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u N-'ix vj 0Y if 053155 5 U N9,f - S15 Cyyggv C5 C 0' X9 ?JNXkQ153 JN N 3 X' Q? A v-Q D' T gf 'Cf i R ,fx G' Qu XF" .JB ff , I VJ 'W 5 Qgbwfdt y5ywf fy JQXV X fm W f QW1 5 W Qfgibi N if ff jg? f p A Qs? 05 Q-A c, Q grwf ' QJSN Q5 MXNSJ A 53 sw XJ! sb' y ,M , , f QJTJ Q gifs CX N, 9 , ,MJ vw JMX? W 5595 ww lfxx ,- , 6 n:'X.j - X 'S ,- L 'A ,L-- ' ly' Xlf - 6,1 j . I h ff Lv , f , , 1 , in 8 V QTL V wif-41 539 Q , ' , bij FQ f XD' If f , A Arg QQ f,,f f - , , X5 fx ,595 W MNJ ,f :' K '-. , , J! 62 N CD QXQVGKJ f j 5 g if 4pJ6L9WLgfQ? CL , Q X , f UM mah Q15 XQVQWCD 5 Q X 1, I f XCQQKD 9, 3 Q 0 g J,QLg,mQ,Q.f f fi 55555 f gf! W7 Cgdggm ig ,J . 'wyfy 9 Q 32291 gl 25 ES 5 ig fn M455 Q ,gs ig jaydgji Oi CPS X 'bg fx q K x 'f Rf? gwgg A 2 Q5 WY CSXEPT Sie M Q15 EP Q3 X634 W mm 5 ? 4, xf fwwf M- Q if fYYOfX , M X Sw wkw 5 3 561 QL c A ' Q J 'T Lff A ,wks f fl QQ? M7 M f , f- gw-YW M v as -W: Q:-aww X K 1' f as-wfisiwui :ids 7 -fe , .wtf-nw pq' 1t'x,. z:- he s -Q saws . A 2 .tfaiiv n-' --f.'I-fx 'X 'QM' 7 5:5164 inf? W . 1 if .f 25522323 -ff'S'.'Cs-we .. 1'1"1'KTf sffffel if -fi Qifliff 1 V5 J ' 'Q QL F :S+ gala ,X if-Q,--a3'k',ug Fja,51-his ' 1-.-z'Xiif1 Sy Fi X .1 .t --zff-rwiii.-:I f ig 'X bfi' is' X T2.l',t,,ryf f ' 9- , -ffw.s.ff'f-i' r 2- - i lx. 1.4 tx ' ' K ' ' K 1 'VH ' K ' ' K W A-ll, . . or ,fx-P-f:,fs n t -fif- i A Qffiff t 'vt n -:..A X, g t fiwiShiQlCI1ew,-f s iwjshgiftinew i Q s whfatpmakes memeg t what makes you you. it's just another point of view a state ofmind i'm going through so what i see is never true iwish i could tell. i wish icould tell what makes a heaven. what makes a hell and do i get to ring my bell while locked up in some dusty cell while others reach the big hotel iwish i had, iwish i had the secret ofgood and the secret of bad why does this question drive me mad 'cause i was taught when but a lad that that was good and good was had iwish i knew the mystery of that thing called hate. that thing called love what makes the inbctwecn so rough why is it always push and shove iguess ijust don't know enough x x ,- .. 2 EM ..- 1 I wish I knew, I wish I knew. . . 65 Q D Nxox we WN F 0 Q awww W A - 1 1 ---'- Q- KJ . X., 'X' my z rf 2 X D 'X NN "xXIV?'f,f Qiwmfwrgl WMA Q X JLMXNQQ 3 YQ JL Vg! .What makes me me What makes you you 4 1972 Cardinal Volume XLV Glendale High School Glendale, Arizona ix 5 Q .-, A Q. Q' ' 1-. -xg-Q . , ,.-,V Q --1,-Q ,M ,- -231115- M- ,, 1 'W' d 5 fn, ...xi A L'LLfg?N?Ti' ...Q ..x-5:15, fvQ:'f:g.1?is4w,m"" ' ' ' H" , . ' , Qi" " +"'5f"Sff 5 .- .,. ' -- ...--mmf...-.,..'...:" ?" """'?-'ff 3535"3' - HG? Qf.g4...I . K X --. -A-It ,Q-kg-xL::.9w.,5,if5ggiih 5 ri N, .3-gf:g4,5,?gx5q,.:i-Spg54,,rw,t,,,e,,,, Tv. lgkvfii ,-N u X -' ' M-lf,-' 'f"'V-W ,QQ . .2 . . 7 ' '- " Wi ' " - - W- X .. L w M , ' H . - ,?,,V4ffM'--.342-1.1 W- 4 A4 - .Wy-v, ,- .--ft '- gv- . . -ff,-,, . ,-my, QWs?. , --72. .5,rfm1 ' ' f r- ' r wa- ,' -- -kb--Q "gQf.vs-4.4 q an. ,- f fly' ' .1 . .-L, nj, , 'Z -',------7M-4.3513-i'5m3g",i-Kif .1 'E ' -, ' 1- -giffqs?-ik'--3 ,gi-A-f x-:fiL'bf'f'if1?' -. , , - T , .1.,,....Q:..yf.,.,v.,.,g...+ K H' 7' 1 f . :1 3 wg 1. 1.2. 1-Y. -f-r-,,4-df 6, -' ' gg, J-,L H H . - m ,.f-fm ,.- ' . - L -Afw 'M--r.'vff.--"-:wb-f.w 'mfr' ,, X , -7' X- 2 - 4 r' , fin: L- .1.g'1'1',-fl-'-,Q-1u"l - - .- A M. , w?1l?1j1fvf'j?:'4if-+14---Sf:--'f .. ',.,., ,.. v -4:4 lan. . A. - I ,L 5- :M 1:4-i -ga, JAQ-1.'.Ai1.iw-j,,:,mrfE'-:- V.,-W ,U-jr, QA -5:11 .- :ff . k W- f , , -, A ... : 5. ,L-,lf -t.,V,.,-:Li-xg,.ggW,y-.,,g.,, - , Y , ., H A-M ..w-'?1f- K 1. ,,-.f-7-sw-'W V ---1 .,,,:,,1-f A -- , -- -, ' A 'Y -,......, - ' A A "',7ikN'2"?"1'f5! V5.5'-5f"Q5'?S:.:-7""'f? SV 'V , . 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J .V . ,A - . -. -frrrse A.-K. :IQ il -.fx am, M , My f':'1A'?-'kj gg-, .f-5. t. ,- 4 ' ' ' fw..v',.'e ffl- .ar 32' 1211317-J 'Q 'L K ,' - --- Q. 2 'W 'N""",' ' ., "Q ,. , - - If - 't ,. ,- ' .. Y ,' 'f 1 ,, sf' ,,, ' .fi " .9 1 K . . . f x--.fy .,- ,f , In Q-Q Y fig' Organizations . . . . . p. 40 Athletics . . . . . p. 84 Classes . . . . p. 126 Academics . . . . . p. 206 I l V w 1 -4 Students . . living to fullest XM Ak , Running to class after stopping for a Coke . . . wondering what ever the office could want you for now . .. the undying murmur ofthe classroom ... and waiting for 3:00 to get to practice. Then you start to wonder what its all about. Especially when you can't find enough hours in a day to do everything. It'sjust high school life. After a while it becomes a part ofyou ...just as you are a part of it. Still, as you live through its experiences day to day it molds you . . . characterizes a personality. High school life makes us what we are ... makes me me . .. makes you you. Spirits high for registration The opening of a school year is a big event. Summer is over, ttoo soon for mostj and another year is begin- ning. Counselors, like Mr. Clever ffar rightl, come early to assist students with schedule preparation and final registration. The purchase of books is often a major expense as the cash register shows frightj. Students and parents often wait in line for hours to get rid of their money ttopj. Registration is also a time to renew friendships interrupted by summer. Everywhere there are groups of people, gathered to share three months of gossip. Students are fresh, teachers are renewed, and it seems possible, just possible, that we'll make it through another year. .fy NJ"C 'D -Q- :- l Q A P1 X A in i 2 't.'TQ.I'f ,,u-guru-ni -o-.- ..-4 1" - 5- up 1 S F- vi Black Ivory plays at Sweetheart dance The sound of a rock band reverber- ating from the gym, Mr. Feller stand- ing at the door checking ID's - these are the signs of a Glendale dance. Everything from the informal Harvest Dance to the hotly contested Prom - a dance was always a sure draw for acrowd. Dances often featured Glendale talent such as the Factory or Black Ivory. Dress was sometimes casual, occa- sionally formal but the result was always the same - a chance to meet friends and pass away a day's cares. I2 . Q fn I3 T N. ,f'fN . , ,,.. i ...f"" i nn. :',s-2i1'.Lf::2xegfw5,k1-EEN, dy ..5:5::5lf MW., 14 Wi! The American Field Service strives to promote understanding of various cultures with the hope of achiving international peace and brotherhood. This is done by means of sending stu- dents abroad to absorb another's life style. . Glendale has been fortunate to re- ceive a foreign exchange student from Austria, Maggie Mayer. Glendale exported a foreign ex- change student of its own. Martin Klass Cabovej spent ten weeks living with his "family" in Cheshire, Eng- land. Nancy Meyers and Anne Determan, Qbottom centerj were selected as finalists in Glendale's American Field Service Program. This gave either girl a chance to spend a sum- mer abroad if selected by the AFS Board in New York. Top Left: Maggie Mayer tells of her travel- ling experiences at the International Banquet. Top Center: Maggie finds American chores comparable to those in Austria as she washes dishes with her 'sister' Sandy Wheeler. Bottom Left: Students enjoy selecting food from an international menu at the Foreign Language Banquet. 15 No program can be successful without money, and the AFS is no exception. Students cannot be sponsored to Glendale and no one can go abroad without funds. Clubs and organizations are asked to contri- bute and separate fund-raising projects are held. One of the most successful was the International Banquet.Guest were served Sauerbraten and Paella in addition to many other tempting for- eign dishes, the Community support was en- couraging and everyone hopes to see another exchange student next year. I6 .aw Austrlan exchange student T Top Left: Mrs. Doerrer and Betsy Beck pre- pare to enjoy a delicious dinner at the lnler- national Banquet. Above: Maggie Mayer poses with her American family Mr. Wheeler, Sandy, Sherie, Mrs. Wheel- er, and Fred. Far Left: Sandy, Maggie, and Fred. Left: Maggie and Sandy pose at the dining table. ah Ast!! "We've only just begun. . .M "We've only just begun ... " With this theme in mind Glendale students began preparations for Homecoming "7l. One of the major events of the year, there was something for everyone with floats to build, a pep rally, a parade, a football game a all culmi- nating in the traditional Homecoming Dance. Clubs and classes started with float theme, and rolls of chicken wire and thousands of napkins found new homes celebrating the hoped - for downfall of the Paradise Valley Trojans. Parade time came all too soon, but reflected the high spirit ofthe student body. While the Cardinal football team was not having one of its better seasons, everyone looked forward to a victory. But this was not to be. Paradise Valley proved a very worthy opponent for one of the closest games of the year. Mistakes were costly and when the final gun sounded, Glendale had lost with a disappointing score of I4-15. The highlight of the Homecoming cele- bration came at halftime with the Coronation of the royal court. Seniors Gus Burruel and Bobbi O'Keefe were elected by the students, attended by Cyndy Furze, Freddie Espinoza, Isabel Villa, and Jim Coronado. Tears of joy and surprise were evident as "Welve onlyjust begun .. . " became a part of the past. . Ji' lf Top Left: Emotions run high as Queen Bobbi and King Gus walk off the field following their Coronation. Top Right: Homecoming weather turns unseasonably cold as the Dom-Don girls huddle under blankets to keep warm. Far Left: A Roman soldier exhorts his galley slaves as the Latin Club Float sails down Glendale Avenue. Center Left: Attendants Cyndy and Freddie smile for crowd. Center Right: Attendants Isabel Villa and Jim Coronado pause on field. Above: Laughter takes the prize as Konni Allen drives the GAA "f'loat." Homecoming '71 p . ' I 20 GY. K .. Fall season features "Anne Frank" THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett Directed By Gerri Lee Frye Student Assistant Colleen Kennedy Technical Director Tom Sing Cast in Order of Appearance Mr. Frank .. . .... Mike Barnard Miep .......... ................. P enny Prior Mrs. Van Daan . . .... Jamie Griffis, Maggie Mayer Mr. Van Daan . ................ Steve Allison Peter Van Daan . . . ..... Dale Schoene Mouschi ....... .... H ershey Mundy Mrs. Frank .... .... V ikki Mehaffey Margot Frank . . . . .Sharon Cavanaugh Anne Frank .... .... ..... C y ndy Furze Mr. Kraler . . ............... Jim Baird Mr. Dussel . . . . . .Robert Haley, Skip Kaye Top: Much of the play's action revolves around the romantic in- terest which develops between Anne and Peter, children of the fam- ilies hiding in the Secret Annexe. Here Anne and Peter spend one oftheir precious hours of privacy. Top Right: Long hours of rehearsal were evident in the production. Shown here taking a brief respite are Mike Barnard, Dale Schoene, Jamie Griffis and Maggie Mayer. Right Center: Accompanying the Van Daans into their hiding place was Peter's cat, Mouschi, who provided his master with hours of pleasure. Until his disappearance, his docile presence on stage be- came a fixture in the play. Right: A crucial scene occurs when Anne has a terrible nightmare and awakes screaming. Only her father can comfort her and he spends time at her bed side, sharing his courage. Far Right: During their two-year confinement, tempers grew hot and frequently flared. Space, food, and the rigors of growing up caused almost constant conflict. Here Mrs. Frank, Peter, Anne and Mr. Dussel sit around the dining table pensively considering their fate. 22 f' ew is Q F :- U' :- ,,. A . .,,. it 4 nf v W N '1 ,, 4 S. 5 A Lp.. l AgnvVQ5'z-- - , . C :Yer ,Ji A .P N Student Senate is a coordinating body which attempts to organize and reg- ulate the activities of all clubs on campus. Sales, dances, or any other functions must be scheduled through, and approved by the Senate. Several major projects were under- taken through the direction of the governing body. Second semester was the beginning of campus beautifica- tion drive, accomplished through the work of various classes. One result of this was the red and gold garbage cans to match the green school. Now the students on campus feel the Christ- mas spirit all year long. A new development was spirit week held in March. Different classes and clubs to set up booths, sell goodies, and generally do anything to raise the general attitude of accomplish- ment. Student Senate originates Spirit Week r ts. 3 gt S 'V Above: Student Body Officers: Sandy Tolma- choff, corresponding secretary: Sandy Forrey recording secretary: Mike Barnard, president Linda Fowler, vice-presidentg Cyndee Furzc treasurer. Left: Student Senate: Row l: L.Fowler, S Vaughn, K.Robinson, S.Kress, B.Matsumori C.Furze, S.Haver, G.Morcomb. Row 2: T.Sing K.Wierson, T.Gracc, S.Forrey, D.Knulson, L Morcomb, J.White, R.SuIzcr. Row 3: M.Kluss S.Tolmachoff, G.Schmidt, L.Klass, B.O'Keefe S.Curtin, G.Porch, P.Monge, G.Grace, Row 4 S.Trevey, D.Rhodes, B.Hugh, T.Bhrle. v 1 Special events throughout the year provided many different interests with something to see. The Christmas assembly had choral music fAboveJ as well as a rock band fLeftJ. There were also political assemblies CTopj for the civics classes. The Letterman's club sponsored a basketball game between the Harlem Clowns and the Glendale Faculty fTop Right, Center Right, Bottom Righty. 4? -,Q .- mfg 1 1-3 'l E333 T313 Uk It W ,H A 22 li Cardinal Court crowned in January Q f g , 2, ' " ' 4. an a . ' K 9 . 28 I : i3jQf':'i1M r , Sf.. ' ,? mI..H-- "jf" ,,w.wx-V' " '. .Q.-ww'fi':"v"T' ' f .MA we F' ' 5 1 ,5,..- f..a-.V-r' ,QM . i '-. 1 Above: King Gary Sulzer and Queen Cyndy Furze. Top Left: Attendants Sandy Tolmachoff and Martin Klass, Right: Mike Barnard, Bonnie Hugh. Center Left: Coug Edwards, Sandy Grogg. Right: Bob Mothershead, Carol Beier. Bottom Left: Jodi Tenuta. Not Pictured Charlie Goss. Right: Randy Porch, Janet Easley. .29 Sweethearts celebrate spring Floating streamers and dangling balloons set the gay spring mood for the annual Sweetheart Formal, sponsored by Tri-Hi-Y. Members transformed the gym with multi-colored paper and flowers. Sweethearts danced to the music of Glendale's own Black Ivory. The Sweetheart Queen and attendants were selected by the male population of GHS, with each class being re- presented. Queen for the affair was Cyndy Furze. Senior attendant was Bobbi O'Keefe, junior attendant Lori George, sophomore attendant Debbie Keyes, and freshman attendant Terri Gregory. The royalty is shown with their escorts at right. it .qi Z , 4,1 rl - 3 Right: Much of the action of "Oklahoma" revolves around a love triangle. Two men, Curley fthe romantic hero! and Jud fthe evil antagonistj vie for the love of Laurie. Curley wins and he and Laurie are married, but Jud shows up hungry for revenge. They fight and Jud falls on his own knife, killing himself. Far Right: The comic "girl who can't say no," Ado Annie is one of the better known characters from the play. Here she is shown with one of her beaus, Ali Hakim, the Persian peddler, as he demonstrates his wares to Aunt Eller. Below: ln spite of Jud's death, the play has a happy ending, "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top" becomes more than just Curley's dream as the cast escorts the happy couple from the stage. Below Right: In one of the loveliest scenes from the play, Laurie has a dream about the future with Jud and Curley. ln a beautifully chor- eographed dance, Laurie sees herself as a bride with a procession of attendants. 32 "Oklahoma" revived at Glendale OKLAHOMA by Rogers and Hammerstein Directed by Gerri Lee Frye and Keith Maves Musical Director Lyle Koch Cast in Order of Appearance Aunt Eller . . ..... Jamie Griflis, Linda Taylor Curly ..... .................. S teve Allison Laurey ....... .... L ee Ann Snyder, Mary Beth Fox Ike Skidmore . . . ....... Bill Schroeder, Bob Haley Fred ......... .............. . .Clinton Diftie Slim ........ ....... J im Baird Will Parker ..... . . .Mike Barnard Jud Fry ........... .......... B ob Haley Ado Annie Carnes . . . ..... Colleen Kennedy Ali Hakim ........ ........ J im Barton Gertie Cummings . . . ...... Gail Schneider Ellen ............. .... M artha Maloney Vivienne ....... ...... A nn Snowberger Faye ......... ..... R oxanne Whitmoyer Virginia ......... ...... S haron Cavanaugh Andrew Carnes .... ........... M ark Gutzman Cord Elam ..... .... J im Barton, Dale Schoene 33a ,, ,1- MwM,,- , W..- Top: Harvest Queen and King, Valerie Lauchner and Phil Shores. Above Boy's Statezleff Bootz, Martin Klass, and Robert Garland. Top: Harvest Attendants Sam Patterson and Charlyn Nelson. Center: Harvest Attendants Sherwin Lewis and Jackie White Below: Girl's Stateg Sandy Forrey, Kathy Wier- son, Lisa Morcomb I Top Anytown, Gary Bowers, Patsy Leija, Mike Barnard, Anna Hernandez. NOT PICTUREDZ Mary Supensky, Nancy Myers, Judy Frazier, Charlie Goss, Dale Jenkins, Gail Grace, Liz Valenzuela, Robert Holsinger, Mike Goimarac. Above Model UN: Row I: Shelley Haver, Julie White, Gail Wager, Teodora Zuniga, Kim Miller, Anna Hernandez, Sue Matsumori, Patsy Leija, Carol Eppinger. Row 2:Anne Determan, Barbara O'Keefe, Janice Rolls, Dan Ronnie, Mr. Dainty, Terry Carter, Sandy Forrey, Judy Frazier. Top: Music Camp: Row lg Agusta Simpson, Roxann Whitmoyer, Gail Morcomb, Tom Sing. Row 2: Rod Federwisch, Jeanette Engell, Lisa Morcomb, Charlie Goss, Skip Kaye. Left: Publications Workshop: Mary Byrne, Dan Ronnie, Jon Johnson. Not Pictured: Camille Perren, Dollie Jimenez, Nancy Nielson. 37 Above: Seniors Students of Month Row l: Sandy Forey, Janet Easley, Chris Traubel, Doug Edwards, Row 2: Jamie Griffis, Mike Barnard, Bonnie Hugh, Jodi Tenuta, Bob Mothershead, Sandy Grogg Not Pictured: Heather Boone, Duke Perkins, Mike O'Toole, Stan Roper, Gary Sulzer, Jeff Bootz, Cindy Furze, Martin Klass Right: Rotarians Scott Lauehner, Gus Burruel, Not Pictured: Jeff Bootz, Tom Sing, Eric McKee, Peter Van Camp Top: Lions Randy Wood, Ross Simons, Ken Milhoan, Tom Bchrle, Gary Davis, Paul Rovery, Mark Austin. Not Pictured: Bob Stinnett, Tim Willis Above: Junior Students of the Month: Row l: Carol Eppinger, Sue Curtin, Barbara O'Keefe, Angela Carl, Row 2: Tim Grace, Tom Behrle, Gene Fredrick, Mike Tolmachoff, Paul Olson, Tyrone Murdock, Steve Allison, Nancy Myers, Crystal Milnes, Kent Norgren, Karen Shawer, Shelly Haver. Not Pictured: Glen Watson, Tom Brewer, Karen Wierson organizaticns f-' lx N, , A X ' - X 1 . A .. .M. . . . . Q -A Q ,fs Q-X 5,-..-,m.:.:1--fy. - - 1, .flu -K xr .wax iw - gxwfkft-qv,-+ 1 5:3i T'. M , Pom-pon girls boost morale lf you visit the girls' gym any early morning before school, you will see quite a few girls looking very active for' the early morning hours. It's not easy to come to school every morning feeling like dancing but somehowthe pom-pon girls manage. Having a fine precision line is a tradi- tion with GHS, and this years squad ably carried out the tradition. Hours of practice were necessary for the excellent performances at football and basketball games. All the soph- omore, junior and senior members deserve a hearty round of congratu- lations. Top: Pom-Pon squad performs a hand routine at the first pep assembly. Center Left: Home basketball games are bright- ened up with half-time shows by the Cardettes. Center Right: Co-Captain's Heather Boone and Janet Easley. Right: The Cardettes keep basketball fans in the Christmas spirit. X 1 ag: Q., 5-.F-sr. . ' . 4' ein , I, fb, N., V' 1 ' .11 V gt sq, A K. . ' ,L V: Yf. . t, , fa , r W , V .r V h A4 ti V 544 ! is A If Aiii - l js 1 i.4, . A-jim it bt. f fi vs ii- , r 2. .as WPI 'V t 9 e' fai n '?1hv-.ff r ' Q . X v 1 yr Tk V X M , ta ,Z,v ,.U r , ' , A ix IX'--X15 - .,' Us gg ,xi 1, 5 F ' it ' "r W fr ' C as I ' """' ' -' -v -,- .f.!. uk. ' .sf '.',f " ir' trim? , l, ti ... ., K Qi H . -Z., - ' .km .g,,,A1,, to X -.N L A N X 5.5 ig: X r. 42 Above Cardette Pom-Pon Girls Row I: J Easley, l.Villa, C.Furze, S.l.indberg, K.Foisel J.Seely, H.Boone, J.White, J.Marlin, S.Mat: sumori. Row 2: G.Porch, L.Klass, K.Henson J.Allison, D.Gennaco, S.Curlin, K.Shawver: L.Gennuco, D.Shumway, Cliversolc, B.l.ind- berg, S.Hutchison, S.Haven, S.Krcss. Left: Senior Squad members Janet Easley, Judy Martin, Julie White. Sue Malsumori, Heather Boone, Cyndy Furze, lsahcl Villa, Susan Lindberg, Karen Foisel, Jeanne Seely. Cheerleaders spark pride in school No school can survive without spirit! The cheerleaders have done a great job this year, cheering at football and bas- ketball games. The cheerleaders man- aged to keep spirit up even during times of crisis, backing the team 100W The cheerleaders consist of both var- sity and junior varsity squads. The var- sity cheerleaders cheer at varsity games, both home and away. The junior varsity cheerleaders cheer at both junior varsity and freshman games. The cheerleaders are in charge of pep club which puts on a pep rally each year, and other activities to boost spirit. Both cheer and pep club are sponsored by Mrs. Sally Jones. 3 ii i Varsity Cheerleaders: Angela Carl, Chris Trau- bcl, Crystal Milnes, Jodi Tenuta, Carol Bier gr' Y M FHA: K.Dalstra, C.Bailey, D.DeRemer, D. Muse, D.Pledger, L.Winfield, M.Winfield M.Armenta, R.Muse, S.Spurlock Right: Students for Social Improvement: Row l F.Cole, C.Gentry, J.Crowe, K.Martin, P.l-lig gins, K.Lewis. Row 2: C.Preston, K.Pakos, B. Mclntosh, B.Prentice, N.Roberts, D.Hattery T.Sansom, Mr. Forsman, P.Leija, R.Shire- man. Lf A tt.. H 1' Kg 'ff' 1 X41 J Small clubs attract students -. fi N K3 5 TIC' 0, M in F f r .1 46 "1 -,'fv5 . .X ' .' "Hi , M, N.. ,,,. . Not all clubs at Glendale are large, and it is in some of the smaller ones that students enjoy themselves most. FTA provides an outlet for those who may consider education as a career. They frequently serve in elementary schools as aides to the teachers. Bat Girls was formed last spring as a female auxiliary for ths baseball team. They are the official rooters and they also care for equipment. FHA members may be those interested in the domestic arts. They held a cup- cake sale early in the year and planned a pretzel sale for late spring. F.T.A. QLeft to Righty: T.Wcckesser, C.Cun- ningham, S.Branham, J.Rall, Mrs. Hullihen Batgirls fLeft to Righty L.George, K.Miller, L.Fowler, D.Groskopf. 47 FFA, as always, was an extremely active club. Besides sponsoring the Harvest and Rodeo dances, they also cultivated and cared for a large flower bed in front ofthe library. Radio club had a sale of widely various items, ranging from candles to screw- drivers. FFA Rowl BBa1ley NKolb SLeForce V Lauchner, C.Nelson, L.White, J.Nelson, B Curl, D.Walker. Row 2: E.Quamme, K,Pakos .l.McMillan, l.Matsumori, M.Perez, K.Fiori B.Matsumori. Row 3: J.Graham, K.Wimer, 'I' Randolph, B.Blackburn, K.Talbert, Row 4 R.Ratliff, B.Fenwick, S.Patterson, R.Shafer R.Grady. Row 5: G.Hodgkins, P.Shoares, B Nouzouvsky, L.Giblin, D.Doucet, D.Peterson Row 6: S.Lewis, M.Wiese, L.Lauchner, G.Black burn, P.Povey. 1 Clubs cater to vocational interests ,,t ' Radio Club Row l: Jeff Fogelson, Steve Sny der, Mitch Malone Row 2: Bill Holsingcr Ken Sutton, Gary Dunn, Row 3: Tom Hardesty Cary Carlin. 49 Probably the newest club on campus is the Yoga Club, dedicated to in- creasing awareness and understanding through Yoga and meditation. The group meets frequently with outside leadership and has already gained a faithful following. Latin Club has grown in size as interest in the language has increased. Building a lovely float for the homecoming parade was a major effort and earned them a sincere congratulations. French Club has also increased in membership. This group has done much to raise funds for the Bettye Beauchamp Scholarship Fund which is awarded to some student in French at the end ofhis senior year. French Club Row l:Joyce Light, Marice Williams, Patsy Leija, Lois Light, Marina Bouchard, Wendy Douglass Row 2: Mrs. Land, Melinda Coyle, Roxanne Reynolds, Joie Hutchings, Rhonda Bitterli, Diana Johnson, Patti Pace Row 3: Gayle Morgan, Gail Lyons, Lee Lyons Latin Club Row l:C.Milnes, K.Norgren, V Mehaffey, J.Quinnett, B.Mahoney, G.Cones J.Zuniga. Row 2:Miss Nelson, B.Fleming .I.Tieleman,' T.Tccham, P.Sidinger, C.Morgan T.Cantarell, K.Heistand, M.Cudmore, B.With row, C.Kurtz, A.Bloomer, M.Simpson, K Mahoney, .l.Pierce, K.Talbert, M.O'Keefe, J Davis, D.l-lutton, M.McKnight, G.Bowers. " ' " vrwf-V v-wmv-wg-'-'fy 1r"':"em'l'f:1' ' "vw Meditation is a language of its own Yoga Club:K.Martin, J.Hensley, M.Persons, A.Dashnaw, J.Morrison, N.Rodgers, M.Klass, B.Mothcrshead S 5 Q QQ: , - E 3 i Pretzels big at GHS Languages are among the very popular classes for students. This year five languages were offered and there were clubs to go along with all of them. German Club, a very large club, is famous for its pretzel sales, always popular and guaranteed to earn mon- ey. German Club has been very benev- olent with its money, giving large sums away for various purposes. Russian Club is composed of many members of Glendale's Russian Com- munity, as the caption shows. Even though interest in this group seems to be dying out, it is hoped that it will continue. In the Southwest Spanish is bound to be a winner. Spanish Club was instru- mental in planning the Foreign Lan- guage Banquet and planned to sell flowers and Spanish food during Spirit Week. S-fev' " 3 Spanish Club Far Left: Row l:C.Hauserman, D.Melcher, B.Neilson, E.Bryan, H.Perez, T King, L.Trainer. Row 2:M.Simpson, A.Deter- man, L.Ong, L.Wallat, T.Sagrillo, M.lVlayer, T.Carter, M.Wykoff, C.Derenburger, S. Mendez, A.Hospi German Club Above: Row l: C.Johnson, J Sutter, J.Griffis, D.Johnson, E.Fenwick, S Kalnas, J.Johnson. Row 2: P.Siebert, M Cooper, G.Sulzer, R.Rademacher, l.MaL- sumori, D.Bills, K.Wells, R.Sulzer, K.Elgie Row 3: Mr. Feller, J.Maywald, G.Hansen, D Mahnke, A.Simpson, T.Hatton, S.Wiles, P Boutell, G.Barden, S.Litlle, C.Aker, .I.0verLon, D.Gennaco, D.Ronnie, K.Henson, B.SuIzer, S Kress, F.Fcight, M.Kalnas, J.Carland, K.Roose- velt, S.Daum, B.Matsumori. Russian Club Left: M.Popol'f, E.Tolmachofl', L.Petroff, M.Tolmachoff, P.Petroff, C.Love- lady, J.Tolmachol'f, D.'I'olmachoff, A.Tolmac- hoff, M.Tolmachofl', Mr. Wucinich. This year's Hi-Y Conquistadors were molded into what a service club is supposed to be by a strong club's will to do something. Various community service projects found their way from the group hier- archy to the rest ofthe club and vice versa.With cooperation from Tri-Hi- Y on joint projects the Hi-Yers or- ganized a Halloween party for Glen- dale children and a holiday food drive. Their attentions were also directed to Arizona Model Legislatureg in which they participated, sponsoring a bill on basic human rights. Their parti- cipation in a charity basketball troun- cing of FFA and a float built for the Gomper's parade heightened club spirit and unity. Hi-Y Row l: Mr. Fleming, M.Boess, C.Goss, R.Porch, V.Mensendick, F.Davis, T.Murdock, G.Davis, B.Little, B.Mothershead, M.Klass Row 2: S.Kaye, D.WMahnke, D.Edwards, V. Bootz, B.Echert, R.Fedenwisch, M.Person, D. Perkins, K.Springmann, G.Burruel, T.Berhle, D.Ronnie, J.Hensley, C.Rhodes, M.Refermat. Right: Rod Federwisch, Sgt.-at-arms,Robert Garland, Vice-President, Randy Porch, Tres. Martin Klass, President. Stan Stewart, Chap- lain. Not Pictured: Marvin Person, Secy. 54 Tri-Hi-Y M.Nielson, L.Morcomb, L.Scheerer K.Henson, K.Wicrson, J.0'Brien, B.Ok'Keefe J.Engnell, R.Whitmoyer, K.Shawvcr, Mrs Smith, M.Supensky, T.Carter, S.Forrey, A Hernancez, M.McKnight, D.Miller, B.Mor- comb, B.Hugh,, N.Roberts, B,Prentice, P Leija, H.Boone, S.Matsumori, D.Springman K.Foisel, J.Stewart, J.Frazier, S.Haver. 55 National Honor Society Row l: B.Mothers- head, .l.Martin, S.Matsumori, R.Whitmoyer, J.Easley, P.Kleinschmidt, K.Mccll, T.Sing, Row 2: S.Tolmachoff, T.Sagrillo, S.Forrey, H. Boone, D.Springman, C.Goke, Row 3: B.Burns, B.Hugh, J.Bootz, J.Engnell, K.Keesling, L. Morcomb, P.Sidinger, M.Klass. 56 if Helping to raise money for better un- derstanding among countries was AFS, particularly through the foreign exchange program. A major fund rais- ing event of the year was the Inter- national Banquet, held at Thunder- bird Graduate School. This club worked in conjunction with the com- munity committee oflike purpose. AFS Row l: P.Siebert, S.Wheeler, R.Rade- macher, S.Griffis, L.Klass, M.Barnard,S.Men- dez, Row 2: L.Stevens, M.Mayer, T.Lentz, S. Haver, C.Gilmore, N.Meyers, K.Shawver, S. Talbert. .57 "Cardinal Hi-Lites,,- 66 73 Voice of the Students Hi-Lites Staff: Kim Appleby,Marla Cones, Jamie Griffis, Mrs. White, Kathy Meell, Fred Davis, Debbie Gennaco, Camille Perren, .lim Coveney, Dixie Miller. 59 A man named Desmond Morris once wrote a book entitled THE HUMAN ZOO: his inspiration could well have been the 1972 Cardinal Staff. Hours of sitting in a green room and'bounc- ing ideas off the walls is not designed to foster sanity and the staff members were "living" testimony to this. Work began Feb. 25 for a March l deadline, or so it seemed when workers discovered the mountains of pages yet to be finished. Between the dryer's hungry appetite for pictures and the absent-minded editor, disaster was always imminent. The advisor found it difficult to get home without car keys which took up semi-permanent residence in the editor's pocket. Life was never dull, Two resident monsters appeared. One, Aqualung, was fond of leaving grim calling cards. Another, The Vampire, actually became a pet and was fed at regular intervals. But Carol and Gloria wore their hair long and were safe - Big Wow! Spurred on by dancing girls, soldiers, and scarlet women, devotion to school for was it just plain stupidityj reigned and somehow everything was finished. Now, watch this . . . Top Left: Editor Dan Ronnie climbs the walls in frustration. Top Right: Class editor Carol Eppinger search- es through endless stacks of negatives. Upper Center Left: Academics and faculty edi- tor .lon Johnson finds solitude in the dark room. Upper Center Right: Becki Rohrs confronts the editor. Center Left: Photographer Eric Mecham looks questioningly at the rest ofthe staff. Center Right: Advisor Laura Claunch can't find enough hands to do everything. Right: Typist Gloria Eppinger takes a break with Theresa Damiani. Opposite Page: Eric Mecham, Miss Claunch, Carol Eppinger,Gloria Eppinger, .lon Johnson, Debbie Edwards, Dan Ronnie, Beckie Rohrs. Y' ,nf 5 af .i,' 'v vp , nlvf I Q' . Nh. ' Bi ' 1 3 K ? 5 i wg Y, . 'QA LN iq 1 . 'ir' ' is .R ig, .vgggg-ggi--f"f ' ' W "H w ' , . ,.,, K 5 ga . ' s ,Qt - ,, 4 nf M 2, ,, ik . vb- .. -2 , "Un . 5 , gn r 'vga' if Qs' .ar V 'QS 3-Y 4 N 'QQ ,ggwp.n,, wig, , ' ,,,.gu-I """""'lb. A A pw . ,Q """"llQ W I gg uf m l'ii?4f . Qi Z ui wx ? ' I 'A - .N w,,,..4,.,,gw,. V Lwuwfw' f Matmaids Row l: K.Wierson, S.Crooks, K Gaydosz, D.Wanamaker, K.Bokowski, D Mahnke, J.Tardy, T.Caliendo, B.O'Keefe, K Wierson. Row 2: D.Heltzel, K.Hugh, D.Mahnke G..Iacobs, S.Forrey, B.Hugh, J.Livgny, T Carter, N.Rainey, D.Jacobs. -v 5g53'51'f5B!5SS1J:ais A f..iQ7i41:1-1'.fL'Qi. if 5 e 1 z:Ll:NnALz Hllhlb' 'U ililwlla 'Irv if iii T E fl is 3 3' ' i. g 5 ji: A 1 "-fs v i At GHS, there are even clubs which have been organized to assist athletic teams in their endeavors. Two such groups are Matmaids and Spikettes, auxiliaries for wrestling and track, respectively. Girls in these groups help out by keeping records, handling equipment, and generally making themselves useful. They also provide a cheering section for the teams. This is parti- cularly important since these clubs are most concerned with sports which are not heavily attended by the general public. Spikettes Row l: A.Perkins, G.Giblin, S.Stin- nett, S.Vaughn, Anderson, P.Hanscom, L.Gal- legos, V.Edmondson, Row 2: B.Parker, D.Hood, L.Galler, G.Sanchez, L.Ruddell, P.Espinoza, N.Coronado, D.Anderson, R.Astemborski, M. O' Keefe. Left: Bonnie Hugh helps out by keeping score at a wrestling match. 63 Top Great Books Club Row l: T.Sagrillo, L Morcomb, J.White, C.Furze, Row 2: M.Klass E.Sifuemes, G.Bowers, T.Sing, M.Person, K Norgren. Above Speech Club Row 1: M.McKnight, D Schoene, K.Gorman, J.Griffis, D.Harrigan A.Dashnaw. Row 2: C.Eppinger, G.Hartman B.Haley, D.Miller, E.Pevler, J.Earls. The English department has fostered several clubs as extensions of regular classes. The Great Books group met regularly to read discuss recognized classics ofliterature. Quill and Scroll is a national journal- istic society which sponsors scholar- ships every year to Publications Work- shop. The primary fund-raiser is the Annual Brawl where yearbooks are distributed. The Speech Club has been quite active, attending several tournaments and col- lecting honors. They also visited an Indian hospital at Christmas and laid plans for a Teacher Talent Show. , 'X ' U 1 1, ,', ',. -I , 1 .V -W . -'..t- Q Quill and Scroll: Marla Cones, Mrs. D.White, Kathy Meell, Camille Perren, Jamie Griffis, Mary Byrne, Gary Bowers, Fred Davis, Karen Foisel. 65 Erin Clubs gain work experience Connected with the cooperative work programs are the DECA, VICA, and COE groups. All of the students are interested in the world of work and express through their jobs for which they receive school credit. Hosting and attending state conven- tions are part of the picture and a major event is the annual DECA Book Fair. 66 DECA Row l: C.Armij0, P.Tolmachoff, D. Tolmachoff, T.Miraldi, G.Giblin, J.Barton. Row 2: K.Garlin, .l.Fredericks, D.H0od, J Gulliver, J.Turner, S..luarez, .l.Hailey, R.Ross, H.Barton, Row 3: Mr. Palmer, J.Earls, J Vell, L.Carrill0, G.Hirth, P.Gilberl, J.Coro- nade, R.BuII. xg, S g .4 'f.f'.i'f", ww F ww, vi- E .Y , Both Thespians and Lyre's Club are creative groups, interested in the performing arts of drama and instru- mental music.Thespians are largely involved with the fall play and winter musical, this year presenting "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "Okla- homaf' Lyre's Club was responsible for a welcome addition to the school lunch hour, a juke box in the cafeteria. This has been a tremendous hit with everyone and certainly gets a workout from students. Thespians Row l: K.Norgren, M.Fox, N.Sever- in, D.Abrams, J.Griffis, B.O'Keel'e, N.Curl. Row 2: D.Schoene, D.Ronnie, C.Kennedy, S. Spinnella, M.Mundy, M.Barnard. Row 3: Kris Krening, M.Maloney, K.Benge, P.Sidinger, G. Porch, J.Maher, A.Simpson, L.Webb. Row 4: S.Haven, J.Canafax, S.Forrey, K.Hugh, L.Mc- Cutcheon, D.Blase, Row 5: E.Pevler, J.Cox, K.Maunu, .l.Baird, B.Schroeider, V.Mehaffey, S.Allison, D.Bills. Right: The Thespian production of"Oklahoma" required considerable dancing talent as well as singing and acting, as shown here by Lee Ann Snyder, Clubs spark creativit of members Lyres Club Row l: .l.Fortner, M.Cross, G,Dunn B.Wilkins, L.Light, S.Nelson, M.Maloney, A Wade, D.Stanniec, G.Wager. Row 2: D.Mc- Cutcheon, J.Maywald, R.Whitmoyer, G.Mor- comb, G.Simpson, R.Bitterli, P.Smith, K.Gor- man, E.Vasquez, L.Morcomb, R.McCormick J.Engnell, Row 3: K.Sidinger, D.Thorson, R Estes, S.Hoover, M.Mount, A.Oullette, S Mills, R.Shireman, P.Hartsock, L.Kinslow P.Flint, C.Lyongs, Row 4: S.Kaye, J.Doug- lass, J.Estes, Rhodes, .l.Lokey, B.Kitchen, L Wolfe, T.Williams, C.Decker, J.Mitchell, D Taylor, P.Pace, J.Cox, D.Hart, C.Decker. 69 Lettermen sponsor Clowns basketball game n 'mg 351 3 4 'V .lf Soph. GAA Row l: D,Wcst, W.Douglass, L Light, K.Krenning, G.Jacobs, D.Anderson, S Santa Maria, S.Stinnett, M.O'Keefe. Row 2 S.Allen, B.Sansom, P.Twardy, D.Heltzel, L Petroff, D.Keyes, P.Potteet, D.Knutson Row 3 P,Contes, P.Siebert, A.Griner, J.Garland, L Johansen, G.Simpson, J.C0okman Row 4: K Bloss, C.Eversole, C.Ussery, R.Cordrey, K Martin, T.Damiani Junior, Senior GAA Row I: S.Grogg, K.Wier- son, P.Center, J.Behrle, K.Foisel, S.Hornung S.Lindberg, J.Stewart, K.Gaydorz, K.Allen D.Ashinhurst, C.Milnes Row 2: J.Easley, J Tenuta, D.Wanamaker, J.PO'Brien, K.Millcr D.Edwards, N.Kmetko, J.Frazier, S.LeForce T.Samson, S,Kress, S.Curtin Row 3: H.Boone G.Morcomb, L.Morcomb, P.Leija, C.Decker, B 0'Keefe, K.Wierson, D.Jacobs, L.FowIer, N Myers, K.Hanson Girls are sports-minded, too, and not just as fans. GHS has varied athletic programs going for females outside of the regular P.E. classes. Probably the largest club on campus is GAA. Here girls have a chance to participate in many different activities, some even coeducationally. Volley- ball, archery, bowling, and field hockey arejust a sampling. Social events are also prominent. One of the most popular is the GAA slumber party, this year held in the girls' gym. No one did very much sleeping but then that's not what slumber parties are for. 73 .4 i. J 1 7,5 i , .. ? 5 S 3 Symphonic Choir Row l: P.King, K.Benge, M. Escobedo, D.Wells, P.King. Row 2: C.Gilbcrt, man, C.Dift'ic, C.Goss, L.Kluss, B.Purkcr, M. Combs, T.lilmer, D.Sunders, G.C-illespir, J. K.Munce. l,.Matsumolo, T.Elmcr, M.Gut1- O'Kccfe, D.Muse, L.Mcchum. Row3C.Britton, 74 3 i Q 5 3 i Clivcrsole, V.MuHuffcy, D.Sch0enc, .l.Bz1ird, Turley, G.Scheidcr, Sfolcgrovc, D.Smilh, S.Snydcr R.Fcnler, B.Schodcr, B.Hulcy, Jwlenkins, B. Ensemble Row 1 RLarkin, .l.Canafax, V. Heeren LTayIor M Fox L.Anderson, Row 2: JCox KNorgren MMcCutchion, T.Knud- sen BOKeefe SAlhson L.Snyder, K.Maunu Beginning Girls Chorus Row l: D.Dewey D.Snowberger, L.Morre, J.Duke, T.Dirrus: J.Bumgardner, L.Hixson, D.West, M.Bouchard B.Fatnu, B.Curl, L.Santa Maria. Row 2: .I Garar, J.VanDyke, D.Ronnie, J.Darby, D.Mar- 76 tin, D.George, L.McHutchings, N.Coronado, K. Harcg, J.Jones, A.Mecham, C.Ayatte. Row 3: D.Barnett, G..lohnson, P.Seitz, F.Escobedo, K.Bloss, S.Gutymar, C.Elmos, W.DeNeies, L.Comtors, K.KeWis, S.Peck, M.Allison 1 1' eds Boys Chorus QLeft to Righty Dave Wood, Tom Sanders, Bob Maze, Andy Kelly, Brad Herring, Dale Holmes. Advanced Girls Chorus Row l: S.Hutchison, G.Porch, J.Scudder, M.Maloney, M.Huff- man, S.Cavanaugh, M.Scibilia, A.CarI, D. Holston, Row 2: R.Muse, K.Knutsen, A.Snow- berger, S.Whitaker, T.Mccham, P.Sidinger, C.Brown, P.Prior, C.Egle, A. Hospi. 77 ll Top: Majorettes Brenda Sulzer, Theresa Tobley, Marcie Williams. Above: Tumblers Gail Schneider, Cindy Decker, Julie Ezell. Right: Drum Major Charlie Goss Far Right: The Cardinal Marching Band on parade. , -, V 5. ' nfl- fs ' ' n'1 'H .A ryrlff , JKT' '. ,r 4' ?l.Q "3 bs Qiivx " Fig - - 4 f x ' I sr' KI' Y 7 nm vakrizx A'.f'Q 54 f I Y AX i if. ' ', P . 1 A 0 .1 lp 3. ., .. Y. x , QA , fy.. Q I r 4 1 " X FP f X.J- X N X x X ' x x , MJ, M' -fix, J- 46 ' 5 :A .1 JY . ' " H ,,.' . LP-'I . '. L v A X ft ,,.,n-"9" Y N? as ff Q I , . L 'W ""W-1 A ' If 4 QfQ'Ii!ff..w..,, W, ...H rf-ww, ,W 1 ,, -, mlwj A --f--1' H " W ----an X, .4-as-anna.: fJis,1H.M-nm-sfw.. -Q.--em A- qem1syw.....v , van-m-magna-4'f,vf-am--'4""" 'N """A""""""k""""' 4'-ll?-any-1-, V . -..- .M v:.,A-w-.f f 1:-.,,4. A.,N, ,M NMA bw. V- W-...y , :MQW -Ma.. H1 'Q ' 4 S E ll ll c anal y u no an , --. on 91000000 0 uouunlnll :annul I ons o o Q 0 - l - . . . Q Concert Band Row l, left to right L.Morcomb .l.Engnell, R.Whitmoyer, J.Muywald, S.Kaye, M.Mount, G.Morcomb. Row 2 T.Sing, J..lohn son, G.Gilman, R.Whitmoycr, M.Maloncy, R. Bell, P.Hurtsock, S.Nelson. Row 3 J.Fortner, 80 +"'-Q. - mgg- - ., f.,....... W- MA Ill 0 Q D.Cuthburn, D.Tuylor, A.Wudc, R.Bulch. P Servcllo, li.Gracu, R.Ezzcll, R.Kitchcn, G mm ,,.,.... .,.x-.,,-.,.M.M I Q , , - - 'wwf-Q f 'H M- 4' WW- ww. nik M ....... A... ,... , , x,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,hAA N ,M W WW L ., . WM.- f..-.X-.-n.......-.,.-. .dp-...WV W-. .,, ...wwf ,,, , A 4 Y A f K . ' ,. , ., ,1,,LV W k M' v"' .. -. .--n-um, ,,,,,.,,. -4. .- N- -vin fx -v --4 -f .. . V , ,V .DL 3 - X ., 45.5, 2- ':: Q , . . ': U. lil lllllll.l.:. : . Ol Wager, .l.Ezzcll. D.McCutchcon, Row 4 G. A.Simpson, C.Goss, J.LoKey, R.Rhodes, D. Row 5 .l.Scll. C.l.yons, S.Tuylor, C.Fugil, l Hartmann, S.Servcllo, S.Mclzler, T.Williums, Bell, K.Wells, J.Cox, R.Federwisch, J.Estes. Wolfc,C.Duily,B.Wilkins,K.Muuncr. 81 Orchestra Row l: B.Rohrs, C.Goss, A. Oul- ette, A.Simpson, D.Taylor, L.Morcomb. Row 2: R.Estes, L,Light, R.Whitmoyer, J.Engncll, G.Morcomb, T.Sing, G.Gilman, S.Nelson, R. Maynes. Row 3: K.Gorman, P.Harstock, T. Williams, J.Lokey, A.Wade, R.Balch, R. Fe- derwisch, J.Cox, .l,Estes, R.Shireman. Row 4: C.Lyons, C.Fugit, L.Wolfe, K.Maunu, S,Kaye. Bottom: Robin Maynes looks oblivious to the fact that there is a photographer in the room. 82 ,Pig Intermediate Band Row l: R.BitterIi, D.Hart, E.Wemz, J.Sutter, S.Melzler, K.Stapleu, C Kinsey. Row 2: R.Shireman, P.Pace, D.Melch- er, R.Cunningham, G.Dunn, S.Hoover, V.John- ston, M.Moult0n, F.Feighl, S.Ainslie, Row 3 J.Wisse, E.Vasquez, A.Aguilur, P.Espinoza D.Ortiz, R.McCormick, L.Kinslow, R.Balch A.Brouhard, P,Davis, D.Spidel. Row 4: J.Offen- yt! , . -A we :.,.KF ,.. efwidtf--,ta ' ' 'f- ' burger, .I.Mitchell, S.Mills, B.Holsinger, D. Stanniec, S.Compton, D.Thorson, M.Wykoff, B.Loden, B.Geho, C.Maynes, T.Ortiz, P.Smith, M.Cross. Row 5: K.Sidinger, S.Foster, .l.Doug- lass, R.McKnight, J.Rich, C.Eugle, G.Batty, M.Anderson, K.Snyder. Top: Lisa Morcomb finds u moment of soli- tude in a busy days rehearsal. 83 athletics f' 'xl x f. if-, x ,Q 'M Us L , ., , -rw au., ..,f,:.. ,M ., . Lk Q. ,, .v e , ,., i 5 :N-1 1. s- Q - x. ,,L., f ' 'F .,-1 . ,we Q ff' N, M .H Cardinal season reflects tough opposition One thing that can be said about the l97l football season is that it was a re- building year. 5 seniors started on of- fense, and four on defense, leaving juniors and sophomores to supply the bulk ofthe team. ln the first game ofthe year the mighty Cards tspoken of as Hhighlytregarded' by the ARIZONA REPUBLICJ in- vaded Scottsdale only to be scattered across the field by a very strong Bea- ver offense, 49-7 The St. Mary's Knights have been beaten Glendale the last four years, but Glendale's hopes to end it were shattered 42- l 2. The team looked alive, even though they lost I3-12 to the Sunnyslope Vikings,Gus Burruel ran 75 yards to set up a 7-yard run by Glen Watson. The other score came when Gary Sul- zer picked up a fumble and went 20 yards for a touchdown. Cortez threw a bomb at the Cards when they invaded Glendale and turned them back by the sad and somewhat familiar score of 49-7. The Cards experimental "Big-Man" backfield proved too much as they up- set the Moon Valley Rockets I5-l4. Scott Lauchner ran eleven consecu- tive times, finally plunging over from the one-yard line. On the extra point attempt a bad snap from center forced Maher to pick up the loose ball and scramble into the end zone for two points. Moon Valley retaliated with a score in the second period but before the half had ended the "BM" backfield, this time lead by Bob Stinnett, scored again with Big Bob bulling over from the 5-yard line. 86 Glendale bombed the Washington Rams in their first league game 17-0. Gus Burruel was on target as he al- ternated throwing to receivers Sulzer, Bokowski, and Ezell. LarryMaher kicked a 38-yard field goal to round out the scoring. Glendale returned home after two road games to face the Brophy Bron- cos. The Cards were greatly outmus- cled and were considerably smaller as they went down heavily by the score of42-0. On a cold and windy night in early November Glendale was sadly dis- appointed as they were edged, 15- 14 by the much larger Paradise Valley team. TOP LEFT: "Big Bad" Bob Stinnett breaks for a big gain against the Moon Valley Rockets. ABOVE: A Moon Valley defender makes a des- perate attempt, but Stinnett hauls the pass in, anyway. FAR LEFT: In the last game ofthe season with the Prescott Badgers, the parents of the varsity players were honored in a traditional pre-game ceremony. LEFT: A determined Mark Austin brings down a Brophy Bronco receiver. 1' In the third quarter the Cards drove to score, with Bob Stinnet capping the drive on a one-yard smash. Paradise Valley quickly retaliated with a score, but early in the fourth quarter Glen- dale came back on a 2-yard run by Burruel. The Trojans scored a few minutes later. Glendale went up to Flagstaff with hopes of their third victory only to come home empty handed. The Cards, expecting the Eagles to be a push- over, were bounced 32-0. The Cards closed out the season on a winning note with a 27-20 upset over Prescott. Bob Stinnett ran 7 yards for a score on the first series. In the second half a fired up team, lead by Burruel, scored again, and with a two point conversion they tied it at 14 all. The last two scores came on a 47-yard pass to Bokowski and a one-yard run by Stinnett. 88 Cardinal force backed by many Juniors .pf TOP: Cardinal linemen, Kurt Springman, Stan Stewart, and Dave Bokowski follow the play against the Flagstaff defenders. TOP CENTER: Jim Coveney, in a futile at- tempt, almost stops a Brophy runner. ABOVE: Coaches Steve Preston and Al Mu- noz grimace, while John Torok shouts orders during a practice session. RIGHT: Jim Coveney slows down a Brophy player, giving Mark Austin time to get in position for the tackle. VARSITY SEASON SCORES Scottsdale lost 49 St. Mary's lost 42 Sunnyslope lost I4 Cortez lost 49 Moon Valley won l5 Washington won 17 Brophy lost 42 1 Paradise Valley lost l5 i Flagstaff lost 32 w Prescott won 27 r Season record w f I 3 K K ,..., K. S. 7.5 5 VARSITY FOOTBALL ROW 1: Coach Mu- noz, M.Boess, T.Grace, A.Reeths, P.Inoshita, H,Chambers, B.Zielinski, J.Ezell, J.Coveney B.Kolb, S.Rohertson. M.Wenrick. B.Kitchen R.Beier, G.Davis. D.Woods. ROW 2: L.Garcia B.Mothershead, R.Kescoli, D.Tolmachoff, J Hayes, G.Burruel, S.Willis, D.Bokowski, A Tolmachoff, S.Stewart, L.Carrillo, K.Spring- man, C.Vasil, B.Stinnett, G.Watson, T.Brewer Coach Torok. ROW 3: L.Maher, A.Ochoa, M Austin, D.Edwards, M.Tolmachoff, P.Rovey S.Lauchner, D.Perkins, B.Nouzousky, J.Brink T.Behrle, P,Brown, C.Preston, B.Burns. 89 s v v v v 1 Skit 1 1 vm A :N- ,, --J., , -7, -,LY 3 --'ww S l s 'l l Q Y 1- , JV FOOTBALL ROW li S.Sexton, .l.T0l choff, A.Hampton, D.Robinson, J.Perez, Goss, R.Mills, S.Hernandez, D.Bellemore, Maynes, J.Gaylord, J.McMillan. ROW Coach McAnerny, M.Popoff, R.Salcido, Kruppe, J.Graham, P.Pelroff, C.Conncll, J UNIOR VARSITY SEASON SCORES St. Mary's won I2-0 Sunnyslope won 32-6 Cortez tie 0-0 Moon Valley lost 28-6 Washington lost 6-0 Brophy 1051 l4-0 Paradise Valley lost 14-0 Arcadia won 20-I2 Apollo won 21-18 Season record W fm 4-4-1 ma P C 2 P B Spiguzza, D.Bills, R.Grady, R.Fowler, W.Mor timer, Coach Pollaro. ROW 3: .l.Danielek, A Resendes, L.Aldama, S.Mank, D.Wagner, M France, S.Tardy, J.Sanchez, E.Bull, F.Spl1r lock, L.Lunnon. il... an Small J.V.'s finish with 4-4-l season The Junior Varsity football team, coached by Mr. Russell McAnerny, finished out their season with a record of four wins, four losses, and one tie. Due to the fact that they lost many valuable players to the varsity squad, that was considered a very success- ful season. The team was small and performed well above their capabilities, even when they lost. Coach McAnerny stated, "This is the finest bunch of kids I ever worked with, they would always try hard, even with adverse conditions. Phil Goss lead the team at quarter- back and the defense was lead by mid- dlelinebacker Tony Gonzalez and de- fensive end Dave Wagner. The 1971 J.V. football squad has definite talent for next year's varsity squad. LEFT: An Apollo runner doesn't get far as a tough J.V. defender brings him down. ABOVE: Larry Aldama twists and turns his way to extra yardage against the Hawks of Apollo. ABOVE RIGHT: J.V. player looks for a hole in the opponents defense. RIGHT: J.V. coaches Russell McAnerny and David Pollaro. 91' Freshmen show pr1m1se for future FROSH A SEASON SCORES Sunnyslope WOR 6-0 Cortez P0StP0ned Moon Valley w0n 14-8 Washington WON 14-0 Brophy lost 16-0 Paradise Valley WON 30-8 Arcadia lost 14-12 Cortez WOT! 38-20 Apollo won I8-0 Season record wfl 6-2 Row 1: Coach Roether, Steve Coronado, Lynn LaComb, Max Parson, F.Hernandez, Bob Evants, Steve Wiles, Mark Manning, Rich Menchaca, Jon Godinez, Coach Cooke. Row 2: Mark France, Larry Lick, Bob Overton, Don Walker, Robin McKnight, Bob Jenkins, David Trier, Terry Guest, G.Rengstoorf, Bill Davi- son, Bill Burkus, Jeff Price. Top Row: John Soares, Bob armijo, Brad Jamison, Mark Rooks, Richard Dorsey, Phil Brown, David Lindemuth, Mick Salinas, Earl Pruett, Ray Espinoza. 92 FROSH B SEASON SCORES Sunnyslope lost Moon Valley won Washington lost West won Apollo tie North won South Mountain won Season record wf l f t I2-6 14-0 28-8 36-12 8-8 34-0 32-0 4-2-l FROSH B Row l: .l.Standrige, K.Wells, S. Carl, S.McDonald, J.Patterson, J.Vesley, K. Fellers, M.Vasil, S.Collier. Row 2: M.Perez, P.Smith, Walker, T.RandoIph, C.Fleming, R. Letner, J.English, C.Dillahunty. Row 3: T. Bolin, I.Mathews, B.Preusser, R.Shoptaw, li. Turley, J.Zuniga, S.AIlen, A.White. Frosh A Coaches Mike Roether fTop Lefty and Dave Cooke f'l'op Righty Frosh B Coach Gus Pappas QAboveJ. 93 Espinoza rated 5'-'fl in state Freddie Espinoza won the Prescott Invitational, Thunderbird Invita tional, and all the regular season meets. The team's season opened with a tri meet against Alhambra and Central. The Cardinals won those two handily. Sunnyslope fell to the Cardinals in a meet that led up to the Thunderbird Invitational. Freddie Espinoza won this race. The Redbird runners then defeat Crotez. 'Nw Moon Valley, Washington and Bro- phy all handed the Cardinal runners defeats. Then came the Squaw Peak Invitational. Freddie Espinoza led all the way on this tough, rocky course until a half-mile from the finish when he tripped. He got up to finish third. Juan Gatica finished a strong 28th. The Cardinals then lost to Paradise Valley, Flagstaff, and Prescott in succession. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY K.Tucker, .I.Gatica, F.Espinoza, K.Milhoan, T.Escamillo, Richard Herrera RIGHT: Mark Hanes makes a tired finish at the division meet. A ,y 7 AW . . .. "Waco Qi x Xin-ww TOP LEFT: Richard Herrera passes up an op- ponent in the division meet. ABOVE: Freddie Expinoza approaches first- place trophy he won at Prescott Invitational. LEFT: Juan Gatica takes time out for a breath. gf. F" M-'QQ W 'P as tus f ,- lf M A ,Aw ,f ,181 if is 414 ,P 41 - , N 'WGQ dp... a. Q , t V 49 Q , .31-uv' ,A "fy 6-Lili TOP: Coach Bill Smith and Freddie Espinoza walk as Freddie rests from his first place effort. RIGHT: The division meet finds Tony Esca- millo striding hard ahead of opponents. ABOVE: John Popoff dogs on the heels of his team mates, as coach Smith watches on. 96 E gi v' ii-ini" Cross Country covers grueling courses JV-FROSH CROSS COUNTRY ROW l H.Craft, B.Pittaway, J.Ronquillo, A.Bustoz ROW 2: G.Waltman, M.Hanes, B.Holsinger R.Anderson. 97 Cardinal cagers aim for finals VARSITY SEASON SCORES McClintock lost 59-65 St. Mary's won 91-65 Paradise Valley won 67-44 Moon Valley won 78-61 Brophy won 76-64 Washington won 84-64 Sunnyslope won 59-56 Cortez won 66-63 Prescott won 77-75 Moon Valley won 57-55 Flagstaff won 76-63 St. Mary's lost 68-69 Paradise Valley won 63-57 Brophy won 69-66 Flagstaff won 76-59 Washington won 66-64 Sunnyslope won 60-52 Cortez won 74-60 Prescott won 68-59 HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT Westwood lost 64-80 McClintock won 79-73 Brophy lost 69-70 Season Record wfl 18-4 Above: Gary Sulzer moves inside with a fast dribble while the play sets up. Top Center: A Moon Valley Rocket uses hands- off policy as Gary Sulzer goes in for an easy lay-up. Far Right: A Prescott player's reach in not quite long enough to keep Ray Blevins from hitting the basket. Right: Gary Sulzer is up for the shot past Brophy defender. Glendale had its finest season in years during the l97l-1972 campaign, finishing with a I7-l record which was tops in the Skyline Division. Leading the Glendale charge this year was Gary Sulzer, averaging l6.0 pts. per game and Eric McKee, averaging 17.0 pts. per game and 12.0 rebounds. Along with this tremendous two-some great contributions were made by Stan Roper, Doug Edwards, and Ray Blevins. Great part time work was done by Jerry Mensendick and "The Animal," Rod Federwisch. With such a great team record, the Cards had to play as a team and under pressure as they did many a game. Every team seemed to be out to gun- down the Birds but Glendale refused to yield to any of the challenging opponents. Coming from behind is the mark ol' a championship team and the Cards proved worthy ofthe state- ment by never giving up when down. VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling: R.Wood, S.Belk, S.Roper, .l.Mensendick, R.Hutchison, G.Fredericks, M.Williams. Standing: F.Spur- lock, L.Carrillo, M.Schmidt, D.Edwards, R. Blevins, R.Federwisch, E.McKee, M.Tolmach- off, G.Sulzer, Coach Gualdoni, T.Murdock. Glendale fast break undoes division foes f , if QQ? , 5 100 The teams morale definitely a big part in the success of the club, was due to the bench as well as the crowd. Coach Gualdoni did a fine job in molding a championship club together this year, in his first year as head coach. Hats offto Coach Gualdoni! In the last game of the year in Pres- cott the Cardinals had nothing to play for except their pride, which was exactly what they did. After being down by eighteen points at halftime the cards fired themselves up and throughly stamped out the Badger club. Doug Edwards and Gary Sulzer lead the way as the seniors from Glen- dale would not say die on their last regular season road trip. Prescott lost twice to the mighty Cards, the first one at home in which Eric McKee sank the winning basket with two seconds left in overtime. We wish to congratulate the Varsity Basketball club for providing Glen- dale High with exciting basketball, a great season record and another trophy to the trophy case. We would also like to wish the graduating seniors so long and thanks for the memories. Ts confering with team members opponent during ajump. zer from another lay-up. on another basket, ponents. Y-1 Top Left: A time-out finds Coach Gualdoni Above: Doug Edwards gets the reach on an Far Left: Brophy Broncos cant keep Cary Sul Center: Eric McKee on a scoring binge zeros in Left: An out-of-controll basketball caroms between Glendale players and Sunnyslope op J V's finish with strong season The year 1972 was a great year for iunior varsity basketball. The Glen- dale .IV squad finished with an im- pressive 17-3 record. Although they weren't undefeated as was the JV team two years ago they were equally as strong as they broke many old records. It must be noted, though, that this year's team played four more games than the team of 1969-70. Lead by Matt Williams and Vince McKee the Cards established team records for rebounds, attempted shots, rebounds, and total points scored. Individual records for attempted shots, field goals made, total points, and season scoring average was broken by both McKee and Williams. The rest of the starting team consisted of playmaker Jim Tolmachoff, for- ward, Dave Wagner, and Dan Bell and Steve Manke alternating at the low post. This was truly a good year for JV basketball and the man who developed it was coach Ken France. Coach France did a great job while allowing everybody to play in most of the games. In fact against Cortez 13 players scored. Good luck next year as varsity players. JV BASKETBALL Standing: R.Burns, D. Bell, H.Tolmachoff, C.Lovelady, J.Arcvalo, D.Wagner, R.Mullins, L.Aldama, M.Popoff, P.Robey, F.Spurlock, Coach France. Kneeling: M.Williams, J.Tolmachoff, V.McKee, W.Win- field, S.Mank. .3 X' -gr PM 2 SEASON SCORES McClintock St. Mary's Paradise Valley Moon Valley Brophy Washington Sunnyslope Cortez Prescott Moon Valley Flagstaff St. Mary's Paradise Valley Brophy Flagstaff Washington Sunnyslope Cortez Prescott Season Record won won won lost won won won lost won won won won lost won won won won won won wfl 58-38 59-43 44-34 48-52 49-45 60-37 45-40 49-53 52-46 6l-48 64-52 46-43 46-48 57-56 52-54 67-37 55-46 75-54 63-57 I6-3 Left: Coaches Ken France and Pat Witter have instructions for .IV players during a time-out. Far Left: Things can bc pretty hairy under the basket, as these Cards and Rams find out. Below:Who gets the ball? On a jump ball that can be anybody's guess. FROSH A SEASON SCORES St. Mary's lost 59-34 Paradise Valley won 24-27 Moon Valley lost 37-33 Brophy won 35-39 Washington lost 58-26 Apollo lost 47-45 Sunnyslope lost 57-49 Cortez won 43-45 Prescott lost 46-39 Moon Valley won 39-44 St. Mary's lost 48-34 Paradise Valley won 42-45 Brophy lost 61-42 Washington lost 58-49 Sunnyslope won 47-49 Cortez won 59-62 Prescott lost 48-40 Apollo lost 5l-38 The freshman year in any sport is a skill-building one. Basketball greatly requires skills of coordination and ball handling, and these activities are practiced in regular drills. Shooting passing, dribbling, and rebounding are fundamental, as well as learning to play as a team and keeping your temper when the call is against you. Coaches Waters and Cooke stressed these skills over the idea of winning in hopes of producing fine teams for futureyears. FROSH A BASKETBALL Standing: T.MauZy, M.Hasson, R.Tastrow, P.Smith, B..lenkins, P.Brown, D,Edwards, J.Soares, J.Gaydozs, R. Sulzerg D.Wyatt. Kneeling: C.Bilton. First season shows determination 104 SEASON SCORES St. Mary's Paradise Valley Moon Valley Brophy Washington Apollo Sunnyslope Cortez Moon Valley St. Mary's Paradise Valley Brophy Washington Sunnyslope Cortez Apollo Season Record I6-45 42-20 38-33 I8-26 35-27 40-47 31-44 45-39 55-56 49-52 39-35 42-30 44-50 48-46 40-67 48-56 6-l0 FROSH B BASKETBALL Standing: K.Wells, T.Gess, R.Armijo, R.McKnight, D.Rhodes, Coach Cooke, M.Manning, P.Lamm, S.Wiles, C.Dillahunty, S.Collier. Kneeling: S.Wiles. 105 lost won won lost won lost lost won lost lost won won lost lost lost lost wfl Cards host division tournament Top:Richard Herrera grunts and groans as he tries to gain control of his opponent. Above: A Glendale grappler stays on top, which in wrestling can be a momentary thing. Right: Glendale wins again! 106 Being alone on a mat with your oppo- nent can be a tough spot, but GHS wrestlers handled themselves ably. The sport requires you to be in peak physical condition, besides needing quickness and agility. lt is, at very least, a very rugged sport. The varsity wrestling team finished out the season with a fine record. They were lead by undefeated men Randy Porch and last year's state champion Paul Gillot. In the Skyline Division Tournament held in Van Camp Gym, the Cards placed seven men in the state tour- nament in Tucson later in the year. Finishing first were Porch and Gillot. Scott Lauchner finished third. Fourth place finishers were Ed Bull, Tim Treguboff, and Bennett Burns. Varsity Wrestling: P.Gillott, R.Porch, G. Simmons, R.Herrers, R.Simmons, T.Tregoboff, S.Tardy, S.Lauchner, A.Forrey, E.Bull, B. Burns, T.Knuduson, J.Godinez Upper Left: Terral Knudscn forces an opponent tothe mat. J.V. and Frosh Wrestling: Row l: L.Lunnon, M.Treir, K.Pakos, A.Och0a, Row 2: T.Sario, K.Milhoan, T.Wanemdor, N.Menchaca, Row 3: K.Thomas, T.Bolin, B.Preusser, l.Matthews, Row 4: J.Affeldt Upper Right: Varsity Team Members prepare to greet a victor from the mat. Right: Glendale matman bar-arms his man into submission. Wrestling builds stamina for future The thought of wrestling often brings to mind the spectacular and bizarre performances ofjungle Boy, Gorgeous George and others of dubious fame. High school wrestling is not the same but still affords thrills for spectators. Muscles straining with brute strength a wrestler must depend entirely upon himself and his training. His victory is one for himself and his team. He knows he has pitted himself against his opponent and won. Even very small boys, who cannot qualify for other sports can have suc- cess in wrestling, Competing within a specific weight class, a person can develop himself to his fullest ability. He does not have to compare himself with giants because here there is a place for everyone. Top Left: JV wrestlers line up alongside the mat during a tense match. Above: Allen Forrey squares off to face his opponent. Far Left: Who's on top? Who's on bottom? Who's in control? ln wrestling, it's not always easy to tell. Left: Coach Rocthcr keep a watchful eye on the grapplers at all times. The Glendale varsity baseball team for 1972 was expected to go far this year. Led by pitchers Richard Sanchez and Gus Burruel, who almost pitched the Cards to the division championship last year, the Redbirds were definitely to be considered a state contending team. The Cardinal talent did not stop with the pitchers. Outfielder Joe Ezell was back to lead the hitting attack. An- other surprise from last year was sec- ond baseman Jim Covney. Covney was one of surest fielders on the team and also acted as leadoff batter. The man behind the plate doing the catch- ing was Brad Woods. Wood's strong arm was expected to thwart any base- stealing attempts by Cardinals oppo- nents. Last year Glendale wasnit expected to be a threat in the Skyline Division. However they reached the division finals only to be stopped by Wash- ington. This year's team was expected to start where last year's team left off and we wish them all luck in hoping they made it to the state playoffs. Bottom Varsity Baseball: Managersg D.Scott, T.Gatica. Row lg T.Green, E.Burruel, C.Vasil, J.Coveny, J.Ezzell, E.Fellers, T.Grace. Row 2g Coach Green, B.Stinnet, B.MacElroy, R. Kucherer, P.Olson, R.Bull. Row 3g G.Burruel, J.Bo0tz, R.Sanchez, L.Giblin, B.Woods, Assist- ant Coach Kezar. Baseball top spring sport .v. , '-,fY'?Hf:1fa-- . ,.,, - f . . . g L.3tiaf.,'-i , ., '1..J.S'l1- 'kj t!L':"1i e -1 -lf 5' -i'57?.'i 1 ET.f9f'1i-Q' P Y. +1.?Q"?F? .sms rf. ' .ue-wa-e' si'Ewifft . ,fa - e .f.:,s? - , . ,Jfsaif..g,,s , , sg . , A g::'s,-4-534 2. 14- 1 :E ,.. :VJ W -. -g.fxL,i3Qgi,5 1 .. . 1 'iff .. .A V W . 1 Egv:5,,ge-awp.. 7. Em3N..xfS6fi'l?53!,s:gil f a' X r s. .4 I ,ps ,Mun K ,xg-Q.. - - - r.,1.,g...a-.r-ef.. Q - J gl The JV baseball team has hopes for a good season this year and like most teams they have their problems. The main problem is the loss of a key player to the varsity squad. Another is the fact that they had a dismal season last year. But that does not exclude the fact that they may improve and pull a few surprises. The team should be encouraged as they consist of a large part of future varsity players for next year. If things go well then they might have one of the best JV teams in the division. JV BASEBALL Row 1: M.NickelI, R.Villa- nueva, C.Lovelady, K.Osborne, R.Fair, F. Spurlock, S.Schwab, P.Servello. Row 2: A. Resendes, M.France, R.Mills, J.Weber, H. Tolmachoff, J.AreveIlo, J.Tolmachoff, G. Grace. Left: Butch Machlroy throws to secondlafter putting his man out on third. v Q 9 P is . . 5' . ' ' y Q A l ' . - i .. , J i ,K , .g if , .t .. 4 i A Q 'S S .. . -,at-y .0-sf' s . ,. - it ,N - - Q u , , 4 ' , ' ' . , 1 1 5 X, . 1 .. ' ' N b K in EBXQFK ,X Q i PQ ,S H Q P H Qi . .. ' 1 . 1 . 5 LEW-1 V 4 3, ' 'S - f-gf . , jwfgff f Y . A-, +-Lie Win' . 'e3Wf2T. V L .4a,wm3ww6iM 'nw fi. f ere: Masai vw, A QW- N . .: . We 'S ,.s K 1,5 My ' ' ',sJ, X f- . -- - xr- " E, , W", ' . . f +33.?'fi':"fh3rfie+g-L ff-51x'Q?C',g. is a .J .:.,i,,.5a. 1. I 'fn R513-V,g,w 1 - . .. fish -K -uw. fiery., gpgpg. kik' 5 A.. iwk,,k...,Wk I q. 7 f. . Q.. Sl? f ii-:,l3?f?"?iQ.,.'Z--X'Wrigley- 'Q-yraigimt.,,zs,.'f,fy1ffif'a.-gxw Q ' W A- N, My V .wr 1. -:.: A .,:Q!: as :" iwfwr.rAXET'fm 1. ':'l? .-.5 , it . A We , 'ix sfsiq A .s v ' - . -f ,A . mfg . .. ,..v:.a. . st. .eb f . an . ,4i1Ss...:, '3ii4"m'H .. -X- FRESHMAN BASEBALL Rowl: D.Wyatt, K. Fellers, R.Mencha, T.Mills, S.Walker, T.Moze, S.Collier, A.Milligan, B.Takiguchi, T. Randolph, S.Wiles, J.Russel. Row 2: L.Backus, J.Kislsling, K.LehIenschlagcr, M.Hasson, J. Soares, R.Tacho, R.McKnight, P.Brown, P. Espinoza, T.Russel1, J.Gaydosz. Ill The Cardinal track team of 1972 boasted 'one of the best fields of athletics in many years. Coaches Ken France and Bill Smith did a great job in molding them into a team of prominance. The squads consist mostly of seniors and leading them is Lex Worthy who is one of the state's top pole vaulters. Gary Sulzer, who jumped 6'6" in the summer, will lead the high jumpers. The muscle men of the team are Duke Perkins, Throwing the shot put, and Scott Lauchner, who hurles the discus. In the speed category is Eric Keyes who runs the quarter mile. Dave Bokowski and Greg Hardin are the top sprinters in the l00 yard dash. Running the 220 are Steve Willis, Bokow- ski, and Sophomore Ron Venter. The high hurdles are run by juniors Mike Wil- kinson, Kevin Card, and by sophomore Paul Petroff. Other hopefuls in the same category are Steve Sexton and Mark Austin. Wilkinson and Petroff run the low hurdles. ln long distance running the Cards are lead by veteran Freddie Espinoza. He will run both the mile and two mile events. The top long jumpers are Calvin Bunch and Steve Sexton. Larry Maher, who had an arm injury, was ex- pected to be ready sometime during the early part of the season. He will help boost the shot put team. Top Left: Paul Rovey is caught doing wind sprints to build stamina. Top: Kevin Card gains needed practice over the hurdles. Right: Paul Rovey releases a shot with a tre- mendous umph! Top Right: Tom Gulliver on his way up and almost over the highjump bar. Individual skills stressed in track Since ancient times, track has been an individual sport of high standing. The events are of various kinds and in most of them the individual ath- lete is on his own. Points are accrued for a team score but it is individual performances that earn them. Agility and speed are necessary in running events such as the 100 yrd. dash, the hurdles, and the distance runs. Brute strength is the key to success in discus and shot put. And who knows all the skills required to fly high in the air over a bar at the end ofa pole. Track Row l: S.Sexton, J.Gatica, F.Esponiza, D.Perkins, L.Maher, M.Wilkinson, S.WilIis, E.Keyes, L.Worthy, G.Bray, Row 2: P.Brown, A.Tolmachoff, J.Hays, P.Rovey, K.MiIhoan, D.Bokowski, M.Austin, A.Reeths, D.Edwards, Row 3: D.Bellmore, D.Lewis, .l.Popoff, K. Tucker, M.Haynes, P.Petroff, A.Bustoz, B. Pittaway, R.Anderson, T.Gonzales, D.Light, G.Watson, L.Stapley, Row 4: S.Jacobs, T. Knight, H.Craft, V.Dillahunty, B.Houser, J. Ruiz, A.Hampton, J.Morin, C.Sweet, Row 5: E.Turlcy, .I.English, J.Sleezer, I.Mathews, R,Shoptaw, M.Hartman, J,Zuniga, P. McHenry, S.Baker 21166, I v, v, 'Q x we-L f- ,Q W , w A wiv, -nf it . K' Q" 'K ., .nfs Above: Hank Craft puts in some practice in preparation forthe first track meet. Above Right: Wind sprints are a necessary part of practice for Larry Stapley. Right: Coach Pollaro gives track men pointers on proper form. Track sets out for new season The junior varsity track team consist- ed of the future personnel for upcoming varsity teams. Needless to say they had problems, which has come to be expected from athletic team in all sports. One of the main problems was the loss of a few key men to the varsity quad. Another one was inexperience that seemed to hamper them in the early going. They had their moments, though, as during the season they began to receive experience that seemed to pay off. This was evident as they improved greatly near the end of the season. Above: Dan Bellmore paces himself as he gets ready for the running event. Left: Glen Watson shows good form as he is ready to let the discus fly. .fain Above Left: George Gillespies wicked serve often proved too much for his opponents. Top: A tennis racket makes a fitting frame for Skip Kaye, caught on the courts. Above: George Gillespie must move quickly to get the return. The varsity tennis team was plagued by problems this year. The main one was lack of experience as the team consisted of only sophomores and juniors. The top Cardinal player if George Gillespie. He is followed by Skip Kaye and the two consist of all the varsity experience on the team. Both are juniors and played varsity last year The sophomores are Marty Kendrick, Chip Starky, and Greg Rock. Although the Cards had a slow year, next year they will have the experience needed and then maybe Glendale will have some recognition in a different sport for once. l NX ,,- 1. ' 4 . Left: Coach Blushkofski discuss tactics with team members before a match. Above: At least part of the time must be spent retriving balls, as Skip Kaye does here. Top: Varsity Tennis: Chip Starkey, Scott Kaye, G.Gillespie, M.Kendrick, G.Rock ll7 rr , frosh teams build skills .., fm W s . s as tsss s v ss F? -5 f- --tv . .,...,,,,,,.,,g,- , . ., ' : ,, 5, ---- W, s 9"-f ' , I 'ifzfw , -', ' f , WU 7 I ,V I K fmilmffg kim i K . S54 ,. ,I ' ' ' K ki Hz: 'A ' -- H H. Qhiffflf--Q---'f ,, 'si-'H f -- l 5 'f , in :kwin A "KL- ' Q, .,,, . , v as n fc'sssfeir-.l1s::fan1c1s:fv fz-H' "W 5 V -st' 'i f 9' 5 351 W W' Z.ii"f'WEli.:f'i7i",'l:::: f V- : " . 'r-225 -S 25:32, if s it is swfifi zzz-Hifi:52fsizls-s-1,H,g.s1'E3: .:" i f' 4 ZX 1, 'A 512V,.1.:"-1-'4dL.:.E',, ' ' f V f R v, . l s Y ., v , K . 2. - K t sg, Q, w ff, f f ff K -k.giiQ-ffsgaw-1 4, - t -- ' M 1-:sy.s:ffiQifff'gg2:.'t,gses:r.L 5 , - V , ' K -- - f, if ig llsfv-' I - The JV tennis team enjoyed a fine season as they moved down opponents one after another. Lead by Dale Howard, Dan Staniec, David Haynes, John Gaylord, Brad Herring, and Paul Gwordy the team showed great promise for future var- sity talent as they won matches by decisive margins. -...A " ii'l" 5 ", ' f l' .:. ,, K, fa, limi' ' 2 -M..,...i,s- H2222 355' G ' .. ., ..:. 7 N ,..-.. .nys . ' was ,ALLbA' """A' A Z D ,...-- X :mil iwimu ,x , I . JSE' ,i .945 - I ,..' ,v FROSH BOY'S TENNIS Row 1: R.West- moreland, .l.Henry, G,Simmons, R.Busong, R.Whitmoyer, Row 2: J.Davis, .I.Chambers, G.Cones, D.Rhodes, D.Stannick, M.Stewart, D.Hanes, T.Marsh, D.Cunningham, C.Starkey, S.Wiles, Coach Blushkofski. Far Left: It sometimes takes a long reach and a highjump to return the ball. Middle: Playing tennis means watching your opponent carefully and being ready for the return. Top: A fellow-through on a backhand is im- portant. Bottom: JV Tennis: P.Twardy, D.Howard, B.Herring, J.Gaylord, Garth, D.Staniec, D. Haines Above: Frosh Tennis Left: Coach Bluskofski demonstrates the proper form for a fprehand. Tennis is growing more and more popular every year. There is a growing interest at Glendale High and it seems that the younger they are, the better they are. We have a new team and a new coach. Two thirds of the team are underclassmen, Lisa Morcomb, Gail Morcomb and Judy Frazier. The number one position is played by Jan Garland a sophomore, with the rest of the team comprised mainly of freshman. Mrs. Sheila Johnson, who has coached the freshman team in the past has taught her freshman well. In a few years, with a little experience we should have a leading team. JV and Varsity Tennis Row 1: S.Allen, L.A. Ong, C.Aysle, C.Koan, K.Keyes, C.White. Row 2: G.Morcomb, M.Simpson, J.Frazier, J. Garland, L.Morcomb, K.Higgins. Above: A strong forearm swing puts the ball over the net for Jan Garland. ncreasmgly popular sport finds favor l FROSH GIRL'S TENNIS Row l:C.CornweIl, B .Johnson, D.Martin, C.Kone, L.MoraIes, C. Kreissel. Row 2: E.Stanley, K.Bloss, L.Ong, L. Wallet, D.Harrison, C.Keyes, K.l-liggins. Left: LeAnn Ong moves quickly to greet an apponenfs ball with a swift backhand. Right: Judy Frazier reaches out to put an on- coming ball over the net. 'l2l "You've come a long way, babyf This could well be the theme for the athletic program for females. Girls interest in sports has increased vastly over the years and the various teams are proof. Glendale has both varsity badminton and volleyball teams which compete with schools around the valley. They didn,t have the greatest season, but they enjoyed themselves and thatls what counts. Top Left: Girls Badminton Row l: S.Johnson, G.Morcomb, G.Giblin, K.Allen, N.Nielson, Row 2: L.Morcomb, L.Hennandez, P.Siebert, S.Juarez, N.Meyers, .l.Frazier, S.Metzler, J. Stwart, Mrs. White, M.Simpson Top Center: Charon Allen hopes this one will score as she's about to serve. Right: LeAnn Ong prepares herself for a stu- pendous serve. ,,.f olleyball, badminton find willing participants r Top: Varsity Volleyball: T.Rojas, M.Maloney, V.Lauchner, P.Twardy, M.Bowman, Mrs. Phillips, D.Edwards, K.Wierson, T.Sansom, C.Decker Above: Jan Garland is up on her toes as she returns an opponents ball. 123 I 1 ,ff m.. ,QR X x v . ' CN x 1 Q ,.,,f 124 No mention of sports at GHS is complete without a look at a vital person who is more often behind the scenes than in the spotlight. This person is Frank Rector, equipment manager for all athletics. Frank can be counted on for having jerseys in condition, a roll of tape at a crucial moment, and, more important, always being behind the team l00'?b. With a smile for everyone, Frank Rector is truly Mr. Indispensible. 125 ' classes "?S. is -Lu., . if' .vu-'Q -, S . .,---' l-. ec P855 A ,.,L. .. , ,. ,--w'1'.z.,:'-- - '1- 4 ..,, .,, , .f Y t . I I, tg f ',.f wf . eu" -. x . - ., Qu .. , '.w!1,1 ' .- ' fi-gy. Svjiif' KQSLLA 1 . -. - Q' A li' ,f gk, af. 45"-' 'Ml 1 I -- -: A a , -,E-,-X' ,M 1 " J v . 127 Senior leadership takes class to new high During the course of their final year at Glendale, the Senior Class pur- sued many different aspects of high school life. They set the standard for the school as to spirit and won first place in the Homecoming float compe- tition. They arose to fill the positions of leadership in athletics, academics, and social affairs. This Senior class took many different paths and marched into a new world of promise. They hoped to clear the way for those that follow and their activities to help Glendale will not soon be forgotten. It is with respect and congratulations that Glendale High sadly waves good- bye to those that are members of the class of '72. ' tj: r -1- . .V MM. www-M. ti he any 'QM 1 ABOVE LEFT: Senior Class Officers: Anna Hernandez, Bobbie O'Kcefe, Bob Mothers- head, Carol Beier, Sandy Grogg. LEFT: Mr. Beeson catches a brief moment of senior patriotism in English class. Bonnie L. Abbott Vincent Steven Abeyta Irvin Earl Ainslie Jr. Gail Grace Allen Albert Joseph Alvarez Douglas Ray Anderson Michael Drew Anderson Sara Louise Anderson Brenda Lory Bailey Brenna Marie Bailey Carolyn Bailey Kenneth H. Bagnall Dolores Balderas Michael David Barnard James A. Barton III Marla Jean Baxter Jeri Lee Behrle Carol Ann Beier Dorothy Ann Bentzel Beverly Ann Berger Gary Blackburn Raymond Carl Blevins David Joseph Bokowski Heather Michele Boone Jeffrey Howard Bootz Gary Wright Bowers Marilyn Ruth Bowman Bryce Andrew Brown r 5 E . i i . ,S 8 nf, Jamie Griffis and exchange student Maggie Mayer share role in fall play. Exchange student in fall play ,-Q 131 David A. Bryan Ralph Bull Michele Cabelka Janis Kay Canafax Cary Louis ,Carlin Larry Ordell Carrillo Maria-Luisa Carrillo Terry Leigh Carter Debra Kaye Cavanaugh Pamela Louise Center Marion M. Cherry Roxanne Christiansen Patty Coil Susan Kay Colegrove Oleta Jean Collins Donna Lynn Combs Gail Kathleen Connell Kathryn Elaine Cook Michael Weston Cooper Angelo Jim Coronado James Coveney Barbara Ellen Craft Steven Dabbs Frederick Eugene Davis George Delgado Hope Delgado John Dennis Karen Dennison Clinton Diffie Dianna Dorris Dale Doucet Vicki Dube George Duncan Janet Easley Varsity Cheerleaders build spirit Breaux Eckert Mickie Edwards Henry Ehle Tim Elmer Thomas Elmer 'ir sal' 5 , 'QS HH- TOP: Varsity Cheerleaders play leap frog at pep assembly. BOTTOM: Suzanne Matsumori is caught dur- ing a busy nights work on the Homecoming float. 133 Jeanette Engnell Christine Espinoza Freddie Espinoza Patsy Espinoza Ann Ethington William Joe Ezell Rodney Dale Federwisch Dorine G. Felix Melony Kay Fenwick John Gene Fiori Ill Dale Eugene Fore Karen Lee Foisel Sandra Sue Forrey Cynthia Teresa Furze Alice Gallegos Lillian M. Gallegos Irma M. Gardea Karen Jean Garling Mary Ruth Anne Gericke Vickie Lee Gessner Lois Marie Gibbs Barry Scott Gibbons Larry Charles Giblin Jane Audrey Gill Paul Jay Gillott June Marie Goethe Michael G. Goimarac Cynthia Lynn Goke James Allen Gordon Rebecca Marie Gortarez Charles Bernard Goss Ted Martin Green Jamie Lynne Griffis is Us 'WIP 5 , , . 5 1 f F A K ' ' "i I K Q W C f if A in . 1 ' 3 4 . , , L. C ., gy K K i - if , C gift is X ' :Vis iz- A 'fm . . 5, ,L grief 'is Sandra Elaine Grogg Antonio Manuel Gutierrez .Iohn Charles Haas Lori Ellen Heavlin s E7 Z! Vicki Lynne Heeren Buster Deveral Henderson Anna Lilia Hernandez Lydia Y. Hernandez Seniors enjoy unauthorized privileges Mike Schmidt and Cary Carlin sneak lunch into Mr. McAnerny's senior math class. 135 Gary Evert Hirth Gregg Allen Hodgkins Sally Hornung Anett Cheryl Hospi Kathleen Houtman Molly Rose Huffman 3. TOP: A group of seniors, Doug Edwards, Frank Nieznay, Breaux Eckert, Jill Skinner, and Dale Jenkins, take a light-hearted attitude toward ACT testing. CENTER: Remember the day of the great tea rip-off? Dale Faulconer, Bryce Brown and Duke Perkins enjoy their illicit treat. 136 g.,..:.-ww irimsisxvxl- W Physics provides unscheduled benefits Bonnie Louise Hugh Edward Casey Humphreys Gary Dale Jenkins Wallace Denny Jones Jr. Sarah Mendez Juarez Kathy Gail Keesling Eric Keyes Emily Kinslow Martin Charles Klass "W 3 Paulette Jean Kleinschmidt Terrall Keith Knudsen Denise Knutson Richard Michael Kucherer Duane G. Lambert Daniel Legaspi Jr. Petro Leija Susan Marie Lindberg Bruce Leroy Little Vicki Lynn Loy Cynthia Lou McAllister David Lynn McCutcheon Seniors contribute to 3-7 season 'S 138 af.. Sl f l mi Student power is the cry! Senior football play- ers show unusual display of spirit. 139 Leslie G. McElroy Kathy McMahon Judith Frances Martin . Larry D. Martin Nancy M. Martinez Rosemary Meza Martinez Suzanne Darlene Matsumori Keith A. Maunu Robert Stephen Mayer Kathleen Louise Meell Jerry Wayne Mensendick Elaine Paula Metz Susan Lynn Metzler Ralph S. Meza Tina Miraldi Cindy Morawski Frank Moreno Carolyn Moore John Moschioni Robert Mothershead Rosetta Muse Nancy Nielson Keith Norgren Robert Nouzouvsky Rodolfo Nunez Roberta O'Keefe Mike O'TooIe Steven Padilla Lorrie Parra Jenniffer Patterson John Patterson Class of '72 pulls through last year 53- E N.. X s 4 x5e'w N in Q ' .. . I, . I w it ' ,. J, 2, .NI sf , , ,NW Q t. A X, -'A Samuel Patterson Gary Michael Peck Carol A. Perault Austin L. Perkins Linda Perry Marvin Edward Person Denise K. Pinkerton Donna Ann Pledger tm' Randy Lee Porch Gary Price Rosiland Kay Rademacher Cynthia Lynn Reece Michael Steven Refermat Christine Ann Rettig Charles Allan Rhodes Kathleen Theresa Riley TOP: Randy Porch, Steve Willis and Rick Kucherer work on Homecoming Float. BOTTOM: Randy Porch gazes toward the Dairy Queen during a hungrv hour in senior math. Bradly Lloyd Riner Angela Marie Robinson Deborah Rock . 'je Rebecca Sue Rogers Daniel Ray Ronnie Stanley Vernon Roper Virginia Ann Santos Michael Schmidt Marc Edward Schwartzkopf Debra Lynn Seely Jeanne Marie Seely Robert Eugene Servadio James Brian Sexton Philip M. Shores Elizabeth G. Sifuentes pn.. .,,..o' Stan Roper laughs away an injury incurred as a spectator during a JV football halftime, Michael Ray Simpson Thomas Christopher Sing Jill Anne Skinner Connie Smith LeeAnn Gay Snyder an Stanley James Stewart Jack Suda Jr. Gary Kevin Sulzer Richard Conway Sweet Seniors enjoy campus life Judy Marie Tardy Linda Tardy Valerie Ann Taylor Jodie Carmela Tenuta Diann Marie Tolmachoff Sandra P. Tolmachoff Susan L. Tolmachoff Christine Traubel 143 Sun shines on senior year Elizabeth Baltier Valenzuela Peter Eric Van Camp Isabel Pachco Villa Dolores Gail Wager ' ir 'W b ,,r .4 Jody Frances Welsheimer Julie Ann White Roxanne Louise Whitmoyer Katherine Ann Wierson fx I Q Michael Paul Wiese gi ! Debbie S, williams e , .Q Terry .Io Williams i -j-13, L T3- Kenneth Dwight Willis III I I' I Steven Forrest Willis Bradley D. Woods . X, 1 Looking studious with pencils and books, Rod Federwisch and Bonnie Hugh are caught on their way to Ciass. r 'I44 L lcflfx N . X S-an .'.--at YI?" Si? 4. Lex Worthy Frank D. Ybarra Angel B. Aguilar Norman L. Akin Carmen A. Aldama Cynthia Lea Allison .Iosefina B. Alvira Nancy Amparan Mary Lou M. Anaya Steve Anaya Layne Angus Anderson Joseph Carrol Arthur III Ricky Kent Balch George Batty Teressa Kathryn Bell . ll Evan Douglas Bishop 3-I Donna Blankenship Mike Blanton Stephen Wayne Boyle Wynn Brandenburg Kim Allan Brender Catherine Denise Burgess Gus Burruel Jr. Mary Margaret Byrne Albert Cabrera Richard V. Carrasco Robert Edmund Coldewe Marla Rae Cones .I oseph David C ooper Audrey Jane Cross Mary Catherine Dager Alicia Colleen Dashnaw 146 2 'aff 'M , rift .NK Q X Seniors active in fall play -2 V r ,if A, L a'.. 58325 l - ,A Y i aw, C? 1 QM e .H - 7 332 4 '5 -. ....-...c- fax N xg A closeup shows Cindy Furze in a conversation with Bob Hailey during a performance of "The Diary ofAnne Frank. Loren William DeNies Marc Dimmer Roy Douglas Edwards Cathy Lorraine Eldridge John W. Elliott Anthony C. Escamillo David Aragon Esparza Manuel Espinoza Ralph Edward Ezzell Faith Ann Fain Eddy Farnum Dale Preston Faulconer Gary Lynn Foster Allen John Fredrickson Raul R. Garcia Richard Garza Penny Sue Gilbert Kim Gilsdorf Darla Goolsby Velda Ann Grady Shawn Graham Lonnie Dwight Griffin Thomas A. Gulliver Mark Howard Gutzman John Victor Haley A Mike Hall Gregory B. Handin Jacque Henderson Joe Jackson Hensley Cruz L. Hernandez Jr. Michael Patrick Hickey Gregory Thomas Hildebrand Arthur George Horst Spirlted SCHIOTS make for successful year Jacqueline Jeanine Hospelhorn Lee A. Hunt Gary Mitchel Hutchison John W. Jahnke Susie Joslin Joel C. Judd Debora Ann Kays Debra Lori Keefe K e l ml ll gp, in 1 ' wr L lla js A - -W : Q iii .5 LS-LH. L U Carter L. Kissel Jennifer Konesky Jeff Paul Krueger Pamela Jean Le Brun 9- 'UN 'U' Q t r 4 E 4 x seq! lx 5 'fx 'If 1 Seniors ride down Glendale coming Parade. Robert Lane Scott Lauchner Manuel Lee Gaylan Lewis Sherwin Lewis Eleanor Lopez Martin Lopez Mary Helen Lopez Betty Macias Stephen Maggard Duane Mahnke Donna Mathieson Robert McDonald Eric McKee Robert Mitchell Avenue in llomc- Anna Vasquez Montano Ramon Montes Anna Elizabeth Morcomb Richard Perea Moreno .Iohn Sebastian Moroney Karen Marie Moses Michelle Ann Moulton William Francis Myers Kathy Ann Neel Thomas D. Nieznay Deborah Helen Norris Don K. Okuma Dennis Lynn Olson David Wayne Olstadt Kenneth Wayne Pearson Nancy Loretta Peers Jacque Perdue -Camille Blanche Perren David Gayle Poff Monte Andrass Pritchard 'N . V gre, ,swan-. - . , . V' .K L- , --,H : - X.. 3 , 4 .:' :2'i?lx':' ' .i!a?:l..!."7L ' E Q . ww Q' ii 4 M X , is H 2 X W fl X ,Q r Q ox aw-N' Us ' f 5 Vg! ,fb . . KMA tif' f new - M u ' 'C Seniors provide working force '1'T""?' WWW Philip Donald Prior Jesse James Quinnett Nancy Rose Lee Raney Randy Lee Ray Bob Reagan Fred Carl Relaford Belle Nadine Relaford Rodney Lee Reynolds Lonnie Richardson Lisa Robertson David Gary Rockwell Daniel Fausto Romero Frank Romo Leonard Rosenfield Robert Dale Russell Twila Jean Sagrillo Victor Ramirez Salcido Dana Andrew Sanders Pete Lopez Sarzoza Bobby Lee Schell ml W' ms JN WFFURES .. yy' 1 M ' xvlxl .J g ,x , ,WL , , .wr wx , I 'hir ' I if up I 3 N hy. 8 J J .. A X x S ,di i " Q? ' ,im K' Q 1 See ,' J, 1' Q Q it W 5 i xx K ? -L we-if Q7 nun... U' 1- ' 'ii ' Q Qi 3, .fi "bv,-il-R' 153 William A. Schroeder Shirley Louise Shaddy Denise Ann Shepard Mary Lynne Shields Ralph Leon Shireman Patricia Anne Sidinger Leonard R. Silva Debe Simpson Peter Clayton Slack David George Spidel Debbie Jo Sprubgmann Manuel L. Tacho Dwight Thompson Marie Annette Tillia James Earl Toon Stephen Alan Topliff Jeanne B.'Turner Dwain Thomas Watts Debra Ann Wilder Rebecca R. Wilemon Nathan Mark Wilkins Steven Dwaine Wilks Kenna Jean Yerigan Maria De Carmen Zambrano BONNIE L. ABBOTT VINCENT STEVEN ABEYTA ANGEL B. AGUILAR IRVIN EARL AINSLIE JR.: Marching Band 2, 35 Vica 4 Transfer: Marching Band I, Saddle Club I, Football I NORMAN L. AKIN: Track I, Baseball I, CARMEN A. ALDAMA V CYNTHIA LEA ALLISON: Usherettes I, 25 GAA I5 Pep Club I, 25 German Club I, 25 FHA I, 35 FTA I5 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Transfer5 Hero 4 ALBERT JOSEPH ALVAREZ: Football 3, 4 Transfer5 JV Football I, 25 Varsity Track I, 25 Varsity Cross Country I, 2 JOSEFINA B. ALVIRA: GAA I, 25 Spanish Club I, 2, 35 French Club 3, 45 Literary Club 2, 35 Geography Club 2, 35 Latin Club 4 MARYLOU M. ANAYA DOUGLAS RAY ANDERSON: Track I, 2,45 FFA I, 2, 3 LAYNE ANGUS ANDERSON: Vocal Music Club 35 Pajama Game Musical I Transferg Vocal Music Club I MICHAEL DREW ANDERSON: Marching Band I, 2, 3, 45 Lyers Club I, 2, 3, 45 Chess Club I, 2 SARA LOUISE ANDERSON: FAH4Trans- fer: Red Cross Club I5 Help Club 25 Pep Club 2 JOSEPH CARROLL ARTHUR III: Latin Club I KENNETH H. BAGNALL: A Cappella I, 2, 3 BRENDA LORY BAILEY: GAA I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club I, 2, 35 Vocal Music Club I5 Class Tres. 35 Spikettes 3, 45 VICA 45 FHA I, 2 BRENNA MARIE BAILEY: GAA I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 25 FHA I5 FFA I, 2, 3, 45 Harvest Royalty 35 FFA Sweetheart 45 FFA Attendant I, 25 Chorus I CAROLYN BAILEY: FHA CLUB I5 Treas- urer FHA I5 Vocal Music I, 2, 3 RICKY KENT BALCH: Marching Band I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 3, 45 Lyres Club I, 2, 3, 45 DECA 4 BOBBY BANDA MICHAEL DAVID BARNARD: Thespians I, 2, 3, 45 VP Thespians 35 Spanish Club 25 Senate 3, 45 Pres.Student,Body 45 Hi-Y 45 AFS 3, 45 Ecology Club 45 Fellowship Club 35 Na- tional Honor Society 45 Anytown 35 Student of Month 35 Dope Stop 35 Best Actor Award 35 Best Minor Role Award I5 Outstanding Service Award 2, 35 Speech Club 4 KENNETH WAYNE BARRETT: TRANS- FER: Chess Club 2, 35 Chorus I, 25 Basketball l,2 JAMES A. BARTON III: Latin Club I, 2: DECA 3, 4 GEORGE ALAN BATTY: Latin Club 25 Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4 MARLA JEAN BAXTER: Pep Club l,25 Mat Maids 3, 45 GAA I, 3, 4 FRANCIS MICHAEL BEAUDROT JERI LEE BEHRLE: GAA l,2, 3, 45 PepClub 2, 3, 45 Latin Club I, 25 Pres. 25 Varsity Volley- ball 2, 3,.45 Pep Club treasurer 45 Historian 35 Lettergirls 2, 3, 45 Treasure Latin Club I CAROL ANN BEIER: French Club I, 25 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Cheerleader 3, 45 His- torian 23 Treasurer45 Pep Club Secretary 25 GAA I, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 City Council Page 45 GAA Class Representa- tive 35 Student of the Month 35 Lettergirls 4 TERESSA KATHRYN BELL: DECA 45 Transfer: FHA 2, 35Pep Club 2 DOROTHY ANN BENTZEL: Pep Club I5 Chorus I, 2, 35 Thespians 2, 3, 4. BEVERLY ANN BERGER EVAN DOUGLAS BISHOP: German Club I, 25 Literary Club 35 Great Book Club 4 RAYMOND CARL BLEVINS: Basketball I5 JV Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Track I, 25 Vocal Music Club I, 2, 35 Baseball I, 2 DAVID JOSEPH BOKOWSKI: Track I5 Base- ball 25 Football 2, 3, 45 Lettermans Club 3, 45 HEATHER MICHELE BOONE: GAA I, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 45 Dope Stop 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Pom Pon CCo-Captianj 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y secretary 3, 45 German Club I, 25 Lettergirls 45 Student of Month 45 Daughters ofAmerican Revolution 4 JEFFREY HOWARD BOOTZ: Basketball I, 25 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 National Honor Society 3, President 4 GARY WRIGHT BOWERS: Latin Club l,2, 3,45 Track 25 Football 35 Literay Club 35 Hi-Y 45Anytown4 MARILYN RUTH BOWMAN: GAA l,2,3,4: Pep Club l,25 VP Lettergirls 2,3,45 Varsity Volleyball 2,4 STEPHEN WAYNE BOYLE: Marching Band 2 KIM ALLAN BRENDER: Basketball l5Cross Country I, 25 Track 25 Radio Club I, 2 BRYCE ANDREW BROWN: Tennis I, 25 Cross Country 2 DAVID A. BRYAN: Transfer: Football 15 Track I, 25 Debate 25 Speech I RALPH BULL: Deca 3, 45 Lettermen Club 3, 45 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 CATHERINE DENISE BURGESS: Transfer: Pep Club 35 Kalagathians 3 GUS BURRUEL JR.: Football I, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball I, 25 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 FFA 2, 35 Let- termens Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Homecoming King 45 Rotary of Month 45 Student of Month 3 MARY MARGARET BYRNE: Pep Club I5 AFS 35 DECA 35 Journalism 3, Editor 45 FHA vice-president 4 JANIS KAY CANAFAX: Pep Club I5GAA I, 35 Vocal Music 2, 3, 45 Spring Musical 2, 3, 45 Spikettes 3 CARY LOUIS CARLIN: Radio Club Sec- Treasurer 45 Wrestling 3 RICHARD V. CARRASCO LARRY ORDELL CARRILLO: Basketball 45 Football 45 DECA 45 Baseball 4 Transfer: JV Basketball I, 2, 35 Football 25 Lettermens Club 25 Baseball 35 Track 2 MARY LOU L. CARRILLO: Russian Club I, 2, 35 Science Award 45 COE Club 45 NYC Award4 TERRY LEIGH CARTER: Pep Club 1,2, 3, 45 Mat Maids I, 2, 3, 45 GAA 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Tri-I-Ii-Y 3, 45 Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 45 Model United Nations 4 DEBRA KAY CAVANAUGH: Dope Stop 35 Musicals I, 2, 35 Vocal Music Club 2, 3 PAMALA LOUISE CENTER: GAA 1, 2, 3, Vice President 45 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4: Cheer- leader 2, 3 MARION M. CHERRY: Metal Shop Award 25 Radio Club I GEORGE ALBERT CHLUPSA ROXANNE CHRISTIANSEN: FNA Presi- dent 35 VICA 45 Transfer: Pep Club I, 25 Li- brary Club 25 Speech Club 2 ROBERT EDMUND COLDEWE: DECA 45 Transfer: Football 2 SUSAN KAY COLEGROVE: Music Club4 OLETA JEAN COLLINS: Latin Club I, 35 Tennis Team I5 COE4 DONNA LYNN COMBS: Transfer: Tennis I, 2, 35 GAA I, 2, 3: Girls League I, 2, 35 Pep Club I, 2 MARLA RAE CONES: Thespains I, 25 FHA 3, Quill and Scroll 4 GAIL KATHLEEN CONNELL: Class His- torian I5 GAA I, 25 Pep Club I5 Spanish Club I, 25 AFS I, 25 VICA Secretary 4 KATHRYN ELAINE COOK: Vocal Music Club I, 2, 35 COE 45 Judo Club I JOSEPH DAVID COOPER MICHAEL WESTON COOPER ANGELOW JIM CORONADO JR.: Basket- l54 ball I, 25 Homecoming Att. 45 DECA Vice- President 45 Student ofthe Month 4 BARBARA ELLEN CRAFT: Pep Club I, 25 Tri-Hi-Y I, 25 GAA I, 2, 3, 4 AUDREY JANE CROSS: GAA I, 2, 3, 45 German Club I5 AFS 2 MARY CATHERINE DAGER: German Club 25 VICA 4 ALICIA COLLEEN DASHNAW: Speech Club President 45 Transfer: French Club 25 Drama Club 35 Math Club I5 Student Senate 3 FREDERICK EUGENE DAVIS: Football I, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Weight Lifting I, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Cardinal Hi-Lites 3, 45 Feature Editor 45 Lettersmen's Club 3, 45 Quill 'SL Scroll 4 HOPE DELGADO JORGE MENDEZ DELGADO: DECA 3, 45 Transfer: Band I LOREN WILLIAM DENIES: DECA 45 Trans fer: Youth Club I, 2, 35 Raido Club 35 Science Club 25 Photo Club I JOHN WESLEY DENNIS JR. KAREN JOY DENNINSON CLINTON EUGENE DIFFIE JR.: Wrestling 45 Football 25 Track I5 Lettermens Club 25 Vo- cal Music Club 4 DIANNA SUE DORRIS: DECA, Toastmas- ters Award 3 VICKI LYNNE DUBE: COE4 GEORGE EDWARD DUNCAN: Football I5 Track I, 2, 3 Wrestling 2, 3, 45 German Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 4 JANET KAY EASLEY: Student Senate I, 25 Pep Club I, 25 GAA I, 2, 3, 45 Cardettes 1Co- Captainj 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Class Sec. 25 Spanish Club l, 25 AFS Club His- torian I5 Student ofMonth 45 Lettergirls 4 BREAUX B. ECKERT: Baseball I, 2, 45 Foot- ball 35 Hi-Y 45 Earth Club 3 ROY DOUGLAS EDWARDS HENRY GRADY EHLE CATHY LORRAINE ELDRIDGE JOHN W. ELLIOTT: ICE4 THOMAS GREGORY ELMER JEANETTE MARIE ENGNELL: GAA I5 Lyres Club I, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Music Camp 3 MICKEY SUE ERIKSON ANTHONY C. ESCAMILLO: Cross Country 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3 DAVID ARAGON ESPARZA: Football 3, 45 VICA 4 TRANSFER: Baseball I CHRISTINE ESPINOZA FREDDIE ESPINOZA: Cross Country I, 2, 3, 45 captain 2, 3, 45 Track I, 2, 3, 4 captain 3, 45 Lettermens Club I, 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 500 mile club I, 2, 3, 4 captain 3, 45 Wrestling I5 Out- standing Runner 3, 45 Arizona All star Track Team 3, 45 Cross Country all State Runner 3, 45 Thunderbird Champ 45 Glendale Division Champ 45 Homecoming Attendent 45 Rotarion of the Month 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 LASO Club 3 MANUEL ES PINOZA PATSY JANICE ES PINOZA: LASO Club I, 2, 3, 43 Marching Band I, 2, 3, 43 Spikette 43 Lyres Club 3, 43 GAA I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 4 MARTHA BARRAZA ESQUIVEL: DECA4 ANN ELIZABETH ETHING TON : German Club I, 2, 3, 4 WILLIAM JOSEPH EZELL: Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball I3 Wrestling 2: Lettermens Club 3, 4 RALPH EDWARD EZZELL: Band I, 2, 3, 43 Marching Band I, 4 FAITH ANN FAIN DALE PRESTON FAULCONER RODNEY DALE FEDERWISCH: Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 43 Track I, 2, 3, 43 Symphonic Band I, 2, 3, 43 Sargent ol' Arms Hi-Y 43 NHS 3, 43 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 43 Outstanding Boy Marching Band 4, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 43 Lyres Club I, 2, 3, 4 DORINE FELIX: Spanish Club 23 Pep Club I, 23 Usherettes I3 Literary Club 23 Vice-Presi- dent COE4 MELONY JAY FENWICK: GAA I TONI LYNN FINE JOHN GENE FIORI JR, III: Baseballl KAREN LEE FOISEL: Pom Pon 2, 3, 4, secre- tary GAA I, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 43 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 3. 4, Lettergirl 4 DALE EUGENE FORE: Transfer: Basketballl SANDRA SUE FORREY: Mat Maids I, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club I, 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Spanish club 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 Senate Re- cording Sec 4 Girls State 4, Modern U.N., 4. GARY LYNN FOSTER ALLEN JOHN FREDRICKSON SCOTT KARL FRISCH: FFA l, 2, 33 Lyres Club I, 2, 3, 43 Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4 CYNTHIA TERESA FURZE: Pom-Pon 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Senate 33 Student Body Treas- urer 43 Pep Club I, 2 Historian 23 Russian Club I, 2, 33 Thespian 43 "Anne Frank" 43 Anytown Delegate 2 RAUL GARCIA: Footballl ALICE GALLEGOS: Spanish Club 23 LASO Club 33 French Club 33 VICA 4 TRANSFER: Glee Club I LILLIAN M. GALLEGOS: LASO Club l, 2, 3, 43 VICA 43 Spikettes 43 Pep Club I, Spanish CIub2 IRMA M. GARDEA KAREN JEAN GARLING: DECA Club 43 French Club I RICARDO G. GARZA: Spanish Club 23 Vo- cal Music Club 2,31 "Pajama Game" 3 TRANS- FER: Spanish Club I: Vocal Music l MARY RUTH ANNE GERICKE: German Club I, 2 VICKIE LEE GESSNER: GAA 2g "Sabrina "Fair" 33 Speech Club 43 TRANSFER: Band IQGAA I3 Pep Club I3 Rodeo Club I BARRY SCOTT GIBBONS: Football I,23 Basketball I,2 LOIS MARIE GIBBS: FHA I3 Geography 'Q I . Club2 LARRY CHARLES GIBLIN. Football IQBZSC- ball l, 43 FFA 4 PENNY SUE GILBERT: DECA 43 TRANS- FER: Pep Club I, 23 GAA l, 2, 3 JANE AUDREY GILL: GAA I3Thespians I3 Vocal Music Club I, 2, 3, 43 g PAUL JAY GILLOTT: Football l3WrestIing Varsity I, 2, 3, 43 Lettermens Club I, 2, 3, 4 RICHARD K. GLAZEBROOK: Judo Club I TRANSFER: Track I3 JUNE MARIE GOETHE:Spikette 33 TRANS- FER: Cheerleader I3 VP Freshman Class3 Pep Club Treasurer I3 Lettergirls I MICHAEL G. GOIMARAC: Track I,23Rus- sian Club I3 Anytown Delagate 33 Speech Club 4 CYNTHIA LYNN GOKE: National Honor Society 3, 4 ARMANDO P. GONZALES MARIA DOLORES GONZALES ODULIA V. GONZALES JAMES ALLEN GORDON: Basketball I3 Baseball 33 DECA 3 REBECCA MARIE GORTAREZ: LASO 33 GAAI3 Usherettes I3 Spanish Club 23 Pep Club I CHARLES BERNARD GOSS: Tennis I3 Baseball I3 Wrestling I3 Marching Band l,2, 3,43 Drum Major 43 Lyres Club l,2,3,43 Thes- pians 33 Anytown 33 Hi-Y 3,43 Lettermens 3 VELDA ANN GRADY TED MARTIN GREEN: Football I, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Track 23 Basketball I3 Letter- mens Club 3,4 LONNIE DWIGHT GRIFFIN JAMIE LYNNE GRIFFIS: German Club Pres- ident 3, I, 2, 3, 43 Thespians 2, 3, 43 Literary Club 23 Quill and Scroll 43 Cardinal Hilites 3, 43 Dope Stop 23 Drama Camp 33 Speech Club 43 "Har- vey" 23 "Sabrina Fair" 3 "Diary of Anne frank" 43 "Pajama Game" 23 "The Sound of Music" 33 "Oklahoma" 4 FRANK C. GRIJALVA: Weight Training I, 2 SANDRA ELAINE GROGG: GAA I, 2, 3 President 43 Pep Club l, 2, 33 Lettergirls 2, 3, 43 Varsity Volleyball 3, 4 THOMAS A. GULLIVER: Football I3 Base- ball I3 Track 3, 4 ANTONIO MANUEL GUTIERREZ MARIA ALICIA GUTIERREZ MARK HOWARD GUTZMAN: "Oklahoma' 4 TRANSFER: Track3 Musical "Damn Yan- kees"3 Student Governemnt JOHN CHARLES HAAS: TRANSFER: Spanish Club I JOHN VICTOR HALEY: Baseball2 MIKE HALL GREGORY B. HARDIN: Track l,2,3,4 GLORIA HARTMANN: Speech Club 43 Band 2, 3, 4 TRANSFER: GAA I3 Band I3 Girls Basketball I3 Chorus I3 Drama I LORI ELLEN HEAVLIN VICKI LYNNE HEEREN: Vocal Music Club I, 2, 33 COE 43 Musical I, 2, 33 Thespians I BUSTER DEVERAL HENDERSON: World History Club I3 Scholastic Art Show Gold Key 2 JOE JACKSON HENSLEY: Football I, 23 Basketball I3 Baseball I3 Hi-Y 3, 43 NHS 3, 43 Model Legislature4 ANNA LILIA HERNANDEZ: GAA I, 23 French Club I, 2, 3, 43 Model UN 3, 43 Anytown 33 LASO I, 23 IHSBC 2, 3, 43 Historian 43 Tri- Hi-Y 4g Mat Maid 23 AFS I3 Pep Club I CRUZ L. HERNANDEZ JR. LYDIA Y. HERNANDEZ: GAA I, 2, 3, 4g Tennis I, 2, 3, 43 Badminton 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 LASO 23 Pep Club 2, 33 Lettergirls 3, 4 MICHAEL PATRICK HICKEY GREGORY THOMAS HILDEBRAND: Ten- nis I3 Radio Club 43 TRANSFER: German Club 3 GARY EVERT HIRTH: Footballl,2,3,43 l55 DECA4 CHARLES ERROL HIXSON GREGG ALLEN HODGKINS: FFA 23 Base- ball 2j Football 2 DEBORAH KAY HOLSTON: Choir 43 Home Making 43 TRANSFER: Choir l,2,3,43Tennis I,2 ARTHUR GEORGE HORST JACQUELINE JEANINE HOSPELHORN ANETT CHERYL HOSPI: GAA 4: Pep Club 43 Thespians 3,43 Spanish Club 2,3,43 Tennis SALLY HORNUNG: Tennis MGR. I,2,31 GAA 2,4 Recording Sec. 33 Lettergirls 2,3, Sec- retary 4g Pep Club 2 KATHLEEN GAIL HOUTMAN: GAA l,2,3: Tennis I3 Bowling I,23 Archery I,23 Golf I,23 AFS 2 MOLLY ROSE HUFFMAN:Chorus 3,43Mus- ical 3,43 All-State Choir 33 TRANSFER: Choir I,23 Play I3 Band I,23 Pep Club 2 BONNIE LOUISE HUGH: GAA I,2,3,4: Pep Club I,2,33 NHS 3,43 Student Senate l,43 Span- ish Club 2,33 Varsity Vollebyall 33 Tri-Hi-Y President 3,43 Mat Maids l,2,3,43 Student of Month 3,4 EDWARD CASEY HUMPHRETS: German Club 2,33 VICA 4 LEE A. HUNT: Football I, 23 Track I3 FFA 2, 33 DECA 4 GARY MITCHELL HUTCHISON JOHN W. JAHNKE GARY DALE JENKINS: Track I,23 Band l,2, 33 COE President 43 Weightlifting I,23 Anytown 3 DAHALIA FAYE JIMENEZ: Treasurer Span- ish Club 2, 33 Secretary LASO 33 Cardinal Hi- lites 2, 33 ICE4 WALLACE DENNY JONES JR. SARAH MENDEZ JUAREZ: Varsitv Badmin- ton 3,43 DECA 33 Secretary 4 JOEL C. JUDD: Football l,2,33 Track l,2,33 Lettermens 2,3,4 ROBERT EUGENE KARNATZ: TRANS- FER: Flight CIub2 DEBORA ANN KAYS: French Club 3,43 TRANSFER: Library Club I3 French Club I DEBRA LORI KEEFE KATHY GAIL KEESLING: Thespians 2.3: National Honor Society 3, 43 VICA 43 Girls Ensemble I3 TRANSFER: Choir I3 Girls En- semble I LEE B. KENT ERIC KEYES: Track l,2,3,43 Football l,2,33 Lettermens3 CARTER L. KISSEL: MARTIN CHARLES KLASS: Tennis I3 Wrestling l,2,3,43 Marching Band I,2,33 Hi-Y Wrestling l,2,3,43 Marching Band I,2,33 Hi-Y 3, President 43 National Honor Society 3,41 Boys' State 33 AFS Student to United King- dom 33 Student of the Month 33 Student Se- nate 4: Rotarian 4 Counselors 2,33 Pep Club I3 National Honor Society 3,43 VICA 4 MARCUS KNIGHT: J.V. Football 23 Varsity Football3 TERRALL KEITH KNUDSEN: Football l,2, 33 Track-23 Wrestling l,2,3,4. JEFF PAUL KRUEGER RICHARD MICHAEL KUCHERER: Foot- ball 3,43 Baseball 3,4 DUANE G. LAMBERT: Thespians l,2,3,4 ROBERT ALAN LANE WADE SCOTT LAUCHNER: Football l,2,3, 43 Wrestling l,2,3,43 Track l,2,3,43 F.F.A. I, 2,3,4 PAMELA JEAN LEBRUN: Pep Club 23 Fall PIay4 MANUEL JOSEPH LEE: Football I3 Track I,23 Cross Country 2 DANIEL LEGASPI JR.: Spanish Club 43 TRANSFER: Boxing l,33 J.V. Football 23 Yearbook Club I5 ASB Officer 25 Band I,2 PETRA LEIJA: Anytown 35 Model UN 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Speech Club 35 Pep Club 35 GAA 3, 45 LASO, Pres., 3,45 French Club 3,4, Sec., 45 Fellowship 3, 45 Literary Club 35 City Council Page 45 Future Nurses ofAmerica 3 GAYLAN JAMES LEWIS: Football I SHERWIN ELTON LEWIS: F.A.A. I,2,3,4 SUSAN MARIE LINDBERG: GAA l,2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Sec., 45 Teen Counselors 45 Porn Pon 3,4 BRUCE LEROY LITTLE: Football l,25 Ger- man Club l,25 National Honor Society 3,45 Hi-Y EDDIE L. LOPEZ: Footballl ELEANOR LOPEZ: GAA I,2,35 Spanish Club 2,35 LASO 2,35 Varsity Badminton 35 Usher- ettes I MARTIN L. LOPEZ: Football l,25 Wrestling I,2 MARY HELEN LOPEZ: COE 45 Spanish A- ward I5 Business Award 3 RICHARD B. LOPEZ: Baseball l,25 Football I5Wrestling I,2 VICKI LYNN LOY CYNTHIA LOU MCALLISTER: GAA I5 DECA 35 Toastmaster Vice Pres., 35 ICE DAVID LYNN MCCUTCHEON: Marching Band l,2,3,45 Stage Band l,2,3,45 Pep Band I, 2,3,45 Pit Band 25 Lyres Club l,2,3,45 Radio CIub3 ROBERT A. MCDONALD LESLIE G. MCELROY: Baseball l,2,3,45 Bas- ketball l,25 Football I5 French Club 35 DECA 3 ERIC NEAL MCKEE: Basketball 45 Rotarian 45 TRANSFER: Basketball I,2,35 Footballl, 2,35 Lettermen 2,35 F.C.A, 2,3 BETTY JEAN MACIAS GRACE H. MACIAS: VICA4 STEPHEN WAYNE MAGGARD: DECA I DUANE BRUCE MAHNKE: Football l,25 Latin Club l,25 Track I,2,45 Hi-Y 4 KATHY JEAN MCMAHON: Literary Club 25 Geography Club 25 Spanish Club I,2 JUDITH FRANCES MARTIN: Pom-Pon 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Spanish Club I,2,35 Pep Club 3,45 GAA 3,4 LARRY D. MARTIN: VICA4 NANCY M. MARTINEZ: COE Treasurer4 ROSEMARY MEZA MARTINEZ DONNA .IO MATHIESON: Spanish Club 1,35 Pep Club I,2,35 ICE 45 DECA 35 GAA 3 SUZANNE DARLENE MATSUMORI: Pom- f'i5 :5ff'4'? . , if-QQ -'W 5' " f.:' f .,1fi-azfgfw V - B i by X - .ii 3:1 ',- 5 , -W' 1 Pon 3,45 IHSBC 2,3,45 French Club 2,3,45 Mo- del UN 3,45 NHS 3,45 Anytown I5 Tri-Hi-Y 45 GAA 3,45 Pep Club' 3,45 TRANSFER: Spik- ettes I5 Pep Club I:French Club I ROBERT STEPHEN MAYER: Radio Club 45 Football l,25 Wrestling I,2 KEITH A. MAUNU: Marching Band 45 School Play 45 Chorus 45 Orchestra 45 Lyres Club 45 TRANSFER: Football I,2,35 Marching Band I,2,35 Chorus I,2,35 Pep Band I,2,35 Orchestra I,2,3 KATHLEEN LOUISE MEELL: Cardinal Hi- lites 4, NHS 45 TRANSFER: Student Coun- cil 25 Prom Committee 35 Mission Club I5 Musi- cal Productions I,2,35 ACT I5 Homecoming Queen 35 NHS 2,3 JERRY WAYNE MENSENDICK: Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Track I5 Hi-Y 45 DECA 3,45 Football I5 Lettermen 45 ELAINE PAULA METZ: French Club 25 Vocal Music Club I,2 SUSAN LYNN METZLER: GAA l,2,3,45 Lyres Club I,2,35 Badminton 3,45 Marching Band l,2,3,45 Concert Band 35 Teen Counsu- lor 35 NHS 3,4 RALPH S. MEZA TINA MIRAID: DECA 3,4 ROBERT F. MITCHELL: TRANSFER: Bas- ketball I,2 ANNA VASQUEL MONTANO: Varsity CAROLYN N. MOORE ANNA ELIZABETH MORCOMB: Great Books 45 German Club l,25 Lyres Club, March- ing Band l,2,3,45 Tennis l,2,3,45 Varsity Bad- minton 3,45 NHS 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Lettergirls 3,4 FRANK URBANO MORENO: Football I5 Spanish Club I RICHARD PEREA MORENO: Fellowship Club 45 VICA 4 JOHN SEBASTIAN MORONEY JOHN ANTHONY MOSCHIONI: TRANS- FER: Basketball I KAREN MARIE MOSES ROBERT CHARLES MOTHERSHEAD: Football l,2,3,45 Baseball I5 Hockey 2,35 Track 2,35 Lettermens 2,3,45 Student of Month 3,45 German Club l,2,3,45 Model UN 35 Hi-Y 45 Ecology Club 3,45 NHS 3,45 President 3,4 MICHELLE ANN MOULTON: Marching Band3 ROSETTA MUSE: Pep Club 45 FHA 45 Vol- leybalI3 WILLIAM FRANCIS MYERS:TRANSFER: Varsity Baseball l,25 Lettermens Club 1,2 KATHY ANN NEEL NANCY LOUISE NEILSON: Badminton 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Cardinal Hilites 3,45 Dope Stop 35 Journalism Workshop 35 VICA 45 GAA I THOMAS D. NIEZNAY: Tennis I5 Latin Club l,25 FFA I KEITH WILLIAM NORGREN: Latin Club I,2,35 Basketball I,2: Baseball I,2,35 Football 3,45 Hi-Y 4, Newspaper Staff I,2,35 NHS 3,4 DEBORAH HELEN NORRIS: GAA l,2,3,45 Dope Stop 3 ROBERT B.J. NOUZOVSKY: Varsity Foot- ball 45 FFA oflicer 3,45 Hi-Y 45 Lettermens 4 RUDOLFO T. NUNEZ: Wrestling I,2,35 Base- ball I,25 Cross Country 35 DECA 3,4 ROBERTA ANN OKEEFE: Homecoming Queen 45 Thespians l,2,3,45 GAA l,2,3,45 Vice President 3,45 Vocal Music I,2,3 Vice President 45 "Sabrina Fair" 35 City Council Page 45 Pep Club I,2: Musicals I,2 DON K. OKUMA: Tennis I5ICE4 DENNIS LYNN OLSON DAVID WAYNE OLSTADT MICHAEL BRUCE O'TOOLE STEVEN S. PADILLA IIMMY R. PAGE: TRANSFER: Gymnas- 156 tics Team 2,35 NHS l,3,45 Debate Squad 2,3,45 Senate l,2,3,45 Band I,2,3 LORRIE P. PARRA: DECA 35 ICE4 JENNIFFER ANNETTE PATTERSON: Pep Club l,2,3,45 GAA I:French CIub4 ' JOHN ADAMS PATTERSON III: Football I,2: Track I5 Weightlifting 2,35 Student of Month 35 NHS 3,45 Hi-Y 45 Model Legislature 4 SAMUEL ALLEN PATTERSON: FFA I,2,3 President 45 Basketball I5 Baseball I KENNETH WAYNE PEARSON GARY MICHAEL PECK: Football I,2,35 Baseball l,25 DECA 45 Spanish Club I5 NHS 45 Weightlifting 2 NANCY LORETTA PEERS: Judo Club I5 Speech Club 35 Ecology 35 Thespians I5 VICA 45 CAROL A. PERAULT: Pep Club I5 Vocal Music 2,35 Thespians 2,35 DECA 35 ICE 45 VICA Historian 4 AUSTIN LEE PERKINS II: Football 3,45 Track 3,45 Lettermens Club 3,45 Hi-Y 4 CAMILLE BLANCHE PERREN: French Club Pres. 35 DECA 35 Model UN 35 AIPA Workshop 35 Editor Cardinal Hilites 45 Quill 8a Scroll 4 MARVIN EDWARD PERSON: Basketball l,25 Thespians l,2,3,45 Vocal Music I,3,4 Sec. 25 Student Senate 2,35 Fellowship Club 25 Any- town I5 German Club 3,45 Hi-Y 3, Sec. 45 Model Legislature 3,45 Rotarian 3 DENISE K. PINKERTON: GAA l5Mat Maids 45 VICA 4 DONNA ANN PLEDGER: German Club l,25 FHA Pres. 1,25 TRANSFERS: FHA 3 DAVID GAYLE POFF RANDY LEE PORCH: Cross Country 25 Ten- nis I5 Baseball MGR 15 Wrestling l,2,3,45 Track 2,35 Hi-Y Treausrer 3,45 NHS 3,45 Student Senate 3,45 Student of Month 35 Lettermens 3,4 PHILIP DONALD PRIOR: DECA 4 MONTE ANDRASS PRITCHARD JESSE JAMES QUINNETT: Literary Club 25 Latin Club 3, President 45 NHS 3,45 Geography CIub2 KUSILAND KAY RADEMACHER: VICA Tres. 45 TRANSFER: GAA 1,25 Girls Chorus l,25 Lettergirls I,2 RICHARD JOE RAMIREZ: Football 15Wres- tling I NANCY ROSE LEE RANEY: Mat Maids 45 Pep Club3 RANDY LEE RAY: DECA3 CYNTHIA LYNN REECE MICHAEL STEVEN REFERMAT: German Club l,2,3,45Hi-Y 45 NHS 3,45 Baseball 4 BELLE NADINE RELAFORD: Choir 2,35 VICA 45 TRANSFER: GAA I5 German Club I FRED CARL RELAFORD CHRISTINE ANN RETTIG: Literary Club I,2: Speech Club 35 Choir 3, VICA 4 RODNEY LEE RYENOLDS CHARLES ALLAN RHODES: Football I5 German Club l,2,3,45 Hi-Y 4 KATHLEEN THERESA RILEY: GAAI BRADLEY LLOYD RINER: Track l,2,3,45 Basketball I LISA ROBERTSON: Pep Club I5DECA4 ANGELA MARIE ROBINSON: TRANS- FER: GAA I DEBORAH ROCK: Fellowship Club 45 TRANSFER: Sec. Art Club 2,15 Spanish Club I5 Pep Club I,2: "Our Town", "David 8L Lisa" 25GAA I,2,3 DAVID GARY ROCKWELL: Thespians 2 REBECCA SUE ROGERS: GAAI,25 COE4 RICHARD EDWARD ROJO DANIEL FAUSTO ROMERO: TRANSFER: Cross Country I ' DANIEL ROY RONNIE: Editor Cardinal "72" 45 Hi-Y 45 AFS 3,45 German Club l,2,3,45 Photography Club 35 Ecology Club 45 Geo- graphy Bowl 23 Model UN 43 Quill 8LScroll 4 STANLEY VERNON ROPER: Baseball 1,2, 3,43 Basketball l,2,3,4, Track 4 PATRICIA G. RUBALCAVA ROBERT DALE RUSSELL TWILA JEAN SAGRILLO: Dope Stop 33 Spanish Club 2,3343 Great Books 4 VICTOR RAMIREZ SALCIDO: Football I3 Baseball 1,2 RICHARD B. SANCHEZ: Football l,2,3: Basketball 1,23 Baseball l,2,3,4 DANA ANDREW SNADERS: Football 13 Baseball 13 Wrestling 2 VIRGINIA ANN SANTOS: Spanish Club I3 Pep Club 13 GAA l3VICA 4 VINCENT SANTA MARIA PETE LOPEZ SARZOZA: FFA 23 DECA 33 Basketball 1,2 BOBBY LEE SCHELL: Football 1,23 Track l,2,3 MICHAEL SCHMIDT: Football I,2,3,4Q Bas- ketball 1,2,43 Baseball I,2,4Q Lettermens 3,4 WILLIAM A. SCHROEDER: Choir 2,3,43 Musical 4 TRANSFER: Football l,2,3: Track 1,23 Basketball 23 Musical 2,31 Choir l,2,3 MARC EDWARD SCHWARTZKOPF: Foot- ball I3 Wrestling l,2,3 DEBRA LYNN SEELY JEANNE MARIE SEELY: Pep Club l,2,3,4: GAA l,2,3,43 Mat Maid 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Pom Pon 3,4 ROBERT EUGENE SERVADIO JAMES BRIAN SEXTON: Track 1,23 Cross Country 13 Latin Club I,2Q VICA Pres. 4 SHIRLYE LOUISE SHADDAY DENISE ANN SHEPARD MARY LYNNE SHIELDS: FHA 1,2 RALPH LEON SHIREMAN: Marching Band 43 Science Club 3,43 Ecology Club 43 TRANS- FER: Marching Band 1,2 PHILIP M. SHORES: Football 13 Track 13 FFA 2,3,4 PATRICIA ANNE SIDINGER: Thespians 1,2,3,43 "Sound ol' Music" 33 "South Pacific" I3 "Oklahoma" 43 Vocal Music 3,4 LEONARD R. SILVA ELIZABETH G. SIFUENTES: Spanish Club 4g DECA 43 Great Books 4 MICHAEL RAY SIMPSON: Yearbook 1,2,33 Newspaper 2,3 Photo Editor Newspaper 2,33 THOMAS CHRISTOPHER SING: Vice Pres. I3 Senate 2,41 Lyres Club 2,3,4Q Marching Band 2,3,43 Band Staff 43 Pep Band 43 Thespians 1,2 3,4 NHS 3,43 Hi-Y 43 Rotarian 4 JILL ANNE SKINNER: Pep Club I,2,3,4Q NHS 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Student Senate 43 Pom Pon 3,4 PETER CLAYTON SLACK: FFA l,23VICA4 DEBORAH LYNN SLONE: GAAI JAMES EUGENE SMITH: Track 1,2 LEEANN GAY SNYDER: Vice Pres. 43 Thes- pians l,2,3,4: German Club 2,33 Fall Play 2,33 Musicals l,2,3,4 STEVEN MICHAEL SNYDER: Radio Club43 TRANSFER: Basketball 43 Wrestling3 , DEBBIE JO SPRINGMANN: Mat Maid 2,33 GAA 1,23 Pep Club 1,23 Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 German Club 2,4 Sec. 33 NHS 3,4 DAVID GEORGE SPIDEL: Marching Band I,2,3,43 Latin Club 33 DECA 4 SARAH SUE SPURLOCK: French Club 23 VICA 43 Marching Band 2,3 STANLEY JAMES STEWART: Football 1,3 43 Baseball 23 Basketball 13 Latin Club 33 Let- termen 3,4: Hi-Y 3,43 Curriculum Committee 43 Speech Club 4 JACK SUDA, JR.: Teen Counselors 13 DECA 13 Football I GARY KEVIN SULZER: German Club 3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Track 133,43 Football I,41 Baseball l,2,4 RICHARD CONWAY SWEET MANUEL TACHO: Cross Country l JUDY MARIE TARDYZ GAA I,2Q Pep Club I,2Q Mat Maid 1,2,3,43 Senate 1,2 VALERIE ANN TAYLOR: Vocal Music Club l,2,3 JODIE CARMELA TENUTA: GAA l,2,3,4, Pep Club l,2,3,4, Historian I, Vice Presi- dent 3, President 43 Cheerleading I,2,3,4Q DECA Treasurer 33 Freshman Sweetheart, GAA Sports Leader l,2,3: Class President 1,23 Mat Maid 13 Lettergirls 3,43 Student ofthe Month 43 MARIE ANNETTE TILLIA DIANN MARIE TOLMACHOFF: Russian Club 43DECA4 SANDRA P. TOLMACHOFF: Senate l,2,3, Corres. Sec. 43 National Honor Society , Pro- gram Chairman 3,43 GAA 13 Pep Club l SUSAN L. TOLMACHOFF: Russian Club, Sec.-Treas. l,2,3,4: Latin Club 1,23 GAA 1,23 Tennis 1,23 Senate 23 Class Sec.-Treas. 1 JAMES EARL TOON STEPHEN ALAN TOPLIFF: Gufnan Club4 REGINA GAYLE TRAINOR: VICA 4: TRANSFER: Pep Club 13 F.H.A. 1,23 CHRISTINE TRAUBEL: Cheerleading 43 Latin Club 1,2: GAA l,2,33 Pep Club 2,3,43 Spikettes3 JEANNE B. TURNER: DECA 4: TRANS- FER: Class officer 1,23 School Musical 2,33 GAA 2,33 Champion Volleyball l,2,33 Track 2: Intramuarl Bowling 2,33 Tennis 1,2 ELIZABETH BALTIER VALENZUELA: Teen Counselors 33 Fellowship Club 43 Tri-Hi- Y 43 Anytown 33 Speech Club 43 Cardinal Hi- Lites4 PETER ERIC VAN CAMP:Marching Bandl, 23 Track JQ Radio Club 13 Spanish Club I,21 Photography 23 Hi-Y 43 Lyres Club 1,2 ISABEL PACHCO VILLA: GAA l,2,33 Pep Club l,3,4: Badminton 23 Junior Sweetheart 33 Pom Pon 3,4: DECA 3,4, Treasurer 43 Home- coming Attendant 4 DOLORES GAIL WAGER: ASB Vice Pres. 33 ASB parliamentarian 43 Senate 1,23 Nationa- al Honor Society 3,43 National Science Founda- tion 3,43 Model UN 3,43 Spanish Club 33 Lyres Club l,23Symphonic Band 1,23 Pep Band 1,23 Marching Band l,2: Anytown 13 Fellowship Club 23 FFA Sweetheart 33 Great Books 43 Student ofthe Month 33 Ariz. Assoc. of Stu- 157 dent Councils 2,33 National Conference of Christians and Jews Participant 2, Group Lead- er3 DWAIN THOMAS WATTS JODY FRANCES WELSHEIMER JULIE ANN WHITE: Pom Pon 2,3,4: Pep Club I,2Q Senate 43 Model UN 2,3,43 Tri-Hi- Y 3,43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Russian Club l,2,33 GAA 1,2 ROXANNE LOUISE WHITMOYER: Pep Band 2,3343 Marching Band l,2,3,43 Lyre's Club l,3,43 Spanish Club I,2Q National Honor So- ciety 3,4: Tri-Hi-Y 43 Usherettcs 1,23 Lyre's Club Secretary-Treasurer 43 Badminton 33 Music Camp3 KATHERINE ANN WIERSON: GAA 1,2 3,43 Pep Club l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 1,23 Tri- Hi-Y 3,43 Girls' State 3: Varsity Volleyball 43 National Honor Society 3,43 Lettergirls 3,4 DEBRA ANN WILDER: Fellowship Club 4: TRANSFER: Calif. Scholarship Federation l,2,3 MICHAEL PAUL WIESE: Track 1,2: F.A.A. 3,4 REBECCA R. WILEMAN: TRANSFER: Talent Queen 3 NATHAN MARK WILKINS: Musical 23 Choir 2.3,4: Chorus 2,3,4 STEVEN DWAINE WILKS: Football I3 Track 1,2 DEBBIE S. WILLIAMS: Pep Club I3 GAA l TERRY JO WILLIAMS: GAA l,2,3: Pep Club 1,23 Geography Club 2,31 Spikettes, His- torian 3,43 Spanish Club 2 KENNETH DWIGHT WILLIS Ill: Any- town 13 Football I3 Basketball 13 Forensics League Debate 43 Speech Club 4: Tcen Coun- sel0rs3 STEVEN FORREST WILLIS: Football 1,2, 3,43 Track I,2,3,4Q Basketball I3 Russian Club 1,23 Lettermen Club 2,3,43 Hi-Y 3,4 BRADLEY D. WOODS: Football I,2Q Bas- ketball I: Baseball l,2,3,4 LEX WORTHY: Hi-Y 33 National Honor Society 3,41 Track I,2,3,4Q Football l,2,3 FRANK D. YBARRA: Baseball I,2,3Q Foot- ball 2,33 Spanish Club 3 KENNA JEAN YERIGAN: DECA 3,4 I MARIA DE CARMEN ZAMBRANO: Span- ish Club l,2,43 Pep Club 13 Fellowship Club 1 RICHARD C. BLAISDELL ,. -......,,, -., DONNA BLANKENSHIP JAMES THOMAS COVENEY, JR.: Base- ball 2,3,4g Football 43 Lettermen 3,4 DALE L. DOUCET: Football l,3g Track l Lettermen 33 F.F.A. 3,4 -mm., Q -- t -,VN ,. , - W-Liv---Y-4. Y-A-.1 W..-.....,,, ' ' " F ,,,, M, , , ... .,.,. 159 'Q -is W A ay U1 'E "1 gl o "+I s: : at T !"F "1 o :s UQ no 5 o :s cm G4 s: E. o Pi T KC 7.215 . 4 .s i!'g',Q4 F' The junior class of 1971-1972 has reason to smile. Operating the concession stand and carrying out the task of yelling "Pepsi!" and saying, "No, l'm sorry we don't have coffee." House of hard work on their float with a major setback didnit stop them from grinning and saying, "Well there's always next year." Not even a limited budget for the Prom upset the juniors. Decorating and favors compensated for the con- troversy heard earlier. Juniors maintained a large represent- ation in many clubs, athletics ad- ministrative and outside activities. With trials came accomplishment and the memories of this year will make it easy to look back and smile. Top: Tim Willis, Presidentg Cindy Wimer Secretaryg Kim Miller, Treasurerg Cindy Decker Historiang Barbara O'Keefe, V. President Right: Juniors ride for the big time. v 1 I 3 ' x , R f' -I t fx , l IQ2 t L 'th .ii X . .f-eg To Tom Behrle Richard Beicr Steve Belk Cesar Bernal Kathy Bernard Leann Birk Crystal Bishop Terry Black Murray Boess Stephen Boles Grover Bray Thomas Brennan Tom Brewer J ohn Brink Diane Abram Debbie Ackley Jo Affeltdt Angel Aguilar Connie Allen Stephen Allison Lynn Amrine Esther Anaya Robert Andruss Robert Aquila Gloria Arec Vincente Armenta Candy Armijo Debbie Ashinhurst Mark Austin Christopher Avery Rhonda Ayotte Lupe Balderaz Jim Baumgardner Genny Bareheller Howard Barton Scott Barry Sandy Barry Doris Barker George Barden Daisanne Burden Margaret Beckley Billie Bee Douglas Brotherton , Paul Brown John Bryan Dave Buck Mike Bumbalow Calvin Bunch Jerry Buono Bennett Burns Lynn Burns Karen Butler William Byrge Terry Caliendo Virginia Camacho Donna Campbell Kathy Campbell Kevin Card Angela Carl Mike Carl Anna Carrasco Homer Chambers Margo Chambers Louis Chlupsa Terry Church Craig Churchill Dawn Cichon Vicki Coil Lucinda Cole Doreen Collins Terry Collins Steve Corey Steve Cornelius David Cotton Daryl Collier Sandra Craft Bill Crawford Kenely Cross Nancy Curl Susan Curtin Sherry Curtis Curtis Dailey Sheila Damiani Mona Daniels Deborah Davis Gary Davis Sandy Davis Carl Decker Curt Decker -pn- N Y . :e di? '-. . K tr 35- aw 7 'F' s". ,,,,.. A 423-i!Tfif,is1g Q- .. 3 " Hiii--tiff F N gi l ' X R n,-it ,,.:, tw. t-,. ii, --X - ' 'Qi ffzhai xffi - i 2, is at ' gif 'fl N' I X X , K fx 1- f ti' 1 X. lgzagxi ,H - 4 QS.. ., as it Y if . Er M " in .X if X Y- , g Xu f t I , . X a 4 1 " -na it 'QF -f I -3 :f ,C L' . . .nl ' i.. 'Y' I' r l is A Q' N- t. fi ff.. s. 5 ' X Wa C ei D 'FT' X. Junior Homecoming effort does not pla e Lee Deem Hermelinda Deleon Anne Determan Mike Dickey Debra Dodge Roger Douglas 51" QS 2 as WS s L 'ts lifts N tx :Ja ,, -- a. .Q f- 'S 'N x f v' u Q, 5, Qi Top: Debbie Gennaeo is caught in a quiet mood. Center: The junior class float with its giant hox olgoodies passes down Glendale Avenue. Gary Dunn Marlene Eagle James Earls John Earls Cynthia Ecord Rose Ecord Debra Edwards Carol Eppinger Margie Esparza Julie Ezell Larry Farbstein Eddie Fellers - s Juniors abundant on field and in tands Brian Fenwick David Kerrara Donald Fielder Put Ford Allen Forrey Russell Forman Rodney Fortson Janice Foster Linda Fowler Mmiviirmiimn vi Judy Frazier Gene Frederick Joanne Frederick Kim Frizzell Craig Fugit Kathleen Gallagher Louis Garcia Mark Garcia Ronnie Garcia Juan Gatica Tino Galica ' .0 if 9... gs Sami ,. A ' Gene Gay Kathy Gaydoz Debbie Gennaco Lori George Gail Giblin Deborah Gilbert Nelson Gilkerson George Gillespie Gary Gilliland Jody Gillingham M , i Q 'x ' L, . 5 V K f' f iii ies. K X s P illiiai 1 1?- WI 1C1."l Y is lil? Cheryl Gilmore Andi Gilsdorl' Dee Giordano Tad Gomarae Danny Gonzales Dolores Gonzales Marsha Gooch David Goolshy Joseph Goolby Karen Gorman lid Graea Timothy Grace Dave Gray Denise Greenwell Debbie Groskopl' Jim Guhrke Jennifer Gulliver Gerald llailey John Hanks Julie llanseom Reheeea Hardeaslle Topi Peppy the Card, alias Terri Sansom wonders where hcr wings went. Left: Many juniors find the Moon Valley game a ehmee to see and be seen. Tom H ardeSly X11' f Lyndon Harder ' Katie Harmon '?A' A Daniel Harrigan '- ' I I - Barney Harris fe , i 9 Cindy Harris A A ' , K L Q Y Ak 6 2 X , Frank Hargis xi ' , , U f 'lf y 1 fu Q ij or .72 'sms l ' ..,.. ,ybz N N -, .:.: - David Harris 1: A . g f Patricia Hartsock ' ,W 4 Jim Hartzog , . , ii ' t ' David Haltery ' i' - l QQ. ' ,QE Shelly Haver i. 1355? K A i f JCSSHLWS r H ' r K'1hl H of Q I 1 ,l g if I' .1 een enson ext H ai!!-' . l . 1 ave! . - e " Q ff-by 6 e i. if K i 5 . . , '- A '- 'T ii - ..i es" k I K 'W v'7' Jr. C V 1 B , - A,- Kgwis V.. .. E -L .. N ii, - Kayla Hernandez A il , , ' 3:1 Lupe Hernandez - X , 3 . 1 is . 1' il -S' f Richard Herrera f -an ' 1 , l Rwwvww sf a 'sg-rf Patricia Higgins f 2 X - Q Larr Hi h - K' 9' wr - ' ,ll a f-rue' Above: Junior cheerleaders Angela Carl and Crystal Milnes urge crowd on during pep as- sembly. Above Right: Jon Johnson whistles a happy tune while working on the school year- book. 166 Junior 7 moods var -:.x sr L- i . .,..,.., ,v iwlya k 1 , ,f ..: 1 " we l s ir. , 1 gel.: ..,, wry- X ww l' I ! ' Sai l i S irq is fr nw . .- S. -5 i if S , lg, if ., fs .',, 2 2 le 'W Q 167 Barbara Holilinan Stephanie llogue Robert Holsinger Debra Hood Sherry Hoover Margaret Horst Barbara Hospi Teresa Houtman Robert Hull Carla Humphreys Julie Hunt Steve Hurst Carrie Hutchinson Richard Hutchinson Deborah Hutton Paul lnoshita Deborah Jacobs Maryann .lasman Arnell .Iohannsen Bethany Johnson Carolyn Johnson .lon .lohnson Kenneth Johnson Sheila Johnson Kenneth .lohnston Melinda Jordan Edward Kapuseinski Scott Kaye James Keenan Craig Kendall Colleen Kennedy Ronald Kescoli Carter Kissel Robert Kitchen Kevin Klcckner Junior concession thrive on thirst Nancy Kmetko Bob Kolb Marcia Kon Susan Kress Pete Kruppe Ken Kuklinski Robert Kuzela Chad Lacomb Donnie Larkin Mark Larkin Ronnie Larkin Val Lauchner Donna Lea Brenda Le Brum David Lee Suzette Laforce Dwayne Leftridge Victor Legaspi Leslie Lewis Laurie Levake Joyce Light Q-sq, 419 rw A is ,V A 'hu as iv, i t , I ' 15? i t i l68 Above: Russians and would-be Russians find tractors a suitable vehicle. Right: Ray Mendez, Joe Gonzales, and Gilbert Marquez take more interest in having their picture taken tha-niihi the Homecoming Parade. ' Christina Lincoln James Lokcy William Lokey Virginia Long Joe Lopez Raymond Lopez Ed Lundecn Gail Lyons Michael McClella Robin McCormick Marcia McCulchcon Marlcah McKnight J .t -15 'WSF Bob Maze Edna Mazc Dave Mcador Eric Mecham Raymond Mendez William Metz Larry McLain Shirley Macias Frank Madrill Maxine Malony Mike Manning Gilbert Marquez Gary Martin Phil Mason Norma Mathicson Leslie Matsumoto Robert Mayncs Jill Maywald Nancy Meyers Maureen Micr Kenneth Milhoan Dixie Miller Kim Miller Preston Miller Richard Miller Crystal Milncs James Mitchell Joe Morales Gail Morcomh David Moreno Debra Morgan Gayle Morgan Cindy Morin Mary Mundy Tyrone Murdock Charlyn Nelson Scot Nelson Bonnie Neilson Marcella Neilson Phyllis Neilson lxem Norgrtwn Norl1crtNoriega .lean O'Bricn Nellie Ocho: Arnold Ocltoa li1l?l'LlFi!fYKCCi'l' CherriOlstad1 .loni Overton KLlllCl7Ul1!'l!lt!li.E!1 Charles Pcrccl llelen Pcrel C'lil'l'ord Perkins Marianna Petroll l K. ' J f "3 x 1 -,V - -..... , i i 'ga ia 5 . 0- 3 1 , - get Avi , A I V, 1 ' .ua .ix as mi Q N 1 :ity 1 X .J . Rl- i ltx . E is B 1 T S 3 '-" . gftigig l'.. " :Si 6 P 3. , Q 1 wif' ,Il Iii. I E itaon ,V f T? -any ff Yi' I . A mal! vb 5.-. ,. - -is s "' i 16 " A 2 'di' Q L 1 x V 42, -- , m I Center: Mr. Waters junior history class breaks into groups for discussion. Bottom: Junior majorette Brenda Sulzcr cracks a smile as the homecoming parade goes through town. in Si t Qc 'M Mi, l X 5 1 'x o , . 4 t 1 t sr , B ali' X . Jil Enrollment high in required classes Q Marin... 2,5 . , N , .L -f ii 5 N 4. Ed Pevler Darrell Phillippe James Poca Linda Polley Norma Porter Tim Porter Viv". . .V x- -P I ' A .4 ff' .s l7l N Q , F. N 's , I ' rr, . in 5' f 'f ii i ? 3 sv . Q. Stanley Powell Rose Marie Prado Carl Preston .lack Preusser James Queen Rose Rademan Janice Rall Charles Ramirez Donna Rathburn Richard Ratlifl' Arthur Rceths Roxanne Reynolds Nancy Roberts Steve Robertson Deborah Robinson Jamie Rodriguez John Rogers Becki Rohrs Frances Rojas Robin Ross Paul Rovey Stella Salinas Diane Sanders Dexter Sanders Charlene Sanderson Terrie Sansom Efren Santa Cruz Lynn Santa Maria Rhonda Savage Douglas Schaff Linda Scheerer Dennie Schell Gail Schneider Donald Schoene Liz Schultz Terry Schwerd Norie Scott Jennifer Scudder Joel Sell Karen Shawver Richard Sherrill Joe Shores Kay Sidor Ross Simmons Sandra Sloan David Smith Dean Smith Michelle Smith Mike Smith Ann Snowberger Juniors sponsor prom ' 4 I litfwftx . Wivl ' ' U' 'K' 'Wl"'N"i1'+PRkli3iPi l fl , " SWE lu 5 44 S lf- Q 1 1 'S . 4 fv wi, H 1 Q4 1 L -A at fri wr? S M l72 Right: Juniors of versatile nature work ta and wonder if the float will be finished in time , S , ,,,,.,LlL .. , ,ll iv i QL., i Keith Snyder Peggy Snyder Steve Snyder Kurt Springmann Andy Stanley Linda Stephens fgsiv, Fm 1 Jacqueline Stewart Bob Stinnelt David Stone Brenda Sulzer Mary Supensky Sheila Talherl Debbie Taylor Suzy Taylor Richard Thacker Dennis Thomas Lee Thompson Michael Thorson Paul Twardy Anne Twiss Anthony Varela Christina Vargas Carl Vasil Eva Vasquez Debbie Vernon Jeff Vetrano Laurie Vollete Dawn Vikre Jim Walker Mike Walsh Judith Tielleman Andy Tolmachoff David Tolmachoff Michael Tolmachoff Sandra Toloskiewich Nave Tomey Rita Toon John Tosh Gloria Tovar Tim Treuboff Michael Trier Bill Truatt Center Homecoming parade gives tumblers Cindy Decker Julie Ezell and Gail Schneider a chance to perform inthe streets .0-1 M ht' ' Ss...-.TN 4 'tw t Q Keith Snyder Peggy Snyder Steve Snyder Kurt Springmann Andy Stanley Linda Stephens 5?-2-"'. P v M it li! ul! ref W Jacqueline Stewart Bob Stinnett David Stone Brenda Sulzer Mary Supensky Sheila Talhert Debbie Taylor Suzy Taylor Richard Thacker Dennis Thomas Lee Thompson Michael Thorson Paul Twardy Anne Twiss Anthony Varela Christina Vargas Carl Vasil Eva Vasquez Debbie Vernon Jeff Vetrano Laurie Vollete Dawn Vikre .lim Walker Mike Walsh Junior "flip', for crowds Andy Tolmachoff ,V E David Tolmacholf 3 A , 1 Michael Tolmachoff ' - ' SandraToloskiewich I - - A 1 Q Q . ,- - w my '33 mic Judith Tielleman f Jf als. ' X ., kv 5 Nave Tomey Rita Toon John Tosh Gloria Tovar Tim Treubofl f Michael Trier Bill Truatt- jg. . ' -39Si.jEEE,:s'Q. 2- , it Iii!" -- -V V linsewazr " ' gt: . - ' .A ' V fffnlif J -- f N ft, .:,.!,1j4,: A , 52 if X 4 "' N--J. 'eSr.T'u I Center: Homecoming parade gives tumblers Cindy Decker, Julie Ezell, and Gail Schneider a chance to perform inthe streets. 174 iv---Q Q ...fel 'GN -'-,..- T? :,f . 34 gf . 12' 3 fi .. ailiiiiir. "1 '-Fl Qi.-45. e , . , Q "'Womens' Lib" strong among sophomores V., 46" X 1 A-U' ' C ak- iff The class of 74 under their all girl officers began their 2nd year at Glen- dale High, in rousing fashion. The first major event of the. year was a highly successful car wash even though few people worked, a S50 profit was earned. Proceeds from this car wash went to support the Oct. 22 dance after the Brophy game. Although the spirits were dampened by a home game loss, many people attended the dance and enjoyed the music of the Factory. Amidst the prepatations for home- coming the sophomore class decided to build a float atheme was picked fWe've Only Just Begun To Pin Them On The Linej and work began after many set backs, including the STICKY fingers of the senior class. They did not win a prize but deep in their hearts they knew they had done agoodjob. Aboveg Sophomore Class Officers, Wendy Behrle, Vice Presidentg Rhonda Cordrey, His- toriang Kris Krening, Treasurerg Debbie Keys, Presidentg Kathy Martin, Secretary. Right: Ecology Club members, Carole Gentry, Dene Bleeker, and Rodney Fredrickson sit amidst the "equipment" in Mr. Forsmans' room. W I 2 " f ,ag . X42 ff" 4 . 4 . W l Bonny Abeyta Tom Affeldt Elizabeth Aldama Larry Aldama Kathy Alexander Sharon Allen Jana Allison Kathy Alpert Carmen Anaya Juanita Anaya Deb Anderson Karen Anderson Renee Anderson Robert Anderson Ronald Anderson X Mark Andrew Johnny Arevalo Rosemarie Armeta Darcy Arthur David Artinian Ronda Astemborski Paul Auxier Jeff Bailey Jim Baird Ronald Balch Alice Bandeval M Ti ik ws L J fi ,G rf ,ts David Blase Kim Bloss Ginger Belcher Dene Bleeker Anita Bloomer Adolph Bohn Bonnie Bohn Barbara Amrine Darlene Barnett Karen Beauchamp Wendy Behrle Kenneth Belk Danny Bell Darwin Bellemore Gayle Benge Kathy Benge Joseph Bentzel Bonita Bergman Kevin Bieber David Bills John Birk Brian Bishop Jennifer Bishop Ronda Bitterli Danny Blackburn Barry Blaisdell Karen Blaisdell Darlene Blanchard Debbie Blankenship Kathy Bokowski Thomas Borland Shannon Bratton Ronald Budlier Carl Buelteman Lorrie Buie Ed Bull Raymond Burns Ed Burruel Albert Bustoz Steve Byrge Melody Cagnina Barbara Callahan Richard Camel Carolyn Campbell Dennis Cantu Tina Cantarella Sheree Carlton David Carroll Duffin Carter Sharon Cavanaugh Beverly Christiansen Mark Church Diane Clark Faith Cole Nellie Colegrove Chuck Connell Pam Contes Janice Cookman John Copeland Robin Cordes Rhonda Cordrey Tina Cotten James Cox Susan Crooks Steve Crooks Mark Cross Mary-Donna Cudmore Elaine Curtis Mike Dale Karen Dalstra Theresa Damiani Joe Danialek Melvin Dannehl Stefanie Daum Jack Davis Phyllis Davis Sylvia DelaHuerta Kathy Derenburger Reid Dickey Carol Dobbs Jim Douglas Sophomores leave campu for lunch bw- 'nw wa Q 1 N Wendy Douglass Ronald Dorris Linda Duay Teresa Duncan Deborah Eagan Diane Eldridge Robert Elgines Debbie Elkins Gloria Eppinger Carol Eversole Julie Escobedo Ralph Fair Joseph Falduto Eddy F arnum Donald Farris J ane Fassett Frances Feight Eileen Fenwick Steven Fernandes Fernando Montes Dayton Fiori Bill Fleming Thomas Forman Julia Fortner Scott Foster Robert Fowler Morris France Jay Frazee Rodney Fredrickson Rick Friedman Ricky Fuentes Richard Garcia Jan Garland John Gaylord Laura Gennaco Carole Gentry Ruth Gerba Terry Gessner Carol Gilbert Cathie Gilbert Robert Gilbreath Kelly Gilsdorf Rick Glazebrook Gary Grace Ronald Grady James Graham Patrick Green Anne Griner Adelina Gonzales Orbi Gonzales Phil Goss Daniel Gulliver Nancy Gunther Vicky Gutzman Eileen Hackett Fred Haddox Scott Hall Allen Hampton Gail Hansen James Hargis Margurite Harmon Debbie Harris Jeff Harris Merrie Harris Terry Harris Dennis Hart Sandy Haver Denise Havermale Ron Hazelett Debbie Heltzel Hope Herrera Mike Higins Yong Hirjak John Hohlbaugh Kathie Hornbeck Dale Howard David Hurley Joie Hutchings Sue Hutchinson Betty Irwin Gayle Jacobs Debra Jacot Joe Jenkins John Jenkins Anita Jensen Leann Johannsen Dean Johnson James Johnson Nancy Johnson Sandy Johnson Victoria Johnson Vicki Johnston Mark Jones Randy Jones Rosie Juarez Gary Kay Tom Kelly Marty Kendrick Debie Keys Cathy Kiguchi Pamela King Paula King Robert King Lyndee Kinslow Leslie Klass Mark Kleckner Bruce Kleinschmidt Kathleen Knudsen Debra Knutson Kris Krening Thomas Kurtz Kenneth Lachik Shawn Lacomb Beth Linberg David Lard Lily Ledesma Curtis Lee Marla Lee Charles Legg Candy Leija Thersa Lentz Frederick Leon Gwendelyn Lewis Kathie Lewis Robin Lipke Irene Livas Joann LiVigni Lois Light Diane Long Joe Lopez Kent Loo Craig Lovelady Debbie Luft Ray Luna Bruce Lundberg Les Lunnon Evette Lynk Mary Lynn Charles Lyon Debbie McGrew Vincent McKee Gail McMahon Joseph McMillan Debi McNulty Joy Macaluso Larry Maher Pamela Mahin Denise Mahnke Barbara Mahoney Tracy Mallette Martha Maloney Sophomores SPICC up studles Steve Mank Mark Mansfield Kathryn Martin Scheryl Martin George Mason Barry Matsumori Larry Mattert Dave Mayer Chris Maynes Ron Meador Ladeane Mecham Teresa Mecham Victoria Mehaffey Debra Melcher Melissa Mendenhall Kristi Mietzner Charles Miller Deborah Miller Michael Miller Rodney Mills Lenda Moore Frances Moreno Joe Moreno Cindy Morgan .iz wi. -. X lx ,- .,,,, .k.. ,ft is qv,-it .tt ,Q Q-. . P. 's ? all. f. be X Jennifer Morgan James Morris Joanna Morrison Wayne Mortiemore James Mount Merri Mount David Mueller Richard Mullens Delores Muse Joanne Nelson Susan Nelson Mike Nickell Sylvia Nouzovsky Kathy Odom Dave Oehlenschlager Meg O'Keefe Patty Orris Daniel Ortiz Joni Osborne Kelly Osborne Steve Ostberg Allison Ouellette Donna Oullette Patti Pace Alice Pearce J oe Perez Daniel Peterson Kerman Peterson Lori Petroff Paul Petroff Yvonne Petty Joe Pfieffer Cherri Phallippi Ron Pickerel Bonnie Pickering Lonnie Pickett James Pierce Richard Pinkerton Robert Pittaway .lohn Popoff Mike Popoff Geralyn Porch Marlon Pottarl' Duane Pressler Penni Prior Linda Pruitt Barbi Quaranta Cindy Radenmacher Debi Ramsey Leslie Relaford Dennie Remington Adam Resendes Lorraine Reeves Danny Rice Linda Riddle Joy Riner Liesel Roberts Dennis Robinson Richard Rock Joe Rodriguez Peter Rodriguez Frances Rojo Karen Roosevelt David Roper Patricia Rusinsky Rickey Salcido Betty Sanchez Gloria Sanchez James Sanchez David Sanders Joe Sandoval Belinda Sansom Susan Santa Maria Sam Saunders Kathy Schaaf Gall Schmidt Vicki Schroeder Randy Schulz Stepehn Schwalb Robin Scott John Seavers Lance Senseman Theodroe Servello Nancy Severin Julie Sexton Steve Sexton Cynthia Seymour Rich Shafer Terri Shawler Kathy Shields Ralph Shireman Linda Short Denise Shumway Karl Sidinger Jr. Paula Siebert Augusta Simpson Mary Simpson Debbie Slate Gina Smallwood X 3' 1 xi We got pirit!" '1 .i . s vvt ,il fb , ff NN t X FW: gi l 5 5 fi 'lfl 5 9329! f 1 6 Jill 1- . f H .A H , twirl? s Q S s .1 to f,,3'ffs,kE 9,1 gf 1.-.W . .vw -Q-.--..., -....-I J . ,,... ..... K ---1.1 s s ., ,,...... ,,... ..,- f-4-""""' a.-..--f ,,,,.,..--f...-u.- . -.-.---Q-4 , , y Zwol lead a cheer during a pep rally. 'W .sn Sophomore J.V. cheerleaders, Kris Krenning, Rhonda Cordrey Jan Garland Sand Van- I .K it it-5 lf A l 5 ,S , 3 the . I Calvin Smith Deedra Smith Jeoffrey Smith Terrance Smith lll Sharon Snyder Barry Spiguzza Steve Spinella Floyd Spurlock Larry Stapley Belinda Stewart Susan Stinnett Deborah Stoen Marian Stone Kenneth Sutton Craig Sweet Kevin Talbert Scott Tardy Linda Taylor Tcrrie Taylor Kevin Thomas ..,, ,, ..,t,..,,.w1...,t ...I --1 P? .... . 1 at ., xi. 187 55: K ,, L,.,, David Thorson Tim Tillia Danny Tolmachoff Jimmy Tolmaehoff James Toloskicwich Mona Topliff Conchita Torres Cruz Torres Jacque Tostensen Larry Traubcl Cyndee Trcguboff Scott Trevcy Lauri Trigilia Sharanne Trueblood Kevin Tucker Bob Turley Pam Twardy Collette Usscry Juanita Valenzuela Jim Vanderzee Julie Van Dyke Sally Van Zwol Sandy Van Zwol Salvador Vasquez Teddie Vaughan Ron Venter Allen Verhoeven Reggie Vaillanueva Kevin Voight Dorothea Wade David Wagner April Wallace Susan Walsh James Wanamaker Philip Ward Dennis Warren Liz Webb Sandy Webb Jake Weber Doug Weekley Phillip Welsheimer Debra West Andrea Whiffin Cherie White Daniel White Sophomore personalities different l til ff, f .wzf X, 1523 -, ..f 1 L Y i ' X' ll. f'k fling ,A if i ..,....-f-' my ZiiA T 'Q' J, C if fl , :J , , 1: f A .3 Nqqfii xl fifji, Center Left: Tracy Williams pauses from his busy English class to pose for the photographer. Bottom Left: Scott Trevey wonders when the leaf of fall will hit him on the head. Near Left: J.V. Cheerleader Debbie Knutson shows the cameraman her famous smile. l89 Kathy Wohlwend Dave Wood David Woods J aque White Karen White Carol Whitson June Wiese Kathy Wilder Diana Wiley Scott Wilfong Barry Wilkins Craig Wilks Debbie Williams Linda Williams Mat Williams Tracy Williams .loni Wilson Keith Wimer Willie Winfield Preston Yelton Walter Zaitz Isabel Zambrano Barbara Broadley Randy Hoover Armando Sandate 255 'pru- n 134' X , 4 ,, .. t . A A . Q I ' .Q . . IH? A.fs,.?,. fx..Jraq.5 lin: ,iizxafa M - ff. W M M ,1 f rua.. 35904 " ., ' f A' 'X 'E 'L iff V M J 44, 1 94' 1:28 V U4 lf. 2AfAiS!vm.a ,J W -avr' Q f , A 'iv -an -rip' lr! hex -7 '--lui K. we .- I X K N bf Y f 4, Q . . uk, A.. ix X X, s. , 14. , -1: , nh, l B M vu ,A-..A up 1, ,kj A ,,f...J,L 2 .. 4, Q,- M z . ,Begg K 1 191 1 "fh- f Q, . Q '11 ' b 1. , fp ff' M, ,X A af skim- an-,, ,,. 526' I , K Q xv if , X I 5,81 N 3. 'k". James Affeldt Sandra Ainslis Susan Allen Mary Allison Delia Anaya Lona Anderson Mark Anderson Rhonda Anderson Margie Andrade Cynthia Angevine Annmaria Aquila lven Archuleta Rodney Archuleta Felipe Arispe Monica Armenta Robert Armijo Kim Ashinhurst Robyn Avery Christine Ayotte Larry Backus Laurie Bailey Kevin Baker William Baker Patricia Banks Benjimen Barker Cathy Barker Robert Barker Chuck Barrus Rollie Bateman Vickie Bell Daniel Bigley Raymond Bishop Brenda Blaisdell Mara Blase Vicki Bloomer Curtis Boelteman Tommy Bolin Shannon Bomar Je :Q tv -. ' Sheri Bontrager Pat Bortel Connie Bosick Marina Bouchard Brian Bowers Michael Brendel Mike Brown Philip Brown Sharon Branham Colleen Bratton Donald Brewer David Brinkman Ann Brouhard Elizabeth Bryon Diane Budzisz Mark Busch Roger Bushong Kevin Cahill Richard Camacho Shelby Carl Karen Carlsen Mark Cavaho Brian Casey Charlyn Casey Jaime Castro Bruno Cerda Joe Chambers Laura Chaney Twyla Cherry Dave Christensen Agnes Clark Marion Coil Steve Collier Michael Combs Sandy Compton Laurie Comtois Garth Cones Donald Cooper Marc Copeland James Corey Connie Cornwell Joe Coronado Norma Coronado Melinda Coyle Nancy Cross Randy Cunningham Brenda Curl Jennifer Darby Shelley David Roberta Davila Donna Davis Jeffrey Davis Darlyn Deatherage Danny DeLaughter Wanda DeNies Dora Deremer Coleen Derenburger Debra Derr Diantha Dewey Joan Dube Clayton Dillahunty Terri Dittus Rhonda Doehring Richard Dorsey Sandra Dorris Freida Escobedo Veronica Edmondson Brian Edson Dale Edwards Kevin Elgie Pat Esparza Angelita Espinoza Liz Espionza Ray Espionza Bobby Evants Kenneth Fellars Alan Fenwick Tina Fierros 1 '-2'-'J' x 'ls nfl 1 :ldv Right: Freshman Glenn Melvin gets a hand from Miss Hobart following the coming parade. j i K if , -1 l' Cameron Filer Carl Fleming Jeannie Flores John Flores Jeff Fogelson Kimberly Foisel Beverly Fortner Ken Fraker Mark France Steve French Richard Frobes Lennie Frownfelter Cynthia Gallagher Charles Gale Peter Gallegos Linda Galler Connie Garcia Irma Garcia J oan Garner Teresa Gatica Joni Gay John Gaydosz Bruce Geho Terry Gest George Gilman Cheryl Giordano Jon Godinez Rita Godinez Maria Gonzales Eurora Gonzales Kathleen Goolsby Pat Gore Glenn Graca Dave Grado Teri Gregory Gean Gray Stasia Gutzman Norman Hailey David Haines Deborah Hair Paula Hanscom Gina Hansen Donna Harris Joanne Harris Ralph Harris Marty Hartmann Michael Hasson Cindy Hauserman Gary Heavlin Carol Heider Kathy Heistand Steven Henderson James Henry Andy Hernandez John Hernandez Kim Higgins Laura Hixson Sonia Hoeble Randall Holschlag William Holsinger Dale Holmes Rebecca Hornbeck Ricky Horton William Hoover Kathy Hubbard David Huber 1 , .,.. X H E he Freshman Eddie Wentz clowns, hoping his picture will be taken. Freshman find homework heavy. A fi ll' 5 f 'Wa . he inwxe J ' Karen Hughes Pamela Hunt Steve Hutler Edward Hutton Steve Jacobs Brad Jamison Curtis Jamison Rodney Jantzi Martin Jarvis Robert Jenkins Beverly Johnson Charles Johnson Dianna Johnson Frances Johnson Steve Johnson Terressa Johnson Vicki Johnston Rita J ojola Bryan Jones Jeannie Jones Elizabeth Kalinas Susan Kalinas Robyn Keefe David Keller David Kendall Connie Keyes Teresa King Sandra Kimsey Janet Kirby John Kissling Ray Klemencic Vicki Koelling Nancy Kolb Cindy Kon William Kotula Jeanne Kress Cindy Krisell Kerry Kurtz Lynn LaComb Phil Lamm Sherry Langley Mary Lea Susan Lechuga Deborah Lee Richard Lee Ricky Legg Daniel Leksell George Leon John Letner Nancy Leusch Keturah Lewis Kimberly Lewis Robert Lewis Larry Lick David Light Anita Lincoln David Lindenmuth Robert Livas Bruce Loden Dane Long David Long Donna Lyles Freshman float wins second place Adele Lynk Lee Lyons Scott MacDonald Pamela McCarley Jerry Mc Clellan Stephen McCullough Laurel McCutcheon Mike McGrew Michelle McKee Robin McKnight Dennis McLain Shari McLoud Nora Maddux Martha Maharrow Debra Mahnke Vicki M ahle X A 1 1 Q i I AJ , .r.. ' 'f '- I X V .J ' . ,, ,+- -, V. psf' s -ij'-" :Gifs 'r 'V . if v ' - . '.,i..miA ..- bK...Kmxgfgv2 5, , r ,L S, ef' at ,, -.fy . X , . ts, - rl it ' i. ' ll ' , ,, ' ' Ax fj. Q fb 5. 'b " ' ' . si , r- . . fi-,Q f.,'v,4 vc f,,x. f H g, . K' ,, if. .lfi.,fSMf't' 3,95 W-af .-ZLL ' wi .W fi 5 2. + f- Ax x , l ' Kathryn Mahoney Richard Menchaea Mark Manning Ricky Malone Virginia Marcoff Tom Marsh Linda Martindell Michael Mason lki Mathews lvan Matsumori Tony Mauzy Jeffery Meade Ricky Meador Annette Mecham Glenn Melvin Joan Mendez John Montoya David Moore Marynella Moschinonr Tamara Moulton Valerie Munoz Patti Neilson Jerry Nelson Josephine Nunez Juanita Nunez Mary Ochoa Jill Offenburger Charles Olson Leann Ong Phillip Ortega Anthony Ortiz Mark O'Toole Noemi Mendez Silvino Mendez Nancy Merrill Eileen Mier Fred Milhoan Robert Miller Steven Miller Gary Milligan Steven Mills Terry Mills Myrl Mineer Lupe M orales Janet Morgan Perry Monge John Morin Emma Montez Kevin Pakos Bill Panek Beverly Parker James Patterson Patricia Paylor Royce Payne Cindy Pearson Sharon Peck Ivonne Perez Michael Perez Anyta Perkins Geroge Perry Jeff Peterson Richard Petroff Joellen Pierce Cindy Pittman Karen Polomwsky Karen Potter Gary Powell Norman Preston Jeff Price Don Prior Earl Pruett Anthony Pugh Bryon Queen Mike Quest Joanne Rabbot Randy Rademacher Tim Randolf Elton Rathburn Donna Raye Robert Relaford Michale Rengstorf David Rhodes Johnny Rich Jeannie Richmond Robin Riddle Paul Rittenhouser Frances Roberts Cathy Robinson Darla Robinson Laura Rodriguez Terri Rojas Joseph Ronquillo Mark Rooks PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE Team teaching begins in Freshman English Rose Lynn Ruddell Jesse Ruiz Jimmie Russell John Russell Victoria Saenz William Salinas David Sanchez Jesse Sanchez Thomas Sanders Leigh Santa Maria Theodore Sario Sam Saunders Tamra Schenk Ken Schwark Theresa Schwortz Mark Scibilia Dennis Schmidt Susan Schmidt David Schoene Kerri Scott Jimmie Shadday Mary Shanahan i Nona Shaw Tom Shepherd 201 Earnest Sherrill Joann Shockley Randy Shoptaw Debrah Shores Linda Shultz Jefferey Siek Debbie Simmons Donna Simmons Jay Sleezer Diana Smail Deborah Smith Fred Smith Patrick Smith Paul Smith Diana Snowberger John Soares Joe Soliz Wanda Solomon Tim Sowers Johnny Standridg Dan Staniec Karen Stapley Robert Starkey Eugene Steele Larry Stephens Walter Stephens Lorraine Stephenson Michael Stewart Malcolm Stout Dolores Struebing Randy Sulzer Jean Sutter Bruce Takiguchi Hollis Taylor James Taylor Toni Teckesser Dave Thacker John Thome Elaine Thompson Joy Thompson Roger Thompson Pamela Tietjens Teresa Tolby Tim Tomberlin Ephren Tomachoff if Q K S- x, 5 I M u 1 il M .. Tina Fierros and Monica Armenta oke in class. 203 Marian Tolmachoff Richard Tosh Joy Trevcy David Trier Tony Trinchini Tina Trueblood Carole Truett Elmo Turley Raymond Turner Ricky Vandervort Julie Vandewoestine John Vasely Michael Vasil Beatrice Vargas Karen Vaughn Sharon Vaughn Mark Verhoeven Gary Waage Don Walker Jeff Walker Sherri Walker Laura Wallat Laura Walmsley Gene Waltman Linda Watkins Paula Watson Tim Wauerski I .M ag 4 f ff ,,f""','-V www, ,f""' Freshmen intrigued b new world Albert Webster James Welker Eddie Wentz Kathleen West Richard Westmoreland Susan Wheat Sherry Wheeler Cecelia White Rex Whitmoyer Lillian Winlield Mary Winlield Jack Wilcoxson Robert Wilder James Wilemon Scott Wiles Steve Wiles Harwood Williams Marcia Williams Keith Wiseman Bronwyn Withrow Sherry Wood Patricia Woodring David Wyatt Michael Wykoff Randall Zastrow Renee Zombolas Guiseppe Zuniga Top: Debbie Mahnke, Sharon Snyder, and Cyn- thia Kon are caught in a moment of industrious labor on the G.A.A. float. Far Left: A crowd of wilted, but willing spec- tators sing the school fight song at the lirst pep rally. Left: Marcia Williams struts as Homecoming Parade leads off. 205 academics 4 TOP: Mrs. Frye CENTER: Mr. Beeson, Mrs. Shaw BELOW: Miss Nelson, Mrs. Hodge, Mr. Wuci- nich, Mrs. White BOTTOM: Mr. White English department proposes curricu The hard-working English Depart- ment has, as always, assumed a heavy load at GHS. Their job is to educate and familia- rize the students with literature written throughout the ages. Literature has withstood the strife of time and it is the job of English teachers to bring alive the beauty and wonder that man's mind has left open to us, the readers. 4.1 Hopefully next year Glendale will come to know a new English curri- culum. The proposition for the new system came about as a result of last year's North Central Evaluation and also many teacher's desire to up-date the current cirriculum. The system would provide students with courses relevant to their per- sonal interests. 208 -'Q' ' :iff ff . 'Y 4 .fi 3 'I 5 World literature, developing speech and writing skills, are all a neces- sary part ofthe English Department at GHS. The largest department in the school provides students with a chance to develop various literary, speech, and journalistic techniques. Other activities related to this depart- ment include the annual plays, the Cardinal Highlights, the Speech Club, daily bulletin, and unoffically, the Cardinal Yearbook. These departments put in many hard and late hours to publish, present. and relate the things that all Glen- dale students should know or provide the opportunity to learn. TOP: Mrs. Long, Mrs. Ortiz CENTER: Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Combs, Mrs. Doerrer ABOVE: Miss Claunch, Mrs. Golub, Mrs. Arnold BELOW: Mr. Richmond Science searches realms of unknown Top Left: Mr. Pierson. Top Right: Mr. Forsman. Center Left: Mr. Stapley. Center Right: Mr. Owens. Bottom: Mr. Aylward. 210 A5 Nw, 'ba- 123-V' The Science Department at GHS annually instructs a large population of students. With its complex con- cepts, perplexing problems and super- fluous solutions, interests vary, as do the courses offered. Earth, Physical, and Biological, Elec- tronics, sciences, along with chemistry, Physics and advanced Biology seems to educate, entertain and endow stu- dents to explore endeavors of achieve- ment. Besides thrilling lectures, experimental disasters and truimphs the classes observe nature to test its laws. N ,,. Top Left: YMr. Hatton. Top Right: Mr. Cooke. Left: ,Mr. Rames. Below: Mr. Roberts Other classes participate in night labs observing the heavenly bodies. The Radio, Science and Ecology Clubs are directly affiliated with the science department, widening the areas of interests available to students. W, ---S...-W vw- aww. , if 'xi 7:25 S, 15 Social insights capably instructed TOP: Mr. France, Mr. Gualdoni, Mr. Ham CENTER: Mr. Dainty, Mr. Winslow BELOW: Mrs. Bellah 212 Did you hear about the group of 30 Glendale students who went to ob- serve courtroom procedures this year? That's just one of the many things the History Department does to in- form students of what happened yes- terday and why it is or isn't happen- ing today. With American and World, Latin American History, along with World Geography, students gain a wide knowledge of current events as well as those of other days. ABOVE: Mr. Smith, Mrs. CENTER: Mr. Shaul BELOW: Mr. Waters BOTTOM: Mr. Munoz 213 Smith, Mr. Ballard ,uf B'-'E Top Left: Mr. Schwartzkopf. Top: Mr. Stein Center Left: Mrs..Iohnson. Center Mr. Fleming. From general math to accelerated senior math, the math department presents a challenge for those students who have the pressure or initiative to progress. Many areas of occupation require math courses and these are readily available to students-broadening the field of opportunities. With a variety of courses and teachers, each math class takes on its own per- sonality. But the basic elements of hard work, impossible chapters, and homework will remain under all cir- cumstances. Top: Mr, Kish athematics challenge intellect Center: Mr. McAnervy Bottom Left: Mrs Shaw Bottom: Mr. Forrey "There's a new you coming every day " 216 Top Left: Mr. Green. Top Right: Mrs.White. Left Center: Mr. France. Right Center: Mr. Roether Bottom: Mr. Pappas. if lm: nn Top Left: Mr. Blushkofski. Top: Mr. Torok. Center: Mrs. Collins. Bottom: Mrs. Philips. With a goal of developing healthy bodies and minds, the Health and Physical Education departments emphasis mental attitude. Through varied athletic activities and intramural sports, P.E. gives student the opportunity to face up to them- selves and their challengers in the spirit of competition. This department par- ticularly seem to vibrate as the heart of school spirit. Health as an informative and realistic course provide students necessary information on mental physical and sexual health. 217 TOP: Mrs. Land, Mr, Feller CENTER: Miss Nelson, Mrs. Trainer ABOVE: Mr. Wucinich, Mrs. Hodge The Allied Arts on our campus consist of Arts, Crafts, Band, and vocal music. None of which are required but have a large enrollment. Arts and Crafts enables students to develop various artistic talents they may possess. Band not only provides entertaing half time shows, but a chance for students to achieve musical goals. Vocal music also stages concerts throughout the year. Many hours of hard work are put into these areas whether the outcome is a painting or performance, it is enjoyed by all. . No matter what language you speak, thereis another one for you at G.H.S. Be it French, German, Latin, Russian or Spanish, the many qualified teach- ers at Glendale are prepared to trans- late your language into theirs. Each language sponsors a club, all active on Glendale's campus. Many other activities include the Foreign Language Club Dinner and the International Banquet which sponsors: our incoming foreign ex- change student as well as the one wesend out. ll GMS Well rounded education necessary TOP: Mr. Koch RIGHT: Mr. Ma , M H lg BELOW: Mr. Telle M J M Sh 4 I 219 Arc-welding and cooking ABOVE: Mr. Ambrose instructs a student on skills and safety for using welding equipment. ABOVE LEFT: Mrs. Philips ABOVE CENTER: Miss Jenkins ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs.Ward Our Home Ec. Department this year has classes for everyone, freshman to seniors. It consists of Child Develop- ment, Family Living, Home Furnish- ings, Clothings, and Foods. In the changing times of this world, many girls as well as boys find these courses extremely profitable, and consider them an asset to be offered atGHS. Whether it's bathing a baby or cook- ing a soufile, the Home Economics department is there for those who are willing to take advantage of the many -practical skills opportunities. Teaching students to work with their hands at a vocational trade is the goal of our Industrial Arts Department. This department, includes auto, metal and wood shops, along with drafting and Industrial Cooperative Education. Mr. LaGrow in Auto Shop teaches students to mechanics necessary to repair the engine as well as under- stand the workings of the automo- bile. In metal shop, students learn weld- ing and general metal works, with Mr Ambrose. Mr. Green and Mr. Schwartz, share the wood shop where anything from shoe-shine bits to grin cabinets are made. The way to being a architect is through Mr. Shaw in drafting class, and Mr. Simpson instructs ICE where stu- dents gain on-the-job experience. FAR LEFT: Mr. Schwartz LEFT: Mr. Simpson BELOW FAR LEFT: Mr. Ambrose BELOW LEFT: Mr. Green ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Shaw ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. La Grow LEFT: Mr. Cada 2 Co-operative programs aid student careers With a wide variety of available courses, the business education de- partment attracts many students. The operation of various types of business machines invites students to challenge their skills and prepare themselves for na productive future in many areas of business. Also, Co-operative Vocational courses such as COE, JOE, ICE, and DE are offered. Students' problems challenge counselors TOP: Mr.Gennaco ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Branson ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Clever 224 ,P few lr - .J S 'L 1. 3 H' Jpygsqz gr , . ..... -3 f' . iff 'E -'zi ...L . Our counselors, librarians and teacher for the orthopedically handicapped are all apart of Glendale's Instruc- tional Service Department. Working out of the classroom to aid Glendale students, these people devote time, patience, and under- standing when they seem to be needed the most. The counselors, working out problem from vocational to personal, the li- brarians taking-on the tedious task of finding the information you need, and the teacher for the orthopedically handicapped who aides physical, mental and emotionally handi- capped children to achieve a normal level of proficiency, are all a vital and appreciated part of GHS. TOP: Miss Hobart ABOVE LEFT: Miss Mihas TOP RIGHT: Miss Hessney ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. Patterson LEFT: Mr. Whatley 225 Administration guides school's growth Xi TOP ROW fLeft to Righty: Dr. Howard T. Roberts, Dr. Joseph P. Vorhees, Rev. Rex Sprink, Mr. Arnold Rovey, Rev. Everett B. Luther, Dr. Arthur N. Lindberg The Board of Education, while not often seen in action, is the ultimate policy-making body of the entire school district. These elected officials serve to carry out the programs which, hopefully, will benefit the students. President of the Board is Joseph Vor- hees, a Glendale dentist. He has served two terms, for a total of ten years, and has seen great growth during his tenure. Past President is Arthur Lindberg, re- elected this year. He is a physician here in Glendale. He has a special interest in GHS as two of his daugh- ters attend school locally. Another local figure is Arnold Rovey, elected in 1968. The Roveys are long- time Glendale residents and many of their names can be found in past school records. Two ministers also hold seats on the board. Rex Sprink, who is pastor of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, is serving his first term, being elected in 1969. Everett Luther, who is affilated with the Beatitudes, was appointed to fill the term of John F. Long and is now serving his first e- lected period. Superintendant Howard Roberts is seeing the school district through a time of tremendous growth. With Apollo opening in 1970, and several others scheduled for the immediate future, the district is working hard to keep even with the Valley population explosion. .pe 'EW' ""' ...v-. Up in that front administration build- ing are the men working hard to see that things go straight at GHS. Principal, Mr. Robert Christensen, along with Assistant Principal, Mr. Wade Oliver in charge of student ser- vices, Mr. Bruce Heatwole, Assist- ant Principal in charge of student activities and Mr. Robert Hutchi- son, Dean of Students work with the school board. This frequently unobserved policy- making body serves the students and community in the best of interests. Mr.Christensen, principal since 1968, has currently seen the school through a time of change. As critics of educa- tion become louder and more com- mon, the administration has tried to see that the school curriculum becomes more responsive to student needs. It is the principal who must lead these changes and Mr. Christensen is an active voice on many committees. The job of discipline is never a plea- sant one, and you may not hear Mr. Heatwole called "Mr. Nice-Guy." Yet his duties extend far beyond dis- cipline and into all areas of student activity. Athletics, the bookstore, or- organizations-all are part of his do- main. The counseling office and registration are two major concerns for Mr. Oliver. In his third year at Glendale, he can usually be seen with a yellow-schedule- change form in his hand. A new member of the administration is the Dean of Students. Mr. Hutchi- son, a long-time teacher, stepped into the job, which is primarily concerned with attendance and tardies. TOP LEFT: Principal Robert Christensen TOP: Mrs. Juanita Gilbert distributes mail for the various teachers' boxes. CENTER LEFT: Assistant Principal Bruce Heatwole CENTER: Assistant Principal Wade Oliver ABOVE: Dean of Students Robert Hutchison I Efficiency is the name of the game for the clerical staff. They seem to know what's happening when no one else does and can usually be counted on for an answer to every problem. The front desk is ably handled by Juanita Gilbert, receptionist and general Girl-Friday. Records clerk is Mary Ann Johnston. Ladye Golter is Mr. Oliveris secretary and Gloria Headley is Mr. I-Ieatwole's secretary, Mr. Christensen's secretary is Evalyn Butler. Moving to the rear office, Thelma Coker, the nurse, is busy in her office. In the attendance office are Clara Graber and Joyce Bollinger, while Bar- bara Rogers holds forth in the book- store. Lillian Quinn can be found in the library. Pat Murdock is the aide for the Orthopedically Handicapped Program. It is difficult to imagine the school functioning without the aid and assistance of any of these dedicated women. ROW l: Buster Eaton, Ralph Renya, Russ Vaughn, Richard Arce, Jesse Mendenhall OFFICE STAFF QTOPj Gloria Headley, Mary Ann Johnston, Ladye Quinn, Clara Graber, Joyce Bollinger, Pat Murdock, Barbara Rogers, Thelma Coker -..4lJ f - 'TJQSF J'-Iliff' Classified staffs ' nsgppurwmnr5'f'!lWl!1!!::eQ.-q-E6- -mr. -- .-.f- r .Q wma cn? '5 V operate school efficiently The summer and part of the school year were spent working on the paint job that made GHS the "green school." Other major tasks included rekeying the whole school and laying a tile floor in the cafeteria. Students are fervently hoping to see work begin on the re- frigeration system, which has been so long awaited. Serving three separate lunch periods, cafeteria and snack bar workers serve a nutritious hot 'lunch as well as se- lected a la carte items. Hamburgers, sandwiches and french-fries are al- ways popular choices as the lines form every day. This year several special dinners were served where faculty and students ate together. For thanksgiving, a de- licious turkey dinner was served which only cost a quarter. At Christmas, the festive scene was repeated, featuring roast pork prepared by the FFA. 1 5 FS MAINTENANCE STAFF ROW I: Dick She- ward, Al Wagenfehr, ROW 2: Ralph Amarillas, Woody Fields, Matt Nadilla, Dave Herrera 229 -a X 6, . CAFETERIA STAFF ROW I: Nellie Aldama, Stella Rowers, Eileen O'Connor, Eloise Lopez, ROW 2: .lune Armstrong, Wanda Poteet, Ro- sella Flatten, Kate O'Leile, Vivian Pelfrey, Rosa Hughes we as .israel Vnaafmnce Sauce 7920 ""'-- '--- '- You IIIIFHIIIII lfmrmm MGHII' 0 7011 North 58th Ave. 934-7201 SLACK MOTORS ' xx uf, Michaelee Jewelers Watch, Jewelry 8L Clock Repairing 5804 W. Glenn DF- Glendale, Arizona Engraving Humble Complete 85301 Oil Products Auto Repair 5403 West Glendale Ave., Glendale, Arizona Phone 939-4852 -I 1 a 1.:fE2 in Q Congratulations Class of '72 'i:ii"i' Zp. WS L, t 4 Best wishes for good fortune in your world- A I., 4 .g 4 4595.0 .-li . ..:-4,5 5 .p,: ::.:,. F ""'t G 2 ii iii ll ii R ttiiii ft: 1' "tl "9-f .,.:: "1'i i'i"i"i"'i" gr, ::. ,, ,a.: 6 lits l FIRST A A NAHONAL Qian gg?R'lizoNA Ip: g:ipgpp :rr roi.ariosoo 'Enr'.s'M- - If f, . - .,i-N r H - mf: -5:-QQ, V , 4 -N-.. ELECTRIC CO. NIAYTAG GIBSON WESTINGHOUSE Store 84 Office 937-9277 Electrical Service 937-4622 Appliance Service 937-5581 5323 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale R.J. Griner Auto 8: Home Supply Industrial Supplies Machine Shop 5434 W. Glendale 937-4704 www- ii X Glendale Floral and Gift Shop 5743 West Glendale Avenue SALES 8L 937-7543 C.Carlton Pitts and Martha Pitts J.C. PENNEY'S 7015 N. 57th Drive GLENDALE Shop Now for Tops and Bottoms in the New "Right on" Looks - Complete Now Looks are now ours JACK REED'S MAZDA 4539 West Glendale Avenue P.O. Box 185 Glendale, Arizona 85301 SERVICE PHONE 934-5208 THE MONEY STORE THUNDERBIRD BANK Glendale Phoenix Sun City Your Special Service Bank f Member FD I C Glendals Bus Depot Tickets 0 Package Express Charters oTours AGENTS FOR Greyhound Westem Union Las Vegas Tonaph Stages Sun Valley Bus Lines 6821 North 57th Ave. 939-9797 "An investment in knowledge a lumys pays ' ' ' E-lART?E R IES Ggllilsgxggses the befl Wllefesl. TEl.EvlsloNs svonrlno Gooos 5,5558 EQ5'2iEfUPPL'ES - ra n i F n 7029 North 57th Avenue, Glendale fm 'TPIE' . 5,5-1201-eeiew Member F.D.I.C. Glendale Ofjqce . 5552 West Glendale Avenue Miller Tire and Supply Co Tires for YOU 5735 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale O EVER? READY l ,., DRUG COMPANY ,fx Q MZ' Ii CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1972 6829 North 58th Drive, Glendale A TRUE VALUE ASSOCIATED STORE 5757 WEST GLENDALE AVENUE GLENDA LE, ARIZONA PHONE 937-7521 r',,,, q1A A 0 f FLUORI EFIRPETI TIL xg? r 2 -'fl Flooring noon the S D , ' LIAR. inc, 5609 W. Glendale Ave. - H 5 of HA ' GLBQDALE. ARIZONA 4 A lptar . A "bww, you, mi, why," N Qmstrong 7123 North 5 AVID!!! C9 vdale, Arizona xxx ri ,Z Phone 937-3321 sue MCDANIEL. Presj ' 93k298I - JONES' WHITNEY BROTHERS WESTERN STORES LAUNDROMAT TONY LAMA BooTs . RESISTOL HATS Laundry and Dry Cleaning ll f M 0 l..3dlC5 Westem Fashlons '- 5808 West Glenn Drive BY Pfwffl-H550 ,F Heyy E, , 'LCVlS8LWf8HglCFS . if U lv' 'Gross Tailored Suits -V .a'ff'e l Glendale, Arizona Glendale Phoenix ' if f ', , Phone 937-9302 934-5592 252-2117 V- 1009 N. 58th Ave 101 E. Washington ," CONGRATULATIONS 'je Eeaarakip Mal .Sifruice gain" W 7 P.o. Box 1407 - GLENDALE, ARIZONA 4 Q 4 5300 GRAND AVENUE - 85301 PHONES 937-l60l - 258-4545 K, - .V in Milli. E ily X If Performance Is Your Thrng zthunal Speed Glenier nf Glendale - ' IS 2"f'H' 1f QT f r 1 ,plgltgh 5807 W. Glendale Avenue 0 Glendale Arrzona 85301 Telephone 939 4262 Open 9-9 Weekdays 9 5 Sat Glendale Offlce Supply MOTOR SUPPLY COMPANY 5805 West Glendale Avenue Glefldale AFIZOHB F? all IWWWWWWW ' .l 'lift xfiifll W4f,fflffrfWf L P' 'Ein Q ee' KU 5 U 'Q 3 X Yo ond the villa ll- ... ...- Wkilllll. ll"'L' A. T Q lr-ilu llllklli ' fn.. ' f Sie, ZQYHWN qs M, U .1lf77Qv7x,s: '- elgrly ,,,,yV .....-.--- Look to your nearby Valley Bank office for ' Q X f l .f Q friendly guidance as you enter the business llwlblww, 'E ' df, ' ai world. We are vitally interested in you, for L mm f ,UW ii L tom'orrow's Arizona leaders will come from J' ' Q 1' your ranks. We want you as a customer, and L gg. A A will appreciate your account, however small. 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Glendale. Arla. umlililf You. Ploalu Ui" E THE SHOE TREE OPEN EVENINGS NIIA ROSE FASHIONS Glendale, Arizona D 85 RRCCOMS MASTERS TV sl STEREO ' - Dicos Mexicanos 0 Teen Beat Stereo Tapes 0 Country Western . 7016 N. 58th Drnve Glendale, Arizona 5752 W. Glendale Ave. Phone 939-8356 Glendale, Arizona, 8530I Ph0nC 934-9l6l Ralph 8a Thelma Masters-Owners The BEST semor portralts fzgzr A A are 6140 N. 67th Avenue Glendale, Arizona 85301 Phone 934-5760 9223 Congratulations anf Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 72 Many thanks to those of you who chose our Studio for your Senior Portraits We will be looking forward to meeting the class of 73 Saguaro Studio your home town Photo Shop serving Glendale for almost two decades ls the economy trying to tell you something? WW-Pa'mai'e BOB GRANT VOLKSWAGEN Phone 937-8591 for your appt. 4434 W. Glendale Ave. 939-9731 253-5295 Glendale, Arizona SA LES-SERVICE--PARTS Now that you,ve survived another year what does it mean? It all seems so much the same. Still, everything changes through one school year. . . and you're part of that change. Everything moves around youjust as life changes even as you live it. The people you meet and the things you do . .. it all makes you more ofa person in the way you live . . . and laugh . . . and love. Life at Glendale, it becomes a part ofyou as you change to make the world what it is. 238 8 1 Q u F . . N. . 5.3 . .. 1 Q 'WML i ..g. 1 f .. ,ef , .... X, Q,k,,,fs - f X .. sf . M ,N L my iff 1 .Q .,, +R .. .VA YQ. S. Q., Q I N A ,-.. Yi . 5' - , ,.', . MW" W L A K if - kiiigf, yr: A N sf S Editor's page a year in the making Advisor Ms. Laura Claunch NOW WATCH THIS! Watch this life before it gets past. There's too much ofit to live. If this yearbook does its job well, this year will not pass without a lasting memory preserved in print. A chron- icle of the people of Glendale High and what made them what they were and shaped the rest of their lives. Life with all of its times, both happy and sad, full of exuberant human com- plexities. The small mosaic yearbook staff tried to capture these complexities, complex in itself being a mosaic cross-section of the student population. There was every representation on the staff, ranging from super-freak to super- straight. Most of the time all were super-tired. The book and making it was full of fun and surprises. Like finding strange cryptic writings on the walls of the darkroom or having to walk around without stepping on layouts or trip- ping over Coke Bottles. The midnight forays across the campus for refresh- ments through the National Guard lines were fun too. The most important decisions were made at the strangest times, like 4:15 in the afternoon. With a staff like we had, strange times were unavoidable. Everyone deserves a great deal. Steve Abeyta should be honored for his great contribution of innovative art- work on the cover and division pages. He and Genny Batcheller spent their hours and talent on layout and copy in the critical early stages of produc- tion. Gloria Eppinger and Debbie Edwards worked over a hot typewriter as the staff kept them busy, just as Terry Black, our Advertising Man- ager, kept everyone busy turning in ads to lay out. Becki Rohrs worked as Organization Editor, Carol Eppinger took on the mammoth Class section Qas well as everything elsej, and .Ion Johnson was academics and Faculty Editor. All three constructed their own sections, as well as helping each other out and completing Tim Grace's sports section for him. Theresa Damiani and Nancy Kmetko dropped by once in a while to help as well as various other students and Thespians who walked through the door and into the middle of your yearbook. Also, for the first time ever, the whole staff worked at some time or another in the darkroom along with our sole full-time darkroom technician, Eric Mecham. Of course, the entire staff has to look to one person, our advisor, Ms. Laura Clauncholly did everything we couldn't or didn't think of doing land that's saying quite a lotj. Without her help the book would have folded in the planning stages. i wish i knew, i wish i knew, what makes me me, what makes you you Cal SICVCIIS Editor Dan Ronnie 240 F A 99 Q5 Y N J 'Dx Ay XSNQ1 X Jag? NP' CY 56 X YQ gd by pw CM Xa pg Xu NN. X55 fry XWXPSV We ww Y Wf Sfj1Q15f'X, bg? A 'X UIQ My QB sfgx Q EL fx f M. vj. , 5 we 'bb Q? i l D gi

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