perez Melissa Phillips Junior Officers Keep Active he Junior Class Officers are an important group. They direct the candy sale to raise money, work the concession stand, and help plan the Junior-Senior Prom. To represent the Junior Class the officers must attend both class meetings and ASB meetings. They've found that being a class leader takes a lot of responsibility and time, but in the long run, it all pays off. Junior Class Officers included Senators Steve Sanchez, Cyndi Mesquita, Tami LaGr0W, Rusty Taylor, Stacy Bush, and Michelle Lunnon. 62 JUNIORS , 1 T Anita Franco Wence Arevalo Lupe Ramirez Denise Salinas President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer "The new principal is nice. l'le's very much involved and is doing a good job." - Anita Franco "The guys should get more into "Everyone should get involved clubs and activities. You can in ASB to perk up spirit and get meet a lot of girls!" -- Wence peopleinto school activities." - Arevalo Lupe Ramirez "This year the ASB and the faculty have put forth a great effort in raising school spirit. The students have been working hard to meet these great expectations. And our Cardinal Pride has grown tremen- dously!" -- Denise Salinas x if Sports Keep Christina Dominguez Active ho is Humber 15 on the Volleyball team? lt's none other than Christina Dominguez to whom 15 has been very kind on the volleyball court. Christina is a member ofthe Junior Class and has attended GHS for three years. One of her main involvements at Glendale has been sports and she plays a good game no matter what the sport. Christina enjoys basketball and softball as well as volleyball, and as a typical Junior girl, finds trying to understand guys an interesting diversion. Speaking of GHS, Christina says, "l like Glendale. There are a lot of nice people." There are a couple of things she'd like to change, however. Shed like to see students express more school spirit. "l think people should get more into things", she says. Christina would also like to see more people involved in sports, "Everyone should show the athletic abilities they have." Christina stays active in school and says her favorite subject is English. She plans to join the Army after graduation, but she doesn't know what will come after that, But it's a sure bet Christina will remain active and involved no matter what. -Cyndi Mesquita M, TK lk. ,, ir: i ,f,X,,' J , illc J I ' 443 W - . 44 g 4 Y-fd" ,i f W3 .V,, ,ff ..,,,,. IW K ,iglgm .-',, VV t ' f A 5 1 is f J A W 1 V t i f qw S'.i'1f2',g. ,' 5 1. 1,3-ii.. K Christina enjoys her involvement in sports and re- mains active in one sport or another throughout the school year, Joseph Pompa Robert Preston James Quinnett Lupe Ramirez Micah Ramsey Carrie Randles Robert Ream Norma Reis Betty Rhodes Gary Rice Brad Ritch Deborah Robertson Julie Rodriguez Mary Rodriguez Yolanda Rojo Debbie Rubio Alex Ruelas Brian Ruff Dena Ryder Mike Ryerson Jody Rykhus Denise Salinas Antonio Sanchez Rebecca Sanchez JUNIORS 65 X QS I, Part-time Job QXQ ,z f V' ak N b rt it ,ii C6135 Or G ll ' ll fig? 6, Q l f f 2 ,git ff' oz? A 4. , 1, B QW 3 il! D9 . V' tl if t i at ,QR ,M .Y . n L ll, fi, 1 anyl,-waysTPlorbert Armenta is a typical Junior at bo He comes to school, is on the football team, " ,holds a part-time job, and could study more and ef ' rk harder in class. Yes indeed, a typical Junior boy. iaiff A 3 ei? Norbert spends some ofhis time at his part-timejob. He gi lifwv works at the popular Glendale restaurant La Perla as a lXj"f QA? Et M busboy on the weekend. He puts in about 17 hours. He xi f rt 5 says, "l like working there, it's pretty easy." He also if f likes the atmosphere at La Perla and enjoys getting to f M A meet lots of different people. f LD fl f ff- Stephen Sanchez Daniel Sarrels Vincent Scarsbrook Michael Schlabach Katherine Schroeder Ann Schultz Jay Severson James Sides Belinda Simmons George Smith Gilbert Soliz Matthew Spreier Derek Stapley Darlene Stewart Julie Stewart Leslie Stringer Michelle Stroud Matthew Swartz Scottie Sykes Russell Taylor James Truedson Raul Valenzuela Alex Vasquez Andrew Villalobos 64 JUNIORS Like most typical Junior guys, Norbert finds time for sports. He especially enjoys playing football and base- ball. When does he find time to do homework? t'Most of the time, after practice." ...:.t.. 4 avau'i'+'iidi ' si ' an Juniors not pictured: Dawn Adams Holly Anderson Jason Anderson Sherry Archer Norbert Armenta Michael Avis Barney Balderaz Timothy Barben Robert Bartlett Philip Bills Benjamin Brown Janelle Casey Christopher Castillo Richard Collins is We , Wim 'wi dial 9. I Andrew Wyzevich Nick Wyzevich Corbin Craig Carrie Croteau William David Natalie Davis Ronald Foose Douglas Freet Lori Huff William Knight Ronnie Livas Rene Menchaca Billy Newman Steve Nies Tim Palmer Frank Resendes Tony Vitela Laura Ward Danna Wayman Jennifer Weimer Jeannie Wetenkamp Corey Williams Teble Williams Laura Wineland George Witner Cheryl Wolff Colleen Wood Anthony Woods Malikita Reynolds Robert Robles Tom Rush Brian Schlotfeldt Michelle Shaffer Amanda Skelley Ronald Snyder Misty Stewart Diana Teter Matthew Thomas Robert Torculas Dwayne Washington R. Selene West Douglas Willard A fi 1 Q Wu ..,,wmmv 7. ,web A 1 , ul. , :Stl ' ': V -. iff'-U ', lleftl Joe Lizarraga expresses excitement over reciting "Paul Re- vere's Ride." llvliddlel Carrie Randles takes a picture break during class. lRightl Gilbert Mercado uses his hands to talk with his friends. JUNIORS 65 Second Year Better For Sophomores hat's it like to be a Sopho- more? The most popular response among members of the Sophomore Class was, by far, "A lot better than being a Freshman!" Many Sophomores said that they feel a lot more com- fortable participating on athletic teams and going to games and dances: they also said that they feel more a part of the school and not so out of place. But, according to all, the best part is being able to look at the Freshman and be glad it's them and not you. - Sheila Manis Tracy Allen, Lina Rivas, and Danna Wayman enjoy their places Class at GHS. fig cj in the Sophomore Angela Aguayo Brenda Aguero Tracy Allen Beatrice Lisa Arce Laarnie Arceo Barbara Avila Greg Baltzell James Barrera Almanza Lee Barton Kelly Bates Warren Bayne Gloria Begay Angelina James Barr Judy Bingham Samantha Bejarano Robert Bennett Birkett 66 SO PHO MORES Mohamed Assad Derek Bauer Jason Boyd M X 1 f . vw ,1 Er 1' it i Stephanie Branson Rebecca Brockman Lori Carender Mike Castillo Nicole Clemenson Mark Coppola Mikel Brasher Vickie Bush Mike Carrillo Mike Castrovinci Nina Coleman Adam Copus Richard Braughton John Bustoz Raymond Carrillo Matt Cherry Daniel Collins Rhonda Cordova Dionne Brisby Shannon Caratachea Joann Castillo Sharon Chu Shawn Cook Steve Crane '86-87 Lillian's Best Year Yet illian Ortega is certainly one busy Cardinal. She seems to have her hand in everything from ASB to Thespians to Cheer and Swimming. Plus, Lillian was named Queen ofthe City ofiilendale Mexican Independence this year. Being involved in so much seems to take up a good part ofher time, but she still manages to keep up her grades and stay involved. We should all look to her for a good example of Cardinal spirit. Lillian is the Sophomore Class Vice-President, histo- rian of the Thespians, JV Cheer captain, and a swim- mer on the Swim Team. Although she likes every- thing, Lillian says she likes Cheer and drama the best. ln Cheer, Lillian is able to get rowdy and show off her school spirit. And in drama, she gets a chance to leave everything behind and escape from reality for awhile. For her, they are the two most exciting parts of her school year. Her Sophomore year has been, by far, the most memorable for Lillian so far. By being involved, she is continuously meeting new people and having a lot of new experiences. - Sheila Manis For Lillian Ortega, the best way to enjoy high school is to get involved in lots of fun activities. SOPHGMORES 67 M-it 33,1 Roberta Crews Christine Michelle Doyle Cullison Stephanie Ford Marc Drane Todd Greiner Michael Francis Daniel Haney Cathy Griffin Scott Hildebrand Steven Harris 68 SOPHOMORES Kimberly Hill it Tv" fic. fl?- David Cushman Roy Dunn Larry Franco Karen Griffin Melissa Hausmann Christine Hofferber l Ill I1 Kim Daniel Cheryl Davis Delia Dutton Louis Duval Goerge Frasier Jack Frazier Marcus CirUalva John Gronosky Zane Hawthorne Kyle Haynes Angela Hogan Michael Holt YH 5' 1' Daran Davis Karen Eidson Lamonte Freightman Lisette Cirueiro Debbie Hays Jennifer Hough Manuel Delcid Monica Espinoza Kristen Gabbard Jose Gutierrez Anne Heiner Anne Hutson 449 'Air Brian Dersh Kenneth Dickey Anna Richard Francisca Dominguez Espinoza Fajardo Ruben Ferreira Tiffani Gessel Theresa Giesie Blanca Gonzalez Jose Gutierrez Melanie Chris Hampton John Hernandez Hammers Martin Herrera Sandra lnoshita Ricardo Amber Jamison Hemandez Jason Jahnke V .3 bfi: .W i is Kenneth Dooley Stephen Fink William Greb Ayiynn Hand- Jones Kimberly Herriges David Jaquez N Swimming Brings Molly Renner Sense 0f Freedom olly Renner's one love is swimming. She started swimming in the eighth grade with Grachos, a team which she swims with all year round. As a Freshman at Glendale, she decided to go out for the GHS Swim Team. Molly had quite an exceptional year as a Freshman swimmer. She qualified for Skyline Divisionals, was high-point swimmer for the season, and was voted most-spirited. All of these things qualified her to be captain this year. When asked ifthere were any disadvantages to swim- ming, Molly replied with a definite yes. She said, "Sometimes it can be very difficult to keep up high grades while swimming. lt cuts into your social life greatly, and that can sometimes be emotionally hard." For Molly, swimming is her escape from reality. lt allows her to be free in her own little world. When asked what she likes most about swimming, Molly said, "I like to travel a lot and meet new people. Being on the two different swim teams lets me com- pete more, and l am able to get a better range of competition." Molly's best events are the 50 free, 500 free, 100 breast stroke, 200 breast stroke, and the 50 fly. - Sheila Manis 3' Molly Renner spends so much time competing and practicing for swimming, she sometimes feels like her second home is the water. SOPHOMORES 69 X J m,,m R' Ali l Jason Jaquez Tracie Juarez James Lee Ronald Leigh Vikki Martinez Eldon Mclnville Deanna Mier Billie Miller Robert Mulligan Reina Mungarro Diana Ortiz John Parker 70 SOPHOMORES Bernadett Jojola Jason Jones Maria Leon Samuel Lopez Jerald Mcliim Lee McLin Jolinda Miller Tim Miller Sean Murphy Victoria Murphy Kristina Partiss Alice Passmore -ll is 1 5 A JIMM Kevin Kinslow Harold Luke Andrew Mendez Elisa Molina Diana Newell Dawn Plegethon Stacie Peck William Peaty Melinda Jones Thomas Lopez Shannon McPherson Steve Miracle x Cathy liirberger Beatrice Luna Deborah Mendez Brandalyn Monaco Ernest Ochoa Gerry Penalosa Shawn Klein Lisa Klink Lonnie lirantz Joseph Lupa Tito Madrid Tracy Main Sheila Mendez Kristin Merkel William Meyer Lawrence Maria Morales Christine Moton Montoya Mark Onak Jose Ortega Jackie O'Malley Tracie Pequignot Shaun Peron Rechel Penney Patrick Leadabrarid Sheila Manis Teresa Meza Victoria Muller Lillian Ortega Holly Poulson Sports Big Part Gf Gerry's Life erry Penalosa is an all-around athlete. He plays everything from football and basketball to track. During his Freshman year, Gerry was voted Most Ex- citing Player in football. He scored 6 touchdowns that season. ln basketball he received the award for Most Valuable Player, scoring up to as many as 21 points in a game. Playing for Junior Varsity this year, Gerry underwent quite a few position changes. Starting out as receiver and then switching to running back, Gerry did a fine job. During the third week of practice, he was con- verted into a quarterback because the first string player was hurt. ln his first game as quarterback, he threw a touchdown. During basketball, Gerry played point guard and had a good season. Gerry said, i'The team was tough and didn't quit even when they were down." When asked ifhe had any advice for those who don't go out for sports, he replied, "Get involved, go to games, and support teams. Show some school spir- it." Hot bad advice at all. Gerry Penalosa has taken an active role in school including serv- ing his class as Sophomore Senator. SOPHOMORES 71 we an KY ,.' Dawnielie Powell David Railsback Mario Rodriguez Ramona Jeffrey Sam Rodriguez Robert Shope Anna Sanchez Renae Stover Erin Sivesind Rhonda Tippie Nicole Strate 72 SOPHOMORES Tracy Travis v Robert Ramirez Kristi Rogers Greg SantaCruz Jodie Smith Yida Suarez Deanna Troth ai Zi , W , 2 .ar ,mg ,W 4 ,Q wif V, K . it Dan Rasmussen Mike Reed Christine Genero Romero John Romero Regnier Douglas Karl Schroeder Chad Roth Schmidt Dixie Sorrells Greg Shultz Jason Pat Sutherland Thomas Speers Snodgrass David Suggs Elsa Urbano Dawna Valerio Alma Tavares Arthur Velasquez M, ,,,, iw, K T wi' 4 ",, , 1 wif' i- ,, . ,E "+V for 'f gr, A Derek Reigel Juan Rubio James Schumacher Trina Sporleder Mark T hiele Tammie Vertz Molly Renner James Runyon Terri Scruggs Tim Stanlield Micah Thompson Frances Viola yy.. r xxx 1' 'lt -We S Linda Resendes Carol Saenz Clark Seargeant Julie Stewart Shannon Thompson Christina Wagner Roseann Rios Vivian Saenz Melissa Sestan Karen Stewart Deborah Thygesen Gene Walker ND MQ f f I Francisco Rodriguez Paul Salcido Dustin Sherrill Murshell Stewart T rena T illia Tom Watson Sophomores Build Winning Float his year's Sophomore Class had many things to do and the Sophomore Officers were the ones in charge of seeing that all the work was done. During the year the Sophomore Class sold lollypops, T-shirts,jackets, and assorted other items to make money. The year was also full of other activi- ties to keep class members busy such as building the First Place Homecoming Float and attending numer- ous class meetings. While the Officers and Senators were the elected class representatives, the work of the class could not be done without all members of the Class of '89, Nothing could have been sold, and nothing would have been won without hard working Sophomores. - Mario Rodriguez "l decided to get involved in at least one school activ- ity and, since l'm not very good in sports, l decided M 5' that Student Senate would be a good thing to join. I think that everybody should get involved in a school V ,M activity. Plot only is it interesting, but it's a great way to K I' 7, meet new people." -Mario Rodriguez, President ,V 3 5 Twig as . Q1 Q ff. A tx i e xx, kt. "The reason l became more involved in school is ' ... K because this way l have the chance to meet more ' people and have fun while helping to build school spirit at the same time." -Lillian Ortega. Vice-Presi- g dent i'l've become more involved this year over last year because l wanted to get school pride up. Being a part of extra-curricular activities lets me become involved and also gives me the chance to meet my school- mates." -Dea Meir, Secretary If . "l wanted to become more involved with Glendale and I ff V, V what it has to offer. l feel that if l get more involved 4' ' with the school, then my friends will also become A . , ' V more involved." -Vickie Bush, Treasurer F 2 l Sophomore Senators- Gerry Penalosa, Sandra lnoshita, and L Jose Gutierrez 'x SOPHOMORES 75 W, 2, i H .... A D rant, A. Brandy Monaco and Tracy Juarez pose during lunch. B, Renae Stover and Amber Jamison prepare to return to class after a Friday morning pep assembly. C, Derek Stapley listens to the band during the pep as- sembly. D. Tiffani Gessel gets to school bright and early. 74 SOPHOMORES Jason Weber Deborah welter Robert Whitaker Annette White Sophomores not pictured: Janie Ahn Tony Balderaz Antonelag Barbu Ursula Bearden John Bertel Christopher Bunten Kelly Brown Scott Buscha Vickie Davidson Pamela Dazey Sherry Deatherage Michele Dibattista James Edwards Chris Elkins Annette Ferrari Shanann Freet Eva Garcia Carlos Goguen Kelly Grzybowski Justin Hamilton Tammy nansock Jennie Henderson Derek Hoogendoorn Bobby Juarez John Kooistra Michael Kraspic Ruth Lepley Richard Lightowler Stephen Weitsch Eric Ben Wroten Westmoreland Tiifany Mark Lind Terrence London Tamara Marocco Norman McArthur Shawn Mctllaiy Todd McQueen Jeremy Nelson Andrew Norris Kim O'l'lara Robin Onken Shawn Ooten Debra Overton Galt Pettett Christopher Pruitt Lisa Rodriguez Christopher Rowell Armando Sanchez Raymond Schueler Timothy Sheppard Dale Smith Barbara Soto Allison Stone Wiilie Sykes Maria Tavares Lauran Wass David Weiier Crystal Wilkes Freshmen Enjo New Surroundings hat's it like to be a Freshman? lt's great, except for being picked on and being initi- ated into the wonders of high school by the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Being in high school is excellent, much better than grade school. The lockers are pretty small, but we man- age. We got lost some the first ofthe year, but we managed then too. Now we feel right at home at GHS. More freedom is what's nice about high school. We can go off campus for lunch which is a brand new experience for us. lf you're involved in an activity or club you meet a lot of new people and make many new friends. The classes are pretty hard, but then they could be harder. For the Freshmen, high school has been a wel- come, exciting change. We've gotten involved in life at Glendale High School, and We've had a good year! -Tessa Wardzinski W, 1 Butch Abshire Brett Adams Charles Ahrens Melissa Amparan Brett Anderson Cruz Angulo Angela Armenta Christine Arnold Lisa Arnold Christina Ashworth Lisa Bachmann Lyndsey Baker Debra Batty Mathias Begay Terry Belden Donald Berschauer Michele Bessette Frederick Beyer Michael Biddulph Russell Bingham Traci Blair Maria Booe Matthew Bohl Delbert Bolles FRESHMEN 75 Scott Bonasera Justin Bowers Amy Brown Susan Burchett Wayne Butler Nick Cain hxiaw Brian Capistran Christine Carrillo Denice Carrillo Diana Castillo Perla Castillo i Donald Christensen as Shannon Christianson Courtney Ciminski Adam Conrad Butch Cooper David Cota Tony Cota Scott Craig Shawna Craig Lisa Daak Michael Dakin Felicia Davis Valerie Deacon YW , Band Highlights J oe's Year film I ' N ,I , 5 'fra 2 if A sports car buff, Joe lists Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Corvette as his favorite types. 76 FRESHMEN oe Demko is a Freshman this year at GHS. Even though he is a new student at Glendale, he still got involved. In school he is a member of the band. He played cymbals in the GHS Marching Band. Before marching season, he had never played an instrument but decided to join the band because he was asked. He said, ul heard band was great, so l decided to join when they asked me." Joe especially enjoys performing with the band. "lt's great, especially band days when we get our awards. You feel like you have accomplished something." Joe is also involved in baseball. Before he came to high school, he played in the Washington Baseball League for eight years. His hobbies include baseball, soccer, and he likes sports cars. Joe and his family the has a sister Cheryl who's a member of the Class of '87l moved to Arizona from New York six years ago. He said he likes New York, but Arizona is better, On the weekends, Joe mainly likes to relax. Like most other kids his age, he likes to sleep in, go to the movies, watch TV, go to the mall, ride his bike, or play raquetball. Joe's goals for the future are to become a doctor or a lawyer. Joe Demko is new to GHS this year, but he has clearly taken his place as an active part of the Glendale campus! -Tessa Wardzinski and Kathy Hill ina Nixon- A Typical Freshman ina Nixon is a typical GHS Freshman. She does things just like everyone else does. She is in the Marching Band at GHS and the reason she joined was because she loved music and thought that band would be a good experience. When asked how she liked performing, she said, "l don't really like the morning rehearsals, but when we score high on band days, it's all worth it." Nina hasn't always lived in Arizona. When she was six, her family moved from New Jersey. Some of her hobbies include dancing, talking on the phone, and shopping. She loves to spend lots of money when she shops, too. She likes pizza, pink and light blue, Growing Pains and The Cosby Show. Her dislikes are liver, green, Barney Miller, and Newhart. Nina says she likes school and is leaming a lot. She has no idea what she wants to be when she graduates, but it may be something with travel. -Kathy Hill and Tessa Wardzinski ,a 'I'I"Z"3"-1' in ww? T fi x Wifi J Like most students Nina Nixon likes to Jessie Deleon Agustin Delgado Lucia Delgado Ronnie Delong use her weekends to relax and talk t friends on the phone Joseph Delponte Joseph Demko Darold Dickey Christina Dominguez William Dorame Phillip Duke Darcy Dunn Alexander Duran Felix Eaves Jeffrey Eidson Brea Elder Melissa Gallegos- Joann Esquivel Cienaeva Estorga Ruben Estrella John Evans Mark Evans Elliott Ferguson Fanel Florea Denise Foose Englem FRESHIVIEN 77 Michael Freet Valerie Fresquez Ryan Funk Laura Gamble Cecilia Garcia Monica Garcia Raquel Garcia Michael Gardner Jon Garner Daniel Garrett Joel Gerzoff Denise Gines N X Alfonso Gonzales Michael Gonzales Tracey Gornecki Perry Graham Jarod Grefrath Bill Grunow Andrew Harrington Lenora Harris Vickie Hernandez Leticia Herrera Jennifer Heus Erick Hintz 7' z ', 1 , 7. y Freshmen Officers Proud To Serve r 'tl decided to run for an olfice because lwant- ed to show my school spirit and help to make thispFreshmen Class year the best." -Jennifer Murray, President "l'm very proud to be an oliicer and work for my class." -Denise Foose, Vice-President "I think GHS has a Eot of school spirit, but not as much as it should have." -Felicia Davis, Secretary ul feel proud to be an officer. l decided to run for an office because l thought it would be a way to meet new people, have new exper- iences, and take an important responsibil- ity." -John Peterson, Treasurer 78 FRESHMEN 'hi Freshmen Senators-Terry Belden, Chrissie Ream, Lenora Harris Tracy Sykes, Brian Capistran. and Lisa Lebario. Freshmen Welcome Mr. Brown o sports and science go hand in hand? For Mr. Michael Brown they most certainly do! Mr. Brown is a Freshman at Glendale High School this year: he's a new teacher who teaches Fresh- men Science. He also coaches the Junior Varsity Football and the Varsity Wrestling teams. Mr. Brown says, 'Coaching is a very challeng- ing and rewarding experience." We don't know how he manages to find the time, for he is married and has a little boy named Jesse. Mr. Brown was born in Denver, Colorado on July 1, 1959. As far back as his high school days in Arada, Colorado, he was interested in teaching. He attended college in El Paso, Texas, and received a B.A. in Science and a VLA. in Geology. His college days weren't all work since my he kept himself in shape by playing football. After college he taught for . i two years in El Paso. Mr. Brown likes living in the Valley of the Sun. ln his spare time he likes to explore the mountains. He also likes to visit the back country of , Mexico. This man is a fan of computers, the color blue, and the rock group 'The Scorpions." Instead of watching TV, he lifts weights, runs, and rides a bike to and from school. y Can science and sports go hand in hand? Ofcourse. Just take a look at Mr Brown Teaching science to members of the Freshmen Class and coaching sports are both important concerns of GHS new- - Kimberly lioner and Tessa Wardzinski Comer, Mr' Mike Brown. ' Cindy Hofferber Stacy Horst James Huehn V Z X, " Barbara Hunt 5 ' J ' C. Brandon Hurt E H E ' Q X , J Richard lmmele KY! Marty Jarnagin Vince Jasso Rebecca Jones Q A Robert Killingsworth Brian Kilpatrick Tony Knaack I' - ' Steven Knoebel Kimberly lioner Jena Kozel Jackie Lamb Troy Lanter 2 X 'X Edward Lavigne Frederick Lavigne Lisa LeBario James Lee Jeromey Logsdon Chris Loper 2 M Christina Lopez FRESHM EN 79 I Claudia Lopez Frank Lopez Olivia Lopez Oscar Lopez Raul Lopez Alfredo Lujan Melissa Luke Lina Luna Sonja Mclienzie Carlos Mejia David Mendoza Frank Mendoza Ismael Mendoza Ricardo Mendoza Mike Mercado Yesenia Mesquita David Meyer Adam Miller Alex Miranda Gerardo Montqo Michael Moore John Moreau Jeffrey Morency Christina Moreno He 'Nw 2 t . X f -2 ii. 33 Ii. f ,,:.:h :.- :-Fil Freshmen Survey We asked our Cardinal Freshmen to answer some questions 5. Have any upper ciassmen given you a hard time? about their first year at GHS. 17010 said Yes and 8390 said No 0 0 1. How did you feel your firstday at GHS? 0 6, Did you have trouble with your locker? 22010 said they felt "out of place" 55010 said they felt fine 45010 said they were nervous 55010 said Yes and 67010 said No 7. Are you involved in a sports, organizations, or other activities at GHS? 2. Did you getiost any time during the first week of school? 22010 said No and 78010 said Yes 58010 Yes and 62910 No Some of the organizations were Band, Football, and Drama 5. What do you miss most aboutjunior high? 8. Whats the worst thing about being a Freshman? 700 said they missed knowing everyone 11010 said having breaks 47010 said the teasing A 1 55010 said just being the lowest class 16010 said they liked the easier classes 0 17470 said they liked being the upper class 9. What's the best thing about being a Freshman? 1109010 said they missed their friends 42670 said being in high school 56010 said meeting new people 4. what do you like most about high schooi? 11010 said the sports 0 'i 24010 said they liked the freedom 3100 said' the classes 54010 said the people they met 80 FRESH lvl EN 10. Are you looking forward to being a Sophomore? 7010 said Pio and 93010 said Yes -information compiled by Tessa Wardzinski and Kimberly Koner A B B Q New classes provide new challenges for Mary Ra- mirez. Ken Oliver seems a little dis- fe tracked during science. ls this cool or what? Ray Ste- vens enjoys a break from classes. X Tana Morton David Mosher Anna Mungarro William Murchison Manuel Murillo Jennifer Murray Lisa Nelson Shannon Niblett Daniel Nieman Nina Nixon Karen Nugent Lisa Nunez Ramiro Nunez Kenneth Oliver Gregory Olson James Ostermeyer Paul Pace Gregg Paradis Patrick Parker Patricia Pedroza Mary Pena John Peterson Anna Peuster Leigh Pisciotta FRESHMEN 81 Ryan Pomeroy Tina Pruett Shannon Rambo Mary Ramirez Joe Ramos Phillip Ramsey Christine Ream Angel Reyes Jodine Rice-Krueger Casey Riley Cindy Rivas Rashelle Rodgers Lisa Romero Carlos Ruiz Virginia Rutherford Stuart Ryan Christie Sabadasz Sheila Salazar Manuel Samora Christopher A. Sanchez Christopher J, Sanchez Jose L. Sanchez Julie Sanchez Alexander Santiago Shari Sario Christopher Schmidt Theresa Shicky Michael Slaman Katherine Snyder Sean Sutherland Jeffery Spino Darci Stapley Randall Starcher Ray Stevens Christine Stone Lawanda Strodtman Tracey Sykes Wesley Teranishi Craig Thompson Da-Wei Tung Hung-Wei Tung Miguel Turrey 82 FRESHMEN QQ, ,Y , Freshmen not pictured: Matthew Allison Paul Anderson Andrea ArmUo Manal Assad Michelle Bair Nicole Ballard Katrina Barbour Larry Barrera Ted Blueford Derek Burton Robert Castaneda Christopher Chard Cerita Curflinger Bryan Ellisor Trista Fleming Paul Fogel Albert Giem Tobias Goldberg Debra Graham James Groves Arturo Gutierrez Russell Hancock Kenneth Hardy Richard Howell Eric Isaac Shannon Jenkins Robert Martlnsen Maria Medina John Mendez Silvia Morales Robert Neblett Leticia Payan Gene Wright Andrew Young Thomas Yoxall Kara Zimmer Maria Valadez Hector Valenzuela Sylvia Valenzuela Carrie Vasquez Veronica Vasquez Charlette Vertz Christina Vig Cecelia Vitela Bobbi Walters Anastasia Wardzinski Anthony Warner Howard Watson Gretchen Weimer Steven White Brandi Whitfield Danelle Wigglesworth Esther Williams John Williams Toby Williams Edward Williamson Bradley Wills Amy Winters Tia Wohlferd nl, - ' April Woods Jeffrey Pugh Clayton Quinett Ruben Quintero Melissa Richardson Emmett Rise Anthony Rodriguez Teresa Sellers William Stroud William Stachura Danvid Steele Christina Tarby Larry Tellez Angelica Valenzuela Randy Vankomen Lottie Waters Kristi Williams FRESHMEN 85 X -kk. . Classes Candids D uw Ya? A '.,!i?:' ""l241 N lg i 1 N 1' 1 f K l Q., C7-e elm...-..,.f' 'H 84 CLASS CANDIDS Cathy Griffen gets the upper hand on her victim in the GHS Y. Debbie Walter and Mona Rodriguez share a laugh before class. 1 Victoria Murphy, Antwoyn Kindle, and Wendy Huehn get together in the gym. Seniors Kris Steele and Angie Newton seem to be enjoying their last year at Glendale High. Sean Murphy, Chad Roth, and Mike Francis show their enthusiasm for , history. Sam Birkett gets homework done before school ends for the day. GHS brings friends like Holly Anderson and Paula Mejia together daily. Dan Espinoza works out in the weight room. Ann Schultz, Carrie Randles, Chip Grzybowski, and Carrie Vasquez pose between classes. ACTIVITIES X GL? QPR QPR NCYQXBQ Iugfx QQMLJ Qiaxvmvfmm x + QJCIDCI iwczau U51 11 Qi N211 IILYUJEQQ YAQL U-QX rfb IT . ,AO f Q26 ' All UCI A 3099 ariety Cf Activities Keeps GHS Hopping 86 ACTIVITIES .E D '86-'87 Club Officers NEWSPAPER Editor-Kim Williams Features Editor-Carri Purgitt Sports Editor-Randy Orick KEY CLUB President-Barry Dersh Vice-President-Bill Gallimore Secretary-Laura Ward T reasurer-Kim Trisoliere Sgt.-at-Arms-Sheila Manis SADD President-Cliff Stewart Vice-President-Kim Williams Secretary-Barry Dersh Treasurer-Lori Braughton ASB President-Michael Thompson Vice-President-Jenny Weimer Recording Secretary-Cheryl Demko Corresponding Secretary-Michelle Headrick Treasurer-Barry Dersh NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President-Michael Thompson Vice-President-Cheryl Demko Secretary-Mark Pena Treasurer-Lisa Wood SKI CLUB President-Miki Brasher Treasurer-Molly Renner LETTER CLUB President-Cliff Stewart Vice-President-Julie Lock Secretary-Mark Pena Treasurer-Rob Clary Sgt.-at-Arms-David Dager MAT ANGELS President-Anita Franco STAT BRATS President-Michelle Headrick Vice-President-Stacey Bush Secretary-JoLinda Miller Treasurer-Gloria Begay Miki Brasherjoins Mr. Pappas and Mr. Ambrose by tabulating stats at a basketball game. Sherry Aneas prepares to donate blood during the Annual Key Club Blood Drive. Pam Ritchie participates in a Marching Band performance. Donating her time during Glendale Youth Day, Kim Trisoliere earns money for the GHS Cheer squad. Ms. Wallace, John Sinoris, Ms. Fox, David Ransom, and Mike McAffrey compete in a local race. Alex Santiago shows off his Best of Show portrait. Art Show First Place went to Bernadette Armstrong for her drawing "Veronica," 1987 Art Show Awards Best of Show Award-Alexander Santiago Art Awards First Place-Bernadette Armstrong Second Place-Rudy Delgado Third Place-Marion Kaepple Art Honorable Mention-Don Christensen, Anna Peuster, Jay Deleon, Todd McQueen, Rhonda Tippie, Angela Aguayo, and Greg Olson. Craft Awards First Place-Carla McCuistion Second Place-Andrew Villalobos Third Place-Tracy Lloyd Honorable Mention-Kris Meacler, Shannon Thompson, Jimmy Lee, Candy Lewis, Tamara Maiocco FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA REGION II WINTER CONFERENCE First Place Winners-Pamela Ritchie, Rudy Delgado Robert Croteau Second Place-Kevin Fitzgerald Third Place-Maria Meza Fourth Place-Brenda Weedman, Raegina Roche Fifth Place-Jacqueline Glass Honorable Mention-Robert Preston, Michael Mapes ACTIVITIES 87 GHS Band Tradition Of E cellence arches Cn ontinuing their tradition of excellence, the Glendale High Marching Band had another excellent year on the performance field. With 100 members and 22 flag girls, the Band rated Superior at both the University of Ari- zona Band Day and the Arizona State University Band Day. At the State competition the Band was rated Excellent and re- ceived awards for outstanding drum majors, outstanding marching performance, and outstanding percussion section. Hard work and long hours of practice under the direction of Band Director Mr. Dan Lindsey paid off once again for the dedicated members of the GHS Marching Band. - Rechel Penney ' i I i r'f ri . i 4M me ww it . 1 , Janet Krejci performs before the judges of the U of A Band Day. 88 MARCHING BAND K F fu .V f. fx V GHS Marching Band-lTop row, I-rl Billy Gallimore, Janet Krejci, Kathy Seargeant, Pam Ritchie, Holly Poulson, Sam Birkett, Kim Hill, Michelle Urquidez, Leon Settle, Anna Birkett, Lea Longo, Kari Murchison, Vicki Wetenkamp, Kris Steele, Lisa Wood, Cheryl Demko. Bob Roels, tlfourth rowj Kathy Hill, Bobby Mulligan, John Page, Kyle Haynes, Tracy Travis, Rusty Hancock, Melissa Hausmann, Dustin Sherrill, Tia Wohlferd, John Peterson, Michelle Lunnon, David Suggs, Sheila Manis, Dan Nieman, Ted Blueford, Mark Pena, Jim Heiner, Tebi Williams, lThird rowl Stacie Peck, Sandra lnoshita, Anna Garcia, Tracy Sykes, Tina Pruett, Melissa Sestan, Darci Stapley, Mark Wilson, John Heiner, Julie Swartling, Jay McKim, Tami LaGrow, Erin Sivesind, Laura Wineland, Melodi Murri, Lisa Nelson, M. U 04 as 'Au 1: - Y Q af A L. Mike Diehl, Phil Lopez, William David, Billy Gallimore, and Tom Watson perform at the University of Arizona. M. X! -. V Shannon Christianson, Tom Cusack, lSecond rowj Tonja Hale, Nicole Bissey, Courtney Ciminski, Marcia Wright, Dawnielle Powell, Lisa Daak, Rochelle Rodgers, Anne Heiner, Rechel Penney, Trevor Cochran, Brenda Weedman, Alynn Jones, Vicki Bush, Lorraine Conley, Jenny Heus, Cindy Hofferber, Lori Carender, Christina Ashworth, Dea Mier, Debbie Rubio, Mr. Lindsey, Marion Raeppel, 4First rowl Marcus CirUalva, Nina Nixon, Joe Demko, Reina Mungaro, John Romero, Cheryl Wolff, Mark Koan, Jason Jones, William David, Phil Lopez, Mike Diehl, Mark Thiele, Steph Hippen, Cireg Paradis, Judi Bingham, Toby Williams, Rusty Taylor, Tom Watson, Michelle Doyle, Tessa Wardzinski, Denise Salinas, Felicia Davis, lDrum Majorsj Alison Blond and Mike Thompson. GHS Flagline-lTop, I-rl Michelle Urquidez, Stacie Peck, Kris Steele, Tebi Williams, Pam Ritchie, Holly Poulson, Lea Longo, lMiddle rowl Vicki Wetenkamp, Sam Birkett, Kari Murchi- son, Shannon Christianson, Lisa Wood, Anna Birkett, lBottom rowl Janet Krejci, Rim Hill, Kathy Hill, Tonja Hale, Cheryl Demko :mf ,,, 1 Q ,x . i , , '-'rf-if 2' P ,L fd"-x -A h r fe 'rm '6 .-'I-..,.4-mA.,i,,f ' , j , . 'Q In -fr Q , X -1,54 , T 1-Q. p' - J ' 551: JXI 6 ' Q-vrfn ' X224-eww x "" L 5 in " GHS Band Director Mr. Dan Lindsey watches his students perform on the field in Tucson. MARCHING BAND 89 JROTC Rated l Outstanding' ' OFFICERS CORPS-CFront, I-r3 Jeff Hardy, Ed- ward Bailey, Traci Pequignot, Tonja Mills, Dan Espinoza, lMiddIe3 Ron Simpson, Gary Rice, Tonze Stapleton, Peter Jacob, Glenn Olson, Terry Gress, tBack3 Sheila Tompkins, Joe Lizarraga, Phil Cushman. CADETS-fFront, I-r3 Glenn Olson, Tonze Sta- pleton, Ron Simpson, Ed Bailey, 4Row 23 Emmett Rise, Judy Bingham, Scott Craig, Jeff Morency, James Barrera, David Soto, Brett Anderson, Brent Farley, Howard Wat- son, Ken Dickey. Master Chief Petty Officer T. Wilson, tRow 53 Leon Settle, Walter Davis, Roy Balogh. Joel Gerzoif, Tim Sheppard, Paul Schmidt, Bill Murchison, Steve Kell, Roy Dunn, James Parr, Corbin Craig, Mike Ryerson. NEWSPAPER STAFF-4Front, l-r3 Tonze Sta- pleton, Ron Simpson, 1Middle3 Corbin Craig, Edward Bailey, Scott Craig, tBack3 Brett An- derson, Joe Lizarraga, Phil Cushman, Walter Davis, Eldon Mclnville, Jeremy Robertson. RAPELLING TEAM-iFront3 Phil Cushman, Terry Gress, Kitty Snyder, tRow 23 Jeff Har- dy, Gary Rice, David Mansell, Peter Jacob, Shawn Jordan, Jeff Morency, Steve Knoebel, tRow Sl Jeremy Robertson, Phil Hodgkins, Joe Lizarraga, James Parr, James Delaney, Chris Chard, Brett Anderson, Jason Sweet, Roy Dunn. SEA AND LAND SURVIVAL TEAM-iFront3 Ed Bailey, Ken Dickey, Dan Espinoza, Tonja Mills, James Delaney, James Barrera, 4Row 23 Tyler Danley, Jeff Hardy, Joe Lizarraga, Gary Rice, David Mansell, Shantel Brooks, Shawn Jordan, Konrad Klopping, iRow 53 Steve Harris, Glenn Olson, Sheila Tompkins, Phil Cushman, Jeremy Robertson, Peter Ja- cob, Terry Gress, tRow 43 Angel Reyes, Wal- ter Davis, Jason Sweet, James Parr, Chris Chard. RIFLE TEAM-Joe Liza rraga, Jeff Hardy, Peter Jacob, Phil Cushman, Jeff Morency, Terry Gress. DRILL TEAM WITH ARMS-iFront, l-r3 Gary Rice, Terry Gress, iRow 23 Peter Jacob, Dan Espinoza, Jeremy Robertson, Konrad Klop- ping, Ken Hodgkins, fBack3 Phil Cushman, Joe Lizarraga, Jason Sweet, Tyler Danley, Jeff Hardy. DRILL TEAM WITHOUT ARMS-iFr0nt, l-r3 Tracie Pequignot, Tonja Mills, iRow 23 David Mansell, Shantel Brooks, iRow 53 Eldon Mclnville, Kitty Snyder, Shawn Jordan, iBack3 Sheila Tompkins, Steve Harris, Steve Knoebel, James Delaney. 90 NJROTC Officers Corps ml M i . it ' Cadets Newspaper Staff PK if gh f?'i Rapelling Team N Drill Team With Arms Sea and Land Survival Team Rifle Team MIP! Drill Team '86-'87 mnorc Awards A Peoria Fiesta Parade-5rd Place fBest Marching Unitl Billy Moore Day Parade-lst Place fBest ROTC Drill Teaml War Games vs. Apollo-lst Place , Annual Military inspection-''Outstanding' Annual Battalian Football Game-Glendale 55, Apollo 0 Meritorious Achievement Ribbon-Stapleton Oak Harbor Rifle Match-Morency and Jacob, Silver Med Bronze Medal. Arizona interscholastic Rifle Match-First place team overall Without Arms al: Hardy, Secretary of the Navy Rifle Match-Morency and Jacob, Gold Medals: Cushman, Hardy, Lizarraga, Bronze Medals. Oak Harbor Rifle Match W2-Morency and Jacob, Gold Medals: Hardy, Silver Medal, Lizarraga, Bronze Medal. NJ ROTC 91 Talent Abouncls JAZZ ENSEMBLE-iFront, I-rl Bob Roels, Dan Neiman, Tia Wohlfred, Brenda Weedman, iMiddIel Kyle Haynes, John niener, Jay McKim, Mark Koan, David Suggs, Rusty Taylor, Mark Pena, Phil Lopez, .lim Heiner, iTopl Bill Gallimore. ORCHESTRA-lFront,l-ri Melissa Hausmann, Lori Gates, Tony Eye, Mary Kinney, Stacey George, ilvliddlel Mr. Lind- sey, Traci Blair, Lisa Bachman, Brandi Whitfield, Jenny Heus, Vicki Wetenkamp. Angie Bejarano. iBackl Cheryl Wolff. Sean Blair, Eric Blair, Galt Pettett, Scott Blair. BAND OFFICERS-lfront, l-rl Denise Salinas, Tami LaGrow, Michelle Lunnon, Alison Blond, tBackl Mark Pena, Michael Thompson, Jim Heiner, Bob Mulligan, John Page, Mark Koan, CONCERT CHOIR-tFront, l-rl Mr. Yoder, Kari Murchison, Laura Gamble, Lisa Waddell, Angela Garrison, Laura Mar' tinez, Angelica Valenzuela, Shaun Peron, Kim O'Hara, Ka- ren Dickinson, lMiddlel Kelly Bates, Joy Hatcher, Christine rlofferber, Lester Parker, Marcus James, Tony Sanchez, Kelly Brown, Kelly Grzybowskl, Bonnie Combs, iliackl Jen- nifer Osborne, Tim Goodman, Scottie Sykes, Doug Schmidt, Brett White, Gilbert Soliz, Mark Wilson, Chris Reg- nier, Jennifer Friedlund, Amber Graham. VOCAL ENSEMBLE-iFront, l-rl Rebecca Brockman, Stacy Horst, Christina Jojola, Diana Jojola, Victoria Murphy, Mar- cia Wright, Kari Murchison, 4Middlel Jeremy Morse. Vladi- mir Guerrero, Stephanie Hippen, Jeanne Mabbitt, Aylynri Jones-Hand, iBackJ william Gallimore, John Page, Mark Koan, Tim Barben, Mark Wilson, Mr, Yoder. CHOIR 0l"FlCEKS'Bill Gallimore, President: Jeanne Mab- bitt, Vice-President: Stephanie Hippen, Treasurer: Marcia Wright, Secretary: Not Pictured: Doug Schmidt and Angela Garrison, Concert Choir Representatives. DRAMA CLUB-Jody Rykus, Kim Trlsollere, Melanie Harn- mers, Angel Ciardullo, John Page, Amber Jamison, Mark Koan, Laura Wineland, Maureen Nelson, Trevor Cochran, Jennifer Alexander, Nick Wyzevich, Alice Passmore, Marcia wright, Stephanie Hippen, Trina Sporleder, Billie Miller. Jason Snodgrass, Bob Roels, Pat Sutherland, Scott Wilson, Alison Blond, Lillian Ortega, Bill Gallimore, Heather Han- sen, Tracey Ciorneckl, Tawanda Strodtman, Marion Kaep- pel, Jeannette Reed, Kris Steele, Debra Stapley, Mike Reed, Laura Gamble. Stacy Bush. Not pictured: Debbie Robert- son, Amy Winters, Cheryl Dernko, Greg Bee, Ryan Pomeroy, Debra Batty, Chrissie Ream, Adam Miller, Cathy Ciriffen. Tracy Biegun, Danny Sarrels, April Woods, Crissy Cullison. Jennifer Hough, Jonnie Parker, Ellen Stewart. THESPIANS-Jody Rykus, Kim Trisoliere, Melanie Ham- mers, Angel Ciardullo, John Page, Amber Jamison, Mark Koan, Laura Wineland, Maureen Nelson, Trevor Cochran, Jennifer Alexander, Nick Wyzevich, Alice Passmore, Marcia Wright, Stephanie rlippen, Trina Sporleder, Billie Miller, Jason Snodgrass, Bob Roels, Pat Sutherland, Scott Wilson, Alison Blond, Lillian Ortega, Bill Gallimore, Heather Han- sen. Not pictured: Lea Longo, Mark Pena, Renae Stover, Steve Weltsch, Mike Diehl, Annie Hoogendoom, Bill Good- win, Lisa Wood. THESPIAN OFFICERS-Laura Wineland, Secretary: Jody Ry- kus, Seargeanbat-arms: Alison Blond, Historian: Angel Ciardullo, Vice-President: Lea Longo, President: tlirontl Lil- lian Ortega, Historian, Kim Trisoliere, Treasurer: Bill Galli- more, Senior Consultent. 92 ORGANIZATIONS , , N, , f s ,I ,W xg we at Jazz Ensemble . N eg, Orchestra fl nl Band Officers ,..., .t t . 5? NF . " Yr , J' - Q E E 5 .N-..N.....m..-fp M...m-wm-m- Concert Choir Drama Club l X5 Vocal Ensemble Thespians bfi lx Choir Officers Thespian Officers ORGANIZATIONS 95 Clubs Provide Valuable Services NEWSPAPER STAFF-Ms. Romey, Hans De- lakowitz, George Molina, Dawn Negethon, Randy Orick, Carri Purgitt, Alma Lopez, Bob Croteau, Aimee Tappenden, Mike McAffrey. Not pictured: Kim Williams. KEY CLUB-lTop, I-ri Mark Koan, Jackie O'Malley, Barry Dersh, Stephani Branson, Sheila Manis, Steve Welsch, Robert Preston, Laura Ward, John Page, Ms. Smith, iBottomJ Jennifer Hough, Viki Bush, Jeannette Reed, Kim Trisoliere, Dea Meir, Sandra lnoshita, Heather Hansen, Bill Gallimore. SADD-Cyndi Mesquita, Lori Braughton, Shana Duff, Kim Williams, Barry Dersh, Mike Thompson, Mark Koan, Cliff Stewart, Mr. France. ASB-tifronti Maria Delgado, Brenda Weed- man, Lupe Ramirez, Stacey Bush, Michelle Headrick, Tracey Sykes, Lenora Harris, Mario Rodriguez, Kim Williams, Tami La- Grow, Cheryl Demko, Aimee Tappenden, Denise Salinas, Dea Mier, Stephani Branson, Anita Franco, Cyndi Mesquita, John Peter- son, Billie Miiler, tTopi Barry Dersh, Rusty Taylor, Jennifer Wiemer, Kim Trisoliere, Mike Thompson, Ms. Nelson, Lori Braughton, Pat Harrington, Gerry Penalosa, Wence Arevelo, Steve Sanchez, Terry Bel- den, Hidden: Brian Capistran. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-iTopi Mike Thompson, Barry Dersh, Mark Pena, John Page, Mark Koan, Cheryl Demko, Candy Woeltie, Ms. Johnson, iFronti Pam Ritchie, Lisa Wood, Cliff Stewart, Kathy Hill, Julia Parks, Kim Williams. FBLA-ftirontj Rudy Delgado, Raegina Roche, Mike Allen, Melodi Murri, Laura Martinez, Anna Mesquita, Veronica Vasquez, QMiddlei Jody Hildebrand, Crystal Fairless, Crystal Belshe, Anne Greiner, Sylvia Hernandez, Jackie Glass, iBackJ Joe Clonch, Robert Creston, Mike Mapes, James Thigeson, De- bra Stapley, Anna Birkett, Lisa Wood, Pam Ritchie, Ms. Hullihen. ART CLUB-liiront, l-rj Bemadette Arm- strong, Gloria Begay, Lupe Ramirez, Mary Rodriguez, tRow 23 Angela Aguayo, Maureen Nelson, Marion Kaeppel, Greg Olson, Elliott Ferguson, lRow 55 Vivian Saenz, Anna Peus- ter, Jay Deleon, Jon Garner, fBackl Chris Miller, Alex Santiago, Mr. Scott. SKI CLUB-Ms. Atwood, Stephanie Branson, Ms. Bacon, Molly Renner, Miki Brasher, Marc Scilleri, Jena Elliott, Bill Lage, Paul Romero. MECHA-tiironti Bobby Juarez, Anita Franco, Anna Pena, Maria Booe, tRow 25 Carol Saenz, Tony Sanchez, Angie Pena, Mr. Bierner, Linda Cisneroz. 94 ORGANIZATIONS Q . 1 Newspaper Staff ,. size fir, 64? i t I t ix it Q i y,,..,, . A , gy ,, i , KeyCJub xsunxvsqglqabatx mm -ar i SADD """'i ,JHZA M ? ASB Art Club ,vgz ,Wav 4 3 fee Cd UB NHS. ski Club FBLA MECHA ORGANIZATIONS 95 Clubs Support Sports BASKETBALL STAT BRATSfMiCheile Hea- clrick, Becky Brockman, David Miracle, Kerri Croteau, Stacey Bush, JoLinda Miller, Gloria Begay, Nikki Brasher, Dawn Negethon, WRESTLING MAT ANGELS-Dea Mier, Heather Hansen, Selene West, Stephanie Branson, Carol Saenz, Anita Franco, Kathy Murphy, Barbara Aguiiar, Kristi Rogers. LETTER CLUB-Deana Ryder, Cliff Stewart, Michelle Mizer, Mindy Hayes, Tami Lafirow, Billie Miller, CROW 27 Julie Lock, Tracy Da- vies, Siegiid Burton, Bob Roels, Mark Pena, Rob' Clary, Mike Thompson, tBacki Debbie Gerace, Joe Eto, Brad Ritch, David Dager, Pat Harrington, Bob Esscudero, Matt Sprier, Mr. Hemandez. in is x. X , Gretna 'NJ' V if on N. V 96 ORGANIZATIONS Basketball Stat Brats Wrestling Mat Angels Letter Club Cardinal Court And Sweetheart Royalty Chosen he Cardinal Court Dance was held in January and six cou- ples were honored. Cardinal Court Royalty are voted upon by their classmates and to be eligible to be on the ballot, a student must be in the top 1O0!o of his or her class. The Valentine's Dance held on Feb- ruary 14 honored the Sweetheart royalty. These young ladies were nominated and voted upon by their classmates. CARDINAL COURT SENIOR ROYALTY- lst Attendants Mark Pena and CARDINAL COURT JUNIOR ROYALTY-lst Attendants Tami LaCirow and Candy Woelqe, King Mike Thompson and Queen Cheryl Demko, 2nd Matt Swartz, Princess Debbie Gerace and Prince George Smith, 2nd At- Attendants Chris Solarez and Pam Ritchie. tendants Jerry Clin and Angel Ciardullo, not pictured. f 5 xy if Q SWEETHEART ROYALTY Freshman Sweetheart Sheila Salazar, Sopho- more Sweetheart Amber Jamison, Sweetheart Queen Lea Longo, Senior Sweetheart Candy Woelqe, Junior Sweetheart Jena Elliot. CARDINAL COURT AND SWEETHEART 97 Y GHS Performers Present The Curious Savage he Curious Savage opened on Thursday, December 11, 1986 and went on to give three perfor- mances up through closing night, Sat- urday, Dec. 13. All the applause was evidence that Director Ms. Esta Gold- stein, the cast and crew, and the rest of the Drama Department had, once again, presented an outstanding pro- duction. The Curious Savage is a play set in the 1940's in a plush sanitarioum called "The Cloisters." The play cen- ters around Mrs. Ethel Savage tAmber Jamisonl who is committed by her three step-children, Titus lSteve Weltschl, Lily Belle lTracy Beigunl, and Samuel tMark Koanl for irresponsible actions. Mrs. Savage wishes to set up a memorial fund to give away money for foolish causes in her husband's name. Her greedy children, however, do not see this as an acceptable use of their father's estate and try everything in their power to stop their step-mother from setting up her fund. While inside the Cloisters, the blue- haired, teddy-bear-carrying Mrs. Sav- age meets five i'guests" of the sanitar- ium. Fairy Mary tMarcia Wright! is a plain, unattractive girl in her early twen- ties whose off-the-wall antics make her a zany but lovable character. Hannibal tJohn Page! is a chubby older man who ' was a Statistician before his committ- ment and seems to have a cherubic quality about him. Florence tDebbie Robertsonj is a motherly character whose child has died and who takes on a doll as a surrogate son. Jeffrey tJer- emy Morsel is a handsome young ex- war pilot who believes that his face is scarred because his plane was shot down and he lost his crew. And, Mrs. Paddy tLea Longol is an angry, older woman whose only aim in life is to tell everyone of all the things she hates. Mrs. Savage befriends the guests and confides in them. lt seems that she has taken the stock holdings of the S10 mil- lion estate, sold them, and converted them into a neat bundle of half-million dollar bonds that can't be traced. The staff at The Cloisters, Dr. Emmett tStephanie Hippenl and Miss Wilhel- mina tJennifer Alexanderb tly to per- suade Mrs. Savage to give up her me- morial fund but Mrs. Savage refuses. Meanwhile, her children are on their way back for it seems she has taken the bonds and hidden them somewhere. She sends all three of them off on em- barrassing wild goose chases. Finally they are able to force her to tell them where the bonds are by threatening to use a "truth drug" on her. She pulls the bonds out of her teddy bear. Sud- denly Mrs. Paddy appears and out go the lights. When the lights come on, the bonds are gone and a neat little mystery ensues in which almost all of the characters are accused of stealing the bonds. Suddenly Miss Willie ap- pears with a basin full of burnt papers which she found in Mrs. Paddy's room. Mrs. Savage identities one piece as one of her bonds and finally her children leave disappointed. Dr. Emmett decides that Mrs. Savage is not psychotic and decides to let her go. Miss Willie returns Mrs. Savage's bonds with a piece of one she burned with the other papers and the five guests give her going-away gifts and their love in a very touching ending. The applause wasn'tjust for the 11 cast members but also for the hard- working crew who all donated a lot of their time and energy. Much gratitude went to the crew heads who were Jody Rykhus, stage manager: Jason Snod- grass, construction, Nick Wyzevich, soundp Bill Goodwin, lighting, Steve Weltsch, publicity, Jennifer Hough and Maureen Nelson, props, Alsion Blond, costumes: Laura Wineland, make-up, Kris Steele and Ellen Stewart, poster and program design: Jody Rykhus, painting, Angel Ciardullo, assistant di- rector. Also a special note of thanks went to all who helped build and paint the set. Those people were Melanie Hammers, David Steele, Mike Reed, John Page, Bill Goodwin, Jennifer Alex- ander, Bob Roels, Jeremy Morse, Heather Hansen, hris Steele, Lea Longo, Scott Wilson, Bill Gallimore, Mark Koan, Maureen Plelson, Renae Stover, Billie Miller, Lillian Ortega, Trina Sporleder, and Debra Stapley. -Jeremy Morse Mrs. Savage tAmber Ja- mison J and Lilly Belle tTracy Beigunl have a tug-of-war while an exas- perated Samuel tMark Koanj looks on. l 98 FALL PLAY , ,IV wi Su V8 r.. The 'tguestsu at The Cloisters include Hannibal ftlohn Pagel, Fairy May iMarcia Wrightl, Mrs. Paddy fLea Longol, Florence fDebbi Robertsonj, and Jeffrey Ueremy Morsel. 1 A shy Jeffrey Ueremy Morsel pleads with staff member Miss Willie Uen- nifer Alexanderj not to show so much affection for him because he's married. Samuel lMark Koanl, Titus lSteve Weltschl and Lily Belle lTracy Biegunl inform Dr. Emmett fStephanie Hippenl of their mother's exploits. Mrs. Savage lAmber Jamisonl first sets foot in The Cloisters and Miss Wilhelmina Uennifer Alexanderl and Dr. Emmett lStephanie Hippenj look on. ' .2 ., FALL PLAY 99 Spring usical Is Annie Get Your Gun he 1987 musical production at GHS was Annie Get Your Gun, directed by Ms. Esta Goldstein. The play was presented on April 9, 10, and 11, and consisted of over 40 cast and crew members, plus orchestra members. Annie Get Your Gun is a western musi- cal. A young girl named Annie, played by Lea Longo, is having to take care of her younger siblings by herself out in the country, and she has learned to shoot a gun quite well. When a young man, played by Mark Koan, comes to town claiming to be the best shot in the world, Annie meets him and competes with him in a shooting match. When Annie wins, the young man, Frank, isn't satisfied and challenges her to another match to find out who really is the best shot in the world. Chief Sitting Bull, played by Pat Sutherland, tells Annie that if she likes Frank and wants to catch him, she better let him win the shooting match, and think he is the best shot in the world. Although at first Annie and Frank don't really like each other, throughout the course of the play they really begin to care for one another. Eventually, the couple does get together, and Annie lets Frank be- lieve that he is the world's best shot. Other cast members included Assistant Director Jody Rykus, Stage Manager Heather Hansen, Alison Blond, Melanie Hammers, Maureen Nelson, Laura Win- eland, John Page, Scott Wilson, Kari Murchison, Steph Hippin, Marcia Wright, Mark Wilson, Jeanne Mabbitt, Jennifer Hough, David Steele, Kris Steele, Amy Winters, Steve Weltsh, Stacy Horst, April Woods, Bill Galli- more, Ryan Pomeroy, Lillian Ortega, Cheryl Demko, Jason Snodgrass, Lau- ra Gamble, Debbie Robertson, Trevor Cochran, Kim Trisoliere, Adam Miller, Andy Norris, James Sykes, Darold Dick- ey, Fanel Florea, Mike Reed, Jeanette Reed, Renae Stover, Greg Bee, Amber Jamison, Maria Delgado, Bob Roels, Tim Nieman, Tracy Biegun, and Alice Passmore. -Kris Steele r, 100 ANNIE GET YOUR GUN in , ,N""M Q, Yff, 'M' M-W.---ff' YN XY ' f t D E F, t tt! sf .,-, ' t -A E, am., Annie Get Your Gun Stars Lea Longo as Annie and Mark Koan as Frank. Chief Sitting Bull CPat Sutherlandl tries to get the truth out of Dolly lAlison Blondl while Charlie lBill Gallimorel looks on approvingly. The spring musical stars Bill Gallimore, Alison Blond, Mark Koan, Lea Longo, Melanie Hammers, and John Page. Important to the running ofthe play are Stage Manager Heather Hansen and Assistant Director Jody Rykhus. Annie Get Your Gun includes a large cast and crew full of singers, dancers, actors, actresses, and extras. Frank lMark Koanl enjoys the attentions ofthe girls while Annie CLea Longol fumes. The girls are special dancers Tracy Biegun, Kris Steele, Cheryl Demko, Kim Trisoliere, and Lillian Ortega. The musical could never take the stage without the guidance and dedication of musical director Mr. Jeff Yoder and production director Ms. Esta Gold- stein. Members ofthe chorus look for the approaching stage coach. ANNIE GET YOUR GUN 101 Yearbook Staff Gathers Year's Events he task facing the 1987 Yearbook Staff was to put together a chronicle ofthe faces and activi- ties of the 1986-87 school year at Glendale High School. Writing articles, scheduling pictures, taking pictures, identifying pictures, laying-out pages, and trying, unsucessfully, to meet deadlines were all a part of the Yearbook Staffs year. Despite the amount of work involved, all Yearbook activities throughout the year were carried out by volunteers who worked after school and at night to get the work done. Ms. Reynolds served as Yearbook Adviser. The Yearbook Staffhopes every GHS student will able to look fondly back at the 1986-87 year at Glendale High School through the pages of the '87 Cardinal. Yearbook Section Editors- Maria Olga Meza, Faculty, Anna Cardenas, lndez Michael Thompson, Sports, Lori Braughton, Activities, and Kim Williams Copy Editor. ix K ii? X E - X -it T if---J r 1987 Yearbook Editor Kathy Hill, Business Manager Cheryl Demko, and Assistant Editor and Chief Photographer Maria Delgado. Yearbook Class Editors-Kris Steele, Senior Section, Cyndi Mesquita, Junior Section, Sheila Manis, Sophomore Section, and Tessa Wardzinski, Fresh- man Section. Yearbook Staff- lBack row, l-rl Mario Ro- driquez, Jeremy Morse, tMiddlel Lupe Ramirez, Yolanda Rojo, Rechel Penney, lFrontl Dawn Negethon, Shana Duff. V V ' I H, , ,.,, 3 tg, -V Q, N - I ' 102 YEARBOOK SPORTS Team Refuses To Quit he 1986 Varsity Football season proved to be a frustrating but unrelenting season for all in- volved. Going into the season with optimistic attitudes, the team played with dedication through every game. Compared to the previous season, the team had come quite a way. Progress was noticed throughout the season and especially in the final game when the team lost a close and hard fought game to Cortez. The team always kept trying no matter what the odds or score. 'lThe team's greatest asset is that they are not quitters," said Coach Tom Hernandez. Coach Hernandez is looking forward to next year's season and says that the team will rely heavily upon running backflinebacker Rob Clary and other return- ing linemen. However, one outstanding linebacker that the team will be losing is Senior David Dager. David was named to the first team All-Divisional and received an honorable mention for All-State. Other outstanding individuals named as honorable men- W tion for All-Divisional were Cliff Stewart, Kenny Aneas, Glendale quarterback Pat Harrington gets ready to and Gary Rice.-Mike Thompson throw a pass during the Homecoming football game. Varsity Football VARSITY FOOTBALL-tBottom row, I-rl Robbie Robles, Cliff Stewart, Norbert Armenta, Ciilbert Mercado, Mike Slaughter, Chris Solarez, Paul Schragl, lRow 23 Siegrid Burton, Kevin Crawford, Ken Aneas, Coach Zahn, Coach Holveck, Coach Hernandez, Coach Ciallimore, Coach Jacobs, Tony Passalacqua, Mike Dominguez, tRow 55 Steve Espinoza, Dwayne Washington, Bill Ciallimore, Rob Clary, Carey Chance, Randy Funk, J.B. Greer, David O'Dell, Julie Lock, lTop rowl Gary Rice, Raul Valenzuela, David Dager, Matt Spreier, Pat Harrington, Don Rasmussen, Brad Ritch, and Kevin Dykes. 104 FOOTBALL J.V. Football JUNIOR VARSITY FOOT- BALL-lBottom row, I-rl Robert Ramirez, Steph- anie Branson, Nicole Strate, Coach Brown, Coach Anderson, Dean- na Mier, Sandra lnoshita, Gerry Penalosa, tRow 23 Eric Blair, Matt Martin- son, Albert Mendoza, Doug Schmidt, Joe Orte- ga, Mike Castrovinci, Ricky Braughton, tRow5l Kevin Martin, George Smith, Chris Rowell, Andy Mendez, David Ja- quez, Jimmy Lee, Eddie Delcicl, iTop rowl Marc Drane, Dwayne Washing- ton, Nick Wyzevich, Gabe Pompa, Pat Sutherland, Mick Thompson, and Jason Boyd. Frosh Football FRESHMAN FOOTBALL- tBottom row, l-rl Wesley Teranishi, Mike Moore, Eddie Williamson, Chris Sanchez, Scott Bona- sera, lRow 23 Joe Ramos, Andy Young, Bryan Elli- sor, Coach Larry Tualla, Coach Paul Tualla, Andy Harrington, Pat Parker, Steve Sherrill, tRow 35 William Dorame, Jim Huehn, Alex Miranda, Fanel Florea, Jerry Mon- tUo, Steve White, Alfredo Lujan, Ricky Mendoza, tRow 49 Vince Jasso, Bri- an Kilpatrick, Joe Del- ponte, Mike Mercado, Jeff Spino, Bill Murchi- son, Hector Valenzuela, tTop rowl Mark Evans, Manny Samora, Sean Sutherland, Tony Knaack, Gene Wright, Mi- guel Turrey, Jeff Pugh, Frank Mendoza. FOOTBALL 105 3 2 he Girls' Swimming Team for the 1986 season was coached by Ms. Peggy Peck. Four members of the team showed a great deal of talent and went to the divisional competition: Molly Renner, 500 freestyle and 100 breaststrokep Michelle Mizer, 50 freestyle and backstroke relay, Kristin Merkel, breaststroke relay, and Terri Scruggs, freestyle relay. Molly Renner was captain of the team and also high point swimmer. Billie Miller, Lillian Ortega, and Ma- ria Booe were a great asset to the team and gained valuable exper- ience for next year. The 1986 GHS Swim Team had a good year for a young team.-Kris Steele Q-lb 5? v-U . 52,5 W2 Ea .Q s. se. CD 5 aa CD DI Q? -az wt. l In 'J , V MQ5. f www'-f 5 we 14' f wr Seven swimmers competed on the 1986 GHS Swim Team. Swim Team SWIM TEAM-Dena Ryder, Team Assistant, Terri Scruggs, Molly Renner, Coach Peck, lMiddle rowl Kristin Merkel, Mana Booe, and Lillian Ortega, fFront rowl Billie Miller, Michelle Mizer. 1, olleyball Teams Show Strength 108 VOLLEYBALL he 1986-87 Glendale High School Volleyball teams worked hard all season with some strong victories and some close losses. De- spite having a won and lost record of2-12, the Varsity Volleyball Team really put out great efforts on the court all season. The team experienced victories over South Mountain and Flagstaff as well as many other close games. Coach Prado did a finejob coach- ing the girls in her first varsity season at Glendale. Coach Cruz also did an excellent job coaching the Junior Varsity Team as they had a successful season. Winning nearly half of their games, the team showed a lot of improvement over past years. The unity of the team and the amount of returning players helped add to the success of the season. - Mike Thompson Ready to return the ball during a home game are Angie Newton, W9, and Donna Suggs. Varsity Volleyball VARSITY VOLLEYBALL-CTop row, I-rl Christina Dominguez, Jessica Nolan, Coach Prado, Kristin Maynes, Debbie Gerace, flvliddle rowl Donna Suggs, Tamisha Grout, Angie Newton, Maria Escudero, tfront rowl Lupe Gonzales, and Denise Salinas. VOLLEYBALL MANAGERS-Aimee Tappenden and Diane Ortega. J .V. Volleyball JUNIOR VARSITY-lTop row, I-rl Dee Troth, Sheila Manis, Coach Cruz, Anna Cardenas, Debbie Mendez, flvlid- dle rowl Tracie Pequinot, Lisa Arce, Cathy Ciriffin, Francesca Fajardo, iFront rowl Lupe Ramirez, Bernedette Jojola. Frosh Volleyball FROSI-I VOLLEYBALL-fTop row, l-rj Coach Miller, Danelle Wigglesworth, Lisa Nunez, Katrina Barbour, llvliddle rowl Maria Valadez, Manal Asaad, Sherri Sario, fFront rowj Virginia Rutherford, Barbie Hunt, Valerie Fres- quez, Melissa Amparan. VOLLEYBALL 109 Flores Division Champ, Egnatoff Fourth ith records of 9-9 for the boys and 10-8 for the girls, both the Boys' and Girls' Cross Country Teams went to the State together for the first time in Glendale High School's history. The boys were aided by outstanding performances throughout the season by Senior Thomas Flores and Junior Paul Egnatoff. Thomas was the divisional champion and placed 11th at the state finals, while Paul placed 4th at divisionals and 22nd at State. Both were named to the All-Division Team. Freshman Bri- an Capistran and Sophomores Juan Rubio and Lee Barton produced great efforts and showed a lot of potential for next year. Outstanding members of the Girls' Team included Junior Bernadette Armstrong, Sophomores Gloria Begay, JoLinda Miller, Beatrice Luna, Beatrice Al- manza, and Freshmen Lina Luna and Lisa Bachman. ' Mike Thompson Glendale early in the season. Division Champ Thomas Flores competes for Cross Country CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-iFront row, l-ry Mike Freet, Dave Baltzel, Bernadette Armstrong, Doug Freet, Brian Capistran, qlvliddlel Lisa Bachman, Thomas Flores, Juan Rubio, Beatrice Luna, lFrontJ Billy Egnatoff, Gloria Begay, Coach Espinoza, .loLinda Miller, Lee Barton, Lina Luna. 110 CROSS COUNTRY C D Peter Jacob competes in the J.V. Cross Country meet hosted by Thunderbird. Freshman runner Lisa Bachman shows out- standing potential for the coming years. Sophomore runner Bernadette Armstrong begins a cross country course. Juan Rubio was chosen as the "Most Im- proved" runner on the 1986 Cross Country Team. Freshman runner Brian Capistran sets out on the rough terrain ofa cross country course. -qi fum . s. ,Q wa CROSS COUNTRY 111 Keeping Cardinal Pride Alive Through Cheer lthough divided into two separate squads for football and basketball seasons, both Cheer squads were able to keep the spirit alive at Glendale High. Both squads performed dances and cheered on our teams through their quests for victory. The fall varsity squad had many returning faces from last year's young varsity squad. Veteran cheerleaders were Captain Candace Woelqe, Co- Captain Mindy Hayes, Kim Trisoliere, and Belinda Simmons. Up from last year'sjunior varsity squad were Amber Jamison, Renae Stover, Maria Del- gado, and Julie Lock. The winter squad, however, had a new twist to it as it had many new faces. Male yell leaders were ad- ded as the first male cheerleaders Glendale High School has ever seen. Seniors Mark Koan and Scott Wilson along with Mark Wilson participated. Returning from the winter squad were Captain Tif- fani Gessel, Maria Delgado, Amber Jamison, Renae Stover, and LaArnie Arceo. Kris Steele, Jackie Baugh, Sam Birkett, Stephanie Rose, and Tebi Williams were new members of the squad. By working with new sponsor Ms. Fuller, both squads worked hard to improve school spirit at games and assemblies. Through their success, they were able to attract many people interested in trying out for the squads. They kept Cardinal Pride alive! -Mike Thompson Cheerleaders promote spirit by leading cheers during the Homecoming game. 112 CHEER Varsity Football Cheer VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEER- lTop row, l-rl Amber Jamison, Julie Lock, Candy Woelqe, Kim Trisoliere, Belinda Simmons, Renae Stover, lMiddle rowl Mindy Hayes, Tiffani Cres- sel, Nicole Clemenson, fFrontJ Maria Delgado J .V. Football Cheer JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEER-ll-rl Lucia Delgado, Tracey Oornecki, Alice Pass- more, Olivia Lopez, Lillian Ortega. Varsity Basketball Cheer VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEER-tTop row, I-rl Mark Koan, Amber Jamison, Mark Wilson, Renae Stover, Scott Wilson, 4MiddIe rowl Tiffani Gessel, Tebi Williams, tFront rowl Kris Steele, Maria Delgado, LaArnie Arceo, Stephanie Rose V i l l J.V. Basketball Cheer JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEER-tTop rowl Tracy Gornecki, Lucia Delgado, Denise Foose, tFront rowb Billie Miller, Melinda Jones, Lillian Ortega. Not pictured, Olivia Lopez. -T' Q ,W ' Football cheerleaders perform during the Homecoming game. Basketball cheer squad presents one of their many routines during half-time of a home basketball game. CHEER 115 W . " Badminton nd Golf Increase umbers In 2nd Season he Badminton Team for 1986 was coached by Mr. Brian Lassley and showed an increase in numbers over last year's team. The 1986 team included 8 players on Varsity and 5 players on Junior Varsity. The team showed a lot of determination and improvement through the season and should be in good shape for next year. 1986 was also the second year for the GHS Golf Team. There were 11 players this season. After only one win during last season, this year's team brought home 4 wins and high hopes for next year. The top five players during the season were Mike Lanman, Bill Knight, Karl Schroeder, Terry Belden, and Mike Dakin. -Kris Steele Eifld Mafia Delgado Knight, Tim Miller, Steve Knoebel, Fred Beyer, and Tom Yoxall. GOLF TEAM-tTop-I-rl Coach Duer, Mike Lanman, Coach France iFrontl Karl Schroeder, Terry Belden, Mike Dakin. Plot pictured: John Evans, Kill 8 W 8 Kathy Schroeder "watches the bird- Badrninton ie" during a practice session. BADMINTON TEAM-lT0p row, I-rl Lina Luna, Kathy Murphy, Beatrice Luna, Becky Jones, Coach Lassley, Melinda Jones, Jackie O'Malley, Bernadette Armstrong, tFrontj Gloria Begay, Kathy Schroeder, Vickie Murphy, and JoLinda Miller. 114 BADMINTON AND GULF Y 1 i K ,S Soccer Has First Season GHS At K , -ss, f 1. X E . . g FE? : " " if S ' , z V Xs . ss , . ,J X.s, ' "-. D fs K' a As-- - -- fiis isf-fimfsii-. ' s ,Q , ss .s s s , C, . J Q it ' ' , , ' CLF- , -'..E.:f:w-..,5iS"- , ' Q , Q .- " ' ' ' f ,C ., s.c..x, . ..., . . , .C Juan Rubio makes a move against a St. Mary's player while Terry Belden and Marc Scilleri move in to provide assistance. lendale's inaugural soccer sea- son was a success! The Cardinals had the opportunity to set up a firm foundation for the first GHS Soccer Teams. The athletes had the opportuni- ty to size the quality of their competi- tion. This is very important to the im- provement of soccer at Glendale. The quality and caliber of the soccer pro- gram at Glendale High will continue to improve as the players and coaches be- come seasoned. -Coach Ray Bierner ffafwf? fcfdf ,ffj lun AEJM7- IZ 7751 -ffprj WEL-6 gain fri smwf +7040 T75 Ami fo bc f we fg,,,,7 were 6ZC7MfQ ,J ,cd ,f5iffwA76 - Z lf? f 7 lk VA54 VLA we f X fffa X' MM! 5757 pn! 0 QQ , I Soccer SOCCER TEAM-fFront row, I-ri Mark McCowan, Mike Freet, Matt Swartz, Jim Heiner, Jason Jones, Juan Rubio, Terry Belden, Andy Harrington, Roger Epperhart, 12nd rowi Selena West, Shawn Stockman, Bill Egnatoff, Kevin Kinslow, John Esparza, Marc Scilleri, Ramon Medina, Mike Bell, Marcus GrUalva, f.'5rd rowi Lori Carender, Ken Dooley, Bob Roels, Paul Schragel, Jacob Swartz, Pat Parker, Phil Lopez, Louis Duvall, Greg Schultz, Tamisha Grout, lBack rowl Coach Bell, Mickey Anderson, Colleen Wood, David Dager, Bryan Lentz, Cecil Stover, Daniel Meyer, Coach Bierner, SOCCER 115 116 WRESTLING Aneas And Torculas First In Division Tournament n H T T ' i',i' 4 . ,l S", rm af 9 Q he 1986-87 season for the Cilen- dale High School Varsity Wres- tling Team proved to be a very rewarding one for several hard-work- ing individuals. Under the coaching of Coach Soto, the team placed 10th in the State Tournament with just four wrestlers. The top honors went to Kenny Aneas and Robert Torculas who both placed first in their respec- tive weight classes at the Divisional Tournament. Both also did well at the State Tournament as Kenny placed 2nd and Robert placed 5rd. -Mike Thompson Robert Torculas becomes a winner in the Shadow Mountain Tournament. Varsity Wrestling VARSITY WRESTLING-lFront row, l-rj Jimmy Ostermeyer, Ernie Ochoa, Ray Diaz, Ryan Funk, John Bustoz, tMiddleJ Paul Salcido, Robert Torculas, Norm MacArther, Fanel Florea, Randy Funk, Manny Samora, tBackJ Coach Lopez, Coach Anderson, Robert Meza, Joey Saenz, Tony Knaack, Kenny Aneas, Coach Brown, Head Coach Soto. , f J .V. Wrestling JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING- lFront row, I-rj John Bustoz, Ray Diaz, Ryan Funk, Norm MacArthur, 4Back rowj Coach Brown, Paul Sal- cido, Tony Knaack Freshman Wrestling FRESHMAN WRESTLING-lFront row, I-rl Toby Williams, Cius Del- gado, Jimmy Ostermeyer, Clvliddlel John Evans, Wes Teranishi, lTopl Coach Anderson, Manny Samora, Tony Knaack, Fanel Florea, Coach Lopez WRESTLING 117 Cardinals Down IHS Patriots he Boys' Basketball Team had a lot of spirit and never- say-die attitudes throughout the whole 1986-87 sea- son. Captained by Seniors Antwoyn Rindle and Paul Romero, the Cardinals were able to improve throughout the year, developing a positive attitude about the season. Al- though finishing the season with a 4-18 record with victories over Peoria, Cactus, Washington, and Independence, the team was able to excite the Cardinal fans with a lot ofthrilling games. And so was the case on Friday the 15th when the Cardinals downed the Patriots of Independence 59-56, avenging a one- point overtime loss to them earlier in the season. This was followed by a hard fought 56-555 victory over the Washington Rams. Glendale almost made it three-in-a-row at the final conference game of the season against Flagstaff, but Flagstaff was able to come back to win a heartbreaker, 65-60. Pride and spirit were hallmarks of this team and with the youth that the team had this year, Coach Scott felt certain that they should be even better next year. -Mike Thompson fy 76? its TWV Andy Norris rebounds during the game against Cactus while Gerry Penalosa and Antwoyn Kindle stand ready to help. Varsity Basketball VARSITY BASKETBALL-fFront, I-rj Gerry Penalosa, Jerry Gin, Joe Eto, David O'Dell, Larry Tarkington, .lay Padilla, l5EiCKi Coach Roger Scott, Mike Schumacher, Paul Romero, Tim Nieman, Dan Rasmussen, Andy Norris, Antwoyn liindle, Not pictured, Larry FFHFICO. 118 BASKETBALL J.V. Basketball JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL- tFront, l-rl Chris l-lampton, Joe Or- tega, Michael Castrovinci, Jimmy Lee, tBackl Derek Bauer, Lamonte Freightman, Steve Miracle, Larry Franco, Jason Boyd, Coach Bob Zahn. Freshman Basketball FRESHMAN BASKETBALL-lFront, l-rl Brian Ellisor, Alex Miranda, Hector Valenzuela, tBackl Jeff Pugh, Frank Mendoza, Robert Mar- tenson, Mike Turrey, Coach Greg DeVille. Plot pictured, Randy Starcher, Gene Wright, Charlie Aherns. BASKETBALL 119 '15-ff 9 , M2 1 JI , ,iff 1 gl Teams Set High Goals For Season J .V. Basketball 3, GIRLS' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL-lBack row, l-rl Patti, Michelle Stewart. Katrina Barbour, Beck Brockman, Gretchen Weimer, Lisa Nelson, tlirontl Valerie Fresquez, Loraine Conley, Tracey Sykes. he Varsity Girls' Basketball Team opened its season with nine players, which was the smallest and youngest group of hoopers to compete in recent years. Coach Cliff Scott, however, felt very optimistic about the season outlook. The team consisted of two Seniors, guard Mi- chelle Headrick and guardjfomfard Sherry An- eas: five Juniors, guards Kristin Maynes and Tami LaGrow, forwards Jennifer Weimer and Christia Dominguez, and center Debbie Gerace, and two Sophomores, center Nina Coleman and guard JoLinda Miller. The girls looked fonvard to a successful season by performing well at the free-throw line and keeping personal fouls and turnovers down. Raising shooting percentages and offensive re- bounds were also goals for the girls. Team strengths were the defense, intensity of play, and the personnel at the center and forward positions. Varsity Basketball GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL-fT0p row, l-rl Christina Dominguez, Jennifer Weimer, Coach Cliff Scott, Debbie Gerace, Nina Coleman, lFrontJ Sherry Aneas, Kristin Maynes, Michelle Headrick, JoLinda Miller, Tami LaCirow GIRLS' BASKETBALL 121 122 SOFTBALL Softball Team Sth In Division espite various injuries and illnesses that forced players to play out of position, the Glendale Varsity Softball Team still managed to place fifth in the AAA-2 Skyline Division. With an overall record of 6-15-1, and a league record ofll-8, the softball team was victorious over Sunnyslope, Xavier, Apollo, Tempe, and twice over St. Marys. Michelle Urquidez was the leading hitter hitting .544 and was also named to the Slyline Division ll First Team as a third baseperson. Utility infielder Jessica Nolan was named to the Second Team as Honorable Mention went to outfield- er Cindi Crawford and catcher Brenda Weedman. The Junior Varsity season proved to be another rebuilding year for the J.V. Team. Because the team was lacking num- bers, it had problems with consistency throughout the sea- son. However, Coach Lassley and the team were optimistic about the outlook for next year. -Mike Thompson Pitcher Tami LaGrow takes on her next opponent. k I In Q, A , fl ., r, H I M ,f , lg. ,f . 4 , N ,K N, I I Y . , , , f , iv "Q " Q A . . I A , ,-, itat, ,vww,i,r Varsity Softball VARSITY SOFTBALL-lBack row, I-rl Coach Holveck, Sherry Aneas, Dena Ryder, Debbie Gerace, Michelle Urquidez, Brenda Weedman, Coach McKnight, lFr0ntl Cindi Crawford, Terri Scruggs, Christina Dominguez, Jessica Nolan, Tami LaGrow, Lon Arnold. X , 'af 1 K, ii .vi ' ' ' M? J .V. Softball JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL- CBack row, l-rl Coach Lassley, Pam Dazey, Debbie Mendez, Tia Paiano, Sheila Manis, Bernadette Jojola, lFront rowl Michelle Mizer, Melanie Hammers, Lisa Arce, Adrienne Ochoa. Freshman Softball FRESHMAN SOFTBALL-lliack row, l-rj Lisa Nunez, Chrissy Domin- guez, Coach Prado, Valerie Dea- con, Shannon Christianson, lMid- dle rowl Lisa Arnold, Melissa Am- paran, Denise Foose, Lisa Nelson, Nicole Ballard, LFront rowj Tina Pruett, Valerie Fresquez. SOFTBALL 125 986- 98 Sports ards And Accomplishments Following are the awards and accomplishments submitted by the coaches for the 1986 and 1986-87 sports SCHSOHS. 1986 FOOTBALL :pst lmproyed-liewiirl Crawford and Clary ice ' Spark Plug-J.B. Greer - T . i Best Offensiye Back-Ken Aneas Best Defensive Baclviien Aneas fred Kotlry Award- Cliff Stewart M.V.P.-David Dager Academic Excellence Award-Clif Stewart Best Offensive lfineman-Brad Ritch Best Defensive Lineman-David Dagger ' Ml-State Znd Team . Linebacker-David Dager . Atl-State Honorablei-Mentionvlien Aneas All-Division lst Team Linebacker-David Dager T T , .. T T L All-Division Honorable Mention- Cliff Stew- art, KenAAneas, Gary Rice 1986 cnoss counmv W Thomas Flores-All-Divisional, Atl-State 1st Team, Divisional Champ, State Champ, 2 Mile. ' f i Bill Epgantolf-All-Divisional, All-State 2nd Team 8 A M.V.P.-Thomas Fiores T T -T Spirit Award-Bill Egnatoff Moscimpmvea-.Juan Rubin Girls' sM.V,P.-Gloria Begay 9 Spirit Award-Beatrice Luna Mostwlmproved-JoLim:la Miller V- H Girls' Cross Country first to go to State. 1986 com' A Academic Award-Terry Belden 1986 SWIMMING High Point-Molly Renner - Most lmproved'Teni Scruggs Most Dedicated-Terri Scruggs and Kristin Merkel A M Spirit Award-Kristin Merkel 1986-87 SOFTBALL Best Graduating Player-Michelle Urquidez Best Returning Player-Jessica Nolan Most improved-Cincli Crawford - Most Spirited-Sherry Aneas Academic Award-Brenda Weedman ' First Team Allebivision ll- Michelle Urqul- dez, 5rd base Second Team All-Division ll-Jessica Nolan, utility infielder 5 5 2 s X 1 k 124 SPORTS AWARDS I M 35553 gf gilzsgxiif ,S 33555 2: s::g :, 4,,a my 9 ,wwmfggwgfg 2' .- Wm, Qf giggle: 2 5g,W,fgf5gm,, Q2Mfm..,11g L-:UQ . ,An W , f 5 ? Mawggzfg A f 5 s s I Z, 4 -' Z' sf 5? 54 : 2 ff? 'S S S S ' wwmgfwmmgwfbfwffgwff hw , ,wWw,,.,,wW lied:-W, KH wwe?ifiifww4Z5f'52Hfi4f2fZ: :f'iFU52:'w ff N" , Aw ,vp. M , , , M N , ?FJWi524'5eT2SS'f2i fish, 1 49555543 5 M lg gp, .5 lwfiais' 5 . by Wise: x 'few 5m'zV?Q.5'SiYiZ5if5i?"is:'H:?''ENN'W""Q e-ffbififilfffiwwif'zUf5iLlw:f,jggNi'g . P M f be 3 ' 5 2 ff S, 2 1 X , Amgsg f ' i f -X? 5555 f: 54s2 1'55?:k, 2553: 2 2 2 f 9 2 2 SPORTS AWARDS 125 Young Baseball Teams Look Forward To New Season 5 lendale Varsity Baseball saw a few returners from last year's Varsity, but the out- look for the season was very good. Returning pitchers and first base- men Bob Escudero and Don Ras- mussen helped to add the exper- ience to the young ball club. Lots of new faces helped to fill the spots vacated by last year's seniors, while the J.V. and Freshmen Teams were full of potential for this season and future seasons. I4 u -L -ul l' 'l ' ' 5- A af- fy, r,-.5 A ssrrss of-Sllfwfi " .. .Q N -K ' Fiji .. Hx- j - X -' ,fix 'ir .1 . -- 4 ' ,. 1'4- fxf , if ,ef-.,s..55w W 4 y . K? A N1 'X ' . ' W.. J.V. Catcher John Bustoz warms up before a game. Mr. Varsity Baseball VARSITY BASEBALL-lBack row, l-rj Coach McKnight, Bob Escudero, Phillip Cushman, Pat Harrington, Coach Carl, Don Rassmussen, Alex Vasquez, Larry Franco, Coach Holveck fMiddle row! Brian Lentz, Mike Dominguez, Tom Lopez, Eddie Delcid, J.B. Greer, Mike Runyon, lFrontl Randy Funk, Kevin Crawford, George Molina, Paul Schragl, Mike Castillo. 126 BASEBALL 4 l l -- gilg. ll J.V. Baseball JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL-iBack row, l-rl Coach Ciallimore, Steve Fink, Larry Franco, Lamont Freightman, Jason Jahank, Joe Lizarrga, Coach Brown, CMiddleJ David Jaquez, Don Sanders, Eddie Delcid, Mike Dominguez, Jason Jaquez, lBottoml Norbert Armenta, Jason Jones, Ray Diaz, John Bustoz. ali' l ...ll ,l J Freshman Baseball N FRESHMAN BASEBALL-iFront, l-rl J. Ostermeyer, T. Williams, E. Williamson, W. Teranashi, R. Pleblett, lMiddleJ A. Harrington, N M. Moore, Ci. Paradis, A. Delgado, D. Steele, B. Ellisor, J. Demko, lBackl Coach Lassley, J. MontUo, M. Dakin, M. Turrey, M. i Evans, S. White, Coach Poole. Not pictured: E. Isaac, M. Allison, H. Valenzuela. BASEBALL 127 Gutlook Good For Track And Field Teams Although lacking numbers in some events, the Glendale Boys' Track season outlook was very good. There was some experience returning in the distance, 400 meters, and jumping events. Thomas Flores, who placed 2nd in the 5200 and 5th in the 1600 last year at State, along with Billy Egnatoff, who suffered an injury during the mid-season last year, are the major strengths in the long distance. Michael Thompson, who placed 6th last year at State, looked promising in the 400 meter dash. Jumping events were strong with Antwoyn Kindlejumping 6 feet in the high jump. There was some lack of experience in the weights, but it looked promising as did the hurdling events. Good senior leadership should have outweighed the weaknesses. Head Coach DeVille felt that, "This season should have some bright spots peeking through the clouds. lf everyone develops as anticipated, there should be blue skies by the end of the season." Distance Coach Espinoza and weight Coach Taylor were also optimistic for a promising year. Girls' Team Coaches Tualla and Wilson felt very optimistic about the Girls' Track Team in terms of making a very respectable showing in most of the events this year. The amount of returning lettermen and outstanding numbers of first-year Freshmen and Sophomores could be the foundation for a very strong team in the next year or two. Distance events were strong with returning runners Bernadette Armstrong, Gloria Begay, and Beatrice Luna, as well as Freshmen Lina Luna and Lisa Bachman. ln the sprints, returning lettermen Julie Swartling and Dee Troth should be the mainstays. Karla Johnson should be the power in the hurdle events. ln the weights, Debra Stapley and Angie Newton should score well in the discus and shot put. The girls show a lot of promise, especially ifthey stay out for the next years and form the nucleus ofone of the best Girls' Track Teams in Glendale's history. The pride and potential certainly exist. . il 1 'A Ln amz. 5 Debra Stapley. a second-place finisher in the Divisionals last year, practices her discus throwing. .tt 9 Boys' Track And Field BOYS' TRACK AND FIELD TEAM-lFront row, I-rj Bill Murchison, Gene Wright, Doug Freet, Ricky Braughton, lRow 25 Charlie Aherns, Emmitt Rice, Jimmy Hueme, Fred Levign, Alex Miranda, Brian Capistran, John Evans, Juan Rubio, Thomas Flores, CROW 55 Ken Aneas, Corey Williams, Antwoyn Kindle, Billy Egnatoff, Michael Thompson, Frank Mendoza, William Greb, tBack rowl Mike Schumacher, Kevin Dykes, Bill David, Galt Pettett, Kevin Goodth- under, Larry Tarkington. 128 TRACK AND FIELD X35 K' 1 ffyeii -ss er- . .ffigrk , K , 1',,,,t. ASNE' LL-- s, TRACK AND FIELD COACHES-Coach Taylor, Coach Espinoza, Coach Wilson, Coach DeVille, and Coach Tualla. Girls' Track And Field GIRLS' TRACK AND FIELD TEAM- iFront row, I-rl Darcy Stapley, An- gie Newton, Sheila Manis, Lina Luna, iRow 2l Victoria Murphy, Lisa Bachman, Shawna Craig, Lisa Daak, Gloria Begay, Kathy Murphy, Beatrice Luna, iBackl Coach Tay- lor, Coach Tualla, Shannon Chris- tianson, Debbie Stapley, Brandi Whitfield, Karla Johnson, Lyndsay Baker, Carrie Croteau, Coach Wil- son, Coach Espinoza. Sheila Manis stretches before beginning an afternoon practice. iFar leftl Shannon Christianson practices handing off the baton with Kathy Murphy. ILeftl Doug Freet begins his run toward the longjump pit. TRACK AND FIELD 129 Tennis Teams Gro In umber And Competitiveness he 1987 Girls' Tennis Team consist- ed of 15 players on the Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams. Under the di- rection of third-year coach Ms. Peggy Peck, the team seems to be growing and becom- ing more competitive each year. Says Ms. Peck, 'lWe are struggling because we are mostly beginners, but l think we will have a fun season." One of Ms. Peck's goals for the season was to maintain interest in ten- nis so the team will continue to grow next year. The Boys' Tennis Team was coached by Coach Cruz, The team was small but really developed their skills with each match. -Maria Delgado Girls' Varsity Tennis GIRLS' VARSITY TENNIS-tBack row, l-rl Marion Kaeppel, Michelle Urquidez, Colleen Wood, Nancy Yazzie, Coach Peck, 6FrontJ Mana Delgado, Shana Duff, Miki Brasher, Anne Heiner. 150 TENNIS tt. Boys' Tennis BOYS' TENNIS-IBack row, I-rl Bill Knight, Derek Bauer, Eric Chris- tiansen, Coach Cruz, Ilirontl Marcus GrUalva, Gerry Penelosa, Andy Young. Girls' J .V. Tennis GIRLS' JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS-IBack row, I-rj Shaun Peron, Kim O'Hara, Dawn Webber, Selene West, Coach Peck, IFrontJ Dawn Negethon, Sandra lnoshita, Deanna Mier. Qi? Q1 Aw ADVERTISING , r ,lk-7 Vx . X , X , -ft fi' X X "" 5 'x H, J, xx X X ,A "' 4 , X , L x Y--. X V N X X X f v if ,X " K . Ly ' W X, 1 ,f , ,rw X QQ 1 xgzx ' . 4 NW JO' U N Q9 S J sw X V Jw giy X63 Q Q 5' BAXLA GLASS eo. Uwe want to be your glass shop." 5 :Q Repair or Replace ' Auto Glass 5 ' lVlin'ors - ' Residential Q ' Commercial S Q Q 5506 W. Glendale Ave. 5 Glendale, Arizona 85501 O - Phone 959-7565 2 ADVER ' . Flfsts if Kill in me DICDKSI ' First School First Prom First Teacher-.-.-.. First Steady-...-... First Kiss .,-.-.,..-... First Dissected Frog .g First Fwrball Game .... First Car--,.,. - ' First Date.m,,m.,,.,.........g First Bank ' X222 Frstlmerstaae Bank Equal Opportunity Employer E Q,c,.o.E,.,Qx QQ' 0 CQ-Uht Em!!! 8 Earn While You Learn 'T 8 9 I.C.E. ' ' E 1l'c.1TJtik15? r' ci 4 5 Q, 8 dk lag ihlflh 'gt h'q 'Q o dt f th 1 ' o dt f J bt ' ' Q ' M' ' Q h'gh f h k d ADVERTISEMENTS 155 Q GHS Band X X Says, Good- Q . bye!" - to the Q- Semors. X X . I I BOCGIIYLISII EST MAT S C EERFULLY GIVEN ' H . 3 pgxsilnxnaallgggoshop Banks Electric Company Q . SM APPLIANCES AND REPAIRS 6020 W, Mynle Ave. RESIDENTIAL 8: COMMERCIAL WIRING E5 Glendale, AZ 85301 PHONE ' , 9396383 937-9277 937-5581 . 5323 W. GLENDALE AVE. Q GLENDALE, ARIZONA 1 TOWNE SQUARE SHOPS 7011 N. 58111 AVE 1 W. ADAMS . GLENDALE, AZ 85301 PHOENIX. AZ 85003 , L, 16021 937-1815 16021 253-2890 I Tom EGGLESTON '5 Come ,492 .... 0 Q tsllllllui an if S' Q, 1- w ,Q 6 M Li E 2' ' QXY fll d9.0mda9.v.'n SKL Ciluir t . . dum un Um famous! - ' , MILLER SHOE STORE 2 H1116 5 H f W 9 'MW "W f"""' 33336531-2917 575gn!gdi:2?i??3:3BeiE . ' """ ' 0 0 o o 0 SSOCIH 6 Ll 61111 O ' A ' t cl St d B d 0 ASB OFFICERS ' 0 K , President-Michael Thompson Q Vice President-Carrie LeBario . I U Recording Secretary-Cheryl Demko 0 Corresponding Secretary-Michelle Hedrick ' Q- Treasurer-Barry Dersh 0 0 t Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS N ' 0 A President-Brenda Weedman President-Anita Franco Vice President-Mark Kgan Vice President-Wence Arevalo Secretary-Maria Delgado 59Cf9f3Vy'l-UD6 Riimifel ' Treasurer-Maria Olga Meza Treasurer-Denise Salinas Senators-Kim Williams Senators-Tami LaGr0w . Lori Braughton Steve Sanchez Kim Trisoliere Michelle Lunnon Pat Harrington Rusty Taylor 0 . Thomas Flores Cyndi Mesquita Aimee Tappenden Stacy Bush i . , 0 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ' 0 President-Mario Rodriguez President-Jennifer Murray Vice President-Lillian Ortega Vice President-Denise Foose Secretary-Deanna Meir Secretary-Felicia Davis ' Treasurer-Vickie Bush Treasurer-John Peterson Senators-Gerry Penelosa, Stephanie Branson Senators-Terry Belden, Lenora Harris . Sandra lnoshita, Mike Castrovinci Brian C8DiStran, Lisa LeBario . Miki Brasher TraCy Sykes, Chrissie Ream Alive!! 0 0 o 4 0 v . , 4 Lisa Gulrre X X , Bernadette Armstron I ' Maria Bool ,- F Linda Cisneroz 0 . Elsa'Erbano I Thomas Flores if 7, 57 . 1 ,,,rv Anita Franco 1, In 5 ' . Elisa Garcia If ,115 Cecilia Garcia If 7 Blanca Gonzalez J 0 Bobbie Juarez 0 Eddie Leyva Y Brenda Lopez ' Pablo Luna Rene Menchaca 0 Cyndi Mesquita J K. . Maria Olga Meza X . ! Angel Reyes A Mary Rodriquez Joey Saenz Q Sheila Salazar I , 9 Julie Sanchez -gf Tony Sanchez 1 . Alma Tabares U 0 Alma Tavares 5 . . Wm' . 0 . 0 0 0 0 0 0 o o o o 156 ADVERTISEMENTS The Letter Club Go Cardmalsl Act Well Your Part There All Honor LIES We ll MISS You' Love Your Fellow Thesplans M kP W ght St ph Hpp G Look How We ve Changed! D Q 5 hyri ADVERTISEMENTS 157 Ill OOO. MIISIIIEIID Z cn S Fi R 25 -40 33 V! 'E Em 'Z J-4 in V0 99 sev zv aepue 9 so M 929 9 omv da vat es zv Genus 9 8 0298 a epu A113 6 0898 O O O O Q C O I C O O I O K5 S ' Humans F D HI Lrles BOB CROTEAU DIANA TORRES RANDY ORICK AIIVIEE TAPPENDEN Congratulations and Best Wishes' GHS CHEER BASKETBALL Varsity Junior Varsity Melinda Jones Denise Foose Billie Miller Olivia Lopez Tiffani Ciessel- Capt. Amber Jamison-Co. Capt Renae Stover Maria Delgado Football Varsity Candy Woeltie-Capt. Mindy Hayes-Co. Capt. Maria Delgado Kim Trisoliere Julie Lock Belinda Simmons Amber Jamison Renae Stover Tiffani Ciessel Nicole Clemenson Junior Varsity Olivia Lopez-Capt Lucia Delgado Lillian Ortega Alice Passmore Tracey Ciomecki Kris Steele Tebi Williams Stephanie Rose LaAmie Arceo Mark lioan Mark Wilson Scott Wilson fi rr' Lucia Delgado-Capt Lillian Ortega Tracy Gornecki 1. ." ' IM' . , .cl .... 5 if E ' : : S '- U' - 45 5 CARRIE PURGITT KIIVI WILLIAMS ' ' E L T . 7- T 2 E . . lx ' 8 ' 138 ADVERTISEMENTS 'Xara The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. Thanks to everyone! The Senior Class of 1987 .7"Vai'1w HARDWARE 'Fu Q gs 0 TS S lgcifggfla Superb Me lcan Food C1 A Lmb dHd 40 ADVERTISEMENTS C. 5 --3 ga O H 49-Dm -A U1 Pai N 215' 'U MQ, OO , 3553 2 go ,Xl - Swag' Ei "'n. msgs mm: -A Si i f-fmfm in orc. rs' " 5 N'-1 6 5 '-'m Q: FN' ' W CSU' " TJ Q' E 770 ' Fqgw 5 mo-4g Cf Us Q wav, EE' 5 Q y""a1L-'J' 0 C5 .. ,wx MM N s bg ,Q "riff Wd ,Q 5 N1-15 xxx-K . 67' 0 P6S q'4,wp, 2? aww fffizhff -. q- NQZQQ ddg..4'l25Q S fb yy? Q D'i:l"-'SA6KS0:'45Z'Ss f Au Q Lumll ' W 3 " MW W ., ffm f' R' gl, mv! 11: ' wg v U gifs' www fgfgfvwdv. 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X K E S 6' Q ry f ' fi' Qfiiwyiifz Q, X L gg m 5 , , G Sb my NEVQQQ 9gw, X SV MY EY WX Jim ' QS QP Index Of Crroups And Activities A Advertisements 151-141 Annie Get Your Gun 100- 101 Art Club 95 ASB 95 B Badminton 114 Band Officers 92 Baseball 126-127 Basketball, Boys' 118-120 Basketball, Crirls' 121 C Cardinal Court 97 Cheer 112-115 Choir Officers 95 Concert Choir 95 Cross Country 110-111 Curious Savage 98-99 D Drama Club 95 F Faculty 17-28 FBLA 95 Football 104-106 Freshmen 75-85 CI Golf 114 H Homecoming 12-16 J Jazz Ensemble 92 Juniors 58-65 K Key Club 94 L Letter Club 96 IVI Marching Band 88-89 Mat Angels 96 MECI-lA 95 N Newspaper 94 NHS 95 NJROTC 90-91 O Orchestra 92 S SADD 94 Senior Babies 55 Senior Mosts 54 Senior Picture 56-67 Seniors 50-47 Senior Signatures 142-145 Senior Summary 48-55 Ski Club 95 Soccer 115 Softball 122-125 Sophomores 66-74 Sports Awards 124-125 Stat Brats 96 Sweetheart Royalty 97 Swimming 107 T Tennis 150 Thespians 95 Thespian Officers 95 Track and Field 128-129 V Vocal Ensemble 95 Volleyball 108-109 W Wrestling 116-117 Y Yearbook Staff 102 INDEX 147 7? QDN99 H . ,, X vgypxx Ji-LUN ljxgfjx 0,21 .Cf X 4 ,K Wx V Qwi Ofvgw L, Q979 ug f 5 , H my CJQQV Q xfxkvicxl bf swag N ,X-XX , fNx D' '4 jf Ly .J W fx XQ if x ffj gf A XTX X KX, AA4, ,.. ' ,f::i'J' ,MQ C fl F vjlfjf f ' N X A .TY L!! Lf QR JfS 1, L! xg' , if 7xY m.Q W lf " ' A A 'SQ K C57 .f 11, I 1 ,, 'YZ 4' L ff ,V V 1 ' N17 - 'HQ X X2 w x , A . x ,v f-. . X ,y x w N CZ? L X KXX f J Q V QQ 2 X 25 f Lf X Y XJ C x Q xx kk, ,f M, Ny .f x . . , K I ' s X! A lib J' X X X VI Q Lf fx! X A'-. .. f x Q s wb ff gf' 67 X x N. S xx Ai "xt XM! X , x X P L f ' F . Q 2 Nb bw gy W pf X QW fe ,,,- , J J Y 5' X f J fy WL Q9 KV L yi- . J ax ky J J Q f N Y Q Q KJ cm Q A fj Fj 1 GJ 7 nj' V7.1 'NJ J 5 Q! NSN, XJ wQjQ52Q,fgi7 5g'ffw WQQQ X., K, XY fi 'ZW mls 'Eff f' ff! fff'-mw g if g W 'M Zfiggf- f f M Y ,2!,.1'3?7 . , 'l v X1 j ff ' J f ' ff ' in 4 ,r g 122: 'A 5 I as f f ' X A 1 ZW 5 , A xv f jam . Vx 4 J -XX xg' Rx .3 Q 52 i fps? 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