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-if inal f M ,-9, 1 5 1 ,1 rx 4' ar ,F 1 ,J 1. .,, -swan, Q- -vu- , - ., ,,.,,v.,k.,wW,, A , E- niibpv GLENDALE HIGH SCHGOL 62 I6 W. Glendale Avenue Glendale, Arizona Volume X ill Ill yr-fy THE GARDINAL I 967 To every Thing There is a season, and a Time To every purpose under The heaven. a Time To be born, and a Time To die: a Time To planT, and a Time To pluck up Thai which is planTecl: a Time To kill, and a Time To heal: a Time To break down, and a Time To build up: a Time To weep, ancl a Time To laugh: a Time To mourn, and a Time To dance: a Time To casT away sTones, and a Time To gafher sfones TogeTher: a Time To embrace, and a Time To refrain from embracing: a Time To geT, and a Time To lose: a Time To keep, and a Time To casT away: a Time To rend, and a Time To sew: a Time To keep silence, and a Time To speak: a Time To love, and a Time To haTe: a Time of war, and a Time of peace. ..He haTh made every Thing beauTiful in his Time... EcclesiasTes 3:1-8, 11 N F Lwi 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS We realized that it was time for a change, so you will find some significant additions to the content of this annual. Therefore, we have decided to explain a little about each section. FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION The intent of this section is to acquaint the students with the teachers and other members of the faculty and administration. It provides a record of the colleges attended and the degrees earned by the teachers. CLASSES This is the section entirely dedicated to the individual student. Each student is associated with his class as a whole as well as with the students in his class. The seniors, of course, receive the most attention in the Classes section. On page 248 is the Senior Index where the accomplishments of each senior is listcd with his or her name. SPORTS In the sports section we have attempted to portray the excitement and spirit of the athletic seasons at Glendale High School. Although action pictures constitute most of this section, some space rnust be devoted to recording the accomplishments of the teams by scoreboxes and group shots. ROYALTY Those whom we have chosen to honor at special occasions such as Homecoming and the Harvest Dance appear in this section with the grace, poise, and charrn for which we selected them. Of course, these people are presented in a special way with a unique art work. 4 HONOREES Students selected by their classmates or teachers tor special honors such as Boys State or Publications Workshop are given first place in this section. Outstanding talent, citizenship, or scholarship is recognized here. ACADEMIC Because we felt that the academic life of the students was not stressed adequately in previous years, we decided to devote a whole section to this phase ot activity at Glendale High School. Everything from freshman P.E. to introductory analysis is covered here. ORGANIZATIONS Just about everyone on campus belongs to one club or another. So, in this section, everyone gets into the act. We have tried to tell a little about rnost of the clubs. Activities and accomplishments ot the various organizations throughout the year appear. STUDENT LIFE Everyday events become important and special occasions recapture their spell ot excitement in the Student Life section. Years from now when you glance through this part of our annual, we hope that you will be able to relive your year I966-67 at Glendale High. -ADVERTISING 5 I Faculty and Administration xrml X II rx III mr nz IIIIII - ".k l MR. JOHN IRWIN This I967 Cardinal is an ouTsTanding example of The creaTive power which is presenT in some degree and in some Torm in all of us. IT represenTs The planning, The wriTing, The phoTography, The arT, and The ToTal coordinaTion which has ulTimaTely given us anoTher admirable year- book. The members of The sTaTT have every reason To be proud of Their eTTorTs in bringing us a Tine memenTo of The T966-67 school year. They have anoTher reason To be pleased as They have demonsTraTed one of The counTIess opporTuniTies To be creaTive. Schools and all oTher social siTuaTions are overflowing wiTh chances for each of us To besT use his own individual TaIenTsg coordinaTe Them wiTh The skills of oThers, and uITimaTeIy produce or creaTe. My Thank you To The sTaTT of This yearbook Tor The book iTseIT and The example They have given Through Their work. John Irwin, Principal 7 As District Superintendent, Mr. Howard Roberts is the administrative head of the five-school Glendale Union High School District. His many duties include the interviewing of new teachers and staff personnel, plan- ning ot new buildings and proiects for presentation to the Board ot Education for approval, and the development ot curricu- lum and materials for the district. MR. HOWARD ROBERTS District Superintendent BOARD OF EDUCATION: Mr. Don Sanderson, Dr. Joseph P. Voorhees, Mr. Art Sine, Mrs. Graydon B. Hall, Reverend Everett B. Luther MQ' ' MR. JOHN IRWIN Principal MR. ROBERT CHRISTENSEN Assistant Principal for Student Activities Once again The students of Glendale High School are to be commended for Their fine contributions To The school's activity program. Many worthwhile values are gained Through school attendance outside of The regular academic classroom, and iT is Through The activity program that many values are developed. To Those students returning To school next year, please give serious consideration To including one or more activities in your Total school schedule. R. Christensen AT The close of The school year, iT is an appropriate Time To examine The past and plan The future. Has The past year been as successful as iT might have been? Were There constructive mistakes which will be valuable To present and future plans? Real- istic planning now can provide an oppor- tunity for effective living in The coming years. Mr. Richardson MR. CHARLES RICHARDSON Assistant Principal for Student Services ' MR. RAYMOND BRANSON Northwestern University Q Masters MR. ARMAND R. GENNACO Arizona State University Masters i f 3 Itzr lr' kk I M Q E , ,,' . ' MISS SHIRLEY MIHAS Eastern New Mexico University Masters Time Taken By Counselors Used On Student and ??? MRS. MARGARET SEYMOUR Arizona State University Masters MRS. SHIRLEY UNDERBAKKE Winona State College KI ii T' Masters I MR. JOHN WHATLEY La. State University Masters I0 Business Education MRS. DIANE BERTAMI University of Arizona B.S. MISS MURIEL DAWSON Indiana State University M.S. MR. BRUCE HEATWOLE Northern Arizona University M.A. MISS BEVERLY JARVIS Arizona State University M.A. MR. FRANK MERLINO Arizona State University M.A. MR. DONALD MILLER Kansas State College B.S. MRS. BEVERLY NIELSEN Arizona State University M.A. MR. RALPH MORGAN Arizona State University M.A. Industrial Arts MR. STEVE LaGROW Arizona State University M.A. MR. ALLEN SHAW Colorado State College M.A. MR. CHARLES SCHMIDT Arizona State University M.A. MR. ED GREEN Southern Iliinois University M.S. MR. HUGH JOHNSON Mankato State B.S. e r iff Ai 1 . 'QF' -Lu, , I f 5 3 f sg- scg M' ,Q s f f t MR. RICHARD FLEMING Arizona State University M.A. MR. ALLEN FORREY University of Arizona B.S. MR. WALTER KISH University of Missouri B.S. MR. RUSSELL MCANERNY New Mexico Highlands M.S. -1 'M MR. DEL STAPLEY Arizona State University MR. EDWARD SCHWARTZKOPF Fort Hays State College B.S. MR. JAMES SENTER Arizona State University B.A. M fr 'T Q14 'I JZ l 2 is if . r 3 we we if ' , S .1 if i is I if K vi Science MR. RICHARD AYLWARD University of Wisconsin M.S. MR. RICHARD CLEVER Ohio State University M.A. MR. JAMES FORSMAN Northern Arizona University B.S. MR. NED HATTON Arizona State University M.A. MISS BERTHA LINDBLAD Colorado State College M.A. MR. RICHARD OWENS Arizona State University B.S. MR. WAYNE PIERSON L.A. State College B.A. MR. STEVE RAMES University of South Dakota M.A. MR. JOE ROBERTS University of Arkansas M. Ed. Math MR. GARY ESTES Grand Canyon College rli' I B.S. 4 . S., V ts- 1 I E I ij 1.15 . ,ff A I s I KAIL N ' I2 it Social Studies MR. ABEL AMAYA University of Arizona ' B.A. MRS. CHARLOTTE BELLAH University of Texas B.A. MR. RICHARD BRIDGMAN University of Nebraska me 'ff' R H- 4-11. ,J . aygy L B.S. I MRS. ARDETH CROPPER o r MR. DAN HAM 5 I IUAnQZlersity of Arizona MR. BILL SMITH Arizona State University B.A. MRS. PAT SMITH Arizona State University B.S. MR. ROBERT WASBOTTEN Arizona State University B.A. MR. ROBERT HUTCHISON I Southern Illinois University MR. REX SHAUL University of Arizona M.A. MRS. SHIRLEY SHIME Arizona State University B.A. I3 University of Arizona B.A. - MR. JAMES GUALDONI Southern IIIinois University M.S. MR. JOHN HALL Fort Hays State College M.S. MR. AL MUNOZ Northern Arizona University M.A. R I .1 eff W - E ngl ish MISS BETTYE BEAUCHAMP Michigan State University L MR. GLENN BEESON Arizona State University I Q L MRS. JUNE COMBS ' I Arizona State University l ' BA MR. EDWARD COX Chapman College B.A. MRS. ANN DENNIS Arizona State University M.A. I Mies. CAROL HULLIHEN University of Western Penn. B.S. MRS. VIRGINIA LONG Arizona State University M.A. MRS. SH ERYL O'DON NELL Arizona State University B.A. MR. MILNOR RICHMOND University of Arizona ZZ, MR. JAMES MCALLISTER MA- University of So. California M.A. P1 may ,A are-X fly K 3? MRS. LILLIAN SHAW Denver University M.A. MRS. DOROTHY WHITE Arizona State University B.A. ene MR. GEORGE WHITE A., ,,., Gonzaga University 'A . . 4 : A , B.A. .L U 1- A I1 3 .,. I4 Mies. SHARON WOLFRUM I f ,e. Colorado State College f I MR. ELI WUCINICH Arizona State University M A sv 5? fi Agriculture MR. OWEN ALLEN Colorado State College Physical Education :gg i MR. JOHN BLUSH KOFSKl l X' University of Arizona Mid' P. E. classes have fun during square dancing time MR. KEN FRANCE University of Nebraska M. P.E. MRS. BARBARA FREEHILL Fointbonne College B.A. MRS. LESLIE LEE Arizona State University B.A. MRS. HARRIET LEEKE Arizona State University M.A. 'L A fi L if y MR, GUS PAPPAS a ' - I , , Iowa State College . A :ig . 1 . . b B.A. get - ..,. if f- X MRS. MELBA PHILLIPS N " gf! Arizona State University V t L ' . B-A- fin ,. ti. ' W ,f ' MR. JOE ROSANIA 'L iilii J Grand Canyon College .. , BS' I5 +21 I f MRS. LITA TRAINER Arizona State University MRS. GRACE GOLDSTEIN Hunter College B.A. . IE MISS JANIS JENKINS V mx it University of Arizona 1' I W M.A. ,N MRS. AVESTA WARD ' 2" ' Arizona State University lr 5 N M.s. i rs. 5 IW I. I Allied Arts qua.-Q.. ,pgs I ,, ',,- K -4 Foreign Language MR. DONALD BRINK Bemidji State College B.S. MISS MAEGENE NELSON Texas Technological College B.A. MRS. CHRISTIANA PRESS Lawrence University B.A. Home Economics MRS. LINDA GENTRY MRS. VIRGINIA JONES MR. LYLE KOCH University of Arizona M.A. MR. KEITH MAVES Arizona State University M.A. MRS. JEAN THOMAS University of Arizona B.F.A. R Library .xx MRS. MARGARET MCGOWAN MRS. ETHEL DOELLING Arizona State University Clerk M.A. Time taken by cafeteria ladies provide students a meal I' fe-Mi QW s ""5 is 54 W. WW 1 n ef f ra 2 ' 5 ' :rif t 1 1 MRS. MILDRED ALLRED MRS. GERTRUDE GARNER MRS. MARIE GRIFF Manager Snackbar Manager Cook ... -rila 1 a' i . ' 'EV hif i- " ag- 3 R- . R I ' 2 .Lg V I - vii .., i V -,,.V ,h MRS. BETTY OGREN MRS. MARGE GRIEGER MRS. BERNICE HAMMON Baker Helper Helper I7 The Senior Class Thanks the GHS Personnel for Helping Them Through Their Hi-School Years MRS. NORMA WYRICK Clerk-Typist MRS. THELMA COKER Nurse I8 MRS. LUCILLE MOSBY Secretary MRS. ESTHER ARMSTORNG Clerk-Typist MRS. EVALYN BUTLER Attendance Secretary MRS. JUANITA GILBERT Receptionist MRS. GLEORIA HEADLEY Records Clerk MRS. BARBARA RODGERS Bookstore Manager Maintenance Staff MR. A. H. WAGENFEHR Supervisor MR. E. W. SHEWARD Lead Man MR. ANGEL AN DRADE Custodian MR. DONALD BEATON Custodian MR. BENTLEY GRIFFIN Maintenance MR. RICHARD CRIDER Custodian MR. WOODROW FIELDS Equipment Man MR. WALTER JAKOBS Custodian MR. FRAN K KOSA Custodian MR. ALBERT MAPES Custodian MR. MANUEL MARQUEZ Custodian MR. PAUL PETERS Maintenance MR. JOSEPH RANGEL Custodian MR. C. R. VAUGHN Custodian A E! 'Inu-ani' if Classes mm 1 X, II IX 111 IZIII Elm! "'l'C!'i'1'KT1i" 5 1 -. lv :- ,..1. A ..'l .lx .:"rf" 'Lf ff- .1 ,J , 2' Pi' Senior Class Officers BILL CRISWELL MIKE BOOKOUT President Vice-President MARY ALICE PULLINS MARTI TENUTA ANNIE WILLIAMS Historian Secretary Treasurer .loaf Aasen Janice Abram Jose Acuna Susan Addison , 3' A ' A ff v ', i 5, Q fi: HM ' . l g y g , A l y A Gladys Allen Younda Allen Janice Alley 5' l f 'I WWA G Andrew Allison Peggy Amperse Frances Anaya l.eOn0r Anaya Jaf1lS And9VS0l'1 Josephine Apodaca Gary Armstrong 23 Larry Arnold Ernest Aro Roy Aroz Henry Asistin Anfonia Aspeitia Bill Austin Carole Bachman ,A Michael Baird John Baker Kristine Balch Michael Ball Patricia Balfz V ayq. We ' -Q: E ,f A -'fff"irwf 5 1 ,,,. William Bandl Doroihy Barron Robert Barton Jonathon Basham Jeffrey Bauer Charles Bayless Rose Anne Belk Dwight Bennett William Bennett Pamela Bentley Robert Berger Carol Bielenda K K Al 3 wah ,.., i ,. ,. . .V Z I . Va E F 'vga l Edith BilllngTOn Bruce Bills Ladd Biscotti Sharon Blackburn 25 -GAA Carolyn Blevins Frank Blume Benjamin Bodine Michael Bookouf Q,,,,pi.,, V . . pg A ,A ,A 1 i1,i B fi 4 iiii ii 7 53 1 B A L. Michael Bowen Michele Bowley Karen Boyer Patrick Boyer Robert Branch, Jr. Lloyd Brill i i Judy Briifon Lana Brooks Edward Buckley Janei Bull 26 ,sr --Ql,s,M A .,,M5.i5,,, g P I , H .:, g ,2?j , lil , C L A Laura Burgess Freddie Burpo Dinah Burross Norma Burruel , ,f YW .Q N ? - - Nik, , aaa' xa'a l QYW-if l A. Helen Butler l Cheryl Chambers Ted Carlson Olivia Chavez A aikisililffb P75 E5 .iffafdil Peggy Canfarella Betty Carey Joe Carreon Glenn Celenfano , Gall," -- . . ,::,1.7" 1-b -1 Ks S ,Q-CY lim if 'wb' Q Paul Chmielewski Louise Chrisfensen 27 James Clark James Clayion Roger Cole Marvin Colvin Roberta Combs John Congrove Ellen Conies Linda Cook Carol Cox Dorothy Craig if,-1 5 ll Ed Crawford Bunyon Creekmore Russell Crenshaw William Criswell 28 Nye Cross, Jr. ,A Sfeven Crowe Nancy Cunningham Gary Currey Marilyn Dad Paula Danielek Michael Daughfry Sandra Davidson Roberta Davis Stephen Davis Linda Decker Sharon Desmond Lynda Diererich 29 Sandra Dismond M 4.3. Patricia Diviney Raymond Doss Sandra Downs Marilyn Drofleff D l - as -iia ll E as L E L L yyc,s L " 1' L 7 L J' ' ' 5 L 1 y Q y 3,5 Larry Duncan f 'iii. Vii David Durfee D E E 'P ' 'K E g i Q1 y Lynn Dyer Dennis Dylong Cathy Eldridge Loyd Ellio'rT gh Becky Elmer Joe Eppinger Jerry Espinoza Sieven Espinoza 30 ...nd Susan Farnsworth Cindy Felix Phyllis Ferrin Lee Roy Fink Susan Fischer Carrer Field Robert Flavell . Al Grace Flores Maierle Foglesong Mary Former Larry Foughiy Sandra Franzmeier Hilda Fuenies Brian Gable 3l i Anita Garcia Irma Garcia William Gariing ParnelIa'Garner 6 fra iw ei Kathleen Garrett M , , A Barbara Gates V .V or K, Dorothea Gerzabek V 2 g tifi 1 i A Ki Sf . f Brenda Goforth Mark Golliher , N, In rt! iw P Ruth Gordon Q'-.J g 1 4 Dixie Granger Margery Grantham Greg Gregersen Cathy Griffin 32 fi :ij , Albert Griialva Leon Guess Barbara Habernig Patricia Hackett Sharla Hahn Billy Hailey Jessie Halacy' Judith Hall Troy Hamilton Robin Hammons Gary Handley Frank Hanson Margaret Haro Catherine Harris 33 Jeffrey Harris Phihp Harris Cassie Hayes Shelton Head Dale Henderson Marsha Henry Afanacio Hernandez Rosemarie Hernandez Yolanda Hernandez James Heyl Robert Hilf Thomas Hollobaugh Karen Hood Sara Hom 34 l Ronnie Hospelhorn Catherine Huber Roberf Humphreys FS' Donna Hufchinson Daryl Hutchison Cheryl Hyde Kristin Hyde Rosa Jacobs Steven Jeffrey 1 4 Dennis Jenkins Cora Johnson Dee Ann Johnson DebOl'Bi'1 JOHNSON 35 Pamela Johnson v J 'J of . in , A Carolyn Ketchum K msztefsafi f J c oo na o ao K 5 V ,,, X K3 I if 5 if 4 1 mf . J f Vikki Johnson Ingrid Jones Margaret Jones 1 Nancy Kadomoto Larry Kamp Robert Kanaley Kathleen Kelley Elaine Kent . A,'! fi l lll' ', . A ' - yyi 1 'l'l J La Joyce Kerns ul' ' I? . Harold Kitchen Danielle Klatt Patricia Koebbe 36 Connie Knox John Koehler Winona Kon Keifh Kosier James Krisell Danny Krueger James Kuzela Sterling Lanphear Ada Leach William Leaolford Jim LeForce Eleasar Lerma Deidra Leslie Virginia Leuser 37 Q i l James Lewis Eileen Lincoln Michael Lindley Karen Long Eloisa Lopez fl Mary Lopez r Sandra Loveioy Sheryl Lovejoy Jean Lynch Lyle McGill ..l I L - - ffl sr - . , I W, , . "" " r a i,,i .L ,, ,, , A ,,1, ,. , , -'NL , . ggi ff" K' 2 Q Q f Q- v s? ,X Merrilyn McMackin Richard Madril Diana Manoloza Robert Mann 38 Keith Marsh Lupe Martinez Ricardo Martinez Rene Mathis Antonio Mendez Carol Menifee Lucia Mercado Doris Miller Dennis Mecham Nancy Mecham Kraig Medlyn Sandra Miller Linda Miyauchi Eva Mohammed W KW A Francisca Moreno Donna Mueller Kenneth Murphy Shirley Newbury 4 '51..1'9' Linda Morey William Mofhershead fi ' Joa n ne Moroyoshi Wendy Newport Cheryl Nielsen Janis Norlhen K O'B ' Phillip Okuma Edward Ortega Mary Nygard erry rien L John Ortiz Patricia Owens Donna Parsons Shirley Patterson ,lf f ' Ann Paulick H V Y We erez 4 Kathleen Perkins Pamela Pevler i""f .A Q ir, . , X' t o e "E, Charles Pieper fr' A John Porter l PGVWY POSGY Deborah Povlfer William Prior Darlene Pruitt 4l 1 if 1 3 Mary Alice Pullins Thelma Reese Barbara Reynolds Bobby Rlwudy Don Ream Dean Reed Mickie Reed Cathy Ridgeway Rodney Robideau William Robinson L W ,z Lyfiil ,A Janet Rockefi Erlinda Rodriguez Trudy Rogers RObeVT Rohr 42 3 ,fr L f Q ,, , , .,.-, ,IIA i ' ' - , -- ff - .:, U V , 4, V 2 , 'f' 52.4 1, '-:" ' 'f" - K , 3 I ,, , A , 4 H, Y s, - 2, ' ",' f ' H V A -Q ee. , f... . Qi 11 'f' V tg, 'Y I. , K, Vrkk V , I i ,:. ,, 1 , , Kennefh Roper Cargl Rogghke Jean Royer Beverly Ruofi br A , L.z e,ie L ,e ee,t:. S R h S R . J J 5 1.' K Ai o Richard Scheer Daniel Schroeder Jerry Scott Samuel Russell Carmen Salas Maria Salas Theresifa Salazar Steven Sanderson Raymond Sargenf Jerry Shambaugh ,K it .JM . , L fb 5 if Q Betty Shaw John Short Evelyn Siek Vicki Smith Rose Ann Snell ll Kenneth Sorensen Frances Spinella 5 ., -fmt David Spurlock Michael Staniec Daniel Stecker Qgx em X Nr. T3 Sharon Stein Kathryn Stephens Dwight Stewart Herchell Stinnett 44 Mark Swanson Dewaine Swartz Marti Tenufa MFCHGGI Terry Berniece Thiessen Sandra Thompson Barbara Treusdell e Marvin Valdez Carol Valikai Greg Valenzuella Linda Vanderbilf Gail Varney Eddie Varnurn Tony Vlahopoulos 45 Robert Wagoner Michael Weiss Roy Wiley Michael Wilkinson Connie Williams Annie Williams Pamela Williams . . Edwina Wallat Carolyn Watson Linda Webb Stacey Williams L Shirley Willis xl , 1 Pamela Wright Robert Yarnell A Juanita Yates Vickie Young Amelia Zepeda Herbert Anderson A mf? -is Ll , f C, C, Xi 3 6' - Q if 4 X W ef rr it ' 5 . C ggi Za ,fg 3" 1 H l riffslszl 172'.'?v.m,,mifw i-J Cindy Backherms Melba Burnett Sharon Corbin Steve Craig 5- X i ' i" -r', ' li if fl' is Hortensia Delgado Jim Delgado John Garcia Sarah Horst ...NK Del Jackson Barbara Jones Donald Littrell Donna Martin 47 ..-1-1-1 Larry Martmez Brll Radder Edith Parker Isabel Nunez H? ,G Rene Mathis Judy Britton and Krxs Hyde demonstrate the Japanese tea ceremony rn Mr Rlchmonds World Literature 48 SENIORS' interests range through a broad spectra, including Junior Class Officers Wxpwvvwnn-naar DIANE MASON LINDA BAXTER SHERRY COLE Historian Treasurer Secretary MARK BURTON RANDY TREVEY Vice-President President 50 A 7 r . X R A as i i 3 , as SQ 1 I .. Ar -- ,K .-sm. .. 1 J ilis i i, ' 5 J J A 1 N + is 'ig j .9 2 ' - ss 2 . .. 1 we as 'fr ff J , i 'R siyy f is A s r WL LJ W X,h. K K 5 ,ff Y, ,Y , gl 3, ' A V- wil. Ja . it lies' 5 . if 3fl"2"3 5'?1,- - .- ,H J . Q . mi, if W . 5.24: 3 .- ., any is n ff ' : K .v fs' Hs J ,Qi ,-. 1 mc " s SE - ' ie. X S. Xi Q N We s s in .1 aff:-2 .gn 'Tx J qu .4 ,a.:,, ai.. .an il Haba, Q F Ph 'X fs xg EQ Qi! 9 f s f . ..x.. , r, -. U. Q .- , . . , , V, .4 . pn an 1,9-. s, , -, ,. .sm , , : 1" .,,"s z Q oe' f .' , Q. . 1 r,,,.: .9 .z Q 'Z'.u71L " :."','n wishful' 5I .ax S? r E fr y Evelyn Abeyia Sandra Absher Carol Adams Henry Alcaraz Kenneth Allen Rebecca Allen June Allison Jesus Alvira Julian Arnparan John Anaya R. Andrade Ernest Arce Mark Armiio Debra Arnold Michael Ashcraft Larry Aviles Joseph Baker Kimberly Baker Laura Bakken Linda Ball i f ary S s , , , , i ,.,,,,,..,:,, ,kwwy Q K ,I fi A lg N fl fy it in 1 , A Qlkk If I' ll R W ., ' E , Ei , l ,Q 3 X B we f'P4r9l' I zz " ifzll'fl'fv,'.,A' H, ' ' ,V xiii it " 4. 'VH F fi ff-4 w x . 5 .vl 7 V. L ll 6 ' ,, ' WW R Q 1 W1 'f Q ' "' ' " 5-- " J in hui X an in 03224 4-4 33' Q , ,"?r,,L QQ? . TW :Q 5545, I W , ,fr ob ,fffw 9.14 4? X f 45 J yt. . E! A rl-we A,-fig, ff" " 1.1 tlhttjfy. 4 W 2 Qf ?'f Benny Ballesteroz Barbara Banks Lynn-Marie Barber George Bardwell Mark Barker Thomas Barkley Mary Barrett Deborah Barrow Ronald Barton John Bauer Linda Baxter Linda Bee Robert Beier Danny Beltord Arthur Bennett Karen Bentzel Robert Berberian Patsy Berry Karen Bigley Ken Billings Donald Blaisdell Alice Blandon Charles Bokamper William Bonsall David Boomhower Patricia Bradford Patricia Bradley Terry Brady Russel Bridge Lee Bridgewater Lois Brill Phyllis Brimhall Cheryl Brouhard John Brown Neena Brown Gary Buck Robert Bumbalow John Buono Connor Butler Matthew Byrne ,-llf A 1l-l K Z 4 slll Y li Wat xii' .Q ' at 'Q sm s '5 c A Q . l s as tl si 1' , " H R st ll' 5 Q5 xt q' yllllc ll l B l c s 2 l t .5 -Q M, 1 1" Q Q, 5 ' Y Q T R 1 K Tw, ,, 'i" K ' in ' , eci't P 1. , f B B B ,I , " "t' To 3 f 3 B , 's 4 at slrrrr i B at . llj, 1 P lf srst .L K Q 3 r 3 . - . X ' es., . , 'if Mai ,za , - - 53 . W5 i 1 at 6 x All 1 fi I x t g . W. vw RN Y sf - aio -.Q A M 3 . 4x if Q 1 LL Q fi Arlene Cartan Michael Cavanaugh Ralph Ciancio Chrisline Ciotezyk ' i N l l l'll 5 QI ll ,.., . , 'I' 5 S If er C or .. . fl Ronald Cagle Sharon Call Ernie Capachino Jackie Carafachea Wanda Carey Michael Carpenter Manuel Carreon Armando Carrillo Sandra Clabo Jerry Clark Ruth Clark Timothy Coker Diana Cole Sherry Cole Rebecca Cookman Patricia Cordes Jean Craft Mark Crawford Bill Crone Karen Cross Aaron Daniel Mark Daughrry Charles Davis Eddy Davis Q Q ' z- ' W ' ,, .V . f r. . "ff , .1- J ' we ?Q.fl wer, W . 1 ,R 'A il,- . V was A ' - ir - f'.f4j1gA:g1fIE1f'E2rfc, 3 'X si ,1 i ' .f .ij-'g,1f:'fqf,ff5:A::1f gg R 5 . 4 '-zgfiziffffyffafyiiif il' J ' fx '. .:fn-X A- Wzffv. .'-cpm 1 2' 1' " :'T'5d'i?' Ffiiitxfff' ffix. 1 5 J f J :i"55g:555 ilrffflll L R 5 k5.:5i5s5zi , , ,, Mi, .1'N,z2" Lug Ii 2:13 le vs Q , V wr. A, 1 ,1 .,.x. 1,1, ,gm rr 1 Kerry Diegel Michael Dimmer James Donovan Ronald Doss Dean Doucef George Downs Robert Drought Jim Dube Rita Davis Weiland Decker James Derby Linda Dickey iff Hia A 4 I Q J " i f ff ,, , 1 f i ,jf, ,. ,a v i 5 ' E A ss- 4 H ' :'i' " " JFS, ' f, ' .: .:: qi? V v "'-1 k ,, ,L ,fl ,, ,, t I 1 ,,, . fi cl.: se. 1 ei Q VJRQKV We JWVR WMM li J 2 x J J if 1 i,i J J . J Ei. l 5 c j l!E Egg 55 -L F w S 'Sf " ,Q Wi wig Q Q Q ' 3 an in H 5 ll VY. it aa M 1 H .l S ,fs X Mui F Te Ki, f f ' ,, g. . 3-may , ky A -5' .. .... ' " " 1 I.. :Ex I 5 ig E Frank Florez Pam Flowers Karyl Fogelsong Randy Ford Jan Fraizier Linda Garcia Mike Garcia Mac Gardner at avi ' X. , . a l .. ull ' xx Q l l i itll l lllllil Cheryl Duncan Sharon Eberman Cathy Egel David Elinski Betsy Elmer B. Enriquez Allan Erickson Cecilia Espinosa S. Espinosa Tommy Espinosa Gary Evants Cathy Floor 181 GTM Q 'Q - -if . x Sui E s Q G 'fp-iff r 'ifg sz iM ii, David Garrett Dennis Garrett Robert Garrison Michael Garva Marsha Giblin Doris Glass Eileen Gnazzio Valerie Gnazzio Jo Anne Godinez Marsha Golden Ernest Gongora Alphonso Gonzales .- -' ' 3-aries WK, ,::.,. li. fi v I LHN QE it-al: , I A I ,l rw, . - .gre 1.21, ,ns 1 ' SN-'t .zz V ' if N X it 5 ff. Q as R3 'xx YR- ,-. N, x ,il-jig. sc , k ' 'L c. ., "' M. A yQfg'p.2-9'li"1Q57?fl.f. if v- y 4 5. 5 'rf' i, " 'T A ., iid. ' . ,1':.,.-jr V- -- n ,f .na J .si 4 .1 is f 5 +2 '. 'iff ,f , 'i '- ff-Q " -X sk 'Av' U f ik iz i . , Q 1 3 .a.e Q 57 c :Qc if 1.3 'Aw 'A W, Lupe Gonzales Marguerita Gonzales Patsy Gonzales Paul Goss Patricia Grace Elizabeth Granger Gary Grant Linda Green John Griialva Mary Jo Gulliver Ana Gutierrez Maria Gutierrez Sharon Habeck Steve Hagar Deborah Hall Gary Hansen Robert Hansen David Haro Jim Hart Tom Harvey W5 N . . it - M 'f tflggyfxiq ,. 1k4,,M W, ,, , , ,MZ1 Wit fi 1, wi af Q i Ilijih ay Q A Q E .aw i- ff . - M45 , in :Q 1' "Y , ,W Ma . r -1,. 'X R 'A . 'L fm?" is 'E ,Q 4 E xg ' 9 'fly ai H r f I-gan " Q A K 'Wagyu-5 .L , .lr ,F ,V H' I 3 X1 1 by Q I' L 'Z' ,, f ' 51 1? 5 Q E ga L Na. , ro.o. ,E ,i,,,, 1 frm . . vb, s .fa ffl" 3 is M ' ,, SI' ' tr ! ,,p,' 5,v' i i ri f f 2 i ' w it.. 1 I u ' V h 1 .,,, ggi. 2 a 31. ll irfi -li' Jtt f 5 ir' i- ha , 'ai Blanche Hattery o'.s nf 1 llii silt in ,. Q. rl " 4 'em 1 ' n 0' I C ooo I of Y ' fy a c 90 1 'fo l . :".,o ao u i 0 tl I 9 c o c 'means N pw. dtffm v .Q ra , gi' dx 'f x O g 8, 2 ig ' Q ' 5 f i 1 I , ,,., , - 5 yu, If I I 0 .Ol ' 'fiffbx ', tx Flylaa Patricia Helton Pam Henry Alex Hernandez Richard Hernandez S. Hernandez Sharon Hewitt Stanley Hicks K , ia, ,, rr fi . K 4 o - i ' 0 I 4 g Nw , . i . ni' 58 Oo :"4l' 0.4. 'Q I 1. Danny Hill Pam Holloway Patricia Horrall Km I Lig glgak Q K a., Fred Horton Linda Hospelhorn Joyce Houck ? X N Vicki Houser Robert Hrenchir Patricia Huffman Mary Humphreys Gloria Hunt Laura Ingebretson Vicki Ingram Yvonne Ingram Arthur Inoshita Dianne Irvine Barbara Irwin Sharon Jack Martha Jackson Janet Johnson eg. .I rrac, it mx I i , , I af, ' -' V3 ",,. .Hr Q E ' Ji: I it M 3, .- be if I Garrold Judd David Juhasz Jim Juras Robert Kacinel Sherry Kanemura Mike Keough Joan Kildoo Karen Kile Ricky King Mike Kirkpatrick Sharon Kiser Chris Kissling Kathleen Kluge Bill Krafzenberg John Kreici Cindy Kress Ricky Ladra Suzanne Laeve Linda Lambert Robert Lane J 4 'I , A85 ,V 43.1 ,Y ik, Q35-H ...Nui fy, i ii me , A N N Ji' Q rflxc 4 - K ,,, g :Zu . f ,Q 6 J' I S if 1 S "' 2 , A Q, fi sf? J if Ji - 2 K if in if ,if J c,i,. I like for 60 'V-1+ ' 2 2- - r- v , i 'iff' 4 Sr!! 'MQ Lorene Lanphear Karen Lardie Glenda Lee James Lee Eddie LeGendre Carol Leininger Diana Lenz Sandra Lett Larry Lewis Michael Lewis Donna Lindley John Linker Catherine Lopez Grace Lopez Jess Lopez Jesusita Lopez Ena Laurie Loui Jerald Lucas Daniel Lundberg James Lundeen Q' ' X I 'fivf' f- A . H W. , 'il ...4 ,Wg .... 35, , ....-,K . , - . ......,.. ., 4,-, . ,kr ,,, SS ll 1 ik E 1 + 1 i -sn' c Q LN. , 'K f f X . rx X Q at X ,s W it 1 Shelley Lytle Claudia McAllister Frankie McCollum David McConnell Rosa McCown Orie McDonald Sandra McKee Michael McNabb Jacqueline McQuiston Ruby Macias Cindy Magdaleno Dennis Mahnke David Markley William Martin Diane Mason Phillip Masters Janice Masterson Mary Mattingly Esther Maya Joe Maya Joe Mayer Jack Mecham Bob Meighan Elizabeth Mendez Jim Menefee Dennis Mickelson Carol Miller Gary Miller Margaret Miller Virginia Miller Debra Mills Howard Moulton Debby Moulton Bonnie Mount Steve Neklia Rod Newport Linda Niblett Wilma Nicholson Mark Nickell Olga Noriega 5 , L Q ' " , 7 . ,"h' z , g - i 5 iii -is, it 5 if Z ew J .1 " J Z .i1mf"i'ff i t aatbt , -X it Q iaiai 1 ,1 ia ' ' , i I ,E , , ii 1 - ' V' . ,jf g- 0 J ,E 63 -4' i f f , A , X 4. M' A , Ae A ji, ' 'Mi a' ' fu L A N, Q f is l 2 W , an V1 , ' iii. 1' 'Ni Wag W , 3 , ,'.. 1, xg M ,ifr . I f 6 gl!! tw if 2 Ir 'li 4 V' f HR f ,: gym .1 .11 if 'U n 6 rw ' f wm- Vw , wi a ri fd ' fs Qdzrzjl J' ff' +2 H X? M- 11 , w ,gg A 1 m u l it 1-F I AKA, A ,E .. ft AEI r -0' Aw fiwsff' "1 A Q M ., if ,M Six! Q ..-. - Mike Pearson Paula Pesha Darlene Pendleton Yolanda Perez Q M it 3 75 if if, ft' file I in ' A' flea rye! 2 Rosa Nunez Bonita Orris M. Ortega Judy Ostberg Kathy Owens Patricia Pacuch Teresa Patterson Betty Paulick . oy. IQ! 52-I Cf' , .X ,f s Lee Perry George Petroff Manuel Pettigrew Rebecca Petty 64 ???f'E'.55 L 3 l- ' " Cydne Pidgeon Marc Platz Mo-rris Popolrf David Porras Carol Porter Thomas Powell Paula Pray Mary Prisiupa Thomas Prifchard Joyce Proper Carol Prueh' Rosifa Quesada Dana Rhudy Brian Rice Kay Richardson Bethany Robinson Ruben Robledo Penny Roche Karen Rodgers Frances Rodriquez W, , , - - f, ' L r Rik gpm if fn-'A' V ZTZ i ls F ,..-aw ' li' l ii: fl is.- "l Lucille Quihuis Gary Ray Danny Reed Lupe Reveles X e. ?7P,-, 9. 41 ,lik iifgjoy. -1 V I 3 9: i Q VV V 'iff' 1. ! 5' W v Carlos Santa Cruz Virginia Sanchez Janice Sander Pete Sario Martha Sarzoza Fay Schade Leo Schaft Jacquelyn Schmidt Susie Roclriquez Jesus 'Rojo Patricia Rolle Alice Romo Valeria Rowles Patricia Royals John Ruiz Donald Rusinsky Roy Russel Gary Rutherford Susan Sahr Margaret Saliba i Vs ,Sr pi what .al Elizabeth Scott Marsha Secker Jan Seely Nancy Semrad Rose Shambaugh Brenda Shawver Gordon Sheriff Johnny Sherill Karen Sing Edna Singer Nona Skinner ? "' J Clarence Simpson 5' ' I A 1 l Q i fa Q Q-at 4 +1 a A 1 K 4 ' Q. 'V .. , if ' " . x ,V 4 V: l, . V , 3 ,c in f 51 gm ,t,, , J Y Q H E K V . ,,, I 'J 3 . ,af J I ' api Q Q K il' 56:3 J 1 Q fa 'A L13 fi? J ,,ta Lf rla J i n S we J l r 1 Q 1 8 is 2375 A " 'J A ffl, "" sf," if gf,-Q, My +- ,, D, f af W- ' I I " ,i fx if :.,.n .44 . ' ,lEy 6 ! X .L-.W Burt Slack Jimmie Slaughter Larry Smith Don Spann Jackie Spinella Terrie Squyres Pat Stecker Tom Stephenson 2 'V L-,1 c --f X ff, . on ., if K Gregory Thompson Vickie Thorp Earl Tofanelli Doris Tolmachoff Katherine Tolmachoff Leanna Townsend Carlos Treio Randy Trevey 1253 l pi :xr ' ssr ., I. .A ,sv .. 5 as..e,a ,. i . fir T, V ,T William Stephens Patricia Stewart Kenneth Stracener Patricia Strait Kathy Strohacker George Stump Deborah Supensky Margaret Swanson Thomas Tardy Cathy Taylor Steven Teague Fredrick Thatcher ,I 'fi -. Pat Truxler Don Tucker Mike Valdez Mary Valikai Donna Vance Carole Vandergrift Clinton Vanderbilt Richard Van Wormer Sally Vargas Kathleen Veloni Joan Villarreal Kathryn Wagenknechat if . N Q. 1 2 if 3 These iuniors are taking their turn at the ITED 69 M- Joseph Wager Diana Wagner Kathleen Walker Claire Wallace Martha Wallat Lincla Walsh Marilyn Warner Charles Warriner Chester Waters Sandra Watkins Tracy Webb Larry White Melvin White Suzanne White Larry Whitefield Carol Whitney Charles Whitney, Jr. Karen Wiechens Mark Wiecloff Connie Williams 4143 JS' K 1? 1 0 E ex if 1 4' We s . 1. s . . ., , a , V, ., ., a .4 ans -V v . :xxx nn 0. s n Q u N '.',uN' ...ova ' u b n.o,',' vo nga, ', to ...awe 1 ,av af, , A 1 ,. ,, 555: . .S ,n:a'., A Q n W A in A it - , x i A 9 it A -. .si 'ii , v f,, K 'if snagxe a K 0' fx 'Q my 5 Q ws! fir mast . ,, 'J , ,.v'f-U 5. " m . Q ,, U, . 5 , , . , ,ii K r, fi: is LX 'if A if :Ty 3 . 5 .. I X R 3 M " eg , :if 3 ' 2 'E I 5' Ab tx is 3 as i . .171 fi - K 'is- sa: 4 Q ggyv ., A se, 1,e,,...ggg:., ,, , ' w -iyifu A Q'-s 'Q ' "4" ifftims A f 1 -H "fw?v'.QStr, 2 .. 4' iggga f ba li. 3' fx Qi -' o 2 L ,A A 2 'A Qgikfqmqs faqfx ' C iyl 3 'qi W QSWQ5 M L 11 rf .3 1:1 -,.iff1'i'Zs'f?.s 'fa vb, s x. 2 . l Q if A K 'w W-IP, LW A f flax Q- mwii 4 lb .MMR if Jana Williams John Williams Gary Wilson Marian Wilson Mary Wilson Patrick Witter Wallace Wong Janiece Woodman Lester Woodring Denise Woods Linda Woolencroft Lynda Wyatt Brenda Young David Young Donna Zimmerman Grace Amparano Mark Burton Cynthia Criswell 13 is Ester Flint a rg 1 1' , aaa ' a V Y Y The Juniors worked hard CPD to present their float entry in the Homecoming Parade. These Juniors are working at Brenda Shawver's house on the float that this year took third ' place. Marsha Giblin Myra Meyers gn if Robin Prentice A J ""' in i A I if gr Q,v?'Ii. ,S d ,S 1,7 li. 12' 5,01 Every year the Junior Class operates the football stadium concession stand to raise money for The JuniorSenior Prom. This is only one of the many money- making proiecfs that The Juniors undertake during iheir active year. Mary Prisfupa LeQui'ra Prifchard Angie Ramirez f 1 ,ff Joe Schell Ka ren Sing fi: ' J Robe r'r Wincher Y i May I Help You? Sophomore Class Officers Q! PAT MURPHY NANCY MUTCHMORE PAM MARR Secretary Treasurer Historian- LINDA PATTERSON GARY TOLMACHOFF ViCe-Presiderlf President 74 Nt O A F' fa? sg ,J B J 3 W' Y an 1 Q 1 M ,R , if A . fl A Bill Asdell Margaret Austin John Baize T. Baldivia Gerrilynne Bales Linda Barber Timothy Barber Gloria Barnes Andy Barrera Martha Barrientez Paulette Barry John Batcheller Carolyn Bateman Steve Baumgardner John Belk ..'. v t itee yt, I 'S Q W ,gf I up Y Y at 53 ,ggiglgys msn ik awww Q1 t 5.-. X if Q42 Nj 1 -L 3 .' if ,fill azgfg , ix , 1 K K 41 ,..f:,., 5 ....-gf 9 lr: Au Penny Ackley Mike Adair Manuel Aguayo Jennie Aguila George Alaniz Linda Aldama Susan Allard Dolores Almanza Dennis Anderson Sylvia Angelo David Ansley John Ansley Susie Apodaca Wence Arevalo Kathy Arnold . Lf ' f'-' , - - ,g if it as ' - 'ili his S' r, 1 S ssus A 'J A at A I - gf 'fem-.+ at V, V ' if .',,t. Egflg - is ghd? 'zgw 7 9. , S J FE- J ':'if.:Ls Q" i7'.fj1-f' .ul- 'J -fl., 'Q ,av as V- 75 ME ii J i K im J Z4- X .3 .p B J K ,RAM R 'fi A J -Q. , .6 Q 5 N- r I 'x i if L,, ,gr . ,, 4 llee X - Q .- 1 f ' K A .wir 'X 'B y an i q 2 Jila 1 . . , .aye ,ahh r gr S xV.'Vf:gH. ,. J EQ - V- in A ' if l iswxs il' ae ,LLV y 5 be J 551.1 Qi. 5 22 .I ,ii all 'S' 'Y FQ? ill' 5, 1 i l l T A fag M sf 7 'I f i. M: 1: .M I- 4' 5 J , iii V+-rg . V, X, .. f B. wi agar 5 if B fix J L yyy J A,,.. f l V, i f D' 5 ' , Li m e Q B 24 U I Q yr, ff ge Mike Bell Stanley Bell Ellen Benge Guillermo Bernal John Bernal Roger Beusier Linda Biasi James Billington Diane Blackburn Evon Blackwell Jennifer Blackwell Gloria Bonilla Cynthia Bootz Barbara Bradley Sandra Branch Mary Ann Bravo John Brimhall Roberi Brink Clifford Brown Daniel Browning Betsey Bunch Bruce'Burden Barbara Burgmann Teagle Byrd Elva Cabrera Irene Cabrera Teresa Call Timothy Cantele M. Cambarno David Capuchino Debra Carter Donald Caruso Mary Castillo Wayne Caies Esperanza Celaya Delbert Chaney Ramond Chavez David Ciancio Sandra Clark Julia Colvin Marta Conover James Contes Renee Conway Barbara Conyard Bob Conyard Wanda Cook Sandra Cooper Gladys Co-rneil Richard Cornelison Oscar A. Coronado Oscar Coronado Ray Cortez Linda Coulter Richard Crabb Tom Crawford Mary Cross Frank Crowe Donna Cruzen Ronald Cummings Mitchell Curl Kathleen D'Agostino Bob Daniel Rhonda Daugherty Linda Davidson Constance Davis Eddy Davis Mike Davis Steve Davis Tom Davis Steve Deason 3 - ,c L gt c3+sczc5l??gag or Q Qjiqxea , ,. S M latin ,.ia SEQ D D I A ff - K, sg Qiagf' fggigm M Q i -' ' M Q' s, M M M lccc ,es gr Z siis 'C as Largs ,l---l I - A . Q M T, my as 'flr ' , rf-, s tftisrs MM L ,5 3 z M Lkik 5 nf K QL! C M erlse l , , , i i 'V V- M aMi 3 I ww! N? K 7: R . K. .L,- 6 e C51 Q aglds grg,g K at Q 77 Aw if ,, 1, , if . . ., ,Q .2 M ff R get P Q af if N l 'Wi giiwffi if fi ' '., 3: . h 'E R11 'wa E? l ia i 2, gseswkwi .rag x xi 's 'lf 11 fwfr Q.. , f.1g aeg,-4, Marna Edwards Danny Eldridge Glenda Erickson David Escamillo Leonard Escudero Frank Espinoza Arnold Esquivel Thomas Evans Gwenda Fackrell Marlene Fair J r Q- in 9 xf' . v,.l, is if "wf spa ' Yi' fi. . gr 5: bi jiiiillffj li fin i wgtizanmfi ,k X .5 in ln 'My Pamela Decker John DeCoursey David Dennis Dulcy Diegel Jim Dillehay Jess Dominguez Lydia Dominguez Nancy Douglass Susan Doyle Shelly Eagan 'Q -sg z a I A59 J if N f TM E f 5 riyil 5 5 irr Q iirrrr F ax- u fxgg, f J F' ,,.,Q,i .- '- ?: F1 " .s-V' r 1533 s 4 X 4 1 1 Ie Q.e:La.41:s ' Li- - -up J, i fs , Q F v 1 i 2 ' ui 78 -ve fu! 1. .-s ,AQ ,wk 11" , , 1 4' Y. . Frances Figueroa Bob Fink Charles Flavell Phillip Flint Harold Flom Danny Fogelson Debby Ford Melanie Fortsom Berry Frausfo Gayle Fraizer ,M-a . si.-'4'-:'e Sherman Frederick Jim Fuller Nancy Furrey Linda Gable 'Blas Gabriel Dominga Garcia Florencio Garcia Mary Ann Garcia Olga Garcia Ruben Garcia 335 l ai ,. fqf g 3 SSE? 3' ae ,'.. y G G I lb t " llllyhl ll Av '-v, bfi' P X f 1 G ' iefa F X x 7 A X 'fi-1' si . 35 ip I 3 . rj L A Sb- ia is E. fm.. 4 nm -Y JD i ic a .e e Virginia Garcia Sharron Garrison Brian Gilkerson LeRoy Gill Jane Gilman Rose Glenn Gloria Gomez Frank Gonzales Joe Gonzales Roy Gortarez Lecture time is always a part of every class and this Geography class is no excepiion 79 5 ii ' i 5' 'f s' 1i l G. ff' Q , at ' ji gf ' 5 if? gk-af El' r X, i, cgzfnv l 5 i V gg ',L 1 s J 1 Z H at 1-ll S 33 'W' 1 1 .. r 5 4 T1 I L 1 i s . , r -J i J J fr -:j , fits, , A 4, 'Visa ' . H w M 5, , X I :71 -' A : L i ayc. V , . 'lilly W I w 2 are l at Z if A 4x" ' ,iff f f ' P 2' , .'Q . a'zf"Y , ' fig? I if it 80 E Jerry Grace Joe Granado David Grantham Richard Green Gayle Greenwell Peter Gutierrez Maureen Hackett Keith Hahn Rosie Hanes Kathy Harcq Jim Hardman Vida Harris Gloradine Havner Frank Hernandez Robert Hernandez Robert Hernandez David Herrera John Hess Jerry Hicks Roger Hicks Nancy Hillberg Kay Hilderth Delores Hill Steve Hinton Donald Hodder Sally Hogg James Hollobaugh Suzanna Horst Philip Houck Margery Hugh Larry Hunt James Irwin Kenneth Jacobs Donn Jahnke Gertrude Jarrel Greg Jarvis George Jensen Jim Johnson Johna Jones Sherri Joslin Rhonda Justice Jerry Keith Joe Kelly Martha Keltner Ethel Kesten Joyce Kesten Larry Kesterson Debbie Kile Anita King George Knox Donald Knudsen Leann Kon Edward Kress John Krystek Dennise Lake Sharon Lambert Rex LaMew Barbara Landes Becky Lane Paul Lawrence 2 ,L . 5, A., 4 X 9- I 'iv G :W ' lgli ilk? E iJl'l'?.li'.F J .r' x 3' - Ml Qt' l K MQK ' ' 441 e mgmzafiab .5-as .J 'gs M L ' U Q N 153' f as rs a 7 ' . gf' v Ae gf 1 sess 1 3 J5 1 s ' 5 I K Page Q R, ff . he T- tf , . f 32' ..,,. ,, y gig , iiiiggiagiij as ll - 3? ,.,,,,, ' A ,.,. ,E Q li L. J J Q ' J 'ris L ' f . 7 ' I . sill ' EH- fl: re f' '54 f: 1-, N k"k '. J , , - ' ,s-X. 3- T 1 . .'f :Gifs . ff . J. . ' 7 iw .s Y-Nr - ' , e m. L .' t , wi lu lfz, 1 vzfg.. si I 5 ' 1 'ayfijgxgfq lj 1 J Qt L ,f J J 3 J J I I L ,"L fix 'Q 1 'gh , liret ski sse 1- life is ,, .ff a 'E fa ffi filff seyi L K fi ' ' 8l ,.,wi c':.' ,fzfzia igw fyr it 1 - if A, ,IM 12 2 1 iw f W, 5 5 i' L' f ,. 'l 'P " ' iifil, , Q 4 f Zig A W ' aff 51 V. fd wgpy 335' 'Yi X ,Z. ij get fm? ZZ "2 I K ,. -Hg -. lf, f Michaline Lentz Carla Leslie Christy Lesnett Bart Leuser Kathy Lewis Steven Linares ,A Zz. ,, 'lm Yi: ,i,' Mx , Ei- T ' L is Q - lic. 1 '- mjf g 1 ' i g tl ..": f -, . if , s..: L s T. V, 'Sit it r.-I , -iguv' n,.,,. f an 'fly t P-1 5,1 M " .Y I-2 , - el ig, ., ,M I ji 2 T W vbf- y A 1'?,el?'v, f. I Rl H ll lil F 4: W I T it 4 'i'i Class proiects in Mrs. Smith's Geography student participation and further research. Ze n Egg A If . J -- ,,,, ,VA I, 1, ,, -uf', . W 5 Konrad Lincoln Eric Lloyd Carlos Lopez Frank Lopez Lupe Lopez Charles Lopresto Robin Loveioy Gary Lowe Jerry Lowe Tony Luevano Craig Luft Teresa Luian Richard Lundberg Nancy Lundeen Joy Lunnon Bill McDavicl Gary McEntire Denise McGee Dennis McGee Thomas McGee EFICOUFBQS L L W x r 2 'L V., n.. ,qi-eq "rr- , '5"r."' J V af, . e 'Q Q. 41 gg 11" -I 3 Q. 9, , ff.: f W L ,I 4, V .1 ,,,'Q,i i " ., We 42. E 1: f . f u W, .'Q w-. :Y , 1, 5 I, A r 1e',3refa Nfyfhr TN QE "1 -,, J ' , " . '71 Q 3 J fm pgy it J, 2 UH "2 kwa-21-ini! fr. at fl E rn if .- I 3: V H to Y .A rrtp p 1' f 1 " ' 1A N L 1'A . -1 A i n 5 ,pyyy pl E . 2 ,it J Q is H ee, ., 83 ,Q V ,tQ , 1L"L KW Tim McGilvra Michele McNetr Sharon Mahle Sherry Malmgren Lawrence Mann Stephen Marquez Pamela Marr Erminia Martinez Ignacio Martinez James Marusa Steve Matthews Cheryl Merker Charlie Meyer Gary Miller Martha Miller Monette Miller Rosilyn Miller Tommy Miller Lynda Milnes Diane Miyauchi Frank Montoya Connie Moore Delia Morales Edwin Morcomb Lupita Moreno Margaret Moreno Mary Morton Karen Motoyoshi Pat Murphy Nancy Muchmore Norma Myers Vicki Meyers Guy Naugle Jay Nickell Merlin Nielsen 1 , lil J 'lxlfti iglgil ' 7 , 515515:-gy5,i:3:,.A1 .K ki i .. XT, J. . Eg, J -i at f a ...fy , ' G i s. mb, J 2 gate Q zv, 'CW m J 'W mf 'V f 59A:'if,f' ' affiijsw " 'il cl QT, ' of g .A VJ," I, ' t., I , .. .- sv V it fr , " il' I LW, , .- J X3 gig, 5 5 is H y. K K , ill,..fJ1f4 55 y . , 33 11. ix f , '- J f, inf'-A " Ht,.s:,aa iltlu .. -f af ff " J "Lh 1 if . 3 1? if ' 1 J ra gy it y J, gf. Q Wa 2 A in I ,:,, 5 J' 'wm a 35 .5 'K +? ns kj? 49 1 at J , Qi I 5 "t k mf n 1 f ,,-v af J ,, sm dm s A, t Ais, . y , t J f' , 84 Martin Nielsen Allen Nieman Kathy Norton George Nunez Jeff O'Brien John O'Keete Roy Olivarez Dotty Olson Armando Ontiveros Frank Ortega Jenny Ortega Celestine Ouellette Frankie Owens Randy Owens Jeannie Paap Carolyn Pabst Vickie Parks Richard Parr Linda Patterson Joanne Paul Judy Perdue Brenda Perkins Steven Peters Jill Pettigrew Debbie Pfeiffer Larry Plummer Danny Poff Bill Polk Sue Polomsky Bill Poison Gloria Porras Larry Potter Greg Prentice Gary Prior Artie Pruett Mary Quesacla Andrew Ramirez Mary Ramirez Andy Ramos Carolyn Rapp Linda Raymer Lisa Reed Donna Reid Keith Reynolds Charle Rhodes Linda Rice Sharla Richards Raymond Rivas Linda Roach Doug Roberts Bradley Robertson Neil Robideau Mary Rodriguez Tito Rodriquez Sylvia Rolo Gary Roper Dan Rovey Irene Ruiz Paula Ruiz Sandra Russell Ricardo Salas Connie Salinas Cecelia Salinas Paul Sampson Janis Sanderson Joe Santa Cruz Louis Sario Bob Scheer Authur Schmidt John Schuderer Q. mf' .IC iw C : 'r + l -,'- , 2'-R: My , 1 me C .f C, new ,J ' lies, xg 'GW Q. , .x:,fC.., i H ,C 9 it ' il F xg if . fr iw C 37,1 iw ' If 6 as "' , G ,al U ., .1.v,s, 'w..1g?'!1,, :-ft. Q . ' -9, Wt C- C121 lj-' H, ,aw Nik'-it V ., ' if 45- tieigw-s ef-Ml .-!rns'ff,"!1l. li C, ,C 2 zz: 'Q Q ' A " ss se 5 MA if Ar as Y Qs 2 .? 'W fiiil N y ,C ,. R ,H 1 r r' is ' fgff W, QF' W ss -f 'ff f C r sli 2 lef- li H' ly lil , xii lil C Pgmelvlsi' 44 ftltgml Etlfazfel ,f . .x C46 7 ,i.s,, VN. aim if Yglaxla ff USF l Q ,rn :Q W ' K- r i J, L N fd if , ,Q 133, C Sz, , 'IS R C CC gr C i 5 ? lu: il Q 4-21 f 3 l M- "fx fish y I 'RC Q , A i ilsi atss R i 5. - , , C - w-, v.. 4 'B . 2 ". Z" 2-fe .Mig .1 'a vi . . R st- s, C C C A J C iiy, Y i l 1 C i C A61 Qu .s. . 85 E Q Y I f 'E 1 f R me fir 'R C C - iv fs g ti is M 5 CrCCC Q C lljfikw - 4 V M if . WF CC. R 11- S -i 'if A " rsiil L Ks" If J, , 55: 3 igno- H, X iii, 84,58 5 if :Sm :Zh Aw af ,,'f Agn S liaaiqig ,. ,W sssi as , fx ., ,L Q . -- r - .Q r'7"'fr-wi ,, f t X mek .L is S, :nam S f 12 L ilk L ,,. El we 5 xtvgb .1 ,.,,,, -if it 5 A N Q ii fi Ex: 1 L-aj-, ggi if " 1' 3 as as r li .an ' , iii 5 35' 1 K, Y H fey an L , .J f R L 7 gs 1. L 1 if as S xx .. if qi I Sw 1'.f'f:'Pg' .- ,M ,H N I 0 W y I, Q 4 51'-' if 1 . 13:09, ,iw,!2:aS'2.fv j vi-a:r,1,,,,.'::'..aQ-12'? ' fa iw 4 . ga' Q v ,gf wwf. 1 . x" f f ,X ai, " " ' I "f ,. ,Li , ,,, , ' X f ani" Q, 32 is , 1, 1 , 44-X-s"f'i1 if f"i L 35133 , 1 ,elf 'L - 222 if L .. 1 I Y ia, W 1 15 , 1 443' ' w If 5 iw Vg K if" ,J , f 'Q 1' was Fr A J '3 fbsx. .v?,,S'.Efk.i f' 1:-Q ' ' "lg at 'fi' iv'-' '- '-l f' -L 1 if .. " KB, 431, L mi , Lg - liif 5 L ff .Jiri Q9 L -i ., vs' 'A . .41 I . F 1 6, ,ff - A ' - ' Ji., :g2'5?.. g" "' . V , :3::1:'.f:::f: ' .. :::::::ff15.S:r:'f:p53s ,1 1 'fffff5f5iii2?itii:::3Q Q 86 Joe Serrano Mary Lou Severin Douglas Sexton Joanne Sheets Bonnie Sherman Becky Sidinger Bill Siek Francisco Silva Gary Simpson Susan Sine Lynn Slater Carolyn Smith Debbie Smith Debra Smith Larry Smith Mike Smith Larry Sthral Susan Stambaugh Sherry Stapleton Sharon Starr Sue Steele Richard Steward Jerry Stinnett Shonny Stratton John Sutter Cathy Tarcly Linda Taylor Dave Templeton Toni Tenuta Barbara Theissen Although Biology is a required course for sophomores, many find it quite interesting because ofthe opportunities it offers for lab work These students in Mr. Pierson's class are learning some of the techniques involved in microscopy George Thompson Jerald Thompson Pamela Thompson Bob Thorp Carolyn Tinstman Sandi Tolmachoff Vera Tolrnachoff Thomas Toon Jesse Torrez Michael Towner Benny Tualla Randall Tucker Richard Tuley Jonny Turnbull Allan Turner Michael Twiss Danny Underwood Hayden VanCleve Sharon Vandergrift Victor Van Tuyl T .ff an I: ,,, - 3 N551 y ,, . 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G' NZ ,L vii , H -1, l 'J ' in S A LV p if LW J 2 fm if f ji J Aarri 88 David Watts Melinda Weekley Jayne Weintraub David Welker Bruce White Rhonda White James Wilber Darcy Wilfong ,S 'S-3 Edwin Wilkerson Sandra Wilkinson Rex Williams Elle-n Wilson- Larry Wilson Lonnie Wilson Christine Wimer Shelley Wise vm i 'im IQ W gags' 5 f- - , .1-'.yzf-Q - ,, ' ' ' 3ge'f?gf.zgg1.i.,- -iZ?13'!314Sf. i I if ,,Q',g,j'1L3' ' xi' 41'fl.f,2": figiffg f'f4Qaff i' ,-"1 13.15, fl L ,,, ',gs:.m.fe'.x..aiu.,-xgfi -Vita, -I ' .V ,' u-"3'-'wil-N23 . is-' , 1 if , ,V 3912,-,Q2Li'?1, 9223: 1, gpbiav .- .iff -. if - ,, -. - M -r .. , -L. i,,q.,, su, Maria Wolfe Bill Woofan Patricia Wright Christopher Wykoff Norma Yarbrough Sonia Zanin Erminie Zarra Lorenzo Zunigai 4, a ,JM A ii f S . 5 ,Aa . my f v" 'e' -fmt' ,f ,. -,Y, 4,, ' g!, f ' 5 5,1 , 'lag E' hifi! 'Sm . Y mi l, , li , - -, me ,. 1 ',.." ., , e is 7 is ag s .. r is eei' A ' L 'iff Tia' A ' W W K 1.5, ,gfigucl i -. .-' .-. ' ' 5 , Q .1 v ', 'Vnij 2,1 --' 'if 'if . 'K 1. Q K ni - ' 89 52' if r as fra , tzfmmi . 3 V . ff Q Jerry Price Jim Perry Linda Pearre Arvelia Padilla Judy Myers 'F , M -4 5 , I gn Z i ff ft 14,1 as 4 J N i T . ' . ,V ., . 4 , ' Qi if The Sophomore Class devised this gigantic Christm C d ' h as ar to wus the Valley of the Sun Sh I h' ' c oo c nldren a Merry Christmas. Velma Molina Dont Mitchell Carol McCormick Terry Hughes Ken Elliot A wif A """f" H-'PQ Freshman Class Officers uw-4-is ii? sz President: Nancy Van de Putfe, Vice President: Tom Shambaugh: BOTTOM: Historian: Cathy Harvey, Secretary: Marilyn Inoshifa, and Treasurer: Becky Robinson, TOP ROW, left To right. 9I L ,L B sa? We Q will A L A Q - ai:-1'-. V, -g ' 1 Qt ' , fi ix: , ',,b "'k -"l y in g , kki5t.L 1. .. U My : V, 1 RIN . . it . Q, ..,, 3 ,lofi . , L U S f 'fAl f f L w g " , :Q . ,- f J erei eicii A - -t , il? ,ge ,X .., A mf Z 15,Q 'f' . wi 352 as . 2 igr e 5 L i .Z ' 1- it f, . ev 6 its -1? K- P Q1 z 5.6 ' , f' if H . A ., , ,1. A X' 1 . . ' ",-A -1? , . 4 , , 'Ei' lm ' i .L i ,I E I .:Wg, . I .:. li ll e ! fi r ' '1 A . I I K ' ,iw-well fm' I - ' ,L .Egi ,, i 'N L L' L A -2 Q ,fs at if I A Zl f A A L L a r ir a 2 'K' G' 26 U- ' 1 .:. 5: VX fl ' Q' i, -J. V 4 N Q V1 fi r. .3 :I 92 Rosanne Abeyta Eric Ackley Henry Acuna Diana Aguaya Freddie Aguilar Arthur Alaniz Gloria Aldama Paul Alclama Laurie Allen Ruth Allen Jackie Amparan George Amperse Patricia Anderson Adela Arce Benny Archuleta Abelardo Arebalo Armenia Arebalo Angelica Arispe Anna Armenta Carl Austerman Jennifer Aemstrong Veronica Aro Hazel Avery! Denise Backherns Lynn Baird Belinda Baize Sandra Baldwin Larry Bales Leonard Balkcom Tim Baltz Tom Barker Chuck Barney Bernie Barraza Patsy Barraza Alice Barron Tom Batcheller Cheryl Bauer Scott Baughman Lou Ann Bayless Theresa Beck Alan Beeson Robert Benge Carol Bergdale Linda Bernard Mark Bennett Bryan Bills Bridget Bishop Charles Blackwell Robert Blatter John Bluco Gary Bochenski Ernest Bohn Mario Bohn Mark Bonsall Haro-ld Bowers Twilla Boyer Andrew Brenneis Dale Bridge Deborah Brown Jean Brown Sharon Brown Patrick Browning Glenya Brownlee Paul Bull Louise Bunton Joyce Burch Norman Bush Thomas Byrne Maria Cabrera Anthony Caliendo Tony Calistro Lincla Camacho Stella Camacho Sue Campbell Angie Cano Della Caratachea Eric Card T. Carera Dorothy Carey Paul Carpenter, Jo Ann Carrasco Jesus Carillo Joe Carroll Angel Carrizoza K .Xu be 72 .r , . a....::, , . -1: ff ,ffl 1: v 1111.5 it ' - r :,, . .. - A' . 4. , . ,wi 'va' - A 5: -ag-,. 'f' -1: 1' :. : ..e,. 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' J 'fl R125 Kevin Cruft Connie Cunningham George Cutrone Charlotte Daum Dan Davis Donald Davis Molly Davis Rex Decker Frank Delgado Karen Dickey David Dienhart Robert Diffie Allen Dimmer Susanne Dimmer Pam Dorris Ardith Doucet Janet Dube James Dyer Jaw - at we Y- A S mt S, 1 " :ser k y s .A figs'-J Sim i 1 . li a 5 ,1 Q .452 it 1, 2 ?fI5:.5'i ' l if ..N' . ,033 5 2., We X .,,,g 2, ev. 4' I f an 94 i'Sfl'1 'Ti George Carter Patrick Castro Karen Cavender Sharon Cavender Michael Caviness Sherry Ceolla Michael Charelbois Becky Chavez Joe Chavez Jerry Chenier Frank Ciotezyk Dave Clark Sharon Clayton Rhonda Cole Debby Coleman Michele Cook Maria Coria David Corpus Linda Craft Brian Craig Judy Crawford David Criswell Kathleen Cross Karen Crowley 4 5'i""'-, X r W , 1 .. mf ,V all i w if z ,-9 , 9 Q , x 25, E N Ame :fs Freida Ferrin Milo Fiori Neva Fisher Nita Fisher Jeanette Flom Ruben Floirez William Fortner Jeanette Fortner Susan Foster Lorraine France Cruz Franco Bonnie Freouf Carolyn Frizzell Maynard Fronda Kelly Furze Flora Gallardo Mary K. Galloway Eddie Garcia f""""'x Brian Easley William Eberman Carolyn Ehlers Mary Eppinger Robert Eppinger Susan Erickson Robert Escamillo Fernando Espinoz Rosa Espinoza JQV ,rl F55 fn? ref 1 ' " ,, Ax A2 F' J ,,,,. - I .Z 'Zig' tr Q Y ti Fig! . ' vga . , Edgar Ethington f" F Tina Faulkner ' Douglas Farris . 'F' X , ., ' .,.y. 1 F y - F f r t? . as F- s,.A X .5 ix - eair F , irla il F 5 ' F F e ' ' . F K , il N. ' " -1 'iii' "Q -' ,i', T42 - A 'W V 12 ? ' W V if ' , ii f 'p Q . F fi F F if F i Fel 2 af ' , alr 0 ' FU- Q K iF if ' at ,, Q Fi' ' - ,, H ' F ,M L A 1. F 'F A' fx i I A 1 a - ir', 95 ,, i 'h"'A G, Y, :P-- N ' J S. i y l la: . A . Vm-1 t my ' E A'.. A 'Q K Q G ll A A- ...Fit 'i , fi- H , ,Q E i . L- f 4 5--Mi E ' ""?-1 .IT y 1 G Jerilynn Gillingham Nancie Glass Shirley Glass Christina Goble Margie Godinez Deborah Goimarac Florentince Gomez Andy Gonzales Tommie Gonzales Joe Gonzales Steve Gonzales Carlyle Gooden Brenda Goodrich Jo Ann Grace John Graclilla Don Graf Wesley Granger Katherine Greer Alice Griialva John Guerra John Gulliver Peter Gutierrez Joyce Hagan Stanley Hammett Lynne Hammons .Lee Hampton Llyod Hansen Dan Hardman Henry Hardman Glenna Harris it at . Q We iii , , f -1-feacfwf' 4-E Nm - -. 'Hifi-': A 'A bv' N Q iii 6 Nigga N5 .Agnew I A-f t rf? Robert Garcia Alta Garling Mary Ann Garrett Felix Garza Jonathan Gericke Brenda Giblin Gary Gibson Patricia Gilbert Douglas Gile Betty Gill Douglas Gill Karen Gilliland ,K 'avril if iria 1 if ga, . Q i as A .. 1, .f ,f y is iii fly? l , x X X G ' ' ' ' ' P f, - I I fin - .,.. yigfggk y .-fi, -- .. S .gh 96 iz, was Q an A 23 "P if Nw I Ralton Harris Catherine Harvey Thomas Hasson Leslie Havner Michael Hawkins Linda Henderson Teri Henson Donna Hernandez Irma Hernandez Leonard Hernandez Robert Hernandez Carmen Herrera ...i , ,I .,, s' -1 xr, all fl irraa it J ,ryk igzr k ill V 23 V kiyk V . L 1 arf J y .. gr X it X 'L '4 x ll' xp iff' it f 'sy ieira ,p A Q ' .C ,, 3' ft , .Bela A Zi ,Q L W5 5' J I :gg 5 6 4 Q, 1 1 X .5 W ,,k. J. ,Z , gy ' ' L ,V 1 ' u it .ai f f ' L f' ff '4 3 , vc 2, 1' A J V J 'th A K' L 4: 1 H ffff fam w.,'Qg - 'fag , ' . ' f f-:gf f -M '. 3-5.512 fe 1 M M I . f ,,.,L . , .H K ' ,, as xii 97 ' ' ' ifzi' . 3 ' M. J Q at p J 1 Q .ax Ag: 3 3 gg I ws., 5 :til . , , -,,, sw 51,2543 wg: 'i tll A I 5, I ' , iv iii, J as iaaaae -,b1.- 'fi 'af if lt 97 Mike Hewitt John Hilberg Richard Hodder Richards Hodgkins Frank Hoffmeister Barbara Holder Patrick Holder Carolyn Holscher Jean Hooks Deanna Hoover Jean Hopper Jeffrey Houck Zane Houston Catherine Howard Larry Huber Becky Hutchinson Mike Hutchinson Marilyn Inoshita Ray Jackson Cynthia Jacobs Neal Jacobs Mariorie Jenkins Michele Jenkins David Jensen Bettie Jeppsen Cynthia Johnson Jim Johnson David Jones Henry Jones Bobby Joslin QE 39 Charlotte Laeve Kieth La Mew Carmen Leclesma Frank Ledesma John Le Genclre Mary Leininger Patricia Lentz Gregory Lesnett Kathy Lewis David Lewis Tony Linares Huie Lock 'Elf gg l 1 I f ll I A. a 5' , Qi? 1 T, ei li ' 'L L ' if nil 1 K: a Q. Us A in ' I so A L 1 1' Liri T . i ""' , Yiaii all 98 Louis Joy Thomas Kay Donna Kelley Lewis Kerns Bill Key Robin Kilborn James Kincaid Cindy Kiser Austin Klever Phyllis Knoeloel Eileen Knudsen Richard Kreici W. - ,' ,Mfr , , 23 8 Q lr P X ' L iff' . yy me L4 tial ffiil' Dennis Long Connie Lopez Maria Lopez Nancy Lopez Vince Lopez Allen Louderback Aaron Loui Judith Lucas Jonathan Lundberg Mary Lyons Thomas Mc Allister Mary Mc Closkey l L QI, Qi? 'll' L? X f-'XS xf 'la- yr A ,-.A g I ' '1 1 , ' ,, ,z I vete H . .,,,, . i ..,'2 A 3 f 755 E fi lt ,. , ......,.. .i 'T X ,, , L -- lla 3 'Nu' Q 1 i - gg., , 'Nun -.r 'X ia ' T5 Tim Mc Closkey Tim McLean Danny McNabb Barbara Maack Joe Maher Gerald Mahone Kathleen Mann Cindy Martin Mindy Martin Diavid Mathis Leslie Mathews Doug Mayer Chris Mecham Merrilee Mecham Karen Menard Helen Mesa Ronald Meyer Ann Miller Freshmen girls enioy a cookout in Home Economics 99 gr Q if . ,1: , - . Mike Morgan Marlene Mote Hugh Moulton David Mullins Shelia Mushegan Debbie Myres Patricia Myres Cheryl Mysliwiec Diana Niblett Sandra Nicholson Christian Nielsen Kenneth Nielsen Francis Nieznay Christine Norgren Peter Norris Lisa Nunley Jesus Obezo Jose Obezo James Ochoa Margaret O'DonneIl Karen Oetzel Katheleen Olmsted Gary Olson James Ouelette li .,.. . .A S A , , Q 5 J M ,i r It r,.r ,. r if syl, 4 , JE , J : , l Q 9 2.45-Fw ,gt 5 Q s Nancy Miller Paula Miller Roberta Miller Wetona Miller Ken Millspaugh Linola Millspaugh Glenn Milnes Jackie Minato Diane Mineer Michael Miner Lana Minton Steve Mitchell Sandy Monahan Jane Moore Joseph Morales Yolanda Morales Ted Morcomb Teresa Moreno Y D 'l' ,A Q F, K gina, s 5 L, A L: l . V .W ll: fs? S 'A H t A D ' Q5 r rs-1 ish? . . 1223 3 5 , SI K . K 7 , i ligg, ,sk . 4 X gk MJZL 1 , L. y -rrr I ., f g 'i g Q,-i f-Q 1' f N N f , 'QL IL i s Ei ig, H 5 't .1 x L k iq . l ' 4 '.- wi ' IOO : P Mike Ozuna Carlos Parra Della Patterson Gary Patton Vickie Pearson Barbara Peers Edward Peers Martha Pendleton Stuart Penrode Linda Peppenhorst Etrem Perez Lyman Perren Peggy Person Judith Peterson Shelley Peterborg Katherine Petty Danny Pevler Daniel Pittaway f Mt it t r w., 3.. 3, ,-li For c ' ffl l i R it s att as H, R NX liigii 'F ,ga A . -ali ' w , fn. . ra at 'fr 'f rflffi r .1 fx. ' -"Ht im. l. :tif .. ,,,, Slit . -'sf' E ,Q f f' El Q K fiib-nam ff. I 6.1 'U' Q' 7 . 3 N . M was hi..3-aging S32 ff! ,V Ar M we lv asf: we ts,r K ,.,v to A' iii to r la fly? all ts l tt as SM .mg -' gag SV ff 4 I. ,fr 1X ' if.. H ki X - ,I-..,g 21.421, . K f llae ' km eele e 3 1. i l F f .Q ttyt eees x. teet 12 for -2 , -.X 1.1 A. :f 1 I sag? fl. 42 5 Q .Mi r-fjyj gg! -Wg Q Y . N4 if :MIM --95' , 45, 2' ,ge 'L 1 1123 5:5 r ii tr, ir :.,g I ies: '- ' f lizzfggf lOl Y sg ,t,tt af S551 Gen Platz Alex Popoff Kristine Porter Cynthia Prefontaine Maryann Price Katherine Pristupa Nancy Pritchard Linda Procter Patricia Pullins Alan Quamme Isabel Quesacla Beatrice Quihuis Steve Quihuis Susan Raclder Larry Ramirez William Raney D'Ann Reeths Phillip Reina Irma Reveles Karl Reynolds George Ridgley Danny Roberts Kevin Robertson Becky Robinson P Z, 1. T K 1 f ,f' Qu' 5 , iJ e Freshmen listen to a lecture in Mr. Forsman's Physical Science class Q , - 54--V , 7 - 1 31 ' , '- 'V .3 is -,1,, 3 I .A R l ' 'Q li 7 'J 5' f as ,V .,, lliffiffl Y' 'Jllllfiillll .aliealfii ' A ,,lY 5 b M' f fhimg 5 9 i , L y V i l I v 1 algal!! rl A ' 'I' "l' ' . A ,. ' V'.ff2vff'f'f: Qztcearf 1 A an is . ggi f - M if '.ll R Q N l l l' llllll fs ' el., -'X ' M hs V1, if 1 i fx U f A ,551 . V , E ,L 4 K lllll ffl ll , 3 ti f - is gsipgllf fs M 'M ' fi X is f l Albl . ,ii as Q A f! . igij .R 1 Li i Qlle ff, 2 as I02 Brian Robinson Doris Robinson Yolanda Rodriguez Frank Roias P. Rojas Irma Rojo Marvie Ross Margie Royals Jan Royer Rosa Salcido D. Salinas Linda Sanchez Janet Sander Ernestine Santos Peggy Sario Mary Saroza Barbara Saucer Denny Schade Linda Schade Linda Schaff Ted Schmidt C. Scott Michele Sease Chrisfinla Secker Phillip Sell Debra Semrad Tom Shambaugh Jesse Shoop Tom Short Debbie Shulnes Olivia Shumake Denise Sines Larry Sisco Joe Slack Lucille Slaughter Delmar Smith Douglas Smith Lola Smith Mark Smith Rebecca Smith Rose Smith Randy Snyder Danny Sorrels Susan Spencer Ronnie Spinella J. Squivel John Stahl Michael Stapley X- ' ,iff :fr-35 ,. pr . 3' -.Q Q. at A L .1 ' N .kr 5 s J J Q S' i os: t if 'Sgr 1,-a'W" '?4i'fP1?ii3it, K A :..,:. ,- '- i Q' 4.5 ,S ,, 'f v9'f3kf54Y,"1l'9i3wf' 'xt st :Hia i 'if .int Stgff' S it Wvftafeafaf, 5 '- .4-M. f r . 'Q Q5f,,f3,gf3z2:ig af P Q I in i' S' t J D .. ,K ' j i dy.. xxt T y V .QV ' I 5 QA J gl , Q All lil . l if-fl 3' Q A ll' ii - 1 JH , J lg SQL va' 1 ea . ,.: ,Q ,, 1' it J if: f .. , .t , ' J ".' Q le H" i t '5 use " ntl 1 ' . 'S . Q 2 I X 32 ,f iz. 5 V 9. 5 Tan A J' " Z. f as i vt . Q--1:3 I in I9 mi' Jr: E J IO3 i 4? Steve StCIair Thomas Steele Nancy Strohacker Robert Strole John Swisher Sylvia Tacho Patricia Thompson Ralph Thompson Barbara Tolmachoff Jackie Tolmachoff David Tosh Joe Tovar John Treguboff Bob Trogdon Pam Turley Irene Turner Glenda Unzicker Dianne Uran Which cooling agent works the fastest, the boys in this Freshman Physical Science class are trying to decide. Cindy Valenzuela Dolores Valenzuela Steve Valenzuela Joe Valero Nancy Van de Putie Don Van Wormer Pete Vargas Sana Verna Jimmy Wadkins Eric Wager Tom Walter Valerie Waltman Abbie Waner Kathy Warren Tom Watson Greg Watts James We-bb Leslie Weiss A , li siding, - , K B as 2 hi 1. K 4 ,tx :RV ' YY I M il Fi f y at "" it-i T, t'ii Q Q, ll 1 f llisllliif limi: 5 is . V h K nfl Qeee W ff 1 I if ,HS Q-,..YiS 4 1 W rm- A .. ' Te i S ' up ' ggi p a of f . - at 5' 'eg I gf. ff-?1'f5':f5ffffi A fe 1 ' -3-i?"Y2'ftf'5"'fii X 3.4455 3.311 , I04 3 is' i z it 5 L 'K E? ,. i':w.Q,14:A,5' M ., iiiiii, Q 3 , M . ps ' all ei Q g it 6' s 9 My ,L , gf 5' tat v- V ,fyivv v 'limi , A ' 'silly if-1 f,,,4.g, 3,4 , .. ,ep , y :any at ,S 33, 5 V 5,1 9UQ'1f--3' S-FW 'CW' 5 .1 ezefr " my " fl. li . . 4 ., .,,V 1 52 T Z N. jl 1 rw E t ax vt-f f Y K, .f N if? ' .a, ,' I av I Af-: ': gf: 4 nuts' tl 0,9 .AU M. :K ww 'L r - -1. M , 45 ln P, ,.. , t W, iv t , vu, W V , at I :xml i gy L, P. 3 K l J tv! W , I' 'J - . .53 fm. X Q W t if gf vu . 4? ' 9:15 f, ,Q ,- W M W W XH- 'ra U 7 ,vim ' , at L.. wg 1. 1 ,E XF, Q95 N 9 Q ll+ 'ig 7 at - . gifllgss 1t5tfr if ,Q K, Y, I NSR Dennis Frieda Michele Jocewicz Barbara Vick Susan Watanabe Susan Welker Gary Wells Gene White Jane White Gary Wiechelns James Wieczorek Danny Weidof'f Linda Wilber Harry Wilgoxson Lisa Williams Cathy Willis Mark Woodman Caelos Woolstencroft Marie Wozniak Debbie Wright Mary Ybarra Lauria Young Tim Zanes Maria Zambrano James Zolnarchik Tony Zuniga Deborah Brooks Karen Dickey Rosa Espinoza I, K -' "' In 2 wife 1 These students studying the stock market learn in a unique manner. Each student is given a fictitious 51,000 to invest in the stock market They learn by doing. 165 IXIXEI X II IZ III IIII II IZIIIII 6 Sports Two different Card Runners, but both with the same idea, to pound out yardage. This game, against McCYintock, led to the first Cardinal Victory of the season, 14-O. Dwight Bennett makes a key catch against Tucson. The Short to Bennett combo was one of the big factors in leading the Cards to victory throughout the season. lO8 This shot typifies the spirit of the game. Here, Mark Wiedoff, No. 46, goes around right end for an eight yard pickup against Brophy. Rod Robideau, No. 24, and Gary Tolmachoff, No. 32, try to assist. The Cards ultimately triumphed over the Broncos, 26-14. SEASONS' SUMMARY Our Glendale High School Cardinals have finished another successful and eventful year. After a slow start against Tucson, the Cards rambled for six straight wins. Following a disheartening loss to St. Mary's, the Cards rebounded for a smashing 45-i8 Homecoming con- quest over Flagtstaff and capped off the season with a 35-7 victory over Paradise Valley. With a final record of 8-2, the 1966- 67 Cardinal Team is one of the best in Glendale history. Star quarterback John Short takes off on one of his many sprints against the Rams. Short picked, up the first down as the Cardinals went on to win, 27-6. This shot exemplifies the toughness of a Cardinal, simply because it took four Cortez Colts to bring down one Glendale Cardinal The Cards prevailed in this game against Cortez, 3l-7. l A Dwight Bennett snares a pass good for 27 yards against Mc- Clintock. Later in the game, Bennett caught a long "bomb" for Glendale's first score of the season. IIO "The coach never said it would be anything like this", quotes this disheartened, disorganized, and a bit disheveled Viking. TOP: Fullback Rod Robideau takes a pitchout good for 23 yards against Washington. Dwight Bennett rushes in to assist. RIGHT: John Short sweeps around left end for a 14 yard gain against Sunnysiope. The Cards emerged victorious against the Vikings, 26-13. ,,,,w.,,,,, ,,,... ,W . Li, V, , , I if ,,,,, ,, ,, , T , , , .T .,:,,,. 'MMV' """1'W' YW' I I "7 1.,g ,L ,,., ,. ,.,, .,.., C .,,, , BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Mike Valdez, Kerry Deigel, Albert Madril, David Woodson, Bill Bennett, David Garrett, Dennis Mills. SECOND ROW: Tony Mendez, Gary Grant, Dennis Mecham, Ken Murphy, Tony Vlahopoulos, Pat Witter. THIRD ROW: Coach Green, Ed Mesa, Ed LeGendre, Gary Tolmachoff, Mike Bookout, Tom Tardy. FOURTH ROW: Marvin Valdez, Steve Sander- son, Mike McNabb, Jim LeForce, Dwight Bennett. Cardinal Fight To D E 4 f' -- QQ , 'lar 9 5 W, I Coach -Green and Coach Munoz , l I2 W- -f.. ,,,. ., ..,, ..,,....,.., ,... . ,... . ,,. W. ,. ,y..,e.. ..,...W,,,, ro...,1 ,,,,,,.,, ,,..., ,. , ,,...,.,... ,,.MM.,... , ... . . ,, ii, ,...,... ,....e,... ...W V . , ,.,. .W...w...,- . , M mmm M., ,,.., BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Bill Criswell, Ernie Aro, Connor Butler, Dennis Garrett, Fred Bennett. SECOND ROW: Bill Austin, Lee Bridgewater, Burt Slack, Jerry Clark, George Bardwell, Rod Robideau. THIRD ROW: Mike Crowe, Mike Bowen, M ' Mark Wiedoff, Rick Ladra, Coach Munoz. FOURTH ROW: Joe Wager, John Short, Jim Heyl, Greg Valenzuela. ision Co-Championship Our sincere congratulations to the Glendale High School Football Team after having cap- tured the Division 2AA Co-Championship. This makes the sixth year in a row that the Cards have taken either the Championship or the Co-championship in league play. We are sure that the future Glendale High School football squads will have equally suc- cessful records. GLENDALE SEASONS' SCORES O GLENDALE .... 14 GLENDALE .... 26 GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE Total ll3 ....Qs ....Qs ,...27 ....ia ....45 242 ark Nickell Tucson ,... . . 19 McClintock . . . O Sunnyslope . . . . 13 Brophy .... . . . 14 Prescott .... .. 21 Washington . . . . 6 Cortez ..... . . 7 St. Mary's ... .. 41 Flagstaff ........ 18 Paradise Valley .. -Z 146 JUNIOR VARSITY SHOWS PROMISE -+5- BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Tim Cantele, Brian Warner, Douglas Sexton, Tom Davis, Steve Baumgardner, Richard Parr, Armando Ontiveros, Tim McGilvra, Tim McCloskey, Frank Crowe, Don Knudsen. SECOND ROW: Coach Hutchison, Larry Wilson, Rick Salas, Larry Plummer, Dave Templeton, Harold Flom, Jim Dillehay, Tito Rodriquez, George Alaniz, Louie Sario, Pete Sario, George Stump, Fred Hollobaugh, Neil Robideau, Frank Lopez, Jim Comes, Coach Hall THIRD ROW: Jeff O'Brien, Art Schmidt, Doug Rob- erts, Jim Wilber, Sherman Frederick, Larry Garcia, Manuel Carreone, Matt Nickell, FROSH HAVE ROUGH SEASON . by H, . ..,. . . 4 ,., .Q ,.,, -iv k,,,,,,T7M,N,- A I ,,,,... -,.. v --F y. . M 1' F- , ,L -3. - K 1 .Y . LA hx, Y f L1a,,,,, 1 F -. , - .. if -E hw ,,i., -W I in " trwwg A, I - ,L eiie M N - la y 1' , 3- 5P2 '1'3 tim, , ,I 'LIFT' Ja 5 ,- F A' A . 1. 'ra' in "f""'. .J , r - I . i' I A - -f I -N., ,. ' f A ' "'L 1 , M VK ' ft'1"' I 'S . V- .J .tb ' ,. - . Q fi-'I if 'rf 'r"'f--'S-2" . . A 1 - an ,fi-f gf ' Z wg., ' " , . - ' I M Q! .ta 1. ' I' ' f ' 1 '-"3p I 7 I T ,Aga -. I f" , Q ,S Y tif? N 'X UJJQI gy' I 3 A .I-, K. I A ,V Q , 7,4 .1 , .L rg' s" Q ll I I - r we fig., X' .......... f .gr M 1' 'f,. A .g ith .Q l- 3323 lil -V -ai43,'T',f .,?'rg' I . it t 1' . ' 'Y ffl' rw - X 1- ii s ' , J. W' I if 1 F SG. .-, zen vi za 4. I se --. T2 J 4. ' .1 '- ' - 'W '- ,- we I-g, . f, , 1 ,2 ' A .wp i.. -'fi I , X T a .. . Q, I . X ,M 4 .XM R . P . L, ,,., K . -, "N , 5 X . V 1 gi 1 , V J I is V if "', ' . V .. E ,. I ' 4 - if . ' - 4 I' I ,KM was .- . . VE? . 5 A . f g E u 2- 'I L na-vt N h lg in .K K Qs., ,... 1--r2'W,,l.f'g Q ,-IT" v . Q . A 5 W ' I 1 -1 . - - , - , wr .fu , fl . '- , x M m .,.,Q4 - 21" L ' :Sir 32324: . - I -' I Q. Y 'fi , ,. ,.',, 5 '.. gg 'L ' ifig Q11 ' 'F' in 1 A BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Phillip Reina, Joe Gonzales, Jerry Chenier, Steve Valenzuela, Torn McAllister, Bob Eppinger, Frank Hoffmeister, Maynard Fronda, Bill Key, Frank Ledesma, David Mullins, David Criswell. SECOND ROW: Danny Wiedoff, Robert Hernandez, John Guerra, John Lundberg, Don Graf, Joe Maher, Mike Ozuna, Danny Hardman, David Jones, John Treguboff, Glenn Milnes, Coach Forrey. THIRD ROW: Coach McAnerny, Gary Olson, Tom Watson, Tom Shambaugh, Frank Ciotczyk, Lyman Perren, Joe Slack, Bryan Craig, Bill Raney, Milo Fiori, Robert Strole. II4 Lum- PEEWEE'S CONTINUE WINNING TRADITION BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Tim Zanes, Jack Amparan, George Amperse, Randy Snyder, Larry Ramirez, Steve Quihois, Gary Wiechens, John LeGendre, Dan Pevler, Pete Vargas. SECOND ROW: Andy Gonzales, Tom Short, Joe Chavez, Cruz Franco, Bob Joslin, Tom Batcheller, Alex Popoff, Dan Pittaway, Coach Pappas. THIRD ROW: Steve Mitchell, Carl Austerman, Neil Jacobs, Joe Carroll, Doug Mayer, Scott Baughman, Eddie Frausto, Stan Hammett, Ted Schmidt, Gary Wells, Eddie Garcia. JUNIOR GLENDALE ..... 20 GLENDALE ..... 32 GLENDALE ..... 33 GLENDALE ..... 6 GLENDALE ..... I3 GLENDALE ..... 21 GLENDALE ..... 2I FRESHMAN GLENDALE ..... 6 McClintock ...... I3 GLENDALE ..... 20 Sunnyslope ...... 0 GLENDALE ..... I3 Brophy ..... , . . O GLENDALE .... 7 Moon Valley ...... 6 GLENDALE ..... 26 Washington ...... 7 GLEN DALE ..... 50 Cortez .......... I 4 GLENDALE ..... 6 St. Mary's ........ 9 GLENDALE ..... 7 Mesa Junior High . 40 VARSITY McClintock . . . . . Sunnyslope ...... Brophy ..... . . Moon Valley ...... Washington ...... Cortez .... . . . St. Mary's . . . . . . PEEWEE GLENDALE ..... 32 Sunnyslope GLENDALE ..... 33 McClintock GLENDALE ,.... 38 Brophy GLENDALE ..... 48 Cortez . . . GLENDALE ..... 40 Washington GLENDALE. . Cwinl Sunnyslope ll5 .. .. O .. 0 ...0 O iforfeitl JOHN SHORT All-Conference Defensive All-State Defensive Back Most Valuable Player Best Back Award Defensive Award Team Co-Capiain Back DWIGHT BENNETT Best Lineman Award All-Conference Right End All-Sfate Right End MIKE CROWE Defensive Award A.lI-Conference Defensive Tackle All-State Defensive Tackle ERNIE ARO Work Horse Award All-Conference Defense Line Backer Defensive Award Team Co-Captain MIKE BOOKOUT Most Improved Player All-Conference Offensive Line All-State Honorable Mention ALL-STA IE CREE GARY TOLMACHOFF Outstanding Defensive Player First Sophomore to play Defense and Offense TOM TARDY All-State Center Second String All-Conference Center First String if A l wl ED LeGENDRE JIM LEFORCE Outstanding lOO'X1 Award Defensive All-Conference Player Award Defensive End All-State ROD ROBIDEAU Principal's Award All-Conference Right Halfback All-State Honorable Mention Defensive End ll7 Varsity vw .. ,,,. ,, W-naw i s BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Abel Arebalo, George Thompson, Arthur lnoshita, John Griialva, Leonard Escudero. TOP ROW: Coach Smith, Bill Mothershead, Jerry Thompson, John Brimhall, Tom Hollobaugh, Bruce Bills. LEON GUESS 500 Mile Club CARDINAL HoNoREEs BRUCE BILLS 500 Mile Club Team Captain Most Dedicated Runner Award II8 ,seg BILL MOTHERSHEAD 500 Mile Club Outstanding Senior Award Junior Varsity Q BITS? il-fl-U5 .. wkm ,,.,,,, .,,.. . 4 .I ry? 49 BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Vince Lopez, Tony Caliendo, Ray Cortez, David Herrera. TOP ROW: Coach Smith, Tony Linares Eric Wagear, Dan Browning, Mike Hewitt, Steve Espinoza. CROSS COL! TRY With a winning season of five wins and four losses, our young Cross Country team showed surprising strength. The hard running Cards proved that determination decides the victor. Congratulations and Good Luck next year. VARSITY SEASON TALLY GLENDALE ...... 34 Prescott . .. . . .54 GLENDALE ...... 34 Flagstaff . . . . .43 GLENDALE ....,. T5 Brophy ........ 46 GLENDALE ...... 40 Washington .,.. 15 GLENDALE ...... 30 McClintock ..... 29 GLENDALE ...... 23 Paradise Valley . .38 GLENDALE ...... 47 Sunnyslope ..... 31 GLENDALE ...... 47 Flagstaff . .- . . .5l GLENDALE ...... 36 Cortez . . . . . .20 llowest score winsl Pacers Leon Guess and John Brimhall dash across the finish line at the Thunderbird Invitational. lI9 gg I John Short makes this iump shot, much to the dismay of this'Knight defender. Short went on to pace the Cards in a 71-42 victory over St. Mary's, scoring 21 of the points himself. Jerry Espinoza game against Knights twice score of 70-36. CARDINAL CAGERS l20 takes a shot from the key in another St. Mary's. The Cards throttled the during the season, this time by a Jerry Espinoza takes oft after steal- ing the ball, rushing in for the two- pointer amid the screams of delight from the Glendale side. This suc- cessful tactic helped to win many games for the Redbirds. ln this game against the Broncos, the Cards ulti- mately won, 48-45. Mike Pearson makes a desperation shot against Washington. The Cardinals finally pulled this game out in an overtime thriller, 62-59 C0 TROL THE CQLIRT -.-. i This cut depicts the tension and fury of a Cardinal basketball game. The Cards fought their hardest from beginning to end, and never let down when the going got tough. l2l TEAM STATISTICS I I8O points total 56.1 average Opposition II3I points 53 average INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Jerry Espinoza 280 points John Short 243 points Keith Kosier 235 points Mike Pearson I46 points Ed LeGendre 92 points Rebounds Keith Kosier 173 rebounds Mike Pearson I42 rebounds John Short I3O rebounds John Short steals the bail and rushes past his Cortez opponent for an easy Iayup. Keith Kosier receives the ball during tense court action in the final game of the season against the Broncos. I22 I l 1 x, I I is, f ft, ,, ' Yi my , g H , - .W-ua., . ,.-. 11, , "fr , Y f f' yr, V. .:.' .1 N., A I K K I :sy so-v A A - sf ,ss1,1,LH.,lk , K- tgp. ,a ,. ' n 1 iv! 'ya +I" Q, if 1, ft! , ,, s C ,., 1 , , C ,Q s is If K' , . risks we gm. 1 1 1 I - . X - LL,, 4-g, 'fi "1 s. ,s X .gf I ' afar" .V s -J Q., 5. HIGH POINT MAN BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Manager Joe Schell, Larry Foughty, Jerry Espinoza. SECOND JERRY ESPINOZA Jerry Shambaugh, Mike Pearson, Gary Tolmachoff, Ed LeGendre. VARSITY BAS KETBAL ,.ef'fi Coach Hutchison confers with the referees while the team awaits the d final minutes of the season. I24 ecision in the The I966-67 Glendale High School Varsity Basketball team has given Glendale students plenty to yell about. Known pre- dominantly as a football school, the Glendale Cardinal basketball team showed that Glendale is- tough all over. Coached by Mr. Robert Hutchi- son, the Cards compiled an eleven win, ten loss record up- setting many strong foes in the process. The varsity team has served as an excellent example for the up and coming Cardinal basket- ball teams of the future. TOP REBOUNDER OTTOM ROW, left to right: Pat Witter, Jerry Lucas, Jim Hart. SECOND ROW: Dennis Jenkins, KEITH KQSIER elth Kosler, Phil Whitney, John Short, Coach Hutchison. AS WINNIN SEASO GLENDALE GLENDALE GLEN DALE GLEN DALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLEN DALE .... GLENDALE FINAL TALLY: ll - IO Carl Hayden Brophy .......... Par. Valley ........ McClintock ........ St. Mary's ........ Maryvale Washington Par. Valley ........ Flagstaff ... . . . .. St. Ma ry's ........ GLEN DALE GLEN DALE GLEN DALE GLENDALE GLEN DALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE .... GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE Sunnyslope Washington Flagstaff . Sunnyslope Prescott .. Washington Cortez . . . McClintock Prescott .. Cortez . . . Brophy . . JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROW, left to right: Gary Roper, Rick Salas, Rex Williams, Andy Ramerez, Ed Wilkerson, Steve Peters. SECOND ROW: Manager Glenn Celentano, Jerry Thompson, Rick Lundberg, Mark Burton, Tim McGiIver, Doug Sexton, Jim Dillehay, Coach Jim Gualdoni. SEASON SCORES Season Summary GLEN DALE Ca rl Hayden . This year's Junior Varsity and Freshman GLENDALE Brophy ..... basketball Teams have given Glendale an ex- GLENDALE paradise Valley tremely bright outlook for the future. GLENDALE Mccnnfock i I i The Junior Varsity basketball team, coached GLENDALE ST Ma ,S by Mr. James Gualdoni, finished the season ' n ry ' ' ' with a l4-6 over-all record, beating every team GLENDALE pafadlse Vallel' they played at least once. Next year's varsity, GLENDALE Flagstaff .... spearheaded by sharpshooters Rick Lundberg, GLENDALE Sf. Mar 'S , ,, Gary Roper, and Jim Dillehay, amassed a total Y GLENDALE Sunnyslope H of T025 points, which is an average of 51.2 GLENDALE washington .. ROWS pe' game' The Freshman "A" team, coached by Mr. Gus GLENDALE ---- Moon ValleY 7 Pappas, also showed a great deal of strength. GLENDALE Flagstaff .... Having a season tally of T2-5, the tall frosh GLENDALE ,,,, SUI-myslope , , scored a total of 698 points, which makes an GLENDALE Prescott ..... average of 43.6 points per game. GLENDALE Washington ' u H Tlhe Freslllman "B" tpam, coaclred. by Mri John GLENDALE Cortez a , prove extreme y potent, oslng on y one , """ game out of thirteen. The young Cards scored a GLENDALE .... McClintock . . total of 557 points, which is an average of 47.8 GLENDALE Prescott . .. points per game. GLENDALE Corfez If these young athletes continue to play GLENDALE Brophy H basketball in the years to come as they have this year, Glendale will certainly have a victor- ious basketball team capable of achieving state recognition. Freshman "A" GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE FRONT ROW, left to right: Coach Pappas, Tom Hasson, Lyman Perrin, Tom Shambaugh, Bill Rayne. SECOND ROW: Gerald Mahone, Lee Hampton, Art Alanez, .Joe Gonzales. THIRD ROW: David Mathis. Carl Austerman, Joe Mahar, Joe Carroll. NOT PICTURED: Steve Mitchell GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE. .. GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE GLENDALE Brophy ....,.. McClintock Par. Valley .... Par. Valley .... 24 Sunnyslope Moon Valley Washington Sunnyslope .... 3'l McClintock .... 25 Cortez ........ 59 McClintock .... 39 Cortez ........ Brophy ....... 27 Freshman "B" 28 23 8 32 35 33 40 GLENDALE. . . GLENDALE. . . 46 59 34 27 68 26 44 57 46 58 34 39 52 20 43 45 fw Brophy .. P. Valley . McClintock St. Mary's .....23 .....36 ....37 .....A26 P. Valley ...... 33 St. Mary's ..... 32 Sunnyslope .... 29 Moon Valley . .35 Washington . . .32 Sunnyslope .... 39 Prescott ....... 36 Washington .. .29 Cortez ........ 47 McClintock .... 58 Cortez ....... 6'l Brophy ....... 39 in by forfeitl Flagstaff .- A FL... SECOND FRONT ROW, left to right: Greg Watts, Tom Steele, Alex Popoff, Scott Baughman, Coach Hall. ROW: Mike Hewitt, Gary Wells, Norman Busch, Tom Watson, Kelly Furze. THIRD ROW: Harold Bowers, Ted Schmidt. NOT PICTURED: Allan Daniel, Manager, Danny Pevler. l27 Varsity Captain Rod Newport forces this opponent to sacrifice valuable points in a crucial meet against Arcadia. Rod proved to be one of the Cardinal's strongest contenders, having an individual record of eight wins and one loss in match play. 180 lb., Varsity matman David Spurlock puts the finishing touches on his dismayed foe. David made it "unpleasant" for many opposing grap- plirs, amassing an eight win-two loss individual T8 V. JUNIOR VARSITY Season Summary The 1966-67 Glendale High School Wrestling Team, coached by Mr. Allen Forrey and Mr. Joseph Rosania, was tor- ever plagued by iniuries and sickness during the course of the entire sea- son. Out ot a total of eleven dual meets the Cards had the entire team present for only one. The grapplers were compelled to forfeit a total of 22 matches as a result. However, the outlook for next year is very en- couraging, having four sophomore lettermen on next years slate. sooo Luck NEXT gi YEAR!! FRONT ROW: John LeGendre, Aaron Loui, Tom Short, Bob Beier, David Herrera. SECOND ROW: Milo Fiori, Frank Hoffmeister, Jim Wilber, George Petroff. THIRD ROW: Coach Rosania, Alex Hernandez, Mike Macon I28 VARSITY FRONT ROW: Tano Hernandez, Dan Underwood, Steve Neklia, Gary Wiechens, Joe Mayer. SECOND ROW: Don Knudson, Bob Kanaley, Jim Contes, Melvin White. THIRD ROW: Tom Tarcly, David Spurlock, Frank Lopez. CARDI AL RE TLI C5 Season Tally GLENDALE. .39 McClintock . GLENDALE. .20 Par. Valley . GLENDALE. .23 Arcadia . . . . GLENDALE. .13 Flagstaff . . . GLENDALE.. 9 So. Mountain GLENDALE.. 8 Sunnyslope . GLENDALE.. 5 Washington GLENDALE.. 5 Pueblo .... GLENDALE. .29 Phx. Union . GLENDALE. .15 Cortez .... . GLENDALE. .22 Prescott . . . Bob Kanaley intlicfs damage on a hapless Coyote in a winning effort against Phoenix Union. 1 I29 Varsity fffrzfi' A ,- 'S Z CARDI Steve Espinoza plays the net against his opponent, slamming him helplessly out of the court. STANDING, left to right: Coach Gary Estes, Mike Baird, Bruce Burden, Steve Espinoza. KNEELING: Gary Bochenski, Bob Strole. Varsity Scores GLEN DALE. . GLENDALE. . GLENDALE. . GLEN DALE. . GLENDALE. . GLENDALE. . GLENDALE. . Cortez . . . Brophy . . Buckeye . . Sunnyslope Washington Cortez . . . McClintock lSeason Half-Completedi Mike Baird delivers a blistering serve against his opponent, acing him out on the first try. l30 4 Junior Varsity STANDING, left to right: Eric Lloyd, Sherman Fredricks, Gary Lowe, Mike Ashcraff. KNEELING: Jim Johnson, Lynn Baird, Ted Morcomb. Freshmen Z- r f I f f4,1.S.qn'i , ij V. r fiilil F, 1 FRONT ROW:,lef1 fo right, Jim Johnson, Mark Bonsall, Allan Beeson, Brian Easely, Ben Archelefa, Ted Morcomb. SECOND ROW: Gary Bochenski, Chuck Barney, Art Alaniz, Jim Gill, Lynn Baird. l3I VARSITY HIGH-JUMP: Doug Roberts going over The bar as Rick Lundberg and Ricardo Salas look on. BROAD JUMP: Larry Foughty ,4-N" ,Ls Track DISCUS masters Mike McNabb and Dwight Bennet? heave 'the saucer while SHOT-PUTTers John Barber and Mike Crowe look on. SPRINT and RELAY men charge out of the sfarfing block eager for victory. From left to right they are Rex Williams, George Bardwell, Rod Robideau, Jim Hari, Paul Popoff, and Robert Rodriguez. l32 Coach Smith and Coach France shake hands at the dawn of a bright new m.,,Q, LOW HURDLES: Left to right, Dave Templeton, Jim Hart, Rod Robideau, Jim Johnson. season. , , g JJ A f in , r , - M . - S :S - .1J'15f's.-JJ- 1 Ji. , J' - I . -J fi er. . 4 i s .5 . Q Xh-. .gig -f.. . ,y-.SN-Q. T J M - ,J 2titcLim,3't ,g i f-' ' J B QJJ '-L' --I . J' Wd' f J . M" -J f is ' Q-J J Q J J-a .,f'il:"s ' AaaJ,.a . ,923 A-'LQ 1 2, . J J' J J Q1 11 -1 'J '14 '- . ,a-a J .1 115. J,J:' L J f ,A-- J U g J X 5. T 5 J Jr: 'ff .lg ?'j1Tff..sw. 1 ,-ni' T X,,- i i' J J Q' 'I Jfiiitif-'fi -L ffm" " v p ' -J A? --- T . ' W QR J i "' .J .-.' J - 'J .Q NJ J J-:W , ,W -its JJ x - ,. f . J - 3 Y JJ , BQQW' V J, J J' ,J J , - ' J T , J, Jx . SJ J -sg, V ' 1452 , ' +L . M ' Y -a.. j J J 'ki T. i- 1.x ig -2 KJ me-. , ,. ,... . ,X , . , ,J-JJ sg J 1 - -J K , E, , seg -zl 2 . . , .A ,. xr Y J J J J J s J T 1 J JJ ,. Ji s J J - 'J J' J . I J i ,L-24-J . :Lf ,'a- 577 mt. J 1 ' ty . - t J - 3 JJ., : ff '-,JJ-J. s J -'J- JJ J ' . ' J . ' J 41 'Jam'J , J 1 is . gg ' .x x xx, at , x x X xox sw IJ, N " 1 .W J Ylg. -J 1 , J , J J -L J JJ 'J JJ- . J J J J' . JJ 'W -'JJ . MILERS: George Thompson, Bruce Bills, Bill Mothershead, Jerry - 'J Y, 4 V JV , T ' J 1' J N, Thompson, and Jerry Espinoza head out for another time trial. . L M... f , J ..,,,, ,.,' T M- i E HIGH HURDLERS: Louie Sario, George Bardwell, soar over the barrier early in the season. NJA' ' 0 13,1 'Ig tif ...- Q 1. , 24, 2 M ff, ,., J.-.- -L... J ef,, M X, M HALF-MILERS: Art lnoshita, Jeff Harris, John Brimhall, and Steve Espinoza cross the finish line after another grueling race. and Dennis Jenkins And Field POLE VAULT: Doug Roberts, John Baker, Rick King, and Jim LeForce pose for this shot before a rugged practice session early in the season. l33 Junior Varsity Trackmen FRONT ROW, left to right: George Thompson, Richard Tuley, Rex Williams, Rick King, Jim Dillehay, Rene Esparza, Tom Espinoza. SECOND ROW: Richard Salas, Bob Meighan, Tim McGilvra, Paul Popoff, Jim Johnson, Sieve Espinoza, John Griialva. THIRD ROW: Brian Easely, Rick Lundberg, Mgr. Len Escudero, Doug Roberts, Bob Rodriquez, Tom Powell, Dan Browning, Jerry Thompson, John Brimhall. Frosh Track FRONT ROW: Sam Verna, Kelly Furze, Greg Watts, Dan Wiedoff, Vence Lopez, Dan Hardman, John LeGendre, Able Arebalo. SECOND ROW: Coach Gualdoni, Gary Wells, Bill Raney, Tony Caliendo, Bob Joslin, Coach Smith. THIRD ROW: Rick Card, Norm Busch, John Bluco, Dan Pirtaway, Brian Bills, Eric Ackley. FOURTH ROW: Philip Reana, Pat Holder, Gary Olson, Alex Popoff, Dane Clark. FIFTH ROW: Bill Fortner, David Mahone, Joe Slack. I34 FRONT ROW, left to right: Manager Dennis Anderson, Jim Krisell, Ted Carlson, Chuck Whitney, Mark Armiio, Kerry Diegel, Chuck Flavell, Jim Hardman. SECOND ROW: Jose Acuna, Larry Smith, Pat Witter, Mike Munoz, Jerry Lucas, Jerry Clark, Steve Hagar. THIRD ROW: Mike Bowen, Gary Currey, Mike Valdez, Keith Kosier, Ed LeGendre, Mike Pearson, Marvin Valdez, Bill Robinson, Tony Mendez, Coach Green. Season Summary As the Annual deadline draws near, the 1966-67 Cardinal baseball team has completed only two of its regularly scheduled baseball games. ln the first contest, the Cards bowed to the Maryvale Panthers by a close score of 3-l. ln the second match, the Cards came to life, whip- ping Paradise Valley in fine style by the score of 5-2. Coached by Mr. Edward Green, the Varsity Baseball Team looks very promising and should prove to have T a very rewarding and successful season. Keith Kosier gets ready to belt one during a practice session early in the season l35 f -bf' 1 ,. , S T R E T C H ! This first baseman had better know how to touch his toes in or- der to play this position. Knowing every second counts in baseball, the Cards practice sliding, anticipating the time when they will need it most. Varsity Ba eball Action as-f""M Card pitcher Jerry Clark follows through on a blis- tering fast ball. With Jerry and other Card pitcher, Jose Acuia, rides the burden of bringing victories home to Glendale. Jerry Lucas steps up to the plate during prac- tice. "'Cnta'2"3'vf5LIi'J' ' ' Q 1,31 -iff?-J -1- J , 7Q,vj-- 7- Q x ,S f, 3. X Vg 3:-.Vwy 'Nz X s i ., V V X .,,. ,. , ' , V , K . ,V Xkr. .wgf - K, T -y . nf, ,Ar ' - -J V V , 53+-' 4 j v- pi:-1 ---' g - J- X J . V V VV V V eg.,V,.V,V5 ,. , ,j:3QV.Q 55 A , VV , ,f Y Q V . , A k Q. V . P ,.1..,,. - ,A ,I Ti, - ,,-5lL 4, Q , .:- , V .V W V ' F V' " is '1 'ZF J ,gg 5 h it 9 H V6 iw WMA.. , I 3 i . L X I qv - ,,LL -fs-f 5 V - tx, 1 M T ' 591 ,W T it H 'A V J , 1 :Es 5 1515 .2 . ff, ' 35445 , Q ' il: Lgi, , .X A i s-J - 'ii :gil-: 3 L" f , ,,i, 5. . J . i - if . V . V '- "Q . V , ik VV ' ,i "3 wifi?-1 .- ' J -4- Q -,- L Cf? 7. 3 - ' -R -. I. A ' f 7 ..,,,x,. .- . 1 h - I ' ,pf t T ., ,f - if x , : ,E - . VV gi I -' ' ' - --HA LL"L J' V7 1 ' gf. -3 '.f, l J - 3' ' 5 -J J- ,mm.k .. MQ - .. K . 2 , V J: . - A. V ,nl , . V I on Q Wg ii ,,, - . ji. - ,J ,V V '- V K ,y ft 1 1- g J. 1 - Q I- 'xi ,... - , ' Q ,.-- in , Q., , fr . - , ,- QP " ' . 1 f J X: ' or T ' I i - Tx ' - . . Q , -- . T .R ,-1. -T , ,. X-, . A H J -ce .V bl:--is x-" wi. 414. '- X- , we-'w-. , ,C , -f fg. we ,- X C, if -. W f H - V- V si - - - , X :wg , fi Wg ge . :,35,,,,,,,,g:1w-ww, Q 'Q is viggfggxsgi-2:a2be'1si"'sfXwwiQ'-'H-:1 timer: Y ' ,xg kh , gh .ggfv J' JUNIOR VARSITY: FRONT ROW, left to right: Jim Wilber, George Alaniz, Danny Poff, Dan Underwood, David Herrera, Ray Cor- tez, Roger Beuster, John Belk, Jim Contes, Don Knudsen. SECOND ROW: Coach Rosania, Dale McCormick, Jerry Lowe, Joe Serrano, Steve Peters, Steve Matthews, Neil Robideau, Matt Nickell, Ed Wilkerson, Lonny Wilson. Llnderclass Baseball FRESHMEN: FRONT ROW, left to right: Tom Steele, Aaron Loui, Dan Pevler, Jack Amparan, Mike Hawkins, Cruz Franco, Andy Gonzales, Steve Quihuis, Scott Baughman. SECOND ROW: John Treguboff, Dave Mathis, Joe Gonzales, Carl Ausferman, Lyman Perren, Art Alanez, Jon Lundberg, Bill Key, Steven Mitchell, Henry Acuna, NOT PlCTURED: Joe, Carroll. I37 PQ' CO-REC Co-rec is any sporT played wiTh boTh boys and girls on one Team. The Two cp-rec ac- TiviTies aT Glendale are vol- leyball and square dancing. Each volleyball Team musT have aT least Three boys and Three girls on iT. Each year a square dance is held in The old gym and everyone is in- viTed. Co-rec volleyball is a compeTiTive sporT played by G.A.A. il I I I I A I ifzflf Q-f 552: - ' 3 3 1 93512170 :1 -V ' "' K T ,f wizggg f Yang- f , 5 h P I I . -' 7 3' I ii 1 FIRST: Mary Ellen Salas SECOND: Cassie Hayes THIRD: Carla Leslie GIRLS' VARSITY 44 I L II t I ig I Q I IIII T' . - - ,, ,, L. :kl kr ,..v fi 1-1 :ai wg j H . '- 4 lv H QR 51177 ii f figi' I 1 ' i III i zgt vggi 6 . Q 4, I 'F 'I1' I . FOURTH: Eddie Wallat TENN S FIFTH: Kris Hyde Junior Varsity team members this year were: FRONT ROW, Sherry Kanemura, Martha Wallat, BACK ROW Ena Lauri Loui, Suzanne White, and Diane Miyauchi. Younda Allen was the manager of the varsity and iunior varsity tennis teams. She keeps all equipment and paper work in order. I40 The members of the freshman tennis team, who played the first semester, are: FIRST ROW-C. Martin, M. lnoshita, J. Minato, M. Royals, N. Fisher, D. Arce, P. Barraza, SECOND ROW-C. Leslie fmanagerj, K. Blevins, M. K. Galloway, C. Goble, L. Williams, B. Tolmachoff, D. Hernandez, J. Crawford, and K. Cross. SEASON RECORD McClintock . .. 5 Glendale Washington .. . . .10 Glendale... ... . Agua Fria ..... . . .1 1 Glendale Paradise Valley . . .. 3 Glendale Sunnyslope . . .A . . .ll Glendale .McClintock . .. 3 Glendale Washington . . . . .8 Glendale . , . Q, I Miss Harriet Leeke, the Glendale girls' tennis coach is the main reason for the success of the team. I4l l Here's some of the action from the Tennis courts. Every day of the week and most days of the week-ends and holidays you can see devoted team members hard at work. The girls are trying to take a place in the state tennis tournament held in Tucson in April. ln These pictures, Cass Hayes, above left, slams back a forehand in a home match against Cortez, At right, Eddie Wallat serves at practice after school. f pf, mmap, i 3' G .X s:,..a..4.s,,5, ,W f V ..,,- ,,,, - my '- L '-Wiffii K' ' iv, M - t' x ,cf .- hi M5 4 ,, , 'ffm -.WMWN 4 . W' K ' N jpg z:f:k.,,W:: , 3 7 fy ,, ,W . ,V - , , ,uk , A . .f.,, f Q Q., G.A.A. or the Girls' Athletic Association is one of the largest clubs on campus. Members partici- pate in individual and team sports to earn points which entitle them to wear the G.A.A. insignia or shield, the numeral, and the girls' letter on their letter-sweaters. These are presented to the girls at the annual mother-daughter banquet at the end of the year. G.A.A. officers for 1966-67 are: FRONT ROW: Linda-Baxter, vice-president, Linda Miyauchi, president, BACK ROW: Pat Owens, recorder, Sherry Cole, secretary, and Ellen Contes, treasurer.. I43 ff Basketball is probably The most competitive and The roughesf of the sporfs for girls. Hkwlifmdu 'i'j .ini G.A.A. bowls aT Glen-Fair bowling alley each Tuesday after school. Teams com- pefe for Trophies and awards. Glendale has some of The finest iunior bowlers in The stare. I44 J 42 1 . V Me- 'W- -M 'Www " . ' A ' isssav Q .1 - " H ff l,-i',. .., ,V ,,.s-I gi-, Swimming was The firsT sporT This year. Cass Hayes Took firsf place in The swim meeT This year. The meeT Took place aT Rose Lane Pool on one of The coldesf, rain- iesT days of SepTember. me ZA, . f .. 1, ,I N, 3 H 1 ,Wife Sports l45 -T .N ii.. 11: QQ ' .li i .N ,J fi A T 4 Volleyball was one of The four Team sporTs played This year. The Tournament lasted Three weeks, wiTh a senior Team winning. The Glendale High School varsity cheer leaders for l966-67 are: Ena Loui, Teresa Patterson, Lau-ra lnglebretson, Janice Northen, Captain, and Annie Williams. Behind the drum is the Glendale mascot, Peppy Cardinal. The cheer leaders attend all varsity football and basketball games to boost school spirit and cheer the teams on to victory. I46 Junior Varsity cheer leaders were chosen for the first time this year. They are: Toni Tenuta Trisha Pullins, Peggy Sario, Pam Decker, Jean Paap, and Martha Keltner. Here are the varsity cheer leaders hard at work. I47 SoTTball is one of The mosT popular T h sporTs for girls. Here Two Teams are play- T ing off for a chance aT The champion- ship. Team names vary from The Cha- A , h P Chas To The H.L.'s., T V The winner of gym'nasTics in G.A.A. is usually The mosT agile and co-ordinaTed girl in The club. IT Takes skill and daring To even aTTempT some of The harder sTunTs. Some of The gymnasTics done are: backward roll, forward roll, pike headsTanol, Tripod, backbends, and ha-ndsfands. l48 G.A.A. SPORTSLEADERS THIS YEAR ARE: CBOTTOMJ Pat Grace, gymnastics: Betty Shaw, posturef CMIDDLED Claire Wallace softbally Ann Paulick, square dancingy Joanne Motoyoshi, basketball: CTOPJ Diane Mason, archeryf and Annie Williams and Janice Northen, co-rec and girl's volleyball. A ng 'N " f+ f is A 1 Q lift F I 5 v .li,.ci A 1 , t-if 2- - Q.. gt 'Y Fi This year G.A.A. took over duties of Pep Club. These were to decorate the goal posts for football games and to put up the victory signs at all home games. G.A.A. also sold booster ribbons. ln G.A.A., girls compete in team and individual sports and re- ceive awards at their banquet in May. I49 BOTTOM ROW left to right: V. Tolmachotf, N. Mutchmore, S. Kanemura E Kent J Houck J Motoyoshl K Motoyoshi G Lee MIDDLE ROW: M. Pullins, D. Mason, L. Patterson, K. Wichens, S Cole C Eldrlge B Shaw P Amperse S Sahr TOP ROW R Conway, V. Young, L. Townsend, L. Baxter, V. Smith, M. Tenuta, M Golden D Burross P Horrel P Grace C Whitney The 1966-67 Cardette Squad performed at every home football and basketball game, and gave all spectators a tine showing ot their abili- ties. The Glendale squad is the largest group in the state, and has won superior ratings in com- petition at Tucson. l50 M. Pullins, D. Burross, V. Young, P. Amperse, V. Smiih, M. Tenuta, B. Shaw, C. Eldrige, J. Motoyoshi .S Co-captains Vicki Smith and Mary Pullins Ca rdettes This is The world of girls' sports. The obieci of sporrs for girls is To build confidence, poise, and co- ordination. Physical fiiness is iusi as imporiarii To girls as ii is 'ro boys. The cheerleaders, pom pon girls and Tennis girls work iusT as hard To be good as any of our boys' varsiTy Teams. In G.A.A. The girls' geT a varieTy of sporrs ThaT challenge Their skill and compeTiTive spiriT. Y kms if I53 Xrmx X 1 III IZ III mlm IIIIII Royalty L ' J 1 X LZ!-1.2 V20 'V' 461, .,7Q' 4217 'i 1 v i .g.SS gV LN K, 'J ff! XA " ll ' ' - N WWW 1 Q' I 'Ill l 'C' hlff 5 fl' f r J - 2' ",'df! . U I I X I55 g 5-iiii' 1. gga. .ff John Short and Janis Northen I56 ttendants BenneH 'r .C .Q 3 Q S YU 3 .Q C An Young E .sc .E D John and Annie WiI!iams I Q T an Vickie Young , O Q and Joanne Motoyoshn and Ma rti Tenufa -,QR ?' QUEEN KING Jim LeForce Dorsi Craig Keith Kosier Bob Wagoner P m Williams Sandi Franzmeier a l60 WEEK 2hQCIC?FYZ?5 SWEETHEART Vickie Young SENIOR ATTENDANT Janis Northen SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT Linda Patterson l6I WW JUNIOR ATTENDANT Sherry Cole Egg FRESHMAN ATTENDANT Lou Ann Bayless Honorees IXIXEI X IE IX III 1111 I1 IEEE V'-iv BOY'S STATE fuk 'Q Q-1 4 ,V . ., l i i A in Q ii ,i H. Mike Baird Bruce Bills Bill Criswell Mike Staniec I64 f - i .r ri Q or . 'Wm e 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Johnson, Mary Alice Pullins, Donna Hutchison M MGDEL M ITED ROW 1: Marvin Colvin, Steve Espinoza, Carol Valikai, Mrs. Cropper. ROW 2: Mike Baird, David Young, Tom l65 Llpperclassmen LEFT TO RIGHT: Phil Okuma, Nancy Kadomoto, Linda Miyauchi, Jeanne Burgess, Anne Williams, Donna Mueller, Evelyn Siek. Underclassmen me Iv , k K , 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosilyn Miller, Brenda Shawver, Tom Davis, Kayl Fogelsong, Gary Tolmachoff, Vera Tolmachof'f,Jim Delahey, Sherry Malm- gren, Chuck Lopresto, Tom Miller, Leonard Escudero, Karen Motoyoshi. I66 PLIBLICATIGNS WORKSHGP I ' jj j, ' Q " R A FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Francis Spinella, Mike Baird, Rene Mathis, Sheryl Lovejoy, Ron Hospelhorn, Jean Lynch. MUSIC CAMP W, Lb, t , I LEFT TO RIGHT: George Petroff, David Young, Tom Harvey. I67 We GPTIMISTS GF THE MO TH ROW 1: Sherry Cole, Joyce Houck, Leanna Townsend, Diane Mason, Sherry Kanemura, Brenda Shawver Denise Woods, Linda Baxter, Patty Horrall. ROW 2: Tom Harvey, Biii Bonsall, Tom Harvey, Art inoshita, David Young, Mike Macon, Ed LeGendre George Petroff, Sfeve Beier. I68 TLIDEN S OF MO TH ROW 1: Ron Hospelhorn, Sandi Franzmeier, Vickie Young, Debbie Johnson, Louise Christensen, Karen Sing, Bill Bonsall. ROW 2: JOl1r1 Short, Andy Allison, Mike Bookout, Bruce Bills, Tom Harvey, Art Inoshita, Mike Baird. NOT PICTURED: Annie Williams, Donna Mueller, Mary Alice Pullins ROW iz Marvin Colvin, Yoar Aasen, Bill Criswell, Ron Hospelhorn. ROW 2: John Short, Mike Bookout, Andy Allison, Steve Espinoza, Mike Baird. -Q. Honorary Rotarians are chosen from the student body by the student sen- ate. They attend Rotary every week for the month in which they are cho- sen. They are selected for outstand- ing qualities of leadership, citizen- ship, and scholastic ability. l69 IWW Peggy Hoehn Soprano all Mfike Baird Bass Michele Bowley Soprano S5425 ,wg .. A,,5,., 1 5, V ,f W ,V 5 ,,,,, ,, . I ,:,- ' A, M :f f ifff f ' g f f i , I' .. 'K 1 zy, J Carleen Miller Alto I70 f - , 4: 2 m 4 Q D.C. TRIP FOR MARVIN Marvin Colvin took a week-long trip to Washington, D.C. January 21-28. He Took The trip through the courtesy of The U.S. Senate Youth Program. Two high school students from every state were selected and brought to the nation's capitol for a week of activity that could not be matched anywhere. The Senate Youth delegates were based at the Mayflower Hotel. From there they went each day to see some important aspect of the control center ofthe nation, The Senate, House, Pentagon, the Supreme Court and White House. They saw importantflpeople, the Presi- dent, Vice-President. Here Marvin is displaying a flag flown over the Capitol Building, presented to him to give to the school. SANDI FRANZMEIER-JUNIOR MISS Sandi Franzmeier was chosen to represent the northwestern area of Phoenix, which in- cludes Glendale, Dysart, and Peoria. Her first step toward being chosen to attend the state competition was a iudges' interview, during which Sandi and the other contestants were iudged on personality, goals in life, studies and school activities, and opinions on current events. After being chosen, Sandi went on to represent Northwest Phoenix in the state contest on February 2-4, where along with other contestants from all over the state, she was judged on her poise and appearance, her ability in the creative and performing arts, youth fitness, and scholastic achievement. TGP FI E RON HOSPELHORN-VALEDICTORIAN Ron is very active in school activities. He is President of German Club, Vice-President of Quill and Scroll, Co-Editor of the Annual, a Student Senator, and is in National Honor Society, and Science Club. He was selected Student of the Month for September and Rotarian for March. Math is one of his primary interests and he calls himself an "amateur radio nut MIKE STANIEC-SALUTORIAN Mike is active in Science Club of which he is President and is also historian of National Honor Society. He is Boy's Sports Editor of the annual and is the newspaper photog- rapher and is a member of two honorary clubs, Hi-Y and Quill and Scroll. Mike plans a career in either chemical engineering or biological science. These are the top five seniors academically of the 1966-1967 school year. They have all been active in school activities, have received many honors, and have a wide range of interests. They are outstanding in leadership and citizenship as well as scholarship. l72 TROY HAMILTON Troy actively participates in many school organizations. He is Activities Editor ot the annual, treasurer ot Science Club, Program Chairman of National Honor Society,,and a member of Quill and Scroll, Geography Club, and F.B.L.A. Outside school, he is President of the local 4-H Club Chapter and is a 4-H Club Junior Leader. Among his interests are girls, Animal Husbandry, Biochemistry, and math- ematics. MIKE BAIRD Mike's interests are many and varied. Mike has been an active participant of our school's government. Last year he was Student Body Vice-President and this year is a senator. He is co-editor of the annual, President of Na- tional Honor Society, is a member of Madrigal Choir, and played on the Varsity tennis team. Among his many honors are District winner of Arizona Oratorical Contest, Boys State Model U.N., and a member ot All-State Choir for three years. xM',,.-f MARVIN COLVIN Marvin is President of F.B.L.A., Parliamen- tarian of Student Senate, and is a member of Science Club, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, and Geography Club. Marvin was a participant of Model U.N., he was selected Rotarian for the month of January, and was one of the few chosen to go to Washington D.C. in January. I73 JCDAR AASEN - FCREIGN 7? I74 XCHA GE TLIDE T JOAR AASEN AFS As long as people are separated by boundaries, talk different lan- guages and Therefore develop differ- ent cultures, there will always be a certain amount of preiudice and mis- understanding. The only way to combat preiudice is for people to meet and exchange ideas at the same level. The American Field Service is one of many organizations who work for world peace and understanding and I have been so fortunate as to have a share in this program. I am indebted to the American people, who, through their interest in pro- moting this basic AFS purpose, have opened their country, homes and hearts to me and thousands of other foreign students. Joar Aasen "Walk together, talk together, O ye peoples of the earth: Then and only then Shall ye have peace." xrmr X II II III IIII BZ IEE! Academics I- Study is the most important part of the Academic life of Glendale High. The library, a study hall or home IS often where you find the student putting in that precious study tim-e. English Students Explore, Interpret Because it is a required sub- iect, English is an integral part of the academic life of Glendale High. Our knowledge ot the humanities is acquired in our tour years of English. We share with the great poets and writers, present and past, the beauty of the written word. Our ideas on love, beauty, hatred, or the hu- man soul tind expression as we read great literature. - as A 'ms H il MF' a , ji Qijj I78 As a freshman we become acquainted with Silas Marner or Julius Caesar. Sopho- mores and Juniors share the experiences of George and Emily in the play Our Town. The seniors learn of the bloody antics of Macbeth, and in world litera- ture, we find out how to drink tea. - U 4 X I H., , Mr. McAllister uses a literature map to illustrate his teaching 'iid Every two weeks brings a moment sucr as the HuLltes staff makes Final preparations for the paper The press awaits English Extends To Journalism Speech The publishing of a newspaper can be a com- plicated process as some will tell you. It involves getting the story, writing it, and getting the whole paper to the printers. The Cardinal Hi-Lifes is the result of our working iournalism staff. Debates are second semester activities in Speech class. Nervous debaters often present interesting cases in de- fense of international or- ganizations to control nuclear weapons. But everyone comes out a little more poised and a little more persuasive. Debating is a keenly intellectual game. lf you are not on your toes, you can become very con fused. lf you are, it can prove very exciting. Drama class provides its students with an opportunity to perfect their acting abili- ties. The stage to these stu- dents is a form of art, and drama class often proves to be the high point of the day. Here the actors put to life a scene from a play. Putting to life what has been only writ- ten takes more skill than merely reading what has been written. Show biz is a challenging business. Drama Nc N X., rx HN 'W N - irr in W . , , ,, , 5 , iviiflt -My - L , ' ' . - if- 7 ir. ,N qs. ,, in . . - rw f . g, f M .1 .1 f-is i Q M be , cw i ik i , . 4 W W g 1 l a illl f 'f f2if5galwmg55f" 'A' Glendale High offers Span- ish, German, Russian, and Latin to its students. In study- ing these languages not only do we learn the grammar and vocabulary but also the customs, habits and attitudes of the people who speak that language. Third and Fourth year German students read the words of great German authors. Spanish students take part in the many Spanish customs. Each year they break a pinata at Christmas and during the year have many fiestas. More than like- ly the custom of the siesta is observed. Latin students sometimes acquaint them- selves with our ancestors, the Romans. Aeneid takes on a different light when read in Latin. Language Q Q ,- xl- -1 ssl, . M . .x 5: lgff ,QQ il K, X g if if , .s , .. Q 3 .a1a1.'.f?'3"'Mf L' -M l 82 . YL as L fr s. I 5' . One convenient method of learning a foreign language is to do if in small groups. This is a German study qroup. As one reads the others will follow and a discussion ensues. Labs, Stud Groups Aid Learning In the lanquane, you listen through these earphones to a voice as it speaks the dialogue of one of the lessons. Besides a sore ear one can qet the Droper pronunciation. K - ' ' vm ' - refr- Russian students use the language lab, also. Mr. Wucinich leads the class in a drill. Learning a foreign lang- uage is 'an educational ex- perience. Knowledge of our own language is enhanced. Students find a certain fas- cination in reading, hearing and speaking a language other than Their own. Once you get beyond the "Como esta" or "Sprechen Sie Deutsch" stage a whole new world of understanding and expression will unfold. Languages Aid In Stud Of Social 4" lil i if t "" all These language skits were given during the Foreign Languages Week. l84 i ly. I ' . Em T TIUT A Some ofthe Civics students made these "Get out and Vote" signs during the fall elections. Sciences In Civics Mrs. Cropper shows a -film, A simple little film like U.S. vs Darby gave some of us heartburn. , is If . 6 f f sf t,.i -wx --sz.: : - ,,..f f xg ' ut... fem: K 5? 12-1 gm . -. -Q. is-'fiakm f ,,...- 3, gm W N w ., X .I ,ixg W its 1: 1, is fs .. 1 Q, ' fs T Q W I Q i,. W f , s x .X ga .. -142 s V if ' :en 95 ,3 3, ts is ig it 1 5+ Et 5 tw K f-2 J W 1 v I f. 'fp ' ,,., t N.. K M 9 K 1 vq.u-- "Disarm the U.S.," demands the Mexican delegate. "Mexico can go iump in the lake," shouts Mike Sullivan, the U.S. delegate to this O.A.S. meeting. -:mat World History students even plotted out a Medieval Manor on one of the bulletin boards Presentations by the students are a large part of the learning experiences of the world history student. 2 This U.S. history class is taking notes on the lecture concerning manifest destiny. Students will sometimes go to great heights to make their displays colorful and educational. aps, Bulletin Boards Cf Current ,.,,. ,. gs... m '. 02:3 'sag ' rr"-u'-J req'-". ' mst r wx 3 N A 1 1 --A .-.M - ss , R ' "' A ZX? ., ff we at 1 V - My gf sell s an if QQ A l 'iii -'ggi npr, naw- . a..,...R if . rsi 1 i s s r Q.. X ,mil -.1 Enhance Stud Events 4420534 tt As one person proiects the drawing on the board, the other traces it. The first touch of social studies that the stu- dent receives is sophomore geography. Maps, Goode's World Atlas, bulletin boards, and de- bates make the class exciting. The sophomores learn that Alaska is more than tundra and that Africa is more than desert and iungle. The iuniors study United States history. They see films of beautifully C?J enacted moments from early American history, hear records on the civil war, or memorize the Gettysburg Ad- dress. Current events is often a part of the study of U.S. history. When it is, newspaper articles begin to disappear from Dad's news- paper and reappear on the bulletin board at school. Civics is for seniors. Films, lectures, debates, and panel reports are on the agenda. Economics takes the last two six weeks of study time and then the seniors go out and become the labor force that they have studied about. Latin American history and world history give any student interested in social studies a chance to expand his horizons many times. These acld to the broad educational experience provided by Glendale in the realm of social studies. if si fs ,'.k . ' 'K s,.f"-s 'fr 229' One intriguing facet of aca- demic life on the Glendale High campus is the science department: physical science for the freshmen, biology for the sophomores, chemistry for the juniors, and advanced biology, physics, or electricity for the seniors. Experi- ments, surveys, projects, and term reports are a part of the learning experience of the sci- ence student. The science we study here at Glendale we find to be all around us in the world. The study of rocks, animals, atoms, or weather help to round out the over-all character of the Glendale High student. Young Such experiments as the one here provide the chemistry students with unique experiences. They are doing an experiment with bases. Mr. Forsman proceeds to freeze a ball of mercury for the fresh- man physical science class. Liquid nitrogen is used. Sometimes the equipment involved in a physics experiment is complicated but if you're like Marvin you can catch it all. To the people in this class the measurement of thermal linear expansion has its good points. Scientists Explore, Discover ,x -I ""'xf as To the people in advanced biology the dating and mating habits of the fruit fly is important. l89 Mfffgdiifft fsli pe 'W 0 0 tsl W ft? l sg 3 4 ll K, , . . A at .ls ""u,,Y,1,,, mm, ,, ef 'fttfetaf 'O X56 f Bob Kanalev tests out the radio demonstrator in Mr. Roberts' electricity class. The oscilloscope he is working with registers electrical impulses on a fluorescent screen. athematics Blazes Trail For l90 The basic arithmetic is taught in the general math class. Mr. Forrey here gives a student aid on a problem. Our math department has turned out some of the leading mathematicians in the state ot Arizona. Glen- dale otfers everything from general math to senior math. ,iv V W' Q Y E Q . W Q , ..4...-iii-2 , .... ,I :lik 412:35-Wi. -E -n..- - E 3"...,?Q-:gg Science Mr. Fleming uses an intricately-designed model of a three-dimensionalgraph to illustrate a point. A slide rule like this always helps to enlarge matters. This large-scale model is used to teach others how to squint at their own l9l Q E I F 4 O V ' 3, Es almost any season or special event at school. Here last-minute details Business Education Teaches sents another entrancing lecture. wt ci e e 4 "Dear Mr. Brown . . ." and 80 words a minute later very truly yours" and the test is over With all his excellent notes and iokes Mr. Heatwole pre At Glendale a student can take almost any kind of business course he would want to take. General business is always popular with the freshman. Shorthand at- tracts mostly girls but the boys find it to be worth their while, too. Business law is available for prospective secre- taries or businessmen. The typewriters in the typing classes are kept busy every year by those who want to learn to type. Our Distributive Education program is one of the best around and gives many seniors on-the-iob training. 'Skills , .l.,, . 1 lli. ,fs-A H .. ... lll., . 4.,-. . , A lot of concentration and frustration goes on in this room where the Glendale students are learning typing. ln bookkeeping these girls are finding out that being a secretary is some- times a very exacting iob. Mr. Miller holds a class discussion on business law. 1 l l A guest speaker lectures on alcoholism to the family living class. This topic is iusf one among many that the class :overs during the year. Cooking class alwayg brings infe,-esfing results- This window display catches the spirit ofthe Rodeo days. i s 441 cgeafssa Some of the most enlightening moments for some of our faculty are in the Drivers' Education cars teaching the new students how to drive Mr Amaya looks very enlightened, he made it back. Even Academics For Everyday Life G.H.S. girls can pre- pare for their future as homemakers by taking home economics or creative clothing, Prac- tical experience is the key to learning in some areas of study in these classes. Ovens, sinks, and sewing machines are provided for use in learning the art of homemaking. Courses in safety education are given to any student wanting to learn the finer points of driving. The actual driv- ing experience is also provided. Agriculture Class Molds Future Farmers t lsll i c is 'Q g at si Periodicals contain much information for the Agriculture students. Recent, up-to-date material is important to these people. Here they study some of those magazines. V' N To any boy or girl ,Q who is going into a farming career, agricul- ture is one of their main interests. This' class is found not only in the classroom but also many times on the farm. In- dividual proiects, such as raising goats or pigeons, is required. The newest farm techniques and equipment are studied. Here, as in home eco- nomics, practical experi- ence is a method of learning. lt.. VN VJ Jim LeForce demonstrates a measuring device that can be used on the farm to conveniently mete out distances. I96 fi, cissr i .l i dm Teamwork, as shown here, is often necessary to assemble or disassemble a car. Metal Shop Provides Practical Experience .Y A metal shop student makes quick work of a strip of metal with this cutter. I97 Our auto shop is well equipped to handle the curiosity of any boy who wants to see what he can do with a car. This course, auto shop, also helps to prepare young men for a career in mechanics. The skilled instructor and the available tools provide the in- struments of learning. Grease is the password and a good sounding en- gine and a smooth running car is the goal. In the metal shop works of art or practical implements are made. Heavy equipment is used and hard work is done. Students in this class use lathes, torches, cutters, and polishers. They use the sander to grind the metal to iust the right size. 'l 45 fr' -'lf H '- r r- mt 4mH.:,,.,fg.--1. 5 ., X ix is - .Q B, K K X .13 i if 9, 5.2 Emslaf. Wx s ' ,gl W X .fi xW3ll?MfQl M . " ' 'ff as X Q is 5 1 RM R ,gs Si sr fag K-Q , Q Q as ,,ih , K s S fi it i mb R' of si me . as X we if X X get is 1 3 fi' .X . .W as 1 ., l 2 ..,, so , , sw ,... k.. 1,1-2- if " X a r e - xt, frm- if , :ggi 2 i All ,.,,,, .. ' 'Q "" lfkifzssiazsa ' i' , Y ng ' In drafting, the boys find that drawing with a pencil can become a science. This student concentrates on one of those drawings Artists Find Expression In Wood, Canvas, Many different tools are used in the wood shop, the band saw . . . H and the lathe. ua-is :zffasssu-ali the sander . . . In the wood shop, each boy takes on his own proi- ect. Skills in making ioints, putting beautiful finishes on wood and all the various phases of carpentry are taught. ' 1 ,Mr ,-,, L f,,i,,m.. . .rms Individual proiects are an important part of shop. l98 3- .t Kg' 'SL l ,K . ,. N .Zg ,Xi Q 521 f 2 :ie ii, 1 7 git--s"'j ..-l r'1X?4?'E K, s it 'ft -1 'I ,V V -'f'Z'f'l.1.f?, Aff, 'fi'i"ffZ :iff K' Q '2 " , Q ' K , M It lust takes patience and a pair of dirty hands to get the iob done. Ceramics What starts out as a lump of clay soon becomes a beau- tiful work of art. i ,,, . i ,A f ,r H Part of our art students spend their time working in ceramics. Others work with different forms of art. Glendale has produced some of the state's best art- ists. This is an important segment of our academic life at Glendale. I99 10" During one of Their rehearsals, The band follows Mr. Koch in interpreting The finer poinTs of The music. Vocal music, band music, and orchesTra are parT of The music curriculum aT Glendale High. ConcerTs are given almosf all The Time. Special performances are given by The vocal groups. Our marching band is one of The besT in The sTaTe. The orchesTra produces beaufiful music of iTs own. Glendale has some of The besT musicians in The sTaTe. Though small, The orchesTra comes up wiTh some inspiring pieces of music. Music Builds Soul The boys' chorus rehearses for a performance. Ofher groups are The advanced girls chorus, The beginning girls chorus, The symphonic choir, and The madrigal group. ,N ,..c, N-as or I ner- Q - fr., - as-.stray ' .s s WM., l 5, i N lbw f ,ws . Each end must go over at the right time in order to clear the bar. Physical Education, Bod John Barber lets go of a shotput and watches it sail. The rules and tech- niques ot the sports that most of us are only spectators for are taught in physical ed- ucation. Football, base- ball, loasketball, wres- tling, track, tennis, and square dancing are all a part of the P.E. curriculum. Healthy bodies are the goal. Our P.E. depart- ment and the sports activities of Glendale go hand in hand. 20l 2 X l This broad iumper gets the height and the distance. ixrmx X II IX III IIII I1 IEE! Grganizations K JW' W ll H fjj X .,, s v i!-5 fl" " 1 1 ' f f f-Q x5 b . . x "S tl NA 1' in 5 ER. ANDY ALLISON President SANDI FRANZMEIER vlcKlE YOUNG R9C0fdln9 59Cfel'3VY Corresponding Secretary BILL BONSALL STEVE ESPINOZA Vice-President Treasurer A " Q I xl gg' Q 9 Why is there a Student Senate? Its purposes are gen- ., -7 . . . . f' erally outlined in the preamble ot our constitution: we ' ' X work to instill school pride in the student body, we plan we - 9 A .Y -A - A , X, .fy l X 1 i A It I X y. of 1 A l xg, fl X J, '34 f- My nf? and activities and help coordinate those of other clubs, we act as a "go-between" for the administration, faculty, and students. But more important than all of this is the fact that it builds leaders. There is nowhere on campus for a sudent to develop leadership as he can in the Senate. Working in student government is a good experience, l only wish all the students could know how rewarding it is. -ANDREW ALLISON- 204 Senators ROW I: P. Petroff, D. Young, R. Trevey, E. Wager, T. Short, M. Bonsall, T. Morcomb. ROW 2: C. Jacobs, J. Hooks, D. Mueller, P. Murphy K. Motoyoshi, J. Motoyoshi, T. Tenuta, L. Townsend, L. Young, B. Maack, B. Criswell. ROW 3: L. Christensen, P. Marr, D. Mason, M A Pullins, V. Tolmachoff, M. Colvin, Y. Aasen, R. Hospelhorn, A. lnoshiTa. ROW 4: M. Tenuta, M. Baird, G. Tolmachoff, J. Dillehay. MW 55. few. use an r v.. D , --..,W ,,,,, 13... . . Q U AA 2 4 wa A ,,., 7' L .,,, ,K K, . L L reer J .Q Q eezgf - ,.. . - " hwy j J X 2 :. - Q! ' . , L x, 5 , . X .., , Aj. Q E, .. qi 5119? .L .,,'x-jf' " -Q 31111 H L ,,,, ' kggg, 3 gf? ,., ,. M ... A .., J ..J..,... . ..,. , . , , L , , . . .. 3 J ., ik' ,J -ggi 'mi-I..' ' . ' -,.. L: ,. ..f, . . , ,, ,.-guw1.4..2-W... . ,. Q A f L 205 Iliff . ...QI""'5' .17 .1 .. - -- Q X . i au- ' O Nawnffl HOW SOCISW L srrs S - . ffff,:' If L' 51, -g ,,,..,- 5 ff .Q j ' ' ' ' ROW l: T. Hamilton-Project Chairman, M. Pullins-Secretary-Treasurer, M. Baird-President, M. Staniec-Historian. ROW 2: B. Treusdell A Williams, J. Motoyoshi, S. Franzmeier, E. Siek, D. Mueller, S. Newbury, M. Nygard, D. Hutchinson. ROW 3: L. Kerns, L. Vanderbilt Kris Hyde, S. Watson, R. Combs, C. Roschke, E. Lincoln, C. Nielson, L. Decker, E. Wallat. ROW 4: B. Kanaley, D. Durfee, J. Short, M. Golllher M. Colvin, R. Hospelhorn, B. Mothershead, A. Allison. NOT PICTURED: B. Bills, J. Britton, J. Clark, C. Huber, D. Hutchison, D. Johnson L Kamp, J. Lynch, D. Schroeder, V. Young. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY S 'Q i . E, ? " i Z XX ' A EL Members of National Honor Society must be in the top IOM, of their junior or senior class in scholarship and must have a grade average of not less than l.75 throughout high school. The obiect of the Glendale chap- ter is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote worthy leadership and encourage the development of character in pupils of Glendale High School. 206 MR. GENNACO Advisor Geogra ph ROW I: M. Colvin-Parliamentarian, P. Petroff, R. Trevey-Treasurer, D. Young-President, T. Harvey-Secretary. ROW 2: M. Valakai, M. Guiterrez, J. Craft, K. Rodgers, J. Artega, Mr. Smith-Sponsor. ROW 3: B. Shayver, A. Garcia, P. Bary, D. Supersky, K. Fogelson, M. Secker. ROW 4: Mr. Shaul-Sponsor, M. Smith, B. Long, J. Hardman, P. Houck, S. Espinoza, J. Royer, M. Wilson, S. Laeve. I.R.C. ROW 1: Mr. Wasbotten-Sponsor, D. Durfee, S. Eberman, B. Elmer, E. Valdez. ROW 2: E. Siek, B. Bills, J. Allison-President, B. Elmer-Secretary. 207 The purpose of I.R.C. is to stimulate interest in foreign relations and promote better understanding of world problems among Glendale High School students. lt also tries to create a better understand- ing of the world and the complex prob- lems facing the people in everyday life. This year I.R.C. newly initiated the stu- dent-teacher forum which has been a great step forward for better cooperation and communication among students and teachers. German Club ,K,, ,-, N- ' 5' iii-B. ' 'fi - is - ' L 5 i L C S., Q Qs aa ,F J is E se SX xi. A ww V li BQ .N-t, ,-,. Killa' ROW l: Zuniga, Burns, Wise, Stewart, Simpson, Aasen. ROW 2: Benea, Goclinez, Kadamoto, Wiechens-Secretary-Treasurer, Hyde-Vice'Presi- dent, Pullins-Historian, Hospelhorn-President, Keltner, Wallat, Fair, Leurs. ROW 3: Brill, Heign, Joselin, White, Holder, Floor, Sahr Valikai, Nygard, Edwards, Mrs. Press-Sponsor. ROW 4: Godinez, Haro, Severn, Bravo, Morton, Pullins, Kerns, Mount, Whitney, Grace Durfee, Wallat, Roescke. ROW 5: Lewis, Rusinski, Grace, Wise, Brooks, Cruft, Van de Putte, Gardner, Metz, Simpson, Garling, Drotleff Seeker, Lenz, Wilson, Tulley. ' Russian Club Q -:ZS I 18,5 4 f f 70,5 . , ,ILW-Af" ROW 1: Mr. Wucinich, D. Tolmachoff, P. Miller, C. Adams, L. Milynes, S. Horst, C. Tolmacboff, Y. Hlernandel- ROW 21 C- MSYBV, G- Tolma- choff, L. Kamp, T. Hollobaugh, T. Webb, J. Schroeder. 208 1 1 pani h Club ROW 'lz M. Salas, T. Patterson, O. Chavez, R. Clark, G. Lopez, S. Addison, V. Smith, M. Tenuta, B. Shaw, Mr. Brink-Sponsor. ROW 2: D. Hutchinson, L. McGill, S. Willis, J. Acuna, C. Hayes, L. Patterson, M. Burton, K. Motoyoshi, L. Baxter, G. Florez, S. Field, O. Garcia, K. Strohacker, M. Aro, S. Watanabe, D. Miyauchi, J. Woodman, C. Kress, J. Sheets. Latin Club --.-.....? ROW l: Criswell, Jancovietz, Hammonds, Kanemura, lnoshita, Tolmachoff, Woods, Mason, Asdell ROW 2: Mecham, Cook, Horst, Cox, Paulick, Ackley, Alvarez, Benge, Proper, Spinella. ROW 3: Miss Nelson-Sponsor, Cooper, Porter, Golliher, Biscotti, Bayless, Henderson, Houck, Baird, Davis. 209 V.I.V.A. ROW 1: Nancy Kadomoto-President, Martha Wallat-Secretary, Joe Schell-Vice-President, Mrs. Underbakee-Sponsor. ROW 2 Donna Mueller, Sandi Franzmeier, Kathy Kelley, Pam Wright, Patty Horrall, Penny Ackley, Leonard Escudero. VIVA or Very Important Vocational Advice is open to all students inter- ested in finding out about college and different vocations. Great Books rlr t y BACK ROW: Mr. Richmond-Sponsor, Marna Edwards, Linda Decker,Craig Matthews. FRONT ROW: Marlene Fair, ZIO Becky Elmer Radio Club W.. mm .N in f- .ff .l . P. Alvarez, M. Caviness, Mr. Forsman-Advisor, R. Hospelhorn, F. Hansen, Mr. Roberts-Advisor, D. Tosh, R. Spinella, T. Burns. Science Club VV ROW l: Mr. Owens-Sponsor, J. Clar, M. Golliher, S. Watson, T. Hamilton, ROW 2: M. Sullivan, D. Durfee, M. Colvin, M. Staniec D. Henderson. ROW 3: R. Hospelhorn, P. Okuma, E. Morcomb, J. Dyer, D. Mayer. 2ll D.E. . . f - ' f' 'V 'f 'ff ffl- ., W 5 i M , A ROW I: B. Gates, D. Mills, C. Criswell, J. Burgess, T. Hernandez, T. Salazar. ROW 2: L. Nibblet, M. Molina, C. Hyde, S. Call, G. Lopez, C Lopez, P. Bradford, K. Hood, R. Snell, D. Parsons, P. Brimhall. I O B 0 L 0 A 0 ROW l: J. Halacy, M. Colvin, D. Durfee, S. Fredericks. ROW 2: A. Garcia, M. Haro, F. Hollobaugh, D. Herra, Mr. Merlino. 2l2 Future Business Leaders of America is an organization created for the purpose of furthering the knowledge of business- es, particularly pertaining To occupations dealing with office and secretarial work, to aid students in Their capacity to adapt to their chosen field. BQ 0 I r,,.- . , ., V ROW l: Debbie Poulter, Richard Martinez, Sylvia Perez, Ellen Ortega, Phil Harris, Larry Martinez, Sharon Blackburn. ROW 2: Ed Crawford, Dennis Dylong Bill Radder, Dean Reed, Jerry Scott, Gary Handley, Jim Clayton, Mr. Schmidt. Industrial Cooperative Education is a course that was offered to sixteen students for the first time, this year, at G.H.S. This program provides students with an oppor- tunity to earn, work, and learn, through elementary occupations in technical and industrial areas, I.C.E. is open to all students whether they intend to go on to' college or not, and often provides the means by which students can further their education. h ss Club s::i::.: un at 1 ROW l: Mr. Forsman, T. Mc Gee, G. Celentano, G. Bochenski, R. Spinella, J. Steward, G. Prior. ROW 2: W. Eberman, T. Stephson, J. O'Keefe, D. Schroeder, E. Ethington. 2l3 Libra ry Staff BACK ROW: Mr. Srapley, P. Diviney, S. Desmond, Mrs. McGowan, Mrs. Shaw, M. Gardiner, Norgren, Mrs. Doelling. FRONT ROW: B. Cook man, D. Woods, L. Craft, F. Anaya, J. Bull, P. Bradley, F. Spinella, S. Allard. Ll herettes ,. 3 ' F W ll It FZ , . lf ' BACK ROW: B. Elmer, G. Trackrell, S. Eberman, B. Reynolds, P. Williams. FRONT ROW: E. Valdez, P. Caniarella, K. Tardy, B. Lane. 2 I4 The pian 0 ROW lx C. Brouhard, C. Pidgon, P. Wrffght, M. Keltner, B. Allen, K. Sing, P. Decker, S. Addison, B. Ruoti, K. Baker, L. Vanderbilt. ROW 2: Mr. Cox-Sponsor, L. Brill, W. Bandi, G. Sheriff, L. Dyer, A. Allen, K. Fogelson, E. Varnum, L. Wong. J. Frazier ROW 3: M. Spinella, C. Floor, L. Decker, L. Brill, P. Ackley. ROW 4: S. Stambaugh, M. Morton, K. Balch, C. Bachman, L. Christensen, R. Mathis, C. Whitney, K. Strohacker. This year's Thespians productions Were, "Mc- Gillicucly McGotham" and "We Owe lt All To Edgar J." To ioin Thespian Club one must take an active part in some field of drama. This can be either acting or technical assistance on one of the pro- ductions C J, ' nv: 3 5, ll 1 lll 2- Q' ., '.L' 1 "1 l . J ,,.."f'f'2? . ,- ,,.. :week :k-: I 2l5 Marching sm V Band - - we VV VV V V - i V -H1132 A-Vw-QV V V V f-'V -V 'V -- LV VVQV VV 1- 11 V - fw fi -Vim QVEJQV . V V , .V V, VVV, iiiEWf'ff'- ' - V V ' " :V V ' V. ,V K 'if' HWZHV -V ,,,, :QV " Y - V ' 5 f. :V--y,Vr2V1" V -5 V Q I V V -V - - V V VV ..,, VJVQV V V. V- Q-VV-V V Vf V -V33-Q?" 1 4 V V V 7 i ,,,-, A' Z""'? - V- -'mmwi VV : ,. W A -- 5- ,ff V- ff! V ,V V I A V I H V V .V V -f -'fr-2 -1 VV VV VW, V, - - V VV V, , 1 Q VV V..,VV 'K' --f-W - ,VV I ww, .V ,f., 'W ,, .,VVVVV --Q5 ' --gm-9-'QQQA V - V pw K VV 1,,,....VffV'f2'gVVf'i -M - ' N -VV.V.VfVf " ,, , Q V V V VV V V VV V V V VVVMVKV. V VV VV VVV Vw, Vg , Vg V ,VVWVVV 'f"W ' Vg -- -I V. : ,VVV V V V VV V V VVV .V V .VVVV V V VV V -VVMMVVVV M, .VM VV-V3---VVV ,VVV VV '- "Q yi,-V V' Vw-may Hi --.V V-A-ffff' 'L " HW VV V V V' ' V -n-v"-"LV, 95 ' M3'3Z,,"' 52" ,-' . "gg QV V.V' lf., Ji Q 8 A V P5 if wi ii f - if A i i ' 5-.L 1 Jr 1.4541 " 441 V ' 79 . V 'Q WN VV: 71' sig V VV +V VV V Y V V V.-N. ' - Ii 7 if-'V fa ,V QV-fr 'Y -V'-'MV -r V V gf ANZ, V" aa , " V - 1 3, A w, ' 5' Y L ' L . VV .Vi -V - V- 5 V 'V Vgibgfwi V, VV A qw, VVVVV , 1, V -3-,l,,...V :V 1 V VV-VV V V ' ...wg QV ,,,,V,V.,.V..:,-- V. VVVV V j ' WU ' V - . V "W-M . '. iiV:V-f -f e- V V V, 5 L x VV 5 V V? V .0 - .V VV r VV WVVVVV, im: ,IWW V ,V V TT :V::1gVgVij :H V - VV, - - V- ' ' ' 'i " V VVVV V V V 'T I-"W-V ', - - "-' Y VV ' rw ,- -f - V V.,V V V- V-V ' ' Q -- -V V Y- 'V W' VVVVV Vw-VV--f Vi V V- ' 4 V V V - V VV +52 :f'fVJV,-323--VVV1:gv, ' 52317125 V-.,,V,,, ' VV P V ' ' V- - --V V " ' -VV V V :mf -,gum 41-gxygfwj,-JV,,.V' w A- Umm V ' H M W, - Vw- - ,V ,,VVV- V,-I ,. - I V , Q V V ff,-rw ' -" 1 V W : 7"'fY1:12j f'V VVVVfQ4f ,. " W S-iii-44ELf?,2L7V-A-s+f.' ' QV ' V 1'k' fg.r'r-my V . V 'f1"1- V .W " Vwp g JV? V -' T' 1 ' V. '7'-:fl 'I-"5d!"fM "-V -'ffffl-W 2. 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J 'V V -VVVIF 391 " V I VV e V V --wif V. f-1 .Vw V. - V - HGV- PPV- 2 ' V Q pw.-124--Biifgwe-fx :fV4?f2ir'13,griVf-:---:-:'- '-ia---QV-5 -M MW' V: fsggg 1 ' Vg? ,.ffVgyV - V w g. '. 'Vfv N- '-'V-L' V-:-X f-:-- 7 ' " N- V- -V V-- 'V . 4 VV ' 1-fm-wff - 7-ff? V--q.wmfv-.1:-- -V-1 5'-w -Van . ef ---A .K V NP -- - 'ss-we -12--'--M ' vie- -V "1 " -- v I 1 - V l' . . ji H- I I Long hours of practice are needed to achieve perfection. Ma porettes Drum ajor V -5 S Q mphonic Band Advanced Girl's Chorus ROW 1: L. Coulter, K. Harq, L. Barber, B. Wilson, P. Wright, S. Addison, M. Keltner, S. Thompson. ROW 2: R. Pendleton, P. Brimhall, S Doyle, J. Sanderson, E. Wallaf, M. Morton, J. Hunt, B. Allen, S. Jack. 5 2l7 Symphoni Choir ROW T: C. Wimer, M. Bowley, C. Pidgeon, W. Cook, P. Hoelm, J. Frazier, D. Cole, K. Balch, C. Adams, L. Christensen, J. Allison, E. Siek, S. Davidson, L. Morey, M. Valikai, H. Routsis. ROW 2: K. Walker C. Bachman, P. Posey, M. Lentz, E. Varnum, D. Ducet, B. Meighann, B. Thorp, L. Baird, K. Thames, S. Martin, A. Allison, K. Baker, C. Tolmachoff, C. Miller. ROW 3: C. Eagel, P. Royal, J. Dillehay, D. Steward, M. Baird, D. Browning, S. Davis, B. Gable, P. Toffanelli, R. Sargent, B. Branch, G. Varney, C. Chambers, P. Wright, M. Grantham. Boy's Choru elrglgw .rv J Q-'ll' U'-1 ROW l: B. Bills D. McConnel, D. Dienharf, T. Cantele. ROW 2: R. Crenshaw, L. Hansen, J. Houck, B. Gabriel, D. Reed. 2l8 Vocal Music Club Officers 5 STANDING: M. Grantham, Recorder, E Varnum-Treasurer, M. Bowley-President K. Balch-Vice-President. SEATED-C Chambers-Secretary. K Q Beginning Girl s Chorus ROW 1: R. Cole, R. Allen, J. Armstrong, P. Sario, M. Barrientez, A. Arispe, K. Crowley. ROW 2: S. Mushagen, C. Mecham, M. Pendleton, K. Petty, M. Mecham, T. Boyer, M. Castillo, A. Castillo. ROW 3: P. Peasha, B. Smith, J. Gillingham, l. Turner, A. .lor- dan, L. Havner, K. Sorrendon, N. Van De Putte, S. Eagen, R. Macias, S. Hogg, En emble ,J Qgycxgg Mc... ,ww I -'S " -Fil ,, wh, ROW l: Michelle Bowley, Cydne Pidgeon, Jan Frazier, Kris Balch, June Allison, Gail Varney, Cheryl Chambers, Pam Wright, Margery Grantham. ROW 2: Mike Baird, Dean Ducet, Ed Varnum, Bob Meigham, Andy Allison, Bob Thor B b B h R ., pn. .,'sf 1' Kris Balch and June Allison, of it .- the Ensemble, "kid" around at , s X the Christmas Choral Concert. 5 I 'f 2l9 p, o ranc , ay Sargent. The Ensemble, the most advanced choral 'group at G.H.S., is composed of twenty members who are selected for this group by audition. Through- out the year, in addition to regular concerts, the Ensemble performs at many other places around the Valley. Lettergirls ROW 1: V. Smith, C. Hayes, L. Miyauchi, J. Motoyoshi, J. Northen. ROW 2: P. Owens, P. Amperse, K. Wiechens, L. Decker, L. Morey Y Allen. ROW 3: E. Contes, L. Baxter, B. Cookman, P. Horral, D. Burross. ROW 4: B. Shaw, M. Tenuta, A. Paulick, M. E. Salas, N Burrel NOT PICTURED: O. Chavez, K. Hyde, J. Hall, S. Rodriquez, E. Wallat, A. Williams. Lettergirls is an honorary organization for girls outstanding in sports who have obtained their letter. The letter is obtained when the girl has earned the l2OO points necessary, through various sports activities sponsored by G.A.A. Annually, Lettergirls sponsor several activi- ties, such as the initiation "Come as you are" breakfast for new members, the Luau, and the Homecoming Dance, which they iointly spon- sor with the Lettermen. 220 PRESIDENT-Cassie Hayes VICE-PRESlDENT-Vickie'Smith SECRETARY-Janis Northen TREASURER-Joanne Motoyoshi HISTORIAN-Linda Miyauchi g Letterm n ROW l: Coach Forrey, J. Short, D. Bennett, E. Aro, C. Whitney, G. Tolmachoff, Coach Munoz. ROW 2: D. Mecham, M. McNabb, M. Crowe, T. Tardy, K. Diegel, G. Bardwe-ll, E. LeGendre, L. Guess, B. Byers. ROW 3: M. Valdez, J. Shambaugh, P. Witter, M. Wiedoff, J. Wager T. Mendez, B. Robinson. ROW 4: F. Silva, G. Thompson, J. Valdez, J. Brimhall, L. Escuclero, G. Currey, J. LeForce, R. Robideau. The Talent Show, which is an annual affair for the Letterrnen, was this year highlighted again by the "Happy WhisTIers" and by a harem number featuring Lynn Dyer, Linda Vanderbuilt, and Martha Keltner. 22l ROW I: Offiders-J. Hall, D. Craig, P. Williams, K. McCown. ROW 2: Miss Jenkins, S. Mecham, I. Cabrera, L. Martinez, S. Hewitt, P. Pray, Mrs. Goldstein. ROW 3: J. Halacy, L. Reveles, J. Godinez, C. Porter, T. White, Y. Ingram, J. Sander. ROW 3: M. Gonzales, B. Irwin, J. Lopez, C. Valenzuela, M. Godinez, J. White, M. Godinez, K. Downs, M. Miller, I I 9 O Q NNN, ROW I: K. Nielsen, D. Boomhauer, P. Sampson, M. Ross, L. Baleis, Sandy Franzmeier-FFA Sweetheart, M. Nielsen, F. Delgado, M. Curl M. Charleboise. ROW 2: D. Rovey, D. Spann, L. Joy, L. Smith, G. Sheriff, K. Kosier, G. Grant, R. Bridge. ROW 3: L. Smith, D. Cullum, M Pettigrew, J. Leforce, J. Autrey, B. Rainey, G. Mahone, B. Crowe. 222 6 O Q wx .1 T X ,, . .qi . ROW 1: Yolanda Hernandez-President, Pat Owens-Treasurer, Shelley Pediborgi, Ellen Wilson, Jane Gillman-Secretary, Ellen Benge-Vice-President, Jan Bull. ROW 2: Mrs. Coker-Sponsor, Janis Sanders, Janis Sanderson, Barbara Maack, Mary Nygard, Shelley McNett, Debbie Smith, Juanita Yates. F.T. . BACK ROW: Mrs. Shimer, Carol Adams, Martha Wallaf, Rosilyn Miller, Shirley Willis, Kathy Kelley. FRONT ROW: Margery Grantham, Carol Lienenger, Marilyn Dad, Carol Valikai, J. Sanderson, Wanda Carey. 223 1 .. Q. 3? H N T31 I 1? K A gifs- , n , ROW l: Ken Roper, Pat Boyer, Pat Witter, Chuck Whitney-Chaplain, Bill Criswell, John Congrove, Bill Bonsall, Tom Harvey, Steve Es- pinoza, Mr. Fleming-Sponsor. ROW 2: Mr. Johnson-Sponsor, Rick Ladra, Chuck Bayless, Rick Scheer, Bill Bennett, Mike Bookout-Sen geant-at-Arms, David Young, Mike Macon, John Short, Keith Kosier-President. ROW 3: Steve Sanderson-Treasurer, Dan Stecker, Keith Marsh, Robert Mann, Eddie Le Gendre, Garold Judd, Mike McNabb, Jerry Shambaugh-Vice-President, Mike Wilkinsin. NOT PICTURED: Mike Staniec. The Hi-Y Homecoming float entry. 224 In , r 3 we I Girls League Girls' League is a service organization to which any girl on campus may belong, but to be recognized as such she must participate in The many diversified activi- ties sponsored annually. This year, besides The Coke Party, Christmas Formal, and Sweetheart Dance, Girls' League with Hi-Y Club worked in collaboration with several Glendale or- ganizations, such as Rotary, Kiwanis, and Glendale Women's Club on The Heart Fund Steak Dinner, The proceeds of which went to the Heart Fund. Girls' League also sponsored a drive at Thanksgiving to collect food for a needy family. ROW la Mrs. Wolfrum-Sponsor, B. Shayver, L. Dyer, D. Mueller, S. Franzmeier, S. Lovejoy, Mrs. Smith-Sponsor. ROW 2: S. Addison, L Cabrera, C. Griffin, J. Seely, P. Sfecker, K. Rodgers, K. Tardy, K. Harcq, J. Kraft, L. Bayless, T. Pullins, C. Jacobs, J. Hooks, W. Carey, E Valdez, J. Jackson. ROW 3: K. Fogelsong, P. Wright, J. Paap, S. Cooper, L. Wagner, J. Hunt, K. Veroni, R. Shambaugh, L. Brooks, K Bentzel, E. Siek, D. Vance, C. Bootz, P. Wright, J. Franzmeier, J. Sheets, S. Branch, N. Furrey. 225 Cardinal Hilites Staff sz.. , at as ROW li Frances Spinella-Page 2 Editor, Kathy Kelley-Feature Editor, Rene Mathis-Page 4 Editor, Joyce Pendleton-Circulations and E change Editor. ROW 2: Sheryl Loveioy-News Editor, Shirly Willis-Advertising Manager, Barbara Habernig-Page 3 Editor, Carol Bach man-Page l Editor, Naomi Jensen-Photography Editor, Mrs. White-Advisor. ROW 3: Lyle McGill-Photographer, Bill Prior-Columnist Ken Thames-Business Manager. NOT PICTURED: Marti Tenuta-Club News Editor. , i 'il 'S ll! Hl'ea'Na . ' .V JEAN LYNCH Editor M' ' 1 The iournalists have worked hard all year getting information and reporting the different school events for the school paper, The Cardi- nal HiLites. The staff and reporters, or iunior journalists spent long hours getting out the lo issues of the bi-monthly publication. IIQITE Junior Journalists ROW .lz Darlena Pendleton, Evan lngram, Sara Horst, Linda Ball, Carol Valikai, Teresa Patterson, Betty Paulick. ROW 2: Bart Tereser, Mark Mamiio, Terry Brandy, Charles Meyer, Steve Teague, Bill Bonsall. Quill and Scroll ODE f if A If . 0' 'f r 2 '., ,R ' ILE, 6:5 filqlf ,NI -v, ,NR P 1 364- f 1" . v., 1 '. ' 2 si V ROW l: Gary Armstrong, Rene Mathis-Treasurer, Ron Hospelhorn-Sergeant at Arms, Jean Lynch-President, Shirly Willis-Secretary, Mike Baird-Vice President. ROW 2: Evan Ingram, Teresa Patterson, Donna Mueller, Kathy Kelley, Sheryl Lovejoy, Gary Brady. ROW 3: Mike Staniec, Troy Hamilton, Carol Valikai, Evelyn Siek, Bette Paulick, Mark Armeio, Bill Bonsall. 227 ,,2'f f xf MR. RALPH MORGAN Advisor MIKE BAIRD Co-editor MARVIN COLVIN Upperclass A RON HOSPELHORN Co-editor ROSE SHAMBAUGH, KAREN BENZEL Underclass ww, -E ' L Jifji. N R JRR R O O . R Rv4N , W M O FRANK aff RRRR 'R - ' E N Muce STANIEC TOM HARVEY ya ? Bows SPOHS M M T Q7 1' A . ,-.sL5i2f" 2". " f"'3 Va' 228 DONNA MUELLER EVELYN SIEK y 1 Organizations 1 1 f 6 f E Honorees srwftrst 6 A as 4 ii E5 Q QS? 4 1221 l EDDIE WALLAT KRIS HYDE Girl's Sports ' fr ff 'D l Aw is .,l,,,.,,- - 'Y' V, ".f"s,:,f, , ,,..,sr.r,,, , . f ' , -,1 Qu :' fm,a.:Pfr:,:,s4,rf-af ' 1 A s KAREN slNG QW: A 1 6 "" 1 E"A 73 X Royalty fig! Rag . ' ' U ri' iris 'ED gf at M is is L at 6 , 1 e e 3 'lfg I 1 , 1 - 1 I K 0. 1 EEQE 0 1 E- E 1 ' lE' 4 ff? 1 hE.,. 6 1 as 1 ' EE112 'L-L ANDY ALLISON Art Editor NANCY KADOMOTO Faculty We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all those who contributed to the production of this annual-from 1 the students who put on their brightest smile for the camera, to the teachers who so willingly gave of their advice and class- TROY HAMILTON time, Student Life Putting together an annual is no easy task. lt requires many long hours of work after school and sometimes sleepless nights to finish all the pages before tomorrow's deadline. The purpose ot an annual is to record the activities of the past school year in pictures. We sincerely hope that this annual is one of meaning for you and that we havF presented an accurate and descriptive picture ot the 1966-1967 school year. -The 1967 Annual Staff- 229 , is l ., .. Q , ,.e, l, ,..,..s. fr J Q X I 5 Student Life Em I j' X IE IZ 'xy III 5 IIII nz :mm I L., Qi! 5 -'J ev 7 ,143 I Q? j LO -1 4' I I ' 0 5 V 9 fq,'4'! 9 O N kv N X X , wx 4 Q 23l ,-I Q -Q HOMECOMI G I966 Tension mounts as the Homecoming Parade is about to begin. L GAA Members decorate the goal posts before the ' Homecoming game. GAA also decorafes the goal ' 1, 'Q posts before every game. ,pw Qs. t 'K 4. in... E Pluribus Unum, one out of many, applies well to these floats. Out of the many ideas, comes a beautiful, coherent float. The Vocal Music Club Float, above, and the FFA Float, right, show the ingenuity of GHS students. Maybe this Hi-Y "float" isn't the most beautiful, but we'll have to give them five points for originality. John Congrove's 427 super stock Model T does the iob. 233 IN4 Keeping Glendale clean and beautiful seems to be the intent of these GHS students. They are prepared to clean up in case of a catas- trophe. Sports - The Most Popular Here is one of the Pep Rallies held iust before a big football game. The Pep Ral- lies serve to boost the spirits of the team as well as those of the students. You can almost hear it now-"Fight, Cards, Fight"! Mullah Football is the most popular sport as well as the most popular activity. The excitement is always high when football season begins. Probably the only thing wrong with football is that the season must come to an end. This year the Cards continued the Glen- dale tradition by finishing the season as Co-Champs of Division ll. Basketball runs a close second to foot- ball. The Card Squad fought hard to fin- ish the season with a winning record. l O O Aw .ry At GHS The Cards always come out en masse to support the basketball squad. In this scene everyone gets into the act of cheering the team on to victory. l l i The Pom Pon Girls provide entertain- ment at the basketball and football games. The girls work very hard to perfect their dances, and it's always a treat to see them perform. The Senior Pom Pon girls try to look like the Great Pyramid. They do a great job except for one thing- you'll never find curves like theirs in the Egyptian Pyramids. 235 "What did you say the answer to number four was?" Three students cor- roborate during one of their classes. '. E1 .f ,,, I it 1- , 9 ,H H rsfr it LIILV . .. ffrf J if ,,,: . . V H-fm,Q5,e,. , ,fe H 3 E? yi 2 MAKE THE DAY 236 Freshmen .and Junior testing are some of those inevitable hazards that plague every stu- dent. WORK AND PLAY Experience is The loesT Teacher. Family Relations gives on-The-fob Training wiTh The Kiddie Kollege. The Kiddie Kollege is an annual expe- rience for The Family RelaTions clas- ses. Several parenTs "donate" Their children for Two weeks, Monday Through Thursday. The children al- ways have someThing To do. They play in The sand box, sTudy music and arT, lisfen To sTories'Told by Their "parenTs for a day", and have re- freshmenis. McGllllddy McGoTham lets off a liTTle steam, Irish sTyle. McG1lliddy McGoTham, The winter play, was'a great The GHS Marching Band prac- ticed hard days on end so they could entertain us students. At left, The Marching Band is get- ting ready to perform at Band Day. This year, the Marching Band did very well on Band Day. Glendale can boast one of Ari- zona's finest Marching Bands. Be- low, the Marching Band practices before a big football game. 1. Activities Are Varied At GH The Pom Pon Girls had a chance To show off their talents at the Cardette Review where Porn Pon squads from all over the valley performed. Keeping up with Glendales tradition of having the best Glendale's Pom Pon Squad ,pr The spring musical, "We Owe It All 'ro Edgar J", was written by our own Mr. Cox, Glendale's drama instructor, and Mr. New- berry, drama instructor at Alhambra High School. "We Owe It All To Edgar J" was a greaf success this year. Shown here are a few key scenes. ig , The Sweetheart Dance is one of the most memorable events of the year. For those who attended, this girl-ask-boy event will al- ways bring back memories ot one ot the most wonderful events of their high school careers. Campu Life Open House is a time for the parents to become better acquainted with the teachers and, to find out. how their sons and daughters are doing in school. Par- ents feel proud of their teens during this time, others become saddened when they find out that their sons and daughters aren't doing their best. Did you give your parents a chance to feel proud of you? Let's all resolve to do our best in the fu- ture. and Lee Manzo. The highlight of the Sweetheart Dance is the naming of the Sweetheart Royalty From left to right: John Tregabotf Lou ann Bayless, Don Human, Linda Patter son, Mike Bookout, QUEEN Vickie Young Sherry Cole, Rick Scheer, Janis Northen tivities at GHS. Among these is the new iudo class. It is open to all boys and girls who want to engage in the sport of judo. You can learn self-de- fense while you keep in shape at the same time. Is The Good Life Another addition to GHS this year are the JV Cheer Leaders. They help to cheer the JV teams on to victory. Hi-Y Club, one of The most active clubs on campus, led the parents around this year at Open House, and Bl?-0 answered any questions that the parents asked. 24l This year has seen a lot of new ac- The classroom can be a place of learning and enlightenment, or it can be a source of bore. It is whatever the student wants to make out of it. "Sorry about that, Chief." It's quite evident that this driver needs some additional experi- ence, and Safety Education is just the place to get it. Not only does Safety Education offer on-the-iob training, but classroom instruction on the do's and don't's of driv- ing is also available. Safety Edu- cation also offers instruction in such fields as first aid and civil defense. nd The Beat Six times a day every student has to make that long trek between class- es. Maybe one of these days, in the not-too-distant future, there will be large conveyor belts to transport the students to each class. Who knows what the future might bring? This year has shown a lot of changes in the cafeteria system. ln addition to the regular meals and the new snack bar, the cafe- teria now offers a la carte items. The cafeteria really aims to please. V. TQ. i ,.. ,... f 1 N Goes Cn . . . No, Mr. Irwin doesn't read the daily bulletin every morning, but he does use this opportunity to bring the Cardinals an important message. No-rmally, one of the students brings the agenda of the day to everyone at 8:30 a.m. 243 The GHS library is modern and up-to-date. References about almost any source of interest are available to those who take the time to find them. The library occupies a special place in the hearts of most GHS stu- dents because of the atmosphere it offers. Slowly, but surely, faces. The old Boiler-room smoke slack, once a GHS becoming a memor GHS is changing landmark, is fast y. WEET EMGRIE Reme mber when your locker looked like this? 244 For those who want variety in their lunch, GHS provides a new snack bar this year. Hot and cold sandwhiches, drinks, and desserts are on sale. i 0 0 0 AND REALITIE Marvin Colvin trys to eat a sandwich, but it's easy to see that he's got that "l wonder how I did on that math test" look. 245 xrmr X III IZ III IDI BZ Em! fb. Advertisements I fNAl.L-- ,uw Senior Register AASEN, JOAR AFS Student from Norway 4 ABRAM, JANICE MARIE G.A,A. 2, 3, 4, Girls League 2, 3, 4, Pennsylvania, National Jr. Honor Society I, G.A.A. I, Student Council I, Class President 'I ACUNA, JOSE JR. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, Spanish Club 3, 4, Basketball I ADDISON, SUSAN CAROL Student Council I, 2, Senate 3, Pep Club 2, Girls League 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, King and I, Variety Shows 3, Thespians 4 Historian 4, Adv, Girls Chorus 4 AMBITION: Get a good college education and be a Psychologist or better, the theatrical field ALLEN, GLADYS DELORES G.A.A. 4, F.H.A. 4, Girls League 4 AMBITION: Beautician ALLEN, YOUNDA ROSE G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Tennis I, J.V. Tennis I, Varsity Tennis 2, Tennis Manager 3, 4, Lettergirls 4 AMBITION, Lab Technician ALLEY, JANICE LOUISE ALLISON, ANDREW MARVIN Student Body Presi- dent 4, Ratarian of the Month 4, Optimists Outstanding' Student Award lArtI 4, Thespians 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, News- paper Staff 4, N.H,S. 3, 4, Student Council 2, Scholastic Art Awards 2, 3: Great Books 4, AASC Workshop 3, AASC Convention 4, NCCJ Convention 4, lCortez High: Student Council Il AMBITION: To serve God all my life ALVAREZ, PAUL ARO AMBITION: Electronics and Math ALVAR EZ, PETE THOMAS AMPERSE, MARGARET KAY Pom Pon 4, G,A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Girls League 2, 3, 4 AMBITION, English teacher ANAYA, FRANCES MARY AMBITION, Beautician ANAYA, LEONOR LOPEZ DECA 3, Spanish Club4 AMBITION, Beautician ANDERSON, HERBERT W. Tennis I, DECA 3, 4, Marketing 3 AMBITION, Successful Businessman ANDERSON, JANIS KAY G,A.A, 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Usherettes 4 AMBITION: Airline Stewardess APODACA, JOSEPHINE Student Council I, G.A.A. I, F.H.A. 4, F.T.A. 4, F.B.L,A. 4 ARMSTRONG, GARY JOSEPH Basketball I, Base- ball I, 2, Student Council I, 2, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4 AMBITION, Business Education ARNOLD, LARRY RICHARD Track I, 2, Weights l, 2 ARO, ERNEST JULIO Football I, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 'I 2. 3 4, Wrestling I, Lettermens Club 3, 4, KING UGLY 3, 4 AMBITION: Go to college and have fun AROZ, ROY LOPEZ Football I, 2, Wrestling 3 AMBITION, Graduate ASISTIN, HENRY MKE AMBITION, To be a good husband ASPEITIA, ANTONIA G.A.A. I, 2, Tennis 2, Russian Club 3, 4 AUSTIN, WILFORD THOMAS Football I AUTREY, ARNOLD LEON F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Farm Mechanics Award 3, Gun Club 3 AMBITION, Airplane Mechanic BACHMAN, CAROLE ANN Vocal Music Club Newspaper Editor I, 2, 3, 4, Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, G.A.A. 1, Young Arizona Correspondent 4, International Work Camp 3, Thespians 3, 4, I.R.C. I, 2, 3, 4, Fall Play 3, Winter Musical 3, 4, Usherettes I, 2, Quill and Scroll 4, Cardinal Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Staff Reporter 3, Pg. One Editor 4, A,I.F,A. Workshop 4, Vocal Music Club 3, 4, Symphonic Choir 3, 4, Arizona Republic Workshop 4, Drama 3, F.H.A, 4 AMBITION, To live a happy and successful life BAIRD, MICHAEL WARREN Student Council 2, Senate 3, 4, Musical I, Carousel lMusicolI 2, Speech I, Outstanding Boy in Chorus I, 2, 3, Editor of Annual 4, Annual Staff 3, N.H.S. 3, 4, Bays State 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Vocal Music Club I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: To be a preacher BAKER, JOHN PAUL Football 'l, Basketball 'l, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Weight Lifting I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: To lead a good life BALCH, KRISTINE KAY F,N,A. I, 2, Thespian I, 2, 3, 4, Vocal Music Club I, 2, 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 4, Choir 2 AMBITION, To get my book published BALL, MICHAEL AUSTIN Soccer 2, Basketball 3, Baseball 3, Lettermens Club 3 AMBITION: Policeman BALTZ, PATRICIA LEE Girls Chorus 2 BANDI, WILLIUAM GARY HENRY J.V. Football 3, Tennis 3, Thespians 4, Radio Club 4, lAbbey High, Football I, Rifle Club Il BARBER, JOHN CHRISTOPHER Track I, 2, 3, 4, Russian Club 3, 4 BARNETTE, MELBA LOU AMBITION: Travel BARRON, DOROTHY LEE G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club I, - Girls League I, 2, 3, F.H.A. 3, 4, Student uncil 2 AMBITIO , To be a success in all I do BARRON, SAMUEL OCHOA Spanish Club 3, 4 BARTON, ROBERT LEE AMBITION, Veterinarian BASHAM, JONATHAN CLYDE Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Special Achievement Award I AMBITIONQ Air Force Pilot BATEMAN, ROY EUGENE BATEMAN, STEPHEN CHARLES BAUER, JEFFREY WILLIAM BAYLESS, CHARLES GALE Basketball I, Baseball 2, Football I, Latin Club 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Gun Club 3, Hi-Y 4, Model Legislature Repre- sentative 4 AMBITION, Writer BELK, ROSE ANN AMBITION: Medical Doctor BENNETT, DWIGHT ENSON F,F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Lettermens Club I, 2, 3, 4: Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, Weight Lifting I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION, Marry a pretty, rich girl and live happily ever after BENNETT, WILLIAM WARREN Football I, 2, 3, 4, Lettermens Club 4, Hi-Y 4, Track 2 AMBITION: Commercial Airpilot, or Air Engineer 248 BENTLEY, PAMELA JEAN BERGER, ROBERT LEE BIELENDA, CAROL ANN BILLINGTON, EDITH EDNA Girls League, Usher- ettes, Drama AMBITION: Travel I 1 BILLS, BRUCE ookoon Track 1, 2, 3, 4, cross Country I, 2, 3, 4, Boys State Representative 4, State Moth Test Ist Place I, 2, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, Five Hundred Mile Club BISCHOFF, ERIC BISCOTTI, LADD MATTHEW Football I, 2, Bas- ketball I, 2, Hi-Y 4, Pacifica H.S,, Latin Club 2: Science Club 2, Football 2, Baseball 2 AMBITION, Further my education by going to college 1 I BLACKBURN, SHARON LYNN F.H.A. I, Usherettes 1, 2, 3 , AMBITIONQ Beautician I BLEVINS, CAROLYN LOUISE Usherettes 2, 3, 4, G.A,A. I, Shorthand Awards 3 AMBITION: To live a lite pleasing to God and helpful to men BLUME, FRANK ARTHUR Football I, Basketball I, 2, Baseball I, 2 AMBITION, Teacher BODINE, BENJAMIN NIEL Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Lettermens Club 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, Weight Lifting 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 4 AMBITION: Computer Programmer BOOKOUT, MICHAEL LEE Baseball I, 2, Football I 'l, 2, 3: Class Officer 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, t Lettermens Club 3, 4, Student Council I, 2 AMBITION: Teacher BOWEN, LARRY MICHAEL Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4: Tennis I, Basketball I, Lettermens Club 3, 4 AMBITION: Engineer BOWLEY, MICHELE DIANE G.A.A. I, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Winter Musicals 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Cardinalairs 3, 4, Summer Fine Arts Camp 3 AMBITION: Airline Hostess BOYER, KAREN BOYER, PATRICK ASHER Hl-Y 3, 4, Hi Lites Staff 2, 3, Wrestling I, 2, Football I, Chess Club 4 AMBITION, Professional Musician BOYLES, LESSIE MARIE BRANCH, ROBERT KENNETH R. Vocal Music Club I, 2 3. 4, Thespian Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Track I AMBITION, Forestry BRILL, LLOYD LEWIS Thespians 2, 3, 4, German Club 3, Fall Play I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Government Employee BRITTON, JUDY KAY G.A.A. I, 4, Thespians 'l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Pep Club 2, Girls League 4, N,H.S. 3,4 BROOKS, LANA RAE G.A.A. 4, F.H.A. 3, 4, Girls League 4 AMBITION, Stewardess BUCKLEY, EDWARD LEE AMBITION, Teacher BULL, JANET F.N.A. 3 AMBITION: Pediatrics Nursing BUONO, JAMES THOMAS AMBITION: Auto Mechanic Senior Register BURGESS, LAURA JEAN Pep Club I, 2, 3, F.N.A. I, 2, Girls League I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, Secretary 4, D.E.C.A. 4, Anytown Delegate 4 AMBITION: Fashion Buyer CANTARELLA, PEGGY LEE ANNA G.A.A. I, Usherettes Vice-President 3 AMBITION: Typing Teacher CAREY, BETTY LUCRETIA G.A.A. I, Girls League 3, 4, Business 3 AMBITION: l.B.M. CARLSON, RICHARD THEODORE Baseball 2, 4, Football 2, Spanish Club 4 AMBITION: Teacher CARREON, JOSE V. D.E.C.A. 3, 4 CELENTANO, GLENN MICHAEL Band I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Madrigal I, 2, 3, 4 CHAMBERS, CHERYL CLAIRE Thespians Club I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, Pep Club I, 2, Vocal Music Club 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Teacher CHAVEZ, OLIVIA DOLORES G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Girls League I, 2, Spanish Club 4, Letter- girls Club 4 AMBITION: To be successful in everything CHMIELEWSKI, PAUL EDMUND Musical and Thespians 3, Spring and Fall Play 3, 4 CHRISTENSEN, LOUISE Student Senate 2, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Focal Music Club 2, 3, Winter Play 3, FOMA 3, 4, NCCJ Delegate 3 AMBITION: Interior Decorator CLARK, JAMES RICHARD Science Club I, 2, 3, 4, Geoaraohy Club 3, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4 AMBITION: Forester CLAYTON, JAMES ALBERT F.F.A. 3 COLE, ROGER DALE Football I, 2, Baseball I, 2, Basketball I, Track I AMBITION: Policeman COLVIN, MARVIN LEE Science Club 2, 3, 4, FBLA V.P. 3, 4 Pres, Geography Club 3, 4, Parliamentorian Club 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, Annual Statt 4, Parliomentarian Student Senate 4, Model U.N. 4, U.S. Senate Youth Representa- tive from Arizona 4, Rotarian of the Month 4, Quill and Scroll, 4 COMES, ROBERTA ESTELLE G,A.A. I, F.H.A, I, 3, 4, N.H,S. 3, 4 CONGROVE, JOHN PHILLIP Marching Band l, 2, Pep Band I, 2, Geography Club 4, Sym- phonic Band I, 2 AMBITION: Doctor, Lawyer, or Indian Chief CONTES, ELLEN STACEY G.A.A. 'Treasurer 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 4 AMBITION: Become a Physical Ed. Teacher COOK, LINDA SUE Spanish Club AMBITION: Spanish Teacher CORBIN, SHARON ELIZABETH Belmont,Central School: F.H.A. I, 2, 3, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3 AMBITION: Go to college or work COX, CAROL JEANNE G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Girls League 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, F.H.A. 4, AMBITION: History Teacher CRAIG, DOROTHY LYNNE G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Rep. 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, F.H.A. 3, 4 Vice-President 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Girls League 3, Student Council I, AMBITION: Teacher or Dental Hygienist CRAIG, WILLIAM STEVE Machine operator CRAWFORD, EDDIE GENE Music 2, 3, Acting 2 AMBITION: Comedian CREEKMORE, BUNYON NATHENIEL Science Club 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Wrestling I, 2, Vocal Music Club I, 2, 3, AMBITION: Forest Ranger or Draftsman CRISWELL, WILLIAM MICHAEL Class Vive-Presi- dent I, 2, Class President 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Lettermans Club 3, 4, Student Senate 4, Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 3, 4, Boys State Representative 4, Latin Club 3, 4, President 4, AMBITION: Lawyer CROSS, NYE RHUEL, JR. AMBITION: Civil Engineer CROWE, STEVEN MICHAEL Football I, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Weight Lifting I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Lettermens Club 3, 4 AMBITION: Become great in something CRUFF, PAUL BERNARD AMBITION: Architect CULLUM, WILLIAM EVERETT Baseball I, Mohave Country Union: Baseball I AMBITION: Gas station attendent and me- chanic CUNNINGHAM, NANCY LOUISE F.H.A. 2, 3, Girls League I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2 Secretary 2 AMBITION: Physical Education Teacher CURREY, GARY ALLEN Football 4, Orchestra 3, Knoxville H.S.: Football I, 2, 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3 AMBITION: Military Career DAD, MARILYN JEAN G.A.A. I, 2, 3, F.T.A. 3, 4, Historian 4, Girls League I, Make-up in Fall Play 3 AMBITION: English or History Teacher D'AGOSTlNO, LINDA CORRINE F.H.A. 4, Girls League 4 AMBITION: Graduate DANIELEK, PAULA JO G.A.A. I, Pep Club I, F B L.A. 3,' 4 AMBITION: Business Career DAUGHTRY, MICHAEL C. DAVIDSON, SANDRA Vocal Music 2, 3, 4, Usher- ettes 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Social Worker DAVIS, ROBERTA LEE AMBITION: Ta stay happy DAVIS, STEPHEN CHARLES Thespian 2, 3, 4, Vocal Music Club 3, 4, Winter Musical 2, 3, 4, Variety Shows 2, 3, 4 DECKER, LINDA SUE G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Thes- pians 3, 4, Great Books 3, 4, Vice President 4, Lettergirls 4, N.H.S. 3, 4 DE LA CRUZ, JESUS R. Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 3, 4, Student Council I, 2 DELARIA, CHARLES RICHARD AMBITION: To get out of school and go back East DELGADO, HORTENSIA MENDEZ DELGADO, SANTIAGO M. School Band I DESMOND, SHARON FAYE AMBITION: Marry Carl Lewallen DIEKMANN, DENNIS DEAN Band 2, Lincoln Lutheran Jr. H.S,: Band I, Football I, Red Cross Club I 249 DIETERICH, LYNDA SUSAN Beg. Girls Chorus I, Choir 2, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 4 AMBITION: Clerical Worker DISMOND, SANDRA CATHERINE AMBITION: Private Secretary DIVINEY, PATRICIA ANN G.A.A, I, Usherettes 3, 4 DOSS, RAYMOND PAUL Track I, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Photography I, Hi-Y Senator to Model Legislature 3, 4, Thespians 2, Valley-wide Tri-Hi-Y, Hi-Y President's Council 4, President 4 AMBITION: Lawyer DOWNS, SANDRA KAY Usherettes 3, 4, F.H.A. 4 DROTLEFF, MARILYN KAY Band IMarching, Sym- phonicl I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, Maiorette 2, 3, Thespians 3, 4, German Club 4, G.A.A. I, 4-H I, 2, 3, 4, Student Teacher Band 3, 4, Student Teacher Drama 4 AMBITION: Music Scholarship, later, music teacher DUNCAN, LARRY J. AMBITION: Computer Programmer or Real Estate DURFEE, DAVID ALLEN N,H,S. 3, 4, Science Club I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 3, 4, President 3, Vice-President 4, l.R.C. 3, 4, VIVA I, Geography Club 3, 4, German Club 4, General Business Student Leader 2, Civics Honor Section 4 AMBITION: Technical mathematician DYER, LYNN ANN Freshman Tennis I, Girls League 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, Thespians 3, 4, Musical 3, 4, Fall Play 4, Variety Shows 3, 4, Dance Team 3, 4 AMBITION: Professional Dancer DYLONG, DENNIS RICHARD AMBITION: Data Processor ELDRIDGE, CATHY R. Girls League I, 2, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Lettergirls Club 4, Class Treasurer 2, Student Council I, 2, Pep Club I, 2, F,H.A. 4 ELLIOTT, LOYD DANNY ELMER, BECKY KAY Great Books 2, 4, l.R.C. 3, 4, Usherettes 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2 AMBITION: Lab Technologist EPPINGER, JOE HENRY J.V. Football I AMBITION: Contracting ESPINOZA, JERRY A. Football I, 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Track I AMBITION: To go to college and live a happy lite ESPINOZA, STEVEN LEYVA Freshman Football, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, Geography Club 3, 4. President 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Student Body Treasurer 4, U.N, Delegate at U ot A. 4, Student Council 2, Rotarian ol the Month, 4, Hi-Y 4, Student Council Convention 4 AMBITION: Teacher FARNSWORTH, SUSAN KAY Russian Club I, Vocal Music Club I, 2, 3, Student Council I, 2, Drama 3, F.H.A. 4, Orchestra I, 2, Choir 2,3 AMBITION: To be a good housewife and mother FELIX, CINDY G.A.A. I, 2, DECA 4, Spanish Club 3 AMBITION: Join the WAVES and be a nurse FERRIN, PHYLLIS ELAINE AMBITION: To travel FIGUEROA, ELEANOR O. AMBITION: Beautician FINK, LEE ROY Football I, Trackt AMBITION: Draftsman or Architect Senior Register FISCHER, SUSAN KAY Vocal Music Club I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Beauty operator FJELD, CARTER LYNN Speech Club 2, Debate Team 2, 3, 4, Chess Team 4, Thespians 4, Spanish Club 4 AMBITION: Lawyer FLAVELL, JAMES Football I, Baseball I, Track 3, 4 AMBITION: Be a good family supporter FLAVELL, ROBERT VINCENT Boys Chorus 2, Symphonic Choir 3, Vocal Music Club 2, 3, Football 2, 3 FLORES, GRACE FUENTES G.A.A. I, Spanish 3, 4 AMBITON: Beautician FOGLESONG, MAIERLE VAN Track I, Football 2, Spanish 3, 4, German Club I, American High, Track I FORTNER, MARY LILLIAN HELENA GAA I, 2 AMBITION: Secretary FOUGHTY, LARRY MICHAEL Football I, Basket- ball I, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 4 AMBITION: Chemical Engineer FRANZMEIER, SANDRA Science I, German Club 2, Girls League I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 47 FHA 2, 3, 4, FFA Sweetheart 4, NHS 3, 4: VIVA 2, 3, 4, Planning Committee 4, Stu- dent Council 2, Senate 3, 4, Student Body Recording Secretary 4, Cardinal Court 4, DAR Award, Student of the Month 3, 4, Glendale Jr. Miss 4, FOMA. AMBITION: Chemical Engineer FUENTES, HILDA ESTER AMBITION: Living GABLE, BRIAN WILLIAM Symphonic Band 3, 4 AMBITION: Pilot GARCIA, ANITA Home-Ec. Club I AMBITION: Secretary GARCIA, IRMA Pep Club I, GAA I GARCIA, JOHN B. Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Weight Lifting 2, 3, 4 GARLING, WILLIAM PAUL German Club 4 GARNER, PAMELLA KAY GAA 2, Pep Club 2, FTA 3, FHA 2, 3, 4, DECA 3, 4, Girls League 2, 3, 4, FBLA 3 AMBITION: Business Teacher GARRETT, KATHLEEN MARIE Spanish Club 3, 4, VIVA 4 AMBITION: Fashion Illustrator GATES, BARBARA ANN DECA 4 AMBITION: Work in merchandising GERZABEK. DOROTHEA ANNE Glee Club 4 AMBITION: Nurse GOFORTH, BRENDA CHRISTINE AMBITION: Legal secretary GOLLIHER, MARK ROSS Science Club 2, 3, 4: Nat'l Ed. 3, 4, Pres. 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Geography Club 3, NHS 3, 4 AMBITION: Professor ol Ancient History GONZALES, JOHN Football I, Wrestling I GONZALES, MARY ANN G.A.A. I, 4, F.N.A. I, 4 AMBITION: Nurse GONZALEZ, ROBERT JESS F.F.A. I, 2 AMBITION: Game Warden and Gov't Hunter GONZALES, RUDOLPH CHARLES GORDON, RUTH ANN Thespians 4 AMBITION: Nurse GOULD, JAMES RICHARD GRANGER, DIXIE LEE G.A.A. I, 2, F.H.A. 3, DECA 3, 4, Student Council I, Girls League 3, 4 GRANT, LINDA KAY GRANTHAM, MARGERY NELL G.A.A. I, Vocal MUSlC It 7, 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4 AMBITION: Elementary School Teacher GREGERSEN, GREG CARSON Football I AMBITION: Stunt man GRIFFIN, CATHY RUTH Student Council I, Girls League 3, 4 AMBII ION: Teacher or Typist CRIJALVA, ALBERT CASTRO Football AMBITION: Become a Grandfather GUESS, LEON ROWDY LeHerman's Club 2, 3, 4, 500-Mile Club 3, 4, Football I, Crass Country 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3,4 AMBITION: Engineer GUNSAULAS, SHERRY DURLENE Washington H.S.: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Tennis I, 3, State Badminton Tournament 3 HABERNIG, BARBARA ANNE Hi-Lites Reporter 3, Publication Workshop 4, Hi-Lites Staff 4, F.B.L.A. 4, F.N.A. 4, Television Script Writer, Maryvale H.S.: Creative Writing Club 2, F.N.A. I, G.A.A. I HACKETT, PATRICIA HAHN, SHARLA KAY G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Physical Education Teacher HAILEY, BILLY LEE Track I, 2, Cross Country 2, 3 AMBITION: Electronic Engineer HALACY, JESSIE ANN Girls League I, 4, Sci- ence Club I, FOMA, F.B.L.A. 3, 4, F.H.A. 4, Annual Staff 4, Geography Club 4 AMBITION: Live my life as God would have me HALL, JUDITH ANNE F,H.A. 2, 3, 4, Pres.-Vide Pres. 3, Historian 4, G.A.A. I, 3, 4, Sports Leader 4, Lettergirls Club 3, 4, Girls League I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Physical Education Teacher HAMILTON, TROY DENNIS N.H.S. 3, 4, Y.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Geography Club 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, F.B.L.A. 4 AMBITION: Biochemist HAMMONS, ROBIN GAYLE Usherettes I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4: Girls League 4 AMBITION: Geologist or Latin Teacher l-IANDLEY, GARY MICHAEL AMBITION: Carpenter HANSON, FRANK ATWOOD Annual Staff I, 2, 3, 4, Head Photographer 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Radio Club 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Lyres Club 4, Radio Club President 4 AMBITION: Electrical Engineer HARO, MARGARET German Club 3, 4 HARRIS, JEFFREY THOMAS Football I, Basketball I, Track 2, 3, Lettermans Club 4 AMBITION: Architect HARRIS, PHILIP MARK Spanish Club 3, VICA 4, ICE iob 4 AMBITION: Court Reporter or Business Manager HARRIS, RICHARD ALAN HARTLEY, GARY JAY HAYES, CASSIE LOU G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Lettergirls 3, 4, Tennis Team I, 2, 3, 4, Girls League 4 AMBITION: Physical Education Teacher HEAD, SHELTON GLEN Orchestra AMBITION: Hair Style HENDERSON, DALE MELTON Football I: Science Club 3, 4, Geography Club 3, 4: Track 3, 4 AMBITION: Attain biology doctorate HENRY, MARSHA LAVERNE HERNANDEZ, ATANACIO RODRIGUEZ Cross Country I, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, DECA 3, 4, Marketing 4 AMBITION: Lawyer HERNANDEZ, ROSE MARIE AMBITION: Private Secretary HERNANDEZ, YOLANDA G.A.A. I, 2, Lettergirls 3, 4, F,H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Rus- sian Club 3, 4, Annual Staff 2, 3, F.N.A. I, F.B.L.A, 3, 4, Thespian Club 3, 4, Vocal 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Girls League I, 2: Music Club I, IRC I, 2, Usherettes I, 2 AMBITION: Registered Nurse HEYL, JAMES MICHAEL Football 2, 4, Certificate of Merit in Art 3 AMBITION: Commercial Artist HILL, EUGENE ROBERT Guian H.S.: Golf I, 2 AMBITION: Architect HOLDER, ROGER DALE PeeWee Football AMBITION: Playboy HOLDER, WILLIAM EUGENE Student Council 2, Student Council Convention 2 AMBITION: To be good HOLLOBAUGH, THOMAS WILBURN Football I, Cross Country 4, Track 4, Science Club 3, 4, Russian Club 3, 4, IRC 3, Gun Club 3, 4 HOOD, KAREN ALINE DECA 3, 4, Truth for Youth I, 4, ITFY I, 21 HORST, SARA LEE Russian Club 3, 4, V,P. 4: Latin Club 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Girls League I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Lites 4, Student Council I, 2, Science Club I, IRC 4, FOMA Pres., Quill 8- Scroll, 4 HOSPELHORN, RONNIE LEE Radio Club I, 2, 3, 4 Pres. 2, 3, German Club 3, 4 Pres. 3, Science 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4 Co-Editor 4, Student Senate 4, Band I, 2, N.H,S. 3, 4, Publications Workshop 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, V. Pres. 4, Outstanding Junior Boy 3, 47 Optimists Club Rep. for Science, Student of Month 4 AMBITION: Theoretical Physicist HUBER, CATHERINE G.A.A. I, F.H.A. 4, Or- chestra 2, 3, 4, N.H.S. 3,4 , AMBITION, Home Economist HUMPHREYS, ROBERT JAMES Symphonic, March- ing Band I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 3, 4, Pep HARRIS, CATHERINE ANN G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 50nd I. 2, 3, Ai 599- 31 Adv- OFCIYCSTYCI I, 27 DECA 4 AMBITION: Elementary Teacher 250 Photographer 4, Int. Band I, Pit Orchestra, 3 AMBITION: Minister Senior Register HUNT, EILENE MARIE Thespians 1, 2, G.A.A. 1, DECA 3, 4 AMBITION: Marry a millionaire HUTCHINSON, DONNA JEAN G.A.A. 1, Spanish Club 3, 4, Girls State Delegate 4, Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4 AMBITION: Pharmacist HUTCHISON, DARYL Spanish Club 3, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4 HYDE, CHERYL JEAN DECA 4 AMBITION: Just work HYDE, KRISTIN MARIE G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls Tennis 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Winter Play 1, N.H.S. 4, German Club 3, 4 JACKSON, DELBERT JOHN IFootbaII, Baseball, Basketball, Drama Workshop, Diary of Anne Frank, Guys and Dollsl JACOBS, ROSA PAULETTE JEFFREY, STEVEN THOMAS Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Gun Club 3 AMBITION: Geological Engineer JENKINS, DENNIS ALAN Football 1, 2, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, Track I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Accountant or Business Teacher JENSEN, NAOMI JOHNSON, CORA LYNN AMBITION: Become a high school History Teacher JOHNSON, DEBORAH JEAN G.A.A. 3, 4, Russian Club 3, 4, Sec. 3, Top Junior Award 3, York H.S.: Highest Grades Award 1, Cheerleader 2, Pep Club 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, Literary Magazine 1, Dysart H.S.: Top Grades Award 2, Math Club 2, G.A.A. 2 AMBITION: Electrical Engineer JOHNSON, DEE ANN Clovis H.S.: Chorus 2, 3, F.B.L.A. JOHNSON, PAMELA KAYE G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Student Council 1, 2, Senate 3, Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4, Pom Pan 2, DECA 4, F.H.A. 3, Historian 1, Lettergirls Club 3,4 JOHNSON, VIKKI LYNN Freshman Tennis 1, Girls League 2, DECA 4, Student Leader in General Business 2 AMBITION: To be happy and stay out of trouble JONES, INGRID German Club, Delano H.S.: German Club 1, 2 AMBITION: Stewardess JONES, MARGARET LOUISE Annual Staff 4, Spanish Club 4, F.T.A. 4,'N.H.S. 4, tG.A.A. 2, Bible Club 2, 3, Spanish Club, F.T.A. 3, Leger-Star Scholastic Team 3, N.H.S. 3, Math Club 3 AMBITION: Missionary JUSTICE, DAVID ANTHONY DECA 3, 4 KADOMOTO, NANCY JANE G.A.A. I, German Club 2, 4, Girls League 2, 3, VIVA 1, 2, 3. 4, Pres. 4, Annual Staff 4, Anytown Del- egate 3, F.H.A. AMBITION: Airline Stewardess KAMP, LARRY DEAN VIVA 2, Russian Club 3, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4 AMBITION: Goto college KANALEY, ROBERT VERNON Football 3, 47 Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Track 4 AMBITION: Chemical Engineer KELLEY, KATHLEEN Spanish Club 3, VIVA Planning Committee 4, Quill and Scroll 4, State Traffic Convention 3, Hi-Lites 4, F.T.A. 4, G.A,A. 2, Los Angeles College Press Day2 KENT, ELAINE LOIS G.A,A. I, 2, 4, Girls League 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Pom Pon 4: Thespians I, 2 KEOUGH, MICHAEL JOSEPH Football 1, 3, Thespians4 AMBITION: Architect and Lawyer KERNS, LA JOYCE G.A.A. 1, German Club 2, 3, 4, Great Boos 4, N.H.S. 3, 4 AMBITION: Hair Stylist and Homemaker KETCHUM, CAROLYN LEE AMBITION: Hair Dresser KITCHEN, HAROLD ROBERT Football 1, Base- ball 1, Cross Country 2, 3, Letterman: Club 2, 3 AMBITION: Air Force KLATT, DANIELLE YVONNE G.A.A. 4, Thes- pians 4 IMaiorette 3, Pep Club 31 AMBITION: Air Line Hostess KNOX, CONNI E RENAY KOEBBE, PATRICIA ANN F.H.A. 4, Girls League 4 AMBITION: Get married KOEHLER, JOHN WILLIAM III Gun Club 3 AMBITION: Math Teacher KON, WINONA L. Science Club 1, German Club 3, 4, Thespians 4, G.A.A. 1 AMBITION: To succeed in life KOSIER, KEITH ROBERT Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Most Valuable Player Baseball 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football I. 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, President 4, Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4, Lettermans Club 4 AMBITION: Farmer KRISSELL, JAMES LEE Baseball 2, Football 3, IBaseball 1, Football 11 AMBITION: Baseball Player or USMC KRUEGER, DANNY WALTER AMBITION: Navy KUZELLA, JAMES EDWARD F.R.C. 4, Chess Club 4, Great Books 4 AMBITION: Lawyer or Politician LACHCIK, NANCY JANE LAMEW, ALMEDA LANDGRAF, DAVID A. IStudent Council 1, 2, Newspaper 1, Drama Club 2, Class Rep. 2, Home Rm. Pres. 3, Band ll AMBITION: Accountant LEACH, ADA MARIE AMBITION: Secretary LEADFORD, WILLIAM RUBEN Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 3, 4 AMBITION: Make a million dollars LE ES, CHARLES JOSEPH LEFORCE, JIM Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, F.F,A. I, 2, 3, 4, Lettermans Club 3, 4, Weight Lilting 1, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Coach LERMA, ELEASAR O. Spanish Club AMBITION: Become a Great, Great Great- grandfather LESLIE, DEIDRA BRETTA German Club 3, 4 AMBITION: Airline Stewardess LESTER, KAREN ANN AMBITION: Secretary LEUSER, VIRGINIA ANITA AMBITION: Primary School Teacher LEWIS, JAMES THEODORE Poplarville H.S.: 4-H AMBITION: Mechanic LINCOLN, EILEEN JANE Art Award 1, N.H.S. 3 AMBITION: Math Teacher LINDLEY, MICHAEL E. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bafcball I, 4: Track 1, 4, F.F,A. l, 3, 4 AMBITION: Get hitched and dig ditches LONG, KAREN LOPEZ, ELOISA G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 LOPEZ, MARIA LOVEJOY, SANDRA YVONNE Student Senate 1, F.H.A, 4, Hi-Lites 3 AMBITION: Beautician LOVEJOY, SHERYL ELAINE G.A.A. 1, 2, 4, Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Thes- pians 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, Quill and Scroll 4, Hi-Lites, Publication Workshop 3, F.N.A. 3,4 AMBITION: Fashion Reporter for Wichita Beacon LYNCH, ELIZABETH JEAN F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, An- nual Statf 2, Hi-Lites 3, Editor 4, Thespians 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Pres. 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, Publications Workshop 4 AMBITION: Psychologist MCGILL, LYLE ANGUS Student Council I, Spanish Club 3, 4, Science Club 4 AMBITION: Newspaper Photographer MCMACKIN, MERRILYN LEE Girls League 3, 4, DECA 3, 4, Sec. 3 MADRIL, RICHARD ANTHONY MANDOZA, DIANA MAE Spanish Club 3, 4 MANN, ROBERT DAVID Mt. Vernon H.S.: Track 1, Football 2, 3, SCA Rep. 3, Physical Fit- ness Award 2, 3 MARLER, JAMES FRANKLIN F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 MARSH, KEITH CHRISTOPHER Central H.S.: Track l, Football 3, Hi-Y 4 AMBITION: Professional Surfer MARTINEZ, LARRY SABEDRA Track I AMBITION: Auto mechanics MARTINEZ, LUPE MEZA F.H.A. 4 AMBITION: Secretary MARTINEZ, RICARDO MARTINEZ DE Football I, 2, F.F.A. 1, 2, ICE 4, Weight Lifting 1 AMBITION: Draftsman MATHEWS, GILBERT CRAIG MATHIS, RENE JEANETTE Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Treas. 4, Hi-Lites 3, 4, Thespians 4, Girls League 4, Publications Workshop 4, F.H.A. 4, NCCI Delegate 4, Teentattle Carr. 4, KTAR Corr. 4, Maryvale H,S.: G.A.A. 1, 2, Span- ish Club 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, Girls League 1, 2, Aipa Convention 4, Fall Play 4 AMBITION: Journalist MECHAM, DENNIS EVAN Football I, 2, 3, 4, Lettermans Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, Thes- pians 1, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: To live my life as God would have me MECHAM, NANCY F.H.A. 3, 4, Treas. 4, Lyres Club 4 AMBITION: School Teacher 251 , Senior Register MEDLYN, RRAIG MARK Baseball 2, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, Basketball I MENDEZ, ANTONIO FRANCISCO F.F.A. I, 2, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Football 4 MENIFEE, CAROL ANN Vocal Music Club 3 AMBITION: Secretary and get married MERCADO, LUCIA Spanish Club 4 AMBITION: Secretary MILLER, DORIS CARLEEN Madrigal 3, Sym- phonic Choir 3, 4, Vocal Music Club 4: Gattis Jr. l'l,S.: Triple Trio I, Fine Arts Award Music I, N.H.S, I AMBITION, Evangelist field MILLER, JIMMIE BRAC wqshsngien H.S., Poor- ball l MILLER, SANDRA l. o.A.A. 2, Girls chorus l, DECA 2 MILLS, DENNIS LEE Football 4, Wrestling 4, lFootbaII I, 2, 3, Wrestling I, 2, 3, Ai Track I, Audio Visual Tec. 2, 3I Weight Lifting 2, 3 AMBITION: Electronic Engineer MIYAUCHI, LINDA KEI G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, PFES. 4, Lettergirls Club 3, 4, Girls League 4: Student Council 3, IRC 4 AMBITION: College MOHAMMED, EVA Student Council lr G.A.A, 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Pep Club I MORENO, FRANCISCA MINDOLA G.A.A. IZ F.B.L.A.3 AMBITION: Secretary MOREY, LINDA JEAN ECHS, Colorado, Assem- bly Committee I, Choir I, KHS, Kenya, Moun- tain Club I, Music Club I MOTHERSHEAD, WILLIAM ALAN Chess Club 2, 3, Radio Club 2, 4, Science.Club 2, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Weight Training 3, 4: Track 3, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, 500 Mile Club 4 AMBITION, Engineer Morovosl-ll, JOANNE G,A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, spore Leader 4, Girls League 2, 3, 4, Student Senate I, 3, 4, Lettergirls Club 3, 4, Treas. 4, Pom Pon 2, 3, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, Tennis Team I, 2: Anytown Delegate 3, IRC 2, VIVA 3, Student of Month 4 MUELLER, DONNA LEE G.A.A. I, Pep Club 22 Girls League I, 2, 3, 4, Pres- 42 F-H-PM 3, 4, N,H.S 3, 4, Student Senate 4, Annual Staff 4, Anytown Delegate 3, VIVA Planning Committee 3, 4: IHSBC 4 MURPHY, KENNETH WAYNE Football I, 2, 47 Track I, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling I, 2, Basketball I, 2, Weight Lifting I, 2, 3, 4 - AMBITION, To marry and have a good ,ob NEWBURY, SHIRLEY JEAN G.A.A. I, 2, N.H.S. 3, 4, Vocal Music Club 3, ADAK HS.: G.A.A. I, Homecoming Sweetheart Att. I NEWPORT, WENDY ANN G.A.A. I, F.H.A. 3 AMBITION: Secretary NICHOLSON, ROBERT ALLEN Library work 3, 4 NIELSEN, CHERYL JEAN F.N.A. I: G.A,A. I: N,H.S. 3, 4, Radio Club 2, Typing Award 3 AMBITION, Quarterhorse Judge or a Book- keeper NOLAN, JOHN EVERETT Football I, Cross Country I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Weight Lifting I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 47 505' ketball I NORTHEN, JANIS Freshman Class Sec. I, Treas- urer 2, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Capt, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sports Leader 3, Girls League I, 2, Pep Club I, 2, Lettergirls 3, 4, Sec. 4, Homecoming Queen 4 NYGARD, MARY RUTH N,H,S, 3, 4, German Club 4, FNA 4 AMBITION: Teacher or Nurse O'BRIEN, KAREN K, O'BRIEN, KERRY DAVID Boys Chorus I, Vocal Music Club I, Weight Lifting I OKUMA, PHILLIP T. Anytown Delegate AMBITION, Engineer ORTEGA, EDWARD ARNOLD Baseball 2, Weight Training 3 AMBITION, Auto mechanic ORTEGA, NORA A. ORTIZ, JOHN PORTILLO AMBITION, Work for a telephone company and have a happy lite with my wife OWENS, PATRICIA ANN Band I, 2, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4, F.N.A. 3, 4, Treas. 4, Or- chestra I, Marching Band I, 2, F.T.A, 4, Girls League I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION, Physical Education Teacher PABST, CARMEL ANNE G.A.A. 4, F.H.A, 4, Xavier H.S.: G,A.A. I, 2, Red Cross 2, Par- adise Valley H.S., G.A.A. 3, F.H.A. 3 PARSONS, DONNA JEAN Tennis I, Library As- sistant 2, 3, DECA 4 AMBITION, To be successful PATTERSON, SHIRLEY JEAN o.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, Student Council I, 2 AMBITION: Physical Education Teacher PAULICK, ANN DELORES G,A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Girls League I, 2, 4, Lettergirls 4, Pep Club I, 2, Sweetheart Attendant I, 2, Latin Club 4, Sec. 4, FFA Sweetheart Attendant, F.H.A. 4 AMBITION, History or PE Teacher PENDLETON, JOYCE ANN Hi-Lites 3, 4 PERDUE, JUDITH ALLISON ELLWELL Ygnocio Valley H.S., House of Rep. I, Girls Glee Club I, Girls Choir 2, Mixed Choir 2, Nurses ot America I PERDUE, TOMMY DALE PEREZ, SYLVIA IRENE G.A.A. I, DECA I, Jr. Pres. I AMBITION: Navy Nurse PERKINS, KATHLEEN ELLEN Usherettes 3, 4, Vocal Music Club I AMBITION, To succeed in all I do PEVLER, PAMELA KAY Student Council I AMBITION: Secretary PIEPER, CHARLES EDWARD AMBITIONQ Start my own business PINA, PORFIRO F, PORRAS, STEVEN PORTER, JOHN EDWARD Latin Club 3, 4, Track 2, Annual Staff 4, Oak Harbor H.S., Cross Country I, Golf I, 2, Spanish Club I, 2 AMBITION, Career Officer in U S. Navy POSEY, PENNY PEARL Beg. Girls Chorus 2, Adv. Girls Chorus 3, Symphonic Choir 4 POULTER, DEBORAH ANN Student Council I, Vocal Music Club 2, 3, Girls League 3, ICE 4, Pep Club I PRICE, BUDDY MACE AMBITON, Reporter or Race Car Driver 252 PRIOR, WILLIAM FRANK Hi-Lifes 3, 4, Wres- tlinq I AMBITION, To stay alive PRUITT, DARLENE GAIL DECA 3, 4, ICascade H.S.: Pep Club I, Drill Team Il AMBITION, Live happily ever after PULLINS, MARY ALICE GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ger- man Club 3, 4, Historian 4: Student Senate 3, 4, Class Historian 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, Gold- waters High School Fashion Council 3, 4, Pom-Pon 2, 3, 4, Co-capt, 4, GirI's State, FBLA 3, National Elks Leadership Contest 4 AMBITION, Foreign secretary RADDER, WILLIAM STANLEY AMBITION: Welder REAM, DONALD VAUGHN REED, DEAN EUGENE Football I, 2, Basketball I, 2, Anytown I AMBITION, Live life to the fullest and make something of myself REED, MONA RAY GAA I, Thespians I, 2, 3, 4, Historian 4, Spanish Club 3, 4 AMBITION: Dental hygienist REESE, THELMA REE GAA I, 2, Vocal Music Club 2, 3, 4, Girls League I, 2, Symphonic Choir 4 REYES, RUBEN RODRIGUES Cross country I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3 REYNOLDS, BARBARA JEAN Usherettes 3, 4, FHA4 AMBITION: Stewardess RHUDY, BOBBY GENE RIDGEWAY, R. KATHLEEN AMBITION, To be a beautician RITCH EY, ROBE RT WAYNE ROBIDEAU, RODNEY BRADLEY Track I, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4 AMBITION, To be a carpenter ROBINSON, WILLIAM CLAY Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Letter- men 3. 4 AMBITION: Enjoy life ROCHE, MICHAEL JOHN ROCKETT, JANET MARIE GAA I RODRIGUEZ, ERLINDA AMBITION: Succeed in lile ROGERS, TRUDY SUE GAA I, 2, 3, 4, FHA 3, 4, Glen the Cardinal Bird 4 AMBITION: To teach P.E. and business ROHR, ROBERT WILLIAM German Club 3, 4 ROPER, KENNETH GRAHAM Football I. 2. 3, Basketball I, 2, Baseball I, 2, Track and Field I, 2, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Weight Lifting I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Wine, Women, and Song ROSCHKE, CAROL LOUISE German Club 4, NHS 3, 4, IPhi Epsilon 2, Student Council 2, Cheer Club 2, Jr. Dramatics Arts Club Il ROUTSIS, HELENE JOYCE Symphonic Choir 3, 4 AMBITION: Secretary ROYER, JEAN CATHERINE FHA 3, 4, Girls League 2, Latin Club 3 AMBITION: Secretary RUOTI, BEVERLY ANN GAA I, 2, 3, Thespians I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4, Pep Club I, German Club I, 2, 3, 4, Girls League I, 2, 3, 4, NHS 4 AMBITION: Nurse Senior Register RUSINSKY. MICHAEL RUSSELL, SAMUEL RAY AMBITION: Police Academy SALAS, CARMEN AMBITION: Good housewiie SALAS, MARIA ELENA J.V. Tennis 2: Varsity Tennis 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Girls League 3: FBLA 3: FNA 3 AMBITION, To become a champion in tennis SALAZAR, THERESITA COTA DECA I AMBITION: Salesperson and typist SANDERSON, STEVEN DELOS Football 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, llzoolball I, 2, Track I, 2, Sci- ence Club Il SARGENT, RAYMOND MATTHEWS J.V. Football 2, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Vocal Music Club 3, 4, Symphonic Choir 3, Ensemble 4, Plays 3, 4 AMBITION: Lawyer or Musician and Drama- tist SCHEER, RICHARD DONALD Basketball I, Rep. to Valley ol the Sun School 2, Student Council 2, Hi-Y 4, Baseball 4 AMBITION: To be a doctor SCHROEDER, DANIEL ALLEN Chess Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pres 2, 3, Dance team 3, 4, Mathe- matics Award 2, NHS 3, 4 AMBITION: Physicist SCOTT, JERRY WAYNE VIVA 4, ICE 4 AMBITION: Doughnut maker SHAMBAUGH, JERRY ALLEN Class Pres. I, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Baseball I, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Lettermen 3, 4, Boys State Alternate 3, Student Council I AMBITION: To go to college SHANNON, MARC EDWARD SHAW, BETTY CHRISTINE Pom Pon 2, 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Lettergirls 4, Girls League I, 2, Pep Club I, 2 AMBITION: To save enough to buy o car SHORT, WALTER JOHN Hi-Y 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, Lettermens Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Spanish Club 3, Baseball I, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Co-capt. 4 AMBITION: To go to college SIEK, EVELYN ELIZABETH GAA I, 2, Pep Club 2, Tennis 2, NHS 3, 4, Winter Musical 3, Girls League I, 4, TRC 4, NCCJ Conference 4, Annual Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4: VIVA 4, Vocal Music Club 2, 3, 4, Anytown 4 AMBITION: To do with my life what God wills SMITH, STERLING Football I, 2, Basketball I, Track3 AMBITION: Architectural engineer SMITH, VICKI LYNNE GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Sports- leader 3, 4, Girls League I, 2, 3, 4, Pom- Pon 2, 3, 4, Co-capt. 4, Lettergirls 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Cardinal Court AMBITION: To continue working at Der Wienerschnitzel SNELL, Rose ANN GAA 1, 2, 3, DECA 3, 4, FHA 3, 4, Girls League I AMBITION: To be a veterinarian SORENSEN, KENNETH GORDON Intramurals 4 AMBITION: To graduate from college and be a success SPINELLA, FRANCES MARIE-LOUISE Speech Club 2, Thespians 3, 4, Newspaper staff Edt. page 2, 4, Publications Workshop 4, Library Asst. 3, 4 AMBITION: To be healthy, wealthy, and wise SFURLOCK, DAVID LEE Wrestling 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Architectural engineer STANIEC, MICHAEL DOUGLAS Science Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, VIVA 2, 3, NHS 3, 4, His- torian 4, Tennis 3, 4, Boys State 3, Phoenix Gazette Newspaper Award 3, Quill 8. Scroll 4, Hi-Y 4, Annual Staff boys sports Editor 4 AMBITION: Biological science STEPHENS, KATHRYN ELIZABETH GAA I, 2 AMBITION: Officer in W.A.F. sreckeiz, DANIEL RALPH Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Weight lifting 2, 3, Hi-Y 4, Lettermens Club 4 AMBITION: To be a draftsman STEIN, SHARON RAE Marching Band I, 2, Sym- phonic Band I, 2 AMBITION: Business and education teacher STEWART, DWIGHT A. Vocal Music Club 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Pres. 4, Choir 3, 4, Scholas- tic Art Award 3, Best Bit Part Award 3 AMBITION: To do the perlect will of God STINNETT, HERCHELL EDWIN Track I, 2, Foot- ball I, 2, Cross country 3, 4 SWARTZ, DEWAINE DEAN AMBITION: Auto mechanic SWANSON, MARK FRANKLIN Tennis I, Foot- baIl3 AMBITION: Forestry SULLIVAN, DAVID EVAN Tennis I, Marching Band 2, Track 2, lMcNary High: Band I, Track Il AMBITION: To surf in Hawaii SULLIVAN, MICHAEL JEROME Science Club I, 2, 3, 4, IRC I, 2, 3, J.V, Football 2, Radio Club 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Electronic engineer TENUTA, MARTI GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Lettergirls 4, Jr. 81 Sr. Class Rep. IGAAI 3, 4, Student Council I, 2, Student Senate 3, 4, Class Sec- retary 4, Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4, Corr. Sec. 4, Newspaper staff 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Maiorette I, 2, Pom-Pon 3, 4, Cardinal Court 4 AMBITION: P.E. teacher TERRY. MICHAEL JAMES Chess Club I, Weight Lifting 4, Speech Club 4, Track 4 AMBITION: Armed services THIESSEN, BERNIECE Fall play I AMBITION: Nurse THOMPSON, SANDRA MARY Beg. Girls Chorus 2, Adv. Girls Chorus 3, Vocal Music Club 2. 3 AMBITION: Interior decorator TREUSDELL, BARBARA MARIE GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Girls League 3, 4, Thespians 4, Latin Club 4, Student Council I, TAP I, Pom Pon 2, NHS 3, 4 AMBITION: Anesthesiologist VALDEZ, MARVIN GENE Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, Baseball 3, Lettermen 3, 4 AMBITION: Go into the service and help my country VALENZUELA, GREGORIE PEDROZA Football I, 4 AMBITION: Truck driver VALIKAI, CAROL JANE FTA 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Model U.N. 4, German Club 4, Quill 8- Scroll AMBITION: Secondary school teacher lHis- toryl VANDERBILT, LINDA CHRISTINE Thespians 3, 4, Recorder 4, Musicals 3, 4, Russian Club 3, 4: 'NHS 3, 4 AMBITION: Dancer VARNEY, GAIL JANNETT Vocal Music Club 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: Housewife 253 VARNUM, EDDIE RAY Wrestling I, Thespians 2, 3, 4: Vocal Music Club I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION: To continue in music as a career VEGA, LISA MARIE GAA I, 2, Student Council 2, Thespians 2, Pep Club 2, Scholastic Art Award 2 AMBITION: To be a legal secretary VLAHOPOULOS, TONY YEN Football 3, 4 WAGONER, ROBERT LEE Wrestling 3, FFA 2, 3, 4 WALLAT, EDWINA LOUISE GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, AFS candidate 3, Lettergirls 4, Girls League 4, NHS 3, 4 AMBITION: Doctor WATSON, CAROLYN SUE Science Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, GAA I, NHS 3, 4, Speech Club 4 AMBITION: Geography teacher or librarian WEBB, LINDA DARLENE GAA I, Usherettes 3, 4 AMBITION: Stenographer WEISS, MICHAEL VERN German Club I, Bowl- ing team I, 2 AMBITION: Civics teacher WILEY, RAY LUTHER chess Club 4, v.P., Ikouncl Valley High School: Class Pres. 2, Football 2, 3: Track I, Drama Club 3, Lettermen 3, School Dlay 3l WILKINSON. MICHAEL EUGENE AMBITION: Be successful WILLIAMS, CONNIE SUE Counseling office aid 2 AMBITION: Beautician WILLIAMS, JOAN ELIZABETH GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Sportsleader 3, 4, Girls League I, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, Class Treas. 4, Lettergirls 4, Anytown 3, NHS 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, IHSBC 4 WILLIAMS, PAMELA RAE FHA 3, 4, Pres. 4, Usherettes 4, lRanum High School, Pep Club I, 2, GHA 2, Sec. 21, Harvest Attendant 4 AMBITION: Stenographer WILLIAMS, STACEY JO AMBITION: To be a useful person and try to bring some happiness into the world WILLIS, SHIRLEY RHEA Newspaper Staff 3, 4, Quill 8: Scroll 3, 4, Sec. 4, Spanish Club 4, FTA 4, Publications Workshop 3, AIPA Work- shop 3, 4, Ariz. Repub. Workshop 3, 4 AMBITION: High school History or Eng, Teacher WOOD, DANNY LOWELL WOODSON, DAVID ALLEN Track I, Football 4, FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres, 4, Lettermen 4, Baseball 4, Hi-Y 4 AMBITION: Graduate from college WOULARD, DON DEAN lChandIer High School: Football I, Baseball I, Gymnastics 2l WRIGHT, PAMELA CECILIA GAA I, Vocal Music Club I, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 4, Thespians I, 2, 3, 4, Girls League 3, 4, VIVA 3, 4, Usher- ettes I, 2, 3, 4 AMBITION, Professional photographer or high school music teacher YARNELL, ROBERT ALAN AMBITION: Electrical engineer YATES, JUANITA EILEEN AMBITION: Ta become a registered nurse YOUNG. VICKIE LOUISE Pom Pon 2, 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Girls League I, 2, 4, Class Treas. I, Class Sec. 2, 3, Student Body Corres. Sec. 4, Student Council I, 2, NHS 3, 4 AMBITION: Dental hygienist ZEPEDA, AMELIA GAA 4, IFTA I, 2, 31 AMBITION: Secretary In Memoriam This page is dedicated To The memory of Mr. Owen Allen, Richard Sirahl, and Mike Tadano. Mr. Allen was wiih Glendale High School for 34 years. Richard and Mike were graduates of Glendale High in 'l964. MR. OWEN ALLEN RICHARD STRAHL MIKE TADANO A i I . 'I - - l ii is 41 'i' 'V 75' c- N' I N : v. , . , I - ' K if " " L-J Y a' . . . , Af o V - xxx I . :.. . z -.:: :::::: Look to your nearby Valley Bank office for A friendly guidance as you enter the business world. liig 'We are vitally interested in you, for t0morrow's Arizona ::: gs: :4:A:.: E 4 leaders will come from your ranks. We want you as l sirr roo ...... .',l . .V :., however small. Your banker can serve , Z .tg zzii nubii ,..:: ,of f 2 3 you all your life, so join the bank that eg in .-f i' ,. 5 offers more, the bank that gives you the finest personal service an Arizona! M l,,,, ,,A.,p,,1,,,I,1D,, ,,,x ,, I ,,,,,,d,,,L.l, Cf,,,, ,,,,L,, i ,,,, A A X MORE THAN 100 OFFICES ' Deposits Over Sl Billion V.l.P. 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Suggestions in the Glendale High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Glendale, AZ) collection:

Glendale High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Glendale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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Glendale High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Glendale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Glendale High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Glendale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Glendale High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Glendale, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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